female submissive

Lloyd’s Angel: Doing Susan

January 1962

Dinner broke up with a round of “good-nights” and soon Susan and I were walking back across the campus. The two of us strolled quietly for a block, watching our breath steam in the chill night air, while a new round of snowflakes fluttered down past the streetlights.

“Whose idea was the ketchup?” Susan asked after we turned onto a less populated street. Her tone had hints of both resignation and humor, but apparently no anger.

“Alexandra’s. She thought something you weren’t expecting would be more useful.” I was honest enough to assign credit for a clever idea, and not chivalrous enough to take the fall for it if she was really upset. “Tell me about it while it’s fresh in your mind,” I suggested, genuinely curious.

“She’s going to come to a bad end,” Susan muttered, then shook her head. “I knew something was up as soon as I’d put it on my burger. I looked at the fries with that bottle in my hand, and I could feel my mouth water. But I knew I hated ketchup on fries!”

We passed another house before she resumed talking, giving me a chance to reflect on what she’d said. It seemed we had another piece of hard evidence that my ability was real, and that it was trickier to use than I’d thought.

“Finally, I just had to try one,” Susan admitted. “It was really weird.”

“Yeah, I saw your face. You didn’t like it after all?”

“Honestly, it’s confusing. It tasted exactly like I expected, but…” Susan shrugged. “It was like half my brain was saying, ‘you hate this,’ and the other half was saying, ‘this tastes great!’ I’m not sure what to think.”

“Wow,” I said, and blew out a large cloud of steam. “Would you eat them again?”

She thought on it awhile. “I think so,” Susan finally replied. “I think maybe I’d just need to get out of the habit of not liking it, if that makes any sense.”

“About as much as any of the rest of it,” I mused, pondering the ramifications. “Alexandra will be fascinated, I’m sure.”

I sensed more than saw Susan roll her eyes. “She has a low sense of humor, even if food was one of the things we agreed to test. Would you like to come up?”

Startled, I realized we’d reached the student apartment where she lived. “Won’t that be a problem? I thought you had a roommate.”

Susan laughed. “Yelena? Not on a Friday evening — I should introduce her to Danny, but I’m not ready to completely ruin her reputation! We’re not supposed to have boys in after hours, but the other girls sneak them in all the time.”

“Okay, if we won’t get in trouble.”

“No more trouble than you deserve! Just wait over there by the side door and I’ll be back in a minute.” She surprised me with a quick kiss and hurried in the front. I meandered over to the side of the building, following the path worn in the snow; I barely had time to look around before Susan had opened the door and dragged me inside. She led me up the back stairs to the second floor and down the hall, passing another girl who only smiled.

Susan let us into her room and I looked around for a moment while she rummaged in a dresser before producing a bobby sock. “Do not disturb,” she explained, pulling it over the doorknob before closing and locking the door. Some of the thoughts that had been running idly though my head over the past few minutes came into sharper focus.

We took off our coats, but instead of hanging them in the closet, Susan dropped hers on the floor and started unfastening her sweater. I presumed my coat ended up on the floor too, but I wasn’t paying attention to it. It turned out my earlier guess had been correct; there was nothing under the sweater except nubile female flesh.

“I do have nice boobs, don’t I?” Susan asked, presenting herself confidently for inspection.

“Oh yeah,” I agreed, urgently hard. Thoughts of Alexandra didn’t so much disappear as move aside as I admired the attractive and half-naked young woman before me. I needed physical relief, and I wanted to fuck her in the worst way.

“They’re bigger than Yelena’s,” Susan boasted, but I cut her off with an aggressive kiss. She opened her mouth almost immediately and our tongues probed against each other. I’m sure she felt my cock as clearly as I did her tits. We broke apart and almost in unison began shedding our clothes. Susan had a head start, but I didn’t have hose to deal with, so we finished in a dead heat.

I thought I read lust in her expression, but Susan turned away from me and started rummaging in one of the dressers, mumbling something under her breath. A little disappointed, I followed her delectable ass and wrapped my arms around her from behind, grinding my rigid tool against the small of her back. “Lloyd!” she squeaked, squirming in my embrace; she had a condom package in one hand.

I felt like a heel for not thinking of the risks, but my remorse quickly was buried beneath my rising anticipation and physical desire. My grip tightened and I lofted Susan onto the nearby bed, smiling at her surprised shriek. “Sssh!” I told her, and knelt on the bed to straddle her as she lay on her back.

Susan looked at my cock, jutting towards her face, and I wondered if she might squeeze it between her tits or even take it in her mouth. Instead, she tore open the packet and started rolling the condom down my penis; apparently she was as eager to reach home base as I was. I trailed my fingers up her flanks to her nipples, watching them stiffen beneath my touch.

As soon as the condom was in place, I crab walked backwards until I was between her legs. I wasn’t the world’s most experienced lover, but even I realized we hadn’t done much in the way of foreplay. I probed her bush gently with a finger, thinking I shouldn’t be too selfish, but Susan was already wet and pulling at my arms.

“Oh, just get inside me, hurry!” she moaned.

No man alive, and certainly not me, was going to pass up a request like that from a beautiful girl. I lined up and started easing myself into her molten pussy; about half-way in, Susan got her legs around mine and pulled me the rest of the way into her in a rush. At that point, my remaining self-control vanished and I started rutting into her like a jackhammer. It had been awhile since I’d been with a girl and Susan felt way better than my hand, even with the condom in the way.

She made the most erotic little moans and gasps, as if she were trying to remain quiet but just couldn’t hold them in. Her eyes were open, but must have been focused about 100 feet above the roof of the building.

I came embarrassingly quickly, like I was still eighteen or something, and collapsed momentarily atop Susan. Regretfully, I wriggled free before I deflated and lost the bulging condom inside her. My libido was still stuck in overdrive, even if my penis needed a break, and I didn’t think Susan had orgasmed yet. Settling myself beside her, I started fingering her dripping crevice. At the same time I was physically stimulating her, I tried to will her to orgasm.

It took a few minutes, but I could see something was working because her nipples were hard like rocks and her knuckles were white where they gripped the bedspread. Suddenly Susan gasped and arched her body completely off the bed while a scream tore itself from her throat. I’d never seen a girl so abandoned, and I didn’t think it was an act. My cock was hardening again at the sight of her.

Susan’s eyes focused on my face and she brushed a sweaty lock of hair off her forehead. “My gosh, Lloyd, I’ve never felt so wanton,” she whispered hoarsely. A slow smile spread across her face when a questing hand found my firm tool. “Come here, you.”

I thought she might want to fuck again, but she pulled on me, leading me by my cock until I was straddling her once more. Susan stripped off the condom and cast it aside, then pressed her breasts together around my now-rigid organ. “Do they feel as good as they look?” she asked me.

“Better,” I assured her. My slick flesh easily slid back and forth against hers. It wasn’t the same as fucking her, but without the condom in the way, the sensation was intense, and the view was even better. I’d heard about tit-fucking, but never done it before now. It was exciting to be doing it, and even more exciting to think I might have influenced Susan to do it.

It was ungracious, but I had a sudden flash of Alexandra squeezing her tits around my cock. The thought was enough to make me shudder and jet warm spunk onto Susan’s neck and chin. She jerked but couldn’t avoid either the initial blast or the follow-on emissions that dripped stickily onto her chest.

“Eeww, Lloyd,” she complained, evidently as unpracticed in these matters as I. “Come on, get off me!”

I backed off, but slowly, letting a few last drops spatter her belly. I felt like a dog marking his territory, and thought hard about Susan massaging my cum into her flushed skin.

Susan appeared to be oblivious to my thoughts. “Can you get me something?” she asked, sitting up. Some of my spend had already dripped onto the pillow, and now the rest was trailing slowly down her body — a truly erotic sight.

I looked about for a moment before catching sight of her panties lying on the floor with the rest of our clothing. “Here,” I said, stooping to retrieve them, “I think it’s your turn to ruin a pair.”

She gave me a dirty look before laughing and accepting them. “We don’t seem to do a very good job of planning, do we?” she asked, mopping up the worst of the mess. Susan looked doubtfully at the spots on the pillow.

“Lick it up!” I thought while managing to get out a simple verbal, “no.” My hopes rose as Susan used a finger to remove most of the excess, but she merely cleaned it on the panties and flipped the pillow so the spots were on the bottom.

She shrugged. “Oh, well. I’m pretty sure Yelena’s done worse to me.”

“What?” I asked, not getting it.

“This is Yelena’s bed,” Susan explained. “You don’t think I’m the kind of girl who keeps condoms in her dresser, do you?”

I took in her naked body, topped with tousled hair and gleaming here and there with the residue of my orgasm, and thought she looked exactly like that kind of girl. I felt an urge to do her again, but my penis didn’t look like it was up to the challenge. Yet.

Susan read the answer in my expression and flushed slightly before giggling. “Well, okay, but I’m not!” We both laughed, and started picking up our abandoned clothing.

It seemed a bit gauche to just leave, but we’d already had dinner. “Do you want to see a movie, or maybe get a cup of coffee?” I asked.

She cocked an eyebrow. “Isn’t that the wrong order? Besides, I think I need a little more cleaning up than you do.” Her skirt went into the closet in exchange for a robe, which Susan pulled on and belted. “Not that I don’t appreciate the offer, mind you.”

I finished tucking in my shirt and stuffed the tie in my pocket. “Well, another night, then.” I hesitated, and then walked over and kissed her again. It was pretty steamy, but without the raw edge of our earlier lust, and Susan pressed her hand over mine when I slid it inside her robe to cup a breast.

“I’d better fix that,” Susan told me when we parted, and ran a finger across my mouth; it came away lipstick red. “Better,” she pronounced, and walked me to the door.

Susan cracked the door and I slid out, trying for a little discretion, to find myself facing another girl. She was thin, although still feminine, and gave me a piercing look as I emerged from the room.

“So, Susan is not so aloof as she appears,” the girl drawled after finishing her examination. “I am pleased to meet you, I think.” Her amused smirk was hard to resist.

“I’m Lloyd,” I introduced myself, offering my hand.

“Yelena,” she responded, placing her hand lightly in mine instead of shaking it as I’d expected.

I yielded to impulse and raised her hand to my lips; it just seemed like a natural thing to do. “Charmed.”

“I can see,” she commented archly, looking at the red smudge I’d left by her knuckles. “I would wish you a good evening, but I see you’ve already had one.” Yelena stripped the sock from the doorknob and wiped away the lipstick. “Please feel free to visit again.”

“Yelena!” Susan moaned from behind me.

“I want to hear all about it,” Susan’s roommate said as she entered the room. I waved a silent, and unheeded, goodbye and retreated the way I’d entered without encountering anybody else.

The snow was falling again Saturday, and I wasn’t exactly a winter person. One of the benefits of boarding instead of living in a dorm or apartment was that I could get away with holing up on these kinds of days; Mrs. Wagner would even bring me coffee without prompting. I claimed my usual chair by the fireplace in the family room and worked through a stack of grading while Mr. Wagner studied the minutia of the sports section and Mrs. Wagner knitted — very homey.

After I’d finished grading, I turned to the more interesting question of assessing what I’d learned the previous day and what I might try next. There was a delicate balance to maintain between what I wanted and what would be safe, and what I could tell Alexandra and what I shouldn’t; I ended up just closing my eyes and waiting to see where my mind would drift.

I hadn’t quite fallen asleep, or so I thought, when I woke suddenly and found Mrs. Wagner standing beside my chair with a throw in her hands.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Lloyd! I didn’t mean to startle you; I just thought you looked a little cold.” She proceeded to settle the throw over my lap and legs.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Wagner, I wasn’t really sleeping. Thanks!”

The whole interaction was almost routine, because Mrs. Wagner was eerily silent in her slippers and really had surprised me any number of times in the past. I’d grown accustomed to it, but it was disconcerting. Somehow it hadn’t worked that way today.

I lay back and closed my eyes again, but this time my mind was working much more quickly. What had alerted me this time? I worked on the problem fruitlessly for some time before calming again in the warmth of the fire and the crackle of the burning wood. I’d started watching the transient flashes of imagined stars inside my eyelids when I gradually became aware of a faint lightness somewhere ahead of me. It reminded me somewhat of coals buried beneath ashes after a fire had almost burned out, but without any sense of color.

Opening my eyes momentarily revealed the glow, if it really existed, seemed to coincide with Mr. Wagner. I closed my eyes again and cast about for Mrs. Wagner; I convinced myself that I found a matching glow where she was sitting, but it was too faint to discern with my eyes open. A little experimentation suggested the glows tracked with them, but I couldn’t make out anything more. The chief result of sitting there with my eyes closed was that I fell asleep again.

The ringing phone awakened me. For whatever reason, Mr. Wagner was in charge of answering it, and he was most of the way to the kitchen before I was aware enough to close my eyes and try to follow him. I didn’t have any luck, either due to the extra distance or my unsettled mental state.

“Lloyd, it’s for you,” he said after a minute.

I sat up in surprise. Sure, I was listed in the campus directory, but I couldn’t remember anybody calling me before this, and it wasn’t the right time for my parents to be calling.

“A Susan,” he added with a wink. It was ridiculous how excited both of them looked; Mrs. Wagner had let it be known that she thought I didn’t socialize enough, and now I’d never hear the end of it.

I got to the phone and tried to ignore my hosts, who were hovering far enough away to give me some space but doubtless close enough to hear every word I said. “Hi, Susan.”

“Oh, Lloyd, I hope you don’t mind me calling,” she apologized. “Did I interrupt anything?”

“Only a thought experiment,” I quipped. “I’m happy you called.”

“I was just wondering if we could get together and plan some more research.” She lowered her voice and continued, “I just couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday. You don’t think I’m being too forward, do you?”

“I’d like that,” I smiled. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mrs. Wagner practically jumping up and down and whispering, “Ask her out!”

“This is research!” I hissed, holding a hand over the phone, before putting it back to my ear. “Would you mind coming over here? I board but I don’t think the owners will mind. The university doesn’t leave the thermostats turned up over the weekend, and it would be more comfortable than your place or the library.” It was unlikely to be a problem with the Wagners, and sure enough a quick glance showed Mr. Wagner giving me a thumbs-up.

“That would be fine; can you give me directions?”

“What if I pick you up, instead? It’s still miserable outside, and I’d be happy to take you home again afterwards.”

“Would you? That’d be swell!”

“About 6:30, then?”

“I’ll be waiting in the lobby.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” I assured her, and hung up.

Mr. Wagner chuckled. “She must be some girl to get you out in the snow.”

“Oh, shush,” said Mrs. Wagner, elbowing him. “Weren’t you telling me you wanted to see ‘Lawrence of Arabia’?”

They traded knowing looks. “Well, Lloyd, it looks like some girl is going to drag me out in the snow, too.” Mr. Wagner didn’t look too upset about it.

“I promise not to throw any wild parties,” I grinned, starting to think about what else I might do instead.

We ate lunch, and I called Susan back, just to let her know she didn’t have to worry about impressing the Wagners. I then proceeded to do un-Saturday-like activities such as making my bed, showering, and shaving. I also checked to be sure I had a few condoms discreetly tucked where I could reach them at need.

After picking at a dinner that could have been sawdust for all I remembered of it, all of us bundled up, brushed off the cars, and departed in different directions. The movie was long, and the Wagners told me they didn’t expect to be home until late. The roads weren’t as bad as I’d feared and I made it to Susan’s apartment early, but she emerged from the front door as soon as I got out of the car.

I handed her into the passenger’s seat, slammed the balky door hard to make sure it latched on the first try, and scampered around to climb back inside myself.

“Thanks for picking me up,” Susan told me, huddling in her heavy coat. “I wasn’t really looking forward to going anywhere in this.”

“Neither was I,” I laughed, “but this seemed like a good cause.” I concentrated on keeping the Ford in the middle of the street and we made only inconsequential conversation on the thankfully short drive back home. After pulling back into my space in the empty driveway, we dashed up to the house and inside to the warmth of the mud room, where we stamped the snow off our boots.

I offered to hang up her coat, and got the surprise of my life — beneath it, Susan was naked save for a scarf and her boots. “Jesus, Susan!” I blurted, fumbling with the garment.

She giggled, evidently pleased by the pole-axed expression that must have been visible on my face. “I have a present from Yelena, too,” she announced, and withdrew a handful of condoms from one of the pockets. “We only have to promise not to use them on her bed!”

“It’s a deal!” I got our coats mostly onto hangers and then, hands free, pulled her tight for a passionate kiss. “This way,” I urged her a minute later, tugging in the direction of my room. I had my shirt unbuttoned by the time we got there; I started on my trousers, but Susan pushed me onto my bed and finished the job herself.

“I want you,” she growled huskily, shredding one of the condom wrappers. “Do I make you hot?”

“Unbelievably,” I gasped, as if my rigid erection wasn’t answer enough. There were things I wanted to try, but I suspected I was too worked up at the moment, and the sight of Susan wearing only a scarf was a real turn-on. I made myself lie still while she rolled on the condom, then pulled her onto the bed beside me and we were in each other’s arms.

“I’m looking forward to this,” I admitted, but she just moaned as I pushed myself into her wet pussy. There was no resistance and in no time at all we were fucking like minks.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck me, Lloyd!” was about the most coherent thing Susan said, but she was vocal enough to make me glad we had the house to ourselves.

I forced myself to slow down so I wouldn’t pop right away. “Get on top, baby — I want to hold your tits,” I gasped.

Susan gave me a sly look, and we rolled so she was straddling me. She wriggled a bit and began bouncing up and down on my organ while I cupped her breasts in my hands. The bad news, if you could call it that, was that she was working herself more energetically than I had been. The good news was that I could lie passively and enjoy the ride.

With my eyes closed, I tried to ignore the extremely pleasurable sensations emanating from my groin and focused on the space above me. Almost immediately I found a glow, either brighter or closer, about where Susan’s head was; it bobbed slightly in rhythm with her body. I fixated on that spot and concentrated on my arousal, and how good my cock felt inside her, and the orgasm that wasn’t too far away.

Everything happened at once, so I never was sure what might be cause or just reaction. The glow rippled slightly, Susan’s pussy squeezed me like a vise, and both of us climaxed almost simultaneously. I gasped, releasing a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding, and Susan wailed as if she were dying. A moment later she collapsed atop me and we held each other, breathing heavily.

“God, you are hot,” I complimented Susan, meaning every word, and kissed her. I wasn’t sure if she’d orgasmed because of what I’d tried or not, but the effect was equally delightful either way.

“Flatterer,” she replied. “I’ve never felt the way you make me feel, Lloyd.” A subtle movement of her body reminded us both I was still inside her.

It wasn’t every day a guy had a beautiful girl tell him he was the best lay she’d ever had. I was still pretty hard, and motivated to go again, so I pulled Susan close and rolled us back until I was on top of her again. Both of us were smiling in anticipation as I pulled back a bit and thrust into her.

Susan screamed and we both jumped.

“Are you okay?” I asked, concerned.

She chewed daintily on a lip and considered. “Oh, yes. I just — wasn’t expecting that.” She spread her legs a little wider. “Please don’t stop!”

I started pumping again. This time, I didn’t stop when Susan started wriggling and panting beneath me; as if we’d played the previous few minutes over again at high speed, she climaxed after only a minute, but continued begging me to fuck her harder. With that stimulus, I rapidly approached my own orgasm. Judging by the jerking and incoherent cries she made, Susan got off one or two more times before I emptied my load into the abused condom.

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” she sighed weakly when I pulled out before the condom could leak any of my semen into her.

Feeling a bit drained myself, I skimmed off the condom and discarded it before collapsing back on the bed beside her. “You are a firecracker.”

“I know. I mean, my gosh, I’ve never cum like that before.”

I’d been wondering that too, and she’d saved me the awkward question. “I’d like to cum like that again, but I’ll need a little rest, first,” I chuckled. There was a decent chance my meddling might have had something to do with it, but I couldn’t be sure and I didn’t have infinite stamina. I had a slight headache, but it was already fading.

Susan giggled. “I guess it’s a good thing I have extra condoms!” One hand possessively cradled my shriveled penis.

“I have to admit I have a few laid in, too,” I grinned in return. “Do you want to see how many of them we can go through?”

