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The cool crisp fall air penetrated her and sent shivers down her spine. She loved this time of year. The cool air, the crunchy leaves, and any reason to curl up in front of the fireplace. Too bad nights were spent alone.

The dog ran to the edge of its leash pulling Reina along. The park was the perfect place to mentally get away from it all. As she daydreamed longingly about having a man to caress her on these cold nights, there was someone staring at her from across the park. His steel blue eyes were locked on her, wanting her to pay attention. But as always, she seemed just out of his reach.

Since they were children, he had always looked at her longingly, but she was always too busy to notice. She would date his friends, but chat with him as if he was her older brother. She would ask his advice about other guys, but never give him the time of day. She had always seemed just a little out of reach. Out of his league.

He walked across the park, eyes fixed on her like a predator stalking his prey. When he finally got close to her, he had trouble finding his voice and barely whispered her name.


She spun around not knowing who was close enough to say her name so softly and still be heard. The leaves crunched under foot, and her body tensed. He noticed her breasts heaving under the tight cranberry colored sweater.

“Mike!” She was surprised to see him after all these years.

She threw her arms around him in an embrace that surprised them both. Her chest pressed close to his, and his strong rugged body holding on to her as if he never wanted to let go. A gust of wind sent shivers down her spine, and she curled up to Mike even more.

As if finally realizing what was happening, Reina began to pull away, but Mike held on to her waist, not wanting the embrace to be over quite so soon.

“It feels like it has been a lifetime since I last saw you,” she said while realizing just how cold it was getting outside. “What has it been? Ten years?” She shivered as a gust of wind nearly blew her back into Mike’s arms.

“That sounds about right. You look good Reina.” He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her heaving breasts. The cold wind made them even more pronounced than before. “We really ought to sit down over a couple of beers and catch up.” Mike wanted to kick himself. Get together over beers? Was he setting himself up to be the best friend again when he finally got the nerve to even say hello.

She smiled at him, and looked at Mike as if it was for the first time. His charming smile and dimple in his left cheek were still there from their youth, but that is where the Mike she knew ended. This man had grown up. His dark hair speckled with grey made him look sexier than she could have ever imagined. She also noticed that those arms that had just held her so close were quite muscular, as was the rest of his physique. She bit her lower lip as she looked him over. He truly was one of the beautiful people and grew up so nicely.

“A beer would be nice,” she said breaking the almost uncomfortable silence, “but I need to stop home to let the dog in. Want to go for the walk with me?”

He hadn’t even noticed the leash in her hand, and the rather large dog that was stalking him from the end of it, deciding if he was friend or foe.

“Let’s walk, and then we can take some time to catch up.”

They went on their way chatting about mundane things in life as they headed to her home. Such polite and coy conversation she thought, but didn’t know what else to expect. Maybe this is why they were only ever friends, too much being polite to get in the way.

Mike couldn’t believe that he was finally spending quality time with Reina. She was so out of his league back in high school that he had longed to be with her, but knew it could never happen. Now all these years later, their lives had managed to bring them both to the park on this late October afternoon.

As they stepped up on to the porch, Reina nervously played with her keys.

“I wasn’t expecting company, so please don’t pay any attention to the house,” she laughed. “I live alone these days, so who knows what you are going to see lying out and about.”

He smiled, “No worries.” Was it his imagination or did she seem a little nervous around him? How odd. Reina was always so confident and beautiful that he couldn’t imagine her being nervous about anything.

Just as she turned the key in the lock, her long black hair was blown free of its small silver clip and fell to her shoulders. Mike let out a low whistle, and Reina blushed. She looked incredible. Her hair falling in dark waves around her shoulders, the tight sweater and jeans accenting her every curve, and those long legs that seemed to go on forever. He knew she had always been beautiful, but now she was no longer that hot teenager, but rather a ravishing woman.

They walked into the small dimly lit entrance of her home. The lingering smell of incense hung in the air. She put the dog in the back room, just to be safe, and began turning lights on as she walked through the house. She was giving the place a quick look over to make sure there was nothing too embarrassing laying about.

“I am so cold from being outside, I want to warm up first before we get going. You don’t mind do you?” she gave him that pouty look that said she always gets her way.

“What if instead of going out, we catch up here? I could go pick up a pizza if you are interested?” and then he quickly added, “Because here we could actually talk and catch up.”

She smiled at the thought of getting to stay home for the evening. As she bit her lower lip she replied, “That sounds like a wonderful idea. Do you want to start a fire while I go get changed?”

She pointed at the fire place and smiled, and without saying a word he went over and got to work. He heard her walk into the back of the house, her bedroom, he guessed. The fire lit right away, and he couldn’t help but wonder around a little bit checking things out.

Reina attempted to make a mad dash from her bedroom to the laundry room to grab a sweatshirt, when she realized Mike was standing right there in front of her. She couldn’t decide what to do, so she kind of stood there dumfounded her black yoga pants and crimson bra.

“You caught me off guard,” she muttered looking down. “I was trying to get a sweatshirt from over there…” Reina’s voice trailed off. She was so nervous to be caught half naked. Mike couldn’t help but stare, which made Reina even more self-conscious.

Without even thinking he took a step closer to her, half expecting her to back away. She stood perfectly still. He reached up to brush her dark hair out of her eyes, and lift her chin so that she was once again looking at him.

“I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable,” he stroked her cheek with the side of his index finger. He was so close to her that she could feel his breath on the side of her neck when he spoke. She didn’t know what to think or feel. There was something so familiar about Mike, so comfortable, yet so unknown.

“This isn’t how this was supposed to play out,” she blushed. He backed away feeling rejected, just like he did all those years ago, always a friend he thought. Realizing the sudden change in Mike’s demeanor, she quickly added, “I always figured if you had caught me half naked you would just kiss me and not say a word.”

Realizing that he had misread her, he stepped closer again, this time her breasts pressed tight against him, he tilted her chin up, locked his eyes on her’s and leaned down to kiss her.

His soft lips barely grazed against her own when she brought her hand up to the side of his face, and knotted her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. The kiss washed over them both. Starting out so soft and familiar, and then building into a heated passion that neither had expected.

As Mike continued to kiss her, he ran his hands down over her mostly bare back. His rugged hands gently exploring the curves of her body until they came to rest on top of the waist of her pants.

When the kiss stopped, she looked down and bit her bottom lip again. She couldn’t believe that she had finally kissed Mike. She wanted more.

“Let’s get those beers and go enjoy the fire,” she said taking his hand and walking towards the kitchen.

She grabbed two amber bottles from the fridge, and opened them before walking into the living room. He was standing near the fireplace looking at a bunch of photos. Noticing where his eyes were going, she quickly reached for a particular frame, but Mike grabbed it just before she could.

“I can’t believe you still have this!” Mike said holding the photo looking into the face of his 15 year old self next to a 13 year old Reina. Her mom had taken that photo the summer before his sophomore year at the lake, and now all these years later, she kept the photo, not in hiding, but on her mantle in the living room.

A wave of nervousness came over Reina. She took the photo from him, handed him his beer, and collapsed onto the couch. She patted the cushion next to her encouraging Mike to join her. She realized she suddenly felt exposed, having forgotten to grab the sweatshirt, so she reached for a blanket to wrap herself in.

“Why do you still have that photo?” Mike teased.

Reina could feel herself blush. “You want to know the truth?”

“No secrets, remember.”

“I kept the photo all these years because you were the one that got away.” Mike couldn’t believe his ears. He was the one that got away? He didn’t even realize he stood a chance with Reina before tonight. “For years you were my best friend, but you always gave me advice about other guys, and you talked to me like I was your kid sister. I had always wanted you to ask me out, but I figured it was against some sort of guy code.” Mike was speechless. “So I kept the photo to remind myself that I wouldn’t be happy until I found someone like you. Sweet and caring, that I could talk to openly, and be my complete honest self.”

Not knowing what to say, Mike simply said, “Wow.”

Reina downed half of her beer for now she was in need of some courage. “And after all this time, you then show up here tonight, and I finally get to kiss you and I realize that I’ve been looking in the wrong place. I didn’t want someone like you. I wanted…” she paused, needing a little more courage, took another swig of her beer, “you.”

Her heart was now pounding. She had put it all out there on the line and had anticipated a nice pat on the head, and maybe one last kiss before Mike left wishing he had never approached her in the park.

“I guess it’s my turn to say something, huh?”

Reina nodded at him without even looking up.

Mike reached out for her hand, “I thought you were out of my league.”

Reina couldn’t believe her ears. She looked up at him bewildered.

“I have been in love with you since the first time I laid eyes on you back in high school. I have always wanted you, but figured you were too popular, and you were having so much fun dating that who was I to get in your way. I had figured that if you had wanted me then I would have known…I wish I had known.”

Reina sat there, barely moving, unable to say a word now that Mike had open up to her. Their eyes met and Reina shifted on the couch, the blanket once again exposing her bare shoulder. Mike reached forward, and ran his finger down the side of her neck. His touch sent shivers down her spine.

The fire popped, and the noise broke the tension that was starting to build. Neither of them knew where this was heading, but they knew that it was long over due.

Reina cast off the blanket and put her beer on the table. She suddenly didn’t need the extra courage. She stood up, and as if commanded Mike stood in front of her. Without speaking a word, she leaned forward and kissed him hard. More than ten years of yearning filled that kiss. Unspoken rules slipped away, and the ten years that they hadn’t seen each other melted away in the warm glow of the fire.

Mike loved the way Reina felt in his arms. She was every bit the woman that he had hoped for. His hands were assessing every inch of her body, when he reached her back and unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor.

Reina pulled away for a moment, and Mike started to wonder if he had gone too far to fast. She reached for the lamp and turned out the lights in the living room so the only light that danced across them was the glow from the fireplace.

Mike stared at her heaving breasts as the light of the fire danced across them. Her nipples erect ready for the taking. He leaned forward to take her right nipple into his mouth and as his tongue flicked the tip, a shallow moan escaped her lips. As Mike kneaded her breasts, and continued to lick and kiss her nipples, she began to unbutton his shirt.

The strong rugged physique that she had felt earlier was now before her. He was more man than she had remembered. She ran her nails over his smooth yet muscular chest and stomach, his body still tan from the summer sun. She couldn’t help herself. He smiled at her, and she melted. This was how she had envisioned it, soft and sensuous.

She felt a yearning that she hadn’t known before. She wanted to feel him pressed against her. Their bodies becoming one, but her nervousness started to creep back in, as did her upbringing.

“Mike, I want you,” she stated boldly, “but, I’ve never…”

She didn’t know what she wanted to say, so before she could say anything at all, she began to kiss him again. He was in love with this woman. Her shyness made her that much more beautiful. The fact that she was willing to give herself to him, made him feel all the more powerful.

Mike tossed the blanket onto the floor in front of the fire place, and gently laid Reina down on it. Her body was aching for him in ways she didn’t even know possible. Mike took his shirt the rest of the way off and then leaned over her and began kissing her from her head to her toes. The sensation of his kisses sent shivers down her spine, and she felt her body calling out for him.

Reina reached forward and grabbed the front of Mike’s jeans. She undid the brown leather belt and top button. She began to push the waist of the jeans over his hips and made sure to take his boxers off with them.

Mike didn’t want to ruin the moment by going too fast, so he stopped her before she had fully exposed his throbbing cock. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He whispered in her ear.

Without replying, Reina stared him in his steel blue eyes, pushed his jeans the rest of the way down, and began to stroke his shaft. She liked feeling him stiffen even more under her control. The head began to glisten with a drop of cum, so she leaned forward and in a quick flick, licked it off. Mike let a moan escape his lips, much to her delight.

She continued to stroke his throbbing cock, and then leaned down and took him into her mouth. She sucked on him and she slid her lips up and down his shaft, every so often flicking the tip of his cock with her tongue just to watch him squirm. Mike tightened his fingers in her hair, and began to pull her deeper onto his cock. She loved that he was taking control of her. She was enjoying every reaction as he thrust his pulsing shaft in and out of her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the head, and then gulped hard as he began to release. His body writhed in pleasure, and with each thrust of his hips, he came a little bit more. She sucked every last glistening drop off of him before he released the back of her head.

Mike leaned forward and began kissing her again. More passionately this time. He couldn’t believe that she had sucked him so hard, and now he needed to repay the favor.

Mike’s jeans were only half off, so he pulled them the rest of the way to the floor. Reina leaned back on her elbows, her shoulders just off the blanket. Mike leaned forward and began to pull her pants off with his teeth. He seemed wild now, and she liked it.

Once she was laying there completely nude, her creamy skin illuminated by the orange flames, she felt so completely calm that a smile crept over her face.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

Mike grabbed her breasts, and began stroking them, “Of course.” “I want you to know how bad I want you. Not just to make me cum, but I want to feel you cum with me,” Reina said breathily as Mike tantalized her even more.

He had fantasized about Reina for years, and now was his chance.

“The first time we actually get together and we end up making love. A guy could get used to this.”

He began to kiss her all over, and ran his tongue from her neck down to her inner thigh. He was kissing her, and teasing her, coming so close to her clit without actually touching it. When she didn’t think she could take another moment of this torture, he began to rub her swollen clit with his thumb while slipping another finger into her wet pussy. She felt her body tense up as the initial waves of pleasure began to build.

While sucking on her clit, hee thrust another finger into her. She couldn’t believe how good he was making her feel. He stopped rubbing her clit, and she reached down to help out. Licking her fingers to make sure everything was well lubricated, and then rubbing small circles around and on her clit. She was almost to the edge of orgasm, when Mike pulled his fingers out of her. He licked them off and then held them at her lips for a taste. She ran her tongue over his fingers, and sucked on them the same way she had sucked on his cock a moment ago. The sensation made Mike even more aroused.

Reina sat up, and pushed Mike to the floor. He was pretty close to flat on his back, and she was standing over him. She straddled his waist, and lowered to her knees. She grabbed his cock, which seemed even harder and larger than before, and directed it towards her wet pussy.

She decided to tease him a bit too, and just barely let him in, before stopping. Then in just a little more, and stop. Mike started to moan in ecstasy and Reina knew she was doing something right. That’s when Mike decided he couldn’t take it any more. He had to have her right here, right now. He grabbed her hips, pulled her down onto his throbbing cock, and let out a scream of pleasure.

He liked the way she felt, all wet, sliding up and down on his shaft. Her pussy tightening around him as she got closer to orgasm. Reina tossed her head back, her long dark hair cascading over her bare body. Wave after wave of passion washed over her. Mike loved watching her cum. He gently touched her clit & watched her squirm some more. As she continued to ride him, he took turns playing with her breasts and her clit, both driving her over the edge.

“Are you going to cum for me?” he asked breathlessly.

Reina couldn’t find her voice so she just nodded and grabbed ahold of him. She pulled him into a sitting position so that their legs and arms were now wrapped around each other. She continued to roll her hips and thrust down on his cock, and now he filled her up even more.

“Kiss me!” she demanded.

The kiss was incredible. He worked his way from her mouth down to her breasts. Rubbing and massaging her nipples the whole time. The stimulation was overwhelming.

“I’m going to cum,” Mike moaned. Reina smiled. She had already cum once and was getting close again herself.

She decided to help things along, and while she continued to ride him, she rubbed her clit bringing her closer and closer to passions edge. Mike grabbed her ass, and was holding on to her as he thrust harder into her. Both of them were completely engulfed in the passion that they were feeling.

As her own body began to tense and spasm from the intensity of orgasm, she felt Mike cumming too. He was grunting and moaning every bit as much as she was, and she felt the warmth of his load fill her up inside in a series of waves.

This story is a little New Years fairytale composed of elements drawn from several different mythologies, ranging from the stories of pagan Russia to the legends of the selkies, the seal women of the Irish coast, to the modern fantasy classic,The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. Just want to give credit where credit is due. Enjoy, vote, comment, and have a magical holiday season.


Once upon a time, a young prince named Ivan wandered lost in a vast forest. This was long ago and far away, in the frozen wastes that lie in the east of Mother Russia. Snow fell hard and fast from the sky in flakes that clumped in Ivan’s fair hair and eyelashes. He had lost his horse and his way several hours ago and it was only due to stubbornness that he had not yet sat down against a tree trunk and readied himself for death. At first when he saw the light winking through the shifting evergreen branches he put it down to his mind playing tricks upon him. But as he stumbled through the snow in the direction of the light, it grew brighter and brighter. Soon he could distinguish the shape of a small cottage through the trees.

When Ivan reached the dwelling he came to a sudden halt that caused him to fall to his knees in the snow. Lights blazed from every window and he could see smoke coming from the chimney. The smell of roasting meat and vegetables came to him on the wind and his stomach cramped with hunger. He crawled towards the place, and it was then that the prince noticed that the fence which surrounded it was made of bones. Each post had a shiny white skull as a knob on the top. In tribute to the coming New Year, the bones had been decorated with boughs of evergreen and silver ribbons. The cottage itself was raised off of the ground on what Ivan at first thought were wooden stilts. When he forced his eyes to focus, he realized that they were legs; the cottage was supported by a pair of enormous spindly bird’s legs whose talons bit deep into the frozen earth.

Ivan knew then whose house this was, and for a moment he almost turned back to face his death in the frozen woods. It was Baba Yaga who lived here, the witch who had entrapped Vasilissa the Beautiful and who brought an end to Koschei the Deathless. The skulls on her fence were from the heads of the men and women who had trifled with her. But Ivan did not want to die, and that is what would surely happen if he wandered back into the forest. He would throw himself on the mercy of the witch. The prince staggered to his feet and forced himself to walk forward. He ascended a set of narrow wooden stairs and knocked three times on the cottage door. It creaked open at once and he collapsed upon the threshold.

“What is the meaning of this, boy?” said a voice. “How dare you come here uninvited?”

Ivan tilted his head up and beheld Baba Yaga. In all of the stories she was described as an old crone with iron teeth, but the person standing before him, although very old, was not the hag he had imagined. She was tall and terribly thin, and despite the years which weighed heavily upon her, she had the bearing of a queen. Her hair was the color of lamb’s wool and piled on top of her head in an elaborate braid. She had eyes of a grey so light that they seemed almost transparent, set in a face that was sharp and heavily lined.

“Your pardon please, Dama,” Ivan said, his voice made shrill by the whistling wind. “I am lost. I came to beg you for shelter”

“I have no room for you here,” Baba Yaga said, digging him in the side with the toe of her boot. “Be off with you.”

“Have mercy Dama, I beg of you,” Ivan said. “It is the eve of the New Year. In the spirit of the holiday, please, take pity on me. Do not usher in the year by allowing a young man to die on your doorstep.”

She looked down at him, her colorless stare never wavering. Then she said, “You state your case eloquently. I do not want to ring in the New Year with such an omen, but I do not offer my help lightly. In exchange for it, you must perform a task for me.”

“But name it, Dama,” Ivan said, finding the strength to get to his knees and prostrating himself before her on the cottage’s threshold. “I swear on my life that I will do anything you ask of me if you only let me share of your fire and your food.”

“You swear it, boy?”

“Yes Dama, on my life I swear it.”

She reached over him and shut the cottage door, turning the bolt and silencing the howl of the wind outside. “Then get up and sit in that chair by the fire. I will bring you something to eat.” Ivan did as he was bid. His legs would almost not support him, but he managed to stagger over to the deep armchair to which Baba Yaga had gestured. It was lined with silky grey fur and already warmed by the fire. Sinking into it was like setting the first foot into paradise. He stripped off his fur mittens, his hat and his long bearskin cloak and held his hands out to the blaze. Slowly, life came back to his fingers and Ivan was delighted to find that all ten of them were still capable of movement. He had been certain that he would have to lose at least two of them to frostbite. Baba Yaga appeared at his shoulder with an earthenware goblet full of hot, spiced wine. “Drink this,” she said, shoving the vessel into his hand. “It will help get rid of the chill.”

“Thank you Dama,” Ivan said, raising the cup to his lips and taking a long sip. The wine was rich and sweet with herbs and honey. It was almost too hot to drink but when he forced himself to swallow the scalding liquid he could feel warmth spreading through every inch of his body.

“You certainly are a pretty thing,” Baba Yaga said, reaching down to tuck a lock of his golden hair behind his ear. “It would have been a shame to have you freeze to death on my doorstep.”

Ivan said nothing and Baba Yaga went to the stove and pulled from the oven a loaf of dark bread which she put on a tray along with a sharp knife and a dish of white butter. Then she went to the fire and filled an earthen bowl with stew from the cauldron which hung there. Placing the bowl on the tray next to the loaf, Baba Yaga brought the food to Ivan and watched him eat every scrap of it. By the time he had finished, the prince’s exhaustion had begun to catch up with him and he had to struggle not to drift off to sleep in his chair.

“Thank you Dama,” he said, putting the tray aside. “You have saved my life.”

“Yes,” Baba Yaga took the tray from him and set it in a basin next to the wood stove.

“What task would you have me do to repay you?”

“We can talk about that later. You are about to fall asleep where you sit. You are of no use to me in this condition. I will give you a bed where you can rest for a few hours.”

Ivan thanked her yet again, and Baba Yaga led him to a little room in the back of the cottage. It had in it a large bed with a carved wooden frame and blankets of the same silver fur which had lined the armchair by the fire. The witch left him there, saying that she would wake him in a few hours so that he might perform the task that was to repay her. The prince removed his boots and then crawled, fully clothed, beneath the thick fur blankets. The moment that his head touched the goose-down pillow, he fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Ivan was awoken some hours later by a light touch on his shoulder. Baba Yaga was standing beside the bed, holding a silver lantern in her hand. “Wake up boy,” she said, shaking him slightly. “We have things to discuss.” Ivan rose, wishing that he could simply sink back into the warmth of the bed, but Baba Yaga beckoned him back into the cottage’s main room and he followed her. She took the fur-lined chair herself this time and motioned at him to sit down on a little stool which had been placed at its feet. “I have thought of a task for you, but first, boy, I want to know what brings you here. My house is far from any kingdom.”

“My name is Ivan,” the prince said, “I am the youngest son of Tsar Leonid Ivanovich, whose kingdom lies in the far west. I am fleeing to a city in the east because my elder brother, who has just become the tsar, has sent men after me. I managed to lose them, but in the process I lost my horse and became myself lost in these woods.”

“What did you do to earn the enmity of your brother?” asked Baba Yaga.

“We loved the same woman,” Ivan said, wishing that he could remain silent, “and she preferred me to him. He couldn’t bare it and so he sent his soldiers to kill me.”

“What happened to the woman you loved?”

“She is dead.” The prince said in a flat voice. “I did not arrive in time to save her. My brother’s men got to her chambers before me. In his jealousy, he would rather see her slain than in the arms of another man.” He said nothing more. The pain of his loss was still hot within him, burning like a brand.

“And you flee?” the witch asked sharply. “What of vengeance?”

“I have friends in the East. I will rally them to me and with the help of an army I will depose my brother. He is a tyrant.”

“A noble young prince out to destroy a wicked king.” Baba Yaga mused. “You have strength in you, boy, I can see that, and pain. Perhaps if you perform the task I give you well, I will aid you in your quest.”

“What is this task, Dama?” Ivan asked. He would not permit himself to hope for the witch’s aid. It was enough for him to concentrate of the job at hand. Perhaps it would prove a distraction from the grief that thoughts of his murdered love had evoked.

“It is auspicious that you arrived on the eve of the New Year, Prince Ivan. I grow old and this is a circumstance which greatly displeases me. Tonight, there is a spell that I can perform which will restore my youthful body to me, such as I have not had for many centuries. You, prince, will retrieve for me the essential ingredient of this spell.”

“And what is that, Dama?” Ivan asked.

“The glade beside my cottage is a place of power. Near midnight, there will appear in that glade a reindeer whose hide is the pure white of freshly fallen snow. She will shed her deer skin, and become a human woman so that she may bathe in the hot spring in the clearing. I want you to bring me her virgin blood.”


Baba Yaga reached into a carved wooden casket by her side and pulled out a cloth of pure white silk. “You will bed the girl on this cloth so that you may collect her virgin blood. Bring the cloth back to me and your obligation is discharged.”

“Dama, I had not expected such a task.”

“You swore to me Prince. I am told that the reindeer maidens are very beautiful to look upon. Most young men would leap at such a chance as this.”

“I will perform the task.” Ivan said. “I did not mean to question you.”

“Seek out the deer maiden in the glade, and take her skin for then she must obey you, but take care how you handle her. The efficacy of the spell is dependent upon how the maiden’s innocent blood is spilled. If you are a brute with her, the effects of the spell will be muted by pain and fear. This would be very displeasing to me.”

“I would not be a beast to any woman,” Ivan said.

The witch chuckled. “Of course not. I see only gentleness in those pretty blue eyes of yours, little prince.” She reached out one bony hand and stroked his cheek. Ivan did not shrink away, although her nearness frightened him. “It is a shame I do not have my younger shape.” She said. “I would be tempted to take advantage of an innocent like you.”

“How long do I have to perform this task, Dama?” Ivan asked, aware that his face had flushed red at the witch’s last words.

“Bring the cloth to me before dawn. The spell to restore my youth must be performed before the sun rises on the first day of the New Year.”

“How long do I have? I have lost track of time since I slept.”

“The moon has not yet risen to its zenith. You have many hours in which to perform your task, prince.”

“I will start now,” Ivan said, rising from the stool. “Only give me that cloth and tell me where to look for the maiden.”

Baba Yaga handed over the cloth to him and Ivan folded it into a small square before placing it deep in a pocket of his trousers. “You have only to head west from my front door, Prince Ivan,” the witch said. “There will be a break in the trees and you will see a wide clearing with a hot spring steaming at its center. Wait there for the maiden. She will appear when the moon reaches its highest point in the sky.”

Ivan left the cottage soon afterwards. Baba Yaga gave him some wine in a leather flask to help him throw off the chill and he donned his heavy furs once more before setting out in search of the reindeer maiden. He found the glade of which Baba Yaga had spoken less than a mile west of the cottage. The trees broke suddenly, giving way to an expanse of white snow which was broken only by the circular pool at its center. The spring was cut deep into the earth and steam rose off of it in great clouds. Prince Ivan walked around the glade, peering into the trees which bordered it, and saw no signs of any living creature. The moon had not yet reached its zenith, so he decided to conceal himself in the trees at the edge of the glade and wait for the reindeer maiden to appear.

He had to wait only an hour before the object which he sought wandered into the glade. He heard the snapping of branches and the crunch of snow, and then across the clearing, there emerged from the trees a reindeer whose hide was the color of the silver moon. She was a graceful beast, more so than any reindeer Ivan had ever seen, and picked her way delicately over the snow to the hot spring. She pawed at the edge for a moment, and then threw back her horned head to stare at the moon. The reindeer gave a snort and shook herself. Then her pale fur began to glow. Soon, the form of the reindeer was erased by a white light brighter than that of a star fallen to earth. When the light disappeared as suddenly as it had come, the reindeer had vanished. In its place stood a tall young woman, naked, her skin the same flawless white as the reindeer’s pelt. She held a cream-colored deerskin in her arms and as Ivan watched, she folded it and placed it with great care on a rock beside the spring. She was the most beautiful creature the prince had ever seen. Her hair was pure white, and so long that it brushed against the backs of her knees; her eyes were a deep blue, the color of the midnight sky. She had small, round breasts with ice-pink nipples, and her sex was guarded by a fluff of white hair.

The reindeer maiden did not seem to feel the cold of the winter night and she shook out her long white hair with a soft exclamation of joy. Ivan watched as she tried to twirl in a circle with her arms outstretched, and then fell on her bottom in the snow. It seemed as if she had not yet gotten the knack of walking on two legs. She foundered up from the place where she had fallen, and then made her way to the edge of the spring. She dipped a toe into the water before easing herself slowly into the pool. When she sank down among the rocks she gave a little sigh of delight and raised her face to the moon, eyes closed, bathing in its silver rays.

Ivan wished that he could remain hidden among the evergreens and simply watch the maiden, but his obligation to the witch made him rise. It distressed him that he would have to disturb the silent peace of this moment. He crept around the perimeter of the trees, treading carefully so that he made not a sound. When he was behind the reindeer maiden he began to move forward, crawling on his hands and knees in the snow. The girl gave a little sigh of pleasure and sank down into the spring, submerging her head and sending a torrent of bubbles to the water’s surface. Ivan snatched his chance. He darted forward and grabbed up the deerskin from the rock upon which the maiden had laid it. When her head broke through the pool’s surface again, Ivan simply stood there, displaying the snow white deer hide in his arms.

The reindeer maiden froze when she caught sight of him, her dark blue eyes going wide. Ivan sat down on a rock and spread the deerskin across his lap, stroking the silky fur with one hand. “I’m sorry to disturb you, devushka,” he said, not sure if she could understand him. “I do not want to hurt you. I have your skin. You cannot run away from me.”

The girl rose from the pool, clouds of steam rising from her ivory skin as water cascaded off of her body. She did not seem to care much for modesty, but her nakedness almost took Ivan’s breath away now that he was so close to her. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, lithe and delicately formed, but with powerful muscles quivering just beneath her snowy white skin. He could tell that she wanted very much to run from him, to flee him as a deer flees the hunter, but she could not disobey him when her skin was in Ivan’s possession. She simply stood there, knee-deep in the pool. Ivan reached for the maiden. She made no move to run from him, but her body tensed at his touch, and she shied away, giving a little cry of distress. He pulled her gently but firmly from the pool until she was standing directly before him.

Now that he was faced with his task, the prince had no idea of how to continue. It was not in him to rape a woman, especially not one as obviously innocent as the one before him. “I have been sent to perform a task,” he told the girl. “Baba Yaga wants me to collect your innocent blood.” At these words the reindeer maiden tried to wrench herself out of his grip, emitting a little cry of horror. So, she could understand his words even if she could not speak herself. “Hush,” Ivan murmured, tightening his hold on her arm and pulling her slowly back to him, though he hated himself for it. “I will be gentle. It is not the blood from your veins that the witch wants.” Placing the deerskin on top of a boulder where it would be out of reach of the maiden, Ivan pulled her to him, so close that her breasts pressed against the soft fur of the bearskin cloak he wore. She whimpered and her eyes found his. They were full of bewildered tears, and Ivan was struck by a vicious hatred for Baba Yaga. It was the witch who was driving him to do this, to violate an innocent woman. He did not even have a bed in which to lie with her. He would be forced to take her here among the rocks and snow.

That was when Ivan caught sight of the tiny hut on the far side of the glade. He would have sworn that it had not been there only a second before. It was as if his anger had summoned it into being. “Come with me,” Ivan said, and he began to make his way towards the hut, leading the reindeer maiden by the arm. She was reluctant to go with him, but followed nonetheless, casting a longing glance back at the deerskin that lay abandoned by the pool.

When Prince Ivan drew close to the little hut he saw that it was supported by two hen’s legs, a smaller twin of Baba Yaga’s own cottage. The witch had done this. Perhaps she had somehow read Ivan’s thoughts, sensed his anger at her for forcing him into this position. He wondered at this kindness until he remembered what she had told him. Ivan had to do right by this girl or the effects of Baba Yaga’s spell would be blunted. They reached the door of the hut and the prince saw that on it had been hung a wreath of evergreen tied with silver ribbon, a token for the New Year. The door swung open at their approach and Ivan had to pause upon the threshold because the reindeer maiden gave a soft cry and began to pull frantically against him.

He tightened his grip on the girl’s wrist; she was surprisingly strong for one so thin. When he turned to face her he saw that her eyes were wide and terrified. She was gazing fixedly at the little room inside the hut and shaking her head back and forth, her white hair flying all around her. She did not want to go inside, Ivan realized. Perhaps she had never been inside a four-walled dwelling; she was a wild creature, a denizen of the forest.

A very good friend is a biochemist.

That probably says as much about me as it does about her. She spends far too much time in the library, and has the social skills of an albatross. On the other hand, she’s about as elegant as one — and I mean an albatross soaring the Southern Ocean. I’m far from sure she realised it, but I find her intelligence and grace appealing.

When I can get her out of the library, anyway.

Here’s the other thing. Most girls I meet are interested in what I call trivia. You know — clothes, make-up, rom-coms. Cathy is interested in two things: biology, and saving the planet. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t own any make-up. I love her to bits, but have more sense than to try to distract her. Recently she’d been spending more time than usual in her lab up at the uni, running simulations, and being very close-mouthed about what she was working on. In some ways that’s not unusual. Scientists, in this publish-or-perish world, often don’t give away too much until they publish. It had looked like she was working on two things at once.

All this being said, then, the last person I expected to find on my doorstep, unannounced, was Cathy. The additional surprise was her friend and lab colleague, Sarah. I knew Sarah slightly but only really through Cathy. The three of us had had coffee together a few times when they just had to get out of the lab, but that was about it. I certainly liked Sarah, and she was also a welcome visitor. I did know that the two shared some social and political views. What I didn’t know was how deeply they shared those views.

