Small Town Life Chapter 6 – A Happy Ending

There once was a small, quiet, sleepy town that had more churches than retail stores. The people there greeted each other warmly, most generally liking everyone else. But as all small towns go, this one had it’s secrets too.

A few short weeks ago the City Clerk had come into work, fucked a few people, recorded it all on video, emailed a some select people, then walked out, leaving her resignation and drastically changed people in her wake. The mayor of the town was a short man who felt he had to bully people to make up for being short. His wife was a hateful thing who thought that because she put her husband in his position that she deserved more than her due.

After Sharon the clerk had fucked the Mayor and put his feet back on the ground, he went home and with the help of another friend, fucked the hell out of his wife and brought her back to where she needed to be.

The bitch that ran the front counter of city hall, after sucking the mayor’s jizz from Sharon’s snatch, took a day off for herself and met a couple that introduced her to a whole new world. Then with the help of one of Sharon’s videos and the mayor, the last man standing in the office, the utility clerk Don, met the woman of his dreams who became the new city clerk and fulfilled her dreams in the process.

The changes that had come about in the city hall of this small town were slowly reflecting themselves to more residents. Although the church attendance on Sundays had declined some, there was a freshness about the town. Almost as though it had been re-energized somehow.

To celebrate the new staff member and the positive changes, Mayor Ray and his wife Terri were hosting a little party for the employees. The night of the party was clear and crisp. Terri left the doors to the patio open and candles burned all through the house. She had even lit the tiki torches outside around the patio. Ray tried to reassure her that the house looked great and so did she. At the sound of the doorbell, they went to greet their first and “special” guest.

Sharon stood at the door, her hair falling in soft blond waves to her shoulders. Her baby blue sundress was cut low at the bodice and high at the thigh. Lush curves filled the dress to perfection. Strappy sandals with red hot toenails on display finished the outfit.

“Mayor, Mrs. Mayor,” she greeted.

“Now Sharon, you don’t live here anymore, no need for formality,” Ray assured her as he ushered her into the house. The twinkle in his eye spoke volumes more about the unnecessary need for formality.

Smiling at Terri, Sharon noted the changes. The woman was certainly more relaxed than she had ever seen her. Dressed in a soft, yellow, floor-length dress that left her shoulders bare and brought out the honey color of her hair, Terri’s slender body actually looked good.

The three chatted lightly about Sharon’s new job, and how well the town was doing after her departure. At seeing their frequent touches and loving glances, Sharon was slightly surprised to find out just how changed this couple was.. Her efforts to simply bring them back to reality seemed to have farther reaching consequences, which she was happy to see.

As Sharon offered to help Terri with the last minute party preparations, Ray went to greet more of the arriving guests. Soon the house was filled with people and laughter, everyone seeming to be pleased to see the woman that had started such a commotion in the town.

Sharon’s biggest surprise was seeing Wanda and Fred together. Approaching the couple, she slipped Wanda a quick kiss on the lips and took her hand in hers. “What is this?” She asked, looking to Fred. “This is not what I expected to see. But damn woman you do clean up well.” She took in Wanda’s pretty pink and form fitting dress and new sleek hair.

Wanda blushed and explained how she had met Dale and Debra and her discovery of not just being a lesbian but more accurately, bisexual. “So no one ever contacted you about the video?” Sharon wondered.

“No. Was I supposed to be?”

“Ah, well that was my initial plan actually. Although it looks like things worked out much better than I could ever had planned on.” Sharon smiled at the couple.

“So wait, who should have asked me about the video then?” Wanda frowned in concern. “Who out there has a copy?”

Sharon pursed her lips in thought. Finally she shook her head, “No. If you haven’t been approached by now, then I may have missed my mark on that one. Let that person retain their privacy. Maybe the day will come that they’ll get brave. You have my guarantee on your safety and privacy.”

Wanda tilted her head to the side and thought about Sharon’s words. After a bit she decided that was probably the best way to go. Sharon had done so much for her, she trusted her decision. Giving Sharon a light kiss and a quick ass grope, Wanda pulled Fred off to mingle.

Drifting to the corner where Don and Kathy were currently having their own grope session, Sharon shared kisses with both of them. “You appear ready to get this party started.”

Kathy’s long blond hair fell over her bare shoulders and her cherry red dress floated well above her knees. Don’s thick dark hair and trim body seemed to be about the only thing unchanged about the entire group of people. As Don pulled his hand from under Kathy’s short skirt, a sly grin crossed his face.

“Well, as there wasn’t much action going on, we thought we should make our own.” Don chuckled.

Sharon touched her tongue to her top lip. Smiling she said, “I had planned on there being plenty of action. But there are a few here that need to leave first.” Her gaze touched on the older couples in the room that wouldn’t have the same appreciation for action that her former co-workers did.

Two hours later, Sharon quietly whispered into Ray’s ear. Those few words sent him on a mission to empty the house of all but certain people. Most that left praised the good food and great company and went happily on their way without a clue. Sharon noted a few select couples that left with lingering glances at the remaining people; she’d pass the information on later.

The six couples and Sharon all convened into the den of the mayor’s home. Don and Kathy made no further effort to shield their wandering hands. Wanda and Fred quickly joined them. When Terri and Ray seemed unsure what to do, Sharon gestured to a plush loveseat with a good view of the room. She leaned down and whispered to Terri that only watching was completely okay.

Moving across to where Wanda and Fred had dropped onto the couch, Sharon slid in beside them. Wanda immediately turned and captured Sharon’s lips with hers, pushing at the top of Sharon’s dress. As the two shared a long kiss, tongues tasting and twining together, the tops of their dresses were unfastened and pushed down, baring two very different sets of breasts.

Sharon’s large and lush breasts popped out of her dress, bouncing slightly. Her small berry nipples already tight and hard. Sharon’s hands covered Wanda’s small breasts with rather large nipples, kneading them gently. Fred reached around Wanda to play with Sharon’s melons, squeezing and rolling her nipples.

Don pulled Kathy to the front of the couch, and releasing the zipper on her dress, dropped it to the floor leaving Kathy completely nude. Pulling Don’s shirt over his head, she rubbed her full breasts against his bare chest. Looking over Don’s shoulder Kathy could say Ray and Terri having their own make out session while trying to keep an eye on the action.

Kathy dropped to her knees in front of Sharon and with a little urging, had her lift her hips so that she could pull the dress completely from her. Finding Sharon also nude under her dress brought a smile from Kathy. Pushing Sharon’s knees wide apart she gazed on the perfectly waxed and pink pussy in front of her. Licking her lips, she dived in.

Next to her Fred decided to follow suit and quickly had Wanda naked and spread open for his mouth. Dragging his tongue in one long swipe from ass hole to clit had Wanda throwing back her head and moaning. Sharon’s gasps from Kathy’s licks and sucks joined Wanda’s.

Don dropped his pants, and stroking his long slender penis, moved around to Sharon’s head. She needed no urging to take his cock deep in her mouth. A sudden shrill wail from the other side of the room and had Don looking over to find Ray’s short but very fat prick buried in Terri’s hot wet snatch. The man’s hips pounded into his wife as his eyes were glued to the bodies on the couch.

Kathy worked Sharon’s clit, quickly flicking it with her fingers while sticking her tongue inside Sharon’s dripping cunt. In short moments she had Sharon shuddering through an orgasm. Don pulled from Sharon’s mouth and she fell back, letting the waves crash though her.

As soon as she had her breath back, Sharon rasped, “Cock. I need a cock in me now.”

Wanda pushed Fred from her pussy and urged him over to Sharon. Pulling Kathy to her, Wanda kissed her, licking the juices from Kathy’s face. Fred wasted no time in shoving his rock hard pole into Sharon’s tight, wet tunnel. Sounds of flesh smacking together filled the room.

Kathy dropped onto the couch and Don lifted her legs high, sliding his prick deep inside her. At that moment harsh groans and wails came from Ray and Terri as he shot load after load of cum into his wife. Watching the other couples was new to them and so incredibly erotic that they just couldn’t hold out.

Wanda quickly crossed the room and waited until the mayor had pulled away from Terri and then latched her mouth onto the woman’s pussy before any jizz could start to leak out. “Oh my god,” Terri moaned as for the first time in her life, someone other than her husband licked her pussy. Wanda worked carefully to suck out all the creamy stuff Ray had left behind.

Moments later she heard the low, rough growl from Fred and Wanda knew what was happening behind her. Giving Terri’s snatch a final lick, she turned and headed back to Sharon. Ray gathered his wife close and gently fondled her small breasts and nipples while they enjoyed the show.

As Fred emptied himself into Sharon, she arched back and gave a hoarse scream and her second orgasm slammed through her. Wanda nearly shoved Fred to the side in order to get to Sharon’s rosy valley. Since Fred knew what she was after, he wasn’t at all offended and it even made him chuckle a bit.

As Wanda cleaned out Sharon’s snatch , Sharon sank her fingers into Wanda’s hair and could do no more than shiver from the intense feelings rocking through her. She reached over and tweaked a nipple of Kathy’s, hearing the sharp gasp in response.

Don had been keeping his strokes long and firm but slow which he knew to drive Kathy mad. The woman had been shuddering through her second orgasm and Don knew he still had time before blowing his load. Reaching over he slid a hand down Wanda’s ass in search of a wet pussy as he knew her to be the only woman that still hadn’t gotten off at least once.

When Fred noticed what he was doing, he pushed Don’s hand aside and laid on his back, sliding underneath Wanda. Pulling her hips down, he settled her crotch over his mouth and began to lick. By this time she had cleaned Sharon out and leaned back to enjoy the hot tongue lashing.

Sharon looked across at Ray and Terri to see Terri’s head bobbing up and down in Ray’s lap. She sent him a smile and turned to Kathy. Leaning over she pulled a nipple into her mouth and gave it a lick. Strawberries flashed through her mind, surprising her.

Kathy looked at Don and frowned. “Either get in my ass and get your rocks off or get off me before I completely melt. I can’t take much more, you sadist.”

Don burst out laughing but did as she demanded. Pulling out of her soaking pussy, he slowly and carefully pushed into her ass. Don tilted her legs and hips up higher to give himself better access. Kathy and Sharon exchanged warm kisses and massaged each other’s breasts.

Wanda’s gasps had gotten louder and she finally moaned in release. Shuddering over Fred’s face, she slowly lowered her body down, laying on top of him. With only a little maneuvering, Fred slid his once again hard cock along her wet and grasping snatch. Lifting herself up, Wanda slid down onto his pole and began to ride.

Terri lifted her head and looked at the writhing couples. Turning to Ray she whispered, “Would you fuck my ass?”

Ray nearly blew his load right then. Terri had never asked for that or even hinted that she was interested even though he knew she played with her doubled ended dildo he had given her quite often. Giving her hip a slap to encourage her to turn around, he got up on his knees.

Sliding his fat dong through her gushing juices, he very carefully began to work the entrance of her ass hole. The little rosebud was super tight, but Terry worked to relax and soon he popped through the outer ring. Groaning, Ray began to pump. He had never felt anything so tight and didn’t know how long he could hold out.

As moaning screams sounded from the couch, Ray threw a glance over his shoulder. It was obvious that Don had finally filled Kathy from the way his head was thrown back and his butt was clenched up tight against her crotch. Ray had never seen so much naked flesh in one place at one time.

Seeing Wanda reach over to scoop up the cum starting to dribble from Kathy’s ass and pop it in her mouth just blew Terri’s mind. With Ray pounding her ass, her next orgasm reached up and slammed into her. Waves of pleasure rolled over her and as her body clenched in response, Ray gave a mighty groan of his own and began releasing spurts of hot cum into her ass.

Wanda rode Fred hard and fast and brought them both to another climax. Once her shudders had slowed, she sank down on top of Fred, and he just held her on top of him. Don pushed up to find space on the couch with the other women and the three collapsed onto each other. Ray and Terri managed to find a comfortable position to half lay on the shorter loveseat cushions.

After a while a quiet snore was heard followed by a flurry of giggles. Wanda poked Fred in the ribs to rouse him up about the same time Don gave him a kick in the leg. With a snort and a jerk Fred partially sat up, dislodging Wanda who dropped onto the floor.

With a laugh, Sharon asked Terri where the women could clean up . Terri took all of the women upstairs to the large master bathroom leaving the men to fend for themselves. It took only a short discussion for the women to decide to shower two at a time, so Sharon pulled Kathy in with her, first.

Bundling up hair so it wouldn’t get wet, the two quickly stepped into the shower and began to clean each other up. Neither woman had much girl on girl experience so they just enjoyed having fun with soaping each other up and rinsing off. Fingers slid over soft, wet skin, teasing and testing the limits of what they encountered. Kathy found the most fun as the two women both with full breasts rubbed their nipples together.

Giggling and half aroused again, they piled out and then even took turns drying each other off. Tasting and nibbling on nipples, Sharon exclaimed again how she tasted strawberries on Kathy. Quiet moans from the other room interrupted their play.

Once the two had entered the bathroom, Wanda turned to Terri. “I love finding someone who’s body is shaped like mine.”

“I’ve always hated my body, I look like a boy,” Terri complained.

“Pshh,” Wanda scoffed. “You have beautiful breasts. I love these tiny little nipples.” Wanda reached out and brushed a fingertip over Terri’s nipple causing it to immediately pucker up tight.

“No one’s ever touched me except my husband,” Terri whispered.

“You can touch me all you want,” Wanda offered.

Terri’s fingers shook as she reached out to touch Wanda. She gently dragged a finger over Wanda’s large nipple and watched it grow big and hard. Wanda took Terri’s hand in her’s and guided her to cup a small breast and pinch the nub on the tip. Wanda very slowly and gently leaned in and touched her lips to Terri’s.

“Oh my god I just kissed a woman,” Terri breathed.

“I like kissing women. Their lips are softer.”

Wanda took Terri’s lips again in a longer kiss, urging her to part her lips so their tongues could taste. Soon they pressed against each other, breast to breast as they kissed deeply. Hands roamed at will, squeezing and exploring.

“Let me taste you,” Wanda whispered. Terri looked into those liquid brown eyes and nodded. Wanda pulled her to the bed and taking her time, kissed and worked her way down Terri’s body.

When the other women entered the bedroom, they found Terri on the bed laying on her back with Wanda’s head buried between her legs. Approaching each side of the bed, Sharon and Kathy joined them, stroking and running their hands and lips over Terri’s body. When Terri screamed quietly as yet another orgasm crashed over her, she pushed Wanda’s head away and tried to catch her breath.

“Oh my god, you guys are gonna kill me with this,” Terri whispered between pants.

“I assure you that is not our intention,” Sharon replied with a smile.

“There’s something weird under this pillow,” Kathy complained as she reached under the pillow she was laying on.

“Oh no!” Terri exclaimed as Kathy pulled out a long purple doubled ended dildo. “Oh god, just let me die now,” Terri moaned in embarrassment as she clapped her hands over her face.

“Now that looks like fun,” Sharon teased as she reached over to stroke the dildo in Kathy’s hands.

“Meh, come on, Terri, lets go clean up and leave these two to play,” Wanda pulled Terri from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Sharon and Kathy both held and stroked the the dildo, discovering how the vibrator worked. Giggling together, they exchanged wet kisses and rubbed the toy over each other. Kathy dipped her fingers in Sharon’s pussy juice and used it to lube up one end.

Laying back on the bed, she slipped her end in her sopping wet pussy. Sharon quickly scooted around and placed the other end at her dripping entrance. Working together, each woman slowly rocked her hips so that the dildo was stroking in and out of both. Sharon reached down and flipped the switches and a buzzing was heard.

Kathy moaned as the vibrations were felt deep inside her pussy. She pushed her hips towards Sharon, moving the toy deeper into the other woman. Sharon squealed and pushed toward Kathy. The two quickly found the rhythm and were fucking each other with the toy.

Terri and Wanda reentered the room about the time the men came in. They had heard the distinct sounds of sex wanted to know what was going on. Wanda pulled Terri over and they fell on the bed with the others and started assisting with sucking and pulling on nipples.

“Oh god, that’s too much to watch. Sharon, shove over,” Don declared. He managed to help Sharon carefully slide on top of Kathy without ever losing her contact with the vibrator. Ray tossed him a bottle of lube and he quickly coated his rapidly hardening cock.

Carefully, Don entered Kathy’s ass, making sure he didn’t disturb her and Sharon fucking. Soon he was pumping hard, finding the vibrations from inside Kathy’s pussy to be driving him wild. This was something they would certainly have to look into themselves.

Ray stared at his wife as she caressed the women around her. When he decided there was no jealousy, only envy, he moved closer. Terri sat up and and took Ray’s cock in her mouth and Wanda bent over the bed so she could play with Sharon and Kathy while Fred fucked her from behind. Flesh against flesh, tongues and lips were everywhere; there was no where to turn or look that wasn’t met with a more touches or kisses.

Ray shoved Terri back and demanded pussy. Sharon pulled her closer on the bed to make room and soon Ray was sinking deep in his wife. Wanda cuddled Kathy and Sharon as best she could, fingers sliding and slipping everywhere as Fred pounded her cunt.

I head to a small café and find Kyle there chatting up a girl in a corner. She’s a cute girl, Cindy, a grad student who interns at Katie’s office. She has books, large graduate studies type books. He doesn’t notice me until they’re about to leave. He comes over and introduces us formally and offers me a ride home. The coffee shop is only just outside our complex, a good mile walk from my place but I like the exercise. Normally, I’d have declined the ride but it looks like rain so I accept.

Kyle and I live in the same community so I think nothing of it when he pulls into his driveway. It’s only a ten minute walk to my place from his.

“You don’t want to come in?” he asks as I prepared to head for the sidewalk.

I look at him then her. “I don’t want to interrupt your date.”

“Come on and spice it up,” he says with a laugh.

We go into Kyle’s living room and he turns on the AC. He sits next to Cindy on the couch; I take a seat on the love seat off to the side.

“Shay you really are pretty,” Cindy tells me.

I smile, “Thank you.”

“Kyle has told me so much about you.”

“He has? And what has he said?”

“You’re the sexiest black girl he’s ever seen.”

I look at Kyle who blushes a bit. I chuckle. “Did he now?”

“And I have to agree.”

“Where did you go to school?” I ask because of how she is sitting, so prim and proper. And from what I recall Katie saying about her she’s a bit of a prude, an overly shelter girl who has turned into a very meek and demure woman.

“Our Lady of the Hill.”

It figures, I think to myself. “And where do you go now?”

“Saint Anthony’s College, finishing up my masters.”

“Isn’t that all girls?”

“It’s co-ed but, you know,” she says with an embarrassed shrug.

“Indeed. You need to get out of your shell before it’s too late.”

She laughs. “You sound like Kyle. I’m not a virgin I just…”

“How many?” I ask quickly.


“I see.” I’m not surprised.

“It’s better than being a slut.”

Kyle winces.

“Any girls?” I ask, dismissing the slut comment for the moment.

“I kissed a girl at a party last year.”

I smile, holding back laughter. That’s cute, I think to myself about how shy and proud she sounds about it.

I take Kyle’s cock in my mouth on all fours with my ass in the air, stretching the fabric of my tight white shorts. I slurp his dick in my mouth as he strokes my hair. He slowly starts to stroke his cock with my wet mouth. Sliding his dick in and out of my mouth, slowly fucking my face as Cindy looks on.

Cindy stares at my ass as I let Kyle use my mouth for his hardening prick.

“Why don’t you come release it,” he says to her.

Seconds later I feel her body behind me. She undoes my pants and slides them down over my ass. “She’s not wearing any panties!” she shouts amazed.

“No,” he says matter-of-factly, “This is my little black whore. I love her.”

“You love her?” she sounds hurt and disappointed.

“I love to use her and fuck her. She’s a cock addict.”

I moan over his cock in my mouth.

“So this is what big black booty looks like,” Cindy says amazed. She palms my ass, running her hands over it. She smacks and slaps it. “Look at it bounce. Look at it jiggle. Damn, she can shake that thing.”

“Ride it,” Kyle tells her.

She lifts up her skirt and starts to grind on my ass. She moves her hips slowly at first then picks up more speed with Kyle’s encouragement. He starts to fuck my mouth harder, shoving his cock deep in my throat until I choke and gag. “Take it!” he commands me. “Ride her ass Cindy. Yes, ride that big ghetto booty.”

Her pussy starts to drip onto my ass as she grinds. She moans and whimpers softly.

Kyle takes his cock out of my mouth and slaps my face with his dick. Again and again his white dick slings across my face. He squeezes his balls together at the base. “Suck on em.”

I open my mouth wide and take them in my mouth. I lick and suck on his nuts getting them wet. I slurp them into my mouth as his cock rests on my face.

“Cindy you look so fucking sexy like that,” he says.

“I’m… I’m… so hot,” she groans, holding my waist and pumping onto my ass.

“Take your shirt off Cindy.”

She hesitates. “I… I…”

“Just your shirt. You can keep the bra on.”

She takes her shirt off and drops the skirt as well. She pushes her panties to the side and starts to grind onto my ass again. “Oooh… It feels so good. Kyle I want to be nasty too.”

“You want to suck this dick too Cindy?”

“Yes,” she whines.

“Come taste it.”

She rushes her head next to mine and takes his cock in her mouth.

“Oh yeah Cindy, that’s it. Suck my dick. Oh yeah, right there. Yes, suck it. Oh fuck. Yes. Unhhhh, suck those nuts slut. Suck those big white balls. Mmmmm Cindy! Fuck, yes. Clean my cock with your mouth. Fuck that feels so good. Don’t stop sucking those balls bitch. Pull em with your mouth. Yeah, that’s it whore. Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Cindy you’re gonna make me cum. Oh God!” Kyle pulls me off his balls and shoves his cock in my mouth, moving Cindy’s head to the side. He cums in my mouth right as it’s forced down my throat. “Swallow it bitch! UNH UNH!” he grunts as he busts his nut in my mouth. “Suck my nut! Fuck! Look at me while you eat that cum! YES!”

Cindy pouts as she watches me take Kyle’s cum into my mouth.

“What’s wrong?” he asks her after he empties his balls into my mouth.

“I want you to talk to me like you talk to her,” she pouts, looking at the floor.

He grins sinisterly. He looks to me and tilts his head towards her.

I can take a hint. “You want to be a slut?” I ask.

She nods.

“Go to the couch,” Kyle tells her. “I want you to watch me fuck her.”

She is quickly back on the couch.

“Spread those legs,” he tells her. “Get me hard,” he says to me.

I take my shirt off and lie on the floor. My pressed pushed together by my bra. I lift the bottom of my bra and manage to get his cock between my big tits. I shake and jiggle my big black breasts around his white meat. His cock quickly grows between them as he watches Cindy play with her wet cunt.

He pushes my hands away, places his over my tits and starts to pump and fuck my tits. He tit fucks me rough as he watches her fuck herself in front of him— for him. He groans and grunts as he abuses my chocolate juggs, using me as a warm-up toy. “That’s it,” he says to Cindy. “That’s a good slut. Now show me those tits.”

I look to the side and see Cindy pull her tits out of her bra.

“What size are those melons?” he asks.

“38 DD.”

He roughly pulls his cock out from between my tits, turns me around and throws me towards the couch face first. He mounts behind me and with one hand forces my head between her legs. With the other hand he takes his cock and shoves it in my pussy in one foul swoop.

“Eat her bitch! Eat that bimbo! Fuck yes; play with those tits slut while I pound this bitch’s pussy. You like that white meat in you? Take her fucking panties off! Slide em off now! Now put your face back where it belongs. Tongue fuck that fat tittied slut. Fuck this ghetto whore’s face you stupid bitch. Fuck her face, I said! That’s it. Yeah. Nasty sluts. Do it! Do it!”

“Oh gosh, Kyle!” Cindy screams.

“Call me Daddy bitch.”

“Daddy, she’s…”

“Tell Daddy what that slut is doing to his sexy bimbo.”

“She’s eating my pussy!”

“She’s tongue fucking that twat?”


“Say it bitch. Say it!”

“Ooh Daddy, she’s tongue fucking my twat!”

“I know she is cuz I run this ghetto bitch. I own this black bitch. She gonna fucking lick that pussy and take my cock in her ass. You hear me bitch? It’s time for this white cock to go where it belongs, right up that black butt. Open that ass for me. OPEN IT! There it is. Make that hole gape. It wants my white meat in it doesn’t it. Tell me bitch!”

“Yes sir,” I say breathlessly. “It needs your white prick.”

“I know it does. Keep licking that white cunt. UUUNNNHHH FUCK that’s a tight ass hole. Keep holding that shit open while I pile drive into it. Take it bitch. Take it in that big ass round ghetto booty. I’m gonna break this shit open. I a bust this shit wide fucking open. Take it! Shut the fuck up and eat that cunt, dammit! Eat her!”


“Drench her face! Yes that’s it. Yeah, just like that. Now I want you to lick it off her face.”

He grabs me by my hair, cock still in my ass, and forces me to straddle Cindy, her legs still spread open. I fall on top of her and she starts to kiss me, tasting her juices. She licks and kisses them off my face as Kyle unclips my bra and throws it to the floor.

“That’s it slut, grab those big black knockers,” he says.

I feel his cock plop out of my over stretched asshole. Cindy gasps, swallowing a scream. I can feel his stomach slapping against my ass as he rams into her wet pussy.

“Fuck me bitch! Give it to me! That’s it. This pussy is so wet and juicy. Oh fuck! Keep those legs open for me.”

“Oh fuck me! Yes Daddy!”

“That’s right. Who’s your Daddy, slut?”

“YOU!” she hollers as she man handles my tits while he plows into her.

He grunts as he smacks my ass. “Shake that shit. Move that big black bubble. Yeah, that’s it. You want more cock you black whore?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Take it! Take it up that black ass! Give me that booty. Play with her pussy. You, bimbo, rub that black clit. That’s it. Turn this whore on. Make her cum all over your fingers. Shove your fingers up her tight, black cunt. Now make her taste her wet slit while I knock your pussy! That’s it. Feed them to her. Tastes good doesn’t it bitch?”

I moan over her fingers. Cindy takes one of my breasts in her hands and stars to lick and suck on my nipple.

“Oh YES!” I scream. “Suck those black tits!” She looks so gorgeous with my black tit in her mouth.

Kyle rams his cock in my pussy. “Cum on this white cock bitch. Cum all over it. I know you want to. Cum like that black bitch in heat you are. Take this pussy punishment whore! You like that?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Tell her to give Daddy that pussy Cindy.”

“Give him that black pussy,” she whines. “Cum all over his cock.”

I grab her tits for leverage.

Kyle grabs my hips and pistons in and out of my pussy. “CUM!”


“Teach this bimbo slut how to be a true whore like you.”


“That’s right. Soak my cock with your cum Shay. SOAK IT! Ohhh your cum feels so good all over my cock. You got it nice and wet for this trailer trash’s ass. Go take a seat on her face.” He pulls out of my pussy and pushes me to Cindy’s face.

I straddle her eager face and she shoves her tongue deep in my pussy.

“That’s it, grind on her face,” he says as he pushes her legs back as far as they’ll go, “Flexible slut,” he says approvingly before pushing his cum covered cock into Cindy’s ass.

She screams into my pussy.

“Turn around,” he tells me smacking my ass, “I wanna see two sets of big fucking tits. That’s it. Oh yeah. Mmmmm, big fucking juggs.” He slaps her tits then mine. “Please me! PLEASE ME! Fuck, that’s it! That’s it. Yes, eat that pussy! Hold her legs open Shay. Hold this trash’s legs wide. Look at those ghetto melons. Fuck! Pump on her face. That’s it make your tits swing.” He grabs her tits and pile drivers deeper and harder into her ass. “FUCK! FUCK!” He screams as he watches my tits bounce and sway.

“You like that trailer trash pussy, Sir?” I ask.

“YES! I like pounding this white slut’s ass. I’m gonna stretch it out. Butt fuck her until her as is as fat as yours.”

I smile and chuckle. “Then bang her Sir! Bang that bitch. You like it don’t you slut?”

“YES! Yes Daddy I like it!” she screams. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too slut, me too!”

“Cum in my ass Daddy!”

“You want it in your ass? You want all my cum up you fucking ass hole.”

“Ye—ye—OH KYLE!” she hollers as she explodes, squirting a bit on his lower stomach.

A second later he grips her tits and plunges one final time deep in her ass. He cums so far up her ass that none drips out when he finally pulls his cock out of her ass.

I slide off the top of the sofa.

“I’ve never cum like that before,” she says, amazed. “I’ve never cum ever before.”

“I cum all the time with Kyle.” I look at him and we both smile.

“You two have sex a lot?” she asks.

“Not a lot,” he says quickly.

I smile. He likes her, I say to myself.

“I don’t know why not,” she says, “Sex with you two is hot… and fun.”

“I should get going,” I say, heading to gather my clothes.

“I’ll take you home,” he offers.

“I can walk,” I say.

“It’s raining,” he points to the window.

I hadn’t even noticed.

“Are you two going to do it again?” she asks like a giddy teenager.

We laugh and shake our heads after looking at each other.

“Oh. Good. Cuz I was gonna say, I want to watch.”

