For those of you who have been fans of the Studying with Kelly series thank you for your patience in awaiting its final conclusion. I hope the final chapter lives up to your expectations. As you are aware I am not a professional writer and by no means pretend to be so be warned I do not have time to perfect every story I write and try to offer you the best I can in the little amount of time I have.. Please take it for what it is, a recreation piece of writing for your enjoyment. If you are looking for something more professional please look elsewhere. Thank you for your support.

Ever since Stan had received his last assignment in history class his life had never been the same. He was somewhat athletic and played sports but was considered a history geek more than anything else. He could never really break into the cool crowd like most of the other athletes had so he retreated to the subject he loved the most, history. The class history geek never would have thought it would score him the sexiest girl in his class Kelly, but when they were assigned to have a partner for their last assignment and test that exactly what happened.

On the very first day they met she showed him just what a slut she was and continued to tease him and reward him as they did well on each stage of the assignment. Finally during their last part of the project he had gotten a chance to fuck her… everywhere. What had started off as a simple reward had turned into a full blown fuck fest. After hours of fucking he finally made it home just to be met with a call from Kelly who told her there was one last reward for him to work for, all he needed was an A on their test.

The library had gotten quiet as Stan sat and studied his history book. He had a big test coming up and wanted to be prepared, this test meant everything and normally a good night in the library would have been just what he needed to be focused, tonight that was not the case.

In front of Stan sat the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen, Kelly. It was easy to see why everyone flocked to her as she sat there rubbing her pen across the plump curve of her bottom lip occasionally stopping to moisten her lip with her tongue. She wore a tight white button down shirt that had the first few buttons undone and seemed to accent her tan skin town. Her breast seemed to be even more pronounced than usual as they tried to squeeze their way out of her shirt. There was no way anyone in Stan’ position could think of anything but her she was sex personified.

As Stan drank in Kelly’s beauty he saw a smile form on the corner of her mouth. A moment later Stan felt something rubbing his ankle, slowly stroking its way further up his leg and back down working farther and farther up with each stroke. As Kelly’s foot slowly worked its way up and down his leg in tenuous teasing motions Stan couldn’t help but squirm. Each stroke led her closer and closer his crotch, tantalizing him as it approached his repressed desire. Stan knew he needed to study; he should have been stopping her so he could focus, but who was he kidding?

This was Kelly the sex goddess he all but worshiped. He had wanted her from the first time he had seen her. The history buff never would have thought that he would ever get a chance to study with such a beauty let alone fuck her. Ever since they had completed the project that had been fucking like rabbits. In fact they had fucked in this very library several times and he knew exactly what this sex goddess had in mind as her toes seemed to work their way around his hard shaft. As she leaned a back in her chair to reach her target Stan imagined what her sexy tan legs looked like s they extended in all their beauty under the table. He just loved having them wrapped around his waist as he grabbed on to her luscious ass. There was absolutely no way he would be able to stop now.

In the back of his mind Stan knew what Kelly was really doing. Although he had met all of Kelly’s expectations and finally aced the project they had been working on it ended with another arrangement that was more of a bet then an agreement. If Stan did well on their partner test Kelly promised to be his sex slave with absolutely no limits. She however put a catch that if he didn’t do well enough the tables would be turned and she would make him a slave of her own, also with no limits. That may not have seemed like such a bad punishment from a sex siren like Kelly, but she had more than eluded to her intentions to take him just the same way he wanted to take her but with a big black strap on that would rip him in two. This was an all or anal bet as far as he was concerned and he knew she was pulling all the stops to keep him from studying; it was just too damn good to resist.

The absence of Kelly’s foot on his now throbbing member brought Stan back to reality. He looked up to see Kelly standing up and leaning over the table giving him a view of her cleavage that he would have sold his soul for a month ago. She flipped her hair to the side before leaning in and whispering in his ear.

“Feels like someone wants to come out and play, doesn’t he? I bet it wouldn’t help if he knew I was wearing a sexy black g-string under this skirt… a crotchless one”. She stopped log enough to watch Stan squirm and give his ear a slight lick before finishing.

“That’s right you could fuck me right in this tight little skirt in the school library, but where would your friend want to take your slut this time? Well where should we go stud, or don’t you want me?” she gave him a sexy stare with a grin that just gloated at how much she knew she had him.

As far as she was concerned his cock was already in her tight wet pussy, just where she wanted it. Stan might have been a little hesitant about their arrangement but Kelly could not believe her luck. This seduction had been her masterpiece. If Stan was successful she would get the best grade in history she had ever gotten. If he wasn’t then she got her very on boy toy to take out all her nymphomaniac fantasies on. The very best part of the deal however was that she knew the more she got to fuck Stan the closer she was to winning their arrangement. The slut just loved knowing that and it turned her on more than anything else, Stan could have her anytime he wanted as far as she was concerned, if it was possible she was getting even sluttier than she had been before.

As Kelly walked over to Stan’s side of the table she could feel her own wetness. Stan slowly stood up trying to hide the raging hard on in his pants with a book.

“I think I’m up for some English Lit if you would like to lead the way my lady”. Stan answered.

Kelly licked her lips before grabbing his hand and leading the way. They had learned in their past library exploits that the least frequently visited section of the school library had been English Literature. Mostly because any books the students had to read were provided in class and there was any additional reading students were looking for outside of class. She also knew it was a good gauge of how turned on he was, if he wanted to go somewhere that secluded Stan was going to fuck her with little persuasion and fuck her they way she loved it nice and hard.

It didn’t take then long to get to the back corner of the library and make their way to their destination in the back aisle. The large steel racks were nice and thick steel and felt like they would take a backhoe to move them. As they made their way to the back Kelly turned toward Stan and grabbed him by the collar as she pulled him in for a rough kiss then pushed him into the back rack of books hard.