Cathy stood there, blonde hair tied back, with a bag and a box, with Sarah a step behind her, carrying a small rucksack. The box contained real ale. I smelled Indian takeaway from the other. I can cook. Cathy has always had other priorities.

Both looked slightly flushed, like they’d been running. Cathy does go running — she says it helps clear her mind — but not in her usual study clothes, which are usually just thrown on to keep her warm and decent. “Party time,” she said. “Just the three of us.”

I raised both eyebrows and let them in, Sarah looking a little nervous. Cathy, I decided, was merely covering it better. They left their shoes by the door.

“I hope you’re not busy?”

“Nothing that can’t wait. What are we celebrating?”

“Earth Day,” said Sarah

I’d pretty much overlooked it. “There’s something to celebrate?” We’ve had this discussion. There isn’t a lot to celebrate. We are, as another friend put it to me recently, “fucked”.

“There is now. You have plates?” She held up the bag.

I sorted out the essentials. Cathy knows my preferences when it comes to food. Hers are similar, and she’d compromised.

“So, what’s the celebration?”

Cathy looked smug.

“Have you heard of Lysistrata?”

“Fictional character in a play by Aristophanes. Ends the Peloponnesian War by persuading the women on both sides to refuse sex until the men make peace.”

“That’s her. An inspiration to us all. Us, in particular.” Now she looked really smug.

“What have you two cooked up?”

“Okay, we came round for four reasons,” said Cathy. “The first is to celebrate. The second is that we need you to help us write a document. I’m a decent biochemist, but I’m a not a great writer, unless it’s an academic paper. You can write for Scotland. We also need you to hide something.”

“That’s three reasons.”

“I’m coming to number four, as it were. We’ve been cooking.” When Cathy talks about “cooking” she means strange molecules in her lab.

“And what’s on the menu?”

“We made four chemicals. The first inhibits female libido. You take it, you just won’t be sexually interested. The second is a bit different. This one works in males. You can be sexually interested, even intensely randy, but you won’t be able to get it up. Blue balls turn purple. You get the idea.”

“That’s evil.”

“Not half as evil as some of the bastards we’ve arranged to get dosed up with it,” said Sarah, grimly.

I already knew that some of Cathy’s friends online make Earth First! look like a Greenpeace fundraising weekend.

“And the other two chemicals?”

“Are antidotes. Well sort of. They only work if you actually genuinely like the person you’re proposing to get it on with. Anyone who got married for the money may have a permanent problem. At least, the women will. We’re still not sure about the male one. We’re the only people who know this, because we only just found out.”

This was obviously a leading statement.

“And how did you find out, Cathy?”

“We had to do a human trial. Understandably we couldn’t just go and ask for volunteers. We’ll probably go to jail if they track us down anyway. While our friends will be happy to keep quiet, and all of them are complicit anyway, we give ourselves fifty-fifty odds of not going to jail. On the bright side, that’s fifty-fifty odds of being heroines of the environmental movement. Still, conspiracy, poisoning, blackmail. It adds up, and I like my lab.”

“You’re getting sidetracked. I’d figured this out. The antidote.”

“Neil.” The girls exchanged worried looks. “We OD’d on the antidote.”

“We need you to write something for us anyway,” said Sarah.

“And how many men do you think either of us know in the real world, never mind that we’re actually attracted to?” Sarah shot Cathy a look. I wasn’t sure this had been meant to be part of my knowledge base.

“So, we bought you dinner. But I really hope you’re not tired.”

“Because you are going to get absolutely no sleep tonight!”

The prospect of getting wrapped up in their little criminal conspiracy, whatever my personal views on their aims, which I could predict, given some of the coffee shop conversations we’d had, had not done wonders for my libido. The prospect of giving these two what they wanted was another matter.

Let’s get dinner over with first, I thought.

“I assume you have a list of people you’re going to be hitting with this little medication of yours?”

The women exchanged looks again. “Wrong tense,” said Sarah.

“The people in Planet Always have that in hand. They’ve been at it a week or so, one way or another.”

I’d never heard of Planet Always. “And now you issue demands?”

“No,” said Cathy. “In a few days we issue demands. Give them a few days to realise they’re all impotent. Then we issue demands.”

“Are you going to tell me who you’ve got to take this stuff?”

“A few er…” said Cathy.

“Thousand,” admitted Sarah.

“…thousand of the more odious perpetrators. Oil and mining execs. Politicians. Assorted decision makers who’ve been involved in wrecking the planet. A few media moguls, although I doubt that Aussie guy will be able to get it up anyway. Right-wing think tanks. The water cooler supply in the Pentagon and a few other places. It’s going to be a bad week for the world’s conservatives.”

“How big is your network?”

“Need to know,” said Sarah. “Actually, even we don’t need to know that. We’re just the chemists, but most of our media people are known, so we need someone good who’s less likely to be backtraced.”

“We’ve been keeping you in reserve.” Cathy smiled happily. “Did they put more chilli in this than usual, or is it warm in here?”

“I think it’s you,” I said. It wasn’t that warm, and the chilli level was about normal.

“I did wonder.” Cathy removed her jumper, revealing a thin top underneath. She was wearing a bra, but the top was probably a size too small. My cock twitched.

“You’re not the only one who’s too hot,” said Sarah, following suit. “We need to recalculate the antidote dose.”

“Evidently,” I said. Sarah wasn’t wearing underwear, and it showed.

I was wondering if these two were idiots or geniuses. I settled for mad scientists or, to put it another way, both.

“So, what’s the plan for after dinner?”

“After dinner, we need to get our manifesto written up,” Sarah told me. “We’ve got a draft. You just need to go over it. We have a few days, as I say, so that’s a bit less urgent than our other problem.”

“Unless we get the right hormones in our systems, the antidote is just going to keep making us randier and fucking randier, and we need to be able to concentrate. But there is a complicating factor.”

Another one, I thought.

“Neil, we’re geeks,” said Sarah. If we were guys we’d be writing computer programs or hacking them. We’re not. We both have PhDs in biology, and we both bounced from undergrad to postgrad to doctorate without breaks, but our knowledge of biology is, well….”

“Very much restricted to the laboratory,” Cathy explained.

I looked from one to the other over a jumble of reusable plastic takeaway containers.

“Both of you?”

Cathy actually looked embarrassed. “Both of us. I suppose it would have been nicer in some ways to not feel bounced in to this by some chemical we took, but we’ve both had an eye on you for ages, so it’s not like we both didn’t want you anyway.”

“And we know we’d struggle to find a nicer guy. We’d just have probably never got around to it without us doing something stupid. We just managed incredibly stupid.”

“So, please be gentle, but, well, please?”

Politically, I’m on their side, so I decided not to laugh. In any case, they should both have a night they’d remember positively.

“This stays in this building,” I assured them, “and, well, who am I to turn down not one but two intelligent, attractive heroines of the Revolution?”

We worked through the takeaway, drinking enough ale to relax but not be tipsy. Cathy and I gathered together leftovers, and went to do the washing up. As I waited for a kettle to boil for hot water, Cathy snuggled into me from behind, putting her arms around my waist, a little uncertainly. I leaned back into her, welcoming the touch, placing my hands over hers. She smelled sweet and feminine.

“What I’m really regretting now,” she said, “is that I didn’t get round to this months ago, when I wasn’t feeling like a complete nymphomaniac! On the other hand, both of us have been pulling sixteen or eighteen-hour days, between teaching, the research we’re supposed to be doing, and our little scheme. You’ve seen how much that takes out of anything that looks like social time.”

I rested my head against hers. “You can get all randy on me whenever you like,” I told her. “I’m not sure about Sarah just yet, but that’s because I don’t know her nearly as well as I’d like.”

“Sarah’s fantastic. Very shy, but with a mind like a razor — at least when she’s not completely turned on. Then she’s as bad as a guy with a hard-on. She also hates conservatives as much as you do. She needs to get out of the lab at least as much as I do. Neil?”

I turned so I could see her face.

“Be very nice to her, and if we get through this without winding up in Cornton Vale or Gitmo, we’re both all yours. Now, are you going to kiss me or not?” At least in Cornton Vale she’d have visiting privileges. Probably. Assuming she didn’t get extradited somewhere really unpleasant.

I decided to leave the washing up for a couple of minutes. My first kiss with Cathy appeared to be Cathy’s first kiss. She was uncertain, knowing what she wanted, but unsure how to go about it. The little revolutionary was a study in contradictions. She was confident enough to have a plan to completely overturn vast swathes of what she thought was all wrong in the world and actually have the nerve — and sheer ruthlessness — to implement it, yet had no experience at all when it came to sexual intimacy. On the other side of that she was almost exuding sexual heat. I held her gently, and ran my tongue over her lips.

Cathy responded playfully. “Okay, yes, you can do more of that.” I leaned in for another one, this time slipping my tongue inside her mouth, encountering hers. I touched her inside. She was wet and soft against my probing tongue. Gaining in confidence she responded by penetrating my mouth herself. “You know I’ve never done this?” she asked.

“We all start somewhere,” I told her, quietly. “You’re just a little later than most.”

“I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Physically, I need to burn out what my own drug is doing to my body. Tonight, because it may do permanent damage at this dose. That’s another way of saying I really need a good screwing.” She paused, almost surprised. “Did I really say that? I’ve never said that before. Yeah, I need you to give me a really thorough seeing to! Oh, yeah, I need to say that to you more often.” She’d get no complaints from me if she did, and I hoped this wasn’t just her antidote talking. “Emotionally, I need you to be very gentle at first, so I can get used to this. Then I need you to give me a really thorough, and I do mean thorough, seeing to. Mmm. I think Sarah wants the same. Do you think you can manage that with two concupiscent women in one night?”

Cathy must be one of the few people I know who knows what concupiscent even means!

“I’ll give it a good try,” I told her. “Let’s get the washing up done and we can go and curl up together and see what happens. How does that sound?”

I washed and Cathy did the drying. Three empty beer bottles went in the recycling. The bag that the food had come in was folded for reuse. I have lots of uses for plastic takeaway containers.

Sarah had found my music collection, and I found Beethoven playing when we got back to the living room. She’d drawn the curtains, turned off the main light and turned on a small side light in one corner. I think she was looking for an approximation of romantic, which I hadn’t really planned for. She’d also let her long nut-brown hair down. She was using the available light to scan a back issue of The Ecologist.

“I like this quote,” she said. “The planet isn’t dying: it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses. My thinking exactly. Anyway, Neil, welcome to our little conspiracy.”

“Thank you,” I said, settling next to her on the sofa. She put the magazine down and snuggled in to me. I put an arm around her, more or less instinctively. Cathy joined me on the other side, claiming the other arm. “At some point you’re going to have to explain your agenda in detail, especially if I have to knock up a manifesto to be approved by, what was it, Planet Always.”

“The approval part has been done,” Cathy told me. “We have a set of demands. All you need to do is put it in a coherent document explaining our reasoning.”

“That can wait,” Sarah insisted. “This drug is doing strange things to my poor head, and I really, really need someone to do something about it.” I’m a long way from being entirely comfortable with the notion of being kissed by one woman in front of another woman I was kissing ten minutes previously. Sarah didn’t seem bothered. She was, in some ways, even less sure of herself than Cathy when it came to what she was supposed to be doing when French kissing, and appeared to be psyching herself up for something she wanted to do, but knew it was going to be a big personal step. The fact that she was doing so in front of her friend and colleague really didn’t bother her.

I eased her in to it, using my lips to gently brush her lower one. She leaned in to me with a little sigh, then tried it for herself, our arms clasping each other gently. She seemed to conclude that she liked it. I took this as encouragement, and I brushed her lower lip with my tongue, only to feel the tip of hers meet it. Our tongues brushed each others, gently and playfully. I looked in to Sarah’s brown eyes, seeing rising excitement. She was the one whose tongue slipped uncertainly in to my mouth, her lips closing on mine. She didn’t go deep the first time, but it was my tongue that touched hers just inside my mouth. Her teeth grazed her bottom lip when she finally pulled away.

“Wow,” said Cathy. “It was sexy just watching that!”

The whole thing of doing this in front of Cathy did slightly throw me. “Mmm. Okay. I don’t know how you want to do this. Do you want to play with me one at a time, in private, or do we want to make it a threesome here?”

Sarah was almost impatient with me. “Neil. I’m a virgin. This is all new to me. I’m doing this for the first time ten years after some of the girls I was at school with were fumbling around with little boys. I’m also an ecofeminist, and while some others of those I know might disagree with me, by the time I’m finished heterosexual monogamy will not be the only socially normal way to do things. If I want to do nice things with my male lover and my female lover at the same time, in private and with their consent, that’s between me and them. If we want to get married in a three way relationship, that will be up to us. Fair?”


Sarah pushed dark brown hair back from her eyes with one hand. It was a gesture I’d seen her use when we’d met before, and I’d always found it appealing. “Good. Okay. Ground rules. Never physically hurt me. Try not to emotionally hurt me, but I understand people make mistakes. Just don’t do it deliberately. No babies. Seven billion of us is at least six billion too many. I’m on the pill. I really don’t like dealing with blood and cramps when I’m trying to concentrate. I want to know what having your semen inside me feels like, among other things. Cathy can speak for herself on that score. There is, however, no way in Hell I want my first sexual experience to be a one-night stand!” Cathy’s hands were rubbing my shoulders.

“At least for the moment, the three of us are together. Let’s not complicate it. No playing the field without agreement. That’s not likely to change. At the moment, I want you to be very gentle with me, but I might want you to be a little firmer with me later. We’ll see. If Cathy wants to go somewhere on her own while we do that, she can. If she wants to sit and watch, she can.” Sarah mellowed a fraction. “What I think I’d like is for the three of us to explore this together, if that’s okay with you, because I’m really not too sure what I’m doing. Oh, and did I mention no rugrats? So, are you going to throw me out of the door, or are you going to kiss me again? Hint. I know which one I’d prefer.”

Cathy’s hands on my shoulders became firmer as I kissed Sarah again. Sarah had a slightly different, more reserved, style to Cathy. The shyness, balanced with her firmness in her other attitudes, was very appealing. There was a strange mix of personal confidence and sexual uncertainty. This in itself was very arousing. The fact that I was snuggled on my sofa with two attractive women was helping. Sarah and I came up for air.

“Are you happy with that, Cathy?” Sarah asked.

“I was certainly hoping to go down the relationship route rather than the one night stand with a friend in bed option, certainly.” Cathy’s chin was on my shoulder. We rubbed cheeks and she put her arms around me from the back. Sarah was embracing me from the front. It felt warm and safe. “No sprogs. I agree on that. You can also put yourself up me without having to worry about that, and I really want that to happen in the next few hours, at the latest. I’ve just discovered I like talking dirty, by the way. Be gentle, the first time. I know it might hurt. The rest, I more or less agree with Sarah. Do I get a kiss as well?”

I was aware of Sarah’s eyes on us as I slipped my tongue into Cathy’s mouth again. I felt Cathy’s hands on the buttons of my shirt. She unbuttoned me as we kissed. Sarah took each arm in turn and undid the cuffs. I found both women removing my shirt, followed by the very pleasant sensation of two pairs of hands exploring my naked torso. Oh, yeah, I thought. I put my hands on the backs of Cathy’s, telling her she could keep her hands on my body.

This was complicated. I switched from kissing Cathy to kissing Sarah instead. My hands moved to fondle Sarah’s breasts through her top. They were moderately large and quite firm. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. I could feel hardened nipples under the palms of my hands. Sarah pressed herself to me, demanding. I could hear Cathy’s deeper breathing behind me as she started on my belt. She was quick and efficient, undoing it without taking it off completely.

From a more or less normal day I had not one but two virgins throwing themselves at me.

It also wasn’t fair. I wanted to know what these women felt like. My hands moved from Sarah’s full chest to her midriff, and I untucked the hem of her top, before sliding my hands underneath. She let out a low hum. “Your hands are nice and warm. You can touch my naked skin as much as you like.” Then she added, huskily, “wherever you like!” I needed no further encouragement, and lifted her top, so I could remove it in one easy motion. She raised her arms to allow me to do this. Cathy’s hand dropped below my belt as I did this, palming my cock.

“Wow,” she said. Sarah’s eyes dropped to see what she was on about. Cathy used her spare hand to guide one of Sarah’s to the bulge in my trousers. “That’s what we’ve both been thinking about having inside us!”

“I hope it will be fun making that fit inside me. I know the theory here, but that’s making me even wetter.”

“Let’s think about moving on to the practical, shall we?” Cathy suggested. “Neil. You’ve done this before. I’d like an in-depth biology lesson here. I think Sarah wants one too. Now, what do you think of Sarah’s practical apparatus?”

I hefted a full breast in each hand and began to caress them. “Oh, these are more than acceptable. Mass and volume are slightly above the mean, I think, given the age of the subject. The suspensory ligaments seem healthy. An initial examination suggests there is no problem with internal tissue. Slight asymmetry, but that’s not abnormal ” I was giving them a good fondle. I racked my brains for the correct terminology, which wasn’t easy with Cathy’s hand on my erect cock. “Papillae large, but within the normal range, and suitably erect.” Sarah was smiling at me. “In the vernacular, a very nice pair of tits!”

My hands switched from fondling to a gentle stroke, and I bent my head to suckle on one nipple, running my tongue around one areola, then drawing the whole into my mouth. I like having a good feel the same as any other heterosexual guy with hormones, and Sarah seemed more than a little turned on, either from what we were doing, her drug overdose, or both, but I wanted her very wet and very ready for me. I wanted to feel her orgasm before I entered her. Sarah moaned happily at the sensation of my hands gently stroking her breasts and my lips and tongue on her nipple. She held my head to her. I switched nipples, using my fingers and the saliva on the first to stimulate it. I felt Cathy’s hands on my trouser button, then the zip.

“Cathy,” I said. “I’m very happy for you to touch me there, but perhaps you’d feel a little better with fewer clothes on.”

“Mmm,” she said. “For some reason I’m feeling very warm. Maybe you’re right. Why don’t you take some of mine off and I’ll tell you how I feel?” She stood in front of Sarah and I. “You can help if you like, Sarah.” Sarah and I moved in on her. As I stood my trousers, freed from the restraints of button and zip, fell to my ankles, so I stepped out of them.

Sarah looked at the tent in my underwear. “Oh, yes!” she said. Even now, in the early stages of our sexual play, Sarah had a look of lust in her eyes. Cathy wasn’t much different. She was wearing a simple top and a long skirt that fell almost to her ankles. I was still a little uncertain how to handle making love with two women at once, but I broke off from Sarah and took Cathy back in my arms. The first obvious thing was to kiss her again. My hands went under the top, feeling bare skin. Sarah’s joined them. Cathy shivered in pleasure. As Cathy and I came up for air, I found Sarah looking at her quizzically. They both seemed to want to try something, but neither was quite sure about the other. I watched as they sussed it out and simultaneously moved in to kiss each other. It looked incredibly sexy, and I wondered if Cathy had been getting the same thing out of watching me kissing Sarah.

“I wonder if we could have worked this out between ourselves,” said Cathy to Sarah.

“Maybe,” said Sarah, “but I prefer it this way, even though I don’t know Neil very well yet. It feels like we bounced ourselves into this, but it also feels right, somehow. So we got our sums wrong. There’s no lasting damage, probably, and this is nice in its own way. Who knows how long we’d have taken if left to our own devices. You know you can always back out.”

“I don’t want to back out. No, I’m enjoying this.”

“Great. Can I take your top off? I’ve been wanting to do that for, oh, I don’t know how long. Years. Neil can take your skirt off, if you like and if he wants.”

I certainly wanted to find out what Cathy’s legs looked and felt like.

“Okay. Go for it.” She stood with a look of mock insouciance on her face. “Take my clothes off!”

I stroked Cathy’s body gently as Sarah stripped her top, revealing a slender body, with a flat tummy and a pair of cupable breasts under a simple white bra. My hands moved in on instinct. She was warm and soft, with a casual femininity that was simply adorable. My fingers explored, very gently. Sarah’s did the same. Cathy reached out to touch each of us, enjoying being touched. I was the first to move to her breasts, stroking to stimulate through the fabric of her bra. I could make out hardened nipples. Cathy have a pleasurable little sigh. “Are they nice?” Sarah asked. I answered by taking one of Sarah’s hands and putting it to one of Cathy’s breasts.

“I think so,” I said, pressing Sarah’s hand against Cathy’s bra and the firm flesh it covered. I fondled gently with similar pressure.

“Guys, I’m doped up on a dodgy substance of my own devising. I’m soaking wet between my legs.” She emphasised “wet” in a way that made my already rigid cock twitch in anticipation. “Neil, I thought you were going to take my skirt off.”

I wasn’t going to resist that. I dropped to my knees. Sarah claimed both breasts and moved in for a kiss. Cathy began stroking my hair as I began to feel the long contours of her legs through the cotton of her skirt. I found a button and zip at one hip. Normally, I’d think about looking up at a lover while doing this, but Cathy was occupied with Sarah. I unbuttoned her, and very slowly dropped the zip while using my other hand to caress a thigh. Then I let the skirt fall to the floor.

Cathy had shaved her legs, for whatever reason. I wondered if this was for my benefit. Unlike some men, I’m really not fussy. Smooth is nice. Natural is also nice. Cathy had gone for smooth. She wore a simple pair of white cotton knickers to match the bra. I began to kiss and stroke her thighs, kneeling at her feet and inhaling the scent of female arousal. This is guaranteed to turn me on even more than I usually am already before getting to this point. Cathy still had her hand in my hair. I have this thing about worshipping a beautiful woman, and Cathy’s body turned me on as much as her intelligence. Her mix of nerves, desire and confidence in what she wanted were also very appealing, and I was getting used to the forbidden decadence of a threesome. My cock was rigid, and I had a feeling of warm butterflies in my belly. I was kissing Cathy’s upper thighs, and my eyes were right next to her knickers. I was wondering what her bottom felt like.

The two girls above me broke for air. “Neil,” said Sarah. “I think maybe you should take my skirt off as well and we can lie down and do some more nice things to each other.”

With some reluctance I disengaged from Cathy and shifted slightly to kneel in front of Sarah. I began by touching her through her skirt. She stood there, her legs slightly parted for me. “Neil,” she said. “Please just take the skirt off. I need you touching bare skin. This skirt was held up by elastic, so I hooked my thumbs under the waist band and eased it over her hips. The whole thing fell to the floor.

She was wearing nothing underneath.

“I thought it would be sexy not to wear any underwear at all,” she said. “I was sitting all the way through dinner getting wetter and wetter knowing what I was going to show you. You like?”

I looked up at her, from my eye level near her pussy. “Oh, yeah!” Sarah had a slightly more rounded figure than Cathy. She wasn’t fat, by any means, but was not as lean as her friend. She had a fine, dark triangle of fur protecting her mound and sex. With my face right next to it I could see the slight hint of damp inner lips peeking out from the outer ones. I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to see what those legs felt like. Like Cathy, she’d taken the time to shave, and I stroked gently, planting little kisses on smooth skin.

“Good,” said Sarah, “because you two are the only ones who have seen me with nothing on since changing rooms at school. Yes, it is nice to feel appreciated.” My lips, tongue and fingers were on her legs. She parted them a little more as my hands moved around the backs of her firm thighs and then stroked upwards between them, encountering dampness well before they reached her inviting cleft. “Yes, I’m wet for you,” she said as I began to gently rub her sexual fluids into her skin. “And that feels nice. God. I’m so randy! I don’t believe this!” I began blowing my breath across her bush. “Oh, yes, and that. I need to sit down before I fall over!”

She did, in fact, more or less fall backwards on to the sofa, breasts jigging slightly. Cathy and I were about to more or less fall on her when she stopped us.

“Ahah! I want to see my dessert before I eat it. My turn.” She reached for my boxers, feeling my rigid shaft inside. “Are you sure that’s going to fit?” She wasn’t rough with it. My first lover never really got the hang of the fact that it’s not something you clench in a fist. She fondled on instinct.

I’m not actually a lot bigger than average. I know I have nothing to complain about, but I’m not about to break any records. “It’ll fit,” I assure her. “Remember where it wants to go is designed for babies to come out of as well as me to come inside of!”

“The second bit sounds like a sweet idea. Be gentle with me, though.” With that she pulled the waistband forward over the head of my cock and dropped my underwear. Both women looked on greedily.

“Oh, yes, please,” said Cathy, reaching for my bobbing shaft. I clenched my abdominal muscles as four hands converged on my erection. Sarah found my balls, and started feeling them, thankfully very carefully. Cathy found the head and began to touch. Both of them were running fingers up and down the shaft. I rested my hand on Cathy’s back, as much for balance as anything else.

“You’ve been circumcised?” Cathy asked.

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“Let me see,” said Sarah. “Yes, you’d otherwise have a foreskin covering the glans, here.” She looked up at me. “May I kiss it?”

“Of course you may kiss it.” She started a little uncertainly with the tip, still cupping my balls with one hand. Cathy found using two hands on me impossibly awkward at this point, and I found the spare one gaining an education on what the adult male human torso felt like. Sarah sucked my head into her mouth and I moaned as she tried touching it with her tongue. Sarah was getting more and more confident the whole time. Fair enough, I though, and moved in to kiss Cathy as Sarah tried to refine her oral technique.

“I think I need to practice this,” said Sarah. “Maybe not right now. There’s something else I really need.” She emphasised need in the sense of absolutely desperate for it and, from what I gathered of this drug they’d taken, this made a certain amount of sense. She certainly wasn’t behaving like the edgy virgin any more. I had a suspicion that Sarah had also had a higher dose than Cathy. “Cath, can I watch Neil take your underwear off? I’m feeling so randy I just don’t believe it, and I want to watch as well as feel!”

“Would you like to finish stripping me?” Cathy asked me.

“Cathy, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to feel you naked.” Both arms were round her at this point, and I was touching as much bare skin as possible. I couldn’t find a bra clip against her back, so I moved both hands round the front, fondling her breasts as I did so. The clip was indeed between the cups, and I carefully undid her, allowing the contents to fall free. She wasn’t large in the chest, but on her frame anything much larger than what she had would have been disproportionate, and they were high and firm. I sensed Sarah watching as I stroked beneath each of them, She let out a little hum of pleasure as I did so, closing her eyes to slits. I caressed both carefully and gently, not yet knowing how sensitive they were, then moved in to kiss first one nipple, then the other. One of my hands dropped to her bottom and then, having gently felt it up, moved to the front.

Cathy tensed slightly, so I stopped moving, and left my hand where it was, cupping her mound through the thin cotton of her remaining underwear. She seemed to consciously relax, and I began to rub her, pressing one finger against her cleft. She pushed in to me, wanting more. My forefinger tried to bury itself in softness through the damp fabric. I realised that Cathy’s fur must be as fine as Sarah’s.

“Neil, just take them off. I know you want me naked!”

There was no arguing with that. I dropped to my knees again, wanting a good look, then pulled her knickers off, leaving all three of us nude.

Cathy was more nude than the rest of us. “Oh, wow,” said Sarah. “That’s why you took so long. You were shaving your pussy,” she added, unnecessarily.

“Apparently some men find this more sexy. One of each seemed like an even nicer treat for him. What do you think, Neil?”

I was gazing at the little slit between swollen folds leading between her legs. I admit I was surprised. This didn’t feel like the Cathy I thought I knew.

“It’s lovely,” I said. “I’m not sure. Natural is great. This is also a turn on. I admit it might make it easier to kiss.” Cathy parted her legs slightly, invitingly. There was no way I was about to turn that down. I cupped both of her firm buttocks and kissed her mound, my tongue sweeping over it, my mouth open generously. Then, emboldened, I used the tip of my tongue to taste the mix of bitterness and sweetness near her clit. Cathy gasped. Her legs almost gave way.

“Oh, yeah. If you’re going to do that, I want to sit down too.” The three of us found ourselves on the sofa, with me in the middle of the sandwich between two very attractive naked women. For a second, none of us really seemed to know what to do next. Then Sarah reached for me, demanding kisses.

“Hello, Neil,” she said, pressing her nude body against mine. “Guess what I want.” She reached for my cock, grinning lasciviously. “Now, why did I wait so long to get round to trying this out? Why don’t you help me make up for lost time?” She pushed her hair back. Cathy was snuggling in to me from behind, her arms around me, one thigh against my backside, her head again on my shoulder, very close to both mine and Sarah’s.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you run a comparative taste sample between me and Cathy? You can decide which one of us you like best, although I’d prefer it if you kissed us both between our legs equally. I saw how you went for Cathy’s clit just there, so you obviously like it. You can also decide if you’d prefer Cathy to regrow her hair or if you’d like me to shave mine. Or you can watch while Cathy does it. Oh, why am I coming up with all these depraved idea?. Coming…. Oh, you know what I want you to do. Lick my clit for me, would you?”

Their strange drug, whatever it was, was doing something to her head. Either that or she really was desperately making up for lost time. I decided to give her what she asked for and slid off the sofa to rest between her legs, easing her hips so her cleft was level with the edge of her cushion. She held my head in both hands for a moment, as I dipped to begin my sample: then she pulled Cathy to her..

I played with her fur for a little while, stimulating her further. She seemed to be enjoying it, so I smoothed it and used my tongue to part her folds. She was very, very wet. Her lips were fuller than what I had so far seen of Cathy’s, and were swollen with an arousal problem that I guessed had been ongoing for several hours. Her fluids were thin, and tasted sweet. I knew she didn’t eat meat, and was pretty sure she avoided dairy as well. It helped. Radical environmentalists taste better! I licked around her juicy entrance, the warmth inside me growing as I anticipated being the first to find out how she felt inside. A large part of me wanted to be touching Cathy as well, but I decided to make this special for Sarah and concentrated on bringing her to her first non-solo orgasm.

I had no idea how sensitive her clitoris was, so I began by working my way around in with my tongue. She used her legs to draw me closer to her, and I took the hint. She responded well as I ran the tip over her bud, and I began to lick. I wanted to work her up to a strong climax, so for several long minutes I simply washed my tongue over and around it, before moving away to sip from her again. She was holding my head with one hand and holding Cathy with the other. I began exploring Sarah’s nude body with both hands.

I took some time touching her, playing over and around her clit, slowly bringing her up towards her peak. Then I moved one hand to join my head. One of my favourite ways to bring a woman to climax involves using both her clit and the sweet spot in her cunny. My gently probing finger didn’t get very far.

“Yes, Neil. I told you this is my first time, but you expected to find me torn in an accident by now, didn’t you?” There was a lecherous tone to her voice. “I’m virgo intacta. It will be quite thin by now, but do you like my gift to you?”

I tore my head away from her dripping cunny. “It’s a wonderful gift. I’m going to be very careful with it,” I said, and sucked her clit between my lips. Sarah gasped and pushed herself towards me.

Well, I thought, that rules out a g-spot orgasm. Tearing her now would really wreck her mood. The little hiatus had dropped her back slightly from her climb. I wanted to use the tendency for a long, smooth ascent to lead to a higher peak to her advantage. For all her outward confidence and clear arousal, she was also probably very nervous inside. I resumed touching her, using my tongue alone to bring her upwards. It’s always tricky with a new lover to gauge her responses, so she was probably below what I’d consider an ideal sub-orgasmic plateau for a while. You can’t have everything the night of your first experience, but I was determined that she would have at least one decent climax — which is more than most women get, sadly.

It was actually Sarah who became impatient. “Neil, I can feel you know exactly what you’re doing between my legs, and it feels really, really nice, but I really want to come, please!” Cathy just giggled, and I looked up to see them kissing. I sucked Sarah’s clit into my mouth, and began to flick, faster and faster. Sarah was soaking wet with her own fluids. I felt her climax build quickly from that point. She tensed, and I grabbed her hips to make sure she didn’t pull away. Cathy supported her back as her orgasm throbbed through her entire body.

“Yes, enough! Enough!” I emerged from between Sarah’s legs to find her ace flushed and her whole naked body covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Cathy was grinning down at her. “Oh yeah, that was good. Neil, I know you’re supposed to get Cath off now, but I really need something else right now.”

“You’re ready?” Be absolutely sure you have consent. This is her first time!

“Yes, I’m ready. Be gentle with me. Other than that, I’m yours! Show me how it feels to be a woman!”

How’s that for an invitation? I covered her briefly, staying in my kneeling position on the floor, and kissed her, allowing her to taste her own juices, then positioned the head of my cock at her entrance. Her face showed desire and a hint of uncertainty, but no fear. She nodded, almost imperceptibly, and I slid a little way inside, then thrust, carefully, feeling her barrier give way to me. She winced, and I stopped moving. She waited for the pain to settle, and then nodded again. “Inside me, properly.”

I took my time, opening her up less than a centimetre at a time, before pulling back slightly and then easing myself deeper. She was wet, slippery, and very snug. I wasn’t happy about the pain she must have been feeling, but she began to meet my thrusts until I was fully inside. I gave her a little while to accommodate me.

