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Author’s Notes:

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Mary Wilder and a few more characters that ‘may’ (cough, cough) be showing up in the main story line before not too much longer. I’d also like to showcase some of the more extreme examples of everyday anal dilation that exist in Europe at the same time as the Wilder clan is living it up back in the New World. If you’ll remember, public indecency is still a criminal offense in the States; not so much in most of Europe.

Even though this story actually takes place in the UK, all measurements are in Imperial (US) units for the ease of my American readers. Anyone used to the Metric system will have to forgive me. Because we all know that us crazy, backwards Americans will never give up our yards! [American] Football would never work in centimeters…

And fear not! Laura and the girls will return in the next chapter to complete their long overdue physicals…

Across the Pond, Part I

At the same time that Laura and her two youngest daughters were undergoing routine physical examinations at the Dermott Women’s Clinic, on the other side of the pond, Mary Wilder – Laura’s second oldest daughter – and her fiancée, Victoria Marie Deveraux, were just finishing up their day at work. Victoria worked as the Head Mistress for Saint Patty Parker’s Finishing Academy in downtown Nottingham, while Mary was her personal executive assistant.

The pair had actually met at Saint Patty’s eight years ago while the then eighteen year old Mary was attending as a student and thirty-one year old Victoria was teaching the Personal Ambition and Morality course. Mary had a full ride scholarship as part of the court settlement from her accident. Victoria was only teaching as a side job after she’d graduated from law school. Nevertheless, Associate Mistress Deveraux and Miss Wilder had taken a liking to each other almost immediately. Neither one of them had expected that they’d still be wandering the halls of Saint Patty’s so many years after they’d originally intended the school to be nothing more than a stepping stone to bigger and better things; but opportunities come from where you least expect them. Life is funny that way.

Saint Patty’s is a world-renowned finishing school devoted to instructing young women in fine society, art, music, proper behavior, self respect, and personal motivation. Many of the most successful female political and business leaders throughout the world darkened the doors of Saint Patty’s in years past; including the CEO of Macrosoft, the Vice President of the United States, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Eighteen and nineteen year olds worldwide compete for openings in the school after they graduate from secondary school; or high school as it’s called in America. Students normally graduate after a single year and then move onto institutions of higher learning; more often than not with generous scholarships already lined up; although some students find that attending Saint Patty’s for a second year better prepares them for adult life.

Of course, as society has evolved from generation to generation, so has Saint Patty’s: As a direct result of that, proper anal etiquette has been a major part of the curriculum for decades. A respectable degree of anal dilation is expected from all young women before they are ever granted acceptance; even with the knowledge that each girl’s nether opening will get significant attention throughout their continuing education. During Mary’s single year as a student, her maximum capacity increased at a faster pace than it had since she’d first begun anal training with her mother when she’d come of age. Of course, Victoria’s own backside was never missing out on any action either. As Saint Patty’s firmly believes in leading by example, all the mistresses spend almost as much time in the school’s extensive Detention Hall as the students do.

That year was also Victoria’s first year as an associate mistress at Saint Patty’s. Because of that, she and the other two first-year mistresses had daily punishment and dilation sessions scheduled from 06:00 AM to 08:00 AM; Monday through Friday. Unluckily for Victoria, her first class didn’t start until 10:00 AM, so she normally spent an additional hour or so as Senior Mistress of Corrections Svetlana’s personal project; the 08:00 AM hour was generally pretty slow in the Detention Hall, after all. Despite the additional pain and suffering she’d undergone, she couldn’t argue with the results. Even to this day – though Chief Mistress Svetlana now technically works for Head Mistress Victoria – Victoria has given the older woman a free rein on the training regime for Saint Patty’s head mistress; it’s a setup that Victoria only regrets occasionally, but has never once tried to reverse.


Victoria pulled her Jaguar F-Type into the garage of her townhouse in an upper middle class neighborhood outside of Nottingham and put it in Park.

“What a day,” she announced rhetorically to the lovely young woman seated next to her. Glancing sideways, she admired the form of her beautiful fiancée, Mary Wilder. At only a medium height and with brown hair, the younger woman’s best features were undoubtedly her perky 36FF-cup breasts. They were certainly what had gotten a younger Victoria’s attention in the first place. Though, as impressive as they were, many young women had equal or greater womanly assets. What had eventually won Victoria’s heart had been the younger woman’s bright eyes and zest for life despite the loss of the use of her legs. The young woman’s shapely ass and very well trained and responsive nether hole had played a great part in their eventual engagement as well. Victoria was fond of her personal theory that all the nerve endings her love had lost in her legs had been relocated in between her legs. It was a theory that Mary found hard to disprove as her dominant fiancée drove her to orgasm after orgasm.

Despite nearly a decade without the use of her legs, Mary still maintained a trim, hour-glass figure which accented her delicious breasts and full hips delightfully; a testament to a daily workout regime focusing on her core muscle groups. The fact that Mary enjoyed her role as a masochistic bottom even more than Victoria enjoyed being a sadistic top was just icing on the cake!

Victoria was no slouch in the looks department either. At thirty-nine, her curvaceous figure turned almost any heads that were in the vicinity; both male and female. With long, light-brown hair, a pretty face, 36HH breasts, trim waist, and firm buttocks packed into a 5′ 8″ frame, Victoria could have had almost anyone she chose to have: man or woman. If she’d had the mind to do so, she probably could have had multiples of both on speed dial!

However, because of her looks, she’d often found the hardest part about teaching to a room full of sexually over-charged girls at Saint Patty’s was keeping her young charges to pay attention to the lessons she was trying to teach and not the deep cleavage of her low-cut blouse; or the ever-present outline of her large nipples; or her well-rounded ass squeezed into her tight skirt and shaped perfectly by her six-inch heels. Of course, all of the above was the mandated attire for all mistresses at Saint Patty’s; a dress code that Head Mistress Victoria did little to alter.

That her first husband had left her ten years ago for a younger, significantly more submissive woman with larger breasts, a stretchier ass, and an even more advanced case of anal masochism was more of a result of the five to one ratio of women to men on the planet than him actually growing tired of his bride; that, and the fact that his penchant for rough breast play during sex had gradually exceeded even Victoria’s tolerances for kinkiness. Like nearly all women these days, Victoria was a perfectly willing – even enthusiastic – participant in extreme anal play, but being suspended from her breasts for hours at a time while her husband played with her nether hole had finally become too much.

However, the taste for such extreme kink still remained with Victoria; but on the reverse side of the bondage. Thankfully, Mary was only too happy to allow Victoria to do the very same things to her that Victoria herself had complained about to her ex-husband so vehemently. The hypocrisy of it all never failed to bring a smirk to Victoria’s lips. Perhaps she and her ex were just never meant to be. After all, having two sadists in a relationship was nowhere near as interesting as a well paired sadist and masochist.

She had asked Mary to marry her over two years ago and their wedding was coming up this summer; mere months away. There was only going to be a small ceremony here in England with close friends and family, while the main ceremony would be back in the United States – Mary’s family was considerably larger and more conservative and would want to participate in the ceremony. They were both looking forward to the wedding back in the States; and, of course, spending more time with Mary’s mother and sisters. Victoria had always thought Laura had the best toy collection.

Mary smiled back weakly – exhausted from her strenuous afternoon – but said nothing in return. Victoria’s heart melted; or maybe it was her pussy. Mary always knew exactly what to say – or not say – to get Victoria’s motor going. Victoria smiled back, killed the engine, and then opened her door and exited the vehicle.

No sooner had the car’s engine died than Alicia, their live-in maid, appeared from the house’s inner door pushing Mary’s home wheelchair. Victoria had called ahead to provide instructions and Alicia had followed them to the letter; just as she always did. As Victoria moved around the front of the vehicle, she nodded approvingly at the massive slab of latex protruding from the chair’s seat; exactly where Mary’s well-shaped butt would soon rest. “Thank you, Alicia,” Victoria said as she opened the passenger side door while the maid positioned the chair for the transfer. “You even attached the studded plug, just like I requested.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Alicia replied with a small curtsy. “When you said that Mistress Mary had been naughty today, I knew you weren’t joking when you mandated which plug to use,” she added. Despite working for her current employers for over a year, the size of the plugs that always seemed to find their way into Mary’s well cared for rectum – or Victoria’s well trained back hole for that matter – never failed to scare her slightly. Such large objects would never fit inside her tiny frame. At merely 4′ 11″, Alicia was a very petite twenty three year old. While her own backside was well trained by her mother, and now maintained by her employer, anatomy physically prevented such plugs from being used on her; her hips were simply not wide enough.