“Oh yeah baby you know how much I love it here… I don’t have to be as quiet… and you never make me want to be quiet!”

“Oh I know… you can’t contain yourself… not even in a school library.”

“Well how can a girl resist a guy like you knowing what you’re packing? Sometimes a girl just needs to be fucked and it doesn’t matter where she is.”

“Oh and do you? Do you need to be fucked?”

“You tell me.” Kelly grabbed Stan’s hand and moved it under her skirt right to her wet pussy. As Stan felt under her short plaid skirt his fingers were met with unrestricted access to her wetness. The school girl slut moaned as he rubbed her pussy starting to work her just the way she liked. Kelly had to grab on to Stan and hold herself up as he started to work his fingers in an out.

“You know Kelly, this has to stop.”

“No… Please… don’t stop… I neeeed it…”

“Oh I know you need it, you need to be fucked don’t you?”

“Yes…” she moaned.

“And I’m going to fuck your nice tight pussy, but you need to do something for me.”

“Oh I’ll let you cum wherever you want baby”

“No, not that…”

“Then… uhh …what?” Kelly was starting to lose her breath and her focus as Stan fingered her faster and faster as they talked driving her to the edge and keeping her there. He knew he would need to be in control to pull this off and with Kelly it was very hard to be in control.

“The test is tomorrow, I need to study, we both do. If I fuck you now I want you to go home have some dinner and study and let me stay here… uninterrupted for the rest of the night… you’ve distracted me enough with your fine ass!”

“But what if I want to fuck you again… you love it when I fuck you!”

“I do, but I’m going to love it even more when your my little sex toy.” At that he abruptly pulled his fingers from her pussy leaving her on edge of satisfaction.

“No…” she gasped.

“So… are you going to be a good girl tonight so I can fuck you?”

“Oh… I love it when my little history nerd talks dirty, fine have it your way just fuck me already!”As she said it Stan licked his fingers tasting the sweetness of Kelly yet again.

He had never really stood up to Kelly like this and it was driving him wild telling her what to do. He couldn’t even imagine having her as his. Stan grabbed Kelly’s hand and brought it down to his zipper as he helped her unzip him and guided her hand into his pants.

Kelly smiled when she reached in Stan’s pants and felt nothing but his now rock hard cock. The nerdy history kid she had started with was now going commando for easy access. A shiver went up her back as she grabbed his cock and pulled it out. Kelly absent mindedly started to jerk him off a few times before she felt Stan grab her ass and lift her up and on to his hard cock.

The wetness from her slutty pussy helped his hard member slide in with ease as she engulfed his hard cock. The school nympho let out a high pitched moan as she felt him enter her once again. This was always her favorite part, he was a great fuck but that first feeling of gratification as he entered her and filled her up with his large cock could not beat. She could not believe how full she felt as she grabbed the bookshelf behind him and used it to leverage herself as she locked her legs behind him and started to move up and down on his cock. Stan grabbed on to her firm tight ass as he met her hips with each stroke. Her pussy wrapped around his cock like a vise as he thrust in and out of her, the sensation was overwhelming, Kelly’s short little plaid skirt flapped up and down as it concealed the hard cock thrusting in and out of her pussy with each stroke. They were hidden in the back aisles of the library but anyone could walk up on them and see the school slut with her legs wrapped around her history partner. The risk turned them both on that much more causing Kelly to fuck him harder and harder.

Kelly was already worked up from the teasing Stan had given her and she was already riding the edge of orgasm, the kinkiness of their act just drove her even wilder and before she knew it she was biting into Stan’s shoulder to keep herself from crying out in orgasm. His should her muffled her scream as she lifted her head up and wrapped her hands around the back of Stan’s neck pulling him in for a deep lustful kiss. The ball at the end of her tongue ring slid up and down Stan’s tongue as she kissed him the familiar metal taste filling his mouth. She slightly bit then sucked on his bottom lip as she finished the kiss all the while Stan’s hard cock was still inside of her.

Her high heels touched the ground as she unwrapped her tan toned legs from around her lover’s waist and turned her back to him. She faced the opposite side of the aisle and lifted up the back of her skirt showing the black g-string sitting in between the two sexy globes of her completely fuckable ass as she grabbed onto the shelf and gave him a lustful look from over her shoulder.

Stan walked over to her and could not resist giving that firm ass of hers another squeeze before sliding his throbbing member back into her slutty little pussy. He grabbed Kelly’s hips from under her skirt as he pulled her to him. The motion exposed her ass in her slutty thong to the cool air as he fucked her. The slut knew that there was no hiding the fact she was fucking him now as it was clear to any passerby that he was taking her with each thrust. She could feel him getting closer and closer to the brink as he throbbed inside her and his motions got faster and harder.

“Do it baby cum in my slutty pussy, I want to feel it inside of me! Give it to me baby!”

The temptress loved to talk dirty to him bringing him closer and closer. Just as she thought he was ready to let go she felt him slide a finger into her pussy between thrusts as she looked back a little confused. She thought maybe he was going to try and cum on her ass just when she felt him fill her up again. He rocked into her a few more times before she felt his well lubricated finger slide up her forbidden passage just as he shot his load inside of her. The feeling was so amazing that it sent her over the edge again.

Unable to muffle her scream this time she let out a load moan that anyone within an earshot could hear.

“Oh Jesus Stan…what was that?”

“Just a taste of what I’m going to give you when I ace this test”. He grinned from ear to ear as he said it.

Stan never would have dared such a thing before their project together but Kelly’s continual sexual exploits with him was boosting his confidence daily.

“Really…? You sneaky little boy, I’m supposed to be the naughty one remember? I must say though that did feel nice, maybe it won’t be such a bad thing if you get your way”. As she finished Kelly straightened up her clothes and smoothed out her short skirt with her hands.

