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This takes place right after part five.


I parked my bike out front of the hookah lounge. The sign said that the place was open so I shrugged and walked in. The interior was dimly lit and when I glanced out the window I could see that the glass was strangely thick for a simple business. A man dressed in casual clothes but sporting a turban came up to me and greeted me with a bow.

“Greetings young master, you must be Steven,” he said his English only lightly accented.

“I am,” I said as I looked around at the dozen or so tables lining the outer walls. Most of the tables were occupied by two or more men. The atmosphere was a thin cloud of tobacco smoke that moved and swirled as the overhead fans swirled the air.

“Excellent, you are right on time,” my host said. “Here let me show you to your table.”

I discovered I had the center table right by an open area that was carpeted and formed in a kind of inner circle. I sat down and my host took my order for a drink. He also lit the hookah at my table and offered me the stem. I took a shallow puff and was surprised at the smooth smoke as it entered my lungs. I blew out the smoke slowly and looked around at the other patrons with their dark eyes and pale skin. Their ages varied from men in their early twenties to elderly men in their forties. They were all puffing away and staring at the circular area with a mutual expression of anticipation. The man returned with my drink and just then men came out with tall candelabras that held four candles each. When eight of the candle stands were placed around the circumference of the inner circle musicians stepped out and took their places on the floor. They were all men dressed in traditional costume from the Middle East. Once they were settled there was some unseen signal and they began to play.

The curtain at the far end of the room wavered and then a female figure emerged. She was dressed in layers of silk and it took only a moment to realize she was a belly dancer. The music built up and she began to move with the beat. I felt my mouth go dry and my cock start to swell at the same moment. Her face was covered but her eyes blazed with hunger as she danced. I watched her hips and belly ripple and undulate driven by the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She used the entire circle for her dance steps. Once she had made a complete circuit she lost her first veil. The music stopped and the other patrons were banging on the table tops to show their appreciation. The girl caught her breath and then another melody was playing as she assumed her next starting position. The pounding stopped and all eyes were on the girl. Her body was nothing short of amazing as was her mastery of the dance. One veil followed the next until the sixth and final one fluttered to the floor. The audience went wild and I was pounding the top of my table with the best of them. It was an amazing experience seeing the sweat covered figure move and twirl enraptured by the power of the music.

Then suddenly the dancer was gathering up her scarves and still I hadn’t seen her face. She was leaving and I wanted to know who she was. I began to stand when the host set his hand on my shoulder. When I looked back he was shaking his head.

“It is forbidden to follow her, do not dishonor her by doing so,” he said.

“I understand, but I wish to meet her,” I said.

“As does every man in this room, but it is not allowed.”

“Can I at least buy her a drink,” I asked.

“Of course,” he said with a smile.

Damn, that was an amazing display of skill and talent! I was still reeling from my experience when I got a text from Cassie.

‘So what did you think?’

‘Nothing short of amazing,’ I sent back.

‘I’m glad, ttyl,’ she replied.

‘Wait, I thought I’d be seeing you tonight,’ I said.

‘Nope, I have homework to do, see you at school tomorrow.’

Evil little thing, get me all hot and bothered and then leave me like this. I paid my bill and turned to leave when I was waved over to one of the larger tables. There were three men seated and there was room for six easily.

“Please Mister Osborn, have a seat and let us discuss business,” the oldest man there said addressing me.

“You have the edge on me sir, you know me but I don’t know you,” I said sitting down.

“I am Sergei Dragosani,” he said. “I am the clan leader for the Akhkharu here in Arkham.” I looked at the diffused daylight and back at him. “Ultraviolet glass, it filters out all of those pesky rays. I understand you are the representative for the Great Old Ones.”

“That is true,” I said. “What can I do for you?”

“No, we cannot begin like this. What I mean is this, what can we do for you?”

“I am not sure I need anything at the moment,” I said.

“I see, well I am your honored servant. If something were to come up and you needed my aid please feel free to contact me.” He said this while passing me a business card.

“I can’t make any promises,” I said as stood up, picked up the card and bowed as I left.

That seemed to satisfy him and his companions well enough. I opened the front door and wondered what they were up to as I exited the hookah bar. I didn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. They had allied themselves with the Sidhe and that alone made them untrustworthy. God, I hated politics! I drove home feeling dirty from only sitting at the table with the blood suckers. I don’t know if it was their preternatural stillness or the fact that I felt like I was on the menu when I sat next to them. I hated feeling vulnerable and I think that deep seated fear is what really upset me. If I was at risk where did that put my family? I would have to approach my father at some point but until then I needed to figure out things for myself.

I got home and decided a nice long bath was in order. If only to get rid of that filthy feeling I was experiencing. I started the water and stripped down. As I slipped beneath the hot water I was reminded of my little tryst in the onsen while I was in Japan. I laid back and closed my eyes. I could feel the sweat bead up on my face as I drifted away. Suddenly I felt something tickling my balls. I opened my eyes and there was Fiona sitting opposite of me in the tub. I must have really fell out for her to slip into the tub and not wake me up.

“You are being selfish running a bath and not inviting me,” she said.

“Forgive me,” I said closing my eyes again.

“Of course I do,” she purred. “Are you alright?”

“Not really,” I said. “I ran into some nasty sorts at a hookah bar. The experience left me shaking.”

“Perhaps I can take your mind off of it,” she said as her toes began to massage my cock.

“Mmm that feels nice, I bet your tits would feel even better,” I said.

“I bet they would, but give my toes a chance,” she said giggling.

“Do what you want, I am at your mercy,” I said.

Her feet were rather talented; she was able to actually grip the shaft with her big toe and the one next to it. Then she was stroking me slowly. I never had a foot job before and I liked it. When I was hard enough sis shifted her position and trapped my cock between her tits.

“You win; I just want to make you feel good. Will you be a good boy and cum all over my tits?”

“Uh huh,” I said. Then I was moaning in time with her movements.

“I am glad you like my tits around your cock,” she moaned. “I bet you’d like my tongue working on you too. How is this?” She said as she licked the tip when it poked out from between her cleavage. I let out a low deep moan and sis just growled. Fiona was pushing her tits together putting more pressure on my dick each time she moved her torso. I was grunting now as she worked on me. Yeah, I was in heaven. She worked my cock like a fucking pro! Before I knew it I was on the edge of a strong orgasm. I warned her and sis just wrapped her lips around the tip and was fisting my dick now. I dug my fingers into her soaked mane of hair as I shot off. Fiona swallowed every last drop of cum and I opened my eyes to see her smiling face.

“Thank you Master,” she said. “Will you pound my tight little pussy please?”

“Stand up and face the wall,” I said as I got to my feet. I pulled the plug and started the shower. By the time I had the perfect water temperature sis was facing away from me and grabbing her ass cheeks.

“Give it to me, pound me good,” she moaned. I moved to stand behind her and eased into her soaked cunt nice and slow. Then I pulled back and slammed my cock into her.

“Like that,” I asked and she nodded. I fucked her slow but with harsh thrusts of my hips.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” she whimpered. Then she was easing two fingers into her asshole while I fucked her tight little slit.

“What are you doing,” I asked as I pummeled her insides.

“Playing with my ass,” she said softly.

“It’s very distracting,” I said as I fucked her a little faster now.

“MMMMMM good,” she said lowering her head and pushing her hips back now. I was fucking her hard and fast now and she her pussy was squeezing me tighter and tighter. Then her head came up and she was hollering, bucking and climaxing like crazy. “God I needed that… what do you want me to do next?” I pulled her fingers out of her ass and then eased my cock from her pussy. “Ooh, are you going to do what I think you are?” In answer I pressed the tip of my cock to her loosened asshole. Then I pushed slowly but relentlessly until her ass had gobbled up my entire dick. “Holy shit you are all the way in! Fuck me, fuck me hard, cum in my ass!”

How could I refuse such a request? I pulled about half way out before slamming my cock home. Fiona’s knees almost buckled but I held her by the hips and began to move slowly but steadily.

“God damn your ass is tight,” I growled.

“Fuck me, I want to feel you shoot your load in me,” she begged.

My fingers dug into ass cheeks as I took my pleasure from her. Take that and that, I growled under my breath. I watched my cock stretch her out each and every time I plowed into her. I wasn’t going to last long in her ass but I would push off my orgasm as long as I could. Fiona had her fingers buried in her pussy and was fingering herself like nobody’s business. When my cock began to grow inside of her she let out a deep guttural cry.

“So fucking close,” she said between pants.

“Me too,” I said as I hammered her harder and harder. Seconds later my cock erupted inside of her and that was the push she needed to climax. I loved it when my partner and I came at the same time. I ground my dick inside of her ass as she stood there and took it. I slowly and reluctantly pulled out of her. I had her stand up, turn around and come into my arms. I held her as I enjoyed the feeling of her naked flesh against mine. “I’m scared.”

“I know, you have a lot on your plate,” she whispered in my ear. “But you are not alone; you have a lot of people who love you.”

“Thanks,” I said as I hugged her tighter.

I guess I didn’t want to admit it to myself but I was scared shitless. I was so over my head and not sure what the hell I was doing half the time. My life had left the straight and narrow a long time ago. Now it was the road less traveled on steroids. But Fiona was right; I had plenty of people who were on my side and wanting to help. I had to sit down and think things through. That meant contacting Amaret and chatting her up about the non-human culture. Maybe I needed to sit down with others as well. So I decided to fire off some messages and set up a time to meet with those individuals who would work best for this process. All I needed was the perfect setting for this meeting.

Return to Orcus Tower:

I called up the hotel and booked one of their conference rooms. Maybe I was going overboard but I needed someplace where we could meet, be comfortable and yet have some sense of privacy. I would have used HIPS but not all of those coming were non-human. The hard part would be getting Uncle Carl out of her refuge and coming into the city. So I sent her a text and asked if it was okay if I visited. I thought she would refuse to leave her home so I would pick her brain during my visit.

It was after seven o’clock when I arrived at Carlotta’s property. Like my first visit there was a very expensive car parked on the edge of her property. I parked the bike and made my way down the darkened lane that led to Carlotta’s home. There was still snow in spots beneath the evergreen trees. However this time Carlotta met me outside and guided me behind her glass pyramid. There was a heated pool awaiting us and I would have been crazy not to take advantage of it. It reminded me of my visit to Japan and then I made the connection.

“You’ve been talking to Arianna,” I said and my birth mother nodded.

“I thought it would make your visits more pleasant,” she said as she shed her robe. She was naked underneath and slipped beneath the water with a fluid sensuality that got my blood flowing. She broke the surface and smiled up at me. “Come on in, the water is great.”

I stripped down and joined her. The water temperature was perfect! Carlotta sat in a little niche and looked over at me with an appraising glance. It was still difficult to place her and mom at the same age. She looked so damn young!

“I know you have a motive for your visit,” she said at last.

“I figured you wouldn’t leave here to share what you know with me and the others.”

“What do you want to know Steve,” she asked.

“Non-human races and politics,” I said and she nodded. She immediately launched into the major players and their means and motives. Apparently some of her design work had been for various factions in the non-human community. She said most of her work had been with the big players like the Sidhe and the Akhkharu. Then she filled in the blanks with the lesser connected races and how poorly they had been treated since the rise of the Gray Council.

“The Gray Council is no more,” I said and then followed up with the return of the Great Old Ones to power. She shivered visibly and I knew she was thinking about my biological father. “I’m sorry; I hate to make you relive bad memories. I mean dad is not easy on the eyes.”

“Dad,” she said her voice slipping into a whisper. “So you have figured things out. You know what my place in all of this.”

“I understand why you did what you did. I don’t blame you. But I love you no matter what, you need to know that.” Carlotta’s eyes filled with tears and streamed down her cheeks.

“I love you too,” she said. “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

“Yeah, tell me about Arianna,” I said. “I have learned she is something of a hive mind.”

“Yes,” she said wiping the tears away. “It took months to program her. I worked nonstop until she achieved awareness. She has been an incredible help in my work here.”

“Did you know she has imbedded herself all over the planet,” I asked and Carlotta nodded.

“Yeah, she kept me in the loop when it came to contracts and competitors.”

“Do you trust her,” I asked and this took Carlotta by surprise.

“Of course I do, she is based off of my own brain patterns. Her sole purpose is to help. Has she done something to lose your trust?”

“No, she is everywhere and it concerned me is all,” I said.

“I can make another personality for you if you want, or I can give you the files and you can do it yourself.”

“Yeah, for all of her help, she is stretched thin and I would prefer a system that served me alone. I know she is loyal but she serves too many masters.”

“I understand and I am sure she will understand as well.”

“What’s it like,” I asked suddenly. Carlotta’s face lit up and she smiled.

“You mean being in my twenties for twenty years,” she asked and I nodded. “I have no complaints if that’s what you are wondering. It is nice being in the prime of life for a long time. But there is no guarantee of how long it will last. I plan on enjoying it for as long as it lasts.”

“I don’t blame you, well I guess I will get going since you have company,” I said.

“Oh, you mean Milena, she wanted to meet you if that is okay with you,” Carlotta said with a wicked smile. The she let out a loud high pitched whistle. The petite Ukrainian girl appeared on cue and like Carlotta dropped her robe and entered the heated pool. She stood barely five feet tall with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her build was very petite but that barely contained the lustful energy coursing through her.

“I’ve heard all about you,” Milena said in her heavily accented tongue. “Your aunt speaks very highly of you and she was right on every point.”

“Thank you, you are very beautiful,” I said as she slid her arms around my neck and pulled me down to a kiss. Wow, all that pent up sexual energy transferred to me in seconds flat! I was rock hard in seconds flat. I wasn’t expecting this at all. My thoughts had been on getting information not getting laid. Milena was pressing her body against mine as our kiss deepened. Her hard nipples rubbed against my chest as her pussy ground against my cock. There was little foreplay involved as she hopped up offering up her soaked slit to my hard flesh. I held her just above my dick and she was whimpering in my ear.

“Give it to me,” she begged. “Drop me down and fill me up please.”

“I was just waiting for you to ask nicely,” I said as I lowered her slowly. She reached down and took my cock in hand and guided me to her opening.

“Fuck me mister,” she said her voice dropping to a deep whisper. “I want to feel that huge cock inside of me while your aunt watches us fuck. UNNNNNN… the head is inside of me!”