Not that Victoria wasn’t constantly pushing the physical limits of Alicia’s small rear hole. The mousey little red-head’s perky 32D breasts and heart shaped ass guaranteed her continuous attention from the mistress-of-the-house’s insatiable appetite for hot, young, female ass. The sizable plug that was continuously stretching her nether hole at all times was a testament to that.

The French Maid outfits that were her daily uniforms had attachment points built into their construction; which was really no surprise there as all modern women’s clothes had similar hard points. Alicia’s outfit was fairly traditional: It started with a tight black leather corset which made her already small frame appear almost fragile. Above the corset, a quarter-cup push-up bra enhanced her creamy white cleavage while at the same time leaving her hard, pink nipples exposed at all times. Below, a black mini-skirt that almost covered her pussy mound when she stood up straight and did nothing to hide her bald cunt and painfully plugged ass whenever she bent over – an act which she was required to perform for any movement that it could possibly be incorporated into. A frilly white apron, black garters and stocking, black patent leather high heels, and classic maid’s hat completed the ensemble. She would have thought of herself as looking ridiculous – especially when she went to the market with nothing else to cover her body – if not for the fact that most of the maids she met in the neighborhood had a very similar attire; and compared to some uniforms she’d seen out in public, hers was downright conservative!

“Yes, she has been naughty,” Victoria continued as she unbuckled Mary and helped her out of the car. Locking the wheels of the chair, Alicia quickly moved over to grab the leg closest to her and assist her mistress in aligning Mary’s empty and well-dilated anus up with the pre-lubricated six and a quarter inch wide, twenty two inch long, studded latex rectum wrecker through the cutout in the woman’s expensively tailored business skirt.

Mary only moaned at the familiar penetration of her favorite punishment dildo and gripped the arms guiding her downwards. Just like her mother, Laura Wilder back in the States, Mary had a full set of heavy grit dilation plugs for serious punishment – as did any proper woman – but she’d never considered those her ‘favorite’ punishment plugs. The large studded plugs that Victoria preferred to punish her with brought almost as much pleasure as they brought pain; which only meant double pleasure to an unabashed anal masochist like Mary Wilder. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure as she felt her butt checks come to rest against the chairs comfortable seat and the extra long rectal violator come to rest against the base of her lungs. Mary took a few seconds to enjoy the sensation of fullness in her behind as Victoria adjusted the lap restraint.

“You won’t be sighing for long, Mon Amour,” Victoria commented to Mary about her audible sound of pleasure. Turning back towards Alicia, who had taken position behind the chair, “Wheel her around the block for an hour or so, just to get her nice and loosened up for later tonight, won’t you please, Minette?”

“Of course, Mistress Victoria,” Alicia responded politely; understanding now why her employer had instructed her to insert a four and a half inch wide, studded dilation plug up her own bottom. That was quite a sizeable plug for such a petite woman as Alicia. Mary would not be the only one who would be sore and well stretched-out after their walk. She contemplated her probable fate tonight as she began pushing Mary out of the garage and down the short driveway to the sidewalk. Probably better than Mary if she had been naughty, she figured, as she looked down at the back of the wheelchair.

Unlike the chair which Mary rode in during work hours, the backside of this chair was wide open for the world to see. As Alicia rounded the corner and began heading south down the street, she watched the sizable dildo extract itself about six inches from Mary’s poor bottom, rotate thirty degrees and then pound back to its maximum depth. The speed of the penetrations was geared directly into the speed of the chair’s wheels; the faster Alicia walked, the harder Mary would be punished. Of course, there was a ten-speed gear selection lever up on the handle. The higher the speed, the faster the fucking was relative to the speed of the chair. In the tenth gear, and when the person pushing the chair was at a decent jog, the speed off the attached dildo could make the female in the chair’s teeth rattle violently. Alicia had witnessed that occurrence on many occasions when she’d accompanied Victoria on her daily morning jog.

Of course, Mary’s workplace wheelchair was identically equipped. Its inner workings were just hidden from view for the benefit of the clueless students. The helpful young women actually thought they were doing Mary favors when Victoria instructed them to wheel her around Saint Patty’s school grounds for an hour or so every afternoon so Mary could get some fresh air. Although, truth be told, they were indeed doing Mary’s ever eager asshole marvelous favors.

Feeling a little more sadistic than usual – which Alicia was sure was partly due to the growing soreness in her own tight hole – she clicked the lever from second to third and then to fourth gear. The higher gears brought about a noticeable change in the sound the fucking mechanism made as it went about its business; as well as the sounds emanating from Mary on the receiving end of the device. Neither woman made any comments regarding the gear change as they walked along.

Mary let out a soft groan of mixed pleasure and pain. She swore she could hear the vibration of her tightly stretched sphincter from the plug’s latex studs ripping in and out of it. She knew it was her imagination, but she swore it was an audible hum. It almost sounded like a plastic comb running over her fingers.

Such public displays of anal depravity would have mortified her nineteen year old self before she’d come to Saint Patty’s those many years ago but now, at twenty seven, she found such things normal; almost comforting. She almost pitied her mother and sisters back in America for the backwardness they had to put up with.

No sooner had that thought crossed her hormone-addled mind than she was once again reminded that she lived in Europe. As she was pushed past a bright red Porsche 911 Carrera, that had just parked along the side of the road, the woman in the driver’s seat got out of the car and bent over to reach back inside. As Mary and Alicia approached, they could easily see up inside the woman’s fully dilated rectum as her mini skirt rode high on her hips and the gaper panties she wore stretched her sphincter to its maximum. Her bald, moist pussy lips were equally visible under her yawning rear chasm as the skirt rose further.

“Good evening, Mrs. Carver,” Mary managed to get out as they passed.

Without standing up or attempting to cover herself, the woman simply looked back over her shoulder and answered, “Hello, Mary. Pleasant evening isn’t it?” as she stuck her shapely butt out a little farther for Mary’s viewing pleasure. The shape of a large pink latex cone affixed to the driver’s seat was clearly visible as Mary was wheeled past. Mrs. Carver was cleaning lubricant from it with a tissue.

“Very pleasant,” Mary answered as she admired the woman’s destroyed anus and beautiful car equally.

“Have a good ride, dear!” Mary heard her say as they walked past. She knew that Mrs. Carver had a full view of the thick toy plowing into her defenseless ass as the wheelchair rolled away; just as Mrs. Carver knew that Mary and Alicia had had an unobstructed view up her gaping asshole as she’d cleaned off her driving cone. Despite the wanton displays of anal perversions that had just been exhibited by both parties, all Mary could think was: who the hell parks a Porsche 911 Carrera on the side of the street?!

Perhaps she’d been in the UK a bit too long, she thought.

“I will,” Mary called back over her shoulder; and she planned on just that.

After another minute, Alicia clicked the lever to the fifth gear and the fucking mechanism began to whine slightly. Mary rolled her head back and closed her eyes to fully enjoy her punishment. Alicia took the opportunity to admire her charge’s deep cleavage from her higher position. God! She wished her breasts were that size naturally! Maybe if they were, she could attract a nice man or woman and settle down instead of being a mere maid. There was always time though; she was still young.

Alicia smiled to herself and walked a little faster. A small gasp escaped her own lips as the studded plug buried up her own ass ravaged her tender hole harder. Despite herself, she felt her exposed nipples hardening even more at the sensation. Being a live-in anal plaything to a sadistic mistress had its advantages too.


Victoria smiled as she watched Alicia’s firm ass sway from side to side as she pushed Mary down the short drive and disappeared from view behind the hedgerow that bordered her property. She’d instructed the young maid to insert a large – for her, at least – studded plug before she got home knowing full well what was in store for the perky-titted redhead. Victoria made a mental note to commend her employee – during her next weekly performance review – on how well she was doing at moving gracefully with such a large slab of studded latex buried up her pert little bottom. A four and a half inch wide dilation plug was a commendable accomplishment for such a dainty young woman. That should make the mousey young maid happy.

Of course, that also meant that it was time to increase the diameter of her daily, nightly and punishment plugs yet again. That would certainly take some of the pep out of the twenty three year old. Victoria pulled out her phone and started making notes into her calendar for later this week; to both bring those points up, as well as to schedule Alicia for a two-hour stretching session that weekend. She was going to need it.

As Victoria entered the house’s great room, she heard the garage door automatically begin to close as the home automation sensed she had crossed the threshold of the house proper. Kicking off her five inch heels at the door, she made a beeline for the master suite and its waiting shower; shedding her clothes as she went. Her expensively tailored, charcoal back business suit jacket was the next to hit the ground as she made her way through the kitchen. This was quickly followed by her matching suit skirt in the back hall, and her creamy silk blouse in the master bedroom. Finally, as she walked into the expansive bathroom, her fingers had managed to free her long brunette hair from its tight, professional bun.

