He’s beautiful. He has to know he’s beautiful. Lexi’s attention was ripped from the overpriced Venti blah, blah, blah, vanilla, skinny, smug, latte she was making. He always overloaded her senses and ruined the drinks she was making. Fucking tall, blonde, blue-eyed Klitcho. Get out of my head! The drink spilled over the rim…again, burning her fingers. “Shit, shit, shit, shit.”

“Another spill Yank? Must be about that time!” Braden shouted and looked around the small coffee shop. He loved teasing the little American. Lexi didn’t mind, especially with his fuck-tastic Scottish accent nagging at her. “Is it that time Braden? I hadn’t even noticed.” She lied.

The Russian god moved toward his usual table. Lexi began heading over to take his order. I can do this. I can do this. I do it every other day. This time I will speak to him and not just taking his order either. I just need a starting off point. How is your day? What do you think of this lovely Scottish weather? Did you know that your beautiful face is burned in my brain? Did you know I masturbated to the image of you last night? Yeah, no, not a good ice breaker. Ohh ice?

Lexi walked to his table, straightening her apron not even attempting to tame her unruly auburn hair. “Hello again, same order?”


He watched her walk her little walk across the floor. He loved her walk, little hips and small steps. Today she was already working his cock with another adorable unintentionally sexy outfit. Starring at her too tight black t-shirt that hugged her perky little tits caused his cock to stir. He couldn’t help the small smile moving across his face as he read her shirt. Vader Was Framed. She wore dark skinny jeans and black ADIDAS Sambas. Her hair was its usual mess and no make up. He hated that he was attracted to her. Beautiful but not for long. Fucking Traitor’s Daughter.

He had waited years to find her and then too many weeks to take her. To make her suffer the same way he did, to show her what he lived through. She has to pay. Getting a hold of his anger he regained his composure.

“Y…yes. Coffee black and an Ice water please.” His accent always caused her to pause. She couldn’t help it. God it’s sexy. Direct hit to my hot pocket! Damn it!

He pulled out his IPad and brushed her off. “Um, sure. I will be right back.” The disappointment in her voice was obvious and Dmitry almost felt guilty. It didn’t matter. He was taking her today and would be breaking her tonight. Just play nice and get her to leave with you.

Lexi hurried back with his coffee and water. He obviously isn’t interested. Drop off his order and scram. She set his drinks on the table and turned away. “Lexi.”

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. My name in that Russian accent, are you kidding me? Yep, I’m fucked.

“Yes Sir. How can I help you?”

What? “How can I help you?” Smooth Lex, real smooth. You want pillow? You want me fluff your pillow? She shook off her cheesy attempt at overboard customer service and looked for a rock to crawl under.

“I come in this café ever day. Do you know why?” His voice wrapped around her body and warmed her skin. She shook her head.

“Because I want to ask you to have dinner with me. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

Is this really happening? Blonde hotter than Klitcho wants to have dinner with me? The weeks of fantasizing about his beautiful eyes, large body and delicious full lips culminated into one quick answer. “Yes.”

They made arrangements to meet outside the café after her shift. Lexi was off at six and didn’t really care about what she was wearing. He said casual and that meant comfortable. At six o’clock she waited patiently in front of the café. Her nerves consumed her thoughts causing her to doubt if he would show up. Look at you and then look at him. He’s stunningly beautiful and you have auburn hair and freckles. He’s not coming. He’s not coming.

Just before she packed it in and gave up a dark Bentley SUV pulled up to the curb. The driver got out and opened the curbside back door. Dmitry’s voice caressed her ears again. “Come on sweet girl. We are going to be late for dinner.” Sweet girl. Sweet girl. Sweet girl. If nothing comes of this dinner date at least I have those words in that accent.

Lexi smiled and scrambled onto the seat across from him. Her smile was sweet and radiant. Dmitry’s resolve almost faltered but he held onto his anger. I’m going to smack that smile off her fucking face.

