Lynne picked up her clutch bag and stepped out of the door and walked to Josie’s waiting car. She teetered slightly on the higher than normal heels she was wearing but they were the only pair that went with her new dress. She loved the dress when she brought it but realised too late that she should have brought new shoes, underwear and tights to go with it. She had spent the previous two hours scouring her wardrobes for appropriate accessories and felt a little tarty having to wear 4″ heels, push-up bra, stockings plus suspender belt (no hold-ups either!). The push-up bra she had on was showing off a decent amount of cleavage considering she was only a B-cup size.

The last time she had worn the same underwear combination was a few years ago when she thought she needed to add a bit of spice to the bedroom because she feared her husband had been seeing someone else. As it turned out she had been wrong and he had been genuinely working late for weeks on a major project.

It felt a bit of a waste tonight as she would be returning to an empty house later as her husband had disappeared off on a golf trip for the next three days, but it also felt good to know she could still fit into it and looked pretty good considering she was now a few years over the fifty mark.

As the car pulled away Lynne realised she had left her jacket on the banister but knew they were already running late so said nothing to Josie.

Twenty-five minutes later they pulled up outside the Indian restaurant after picking up two more ladies from their darts team. It was the end-of-season get together so they had booked a table for the gala night which consisted of a meal, a free drink and a bottle of wine each plus dancing afterwards all for just £20 per head. The ladies were all of a similar age the youngest being forty-seven and the eldest fifty-nine but they were still quite competitive in the outfits for the night and all had brought new dresses and applied a lot more make-up than on their normal darts nights.

There were ten ladies in total and they occupied a long table next to the dance floor with a table of six guys on one side and a mixed group of younger men and women on the other. After a while and a few drinks the ladies were exchanging a bit of banter with the table of guys who were celebrating their own five-a-side football end-of-season. The meal was a buffet style and the banter continued in the queue for the food and Lynne struck up a conversation with two of the guys (who introduced themselves as Dino and Joey) about football which had been a passion of hers since she was about five. The conversation continued as they sat back down with their food; Lynne not realising that she had now joined the guys table.

When she realised what she had done she began to get up to move but the guys just said “No Jimmy will go and sit on your table, we want to talk footie with you!” Lynne noticed that the guys were sneaking a look at her cleavage when they said this and flushed a little but remained in her seat. As they ate more of the guys joined in the conversation and the wine flowed and despite staring to feel a bit tipsy Lynne was really enjoying the attention and the company.

Soon they noticed the waiters were clearing up and the DJ started to play a few tunes to get people onto the dance floor. Jimmy was suddenly dragged onto the dance floor by a couple of Lynne’s girlfriends and the guys suggested they all had a dance to work off some of the affects of the wine. The dance floor soon filled with people and Lynne found herself to one side dancing between Dino and Joey. Joey nodded towards the side exit and indicated he was going out to get some fresh air and both Lynne and Dino agreed and followed him outside.

“That’s better I was flagging a bit; anyone fancy a smoke?” said Joey.

“I don’t normally smoke cigarettes” replied Lynne.

“He meant something mellower!” explained Dino with a wink.

“Oh cannabis! I’ve never tried that” mumbled Lynne.

“Well you should always try something at least once before you get too old” laughed Joey as he lit up a roll-up and took a deep drag. Dino took it from him and also took a drag and held it to Lynne.

She took it and nervously took a quick puff, “No take a deeper drag” said Dino “it gets working faster”. Lynne took another longer drag and slowly exhaled just as the side door open and Jimmy emerged with Lily from the darts team.

“Caught you” giggled Lily as Lynne started coughing, “Jimmy saw you slip outside and guessed these guys would be up to something.”

“At least they haven’t got you on your knees with your mouth full, well not yet!” Lily laughed and the guys joined her as Lynne’s face reddened.

Jimmy took the roll up from Lynne and passed it to Lily who took a deep drag and winked at Lynne “Don’t feel guilty, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Lynne joined in the laughter “Maybe that’s something else I need to try before I get too old” and smiled at Dino and Joey.