I look at Kyle and grin before putting my shirt on. I think we created a monster.

All I wanted to do was walk into my familiar room, play a few video games, read a comic or two, or maybe even re-watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Was that too much to hope for? I could do more research on defeating the demons after a little rest.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid it was too much to ask, for there was a sock on the doorknob. I was a bit surprised by that, as Dennis and Robin hadn’t been too shy in the past, and hadn’t cared when Gina and I’d watched them. For a minute or two I stood there, debating on just walking in anyway, but decided that valor was the better part of discretion, and walked back down to my car.

It was New Year’s Eve, and my usual tradition was to stay up late playing video games, before going to bed the next morning. Since I didn’t know how long my roommate would be, and since gaming was on my mind, I decided to call up Shanna.

“Nick? I’m so glad you called! When are you getting back?” She sounded breathless on the other end of the phone as she excitedly talked to me.

“Well, I’m actually at my apartment now, but Dennis and Robin are currently using it. What are you doing?” I asked her, hoping she would get the hint that I wanted to come over.

“Getting ready for a party tonight. Are you going?” Since there were literally hundreds of parties going on, I had no idea which one she meant, and told her so. “The cosplay New Year’s one, silly. What other party would I want to go to?”

What party indeed? I wondered.

“But I don’t have a costume out here, and I can’t get to the ones in my apartment,” I said disheartened. I also couldn’t afford one, after all the money I’d spent down south, and didn’t think I could find one that would be up to my standards on such short notice.

“Oh, well, if you get the chance to get one, I’d love to go with you,” the disappointment in her voice decided me. One way or another, I was going. I only had to get a costume. Well, Dennis will understand if I break this one small convenience. Maybe if I’m quiet, he won’t even know I was in there.

I trudged back up the stairs, pulled off the sock, and unlocked the door. Putting the sock back on the knob for good measure, before I quietly slipped into my apartment. I could hear the sounds of my roommate’s lovemaking drifting down the short hallway, and was fairly sure they wouldn’t be able to hear me.

Confident that I was going to get away with this, I started tiptoeing towards my room. By the sounds they were making, I guessed that he’d left his door open. Just as I walked into the main room, I realized my mistake.

Robin looked up at me, and smiled, as she rode on top of Dennis. They were on the couch, and my roommate had one of her fake tits in his mouth, while she rocked her hips back and forth, moaning loudly. Her red hair was bouncing atop her head, as Dennis thrust into her from below.

“Nick!” Robin exclaimed with a lascivious smile.

“What the…” Dennis started to yell, as he stopped moving, craning his neck around to look at me, as I stood frozen in the entryway. “Dude… Sock!”

“Sorry,” I told them embarrassed. “I just need to get something from my room, and I’ll be gone.”

I started to walk past, but the pathway was short, and I had no choice but to walk close to them. I had noticed that despite Dennis stopping his movements, Robin hadn’t stopped grinding against my roommate, and she grinned as I tried to slip by. Her hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, halting me.

“Do you have to go so quick?” the redhead asked, and I didn’t know what to think. Dennis started to say something, but Robin pulled his head back up to her tit, shutting him up; after a coupe seconds, he started moving inside her again. “Why don’t you join us?” Her hand left my wrist, and went to my pants.

“Uh… Dennis,” I said, not sure what he would think of this.

Letting go of her nipple just long enough to say, “Whatever, dude,” before gripping Robin’s hips, and increasing her movements.

Robin moaned loudly at this, and I capitulated. She quickly had my pants down to my ankles, and I kicked off my shoes and then pants. She had a firm grip on my already hard cock, and used it to pull me over to her waiting mouth.

Her lips stretched tight around my head, before I felt her tongue bathe the underside of my penis. Robin was great at giving head, and she elicited moan after moan from me. Her own moans were sending delightful vibrations through my saliva coated rod. If I hadn’t had to stop on the drive up here to masturbate, she probably would have had me spewing down her throat. This was the first time I’d ever been with a woman at the same time as another man, but Robin’s mouth didn’t let me care.

Robin must have been enjoying this a lot as well, because she had three consecutive orgasms, before finally pulling away from my shiny knob, and looking me lustfully in the eyes. “I want to feel this beast in me,” she said as she got off of Dennis. I expected her to have me lay down, but instead, she merely turned around, and after a few seconds of fidgeting, had Dennis well seated in her ass.

“Oh, fuck!” Dennis exclaimed. “I love how tight your ass is, dear.”

She turned to look at her boyfriend, smiling, “Mmm, and I love how well you fit back there.” She turned back to me, still with that hungry grin on her lips. “But right now, I want to see if I can get that thing in my pussy, too. I’ve never had two men at once. This should be fun.”

With her back against my roommate and him buried to the hilt in her ass, I could clearly see her freshly fucked pussy open and waiting for me. I was so turned on by the redhead’s brazen nature that I truly didn’t care about Dennis being there anymore.

I got onto the couch, between the two sets of legs, and started to rub my saliva slickened penis against her swollen, wet, lips. Robin moaned and closed her eyes as Dennis started to buck beneath her. I timed my own thrust with his, slipping a couple inches into her at once.

Her eyes flew back open, and her arms wrapped around my neck, as she screamed, “Oh gawd, that feels good. I feel so stuffed with both of my holes filled. Fuck me Dennis, fuck me Nick. Use your cocks to make me cream! OH GAWD!”

She mashed her lips to mine in an all-devouring kiss, as I felt her inner muscles contract violently around my rod. I could feel the other man pumping in and out of her colon while she came, but tried to ignore it, as I started to go deeper into this fiery redhead. A small part of me felt bad for kissing another man’s girlfriend, but the part of my brain that was doing the most thinking demanded I kiss her back.

Our tongues swirled around each other, as she continued to cum, and I brought one of my hands up to her fake left tit, giving it a good squeeze. Despite the fact that I could see her chest was fake, they felt real enough. I was sawing my hips back and forth, in time with Dennis’s movements, and had soon sunk into her as far as I could go, hitting the opening to her womb.

Robin broke off the kiss, when I struck bottom, and reached down to where we were connected. She split her fingers on either side of my cock, and then looked at me in surprise at how much still remained outside of her. At least two inches stood pointing to the strip of red hair above her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, that thing is big,” she moaned. I knew Dennis wasn’t a small guy himself, and hoped he didn’t get jealous of me.

Dennis’s hands came around his girlfriend’s torso, and started playing with her big tits, replacing mine, so I grabbed her hips, and started driving into her as hard and fast as I could.

“That’s it, baby. Fill my ass with your cum,” Robin cried out suddenly as Dennis began to grunt. “Oh, it feels so hot in there. You’re going to make me cum again!”

This time as her pussy started massaging my phallus, I was too close, and pulled out a second too late. One shot made it off inside her pussy, before I could pull and shoot the rest across her stomach.

Robin was still in the throes of her climax, and I watched as she spread my cum across her stomach, and even fingered herself for a few seconds with her cum covered hands.

Not sure of the etiquette of these things, I quickly got up, gathered my clothes, and went to my room. I got cleaned up as best I could, and was fully dressed again, when a knock sounded on my door.

“Hey, Nick,” Dennis said, “we need to talk.”

Uh-oh, I thought, here it comes.

I opened the door, half expecting my roommate’s fist to come flying at me. His hand did enter, but only because he was holding it out to me. I shook it, and he walked into my room. I could hear the shower going, and knew where Robin was.

“Sorry if that bothered you, man. She’s been asking me for that for a bit now. At first I wasn’t sure how I would handle it. She tells me she loves me, and I believe her. It was actually kind of kinkier than I thought it would be. Dude, when you went in her, her asshole tightened so much I thought she was going to pinch my cock in two!” I let him ramble on for a bit, glad he wasn’t mad at me. “So, how are you handling it?” He finally asked me as he wound down.

“I dunno,” I told him honestly. “It was different, and I can’t deny I enjoyed it. You have quite the catch on your hands, Dennis.”

“Don’t I, though?” he said with a foolish grin on his face.

He shook my hand again, smiling, before turning to leave. He stopped in the doorway, looking back at me with a serious look in his eyes. “Thanks for pulling out of her. She doesn’t believe in birth control, and we have been lucky so far.” I remembered that one shot had made it in her, and remembered how she had fingered herself with my cum, and couldn’t speak. I nodded though; glad he couldn’t read my thoughts. Thanks to Lela, I knew I was fertile. “One last thing,” his face was now stern, “despite what happened in there, if I ever find you alone with her, I’ll kick your ass.”

He didn’t wait for a response, before turning, and walking away. I wasn’t worried about him being able to beat me up; between my switches and current strength, he wouldn’t stand a chance. I didn’t plan on trying to steal Robin from him, though. I already had enough women in my life, and no matter how real her tits felt, I preferred the genuine article.

I looked around my room, and sighed a breath of relief. My vacation had been an eventful one, but not relaxing. It was good to be surrounded by my geek paraphernalia again. Remembering the entire reason I had come into the apartment, despite the dangling sock, I went to my closet to look through my costumes. All of them tied into geek culture in one form or another. My first thought had been to go as Gambit, but with my current muscles, I wasn’t quite as lanky and thin as I used to me. I continued to go through my costumes, some were bad for cold weather, though I knew I would be indoors most of the time, some were just too obscure, and other’s too worn out. I ended up going as Gambit anyway, trench coat, bow-staff, gloves and all. I even had some contacts, which turned my eyes black, but waited to put those in, as they tended to annoy my eyes if I wore them for too long.

Robin slipped into my room at one point as I was getting ready, and gave me a critical look.

“Who are you supposed to be? A pirate?” she asked solicitously.

“No, mon chere,” I said in my best bayou accent, “I be da Gambit.” When she continued to look at me I informed her without the accent, “From a comic book series.”

“Oh, yeah, the geek thing.” She dropped her gaze to my covered crotch, before adding, “Sometimes I forget about that. Especially when it comes to your other attributes.” She smiled at me, and I grew nervous, remembering Dennis’s warning. Again, I wasn’t worried about him, but I didn’t care to cross any lines. “Anyway, the reason I came in here, is that I want to clarify something. Despite what happened in there, I love Dennis, and have no intention of trying to get with you on a permanent basis. I’m sorry if we gave you the wrong idea…”

“No,” I told her, relieved. “I’m happy for you two. I have plenty to deal with on my own.”

“Well don’t sound too heartbroken,” she complained, and I realized that I’d hurt her ego. She must have expected me to be disappointed, and when I wasn’t…

“Not that I would turn you away, if you and Dennis didn’t work out,” I quickly piped up, trying to sooth her.

“Hmm, well, with a cock as big as yours, you’re welcome to join us whenever you like, just don’t expect it too often.” She winked at me as she turned and walked out, and I thought Dennis was in for on helluva ride with this fiery redhead.

I called up Shanna, to ask if she wanted me to pick her up, or meet her at the party. There was only ever one cosplay party this time of year, and while I’d always known about it, I was never comfortable going alone.

“Come get me, and we can go together,” she said, and I could tell that she was excited about me going. “Who are you going as? I want to see if we will match.”

“Uh-uh,” I told her, smiling though I knew she couldn’t see me. “You get ready, and we’ll see how well we match when I get there.” She protested, but in the end, I won out.

I drove to her place and knocked on her door, and Shannon answered.

“Gambit, huh? Now I know what to dress as!” she told me, grinning triumphantly.

“You’re going too, Shannon?” I asked, and laughed when she pouted that I knew who she was.

“How do you DO that?” she demanded, but I just gave her an enigmatic smile in response. “Well, no. I got invited to another party, but I was looking forward to it. Good choice of costume, though, you’re a little too well built for it. Gambit is tall, but with your current build, you’re a little wider than he is.”

“Is that a fat joke?” I asked, poking her in the sides, playfully.

She laughed, and then yelled up the stairs, “Shanna, Nick is here. You’re safe to come out.” I wondered at the last part, but when I saw Shanna, I understood.

She had dressed up as Rogue, up to and including dying her hair red, except for a white spot in front. Her blue eyes sparkled as she smiled widely, seeing me in my matching outfit.

“I guess we match after all,” I told her, returning the smile. She ran to me, and flung her arms around my neck, before kissing me.

“I’ve missed you,” she said breathlessly.

I wrapped my arms around her thin waist, and loved how her outfit hugged her curves. “Mon, chere, your touch truly does entice da life right outta da Gambit.” She laughed at my accent, and I realized just how much I’d missed the sound of her musical laugh. “I’ve missed you, too. And your cute laugh, and long lashes. Shall we go?” I asked her.

Her mouth moved to a pouty position, and in her Rogue outfit, I thought it was pretty cute. “You don’t want to fool around, first?” she asked me.

“Is it always sex with you?” I asked her, remembering when she’d used a similar line on me a while ago.

She laughed at the turnaround, and dragged me out the door.

The party was at a large house, bordering on a mansion, and there was music blaring everywhere, lights flashing, and costumes galore. Considering how cold it was outside, I was surprised at how skimpy some of the outfits were; some of them barely legal in public.

I immediately excused myself to the bathroom, and went to put in my contacts. When I returned, Shanna had moved away from the spot I’d left her at, but I only had to sense for her ‘happy’ switch to find her.

To my surprise, she was chatting with another Rogue. I grabbed us a couple drinks, and went to go join them. The other Rogue was pretty cute, I couldn’t deny, but I could tell she was wearing blue contacts, and a wig. Shanna’s costume was better.

Shanna didn’t notice I was there, till I handed her a drink.

“Oh, you’re back,” she said barely glancing at me. “Nick, this is Julia, we have a few classes together.” By her tone, it didn’t sound like she enjoyed those classes.

“Nick, huh? Cool contacts.” Julia said, turning the full effect of her bright blue eyes on me. She placed her hand on my chest, and got a little uncomfortably close, as she gazed into my black eyes. “They could just draw you in, couldn’t they?” Her lips parted, and I knew she was giving me the go ahead to kiss her by the way she was looking at me, and the shape she had made of her red lips.

I stepped back, and turned my back on her. I was here with Shanna, and no matter what I may do when I’m not with her, I wasn’t going to kiss another woman in front of her.

Shanna looked at me for the first time since I got back, and I saw she was startled by my eyes. She quickly got over it though, as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and a, “Thank you.”

She took my arm, and pulled me away. When we were far enough away, which wasn’t too far considering the music, I leaned over and asked what that had been about.

Shanna studied my face for a bit, before answering. “That’s just Julia. We’ve been rivals since elementary school. She has always been jealous of me, and wants whatever I have, including boyfriends.” She glared over to where Julia was smiling at us. Apparently the rival knew we were talking about her. I didn’t doubt that Julia had been successful in the past at stealing men. Dressed as she was, she looked absolutely stunning. I still found Shanna more attractive, dressed up as a better Rogue, but couldn’t deny that the wonton way Julia had acted, had had an effect on me.

One of Shanna’s words caught in my mind. “Boyfriend? Is that what I am?”

She studied my face for a bit, before answering with a shy smile. “Maybe… After the way you just turned away from her, it is definitely points in your favor.” I looked back over to the other woman, and noticed that her smile had turned a little sour.

I took my date out onto the dance floor, and she laughed at my clumsy attempts at dancing, but I didn’t mind, just enjoying the way she sounded, and how her long lashes batted at me.

Julia didn’t seem to be done with us though, and at one point, I found myself sandwiched between the two women. They glared daggers at each other, around me, and I really started to get uncomfortable. It didn’t help that Julia kept running her hands all over my body.

“Let’s go,” I told Shanna after Julia had grabbed my crotch for the second time. I’d thought the first time was a fluke, but when she got a firm hold on my cock the second time, I knew it was intentional.

“And let her win?” She shook her head. “I won’t let her drive us away. Just ignore her.” That was easier said than done.

I pulled Julia’s hand off my ass, and gave Shanna a kiss, hoping the other woman would get the hint. When I didn’t feel her behind me, I thought she did, until I realized that she had only moved to the other side of Shanna, and was now running her hands all over HER body.

I was utterly confused at this point. What game was Julia playing? And why wasn’t Shanna stopping her? When I saw Julia start to kiss Shanna’s neck from behind, I grew even more confused, and pulled my Rogue over to me.

“What’s going on?” I asked again. “I thought you hated her.”

She looked at me a bit dazedly, before looking around, and seeing Julia smiling at us again. “What? Ahh, I mean, yeah, I do. I don’t know what she is thinking.” She looked at Julia again, a puzzled expression on her face. “Maybe you’re right. Let’s go. We can see the countdown at my place, and I really want to be alone with you.”

I nodded, still uncertain about her answer, but figured if it got us out of this situation, all the better.

We walked out to my car, but Julia was yelling after us. I didn’t want to see a cat fight break out, so I tried to hurry us along, but Shanna stopped instead.

Groaning, I decided to try and put an end to this, before it could go on.

“Look, Julia, you’re cute and all, but I’m with Shanna. Go bother some other guy.” I tried to be nice, but I knew my voice sounded a little harsh in my annoyance.

Chapter 2: Ana Takes the Plunge

That night Ana lay awake, unable to sleep. She was scared, scared of what she was becoming.

Since first witnessing the Harris family making love a week ago, Ana thought of almost nothing but sex. She enjoyed sex and had no problems or hang ups about it, but it didn’t consume her life. And over the course of this past week that’s what sex had been doing to her. She thought about it constantly. She patrolled the house, hoping to catch the Harrises going at it. Watching television in her room, she found that she wasn’t paying attention to what was on the tube, but was thinking about sex.

She figured that there were three ways this would play out. One, she would turn into a sex-addled maniac. Two, she would come out of this hyper-sexed state and return to normal once the novelty wore off. Or three, she would have to quit her job.

She didn’t want to quit. Not only was the money great and the work light, but she liked the Harrises. It wasn’t just the sex; they were nice people and good bosses. Not stuck up or condescending like so many of the rich people whose homes she had cleaned.

Then she thought that maybe her problem was that watching all that sex was getting her worked up, but she wasn’t getting the right kind of release. Masturbation was fine, but it wasn’t the same thing as flesh on flesh, that surrendering of control to another person. When she touched herself, she was in control, able to bring herself to orgasm or prolong it as she wished. But with another person, you were never in total control, and that made all the difference. It wasn’t planned or mechanical; it was uncertain and very human. That made it more exciting.

But she knew that she couldn’t very well just dive into bed with all five Harrises. That would be too much too quickly. She wouldn’t know what to do, and while that dom-sub play was fun to watch, she wasn’t sure if she’d enjoy actually doing it, like that time her boyfriend and she had tried anal sex. Sometimes the idea of doing something is more enjoyable than actually doing it, especially when you don’t know how to do it right.

So no group sex and no dom-sub stuff, at least not to start. Maybe she could invite Tanya back to her bedroom. The cook had all but said that was willing to sleep with her, and it wouldn’t be like fucking the boss. But she didn’t know the first thing about pleasuring a woman. And face it, while she was open to the idea of sex with a woman, she wasn’t naturally inclined in that direction. She was firmly in the attracted-to-men camp. So no Tanya. And that also meant she wouldn’t be hitting on Mrs. Harris or Amanda, at least not at first.

That left Mr. H and Ryan. Both were hot. But Mr. H was the boss and married, and despite all that she had seen there was still the irrational notion floating around her brain that she would get fired if she fucked the boss. Ryan was closer in age—his eighteen to her twenty-seven—unattached, and less intimidating.

So she resolved to pay a visit to Ryan’s room the next night. And with that, she drifted off to a sleep filled with dreams of being fucked by a couple of manly Harris studs.

* * *

The next day the Harrises were all out, so Ana had the house to herself. Tanya was there, and they chatted a bit over coffee, but Ana couldn’t bring herself to tell the cook of her resolution. What if she chickened out and couldn’t go through with it? Eventually, though, Tanya needed to go grocery shopping and begin to prepare dinner, so Ana left her alone. She tried to watch television in her room, but found she wasn’t paying attention.

What was wrong with her? It was just sex with a guy. She hadn’t been this worked up over sex since high school. She wandered the house again, and found that Ryan had just returned. He was walking down the hall to his bedroom when Ana saw him.

Ana almost let him pass before saying anything.



“I was wondering…” She found she just couldn’t say it.

“What is it, Ana?” asked Michael when it was clear that she wasn’t going to speak.

“I was wondering if you, if you wanted to sleep with me.”

“Oh, yeah. Of course. I’ve wanted to sleep with you since I first saw you. I would have asked, except Mom said to let you join us in your own time.”

A wave of relief swept over Ana. “Well come on, then. Let’s go back to my room,” she said, taking his hand and leading him back to her apartment. Ryan followed happily.

Once in the apartment, she closed the door and leaned against it. She didn’t think any of the other family members would come into her room, but she didn’t want to give the appearance of inviting them in. For this first time she wanted it to just be Ryan.

She looked into Ryan’s eyes, and the boy took the hint. He leaned in, and they began kissing. It was almost chaste at first, just a brushing of their lips together. Then he pressed a bit more firmly, and she opened her lips just a bit. His tongue swept across her lips, not quite entering her mouth. Then unable to stand the teasing anymore, Ana grabbed his head and pulled him hard into her, plunging her own tongue into his mouth and wrapping one leg around his body, pinning herself between the door and his body.

Ryan’s mouth was sweet, and he was a good kisser. As they kissed, Ana could feel him growing hard against her belly.

She broke the kiss, pushed him away, and began unbuttoning her blouse. Again Ryan took the hint and enthusiastically shed his clothes. As soon as the two were naked, Ana threw herself into Ryan’s arms. He swept her up, carried her into the bedroom, and deposited her on the bed, throwing himself down next to her.

From there the pair took it more slowly. They started kissing again, more gently but still insistently, as their hands explored each other’s body. Ana shivered at the feel of his hard body. It was so good to feel a naked man next to her. It had been weeks. She let the back of her hand brush against his semi-hard cock. Then she took it in hand, and gently started to rub it into hardness. It grew to full length, almost eight inches and nicely thick. His mother was right, this was indeed a very nice cock.

For his part, Ryan ran his hands over her breasts, circling the nipples with his finger. That felt delightful to Ana. Then his hand drifted south, gently caressing her belly before finding its way to her sex, which was already glistening with a hint of wetness.

The pair stayed locked in embrace. Ryan broke the kiss for a while to suck on Ana’s nipples, before returning his attention to her mouth. Ana did the same for him, noticing that he shivered as she flicked her tongue across his nipples. Evidently, he liked it.

The eighteen-year-old’s inexperience, or perhaps it was his experience as a sub to his mom and sister, showed. He didn’t move to the next level. Ana was used to the guy taking charge during sex, but she suddenly realized that she was almost ten years older than the boy and that she would have to take the initiative. She already had his cock in her hand, so she positioned it at the opening to her vagina, rubbing the head back and forth along her lips to lubricate it with her juices. Ryan took the hint and pushed forward, entering her.

Ana gasped. She wasn’t used to anything this big. The teen stopped, fearing that he had hurt her.

He hadn’t. Ana grabbed his buttocks and pressed him closer, forcing him further inside. He slipped into her sheath fully, down to the hilt. Ana marveled at the fullness. Just having him all the way inside her was a pleasure. Then he started sliding in and out, and Ana experienced a pleasure that she had never felt before. Ryan’s cock wasn’t so big that it was uncomfortable having him inside her, but it was big enough that it stimulated her clit with each stroke. No other man she had been with had done that for her. She closed her eyes, bit her lower lip, and let him rock her to orgasm. It was a pleasant journey that took a while, but the pleasure slowly mounted with each stroke until after some ten minutes she could take it no longer. Pleasure like burning fire stabbed through her with every stroke, then she went over the edge.

The pain of the pleasure became unbearable. She shoved Ryan away from her, unable to be touched down there, and convulsed as her orgasm rocked her. Usually Ana liked to touch herself throughout the orgasm, maintaining the stimulation until she was done, but she couldn’t touch herself now. She tried to touch her nipples, but they were too sensitive as well, as if a wire ran from her clit to her nipples and then straight into the reptilian pleasure-center of her brain.

When she was through convulsing, Ana thought about climbing on top of him and riding him to his climax, but she was still too sensitive. So she slipped down and took his cock into her mouth. She was a bit worried that she wouldn’t be able to get much into her mouth, but was surprised that she could get about two thirds of him in. She thought about pushing it further, but then thought that gagging on the first blowjob probably wasn’t wise.

She pulled back, flicking tongue around the head and around the ring of his retracted foreskin, then dove back down, taking him as deeply as she could. That was all that Ryan could take.

“I’m coming,” he said.

It was nice that he gave her warning, thought Ana, but she didn’t mind the taste of spunk and persisted in her sucking, and a moment later her mouth was filled with salty goo. At that she started to gag a little and had to withdraw. Spilling cum all over his cock and shaved pelvis, which she then promptly vacuumed up with her lips and tongue. It tasted good, salty and clean.

The pair lay there cuddling, not speaking, with Ana’s hand still on Ryan’s penis, slowing coaxing it back to life.

Ana was enjoying just being held and could have lain there like that for hours, but the boy’s cock began stirring. Young men were amazing, the rebound was so quick. She flipped herself around, pushed his foreskin back, and began sucking him again.

Ryan began to push her legs apart, so she positioned herself on top of him in a sixty-nine, and he began licking her pussy. He was quite good at it. His mother and sister had taught him well. He sucked on her clit for several minutes, before switching to plunging his tongue into her vagina and sucking on her lips, and then moving to flicking and swirling his tongue around her clit. Each time he kept at it long enough for Ana to really enjoy the sensation and start to build toward orgasm, switching before it became monotonous or she went over the falls.

She began to emulate him, taking the head and upper shaft of his cock into her mouth for a few minutes, before switching to licking the underside, and then taking his balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them. Ryan grew rock hard, and if it were possible, even bigger.

Eventually Ana decided that she needed him inside her again. In the past, she would have opted for cunnilingus over intercourse any day of the week. But the sensation of that large cock inside her was too new and too tempting. She slipped off Ryan and got on her hands and knees. Ryan may have been reluctant to take the initiative, but he was no fool. He got the hint and entered her from behind.

He filled her with one, slow thrust. It felt so good. In keeping with the tone of the session so far, he thrust back and forth slowly, gently. But Ana needed and wanted more.

“Faster. Take me hard,” she ordered him.

He complied immediately, picking up the pace and slamming her hard. God, that felt really good! She had to dig her fingers into the mattress to keep from being pushed off the bed.

Her first orgasm came rather quickly. Then there was a lull where she just enjoyed the pleasure of his pounding, then the second and possibly a third orgasm. She wasn’t sure if it was two or just one extended one. Not that it mattered. Then as she came down from the heights, she felt Ryan stiffen and groan as he came inside her.

They collapsed next to each other, both sweaty messes.

“That was great,” said Ryan. “I’m so glad you finally decided to join in the fun, and especially glad you started with me.”

“Frankly, I was really nervous; I still am. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“It didn’t seem like your first time,” he said smiling.

“You know what I mean. I’ve had plenty of sex before, but never anything kinky like you and your family are into. I picked you for my introduction because, in addition to being good looking and having a nice, big cock, you were the least intimidating. Your dad is my boss, and I’ve never been with a woman before. Besides, your mother and sister seem rather … aggressive.”

“Yeah, they’re really into the dom thing, but don’t let that fool you. They’re very considerate. They won’t push you into anything you don’t want to do.”

“How long have you and your family been having sex together?” She finally got the burning question out there.

“Amanda and I have been going at it for years. Pretty much as soon as I figured out that I liked girls.”

“I mean most brothers and sisters don’t do it with each other.”

“Yeah, I guess it was growing up in this house. Mom and Dad have always been real casual about sex and nudity. They’re not nudists or anything, but being naked was never a big deal around here. I mean, it’s not like they were having sex in front of us when we were little, but we were always seeing them naked, and I’ve always known they were swingers. Even before I really knew what sex was, I knew they were having fun in their bedroom with friends. And Amanda and I knew what was going on back home whenever they shipped us off to a friend’s house for a weekend so they could have a sex party.”

“Wow. That must have been a wild childhood.”

“Not really. We didn’t know anything different. And when I was thirteen, Amanda and I started having sex. We knew we weren’t supposed to, that incest was bad, and we thought we kept it hidden from Mom and Dad, but of course they knew, almost from the start. But they never said anything. Turns out that Mom had been having sex with her brother since she was a teenager. She still does.”

“Oh my God!”

“Yeah. My aunt and uncle and cousins and us are one big sex family. You’ll meet them.”

“Wow. So when did you start having sex with your mom and dad?”

“That’s actually pretty recent. They waited until I turned eighteen. They started with Amanda when she turned eighteen, but kept that a secret from me for an entire year. I should have figured it out, but I didn’t.”

“So on your eighteenth birthday they just grabbed you and took you into the dungeon?”

“Sort of, although the dungeon is new. It used to just be a regular basement. It was a couple of days after my birthday when Mom came into my room. She was just wearing a robe, which wasn’t unusual, that’s how she usually dresses when she’s just hanging around the house, and she said she wanted to talk and told me that she knew what Amanda and I had been doing.”

“You must have been terrified.”

“Yeah, I thought we were totally busted, but then she told me that her and Dad had known about it for years and that she had fucked her brother, so it was okay. We weren’t in any trouble. Then she just put her hand on my crotch and said that it was something that boys and their moms could do too.”