As she admired the beautiful sex-kitten that looked out at her from the bathroom’s floor-to-ceiling mirrors, she was once again astonished that such a ravishing creature existed hidden under the conservative mid-thigh length miniskirt and cleavage revealing blouse of Head Mistress Deveraux’s normal attire. There was no way that the lust-filled woman that looked back at her from the mirror held any position of real authority. The recently freed brunette tresses of her hair had that just-fucked, unkempt look about it as it spilled around her face and neck; some of the strands went between her massive cleavage while others partially covered her bare shoulders. Most ran down her lovely back in a mess of waves. The lacy black corset crushing her waist constricted her middle to that perfect hourglass shape that was only achievable by the sturdiest undergarments. It was a dainty looking piece of lingerie that concealed the titanium boning and Kevlar-reinforced straps flawlessly. The half cups of the built in bra pushed her already considerable 36HH assets together and upwards high on her chest, creating a swell of tit-flesh that looked as if it was half a second away from exploding out of its confinement entirely. Generally, Victoria preferred quarter cup bras; the feel of her undefended nipples rubbing against the silk of her blouse all day drove both the moist holes between her legs insane; but today she had opted for maximized cleavage. All that was visible of her sensitive nubs was the upper areolas. She’d have to pay extra special attention to those two pleasure points tonight to make up for all the sensations they missed out on all day.

Continuing downwards, the wetness excreting out of her shaved-bald front hole was clearly visible as it moistened her inner thighs. Half turning, Victoria admired how her well shaped bubble-butt protruded from her lower back and upper thighs. The size was exaggerated slightly due to the garters than ran along her thighs to hold up her black silk stockings. No doubt about it: that was an ass that was made for spanking and fucking!

Clearly visible between the two fleshy halves of her backside was the ebony base of her massive daily plug. Bending over slightly, and thrusting her already hoisted-up tits out even farther, Victoria reached around and unbuckled the straps to her intimate friend. No sooner did the dildo-strap swing free than the well-lubricated slab of latex began to slide backwards past her atrophied anal sphincter and out of her corset-constricted and filled-to- capacity anal cavity. She bit her lip and stifled an unbecoming moan of pleasure as her eyes focused on every inch of glistening rubber that came into existence; dragged out from the depths of her own body.

All too soon, the entire twenty-three inches of smooth, six and an eighth inch dilation plug was in her hands and no longer in her momentarily empty ass. I really hate the feeling of emptiness back there, Victoria commented to herself as she crossed to the bathroom’s plugwasher to deposit the used dildo for cleaning. Already inside were the toys she and Mary had used on each other’s bottoms earlier that morning during their daily six AM playtime. Her fingers lingered momentarily to gently caress the thickly veined six and a half inch monstrosity that Mary had expertly used on her willing back hole that morning. The nearly forty five minute pounding had started the day off on a good note indeed. Too bad it had all gone downhill from there.

Closing the plugwasher’s door and turning around, she reached behind herself again to release the clasps on her corset and immediately became lightheaded due to the influx of oxygen in her previously compressed lungs. With the combination of the strong corset crushing her lungs from the outside and the top of the extra-long dilation plug forcing its way into her lungs from the inside, Victoria estimated that she had about fifty percent of her normal lung capacity most days. Not that she had anything to really complain about, as that was fairly average for most women.

Within minutes, the lacy corset and silk stockings joined Victoria’s other clothes on the floor of her home. Naked at last, she admired her nudeness in the mirrors for a few minutes as she rolled her pink nipples between finger and thumb; an apology for depriving them of the sensations they were accustomed to on a daily basis. Finally, she turned and headed towards the large, central shower and its waiting hot water. Victoria was looking forward to a long, hot enema and a longer shower. She’d had a bad day.


Now on their third circuit around the block, Alicia shifted the wheel chair back down into sixth gear as Mary began coming down from the second orgasm of her punishment. The older woman had started cumming again after Alicia had up-shifted to seventh gear. The violence of the fucking that the chair had given its helpless occupant was enough to cause her teeth to rattle slightly.

Totally spent, for now at least, Mary’s head rolled forward onto her chest; drool slid down her chin and splattered into her deep cleavage. Alicia kept up the pace despite the raw pain emanating from her own abused back hole.

If Mary was embarrassed at being brought to screaming orgasm – and she certainly did her fair share of screaming – out in public in broad daylight, she made no indication of it. If she had had the mental capacity to think with her endorphin filled brain, she would have noticed that very few people walking down the street were paying the pair more than a cursory glance. What was odd about a half-naked maid pushing her mistress down the street in a wheelchair as she had orgasm after orgasm from the large anal dildo that was clearly seen to be pounding away at her anal hole?

Absolutely nothing.

God, I love Europe! Mary managed to think to herself as she recovered enough of her senses to form a coherent thought.

Noticing that her charge had finally stopped drooling onto her beautiful breasts, Alicia up-shifted to seventh gear again and turned the corner onto the next street. Mary groaned at the increased violation of her most sensitive hole and said nothing as they passed an attractive couple in their early forties who were preparing for a mountain bike ride. She wore a tight sports bra that barely held in her medium sized breasts and a matching pair of yoga pants. He wore a simple t-shirt and bike shorts.

The man’s bike looked like every mountain bike had for a century. However, the woman’s bike had a massive and thickly veined dildo protruding from the back of it. It was designed so that the dildo was firmly affixed to the frame and the seat was free to move up and down as rough terrain was navigated. The wife was just finishing up applying a viscous looking lube to the dildo as her husband used his clenched fist to helpfully apply the same lubricant to the inside of his wife’s nether hole.

“Twenty miles again tonight, Mr. Anders?” Alicia asked innocently as they approached.

“Of course, Alicia. Every night!” Mrs. Anders responded for her husband; they both smiled. “Have to stay in shape, don’t we?”

“Regular daily exercise is good for everybody,” Alicia called over her shoulder as they passed. Such a nice couple, Alicia thought to herself; and such hot daughters. I wonder where they are. Their nightly bike ride is normally a family affair, after all.

No sooner did Alicia think it than she rounded the next corner and was met by the sight of the two Anders girls mounted on identically designed mountain bikes to their mother’s; only with understandably smaller anal dildos. From the back, a pair of red and puffy sphincters were clearly visible through the cutouts in their yoga pants as the tight rings of anal muscle stretched to allow the tick toys to violate their tender rectums. Their slightly smaller breasts were firmly held to their chests by their sports bras. They were identical, twenty and twenty two year old versions of their mother.

“Are mom and dad ever coming?” one asked the other.

“God, sis! Have a little bit of patience!”

“Well, if mom hadn’t asked dad to mount a larger plug at the last minute, we’d already be halfway to the park by now.”

“Oh shut up, slut! You’ll get your orgasms soon enough!”

“I’m a slut? Why you…”

The sibling argument was drowned out by a passing car as Alicia and Mary rode by. Mary smiled to herself as she thought about her own sisters and mother. If such debauchery as anal bike riding were legal back in the States – which it most certainly was not – she could totally see her mother asking Daddy for a larger plug at the last minute; and visualize herself arguing with Naomi or Amanda about how it would make them late. Of course, that was also assuming she had the use of her legs.

Mary’s daydreaming was interrupted as Alicia up-shifted to eighth gear. Mary felt her growing orgasm bubbling up from her raw and violated asshole and dripping pussy. This is going to be a good one, Mary told herself.


You’ve had a rough day, old girl, Victoria thought to herself as she lay sideways across the massive bed she shared with Mary. Fresh from her shower and enemas, she had laid a selection of some of her larger toys out on the bed in front of her. They were all designed for self application and came equipped with sturdy handles at their bases. She drummed her slender finger on her lower lip as she contemplated just how much relaxing she needed after her stressful day. Perhaps this one, she considered as she reached for a medium sized butt stretcher. ‘Medium’ was a term to compare the relative sizes of her assembled weapons of ass destruction. Even the smallest of which would send most of her students into a moderate panic attack. She picked up the six and an eighth inch thick tool to test its weight and flexibility.

The day had stated out well enough. All morning long she’d only had to deal with three errant first-year students who were caught in the gym shower room with their anuses completely empty. She couldn’t believe the audacity of it all! Sure, there was the occasional misadjusted young woman who thought it was edgy and cool to rebel against authority and attend school sans butt plug, but for three of them to do it in the same class? And for them to do it in the gym?! Did they think their classmates wouldn’t notice three slightly gaping back holes that should have contained decent sized slabs of latex? They’d been reported to the gym teacher, Mistress Ferguson, by no less than five of their concerned classmates. As correction, each of the girls had spent two full hours in the Detention Hall riding the Re-educators.

