fetish wear

Carolyn couldn’t sleep. Restless in her queen-sized bed, she glanced at the digital alarm clock. The numbers cast a faint green illumination in the still blackness. 2:37 a.m. Damn. She needed her sleep — and her energy. But it was proving difficult. Tomorrow was the day. Now only hours away. The exhilaration coursed through her body again and her nipples began to harden. She desperately wanted to touch herself, but had made a promise not to masturbate in the final days. Jesus, it was tough though. Still, having made it this far she wasn’t about to submit to temptation now.

She turned softly on her side, facing the pillow where her boyfriend’s head would normally be resting. But not tonight. He was currently in Boston, half-way through a week-long business trip. All part of the plan she wickedly thought to herself. And as thoughts drifted to far-away cities and past travels, sleep began slowly tapping on her door until it gently let itself in.

As the morning alarm clicked into action, the bedroom suddenly came alive to the sounds of Kings Of Leon’s ‘Sex On Fire’. It took Carolyn a few moments to register the gravity of the day before the realisation kicked in. Her heart skipped a few beats and that wonderful wave of excitement and nausea came crashing down over her. As the unrelenting Miami sunshine shot splinters of piercing light into the previously pitch black bedroom, Carolyn knew she was going to experience something that evening she’d fantasised about for years. Her deepest, darkest, kinkiest desires played out for real. Her breathing sharpened again. Focus. There was still another 12 hours to get through.

The morning and early afternoon consisted of simple chores to keep her mind occupied. A few groceries, a spot of cleaning here and there and a walk along the beach. It was another beautiful day and the ocean shimmered with possibility. Later in the afternoon she took her usual spot by the communal pool to top up her tan. It was quiet. Most of the residents were at work or shopping. She wasn’t going to complain. It minimised the opportunity for banal and wearisome conversations about the weather with her neighbours.

As late afternoon became early evening, Carolyn began her preparations in earnest. She took a long, hot shower in her ensuite bathroom. After showering, she dried herself and slipped into her black lace panties and matching plunge bra. She caught a glimpse of herself in their full length mirror adorning the far wall. Her slim figure, curved in the right places, was pleasing to her eye.

Carolyn cast her mind back to the moment seven months ago when she first laid eyes on Jon in the smoky haze of a downtown bar. Most of the patrons were your typical rich, vacuous and dull ‘beautiful’ people. But Jon stood out as someone different. His self-assurance, intelligence and charm were disarming, but he listened too. Actually listened instead of pretending to listen. Combined with his good looks, Jon was someone she felt attracted to and comfortable with. There was something else too. At the time she couldn’t put her finger on it, but in time she realised what it was. And it stirred her deep inside.

7 p.m. Carolyn took a final look in the full-length mirror. She had chosen a tight fitting pair of light blue jeans, a simple white blouse and knee high brown leather boots with a four inch heel. Her makeup had been applied meticulously, including mascara and blusher, and her brown-blonde hair was tied back into a small ponytail. Yes, she was very pleased with her ‘girl next door’ look for this evening. Very fuckable she thought mischievously.

They’d arranged to meet at 7:30 p.m. in the dimly lit cocktail bar of The Four Seasons Hotel. She spotted Jon immediately, giving him a small wave. Her heels clicked loudly on the hardwood surface as she made her way across the bar to the intimate booth where he sat. They smiled and double-kissed each other. Jon ordered Carolyn a glass of house red wine. They’d agreed to limit themselves to one drink, maybe two. No-one wanted to ruin such a well-planned evening by getting drunk. They made casual chit chat for around half an hour as a few more hotel guests planted themselves around the bar.

“What time did you say he’ll get here?” Carolyn enquired.

“He should be here anytime now,” replied Jon.

“In fact, that’s him now.” Jon stood up and waved the man over to their table. Carolyn glanced behind her to assess their new companion. Wow, Jon wasn’t lying she thought instantly. Broad shouldered, thick dark hair, well over six feet, tanned complexion and bottle green eyes. He was every bit as good-looking as Jon had promised.

“Reece, I’d like to introduce you to Carolyn,” beamed Jon.

“A pleasure Carolyn,” came the gentlemanly reply. They double-kissed each other and sat down, Reece ordering a Heineken.

The three of them exchanged another 15 minutes of small talk before Jon leaned closer to Carolyn and nodded towards Reece.

