[Author's Note: Hi everyone, I am so sorry about the long gap between updates. I've been going through a lot of very personal difficulties as of late, and that coupled with my final semester of college has left me with very little free time. I'll try to be better in the future, I promise. I hate keeping you all waiting. So, when we last left our intrepid young escapist, Devlin Silvermane, he had just departed from Akaria, his dragoness lover, and almost immediately was attacked by a mob of monster girls. Let's see if he survives, and if so, if his journey will teach him any more about his father's secretive life, shall we? Hope you enjoy the tale. Reviews are always welcome.]


For hours I’m caught in a wild tangle of limbs, my pleas for mercy drowned out by the ecstatic moans of my zombie girl captresses. Their bodies press in around me, they fight to gain positions closer to me. One after another pushes her sisters aside and straddles my hips or my face, riding me with ferocious vigor, thrusting their curvaceous hips against my helpless, trapped body. I try to pull away, but they hold me down, lustfully scratching and nibbling on my every inch of exposed skin. This is it, I’m going to die here, trapped under this mob of sex-crazed monster girls. Akaria isn’t here to save me, I’m going to be raped to death! Then, with a startling suddenness, silence falls.

A slightly larger zombie girl, who has taken several turns astride my hips, despite the efforts of her sisters to push her aside so they might take me, stops her rhythmic thrusting and merely sits still, my manhood still clenched in the tight grip of her inner walls. Hastily, the zombie girls begin to rise, darting from the clearing as fast as their natural gait will allow. A few make an attempt to drag me after them–for more prolonged mating, I assume–but whatever sudden panic has beset them causes them to leave me be. And so I lay, panting and exhausted on the grass, my body aching with physical exhaustion, unable to force myself to sit up and acknowledge my new threat until I see her. And then, I laugh. I laugh aloud. It’s only a pink Slime Girl.

“Stop laughing,” pouts the Slime, a beautiful woman whose entire body is composed of translucent pink slime.

She is of a shapely, curvy build, very attractive, though her slimy body might turn some folks off. I struggle to sit up, exhausted from the mass rape I endured at the hands of the zombie girls. The Slime giggles and extends her arms, pushing me to my back and falling with me so that she lands on top of me. Her body feels light, yet still heavy enough to keep me trapped. She is soft, squishy, and a bit sticky, but not unpleasant at all. She presses her gelatinous form against me, engulfing my lower body completely inside herself, surrounding me from the hips down in cool slime.

“See,” she taunts, “I may look cute, but now I’ve trapped you. I could eat you up, just pull you into me and absorb you.”

“Why did the zombie girls run?”

“I eat them too, for nutrients,” she casually explains in that same, chipper tone.

“Are you going to eat me?”

“No,” she answers after a moment of thought, “I think I’ll just rape you, boy. But you look exhausted, I’ll take care of that first.”

I open my mouth to protest. She’s very cute, in a slimy sort of way, but I am just drained, and I don’t think I’ll survive another bout of feverish love-making. But when I open my mouth, the Slime Girl engulfs it between her lips, letting her wet tongue slip deep into my mouth, exploring and leaving a trail of sweet slime in its wake. When I swallow the slime that slowly starts to fill my mouth, I feel a cool invigoration wash over me, it’s like Akaria’s dragon milk. She keeps her mouth planted firmly over mine, even as my manhood grows stiff inside her soft, membranous body.

The Slime Girl contracts her body around my shaft, sending vibrating ripples through herself to course up and down my full length. I feel a sucking sensation around the head of my manhood and it drives me wild, coercing me to thrash about wildly in the tingling throws of pleasure. The Slime Girl continues invading my mouth with her tongue, moaning in ecstasy all the while. My hips quiver inside her body, my shaft strains in the squeezing, massaging grip she holds upon it. I let out a long, low groan as an orgasm washes over me, enveloping me in a wave of pleasure which renders my manhood all the more sensitive to the slimy caress of my lover.

“That was fun,” she says, freeing my mouth at last, “let’s go again, cutie.”

“Ah, I can’t,” I gasp, still breathing heavily, “I’m exhausted, I think I’ll pass out if we do this again.”

She thinks about this, humming to herself as she ponders whether to leave me alone, rape me, or carry me off to some unknown fate. I’m still trapped inside her, held in the squishy prison of her body’s mass.

“Okay, cute boy,” she chirps, “that felt really good, so I’ve decided to be nice and let you go. If I keep you, I’ll either have to eat you or share you with my sisters. It would be fun, I love the look on your face when you’re all helpless with pleasure. But my sisters won’t stop when you’re tired, they’ll hurt you.”


“So I’ll let you go, sweetie,” she concludes. “But I’ll catch you again one day, and we’ll have even more fun.”

The Slime Girl stands up and helps me get to my feet. I stand shakily, leaning on her for support. The Slime holds me up until I’m steady and then throws her arms around my neck and presses her lips against mine, leaving me with one final, slimy kiss before she wanders off into the forest, leaving me to gather up my clothes, pack, and sword once more.

“More fun, eh?”

I know that voice, and turn about to see the middle-aged man who I’d first encountered, the man who’d set me on this strange path of mine.

“Sorry again about the cave,” he said sheepishly, “I get a bit turned around with all my traveling.”

“Where did you come from? Are you following me?” I demand.

“Keeping an eye on you,” he replies, “just until I’m certain you’ve got this Escapist thing down. Your father would never forgive me if I let you get hurt.”

“Well,” I relent, “I can’t really be too mad about the cave, I did meet Akaria after all.”

“Your dragoness?”

“That’s her.” I say with an inadvertent fond smile crossing my face. “She’s branded me as her eternal mate.”

“Are you happy with that?”

“I’m certainly not unhappy with it.”

I move to the edge of the clearing and hear the footsteps of my companion following at a decent pace. He appears to be in reasonable shape for an older man, but still I’m impressed that he keeps pace with me as we move through the woodlands, pushing through thick undergrowth and picking our way through the occasional dried up creek-bed.

“So your mate let’s you wander, then?” he quips.

“I’m free to do as I will,” I retort, feigning defensiveness. “Akaria doesn’t own me.”

“She’s just branded you, is that all?”

We both chuckle at that. There are some very gentle, even submissive monster girls, but dragonesses are not counted amongst them. At last, I tire of walking and sit down on a flat rock. I open my pack and retrieve some dry rations, nothing special but more than sufficient to satiate my hunger. My traveling companion sits across from me on a tree stump.

“Tired, are you?” he asks.

“A bit,” I must confess, “traveling by foot is not really something I’m used to, yet.”

“You could have asked your dragoness to carry you around,” he suggests.

“I suppose I could…”

But the man’s attention has wandered elsewhere, he’s not meeting my eye. He’s staring off into the distance with a vague expression, his head tilted as though listening to something I cannot hear.

“What, what is it?” I ask, my voice dropping to a whisper.

“Time for me to leave,” he says. “If my guess is right, this should work out well for you.”

“What should?”

He stands up on his tree stump, not answering or even acknowledging my question. Instead, he retrieves an object from his pack: a round, shiny metal disc on a short pole, and holds it above his head. The sunlight glints off the metal, reflecting so brightly that it hurts my eyes. Yet, I cannot look away, for no sooner does the sun strike the metal of what I assume is some sort of signaling device than I hear a piercing shriek. Like an arrow from the sky, a harpy descends, shooting through the tree tops and landing on her clawed feet beside the man. She has the body of a woman, though her shapely legs end in bird-clawed feet, and her arms are merged with beautiful bird wings. Multicolored feathers cover her torso, the top of her head, and her wings; they look soft and alluring.

“Hello, husband,” she says in a chipper tone to the man. “Are you ready to go home?”

“I am,” he says, stepping close to her.

“Are we taking that one too?” she asks, pointing at me with a wingtip. “My sister would probably like him for a mate.”

“Oh no, he’s promised to another,” the man says. “Farewell Devlin, I think you shall be most pleased with your journey in the near future.”

With that, the harpy flaps her wings and rises into the air, then grips my companion by his shoulders, holding him firmly in her talons as she flies upward through the canopy of leaves. And just like that, he’s gone. I never even got his name, and now I don’t know when, or if, I’ll be seeing him again. He knew my father, he set me on this path, he helped me meet Akaria, and I didn’t even ask his name.

“Gods, I’m an idiot,” I mutter sheepishly.

“But a cute one,” says a light, cheerful voice from behind me.

I whirl around and see exactly what my departed benefactor must have heard in the trees, a Fox Girl, or kitsune as they’re properly called. She stands about a head shorter than I, with little fox ears poking out from her brown hair, which is pulled back in a ponytail. Besides the fox ears, she has a thick, fluffy tail that swishes back and forth. She is clad in what appear to be soft boots, a midriff-baring top, and tight-fitting pants. I must admit, she’s a cute kitsune, though the two short-swords slung across her back add a bit of menace to the picture.

“Are you going to come along quietly, male?” she asks, stepping closer. “Or will we have to drag you, kicking and screaming, back to our den? Because either way works for us.”

“Us?” I inquire, still finding it altogether hard to be threatened by this short, adorable little Fox Girl.

“That would be us,” says another, slightly more stern voice from behind me.

I swivel about–getting snuck up on is becoming a bit old–to see two kitsune blocking any options for retreat, closing in upon me. In a moment, the three have me in their midst, and each has a hand to one of their weapons.

“So, what will it be?” asks the brown-haired kitsune.

“If you struggle a little,” offers a black-haired one, “we can tie you up… wouldn’t you like that?”

“Well, I… I’ll go peacefully,” I relent.

Really I have no other options. The kitsune have me surrounded, they have weapons, and to be perfectly honest, they’re quite an attractive bunch. My heart belongs to Akaria, but she was willing to let me go experience what the world had to offer. Then again, the zombies and Slime Girl both had me captured when I couldn’t put up a fight. Should I at least try and resist the kitsune’s for Akaria’s sake? She had no qualms with sharing me with her fellow cave-dwellers, but what would she think of these sneaky little Fox Girls trying to spirit me off to their den?

“Get moving, little boy,” urges the stern-voiced, dark blue-haired kitsune. “We’ve got a long night planned for you.”

“Give me a minute to think,” I murmur, shrugging off the hands of my captresses.

They look about ready to leap on me or draw their weapons, or both, when a noise catches all of our attention: flapping. Not the light flap of bird wings, something much larger winging its way through the air. A shadow falls over us and the kitsune scatter, each performing a perfect evasive roll to get clear of what now descends. I stumble out of the way just in time to avoid being landed upon by none other than a very familiar dragoness. Akaria found me!

“Akaria,” I exclaim, moving closer to her, “I just got captured by these kitsune. I wasn’t sure what to do, what would make you happy.”

“Captured,” she teases, “by these cute little foxes?! Oh they must be so very tough and scary,” she chides, much to the kitsune’s collective chagrin.

“We caught him,” the black-haired one insists. “He’s ours to play with now.”

“He’s branded,” Akaria points out. “See.”

Akaria drops to the ground and drags me with her. Realizing what she’s after, I squirm with embarrassment, which my dragoness lover ignores while stripping away my pants to expose the brand she placed on my scrotum. She holds my genitals in her clawed right hand and presents my branding to the three kitsune, who all gather close to look, giggling with excitement. I wriggle in Akaria’s grasp, but the dragoness has a firm hold on me, and apparently I don’t “want” to escape enough for my powers to trigger and get out of this humiliating predicament. Worse still, the attention of Akaria and the three kitsune seems to be inadvertently stimulating me. My manhood grows stiff, standing upright at its full, erect length, which from the looks on the faces of the kitsune, is fairly impressive.

“Oh,” pouts the brown-haired one, “it’s a shame he’s your property. He looks like he’d be a lot of fun.”

“Well now,” Akaria replies in a sly voice, “I never said you couldn’t play with him.”

“Did you not say he was yours?” the blue-haired kitsune counters tersely.

“I did,” Akaria affirms. “So, you can’t keep him. He is mine. But you can certainly drag him off to your lair and enact whatever you wish upon him, so long as he’s set free in one piece… and alive.”

“Akaria!” I protest, struggling in her arms.

“Oh hush,” she teases, kissing my forehead, “you know you think they’re cute, I can tell. Plus, they caught you fair and square. Girls, he’s all yours.”

“Wait, Akaria,” I object as the kitsune draw close and begin binding me with ropes procured from their pockets, “why are you even here? Were you following me?”

“I saw the zombie girls swarm a clearing,” she explains, “so I waited to make sure you were safe. Then I saw the Slime Girl, and then you wandered off with that man; a friend of yours, I guess. When the harpy carried him off, I decided to stick close and see what happened next.”

“So, you watched everything?”

“I did,” she smirks deviously.

By now, the kitsune have my wrists and ankles tied together and are hoisting me up between the three of them. Akaria is standing back, watching them with an amused look on her face.

