I was woken up early today by you playing with my nipples, pinching them and rolling them between your fingers. I only sleep in panties, so you have free access to my breasts. When I started moaning you kissed me hard, leaning over me and pushing me into the mattress. I could feel you were completely naked and already were hard. I wanted to touch you, but you grabbed my wrists and controlled them.

You put my arms over my head, told me to grab the headboard and don’t let go no matter what. After I complied you put your hands back on my breasts, squeezing them roughly. You then moved your mouth down, licking and biting your way down to my breasts. You hadn’t shaved yet and you rubbed your stubble over my sensitive breasts and nipples, giving me a lovely burning sensation.

You first put your mouth on my left breast, using your teeth to rake over my nipple and sucking hard. At the same time you used your hand on my right breast. After you gotten my left nipple incredibly hard and aching you switched sides, putting your mouth on my right breast and your hand on my left.

I had trouble complying with you and keeping hold of the headboard. I was so incredibly turned on and wet, pushing my hips up trying to get some friction on your body. You just laughed at me and put the first two fingers of your free left hand in my mouth to silence my loud moaning. As you continued to torment my nipple, I sucked hard on your fingers, wishing it was another part of your anatomy!

After what felt like a long time you sat up and took your hands and body away from mine. I couldn’t help but moan and reach out for you, wanting the physical contact back. Instantly you slapped my inner thigh hard, and told me to put my hands back on the headboard. I complied, whimpering.

You put your flat hand on my pussy over my panties and put pressure. I bucked my hips up and down trying to get some friction going, but you just moved with me and refused to give me what I so desperately wanted. I started begging you to touch me harder but instead you took your hand away all together. I was so hot by this time that I could feel my juices leaking out and forming a big wet spot on my panties.

You then straddled my upper body, so I could see your beautiful cock. You stroked up and down a few times until I begged you to let me do it for you and give you pleasure. You came higher and told me to take you into my mouth and to get you nice and wet. I engulfed you with my warm mouth, it wasn’t very comfortable for me, lying down and still holding the headboard. I had to strain my neck to take you in as far as I could. You closed your eyes and moaned and I was so happy to be able to give you pleasure. You then sat back down and I could no longer reach your cock with my mouth.

You were dripping with my saliva and your own pre-cum. You put your hard cock between my breasts and used your hands to squeeze my soft DD breasts together and engulf you. You started moving back and forward, using my saliva as a lubricant.

Every time you came forward I stuck my tongue out to try and get contact with you and even managed to take the top of you into my mouth a few times. You started fucking my boobs harder and harder. At the same time your hands became rougher and rougher until you were squeezing my breasts hard enough to give me bruises. I wanted more and couldn’t help myself; I took my hands off the headboard to reach down to you.

As soon as you felt my hands your eyes opened and you moved off my body, standing next to the bed. I realised I defied you again, grabbed the headboard and started apologising, telling you that I couldn’t help myself, that it just felt too good, but I knew I had made the same mistake twice now.

You stared down at me, no expression on your face. I knew I was in trouble and started trembling. You reached down and pulled my panties off me and threw them on the floor behind you. For a very brief moment I thought it was ok and you were finally going to fuck me, but then you told me to turn over and get onto my knees. I started trembling even harder and begged you to let me make it up to you. You told me to turn over now, or I would really regret it.

I rolled over and got to my knees, you put your hand on my neck and pushed me down, to leave me in a completely vulnerable position with my ass up in the air. You used your other hand to nudge my knees further apart until I was widely spread. Once I was in position you took your hands away and told me to grab on to the headboard again, close my eyes and stay in that position. I knew I couldn’t afford any mistakes anymore so I stayed quiet and did as you told me.

I felt you moving back onto the mattress, sitting on my left side. I was trembling because I didn’t know what you were going to do. I felt your left hand move under my body and grab my breast, squeezing and pinching my nipple. You used your right hand to rub my back gently, moving between my neck and my ass. I started to relax, thinking that I was forgiven and moving back to the sex.

All of a sudden you swatted your hand down hard on my left cheek. I screamed, as much from the shock as the pain. You swatted me hard again, this time on my right cheek. I screamed again, but not as loud because I still didn’t have my breath back after the first time.

You asked me why you had to spank me. I replied that I knew it was because I let go of the headboard twice when you told me not to. I started explaining why I had done it, but you told me to be quiet. You told me that I should learn to comply with your orders. I nodded, close to crying and tried to apologise again. You told me that the time for apologising was finished and it was time to really learn my lesson. I already had 2 swats, and you would give me 8 more.

I was to stay in position; knees wide, ass up, head down and holding on to the headboard, eyes closed. I was also not allowed to scream. If I couldn’t do that, you would gag and bind me the next time.

You asked me if I thought I could comply with these orders. I said that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stay quiet during the spanking, so you told me that today I was allowed to bite down on the pillow. I thanked you, put my head down, closed my eyes and took the pillow into my mouth. You asked me if I was ready and I wiggled my ass in reply. Although scared of the pain, I was also very turned on by all of this.

The next 8 swats were exquisitely painful. You hit my ass-cheeks hard 6 times. For swat number 9 you hit me between my cheeks, straight onto my anus. This was a different pain altogether and I nearly reared up with the shock of it. You had to remind me to keep the position. Then you waited a minute, rubbing my hot red ass. I started imagining what you would do for the tenth swat. I could feel one of your hands moving to my back and pushing down on me as a reminder to remain in the position. This would indicate another very painful swat and I started clenching my ass in anticipation.

When you hit again, you hit me from below, straight onto my pussy. I screamed into the pillow, my legs trembling, trying not to collapse. You didn’t give me any time to get my breath back, you moved behind me straight away and plunged your hard, hot dick into me. I got my first orgasm right there and then. You grabbed onto my hips and started fucking me hard and deep, still not pausing for me to adjust. I felt you slapping against my still-sensitive ass-cheeks, I was spread so wide I also felt you moving against my sore asshole and my pussy was on fire.

Before I could come down from my first orgasm I could feel myself building up to my second. You kept pumping into me hard. I couldn’t believe how big you felt in me and how deep you could come in this position. You moved one hand down to my clit, and you only just touching it was enough for my second orgasm to break. You kept rubbing me so hard that it was almost painful, while continuing to plough into me from behind.

My body continued to spasm in a continuous orgasm and the only reason for me not collapsing was you holding on to my hip and pulling me up. I was moaning and screaming into the pillow, not knowing whether it was pain or bliss that made me do it. I could feel you speed up. You were grunting and those sounds were turning me on even more. You took your hand away from my clit and used it to spank my ass hard while you were fucking me. The pain of getting spanked on my still sensitive cheeks moved me to another high, when I thought it was impossible to get even higher.

You started moving even faster and spanking me even harder. I suddenly went over the edge and got my third orgasm, my pussy and ass were clenching, my whole body shaking from it. I didn’t have enough air left to scream, I felt like I had barely enough oxygen left in me to survive.

I felt you tensing up and shooting your sperm into me in warm, sticky bursts. This feeling helped me to prolong my orgasm even further. I collapsed under you, unable to hold myself up any longer, my body shuddering with aftershocks of my latest orgasm. You collapsed on top of me, still with your cock inside of me, and I felt your body shudder with delicious afterbursts of your own orgasm.

I was lying there, gasping for breath, almost ready to pass out. You rolled off me, onto your back, breathing hard. I moved sluggishly over to you, kissed you deep on your mouth, our tongues touching and tasting. I then moved down your body, until I reached your cock. I cleaned you with my mouth, tasting myself on you. After I licked your cock and balls clean, I moved back up, snuggled up to you and we fell asleep together.

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