Lynne, Dino and Joey each took another drag on the roll-up before going back inside leaving Lily and Jimmy to finish it.

Dino headed for the bar to get drinks and Lynne headed for the toilets to freshen up. There was a queue for the Ladies but as she stood at the back of the queue she felt a hand on her arm as Joey pulled towards the Disabled toilet. He pulled her inside and shut the door before anyone noticed, “We shouldn’t be in here” whispered Lynne. “I just wanted to get you alone for a minute” replied Joey and leaned towards her and kissed her lips.

Lynne’s head was swimming but she responded to the kiss and pushed her tongue into Joey’s mouth. She felt Joey’s hand squeeze her breast and a tingle ran though her as her nipples hardened in response. Lynne felt Joey push her backwards against the toilet seat and her knees buckled and she sat down with a bump. Before she could react Joey pulled his erect cock from his trousers and thrust it towards her face. It brushed her cheek then touched her lips as Joey swayed from side to side. Joey held her head still and continued to rub and thrust his cock at her face pressing his fingers hard into her jaw involuntarily Lynne opened her mouth letting the tip slip between her lips.

“Good open wider, I want to fuck your mouth” breathed Joey heavily. Confused and scared Lynne opened her mouth a let Joey push his cock in. It was rock hard, much harder than her husband’s ever seemed and Lynne moved her hand up to grip it almost to check if it was real.

Odd thoughts were rapidly running through her mind as she began to compare Joey’s manhood to her husband’s. Joey’s cock was thinner and shorter and a Lynne felt a little disappointed, here she was sucking another man’s cock for the first time since she married and it was less impressive than she was used to, although it had been sometime since she had performed oral on her husband as he didn’t seem to want it. Lynne tried to remember what her husband tasted like as she noticed the musky tang on her tongue from Joey.

Lynne suddenly realised she was no longer resisting but was now sucking hard on the stiff cock. She felt for Joey’s balls and again felt slightly cheated as clasped them in her palm, they were about the same size as her husband.

Joey had stopped thrusting as Lynne relaxed and took control, he gasped as she sunk her mouth all the way to his pubic hair without gagging. Her grip on his balls tightened and she pushed a finger along the seam towards his arsehole. His body stiffened and Lynne pulled back as he shot his load into her mouth without warning.

Lynne squeezed his cock to slow the flow as she slipped her mouth off it and grabbed a handful of loo roll to mop up the spunk then gently wanked him until the last of his juice oozed out. She spat his juice from her mouth into more loo roll.

“That was so good” panted Joey, “Dino will love it when you do him too!”

Lynne panicked “No, this was a one off, you surprised me!”

As she said that there was a faint knock on the door and Dino said “Let me in!”

Joey shuffled to the door and let Dino in as Lynne saw Joey flip his mobile phone shut, he had rung Dino and let him listen to her sucking Joey’s cock.

Dino had a big grin on his face “it sounded like you were really going for it, Darling!”

He saw the panicked look on Lynne’s face and said “Come on we won’t let on to your mates; this is just a bit of fun. What goes on tour stays on tour!” He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock which was already semi-erect.

Dino manoeuvred around to face Lynne and Joey lifted her up from the toilet seat so she had to bend at the waist to reach her second cock of the night. She gripped Dino’s member and slowly stroked it until it stiffened. It was noticeably thicker than Joey’s but no longer and tasted stronger as she licked the end before letting slip between her lips.

Dino was cooing as she slowly sucked him into her mouth and she felt Joey lifting the hem of her dress. “You’ve got a lovely arse and your wearing stockings!” exclaimed Joey as he ran his hand up the back of her thigh.

Lynne wriggled her bum teasing Joey then she felt him slip his hand in the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. She pulled her mouth off Dino’s cock to protest but Dino pulled her head back as Joey cupped his hand between her legs. “Don’t worry I’m only gonna have a feel, I can’t get it up again that quickly.”

Joey’s finger ran along her pussy lips and she shuddered with excitement; he was the first man apart from her husband to touch her intimately for nearly 30 years, even her gynaecologist had been a woman. She sank her mouth down hard on Dino’s cock with renewed vigour and moved her hips back and forth trying the match Joey’s finger movements.