“So what will you do now?” I ask her.

“I’ll follow you at a distance,” she explains. “I like to watch. Then, when they let you go, we can continue your adventure together!”

“And what will you do?” I ask the kitsune.

“Carry you home,” the blue-haired one says, “take turns with you, offer you to our chieftainess, and then share you with our whole tribe. Now, let’s get moving.”

“He likes it rough,” Akaria calls after us as they carry me away.

* * *

“And then,” concludes the black-haired kitsune, “once I climax a third time, I’ll move from your hips to your–”

“Arva, that’s enough,” says the blue-haired one. “You have spent the last half-hour talking him to death.”

“What Raen means,” cut in the brown-haired kitsune, “is that it’ll be more fun if you surprise him. He’ll react more if he doesn’t expect what you’re planning.”

“Oh, like that thing you do with your tail, Reska?” Arva asks the brown-haired Fox Girl.

“Arva!” Reska flushes. “Don’t spoil the surprise!”

Even Raen, the more sullen, blue-haired Fox Girl cracks a smile at the back and forth between Arva and Reska. I lay still in their clutches, letting the three monster girls carry my body between them through the trees. They seem to know just where to go to avoid tight clusters of trees and treacherous footing. It is almost as if they can see, or perhaps smell, a path that I cannot perceive. That, and they surely know the woods better than I do. They likely grew up here. If I’m reading the sun correctly, they carry me north and west for a way, then take a turn to follow their invisible path more directly north, moving around a rise in the land and down a slope until I hear the faint trickle of a river.

We come out of the thick foliage onto a riverbank, which we follow north. I offer to walk, but the kitsune insist that I’m light enough to carry. I forget how strong monster girls are. The river continues north, but also branches off to the northeast. We follow this offshoot to where it terminates at a natural pond of sorts, flanked by low hills. On and around these hills are small but sturdy little houses, built in clusters.

“Welcome home, sweetie,” Reska purrs in my ear.

“Let’s take him to my hut,” Raen offers. “We’ll have our fun with him there before we share him with the others.”

“You know,” I say, my heart beating a bit faster, “Akaria was kidding, I don’t like rough sex all that much.”

“That’s too bad,” Raen says, “because we do, and you have no choice in the matter.”

This resolute response silences me, but my nervousness is mounting. They could do anything to me. Sure, Akaria would save me, but what if she’s not fast enough? What if they decide to hurt me, just for fun? Kitsune aren’t like that though, are they?

“Relax, little one,” Arva soothes. “It’ll be fun, I promise. Especially if you’re good with your tongue,” she adds with an eager little fox-noise of anticipation.

“Kitsune don’t torture,” Reska explains as the trio carries me through the door of a waterfront hut, “not in the extreme sense anyway. A little scratching and biting, maybe a spanking if you’re a bad boy, but nothing like an Entangler might do to you.”

“Speaking of which,” Raen asks, “shall we get to it, then?”

The hut is not lavishly furnished. A small fireplace below a smoke-hole in the ceiling, a table and two chairs, a wooden chest, and a bed of furs comprise much of the adornments. I’m laid on the fur blankets of the bed and my clothes are pulled away, ripped apart so they might be removed while my limbs remain bound. Unable to contain herself, Arva lets out an eager growl and seizes my manhood, holding it in a tight grip and pumping her fist up and down furiously. I throw back my head and moan with the sudden and unexpected pleasure.

“Arva,” protests Reska, “I caught him first, I get him first!”

“He has other means of pleasing us besides that one,” points out Raen, now a bit more visibly excited than her earlier mood suggested.

Arva squeals with glee and disrobes in a hurry. The other two kitsune do the same, revealing their athletic, attractive bodies. Reska moves astride my hips, straddling me and smiling down at my captive form. Free from her shirt, her large breasts sway gently when she breathes. It is mesmerizing. Reska seizes my erect shaft in her right hand. Her fist wraps around my erection, squeezing it tight. She raises her left hand to her mouth and runs her tongue over her fingers, thoroughly moistening them before lowering her fingertips to the head of my shaft, lubricating it with her saliva. I let out a little whimper, the light caress of her wet fingertips feels fantastic. She moves her fingers down my shaft, lubricating every inch.

“By the Goddess,” Arva giggles, “I love to watch you work, Reska.”

“She does certainly have a way with the males,” Raen observes.

“We all have our way with the males,” Reska laughs, before slowly easing my manhood between her thighs.

At the same time, Arden comes forward and steps over me, positioning herself astride my face. I squirm a bit, mostly from excitement, but she easily holds me in place with her thighs, encircling my head with her strong legs. Her hands seize fistfuls of my hair and hold on as if my hair was reins while she begins to thrust her hips against me. I open my mouth and gently lick between her lower lips, tasting her sweet nectar. All at once, Reska stops the slow process of sliding my erection into her in favor of suddenly impaling herself down its full length, squeezing it in her hot inner depths. I let out a wild scream of ecstasy, my tongue plunging into Arva, who begins thrusting her hips even faster.

Alyssa met me at the door of the restaurant, embracing me with a hug.

“It’s your favorite, J,” she smiled, “breakfast served 24 hours a day, including bacon.”

I laughed and hugged her. Enjoying a close hug with just Alyssa. I was still pleasantly surprised how well we worked together to help Carmen.

“Where are the others?” I asked.

“They went with the waitress to our table. I volunteered to wait for you,” Alyssa explained, “I wanted to ask you a question.”

“Ask away,” I smiled.

“I really enjoyed helping Carmen,” Alyssa explained, “I wanted to make sure you were okay with my help.”

“Of course!” I said, “Aly, I would be lost in all this without you. Your theories of what I can do help me to understand it better. You know all this head shrinking stuff, I’m just a programmer. Logic I understand. Brains, especially female brains, get me confused.”

“I think you know us better than you think,” Alyssa said, rising up to kiss me on the lips.

I kissed her back, but felt my stomach rumble.

“Let’s go order.” I said.

“Okay, but I think we should concentrate on Lexi next,” Alyssa said, as she led me through the diner.

“Can’t it wait until after dinner?” I whined, a bit tired and drained.

“Dessert is for after dinner,” Alyssa said with a wink, “We need to make some progress before playtime, make some adjustments and see how Lexi is in the morning.”

“She and Carmen are close friends,” I mused, “They usually go running on Saturdays according to Carmen’s email, maybe they’ll resume that routine in the morning.”

“That’s a good goal,” Alyssa said conspiratorially as we arrived at the table.

The Carmen was sitting between Kelly and Alexis on one side of a round table. Alyssa sat next to Lexi, and I slipped into my seat between Alyssa and Kelly. I picked up the menu to look at it, and immediately felt two hands move up and down my thigh. One belonged to Kelly, and was a bit more aggressive than Alyssa’s more comforting caresses. I must have shown a bit of concern, because Carmen started laughing.

“See J?” Carmen teased, “See what I’ve had to put up with for the last week.”

I smiled at her and noticed that Kelly’s other hand wasn’t on the table either, but spread out towards Carmen’s lap. Lexi’s hands were making similar motions with Carmen and Alyssa.

“Okay, this is a bit out of hand,” I mumbled.

I slid my hand under the table and held Kelly’s hand, touching it gently. Then I concentrated my will on her sexual section, and pulled it up from the very low setting to a more normal healthy level. Kelly smiled at me, as she slid her hand into mine.

“I’m glad you’re here, Jay,” she said, then let go of my hand and used two hands to pick up the menu.

I saw Carmen squirm a bit, and noticed Alyssa blush as she wriggled next to me. I reached across Alyssa’s lap, and touched Lexi’s hand. I adjusted her sexual graph as I pulled her hand from between Alyssa’s lega. She lifted her head up and smiled up at me.

“I’m glad to be here with all four of you lovely ladies,” I said as I looked at each of my partners.

With their libidos reset to a more normal range we all read through our menus without disturbance. It would be interesting to see what they ordered. If Alyssa was right about the girls, they’d order sweet and fatty items, seeking the easy, tasty treat. Sure enough, Kelly and Lexi ordered sugary pancakes and waffles, while Alyssa ordered a salad, and Carmen ordered a burger. I ordered steak and eggs, with a side of bacon. I caught Alyssa’s eyes as I ordered the bacon, and winked at her. She blushed and just shook her head.

While we were waiting for our orders to arrive, Alyssa started to question Lexi. I listened carefully, while I scanned across Lexi’s moral profile.

“So, Alexis,” Alyssa started, “What did you do in high school?”

“Oh, please, call me Lexi,” Alexis replied, “It’s odd for my friends to use my full name. I ran cross-country and track, mostly longer distances. I loved mathematics and science classes too.”

“I’m a big science nerd,” Alyssa confessed, “but I’m no runner. How much do you run?”

“I usually run about 20-25 miles a week,” Lexi stated, “seven or eight miles every other day. This last week I’ve hardly ran. I’ve, uh, been busy with other activities.”

Lexi blushed as she raised her eyes to Kelly and Carmen, who only returned their own bashful smiles. She caught my eye as well, and her dazzling smile made me smile in return.

“Well, you probably deserved the rest,” Alyssa comforted, “I can’t imagine running a mile, let alone seven!”

“I need to get back at it,” Lexi confessed, “Carmen told me to bring my running gear, so maybe we can go for a run in the morning Carmen?”

“I’d love to Lexi,” Carmen said, “I need to burn off some excess energy.”

“Lexi’s going to try to walk onto the college cross-country team in the fall,” Carmen bragged to Alyssa.

“That’s a great goal,” Alyssa said.

I noticed where the activity along Lexi’s moral profile was happening. I felt Alyssa squeeze my thigh. Understanding without words, I modified Lexi’s running section. Our experiments had a few questions focused on physical fitness, and I remembered roughly the way the more athletic subjects moral profiles were shaped. I pushed hard from across the table, but the moral shape was only changing slowly. I reached my hand out to Alexis.

“I hope you make the team,” I said, “I used to love cross-country in high school.”

“Actually your school has a great cross-country team,” Lexi offered taking my hand, “I’ve considered before looking to transfer to be a part of a better team.”

I pushed and her walls responded much easier with our physical touch. She smiled at me while I made the adjustment, almost faithfully accepting that I was fixing her waning dedication to her sport.

“Really,” I asked, “you’d transfer to my school?”

“Seems I have a good reason to,” Lexi flirted, then smiled at Alyssa, “Now that I have friends there.”

I was a bit uncertain about having Lexi so close, but I was also enjoyed toying with the idea. She was a fun person to be around. I’d only known the Lexi I had modified, but Carmen’s emails showed her to be a good honest and loyal friend.

“Well as an ambassador for our school,” I spoke playfully, “and for the good of our cross-country team, I encourage you to transfer.”

“I’d like that too,” Alyssa said brightly, which took me a bit by surprise.

Carmen looked across at me, “You know, your school has great connections to the dance studios in Portland.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Alyssa parried, “You are a dance major, what type of dance are you interested in?”

“Modern mostly,” Carmen started, “Though I love all types, from ballet to hip-hop, I love to be on the stage.”

“Yeah, I can see that!” I laughed.

Kelly slid over next to me, and slid her hand into mine. I accepted her hand, and looked over at her. She looked up at me her blue eyes a bit saddened and brimmed with tears.

“What’s the matter, Kelly?” I asked.

“It’s sounding like you are stealing my best friends,” Kelly stammered, “After I have started to love them so much.”

She bent her head, and started to sob. Carmen looked at me shocked, it was the first time any of us had seen either of the girls show anything more than happiness. I scanned her moral curve, and saw a section bustling with activity. It was near the relationship section which, for Kelly had grown a bit since my first adjustment. She must have developed strong feelings for both Lexi and Carmen. I could understand why she felt sad about the talk of moving schools.

“Oh, Kel, I wouldn’t move to State, without you!” Lexi soothed, moving behind Kelly and hugging her close.

“What are you studying,” I asked, “I’m sure State has something for you.”

I realized I hardly knew anything about Kelly. She was stunningly beautiful, and thanks to my adjustments a wonderful sex partner. I didn’t know any of her interests. Carmen’s emails focused more on Lexi.Kelly and Carmen’s relationship was cooler before last weekend, because of Carmen’s overly sexual persona was a conflict with Kelly. My adjustment tore that wall down, but what Kelly was really like, I didn’t know.

“She’s studying Business,” Lexi offered.

“What type of business?” I asked, trying to be helpful.

Kelly sniffled, and lifted her head to look at me, “I’d really like to get into the hospitality business, hotels, restaurants, you know.”

“Oh, State has a great hotel and restaurant management program,” Alyssa offered, “I’m sure you could transfer without any problems.”