She placed her apron and backpack on the seat next to her, taking in the sleek interior. I don’t belong in here. I smell like coffee and muffins. Why didn’t I suggest a later time so I could shower? Lexi tried to tuck her unruly hair behind her ears and he could tell she was becoming more and more aware of her surroundings. “I bet you just love to drive around all day. This thing is a Panzer.”

Her words surprised him. A Panzer? Who says that?

“These seats are awesome. I can face you.” She was still smiling and it made him feel almost…cool. Her smile and kindness do not matter. She will pay.

Forcing an image of his mother to surface he responded, “Yes. I like to be able to see who I am talking to Alex.” As soon as her face caught up to her thoughts she paled and Dmitry locked the doors.

“Wha…what did you just call me?” Before she could even get her fingers around the door handle Dmitry backhanded her, splitting her lip and slamming her head into the window. Her tiny body crumpled to the floor. Lexi’s ears rang and head throbbed. She couldn’t cry, she couldn’t breath, couldn’t process all the thoughts running through her mind.

Minutes passed before she put it all together. Lexi stayed on the floor as her thoughts continued racing. The depravity of her situation sank in and she knew she was fucked. Wiping the blood from her chin she finally reacted.


“I knew you would find me Dmitry. What took you so long? I almost stopped waiting. ” He expected a snotty tone and a promise of vengeance but she sounded defeated and so forlorn that he hesitated to answer. Do not pity her!

Dmitry grabbed her hair and dragged her across the SUV floor. Forcing her to look at him, “So Traitor’s Daughter, you know of me?” Her split lip was already swollen and trickling blood making it painful to speak. He jerked her head back and forth, pulling out hair. “Answer me you spoiled bitch”, he hissed.

“Yes, I know of you! God damn-it! My father betrayed your father along with everyone else. Your mother killed herself after your father’s death. You have been looking for me since I turned nine. Since you found out I existed.” Note to self, hot guys in cafes are walking vendettas. She couldn’t help but see the bullshit of her situation. Of course, of course this makes total sense. He’s fucking Russian you idiot. How could you not put that together? Why would I ever think he was for real? Why would I ever think he quit looking for me? Hope, that’s fucking why.

Lexi’s scalp burned under his grip. Knowing it was useless to fight him she remained still, maintaining eye contact.

Dmitry was shocked. She knew about him and stayed out in the open? She knows her father was a traitor? A god damned traitor!

“You knew I was looking for you so you hid out in the open? Not very bright Traitor’s Daughter.” His voice had become sinister and condescending.

“I wasn’t going to hide. You are a powerful man and I knew you would eventually find me. I wanted to live at least part of my life before you found me. I’m prepared. Lets get this over with.”

Dmitry laughed, “Oh if it were only going to be that easy for you. By the time we are done you will beg me for water, food, sleep, mercy, and death.” His next punch threw her into darkness.


She knew everything about him. Her mother told her his story when she was thirteen. The abuse and neglect he suffered in the boy’s group home was abhorrent. Dmitry blamed her father and rightfully so. He was a traitor and his betrayal cost the lives of his friends and partners. Lexi lived in fear of Dmitry. She knew he was coming for her one day. All she could do was try and live a normal life. Her parents were wealthy but that couldn’t protect her or the friends she never allowed herself to make or the boys she never allowed herself to date. He would have killed them if they were present when he took her. Lexi’s father swam with great white sharks and he was a guppy compared to their powers. Didn’t matter, the fuck-tard was dead now anyway. Leaving behind a trail of pain and scars. Lexi and her mother suffered under his fists and cutting words for years. Lexi never missed him. Her mother’s body was found shortly after his death and the police had also ruled it a suicide. Lexi moved to Scotland shortly after. Anything to get away from her past, Scotland was always a dream of hers. Too many romance novels.

Her parent’s deaths were not enough for him; nothing would ever be enough for him. Dmitry would take pounds of her flesh and she knew it.