“Yes,” Susan answered, with a matching grin. “But maybe we can talk while you recover.” Her expression turned more serious.

I braced myself for the sort of touchy-feely dialog many girls seemed to feel went hand-in-hand with sex. “Sure. What did you have in mind? Something about the research project?” It was sort of a joke.

“In a way,” was the unexpected answer. Susan rolled on her side so she could look at me. “Help me, Lloyd. Help me be better.”

The strange request triggered so many random thoughts that they jumbled together and all that came out of my mouth was, “huh?” It wasn’t my finest moment. “What do you mean?” I clarified. “You seem plenty good to me!”

Susan brushed the side of my face with a hand. “Thanks, Lloyd. But I do have a problem, a big one, that I think you could help with — and not many people could.” She took a deep breath and released it, then added, “I’m too shy.”

It was a struggle not to laugh in her face, but Susan clearly was serious about it, and it would be rather ungentlemanly of me. “I hadn’t noticed,” I finally responded, making a point of running my gaze down her nude body.

“I’m serious!” she protested, punching me lightly. “It’s different with you — I’m uninhibited, more confident, more open. I don’t know why,” Susan reflected. “I just trust you, I guess.” I started to reply, but she shushed me and continued. “I’m not this way with anybody else. It took me months to open up with Alexandra, and we share the same office! Remember how long it took me to say anything to you besides ‘hello’ and ‘good-night’? Do you know Dr. Reynolds still calls me ‘Susie’ and I haven’t worked up the courage to tell him I hate that name?”

Susan rolled back to stare at the ceiling. “I shouldn’t even be in the graduate program. My parents were so proud I got my bachelor’s degree that I couldn’t tell them ‘no’ when they started talking about graduate school. I passed on a grant application for this year because I was embarrassed to ask for help on it, and then I was afraid to admit I missed the filing deadline. I can’t go on like this.”

“Lots of people have problems, Susan. I’m not exactly a ladies’ man myself, in spite of what you might think. I’m not sure I could help, even if there was something to do.”

“Don’t sell yourself short.” She pinned me with a direct look. “I don’t want to feel like I’m asphyxiating every time I’m in a room with strangers; I want to be my own woman. Whether it’s because we just happen to click, or because you’ve been meddling with me, I don’t care — just help me learn to do it with other people!”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit rash? I have no idea what — if anything — I’m doing, and I could make things worse without even realizing it.” I wondered if that wasn’t already the case. “Maybe we should wait until Alexandra’s experiments have gotten a little further along.”

Susan blew a tendril of hair away from her face. “That could take forever; I don’t want to wait.” She stroked a finger gently down my chest to my groin. “Please?”

It would have taken a more principled man than I to resist her plea; I sighed. “I’ll try. Just lie here quietly, okay?”

She wriggled a bit. “Can we get under the covers first? I’m getting a little chilly.”

“I have a better idea,” I said, standing up and offering her a hand. “C’mon.” I grabbed the throw that had gotten kicked off the foot of the bed at some point and started for the hall.

Susan hung back. “Lloyd! Where are you going?”

“The family room; we can sit in front of the fire. The Wagners won’t be home for hours.”

Thus reassured, she joined me and we ghosted naked through the house. The fire had died down, but it only took a minute to poke up the coals and add a few more logs. I’d thought we’d use the couch, but Susan had opted to steal a pillow and camp on the rug closer to the fireplace. Soon we were lying spooned together with the throw around us, watching new flames dart up from the seasoned wood.

“Better?” I inquired.

“Much,” she answered, arching slightly so her butt was planted even more firmly against me.

“Okay, just relax. I’m not going to do anything right away.” Susan nodded, and I closed my eyes. At this range, with her hair tickling my nose, what I thought of as the glow of her mind bloomed in my vision as soon as I started looking for it. I continued concentrating and subtle hints of details began to appear; it was reminiscent of sunspot pictures I’d seen. I had no idea how to manipulate it, but ample reason to believe it was possible. “Hmmm… How to start?”

Self-confidence was a slippery concept, especially since most of my presumed successes seemed to be associated with simpler emotional cues. Reducing Susan’s fear of conflict and failure seemed to be what was needed, but I’d never tried to remove rather than impose a feeling, either. The most workable approach seemed to be establishing a positive feedback cycle, but based on what?

“Tell me if you feel anything happening.” I tried to form an amalgamation of my impressions of Susan, the notion of strong, independent women, attraction, and desire, and then somehow attempt to project that in front of me. Nothing happened for a long time, but then Susan’s glow rippled gently. There was an itch inside my head, and then something twisted in a way I couldn’t describe; the penumbra of the mind in my vision flared, and I lost sight of it as I was seized by a splitting headache.

“Damn,” I cursed softly, seeing stars.

“What happened?” Susan asked, twisting to try and look at me.

“I’m honestly not sure, but I gave myself a heck of a headache.” I tried rubbing my forehead, to no discernable effect. “I think I need some aspirin.” I disentangled myself from Susan and the throw, and then stumped off to the bathroom. On the way back, I made a detour to the liquor cabinet and took a quick shot of Mr. Wagner’s brandy before carrying a pair of snifters back to the family room.

Susan had thrown off the covering and in the glow of the fire looked like every man’s wet dream — at least, every man who didn’t have Alexandra on the brain. I felt a stirring in my groin as I sat down beside her.

“Nightcap?” I asked, handing her one of the glasses.

She sipped it appreciatively; Mr. Wagner had far more experience and financial resources supporting his liquor supply than mere graduate students. Giving me a sly Mona Lisa smile, Susan tilted the glass and spilled some of the alcohol on herself, where it trickled between her breasts and down to her navel. “Ooops!”

I obligingly tossed back the remainder of my drink and leaned over to lick her smooth skin. I sucked the fragrant liquor from her belly and slowly worked my way upwards, kissing and teasing as I went. By the time I was done, her breathing was coming more quickly than when I started, and I was at half-mast. I transferred my attentions to her delectable tits, straining to see how much I could fit in my mouth. I teased first one and then the other nipple until both had hardened between my lips and teeth, and Susan was moaning softly.

“My turn,” she husked as she pushed me away. Susan poured out a little more of her brandy, this time directly on my erect penis, and then drained her glass. She tossed her hair back and it was my turn to moan as she bent and took the tip of my organ in her mouth.

My hips rotated of their own accord, trying to drive my cock deeper into Susan’s mouth. I’d gone perhaps an inch more when she shrieked — muffled by my flesh — and sat up to look at me. I was concerned I’d offended her or gone further than she’d intended, but that didn’t seem to be the problem.

“What did you do to me?” she asked, looking me in the face with wild eyes before dropping her gaze to my crotch. I had no answer, but apparently it wasn’t needed; she hunched over and engulfed me again, this time sucking me in so deep I heard her start to gag. Susan backed off, but only so she could go down on my full length again.

The feeling was incredible. I’d had a girl take me in her mouth before, but it had been nothing like this, and with nowhere near the same enthusiasm. I started bucking back, and we settled into a fast rhythm. I could barely believe this gorgeous girl was servicing me this way; I tangled my fingers in her hair, but I could hardly drive her faster or harder than she was going on her own.

When her rhythm broke down and I realized Susan was climaxing, I couldn’t help blowing my load down her throat. She sat up, coughing, and we both tried to catch our breath.

“Oh, my,” Susan choked. She coughed once more, and then fastidiously wiped an errant drop of semen from her lip and examined me. “I never knew — is it like that for everybody?”

“I don’t think so,” I admitted sheepishly. “You seemed to enjoy it a lot.”

“It was almost as good as getting fucked,” she told me with a gleam in her eye. “The feel of you going into me, it was — well, orgasmic. I want more.”

We both looked down at my deflating penis. I’d already cum three times that evening, which was normally about my limit.

“Please fuck me again, Lloyd.”

I proceeded to make perhaps the stupidest decision of my life, before or after. Whether it was the lure of a beautiful vixen, hormones, the liquor, my own hubris, or more likely a combination of all of them, I closed my eyes and focused inward.

Forgetting that I’d admitted to myself that I had nearly no control or understanding of my ability, and glossing over any distinction between mental desire and physical aptitude, I sank into the glow of my own mind. I thought about my hard organ, the way it felt sinking into Susan, desire for her and Alexandra, and every girl that had ever prompted an erection, and tried to find that peculiar twist that could propel those thoughts.

The next thing I remember was lying flat on the floor with Susan leaning over me asking, “Lloyd! Are you all right?”

I looked down the length of her fire-lit body from her hanging jugs to the hidden juncture of her thighs, above my jutting tool. “Oh yeah,” I said, ignoring the return of my headache, and grabbed for her.

“Oh no you don’t!” she giggled, eluding me. “I left my condoms upstairs!”

We raced back to my room, laughing, and if Susan let herself be caught just short of the bed, I recovered enough to wait for her to cover my throbbing meat with a condom before throwing her backwards onto the bed and covering her. There was no finesse, but she was so wet that none was needed; I sank into her like a hot knife in butter.

We rutted like animals. Susan moaned and shrieked her way through another wracking orgasm, but like a machine my cock remained stubbornly rigid; there just wasn’t enough sensation through the condom. I wanted to be inside her, flesh to flesh. All the same, the point of the condoms hadn’t completely escaped me.

Abruptly, I pulled out of Susan and stripped off the condom.

“What are you doing?” Susan panted.

“Something different,” I told her. “I need more sensation.” I grabbed the tube of Brylcreem from my nightstand and squeezed a generous amount into my hand, then began coating my cock with it.

“I don’t want to get pregnant,” Susan protested half-heartedly. I probably could have just fucked her and she would have let me, but my mind was on a different path by that point.

“You can’t get knocked up this way,” I assured her, kneeling on the bed. “Have you ever had anything up your ass before?” I rolled her. She started kicking and screaming, but I had the advantages of surprise, size, and position. My cock was harder than a tire iron as I pressed it between her cheeks and began forcing myself into her tight anus.

It was the sensation I was looking for. I pressed harder, burying myself deeper inside her. Susan was lying quietly now, crying, but I didn’t need her active participation. I pulled nearly all the way free and then reversed my stroke.

“You bastard,” she sobbed, but her butt rose to meet me as I skewered her again. I smiled and picked up the pace. A few minutes later I’d hauled her to her hands and knees, making it easier to fondle her tits, and we were both pounding away with abandon. I finally climaxed, but not before Susan had shuddered and nearly collapsed beneath me from the force of her own orgasm.

“Don’t ever force me again,” Susan told me flatly after I pulled out and she could roll onto her side to look at me.

I ducked my head guiltily. “I’m sorry, honestly. I think I screwed us both up a little bit.” She was looking at my cock, which was still hard, and seemed to force herself to look up.

“I can’t pretend I didn’t like it, by the end. Just remember I’m not your toy.” She took a deep breath and blew it out. “Can you fix things?”

“I’m not sure,” I shrugged. “You want to get cleaned up first? This is sort of…” My voice trailed off.

Susan gave me a small smile. “I’d like that. I feel unclean.”

I led her to the bathroom and dug an extra set of towels out of the linen cupboard. “Do you want to go first?”

She considered. “How’s the hot water supply?”

“You won’t have a problem,” I answered. The least I could do was avoid mentioning that the second shower might be problematic if I wasn’t quick. My self-induced lust, or whatever it was, was fading and I felt increasingly bad about raping Susan — there really was no other way to describe what had happened.

“Come in with me,” she decided, “you’re already naked.” I hesitated, and she reached out and hauled me to the tub. “Don’t be an idiot. I forgive you.”

What followed was a lot of soaping and fondling, followed by a stand-up ass-fuck when Susan lowered herself gingerly onto my revived tool. We both orgasmed again, Susan more colorfully than I, and we just had time to clean ourselves before the fading water temperature chased us back to my bed.

We snuggled together under the blankets and quilt, this time face-to-face. “I just wanted us to both enjoy sex,” I explained to Susan. “I’m not sure if I can reverse it or not.”

She gently kissed me. “I trust you, Lloyd. Still. Just do your best — if nothing happens, well, I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world.”

I closed my eyes and focused on the glow of her mind. I watched it swirl and pulse, resistant to my cautious attempts, but kept trying. At some point, I fell asleep.

Alexandra swayed before me, her hair swirling gracefully in a breeze I couldn’t feel, her body barely concealed beneath a filmy negligee. I moved towards her, naked and rampantly erect, and her ruby red lips formed an “O” of awe as she admired my manhood.

Neither of us shifted position, but somehow she was lying on a bed or large couch and I hovered over her. I drifted closer, the tip of my organ pushing white fabric before it into her sex. She pulled at her nightgown, the sodden material forcing me out, but I pressed it back in again. We embraced, locking our bodies together, and she breathed, “Lloyd,” in my ear as our hips thrust against each other.

I woke as my balls clenched and I jetted into Susan. She had her face buried in a pillow, which served to muffle her shrieks of ecstasy so only I could hear them.

“Good morning,” she greeted me with a wide smile after dropping the pillow.

“Good morning,” I replied, followed a moment later by, “oh, God,” as my mind stumbled into action. I didn’t know what to be panicked about first. It was light out, the Wagners surely must be awake, the bedsprings weren’t muffled, I’d just cum inside Susan, and I hadn’t succeeded in changing us back.

“No, just Susan,” she quipped, disengaging herself from my cock. She relieved one of my anxieties by removing a condom from my erection and discarding it out the side of the bed.

“I wasn’t able to do anything last night,” I confessed.

Susan’s hand tightened about me. “I gathered as much; we’ll both live.” She flashed a grin and disappeared beneath the covers; a moment later I felt her mouth sucking on my heated flesh.

The mental picture of her servicing me this way reignited my carnal desires. My dick felt a bit raw, but jabbing it into Susan until her nose nestled near my balls felt even better. I felt for her body and started fingering her sopping pussy, not that she really needed it, and suddenly it seemed we were in a quiet race to see who could make the other climax first.

I’m kneeling at the door naked; arms behind my back, knees spread, eyes down when you come in. You walk past me with out a word. I wait….I know when you are ready you will let me know.

When I hear you call my name I stand to go into the living room where I find you sitting on a chair in the middle of the room.

I know what comes next, for I have been trained well. As I walk slowly towards you I can feel your eyes on my body. I reach the chair and turn slowly in front of you, I know you enjoy the view, you know I enjoy the anticipation of what may happen. Sometimes I feel your hands stroking my skin as I turn, sometimes I get a swat or two, today….nothing. I shiver, knowing you are going to make me work for it today.

Eyes still down, arms still clasped behind me, I kneel before you. Breasts thrust forward, nipples hard, thighs spread, juices glistening I ache for your touch. You lean forward and brush my nipples with the back of your hands, then you tweak them, hard enough to make me gasp. When you sooth them with your thumbs, I moan. You palm my breasts lifting their weight, enjoying their fullness. You lean forward, I arch my back, hoping to feel your mouth on me….but you bite my shoulder instead.

I whimper, “Please.”

You stand and leave the room. I put my head to the ground knowing I’m about to be punished. When you return I wait in anticipation. You like to let me think about it, not knowing when the first strike will come, how hard and what you will use, makes it more exciting. When I feel your hand hit my ass, I jump. When it’s followed by a half dozen more in quick succession, I know it will be a good night. You sooth my heated skin with your hand causing me to sigh and relax, but I hear the paddle hum through the air seconds before I feel the sting.

I say yes when you ask if I want more. I’ll have to ask for them until I think I’m done. “Please, another. Please, another. Please, another.”

When I have lost count, I ask you to stop, you put your hand between my legs to find me dripping wet. You lick your fingers and tell me I’m not ready yet.

You switch to a light whip, which I have to kiss and thank you for using. I don’t even try to count the lashes, at this point I am pure sensation. When I am writhing from the pain/pleasure, you stop. Again soothing my flesh with your cool hands. You slide your hand between my legs to see how much I have enjoyed my punishment. You run your finger up and down my swollen flesh, slick with my juices, your fingers parting my lips. I moan with pleasure.

You reach around my body and roll a hard nipple between your fingers, you tug and pinch until I arch, thrusting my ass higher in the air and my breast into your hand. You do the same to the other nipple. All the while I can feel you stroking me, when you push a finger inside me I begin to shiver. I rock back and forth trying to get you deeper inside me. You add another finger, then another, working my flesh until I am dripping and ready to cum.

When you pull out and smack my ass I cry out in frustration. “Please Master, please….I need to cum.” Of course your not even close to being ready to allow me to do that.

You grab me by the hair and raise my head. When I look into your eyes, they have darkened with pure desire. You lean close and kiss me slowly, running your tongue over my lips, nipping them gently, I open for you and feel your tongue touch mine. Sighing I lean into you for a melting kiss.

Knowing what you want and I need I suck on your tongue only to hear you groan in anticipation. I reach for the closure on your pants, noting how hard you are. When I set your cock free it juts from your body, ready. I lick the drop of precum of the tip and look up into your eyes.

“May I use my hands?”

You give me permission so I circle you with my hand and begin stroking your hard cock. I wrap my lips around the head and circle it with my tongue. I begin to slowly slide you into my mouth working you in and out until you are nice and slick. I suck you deeper into my hot, moist mouth and flick my tongue from side to side as I hold you near the back of my throat.

When I pull back this time, I run my tongue down your cock until I get to your balls. I lick and suckle them slowly taking my time, I’m enjoying the salty taste of your flesh. When you groan I run my tongue back up to the tip and start all over again. I can feel you start to throb and I know your getting close so I suck harder.

You grab my hair again and pull me to my feet, “Undress me.”

I start working on your shirt, as each button gives I kiss the skin being exposed. I find your nipple and give it a lick and a light nip, when you shiver I find the other. I continue down across your ribs and abs with licks and kisses, teasing your navel and moving lower. I push your pants down your legs, nibbling your thighs as I go. Eager to continue, I finish removing everything I step back and look at all the sexy skin I just uncovered.

You sit in the chair and tell me to straddle you and ride your cock. As I spread my legs to either side of the chair, I can feel your hard length against my pussy and can’t stop myself from rubbing against you. It earns me a hard swat.

I reach between my legs, knowing you are watching everything and open myself. I grasp your cock and run it up and down in my juices before putting the head at my opening. Slowly I lower myself onto you, keeping myself spread open so you can see the penetration. I am watching as you enter me feeling your cock stretch and fill me, I begin to shake. You reach for my hips and thrust the rest of the way into me. I close my eyes in pleasure, you bite my nipple and growl at me to open them. When I do you are watching me. You pull out just a little and slide back in until you are buried deep.

I try to move, but with your hands on my waist, I can’t. You ask me what I want…and I have to be specific…which makes me blush and my body flush even more than it was.

“Please, Master, please fuck me. I need your cock deep inside me. I want it hard and fast.”

You smile indulgently and run your hands over my breast, you take a nipple into your mouth and work your tongue over it, making me arch my body into you. I feel your hands running down my sides over my hips to cup my ass. Squeezing and teasing me.

“Please may I move?” My voice is low and husky with need.

You lift me slowly off your shaft and let me slide back down. Panting I bow backwards, you can feel my hair brush your thighs. You allow me to start moving, but you are controlling the pace. When I want to go faster, you make me slow down. When I need it harder, you wont let me grind myself against you. I ride you, breasts bouncing and swaying, head back, lips parted in ecstasy. When I am panting with desire, you grab my hips, stopping my movements.

I groan, “Please….I am so close.”

With a wicked smile you make me stand. Caressing my ass you move behind me and push my shoulders until I am bent over the chair and completely exposed to your gaze.

You run your finger through the moisture of my pussy and drag it up between my ass cheeks. I arch, pushing myself into your hand, I feel your finger graze my rear entrance and I shiver. You continue to do this until I am whimpering with need. When you have me and your fingers well lubricated, you push a finger into me. I feel my body fighting the intrusion. I try to relax and feel the tip of your finger slide past my tight opening. You work it in slowly, one section at a time, until your finger is all the way inside me. You begin stroking in and out, making small circles, opening me up, getting me ready for more. When you add another finger to my tight hole, I wimper from the full stretched feeling. When you add another, I push back hard against your hand needing/wanting more.

I feel your cock slide into my pussy for lubrication, my breath stops. You pull your fingers from my ass and I feel the head of your cock take their place. Your hand wraps around me and you start circling my clit with your finger working it harder with every stroke, when I cum, I feel you enter me. You work yourself into my ass with slow, firm strokes, working my clit the whole time, until you are in all the way. This is so nughty and the pleasure/pain of it is intoxicating.

