Now, Cindy. I thought you would have learned by now, but I guess not. After just one encounter with the librarian at the Parish Library, most people would’ve walked the straight and narrow, and kept out of trouble.

But you’re not most people.

I think you went to the library that day for the thrill of getting caught. That’s what I think.

I know you, and I know what you did. You dressed in your skimpiest skirt and halter. I’m surprised you even dared to wear them in public. And you only put on flip flops because you knew they wouldn’t let you in barefoot.

And then it was the same thing as before, you naughty girl, although this time you didn’t beat around the bush. You got online and went straight to the porn. And you purposefully chose a desk near the librarian’s. And when the porn brought your pussy to a boil, you put your heels on the chair and let your knees fall open as you stroked yourself through your panties.

So it didn’t take long before she found you. You looked up to see her looking at you sternly. Her hair was in a ponytail that made her face look severe and tight.

“Some people simply will not learn,” she sighed in exasperation. Turning abruptly, she marched off to the workroom. When she was halfway there, she snapped her fingers once in the air and said, without looking around, “Come with me, young lady.” Her heels clicked on the floor as she walked purposefully to the workroom in her gray skirt and black turtle neck sweater.

You didn’t even bother to log out this time. I guess you wanted everyone to see what kind of lurid images would make your pussy get so wet. You got up, and followed her to the workroom. Through the doorway, you could see the janitor in the back of the room.

He was at least six feet tall, a muscular black man with a clean shaven head. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit with a white patch over the shirt pocket that had “Errick” written on it in red cursive. On his feet were old work boots and he smelled like aftershave. He kept an angry expression on his face.

You entered the room as she held the door for you, and, like last time, she shut it behind you and locked it. Admit it, it gave you a tingle between your legs.

“I told you last time that if your offense was repeated, there would be consequences,” she began. “Too bad you didn’t learn the first time. Errick, can you assist me?”

Errick didn’t say anything, but stepped forward to roughly take your clothes off. He grabbed your halter and peeled it up and over your head. Without unfastening your bra, he peeled it over your head the same way. Hooking his thumbs inside your skirt and panties, he pulled them down together and you stepped out of them. You stood there naked before the two of them.

After Errick disrobed you, the two of them took a moment to walk around you and examine you. Occasionally they would stroke your smooth skin, caress your ass, pinch your tits, and run the back of their hands over your hairless pussy. The librarian began taking off her clothes, scolding you as she pulled her sweater over her head, berating you as she unzipped her tight gray skirt. Eventually she was dressed in garter belt and black stockings. She undid the front clasp on her black bra, releasing her C cup breasts with their hard pink nipples. Then she slid her black lace panties over the straps of her garter belt.

“Get up here on this table,” she ordered. “Now, why don’t you show us what you were doing, Little Miss Eagerpussy?” You hesitated, but not because you didn’t want to do it. You just wanted to hear her say it, and she did.

“Now! Do it!” she growled.

You lazily slid your finger up and down your slit. She sat next to you on the table, and Errick stood in front of you, watching you stroke yourself.

“Errick,” she finally said. “Why don’t you get out of that jumpsuit?” Errick unzipped it and pushed it to the floor. Apparently, Errick didn’t believe in underwear, did he? Stepping out of his jumpsuit, he still wore his work boots. His cock hung down, long, thick and black. It looked like some dark, brooding animal, or like it was another person by itself. But it really kind of reminded you of an elephant trunk, didn’t it? Tell the truth.

Then the librarian motioned him forward and grabbed you by the neck and pushed your face toward his cock. “Suck it,” she hissed. “Suck it and play with your pussy while you suck it.”

Errick placed one of his big hands on top of your head as you took him into your mouth. You moved slowly on his cock, up and down, and he sighed with pleasure. The librarian put one leg up on the table as she sat beside you and fingered her cunt, her palm resting on her soft black hair.