The Re-educators were Sybian-like devices with a rear mounting diameter-adjustable dildo. Every female in the school – student, faculty, and Victoria herself – had their maximum anal dilations on file through the PMA’s website; Parent Mistress Association. Her students’ parents were generally very interested in keeping current on their daughter’s grades and dilations throughout the school year. These measurements were updated regularly, so the dimensions could be relied upon to be both accurate and current. The Re-educators themselves were designed to not only vibrate and pulse, but could, and usually were, programmed to do some quite powerful thrusting and rotating. The marvelous devices were masterpieces of engineering and ergonomics design. Even the most rebellious girl would be brought to a state of constant and continuous orgasms within just a few minutes. To ride one at max power for more than fifteen minutes was exhausting. More than half an hour and a woman would need about as much time recuperating as she did riding. More than an hour and her day was shot!

The two hour ride that each girl was sentenced to was only at 75% maximum dilation size. That was about as low a setting as Victoria allowed for her wayward students. She figured that the girls would be ridiculed enough by their fellows and that a relatively soft ride like three-quarters width should get her point across. After their lengthy Re-educator playtime, their [none too happy] dorm-mates picked up the orgasmed-out young women and took them off Victoria’s hands.

And then came lunchtime!

Victoria was half way through her normal meal of a light salad with vinaigrette dressing accompanied by a sloppy cunt lapping from Mary, when suddenly Mistress Diane – a mousy-looking blond woman with medium breasts and a tight ass and who was one of her new math teachers – came bursting into her office. After collecting herself from her approaching orgasm, and calming the younger teacher down, Victoria was told that all hell had broken loose in the Dining Hall. Upon her arrival she discovered that two rival cliques had decided that it had been a good idea to start throwing their ‘Mystery Meat’ at each other across the lunch room; needless to say, the janitors and cooks were not at all amused!

With order restored and thirteen females in tow – twelve students and the young Mistress Diane, who should have known better than to come bursting into her boss’s office like that unannounced – the stern Head Mistress lead the way into the Detention Hall to help Chief Mistress Svetlana hand out corrections in the form of variously sized latex phalluses set to 85% maximum dilation; or in Mistress Diane’ case, 90%. She really should know better by now; she spent enough time in the Detention Hall for her impetuousness.

It took almost an hour to get all the girls stripped from the waist down and locked into their pre-programmed Re-educators. With that task complete, Victoria inquired of Svetlana whether she had any free time for a quick punishment session for the Head Mistress herself. Svetlana quickly agreed that this many delinquents showing up to her door at one time was a sure sign of incompetent leadership from the Head Mistress herself, and that punishment should be doled out promptly and appropriately. After leading Victoria back to her office, Svetlana extracted Victoria’s daily plug and began lubing up the empty and gaping hole for a ride on her personal Re-educator. This particular device had a roughly studded punishment plug attached and Victoria was promised a quick half hour session at 85% maximum dilation. Despite the intimidating mass of the anal reamer, Victoria was rather looking forward to the ride.

Just as Victoria was being led over to her fate, they were interrupted by three more students showing up to the Detention Hall with notes from their Physics Mistress explaining about incomplete homework. Apparently, the three students had been up late last night participating in one of the dorm’s nightly all-anal orgies. However, they needed to be reminded that work came before pleasure.

Senior Mistress Svetlana apologized to her boss, but Victoria’s punishment would have to wait until later. Evidently, this was the trio’s second offense this month and she would have to take their punishment into her own hands; not simply left to the mindlessness of a Re-educator. Victoria shivered in remembrance of her own time as the then Senior Mistress Svetlana’s personal project. Svetlana promised to pencil the Head Mistress in later that day for a strenuous personal punishment session, but she did not want to leave her boss on such a rough toy unsupervised. Victoria understood her employee’s reasoning, but still grunted unhappily when Svetlana roughly re-plugged her ass with the dilation plug.

Although the symphony of moans and cries was music to her ears, Victoria really did have more work to do. She reluctantly left the half-naked-girl-filled Detention Hall and made for her office and its paperwork-filled desk. By the time she had returned, her lunch, and more importantly her interrupted orgasm, were ruined. She spent the next hour filling out punishment forms, demerit awards and updating the PMA website to keep parents informed about the un-lady-like behavior of their daughters.

Back in her bedroom, Victoria shook her head softly and dropped her selected rectal violator back into its place amongst the assembled rubber tools. She decided that she needed a more relaxing toy and selected the one two sizes up. This one should do the trick she decided. The weight of the six and three eights inch wide toy was heavy in her delicate hands and the eighteen inch length of the huge dildo wasn’t very flexible. This one might work, she said to herself, as ran her hand down the rubber and tested its pliability. But no, her day hadn’t stopped there!

It had been nearly mid afternoon by the time she’d finished with the paperwork generated by her cadre of eager meat-flingers. She’d had the Detention Hall monitors panning back and forth across the action the whole time – so Victoria could better evaluate the effectiveness of the punishment, naturally – but she’d turned the volume down to a low setting so she could work in peace. Still, after an hour of watching and listening to all those troublemakers being punished – and having a lot more fun at it than she was having – she was just about ready to head back down to the Detention Hall for her pre-scheduled session with Senior Mistress Svetlana when she noticed four more students turning up for punishment; it was evidently a busy day in the Detention Hall!

She’d had enough waiting. Victoria called Mary and told her to hold her calls for an hour unless another emergency came up so she could catch up on her paper work – she lied. Of course Mary knew it was a lie just as much as Victoria knew she knew, but appearances had to be maintained.

Remembering to lock her office door this time, Victoria crossed the lavishly decorated chamber to her closet. Set into the floor of the small room was her own personal Re-educator. This one was actually one of the original prototypes and was a little more powerful than the production models; which suited Victoria perfectly! Hiking up her expensive business skirt, she reached behind to grab the base of the sizable plug resting deep between her toned and lightly tanned butt cheeks. The thirty nine year old Head Mistress bit her lower lip slightly and moaned as she extracted the pleasing six inch width of her daily plug. Twenty two inches of thick latex later, it finally dislodged itself from her deeply gaped colon with an audible pop.

Sensing the emptiness between her cheeks, and feeling the cool breeze suddenly touching places that a breeze has no place touching, she quickly set the plug aside and grabbed the conveniently placed pump bottle of extra strength anal lubricant. Pumping several globs into her right palm, she reached around and began applying a liberal coating of the viscous fluid to her gaping nether hole. Satisfied that the outside was well lubricated, the hand quickly disappeared up Victoria’s pert backside as she worked the anal gel into all the nooks and crannies she could reach from her less than ideal position.

Victoria spent a few minutes opening herself up a little wider with her fist; in the way she’d been taught by her mother so many years before. Satisfied that her tender hole would prove no defense against the imposing mass of the latex dildo mounted on the rear of her personal Re-educator, she remorsefully removed her hand from the inside of her ass and wiped off the excess lubricant. Positioning herself over the proud anal punisher, she lowered herself down until the tip pressed against, and then quickly through, her well-trained sphincter. With practiced ease, she fed the entire length of the thickly-veined, monster girl pounder up her spacious anal cavity before her wet and horny pussy came to rest on the machine’s small seat. Sliding her feet underneath her and into the waiting stirrups at the machine’s rear, she heard the familiar clicks as the plastic rings locked onto her small ankles. She pulled the waist strap across her corset reduced midsection and tightened it firmly. Until the Re-educator released the locking mechanisms, Victoria wasn’t going anywhere.

She had just finished programming the devious computerized machine to run at 90% maximum power for twenty-five minutes at 75% dilation width, while steadily increasing to 80% as the time span ran down, and pressed the Execute button when the phone on her desk went off. God damn it! God damn it! God damn it! She cursed to herself as she felt the massive mechanical anal wrecker withdraw from her impatient back hole. She yelled, “Accept!” and, “What?” into her empty office, knowing that Mary would be on the other end of the line. The edge was quickly taken off of Victoria’s anger as the motorized rectal plow beneath her quickly reversed its direction and buried itself deep into her guts, eliciting a soft, “Oh God, yes!” from between the restrained woman’s lips. The connection just as quickly established itself and Mary informed the Head Mistress that the home-ec class was on fire due to a failed attempt at lobster bisque, and that the fire department was en route.

