(I would like to stress that I respect feminism as an ideology. I am not a feminist myself, I’m happy with how we stand in America, but that doesn’t mean I hate feminism. I hate RADICAL feminism. There’s a big difference. Enjoy.)

“Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies!” Andrea screamed.

Allen was getting pretty sick of Andrea’s constant outbursts at the otherwise calm and tranquil coffee shop at which he worked. Time after time she would come in and find some excuse to start another radical feminist rant. Allen acknowledged that women still had some injustices done to them, but sex was definitely not one of them. Still, there was little he could do about her. His only option was to watch and wait for the opportunity to kick her out.

“You’re scum. You’re fucking scum!” she yelled. That was the opportunity Allen was looking for. He came out from behind the counter to approach her at a safe angle so that he didn’t surprise her too much. The poor man she started yelling at was simply enjoying a cup of black coffee while his little girl, about four years old, munched on a piece of banana bread (which Allen made myself), when Andrea overheard him telling her about how he and her mother had gotten married. This, of course, was too easy for Andrea and she started ranting yet again.

“Okay, time to go,” Allen said, making sure not to touch her.

“Oh, look, your dick-buddy is here to save the day,” she taunted.

“Come on, Andrea, you’re scaring the little girl,” he said, referring to the quietly sobbing toddler in front of her.

“She has to hear it sooner or later, and if it’s sooner, then she won’t get abused by misogyny!” she yelled. All Allen did was point to the door, where she saw a police officer who had noticed the disturbance and was beginning to walk inside. Immediately she shut up, but flipped the bird toward Allen and the concerned father before leaving with her bottle of water.

“I’m very sorry about her, but until she does something actually illegal we have to keep letting her in,” Allen told the father.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he assured Allen, “I really like this place, I’d hate for you to lose business because of her. I guess I just shouldn’t take my daughter inside.”

Allen sighed and then agreed with the man before returning to the counter. Looking out the window, he saw Andrea across the street, performing yet another rant on yet another unsuspecting man. Once again, Allen sighed. He wished there were something he could do about her.

Business had died down for the day, and now he only had his thoughts to occupy him. He looked out the window at Andrea, noticing even through her constantly furled eyebrow that she had a beautiful face; plump cheeks, green eyes, shining brown hair that fell delicately over her right eye, a smooth nose, and full lips. Then he noticed something strange for a feminist: she wore make up.

He wished there were something he could do about her.


Allen did not expect his day to turn so strangely so suddenly. He sat in his Biology class at the college he attended, receiving a lecture about reproductive anatomy, a subject he found far more boring than he had expected when he signed up for the class. Then, as if fate simply wanted Allen’s life to be inconvenienced at every turn, the crackled voice of Andrea came from behind the doors of the lecture hall.

“The female body is not a slideshow!” she yelled through the megaphone.

“The female body is a temple!” a large crowd of women yelled.

Allen nearly passed out from the sheer stupidity of her protest. He sat there, hoping as hard as his brain would allow that she would not come inside. The professor tried to ignore the loud interruption, but everyone’s attention had been diverted from class.

“Teaching your students about female anatomy is just the first step to mistreatment and abuse!” she said.

“Leave our privates private!” the crowd behind her yelled.

Allen was becoming noticeably angry, especially considering that he had never hurt a woman in his life, physically, mentally, or spiritually. This girl, no, this bitch, he thought, was taking society and shoving a piece of shit down its throat for no particular reason.

Andrea yelled another fallacy. “Every organ a man learns about is just another reason to discriminate against women in his beady, soulless eyes!”

Allen wanted to break her megaphone.

“All men want is sex!” Andrea said.

Allen wanted to sew her mouth shut.

“All men want is sex!” Andrea yelled.

Allen wanted to put her in an asylum.

“ALL MEN WANT IS SEX!” Andrea ululated.

A light bulb lit above Allen’s head. Andrea seemed to always somehow change the subject to sex. She protested a sexual education lecture, detested heterosexual intercourse, and much more. Never had she pronounced herself a lesbian like many radical feminists would be proud to do. She was hiding something.