“Does it feel good?” Cathy asked her.

“It’s a little sore, but a lot less than I expected, and he feels warm and thick inside me. He’s filling me completely, and it feels really nice.” She wriggled a little, then wrapped both arms and legs around me. “Yes, I’d love to do this lots more with him.” She turned back to me, with a wanton expression that could have been natural lust or the drug or both. “Okay, screw me!” I held her hips, pulled almost all the way out, and pushed deep. “Oh, yeah,” she said. We began to meet each other’s thrusts, looking each other in the eye as Cathy looked on. I was careful with her, but my regular strokes began to open her up, and she was very slippery I came up with an idea, and took Cathy’s hand, laying it on Sarah’s damp pussy.

“Frig her,” I said. Sarah’s eyes widened. “Let’s see if she can have an orgasm the first time she has a man inside her.” I began a firm regular rhythm, the area covered by my own hair hitting Cathy’s knuckles at each upstroke as one of her fingers began to bring Sarah towards another climax. I found the tip of my cock hitting something firm deep inside Sarah.

“Is that hurting your cervix?” I asked.

“Is that what it is? I thought so. No,” said Sarah. “Keep going. Yes, both of you!” Cathy and I both watched Sarah’s face as her eyes started to glaze over. Her rippling climax started at the same rhythm as Cathy’s touch and she let out a quiet but high-pitched wail as she allowed it to take her. Her cunny, already snug, tightened around me and I gave in. My cock throbbed and I felt the sweet sensation of my own juices being pumped up their tube to flood Sarah’s sweaty quivering body.

I stayed inside her as we allowed her to relax, before I moved to rest on top of her.

“Neil,” she whispered, eventually. “Thank you. Both of you.”

“Sarah,” I said. “You just gifted me with your first experience. Have you got any idea how honoured that makes me feel?”

“Have you got any idea how many women have a simultaneous orgasm with their partner the very first time they make love?”

“Not very many?” I guessed.

“Not very many,” agreed Sarah, holding me and rocking me gently on top of her.

After a while, as my softening cock slipped out of her, she spoke again. “Yeah, that was a good first time. You can’t be too comfortable kneeling down there, sweetheart. How big is your bed? Will it take all three of us, or shall we work something out on the floor in here?”

“It’s a double,” I told her. “It happened to be the first one that came up on Freegle. I’m sure it will accommodate three.”

“Great,” said Cathy, “because I want to try what you just did, but more room would be good.”

We untangled ourselves, and I turned the light and stereo off and led them through to my bedroom. I turned on my bedside lamp. Cathy seemed a little bit nervous now, under her own arousal. She’d been randy before, and had just watched the two of us make love. She seemed to allow the arousal to take control, and both women joined me on the bed.

“Are you sore?” Cathy asked Sarah.

“Actually no. It was like a pinch when he went in. It feels sort of achey now.” She put her hand over her pussy. “But it’s a nice ache. A sort of pleasantly stretched ache. Give me a little while and I’ll want to try it again. On balance, it was really good. No, I’m not sore, and it was a really pleasant experience. I sort of wish I knew Neil better as a person, but you do, and I really want to. Relax and enjoy it. That should make it even more fun. And don’t pretend you don’t want him, because you’ve been telling me otherwise for months! So, have him. Give each other a really good time! I’ll help if you like.”

I watched as Cathy kissed Sarah gently. “Thank you, and yes, you can play as well.”

We curled up together for a while, touching, giving me a chance to recover. We all knew that the touching that was going on was leading to Cathy and I making love, and Cathy, still slightly nervous and very turned on, was definitely still hot on the idea. While Sarah and I spent some time exploring each other, most of our attention was on Cathy’s leaner, slightly taller body. For a long while no attention was paid to anyone’s sexual parts, I found my cock thickening without any direct stimulation. The girls realised I was ready for more. Cathy surrendered to the attentions of Sarah and me.

We both kissed her, long and lovingly, as the other looked on. It was a sweet, sexy experience watching the deep breathing of both women as they came up for air, Sarah’s larger breasts pressing down on Cathy’s smaller ones. I couldn’t resist, and reached out to touch. Sarah moved slightly and took my hand away from her breasts, pressing it instead to Cathy’s. “You can play with mine later,” she told me. “Let’s give Cath a really special time.” I moved to kiss Cathy again, my hands on her breasts, little hardened nipples between my fingers.

She relaxed in to me as I gently fondled her, planting little kisses across her neck and throat, before my mouth made love to her perky little breasts. Sarah was kissing her belly, one hand touching Cathy’s legs, appearing to have a destination in mind. I was also looking forward to a more detailed investigation of her shaven mound and the cleft beneath it. The smile on Cathy’s face and her deepening breathing told us she was really getting in to this. I realised Sarah wanted her to enjoy this as much as I did. I heard Cathy gasp and looked down to see one of Sarah’s hands between Cathy’s legs.

“She’s really wet,” said Sarah quietly. “Feel.” She took one of my hands and placed it next to hers.

“Oh, fuck!” said Cathy. I watched a series of blissful expressions on Cathy’s face as two hands, with different-sized fingers, dabbled in her pool. I was rock hard again. Heat grew in my belly as I felt Sarah begin to repay the favour of Cathy bringing her to her second climax earlier. The fact that both of us were fingering her allowed us to both take turns kissing her, and watch her face as we pleasured her. I slid one finger inside her. Sarah felt the movement.

“She’s open?”

I nodded. “But very tight. I’m looking forward to this.”

“I bet you are. Shall we see what she looks like when she’s having an orgasm? You looked really sweet, and I’ve never seen a girl climax either.”

“I thought that was the idea,” I said. “Yes, that’s what I’m looking for,” I added, and began to beckon with my finger inside her. Cathy wriggled her legs and squirmed, making little gasps of pleasure.

“He knows his anatomy!” Cathy told Sarah.

“He’s found your g-spot?”

“And he knows what to do with it. Yes, both of you can keep doing that.” We smiled at each other and descended on her nipples. Cathy clung on to each of us with one hand. It was warm on my back.

“You want to bring her off, or shall we tease her?” Sarah asked me.

“Tease her for a while, I think,” I said.

“You’ve started, so finish. Make me come!” Cathy demanded. “Oh, yes, that’s good. Keep going!”

“Okay, let’s show her some mercy,” I suggested. “She’s been building up to this for hours.” The pair of us kept rubbing her, watching her skin flush deeper and feeling her wriggle slightly beneath us. She went from ready to peak in seconds, her eyes widening as she threw her head back. We quickly took our weight off her to allow her to arch her back. She let out a high-pitched squeal of pure pleasure and I felt a gush of fluid from her cunny.

“Stop! Stop, stop, stop. No, it hurts if I push it to another one that close. Give me a minute” She was panting. “Oh, that was fabulous. Come here, both of you.” Our fingers still between her legs we were granted a kiss each. I wanted to know what she tasted like, and removed my finger, wet with the juices of Cathy’s climax. I licked it and the surrounding knuckles.

“Nice?” Sarah wanted to know.

“I think so. A hint of sweet. A hint of bitter. Quite thin. Try it.”

Cathy and I watched as Sarah tried Cathy’s sexual fluids on her own finger. Sarah didn’t have as much, having been playing with Cathy’s clit rather than actually inside her. “Yes, I could drink some more of that. Do you mind?” She indicated she wanted to lick Cathy out. I grinned at her.

“Gimme a minute, the pair of you!” Sarah and I exchanged a wicked look. “I want Neil’s cock.”

“I want to see you climax again,” said Sarah. “Why don’t you let us kiss you to another one, and then you can have Neil’s cock inside you?”

“Grrr. Okay. Can I at least play with it? I want to get used to it.” We moved our weight off her, and she moved on my body, with its solid erection. “If I’m going to take you inside me, I want to know what you feel like first. I’m so randy I don’t believe it, but I think I can wait a little while. Now, I’ve never seen one of these properly before tonight. Can I touch it?”

“You can do whatever you like with it provided you don’t hurt it.”

Cathy straddled my knees, happy enough to show me her nude body. My gaze was drawn to the damp cleft between her legs. Her lips had closed when she’d moved, but her outer lips were still swollen and damp with arousal. Her breasts dangled slightly as she bent to explore my cock. Her small hands were gentle with it.

“I’m not sure how this compares to the average,” she said.

“I read somewhere the mean is between thirteen and fifteen centimetres,” Sarah said. Like any good scientist she seemed to habitually use metric measurements. Many Scots are still stuck in the nineteenth century. I made this between five and six inches.

Cathy took it in both hands. “I would say this one is more than that even before you reach the glans. Do you know if it’s thicker than usual as well?”

“I’d need to measure it,” Sarah said. “It fit me nicely. I’m still feeling sort of stretched inside. It feels nice, actually. Let’s say it’s big enough.”

“It certainly feels like it would stretch me,” she said. “Now, these are sensitive, but can I touch?”

“Fingertips only, please. Yes, what you have there is sensitive.”

“Now I see where they get the funny-shaped balls jokes from, but I know that’s normal.” She probed my balls carefully. The anticipation, knowing she could cause a lot of pain if she wanted, simply turned me on even further. She was incredibly careful, and did no more than arouse me.

“And you have thick fur here, the same as I did, before I shaved it off. And this is proof you’re a natural ginger! And yes, I am a natural blonde, but I got all the neurons.” She brushed through my fur with her fingers. “Is this nice?”

“Yes, that’s nice.”

“I’ll remember that. And the bit at the top here is sensitive, too? And it would otherwise be partly covered by a skin, but yours has been removed?”

“That’s right.”

“Hmm. I hear it’s easier to keep clean this way.” She seemed to consider saying something else. “Oh, is this a little bit of your semen?” She was rubbing a little bit of fluid into my head with a finger. It felt great. I didn’t think a woman had ever taken the time to touch me like this.

“No, that just helps keep the urethra clean when I get excited.”

“Perfectly normal,” Sarah added. Sarah appeared to have been doing some reading.

“And this is the urethra. Okay.” She ran one finger down its length. “I’ve been wanting to try this with you for months, but other things kept getting in the way. Let me know how I’m going, would you? I saw what you did between Sarah’s legs, and I’ve got some catching up to do.” With that she dipped her head and kissed the head of my waiting shaft.

“That’s the general idea. Lips are good. Tongue is really good. Yes, like that.” I could feel her tongue swirling round the sensitive head. “Teeth are a complete no-no. Yes, you can take it deeper in if you like. It’s nice, but the most sensitive bit is at the top. Oh yeah.” I ran my fingers through her hair as she worked on sucking me off.

After a few minutes she pulled her mouth away with a sucking motion.

“You can have some more of that later.”

“You can have some of that from me, too,” added Sarah. “It was really sexy watching that, and I’d love to try it!”

“Be my guest,” I told them. “Get as much practice as you like.”

“I think he tasted a bit of you,” said Cathy. “In the meantime, I really want you to put it somewhere else for me.”

“Not yet,” Sarah insisted. “I want to find out what was making Neil so excited when he licked me out.

“Okay,” agreed Cathy, almost reluctantly. Her eyes were slightly glazed, and I wondered if the drug was making her confused. Sarah seemed just as aroused, but more aware of her surroundings. “I’ve never been so randy. I just need to take it out on Neil!”

“In a little while.” Sarah grinned evilly. “Orgasm first, cock later!” She eased Cathy onto her back, across the bed. Then she knelt between Cathy’s legs, presenting her bottom. I couldn’t resist. While it would have been so easy just to take Sarah again from behind, this erection was very much Cathy’s, and there was nothing stopping Sarah having some fingers. She was still wet as I reached around her hip to cup her pussy with one hand. My fingertip slid between the folds of her sex, finding her hardened nub.

I started rubbing as Sarah started licking. Sarah squirmed and took hold of Cathy’s hips as Cathy grabbed Sarah’s head and pulled it to her. I couldn’t see what Sarah was doing through the curtain of hair, but I had a fair idea that Cathy was enjoying it from watching her expression, which widened as she realised that I was playing with Sarah. My other hand explored Sarah’s folds from behind, stroking the wet, silky skin. Sarah wiggled her bottom, indicating I should keep at it. While my fingers kept exploring her lush folds I slipped my thumb inside her from behind. I found I could reach her g-spot with the pad, and rubbed gently but firmly. She was still snug, and wet and slightly sticky from our earlier activities.

I was hoping that Sarah’s tongue on Cathy’s clit would bring her to climax first, since I really wanted to watch this happen again, but it was Sarah’s body that tensed as an orgasm rippled through her. She grabbed the hand at her clit and pulled away, leaving Cathy with her legs spread and her shaved sex completely exposed in front of me.

“Okay,” Sarah gasped out. “You do know your female anatomy, don’t you! You finish her. I want to watch you give it to her afterwards!” Cathy smiled as I descended on her, wrapping her lean thighs around me as I lapped gently from her soaking cunny, pushing the tip of my tongue a little way inside, meeting watery fluids.. I decided I definitely liked the way she tasted. Eventually, I moved from her cunny to her clit, and began similar flicking movements over it to the ones I’d used earlier on Sarah.

Cathy’s hands tightened on my head, and I move by hands to stroke a pair of lean, strong, thighs. Sarah was busily playing with her breasts. Cathy was part way to climax even before we’d started, and most of the way there by the time Sarah had given in after her most recent orgasm, but I slipped one finger back inside to play with the rough spot. The other hand pressed on her bare mound. A shaved pussy certainly made giving oral pleasure much easier, and felt a little kinky. I decided I rather liked it, but wasn’t about to get insistent on the subject.

Cathy’s orgasm built slowly, and I was about to move my tongue away when Cathy decided to hold my head more firmly to make it clear I was to stay right where I was. I sucked her clit into my mouth. This time her orgasm tore through her, and she let out a scream that she tried to control as her entire body throbbed.

Sarah and I kissed as Cathy recovered her senses.

“You’re certainly not a little boy who doesn’t know what he’s doing with a woman, are you? Oh my god, that was good. Okay. Give me a minute. I want to be on top, if that’s okay?”

“However you want it,” I told her.

“Me on top. I want to be in control, at least this time, but I’m not sure my legs will support me after what you just did to me. It feels like my whole body is still throbbing after that. You can give me lots more orgasms like that. No, not right now. Enough for the moment!” Sarah and I both returned to touching less sensitive parts of her body.

A few minutes later Cathy indicated she wanted me to move on to my back. I rolled over and watched as she settled herself over me. She covered me and moved in for a kiss. She was oozing lust. A hand reached behind her for my solid cock.

“I want you to take my virginity, Neil.” A rush of warmth flooded my body. “Your cock might be the only one ever to enter my body, and it’s about to be the first. Do you like that?” She was playing with a shaft that must have been telling her exactly what I thought of that.

“I’m honoured to be your first,” I told her. “I want to make it really good for you.”

“You’ve already made it special. Now, let’s see how well this fits me.” She rose up, and I held her hips, gently enough that she could pull away if she wanted. She settled my cock head at her entrance and I smiled encouragement. She wriggled a little, and my head popped inside. She smiled and bore down, sinking me in her further. Sarah was looking on with an expression of sheer awe. It probably took several minutes for me to fill her completely. There was no indication that it hurt, and she gained confidence with every second. She was just as tight as Sarah had been, but without the hymen to worry about. Then she began to bob herself up and down on me, opening herself up

Sarah was loving watching this, although probably not as much as I was enjoying doing it. She suddenly moved to sit behind Cathy, pressing her breasts to Cathy’s back. She moved one hand to one of Cathy’s perky little tits, and then slid the other one down over her belly, finding Cathy’s folds thoroughly parted by my shaft. Cathy moved to take the hand away.

“No, Cathy. I had a climax with my first experience. I want you to have one too. Oh, I like this. You’re so easy to touch like this. I think I might shave as well. Feel how easy you are to finger with no hair in the way and Neil’s cock spreading you.”

From the blissful expression on Cathy’s face she was very much enjoying it. She continued rocking herself on me as her friend played with her. I realised that, having taken out much of my own arousal in Sarah I was going to last a while in Cathy. I watched as the last of Cathy’s nerves melted away and her enjoyment increased. No woman should ever be nervous of making love, especially the first time when it’s most likely. Cathy’s nerves seemed at least to have gone. She leaned back into Sarah, showing me her entire body as it slid up and down on my pole. I stroked her inner thighs as Sarah continued to stroke her back towards orgasm. Warm fluids ran down my shaft, covering the little bag at the bottom.

This orgasm, when it came, was a slow, rippling thing, that flowed through her body. Cathy’s hands covered both of Sarah’s as she arched back into her friend. The ripples extended to her snug cunny, confining my shaft, which she had as deep inside her as she could get it. This was again enough for me and I let myself go inside her, which merely seemed to intensify what Cathy was feeling. Cathy sat on top of me and relaxed, a beatific smile on her face, for a long moment, and then eased herself down on top of me.

“I think we picked the right man for this,” said Cathy, contentedly. “That was wonderful, both of you.” We let her bask in the glow from successive orgasms and her first full act of penetration. I was happy enough for her to cuddle me. It felt warm and cosy, even more so when Sarah snuggled up next to us. I was up for a kiss. Cathy was too relaxed. Sarah’s kisses were getting more confident, and more intimate. I liked it.

Cathy curled up between us for a while, facing me, one breast being fondled from behind her by Sarah. I listened to her making little contented noises in my ear. Eventually, she spoke.

“Neil, I’m really thirsty after that. Is there any chance of a drink?”

“Juice?” I asked.

“Juice is good.”

I padded through to the kitchen, still naked, giving Sarah directions to the bathroom, and came back with a carton of orange juice and a large glass. It wasn’t as warm in the rest of the house — between the three of us and lots of physical activity we’d managed to warm up the bedroom quite a bit. We passed the juice round, the three of us sitting naked close together on the bed.

“Okay,” said Sarah. “Which of us was tastier, and do you prefer natural or shaved?”

“Oh, come on,” I said. “That’s not fair.”

“I’m curious,” agreed Cathy. “Go on.”

I tried to work out how to answer this one. “I think Cathy was a little sweeter, but you both tasted good enough for me to do it again. On the other hand, a girl tastes different depending on what she’s been eating and what point she is in her cycle, so that could have changed by this time next week.”

“Cop-out,” accused Sarah, with a teasing smile on her face. “You can tell us again next week, then!” This was another hint that they wanted more than a quick fling, which seemed like a good idea to me, assuming I could get them out of the library.

“As for shaving. That’s a hard one. It sort of feels kinky, like you’re supposed to have hair there, which is sort of arousing, for reasons I can’t quite put a finger on.” The girls both giggled. “You know what I mean. I think it’s because you’re so exposed. You don’t have that protective fur, so i can just get straight in there.”

“I liked that about it too,” Sarah admitted. “I think you look really sexy.” Cathy was sitting there with her legs slightly parted, and we could see everything. “Is there a but?”

“On the other hand, natural is nice, and stroking or blowing on a girl’s fur can be arousing as well.”

“I liked your breath on my skin, both of you, when you were kissing me between my legs. That was part of what turned me on, actually. I say try it if you like, Sarah.”


“I’m not about to ask you to shave or not to shave. Either is nice as far as I’m concerned.”

“And if I decide to shave it, will you do the shaving?” My cock twitched in anticipation.

“If you want me to, yes,” I told her.

“Okay, let me think about it. Oh, it’s still quite early. Why don’t you have a look at our draft manifesto, and you can see what you can do with it?” We’d started playing together mid-evening and, while a surprising length of time had passed it wasn’t actually that late. These two were obviously used to working into the night, but I knew that already..

The girls accepted I was going to need some time to recharge. We sat together on my bed, still naked, the room smelling of sex, and I warmed up my laptop. I’ve annoyed several governments, as well as more corporations than I can really be bothered to count up, using this laptop. If a pen is mightier than the sword, this little machine is heavy artillery. We were now playing a more complex game for higher stakes. This went way beyond public embarrassment. I had this feeling we should be doing this somewhere special, not in my place just outside Edinburgh.

“Okay, Neil,” said Cathy “Security point. Make sure you are not connected to the internet while we work on this. I’m sure you have antivirus, but those programs are not infallible. The data stays on this.” She held up a pen drive. “You also need to install something on it.”

We spent a few minutes installing the latest version of PGP, a decent encryption program, on the laptop. Then Sarah opened a file on the pen drive.

“Our demands. What we want you to do is explain what we’ve done, and inform the world that the individuals targeted will get the antidote after the relevant policies have been changed and the laws are in place. Nobody gets the antidote until they all comply. We are going to get accused of all kinds of nasty things, so you’ll need to counter that from a PR perspective. Mention exploitation, that kind of thing. You definitely need to cover both human and resource exploitation and how we aim to stop both of these, and how this is the opportunity for the downtrodden, but make it eloquent.”

“I can do that. Remind people that all our free lunches on the planet or on credit will have to be paid for sooner or later, and more likely sooner if we don’t stop now.”

“That’s the idea,” Cathy said. “Mention externalised costs. Point out that petrol would be fifteen dollars a gallon if they had to pay all the costs they foist off on the planet and the next generation, except don’t use foist. Point out that this agenda bypasses this problem, but a lot of SUVs are going to end up in recycling plants.”

“Popular in Nigeria and parts of Alberta. Less so in the US,” I noted. “How are you planning to make sure they don’t change things back the way they were as soon as they get the antidote?”

Cathy grinned wickedly. “Simple. A second dose is irreversible. Any betrayal by one group will be treated as a betrayal by them all. That should keep them all honest. You need to put something in about how all these groups are interconnected, with very closely related agendas.”

“Not hard, although getting your average punter on the street to grasp it is harder. You try explaining to your average tabloid reader that the mentality that is behind our fucked-up financial system is the same mentality that is behind the way we’re wrecking the planet.” I made a note. “At least we won’t have to put up with any more crap about not having a coherent message. Is that true about the second dose?”

“Yep,” said Cathy. “We might not get all of them but we would get some of them, and none would know who might be vulnerable.”

“Nice one! Okay. What have we got?” I skimmed the list in front of me. “Energy transition. Carbon sequestration. Public transport. Universal worldwide healthcare. Universal free access to contraception. Education. Tech transfers. Reforestation. Agriculture. Meat and dairy production. Rangelands. Fisheries. Biodiversity. Mining. Recycling. Habitat protection. A whole catalogue of civil rights legislation. You’re going to make a lot of friends and a lot of very powerful enemies. I’d love to know how you got to all these people. How are you planning to fund all this? Carbon taxation, yes. Tax cuts for the less well off to balance it. Oh, my god!”

“Transarmament. Most people have never heard of it. But in defence ministries all over the world, the guns have stopped firing. Immediate cut of 50% of expenditure, down to civil defence in ten years. If nobody else has guns, why do you need them? If we get this right, we could end war!” I suspected this might be a little ambitious, but Sarah looked smug and leaned back against the headboard of my bed, legs slightly parted, exposing herself. Doing some more natural things with her before we got some sleep seemed like a really good plan.

“Sarah, please don’t do that, sweetheart. I need to concentrate. Give me an hour or so, and you can have some more, but let me write, please?”

“Sweetheart? Nobody’s called me that since I was really small, and my mum didn’t mean it like you do. I like that.” She covered herself with my duvet. “Hey, do you think we could cook something that would keep him on the boil? We learned a lot over the past few months.”

“That wouldn’t run the risk of dangerous priapism?” Cathy asked. “Maybe. Probably not. Too many processes involved in males. It looks simple, but it’s not. We learned that. The big sticking point is going to be semen production, and that’s probably going to be a barrier, although…. Let me think about that.”

“In answer to your other question, it’s surprising how few people are really involved in the big decisions,” Sarah told me. “It’s still a long list, but it’s not as long as you might think.”

I set to work. I’d almost finished when something occurred to me.

“I think I can keep you out of jail. How many people have access to the drugs?”

“Um. Some,” said Cathy, vaguely. “Why?”

“Never mind. They only have to believe it. Any attempts to find and detain the perpetrators will result in all those still free deploying the libido inhibitor a second time. I’m guessing they’re going to struggle to identify the original compound?”

The girls exchanged looks.

“Why didn’t any of us think of that?” Sarah asked.

“Too focussed on the details and the possibility of political martyrdom? Do it. In answer to your question, they might be able to work it out from the metabolites, but two of them are human endogenous anyway, so they’ll struggle. Then they’d have to work out a stronger antidote, and I’m not convinced that could be done. No, I think we’ve got them over a barrel this time. It’s a change to be on the winning side for once.”

My fingers flickered over my keyboard. “Okay. Consider that a draft. I’ll want to go over it again in the morning, but take a look.”

The girls sat next to each other, bending over my laptop together. We batted around a few suggestions, and I made some amendments, but we were soon tentatively happy with it. I saved and encrypted the file. Then I booted down the laptop.

“Great,” said Sarah. “Is it playtime again?”

I smiled at her, finding her interest in me almost directly arousing. “Are you always going to be this insatiable now?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she said. “It feels like all the hormones from you and I making love burned what the drug was going to me out of my system. This is honest lust, which is promising, because I still want your body. How are you feeling, Cathy?”

“I’m honestly randy,” she said. “It’s the kind of thing I could take care of on my own, but I’d rather not with you two here. Hopefully I can get one of you to at least give me an orgasm.”

“I think it’s safe to say that you have two volunteers to help with that,” I said. I leaned in to kiss her. “One, definitely.”

“Two,” Sarah agreed. “Neil, can we get a shower? I’m feeling really sweaty. Oh, and do you have a pair of scissors and a spare razor blade? I’ve got a use for them.”

Cathy and I exchanged a look. My cock began to warm again at the prospect of me getting intimate with her mound.

“In the medicine cabinet,” I said. “Do you want a shower too, Cathy?”

“I think the prospect of the three of us in the shower seems like a great idea, and I’d hate to miss out on seeing you shaving Sarah’s pussy off.”

“Shower, then,” Sarah said, throwing off the duvet. She grabbed each of us by the hand and led us through to the bathroom, with neither Cathy nor I putting up any resistance. Sarah suddenly remembered she’d need to tie her hair back up and went looking for her hairband while I found some towels and rummaged in the medicine cabinet. I don’t keep a lot on there, but found a pair of sharp scissors. I considered my frequency of shaving cuts and went for my backup disposables designed for sensitive skin over my classic razor. These and some shaving cream were left out just as Sarah got back, her brown hair now tied up in a pony tail.

I turned the shower on. Sarah was first in, and Cathy and I quickly joined her, enjoying the touch of two other wet naked bodies. Showering together is, frankly, nothing more than an excuse for sexual contact, and I quickly found my hands between Sarah’s legs as I rinsed her clean. Cathy was pressed up against her from behind, fondling her breasts. Then Cathy spotted my shampoo.

“What do you want that for?” I wanted to know.

She didn’t use a lot.

“I want to wash your hair!” Her hands were not at head level, but aimed at my groin. I submitted as she rubbed shampoo into my fur. My cock sprang straight back to attention. “That’s what I like to see,” she said, and began stroking it, her slick hands gliding over it. Sarah, meanwhile, began lathering Cathy’s nude body with shower gel. Then she started on mine and, before very long we had our bodies sliding off each other, coated with a thin film of soap and water, with the whole thing turning thoroughly steamy, both ways. I was rock hard again, and was guessing both the girls were getting wet. Then I saw Sarah had given in to her own lust again and had a hand between Cathy’s legs. Oh, wow, I thought, watching Sarah pleasure Cathy. I had one thing on my mind at this point.

I’m sure all women can take a man’s shaft from behind, at least anatomically. Some women just seem built for it. Cathy’s lean body certainly places her in this category. I rinsed the soap off one part of my own anatomy and positioned myself behind her. Sarah felt my cock sliding towards her hand between Cathy’s wet cleft. Cathy moaned and wriggled her bottom against me, her body slick. I couldn’t resist. I angled my body slightly and entered her smoothly. She was still snug.

“Oh, god, Cathy. You are just so easy to get inside! And you’re so warm!” Our bodies slid against each other, Cathy slightly bent over as Sarah played with her clit from the front. With Sarah pushing her back against me I was free to explore Cathy’s wet, slippery body, my hands roaming her belly and then her breasts. My hands glided over slippery hard nipples on their small, firm, perky mounds. Cathy climaxed almost immediately, a sweet little rippling orgasm that left her panting rather that screaming. I, having come twice that evening already, held on inside her as I felt her cunny squeeze me as she came.

“Oh, you are so good to me,” said Cathy as she recovered, pinned between the two of us.

We rinsed each other off again. “We’re going to have to do that again,” observed Sarah. “Oh, you’re still hard.”

“Cathy was the only one who came,” I said. “I’ve still got another treat for you in me.”

“Ohh,” she said. “I like your treats.” She turned off the shower and picked up a towel. She was about to dry herself off, then thought better of it and dried me instead. I then picked up a towel and dried off the slightly dizzy Cathy.

“There’s no point in drying you just yet,” I said to Sarah. “Why don’t you sit there?” I pointed to the edge of the bath. Sarah perched, her legs spread, inviting me. “Oh, we’ll need some more hot water. I know, Cathy, can you fill the sink from the shower for us?” I picked up the scissors. “You’re going to have to hold still for this,” I said.

I knelt in front of her again. The first bit was the easy bit, teasing the hair out so I could trim it to just a few millimetres in length. Then I took my facecloth and wet her fur again. “You sure you want smooth and not trimmed?” I asked.

Sarah ran her fingers through what was left of her pussy. “Smooth,” she said. “Go on, shave it off.” I gave her a quick kiss and began to lather it up, with Cathy looking on from the edge of the bath. Her mound was quite straightforward, although I went over it several times, washing the razor regularly. Then I picked up and rinsed a fresh razor and gently pushed Sarah’ thighs apart. “Hold very still,” I said. I carefully teased out her labia and ran the razor over her sensitive skin. Sarah was breathing very heavily. “Very still,” I said, and worked over the other side. I rubbed her skin gently a few times, finding a couple of spots I’d missed. Sarah was looking down at her bare mound.

“What do you think, Cathy?” I asked, taking her hand. “Adequate?”

“Like a baby’s bottom,” Cathy said.

“I’m not in the slightest bit interested in baby’s bottoms,” I observed. “You two are a different matter.” I picked up the shower head and turned it on. I made sure it was warm and rinsed Sarah clean. Turning it off, I found I just couldn’t resist. I patted her dry with a towel. “Is that smooth enough for you?” I asked, stroking my fingers across her naked pubis. My finger slipped between her cleft.

“Oh, yes,” said Sarah, not making it clear if she was referring to the clitoral stimulation instead.

“One last job,” I said. “Cathy, in the cabinet you’ll find the moisturiser I use when I’ve been gardening. Maybe Sarah would like you to make sure her skin stays this soft.”

Cathy grinned lecherously. In a few seconds Sarah was enjoying our joint attentions. I slid a finger inside her, giving Cathy more room. She rubbed the unscented moisturiser into Sarah’s skin, and then began playing with her clit. Sarah was also still nice and snug, and my cock had one thing on its mind. Sarah had similar ideas.

“Bedroom,” she said. “The shower is nice, and we’ll need to have lots of showers together, but I want to be somewhere more comfortable, and I can see what Neil has on his mind.”

“Have you still not had enough?” Cathy asked.

“Why? Have you?” I wanted to know.

“I certainly haven’t,” said Sarah. “Bedroom!” I love it when a girl is this demanding.

Sarah sprawled on the bed, and Cathy and I followed her. Sarah touched her own now bare mound and lips. “This feels strange, but I like it.” I was finding it hot just watching her touch herself like this.

“Do you play with yourself?” I asked Sarah.

“I think most people do,” said Sarah. “Yes, I play with myself. Why?” She was still touching herself idly.

“Show me.”

Her eyes widened. So did Cathy’s. Sarah slipped a finger between her own cleft. “Does this turn you on?”

“You bet it does!”

Sarah began fingering her own clit. It was a slower, smoother movement than I’d used, I noticed. “I start like this,” she said. “This helps get me wet.” Her finger was stroking quite deeply, lubricating the soft skin between clit and cunny. Her other hand moved to her breast, and she massaged it lightly. “I like having my fingers across my outer lips. It helps the sensation.”

Cathy moved in to touch my body, and I reciprocated.

“I like to touch my breasts, but I can only touch one at a time. I like feeling my fingers in my fluids. Mostly I imagine it’s someone else’s.”


Sarah flushed. “Sometimes. Well, no. A lot.” Cathy smiled. Sarah seemed to be dipping her fingers in the juices at her cunny, but her lips were barely parted. “Sometimes I fantasise about a guy coming to enter me. Well, for months that’s mostly been you. Do you like that?”

“That you’ve been fantasising about me? Yeah.”

“While we were on our way over here,” said Cathy, “I was trying to keep the idea out of my head of you bending me over the sofa, flipping up my skirt, pulling my knickers off and taking me from behind while you played with my clit. It’s not the first time! That’s why I liked what you did for me in the shower so much.”