Her snug sex slid over mine like a tight little glove. I moaned in her ear as I began to lift and drop her petite frame. When I looked over Carlotta was sitting on the edge of the pool with her fingers in her pussy. What an expression she had on her face! Milena was grunting in time with the movements of my cock. She urged me on as I drove my cock as deep as it would go over and over again. I grabbed Milena’s ass cheeks and lifted her up by those as I fucked her. Her snug little pussy gripped me like a fucking vice the longer we made love. When I couldn’t take it any longer I walked Milena to the edge of the pool and set her down. Then I began thrusting into her faster and harder now. That sent the pretty young thing over the edge. Her back arched as she climaxed on my cock and her scream echoed in my ears. I kept thrusting into her tight depths even as she begged me to stop.

“Oh no, I haven’t cum yet,” I said into her ear. “Take it like the dirty little whore you are.”

“Okay mister, fuck me harder, shoot into my tight little pussy,” Milena moaned.

I hammered her harder just like she asked. I felt her nails rake my back as a second orgasm built up inside of her. All the while Carlotta fingered herself with complete abandon. I pummeled Milena’s insides at the edge of the heated pool. Milena’s face was a mask of erotic pleasure. I looked over at Carlotta and felt bad for her so I lifted the tiny Milena up and carried her over towards the other woman. Then I lowered her on top of my birth mother. I pulled out of Milena and slid into Carlotta in one smooth motion.

“UNNNNN, so hard,” Carlotta groaned as I began to thrust inside of her. I alternated between the two women fucking one for a minute or so and then switched to the other eager pussy. When Milena had come for the second time she rolled off and away leaving Carlotta and me alone. Then I focused my full attention on the tight wet pussy below me. The more noises she made the harder I hammered her pussy. Soon Carlotta’s voice was ragged and failing as her first orgasm struck her. I was only seconds behind shooting my load deep inside her hot little tightness. We lay there on the edge of the pool gasping and panting.

“I’m scared,” I said softly in her ear.

“What can I do to help,” she whispered back.

“I am worried about mom and Fiona,” I said. “I know you can take care of yourself but they are vulnerable.”

“Talk to your father and make your fears known to him. He may be a lot of things but family is very important. What you see as a problem, well so will he.”

“Thanks,” I said as I eased my cock out of her. “So where did you meet Milena?”

“Gianna introduced us,” she said with a smile. “She makes sure I don’t get lonely. She is always sending friends of hers to visit and keep me company. Apparently next week somebody named Nautica is going to visit me for a few days. You should come by and say hi.”

“I just might have to do that,” I said as we hugged each other.

I left Carlotta’s home with another piece of the puzzle. I had learned the basic art of inhuman politics from the Formless and now I had a basic understanding of the old power structure. The thing was how things would change with my dad running things again and what my part would be. I would have to speak with him at some point and learn what plans he had for the various clans. I had to balance that with my duties as a member of the Order and what passed for a normal life. I wanted to go to college, get my degree and find a job working on cutting edge technology. Beyond that I had no idea and I would have to figure things out as I went along.

I got home and found mom and Fiona waiting for me. I could tell they were excited about something.

“Okay, what’s going on,” I asked.

“This,” mom said holding up five envelopes. “All of them are from colleges you applied to.”

“Open them,” sis said bouncing in place.

“What about you,” I asked Fiona.

“I got mine today too, so I thought we could open them up together.”

“Great, let’s sit down and see what fate has in store for us,” I said.

Mom handed me the envelopes and Fiona picked up hers that were lying on the living room table. Then one by one we opened the letters and read the colleges responses. She had been accepted into each and every institution she had applied for. I on the other hand had been accepted into only three of the five I had applied for but they were the ones I really wanted to get into. Now I had a decision to make and so did Fiona. Where did I really want to go to college?

“So,” Fiona said her eyebrows raised. “Where are we going to go?”

“We,” I asked and she held up two letters from colleges he had in common.

“I thought we could go to the same college,” Fiona said smiling.

“Are you sure about that,” I asked and she just smiled. “Well then it’s settled and I picked up the letter with Miskatonic’s letterhead stamped on the top of the acceptance letter.

We spent the rest of the night talking about college life, fraternities, and sororities and keeping up good grades. The fear left me for a time but once I went up for bed, that chill of uncertainty slithered back like some unwelcome guest. I lay beneath my covers and stared up at the ceiling. For all the knowledge and wisdom that had been poured into my mind I lacked the life experience to take full advantage of it. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a troubled sleep.

Cassie was waiting for me when I got to school the next day. She was all smiles and eager to ask me about the Great Hookah Lounge. I told her how excited I had gotten and how disappointed I was not to have seen the dancer’s face.

“Well, I am glad you had a good time,” Cassie said as she handed me a note. “Be there at the appointed time or you will really miss out on something.”

“Will you be there this time,” I asked and she just smiled.

“What makes you think I wasn’t there watching every reaction to the dancing?”

“So you like to watch huh,” I said and she actually blushed. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Just then the first bell rang and we separated. I wondered what she had planned this time. I checked the address and found out it was a restaurant. So maybe it was just a simple dinner for the two of us. Somehow I doubted anything she planned would fall under the category of simple. What was the little minx up to?

My first class of the day was math. As I stepped into the room I notice two things out of place. The first was that our school principal was standing at the head of the class and the second was the strange older man sitting at Mr. Harrower’s desk. Something was wrong but I wouldn’t find out until class started. The bell rang and we all sat down. The principal moved to stand near the front row, his demeanor was one of severity and his body language screamed tension.

“Ladies and gentlemen I have a very disturbing announcement to make. Our dear friend Mr. Harrower was killed in a car accident last night. I was contacted by the police and in turn contacted my dear friend Mr. San Martin. He has agreed to fill in as your math teacher until the end of the year.” As the principal continued with his introduction of the man’s credentials and the offering of grief counselors for us I discretely pulled my phone from my back pocket and ran a search on accidental deaths. I set the parameters to include prominent men in either politics or business. I feared the Order was cleaning house after the Grandmaster’s fiasco. I wondered if I was on that list. “So I would like you to do your best and welcome Mr. San Martin.” The man had to be in his mid-fifties with salt and pepper hair and not unpleasant features with a hint of nobility around the eyes. He carried himself very rigid and seemed quite at ease addressing a class full of upset students.

“First of all I would like to say I am sorry for your loss,” he said grimly. “I am not here to replace Mr. Harrower but instead try to look at me as finishing your final lessons this year. Are there any questions? No, well then let us begin.”

Arianna was quite efficient and I discovered there were a total of twenty eight deaths worldwide that fit my search criteria. Mr. Harrower had been the last and the least important while the others had been killed in order of importance. I assumed the most dangerous were removed quickly and professionally. The accidents had ranged from crashed aircraft to train derailments. I wondered if they knew that death was stalking them at the end. The Order desired to keep any type of internal conflicts to a minimum. They weren’t going to take the chance of a civil war. The Hidden Master’s position was consolidated and now the Order would behave like a well-oiled machine. I just hoped I wouldn’t follow the others to an early grave. The class went on quite well considering the situation. I did my best to pay attention but I couldn’t help but be distracted. The bell for the next class rang and we all began to file out. I was on autopilot when I heard my name called.

“Mr. Osborn, Steve is it,” Mr. San Martin said.

“Yes,” I said turning to face the older man.

“Relax, I couldn’t help but notice your thoughts were not on the subject at hand. What with the tragic death of Mr. Harrower so new and raw I understand. But I wouldn’t worry about things like that getting too close to home.”

“I understand and thanks,” I said feeling the tension fade away. “I am sure tomorrow my head will be in the game.”

“That’s good to hear, you better hurry or you will be late for your next class.”

The rest of the day was uneventful except for all the chatter about Mr. Harrower. He had been nice enough and all but he had sided with the wrong man within the Order. I’m just glad they weren’t targeting everyone associated with the Grandmaster. I guess I was lucky enough to have entered so recently into the fray and they must have recognized it. I had not yet been brought into the Grandmaster’s deepest confidence and for that I was eternally grateful. I had literally dodged a bullet. That was one less thing on my plate at least.

The rest of the day I kept running into people talking about the death of Mr. Harrower. They were worried about my wellbeing since they thought I was close to him. Even Brenda came up to me and asked how I was doing; she seemed honestly concerned which worried me to no end. I guess my paranoia was kicking in. I thanked her for her concern and left it at that. After my last class I slung my back pack over my shoulders and headed out to my Ducati. The ride home was uneventful and I arrived to find mom’s car on the street. I wonder what was going on. I let myself into the house and heard noises coming from the second floor. There were sudden shouts that were not coming from my mother. I slipped upstairs as quietly as I could and found the door to mom’s bedroom cracked open. There was a young man, who I guessed was in his twenties, sitting on the edge of the bed while my mom sucked him off. His eyes were closed and his hands were buried in mom’s hair.

“Oh god lady that feels amazing,” he moaned. “But I need to get back to work. Oh shit, maybe I don’t have to go right away.” Then mom rose up, turned around and lowered her pussy onto his dick. “UNNNN so fucking tight…”

“Shut up and take it like a man,” mom moaned over her shoulder. Then she was working his cock with a hunger that was inspiring. She was riding him hard and fast driving her pussy down onto his erection with no sign of slowing or mercy.

“Oh shit lady I’m gonna cum,” he warned her.

“What already,” she snarled. I cracked the door open a bit and locked eyes with mom. “Oh thank god!”

“Huh, I don’t get it,” he said as she fucked him remorselessly. I knew it was sis’s night but there were always reasons to break the routine, especially when mom brought home a loser like this guy. I took out my phone and texted mom.

‘If you want me, I’ll be in the shower,’ I said in the text.

I closed the door silently and headed for the bathroom. I ran my shower and was just rinsing off my body wash when mom arrived. She was naked and had the expression of a hungry tigress on her lovely features. I let her move in front of me. I pulled her close, cupped her tits and felt her body react to me instantly.

“Just fuck me, for the love of god make me cum,” she begged.

“Bend over slut,” I said. She complied instantly and I took my cock and lined it up. “Say it.”

“I will never settle for a young cock ever again. I deserve better.” I slammed my cock into her and listened to her curse a blue streak as I fucked her.

“My mother deserves a very talented lover,” I said as I pounded her pussy from behind.

“Yes Master,” she moaned. “Oh god I missed your dick. Fuck me lover…”

“Shh, now be a good little girl and come for me.” I said. I hammered her harder and faster now. “Don’t brag to Fiona or I will never make another exception for you again, understand.”

“I promise,” mom whimpered. “So good, I am so close baby.”

“Shut up and come,” I said biting her ear. I dug my fingers into her ass cheeks and hammered her in quick thrusts of my hips. The next sound out of my mother was a strangled cry that coincided with the spasms and jerking of her body. “That’s my girl. Now up against the back of the shower, it’s my turn to come.”

Mom complied again and moved to the back of the shower awaiting my cock for the second time. She braced herself and wiggled her ass in invitation. I stepped up behind her and slipped just the tip inside of her. Then I stepped forward and rammed my hips into her hard enough for her feet to leave the floor of the shower. Impaled mom cried out and praised me with a slur of profane words. Then we were thrusting against each other as I worked towards my own orgasm. Mom’s voice echoed off the walls of the shower as I pummeled her insides without mercy. As my cock swelled up inside of her mom was on the verge of her second climax. I kept up the pace and mom’s rhythm was in perfect sync with mine. As I got closer to coming I mauled mom’s tits and growled my own profanities in her ear.

“Give it to me,” mom begged. “I can feel how close you are. Shoot your load into me!” I did and mere seconds later I reached my pinnacle and ground my cock into her as I came. “YESSSSSSSSSSS!”

We were both panting and covered in sweat. After a full day of pondering what Cassie had planned now I had taken some of the edge off. But I was still ready for a second go around. I pulled out of mom and started washing my hair.

“Are you finished,” mom asked as she worked the shampoo into my hair.

“Of course not, but I have dinner plans with Cassie,” I said as mom’s fingers worked their magic.

“You are so thoughtful,” she said. “She is one lucky girl.”

“I am glad you understand,” I said.

“I told you at the beginning, I don’t mind sharing you with anyone,” she said. “Rinse.” I moved my head underneath the flowing water. “Make her scream for me.”

“Yes mom,” I said and we both laughed.

I finished what little homework I had left. Then at five thirty I was heading out the door towards the location on Cassie’s note. The drive was nice and once more my thoughts were on what she had planned. I pulled up to the coordinates and discovered the five star restaurant, Hadrian’s. I was so underdressed! I parked the Ducati and headed for the front door. One of the maître d intercepted me outside.

“Mr. Osborn, you are right on time. Please follow me we have a change of clothes waiting for you all according to plan.”

“It appears that this has been as well thought out as the first encounter,” I said.

“One of three,” he said. “You are a lucky man.”

I was lead in through a side door and into a changing room. Hanging on the wall was an expensive dark gray suit with matching tie. I slipped into the suit and it fit like a glove. Once I was dressed I was directed to the centermost table in the place. I sat down and the waiter brought over a tall glass of soda.

“Your meal will be out slowly, everything has been planned for you, so as the young lady told me relax and enjoy the show.”

Just then my phone went off and I received the first of many text messages.

‘I have you in my sights. Be a good boy and keep your composure.’ What the hell did that mean? I found out exactly five seconds later when the hands unzipped me and fished out my semi hard cock. Are you shitting me? Then two hands were stroking me slowly and diligently.

‘How does it feel lover?’

‘Amazing,’ I texted back. ‘You are evil.’

‘I know.’

It was shortly after that, that I felt the tip of ‘her’ tongue on the head of my cock. She was swirling the tip of her tongue slowly and deliberately. I wanted to feel her lips around me but that was going to be a while down the road. My steak showed up just as she was kissing her way from the base of my cock to the tip.

“Would you like a refill of your soda? You look a little flushed.”

“Yes please,” I said trying not to moan. Then her tongue was gliding along the vein that ran along the underside of my dick.

‘You look like you are having a good time,’ she texted.

‘I am,’ I sent back.

‘She swallows by the way, just so you know,’ said the next text.

‘Glad to know,’ I sent to Cassie.

Finally her lips wrapped around the head of my dick. I cut the steak up as her tongue swirled around me. Oh damn but it was getting harder and harder to keep my voice to myself. Three sodas later I felt the first stirrings of my climax. Then she did something that utterly shocked me, she stopped.

‘Surprise,’ Cassie said in her next text.

‘EVIL,’ I sent back.

Then after two long minutes she started up again. Without using her hands she snared the head of my cock with her lips and began sucking. My fingers dug into the palm of my hand. I carefully chewed each piece of the mouthwatering steak. I looked around frequently and caught some of the other patrons watching intently. Oh my god they knew what was going on! What the hell! The waiter must have recognized my distress and came over.