“You must have been floored. Was it a fantasy come true?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know what to say. I said something; I don’t remember what. I’d never really fantasized about it. I mean, I’d wondered what it would be like to fuck Mom, especially after I’d started fucking Amanda, but it wasn’t like a fantasy of mine or anything like that.

“Anyway, she just started to unfasten my pants and took my dick out and started giving me a blowjob. I blew my load like right away. She just swallowed it and said that if I wanted more, to stop by her bedroom that night. Then she left.”

“What a way to leave an eighteen-year-old boy hanging,” said Ana.

“Don’t I know it. I couldn’t do a fucking thing the rest of the day. It’s all I could think about. I was so horny.”

“I’ll bet,” she said, turning and snuggling up to him. “So what happened that night.”

“I waited around until I was pretty sure that Mom was in her room, then I took a shower, put on a robe and went to her room.”

“Were you wearing anything else?”

“No. I could hear the shower running in the master bath, so just opened the door. Then I realized that Dad was in there too. Mom was in the shower, but he was just laying on the bed watching a porno on the TV with the sound turned down. I’d forgotten all about him.”

“You must have been freaked out.”

“Majorly. But he just said that Mom would be out in a few minutes, and that I could just get on the bed with him. I realized that he must know, but it was weird. We didn’t really say much. We just lay there watching the porno. After a couple of minutes I heard the water turn off and a little later both Mom and Amanda came out of the bathroom, naked. They were giggling and still drying themselves.”

“All four of you. That must have been a surprise to see Amanda there.”

“Yeah, but instantly I felt better. It all fell into place, and I figured out that it was all cool. Mom said that now I was here, we could begin. Mom and Amanda hopped on the bed and started giving Dad and me blowjobs, Mom with me and Amanda with Dad. Then we ended up fucking every which way. I don’t know how many times I came, but we didn’t quit until two or three in the morning.”

“Did you and your Dad fuck too?”

“Not that night. Later that week he sat down with me and told me he was bisexual, and if I wanted, the two of us could fool around. But he said that same-sex stuff was different for guys than for girls, and if I didn’t want to that was fine.”

“Are you bisexual?”

“I dunno. Maybe. I’m not really into guys, but if something happens, I’m cool with it. It can be fun, but I’m not like Dad. He’s into both guys and girls, and he’s got some guy friends he has sex with on his own. But the two of us don’t fuck, not unless it’s part of a group sex thing.”

“Do you like it when fucks you in the ass?”

“Yeah,” he smiled as he said that. “It feels really good. I liked to be pegged too. Amanda is really good at that. She’s death with a strap-on. Better than Mom. You should try it with her.”

“I dunno. The one time I tried anal, it kind of hurt.”

“Had the guy ever done it before?”

“No. We were both totally new at it.”

“That’s where you went wrong. We could try it, but I’m still kind of new at giving anal. And Dad’s kind of big for a first time, so you should ask Mom or Amanda. Especially Amanda. Just tell her that you’re an anal virgin, and she’ll treat you right. It won’t hurt at all, that is unless you want it to.”

“I’m not really into pain.”

“Are you a dom?”

“I don’t know. That’s the kind of thing I’ve never tried. I wouldn’t know how to be a dom. I might like it though, so long as it’s not painful. I do like rough sex, but I draw the line at actual pain.” Ana found Ryan really easy to talk to. He seemed eager to talk about it too. He probably didn’t have any opportunity to talk to anyone about this.

“That’s cool. You’ll figure it out. Just be sure to tell Mom that you don’t want pain. Dad is a sub, and Amanda is more into psychological dominance. But Mom has a sadistic streak, but she won’t do anything you don’t want, so don’t worry about that so long as she knows your limits.”

“This is all so new to me. It’s kind of intimidating.”

“I’ll tell you a secret. You know how Mom seems so self-assured, dominant, and in control?”

“Yeah. I’ve noticed.”

“The other night when you watched us, we were snuggling after sex, kind of like you and I are doing now. Anyway, she told me that she was terrified of you.”

“Of me?”

“Yeah. She didn’t know how you would react to all this. She and Dad are nervous as all get out. They’ve never brought someone into the games like this. I mean, Tanya has been here forever, since back when it was all behind closed doors. And with new friends, they get to audition them and work them into games bit by bit. But hiring a live-in was a big step. You have no idea how many people Mom interviewed, and still she was sweating bullets with you.”

“I had no idea.”

“Don’t tell her I told you that. Just know that you’re not the only one a little scared at all this.”

Ana leaned over and kissed the boy again.

“Go tell your mother what we’ve done,” she said, taking a hint from what Amanda told her dad the other day. “Tell her that she, Amanda, and your dad can take me anytime they want, but that I’m still a bit nervous about it, so they should be gentle.”

With that, she got up and went into the shower.

* * *

The next morning Ana was having a cup of coffee with Tanya in the kitchen when she told her about sleeping with Ryan.

“Don’t you just love a big dick?” said Tanya, smiling. “Michael’s is even bigger.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it.”

“But you’ve got to feel it inside you, it’s just wonderful.”

At that moment Mrs. Harris breezed through the kitchen, evidently in a hurry to get somewhere.

“Tanya, have you seen the keys to the Benz?”

“They’re on the hook,” said Tanya, glancing over to the wall where the keys to the various cars the family owned hung.

“Oh, yes. Right where they should be. I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached.” Then she noticed Ana. “What are you girls talking about?”

“Your husband’s dick,” said Tanya. Ana blushed.

“Oh, my favorite topic,” said Mrs. Harris. “I wish I had time to compare notes with you. But Ana, I’m glad I caught you before I went out for the day. I’ll be back about four, and I’d like to talk to you then.”

“Okay, Mrs. H. I’ll be here,” replied Ana somewhat nervously.

“Don’t worry. It’s all good. See you then.” And she breezed out the door that led to the garage.

“That could be ominous,” said Ana.

“She’s probably just going to have the talk with you.”

“The talk?”

“Yeah, Susan likes to talk about sex with someone before she sleeps with them. She’ll go over what you like and dislike, what turns you on, what your absolute no-noes are. If you’re into S&M or bondage, she’ll discuss a safe word. That kind of thing. It’s a pretty smart idea, but I think she does it to maintain control, or at least the illusion that she can control things.”

“She doesn’t get jealous of women sleeping with her husband?”

“I’ve never seen it. You have to understand, she and Michael are absolutely devoted to one another. To them, sex with others is just rubbing bodies together. Don’t get me wrong. They genuinely like the people they take into their bed, and some, like Ryan and Amanda, they love. But no one is ever going to get between the two of them. They are soul mates. With them it’s true love.”

“I’m not sure I could do that,” said Ana. “I get having sex with someone you don’t love; I’ve done it often enough. But I’m not sure I could share someone I genuinely loved.”

“I know I can’t,” said Tanya. “If I ever got married, I’d have to quit this job.”

Despite Tanya’s assurance, Ana was nervous about the meeting with Mrs. H. But she needn’t have been. They sat down over coffee and Mrs. H. just dove into the topic.

“Ana, since you’ve decided to join in on our little games, I’d like to get to know you a little better, to find out what your turn-ons and turn-offs are, that kind of thing. We don’t want to overstep any boundaries.”

“I understand.”

“First, don’t worry about me getting jealous. I don’t. You can fuck my husband until the cows come home, and I won’t care as long as it’s all out in the open. The only rule that Michael and I have is that there are no secrets between us.”

“That’s what Tanya said, but I’m still a little nervous about it.”

“Of course. After a while that will go away.”

“Now I know you’re into guys, and I assume that you want to fuck my husband too. But are you into women as well?”

“I’ve never been with a woman. I think I’d enjoy it, but I’ve never fantasized about it or anything like that.”

“Would you like to explore that side of your sexuality?”

“I’d like to try it. I’m pretty much game for trying anything.”

“Except pain. Ryan told me that you’re not into pain.”

“I’ve never done any kind of S&M, so I don’t really know. But I don’t think I’d like it.”

“That’s fair. Do you think you’d like to inflict pain? Do you like to slap your partners? A lot of people are uncomfortable about inflicting pain.”

“I’ve never done that. I don’t know.”

“Okay, we’ll leave the hardcore S&M off the table, at least for now. If down the road you think you want to explore that aspect of your sexuality, we can take it slow.”

“Michael and I are both entirely bisexual, as is Amanda,” continued Susan. “We get turned on by both sexes. Ryan is like you. He’s into the opposite sex, but he is, I guess you would call it heteroflexible. He’ll fuck a guy if the moment is right. Ryan also said that you’re not very experienced with anal.”

“I tried it once with a boyfriend, but we didn’t know what we were doing. It hurt. I’ve never tried it since.”

“Would you like to try it again?”

“Do you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I love it. It’s a very different sensation than being fucked in the vagina. I understand it’s different, more enjoyable, for guys because they have a prostate, but us girls can enjoy it too. You don’t cum like you do from clitoral stimulation, but the feeling of having your ass penetrated and filled is powerful. Do you like the feeling of a man inside your vagina? Not just having someone play with your clit, but having him fill you up?”

“Oh, yes. My last boyfriend, he was a total shit, except he and I had this chemistry in bed. Sometimes he would just keep his dick inside me, not moving. That alone made me cum sometimes.”

“Then you’ll probably enjoy anal, just like me. We’ll leave it off the table at first, and when you’re ready just let us know.”

“Ryan said that Amanda was really good at giving anal.”

“She is, and she’d be happy to take you aside and show you how to do it right. Just ask her. Now, you’re not into pain, but do you like rough sex? Hair pulling? Spitting?”

“Yes. I love being taken by a guy, being thrown about or held down. I’ve never had my hair pulled or been spit on. I guess I’m pretty inexperienced.”

“Not at all. This is pretty advanced stuff. Most people have never done anything except oral and vaginal intercourse. You’re a pretty adventurous girl. Don’t worry about that. And all these things I’m bringing up, you don’t have to do them. If you try something, and it doesn’t do anything for you, we don’t have to do it again. If it turns out that all you really want is vanilla, heterosexual sex that’s fine. Michael and Ryan will be more than happy to fuck you vanilla. Where were we? Oh, hair pulling and spitting. Hair pulling, if done right, doesn’t hurt. It’s a way to control your partner. Spitting is a dominance thing too. We can try it when we get rough, and if you don’t like it just say something and we’ll stop. Have you ever done any bondage?”

“No. I’ve had boyfriends hold me down so I couldn’t move, but I’ve never been tied up. And I wouldn’t know how to tie someone up.”

“Did you enjoy being held down?”


“Then we can try some bondage. Light at first. Just tying your arms to the headboard or maybe handcuffs. None of us Harrises are really into hardcore rope play, but we’ve got a friend who is a master at devising ingenious ways to tie people up. So if you like the light bondage, you’ll have the opportunity to progress further if you want to. Now Ryan said that you didn’t know if you were a dom or a sub.”

“I don’t. I’ve never done any dom-sub play.”

“But from your answers, I’m guessing that you have a submissive streak.”

“That’s probably right.”

“Good. You should know that the men here are also submissive. So it will be good to have a female sub to play with. Amanda and I are both definitely doms. But don’t worry. We both enjoy vanilla sex too and we bottom when the situation calls for it. And the guys will be happy to throw you around and pound you hard when you want it.”

Ana smiled at that.

“Now, the only thing left to ask is, do you want to have sex with my husband, and maybe with me?”

“Very much.”

Mrs. Harris smiled. “Would tonight be too soon?”

“No, tonight would be perfect.”

“Alright then. Why don’t you come by our bedroom at, say, nine.”

“I’ll do that,” said Ana with a slight hesitation in her voice.

“And this time, come into the room instead of just watching from the door.”

* * *

If Ana had been nervous leading up to the afternoon interview, the wait until nine o’clock was excruciating. She felt a gnawing in the pit of her stomach, and the delay made her perpetually wet between her legs, to the point where she began to wonder if she would have any lubrication left by the time the appointed hour rolled around. She realized that Mrs. Harris had pulled the same tactic on her as she had on her son the first time they had sex. She had been reduced to a nervous wreck. It really was a subtle and very effective domination and control technique.

Ana didn’t know what to wear. It wasn’t a date exactly. They weren’t going out anywhere, so putting on a nice outfit seemed wrong. She could go naked, but she wasn’t confident enough for that. She could show up in her underwear, some sexy lingerie. That might work. But in the end she decide to simply wear a robe. That’s what she’d seen Mrs. Harris wear when heading to or from the dungeon, so following her lead seemed right.

As the hour approached, Ana showered. She debated whether to put on a touch of perfume, then decided not to. She figured there would be lots of sweat and other fluids, and simply being clean would be enough. She did put on some lipstick and a dash of blush, though. Then she slipped on her robe and walked to the master bedroom.

The door was ajar. Should she knock? She thought about just slipping into the room, but that might be pushing it. She decided to compromise, gave a light knock and walked into the room, closing the door behind her. Michael and Susan were on the bed. She figured that since she was going to sleep with them, she should toss out formalities and think of them by their first names. Michael was naked, Susan wearing a robe, but which had been thrown open. She was slowly stroking him and he was running his hand along the side of her left breast.

But when she came into the room, Michael stood up and walked over to her. He kissed her lightly on the lips.

“We’re so glad you decided to join us,” he said.

Then he took her by the hand and led her to the bed. He reached up and slipped the robe off of Ana’s shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Then grabbing her around the waist he forcefully, but not roughly, pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply. He was a good kisser, and she could feel his cock hard against her belly.

When they finally broke the kiss, Susan spoke, “Isn’t he a good kisser?”

“Yes, yes he is.”

Susan stood up and came up behind the maid. Kissing her on the shoulder she said, “If you don’t mind, I’m going to play your usual role and just watch and masturbate. I want to turn the tables on you. Is that okay.”


“If the mood strikes, you and I might play together later on, but Michael and I think you might be more comfortable just with him. At least to start.” Then she moved away and stretched out on a day bed on the other side of the large bedroom.

Ana turned back to Michael and leaned in to kiss him. His hands moved down her back, cupping her buttocks and pulling her even closer to him. After about a minute they broke the kiss and Michael bent down, taking her left breast into her mouth, circling her nipple with his tongue. Her nipples had always been especially sensitive, and Ana closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. All too soon though he stopped, kissed her again lightly. Then she did the same for him, leaning down and taking first one, then the other nipple in her mouth. She gave each one a light bite, just a nip, more pressure than pain.

She dropped to her knees and was confronted with that magnificent cock of his. It was the first time she’d seen it up close. It was at least nine inches and nicely thick, bigger than his son’s and circumcised. Right now it was standing at full attention, in all its glory. She grasped the shaft with her right hand and found that her fingers would not go all the way around it. A cock like this might ruin her, and she thought there was no way that she would ever take something this big in her ass.

Ana brought her left hand into play and began slowly stroking the shaft two-handed. She then leaned in and took the head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Gradually she worked her way down the shaft, eventually getting about half its length in her mouth before she gagged. Deep-throat had never been one of her skills, but she was surprised she could get this much into her mouth.

She continued to orally pleasure her boss, pushing his cock against his belly so she could lick the underside and take his balls into her mouth. She realized that it was nice that he kept his pubic hair closely trimmed. Ball sucking was much nicer without stray hairs getting in the way.

She felt a tugging at her shoulders and realized Michael was trying to get her to stand up. She reluctantly let go of that cock, knowing that she would have her fill of it soon, quite literally. She stood up and Michael lifted her up and deposited her on the bed. Then he knelt and spread her legs, going down on her and returning the oral favor.

Again Ana just closed her eyes and let the man work magic with his tongue. Soon she felt her first orgasm building. She grabbed his head, pushing his tongue deeper into her pussy as she rode his face through several convulsions, before pulling away and closing her legs because her clit had become too sensitive.

But Michael was not to be stopped. He climbed on top of her, spreading her legs again, and positioned the head of his cock at the opening of her vagina. He slowly pushed forward. She dug her fingers into his back as another wave of pleasurable pain swept through her like the shock from a hot electrical wire. A second orgasm rattled through her. Never before had she had multiples this close together. It was like the night before with Ryan.

Michael did not stop thrusting, though, and when she climbed down from the heights of ecstasy she settled into a valley of pleasure. Each thrust filled her and like his son’s cock, his was big enough to stimulate her clit while still inside her. At first she felt that she could go on like that forever, but after about ten minutes she felt the need for different stimulation.

Ana pushed Michael back, out of her, until he lay on his side. She dropped her head down, taking his cock in mouth again, tasting her juices this time. Then she settled into his arms, letting him spoon her. She reached down and guided his penis back into her pussy. One of his hands reached around and kneaded her breasts. The other found her clit.

She delighted in this, being in the arms of a big, strong, handsome man. She realized that he was another woman’s husband and that she was in the room with them. She opened her eyes and looked over at Susan, who had one hand on her breasts and the other massaging her own clit.

Ana locked eyes with her, for the first time seeing in her face the pleasure of watching her husband take another woman. It was wicked. And with this the third orgasm hit her. She closed her eyes and let it wash over her.

Her next coherent thought was realizing that magnificent cock was deflating inside her. Michael withdrew, and she could feel a mixture of his cum and her own juices trickle down her thighs. She opened her eyes and realized that Susan was now in the bed with them. Ana didn’t know that she had the courage within her to do it, but she leaned over and kissed her. Susan eagerly returned it, and for a few minutes they were locked in a battle of lips and tongues. It was the first time she had ever done that, a sexual kiss with another woman. Finally, they broke the kiss.

“Your husband is magnificent,” said Ana.

“Yes, isn’t he. Would you mind if I pleasured you.”

Ana took a deep breath. “Please,” she said.

Susan slipped down between Ana’s legs, scooping up the trail of cum from her thighs with her tongue. Then she reached a finger inside Ana, not deeply, and scooped out some more cum, putting it into her mouth. Then she moved back up and kissed Ana again, sharing her husband’s cum between them. The mix of his and her own cum tasted good.

Then Susan dropped back down between Ana’s legs, taking her tongue to the younger woman’s clitoris. Ana closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling. It wasn’t any different than a man, or at least an especially skilled man, for Susan was good at pussy licking. Flicking her tongue back and forth quickly, swirling it around, and sucking it up with her lips. Each movement bringing its own special pleasure. She even took Ana’s clit between her teeth, a sensation that sent a shiver down Ana’s spine.

She had cum so often already, the next orgasm was slow in arriving. But Ana didn’t mind, and Susan seemed to be enjoying her ministrations. Susan’s tongue was enjoyable even without orgasm. But it did arrive eventually. Her fourth orgasm of the evening was less intense, but it lasted longer than the first three. Convulsion after lovely convulsion rippled through her, and through it all Susan kept up the stimulation, prolonging the experience. But eventually she was tapped out. She reached down and pulled Susan’s head up to her own, and the two women kissed again. She could taste her own juices on Susan’s mouth.

As they kissed, Ana’s slipped her hand between Susan’s legs. She very much wanted to return the favor, although she didn’t know how good she would be at it. She broke the kiss and dropped her mouth down, taking first one of Susan’s firm, round globes into her mouth, then the other. After a few minutes, she continued downward journey, leaving a trail of kisses down the woman’s belly, until she came to the closely cropped patch of hair above her pussy. Now was the moment of truth.

“Just do what you like to have done to yourself,” came Susan’s reassuring voice. “I’ll tell you what I like and want more of.”

Ana gently laid a kiss on the Susan’s clit, and then gave it a tentative lick. She dropped a little further down, and placing her tongue in the woman’s vagina and starting a long, slow upward lick. She tasted musky and tart. Ana had been afraid that she wouldn’t like it, but it was quite nice, in its own way. She then concentrated on Susan’s clit, doing what Susan had done to her, quick flicks of the tongue across and swirls around the click, and sucking it up with her lips. When she sucked on it, Susan grabbed her head, pressing it harder into her crotch, moaning “that’s it, that’s it.”

Ana looked up at her boss. The woman had her eyes closed and lips pursed between the moans. Michael was at work sucking his wife’s nipples. It wasn’t long before the two of them brought Susan off.

When her convulsions were complete and she had rested a moment, Susan pulled Ana to her again. They kissed, then Susan asked, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, very much. I’m not about to give up men,” she said, winking at Michael, “but I’m definitely going to do more with women from now on.”

“Now, since you still like men, do you think you can get Michael hard again so I can fuck my husband?”

Without saying anything, Ana leaned over and took Michael’s penis into her mouth. Soft, she could fit the whole thing in her mouth, but it rapidly expanded back up to its full length and girth.

“On your feet, slave.” I stand immediately, now very eager to see what happens next. Master walks over to me and glides his hands up and down my body, pinching my nipples, lightly, smacking my ass a few times. I shiver, my body aching for his touch in every way possible. He pulls me in and kisses me hard, his tongue thrusting between my lips and deep into my mouth. I melt into him, my body instantly hot with lust.

He finally breaks the kiss. “Mmm, she tastes good, but you already know that don’t you. Did you enjoy eating her wet cunt my pet?”

“Yes, Master, very much.” I reply. I feel a surprising twinge of jealousy course through me. Did he kiss me just to find out what she tastes like? I think about it for a split second and then realize that I am just over-thinking things. I know my husband, and I know that he loves me and only me. We have had threesomes before with both guys and girls, but this is going to be the first with someone that we haven’t gotten to know first. I decide right then and there that I absolutely trust my husband and I know that if it becomes too much for me that I can use my safety word and it all will stop…but I don’t plan on using it.

He watches my face for those few moments, and I look back at him with love and acceptance in my eyes. As he sees that, he grabs a hold of my hands, and within a few short minutes my hands are also cuffed together and tied off to the beam in the ceiling. “I hope you are ready for your punishment, my pet. You were a very naughty slave to let this slut give you an orgasm like that, and now you are going to have to pay for it.”

“Yes, Master.” My skin flushes with heat, my body preparing for what is coming. I watch as Master spins the slut back around so that she is facing me once more. We both gaze upon each other’s bodies for a moment, and then I lock eyes with her. I can see that she is excited but nervous. Obviously I have an advantage here and I try to reassure her a bit with a calm smile.

Master walks away for a moment, but quickly returns. In his hands are two sets of clover clamps. My breath catches for a second. Those things can be very interesting. Painful to an extent, but they also make my nipples hyper sensitive for a time. I watch as he goes over to the slut, leans over and sucks one of her very erect nipples into his mouth. She gasps out as he very obviously bites down on it after a few seconds. He then lets her nipple slip out of his mouth and quickly attaches one of the clamps onto her nipple. He walks around behind her, leaving the chain and other clamp dangle from her nipple in the process. When he gets directly behind her I hear the very noticeable smack of Master’s bare hand landing a solid spank on her bare ass. She lets out a smile cry of surprise as he finishes circling her and then begins to repeat the process with the other nipple. She moans softly this time as Master sucks on her nipple and then once again bites down on it before applying the other clamp. Once he is done he gives a quick tug on the chain that attaches the two clamps and she gasps out loudly in response. The nasty thing about clover clamps is the harder you pull on them, the more they collapse down onto your nipple.

Master than reaches down in-between the slut’s legs and begins to rub her clit hard and fast. Immediately she begins to moan in pleasure once again. This goes on for several seconds as I watch her eyes begin to roll back in her head. Suddenly Master stops and once again jerks very firmly on the chain. She lets lose a frustrated gasp as the pleasure stops and the pain starts. Yes, Master is very good at controlling the two as I well know. I watch him lift his fingers to his mouth and suck the slut’s juices off of them very deliberately. “Mmm, yes, very tasty.” He then turns away and faces me, the glint in his eyes immediately sending a thrill through my body.

He walks up to me and very firmly grabs both of my breasts. First one nipple, than the other disappears into his mouth. I feel his tongue flick roughly and quickly over each nipple. I sigh as the feeling seeps into my body. Back and forth he goes, licking, flicking, nibbling. I know the clamps are coming, but I can’t help but thrust my chest forward as my body longs for the feeling of his mouth on my nipples. But then it stops and I whimper quietly, missing his mouth, and trying to prepare for the torture to begin. Sure enough he quickly secures the first clamp in place on my left nipple. The pressure is immediate and intense. I have actually had to say yellow more than once when it comes to these evil little things. I love how sensitive they make my nipples, but the pressure if left in place too long can be quiet painful.

“Step forward a bit, slave.” I do as he commands, although the rope holding my hands above me throws me off balance a bit as it now has my arms above and slightly behind my head. “You too, slut.” She complies also, and quickly her and I are both pretty much face to face with each other. We both struggle to maintain our balance as the position of our arms tries to pull us back a step or two. I watch as Master loops my other clamp through the chain on her clamps. Dread fills me as I see quickly the predicament we are now in. If either of us moves too much we will quickly be pulling on each other’s chains and tightening the clamps on our nipples in the process.

Master chuckles his evil little laugh as he secures the other clamp onto my right nipple. “I wouldn’t move too much, either of you.” He smirks and then turns and walks away. We stare into each other’s eyes, the knowledge that things are about to really get interesting apparent to both of us. Master is back shortly and in his hands are my Magic Wand, and one of those devices that produces an electric shock when it makes contact with the skin. I shiver.

“Spread your legs, my pet.” I quickly spread my legs a couple of feet apart. I shiver with trepidation as the shock prod is run up the inside of my thigh, onto my pussy lips and across it, and down the other thigh. I am just about to let out a sigh of relief when he triggers it and the evil device zaps me on the back of my knee. I cry out and jerk, and then both of us cry out as the chain pulls tight. “I told you not to move.” Master laughs. “Slut, spread your legs.”

I watch her spread her legs apart, but not nearly as far apart as mine are. Master quickly takes care of the situation with another slap on her ass which causes her to jump forward a bit. “I said spread them.” The rope now is really pulling her off balance, and as a result she steps back a bit once more, just enough that the chains aren’t pulling on each other, but enough that it takes most of the pressure off of her extended arms. Her legs are now spread a little more than shoulder width apart.

“Now don’t move.” Master copies again his movements with the electric prod, running it up one thigh, across her pussy, and down the other thigh. “See, nothing to worry about.” He pulls the shocker away from her skin and glances at me. I can’t help to have a look of disappointment on my face. She should know what it feels like damn it.

“Oh, I don’t think my pet likes that you didn’t feel the bite. In that case, slave, where should I shock her with it?”

“Wherever Master feels is appropriate.” I know better than to try and give him directions right now. He is completely in control and anything I do can come back and bite me in the ass, literally. I glance into the sluts eyes knowing that she is about to see just how sadistic my Master is.

“Well in that case…” and the electric prod quickly slides back in between her legs, right up and onto her pussy. There is a noticeable ZAP and she jumps up and forward, so much so that she is pulled off balance by the rope which causes her to fall back pulling the chain and stretching my nipples out in the process. We both cry out in pain. “FUCK!!” The slut shouts out having to take the double whammy of an electrocuted pussy and nipples that are stretched out from the clamps.

Again Master laughs. “Now kiss and make up.” We both quickly move into together as best we can with the ropes constantly trying to pull us back the other direction. Our lips lock, kissing each other. I part my mouth and her tongue quickly slips inside to seek out my own. She’s a good kisser, and I eagerly begin to wrestle my tongue against hers, shoving it deep into her mouth.

Suddenly there is pressure against my tight ass. I tense up for a second, but then quickly relax and deepen my kiss even more as my Master slides my favorite butt plug up inside my asshole. I sigh into the slut’s mouth as the plug bottoms out into place. I feel so instantly full, but it isn’t an unpleasant feeling. Yet another thing that Master has taught me to enjoy.

The slut and I continue to kiss but we both pause for a second as I hear the Magic Wand turn on. Master is now down on his knees directly behind me and I feel the wand quickly come into contact with my hot cunt, pressing hard into my clit and rubbing back and forth. The sensation is intense, even more so with the plug deep in my ass. I moan loudly into the slut’s mouth as I break the kiss. Within seconds I can feel my orgasm beginning to build. I begin to lose my balance, the rope easily pulling me backwards as the muscles in my thighs begin to quiver.

But then the wand is gone, Master having taken it away and reaching further between my legs to reach up and start massaging the slut’s cunt with it instead. I whimper in frustration. A few seconds more and I would have been there. But of course he knows that. And then ZAP, he lands a shock on the inside of my upper thigh, right next to my very wet, throbbing pussy. I jump a little and of course the slut is right in the middle of almost losing her balance as her orgasm starts to build. The chain pulls tight on my nipples and hers and while I grit and bear it, she cries out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

And then he reverses course yet again, the wand back on my inflamed pussy, rubbing hard on my clit. I feel him click the wand over to high speed and the vibrations are maddening. I moan and cry out. I hear another Zap from the prod, but it was against her this time. I’m not sure where on her body as my eyes are closed as the pleasure starts to wash through me. I feel the clamps on my nipples tighten, so painful, but oh so good too.

It’s coming on fast now, building and building. I am breathing hard and moaning loud and uncontrollably. “Master, I’m going to cum.” I announce….and just like that the wand is gone. I cry out loudly in loss and frustration. Damn him, I really hate being denied an orgasm like that. It was right there. Just a moment more and I would have been over the edge. But no, he had to stop. I know that he does it deliberately, but sometimes it really, really sucks.

