My two best friends and I were walking through the mall, as we did most Saturdays. We lived in a pretty small town, so this was the closest thing we had to entertainment outside the house. We passed through the women’s clothing stores, taking a shortcut to get to our favorite food stand. After ordering, we sat down in the corner of the hall, minding our business.

That’s just the type of people we were, and for that matter, our entire town. Greg sat on my left and Mark sat across from me as I watched them each devour a foot-long. I, on the other hand, was working my way through a salad. Mark had good reason to be hungry, though, because he had had football practice earlier, and you’d expect the captain to get quite a workout. Mark was one of the best receivers for the team, as he was tall, fast, and ripped. Mark was probably the toughest guy in our school, in fact, and could get any girl he wanted, which has always made me wonder why he hung around with Greg and me. Greg and I weren’t horrible people, we just weren’t his build. Correction, I wasn’t. Greg was much taller than me as well, and he worked out occasionally, he just wasn’t Mark. I didn’t consider myself gay, but Mark and Greg just had bodies that you noticed. They had fabulous abs and chests, and were both generally pretty large below the belt. I’ve been forced to shower with them after gym and I’ll admit I’ve snuck a peek, but only for comparison and curiosity. I, in contrast, was short, skinny, and slightly feminine. No one has ever said anything to me directly, but I knew that my hips were curvier than most men’s, and my chest seemed to be a little heavier for some reason. I’d never said anything about it, and I’d done a pretty good job of covering it up.

We wandered through the mall a little more, then sat down on a bench facing another women’s clothing store.

“There is absolutely nothing to do any more, we’ve done it all” sighed Mark.

“We need to get out of this town before it drives us insane,” I added. We sat there for a few more minutes, with apathetic faces.

“Hey, look at her,” Greg said, pointing to a poster of a model posing in one of the clothing stores. “She looks like Ethan!”

“Shut the hell up,” I said, mildly insulted, as she was a pretty hot model.

“Yeah, you’re kinda right!” exclaimed Mark. “Ethan’s even got girly hips just like hers.” I realized now that maybe they weren’t so unnoticeable.

“They’ve got the same hair, too!” Greg was really starting to believe in this. To be honest, though, my hair was quite long for a boy, blonde and curly like a girl’s, but that had happened naturally. “Hey, look, they even have that outfit in the store. Mark, do you think we sh…”

“No!” I interrupted Greg before he said anything stupid. “I can see where you’re going with this and it’s not going to happen.” I was a pretty straight guy, I had never thought about getting dressed up in women’s attire. The whole thing seemed crazy to me. Then again, I had had some sexual fantasies involving guys with their dicks out, but that’s normal, right?

“Yes, Greg, that’s exactly what I was thinking,” Mark said with a sly grin on his face.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, because I’m not doing it. That’d be so gay!”

“No, it would just be an experiment, to see if you’re a woman!” Mark joked a lot about me being smaller than the two of them, but this went too far.

“No, that’s ridiculous,” I said, but the two men were already on their feet, and all three of us knew that I wouldn’t be a heavy burden to carry into the store, so to save some face, I helped myself up and made my way over, with no other choice. I lost all free will whenever the two of them walked on either side of me. Mark even put his hand on my shoulder letting me know that he was in control. I felt like I was becoming their toy.

“You go stand near the changing room, I’m going to find the outfit for you,” Greg said, a little more excitedly than I thought he should be. “God, this will be too good!”

Once they had found what they needed, they forced me into the changing rooms with the clothes on my arm.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” I scream-whispered. “Lingerie? What do I need this for?” I said as I held a bra and panties in either hand.

“It’s to complete the effect. Just put on the clothes, show us, then we’ll be done. You’re the only one making this last longer than it has to,” Mark called out from the other side of the changing room. I figured he was right so I stripped down and put on the clothes. First, I slipped on the white nylon panties with the lace trim. They actually felt really comfortable, and wearing them almost felt natural to me. I moved around in them and smiled to myself as I felt the soft material rub against my skin. After, I put on the skinny jeans, which actually happened to accent my curves quite well. Then, I slipped on the white lace bra, one the matched the panties. B-cups, I noticed, almost appropriate for me, as I felt my breasts being lifted up and sustained by the bra. Lastly, I put on the red silk blouse. It was so wonderful to feel this soft material all over my chest. I even hugged the blouse, not realizing what I was doing. Then, when I noticed, I almost disciplined myself, telling myself it was wrong. But if it was, why did I feel good doing it?

“Almost done?” chuckled Mark. I heard Greg laughing to himself too on the other side of the curtain.

“Yeah, I’ll be right out,” I said in a feminine way. Why did I say that? I was still mad at them, but I calmly agreed to show myself for them.

I stepped out of the changing room and their jaws dropped. In front of them now stood a hot blonde teenager. She had great curves and a decent rack. I put my hand on my hip and posed for them, then did a little spin so they could see the full package. What did I just do? I thought to myself. I was dumbfounded at myself for actually enjoying this. But the boys loved it.

“Wow, Ethan,” Mark said, with his jaw still hanging down. “You don’t look anything like the model. You’re way hotter, dude.”

“Yeah,” Greg agreed. “You look like a regular girl!”

“Really? You think so?” I started to blush. What was happening? “Can I just get my clothes back now?” I said, trying to regain my masculinity. Then, Greg and Mark stepped into action. Mark grabbed my arms and held me back while Greg took my regular clothes from me and shoved them in his bag. Fortunately though, my phone fell out. Then, the two of them ran off, leaving me dressed in the store clothes, with nothing to change back into. I didn’t want to scream, or that would draw attention to me, which was one of the last things I needed. I stood them, with my jaw mimicking theirs from a minute ago. I had absolutely no idea what to do.

Then, I turned to look at the mirror on the wall. I really enjoyed what I saw. Even I started to believe it was a girl staring back at me. I pulled another pose and smiled at my reflection, and the girl smiled back. It felt so natural to be dressed like this; I was starting to enjoy it and if given the chance, wouldn’t change into my boy clothes just yet.

Then I started to think about what was happening. Here I was, trying on outfits in a women’s clothes store, and having fun with it. I think I even let Greg take my clothes away. I hadn’t protested all that hard when Mark was trying to restrain me. In fact, I actually liked the male attention I was getting when Mark held me and the way his big hands felt on my arms. With that thought, I started to question my sexuality. Were those really innocent glances at their cocks in the shower?

I sat down back in the changing room, seriously questioning myself, when I heard my phone ring.


“Hey Ethan, enjoying your new outfit? Mark and I both had a feeling you would love it.” It was Greg.

“What the hell is wrong with you two? What am I supposed to do now?” I snapped back into my usual male persona.

“Please calm down, act more ladylike,” Greg chuckled. “I thought ahead so there’s no need to worry. The clothes are already paid for, so you can just leave like that, any time you want.”

What was going on? What did they want from me? Here I was, a straight high-school guy, dressed in women’s clothes, about to walk out into the public pretending to be a girl. This couldn’t get any crazier. Occasionally I had to refer to myself as a guy in drag. This would have been reassuring if I had actually been able to convince myself I was telling the truth.

I eventually gathered enough courage, put on a pair of black ballerina shoes that were also paid for, and walked out. As I passed by people, I gave my best feminine smile and nodded at them. They smiled and nodded back. I even got a few men to watch me leave! I couldn’t believe I was actually pulling this off.

I suddenly felt like I mattered. Being the smallest of our trio, I got nearly no sexual attention. Whenever we went out to find girls, it felt like I would always be pushed to the side so the girls would have a better view of Mark or Greg. But now, I felt like I had the power. My frame wasn’t meant for a guy, and it showed. The men who watched me leave obviously liked what they saw, and it felt good to have someone think about you like that.

Once I got out of the store, I was suddenly aware that I had no idea where I was going. To avoid looking stupid, I just kept walking straight, and started to wonder around the mall. I pulled out my phone and called Greg, but there was no answer. Once I hung up, I was about to put my phone away when I got a text. I looked at my phone and opened it. The message read, “How’s your little outing going? You seem to be quite comfortable dressed as the opposite sex ;) . I’ll call you when I feel I want to give you back your normal clothes. P.S. We can see you!” It was from Greg, and he was taunting me. All I wanted was to get out of these clothes and away from the public. But not just yet, I needed a little more time being appreciated by the opposite sex. I mean same sex. I don’t want appreciation from the same sex, I thought. Again I had referred to myself as an actual girl. These changes in how I thought of myself were starting to happen way too often, and I didn’t even catch all of them because of how natural it felt.

Realizing the guys were watching, I quickly spun around and looked for any sign of them, but I couldn’t find them. Since I had nowhere to go, I decided to sit down at a café.

I gave my order for some tea, and then went back to anticipating the phone call. I hadn’t done it consciously, but I had just pulled off a perfect female voice, and the waitress didn’t notice a thing. Perhaps I was quite a natural at this. Suddenly, I remembered my wallet was with Greg, and I had no way to pay for my drink. I was nervously anticipating the waitress to come back with my tea, knowing I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

“Here you are, Miss.” She had called me Miss! Secretly I was ecstatic. I felt so accepted all of a sudden, but then I remembered my situation.

“I’m so sorry, but I think I’ve forgot my wallet,” I pleaded.

“I can’t serve you if you don’t pay.”

“Please, just one drink, I’ll pay double next time!”

“Sorry Miss, but you need to pay for it now.”

“But I… “

“I can pay for it,” said a voice that was sort of familiar, “as long as you stop harassing this pretty girl for her money.” I turned my head, only to see Ken, a guy from my school. He sat two rows in front of me in history but other than that, we had never seen or talked to each other before. To be honest, I was flattered that he had offered to pay, and that he had called me pretty. “Do you mind if I take a seat here?”

“Sure,” I answered, smiling and blushing as I did.

“You have a very familiar face.” I started to panic; I thought my life would end there. “What’s your name?”

Shit, I hadn’t thought this far ahead. What was I going to do? If I stuttered he would get suspicious, and I was thinking of any name quickly. “Alice,” I said, lightly relieved I was able to come up with a fake name.

“Just Alice?”

“No.” I tried to laugh it off. “Alice Johnson.” Damn, that was probably the fakest name he’d ever heard. I was almost sure he would expose me right then and there, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I didn’t even think he was paying attention. He was staring at right at my chest. It didn’t even bother him that it was obvious. After a few seconds, he snapped out of it and looked at me looking at him; he could tell I wasn’t too happy about that. Was this what it was like for women every day? Did I do that? Wait, why did I care if he was looking? I’d got nothing to hide, I reminded myself. I found myself having to try to remember that I was a guy; I had gotten pretty much into my new role, and I had noticed that I got some pretty positive feedback from some of the guys while walking through the mall.

“Nice to meet you, Alice, I’m Kenny Ronnard. I recognize your face but I’ve never heard that name before. Do you live around here?”

“No, I live upstate.”

“Of course, none of the girls here are that pretty. Then how come I recognize you?”

I knew that this was so wrong, but I flirted back. “Thanks, we don’t have cute guys like you where I’m from either.” What did I just say? I was a straight guy on the wrong end of a prank. This was getting out of hand, but it was just getting interesting. We chatted for a while, and he kept flirting with me the whole time. I meant it when I said he was cute, and I could feel there was something between us. We talked and laugh for some time, until his phone rang. After he answered it, he put his coat on.

“Sorry, but I have to go now. I really wish we could do this again some time. Do you think I could get your number?” What was I going to do, give him my real number? What if he already had my number? Then I’d be completely exposed. I was enjoying my time with him, and to be honest, I was pretty upset when he told me he had to go.

“Sure, I’ll put it in your phone.” He handed his phone to me and I went right to my own name. Luckily, he didn’t have my number so I put my real one in. “There you go,” I said smiling “Call me.”

“Of course” he said, as he left the café. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, and had no vision for the future, or what might happen if one of his friends had my number, or if my phone went off next to him when he wanted to text Alice. I was too happy to think about anything else. I just wanted to be accepted as a girl, and maybe even get a boyfriend. Girlfriend! Dammit, what was going on?

A couple minutes after I finished my drink, I got a call from Greg. About time, I thought to myself.

“Enjoyed your day at the mall?”

“No, where the hell are my clothes? You assholes just left me with nothing to change into!” Again, I had to abruptly switch genders.

“Don’t you realize that was kinda the point?” Greg said. Obviously I did, but I was still too furious at them.

“Just give me my clothes back now!”

“Why? You seem to be having a good time, remember we can see you.” My face went white, they had seen me flirting with Ken just then, and who had even touched my leg under the table. I wonder if they had seen that too.

“Nothing happened, we just talked” I sounded like a girl talking to her father.

“Hey, I’m not mad; you can do whatever you want. We’re not your parents.”

“Well, what I want to do is go home and change.”

“Sure, we’re on our way to the parking lot, and we have your clothes with us. Meet us there in less than ten minutes and we’ll give you back your clothes.” The parking lot they were talking about was quite a walk, and the time window they gave me wasn’t very large. I would have to walk straight through the mall, in plain sight. The halls were very open with little to hide behind, but I guessed Greg had planned it like that.

Worrying about what might happen wasn’t going to help, so I decided to just go. As soon as I left, my heart started beating ten times faster. There were a few guys watching me from behind, their stares were heavy. I felt myself slip back into a more feminine role. I swayed my hips and kept my head up. I knew they would like that. I continued like this all the way to the car, catching a few double takers on the way

When I finally got there, I saw Greg and Mark smiling from ear to ear.

“How was your date?”

“Just shut up and give me back my clothes now. You’ve had your fun, now we’re done.”

“Ah, c’mon Alice.” Greg said. They both laughed. “Look at the way you’re walking, dude. You’re a real girl, I’m telling you!”

“Goddammit, that’s not funny. So what was I supposed to say? Ethan?”

“Fair enough, here are your clothes.” They handed them to me, but for some reason I didn’t really want to take them. I held them in my hands almost with a look of disgust.

“Um, I think I’ll change at home.”

“You want to wear those clothes a little longer? Maybe we did you a favor,” said Mark, quite fascinated with this discovery.

“Shut up, it’s just because I don’t know what bathroom I could use.”

“Yeah, right.” I’ll admit that was a pretty lame excuse, but I really wanted to keep wearing these clothes for just a little bit longer. .

The drive home was a little awkward, as three guys had left for the mall, and two were coming back with some blonde they had found. I didn’t mind, I was still admiring the fabric of the blouse and the tight jeans that just hugged my curves. I could see Mark was checking me out in the rearview mirror. If I hadn’t known any better, I’d have thought he wanted me to stay dressed like that too.

When we finally pulled into Greg’s driveway, I sprinted from the door to the bathroom. I stripped down and was about to change when I noticed my underpants. They were almost soaked with my pre-cum! I hadn’t even ejaculated or gotten hard, but I had been leaking like a faucet. Impossible, I thought, I’m not gay! I don’t like this! But the proof was there.

I quickly changed back into my boy clothes before the guys even got into the house.

“Man, it feels good to be out of those weird girly clothes,” I said as I exhaled in relief, but the two of them weren’t convinced. I’m not sure I was convinced either.

“I don’t know, you seemed to enjoy it as a girl; I even started to forget it was you at the café,” said Mark.

“Yeah, it could have been any other girl,” added Greg.

“No,” said Mark, “She was too hot to be just any other girl; she was at least an eight!” I blushed at that, I couldn’t believe I would get anywhere close to an eight as a guy, but as a girl, I was beautiful.

“Enough jokes already, can we just order some pizza and forget about it?” I pleaded.

“Sounds good,” said Greg as he took out his phone. “I’ll get three large.”

Once Greg was on the phone, Mark pulled my arm towards him and whispered to me “I wasn’t joking, I genuinely thought you looked amazing, better than any girlfriend I’ve ever had. I just want you to know that.” With that, he let go of me and walked over to the kitchen. What did he mean by all that? I got that he thought I was hot, but comparing me with his girlfriends, did that mean he was thinking of me in a sexual way? Did he want to have sex with Alice or Ethan in drag? I was so confused.

We watched TV together while we waited for our food. Greg sat in an armchair and Mark and I slumped down on the couch together. I had a feeling he was staring at me, so I looked over, and sure enough, he was. What was with him? When I looked back again he was pulling on his pants, telling me his balls were all twisted. I could tell though from the bulge in his pants he was trying to hide an erection. Why would he get hard, though? We were watching the afternoon news: the weather girl hadn’t even come on yet.

The rest of the night went on as usual, we ate, talked, and played video games until we passed out somewhere on the floor. Except this night, I couldn’t fall asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about my outfit, and how it looked, so I got up and went to my bag. I took out the blouse and felt the silk in my hand; it felt lovely. I grabbed the panties, bra and jeans and got dressed up again, I just couldn’t help myself. I ran my hands down the sides of the blouse, and then down the jeans. I felt so feminine and started to pretend I was a real girl. A real girl needs makeup, I thought to myself. I found my way into Greg’s parents’ bedroom. I opened a drawer, revealing his mother’s makeup closet. Eyelash curlers, skin cream, powders, I was in over my head so I just went with the basics. I grabbed some blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. I applied each one carefully, and with each one complete, I looked more and more like an actual girl. The mascara and eye shadow really brought out my eyes, and when I looked back into the mirror, I saw a gorgeous blonde, with the most desirable face. The lipstick and blush only made it better. I played around with some facial expressions in front of the mirror, and then went downstairs to put the clothes away. But when I walked down the stairs, I saw Mark blocking my way.

“I knew you liked it,” said Mark, “You didn’t have to give that guy your real number, but you did. Your phone has been going off for a while, you know.”

There was no way of hiding it from Mark or from myself, I loved it. I put my head down in embarrassment.

Mark walked over to me until our bodies were inches apart.

“Is that makeup, Alice?”

He used my feminine name. He wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was actually his best friend. I preferred that he did though, it would ruin the moment if he didn’t.

“Yeah, I wanted to look a little prettier, is that a problem?” I said in the most innocent, flirtatious way I could.

“No, I quite like it. It really brings out the girl in you.”

“Thanks for noticing actually,” I said, smiling up at him.

“I’ve been noticing you a lot since this afternoon. Ever since you put on those clothes I’ve thought of you as someone else, like you’re a real girl, and a beautiful one at that.”

“That’s the point, I thought I’d try being a little girly for an afternoon, and it turns out I love it.”

“But that was just the tip of the iceberg today, honey.” Did he just call me honey? “There’s so much more to being a woman, like pleasing your man for example.” With that, he grabbed my arm and pulled me in close. Then our lips met, and it was amazing. I had never kissed a man before, but I’d realized now how much I have been missing out. I’d never felt this way kissing a girl before; Mark had something that none of them had had.

I put my arms around his neck and he grabbed my back as we pulled our bodies into each other. We held each other close together while embracing in a passionate kiss, and stayed like that for a minute or two. Mark started to move his hands down to my butt and caressed my cheeks. He was such a passionate lover. He moved his hands all around my backside, and I let him. I just started playing with his tongue every time it went into my mouth.

As this continued, we pushed harder and harder into each other. I felt his erection press up against my waist. I swear it felt a foot long through his pants. I rubbed up against him a few time then moved one of my hands down from his neck and started massaging his tool. I felt it through his boxer shorts, and then pulled them down with my other hand. I broke the kiss to admire it, as I tilted my head down. For the first time in my life, I was looking at an erect, veiny cock. It may have not been as big as I estimated before, but I would still probably need both hands to reach around it. I put one of my hands on it and slowly started jerking him off as we resumed kissing. His hands began to explore my chest, as he started unbuttoning my blouse. With each button, a little more of my chest and the white lace bra were revealed. After the front was completely open, he moved his hands onto my breasts. I was worried that he would be disappointed, but to my surprise, he said they were just perfect as he moved his mouth around my nipples. Mark started sucking gently on them, giving me an occasional gentle bite. I knew this shouldn’t turn me on, but for some reason my body was very responsive.

“Before we take off all our clothes, let’s move this to the bedroom,” Mark whispered to me.

“Sure, but which one?” I asked. We could have gone to the master bedroom, as Greg’s parents were out for the night, but we weren’t sure if they would come back. Then, there was Greg’s room, but we both knew that if we did it in there, he would catch us. Instead, we went to his sister’s room.

We walked hand in hand to her room, and as soon as Mark had the door closed, we embraced again. His sister had a reputation for being a little promiscuous, and even we knew at least a few guys that had been in this room before. Fortunately, though, this worked out well for us. I was looking for condoms around the room as I knew she would have some, when I stumbled along her lingerie drawer. In it was every naughty girl’s dream. Bra, panties, stockings, garter belts, handcuffs, and even a whip! I looked around some more and found matching bras, panties, stockings, and a garter belt. I pushed aside the whip and thought, “Maybe some other time.” Mark went to the bathroom during this, so I wanted to surprise him when he got back. I quickly pulled off everything I was wearing and put on the lingerie, complete with pair of black heels I found under the bed. I adjusted the bra and stockings a little then got on the bed and lay down in the sexiest pose I could pull off.

When he opened the door, his jaw fell. There, on his friends sister’s bed was a hot teen slut, waiting to get fucked. Also, he would be the one who got to take her virginity.

“Alice, wow, you look amazing,” said Mark, while stepping closer to me. “You are absolutely beautiful,” he said as he put something down on the bedside table.

“Thanks,” I smiled nervously, not knowing what to do next, but Mark did.

“We are going to have fun tonight,” he said, as he leaned in for another kiss. We sat on the edge of the bed together with our hands exploring each other’s bodies. Mark was clearly more experienced than I was, and went where he wanted to. I let him feel my breasts again, then my ass. He moving quite fast, and started to rub my thigh, slowly getting closer to my panties. Before he could get close enough to feel the wet spot I had created in panties, he moved his hand down again. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I was almost sure that Mark was trying to pretend he was with a real girl the whole time.

Then, Mark stood up and pulled off his pants and underwear, revealing his enormous cock. I gasped silently when I saw it; mine would be overshadowed by this thing!

“You know what I want,” Mark said with a grin on his face. I moved off the couch and onto my knees in front of him. There I was, face to face with his monster cock, and my lips only inches away from it.

Up until this afternoon, this situation would have sounded ridiculous and weird to me, but now, it felt like my fantasies had come true. Despite posing as a woman the whole day, sucking a dick felt like it would be my true induction into womanhood (or at least sissy hood). I grabbed the head and squeezed a little bit of pre-cum out the tip, then moved my head forward and licked it off. Now I knew there was no going back.

I savored the taste for a little, then wrapped both my lips around the head and started going down the shaft. At first, I only went down a couple of inches then pulled back up. I started jerking him every time I pulled my mouth off his dick, and then I would just squeeze tightly when I covered it with my lips again.

I made use of my tongue as well. Whenever Mark’s tool was inside my mouth, I would swirl my tongue around the head, then stick the tip of the tongue in his pisshole and try to get out as much pre-cum as I could. I think I started to develop an addiction.

I kept getting a little bit better at fitting him in my mouth, as I could get around 6 or 7 inches inside. Amazingly, though, this still wasn’t all of it. When Mark got fed up with my teasing pace, he grabbed my hair and shoved my face on his cock. He started thrusting his hips back and forth into my mouth, as I became a fuck toy. I acted as a rag doll would in this situation and let him take control. He then grabbed my hair with both his hands and got even more dominant with me. I loved to be used like this, and I loved his dominant attitude.

“C’mon, slut, suck it! You’re about to get a mouthful of cum, ready to swallow.”

“Uhhh,” was all I could get out after that. When he called me a slut, I swear I almost felt the panties rip apart to let my cock free. The name turned me on so much. I didn’t know it would, but I quickly realized that I loved it. After that, I chose to assume the role. I did want to pleasure Mark, and he was doing quite a good job of getting that out of me. I was hornier than ever with his dick in my mouth, so this was probably for the best. He was what I suppose most women look for in a lover, and I was getting the first-hand experience. I told myself that I was lucky to able to receive his cum. Ethan was gone now, Alice took over, and she was all woman, a submissive, slutty woman.

Mark started groaning, and then suddenly, I felt a hot stream of cum shoot into my mouth. I almost choked, so I decided it would be better just to swallow, rather than try to savor the taste. He kept cumming, and soon my mouth began to overflow. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but there was just too much. Some started dribbling down my chin, and then Mark pulled out as he resumed shooting, but now on my face. He only had a couple of pumps left, but they were strong ones. Once he finished, I felt like a glazed donut.

I stayed on my knees for a little bit, until I knew Mark had finished. I kept my eyes closed and started to move the cum around in my mouth a little, enjoying my first gift. But the appreciation was short lived.

“Clean it up now,” Mark said with a commanding attitude. I moved over on my knees to meet his cock. It was still covered in cum. I moved my mouth back on it, and licked it clean. I sucked the cum back into my mouth and swallowed, licking my lips as I did, which Mark noticed.

“Wow, I’ve never seen a girl do that. You are a real slut, Alice.” Mark said, smiling.

“Thanks” I smiled back at him. To be honest, that was probably the best compliment I’d ever received.

“Give me a second, then I’ll be ready for the real thing.” The real thing? I was nervous, and got butterflies in my stomach, or maybe that was the semen. I’d played around with a dildo before, but never imagined it as a man penetrating me. On one hand I was inexperienced and about to be fucked by my best friend, on the other, though, I was his girl who he was going to fuck regardless of what I said. I decided not to disappoint him, and let Alice take control again. She would know what to do.

“Lube me up,” I said as got down on all fours in front of Mark. He grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table and squeezed a generous amount it his hand. He rubbed his cock a little, covering it, then put some more on his finger and pushed up against my asshole. One finger went in and felt the walls inside. Then another went in. All I could I could do was gasp. As soon as the third finger went in me, I took a quick inhale.

Soon after his initial penetration, Mark started to finger-fuck my ass. He kept his fingers inside me for a while, moving them around and exploring, then pulled them nearly all the way out and shoved them back in me. Every time he did this, I would moan, and eventually he got impatient with the foreplay.

“Enough, I need the real thing now,” Mark said, but it could have just as easily been me.

“I’m ready when you are, baby.” With that, he pushed the tip of his lubricated dick up against the inside of my cheeks. After a little fidgeting, he got the tip inside me. I let out of soft moan from the pain, but that quickly changed to pleasure. Mark was blessed with what he had down there and made it clear to me. He slowly pushed into me, and my moaning got louder. Then he stopped, and I thought I had been able to fit all of him inside me without having to rip my cheeks apart, so I exhaled. That’s when he told me he only had half of it in.

“But baby, I feel so full already, I won’t be able to take any more,” I pleaded with him.

“I’ll go slowly and we’ll just see how much you can take.” Mark pulled his dick out until the head rested at the opening. He pushed back in and spread my sphincter for a second time. “See, nice and easy,” he said as he went back and forth slowly, but only ever going a maximum of half way.

I had no problems with this. All the pain stopped and it became pure pleasure. We got into a good rhythm together as I started to push back against him once he was pretty deep in. This was probably the limit for me, since it was only my first time, but unfortunately, pushing my ass towards him must have meant something else to him.

Mark grabbed onto my hips started thrusting much harder. I felt a little pain from this but there was too much pleasure involved for it to matter. Apparently, though, he had had enough with this halfway stuff, and with one unsuspecting thrust, he shoved his cock deep inside me. I screamed out as he hit my prostate. I felt like there was football trying to get inside me. I wanted to tell him this was too much, and that I wasn’t ready.

I started to say, “Mark, please…” but as I said this, he thrust into me once again, ending my sentence there with my own gasp. This just made it worse. Now he thought I wanted it harder. It was so big and it split me so wide, but at the same time I loved it. I couldn’t tell if my moans were getting louder and louder because of the pain or because I knew an orgasm was building fast. As soon as Mark moved his hand down to my tiny little boy clit, I knew which one it was.

“Alice, you’re practically leaking down here.” It was true. Once he felt my little thing, he knew that I had been consistently leaking pre-cum since his first finger went in me. He played with my balls a little, then grabbed on tight to my little cock and started jacking me off in rhythm with the fucking. This was the first time that Mark had touched my dick. He wanted to believe he was fucking a girl at first, but I think now it just didn’t matter any more to him.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” I screamed out every time he went balls deep. I never even knew something could be this deep inside me. I started moving back onto his dick again during the thrusts, and felt maximum penetration. I could hear and feel his balls slapping me, and his bush grazing my smooth ass. “Oh Mark yes!” I moaned out.

