filled balls

This is a fantasy for those over 18. This is not real. Actions in the story could be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Know what you are doing or don’t do it.

Well it is never a good sign in your life if you’re going on a blind date set up by your sister. Especially since childhood meant never turning your back on her. We had gotten to the live and let live stage as adults and I was desperate enough for contact to take the chance. Gloria’s veterinarian might replace my hand for a night with a little luck. And to be honest it would be getting lucky. I’d reached the tipping point age where you either say fuck it this is what I’m going to be, or you skulk into a gym, desperately work out a few times and then go to the bars trying to impress a lady with, “Well I do work out.” Even though it had been a month since you pushed something heavier than a donut.

Like most guys I’m visual first, everything else second, and I’m not an ass man or boob guy, I’ll gladly look at anything you want to show me. As I come up the walk I can see her locking up her front door. Sweet ass, not too big, curvy. Pencil skirt, hose, and heels, nice legs. Holy shit, she’s got a half sleeve of ink. Unnatural red hair draping past her shoulders half way down the tattoo on her arm. She turns and I zoned on her cleavage. She came up to my shoulder but that red top could barely hold those_

She had to say something twice to get my attention away from her cleavage and I still don’t know what she said. But she did smile with dark maroon lips. Lots of eye makeup. She looked like one of the suicide girls I’ve drooled over on the net. Damn, I was hard. I hate to say it but it looks like Sis hit the bull’s eye with a nuke.

When my speech centers began working I said something clever like, “Hello Jillian.” Well it sounds incredibly witty to a brain that just sent a pint of blood down below the beltline. I finally got past the eye shadow and lashes, her eyes were blue. The red hair was shifted slightly toward purple in a page boy style with the straight bangs.

“I love your ink!” I just blurted it out like a fool. Now, I don’t have any ink. I’m not thrilled with needles. If that weren’t enough the word permanent has always kept me from a tattoo parlor. Being stuck with bbad ink or just stuck with the same snap shot of your life long after you’ve moved on doesn’t appeal to me. But it really turns me on somebody else. Any woman boldly showing her tats had to have some special ones hidden deep. Jillian was my fantasy girl.

I skipped the cheap mid range chain restaurants and headed to the only French place in town. It was early enough in the week to get in without a reservation. Jillian was fabulous and that isn’t just an oxygen starved brain talking. Jillian spoke French to the sommelier and ordered some wine after we ordered steaks. She casually mentioned she had, “Studied in France.” We talked about her animal clinic until the meal arrived. She got a rare Chateau Briand and really dug in.

“So you’re not a vegetarian?” That’s kind of witty, I was starting to think with my brain again.

She laughed, “Good God no! I love animals but I work a lot of farms and… Well you know you have to put them down sometimes. You have treat them right but you have to know what they are for. I mean if you spend a morning castrating pigs or cattle you can’t be too squeamish about a juicy piece of meat.”

An involuntary, “Ouch!” Escaped my lips.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t bring my razor.” Jillian winked, and lifted another bite to her lips, “So what do you do?”

Now do I tell her, I’m working a job that pays like crap and makes me want to hang a left into the river every time I’m heading to work? “I, ah, work DSL tech support. I try to get people on the internet. So I’m in a phone bank waiting for calls.” Yeah I guess I do.

“It sounds exciting.”

“More frustrating. It is like fast food industry of tech. They try to boil everything down to a script of solutions. They’d rather have you be polite, than fix the problem.”

“How so?”

“Well the only failure is losing a customer. I had a customer today that didn’t have a clue and was using dial up for months and every other tech blew the old lady off. I actually got her on DSL in about ten minutes and then I got written up for not being empathetic enough.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No. I guess I didn’t say how sorry I was everyone screwed you over. She’s finally on and happy, but that isn’t enough.”

“Wow any other horror stories?”

“Well there was a guy who is second tier support. Sweet guy a real gentle giant and certainly the best guy I’ve seen for the job. He was working a long call, the escalation guys don’t have any time pressure. I mean he cleaned up her system, everything he could do to get her going and he finally had to order a field tech to go out to her place. He was ending the call and apologizing one more time. All of a sudden he slams down his head set screaming obscenities.

“Oh my God, what happened?”

