This all started as talks with my wife about my sex drive vs. hers. She holds the viewpoint that I am somewhat overly focused on sex at our age, which is for us, early our 50s. We have had many discussions and comparing of experiences. What it all actually accomplished is yet to be seen.

Chapter 01 – Lenore

Some people are just slow to catch on. Oblivious…clueless. I had spent my high school years figuring out that despite what any so called “adults” might have been able to dredge up from their delusional minds, my “High School Years” were most definitively not the “best time of my life”.

High School for me had been an attempt to earn good grades, get serious about playing music as in band, orchestra, jazz band because I had discovered at age 16 being paid for playing music in churches, musical theater shows, weddings, dinner music gigs, etc. Listening to my parents bitch about work had given me a “Fuck Day Jobs” mentality, so high school was study and practice for me.

If you don’t know, “Band Geeks” don’t exactly get all the girls and being at least “half-ass smart” and in Band…forget it…and I was in band and orchestra with the biggest bunch of stuck up cunts one could imagine. The “hot” band girls dated other guys leftover by the cheerleaders and drill team girls, you know…the 2nd string ‘Jocks”. The “cute and sweet ones” had some other boy friend, French Club or some such shit…could it be that I was exuding a little bitterness…nah.

Disillusionment is a bitch. I got a car from my Grandmother the summer before my Senior Year. It was a blue ’78 Chevy Monte Carlo that had sat on the lot way past a year waiting on me to choose it and make as good a “deal” as possible. My impression was that if that car wouldn’t get me laid, I was hopeless. I should have never said that out loud. What I did get was carting buddies, male and female, to lunch and other such places.

I did date some and had one “serious” girlfriend that mostly teased the hell out of me for about half of that year. I’d tell that story, but since I didn’t get as much as a good hand job out of that good “Christian” girl who was perfectly fine with me getting her off, but I’ll save it for a multi-chapter series called “Slutty Little Teases “. And don’t ask if I got any Prom Night Sex.

I was so glad to get out of town in my life and go to college. I went from high school band nerd to fairly cool college freshmen in about 3 weeks after going to college. That how long it took for me figure out what the fuck was going on. Having turned 18 early in my Senior Year, I was 19, 6-4, 220 lbs. and sporting a full beard that was grown to piss my Mom off that summer.

I was in the best shape ever from working a summer job with a brick and stone Mason. His red headed stepdaughter was one of the girls I would have gone down on gladly. The moral of that story is this; if you date a girl and her Mom likes you a lot…try and Fuck the Mom…’cause daughter likes the boys the Mom hates. Some truths are hard…like my cock after a date with the red headed girl!

Back to college…little did I know that after being fairly tame before, I was ready to discover booze, grass and casual sex. Sand Bar Parties on the river happened after the Saturday Football games. I quickly sorted out the groups.

The “Hangers” liked the scene but were not into all the “goodies”…churchy, “goody-2-shoes” that had to go, so they could have something to talk about. The “Partiers” drank, beer, Bourbon, PGA Punch, whatever…the “Dopers” smoked Pot. Funny thing was that it seemed that the really straight arrows knew when to leave before things “evolved”.

At the second Sand Bar Party of the fall I had given a ride to a girl “buddy” I knew from back to 4th grade and a couple that we both knew from High school band. Lenore was a “hot girl” by anyone’s description, being 5-8, with curly black hair cut short and skin in a color between caramel and milk chocolate. Her build was athletic with long legs, a tight bum and what I remember as 36 C-ish tits. Several years her in band during “sweaty” out door rehearsals, I also knew she had silver dollar size “puffy” nipples with hard little nubs.

Why was she with me? I was long established as safe and she had a boyfriend at another College, Moorehouse to be exact! To say she was the hottest Black girl at our High School would not have been fair…she was damn near the only black girl in that High School.

Lenore and I had a couple of rum and cokes while hanging by one of the fires. The couple that came with us had blended into the crowd, but we had at least six other couples or groups adjacent to us. Besides the usual drinking, others were grilling hot dogs and burgers and a few of the guys were fishing as well.

We were enjoying being outside, a little buzzed and a watching the “scene”. Being there with Lenore had been enough to hold my attention, even though I had listened to her complain about her long distance boy-friend whose parents had said in front of her that there son was “to good” for state college…blah, blah, blah…I zoned a bit until Lenore said, ” I think we stayed too long”. “Hunh” was my response…”Check out Stacy and Tom.”