Her eyelids were heavy with pleasure and she asked Errick in a low voice, “You’d really like to sink your dick in that pussy, wouldn’t you?” Errick could only nod. Turning to you she said, “Well, missy, lean back and take it. Do it!”

Pressing roughly on your chest with her fingertips, she pushed you back and then spread your legs. Errick’s cock was rock hard and glistened from your saliva, just like your smoothly shaven pussy was glistening. He took his cock in his hand and used the head to tease your clit. He touched his pre cum to it, and then moved back to make a clear strand pull away.

Finally he slipped inside you, his cock pushing your lips aside. He took long, slow strokes, making you feel the entire length of him, or at least as much of him your little pussy could hold. You were leaning back braced on your hands, but then you leaned forward to put your hands on his muscular black shoulders. All the time you were looking down to watch his rod disappear in and out of you. You were on the verge of coming when the librarian interrupted.

“That’s enough for you. Now give me some of that,” she ordered. Errick hesitated for a moment. I bet he must have been close to coming, too. He moved over, and she licked and sucked his massive cock, tasting your juice on him. After a few minutes, she withdrew him from her mouth leaving a long strand of saliva and precum trailing from his dick. He slipped it inside her, and started fucking her pussy. “Oh that’s good,” she exhaled. “Too bad he doesn’t have another cock for you.”

Errick looked like a sculpture made out of onyx as his muscular hips worked back and forth. A living, breathing work of art, like that nude we saw at the New Orleans Museum of Art. You remember that one? You should, because I remember you spent a lot of time looking at it.

You started playing with yourself, but she stopped you. “Did I say you could do that?” she scolded you. “Just sit on your hands and watch.” You dutifully sat on your hands, but tried to rub your pussy into the smooth tabletop. “Be still!” she barked.

She turned back to Errick. “Pull out for a second, honey,” she said sweetly. She got up and leaned over the table. “Now,” she said, putting one knee on the table. “Give her a taste, and then put it back in my pussy.” You reached your tongue forward to eagerly lick him, tasting the librarian’s wetness on his dick. He groaned as you took him in your mouth again. You went up and down, making slurping sounds.

“That’s enough,” she almost shouted, “My turn again.” She reached over and grabbed Errick’s cock roughly. It must have hurt a little, because he winced. “Fuck me, Errick. Fuck me with your beautiful cock. Do it. Now.” He obeyed, exhaling, “Ooooh” as it slid back inside her.

The librarian was rubbing her clit as his thick black dick stroked her pussy. Her ponytail had fallen over her shoulder and was hanging forward near her face. You were about to come unglued with lust.

“Fuck that pussy with your big black dick. Fuck it!” she insisted. With that, she leaned her head back, gritted her teeth, and closed her eyes tightly as she came.

Errick came just after her, grunting with his mouth agape as his cock pumped his seed deep inside her. They were both quiet for a moment, and then Errick pulled out and collapsed back into a chair. The librarian was quiet for a moment longer, and then rebounded.

“Lean back, Miss Busyfingers. I need my twat cleaned. Do it! Don’t make me wait!” she yelled as she pushed you back on the table. She squatted over your face, and Errick’s salty cum trickled out into your mouth. She started to rock back and forth on your face. You could feel her lips get engorged, the edges of them filling out into a ridge. You flicked her clit with your tongue, and then sucked it as it hardened.

“I’m going to cum again. Get ready. Get ready,” she whispered. Her hands were cupping her breasts, her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, pulling them out. When she came, she fell forward onto her hands, while her hips rocked quickly back and forth. When she dismounted you, your face was sopping wet.

Errick was hard again, and was stroking himself. The librarian stopped panting long enough to tell him, “Errick, you don’t have to do that yourself. Get her to help you.” She jerked you by your arm and said, “Get down on the floor and suck his cock. Now.”

You got down on the floor on your knees and took Errick into your mouth. You tried to sneak a finger to your pussy, but she saw you and smacked your bottom, saying, “Stop that. This is about his pleasure, not yours.”