Suddenly there was a loud bang on the classroom door. Andrea had now directly instigated a response. “Stop this lecture!” she demanded, being backed up by the large crowd of women behind her.

Just when the professor was about to go to the door to talk to her, Allen jumped up and marched to the door, opening it wide and quickly saying to Andrea, “Follow me, we’ll negotiate your demands.”

She was surprised to see Allen, but also pleased that she was going to get what she wanted. “Looks like we’ve won again, girls!” she told her congregation. They cheered and hugged, some of them kissing in excitement.

Allen escorted her to an adjacent and empty room. Meanwhile the lecture continued in the other room. He sat down at a table across from her, staying silent for a moment as he studied her face. She wore not only foundation, but mascara as well. This confirmed his suspicion.

“Well?” she sneered.

“Tell me why you’re a feminist,” Allen said.

“That’s not what I’m here for,” she spat.

“I want to know,” she said.

“Because men are all pigs!” she said.

“So it’s specifically sex that you’re targeting,” Allen reasoned.

“No…” she wavered, suddenly regaining her austere voice a few brief moments later, “…it’s everything.”

“Yeah? Like what?” Allen asked.

There was a long moment of silence.

“That’s what I thought. Now Andrea, I want you to listen to what I’m saying, and please don’t interrupt me,” Allen said, displaying his anger through his calm demeanor. He stood up and walked to her side of the table, leaning on it just a few inches from where she sat. She looked up at him with her green eyes, trying to keep hold of her strong outer shell.

“I’m listening,” she impatiently spat.

“You seem to hate men. Correct?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, flaring her nostrils.

“So you’re telling me that you don’t want to be kissed. You don’t want to come home every day from whatever your job is and see a man in your home telling you how much he loves you,” he began. Allen leaned very close to her face as he noticed her becoming weakened by his force of will. “You don’t want to share the intimacy of your gorgeous body with one special man,” he said, now whispering. Looking directly into her eyes, he waited for a response.

“No,” she whispered back.

He got extremely angry at that. He knew that deep down she did, and now having snapped, he would force it out of her.

“I bet you don’t. What you really want is to be taken. You want to wait at home all day, making it nice and clean, taking care of all the chores and food, and then a man, just any old man will walk in and start taking your clothes off without a word,” Allen said quietly, maintaining eye contact. He had now distracted Andrea well enough to start unbuttoning her shirt. “You’ll stand there and await his orders. Maybe he wants you to get on your knees and… suck his cock. Maybe he wants you to spread your legs and start touching yourself. But it doesn’t matter what he says, you’ll do it.”

By now her shirt was completely unbuttoned, and tears began welling in her eyes. Allen found yet another statement that Andrea had refused to make: she wore a strong, black, lacy bra. Allen continued, “You just want to please him. You would suck on his balls, get rammed up the ass, get whipped all over your body just to please him. And you’ll love every second of it, too. Because when you get right down to it, you’re a dirty little slut that wants nothing more than to get fucked. You just won’t admit it.”

Tears streamed down Andrea’s face, and now that Allen’s dramatic analysis had finished, she noticed that he had taken off her shirt, exposing her large and heaving breasts. She sniffled and tried with all her will not to whimper. Still, she did nothing to redress herself. With Allen still staring into her eyes, she whispered nearly inaudible, “…yes.”

“Wipe your tears away,” Allen told her. She complied. “Now suck my cock.”

Andrea naturally would react otherwise, but having been exposed for who she really was, all she could do was listen to Allen’s commands. Allen pulled out his smooth and uncircumcised cock, a sight she had not seen since high school, and Andrea’s tears stopped for good. She slowly reached her hand up to touch it, but Allen interjected, “And don’t close your eyes when you do it.” With that final order, she grabbed onto his cock and started to warm it up with the pumping friction of her hand. It began to grow to its full eight inches, a great surprise that nearly made her blush and did make her smile.