Dmitry stared at the unconscious tiny form in front of him. Her lip bled and her right eye was beginning to swell shut. She was so completely defenseless. It has to be done. You gave your word. You will have vengeance. He did not know what to think of the crumpled creature out cold on the SUV floor. She had always been kind to him and other customers in the café. He watched her laugh with them and once he witnessed her helping an elderly lady to her chair and out to a taxi after her coffee. Lexi is nice and doesn’t fit her description of “spoiled bitch”. Does not matter. She is his daughter. The only one left to serve out her father’s sentence.

Dmitry leaned down and whispered in her ear, “you will suffer everyday for the rest of your days. You will feel every ounce of pain I have felt. You will break tonight.”


Lexi woke to Russian murmurs. She was fluent due to her father’s past dealings in Russia. But playing like she wasn’t could work to her advantage. One voice was Dmitry, which she knew for sure. Lexi managed to make out some of what they were saying; “you shouldn’t do this” and “think this through” were said more than once but the tone was calm and almost understanding. What the fuck! She didn’t recognize the other voice but why would she? Lexi had no clue where she was or what he was going to do to her. She was being carried, pressed against a strong torso. As the ground moved below her Lexi tried to focus on staying alert and awake. She failed miserably.


When Lexi began to stir she felt a light tapping on her split lip. She hissed but couldn’t close her mouth. He fucking gagged me. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. Then he slapped her causing her to whimper. He slapped her again. Her situation became crystal clear. She was restrained and naked. He was going to rape her…

The sharp pain in her lower abdomen brought her back to reality. It hurts. It hurts. Lexi was naked with her legs spread and bound on a cold hard table. The room was dark and ominous. The low lighting added an edge of emptiness. Her arms were restrained above her head and Dmitry had his fingers inside her. He kept pressing on something sensitive. It was painful. What is he doing? Realization dawned within her. He was pressing her hymen, over and over again. It became almost unbearable. She tried to plead with him to stop but the gag muffled her voice. Lexi closed her eyes tight and tried to escape the dark cold room.

“Alex, do you hear me? Alex, I will not let this be a beautiful moment for you. This is how you will lose your virginity my little Traitor’s Daughter. Do you hear me?” He was already aligning his cock to her entrance. She refused to respond even after the third slap split her lip even deeper. His harsh Russian words filled her aching head, “Your father ruined my life and killed my mother. You will suffer for me, for my family.” Forcing himself to hate her and forcing the dark searing pain he felt as a boy to resurface he slammed into her. Lexi screamed behind her gag and began sobbing uncontrollably. She was dry and he was huge. He knew he tore her open and shredded her insides but his anger gripped him tightly. Dmitry pounded into her over and over again. The slapping of skin and Lexi’s cries filled the room. The emptiness creating an echo forcing her to hear her screams twice.

He grabbed her chin violently and hissed through clinched teeth, “Look at me! Look what I am doing to your body! Does it hurt Traitor’s Daughter? Does it fucking hurt?”

Lexi’s big brown innocent eyes stared into his. She quieted. Tears ran town her temples and cheeks. She knew he would be cruel but she did not expect this brutality. She did not expect rape. So inhumane so painful. She should have known after he punched her in the car. Why did she continue to hope or attempt to stay positive?

Lexi tried to look away but that only drove him deeper and harder. Then suddenly he pulled out. Please say it is over. Please let him be done. Was he taking pity on her? She couldn’t take the pain. It burned, pinched, and cut all at the same time. Please no more, no more.

“Now that we’re done with that. We have one more hole to open. I need to come in you but I have not arranged for birth control and we don’t want any little traitor spawn.” Lexi began pleading into the gag. “Plss dnt, pls dnt.” He knew the words but he didn’t care. Dmitry placed the head of his cock at her anus.