What the fuck!? Victoria exclaimed to herself vehemently as she felt the Re-educator’s huge tool make another half a dozen laps though her intestines. She was tempted to just say fuck it and let the class’s regular mistress deal with the situation; which would allow her own needy bottom to receive the relaxing treatment it so desperately wanted. Another dozen laps of dildo fucking went by and the Re-educator was noticeably starting to pick up its pace. As much as she wanted to, Victoria couldn’t pawn a situation like this off on her employee; who was probably freaking out as it was.

“Fine!” she stammered out in a low moan. “Send the override codes to my Re-educator; I’m running it through a test cycle and probably shouldn’t leave it running.” Victoria managed to get out with a barely noticeable stutter that was in perfect rhythm with each time the deliciously large dildo bottomed out inside her ass.

Mary giggled knowingly, acknowledged the order, and cut the line.

What should have taken Mary three seconds to do, took closer to forty-five seconds before the humming machine on which Victoria helplessly perched beeped its interrupt chime, wound down, and became motionless. By this time she had already hauled out one of her succulent breasts and was munching on the very erect nipple as her first orgasm was about to crash over her – and then didn’t as the belts and clasps of the machine released and the massive intruder receded from her spasming hole. Oh, what the fuck! Victoria screamed to herself! Not again; that’s three times in one day! God damn it all to hell!

Before she had even had a chance to catch her breath, Victoria had collected her frazzled wits, smoothed out her crinkled skirt, inserted a slightly larger six and one eighth inch plug in her slightly more stretched out anus, and ran out the door to try and beat the fire department.

With her mind back in her bedroom again, Victoria took another look at the huge self-help rectal relaxer held in her hands and shook her head again. Placing it back on the bed she reached for the next size up. This six and a half inch model was the second biggest she had lain out; not her biggest, but getting closer. She bit her lip and contemplated on whether or not her day had been rough enough to warrant such a huge toy so early in the evening. Her hesitation was only momentary as she whole heartedly agreed that it had been!

She repositioned herself slightly and brought the huge faux-dick around to its waiting and pre-lubed destination. Victoria gasped out loud as she began working the incredibly thick toy into her orgasm-deprived back door. It wouldn’t have been quite so needy if she’d had a chance to return to her office closet to complete her Re-educator’s ‘self test’, but the remainder of the day was consumed with discussions with the fire department, police and insurance company and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

Of course, Mary had had a much more vigorous afternoon. Her little stunt with waiting over forty five seconds before turning off Victoria’s personal Re-educator had taken the Head Mistress to the limit of her sanity and patience, and so the buxom redheaded secretary had found herself mounted on that very same machine set at overdrive and 95% dilation capacity. She’d been a moaning and sputtering heap of flesh when Victoria finally turned the machine off when it was time to go home. It had taken Victoria quite a while to manhandle Mary into her wheelchair – and onto its waiting plug – but Mary herself wasn’t going to be of any help for a long time.

And so Victoria finally came back to the present again. Her day was ruined, but it was getting better with each gloriously wide inch after gloriously wide inch that worked its way up her rectal tract. She cried out softly as more and more of the dildo sunk home, twenty two inches of thick latex finally bottoming out impressively deep into the massively-titted off duty Head Mistress; she knew it had bottomed out properly when she felt it bump into the base of her lungs.

Rolling onto her stomach, Victoria reached back with her other hand to grab the long handle of the well-constructed tool. With both hands, she began fucking the painfully wide butt stretcher in and out of her yearning ass and was soon greeted with the beginnings of a long denied orgasm. As horny as she was, the orgasm took less than a minute to hit her full force and she buckled in the throes of anal bliss, dropping the handle as she rolled on with the waves of her pleasure.

All too soon the pleasure receded and the yearning of her horny ass was not the least bit sated. Well, this won’t work at all, Victoria grumbled to herself as she reached back again to get her butt buster back in motion. I’m too horny to even pleasure myself properly, she complained.

Then a thought crossed her mind. Leaving the half-inserted butt-wrecker sticking out of her bottom, Victoria reached over to her nightstand for her phone. Navigating through the avatars of her friends, family and coworkers – most of which were images of the person in one compromising position or another – she found the avatar for her twin sister, Antoinette. This particular image was a point-of-view video still that Victoria had taken with her phone of her sibling a few weekends ago during Family Time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Her sister was naked and lying back with her knees behind her shoulders and her hands spreading her toned butt cheeks wide apart while her Victoria’s extra-large ebony strap-on was in mind-stroke up Antoinette’s over-stretched and puffy red anus. The beautiful mirror image of herself was beaming sweetly at the camera while her sister ravaged her tender rectum. Victoria loved pictures of her charming sister in such poses and had thousands of them on her phone; almost as many as she had of Mary in similar positions.

“Are you almost home, Ma Chérie?” she asked the phone, which immediately translated her words to text and sent them off into the ether.

Fifteen seconds later, Antoinette’s response came back, “About five minutes out, Ma Chatte. I’m stuck in traffic. Why?”

“Your sister needs your help in relaxing after a really bad day.”

“Oh? Well, I’ll be home soon. I can be at your place a few minutes after that,” responded Antoinette. She actually lived next door to Victoria and Mary and shared a back yard with a few other townhouses.

“Can’t wait!” Victoria said enthusiastically. And she really couldn’t wait, she repeated sourly to herself as she set the phone down. What was she going to do in the interim while she waited for Antoinette to get home? Damn it! This just wasn’t her day!

Then the heavy mass of the latex invader still mostly up her horny rectum reminded her of one thing she could do to kill a few more minutes. Victoria giggled to herself as she readjusted her position on the bed and reached around with both hands. Well, if no one else wants to help me take my edge off, I guess that only leaves me, she concluded.

Finding the handle right where she’s left it, the strict head mistress reacquired her firm grip and the large Victoria-powered butt stretcher came alive with enjoyable motion. It’s not all that bad, she consoled to herself as, once again, the anal dildo bottomed out in her widely stretched rear passage and soon found a steady rhythm.

Just as before, she felt her orgasm coming at her all too soon. “Nope! This just won’t work at all!” Victoria gasped out loud as her hands kept the pleasantly diabolical anal piston sliding through her over stretched anus at a fast pace. Before she was ready, her second orgasm of the evening hit; causing her to once more convulse in orgasmic bliss and lose hold of the handle.

A few minutes later a slightly more tired, but possibly even more horny Victoria, had recovered enough of her mental wherewithal to again reach back for the handle. The huge dildo was soon on lap three.

Damn! That woman needs to learn to drive faster, Victoria thought to herself as she picked up the pace.


A few minutes later, Antoinette finished parking her imported Chevrolet Camaro SS inside her garage and killed the engine. She relished the fading sensations of the large, studded phallus lodged deep in her rectum as its vibrations died with the engine. Unlike a normal driving cone, which only penetrated the anal sphincter, her driving dildo was full length and penetrated her just as deep as any of her many toys at home. It was mounted directly onto the frame of her sports car and she could feel every vibration of the supercharged engine and every bump in the road. However, unlike a driving cone, driving dildos were wholly illegal in the UK.

Cones provided enough stimulation to keep the female driver’s libido up, but not enough to put her over the edge. Full dildos could easily induce an orgasm at the wrong time; which was understandably dangerous. In fact, driving while orgasming carried the same penalty as driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of narcotics. Just last year, Antoinette had crashed her beloved Mustang Cobra into a parked car after driving over a patch of rough pavement too fast. The year before that, she’d been pulled over on the highway after erratic driving brought about by the high RPMs at 90 MPH. She was one more infraction away from losing her license and having to attend mandatory AA meetings; Analholics Anonymous, not the more mundane Alcoholics Anonymous.

Despite the looming threat of losing her driving privileges and attending boring AA meetings, Antoinette couldn’t help herself. Fighting an orgasm all the way home was too good to give up simply because it was against the law. Although, if she ever did lose her license, then Charles – her husband – would just have to drive her everywhere; and her driving dildo mounted in the passenger’s seat of his Land Rover was slightly bigger, guaranteeing delicious orgasms on even the shortest road trips. Thankfully, there was no law against orgasming while riding in a car.

Regretfully, Antoinette opened her door and exited the vehicle slowly, allowing the thick toy to worm its way out of her dilated back hole. With a soft popping sound, its head slipped free and the twenty two inch length of the six inch wide toy swung back into the car to stand proudly from the center of her seat. With a sigh of longing, she closed the door and headed into the townhouse; Victoria needed her assistance after all.