I was a bit shocked. I started this weekend with the idea that this would be the last time I’d see Kelly, Lexi and Carmen. Suddenly, my new (previously lesbian) girlfriend was inviting the three beautiful coeds to transfer schools to be with me. I really didn’t even know what to think. Luckily the waitress arrived with our food. We all started eating, and the conversation died down. I was lost in thought as the conversation started back up. The four girls started talking, and making plans like they were old friends.

I forced myself to relax, and scanned the four girls. I noticed they were all active in the same area of their graph.

“This must be where the female bonding thing happens,” I thought to myself.

As the spoke, and learned more about each other, their moral profiles began to construct a healthy boundary in the relationship area of the graph. I wondered to myself what my moral profile looked like, was I also building my relationship graph, and attaching myself to all of these women? I listened as they talked, discovering more about each woman.

Kelly’s family owned a small but exclusive Bed & Breakfast on the coast, her parents were also very successful business professionals. They treated their property as a hobby, and wanted their only daughter to pursue a similar career. Kelly understood business, and had a keen easy charisma and personality. She wanted to use her natural ability to make people feel welcome, but her parents resisted a career solely in hospitality.

Lexi loved being active, and running was one of several athletic activities she enjoyed. She loved being outdoors, and enjoyed rock climbing, canoeing, and a host of aquatic sports. She was studying general science, but was interested in biology, and thought she might try to make a career as a physical therapist. She thought that would be the best mix of her passions.

Carmen really very serious about dance. She loved all types and styles. I knew her body flowed in such a smooth natural rhythm. I could see her becoming a very good dancer. I remembered our quick sexual encounter in the hotel room, as she laughed loudly and started to get aroused again. Her whole being was brimming with sexual energy, and the thought of seeing her on stage… I knew she would be a star.

Alyssa, whose story and background I was already familiar with, appeared to be so happy learning about these girls. She easily related to each of them, and because she was a few years older than each of them, she took on a mentoring role in the conversation. I knew she was applying her knowledge of psychology to the puzzles of the girls, but her interactions were so natural, I could see her being a wonderful counselor. She was always willing to help people.

I leaned back and stretched smiling. I found myself becoming more enamoured with the group of girls. Three of them so randomly thrust into my life but seemingly so comfortable being together with me included. Though I was quiet, they continued to engage with me. Their eyes seeking mine, hands touching mine. Smiling at me, laughing with me, I felt very much at home. After dinner had been cleared, Alyssa took my hand and gave it a squeeze and leaned towards me.

“Pay attention now,” She whispered, “A few little adjustments might be needed with Lexi.”

I nodded in return, understanding her intention. Alyssa redirected the conversation towards Alyssa, while I started scanning. She used the same type of questions that she developed for our experiments, to discover how Lexi processed some of the moral quandaries that we had quizzed our subjects on. I scanned Lexi’s profile and made small adjustments to raise the parts of the graph that I’d destroyed in our first meeting. I was impressed with how well Alyssa led the discussion, though part of me was uneasy that I was meddling too much. Outwardly, Lexi didn’t show much change. Her engaging personality shone through all the questions.

The whole process took about 15 minutes, and Kelly and Carmen listened carefully. As the conversation continued to focus on Lexi, Kelly become more distracted and her hand returned to my thigh. When I glanced in her direction I saw Carmen was leaning against Kelly’s neck whispering in her ear. Kelly was blushing and her hand moved up my thigh. I tried to split my attention between Lexi and the two beautiful flirty women on my left, but it was a fools game. I was getting too aroused to be much more help to Lexi.

“I think we should head back to our room,” I said when a break in the conversation ebbed.

“Me too,” said Carmen as she turned towards Kelly one of her hands under the table.

“Yesss, please,” cooed Kelly as she squirmed next to me.

I wondered what Carmen was doing to Kelly under the table.

Alyssa smiled at me, and turned and squeezed Lexi’s hand.

“I think that’s a great idea,” Aly said standing up.

I had already settled the check, so there was nothing left to do but leave the restaurant and head back to the hotel. We all linked arms as we walked across the parking lot. I felt better than I had in weeks, finally putting aside my worried remorse over what had happened last weekend. I was looking forward to exploring more of our budding relationship in our suites.

I entered the lobby and noticed Becky at the front desk, with a new person I hadn’t seen before. I decided to swing by and greet Becky, and see if she was still as curious as she was earlier in the day. Carmen grasped my arm and walked with me as I headed to greet the charming hostess.

“Jeremiah,” she warned, “what are you doing, you crazy man?”

Alyssa linked arms with Lexi and Kelly and headed to the elevators.

“I’m just saying, ‘Hello,’ Carmen, don’t worry,” I said, then to Alyssa, “Hold the elevator! I’ll just be a minute.”

I looked at she nodded to me with a trusting smile. I looked to the front desk, and Becky smiled as she looked up at me and Carmen. The younger man beside her was busy at the check-in computer system, so Becky waved us over to the counter a few steps away.

“Becky, I want you to meet Carmen,” I said smiling.

“Hello, Becky,” Carmen said flirtily, “I’m sorry I was such a bitch earlier.”

“Oh, please!” Becky said eyes gleaming with a bright smile, “Traveling can make us all a bit off.”

I absently scanned Becky, just for practice, and noticed that her sexual graph was sparking with activity as she spoke with Carmen.

“Maybe there is something Carmen can do to make it up to you,” I offered casually.

Carmen looked at me oddly, and I winked at her.

“Actually, I’m just getting off shift in a few minutes,” Becky began, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well if you can stop by our suites,” I flirted, “I’m sure Carmen will figure something out.”

Becky’s eyes met Carmen’s and I could see her pupils dilate in attraction. Carmen squirmed slightly as she let her eyes drop a bit and really examine Becky’s attractive body. Carmen reached behind me and pinched my ass.

“I think I’d love to make it up to you,” Carmen agreed, winking.

Becky was left speechless, and Carmen grabbed me by my elbow and steered me to the waiting elevator.

“I’ll, uh … okay!” Becky finally stammered as we left the front desk area.

“Jeremiah,” Carmen whispered to me, “did you do anything to that poor girl?”

“No, Carmen, I only observed that she was more interested in you, than in me,” I reported.

“Oh, thank god!” Carmen smiled, squeezing my arm.

“I thought you’d like a little gift, for all your hard work,” I laughed as we joined the other three in the elevator.

“What’s that?” Alyssa asked.

“Oh, remember Becky at the front desk?” I said, “She’s coming up in a few to visit with Carmen.”

“Really?” Alyssa breathed, “She was very attractive.”

Lexi and Kelly were too busy kissing in the corner of the elevator to take part in the conversation. Carmen and Alyssa grinned at each other, while I took Alyssa’s hand in mine. We waited together as the elevator rose, and I could feel the sexual tension start to rise as we passed each floor. Kelly was busy trying to get Lexi’s sweatshirt off when the elevator stopped and we all exited onto our floor.

I opened the door to Carmen’s room, and watched as the stream of horny women walked inside. I walked in, and flipped the door lock to keep the door from closing all the way. I was betting we would have a sixth body in a few minutes. While Lexi and Kelly undressed each other, I understood they still shared a strong sexual bond. Carmen wrapped Alyssa in a close hug.

“I never said I was sorry,” Carmen said softly.

“For what?” Alyssa asked, leaning back and combing a stray lock of Carmen’s hair behind her ear.

“For stealing away your boyfriend for a quick fuck,” Carmen smiled.

“Think nothing of it,” Alyssa answered leaning forward to kiss Carmen’s lips, “He’s a pretty good lay.”

I laughed, and enjoyed the view. Lexi laid Kelly on the bed, then knelt between her splayed legs and kissed her pussy lips. Alyssa started to pull Carmen’s clothes off, and Carmen was pushing down Alyssa’s traveling yoga pants. I stayed fully dressed, and decided to watch and save my strength, the night was still young.

Watching Alyssa undress Carmen was so erotic. Alyssa allowed Carmen to peel off her yoga pants. Then as she stepped out of them, she stood in front of Carmen with just her panties on and held her fingers to Carmen’s lips.

“Hold still, Carmen,” Alyssa instructed, “let me undress you.”

Carmen’s eyes widened, and she suddenly was very self-conscious. I could see a faint blush color her skin dusky skin. Alyssa lowered herself to her knees and lifted her hands to Carmen’s waist. Looking up at the squirming Latina, she leaned in, lifted Carmen’s shirt, and planted a soft kiss on Carmen’s flat stomach. Her fingers pulled open the button at the top of Carmen’s jeans, and slowly lowered the zipper. Alyssa slowly kissed each new section of skin that was exposed, then slowly lowered the loose denim to the floor. Carmen stepped out of the jeans and exhaled softly, closing her eyes to hold off her impatience.

I heard a soft knock on the door, and stood to open it. Becky was outside, and she smiled up at me. Her eyes looked me up and down, and tried to look past me into the room. I leaned against the frame and smiled back at her.

“Are you sure you want to come in?” I asked seriously.

“Yes, J,” she affirmed, “ever since I saw all those beautiful sexy girls smiling with you, I’ve been curious what is your secret.

“You won’t get in trouble with the hotel?” I asked again, not wanting to get Becky in trouble.

“Jerry is cool, I’ve covered for him before,” Becky assured me.

I opened the door and let her walk past me. She stopped a few steps into the suite, and I closed the door behind her, this time putting out the Do Not Disturb sign, and locking the latch. I stepped up behind Becky, as she stood watching Alyssa slowly pulling Carmen’s shirt up, drawing it out with small kisses of Carmen’s caramel colored skin.

“She’s unwrapping your present,” I whispered in Becky’s ear, “Can I unwrap you for her?”

“Oh, yes…” she uttered captivated.

I stood behind her, and unzipped the side of her uniform skirt, pushing it down to pool at her feet. Becky took a step forward out of the bundle, and I reached around her an unbuttoned her blouse. I could feel the heat of her body as I undid each button. I felt her nipples harden under my forearms as I undid the middle buttons. I left the bottom button secured and pulled the top back over her shoulders and down over her body. When the blouse settled against her bare toes, Becky took another step forward.

This story follows on approximately one month after “A Second Life – Chapter 7″.

Once again, all the characters, places and events in the story are pure fiction and straight out of my active imagination. I do not accept any responsibility for any resemblance to real people, places or events that occur anywhere.


Zach sat at his desk in his office above the main living area of the house. He had just put together the last few components for his 3D graphics presentation for the local hospital’s Board of Trustees to show them what the new Administration Wing would look like. The presentation was still over two weeks away, but Zach liked finishing all his work projects ahead of time. He could hear the sound of female laughter coming from the back of the house and guessed that the girls – his three de facto ‘wives’ – were probably sunbathing in the nude with some glasses of wine to take advantage of the warm late afternoon sun. It had been a quiet Monday afternoon in the shop, so Julie and Melanie had closed up the cottage early. Similarly, Chelsea had come home from her work early as she had finished her current piece of research after lunch.

Zach heard the creak on the steps, and saw Sam’s lazy wagging tail out of the corner of his eye, so he knew someone was coming upstairs to check on him. He felt two soft female arms slowly wrap themselves around his neck and upper chest, followed by a pair of lips delicately kissing him on a sensitive spot just below his right ear.

“We’ve decided we need some male company, so I’m here to kidnap you and take you downstairs.” The arms and lips belonged to the youngest of his three de facto wives, Melanie, and her whisper in his ear had a sexy edge to it.

Zach saved his work and closed down the graphics program, then spun around in his chair to face his beautiful wife. He could see that all she wore was one of his unbuttoned shirts over her naked body, giving him a good view of all of her charms. Melanie had taken to wearing his shirts and t-shirts at every possible occasion, saying that she loved to be surrounded by his subtle lingering scent that was ever-present in his clothing. Zach reached a hand up under the shirt to caress her young firm breast and drew a quiet moan from her lips.

“Well I suppose if you’re going to kidnap me, I’d better come along quietly,” he leaned forward slightly to kiss her pierced pink nipple as he pinched it gently between his thumb and index finger.

Melanie took Zach’s hand and led him out of his office and down the stairs, with Sam following closely behind. They stopped briefly in the kitchen to get another bottle of white wine and a glass for Zach before stepping out onto the back patio deck. As Zach was led towards the second of the two deluxe two person sun loungers he noticed that his two other beautiful wives were both totally naked and occupied the other lounger.

Julie had her laptop open on a small side table next to the lounger in the shade of the outdoor umbrella, and seemed to be chatting with somebody online as she lay on her side. Her body glistened with a combination of tanning lotion and fine beads of sweat that formed as little pinheads of moisture in random places on her skin. Her step-daughter Chelsea lay flat on her back with her legs slightly apart, a half full glass of wine in her hand. She smiled from behind her designer sunglasses and blew Zach and Melanie a kiss. Zach had a clear view of the tight crease of her shaved vagina.