“Now we have to get moving, I’m pretty sure the whole library heard me after your little exploit!” She leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on his lips “and thank you for that by the way, see you tomorrow you have some studying to do!”

Stan saw her skirt twirl as she left in a whirlwind. He quickly adjusted himself as he watched the most beautiful girl he knew walk away. That last kiss had sent a shock through him, it wasn’t her typical passion filled kiss that he was used to, and the simplicity of it left tremors going through him. In a daze he made his way back to his books and packed them up so he could go home to finish studying, Just the thought of what he had done in this library was enough to break his focus he was sure he could get more done in his room at home, and maybe this tingling feeling that seemed to permeate through his body after that kiss would have worn off by then. He knew it couldn’t mean what he initially thought it did, what he wanted it to, but it still left him buzzing.

As Stan made his way into the classroom and to his desk he hoped that all of the studying he had done the night before paid off. The history buff needed to score an A on this test to earn his reward from Kelly. Worse yet she was going to do unmentionable things to him if he didn’t, which had been more than enough to get him focused after their amazing session together in the library.

His backpack fell to the ground with a clunk as he made his way to his seat. Kelly was sitting next to him in her desk, unusually more punctual then she had been. Today found her without here traditional skirt or other revealing clothing, Instead she wore a pair of black yoga pants, most likely from Victoria Secret the way the clung to her and a tight athletic zip up top that seemed to match. She smiled over at him as he was taking in her beauty. Even without her typical sexy attire she managed to command the presence of the room. Her smile just seemed to light him up and calm the nerves he had been trying to get over all morning.

Kelly leaned over to his desk and put her hand on top of his giving a slight squeeze.

“Don’t worry Stan, you’re going to do great, no one knows this stuff as well as you. All that other stuff with distracting you was just good fun, I know you’re going to kill this test. Besides I was even good today and I’m not showing as much skin… well that and it’s freezing outside, but I should still get points!”

He couldn’t believe it she was even cuter and quirkier than normal on a morning he expected her to all but sabotage their test. She was right about it being cool however the winter weather was really starting to kick in and bringing the chill with it. Fall had pretty much taken over and before they knew it exams would be over and the holiday break would be upon them. Stan was brought back to the present when the exam he had been anticipating the most was placed in front of him. They were directed to join their partners and start the exam shortly after. Just before they dove into an obstacle both of them were hoping Stan could overcome he reached over and placed his hand on hers and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Thanks, it means a lot to know you believe in me.”

Those words seemed to melt any intention Kelly had left of sabotaging him during the exam. Kelly had always been extremely competitive with everything, sports, boys, you name it she had to be and have the best. It was always her primary focus, it was what led her to partnering with the smartest kid in class, but now all she could think about is how she couldn’t stand to see him fail. Nothing had ever kept her from wanting to win just for the sake of winning before. It was odd she would let that get in the way; she brushed it off with a sigh and decided to knuckle down and help Stan as much as she could.

“Stan lets kick this tests ass!”

The curvy brunette scooted her desk next to her classmate so that she could get a good view. For the next hour the two students confronted one question after another. Stan’s nervousness seemed to waver as he felt the girl of his dreams lean against his shoulder to get a better look at the next question. The test hadn’t gone as he had expected, he didn’t not sit there and fly through each question like he always had. The answers didn’t just come to him after hours of intense studying as they always had before. Stan had fully expected to carry both of them with his intense knowledge of the subject matter as the two of them had planned from the beginning. That however didn’t happen.

Kelly seemed to take charge of the test hesitantly asking her partner to confirm her answers each time afraid of disappointment. As Kelly started to fire one answer after another through the test something became clear, she hadn’t simply been his fuck toy while he carried her through the history class. All the time they had spent together had rubbed off on her and she seemed to have absorbed material neither one of them expected her to know. Stan smiled with approval as her confidence started to grow confirming on answer after another and occasionally helping her reason through the more difficult ones.

“Oh no not the essay questions I always mess these up! I never know what they want from these it seems like I only ever get half the answer or just say something stupid or something!” Kelly’ said as her confidence started to waiver one last time.

“It’s okay Kelly…” Stan said as he put his hand on her forearm to reassure her “I’m here to help you through it, you just need to take your time to read the question and think it out before you answer. Most people just jump into it too fast take your time and I’ll help you. Now what comes to mind when you read that question?”

“Um… Oh my… Stan this is what you were talking about last Wednesday night when I was trying too….” her face suddenly went red as she realized what she was about to admit in the middle of their classroom.

Stan smiled and shook his head at just how adorable she could be while almost giving away to the whole class that she had had those beautiful lips of hers wrapped around his cock when he was trying to study last Wednesday, obviously that was when she was still trying to distract him.

“Yeah that’s it, do you remember any of what we were talking about before… that part?” he smiled at her again remembering how good it had felt to have her tongue ring slide on his engorged member.

Slowly Kelly seemed to pull and amazing amount of detail about what he had said that night piecing together the essay and pinpointing each and every aspect of the question. A look of admiration came across her partners face as he realized she didn’t need his help and went through each one of the essay questions.

As she read out each question he could inventory exactly which sexual act she was trying to perform on him as he was studying for it. Some would be kisses and bites on the neck, another blow job but with her pussy peeking out from under her skirt in front of his face for another, there was an unforgettable hand job in the library. All of the times he thought she wasn’t paying attention and she had pulled them from studying, she had absorbed it all. Kelly wasn’t only the most beautiful sexual vixen he had ever seen but she must be brilliant to retain it all.

“Kel, how did you remember all this stuff, I didn’t even think you were paying attention?”

“Stan, haven’t you realized? I always pay attention to you, besides I just tend to remember stuff you say. I guess you could say you’re ‘unforgettable’” she joked and gave him a quick punch on the arm to lighten the mood.