“Say my name, bitch.”


“Louder,” he commanded.

“MARK!” I screamed, as his dick went all the way in another time. “Oh, yes!”

“Tell me what you need.”

“I need you to fuck me hard, Mark.”

“Tell me what you want, bitch.”

“I need your cock deep inside me.”

“What?” he asked, as he stopped with the just the tip inside me.

“I need your big cock all the way in me.”


“I need you to shove your cock deep inside my ass and make me your bitch!” I screamed. What was I saying? All the lust was blinding me as we just kept fucking as roughly as we could.

With that, though, he pulled all the way out then rammed himself all the way inside me. I couldn’t contain myself. I screamed out another “Yes!” probably the loudest thing I’ve ever uttered in my life. I was completely oblivious to the fact there was someone else in the house trying to sleep, and with all the noise we were making, the whole neighborhood could probably hear us. But I was soon reminded of this.

“What the fuck?” I looked up and froze. It was Greg. He was standing at the doorway of the room. He was looking down on his two best friends doing it on his sister’s bed. I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like for him. “Who the hell is she?” he said to Mark. Oh, my God, I thought to myself, he hasn’t realized that the girl is actually the same girl he left in the changing room earlier today. He walked over to get a closer look. Mark had stopped fucking me, but he was still inside me.

“HOLY SHIT! ETHAN?” Shit, I was done, my life was over. I thought I was going to have to move far away from here and never see anyone again, so I went to my last-resort option, as I knew denial or convincing wouldn’t help.

“Quiet down and my name’s Alice, not Ethan.” I said as I got off the couch and let Mark slip out of me.

“What the hell is going on?” Greg said angrily.

“Relax, Greg,” said Mark. “Alice is best cocksucker in the country. She’ll give you whatever you want, you can just stick it in her mouth and she’ll suck you off!”

“No fucking way,” he said, but I could tell that he was lying through his teeth. Also, I got a good look at the bulge in his pants when he realized it was me. It was obvious Greg wanted it as bad as I did, but I stayed silent, letting Mark talk for me.

“C’mon, we’re having a great time.” Mark said as he turned and pointed at Greg’s pants. . “Seems like someone’s getting excited.”

“Well, that’s just because I thought it was a girl before.”

“Oh really? So now you know and I don’t see you getting any softer.”

“How about we take a closer look? Alice, take off his clothes.” I got down on my knees and pulled down his boxer shorts. His erection sprang out to salute me. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started to rub it up and down. I did this not because Mark told me to, but because I wanted to; it’s just that I needed his permission first.

“Well, it’s clear you’re turned on by all of this, so why don’t you just accept the invitation so Alice and I can get back to where we left off, and you can get a blowjob.” I knew that would work, especially seeing how Greg hadn’t gotten laid in months now. Mark had handled the situation quite well.

I got back on my knees in front of Mark as he pushed back into me. I moaned a little more as he slipped back into me and resumed his brutal assault on my ass. Greg got on the other side of the bed and got on his knees in front of me. I inched forward, with his cock leading the way until it sat just before my lips. I extended my tongue towards the tip and licked the head. Greg nearly came right there! I put the whole head in my mouth and started playing with his balls too. He pushed himself deeper inside me, and I just let him. I even encouraged him with my tongue as he did. Greg grabbed my head and started to face-fuck me. I had nothing to do but play with his balls now: he was in total control. I stayed like that, on my knees, with my mouth open and my ass being fucked. I was almost motionless, because once Mark went in Greg would back up to my lips. I became their fuck puppet.

I moaned into Greg’s dick as Mark shoved all the way into me, then swirled my tongue around Greg’s as he forced his cock into my mouth. The two of them worked in unison to have always at least one penis deep inside one of my holes. I loved it. There was nothing else I wanted at the time, but Mark gave it to me.

Mark could no longer contain himself and he started grunting, getting progressively louder.

“Oh, uhh! Get ready, I’m cumming, baby!” he said as he started shooting into me again. He held his dick all the way in during his orgasm. I felt the warm, gooey cum cover the walls of my ass. I felt completely full now; I didn’t want it to change. There was so much cum it started leaking out of my ass. Mark recovered eventually and pulled out. There was a popping noise and I felt something start trickling down my thigh. I didn’t want to lose it, so I quickly let go of Greg’s dick in my mouth, and spun around, allowing him to take me from behind.

“We’re going to do this right, baby.” Greg said as he looked at my waiting ass. He flipped me over onto my back, then grabbed my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders. He now had complete access to my ass and could even use my legs as grip to thrust even harder, which he did. With this new position, my own dick was in view now. Greg noticed it was sticking straight up in the air, still coated with cum, and started to jack me off. I was thankful for that, as I had been silently crying for release.

Greg started thrusting much harder than before, giving it all he had. I started moaning again, as my mouth was free for the first time since Greg had entered the room. I got louder and louder with each thrust, and was getting pretty close to my own climax. Then, out of the blue, Greg came buckets into my ass. Again, I felt full, with man-juice being pumped into me. It was nice and warm like before. As he exploded in orgasm, I knew that this was something I could get hooked on.

All this sent me to my own climax, as I shot my own load. There was now three different men’s semen in or on my body, and I loved it. I didn’t stop shooting for a while, and during this, Greg kept jacking me and held himself inside me. Once I caught my breath and Greg pulled out, I pulled my panties back up, and could feeling a wet patch start to form.

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As he tended to my wound, I couldn’t help notice how warm his hands here. I tried to keep still, but with him so close to me like that I couldn’t help but be a little uncomfortable. I wished he’d hurry, but the more he touched me, the more I wanted him to continue. His touch felt so nice, so delicate that it gave me goose bumps, and sure enough, my nipples got hard…

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend? You always had girlfriends in high school. Don’t girls like big dudes like you?” he asked, re-wrapping the wound and finally taping it up.

“Nah man, not that again. Like I said, I just have too much work and school. I just wanna focus on that right now.”

“Dude, its Friday night, every undergrad in the world is out drinking and trying to score. You should go out there man. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow I’d go with you.”

“I have to work tomorrow too.”

As he pulled his hands away from chest, he accidentally brushed up against my nipple. It made me jump a little, and I hoped he didn’t notice.

But he moved back closer to me and knelt down. This was a little too close. I could smell his scent even stronger now. He raised his arms and placed his hands on each muscle and squeezed. The sudden whiff of his pungent armpits and the feeling of his hands on my chest gave me a jolt that I could only jump up in a knee-jerk reaction. I gasped. I was pretty sure my cock jumped a little bit too. I was just glad I wore tight bikini briefs as usual.

“What the hell!”

Matt laughed. “Sorry, sorry. Sit back down!”

“What are you doing!”

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, and I know this sounds weird, but your chest is awesome. I wanna feel ‘em while you flex.”

I was growing more and more uncomfortable. “Little twerp, you could’ve asked first. You’re just screwing with me. You held my pecs like you were cupping tits!”

He laughed even more. “Sorry. Just relax, I’m not screwing with you I promise. Now I need you to flex. I’m curious that’s all. All I ever get to observe are cadavers in school — no live muscles there.”

Reluctantly, I sat back down. “Fine, make it quick, homo.” I wasn’t sure if he was making all this up or if he’s up to something else, but I did it anyway. I flexed my chest.

Matt stopped laughing. I took a deep breath to calm myself down. He placed his hands on my chest again and squeezed.

“Wow,” he murmured to himself.

“Wow what?”

“Nothing. They’re just so hard, so big!” He kept his hands on my chest. “Now, release the muscles. No more flexing.” I did as he said. This time he didn’t squeeze, just a light cupping.

“Don’t cup ‘em! I’m not one of your hos!”

“Hey now…Brianna liked me doin’ that. Take your shirt off completely”

“What? No! Take off yours” I protested.

He stood up and took off his shirt. “There! Happy?” I looked up. I don’t think I ever seen anyone with a hairier chest – thick and dark curls swirled against his pale skin. He smelled very musky and sweaty…just a hint of his deodorant left. He smelled like a man. How did he go from a little geeky teen to this? Even his body was bigger than I thought it would be. I guess he wears shirts that are too big. I hadn’t really noticed.

At eye level, the band of his underwear rode up above his shorts; his hair disappeared inside. I couldn’t help but look at his bulge.

“Come on! Just take ‘em off,” he insisted, bent down and grabbed my shirt from the sides and pulled it off. Damn his scent was really getting to me.

“Dude I haven’t showered,” I said.

“So? You think I have? Besides, you never smell…not like me anyway. Even when you’re just getting home from work, I never notice. You might be a little sweaty, but I don’t smell anything.”

“I don’t stink?” I took my tank top off. As I raised my arms, he saw my pits.

“Wow…were like total opposites. You don’t even have hair there. All smooth.” He licked his lips for a brief moment.

I wanted to say something to defend myself, but couldn’t think of anything. This was all a little too much. He threw my shirt across the room. “You’re chest is all smooth. You’re smooth everywhere.” He ran his hands all over. In a way, they felt nice — I liked all the attention he was giving me, but deep inside I felt this was wrong, like I was being molested.

Although he avoided touching them, my nipples were very hard. What’s more was that my dick got hard too. I was so horny, and wished I could just walk away; this was embarrassing. But if I did walk away he would see that I had gotten a boner. I arched my back and hunched over to hide my crotch a little more. I felt weak, like I had a fever. Fuck I was so horny.

“Alright man…can you hand me my shirt?” I asked, signaling for all this to stop, but Matt didn’t appear to be listening. He continued feeling up my chest. It felt so good I was torn between telling him to stop and letting him continue. In any case, I was in a tough place. I had to let him continue until he left me alone to get my shirt.

“You’re skin is so soft,” he said in a whisper.

“Dude, hand me my shirt now,” I said, but I was out of breath, gasping for air. Damn, what is this little guy doing to me? I’ve been real horny before but never to the point that I can barely talk. His hands, at first quickly squeezing and feeling the contours of my chest like a doctor would, had slowed down, taking their sweet time in each area.

Finally, his palms withdrew and I could only feel his fingers. I thought he was about to stop when suddenly I felt his fingers clamp down at the base of my nipples and caressed each nub with a pointer finger. I gasped, and my whole body shook, every muscle flexed and tightened. That made me almost cum.

I couldn’t stay in that position anymore and found no other choice but to jump out of the couch real fast so Matt wouldn’t see my boner tenting up my shorts. But when I got up, I accidentally knocked him over, and tripped on his legs. I fell flat on my back. Too late. Not only was I tenting, there was a wet spot right on it, and when I looked over to Matt, he was staring right at it.

“Whoa,” he muttered. If my skin weren’t so brown, he would have seen my cheeks go red. I tried to get up even though my back was in some pain, but he put a hand on my chest to keep me down. “No, no, no.” he whispered. “Stay.”

His other hand wandered down from my chest, to my stomach, then below the waistband of my shorts, and finally put a finger to the little tent. I was alarmed and grabbed his wrist. “What are you doing?”

“Shh. just calm down.” He rubbed one of my nipples softly while holding me down with his other hand. I gasped. I could have just pushed him off, but somehow I didn’t.

“Stop, Matt,” I pled, but somehow whatever I said or did I did weakly. Did I want Matt to continue doing whatever he was doing? What’s gonna happen if I let him? Is he going to screw with me? I thought maybe he wanted to humiliate me, get back at me for how his brother and I treated him when we were young, but this seemed unlikely. A lot of time had passed since then, and he seemed like a pretty well put together kind of guy. Whatever the situation, I didn’t really want this to be happening!

“Just lay still,” he said. “Trust me.” I didn’t know if I could. He pulled down the waistband of my shorts while I tried desperately to hang on to them. “Wow, you wear this kind?” he asked, referring to my bikini briefs. “I wouldn’t be able to wear these. But these are perfect for you.” I didn’t say anything. Bikini briefs make me feel comfortable; I’ve always worn them since I was a kid. But why are we even talking about this?

He fondled my dickhead, again with just a finger. “You’re so hard. You like me feeling you, huh?” I continued to not say anything. Slowly, he grabbed my brief’s elastic band and pulled down.

“No, no, no!” I whispered; I was desperate but he kept going, pulling the band up over my hard dick.

“It’s…small,” I said, as if to warn him, to spare myself the added humiliation of him discovering my secret, but I don’t think it even mattered. “Damn!” he exclaimed under his breath.


“Nothing…I mean, wow. I never thought that it would be this small. Even your balls are small…and you’re such a big guy!” With him saying that, there was nothing more for me to try and resist. What I feared the most had come and I was fucking humiliated. He pulled my briefs and my shorts all the way down. I don’t remember feeling as naked as I did, I could feel the air caress my whole body. I felt my balls tighten up even more.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“What about Jason?” He smirked.

“No, please don’t. He doesn’t know about me. Why would he?”

“Come on, I’m sure he does…haven’t you guys ever showered and changed in the locker room together?” I turned my head away and didn’t say anymore. I never showered in the locker room; and if I changed, I only changed my shirt and pants.

“Hey Nick…look at me?” he uttered, shaking me, pinching my nipple and making me gasp again. I didn’t answer him, but I started to get up. He pushed me down again and said, “I won’t tell.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Just don’t get up yet. I like you like this.” With that, he ran his hands all over my body, softly, almost like a caress.

“You’re so smooth, the only hair you have is your pubes…but even that isn’t much.” He moved down my crotch and cupped my dick and my balls in one hand, hiding them from view. “Damn, you’re still so hard.” He looked at me in the eyes and came even closer, positioning his body between my legs, making them spread wider. My hole felt a little exposed, feeling a breeze as he moved up to my chest; his mouth clamped down on a nipple, and teased the other with his fingers. I moaned. I play with my nipples sometimes when I jack off but I never imagined someone else’s touch could make me feel like this. I was spread out and pinned on my own living room floor. I breathed in, inflating my chest more, and my moans turned into short gasps. He kept going, but his touch slowed down; his tongue moved slowly over my nipple, like licking them like you would a wound. This must be how Brianna felt each time Matt played with her big tits. Damn, I don’t wanna be the woman in this equation.

“I…can’t do this,” I said, and tried to get up again.

“Yes, you can.” Matt placed a hand on my side, and brushed the skin lightly, almost as if he was trying to soothe me. “Just relax.” He grabbed my hands and placed them on his shoulders. Despite his hairy front, his shoulders were relatively smooth and soft to the touch. I caressed him; his skin was so warm. I continued feeling him past the shoulders, slowly down his back. I wanted to reach down further when I started to feel the hairs on his lower back but he started to get up. He grabbed my hands again and gently put me in a sitting position while he continued to stand up.

His crotch was now just below eye level. “Come closer,” he said, holding the back of my head, and pressing me forward. What the hell is this kid trying to do? But I couldn’t help but comply. He pressed until my nose was against his hairy belly and held me there, stroking my head. I could smell his sweat there, my chin brushing up against the band of his briefs. Then he guided my hands to go around him, around his ass, and embracing him. I moaned again. I couldn’t help myself.

Softly he pushed my head to go lower, until I was sniffing his shorts. I could smell him so strongly I don’t think he had washed them in a while — he always wear them when we go shoot some hoops. I felt his bulge in my face. It was then that I realized I had been so hard, my balls were feeling so tight it almost hurt. I tried to feel for his dick head, but I just couldn’t tell where it was.

“Take ‘em off.”


“Take my shorts off.” I thought for a little bit; I wasn’t sure if I should. If there was any moment that I could have really turned away, got up and went to my room, this was it. But I thought, “What the hell?” I can’t hide forever. I reached for his shorts and underwear, feeling the thin waistband. I was about to pull ‘em down when he stopped me.

He smiled. “Just the shorts for now…not my briefs.” He held my wrists and pushed them down to his thighs. Then he touched my lips and looked into my eyes without saying anything. He just kept looking and rubbing a finger on my lips.

I finally understood. “You promise you won’t tell nobody?”

“I promise, I promise,” he replied. For a moment, it brought me back to when he was just a little junior high nerd, his voice just starting to crack, transforming. I never had that big change.

I slowly opened my mouth. “Yeah, that’s it” he nodded, encouraging me to do it. Shit. I didn’t know why I was doing this, especially with Jason’s little brother, but there I was, biting down on that waistband and pulling it down. This was so humiliating, but I couldn’t even think of what would happen next. My mind was only on what was happening right then. And right then I was staring at the biggest bulge I had ever seen and it was getting bigger each second. And no wonder I couldn’t feel his dickhead…it was all the way past his hip!

I couldn’t resist anymore. He wore white boxer-briefs, grayed from wear, and yellowed with stains. He grabbed my head and pulled me to his crotch. Fuck…I could feel the warmth of his dick; his scent was making my head spin. I should be fuckin’ disgusted but the smell of his ball sweat, dry piss and ripe dick was making me quiver from inside. I couldn’t get enough of him. His dick was getting swollen, getting hard. I felt it expanding against my cheeks, getting longer and extending away from his body. It extended so much that it pushed out his underwear too, the thick band pulling away until I could see inside and a warm ripe odor wafted out. He held my head by my ears and rubbed his crotch all over my face.

Fuck! How could I let this kid do this to me!

“Ok…you can take ‘em off now,” he said, gently combing his fingers through my hair. “You can use your hands this time.” Slowly I pulled his briefs down, and it took some time until his dick fully came into view. When it did, it snapped and hit me on the face, leaving a trail of dick slime across my jaw. It surprised me a little bit. It was so freaking big! Long and thick with throbbing veins leading up a curve to the uncut dick head; the slit was peaking out. The bigger the head got, the more the foreskin unfolded. It was slimy and reeked of ripe dick. The heat coming from it made me hot all over, if I wasn’t hot enough already. I held it in my hands — I had to touch it. It was heavy, and the skin was soft; I pulled it down so the head would be completely free. As the skin peeled back, the more I got of that dick scent.

He pulled my hands back around his ass. “Just use your nose and lips, nothing else.”

I thought he meant I could use my mouth, and so when I opened up to take the head in, he corrected me. “Uh-uh,” he said, and forced me to close up. “I said, ‘just your nose and your lips’.” He paused. He must have sensed the great discomfort I felt, the awkwardness of the situation. “Don’t worry, you’re doing real good, man.”

I pressed my nose on the head, smelling the ripe slime that gave it sheen. I followed the length down its major curve to the base of his dick until my face was covered in his pubes and breathed in the concentration of musk. Fuck I couldn’t believe this.

I moved down to his balls. They too were very large, and very ripe from sweating at the courts earlier. He pulled me away and held my face in one hand, grabbed his dick with the other, and wiped my face with it. His dick warmed my cheeks. I had been squatting down and didn’t realize that I had moved so close to him that my hole was just above his left foot until I felt his big toe rubbing my asslips. I was shocked — I never felt anything like that before; but then he reached down and played with my nipples again, slowly raked the nubs and made me quiver.

“Ok…you can use your mouth now, but just on the head,” he said, raising my chin, looking into my eyes. I opened my mouth without gazing away from his face. He smiled, and his dick head slipped in. It was tangy and a little salty. I sucked on it and heard him groan.

“Oh, yea. That’s how you do it, man. I didn’t think you would actually do it. Keep going.”

His toe on my hole was opening a part of me that I didn’t know I had — I wanted it to keep going, deep into me. As he kept rubbing, I rubbed back. With his toes on my hole, his hands on my nips, and his dick in my mouth, an orgasm was building up inside me. I started to moan, sucked his dick a little faster, and slurped on that fat head with drool dripping down my chin. I was beyond embarrassed and humiliated by that point. I wanted it and I needed to cum so bad.

“Whoa there, Champ. Slow down.” But it was too late. A final stab to my hole with his toe did me in; cum erupted from dick hitting my chest and dripped down. I moaned — in a way that was louder than I ever thought I could get from cumming. Even more came out that drenched my own dick and balls, trickled down to my hole where his toe was spreading it around the lips.

“Damn, dude. I said slow down. Look what happened. Shit…I think you came from sitting on my toe,” he chuckled. “You didn’t even touch your dick.”

I motioned to get up and leave, but once again he stopped me. The feeling of being humiliated was back. “No, we’re not done yet, bro.” That was true, I wanted more. My dick was still hard. It didn’t go down at all. But I felt that leaving right then would spare me from more embarrassing shit.

He sat back on the armchair while pulling me up. He tapped on his thighs, telling me exactly what he wanted. “I’m too heavy,” I said. He didn’t pay me any mind, and said, “Just come on up man.” Fuck. What the hell? After doing everything that I had already done, what was one more thing?

Awkwardly, I got up on the chair. He wanted me to face him. I must have looked like an idiot trying to balance myself as I got up to sit on his lap. But the only way to do that was to let my legs dangle over the arms or squat over him, leaving my smooth thighs wide open, letting him a close up view of my dick and balls. I decided to squat. His dick was right beside mine, thrusting into the air with that curve. I felt its size next to mine; his dick was so warm. With a thumb and a finger, he lightly and softly stroked my dick from the head down to the base. He looked into my eyes, then down to our cocks

“How small is your dick?” he asked.

“Dude, don’t start.”

“Have you ever measured it?”

“Stop it. Stop talking about it.” I tried wiggling out.

“Fine, but don’t move, Champ.” He continued stroking. “Wanna see how I jack off?”

I nodded. He grabbed his dick with both hands. “That’s how. Wanna try it?” I grabbed his cock with both hands. Damn, it just felt unreal. “Up and down.”

I stroked it. I couldn’t get over the hefty size, thick veins pumped up with blood. I squeezed.

“It’s big, huh, champ?” he said with a smirk. I didn’t reply.

Then he asked, “Why don’t you grab your dick too and jack us off together?” I hesitated; it was more of a command than a request, but I wanted to do it, to feel his dick against mine. When I held my dick against his, the heat surprised me a little bit; it made my hole so hot, it made me jump a little bit. I could feel just how small my dick was.

“We are complete opposites,” he said, slowly sliding his dick up and down against mine. “How does it feel champ?” Except for my moans, I kept quiet. There wasn’t anything I could say.

“Come on, talk to me”

“Your dick is so big, Matt,” I said finally. He smiled, a very confident smile.

Chapter 7: A Brief Digression

Mistress Sarah sat naked, in a stiff padded chair in front of a large vanity. She waited patiently for her two sex pets to return. It was time for Joe to learn how to properly dress her for a night out and she wanted him in full sissy attire for the event. May had been charged with the task of getting him back into his dress. In the reflection of the mirror Mistress Sarah watched May help Joe into his sissy dress. May slowly circled Joe and pulled down on the pink silky fabric, ensuring the shiny dress cascaded around his legs smoothly and wrinkle free.

Mistress Sarah’s fingers leisurely caressed her own breasts as she watched the show. Her thumbs rubbed over her nipples causing a brief shiver through her body. It was an arousing sight to see May naked and dressing her sissy. May’s body was slender and tight. Each time she leaned forward, Mistress Sarah was rewarded with the sexy image of her round tits dangling beneath her slim body.

May moved behind Joe, which gave Mistress Sarah a clear view of him. Mistress Sarah teased her nipples as she took in the sight. It was her chance to admire Joe without him being aware. He was caught up in the moment with May and did not notice Mistress Sarah staring at him through the mirror.

To Mistress Sarah, Joe did not exist anymore; at least not on the surface. He was tucked away deep inside Josie. That’s where he belonged and Mistress Sarah intended on keeping him tucked away as long as possible. Josie was her creation and she needed to thrive and be free.

Mistress Sarah’s pussy began to dampen as she admired her silk covered sissy. He looked pretty and docile draped in pink and white satin. The pretty silk bows all over the dress looked cute. May even added white lace gloves to his ensemble that matched perfectly with his white stockings. Aside from his face and neck, the only skin showing was from his wrists to the top of his arms. Mistress Sarah loved this image. The image of his strong and muscular arms disappearing into soft silk and lacy fabric hit an erotic nerve within her that caused her pussy to quiver in pleasure.

Needing to satisfy the heat between her legs, Mistress Sarah’s right hand slid down to her pussy. She lightly traced her fingers over her soft pussy lips as she reminisced about her first days with Josie. She remembered how unwilling he was to being feminized. He admitted he was a panty boy, as most boys do, but was resistant to go much further. However with carefully planned teasing and seduction, his panty boy days were a thing of the past.

Mistress Sarah’s fingers grew wetter as she played with herself and thought back to the first time she convinced him to buy tampons. He was nervous and shy but he could not disobey her orders. He bought tampons and he inserted one into his ass and wore it all day at work. This was an exciting moment for both Mistress Sarah and him as it proved he had the courage to move down the path of feminization.

Now the once defiant boy stood behind Mistress Sarah dressed in complete sissy attire. Tampons were a monthly routine for him. He had grown fond of butt plugs and dildos in his ass. Standing up to pee, never crossed his mind anymore. Mistress Sarah took great pleasure in knowing that her power and sex appeal were the reason for all this. Josie was her creation and her property. She would continue to mold and shape his mind and body into a pretty submissive femme boy. This is what she enjoyed doing and it was the only way boys were allowed into her world.

With her excitement building her patience grew short. “Hurry pets. Come to me,” she demanded.

May and Josie hurried over to Mistress Sarah and stood on each side of her.

“Kneel at my feet,” ordered Mistress Sarah.

Josie kneeled down in front of his Mistress. His kitty bell jingled around his neck.

Mistress Sarah looked over at May and in a gentler voice said, “You to May. Kneel next to Josie.”

With both her pets at her feet, Mistress Sarah spread open her knees revealing her wet and swollen pussy. The smell of her sex was strong and delicious.

“You two have been naughty getting me exciting like this. You need to take of this problem…quickly so we can get ready,” ordered Mistress Sarah.

Mistress Sarah guided May’s head between her legs. Josie watched her tongue lick up and down the length of Mistress Sarah’s shaven pussy several times. Then her tongue disappeared into the hot wetness. Mistress Sarah held May’s head against her sex and moaned in delight as May’s tongue probed deep insider her.

Josie was entranced at the sight of May’s pussy lips peaking out at him while she kneeled and serviced Mistress Sarah. He grew hungry for her. He wanted to taste her. Josie leaned forward and followed his craving. He licked May’s pussy lips with his needy tongue. Her lips felt velvety against his tongue. She tasted delicious and naughty. May opened her knees slightly and pushed back onto Josie’s tongue. A two-way tongue fuck ensued.

May pleasured Mistress Sarah while Josie pleasured May. Josie’s cock hung below him hard, throbbing, and untouched. This did not bother Josie for he knew his purpose was to serve and please woman. That in itself was rewarding for him. Josie also received pleasure from the plug that was still pressed tightly into his ass. He rocked slightly on his knees as he tongued May’s pussy causing the plug to press against his panties and push deeper into his ass. Josie savored this simulated fucking sensation in his boy pussy.

Soon Mistress Sarah erupted into orgasm. Like electricity, it only took seconds to flow through to May. May reached one hand back and pressed Josie’s head into her pulsing pussy. Josie pressed his mouth and nose into her tight wet hole and used his tongue as best he could to satisfy her orgasm. May moaned into Mistress Sarah’s pussy as her orgasm took hold. Josie kept licking and licking until May finally pushed him away.

Josie was left kneeling and aroused, facing the two girls. Both girls looked satisfied and relaxed. Josie on the other hand was horny, and attentive. Although his cock was hidden beneath the sissy dress the expression on his face was filled with arousal. May wanted to have a little fun and so she ordered, “Lift up your dress princess. I want to see your sissy cock. I bet it’s so hard right now.”

“Yes…very hard Miss May,” admitted Josie as he slowly lifted the hem of the dress.

His cock was twitching on its own from all the excitement. May moved her foot to his cock and gently rubbed the underside with her toes. She teased, “Aww. Look how excited our little bitch is. Poor kitty didn’t get to cum.”

Josie pushed his cock forward, humping her foot.

May held her foot firm and said, “That’s it slut. Hump my foot. You are so desperate to cum aren’t you?”