Now the wand is back between her legs….shit, where’s the …. ZAP right on the outside lips of my cunt. “Fucking Shit!!” I scream out. That hurt. Amazingly I hold my place remembering the nipple clamps. Meanwhile the slut is moaning and gyrating her hips like mad as the wand between her legs once again is bringing her close to orgasm. The higher speed is definitely taking its toll on her as she is rapidly losing control. I can tell she is pretty much in the same spot I was a second ago, her orgasm a mere moment away.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good. Yes….fuck yes. OH GOD!!! Yeeeeessssss!!!” She screams out…and then the wand is gone and I hear several zaps as Master nails her with the prod on her upper thighs and pubic mound. “NOOOOO!!” She screams out and jerks, pulling the clamps tight yet again right as the wand is back on my clit. I gasp in response and feel myself begin to build once more. I can only hope he will allow me to finish this time. It builds fast, Master pushing the wand hard against my clit. I still hear zaps being fired off every few seconds, and I feel the clamps go tight every once in a while as the slut dances around trying to avoid the evil electric shocks. Still, it is faint to me. The blood is pounding in my head, my heart racing, and all my focus is on the sensation of the wand against my very sensitive clit. It’s building, fast, faster. My breathing is hoarse, my eyes closed tight as the sensation rips through my body.

“Master….oh fuck. Master, please can your slave cum for you. Ohhhhh, FUCCKKK! Please MASTER!!” I am barely holding on. It’s built inside of me so much now. I know I am going to pop if I can’t release it.

“Five……four……three….” Not the countdown, SHIT!! “Two….one…..NOW!!” And I scream out as I release, my body spasms hard and I feel my juices squirt out of me as I convulse in wave after wave of pleasure. There is suddenly more pressure as Master quickly jerks the plug out of my tight ass, which causes me to peak yet again and I cry out loudly once more. “OH FUCK!!!! YES!!!” I can distantly feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs, but really could care less. The wand is suddenly gone, and Master’s hot mouth replaces it, swirling and flicking his tongue rapidly over my engorged clit. Again I peak, even harder. “YESSSSS!!! SOOO GOOD!!!!”

I vaguely hear the slut cry out and somehow I are aware that I have completely lost my balance and the nipple clamps are pulled extremely tight, but again I don’t care at the moment as it somehow is just adding to the pleasure that is ripping through me over and over again. I drift on that orgasmic high for what seems to last forever, but then I finally come back to earth as Master’s mouth leaves my over sensitive clit. In a flash the clamps are gone and I cry out as the painful pressure on my nipples is released. The slut does much the same a few seconds later. We both slump back, the only thing keeping me upright in my case are my hands tied to the beam above my head. So drained…and yet I know this isn’t the end yet.

My suspicions are confirmed as Master begins to undo the rope that keeps my hands tied to the beam. I open my eyes all the way and notice that the slut is already over on the bed lying down on her back with her head in the middle of the bed and her feet towards the headboard. I distantly register that she no longer is wearing her cuffs. I get my feet more firmly under me as the rope holding my cuffs in place comes undone. I feel the stiffness in my arms as I lower them. Active sex can be very demanding on one’s body as I have come to learn. Master gently leads me over to the bed and has me lie down on it with my head beside the sluts but my legs facing the opposite direction of hers as he finishes removing my own cuffs.

I close my eyes, enjoying for a moment just the simple fact that I am horizontal and can let my muscles relax a bit. That is one thing that Master is always very good about. He may do a lot of demanding things to my body, but he tries very hard to never leave me in an especially demanding and strenuous position for too long without giving me a break. I drift for a moment or two, and somewhere I become distantly aware that Master is getting undressed. I wonder for a brief second what is coming next, but then I feel the bed shift a bit as Master joins the two of us on the mattress. I open my eyes and take in the sight of him naked.

He is well built for a man in his early 40′s. Years of service in the military have left his almost six foot frame in very fit condition. His muscles, although not huge, are very well defined. His blue eyes are bright and seem to always gaze into my soul whenever he looks at me. His brown hair is short, again kept in a standard military cut. Of course the most noticeable thing is his hard seven inch cock which is standing out in all its glory as he maneuvers himself gently over both of us, placing his knees one to either side of each of our heads.

“Now both of you, suck my hard cock.” I glance at her for a brief moment, and then quickly open my mouth and engulf Master’s hard dick all the way. I swallow him down whole, the position not the best but determined to please him. At least I have a bit of an advantage here as I am lying down facing up the front of Master’s body so as I raise my head up to engulf his manhood it is much more natural. The slut unfortunately will be lifting her head up and right into Master’s ass.

I lower my head back some and then quickly rise up once more, determined to deep throat Master’s hard cock as best I can. I can feel my gag muscle kick in, but I ignore it while I continue I hold his cock deep in my mouth and work my tongue along the underside of it.

“Yes, my pet, just like Master likes it. Fuck you suck cock so good.” I finally back off and then begin eagerly bobbing my head up and down rapidly, swirling my tongue up and around the head of his dick several times.

“Now don’t be greedy, let our new playmate have a try.” I release Master’s cock from my mouth and the slut quickly captures it with her mouth. She bobs up and down a few times, but the position is more awkward for her. She pulls her mouth off of it and swirls her tongue all around the head while gazing into my eyes. I lean over and also start licking up and down his dick, my tongue running into hers on several occasions. We French kiss deeply at one point, and then I go back to sucking Master’s cock deep into my mouth as she sucks first one nut and then the other into her mouth.

For several minutes this goes on, one of us sucking Master’s hard cock while the other licks and sucks on his balls or licks even further back in between his legs. “Fuck, you two are very good at this. I bet you could make me cum if I let you continue it….but now I want something else. With that Master is off the bed. I watch as he walks over to the toy shelf and grabs up one of my favorite things…the riding crop.

“Both of you spread your legs.” We both instantly comply.

“So here is the game. I’m going to use this on both of you. The first one to cry out in any way, shape, or form, gets to have their tongue buried in the other one’s tight little asshole. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.” I quickly reply. The slut responds with just a simple head nod.

“I asked you a question, slut, and I expect a response.” Master grabs the slut around the neck tightly and gets right into her face.

“Yes…..M-M-Master.” She finally responds in her timid little voice.

“That’s better, but only my slave calls me Master. You are not worthy of that and may call me sir, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, now let’s begin.” And with that the riding crop lands with a sharp sting on my right nipple. So caught off-guard am I that I almost cry out in response, but instead I just grit my teeth and bare it. Next the riding crop lands on the slut’s right nipple. I watch her stiffen but she takes it without a sound. Then onto my left nipple. I am more prepared this time and don’t even flinch. I have always loved the riding crop. It hurts, but the sting is good and I look forward to when Master use it on me. Onto her left nipple. Again she handles it. Then back to me, several quick blows starting just below my tits and going down the middle of my stomach. The fire it leaves is exquisite. Still not a word, although I really wanted to moan a bit. The same is done to the slut. Again no response.

For several minutes the game continues. Master uses the crop all the way down each leg, onto my feet which is always a sensitive spot, then back up the inside of each leg. Up onto my pubic mound. The slut gets the same treatment, but neither her nor I make a sound. I know Master is very excited as his hard cock bobs just a mere inch or two away from my face. I’m being bad in that every now and then I exhale hard and make sure my hot breath washes across his cock. No noise escapes me as I do this, but he eyeballs me several times just the same. Sometimes it’s the small victories that count the most.

“Keep it up, slave.” And with that he lands the crop right on top of my clit. Oh the fire, the sting. So sharp and sudden, but oh so good. I hold my breath for I know that I want to moan so badly. Another slap, but this time on the slut in what I assume is the same spot. I glance her way and see her face screwed up tight.

“Hmm, okay. If you two can get through this last part, I will be nice enough to give you a present and lick both of your tight little assholes instead.” And with that announcement I feel the riding crop land back on my clit, and then rapidly start thrumming against my clit. Short blows, no real power, but the heat and sting is still there. I don’t know if I can hold out, it’s so much, feels so good. Ten blows, fifteen….twenty. I am going to scream…twenty-five….and then it stops. My clit is throbbing.

And then I hear the same treatment on the slut. I hear her suck her breath in. Ten, her eyes are screwed shut tight. Fifteen, her mouth is open but she makes not a sound. Twenty….”OH FUCK!!” she screams out… and the assault on her clit stops. I smile. Guess I get to feel her tongue on my ass after all.

“Well don’t just lay there, slave. Get up and straddle her face.” I roll over and get up quickly, moving into position so that I can look down and see her eyes while I sit down on her face.

“No, I said your tight little asshole, not your pussy, my pet. She will have much better access to that if you spin around the other direction.” I quickly comply although I am a bit disappointed. I was kind of looking forward to looking into her eyes as she ate me out. As I settle in though I quickly forget about that as I feel her tongue begin to lick around my asshole. She definitely knows what to do as I feel her hands spread my cheeks apart and her tongue first circles and then plunges inside of my tight ass.

“So, does that feel good, my pet?” I reply with a simple moan. “Good, now let me know if she stops.” With that Master once again holds up the electric zapper with an evil grin. I smile back but it quickly turns into another moan as I feel the slut’s tongue lick rapidly back and forth from the bottom of my cunt to my asshole and back. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling, especially as her tongue once again plunges into my tight ass, like a very wet, miniature dick.

“Yes, I can tell she must be doing a very good job by the look on your face, my pet.” I open my eyes back up and watch as Master climbs back up onto the bed….and positions himself in between the slut’s legs. I shiver as my mind races suddenly to what is about to happen. Once again I feel the jealousy in me rise a bit, but I can’t deny that a part of me want’s to watch as Master’s hard cock glides into her pussy. Master lifts her legs up and then looks into my eyes. “Take her legs, slave, and hold them up for me.”

I do as he asks, grabbing her ankles and holding them up high. “That’s it, now spread them open so that you have a good view, that’s it.” The slut obviously knows something is about to happen as her tongue intensifies it efforts, working itself deep into my ass. I moan in response right as Master finishes positioning himself and then slowly thrusts forward, burying his hard cock to the hilt inside her cunt.

There is a muffled moan from between my legs, followed almost immediately by that all too distinctive zap as Master grabs the electric prod up and ignites it right on the bottom of her left foot. “Shut up, slut! You are not to enjoy this. You are merely here for my pleasure and my slave’s pleasure. Now keep licking that tight ass of hers. If you cum I will punish you even more, is that understood?”

Once again a muffled “Mhmm,” comes from in between my legs. I feel her tongue once again begin moving back and forth over my asshole, the bottom of my pussy, over that sensitive skin in between the two. I moan and it deepens into an animalistic groan as Master starts to slowly thrust deeply in and out of the slut’s pussy. I glance up and capture Master’s eyes with my own. The jealousy is there as always, but I can’t deny to myself how turned on I have become. It’s like this every time. There is always that little voice in the back of my mind telling me that Master is mine, but I have learned to overlook that in favor of the passion and lust that explodes in me whenever Master fucks another woman. I once again look down and moan even louder as I watch his cock continue to thrust deeply in and out of her obviously very wet pussy considering her juices completely cover his hard dick.

I continue to hold her legs up and out. The rapid rise and fall of her chest gives testament to how hard she is breathing. I am sure some of that is due to me straddling her face as she continues to bath my ass and pussy with her tongue, but it is undeniable that most of it is from the feeling of a hard cock fucking her sopping wet pussy. Master’s pace is long and deep, but nowhere near fast. I know for a fact that he could keep that up for a very long time.

“Is she doing a good job, slave?” Master asks as he continues his slow, deep thrusts in and out of her.

“Yes, Master. Her tongue feels very good.” I respond, finally tearing my gaze away from his hard cock as it continues its motions. I look into his eyes and we both smile at each other.

“Good, now let go of her legs.” I do as he commands, and then he leans forward a bit and beckons me to do the same with a nod of his head. Our lips met, mouths open, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. I eagerly thrust my tongue against his. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on….well maybe when I had my first experience with two hard cocks thrusting in and out of me, but this is definitely a close second.

Master breaks the kiss and quickly grabs me by the hair, forcing my head down. I know in a split second what he is wanting as my head makes contact with the sluts pubic mound. The shift in my body has taken my ass out of her reach and I can hear her moaning loudly as Master’s cock continues thrusting in and out of her cunt relentlessly….which is now very easy to see as it is happening inches away from my eyes.

“I said no cumming, slut.” Zap goes the prod once again, this time into her thigh, and then another on the other thigh. She shrieks out in pain, but it turns quickly into a moan as Master continues to fuck her deep and hard. “If you can’t reach her tight little asshole anymore, you better start eating her pussy instead.

Now it is my turn to moan as her tongue dives in and circles my clit. Her hands reach up and literally pull my ass down further so that she can more easily access my very wet pussy. I gasp out loudly as her tongue picks up pace, rapidly flicking over my clit.

“Sounds like you are enjoying that…maybe you should return to the favor.” I respond without a thought, lowering my head a bit further and, trying hard to keep my head out of the way of Master’s thrusting pelvis, I extend my tongue out and start to circle her clit with it. At this point there is really nothing left except for hot, pure sexual pleasure. I know somewhere that I should still feel some jealousy, but it seems to have melted away. All I can think about is my throbbing cunt being licked and sucked on, Master’s hard cock a mere inch away from my face being buried over and over as deep as he can go in this hot little slut’s cunt, and my tongue flicking back and forth over her clit.

She is getting close, I can tell. Her moans are deeper, longer, and her tongue is becoming erratic. Suddenly she slams her mouth fully into my cunt and buries her tongue deep inside me, thrusting it back and forth and actually hitting my g-spot with it a few times. I groan loudly as this almost pushes me over the edge. She continues her assault and, try as I might, I am now the one losing control. My body flashes hot as my orgasm starts to build rapidly. Master suddenly picks up his pace, shoving my head out of the way a little in the process.

“Is she going to make you cum, my pet?”

“OHHHH, Fuck. Master her tongue feels so good. I’m going to cuuuuuuummmmm!!!” I announce.

“Good, fucking cum all over that sluts face. Cum nice and hard and make her lick all your sweet juices up.” This does it somehow. Master giving me permission like that makes it all just boil up and erupt through me. I scream out loudly and feel my body convulse hard as my orgasm rips through me. The slut moans from in between my legs as my juices begin to flow out of me and her tongue goes into overdrive as she tries to keep up. Her tongue keeps thrusting up into me, over and over again, occasionally coming back out to flick several times quickly over my clit. I shriek yet again as I peek once more.

And then there is suddenly Master’s hand in my hair yet again, pulling my head up a little as he suddenly thrusts his hard cock into my mouth. I am still moaning, but somehow I seal my lips around his cock and suck deep and hard.

“Yes, suck it!!!” His voice is loud and rough. “Suck her juices off my hard cock. I know you like it.” He thrusts hard into my mouth, burying himself all the way in to the point that I gag, but to be honest I don’t care as the slut continues her assault on my throbbing pussy. Over and over Master thrusts himself into my mouth as I continue to moan around it, not even attempting to work my tongue around his hard cock the way he likes it. I can’t focus and as his cock pistons in and out of my mouth I don’t really care. Her mouth latches hard onto my clit, sucking it into her mouth and I scream out loudly as yet another orgasm rips through me.

“Yes, that’s it, cum nice and hard.” Master’s cock is suddenly gone from my mouth and I feel him move away. With my mouth empty I moan even louder, my cries of pleasure echoing throughout the room. My body convulses hard several times and I am quite sure that the poor slut eating me out has a very wet face from how fast my juices are flowing out of my overheated cunt. Slowly I begin to come back down.

Master’s hand is back in my hair once more as he shoves my head back down. “Don’t forget to return the favor. I eagerly bury my head between her legs and begin to lick and suck on her thoroughly hot and wet pussy. Her juices are everywhere after the through fucking that Master gave her. She must have had an orgasm at some point to be this wet, but she obviously hid it well. I reposition myself slightly so that the two of us are better lined up in a true 69.

“Now that is hot. I bet you two are just loving the feeling of each other’s tongues on each other’s hot, wet cunts, aren’t you?” We both moan in response. Suddenly the spot light is on I and I stiffen for a split second in response. “Please, continue. This is way too hot a moment to pass up.” I smirk to myself. Figures, guy. Two women eating each other out is obviously something that needs to be recorded and viewed again in the future. I don’t mind anymore, knowing that the only two people who will ever see it will be Master and me.

I once again start to lick and suck on her pussy as she does the same to me. She mimics my every move. I circle her clit with my tongue, and she does the same. I then lick down the length of her lips and thrust my tongue into her, and once again she copies me. Back to her clit and I flick my tongue rapidly over it. She moans loudly but responds in the same manner. I too moan and think to myself, “If I could eat my own pussy, this is what it would be like.” We both go at it for several minutes, with Master completely out of the picture. He is probably standing to one side watching, recording his video, and most of all enjoying the show.

Suddenly he grabs my right hand and pulls it behind my back where I feel the very distinct sensation of the Velcro cuffs being wrapped around my wrist. I position myself quickly to allow my other arm to be free, as sure enough he begins to grab for it. Within seconds my arms are secured behind my back, useless. This throws my balance off a bit, but I adjust so that I can continue to eat the slut’s sweet pussy as best I can. A small part of me realizes the spot light is still going…which means whatever is about to happen next is going to be recorded too. I pull my head up and quickly glance around. Oh boy, he went all out, two tri-pods up, one to either side of the bed, so that he could record everything. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he had a third one going too that was somewhere behind me that I just can’t see from my position.

SMACK. Fire seeps into my ass as Master lands a stinging slap across it. “Stop worrying about the cameras, slave, and focus on making that slut underneath you cum. You need to make her cum seeing as she is doing such a good job.”

I then feel the bed sink a bit behind me. “Suck it slut. Get it all nice and wet because it’s going in my slave’s ass.” I can’t see anything at this point, but the sudden absence of her mouth on my cunt tells me that she must be sucking on Master’s dick. I try to peer back between our bodies a bit, but another sharp slap on the ass quickly changes my mind. “I’m pretty sure I just told you to lick her cunt and make her cum, slave.” Another stinging slap on my ass. “Now get to it.” I quickly go back to work, burying my mouth onto her pussy and licking for all I am worth.

I hear a muffled moan as my tongue and mouth rapidly work over her clit. Obviously she is still busy sucking Master’s cock which is made even more obvious by the noticeable slurping sounds of very wet oral sex. She is definately trying to comply with Master’s wishes of getting his dick nice and wet. I then feel the very familiar sensation of lube being massaged into my tight ass. Slightly cold, but very slippery. His finger pushes and the pressure builds. I relax, exhale deeply, and suddenly his finger is deep in my ass, rubbing and massaging the lube into my tight hole. Then the finger is gone, only to return a second later with even more lube. This time his finger easily slides inside of me and I moan at the sensation. He thrusts his finger in and out a few times, and then withdraws it again.

I continue to work my tongue rapidly over her clit as I suddenly feel her mouth once again make contact with my own. My mind has a split second where it realizes that she must no longer be sucking his dick when suddenly I feel his hard cock is against my asshole, pushing, slowly. Once again I relax as best I can, which is hard with her tongue flicking rapidly back and forth over my clit. I exhale with a loud moan and suddenly Master is sliding into my ass. Slowly, but oh so very deep. Once he is in all the way I moan yet again. So full. His cock is buried in my tight ass and it feels so good, so deep.

There is another hard slap on my ass and I tighten up in response and moan yet again as my ass closes even tighter around his hard cock. “Did I tell you to stop licking her cunt?”

“Noooooo……fuck….oh.” Her tongue is moving so fast over my clit. His cock buried in my ass so deep. I can’t think. It’s too much.

“No what?” SMACK. I gasp loudly.

“No Master….Oh, SHHHIIIITTTTT! It’s so good, Master.” SMACK. “Yes, spank MY ASSSSS!” I am going to cum and Master hasn’t even started to really fuck me yet.

Suddenly his hands are in my hair, jerking my head back hard. I cry out, but it just ignites me further.

“If you don’t make her cum, I will pull out and fuck her in the ass instead. Your choice, my pet.” He then shoves my face down hard. I eagerly begin to devour her cunt yet again. I hear her moan in response as my tongue circles and flicks and probes her clit rapidly. “That’s more like it.” And with that Master begins to fuck my ass. Long, deep strokes that completely fill me with each thrust.

The slut begins to moan loudly, her tongue trying to keep up with mine. Both of us are breathing hard now as I continue to try and concentrate on bringing her to orgasm. It’s so hard though and really not at all fair. I know she is enjoying my skills on her clit, licking up and down her very wet cunt, savoring her sweet juices. But for me it’s twice as bad, for she is returning the favor very well, me clit is on fire from what her mouth is doing to me, and then on top of it Master’s hard cock is in my ass, thrusting hard and deep, and picking up pace. His hands are on my hips, gripping them tight.

“Fuck your ass feels so good.” SMACK, he lands a solid swat on my right ass cheek. “Yeah, fucking so tight. You fucking love this don’t you?” I moan loudly and he lands another swat onto the other ass cheek. I cry out, and then bury my tongue deeply into her wet cunt. I need to make her cum quickly or I am never going to make it. Master’s hands grab me even tighter and his pace suddenly changes. He literally starts to hammer into me, withdrawing almost completely and then rapidly thrusting himself back into me.

My mind begins to fog as I feel the pressure build. It’s too much. I am going to cum and if I cum before her then she will never cum. I pull my tongue back out of her wet cunt and suction-lock my lips around her clit and flick my tongue as fast as it will go over it. She stiffens and then suddenly cries out.

“Fuck….OHHHHHHHH!!!! YESSSSS!!!! FUCK ME…..ArrrrrGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” She explodes loudly. Her pussy floods with juices but I am too far gone myself to even try to lick them up, my whole focus is to keep my tongue moving as quickly as possible over her clit that I have trapped between my lips. Her body is literally stiff as a board, her thighs clamping around my head.

“Yes, make that slut cum for us, my pet.” His hard cock begins to pound me now, thrusting deep and hard, and so fast. It’s so good and I can tell he is nearing his peak as well. I start to thrust my hips back to meet his, our bodies slapping together with and audible smack. I finally let go of her clit as I moan loudly. Her body relaxes a bit, and then her mouth is back at it on my clit. She can’t seem to lock on the way I did, probably because I are literally thrusting myself onto Master’s hard cock now. Still her tongue is out and now each time I thrust my hips back to meet Master’s deep thrust, her tongue flicks over my clit. The faster I thrust, the more her tongue hits my clit, the more my orgasm builds, thus I begin to thrust like a person possessed.

“Yes….Oh, yeah… your tight ass feels so damn good.” Master’s voice has taken on that low growl, almost animalistic. He is so close….but so am I.

“Oh Master….fuck it. Fuck my ass good. OOOooooohhhh. Lick my pussy you fucking slut.” I am losing it. It’s building, building. So close.

“Fuck, Master is going to cum. You want me to cum in your tight fucking ass? Is that what you want my dirty little whore?”

“Yes. FUCK. YES, fuck my tight ass. It feels so GGGGoooooOOOODDD!!! FUCK ME!!! OoooOOOOOHHHHH!!! FUCK ME HARD, MASTER!!! I’m going to cum. I want you to cuuuuummm…. Oh, MY GOD. YESSSSS. CUM IN ME … Plllllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!!!!” And then I explode. My whole body goes tight for a split second and then every nerve erupts in heat and pleasure. “OOOOOOHHHHHHH SSHHHIIITTTTT. FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!!”

Master’s cock begins to thrust even harder into me as I lose the ability to move, and the slut’s mouth attempts to do what I did, sucking hard onto my clit and locking her lips around it while her tongue flicks rapidly back and forth. I peak even harder from this. “YES, EAT MY HOT CUNT. FUUuuuuuCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” The nerves that were heated up and ricocheting through my body now go white hot with so much pleasure. I scream yet again. My legs are shaking and I swear I am going to collapse fully onto the slut’s poor face, but then Master grabs ahold of my arms that are trapped behind me and it stabilizes me just enough.

And then I feel his cock harden up and I note in some distant spot that he is about to explode inside my ass. I cry out yet again in response as with a final thrust he buries himself fully into my ass. “OHHHhhhhh, YES!!! Cum inside my AAAASSSSSS!!!!” I scream out. He shouts out loudly; what, I don’t know because I am screaming my own pleasure out loud myself. His hard cock spasms inside me as he empties himself into my ass. The world is gone, there is nothing left as my body ripples a thousand times over in pleasure. I am white hot now, my body literally melting away as the intense pleasure rips me apart along every nerve in my body. I drift, so completely drained and so very thoroughly satisfied. Slowly, very slowly, my body subsides. Little aftershocks bounce through me and I jerk when I feel Master’s cock slide out of me.

Ellie Wong was watching the late night news when Alena came into the apartment.

“So, how’d your date go?” she inquired as she peeled a banana that was turning brown.

“It was okay,” Alena replied as she kicked off her shoes and plopped down in the only other chair in the room beside the couch where Ellie was sprawled, her mouth half full of banana.

“You get laid?”

“Is that really any of your business?” Alena said trying to avoid any discussion of her “date.”

“I hope you did,” her Asian roomie replied. “I love fucking; I think it helps me study better for days afterward.”

“Is that why you let those guys screw you fore and aft the other day?” Alena said caustically.

Ellie didn’t seem to mind, coming back immediately with: “I’d always wanted to try that, but you know, most guys would be kinda icky about it, you know? I mean, having another guys cock rubbing against his. And then there’s the possibility the other guy might accidently on purpose touch him with his penis. Yuck! I mean, I like the idea of two cocks buzzing around me. Even thinking about it makes me dizzy, not to mention wet, you know?”

Alena nodded in understanding and actually felt bad about throwing that situation at her roommate. But Ellie took no offense, and asked if Alena had any fresh batteries that she might use for her vibrator.

“I’m really horny and could use a nice cum, but my bats are empty and I didn’t feel up to running out to buy some. So, you got any spares. I mean, I don’t want to use yours, um, unless you don’t mind?”

Alena got up, went into her bedroom and returned a moment later to toss a pink vibrator in Ellie’s lap.

“Oh, thanks, Alena!” she chirped and took off for her room.

A few minutes later, Alena heard the unmistakable sounds of Ellie reaching a thunderous orgasm.

Alena began thinking about the possibility of teaming up with her Asian roomie as an occasional partner with certain clientele. The more she turned the possibilities over in her head, the more she liked the idea.


Alena met an interesting couple a day later. As usual she’d met them by answering an ad found on Backpage.

They told her their names were Alan and Kathy. They were a thirty-something couple and appeared to be married, but Alan knew enough by now not to assume anything about her potential clients.

“So you’re interested in find a third wheel for this coming weekend?” Alena said after their coffee arrived at the café table.

“Yes,” Kathy answered quietly, almost shyly. But under the circumstances Alena knew she was anything but shy.

“Um, Alena, right?” Alan said, interrupting Kathy, or perhaps taking over by a prearranged signal, it’s like this, there’s not much information available about threesomes.”

Alena nodded and managed to get in a simple “Yes,” before he was off and running again. “Yeah, good,’ he said acknowledging the fact that he’d gotten her name right. “So it’s like this. Orgies are simple enough to handle. People show up at a sex party prepared, at least in theory, to shed their inhibitions in exchange for a night of unbridled ecstasy. Foursomes are simple, too. Couples, for the most part, internalize their doubts and come out ready to play. Even threesomes involving a couple and a single male are similarly uncomplicated. Kathy will tell you there’s no shortage of males willing to play.

“But the classic ménage a trois—two women and one male–is another beast entirely. I feel most females view sex emotionally. She wants to be the center of attention, if only for a night. Almost without exception, the women we’ve bedded were looking for something more complex than sexual gratification, whether it was romance, friendship, or simply two people to shower them with attention. As a couple, you need to be sensitive to this dynamic.

“Oh, yeah, and you better have your own house in order, too. Jealous types need not apply, nor people looking to repair a faltering relationship. Neither partner should pressure or otherwise manipulate the other into a threesome scenario. If the two of you aren’t prepared to be completely open and honest with each other then the threesome is best left as an idle fantasy. We’ve met too many women whose past threesome experiences were ruined by unstable couples.

“Many people will tell you threesomes just happen. Well, perhaps in Penthouse Forum they do, but out in the living world you have to lay a certain foundation. It’s like dating really, unless you put yourself in the right situation and put forth some effort it won’t happen. Even when Kathy and I are at our most spontaneous, we have a certain way of approaching things.”

Alena was fascinated by his words. Had he prepared this monologue in advance, or did he have an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject from trial and error?

“Potential partners abound. That’s not the problem. The problem is most couples waste their effort on the wrong women. There isn’t really a “type” per se. We’ve dated confident, aggressive experts and shy, inexperienced debutantes. But what these women had in common was a certain curiosity, flexibility, openness, and a willingness to meet us half way. They had a playful attitude about sex and didn’t recoil in horror when the subject came up in casual conversation.”

At this point, Allan changed course, asking Alena: “What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?”

Alena took a moment to mull that over. She decided it had been the bachelor party, and told them about it in some detail.

“But are you comfortable with the idea of a threesome?”