“It looks like we’re done, you want to look it over one more time before we hand it in? Remember no A and you are all mine” she smiled as she teased him. Stan had all but forgotten about the arrangement they had made. Yesterday it was all he could think about, but after seeing Kelly so immersed in his element he had all, but forgotten about it.

“Oh… right… yeah the A” he collected himself bringing himself back from whatever cloud his mind seemed to be wandering to. “You better hope we don’t, you have no idea what kind of dirty fantasies a guy has about a girl like you!”

Kelly looked back at him wetting her lips once again holding her pencil right at the curve of her tempting mouth.

“Oh you bet I do…” she leaned over to his ear after she said it and whispered “… and I’m going to show you every last one of them!”

The school goddess got up and sashes to the front of the classroom to turn in their test. Stan’s eyes followed her tight ass accented by her tight yoga pants that had the Victoria Secret “PINK” on a banner across just adding more allure to an already irresistible goddess.

When Kelly made her way back she noticed him gawking again and winked at him with a smile. It always turned her on when Stan admired her body. Kelly was a natural tease and always loved getting a rise out of the boys and teachers at her school, but there was something about Stan that just made it better. He seemed to put her on a pedestal in a way no one else could. That might bother some girls but Kelly loved it.

The two partners walked to Stan’s locker as he switched his books out.

“So I guess we’re not going to find out how we did until next week huh?”

“Yeah I always hate that, but at least we know we did pretty well”

“Yeah, but you and I both know we have more riding on this then a grade”

Stan stood up from changing his books over and was met by Kelly gently grabbing the back of his neck with both her hands and giving him a gentle kiss on his lips.

“For good luck” she said smiling. Stan did not notice that her eyes were suddenly starting to water as she said goodbye to him. Quickly before being discovered she turned around and hurried away trying not to make it look to abrupt.

Stan stood there in an aftershock from her kiss, he never would have expected a thank you kiss from her after it was all over. He knew he would probably get one last night with her because of their arrangement but he was slowly realizing his time with Kelly was coming to an end.

The next couple days seemed to drag on for Kelly, she tried to be her typical chipper self but her heart just really wasn’t in it. She had gone back to wearing her sexy short skirts and tight clothes to tease the boys but none of them seemed to give her a thrill like Stan did. She still saw Stan they were finishing out their last couple classes before break and would say hi to each other in the hallways but it was not the same. More and more she started to realize that she actually missed spending time together. She found herself pulling out her biggest dildo every night and trying to imagine it was Stan’s big cock, but it never seemed to satisfy her. For once it was a need bigger than just the sex, she missed all the little moments they had together.

Kelly sat on her bed and stared at her phone, it was Tuesday and they had only had taken the test last Friday, how could she miss him so much so soon?

She jumped with a start when she suddenly heard Nelly Furtado singing Promiscuous though the speakers on her phone. It was her favorite song and she found it very fitting. She quickly looked down at the contact information and was disappointed when she realized it was just one of her teammates from the soccer team. She hit the ignore button and was prepared to sink back into her rut when she felt suddenly inspired by her favorite song.

“Screw it” she said to herself as she looked at her previous calls and dialed Stan’s number.

“H…hello…” he answered nervously “Kelly is everything okay?”

“Hey Stan!” She answered in her typical chipper voice. “Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

“I… I just didn’t expect to hear from you till we got the test back.”

“Oh well… I’m bored and all my friends are busy so I figured I’d give you a call.” she lied. “So what are you up to?

“Uh… nothing” Stan nervously answered. He could not believe his luck he had been thinking about Kelly all week. It just didn’t seem right for him to call her; he had gained a lot of confidence from being with her but still saw her as unreachable. Her call had thrown him totally off his game.

“Nothing huh?? Stan… were you being a bad boy?” she teased

“Wha… what do you mean?”

“We’re you thinking about all those things you want to do to me if you win the bet hun? I bet you were! I’m not interrupting am I?”

“What… no… It’s just… gosh! You know I’m looking forward to it…. but… you’re not interrupting anything, I’m glad you called.”

“I bet you are, you need some help with your problem and I’m sure I’m just the girl for the job right?”

Stan finally started to pull himself together. He hadn’t bumbled like this since they first met; he had to get himself together. He knew she loved to push his buttons but if he really wanted to ever have a chance with her he had to get control of himself he thought. It suddenly dawned on him that it might be true, he might actually have a shot with her the idea seemed to restore some of his confidence.

“Kel, you are just insatiable you know that? I’ve got a better idea…this might sound crazy, I know it’s getting cold enough to freeze outside but I’ve got a serious craving for a brownie sundae, what do you say you do me a favor and join me, you have no idea how awkward it is to get a brownie sundae by yourself on a Tuesday night!” Kelly laughed and it eased the tension of him finally asking her out.

“Sure… why not?” she answered “I’ve done a lot of crazy things before but I don’t think a brownie Sundae on a Tuesday night was one of them!”

They both laughed and made agreed to have Stan go pick her up in an hour to give her time to get ready. As Stan hung up the phone he felt like the world had just turned upside down.

“WHAT?!” he said to himself “Did that just FRICKIN’ happen?” This was quickly followed by the nerdiest most awkward celebration dance, one that Kelly would have found absolutely adorable. He quickly rummaged through his closet trying to find something nice yet casual; he still couldn’t believe she agreed to going out with him. It was just ice cream which could be seen as completely platonic, but the fact that she was willing to be seen in public with him had his heart beating at a million times a minute.

He had pulled himself together pretty well by the time he had got to Kelly’s door and rung the doorbell. In all the time they spent together he had never been to her house. It was pretty impressive with a large porch up front and big white columns that protruded to the overhang. When Kelly opened the door a smile could not be denied as it swept across his face.