“Yes Miss May. Please may I cum,” begged Josie. He rubbed his cock up and down the underside of her foot.

Mistress Sarah crossed her legs and sat back and watched. She was delighted at how May was maintaining control and power over Josie while teasing him. May’s other foot joined in on the teasing. Both her feet cupped Josie’s cock as he humped away. Josie was amazed at how skillful May was with her feet.

Again Josie begged, “Please Miss May can I cum? I’m so close!”

May quickly pulled her feet away and laughed. “You’ve already had an orgasm once today Josie. I think that’s enough. I want you to stay hot and horny all night. That way you will be begging me to fuck you with my strap-on later tonight.”

Mistress Sarah smiled and petted May’s head. She complimented, “Nicely done. Good girl.”

May smiled both inside and out, from the compliment. She was happy to please Mistress Sarah and also thrilled at her power over Josie.

Chapter 8: Dressing The Girls

For the next half-hour all attention was on Mistress Sarah. May was already well trained on getting Mistress Sarah ready for a night out so she knew what had to be done. She ordered Josie to pick out 4 or 5 panty and bra sets from Mistress Sarah’s lingerie drawer. While Josie gathered these items, May worked on blow-drying and brushing Mistress Sarah’s hair. Just as May was finishing with the hair dryer, Josie returned with a handful of panties and bras.

“Let’s see what you picked out princess,” said May as she stood behind Mistress Sarah, brushing her long blond hair. “Hold them up one at a time for Mistress to see.”

Mistress Sarah had a large collection of bras and panties. Josie tried to pick a variety of styles and colors, hoping that at least one set would satisfy her. He started with a purple lace bra and matching thong.

“Mmm. I love that set,” cooed Mistress Sarah. “Sexy choice kitten, but let’s see what else you have.”

Josie held up each panty and bra. Mistress Sarah and May giggled a few times and complimented on how cute Josie would look in some of the items. Mistress Sarah finally settled on a black lace bra with black silk boy shorts.

May had Josie bring the items over to Mistress Sarah and ordered him to dress her. He knelt before Mistress Sarah and slid the panties up her legs. She lifted her ass slightly off the chair allowing Josie to pull the panties all the way up. Next Josie picked up the bra. He had taken many bras off girls before but had never put one on a girl and so he felt awkward with the bra in his hands.

May noticed his uncertainty and hesitation. She joked, “don’t be scared Josie. It’s just a bra. You can do it.”

Mistress Sarah added, “Soon you’ll be a pro with bras dear. They will become a regular part of your wardrobe pretty. We don’t want your titties getting saggy do we?”

Josie’s cock twitched at the comment. He did not know how serious Mistress Sarah was about him wearing bras all the time. For some mysterious reason the idea excited him. He could not imagine how it would be possible but at the moment it seemed thrilling.

Mistress Sarah stood-up and put her arms out for Josie. Josie slid the straps up her arms. It almost seemed cruel to be covering up such beautiful tits. Before the bra covered her tits, Mistress Sarah ordered, “Kiss them.”

Josie gladly leaned down and gave each of her nipples a soft kiss and gentle tongue licking. Josie cock was raging hard beneath his sissy dress.

“Mmmm. So nice,” moaned Mistress Sarah.

After enjoying her tits for a few brief seconds, Josie moved behind Mistress Sarah and pulled her bra up. To his surprise, he managed to clasp the bra shut with only a slight bit of fumbling.

Even May was impressed. “Good girl,” she said in a complimentary tone.

Next Josie was ordered to fetch a pair of panties from May’s overnight bag. She would go topless for now because that was the way Mistress Sarah preferred her. He fished through the bag and found a pair of cotton leopard print panties. Josie quickly brought them over to May and kneeled before her. May stepped into the panties and Josie slid them up her legs. On a whim, he gave her pussy a kiss and a flick off his tongue before pulling the panties all the way up.

“Very nice,” cooed May. “Now let’s get you started on Mistress Sarah’s hair.”

May handed him a brush and stood back to watch. Josie lightly brushed Mistress Sarah’s hair.

Immediately May ordered, “Harder! Don’t be such a sissy!”

Both May and Mistress Sarah laughed at the unintended pun. “Oh, that’s right… you are a sissy,” said May, amused. “Try to be more like a man when you brush her hair. I know it will be hard for you pretty, but just try.”

Josie blushed at the humiliating remarks and giggles. His red face seemed to be a visual gauge on his arousal and submission. The deeper he blushed the more his cock swelled and the more submissive he became. Obediently he firmly brushed Mistress Sarah’s long golden hair. He felt like a slave worshipping a Goddess.

May went to work on Mistress Sarah’s make-up while Josie continued with her hair. Mistress Sarah relaxed and enjoyed the pampering from her pets. It was blissful for her to not have to give out any orders. She reveled in her Goddess state as her pets gave 100% of their attention to her.

In between brushing hair, Josie had to fetch various make-up items for May. Although most of the items were within reach of May, she still required Josie to fetch them. This served two purposes. First, it was a learning experience for him and second, it reinforced his obedience and slave status with May.

May applied most of the make-up. While she worked she explained to Josie what she was she was doing. She even let Josie help apply some of Mistress Sarah’s foundation, blush, and lipstick. Josie found the experience to be very gratifying. He enjoyed pampering his Mistress and was eager to learn about make-up.

After Mistress Sarah’s hair and make-up were done, Josie followed May to the closet. She sorted through the large selection of clothes looking for a sexy outfit for Mistress Sarah. She finally settled on a simple black tank top with spaghetti straps and a pair of white denim shorts.

“Here you go sissy slave,” said May as she handed the items to Josie. “Now run along and dress your Mistress.”

“Yes Miss May,” replied Josie submissively.

Joe dressed Mistress Sarah in the tight fitting clothes. The top clung nicely to here large breasts and provided a breathtaking view of her cleavage. The shorts were made of stretchy denim that hugged her round ass perfectly. Joe felt a bit jealous, knowing that Mistress Sarah would be hitting the clubs in such a sexy outfit without him.

Next he helped her into a pair of dressy sandals that were both sexy and comfortable. Finally, May laid out a necklace, ear rings, and bracelets for Josie to put on Mistress Sarah.

Mistress Sarah admired herself in the mirror and said, “Nicely done girls. It will be fun teasing all the boys and girls in my sexy outfit tonight. Maybe I’ll bring one of them home to play with. Wouldn’t that be fun Josie?”

“Yes, very fun,” admitted Josie, hoping she would bring home a girl and not a boy. He knew anything was possible with Mistress Sarah.

“I’m sure they would love to watch Miss May pop your cherry sweetie.”

Seductively May added, “I would love to put on a show.”

Mistress Sarah said, “Well then Josie, you better make Miss May look nice and pretty for the show. I’ll meet you two downstairs when you are done.”

Upon Mistress Sarah’s exit, May sat in the chair in front of the vanity. “O.K. Josie. Start with my hair.”

“Yes Miss May.”

Josie dried and brushed Miss May’s hair. Then he was instructed on how to apply her make-up. This time Josie did most of the application himself. Putting on her foundation and blush was easy and fun for Josie. When it came to the finer things like mascara and eye shadow, Josie was awkward and clumsy. Often times Miss May had to touch up his mistakes.

Miss May was always firm, but understanding with her criticism. When she was not satisfied with her eye shadow she criticized, “Too much Josie. I want subtleness to attract the boys, not clown eyes.”

“Yes Miss May. Sorry,” apologized Josie as he watched her wipe some away and touch it up.

It took two tries with the lipstick before Josie could get her lips to look acceptable to Miss May. Josie thought the brown glossy color was a sexy and glamorous accent to her lighter colored skin.

After the make-up was done, Josie retrieved a leopard print bra from her overnight bag. Wanting to treat her just as special as Mistress Sarah, Josie spent a few minutes attending to Miss May’s nipples before pulling the bra all the way up. Her breasts were smaller than Mistress Sarah’s but they were perfect for her body size. Josie loved their firmness and perkiness. He could not resist cupping her tits in his hands while he teased her nipples with his tongue.

Miss May took pleasure in the attention. His soft lips against her sensitive nipples caused an exquisite burst of pleasure . She could feel her nipples swell with arousal. She arched her back and lightly held the back of his head encouraging him to continue.

A soft moan escaped her lips, “ooohh, kitty-kat.”

Miss May was sinking into a sea of pleasure. Her pussy came alive and slowly she was being swept away. She did not want it to stop but she knew Mistress Sarah was waiting and would be upset if they took too long. It took all her strength to fight her sexual urges. Miss May pushed his head away and said, “enough kitty-kat. You’re going to get me in trouble. Mistress Sarah is waiting. Hurry and dress me.”

“Yes Miss May.”

Josie pulled up her bra cups and secured the bra. Next he helped Miss May into a white tank top and a gray pleated skirt. Finally, he kneeled before her with a pair of heels. Miss May slid each foot into the shoes and Josie secured the straps around her ankles.

Josie thought Miss May looked sexy and flirty. “You look incredible Miss May.”

“Thanks slave. I bet I’ll make a few cocks hard tonight. What do you think Josie? Will the guys being dreaming of fucking me tonight?”

“Most definitely Miss May. I would want to.”

Miss May laughed and looked into Josie eyes. “Silly Josie, you’re just a sissy boy. I know your little clitty is all hard and swollen underneath that pretty dress but when I’m at the clubs I flirt with real men who have real cocks.”

Josie blushed with embarrassment. For a brief moment, he wanted to show that he could be a real man but part of him was excited at his predicament. There was a strange thrill in being humiliated and knowing that he was her servant, preparing her for a night of flirting and possible sex.

Josie was confused at these emotions. Before he could get his thoughts together Miss May continued, “Don’t worry Josie. Sissies are special to me too. You don’t get to fuck me but I get to fuck you and I am so looking forward to it tonight.”

Josie’s cock throbbed in his panties. “Me too Miss May. I can’t wait.”

“I know sissy. You are a slut aren’t you? Tell me that Josie. Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you.”

Miss May’s orders energized Josie with lust and excitement. “I want you to fuck me real bad Miss May. I want to be your slut.”

“Mmm. Are you my bitch?”

“Yes, I am your bitch. Pleas fuck your bitch,” begged Josie, his cock throbbing harder by the minute.

“I’m going to peg you hard bitch! That’s what you want isn’t it?”

Josie hesitated. He had never been pegged in the ass before and was nervous about a hard fucking. His hesitation was noticed by Miss May.

Miss May scolded, “Say yes Josie!”

Overcome by her authority Josie, replied, “Yes. Please fuck me hard! Fuck me anyway you want too.”

Miss May’s tone softened, “That’s a good bitch. Come here sissy. Let me touch you up before our guests arrive.”

“Guests,” questioned Josie with nervousness as he walked over to Miss May.

Miss May began to reapply red lipstick onto Josie’s lips. “Yes darling. Mistress wanted everyone to meet at her house so that she could show you off.”

Josie’s heart pounded in his chest. He was nervous about meeting other people while dressed as a sissy.

“It’s just a few friends. They have all seen Nellie prettied up before. They are going to fawn all over you in your pretty dress.”

Miss May’s words calmed Josie. He knew that Nellie was a reference to Mistress Sarah’s boyfriend, Neil. Knowing that the girls were into sissies changed the scenario a bit. The thought actually became exciting to Josie. He was looking forward to the attention.

Miss May picked up a blush brush and said, “A little blush with your red lipstick will give you the perfect sissy look kitty-kat.”

She brushed the blush onto each cheek and inspected her work. “Perfect,” she said.

Miss May made Josie look into the mirror. “You look like a boy in a wig who has been playing with make-up…a sissy boy. Any more make-up and you would start to look like a pretty girl.”

I sat down on the couch, completely spent, staring at the screen with the “Blowjob 101″ title flashing on the screen with images of women in various stages of sucking a man off. I noticed that there was a 7″ pink dildo on the side table, which I certainly hadn’t left there. I decided to lie down for a bit and began walking back to my bedroom only to find that the door had been locked with a similar electronic lock that was controlling the front door. The spare rooms were locked as well, leaving me no option but to be in the living room where my assignment was waiting for me on learning how to give the perfect blowjob and also how to act while being fucked to give the best possible experience to the one penetrating me. Suddenly I yearned for the days of calculus homework.

I walked over to the couch and looked around for the remote, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. Suddenly the video started up without any effort on my part – it must have been controlled from someone watching on camera, wonderful. An extremely attractive blond came onto the screen to give an introduction, going on and on about how this instructional video would be all one would ever need to learn how to please any cock at any time. Between her and some of her friends, they would give detailed examples of their various techniques along with opportunities for the viewer to participate with the accompanying dildo that came with the video. That explained the pink dildo, apparently, as I saw the blond on the screen waving one around that looked identical. She said that she would give the viewer a moment to get her (she continuously said ‘her’ as this was obviously intended for a female to watch – not a male being transformed into one) dildo at the ready. As soon as that sentence finished, the video paused.

I began lifting up the couch cushions, searching for the remote. I went to the kitchen and looked through the drawers, but nothing was found. The video began to rewind and started again, right when the blond on the screen was saying that the viewer was to get her dildo ready. They had to be kidding.

I walked back over to the couch and picked up the dildo, then sat back down. The video immediately started back up as I had apparently done as I was told. Over the next 90 minutes I learned more about giving a blowjob than I thought I had learned about anything else in my entire life. The video would routinely pause, either for the participation segments or if something important was said that I was supposed to write down in my notebook. By the time the video had finished I had written down nearly three pages of notes, all on how to suck a dick. Looking through my notes my face turned red from humiliation. There were the notes on how some men liked it when you swirled your tongue on the head of their cock before you took it in your mouth. Others apparently got off on hearing the sucking and slurping noises. Some enjoyed having the woman (or me) put her hands behind her back while they took complete control while others enjoyed laying back with their hands behind their hand while the cocksucker did all of the work. There was a whole segment on how to use your tongue piercing to stimulate your partner’s sexual urges. Another segment on the different positions to move it, which positions allowed the most control for the suckee or the deeper penetration into the sucker’s mouth. The final segment was all about the cumshot – how some men loved seeing the cum on the female’s face or breasts, but that most enjoyed shooting into your mouth and then watching as you played with it for a few moments before swallowing it back down. For all of the segments there were example videos of various women sucking men on camera as well as a participation example where the video would pause and not continue until I had completed the example to ‘perfection’ as deemed by whoever was watching me. So, here I was, in my living room still dressed in my boots and pink dress, my pink thong damp from the cum that had leaked out of my pussy on the drive home, sucking on a pink dildo while watching a video on how to do it the best way possible. My life had come to this.

After that video completed, before I could even set my notebook down, the next video started up. It was a regular porn flick, but it was repeatedly fast forwarded to the erotic moments. I remembered that I was to take notes on various subjects – how the woman moved as she was fucked, what she does and says to help her partner’s experience in fucking her, how she seduced him to get him in the mood. More notes, more humiliation. That video ended, followed by yet another – more notes, more humiliation burning me to my core. By the end of those videos I had watched endless stripteases and lap dances used for seduction. I had watched women arch their backs, caress their breasts and stroke their pussies as they were fucked. I heard a litany of dirty talk, always resulting in the man pumping her harder and faster as it obviously tripped a trigger inside of him to hear how big he was, how strong he was, how good it felt to have a pulsing cock inside her pussy. I wasn’t able to soak in just how attractive these women were as I was too busy trying not to miss a single detail in my notes – I certainly didn’t want to experience anything similar to the pain that I had been exposed to at the shop earlier.

When the final video finished I saw that the clock was just past 11pm. Down the hallway I heard the sound of one of the electronic locks unlocking and walked down the hall to see that it was my bedroom lock. I walked in and saw a note along with some lingerie on the bed. The lingerie was a black fly away baby doll with teal colored lace on the cups with a matching teal bow tied between them. There were ruffles down the opening as it split apart to show off the wearer’s stomach. Underneath was a matching black thong, one of the smallest I had ever seen. At the top of the crotch was a small black ruffle outlined in teal again with a small teal ribbon bow on it as well. I picked up the note.

“Candi – if you’re reading this you must have sufficiently passed your first viewing of your videos. You are now allowed to shower and dress for bed – you’ve surely found your outfit underneath this note. Be sure to shave off any hair stubble, but if you miss any then I’m sure you’ll get them in your shower before you go back to meet Miss Vicki tomorrow. She had a few positive things to say about you but did mention that she was sorely disappointed in your performance during the analysis with Alice. Sounds like you’ll be in for some intense training starting up tomorrow night, so be sure to rest up. When you wake in the morning you will be required to watch the videos once more, complete with your participation in the do-it-yourself segments. I want to be sure that you can recite all of the details from memory so that you don’t further embarrass me in front of Miss Vicki.”

I crumpled up the note and threw it to the ground. I sat angrily down on the bed and began the long process of working these dreadful boots off of my legs, throwing them against the wall as I was released from each small prison. Off came the dress followed quickly by the thong, both bundled up and thrown atop the boots as I pulled off the wig, then carefully removed all of the jewelry before hopping in the shower.

My body clean and, sadly, hairless, I climbed out, feeling the goosebumps appear as I dried myself off. I walked to the bedroom and noticed that the door was locked, trapping me inside the room, obviously a sign that I was to go to sleep. What else would I do? Go “play” in my fetish room? Not likely unless I was forced. I tossed the baby doll and thong off of my bed, the only real act of defiance I could muster with how tired I was. I would sleep naked. As I lifted my leg up to climb into bed my clit ring again reminded me of its presence, making me put my leg back down. I gave a frustrated yell and then defeatedly walked to the baby doll and thong, sliding my legs through the openings of the tiny black material and pulling it up into place, the now familiar feeling of a small string splitting my ass cheeks apart. I pulled on the baby doll, adjusting the teal cups to properly house my fake breasts inside them, feeling my still tender nipples underneath from the session at the store earlier that day as I moved them around. I gave an angry look to the camera and rhetorically asked if he was satisfied, then climbed into bed, immediately falling into a deep sleep.

I awoke to an alarm clock ringing through the intercom system. I tried pulling the pink silk pillows over my ears to drown out the noise but it only became louder. Just as my feet hit the floor and I stood out of bed, the alarm kicked off and the bedroom door unlocked. I sleepily walked out to the living room, noticing that the “Blowjob 101″ video was again queued up with the pink dildo and notepad ready to go. 12:00pm was displayed on the clock… seven hours, I thought to myself, before I’d be back in that store doing God knows what to God knows who. I sighed deeply, noticing my breasts rising and falling as I did so underneath their teal decor, and sat down on the couch. I watched all three videos again, picking up on minor details that I had apparently overlooked during my first viewing. Small things like how to fondle the male’s testicles in your hands as you’re sucking his cock, to take his cock between your breasts and allow him to titty fuck you to get him in the mood, to squeeze your pussy muscles as his cock was extracting to increase his pleasure. More notes… more humiliating notes. I hated myself with every word I wrote.

The movies finally ended and I saw that it was just past 4pm. The door to my fetish room unlocked, signaling me to head in there. Once inside I saw an outfit hanging from the rail on the bed, making my jaw drop wide open. The dress was slutty enough to wear out in public and had resulted in plenty of misguided messages to those on the train – if I wore what was hanging off this bed, I’d never make it off of that train.

Yet there it was, hanging from various hangers. First was a red satin corset that would hug my chest and stomach tightly with a zipper up the back. In the middle of the corset, just below the breast cups, there was a large white bow with the sash running all the way around, the bow being just under the left breast. Underneath the corset was a fluffy white tutu that would hardly even go down past my ass, plus with how it flared out, even with how full it was, the shortness of it would cause my ass to obviously be visible underneath it to anyone behind me, especially those sitting on the train. A small red thong would go under the tutu. There were also white fishnet thigh highs with small white satin bows on the front of each, leading down to sparkly red high heels. The only bright spot was that the heels seemed to only be about 4″, quite a relief from the 6″ boots I had to wear the previous day, but the sacrifice of that comfort for having to wear this outfit was too much. I took the outfit in my hands, my eyes wide as I saw just how much of my body would be revealed. There on the bed was a blond wig with hair that would flow just down to my breasts – it looked like the perfect hairstyle for a blond bombshell that moonlighted as a bimbo. Silver earrings were on the dresser along with a belly button ring that dangled down into small silver handcuffs at the bottom. A white and red swirled ball was also there for my tongue piercing. He never forgot about the tongue piercing. There was again a photo of how I was to do my makeup. Bright red lipstick stood out the most – aside from that it was the normal slutty requirements.

I bundled everything up and took it to my bedroom, where I showered and shaved once again, making sure that there was no hair anywhere to be found. I climbed out and again looked in horror at the outfit, hoping that it had somehow changed to jeans and a hooded sweatshirt while I was in the shower, but to no avail. I sat gingerly on the bed and started to rub the melon scented lotion all over my body as I had been trained to do. I was angry at myself for becoming so automatic in completing these tasks. With the lotion on I pulled each of the stockings up my legs, making sure to keep the white bows in front. There was a tingling sensation as I pulled them up my smooth and soft legs, giving me a moment of pleasure before I realized what I was gaining pleasure from and cursed myself yet again. I took the handcuff belly button jewelry and put it on, then I pulled the skimpy red thong into place. I did my best to pull the corset on, but it was a struggle to say the least. I had to put it on backwards in order to zip it up and then twist it around before straining to pull it up over my breasts. Once it was on the cleavage I was displaying was massive as the corset smashed my breasts into my body, only concealing about half of them as they tried to bust loose. I was out of breath as I pulled on the tutu, scoffing at how daringly short it was. I turned to the side and saw that, even standing perfectly straight, I could see the bottom of my ass cheeks. I went to the mirror and applied the makeup as I was supposed to, then put on the earrings and put the tongue ring in its place as well. I was becoming so efficient at all of this that it made me sick to my stomach. I pulled the wig on and put the white bow into my hair just above my left ear, holding the hair back on that side as it draped down on the right. The wig was obviously made for this as I noticed that most of the hair was to the right, needing to be pulled over my shoulder and in front of me so that it could drape down over my right breast. How very slutty. I slipped on the sparkly red heels and then walked out of the room.

5:00pm – time to leave, I guess, as the front door unlocked. I grabbed my car key that I had left on the kitchen counter and walked out to my car. As I was walking out, my neighbor opened up her door – she and I used to flirt all the time and I had always thought I had a real chance with her. She was a brunette with a petite build and a gorgeous face, plus her tits were a perfect C cup and so perky. I loved the summer time when I would see her heading to the complex pool in her bikini – I was sure she caught me staring a few times, but never seemed to mind. She was typically so friendly but, seeing this slut walk out of my apartment gave her a look of disgust on her face as she walked past me, eying me up and down. I heard her mumble something about all the guys just wanting whores and wanted to scream to her that it was really me, wanting to tell her my whole awful story, but scared of what would happen if I got her involved. Besides, she was little more than a stranger to me in my normal life – why would she even want to help me? And what could she do?

I let her get in her car and leave before I made it to my car, making the same drive to the subway and the same embarrassing request for a ticket for Candi at the on-call window. The train seemed to take longer to get there this time and the people seemed much more obvious in how they stared at me. A few came up to me and tried to chat, eventually working in how great I looked and asking why I was dressed that way. I did my best to laugh it off and tell them I was heading to a costume party, trying to ignore the look of pure lust in their eyes and to take my mind off the fact that their cocks were obviously swelling in their pants due to my sexual appeal. It didn’t help that I routinely had to bend over to pull up the tops of my stockings as they continuously slid down my legs – I never thought I’d want a garter belt, but one would really have come in handy as I kept giving the growing crowd behind me a wonderful view of my smooth ass underneath that awful white tutu.

The train finally gave me a dose of mercy and arrived, not being near as full as it had been the previous day and thankfully I didn’t see any of the familiar faces of the men I had to initiate sexual acts with during my ride home from the store. I did my best to go to the corner of the car I was in and avoid any eye contact. Then when I was two stops from my exit, two men approached me, one sitting down – both towered over me when standing. The one who was still standing eyed me up and down before nodding towards his friend.

“My friend here thinks your sexy – you’re too small for me, I like a little meat on my bitches. But he wants a little lap dance from you.. I’m guessing you put on one fine ass show, too.”

I gave a nervous laugh and again tried my line about the costume party, but noticed from his lack of a change in demeanor that he was serious. I moved between the man’s legs who was sitting down, facing him as I felt his hands wander up underneath my tutu and cup my ass before squeezing roughly. His friend moved to sit next to him to enjoy the show as well. The train was fairly empty, enough to where everyone aboard could see me, and I apparently had everyone’s attention. There was no music, so I did my best to improvise, trying to remember back to the videos I had just watched. I turned around and bent over, placing my ass in his lap as I began to grind against the cock I could feel hardening underneath. I turned back around and straddled him, caressing my breasts underneath my corset in my hands before taking his and placing them there as I again ground my crotch against his, him being completely unaware that my cock was mere inches from his. I turned back around and walked to one of the poles on the train, attempting to dance seductively on it. I felt the train start to slow before my exit and put a plan in place. I moved to the end of the pole closest to the door and backed into it, feeling the coolness of it between my ass cheeks. The train stopped and the doors sprung open, but I continued to dance with my back to the men. Finally the buzzer sounded, signaling that the doors would be shutting in a few seconds. Without warning I sprung through the doors, turning to see them close behind me with the men banging on them, too slow to get there in time. I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that I was surely going to be giving a happy ending to that dance if I had not made my timely escape. I turned and headed up the stairs, out of the tunnel and walked the three blocks to the store yet again.

There weren’t many people out walking in the area I was, thankfully, though I still saw the cars slow as they drove past me, a few yelling some comments out their window about what they’d like to do to me. It was still difficult to grasp hearing those comments, but dressed as I was, I suppose I was inviting them. I made it to the front door of the store and pushed it open, again smelling the mixture of cheap perfume and sex on fire inside the hot store floor. The jingle of the door let everyone know I was there and I noticed that there were quite a few more people there this time around. A few women, but mostly men browsing the videos, toys and magazines.

Alice came running up to me before I could take more than two steps inside the door. I was floored by what she was wearing – for being a bit of a bigger girl, she definitely had no shame and was proud of how she carried herself. Around her neck was a studded black leather collar, and then holding in her massive breasts was a small, leather halter top with the middle cut out, showing off her enormous cleavage. Her mid section was completely bare aside from a small belly button chain, leading down to a black leather micro mini skirt. The skirt was so small and tight that her black leather thong was on full display underneath, and I could tell from looking at it that nearly her entire ass was in full view from behind. She had black leather thigh high boots on as well with black laces running from the toes all the way up to the top where they were tied in perfect bows. She had on thick red lipstick similar to mine and her blond hair hung down over her shoulders. She still had all of her piercings in her lip, nose, eyebrow and tongue and her eyeliner was deep and black around her eyes. She actually looked extremely sexy. She was one of the more emo chicks, but she also obviously took care of her body and had a nice even tan throughout – you hardly even noticed that she was upwards of 200 pounds the way she carried herself. She had that same evil smile on her face as she approached me quickly.

“Candi! You’re right on time – I’m so excited you decided to come back! And wow, I LOVE that outfit! Here, let me show you around the store since you’re going to be a regular around here.”

I was angry that she announced to the store that I had “decided” to come back. There was little decision involved in any of this past month and this was just another example. But, nonetheless, Alice grabbed me by the arm and began walking me around the store, obviously just wanting to show me off to all of the customers. She started in the video section and had me pause to look at the videos whenever someone was near us, allowing them to rape me with their eyes until she was satisfied and moved us on. We went through the apparel section with Alice routinely picking up some racy lingerie and holding it up to me, then loudly and rhetorically asking me what I thought before moving on to the next rack of clothing. She took me to the toys section and had me pick up a few of the dildos, then toyed with me by asking me to choose my favorite while others looked on. I was so embarrassed and wanted it over with quickly so I picked one that was similar to the one I had been made to use during my training video the night before, a hot pink one about 7″ in length. Alice clapped and said that one was cute – and that I would eventually learn to favor the larger black ones. My lip quivered as people giggled around me, amused by her comments. Alice paid no attention to them and pulled me up to the front of the store, back past the front desk and into Miss Vicki’s office where she was waiting on her computer.