“Somehow I think we might be able to arrange for that one,” I told her, gently touching one breast.

“I might even arrange for you to skip the knickers,” she added into my ear.

“I’d love to see that,” Sarah added. “I seem to have this voyeuristic streak.” Now her movements at her clit were becoming faster. Her skin was becoming increasingly flushed. Cathy and I looked at her, then advanced on her sprawling body.

“So, if it’s me you’re thinking about, what do I do?” Cathy wanted to know.

“Sometimes you play with my breasts while I play with myself, or I pretend it’s you playing with me.”

“Is that right?” said Cathy. “Naughty girl!” Cathy took each of Sarah’s breasts in a hand and began to fondle, trying to get the same amount of pressure as Sarah had been using. She started licking one nipple.

“Do you ever think about both of us at once?” I asked.

“No, I don’t.” Then she realised what Cathy and I had in mind. “Oh!”

“So, if it’s just me, what do I do? No, you can keep touching yourself. It looks really sexy.”

“You take me in your arms, and lift my legs, and push yourself in to me.”

“Do I?” I covered her partially, then hooked my arms under her legs, lifting them.. “Gently or firmly?”

“Gently, usually.” I settled her legs on my shoulders and pushed in to her tight well. She was very slippery, and I went in easily. Her whole cunny engulfed me, warmly and welcoming. Sarah sighed.

“Keep touching yourself,” I told her. “Give yourself an orgasm.” I began some long slow strokes in and out, running my hands up and down her damp thighs.

“Oh, that’s nice and deep,” she said.

“You like?”

“There’s less stimulation by my entrance, but there’s definitely something to be said for taking all of you like this.” She gave me a lust-filled smile. “Go on, give me a good seeing to, both of you!” She began fingering herself even more quickly. I enjoyed the sensations of her snug, warm and wet cunny embracing my cock. I thrust more firmly as she approached her climax, gripping her bottom and holding on through it, with more control now that I ‘d emptied myself into both of these women during the course of the evening. Eventually Sarah shuddered, her thighs tightening as she held on to Cathy.

I unfolded Sarah’s legs and Cathy and I snuggled in to her, my cock still inside Sarah. “You’re still hard!” she said, as I thrust gently a few times, simply enjoying myself rather than trying to come to climax. “You didn’t come again?”

“With two of you to satisfy? I need all the control I can get!”

“You want me again, or Cathy?” She squirmed around my cock.

“It’s Cathy’s turn on it, unless you really want it and Cathy doesn’t. We have to have something that looks like fair on this. I’m new to this ménage à trois thing.”

“What would you like, Cathy?” Sarah asked.

“Having Neil’s cock covered in your juice inside me feels seriously kinky, but I’m in the mood for kinky after tonight. May I?”

“Can I touch you both while you have him?” Cathy leaned in to kiss her.

“Is there a good way to hit my g-spot with your cock?” Cathy asked when she and Sarah broke apart.

“You liked it from behind in the shower?” I asked. I was still firmly inside Sarah, who seemed to be experimenting with her pelvic floor muscles. I really needed to talk to her about those, because it felt very good.

“Mmmm,” said Cathy, greedily. “It was the way you took me like that. I liked giving myself to you.”

“Grab those pillows,” I said.

“What do I need to do?” The three of us disengaged.

“You need the pillows under your hips, with you lying on top of them, face down. Yes, like that.” Cathy wiggled her bottom at me. “Very much like that.” Her lean firm body looked incredibly inviting as she lay face down on the bed, her bum raised expectantly. I laid myself down on top of her, between her legs, my slick shaft very close to her entrance. I began kissing Cathy’s back.

“Mmm. That’s nice, but Neil? I’ve been wet since about three o’clock this afternoon, no yesterday afternoon. That’s over ten hours I’ve been either wet or soaking. You can put yourself inside me again, because I seriously want you!”

Cathy’s build made it very easy for me to enter her. We fit together incredibly well.

“Oh,” said Cathy. “I’ve got your juices inside me on Neil’s cock. That feels so kinky. Neil, do you like how slippery I am?”

“Slippery, and snug. You feel fantastic. It feels just as good inside you as it does inside Sarah.” I began some slow, easy thrusts inside her, going only moderately deep. “Now I need to get the right angle. You’ll need to tell me when I hit it.” I tried to angle my body so I pressed downwards on her with the head of my shaft.

“Almost,” said Cathy. “You need to be hitting me just a little closer to my entrance. Just about, yes, there, oh! Yes, keep doing that.”

I stopped for a moment to take Sarah’s hand and tuck it under Cathy’s hip. “Think you can play with her like this without getting cramp?”

“I’ll give it a try,” said Sarah. Cathy looked back at us, her eyes wide. Then I pushed inside her, firmly, and began to take her deliberately from behind. Cathy whimpered in pleasure as Sarah and I made love to her. “She is so wet,” Sarah observed. I realised her fluids must be coating her clit and probably Sarah’s fingers. Sarah leaned in for a kiss while I made love to Sarah’s soaking cunny. Her first orgasm hit quickly, a little rippling thing like the one Sarah had just had, and I slowed to keep myself under control.

“Okay, Sarah, you can stop now.”

“Does it hurt?” I could feel Sarah’s hand had stayed exactly where it was.

“No, it’s just…” I felt Sarah begin rubbing her again. “…too much….” Cathy realised that pinned beneath me there was very little she should do to stop us. “Oh, fuck, okay….” We went to work on her in earnest. Cathy gathered duvet in both hands and clutched it.

“You told me you wanted me to give you a good seeing to,” I reminded her. “I hope this is good enough.”

Cathy moaned something incomprehensible as I pushed myself inside her. Her second climax was higher than the first, and we both felt it throb through her before easing off a little. I pushed my cock deep for a few strokes, feeling the tip of one of one of Sarah’s fingers, presumably the one that had just helped bring her to climax, at Cathy’s entrance. I pulled Cathy’s hips up a little to make it easier for her to feel my cock plunging inside her friend. She looked at me with an almost awestruck expression, then switched the hand she was touching me with, and returned to playing with Cathy’s clit.

Sarah’s other hand began fondling the folds of the lips of Cathy’s sex, while I continued to push against Cathy’s g-spot with the head of my cock. Cathy gave herself up to the pleasure we were giving her, and another throbbing orgasm took her. Sarah’s fingers rubbed my cock as it went in and out, slick with mingled fluids. I could feel myself getting close as Sarah positioned a finger at the entrance to Cathy’s cunny. I felt another climax building in Cathy as well. Sarah looked at me with the obvious question in her eyes. At my smile and nod she carefully popped first one knuckle and then two inside to join my cock.

Cathy’s lean body went straight into spasm in front of and around us. She buried her head in the duvet to keep herself from screaming as my cock throbbed in time with her. Sarah had a look of absolute glee on her face and felt Cathy as her body began to thrash. She went still for a moment, and then lay there quivering, making little mewling noises into the duvet. Sarah removed her finger first and retrieved her hand from under Cathy’s hip. I eased my softening cock out from Cathy’s soaking cunny.

“Is that what people mean when they talk about being fucked insensible?” Sarah asked.

“She looks pretty insensible to me,” I agreed.

“Can you do that to me?”

“Not tonight, I think. There is a limit.”

“Tomorrow night?” she asked with a lecherous expression.

“Maybe tomorrow night. Hey Cathy. Are you okay?” We moved to sandwich her between us.

“Ungh!” said Cathy. One arm reached out to clutch me. She was still quivering with aftershocks. The other arm reached out for Sarah.

“I think she’ll recover,” I said to Sarah.

“Mmm,” said Cathy, pulling us both close.

Cathy recovered slowly, over several minutes. “That was amazing,” she said eventually. She leaned in to me for a kiss, then rolled over to give Sarah one as well, before sprawling on her back, flooded with hormones. “You do know, Neil, that was about one per cent what was left of the drug in my system and about ninety-nine per cent you and Sarah?”

“You’re safe from your little antidote?”

“It should have bonded with hormone metabolites at least an hour ago. Yeah, there shouldn’t be any long-term damage except to my reputation as cold scientist.” She smiled. “Well, this is one way to start an insurrection.”

“I doubt it will find its way into the history books.”

“Heinlein had his troikas,” Sarah pointed out.

“With two men,” I observed.

“Who cares?” Cathy wanted to know.

“I do,” said Sarah. “I think we came pretty close to grokking each other tonight.”

“I’m missing something,” Cathy observed. “I feel incredibly close to both of you, if that’s what you mean.” She wriggled her bottom. “Have you got some cushions? I think I got your pillows wet.”

“I’ve got a couple on the sofa,” I said, “and there’s another couple of pillows in the cupboard. I wasn’t expecting overnight company. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I was back moments later with the cushions from my living room to find the girls curled up together in the bed, trying to look as sexy as possible. I was finding it a little hard to grasp how Cathy had gone from sexually disinterested scientist to minx, and concluded she’d just been hiding it. I liked the new one, who was just as smart, but a lot more sexually interested in me. Sarah had always been a less well-known quantity, but I also realised I liked that quantity as well. I tossed them the cushions, then took the spare pillows from the top shelf of my cupboard, before snuggling next to Sarah.

“Who goes in the middle?” Sarah asked.

“I think Neil,” Cathy said. He deserves it after that.

“Go for it,” said Sarah, making room.

Cathy propped herself up on one elbow. “Any regrets?”

Sarah thought for a long moment. “If I’d tried this any sooner, it wouldn’t have been with such a great guy. I could have been like my school classmates mucking around not having a clue what they were doing, worrying about only getting pregnant during your period or maybe bleeding to death when a guy breaks your hymen. I’m sure the girls at your school all told the same silly stories. I knew three who just didn’t get how they could have got pregnant after they believed playground nonsense. If we hadn’t dosed ourselves up like a couple of lab rats I might not have got round to finding a lovely guy for months or years, and I hear those are in short supply. Maybe not having a chance to get to know Neil better beforehand, but apart from that, no. So, no real regrets. You?”

“Actually, no. I might have come to Neil in my own time if we hadn’t got our calculations wrong.”

“I got my calculations wrong.”

“I checked them. Then again, like you say, I could just have buried myself in the library and found myself as an old spinster, just having coffee friends. You know, if we get away with this, I actually think it will be good for us personally, as well as the planet, if not for the capitalists, and they never cared about anyone but themselves. We screwed up, but after that, it’s working out so far, so no real regrets.”

Cathy hesitated. “You know, I think I should be jealous, and want Neil all to myself, or want you all to myself. I’m not even sure which. But that’s not how I feel. I think that because we started this as a threesome it’s a threesome of equals, not me and my partner and a third person. I like that. Promise me, both of you, please, that you’ll try to keep it like that?”

I had no hesitation. “I can promise you that. I can’t promise I’ll succeed. I’m human. I can promise you I’ll try.” Cathy smiled and kissed me warmly.

“It would be awful for something like jealousy to get in the way of the three of us,”said Sarah, snuggling in to me and finding my arm drawing her in, “and one thing is sure, we don’t have to worry about getting bored. Neil has two girls to play with.”

“Two lovely girls,” I added. That got me two pecks on the cheeks, one from each side.

“We both get to explore both sides of our sexuality in one steamy relationship, with people with some brains in their skulls. I want to hang on to that. Yes, I promise!” I found myself with two warm female bodies pressing themselves against me. There was definitely a lot to be said for this.

“Speaking of brains,” I said, “remind me in the morning, to put something in your manifesto about the links between security of the climate, water, food supplies and energy, and link that to population. I might just refer people to the main references on the subject.”

“A lot of our agenda is based on Brown,” said Cathy, her fingers stroking my body, almost idly..

“I noticed that,” I said. “He’s accessible, at least. The latest book is on the laptop, so I don’t even need to download it again. I’m going to need to cover the basics, but part of our problem has always been tying together complex issues in one document. You need a book for it.”

“We’re confident in your abilities,” said Sarah.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” I told her. “I’m not convinced it’s going to be that easy. The more I think about it, the more arguments have to go in.”

“I think that when this gets out, you’ll have commentators rushing to do the explaining for you,” said Cathy. “And I’m not sure we should actually cite Brown directly. He doesn’t know what we’re up to.

“True.” I drew them both close. “I’ll get back to it in the morning.”

I woke the next morning from a dream of Cathy riding my cock. Her cunny felt strange: wet, but more textured, with something in it that was able to rub the head of my shaft. I moved my hands to support her hips, to find they weren’t there. I woke to find it wasn’t Sarah’s wet cunny on my cock, but Sarah’s equally wet and warm mouth. Cathy kissed me good morning.

“We were wondering if we’d worn you out completely last night,” she said. “The evidence suggests otherwise.”

“It’s just a single data point,” I noted, “but no, it wasn’t permanent.”

Sarah released my cock from her mouth, and began to play with it with her hands. “I’m not sure if point is the right word, although it has one. We wanted breakfast before we have to go to work. One project is over, but there’s the research we’re supposed to be doing, which has been giving us the lab to do other things in our spare time, and I have a seminar to teach at eleven.”

The very fact that my lover is smart enough to be teaching seminars is arousing. The fact that there are two of them means it verges on the silly. I decided I loved it. Then there is the fact of our little revolutionary cabal.

“Do you think you can fill us up?” Cathy asked.

“Both of you?” I asked. “I might need a lot of encouragement. You took a lot out of me last night, literally as well as figuratively. And I’m not sure if a quickie for three is really viable”

“We have a solution to that problem,” said Cathy. “We had a quick chat while you were still asleep. Are you awake?”

“He’s awake,” said Sarah, stroking my morning erection.

“I can have one of those when I’m asleep.”

“So I discovered,” said Cathy. “I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. Does this happen every morning?”

“Most mornings, certainly,” I admitted.

“Definitely something to wake up for,” Sarah commented. “Anyway, we did think about giving you a really nice treat this morning but, as you say, a quickie isn’t really right for the kind of treat we dreamed up, so we thought we’d give you that tonight. So we reached an agreement. You said you liked the taste of Cathy a little more than you liked the taste of me last night, so Cathy gets your tongue and I get to play on this.” She squeezed my cock. “How does that sound?”

“Your plan for tonight is better than this idea?”

“We thought so,” said Cathy. “That sounds like a yes.”

“That’s a yes.”

“Good, because you know something? I’m either still wet or I’m wet again. I’m sort of envious of Sarah getting to wander round all day with your come inside her, but I’m sure I still have some from last night. So, would you like to lick me out while Sarah gets off on what she seems so obsessed with at the moment?”

“Go for it,” I said, taking her in my arms and kissing her. Sarah was touching the sensitive head of my shaft. I began to stroke Cathy’s warm, lean body

“Can I sit so I can watch her?” she asked. “Sorry, I’m still not too sure about this. Will that work?”

“That will definitely work,” I assured her.

“It was so sexy seeing the two of you make love. It was especially great that she shared her first time with me. I’m never going to forget your first time inside me, and I’m also never going to forget watching what you and Sarah did together. That was so special. I love how it feels when you’re inside me, and I love watching you two when you’re inside Sarah, and I want to spend lots of time doing both.”

“I think you can both sit on me. Come here, darling. You can sit wherever you like, and this includes my face!”

“I think I like it when you talk to me like that! You need to tell me what I’m supposed to be doing.” Cathy straddled my head, looking down my body towards Sarah. I was given a clear view of Cathy’s tight bum and shaved mound.

Oh, wow, I thought, reaching for that incredibly gropeable backside and fondling it firmly. Cathy wiggled. Yes, I thought, we are definitely going to have to have some fun with Cathy bent over the sofa with her skirt above her waist. Sarah could have some too if she wanted it, but Cathy seemed built for it. I helped her lower herself on to my waiting mouth, feeling as I did so the equally incredible sensation of bare cunny sinking on to my waiting shaft. Sarah was taking my cock slowly but evenly inside her. She was still snug, even after the pleasure she’d taken from me, but was loosening up both physically and emotionally to take me inside her quite happily.

I used my tongue to part Cathy’s bare sexual folds, licking the velvety pink skin around her cunny. She was as sweet as she had been the previous night, if not quite as wet as she had been by the time Sarah and I had finished with her. She moistened quickly as I began to lap her juices. “I don’t need to tell you what to do for me, do I?” Cathy observed. “That feels so good. What is also good is watching Sarah play with herself while she takes you. I love watching you make love as much as I love feeling us make love!”

That, I realised, was the only drawback to this position. I couldn’t watch Sarah fingering herself. I could settle for licking Cathy’s clit, however. Rather than trying to reposition Cathy I raised my head slightly and flicked it with my tongue, to be rewarded by Cathy’s soft moan. I went gently to work on it, feeling the growing flow of her fluids, possibly still mixed with a few of mine, although I knew most of what I’d left inside her the previous night would be making its way into parts of her body that I would never touch. Her juices began to coat my lips and chin just as Sarah’s were coating my shaft and my balls. This was just so hot!

I moved one hand from Cathy’s bum and slid one finger, then another, inside her dripping cunny, before making firm thrusting motions inside her. Cathy began to gasp, but I realised there was something she might like a lot more. I quickly found her spongy sweet spot and began to rub. I realised that I would probably get cramp in this position quickly and kept up my licking of Cathy’s hard nub. I would have preferred to spin it out, but reminded myself that this was their idea of a morning quickie!

With multiple stimulation Cathy was the one who orgasmed first, fluids flooding on to my face. She tightened around my fingers and I had to hold her up to keep her from collapsing on to me. Over Cathy’s moans I heard Sarah’s wow of appreciation as she watched her female lover climax. I kept licking briefly, but Cathy was insistent. “No, enough, I can’t hold myself up like this.” She rolled off and snuggled next to me in a position where we could both watch Sarah ride me. I moved my hands on to Sarah’s more rounded thighs is she bobbed up and down, her breasts jigging, her finger between the lips of her cunny. “Isn’t that amazing?” Cathy asked me quietly. “It’s just so beautiful watching the two of you make love!” My mind, it must be said, was concentrating on the sensations of Sarah’s tight well grasping my demanding shaft.

We watched as Sarah’s climax approached, and I began to meet each downward thrust with an upward one, pushing myself in to her. I held on until I felt her give way and she brought herself to a throbbing climax on top of me, which I allowed to trigger what I’d built up in my overnight, spilling thick fluids inside her again. All three of us let out long sighs, Sarah and I of pleasure, and Cathy of appreciation of what she’d just watched.

My friend Laura was throwing a going away party for herself at her mom’s house. I’d known her since the eighth grade, so our friendship was significant enough that I’d agreed to go and saved up the money for cab fare. It sounds as if I’m either exaggerating the price of a ride or the extent of my friendship with Laura, but as a university student, I had little time to work and even less money to show for it.

The party was supposed to start at 8. Most rational people leave an hour of cushion time just to ensure they aren’t the first ones there; now it was 7:30 and I was in a cab on my way to the house. I was always the first to arrive. I can even recount a time that I showed up before the host.

I’m not exactly sociable material. I’ve made very few friends in my life time, and I’m in no rush to make more. I’m a pretty humble person, I’d say. I usually prefer staying at home and watching a movie than going out to a bar and dancing with some acquaintances. Not that I could afford going to the bar in the first place, but the gist of it is that I’m not a people person, and I am totally okay with that.

Not to say people haven’t tried bringing me out a little. As naive and innocent as I am, I’ve been able to tell when someone tries to pick me up. I’ve been told I’m fairly attractive, even though I don’t try to make myself stand out too much. I have long, wavy auburn hair, which I usually take to wearing in a ponytail. I’ve got a fair complexion and somewhat sharp features, besides my apple cheeks. Other than that, I’m average everything. Average height, average weight, average bust and bum—Average Audrey. Some call me Audi.

This party was probably the first one I attended since the beginning of the school year. It was December now—everybody was finishing up their semester and planning trips home to be with families. Laura was transferring to a school in London, and there she planned to stay until her degree was complete and minted. Which meant I, nor anyone else, would likely see her for another year and a half.

I was mulling over that fact when the cabbie turned down her road. “Just the fifth one down on the right here,” I said, pointing over the passenger seat from my place in the back. The man pulled over silently and flicked on the light. The register blinked back at me in red numbers, making me wince. I handed him forty and asked for just a five back. He thanked me and I bid him a good night before getting out of the cab. I was hoping Laura would let me crash—I was fairly certain I couldn’t afford the trip back.

Laura’s mom’s place was a blue and white two-storey house, straight out of a white picket fence fantasy (except that it had no fence). All the lights were on inside. I checked my watch. 7:48. Yup. First one there, without fail.

I walked up the cobblestone path, which had been immaculately shovelled of snow, and climbed the steps to the porch. Before I even got close to the doorbell, Laura whipped open the door and beamed down at me.

Laura was a bit taller and slimmer than I was. She looked like she could have been an actress or a model if she wanted to. She had blonde hair which she had pulled back into a sleek french twist, and a sultry tan, even though it was the dead of winter. She was wearing a plain yet gorgeous beige dress which made her look curvier. She had these sparkling blue eyes and a wide, brightening smile—the kind that would force you to smile, too, even if you were down in the dumps.

“Hi, Audi!” she exclaimed.

“Hi, Laura. I’m the first one, I bet.”

“Yup. Just in time to help me get set up!” she said, waving me in. “I’ll take your coat.”

“Thanks” I surrendered my jacket to her. “So where’s your mom this weekend?”

“Annual meeting in Pittsburgh,” Laura replied automatically. My inner alarm went off; I shouldn’t have brought up her mom. I decided to let the topic drop.

“What sort of things do you need to do to set up?” I asked.

“Just set out some snack bowls, prep the bathrooms for sick guests, that sort of thing.”

She led me into the kitchen and we got to work. There really wasn’t much to do—I set out the finger foods while she placed extra buckets in the bathrooms (just in case the toilets were ocupado) and made them more presentable and homey. We hooked her iPod up to some wireless speakers and picked some appropriate ambient music that could appeal to anyone and set a good mood. She then lined up some bottles of alcohol that was meant to be community booze, or “pity booze” as she called it, and tried to label them as such with masking tape and a felt pen. When I pointed out that the word “pity” had only one T instead of two, she renamed them all “titty booze” with a snort and a snicker.

“Well… I think that’s it. What time is it?” she asked me.


“I’m just eager, I guess. Let’s go see if anything’s on TV.”

Her living room was right next to the front hallway; that way we could keep a close watch on the street and anyone arriving. We sat in front of the television and watched re-runs of sitcoms; she glanced over at the front door every few minutes. At about 8:48, she huffed and crossed her arms haughtily.

“Maybe everyone misread the time on the event,” I suggested.

“Maybe,” she replied stiffly.

When the episode ended and the next program began, she turned her turned head away and fell eerily quiet.

I glanced at my watch for good measure. 8:58. I looked over at Laura with concern. It was dark in the room, but I could still see her shoulders quivering.


She turned her head as far away from me as possible when I said her name. Then she suddenly sniffed and brought her wrist to her face. I shifted towards her. “Laura, what’s the matter?”

“Oh!” she cried, slapping her hand on the couch and turning forwards. Tears streaked down her face. “I haven’t had a great week,” she muttered, trying to keep her chin from trembling.

“Why? What happened?” I asked, reaching out to stroke her shoulder.

“Before my mom left, she… she told me in so many words that she wasn’t proud of me. That she didn’t think too highly of what I do.” She sniffed again and tried to wipe away her tears, leaving smudged mascara across her cheeks. “Then it’s all these stupid people who call me their friend. I can’t even get anyone to come out when I offer free booze!”

“Maybe… they all got the wrong date?” I offered, trying to cheer her up and failing miserably. “Maybe they all thought it was tomorrow, not today. And in any case, I don’t think your mom doesn’t think that lowly of you.”

“But she does!” Laura cried. “Ever since I dropped out of Business, she lost respect of me. Not doing something sensible with my life—I can tell that’s how she thinks. She wants me to get a degree that will get me a high paying job, not a degree I’ll actually enjoy doing.”

“Laura…” I shook my head. “Even if that’s true… you can’t let that get you down like this. Come on.”

“She’s the person I’ve looked up to my whole life,” Laura said miserably. “What am I supposed to do if my only role model doesn’t see me in good light?”

“Get a new role model,” I said, shrugging. “Or replace the light bulb.”

She furrowed her brow and her sadness was instantaneously replaced with bemusement. Then she burst into laughter and covered her mouth with her hand. I smiled a little, relieved that she wasn’t actually angry about my comment.

Laura’s laughter tapered off and she sighed contently. I caressed her shoulder again. “Even if they don’t show up, we can have all the booze to ourselves.”

“Titty booze sounds pretty good about now,” she said, jumping up from the couch. Laughing and wiping away the rest of her tears, she hurried down the hall to the kitchen.


As much of a shut-in as I am, I don’t mind drinking from time to time. It’s not that I ever get drunk alone—I mean, I thought about it once, but I got bored and read a book instead. But I’ve never been opposed to drinking. I realize that even though it’s legal, it is a drug, and it has ruined people’s lives. But I’ve always been a proponent of libertarian principles. As long as I’m not ruining anyone else’s life, I see no harm in getting a little intoxicated now and again. And even though it was just me and Laura getting sauced, I was totally down for it.

One of our favourite shows was on when we sat down with shot glasses and various sorts of alcohol, and Laura immediately invented a drinking game. “Every time the laugh track goes off, we take a shot,” she declared. Unoriginal, but effective.

We settled on just a sip every time it happened; I had pointed out that that many shots in such a short frame of time could actually kill a person. We each took about eight shots once the episode was done, and that had been with small slurps, too. Before 9:30 hit, both of us were pleasantly drunk. I wasn’t sure about Laura, but I felt like I was just poisoned enough to feel lightheaded and completely joyous without any trace of nausea. I was also on a fit of giggles that I couldn’t quash. This inevitably drew giggles out of Laura too.

“What’s so funny?” she asked through her laughter.

“I dunno,” I said, tears in my eyes.

She keeled over in silent fits, landing in my lap. I leaned back into the sofa, squeezing my eyes shut and feeling the cramp in my side tighten. For some reason, this only made me laugh harder.

“What—what are you thinking right now?” she asked between gasps.

“I was just thinking about—” I began laughing hard again.


“Titty booze—”

Laura guffawed and put her glass down, as if she’d sensed she’d spill her drink all over herself if she didn’t. We held on to each other, busting our guts. “Why’d you call it that?” I asked.

“I like titties,” she whined. We howled together.

“What?” I managed.

“Yeah!” she said, straightening up. Then her eyes grew wide and she pulled her mouth into a tight O. “Oh, let’s play a new game! Okay”—she straightened up and crossed her legs on the couch, facing me, and I mirrored her posture—”I tell you a secret of mine, and then you tell me a secret, and whoever has the more embarrassing story gets to tell the other how much to drink!”

“Who’s the judge of which story is more embarrassing?” I asked.

“We’ll deal with that later,” she declared, waving a hand dismissively. “Okay, so, this happened maybe… three years ago? Just a few months before graduation. Anyway, this guy from the other class… Lars—yeah, Lars!—walked in on me and Portia once.”

I blinked. “What?” My laughs were flickering out like a dying fire.

“Yeah, remember Portia?”

Portia was this small Latino girl that was renowned around our old school for being a little promiscuous. She couldn’t have weighed more than one-hundred pounds at any given time, and was mostly just small all over. She packed a lot of sex appeal, though, and usually liked to flaunt it to her max. So I said yes, I remembered her well, then swallowed.

“Portia and I made this deal to meet each other every other day in third block in the library staff bathroom—because no one ever used it anyway—and we’d… you know… fool around.” Laura took the time to giggle and reach for her shot glass, but she stopped, hissed at herself, and muttered something about drinking afterwards. “Anyway, we got started doing that at a party at the beginning of the year, then we just… started doing it at school. At first we’d just make out and stuff, but things got a little heavier the more safe we felt in the bathroom. That day she leaned against the bathroom wall and I pulled her top up over her chest. I started experimenting with her tits—pinching her nipples mostly—and just as she was starting to look real hot and bothered… Lars walked in!”

I was suddenly aware of a knot that had grown in my stomach, and when I tried to say, “Oh, really?” I realized my mouth was too dry to speak. So I made a weird noise at the back of my throat which I was able to pass off as a confirmation.

“Portia shrieked and ran out of the bathroom—with her shirt back on, of course—and Lars all but booked it out of the library. The next time Portia and I met, she didn’t feel so safe anymore. And for good reason, too—we found out Lars was peeking in on us again.

“We caught him about the third time after hanging outside the bathroom door. He’d figured out our schedule and came by every second day during the third block to listen. At first I acted disgusted and annoyed that my private time with Portia was being ruined by this pervert, but just when I thought it was all over, Portia said I should invite him in.

“So, at this point, I’d felt a little nervous. I mean, I’d never really done anything with a guy before. Even around a guy. But I opened the door a crack, and before he could run away again, I whispered for him to come in.

“We let him sit on the can while we made out, and… well, that’s when I like to consider the time I lost my virginity.”

I gulped and tried to make it unnoticeable, and let her continue.

“Portia suddenly became more—vivid. I suppose she felt in her element—she’d slept with guys before. She payed a lot of attention to me with him watching. She was forceful too. That was the first time I was fingered, now that I think about it….”

Normally at this point I would have felt uncomfortable and asked her to stop. But luckily for her I was liquored up on booze. And lucky for me, I was really enjoying this story, and successfully hiding it. At least I was really trying to.

“That was the first time I saw a penis too. Lars jerked off on the seat while she fondled me, and as I started to come, he made a mess all over himself. Then after that she showed me how to do it to her. She asked him to come fondle her while I did it, and… I guess it sort of became a threesome. I didn’t have sex with him at all, but we were kind of up close and personal.

“Portia asked me if I liked Lars being there, and I said I kind of did. But she started asking him to come every time to join us, and I started to back out. Then it just became the two of them screwing in the bathroom every other afternoon.”

“Did you keep fooling around with just her?” I asked, not really knowing why I’d have the gal to ask such a thing. I was probably just caught up in the moment.

“Yeah, we did. Just not on a regular basis. Actually, at an end of the year party we had, her and I got sloshed, and she went down on me. God, that was actually one of the best lays I’ve ever had!”

I could actually feel my cheeks and chest flush. I had no idea Laura was so extroverted and experienced. I mean, I always knew throughout high school that she went to parties and sometimes got into things kids our age weren’t supposed to, but I thought for the most part that she and I were relatively similar when it came to sexual stuff. I knew she was really attractive and a lot of boys swooned over her, but considering how she acted around them, and the fact that she never talked about this kind of stuff before, I just assumed she was conservative.

Before I could censor the words coming out of my mouth, I asked: “What was it like?”

I immediately seized up in embarrassment, but Laura carried on as if I’d asked her about the weather. “Oh… you know when a guy goes down on you and he starts with the small licks in all the outer reaches before he gets to the sweet spot? How it aches in your thighs and your stomach?”

I could actually feel something like that between my legs. I shook my head slightly. “No.”

“Well, it was twice as—wait, what?”

I forgot to breathe for a second.

“You said you don’t know what it feels like?” Laura said, flabbergasted. “Well, what about sex?”

“I… um. Don’t know.”

Laura tilted her head forward and looked up at me disbelievingly. “What, you mean… never? Not even, like, petting, or anything?”

I pretended to be interested in my fingernails.

“Oh my God,” Laura cried, her voice growing louder with each word until she shouted. “You’re a virgin? And—oh! Shit, Audrey, you let me keep talking about that! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I forgot I never talk about that stuff with you!”

“I didn’t mind,” I said in a small voice, now feeling like a child must when she was caught doing something she shouldn’t have. I was still looking at my fingernails.

“You didn’t… mind,” she repeated.

I shrugged. When I glanced up at her, a different look was on her face, and I felt my stomach lurch and warm up as butterflies flapped around inside me.

“Audi… do you mind if I kiss you right now?” she whispered.

I felt my cheeks burn like they were neon signs saying TAKE ME. “No,” I whispered back.

She planted both her hands on my thighs and leaned forward. Her lips didn’t touch mine at first; she let them hover, lightly breathing against my face. I could smell the rum on her breath. I wanted to lean in and meet her, but at the same time I wanted to stay out and let her do the leading. It felt so exciting standing on the edge, not plunging in yet.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth before her lips touched me. Her kiss was so soft, barely there, and it ignited me. But I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how to react to her touch. So at first I stayed relatively still, opening my mouth a little further so she could massage my tongue, then I dared massaging hers back.

She moaned and I felt an instant rush to my crotch. Her hands squeezed my thighs a little tighter, and she suddenly leaned heavily into me, pushing me back. I unfolded my legs as she climbed on top of me. A leg slid expertly in between mine, and she applied just the right amount of pressure on my crotch.

The tingling that had been there before bloomed; I moaned softly into her mouth as I ground against her leg. I’d done things by myself before, but it had never felt like this. It was a raw desire that I wanted more of, needed more of, and it was an ache that made me feel like I had no inhibitions holding me back. I was willing to go anywhere for that ache.