“You see Traitor’s Daughter most girls get to practice with a plug first and get the comfort of lube but you are so very special.” With one harsh violent push he tore into her ass until his stomach hit her. The silent scream across her face burned into his brain and he almost faltered…again. Fuck her!

Feeling her tissue tearing he knew he had won. “This will be your existence Traitor’s Daughter. Until I let you escape in death. This is your existence.” He was relentless. Pounding and pounding his huge cock into her virgin ass. Her wails, sobs, and howls filled the room almost fueling Dmitry on. His cock spread her open again and again.

Lexi’s body tried to deal with the pain. Her mind tried to leave the room, tried to float away. Nothing worked. Lexi was ever present in this horrific moment. There would be no love or flowery sentences when she lost her virginity. This was it and Lexi knew it was just the beginning. She wanted to faint and slide back into darkness. Lexi felt his body stiffen and then the warm rush of his seed filled her ass.

Dmitry unhooked Lexi’s legs and arms. He yanked her by the elbow off the table dragging her to the door. Falling several times he kicked Lexi down a long hallway. When they reached a large metal door he shoved her inside. Lexi fell to the hard concrete ground and passed out.


Resting his forehead and palms on door he listened her crying in her sleep. Little Traitor’s Daughter.

It was 5:55 in the evening. Jessica had been sitting at the local coffee house for about fifteen minutes already, and she was already on her second cup of decaf, no cream or sugar. Then she saw him come in the shop. She didn’t notice the faint look of surprise on his face as he noted her clothing choices for this evening. She wore a white blouse, with a few buttons unbuttoned, a short black skirt which was a little longer than mid-thigh, and a dark red sweater that would’ve shown skin but still left something to the imagination. The only piece of jewelry she had on was a silver necklace that had three rings with words written on the outside of each. She didn’t even know why she accepted his request. She actually dressed a little better than usual. She gave him a half-hearted smile then asked, “So, what do you need help with?”

“Just some Q and A for psych class,” he said. “I need to ask questions and have them answered honestly, because we are working on creating profiles and the teacher wants us to talk to people that we don’t know very well in order for any data we collect to be considered empirical and not biased.

“Fine,” she said, “Hurry up.”

“Okay,” he said. “First question… What is your first and last name?”

“Jessica Rivers.”

As soon as she replied, she closed her eyes and tried to ignore the pleasure coursing through her body. Why the hell were her nipples getting hard? And so sensitive. She could feel the skin on her arms tingling and growing goose bumps as she pushed up her sleeves in one smooth motion. As she tried and failed to gain control of her body, he asked her another question.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty,” she gasped.

As much as she tried, she was so horny, she wanted to push something into her damp pussy and feel it sliding in and out of her tight hole. She was relieved that she had the wherewithal to pick a dark corner of the shop. Even before she tried to act normal, he interrupted with another question.

“When were you born?”

She held her breath for a second, and then whispered, “March 20th.”

As soon as she heard those words escape her lips, she moaned loudly and doubled over from the intensity of pleasure, almost hitting her head against the table, with almost constant electric bursts still jerking through her body.

“Why did you do this to me?” she asked.

He smiled and said, “You know what’s incredible? You haven’t even cum yet.”

Still breathing hard, she slowly realized he was right. She was just wet and she was experiencing these incredible sensations. She quickly picked up her notebook and purse, when she realized it was damned near impossible for her to stand up on her own. Realizing this, Alex quickly stood up and said, “I’ll help you to your room. C’mon.”