Even sitting behind her desk I was intimidated as I walked in just from looking at her. She stood as I entered to allow me to see that she was wearing a skin tight black leather catsuit with cutouts all over it. The front was in a Y, with the tops attaching to a leather collar around her neck leading down over her ample breasts, the sides fully on display beneath the material as the leather came back together at her belly button in a silver ring. it again split apart, showing the front of her black thong, leading down to cover her long legs tightly, showing every small curve and crevice. She turned her back to me to grab something from a cabinet and allowed me to see that there was also a cutout at the top of her ass, showing the top half of her cheeks with the thong disappearing in between them. All leading down to powerful looking black stiletto high heels. She wore some very large, very expensive looking silver and diamond earrings dangling down just past her cheeks. Her red hair was tied back into a tight ponytail. Looking at her hands I saw some leather arm warmers going down her forearms – her hands were uncovered as a string held them in place just over her middle finger. All in all she was a very intimidating, yet amazingly attractive, dominatrix figure.

She eyed me up and down as she turned, then motioned for me to sit. Alice pushed me into the chair and then left us, closing the door behind her. Miss Vicki sat across from me in her chair and began peppering me with questions. What to do with your tongue during a blowjob. What to do differently if you have a tongue ring in. What to do with your hands – which was a tricky one because it could either be nothing, playing with the man’s testicles or playing with yourself. What to do with the semen after it was unloaded. One question after the next about how to give head to perfection. I answered each question quietly, never making eye contact as I was ashamed of knowing each of the answers. And I did know them, all from memory.

Finally the questions stopped and Miss Vicki seemed pleased. She stood up and walked around the desk, allowing me to take in her full sexual appearance. My heart was racing as my trapped cock strained against the paste holding it in place. I so desperately wanted it free so that I could shove her over the table and rip her clothing off, taking her from behind. But I was a statue. Something about her was so dominating that I was scared to move, knowing how much control she possessed over me. She sat on the desk and leaned over to her phone, pressing the intercom button down.

“Alice, please send Jeffrey to my office.”

In seconds there was a knock at the door. Miss Vicki answered it and in walked a very well built man. He was white and stood what must have been well over six feet tall. He had jet black hair and was wearing tight leather pants with a black t-shirt on, its sleeves stretching to contain his biceps. He had a small treasure chest on the breast of his shirt and, as he closed the door behind him, I saw the word “STAFF” in white lettering along the back. Miss Vicki had him sit in the chair next to me before turning her direction back to me.

“Show me.”

That’s all she said, but that’s all she really needed to say. After all of the questions of how to give the perfect blowjob, she now wanted me to give one. My mouth opened in half shock, half humiliation. Miss Vicki walked back behind her desk and removed a pink paddle with the word “SLUT” cut out of the part that would strike a poor person’s butt, tapping it in her hands loudly to get the immediacy of her command across to me. I quickly scurried out of my chair and onto my knees in front of this hulk of a man. I reached my hands out and fumbled with his button and zipper, eventually releasing them. He was wearing no underwear underneath and I inhaled in surprise as I saw an incredibly thick 8″ soft penis flop out of his pants. This was too big, I thought to myself, and looked back to Miss Vicki in desperation, begging her with this look to not make me go through with this. She did not budge and shot me a very expectant and frightening look, nodding angrily towards the monster in front of me, again tapping her paddle in her hands.

I looked up at Jeffrey and saw a smile across his face – he obviously knew that he was in for some pleasure. I took my hand and place it on his penis, feeling the warmth in the palm of my hand and feeling it beginning to slowly stiffen. I stroked up and down on it for a moment, then tried to remember back to the video. I took my tongue and licked up and down on his shaft, then slowly took each of his testicles into my mouth, sucking on each one and then letting it slide out as he moaned in the chair. His cock was fully erect now and must have been at least 10″, longer and thicker than anything Alice had forced down my throat the day before. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around it, allowing my tongue piercing to stimulate him as he began to squirm a bit in his seat. I took my hands and took his balls in them, moving them around until he brushed them away, placing them behind my back. Miss Vicki saw what he wanted and, while I was still working on the head of his penis, placed my arms inside of a tight black leather arm binder, forcing them behind me and forcing my chest out, my breasts now even more on display.

Jeffrey was turned on by this and stood up. He easily picked me up and placed me on the desk on my back with my head hanging off the end. He lined his cock up with my awaiting mouth and slid it in, taking control of the process. His cock was sliding halfway into my mouth and I could already feel it starting to touch my throat. There was just no way I’d be able to take it all. He put his hands on my breasts to stabilize himself and then began to allow it to go deeper and deeper into my open mouth. When almost 9 inches were in I began to squirm, my gag reflex beginning to trigger. Miss Vicki slapped my thighs with the paddle, telling me to quit squirming and finish him off. Jeffrey pulled the 9 inches out and began sliding them back in as I tried to relax my entire throat, my eyes widening as I watched the entire shaft disappear into my throat, feeling myself swallowing it in its entirety. He was moaning loudly now as he pulled it out, feverishly pushing it back in as I allowed my tongue piercing to play with his shaft as it entered and then sucking hard on it as he pulled back, listening to my mouth make those awful slurping noises as it left my mouth. He was becoming extremely aggressive now and I was having a hard time keeping up until he finally left his cock only halfway inside of my mouth before it began to twitch against my tongue. He let out a long grunt as he filled up my mouth with his load. I had to resist the urge to swallow it to clear it from my mouth, knowing what I had to do. I sat up and allowed it to bubble at the front of my mouth before licking it all up with my tongue again, doing that a few times and swallowing it bit by bit. The taste was dreadful, something I typically didn’t experience when people just shot their cum straight down my throat. Doing it this way I was forced to taste it, to savor it in my mouth as the load slowly disappeared.

Jeffrey pulled up his pants as Miss Vicki dismissed him back to the floor, a smile on his face as he left. It was now just Miss Vicki and I in the room again, me still sitting on her desk, ashamed at the taste of cum rampant in my taste buds. She slowly clapped as she sat back in her chair.

“Beautifully done, my dear. You got off to a slow start and were a bit hesitant, but I knew Jeffrey would take control once you got him going, so he was a good subject for you to start with. In time you’ll begin to crave the satisfaction of knowing that you can do that to a man, craving the taste of his semen the second you lay eyes on a man. Until then, I’ll be nearby to ‘help’ you along. Now, up off the table and bend that cute little tutu covered ass over, time for a brief punishment for your hesitation and lack of ability to take control of the moment.”

I bit my bottom lip and slid off of the desk, feeling the warmth of where I had just been laying as I bent over it, my hands still bound behind me leaving me completely at Miss Vicki’s mercy. I felt Miss Vicki’s hands delicately pull the white tutu down, then felt it fall to my feet on top of my sparkly red heels. She squeezed each of my cheeks roughly, digging her fingernails into me as I buried my head into the desk in pain. Finally she stopped, only to bring the paddle down swiftly across both of my cheeks. Over and over it felt like she hit the exact same spot. After what I counted to be twenty five strokes she finally stopped, again squeezing my ass in her hands. She told me to stand and face my back to the mirror in the office. In doing so I turned around and saw the word “SLUT” nicely branded into my now reddened ass cheeks.

She put down the paddle and slid the tutu back up over my hips. I winced as it slid over my now very sore ass, which brought a smile to Miss Vicki’s face. She opened the door to the office and led me back out into the store to the front desk where Alice was helping a woman purchase a few items. While Alice was ringing up the sale, the woman saw me walking out of the hallway and made to stand awaiting the sale’s completion. The woman smiled knowingly as she eyed me up and down. Alice printed off the woman’s receipt for her new collection of butt plugs and a flogger, bagged her items in a black and pink bag with a treasure chest imprinted on the front and sent her on her way. Halfway out the store I saw the woman again turn to see me, taking in the sight of me once more before she left.

Alice saw her turn to stare at me and also shot around to face me. Knowing the woman was still in earshot, as well as a handful of other customers, Alice took an opportunity to further my embarrassment.

“Candi! Aww, sweetie – you’ve still got a bit of Jeffrey’s cum on your lips. That’s understandable, he carries a big load in that pipe of his. I was surprised to hear you got it all down after you struggled so much yesterday with my dildo – it sounds like you’re coming along nicely. Let me help you with that since you apparently were a bad girl and had to have your hands tied behind your back like that.”

Alice approached me and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me into her and licking my lips with her pierced tongue. She then slid her slippery tongue inside of my mouth, taking the small dab of cum that was left on my lips and transferring it to me. Her hands moved down to my ass, making me wince in pain as it was still extremely sore. Alice took notice and smiled, moving me away from her and turning me around. She pulled up my tutu, even though you could clearly see my reddened ass underneath it without lifting it, to see the “SLUT” emblem now very prevalent.

“Ohhh” she cooed, “that looks painful sweetie. Miss Vicki gives a masterful spanking, doesn’t she? Looks like she did a number on you. I’m sure that will stay with you and teach you to behave yourself, hmm?”

She looked to me, expecting an answer. I quietly whispered a confirmation, but that was no enough. She grasped my suffering ass cheeks and squeezed until I answered loudly enough for everyone in the store to hear.

“That’s better, Candi. Now, until your next training session starts up in a couple hours your job is to promote this awesome new item we got a shipment of in today. It’s called the ‘monkey rocker’ and, from what I’ve seen of it on the Internet, it’s fucking amazing.”

I didn’t like the sound of this thing, whatever ‘monkey rocker’ meant. Alice grabbed me around the waist and started walking me over towards the middle of the store. There in the middle of the store floor I saw some twisted looking machine. The height of the machine just barely came up to my knees. There were red pads running parallel to one another along either side of the machine that I would be required to squat on, positioning my pussy directly over the middle, which is where the perversion of the machine lied. I could see a purple rippled butt plug poking out from the middle. It started out with smaller bulbs leading up to one at the end that had to be almost two inches across. There was something that looked like a handle that came out the front that I had no idea the purpose of.

Alice pulled my tutu off of me, then pushed me towards the machine. I tentatively placed my legs on either side of it, staring down at all of the black metal with the purple plug standing out an inch above the leg padding. I began to squat down, feeling the red padding on the bottoms of my thighs next to my ass. My feet were on the ground in front of me, my knees bent at a perfect 90 degree angle leading down to my heels. Alice made sure I stayed leaned all the way back for some reason, and I noticed that the plug wasn’t even touching me as she locked my legs into a spreader bar that was locked to the floor in front of me, essentially locking me to the machine. She furthered my predicament by taking some straps that were on the red padding and looping them around my thighs before padlocking the buckle in place. Now I really couldn’t move or even raise up at all. She smiled as she walked around behind me and I felt her unclasp something at the back of my thong. I hadn’t known that the clasp was there as I felt the crotch of the panties drop underneath me, leaving my pussy completely exposed. I still wasn’t understanding the purpose of this machine – there was no electricity running to it, I didn’t see anywhere that a battery could go and I certainly didn’t see an on/off switch anywhere.

Finally the purpose became clear as Alice came in front of me and placed her hands on the handle. She pushed up on it and I felt myself start to rock forward. As I moved forward I felt the plug underneath me begin to raise up until it was beginning to push against my pussy. My eyes widened in surprise as Alice smiled, seeing the realization of what the machine was intended for coming across my face.

“You see, Candi – you control the fucking motion of this machine. If you want to have that plug in your ass, you just rock forward. If you want it out, just rock on backwards. Simple as that.”

This was incredibly stupid, I thought to myself. I would just stay rocked all the way back the entire time, essentially just turning this thing into a mildly uncomfortable seat. Alice went behind me and rolled something else up to the machine. I felt something that felt like a small fork poking me gently in the ass, then poking me harder as she continued to move it. I twisted around but could only see her lock the wheels of whatever this thing was into place. Whatever it was, it did take electricity as I saw her run a cord into an outlet on the ground. She came back in front of me and was holding a small black remote in her hands.

“Now – to make sure you don’t just lazily sit back and relax the whole time, we took an extra precaution. We want our customers to see the full effect of this machine, so we need to make sure that your inner slut really comes out on it. So…”

She trailed off and pressed a button on the remote. Immediately the fork that was touching my ass sent a jolt of electricity into me. It surprised me and stung like hell, forcing me to rock forward to get away from it, shoving the purple plug inside of me, causing me to yell out in a mixture of surprise and anger. As I was rocked forward, Alice turned a small lever on the remote and I heard the fork moving behind me. The plug was very uncomfortable so I began to rock backwards, trying to get it outside of me. Just before it exited, I felt the fork again – she had moved it forwards so that I could now not move back far enough to get the plug out of my pussy. It again immediately sent electricity through me, causing me to again rock forward, groaning at the realization that they had me stuck on this machine.

As the plug again began to become increasingly uncomfortable, I rocked backwards, keeping the vicious cycle going. Alice giggled and walked back to the front desk, where she still had a full view of me on this devil of a contraption. As much as I didn’t want to, I slowly settled into a steady rhythm of fucking myself.

To my right I saw a couple exiting the toy section of the store. I got their attention through my yelps and groans from the plug and the fork behind me. They walked over to me and took in the full view. The woman was a mildly attractive brunette wearing a short red skirt and a tube top, showing off her midriff. The man was wearing an expensive looking suit and I thought I saw a Rolex as he pulled his hands out of his pockets while walking around me, looking at how the machine worked. The woman walked in front of me with a big smile on her face, a diamond necklace dangling down between her cleavage.

“John, look at this – it looks so hot! And look here – it looks like this handle does something. Hmm…”

She reached out her hand and grasped the handle. I pleaded with her to leave me be, but she pulled downward on it, pushing my ass hard into the fork behind me and making me squeal. She giggled and pushed upwards on it, rocking me back forward and watching the plug slowly disappear into my helpless pussy. I moaned in pain as it filled me up, closing my eyes before opening them to see a wide and devilish smile across her face. She again pushed me all the way back and all the way forward, again giggling at the situation I was in. John came around to the front of the machine and gently pushed her aside, taking control of the handle. He wasn’t as gentle with me as he began quickly moving me back and forth, having all 10″ of the plug push inside of me, the thickness at the base feeling like it was splitting me in half. He never relented and continued this torture for a few minutes while the woman walked circles around the machine, sometimes reaching underneath to slide one of her fingers inside of me as the plug exited to keep me completely filled up. I pleaded with them to stop, but that seemed to just encourage John to go faster and faster. He finally let go of the handle and let me rock on my own, slowing down with each rock but still feeling the plug penetrate me and then the fork shock me. Tears welled in my eyes as they walked away. I overheard the woman requesting for John to purchase one, then heard John put an order in for one at the front desk. As they exited the store, Alice shot me a thumbs up as if I had done a great job. I gave a sarcastic smile which was interrupted by yet another shock to my ass.

Sorry for the long delay in getting this one out! I hope you enjoy the kink.


We bet big. To the winner, anything goes for the weekend and the loser must comply. I thought I had it in the bag, but she won. And now I was fucked. Literally. Thursday night she waxed me stem to stern leaving me with no body hair at all save the fetching shoulder length blond hair with highlights on my head. Friday, Lilla dolled me up complete with state of the art fakes tits and took me out of town for a girls getaway weekend. We saw a drag show, made new friends and then Lilla had her delicious way with me. On Saturday we window-shopped and that night she and our new friend traded their girls for what turned out to be a gloriously feminine night.

Freshly showered and lightly made up for the day, Lilla led me out of the bathroom and into the hotel suite proper and looked at me in the morning light that filtered through the sheer curtains, love in her eyes. She tilted her head and I could see something dawn, something shift, what had been on her mind before would wait.

She escorted me to the king sized bed that dominated the room and made me hers all over again, wordlessly reassured me that I was for her and she was for me and our love was immense and enduring and invincible no matter what else transpired.

Lilla was tender and gentle and loving. No stockings, no earrings or jewelry, no feminine trappings adorned us save for our stylish hair and manicured nails. But as Lilla took me and kissed me and loved me I found I was so open and emotional and vulnerable that I wanted to engulf her and be engulfed and to merge with her so our souls would be one forever and ever.

When Lilla entered me with her strapon I swooned and caressed her and rocked with her and we soared, so full of love for each other. We rocked and we soared and I loved her on me and in me and never wanted that fullness to be gone, and when we came together in never-ending waves of light and love we trembled at the beauty of it all. We were so open and raw and exposed that we wept for no reason we could imagine save a desperate gratitude for our deep love and connection and devotion, and that somehow out of all the people in the world we had found our way to each other. We were silent in comfort and acceptance and love for an eternity of time.

“Wow,” Lilla finally whispered.

“Yeah. And how, wow.”

“I love you so much. Words don’t even begin…”

“I feel the same, Lilla.” I held her tightly, gently.

Finally, the mood lightened and Lilla said, “I don’t know where that came from, but it was deep.”


“And how.”

“So what are we going to do today?” I drifted lazy hands down her body, cupped her ass and pulled her hard against me, squeezed and clenched and relished the fullness of her in me, then let my hands float up her small back and into her glorious red hair.

“To the pool!” Lilla announced.

“The pool?”

“Yeppers. Come on, toots. Let’s hit the showers again and reboot. I’m all sweaty.”

“Sexy sweaty.”

“Best kind, ladycakes.”

Lilla and I washed each other and she squeezed me and teased me about how I needed to get my clit under control. I tried to sneak it in her while washing her back but she squealed and squirmed and laughed and cock-blocked me. We toweled off, she made me up and styled my hair and again I was pretty and in an utterly feminine frame of mind. Maybe it was the Hurley’s, my hi-tech tour de force tits, my thirty-six C funbags that looked and felt real what with the new and improved breast fluid viscosity and density matrix design and direct connect to my own flesh and blood nips. I didn’t know and didn’t much care. I was sexy and alluring and wanted to stay in the room and be fucked by my lovely Lilla. Whoa.

I looked on the bed, tucked my hair behind an ear and said, “You have got to be shitting me.”

“I shit you not, sir. Ma’am.” She giggled.

There, on the bed was a brilliant azure bikini, a soft yellow see-through wrap, a stylish straw beach hat, sandals and something else.

“What’s that?” I pointed with a blood red manicured nail.

“That’s a doohickey to keep that clitty of yours in check. You put it on under your bikini bottom and it hides your package.”

“Ugh.” I said. She giggled.

“Go on, go on, go on,” she trilled and bounced on her toes, hands clasped beneath her chin, “Put it on, put it on, put it on.”

I picked up the doohickey, which Lilla said was called a micro-gaff, a thong that somehow smoothed out my front so it didn’t look like I had a dick. I put it on. I picked up the azure bikini bottom. It looked fabulous against my blood red nails. I leaned over and stepped into the bottoms and shimmied them up my smooth, toned, hairless legs, and again I felt my nipples tingle as my breasts shifted and my arms brushed against them. My cock twitched. I put on the top and I had to admit it felt wonderful and I really liked the way it looked on me.

“Oh yeah, pumpkin, that’s what I’m talking about! Tres sexy. Isn’t it marvelous? It’s a Brazilian bottom with an adjustable triangle top. Precious!” She clapped and bounced on her toes again.

“It’s nice.” I had to admit I liked the way my rear looked. The back was cut higher than a regular bikini, but not as high on my cheeks as my tanga panties. The top had a string tie at the back and another around my neck. It was cinched some or gathered or whatever they call it in the area between my breasts to give the top a little shape. It looked fantastic on me.

Lilla wore the same suit in black and was stunning. My azure suit complimented her brilliant shoulder length red hair perfectly. We rubbed each other down with sunscreen. I put on my dangly earrings, a couple of rings and a toe ring and a few bangly bracelets. I tied the yellow wrap around me and looked at Lilla.

“Hey, how come you don’t have a wrap like mine?”

“You like it? It’s a turquoise strapless ruffle cover-up from VS, your favorite store.”

“Is not and your wrap covers you.”

“Is too. Look, you can tie yours and wear it so it covers your breasts if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“But it’s sheer! It won’t cover anything.”

“Oh, don’t be such a silly. We’re just going a few feet to the pool.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Oh, sweetie. Don’t you get it yet? You are on display, girlfriend.” She flapped her hand at me. “I mean, if you got it flaunt it. And you definitely got it, so I’m gonna make you flaunt it!” Lilla giggled.

“Ugh.” I picked it up and tied it around my waist and my cock twitched as it fluttered across my skin and caressed my smooth legs. I slipped into the delicate sandals and the transformation was complete. I was a beautiful, sexy, alluring woman.

Lilla grabbed the beach bag and at the door. I took a deep breath and stepped into the hallway in my azure bikini with the Brazilian bottom and adjustable triangle top, sheer yellow wrap and delicate sandals.

My heart jumped into my throat when a handsome man passed us, smiled appreciatively and said hello. Lilla laughed and said, “Why didn’t you say hello? It’s not like he’s going to eat you or anything. At least not yet.”

“Stop it. I’m dying here.”

“Why on earth would you be dying, babycakes? You are scrumdiddlelyumptious!”

“Because I’m practically naked in public!”

“Oh, nonsense. You’re a beautiful woman in a darling little bikini. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to get used to the men undressing you with their eyes,” she said matter-of-factly, like I was a clueless child.

“Aw, man.”

“And some women, too.”

“You’re not helping.”

“You need to embrace your femininity, my ladylove.” She giggled.

I did feel feminine and as we stood waiting in front of the polished aluminum elevator door I saw a perfectly lovely woman, a beautiful, slender, sexy, glamorous woman staring back at me. My cock thickened slightly.

“You are so pretty, Liz. I can still hardly believe it.”

“It is pretty amazing.”

“I love the way that suit fits you. You have a great ass.”

“It does fit nice.”

“And look at your breasts! Oh my god, sweets. Perfection!”

I shook them a little and they swayed and settled freely, naturally, and I suddenly wanted Lilla to hold them and squeeze them and suck my nipples and work her way down and lick me and open me and fuck me and, not for the first time, I wondered where the hell that had come from.

The door opened and we stepped in, nodded hello to the lone occupant and turned to face the front. I could feel the attractive man’s eyes appraising my ass as the elevator ascended to the rooftop pool and I blushed and was appalled when I found myself hoping he was enjoying the view.

The elevator stopped on the eleventh floor. Lilla and I parted a little and the man turned slightly toward me and squeezed between us. He brushed against me and smiled at me and my heart hammered and my cock twitched and I was paralyzed. I think I gave him a frozen smile, but I couldn’t be sure by the time the elevator doors closed again.

“I think he liked you,” Lilla said with a smile.

“God, this is so nerve wracking.” I was flushed with excitement and dread.

“Nonsense. You were out all day yesterday flirting like a little old tart”

“I had clothes on and I had been drinking.”

“Hmm. You do have a point.”

“That’s real helpful.”

“Oh, dollface, just be your lovely ol’ girly self. You’ll be fine.”

“You try it.”

“Honeylamb, I live it everyday.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes, I suppose I do. Thrilling, isn’t it.” She bumped her shoulder against mine.


The elevator arrived at the roof and the doors opened. We stepped into a large glass enclosure, obviously there as a transition from the elevator to the roof proper. We exited the enclosure and stepped into glorious weather, sunny, warm but not too hot, and a very slight breeze. We followed the tiled walkway, potted ferns and plants thoughtfully sprinkled here and there along the way, around to the pool deck entrance and I was kind of surprised to see how crowded it was. We found a couple of the few remaining open lounge chairs at the end of the pool.

I laid a towel on my chair and Lilla did the same. We put our bag between us and sat down. I put on the sexy beach hat and sunglasses and without conscious thought struck a feminine pose. I realized I had one knee somewhat bent and had pointed my toes slightly downward for a sleek, feminine silhouette. Lilla noticed and smirked and my cock twitched.

Music played from unseen speakers and people were milling about in bathing suits and summer attire. There was a small stage across the pool from us and we saw a knot of people near one side of it. A waitress came by and we ordered mimosas, joking we’d hit the hard stuff, Bloody Marys, next.

We watched people for a few minutes and decided to settle in. I was about to pull the girly magazine Lilla had given me out of the beach bag when a man on stage stepped to the microphone. He was handsome and wore a tuxedo with short sleeves, coattails, short pants, and stockings held up with old fashioned garters just below the knee.

The handsome man adjusted the mike and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, and you know who you are,” Lilla and I exchanged a glance as if to say, “That’s odd,” “Welcome to the top of the world!” People laughed politely. He turned from side to side, addressing the whole audience and made grand gestures as he spoke.

“We have today for your entertainment and edification a bevy of beauties, a collection of eye candy, a swarm of sexy ladies who have been so gracious as to volunteer to model some summer apparel and swimwear of the finest quality and style in all the land.” A few men and women whopped and hooted. Lilla and I smiled and figured they were already into the hard stuff.

“And so, without further ado, I’ll turn the microphone over to the lovely and talented Marguerite!” As he turned he swept his hand to the side in another grand gesture and a very tall, slender woman with a face made of angles, waltzed onto the stage, waved at the audience and smiled. She stopped at the microphone and her flowing, multi-layered outfit caught up with her and drifted to rest. Her teeth were too white in her larger than life mouth and she smiled broadly and said, “Welcome, friends! I am happy to be here today to show you my latest collection.” She turned to the side and held out her hand. A lovely woman found the mark at the center of the stage, stopped, made a stylish circle and posed facing the audience.

“Sam here is wearing a slinky once piece that…” We sipped our drinks and let the presentation become pleasant background noise while we admired the lovely ladies.

After the third model began to walk off the stage I reached for my girlie magazine and heard Lilla gasp. She grabbed my wrist and waggled a finger at the stage and said, “Looklooklook! Lookwhoitis!” She put her hands over her mouth, a huge smile on her face. “I don’t fucking believe it.”

My eyes were huge. “Holy shit!” I said. Lilla and I looked at each other in amazement, then back at the stage. I was so shocked I barely noticed the tug of my earrings and the soft flick of my hair across my bare shoulders.

“And this lovely lass approaching center stage is Joanna. She’s wearing a sizzling little beach thong. My design has a slightly wider waist band than most and a considerably thicker strap.” She put the back of her hand beside her mouth and winked. “But trust me ladies, it’s totally worth it. You’ll see.” She got the laugh she expected from the audience as Joanna paused at the mark, twirled, whisked off her see through wrap to reveal her striking figure. A slender angel. Feminine and flirty in her red thong and skimpy top across her flat chest. Joanna turned to retreat off stage, making a point to fling her hair, and walked sassily off stage.

“Holy shit!” I repeated.

“Awesome. You should do that, sweets. Totally.”

“No fucking way.”

Lilla laughed and said, “You’d be a natural. Oh look, there’s Marion.” She waved across the pool and Marion spotted her and smiled and waved back. Lilla gave her two thumbs up and Marion laughed and clapped her hands.

“Jeez. How could she appear in such an outfit. I’d be mortified.”

“Oh, girlfriend. She’s had a lot more experience at this than you. Who knows, maybe it will be you up on stage one day.”

I know. No way.”


The models cycled through another round of outfits and Joanna had on a darling skirt and half blouse that served as cover-ups. She looked delightful. And the way she moved was so feminine and graceful and alluring and convincing I wondered if anyone watching suspected she was not what she seemed. Incredible, I thought.

The show ended in the usual way, with thanks and a nod to where these items and others could be purchased. Marion and Joanna stopped by to say hello on their way out and Lilla said, “Joanna, oh my god, you were fantastic. That took a lot of courage to get up there.”

“Yeah,” I said, “that took some real balls.”

We all exploded in laughter at my unintentional joke. “You’re so adorable!” Marion said, a twinkle in her eye. “Listen, we have some things to do, but we’re still on for tonight, right?”

“Amen, sister,” Lilla said.

“Excellent. See you later, then.”

“See you guys,” Joanna said and waved to our “so longs” and I thought she may have put a little extra wiggle in her walk as she headed toward the elevator. I couldn’t help but watch her and she did look delicious.

“Tonight?” I said.

“Mmm hmm.”

“What’s tonight?”

“We’re gonna get together for drinks and stuff.”