I feel you kiss my spine and you push my hair to one side so you can reach my ear, neck and shoulder. As you withdraw, you scrape your teeth over my shoulder, this being one of my most sensitive spots, I arch and moan. You push back in, I am moaning and writhing, feeling your control over me only adds to the excitement.

Soon we have a hard pounding rhythm going, I am panting and begging for more. “Oh please… fuck me harder…yes, yes…just like that. Oh goddess I’m going to cum…..Please Master, may I cum?”

“No, not until I say you can.”

“Please, oh please. I don’t think I can hold on any longer. Please Master let me cum.”



“No.”(smack) The sting of his hand makes me moan.


“No.”(smack) I cry out.


Smack smack smack. The stinging slaps on my now tingling ass are almost to much, but not quite enough.

“You will cum when I tell you, not until then.”

“Oh goddess.” I pant.

I can feel you beginning to throb and I pray that it will be soon. You reach around and roll my clit in your fingers, I scream in ecstasy and frustration. My back arching, allowing for even deeper penetration. I’m ready to come apart in your arms. Three very hard strokes later and a sound swat on the ass, I finally hear “You can come now. Now.”

Heat rips through me, my body convulses and I explode. Screaming as I ride your cock to climax, I feel your hot come fill my ass and hear you growl as you bite my shoulder. I shiver and moan, we are both shaking from the intensity of our climax. We fall to the floor and lie there, breathing hard but completely sated.

Nibbling my shoulder, I hear you chuckle at your own wicked thoughts. In a husky, sex filled voice you warn me, “If we ever make it to the bedroom, I will tie you down and blindfold you.”

The naughty visions that run through my head and the mischievious promise in your eyes makes me shiver in anticipation. I run my hand over your cheek and smile, eyes gleaming, “Ready for bed then?”

She was late. One moment she had an hour, and the next she was late, with no idea how time had passed so quickly. She didn’t know how she had managed to be late, but she knew that wouldn’t matter. He had told her to be there by 8:00, and it was already 8:10, and if this traffic didn’t lighten up soon, she would be even later. By a stroke of luck the traffic started clearing, and she was pulling up his driveway at 8:15. After parking her car, she started removing her clothes and tossing them into her backseat, her mind getting more and more anxious at what he might do to her for being late, while her body started getting more and more aroused at the same thought. She finally tossed her panties into the back seat, and climbed out of her car, naked, goosebumps forming on her skin while her nipples hardened in the cold air. She walked quickly up the driveway, ringing the doorbell before kneeling in front of the door, her body shivering with cold, excitement, arousal, and fear. And she waited for the door to open.

He checked the clock over his fireplace, surprised at her lateness. He wasn’t upset, much anyway, but surprised that she would break the first order he had given her for their four day weekend together. He knew that she always got to his house early, sometimes an hour early, and either waited in the driveway until the appointed time, or rang his doorbell early. Of course he never let her in early, but he knew that she was always here early, so this lateness was very surprising. He glanced at the clock and saw it was 15 minutes after 8, when he heard her car pulling up the drive. He glanced out the window, and saw a flurry of motion going on inside the car. He was glad that she hadn’t forgotten all her orders, but that wasn’t going to help her. He smirked lightly and turned around, heading up the stairs to the master bedroom. He chuckled lightly, thinking how appropriate that name was, when he heard the doorbell ring. He chuckled a little more as his smirk deepened, and continued up the stairs to the bedroom. He was looking forward to this weekend.

She thought about ringing the doorbell again. Maybe he had been listening to music as he did so often. Maybe he was in the shower. But she knew he wasn’t. This was his way of punishing her for being late. She shifted on her knees, her body growing sore from kneeling on the welcome mat so long. Her eyes looked down, and she saw her hard nipples pointing out from her perky breasts. She smiled at the thought of how much her breast pleased Him. He enjoyed sliding His dick between them while she was tied down, as well as sucking and biting her hard nipples while He fucked her. She felt her pussy moisten at these thoughts, her thighs squeezing together a little. She closed her eyes and tried to breathe slower, to help herself calm down, when she heard the door open. She opened her eyes and looked up at Him, her pussy moistening even more when she saw Him looking down into her eyes. Her eyes were so busy staring into His, she failed to notice the things in His hands.

He finally exited the bedroom, briefly pondering how long he had been in there, before deciding he didn’t care. His grip tightened on the crop he was holding, his other hand swinging the nipple clamps back and forth from the chain that connected them. He glanced at the mirror as he was walking down the stairs, noting how his eyes were now a light grey. He wondered if his eyes truly did change based on his mood as she had said they do. He supposed they must, as they had been greenish in color earlier in the day. He continued down the stairs, before coming to the front door. He grabbed the handle and twisted it, opening the door. He almost smiled as he saw her kneeling there, her body and presence always making him feel happier. She looked up at him, her eyes showing fear, excitement, and arousal. He looked down her body, noting her hard nipples and the way her legs seemed to squeeze together. He wanted to pull her inside and fuck her right in the entryway, but knew she needed to be punished for being late. He looked back into her eyes, his face becoming stern. “You are late.”

“You are late.” She looked back at the ground, those three simple words causing her to feel ashamed for disappointing Him. She opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it and closed her mouth again, her eyes staring at His feet as she continued to kneel on the uncomfortable mat. She had no response to His words, and knew that making excuses would only make it worse for her. She glanced up a little, and finally noticed the items He held. Her nipples hardened when she saw the clamps, and felt her pussy quiver when she saw the crop. She quickly looked down again, hoping He hadn’t noticed her body getting more aroused at her perspective punishment.

He smirked when he saw her reaction. She knew these were for her punishment, yet she still became aroused. He turned around and walked inside, telling her to follow. He didn’t glance back, but he knew she was crawling behind him as he walked into the living room. He sat on the couch and watched her crawl in, his cock hardening in his pants as he saw her perky breasts sway under her. She stopped in front of him and knelt up again, her eyes down, legs squeezing together even more than before. “You are late,” he said again, “and you know that means you are going to be punished.”

“Yes Sir,” She whispered. He leaned closer to her, grabbing her right nipple between his thumb and pointer finger, squeezing it and pulling it out, feeling the hard nub between his fingers. He attached one of the clamps to her nipple, listening to her gasp slightly as the clamp sank into her nipple. He grabbed her left nipple, getting it hard like the right nipple, before attaching the second clip. He leaned back again, hearing her breath quicken as she got used to the pain. He lifted the crop up, glancing at it as he felt his cock harden more at the thought of the next part of her punishment.

She tried to keep her breathing even, but knew she was failing. Her body was enjoying the pleasure/pain mix, and she couldn’t stop it. “Go bend over the table,” she heard Him say suddenly. She said, crawling over to the table and standing up, before bending over in front of him, her ass and already wet pussy pointing at Him. She placed her cheek on the cool glass surface, her hands resting next to her head. She heard Him stand behind her, and her body tensed, waiting for the next part of the punishment. She heard Him walking around the table, and saw His body pass in front of her as He completed the circle. Then suddenly she heard a swish in the air, and felt the crop land hard on her right ass cheek. Her eyes squeezed shut as she whimpered softly, her body tensing at the sudden pain. She took a breath, when she felt the next strike land on her left ass cheek, causing her to whimper again, her hands sliding to the edges of the table, gripping them as she prepared herself for the next strike.

He tapped the crop against his hand, looking down at her already reddening ass cheeks. He loved the way she whimpered when the crop struck her, and was looking forward to hearing her whimper more. He started smacking her ass cheeks with the crop again, building a slow rhythm, smacking first her right ass cheek, then left, feeling himself grow harder each time she whimpered. As he got into smacking her ass more, he started bringing the crop down harder and faster, watching as she squirmed against the table and bit her lip, trying to silence her whimpers. He finally brought the crop down one last time on each ass cheek, before stepping back, looking at her glowing ass cheeks. He smiled lightly as her breathing slowed, walking around to stand in front of her. He reached down and gripped her chin, making her look up at him, noticing she had a few tears leaking down her cheeks. “Now you know better than to be late, don’t you?” He asked. She tried too look down, but his firm grip held her chin up.

She looked down at the ground when He released her chin, and watched His feet as He sat back on the couch. “Come over here slut,” He said. Her pussy clenched when He called her a slut, and she crawled back over to Him, kneeling in front of His spread legs. “If you are truly sorry for being late,” He said, “then come over here and make it up to me.” She looked up at the bulge in His pants, licking her lips as she scooted between His legs, placing her hands on His thighs. She bit her bottom lip as her hands slid up His legs to His crotch, rubbing the bulge through His pants a little. Her tiny hands undid His button, then grabbed the zipper and pulled it down, her eyes glued to His bulge. She tugged His pants down His ass, pushing them down to His ankles. She rubbed the bulge in His boxers again, before reaching her hand down and grabbing His hot shaft, stroking it a little. She looked up at Him as He let out a low moan, laying His head back on the couch. She stroked His hard cock a little more, before pulling it out of His boxers, her pussy tingling as she feels some of her juices drip down her legs. She looked up at Him and saw His eyes looking down into hers, before giving her a nod. She leaned down and kissed the head of His hot cock, her tongue flicking out to lick it slowly.

He watched her kiss and lick the head of his cock, his eyes flickering closed a little. He leaned back against the couch and watched her tongue slide down the underside of his cock to his balls, moaning softly as he felt his balls get sucked into her warm mouth. His hand slide into her hair, gripping it gently as she licked back up his cock, before taking the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking on it slowly. His grip tightened on her hair as she sucked harder, her mouth starting to slide up and down his shaft. Her tongue circled the head of his cock every time she slide up, causing his dick to twitch in her mouth. He held her hair tightly as he started to push her down farther on his cock, feeling her sucking intensify as he started to fuck her face. His hips started thrusting as he pushed her mouth down harder on his cock, holding her down as his cock started hitting the back of her throat. He moaned loudly when he felt her gag around his cock, pushing his cock down her throat farther, his body starting to tense. His hips started to thrust his cock down her throat faster, her hair held tightly in his hand. He let out a loud groan, his hips thrusting hard into her mouth as he started cumming, feeling her trying to swallow it all. He pulled her head off his cock, stroking his cock as his orgasm slowed, the rest of his cum landing on her face and chest.

She sat back on her feet, breathing hard as her tongue licked the bit of cum on her chin, her eyes still fixated on His pulsing cock, watching as a last drop of cum dripped out of His cock. Her tongue flicked out as she leaned toward His cock, licking the last drop of cum off His cock. She went back to her kneeling position, looking down at her cum covered tits, resisting the urge to wipe it off her chest and lick it off her hands. He finally opened His eyes again, looking down at her cum covered face. He smiled lightly as she saw Him look down to the cum on her chest, watching His eyes as they slide down her body, watching Him smile more when He down at her legs. She blushed and looked down, squeezing her legs together and moaning gently at the pressure it created on her pussy. She watched Him kick off His pants, then watched Him stand and push His boxers down. He sat back down and kicked His boxers off toward His pants. Then she heard Him say “Stand up slut.” She stood up, her hands at her sides as she blushed more, sure He could see her juices dripping down her thighs. She looked up a little as she saw Him stand and start to move closer to her.

He stood in front of her, running a hand through her hair as he looked down into her eyes. He leaned down toward her, brushing his lips against her softly, before pulling her face closer to his, kissing her deeply. He slid his tongue along her lips, feeling her mouth open slightly, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He slid his tongue her teeth, growling softly as he tasted her, before pulling back, holding the back of her hair tightly. He looked down into her lust glazed eyes, his other hand reaching down and gripping the base of his cock, using his knee to push her legs apart. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down her slit, hearing her moan as he leaned down and bit her shoulder gently. He let go of her hair, wrapping his arm around her waist and lifting her up, teasing her clit with the head of his cock as she wrapped her legs tightly around him. He lifted her up a little higher, before slamming her down hard all the way on his cock, her head laying back as she moaned loudly. He leaned down, biting her neck as he tried to keep from moaning, feeling her pussy quiver around his dick. He gripped both her hips tightly, lifting her up off his cock, leaving only the head in, before slamming her down again, both of them moaning loudly. He started lifting her up and slamming her down over and over slowly, her head dropping on his shoulder, kissing at his neck as she moaned continuously. He walked forward, pressing her back against the wall as he started dropping her on his dick faster, her moans turning into screams every time she slammed down on his dick. She lifted her head, breathing in his ear as she gasped out “Please may I cum Sir.”

He groaned loudly, slamming her harder and faster onto his dick as he breathed “Cum hard for me now slut.” She threw her head back and let out a silent scream, her pussy tightening and quivering on his dick as he held deep inside her, his body tightening as he held back his orgasm. Her head finally dropped onto his shoulder as she breathed deeply, her juices dripping out of her pussy onto his cock, soaking both of them. He lifted her off the wall, keeping his dick buried deeply in her as he carried her upstairs to the bedroom.

Her pussy was still quivering around his dick as He carried her upstairs. She let out a small moan every time He went up a step, causing His dick to push a little deeper inside her. She started nibbling His neck as He carried her into the bedroom. She moaned in disappointment when He lifted her of His dick, before laying her on the bed. She immediately spread her legs and started to rub a finger up and down her slit, her juices dripping down between her ass cheeks. He watch her a few minutes, His hand stroking His cock absentmindedly, before stepping to the edge of the bed. “Roll over and get on your hands and knees baby,” He said softly, His hand still stroking his hard cock. She quickly rolled over and lifted her ass up to him, a hand still between her legs, rubbing her soaked pussy. He climbed onto the bed, smacking her hand with his cock as he positioned it at her pussy. Her hand dropped as she felt the head of His cock teasing her slit, before feeling Him slowly slide His cock into her. She whimpered as he Slipped slowly inside her pussy, her ass trying to push back against him. His strong gripped hips tightly, keep her from forcing more of His cock in her soaked pussy. She finally felt His entire cock in her pussy, her head pressing against the bed as she moaned loudly.

Her hips rotated a little as she moaned, his cock buried deep in her. He ran a hand up her back to her hair, gripping a fistful tightly as he slid out of her pussy. He pulled her hair back as he thrust hard and deep in her pussy, causing her to gasp then moan loudly. He pulled out slowly, before slamming deep into her again, smacking her ass with his right as he did. She moaned again, her hips pushing back to meet his thrust. He started to fuck her steadily, her hair still gripped tightly in his hand. His hand came down on her ass each time he thrust into her pussy, his hips starting to thrust faster. She was moaning continuously from the pain and pleasure, his orgasm quickly approaching. He felt her tightening her pussy around his cock as he fucked her, knowing she was approaching her orgasm as well. He pulled out of her pussy suddenly, causing her to gasp from the sudden emptiness. Her gasp turned into a loud whimper as he suddenly pushed his cock into her ass, his right hand gripping her ass cheek. He pushed hard into her ass, her pussy juice making his entrance easier.

She tried to relax her ass as His cock pushed deeper into her. She bit her lip hard as he bottomed out in her ass, tasting blood as she bit too hard. He allowed her a few minutes to get used to His size, before slowly starting to fuck her tight asshole. Her whimpers sooner turned to moans as she got used to Him being in her ass, her ass starting to thrust back to meet Him. He started thrust harder as she moaned louder, soon her moans becoming screams as her orgasm quickly approached. “I’m going to cum soon slut,” He said, his voice tight. “I want you to come with me.” She could only moan in response, one of her hands sliding between her legs to rub her clit quickly. He moaned from behind her as He said loudly “I’m going to cum baby, cum hard with me.” He thrust hard and deep in her as as His orgasm erupted, His cum quickly filling her ass. She came at the first feeling of His hot cum in her ass, her screams filling the room along with His moans. Her orgasm tore through her body, soon leaving her breathless. Her orgasm finally ended as she collapsed onto the bed, His hard dick still in her ass. She felt Him slip out of her ass slowly, sliding up the bed to lay next to her. His strong arms slipped around her protectively, and she quickly fell asleep, a smile on her lips and His breath on her neck.

Shaun is online. The message popped up on my desktop making that annoying pinging noise. The damn noise I could just not figure out how to turn off.

The pop up stayed there as I glared at it. Old familiar feelings coursing through my veins, heading right for my lower regions. I sighed. I needed to stop the mixture of excitement, wrongness, and horniness from reaching my pussy.

It was a sigh in vain.

I was currently in a committed, monogamous relationship with a good hearted, successful boy called matt. In fact our 6 month anniversary was just around the corner. He was an amazing lover. Possessing all the tools in bed to keep up with my never ending sexual desires.

I thought the days off my pussy ruling my life were over. Long gone were the months of sucking and fucking every random internet guy. The mock rape scenes and threesomes were stuff for fantasies. I went to therapy and worked hard to overcome my sex addiction. I was a good girl now. I had grown up. Finished my degree. Secured a job and settled down. We talked off marriage, kids and the white picket fence — the life most girls dream off.

But I wasn’t like most girls. Sometimes when I thought really hard I could actually convince myself my life was not a lie. Therapy had actually changed me. I had become the woman society expected me to become. But deep down my inner whore fought daily to be heard. It struggled against these societal bonds wanting to break free of its repression.

Underneath that women I had become I was still a slut. There was no two ways about it. I hid it well, but it never let me forget its existence.

It was that inner slut that saw the online ping as its opportunity to break free. My pussy was wet. I was no longer thinking with my brain. It was time for the whore version of me to take charge.

“Wassup bitch?” Shaun knew how to turn me on. He was an old fuck buddy of mine. We fucked for almost a year before my current relationship. He slapped me, bit me, choked me, and used me. And I loved every minute of it.

There was something about him that I could not resist. And it wasn’t just that amazing cock of his that could turn me from a respectful woman into a begging bitch within seconds.

There was something else. I’m not quite sure what it was, although I suspect it was our shared views on sex. I think we both believed sex was not an act of intimacy (something I struggle with in my current relationship) it was an act of raw, carnal lust with no emotional hang-ups. I didn’t care for him — he didn’t care for me. We suited each other perfectly.

Emotionless fucking. No expectation of anything else. I missed it.

“Hey cock,” I replied — my every instinct crying at me to ignore the message. But it was too late the whore was in control.

“I shaved my cock and balls today,” he typed. ” I think you will be proud of me.”

“Let me see,” I excitingly responded, before I could allow the feelings of guilt to surface and restrain me from getting a glimpse of the cock I craved.

The video call chimed. There was the briefest conscious struggle as I reached over to answer it.

Was this considered cheating on my boyfriend?

As much as I was a slut, I was still the slut that loved matt dearly and would never want to cause him any hurt.

The struggle was over in moments. The pull of Shaun’s cock was a magnetic force I was inexplicably drawn too.

He paraded his cock and balls in front of the camera as my mouth salivated.

“What you want to do to me with that cock?”

“Choke you on it.”

“You couldn’t make me choke, I’ve got no gag reflex remember?”

“Oh I could.”

“I’ll hold your head down with my legs, till you can’t breathe.”

I had an instant flashback to a football game he had sat and watched at my house. I of course was on my knees, mouth buried in his groin. His cock was pushing on my throat muscles determined to force its way past them. He had wrapped those pure muscle legs of his around my head, leaving me powerless to resist. When I struggled to breath and attempted to dislodge those rock hard thighs my efforts were futile. He had a strength that far surpassed mine and most men I know, and I would not breathe until he decided I was able to.

It was a scene I was desperate to recreate.

“I want to cum all over your face!”

“Been a long time since I’ve had a cum facial. I love cum especially on my face.”

“Can I bring you some?”

“I wish I could say yes…” I whined. “Every time I talk to you, I get closer to saying yes. Maybe I shouldn’t talk to you anymore.”

And with that, before I could lose my resolve, I hung up the call. I did not wish to cheat on my boyfriend. I had come too far to make a stupid move like that.

A week passed. Pings came and went. I ignored them. I began to look at our online video chat as a weak spot in my bid to stay clean and sober. A minor relapse, was what my addiction therapist called it.

Until that fateful Thursday night. The night that changed my mundane ‘normal’ life forever.

Thursday night was always my night to indulge in a little me time. Matt worked at his restaurant until closing. Until 11pm I could slip into the bath and escape into fantasy land, while I masturbated myself to countless orgasms.