“So Carolyn, are you happy with both sets of goods?”

Carolyn blushed a little before finding her voice, “Yes, I do believe I am.”

“Very pleased to hear it, although there’s still time to change your mind. We’d understand if you wanted to back out.”

“No. This is what I want and I’m ready,” she said confidently.

“Excellent. We’d hate to see all our good work go to waste.” Jon exchanged smiles firstly with Reece and then Carolyn.

Jon’s self-assurance and confidence was now in full swing. He was a little taller and a little slimmer than Reece. His clean-shaven, handsome and high cheekbone face always caused female heads to turn. He was always dressed flawlessly too — very smart and polished, matching his personality. As Carolyn sipped and savoured the final drops of her glass of red wine, Jon slid a hotel card key across the table to her. He began talking, his voice authoritative and measured.

“It’s the penthouse suite on the 44th floor. Once you enter the room, you’ll find three envelopes on the bed, numbered 1 to 3. Go to them immediately, open them in order and read the instructions carefully. Do nothing else. As soon as you leave the table, our evening will begin.”

With that, Jon relaxed back into his seat, took another sip of his drink and looked directly ahead. Reece remained equally impassive and relaxed.

Carolyn picked up the card key and slipped it into her bag. She excused herself from the table, gave them both a little smile and took the elevator to the 44th floor. Her heart was beating fast as the reality of what she was doing kicked in. What was waiting upstairs? What was going to be in the envelopes? Would she be able to handle all those things they had spent months discussing and fantasising about? As all these overwhelming thoughts flooded her brain, the lift door chimed open on the 44th floor.

The door to the penthouse suite swung open as Carolyn swiped the card. She stepped inside to take in her surroundings. The first thing to hit her was the sensual aroma of vanilla caramel from the scented candles dotted around the enormous room. The overlapping velvet curtains were drawn over the floor-to-ceiling windows. Soft ambient lighting created an intimate and private setting, heightened by the candles.

Carolyn stepped into the centre of the room. It was modern, stylish and minimalist, with a huge bed as the centrepiece and little else in the way of furniture, aside from a vast built-in mirrored wardrobe opposite the bed and a brown leather armchair. The room was made to look even larger by the presence of three giant wall mirrors. The bed linen was sheer black silk, which contrasted with the thick red luxurious carpet. Oh yes, these boys have done their homework she thought giddily. The room practically screamed sexual depravity.

Carolyn’s eyes were soon drawn to the three white envelopes innocently propped on one of the black silk pillows on the bed. She walked over, sat on the side of the bed and picked them up. They were all sealed and numbered 1 to 3 as Jon had said. With a deep breath and quickening pulse, she tore open envelope 1 and pulled out the note. It read in simple black typed lettering:

- Go into the bathroom and undress completely.

- Leave all your clothes and possessions in the bathroom.

- Once you are undressed, re-enter the bedroom and open the wardrobe opposite the bed.

- Take out all the items in the wardrobe and place them on the bed. Put them on. Make sure you put on all the items.

- Do not open the second envelope until you are wearing all the items.

“Jesus! How fucking hot is that!” she said to an empty room. She had a burning desire to rip open the second and third envelopes there and then but felt compelled to follow Jon’s methodical instructions.

With the scent of vanilla caramel continuing to pervade the room, she entered the bathroom and followed the instructions. First she unbuttoned her blouse, placing it carefully on one of the green tiled shelves. Sitting on the toilet she then pulled off her boots and socks before slipping off her jeans. She’d been for a pedicure the day before and her pretty toes looked immaculate, coated in pink toenail polish. The bra was next, exposing her 30F breasts and hardening nipples. Finally she slid her black panties down, revealing her recently trimmed pussy. She eyed her knee high boots now lying discarded by the side of the bath. How she loved to fuck like a wildcat in nothing but those boots. She hoped she’d have some kinky footwear lurking in that wardrobe. Knowing Jon, she guessed she wouldn’t be disappointed.

The anticipation levels moved up another notch as she emerged naked from the bathroom and made her way over to the wardrobe. The thick, luxurious carpet felt great on her bare feet. She scrunched her toes, enjoying the sensation. But her mind was racing. She was physically shaking imagining what was waiting for her in the wardrobe. Knowing she had to wear whatever lay inside. She slid open the heavy wardrobe door.

“Oh my god!”