“And stuff?”

“Well aren’t you just a little ole’ curious kitty.” She giggled. “Here, rub some lotion on me,” she said, turning her back to me and closing the subject.

I rubbed lotion on her, sat back and leafed through my girly magazine with tips on how to please your man in bed and the best bathing suit for your body type and how to apply makeup and how to flirt and all sorts of womanly secrets to success and multiple orgasms.

I closed the magazine and looked at myself. Manicured finger and toenails painted a blood red color. Slender, long smooth legs. Flat tummy. Thick, shoulder length blond hair with highlights. Glorious breasts. Lovely me!

We finished our drinks, had a light lunch at the poolside bistro and returned to the lounge chairs where Lilla had me lay on my stomach.

“God, you have a great ass, “she said while applying lotion to my back and legs. My cock twitched.

I lay there, the Hurley’s flattened and pressing against me, an odd feeling, and could feel the men’s eyes on my rear, trying to see my lips, get a glimpse of my pussy as they walked by wearing dark sunglasses. Wanting to fuck me. Little did they know.

We decided to return to the room and I tied the sheer yellow cover around my waist, bent my knees daintily and gathered my belongings and we left the pool area. Standing in front of the gleaming elevator doors I looked at the reflection of Lilla and me. It never ceased to take my breath away how beautiful Lilla is, and how attractive and alluring I was in my transformation to a weekend woman. “Damn,” Lilla said softly, “Just…damn.”

The doors opened and two hunky, handsome, tipsy twenty-something’s gawked and looked us over from head to toe. Lilla tilted her head to one side, smiled, winked and said, “Take a picture boys, it lasts longer.”

They smiled drunkenly and one of them said as they passed us and turned to look at our asses, “Smokin’ hot, ladies. Most def,” and I thought I heard the other one say something that sounded like, “Milf,” but I couldn’t be sure.

Lilla winked and nudged me and I blushed and she laughed as the doors closed. She turned and grabbed me and kissed me hard and we kissed and ground against each other until the doors opened on our floor. I was flushed and a bit uncomfortable down there as we passed a couple with a young child wearing water wings waiting to get on the elevator. I could feel the husband’s eyes, eager to take us in without his wife catching on.

Back in the room we took a quick shower to clean off the suntan lotion and sweat. Lilla copped feels, stroked my cock and got me hard, squeezed my ass and told me how much she like fucking it. She squealed and laughed and twisted away when I grabbed her and tried to fuck her. I complained of blue balls and her eyes twinkled. She kissed me hard and long and fondled my breasts and my nipples sang with desire.

We napped.

We drank champagne on the terrace and watched the people wander about on the shopping boulevard below, all the while she touched, me, stroked me, kept me hard under my pretty silk robe. She pointed to this person and that, wondering if she were shaved or if he manscaped, if she took it in the ass or how big a cock he had and how hot it would be to see it in my mouth. She fed me my precum and I moaned.

Finally, “Okie dokie, sweets, it’s showtime.”


“Hit the showers! Scrub-a-dub! You know the routine by now so get to it!” She filled my glass with more champagne, slapped my ass and shooed me off. I noticed she caressed her breast, her hand sliding down as I left the terrace to shower, shave and get myself ready for her makeup session.

When I got out of the shower I called to Lilla and she shrugged off her robe as she stepped through the sliding glass doors and I watched it flutter gently to the floor behind her. She was magnificent. Brilliant shoulder length red hair, a dusting of freckles and that slender, toned body. My cock twitched.

She noticed and smiled and said, “Atten-shun!” She stood in front of me, hands on hips, looked down at my semi-hardon and said. “Is that any way to salute your commanding officer, soldier?”

I smiled and stroked myself to an erection and saluted.

“Much better Private Dick!” She giggled and caressed my cock and kissed me and said, “Let’s get you all dolled up for tonight. It’s going to be special.”

Once again Lilla did her makeup magic. Barely there, but transforming. She kept “accidentally” bumping into my cock and it stayed hard throughout the session. Lilla combed and fluffed and brushed and coiffed and she finally stood back to look me over.

“Hmmm,” she said, reached out and plucked an errant eyebrow hair.


“There. Perfect! My perfect little ladyboy.”


“My own little man-maid.”


“My lovely little…Hey!” she laughed and twisted and ran away when I almost grabbed her nipple.

I caught her and threw her on the bed she squealed and I pounced on her and kissed her, my hand reaching down and finding her slick, wet and open. Lilla moaned into my mouth as I worked her with my hand.

I was between her legs and desperate for her, my cock throbbing, a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip. I was poised to take her and began my thrust forward, into her, when Lilla pushed at me and scrambled out from beneath me. I groaned.

“Now look what you’ve done mister missy! I’ll have to do our hair and lipstick all over again.” She was flushed, breathing hard and smiling.

She marched me back to the bathroom vanity and as I sat back down for a quick refreshing Lilla poked my cock with her brush and said “Bet you thought Willie there was gonna get wet, didn’t cha?”

“I was hoping.”

“Thought you were gonna get some.”

I laughed. She sat on my lap, shifted and squirmed. I could feel her wet pussy against the bottom of my hard cock. She reached down, scooped with her finger and fed me some pre-cum.

“Thought you were gonna get jiggy with it.”

I moaned as she rubbed against me and said, “Jiggy?” I tried to pull her tighter against me and she stood up. “My, my, aren’t we the horny little slut tonight. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get jiggy and jiggly before the night is through.” I groaned. “Now, let’s go get you looking fabulous!” She turned and skipped to the dresser.

Lilla had me slip into some oh so sheer black stockings. Again I marveled at the way they wisped up my toned hairless legs to nestle oh so high on my thighs. I reached down to put on four-inch strappy, pointy-toed black fuck-me pumps that were simply divine and my cock twitched as my arms pushed on my breasts and they swayed, tugging gently on my nipples. Then Lilla held up my undergarments.

“What’s that?”

“Isn’t it glorious? Oh my god! It’s so sexy. Put it on!” she said and tossed it to me.

I separated the top from the bottom and looked at Lilla. “Go on, go on! Put it on, put it on!” She was bouncing on her toes again.

I stepped into the bottoms, careful not to catch a heel, and felt my breasts swaying and my hair flowing around my face as I pulled the garment up and felt, more than heard, the delicate, erotic whisper of feminine materials brushing as it glided up and up my legs. I pulled the thong strap snug between my cheeks and tucked myself in. I pulled the top over my head and over my breasts and adjusted it.

I looked at myself in the mirror over the dresser. The top was a black, sheer band that covered my breasts, but certainly didn’t support them as a bra would. The edges looked like doily material. Spaghetti straps. The bottom was a matching sheer skirt, if you could call a six inch strip of material a skirt, that is, over an attached thong. I turned, this way, that way. It was sexy. I felt sexy.

“Isn’t it grand? I love it! God, you look so hot I just wanna eat you up yum!”

“It’s nice, I guess.”

“Pshaw. You love it, I know you do.”

“Now, I got you this darling three-quarter sleeve sweater dress. It’s light material, but thick enough to hide the line of your dainties.” She held it up to show me.


“Oh, quit. Here, have some more champagne,” she said and handed me a full glass and watched me take a delicate sip. “Oh, for fuck’s sake. Drink it like a dyke.” She laughed and drained her glass.

I took the dress from her and wiggled into it. It clung tightly to my body. The top was an oval that exposed my collar bone. A tease. My fingers could almost curl under the hem.

“It’s pretty short.”

“You mean short and pretty.”


“What can I tell you, lovergirl. Keep your legs together until it’s time to not.”


“What every girl should know.”


“Uh huh, you betcha! Have some more champagne, cupcake. Go check yourself out and I’ll be ready lickety split.”

I cha-cha-ed to the bathroom where the light was bright and I could se myself in a full mirror and I was stunned yet again. I watched my self put on dangly earrings, marveled at the ease with which I now accomplished such a feminine task, tilting my head to get my hair out of the way, placing and adjusting the clamp. I shook my head and watched my shoulder length blonde hair with highlights shimmy back and forth then settle, the earrings glinting and tugging, a feminine sensation.

I looked my self over. The sweater dress was dark with one-quarter inch black bands running horizontally and diagonally to form a geometric pattern made up of triangles. The material inside the triangles was gray and black along with some muted jewel shades. Overall, sexy and alluring. And far clingier and shorter than anything else Lilla had me wear so far!

Thin, bangly silver bracelets that jangled and clinked when I moved and communicated my femininity. A couple of rings. The sheer stockings, the divine four-inch black strappy pointy-toed fuck me pumps. Lipstick to match my blood-red nails. I was a knockout, simply stunning. A slender beauty with an androgynous, easily passable face. With Lilla’s makeup artistry, a beautiful, feminine face. “Holy shitski!” as Lilla would say.

I was initially pissed when I first lost the bet, but had to admit that Lilla’s enthusiasm, her encouragement and acceptance, and the loving joy she was having made it all kind of fun. Exciting, thrilling even. I wondered if maybe I was having too much fun! I looked at myself from all angles. Was that really me?

Lilla came into the bathroom and whistled. “I wondered what was taking you so long. Damn, girl, I can’t stop staring at you myownself!” She filled my glass with champagne, held hers up and said, “To my darling Liz.” I did a mini-curtsey, clinked her glass and looked her over. Lilla wore a jade colored three-quarter sleeve flirty v-neck that showed off her cleavage, the dusting of freckles there silently urging me to kiss each and every one of them. The dress was form-fitting and the hem was almost to her knees. She wore the same stockings and shoes as me. A bracelet made of some ceramic balls that matched her hair color and dangly earrings rounded out her ensemble. She looked devastating.

She handed me a necklace that matched her bracelet and complimented the jewel shades in my dress. I put it on and its presence pulled me another notch further into that feminine grace.

“Well aren’t we a pair!” Lilla said.

“We do look good.”

“I hope you make it past the lobby before some man hijacks you and takes you to his room and ravages you.”

“Right. Won’t happen.”

“Not unless you want it too. Hmm?”

“Right. Won’t happen.”

“Oh, well. A girl can always dream. C’mon, let’s hit the bar!”

I was still nervous, wandering around in public dressed as a beautiful woman, but not as nervous as yesterday, or this morning in a bikini. My walk was more secure, I was getting used to walking in high heels and thought I did a pretty good job.

As we entered the lobby from the elevator and started across it to the bar, I could feel the glances and stares from the men and women scattered about. I was conscious of my clingy sexy sweater dress and my ass cheeks shifting and my breasts swaying slightly as I walked.

We entered the bar and I noticed it hadn’t changed since last night, still the subdued elegance glistening with silver and green. We sat down at the bar and I had to pull my dress down it was so scandalously short! I ordered an appletini and Lilla told the bartender, a handsome young man in his late twenties, it seemed, to make it two. “Love too,” he said looking at us a couple of beats too long and I blushed and he smiled and turned to make our drinks.

“Good God,” Lilla said, “I barely get you out of the room before you’re sending out sex signals like some sort of frickin’ tractor beam.”

“He stared at me. The way he made that comment, like he wanted a threesome!”

“Probably does.”

“I got embarrassed.”

“Honeybun,” Lilla said, caressing my cheek, “All the men are going to think sex when they see us. They can’t help it. They’re hard-wired to think sex before any other thought crosses their mostly one track minds. Like you need me to tell you that. Embrace it, lover. Enjoy it. Enjoy your femininity and the power it holds. You’re beautiful! Let it happen, girl.”

“Let what happen?”

“Here you are ladies, two appletinis,” the bartender said, placing napkins in front of us and setting our drinks them.

“Mr. Bartender, my friend here, Liz, has just gotten divorced and is feeling a little unsure of herself.” I turned and gave Lilla a look. “She was just telling me she doesn’t feel as confident or as pretty as she used to. I told her ‘Nonsense, you’re gorgeous.’”


“So what do you say Mr. Bartender? You’re a handsome guy. Will Liz have any trouble getting dates? Attracting men and all that?” Lilla looked innocently back and forth between the bartender and me.

“Oh, man…”

The bartender laughed and looked at me and said, “Liz, when you two walked in here you left a trail of turned heads. Hell, I thought a couple of guys were going to strain their necks! So no. No worries there at all.” He looked over to where another customer was signaling him and said, “In fact, you stay here long enough and I have absolutely no doubt you’ll find out. Excuse me, please.”

He winked at us then turned and walked away and I slapped Lilla on the arm, my bracelets clinking, and said “What was that all about?”

She laughed and said, “Oh nothing. Just helping you get your girl on.”

“Thanks, but I don’t need help.”

“Ooh. I like that. You go girl!”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Mmm hmm.” Lilla smiled and sipped her appletini.

“Ugh.” I flicked my hair back and felt the tug and sway of my earrings and sipped my appletini, noticing my delicate hands and lovely manicured nails.

We sipped our drinks, had an appetizer or two since neither of us felt like having a full meal for some reason. Lilla gracefully fended off a tipsy salesmen and she was highly amused as I awkwardly fended off his friend. She said not to worry, that it gets easier with practice. “Ugh.”

Eventually, we paid our tab and said farewell to handsome Mr. Bartender. I had a light buzz going and we strolled through the bar and lobby with the confidence that beautiful women exude. I might have even put an extra bounce in my step as I click-clacked to the elevator.

Back in the room we tended to whatever needed tending and Lilla grabbed a bottle of champagne and said, “Let’s go.”

My heart beat faster. “To Marion’s room?”

“Smart girl you are, you are.”

“What for?”

“Nothing. Just some girl talk.”

“Uh huh. Why not in the bar? Or out by the pool?”

“Because we might say bawdy things and would get kicked out of the bar. Besides, I’d think you’d be more comfortable in private. You could relax easier.”

“Uh huh.”

“C’mon gorgeous, let’s roll.”

We made our way to Marion’s and Joanna’s room and were greeted with smiles and hugs all around.

Raven haired Marion was dressed in a stylish lime green wraparound dress, stockings the same color and tasteful jewelry and high heels. Joanna had on a darling rust colored jersey one piece, sheer black stockings and black open toed high heels.

We sat on the king-size bed, our legs tucked underneath us in womanly fashion drinking champagne, chatting, laughing, and Marion and Joanna told us more about Joanna’s experience at the day spa and their trip to the tropical resort and how it came about that Joanna was in the fashion show today and how Marion was thinking of having Joanna’s hair dyed black and cut in that cute, chic, short style where the front is longer than at the back.

All of us were pretty tipsy and feeling loosey goosey when Lilla said, “I want to play a game!”

“A game!” we all shouted and laughed and leaned into one another.

“What kind of game, Lilla?” Joanna said and tucked her lovely light brown hair behind an ear. My heart beat faster.

“Spin the bottle!” she giggled, and I was suddenly very nervous. She picked up an empty champagne bottle and tried to spin it on the bedspread. It went around one rotation and landed pointing at her. “Well that worked for shit. I don’t want to get on the floor.” She looked around the room and said, “Hey, that tray should do the trick.”

I leaned over, almost falling off the bed until Joanne grabbed my arm. I used her for leverage and leaned way out to the table, aware of my earrings swaying and breasts straining at the fabric of my dress, and her hold on me. I picked up the empty tray and Joanna hauled me back both of us laughing.

“Thanks doll baby!” Lilla spun the bottle on the tray and I held my breath and after a few rotations it landed on…me!

As Lilla and I leaned toward each other she said, “Oh, and the rule is you have to use tongues.” My heart raced and we kissed, her hand reaching out and holding me to her for a long fifteen seconds.

“Mmm, you taste good, girlfriend.” They all laughed and so did I, but more nervously.

I reached out, placed my hand on the bottle and gave it a spin. I was hoping for Lilla again, but it landed on Marion. Well, I had certainly done more than just kiss her the previous night, but I looked at Lilla who nodded her head with eager encouragement. I leaned toward Marion and her to me. Our lips touched our tongues met and we kissed. My hand reached up on its own and caressed her hair. We broke. My cock thickened.

Marion spun the bottle and it landed on Lilla, who said, “Yay!” and leaned toward Marion. They met and soft lips opened and tongues reached out. Marion’s hand grazed Lilla’s breast and she moaned softly and my cock thickened.

Lilla spun and it landed on Joanna. Lilla looked at me, winked, and pulled Joanna to her and kissed her and lightly scratched her thigh with her nails. My cock thickened and it was uncomfortable down there so I adjusted and saw that Joanna did the same.

My heart beat faster and I knew it was coming and sure enough the bottle pointed at me and it was happening right now. I thought what the hell, Joanna looks just like a pretty woman so that’s who I’m kissing, a pretty woman. She leaned toward me, I leaned toward her and our lips met gently, tentative, then parted. I felt Joanna’s soft tongue reaching out, finding mine, our tongues curled around and around each other, tender then insistent. I felt her hand on my thigh, up and up, then on my breast and then she broke away and I was breathing hard.

“Joanna’s a good kisser, isn’t she lamb chop?”

“Um. Yeah.”

I spun the bottle and we went a few more rounds, drank more champagne and Lilla finally smiled at me and said, “Well, now that we’ve all kissed and been kissed I say new game!”

“New game!” we shouted and drank more champagne.

“What now?” Marion said.

“Strip spin the bottle!” My heart beat like a triphammer!

“Excellent idea!” Marion announced and spun the bottle and it landed on her. “I suppose it’s fair game if it lands back on you.”

“Good! But only the first time,” Lilla said.

Marion untied her lime green wraparound dress, shrugged out of it and tossed it on a nearby chair. She had on a sheer lime green bra and matching panties. My cock was hard.

“Oh! That’s so pretty, Marion. I love that color on you!” Lilla said. “Another rule! Jewelry doesn’t count and stockings and shoes have to stay on too. They’re just so sexy and feminine. Okay?” We all nodded our agreement.

Naturally, the bottle pointed at me next. I blushed and took off my clingy sweater dress, my erection straining against the thong, and got murmurs of admiration and approval from Marion and Joanna.

“That is just darling!” Joanna said, reaching out and touched the fabric, caressed the side of my breast and my nipple tingled.

“No bra! I thought the girls were moving more freely tonight. Very sexy, Liz,” Marion said.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said and tucked my hair behind and ear and spun the bottle. It landed on Lilla.

Marion made a growling noise and Lilla laughed and stood and took off her jade colored three-quarter sleeve flirty v-neck to a round of applause. She climbed back on the bed, spun the bottle and Joanna took off her pretty rust colored jersey one piece to “Oohs” and “Ahhs” and was left in her stockings and high heels, as well as a pretty black bra and tanga panties.

Joanna’s bra came off next and Lilla looked at her tan lines and said, “Damn, I wish I’d thought to get you some tanning, Liz.”

“Thank you. No.”

“But just think of how sexy and fem it is. Right, Joanna? Doesn’t it get in your head a little to see those feminine lines?”

“It do,” Joanna said and batted her eyes and swiveled her shoulders toward her chin in that vampy womanly way and we laughed.

More drinking, more spins and the bras and my top were off. I was buzzed and so less nervous, but still somewhat unsure about where I thought this was likely to be heading. The bottle spun.

Marion’s and Lilla’s panties were off. They both looked stunning wearing just jewelry, stockings and shoes. Joanna was next. She reached down and into her tanga, held her cock in, pulled the material out and away from her body and pulled it off in a ladylike manner and there it was. The first hard cock I’d ever seen in real life. I swallowed and it felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest.

“You might as well just go ahead and take those underfrillies off, girlfriend, gonna happen anyway,” Lilla said.

They began chanting, “Take it off! Take it off…”

I held up a finger and said, “No, no, wouldn’t be fair to you guys. No cheating allowed.” They laughed and the bottle spun and in two more tries I was as was Joanna and hard as a rock.

“Ooh, nice one Liz,” Joanna said, widening her eyes. “Marion told me all about it but the real thing looks so scrumptious!”

I blushed and Lilla said, “It’s totally scrumptious.”

“Stop. You’re killing me.”

“It’s true. Isn’t it, Marion”

“Totally,” Marion said and started walking two fingers across the bed toward my cock. I laughed and blushed and my cock twitched.

“New game!” Lilla yelled.

“New game!” we shouted and giggled and I was so nervous and glad I had some liquid courage helping me out.

“Okay, okay,” Lilla said, hopping to her knees. She almost toppled over, laughed, adjusted her stockings and said, “Okay, this time whoever the bottle lands on has to pleasure the spinner in some way.”

“Mmm, sounds divine,” Marion purred.

“I love it!” Joanna said.

I gulped and Lilla spun. It pointed to Marion. Marion smiled and scooted over to Lilla. She kissed her tenderly, a hand on her cheek, trailing down her neck. Lilla ran her fingers though Marion’s thick, black hair. Marion left a trail of kisses down Lilla’s neck and Lilla raised her face to the ceiling, opening her neck to Marion’s nibbles. Marion kissed her way down and took a nipple into her mouth and chewed and tugged. Her hand snaked between Lilla’s legs and Lilla moaned softly and let her head drop and cradled Marion’s head in her hands. After a minute, or an hour, Marion broke away and said, “My turn,” her voice husky.

“Mmm, that was nice, Marion. Whew!”

Marion spun and it landed on me and I repeated what I had just witnessed. When I pulled my hand away from Marion’s bare pussy, she groaned and said, “So not fair! I was getting close!”

We all laughed and I spun the bottle. It seemed to go round and round and round forever and I held my breath and my heart beat faster and it happened. When the bottle stopped it was pointing at Joanna. I looked at her and she was beautiful in her black stockings, open toed fuck-me’s, her shoulder length light brown hair, her flat chest. Her hard cock. She smiled at me and moved toward me, covering the short distance before I could even think.

Joanna kneeled before me, looking down at me, her erect cock inches from my face. I gulped and looked up at her. She leaned down and our lips met, opened. I accepted her tongue and closed my eyes. In a repeat of what Marion had done to Lilla and I to Marion, Joanna did to me.

Joanna pulled away, moved and kissed my chin, my neck and I raised my face to let her have me and felt the tug of my earrings and the shifting weight of my hair. Joanna caressed my breasts, tongued my nipples. She bit and chewed and pulled on them and the connecting thread did its job and my nipples danced with pleasure-pain. I held her head, ran my fingers through her hair.

Joanna’s hand lightly caressed my cock, a silky touch, and I moaned. Her head dropped lower and I gasped when her hot mouth encircled my cock. I felt her tongue lick me, caress me, love me. Her lips tight against me as she moved on me with hand and mouth. Her hands fondled my smooth balls. She kneaded them and I felt her mouthing them and it felt so wonderful.

Still sucking me, licking me, stroking me, she put a manicured hand on my chest and pushed me to my back and I let her lay me down. The bottle and tray were gone. Lilla and Marion were quiet. Only wet sounds coming from Joanna and me.

I lay on my back, my earrings yanked and swayed, my breasts settled and my nipples delighted. Joanna pleasured me and I moaned. I felt her hair on my thighs and stomach and I ran my fingers though it. She pushed my leg up and licked my balls, her tongue soft and rough. She stroked my cock, she licked my ass, my opening, and stabbed at it with her tongue and I moaned.

Joanna kissed her way back up my stomach, my full breasts, my mouth and I held her head in my hands and kissed her and kissed her. She lay on top of me and I could feel her hard cock rubbing against mine and heard the wispy sound of stockings gliding and I groaned. Joanna straddled me. I felt moisture on my cock and saw Marion with some lotion.

Joanna positioned herself, eyes closed and descended and I felt my cock spearing in and an immense heat enveloped me and she groaned and I felt her hands on my breasts and her balls on my pelvis. I heard Lilla’s voice, far away, say, “God, that is so hot.” Lilla and Marion moved and leaned against each other and the headboard, holding hands, watching Joanna grind on me.

Joanna swiveled and rotated her hips and the pleasure was enormous. Her ass was so tight and hot and she was moaning and groaning. She raised herself, lowered herself, her cock slapping her stomach over and over as her speed increased. My cock hot then cool then hot again and again. I pumped my hips. I was fucking Joanna. Her cock was hard. I reached up and pinched a nipple on her flat chest and Joanna moaned and rasped out a “Yes!”

I toyed with her nipples and she rocked harder on me. She sat, leaned back, ran a hand through her hair and swiveled her hips, ground and snapped them against me and it felt so good. I held her hips watched her face, her hair, her cock, and pumped and thrust and my breasts were heaving and my nipples throbbing and I and groaned and moaned in concert with Joanna and she cried, “Do it! Come in me. I want to feel you come in me,” and with her words, her timing, I groaned and thrust and came and came and came inside of Joanna’s hot, tight ass.

We stopped moving. She dropped down and laid on my chest, her cock thick and hard and slippery between us. My cock was still firm and I cupped her small bottom with my hands and thrust gently some while we kissed. I finally slid out into the cooler air of the room. In my ear, softly so that only I could hear, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Liz. That was wonderful. After last night I hoped. I knew having you would be amazing.”

She slowly moved away, went into the bathroom and Lilla was there cleaning me with a warm washcloth. She kissed me and said breathlessly, “That was so sexy, so hot. Amazingly hot. God, I’m so wet!”

Joanne came back in and stood near the edge of the bed, near my head. Near Lilla’s. She handed me a glass of champagne and I leaned up on one elbow, took it and drank. I gave half to Lilla and she drained it and gave the glass back to Joanna. She kissed me, cupped Joanna’s balls, tugged to draw her in, leaned over me and her lips closed around Joanna’s cock.

Lilla sucked Joanna’s cock and cradled her balls and I felt her gorgeous red hair brush my face as she worked her mouth and tongue on that thick hard cock. Not stopping she moved to her knees, straddled me, sitting on my lap, my cock nestled in the crack of her ass. I felt Lilla’s hand stroking my hair, her fingers caressing me. She pulled off of Joanna’s cock and pulled me to her lips. Her tongue forceful and eager. I tasted pre-cum, Joanna’s pre-cum, and I moaned.

“Help me give Joanna pleasure,” she whispered, her voice thick. I gulped. “It’s time, my love,” she said, “It’s time.”

Lilla’s hand was touching the back of my head and I slowly leaned forward and I gave in to it, I let it happen. I drew near and my heart was about to explode at the thought of what I was doing, of sucking a man’s cock.

I opened my mouth, positioned my tongue, Lilla’s hand gently encouraging me, the lightest of pressure on the back of my head. My cock throbbed. The room was silent and my mouth approached Joanna’s thick, hard, flesh and blood cock and I felt its heat and I closed my lips around it and the cock filled my mouth and we both moaned and my cock throbbed and I was now forevermore, a cocksucker.

“That’s a good girl,” Lilla gently, softly said, “You know what to do.” I felt her hand leave the back of my head and she got off of me, a wetness where she had been. Joanna’s cock filled my mouth and the dam broke. Resistance melted away and I embraced where I was, what I was wearing and what I was doing.

Stockings whispered as I swung my legs off the bed and I moaned around the cock as my four-inch high heels planted and I sat and worked Joanna’s cock with my mouth. I was careful of my teeth, pressed with my lips, down and up and down. Her cock was so big and meaty in my mouth and it was soft and hard and hot and slippery. She was leaking pre-cum and it tasted so sweet.

Joanna’s fingers were in my hair. My bangly bracelets tinkled as I kneaded her smooth balls and I squeezed and released and heard her moan. I pressed a manicured finger at her opening, used my hand and mouth to ride Joanna’s cock down to the base and back and my mind was reeling at the reality of sucking a live cock. I jacked her cock and mouthed her smooth balls and she moaned and I was proud and my earrings and necklace and breasts swayed and nylon whispered and my cock throbbed.

I slid off the bed and fell to my knees and sucked her thick, hard cock down and up. I flicked my shoulder length blonde hair with highlights to the side and mouthed her balls, taking the tender orbs in my soft, wet mouth and loved them with my tongue.

I held her balls and reached around and cupped an ass cheek and pulled her to me and opened wide and filled my mouth with Joanna’s thick, hot meat. I worked her with mouth and tongue and hands and I sucked her and jacked her and swirled my tongue around her sensitive head and she grabbed my head and moaned and thrust and clenched and throbbed and swelled and came and I felt her release and tasted her cum and I moaned and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. I went down on her cock and back up a few times, to clean up, to get her cum, then released her.