On this particular night I was fantasizing of three cocks simultaneously fucking my throat, cunt and ass. It was a recurring dream of mine. One I had sadly never had the chance to experience. I was almost there picturing the big fat cocks pumping into me, when a knock at the door brought me sharply back to reality.

I wasn’t expecting anyone and figured it would not do any harm to ignore the annoyance and let the caller believe I was not home.

With this in mind I began to slip back into the fantasy. Determined this time to reach that high I was climbing quickly towards.

The knocking continued.

Angry now at this disturbance I cursed under my breath, “Can’t this fuckwit work out that either I am not bloody home, or I don’t fucking care to answer the door?!”

But as the pounding got louder, it was apparent that this fuckwit could not understand the obvious message.

Cursing once again, I stepped out the bath. Grabbing the nearest towel, I wrapped my wet almost orgasmic body and walked to the front door.

“Who is it?” I asked in a pissed of tone. Hoping the caller would pick up on the irritation in my voice.

“Shaun,” was the instant cocky reply.

I took a mental step back. This was the last person I was expecting at my front door. Besides for seeing Shaun at a couple of parties in the area (after which I would go home and fantasize about his cock pounding me) and that brief video chat the previous week our lives did not intertwine. There would be no reason he would come to my house. Except that is for sex.

With this in mind, a silent pledge to stay strong and refuse any advances, I opened the door.

He walked in. Jeans hugging his tight ass, shirt showing off his magnificent chest muscles, just as I remembered him. With the cocky attitude I recalled too well he waved some USB stick at me, looked at me and spat out, “On your knees bitch!”

I laughed in his face, so sure he was trying to play an old game and hoping I would go along with it. As much as I desired to get on my knees just to humour him, I worried about giving him the wrong vibe.

There was absolutely no way I was going to suck, fuck or gag on his cock tonight. I was in a committed relationship now with Matt whom I cared about very deeply. My inner slut had taken control for a brief moment the previous week. But it was just a minor relapse — I was completely back in control now.

I became enraged now, angry he would believe that by reappearing on my doorstep and ordering me to my knees I would willingly cheat on my boyfriend.

“Get out of my house,” I yelled. “Who do you think you are? Do you imagine that because you happen to come by and tell me to do something I am going to listen to you? I’ve moved on you cocky mother fucking bitch, who do you think you are? Just get out, get out of here!”

He listened to my ranting. He made no move to leave at all. His face was calm. A small smug smile beginning to appear in the corners of his mouth. Almost as if he was expecting my anger and waiting for me to let it all out.

He waited until I fell silent. He stepped up to me, and reaching up he held my face between his hands. It was a move so unexpected I was stunned into submission. Looking directly into my eyes he forcefully stated, “I own your ass now. See this USB stick I’ve got here? I’ve got our video chat recorded.”

“Who the fuck cares,” I whimpered, my mind racing to the possibilities as to what this interaction could mean.

“I think you care,” he arrogantly answered my rhetorical question. “I know you love Matt and you don’t want to hurt him. Any disobedience from you and this USB gets delivered right into his hands.”


His tone rose. Fury in his voice. Fury for my doubt in his dominance.

I laughed nervously at his command. I knew this guy. There was no way he had the balls to carry this plan off. It was probably some half assed impulse he decided to act on without thinking it through. Something that many years in the future we would laugh about.

Before I could ascertain what my next move would be Shaun walked up, slapped me across my face and knocked me to the ground. The push loosened the towel I had been clinging tightly to my body. I lay there in shock, naked, panting at the invasion of my body.

“Listen cunt I am serious. One more act of insubordination from you and I will leave this house, drive straight to Matt’s work and deliver this USB right into his hand.”

It was at this moment I understood. For the first time I believed this was really happening. This was no fantasy.

Shaun sensed my submission and triumphantly stood over me. “You will do everything I say,” he gloated. “You will be my little slave cunt. You will serve me whenever and however I desire. I own you.”

My pre orgasmic body was completely dry now. His words suck any moisture I previously had in my pussy. Although I had fantasized about this many times, this was no longer a fantasy. I abhorred a scenario I could not control.

I was in fear of losing my relationship. The man I loved like I’ve never loved anyone before. I feared losing my sobriety. I worried Shaun would unlock the slut in me. The slut I had kept under wraps for so long. Would I once again become the whore I worked so hard to repress?

Shaun did not care for my thoughts. He had a cunt now. One he could use whenever he might fancy. His cock hardened at the sight of his slut lying on the ground at his feet.

“Get up onto your knees,” he commanded. “Open my fly and take out my cock, one tooth mark and this tape goes straight to your boyfriend.”

I slowly lifted my heavy limbs up and crawled over to him. I opened his jeans. It was an act I used to enjoy so much. Now one I was disgusted at.

I glanced at his cock and then turned away. How could I put a cock that was not Matt’s into the mouth that had only sucked his for 6 months? I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t perform this last step that would push this scenario into a step it could never go back on.

Shaun, frustrated with my slow movements, grabbed my head and pinched my nose so I had no choice but to open my mouth. In one swift movement his cock was once again lodged in the back of my throat. The movement didn’t stop. In and out he moved my face using my mouth like a surrogate pussy. He didn’t wait for me to breathe. No courtesies allowed for the slave he now owned.

Pulling my long black hair behind me he forced his rock hard cock down my oesophagus. He smashed my nose against his shaven pubic hairs, cutting of all air supply, and leaving me clawing at his ass to loosen his grip. I was an experienced cock sucker, but even this was too much for me.

Deep in my pussy the juices were beginning to gather and flow. I couldn’t believe my body could betray me like that. I tried to stop the normal human process, but it was to no avail. When he reached down and felt my wet pussy he laughed in my face and called me the whore I knew I was.

He dragged me over to the couch and threw me over the side. I screamed in pain as he impaled my tight asshole. Matt had never taken to anal sex so scared he would hurt me. It had been 6 months since anything bigger than a finger had entered that hole.

I begged him for mercy, pleading with him to take it slow like he used to until my ass could familiarize itself with his cock. The pleading landed me with repeated slaps across my bottom until it burned a bright shade of red.

“I do not take it slow with my whore. You don’t deserve my kindness. You are here for my needs not for yours. Stop being such a pussy and suck it up,” he yowled. “I have plenty of other ways I want to use you and abuse you which you will really have a chance to cry about.”

He yelled in ecstasy as his cock pulsed in my ass spurting the heaps of cum he always had.

He pulled his cock out my ass and ripped the condom off. Looking at me with an evil smile he yanked up my head by my hair and stated, “clean my cock!”

My face grimaced with a look of revulsion. “One disobedience,” he warned. “One disobedience.”

I stuck my tongue out and licked cum off his now softening cock. He moaned as I wrapped my lips around he dick and cleaned it while tasting that familiar condom aftertaste.

“I will be back,” he promised as he turned to leave. “Wait for my message bitch, and I’ll let you know when I need you next.”

Slamming the door behind himself he left me behind. No thought for the mess he had just created.

After a good cry I made a commitment to take each day as it comes. Ensure that I would never let anything come between Matt and I. I was good at separating my life into compartments. This would be a compartment unto it itself. It would never influence any other areas of my life.

With this commitment I felt better already, and got back into the bath to continue the evening I was meant to have before rudely interrupted.

That night as I was falling asleep, curled up beside Matt, there was a little voice inside me wanting to be heard. I ignored it. Knowing its message, though not desiring to hear it. But as I fell into dream land, the voice spoke in a tiny whisper, “maybe this is a way you can feed you inner slut without feeling guilty by cheating on Marc. It’s really the best of both worlds.”

The slut in me went wild that night. Feeding me dreams of massive cocks that would fill me up forever.

I knew it was only a matter of days before I would be serving shauns cock once again. And there was the tiniest part of me looking forward to it.

I love laundry day. Sure, it’s an easy job, as far as housework goes, and I have the uncanny ability of making a few loads seem like I’ve cleaned the whole house. Although the smirk my wife gives me every time I declare the family’s clothes to be clean makes me think she might be onto me. But more than anything, it’s the perfect excuse to get my hands on my stepdaughter’s dirty panties.

Last Saturday began the same way as all the others of late. My wife, Liz, had taken our twelve year old daughter to her weekly netball game, yet again losing the battle with Natalie to take her across the Harbour to North Sydney on the ferry. I tried to reassure Liz that it was in fact the quickest way when she kissed me goodbye, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Your daughter,” she scowled in mock accusation as she stabbed her finger into my chest on the way out the door.

I smacked her ass playfully in reply, eliciting a giggle, and wished Natalie good luck with her game as I watched them walk out to the street.

Then I felt Julie’s shoulder push into my back, and her breast press against my arm as she sidled up beside me. “Good luck, kiddo! Knock ‘em dead,” Julie called after them from the doorway as they made their way down to the Balmain pier.

Julie gave me a quick smile, her deep blue eyes twinkling, and the smell of peanut butter on her breath. She touched my arm affectionately, then padded up the stairs. Her perfect heart-shaped ass rose before me, firmly clad in pink and purple striped pyjama bottoms. I shook myself free of the vision, locking the front door and returning to the kitchen to finish my breakfast.

The sound of running water and other assorted feminine beauty rituals wafted down from upstairs as I tidied up the dishes, and tried to keep my thoughts out of the gutter. At nineteen, Julie had blossomed into such a beautiful young woman, and it was driving me to distraction.

I turned to see that she had pulled up a stool and was watching me bustle around. Her head was tilted slightly, with her long, sandy blonde hair falling over her shoulder. I snorted a laugh at her t-shirt. It was the light grey one with a Storm Trooper holding a tissue, and the words, ‘I had friend’s on that Death Star.’

“You like it?” she smiled, sitting up and pushing out her ample chest.

My voice caught slightly, but I managed to croak out a response, before putting much more attention than was required into the coffee machine. “Do you want one?”

“No, thanks. I just brushed my teeth.” She wrinkled her nose at the thought, then tapped the book that lay face down on the bench. “I’m just going to read for a bit outside.”

“Oh, okay. What are you reading?”

Julie didn’t answer. Instead, she just grinned at me, sliding the book off the bench and holding it close across her stomach as she skipped out onto the patio.

“Okay then,” I said to myself, a little confused.

I savoured the taste of the coffee, and the anticipation of the prize that awaited me upstairs in Julie’s dirty clothes basket. When I had waited as long as I dared, I went upstairs to her bedroom.

I scooped up her scattered clothes from the carpet, where she had stepped out of them the night before. Kicking her shoes under the bed and flicking the lid off the hamper in the corner, I dropped in the bundle, then stretched for the plain white t-shirt just out of reach. Then I saw them, a pair of tiny lavender panties up against her bedside table.

Sitting on her bed, I bent down to pick them up. The softness of the satin instantly tingled my fingertips. I held them out in front of me, studying the cute little bow on the front of the waistband, and the frilly, lace embellishments down either side of the gusset. The ’10′ on the tag, I’m ashamed to say, offered a much more seductive thrill than the size sixteen Liz had become in her mid-forties.

I exhaled slowly to try and calm my heartbeat. Then, turning them inside out, I held the crotch to my nose and mouth, and breathed in her scent. The hint of perfume combined with the earthy aroma of her sex brought me an indescribable relief.

I’m such a scoundrel, I silently confessed to myself, before deeply inhaling again.

I balled up her panties in my pocket and took the whole basket downstairs to the laundry. Sorting the load into lights and darks, I sniffed at each pair as I went, but none of the intoxicating delicates were quite as fresh as the lavenders I had in my pocket.

I got Julie’s lights on first, frowning as the old plumbing in our Balmain terrace hissed and shuddered with exertion to fill the washing machine. Then fishing her panties from my pocket, I took another long, comforting sniff. When I opened my eyes, I noticed Julie out through the window.

Illuminated by the sunlight, she was sitting on the far side of the table from the kitchen door, reading with her feet up on the chair beside her. But from my vantage point at the small laundry window, my view of Julie was unobstructed by outdoor furniture.

From that angle, I could see the cover of the novel. I chuckled to myself as I read the title, Fifty Shades of Grey. Her mother had been right into it herself, ploughing through all three books in record time. It had certainly sparked up our sex life, I remembered fondly.

This sexy little acorn apparently didn’t fall far from the tree.

With my forbidden secret safely back in my pocket, I watched her. She was engrossed in her book, turning the pages every minute or so with considerable urgency. I noticed her lick her lips and swallow, her lips shiny and coming to rest slightly parted. A pinkish hue too, began to spread across her cheeks and neck.

I focussed on the deepening rise and fall of her chest as she read, and I flushed with warmth as I caught sight of her nipples hardening beneath that Star Wars t-shirt. I began to grow hard myself, my cock straining against my jeans.

Julie pulled her sunglasses down her nose, then looked over the top of the rims into the kitchen. I stepped out of view as she swivelled her head back towards the laundry, and counted to ten before poking my head back around the window frame. Craning her head up to look at the windows above her, and obviously not seeing me, she pushed her glasses back up and sank back into her chair.

She rubbed her bottom lip with the tip of her index finger as she resumed reading, then began slowly tracing a path over her chin and down her throat. When her finger found her nipple, mine once again found the lavender satin. I breathed her in as she circled the proud point atop her breast, then pinched the engorged nub with a twist through her t-shirt. The sensation caused her to bite her bottom lip.

As Julie repeated the process with her other breast, I released my aching cock from my jeans and began to stroke. The slimy pre-cum already at the tip provided half the lubrication I needed. I licked my palm for the rest and began pumping my fist up and down my shaft.

Watching her tease her nipples while smelling her nubile musk, I was lost.

Her finger continued its journey down her stomach, no doubt an imaginary substitute for the riding crop I guessed she was reading about at that very moment. I held my breath as her fingers approached the hem of her t-shirt. My own hand was frozen in a tight grip around the head of my cock.

Time stood still as Julie, excruciatingly slowly, lifted her hand from her waist to turn the page. She turned her head to check again that I wasn’t watching her from the kitchen, and satisfied I wasn’t, she licked her lips once more before returning her right hand to its task.

“Oh my God,” I actually heard myself gasp in response to Julie’s fingers burrowing beneath the waistband of her pyjama bottoms.

The pink and purple striped fabric bulged across the back of her hand between her legs as she masturbated in the relative privacy of our backyard. I resumed my own strokes, keeping in time with the tiny, twitching motions inside Julie’s pyjamas. But I was quickly losing control.

Taking one last, splendid whiff of her underwear, I wrapped the precious garment around my cock. The silky smooth sensation of Julie’s panties sliding up and down the full length of my hardness was too much.

I erupted in spurt after groaning spurt of thick cum into those lovely lavender panties. I actually had to brace myself against the vibrating washing machine to keep from buckling at the knees. Squeezing the swollen, sensitive head of my cock, I milked every last drop of semen into them.

Folding my cum into her underwear, I lifted the lid of the washing machine and threw them in with the rest of the load. I took a minute to slow my breathing as I zipped myself up and looked out through the window at Julie on the patio.

Her hand was a lot deeper inside her pyjamas, and the way the pink and purple stripes were moving, I could tell she was fingering herself. Julie threw her head back, biting her bottom lip. The delicious squirm of her whole body told me she was close.

It was then that the idea struck me. I smiled wickedly at the thought.

I strode out into the kitchen and threw open the sliding door to the patio. I was two steps outside before Julie noticed me, her soft moan of pleasure twisting into a shocked gasp.

I drifted around the table, keeping my eyes locked on the dark lenses of her sunglasses and delighting in the crimson flush of Julie’s cheeks. She subtly slipped her hand from her pyjama pants, masking the move by laying the book on her lap. It was all I could do to keep a straight face.

I lifted Julie’s feet from the chair and sat, placing them back down across my lap. Ratcheting up the tension by remaining silent, I revelled in the effort she was making to control her heavy breathing. I couldn’t help but smirk. The sunlight caught the sheen on her fingers, glinting slightly as she dried her slender digits discretely on the outside of her thigh.

“Good book?” I teased, knowing I had denied her the release she was so close to achieving.

Julie wet her lips before breathing an incredibly tortured, “Uh-huh.”

“Hmmm,” I smiled. I was far too pleased with myself.

We chatted a while in the garden, screened off from the neighbours by the lilly pilly hedges running down either fence line. I caressed her shins through her thin cotton pyjamas, gently kneading the firm flesh of her calves. Her embarrassment eventually faded, but I noticed when I started rubbing her feet, she blushed again. I petted her knee to let me up, and she lifted her feet. As I went inside, I caught Julie’s reflection in the sliding door. She was watching me walk away over the rim of her sunglasses, her brow furrowed in a bemused frown.

For the rest of the morning, I took great delight in making sure Julie never had an opportunity to finish what she started. Every few minutes or so, I would reappear, offering her a drink, striking up a conversation, or just lingering by the patio doors. I even interrupted her retreat to her bedroom to return her fresh laundry.

It wasn’t long before Liz and a victorious Natalie returned home for lunch, unwittingly joining me in Julie’s torment and giving us both a thorough play-by-play debriefing of the game. We all chipped in preparing lunch, and ate it together on the patio.

“Hey, I know,” I suggested enthusiastically as we cleared the plates. “Why don’t we all play some board games this afternoon? Let’s make a day of it. Have some real quality family time.”

Liz and Natalie were all for it, with Natalie rushing off to grab the games. Julie shot me a look that could have shattered glass, but she put on a tight smile for her mother and little sister.

Julie’s sexual frustration smouldered as we played Cluedo. I loved watching her fidget, and fight to control her concentration. But as the game progressed, Miss Scarlett regained her composure and got stuck in with Mrs White, Mrs Peacock and Colonel Mustard, eventually winning the game. It was me, in the library with the revolver.

But when we moved onto Monopoly, the morning’s mischief was little more than a memory. And in the innocent fun of playing board games with my family, I was overcome with the guilt of what I had done. I felt like I had betrayed Liz by taking a sexual interest in another woman. And the fact that it was her daughter, made it all the worse. To say nothing of the liberties I had taken with Julie, or at least her panties.

The board games rolled into dinner, before the four of us ended up in the media room for a Legally Blonde double bill. Liz snuggled up against me on the sofa, with Julie on her other side and Natalie on some cushions on the floor. We ploughed through the first one in relatively short order, and as we moved into the second, the regret of my earlier perversions waned. Julie and I were having a great time, quoting nearly every cheesy line together.

“How many times have you two watched this?” Liz huffed at us.

Julie and I exchanged a knowing look, then shrugged in unison with a smile. We shared a giggle, before quoting the next line together.

Liz woke up a snoring Natalie as the end credits of the sequel rolled, ushering her up to bed and asking if I was going to come up. Julie jumped in, announcing that she wanted to pull an all-nighter with a Paranormal Activity marathon, begging me to stay up with her.

“Don’t think you’re coming in to bed with us if you get scared, young lady,” Liz frowned in mock admonishment.

Julie assured her mother she would be all right, snuggling up to me on the couch.

“What about me?” I asked, feigning fear. “Can I come to bed with you if I get scared?”

“We’ll see,” Liz giggled as she kissed us goodnight, and closed us in the media room so as to not be disturbed by the sound of scary movies.

The thumping footsteps and old plumbing upstairs faded away as the movie got going. I became very conscious of Julie’s body pressed up against mine, and the soft, vanilla scent of her hair. She held my left hand between hers on my lap, and my other arm was around her shoulders, gently stroking her upper arm.

As the creepy scenes of the movie played, I felt Julie snuggle in tighter. I squeezed her reassuringly and kissed the top of her head, which was now resting on my chest. It wasn’t the adrenalin thrill of horror movies that she loved, I knew. It was the comfort of feeling safe and protected against them.

Her soft breast squashed against my side, and her firm thigh rubbed against mine. I lost track of the movie, instead basking in every tactile sensation. Julie crossed her legs towards me, rubbing my shin slowly with her instep. And the hand sandwich on my lap crept almost imperceptibly closer to my aching hardness.

A thousand thoughts flooded my brain as I sat there with my nubile stepdaughter squirming against me. The suspense of the movie only added to the tension of my thundering heartbeat. I could hear Julie’s breathing against my chest, shallow and uneven. As time went on, it only got worse.

Gradually those thousand thoughts diminished to just one: fuck her!