“Is everything alright Sir,” he asked.

“They are watching,” I whispered as the lips moved downward engulfing me.

“Of course they are, they are Isani,” he said softly as he refilled my glass.

“Who are the Isani,” I asked as the girl began to deep-throat me.

“They are kinsmen to the Sidhe,” the young man said. “They feed off of sexual energy.”

“Oh my god,” I said as the head of my cock popped into her throat.

“Would you like a dessert after the steak,” the waiter asked.

“Yeah, I think I will need it.”

‘Does her technique please you Steven,’ Cassie asked.

‘Yeah, she is amazing,’ I said. ‘…Whoever she is.’

‘That is a secret,’ Cassie said.

Then as my cock swelled in my lover’s throat she suddenly pulled out. Another agonizing two minutes until her fist and lips returned. Was she trying to kill me? This was nothing short of erotic torture.

‘Do you want to cum Steve,’ Cassie asked.

‘Yes goddamnit,’ I snarled into the phone.

‘Are you imagining her pussy wrapped around you yet,’ she asked.

‘I want to fuck so bad I can taste it,’ I said.

‘You never said who you want to violate,’ Cassie sent.

‘Do I have to be specific,’ I asked.

‘No, how does her tongue feel.’

Right on cue the mystery girl’s tongue swirled around the head of my cock just as she began jacking me hard and fast. I lowered my head and bit my lip to keep from screaming. Then her lips were latched around the head and my orgasm was finally coming. She fisted my cock with absolute perfect timing. I looked around and many were licking their lips as my orgasm was seconds away. Oh shit I had to keep quiet somehow. My teeth pierced my flesh as torrents of pulsing cum hit the back of her throat.

‘Damn that was intense,’ Cassie sent even as I came. My blood trickled down my chin and onto the tabletop. I was panting as quietly as I could manage. The hidden girl licked me clean and tucked me back in. She zipped me up and that’s the exact moment the lights went crazy. The room went dark for a few seconds and then strobed back to life. I saw her emerge from underneath the table but never got a good look at her. The flickering lights did their work and concealed her identity. Then the envelopes began to arrive. I learned they were from the patrons and it was their payment for the fine ‘meal’ I had provided them. Twenty envelopes in all and each contained two thousand dollars. Sure a part of me felt used but the other ninety nine percent felt like Cassie had gone over the top with this entire scenario.

The chocolate pie arrived right on time and I ate it nice and slow. My heart was still pounding when I left the restaurant. I had changed back into my street clothes and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Cassie sitting on the seat of my motorcycle. She looked amazing in her short skirt and denim jacket.

“I hope you have something left for me,” she said.

“I have more than enough saved up,” I said.

“Good, so how was your treat,” she asked.

“I am still weak in the knees. But a short motorcycle ride will cure that.”

“Good, I will tell you where to go to,” she said smiling demurely.

I slipped in front of her and started the bike. Her hands settled around my waist as she clung to me. True to her word she told me how far to go and each and every turn. I was lost within five minutes. Ten minutes after that we were pulling up to a stone boneyard. The smallest slab must have weighed in the hundreds of tons.

“Where the hell are we,” I asked.

“This is Er’tll G’har, the earth soul. It is a place the Isani hold dear. I wanted my first time to be special, I hope you don’t mind.”

“I am honored that you would find me worthy of being your first,” I said and she smiled.

“More than worthy, we have been friends for so long. I couldn’t imagine it being anyone but you.”

We dismounted the bike and she took me by the hand. She led me deeper into the stony graveyard. After a few hundred steps she led me to singular tree amidst the cyclopean stones. Cassie placed her back to the trunk of the tree and pulled me close. The kiss was amazing and her passion was quite evident. Our tongues were dueling as we undressed each other. The feel of the cold air against my skin only heightened my desire for her. I tugged up her top and lowered my lips to her nipples. She pulled my head closer as I feasted upon her sensitive flesh.

“UNNNNN bite them, they are sensitive as all hell, yes that’s it.”

I caught her nipple between my teeth and bit down slowly. What followed was a body shaking orgasm on her side.

“You came,” I said amazed.

“Yeah, I do that… a lot,” she moaned. “I’m kind of an orgasm factory.”

“Good to know,” I said as I dropped down to my knees. I placed one of her bare feet on my shoulder so I could access her pussy easier. “Here I go.”

“Oh Steve be gentle, my clit is even more sensitive than my nipples. Yeah that’s it, lick it nice and slow.”

I buried my face between her legs and made love to her with my lips, tongue and fingers. I worked as slowly as the girl had on me in the restaurant. Cassie didn’t have the detriment of a crowd watching her so she could be as vocal as she wanted and she was. Her body bucked against my mouth as she came for the second time. But I wasn’t ready to fuck her just yet; I mean she had teased me twice already. I eased my fingers into her and Cassie’s voice hit a higher octave. Her claws dug into my hair and pulled me deeper still.

“Feels so damn good,” she moaned weakly. “I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.” I didn’t reply I just slowly fingered her pussy while I lapped at her clit. Her third orgasm almost cost me an eye. Her fingers groped around blindly and violently. I sat back and looked up at her. She was still shaking but her hunger was at a fevered pitch now. She mouthed one word, ‘please’. I smiled and rose to my feet. Then I turned her around to face away from me. I pulled her towards me until we were aligned properly. The head of my cock lined up perfectly and I pushed slowly. I never said a word as I entered her virginal slit. She was so damn tight! I gritted my teeth and listened intently as she groaned and whimpered for me. Then I began to move slowly. She actually snarled as we fucked.

“Fuck me lover, I have wanted to say that forever,” Cassie moaned.

“Tell me what you are feeling,” I said as I fucked her faster now.

“You are filling me up,” she gasped. “…and stretching out my tight little pussy to the maximum.”

“Is it too much,” I asked as I hammered her a little harder.

“No, not at all,” she moaned as she began to thrust against me. I grabbed her by her hips and moved faster still. “Yes, that’s it lover move faster!”

Despite having my dick expertly sucked earlier I wanted her more than I had any girl on my list. This was lust on a whole new level for me. I pulled out of her, spun her around and impaled her on my cock with her back to the tree. This sent her over the edge, again. But instead of letting her recover I just fucked her as fast as I could. Cassie’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened and closed mechanically. Then one of her legs was over my shoulder drawing me deeper still, flexible little thing. I thrust up and into her with complete abandon. I only wanted to shoot inside of her.

“I’m getting close,” I said in her ear.

“Fill me up,” she gasped. “I want to feel cum hit the walls of my pussy.”

“Anything for you,” I said as I fucked her harder still. My thrusts got so strong that I was lifting her off of her delicate feet. Cassie wrapped her legs around my waist letting me have complete control of our lovemaking.

“I can feel you getting bigger inside of me. Oh god I am so close, cum with me!”

I nodded and lowered my lips to her sensitive nipples. I waited until I was on the verge of coming before I latched onto her nipple with my teeth. As I came I bit down and felt her body convulse against me.

“Steve,” she said in an ear splitting howl. Cum gushed into her pussy and I held her tight as we came together. Cassie’s legs slowly lowered to the floor next to the tree roots. I slipped free from her and she dropped to her knees and began lick me clean. Cassie cleaned every inch of my cock and balls. When she licked me from the base to the tip I knew it was her under the table, but how. Both of her hands had been occupied when the texts were coming in.

“You,” I said as she continued to lick and suck me. She just nodded as I grew hard in her mouth. Once I was completely erect she stood up, turned around and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“Take my other virginity Steve, just like you did with the others. I want you to. I need you to. I prepped my ass for tonight so don’t be afraid, you won’t hurt me.”

I only nodded and moved towards her. She took the head of my cock and aimed it to her remaining hole. When the two touched she shivered. Then I was pushing and opening up her snug little ass. With a guttural noise the head slipped inside of her.

“Oh I never knew it would feel so good,” she groaned. Then I continued pushing until I was buried deep inside of her. “Fuck my ass Steve, nice and slow…”

I moved slowly in and out of her.

“God damn your ass is so fucking tight,” I groaned in her ear.

“Give me your hunger Steve,” she begged. I thrust a little faster now. “Yes, there is so much of it.”

“My little sexual vampire,” I moaned as I thrust hard into her ass.

“Yours and only yours,” she said as she pushed against me.

I looked down and saw my cock buried deep between her ass cheeks.

“Like the view Steve,” she asked. “I hope so. I love being watched.”

“You were a virgin who sucks a lot of cock,” I said.

“Yes, but I did it for you. I wanted to be nothing short of amazing when we finally got together.”

“You dick sucking is amazing,” I said as I fucked her faster.

“Oh, your cock is making me want to cum. Can I cum?”

“No not yet, I am so fucking close,” I told her. I thrust forward hard and fast. I loved the way her ass gripped me like a fucking fist. “Almost there…”

“Me too,” she whimpered. “Fuck my ass lover, shoot deep inside of me.”

“Now,” I said as I pulled back and gave her one last thrust of my hips.

She came just as my cock filled her up and began pulsing hot cum into her depths. I was leaning up against her as I caught my breath. I praised her for her desire to please me.

“It was you,” I moaned in her ear. “You were the belly dancer; you were the girl under the table…”

“I was the girl who gave you both of her virginities,” she said weakly. “And all in one night I might add.”

“Uh huh,” I said.

“I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

“So will I.”

“Steve, I don’t know how to say this so I will just throw it out there. Use me Steve; I want to be your fuck doll. I need you to take out your hunger out on me.”

“Cassie, you are my friend, why would you want me to use and abuse you?”

“My body was designed for sex, it is geared for pleasure and I want it to be you.”

“I don’t know what to say,” I said taken aback by her desire to be utterly subservient to me.

“Say you’ll fuck my ass one more time before you go home,” she said squeezing my cock with her ass muscles.

“Since you asked so nicely,” I growled in her ear.

We walked around the ruins of the ancient stone temple. It was sacred to not just the Isani but the Sidhe as well. After the two factions split millennia ago they were never able to reach an agreement of rebuilding this site.

“When did you learn to belly dance,” I asked out of the blue.

“Oh I’ve been dancing since I was six,” she said smiling. “You really liked it didn’t you.”

“Yeah, it was the most erotic thing I have ever seen,” I said.

“Good, there are plenty of other dances I know. I can’t wait for you to see them.”

“Me either,” I said pulling her close to me again. “I am going to Miskatonic University for college…”

“So am I, your sister called me and told me the first chance she had.”

“The little witch,” I said.

“We have had this all planned for months, since before your birthday.”

“What all did she share with you,” I asked as she turned to face me.

“Everything,” she said cupping my balls. “Her… you… the phone… I know everything.”

“And you still want to be with me,” I said.

“You have every right to teach those bitches a lesson. I will be there once all that is over and done with. I will be there through everything. Test me if you doubt me.”

“I trust you. I always have, but I need your help with my position on the council.”

“All you have to do is ask,” she said. “I will do anything but betray my own kind.”

“Tell me what the Sidhe and Akhkharu are up to,” I asked.

“Oh that’s easy,” she said smiling followed by a deep sensual kiss.

As we walked she told me all about the feeding grounds set aside between the Sidhe and their partners. The best bounty was split between the two of them. The poorest areas of the city were left for the rest of the inhuman population to squabble over. I learned that feeding didn’t mean killing, well not in every encounter. The Sidhe fed off of sex and strong emotions while the Akhkharu were blood drinkers. The latter could take just a little at a time but there were incidents, there were always incidents. People disappeared all the time and many of those disappearances were called serial killers or unsolved murders. The Sidhe would often glamour those in power to look the other way. I wonder if that involved the Order at all. Should I even dare ask her about the Order?

“Ever hear of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight,” I asked.

“What inhuman hasn’t,” she said. “They run the human world from the shadows and don’t think I don’t know about your membership and that little bit of house cleaning that just happened.”

“How the hell,” I said stunned.

“I am the eldest daughter of the Isani Chief. We have direct dealings with the Order. The Eternal Master himself contacted my father just a few days ago. And no I don’t know who the new Hidden Master is, if that was your next question.”

“I do,” I said blurting out the words without warning to her or to me.

“Wait, you know who the Hidden Master is. How the hell is that even possible?”

“I treated him after his duel with the old Grandmaster. While I was in his presence I accidently touched his thoughts.”

“I won’t ask who he is since you have loyalties to the Order. But if you want to share I wouldn’t be against it.”

“I’m not, it wouldn’t be fair…” I began but she cut me off with another fiery kiss.

“You won’t hurt my feelings by keeping secrets, which is a Master’s prerogative, if you accept me as your body slave that is.”

“Gods but you are incorrigible, yes damn it, you can be my one and only.”

We made love one last time before I dropped her off at her home. I bet her ass was going to tender as hell tomorrow. I got home around nine o’clock and Fiona was waiting for me at the door. She was all smiles and wanted to know how everything went. Mom’s ears perked up as sis pestered me. I told the two of them that I had acquired a body slave and her name was Cassie. I thought they would be upset but they were happy for me and Cassie. Mom thought she was good people and sis thought I had made a fantastic choice. I didn’t get it; Cassie would cut into their time with me. Mom waved me off and told me that it would take time but she would find a suitable lover. Fiona had groomed Cassie for the part as my body slave. She had told her all of my likes and dislikes. We already had tons of things in common but Fiona had tipped things into Cassie’s favor.

Saturday rolled around and we all met at the Orcus Tower Hotel. I guess I was lucky that, that many attractive women were eager and willing to meet and share information about the inhuman community. Amaret was there to be the hotel’s liaison as well as my personal secretary. Arcana Blue was there to represent the mages and near humans. Cassie and Brenda were there to speak for the Sidhe and Isani. The only major player not represented was the Akhkharu and for that I was grateful. We went round robin and one by one the girls shared what they knew. I knew Brenda was reluctant to speak but it was in her clan’s best interest to work with me as opposed to fighting the changes that were no doubt on the way. My father had his agenda as for me I needed to at least understand the environment I had been thrust into.

I turned to Brenda and Cassie and made a quizzical face. Then I decided to trudge through and make my thoughts known.

“I want to rebuild Er’tll G’har,” I said and watched Brenda go pale and Cassie smile brilliantly.

“How the hell do you even know about that,” Brenda said getting to her feet. Then she spun on Cassie. “You fucking bitch I’ll kill you!”