Joanna put her hands under my arms and urged me to my feet. She pulled me to her, our bodies pressed tightly together, my breasts against her flat chest, our cocks caressing. She kissed me and said, “That was wonderful, darling. I owe you.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed, her hands on my knees urging me to move farther up on the king-sized bed, toward Lilla and Marion. I scooted back and Joanna turned me to my stomach and settled between my legs. My heart pounded. Lilla moved over, swung a leg, adjusted her position and pulled my head to her slick, wet pussy and I licked her sweet cunt. I chewed her lips and worked them gently, then hard. Her pussy glistened and I sucked and chewed and worked my fingers in her and was rewarded with her moans.

Joanna rubbed my back. She worked down to my thighs. She kneaded my ass. As I pleasured Lilla I felt Joanna’s hot breath on me. She ran the edge of her hand down between my ass. She spread my cheeks and I felt her tongue flatten on my hole. She licked me back there and I felt her hair on me, gliding over my skin like silk. My cock was hard, leaking. I licked Lilla and Joanna licked me.

Joanna licked my ass softly then and I felt her tongue harden and push against me, opening me, and my nerves sang and it felt so amazing and I cocked my hips to get more of her tongue inside of me.

I felt cool moisture back there, a gentle finger opened me, entered me. Joanna’s finger brushed against my prostate and I moaned at the exquisite pleasure. In time, she was gently sawing three fingers in and out of me and I rocked my hips slightly in response.

I licked Lilla and felt Joanna’s amazing fingers inside of me and my heart raced because I knew it was going to happen. I was going to get fucked by a man. I was going to take a man’s cock inside of me and I wanted it with all my being at this moment in time. I wanted to get fucked like a slut by a flesh and blood cock. I wanted to feel its hot, thick length spreading me, taking me, making me come. I rotated my pelvis in invitation, like a cat in heat and Joanna’s fingers withdrew, leaving me empty and I moaned.

She nudged me and I rolled to my back and again felt my earrings, necklace, hair and breasts succumb to gravity’s silent command. Lilla took my hand. Marion caressed my face with gentle love and kissed me and whispered, “Mmm. Look at you. All dolled up and flat on your back like a real woman. Enjoy his cock, baby, I know I do.” She ran a nail lightly along my hard cock and my heart hammered and I moaned.

I looked up at Joanna kneeling above me, between my spread legs. She leaned down, brushed my lips with hers and said, “You’re first time has to be on your back, with your legs in the air. Like a woman.”

Joanna licked Lilla’s juices from my face then her tongue found mine, my heart raced and I raised my stockinged legs so she could take me with her iron shaft. Joanna closed in on me. I felt her long cock, thick and blunt, at my rear, pressing, insistent and I squeezed Lilla’s hand and she squeezed back in reassurance and said softly, “Open for him, my love. Take his cock. That’s a good girl.”

I was ready and my hungry little mouth opened easily. My rings parted and Joanna slid deeply into me, my prostate gloriously stimulated, and her hips were flush against me and I felt her balls against me and I moaned. She ground against me and her hair was covering my face and I breathed in her scent and she ground and rotated her pelvis against me. She filled me up and a moan escaped through her hair as I wrapped my arms tightly around her and writhed against her, my ass so full of cock.

My stockinged legs were wide and high, my high-heeled toes pointed to the ceiling and Joanna kissed me and her cock was so hot, a scorching shaft searing me, filling me. She drew back and spiked into me and I felt the pull and push on my flesh, the sensitive nerves back there exploding in bursts of pleasure.

She rose to her elbows and pumped in and out of my sensitive passage over and over, again and again. Her thick, long cock speared me and sliced me in two and I moaned and it was heavenly.

I tried to rock my hips to meet her thrusting cock and our bodies slammed together and her sweat dripped onto my cock and my heaving breasts. Joanna fucked me and fucked me and I heard her moan and my breasts moved and swayed naturally with the rhythm of our passion and my nipples pinched and pulled deliciously.

Joanna put my legs on her shoulders and leaned into me, her hands cupped my shoulders and she drove into me and grunted with each powerful thrust. I heard words, heard myself rasp to no one, to everyone, “Yes. Fuck me. So good.”

I was on my back getting fucked like a woman by a man with a real cock and I was lost in a sea of sensation: my breasts and nipples, my earrings and necklace and bracelets, my black stockings, my high-heeled shoes, my blood red manicured nails, the moaning and grunting, the wet slapping of fucking, and that hot, hard, real live cock relentlessly invading me, taking me, piercing me like a woman should be pierced.

Joanna took my legs off her shoulders, slowed her pace and gave me long, slow, enthralling strokes that sent shivers of pleasure coursing through me as the head of her cock stroked my prostate and exquisitely sensitive nerves. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me and ground my hips against her, pleased at her responsive moan.

She leaned down and kissed me, our tongues swirling and dancing, then she raised, pushed my legs father apart and down, pinned them against the mattress and crashed into me. Joanna fucked me with long, deep strokes and her thick cock spread me and speared me and our bodies slammed together and I was grunting with each stroke, each blow, each collision of pleasure and I felt it building and was overwhelmed and it built and my ass throbbed with pleasure as Joanna fucked me and fucked me and she yelled and spasmed and arched and slammed into me and I felt her cum jet into me, deep and hot and wet, and it sent me over the edge and waves of pleasure erupted and I shouted and the world went blank and I came and came and came and came and came.

Slowly, slowly, I became aware of my surroundings. I heard small noises, felt hearts beating, breath slowing, relished Joanna’s weight on me, missed and longed for the fullness when she finally slipped out of me. Joanna rolled off of me and after a moment I leaned over to her, tucked my hair behind an ear, kissed her gently and said, “Oh, my God. Thank you, Joanna, thank you. That was truly amazing. I had no idea it could be that good. I’m so glad it was you.” I rolled to my back again and looked up at Lilla, upside down from my position and said, “So what’d you think, cupcake? Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

Lilla’s eyes were wide and she was rubbing her pussy and she laughed and said, “Good? Good? Holy fuck! That was that fucking hot as shit! I came twice watching you two horn dogs get jiggy.”

Marion said, “Jiggy?”

“Don’t ask,” I said.

“God, that was good,” from Joanna.

“Yes, it was.” I took her hand in mine and squeezed gently.

“Well I don’t know about you Marion, but I’m feeling a little left out here,” Lilla said, moved around and put her pussy over my mouth. “You know what to do, lover,” she said as she looked down at me. I licked her and chewed her and mouthed her clit and her sweet juices flowed and she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

I felt moist heat on my cock and sensed Joanne kneeling over me, sucking me hard again. I licked Lilla and reached out and milked Joanna’s thickening cock and saw Marion stepping into her harness, her dildo jutting from low on her mound. Marion straddled me and pushed Lilla down to get access to her cunt. I nibbled her clit and Marion put a hand on Lilla’s back centered her cock and Lilla moaned when Marion entered her tight pussy.

Joanna sucked my cock and I spread my legs and she fingered my ass and the pleasure was immense as she worked my prostate. Marion fucked Lilla and I ate her and Joanna sucked me and I milked her cock and we all rocked together and Lilla came with a shout. She rolled off of me and onto her back and Marion moved away and I rolled over and entered Lilla’s pussy in one hard thrust and she grunted and said, “Yes! Fuck me!”

Lilla’s pussy was tight and felt like velvet fire and I swooned in its wet embrace. I pumped her hard then Marion moved behind me. I stopped, buried deep inside of Lilla, kissed her, ground against her and it came, that delicious pressure at my rear. I lay on Lilla, in Lilla, and moaned as Marion’s strapon filled me with bliss and desire. I let Marion pound me with long, deep, hard strokes that pushed me into Lilla. I cocked and swiveled and rotated my hips and fucked back at Marion and at Lilla.

I raised my head and took Joanna’s cock into my mouth. Lilla licked her balls and Joanna fucked my mouth and Marion fucked my ass and Lilla gyrated on my cock. I moaned around the cock as she sawed in and out of my mouth and I clenched and came deep inside of Lilla and collapsed onto her.

Marion gently withdrew and Lilla rolled me to my back, straddled me and looked down at me and smiled lovingly and I licked her and cleaned her, savoring our mingled flavors.

We caught our breath, drank some champagne, and fluffed our hair and straightened our stockings. We looked at each other, laughed and met in the middle of the bed and it was on again and we fucked for hours. Joanna and I gave Lilla and Marion a double penetration and they squealed in pleasure and pain and delight. Joanna fucked me doggy while I ate then fucked Marion. Lilla fucked me with our strapon while I ate Marion while Joanna fucked her. Joanna and I sixty-nined while Marion fucked me and Lilla fucked Joanna. Marion and Lilla sixty-nined while I fucked Marion and Joanna fucked Lilla. Joanna fucked me from the edge of the bed while Lilla rode my cock and I returned the pleasure to Joanna and Marion. We fucked and sucked in all the positions and combinations that seemed possible and boy I was glad I’d taken that little blue pill.

It was early, barely dawn according to the light bleeding though the semi-sheer curtains. I woke up on my side facing Lilla. Joanna was behind me. Marion behind Lilla. I reached behind me, found Joanna’s cock and squeezed and stroked it gently, feeling it swell and grow hard in my hand and I remembered how it felt in my mouth; soft, then swelling to full hardness. Joanna stirred behind me and I felt her cock at my rear and I smiled and shifted my hips to give her access. I closed my eyes as that sweet, thick cock took possession of me and gently rocked into me in a leisurely morning fuck and I heard her moan softly.

Lilla opened her eyes and smiled, looked at me with love and raised a questioning eyebrow. I nodded and she kissed me then moved down and closed her lips around my cock. She sucked me and fondled me and I smiled at Marion who had a “Well, well!” expression on her face. I felt Joanna’s glorious cock rocking into me and sending reams of pleasure coursing through me.

Joanne put an arm around me and across me and held my shoulder and thrust harder now, getting her pleasure, using my ass. She punched into me, a staccato rhythm and Lilla’s hair flowed as she sucked me and I clenched and Joanna moaned and I felt her wet seed deep inside of me and I came into Lilla’s soft mouth. I reached back and held Joanna to me and accepted my cum from Lilla in a long, tender kiss.

“Well that was just lovely,” Marion said, “But what about me?”

I had a pretty good system going. My 18 year old sister would stay up to watch Sex And The City reruns with me (well she watched, and I smoked weed), and during the first ad breaks, would run downstairs and get changed for bed. During the next ads, I would go to the bathroom, and on my way, raid her hamper for her fresh dirty panties, usually buried under the rest of her clothes. Then, I’d wear them and masturbate into them all night and the next day, then I’d do it again, mixing her old ones back in for her new ones. By the time a wash was done, my interference was gone, and she never missed a pair. I was pretty much her size, so I wasn’t worried about stretching.

Sometimes, if I was particularly horny, I’d steal one of my mom’s tampons (my sister wore pads) and wear it up my ass for hours, even days. Then one day everything changed.

When I went for her hamper, her panties were sitting on the very top, something that never happened. I always had to rummage for them. And not any panties, but her light pastel blue thong, the only one I loved enough to break my one day rule for. Why, two weeks ago, I wore them for four days, and had to wash them with my stuff, and subtly mix them into her dryer load. If she loved them as much as I did, she would’ve noticed their absence from the wash, and sudden appearance after drying.

I took them from the top, hoping she would’ve forgotten she put them there, and immediately felt their wetness. I smelled them… not piss, but girlcum. Okay, it was a particularly hot episode, and she was a year younger than me. Of COURSE she masturbated too. That night, I came in them four times.

The next day I expected her to say something, or tell mom, but nothing. After work, I replaced her thong, and that night there was another pair on the very top of her hamper: this time a white/pink full crotch cotton bikini thing, and was not only wet with cum, but still a bit creamy, and a few light haired pubes. That night I went to bed early.

For the next few weeks, her hamper was a girlcum, wet, tasty, warm, fresh buffet, with not only her sexiest panties, but specifically the ones I loved and stole the most. I started keeping them an extra day, but she still said nothing. After about a month, I started entertaining the idea she knew, which assuaged my guilt, and it turned into three days, which meant at any given time I had one of her pairs of panties on, and two more under my pillow.

Then, Mom went away on business. Two months. I was in charge. Whatever, we were like the same age. I thought nothing of it, nor felt then need to alter my schedule. That night, as usual I found her fresh delicate, wet and warm, and bounced into it. The green, kitty cat bikini, another long favorite. I hadn’t let go of the waistband a second, when my sister threw the door open on my, naked except for HER panties, which she’d been wearing for 12 hours not five minutes ago. I froze.

She examined me. “Nice.” She said. “Now put the rest of it on.” She motioned to the hamper. I was still frozen. I couldn’t figure out her tone. Was she furious?

“The skirt, bra, nylons and blouse,” she explained patiently, as she gestured to her day outfit the thong had been sitting upon. I still, nude, had no idea what she wanted. I had been stealing her panties, and jerking off into her girlcum. Surely she despised me.

“I know you’ve been wearing those, that’s why I left you gifts. But you’re on camera, so if you don’t want mom to see this… and what you do with her tampons… then please put them on?” she sounded genuine, loving, sympathetic. So I took her blue plaid skirt, her white thigh high stockings (with an elastic top to keep them up), her lace floral pink bra, and the (nearly) transparent white blouse, v cut and frilled to show off her ample rack.

Now I’d dressed up before, but only a few times, and only if EVERYONE was out for the day. Then, I usually chose my mom’s sleepwear, or my sister’s one piece bathing suit. I’d never worn a full outfit, or something that fit.

Once dressed she grinned, checking my out. “My boyfriend is coming over tonight.” She stated. Wait, mom left ME in charge. I opened my mouth to speak out, but anticipating this, she cut me off.

“For the next two months, I’M charge. You’ll do what I want, and let ME do what I want, or mom will see this video. Facebook will see this. Everyone will know. Now, Jimmy’s on his way. You can stay here, or you can join us in the TV room, but either way, you’re wearing that all night.” But the way she said it, wasn’t so much an order as a beautiful choir of angels asking me please. What could I do? She giggled, and kissed me on the cheek, and I spent the next four hours in her room, on her pink bedspread, in her clothes, reading her Cosmo’s and lightly touching myself as I heard from outside a lot of moaning and thumping. In my younger sister’s room, on her bed, in her clothes, reading her fashion magazines, I never felt more like Lizzie, my inner girl.

Eventually, the place quieted down, and she re-entered her room. “You should’ve come out and said hi. No one likes a mopey girl.” She strutted over to me, and climbed on her bed, standing tall. She walked right up to me, sitting cowgirl style and dropped to her knees inches from chest to chest, face to face. She had on her leather punk miniskirt, and a dark pink babytee, with clearly no bra. She pushed my shoulder, and I fell backwards. She started shifting up, so she was kneeling above my face, as I lay on her bed. As her skirt approached my field of view, I could see she had no panties on at all. Her light blond bush rimmed her small lips and erect clit as she lined it up above my face, inches from my nose. I identified one smell instantly, her personal girl cum. But there was something different about it. She, lined up, lowered herself onto my mouth and, grabbing my panty clad balls, commanded “Lick!”

I did, and discovered why she smelt different from the dirty panties she’d been leaving me all this time. As I started to eat her out, a much thicker liquid oozed out, with a brand new, but delicious taste. Unlike her girlcum, though, it soon ran out. She giggled, and dismounted my wet face, reaching for her remote. Turning on her TV, she played a recorded movie. It was me, dolled up, tongue out, as her pussy dripped man cum into my eager mouth. I had just eaten her boyfriend’s fresh cum. Before this could process fully, she interrupted.

“Jimmy wants to meet my cousin, visiting from BC. Please, come?” She spoke it like a question, but we both knew it wasn’t. I didn’t realize then, but at that moment, she knew she owned me. She quickly braided my jaw length dirty blonde hair into pigtails, then she grabbed a pair of her purple white striped cotton panties, applied a pad from her dresser, and dance slid into them, sliding her hands under her skirt.

“Wait, what should we call you?” she asked me, smiling in a supportive, evil way, perhaps to herself, but she was a little taken back (pleasantly) that I instantly had an answer.

“Elizabeth Jessica…Lizzie.” I said, demurely, twisting my leg, clasping my hands behind my sashaying skirt hem. My sister laughed, and smiled. “It’s beautiful, Lizzie. Oh!” she bolted off to her en suite, returning with a box of tissue. “We need to fill you out.” She said, sticking out her 36c chest at me to emphasize.

As she began stuffing and forming my new tits, I asked if Jimmy’d notice the lack of makeup, or Adam’s apple. She shook her head. “He’s drunk, and not the brightest on his best day. Think of this as your first test, to see if you can pass in public as Lizzie.” I don’t know if she meant to, but I distinctly heard the word ‘first’. There would be more? She finished forming me, and from a clothed view, I had fantastic tits.

“Just one more thing. It’s probably nothing, just think of it as extra protection.”

“Protection from what?” I asked, as she reached her hands up under her skirt again. They came into view holding her maxi pad, now stained with blood. It was her period.

“This is so, no matter what, Jimmy won’t try to fuck you.” She said, gesturing me to lower my (my?) panties. I got them around my stocking clad knees, and she stuck her fresh, wet, dirty pad onto mine, and pulled them up snugly, making sure to tuck back my cock and balls, hidden away. She stepped back, looked me up and down, then rushed forwards, embracing me and kissing me on the lips. “Oh, Lizzie, I’m so glad you were able to finally visit, I’ve missed you so much. Come!” she held out her hand, and stepped towards the door. “There’s someone I want you to meet!” she beamed. I held her hand, and we entered the living room, where she had left Jimmy watching TV.

“Jimmy,” she cooed “This is my cousin Lizzie, from The Island. She and I used to be VERY close.” She gently pushed me forwards, into the light. Jimmy stood up, waving slightly. He was drunk. And tall. He was like a university quarterback. He slowly up-and-downed me, as I stood, twisting one foot on my toes. He finally returned to my eyes (well tits, but that’s the furthest up he ever looked), and smiled, seductively.

“I can see the resemblance.” He said, deeply. My sister, who I hadn’t noticed left, returned with two red wines and a beer. Wine for the girls. I didn’t know what to do, or what would happen now, so I drank most of the glass. My sister suggested we all sit down, leading me to the couch next to Jimmy, then she sat in the recliner next to the couch. We all silently watched the TV.

Jimmy had been watching porn. Nothing remarkable, just two young hotties polishing one stud’s large member. Maybe the wine had affected me, but I caught myself watching Jimmy more than the lesbian love scene. I felt my eyes scan down to his lap, where I had hoped to see his erection tenting his jeans, but I saw nothing. Except… there was a long bulge. I stared at it, trying to make out a shape, when he looked at me.

In fact, he had been watching me ogle him for fifteen seconds now, I had only just noticed. I blushed, and turned to my sister, who looked positively glowing. My sister stood up, and walked behind the couch, placing a hand on each of our shoulders.

“In fact, when we were little, Lizzie and I used to practice kissing and dildos. She was even learning to use her backside.” My sister breathed lustily, to each of us, licking her lips at him, then winking and smiling ecstatically at me. She then pulled my head close, and kissed me. For real this time. With electricity, and saliva, our tongues wresting, as she placed my hand on her clothed breast, her nipple standing firmly against my palm. She then broke, giggled, and walked back to her chair.

I had suspected for a while now, but now confirmed that I was unable to speak. Actually, physically unable. Nor could I leave the couch, but I was not paralyzed, because I could still twist my hair between my fingers, while smiling as seductively and sexily at Jimmy as I thought I knew. The wine.

My sister had me drink a compound which made me desire to follow her suggestions, and unable to outright refuse them. True, this was a wild dream of mine, but I never expected it to happen. I was turned on, and scared, and I wanted to shout pause and have my sister hold me, but when I tried this is what came out: “I am on my period.”, but I said it so seductively I surprised myself. Instantly, as if expecting this, my sister instantly added “So it can only be anal and you can’t come in her. I might leak into her fertile womb.”

I was shocked. Jimmy had grabbed the bulge in its jeans, and it began to rise. I wanted to run away and lock myself in the bathroom, but instead I watched my hand reach out to slide down his waistband. I clasped his warm cock, pulsing growing, as he undid and lowered his pants. He was wearing nothing underneath, and his thick snake lay, always rising, enlarging, and stiffening. He let go of himself, and my other hand joined the first, as I instinctually lowered my opened mouth onto his head. Gently licking it, working with both hand, growing in my mouth, I finally achieved full erection at 7.5 inches long and just thick enough my fingers didn’t meet my thumbs. Hell, my erect cock was smaller than his deflated once, and my deflated cock was smaller than his middle finger. Which, as I began my first real blowjob, began to probe my panties. First he tried where I should’ve had a pussy, but finding a pad, it soon worked its way to my virgin rosebud, pressing my sister’s panties into my boypussy. I started pressing into him, and I generously lubed his massive shaft.

Okay, I was a virgin, and had never sucked a cock before, but just as I used to raid my sister’s panties, I also used to raid my mom’s toy chest. Jimmy was bigger than the largest thing I’ve ridden hard, but smaller than the largest one I could still balls deep deep throat. I could easily swallow Jimmy whole (which I’m sure only verified me as a real girl), and make it as wet as the toys I suck before fucking myself.

As soon as I began pushing into his finger, he pulled out of my wanting mouth, and stood up, turning me around on all fours on the couch, facing my sister. She sat watching us both, smiling, her skirt around her waist, drilling herself with a clear purple vibrator, much larger than my mom’s biggest. I had never considered my sister had toys, and certainly not larger than my mom’s. Jimmy didn’t even pull off the green panties, her just moved the fabric covering my bum. Then he pushed his lubed up giant into my virgin sissycunt. I inhaled in ecstasy and began pushing back onto him, letting him into Lizzie’s special place. My sister air kissed me and watched, as not only I got fucked, but gave myself willingly to cock. After arduous constant pounding, Jimmy suddenly stopped, pushed my ass off of his shaft, and grabbed my shoulders, spinning me around to greet his ass slick cock in my face. Opening my mouth, he stuck himself in me, letting me clean him. Satisfied, he pulled out, and began cumming on my face. All over my face. He was full, nearly a cup of jizz glazed my cheeks, dripped from my chin, glued my eyes closed, and pasted my hair. I licked up all I could wipe into my greedy mouth. While I was enjoying eating all my face treasure, he dressed, and left. My sister had seen him out, and was also dressed again. I was still licking my fingers.

“You did so well today Lizzie, I want to reward you. You can sleep with me tonight.” She said, as she walked into our mom’s room, climbing into the king size bed. She disrobed, coiled up on the bedspread, and pulled open one of the bed drawers… mom’s toy chest. Her brightly coloured silicon filled secret wet me again, and I followed her, dressed and full and aching for more. As I climbed into bed, she undressed me, as there was a white lace sexy nightie for me on the pillow. Once the blouse was off, I, in just lingerie, grabbed both her tits, and kissed her deeply. She pulled of her own shirt, and pushed her braless bunnies into my hands. “Oh Lizzie, we’re going to be the best of girl friends! Tomorrow we’re going clubbing.” That night, we toyed and explored all night long, falling asleep in each other’s embrace, sticky and drained.

Synopsis: Loren had no idea what he was getting into when his agent suggested he write transvestite fiction. Nor did he realize how eagerly his wife Stephanie would embrace the idea of feminizing her husband. How far would they go?


Chapter 11: Pierced

Over the next two days, Loren got used to life as a sexy maid to a woman of whim. Stephanie got used to having a servant. In fact, she was enjoying this more than ever. Anything she wanted, Loren did without question. Any time she wanted to feel powerful, she gave him orders she knew he wouldn’t want to do or she made him risk being exposed to the neighbors. It felt incredible having that much power over her husband. And best of all, he seemed to love it as much as she did.

On the third day, she decided it was time for the next step in his feminization. At first, she wasn’t sure she wanted to take this step. It seemed a little permanent. And even though Loren had technically given her the power to do whatever she wanted to him, she still wasn’t sure how far she should push things. But then, she was also too excited to stop. Indeed, the thrill of further feminizing Loren was just too much to resist and she actually found herself fingering herself as she considered it. So it was time to take Loren back to the mall.

Stephanie walked into the kitchen where Loren was putting away the dishes. She wore gray slacks, black flats, and a creamy-white sweater. She twirled the car keys in her hand. Loren wore the black maid’s uniform with the red mules. These didn’t normally go with the uniform, but he hadn’t been properly “servile” at breakfast, so she made him wear the mules as punishment because she knew they were incredibly uncomfortable for him. Plus, she loved the way he tottered around on them.

He curtseyed when she entered the room.

“Go to the bedroom and change your clothes. I’ve laid everything out for you. Then meet me in the living room.”

Loren made his way to the bedroom. On the bed, Loren found the tan suit and jacket, the white blouse, tan pantyhose, and a pair of Stephanie’s taupe pumps with a one inch, square heel. He changed into the outfit and went to meet her. Overall, the effect was surprisingly feminine, especially as Stephanie had continued to “clean up” his eyebrows into a delicate arch and had curled his hair even more. All in all, he looked like a woman, except for one glaring defect.

“You might want to put on some panties,” Stephanie said.

“There weren’t any on the bed.”

Stephanie started to reprimand him for not thinking, but then it struck her this was a sign of her growing power. She had forgotten to include panties, so he went without. He didn’t try to add any and he didn’t question her, he just went without. She smiled. “Go put on your girdle.”

Loren winced. He hated wearing the girdle because it crushed his testicles and squeezed his penis uncomfortably against his body. “Do I have to?”

Stephanie laughed. “You tell me, Loren?” She rubbed his erection, which made his skirt stand straight out.

He looked down at the bulge in his skirt. “Yeah, I guess so.”

When Loren got into the car, he had no idea they were headed back to the mall, but he soon realized that was their destination. After his terrifying and humiliating walk back through the mall after Stephanie told him that people could spot him because he looked like a man, he had no desire to ever go back. But Stephanie gave him no choice, and she did assure him he could pass this time because he looked “ordinary.” In other words, in the conservative tan suit and the low-heeled beige pumps, few people would give him a second look and what they would see with the first impression would be feminine enough not to arouse suspicions. Hence, his fears were allayed. And as they walked through the mall and people seemed to pass them by without incident, he even began to gain confidence that no one would spot him.

As before, they needed to walk through almost the entire mall to reach their destination. Stephanie did this intentionally because she wanted Loren to spend as much time as possible in public to get used to it.

“There it is,” Stephanie said, pointing toward a small booth where a teenage girl was selling earrings. The booth was about twenty feet away and Loren almost collapsed when he realized what Stephanie had in mind.

“I can’t do this!”

“Sure you can! Teenage girls do it all the time, honey. Even boys do it now.”

“No! I won’t do it. I don’t want anything permanent. Getting my ears pierced is permanent.”

“I gave you my conditions and you agreed. Are you trying to back out now?”

“I might!”

She raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. “Really?!”

“Yes, really,” he said. Traces of panic could be heard in his voice.

“You’re ready to give up all this fun? Ready to give up the heels and the skirts?”

Loren nodded his head. He was breathing hard.

Stephanie scowled. “So you’re fine being a sissy, just so long as we don’t pierce your ears, is that it?” she said loudly enough that the girl at the booth looked their way.

“Please keep your voice down!” he whispered.

Stephanie placed her hands on her hips. “Why? You don’t want me telling the world my husband is a sissy?!” she said even louder.

“Stop it!”

“Don’t you tell me what to do!”

“Don’t do this, please.”

“Loren, you’ve spent the past week prancing around the house like a fairy princess in women’s clothes and women’s shoes, acting like a total sissy. You could have stopped at any time, but you didn’t because you love it. In fact, you’ve all but begged me to feminize you, to control you, and to humiliate you. Well this is the price of that, sister. If you want that to continue, then it’s going to continue on my terms—”

“But I don’t want my ears pierced!”

“I’m not going to play this game, Loren, where you act like I’m in charge until I try to make a decision. If you want this to continue, then you better learn right now to submit to me.”

“Fine,” he said quickly and nervously. He glanced around to see if anyone heard her.