Gritting my teeth, my own ragged breath signalled my desire. I was going to do it. I had to. I couldn’t take her rubbing herself against me anymore. She was teasing me. She had to be.

Fuck her! NOW!

I leapt off the couch and grabbed Julie by the hips. Her beautiful blue eyes were saucers as she gasped with surprise. I pulled her down onto the cushions on the floor her sister had been laying on earlier. Clawing my fingertips into the waistband of her pyjamas and panties, I pulled both down roughly over the soft flare of her curves and down her long, shapely legs.

Julie’s mouth hung open, frozen in shock. I snatched her panties out of her pyjama bottoms, and balling them in my fist, I shoved them in her mouth as a makeshift gag. Then I manhandled the hem of her Star Wars t-shirt up her body, causing her full, ripe breasts to bounce free. I gasped myself, getting a perfect view of her swollen globes in the dim light of the television. She barely resisted as I yanked her shirt up over her face, and up the length of her arms.

With her top at her wrists, now held above her head, I twisted her t-shirt around and around to bind her hands together. Then straining to lift the front corner of the couch, I forced the twisted cotton behind the stubby timber leg to hold her in place.

Stretched out on the floor underneath me, completely naked, tied up and gagged by her own panties, Julie was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

I crawled over the top of her, making sure not to touch her. She trembled, her breasts jiggling slightly beneath the erect nipples that betrayed her excitement. I stared into her eyes, until eventually, she dipped her gaze submissively.

“You little tease,” I whispered, touching the end of her nose with my index finger. Then running it over her chin and down her throat, I continued, “I’m going to fucking use you.”

Julie shuddered, snorting heavily through her nose. I ran my finger between her breasts, then slowly circled each nipple, careful not to touch either engorged nub. Making my way down her impossibly soft, yet flat belly, I looped her navel, then continued south. The coarse thatch of pubic hair, delicately manicured into a thin landing strip across her mound, nearly made me come as I ran my finger back and forth.

“Open them, Julie,” I very slowly breathed.

Her whole body squirmed as she released the tension that was holding her thighs tightly together. My body flushed with warmth as her legs carefully parted. Julie’s familiar scent filled my nostrils, and the glow from the television illuminated the slick sheen of moisture which had spread halfway down her inner thighs.

“You little slut.” I spiralled my finger across her soft, slippery flesh, inching closer and closer to her sex.

I ripped into my jeans like a kid tearing open a present on Christmas morning. My cock sprang free as I shuffled between Julie’s legs. Guiding the mushroom head of my cock to her opening, I drove myself deep inside her, in one, forceful thrust.

Sheathed in her sopping wet heat, the moan caught in the back of my throat. I began to fuck her with long, slow deliberate strokes, digging my cock into her as deeply as I could. I kissed and licked the side of her face, sucking on her ear and whispering obscenities. As I ground myself into her, I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, pulling her head back and exposing her neck. I licked and sucked at Julie’s incredibly taut skin, almost devouring her.

I pounded Julie’s pussy for all I was worth, pumping into her with lusty abandon. The noise of her snatch slurping with every thrust rose above the deafening sound of slapping flesh and heavy breathing.

My climax built, warming my entire body with a growing tingle. I knew I was close, and held on as long as I could, wanting to savour every last moment. But no longer able to control myself, I buried my cock to the hilt in her sopping cunt and came inside her, flooding her womb with my seed.

I lay spent on top of her, inside her, paralysed by the sensitivity of my orgasm. Julie’s chest heaved beneath me as she too fought to regain her breath. After a few minutes, I sat back onto my heels, allowing my softening cock to slip from her wrecked pussy. My cum was already starting to ooze out, trickling down the crack of her ass.

Her face was turned to the side, resting on her arm. I leaned over her, turning her chin to face me. Julie kept her eyes cast down. She still had her panties stuffed in her mouth. I tugged on the delicate lace, but she bit down, not letting me remove the gag.

“Mm,” I grinned. “You still want more?”

Her blue eyes met mine by way of reply, blazing with intensity. I flushed again, not able to believe my luck.

“Do you want to come?” I taunted.

Keeping our eyes locked, Julie nodded. I wound her hair into another ponytail and wrenched her head back, sucking and biting at her neck.

The woman’s heels clicked and clacked impatiently on the pavement as she hurried along the street. Her breakfast meeting had dragged on until mid-morning and she was in danger of missing her flight. Unfortunately the other people around the table had been such high ranking representatives of the civil service, police and healthcare that leaving early had not been an option.

She turned into the tube station, waved her Oyster Card at the reader and brushed past the tourists as she trotted down the left hand side of the escalator. When she reached the platform, it was crowded. The woman wondered how things could be so busy before lunch. She was sure she remembered a time when it had not been like that, even on a Friday, but she concluded that her mind must be playing tricks and doing its usual job of convincing her that things always used to be better.

When the train arrived she managed to squeeze onto a carriage just before the door closed. She spent an uncomfortable few minutes trapped beneath a portly man’s arm, wishing he had chosen to put on deodorant that morning. One stop after she boarded the train, a mother dragging two grumpy toddlers pushed into the non-existent space beside her. The two women studiously avoided each other’s gaze and tried to ignore the awkward contact of their breasts every time the train slowed and forced them against each other.

Thankfully the mother left the train two stops later, her children wailing miserably as they followed her. The other woman breathed a sigh of relief and as the train gathered speed again she took advantage of the tiny bit of extra space to check her watch. She was feeling more optimistic about making the flight now, and was thankful that she had chosen to use the closer City Airport rather than one of the outlying alternatives.

Her optimism lasted until the train ground to a halt and the driver’s voice gave an incomprehensible apology for the delay over the intercom.


The man laboured to the top of the hill, stepped off his bicycle, rested it against a tree and stood to catch his breath. His bag contained no letters today for the solitary big house which overlooked the village, but he had decided to make the climb anyway, partly from a sense of habit, partly from a desire to stay reasonably fit and partly because of his love of the view from the summit.

He gazed at his surroundings, appreciating the fact that it was an unusually clear day. He could even see a little sunshine glinting off the waters of the loch and brightening the heather-covered flanks of the Munro beyond. The man remembered climbing the mountain on one of his first free days after moving to these parts. The weather had been very different then. Dark clouds had swept in to cover all but the lower slopes shortly after he had set out and the rain had lashed down incessantly, but he had slogged on stubbornly through the pathless bog. Finally he had stood on the rocky crest, wondering what the view would have been like if he had been able to see anything more than his hand in front of his face, before he turned to retrace his steps downwards. That had been more than two years ago.

But conditions today were much better. From his vantage point he turned to look in the other direction. He could now see the other end of the loch, where it joined the open sea. As his eyes continued to sweep around the horizon, he could just make out the outlines of some distant islands off the coast. The views were some of the clearest he had known in these parts.

After resting for several minutes to enjoy his surroundings, the man climbed back onto his bike, pointed his wheel in the direction from which he had come and freewheeled down the hill. He had a few more letters to deliver and then his work for the day would be done.


The woman relaxed as the plane’s wheels touched down at Glasgow Airport. She had never been a particularly confident flyer and her fears were not getting any better as she embarked upon her thirties. But she reflected that at least she had succeeded in catching her flight by the skin of her teeth, albeit at the cost of a sweat-inducing sprint through the airport with her luggage. It meant that she would arrive at her destination in time for a late dinner.

As the plane taxied to a standstill she slipped off her glasses and put away the papers which she had been reviewing on the journey. They formed the basis of a draft piece of legislation being proposed by the British government to tackle people trafficking. The woman’s job was to provide expert advice on the subject.

For the last couple of years her reputation had grown rapidly. She was in a great deal of demand as a consultant on all things to do with human trafficking and false imprisonment both within the UK and internationally. She had received a good many lucrative job offers, but she preferred to remain freelance. One of the many advantages it brought was the freedom to choose her own hours and to disappear from London most weekends, just as she was doing now.


The man cycled home after finishing his round. He parked his bike in the shed and walked up the path to the back door of his whitewashed crofter’s cottage. Inside it was sparsely furnished, but it suited him very well. He had a bite to eat for lunch before tidying and cleaning the place. He knew that there was no real need to do so, but it gave him satisfaction and helped to pass the time.

As he worked methodically, he considered the life he had developed for himself as a village postman in the Highlands. In many ways he was more contented than he had ever been before. His existence was simple and uncluttered. He had found a world which bore little comparison to the complicated and distressing one which he had occupied beforehand. Yet he knew that he would not remain satisfied forever in this place. It was a temporary haven to allow his wounds to heal, but he had not yet felt the elusive sensation to tell him that he was ready to leave.

Perhaps that was why her regular visits were so important to him. On the surface, they were not always the most enjoyable experiences. He and his visitor did not tend to find conversation easy these days and when they touched on their shared memories, they tended to argue. There was, of course, the opportunity to have sex with a real person, which should have been noticeably better than his encounters with his own hand. But in spite of the weekly anticipation, he found himself rarely interested in taking advantage when the time actually came. The passion seemed to have got lost somewhere. But something deep inside of him knew that the visits were his only remaining link with the world beyond his village. For that reason, he valued them.

But beyond that, there was the important factor of his visitor herself. The two of them shared such a deep and unbreakable bond that it overrode all the unpleasant reminders which her presence brought to his mind. He knew that she did not have to make the journey every week, but the fact that she did was a sign of her care for him. Sometimes he cursed the inconvenience of his reciprocal feelings for her. After all, their relationship made life so much more complicated and sometimes even painful. But there was no point in denying the existence of their mutual affection. He knew that he felt for her as deeply as she felt for him, and her regular appearances forced him to face up, albeit unwillingly, to the reality of that commitment. He had long since diagnosed it as love.

When he was satisfied with the house, he showered and shaved. As he stood in front of the mirror with the razor he noticed, as he often did, that he seemed to have as many grey hairs as dark ones these days. Even his self-imposed exile could not stop the inevitable passage of time. Once he was done, he chose a clean pair of jeans and a decent shirt. The change of clothes was not strictly necessary and he was not trying to look particularly smart, but he always wanted to look good for her when he was expecting a visit. It was one of his ways of showing her how much she meant to him.

When he was ready he left the house once more, got into his car and pulled onto the road. He had left plenty of time to reach his destination and did not need to hurry.


The woman gazed out at the bleak emptiness of Rannoch Moor as the train waited at Corrour Station. She had long since given up on her documents and resorted to simply enjoying the view from the window and reflecting on the state of her life, just as she always seemed to do on her journeys north.

There were heavy clouds to the east, but for once the weather coming from the Atlantic was clear. Across the moor she could make out the tops of the mountains which guarded the entrance to Glencoe as the sun sank towards them in the late afternoon. She felt her usual frisson of excitement at the prospect of the end of her journey and the reunion which awaited her there.

It would have been hard for her to explain exactly why she always looked forward to these weekend getaways so much. It was not as if her host ever made a great deal of provision for her entertainment, although she had to admit that he was a good cook. But apart from the meals, most of their days together were spent walking outdoors, normally in the wind and the rain. In the evenings they read books or played the occasional game of cards. The TV reception was uniformly poor in his cottage.

Of course, they talked, but normally about inconsequential things. As soon as the conversation turned to anything meaningful, he would change the subject, especially if she had raised the shared experiences which had brought them together in the first place. At times she found it so frustrating that she looked forward to the return journey to the hustle and bustle of London, the distractions of work and her modern apartment in the capital.

There was the prospect of sex with him, naturally enough. But it never happened as much as she liked to hope it would and it never reached the gratifying heights she remembered. He always seemed somewhat reticent and detached in bed, as if he was holding himself back. She almost always had to initiate things, and she only continued to do so because she never forgot a time when it had been so much more passionate. It didn’t seem worth her while.

But she continued to travel north almost every weekend. She had given up asking herself why she made so much effort for so little reward. She just accepted that he was part of her life, for better or worse. No matter how unfulfilling his company tended to be, she could not help returning and could not shake off the belief that one day things would be better. There was no doubt that it was love between them, she reflected, as she took in the beautiful but bleak landscape from her seat.

During the last few miles of the train journey she made a resolution. She would provoke a confrontation this weekend to shake him out of his rut. It was some time since she had done so. She had long since given up making the futile attempt. The discussion had never advanced beyond her host’s clinching argument. It was not that the woman did not have a good response to what he said. The problem was that she had never wanted to use it. To do so would reveal more of herself than she cared to admit, even to him. But as she sat on the train, she resolved to bite the bullet this time. It was time for both of them to face up to the truth.


The man steered his car along the twisty road which hugged the edge of the water. He loved driving in these conditions and could barely remember what a motorway or a traffic jam was like. His village lay towards the far end of a ragged spit of land which protruded into the sea on the west coast of Scotland. Fort William was the nearest town of any size and the nearest railway station.

Almost every week he made this journey to collect his visitor on a late Friday afternoon or early evening. He made the same journey to drop her off every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, depending on her weekly commitments. At this stage he was all eager anticipation, but he knew that by the end of her visits he would often rage against himself and sometimes even have to stop the car to hold his head in his hands and regain his composure when returning to his cottage. Such was his disappointment with himself for failing to behave openly with her and for failing to show her just how much she meant to him in the most eloquent way possible.

He knew that the root of the problem was that he could not forgive himself for what he had done in the past. He knew that this explained why his visitor had been able to overcome her trauma and build a thriving career, while he had placed his life on hold. He also knew that this was a state of affairs for which he was entirely to blame, but it was one thing to know it and another thing entirely to remedy the situation. He saw little prospect of improvement.

The problem did not render him impotent, but it did cause him to lack the capacity to throw off his inhibitions when he was in bed with her. It was not that he was missing a sex drive. He was aware of this only too well from his all-consuming need to satisfy himself when he was alone in the house. But disappointing though his hand was as a partner, it did not have the complicating thoughts, feelings and memories of a person, and therefore became the solution to most of his carnal needs.

Such were the thoughts that ran through his mind as he covered the miles to Fort William. But despite the bleakness of his situation, he could not help himself from looking forward to his visitor’s arrival.


The man stood and looked along the empty platform. There was no sign of the woman. He wondered if he had come to meet the right train. Perhaps he had missed a message from her about a change of plan. All the passengers had disembarked, for this was the journey’s terminus, but she had not been among them. He wondered what to do next.


The friendly voice took him by surprise. He turned quickly in its direction to see the woman hurrying towards him on a pair of surprisingly high heels. She carried a couple of bags and two cups of coffee. She was holding one of the drinks out in his direction.

He grinned at the title she had used for him. He had long since given up reminding her that it was not his real name. It was real enough for her, although with the rest of the world he had now reverted to the one on his birth certificate. He remembered pointing out to her that Campbells did not tend to be made very welcome in the vicinity of Glencoe, but she took no notice.

‘I must have missed you getting off the train,’ he said, moving towards her.

‘I’m always one step ahead of you,’ she replied with a smile, handing him his coffee and stepping in to embrace and kiss him.

He took one of the bags from her and they walked together from the station to the car. As they did so, he caught sight of the early evening sunshine glinting off her reddish brown hair. She turned and smiled at him again. Two years had not changed how beautiful he found her and he reflected, as he always did, that he was a lucky man to be with Alice Hastings. He just wished that his mind would give him the freedom to take full advantage.


They spent the first few minutes of the drive home enjoying the beautiful sunset ahead of them and talking about trivial things. Then Alice made her opening gambit. She had never been one to waste precious time.

‘I saw her this week,’ she told him, knowing that he would understand exactly who she meant.

He stiffened slightly in his seat at the prospect of the uncomfortable discussion. His mind rushed to the memory of finding the subject of their conversation by the side of the road as they fled. He could still picture the bloodstained clothes, torn feet and staring, vacant expression of the erstwhile slave girl who had turned on her master. But most of all he remembered the fact that he had been one of the men who had abducted her into slavery in the first place.

‘How’s she doing?’ he forced himself to ask.

‘Really, really well,’ Alice replied. ‘She’s thinking of going back into her legal career. You know she doesn’t blame you for what happened?’

‘That’s good,’ mumbled Campbell, knowing full well that the question of who blamed him was irrelevant until he could stop blaming himself. ‘What else did you do this week?’

But Alice ignored the attempt to distract her. ‘She was telling me that she understands that you did what you had to do for the greater good. By taking the organisation down you saved hundreds of girls from being kidnapped like she was. And we even managed to rescue most of the ones who had already been taken.’

‘But not all,’ he grunted. ‘And think of the state of the ones we rescued. Women whose lives were broken by the experience I put them through. It’s taken two years of therapy to put Nadira back on track, and some of the others still aren’t any better.’

‘You didn’t put them through it,’ Alice persisted. ‘Salt and his men did that. You did what you had to do to stop them. You were one of the good guys. The only one who could have got the job done.’

‘Funny you should say that. I seem to remember being tied to a chair in the basement. That was how successful I was at getting the job done. It was Nadira who took out Salt. I’d be dead if it hadn’t been for her and you’d be… Well, you wouldn’t be here.’

‘I’d be a slave right now, getting fucked into an early grave by Salt,’ Alice replied bluntly. ‘But that’s also what would have happened if it hadn’t been for you. And Nadira would still be a slave too if it hadn’t been for you. Or more likely she’d be dead. They’d have killed her when she tried to get her revenge on Salt. None of us would have succeeded in getting away if you hadn’t been there.’

Campbell knew that Alice was speaking the truth. The two women had been in no fit state to make any decisions during their flight from captivity and had left everything to him. He had drawn on all his experience of working undercover to get them out of the country and safely home. He had driven them to a town, broken into a shop to steal some clothes to help them blend in, made discreet enquiries to find out where they were, decided to avoid the airport as it was too dangerous, smuggled them across the border to a more friendly country and finally made contact with the British Embassy.

But once he had got them back to London, the guilt had set in. The collateral damage of the operation in the form of young women’s lives had been more than he could justify to himself. Soon after the debriefing he had resigned his position in the Metropolitan Police and disappeared to his Highland refuge, where he had lived ever since.

But Alice was not giving up. ‘Did you know we worked with Interpol to take down another one of their clients just last week? And we managed to save two girls he had bought. It won’t be long before we’ve mopped up all the men who took girls from Salt. More and more countries are co-operating with us. The UN is starting to look at an international treaty to deal with the problem worldwide.’

‘Sounds like they’re doing better without me,’ he snapped.

‘But don’t you see that they would never have been able to do all this if it hadn’t been for you getting the ball rolling? Taking out Salt in such a dramatic way set an amazing example and got everyone more willing to take action. He’d still be abducting girls from the streets right now if it hadn’t been for what you did.’

Campbell had no answer to that, so he slipped into uneasy silence for the rest of the journey. It was not how he had hoped Alice’s visit would begin.


When they arrived, Alice removed her heels while Campbell opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. Then he made preparations for dinner while she sat at the table and sipped her drink.

But she couldn’t be deterred for long. ‘Have you ever thought about coming back south and getting involved again?’ she asked. ‘There’s still plenty of work to do.’

‘We’ve been through this before,’ he complained. ‘You know why I left London. My face was too recognisable after three undercover missions. I had to protect myself.’

‘And we both know that’s just an excuse!’ she snapped. ‘All your undercover missions finished with the group you were targeting being entirely wiped out by the police. We were both advised that it was safe to stay in London and that we didn’t need new identities. The real reason you came here was because you felt guilty.’

‘Maybe so, but can you blame me?’ he replied with some heat. He had lost his composure now and his defences were down. ‘I know all about the arguments and I know that the mission did more good than harm. I could forgive myself for the damage I caused, if that was all I’d done. That’s not why I’m here.’

‘So why are you here?’ Alice asked. She knew the answer well enough, but she needed him to say it.

‘Because I enjoyed it!’ There it was. For two years it had stood as the unanswerable argument between them. She had no response which could shake him from his guilt. She knew that he could forgive himself for what he had done, but not for the fact that he had received pleasure from it.

Now he was in full flow. ‘You know I enjoyed it! You remember what I did to you. You remember how I made you suffer. But it wasn’t only you. I enjoyed fucking Sara too, even in front of you. And I wanted to do it to Nadira too. They offered her to me and I could barely resist. I felt the same about the rest of the girls I kidnapped. I wanted to have them all!’