So as she let me hump her thigh, our kiss grew deeper, more passionate, and I let my hands roam up her sides. God, what was I doing? Sober Audrey wouldn’t do this. But I forgot about Sober Audrey once my hands ran over her breasts.

She broke the kiss with a gasp, wrapping her other leg around mine for more leverage. I rubbed the edge of my thumb over her nipple, which was so hard I could feel it plain as day through her clothes. With a desperate sigh, she took my mouth in a deeper kiss yet, and although she seemed frenzied, she slowly slid her hand under the hem of my T-shirt and lightly traced her fingers over my chest.

I was moaning again, bucking harder into her as she traced circles around my nipple. While we tugged and squeezed, I realized her bra was loose-fitting, and I slipped my hand under it to grasp her.

Her breath tumbled out of her. She squeezed me gently and grabbed my hip.

I mimicked her actions, grabbing hold of her ass, squeezing it as I pressed myself harder against her. She was practically whimpering; the louder she became, the more she squirmed against me. Suddenly her cries took on a new pitch, then she was rubbing against me desperately. She buried her face in my neck and cried out. She slowed quickly.

Minutes passed before she lifted her head and looked at me. I was worried at first what she was thinking, hiding her face like that. If I weren’t as drunk as I was, I might have been convinced that she was disgusted with what we’d just done.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” she asked me, her voice thick and throaty.

With relief, I nodded, not able to find the words at first. “Yeah.”

She climbed off me and helped me up. Then she turned off the television (which we hadn’t been paying attention to for the last fifteen minutes) and she quietly led the way upstairs.

My head wasn’t just light from the alcohol anymore. That had been the single most thrilling experience of my life. I didn’t know sex was supposed to feel like that—I also didn’t know Laura could make me feel like that. I actually stared at her firm, round backside as we climbed the stairs. I don’t know where this new Audrey had come from.

We arrived in her room and she turned the light on. After she closed the door, we stood staring at each other.

“What do we do now?” I asked like the bumbling idiot I was. In this situation, anyway.

Laura didn’t reply with words; she reached up behind her and grabbed the zipper of her dress, slowly pulling it down. “I haven’t been with another girl since our last year of high school,” she said in a sultry voice, reaching up to pull the dress from her shoulders. It slid down her body and pooled at her feet. She had rather plain, functional underwear, but she made it look so good. “Take your clothes off,” she said softly yet demanded firmly, unhooking her bra.

If it were possible, my body heated up more. I slowly pulled my T-shirt over my head, letting it fall to the ground. I undid my belt and jeans, suddenly feeling like the man in the situation, so I tried to shimmy out of my clothes in a rather feminine way, throwing Laura shy glances. As I reached up to unclasp my own bra, Laura finally let hers drop. I all but gawked at her; she had amazing breasts. They were so firm and perky that they almost looked fake, but the way they swayed when she moved her arms said otherwise. I didn’t have a bad chest, but I hesitated in removing my clothes as I stared at her flawless physique.

“Audi, take it off,” she whispered seductively as she slipped her panties past her hips. She had a bare mound, free of any hair. I stared at that too. I certainly didn’t have a bush, but I wasn’t completely hairless, either. “I want to see you,” she said, stepping closer to me.

In a moment of sudden and unfounded bravery, I let my bra fall away. I found her staring at my chest as lovingly as I had stared at hers; my bust was a bit bigger, and while not as perfectly shaped, still firm. As I slid my panties off my hips, she stepped up to me and reached behind my head for my ponytail. She pulled it out of my hair and let my long, auburn locks fall. We stared at each other for a while longer before she laced her fingers in my hair and kissed me again.

My hands immediately went to her firm ass. I grabbed each cheek, pulling them apart, squeezing them, just glancing the inside. She pressed herself against me, and I could feel the wet against my thigh. I sighed in ecstasy, trying to pull myself closer to her. Her hands slid down from my hair to my tits, and I shuddered as she lightly pinched my nipples, just as she had told me she’d done to Portia.

I could have stayed there for hours like that. But eventually she pushed me back and I slowly complied, following her direction. We broke our kiss as she lowered me down, then encouraged me to slide back. I watched her with uncertainty, thinking we would lie on one another again. But then she climbed only half way and started to kiss my bare navel, sending little shocks through my stomach, before travelling downward.

“What are you doing?” I asked quietly.

Through kisses she said, “I can’t believe you have never experienced something as amazing as this.”

I watched her with a growing sense of anticipation in my gut. She stuck her ass in the air and brushed her tits against my stomach and crotch, sliding all the way down until she was staring at my pussy. She brought her mouth close… and stopped within millimetres, breathing on it, daring to touch it with her lips and her tongue.

My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it. She moved her mouth all over the invisible barrier on my cunt, and I was aching for her to stop teasing, to give in and kiss it.

“Please,” I moaned, rocking back and forth. She was careful with my movements and made sure she didn’t touch me when I slid forward. She smiled up at me from between my legs—all I could see were her mischievous eyes over top my mound—before she closed them and slid her tongue over my lips.

The bed creaked as I sank back down into it. I closed my eyes, focusing only on the sensation she created; her tongue was like a small, wet pearl that had a mind of its own. She moved along my curves and folds as if she had been there before, as if she knew my body like her own. She first ran her tongue in the crevasses, making me whimper in delight, then teased my opening by drawing circles around it.

“Do it,” I whispered, slowly moving with her mouth. I hoped and begged and whimpered some more, but I felt her tongue move away from my opening. She trailed up my lips again, and I felt a strange sensation as she used a hand to part them. Then she brought her mouth down onto my clit.

I made a strangled noise in my throat. She swirled her tongue around my nub, sucking and flicking. I was so caught up in her movements that I didn’t feel her other hand trail up the inside of my thigh until she brushed my opening with her fingertips.

I begged. I didn’t know what it was to beg before this. I never truly wanted before this.

She did the same thing with her finger that she had done with her tongue—draw light circles around and around, coming close but not meeting her mark. I was grinding my teeth in anticipation now. I looked up to see her rolling her hips, her rear end still stuck up in the air, as her expert lips worked at my clit, which burned just the right way.

When her finger finally fell into place at my opening, my breath hitched. Then she slid inside me. I tightened my grip around her. She moaned into me as she gently slid her finger back and forth. “You’re so tight,” she said against my lips. I gasped and shuddered at the feel.

I started to cry out and I tried to muffle myself. I hadn’t reached the point where I knew I would come, but the tension was already more intense than it was earlier on the couch. Shock waves were already soaring up through my chest and down my limbs, and I found it hard to keep holding myself up any longer. My legs, which had been perched up around her head, fell to the sides like a blossoming flower, my muscles shaking too much to hold them up.

When the build started to climb, I snapped my eyes open. “Don’t stop.”

She quickened her pace by just a bit, sliding in and out of me, softly massaging my upper wall. With her tongue she massaged more and more of my upper mound, growing more intense with her movements. As I climbed higher, the world got smaller and smaller, and my entire body tightened up like a spring.

I arched my back and tried to keep myself from thrusting into her face, but my hips bucked ever so slightly as I came. I felt my juices gush past her finger and run along my thighs. I continuously moved against her stationary finger as my walls clenched down on her again and again, sending waves of warmth and electricity through me.

I lost track of time as I let my body float in the afterglow, and I opened my eyes to see Laura hovering over me. I don’t know how long she had been there, and I suddenly felt guilty for making her wait.

“Audi,” she whispered, tracing a finger down between my breasts. “I have a favour to ask of you.”

“Okay,” I said, feeling heat rise in my chest once again. My capacity for arousal seemed unlimited tonight.

“I… I’ve never asked anyone to do this, so it’s a bit embarrassing….”

“I’ve never done this before, so I probably feel a bit more vulnerable than you,” I said, trying my hand at comfort.

She bit her lip and flickered her eyes from me to my breasts, still tracing a finger around them. “Would you wear a strap-on for me?”

At first the message didn’t register—I had to let the fog clear before I could remember the English language. “You mean… to screw you.”

“Yeah,” she whispered, looking me in the eye sheepishly.

I felt another wave of indescribable lust come over me, seeing the experienced woman who’d just introduced me to a world of wonders look bashful and timid, like the ball was in my court or something. I nodded. “Yeah, I would.”

She slowly climbed off of me, no reassuring smile—she was still nervous, as if I didn’t fully understand the repercussions of her request. She knelt down by her bed and pulled out a box from underneath, opening it up and extracting the toy.

The dildo was plain and the strap was nonthreatening. I didn’t feel like I was breaching my comfort zone when I considered putting it on. I looked up at her shyly, trying to assure her that this was okay. “Would you help me?” I asked, trying to restore her sense of control and dignity.

She nodded, a ghost of a smile on her lips. I sat up and stood on my knees as she unfastened the thong and slipped it over my hips. As she clasped it on, she kissed my bellybutton, my inner thighs, the top of my mound. I was shaking again. Then she slid her finger over my labia, and I moaned at the feeling. She kept rubbing and rubbing until she found a catch and pulled on it. The base of the dildo, poised right over my clit, began vibrating.

“Oh,” I muttered, closing my legs together against the sudden sensation. Laura looked up at me with big, submissive eyes. Suddenly I was the one in control, or at least that was what she was making this out to be.

“How do you want me?” she asked.

I didn’t know many positions—I had never had sex before. I just knew the basic ones. Since I knew I’d sound like a dummy if I spoke, I showed her what I wanted by climbing over her, forcing her to lie back underneath me. It was when her legs wrapped around my hips that a streak of nervousness ran through me.

“How do I do this?” I asked shyly, trying not to ruin the moment for her.

“Use the head to tease me first,” she said, “like I did you. Spread my juice all over it, then go slow.”

“Okay.” I grabbed the head of the strap-on, which was vibrating, and slowly guided it down to her opening.

I missed by a long shot, first touching her somewhere between her clit and her vagina. She gasped and moaned deeply, moving against the toy. It pressed back up against me and I moaned in return, revelling in the feeling. Slowly drawing circles, I spiralled down from the midway point to her opening, tracing circles like she told me to. She was sighing and rocking her hips excessively now, her eyes closed and her lips parted. After I started to feel that I was teasing myself, I made sure the head was sufficiently lubed, enjoying the silky feeling between my fingers, before I slowly eased into her like she had told me to do.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, spreading her legs wider and slowly moving against the dildo. I couldn’t feel the inside of her, but I could feel how tight she was through extension. I moved slowly, for as wet as she was, her grip on the toy made it harder to move. I pulled back slowly then eased in again, making her arch her back and roll her head to the side. I leaned my body down on top of her, supporting my weight with one hand while using the other to play with her breast. She turned to meet me and we locked lips again.

My taste was fresh on her mouth, and while at first it tasted foreign, I eagerly ran my mouth over hers to lap it up. I was no longer just intoxicated with alcohol; I was open to anything sexual at that point. The floodgates had been opened wide, and anything and everything would go.

I started to slide in and out of her faster, but my movements were clumsy and mismatched. I broke the kiss and looked down at her questioningly. “How do I…?”

“Don’t go back and forth,” she suggested, sliding her hands over my ass and guiding it. “Think of it as a circular mo—oh….”

I started to roll against her, and I gasped as the sensation from the vibrator intensified. I started humping her harder and quicker, going along with the sensations I desired, the vibrations I needed. She slid her hands between my cheeks, and a pleasant shock went through my tailbone when she glanced my hole. I bucked against her and moaned, grabbing her leg with my free hand and hoisting it close.

She used the motion to roll me over, and before I knew it, she was on top of me. She grabbed both my breasts and perched herself on them. Her hair had fallen out of its wrap, and was now a tousled bob around her sweaty, flushed face. I reached for her thighs and squeezed as I watched her ride me. It was almost as if I could feel the sensations of her wrapped around my imaginary member. A wave of ecstasy washed over me as I thrust back; I was doing something “bad” I would never normally do, something foreign—something new.

She suddenly stopped and slipped off the strap-on, and a brief moment of disappointment struck me when the vibrations dulled. “I want you to take me from behind,” she said, getting down on her hands and turning around, presenting her ass to me.

I had never seen a woman from this angle before. The way her puffed, aroused lips gleamed from between her legs, and how her cheeks spread just so I could see both openings…. For a moment I could have sworn I had recognized myself as a lesbian.

I got on my knees and shuffled closer to her, taking her ass in my hands. She rolled her hips in anticipation, moaning softly at the contact. I lowered her a bit more so I could more easily guide the dildo into her opening before I slipped right in.

There was something more erotic about barely moving at all. It was the soft whimpers and moans that she made as I slowly moved around inside her that turned me on. Her and I both wanted more, but the ache—always the ache—of holding back was so much more enticing.

“Hold my head down,” she growled, and I complied. I was gentle yet forceful as I pushed her head down on the mattress, and she yelled out in pleasure: the angle must have been more favourable. I made sure I wasn’t hurting her or smothering her while at the same time ensuring there was enough pressure there to be erotic.

“Fuck me,” she muttered. I thought I must not have heard her right. Then she commanded it. “Fuck me, Audi.”

As I made to comply, I found focusing on myself made her moan louder. She muffled herself against the blanket; the thought that I was the cause made me feel… sexy. I was making Laura moan. Laura who had years of experience in her arsenal.

I could actually feel the dildo bend when she came. I stood still and let her move against the strap-on as she pleased, grinding and sliding across it. I reached between my legs from behind and searched for the switch she had flicked on and turned the vibrations off. Then I pulled out of her slowly, both of us sighing contently as the toy fell out of her. I started to take the contraption off as she fell to her side, looking up at me. Then she smiled.

“I just want you to know… I didn’t do this just ’cause I’m drunk.”

With as much honesty as I could muster, I muttered, “Me neither.”

“I’m glad,” she said, smiling warmly, “although I don’t think either of us are the lesbian types.”

“No, I don’t think so,” I replied. “I just… feel comfortable with you.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, wiping her brow as I put the strap-on in the box and placed it on the floor. I collapsed next to her, feeling relieved in more ways than one. It had crossed my mind more than once what would happen when we were both spent.

“Hey… want to take a shower with me?”

I nodded. “I think I need one.”

She led me into the neighbouring bathroom and turned the shower on. She drew the curtain and turned back to me, smiling, but looking a little hesitant.

“What?” I asked.

“I just want to make sure we’re on the same page…” she said, holding her hands behind her back and thrusting her perfect breasts out. “I’m not gay, but I do like sex with girls from time to time. And you’re a good friend, Audi—I don’t want to lose a friendship with you. But if you’re okay with it… from time to time….”

“I think so. From time to time.”

“You don’t think this’ll make things awkward when we sober up?” she asked.

“I think I’ve been kind of sober for a while now,” I said. We both giggled.

When she deemed the water warm enough, we both stepped in. Naive me thought we were there to clean ourselves, but as soon as I entered behind her, she turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, leaning in to kiss me tenderly.

We did some light petting in the shower, interspersed with periods of actually cleaning ourselves. We ran our hands over one another, exploring, caressing, fondling. Our shower must have lasted about forty minutes.

When we got out, she grabbed me a towel and we dried each other off, throwing sly smiles at one another occasionally.

“So… I got a little carried away, huh?” she asked timidly.

I shrugged and smiled warmly, trying to assure her it wasn’t a bad thing. “Well… I enjoyed myself.”

“Would you… want to keep doing stuff? Tonight, I mean?” She deliberately looked into the mirror and started to comb her fingers through her hair.

“Well, we’ve got all night to ourselves,” I said, shrugging with a mischievous smile. I liked this new Audrey—she had confidence and spunk. Laura looked back at me through the mirror and smiled.

Then the doorbell rang.

Both of us turned, staring at the bathroom wall as if we could see the front door through it. My mind blanked for a second. I had completely forgotten that Laura was initially throwing a party.

She threw on her terrycloth robe and handed me a spare from her room, then slowly descended the stairs, watching the front door cautiously. I kept my eyes glued to the door, trying to see who the unexpected guest was through the stained glass windows.

Laura’s hand hovered over the handle, and she looked back at me. “Open it,” I mouthed, pulling the robe tighter around myself. Laura hesitated, and while still looking up at me from over her shoulder, opened the door.

A boy I had never met before was standing on the welcome mat. He had shaggy, sandy blonde hair, with a long face that wasn’t unpleasant to look at. He was dressed simply in a dark green windbreaker, faded jeans, and simple running shoes. Given that it was the dead of winter, however, he looked grossly under-dressed but couldn’t be bothered to wear proper clohting.

His eyes went wide at the sight of Laura standing there in a robe, and when he glanced me up on the staircase, he made a double take and froze.

“Mike,” Laura said breathlessly. “Hi.”

“Uh… hi,” he replied, still looking in my direction. I could feel a flush coming to my cheeks and I looked away; it felt like he was undressing me—or this situation—with his eyes, and I was unsure if I was uncomfortable with it or not. He cleared his throat and continued. “Um, I came for the, um… the party. Was it cancelled?”

“Um… no, not exactly.” Laura’s voice was a few octaves higher than usual. “Just… no one showed up but Audrey. And I guess you, now.”

“Oh.” He looked up at me again and I gave him shy eyes. “I guess I should… go, then.”

“No,” Laura said hastily. All of us paused, and countless thoughts and insinuations went through my head. “No, would you… stay, maybe? At least for a bit?”

There was a palpable pause before he said, “Okay.”

Mike stepped into the house, slipped off his shoes, and shrugged off his jacket, all while avoiding looking at either me or Laura. I could tell he had already imagined about a dozen or so explanations and scenarios for why we both had wet hair and robes on. I made eye contact with Laura as he hung up his jacket, and we shared an expression somewhere between “What do you think?” and “This might be a very bad idea.”

Mike shoved his hands into his pockets. He was wearing a black T-shirt that had the little Reddit man on the front. “So….”

“So,” Laura repeated. “Um… can I get you something to drink, maybe?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said, nodding enthusiastically.

“What’ll you have?”

“Something hard,” he said. “Please.”

“‘Kay,” she replied softly, glancing at me before hurrying into the kitchen.

I sat down on the stairs and hugged my arms, paranoid that at any moment my robe would fly open and expose me. All the new found boldness and chutzpah I had only minutes before had evaporated; someone else had walked in and popped the bubble. I was back in reality, and back to square one. He cleared his throat and I jumped.

“So,” he began, rocking forward on his heels. “Friend of Laura’s, or….”

“Yes,” I blurted after a long pause. I was so nerve-racked that it hadn’t registered he was talking to me. “Since junior high.”

“Oh.” He nodded and looked around the foyer, as if he would find a conversation filler somewhere in the room.

“How about you?” I asked.

“She used to date my friend Devin back in first year. We took a lot of classes together, so… she stayed friends with me. Devin thought I was—well, Devin’s still a bit jealous.”

I laughed. “So you’re in Business, then?”

“That’s my minor. I’m in Computer Engineering, actually.”

Just as I was starting to warm up—and as it seemed Mike was becoming more comfortable—Laura walked into the room and we were both reminded the underlying awkwardness of our situation. She handed him a cup, and he took it from her and downed it in five seconds flat. When he resurfaced, he grimaced, smacked his lips, and handed the cup back to her. “Thanks,” he said.

“Would you like another one?” She asked it like he really ought to pace himself instead.

“That might be a good idea, thanks,” he said with a nod.

As Laura walked back into the kitchen, a perplexed look on her face, I twiddled my thumbs and stared into my lap. Silence was restored. When I took in a deep breath to start a new conversation, he cut in.

“Want to go sit on the couch, or—?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Still holding the robe tightly around my chest, I followed him into Laura’s living room. We sat down on the same couch and stared at the blank television screen.

“So… what have you and Laura been up to?” he asked.

Finally the gigantic elephant in the room was addressed. My voice box shot right down through my stomach and all I managed was a sort of gurgle. He gave me a queer look and I cleared my throat. “Chatting, doing each other’s makeup. Just girl stuff, you know.”


He probably read right through that lie like it was made of cheap tissue paper.

Laura returned with a second drink for Mike. This time he did not chug the entire thing, but took a modest sip and held it between his knees. Laura then offered me a shot; I was going to refuse when she gave me a look that said it’d be best if I just inhaled it, so I did. It burned all the way down, and I spluttered while she sank hers back like a pro.

Laura took a seat by the couch and we all fell silent once again. Mike sipped at his drink and politely observed the room; I could practically see the cogs working behind his eyes, trying to think of something to say.

“So, Mike,” Laura began, “are you seeing anybody?”

He nearly choked mid-sip and looked around at her almost wildly. “No, no, nobody. Not now.”

“Oh,” she said, a coy smile curling her lips.

After about another minute of silence, Mike said: “What do you guys want to do?”

“Get rip-roaring,” Laura said with an air of carefree girl.

Eventually Laura served up a pitcher of grog. Four drinks later, I could feel the drunk rush aching my thighs and burning my cheeks again. I still hadn’t flushed out the eight or so shots I had taken earlier with Laura, so getting intoxicated a second time was easy.

We had turned on the television for background noise, just so it wasn’t so awkwardly quiet. Us girls were still in bathrobes, and I started to wonder whether or not that made Mike uncomfortable or if it was exciting him and he was trying not to think about it too much.

As Laura poured herself another drink, she sat down next to Mike rather than her own seat. He shuffled over to make room for her, and she nonchalantly leaned in to his shoulder, as if this was normal order of business and no one should think twice about it. Mike most obviously thought about it more than twice; his body visibly stiffened and he watched Laura from the corner of his eye. I did too.

We all stopped paying attention to the TV, I’m sure; I was concentrating on what Laura was doing, as was Mike, and Laura was slowly sneaking her hand across his thigh. His nostrils flared and his grip on his cup tightened.

“What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever done, Mike?” Laura asked, her fingers creeping higher up his leg.

“Sorry?” he asked, his voice strained.

Laura pried her eyes off the television, turning her head towards him. She was only inches from his face. I was watching shamelessly now. “Tell me about the best erotic moment of your life,” she reiterated. “We were sharing stories earlier; it’s only fair you share one too.”

Mike didn’t say anything. He swallowed, watching Laura’s hand slide to his inner thigh. He shifted on the couch, appearing torn between wanting to pull away and let Laura do what she wanted. “Want to hear mine?” she said softly, her lips now brushing up against his jaw. “Audrey and I were on this couch a couple of hours ago, sliding on top of each other, getting off…. I was riding her hard, and I liked it.”

I stayed frozen on my end of the couch, watching as Laura slid her hand right between his legs. His eyes fluttered closed and he worked his jaw. A muscle stuck out of his neck. I felt my pulse quicken.

After rubbing his pants exuberantly, Laura slid off the couch and got on her knees in front of him. Although sufficiently sauced, she still was able to unbuckle Mike’s jeans with deft fingers. As she unzipped his fly, he lifted himself off the couch slightly and helped her slide down his pants, shooting the most demure of glances in my direction before apparently opting to pretend I wasn’t there.

I had never seen a penis before. In fact, I done next to nothing with a guy before, so once I saw his parts exposed from the corner of my eye, I resolutely avoided glancing down right away. I was nervous, but more than that, I was intrigued, excited, and I wanted to appreciate what I saw to the full extent. So as Laura reached forward to grasp his manhood, I glanced down.

At first I thought it was a bit odd looking, but once I started imagining what that body part was meant to do, it became a whole lot more enticing to look at. Though when I considered my knowledge of my own reproductive parts and the sight of his member, the numbers didn’t seem to add up. That looked much too large to fit inside a girl.

My thoughts were banished once Laura slid forward and lowered her mouth onto his head. He gasped and squirmed ever so lightly, squeezing his cup with one hand while clutching at the couch cushion with the other. He tilted his head back and his eyes rolled, and for a moment I thought he was going to pass out before I recognized it as immense pleasure.

Laura started to move up and down, taking most of him into her mouth while massaging his thigh with one hand and stroking other parts of him with the other. I was suddenly aware of an ache between my own legs, and my hand automatically drifted there as I watched. I rocked against myself, looking between the look on Mike’s face and the movements Laura was making, wondering what I should do next, or if I should stay out of it.

Then Mike lolled his head to the side and caught me touching myself. I stopped and had the immediate impulse to pull away, but I didn’t. Instead I reached up timidly and pulled my robe apart at my chest, exposing my breasts.

Just him looking at me tingled my skin, and I liked the feel of it. Laura started to moan and rock her body along with her movements—seeing her turned on drove me further. I pressed my hand harder against myself; as if he could feel what I was feeling, Mike let out a strangled moan.

I brushed aside the flaps and spread my legs, slowly sliding my finger in between my lips. I sighed and laid my head back on the couch, watching Laura move on Mike. He stared at me, his eyes flicking between my hand, my chest, and my face.

He then let go of the cushion, reaching out to touch me. When his fingers brushed against my nipple, I gasped, a rush flooding from my chest to my lower stomach, simmering in my thighs. When he cupped me and started to massage my breast in his hand, I felt myself topple over the edge—it was rushed and it was weak, but I quickly slipped a finger inside myself to feel myself contract all the same.

Mike’s hand tightened on me; I saw him lift up off the couch briefly, his ass cheeks clenching as he appeared to come into Laura’s mouth. She took in as much of his dick as she could, moaning as she slowed her pace. She then pulled back, swallowing before his cock left her lips. She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand and smiled at him. He looked spent. “Still hard,” she said in a sultry voice.

He let go of me and looked down at Laura. There was a pink flush that had spotted his neck and cheeks, and his face was puffy with undeniable heat. I looked down at his erection and found that he was indeed still as rock hard as he was before Laura went down on him. Weren’t they supposed to go soft after coming?

“I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” Laura said softly, sliding forward and brushing her boobs against his hard-on, “but I want you to fuck me and my friend as much as possible tonight.”

A jolt ran through my belly along with a dozen or so thoughts, going along the lines of: Why didn’t she ask me? I’ve never had sex (with a man) before, how does she know I’m ready? and Oh, God, yes, please.

“Oh,” was all he had to say.

Laura looked to me and her eyes hungrily racked my body. My hand was still cupped around my vulva. She smiled and looked into my eyes. “Here we are again,” she said.

Mike slowly made to pull up his pants, but Laura grabbed hold of his wrists. “Come upstairs,” she said, getting to her feet and pulling Mike to his. I let go of myself and stood up, not bothering to cover my body, and looked at Mike shyly in the eyes. He gave me a soft, urgent look before glancing at the rest of me. I ducked my head and led the way up to Laura’s room.

Part of me was jealous knowing that any guy would want to have Laura before me, but I didn’t care that he would undeniably want to fuck Laura, or that he would want to have sex with me only because of the circumstances. The way he looked at me made me feel like I was just as gorgeous as Laura was. And the thought of him reaching out and touching me…. I could still feel his hand on me, and I wanted him to touch me again. Badly.

When the three of us were in the bedroom, Laura closed the door and let her robe fall off her shoulders. Mike stared at her with a tight set jaw, his fists clenched at his sides. Laura let him admire her before nodding her head at me to do the same. My eyes flicked between her and Mike before I let it pool around my feet. Mike slowly turned and stared at me as well. I kept my eyes averted, for I was still shy enough to feel a bit self conscious in the situation, but his eyes were on me the entire time as Laura approached him. It was only when she had his pants down around his ankles that he looked her way.

Slowly she eased his T-shirt over his head; I studied the rest of his body. Although he was skinny, he was surprisingly muscular, and I found myself chewing at my lip as I imagined running my hands over him.

Laura pushed his erection in between her legs and slid close, tilting her head up and capturing his lips in a kiss. I stood and watched, imagining myself doing the same thing, and found my hand gravitating in between my own legs again. Laura started to slide back and forth along his length; he reached down to clutch her hips, as if the sensation were too intense and he needed to keep her at bay. But his entire body seemed to slacken as Laura ground against him more fervently.

Eventually standing and fondling myself was not enough; I needed to feel what I felt when Laura was on top of me, grinding her thigh against my centre. I turned and knelt by the corner of her bed, angling myself so I could still watch the confrontation. The pressure against me was relieving, and I sighed as I started to rock against the mattress, clutching at the sheets, following along with Laura’s rhythm.

Laura started to move faster along him, then caught sight of me humping her bed. Her eyes flashed and her lips parted; she hooked one leg around Mike’s hip and stood on her tiptoes with the other, reaching in between her legs and pushing him in her, eyes still on me.

It looked as if he nearly lost his balance; his knees wobbled a bit and his upper body swayed, but Laura locked her arms around his shoulders to steady him. With a bit of effort, he found and grasped her ass firmly as he started to work inside her. I watched the spot where his dick disappeared and started to fantasize about how I had done that to her, how she had moaned… and then I started to imagine what it would be like to have him sliding inside me, whether I was ready or not. I bit my lip and pumped myself harder against the corner, putting more of my weight down on my clit and hooking my hands under the mattress for more leverage.

At some point Mike had decided the angle wasn’t working for him; he picked up Laura from her rear and lowered her across the mattress. He held her hips up and thrust into her steadily, not fast and hard yet not slow and sweet. Laura’s moans were bordering on whimpers; his breaths were short and shallow. I had my eyes trained on Laura’s face, lapping up the absolute ecstasy and imaging that for myself. But when I looked up, I found Mike staring at me.

I arched up and opened my mouth in a silent cry, rotating myself in circles along the edge. Laura and Mike became more intense. Finally he came, making a choking noise and collapsing on top of her. I watched as they slid over one another; he was kissing her deeply and rubbing her breasts while she ran her hands over his ass, his back, his shoulders. When he pulled out, I could see her juices glistening on his stomach, but most impressively of all, I could see he was still hard.

Laura’s laugh was silk, and she admired Mike as he hovered over her, wiping his forehead with his wrist. She then tilted her head up towards me and said: “Your turn.”

“Oh,” I mumbled, looking fearfully up at Mike. As much as I wanted to feel him inside me, the sudden idea of it happening now was terrifying. “I’m not ready yet,” I said quietly to her.


“Later,” I said louder, flicking my eyes up at Mike’s face. His expression didn’t change much—which was full of post-sex high—but I could see something fall in his eyes, which seemed to look like he took it personally. I did not want to admit I was a virgin—I mean, how many virgins go on sexual sprees like this? At the same time I didn’t want him to believe I was rejecting him. Because I most certainly wanted the opposite. “Just in a bit. I want to watch more,” I finished, hoping it was enough.

Laura smiled at me knowingly. “At least come and join us on the bed,” she said, rolling onto her hands and knees.

I climbed up and knelt on my knees in front of Laura. With one more pretty smile, she gently shoved me over onto my back and climbed on top of me. As my stomach started to stir again, she leaned forward and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth. I could taste Mike on her; a sudden rush overcame me and I took in a deep breath, sighing against her lips as she continued to explore my mouth forcefully. I ran my hands up her thighs, her hips, her sides… then boldly massaged her tits, eliciting a moan and sigh from her.

I felt Mike’s weight on the bed—we broke our kiss and watched him sidle up behind Laura. He grabbed her hips and paused. “This okay?” he asked. When she nodded, he slowly entered her. Her jaw dropped. As he slowly slid in and out, Laura turned on me and continued our kiss, gently fondling my breast as I continued to rub hers.

Mike reached forward and gently scratched Laura’s back from the base of her neck all the way down to her tailbone, making her gasp and throw her head back. Her hand immediately trailed from my chest to between my legs; she started to gently trace my lips and draw circles around my clit. I arched into her hand, encouraging her to slide her finger inside of me. With each thrust Mike made on her, her finger did the same in me. A loud moan escaped me involuntarily.

Mike let out a strangled sigh and started to pound against Laura, and by extension, in me. I let go of her breasts to play with her down below. One of my fingers went too far, and I could feel Mike’s cock sliding in and out of her.

Laura toppled on top of me as Mike put his weight on her, and I squeezed Laura’s finger so hard it was nearly forced out. She slid it deep inside me in response, right to the knuckle, and she laid against me as she whimpered in pleasure. Mike thrust into her a few more times, finishing off his own climax, gasping with each movement. As Laura came down from her high, she caught my lips in another passionate kiss.

We had left an incredible mess on the sheets, and each of us was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Mike finally pulled off of Laura, allowing her to collapse on the other side of the bed. It was just big enough that the three of us could lie comfortably side by side; Mike was sandwiched between us.

Laura propped herself up on her elbow and looked over us. She giggled lightly. “And finally, he goes down,” she said, sliding her hand up Mike’s thigh, right next to his soft member.

Mike looked a little shy about this, and seemed to be making up an excuse when Laura said: “Mike, you have the best cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with.”

He gave an unsure smile, and she laughed sweetly, leaning down to kiss him lightly on the lips. Even after having sex with her, Mike still seemed a little unsure of himself.

“I should go for the quiet type more often,” she added, tracing her fingers across his glistening chest. “You guys are talented.”

With this I let out a giggle, in which set off a chain reaction of giggles between me and Laura. Mike simply grinned shyly and chuckled once in a while. When the laughter died down, Laura lowered herself into the crook of his arm, and he hesitantly wrapped his arm around her. With her head on his chest, she looked right at me and smiled. I wished it was me in the crook of his arm.