She smiled at him, then turned to Kathy and smiled at her too. “Allan, I’m here in answer to your ad. Of course I like sex. I like all kinds of sex, and since I expect to be well paid for participating in any threesomes with you two I’ll share myself as equally as possible with both of you and leave any notions of falling for one or the other of you at the door.”

Allan and Kathy exchanged a meaningful glance as Alena continued.

“I can assure you … both, that you won’t find me bickering with either of you as long as I’m paid promptly. I realize what you’re doing is essentially a weeding out process; that’s why I’m attempting to clarify my position on threesomes. I have had experience in bi-sexual relationships. I told you earlier, I like sex. What I don’t like is being hurt unnecessarily. I won’t tolerate it. I should tell you up front that if I am mistreated I have people who will extract a terrible punishment from you on my behalf. I don’t expect that to happen, but I think you should know in the event you have something like that planned in lieu of the threesome we’re discussing.”

Of course, Alena had no such person available, but Allan and Kathy had no way of knowing that, and that fact provided Alena with all the protection she thought she needed.

“I also practice safe sex and discretion,” she added before finishing her response.

Kathy reached out and covered Alena’s hand with her own. “I like you, Alena. In fact, I’m dying to get you into my bed. I’m sure Allan is too. Now, how much would you require for this coming weekend?”

“By weekend what exactly do you mean?”

“Let’s say you come to our home around four on Saturday afternoon?”

“And when would I be leaving?”

“That would be up to you, but for our purposes, let’s say ten o’clock Sunday night.”

“That will cost you $2500,” Alena said without batting an eye.

“Two thousand even,” Kathy countered.

“All right, two even,” Alena said and stood up. She shook both their hands and accepted a card from Kathy with their address and left, feeling giddy at the prospect of making that much money for two days work.


That evening, while watching The Survivor’s with Ellie, she decided to ask her Asian roomie if she’d ever considered charging anyone for sex.

“You want to pay me to have sex with you?” Ellie blurted.

“God, no!” Alena laughed. “I meant have you ever considered, you know, prostituting yourself to supplement your income?’

Now it was Ellie’s turn to laugh. “You know every woman daydreams about it. But have I ever given serious thought to it. I’d have to say no. I have almost all the money I need, and can get more from my father with a phone call. But why do you ask?”

“A very short time ago, I was dead broke. I mean, I didn’t have a quarter to my name. I had been booted out of my apartment by my so-called boyfriend because I was late with the rent. Desperate, I answered an ad on Craig’s List. I agreed to meet him the following night, but in the meantime I was reduced to scrounging around in a garbage can for something to eat.”

“My God!” her wide-eyed roommate gasped.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly a virgin, you know? But it wasn’t anything like I had done before.”

“He raped you?”

“Oh, no, in fact … he was very nice about things. He wanted me to masturbate, it was uncomfortable at first, but you know, you reach a certain point and really don’t give a shit who’s watching you.”

“I hear that,” Ellie said, but her face was deadly serious.

“He jerked off watching me. In fact, we sort of came together, you know?”


“And then he had me take a bath.”

“A bath?”

“And he joined me in the tub and we did it. I’d never done it like that before and I thought it so romantic that I came very hard.”

“Can … can I borrow your thingy again, Alena?”

“It’s in the right hand drawer of my dresser. Be sure to clean it good when you’re finished.”

“I will, I promise!’ she called through the door. Alena heard the batteries running before she returned to the couch and lay down.

Ten minutes later, Ellie opened the bedroom door and called out, “I’ll do it!”

“What?” Alena said, puzzled by her comment.

“I’ll be a whore with you if you want me too.”

“Okay, I’ll see what we can work out.”

“Maybe this weekend, huh?” Ellie cooed.

“Sorry, I’ve got a threesome set in concrete this weekend; maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.”

“Yeah, okay, whenever,” Ellie chirped seemingly happier than Alena had ever seen her before, even when getting laid during their mini-orgy the week before.


Eric had told her that he wanted her anally at their next tryst. So late Thursday afternoon, with Ellie off at a movie, Alena had the bathroom to herself and set out preparing herself for her anal deflowering and followed his explicit instructions.

She filled the enema bag with a quart and a half of warm water and hung it on the side of the shower. Turning over to one side, she carefully placed the tip into her anus. Taking a deep breath, Alena released the clamp and sighed as the water rushed into her. She was surprised at how fast the bag emptied into her. As instructed, she lay back and let the water do its thing. It was a strange experience, somewhat enjoyable after the initial apprehension wore off. She waited until certain the water had done its job then carefully got up out of the tub and hurried to sit on the toilet.

She tried to relax as her stomach gurgled wildly and then began the process of expelling the water. She noticed the residue in the bowel was not clear and knew she would have to repeat the enema again.

Wrapped in a towel, she walked into the bedroom and selected a text book and sat down to read a chapter or two, knowing she had at least a thirty minute wait before attempting another enema.

After the bag emptied into her, Alena lay back and slowly rubbed her belly. It made it more difficult for her to hold in but she felt that she’d get any small residue through this hybrid washing cycle.

She reached the toilet just in time, releasing almost all the fluid with the first burst from her bowels. When she examined the contents she found the water clear and gave a thin smile. “Okie dokie, Eric, like it or not, I’m as clean as I’m gonna be, here I come.”


On entering the hotel room with Eric, he had her strip and kneel on the bed with her ass up in the air. He moved behind her and spread her cheeks then sniffed.

Alena couldn’t help but giggle.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly and began to lick her anus.

“Ohhh!” a startled Alena cooed.

Eric abruptly moved away from her, wiping his mouth on his shirt sleeve. “Now let’s see how you go about your business. I’d like a little suck if you don’t mind.”

Alena didn’t mind, and deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, sliding them down his legs and letting him step out of them before tossing them casually aside. Eric pulled his shirt off and added it to the pile, revealing his still decently muscled, upper torso. Alena had to admit he was in excellent physical shape for a middle-aged man. But it was even more appreciation that she admired the formidable erection that bulged in the boxer shorts he still wore.

Alena playfully stuck out her tongue before running it up over the fabric of his boxers that still contained his jutting cock. It bobbed under Alena’s tongue and she looked up at him with a smile in her eyes as her fingers slid into the waistband and pulled his boxers down.

Eric’s hands became entwined in her hair, pulling it back from her face so that might watch her devour his cock.

Alena, now a well practiced cocksucker, slid her mouth down over him, soaking his cock with her warm saliva as she moved her head up and down on his pulsing shaft.

His hand tightened on her ponytail and she moaned. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, and Alena felt the spongy head of his cock against the back of her throat and fought the gag reflex, momentary sputtering before taking him deeper, and holding him there, looking up at him, while his hands clutched the back of her head, prolonging his pleasure.

“Fuck, you have come a long way since our first meeting,” he sighed and began a series of short thrusts into her mouth before easing himself from her mouth and allowing Alena to fill her lungs with some much needed oxygen.

Moments later her mouth was on him again, licking and sucking his slippery shaft, tasting the salty sweetness of his pre-cum in her mouth.

“Mmm…. do you suck your boyfriend’s cock like this?” he inquired with a smile.

“I don’t think I’ve ever sucked his cock the way I’m sucking yours right now,” she replied with a little grin. “But then I wasn’t a dirty slut when he and I were together.”

“Really? Is that the truth, Alena?”

“I wasn’t a virgin when we met, Eric. But then I wasn’t all that experienced either.”

“But you are experienced now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am. I have answered other ads besides yours. Several of which provided me with a virtual course on sexual practices … unusual practices.”

She moved down to lick his balls, sliding them into her mouth while stroking his wet cock with her hand. She listened to his breathing as it intensified; felt him trying to hold back from cumming.

She let his member drop from her hand and sat back on her heels, looking up at him. “Eric,” she purred, and got his attention then slid two wet fingers into her mouth, adding more saliva to them before taking his cock back into her mouth.

“What are you ….?”

Alena quickly sent the two fingers to his asshole, felt it clench at the first contact, but managed to work one in about an inch. He moaned and she tried adding the second finger, but he wouldn’t allow it and she stopped trying.

“Didn’t you like that?” She asked sweetly.

“A little,” he rasped. “I liked it a little, but just a little.”

“Suck me some more,” he gasped as the finger returned to his anus.

Alena needed no further encouragement, taking him deep down her throat and humming, the vibrations from which she well knew would add greatly to the fellating she was about to finish.

Alena kept humming until she felt his cock pulse twice, then she began rapidly jabbing her finger in and out of his ass.

He groaned, “My wonderful slut!”

Sucking furiously, Alena gurgled a reply while adding the other finger to his ass. Eric’s body twitched and he started to cum.

Knowing what he wanted, Alena yanked him from her mouth and directed the next two fusillades of sperm at her face, splattering across her left eyelid, the bridge of her nose, and the tip of her tongue.

When he was finished cumming, Eric wiped his cock off on her breasts and told her to turn over. Alena obliged him, and he swung his leg over her so that he was facing her body. He moved up to allow her hands to grip his muscular ass and spread the cheeks.

“Alena … you know ….”

She knew all right. She pressed her tongue against Eric’s asshole, felt it tense in expectation of its slithering into him. Knowing it would heighten everything, she made him wait, her tongue poised to strike like a snake’s fangs, and then just when he began to think she’d had second thoughts about doing him, she sent her tongue stealthily into his asshole.


Alena licked and sucked at his anus until too tired to move her jaw.

Eric had been very receptive to her innovative actions, returning the favor as it were by leaning across her body to play with her clit and run his fingers through her juicy slit until she was nearing an orgasm.

Eric groaned, “Alena my great ass licking slut. I absolutely adore you. I….”

But he stopped and never finished the sentence.

“Oh, look,” Alena cried, “My old man is hard for me!”

And he was, fully erect and ready to fuck.

“I’ve never fucked your ass, Alena.”

“I know, I’ve saved it for you,” she lied. “Please go easy on me, I understand it can hurt.”

“You like being my whore, don’t you,” he murmured hotly into her ear.

He moved behind her and she braced herself on her forearms and buried her face in a pillow.

“Raise up a little more,” he said.

Alena lifted her ass to a higher level and took a deep breath. She was expecting a sudden assault, but Eric liked her too much for that. He knew how to deflower an anus and took pains to alleviate the normal suffering encountered in most anal deflowerings by sinking his cock into her pussy, covering his shaft with her juices as he leisurely fucked her from behind.

Alena moaned when his thumb pressed firmly against her rosebud. He increased the speed of his thrusts, enjoying the sight of Alena’s tits bouncing and jiggling from the pounding he was providing.

“Ugh … ugh … ugh!” Alena gasped, reveling his varied angle technique that brought his penis into contact with a different part of her cunt with each stroke.

His thumb finally invaded her asshole and she bit down on her lower lip, drawing blood. Alena realized she was incredibly turned on; perhaps more than she’d ever been before. She told herself: This man is unique as a lover. And he’s paying me to partner with hi, I should be paying him!

Finally she felt the soft, spongy tip of Eric’s cock pressing against her virgin hole. In all other circumstances, Alena would have tensed up, but the dirty sensuality of the moment, had her pushing back against his cock. His hands caressed her hips, gripping them tightly as he sent his cock into her darkest depths.

Alena began to count as he worked it deeper. “Sixty-four … sixty-five … I can’t believe how long it’s taking!” Then it occurred to her that if he hurried things it might hurt a hell of a lot more than the slight pain she was now feeling.

At the three minute mark, Alena realized he was completely immersed in her ass. The tight burn, present from the first, had all but dissipated, and she sighed then took a deep breath.

“So you know I’m all the way in, do you?”

“Yes … all the way in,” she said repeating his words.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels so good, surprisingly good.”

“Now I’m going to fuck you.”

He began by using long, slow strokes, gradually building speed.

Alena’s eyes glazed over as the idea of being completely filled with a cock took over. She instinctively began clenching and unclenching her ass muscles.

Introduction: Last summer I was contacted by a reader who enjoyed my writings as well as my style. She requested a story covering many taboos along with many of her fantasies. Our correspondence helped me gain insight into her desires. Likewise, she gained a bit of insight about this writer.

One of my stories, “The Coffee Shop,” turned her on with the thought of Barbara and Russ taking her.

Time demands from work and family (the nerve) made writing this story a prolonged work. My apologies to my fan, whom I have renamed, Pet Kari…..

It is written from two perspectives to allow the thoughts of fantasies of each woman to come forward……



Barbara’s perspective……..


Everything started about a year ago when I met this most wonderful man, Russ Gilbert, at our local coffee shop. (You can read the whole story of our meeting in his submission entitled The Coffee Shop.)

My name is Barbara Hayes. I am in my early 50s and still quite fit. Some women won’t reveal their age, but I am very much a realist.

In case you haven’t read Russ’ story, I am a natural red head, and plan to stay that way via the magic of my stylist. I love the contrast of my shaggy, layered locks against my creamy white skin. Russ finds it to be very erotic and always becomes aroused when he sees me naked.

As he puts it, “There is something about your long, thick nipples and pink areolas that drive me wild. Or is it your smooth mound with your little wisp of red hair that sends me over the edge?” Either way, his arousal gets me aroused, which often causes a spontaneous round of lust.

To say our relationship is built on sex has some merit. Both of us had “interesting” past lives in which sex was non-existent and/or taboo. However, neither of us stopped pursuing our needs. My trysts led to the break-up of my marriage, and Russ’ took him into the depths of the professional community.

When we met, we were both finally in a position to seek the life style we craved. As fate would have it, we were instantly attracted to one another. It turned out to be a whirlwind week of conversation and dinners, ending with two days of deeply passionate and kinky sex.

Having been in relationships before, we knew this was special. We clicked socially, professionally, as well as sexually. Both of us are Bi, with me being more attracted to my sex than Russ is to his. He wasn’t the type to go to bars looking for a guy, but he loves the interaction when we are involved with another couple or when I choose someone to join us.

On the other hand, I love women; probably a bit more than men….although that is too close to call. I love the soft, smoothness of their bodies, the tenderness of their kiss, the wetness of their vagina, the receptiveness of their nipples, as well as their makeup and fashion. It’s been said that women dress and primp for other women, and I believe this is true, and I choose my look accordingly.

My style typically includes bronze and copper tones, black eye-liner, and coordinated lip and nail colors. When I go with orange shades for my lips and nails, it always turns heads. Those are the shades and tones which bring life to my hazel eyes and red locks.

Clothing wise, I love a blouse that reveals a bit of my 38-B+s. I am not too top heavy, so my revealing sends the message I’m showing on purpose. As for the rest of my attire, something to complement my 38, 28, 38 frame, be it tailored slacks or a tapered skirt.

Guys always look, that’s expected. But when a woman looks, and gives me that lingering glance, I instantly become aroused and get creamy. I love to seduce women and lure them into my sexual web of lust. It is so erotic to tap into their hidden fantasies and make them reveal their locked up desires.

By nature, I am dominate. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being guided through a session of passion (again, read the Coffee Shop). However, I am usually the aggressor, the leader, the person to take charge in most everything I do. It is so arousing to plan-out a tryst.

Both Russ and I crave role-play and the deeper, darker side of kink.

The men and women that catch our attentions are those who also send a message with their looks. We lean towards the well-groomed, and not today’s ‘scruffy look.’ A man’s face with three days of whiskers between my thighs is irritating in many ways. Clean-shaven is my taste.


As Russ wrote in the Coffee Shop, we have been together for a year. It took about three months before we moved in together. Our families had to meet. Yes, even parents need the approval of their kids in matters of the heart–just so they don’t think we are out of our minds. Having hid behind vanilla existences for years, we knew exactly what to say, and how to gain our kids’ approvals.

We both passed with flying colors.

Since Russ’ town house was free and clear and I rented, it made sense for me to move in with him. In less than a month, I was able to transform his place from tastefully manly, to exquisitely feminine. Russ says I have an eye for style and he was very pleased with my changes.

The most intriguing change was the basement. We wanted a play space for “special” activities and since it was unfinished, it was the logical place to put one. The only problem was going to be family. What happens when they visit? Our kids may or may not understand….but what happens when there are grandchildren?

So we got clever. Being somewhat a handyman, Russ partitioned the basement into three sections. The family room was directly at the bottom of the stairs. It had the windows, sliding doors to the outside patio, and enough area that no one would be overly curious about the rest of the basement.

Still, if someone was curious, the room behind the family room was our office where Russ would work on his software projects, pay bills, etc. Since there was a first floor laundry room, no one would have a reason to go into this ‘Keep Out’ area.

Behind that was our “special” playroom, which we called the Cathedral.

You entered through a sliding bookcase in the office—yes, the kind you see in the movies, but this one was password protected and controlled via a networked computer. (As Russ is a former engineer turned teacher still dabbling in software development, he geeked out on this project—clever man!)

The inside was done in a gothic underground style complete with altar, cages, slings, racks, a hoist, and an immersion style well made from a hot tub. The room walls, as well as the outside of the tub, were covered with an actual stone veneer. The tops of the altar and immersion well were smoothed textured limestone. This gave an ancient, ritualistic feel to our activities.

A special stone textured paint was used to cover and coat the bottom and sides of the well. “No-slip” strips were on the bottom, making it perfect for all types of fluid and toilet play. We adore this type of kink and I am a heavy gusher when I cum as well.

The Cathedral was stocked with a vast assortment of implements ranging from the simple to the complex. Although the room wasn’t ultra large, it could accommodate six to eight players comfortably or should I say uncomfortably. We even had three Sybians for group activities; more on this later on.


Over the past few months, I’ve had my eye on a new co-worker of mine. Her name is Kari Pointer, a senior level manager for our pharmaceutical company. We are essentially peers but in different lines. I’ve known about her for years, but it wasn’t until she transferred into our Chicago office that I met her.

Her reputation in the Boston office was that of a bitch. Great! Everyone loves working for a bitch or any type of person that makes life miserable. I didn’t know why she had the reputation but I kept an eye on her…for a number of reasons.

First, she was very attractive. Kari was the type of woman who made me cream just by looking at her. She had shoulder length blond hair, bright blue eyes and stood about 5’6″, a couple of inches shorter than me. Kari bore a strong resemblance to Elizabeth Rohm with the exception of the bust line. She was a generous 36 D…a very lovely 36 D I might add.

At meetings, Kari was always on top of things. Nothing slipped by. If something was due, she asked about it. If it wasn’t available, she asked why. Kari was direct, but not wrong. She could use a lesson in being a bit softer with her fellow workers, but she was effective in her role.

We chatted a few times early on, but nothing extensive. I did notice however, her lingering looks when she thought I wasn’t watching. Although she was all business at the office, there was an air about her that told me she might possibly be bi or gay.

At company gatherings, she never flirted with any of the men, who constantly hit on her. She always kept any conversation very business-like. I felt like she was hiding something.

Given her looks, demeanor and confidence, I guessed her age to be about 10 years younger than me….somewhere in her early forties.

One afternoon, I needed a couple copies of a contract and went to the copy room. Kari was there making a few copies of something. We said hello, but before I could start a conversation, our local office ‘Romeo’ came in.

“Ladies,” he said in a ‘look what I’ve found’ manner, “to what do I owe this honor? Betty, looking sharp and sexy as always.” His eyes ran up and down my torso, as he mentally fucked me. I gave him a ‘get lost’ look.

“Now, this must be the lovely Kari Pointer.”

He wasn’t lying when he said Kari looked lovely. She was wearing a sleeveless dark yellow blouse with a black crepe A-line skirt. Her smooth blonde locks brushed the top of her blouse, and the crepe clung seductively to her nicely shaped buttocks.

Romeo was now standing next to her, making ever so slight rotations of his hips. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am…..”

Kari cut him off at the knees.

“I know who you are. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of adding your name to this sexual harassment report I am about to file with HR. Now you have a choice, leave now or your name goes onto this report.”

Kari was pointing to the document she was copying. Her look was stone cold and it worked. The jerk left without making another sound.

“Wow,” was my response. “You took care of him in a hurry.”

A little smirk crossed her face as she continued copying her document. It wasn’t a harassment report, just a standard contract. “Men are such asses. They think with the wrong head. They don’t have a clue what women want or need.”

This was the first time I saw any glimpse of outside life in Kari. I took advantage of the opening.

“Sounds like the voice of experience talking,” I replied adding a hint of question to my voice.

Kari looked at me as if she was going to spew forth the history behind her story. Her mouth opened but she caught herself saying, “That’s a conversation for a later time.”

Again an opening….”How about tonight after work. Say 6:30 at Ernesto’s?”

Kari paused, turning her head towards me. You could see a million thoughts running through her mind. Before she had a chance to say anything, I added…”My treat. It’s sort of a ‘Welcome to Chicago” thing. I’ve wanted to invite you for drinks for a while now, but I never got the chance.”

Kari blushed, got just a tiny bit flustered, but smiled saying, “Sure, I’d like that.” This was not the same cold bitch that just took the office Romeo out at the knees. This was a shyer woman, a bit passive.

A number of thoughts crossed my mind as I finalized our plans with a “Great, I’ll see you then.” Not wanting to enter into a prolonged conversation, I left without copying my document. I went to another machine, made my copies and spent the rest of the day in a pre-occupied state of mind.


Kari’s perspective……..


The move/transfer to Chicago was brutal. I spent years in Boston and had developed a network of friends that would be impossible to replace. Even though Chicago was a bigger market with more opportunities both professionally and socially, my lifestyle wasn’t something I could simply pick-up and transfer.

I had a number of personalities in Boston. No, it wasn’t Schizophrenia, but rather I had a professional persona, a social persona, and a sexual persona. It took years before my social and sexual persona ever crossed paths, and they never crossed over into my professional life.

My professional was very important to me for a number of reasons: 1) I wasn’t married; 2) I wasn’t ever going to be married; 3) Any relationship I had certainly wasn’t going to change my marital status at work. By now, you should be thinking that I am a Lesbian. It’s true but with a twist.

I’m a 90/10 Lesbian. What this means is simple. Ninety percent of the time I am attracted to women, but there are times (say ten percent) when I crave and need cock. It may seem a bit odd, but the understanding comes in my statement of being attracted to women versus craving and needing cock.

I’ve had relationships with guys, but they just didn’t work out. There was no spark, no jump, no excitement. Women on the other hand turn me on all the time. I am drawn to older, classier, more sophisticated women. I am putty in the hands of a woman who takes control; and I might add, an older, classier, take-charge man captures me much in the same way.

At work, I have the reputation of being a bitch. I demand much from my co-workers, but there is nothing I ask that I wouldn’t expect from myself. So being a bitch is probably just the catchall phrase for being a bit of an ice queen with my fellow employees.

I consider myself attractive with blonde hair, blue eyes, and striking features. However, the size of my breasts, generous Ds, always brings out the lechers. If I had a dollar for every time a guy hit on me, I wouldn’t need to work. Furthermore, since guys aren’t my first preference, it’s easy to kill any come-ons at work, and keep things focused on the tasks at hand.

Ironically, the first person I saw in Chicago was Barbara Hayes. On my first day in the new office, she was walking in a few feet in front of me. She embodied everything I found attractive in another woman—style, grace, looks, control. And she was a bit older which really turned me on.

As it turns out we were peers, but in other departments. She was more senior that I, but we often went to the same meetings, as well as work functions. Barbara was different than me in that she seemed to enjoy the come-ons from co-workers, both men and women.

She had an aura about her that was simply sensual. It was as if people knew she craved sex, but at the same time, they knew it wasn’t going to be with them. Barbara made people feel good when they hit on her. She seemed to take it as a compliment.

In meetings, other senior managers seemed a bit intimidated by my style. Barbara was the exception. She listened to what I had to say and answered appropriately. Nothing seemed to fluster her. Missed deadlines were simply that, missed deadlines. There was always a logical reason for everything.

Her style made others envious, but in a good way. That’s why she was a senior manager with a good chance of making it higher up in the company.

Every time I saw her, I wanted her. She turned me on so much; I had trouble maintaining self-control. From time to time she would catch me watching her. Barbara would simply smile and continue with whatever she was doing.

As fate would have it, we were both in the copy center when Gerry What’s-His-Name, God’s Gift to the Planet, hit on both of us at the same time. Barbara gave him the typical brush off, but I took him out at the knees. I made a little comment about guys, and the next thing I know, Barbara asked me out for drinks.

I accepted on the spot and have to admit my comments were a bit of a come on. Barbara knew it too. She also knew exactly how to handle it.

The rest of the day I was a mess in anticipation.


Barbara’s perspective……..


At the end of the day, I called Russ. I had to leave a message telling him I was going out for cocktails with an interesting ‘female co-worker.’ I knew that would get his attention. Going to the rest room, I freshened my make-up and did a quick brush out on my hair. For having worked all day, I looked pretty good.

I arrived at Ernesto’s around 6:15 and Kari was already there, sitting at one of the patio tables. It was a beautiful day, sunny and a perfect 75 degrees. Kari was ordering a white wine when I showed up and I ordered the same. Our waitress was a cute, young girl with nice curves. Both Kari and I gave her a second glance.

Our conversation started off about work, her transfer and how she was getting accustomed to Chicago. When our wines arrived, I toasted Kari, welcoming her to Chicago. The wine was excellent and we had the first one down in no time.

After the second glass arrived, I broke the ice by asking about her comment that men think with the wrong head.

Kari gave a little smile of disbelief as she shook her head saying, “I don’t know what it is about men? They seem to think that women are simply here for their needs. And the more attractive the woman, the more men think all they want is sex.”

Her point was well made. After years of being hit on, I knew the type of guy she was referencing. I nodded my understanding as she continued.

“Men just don’t understand the needs of a woman. It’s all about…” Kari hesitated as if searching for the right words. Blushing a bit, she reached for her wine saying, “….their cocks.”

Kari’s words didn’t reflect hatred, but rather disappointment.

“That’s why they need to be trained,” came my simple response.

This caused Kari to give me an inquisitive look while asking, “I take it you love men then?”

“Of course I love men. I love women too.” I made sure I was looking into Kari’s eyes as I spoke. There was slight shift in her body, telling me I piqued her interest.

“My approach is to ensure I am fulfilled as well as my partner. You are right, most guys will cum and run; if you let them. They need to be taught how to make love to a woman, as well as what a woman needs. This means the woman must understand her wants, needs, and fantasies first.”

Kari’s reply was telling. “There’s the issue with me. Your approach is for the woman to be the aggressor. That’s simply not me. After being in control all day, I just want to turn everything over to someone else. When a guy uses me, it’s so disappointing. That’s why I usually reject them.”

“So how do you take care of your needs?” My question was direct. I was going to find out about Kari’s preferences.

She seemed ready to talk about them as well. Blushing, she mumbled her one word answer, “Vibrators.” I picked up on the plural.

I asked Kari if she ever used “vibrators” while she was with a guy, and she nodded her head no. Kari then interrupted my questions with one of her own.

“Betty, a moment ago you said that you love women too. Does that mean you are…um…?”

“A lesbian,” I interjected. Kari’s head and shoulders moved in yes-no-I guess so fashion.

“Not in the pure sense of the word. Both Russ, my partner, and I are very bi. However, I could easily go without cock for a few days.”

The phrase ‘a few days’ made Kari chuckle.

“I love the feel, the touch, and the tenderness of a woman, as much as I enjoy the thickness, fullness, and cum of a cock. There is a difference however. When I am with a woman, I am making love to the entire being; while with a guy, it’s often just his cock that matters. The exception is again my partner, Russ.”

I could sense Kari’s thoughts were spinning. The atmosphere was becoming lusty. Our conversation was charged while our surroundings remained the same. It was turning me on to no end to be speaking so openly with Kari. My natural aggressiveness was at work and Kari was “turning everything over” to me.

What Kari didn’t realize was my plan for her was so much more than a straightforward Sapphic experience.

“What makes Russ so special,” Kari asked with a true sense of interest.

“It’s a bit of a story,” I said with an inquiring tone.

“I’d love to hear it,” was Kari’s quick reaction.

With that I proceeded to tell her the story of the “Coffee Shop;” complete with details about our pasts, Russ’ website, the seduction, the roles, being restrained, the purification, taking Russ, our explorations, our town house, and the things we both enjoyed.

Kari adjusted her position so often, I thought she was going to start fingering herself right there. Our waitress kept our wines fresh, and seemed to sense something was up. Kari’s questions were begging me for more detail, and I made a point of being very graphic with every answer.

Her little sighs and moans fueled me, and time flew. After about an hour, Kari’s heightened state had me so wet and wanton, I invited her back to our place for dinner, and to meet Russ. Her acceptance was instant.


Kari’s perspective……..


I had no idea where Ernesto’s was located, and needed to do a Google search for it. As it turns out, Ernesto’s was the perfect spot to have an intimate conversation. It had a spacious front patio with plenty of sunshine and enough room between tables that you could engage in private talk.

I got there early and was doing a bit of flirting with our cute waitress when Barbara arrived. We all gave each other the look. At another time…..

Out conversation and the wine flowed easily. It didn’t take long for the topics to get sexual. As with everything Barbara did, she blew me away with her openness and poise. Her story of how she met her partner, Russ, was the most erotic ‘true’ tale I ever heard.

Barbara knew she was having an effect on me and purposely included intimate details about their interests.