Carolyn’s eyes quickly scanned what limited ‘clothing’ there was. She found the following neatly arranged:

- A shiny black crotchless PVC outfit with built-in garter straps and a low cut neckline

- Black fishnet suspender stockings

- A pair of black stiletto open-toe ‘stripper’ heels, with a 1.75 inch platform and a 6 inch heel

- Three black leather collars – one large and two small. There was a small note underneath, which simply read: “Large — neck. Small — wrist”

That was it. No underwear. Why didn’t that surprise her! She carefully removed all the items and placed them neatly on the bed like she was packing for a summer holiday. She lifted up the PVC outfit and held it out in front of her. She loved the feel of the PVC but it looked ridiculously small. There was no way she was going to squeeze into it she thought. But she was wrong. As she grappled with it, the outfit stretched comfortably around her. The PVC felt fantastic against her cool, clear skin, hugging her desirable body. As she lifted the thick straps over her shoulders, Carolyn noticed the low cut neckline was completely cupless. With the neckline tucking in just underneath her breasts, her exposed bust was given an even bigger boost. She loved her tits and they now looked incredible in the PVC outfit.

Sitting on the edge of the bed she then peeled on the fishnet stockings and stepped into the slutty stripper shoes, fastening the ankle strap. She loved how slutty she looked in the heels, her toes poking through. After attaching the stockings to the garter straps, she stood up and faced herself in the wardrobe mirror. She’d never looked so slutty and filthy. Her exposed pussy as a result of the crotchless outfit simply added to her heightened sexual excitement. She’d never felt so exposed. It was exhilarating.

She saw the neck and wrist collars still lying neatly on the bed and picked them up. Both were easy to attach and comfortable. All three collars had small silver rings attached. She’d never worn such things before. It was all a new experience. Now that the initial shock of the outfit had passed, she took a longer, more sexually gratifying look in the mirror. Instinctively, Carolyn placed her hands on her hips, pouted and blew a horny kiss at the mirror. She giggled. The slut in her was starting to take over. Then she opened the second envelope:


1. You will address us as Sir or Master only

2. We will call you whatever we desire. You are only here to serve and pleasure us.

3. You will do exactly what we say. Failure to comply will result in punishment. Pleasing us will bring rewards.

4. Now open the final envelope

Carolyn was now feeling sexual arousal like never before. This went beyond foreplay. This was something else completely, an arousal of both the mind and the body, an attack on her limits and capabilities. This hidden, forbidden and illicit world was now being slowly unveiled to her. And she was ready to embrace it. Taking a deep breath, she opened the third and final envelope:

- You are now ready to serve us slave.

- You are dressed as we demanded.

- Go into the bathroom and retrieve your mobile phone. Bring it into the bedroom and text the following message to Master Jon’s phone: ‘Master, your fuck slave is ready. Please degrade and defile me.’

- Once you have sent the text message, get down on your hands and knees in the front of the bed and await our arrival.


She swallowed hard and re-read the simple, clear instructions. She’d only been alone in the room for twenty minutes but felt fully under the control of her two masters. She had subconsciously submitted to them. She felt giddy and everything at once felt surreal. Composing herself, she collected her phone and typed the explicit text message letter for letter. Lingering over the ‘send’ button she took a final glance at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. Her mind was focused and she calmly said to herself, yes, this is what I want. No, not want. Need. She hit ‘send’ and assumed her submissive position on the floor. Then she waited.

An eternity seemed to pass before Carolyn heard the door to the penthouse open. She remained in the instructed position — on her hands and knees dressed in her kinky outfit. She kept her head down as Reece and Jon walked in and quietly closed the door behind them. Jon walked over to Carolyn and hovered above her. She could see his smart, polished Italian shoes in front of her, her distorted face reflected in them.

“On your feet slut,” he commanded suddenly.

That shook her. She’d never been called a slut to her face by someone before. She felt small and embarrassed. Trying to compose herself, Carolyn tentatively picked herself up and stood facing Jon, almost at eye level in her six inch heels. As she looked deeply into his piercing blue eyes, she felt under his total control. He was now in charge. Of that there was no doubt. The detailed instructions, the carefully chosen clothes, the sexual eroticism of the room, the degrading text message and the immediate insult to her face. It had all been painstakingly constructed to lead her into this subconscious, submissive state. The state she’d fantasised about for years. The state Jon promised he could create for her in reality. Well, now she was experiencing what it felt like to be truly dominated. She was ready to give her body and mind to serve these men, these masters – whatever their wants and needs.