“On your knees Brenda,” I said and her knees dropped out from underneath her. “This is about me not Cassie. This is about me garnering favor with not just the Isani but the Sidhe as well. This will consolidate my position on the council, can’t you see that.”

“Stay out of this, it is none of your business,” Brenda said through gritted teeth.

“Jazrael, be a good girl and crawl over here to me,” I said and watched her body comply.

“I hate being your slave,” Brenda / Jazrael snarled. I took out my phone and snapped a picture of her on her knees. Her eyes went vacant and I locked eyes with her.

“Break,” I said. Her eyes went calm and her body language synced up. “I need you to be my little slut muffin, do you understand me.”

“Yes Master,” she said smoothly.

“I need to believe you,” I said and she nodded like a puppet on my strings.

“Test me, I will do anything for you,” she said in a deep guttural purr.

“Tell me why you and the Isani broke apart, why do you oppose their plan to rebuild that sacred site.”

“They want to rebuild the temple as it was,” she said. “We want to make it a Sidhe monument for the ages.”

“Perhaps a compromise let them rebuild it as it was but have prominent Sidhe heroes represented. Heroes that I will chose, what do you say?”

“Yes, yes I believe my father would go for that,” she moaned.

“Good, now I want you to go to the front desk and see which of the rooms is available for my use this weekend. You can walk now.”

“Thank you Master,” she said as she got to her feet. Once she was out of ear shot I turned to Cassie.

“I need a list of every ancient hero that the Sidhe and Isani share. I need them from before the split.”

“I understand Master, you are wise,” she said.

“Is there any other order of business, no, then let’s go up to our room and relax.”

A Couple of Months Later:

Quite a few things have reached fruition. Cassie spent quite a bit of time in the Isani archives and found the names I was looking for. I passed those onto my father and the other council members. They promised me all the credit for this plan to try and heal the rift between the Sidhe and the Isani nation. In anticipation quite a few of both clans have migrated to Arkham in hope that this great work will begin in earnest by early spring. On a personal note I have finished my first prototype of the Zero Point Energy Module. I have tested it out by placing larger and larger energy demands until it topped out at running the entire neighborhood for an entire day before it needed to be disconnected so it could recharge. By my calculations it could run the Ducati indefinitely as a permanent power plant for the motorcycle. But this is just the prototype after all. Oh yes, I have nearly finished with the girls on my bitch list having only one remaining, Gwen Robinson. I have saved her for last since she was the second most vindictive of all the girls and I wanted her to wait to teach her a bit of a lesson. But tonight after school that wait ends and I will break the little bitch once and for all.

Finals were now a thing of the past and the rest of the year was coming to a close. The atmosphere was as stress free as I could ever remember. At the beginning of French class our teacher announced a free period and anyone who wanted to go down to the library could. Gwen raised her hand and when I looked around and saw that no one else was going I raised my hand as well. It was going to be just the two of us in the library, how romantic. We walked side by side and she appeared to be in good spirits. She was humming a little tune and had a bounce in her step.

“Are you going to fuck me in the library Steve,” she blurted out. “I mean that is why you followed me isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I’m going to hammer you real good,” I said a little disappointed that she had read my play.

“MMMMMMMMMMM, I can’t wait to feel that fat cock of yours inside of me,” she purred.

“What’s gotten into you,” I asked as she turned to look at me. She smiled at me and I noticed those deep green eyes of hers for the first time.

“Not what, who,” she said almost giggling. “I am sorry about Japan and my sudden disappearance.”

“You,” I said confirming that Gwen was indeed possessed by the soul rider. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to finish what I started,” she said. “Besides I missed you.”

“Somehow I doubt that demon,” I said angry that Gwen was in her control.

“I am not a demon, but I understand your confusion. My people never possessed a physical form that is why we borrow the bodies of others. This one is a real beauty, well on the outside anyway.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“This Gwen you are so hot and bothered over is real damaged goods. There are things that happened to her over the last few years that have left her broken. I almost pity her. But she lashes out at others instead of trying to heal. She holds onto all the pain instead of trying to learn from it. When you fuck me she will be right along for the ride, how nice is that. She will feel every delicious moment of your hard thick cock inside of this body.”

“Good,” I said and I waited for the pang of regret but it never came.

We found a quiet corner of the library for our little love play. I sat down and the soul rider straddled me and lowered her lips to mine. That first hungry kiss was just the beginning. Our tongues were dueling even as she tugged her panties down and off of her. I was unzipping my jeans and taking my cock out. She lifted her skirt to show me her freshly shaved pussy and its glistening juices.

“Like what you see young master,” she asked even as she lowered it down onto my hardness.

“UNNNNN, damn she has a tight little pussy,” I growled softly.

“Yes, nearly virginal,” the soul rider said as she impaled herself. “Damn that cock of yours is stretching her to her limits! This is going to be fucking intense!”

“Nice and slow,” I said as I unbuttoned her blouse and got my first look at the large firm tits housed there. “Man what a rack!”

“Her nipples are super sensitive so be gentle at first. Here let me unhook it for you. I chose one that works from the front just for today.”

“How long have you been in her,” I asked as she began to move up and down.

“Just a day or so,” she moaned as my cock bottomed out inside of her. “That’s the spot! I love having your dick buried in me.”

I never looked around to see if we were being watched I just lowered my lips to Gwen’s exposed breasts and began to suckle. The soul rider moaned softly as we made love and warned me she was getting close to coming. That didn’t take long, but then again who knew if she hadn’t started out earlier by masturbating or something like that. As I feasted on her tit flesh she rode me with short powerful thrusts of her hips. She was whimpering more incessantly and then with a muffled cry she came with body shaking force.

“I’m not done yet, bend me over the table and fuck me from behind,” she said hungrily. Then she was standing up, turning around and folding her body over the heavy oaken table. I stood up, flipped her skirt over her ass and eased back inside of her. I had to be careful how fast and hard I moved my body so the table didn’t go sliding and making a shit load of noise. Face down the possessed girl whimpered and growled like a freaking animal. I took my pleasure from her tight slit and only then did I look around to see if we were being watched, we were. Cassie was there standing guard over the two of us wearing a look of jealousy and of devotion. She just nodded and kept up her vigilance. I moved slowly in and out of Gwen and it was maddeningly sensuous. I wanted to go faster but I couldn’t, it would definitely make noise. So I stroked my cock in and out of her at just the right pace. Gwen began squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles and that ratcheted up the intensity a few notches.

“Going to cum,” I warned her.

“My mouth, shoot it down my fucking throat,” she said in a harsh whisper. I continued to thrust inside of her even as my cock swelled and stretched her even more.

“My god you are pushing my limits mister,” she snarled. “I’m gonna cum too.”

“Then come for me you heinous bitch,” I said as I thrust just a little harder now.

“Almost there,” she moaned and then she was a twitching mass on the top of the table. Thank god that didn’t generate a whole lot of sound. Then I was pulling out of her and she was on her knees with my cock down her throat. I slipped my fingers into her hair as I fucked her eager little mouth. I wasn’t far behind her when I finally shot my load. She swallowed like a good little cock whore and even milked my dick for every last drop. “About damn time…”

“Gwen,” I said as she looked up at me with her dark brown eyes. “How long, when did it leave you?”

“When you bent me over the table,” she said as she licked me clean and tucked my cock away. “She’s still inside of me but on the back burner you might say. So how was I? Did I measure up to your expectations?”

“That was fucking amazing,” I said honestly. “What about you?”

“I loved every second of it, but…”

“But, but what,” I asked.

“You didn’t take my anal cherry like you did with Brenda and some of the others,” she said her face a mask of disappointment. “Did I do something wrong?”

She hooked her bra back up and buttoned up her blouse as we stood there facing one another. I explained that taking her anal virginity would require someplace where noise wasn’t a factor. She followed my logic and smiled.

“You make a very valid point,” she said grinning. “I probably would have lost it if you had done that down here. So when do you want to do it?”

“Um, how about after school,” I offered and she nodded eagerly. There was something different about her and I wasn’t sure what exactly it was. Then the green eyes were back and the devilish smile of the other greeted me.

“I took away all the dark crap inside of her. The pain and loss is still there but I fed off of all the angst and self-hatred until there was nothing left. She has a fifty-fifty shot at healing at this point; it is up to her now.”

“I guess only time will tell then,” I said.

“So she was the last one, what will you do now?”

“There are always college girls,” I said thinking out loud.

“That was one heck of a show,” Cassie said as she walked over. “I almost joined in.”

“I would have been okay with that,” I said and Gwen just nodded.

“Can she be there for round two,” Gwen asked. “The more the merrier I always say.”

“Round two,” Cassie said with raised eyebrows. “What is round two?” Gwen leaned over and whispered in Cassie’s ear. Cassie smiled and nodded as the girls made their plans. I just left them there to hatch whatever devious scheme they wanted to. I had other things on my mind at the moment.

The girls had texted me and wanted me to meet them at Gwen’s house after I got off of school. So that’s what I did. I headed over the minute the last bell rang for me. It was a pleasant enough drive over to the upper class neighborhood. I slowed and let out a little whistle. I looked at the Robinson house and made a mental note at how nice and homey it looked. I parked my bike in front of their garage and headed for the front door. I rang the doorbell and when the door opened my mouth fell open.

“Mrs. Robinson,” I said staring at the robe clad figure.

“You must be Steve, come on in the other ladies won’t mind.”

“Other ladies,” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re having a lingerie party,” Mrs. Robinson said closing the door behind me. “Ladies we have a male visitor.” There came sounds from the front room that was a mix of groans and giggles of joy.

“Send him in,” someone said.

“Yeah, let’s get a look at him.”

I followed her into the living room and saw the other three ladies in various states of undress. I looked at each of them in turn and rewarded them with a genuine smile.

“Ladies,” I said. They responded either by crossing and uncrossing their legs, licking their lips or touching their breasts.

“How about we put on a fashion show for him until Gwen shows up,” Mrs. Robinson offered.

“I could give you my honest opinion,” I said.

They assembled in the kitchen and one by one paraded out in their bras and panties. Of course not all of the bras covered everything up and some of the panties are crotchless and I could see soaked pussies. I wondered where this would all end up. Would they settle for me just watching or would they want something more? This went on for about twenty minutes until Linda Carmichael sat in my lap and ground her barely covered sex into my crotch.

“I bet you’ve never been with a woman who really knew how to rock your world before,” she said as she made slow circles with her hips.

“I’ve only been with high school girls,” I lied.

“Oh, then you’ve never really had a real woman,” she says.

“I guess not,” I said as she reaches between us and unzips me.

“Linda, what are you doing,” Rachel Williams asked as she enters the room. “Whoa, is that his cock! Ladies we have a winner. I think we need to consummate this moment with a pussy pile on.”

But that’s not what happened. Gwen’s mom and Linda were the only active participants. One lady just took a seat and watched while the other gal fled to the bathroom. So it was up to Rachel and Linda to strip me and take charge. While Rachel kissed me and pressed her half naked body against me Linda dropped to her knees and began making love to my cock. I groaned into Rachel’s mouth while Linda began to deep-throat me.

“Get him on his back so I can ride him,” Linda said as she tugged her panties down and off. I laid down on the carpeted floor and let them have their way with me. I wondered if all older women were this aggressive. Linda didn’t waste any time dropping down and impaling herself.

“Oh damn,” I cried out as Mrs. Robinson lowered her pussy to my face. Then my tongue was flickering over her pussy lips and clit.

“He knows how to use his tongue that’s for sure,” she cried out.

“His cock is so long and thick,” Linda moaned. “I think my pussy is in love. He’s hitting so damn deep inside of my cunt!”

The Linda and Rachel were taking turns riding me while the third woman watched. Linda was the first one to hit her climax and lay there twitching on top of me.

“Your turn,” I said to Gwen’s mom. “Come on up and take a ride on my cock.” Rachel never hesitated as she helped Linda off of me and onto the couch. Then she attacked like a hungry cougar. She had me all to herself and wasn’t going to waste a second.

“Let me do all the work,” she purred as she lowered her soaked slit down. “UNNNNNN, damn I could get used to this.” I began thrusting upward as she dropped down. She was thrusting her hips down in long languorous movements as she maximized her pleasure. Not only was she a proficient lover but a very eager one too.

“When is the last time your husband fucked you Mrs. Robinson,” I asked as she dropped down.

“It’s been months,” she said in a deep guttural moan. “Don’t spoil it with talk about him. Just be a good boy and make me cum.”

“Oh I will, I’m just waiting for you to get off then I’ll take over and pound the hell out of that cunt of yours.”

“Sounds very naughty,” she said as she began to ride me faster now.

“That is after I fuck the shit out of the watcher over there,” I said.

“Me,” the busty brunette on the chair said. “You want to fuck me?”

“Uh huh,” I said as I began matching Rachel stroke for stroke. “What’s your name?”

“Julia,” she said in a half whisper. “I like to watch.”

I grabbed Rachel by her ass cheeks and began pummeling her pussy from below. Her cries echoed off the walls as she relinquished control to me. Then Julia pulled her panties to the side and began fingering her pussy. She licked her lips as she began teasing herself. I rolled Rachel so that she was beneath me and continued hammering away at her.

“Make her come,” Julia whispered. “She needs it bad. All she talks about is having a big fat cock in her.”

Rachel’s voice was ratcheting upwards towards an ear splitting scream. I watched her fuck faces as her eyes widened, her breath quickened and her pussy began to clench me tighter. Then her back arched as her ass left the floor driving her pussy against me. Then she was panting and gasping as her body reacted to her powerful orgasm. I eased out of her and I was done with her for now. I turned my full attention to the watcher. I knelt in front of her, parted her knees and slid inside of her soaked pussy.

“Wait, stop, UNNNNN you’re too big,” she whimpered as I began to move inside of her.

“Shut up and watch my cock move in and out of her,” I said.

“Alright,” she said looking down and between her legs. “So big… so thick…”

“Better than just watching isn’t it,” I said and she nodded slowly.

“Are you going to cum inside of me,” she asked.

“Only if you want,” I said jabbing my dick inside of her now. Julia was moaning and groaning as her body soaked up the pleasure I was giving her. She could only sit there and take it in the position she was in. She licked her lips and her noises got louder and louder. Then she was squeezing her pussy around me and panting now.

“Make me cum,” she growled. “My husband never lets me cum.” I hammered her pussy now for all I was worth and my cock swelled up inside of her. She was squirming now as she got closer and closer to her climax. The chair was moving now as I fucked her. Her juices were staining the cushion as they flowed from her slit.