Antoinette’s twin sister seldom asked for such blatant help in stating her carnal needs. After all, Victoria had always been the dominant one by far. Ever since they’d become of age and had started their anal training under the tutelage of their strict mother back in France, Antoinette had found herself on the receiving end much more often than Victoria. Even when Antoinette did get a chance to punish her sister’s back hole, it was usually on Victoria’s terms, not Antoinette’s. The only reason that their mother never intervened was because Victoria was just as happy with pushing her own anal limits as she was of her more submissive sister. Of course, that never kept the both of them safe from the very frequent punishment sessions from their mother and father. In fact, their father had delighted in punishing Victoria all the more because she was so hot headed and domineering. He always told them that Victoria reminded him of their mother before he had finally had her fully trained. So Antoinette relished any chance she could get to turn the tables on Victoria, and it sounded like tonight would be one of those nights.

Closing the inside garage door and heading to the patio door on her way to Victoria’s house, she crossed into the home’s great room. She’d known Charles was home since his Land Rover had been parked in the garage. She found him sitting in his favorite chair watching the evening news; their young maid, Collette, was sitting astride him, reverse cowgirl and moaning slightly. The petite twenty four year old brunette wore a similar traditional French maid’s outfit to Victoria’s maid, Alicia. The two maids had very similar body types, except that Collette’s breasts were a slightly smaller 32C.

The skinny maid was a stark contrast to Antoinette’s more voluptuous physique and her mouth watering 36HH breasts. While most of Collette’s tits and rock hard nipples were on full display – as her quarter cup bra stopped half an inch short of protecting them – Antoinette’s amazing rack was pushed up high on her chest by the full cups of her reinforced brassiere. She’d decided to go plug-less today and had opted not to wear one of her normal midriff crushing corsets that both she and her sister favored. Instead, she wore one of her favorite pairs of gaper panties with built in catheter. Covering her body was an expensive crimson single sleeve dress that ran down to her stocking encased upper thighs. The exquisite material of the dress clung to her every curve like a second skin. The hemline was just long enough to hide her ever-wet pussy lips and gaping asshole from view while she walked, but short enough that everything went on full display as soon as she bent over. Her job as a saleswoman in an upper-class department store’s clothing department gave her ample opportunities to do just that. Nothing sealed the deal better than a quick flash of pink lower intestine past a gaping sphincter after all. Some of the more bored housewives tipped quite well just for the show!

Collette’s moan of pleasure brought Antoinette back to the present.

“Good evening, Mon Trésor,” she said to her husband as she crossed the room to assess the situation more thoroughly.

“Evening, Love. How was your day?” Charles responded; not taking his eyes from the television. Collette’s eyes focused on her mistress as she crossed the room from the faraway place where they’d been staring.

“Great! Business was good,” she answered as she approached the chair. As expected Charles’s dick was sunk, balls deep, into the younger woman’s drenched pussy as she rode him backwards; Antoinette couldn’t help but lick her lips in remembrance of that wet slit’s taste. Charles’s hand was buried up the maid’s pert backside. She could clearly see the wrist muscles working as he jacked himself off through the thin membrane that separated Colette’s cunt from her ass. By the looks of things, he was getting pretty close to cumming deep inside the pretty young brunette’s front fuck port.

“Same here,” he said, taking his eyes off the television to run them up and down his sexy wife greedily. “Ben’s Beijing proposal was approved and we moved the merger into its next phase,” he added as he motioned his wife to step closer.

“That’s great! You two have been working hard on it all month,” Antoinette exclaimed truthfully as she felt her husband’s arm wrap around her thigh and pull her closer for a quick hug. Just as she expected, the quick hug was just an excuse to bring her wide open nether hole into reach. In no time at all, she felt his hand and arms slide effortlessly into the cavernous opening. Despite the lack of stretching only one of Charles arms could provide her forcefully gaped asshole, she loved the sensations of his arm hairs ticking her insides. Antoinette moaned out load as she felt his elbow touch her tautly stretched sphincter and his hand begin to rotate deep inside her body.

“Care to switch places with our maid for the money shot?” Charles asked innocently. Collette whined in disappointment at the suggestion.

Despite the desire to go help relax Victoria, Antoinette was tempted to take her husband up on his offer; but only momentarily.

“Perhaps later; when you’ve fully recovered,” she said as she slowly and regretfully began backing away from Charles’s questing arm. “Victoria needs me to help her relax next door,” she added with a smirk. Charles knew all too well the sisterly rivalry between the two of them.

“Ah… I see. Well then, don’t hurry back,” he replied with a knowing smirk of his own. “And don’t be gentle on the old girl. She’s never been gentle on you.”

“Don’t I know it,” she said as the hand came fully out of her bottom.

“Not that I’m complaining, mind you,” he added. “I love what she’s done with that asshole of yours! It’s one of your best features!” he said laughing.

“I’m rather fond of it, myself,” Antoinette added, smiling at her husband’s mirth. She was glad all the loved ones in her life got along so well.

“Just don’t wear yourself out on Collette before I get back. This butt that you’re so fond of will probably be ready for some pretty rough playtime by the time I’m done with Victoria,” she said as she cocked her hips as him and spanked her own ass cheek.

“I think I can find something in your punishment collection that will get you crying for your mother.”

“Nonsense! I would never cry for my mother! Hell, you’ve met the woman. She’d just gag me for carrying on like a baby and grab a bigger toy just for annoying her.”

“I always did love that woman!”

“You would… sadist!”

“Masochist!” he retorted immediately.

“Guilty,” she said deadpan, and they both laughed.

“Anyway, I’ll see you when I get back. Love you.”

He brought out the masochist in me. He made me what I am today: helpless, frustrated, fingers vengefully invading tight cunt as I lie tangled in sweaty sheets. Stymied and angry I give up, ferociously thumping the mattress as I turn over and scream into my pillow. This isn’t fair. He’s done this to me. Before him I could get myself off in minutes. Now I just have one more thing to add to the long list of things he’s done to fuck up my life.

He brought out the masochist in me. He showed me a new world. From the moment we met I knew he’d change my life. I just wish I’d known how. A darkened club in the heart of the city. Smoky, sweaty, sticky floors and cheaply upholstered seating. Two smooth, cool fingers circling my wrist, hot breath tickling my ear and sending shivers down my spine. A whisper, ‘I know you.’ Oh and how he would take advantage of that.

Since he’s left these flashes of memory descend on me several times a day. Not images, not frozen scenes like film stills projected flickering on the screen of my mind’s eye but something more visceral. A shroud of memory that envelops me, drags me in. I feel myself there but not there. The colours are muted, there are no sounds but it feels so real. Perhaps as real as it ever was. And my stomach lurches, my cunt floods and I scurry home hoping this time, maybe, I’ll come. But it’s been three months and each time finds me where I am now; defeated and disheartened, hate and thwarted love burning agonisingly in my chest.

It’s a stifling Monday in Bangkok. Rainy season is just around the corner and the soupy air pervades everywhere, oppressive and irritating, not least on the un-air-conditioned bus I find myself travelling home on. Uncomfortable though I am, any moment of inertia is enough to give my imagination a chance to sneak up on me and so once again I find myself trapped in a shroud of memory. Of roaming hands stroking willing flesh, of being spread over the kitchen table, ankles and wrists bound while his tongue teased me into confessing that I loved him. Being gagged with my own underwear and spanked into submission. The sound of the cane tearing through the air, the sting, the spreading pain. I can feel it, feel the angry red welts rising on thoroughly punished ass cheeks. I wriggle in the vinyl seat, thighs sticking and tearing off, my cunt getting wetter and wetter. This traffic jam is hell. I need to get home! This time, maybe…

I close my eyes and lean back into the feeling of him roughly thrusting his cock into me, his words, made staccato by lust, ‘you filthy slut…you cock-hungry bitch…take it, take it!’ My labia swells as the memory overcomes me. I can feel his skin as it slaps against me, I can smell his need, his want and mine as well which I realise, embarrassed, other people on the bus might be able to smell as well. But with wondrous serendipity and the characteristic incongruity of the Bangkok traffic (I have, no kidding, been stuck in a traffic jam at four in the morning. And sailed home in rush hour in under ten minutes) the cars break and we speed down Sukhumvit to On Nut. I almost trip over myself to get off the bus and race to get on a motorcycle taxi. My cunt hums along with the engine and I think to myself, this time, maybe…

I fumble the key in the lock, legs crossed and knickers soaked through. The door slams behind me and I strip and stumble my way to the bed. Attempting to exercise some restraint I take a deep breath and begin the ritual. I run my hands over my body, caressing my thighs. I try to submerge myself into my pleasure, hoping that each stroke will erase another piece of the outside world until I’m alone with my need. Hands slide up over pubic mound, between swollen cunt lips. Index finger teases engorged clit, slowly circling, gently tapping, while the other finger sneaks down and pushes itself gently inside me. I arch my back and impale myself on my own digit, a gasp escaping from me at the unequalable pleasure of a solid object sliding deliciously into a hot, sticky mess. One hand working my clit I start to fuck the other, legs wide, hair tangling and matting on the pillow. But something’s happening. A familiar numbness. I try to ignore it, to stop it taking over but it’s beginning to spread over me. Frustrated and desperate to finish I open my eyes and that’s when I see her. In the opposite flat, a woman standing at the sink of her kitchenette, watching me. The shock of it switches everything off — the frustration, the desire — and, embarrassed, I hasten to the bathroom for a long, shameful shower.