You moved your mouth up and down Errick’s shiny black cock, using your hand to stroke it as you sucked it. Then you used your tongue to flick the underside of the hard, shiny tip. His cock twitched with each flick, and then drooled a salty trail down onto your tongue. Wanting to get all of it, you took him back into your mouth and started sucking him again. You had both hands circled around the base of his cock, your pinkies behind his balls, and you could feel the coarse, curly short hairs at the base of his dick. It felt kind of like one of those scrubbing pads, didn’t it?

The librarian stopped rubbing herself and placed a hand on Errick’s ass, working a finger down between his cheeks to tease his hole. Then she licked one of his nipples, pulling on them with her teeth. You could hear the sound of his breathing quicken, so you pulled him out of your mouth, but kept stroking him with your hand. He groaned as he shot onto your face. You were amazed at how much cum he had left, weren’t you? When you tried to wipe it from your face, she stopped you.

“You leave that alone. Some things just can’t be helped, can they?” she taunted you. Errick clumsily put on your skirt and halter, but she kept your bra and panties. “Errick will keep for these for you,” she proclaimed. The two of them quickly got dressed while you just sat there with Errick’s cum on your face.

“Now, you wanted to masturbate in the library, we’re going to make sure you do. You won’t be allowed to leave the library until you cum.” She opened the workroom door and pushed you out into the library. Under your skirt, your thighs were drenched. So was your face. You walked out into the forest of shelves. Looking back, you could see them discretely following you at a distance. All you wanted was to find a good place to bring yourself off.

You looked ahead again and came face to face with Matt. You really have a crush on him, don’t you?

“Hey, Cin…say, what’s that on your face?” he asked. You’d forgotten about the cum. You thought fast.

“Oh, that must be glaze from a donut I just ate,” you lied, and you used your tongue and finger to clean it up. But it wasn’t sweet like glaze. It was salty, wasn’t it?

Matt made a face. But I guess it’s better to be thought of as a messy eater than someone who gives blowjobs to the janitor, right?

“Whatever you do,” Matt warned you, “Don’t get caught eating in the library. The librarian is a real Nazi when it comes to eating in the library.”

“You have no idea,” you thought, but you said, “Sure. I’ll remember that. Gotta go. Got to get some studying done. See ya.”

“Later,” Matt answered, and he disappeared into the stacks.

You found a study desk, not as out of the way as you would have liked, but you were on fire with lust. You almost threw yourself into the chair. Looking around, you spotted the librarian watching you, and in the other direction, Errick. She was pretending to re-file misfiled books, and he was vacuuming the same spot over and over. But when you lifted up your skirt, they looked up from what they were supposedly doing. You should have been worried about someone walking up on you, especially Matt, but right then all you could think about was rubbing yourself.

You slumped down in the chair and lifted your skirt up high. Exposing your shaved pussy, you began stroking your clit. She motioned for you to pull up your halter to expose your tits. Keeping your finger working on your pussy, you used your free hand to lift the bottom edge of your halter over your tits. I’m sure that, even as far away as she was, she could see how hard your nipples were.

She raised her chin and smiled in approval. Errick’s eyes were on you as he absently stroked his cock, which was apparently down the left pant leg of his blue jumpsuit.

You were really afraid that Matt would walk up on you, but you couldn’t stop rubbing yourself. When you put a finger in your pussy, you came quickly and loudly. People studying nearby who couldn’t see you looked up from their books and laptops, but then went back to their business. You could barely hear the librarian as she smiled and put her finger to her lips and said,”Shhh! This is a library.”

When you were done and had rested a few moments, the librarian and Errick approached you and said, “Errick and I have some…business to attend to in the workroom. You’re free to go now. ”

Then she got right up in your face. You could smell Errick’s cock on her breath. She said quietly, “And don’t you ever, ever let me catch you masturbating in the library again…”

Then she moved even closer and whispered in your ear, “…without permission.”

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