“So close, I am so goddamn close,” she yelled. “Fuck me!” Then her eyes rolled up as she came. Her mouth opened and loosed a howl of wordless rapture. I kept thrusting until I couldn’t fight my own orgasm. I yanked my cock free and sprayed her tits and face.

“Damn that was intense,” I said through gasps. “You look so pretty with my cum all over you.”

“I’m glad, you let me cum, he never lets me cum.”

“You need to leave his ass and find someone who will fuck you senseless all the time,” I told her.

“Okay,” she said. “I deserve something better don’t I?”

“Yes you do,” I said. “Find yourself an energetic young man who will fuck you senseless as much as you want.”

“Like, um you…”

I stood up and walked to the bathroom and heard the fourth woman whimpering in the dark. I opened the door but kept the light off. She was sitting on the floor of the shower, wearing only a translucent bra and panties. I could see her dark areolas through the material as well as the wet stain between her legs.

“Someone has been listening to my exploits,” I said as I sat on the toilet.

“You made them all come didn’t you,” she said in an almost accusingly tone.

“Yes, you are next, if you want to that is,” I said. “I want to hear you scream as you cum.”

“I can’t, my husband is overseas and it would be wrong to betray him. It isn’t his fault that I haven’t been pleasured. I am sure when he gets home that we will make up for all of that.”

“Was he loving before he left,” I asked and the answer was all over her face. “He wasn’t very attentive to you was he. There were other things in the way weren’t there. There were good excuses but you always took a back seat didn’t you.”

“How could you know that,” she asked. That’s when I realized I was in her head and she wanted me to know.

“Should I leave?”

“NO,” she shouted. “Don’t leave me like this!” She stood up and tugged her panties down. “Look how wet I am, please don’t leave me like this. I’ll suck you off and then you can have me. You won’t ignore me will you? No, I can see the hunger in your eyes.” Then she undid her bra and threw it in the corner. Then she reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart. “See how wet I am, see how bad I need a cock. I can’t put up with it anymore.” I motioned for her stay and I stood up and walked over to her. She pressed her tits against my chest as she kissed me. Her body practically melted against me as my cock slid beneath her sex. Her hands roamed over my body as mine did the same with hers. I cupped her ass cheeks as the kiss deepened. Then she was lifting her leg up and onto my shoulder. She took me in hand and guided me into her. I slid in with no resistance at all. Where did all of this sexual energy come from? As our tongues fought I drove my cock in and out of her as slowly as I could. Her head lifted up as her mouth opened in an expression of a lust finally realized.

“It’s been so damn long,” she said. “I can’t go without this anymore.”

“You shouldn’t have to,” I told her as I pressed her back against the wall of the shower. “I’ve got you now.” Then I began thrusting hard and fast into her. Her mind was reeling as the pleasure flowed into her. The echoes of our love play wafted out into the hallway and beyond. I knew this would draw Julie in like a moth to the flame. She would be watching in no time at all. “Do you like being watched while you are fucking?”

“I, I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve never been watched while I have made love. Why do you ask?”

“Look in the doorway,” I said as I fucked her harder still.

“Julia, why are you there,” she said even as her body began to shake. “So fucking close… take me from behind, if she wants a show let’s give her one.”

I eased out of her and spun her to face away from me. I bent her over and slammed into without using my hands. Her cry of shock and pleasure was loud in my ears. Then I was hammering her without mercy. Julia’s eyes widened and a slow smile spread over her face. I grabbed my partner’s hips for better leverage and thrust as hard as I could into her. Her body reacted to it with howls and screams of pleasure. Julia was soon joined by Linda and Rachel. The trio watched my cock pound the hell out of their mutual friend. She managed to brace her hands against the wall and once she did that she could thrust her hips backward. The slapping sound as our bodies me was so obscene and yet music to my ears. Then she was screaming and bucking as she came. I ground against her even as her knees betrayed her and she slipped to the floor of the shower. I stood there with a rock hard cock and turned to face the trio in the doorway.


The four women were all sprawled on the floor and that is where I left them whimpering and twitching. I texted Cassie and Gwen and asked for a rain check. Then I got dressed and headed home. I had barely walked through my front door when my phone rang.

“Hello,” I said.

“You fucked them ALL,” Gwen said her voice at its highest pitch.

“Oh yeah, about that,” I said before the phone went dead. “Was it something I said?”

“Oh hey honey you’re home late,” my mom said. Then she sniffed me and grinned. “Who did you meet up with after school?”

“Um, well you see, it’s like this,” I said.

“Steve what happened,” she asked and I thought out my answer.

“Well you see, I went over to the Robinson house. Gwen wasn’t there but her mom was.”

“Oh Steven,” she said. “You didn’t.”

“Well, she wasn’t alone; she was having a lingerie party with some friends.”

“Steven you naughty boy you, how many of them were there?”

“Four,” I said wincing.

“That’s my boy,” mom said proudly. “Tell me all about it, after you shower of course.”

So as I took my shower mom stood outside while I regaled her about my four woman conquest. I mean they had started it after all. I didn’t leave out a single detail or orgasm. I finished my shower and mom handed me a towel. I was drying off when the doorbell rang. Mom went downstairs and answered the door. Then she was calling upstairs that some of my friends were waiting. I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed downstairs. I wasn’t shocked to see Cassie and Gwen waiting for me. Cassie was just smiling and had her arms crossed under her tits. Gwen was shaking in rage and I watched her fists clench and unclench.

“Well, I will let you guys talk this out,” mom said and went into the kitchen.

“You told your mom,” Gwen snarled.

“No, he bragged to her,” Cassie said.

“You fucking bastard,” Gwen said closing the distance between us.

“I see you are still wearing that skirt you had on,” I said.

“I was too upset to change,” she said.

“I’ll be outside, when you get this settled just come out and get me,” Cassie said.

“Oh no dear, why don’t you come in here and help me make cookies. Steve always gets hungry after he fucks that much.”

“I’ll be in the kitchen Gwen,” Cassie said as she followed my mom into the kitchen.

“That’s fine, I’ll be right there after I scratch his eyes out,” Gwen said turning to face Cassie. Then she turned back and I snatched her by the hair and made a tight fist.

“Shut up, it is time to pony up that tight ass of yours,” I said as I guided her upstairs to my mom’s room. She had a host of lubes and toys that would be perfect to prepare Gwen for what was to come. “Normally I wouldn’t have the strength to follow up after your mom and her friends, but you are a special case.”

“Wait, you’re not serious are you,” she asked as I pushed her face first onto the bed.

I opened mom’s special little drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. I popped the lid with one hand and drizzled it between Gwen ass cheeks. I bent over and looked her in the eye as I worked the lube into her virginal little asshole.

“How’s that,” I asked as I eased my first finger into her ass.

“UNNNNNNN,” she cried out. “So damn slow it feels amazing.”

“You are going to suck my cock before I fuck your ass, right,” I said and she nodded. Then I began finger fucking her ass loosening her up slowly.

“Yes… I have been waiting for this for so damn long,” she said.

“That’s just what your mom said when she dropped her pussy down onto my cock.”

“Stop bringing that up,” she snarled.

“You were the one who came here remember,” I said as I eased a second finger into her butt.

“SSSSSSSSSSSS, oh god you are stretching me out,” Gwen howled.

“See this is why we couldn’t do it in the library,” I said as I fingered her ass with two digits. “You’re far too loud when it comes to ass fucking.” I reached down and dropped my towel. Then I moved behind her and eased out of my fingers then I pressed the head of my cock to her slick asshole.

“Wait you said I could suck you off first,” she said her voice cracking. I pushed and eased the head of my dick inside of her.

“I changed my mind,” I said in a deep guttural moan. “Tight, your ass is so fucking tight!”

“Fuck me Steve, fuck my tight little asshole,” she howled again.

The doorbell rang again. As I thrust into her slowly now Gwen begged for more, her voice got louder and louder. She told me how good my cock felt in her ass and I rewarded her with harder and faster thrusts of my hips. I growled in her ear as I took my pleasure from her. I took her in my arms and held her tight as I drove my cock into her.

“Your mom is downstairs, scream for me and let her hear how much pleasure I am giving you now,” I said.

“Anything you want, anything you need of me,” she said as we got closer and closer to our mutual climax. Then she was thrusting back against me. “Fuck me Steve, make me yours!”

There was no love; this was a kind of primal inevitability that needed to express itself. Gwen was bucking against me as my cock swelled up inside of her. That simple sensation signaled the beginning of the end. I thrust harder and faster now, wanting no needing to climax inside this poor little girl. Was I using her, you bet I was and not a single ounce of remorse or hesitation. I wanted her mom to hear her little girl scream in delight after what mom and her friends had done. There were repercussions for each and every action. They wanted to fuck me and I wanted her back, emotionally.

“God civilians,” Mike complained after twenty four years the retired Chief Petty Officer now ran the coast guard repair shop. He had purchased this three story shore front town house after a fire had gutted the third floor before his second sea tour. Then the neighborhood had been different mostly oystermen so they had a lot in common. That had been fourteen years before now the neighborhood consisted of African American doctors, lawyers and other well to do folks. Mike was the sole hold out from the past area, as such they were constantly getting him to give them sailing lessons on his forty three foot Hinckley centerboard sloop. He had purchased the boat a couple years ago for a song, abandon by some officer at one of military marina. Now they were screaming because Mike planned on taking a three month cruise and wanted to lease his house out. He had spent all night arguing with neighbors.

“It will lower property value,” the Doctor had argued at heart I knew he wished he could tag along. Mike had relented with regrets, which was why sleep was reluctant to come tonight. What the hell now he wondered hearing noise from down stairs. Being the sole white man living in the community his was the first home toilet papered on Halloween but it never went beyond a good prank as he knew most of the kids from sailing on his boat.

“God damn it Jessie,” Mike growled snapping on the lights feeling foolish holding the three fifty seven revolver in his hand. The sound of tires squealing away told him this was not her idea, “You trying to get yourself killed.” The tall black girl had been a friend and neighbor since he’d been forced to retire from the Navy.

“I am sorry Mr. Bandon,” Jessie smiled nervously staring at the canon in my hand, “Tony figured, to get some money so we could take a trip.”

“So you planned to rob me,” Mike asked the gun still in his hand “Tony told me you got insurance. You really would not lose anything.”

“You Just wait until your father gets here,” Mike had already dialed his neighbors “They were so worried about property values.”

“Please, I’ll have to hear about this from mom for the rest of the summer,” Mike felt sorry for the girl. She had been on the state track team, unable to go on her spring break because of a track meet was bad. But to make it worse the girls had been banded from competing because their coach could not keep it in his pants. “She’ll ground me until I graduate from college.”

“Why would I do that?” her mother demanded as the two came storming through my front door “Why the gun.”

“Tony convinced me to steal Mr. Bandon’s flat screen and see if he had any cash lying around.” Jessie melted she never been really able to hide things from her parents.

“Do you realize how close that fucking no good boyfriend of yours came to getting you killed?” Jessie mother almost turned white with the realization the gun had been meant to deal with a home intruder. “God if it had been our home I would have shot you.”

“Mom he has insurance.” Jessie said as if it made everything alright.

“Are you going to press charges?” her father asked “I hope not she will never get into Georgetown with a record.”

“Heaven’s no,” Mike replied “she’s your daughter.”

“Come on young lady and you can kiss your next three weeks good bye,” Jessie mom told her.

“Hi Mr. Bandon,” Jessie called walking past the boat, “You were right, you know Tony when a shacked up with another girl just so I take the fall all by myself. How stupid could I have been.”

“Not stupid,” Mike replied, “desperate for love. I have known a lot of girl who did stupid things for a man that should be allowed to hold their underwear.”

“Thanks, I think” Jessie smiled, Mike had always been rather blunt, probably the reason at fifty he still unmarried, “I mean, well hell, you going out for a sail?”

“I don’t know if I should share this with the neighborhood burglar,” Mike laughed “But I am getting her ready for a three month trip down to the island of Curaçao I got a job down there.”

“Sound dreamily wish I could go.” Jessie smiled, “but mom is so mad right now. She already tried to get me on that program scared straight.”

“You just need to find a better guy,” Mike smiled up at the girl standing on the dock, “Or better yet just do without one until you get done college.”

“That is easy for you to said being as how your gay,” Jessie replied just about knock him off the boat. Looking up from the deck he had already been distracted by the girl’s thong staring him in the face.

“Who said I was a homosexual?” Mike blustered, still focused on the girl’s white thong.

“God,” Jessie replied suddenly embarrassed because she realized Mike was looking up her dress “it was Tony he said you had to be gay because you don’t have no Hoe serving you.”

“No just like I was telling you, I waited until I was done with the Navy relationships just suck the life out of you,” Mike laughed, “Shit girl no sense trying to hide that little piece of cloth now.”

“So what do you do about those urges,” Jessie asked pointing to Mike now exposed tent “Yes I can see you’re not gay.”

“Well, there are always people that are willing for a hook-up just for sex,” Mike smiled, “easier for a girl then a guy even. After you get your life together Mr. Right will come along.”

“You really think there is such a thing as a Mr. Right,” Jessie asked bitterly “I mean my mom and dad were perfect for each other yet mom cheats on dad with the white partner at her firm.”

“I am sure there is a soul mate for each of us,” Mike replied filing the tidbit about Jessie’s mom away for later. “Trouble is we settle for too soon so there is no room for growth.”

“Well if mom said yes,” Jessie asked, smiling “could you use a bikini clad deck hand it is the least I could do for being such a fool.”

“Sure,” Mike smiled his mind thinking of wonderful things they could do during the trip he knew she was sexual active her father had seen fit to talk to all the neighbors about that.

“Mr. Bandon what are you thinking inviting a nineteen year old on a three month cruise?” Nadia Chapman Jessie’s mother demanded accusingly shaking her finger at Mike like he was some sort of criminal on trial, “You must be three times her age.”

“First off, don’t you come off at me like I the one sleeping with their white boss,” Mike fumed “She asked me if she could go and I told her to ask you.”

“How did you know about that?” Nadia replied suddenly all the fury taken out of her sails

“Does not matter,” Mike replied, “I am the good neighbor keeps my eyes open and mouth shut remember.”

“I don’t care,” Nadia replied shaken but a good enough lawyer not to be on the ropes for long “My daughter will not be going with you.”

“That is fine,” Mike replied, “I really didn’t want to baby sit her anyway.”