Tuesday sees me once again trapped on an airless bus crawling through the loud, obnoxious mid-afternoon traffic. I’m still in shock from my experience of the day before. Though I’m sure she didn’t realise I’d seen her (when I got out of the shower she was still calmly washing up where I left her), every time I close my eyes I see her impassive face, observing, recording her findings. An ethologist cataloguing behaviour. But even as the embarrassment trickles slowly down my spine, the thought of being watched, of someone wanting to see me in my debauched state, is undeniably intoxicating. I think of her trapped behind her sink, arousal spreading through her and so it spreads through me. Once again, I’m on a bus and dizzy with desire.

This time when I get home I walk calmly into my flat. I remove my clothes carefully and deliberately, sneaking just the slightest glance at the building opposite and there she is! Has she been waiting for me? The narcissist in me is thrilled. I lay myself down on the bed and again my hands begin their familiar journey. Over undulating curves and soft, yielding flesh, I will them to will away the rest of the world until it is just she and I and our mutual desire. My searching hands find their way home, teasing clit, circling hole and plundering the juices therein. My treacherous imagination throws up an image. Me, on me knees, outside the front door of his apartment. His fingers are tangled in my hair and he’s brutally fucking my throat as I gag around his hard shaft and he tells me to take it, slut, take it and I did and I loved it but now I worry that this memory will ruin everything and the numbness will descend.

And just as a worm of panic begins to wriggle in my gut the image changes and instead of him I’m on my knees in front of her. The woman watching me. I’m faced with a neatly trimmed thatch of black pubic hair and the scent of female longing. Delicately, hesitantly, I part the plump labia before me and my tongue goes searching for her clit. I’ve never gone down on a woman in my life. I have no idea where these images are coming from but they seem so real, more real than my images of him. I can taste her, hear her tiny cry as I make contact with the nerve centre of her pleasure. I lick and feather and flutter over it. In my imagination she is wriggling beneath my tongue, squirming in pure felicity. Her fingers are in my hair but not rough and controlling. She gently pulls me in to her until her sex surrounds me. I slide a finger deep inside her, as I slide a finger deep inside myself, and she rides me and I feel it mounting, something I haven’t felt in months. That swell, that surge. It radiates through my body, a supernatural glow infusing my being. I’m fucking my fingers now, harder and still harder and here it comes. Here I come. Screaming and convulsing and then collapsing, finally sated, on the sheets.

I take deep breaths as I come down. My head is spinning, my breath ragged and a huge smile on my face. I swing my legs over the side of the bed and rise and walk towards the window. She’s there and as I reach to close the curtains I look her dead in the eye. I hope she knows what she’s done for me.

Missy couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive. She had just turned 18 and was so excited because this would be the first weekend in her entire life that she would be left alone in the house!

Missy’s parents had always been very protective of Missy and she was never left alone! Never Ever! This would be a first! For as long as she could remember, there had always been Mommy and Daddy to look out for and to take care of her. She was their little princess and her life had been so sheltered that she was only allowed to watch TV shows that were rated for children. There was never a time when she was left alone. In fact she had been home schooled and had almost no contact with other children. To others this might seem out of the ordinary, but it was all she knew and of course had no bad feelings about her life.

Missy didn’t realize it but she was a very beautiful young lady. She had long dark hair that cascaded down over her shoulders and most of the way down her back. It was very wavy and thick. She was about 5 foot and 7 inches and a mere 110 pounds. Those pounds were very well put together also. Her measurements were almost perfect at 36 – 27 – 36. She had always worn very plain blouses and skirts that came to below her knees. Only her mother knew that she had a bra size of “C”. Even Missy did not know because her mother ripped out any tags from her clothing before Missy ever saw them. To those that did see her, she couldn’t have been any plainer had she tried. Mother had seen to that and mother was pleased.

The big day was coming too slowly for Missy. She felt excited and nervous at the same time as the day came closer and closer. Finally it was Friday and Mommy and Daddy were finally getting ready to leave. Mother pulled her aside, away from Daddy and in a low voice told Missy that she was to let no one into the house. She told her that there was only one person that was allowed in and that was the woman from next store. Missy knew her as a quiet lady who lived alone and had only met her a couple times. Mother said that she would come by each evening just to check on Missy and make sure all was OK for the night. Missy didn’t care about that, she just wanted the weekend to start! Daddy gave her a big hug, squeezing her tight against him and told her to have fun while they were gone.

She watched them back out of the driveway and turn down the street. Finally they were gone and she was alone! She couldn’t believe they would actually go through with it but she sure was glad they did! Now she would find out what it felt like to be almost an adult and living on your own.

It was almost dinnertime and it was time to cook her first meal. Actually all she had to make was the spaghetti noodles. The sauce was already on the stove simmering. She got the pot out and after filling it with water, placed it on the stove to get hot. She had helped mom before and knew how to do this. Soon the spaghetti was ready and she drained it over the sink and placed on the hot pad on the table. The sauce followed on it’s own pad and along with the garlic bread, her meal was ready! It was delicious, especially since she had made most of it and it was her favorite.

Just as she was finishing, a knock came on the door. It was her neighbor. Missy opened the door and asked her to come in. She stepped right in and closed the door behind her. She said her name was Maria and that she was of course the neighbor. Missy told her that she was fine and had just finished eating. Maria said, “let me guess”; spaghetti. Missy looked amazed until Maria told her she had spilled a little on her blouse and skirt. This embarrassed Missy a little and she blushed. Maria told her not to worry; she knew what to do. They had to be put in cold water right away to rinse it out before it stained and she asked Missy to take it off right away so she could show her. Missy was a little nervous but since this was something her mother had done numerous times, she took both her skirt and blouse off right there in the living room!

Maria just stared a moment and took the clothing to the bathroom down the hall. Rinsing out the stains she saw that Missy had followed her and was watching what she was doing. Maria kept rinsing while she was looking in the mirror at Missy. She saw a very young, to her, lady in what could only be described as “granny pants and bra”! It was no wonder she never saw any boys come calling. Maria put the clothes in the sink and filled it with cold water to let them soak before washing them. She turned to Missy and told her she should go get dressed. Missy was so used to following directions that she just turned around and went to her bedroom to do as she was told. Maria following, watched as she put on another skirt and blouse that was almost exactly the same as the one she had just taken off. She could see that the clothes just hid poor Missy’s charms and Maria could almost feel the repression in the house! Maybe she could help Missy come out a little this weekend. After all she was only a few years older than Missy and should be able to relate to her.

Once she was dressed they went back to the kitchen and Maria offered to help clean up. Missy found that she liked having Maria around and she was only 6 years older than Missy! They talked about many things as they finished the dishes. The work done, they moved to the living room where they sat and chatted. Eventually the subject of clothing came up. Of course Maria was the one to bring up the subject. She asked Missy if she ever dressed in anything besides blouses and skirts. Missy said yes she did; she had some dresses too. Maria said no, I meant; shorts or pants and tee shirts! Missy told her she didn’t have any of that because her mother said it made her look wicked! Maria said that couldn’t be true, some of them were very flattering to a woman and that she was sure that Missy would look great in a nice pair of shorts and a nice tee! Missy blushed again at this and Maria made up her mind to help this beautiful girl come out of the shell her mother had forced her into! She told Missy to be ready to go shopping at 10:00 AM the next morning. When Missy tried to say she didn’t have any money for that, Maria told her not to worry, it is covered.

They talked a while longer and Maria finally left for home. Missy stayed up and watched a little TV, stations she wanted to, not her mother, but soon got tired and went to bed. Tomorrow was Saturday and she was going shopping! This would be a new experience since her mother always just came home with clothes for her to wear. She couldn’t wait!