Allen could hardly believe what was happening. What had begun as a quiet fit of rage grew into a dominant fantasy come true. The beautiful bitch he had come to know as the resident radical now sat before him, ready to give him a long awaited blow job. He watched as she gradually grew more enthusiastic when she saw his sizable manhood, and the arousal within multiplied. Not only had he seduced her, he gained control over her.

Her gorgeous green eyes looked up at him as her tongue ran across his shaft, lubricating it with her saliva. From his vantage point Allen not only saw her piercing eyes and the lewd act being performed, but also her glorious tits jiggling with her intense heartbeat and nearly spilling out of her bra.

At last she enveloped the head of his dick into her watering mouth, licking it as her head moved back and forth onto it. Andrea’s eyes emanated pure lust, locking onto Allen’s gaze. That look alone could have been enough to let the semen fountain out of him, but luckily the great amount of time between his last orgasm and that moment allowed for him to maintain his composure and keep her waiting.

Andrea began to go farther down on his cock with each oral stroke, impressing Allen and making it more erotic. He now concluded that not only did she love the idea of pleasing a man, she had been practicing for quite some time, waiting for the opportunity to show her true talent. “How do you fell, Andrea?” Allen asked.

She took her mouth off of his cock for a quick moment to say with a smile, “I feel free.”

“When was the last time you were fucked, Andrea?” he asked.

“I haven’t been fucked since high school, but I fuck myself twice a day with my dildo,” she said openly before returning to fellatio.

“Strip,” Allen ordered.

Very quickly, Andrea stood up and began to get her clothes off, but after a quick thought, she began to enact a striptease, slowly removing her already unbuttoned shirt and tossing it across the room. She swayed her hips, feeling free and sexy, then removed her belt and dropped it. She pressed her tits together for a moment, bending down to show them off. Then she unzipped her tight jeans, letting each inch of her tantalizing flesh slowly reveal itself. About three inches below her hips, Andrea turned around and bent over, letting her plump rear end face Allen head on. At last her jeans fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them, now down to her underwear.

Allen stood there with his cock out, trying his hardest not to tackle and mount her right then and there. Her own initiative to start stripping caused Allen to sweat with anticipation, and he tried his hardest to keep his hand from stroking his cock. He didn’t want to look too excited. Besides, an idea was forming in his head…

“Get the rest off, now,” Allen said.

She bit her lip excitedly and removed her black panties, exposing her wet pussy. She yanked at the hooks of her bra until they unlatched, and she let it fall to the floor. Andrea turned around, displaying her divinely sexy body. Her nipples extended from her breasts and her juices nearly dripped down her leg.

“Bend over,” he told her. She bent over the table, sticking out her ass and showcasing her clean pucker hole for Allen. How unfortunate for her that this view looked so tempting to Allen. “Touch yourself,” he commanded while he thought over his next move. Her expert fingers reached between her legs and began playing with her unguarded clitoris, eliciting moans escaping her full lips.

Allen couldn’t help but stare at Andrea’s asshole, which practically beckoned for his cock. On the one hand, he thought, he’d never done such a thing before, and felt like it could make him question his respect for women. On the other hand, Andrea was a stupid, ignorant, faux-feminist bitch who lied to herself and everybody else about who she really was for no apparent reason. She made his work a living hell, and made the world a much more difficult place to live in for women and especially men. On that same hand, she deserved some punishment.

“Andrea, you will do exactly as I say,” Allen explained vaguely.

“I will,” she said between moans.

“You’re about to take it in the ass,” he grumbled. She turned her head in confusion as Allen spit onto her sphincter, and then gasped as he quickly dipped his head into her asshole. Andrea screamed, and Allen feared for a moment that the class would hear and come in, but nothing came of it. Her pain caused her legs to weaken, and so Allen grabbed her hips to keep her up. Her extreme tightness nearly choked the blood out of Allen’s dick, so he started to slide it just a little deeper into her in order to begin the loosening process. Andrea’s whimpers and groans grew louder as her tears returned. She wanted it to stop until…

“You like this very much,” Allen said.

Andrea suddenly felt much more at ease. The pain continued and there was no denying its presence, but she felt more adjusted to it, like it was no bearable. “I do… I love it,” she whimpered, “I love your dick in my ass.”