They slowly walked home, him supporting her, in silence. She didn’t want to talk to him, and he didn’t want to ask any questions that would further immobilize her. As each had their heads filled with thoughts around and about the other, he took her keys from her hand, opened the door, and laid her down in her bed gently pulling the covers up around her shoulders. With that, he gave her a light peck on the cheek and closed the door, locking it from the outside and shoving the key underneath the door. From her perspective, when he tucked her into bed, she thought he was a hopeless romantic, but his attitude towards her, though somewhat unnerving at first, had a charm about it that appealed to her in a way she couldn’t truly figure out. She moved her legs, slowly at first to make sure they worked. When she felt confident that she could get out of bed, she picked up the key, put it on the desk, and took off everything she was wearing except for her necklace. She quickly looked at herself in the mirror. She looked very fragile when she was completely naked. She didn’t like it, which is why she usually tried to act like a bitch sometimes in front of everyone. But here in her own room, she felt so hot and so fucking horny that she just spread her legs and fingered herself in the middle of her room. As she slowly fingered her hard clit, she felt her legs begin to give out. She quickly laid back down on her bed, pulled up the covers to right below her breasts, and used her right hand to bring herself back to the brink of ecstasy. As close as she was to coming, she just couldn’t push herself over the edge, so as fast as she could, she brought her other hand up to her tits and started mauling them, pulling a nipple, then twisting it to the right and left, then pinching it till she couldn’t differentiate between pain and pleasure, then bringing it towards her lips stuck her tongue out and started licking each nipple ravenously. This was just enough for her to bear. She moaned loudly like there was no tomorrow as she finally came so much it almost hurt. Breathing hard, she slowly brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked her fingers clean of any pussy juices that were there before.

Quicker than she imagined, she drifted off into a blissful and deep sleep.

‘Dark, deep, black, warm, wet. I open my eyes. I see my room. I look down and see that I’m fully dressed as I was earlier today. I lay back and close my eyes. I hear something stirring to my left. I open my eyes again, there’s no way I’m going to keep them shut. I see Alex. All he has is a pair of boxer briefs. Why do I suddenly feel so overdressed? I move to take off my jacket when I feel my fingertips against my breasts. I look down to see that I’m completely naked. Where did my clothes go? Why is he just staring? What is he saying? Don’t be afraid. I am beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have me. I am proud of myself. I am. I walk over to him and see how he smiles at me. He’s kind of cute. I want him. I want to love him. I give him a hug and listen to his heart pound. He touches my chin ever so lightly, gently raising my lips to meet his. I feel wonderful. He holds me as if he cannot live without me. I feel pride bursting from within. I can treasure him and he can protect me. I hold him tighter. He turns me around. I feel him kissing my lips. He’s kissing my neck ever so softly. Now he’s kissing my shoulder. He’s kissing down my back. Every time his lips touch me, I feel electric sparks shoot all over my body. His kisses are moving towards my ass. He starts kissing the outside of my upper thigh. I hope his kisses go where I think they’re going. They do. -GASP- He hasn’t even touched my pussy lips. Please let me sit down. Oh, I’m already sitting. He’s kissing the top of my thigh and now it’s moving closer and closer to my wet pussy. Oh please, please kiss me there. I’m begging you. -MOAN- YES! He’s kissing my pussy lips. Such an incredible feeling. He’s gently spreading them. I feel him as he moves closer and closer to my engorged clit. -GASP- I can feel him licking and sucking on my hard nub. I can’t breathe. This intensity is too much to handle. Alex, please stop. No, don’t stop, please. This is one of the best dreams I’ve ever had. This is a dream.’

“This is a dream,” she heard herself say as she woke up suddenly.

“GODDAMMIT,” she yelled in desperation as she cursed the gods for taking away the most pleasurable and memorable dream she has ever had. Maybe he really does feel that way about me. She absent-mindedly started to finger herself again until she noticed that her bed sheets were soaked through and the room smelled most familiarly of her sex. She sighed and looked at the clock. 10:45.

“SHIT!” she cried.

She was fifteen minutes late to class. She quickly jumped out of bed, still naked and was about to panic trying to rush to get to class when she stopped, calmed down, and decided to skip class today. She took a long, hot shower, taking care to clean her body most thoroughly. She finished, walked out of the shower, and toweled off looking and feeling like she could do anything. I wonder what Alex is doing today.

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