As for my part of the conversation, in a roundabout way, I told her that I needed her to take control of me. Knowing she was ‘Bi’ had me creaming. All that was left was for Barbara to say let’s leave.

When I accepted her invitation for dinner and to meet Russ, the fly just flew into the spider’s web….on purpose.


Barbara’s perspective……..


I had Kari drive my car, leaving hers behind. I set the stage for the evening by calling Russ and telling him to prepare things for a “special” dinner guest. He asked a few questions and my responses were very sexually subtle. When I said, “I think she will like the Cathedral,” Russ knew what was in store.

Once in the car, I began giving directions, my hands touching Kari’s arm and thigh on more than one occasion, lingering a bit longer than necessary. I wanted the energy to build between us. She was responding to everything and falling into my web of lust.

When we arrived, I had Kari pull the car into the garage. My hello kiss to Russ was more than the “Honey, I’m home” peck on the lips. It was intimate. When we broke, I could see ‘want’ in Kari’s eyes.

I then introduced Kari to Russ while he poured champagne for the three of us.

After a cordial toast, we took seats around our kitchen island and started in on the hors d’oeuvres. Russ had done a masterful job of having some food prepared in such a short time. While we nibbled on the fresh fruit and cheeses, I kept things charged by filling Russ in on the day…from the office Romeo to our detailed conversation at the café. Russ was seated at the end of the counter with Kari and I closely flanking him on each side. The proximity allowed me to rub my legs against theirs as I spoke.

I told Russ how Kari believes men think with the wrong head, and that for the most part I agreed; but he was an exception. Russ smiled and thanked me, knowing full well that more was coming. I could tell by the bulge in Russ’ shorts that he was aroused and decided to move things to the next level.

“I think we should show Kari why you are an exception. Let’s start by having you greet me properly.”

Snapping my fingers, I pointed to floor at the foot of my stool. Kari’s eyes widened as Russ stood, pushed his chair out of the way, and dropped to his knees before me, kissing both of shoes.

“Welcome home, Mistress. It certainly sounds like you had an interesting day. How can I be of service to you?”

Russ’ question was sincere. He adores servicing my needs and loves to show his servitude. I am equally dutiful when Russ takes control, but tonight it was clear I was the one in charge.

“Kari and I had exhausting days. I think a nice foot massage would be in order. Please be a good host and service Kari’s feet.”

Turning on his knees, Russ removed Kari’s flats and began a firm, but sensual massage of her feet. I was a bit jealous because he got to touch her before me. Kari sighed as Russ’ hands worked their magic.

“Isn’t it nice to have someone attentive to your needs? Russ is such a sweetheart. He is always ready to serve.”

I stood and slowly moved around Russ, gazing at Kari the entire time. Her sleeveless blouse allowed my hand to glide over her bare arm while I moved behind her. Goose bumps rose up her arm as my nails traced over her smooth skin.

“Russ why don’t you work on Kari’s calves while I give her neck some attention.”

Slowly I began to caress her shoulders. I could see Russ’ hands moving up her legs beneath the black crepe skirt. Kari’s gentle sighs let us know we were moving in the right direction. Leaning down I brought my mouth to her ear and whispered.

“It feels so good to be touched. It doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman. What’s important is that you allow yourself to get lost in the sensation.”

My hands moved tenderly across her shoulders. I let my lips gently touch the nape of Kari’s neck. Her gentle sigh had become a soft moan. Kari’s head tilted back slightly in want. Her legs parted subtly as Russ went from calf to calf.

I noticed Kari’s arms were still on the kitchen counter. I thought back to her comment of giving up control. This was a sign of passive her receptiveness.

Bringing my mouth back to her ear, I whispered again.

“It is time for real pleasure, the pleasure that can only come from giving up control. Tonight you will experience intimacy like never before.” My hot breath on her ear had Kari leaning her head into mine.


Kari’s perspective……..


Barbara had me drive her car, which I nearly wrecked a number of times. Every time she touched me, it took all of my self-control to keep the car on the road. A couple of times, I wanted to pull over and give myself to Barbara on the spot.

Their town house was beautiful. I loved their taste in décor. Russ had a nice arrangement of fruits and cheeses for us, as well as a chilled bottle of Champagne.

Barbara was right; Russ was a wonderful man. He was handsome, classy, well mannered, attentive, and just as easy to talk to as Barbara. I knew Russ was one of the 10%. I was waiting to see how Barbara was going to have the evening unfold.

Watching Russ fall to his knees when Barbara snapped her fingers surprised me just a bit. I thought they would become somewhat intimate and somehow lure me into their scene. However, Barbara taking control set the tone.

I was again surprised when Barbara instructed Russ to massage my feet.

She was highlighting Russ’ servitude towards her; even if it meant showing servitude to me. Russ’ hands did feel wonderful. For a moment I thought about a full body massage; however Barbara had other ideas.

When her nails raked over my skin, I came. Barbara was an accomplished seductress. Her hands on my shoulders, her lips on my neck, and her soft whisperings had me in her spell.


Barbara’s perspective……..


The softness of her golden locks against my cheek was enticing. Kari’s sweet scent filled my mind with want and desire. Taking control of this beauty was turning me on as much as it was her.

“Kari, I want you to unbutton your blouse.”

Kari’s eyes slowly closed as her hands began to undo the buttons.

“Spread your legs a bit further; invite Russ’ hands to further explore your inner thighs.”

Kari opened her legs, and Russ slowly began moving up her legs. It was a deliberate, inch-by-inch assent, tenderly massaging and touching Kari’s flesh. When her blouse was fully unbuttoned, she slipped a bit lower in her seat, spreading her legs even wider.

Her eyes were still closed; her head tilted back. Kari’s hands were clutching the seat of the stool for support. I feasted on Kari’s luscious cleavage, gently rising and falling with each breath. The smoothness of her D sized breasts were inviting as they lay cradled in her yellow, lace trimmed, plunge bra.

“Russell, please remove our guest’s skirt.”

Russ knelt upright bringing his hands to either side of Kari’s hips. There was no reluctance from Kari, just unspoken obedience as her ass rose slightly from the stool. Russ carefully slid the skirt off of her hips and down her smooth loins. As I suspected, Kari was wearing a pair of matching yellow lace trimmed bikini panties.

“Russell, please hang our guest’s skirt neatly over a stool. Kari, I want you to stand.”

Both Russ and Kari moved per my instructions. Pulling Kari’s stool away from her and the counter, I surveyed my colleague’s beauty. She was very, very alluring. Removing her blouse, I handed it to Russ for proper care.

“Kari, I want you to lean forward and extend your arms to the counter. Take hold of the edge with your hands. I need to inspect my new plaything….my new pet.”

There was no hesitation in her movements. Kari followed without question. With her hands in place, I moved around her slowly, allowing my hand to slide over the smooth skin of her back.

“Spread your legs apart …about two or three feet.”

Again, Kari did as she was instructed. I crouched down behind her, running a hand down the outside of her leg as I moved. The gusset of her panties was very moist. Her musky aroma was heavenly.

“Russell, come here, there is something I wish to show you.”

Russ crouched down beside me, giving me a knowing look.

“Our guest has said that men think with the wrong head. Yet look at her wetness. Did you touch her intimate area?”

“No, Mistress. I only massaged her feet, calves and thighs as you instructed. Perhaps her moisture is from your touches.”

Standing, I mumbled, “Perhaps.” I let my hand caress her ass as I moved beside her.

“Russell, I want you to gauge her moisture as I become a bit more familiar with her body. Trace your fingers along the seam between her panties and inner thighs. Gently touch the gusset of her panties. If she is excited, you may be able to feel an increase in her wetness. You may even need to slip your fingers between her panties and her intimate parts to get a more accurate assessment.”

Standing next to Kari, I turned her head towards me with a gentle, but firm touch on her chin. I studied her face and the pure longing in her eyes. Kari quivered as Russ’ hands worked their magic.

I brought my lips close to Kari’s, never breaking eye contact. In a slow, sexy voice, I said, “As we know, men can be so very disappointing….unless they are trained properly. From what I see, I’d say Russ’ training has been quite effective.”

Kari’s body was quivering. I pressed my lips onto Kari’s and our mouths opened with desire. Softly, but deeply our tongues pushed back and forth. Kari’s moan mirrored mine. Her kiss was pure want and passion.


Kari’s perspective……..


Barbara’s instruction for me to unbutton my blouse was the final sign of my surrendering control to her. Having Russell remove my skirt was a similar act of submission, while at the same time stimulating. The thought of being submissive to a submissive aroused me even more.

Their inspection of my pantied area was so embarrassing, yet something I craved. I wanted to be used; to be a ‘thing.’ I wanted them to see my lust. At that point, I needed no other coercion, I was there for Barbara’s and Russell’s pleasure.

Russell’s gentle touches and intimate probes unlocked my floodgates. When Barbara kissed me, my entire being—body, mind, heart, and soul poured from me. Never before had I felt this way. I wanted… no…I needed whatever Barbara had planned for me.


Barbara’s perspective……..


Our kiss went on for a few minutes before I pulled away. Kari’s arms were shaking. I could sense that she had given up complete control. Stepping away, I spoke again.

“Russell, bring me your fingers. Kari, stand facing us.”

Russ’ fingers were covered with Kari’s thick cream. Brining his hand to my mouth, I sucked in two of his coated fingers and cleaned them of her essence. Kari’s eyes were on mine as I licked her juice; my lips were coated with her nectar.

Placing a hand behind Russ’ head, I pulled his mouth to mine in a lustful exchange of Kari’s muskiness. Sliding my mouth to his ear, I whispered instructions and he calmly left the room.

Turning my complete attention back to Kari I moved in front of her. Smiling, I slowly traced the strap of her bra starting at her left shoulder with the nail of my right index finger. I followed the lacey yellow material to the top of her left bra cup. My eyes were locked with Kari’s

“Your pussy seems to have other thoughts about how disappointing men can be. Let me show you.”

Without breaking eye contact, I moved my hands down to the crotch of her panties. Using one hand to pull the gusset from her lips, I slipped two fingers into her folds. Kari’s body quivered and her eyes fluttered. A slight moan slipped from her throat.

Gliding my fingers across her soaked lips, I cooed, “My-my, you certainly are a responsive pet. It feels so good to have my fingers moving over your lips. I love your creamy thickness. It is so raw, so basic, so erotic. It shows your lust, your want, and your desire.”

I removed my slick fingers and brought them to Kari’s mouth. She opened her mouth but I didn’t insert my fingers. Instead, I traced the outline of her mouth, coating her lips as I spoke.

“It is good to see you so eager, my pet. Still, one must show some restraint. Trust me, you will be enjoying the flavor of your own essence, as well as ours, soon enough. It makes me horny to think of how many different offerings we have for you to savor.”

It was then I placed my fingers into Kari’s mouth. Kari devoured them with greedy lust. While she sucked them, Russ returned.

He moved a kitchen stool next to me and placed a collar, a leash, and a blindfold on its seat. Kari’s eyes moved to them and a deep moan resonated over my fingers. Her sucking and licking increased.

Removing my fingers from Kari’s mouth, I took a step away and inspected the items on the stool. I fondled each one as if my touching them released their meaning and purpose. I held the collar for a few extra moments, allowing my fingers to caress the black leather and metal buckle. Returning them softly to the stool, I sighed knowingly and turned back to Kari.

“Kari, a few minutes ago I said tonight you would experience intimacy at a unique level. Both Russell and I are pleased with your receptiveness to this point. We are about to take things to another level, but before we do, we need you to understand where this is going as well as your desire to go there. Do you understand?”

Kari nodded her head and whispered a soft, “Yes.”

“Good. From this point forward, when we are together in an intimate setting, you will refer to me as Mistress, Goddess, M’am, or any term which shows your submission to me. Do you understand?”

Again Kari nodded, adding the Mistress to her yes.

“Very good my pet. I’ve called you my pet for a reason. Look before you. Both Russell and I are completely clothed, while you stand before us in just your intimates. We are your Masters, your owners.”

Kari had been so aroused, it seemed she had not even noticed the difference in our dress.

“Russell and I are switches, meaning we can be either dominate or submissive. For the most part however, I am in charge, which makes Russell my submissive. Even though he may be submissive to me, he will never be submissive to you. This does not mean he will dominate you. No, you are my pet, and any superior act by Russell toward you will be solely through my commands. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” Kari’s response was calm and certain.

“Furthermore, you will never be in harm’s way. But, you will be expected to submit to everything we desire at least once. It is only after you have experienced the submission will we allow you to request it not be repeated. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress. I understand.”

“Very good. Now, when we are in public, at work, or in any other place where our relationships are not to be known, we are all peers on equal terms. We are free to live life how we please. At any time, this relationship can end, by any party, for any reason. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now that all the rules have been established, is there anything you wish to say, my pet.”

There was no hesitation in her response. “Yes, Mistress there is. First, I want to thank you for seeing my need and exposing my soul. I hope never to disappoint you. I am yours and knew I was yours from the first time I saw you. I will respect your privacy and only ask that you use me per your will.”


Kari’s perspective……..


Barbara cleaning my cream from Russ’ fingers caused me to release more.

I crave the taste of a woman’s thick nectar. Every time I masturbate, I always tasted myself. It’s one of the ways I push myself over the edge to cum….licking my cream from my fingers or from my dildo while I frig myself always does the trick. So, when Barbara rubbed her fingers over my pussy and then over my lips I was ravenous.

Seeing the collar, blindfold and leash was intoxicating for there was nothing more I yearned for than to be someone’s possession. The problem had always been the need for control of my daily life. Regardless of how much I ached to be submissive, I couldn’t let my colleagues, my friends, or my family know me this way.

It took Barbara, or should I say Mistress Barbara, to understand this about me. Being able to maintain my public persona while developing my submissiveness was all of my erotic fantasies coming true at once. I must also say that being called Mistress’ pet filled my mind with countless scenarios.

This was the moment I only dreamt would ever happen.


Barbara’s perspective……..


The surge of want Kari created in me was unparalleled. There were so many things I wanted to do to her, with her, with Russ, with all of us. I found myself needing to heed my own words, and show a bit of restraint. Still……

Stepping forward, I caressed Kari’s cheek with the back of my right hand. Kari’s head moved into the caress as a pet does with its Master. I studied her expression. I could sense the words Kari spoke were sincere and indeed from her soul. She was mine.

I leaned into Kari and brought my lips to hers. Our mouths opened and our tongues found each other again. It was a deeply passionate kiss. It was trust. Kari was releasing every last drop of will and control to me. The time had come.

Purposely breaking our kiss, I turned towards Russell who was dutifully standing at arms-length. Glancing at his crotch, his cock was straining against the fabric of his trousers. Many men would have been rubbing their cocks or even jerking off by this point. Russ knew better; when I am in control nothing happens without my instructions.

Our eyes met and we exchanged lustful smiles. I moved beside him and turned back to Kari. “It is time that you properly greet us.” Snapping my fingers, I pointed to the floor in front of us. “Down, on your knees.”

Kari smoothly went to her knees.

“Kiss my feet and thank me for allowing you to be my pet.”

Leaning forward, Kari kissed the top of my flats saying, “Thank you Mistress. Thank you for allowing me to be your pet.” Kari continued kissing all over the top of my shoes and feet. She was sensuously sweeping her golden locks over my exposed skin and ankles.

“Now, thank Master Russell for the privilege to be his partner’s pet.”

Kari moved her torso to Russ’ feet and began a similar ritual worshipping his feet. “Thank you Master Russell for the privilege to be your beautiful partner’s pet. Mistress is so gorgeous. Mistress is so sexy. I will do as she commands.”

Her words were more than I asked, but I knew what she was doing. Kari was accepting Russ. She was accepting my partner….a man.

“Enough,” I snapped. “Sit back on your haunches! Back straight! Hands flat on your knees.”

I picked up the collar from the seat of the kitchen stool. Moving behind Kari, I dragged the leather collar over her shoulders. Kari’s body gave a little shudder. Squatting beside her, I held the collar before her and explained its meaning.

“Kari, this collar is simple, but symbolic. It represents your submission to me. It makes you my pet, my plaything. If you wish to accept this role, your true role, bow your head and accept your servitude.”

Kari’s head lowered.

Brushing her hair from her neck, I slipped the collar around her. The feeling of her skin against my fingers was electric. I loosely fastened the strap and moved the collar so the small D-ring was beneath Kari’s chin. Once in position I tightened the strap, leaving a bit of room, and secured the strap with the anchor and pushed the loose end through the loop.

Lifting Kari’s chin with my hand, I turned her face towards mine. The look in her eyes was pure submission. I gave her lips a gentle kiss and whispered, “Welcome my pet.”

Standing, I went back to Russell telling Kari to remain in that position.

“Dearest Pet, now that you are collared, there are a number of things of utmost importance which much be dealt with before we take you to our training chamber.” The words ‘training chamber’ caused a slight squirm in Kari.

“For example, you still are in your intimates, which, although they are very pretty, prevent us from having unencumbered access to your body.” I paused and then added, “Another issue is Master Russell.”

Turning slightly towards him, I placed one hand on the small of his back while I seductively outlined his cock with the other.

“You have been a rather naughty pet. Look at what you have done to this man.” My hand took hold of Russ’ thick shaft, fondling it as I spoke.

“All he did was follow my instructions by massaging your feet and legs, helping you off with your skirt, and testing for your level of arousal. He did all of this without ever asking for some attention to his arousal.”

Leaving go of Russ’ cock, I began a slow deliberate pace around Russ, letting my hands glide across his still clothed buttocks. As I moved, I spoke aloud, but to no one in particular.

“Poor man, such a dutiful servant. To be kept so long without even the slightest bit of attention is cruel. What shall I do about this? What shall I do?”

I was now standing between Kari and Russ and began a soft massaging of Russ’ cock through his pants with one hand. The other hand grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine. The kiss was deep and explosive. I wanted Russ to be in full arousal as quickly as possible.

Our tongues darted in and out of the other’s mouth. I began sucking on his tongue as if I was sucking his cock. My hand was increasing its pressure and speed on his cock. I could feel Russ’ heat throbbing beneath his clothing. With a final, quick hard squeeze of his cock, I broke from him.

In a calm but commanding voice I told Kari to stand. I slowly walked around her inspecting her body as I moved. She was beautiful. Her body seemed to be aglow. Submission was fitting her well.

Making one complete pass around Kari, I stopped in front of her. Her eyes were darting between mine and the floor. As I had done with Russ, I stepped forward placing one hand on the small of Kari’s back and the other on the front panel of her panties. Slowly I moved my fingers to the gusset. Kari was wetter than before.

“Russell, please refill our two champagne glasses, while I remove my pet’s intimates.”

Keeping my hand on the front of her panties, I moved behind Kari, pressing my body into hers. Taking hold of her collar, I pulled her head back to whisper into her ear.

“In a few moments I am going to remove your bra and panties. Before I do so, I want you to look at Master Russell. Look at his cock. It is so big, so needy, yet he puts me first. As my pet, he will serve you per my instructions, as you will serve him per my commands.”

Russ was dutifully refilling our flutes. His cock was nearly tearing through the front of his pants. If tonight was just Russ and I, his balls would have been emptied a number of times by now.

“When I remove your intimates, you will spread your legs and put your hands behind your head. Do you understand?”

Kari’s reply was confident and desirous, “Yes Mistress.”

Leaving go of Kari’s collar, I used both hands to unhook the three clasps securing her bra. Pushing the straps off of her shoulder, I pulled the cups away from her breasts and let the bra drop to the floor. Kari immediately put her hands behind her head.

Russ was watching as her bra fell. His reaction was telling as he took a deep breath. He muttered a simple, “Oh…” I knew I had to see her breasts, so I moved in front of Kari to remove her panties. Her breasts were incredibly beautiful.

Larger, puffy areolas adorned her generous D cup breasts. They were the size of half-dollars and plumped out nicely. Kari’s nipples brought each breast to a succulent point. They were ideal for nipple play.

Tucking my fingers into the sides of her panties, I squatted down, pulling the soaked, yellow panties along with me. Kari’s mound was glistening. Her bare lips were coated with her thick cream, while a small tuft of blonde hair was matted to her mound with her moisture. It took all of my will power not to pull Kari onto my mouth and tongue. I could feel my pussy creaming itself as I gazed upon her luscious fruit.

Russ returned, standing a few feet behind me with our refilled glasses. I moved beside him taking my glass in the process. I noticed a bit of a wet spot on the front of his trousers. Russ always oozes pre-cum during extended arousal. The size of this spot told me he was in extreme need.

There is something about cum, pre-cum, pussy juice, piss, or other fluids which I find so inebriating. It always increases my flow. I could feel that my panties were a mess. Kari would be on all fours soon enough to consume and savor the nectars she was causing us to release.

“Master Russell, what do you think of my pet’s pussy?” I pointed at her mound and took a sip of champagne while waiting for his answer.

“It’s beautiful, Mistress; exactly to your liking….wet, hairless lips, a plump mound, a soft wisp of hair adorning it. Look how cream is leaking along the top of her thighs. I would surmise she is a gusher. I wonder if she is a pisser, too.”

I wasn’t sure if it was Russ’ description of her area, or the word ‘pisser,’ which caused Kari’s body to shake with a minor tremor. Still, Kari was maintaining her position: legs spread and hands behind her head.

Her breasts were indeed beautiful. Russ was the first to comment, “Look at her areolas and nipples….I’m getting impure thoughts.” I smiled knowingly and clinked flutes with Russ. After a slow, thoughtful sip, I set my glass on the counter and moved in front of Kari.

“So far I am very pleased with you, pet Kari.” I started dragging the tips of my orange painted nails around each of her puffy areolas. This brought her nipples to life. Magically they pulled into a bud and pushed forward from the end of her tits.

Kari’s eyes fluttered with pleasure as I raked each puffy mound, ending each rake with a slight pull on each nipple.

“Before I leash you and take you to the training chamber, there is the matter of Master Russell’s cock…… Russell, please remove your cock from your pants.”


Kari’s perspective……..


The feelings of being collared, being undressed, and standing naked before Mistress and Master Russell were not of this world. I had truly entered another dimension. There was no restraint or inhibition left in me.

I have always enjoyed my body. Having Mistress and Master ‘ohh and ahh’ over it was telling. I freely let my juices flow. Everything was natural. Everything was right. My entire being was theirs.

Master Russell showed incredible restraint. He was so aroused, yet he stayed within the limits set by Mistress Barbara. I knew I was about to service him and I hungered for his cock. As I had mentioned earlier, he was one of the ten percent.


Barbara’s perspective……..


Without looking, I heard the clink of Russell’s flute being placed on the counter, and the unmistaken sound of his zipper. I watched Kari’s eyes while I continued working her nipples. They widened, and when her breath deepened, I knew Russ’ cock was out.

I could envision how it looked. It was beautifully thick and smooth; nearly seven inches in length and a good two inches in diameter. With his arousal, the head of his cock was probably shiny with pre-cum.

“I want you on your knees before Master Russell. You are to adore and worship his cock. This isn’t simply a blow-job. You aren’t just sucking his cock. I want to see your desire for his manhood. I want to sense your pleasure, as you savor every inch of his flesh.”

Kari’s eyes were glassy… filled with lust and want. Her gaze was fixed on Russ’ cock. Kari involuntarily licked her lips as I spoke.

“I want you to think how his cock is going to feel in your cunt; how it’s going to feel in your asshole. Envision it sliding in and out of me…in and out of my mouth, my cunt, my asshole…..and then imagine its pungent taste when you lick it clean. On your knees now and serve Master Russell.”

Kari dropped to her knees and did a slow seductive crawl to Russ. Reaching him, she kissed each shoe, rubbing her face across them. Kari’s blonde locks were sweeping back and forth, rising slowly as she lifted her head up his legs, seductively gliding and rubbing her naked body up them as well.

Kari was intertwining her body with Russ’ legs. It was so hot to watch this beautiful woman move. Russ’ cock was pulsing as Kari moved towards it. My pussy was becoming very wet. I pushed four fingers onto the front of my skirt and started to massage my mound. I was so horny. I wanted Kari. I wanted Russ. But I started this……

When Kari’s mouth reached Russ’ cock, her tongue extended and licked the underside of his shaft, from its base to the head. Pre-cum dripped onto her upper lip and Kari’s skilled tongue collected it and swirled it over Russ’ cock head. Russ’ moan was deep and primal.

Skillfully, Kari sucked the tip of Russ’ cock between her lips, resting it on her puckered opening while her tongue did a slow circle over the head. Russ probably would have lost it at that point if it were not for the fact that I had not given him permission to cum.

Slowly and steadily, his cock entered Kari’s suckling mouth. Every inch of his thickness was being lathered and worshipped by Kari’s tongue. When his last inch slipped past her lips, Kari wrapped her arms behind Russ’ legs and pushed her face into the crotch of his trousers. Her golden locks moved back and forth while her throat massaged Russ’ cock head.

Laying his hands gently on Kari’s head to steady himself, Russ tilted his head back and closed his eyes in pleasure. Kari was servicing Russ’ cock exactly as instructed. Having sucked him off many times, I could almost feel the fullness and pleasure Kari was experiencing in my own throat.

The slow withdrawal of Russ’ cock seemed just as pleasurable. Kari paused every half inch or so to bathe Russ’ shaft with her saliva. Kari was worshipping his cock as instructed. She was being a very good pet indeed.

I allowed the scene to continue for a few minutes. Both Kari’s and Russ’s level of sexual excitement was growing. When the pace quickened and Russ started to guide Kari’s head over his cock, I knew it was time to move to the next phase.

Squatting behind Kari, I removed Russ’ hands from her head and pulled Kari’s arms to her side. Still, Russ’s cock was receiving pleasure from Kari’s mouth. Taking hold of the base of his shaft with one hand, and a handful of Kari’s hair in the other, I separated the two.

“Very good,” I spoke softly into her ear. My tone was slow and deliberate, much akin to the way one speaks to a dog during training. “You served Master Russell beautifully. You have shown great potential for sucking cock. Now it is time to continue your training in other areas.”


Kari’s perspective……..


Worshipping a cock versus sucking a cock changed my approach entirely. For the first time in my life, I kept the phallus mentally connected to person. My acts were brining pleasure rather than satisfying needs.

The warmth and feel of Master Russell’s thick shaft in my mouth consumed me. I wanted it all. In the past, I could not take a cock completely, because the person owning it was trying to jam it down my throat. Being in control allowed me to slowly adjust and let it slip naturally in.

I was totally lost in worship. There was nothing else around me; nothing to distract me. My only thoughts focused on the pleasure I was giving to Master’s cock and the pleasure I was receiving from it.

A mantra developed in my mind begging Master for his seed. I was ready to consume his warm offering. If it was not for Mistress pulling Master’s cock from me, I would have never stopped my lustful adoration.

When Mistress did stop me, I was in a daze. I wasn’t done. My actions were incomplete. Cock, I wanted cock. Master’s cock. Where? Why? I need more?

It took Mistress’ words to bring me somewhat back to my new role as her pet.


Barbara’s perspective……..


Moving beside them, I shoved Russ’ cock into my mouth, working his shaft vigorously while I sucked him. Massaging his balls, I knew I could squeeze out a few streams of pre-cum quickly. Russ did not disappoint me as the thinner, clearer fluid oozed from his cock head and into my mouth. Popping his cock free from my move, I pushed my lips onto Kari’s.

Kari opened her mouth and I pushed Russ’ pre-cum into it. Our tongues danced and swirled as we shared Russ’ pre seed between us. Leaving go of Russ’ shaft, I moved my hand directly to Kari’s pussy. It was unbelievably wet.

Working my fingers over the outside of her lips, across her swollen clit and into her molten cunt, I covered them with her juices. Kari was moaning, nearly crying with pleasure and want. Removing my cream covered fingers from her box, I pushed them into our joined mouths.

The addition of Kari’s cream to Russ’ pre-cum was incredible. I never wanted another woman as much as I wanted Kari at that moment. My hand went back and forth from her cunt to our mouths. I needed more……… I needed to get her to our Cathedral.

Coating my hand again, I broke our kiss, smearing Kari’s face with her juice. “This is just the start of what you’ll be covered with. Both Master Russell and I are ready to burst in so many ways.” My hand went back to her pussy and then to her tits….those beautiful tits. I made them glisten with her cream.

Reaching behind me, I took the leash from the chair and attached it to the D ring on the front of Kari’s collar.

“We’ve been flirting and teasing much too long. It’s time we start your training in earnest.”

Standing, I pulled Kari up with me using the leash.

“Master Russell, please affix the blindfold to my pet’s eyes.”

Russell did as instructed, his cock still hard and throbbing. As he placed the blindfold over Kari’s eyes, he took advantage of his position, allowing his cock glide over and across Kari’s ass cheeks. As soon as Kari’s eyes were covered, I started to caress her breasts with the leather strap of the leash.

Giving each tit a single, sharp slap with the leather strap, I handed the leash to Russ giving him instructions.

“Master Russell, please lead the way to the training chamber. Pet Kari, you are to place your hands upon Master’s shoulders and follow him. I will follow the two of you.”


Kari’s perspective……..