“You know,” she said, still looking at me, “I hope you’re not completely tuckered out. You still have to show another girl a good time.”

I froze up again, but the apprehension wasn’t as strong as it was the first time. I avoided looking up at him and remained silent. Laura arched her eyebrows at me and mouthed: “It’s good!”

“Might need a break,” he mumbled.

“Well, we’re not going anywhere, right?” she said to me. I simply smiled back.

Laura slid her leg over Mike’s and gently pressed herself against him, nuzzling her face into his neck and placing feathery kisses along his skin. He closed his eyes and his breathing deepened. After watching her do this for several minutes, a wave of courage overcame me, and I decided I should be doing the same. So I rolled onto my side and slid closer. Mike’s eyes shot open and he regarded me with an expression I couldn’t read; I was about to back away when he lifted his other arm, allowing me to move in close. When I did, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders too, and a flood of gratitude, excitement, and arousal came over me. I mimicked Laura and wrapped my leg around his, then pressed myself against his upper thigh. Laura caught my eye as she was placing kisses over his chest and smiled slyly at me.

After a few seconds of simply enjoying the sensations, I ground myself against his leg, placing my hand on his stomach for better motion. Mike’s cock was still soft, but I could see it starting to thicken and grow. I watched it for a few minutes, gathering my courage, then slowly let my hand wander down his navel….

He took in a sharp breath as I brushed my fingers over him. I let my hand hover, occasionally tracing a fingertip gingerly over his skin, which made his chest rise and fall more heavily. He then gently pulled away from us and held himself above me.

My stomach was bursting and twisting, but where I thought he was going to lower his weight onto me and just take me right there, he slowly leaned down to kiss my chest, then made his way lower across my body.

My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would stop. He held himself up with one hand while gently caressing me with the other. With a knee he spread my legs and lay down between them, hooking both his arms under my legs and hugging my hips. My clit felt like it was on fire as he teased me, lightly blowing on my skin. The gentle touch was almost unbearable, and as pressure began to mount, he slowly lowered his mouth onto my lips and kissed me firmly.

I gasped and immediately took in fistfuls of the sheets. My muscles tensed everywhere—I had to fight from involuntarily shoving my crotch into his face. His hands slid up and down my sides, from under my rib cage to the near bottom of my ass, and my skin tingled with electricity in his wake.

I felt Laura’s hands slide across my chest, and as she traced her finger around one nipple, I turned to place light kisses on her face. I really didn’t think I could feel more incredible, but then Mike spread my legs wider. I whimpered on Laura’s mouth and she moaned back, pinching my nipple harder. I could feel her other hand working in between her legs.

Mike stopped and lifted his head up. There was a few moments hesitation before he sat up and slid closer to me. I opened my eyes and looked to Laura, who had her own excited smile on her face. “Do you have condoms?” I asked, barely keeping my voice from shaking.

Without a word she slipped into her bedside drawer and extracted one for Mike. She broke open the package and shuffled closer and slowly rolled the condom over him. He closed his eyes, nostrils flared, as she gently stroked it on. After that she slipped away, and suddenly I was on my own. A little part of me wanted this moment to be private, but after everything that had happened this evening, I was almost grateful that she was there. Without supports, I was sure I would falter.

Mike was waiting for me to give him some sort of confirmation. I swallowed, nodded, then lay back, arching my hips to encourage him.

He looked at my lips longingly, but appeared to think better of it. I was going to close the distance when I felt his head press up against me. I took in a sharp bout of breath and he stopped, lacing his arms under mine. “You ready?” he asked softly.

He had already figured out I was a virgin, but I was glad that he didn’t look disappointed or turned off by this fact. I nodded, looking at his lips again, then he slowly pushed himself inside.

I slowly took in a breath as he slid himself to the hilt. I was expecting pain but felt none. Hours of foreplay would do it, I suppose. It rather felt as if he was simply taking up too much space, but I loved the feel. I closed my eyes and held my breath, grasping his hips and lightly squirming underneath him. He held still.

I couldn’t wait for him to move any more; I slowly rocked against him, and the effect had him bury his face into my neck, gasping and shuddering. When he slowly started to move against me, I met his pace with the same circular movements I’d used with Laura. Fingernails dug into my shoulders; I lost my breath.

He had a firm pace going, which wasn’t slow but was agonizingly teasing. I writhed against him, trying to get him to simply fuck me, but he never quickened. It left me hungry, harried, sitting on the cusp of losing it all. It occurred to me that he was prolonging the moment, making it last. Significant.

When I opened my eyes, his face was inches from mine, and I no longer cared if he simply wanted to avoid kissing me for personal reasons—his cock was inside me, after all. I lifted my head and gently slid my lips against his, gasping against his skin. His mouth went slack and he moved a little harder, a little faster, before he plunged his tongue in my mouth and kissed me deeply. I arched my back and pressed my body against his, revelling in the feel of his mouth on mine. It was far better than Laura’s kiss—not because she was a bad kisser, but because I was finding myself undeniably enthralled with this man named Mike that I barely knew.

Suddenly he broke the kiss, buried himself in my neck again, and lost all reserve, pounding into me faster and harder than before.

His breath came out in a giant whoosh; his strokes slowed and his body shook. My nails were digging into his back, which was so slick with sweat it was nearly dripping. The cool, salty flavour spread on my tongue; I spread my lips across his shoulder, craving more of it.

There was an ache inside me from simply having too much. I was sure that if I unwrapped myself from him, I would fall apart. My thighs were burning and my arms were shaking. Finally he turned my head away from his shoulder and kissed me with a slow vigour. We continued on for I don’t know how long, but it must have been a while, for Laura cleared her throat and laughed, making us break off.

“That was….” She licked her lips and traced her fingers over her thighs. “Mmm.”

Mike collapsed on top of me again and gave a shaky sigh into my neck.


Laura and I took to changing the sheets and cleaning up the general mess we had made in the house. It was nearly two in the morning by the time it was done. She had set Mike up in the shower with towels, and once he was cleaned, Laura and I joined him. Since the two of us had done everything intimate under the moon, showering did not seem all that inappropriate. This time we tiredly went about our business cleaning rather than experimenting, but the shower was not awkward; she washed my back and I washed hers. We shared smiles. We spoke once in a while. We were simply exhausted.

She lent me a nightshirt and she dressed in her own pyjamas. When we came out of the shower, Mike was in his boxers, drifting off on Laura’s bed.

“Oh. Sorry.” He got up and started to leave.

“No, no, stay,” Laura said, touching his forearm gently. “Um… would you like to stay? My bed can fit three.”

Mike looked like he was prone to turning down the offer, but the look on my face must have told him how much I wished he would stay. He nodded after catching a glance of me. “Yeah, okay.”

“Okay,” she said with a smile. Then her eyes drifted close and she slowly crawled onto the bed, curling up on the edge by her alarm clock. I glanced at Mike and motioned for him to lay down in the middle. He slowly crawled onto the bed and spread out on his back, resting his hands on his chest. I laid down next to him timidly, making sure I wasn’t crowding him. “Comfy?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he whispered.

“Good night,” Laura muttered sleepily, groping for the light switch on the nightstand.

“‘Night,” Mike and I muttered in unison. I leaned over and turned off the lamp by my side. When it was dark, the light from the television downstairs flooded the room. Laura grumbled.

“I’ll get it,” Mike said, then crab-crawled off the bed and slipped through the door.

Laura mumbled something that sounded like “Thanks, Mike,” then sighed lightly before slipping asleep. I closed my eyes and passed out as well.

I have no idea if I was asleep for minutes or hours; when I woke up, Mike’s hand was gently cupping my breast, kneading it softly. I looked over my shoulder slowly, to which he immediately withdrew his hand. In the dim light from the streetlamps outside, I could see his eyes looking guilty and pleading at the same time. A bit of a thrill rolled at the pit of my stomach, and I reached for his hand to place it back where it was. He continued to massage me while he slid in closer and pressed his erection against my backside. I held my breath to keep from moaning aloud, which was difficult—the fact that Laura was still sleeping on the other side of him was so arousing, but to wake her up would shatter the moment I wanted to experience by myself this time.

He leaned in close and lightly breathed into my ear, making my lips part with a silent sigh. I moved against him, rotating my hips and arching my chest into his hand, which was expertly teasing my nipple. When I turned my head a little further, he stretched out to kiss me, just barely controlling his moans. As our tongues lightly touched, he slowly traced his hand down my belly to the hem of my borrowed nightshirt, then slipped his hand underneath, his fingertips spreading fire across my skin. He finally cupped my bare breast again, causing me to lightly nip at his bottom lip. Gently squeezing me and tensing his jaw, he ground against me harder.

Just when I thought it impossible for me to possibly have more sex, I started to feel the bittersweet ache in between my legs building, and I wanted him inside me. Our kiss grew deeper and more heated; if we kept up at that pace much longer, we would surely wake Laura up from the racket we were making. Mike panted quietly into my mouth as he let go of my breast, and his hand slowly travelled towards my cunt. Was this happening? Yes, those were his fingers sliding between my folds, my heart that was skipping beats and losing sight of reality. My chest hurt from trying not to make noise; I pressed against him harder and reached down to clutch his hand desperately.

As he slid down and pushed his boxer shorts out of the way, I had a sudden rush of apprehension. I looked at him with uncertainty, minutely shaking my head. “I’ll pull out,” he whispered in a way that was part suggestion, part reassurance. Cool-headed Audrey would not have agreed to this plan, but turned-on Audrey couldn’t be bothered to argue, especially when I felt the head of his cock pressing up against me. Somehow I was able to find trust in this stranger. I wanted to find more. So all I could do was nod. Take me.

My mouth slackened and a silent cry caught in my throat as he carefully thrust inside of me, being careful not to make the bed move too much.

It hurt more now than it had before—perhaps I was sore from the first encounter—but the pain felt good. I bucked against him gently and he grasped my hip to hold me still. I nearly whimpered out of aggravation.

He slid his hand from hip to inner thigh to lift my leg. I wondered at just how far his prowess went as he slung it around his own, spreading me wider open. What other secrets did he know about my body that I didn’t? Tracing a finger up my leg and around to my mound, he drew a long, tantalizing path to my clit. I grit my teeth and writhed, clenching my walls around his dick—it was so hard and I was wild. If he’d been standing, I’m sure he would have collapsed; his eyes rolled and he cupped my pussy hard for a moment, trying to collect himself. He pressed his lips to my ear and muttered: “You feel so good….”

Finally he started to move inside me, but he was going so slowly. I wanted him to fuck me senseless, regardless if Laura was sleeping right next to us or not. I started to play with my own tits, rubbing and kneading like he had, tightening around him and making small movements. The heat became so unbearable that I whimpered out loud at one point, and his hand came up from my clit and clasped around my mouth. I darted my tongue out to lick his fingers, and he gently stuck one in my mouth, covered with my cream. I sucked it up hungrily, still fighting for him to pump into me harder, but still he did not give in, and simply slid in and out of me ever so slowly.

He pulled his hand from my mouth and grabbed my hip as he shifted onto his back, pulling me on top of him. In this position, my breasts were thrust upwards, my legs were separated, and I felt helplessly exposed. To further the feeling, Mike pulled my nightshirt up until my tits were bared; my nipples stiffened from the cold air. My head rolled to the side and I saw Laura sleeping peacefully, one hand above her head and the other on her chest. The sight of her right there, blissfully unaware that I was fucking right next to her, was intoxicating.

Mike raised his hips off the bed and held my waist, picking up his pace. I kept looking at Laura while I started to fondle myself, one hand at my nipple and the other at my clit. I tilted my head over his shoulder, never missing a beat.

Waves rocked over me and I was finding it hard to keep control of my own body. “Mike,” I breathed, not sure what it was I needed to tell him. I looked at Laura again to find her still peacefully asleep—but then she stirred, her head turning towards us, and I spilled over the edge, a hoarse moan escaping me at the climax.

Mike slapped a hand over my mouth again and froze for a moment, shuddering as my contractions squeezed him over and over. We both watched Laura—she never woke.

He then wrapped one arm around my chest and the other over one leg and flipped me over onto my stomach, never pulling out. He pitched himself up on his knees, yanked me closer by my hips, and started to fuck me harder and faster than he had before while making sure not to shake the bed. I continued to clench around him, and I stuffed my face into my pillow to keep from moaning.

Suddenly he slipped out of me and pressed his wet cock in between my ass cheeks. I was about to turn to see what he was doing when a burst of something warm and moist spilled out onto my skin, slipping between my crevasse and dripping all the way down to my clit. He covered my ass in his cum—I never imagined I would, but I liked it. A lot.

When he was done, he reached over Laura (who was still in the dead of sleep) and swept up a few tissues from the box. He wiped me off before tending to himself. After narrowly missing the wastebasket, he lay back down next to me with a groan and a sigh. We lay still for several minutes on end, and the entire time the idea of crawling into the crook of his arm nagged at me; for some reason I felt that doing so would be crossing a line; given what we had just done, it should have been more than okay. My nerves were on end regardless, and when I finally did slide closer to him, he opened up willingly and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I lay my head against his chest and concentrated on its rise and fall. Of all the things I’d experienced over the course of the evening, this was the most… I don’t know. I still can’t put my finger on it. Euphoric, maybe? No, it was more sublime than that. This was what made me most at ease. Happy.


It was the smell of toasted bagels that woke me up. Mike and I had somehow wrapped ourselves around one another during the night, and we were still tangled up. Laura had gotten up long before us, it seemed. I wondered what she was thinking.

Gently untangling myself from Mike, I got up, made sure I was decent, then went downstairs to see Laura. She was in the kitchen cutting bagels and sliding them into the toaster oven. When she saw me, she smiled brightly, and I of course smiled back, relieved that she wasn’t awkward.

“Morning, Audi!” she said happily, holding up the plate of bagel halves. “Hungry?”

“Depraved,” I replied, sitting down at the kitchen table.

“Where’s Mike?” she asked, plucking another bagel from the bag and beginning to slice it.

“Still asleep. Tuckered him out, I think.”

She flashed me a foxy smile. “I had fun last night, Audi. Thanks.”

I grinned and ducked my head, feeling a flush come to my cheeks. “Me too.”

“You know what,” she said, now moving on to the coffee machine and plucking a filter from the basket next to it, “I’m glad no one showed up for my party. I had way more fun with you two—much better send off to London, I think.”

I nodded. “That was… a nice eye opener.”

Laura laughed and twirled, then filled the coffee pot with water and dumped it into the machine. “I hope… you know… I know it was your first time, and all….”

“I think in any other situation it would have been worse,” I admitted, looking out the window as an excuse to avert my eyes. “I was more comfortable with you there. If not this, it would’ve been some guy who would’ve left me after a few more dates. This way… he’s nice. I mean, I don’t know him well, but….”

Laura hit the power button on the coffee maker and turned around to beam at me with a glint in her eye. “You like him, don’t you?”

I snickered. “Well, we kind of did unspeakable things last night, so yes, I’d say an aftereffect is that I’m attracted to him.”

“Ooo, Audi! And a boy!” she exclaimed, going to retrieve the last bagel from the toaster. She then looked pensive in an amused way as she set the plate on the table. “You know, I think you two would make a good couple,” she said. “I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that before. Both of you are reserved and mindful, you don’t mind mingling but you prefer to relax and keep it quiet… I think you should ask him out on a date.”

I winced. “I dunno.”

“What do you mean, you don’t know?”

“I mean… he’s probably not going to be interested in going out with me.”

Laura sat down and crossed her arms. “And why wouldn’t he?”

“Well… I mean, compared to you—”

“Compared to me you are a pretty girl with her feet on the ground. You wouldn’t believe how much more appealing that is to nice guys like Mike rather than a crazy party animal like me.”

Despite what she said, I still was of the thought that all guys would jump on the idea of being with Laura before me—especially given the fact that Mike had been with Laura before me. She was gorgeous, delightful, and sexually experienced. I was the antithesis of all that; Laura would shine and sparkle where I dimmed and faltered. But I couldn’t deny that I liked him.

“Want some coffee?” she asked after silence took over our conversation.


“Milk and sugar?”


Just as Laura set down our coffee and brought out the various condiments to spread on our bagels, Mike came down wearing his clothes from the night before. Both of us looked at him with guarded expressions, not knowing how he would react to the Morning After greeting.

“Um…” he hummed, darting his eyes every which way and rubbing the back of his neck. “I think I’ll head off now.”

“Want some breakfast?” Laura asked, motioning to the plate of bagels.

“That’s okay, I should be getting home,” he replied, observing her kitchen with feigned interest. When he turned his eyes on me, he did a slight double take. I stared back, my eyes probably wide and doughy. I was crestfallen that he wasn’t as upbeat and comfortable as Laura had been.

“Well… I had a great time last night, Mike,” Laura said softly, offering a warm smile. “Thank you so much for coming.”

He nodded, giving her a watery smile back, and he locked eyes with me again. I couldn’t manage a smile; I didn’t want him to go. “You’re sure you can’t stay?” I asked weakly, already regretting the words as they came out of my mouth—I sounded clingy and pathetic.

“I can’t,” he muttered, but something changed in his face. It wasn’t aversion or dislike, but something closer to reluctance.

“‘Kay,” I muttered back. “Bye, Mike.”

He nodded and looked away. “Bye. And good luck, Laura.”


We were silent as he slipped on his shoes and opened the door. It closed so gently that it barely made noise.

“Oh, well,” Laura said, her chin in her hand, “that could have been worse.”

I turned back to my plate and stared through the bagel. I had lost my appetite.

Suddenly Laura gasped and slapped a hand to her mouth. She started laughing hysterically, and soon she was bent over herself, clutching her side.

“What?” I asked over and over, utterly perplexed.

“Audi,” she wheezed, “Audi, I don’t think he never got your name!”

I found nothing hysterical about that.


After we ate breakfast (in which I pretended unsuccessfully to be cheerful), I helped Laura clean up. Even though we had showered only a few hours before, I asked to have a quick one before I hit the road on my long journey back home on the bus. She set me up in the bathroom with a towel, and I practically stripped naked in front of her as she collected me some shampoos and soaps I could use—it wasn’t like she hadn’t seen it before, anyway.

The first person I saw when I walked into Quick Silver Records, Cody’s workplace, was a girl tricked out in black leather and chartreuse, with her green hair done up in crazy pigtails. I did not belong at Quick Silver. The only black leather I owned was a Coach purse. My bubble gum pink baby doll t-shirt and Calvin Klein jeans did not cut it for her; I could tell by the curl of her lip. Ignoring her, I searched for Cody. He was two aisles over and at the back of the store. He didn’t see me until I was a few steps away.

I had been nervous about this since I woke up and my stomach was in knots. I had heard about heavy metal guys who used women like tissues, another notch in their belt. But those guys hung out at bars and did drugs and were scummy. Not like Cody and the guys. They just liked metal. That’s all. Right?

When he looked up and saw me, he dropped his price gun and exuberantly hugged me, lifting me off my feet and spinning me around. I was floating.


“What did your parents say?” Cody wanted to know. I had been out a half hour past my curfew the night before.

“I should have called them. That’s all,” I answered. “Oh, and my mom is buying me a cell phone.”

“A cell phone?” He sounded confused.

“When in doubt, throw money at a problem is my mother’s motto. I didn’t call, so buy me a phone.”

He still looked perplexed.

“Nevermind, it’s just the way my mom is. Something bad happens, she must spend money.”

“You rich people are weird,” was Cody’s reply. Then he brightened. “I can’t call your house, but now I can call your cell. Excellent.” His white smile lifted my heart.


The next day, Saturday, started the usual round of social engagements my parents required me to attend. We dined at the Club three times over the weekend and I was forced to play tennis with an eligible bachelor. I was burning to get back to Cody and was hampered by all these formalities and wearisome parties. I used my new cell phone to call him from the Club bathroom several times.


Finally Monday rolled around. First thing in the morning I dressed carefully in a white halter top and plaid shorts and went to Cody’s. I knew he had the day off. When I knocked and let myself in, I found him just out of the shower, hair still damp, drinking coffee with his bare feet up on the coffee table. He looked rather gloomy, to my surprise. I had expected an affectionate welcome, or at least a hug. He had been happy to see me on Friday.

I sat down on the couch, next to him, but felt snuggling up to him would be unwelcome, when he was in this dismal state.

I said, “I missed you.”

“Did you?” he asked. That seemed like a funny question.

“Yes, I did. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over.”

“So you had fun at the Club? Playing tennis?”

“No, I hate going to the Club and never liked tennis. Why are you asking me this? I’ve told you that a million times.”

“I thought you might have been busy with Skip.” He deliberately got the name wrong. Trip was the unwanted tennis partner foisted off upon me Saturday afternoon. If this was a fit of jealousy…

“His name was Trip and he was boring. Why would I be busy with him?”

“I never heard back from you, I figured you must be busy.”

I was getting angry. “Cody, how long have we known each other?”

“I don’t know,” he lied. I knew he knew. I had jokingly invented a new holiday to celebrate my release from Terry’s clutches, and marked the date on the calendar on the fridge. May 9th. Today was June 26th. It had been about 7 weeks. 48 days, to be exact.

“I know you know, but since you’re feigning ignorance, you’ve known me ALL SUMMER.”

“Feigning? Pretty fancy word. You think a deadbeat like me can understand these big words?”

“Cody Harlan! You stop this right this second and tell me why you’re mad at me!” I had jumped up, furious.

“Because you’d rather be with those country club people than call me!” He was on his feet now too. “You couldn’t be bothered to call me back!”

Call him back?

“Cody, when did you call me? Did you leave a message?”

“You know I did!”

I dove for my purse and frantically rummaged through it. I came up with my new phone and looked at it. I punched my way through the unfamiliar menu, finally coming up with the voicemail status. 3 messages. I punched through some more menus and saw the ringer was turned off.

“Jesus, Cody, I barely know how to use this thing. I didn’t think you’d be calling me last night. Wait.”

I accessed the voice mail and listened carefully as Cody proclaimed his affection in 3 messages, each message more uncertain. He had called at 11 last night.

Watching my face, he looked more and more embarrassed. I looked at him in wonder. We stood there like that for I don’t know how long. Then I launched myself at him and wrapped my arms around him. Staggering, he fell onto the couch and I followed him, kissing every part of him I could reach.

“I like you too! I missed you too! I wanted to see you too! I was thinking of you too, last night!”

He looked dumbfounded.”You do?”

“Yes I do!” I gave him a kiss full on the mouth. After a startled moment, he returned my kiss with mounting enthusiasm. I squirmed into his lap to get closer.

“Damn, can’t you guys argue after 10 o’clock? It’s too early for all this strife.” Neil was in boxers and a t-shirt, stumbling out of his bedroom. “Is there coffee? There better be. Waking me at this ungodly hour…” He grumbled his way into the kitchen.


“So you thought of me last night?” Cody asked. Neil had left for work by now and we were cuddled up on the couch.


“Were you having x-rated thoughts, young lady?” He leered at me.

I blushed. I had had x-rated thoughts, constantly, all weekend long. I satisfied my itch Saturday and Sunday night in my sweet little girl’s twin bed. I’d tried to finger myself but I was a little sore. It didn’t stop me from relieving my need though.

“I think you were!” he crowed.

I looked up at him, burning with embarrassment. He hugged me closer.

“You have been the leading lady in all of my most exciting dreams since May the 9th.” He did remember. “What kind of thoughts were you having?”

“Umm… ” I was too embarrassed to say I had been thinking about his head in my mouth. His hand between my legs. My bare breasts with hardened nipples.

“Well, it looks like I’ll have to go first,” he said with a laugh. “I was thinking…”

Cody caressed my thigh from knee to hip, then kept traveling around to my ass. He leaned in to kiss me, his wandering hand finding its way to my inner thigh now, parting my legs. He massaged me there, moving in circles further up. It felt wonderful. My kisses became more passionate. I slipped a hand under his shirt to feel his lean muscled back. I pulled him closer, his hand moved further up my leg. I was falling into dark desire. I was no longer completely ignorant of things and my desires were specific. I wanted to put my hand on his leg, I wanted to feel the bulge in his pants, I wanted to put my mouth on him. But I was shy and embarrassed and only increased the ardency of my kiss, urging him closer with my hand on his back. Then I tried putting my other hand on his knee. Becoming more bold, I broke our kiss to lick and suck at his neck, nibble his ear lobe. He said my name in a way that thrilled me. Suddenly I straddled him on the couch, settling into his lap, surprising myself. Cody laughed and hugged me to him. I had to bend down to kiss him. The kiss quickly overheated and I needed to get his shirt off, get my shirt off, to feel skin against skin. His arms locked at the small of my back were thrilling. Without warning, Cody surged up and threw me over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and brought me, kicking and giggling, to his bedroom. He gently deposited me on the edge of the bed. Standing in front of me, I hugged his legs and burrowed my face into his belly. He smelled so good, like fresh laundry and leather and some kind of delicious masculine musk. His belt buckle dug into my chin. I turned my head up to kiss his bare stomach, excited by the narrow trail of dark hairs leading into his jeans. Feeling as though someone else was driving me, I fumbled with the unfamiliar belt buckle. He helped me. The big buckle out of the way, I kissed and licked the place where the trail of hair dove under his waistband. I undid his jeans button, hesitantly pulled the zipper, suddenly running out of courage. I hugged him tight, my ear flat against his belly. When I loosened my hold, he came to sit beside me.

“Amber, you are an exciting woman.”

Cody wiggled out of his jeans and lay back on the bed, pulling me with him. We lay that way, softly kissing. And then our kisses were no longer soft but urgent. My hand trailed down that fascinating line of hair to his black briefs. His erection came under my hand. I dipped down and pulled it free, once again delighted by the way it seemed to fit my hand perfectly. As he had shown me, I grasped it firmly and moved my hand up and down.

“Amber, baby…”

The way he groaned my name encouraged me. I curled around to lick the hair on his belly as I held it. I kissed and licked my way down to the base of his shaft, curled my tongue around the girth of it, licked my way up the shaft to his head. I licked my lips and gradually engulfed his head with my mouth. I sucked more in, encompassing the shaft, right down to where my fist held him. I tried to take more but I gagged. I started slowly, developing a rhythm with stroking hand and sucking mouth.

“Yes,” he whispered.

I knew little about male anatomy, but I did know it was easy to hurt a man in the balls, so when I felt compelled to touch them, I was very gentle. The sac encasing them slid about in a surprising way. I carefully cupped them in my hand. I stopped my rhythmic attentions to lick them, discover their taste. Cody’s smell was incredibly arousing. My finger nail brushed against a flat spot just behind his balls and Cody sucked in his breath sharply. I stopped, afraid I had hurt him.

“There, Amber, touch me there,” he murmured.

I gently stroked the flat spot as I licked his scrotum and held the base of his shaft. Then I returned to my sucking, fist pumping with one hand, the other cupping his balls and touching that special place. His moaning thrilled me and I couldn’t get enough of him into my mouth. He began calling my name, then short sharp moans. I was so excited I could barely contain myself, then he was pulling out of my mouth and squirting sperm on my face, some of which went in my mouth. The strange taste rolled across my tongue and I swallowed it. Cody sat up on one elbow, still holding his member and looked at my cum covered face.

“Oh Amber, honey, I’m sorry. Look at you, a mess.”

He took a tissue from the box by his bed and wiped my face, while I laughed. He started laughing too. The tissue wasn’t doing it so I went to the bathroom to sluice my face. One kiss to his belly button and then I snuggled into his arms.

“Amber, you’re wonderful.”

Slowly I relaxed, began drifting off. I was not aware of when his gentle strokes of my arm became erotic caresses, but soon I felt heat rising from the base of my being. His kisses began soft, and I lost myself in the slow sensation that built and built. I could still smell his scent, arousing and delicious. I moaned as he began licking his way down my neck to my cleavage. He broke away and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. My panties followed. He moved back up to my breasts. Gently, he swept his hands up the sides of my breasts as he nuzzled in my cleavage again, then began kissing the undersides of my breasts. As he nibbled and tongued me in the sensitive crevice beneath my breasts, his fingers came up to tease my nipples. He nibbled and flicked and pinched as the heat grew in my belly. Soon I was moaning, body arched up, asking for more. He began inching down my torso and the warm progress of his mouth had my attention. Open-mouthed kisses and the caress of his tongue seared me. I was taut as a bow string, breathing heavily, pulsing in my middle.

He moved down until he was between my legs and his tongue could touch my center of heat. He was so incredibly soft and wet and gentle. He coaxed me with his tongue, drew more and more excitement from me. The buildup was slower this time, but the pleasure was harder and more intense. I had been in a mindless frenzy previously, when he had touched me with his fingers. Now I was alert to every nuance of his tongue’s passage. My outer lips were more sensitive to touch than they had ever been before, and he sent ripples of deep pleasure to my center as he licked them open. Then his tongue was in my wet folds, exploring. I was crying out now, shuddering every time he hit a sensitive spot. My toes were curled under and every muscle pulled tight as a drum. Now he turned his attention entirely to my clitoris. He alternated between softly lapping at it with the flat of his tongue and wiggling it with the tip of his tongue. The column of pleasure in my center was driving bolts outward under his attentions. He slipped two fingers inside me. Now his tongue was firmly wiggling my clitoris. He rotated his fingers, caressing me from the inside, until he found a spot I never knew I had. After an unmeasured time, it became too much for me to hold and I came, my entire self bursting apart in a burning fountain, pulling a strangled cry from me. I was still shuddering with aftershocks when I felt the heat rising again. Cody increased the pressure against my clit and that sensitive spot inside me. It was impossible, yet it was happening, and I plunged into another orgasm, tearing from me a wail of pleasure. Stimulating me from the inside and the outside drew yet another orgasm from me. I could not contain Yes! Oh god! Cody! Yes! Then another broke over me. Finally he relented and I collapsed, panting, exhausted.

Cody nestled in next to me, stroking my belly.

“Wow, Amber…”

Cody sounded almost reverent.

“Hmm?” I asked sleepily.

“Amber, I’ve never… I mean, I had heard about multiple… do you know how unusual that was?”

“What?” I was on the verge of sleep.

He gathered me up in his arms and said, “You’re amazing.”

Ryan, a tall 25 year old blond with icy blue eyes, greeted his friends absently as he took a seat around the crowded outdoor table. Marco’s had the best coffee on campus, and graduate students in particular, kept the place packed from opening til closing. At the moment the lunch crowd had overflowed into the quad, filling the nearby tables and benches and fanning out onto the grounds, most with open books nearby.

One young girl had immediately grabbed Ryan’s notice. She sat on the grass, apparently engrossed in some textbook. She had to be a freshman, hell she looked like she belonged in junior high. He could tell little else about her size or shape. She was wearing baggy sweats and a hoodie and sat hunched over her book. The hood hid all but a few strands of light brownish hair. She had pale skin and a dusting of freckles with a full mouth and very large eyes. Brown or black, Ryan thought, though it was hard to be sure at this distance.

What had drawn Ryan’s interest was the way she ignored everyone, everything around her, huddling closer to her book whenever anyone came near. Everyone in sight seemed to be drinking in the fresh air and sunshine, soaking up the first beautiful day after weeks of overcast skies and drizzling rain. Clearly the girl had been driven by the same desires to leave the safety of whatever hole she normally hid herself in. But she never looked around, never looked up at the blue sky. And there was something about her… something in the hunch of her shoulders, the tightness around her eyes… something he couldn’t quite define. Something he’d seen before in girls that craved his sort of attention.

Ryan blinked as a hand waved an inch in front of his face. “What?” His friends laughed.

“Amy wants to know if you’re single, dude,” Jason said.

Ryan frowned and looked at the girl sitting next to him. A grad student like him, twenty-three or four, blonde, blue eyes, sexy.

“Why?” he asked, confused.

Jeanne, a cute med student laughed. “Because you’re hot as hell, and we never see you with anyone. And I’ve known you for months. My money is on a tragically broken heart.”

“I told them you were gay,” Todd said.

“You wish,” Ryan laughed.

“I do,” Todd said with a sigh. “I really, really do.”

Ryan dug a chunk of ice from his glass and threw it at the younger man.

“Actually,” Amy said, “my sister is coming for a visit next week…”

“Is she hot?” Jason asked, just as Lisa said “Don’t do that!”

Ignoring Jason, all eyes went to the third girl at the table. Lisa was tall, black, with hair that hung to her waist. She was Ryan’s best friend and easily the most stunning woman in sight.

Ryan smiled and raised an eyebrow at her.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked. “Is he contagious or something?” She gave a little laugh as if only half joking.

“Sorry, Ryan,” Lisa said blushing. “Someday I’ll get a filter between my brain and my mouth.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, looking back at the girl on the grass. She seemed in no hurry to finish her lunch. Good, neither was he, nor did he want to lose her.

“So, are you going to explain?” Jason asked, leaning forward, blocking Ryan’s view of the girl. Ryan leaned to his right a bit to keep her in sight.