The vixen’s long muscular legs were encased in two white stockings that traveled all the way up over her knees and stopped right at the beginning of her thigh. He could see a couple of inches of her sexy dark skin before it her plaid skirt concealed it from him. Stan’s mind was instantly filled with all the different combinations of lingerie she had teased him in. He wet his lips as his case traveled up past her curvy hips to the tight low cut shirt that seemed to hug her breasts as they threatened to come out of the top.

“Wow, you look as beautiful as always”

“Oh thanks! I thought you would like this outfit, I think the pink really brings out my tan! So where we going?” she said as she walked by him towards his car.

Stan took a quick look at her nice firm ass before attempting to catch up so he could open the door for her.

“We are going to my favorite place; it’s a small shop right outside of town”

“Awe you are such a gentleman Stan, I can’t wait to see this place your so excited about.”

Little did Kelly know it wasn’t the ice cream he was excited about there was a throbbing in his pants that would have given away his true motivation. It only ever took moments for her sexuality to consume him and her cute appreciation for him was just fuel for the fire.

He had a hard time on the road as Kelly sat next to him with her legs crossed exposing even more skin from underneath her skirt. She watched him squirm and struggle as he tried to stay focused. Realizing the effect she was having on him she uncrossed then crossed her legs again causing her skirt to ride up even higher. She wasn’t leaving much to the imagination when she leaned over and whispered to him “You like what you see?”

“Uh… what? I… uh”

She then reached over and put her hand on his crotch feeling the hard bulge in his pants.

“Well I’ll take that as a yes. Jesus Stan I love how hard you get just from looking at me…”

The slut started to work his cock through his pants as he was now forced to slow down to stay on the road.

“Have you ever gotten any road head Stan?”

“Road…head… well I don’t think so… no”.

“Oh you would know if you did! Well I know we don’t know who the winner of are arrangement is yet but I guess you can consider this a thank you. Even I can leave you with blue balls this bad. Whatever you do keep your eyes on the road and don’t crash into anything!” she smirked as she said it.

Stan saw Kelly lean over out of the corner of his eye and then the pull of her working at his zipper. In his rush to meet with her he had not been able to find a clean pair of boxers so he had just decided to go commando thinking he wouldn’t be out with her long. The result was a sudden smile on Kelly’s face as she reached into his zipper and found unrestricted access to his cock.

“Oh baby, it looks like I’m starting to have an effect on you! You never would have left the house without some boxers before we met! Am I turning you into a man slut?”

Stan laughed at her as he doubled his effort to keep focused with her hand wrapped around his engorged member. He felt her slowly start to stroke her hand up and down the shaft.

“Oh yeah baby this is what I love. All the other girls would be so jealous if they knew what you were hiding this big boy from them.”

She pulled his balls out from his pants and started to fondle them. As she lowered her mouth to his head and gave it a quick lick with her tongue.

“Mmm… how far is this place, do I have time to enjoy this?”

“Uhh… not… far” he struggled to get out “only about fifteen minutes.”

“Ohh…” she said as she started to lick up and down the shaft of his hard cock. “I guess I’ll have to make this quick” engulfing the head of his cock as if to show how determined she was.

Kelly started to work her mouth up and down his cock. She started slowly at first but progressively got faster and faster pausing occasionally to catch her breath and give his cocks a couple really quick strokes with her hand. She blew on the head as she stroked him before taking it into her mouth again swirling her tongue around the head.

“Oh god Kelly, fuck!”

His response only made her work harder she started fucking her face up and down his cock as she stroked up and down in time with her motions. All the while the former history partner could feel the steel ball of her tongue ring working its way up and down his shaft. This wasn’t a long teasing blowjob like the school hottie normally gave this was a determined effort to make him cum as fast as possible.

“Oh Kelly here it….ohhh” Stan blurted out as his cock started to pulse before erupting his load into her wet mouth.”

“Ohh ahhh!” she moaned around his cock.

He could tell the climax had taken her by surprise at first but she quickly reacted sucking all of his hot seed in her mouth.

As Kelly was working the last of his load out of his cock with slow strokes up and down his shaft Stan pulled into the parking lot and parked.

“Good timing babe” she said “we almost didn’t make it!”

He could see some of his cum trickling out of the corner of her mouth before she captured it with her finger and sucked on it.

“I love the way you taste” she said when she finished.

“God Kelly that was hot” he started to put himself back together as he came down from his incredible orgasm.

Being with a girl as hot as Kelly was reward enough but knowing the hottest girl in school was giving him a thank you blow job while he drove had really driven him wild. As he looked over at her with shit eating grin she grabbed his cheeks and gave him a deep sexy kiss. She had swallowed his entire load but he could still taste the remnants of cum as her tongue swirled with his.

“See tasty, I fucking love sucking your di…” Kelly stopped suddenly realizing what she was admitting. “So let’s see this sundae you’ve bragging about” she said quickly changing the subject.

Stan quickly got out of his car and opened her door to help her out of the car. As they made their way across the parking lot to the ice cream shop Kelly’s heals made a clickity clack sound on the blacktop. He just loved how she looked in those heels they just seemed to accent the sensuality of her legs that much more.

The two sat down and ordered a brownie sundae for them to share. They were very large and Stan knew it would be too much for Kelly to eat one on her own although it had been her idea to share. As they sat together and enjoyed the balance of the warm chocolate brownie in the vanilla ice cream they found themselves giggling and laughing about the most inconsequential things. There was no talk of classes or history like there had been for the entirety of their time together. For once it was just the two of them being their silly selves. They got in a small ice cream fight when Kelly put some whip cream on Stan’s nose. After both of them attempted to smear whip cream on each other the end result was Kelly using her finger to wipe it off Stan’s face and savoring the taste with a long suck.