The last thing the woman said to him was, ‘Thank you for your obedience.’ He really flipped out. ”

“Thank you for your obedience. How wicked, I love it.” She took a sip. “Some dungeon must really need the internet.”

“More than they know since he canceled the truck roll.”

“Sounds like somebody deserves a spanking.”

“Well, if you’re the one giving it, I’ll take one for the team.”

She tried to hide her smile behind a glass of red wine.

I had held my ground at one glass of wine even though she had picked a good one. “No dessert for me I just started working out.” Did I just say that? She wouldn’t take no for an answer and I wasn’t about to say no as she dipped into her crème brulee and moved the spoon to my lips. Too quickly it was over and we on the way to the car. I was able to place my hand at the small of her back guiding her. I helped her in and in a moment we were off.

“This has been wonderful but do you mind taking me to my Animal Hospital? I just need to check on a few things before I can relax…”

They say a woman talking sounds like music to a man. He doesn’t hear what she is saying. She was a symphony in my head. I did hear, “relax,” if that isn’t a message I don’t know what is. I said something suave like, “Okay.” We headed for her animal hospital. At least I hoped, I knew what she meant by relaxing. “Do you mind giving me a tour?”

“Well, I don’t know… only doggies get to see the back. Do you want to be a doggy?” She leaned into me and I smelled sex. She must be as excited as I was.

Now with important questions I’d go through a whole series of ifs and buts and come to a rational decision. It may not work out, okay it rarely works out, but at least I’d go through a series of steps to make that choice. My prick supersedes any decision tree. There is one bold faced line that bypasses the logical. Sexy girl asks anything, answer yes, get laid. Of course the final outcome is rarely, if ever, get laid. But the prick in question never entertains any other possible outcome. My hard cock is hard wired to bypass the decision making process.

“Oh yeah, I wanna be your doggy!”

I pushed the speed limit a little to get us to her critter care center. I busted it around the car to help her get out and into the place. Damn I was a dog. We passed reception and into an exam room with the sink, stainless steel table, and antiseptic smell. The expected animal posters on the wall, either ads for flea killers or cutie pie animals for the kids. She turned to me and kissed me. God my prick was right! She ran her tongue across my lips. I tried to catch it but she knew and backed off.

“I’ll just check on a few things and get ready.” She moved to the door, “Doggies can’t wear clothes if they want to be examined.” Dr. Jillian was gone and my clothes hit the little bench on the wall. My prick was up in the air dancing in celebration of victory.

Ten minutes were forever for her to come back into the room but when she came through the door. Wow! She wore a lab coat that gave me a look at the grand canyon of cleavage. No pullover. God what flesh, glorious flesh. I was in awe. Sweet nipples pushed against the coat showing the outline of large areola. Is that a nipple ring?

She wasn’t awed, she was business. She was the doctor. Dr. Jillian buckled a large black collar around my neck complete with tag. She attached a leash and flicked at my ass with it to break me out of the zone. “Big doggies need their paws covered so they can’t scratch.” She put something like heavy mittens on my hands. They had no thumbs. There was a cord on each that let her cinch them around my wrists. I was being immobilized by degrees without realizing it. “Doggy up!” My brain wasn’t working enough to realize it was a command. “Doggy needs to get on the table.”

Without the use of fingers, I was skidding my paws on the steel like any dog would do but finally I got up. Knees and elbows on the table, my prick still nodding approval at my state. My knees were barking at the hard surface.

“Good doggy. Ooh very excited doggy.” She tied the leash under the table bringing my head low. “Need to see the doggy’s teeth.”

I opened my mouth she gave them a cursory exam and then she threw a beef treat into my maw. “Good doggy but I can’t let you bite me.” She pulled out a muzzle and slipped it over my head. The leather for the snout was away from my mouth but the strap under the jaw and the strap over my head tightened quickly. She adjusted the snout and soon leather was resting against my nose. All the straps behind my neck when tightened were enough to keep me down to a whimper. “Good boy.” Patting my head and she left me with that rubbery dog treat dissolving on my tongue.