“You don’t want to try and blackmail me threaten to tell my husband,” Nadia asked confused

“No!” Mike replied, he enjoyed letting her no that her dirty little secret was not any more. Blackmail had a way of turning on you. “Now you have worn out your welcome please leave.”

“She will be back,” Mike smiled watching wiggle as the woman made her way home, wonder if like daughter like mother.

“We’re ready,” Jessie announced as the four members of the girl track team stood on the dock with bags on their shoulders and smiles on their faces.

“What,” Mike stammered stunned at the four girls.

“Well Mom changed her mind at the last minute,” Jessie smiled “told me I could go as long as there was another girl along so I brought the whole team along.”

“What about their folks,” Mike asked not wanting to have the coast guard looking for him.

“They were just happy to have them out of their hair for the summer,” Jessie smiled innocently and Mike was saddled with the four.

“Why didn’t we go out on the open ocean,” Terry one of the girls asked as Mike anchored outside of the swanquarter wildlife area in North Carolina. “I thought we were going to the Caribbean?”

“The North Atlantic is really cold this time of year,” Mike explained, beside which with four girls he was constantly doing something, “this way is safer.”

“Mr. Bandon,” Jessie knocked on the door of his cabin “Can I come in.”

“Sure thing Jessie,” Mike replied even though under his breathe he was cursing the interruption.

“I never got a chance to thank you proper for not turning me into the police.” Jessie smiled at the shocked look on Mike’s face she was wearing a see thru top and panties and was pleased to see it had the proper effect. As the tent popped up under the sheet she had been wondering about white men. Now she planned to investigate while her friends slept.

“What about the other girls,” Mike asked as she crawled under the sheets next to him, he really wanted to say the hell with them at that point.

“They can get their own men,” she replied, her hand wrapping around Mike’s shaft “God it is so big can I see it?” Pulling the sheets back Mike’s finger now pulling her top off so he could get at those nipples playing peek a boo.

“God your beautiful” Mike breathed as Jessie bent down as if to get a closer look.

“Looks so good,” Jessie said taking and running her tongue down along its length “taste as good as it looks she said popping it into her mouth. Mike’s right hand was inside of her panties fingering her wetness. She moaned as Mike pulled her panties down then pulled her clit into his face.

“I never had a boy do that to me before,” Jessie moaned forgetting Mike’s manhood for the moment as she arched her back humping his face. Mike slipped her panties all the way off as he continued to slurp her clit juices. “Oh god, I think I am coming.” Jessie cried bucking against Mike’s magical tongue.

“Okay now it is my turn,” Mike said, continuing to work her with his fingers

“Oh yeah,” Jessie smiled swinging her lithe body around so she could lower herself onto Mike erect member she began plunging him into her grinding her hips for all she was worth. “God now I know why my mom likes white dick.” As she orgasm yet again feeling Mike explode deep inside of her. She collapsed next to Mike both exhausted they drifted off into sleep.

“I cannot believe you and Mr. Bandon,” Tareya asked in shock, her friend had woken early to discover the two of them snuggled in each other’s arms.

“I thought he was gay.” Terry smiled, “least that is what I was told.”

“Oh my god far from it” Jessie smiled sliding into her top.

“Was he any good,” Lexi asked, “I mean he so old could he even get it up.”

“I say this,” Jessie held up four fingers, “He the first guy to make me have multiple orgasms.”

“Really,” Terry looked at Mike with new curiosity, “I always considered him just an old man who knew.”

“Hey hands off, he is mine,” Jessie smiled “I need a shower I am all sticky.”

“Hey share and share alike,” Lexi smiled, “I mean now that you got us interested.”

“The girls want me to share you with them.” Jessie came over as Mike worked the sails heading into Seewee Bay just above Charleston SC. That morning had been so pretty that they had done some open water sailing but the afternoon had turned bitter. “Am I being selfish?”

“I do not believe I could handle all four of you at once,” Mike smiled he realized the other three were listening. “I am afraid there is no way to share me.” Inside he was lusting after all four girls. The image of such and orgy of young flesh just kept creeping into his head as he anchored the boat.

“I got it,” Lexi shouted in triumph, the girls had been sulking ever since Mike had made his statement.

“Whatever it is I hope it not catching,” Terry replied smartly gaining a group frown.

“We play strip poker,” Lexi smiled at her idea, “after everyone is naked high card goes first we keep going until the well runs dry,”

“Do you think he would go for it?” Tareya asked looking at Lexi.

“Sure it is every guy’s fantasy,” Terry smile, “to get four girls naked and have their way with them.”

“Yeah but can they keep up with four,” Jessie smiled getting into the idea of giving Mike a special treat. “There are cards in the main cabin.”

“Mike how you like to play some cards after dinner?” Jessie smiled entering the cabin where Mike had just finished cooking the fish they had caught.

“No problem you girls mind if I have a glass of wine with dinner.” Mike asked looking at the smiling group of females he figured they had worked out the problem.

“Only, if we can have one too.” Terry said “Who knows you get us all drunk maybe you’ll get lucky.”

“Sorry,” Mike put the bottle of wine back in the refrigerator, “I don’t want a bunch of drunk women on my boat just so I can get luckily.”

“Oh please she was just kidding,” Lexi smiled, “I love white wine with fish and just one glass will not hurt.”

“What are we playing,” Mike asked the girls as Terry shuffled the cards.

“Why strip poker of course,” Jessie smiled at the look on Mikes face

“It helps to have some clothes on,” Mike smiled at the four girls in Bikinis, “When you play strip poker,”

“Well we didn’t want to spend too much time playing cards,” Lexi smiled, “so you in or out.”

“At this point how could I lose,” Mike smiled, looking at Jessie who nodded that it was okay.

“Fine here are the rules.” Lexi replied even as Terry dealt out the hand Mike could not help but to wonder about the anxious minx.

“God you lose drop those pants,” Lexi demanded sitting there naked “so we can see what you got.” Mike stood and dropped his shorts the girl gasp at the size of his hard on. “God can I just touch it.”

“Remember high card goes first,” Terry smiled cutting a queen her large chocolate nipples standing out proudly she had the largest of the three, being track runner none were what you call overly endowed but god what great bodies.

“Not so fast,” Lexi purred smiling as she turned a king over “I’ll try to leave a little for the rest of you.”

“We plan on it,” Terry replied as the three other girls followed Mike and Lexi into Mike’s bedroom. Lexi was a petite oriental mix with glasses and long straight black hair, the kids used to tease her about being a mutt. She had earned her place as the anchor on the cross country track team despite her smaller frame she could pull steam out of thin air. Surrounded by four naked women Mike set right to making her squirm burying his face in her young snatch sucking her clit into his teeth to tantalize the girl.

“Oh god yes,” she was moaning in no time as the other girls watched mesmerized. Mikes fingers snaked into her moistness causing her to bounce on the bed “God am coming.” As the gush of her juices told mike she was ready He brought his tool up torpedoing the girl withering on the bed her legs wrapping around Mike’s waist pulling him deep inside her as she bucked until Mike unleashed his load into her.

“I feel like I just ran the four forty,” Lexi wobbled trying to stand only to settle back on the bed as Terry’s mouth began working on Mike tool.

“That must be what they call Sixty-nine,” Tareya breathed as Mike pulled Terry’s Firm young body over his face. Soon Terry was grinding her bush into Mike’s tongue as one hand massaged her ass while he fingered her with his other.

“Take the top it great,” Jessie advised as Terry shuttered screaming for ‘Mike to ram her.’ She did not need any additional encouragement reluctantly giving up the tongue to straddle Mike impaling herself on Mike’s ten inches of meat before pumping furiously.

“I don’t think I can do this.” Tareya realizing her turn was next, leaned over whispering to Jessie the two had been great friends “I never done it with a boy before. But I don’t want the others girls to know.”

“leave it to me,” Jessie smiled whispering back, “you just go through the motions, You ever suck a dick before.”

“No not even that,” Tareya shock her head sadly “You know how my mom and dad are. And a white cock at that they hit the ceiling.”

“Think of this as a learning experience,” Jessie whispered watching Terry shuttering as yet another orgasm swept thru her. “Just run your tongue up and down it simple, straddle his face so he gets a taste of you. I’ll whisper to him what up he’ll let you off easy.”

“I’ll try,” Tareya replied as Terry collapsed on Mike and Jessie leaned in whispering in Mike’s ear

“Hey it Tareya turn,” Lexi who had recovered and was now enjoying the show called thinking Jessie was going to cut into line. So Jessie backed off as Tareya bent to Mike’s cock at first she ran her tongue down the side then as Mike slipped his fingers into her while licking her clit She slipped the whole thing in her mouth to keep from crying out in pleasure, tasting Terry jucies mixed with Mikes she began to greedily slide it in and out the harder she worked it the more Mike worked her soon she was out of control.

“God that feels so good hammer my tight little cunt.” She moaned Mike continued to suck on her clit until her juices cover his face.

“I going to give her something special,” As he put her on her knees coming at her doggie style so that Tareya could bury her head in the blankets as he rammed her virgin hole. He began inching his way into her as she moaned unable to say stop because then her friends would know she felt herself pushing back wanting more of that cock to fill her his hands pulling her slowly until she could feel his balls slapping her virgin.

“Oh fuck me,” Tareya moaned lost in the pleasure as an orgasm bolted thru her, as Mike continued his slow rhythm “Come inside me.”

“Oh god that looks so hot,” Lexi shouted fingering herself “can you do me like that next.”

“I don’t know I still got one more to service before seconds,” Mike breathed, spending himself in a bucking Tareya’s moistness. He owe Jessie some special time for this trip.

“I think maybe tomorrow” Jessie smiled as she slipped Mike’s manhood in her mouth she have to give some serious consideration to sharing him during the rest of the trip.

The thought of being able to influence someone’s self-control was too tempting. I quickly scanned Alyssa’s profile in the elevator, and centered on the familiar sexual curve. With a slightly different tactic, I pushed along the top of her moral curve. It felt like flicking my tongue across the edge of my teeth. I wanted to reduce her normal level of self-control, but I wasn’t sure what, if anything, would happen.

I watched her carefully as she was thinking her private thoughts. I heard her soft, sensuous intake of breath, as if just reliving a sensuous thought. Her lips pressed together, then opened, the tip of her tongue slipping along the slight gap. Her eyes drifted down to my crotch, and I felt myself get aroused as she let go of my hand, and slid her fingers up my thigh. I looked up at the elevator lights, noticing we were getting close to the lobby. I felt her hands cup my bulge, fingers exploring the outline of my tumescent cock.

I sighed reluctantly, and tried to reverse my push across her moral profile. More of a mental pull back, than a push. Alyssa looked up at me, and leaving the lingering touch of her fingers, she removed her hand, and returned to interlocking her fingers with mine.

“I guess that answers the question,” She laughed, her blue eyes sparkling.

I smiled at her as we exited the elevator. We shared a quiet silence as we walked through the hotel lobby and exited the building. We walked the short distance to the restaurant. We entered the restaurant and found the three girls sharing a table. They’d already helped themselves to the breakfast buffet, so we quickly filled our plates and joined Carmen, Kelly and Lexi at the table.

They were all smiles, and beautiful. I sat down next to Kelly, with Alyssa beside me. Kelly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and rubbed her hand along my thigh. I smiled back at her, and gave the self-control pull-back command I’d just learned. Kelly moved her hand back to her own lap, but still smiled at me.

“Maybe I could make this work!” I thought to myself.

“How was your run?” I asked Lexi, as I started eating.

“Sucked.” Lexi admitted with a small frown, “I felt like I couldn’t keep even the slow pace I usually run with Carmen.”

“Hey!” Carmen teased, “I’m not horribly slow!”

“You know what I mean, Car-car!” Lexi continued, “I just think missing a week of running really affected my training.”

I was busy monitoring the areas of Lexi’s moral profile, and as she talked about running, I tried to reinforce any self-control around her running areas. I hoped that might help get her back on track. I felt really guilty that my recklessness might have affected her goals. Perhaps sensing my regret, Alyssa squeezed my thigh. It comforted me, knowing that she could sense my uneasiness.

As we ate, Alyssa started questioning Kelly, asking the standard questions. I held Kelly’s hand as they talked, scanning and adjusting as I listened to her answers. It wasn’t a perfect plan, because with such a drastically altered moral profile, there were many things that she no longer seemed to feel strongly about. There was a topic, I really wanted to know more about, so when Alyssa’s questions slowed, I stepped in.

“Kelly, tell me about Carl?” I asked gently, “Were you two serious?”

Kelly dropped her eyes slightly, “I don’t really know, Jeremiah. I think I wanted it to be more serious than it really was. I’ve been thinking about him this past week. Wondering if we’d been happy if I’d reacted to his advances the way I did with you.”

I gulped quietly, I wasn’t sure if she knew how I’d affected her. It wasn’t that she had accepted my advances. My adjustment made it easier for her to choose to have sex, so it really wasn’t the same thing. I watched her closely.

“The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Carl…” Kelly started, “Carl wasn’t in love with me, he was in love with the idea of having sex with me. All our conversations eventually lead to making out. We never talked about other topics, like Alyssa was asking about just now. I really think he just wanted to have sex with me.”

I stifled a sad sigh, convicted at the bluntness of her realization. I was just like Carl when we first met, I was just as guilty.

“With you, Jeremiah, I felt different.” Kelly continued to explain. Alyssa held my other hand, comforting me as Kelly explained herself.

“Even though I wanted to have sex with you after the first kiss,” Kelly laughed, “I felt like you were interested in more than just putting tab A in slot B. You were so good to me, making sure I experienced all the wonderful things about sex. Then you talked with me, stayed the night with me. You even planned a special weekend, this weekend with all of us. Carl would never have done anything so special.”

Kelly leaned over and kissed me on my check. Her hand sliding around behind my head, and turning my face to her, before kissing me softly on the mouth.

“Thank you, Jeremiah,” She said, lifting her eyes to mine, “I feel like you’ve given me a gift.”

I smiled back at her, but I couldn’t resist asking another question, “Are you bothered that I’m not only with you? I mean I’ve had sex with everyone at this table.”

I heard a giggle, and turned to see the waitress had stopped by to clear some dishes and had overheard me. Lexi saw her pause at my statement and giggled. Carmen laughed as she saw the waitress look at me, then all the girls. I turned about every shade of red at once, and the waitress smiled at me, shook her head and backed away.

All four of the girls laughed joyously. I was mortified, but then laughed too. I had either made the waitress really curious, or scared her away. Almost 500 miles from home it really didn’t matter what other people thought about me. Also the look on the poor lady’s face was priceless.