Kelly couldn’t remember the last time she had just been able to relax and have fun like this with a guy. All her life she was treated as the pretty girl or the sex object, Stan was different. He certainly appreciated all her assets, and she knew she couldn’t help but tease him even on an innocent outing for some ice cream, but he also treated her like a person. He had been so happy when she had done well on the test his pride for her seemed to beam out of him. Kelly had never felt as good about something as when he had looked at her after they took that test. That is why she wanted to reward him in the car, not out of obligation for his tutoring and help with their project but for the way he made her feel at the end of it.

She could believe she was sitting here with what she once thought was just a history geek having the time of her life in a little ice cream shop way on the other side of town. She knew either way the test went her last sexual exploit would not be enough; she was going to really miss Stan, the way he put her up on a pedestal and was always so happy when she was successful. Yeah that was going to be hard to give up.

Over the next few days the two of them had found excuses here and there to see each other. Kelly had asked for his advice on good college prep books one day and Stan called her the next talking about how he wanted to start a good exercise plan the summer before college and wanted her input since she was an athlete. Every day the excuses got thinner and more obvious. Nothing else happened since the blow job Kelly had given Stan in the car it seemed that both of them were so worried about trying to convince each other their excuse to see each other was real that they never talked about the bet or the incredible sexual tension that had developed between them.

Finally the day they had been waiting for had come as they both sat in class waiting for their grade. Stan could feel his pulse racing as he knew this was the last history class he and Kelly would share together before winter break which meant one last rendezvous with the girl of his dreams before it was all over, one where he might be her bitch. He swallowed a lump in his throat at the thought of it.

As the paper was placed on Kelly’s desk he looked to see her reaction. Trying to read what the grade was from the expression on her face. As she looked down at the paper a smile seemed to radiate from her face. Instantly Stan knew he was in trouble. He knew he shouldn’t have made such a bet with her but she was just so irresistible he couldn’t say no. He was going to see her one more time and she was going to fuck him like a little bitch. The last time she would see him he would be below her, just like he was before all of this started. He felt his heart sink at the thought.

“Stan didn’t you hear me?” Kelly said more loudly obviously repeating herself.

“What… Oh no, how bad is it?”

“Bad? It’s great… We did it Stan! We got an A! I got an A in History! Oh Stan Look!”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Why was she so happy about and A? Didn’t she remember their arrangement she was supposed to be rooting against the A, not for it?

“Let me see…” he asked looking at the paper for confirmation. “But Kel… you didn’t want us to get an A?”

“Of course I did silly! I know about are stupid arrangement or whatever but who cares, for the first time you helped me get and A!” Stan laughed at how excited she was over the grade.

Finally the weight of their arrangement fell off his shoulders and he was able to smile right back at her.

“Well you know Kel, it wasn’t all me… you did a really great job on that test!”

“Awe thanks Stan!” she said before giving him a victory hug.

The two students gloated in their victory the rest of the class and the teacher even pointed out what a great partnership they had throughout the class mentioning their essays was one of the best collaborations of two perspectives he had ever seen. This just caused the two of them to gloat more before the class was finally ended.

It wasn’t until Kelly was walking out of her car at the end of the day and her phone went off that it hit her exactly what all this meant. It was a text message from Stan.


“YES” she typed back


Kelly felt a tingle in her pussy as she read the last word. When she had originally made the deal she was more teasing him than anything else she hadn’t thought he would really go through with it. Now that she realized he was it was turning her on more than she expected to give the school history nerd that much control over her.

“YES MASTER.” she texted back with a smile on her face.

Friday night was pretty uneventful for Kelly she had gone out with some of her friends she had been neglecting since spending so much time with Stan and gotten home at a reasonable hour. She actually ended up picking up a book Stan had given her over the past couple days and read for the first time in forever before going to sleep. She had woken up early and had a nice run and breakfast that morning before hearing from Stan.

“GOOD MORNING KEL” he had texted using the pet name he had developed for her

“GOOD MORNING MASTER” she responded setting the tone




“OH AND ANOTHER THING…” he texted back


She knew she didn’t tell him about her morning ritual in the shower, he must have guessed. She always got herself off at least once in the morning in the shower to start off her day, she found if she didn’t she found herself way too horny later in the day.

“YES MASTER” she complied and started to go about doing as he said.

When she got out of the shower she was greeted by another text.


Another message soon followed giving her the address and details for where she would meet him. Kelly was surprised he was giving all of his instructions by text, he had always called before but it created a new tension in their dynamic making it easier for her to fall into her role.

She spent the rest of the day getting the errands and things done that she needed to that weekend so she would have the rest of it free if she needed. She was a little disappointed that Stan had never text her to tell her what to wear because she knew he always loved her outfits and had been curious which one he was going to pick. She was forced to pick out an ensemble herself electing for a nice khaki skirt and a button down as not to make it too obvious what they were up to when she showed up to the hotel. She put on a pair of sexy underwear that she thought he would like. Butterflies coursed through her stomach as she got ready and she suddenly realized she was actually excited to see Stan tonight.

Kelly couldn’t help but think of all the things her and Stan had done together as she made her way to the hotel. It all had started with her teasing him in class by giving him teasing glances up her short skirt, and then turned into a blow job in return for some help on a project. Each step had escalated their relationship even further and now she had been thoroughly fucked by the class history geek on several occasions and was headed to be his sex slave. The thought of being used as his slut really made her pussy throb in anticipation, but her arousal didn’t seem to overwhelm her like it normally did. She felt this sinking feeling as well; it was odd, sex was usually all she could think about.

The closer she got to the hotel the more the feeling grew until suddenly she realized that as hot as she knew it would be she was actually dreading their encounter. Her time with Stan had lasted for over a month now and she really had got used to spending time with him. She actually saw him more than she had ever seen a steady boyfriend of hers as they met almost every night to work on their project. She thought back on how well he treated her, even taking her for ice cream when he thought she was lonely. He had never asked for any of his rewards for all he did for her she just always made sure to deliver. She suddenly realized how much she liked being with Stan. His cock was huge but that wasn’t all of it, although it didn’t hurt any. She seemed so comfortable when she was around him, even when they were just talking or driving, it just seemed so natural for her. She felt a tear streak down her cheek as she realized this would be their last night together.