Dino gasped and Lynne pulled back as he ejaculated his spunk hitting her neck and breasts. Joey’s fingers parted her pussy lips and he entered her with his index finger up to the second knuckle. Lynne groaned hoping Joey would push deeper but he withdrew and wiped his finger on her naked buttock.

“Thanks darling, we will see you downstairs when you’ve cleaned up” laughed Joey “by the way you have the hairiest minge I have ever seen, does your old man like that!”

Dino and Joey laughed then stepped outside leaving Lynne stunned and embarrassed. She quickly locked the door and cleaned up whilst trying to hold back tears of frustration. She realised that she didn’t have her knickers on and looked for them in desperation before working out that Joey must have taken them. She now felt angry and so she tidied her make-up, hair and clothes and made her way back down to the dance floor.

Looking around she saw Dino talking to Lily and Jimmy but Joey was nowhere to be seen. She made her way over and Lily asked where she had been and pushed another drink into her hand. Dino nodded to the door indicating Joey was outside. Lily gripped her arm and whispered “Don’t go chasing him, Jimmy says he’s married and just had a kid. Just have another drink and we can get a cab back”.

Lynne looked down and saw she must have just downed her drink in anger. So she said “Okay it’s my round who wants another drink?”

An hour later the waiters in the restaurant were cajoling the stragglers towards the door and found Lynne slumped on a chair in a drunken sleep. They shook her awake and led her to the street and watched her stagger towards the cab office.

Confused and tired Lynne staggered on until she found a bus stop with a seat and slumped down and tried to focus. She had no idea where the others had gone and what she had done since going to the bar although she vaguely recollected downing about three vodka shots at the bar waiting for the barman to finish making cocktails. She checked her bag, phone and purse; everything was there but for her door keys or any money. The money she was no surprise the round of cocktails and the shots must have cost a fortune but she was sure she should have her keys.

Breathing deeply in an effort to sober up she stood and went in search of a cash point. After twenty minutes of wandering she found the only cash point around had no cash left in it and she burst into tears. The frustration and humiliation of earlier finally released and she slumped against the wall and cried and cried. A car pulled up and she heard a voice ask if she needed assistance; she looked up through her tears and saw a policewoman standing in front of her. Lynne nodded and between sobs told her about not having any cash or door keys.

The policewoman led her to the car and sat her in the back seat and got in beside her. The policewoman said her name was Lucy and asked if Lynne was sure she was okay and if she had been taking anything other than alcohol. Even though she was drunk Lynne had enough sense not to mention smoking dope earlier. Lucy explained that she would have to search her anyway as they had found her in a drunken state. Lynne just nodded and Lucy said don’t worry we can go somewhere less public and pulled the seat belt around her and buckled it.

Lucy’s colleague drove off and followed the road back towards Lynne’s house and then pulled into a small parking area in the local woods. Lucy unbuckled Lynne’s seat belt and helped her out of the car and placed her hands on the roof and gentle eased her legs apart so she could pat her down.

Lynne was too drunk to resist and let Lucy run her hands gentle over her arms sides and down the outside of her legs. Then Lucy whispered in her ear and said “I need to slip your dress off to check inside your bra, don’t worry my colleague will turn his back.”

Lynne just nodded and held her arms up as Lucy lifted the dress over her head. Then Lucy placed her hands back on the roof and ran her hands over her body again this time with a firmer touch. Lynne felt uncomfortable but acquiesced as Lucy roughly squeezed her breasts then lifted her bra up and ran her fingers over her nipples which hardened from the cooler night air and Lucy’s touch.

Lucy leaned in and said “I think you’ve been telling us lies Lynne, I can smell dope on your breath and you are walking around with no knickers on. Have you been out street walking to feed your habit?”

Lynne was stunned and frightened; she could tell the truth about losing her knickers as that would only be more incriminating. “No, I’m not a prostitute, I just had a little too much to drink and a quick drag on someone’s roll-up, that’s all.”

“Well I don’t like whores who tell me lies, I think we should take you down the station and let you sober up in the cells” replied Lucy.