Lisa stammered, “It’s nothing. Ryan doesn’t like being set up, that’s all.”

Ryan shook his head. “What my oldest and dearest friend means to say is that I’m not the kind of guy you want hooking up with your sister.”

“You seem like a nice guy to me,” Jeanne said.

“I am a nice guy,” Ryan grinned, “to you.”

“Ah, a love ‘em and leave ‘em kinda guy, huh?” Jason laughed. “I hear ya. One night, wham-bam, no thank ya, I’m outta here, right?”

Ryan shrugged. “Not really.”

“Then I don’t get it,” Todd said. “Are you gay?”

This time it was Jason who threw the ice at him. “Keep your pants on, butt-boy, Ry’s not your type.”

Todd glared at his older brother, saying nothing.

“I treat the girls I fuck like shit,” Ryan said, still paying more attention to the girl on the grass than to his friends. Her hoodie had fallen back and he could see a mop of light brown, shoulder length curls that fell forward to frame her delicate face.

“I guess that’s why we never see you with anyone,” Jeanne said with a frown. “Maybe if you treated them better they’d hang around longer.”

Ryan shook his head. Jeanne had been crushing on him since he’d moved to town, it was obvious. But she wasn’t his type, which was why she still liked him.

“I wouldn’t want them to hang around if it meant I had to treat them better. Besides, enough girls like the way I treat them. I do alright.”

Amy cocked her head, studying Ryan with a frown. “I’m sorry, I’m just having a really hard time picturing YOU as some misogynistic bastard.”

Ryan blinked. “What do you mean? I like women! My best friend is a woman.”

“He’s not a misogynist,” Lisa told them. “He’s a sadist. Not serial killer sadist, but definitely nightmare boyfriend sadist. He only dates girls who seem to be into that kind of thing. I don’t get it, but whatever. Still, I wouldn’t let him date my sister.”

“Your sister is thirteen and has braces,” Ryan laughed.

“Sorry if I don’t trust that to stop you,” Lisa said with a mock threatening glare.

“That’s fair,” Ryan said with a shrug. “Joking, joking!” he laughed when Lisa punched him in the arm.

“Nobody wants to be abused,” Jeanne protested.

“She does,” Ryan said, nodding toward the young girl in the hoodie.

“Her?” Amy studied the girl. “She’s a kid! A shy kid, I guess. That doesn’t mean she wants to be treated like crap.”

Ryan shrugged. “This is why I don’t bring girlfriends around you guys. I knew you wouldn’t understand. It’s my kink, not yours.” He smiled. “It is hers though. Excuse me.”

The girl was gathering her books and the remains of her lunch, clearly about to leave. He had to meet her before she melted into the crowd.

Amy grabbed his arm. “Are you going to hurt that girl?” she asked seriously. Ryan smiled. He pulled her hand from his arm and brushed his lips across her knuckles.

“I certainly hope so,” he said.

Ryan timed it perfectly. He was walking past, and just as the girl rose to her feet he angled sharply towards her. She turned away from him, tangling her feet and falling to the grass, books and trash flying from her arms. He stopped and laughed.

She scuttled about on her hands and knees gathering her things. Ryan crouched beside her, watching but not helping. Reaching out he hooked a strand of loose curls behind her ear, the better to see her face. She jumped, but didn’t pull away and didn’t look at him.

“You look pretty on you knees,” he said quietly.

She looked at him then. Her eyes were nearly black, he saw, and very large in her pale face. She looked like a startled deer. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. She seemed frozen in place.

After a moment Ryan smiled. “That was a compliment,” he said, in a chiding tone.

“Tha..” the girl cleared her throat nervously. “Thank you.” Speaking seemed to free her to move and she finished gathering her things. She made as if to stand, but Ryan stopped her with a hand on the back of her neck.

“Stay on all fours,” he said. “Sorry, but you’re just so adorable like that. I don’t suppose you’d consider taking your jacket off so I could get a better look at you?”

Ryan kept his hand on her neck, and she kept her eyes on the ground. Neither of them spoke or moved as the seconds ticked by. Finally the girl unzipped her hoodie and slid it off. Her position made it an awkward maneuver but she didn’t try to raise up. She handed him her jacket and placed her hands back on the ground.

She was wearing a black bra but no top. Granted it was one of those cover everything sports bras women wore to jog or work out in, but a nice surprise anyway. Ryan ran a finger over her ribs and grinned when she flinched. She was a thin girl, maybe 5’2, still hard to say, and with really huge tits despite the smash-em-down bra. Very nice. Ryan grinned. It was a cool day and he could clearly see her nipples through the rather thick material. Her back and arms were covered in goose bumps.

“Do you live on campus?” Ryan asked.

“Yes. Terry Hall.”

“What room?”




“Nice. You’re a freshman?”


“I’m working on my doctorate. Chemical engineering.”

“Um, cool. I’m a geology major.”

“I didn’t ask.”


“How old are you, anyway? Except for the tits, you look about twelve. It’s the freckles I’m thinking.”

“I’m 18.”

“That’s good.” Ryan continued to run his hand over her back and arms, almost possessively.

“I… I have a class.”

“Alright. I’ll bring your jacket by your dorm about seven tonight. Dress sexy for me.”

She bit her bottom lip nervously. “I can’t go to class without a shirt.”

“Then you’d better run. Terry Hall isn’t all that close.”

Ryan stood and walked back to his friends, the girl’s jacket draped over one arm. Everyone stared as he sat down.

“So,” he grinned, “I have a date tonight.”

Amy was the first to speak. “Why do you have that kid’s shirt?”

Ryan arched his eyebrow. “Okay first, she’s 18, so legally not a kid. Second, did you SEE those tits?? So physically… not a kid.”

Lisa slapped him on the back of the head and he laughed. “Third, it’s not a shirt, it’s a jacket, and it’s not my fault she wasn’t wearing anything else. It’s not like I took her pants! Jeez.”

“I don’t even know you,” Jeanne said slowly.

“Look,” Ryan said seriously. “I didn’t start this conversation — thank you very much, Lisa — but I figured since my kinks were out in the open, why keep hiding. But I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Well, no one expect my new girl anyway.”

Lisa popped his head again. “Stop that!” he yelped.

“Seriously, I was thinking if this thing actually works out, it’d be kinda nice to be able to hang with my friends and a girl at the same time, but if you guys can’t deal, then I’ll keep her away.”

“I don’t know,” Todd said. “I’m not really into all that weird stuff.”

“Dude, you’re gay,” Jason said.

“And the fact that you think that qualifies as weird stuff means you’re a bigot AND an idiot.”

“I’ll own that.”

Todd rolled his eyes.

Lisa said, “It’s really not like that. I’ve hung out with several of Ryan’s girlfriends. We’ve even double dated. If you can get past him acting like an inconsiderate douche to her and nice to everyone else, it’s not really awkward. Of course, I’ve never seen him ask a girl to strip in public before.”

“Hey, that was not my fault. It was a hoodie for god’s sake! I mean, who doesn’t wear a shirt under a hoodie in October?”

“I guess we can give it a shot.” Amy said. “I mean, we didn’t abandon Jason during the Tracy phase.”


“She has a point,” Jeanne said. “I mean what’s a little rudeness compared to matching sweaters?”

Everyone laughed, even Jason.

Lisa said, “Let’s not forget Thomas, either.”

“Hey!” Todd protested. “Thomas was totally hot.”

“Seriously?!” Jason laughed. “The guy was convinced airplanes should be grounded at night because they don’t have headlights.”

“Yeah,” Todd sighed. “I miss him.”

“Well, it’s decided then,” Amy said. “No need to hide your girlfriends away anymore. And, I guess, good luck on your date tonight. What’s her name, anyway?”

Ryan shrugged. “I dunno. Who cares?”

“Yeah,” Amy laughed, “you definitely stay away from my sister.”

Ryan grinned. “Deal.”

Ryan got to Terry Hall at 7:30, only half an hour late. He’d been known to keep girls waiting much longer or to show up an hour or more early, but it was their first date so he was playing it nice.

She was waiting in the foyer for him in black slacks and a sheer, wispy black halter that clearly showed her lacy black bra. She had her hair in a fancy up-swept kinda do that made her neck look long and bite-able. In makeup she looked almost adult. Her huge dark eyes were smokey, and bright red lipstick against her pale skin gave her a sort of 1940′s noir chic. Ryan had to remind himself to breath.

“Something you just had hanging in your closet?” he grinned.

“I went shopping,” she admitted.

“I don’t like the pants.”

Her shy smile crumbled. “I… I could change.”

“Yeah, do that. Not the top though, I like that. Do you have a black skirt?”

“No,” she looked like she wanted to cry. Wow, and the night hadn’t even started yet. “I… I have a red skirt you might like.”

“Fine. Well? Hurry up, I don’t have all night.”

She was back in less than five minutes. The red skirt was a bit long, hanging nearly to her knees, but it was tight, showing off her nice little bubble ass. She carried a small red purse and no jacket. Her legs were bare and the red shoes looked like something his grandmother would wear to church. Well, she was a work in progress, after all.

“Better, but the shoes suck. Give them to me.”

Biting her lip, she took off her shoes and handed them to Ryan. He tossed them in a nearby trash can and took her hand. She made no protest at all as Ryan led her into the cool night barefoot. He was positively enchanted by her quick obedience and passivity.

He held her hand as they walked toward the parking lot. “I like the effort you put into looking good for me. But I like sexy shoes, and I don’t think pants are appropriate for a date. Better to tell you up front than to keep letting you fuck up, don’t you think?”

“I… yes. Thank you.”

“I like the lipstick, especially. Can’t wait for you to paint my cock with it. You have very fuckable lips.”

Ryan could feel her hand trembling in his. When she said nothing he gave her hand a hard squeeze and kept squeezing until she stuttered out a “Thank you.”

Ryan had parked his car in a dark corner of the busy parking lot. He opened the driver’s door and sat down, his feet outside the car. He reached up and disabled the dome light with one hand, still holding the girl with his other. Then he gave a tug to her hand.

“Come on, kneel down. On your hands and knees, like in the quad.” She stood, biting her lip and breathing in quick little pants. Ryan let go of her hand, letting her work it out in her own mind and decide. She stood there for a minute, then two, then… Finally she took a step back, and looked around. There were a dozen or more people scattered through the parking lot, coming and going, several cars pulling in or out, or cruising for the perfect parking space. But they were in a quiet corner, away from any lights. Slowly she laid her purse aside and lowered herself to her hands and knees on the coarse pavement.

She kept her head bowed as he unfastened his jeans and slid them and his shorts down around his ankles. He sat of the edge of the car seat, with the kneeling girl between his legs. He took his thick 8 inch cock in one hand and her chin in the other. He tilted her face up and rubbed his cock across her lips.

She was shaking so hard, he began to worry she might bolt. She looked completely terrified.

“You’ve sucked cock before, right?” he asked suddenly.


Ryan grunted, surprised. “Seriously, with lips like that?”


“But you’ve been fucked, right?”


“Wow.” Ryan took a deep breath. “Um. Okay.” He took another breath. “Okay. But you did understand that was what this date was about? I mean, you knew I’d want to fuck you?”


“I mean fuck you. I don’t mean sweet and romantic, first time shit.”


“Okay? I plan to hurt you, you know.”

She was quiet a moment. “Okay.”

“Right. This is nuts. Who the hell is a virgin at 18 these days?”


She still looked afraid, but now she looked hurt as well. This was bad. Hurting her feelings was only going to turn Ryan on more. He needed to think.

“This is a bad idea. I am not the right guy for this. You should be with a nice guy.”

“You’re a nice guy.”

“No. I am not.”

She bit her lip again, and flicked her tongue out, just brushing it across the tip of his cock. She seemed as shocked as Ryan. She gave a quiet little moan and shuddered. She looked up at Ryan and again brushed her tongue over his cock head. This time she managed a shy smile.

“I think you’re nice,” she said.

“I’m definitely not nice,” Ryan said with a low moan.

“Then prove it.”

“Ah fuck…” Ryan rubbed his cock over her face, smearing her bright red lipstick. She closed her eyes and shivered.

“Tell me what to do,” she said breathlessly.

“Go home.”

“Don’t make me, please. Tell me how to suck your cock.”

“Agghh… Fuck it! Okay, yeah… keep your hands on the ground. Stick out your tongue.”

Ryan rubbed his cock over her tongue and face, smearing himself and her with her spit.

“Keep your tongue out, don’t try to swallow. That’s it, just let the drool run out of your mouth.”

Ryan stroked his cock for a minute, her drool making a nice lube. Her face was covered in spit. Her makeup was destroyed, lipstick smeared across half her face. She knelt on the rough parking lot, her tongue out and waiting. She looked up at him with those enormous black eyes. A virgin. God have mercy on all sinners.

“I’m going to put my cock in your mouth, babygirl. Seal your lips around me and suck. Use your tongue to stroke me. Here you go… That’s it.”

Ryan slid his cock into her sweet young mouth. Her tongue swirled around him as she sucked. The fear was fading from her eyes. They were beginning to fill with need. Ryan wrapped a hand around her throat and squeezed lightly.

“Concentrate, little girl. Make me feel good. Come on, you can do better than that. That’s my cock in your mouth, act fucking grateful. Better, ah yeah… that’s better.”

Ryan pushed himself deeper into the girl’s mouth, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag. One hand held the back of her head, holding his cock just at the point of entering her throat. She was visibly fighting her gag reflex as his other hand tightened further on her throat.

“I’m going to fuck you now, baby. You’re going to love this, I promise. Keep your throat relaxed and concentrate. If you puke, I’ll make you eat it. If I feel teeth, I’ll beat the shit out of you. Ready, sweetie? Here we go now…”

Ryan violently pulled her face into his lap, shoving his thick cock down her tight little throat. He held her there a minute, amazed at how far he’d penetrated on the first thrust. He savored the feeling of her choking on his cock.

He pulled back to allow her a sobbing breath, then he shoved down her throat again.

“Ah, fuck, ah fuck…” This was heaven. He began to pound her in earnest. He rammed violently in and out of her sweet face, choking her with both his hand and cock.

“Good girl, good girl,” he groaned as he ravaged her throat. “That’s it, don’t fight me, be a good girl. Hold still and let me hurt you… fuck yes. You like sucking your first cock in public, babygirl? Sucking off a man whose name you don’t even know? Kneeling in the dirt like a common whore? Mmm… yeah, fuck yeah, there’s a good baby. A little harder now, sweetie. I’m gonna make it really hurt now. Okay? You take it like a good little girl. Fuck yes! Fuck!”

Lost in his own sensation, Ryan doubted if he would have noticed had she tried to fight him. He was relatively sure she didn’t though. He raped her throat brutally, oblivious by this point to anything but his own approaching orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum down your little virgin throat baby,” he told her. And he did. Stream after stream of hot spunk shot down her throat, and refluxed up and out her mouth, out her nose. She choked and gagged as he held himself deep inside her until he was completely spent.

He pulled out finally, still breathing hard. Opening the glove box, he pulled out a box of wet wipes.

“Clean me up. You should be doing this with your fucking mouth, but you made such a damn mess of yourself, you’d only make it worse.”

Kelly leaned her head against her new husband’s chest as they slowly danced. It was the last dance of their wedding reception, the quiet end to what had been a wonderful day. The ceremony was beautiful, and they had a great time at their reception, afterwards.

Some color appeared in her cheeks as she looked up at her partner.

“What are you thinking,” he asked? “Just that, even though this day is over, this night is just beginning,” she whispered in return, with a slight smile on her face.

He laughed, and pulled her tight into a kiss. She felt his body press against hers, felt the slight swelling below his waistline, and wondered what tonight would be like. She had never been with a man before, never even seen one naked, outside of the websites she had been reading to prepare herself for what was to come. She knew that Matt had been with a couple girls before, but still hoped that the night would be as perfect for him as she was sure he would make it for her.

She sighed and gave him a squeeze as the song came to an end. The rest of the reception was a blur, hugs goodbye, best wishes from friends and family, and the limo ride back to the hotel.

As they got to the room, Matt unlocked the door, and then swept Kelly up into his arms. She let out a startled laugh as he carried across the threshold inside. He set her down on her feet, and with a sly grin slipped the Do Not Disturb sign over the door handle, then shut and locked it.

He turned back towards her, and their bodies locked together in a passionate kiss. Warmth flooded her body, and she could feel her pulse racing.

Matt broke off the kiss with Kelly as she sat down onto the edge of the bed. He got down on his knees before her, eyes running up and down her body, drinking in all of her beauty. She had never been more radiant than now, her slightly flushed face red against her wedding gown.

“You are so beautiful,” he said. It was the first thing that had been said since they got to the hotel. Kelly’s face flushed a bit further as she turned her head slightly away.

Eager to carry on with the evening, Matt bent forward to remove her shoes. He lifted a foot, and began kissing her calf. Kelly giggled slightly, and leaned back as he slipped his head beneath her dress, kissing higher and higher. He alternated back and forth, kissing her smooth, milky thighs, each kiss above the previous. His hands ran up and down, from her ankles to her knees, and then above. Her legs parted slightly, and with this increased access, his kisses finally reached the top of her legs. She gasped, and tensed ever so slightly, as he planted a kiss directly on her cloth-covered pussy.

Another giggle escaped her as he slid out from beneath the dress. “Did…you find anything that you liked under there?” He replied with a wink, “Oh, I believe that I did, but I think I’m going to have to take a closer look.”

He climbed onto the bed behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She leaned into her husband as he began kissing her neck. He kissed down across her shoulders, exposed by the strapless dress. His hand came up to brush away a lock of her hair, and he nibbled ever so gently on her ear. A faint moan escaped her, and she turned to kiss him.

Matt ran his hands across his new bride’s stomach, up her sides, teasing close to her breasts, but never touching them. While he continued to kiss her neck and shoulders, his hands came around to start untying the intricate cords that held her dress on. The corseted waist loosed, he slid around beside her, giving her a quick kiss on the lips before standing.

Kelly reached out her hands, and Matt helped her to her feet, clutching the now-loosened dress to her. Biting her lip, she looked uncertain about what to do, next.

“Would it help if I were to dress down a bit,” Matt asked? With her nod, he began stripping off his tux, discarding it over the back of a nearby chair. When he stood just in his boxers, he returned to her. He was in pretty good shape, a life of hauling boxes in the warehouse keeping him strong, and his muscles were faintly visible beneath his skin. By this point, he was quite hard, and he grinned as Kelly’s eyes stopped on the tent forming below his waist. “Don’t worry, it won’t bite.”

He helped her lift the heavy gown up over her head, and stepped back, admiring his love. Goose pimples, maybe from the temperature in the room, maybe from his eyes, appeared all over her 5′ 2″ frame. Ribbons of wavy brown hair framed her face and throat, just barely kissing the tops of her fist-sized breasts, still covered by a lacy, white bra. She was in even better shape than he was, with firm legs, belly and arms, and he couldn’t help but notice her brown pubic hair, clearly visible through her white panties.

When Kelly shifted slightly, perhaps to try and cover her underwear-clad body, Matt stepped in and scooped her up into his arms. She yelped and laughed as her deposited her onto the bed, climbing in next to her. They kissed, deep and long.

His hands explored her body, touching legs, stomach, face. His fingertips brushed the waist of her panties, the underside of her bra. Not lying idly, her hands ran across his chest and back. The tips of his fingers ran lower with each pass across her shoulders, dipping into her cleavage. When his hands traced the strap of her bra and unclasped it, she broke off the kiss, and drew herself up into a kneeling position.

“Are you okay,” he said? With a smile that lit up her sky-blue eyes, she replied, “I don’t think there’s any way I could possibly be better.” She reached up and slid off her bra, revealing her pert breasts to him. Even without the support of the undergarment, they stood out from her chest, the surprisingly small nipples like pink thimbles, as hard as rocks. She tossed the bra aside, her eyes never leaving his face as he admired her chest. “So, do you like them?”

He slid forward, cupping a mound in each hand. “My dear, you have the most perfect set of breasts mankind has ever known.” She flushed again, leaning forward to kiss him once more.

Matt pressed against her, lowering her back to the bed. His kisses traveled lower, across the top of her chest, moving down her cleavage. He kissed across her belly, her collar bone, the underside, sides and tops of her breasts. His tongue and lips circled around her chest, gradually getting closer to the red buds at the center. Her breath caught and her hand came up to his head as his kisses found her nipples, tongue circling first one, then the other. She pulled him back up to her, their lips meeting again.

The kissing and touching went on for an endless, wonderful eternity, before his hands once again found the elastic of her panties. Her eyes opened, and she looked deep into his eyes as she raised her hips. He slid the garment off, revealing for the first time her fully naked body.

He looked down at her, seeing her slightly puffy, red lips shimmering with moisture. He ran his fingers through the light fur that surrounded her sex, and spread her legs apart a bit more.

She tensed up again, and he said “Relax, love, I would never hurt you.”

He began kissing her all over her body, until he came to her pussy. He looked up into her eyes, and then kissed it again, this time, without the undergarment covering it. A gasp again escaped her lips, and she pressed her hips upward as his tongue traced across her lips. He pressed on, tongue going deeper, and he sucked gently on her clit. His tongue flicked back and forth, parting her lips.

Kelly writhed on the bed, moaning softly. She grabbed at his head and shoulders, and her body was wracked with a shudder as he reached up to fondle her breasts once more. Her legs clenched around him, and she gently pushed him away. “Too…too much for now,” her face a shy smile, “But, you most definitely can do more of that later.”

He drew up and kissed her, the first touch a bit hesitant, as she licked her lips and tasted herself for the first time. Kelly, emboldened by the hormones running through her, reached down and ran her finger under the waist of his boxers. “I believe that someone is still wearing too many clothes.”

She grabbed at his underpants and slid them off, his now-freed cock bouncing up to slap against his belly. Her fingers brushed it, then pulled back, as she finally saw a man naked for the first time. Matt smiled, “Go ahead,” and she reached out to stroke it, faintly at first, and then with more certainty. He hugged her, his rock hard manhood pressed between them as they kissed.

Matt laid her back down onto the sheets. Her breathing quickened as he slid his body between her legs, positioning himself. “Are you ready?” “Never more ready, ” she replied.

He placed the bare head of his member against her slick pussy, rubbing it against her lips. She closed her eyes, savoring the feeling. As his tip slowly pressed inside her, he leaned forward to kiss her.

When his cock met the resistance of her virginity, Matt opened his eyes. Kelly looked back at him, and then closed her eyes with a flinch of pain as he took her deeply. Matt didn’t move, letting her get used to him. When she opened her eyes again, smiling softly, he began to slide in and out.

Kelly breathed heavily and moaned, enjoying the new sensation of a man inside her. They both reveled at the sensation of skin on skin, her own lubrication allowing them to move freely, despite her tightness. He shuddered as he felt the texture of the inside of her pussy on the head of his penis, loving his wife even more.

After a few minutes of lovemaking, Kelly began to loosen up, and their bodies moved in unison. Matt pumped in and out of her, burying himself to the hilt, and then moving back until the tip of his cock was just inside her lips, and then back again. He moved quickly, slowly, deeply, and lightly. Kelly’s legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms scratched lightly at his back.

A tingling, building at the base of his balls, brought Matt slowly out of the reverie. Kelly gasped as her husband began taking long, fast strokes. Her eyes opened and her back arched. Soon, the tingling became a pressure, and the pressure was released as he came inside her, spurting with each erratic stroke.

He slowed, and relaxed on top of her, his now-drained member still inside her. He propped himself up on his elbow, looking into her eyes. With a flushed face, she looked back. “I love you so much.” “I love you too,” he replied.

She made a sad noise as he withdrew from her. With a grin, Matt replied “Oh, don’t worry, there will be plenty more of that in the future.”

He rolled onto his back, and she curled around him, head on his chest, and sleep rapidly took them.


The next morning, Kelly awoke first. A smile touched her lips as she remembered the previous evening, and she ran a hand across her husband’s chest. He stirred, but did not wake. Her eyes drifted below his waist, and she remembered some of the things she read online. She rubbed her fingers across his soft penis, and was surprised at how quickly it began to stiffen. With a glance to see if he was still asleep, she slid down the bed to get a closer look at his hardening manhood. She leaned in and kissed the shaft gently.

As she stroked him softly, she noticed a bead of precum forming. With a tentative lick, she tasted it, surprised at the saltiness. Emboldened, she took him into her mouth and started sucking. His dick grew even harder, filling her mouth as she bobbed.

Matt’s hips began shifting against the bed, and his eyes fluttered open. “What…oh, that’s a great way to wake up.” Kelly smiled around his cock, and redoubled her efforts.

His hand slid over and pinched her nipple, then moved down to part her thighs. His fingers found her already moist lips, and he slipped one up inside her, stirring around in her juices. A muffled moan escaped her, and when his fingers found the bud at the top of her pussy, she bore down onto this hand, her previously rhythmic sucking becoming more erratic.

As her husband touched her most intimate parts, Kelly felt a strange new sensation. She reveled in the warm, tingling tension that flooded her body. Her breathing became heavy, and she was finding it difficult to concentrate on the shaft in her mouth. It slipped out of her mouth as the muscles in her pussy contracted hard around Matt’s fingers, juices squirting out down around his hand. In the midst of her first orgasm, she collapsed onto him, her hips grinding, unleashing a loud moan.

When she recovered, she reached again for his manhood, but he had other ideas. He grabbed her about the waist and lifted her on top of him, his raging hard dick slipping easily into her dripping hole. He began thrusting upwards as she rode him, and she found herself moving in harmony. His hands grasped her breasts, molding them, pinching her nipples.

She felt him thrusting faster and faster, and soon the warmth of his cum blossomed inside her. She collapsed on top of him, and their lips met for the first time that morning. They lay there, reveling in the feel of each other’s naked body, neither willing to be the first to get up.

Matt was the first to move, standing from the bed and pulling Kelly towards the bathroom. He turned the shower on, letting the water warm up, while he kissed his bride some more.

They climbed into the shower, and Matt was thrilled by the site of the water running down his wife’s naked body. He began to shampoo her hair, watching the suds flow down her shoulders and between her tight breasts. Kelly, in turn, grabbed the body wash and began lathering up his body, rubbing the soap everywhere. As she reached the top of his legs, his cock sprung to life, and she began sliding her hand up and down the shaft. His breathing quickened, and he turned to place her against the wall, one hand bracing himself up, the other exploring her body. Soon, he came, with ropes of semen splashing against her belly.

“Whoops,” she giggled, “I guess it’s a good thing we’re in the shower, I’m a mess!”

Somehow, between the touching and the kissing, they managed to get clean, and finish their shower. After getting dressed, they packed up their things and headed downstairs. Their wedding night was over, but their honeymoon was just beginning – and neither could wait.

It was a warm summer afternoon and Aisha was out and about soliciting donations for the new mosque that was recently built in the area. She had immigrated to America from Bangladesh only a few months earlier to attend a local college and was eager to share her Muslim faith in the community.

Having led a very sheltered life, Aisha was a bit wary of Americans after all that she heard from her family, especially white males. She had heard that they were perverted and always looking to take advantage of young women. But during the time she had visited various neighborhoods, Aisha never encountered any racism or hatred…

As Aisha walked up to the last house on her list, she could see a small silver convertible sitting in the garage with its top down.

Aisha rang the door bell and got no answer. She hit the button again and was just about to walk away as the door slowly opened. A white man wearing shorts and a form fitting t-shirt emerged from inside and smiled softly.

“May I help you?” he asked.

Aisha couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was.

“Hi, my name is Aisha and I’m in your neighborhood letting people know about our new mosque that was just built down the road. We’re asking for donations as well as inviting people to come worship with us.”

The man looked up and down Aisha’s body and seemed to be paying more attention to her burqa then what she was saying about the new mosque.

“Why don’t you come inside where it’s nice and cool Miss Aisha? My name is Michael by the way.”

Aisha hesitated for a moment, since she was warned not to enter anyone’s house while soliciting donations. But this man seemed gentle and innocent enough, so she slowly walked into the house.

The decor inside was mild and understated as Aisha glanced around the cozy living room.

Michael went into the kitchen and began to pour 2 glasses of cold water. He returned and handed one to Aisha as he continued to stare at the burqa.

“So what exactly are you selling anyway?” Michael inquired.

“There is a new mosque in the area and our members are trying to raise money for a separate children’s center.”

“I see. So were you born and raised as a Muslim Aisha?”

“Yes, I come from a very strict religious family back in Bangladesh.”

“Well, good morals are important I always say.”

Michael then asked “Would you like a tour of the house? I need to go upstairs anyway to get my checkbook, so I thought I’d show you the rest of my place.”

Aisha felt uneasy about the idea of going upstairs in this strange man’s house, but he seemed nice enough and he was about to make a donation so she acquiesced.

“Sure, why not.”

As they walked up the stairs, Aisha noticed pictures along the wall of Michael and his son, and it made her feel a bit more comfortable since he appeared to be the doting father of a beautiful little boy. They continued their brief tour and then walked into the master bedroom.

Aisha looked around, admiring the large walk in closet, full of contemporary clothes that were meticulously organized. She thought it a bit odd that he was wearing clothes more suitable for teenager than a middle aged man. But then again, he was rather young and fit looking, so she didn’t pay it any mind.

Aisha took a quick glance in the bathroom and just as she walked back into the bedroom, Michael closed the door and locked it behind him.

“What are you doing?” Aisha exclaimed, sensing something sinister was going on.

Michael slowly walked towards her, looking at her body like a hungry animal.

“Did you really think I was going to give you a donation?”

Aisha began to move away from Michael and was soon backed into the corner.

“Let me go!”

Michael moved closer and soon was a mere inches away from Aisha as she began to push him back.

Michael grabbed both of her arms and pushed back against the wall.

“There’s no need to be scared, I’m not going to hurt you”, he whispered.

Michael’s hands slowly released their grip as Aisha squirmed underneath him.

“Why won’t you let me go? What do you want from me?”

Michael ignored the question and began to touch Aisha’s face, admiring its softness and warmth.

She pulled back and attempted to push his hands away.

Michael continued and soon his hands were cupping her firm young breasts.

Aisha resisted and broke free briefly and ran to the bedroom door.

She struggled to unlock it and just as she opened it, Michael was behind her and closed it abruptly. He grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed.

Aisha began to sit up and was about to stand, when Michael positioned himself in front of her, standing above her.

He began to take off his clothes and Aisha yelled “what the hell are you doing?!”

She tried to stand up, but Michael pushed her back down on the bed. As she struggled to move off the bed, Aisha noticed that Michael was now naked and his penis was standing erect. It was the first time she had seen one up close and in person, and now that she was face to face with a man’s private parts, it left her paralyzed…

Aisha looked up at Michael, pleading with him “Please let me leave.”

“Not before you give me what I want” Michael said sternly.

His words left Aisha stunned and a sense of dread quickly came over her.

“What are you going to do to me?”

Michael slowly moved in closer and stood over her with his throbbing cock just inches from her face.

Aisha looked at the strange fleshy rod that protruded from his legs. It was pink and had a mushroom shaped head, with a small hole that was leaking fluid. She noticed below his penis were 2 swollen balls in their sack, dangling underneath.

Aisha’s mind went back to science class as a child and remembered that the sperm was stored in a man’s balls, making her even more nervous as the thought of being impregnated by this strange man filled her imagination.

Aisha looked at Michael and said meekly “No man has ever touched me before, I’m still a virgin.”

He knelt down in front of her and said in a firm voice “you have no choice.”

Soon Michael was moving his hard shaft towards her mouth and Aisha turned her head to avoid touching it. Michael put his hand on her head to hold her still and pushed his cock against her lips.

Aisha closed her lips, holding her breath as she tried her best not to let his cock enter her mouth. But she soon ran out of breath and as she opened her mouth, Michael quickly pushed his cock inside. The warm flesh filled Aisha’s small mouth, making her gag as she tried to pull away.

Michael knelt down on the floor and gently held Aisha’s face in his hands, looking tenderly into her eyes.

“My sweet Aisha, today you will become a woman, and I will be your teacher.”

She was left paralyzed by his tenderness and the burning sensation deep in her loins that he created.

Michael stood back up and this time Aisha gently touched his penis, stroking it like a new pet. She admired the warmth and firmness emanating from the shaft as it began to throb in her hand.

Aisha slowly took it in her mouth, inch by inch, then softly kissed the spongy cock head. She moved her other hand to Michael’s nut sack and fondled them as she looked up at him while she sat on the edge of the bed. Aisha soon felt a sense of pride as she realized how much this strange man was enjoying her mouth.

Michael then put both his hands on the back of her head and began to slide his cock in and out of Aisha’s mouth as her hands instinctively fell to her side.

As Michael’s swollen cock continued to explore Aisha’s virgin mouth, her silk hijab kept slipping down from her head. Michael pulled it up gently, more out of his desire to maintain this taboo fantasy than to allow Aisha a measure of dignity. After a few minutes of discomfort, she began to relax and soon was able to take most of it deep into her throat.