Having my mouth taken by Mistress was beyond description. My pussy erupted. This wasn’t an orgasm….yes it was….but it wasn’t. This was a total being release. Just as my mind closed off the outside world when worshipping Master’s cock, it did the same as Mistress took my mouth.

I could taste Master’s seed on Mistress’ lips and lost myself in its flavor. Then having my own nectar joining his shattered me. Things happened so quickly after that point.

…..the smearing of my face and breasts…..the leash…..yanked to my feet….Master’s cock over my ass….was I to be fucked….the blindfold…..darkness….leather caressing my tits….the sting…then movement.

I had lost complete awareness of time and place. I had lost myself. I was no longer Kari Pointer. I was pet Kari.


Barbara’s perspective……..


Russ moved carefully so Kari would not stumble. I played with her ass as they moved, telling Kari how beautiful her ass looked and how I couldn’t wait to make it mine. Descending the stairs to the basement, I removed my hands from Kari’s ass and unbuttoned my blouse. I did not intend to waste a single moment before ravishing her once inside the chamber.

While Russ guided Kari through the family room and into the study, I removed my blouse and the rest of my clothes, tossing them aside as we moved. Russ stood Kari in front of the bookcase, telling her not to move. Going to the key pad, he entered the code for the bookcase.

The sound of the sliding bookcase seemed to surprise Kari. Her head moved around in wonder. Now completely naked, I moved behind Kari and pressed myself into her back. At first she tensed, surprised by the touch of my skin on hers. It took but a moment for her go press back, relaxing into me.

Reaching in front of her, I took each nipple between my nails and pinched. Kari’s hiss was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“There is so much awaiting you. If anything becomes too much, just ask for ‘mercy.’ Do you understand my pet?”

Increasing the intensity of my pinching, I waited for her answer….checking for limits…..none came…..just a quick, but uncomfortable, “Yes Mistress.”

When Russ returned he took hold of the leash and guided Kari into the chamber.

“Place her on the cross, facing us, and then prepare yourself.”

Russ did as instructed in a quick, but unhurried fashion. Studying Kari’s body as Russ cuffed her in place, I decided on a leather flogger to begin her training. Russ stepped aside and disrobed. Approaching my naked pet, I slapped the talons across my hand, sending Kari the message of what was about to occur.

Seeing her naked helplessness, legs were spread wide, arms outstretched, blindfolded, gave me such a rush of power and pleasure. I adore flogging, both giving and receiving. I find the sound and sting of the straps on bare skin to be hypnotic. I was hoping Kari would find it the same.

Standing in front of Kari, I moved the straps over her body, making sure they slid over her mound and breasts. I explained what was about to occur.

“Master Russell and I begin each session in the chamber with purification. Tonight my pet, your body will be purified in so many ways. The first coming from this.” I swooshed the flogger through the air bringing the straps down hard against my own thigh. The sound caused Kari to twitch in her bindings.

“Don’t be afraid my pet. You will learn to crave the sting upon your flesh. What you just heard were the straps against my own skin. There is nothing you will undergo or be required to endure that I haven’t experienced myself.”

I wanted to reassure Kari about my statement that she would not come in harm’s way.

“Now, there is a need for purification. We need to rid ourselves of impurities. Impurities cause us to lose sense of what is important. Impurities change our priorities. We began to crave material things instead of pursuing our physical and spiritual needs. Only when the physical links with the spiritual, can we release our impurities and become the being we were meant to be.”

While I spoke, the room filled with sound. Enigma’s song, “The Principles of Lust” began. It’s words intensified the atmosphere.

“The Principles of Lust are easy to understand. Do what you feel. Feel until the end. The Principles of Lust are burned in your mind. Do what you want. Do it until you find…..Lust.”

It was the perfect segue into Kari’s purification. Taking a few steps back, I aimed the first blow at her thigh. It was a softer blow, appropriate for the first, but it still caused Kari’s body to jerk. The second blow on the other thigh caused a smaller jerk. I went back and forth between her thighs until her body understood the rhythm.

Moving up her torso, the straps fell upon her abdomen working their way to her beautiful breasts. Those puffy areolas were calling for the flogger straps. On each blow, Kari pushed her chest forward, offering her full fleshy tits as targets.

I did not disappoint her.

When the straps met her breasts, Kari let out a moan, a cry, a guttural animal sound which filled the room. Her torso jerked back, her head snapped forward and then back. Kari pushed her chest forward offering her breasts again.

“Yesssssss,” came her long scream…..

The second and third blows sent Kari into another realm. She jerked and shook with each snap of the straps upon her tits and chest. She hissed incomplete but coherent sentences.


The flogger straps were now spinning, landing quick snaps over her entire body. Kari’s body was shaking and trembling in synch with the orbiting straps….

Kari started mumbling, “Pissss….pisssss….pissss……”

Russ was naked, kneeing in wait a few feet from us. We both heard Kari’s words and it only took one look from me for Russ to position himself between her open legs. I redirected my blows to avoid Russ, but urge the release of Kari’s golden nectar.

“Open your mouth Master Russell. When my pet pisses, you are to consume as much as possible and smear any that you miss over your body. Be sure to coat your cock and balls, so pet Kari will enjoy her own nectar when she worships your cock again.”

My words triggered Kari’s explosion. Her cunt rained torrents of hot piss, covering Russ’ face, filling his mouth and pouring down his chest. I stopped the flogging and moved next to Kari, placing my hand directly into her flow.

Cupping what I could I brought my hand to Kari’s mouth and pushed her tart golden nectar into it. Kari lapped and sucked all I offered. Russ was stroking his shiny piss coated cock. I continued the feeding process until her piss slowed and subsided. Kari’s uninhibited release and willing consumption fell right in line for our love of toilet play.


Kari’s perspective……..


The blindfolded journey to the training chamber was erotically mysterious. Not knowing where I was going, the different textures on my feet, the change of air temperature on my skin as we descending had me very nervous, yet keeping me in my overly aroused state. I had only fantasied about servitude, dreaming of various scenes with my eyes closed and dildos and vibrators in my holes. But this was different. This was real.

Nervousness kept coming and going. This relatively unknown couple, Barbara and Russell, had taken the role of Mistress and Master and I was in their home, naked, blindfolded heading to their training chamber. Whoa. What was I thinking?

Then again, this was my co-worker to whom I wanted to give myself. I wanted Mistress Barbara. I wanted to be used to her, to be forced to fuck and suck per her command. This was my fantasy becoming reality.

Sexual needs and desires always win out over nervousness.

Feeling Mistress Barbara’s nakedness pressing against me eased my nervousness. The touch of her skin on mine sent waves of sexual energy through me. When she took hold of my nipples and played them, the pain was searing but the pleasure was greater. Having my tits and nipples slapped, caressed, twisted, suckled, pinched, or adored take me to unbridled heights.

I wanted Mistress to take me right then and there, but I knew I was not in control. The sound of something sliding in front of me, and Mistress Barbara’s orders to Master Russell to place me on the cross brought my nervousness back instantly. Was I going to be whipped?

Being led into the chamber was surreal. Even without sight, I felt a sexual tension. Master’s hands moved me into position without a sound. He lifted one foot onto a ledge about six inches off the ground and then the other. Master spread my legs into a wide stance, which pressed me back against the padded material of the cross.

Master lifted my arms one at a time and bound them outstretched into fur lined leather cuffs. My fingers could feel the contrast between the fur and leather as he secured the cuffs in place on the cross. He then did the same to my ankles. For some reason, the feel of the fur gave me a bit of peace, even though I was now bound and totally exposed.

The sounds of straps on skin shattered the peace I just gained. Even though Mistress explained the purpose of flogging, my mind was racing with thoughts of pain and suffering. When the first blow landed on me, it was terrifying. Mistress seemed to give me time to realize the blow wasn’t as intense as I anticipated.

The second blow came and then the third. I heard music in the background and the phrase “The Principles of Lust,” engulfing my being. My body began to want the straps. As Mistress moved the flogging up along my torso, I knew I needed the leather talons snapping against my breasts.

I didn’t know if I should beg, command, ask, or direct Mistress’ blows, so I started mumbling my desires. Each word brought the sting of purification. Pushing my chest out as a target brought the talons upon them. Each blow released me, sending me deeper into the dark realm of submissive pleasure.

Being in such a state of arousal for so long, I pushed my other senses aside. However, the sudden urge to piss overcame me. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I remember Master’s statement from the kitchen when he said, “I wonder if she is a pisser, too.” I hadn’t been, but that was about to change.

Each blow brought me closer to bursting. My mumbles went to weak warnings, “Piss…piss…”

I could feel someone’s body heat between my loins as the flogging continued. Mistress’ command to Master to open his mouth and consume my piss sent me over the top. The pure relief of my release, without any receptacle except Master Russell, was so primal.

I heard splashing and then Mistress’ piss laden hand came to my mouth. It didn’t matter that I had never tasted piss before, I was in such a frenzy I would have consumed every drop of everyone’s nectar. The taste was tart. I wanted more. I felt it splash over my thighs and mound, dripping down my legs. I wanted Mistress and Master to piss on me.

It was too much for me to handle. I came but no one knew. My flow had been so heavy for so long, the distinction between my piss, cum and juice was blurred. I was in heaven, longing and hoping there would be more. I didn’t want this night to end.


Barbara’s perspective……..


After wiping my piss-covered hand over Kari’s breasts, which were glowing a light pink from the flogging, I gave Russ my next instructions.

“Master Russell, remove my pet from the cross and take her the altar. Lay her face down. Her head should extend over the edge and her legs should be spread over the sides. I want her holes exposed.”

While Russ undid Kari’s bindings, I gathered a variety of vibrators, dildos, plugs and probes from our collection. Moving a table to one end of the altar, I placed the implements upon them and moved to the other end where Kari’s head would be.

Russ guided the still blindfolded Kari to the altar. I motioned Kari’s position to him. Russ expertly moved Kari into place. Her head was off the edge, being held upright by only her neck muscles. Kari’s legs were dangling over the sides and Russ had positioned Kari’s arms and hands so that she was pulling her thighs forward, giving full access to both holes.

Moving a small stool to the head of the altar, I sat down and began to caress Kari’s face. Leaning forward, I kissed her, tasting the remnants of her own piss. Kari was hungry and opened her mouth. Her eagerness was pleasing, but I did not engage. Instead, I removed her blindfold. I wanted to see her eyes.

Although the lighting was low and indirect, Kari’s eyes still squinted in adjustment. Sitting back, I opened my legs, resting my hands upon my thighs. I wanted Kari to see my nakedness for the first time. I wanted her to see my soft milk white skin, my pert breast, my shaved wet mound. I wanted to see her reaction.

Kari’s eyes feasted upon my body, moving back and forth from my eyes to every part. She licked her lips with want. I let her gaze for a few moments before I began to rub my bald mound. The squishing sound of my lips explained my need. Scooting forward just a bit, I slid my middle finger down across my pussy lips and into my cunt.

I stroked in and out a few times, thoroughly coating my finger with my thick cream. Removing it, I leaned forward and again coated Kari’s lips but this time with my cream. I told her not to lick her lips, nor to suck my finger. I wanted my essence to cover her lips like gloss.

Repeating the process a number of times, I coated her lips and studied my work much as a painter would to one of their works of art. Without looking at Kari’s eyes, I asked in a low sultry voice, “Would pet Kari like to cum?” My finger still working on her shiny lips.

Kari nodded her head and replied meekly, “Yes Mistress, if it pleases Mistress.”

It was the right answer, but the movement of her lips smeared my juice. I gave a mock sigh of frustration and leaned forward, brining my face and lips very close to Kari’s. Lifting her chin with my non-coated hand, I looked into her eyes and studied her face.

“What am I going to do with you?” My tone belied the question. I knew exactly what I was going to do. Lifting my gaze from Kari, I looked behind her to where Russ was standing.

“Master Russell. Please begin preparing pet Kari’s ass. Start by using your tongue. When you think her hole is loose, work the other implements I’ve selected into it. It needs to be open…..wide.”

Dropping my gaze back to Kari, I gave her a wry smile.

“Now, I’m going to see if my little pet likes pussy.”

My mouth enveloped Kari’s and she responded in kind. Her cream coated lips glided over mine and our tongues swirled, mixing my juice with our saliva. It was a deep, passionate kiss. I could feel Kari’s lust pouring into my mouth.

When Kari started moaning I knew Russ’ tongue was working her brown bud. Breaking our kiss, I told Kari that Master Russell had a very talented tongue. Kari’s moans and glassy eyes told me she agreed. Brining my mouth back to hers, I gave her lips a quick lick and scooted the stool forward. It was time my nipples got some attention.

Sitting upright, my breasts were level with Kari’s mouth. Placing my hands on the back of Kari’s head, I feed my left breast to her. Kari sucked my nipple between her lips, pulling my flesh into her hungry mouth. She bathed my areola and flicked the tip of my nipple with her tongue.

My coos and sighs egged her on. “Yes my pet, you are doing well. I love what you are doing. Chew my nipple… bite it. I want to feel every sensation. I crave having my nipples worked.”

Kari’s teeth took hold of my nipple and started biting and chewing on it. I was out of my mind in lust, and so was she. Kari’s ass was moving rhythmically with Russ’ tongue. I could see his face buried in her cheeks and knew he had pushed past her sphincter. I switched breasts and Kari continued her carnal worship.

The sight before me was so hot, so erotic. Three nude bodies, two dominant and one submissive. Kari’s ass squirming over Russ’ tongue; her hands pulling her legs further apart to allow his tongue to go deeper into her brown hole. My tits and nipples being working by my golden haired pet. I wanted more….and now.

Pulling my tits from Kari’s suckling mouth, I stood, pushing back the stool. My pussy was dripping, inches from her mouth. Kari’s tongue was going wild, lapping at air in anticipation. Pushing my cunt to her face, I guided it onto her swirling tongue. The feel of it moving over my pussy lips instantly sparked a small orgasm.

Cream and juice flowed from me, and my body shook. I pushed my mound harder onto Kari’s mouth. God was I in need. Kari was lapping and sucking every succulent drop of essence from my cunt.


Kari’s perspective……..


When I heard Mistress command Master to move me to the altar, a wave of orgasmic bliss ripped through me. It wasn’t the same “O” I get when I cum, but a deeper, more cerebral feeling. I about to become their sexual sacrifice.

Master removed my bindings and helped me off from the ledge. Guiding me to the altar, he positioned me face down on its surface. The altar was a cold stone with smooth ripples. Its coolness was soothing against the heat of my flogged torso.

Hearing other movement around me, my mind’s eye began conjuring images of Mistress gathering implements of sexual torment.

Master positioned my hands to so I could spread my thighs wider. I felt the air in the room lick across my ass bud and over my wet pussy and thighs. I was vulnerable. My holes were exposed and I was in need. I was mentally begging to be filled…any hole…both holes…something needed to penetrate me.

The sound of movement in front of me, was it a chair? Yes…..I could envision it. A chair being positioned in front of my head… someone sitting down…. the touch of a hand on my chin…. lifting it…. examining my….. it was Mistress…. I knew from the feel of her soft skin…. The smoothness of her nails…. how I yearned to see….

The kiss, the gentle kiss. It made my mouth crave. I opened it and brought my tongue to accept Mistress’, but there was nothing…..nothing except light. The sudden rush of rays when the blindfold was removed made everything go blurry for a few seconds. When vision returned, there….sitting before me….was the naked Goddess of my dreams.

Mistress looked radiant. I only dreamt about what she would look like. The way her breasts were cradled under her blouse every day; the smooth contours of her slacks hugging her ass as she walked the hallways of work; her well-kept but flirtatious looks, were all fantasies…. until now.

Her torso was smooth….full but firm. It was the body of a woman. Her breasts were generous Bs with thicker, gumdrop nipples. Her mound was bare except for a wisp of red on top. Sitting there with her legs open, I could see her juice covering her entire area. The soft creaminess of her spread loins was so lewd, so inviting.

Watching her stroke her bald pussy lips drove me wild. There was a look in her eyes and on her face ….it was the look of greedy hunger. I wanted her so badly…Mistress was so close, yet so out of reach.

Mistress’ fingers started moving in and out of her wet cunt. I was hoping she would allow me to lick them clean, but Mistress had other plans. She coated my lips with her essence. It was so heady….how many times had I coated my own lips with gloss to give that shimmering, sexy look to ‘would-be’ lovers; how many times had I used my own cream to coat my lips during a masturbation frenzy? Now here was my Goddess, coating mine with her cream. The thought of wearing her juice sent more cream flowing from my cunt.

It was ironic when Mistress asked me if I wanted to cum. I had cum so many times, some minor some more intense, but none which satisfied me. I was ready to CUM…..hard…I didn’t care how, I wanted that big release, an “Uber O” to send me over the top.

My reply to Mistress was a set-up. She knew I’d smear her cream. Her coy, “What am I going to do with you,” had Master Russell burying his tongue deep into my ass. This was it. I threw all control away and went with everything Mistress presented.

Chewing and sucking on her nipples drove me wild. Although I was the sub, the pet, I opened and closed my asshole on Master’s mouth and tongue. I wanted him in my ass. I wanted him to taste me. I was a wanton slut and so was Master.

Mistress was no better. When she finally pushed her cunt into my mouth, I was out of my mind. The flow of her cream was gushy. It was thick, being spawned from lust and desire. I was lapping my Mistress’ pussy like her pet. I was obedient and hungry.

We were all using each other…..


Barbara’s perspective……..


Russ had removed his face from Kari’s ass and now had two fingers deep inside her. He was using her cream as lubricant. Kari ass was pushing back onto his fingers as I ground my cunt into her mouth. I could feel my first major orgasm approaching.

Grabbing Kari’s head, I held it in position, keeping her tongue on my swelling clit. A few moments later, I came. Waves of cream, juice, and piss poured into Kari’s mouth. It was my turn to moan, scream and speak incoherently.

“So good….so good….lap it…suck it….. Oh my…..God…..Jesus Christ…..more….I need more…. Ass fucking…..ass fucking…. Whore….bitch…..sweet pet.”

My knees quivered from the power and intensity of my orgasm. I had been aroused for so long, that the need to cum simply overwhelmed me.

Although I was wavering, Kari did not stop eating me. Nor did Russ stop the opening of Kari’s ass. Sometime, while I was lost in my orgasm, he switched to a long black probe which he was moving in and out her ass. The probe was using had a series of ten ridges, each two inches long and each increasing in thickness. Russ was gripping the handle at the end, working it into her passage.

With each inward thrust, Kari’s groans vibrated into my pussy. It was the type of groan when limits are being pushed. The outward pull produced groans of pleasures as each ridge popped from her asshole. Russ had Kari’s ass craving more.

I was still unsteady as the aftershock of my orgasm still was sweeping over me. I needed to back my mound away from Kari’s hungry mouth and rest my hands on her shoulders to regain my senses. Watching Russ probe Kari’s ass and her moans of lust, limits, and pleasure brought me back to full arousal quickly. The night was still young.

Moving to join Russ at Kari’s ass had me horny again. The sight of her asshole opening and closing around the probe was heady. The movement of her hips pushing and pulling, in synch with the probe, told us Kari was quite the anal lover.

Taking the cordless wand from the table, I turned it to low. Placing the smooth, rounded head against Kari’s pussy lips brought a new eruption of moans and shakes. If they weren’t small orgasms, they certainly were close. Kari’s cream covered the head, allowing it to glide effortlessly over her entire region.

Each time the head touched her clit, Kari cried out in pleasure. Staying submissive, but wanton, she began to push her mound onto the head. Kari wanted to cum.

“Where the hell did he come from?” I say aloud and to nobody but myself as I see the flashing blue light just behind my car. The road had been completely devoid of any cars this late at night and consequentially I had let my foot become way too heavy on the accelerator. As I pull over into the decel lane that is the entrance to an apartment complex, my mind is troubled by the sobering question of just how many beers did I consume during the usual Friday night poker party with some buddies earlier. The fact that I had won some money is lost in the gravity of the situation. Even if the cop doesn’t realize I am a bit high and slightly under the influence, a simple speeding ticket will give me too many points against my license.

Losing my license and the ability to drive is not an option I can consider. It will cost me my job and with my present financial situation, I can’t afford to miss a single paycheck. What possible story, what excuse can I come up with I wonder as I watch the cop still seated on his motorcycle running a check on my license plate with his hand held radio. He is very ominous looking in his white helmet with shaded goggles, all black leather jacket, chaps and boots, revolver clearly visible on his waist. Thinking of nothing better maybe I can just tell him my situation and plead for mercy. But if he runs a check on my driver’s license, he will see my many speeding tickets and my chance for any mercy is pretty slim.

As he dismounts and approaches my car, I can’t help but notice he has his revolver in hand. Trying to put myself in his place, I would probably do the same when confronting an unknown entity. I try to convince myself it is just SOP for a stop, especially late at night. And as I lean over to get my registration out of the dash pocket, I hear a husky voice demand I immediately put both hands on the steering wheel and remain that way. I can almost swear it is a feminine voice.

As the cop reaches my door, I don’t look to see what sex the cop is, all I can see is the barrel of the gun pointing directly at me. “Get out of the car and keep your hands totally visible to me at all times,” she demands. The cop is indeed a female. It is only a moment before she has me facing the car, leaning forward, my hands on its roof, my legs spread wide. I can feel the gun pressed into my back between my shoulder blades. “Don’t make the slightest move if you value your life,” she advises as her free hand frisks me, taking complete liberty of my body including my inner thighs and crotch.

With the gun still in my back, she asks, “Where you headed this late at night?”

“I am just headed home officer. Been playing cards with some friends and on my way back home.” I reply. “I can give you the host’s phone number and he will confirm my story,” I offer.

“You were in a hellava hurry to get home. Did you think it was on fire or something? Didn’t you realize this is a residential street and that the speed limit here is only 25 mph?”

“Yes ma’am, I was aware of it but it is late at night and the street was deserted,” I explain.

“So you think the speed limit only applies at times you chose to think it applicable? You were doing twice that when I clocked you on my radar. And if I am not mistaken you have had a few beers judging by the smell of your breath.”

“No ma’am; that is not what I think at all. I just made a mistake and I am sincerely sorry about it.” I plead.

“I imagine the only thing you are sorry about is that you got caught. Where is your driver’s license?”

“It’s in my wallet in my left rear pocket, ma’am.”

With the gun still pressed into my back she removes it and advises, “I will just hang on to this until I decide just what I want to do with you. Do you have any objection to submitting to a breathalyzer test?”

Remembering that I have always heard to never take such a test when having been drinking, I reply, “I’d rather not, ma’am.”

“Then you leave no choice but to take you into custody and to the station for driving more than 20 mph above the posted speed limit while under suspicion of DUI.”

“Please, please ma’am. Please don’t do that. It will cost me my license and my job.”

“I didn’t put you into this situation, you did,” she quickly responds.

“I know, I know! I promise I will never let it happen again if you will just overlook this one time,” I literally beg.

“You are asking me to shirk my duties and look the other way? Why that is asking me to disregard the oath I took to always uphold the law, all of the laws.”

“There must be some alternative to a ticket. Some course on safety or the like I could take instead. I will do anything you suggest ma’am.”

“Anything?” she asks rather quizzically.

My legs are beginning to ache from their wide spread position and leaning forward, hands still on the top of the car. She still has the gun pressed into the small of my back and I can’t help but feel she is enjoying my discomfort and her power over me as I gladly reply, “Anything.”

Finally the gun is removed and I am allowed to turn around and face the officer. It is hard to get much of an idea about her looks other than she is an imposing figure in her helmet, shades and leather uniform. Not quite as tall as me but seemingly big boned and right now I wouldn’t want to get into an altercation with her.

“Okay. If you are willing to do anything there is recourse available to you. There is a special judge I can take you to and the decision will be the judge’s. As long as you are agreeable and will abide by that decision we may be able to handle this in that way,” she offers.

“Without a doubt I am willing to abide by whatever the judge says,” I answer quickly, most anxious for any chance I have to avoid losing my license.

“Good!” she says, putting my billfold in her pants pocket. “Get back in your car and follow me. Following me will insure you don’t get another case of lead foot along the way,” she adds sarcastically.

It soon becomes obvious that we are not headed toward the part of town where all the municipal building are. Quite the contrary we are entering a neighborhood of apparently low income housing. She stops in front of a very ordinary one story bungalow on a corner lot and motions for me to park in the driveway. The yard of the house next door is all grown up and the For Sale sign in front of it is hanging askew by only one of its fasteners. It appears to have been abandoned long ago. The area behind the houses is wooded and not improved in any way. The house is dark with no sign of life or any light on anywhere. She parks her bike tight behind my car and now lighting our way with her flashlight, she motions for me to follow. What have I gotten myself into is all I can think.

With one of the keys on her key ring, she opens the door and flips the light switch on as she steps aside for me to enter. The room is furnished with very cheap looking living room items. Items that go along with the neighborhood and the house. Maybe all one single and trying to live off of a cop’s salary might be able to afford. So much for seeing a judge I acknowledge to myself. Does she just want a roll in the hay from me I am wondering as she advises, “Looks like the judge has gone to bed. Wait right here while I wake her?”

She makes no offer to have a seat and I remain standing as she disappears down a dark hallway. If she didn’t have my wallet and didn’t have me blocked in with her motorcycle, I would be tempted to make a run for it about now……but then again she has my tag number and fleeing an officer would just be added to the charges against me. Does she have some big brute back there that is going to whip my ass I am thinking but she did say “wake her” I believe.

I can just make out a bit of a conversation before the cop returns to find me still standing and waiting in the living room. “I’m afraid I woke her from a sound sleep and she is not too happy about that. She is a fair judge and I don’t think that will influence her decision,” she says as she takes a seat in the one easy chair in the room, leaving me standing there, still without an invitation to sit down.

It is only then that she removes her helmet and sets it on the table beside the chair. Not bad I think as she smoothes out her jet black hair with only her hands. Without the goggles, her piercing blue eyes come into view. Not a beauty queen by any means but certainly attractive. Hard to tell much about her body under that uniform and all the equipment attached to it. Still a bit of a hardened look about her and I am guessing life has not been too kind to her.

I hear a door open and a toilet flush and I turn toward the hallway. The judge has failed to close the bathroom door at the end of the hall nor did she cut off the light as she departed the toilet. I am totally shocked as she approaches. The judge is a petite black girl, probably only a little over five feet tall. She is wearing only a man’s white tee shirt that barely covers her hips exposing beautiful chocolate legs but they aren’t her most outstanding assets. I can’t take my eyes off of them as she comes closer. The tee does little to either restrain their movements or hide their large areolas and nipples. From the scowl on her face she has obviously noticed my stare and is not too pleased about it. Definitely not a good first impression I am thinking but this girl, surely not much over 20 if that, is about as far from being a judge as I am.

Standing with her hands on her hips, looking me up and down I am beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable and wondering what is going on here. It is then that the cop asks, “Well judge, what do you think? Does he rate a reprieve?”

“It is hard to tell from what I can see, Sam. I think we need a closer look.” Then looking me straight in the eyes she continues, “Get out of those clothes white boy!”

Quickly I glance over at the cop still seated in the easy chair, not really sure what help I expect to get from her, but it is an automatic reaction. She is holding my wallet in her hands and apparently reading from my license as she backs up the judge’s demand with, “Remember you said anything, Jamie. Now do as the judge says.”

It is at that moment, the adrenaline flow from my fear becomes one of excitement. Why did it take this long for the revelation of just what is taking place to come to me. I am about to become the plaything of a pair of dominant women. The cop has ever so coyly led me into this situation once she realized how desperate I was. It is a situation I have fantasized about so many times and would have gladly paid for if I had known how or where to arrange it. Submitting to a woman, much less two at once has been something I have desired for such a long time and have only accomplished in my thoughts and dreams. So often I have read or watched something similar on the web. Almost too eagerly I agree, “Anything, ma’am, anything,” as I begin unbuttoning my shirt, my submissive genes raging.

Only when all my clothes are on the floor at my feet does she arise from her easy chair resting place. She grabs my wrists and pulls them behind my back and quick as a flash I feel the cold metal of her handcuffs securing them there.

The force of the palm of her right hand against my face snaps my head to the side only seconds before the left hand slaps it back in the opposite direction. It is then she pulls the white tee over her head and lets it drop to the floor, joining my clothes there. “You piece of white trash, get a good look,” she says cupping her breasts for me to cast my eyes upon. “You might as well check out my little black pussy as well while you are at it. Before we are through with you, you will see it up close many times.”

It is a wonderful sight, so smooth, so bare, so black, and so inviting. So many times I have wondered what it would be like to service a woman orally. From her remark, that opportunity seems imminent. I have read every article I could find online about how to perform cunnilingus in hopes of being an expert at it if I should ever get the opportunity to do it. I have never given thought of doing such a service to any of the girls I have dated and had sex with. For some reason that never had any special appeal to me. But the idea of being forced to perform it by a dominant woman for some reason is a big turn on. A reason I can’t explain and have no idea why. Just the thought of being used by the so called weaker sex for their pleasure leaves me weak and passive just as I am at this moment.

“What you say we take him over to our exercise room for a workout?” the cop asks.