“What is wrong with you Kelly!” she told herself in the mirror “Pull yourself together! He is just a boy, a wonderful boy, but a boy none the less!” When she realized she could no longer lie to herself she finally gave in giving herself a look she would have given her parents when they finally got her to admit she was wrong.

“FINE! He is the best boy you have ever known! That does not change anything! Pull yourself together! You can’t let him see you like this!” she wiped a tear as she tried to heed her own words

“If this is going to be your last night with him you are going to make it a night he will never forget! He doesn’t need to remember a blubbering crying fool; he is going to remember a sex goddess who will pale in comparison to anyone else he is ever with!”

Finally recommitting herself to what she was doing she pulled into the parking lot and pulled out her makeup case. She gave herself a quick once over and put herself back together, hiding any evidence that she had started to fall apart. Happy with her work she got out of the car and made her way to the entrance of the hotel. After a somewhat awkward exchange at the front desk including some not so subtle leering by the attendant, she got her room key and headed to the room as Stan had ordered her to. After a quick elevator ride and a walk down the hall she inserted the hotel key into the slot above the handle and was met with the familiar beep and green light as she had seen before on vacations with her family.

When she entered the room however it was nothing like she had expected nor ever seen on a family vacation.

“Fuck! That Asshole!” she shouted as her eyes filled up with tears again.

Leading from the door was a trail of red rose pedals going all the way to the bed in the middle of the room. The mood was accented by candlelight leaving a flowery scent lingering in the air. When she made it to the bed she saw a card sitting atop a wrapped box. Kelly gently picked up the card and was suddenly overwhelmed with tears of joy. The moist tears slowly slid down her beautiful face until she managed to wipe them away in a quick motion. A smile started to creep across her face and suddenly she felt like a giddy little school girl letting out a giggle as she opened it.




Kelly couldn’t believe it, what could he be up to? She wanted to think this was some sort of kink Stan had but this was way too romantic, no one had ever done anything like this for her…ever. In somewhat of a daze Kelly poured herself a glass of wine and made her way to the bathroom and slowly slipped out of her clothes before immersing herself in the warm bubble path her lover had made for her. The warm water seemed to relax every muscle in her body releasing the tension that had snuck into her. That feeling partnered with the wine seemed to finally calm her. She hadn’t realized how much their last night together had put her on edge.

After recommitting herself to not stress about tomorrow and thoroughly enjoy whatever Stan had planned for her tonight she pulled herself out of the tub and started to get ready. She wrapped her curvaceous body in a towel and made her way to the present Stan had left for her. She slowly pulled at the bow giving her access to the box. When she opened it a smile instantly spread across her face. A sexy black cocktail dress was on top. As she pulled it out she was surprised to find a matching set of lingerie underneath.

As she put the dress down she inspected the matching black lingerie and noticed they were crotchless, just how she liked them. There were no matching stockings and Kelly smiled at the thought of how much Stan liked her bare legs. She quickly went to work putting herself together in the outfit Stan had bought her. Kelly inspected herself in the mirror.

The dress he had bought for her was in the style that showed of f one of her bare shoulders as it tightly snaked down her body. The tight material seemed to just cover her tightly toned ass giving it a classy but incredibly sexy appearance. Kelly’s long straight hair seemed to accent the allure of the dress and she no longer looked like the school slut, she smiled at her own elegance.

She picked up her phone and notified Stan that she was ready putting on the matching pair of heels that she had found in another small box Stan had left for her. As she made her way out to the front lobby and out the door she saw a limo waiting there for her. Stan got out and escorted her into the limo the driver holding the door for them as they got it.

“Wow Stan! What is this all about? I thought we… would be doing something else tonight!”

“Don’t rush yourself, you said this is my night where you cannot deny me and I plan to enjoy every minute of it.” He reached up and delicately put his hand on her neck pulling her into him for a tender kiss. Their mouths slowly opened and Kelly’s tongue snaked her way to his, the metal ball of her tongue ring sliding back and forth against his smooth tongue. Stan loved the sweet taste of her tongue and how her metallic tongue ring always seemed to make it that much sexier when they kissed. Stan broke the kiss before it escalated any further wanting to make sure to pace himself like he planned tonight.

It wasn’t long before the made it to the restaurant where he had made their reservations. It was not a typical place you would see two high school students on a date but with Stan in his tux and Kelly in a sexy cocktail dress it was hard for anyone to discern their age.

They were lucky enough to get a table by the window that gave them a scenic view of the river that the restaurant was located on. The candles of the restraint with the romantic mood seemed to accent the ambiance as the two enjoyed their first real date together. The two lovers became lost in their mood and flirty banter as they shared each other’s food and then split some cheesecake for dessert. As Kelly sucked some whip cream off of Stan’s finger she suddenly realized just how horny such a romantic night was making her. As she felt the dampness grow between her legs with each romantic gesture Stan did she couldn’t wait to get him back to the hotel room.

After Stan settled the bill they left the restaurant but instead of taking her back to the hotel like she had expected he escorted her down to a walking path on the river front. She started to notice Stan’s usual nervousness resurface as they walked along the river but it did not prevent him from putting his jacket on Kelly’s shoulders when she caught a chill. She just loved that no matter what he was always such a gentleman, so different than all the other bad boys she had dated.

They finally stopped at a gazebo that overlooked the river when her former history partner escorted her up the steps by her hand. She could tell he was nervous.

“Kelly… there’s something… I want… no no… I have to tell you” he nervously got out. Kelly could feel his hands getting clammy as he tried to tell her what was on his mind. Kelly could feel her heart start to beat faster as his nervousness seemed to envelope her as well.