Kelly leaned into me, and spoke loud enough for all of us to hear, “I didn’t always feel this way. I know I used to have very different feelings about sex, and relationships. In the past week, however, I’ve grown to love Lexi and Carmen as much as anyone I’ve ever known. I hardly know you, Jeremiah, but I feel I can trust you, and Alyssa has been really helpful with sorting out how I feel about everything. It doesn’t seem wrong to me that we’ve all shared you. It just seems natural, I don’t know why.”

“Thank you for being honest with me, Kelly,” I started, then turned to look at each of my lovely companions.

“Do each of you feel the same way?” I asked, “Is it awkward for any of you?”

Alyssa reached over and took my hand in hers, holding mine softly. She watched the other girls, as she waited for either Carmen or Lexi to speak. Lexi shifted a bit, then looked at me.

“I love being with you, Jeremiah,” she started then looked at the other girls in turn, “And you Kelly, and of course you Carmen. Alyssa I loved being with you last night and this morning.”

Lexi shared her wonderful smile with each of us in turn, her eyes bright with a happy emotion.

“I can see all of us sharing our love more often,” she continued, then looked directly at Kelly, “When I first moved in with you, Kelly, I had a crush on you. I was too timid to admit it. You seemed to be so perfect, so pure. I quickly put it out of my mind.”

She then turned and looked at Carmen, holding her hand as she spoke with her, “When I met you Carmen at the track, I felt an immediate bond of friendship. I also started having fantasies about being with you, especially after hearing you have sex so often.”

Finally, Alexis met me with her eyes, “Since I met you Jeremiah, I’ve felt freer with my sexuality. I feel like I can finally be me, who I am on the inside and out. So yes, I feel exactly like Kelly”

We all looked towards Carmen, who smiled brightly and the laughed, trying to lighten the mood, that had become serious.

“Fuck, I just like fucking y’all,” Carmen said candidly, then lowered her voice, “Seriously, you guys know I have had my share of fucked up relationships.”

She looked directly at me, “But ever since I met you Jeremiah, I knew you were a different sort of man. You have always shown concern for my friends, and compassion for me.”

She looked at Kelly then Lexi, “I’ve grown to love both of you crazy bitches like sisters, I don’t ever want to be apart from you.”

Then she looked directly at Alyssa, “You were so sweet to me when I felt so horrible yesterday. Thank you. I also think you’re sexy as hell, and I’m calling first dibs on you tonight!”

The table all laughed at Carmen’s statement, but Alyssa turned to me before speaking, “Jeremiah always has first dibs on me.”

I sighed and kissed her softly, then said, “I love you, but I’ve watched you looking at Carmen all morning. I don’t think I could keep the two of you apart.”

Alyssa smile, then looked around the table, meeting each girl’s eyes. “I hardly know any of you, but we all share a common love of this man,” she squeezed my hand, “I love him, and though I only have met all of you, can’t imagine that we won’t all be together soon.”

The thought of all of us together beyond this weekend hadn’t really registered with my brain. It was at once arousing and horrifying. I knew in my gut that I love each of them in their own special way. The responsibility of providing for all of them, their happiness, it was a weight I almost felt physically. At the same time, I had a sense of joy. I freely admit that I felt a strong connection to each of the girls, regardless of the randomness of how we met. It felt like fate had made all of this happen. I smiled and held up my water glass to all of the girls.

“A toast!,” I began, “to us! Let’s find out how this will work. I’m all in.”

They all raised their glasses and repeated in chorus, “To us.”

The conversation shifted with the acceptance of our new weird family. The girls started to excitedly discuss what needed to happen. The end of the semester was only a few months away, and Alyssa promised to find out the requirements for transferring. Kelly promised to talk with her parents about her change in major, and she seemed very determined to have the conversation. I buttressed her self-control in that area as she spoke of her plans.

Soon, though, the conversation died down. Carmen started looking at Alyssa in her predatory way, which was very sexy. I started to get aroused, and Alyssa felt me stiffen. She turned to me, then followed my eyes to Carmen’s. When she saw Carmen’s smouldering eyes lock into hers, she flushed and caught her breath. I called for the check, and soon the five of us were hurrying out of the restaurant and back to our suites.

Once again we barely made it to the elevator before Carmen was pulling Alyssa into her, and kissing her hard and passionately. I remember thinking idly, I could reinforce their self-control but then where is the fun in that. I pulled Lexi and Kelly to me, and kissed one then the other waiting for the elevator to make it to our floor. Had I mentioned that the elevator was somewhat slow? By the time it reached our floor, Kelly was rubbing my erection through my pants and I had my hand up Lexi’s shirt caressing her firm breast.

We spilled out of the elevator, and I’m not sure who moved down the hall faster, Carmen or Alyssa. The three of us watched them enter into Carmen’s side of our adjoining suite, while I walked Kelly and Lexi to my door and opened it, letting the two girls enter first. As they entered they pulled off their clothes and headed to my bed. I paused at the adjoining door, and took a moment to see what Alyssa and Carmen were doing.

Alyssa was on her back, with one leg between Carmen’s open thighs. Carmen was bent over Alyssa and they were kissing deeply while Carmen’s bottom pressed into Aly’s core. A slow sensuous rotating grinding motion of Carmen’s hips revealed her talented dancing movements. Alyssa’s hands clung to Carmen’s hips, pulling her closer. I couldn’t see, but could imagine that Alyssa was arching her back trying to press harder into the juncture of Carmen’s thighs.

I closed the door part way, and turned to my bed. Kelly and Lexi were both naked, heads leaned back against the headboard on each side of the king-sized bed. They were both on their backs, but they were kissing each other deeply. Each had a hand in the other’s pussy, rubbing up and down the other’s slippery pink lips. I stripped slowly, enjoying the show on my bed. I slowly walked towards them, with my hand idly stroking up and down my engorged manhood.

As I crawled from the foot of the bed, both girls’ heads turn toward me in unison. Smiles grew on their faces as they watched me slowly stroke my cock. Each of them swiped their tongue along their lips, then moving with an odd synchronicity swiveled their bodies and crawled towards me. Lexi’s athletic form was almost feline in its sensuous flow, while Kelly’s more fuller curves moved with a practiced grace. As they reached where I knelt, they rose up and kissed me on the cheek. I turned and kissed Kelly first, enjoying her open mouth and languid tongue. Then I moved to kiss Lexi, who kissed me with an aggressive passion, her tongue darting into mine.

In some unspoken agreement, they pulled then pushed back towards the head of the bed. I fell and twisted onto my back. As I bounced into the mattress, my cock bounced erratically. Lexi reached out a hand and steadied the rod, and Kelly leaned over and sucked the head into her mouth. Lexi bent over from the other side of my body and kissed down the side of it, then kissed my balls, sucking one testicle carefully into her mouth. I moaned appreciatively, my fingers combing through blond and amber locks as they worked in tangent on my cock.

My hands traced down the back of their head and along their spines. Tracing along the curve of their buttocks, my fingers slid around each of their round cheeks and between their thighs. Cupping each of their sexes, I wriggled the tips of each finger between their aroused lips, coating the tips with the wetness of their arousal. My ministrations only encouraged their love of my cock and balls, they switched places, Kelly’s sensuous mouth moving to my other testicle, while Lexi’s more aggressive mouth worked its way down my shaft.

After tracing my fingers along each of their pussies, outlining each lip, and circling the very differently shaped firm nubs, I slid one finger deep into each slit. Each finger slid in easily, and I added a second finger to each of their accepting tunnels. They moaned over my cock and balls, as their hips undulated their sexes against my hands. As I continued to explore inside of their pussies, it was almost like being a puppeteer, my fingers eliciting delicious feedback as the girls kissed, sucked, licked and nibbled my sensitive organ.

Finally I pulled my fingers from their quims, and tapped their bottoms, indicating that we needed to rearrange. The sensations flowing through my core were nearing the brink, and I didn’t want to crest too soon. Sensing my intention the girls moved away from my twitching shaft and slid up alongside me prone form, and then kissed me. I could taste myself in each kiss. Kissing one sexy coed before turning and kissing the other. Exploring with my lips and tongues, until I could tell the difference of each person with my eyes closed.

I felt a hand reach and grip my shaft, by feeling I could tell it belonged to the body associated with Kelly’s sweet mouth. That body moved and I felt a leg swing over my hips. Her hand pulled my cock to align with her slippery sex and I moaned into her mouth as my cock slid deep inside of her. Her mouth disconnected and her face withdrew as she rose up to ride my cock like a cowgirl. A halo of red hair obscured my vision as Lexi leaned into me and kissed me deeply as I moaned in passion.

Then Lexi’s mouth separated and I could watch Kelly’s voluptuous form bouncing on my groin for a few moments before a freckled thigh once again blocked my view. I followed the line of the firm muscular leg up and was treated to the smoothly shaved mound with the gaping aroused lips of Lexi’s pussy. I licked my lips and lifted my mouth to her tender crease as she lowered herself onto my extended tongue. The weight of her body pressed my head back into the mattress as she ground her sex into my willing mouth. My thoughts became sparse as I focused my attention to licking every millimeter of Lexi’s delicious cunt.

I felt Kelly’s body moving up and down on my cock. Then a slight change in the angle of my entry and feeling Lexi’s pussy angle change indicated the two girls were joined in a kiss. I imagined watching the pair arched over my body. My mouth and cock using their sexes for my pleasure, while they pleasured themselves above me. We fell into a slow sensuous rhythm, interrupted by spasms of frenzy, backing off before plunging over the brink. The triangle of our bodies vibrating in erotic passion.

After untold seconds, minutes, the frequency of our delicious vibrations pulsed us over the edge. I felt both girls gyrations increase frantically. I lifted my hips into Kelly, bouncing my buttocks off the bed to thrust into her deeper. I reached around Lexi’s thighs and pulled her down onto my mouth, as I encircled her pulsing lips and flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit. I felt both bodies above me part and moans erupted into the air. Their shrieks muffled by the hard grip of Lexi’s thighs against my head. I let go, thrusting hard and arching my back, pounding my cock upwards into Kelly’s pussy and ejecting cum deep into her womb.

It seemed as if we froze in that position together, three bodies shivering in orgasmic ecstasy. Then in concert deflating, our bodies quietly lying against the soft mattress. Only the sound of our breathing fill the air as the girls arrange themselves against my side, and our breathing slows. Then an odd sound begins, like a tapping. Confused I lift my head to see Carmen and Alyssa at the door to our adjoining room.

“Amazing!” Alyssa said softly, clapping her hands playfully.

“Oh My God,” Carmen sighed sensuously, “I hope you have some left in you Jeremiah.”

Carmen crawled onto the bed and started softly cleaning the combination of Kelly’s juices and my cum from my shaft and balls. Soon Alyssa joined her and the pair made neat work of lapping every stray drop. They paused periodically to kiss, as if sharing the taste of some special concoction, before lapping up a new section of sexual excretions. By the time they had finished, my cock was fully aroused again.

Carmen rose up satisfied and held my shaft as Alyssa rose up and straddled my aching erection. Alyssa slid down my shaft, and I watched Carmen climb up the bed towards my face. Lexi and Kelly made room while Carmen lifted her firm olive skinned thigh over my head. I lifted my face to inhale her musky scent. Then lost myself in the sensations of being worked again by two of the women I loved. My hands soon found purchase on the spare bodies, and I caressed the skin of Kelly and Lexi. All five of us moved together. I lost myself in the sensation, completely unaware of the passing of time. I don’t know how long the five of us made love, until we fell asleep.


I woke up surrounded by naked bodies, and twisted sheets. We had started playing around near noon, and now the windows were dimming with the fading twilight. I stayed as still as I could listening to the quiet breaths of my companions, and tried to figure out who was where without waking anyone up.

I moved my eyes and saw a mane of light brown hair on my chest, rising and falling with my breaths. I knew it was Alyssa, her ear pressed to my chest and listening to my heart beat. My arm was around another body, a head pressed against my shoulder the blond hair tickling my jaw; Kelly. Behind Alyssa a freckled arm draped over my lovers shoulder and I knew Lexi was snuggled in behind Alyssa on my left. So that meant the hand and fingers idly playing with my soft cock and balls belonged to Carmen. I small lift of my head so I could look down my body and I saw her black mane of hair on my belly. She faced away from me, and must have been just looking at my cock as she played with it.

Smiling at the thought, I flexed my inner muscle and made my cock engorge a small bit, and I heard Carmen’s sharp intake of breath. She turned her head, and looked up at me with a smile.. then shifted her body to kiss my cock. I groaned and shook my head, I felt almost raw. She smiled and gave it a nice peck on the tip, then slid up my body to look at me.

I mouthed, “are you hungry?” not wanting to wake the other three.

She nodded and smiled. Then she laid her head on my abdomen, and combed her fingers through Alyssa’s hair. Alyssa stirred her head moving back before relaxing back into my chest. She must have smiled at Carmen, because Carmen’s smiled slightly changed. Carmen moved up and kissed Alyssa, dragging her breasts across my skin. I felt my dick pulse in response to the sensuous movement, which cause Carmen to look at me. Then Alyssa moved to look at me, and smiled. Her movement woke up Lexi, who slid over Alyssa to kiss Carmen, while all the motion stirred Kelly who started kissing my chest and rubbing her fingers across my chest.

I could have stayed in that bed forever.

Instead I shifted my body and sat up, as the girls all shifted into sitting positions. We enjoyed a comfortable closeness, that while sexually charged with our nudity was also just a relaxing respite. Eventually everyone started sliding off the bed, and moving to find clothes. It was almost like we didn’t have to say anything to understand that it was time to eat. In a few minutes we were all dressed. Then we looked at each other and realized that all the girls hair was messy, and we all laughed at each other.

While the ladies went into the bathrooms, I sat in a chair and collected my thoughts. The day we had today was without drama, I didn’t feel bad for enjoying all of my women. Though I didn’t know what to call all of them. My girls, sounds possessive; My harem, too middle eastern; My family was the closest fit. But that didn’t really completely define who we were. I felt like our connection was deeper than any relationship I’d ever had, even more than my parents and siblings.

Was it because I had shifted their minds? Was my mind shifted because of that interaction? Did my initial careless push bind us together forever, or was it the more careful small fixes that slowly knotted our psyches. I knew that Alexis and Kelly were just slightly different than Alyssa and Carmen. Alyssa and Carmen still seemed to be their own selves. Drawn to me, but also willing to make up their own minds. Lexi and Kelly always seemed to want to check in with me, see if I was okay. The three of us seemed to share a more intuitive understanding of each others minds. Almost like a hive mind, where the swarm does the bidding of the queen.