Melanie insisted on removing all Zach’s clothing before she would allow him to lie down on the lounger with his glass of wine. She explained with a giggle that it seemed only fair that if his wives were naked then he had to be naked too.

“Right girls, and our wonderful man,” Julie closed her laptop, then sat up and turned her attention towards the whole group. “We are going away this weekend for our honeymoon.”

Everybody exploded into a barrage of questions all at once, so Julie held her hand up to gain their silence and attention. She explained that she had been chatting online with Gwen, her best friend, business mentor, and the owner of the Nightmoves sex toy franchise. When Julie told her friend about Zach giving them each a wedding ring that had belonged to his late wife, his late mother and his late mother-in-law, Gwen insisted that they had to celebrate their new de facto union properly.

It seemed that Gwen, along with three of her close friends, owned a luxurious three bedroom log cabin about a ninety minute drive away. She and her friends were part shareholders in a small winery that originally owned the cabin. During a recent economic downturn the winery owners decided to sell the cabin and the small parcel of land it sat on, and Gwen and her friends were in the right place at the right time. They renovated it and set it up as a time-share, and drew lots at the end of each year to see who got use of the cabin on which particular month.

Each cabin shareholder could decide how they wanted to make use of their allotted month, whether they wanted to use it themselves or rent it out for a set fee, with the owners of the winery providing cleaning and general maintenance services at a reasonable cost, since the cabin was tucked away in a quiet corner of the vineyard. Gwen insisted that Julie make use of the cabin to have a romantic weekend honeymoon for free as her ‘wedding present’ to them, as it was during her allocated month. Her only condition was that she wanted to meet Zach, and would come up to visit them on the Saturday. Julie explained that Gwen would also bring along a special present for Zach from the three of them.

“I’ve accepted Gwen’s wonderful offer, and it’s even dog-friendly so we can take Sam,” Julie said with a twinkle in her eye. “It’s been quiet these last few days, so we’ll shut up shop after lunch on Friday. I’ll notify all our regular customers by email that we’ll be closed, but they can still order anything online.”

Zach could tell that Melanie was excited about the idea of a honeymoon weekend from the way her fingers slowly drifted across his hip and settled on his semi-soft penis even though she faced away from him, looking at Julie as she spoke. He sucked in his breath when she slid her fingers down to fondle his ball sac, then traced a fingernail slowly up along the seam to wrap her palm over his slowly hardening domed head.

Julie saw the subtle movement of Melanie’s hand, and gave her a smile and a wink, then lay back down on the lounger next to Chelsea. She felt Chelsea’s hand slide lightly across her abdomen and settle on her pubic mound. She opened her legs slightly to accommodate the inquisitive fingers that began to rub along her own vaginal crease. It took only a few moments before she felt herself start to get wet. She looked across to Melanie and saw that she had slid down the lounger and had crouched between Zach’s outstretched legs, and was busily sucking on his hard cock, while at the same time rubbing her own wet vagina with one hand, her fingers alternating between rubbing her clit and sliding deep inside herself. At that moment, all Julie could think of was how much she loved her family.

Julie could feel her body begin to respond to Chelsea’s fingers probing in and around her vagina; her hips began to involuntarily push upwards slightly. She moved her hand across to Chelsea’s shaven mound, only to find her step-daughter’s other hand already there busily masturbating herself. She rested her hand over Chelsea’s and spoke soft words of encouragement into her ear.

“Yeah, baby, fuck me with your fingers just like you’re fucking yourself. I can feel how wet you are, can you feel how wet you’ve made me?”

Julie looked across to the other lounger and locked eyes with the man who was the love of her life, the only man who could make her feel so sexually alive, and whose very presence near her seemed to always make her heart beat faster. She could see that Zach’s breathing was deeper, and he was slowly thrusting his hips up and sliding his cock deep into Melanie’s hungry mouth. He rested his hands gently on Melanie’s shoulders and knew from her own experience how gentle he would be with her. Julie raised her spare hand to her mouth and blew him a kiss.

Julie could tell from Chelsea’s quiet whimpers and the frantic way in which she rubbed her fingers across her clit that she was not far off her own orgasm. She pressed her hand down onto her step-daughter’s fingers a bit more firmly, and felt the harder upthrusts of Chelsea’s young hips. Julie’s hand was wet with the vaginal secretions that seeped through Chelsea’s fingers. She knew that her own secretions were flowing just as heavily, and was sure she could feel a wet patch starting to form where her ass cheeks were in contact with the material of the lounger.

“Mmmmm….! Oh fuck yes!” Chelsea’s closed her eyes and groaned as her orgasm washed over her like a giant wave. Her hips lifted off the lounger and her fingers pushed deep into her cunt.

It took several long moments before Chelsea came down sufficiently from the euphoric high of her climax and she opened her eyes again to check out her surroundings. She could see that Melanie was still busily sucking on Zach’s cock. When she took her hand away from between her legs, Julie immediately brought it up to the narrow space between their faces so that they could both lick away the delightfully tasty cunt juices that coated her fingers.

Chelsea other hand was still on Julie’s cunt, her fingers still rubbing and teasing her step-mother’s wet sex opening. She momentarily removed her hand then leaned her face in closer and both women shared a long kiss where they sucked on each other’s lips and tongues for what seemed like ages.

At the end of their kiss, Chelsea rolled on top of Julie so that they were face to face, breast to breast, pubic mound to pubic mound. She slowly slid her body down lower on the lounger, using her tongue to trace a wet line along Julie’s neck, then between her firm breasts, stopping briefly to suck on each nipple, then moving further down to her navel, and all the way down to her waiting wet open vagina. Chelsea knelt on the warm patio deck floor and pulled Julie’s body lower on the lounger so that her whole upper torso occupied the space between Julie’s open legs. She slid her hands under Julie’s butt cheeks and lowered her face into the glistening opening just inches in front of her and began to lick and suck. The instant Julie felt Chelsea’s tongue on her sensitive outer labia lips she let out a load moan.

“Ohhhhh, honey! Lick my cunt; yes, lick it just like that!” Julie’s eyes were closed; her hands held handfuls of Chelsea’s hair as she pulled the younger woman’s face as deep as she could into her juicy cunt.

Julie felt Chelsea’s tongue slide along the entire length of her dripping gash, hesitating as it reached her clit, then she felt her step-daughter press her lips against the sensitive nubbin of flesh and suck hard on it. She felt as if she had been hit by a large jolt of electricity as every nerve ending in her abdomen exploded in an eruption of ecstatic pleasure. She pulled harder on Chelsea’s hair and thrust her pelvis up to press back against her tongue and lips.

Julie felt Chelsea slide one of her hands from under her buttock cheek and watched as she licked her thumb, leaving it with a generous coating of her saliva. Julie guessed what was coming next, and half rolled onto her side so as to lift her leg higher and expose her tight wrinkled brown rosette. She felt Chelsea gently rub some of the spittle from the tip of her thumb onto her anus, and felt her outer sphincter muscle slowly relax. She sucked in her breath as she felt Chelsea’s thumb slowly slide past the outer muscle and begin to slowly move in small circles against the inner ring of tight muscle.

“Oh god that feels so good. I’m nearly ready to cum. Keep fucking my ass like that.” Julie’s breaths were now short and shallow, her eyes were closed tight, her fingers pulling hard on her nipples.

Julie carefully reached her hand around the side of Chelsea head to grasp her wrist and pull it hard into her butt cheeks, sliding her thumb as far as it could go into her rectum.

“Ohhh… fuck yes!” Even if she wanted to, she could not have stopped the words escaping from between her clenched teeth. She clamped her thighs tight around Chelsea’s head and humped her crotch hard against the younger women’s searching tongue, then she came in a tidal wave of emotion, her legs shaking and spasming as every muscle in her abdomen erupted in a massive sexual meltdown.

Julie continued to grind her hips against Chelsea’s face and hand for several more minutes, but with less urgency than before as the lovely tingling sensations from her orgasm slowly subsided. When they finally receded to a light background buzz, she pulled Chelsea up level with her, squirming slightly when she felt her thumb slide out of her ass. The two women kissed lovingly for several long moments before turning their attention back to the couple on the other sun lounger.

Melanie head bobbed up and down on Zach’s stiff erection, the slurping sounds from her sucking mouth clearly audible for all to hear. Also audible were the small whimpering moans she made, the result of her fingers plunging deep inside her own vagina and moving in time to her bobbing head.

Chelsea leaned her face closer to Julie’s ear. “Let’s give Mels a helping hand.”

Julie nodded, and both women left their lounger and crossed over to the other couple. Chelsea knelt on the warm patio deck directly behind Melanie and leaned her head forward towards the younger girl’s busy fingers dipping in and out of her wet opening. Chelsea carefully removed Melanie’s fingers and replaced them with her own and her tongue, and immediately began a combination of rubbing, stroking and sucking the younger girl’s cunt. Julie also knelt on the warm deck, but took her position level with Melanie’s bobbing head.

“You keep your head still honey, let me work Zach’s cock for you,” she cooed softly into Melanie’s ear.

Julie placed a hand behind Melanie’s head, and took hold of Zach’s hard erection with her other hand. She stroked the blood-engorged organ with a steady motion, feeding it into Melanie’s eager mouth. She could hear Melanie’s moans starting to get more urgent, no doubt from Chelsea’s busy manipulating fingers and mouth working at her wet cunt driving her level of sexual excitement ever closer to her climax. She could also hear Zach’s occasional groans of pleasure, just as she could feel his upthrusting hips in her hand as he responded to her manipulations on his cock.

It took no more than a couple of minutes before Melanie hunched her back and her thighs began to quiver as she felt her insides turn to jelly. A warm syrupy splash of fluid flowed out from her cunt and straight into Chelsea’s waiting mouth. Seconds later Zach pushed his pelvis up off the lounger and felt his cock slide deep past Melanie’s moist lips and he felt his own eruption of cum burst out from the depths of his core and shoot into the warm moist confines of her sexy mouth.

As soon Melanie had sucked the last drop of Zach’s cum from the end of his cock, she knelt across his middle and offered her mouth to Julie for a deep tongue-searching kiss so that they could share his intimate juices between them. Chelsea clambered up from her position behind Melanie onto the lounger so that she was lying alongside Zach, and offered her mouth to him for a passionate kiss of her own so that they too could share the exquisite taste of the younger girl’s expelled juices.

Julie pulled her face away from Melanie’s loving lips just long enough to say, “I think we’re going to have a great honeymoon weekend.”


For Zach the next few days were very busy as threw himself into his presentation. He barely noticed his women talking amongst themselves in hushed tones, and would suddenly stop whenever he walked in the room or came within earshot. Eventually they found themselves on the Friday afternoon in Zach’s Volvo wagon heading for Gwen’s mysterious log cabin deep in wine country. Using a map and instructions that Gwen had emailed her, Julie directed Zach off the main highway that led to the city, and along quiet rural roads bordered on either side by farm paddocks that gradually gave way to vineyards.

Soon after they passed through a small town Julie directed Zach to turn into a narrow tree-lined side road. They travelled along the road for several minutes until they came to a large stone archway from which hung a sign with the name of the winery they were looking for – Whispering Downs. They drove a short distance along the unsealed driveway and turned into the parking area alongside the winery’s tasting room and sales office that sat at the base of the imposing curved cliff face that gave the winery its name – it was rumoured that people standing at opposite ends of the cliff face could hear each other’s whispers. Julie exited the car and headed for the tasting room and returned a few seconds later with an envelope, a set of keys, and instructions from the winemaker’s wife on how to find the cabin.

With Julie navigating, Zach drove further down the gently sloping unsealed driveway to the far corner of the vineyard until he reached a chest-high fence with a metal gate and a large sign that read ‘No Admittance – Private Property’. Chelsea quickly opened the gate and closed it behind Zach after he had driven through. The driveway curved down to the left and ended a short distance later at a large open parking area next to a spacious looking two storeyed log cabin, beyond which the land continued to slope gently downward until it reached a low fence by small flowing creek. A line of trees had been planted just inside the fence line by the gate to provide a visual barrier and to ensure privacy for anyone staying at the cabin.

Julie quickly unlocked the door so that they could explore their lodgings and their surroundings. What they found was not a rustic cabin as they had imagined, but a luxurious hideaway that had everything they could possibly want for a special holiday. The large main bedroom was upstairs, and had an excellent view of the creek and the lightly forested area on the other side. The two guest bedrooms were next to each other downstairs, and were off the large main lounge. An unusual feature of the guest bedrooms was that the wall that separated them was more of a floor to ceiling partition that could be pulled back concertina-style so as to open the two rooms up into one enormous bedroom. All four loved the innovative idea, as it would make their sleeping arrangements a lot easier since they could push the two queen-sized beds from the two rooms together to make one super-sized bed.