“This… isn’t about tonight… like I don’t want you to respond because you think you have to… with the arrangement and all… okay?”

“Okay Stan, what’s going on? Tonight has been great… more than I ever could have asked for… but your making me nervous!” concern started to creep into her voice

“No it’s just… well I wanted to tell you… These pass couple weeks have been great… more than great…awesome! I never would have expected to get the chance to be with you… and I know it’s going to end soon and all but… I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed…”

“Fucking me..?” she finished her teasing attitude starting to return again

“No… not that”

“You didn’t enjoy fucking me” she quickly chirped back

“No… no… this is coming out wrong… I loved fucking you… it’s just I meant I liked…” Stan struggled to regain his ground trying to put the words together.

“Kelly… it’s just… spending time with you, especially after the test was over and all, seeing how well you did on it. That was even better than everything else we did. I admit I always used to fantasize about being with you, getting you in bed, but I never would have imagined how great it was just spend time with you out of it.” He finally got out

“Aww Stan, that’s the most beautiful thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

“Well Kelly you deserve it, and at the risk of ruining what should be the best night of my life there’s something else I need to tell you…” Kelly looked at him quizzically not sure what else he could reveal to her.

“I hope this doesn’t weird you out, and I understand if you just want to end the night here but I have to say it so I don’t regret it for the rest of my life…I think I’m falling in love with you”.

As he finally got it out Stan braced himself for her reaction. He knew this was pretty much the kiss of death for their time together which would probably result in her hand firmly embracing his cheek or her running off in terror. He had imagined so many ways this would go. He knew he could have her in any way he wanted tonight, but it just wouldn’t be right, not with how he felt about her. As he braced himself for the biggest disappointment of his life he suddenly felt Kelly’s hand on his cheek.

Both of his cheeks; as her hands pulled his lips to hers in a loving embrace. As he felt her sweet lips touch his, an electric energy charged through him. This wasn’t one of the passionate lustful kisses she had shared with him before or another one of her attempts to tease him further. He could feel every bit of Kelly in their kiss as he wrapped his arms around her. He picked her up and spun her around as she came up for air and kissed him again. When he finally put her down she leaned her forehead against his.

“Baby… I can’t believe I’m saying this… but… I love you too! I was worried you just thought I was some slut and were going to just forget about me after today!”

“Kel… I could never forget about you” he kissed her gently on the forehead as he said it.

Kelly hugged him resting her head on his chest.

“So what now Kel?” he asked

“Well I guess I we don’t have to pretend were together for some stupid history class!” she laughed.

“He don’t knock the history class… it got me the hottest girl in school!” he joked back!

“True! And what exactly are you going to do with her now that you have her?”

“Well… we do have a limo? “

“You know Stan” she said reaching down and rubbing his crotch “I’ve never done it in a limo.” She gave him her teasing smile as she said it.

He reached down and grabbed her well toned as pulling her toward him as he worshiped her round globes with his hands.

“That’s not the only first I plan to share with you tonight!” as he squeezed both her cheeks.

Not needing anymore encouragement she grabbed Stan by the hand and pulled him toward the limo. Kelly hadn’t realized how far they actually walked and ended up taking off her heels as they ran back to the limo waiting at the restaurant. By the time they had made it to the limo Kelly’s pussy was throbbing. Once Stan had closed the door behind them he told the driver to make their way back to the hotel before kneeling in front of Kelly’s seat.

“You know there’s a reason I had you wear that outfit” he told her looking up at her.

“Oh yeah and what’s that?” she asked

“So I could do this!”

Stan reached behind Kelly and pulled her to the edge of the limo seat as he kissed his way up the toned legs he had worshiped for so many years. He steadily made his way up under her dress to the sweet nectar he had been yearning to taste. He took his time kissing up and down her thighs before giving her pussy a slow lick and kissing her sexy thighs again.

“Oh don’t tease me!” she squealed.

“Now you know how it feels!” Stan quipped back before giving her another big lick and sucking her clit into his mouth causing another squeal. He used his thumb to rub her clit as he tasted her pussy yet again spelling the alphabet with is tongue as he took in her sweet essence. Her fevered moans drove him on as she lifted her legs onto his shoulders and locked them around him pulling his face deeper into her. His tongue penetrated deep into the folds of her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes! I love it! Devour my pussy!” she shouted

Kelly started to rhythmically fuck his face with her hips as he tried to taste every last bit of her. As she eased her grip on his face in her fucking motions her was able to take her clit into his mouth again as he worked his fingers into her empty pussy.

“Oh shit YES!”

“That’s it baby cum for me! Let me taste you!” he encouraged her.

She started to fuck her face harder. It was obvious that the screen door that kept the driver from observing Stan feasting on her pussy could not deny the sounds of her screams. Ever the slut it turned Kelly on even more to know that someone so close could hear her pleasure as Stan brought her closer and closer to orgasm. As he started to give Kelly’s clit a nibble he slowly pulled a well lubricated finger out of her pussy and started to work it into her forbidden opening. Kelly let out another squeal as she felt her ass being penetrated almost going over the edge.

Stan steadily started to increase the motions of his finger as he worked it in and out of her ass. He reached up and ripped of her panties so that he could get better access. The lover worked his finger in and out a few more times before he dove in her forbidden opening with his tongue as Kelly finally was sent over the edge riding a wave of orgasm as she felt Stan’s tongue worship her asshole.

“Oh my got that’s so good! Fuck don’t stop! YESSS! Lick my asshole! FUCKKK!” she shouted as she came once again pulling Stan’s tongue worked her virgin ass.

“You really are and ass man aren’t you?” she said as she finally came down from her high.

“When it’s your ass how can I resist?”

“Well if your cock feels anything like your tongue just did you won’t have to!” she teased

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