Wait, that would make me the queen? I smiled at my own joke. No, I was definitely a king, and these four were my princesses. As I wrapped up that thought they all returned to the main suite’s sitting room as if on cue. They all had their hair back in ponytails, and looked radiant. Without saying another word, I followed them out of the room and down to the hotel.

I began to wonder what, if any, additional control I had of the other girls minds. My perception was I could effect their moral values and their self-control. I thought that they still retained the ability to choose, a modified free will. I decided to try another experiment, could I directly influence their behavior, could I make them choose to do something. Without speaking, I tried to push the thought of getting into Kelly’s car and driving to a new place to eat. As we exited the lobby, Kelly took the lead, and soon we were all in the car without another word spoken. I was somewhat amazed that I was able to influence them that easily.

I pushed another thought, this time I pushed the desire to kiss Alyssa towards Carmen. They were sitting on either side of me in the back seat, with Kelly driving and Lexi beside her in the passenger seat. Slowly Carmen’s hand slid over my lap, and pulled Alyssa across me, and kissed her a soft sensuous kiss. My mind quivered in arousal, shock, bewilderment and questions; oh so many questions.

“What made you kiss Alyssa?” I asked finally breaking the silence.

“Suddenly, I wanted to kiss her,” Carmen replied, “I felt like I wanted to reassure her that I was thinking about her.”

“And you?” I asked Alyssa, “what were you thinking just now?”

“When she grabbed my hand, and pulled me across your lap, I felt she needed a kiss” Alyssa admitted, “I guess, it felt natural to accept her kiss and return it.”

My face must have gone pale, because Alyssa suddenly looked at me with concern.

“What is the matter J?” she asked.

“I just was thinking about how much I wanted to see Carmen kiss you,” I admitted sheepishly. “I was shocked when she kissed you. I think I caused it. The same thing in getting in the car to go to dinner, no one spoke, I just thought it.”

Alyssa looked up at me, and I could tell she was thinking about what I just said. Rationally, I considered that it could all be coincidence, that I pushed a thought and the others acted independently. I knew Alyssa was thinking the same thing.

“But two…” I began.

“different thoughts,” she continued.

“in a row.” We finished together.

A chill ran up my spine. I suddenly knew that we were linked. I was quietly freaking out, and Alyssa tried to help by holding my hand, grounding me. The interior of the car seemingly teemed with nervous energy.

“You’ve got to calm down, love,” Alyssa said quietly, “deep breaths, find a center, you’ll terrify us all.”

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. I looked at her and focused on her brilliant blue eyes. Her brow knotted in intensity, and suddenly I felt awash in a deep sense of peace. I squeezed Alyssa’s hand in mine, and looked at her.

“Thank you,” I said, “I think it might flow both ways, suggestions. At least between you and me.”

“Why do you think that?” Alyssa asked.

“Because, weren’t you thinking that?,” I tried to explain, “I thought you might be sending me a thoughts of peace and … “

“I was only worried that you’d freak out and we’d all feel it,” Alyssa said, “Whatever you felt was the power of your own control of the situation.”

I breathed out, and tried to concentrate on my thoughts, without sending worry and stress out to the rest of the car. It felt weird trying to guard my thoughts, but it became easier. The rest of the car which had fallen into a quiet solemn tomb, soon returned to the happy vibe that we’d felt as we left the hotel room.

We drove to the mall, and Kelly picked an Italian restaurant on the edge of the parking lot. At that point I was trying to stay neutral in my thoughts, so I was relieved that Kelly determined where we would eat on her own. I was disturbed thinking that I had created a woman drone army. I guess I let my imagination run away with me. Kelly and Lexi got out of the car followed by Carmen. Alyssa leaned across the seat and grabbed Carmen’s hand.

“Go get a table, I need to talk to Jeremiah real quick,” Alyssa said.

Carmen smiled a knowing smile, “Don’t be too long, we still have a long night ahead of us.”

I blushed, but I knew that this wasn’t going to be a quick fuck as Carmen assumed. When Carmen shut the door, I knew counseling had started. I was glad for that, because I was on the verge of freaking out.

“Jeremiah, tell me what is troubling you,” Alyssa started

“I think my powers have changed, or I have discovered something new!” I began cautiously. “Beyond just shifting morals and self-control, I think I can control people.”

“Control people?” Alyssa questioned, “Explain how can you control people.”

“Just now, I pushed a thought to have Carmen kiss you.” I explained. “Before that I suggested we all get in the car. No one said anything, but all of you just went to the car. I don’t want to have that much control over anyone!”

“Okay, Jeremiah, calm down.” Alyssa soothed, “I did feel both suggestions, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t say no to it. Try to suggest something to me now.”

I pushed a thought of her taking off her top, and presenting her breasts to me.

Alyssa blushed, then spoke, “Oh Jeremiah, I do like that idea, but we really should eat. Don’t you think?”

I sat speechless for a moment, “What did you think I wanted you to do?”

“Pull up my top and show you my tits,” Alyssa said simply with a smile.

I opened my mouth as if to say something, but no words came out.

“I think you’ve established a bit of telepathy with each of us,” Alyssa explained, “I don’t think it’s that surprising, you’ve established a deep physical and sexual connection with each of us. There is something that happens in the brain when two people have sex. It’s something science doesn’t understand very well. Think about it though, Jeremiah, how well do you remember the people you’ve had sex with?”

I thought for a moment, then answered, “Each person has been special to me, and I can remember each of them vividly. Even just the people I’ve kissed.”

“That’s right,” Alyssa continued, “That’s what I’m talking about. So with your connections with each of us, and with your powers, I think you can send us ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions. We are still free to accept those or reject those thoughts.”

“Don’t you think that’s just weird,” I asked, “Won’t if freak the other girls out that I have such control.”

Alyssa thought for a moment, then asked, “Can you tell me what I’m thinking, not generally but an exact thought?”

I scanned, and saw her moral profile centered on food and relationships, I tried to zoom in more, but shook my head.

“No, all I can tell is that you are thinking about food and social relationships.”

“Okay so you can’t read our mind, exactly.” Alyssa said. “You can tell I’m really hungry and I am thinking about how all of us relate together. That’s not surprising really, you’d know that without your powers. So I think if we can explain that to all the girls, I think they’d understand it just another way that you are a very special person.”

I bowed my head in thought, then sought her eyes. She was smiling at me, and then reached up and grabbed my hand. I knew the counseling session was over, and was relieved.

“Jeremiah, we all trust you, you’ve shown all of us that you have our best interests in heart,” Alyssa said softly, “I only wish you would start trusting yourself.”

I smiled and opened the door. After I got out, I held out my hand and helped Alyssa step out of the car. We held hands as we got into the restaurant, and soon we were all seated around another table. The other three girls met us both with smiles, and soon we were all eating, and talking as normal.

After a bit, I needed to start the discussion about what would happen next. So I pushed a thought out to all of them with a question about what they would like to happen. I didn’t want to influence any of them with my desires, I just wanted to get the conversation going.

“Ugh, I’m dreading the ride home tomorrow,” said Carmen with her usual bluntness.

“Well thanks, Carmen,” said Lexi teasing, “I’m actually looking forward to driving in the car with you. Now that Kelly is back to driving, maybe we can share some alone time.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” returned Carmen, “Now I’m looking forward to the drive.”

“If you think I’m going to drive all the way with you two having sex in the back seat,” exclaimed Kelly a bit too loudly. So I pushed a suggestion to lower voices, and Kelly’s voice dropped in volume, “you’d better think again! I think we can set up a rotation.”

“I think I’m going to sleep the whole way back,” said Alyssa, “I love all of you, but I need to start exercising to increase my stamina to keep with all of you.”

“What will you do when you get back to school?” I asked, “You all missed a week of classes, will any of you struggle with your grades?”

All three thought for a second, then shook their heads. I paid attention to the part of the graph they were focusing on, and pushed a boost in self-control, as well as a suggestion to study hard and make good grades. Transfers worked better with good students, and I was beginning to lok forward to having my family all together.

“I think I can buckle down and catch up on the missed week,” said Kelly, “finals aren’t for another month, if I apply myself I might get Dean’s list this semester.”

Lexi nodded and agreed, “Yeah, classes won’t be an issue, I was ahead a bit before last week, so I’m not too far behind. I should make Dean’s list again.”

Carmen rolled her eyes, “Dean’s list?! I’ll be lucky to get a few Bs. I’m just a dancer, all this core class work is really hard for me.”

Kelly and Lexi both turned to Carmen and both agreed to help her with her classes. I made a small adjustment to Carmen’s mental profile to help her see the value in studying and give her the self-control to stay on task.

“Are all of you still going to transfer to State for the fall semester?” I asked, wondering if the conversations from last night and this morning was still serious.

They all nodded and talked about how their school was too cold during the winter, and would like to live in a more moderate area like State. They also said after talking with me and Alyssa that State sounded perfect for all their future plans. Kelly brought up her parents again, and I increased her self-control, and her moral boundary that lit up when she talked about the conflict.

“Maybe I should meet your parents,” I offered, and for the first time considered using my powers to help one of my friends.

“Oh would you?” asked Kelly excitedly. “I don’t live far from the State campus, I only went to my school to put a bit of distance between me and my parents. I think they’ll be fine with me transferring, it’s the change in major they’ll resist. Still I’d love to introduce you to them.”

I nodded, and we agreed to talk more after the semester was over. As the conversation wound down I called for the check. The restaurant that Kelly drove us to was outside the local mall, and I suggested we browse for a bit before going to the hotel. The girls, of course, agreed. I say of course, because they are girls, and shopping seems to be part of their DNA, but also because I wanted to give them all something, so I pushed a strong suggestion along with my words.

We left the car parked in the restaurant lot, and walked the short distance to the mall entrance. Once inside I found a jewelry story, and started looking. The girls all looked at the rings with wide eyes. I knew they weren’t expecting me to buy rings, looking at rings is just another thing that girls like to do. I was looking for something more specific.

After looking through the different cases, I found what I was looking for, a small pendant in silver that had a four section celtic knot.

I asked the shopkeeper, “Do you happen to have four of these? along with silver chain necklaces?”

The shopkeeper eyed my four companions, then nodded knowingly, “Yes, sir I believe I do have four of that item, let me check.”

He went back in the back room, while I kept looking through the cases. I had checked the amount on the pendant and I was sure I could afford to put the fine jewelry on my AMEX card. In another month I’d turn 21, and the balance of my trust fund from my grandfather would be available. It wasn’t millions of dollars, but it would make the rest of my college life a bit more enjoyable.

Finally the jeweler returned with four black boxes, displaying each of them for me, the delicate knot looked amazing with a fine silver chain. I nodded and slid across my card, and soon the transaction was complete. With a nod, I thanked the jeweler. I then sent a suggestion to leave the mall and go back to the hotel, becoming more comfortable with my newfound ability to influence my girls.

After we drove the short distance to the hotel and went back up to our room, I asked all the girls to come into the main sitting room. I passed each of them one of the slim black necklace boxes, then asked them to open it together.

“I want each one of you to have a symbol for what each of us means to each other.” I said taking the time to look at each one of them with a smile. “In the short time I’ve known you three, and in the past week, Alyssa, I’ve discovered such a strong bond between us. I love each of you, and I want to be with you all.”

They all smiled back at me, taking the necklaces out of the boxes and looking at them in the light. I went first to Alyssa and helped to fasten it behind her neck. I kissed her neck where the chain touched her skin. I continued around the room and repeated the same ritual. A sense of love and warmth filled the room as sat back down in my chair. I wanted to hear from each of the girls, so i quieted my mind, and tried to just listen.

Kelly smiled at me, “Jeremiah, I will proudly wear this because it will remind me that you are looking out for me. That you care for me, and I care for you too.” Then she looked around the room at each of the other girls, “This also symbolizes that I care for each of you, that we are sisters together in this relationship.”

Lexi spoke next, her eyes bright with emotion, “Everything that Kelly said is true for me too. This past week has been amazing, and this weekend was like icing on the cake. I know I will always cherish each of you, and this symbol will always remind me of each of you.”

Carmen held her head down, her hands covering her mouth. Her hair was covering her face, and I felt strong emotions from her, I resisted the impulse to scan her, because I wanted everyone to be honest in what they said. Finally, Carmen lifted her head to speak, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I don’t know what to say,” she started, “I started this weekend confused over what a true relationship really meant. Now, near the end I have a symbol of a real and honest relationship. The most fucked up relationship I’ve ever heard of, but the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you Jeremiah. Thank each of you.”

Before Alyssa spoke she slid a small black box out of her purse and gave it to me. I opened the box and saw a similar pendant on a heftier chain. Four loops around a central loop. As I saw the chain, it started to get blurry and I felt tears fall down my cheeks. Alyssa stood up and fastened the chain around my neck.

“We all chipped in to get you this chain, Jeremiah,” she started, “we were talking while we were looking at rings, and wanted to give you a gift. To show you how we all felt about you. So with this chain our circle is complete. I am all in. I love you Jeremiah, and I love Kelly and Carmen and Lexi too.”

I was silent. With what I had learned today, the synchronicity of the purchase wasn’t a surprise. But the questions in my mind wouldn’t stop, did I cause them to want to buy me a symbol by wanting to buy a symbol for them? The whole idea was like infinity, never-ending. Perhaps their thoughts had influenced my decision. What I couldn’t deny was that we were inexorably linked, and to tear apart that bond would hurt us all. The one thing I never wanted to do was to hurt any of these women.

Slowly, wordlessly, we all rose and began to undress until the only thing each of us wore were the silver knots on silver chains. Then we all walked into the main suite’s bedroom, and began to physically show each other the love we had for each other. There were moans and sighs. Words weren’t spoken as we enjoyed each others bodies. The love making was slow and sensual, like a slow boil. When the crest of our emotions finally peaked we all shivered in orgasm. I sent my feeling of bliss to each of the girls, and they all shuddered as they felt my passion pass through them.

We slept in a tangle of bodies, not waking until the sun just peaked through the windows. As we untangled and showered. Each of us said our goodbyes as we packed for our rides home. Words were spoken and promises made. The goodbyes were short, because we knew we’d be together soon. We left that hotel, and headed in opposite directions. I felt a slight emptiness as we left, but as I fingered my pendant I felt more at peace than I had in days.

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