“Then have some more,” Allen said as he pushed his cock an inch deeper into her colon, meeting much resistance from her virgin asshole. Andrea screamed again, finally feeling the first sign of pleasure along with the pain. A tingle surged through to her vagina as she felt the painful rip of Allen’s thick penis in her back door. A small voice told her to make it stop, but her desire to please Allen said otherwise.

“More… please give me more…” she begged. She gathered enough focus to put her hand back to work on her clitoris. As she did, the pain in her ass began to subside. “It doesn’t hurt as much anymore.”

“Oh?” he said. His urge to punish her was much stronger than his urge to get his rocks off. Allen slapped her right butt cheek hard, leaving a handprint and garnering a long gasp from his new slut. Just when she thought that was the sharpest blade in his arsenal, he forcefully jammed the rest of his six inches all the way into her ass, making her scream as loud as Allen could have imagined, and making her legs give in, her knees buckling beneath her. Luckily, Allen was still holding her hips and kept her up.

“FUCK!!! Oh shit, shit, shit!!! Unhhh!!!” she screamed, wriggling and writhing beneath Allen’s grasp.

Allen waited but a brief moment before he let himself fuck her ass at a moderate tempo, making her hold out her scream even longer as the pleasure-pain overwhelmed Andrea.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Ohhhh my ass, ohhh my fucking ass!!”

“Shut the fuck up and enjoy it,” Allen yelled at her.

“I do… OW… oh fuck, I do, I want more… I want you to fuck my ass… I’ll let you do anything to me…” she screamed.

He noticed that his rhythm shook her tits, and he grabbed onto them, pinching her already hard nipples as she tried to recover from the sudden pain. “Tell me you’re mine,” he said.

“I’m yours… oh fuck, Allen, I’m yours whenever you want me. I love sex and I’ll be your sex toy night or day. I promise. I’m your personal slut- AHH!”

The tightness of her ass began to grow on Allen’s shaft, and he gathered more saliva to re-lubricate her hole. Still, the tightness did not cede, but his pace was able to become quicker. After a few moments he finally realized that the tightness was not coming from her, but rather the beginnings of his ejaculation. Allen pulled his cock out of Andrea’s stretched hole, and pulled her to her knees, facing his crotch.

Allen shoved his length back into Andrea’s mouth, enacting a face-fucking session to keep himself warm until the long-awaited release. She gladly let the taste of her asshole slide past her tongue and into her throat, until at last he removed himself and let his cum fountain across her face, coating both of her cheeks and dripping down to her chin.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Negotiations over,” Allen said. Andrea didn’t quite understand what is was he meant until he put his penis back into his trousers, and picked her up off the floor. She didn’t struggle, she only gave him a questioning look through her cum-splattered face. Allen took her back through the classroom, getting the attention of the entire classroom. They saw the full-clothed Allen take the completely naked and red-assed feminist to the door of the classroom where he let her back to her feet, and pushed her out into the awaiting crowd of radicals.

Andrea screamed, and started to run away, trying to find something so she could cover up. Some of her acolytes began to yell at her in angry surprise, both asking what happened and why she looked like a whore. When she had completely disappeared from the scene, they all looked to Allen. He looked out amongst the crowd with a stern and angry look.

“Get a life, you fucking bitches.”


Allen sat in his apartment feeling extremely proud of himself. He feared that he would be disgusted with his actions, but in truth he had never felt a bigger rush. He sat on his couch, feet on the coffee table, thinking of what other exciting things he could do in the world of dominance. Just then, the answer came to his door.

Allen stood up to open the door and find the source of the knocking. When he did, there stood before him a red-faced Andrea, looking down at her feet. Allen said nothing, feeling sheer surprise.

“I told you I was yours…” she said. “I’m your personal slut now.”

Allen brought his hand up to her chin so he could see the shining emeralds in her eyes. “You mean that?”

She smiled, looking back at him, and with more honesty than she had ever given anyone, she spoke.

“I’ve never felt happier than I did with a big cock inside of me.”

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