Still silently facing each other, Jon reached into his navy suit jacket pocket and removed a black and silver lead. It was similar in length to a dog lead — and would serve a similar purpose. He attached the lead to the collar around Carolyn’s neck and led her over to a large space at the far side of the room. Carolyn was forced to follow, the chain pulling at her neck. Standing in the spot Jon led her to, he lifted her hands above her head and looped a chain hanging from the ceiling through the two wrist collars so her hands were now immobilised. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t spotted the ceiling chain. Had it always been there? Just when she thought that was the big surprise, Jon slipped a soft black blindfold over her eyes.

“I like to keep my slaves in the dark in more ways than one. Our slut this evening is certainly in very fine shape. And look at what she’s wearing for us. No underwear either. What a nasty little whore. Are you ready to serve and please us slave?” Jon’s voice was dark, measured and controlling.

“ANSWER ME!” Jon barked as he grabbed one of Carolyn’s nipples and twisted it violently.

Carolyn yelped out in pain.

“Y…YES MASTER,” she spluttered.

“That’s better. Like it said in the envelope, you will be rewarded for good behaviour and punished if you don’t do as we say. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes sir,” replied Carolyn, quickly learning the master/slave relationship.

“Good. Your subservience has earned your first reward.”

Jon reached a different jacket pocket and pulled out two silver nipple clamps. He attached them to her erect nipples without any warning. The sharp, intense and unexpected pain shot through Carolyn’s body. She let out an involuntary cry but then quickly clenched her teeth and grimaced. The pain remained, but to her surprise she also felt pleasure. Somehow the exquisite pain was acting as a pleasure spur, alternating violently. With the nipple clamps firmly in place, Jon started to trace his finger lightly over her body. She began to whimper as his finger explored different parts of her body.

“Stay quiet!” he demanded.

His soft touch felt amazing in the darkness. He lingered over the PVC coating her body, enjoying the tight pressing of the material against her naked flesh. He moved his finger over her fishnet stockings and inched closer to her exposed pussy. He gently began rubbing her clit and Carolyn could no nothing except let out a muffled groan.

“I told you to stay quiet slave. A simple task you’ve failed miserably at. And for that, you will now be punished.”

Jon stepped back and went to one of the drawers by the side of the bed. He pulled out a black medium-size black butt plug and large bottle of anal lubricant. He coated the butt plug liberally and stood behind Carolyn.

“As punishment for failing to obey my simple request to stay silent, you will be forced to wear something for our amusement. Now lean forward.”

Carolyn had no idea what she would be forced to ‘wear’ but daren’t disobey her master for fear of further repercussions. With her arms still chained above her head, she placed her feet further back and arched forward. She bucked forward as the cold lubricant tickled her anus, quickly followed by the rubber butt plug. She bit her bottom lip and flexed her thigh muscles during the first painful few inches.

Jon carefully worked the 5-inch butt plug into Carolyn’s asshole until the final inch was sucked in, leaving the tapered end holding it in place. A pleasant, relaxing flush flowed through her body. She loved the sensation and felt so dirty. Carolyn squeezed her sphincter muscles around her new companion and again enjoyed the fuzzy feelings it gave her. On the few occasions she had worn a butt plug, she always found they intensified foreplay and sex.

“Well done slut. You’ve taken the whole butt plug. That’ll keep you nice and loose for when your two masters sodomise you later. That’s if you’ve been good of course.”

As Carolyn enjoyed the dual pleasure/pain of the nipple clamps and butt plug, Jon went back over to the bedside drawer and took out the next contraption — a black leather flogger. He examined it in the mirror. Yes, his slut would certainly enjoy this.

The handle and attached straps looked menacing as he gripped it firmly in his right hand, the thin leather straps limply dangling downwards. Blindfold still in place, Carolyn’s pleasure/pain sensations caused by the nipple clamps and butt plug took on another dimension as the first lashing from the flogger landed across her stomach. She flinched back in pain. The next lashing came hard against her tits. Again she flinched, pulling harshly on the chains above her head, hurting her wrists. She wanted to scream out. The lashings were intense and shocking, but like the nipple clamps, they also brought exquisite pleasure. And not knowing where or when they would strike built an incredible sense of anticipation.

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