The lounge was equipped with a large state-of-the-art LCD television mounted on a solid metal bracket in the corner of the room, and hooked up to a top of the range DVD player. There was plenty of comfortable seating around the large space, so everyone could have a good view of whatever was showing on the screen. Just beyond the lounge was a good sized kitchen that had everything they might need to cook a meal.

Zach wondered about the unusual heavy duty eye bolt that was screwed into the large ceiling beam that ran across the middle of the room, but before he could say anything he was distracted by Melanie calling everyone outside onto the patio deck to the part of the house that faced the creek. She had stepped outside onto the patio deck through the backdoor in the kitchen and found the only part of the cabin’s outer face that wasn’t made of timber. Instead it was made of large shoebox-sized smooth faced slate boulders that had been cemented together. But more importantly, it formed the back wall for a large heated spa pool with enough room for up to eight people. Slate boulders had also been cemented along the outer sides of the spa pool, giving it the effect of a natural water hole when viewed side on.

Zach noticed that solar heating and collection panels on the cabin roof provided heating for the spa’s water, as well as energy for running a small pump that pushed water up and out through a small spout near the top of the rockwork set against the wall of the house to give it the effect of a miniature waterfall. It was obvious to all that no expense had been spared on the renovation work for the cabin.

Chelsea then drew their attention to a small shed around the side of the cabin. Inside were a number of mountainbikes, some of which had removable carrybaskets attached to the handlebars. There was also a folder that contained copies of maps showing interesting trails that guests could ride along, as well as maps of how to get to the numerous local wineries, and into the local town with important places like the supermarket and the banks all clearly marked. They all laughed and agreed that they looked set for a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

By the time they had finished unpacking the car and had put everything away it was time for dinner. Zach took over the barbecue chef duties while Chelsea brought out a salad she had made, Julie set the outdoor table next to the spa pool, and Melanie poured a glass of wine for each of them.

That evening they all sat in the lounge on two comfortable couches while Sam slept in the corner of the room on an old rug that Julie had brought along for him. It was while they discussed what they should do for entertainment for the night that Julie suddenly remembered the envelope she was given when she picked up the keys. She fetched the envelope from the kitchen bench and opened it to read the note contained. It was evidently from Gwen, who had sent it to the winemaker’s wife, with instructions to give it to Julie when they arrived to collect the key.

The information in the note was quite brief, saying that they could help themselves to everything in the cabin, and that any food they consumed would be restocked by the winemaker’s wife and daughter after the weekend. In addition, there was a good selection of close to a hundred DVD movies in the library cabinet next to the DVD player. However if they wanted something more adventurous than mainstream movies, there was also a selection of porno movies behind the locked door at the end of the cabinet, the key for which was one of the keys Julie had been handed.

The four looked at each other, and all unanimously decided to check out the locked part of the cabinet. Once the door was unlocked and opened, they found a collection of nearly thirty porno movies neatly stacked in their cases on the shelves, together with six evidently homemade DVDs in CD jewel cases labelled only with dates. Curiosity got the better of them all, and they chose one of the homemade DVDs with a labelled date of four months ago, and settled back on the couches eager to see what it contained.

The first scene that greeted them was a group four middle aged naked couples milling around the very lounge they were sitting in now, with the backs of both of the couches dropped back flat to form fold-out double beds. Each person had a drink in his or her hand, and was either engaged in flirting or outright caressing various body parts of one or other of the members of the group.

“That’s Gwen!” Julie pointed to a tall, slim attractive lady with wavy dark hair down to her shoulders and holding a glass of white wine in her hand. She was small breasted, and her pubic hair was shaved to a narrow landing strip. She stood facing a well-built man and was talking to him while she reached behind her with her free hand to hold the erect penis of another man who stood at her shoulder. Zach could only guess at her height using various objects around the room as a frame of reference. She reminded him of a tall version of a movie star he’s seen recently in a film, but he couldn’t recall the star’s name. When a shorter buxom naked woman with red hair down past her shoulders walked up to the group, Gwen leaned forward to give her a sexy open mouthed kiss, then she moved her head lower to kiss each of the redhead’s nipples.

Zach, Julie, Melanie and Chelsea were all mesmerised by what they saw on the screen. Julie was adamant that she had no idea that her oldest and best friend was into the swinging scene, if that’s what it was they were watching.

As the movie progressed, they saw a wide range of sexual activities, sometimes in singles, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in threesomes or foursomes, with any mix of gender in each scene. In one scene that lasted for several minutes Gwen was the meat in the sandwich in a double penetration where a tall slim man with curly brown hair fucked her cunt from below, their lips locked together in a series of long drawn out kisses, while a tanned balding man fucked her anally from behind. Her moans and the grinding of her hips suggested that she thoroughly enjoyed their erotic union, especially with her occasional shouts of encouragement to one or the other of her partners.

The scene that seemed to interest Julie, Chelsea and Melanie the most featured Gwen wearing a strapon as she fucked the balding man deep in his ass while the rest of the group stood around them calling out words of encouragement. The balding man occupied a sex sling that hung from the large eye bolt in the ceiling that Zach had noticed earlier. Gwen had hold of his erect penis in both her hands, and used it as a hand hold to give herself extra leverage to pull her strapon out and push it hard back into his tight hole. She carried on until after one last series of hard thrusts, he threw his head back and splashed his cum all over his chest. She leaned forward to lick it all up, and finished with offering him her hands to lick off the couple of drops of his cum that had dribbled over her fingers.

From Zach’s position on the couch, lying on top of Chelsea with his head between her firm breasts, he could see Melanie and Julie sitting side by side on the other couch, glassy-eyed and slightly open mouthed. Both had slipped a hand under their cotton leisure suit bottoms, and from the busy movement he could see under the material, he guessed that they had started to masturbate themselves. He could also feel Chelsea’s hips pushing subtly up against his abdomen, so he guessed that she was also starting to get sexually aroused from the eroticism of what they saw on the screen.

Melanie suddenly sucked in a deep breath and closed her legs tight around her hand. As soon as the sensation had passed, she quickly peeled off her pants and pulled Julie’s face down between her legs.

“Ohhh, lick me please. I need you to lick me till I cum.” Melanie’s voice was hoarse sexual tension.

Julie happily obliged, and pressed her face between the younger girl’s spread thighs to lick at her puffy, wet gash. Within minutes they had peeled off all their clothes and manoeuvred themselves around to a sixty-nine position on the couch with Melanie below and Julie on top. Both enthusiastically used their fingers, lips and tongues in the other’s cunt until their wet flowing juices coated each other’s faces. Their moans of ecstasy filled the room, and they had become totally oblivious of anything else that was happening around them as they humped their pelvises faster and faster into each other’s eager mouths.

“Suck me hard, I’m cumming!” Melanie shrieked. Her body tensed and jerked and quivered for several seconds, and she felt a small squirt of fluid shoot out of her vagina to be eagerly lapped up by Julie’s hungry mouth.

Julie too, had felt the building sexual tension deep in her loins reach its zenith, and pushed her pelvis down hard onto Melanie’s face when she felt an ever-expanding explosion of warm pleasure from somewhere deep inside her uterus. She also felt a small squirt of fluid spurt out from her cunt and splash against Melanie’s wet and pliant tongue to be lapped up and swallowed with ease.

After the euphoria of their climax had passed Julie rearranged her body so that she lay face to face with Melanie. They spent several seconds lovingly kissing each other’s face and lips, and then looked sheepishly across at Zach and Chelsea, who they could see had been watching them eagerly. Chelsea’s t-shirt was hiked up above her young breasts, and she was pulling at one nipple so that it stood out proud from the surrounding areola. Her other nipple was in Zach’s mouth, and being alternately sucked and licked so that it too stood proud.

“You know, Chelsea and I haven’t had a chance to have your ass yet,” Melanie announced, looking directly at Zach.

“Tonight might be a good opportunity to even up that score,” Chelsea said very matter of factly as she kissed the top of Zach’s head and got a vague grunt of agreement from him in return.

“That’s settled then, both of you get to fuck both of us tonight,” Julie piped up, the mischievous twinkle in her in her eye obvious for Zach and Chelsea to see.

The women immediately raced off to get everything they needed, but not before Julie ejected the DVD and switched off the television and DVD player, since Gwen’s homemade movie had reached the end. When they returned giggling a few minutes later they found that Zach had removed all his clothes and topped up their glasses with another freshly opened bottle of wine. Julie and Melanie carried several towels, which they spread out on the rug on the floor together with several large throw cushions, and a now naked Chelsea carried Julie’s tote bag of sex toys.

Chelsea rummaged around in the tote bag until she found what she was after. She kept the toy hidden in the bag and whispered in Melanie’s ear, getting an enthusiastic nod in reply. They ordered Zach onto all fours on the towels on the floor, then ordered Julie to join him so that their backsides faced each other.

When Chelsea pulled her hand out of the tote bag she held a long skinny double ended dildo. She also pulled out a bottle of lube that Julie always kept in the bag, and handed it to Melanie. Between them, they carefully lubed up the dildo, and then turned their attention to the two crouched bodies on the floor.

Chelsea took charge of Zach while Melanie took charge of Julie. They drizzled a generous amount of the lube down Zach’s and Julie’s butt crack and spread it liberally all around the brown puckered opening of their asses, carefully pushing as much of it into their sphincters and deep into their rectums. The groans that escaped from Zach’s and Julie’s mouths each time they felt the probing fingers slide deep inside their asses only encouraged Chelsea and Melanie to increase their efforts.

When Melanie and Chelsea finally felt Zach and Julie were ready, they had them shuffle closer together so that their ass cheeks were separated by just a couple of inches. Melanie held Zach’s ass cheeks open while Chelsea placed the knob of the dildo against Zach’s tight wrinkled home. She rubbed the bulbous end in a circular motion until she could see Zach’s outer sphincter muscle begin to relax. She slowly and carefully increased the amount of pressure on the muscle, and smiled with satisfaction when she saw the knob slip past the outer ring and start to slide in. Chelsea continued to slowly feed more of the dildo’s shaft into Zach’s ass until about a third of its length had disappeared.

In was now Melanie’s turn to insert the other end of the dildo into Julie, so Chelsea reciprocated by helping to hold her ass cheeks open. Melanie repeated the same process with the dildo on Julie as Chelsea had done with Zach, and within minutes, the other end of the dildo was firmly lodged in Julie’s ass. With each subtle movement of the dildo in their asses, both Zach and Julie let out moans of pleasure as their senses strained to process the sensations they felt deep inside their abdomens.

With nearly their entire half of the double dildo inserted deep in Zach and Julie’s rectums, Chelsea and Melanie instructed them to shuffle together as close as they could so that their butt cheeks were touching. This brought on a fresh wave of erotic pleasure as each end of the dildo was forced deeper into their rectal cavities. They began to pull their butt cheeks away from each other slightly, then push them back together, simulating a fucking motion with the dildo.

Chelsea and Melanie knelt on each side of the erotically joined couple, and both reached a hand under them to encourage them through gentle and sensual caresses. Chelsea’s hand went instinctively to Julie’s vagina and found a steady stream of juices had begun to dribble down her thighs. Similarly, Melanie found and took hold of Zach’s hard erection and noted the growing wetness on her palm from his oozing pre-cum.

Chelsea and Melanie didn’t want Julie or Zach to cum yet, so after a few minutes of their anal tug of war, they instructed them to carefully pull their butt cheeks apart. Everybody laughed when the double ended dildo popped out of Julie’s and Zach’s ass at the same instant and fell onto the towel between their knees. While Melanie wrapped a towel around the spent toy and put it safely out of the way, Chelsea instructed them stay on their knees and turn towards the couch and rest their elbows and chests on the couch’s cushions.

Chelsea again rummaged in Julie’s tote bag for a few moments, and then pulled out two double ended strapon dildos, which she and Melanie quickly harnessed themselves into after carefully inserting the short angled end into their own wet vaginas. They were now ready to continue the rest of the night’s entertainment.

With their faces side by side on the seat of the couch, Julie and Zach could hear what the other two were doing and the giggles that accompanied their hushed whispers. They inched their faces closer so that they could kiss each other lovingly.

“Are you ready for this? I think I know what’s coming next,” Julie’s quiet relaxed tone reassured him.

Zach nodded. He knew that he could back out if he chose to, but at the same time he knew that this was his expression of love to all three of his wives. He heard and sensed someone kneeling behind him. A pair of hands slid up his back, then fingers and nails dragged down his sides. He felt a some hair brush against the middle of his back, then a pair of lips kissed him between his shoulder blades. A few seconds later he felt a small slippery rounded object slide along his butt crack and stop at his relaxed asshole. He felt the slight pressure and sucked his breath in as he felt the soft jelly-rubber shaft slide into the space that had only just recently been vacated by the double ended dildo that he had shared with Julie. The feeling was exquisite.