She waited for him to finish. It was good for him to get it all out of his system. For the first time she had steeled herself to give him the only response which would work. It was the response which she had kept to herself for so long, too ashamed to admit it. Now she stood up from her seat and approached him, looking up into his face. Their height difference was more obvious now that she was no longer wearing her shoes. She noticed that he looked older than she remembered.

When he stopped his rant of self-loathing, she looked into his eyes and spoke. ‘I know all that. But I enjoyed it too.’

This had the desired effect. He stopped abruptly to listen further.

‘I loved it when you fucked me. Surely you know that? Couldn’t you see how much it turned me on when you tied me up and brought me to the edge of orgasm, only to leave me frustrated? I even enjoyed the pain when you made me bend over so you could spank me. Wasn’t that obvious to you? Even in the middle of all of that stress I’ve never been so turned on in all my life!’

Campbell hesitated, a little embarrassed. Alice had never spoken to him so candidly before. ‘Well, yes,’ he began. ‘I suppose I could tell that you were into it. But it wasn’t just about me and you.’

Now came the hardest part for Alice. Her voice dropped to scarcely more than a whisper. ‘But I didn’t just enjoy it with you.’

This really did come as a shock to him. He said nothing and waited for her to continue.

‘With you I was more turned on than I can describe,’ she told him, dropping her eyes to the floor with shame as she spoke. ‘But there was part of me that was aroused when Sara abused me too. I responded to it. In fact, the same part of me even wanted to be fucked by Salt.’

Campbell didn’t know what to say, but he knew that Alice was pouring her heart out to him as she had never done before. He took her in his arms and held her close.

But she wasn’t done. ‘That slave part of me was getting stronger while they kept me there. It would have grown to take me over until there was nothing else left, just like it did with Sara. Either that or I would have kept the real me alive by focussing all my energy on an obsession with revenge, like Nadira did. But I know, deep down, that I wouldn’t have done that. The part of me that responded to it was too strong. That’s why I would have allowed them to turn me into a slave. I was beginning to want them to strap me to that table and fuck me roughly again and again and again.’

‘Why are you telling me all this?’ he asked.

‘Because I want you to forgive yourself for how you felt. I’ve had to forgive myself for enjoying it. I don’t think you blame me for how I felt, so why should you hold yourself to a different standard? We shouldn’t feel guilty for how we feel or what we want, only for what we do about it. And we did what we had to do in order to survive and to destroy an evil organisation. That’s why you shouldn’t feel bad.’

He still said nothing. He knew that she was speaking the truth and it was striking home with him as it had never done before because she was being so disarmingly honest.

But she hadn’t yet finished. ‘You know how they offered you Nadira and you wouldn’t take her, even though you wanted to?’ she asked. Then she continued without waiting for a reply. ‘They gave her to me too, in a way. But I made the wrong decision. I took advantage of her. That’s when I knew they would succeed in turning me into a slave.’

He hugged her closer. ‘I had no idea,’ he said.

‘I don’t even really know why I did it,’ she continued, close to tears now. ‘It’s not like I’ve ever been particularly turned on by other women and I certainly never wanted to be dominant. I think it was just because it was what they wanted me to do. In a way I think I took advantage of Nadira in order to show my submission to Salt and the others. That’s what turned me on. It was my slave mentality taking over.’

‘It’s ok,’ he soothed, conscious of the inadequacy of his words, but unsure what else to say.

But Alice was in the full flow of her confession now and Campbell’s words did not seem to matter. ‘Nadira spoke to me about it this week. That’s how I knew that you had refused to rape her. She’s admired you for it ever since. You were the only man who showed that restraint. And she forgave me for what I did to her. That’s what helped me to completely come to terms with what I did for the first time. Now I think it’s time for you to do the same. You’re a good man, Campbell. You need to start believing it.’

They continued to embrace as she dissolved into sobs from the pent-up emotion.


The two of them sat for a while without talking as they drank the rest of their first glasses of wine. Then Alice rose and announced her intention to get changed out of her work things. Campbell returned to his cooking and she left the room.

In the bedroom she slipped off her jacket, blouse and trousers and opened one of her bags. She wanted something comfortable to wear for dinner, but she also wanted to look nice for Campbell. She wasn’t going for overtly sexy, since they didn’t seem ready for that after their difficult conversation. Thankfully she had not brought many clothes, so she didn’t have a great deal of choice. She selected a pair of jeans which showed off her shape well and a nicely fitting jumper. The weather was mild and the carpets were thick, so she decided not to bother with socks.

Barefoot, she padded back to the kitchen to find that Campbell had refilled the wine glasses. She slid back onto her stool, took a sip and settled to watch him cook.


The serious conversation between them had been positive and ground-breaking, but it had left both Campbell and Alice feeling rather drained. Their moods lightened as they ate dinner, helped by the consumption of the rest of the bottle of wine.

Alice realised that the alcohol was exactly what they both needed, and after the meal she suggested he fetch another bottle. While he did so she rummaged around in the drawer for the corkscrew, but suddenly she became aware of Campbell’s large presence behind her and felt his arms sliding around her waist.

She turned to find him looking at her with a quizzical expression on his face. She went up on tiptoes and kissed him in a way which she hoped was reassuring.

He put his arms around her and did not let her go after the kiss. Sensing his mood, she said, ‘I meant everything I told you and I’m sorry I wasn’t completely open with you before. I wasn’t ready to share it.’

He didn’t seem upset about her failure to keep him fully informed. Instead he asked a question with a smile twitching over his mouth as he spoke. ‘Did you really enjoy it when I did those things to you?’

Now she smiled too, although she blushed a little and looked down as she did so. ‘How can you even ask me that? I couldn’t have made it much more obvious at the time!’ she answered. ‘I still think about what you did when I need a little inspiration to get me in the mood on evenings alone in my apartment.’

‘I’m always glad to be of service in the lonely nights,’ he laughed, letting her go. She picked up the corkscrew and started to walk back to the table, where he had left the new bottle of wine. But before she had gone more than two steps he seized her again and pulled her close to him.

This time he did not say anything. He simply placed a large hand on the back of her head and held it still for another kiss. It was no longer a reassuring peck on the lips. Instead he explored her mouth passionately with his tongue, taking possession of it fully for the first time since they had escaped together from their ordeal. She responded to him with her own tongue, feeling her body tingle with the unfulfilled hopes of two years.

As she pressed her body close to his, she could feel his tell-tale hardness even through both their clothes. She sensed that her admission had opened the floodgates and that this was an opportunity not to be missed. But before she could do anything to encourage him she felt him dragging her towards the door. She let the corkscrew fall from her grip, its services no longer required, and succumbed willingly as he picked her up bodily, threw her with ease over his shoulder and carried her from the room like a prize.


In the bedroom he dumped her unceremoniously on the bed and stripped off his shirt while she wriggled around to watch.

‘What are you planning to do to me?’ she asked, making no effort to conceal the glee in her voice.

He saw no need to dignify her question with an answer. She would find out soon enough. To say he had a plan would have been less than truthful. He had simply been overcome with an overwhelming desire to possess her roughly. She was his woman and he was going to treat her as such. The barriers of his reticence had been torn away and he was going to let his lust take its course by having his way with her body.

‘You’re wearing too much,’ he told her, matter of factly. Before she could do anything to remedy the situation, he clambered onto the bed, pushing her back on the covers as he did so, and straddled her body on his knees. He yanked her jumper up, pulling it over her breasts along with the little top she wore underneath. She responded by lifting her arms above her head and allowing him to remove the garments from her altogether.

Having been divested her upper clothing, Alice reached for the buckle of her belt. But Campbell was too quick for her. He took hold of her around the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. Then he placed one knee in the small of her back to hold her in position and unfastened her bra. Pulling the straps aside, he tore it from her body, leaving her topless.

She attempted to turn to face him, but he was having none of it. He removed his knee from her back, took a firm grip on her hips and pulled her up onto her knees. Alice squealed as she was manhandled around, but she left her head compliantly on the bed.

Campbell could not help being impressed with the enticing view she was presenting him of her arse, encased in the form-hugging jeans. He could not resist giving it a firm slap with the flat of his hand, drawing another squeal from Alice’s lips.

But to Campbell’s mind the denim of the jeans provided Alice’s flesh with far too much protection. He reached around her waist and unbuckled her belt, pulling it free of its loops. Before he cast it aside, he could not help briefly entertaining the thought that he could find other uses for the length of supple leather.

But for now he was busy. He reached around Alice once more to open the fastening of her jeans. Getting them off her when she was in such a compromising position was no easy feat, but he was planning to make the best of the task. First he yanked them down over her arse, jerking her whole body around with the vigour of his actions. Once he had her butt uncovered and her panties on display, it was easier for him to slide the jeans down to where her knees met the bed. He left them there for now, enjoying the sight of the creamy flesh of her toned upper legs.

Alice’s panties were very pleasant to Campbell’s eyes, especially with the pale blue fabric pulled taut over her raised arse. But he was in too much of a hurry to linger over the view. He wanted her stripped bare for him and he wanted it now. He pulled the panties down to join the jeans, leaving the naked flesh of her firm butt exposed to his gaze.

Once again, he spanked the woman he loved. The blow was no harder than his previous ones, but he knew that the removal of Alice’s clothing would make her feel it more keenly and her resultant shriek was louder as a result.

Campbell was barely able to contain himself, such was his outpouring of pent-up desire. He left Alice with her face buried in the bedclothes and stripped off the rest of his own clothes, fumbling over the zip of his jeans in his haste. His cock was jutting out proudly, desperate to get inside the woman who waited submissively for his next move.

It came quickly. He rejoined her on the bed and thrust one finger deep into her pussy. He found it invitingly wet. Clearly she needed no foreplay tonight. Alice was good and ready to be fucked.

But there was one more thing in his way. He reached for her knees, where her jeans and panties were bunched up. Taking hold of both garments together, he lifted one of her knees, then the other, and pulled the clothes from her legs. Finally he had her naked and all the barriers to his fulfilment were removed.

Pushing her thighs apart to accommodate him he knelt behind her and slid his cock easily into her waiting pussy. As he did so, he gasped his arousal audibly and heard her respond in the same way. All his sensations seemed to be heightened and he could feel her slick embrace around his cock like never before. He remembered the frustration of being forced to fuck her wearing a condom during her captivity and thanked the heavens that he had no such restriction now. He was going to fill her up with his seed.

Without bothering to build up momentum gradually, he took hold of her flanks as if she was a steed and began to thrust back and forth with enflamed lust. Initially she was thrown around, but she solved the problem by reaching forward with her hands and bracing herself against the head of the bed so she could push back against him.

As the intensity of his thrusting grew, so did the volume of his gasps. Alice too began to moan at the fucking she was receiving. But Campbell’s arousal was such that he could not contain himself for long. Very soon he tightened his grip on her hips, tensed his muscles and emitted a loud groan as his cock began to spill its juices into Alice’s depths.

It seemed as if he would come forever. He pulled her back onto his rod as it spurted its contents repeatedly into her pussy. Time after time his muscles contracted and yet more of his seed was expelled inside Alice. But like all good things, Campbell’s orgasm gradually came to an end. The twitches of his cock subsided and finally came to a standstill. Eventually he leaned forward and rested with his hands on the bed on either side of Alice’s body, breathing heavily as he recovered his composure. Then he slipped out of her and the two of them collapsed on the bed beside each other.


Alice looked across at Campbell, his body heaving from his exertions and his cock still at half mast. ‘Well that’s me well and truly screwed,’ she said with a grin.

He smiled back at her. ‘It was a long time coming,’ he said. ‘But I think we’d better find something for you now.’

‘All in good time,’ she replied. She was still looking at his cock and was finding it strangely irresistible. A little of his cum was leaking from the tip, so she slid towards it and took him in her mouth.

Campbell groaned at the unexpected favour. Enjoying the confirmation that she was giving him pleasure, Alice licked what was left of his orgasm from his cock and swallowed it happily. Then she continued to fellate him gently, lying across him as he reclined on the covers.

It gave her immense satisfaction to feel his manhood stiffening again inside her mouth, so soon after he had come so explosively. Proudly she embraced his cock with her lips and teased it with her tongue as if it was her toy to play with. But she was cut short by Campbell taking her by the hair and removing her head from his loins.

‘You’ve made your point,’ he told her. ‘I admit that there’s nothing I’d like more than for you to keep doing that. Pretty soon you’d be getting another load right down your throat if you kept going. But my cock goes in your mouth when I say so, not when you feel like it. I told you it was your turn.’

Alice played along by pouting, but as he slid off the bed, she caught him by surprise by lunging once more with her head and wrapping her lips around his cock again.

This time he pulled her head off more forcefully, but not before she had felt him twitch responsively in her mouth. This game was giving her a delicious sense of power over him. She could turn him on with just a flick of her tongue.

‘Somebody’s asking for trouble!’ he chided. ‘If you can’t control yourself I’ll find a way to control you.’

‘Promises, promises!’ she responded, laughing. She knew that he was daring her to resist and face the consequences and she was definitely in the mood to accept the challenge. By now he was standing beside the bed, but his cock was still standing up and looking tempting. She grabbed it with her right hand and moved her head towards it again.

This time Campbell was ready for her. Before she could take him in her mouth, she found herself seized by strong arms and hauled off the bed. She squealed and put up some token resistance, but she knew that he was much stronger than her and besides, this kind of treatment was exactly what she had wanted. Within seconds her arms were twisted behind her back in a hammerlock position, held in place by one of Campbell’s large hands. His other hand was gripping her hair close to the scalp and holding her bent over. She allowed herself to be marched across the room in this undignified position until the two of them were standing in front of the full-length mirror.

Then he used his grip on her hair to raise her head so that she could see her reflection. She felt a rush of arousal at the sight of her slim form being restrained so easily by this man and subjected to his whim. She wondered, with a shiver of anticipation, what was to come.

‘Listen to me,’ he was saying. ‘Your mouth belongs to my cock, not the other way round.’ To prove his point he swung her head towards his body and held it tantalisingly close to his erection. Alice could pick up the masculine scent of his recent orgasm and longed to feel his hardness swell in her mouth, but her head was held fast and she could only look.

‘You will suck on my cock,’ he continued, ‘again and again and again. You will worship it as if your life depended on it. But you will do so when I say so, not when you fancy a taste. And you will more than likely do so on your knees, with your hands tied behind your back. And if I decide to finish off in your mouth, you will swallow every last drop as if it was the best meal you ever had. Do you understand?’

‘Yes sir,’ she answered promptly, picturing herself doing exactly what he described and feeling her loins dampen at the thought.

‘But right now I do not want a blowjob. I want to make you come. And because you can’t keep still, I’ll need to find a way to make you.’

He released her hair but kept her hands pinioned. She could feel him rummaging around the room and guessed that he was looking for materials with which to restrain her. They had not practised any form of bondage since they had escaped from Salt and his men, so he did not have a ready-made stock of supplies for occasions such as these.

But Campbell must have found what he was looking for, because he propelled her back to the bed and pushed her onto it. She sprawled on her back, looking up at him to see a dressing gown cord and a pair of her tights in his hands. The evening was getting better and better from her perspective.

He dumped his makeshift bonds on the bed and shifted her body until she was roughly in the centre, still on her back. Then he took her arms and raised them above her head before binding her hands together with the dressing gown cord and attaching them to the headboard. She tested his knots, but was pleased to find them secure.

In order to tie her arms, Campbell had to kneel close to her head. This brought his cock into close proximity to her face once again. Alice could not resist trying to reach for it with her mouth. Her restrained position meant that she did not succeed, but her efforts were not lost on Campbell. Leaving her on the bed, he went immediately to fetch something else.

He returned holding up the blue panties which she had been wearing earlier. ‘You’re just insatiable!’ he told her. ‘You’re leaving me with no choice but to stop you being able to use that mouth of yours.’ So saying he turned the panties inside out and folded them into a bunch, ensuring that the crotch was the part protruding from his fist, then he held them to Alice’s face.

Alice was well aware that she had been aroused before he had stripped her clothes from her earlier and that her juices had already been flowing while she was still wearing the panties, and she could now see the tell-tale evidence in the form of a wet, dark patch on the fabric of the panties before her eyes. She knew that she would be tasting herself very soon.

‘This is what happens to silly little girls who can’t keep their own mouths under control,’ Campbell told her. ‘They end up chewing on their own underwear.’

Without further ado he stuffed the panties into her mouth, ensuring that the crotch was pushed down onto her tongue. She bowed to the inevitable and made no attempt to resist, knowing that she had deliberately invited such treatment and that she was more than a little turned on by being degraded in such an exquisite way.

He leaned back to admire his handiwork. ‘Much better,’ he told her. ‘They suit you there. If you so much as think about spitting them out I’ll go and get the roll of duct tape from downstairs. I’m pretty sure it will hold them in place.’

Alice had no desire to be gagged with tape, so she obediently allowed the panties to stay in her mouth. As she had predicted, she could taste her own arousal on her tongue and she could only imagine how she must look to Campbell, trussed to the bed with the baby blue fabric protruding from her mouth. She found the humiliation delicious.

But Campbell was not finished with her. He took the pair of her tights which he had brought over with the cord and tore them in half. He pulled her legs apart as she lay on her back and attached first one ankle, then the other, to opposite corners of the bed with the tights. By the time he was done, Alice lay proffered like a sacrifice on the altar, her sex open and vulnerable to anything he might choose to do to it. She shivered excitedly in her bonds at the thought of her helplessness.

Since he had already emptied his load inside her and had now got her exactly where he wanted, Campbell was prepared to take things a little more slowly. He trailed his fingers up the inside of her leg after fastening the final knot around her left ankle. She could feel him stroking his way past her calf, the underside of her knee and her inner thigh, his touch getting more sensitive as it got closer to her most intimate area.

But he stopped before reaching it, then used his other hand to treat her right leg in the same way. Then he bent over her body and lowered his mouth onto one of her breasts. Gently he kissed all around it, making smaller and smaller circles until he was swirling his tongue around her nipple itself. Meanwhile he was circling the other breast with his index finger, finishing by teasing her nipple to an even greater degree of firmness.

Alice sighed into her panties with submissive pleasure. She could feel his cock brushing against her upper leg as he toyed with her breasts and she relaxed in her restraints. Her arousal was growing by the second at his hands and there was nowhere else in the world she would have rather been at that moment than trussed to the bed. She was an instrument to be played, and he was playing her like a concert pianist.

But like all melodies, Campbell’s tune was growing to a crescendo. He was exerting greater pressure on both her nipples with his mouth and his hand. One of her buds was now gripped between his teeth and the other was being squeezed between his finger and thumb. Her sigh became a moan, but he did not relent. His teeth felt like iron to Alice, and only when she was at the point of pain overtaking pleasure did he allow his grip to relax.

But then he switched sides, providing each breast with the same attention the other had received. First his touch was gentle and tender, then rough to the point of cruelty. But again he stopped just before it became too much for Alice, leaving her quivering with desire on the bed as he released his hold.

He lowered his head down her body, kissing all over her flat stomach as he moved lower. He lingered over her belly button, then descended further until his lips met the neatly trimmed upper limit of her bush. Alice remembered a time when it had been shaved from her against her will and she sighed as she considered the difference between her ordeal on that occasion and the incomparably better domination to which she was being subjected now.

Meanwhile Campbell slid one of his hands between her legs and sought out her pussy, sliding his finger into her warm, wet depths and drawing another moan from her gagged lips. ‘Ready?’ he murmured, but without waiting for a reply he lowered his head between her legs.

The touch of his tongue on her clit was like an electric current to Alice’s nerves. It made her body tingle all over. He kept his finger inside her pussy as he went down on her, sliding it back and forth in rhythm with his tongue. Before long Alice had stopped thinking coherently. She was dimly aware of her increasingly ragged breathing and the involuntary noises which were emanating from her mouth, only to be muffled by the panties stuffed there. Other than that, the only ability with which she was left was the power to feel.


Campbell used his tongue nimbly, increasing his pressure and tempo over Alice’s clit until she was singing a more or less consistent tune of aroused groans. He knew that she was close as her volume increased and her muscles began to tense up in her bonds. There were times when he would have liked to bring her to the point of orgasm and then tease her by leaving her short of fulfilment, but this was not one of those times. Tonight he wanted her to be as satisfied as he was feeling.