Now this is about the part where I can begin to think again. My prick is still happy as hell but my brain is starting to speak up and I can hear its misgivings. Not as loud as my cock which is still singing, ‘I’m going get some.’ But loud enough to slip in the occasional refrain of, ‘Ut oh,’ as a harmony. With less than half a lobe working it can’t quite visualize the imminent disaster but it is starting to come to the conclusion that she’s crazy. Of course my prick follows the brain’s modest attempt at thought with, ‘I don’t care. I’m getting laid!’

I heard the door again as she came back into the exam room. She came up behind me and grabbed my cock. “Poor doggy has his tail between his legs.” She stroked me. “Speak for me doggy or I won’t play with your tail.”

“Woof, arf, bark.” Of course they were muffled from my strapped down muzzle,

“Oh good doggy.” She gave my cock what it wanted with a couple of long strokes. That shut the brain up. Even after she stopped stroking my brain was living in those momentary sensations. She patted the side of my body and back like you do to a big dog. She ran her hand over my back and down to my ass. She grabbed my cock and gave it a few more jerks. “Doggy has a nice tail!” Then she let it wag up and back on its own.

I looked around as much as I could and between my arm and chest I saw her working with a bag. Oh fuck! Okay the worst parts of my brain are now up and active.

“Doggy needs some fluids,” as she fitted a needle to the tube. A fucking big needle.

My barks were quickly replaced by, “No!” but the sound of a simpering dog was about all I could manage. Where the fuck was she going to stick that thing?

“Doggy needs to be very still.” She was caressing my ass, then I felt something jab me and saw her put down a syringe. “Horse tranq, should calm you down.”

I was really howling now but nothing but mewling whelps came out.

She grabbed my balls and began to feel them. A gentle hand squeezing probing and she finally found her spot. I could feel the needle pass through the sensitive skin of my sac. I screamed but my resistance was being slammed by numbness. The drip started. But not fast enough for her. She squeezed the bag forcing the saline into me. It felt like I was pissing inside myself. It wasn’t even my body temperature. I started to shake, but the tranquilizer must have done something cause I was feeling light headed.

As her bag emptied my bag filled. Weird cool pressure raising goose bumps all over my skin. I was growing slowly, stretching my wrinkled skin. Good doggy accompanied ear scratches and friendly slaps to my back as the flow continued. My tongue lolled out of my mouth like an over heated bulldog. It took a while but the weight of the saline was dragging down my ball sac. She was empting what was left in the bag. A reflection of her forcing saline into the tube. Forcing it into me. My sac felt huge but not really painful. I was floating. My balls were floating.

“Oh look at those doggy balls… They must be the size of a grapefruit.” She patted them and they sloshed like a water balloon. My balls were floating so far away from the skin her pats weren’t even close. There was no jarring shock just a wave of sensation floating past my nuts.

Now she puts on the rubber glove? The distinctive snap at the wrist just builds more trepidation into my mind. She shows me as the lube goes on blue fingers and again it is cold as her finger plunges into my asshole. She begins to fuck me with her finger. “Mean old vet has to express little doggy’s anal glands.

Wait a minute… The only gland I could remember that was somewhere near my ass… Yeah the prostate was starting to get a workout. I didn’t know if I was still hard or not. The ball sac felt like it had engulfed my cock. She pulled her finger back and added another as she pushed as deep as she could go. She spread her fingers pushing me wider. I groaned. She started to move her finger tips like they were running legs sprinting in my ass. I shot. I came, I gushed. I spurted again and again, mewling like a puppy. Most of the table was covered in white soup. I was sliding in my cum.

“Good doggy!” I heard her glove snap off. A moment later she was running a hand through the lake on the table and began rubbing it into my ball sac. She rubbed it into my back and belly and jerked what little was showing of my dick.

I don’t really remember much after that. I slithered down to the floor somehow after sliding in the mess. She held me upright. I was moving bow legged as she got me to the bench. The five pound melon attached to my crotch was almost too much for me as it swung between my legs. She got my underwear on. I stared as the elastic was pulled way out from my waist. The pants were never going to make it. They were pulled on but were never going to be zipped. She drove me home in my car. After getting me inside Jillian stripped me back down. I couldn’t argue or do much of anything as she popped a few pics with her camera phone.

I didn’t realize the collar was still on till she grabbed it and pulled me to a long kiss. “You’re a sweet doggy. Thank you for your obedience.” Then she was gone. I waddled to bed with my sac bloated and my cock still singing like an idiot.

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