Zach watched Julie’s face intently and saw her wince briefly, so he knew that she was experiencing the same sensations that he was. By looking back over his shoulder he could see that Chelsea was kneeling behind Julie, so it was obvious that it was Melanie who had control of his ass. He smiled at Julie’s face just inches from his own and edged it forward once more for another kiss. Both lovers moaned softly into each other’s’ mouths as they felt the strapons push deeper into their rectal cavities.

Julie slid her right hand down Zach’s side and pushed it gently between his legs to grasp his semi-hard cock. She fondled it lovingly until she felt it get fully hard, then slowly stroked it, pointing it straight down and sliding her hand along its full length.

“You’re not allowed to come yet,” she whispered softly, and got a nod of agreement from Zach.

Melanie and Chelsea were engaged in their own kissing session as they matched each other stroke for stroke, push for push, while they fucked Zach’s and Julie’s asses. They both felt the heat of their lust and desire as they watched the shafts of their strapons, slick with lube, sliding in and out of the tight puckered holes of the two kneeling bodies before them. They both felt a thrilling perverse pleasure when they saw how the tight outer rim of Julie’s and Zach’s sphincter seemed to pull and stretch against the strapons’ shafts as they pulled out, then seemed to suck them back in as they pushed forwards again.

The foursome continued their depraved sex act for several more minutes, until Chelsea announced that it was time to switch. She directed Julie and Zach to lie on their sides facing each other on the large throw cushions, and for them both to fuck in that position. It took less than a minute for them to achieve the desired position, with one of Julie’s legs thrown over Zach’s hip, and his hard cock snuggled comfortably in her wet cunt. Once they were comfortable, Chelsea slid in behind Zach and Melanie behind Julie, both seeking to return to their anal activities with their strapons. Within seconds Zach and Julie’s assholes were plugged once more.

It took real concentration for all four of them to find the right rhythm so that they were all working in synch with each other. On the couple of occasions where one fell out of synch, they all erupted in peals of laughter for a few seconds, but quickly returned to the sexual task at hand. Eventually Julie felt the familiar overpowering eruption of pleasure deep inside her abdomen sweeping outward and quickly envelope every inch of her body. She gripped Zach tight in her arms and pulled him into her as if trying to make their bodies meld together to form a single being. Her breaths came in short bursts, and her legs and abdomen shuddered in one long spasm of electric eroticism as she came harder than she could ever remember.

Julie’s orgasm caused a chain reaction as Chelsea, who saw the tell-tale signs on her face from her position behind Zach, suddenly felt overwhelmed by the sight of her step-mother’s orgasm, and tightened her internal muscles around the little knobby end of the strapon inside her own cunt. Chelsea gave the strapon a series of thrusts into Zach from behind, and felt the little knob press hard against the end of her cervix, then felt her own explosion of molten pleasure radiate outwards from the core of her being as she too began to shudder all over. As she came she moaned and playfully sank her teeth into the back of Zach’s shoulder.

Zach felt the orgasmic spasms coming from in front and behind him, as well as Chelsea’s thrusts that pushed the strapon hard into his ass. When he felt Chelsea’s playful bite on the back of his shoulder he pushed hard into Julie and felt his explosive burst as he shot his cum deep into her wet and hungry cunt with his head tilted back and his mouth open in a small gasp of sexual ecstasy.

Melanie felt Julie’s orgasmic shudders and saw the looks of intense sexual gratification on Chelsea’s and Zach’s faces when they came, and that spurred her on. With a grunt of sexual lust, she pushed her hips hard several times against Julie’s backside, sending the strapon shaft deep into her ass. Julie pushed back at her, which caused the knobby end embedded in her cunt to press back against the thin wall of tissue that separated her vagina from her anus. The sensation, together with the sight and sound of the others cumming around her, was enough to push Melanie over the top. She buried her head in the hollow of Julie’s neck and felt the overwhelming burst of sexual emotion pulsing from deep in her cunt followed by the warm tingling sensation that seemed to spread everywhere in overlapping waves.

After everyone had caught their breaths, Julie looked deep into Zach’s eyes. “I love you so much; more than anything or anyone in the world.” She leaned her face into his and kissed him lovingly.

“And I love you too, my darling man,” Chelsea chimed in from behind Zach, kissing him on the back of his neck.

“And so do I, with every ounce of my being,” Melanie said looking at Zach’s face from just behind Julie’s shoulder. She took his hand and kissed it, then placed it on her breast.

“I guess it’s a good thing that I love all three of you with all my heart too,” Zach chuckled.

“We should probably tidy up and turn in for the night now,” Julie said. “We can have a lazy day tomorrow until Gwen arrives in the afternoon.”


Zach and Chelsea were lying on their stomachs on towels on the sunny patio deck while Julie and Melanie prepared some light finger food and salads to go with their barbecue later that afternoon. Both were topless, Zach in his black thigh length racing bathers, Melanie in her tiny bikini bottom, but with the top within easy arms reach. All four of them had slept in, and had opted to cycle one of the tracks into town for a late brunch before returning to the cabin to relax in the warm sunshine on the patio while they waited for Gwen to arrive.

It was just after four o’clock when they heard a car horn tooting at the front of the house. Julie rushed to the front door and opened it just as Gwen closed the door of her red BMW coupe. She was slightly surprised by how Gwen was dressed: an eye-catching red silk blouse under an expensive looking beige jacket, skin tight designer jeans, and black leather zippered high-heeled boots that came to mid-calf. The two friends kissed and hugged each other warmly and chatted as they walked up the front steps and into the cabin. Gwen explained that she had just come from a meeting about a new business venture in a large town nearby. She placed her overnight bag on one of the couches and was pulled by the hand into the kitchen by Julie to be introduced to Melanie.

By the time Julie, Gwen and Melanie stepped out onto the patio deck Chelsea had put her bikini top on, and Zach had donned his t-shirt. Zach guessed that Gwen was in her early forties, and noticed immediately that her hair was different than what he had seen on the homemade DVD footage the night before. It was cut shorter so that it was off her shoulders in a lengthy bob, her loose wavy dark brown curls with silver frosted tips highlighted her attractive looks. He also noticed that when she stepped up to shake his hand and to kiss his cheek that she had stunning green eyes and stood slightly taller than he was in her boots, however as soon as she removed the boots after their brief kiss he saw that she was his height.

“So this is the man who stole your heart,” Gwen’s smile was infectious as she looked across to Julie.

“Guilty as charged,” Zach grinned, looking slightly sheepish.

“Zach has stolen all of our hearts,” Julie corrected her friend teasingly.

“And other parts of our bodies too!” Chelsea added with a giggle.

Zach offered Gwen a glass of white wine, and all five of them sat around the outdoor table in the shade on the patio as they sipped and chatted while they nibbled on the delicious vol-au-vents that Julie and Melanie had prepared earlier. Chelsea asked about Gwen’s daughter Fiona, whom she shared a house with when she was at university. She was surprised to hear that Fiona had moved to another city to do her Master’s degree. Once Gwen had finished her wine she excused herself so that she could change out of her business meeting attire and into something more comfortable and appropriate for relaxing.

Gwen reappeared a few minutes later barefoot and wearing a loose flowing floral sundress that came down to below her knees. Julie suggested that they might all be more comfortable in the warmth of the spa pool to finish the rest of the wine since the air temperature was getting cooler as the shadows lengthened. Zach pulled off his t-shirt and climbed in, followed by his three bikini-clad women. Gwen gave them all a smirk and peeled off her sundress to reveal that she was topless underneath and wearing only a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms. Zach immediately noticed that she didn’t sunbathe as much as his three women, as her skin was much lighter in colour and her breasts showed slight tan lines. He also noted the tell-tale stretch marks from childbirth around her abdomen.

“My bikini top is upstairs in the main bedroom. I couldn’t be bothered putting it on when I got changed, and I’m sure as hell not going back inside to get it now that I’m already wet! Besides, I’m sure none of you mind,” Gwen laughed as she spoke.

Julie looked at Melanie and Chelsea and suggested that if Gwen was going to sit topless in the spa pool that they should too. She immediately removed her bikini top and threw it on the deck nearby. Melanie and Chelsea quickly followed her example, and sat back to enjoy the ripples of water as they lapped at their naked skin. Zach found himself sheepishly holding his glass of wine while sitting in the warm bubbling water up to his chest surrounded by four sexy topless women, Julie and Gwen on his left, Melanie and Chelsea on his right. He suspected that this had all been a plan hatched by his darling women, and began to wonder what the rest of the night would bring.

Zach tried to act nonchalant while he slowly sipped on his wine surrounded by the sound of women’s chatter, but he found it increasingly difficult as Gwen continually stretched back in her seat in the spa pool so that her erect nipples would seductively peep out above the water level. He could feel a familiar stirring in his groin, and tried hard to put it out of his mind for the sake of his women, at least until he understood what devious plan they had cooked up.

After he had finished his wine, Zach announced that he was going to start up the barbecue. He climbed out of the spa pool and quickly dried himself before putting on his t-shirt. He collected the tray of skewered meat and vegetable kebabs from the kitchen, and immediately found Sam following his every move now that he had woken up from his deep snooze from somewhere inside the cabin. Zach walked back out to the patio and introduced Gwen to a cautious but tail-wagging Sam, after which he fired up the barbecue. With his back to the spa pool he couldn’t see what was going on, but he could hear lots of murmuring punctuated with bouts of girlish giggling and laughter. Zach and Sam made two more trips into the kitchen to collect the salad, plates, and eating utensils, all of which he set out on the outdoor table.

It took very little time to cook the kebabs, by which time the women had climbed out of the spa tub, dried themselves, and put on some clothing. They enjoyed their meal washed down with another bottle of excellent wine from the winery’s selection in the cabin’s cellar. After they had cleared the table and washed all the dishes back inside the kitchen, Julie took Zach’s hand and led him into the lounge where she sat him down on one of the couches. She knelt in front of him and held both his hands in hers. Chelsea, Melanie and Gwen sat watching on the other couch.

“Remember I said to you earlier in the week that Gwen was bringing you a special present from the three of us?” Julie’s words were for Zach, but she spoke loud enough for the others to hear.

She continued when she saw Zach nod. “Well, my darling, she is your present for tonight. You mean so much to us, and you’ve done so much for us that we wanted to give you something really special. The four of us cooked this up as a surprise for you. We hope you like it.”

Zach didn’t know how to respond, and sat there looking from Julie to the other three and back. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He thought his best response might be a silly lopsided grin.

“It’s your night, so it’s up to you how you want to use me,” Gwen called out from where she sat on the other couch.

Zach thought about all the possibilities briefly and decided he wanted to see Julie with Gwen and Chelsea with Melanie, at least for a start. He was sure things would work themselves out as the night progressed. When he announced his decision Gwen smiled broadly, then stood up and walked across to the locked part of the cabinet which was still unlocked from the night before. She pulled open a drawer and rummaged around till she found what she wanted. When she turned around she held a selection of toys in her hands, which she placed on the large wooden coffee table in the middle of the room.

Gwen handed Chelsea and Melanie each a vibrating strapon with a harness for attaching to the wearer’s thigh. She told them they could both use them on themselves first as a warm up, then one could wear the strapon on her thigh and the other could sit on it and ride it for an unreal orgasmic experience. There were also a couple of bottles of lube on the coffee table in case they needed some.

“I suggest we all get comfortable and naked so that we can start having some real fun,” Gwen looked directly at Zach when she spoke.

The women were all naked in seconds, and laughed when they saw Zach struggling to untie the drawstring of his racing bathers.

“Allow me,” Melanie stepped forward and used her nimble fingers to untie the knot, and pulled down Zach’s slightly damp bathers with one swift movement.

Zach felt slightly self-conscious being naked in front of someone he had only just met, but when he saw how relaxed the four naked women were amongst each other he relaxed and just let things flow.

Julie suggested that they set out the two fold-out beds from the couches, and in moments they had two large double beds filling the main part of the large lounge, with some large towels spread on them for extra protection. Chelsea decided that some extra motivation was called for, so she found another homemade DVD in the cabinet and placed it in the player. The picture on the television screen showed another party, this time without Gwen, but with three of the couples they had seen the night before plus another couple. Everyone in the shot was naked, and either chatting or kissing.

Chelsea and Melanie lay down on their fold-out bed and watched the television, each with an arm wrapped around the other, and their other hand gently caressing the other’s breast and nipple. Gwen joined Julie and Zach on the other fold-out bed, with Julie in the middle, and slowly ran her fingers up and down her sides.

“I suspected you liked women as well as men, but I never knew you were into the swinging scene. Why didn’t you tell me?” Julie asked Gwen.