So he kept his head down and his tongue and finger busy inside her. As she began to struggle, not from a desire to escape, but from the energy of her approaching climax, he wrapped his free arm around her leg and used it to keep her body under control. She was like a volcano on the brink of eruption and he planned to take her there as quickly as possible.

After just a few minutes, her groans had become closer to squeals and her back arched involuntarily, forcing her loins off the bed and driving her sex harder into his face. Still he maintained his oral attentions, but he reached up with his hand and plucked the panties from Alice’s mouth. He wanted the satisfaction of hearing her come at full volume.

The removal of the gag had a similar effect to popping the cork from a bottle of champagne. Suddenly Alice emitted a high-pitched, long drawn out moan of pleasure and he knew that she had arrived at her destination. Her muscles stayed tense for several seconds and he sensed her pussy contracting sharply. Gradually he slowed the motion of his tongue as she quietened down and eventually he lifted his head and looked at his bound lover, the throes of her climax now finished.

She had subsided into the bed, her muscles relaxed now. Her chest was still heaving and her skin was glistening from the effort of coming. He wiped her juices off his chin and leaned over her. He stroked her damp hair from her forehead and then bent to kiss her. Their tongues locked passionately for several seconds, then he raised himself once again.

‘I’m ready to go again with a little encouragement,’ he told her. ‘Can you help?’

‘With pleasure,’ she replied. ‘Missionary position? It’s about all I can manage unless you untie me.’

‘Sounds good,’ he said, ‘but I doubt many missionaries ever did what I’ve just done to you.’

‘Such a shame,’ she murmured with a grin. ‘I’m sure it would have made a lot of missionaries’ wives much happier.’

It was the work of seconds for him to release her hands from their bonds to allow her to prop herself up. He did not bother to untie her legs for now. Instead he straddled her upper body and offered her his cock. Enthusiastically she lowered her head onto it and bobbed back and forth until he was almost as stiff as before. When he was ready, he pulled out and allowed her to lie back again. Then he moved down the bed.

Positioning himself between her legs he slid into her pussy for the second time that evening. It welcomed him once more and he slid easily back and forth. This time his movement was less rushed and less intense, but no less pleasurable for him. It did not take long for him to reach the point of orgasm once more and he did not hold back. With a great sigh of satisfaction he released his second load inside her. It was not as explosive as his first climax, but every bit as satisfying.

With his cock still inside her, he lowered himself onto her so they could kiss once more. Then he slipped out and freed her legs. Together they lay entwined on the bedclothes as the evening wore into night and eventually they drifted off into a happy sleep.


The next morning Campbell woke much earlier than Alice and got up, leaving her in bed. This in itself was not unusual, because he often had to make a Saturday round of deliveries. However, when she finally emerged, having finally located her dressing gown cord, she was surprised to find him dressed in outdoor gear and studying a map.

‘Are we going somewhere?’ she asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and returning the cord to the service for which it had originally been intended.

‘We’re going to climb the Munro,’ he responded.

‘Which one?’

‘No idea what it’s called,’ he replied. ‘It doesn’t have an English name and the Gaelic one’s unpronounceable. But we can’t afford to hang around. It’s a long climb. You’ll need your walking boots.’

‘That won’t be a problem. I always leave them here. There’s not much need for them in London. But is there any chance I could have some breakfast and get dressed first? I’d look a bit strange in my nightie and walking boots!’

Campbell looked up for the first time and laughed. ‘Sorry,’ he said. ‘I was getting carried away with myself. Take your time. The weather forecast for the day looks good. But I like the sound of the clothing combination. Maybe I’ll make you wear it for me later!’

She breathed a silent sigh of relief that he was able to joke and that the night’s activities had not caused him to give in once more to his earlier guilt.


They said little as they walked, choosing to save their energy for the effort of climbing the mountain. But after half an hour or so Campbell broke the silence. ‘I could never go back to working undercover,’ he announced. ‘That’s over for me.’

Alice was surprised. It was the first time he had ever said anything to suggest he would even consider a return from his isolation.

‘That wouldn’t be a problem,’ she replied, after a moment’s hesitation. ‘There are loads of ways a man with your experience could be useful. You’d be in great demand.’

They stopped talking again and continued the journey, making only occasional comments about the scenery while they stopped to catch their breath. After a couple of hours of hard work, finishing with a steep scramble up some loose rocks, they finally made the summit.

‘It’s a hell of a lot clearer today than it was the first time I climbed it,’ Campbell said, feeling the sense of elation which accompanies the conquest of a challenging peak.

Alice murmured her agreement. Her attention was taken by the seemingly endless expanse of mountains, sea and islands to the north and west. But Campbell was looking in the other direction. She moved to stand beside him. The views were impressive there as well.

‘I’d miss all this,’ he said sadly.

‘But the world needs you,’ she replied. ‘I need you.’

He turned to look her in the eyes for a few seconds, deep in thought. Then the two of them shared a quick picnic as the wind whipped around them, before beginning the long descent.


That evening Campbell poured himself a glass of whisky after dinner and offered one to Alice. She enjoyed a good single malt as much as he did, but declined on this occasion. She was feeling more than a little agitated about a tantalising possibility she had been playing over and over in her mind since before the meal.

Campbell took his drink to the lounge and sank into the sofa with it, waiting for Alice to join him, but she did not sit down. She had resolved to take the plunge. ‘I’ll be back soon,’ she told him, in what she hoped was a suggestive tone. ‘Don’t take too long over that whisky.’

‘Can’t wait,’ he replied with a smile, before taking a large sip from his glass. She was aware of his eyes fixed on her arse as she left the room.

In the bedroom she opened her second bag. He had often teased her about her inability to travel light, but she had never told him the full truth about why she always brought two pieces of luggage north with her. Some of the contents were hardly fit for the hand luggage scanners. It looked as though she was finally going to get the chance to show him.

She delved beneath the top layers of clothing to pull out the secret items which lay concealed. She had brought them faithfully every time she visited, just waiting for the right time to put them on for him. But his inhibitions had always remained firmly intact and the opportunity had never presented itself. This time was different.

Alice took her hair out of its pony tail, allowing it to fall loose around her shoulders, and stripped out of her clothes. Naked, she inspected the little pile of garments she had removed from the bag. Then she selected a black thong and slipped it on. She felt it sliding up inside her crack as she pulled it to her waist and her loins began to tingle as she contemplated Campbell’s likely reaction when she emerged in it. She did not normally wear thongs, but she wanted her arse to be exposed and vulnerable to whatever he had in mind.

Next she picked up a pair of black hold-up stockings and slid first one, then the other, up her slim legs. She felt them gripping her thighs and became a little more turned on at the thought of how she must look in them. To find out she padded across the room to see herself in the full length mirror which hung on the wall. She was forced to admit to herself that she looked hot. The stockings elongated her legs and she knew that the sight of the naked top half of her body would be enough to make any red-blooded man stiffen.

But she was not yet done. Something was still missing from the outfit. She dug around once more in the case and pulled out a pair of black high heels. They were the ones she had worn the day before and they were an inch or so taller than any she would have normally chosen for work. Not only that, but they were made even more daring by the presence of ankle straps. As she slipped them on, she remembered the sense of naughtiness she had felt as she entered the room for her meeting, aware that everyone else had been casting more or less covert glances at her shoes. She buckled the straps tightly with resolution. She knew that she did not want them to come off any time soon. She was in this game for the long haul.

Just one item remained to complete her costume. She had bought it recently, having finally summoned up the courage to do so. She lifted it off the bed and held it up for inspection. It was a black leather collar with a slim length of chain attached to it.

She remembered being dominated by Salt during her captivity. Most of what the man had done to her had been repulsive, for all that her body had responded on some animalistic level to his actions. But the one thing he had done which really got her juices flowing was to collar her. She shivered as she remembered the cold steel of Ismail’s craftsmanship enclosing her neck and the turn of the key as Salt locked it in place.

This collar was not the same. She had spent some time looking for something equally well made in metal, but had been disappointed. Ismail’s skill was so great that all similar products on the market seemed tacky in comparison. So instead she had chosen one with a leather strap to encircle her neck rather than steel, but she made sure she picked one with a chain. She had waited for a long time for the day when she would be able to place the metal links in Campbell’s hand.

She tottered in her shoes across the room to the mirror once again to check out the view. There were no two ways around it. She was forced to admit that she looked like a complete and utter slut. It was exactly what she wanted. The heels made her legs look as if they went on forever, her naked breasts were pert and her nipples stiff with anticipation. The chain from the collar dangled enticingly between them. When she turned and looked at her rear view over her shoulder, she noticed the pleasing strain which the shoes put on her legs and the delightful failure of the thong to cover up her butt in any meaningful way whatsoever. She shuddered as she thought of what Campbell was likely to do when he got his hands on her arse and felt herself dampening between the legs at the prospect.

Walking back across to the bed, she decided to warm herself up properly. She slid her slender hand down the front of her thong and sought out her sex. It was already quite wet. Evidently little preparatory work would be needed on her part. Nevertheless she pleasured herself for a short time, teasing her finger back and forth over her clit as she dwelt on the image of Campbell taking her firmly and forcing her over his knees, before spanking her bare arse hard. Within a very short time her breath quickened and she could feel that she was soaking wet for her man. Then she withdrew her hand and picked up a small black bag which she had taken out of her luggage at the same time as her tiny amount of clothing.

As she walked towards the door, she spotted her glasses lying on the bedside table. On a whim, she picked them up and put them on. She knew that Campbell thought that they gave her a sexy look and she considered herself in the mirror before deciding to keep them on for him. But they did not look right with her hair down, so she found her grips and pinned her tresses up. Finally she looked once more in the mirror and decided that she looked suitably like a naughty secretary who was offering herself to her boss. Then she steeled herself, set her shoulders back and walked from the room.


Campbell heard Alice’s voice before he saw her entering the room. She had taken some time to get ready and he had almost drained his glass of whisky.

‘I’m sorry I didn’t choose my nightie and walking boots,’ she said. ‘I can get changed into them if you prefer.’

Immediately he looked up and took in the view. He had been in no doubt about what she was doing and was ready for a sexy outfit, but what he saw took his breath away and he almost spilled what was left of his drink.

Alice was sashaying slowly towards him, her legs encased in sleek hold-ups and her feel strapped into impractically high heels. Other than that she wore nothing but a thong, a black collar and her glasses. His cock began to stiffen even as he remained in his seat. His eyes were drawn to her breasts, which were pointing their nipples invitingly in his direction, complimented perfectly by the chain from the collar hanging between them.

Best of all he looked at her face and noticed that her cheeks were blushing slightly and that she was trying hard to look him directly in the eye behind her glasses. He knew that she was self-conscious about wearing them and found it sweet that she had put them on for him. There was nothing brazen about Alice. She was finding it hard to be so provocative and he found her difficulty adorable. He grinned encouragingly in her direction and beckoned her towards him, knowing that she would need him to take the lead from now on. This was the woman he had fallen in love with.

‘You’ll do just fine,’ he told her. ‘Get your hot little arse over here.’

She moved across the room until she was standing directly in front of his seat, then leaned over him, planting one hand on each arm of his chair. This caused the chain to dangle into his lap. He took hold of it and used it to draw her face towards his, before locking his lips passionately onto hers. He invaded her mouth with his tongue for several seconds, enjoying the way she responded to him, before releasing his hold on her, allowing her to stand up and admiring her body once again.

For the first time he noticed that she was carrying a small black bag. His eyes had previously been drawn by her more obvious attributes. But this time he noticed because she delved into it and pulled out a set of steel handcuffs. She set the bag down, dangled the cuffs over one finger in his direction and raised her eyebrows at him questioningly.

Still a part of him found it hard to believe that she actually wanted him to dominate her. He needed to be sure that she was into this as much as he was. But he didn’t want to spoil the mood by asking pathetically for reassurance, so he tried a different tack to put the ball in her court one last time.

‘Once I get those cuffs on you, you belong to me until I say otherwise,’ he stated. ‘If you want me to consider your feelings in any way whatsoever, or you want me to think of you as anything other than a mere toy for my pleasure, you’ll put them out of my sight and keep them there. Otherwise I won’t be answerable for what I do to you.’

This time Alice looked him directly in the eye without difficulty and bit her lip slightly. Instead of answering him verbally she snapped one cuff shut on her right wrist and put her hands behind her back. Campbell heard the tell-tale click as she locked the restraints in place on her other wrist and he knew that she had given him the answer he was seeking. Her fate was sealed.

He leaned back, gestured to tell her to spin around for him and allowed his mind to explore the insanely erotic possibilities which now presented themselves to him as she obeyed. From the rear she looked at least as hot as from the front. Campbell’s eyes roamed over her form, taking in the pinned hair, the trim back, the cuffed hands, the exposed arse, bisected perfectly by the thong and the toned legs. Then he waited while she completed her rotation and faced him once more.

‘That was a foolish thing to do,’ he told her with mock seriousness. ‘Put yourself in my position for a moment. You are looking at a silly little girl who has just put herself in bondage for you. Your cock is so hard inside your clothes it’s hurting you. What would you do right now if you were me? Would you show her any mercy?’

Alice thought for a moment before responding. ‘I’d use her for my pleasure, sir. I think I’d start by making her suck my cock. I’d make her do it on her knees to show her where she belongs and I might even make her drink my cum to teach her a lesson. Then I’d see what other toys she has in her little bag and use them to punish her. By the end she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.’

Inside him Campbell’s heart leapt at the invitation he had just been given. But he made sure he maintained his stern exterior. ‘Good advice,’ he replied. ‘Sadly for you, you’re not the one in my position. But let’s get going. I think the plan started with you on your knees sucking my cock, didn’t it?’

He stood up from his armchair, took Alice by the chain and led her to a different seat. This one was hard with wooden slats. It was more suitable for his purpose. He indicated to Alice, by placing pressure on her head with his hand, that she was to kneel in front of it. When she had done so, he took hold of the end of her chain and looped it around one of the bars below the chair’s seat, tying it in some sort of a knot. It was not a very effective restraint, but he found it erotic to have a woman chained to his chair on her knees, her mouth at the right height and just waiting for his arrival.

Before he sat down, he went back to pick up the bag which Alice had brought with her. He saw her head turning as she tried to see what he was doing.

‘I think I might just do things in a slightly different order,’ he told her. ‘I’m keen to see what’s in this bag before I get my cock between your lips. Let’s have a little look at what’s in store for you.’

Inside he found several items which seemed entirely appropriate given the turn the evening was taking. There was a black blindfold, not dissimilar to the ones used to help people sleep on planes. But this one was made of leather with soft padding to cover the eyes. There was also a black ball gag, which looked too large to be comfortable for the unfortunate wearer.

In addition to the blindfold and gag, Campbell found a pair of steel nipple clamps. He guessed they had come from the same set as the collar. There was also a wicked-looking metal butt plug with some accompanying lube. Finally there was a key, which he guessed belonged to the handcuffs which Alice was wearing.

He had expected to find a spanking implement, given Alice’s reference to being unable to sit down, but in this he was disappointed. For a moment he was worried that he had misheard her, but then he found a scrap of paper in the corner of the bag. It was a note in Alice’s handwriting.

‘I chose a thong for a reason,’ the note read. ‘I hope you can think of something to do with my exposed arse cheeks. The bag is too small for what I had in mind, but I’m sure you’ll find a suitable implement.’

Campbell felt his cock stiffen as he read the note. His mind immediately settled on a tool to fulfil the purpose Alice had described in her note, but it could wait until later. For now his cock had an urgent appointment with her mouth. He took the blindfold and put the other items back in the bag, then returned to his kneeling partner.

‘There’s something I particularly like about making a silly little girl suck my cock while she’s blindfolded,’ he said, slipping the glasses from Alice’s eyes and replacing them with the leather pad. Once he had her in darkness, he continued. ‘It turns me on that I can watch my cock sliding in and out, but all she can do is navigate by feeling. Tonight I’m going to watch my cock exploding in that silly little blindfolded girl’s mouth and I’m going to remember that I’m doing it because she wanted me to.’

He sat down in the chair and unzipped his flies. Leaving his cock inside his boxer shorts, he said, ‘You can take it from here. Get working.’

He watched, entranced, as Alice leaned over his crotch as far as her chain would allow and moved her head blindly to seek out his erection. There was something pitifully erotic about the effort she was making, purely to give him pleasure. He felt as if he could come just from the sheer power rush, before she had even got him in her mouth.

But of course he wanted to hold onto his seed as long as he could, to spin out his enjoyment of the situation. So he waited until she had located his tell-tale bulge with her nose and then observed with aroused fascination as she made resourceful use of her teeth and tongue to manoeuvre the opening of his boxer shorts into the right position and allow his cock to spring free.

Once she had succeeded in the first part of her mission she wasted no time in carrying out her main task. She took him enthusiastically in her mouth and started to work her lips up and down his shaft. Campbell groaned with pleasure, knowing the unique joy which comes from having a woman abasing herself completely, as Alice was at that moment.

Campbell’s cock was rock solid from the moment Alice’s lips came into contact with it, but it became even harder as she bobbed her head up and down. She worked her mouth skilfully over his length and used her tongue tantalisingly to keep him on the edge. In his reverie, Campbell remembered a time when he had used her like this before. That had been on a plane, with the constant awareness that they were probably being watched and needed to put on a show. This time it was different and infinitely better. He knew that she belonged to him completely, willingly and only to him.

He looked down at the sight of his cock repeatedly disappearing between Alice’s lips, before reappearing shortly afterwards as she drew her head back, slick and glistening each time as she kept her mouth wet for him. He allowed her to set her own pace, feeling no need to intervene because she was doing a great job on her own. She was even managing to take him up to the hilt without him forcing her to do so. At one stage she hesitated with his cock fully embedded in her mouth, as if to emphasise her ability to deep-throat him, even with her hands restrained behind her back.

He was so lost in his pleasure that he forgot for a couple of minutes that he was treating her as his slave, and that a dose of humiliation was in order. ‘You’re one hell of a cock-sucker,’ he said. It was hardly the most eloquently dominant remark ever, but it got him started.

Feeling inspiration come as Alice continued to fellate him on her knees, he continued to address her. ‘You look hot with my cock stuffing your mouth. Does it turn you on? I bet your pussy is sopping wet inside that obscene little thong you’re wearing. Shall we have a look and find out?’

To establish the truth of his claim, he pulled her head gently off his erection and stooped to slide his hand inside the waistband of her underwear. What he found as he sought out her sex was more than he had expected. The evidence of Alice’s advance preparations had been supplemented liberally by the arousal she always felt when she went down on him, and her juices were flowing freely.

‘There we are,’ he crowed. ‘The little girl we talked about earlier seems to have got herself all turned on by having her mouth filled up. Does she like spending time on her knees for me?’

As he spoke, he started to caress Alice’s clit gently, with the result that she replied with an involuntary moan.

‘I think that was a definite yes,’ Campbell continued. ‘So I think she’d better get back to work. Let’s see how well she can suck me off while I tease her wet pussy.’

He guided her head back onto his cock but kept his hand between her legs. His position was less comfortable this way, but he was more than compensated for it by the increased regularity of her moans, delightfully muffled by his cock, as he stroked her clit.

Meanwhile Alice devoted herself once more to his pleasure. She resumed the rhythmic bobbing of her head which had served her well previously and was rewarded as Campbell’s growing gasps joined with her noises. The two of them were building in unison to a crescendo.

Campbell could feel himself getting close as she built up the speed of her ministrations. He felt the need to give her some sort of warning that he was going to come, not because he had any plans to allow her to pull off, but because he wanted her to prepare herself for his seed. ‘I hope you’re ready to swallow for me,’ he panted, ‘because I’m about to fill you up.’

‘Mmmmm!’ Alice replied succinctly.

But Campbell could not help noticing that Alice was getting noisier by the second as he approached his orgasm. She was making increasingly high pitched sounds around his cock as he continued to stimulate her clit inside the thong. The consequent vibrations sped him towards his climax. Not only that, but she was wriggling with excitement now in her bonds. The thought struck him that she might beat him to orgasm.

But then he was there. He felt himself tipping over the edge and his cock taking over his body completely, as it spurted his seed into her willing mouth. He was just managing to stay in his seat when he realised that she was squealing with arousal as he emptied himself between her lips. Her entire body had tensed up and her back was arched. He could tell that it was as much as she could do not to pull off of his cock. The two of them were coming in unison.