Lenore and I sat there, literally “bumps” on a washed up log, around the campfire, Stacy and Tom across from us laying on a blanket kissing and groping. His hand was outside of her denim shirt, rubbing one of her audacious tits.

We were very still, as if afraid to disturb the other couples. Lenore scooted closer, saying,”It’s cold.” I pointed to Tom and Stacy saying, “So I see.”

Looking over their way, we could see her hard nipple atop one pale breast when Tom’s palm wasn’t cupping as much of her tit as possible.

A whisper of “Oh, shit…”was all she could manage. It was the first curse word I had heard from Lenore’s mouth. What I suddenly realized was that she was tight up against my left side, slightly turned into me, right arm around my back.

This placed her plump boobies around my left upper arm…”Oh. Shit…” was my echo at the realization that purposefully on her part or not, I was as close a I had ever been to her “twins”. I turned away from gazing at Stacy’s tit toward Lenore who had her chin on my shoulder.

Just when I was about to try to kiss her, she nudged me saying softly; “Look”… to our right was another couple Scott and Laura. While still clothed, they were kissing, fondling and making a bit of noise. We were close enough to hear him groan as her hand rubbed a large, long bulge in his jeans. We both scanned the area around the fire and took in the tableau of lovers.

My arm was still wedged firmly between her breasts. At that moment, I was not sure that I had ever been as comfortable with a girl I was actually dating. Just when I had second-guessed myself out of trying for a kiss, she leaned up as I turned my head towards her face, planting a kiss square on my lips. She was a bit surprised when I quickly stood up and straddled the log to get here a little closer to me. We kissed again. I felt the tip of her tongue graze my bottom lip and opened my mouth to give her a more passionate kiss. So much for being cold!

A lot more kissing gave way to her to standing up so she could sit on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist. Being a “gentleman” and an idiot, the next thing after she was well seated and about to give me a chance to be face first in her cleavage, I heard myself ask her, ” Are you sure about this?”

She put her hands around my neck and answered. “I don’t do what I don’t want to…besides, we’re just kissing…right? You are hard though.”, she said teasingly.

And with that she pressed her jeans covered groin against mine just a little more firmly with a slight grind. “Damn Lenore…” was all I could say. I can’t say she had ever been in my thoughts in this way. I just could not have imagined it.

I was holding her on my lap with my hands just above her waist rubbing her and reaching back to massage just above her ass cheeks. I was sure I was moments from a slapped face…this couldn’t go right…not for me?

” Rub my ass…I like the way your hands feel.” Lenore whispered into my ear before she began to suck on my earlobe. Maybe this was going to get better?

It took a few more wet kisses and some rubbing of her tight ass for me to get brave enough to risk more. Lenore’s untucked “Cards” jersey made it easy for me to slide my hands up to smooth, firm back just above her jeans. It still gives me a “tingle” if I see a busty woman in a baseball jersey.

‘That feels good…rub me more.”, was her reaction. I rubbed my way up her back as she nuzzled my neck. She raised her head up, looked me in the eye and said ” Just a second.” She reached under her jersey and guided my left hand up under her shirt to cup her bra-less, naked, hard nipped tit.

” Oh, fuck” was all I could say, which gave her the giggles. So here I am out by the river, a hot chick gently grinding on my hard cock and putting a very sweet titty right in the palm of my hand. As much as would fit anyway.

“Let’s go”, said Lenore as she led a very stunned young man down the “beach” towards the car.

“What…where…?” “What about Tom and Stacy?”

“They’ll make a plan. Drive us down the road to the park.”

Just down the road was a park and picnic area about a quarter mile form the “beach” area of the river. Now I was really excited, making the short drive seem like a hundred miles.

“Good…no one’s here.” Lenore jumped out the passenger door and sprinted to the far side of the picnic area and on towards the playground heading right for what looked like a fort.

The first landing of the collection of ladders and slides was up several stairs and about three feet of the ground. She backed up hopping up to sit down at the edge of the landing. She didn’t really need to beckon to her, but I appreciated her enthusiasm.

After a couple of kisses, she nudged me back a little. Taking off her jacket she proceeded to skin off her shirt and her unclasped bra giving me the first full view of her torso. “I need something on” was all she said as the jacket went back on.

For the second time she beckoned me nearer so I could kiss her lips, kiss her full breasts and lick and suck her nipples. I reached down to scoot her a little closer to the edge of the landing and step in between her legs, spreading them further apart. I rubbed her left thigh as we continued to kiss. Working my way up her thigh, I could feel warmth from between her open legs.