“No please, I’m telling the truth, I’ll do anything you want but don’t arrest me” pleaded Lynne and began to sob again.

Lucy turned to her colleague and smiled “Well what do you think Dave? Is she worth the paperwork? Or shall we take her up on her offer?”

“Well I could always do with a feebie from a whore, you can watch if you like Luce?” sniggered Dave.

“She hasn’t got any rubbers in her bag so you will have to go bare-back or settle for a blow-job!” suggested Lucy with a grin on her face.

Lynne could only watch while they decided her fate, her mind was racing but she knew there was no way out but to let him do what he wanted and hope they kept their word.

“Blow-job then” decided Dave, “Still going to watch Luce? Or will you lend her a hand with my monster?” he laughed. “It’s not a monster and you know I prefer a snatch to a snake!” Lucy replied.

“Settled then, get in the back on all fours and give Dave a blow? Or off to the station?” said Lucy to Lynne.

Lynne did not say a word but just crawled on to the back seat as Dave moved around to the other door. Lucy squeezed in behind Lynne to stop her backing out and Dave opened his door and presented his cock semi-hard for Lynne. Lucy had been right it wasn’t a monster but better than the two other cocks she had sucked tonight. Grasping it with her hand she gave it a couple of long strokes and then went to work with her mouth.

Dave was soon moaning gently and rubbing the back of her head in encouragement; Lynne could feel Lucy’s breath on her back as she watched over her shoulder. Lucy began touching Lynne’s bum and then she slid her hand between Lynne’s legs and began to massage her pussy.

Lynne flinched at first but then let her continue as Lucy gripped her hips and pulled her back; she was now resigned to let these two do what they wanted to get it over quickly.

Lynne picked up the pace on Dave’s cock to try to hasten the end and as she moved back and forth she felt Lucy’s fingers bumping against her clitoris. She let out a muffled moan of delight as Lucy increased the pressure on her button, then groaned as Lucy pushed two fingers into her and began rapidly finger-fucking her.

Dave jerked and Lynne held him back just long enough to take her mouth off his cock and let his cum hit her face and neck. She continued to stroke his cock milking the last of his spunk hoping Lucy would continue the finger-fucking until she reached her own climax. But then she heard a low growling sound behind her as Lucy came and abruptly withdrew her fingers. Unknown to Lynne Lucy had been masturbating whilst fingering her.

“That was good” muttered Dave, “I think we can let you off with a warning this time!”

Lucy threw her dress at her and said “Get dressed and we will drop by the entrance to the woods! But don’t let us catch you again or Dave and I will have to give you a real lesson.”

Dave started the car and pulled away as Lynne struggled with her dress, he tossed a bottle at her and said “Take a swig of that if you want to wash your mouth out.”

Lynne took a gulp of the liquid and felt the burning sensation of strong vodka in her throat. They pulled up and Lucy ordered her out of the car and they drove off leaving her standing at the side of the road bag in one hand vodka bottle in the other. Lynne knew she was less than half a mile from home and started walking taking little sips from the bottle as she walked.

Remembering she had no keys she headed for her sister’s house hoping she would be able to pick up a spare set without the need for too much explanation. As she approached the door she stopped and quickly tried to straighten her hair and dress. Then she knocked gently on the door trying not to wake the neighbours, nothing happened so she banged louder and had to lean on the door to stay upright. Then the door opened and she fell though into her brother-in-laws arms, “I forgot my keys and I’m a little drunk” she declared in a slurred voice.

Bleary eyed her brother-in-law lifted her to her feet and laughed “Well you’re little but you are very drunk!” Lynne smiled and buried her head in his bare chest.

“I’m not little you’re too tall” she giggled in reply and snuggled closer. He reached around her and closed the door “I think we need to sober you up a bit and put you to bed, you don’t seem in a fit state to be wandering the streets.”

Lynne squeezed him and murmured “Okay as long as you long as you give me a goodnight kiss!”

She pulled his head down and kissed him hard on the lips. Then she lowered her head to his chest and sighed “Sorry, I think I need to sleep” as she sagged in his arms.

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