Chapter 2

Missy woke to the alarm going off at 7 AM. The night had been uneventful and Missy was rested and ready to go. She headed for the bathroom and started the shower running as she took her morning pee. By the time she was done the water was warm and she took all her clothes off and got in the shower. The water felt really good as it hit her virgin breasts. She always liked this part of the morning shower but never thought it could be any better than that and usually got right out after showering. This morning though there was no rush to finish and she stood there enjoying the feelings. Her deep brown nipples got harder and she felt a pressure building there. It was a good feeling and she let her hands come up to hold her breasts. Her fingers naturally moved to roll her by now hard nipples, making them even harder! She could feel the heat spread out and when she felt the heat spread to her vagina, her hands dropped to her sides. She had never felt that feeling before and had no idea what to do now! It felt good but she “knew” it was naughty. Her mom and told her over and over again to never touch there; it was nasty. Missy couldn’t help just a little touch and as her fingers slid down over her belly there was a rush of feelings when she brushed over her mound. “This isn’t right” she thought and quickly finished washing and got out of the shower, trying to forget how good it had felt when she touched herself!

She got dressed in her normal white blouse and dark skirt and went out to get her breakfast. Maria was coming at ten and she wanted breakfast over and dishes cleaned up by then. She checked the time and found it was already almost 8:30! She had been in the shower almost an hour! Missy couldn’t believe that she had “lost” that much time. What had she been doing in there! Breakfast was done in time and she was putting away the last dish just as Maria knocked at the door.

Maria was very excited this morning and her excitement soon rubbed off on Missy as they made their way to the mall. It didn’t open until 10:00 AM so they stopped at a donut shop for some coffee. Missy didn’t drink coffee but she did get a small cup of hot chocolate. The mall was only as short drive away and they set off again so they would be there when the stores opened. Missy was finishing her chocolate as Maria parked the car when all of a sudden there was a lurch as the front wheels hit the curb and Missy spilled the last drop down over her chin and onto her white blouse! Just what she needed, now she would be in the mall with all these people staring at her and her blouse. She didn’t like to be the center of attention at any time and wanted to just leave. Maria was having none of that and said they would get a blouse or shirt first and then she wouldn’t be stared at.

She finally convinced Missy and off they went. Maria in the lead and Missy barely keeping up, they went to the first store. It was kind of trendy and Missy felt a little uncomfortable. All the clothes were stylish and she thought they were just too much for her. Maria said that was nonsense and that she should try some of them on and then make up her mind about what she liked, or didn’t. Maria grabbed two off the first rack she came to and sent Missy off to the dressing room to try them on while she went looking for more.

Several minutes went by and no Missy, so Maria went to the dressing room area and started calling out Missy’s name. She finally heard the soft, “I’m over here” and found Missy just sitting on the seat in the little room. When Maria asked her what was wrong; all she got was, they are too tight and my bra shows! She could tell Missy was embarrassed and was going to need someone to tell her what to do. She gently took Missy by the shoulders and had her stand up. She then told Missy to take off her blouse and she would show her how good she would look in the new blouse. Missy finally took it off and revealed the plain white bra she was wearing. Maria thought it looked like something her mother would wear and told Missy to take it off too. Now Missy really didn’t want to do this in front of Maria but Maria insisted and finally just turned her around and unhooked it herself. Missy instantly put her hands up to cover herself but Maria was having none of that! She took Missy’s hands down and reached for one of the blouses she had brought in. It was one of those “tube top” things with really thin straps and was really stretchy with that crinkly styled material. As she pulled it down over Missy’s head, she couldn’t believe how good Missy’s tits looked to her. They stood out firmly on her chest with those dark brown Italian nipples pointing right at her! They were so suckable looking it was all she could do to not just bend over and lick them all over. She stopped herself, knowing that Missy was not ready for that and she would have to go slow and work up to that! But, they were sure tempting and she knew that some how she was going to have them!

The blouse fit very nicely over Missy’s tits and came down almost to her belly button. Maria knew she looked hot and when Missy saw how she looked in the mirror she blushed and told Maria that there was no way her mother would let her wear something like that and Maria told her that her mother didn’t have to know. Why tell her, Maria wasn’t going to. Missy looked back at the mirror and Maria could see a hint of a smile now. The blouse did look great. Maria stood behind Missy and pointed out how the design of the blouse let it be worn without a bra. It was shaped to cup her breasts and hold them up even if they wouldn’t really stay that high by themselves. She asked Missy if it felt right and could she feel the support. When Missy hesitated to answer, Maria took a chance and placed her hands under Missy’s tits and gave a little lift saying that she should feel it here. Missy blushed and nodded her head yes she could feel it. Maria could see Missy’s nipples making little tents under the blouse and wanted to see just how big they would get so she just grabbed the bottom of the blouse, lifted it up and squeezed both Missy’s nipples with her fingers! Missy almost freaked out and tried to pull back but now Maria was having none of that. She just held on and since Missy couldn’t go far she just kept rolling them between her thumbs and fingers until they stood out almost half an inch! Letting go, she pulled the blouse back down and turned Missy to show her how sexy she looked in the mirror. Missy couldn’t believe the feeling going on in her nipples after that rough treatment but she liked them and the blouse did look sexy with her nipples trying to push through the material.

Maria told her to take that blouse off and try the other one on and she would be right back. Missy raised it up over her head and just as she got it off Maria opened the door wide and left saying she would be right back. Missy just stared at the store clerk as she stared back at Missy’s bare tits. Missy finally got control of her surprise and closed the door, but not before she saw the clerk smiling at her! She was just picking up the next blouse when the door opened again! Missy let out a little squeak as she tried to cover her self but it was Maria back with a skirt. She told Missy to hustle it up and put on the blouse because she had found a skirt and wanted to see her in it too.

Missy looked at the blouse and seeing that it was a very light white material, she was going to put her bra back on. Maria stopped that right away saying that there was no way her big ole granny bra would go with that blouse. They would find one later. Missy’s nipples were still hard and when she looked in the mirror she found that she could actually see them through the thin material! They only got harder as she looked too. Maria distracted her and told her to take off the skirt so she could try on the new one with the blouse. Missy hesitated but Maria reached to do it herself and Missy took it loose herself and let it drop to the floor. Now she stood in front of Maria in an almost see-through blouse and her granny panties. Maria handed her the skirt and Missy stepped into it and pulled it up over her hips. Immediately, Maria could see that the granny pants would not do and told Missy to stop. Knowing Missy would object if she told her what to do, so she just reached up under Missy’s skirt and pulled them down! Missy shrieked out to stop and pushed her skirt back down but not before Maria caught a nice view of Missy’s plump pussy. She saw the hair was fine and her outer lips were “pouting” like they yearned for attention. Attention Maria wanted to give but knew it was too soon.

Missy wanted Maria to leave the dressing room but didn’t know how to tell her. Maria’s closeness was making Missy warm all over and she just didn’t understand. Maria could see how Missy was feeling because her nipples were still trying to push through the blouse but wasn’t going to let up on Missy just yet. Missy finished zippering up the dress and smoothed it over her hips. Maria could not believe the difference these two little items had made in Missy’s appearance. She had before her one hell of a fine looking young lady! Compared to the before, the after was beautiful! She knew beauty was there just waiting for a chance to come out.

Maria told Missy to turn around and look into the mirror. Missy couldn’t believe the change either! She had to admit she liked the new clothes and how they showed off her body. She could see Maria smiling behind her and when Maria took her hands and smoothed them down over her ass, she barely moved. The warm hands felt good. Maria noticed the change right away and told Missy that with a skirt like this she should only wear a “thong” or nothing at all! The skirt was long enough to cover the most private areas but showed most of her wonderfully long legs too!

Maria knew that this was enough for the young girl for now and told her to get dressed to go. She was to put the other blouse back on and either her old skirt or the new but if she left the new skirt on, don’t even think about putting the panties back on. They would show all kinds of lines! Missy wasn’t ready for that and said so. Maria waited until Missy had stripped again and quickly opened the door to leave. Missy was stunned to stillness again and saw the clerk was just outside the door again! They stared at each other and Missy could almost feel the clerk’s eyes as she let them take in the naked young lady standing there. Finally Missy regained her senses and closed the door. She didn’t see the smiles exchanged between Maria and the clerk or even hear the clerk tell Maria to call her when she was ready to share this wonderful treat.

Missy finally came out of the dressing room and after paying for the clothing they left to find some proper underwear. Of course the best place for that was Victoria’s Secret. Maria knew that there was no way she was going to get Missy into another dressing room that soon so she just took Missy’s hand and led her to the panty area of the store. She just took several pairs that would fit Missy and amid Missy’s protests that she could never wear something like that she paid for them and they left the store.

Both of the girls could see the stares that they were getting now. Missy knew that anyone that looked could see her nipples pushing against her blouse and by the time they reached the car she was actually enjoying the sensation. She was quiet as Maria slowly drove them home.

Maria’s mind was racing ahead to what might happen when she finally got Missy alone at her house. She wanted to do so many things with this young thing, and it was only just now lunchtime! Plenty of time to put her plan into action.

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