Stephanie shook her head and kicked her heel against the floor. “No. You’re not going to humor me and then later pretend this didn’t happen. It’s time you made a decision.” She folded her arms. “It’s your choice. You can go back to being Loren, an average man whose wife knows his little secret, a secret he’s afraid of, or you can step out into the light and be my Laura. But this is the last time I ask. It’s all or nothing from hereon out.” She looked at her watch. “I’m going to get a new pair of earrings. I’ll give you a minute to decide.” She walked over to the booth.

Loren stared at his wife. He honestly didn’t know what to say. On the one hand, he was enjoying this incredibly despite himself and he didn’t want it to end. Also, the idea that he would never again get to wear heels or skirts or makeup strangely bothered him a lot. On the other hand, he didn’t know if he could truly bring himself to submit to his wife. His masculine ego kept fighting him every time he tried. It also worried him that he didn’t know what she was thinking. If she was willing to pierce his ears, what else would she do to him which could never be undone? How far would she push this? Would she expose him to their friends? The prospect terrified him. . . yet, it excited him too.

Loren suddenly realized he’d been standing there for a long time, though he didn’t know how long — he had no watch. If he was going to say yes, then he needed to do it now, otherwise Stephanie would take his answer as a no and his walk back to the car would be the last steps he’d ever take in a skirt. But did he want to say yes? What would he do? He walked over to Stephanie who was chatting with the girl behind the booth. He still didn’t know what he would say.

“I. . . can I speak to you,” he asked his wife.

“Go ahead.”

“I mean alone.”

Stephanie shook her head. “No, if you have something to say, Jennifer can hear it too.”

Loren shuddered. He took a deep breath. “I want to continue.”

Stephanie threw her arms around Loren, kissing him on the lips. “You won’t regret this, Laura!” She turned to Jennifer who looked stunned by Stephanie’s embrace of the other woman. “Jennifer, meet my husband Loren. He wants his ears pierced.”

Chapter 12: Laura Gets Caught

Stephanie had left for work a few minutes before. Her week-long vacation was over. Loren finished cleaning the kitchen and went to put away some dishes in the china cabinet in the living room. Loren still wore the red maid’s dress Stephanie told him to wear today. He considered changing out of the maid’s dress before he started the housework, because it was impractical and not all that comfortable, but he hadn’t. If he was being truthful with himself, he was coming to like feeling “dominated” by Stephanie. Indeed, feeling submissive was giving him an unexpected thrill. And wearing the ridiculous maid’s dress even when no one was watching made him feel very submissive. He did, however, change out of the four-inch heels Stephanie wanted him to wear with the dress and into a pair of basic low-heeled black pumps. The heels were just a little too uncomfortable to wear all day and, he told himself, he could feel just as “dominated” in low-heeled pumps.

After Loren finished replacing the dishes, he planned to go upstairs and jerk himself off. He needed it. Except for the one night and the incident at the store, Stephanie had denied him release all week and the pressure was killing him. In fact, he was so ready to explode he constantly leaked pre-cum all week. And with Stephanie having no way to watch him or know if he did it, he intended to get some of the release he craved.

Suddenly, he heard the doorbell.

Loren froze. He hadn’t thought about what he would do if someone came to the door. With Stephanie home, he could have hidden while she took care of whoever it was. But being alone, he couldn’t do that. If he had been dressed more “ordinary,” as Stephanie called it when he was dressed as a normal woman rather than a maid or school girl fantasy, then he could have chanced it, assuming it was just a deliveryman and not a neighbor. But seeing as how he was wearing the maid costume, there was no way he could open the door. He couldn’t quietly slip away either. Any attempt to leave the living room would expose him through their front window unless he went through the front hallway. But the front door had a glass frame about chest high. There was a lace curtain over the glass, but whoever it was would easily be able to make out that someone was on the other side wearing something red and feminine. Plus, with the front hallway having wooden floors, Loren was concerned about the sound his heels would make — it didn’t occur to him to take them off. His best option was just to stay put and wait it out.

The doorbell rang again and whoever it was knocked as well.

At this point, Loren’s curiosity got the better of him and he peeked out the front window from behind the curtain.

It was Kathleen! He ducked and prayed she didn’t see him.

She knocked again. Then she yelled, “Loren, let me in.”

He ignored her, but she didn’t go away.

A few seconds later, his phone rang. He crept across the room to look at the caller identification. It was Kathleen. She was calling from the front door using her cell phone. Her voice came over the answering machine.

“Loren, open up.” She paused. “I know you’re in there.”

The machine disconnected. Twenty seconds passed. Loren stared at the machine, waiting to see if she would call again. If she didn’t call within a minute, he would creep back to the window and see if she was gone.

The phone rang again. It was Kathleen again.

“Let me in, Loren. I can see you, sweetie. Open up and let’s discuss this.”

Loren’s jaw dropped. What did she mean? Discuss what?

She continued. “Open up, or I’ll tell everyone.”

Loren panicked. He grabbed the phone. “Kathleen, hi! I didn’t hear the phone, I was in the shower.”

“Uh huh.”

“What. . . what were you saying?”

“I said to let me in.”

“I can’t, I’m dripping wet and I’m not decent.”

“Naked? Really? You wouldn’t lie to me, would you Loren?”

“No, of course not.”

“Because you don’t look naked from here.”

Loren froze. “From where?”

“Turn around, sweetie.”

Loren spun around. There was Kathleen standing on a large landscaping rock, which made her just tall enough that her smiling face could peer into the window. She waved and then held up her phone and snapped Loren’s picture.

Loren opened the door and reluctantly stepped back to let Kathleen enter. She stood there, with her hands on her hips, her feet spread as wide apart as her pencil skirt and kitten-heeled mules would let her, and an overwhelming smile on her face. She slowly looked Loren up and down. Then she laughed. She reached out and flipped up the crinoline under his skirt, exposing his erection — he wore no panties with this uniform as Stephanie instructed.

“Oh bravo!” she proclaimed. She pinched the end of his penis.

Loren’s face went from pink to red to flaming red. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. “I. . . uh. . .”

Kathleen smiled evilly at him. “You what? You can explain?” She laughed again, still holding onto the end of his penis. “I can’t wait to hear this. Go on, sweetie, explain.”

“Stephanie and I have a costume party—”

“Oh please!”

“It’s true,” he protested.

“Then why were you wearing heels at the dinner party.” She pointed at his feet with her free hand, the other remained firmly attached to his penis. “I saw you, Loren!”

“Kathleen, I don’t think I want to discuss this. Please leave,” he said firmly.


“Please get out of my house.”

“Loren, sweetie, I don’t think you understand your position here. Not only do I know something you don’t want anyone else knowing, but I have a photo to prove it.” She pulled out her cell phone and took another photo for good measure.

He snatched the phone from her hands, causing her to squeeze his penis so tightly he winced.

She smirked at him. “That won’t help you, but I love the fact you tried. When I took the photo, it automatically loaded to my account. You could destroy the phone and I’d still have the photo.”

“What do you want, Kathleen?!” he asked angrily.

“Right now, I just want to chat.”

“I have nothing to say.”

“Fine!” she declared and she finally let go of his penis. “I’ll just leave until you’re in a more cooperative mood.” She held out her hand. “I’d like my phone back.”

Loren hesitated.

“Seriously, the photos aren’t on the phone anymore, they’re in my account.”

Loren grudgingly returned the phone to her hand.

She started toward the door. “I hope you’re ready for everyone to know about this.”


“Why should I?”

“What are you planning?”

She turned and smirked at Loren. “Me? I’m not planning anything, but since I’m being deprived of my fun, I figure I’ll spend the day at the spa and then, when Stephie gets home, I’ll tell her what her husband’s been doing.”

Loren raised an eyebrow. Clearly, Kathleen was trying to blackmail him by threatening to tell Stephanie. Little did she know Stephanie was behind this. He suddenly felt braver. “You go right ahead, I’ll bet Stephanie doesn’t care in the slightest.”

Kathleen shrugged her shoulders. “We’ll see. Oh, and I love the nails!” She snapped another picture of Loren and walked out the front door.

Stephanie sat in her office working on her latest project when her phone rang. It was Loren. He was upset.

“Slow down. What happened?” she asked.

“Kathleen came over and saw me in the maid costume!”

She giggled to herself, imagining the scene as Kathleen stumbled upon poor Loren in his maid costume. She didn’t want him exposed, but she knew Kathleen had better judgment than to start telling everyone. Also, she was beginning to think about the possibility of making this a full-time arrangement and that would mean their friends would eventually need to know. This could be a good test. “That was careless of you,” she said indifferently.

Loren was temporarily stunned to hear his wife blame him for getting caught. “Wait a minute, I’m not the one who insisted that I wear this costume all day.”

“I took you to stores, to the mall and all over town and no one spotted you. You spend two hours alone and you’ve already gotten yourself discovered. Who’s being careless?”

“What are we going to do?” he asked, evading her question.

“First, you’re going to answer my question because when I speak to my little sissy, I expect an answer.”

“I was more careless,” he said and his face burned as he said it.

“Now, tell me what happened.”

“She took my picture with her cell phone and then tried to blackmail me. She said she would tell you what I was doing while you were at work—”

Stephanie laughed. “That’s ironic, isn’t it?”

“I told her you wouldn’t care. Then she left.”

Stephanie closed her eyes and tried to picture the scene. Her leg shook back and forth furiously. Maybe there was a chance to have a little more fun here? “Here’s what you’re going to do. I want you to call her and ask her to come back over. Then I want you to beg her not to tell me. Let her blackmail you.”

“What?! Why?”

“You heard me. Let her blackmail you. This could be fun. Let’s see what she comes up with. Maybe she’s got something really creative in mind? Think of it as a learning experience.”

“But you’re risking my future?”

“No, you risked that when you let her catch you.”

“But this could just make it worse!”

“Those are the breaks.”


“No ‘but’, girlie. You agreed to be my submissive little husbandette, now it’s time to submit to my will. And my will is that you let Kathleen do whatever she wants to you,” she purred.

“What if she wants to have sex with me?”

“Anything except that. Oh, and you can’t tell her I know.” She paused. “Now, do you think you can handle this?”

“Yes, ma’am.”


Loren picked up the phone. He’d never dreaded a phone call more than this. He dialed Kathleen’s number.

“Change your mind?” Kathleen asked when she picked up the phone.

Loren swallowed hard. “Please don’t tell Stephanie.”

“Why? What’s in it for me?”

He took a deep breath. “What do you want?”

“I’m not sure I want anything anymore, seeing as how rude you were to me.”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I suppose we could work something out,” she said with faked frustration. Her excitement was plain through the phone. Loren remained silent. “Have you changed yet?” she asked.


“Good. Then I’ll come over and we can talk about this. Don’t change anything you’re wearing.” She hung up.

The phone rang a moment after Loren set it down. It was his agent. “Cindy, hi, what’s up?”

“I want to see how my favorite writer is doing?”

“Nothing to report. I haven’t started anything yet.”

“Writer’s block?”

Loren looked down at his erection popping out beneath the stiff maid’s skirt. “Something like that.”

“Is there anything I can do to help? I could come over and you could bounce ideas off me?”

Loren bit his tongue. “No, that’s ok.”

“Ok, well, call me if you need anything.”

Kathleen stood before Loren with her arms folded. “So you’re giving up, are you?”

He nodded.

“Afraid I’ll tell Stephanie, is that it?” she smirked.

He nodded again.

“You men are so predictable. You know what this means, right?” she asked.

“I have a pretty good idea.”

“It means you have to do anything I say.”

Loren nodded.

“That’s how it should always be, don’t you agree? Men should always submit to women.”

Loren shrugged his shoulders.

Kathleen furrowed her brow. “Come on, Loren. Tell me I’m right.”

“Yes, men should always submit to women. Women are superior.” He probably wouldn’t have been this helpful a week ago, but he was beginning to find it quite natural to submit. Plus, he didn’t want to anger Kathleen or Stephanie at this point, so he played along.

I would like to thank CambriaRose for her swift editing.


Jaime woke on Tuesday morning, disoriented and desperately needing to pee. He gently extricated himself from Kara’s sleeping form and walked naked to the bathroom. As he walked, only half-awake, he felt a bit of weight on his chest and an ache in his ass. He looked down on himself and it took a few steps before he noticed his new breasts as they looked so natural on his- no her, slender chest.

Yesterday came crashing back at her; the doctor’s visit, the sex shop, the salon, the dress and heels, the club, being noticed in a positive way and the feeling of belonging. As she continued walking she fell naturally into a feminine, swaying gait, and felt so naughty as she walked naked through her lover’s house. Her smile broadened as she remembered the feeling of making love to Kara, first gently then roughly. Jaime ran her fingers over her new assets and ass, even in between her cheeks, while she sat on the toilet peeing. She was a bit sore but had a silly smile plastered on her face as she relived last night’s events in her mind. She knew she wanted that feeling again so she cleaned herself out in hopeful preparation.

She finished on the toilet and stood naked in front of the mirror and really looked at herself. Because she didn’t really recognize herself on one level, she could take in all her attributes almost objectively, like an outsider. What she saw was a pretty brunette with ruffled, wavy hair and big green eyes with a few mascara tear streaks underneath. A cute little button nose and plump pink lips. She had pale skin, slender shoulders, perky breasts that looked big on her small frame, big pink nipples, and a flat stomach and a narrow waist that flowed into wide hips and shapely legs. Her entire body was hairless and that made the only thing that should have been familiar look different, her half-stiff penis looked at the same time bigger and less manly without its hair.

When she was a he, he had always seen someone unattractive, someone plain, someone weak in the mirror. But she, she saw how beautiful and wonderful she was. She felt at home in her tight little body, and little wasn’t something bad anymore. Well, at least not when she was still big where it counted, she giggled and hefted her cock. She hadn’t really known she was above average before, she hadn’t really seen any stiff ones besides in what little straight porn she had seen, but according to Kara her thick eight inches more than measured up.

She was suddenly struck by how incredibly much she looked like her late mother. It was like looking at photos of her from her youth, as she was in Jamie’s earliest memories. The thought brought tears to her eyes and steeled her resolve to stay a girl even more; it would be another way to carry on her memory.

She finished in the bathroom and headed back to the bedroom where Kara laid sleeping peacefully on her back. Kara shifted in her sleep and revealed a big, soft, brown breast, making Jaime catch her breath. That such an incredibly beautiful woman would be interested in her amazed her just as much as yesterday’s transformation. Jaime couldn’t help but run her fingers along Kara’s face and down her neck as she committed every detail to memory. Kara stirred but didn’t wake and Jaime felt her own excitement rise, so she decided to wake her brown skinned lover with her tongue. She looked over at the clock and noticed that it was only half past seven; she hoped that Kara hadn’t planned on sleeping in.

She lifted the covers at the bottom of the bed and crawled up under them, slightly hindered by her own stiff cock. She carefully nudged Kara’s legs apart and continued upwards until her nose touched the slightly moist folds of her beloved’s bare pussy. The slender brunette ran her tongue gently over the folds, teased around the opening, fluttered over the clit and teased the inner lips apart. She was rewarded with the deliciousness of Kara’s flowing juices and her gentle moans filtering through the covers.

Jaime worked her long tongue in circles around the opening, getting deeper and deeper until her tongue felt like was being milked by Kara’s tunnel. Jaime worked her way up to the clit which was now peeking out from its hood and sucked it between her lips. She let her tongue flutter over it as she sucked with more and more intensity. Suddenly, hands grabbed her hair and held her hard against the now orgasmic pussy. Jaime lapped up all the delicious juices she could get as she listened to the sounds of Kara cumming.

Kara woke in a state of high arousal, first she thought it was a wet dream, and then she felt Jaime’s long and agile tongue slithering over her clit and her hands resting on her thighs. Her arousal rose and rose and then, suddenly, she felt herself cumming and grabbed hold of Jaime’s head as she climaxed. She held on hard and rode Jaime’s face to prolong her orgasm, grinding her hips against his face as her pussy quivered. Jaime must have worked on her for a while because she was cumming really hard.

As she was coming down from her high Kara pulled Jaime’s pretty face up towards her and tasted herself as they shared the first kiss of the morning. It was a strange thing to feel Jaime’s thick cock throbbing against her lower belly while her smooth skin and perky, if fake, breasts rubbed against the rest of her. Their kiss was deep and languid and as Jaime ran one hand through her hair and the other along her flank, Kara slowly explored down the little brunette’s back. She reached her target, a perfect bubble butt that easily overflowed her hands, and massaged and caressed the supple flesh.

Kara snaked one hand down to her own opening to lubricate her fingers before returning to Jaime’s ass. Jaime moaned into her mouth as she rubbed her wet fingertips around her pucker and then broke their kiss to gasp as she pushed her index finger in deep. Jaime kissed along her jawline to her ear as she worked her ass open. When Kara pushed a second finger inside Jaime moaned into her ear and whispered, “That feels so good! Can you please take me like you did last night?”

Kara smiled and hugged her lithe lover tightly with one arm, the other still busy with Jaime’s ass, and replied, “Oh, you liked that did you? Do you want the medium one or the giant, sweetie?”

Jaime blushed hotly but managed to whisper, “Umm, the giant one, it felt so intense last night.”

Kara giggled and said, “I think we might have a little size queen on our hands! One giant strap-on fucking coming right up!”

Kara laughed and after another quick kiss Jaime felt herself being rolled off Kara before she got out of the bed. She watched with anticipation as the tall, raven haired beauty donned the harness, attached the huge dildo, and climbed back in bed. The size of it scared her, she hadn’t really seen it last night and now, in the morning light she really couldn’t understand how something so big could fit inside her. Kara grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and squeezed out a sizable dollop on the faux cock. As she rubbed it in Jaime became entranced by the glistening black silicone, she simply couldn’t take her eyes off it!

Kara lubed her fingers and started working on expanding Jaime’s sphincter as she asked, “Do you want to try being on top this time?”

“Yeah, that sounds like fuUUUN!” Kara had deftly pushed three fingers to the last knuckle, making Jaime moan loudly.

Kara giggled at her reaction and started moving her fingers in and out, slowly building speed until she felt Jaime was sufficiently loose around her fingers, then she removed her fingers and with a smack to Jaime’s ass she said, “Giddy up, Cowgirl!” and got down on her back in the middle of the bed, half sitting against the headboard.

Jaime straddled Kara at the waist and let her pucker ease back against the big head of the dildo. She closed her eyes, reached back and held the silicon column steady while pushing back with her body and pushing out and relaxing her ass. Suddenly the head popped through her opening and made her groan with pleasure and pain. She started nudging the big shaft deeper and deeper, taking it much more slowly than Kara had last night.

The pain and feeling of submission that came with it wasn’t nearly as palpable, but the pleasure of being filled certainly was. Jaime let go of the dildo when it was halfway in and moved her hands up Kara’s body. She raised herself until the flared head caught on the rim of her ass and then pushed slowly down again, taking about two thirds with a moan and a gasp. Jaime felt full to bursting and so much pleasure she thought she could cum from just one touch to her extremely engorged cock. She stopped and let her body adjust to the dildo and tried to calm down, she wanted this to last as long as possible. She felt Kara’s hands trace along her arms and cup her face and slowly opened her eyes to look straight into Kara’s as she slowly leaned down for a kiss. As they kissed, she started slowly rolling her hips, stirring her insides with the huge dildo until she found what she was looking for, that cluster of intense pleasure, her prostate.

Jaime rode the silicone cock faster and faster as they kissed and Kara’s hands roamed her body. She felt them on her nipples, their caress along her spine, on her hips, encouraging her, and up her spine again until they tangled in her hair. It felt wonderful to have sex being on top like this but Jaime missed that sense of security and submission she had felt last night with Kara’s bigger body over her. She wanted Kara’s body to envelope her again, so she pulled on Kara’s shoulder and leaned to the other side. Kara took the hint and without breaking the kiss, they rolled over.

Kara got up on her arms and placed Jaime’s legs on her shoulders; she grabbed her hands in one of hers and held them over the brunette’s head. As she started moving in and out again she smiled down at Jaime and said, “God, you look so sexy! I love how those breasts jiggle with every thrust, I can’t get over how real they look!”

“Yeah, Fuu-uck, I love how they feel, it’s like they are a part of me. It feels sooo good when you hit, mmMM-my prostate, it’s like AAAH miniature, UHHN, orgasm each time!”

Jaime continued to moan and gasp as Kara pounded her harder and harder. With each inward thrust she hit that special place and a small jet of precum shot onto her belly as a wave of pleasure ran through her body. Jaime was moaning uncontrollably as she said, “UHHN, I, UHHN, never, UHHN, want, UHHN, this, UHHN, to, UHHN, end!”

Being buried beneath Kara’s stronger, taller body, her shoulders pinning Jaime’s legs, her hand pinning hers, her long jet black hair surrounding them, it all made Jaime feel so powerless yet safe, vulnerable yet protected. Kara looked so incredibly beautiful above Jaime; her caramel skin glistening with perspiration, Jaime’s own pale legs in stark contrast on her shoulders. Kara’s big almond shaped hazel eyes locked on Jaime’s face and a look of joy, lust, and concentration on her face as she increased the pace even more.

Kara felt her own orgasm building as the strap-on rubbed her clit on every inward thrust and her g-spot each time she pulled out. Just watching Jaime take her big fake cock was such a turn on that she would have been right on the edge anyway. Kara felt some added friction and knew that Jaime’s ass was clenching before cumming so she moaned out, “Cum for me sweetie, cum with meee!”

She grabbed Jaime’s cock and just as the first jet shot out, they screamed, “I’m CUUUMMMING!”

Jaime came like crazy from the combination of the giant silicone cock moving in and out of her ass and Kara’s hand stroking her cock. That along with the visual of Kara throwing her hair back in ecstasy, her big brown tits bouncing as she plowed Jaime senseless, it all culminated in an orgasm that went on and on, making her toes curl, her legs shake and her back arch. She came for so long that the last jets of cum were almost clear, every last bit of sperm had escaped her balls.

Kara came really hard as well, but she tried to focus through her own orgasm and really hit Jaime’s prostate to prolong her orgasm. Her arm started to shake from holding herself up, and just as her orgasm ended she collapsed on to Jaime in a messy heap, her strap-on buried to the hilt.

She kissed Jaime along the neck to her ear and whispered, “Good morning, sweetie.”


They walked along the street hand in hand, heading towards the shops to get Jaime the beginnings of a feminine wardrobe. Jaime had wanted to wear her little black dress and her high heels again but Kara had made the point that it was evening wear. She also made the point that Jaime’s feet would be destroyed if she walked around shopping in those four inch heels. Instead Jaime wore her old Converse sneakers, her tightest jeans, though they really weren’t that tight, and one of Kara’s tops. The top was a light pink tee with a bit of cleavage; it was made in a stretch material but hung a bit loosely on her smaller frame, especially over the chest. The top and her fake breasts left little doubt that Jaime was anything but a girl.

Her secret was tucked away in her lacy green panties and this morning’s draining orgasm should make sure no unfortunate bulges gave her secret away. The panties slid erotically against her ass and cock, and was a constant reminder to keep her mind on the fact that she should act like a woman, walk like a woman, talk like a woman. Jaime’s auburn hair was loosely held by a tortoise clip and she had clip-on earrings dangling from her ears. Her makeup was subtle, just a bit of pink lip gloss, some mascara and eye shadow. As she walked she remembered to take shorter steps and place her feet straight in front of one another to give her hips that alluring feminine sway.

Jaime looked over at Kara, she was as beautiful as ever; dressed in a knee length maroon pencil skirt, knee high leather boots with a three inch heel and a white shirt that made her caramel skin stand out beautifully. Her hair hung loosely around her face which was as subtly made up as Jaime’s own.

Kara was so happy as she walked hand in hand with Jaime that she almost skipped down the street. Not only did it turn out that Jaime’s new form turned her on more than her hottest girlfriend and boyfriend combined, she felt more complete with Jaime than she ever had before. She knew this was moving extremely fast but it was so exciting and felt so right that she didn’t want to slow down. Jaime was so sweet to her, she made her waffles from scratch after they showered together and she truly listened as they talked, she didn’t just nod along. They had talked about Kara’s work and her family and then moved on to discussing how Jaime wanted to proceed with their little experiment. They decided that Jaime should experience as much as possible of what it felt like to be a woman so Jaime could make an informed choice. They also decided that they really needed to know what Kara’s best friend, Jaime’s boss, would think about all of this. Kara called Melissa and invited her and her wife Maria to dinner the next day, saying she wanted them to meet her new girlfriend.

Jaime felt a bit nervous about meeting her new boss dressed as a woman; she would be the first person outside of Kara who really mattered in Jaime’s life that would see him/her like this. As she was his new boss it could determine a great deal about her future, because she was becoming really attached to herself as a woman. Jaime didn’t even know if she wanted to go back or if she could now that she knew what was on the other side.

She was pulled from her thoughts as Kara steered them into a big mall. Jaime was a bit amazed at the variety of all the people and stores. She saw the stores in a completely different light now, she had always seen shopping for clothes as a chore but now it felt exciting. She looked up at Kara with a big grin on her face and said, “Wow, I want to go to all the stores! Where do we start?”

Kara smiled back down on her and answered, “Well, how about we start with the shoes and work our way up?”

“Okay, which store should we go to? I see like five shoe stores from here!”

“Well, a lot of girls are kind of shoe crazy, I really never got that obsessed myself. I think we should try the Ecco store first, they sell shoes that are made both for comfort and looks.”

Jaime nodded and they made their way hand in hand through the throng to the store. Inside the store it was a much calmer atmosphere and as they browsed a mousy, polite saleswoman approached them and speedily fetched any shoes they asked for. Jaime liked the ones with a higher heel because she felt taller, more confident with them on. After a bit of trial and error she walked out of the store in a pair of woven leather wedge sandals, a pair of grey suede boots and her old Converse’s in a bag. She had been a bit surprised by the price tag but decided that as her work would pay nicely she could afford to rack up a bit of credit. Kara had been right, the shoes were very comfortable, much better than the sexy stiletto sandals from last night, and the wider heel was easier to walk with.

Next stop was Victoria’s Secret. There was so much sexy lingerie that Jaime felt a twitch between her legs despite the incredibly draining orgasm earlier. Since they already knew Jaime’s measurements and cup size, it was just a matter of picking out colors and models. They started with a few sports bras and some plainer undies, and then moved on to the nicer things. They picked out hiphuggers, cheekies, thongs and boyshorts, all lacy and in bright colors, mostly green. They picked out matching bras; pushups, demi-cups, some so lacy they did more to accentuate the nipples than cover them.

Kara picked out some sexy babydolls, Jaime picked out some stay-up stockings, one white pair, one tan pair, one dark pair and one pair that were more like grey, thin thigh-high socks. Jaime was so excited, she couldn’t wait to try on all the different lingerie and see the hunger in Kara’s eyes as she modeled them for her.

Jaime really wanted to start swimming laps again to keep her workout going, so she picked out a nice green bikini as well. Kara said she did Yoga three times a week and that she wanted Jaime to join her, so she picked out some yoga pants and a nice top as well.

Jaime put another dent in her credit card at the checkout and then they decided to stop at a café before continuing shopping. Jaime got a hot chocolate and a Danish, and Kara got a cappuccino and a big chocolate muffin, she also picked up a style magazine while Jaime found a table.

After she sat down and took the first sip of her coffee she opened the magazine and asked, “So, cutie, what kind of style do you think you want?”

“I don’t know, I really like skirts and dresses and that would help with, umm, you know, hiding my secret. I really like the feeling I get by being all girly so I think I want to be really feminine.” Jaime blushed at saying this, just a few days ago the thought would have been so foreign to him/her but now she knew that this was what she wanted.

“Great! I really like girly girls as well and I would love to dress you up all pretty. I would really like to see you in some tight jeans though; your butt would look spectacular in a good pair.”

Jaime nodded and smiled but blushed a bit, she was still not used to getting compliments about her body. They looked over the magazine and pointed out things they liked and disliked, and to Jaime it felt so great and so girly to talk like this, it felt like she belonged.