“Sounds like a plan,” the judge replies. “I am anxious to see how this white boy dances. See if he has a bit of rhythm in him. But one thing we know for sure, rhythm or not, he’s gonna dance.”

“Yep, it’s going to be a fun weekend no doubt.” The cop exclaims as she pushes me toward the closed door to the left of the living room area. “He wanted mercy reference getting a ticket; let’s see just how well he can really beg.”

“Yeah, I really love it when they beg!” the judge confirms with a smirky smile on her face.

Weekend? Mercy? Begging? Suddenly my adrenaline flow doesn’t know which way to go as fear creeps back into the mix along with my excitement. All I know for sure is that my heart is racing and my breath is in quick short gasps as I realize there is nobody to hear my pleas other than the cop and the judge.

The wife and I started cruising a few years ago. We have been to many exotic ports. Met some really nice people! We generally go on 7-day cruises and the passengers are mostly above 50 years old. Because of that we make more friends with crew members than passengers. This cruise we had more fun than we ever had on past adventures.

You know how cruises start. Wait in line. Get your boarding card. Wait in line. Check through security. Wait in line. Get your picture taken. Then you are free to roam the ship. Check out your stateroom and of course eat!

Once your bags get to the stateroom you unpack and settle in. Before you know its time for the sail out party! Always a great time! The party ends. Jean and I go back to our stateroom and get ready for dinner.

The first night is very casual. We go down to the dining room to find our table. We requested a table of eight but we were seated at a table all to ourselves. Little did we know sitting by ourselves would change this cruise for the better! Cuisine and service is top notch! Our headwaiter’s assistant comes over and introduces himself. His name is Roberto. I’m sure it’s not his real name. He’s from Sweden. He gets us our water and drink order and goes to get our drinks.

Meanwhile Jean and I chat about the week to come. Ports of St. Thomas, St. Martin, Aruba, the Princess Keys and what we might like to do on those islands. Now you know what cruise line we are sailing on.

About 10 min later, our headwaiter stopped past and she introduce herself to us. Her name was Kristina she was from Russia. She was about five foot six inches tall and about the same build as Jean. She was a very striking woman. She and Roberto took very good care of us that first dinner! The food was wonderful and the drinks were never empty. We were getting ready to go out to the show. Kristina and Roberto came to the table told us goodnight. Kristina did something unusual. She gave both Jean and I a small hug with the promise of seeing us tomorrow.

We saw Kristina the next day up on the lido deck. She made the suggestion that she serve us our drinks while we sunned ourselves and swam. They get to wear short pants and button up shirts which are much more comfortable for them. She had a very nice body. I could not help but notice Kristina looking at Jean walk to and from the pool. She was not just looking, but staring at her great body. Jean was wearing a bikini with a Brazilian cut. I wasn’t sure if Jean saw what I did or not. Jean came back from the pool and I told her just what I saw. She said she had not noticed but would keep an eye out. A couple hours later we were getting hungry so we went to get some food. As we were walking away Jean looked back and caught Kristina looking at her backside. Kristina quickly looked away. I would imagine she did not want us to know she was looking. Jean thought it was quite flattering which made me feel good from two standpoints. I see other guys looking at Jean but I’ve never have seen a women look at her that way.

We got back with our food. Sat down and Kristina came over and asked us if we wanted more to drink. She seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. Jean and I both ordered another round. Kristina went to get them. When she returned I got a little bold and told her it’s ok to look at beautiful people. We did not feel bad about it and hoped she would not either. She said she was a bit embarrassed but felt better that we were not offended. Matter of fact she looked very relieved. We sat around a bit longer. Time for a nap and get ready for dinner.

Dinnertime came and we went to the Wheel House bar for a before dinner drink. We chatted about what had happened that afternoon. Jean said that she never had another woman look at her that way as far as she knows. I found it rather arousing knowing another woman found her attractive.

We went down to the dining room. Kristina met us at the table. She helped Jean with her chair and moved to the side of the table. As we chatted about our day she put her right hand on Jean’s back and slowly rubbed it a bit with the tips of her fingers while we were talking. This kind of took Jean off guard. But it gave Jean goose bumps! Kristina took out her notepad and asked for our dinner order. Once again we had a fantastic dinner. Roberto cleaned off the table and asked for desert orders. After desert, Kristina stopped to see how things were. She told us of a crew party that was happening that night but she did not want to go but she did not want to go to bed. Jean and I looked at each other and without a word between us invited Kristina to our cabin for a nightcap after her shift was over. Kristina told us it is very much against the rules so she would think about it.

Meanwhile we went down to the casino to gamble a bit. After an hour of gambling we were not doing well. Loosing very successfully! Jean and I decided to call it a night and go to the stateroom for some quality time. We changed into out sleeping clothes then went out on our balcony and watched and listened to the waves crashing off the bow. It’s so relaxing.

As we were relaxing we thought we heard a knock at the door. I went to check and it was Kristina! I opened the door and she asked if she still had an invitation for a drink. She was wearing a very tight shirt that showed off her B-cup breasts and a very tight pair of shorts. I told her of course and invited her in. Jean walked in from the balcony and said hello. Kristina’s eye’s and nipples grew big, as she looked at Jean in her sexy bedclothes. I also saw that Jean’s nipples we showing through her top! We told her what we had for booze and what she would like. Let us serve you tonight! Crown Royal strait up She replied. Jean made drinks for all three of us and we went back out to the balcony.

We made small talk for a while. Learning Kristina grew up in Moscow. She was 36 years old. She is just like Jean. They both look younger than their age. Both have great bodies. Kristina told us she has been on 6 contracts. She was an accountant in Russia. She lost her job and that’s what brought her to the cruise line. She enjoys working on cruise ships, but it’s hard because her family was of course home and a serious relationship was out of the question on board. She had been single for about 5 years. Kristina said she has been feeling lonely for a few months and could not find anyone she felt she could trust. She thought she could trust us.

Jean and I told her about us. We have been married for 3 years with no kids. Secure in our jobs and us. We are looking for adventure and relaxation. The drinks started to do their job and we were all feeling a bit loose. I asked Kristina about her looking at Jean that afternoon. She told us she is interested in men, but sometimes has fantasies about women. Jean’s curiosity was peeked. Plus she thought Jean has a beautiful body. The sexual tension was very thick. Jean and I looked at each other. Jean and I had fantasized about a three some a few times over the years with both male and female. But really never looked for one or ever thought we would. Kristina was a very attractive woman and I thought that both Jean and I were attracted to Kristina.

It was getting late for all of us. It was time for bed. Jean and I walked Kristina to the door. We gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodnight. Kristina stopped before walking out the door and asked if we could get together again after her shift the next evening? Jean and I told her we would give her and answer when we saw her next.

We slept in late the next morning.

The person delivering our breakfast waked Jean and me. It was good we ordered a late breakfast. Today was a sea day. No worries about getting off the ship. We could sit on the balcony all day and enjoy the sea. The conversation came around to the past evening/morning. Jean found herself thinking about both of us having sex with Kristina. Like I said, Jean and I had fantasized about a three some, but never pursued anything. Jean and I decided to have her stop past later that evening but do it well before dinner. Give Kristina something to think about until we saw her at dinner. Jean and I went up on deck to see Kristina. I thought it would be interesting if Jean told her while I waited at the bar. Jean did just that while I watched.

You could see Kristina’s eyes light up! She and Jean walked over to me and confirmed the plans for the evening. This would give us a lot to think about the rest of the afternoon! Jean and I got a drink and told Kristina we would see her at dinner. We wandered the ship, ending up in the cigar lounge. We spent the next couple of hours smoking cigars and wondering about the night to come. We decided when Kristina comes past that night we would just let things run their course.

There was an air of excitement around Jean and me the rest of the day. Both of us were feeling very horny, but we chose not to do anything about it until later. We were looking forward to what dinner and later in the stateroom would bring.

We got ready for diner. It was formal night. Both of us were dressed to the nines. Jean was wearing a low cut red dress with no back. GRRRR!!! I wore my tux. We looked great! Jean and I went down to get formal pictures taken then off to dinner.

When we arrived at the dining room Roberto and Kristina were at the table to greet us. They both thought we looked wonderful. Roberto helped Jean with her seat and Kristina with mine. Kristina looked a bit uneasy. Her face was a bit flushed. Was the excitement of later getting to her? She stumbled over few of her words. It also looked like she was worried about letting Roberto in our little secret. Not to worry. Roberto was always kind of in his own world. Kristina took our dinner orders. Dinner came with a surprise. She handed me a note that said she had ordered a bottle of champagne and had it delivered to our room for later. There was also a set of lip prints with my and Jean’s name next to them and a small heart next to each name. I showed the note to Jean and which put a big smile on her face. Dinner came to an end. We said goodnight to Roberto. I hugged Kristina and she then hugged Jean and whispered something into Jean’s ear. Jean got a look in her eye’s I’ve never seen before.

Walking down the promenade I asked Jean what Kristina had whispered to her. Jean said she had whispered that she was incredibly turned on and to stay in our formals. She would be at the stateroom about 12:30. I asked Jean what she thought. She thought it was very exciting, but was a bit nervous about what may happen. She asked the same of me. I felt the same way. I’ve never been given an opportunity like this before. Even if we just drink the champagne and enjoy getting to know each other that would be cool.

The time came around to go back to our stateroom at about 12:00. We made sure the champagne was in the room and on ice. It was. We took three towels out and put them on the chairs on the balcony. The chairs can have salt on them from spray and we did not want to get our formals full of salt. I asked Jean what she wanted to do when Kristina arrived. Jean thought for a moment. Come over to me and kissed me. She backed away and told me this is what I want to do to Kristina when she walks through the door. We’ll have a glass of champagne ready for Kristina and us. Then both of us will give her a kiss. But Jean said me first! All I could think was Oh My!

There was a knock on the door. Jean went to the door and opened it. There stood Kristina in a long green sequined evening gown with her hair resting on her shoulders. Jean invited Kristina into the room. I walked over to the door behind Jean and rubbed her back for a bit of support. She was trembling. Kristina closed the door behind her and Jean moved to her. Putting her arms around Kristina and giving her a big hug. They were nose to nose. Jean tipped her head to the side and moved to kiss Kristina. Kristina did not pull away. They delicately kissed each other. Both of them gave a small moan of enjoyment. It was beautiful to watch. I took a step forward and kissed Jean. Then looked at Kristina and said good evening kissing her on the cheek. They both looked so hot in their formal dresses.

Come on in. Be our guest. I handed Kristina a glass of champagne.

We made ourselves comfortable on the balcony and began to talk about the morning to come. Here I was sitting with two beautiful women. All of us dressed to the nines. Not knowing what to do next. I told Kristina we had never done anything like this before.

Kristina started to speak. She said when I first saw you two at dinner. I knew there was something about you two I could trust. I saw Jean in her bikini and I fell in lust with her. I envied you Pete because you can make love to her anytime. I decided to take the risk. I want the three of us to make love to each other. We have come this far. Let’s take it all the way? Jean and I agreed! Kristina picked up her champagne glass and made a toast. To lovemaking and us! Here! Here! Came from Jean and me!

I walked into the stateroom to get more champagne. I came back out and Kristina and Jean had taken their dresses down to their waist showing off their tanned breasts. Jean asked who’s do you want to play with first? They were sitting next to each other. I walked in behind the both of them. I took one of Jean’s and one of Kristina’s breasts in my hands. Leaned over Jean’s shoulder and kissed her nipple while caressing Kristina’s with my other hand. They both let out an approving sigh.

I thought it was time to move things inside. I said I suppose we should get naked? Both of them agreed. Jean said you first my love. Jean came over to me and started to undress me taking off my coat and tie. Jean asked Kristina to take off my pants. Kristina knelt down in front of me and slowly undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. You’re not wearing any underwear. Sliding my pants down she exposed a very hard and shaven cock. She looked at Jean and asked if she could touch me. Jean not only said yes she also knelt down in front of me. Jean took my cock into her hand and pointed it at Kristina. Here, lick it. Kristina licked the precum off my cock.

Jean asked me what else I wanted. I answered they should undress each other. Kristina took the lead and kind of cheated. She walked over to Jean and put her hands on either side of her head. Moving closer she kissed Jean deeply. Kristina moved her hands down over Jeans shoulders and stopped at her breasts. She said to Jean. You have beautiful breasts. Moving her hands further down, slowly working her fingers inside Jean’s dress. Slowly sliding off her hips and letting it fall to the floor. Kristina got a surprise. Jean had taken off her nylons and underwear. Kristina was now kneeling in front of Jean. She loved how Jean has a clean shaved pussy. Kristina said I want you now seeing Jean’s juices running out of her. Jean stopped her and said not yet. Kristina still needed to be undresses. Jean returned the favor. Slowly taking off Kristina’s dress, letting it drop to the floor. Jean uncovered Kristina’s pussy revealing that she too was shaven.

Jean stood up and looked at me and asked if I wanted any pictures for our scrapbook. Of course I did. I went to get the camera and asked both girls to stand next to each other. They were almost a matched set. I took a few pictures. They kept changing poses for me. I put the camera down and walked over to the two of them. I asked if it would be ok if I started things. I took their hands and moved them to the bed and had them lay down. Kristina said I should start with your wife. I gave Jean a deep, passionate kiss then kissing down her neck and shoulders, stopping at her breasts, using my tongue to play with her nipples. I continued down to her pussy stopping to take in her essence. I looked over at Kristina. She was watching us while playing with herself. I asked her if I could get a taste of her pussy. She drove a finger into her pussy taking her finger back out and offering it to me. Kristina was very sweet! Jean asked can I get a taste. Kristina told Jean, you will be able to taste me in a little while!

My attention went back to Jean. I slowly spread her legs and licked her from her clit to her ass. Yum I told both of them. Jean has the sweetest tasting pussy. I continued lapping Jean’s juices. Jean stopped me and said don’t forget about our guest. I bet she would like to have her pussy licked! Kristina nodded her head in agreement. Kristina’s essence was just as good as Jean’s. Her pussy lips were a bit bigger than Jean’s. I took my firsts licks of her pussy then slowly circling her clit. I continued down and darted my tongue into her.

Kristina looked down at me with a look in her eyes that told me she wanted Jean. I knowingly nodded. Kristina moved over next to Jean. She slowly started massaging Jean. Letting her hands wonder over her body. She then climbed on top of Jean. Lying down on top of her, Kristina gave her a very passionate kiss. Jean kissed her back. I almost felt like I was in a dream watching these two on the bed in front of me. Kristina stopped kissing Jean and said are you ready for me? Do you want a woman to lick your pussy for the first time? Jean replied yes! Kristina did not waste any time and moved down to Jean’s pussy. Kristina slowly put her tongue onto her pussy and began to lick up and down. I leaned over to Jean and kissed her. I asked if she was enjoying herself. Jean nodded yes. Kristina continued to go down on Jean. She told Jean how good her pussy tasted. Jean started to moan like she always does when she’s ready to cum. Kristina used her fingers inside of Jean. A few more minutes passed and Jean looked like she was ready. Jean’s juices started to flow faster. Kristina kept lapping them up. Jean started to say she was cuming! I’m! Oh God! Jean grabbed me pulling me to her. Kiss me while I cum! She came as another woman went down on her. Kristina kept on licking Jean until her orgasm subsided.

Did you like? I asked. She answered, yes I did! Kristina lay down next to Jean and slowly caressed her body. Kristina asked Jean how she liked another woman getting her off for the first time. Jean replied, better than I ever imagined! Not wanting Kristina wait too long. Jean had Kristina roll over onto her back. Jean had never gone down on another woman. Kristina helped her. Kristina took some of her own juice from her pussy offering then to Jean. Jean licked Kristina’s fingers one at a time. She was losing her fear.

Jean started to kiss and lick down Kristina’s arm moving to her breasts stopping to lick Kristina’s hard nipple. Carefully at first then putting her whole mouth over her nipple and sucked on it. Jean laughed and said so this is why you like to do this to me? It’s nice she said. Jean continued down Kristina’s tummy kissing her belly button. Jean took in a deep breath and moved down to Kristina’s pussy. Touching another woman’s pussy for the first time she used a fingertip to trace around the outer lips pushing her finger into Kristina’s pussy, running her finger back up to the top, stopping and taking a taste. Kristina looked as if she went to heaven. Jean slowly moved her down to Kristina’s pussy inhaling her essence. She slowly and deliberately licked Kristina’s clit making circles with her tongue around it. It was like she had done this before, Kristina commented. Jean did not answer. She continued to go down on Kristina finally getting to her honey pot. Kristina reached down and pulled her pussy lips open for Jean. Kristina almost pleaded for Jean to put her tongue into her. Jean complied with her wishes slowly plunging her tongue into Kristina.

Kristina moaned. Make me cum Jean! I’m almost there! Jean licked faster and faster. God I’m cuming! Kristina started to buck around. She arched her back and her whole body stiffened. Ohhh!! Ahhh!! Her body released her orgasm. Kristina sat up to Jean, kissing her, tasting her own sweetness on Jean’s lips. Kristina told Jean for never going down on a woman you did wonderfully! I have only dreamed about watching two women making love. Watching my wife go down on another woman and getting her off. WOW! We were all a little wiped out. But I think we were all ready for anything.

I was one of those young people who didn’t really give much thought to what I would do with my life as far as a career went. Oh, I had interests, sure, I even majored in one, biology. It was after I graduated that I realized that industries hired lots of chemists, but few biologists. The states hired a few each year but no where near the number that flooded into the job market every spring.

So, I went back to school, nursing school, and became a nursing administrator. That was ten years ago, I’m now thirty-six and have been with the Riverbend Care Center ever since, now the Manager of Nursing Care. So, I’m nicely paid, like my job and am well-respected by my peers.

If I’m able, I like to help our new residents move in since I already know them from the interview and contract process that precedes their residence in our facility. It’s a large facility but is divided into three general sections ranging from assisted living to total care.

We often first meet people as they come to us for assisted living and that was how it was when I first met Susan Andrews and her mother, Betty Hudson.

Now, Betty was younger than many of those who come to us, she was just sixty-two, but her daughter wanted her closer and, in addition, she had not been feeling too well lately, nothing diagnosed, just not feeling well. I had wondered if it might be depression or anxiety but, that’s up to the doctors.

So, Betty was moving in on a Saturday afternoon being helped, of course, by her daughter, Susan, who was about forty. They were both attractive women, Betty really only looked about fifty, nice and trim, nice figure, auburn hair, while her daughter, Susan, was quite pretty, dressed in a much more provocative way, it was a Saturday, of course, and she was in a short, yellow A-line dress. She did have the legs for it and, truthfully, being around so many women in their eighties, well, I did enjoy her presence.

They were moving her into one of the two-bedroom units and I had come over to make sure that the paperwork was all correct and that everything was proceeding well. We all chatted a bit and I left them to finish unpacking. Later I took some additional paperwork to be signed and we were in the spare bedroom when I noticed a massage table all folded-up against the wall.

“Oh, do you give massages, Betty?” I asked, thinking that it might be something our residents might enjoy.

“No, oh, no, I was having someone in once or twice a week. Do you provide massages here?”

“Not really except for those who need bathing, they do get lotion rubbed on but it’s not really a massage.”

“Mmm, I’ll really miss that,” she added.

She looked up at me from unpacking a box of clothes and asked, with a smile,”And do you ever give baths to the residents yourself?”

“Oh, Mom, Mister Decker is too busy for that,” her daughter told her.

Being in the presence of two attractive women, I answered, “Well, I’m here for you so if you would like a bath or a massage, just how could I refuse you.”

“Well, then, maybe later this evening?”

“I’ll be here until about seven-thirty, I’d have time then.”

I took the papers back to my office, did some rounds and later remembered my promise. So, when I was ready to leave, I pulled my car around to her building and let myself in, then rang her buzzer.

The door opened a few inches and Betty looked out.

“Oh, I was hoping it was you, Charles, come in,” and she opened the door further, keeping herself back as I came in.

Then I saw why.

She was wearing a sheer, lacy housecoat and, unmistakably, nothing under it.

Well, no man is the master of his cock, mine lurched in my pants when I saw her. As I said, she was attractive and would pass for fifty any day.

“You’re off duty now, right, Charles?” she asked.

“Right, I’m all yours,” smiling, having an intuition as to where this might just lead.

“Then, let’s have some wine, shall we?” and she poured us both glasses of Merlot.

She clinked her glass with mine, “Here’s to my new life here and a lovely massage I hope we can both enjoy.”

This wasn’t leaving too much to my imagination. Our new resident was turning out to be a rather hot woman.

“I got things ready, Charles, come see,” and she led me into her bedroom and there was the massage table all set up, massage oils ready and candles burning.

“We can start if you like?”

I nodded and she asked me, “Face up or face down.”

“Down’s fine,” I answered as she turned and dropped her housecoat to the floor and got on the table face down over a large Turkish towel and sheet.

I dribbled oil into the well at the base of her spine and began rubbing it around her back, up onto her shoulders and neck. The backside of her was quite lovely, nice firm butt, narrow waist, smooth shoulders. I rubbed down her arms then back up to her neck and down her back.

“Mmm, that’s nice, Charles, just what I was hoping.”

More oil on her lower back, then up over the mounds of her buttocks, rubbing, kneading,

My hands were sliding across her cheeks, dipping down grazing her inner thighs as she moved her legs apart inviting me further. So, my hands went down further, caressing along near the sides of her labia with my oiled fingers.

“Mmm, oh, mmm, that’s what I need to feel better, Charles, your hands are so wonderful,” and she brought a knee up, opening herself further to my touch.

I reached one hand up under her and rubbed back and forth across her pussy.

“Mmm, sooo good, Charles, you make me feel so good.”

“You feel good to me, too, Betty.”

I could see her pussy in the dim lights, she looked like she might be shaved, there was no hair under her pussy or around the side of her labia, just silken smoothness as I rubbed.

Then I slid two fingers inside as she moaned.

“Mmm, mmm, ohh,” she groaned as she lifted her hips up so I could probe her more deeply. I pulled my fingers out and led my thumb up into her and my fingers now wiped back and forth across her clit, firm and erect and excited.

“Oh, mmmm, oh, that’s wonderful, oh, please don’t stop, it’s so lovely, mmm, oh, oh, yes, yes, mmm, UUH, UUH, uuh, uh, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, Charles, that was wonderful, just wonderful.”

I pulled my thumb out of her and asked her to turn over. As she did, I now had a clear view of our newest resident.

Her breasts were beautiful, really firm under my hands as I spread more oil over her, she looked much younger and, yes, she was shaved.

As my hands glided over and squeezed her breasts, she looked up at me and said, “My late husband, Edgar, gave me a boob job for my fortieth birthday. They’ve held up pretty well since.”

“They’re really beautiful,” I replied as I bent over to take a nipple in my mouth.

Her hand reached up to stroke my face as her other hand dropped off the table to grip the bulge in my pants. My heart was racing when, right then, we both heard the front door open.

“Mom, Mom, I brought you…oh…” and Betty’s daughter was standing framed in the bedroom door gaping at us, my hands on her mother’s oil-glazed boobs, her legs spread, naked on the table.

I froze but Betty didn’t. No, she didn’t skip a beat.

“Susan, dear, do pour yourself a glass of wine, we should be done soon.”

Her daughter smiled and winked at me, turned and walked toward the kitchen.

“Mmm, now, where were we?”

To say I was a bit distracted would be, of course, an understatement. But, I didn’t stop massaging Betty, not for a minute, I was soon back down on her abdomen and below, making sure to retrace my steps where I knew so well now that she wanted me to go. I had three fingers in her and my other hand circling her clit as I wondered just what was going through her daughter’s mind right at that moment.

Then, reflected in the dresser mirror, I saw Susan, wine glass in hand, sit on the living room sofa, facing the bedroom door, watching me from my back, as I massaged and fingered her mother. She couldn’t see where my hands were though I didn’t think it would take much imagination.

Betty was now rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples as I fingered her and rubbed her clit.

“Mmm, oh, mmm, that’s just wonderful, mmm, oh, just what I’ve needed. Your hands are so wonderful.”

I looked up again in the mirror and Susan had the hem of her A-line dress hiked up around her waist, a hand inside her panties, moving around and around, her eyes looking in at us. Well, well, I thought, she’s certainly comfortable with her mother’s sexuality and need for sexual pleasure. I wondered just how many daughter’s would be quite that relaxed and accepting in a similar situation.

“Mmm, oh, oh, mmmm,” she groaned, raising her hips up off the table, one hand squeezing my cock, the other now gripping my hand that was rubbing her clit and pressing down hard, rubbing all around her pubic mound.

“Oh, oh, omigod, don’t stop, just…oh, harder, yes, oh, UUH, UUH, UHNH, uuh, uh, mmm, ooh, ooh, mmm, that was wonderful, Charles, oh, simply wonderful. You are a wonderful, caring man. Thank you, oh, yes, thank you.”

I bent over and kissed her softly as she slid her tongue into my mouth, her hand rising up to pull my head down hard as she kissed me deeply, my hands still pleasuring her.

I raised back up, looking in the mirror and Susan had her feet up on the sofa next to her, legs splayed, panties laying of the floor beneath her, her fingers going in and out, her eyes glued on her mother and me. Well, I had one happy woman right under me and another in the living room who was obviously not about to turn and run.

So, I handed Betty a towel, kissed her again and told her I would be back.

I turned and walked into the living room, Susan watching me as I came toward her, not covering herself, smiling at me, stroking herself with her fingers. I stood in front of her unbuckling my belt and dropping my pants and boxers to the floor, my excited cock now loose after such an erotic lead-up to the moment at hand.

I knelt down between her legs, leaned up and kissed her open mouth as my hands reached around and unbuttoned her dress and slid it up off her shoulders. She reached around and loosened her bra and slid it off her shoulders and held her lovely, firm breasts as we kissed.

As I moved back, she softly said, “Thank you for making my mom happy, Charles, now I want my turn,” and I lowered my head down and kissed her wet, bare pussy, then licked her juices up as she lay her head back moaning.

“Mmm, oh, that’s wonderful, I am so hot, so ready. Mmm.”

I lifted up, moved right up to her pressing the wet tip of my cock to her open slit and pushed right into her all the way.

“Mmm, oh, good, mmm,” she moaned as I began to move back and forth. I looked at Susan and she made a small motion with her head toward whatever was behind me. I turned my head and there was Betty, sitting in an upholstered arm chair, legs splayed over the arms, pussy gaping open as she rubbed both hands over her crotch.

I was leaning over Susan, a nipple in my mouth, her hands roving over my back and shoulders, fucking her slowly as I felt her vaginal muscles tighten and relax as I went along.

Then, she started thrusting up at me as I fucked her.

“Oh, oh, oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, um, um, oh, mmm, more, yes, don’t stop, oh, I want more, yes, mmm,” as she swung her legs around me scissoring me tightly, pulling my cock hard into her, as my cum began spurting deeply into her as she bucked against me.

I kept stroking in and out of her as she rubbed her hands up and down on my chest.

“Well, I must say the service here is much more than my mom or I ever expected.”

Betty came over and also sat on the sofa, patting a place for me to sit. I went ahead and took my shirt off, after all they were both now naked as I sat between them while they both petted my cock.

“Well your massage was wonderful, Charles, and I’m glad you and Susan got together. I know she’s needed some cheering up, just like I have.”

“Oh, Mom means my husband, Terry. He just doesn’t take much interest anymore. I wonder if he’s got a girlfriend on the side, there is a secretary at his office that I’ve wondered about. Any way, well, it’s been over a month since I’d had sex and, well, I just never expected this to happen. I just came in and, well, you…oh, and when mom had an orgasm, well, I just wanted one, too, and knew I had to have you right then.”

“I’m sure not complaining about how this all happened, ladies. Granted, this is not exactly how we try to make our residents and their families happy, it did turn out that we all three are pretty happy.”

“Oh, Charles, I hope you can give me some more massages and I really do hope I can show you how sex is with me now that you’ve had my daughter. You’re welcome to share my bed any time, even tonight,” and she turned, put her arms around me and kissed me like we were teens in the back seat of a car.

“I can highly recommend him, Mom, he’s great, even on a sofa. In bed, well, that’s something I think I’d like to find out.”

“Well, dear, it’s not even nine, maybe we could convince Charles to stay a while longer and make us both happy.”

“Mom, perhaps Charles has someone waiting at home for him,” added Susan.

I assured them both that I lived alone and that I really did like the idea of staying on a bit longer with the both of them playing with my cock, so we retired to Betty’s queen-sized bed where I did Susan first so she could have a happy drive home with two loads of my cum well-tucked away where she could dream about how it got there.

And, finally, Betty let me get up and get dressed about three after I fucked her and ate her out. What a sex-hungry woman she was.

This began an ongoing affair with both, Betty, the mother, and Susan, her daughter.

I did keep some clothes at Betty’s unit so I could just somehow appear the next morning ready for work after an exhaustive night of stunning sex.

Susan would come to my house several times a month and we would have very energetic sex, she was her mother’s daughter, for sure. And, yes, we did, the three of us, have sex at least twice a month when Susan would visit her mother. I would, of course, just come by to check up on how things were going.

I believe in service to our customers and enjoy greatly servicing them both just as often as I can. It’s the least I can do.

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