“You never asked, and it never seemed important to our friendship. I only got into it with my current boyfriend. We’ve been doing it for four or five years. He’s the one that made the DVDs. He’s overseas for a month with work right now, which is why I’m on my own and horny as hell at the moment.” Gwen leaned her head closer to give Julie a long sexy kiss. She then leaned further across and pulled Zach’s face up to give him one too, letting her hand linger briefly on Julie’s smooth pubic mound.

Julie wasn’t totally sure how she felt seeing Gwen kissing her man, but she could feel herself getting caught up in the sexually charged atmosphere of the night, so she let it play out. She could feel herself start to get wet between her legs, and was sure she felt the subtle brush of Zach’s semi-hard penis against her thigh. She waited until Gwen and Zach finished their kiss and had pulled apart before she turned to him and asked him what he wanted to do next.

“I think I’d just like be a fly on the wall and watch you with Gwen, and Chelsea with Melanie for a while. Just pretend I’m not here.” Zach pulled back slightly from Julie and Gwen and lay back so that he could quietly observe everything that was going on.

“I’ve wanted to do this with you for a while, so I hope you don’t mind.” Gwen spoke quietly and kissed Julie once more, this time with increased passion as she took on the dominant role, rolling onto her side and sliding her leg over her younger friend’s thighs.

When she slipped her hand between Julie’s legs and found out how wet her friend’s cunt was from sexual anticipation, she pushed them further apart and cupped her hand over the moist slit. Gwen teasingly traced her fingers up and down Julie’s wet crease several times, then slipped her middle finger past the open lips and deep into her vaginal opening, thrilling at the sound of Julie’s sudden gasp of pleasure.

Gwen raised her leg slightly when she felt Julie’s hand move onto her belly button, and slide slowly down towards her own wet and excited pussy. She lifted her leg higher to give Julie better access to explore her hungry cunt lips. Julie rolled onto her side to face Gwen, and the two friends kissed passionately as their fingers slid busily in and out of each other’s dripping holes.

Gwen broke the kiss only long enough to spin her body around so that they could engage in a sexy sixty-nine while lying on their sides. She did not hesitate to bury her face in Julie’s crotch to lick and suck on the beautiful dewy opening in front of her. It was a different matter for Julie, who hesitated for a few seconds when she started to think that this was the first cunt she would be tasting outside of Chelsea’s and Melanie’s, outside of their family unit. However, her lust got the better of her, and she reminded herself that this was their present to Zach. With that, she pushed her face into Gwen’s crotch and sank her tongue as deep as she could into her friend’s puffy sex opening to enjoy the salty oyster-like flavour of her juices.

Melanie’s and Chelsea’s attention alternated between what Julie and Gwen were doing on the other foldout bed, and the television screen where the red haired woman they had watched the night before lay on her back on the coffee table as she sucked on an athletic looking young man’s hard cock while being fucked at the same time by a young woman with long curly brunette hair wearing a large strapon. They found it difficult to tell whether the loud moans they heard came from Julie and Gwen or from the trio on the television.

Chelsea picked up the two thigh strapons and handed one to Melanie. The hot scenes being played out on the screen in front of them and on the bed just a couple of steps away made them both horny and in need of something to fill their hungry vaginas. The steady flow of juices from their holes made any extra lube unnecessary for the time being. Both slid the business end of the strapons as hard and as deep as they could into their drenched pussies, and began to steadily masturbate with them as they lay on their backs next to each other.

Melanie reached across and took hold of Chelsea’s strapon, and began a steady twisting motion as she slid it in and out. Chelsea reached over and found the button to turn on the vibrating function on Melanie’s strapon. She pressed it several times until it was buzzing at its maximum, then slid it in and out of Melanie’s vagina. They kissed each other passionately and encouraged each other with soft cooing sounds as they pushed each other closer to their point of orgasm.

Zach watched both pairs of women performing on and with each other from his position at the base of the foldout bed by Gwen’s and Julie’s feet. Wanting a different perspective, he got off the bed and took the three steps across to the other bed and sat by Chelsea’s and Melanie’s feet so that he could better see the slick surfaces of the strapons as they slid in and out of their wet swollen openings.

“Mr Fly-on-the-Wall is allowed to taste our pussies if he wants to,” Chelsea panted.

With her words of encouragement, Zach crept further up the bed until he was close enough to lean down and lick around Melanie’s cunt lips at the point where the wet pink fleshy opening met the buzzing shaft of the strapon. He knew and loved her individual taste, and savoured every drop of her flowing juices. After a few moments he moved across to do the same with Chelsea’s cunt. He marvelled at how different their juices tasted between the three of them, how different each of their vaginas felt, looked and behaved whenever they were sexually stimulated. He spent several minutes moving back and forth between Melanie and Chelsea, paying close attention to their labias and clitorises, knowing that it brought them closer to their orgasm each time.

A moan from the other foldout bed caught Zach’s attention. He turned in time to see Julie push Gwen onto her back and raise herself up onto her hands so that she was sitting on her face.

“Fuck, oh fuck! Eat me, suck me, make me cum, god dammit!” Julie screamed and reached back to grab a handful of Gwen’s hair as she squirmed and pushed her open cunt harder onto her friend’s face.

Zach saw Julie’s begin to rock her hips faster, the movements becoming more jerky and uncontrolled. He moved over to the bed beside her when she reached her hand out towards him. Julie’s hand took hold of his wrist as soon as he came within reach, and she pulled him down to sit alongside her. He could see that her face was flushed, her mouth and cheeks were wet from Gwen’s cunt juices, and her nipples were puffy and stuck out like bullets. She threw both her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her face for a long and deep kiss, their tongues raced around inside each other’s mouths. He could smell and taste Gwen on her.

With a sudden jerk, Julie pulled out of the kiss, and buried her face in the hollow of his neck and tightened her grip around his neck. The sounds that issued from her open mouth sounded like she was crying, but Zach knew she had just cum hard. After her hips had stopped rocking she pulled her face back and smiled at him.

“Well that was pretty intense,” Julie winked at Zach and wiped the last of the traces from Gwen off her cheeks, then lifted herself off her friend’s face.

“Damn, but you taste good,” Gwen teased and noticed that it caused a slight blush of embarrassment on Julie’s face. She played it down by sitting up and giving her friend a deep kiss for several long seconds, deliberately sliding her fingers delicately over the front of her body.

“So Zach, you’re still in charge, what would you like to see us do now?” Gwen asked once they had ended their kissing and caressing.

Zach wasn’t used to being in the director’s chair for these sorts of situations, and shrugged his shoulders.

“Ok, how about this – would you like to see Jules fucking me with the strapon?” Gwen recognised when some gentle hints were needed.

“Oh, sure. I’d like to see that,” Zach smiled and moved over to the corner of the bed to continue watching. He was aware of his now rock-hard erection from watching the show the four women were putting on. He could feel the dampness around his whole crotch region from the dribbling pre-cum. He knew that it wouldn’t take much for him to shoot his load if he joined in at that moment.

Zach watched Gwen walk over to the coffee table and pick up a double-ended strapon similar to the ones Melanie and Chelsea had used on him and Julie the night before. She also grabbed the other bottle of lube, then returned to the bed. She handed Julie the strapon when she sat down next to her, then leaned over to give her another series of sensual and loving kisses.

“Ok honey, you put this on and lets show your man some good girl on girl sex,” Gwen’s teasing brought out a chuckle from Julie.

Julie wasted no time strapping herself into the strapon harness. She and Gwen knelt on the bed face to face, breast against breast, the strapon shaft crudely sandwiched between their abdomens

“How do you want me?” Gwen asked Julie, who turned to face Zach at the end of the bed with an enquiring look.

“On your back will be fine,” Zach thought his voice was starting to sound hoarse from all the sexual tension he felt deep in the pit of his abdomen.

Gwen turned Julie’s face back towards her, and kissed her briefly on the lips. She then leaned her head back so that Julie could kiss the sensitive part of her neck just below the ear. She encouraged her friend further by placing a hand behind her head and gently pushing her face further down her body, at the same time she leaned back to improve Julie’s angle of access to her breasts. She gave a quick intake of breath when she felt Julie’s lips lick on a nipple, then moaned when the lips began to suck on the little nubbin of flesh. When the lips eventually stopped their sucking, she felt a wet tongue trace its way across to her other breast, where the process was repeated.

Gwen slowly leaned back further and further on the bed until she lay flat on her back with her legs wide open. Julie followed her down onto the bed, and took a position lying alongside with her head level with her chest. Gwen could feel her friend’s mouth still at her nipple, but she also felt a hand begin to slide down to her belly button, then past it to rub at her narrow strip of fuzzy pubic hair. The fingers teased further down, inch at a time, until they rested on the open lips of her hungry pussy. She gave a slight whimper when she felt a long slender finger slide deep into the vagina, and pushed against it gently. It soon became two fingers, then three as Julie began to get into her work.

Gwen reached her hand towards Zach and pulled him down to her. She offered her lips to be kissed, and Zach hesitated briefly until he saw Julie lift her head and smile at him, giving him a slight nod of approval. Zach could taste Julie all over Gwen’s mouth, her tongue, her lips, her face. He broke their kiss and moved his head lower towards her other breast, where he and Julie smiled as they watched each other sucking on a nipple. Occasionally Julie would offer him her hand, dripping wet with Gwen’s juices, for him to lick or suck on her fingers and taste the spicy flavour of her friend’s intimate secretions.

Zach felt Gwen’s hand reach for and take hold of his hard penis. She gently pulled him into a kneeling position by her head so that she could suck on his cock and taste his pre-cum. She reached a hand behind him and pressed on his butt cheek, encouraging him to slide his entire length into her mouth, his ball sac resting against the side of her chin, and held him for several seconds before she pulled her face back. She repeated this several times before she pushed his cock away and pushed her face lower so that she could suck on his testicles.

The sensations Zach felt were so overwhelming he thought he had died and gone to heaven. He concentrated hard on relaxing all the muscles around his abdomen. He looked down and saw that Julie had stopped fingering Gwen’s cunt, and was now busy coating the shaft of the strapon with lube. She then climbed into a standard missionary position between her friends long legs and rubbed the knobbed end of the silicone strapon up and down Gwen’s vaginal crease. One of Gwen’s hands reached down and took hold of the strapon’s shaft and pulled it deep into her vagina in one swift movement. Zach felt Gwen’s muffled moan through his testicles which were still in her mouth just as Julie began a steady thrusting motion with the strapon.

Zach looked across to the other bed to see how Chelsea and Melanie were getting on. Melanie was on her back in the middle of the bed with her knees tucked up to her chest and her feet somewhere above her face. Chelsea lay towards the bottom of the bed with her face pressed against Melanie’s cunt, and was busily using a combination of her mouth and her fingers to stimulate her. Keeping her tongue on Melanie’s clit, she took hold of one of the thigh strapons in her hand and began to slide it in and out of the younger girl’s vagina.

Zach watched mesmerised as Chelsea lay the strapon aside after a few minutes and slid her index and middle fingers deep into Melanie’s wet cunt, then pulled them out to smear her juices on the brown wrinkled rosette of her exposed asshole. He heard Melanie beg for her to slide her fingers in, and watched as she worked first one, then both of them in together. Chelsea returned to her oral manipulations while she slid her fingers in and out of Melanie’s ass with a steady motion. It wasn’t long before Melanie’s hips began to buck upwards, desperately pushing against Chelsea’s mouth, tongue, and fingers. Through clenched teeth, Melanie grunted and swore, then put her hand behind Chelsea’s head to push it hard into her wide open crotch as she enjoyed an explosive orgasm.

When her cum spasms had passed, Melanie looked down between her legs at the top half of Chelsea’s face and began to laugh. Chelsea pulled her face away from her cunt to find her cheeks were smeared with wet juices, and joined in the laughter as she moved up the bed so that they could enjoy a long intimate kiss.

“That was one big cum,” Melanie giggled.

“I know, I caught most of it in my face!” Chelsea kissed her and teasingly pinched her nipple.

When they realised that Zach had been watching them they smiled and blew him a kiss each, which he blew back in return.

“Let’s try one of these now while we watch the others for a bit,” Melanie reached out for the closest thigh strapon.

Once the thigh harness was velcroed in place Melanie moved across to the edge of the bed so that she could sit with her feet touching the floor and leaned back on her elbows. Chelsea climbed off the bed and carefully sat on Melanie’s thigh, slowly lowering herself onto strapon’s upright shaft until she felt it bury itself to the hilt in her hot excited pussy. They both wriggled around a bit until they were comfortable and looked up to watch Zach, Julie and Gwen. What they saw excited them so that Chelsea began to rock and hump her hips on Melanie’s thigh, and Melanie had moved a hand down between her own legs to rub and pinch her clit.