Michael moaned with pleasure as she sucked eagerly like a hungry baby in need of milk. She felt a strange sensation between her legs as she continued to devour Michael’s cock. Her pussy was becoming wet and her mind was spinning as the situation grew more out of control. Michael’s cock began to twitch as he was nearing his climax, with Aisha beginning to deep throat him furiously.

With his cock firmly planted all the way in Aisha’s mouth, Michael groaned loudly as he felt a powerful orgasm overtake him.

“You’re gonna make me cum!”

Aisha could feel the cock swell in her mouth and before she knew what was happening, thick streams of hot cum flooded her throat.

She tried to pull away, but Michael held her in place and emptied his balls completely in her mouth. Aisha had no choice but to swallow his thick load, and after gagging at first was able to take all of his juices down into her belly.

She looked up at Michael, his face flushed with pleasure then proceeded to wipe the remaining sperm off her lips and chin.

Michael regained his senses then looked down at Aisha “Thank you for a perfect blowjob.”

Aisha assumed that he was done with her and tried to get off the bed, but Michael grabbed her arm and pulled at her burqa.

“I’m not done with you little girl.”

Aisha protested, saying “No man is allowed to see me naked, except my future husband.”

Michael paid her no mind as he smiled and began to slowly remove her burqa.

“You don’t have any choice Aisha, I’m going to do with you whatever I want.”

Aisha tried to resist, but was not strong enough to prevent him from removing the garment. She stood before Michael with only her bra and panties on, nervous and strangely excited about what he planned to do next.

Michael started to remove the clasp from the bra, and Aisha tried to move away in an attempt to retain what was left of her dignity. Michael pushed her onto the bed and held her down then removed the bra and panties.

Aisha yelled and kicked as her clothing was taken from her.

“Take your hands off me!”

Michael positioned himself on top of her and started to kiss around her neck and face, taking his time as he explored this new flesh.

Aisha continued to protest, but soon realized that Michael wasn’t going to be denied. She lay there and watched as this strange man gently kissed her breasts and touched her belly softly like a child. It produced feelings of lust inside her for the first time and there was nothing to compare it to. Her body felt like it was on fire, as Michael’s lips and tongue caressed every inch of her delicate frame.

He nibbled on her erect nipples and flicked his tongue back and forth, causing her to moan with pleasure.

It seemed like an eternity as this stranger’s hands and mouth explored Aisha’s tender flesh, when suddenly she felt her legs being spread open.

“Please stop, I have to save myself for marriage.”

She resisted at first out of instinct, but soon gave in to her desires and granted Michael access to her burning loins. He was gentle and paid attention to every inch of her pussy as his tongue tasted the juices that flowed from her sweet love hole.

Aisha squirmed on the sheets as waves of pleasure washed over her like a summer rainstorm. Michael began rhythmically licking and sucking at her swollen clitoris and after a few minutes of this erotic tempo, Aisha’s body began to shudder and suddenly she experienced her first orgasm.

“Oh Allah, I’m going to…”

She moaned and writhed on the bed as every fiber in her being quivered and convulsed with pleasure.

After a few moments Aisha composed herself and noticed Michael kneeling on the bed before her with his cock now fully erect again.

Aisha had heard her friends talk about sex when she lived in Bangladesh and had seen a few erotic photos online, but now that it was happening she was overwhelmed with fear and a guilty sense of excitement.

Michael lowered himself down upon Aisha and began to kiss her gently on the lips and face. His stiff cock rubbed back and forth against her wet slit as her body instinctively moved in rhythm with his.

Aisha whispered “You shouldn’t do this, I’m still a virgin” as the spongy cock head poked against the opening of her vagina.

Michael continued to massage her clitoris as her juices lubricated his manhood.

“Would you like me to stop Aisha?” Michael asked half heartedly.

“I’m supposed to remain a virgin until I get married. What will my husband say if he finds out a white man took my cherry?”

Michael resumed stroking his swollen member against her moist pussy lips, massaging her clitoris slowly as he would stop for just a second to gaze into Aisha’s warm brown eyes.

“I certainly wouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Aisha did not say anything but moaned softly as her body betrayed her better judgment. Instead of pushing Michael away, she gently grabbed his pulsing cock and guided it to the opening of her wet slit and slowly rubbed it against her lips.

Michael looked down at Aisha then kissed her softly and whispered “I need to be inside you.”

Aisha stared into Michael’s eyes and slowly pulled his throbbing cock into her dripping hole.

He kissed her gently as his member broke through the thin hymen, causing Aisha to whimper as a sharp pain coarsed through her body. Michael stopped moving and began to kiss her neck and face, in an attempt to soothe her frayed nerves and body.

Aisha soon relaxed and Michael continued sliding more of his hard cock inside her tight hole. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him passionately as her body adjusted to the invading flesh inside her.

Just as Aisha was becoming used to this new sensation, Michael pulled out of her and flipped on her onto her stomach. He smacked her plump ass cheeks and then propped up her legs so that Aisha was on all fours.

Aisha turned around to look at Michael, unsure and scared of what he was about to do next.

He slowly pushed his hard cock into her wet hole and began to stroke it gently. Within minutes Michael increased his pace and soon was pounding Aisha’s tiny pussy with reckless abandon. He smacked her ass cheeks over and over as she squealed with delight, taking every inch of his manhood deep in her womb.

Sensing that she was losing her breath, Michael slowed down and lay back on the bed. He pulled Aisha on top of him and kissed her passionately, rubbing his member against her dripping snatch. She sat down on the stiff cock and began to slowly ride him up and down to a steady rhythm. Michael reached up to kiss her ripe young breasts, sucking them furiously as he gripped her firm ass cheeks while she bounced up and down.

Soon Aisha began to feel another orgasm building and increased her pace on the cock impaling her below. Michael bucked his hips against hers in an attempt to intensify the sensation and suddenly Aisha cried out in ecstasy and the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She gripped Michael’s shoulders and held him tight as the feeling slowly subsided.

They lay still on the bed drenched in sweat and breathing heavily, the only sound being the low hum of the ceiling fan above them.

Moments later Michael walked into the bathroom and came back out with a small container in his hand.

Aisha slowly rose up on her elbows to get a better look at the tube in Michael’s hand.

“And just what is that?”

“I’ll be using this to fuck your ass.”

Her heart dropped as the words sank into her consciousness.

Michael poured a small amount of flavored lubricant in his hand then began to rub Aisha’s ass cheeks gently as she slowly turned over to offer him easier access to her bottom.

“You can’t do such a thing, it’s forbidden in our religion.”

Michael smiled and whispered sarcastically “it’s ok, I’m not a Muslim.”

Aisha met his eyes and could not bring herself to say no to this man’s advances.

Michael continued to massage her round globes of flesh and then slipped a finger into Aisha’s asshole.

She moaned and flinched as Michael slowly stroked her virgin hole. Aisha soon relaxed and began to give in to the overwhelming feeling of lust permeating through her flesh.

Just as Aisha became accustomed to having a finger probe her tender ass, Michael pulled her to the edge of the bed and turned her over. He positioned himself on top of Aisha with his cock resting between her plump ass cheeks. It slid back and forth in the crack, as Aisha moaned beneath Michael.

“Please be gentle” Aisha whimpered.

Soon the bulbous cock head began to poke at the entrance of Aisha’s asshole and she squirmed beneath Michael, trying to get away. He held her hips steady and slowly pushed his hard cock into her virgin ass.

She let out a muffled cry as the head penetrated the opening to her ass and slowly swallowed up an inch of his shaft.

Michael pulled Aisha up and soon she was on all fours with her plump ass spread wide, almost inviting his cock to invade her. He continued to push more of his stiff meat into her ass and within moments had buried himself deep in her bowels.

Michael slowed down his pace, admiring such an erotic sight, this innocent young girl naked on the bed being fucked in the ass by a strange white man. Michael stroked his cock back and forth, going as deep as he could inside Aisha’s tight hole, savoring every inch of her virgin ass.

Aisha began to claw at the bedsheets as she took his throbbing meat balls deep. Michael sensed her discomfort and turned her on her side. He placed his cock head at the entrance to her asshole and their eyes met as it slowly entered. Michael softly kissed her and began to rub her clitoris, maintaining a steady rhythm of long strokes in her tight ass.

Michael began to aggressively spank Aisha’s plump ass cheeks as his cock thoroughly reamed out her tender hole.

“Just look at you Aisha, you dirty little Muslim slut. Taking a white man’s big cock deep in your virgin ass.”

Hearing those words confirmed what Aisha had been feeling since Michael first touched her earlier. And now she was determined to make him cum whether he was ready to or not.

“You must feel pretty good about yourself, taking an innocent Muslim girl’s virginity huh? All you are is a dirty old man who wants to defile young girls tight holes and fill them with cum.”

Aisha shocked herself as the vulgar words spewed out of her wanton mouth.

“So then empty your balls inside me. I want you to cum inside my ass. Give me your cum Michael” Aisha teased.

Her words sent Michael over the edge and it wasn’t long before he felt a familiar tingling in his aching balls. With one final thrust of his stiff cock going balls deep, he exploded inside her virgin asshole. Michael let out a groan and gripped Aisha’s ass cheeks firmly as his cock spasmed repeatedly, squirting hot cum deep within her bowels.

Aisha remained still, milking every drop of his sticky seed in her dirty little hole. She moaned softly as the cock suddenly popped out of her sore asshole, leaving it agape and leaking warm juices down her ass cheek.

Michael then fell back off her and lay on the bed, gasping for breath.

Aisha turned over to stare at the ceiling, ashamed for letting this strange white man violate all of her sacred holes and yet proud of herself for pleasing him in the most intimate way.

Michael regained his composure and turned to face Aisha as she pulled the covers over her naked flesh. “Thank you Aisha” he said, then smiled as he planted kisses all over her face.

They held each other close, lost in the moment and enjoyed the afterglow of an unexpectedly erotic afternoon…

This is my first time writing on Literotica. I would like to thank you for reading this in advance. Also, if you want hardcore sex, I’m sorry to say it will not be in this chapter. There’s more story in here than sex but stay tuned, for the next chapter gets hot!

INFO/DISCLAIMER: No characters in the story that engage in sexual activities is under the age of 18.


The world is run by rich industrialists and businessmen. It would seem like the world had dropped back to the 1900s where the rich controls everything while everyone bows down to their dominion. It is the year 2021 and the world was at peace, even if it was a strained one. The rich and powerful had many vices: drugs, alcohol, sex to name the main three. While they do maintain the law and order, they also satisfied themselves to the extreme.

It wasn’t uncommon to see in the news about a rich man overtaxing his body with beers and woman and was hospitalized because his kidneys were failing. You might have been wondering, where are they getting all this women from? No, it is not slavery. Rather, the world’s countries each supply a percentage of 18 year old girls and boys (even rich women need some pleasure) to attend a 3 year long course in a private island school on the arts of sexual pleasure and obedience. Every year, this school will produce hundreds of thousands of experts that will be employed by the rich. It is in this world that Anabelle Tan Shun Xi (pronounced Shoon Si), an 18 year old Asian, lives in.

Anabelle was the third generation in her family to be born in America. Her great-grandparents had moved there when they were able to run away to the US during the revolutions in China. They lived in California just like every other Chinese immigrants had during that time and thus established their business there. They were modest inn keepers during their time but by Anabelle’s parents time, it was a booming business with chains of inns all over the Pacific coast and even one branch in Hawaii. The family was however very conservative and despite three generations exposed to Western culture and liberalism, they still had a very traditional mindset. They still had preference to having a baby boy than a baby girl. When Anabelle was born in 2003, her father was displeased but was consoled at the point that he had a chance to enter his daughter into the “school” when she was of age and become rich from that. So he named her Anabelle, Latin for loving, and Shun Xi which sounds harmless but it means to suck. Thus in combination, her name becomes love to suck. He was a particularly major male chauvinist and believe that women were just for running the household and for sex. Her mother, who’s grandmother was an American, was more liberal and did her best for her daughter. Anabelle also had a brother, who was born in 1996.

Thus at her high school graduation, she was sitting in her chair in the auditorium with a stunned expression. She had been sitting there for hours, even after the ceremony was over and everyone was long gone because she had hoped against being drafted into the School that she had heard so much bad things about. Being brought up in a conservative environment at home, she was quite the innocent and prudish girl. Her exposure to sex came from accidentally seeing her father fuck her mother in the kitchen when she was 8. She only knew how to masturbate because her friends had taught her. She only left the auditorium when it was beginning to get dark. As she left the place, she threw her graduation robes into the laundry bins placed outside the girl’s changing room. She had changed back into her jeans and t-shirt though for most of the day, she wore a black dress that had fitted her curves well. She didn’t have a bubble butt but it still drew many guys attention whenever she wore shorts or tight jeans (though it wasn’t often due to her father’s supervision). Her breasts were large contrary to popular believes that Asians had small breast. She had a 28C breast, though her mother’s American genes might have been the contributing factor. She also had a sharper nose as compared to most Asian girls in her school though she looked mostly Asian with jet black hair and dark brown eyes thus giving her a very exotic look.

As she walked the lonely dark streets in the cold, she regretted not having a jacket as the night only brought chilly wind. Once she reached home, her father welcomed her at the front door though he was furious she was late. He told her to eat up her dinner before he sent her to the airport that very night. This was too much for Anabelle and she started crying. This man was supposed to be her protector but instead, she was being thrown off far away like garbage. He withheld his screaming rage and slowly walked back into the house. Anabelle ate her last dinner without much enthusiasm while her mom had no appetite for anything as she looked at Ana with sad eyes. Once their dinner was done, her father led them out to the car and drove them to the airport. No one was sending her off as all her friends were busy having a party for graduation, so she was surprised when she saw one of her best friends at the airport.

“Liz, what are you doing here?”

“Well Ana, I’ve been wanting to tell you but I couldn’t bring myself to tell you that I was enlisted to the School. What are you doing here?” said Elizabeth Lee, a short, hot Asian American cheerleader as she noticed the luggage behind Ana. “Oh my, not you too?”

“Yes, me too,” said Ana as she hung her head in sadness.

“Ana, come back here and say goodbye to your family!” heard Ana from far off as her father beckoned her.

Ana slowly said her farewell to everyone, especially her mother as she was sad and scared of being away from her mom. Her grandfather told her that she will make the family proud, a rare thing to hear from him to any of the family. Her brother promised to excel at his work in running the inns now that she wasn’t there to cover for him. Lastly, her father pulled her to a corner when she said her farewells to him.

“Ana, I know I have been harsh for this many years. And now, I am regretting that rash decision I had made in the past for signing you up for this. No parents should be doing this and I am sorry. I have failed you as a father and as a man,” said her father as a lone tear ran down from his left eye to his cheeks.

Ana was stunned at her father’s confession. She never saw him as a being capable of saying he was wrong. Shocked, she replied with tears, “It is okay, dad. What is done is done. There’s no turning back and we have to just move onward. I will do my best there.”

“That is what I am afraid.”


The flight was uneventful though Ana heard an African American guy had fucking one of the air stewardess in the toilet. When tshe had landed, the airport was filled with people from all across the world. They were transported to campus on buses. Everything seemed quite normal to Ana and her hopes that it was normal rised. She was assigned to a room that was quite spacious with two bunk beds. Ana got the bottom bed and it was situated next to the window. She had three roommates from different countries. They were from various countries. They were from Japan, France and Vietnam. They were all freshmen and had no idea what was installed for them the next day. As Ana was a virgin, she had to go see a doctor on the next day for a rigorous check-up while her friends attended classes. This all seemed like a normal university to her and as she fell asleep in her bed, she thought it wasn’t so bad.

Her hopes were dashed as she woke up to the sound of moaning and grunting. When she looked out the window, she saw many people out on the lawn having sex. Some were nude, some just dropped their pants only but they were all doing the same thing. Hard, rough fucking. Ana became afraid of leaving her room but the supervisor for their corridor, a blonde senior named Mary turned them out. She told them not to be afraid and this was common practice in here. She explained that everyone was given supplements to take that increased their metabolism and also contained chemicals similar to morning-after pills. The increased metabolism and aphrodisiacs inside makes people horny and energetic. The people outside were just having sex because they had to contain their libido when they were back at home for the month long holiday. Now, they were free to release she said as she slowly masturbated through her skirt.

Ana rushed to the campus clinic and tried to ignore the debauchery happening around her. As she approached it, she noticed a bunch of guys having a circle jerk on a girl. The blonde girl wasn’t small but the guys towered over her, possibly football jocks. Ana watched in fascination as they sprayed her with ropes after ropes of cum, splashing all over her tits and face and getting stuck in her hair. As she had stopped to watch, a guy approached her from the back and tried to take off her tight jeans. His cock was erect and rubbing all over her jeans’ backside, leaving trails of cum. She struggled against him, trying to prevent herself from being fucked in front of all this people. Luckily, two of the jocks came over and pulled him off. The blonde girl, still covered in cum, came over to Ana. “I can see you’re new. I’m Olivia and under other circumstances, I would shake your hand,” said Olivia as she gestured at her cum stained hand. “You can thank Rodrigue and Peter for saving you,” she drawled in her French accent as both guys did an over dramatic bow.

Ana giggled like an elementary school girl as she noticed their cocks swinging around when they made the bow before flushing red when she realized what she had just seen and did. She ran into the clinic after that.


“So Anabelle, you never had sex before?”

“Yes, sir, I’m still a virgin,” replied Ana meekly as she sat naked in front of the young doctor before her.

“Never masturbated?”

“No, sir, I do it once in awhile.”

“Let me check on this,” said the doc as he pulled on some gloves. Doctor Connor then attached some equipment to Ana to monitor her heart rate and pulse as well as to see how horny and close she was to orgasm. He then dipped his gloves in some sort oil containing aphrodisiac. He put his left hand on top of her pubes as she had held her legs tightly shut. He let the liquid drip and seep in between her legs while his right hand tried to pry her arms away from her chest. When she was distracted and her legs loosened a bit, Dr. Connor immediately tried to rub her clit but was pushed away by Ana. In resignation, Dr. Connor called Cathy the redheaded nurse in. Together, they managed to subdue the feisty Asian girl and strap her to the chair (something like the one’s you’ll see in a gynae’s clinic) with her young pussy exposed. It was slightly moist as the liquid was doing its job of arousing her. Dr. Connor slowly rubbed both her nipples till they were both hard. She was squirming and squealing at this new sensation, becoming more and more aroused. Dr. Connor teased her clit now exposed clit as her pussy continue getting wetter and wetter.

When she was practically dripping, he inserted his fingers one by one till she was accustomed to having two of his fingers inside her wet pussy. He slowly fingered her while licking and sucking her clit. Despite being extremely aroused, Ana was horrified and ashamed a man she did not know was touching her privates and even licking them! She tried to protest against his treatment but her protests fell to deaf ears. She was also feeling something she had never felt before: being pleasured by someone else. She was starting to enjoy Dr. Connor’s fingers as they deftly worked their way inside her pussy and his mouth that was bringing her to heaven as its tongue flicked across her clit. She started feeling lightheaded, as if she was soaring through the cloud when her whole body convulsed and shaked. Her pussy exploded in pleasure as she orgasmed into Dr. Connor’s face. She was on cloud nine, ignorant of what was happening as she squirted all over Dr. Connor. When her orgasm subsided and she was back to earth, she heard him say, “Yes, yes. Very healthy female. Powerful orgasms too. And very, very fuckable. Nurse Cathy, please come in.”

Nurse Cathy wondered why did the doc sounded angry as she reentered the room. “You gave me an incomplete file. She was a squirter and the file said nothing about it. For that, I’ll extend your punishment by another week. I’ll punish you right here!”


I will leave the story at this point and I hoped you enjoyed it. Come back next time for part 2

On an unseasonably cold Halloween Night, I was walking along the road, trying to get to my friend’s house where a party was being held. The party was in honor of the fact that I had just purchased my first house and everyone was happy because finally the old General’s house would have someone living in it. I had always loved that old house, and I had always said that I would buy it some day. I never really believed that I would have the opportunity to do it though.

When I rounded the corner I found, to my dismay, that there was a huge crowd at my friend’s house. I was told that it was just going to be a small affair, but I guess I was mistaken. Before I can retreat and leave though I am grabbed and brought further into the melee. My friend spots me and comes over right away.

“I am so sorry! This was just supposed to be a small gathering, and then we were going to go over to your new place, but when everyone heard that you had bought the General’s old place, they all wanted to come. If you would like to not have everyone at your place, that is very understandable.”

I look around at the huge gathering and mentally shrug my shoulders. “I understand. My new house has been the neighborhood’s eerie, creepy place since anyone can remember. I am just glad that I was able to buy it and get it fixed up so quickly. Just let me run home and get some things put out. If you want to come by at about 9:00, that would be great. I would love to show off the house.”

“Mira…Everyone says that the place is haunted. Have you seen anything yet?” I laugh and shake my head. “There is a story that if a lady is alone there on Halloween, the General comes to visit her. He is looking for the witch that put the curse on him that gives him eternal youth, on Halloween and only on Halloween. It is said that if he can find her and make love to her, then he will be able to stay a young man and not return to the grave at the end of the night.”

“Honestly, do you really believe in that? Just for that, I, a virgin, will stay there tonight and see if the General actually does come. If he does, I hope that he’s in full uniform.”

“Mira! How can you talk like that? I know that you are a virgin, but are you serious about staying there all night alone?”

“What is different about tonight than any other night? I have spent plenty of nights there alone and I have seen or experienced nothing. I am hoping that tomorrow morning will bring a changed lady to light. I am tired of being the last virgin in the area. I would love it if he would come and make me woman full and true.” I can see that my friend is truly shocked at what I just said, but it is the truth. I am tired of still being a virgin. Maybe the General can take care of the problem tonight. Turning from my friend I make for the nearest door and exit the madhouse that is the party that she is hosting.

I practically run back to my house. When I get back I notice that there is a light on in the bedroom that I do not remember leaving on. Quickly I run up the stairs to the second floor. As I open the door to the bedroom, a part of me notices that it is not the electric light that is on, but an oil lamp that I left next to my bed. That wasn’t the surprising part though. There was a young gentleman sitting on the end of the bed in period clothes. As I enter the room, he looks up at me.

“Please tell me that you are the one that I have been searching for.” His voice has a wonderful soft Southern drawl to it that just makes my knees weak.

“I hope that I am. I have heard stories of the General. Are you him?”

“I am.”

“Then please, do what you will to me and see if I am the one that you are searching for. I would have you make me a woman tonight, Sir.”

“You are a virgin?”


“Then come. Let us make love and see if you are indeed the witch that has placed this curse on me.”

“What must I do?”

Standing, he walks over to me and gently pulls me into the room further. Quickly he helps me out of my clothing and lays me down on the bed. “Just lay there and I shall do the deed. Spread your legs for me and I shall come to you. Close your eyes for I would not have you fearful of me. I am quite large for a virgin, and the last one was a terrible experience for she saw me and grew scared. I would have this be a night of pleasure, not a night of rape.” Laying back on the bed I notice that he is a very good looking young man. The last thought I have before I close my eyes is that I feel so removed from what is going on. It almost feels like I am just a spectator watching all of this happen.

I feel the bed dip under his weight and then I feel his body cover mine. When I feel his manhood between my legs I sigh in pleasure. He is very large, but I somehow know that he will be gentle with me. As he presses it into me I feel it enter me and somehow I know that I am going to be the one that he has been searching for. Tearing my virginity apart as he enters is a feeling of relief and I cry out in pleasure. Pulling out he rams back into me. I now understand why my friends have been after me for so long to at least have an affair. Every time he presses into me it is like fireworks going off in my head.

Suddenly he stops. With a cry I see a shimmer form around him and he falls down on top of me. When he presses himself up I see a difference in him. Immediately I know that the curse has been lifted. A look of wonder is on his face.

“I cannot remember when I felt actually alive! Thank you my virgin!” With that he pulls out, only to slam into me harder than he did before. With each thrust he gets harder and more intense until finally he stops inside of me. I can feel him erupting as I reach my first mind-shattering orgasm. Pulling out he rolls over to the side and lays there breathing very heavily. “My Lady! How can I ever thank you for what you have done for me? I am now free of the curse and free to live the rest of my life.”

Wouldn’t you know it? At that moment there is a knock on the door. “Oh my! I forgot! My friends were coming over to see the house! I have nothing ready!”

“My Lady, I would help you. Please tell me what you require of me.”

Frantically I think for a minute. “Go down and let them in. Tell them I will be down in a minute as I am just finishing my costume. If you would go into the kitchen and find the veggie tray I’ll be down before you have to put anything else out. Thank you so much!” Quickly I turn back to him as he gets ready to leave the room. “By the way, what is your name?”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. My name is Jeremiah. I shall do as you have requested.” With a slight bow he is out the door and I hear him going down the stairs.

Quickly I get into the dress that I had set aside to wear tonight. It is a period dress and will look very nice with Jeremiah’s uniform. Thankfully it is very easy to get into. In just a couple of minutes I am exiting my room and walking down the central staircase. Looking down I see Jeremiah talking with my friend Becky. Hurrying down the final few steps I reach out for Becky and bring her into the kitchen with me.

“Becky! You were right! It was awesome. He’s the General.” I knew that my friend would be shocked, and I was right. “I know that I said that didn’t believe in ghosts, but after tonight, well I have no reason not to. He was awesome! It was amazing to see the curse be lifted from him and feel him become, well, normal.”

“Are you saying that he already fucked you?” I nod my head. “Wow! He works quick. Tell me, was it any good having sex with a ghost?”

I grin at my best friend. “It was wonderful! He was wonderful. Now, though, I don’t know what I am going to do with him. He is human again, so I am not sure how to proceed.”

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I see Jeremiah come to the door of the kitchen. From the look on his face I can tell that he wants something. “Yes, Jeremiah?”

“Can I see you alone for a moment?”

I turn to my friend. “Becky, can you put out the munchies? I’ll be back in a minute.” Becky nods and we go into a back room that I have made into a guest room.

Throwing me down onto the bed, he quickly loosens his pants and throws my dress up to my waist. “My Lady, please, I feel that I need to make love to you again. I feel so different than I have the past nights that I have materialized. Please, let me.” From the urgency in his voice I can tell that he is, indeed, scared that something will go wrong and he will return to the grave at the end of the night.

“Jeremiah, Sir, you may.” With those few words spoken he rams himself into me and kisses me hard at the same time. Very quickly I can feel him cumming in me and I know that by morning I am going to be very sore.

Very soon we are back out to my guests and I am giving them the tour of the renovations that I have made. When we get to the backyard I notice that there are about ten other Civil War costumed men milling about. One of them, upon seeing Jeremiah, saluted and proceeded past us. I guess that in helping him come back to life I have helped others in his unit as well.

After everyone has left, Jeremiah calls the rest of his men together and talks to them for a few minutes. Before coming to me I can see that he is telling them to wait for his signal.

“My Lady, I am afraid to say that even though you have helped me get my life back, I do not even know your name.”

I chuckle, for that thought had occurred to me as well. “I am Mira. My parents had a very interesting streak in them. I was born on Halloween, and my mother decided to name me after the one lady in her past that everyone considered a witch.” I shrug. “Maybe I am a bit of a witch if I was able to bring you back to life.”

“Thank you, Miss Mira. I assume that by now you have figured out that these are my men. Unfortunately they have the same curse upon them, with one difference. They were cursed by the same witch. After I have become human again, they have but that night to fuck the same woman to become real as well. If they do not before the sun rises, then they are doomed for eternity to walk the graveyard where they are buried.”

“So, Jeremiah, you are telling me that before the sunrise I will be fucked by ten more men?” I have to stop and think about this. Do I really want to be fucked that many times in one night? “Have them come upstairs one at a time. You must be there though to make sure that your men do not get out of control.” What am I doing? Am I out of my mind? In 5 hours I will be fucked by ten ghosts that will turn into real men. Then what do I do with them? I am insane.

“Miss Mira, I know that some of these men will want to fuck you in the ass. Would you have a problem with that?” Stunned, I never thought that they would really do that, I look over at Jeremiah. “If you would like, I could go first and get you ready for that, for I have witnessed it being done and I can tell you that it does hurt the lady until she is use to it.”

Quickly I think about it. “No, Jeremiah, but thank you. I would just rather have them come and get it done. Please bring the first gentleman with you, as I will be ready in a couple of minutes. Bring them to the back bedroom on the first floor though. That one is the guest room.” Turning, I walk back into the house and go directly into the bedroom to take off my clothes. Taking a deep breath I do not hear Jeremiah come in behind me.

“Mira, thank you. You do not know how much it means to me, knowing that my men will finally have the curse lifted from them as well.” Putting his hands on my shoulders he can feel me trembling. “If this gets to be to much for you, then I will stop it. You do not know how much I hate to ask this of you, for I can tell that you are, in fact, a lady. You should not have to do this.”

Turning towards him I rest my head momentarily on his shoulder. “When you get to know me better, you will find that once I have said that I will do something, I will do it. How should I be positioned for the first one?”

Without giving it a single thought he tells me to get on my hands and knees. “That way, as soon as one has been freed of the curse, the next one can come in. For the ones that enjoy the ass, that is the best position for them as well.” He motions for the first one to come in. “Here is Obadiah. He is my right hand man. I could do nothing with out him. There were many times after a battle that he would find me and patch me up.”

I feel someone grab my hips and before he can slam is cock into me I hear Jeremiah tell him to take it easy. “But, Sir! Isn’t she the witch whore that put that curse on us?”

“Obadiah, she was a virgin before I took her. Be easy on her.”

“Yes, Sir.” With that he presses into me and I have to groan as I feel his manhood go all the way in. Before I can get use to it though he is pounding in to me over and over again. Without looking at him I can see the shimmer and I know that his curse has been lifted. Jeremiah must have done something, because before I feel him cum he pulls out. Breathing heavily he backs away. “Thank you, my Lady. You have given me back my life.” With that he straightens out his clothes and leaves the room.

Before the next one can come in Jeremiah comes over and sits on the floor by me. “I thought I should warn you. The next one is known to be a little rough and to not pay any attention when the girl is screaming. He is also one that like to put it in the ass.”

“Thank you for the warning. Hopefully I won’t be screaming, but don’t worry. I can take it. Please, just be here for me, that’s all I can ask right now.” Without any warning I feel two hands on my hips and a manhood pressing against an opening that I never thought to be anything other than an exit. I gasp at the sheer size of this manhood, for it feels larger than anything I had imagined.

“Mira, just relax.” Looking at the man behind me he admonishes him to be gentle with me. “I am right here, Mira. I will not leave you.” I feel this huge manhood press against me and I can feel the pain start. “Just breathe, My Lady, and soon it will be done.” Harder and harder he presses against me, and just when I think that he is to big and it won’t fit I feel it slip inside. With a scream I tense up and pull forward. “Timothy, stop! Give her a minute.” I shake my head and Jeremiah tells him to continue. Pulling almost all the way out he shoves himself back in hard and I bite down so that I won’t scream. Harder and harder he rams himself into me until I see the now familiar shimmer. With a cry he pulls out and leaves.

As I am trying to catch my breath, I look over at Jeremiah and I can see that this is not easy for him to watch. Finally I get the chance to ask what I have noticed. “Why are they not cumming in me as you did? Is that not part of the lifting of the curse?”

“My Lady, none of the men will spill their seed into you in case you are to become pregnant this night. They want to have the knowledge that the child is mine.” Pregnant? I hadn’t even thought about that. Stunned, I do not feel the next man come in until he is pressing into me. For the rest of the time, I am in shock. I do not hear anything that is said between Jeremiah and his men until I feel another manhood pressing against my ass. “My Mira, are you back with me? I know that you have been in shock, but please come back to me. This is the last man, and he is wondering if he may fuck you hard. The sun is almost rising, My Lady.”

I look back and I see this young man standing behind me. He had to be just in his early 20′s. “Fuck me hard and make me scream.” That is all that he needed to hear. Slamming into me he tears a scream out of me. “Yes! Fuck me harder!” Pain swirls around me almost like a mist until I see the shimmer and I know that he made it and he is a real person now as well. Quickly he pulls out. I never see Jeremiah lean forward to catch me as I fall to the ground.

Gently he picks me up and places me on the bed. His men all come into the room and look down at me as for a moment I transform into the witch that cursed them and then I am back to myself. Gently, one of the men picks up the comforter that is folded on the end of the bed and places it over my ravaged body. As they watch, a shimmer comes over me and they hear the witch’s voice: “Because she has been the one and has helped you all, she will only suffer the effects of the General. It will be as if none of you had fucked her this night.” With that, the curtains flutter at the window and all is still. Filing out of the room the men take one last look at me and then at their General and they all know that he loves me. They all go out onto the porch and watch the first sunrise that they had seen in many years.

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