Something made me say, “I’m going to rub it.” She feigned surprise and ask, “Are you sure?” My answer was to firmly cup her hot pussy through her jeans, pressing my palm against her. Rotating the palm of my hand started a moan from her. A breast in one hand, a nipple in my mouth and my hand squeezing and rubbing her crotch generated more heat.

“Unzip your jeans.” Came out more an order than a request, no doubt a result of previous “gentlemanly” patience on my part. The fact that I had known Lenore since grade school gave me some leeway, I suppose.

She looked up into my eyes, bare breasted in the cool fall night, and let me hear the sound of her zipper coming down. “I won’t take my jeans off.”

Ignoring her admonition, I reached down to get middle finger in between her hot, moist pussy lips thru her silky panties. This would do for a bit.

She was biting her bottom lip and not looking into my eyes. My hand left her panties for just a moment before I went “in” to caress her sopping wet cunt lips. Not quite allowing a finger to enter her moistness, I used the back of my thumb to give teasing her clit a try.

For the second time she uttered “Oh, shit…” followed by “oh, fuck”. I pulled my hand away and quickly stood her up. Slipping her jeans and panties down to mid thigh, I cupped her now parting pussy lips. We kissed as I wiggled my fingers in between her moist cunt lips and drug my finger up to the juncture of her slit.

My fingers went back down, the middle finger slipping in and as my thumb brushed her little hard nub; she came with several shudders, stood up on her tiptoes and went from kissing me to biting my shoulder.

As she came from my teasing of her cunt, I heard her say, “Goddam Malcolm. You got me good.”

“Lenore, you have a dirty mouth”, I commented on her cursing, as if I gave a shit about her doing so. I was hoping to find out the full truth of that jibe.

She sat back down without pulling up her jeans, pulled me forward and grabbed my belt. In a moment, my jeans were unzipped and down to mid-thigh. She put a hand around the base of my cock, halfway cupping my balls from the front and surprised me back taking more than half my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the underside of my cock.

“I’m not gonna let you get away with that…” she said as she stroked me with her hand and then her mouth, before speaking again,”…making me cum that hard…”

She kept doing me that way, teasing and “dirty talking”. Taking me in her mouth almost fully, now and then pursing her full lips around my hardness as she drew her head slowly back to say things I never imagined I hear from her.

“You’re just like all white boys,…they all want a black women to suck them off…”

Almost every time she stopped sucking, she’d make a slurping sound as my cock withdrew from her mouth.

“What you want is to fuck me…dirty white boy… you fucker…”

My eyes were clenched shut, but I had to watch her take me back in her mouth, her nose touching my pubes. “Oh, shit…” was all I could say.

It was only a few moments and a few more trips into her hot, wet mouth before I tried to be good, but all I could say was “Hon, I’m…” as I shot a first stream of cum into her mouth.

Not even flinching, she took me out of her mouth, taking a second shot across her cheek and pulled me a little closer as she pointed my cock downward, licking the top of my rod and working her thumb across the underside just at the head. About another spurt and a half went into her cleavage.

I was holding on to her shoulders, eyes clenched and saying, “oh, fuck…oh, fuck…” and trying to breath.

She pushed me back saying, ” I swallowed the first part.” All I could do was take out a handkerchief and try to wipe my other shot off her face. What happened next surprised me even more. “Don’t” was all she said. She wiped off her cheek, rubbing my cum on her tits. I was speechless.

I leaned down to kiss her again. ” But you came in my mouth…”

“I want to…” was all I could say as we kissed. Standing up, she started to pull up her panties and jeans.

“Let me lick your pussy”, I offered.

“I couldn’t take it now. Let’s go back and find Tom and Stacy.” I helped her with her jacket as she put on her jersey, but folded up her bra and put it in the inside pocket of her jacket.

We walked back to the car, holding very close. And then I got the bad news…

“Mal, we can’t do this again.”

You can fill in the list of reasons: boyfriend, inter-racial dating in the south in the early 80′s, etc. I wanted to fuck her so bad…

Back at the party, found Tom and Stacy and got a few stares from friends and acquaintances. We both were interrogated repeatedly for many sides. Very little “negative vibes” came our way. I did verbally threaten one little country-ass shit-bird who had the sense to back down from my offer to “explain” things to him off campus and with “witnesses”.

I never was “pushy” with Lenore, of course. But I did try to get her to see things my way on more than one occasion. Thirty years down the road, I still think we missed out on some good times.

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