Zach suddenly felt a new sensation. Gwen still had his ball sac in her mouth and was swirling her tongue around and all over the sensitive pouch of loose skin, but he now also felt the low wet suction of a mouth around his penis. He looked down and saw that Julie had lowered her body so that she now lay breast to breast on top of Gwen as she fucked her with the strapon, and had taken his hard cock in her mouth to suck on it.

Julie bobbed her head back and forth, pulling her lips out to the sensitive glans, before sliding them all the way back down. She loved the oily feel and musky flavour of Zach’s pre-cum, and tried to keep it on her tongue for as long as possible before she swallowed it. Each time her lips reached the base of his penis, they touched Gwen’s lips as she continued her oral massage of his testicles. Eventually Gwen released Zach’s ball sac and moved her lips to the underside of his wet shaft. The two women pressed their open lips against his shaft on opposite sides and provided a simulated pussy for Zach to slide his cock in and out of.

“Let’s up the ante,” Gwen murmured and abandoned Zach’s cock momentarily. She rolled her torso so that she now lay on top of Julie in a reverse missionary, but with Julie’s strapon still firmly embedded in her flowing cunt. She humped her hips down hard onto the strapon a dozen times and groaned in sexual satisfaction.

Gwen put her mouth close to Julie’s ear and whispered quietly, “I love being the meat in the sandwich. Is he allowed to fuck me in the ass?”

Julie thought for a couple of seconds, then nodded and turned her head slightly to look up at her man, “Zach honey, Gwen’s ass is yours if you want it.”

Zach hesitated, but felt reassured by Julie’s wink and other words of encouragement from Melanie and Chelsea on the other bed. He moved to the other end of the bed and knelt between Gwen’s legs, but straddled Julie’s. Looking down he could see Gwen’s humping hips, and below that Julie’s strapon sliding in and out of her cunt. Her steady flow of juices coated the toy’s shaft, the insides of her thighs, Julie’s thighs, and the towel underneath.

Zach placed a hand on each of Gwen’s ass cheeks and pushed them apart. He could see her little wrinkled sphincter pulsing open and closed in time to her downward thrusts. Using two fingers he scooped up some of her cunt juices and smeared it around the edges of her tight little hole. In response Gwen’s humping movements paused briefly and she pushed her backside out and back slightly, searching for his digits and hoping that they would slide into her tight opening. Instead Zach reached for the lube and drizzled a generous quantity at the top of her butt crack and watched the little stream of liquid flow down towards his real target.

Zach spread the lube all around Gwen’s ass with his fingers, this time pushing his well-greased middle finger in past the initial outer ring of muscle. He slowly massaged the firm muscle until he felt it relax a little, then pulled his finger out a fraction before sliding it in again, bringing with it a little more lube. He repeated this several times before he introduced a second finger, and was slightly surprised how easily they both slid in all the way to the hilt. Gwen’s moans and whimpers of pleasure indicated to him that she enjoyed every bit of what both he and Julie were doing to her, and that her ass was ready for more than two fingers.

Zach poured a few drops of lube onto his hand and spread it all over his cock. He leaned forward onto Gwen and let his cock slide along the full length of her butt crease from top to bottom several times. Finally he stopped and rested the bulbous head against Gwen’s now shiny brown wrinkle. Gwen stopped moving. Zach slowly pushed his glans against the tight little opening and felt it slide in with almost no resistance. A load moan of pleasure escaped from between Gwen’s clenched teeth.

Gwen remained still so that Julie could push up into her from below and Zach could push down. Between them they managed to sort out a suitable rhythm so that the timing of their thrusts didn’t work against each other. Zach had closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations from the tight grip of Gwen’s anal muscles along the entire length of his cock. He could also feel the shaft of Julie’s strapon shaft occasionally nudge his own through the thin membrane between Gwen’s cunt and rectal cavity. He felt a subtle movement in the bodies under him. He looked down to see Gwen and Julie amorously kissing each other, with Gwen’s tongue thrust deep into Julie’s mouth. He lowered his head down towards their faces and the trio joined in a prolonged three way kiss.

The trio continued their intricate sexual ballet for several minutes until Gwen gave a load groan of pleasure. She reached a hand back and gently pushed against Zach’s taut abdominal muscles until his cock slid out of her ass.

“Don’t worry honey, you’re not finished yet. I just want to change positions,” Gwen looked over her shoulder at Zach and kissed him on the lips. She lifted herself off Julie and rolled over so that she was on her back alongside her.

“Zach honey, how about you lie on back and I’ll sit on top of you with your beautiful cock in my ass? And Jules baby, you can suck on my clit and have a close up view of the action.” Gwen’s face looked flushed as she looked from Zach to Julie and back.

Zach lay back as requested and helped to guide Gwen’s beautifully tight round butt cheeks down onto his cock so that it slid straight back deep into her ass in a single movement as she squatted down on him. Balanced on her haunches, she carefully bounced herself up and down slowly a few times. Her moans told him that she got maximum enjoyment from the simple movement. She carefully eased herself back so that she lay on Zach’s chest with her bent legs splayed wide on either side of his knees.

Julie quickly removed the strapon and crouched down low astride Zach’s legs and watched his cock, slick from a combination of the lube in and around Gwen’s ass and the steady flow of juices that leaked from her gaping cunt, as it pumped piston-like in and out of her tight brown opening. She leaned her face closer into her older friend’s crotch and began to kiss and lick around her narrow little landing strip of pubic hair. She gradually moved lower, tracing the tip of her tongue along the crease of her groin until she reached Gwen’s clit.

Gwen inhaled sharply when she felt Julie’s tongue caress and slowly move in small circles around her sensitive moist nubbin of flesh. She placed her hand behind Julie’s head and gently pushed her further down until she felt her lips sucking on her labia, followed shortly by a tongue licking and entering her vaginal cavity. She alternately pressed her pelvis out towards Julie’s mouth and then pushed it down onto Zach’s cock so that it buried itself to the hilt in her rectum.

Julie pressed her hands against the insides of Zach’s thighs and he parted his legs. She moved lower and began to lick his scrotum. Her wet tongue moved randomly all over his wrinkled sac. The sight of his blood-engorged cock pushing in and out of her friend’s anus just inches from her face was turning her on more and more. She slipped the fingers of one hand into Gwen’s wet gaping cunt and slid her other hand between her own legs, where she used her fingers to rub furiously on her own clit. She stopped for a few brief seconds to remove her glistening fingers from Gwen’s hole and slid them under Zach’s scrotum where she smeared her best friend’s juices around her man’s puckered anus. She then moved her mouth back up to Gwen’s vagina where she resumed to her oral attentions on her sexual orifice.

When Zach felt Julie’s fingers at his ass hole he moved his legs wider again, and tilted his pelvis up as par as he could. He felt a finger push at his sphincter muscle and slip in. It was just the sensation he needed to push him over the top. He gave three hard pushes upwards, and felt an explosive gush of fluid shoot outward from somewhere deep inside his groin. It shot deep into Gwen’s anal cavity to splash against the walls of her ass and coat all of his cock.

Gwen felt Zach’s insistent thrusts, and when she felt the sensation of his warm fluid fill her up, she pushed down and felt her own convulsive orgasm explode from her cunt and her ass. A small gush of fluid squeezed out and flowed straight into Julie’s hungry mouth, wetting her cheeks and her chin.

Gwen’s squirt of fluid pushed Julie headlong into her own orgasm. Her fingers stopped rubbing her clit and slid deep into her vagina. She pushed down hard on her wrist and felt a growing burst of sexually charged raw energy radiate outwards from deep inside her uterus. When she eventually pulled her hand away from her vagina a minute or so later it was completely wet with her juices up to the wrist. She knelt up and showed her hands to Zach and Gwen, offering it to them to taste – an offer that was readily accepted.

Zach looked across at Chelsea and Melanie and saw that they had been watching the show intently that he, Julie and Gwen had put on despite the hot sex taking place on the television screen. Chelsea was humping Melanie’s thigh hard, her eyes were glazed over, her mouth hung open, and both her hands were busy pinching and pulling at her nipples. Melanie had located the other thigh strapon and was sliding it in and out of her sodden cunt as if there was no tomorrow. Chelsea suddenly threw her head back and nearly slipped off Melanie’s thigh from of the violent thrusts of her pelvis that brought on her explosive orgasm. Zach could see that Melanie’s thigh immediately around her thigh strapon was drenched with Chelsea’s flowing juices.

Chelsea’s climax pushed Melanie over the top. She thrust the thigh strapon hard and deep into her vagina and collapsed back onto the bed as her thighs and abdomen began to shudder and shake. As Melanie’s spasms slowly subsided, Chelsea lifted herself off her thigh and sat on the bed next to her. Chelsea unstrapped the thigh harness while Melanie removed the dildo from her saturated vagina, then they fed each other the slick and slimy toys so that they could lick off each other’s delicious juices.

“How was it?” Melanie asked.

“Really wild!” Chelsea replied, and they both looked over towards the three in the other bed.

Julie, Gwen and Zach peeled themselves off each other and lay back on the bed to enjoy a brief intimate moment. Gwen excused herself to tidy herself up in the bathroom, and on her return she found all four of her naked guests together on the bed cuddling with each other. Julie was on the side nearest to her, so she slid over to make a bit more space for Gwen to join them.

As Gwen lay tucked up behind Julie, she could see Zach just beyond her, and Melanie and Chelsea on the far side. At that moment she understood the close and loving relationship that the four of them had. She didn’t envy her friend, but rather felt a warm glow of happiness for them all. However she still needed to talk to Julie alone the following day before they headed home.


Zach woke very early and crept out of the bed. He looked back as he put on his knee length bathers and a t-shirt to check that all four women were still asleep. They had all decided to sleep as a group in the oversized bed they had created in the opened up guest bedrooms. In the half-light of the curtained room he could see Julie’s arm wrapped around Gwen. Beyond Julie was a dent in the mattress where he had been, and beyond that Melanie lay on her back with Chelsea on the far side, the latter’s hand daintily cupping the former’s firm young breast.

Zach felt the need to get out and be on his own on one of the mountainbikes for a good hard ride so that he could think for a couple of hours. He needed to process what had gone on over the weekend and work out how he felt about what had transpired. Armed with a bottle of water and one of the maps, he hit the trails with Sam bounding happily just behind his back wheel just as rays of the morning sun hit the roof of the house.

By the time he got back everyone had showered, dressed and was enjoying breakfast. Despite being covered in sweat from his ride, each of his three women gave him a loving kiss, as did Gwen last of all. They all teased him that he wouldn’t get anything more than a kiss until he’d had a shower, so he headed in the direction of the bathroom with Sam close at his heels.

Zach was still drying his hair with a towel when he sat at the outdoor table where Melanie and Chelsea had placed his cup of coffee and his bowl of fresh fruit. While he ate he only half listened to their feminine chatter about clothes, shoes, celebrity relationships, and general gossip. As soon as he was finished his empty bowl was whisked away, and his coffee cup refilled. He suddenly realised that all four women were looking at him from where they sat around the table, so he knew something serious was about to be discussed.

Julie took on the role of the spokesperson and took his hand in hers. She explained that she and Gwen had had a long talk that morning while he was out riding, and then the four women had talked together as a group afterwards. Part of the reason for Gwen’s invitation for them to spend the weekend at the cabin was as she had explained, that it was her congratulatory gift to the three of them on becoming Zach’s ‘wives’. Another part of it was also so that she could meet Zach. A third part was also the activities of the previous night, where Gwen was their ‘gift’ to Zach.

Julie paused briefly before continuing. She said that there was a fourth reason, and one that would need a combined decision from the four of them together. She explained that the cabin was shared equally between Gwen and three other friends; in fact they were the three women they had seen on the first DVD two nights earlier. All four couples were into the swinging lifestyle, and would get together at the cabin for a weekend every few months for a bit of fun and frolicking. Unfortunately one of the couples – the redhead, who was married to a successful investment banker – had just heard that they would be moving away very shortly on an overseas posting. All four couples decided that they would try to find someone to take up the departing couple’s share of the cabin and become part of their wider lifestyle party group.

“Gwen’s offering us the first option to buy in, if we want it,” Julie’s hand tightened around Zach’s.

Zach sat quietly for a few seconds. His ride earlier that morning had helped him focus on his feelings and emotions from the night before. He looked up at the four women around him in turn and took a deep breath. He explained that he loved and adored his three women more than anything in the world, and that while the activities from the night before were enjoyable beyond description, he would find it hard to feel totally comfortable or at ease with having sex with anyone outside their family unit. Similarly, although he found it extremely erotic to see Gwen and Julie fucking together, he wasn’t sure how he might feel if it was one of the males from the wider lifestyle group and not Gwen doing the fucking.

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