When Jaime exited the mall she looked very different. Gone were her ill-fitting jeans and top, ticked away in a bag on her arm. Instead she wore a thin green blouse that showed just a hint of cleavage, a brown suede jacket that ended at the waist, a pleated grey skirt that ended a few inches above the knee. She had a wide woven leather belt with a big brass buckle to tie it all together and the grey thigh high socks covering her sexy legs. She had on the woven leather wedges that went with the belt and a nice wooden necklace that went well with the jacket. Silver earrings dangled from slightly sore holes in her pretty ears. Jaime felt so incredibly pretty, last night she had felt really sexy for the first time but now for the first time she felt pretty and really at home in her body.

Kara walked home hand in hand with Jaime, holding most of the bags in her other hand. She looked down at Jaime and couldn’t believe how pretty and understatedly sexy she was, and with hardly any help from her! After being a bit tentative at first Jaime started picking out everything herself and got really into it, and what was more, she was really good at it. Kara hardly needed to pick out anything, she just gave her opinion on which outfits she liked best, and mostly they agreed one hundred percent.

The only garment that Kara decided completely was the jeans. She had Jaime model several pairs for her, coming out of the dressing room to do her best model walk up to Kara and then back to the booth. On the fifth pair Kara couldn’t help let out a low moan as Jaime walked away, that had to be the sexiest ass she had ever seen. Kara felt a twinge in her pussy and her panties got a little wet and she knew these were the ones. They were a boot cut pair of stone washed low rise jeans that did something incredible to Jaime’s already spectacular ass. Kara’s mind lingered on that sight as they walked to Jaime’s apartment with her clothes. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as she thought of all she had done to that ass and all that she would do.

Kara unzipped her shoes and worked them off as Jaime kicked off her sandals and carried the bags to the bed. She sat down next to the bags and watched as Jaime almost reverently unpacked and folded her new pretty clothes. When Jaime reached up to hang a grey pencil skirt on a hanger in her closet Kara saw her top ride up and her sexy little back dimples come into view Kara couldn’t take it anymore.

She sneaked up behind her little lover, placed her hands on her hips and pulled her in close as she planted a soft kiss on her neck, making Jaime moan so sexily. She continued kissing along her pale neck and up to her ears as her hands made their way up along her waist, up to her shoulders, and then to the collar of the jacket. Kara slipped the soft suede down Jaime’s slender shoulders and kissed along the newly uncovered skin, making Jaime breathe faster and moan slightly. Kara started unbuttoning Jaime’s blouse slowly as her lips and tongue played over her short lover’s skin. Jaime got more and more excited in her arms, she started grinding her bubble butt against Kara’s thighs and she got a lovely blush on her face and chest.

When she finally reached the last button Kara got a wicked little smile on her face and as the green blouse was down to Jaime’s elbows she used the garment as a makeshift rope. She bound Jaime’s arms so that one hand was against the other elbow with the underarms parallel. She heard Jaime’s surprised gasp and felt her shiver a bit so she hugged her close and whispered for her to relax. She unzipped the zipper on Jaime’s hip and slid her skirt over her sexy butt. As Jaime stepped out of the puddled skirt Kara unbuttoned her own skirt but her shirt felt like much too much work so she left it on as she shimmied out of her panties.

Kara spun Jaime around and kissed her fiercely before pushing her to the bed. Without her hands to brace herself, she fell backwards with a shriek and burst out giggling as she bounced on the bed. Kara couldn’t help but smile widely as well as she got on the bed on her knees. Just before she swung her leg over Jaime her smile turned mischievous and just a bit sinister. Her smile made Jaime’s laugh catch in her throat just before her face was covered in hot, wet, warm darkness.

Jaime was enveloped by Kara’s thick brown bottom and thighs, her mouth covered by her wet folds, her nose buried in her crack and the tip of her nose nestled against Kara’s brown pucker. She eagerly started licking away, the sweet juices filling her mouth was like heaven, and although she had some trouble breathing she couldn’t be happier. She felt so vulnerable like this, with her hands bound behind her back, and her every breath dependent on Kara. Those breaths were filled with the musky scent of Kara’s asshole and her lovely juices. Yet at the same time she felt so safe in her dark little world of pleasure and submission.

As Jaime continued to eat her lover out she felt Kara’s hands on her body, she felt them on her chest and then on her nipples. She felt Kara pinching and pulling so that the clamps in the breast forms did the same to her real nipples, making her gasp and moan into Kara’s wetness. She badly wanted those breasts to be real, to feel every little thing Kara did to them. Jaime increased her attempts at making Kara cum, dipping her tongue as deep as possible in her wet hole, sucking hard on her inner lips, fluttering her tongue over her clit as she nursed on it.

As she got closer and closer to her first orgasm, Kara got down on her elbows and slowly unwrapped Jaime’s girly cock from its lacy confines. She really loved cock and when she had girlfriends, although she loved the relationship part with them better she always missed a nice dick, and now she had a lover with the best of both worlds. She licked around the head before eagerly sucking it into her mouth, swirling Jaime’s tasty precum on her tongue before swallowing. Before she could go down any further she felt Jaime do some amazing tongue acrobatics and her first orgasm overtook her. She moaned loudly but didn’t pull her mouth off her petite lover’s thick tool, instead letting her moans vibrate the sensitive head.

After she calmed down a bit she started bobbing her head up and down as her fingers explored Jaime’s hairless crotch, she really loved that newly waxed smoothness. Kara felt Jaime’s tongue attack her clit again, bringing her to the edge in no time. Just as she was about to crest she felt Jaime swell a bit in her mouth and decided to deny her for a while. She pulled off her cock as she screamed out her orgasm, bucking her hips against Jaime’s face.

Just as she started to come down, she got up so she was sitting on Jaime’s face and used it to propel her into a third, even stronger orgasm. She got off on the power she had over Jaime at that moment, her arms bound behind her and her pleasure and indeed her very life dependent completely on Kara. Over the next several minutes she went from one orgasm to the next, until she lost count at about ten.

Her clit finally started feeling over-sensitive but she didn’t want her pleasure to end. Jaime’s long tongue and soft lips were truly addictive, so she scooted forward a bit instead. She reached back, spread her cheeks and planted her crack firmly on Jaime’s mouth. As Jaime eagerly burrowed her tongue inside Kara noticed that the cock before her had lost some of its firmness so she reached down and started stroking it as her other hand played with the balls. She loved how Jaime looked beneath her; her perky lace encased tits, her flat stomach, her back arched by the arms behind her back, her panties around her upper thighs, just below her now very stiff cock and above her sexy grey thigh-highs.

When she noticed that Jaime got close again, she stopped stroking and raked her nails against Jaime’s upper thighs and lower stomach, the surprising pain stopping the impending orgasm. She heard Jaime groan beneath her and as she giggled in response, she felt Jaime’s tongue redouble the efforts on her hungry ass. She used the pause to take off her shirt, the buttons were a real hassle. When she felt it was safe she started slowly stroking again, tickling on the underside just beneath the opening where she knew it would drive Jaime crazy as she massaged the smooth balls with her other hand. She felt it swell up in her hand and felt the balls starting to contract so she removed her hands and landed several spanks on Jaime’s soft, white inner thighs.

Jaime could feel her testicles ache more and more as Kara denied her again and again, the pleasure turning almost torturous when her hands returned to her shaft and balls. Jaime somehow knew that if she got Kara to cum from her asslicking then she would let Jaime cum as well. Last time it had taken over twenty minutes of work, but then she hadn’t been distracted by the incredible need she now felt, and she had no idea how long she had been licking and sucking. She lost track of everything but her pleasure and pain, her tongue and the debauched feeling she got from her predicament.

After being denied for what felt like the hundredth time, she finally felt Kara’s wet asshole start contracting around her tongue and then the most amazing feeling enveloped her. She felt Kara’s mouth envelop her helmet as a wet finger pushed knuckle deep in her ass. She arched her back violently and screamed a silent scream as pulse after pulse of thick white cum filled her Love’s expert mouth. She felt quivers running all through her body and felt her toes curl, her thighs spasm, her stomach contracting again and again, and her balls draw almost entirely up into her body. She felt Kara’s finger massaging her prostate, prolonging and amplifying an already incredible orgasm until she almost blacked out.

Jaime watched in a haze as Kara got unsteadily off her, turned around so that they were face to face as she lay down next to her. Kara leaned in for a kiss and Jaime knew what was coming, she was tired and drained but eagerly opened her mouth to receive her gooey kiss. Jaime was still surprised that she enjoyed the taste and feel of herself so much as they slowly pushed the cum back and forth until it had mixed with so much spit that both their mouths were full before swallowing.

They continued languidly kissing as Kara reached behind her and untied the blouse from her arms. It wasn’t until Jaime reached her arms around her caramel skinned lover that she realized how sore her shoulders were from their bondage. She whimpered a bit as she pulled Kara close and wrapped her leg over her wide hip and fell promptly asleep.

Kara smiled as she saw that Jaime fell asleep, in that respect she was still like a guy. Kara yawned a bit herself, that last orgasm had been a real doozy and multiples always took it out of her, so she decided a nap didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. It was three pm so she set the alarm for four and pulled the covers over them before drifting off to sleep herself.


Sonny and Cher started singing I Got You Babe on the radio, waking the sleeping lovers from their afternoon slumber. Jaime saw Kara smile as she looked deep into her bright green eyes and closed the few inches that separated them as her tall lover leaned in for a languid kiss. Their kiss was slow and loving, not to arouse their passion, but to affirm their love and affection. After a few minutes Kara broke the kiss and suggested that they needed to take another shower. The shower in Jaime’s apartment was too small for the two of them so after a bit of discussion they decided that Jaime would go first and then start dinner while Kara showered.

Jaime slipped off her thigh highs, they felt so sexy sliding down her smooth legs, and showered quickly. She reapplied the concealer around the breast forms and put on some light makeup. She put on some pink boy short panties, a pair of white casual pants that stretched across her ass and a pretty baby blue top with reinforced cups so that she didn’t need a bra.

She headed to the kitchen and took some chicken fillets from the fridge. She took out some goat cheese and some garlic, chopped and mixed them, and stuffed the fillets with the mixture. She was just about to slide the dish into the oven when there was a knock on the door. Jaime quickly washed her hands and went to open the door; she was too short to look through the peephole so she just opened the door. She opened her mouth to say hello but the words caught in her throat when she saw who it was.

Her father raised his eyebrows in surprise and said, “Hello. I’m sorry, I must have the wrong apartment, I was looking for my son…”

Jaime watched as realization slowly dawned on her father’s face and in a small voice said, “Hi Dad.”

Her Dad’s mouth opened and closed a few times like he was trying to speak but no words came out. Jaime reached out and held his hand and started leading him to the couch as she said, “Come on Dad, sit down here, breathe.”

She went back and closed the door before she joined her dad on the couch, she watched as the color returned to his face as she waited for him to be ready to talk. Her own thoughts were racing a mile a minute, fearing his reaction, thinking of Kara standing oblivious in the shower. She thought of how she would explain herself, of how strange this situation was and how she had almost laughed out loud in nervous laughter at the look on her father’s face.

Jaime was pulled from her thoughts by her dad’s huge, rough, calloused hand on her face and as she looked to him he smiled and said, “You look so much like your mother when we met it’s eerie. You look so pretty!”

Jaime felt her eyes tear up as she threw her arms around his big bull neck and kissed his rough cheek before whispering, “Thank you!” as he hugged her back. After a little while Jaime sat back down.

Her dad looked her over and said, “Well, I shouldn’t have been so surprised, I remember when you were little and insisted on wearing a cute little dress the whole summer before first grade.”

Jaime opened her mouth in surprise and said, “What? I don’t remember that!”

Her dad smiled a sad smile and said, “Well, I’m not surprised. Your mom, bless her heart, encouraged you and treated to you just like she would a girl and you were so happy, happier than I’ve ever seen you. Then it was time for school and you refused to wear boy clothes even though I tried to convince you otherwise, I was afraid you would be bullied. I don’t know what happened that first week, only that you came home crying after the first day, and then every day after that. That Friday you came home with a black eye and several bruises. We tried to get you to tell us what had happened but you couldn’t so we talked to the school, got you into a new class and on the Monday you came out of your room in regular clothes and it was like nothing had ever happened, but you were never that happy again.”

Jaime felt tears run down her face as she remembered that painful time.

Suddenly they heard the toilet flush and her Dad looked towards the bathroom door in surprise and asked, “Do you have someone here?”

Just then the door opened and Kara walked out in nothing but her birthday suit and called out, “Jaime is dinner goEEEEK!” She spun around and ran back into the bathroom, her shapely behind bouncing as she retreated.

Jaime looked at her Dad’s bug eyed and awed expression before getting over her own surprise. She got up from the couch and ran over to the bathroom and opened the door as little as possible as she squeezed inside. Kara was sitting on the closed toilet; she was blushing and held one hand over her heart as she breathed heavily.

Kara looked up at her and asked, “Who the hell was that!?”

“I’m so sorry! It’s my Dad, he came over unannounced.”

Kara was calming down, she looked Jaime over, saw the tear streaks and her red eyes, and asked, her voice full of concern, “Wait, you answered the door for your Dad dressed like that? How did he take it?”

“He was shocked but it went surprisingly well. I have to go out there, we were right in the middle…”

“Okay, I’ll wrap up in a towel and sneak into the bedroom to get dressed and then I’ll leave you to it.”

“No! Please stay, I want you to meet him, we’ll eat dinner and talk.”

“Alright, but it’s going to be awkward, he just saw me naked for Christ’s sake!”

Jaime smiled and mouthed a ‘thank you’ as she squeezed out of the door and joined her father on the couch again. He smiled at her and asked with a look to the bathroom, “So, I guess she’s your girlfriend?”

“Yeah, her name is Kara. When I was moving in on Saturday she offered to help and we just fell for each other. We spent the weekend together and then when I had to go to the doctor yesterday she came with and got me through it.”

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to help you!” her dad said with a pained expression, he continued, “I’m very happy that you found Kara and that she could help you, but I should have been there.”

They both glanced over when they heard the bathroom door open again and Kara quickly dashed into the bedroom. Jaime placed a comforting hand on her dad’s arm and answered, “It’s okay Dad, it went much better than I thought it would. But, they found something different with me at the doctor’s office.” She saw the look of concern and worry on father’s face and quickly continued, “It’s nothing to worry about. Apparently I have this hormonal imbalance; at least since I was a pre-teen, and that’s why I look the way I look and could never build any real muscles.”

“Oh, this is my fault! I should have made you go to the doctor even though you were terrified. Your Mom and I discussed it when we noticed you didn’t change much when you hit puberty. We just figured you were a late bloomer, and then she got sick and it slipped our minds. I’m so sorry.” Regret and sorrow played over his face as he spoke.

“Please don’t be!” Jaime answered and continued, “I feel so right like this, I wouldn’t want it any other way! When Kara helped me look like a girl something clicked inside me, I felt like I was finally Me, you know?”

“I’m glad that you are so happy, I always thought you would find this part of yourself again, I waited for it all through college but it never came. This condition scares me though, is it dangerous?”

“According to the doctor it shouldn’t be, but she wanted to run more tests to give me a full diagnosis.”

Before her Dad could ask her more questions Kara cleared her throat to get their attention. She walked with her hand out towards them as she said, “Hi, you must be Henri, Jaime has told me so much about you!”

Henri got up from the couch and shook Kara’s proffered hand as he answered, “Hello. Yes, I’m Henri, Jaime’s Dad, and you must be Kara. Jaime hasn’t told me much about you but I look forward to getting to know you better.”

Kara looked him over as he talked, he was a mountain of a man, even taller than her, with broad shoulders and big muscles, she guessed he weighed well over two hundred pounds. She answered, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better as well. Jaime said you would be staying for dinner?”

Jaime saw her Dad raise his eyebrows in question to her so she answered, “I haven’t asked yet, but you are more than welcome to stay, we’re having chicken and quinoa.”

“I would love to stay and get to know your lovely girlfriend better, and my daughter for that matter,” Henri answered with a smile.

Jaime got a tear in the corner of her eye as she heard her Dad call her his daughter, she answered, “She would like that very much as well. Come sit on the bar stools at the counter while I continue with dinner, it’s going to take a while.”

The dinner went smoothly, and to Jaime it felt like she was closer than ever to her Dad, the strain of Henri not being able to relate to his son was gone. After a second glass of wine he also confessed that he was relieved Jaime still liked girls, it was somehow easier to understand his new daughter being lesbian than his son being gay. Kara and Henri bonded easily as well and were soon talking and joking like old friends, they had after all both been jocks in school and were both technically minded.

At the end of the night they realized Henri was too inebriated and tired to drive. They decided that he would sleep in Jaime’s bed while the new couple went over to Kara’s apartment. Jaime was emotionally exhausted and after they changed into their nighties and brushed their teeth she asked Kara, “I’m so tired, is it okay if we just go to sleep?”

Chapter 7 – The discovery

Paula fell back against the couch and closed her eyes. What a marvelous experience it had been! She absolutely loved to suck cock! She loved everything about it. She loved the taste of cum too. She couldn’t wait to do it again.

She could feel the dried sperm caught in her hair and knew there was more going across her face. She knew she had to look awful at that very moment, but she didn’t care. Ted’s monster cock had unleashed the wanton slut within her and she loved it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feel of a hand rushing underneath her dress racing to her crotch. She reacted as quickly as she could, but that was not fast enough.

A streak of terror ran through her body. She was frozen with fear.

She felt his fingers wrap around her cock, give it a squeeze. It was not a squeeze in disbelief, but a lover’s caress. It took a second for it to sink in, but there it was. Paula saw the same lust in Ted’s eyes that must have been in hers barely a minute ago.

“Yes, I know your secret. Now, it’s our secret” he said with a smile. Ted led the way to Paula’s bedroom. And Paula followed, confused, stunned, and elated.

He sat on the edge of her bed, pulled her close to him. “Lift your dress up. Show me.”

Paula stood before him as if in a trance and raised the hem of her dress exposing herself like some kind of flasher.

Ted could see her erect cock etched in silk behind her French cut panties. He could also see the tops of Paula’s nylons where they attached to her matching lace garter belt. It was a sight that never ceased to thrill him. There was something about seeing a nice stiff cock in panties…

“That is so sexy…such cute panties…lovely stockings. I bet you love the way that nylon feels…don’t you? Of course you do. I just love the way you look” Ted said as he pulled her closer to him. “So damn sexy!”

She was going to be so easy to train, he thought. She was a natural for cock.

Suddenly she felt her cock as it slid into his warm wet mouth. He kept going until he had all of her in his mouth.

“Oh my God” she moaned. She had never been deep throated before. Her hands found his shoulders helping to steady herself as her heart raced a million miles a second. She felt his tongue explore her length. It was sensational. “Uoooohhhh…yeah” she moaned swaying to his caress.

She could feel him tugging her panties further down her legs so she stepped out of them. She felt his hands push against her inner thighs prompting her to spread her legs wider.

She did.

She felt so exposed. Ted was easing control away from her. He cupped her clean shaven balls, massaged them gently between his strong fingers. It had been so long since she had had a lover. This would be her first with a cock.

She could feel his fingers teasing at her nylons, toying with the garter strap. His hands roamed freely up her inner thighs, caressing, teasing. He made her feel so sexy, so alluring.

Somewhere in the erotic haze she felt his finger slide around her balls and up between her cheeks. No sooner had she realized what was happening when she felt his finger slide inside her.

“Ahh…mm” escaped her lips. She felt self conscious, embarrassed. She had never experienced this before. But then she felt wicked, naughty. With his tongue working her cock, his finger working her behind, she felt the last bit of control slip away from her.

She surrendered to him fully.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned with shaky knees as she felt the second finger slide into her. He moved them gently back and forth eliciting the most sinful feelings. She found herself close to orgasm as he teased her cock, probed her behind.

He must have sensed it and pulled off her cock. It glistened with his saliva, throbbing like never before between them. “This cute little cock belongs to me now…understand?” He thrust his fingers deeper making his point.

“Yes, yes of course” she responded honestly. Nothing could make her happier. His control complete, he leaned forward and swiped his tongue right up her slit.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned as her cock jumped with excitement.

Ted rose to his feet, released her dress and watched as it fell to the floor. “You are gorgeous” he said feasting on her sexy bra, garter belt and stockings. He guided her onto the bed and followed behind her. With the greatest of ease, he turned her over on her stomach.

“You turned every head in the place tonight” he said working his way between her legs. “You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

She could feel him move up behind her, his hard cock bumping against her inner thigh. He reached between them and pulled his cock up resting it atop her ass. She felt it jerk and throb with excitement. “I love the feel of your nylons against my skin. They feel so sexy.”

She knew what he wanted. But how in the world would he ever fit inside her? She had never done anything like this before. She was scared.

“Baby…I can’t” she said. “It won’t ..”

“Shhhh” he whispered rubbing his hard cock up and down her crack. It was so decadent, so deliciously nasty. “Just relax.”

She was a blur of confusion. She wanted it, but she didn’t. She was scared of his size. He moved it down slowly, right against her entrance. She took a deep breath. He steadied her hips and pushed the head of his cock inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh” she cried. It was so big! It was splitting her in two. How in the world could she take it all?

“Relax…breath” he whispered. The sound of his voice soothed her. He gave her a few moments to adjust to this new experience.

She could feel him inside her. It was so decadent, so nasty. He was going to do it. He was going to make love to her. As she was accepting that thought, thinking what that meant, it began to excite her. Suddenly she wanted to feel his cock, all of it. She wanted to know if she could take it all.

He could feel her relax. He pushed in another inch or two.

“Mmmm” she moaned. She wiggled her ass from side to side. His cock was everywhere. She could think of nothing else. “Yes baby…yes” she moaned.

He smiled and pushed in some more.

Now it was getting good. Paula could feel her inner slut starting to take over. When that happened, anything was possible. She could feel the sweat bead up on her head.

“More” she begged. He pushed in several inches.

Paula grunted. She had her ass up in the air and the biggest cock she had ever seen was now filling it. She had never felt more submissive in her life!

He gave one final thrust and Paula could feel Ted’s balls pushed up against hers. “Oh my god…” slipped from her mouth. She had taken his entire cock inside her!

A huge smile crossed Ted’s face. Just a few moments more, he thought. Paula was completely impaled. The huge foreign invader filling her insides dominated everything about her. It was wicked and naughty, it was decadent and erotic.

She pushed back gently feeling every inch inside her. Then she leaned forward feeling the long thick shaft ease out of her.

“Mmmmm…” She pushed back against him taking it all back inside. So wickedly decadent, she thought. “Do me baby…fuck me.”

That was what Ted wanted to hear. He was in total control now. He started to slowly rock his hips, making little moves with his cock. The pleasure roared through her brain. The slightest move caused ripples of pleasure to race throughout her body, her mind.

His strokes became bigger. She tilted her ass up, giving herself to him completely. “Yes, yes, yes. Oh god…fuck me…please fuck me” she cooed. He started pushing all the way in, pulling all the way out. “Mmmmm…so good…” Paula grunted.

Paula pulled herself up on her elbows and started pushing back against Ted’s cock on the down stroke without the slightest inhibition. She was fucking him just as much as he was fucking her. It was pure heaven. She groaned with each stroke. She was easily taking his full length now. She had no idea that being filled with cock could be so erotic and wonderful.

He grabbed her ass and held it still. Then he maneuvered his cock all the way in and then down. And when he did that, Paula felt a blinding light shoot across her brain.

“Uuuuuooooooohhhhhhhh” she screamed. “My god, my god” she said trying to catch her breath. Ted did it again and she screamed uncontrollably. Ted reached down and grabbed her cock. It was all wet. He knew it would be.

“Do you like that, baby?” he hissed.

“Yes, yes I love it…”

Ted did it again making fluid leak from her cock continuously. Sweat poured down her forehead and juice steadily leaked from her cock.

He did it several more times and Paula just planted her face in the pillow and screamed with delight. She had never experienced anything like it before in her life. Her cock was steadily leaking, her brain was on fire and she had never been so turned on in her life. She was experiencing one long orgasm that showed no signs of ending.

He held her still again and then angled his cock down and to the side. He pressed right against her prostate gland and she exploded. The lights were like the four of July. It was the most intense sexual experience of her life. Ted kept his cock right on that spot and her brain began to melt.

Her orgasm was so intense that she could barely breathe. Ted worked his cock in minute moves right against that button causing her to explode time and time again. Paula had no control over her body; her cock was flowing like a river.

“Oh god… my god…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” she howled. She tossed her head from side to side lost in the best orgasm she had ever had. She had never cum so much in her life.

Ted held her hips tight and rubbed his cock against her gland determined to get every last bit of cum from her. She moaned and screamed until she finally fell limp on the bed into a sexual coma in a pool of her own cum.

She was adrift in la-la land as her body tried to recover from such an intense orgasm. She had no idea orgasms like that were even possible. Somewhere in that haze she realized that no one had even touched her cock! She had not even been hard!

How was that even possible? She had never heard of anything like that. It was all from Ted’s monster cock! As that realization formed in her mind, as she accepted the fact that getting fucked can produce bigger, more intense orgasms than being the one do the fucking, she realized that Ted’s huge cock was still in her.

She felt something at her lips. She lazily opened them as Ted fed her cum from the end of his finger. She licked his fingers loving the taste. She felt so content, so satisfied.

But Ted’s cock was still hard as before and it was still inside her, all the way inside her. When she felt him start to gently rock those hips of his, she begged for mercy.

“Please, no…I need to rest…my god…it’s too much. I can’t take any more…”

But Ted grabbed her hips and pulled her to him as he thrust that magnificent cock forward. Paula couldn’t believe he was doing this. It was too much, she needed to rest. Yes his cock felt good, but she was so drained, so depleted. He insisted with small, delicate strokes that pulled her from her coma. Soon he was pounding his cock into her as hard as he could. She felt his balls slamming against her.

“Oooouuuuhhh yeah…so good, so good, so good” She was fully in tune now. She was being fucked a second time and loved it. She pushed back to meet his strokes totally out of her mind.

Then it happened again. Her cock started spewing more sperm. She spewed and spewed totally out of control. She could feel his cock pressing up against her magic button and she couldn’t stop spewing sperm.

She fell into a stupor. Two mind blowing orgasms! She was reeling from the experience. She had never reached this level before. She was weak now, very weak.

He let her rest, but only for a minute. He gently reached down and turned her over on her back. She opened her eyes to look at him. He was still hard! She couldn’t believe it. The look in his eyes said he wasn’t through.

She was too weak to fight it. She could not imagine having another orgasm. Surely it would drive her mad or give her a heart attack.

Ted grabbed her nylon covered legs and slung them over his wide shoulders. She was too drained to do anything, but lay there.

Completely hooked… “Now baby…take my cock…put it inside you.”

It was the final step. She had to realize and accept that cock would be the primary source of her sexual pleasure going forward. When she thought of sex, she would think of a nice stiff cock.

It was a lesson she had already learned. She reached between her legs and wrapped her fingers around that magnificent cock. She moved so that it was where it needed to be. He thrust forward and it slipped right in. Nothing could have been easier. That warm, fuzzy feeling enveloped her once again.

“Mmmmmm yeah…love your cock” Paula said closing her eyes.

“I know baby…I know” Ted whispered.

Once again he slowly started working that huge cock back and forth. He wrapped his hand around her cock and teased it to hardness. Then he started stroking her in time with his thrusts inside her. With each stroke, she fell deeper and deeper under his spell. Her brain was totally lit up. All she knew was that she would let him do anything he wanted to her…anytime he wanted.

“Arrrhhhggggggg” Ted cried as the first stream of cum released inside her. His orgasm triggered her third. She watched his face as her cock sprayed cum onto her belly while his launched stream after stream of hot cum inside her.

Finally spent, Ted opened his eyes. Paula was splayed out underneath him, her stomach and sexy garter belt covered in cum. He scooped up a big glob on his finger and fed it to her. She sucked his finger into her mouth staring into his eyes. There was no turning back now.

To be continued…

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