Campbell felt his cock release a powerful second wave as he continued to run his finger over Alice’s clit. His movements were unfocused and clumsy now, but it clearly no longer mattered. His touch was sufficient to keep her coming. She screamed incoherently around his cock and for a second or two he thought she was going to let go of him.

‘Don’t you dare pull off!’ he warned her, as he felt his cock twitch again and send another load of his cum into her mouth. ‘Your mouth stays right where it is and you swallow the lot. Otherwise I’ll make it even worse for you afterwards!’

He could tell that Alice must be holding his cum in her mouth, because she was too caught up in her climax to be able to swallow anything at that moment. She hung on grimly and did her best to follow his instructions, but as she gasped for air she could not help losing a few drops of his seed down her front. He watched it dripping onto her breasts.

But his cock’s convulsions were losing their intensity now, and Alice’s orgasm was coming to an end too. He allowed her to lick the last of his juices from his tip and removed his cock from her mouth as she subsided back onto her ankles.

‘Swallow it,’ he ordered, tucking his cock away. He watched his slave girl carry out the task with satisfaction, before allowing her to catch her breath.


Alice was still panting a little when she felt Campbell seizing her by the upper arms and yanking her to her feet. He dragged her to the door and she did her best to totter after him on her heels, her cuffed hands playing no useful role in helping her to keep her balance and her blind eyes giving her no way of knowing where she was going as she was manhandled through the cottage.

With the strong, masculine taste of Campbell’s cum still occupying her mouth and her jaw still aching from entertaining his cock for so long, she felt herself being pushed again to her knees. She wondered if she was to be forced, once again, to serve her master orally, and licked her lips to help prepare for a further assault from his cock. But it did not materialise. Instead, she felt him stripping the blindfold from her, putting her glasses back on her face, and releasing her hands from the cuffs. Blinking in the sudden light, she found herself kneeling on the thick rug in the bedroom, looking directly into the mirror.

She rubbed her wrists where they had been restrained by the cuffs and looked up to see Campbell’s imposing form standing over and behind her. There was something so eloquent about the tale told in that mirror, that Alice almost wanted the moment to last forever.

She saw him, clothed and on his feet, his considerable height magnified by her position beneath him. He was looking down with an expression of sated lust on his face. She knew that inside his flies his cock would be gradually coming to life again, having emptied its first load down her throat. She had always found him attractive and she thought that she had never seen him looking better.

But she was even more aroused by the image of herself. She looked exquisite on her knees, naked but for the flimsy and inadequate garments which she had picked out to turn him on. Her neck was encircled by the collar which she had chosen for herself. She was framed by his legs, which he was holding a little apart. She could feel the fabric of his jeans brushing against her bare shoulders and back. She looked every inch the slave to his master.

But there were even more tantalising details in the scene which met her eyes. For example, she could still see the slim metal chain trailing from the collar, down between her breasts. Her nipples were still erect, even after her recent orgasm. One of them bore a drip of Campbell’s cum, where it had fallen after spilling from her lips. She could feel the drip slowly sliding downwards, obeying the inexorable pull of gravity, and she knew that soon it would fall from her breast onto her knees or to the floor. But she knew that she would not be permitted to wipe it off, so she wore it proudly as a badge of her submission.

She watched as Campbell opened the little black bag. He had evidently brought it with him from the other room. She almost shuddered a little as she wondered which of her toys he was going to inflict on her first. She knew that in his hands they would become instruments of torture and she wondered, for the millionth time, why that was exactly what she craved.

She saw him take out the steel nipple clamps and she waited for him to clip them in place. But instead he placed them in her right hand. She looked at them for a second, confused.

‘I want to watch,’ he told her. ‘Put them on.’

She hesitated, then did as she was bidden. As she allowed the first clamp to close its teeth on her nipple, she braced herself for the pain. But her preparation was not sufficient to prepare her for the shock, and she gasped before biting her lip to hold in a cry. The other nipple was the one which was decorated with Campbell’s cum. When Alice gave it the same treatment as its sister, she tensed up involuntarily, dislodging the drip and feeling it land, cold now to the touch, on her inner thigh.

Acclimatising herself to the ongoing discomfort of the clamps, she rested back on her ankles and took in the view once again. She could see the tortured expression on her own face and could hear her own quickened breathing as she struggled not to make a complaint. She knew that it would fall on deaf ears and she knew that she would not have wanted him to show mercy. Once again she asked herself what sort of a woman she was to desire this sort of torture.

But Campbell was not leaving her with time to dwell on the matter. He held up the black ball gag and presented it to her. ‘Your mouth has already done its only useful job,’ he informed her, bluntly. ‘Do me the favour of shutting it up for the rest of the evening, will you?’

Alice felt the humiliation hit her like a wave. Her mouth was a mere receptacle for his cock. As his slave, her voice held no meaningful function. But instead of arguing in righteous outrage, she obediently slotted the ball into her mouth, feeling it distending her lips as she did so, and started to buckle it behind her head.

‘Tighter!’ Campbell snapped.

Alice could already feel the ache returning to her jaw, but he was insisting on tormenting her some more. She pulled the strap one hole tighter and felt the unpleasant sensation increase. ‘You bastard!’ she muttered, aware that it would merely sound like incoherent mumble to Campbell.

Campbell had been absolutely right. Alice was sore after he left her, but she was also overflowing with pent-up frustration from her torment, and needed to come badly. She wasted no time at all in slipping her hand between her legs and giving herself the satisfaction she craved so much. Hot and bothered, she rested on the bed and gasped her way to orgasm, reliving all the blows she had received from Sara and Campbell and savouring the residual feeling of his hard cock inside her. When she was sated, she lay back until her breathing returned to normal.

She took a long shower, allowing the water to soothe her aching skin as she did so. When she had finished, she returned to lie on the bed, wrapped in the large towel which had been provided for her. No clothing had been left in her room, so she had to spend most of her time stark naked. She had been nude when she arrived from the airport, because she had been forced to strip out of her own clothes on the plane. Since then Sara had come to dress her in the harem costume she had worn to see Campbell, and those garments had been left on the floor in the other room after he had fucked her. A search of her own room had not even revealed any underwear, let alone a complete outfit. The room was well heated, so she did not suffer from the cold, and she found herself feeling more and more natural in her bare skin, even when Sara came to bring food. Alice assumed it was a technique employed deliberately to make her more accepting of her status as a slave. Despite being armed with this insight, she found it hard to resist the unwelcome acclimatisation to her new life.

On top of the lack of clothing, Alice was perturbed by the entertainment provided for her in her prison. When she had first entered the room, she had feared being kept in a bare cell or even a cage, with no distractions, so she had been pleasantly surprised to find a TV mounted on the wall and a number of books on the shelves. But closer inspection revealed the books to be purely a collection of pornographic literature, while the only channels available on the TV were of a distinctly adult nature. Not only that, but the stories and shows on offer could all be classified easily in the genre of erotic material which celebrates feminine submission. As a result, as soon as Alice’s boredom forced her to find something to read or watch, she was bombarded with vivid images or descriptions of sexy women being tied, tortured and taken in all manner of degrading ways.

The most striking aspect of it was that all the material in the room was at the classy end of the spectrum, and had clearly been produced to appeal to a female audience. The TV shows even had some semblance of a story and character development, with the heroines doing something other than merely opening their legs. Alice already had a preference for fantasies at the distinctly rougher end of the sexual spectrum, so it was as if somebody had gone to the effort of providing her with wall to wall entertainment from the most intimate recesses of her own mind. Try as she might, she could not resist opening the books or flicking on the TV, after which point she knew that within minutes her arousal levels would have risen and she would be picturing herself taking the place of the submissive party in the exchange. Little by little, Alice knew that this would lead to her being moulded into a true slave, whose only gratification would come through satisfying the needs of whichever master she happened to be serving. But she could not face the tedium of having no inputs, so she found herself going back to the addictive material again and again.

She was conscious of little going on outside the space in which she was confined. She had no window and none of the noise from upstairs penetrated to her basement quarters. On the second night of her captivity, however, after her torment at the hands of Sara and Campbell, she did hear movement in the passage outside her room, and was aware of a door nearby being opened and closed. The sounds died away, however, and she thought no more of it.


The morning afterwards Alice awoke, feeling a little stiff from her exertions of the previous day, but much less sore after a good night’s sleep. Sara arrived with breakfast and promised to return later to prepare the prisoner for more activities. ‘I have some new clothes for you,’ she announced, with a sly grin on her face. ‘I’m sure you will like them.’

Alice was fairly certain that she would not like them, but was even more convinced that she would not be given any choice in the matter, so she resigned herself to spending the morning wondering what she would be forced to look like to appeal to Campbell’s lower nature. Disturbingly she found herself keenly anticipating the prospect of pleasing him, albeit with a degree of trepidation at the pain she was likely to endure in the process. Eventually she decided that she would find the torture more bearable if she could get herself properly in the mood to submit, so she took a book from the shelf and embarked upon the story.

Alice’s choice of novel was unlikely to win any literary prizes. It was a particularly saucy pseudo-historical thriller, set in the seventeenth century. The plot was predictable enough. It revolved around a young heroine, the daughter of the governor of one of the British territories in the Caribbean, whose ship was attacked by pirates while she was on a voyage to see her father. Alice soon reached the point at which the girl was brought aboard the pirate ship, hands tied behind her back, and stripped to the waist for her captors’ amusement. Just as the lusty crew were about to deflower the hapless damsel, the pirate captain arrived to claim her for himself. Of course, he was a rough character, with roguish good looks and a devilish looking beard, and the heroine encountered hitherto unheard of desires as she dangled helplessly over his muscular shoulder on her way to his cabin. Once the young lady had been bundled unceremoniously onto the captain’s bunk, the removal of her clothing was completed, she was bound spread-eagle for his entertainment and she found herself experiencing her first orgasm as he thrust his buccaneering cock deep into her high-born pussy.

For all that the work was not a classic, Alice found herself being swept along by the story and more than a little titillated by the heroine’s plight. Consequently she was mildly irritated when Sara interrupted her reading by bringing a light lunch, and returned to the book as soon as she had eaten. By the time of Sara’s next visit, the captain had been betrayed by two disloyal members of his crew, and was languishing in the governor’s dungeon awaiting the hangman’s noose while his two treacherous shipmates enjoyed their sport with the girl. As Sara entered the room, the two men had bound their prize over a cannon on the deck of the ship and were joyfully plundering her from both ends. Of course, the heroine, who could no longer be classified as quite so much of a lady, was finding it surprisingly pleasurable to suck on a thick pirate’s cock whilst simultaneously being rammed by another from behind. Alice was not yet employing a hands-on approach to her own needs, but she could feel herself getting distinctly moist between the legs at the thought of the rough treatment being meted out, so when her gaoler opened the door she jerked her head up involuntarily, realising that her face must be blushing a tell-tale red.

‘Enjoying what you read?’ Sara asked her naked captive. Then she continued, without waiting for a reply, ‘I am here to get you ready for some real action. Put these clothes on.’

Before Alice could see the garments contained in the bag which Sara held out to her, she took in the outfit the other woman was wearing. It was a smart looking suit, with a well-fitted jacket and skirt. Sara’s hair was severely tied back, her legs were encased in black nylon and she was wearing black high heels on her feet. She could not have looked more different from the harem queen of the day before.

It was the pile of books that gave the game away. Alice realised that Sara had dressed up to look like a strict schoolmistress, and she knew immediately what lay in store for her. Looking ruefully in the bag, she saw the tell-tale plaid fabric and even some pink ribbons peeking out to greet her. She pictured Campbell waiting in the other room, dressed as a headmaster, waiting for the arrival of the schoolgirl it was his destiny to punish. Her face reddened further at the prospect, but she could not deny the feeling in her loins, which welcomed the oncoming humiliation at his hands.

‘You will find that men have diverse tastes,’ Sara said, by way of explanation for the outfit. ‘It pleases some of them to have you dress like this, so you should get used to it now.’

Meekly, Alice took the garments as Sara handed them to her and put them on. First she was given a pair of white panties. They were designed to look innocent, but the fact that they were a size too small for her made a mockery of their otherwise demure appearance. As soon as she had pulled them on, she could feel them squeezing her arse tightly and rubbing distractingly against her sex.

Next came the skirt. It had a tartan pattern, in true, stereotypical schoolgirl style, and was not as ridiculously short as she had expected. Once Alice had put it on, she found that the pleats flapped a little whenever she moved, and she found her mind picturing how easily they could be flipped up to expose her to all sorts of attention.

Apparently she was not to be given a bra, because after the skirt, she was handed a blouse. It was similar to the panties, in the dual sense that it was both white and too tight. Alice had to work hard to fasten the buttons over her bare breasts, which pushed against the fabric, leaving little to the viewer’s imagination. Sara insisted that she left the top three buttons undone, allowing a generous amount of cleavage to remain on display. Instead of buttoning the garment over her stomach, Alice obeyed Sara’s instruction to tie the ends together, conforming further to the stereotype of the slutty schoolgirl.

Once she had put on the long white socks and black shoes, Alice sat down to let Sara do her hair and make-up, just as she had on the previous day. The make-up was fairly straightforward, but Alice had to steel herself to accept her hair being put into bunches and tied with the ribbons. She was already feeling humiliated, and the real business had not even yet begun.

After preparing her prisoner, Sara guided Alice to look at herself in the mirror. For all that the captive was disgusted at her enforced, demeaning appearance, she couldn’t help admitting that she looked hot. Her pretty face gazed back with wide eyes, appealingly innocent beneath the bunches, her nipples stood proud against the blouse, her flat stomach was on display where the shirt was tied over it and her toned, bare legs between the skirt and socks looked fantastic. If she had been Campbell, she knew at that moment that she would have been frantic with excitement to get her bent over and stuffed full of cock.

But before Alice had time to reflect further on her own image in the glass, she saw Sara lift up a silk band, bring it in front of her eyes and blindfold her once again. ‘Is that really necessary?’ Alice asked. ‘We only have to walk down the corridor. Stopping me from seeing won’t stop me from working out the route.’

‘I know that, little one,’ Sara replied, tying the material tightly at the back of Alice’s head. ‘But there are better reasons to blindfold a pretty girl like you than to stop her from seeing the way.’

Alice felt the woman’s fingers trail down her back and shuddered involuntarily. Even without being bound, she took in the heightened sense of vulnerability which came from being unable to see, and she was forced to agree with what Sara had said. She knew that she was blindfolded, not because it was useful to keep her in the dark, but because it turned her captors on to reduce her to this state.

Alice felt her arm being taken and allowed herself to be led from the room. Once again they passed down the corridor and into the room where she had faced her ordeal the previous afternoon. She knew when they were entering, because she felt the warmth from the fire on her skin. Sara drew her to a halt and removed the blindfold from her captive’s face. Alice immediately glanced around the room and her eyes came to rest on the figure of Campbell. He was seated once more in the large chair, dressed this time in a dark, well-cut suit. He looked every inch the stern headmaster. Alice could not help observing that the look was completed by the cane which he held in his hand. She knew full well what he was going to do with it.

The last time they had seen each other they had parted on tender terms, with a reminder of the feelings they shared for each other. But this time Campbell’s eyes were hard and his manner showed no kindness. He stared at his victim, apparently seeing only a toy to abuse and subject to the depraved side of his nature. Alice felt herself cowering inwardly at the prospect of what he was going to do to her in his current frame of mind, but she also felt a shiver of anticipation, knowing that her body would betray her desire to accept all that he could inflict on her.

Sara approached Campbell as he rose from the chair. Alice noticed him towering over the woman, even though she was wearing heels of a considerable height. He looked down at her with an emotionless expression on his face. Yesterday he had allowed Sara to take the lead, but today there was something different about his manner.

‘Here is the girl you sent for, sir,’ Sara told him. ‘I hope she meets your approval.’

‘We’ll see about that,’ he replied coldly. ‘You can leave us now.’

Alice noticed Sara looking a little surprised at this instruction, but she submitted to the dominant male figure, as she had doubtless been trained to do for years. She shuffled backwards a step or two, suddenly looking considerably less imposing in her suit, before turning and leaving the room.

As soon as the door had closed behind Sara, Campbell turned his attention to Alice. ‘Turn around,’ he ordered.

Alice looked desperately into his eyes, but there was not a hint of the smile he had given her the previous evening. Involuntarily she lowered her gaze and turned away from him, conscious of his gaze on her form.

She heard him stepping closer and felt his presence directly behind her, but initially he made no physical contact. ‘You are guilty of wanting this too much,’ he informed her. ‘You need to be punished.’

For all that Alice knew that his statement was ridiculous, she could not help feeling a sense of shame as she remembered her self-gratification at the expense of the organisation’s victims before her capture. She blushed further as her thoughts moved to her explosive orgasm at Sara’s hands and she could feel herself turning completely red as she started to reflect on how frantically she had needed to come the day before while Campbell was assaulting her with the riding crop. Even now, she could feel the moisture growing inside her tight panties and she knew that she was indeed guilty of wanting to submit to every depraved whim of her captors.

From behind her, she felt something touch her skin, but it was not the warmth of Campbell’s hand. Instead it was the sharp, ticklish edge of the cane he was holding. It started on the bare flesh of her leg, just above one of her knee-high socks. Then Campbell moved the cane slowly, tantalisingly up the back of her thigh, causing another shudder to run down her spine.

When he reached the hem of her skirt, he continued to trace upwards, lifting the fabric as he did so. Alice could not see what was revealed to Campbell in this way, but she could picture, vividly, the creamy flesh of her trim upper legs, exposed and vulnerable in the firelight. She felt the tip of the cane reach the line of her panties and knew that the view of her rear would now be considered indecent. Somehow the thought of the judgement which society would make on her appearance caused her breath to come more sharply as she waited for Campbell to uncover her panty-clad arse.

But it didn’t happen. He withdrew the cane and let the material drop back to its natural position. But if Alice thought that she was going to get away lightly, she was very much mistaken, as she discovered from Campbell’s next command.

‘Bend over,’ he instructed. ‘Touch your toes for me.’

Alice obeyed, keeping her feet together and bending at the waist. She was proud of her flexibility, which she had preserved carefully from years of gym when she was a girl by exercising regularly into adulthood. She reached down with her hands and made contact with the toes of her black, leather shoes, without any difficulty.

However, it was one thing to reach the position, but an altogether more difficult one to hold it indefinitely. The lack of any further order from Campbell made it clear to Alice that he had no plans for her to stand back up, so she grasped her lower legs tightly, as close to her ankles as she could reach, and stayed as still as she could, feeling the strain of her muscles and waiting for the inevitable punishment to begin.

Campbell seemed to be in no hurry, however, because he walked slowly around her bent form. Alice’s head was lowered, but when he passed her at the correct angle, she could see the cane dangling from his hand. Her position was already humiliating in the extreme, but it was made even worse by the fact that she could feel that her short skirt had been pulled higher by her unnaturally bent posture, so that it was now barely covering her arse and left little to the imagination.

When he had completed a full circuit and was standing behind her once more, Campbell reached for the hem of Alice’s skirt. She could feel him lifting it gradually, unveiling her tightly covered rear little by little. Against all her instincts, she managed to remain motionless. When he had finished uncovering her arse, she felt him tucking the fabric of the skirt into the back of its own waistband, which fitted tightly around her middle. Having secured it like this, he stood back, leaving Alice to picture the view he was admiring.

She knew just what a spectacle she was making, but she also knew that her degradation would not end there. She felt the contact of the cane once more. This time he ran its tip across her arse. She could feel it tickling her through the cotton of the panties and wanted to scream her frustration at being teased like this. Was it her fear of the pain to come or was it the fact that she was so unbearably turned on by the whole thing? Alice had no idea, but she remained silent, knowing that any noise would make her suffering worse.

Having taunted her butt, Campbell probed the cane between her legs. This was too much for Alice. She was already extremely aroused and the distracting presence of the instrument of her torture on her most intimate area caused her to lose her presence of mind. She gasped audibly as the cane brushed against her clit. There was very little noise, but it was not lost on Campbell. Suddenly he withdrew the cane and brought it down, hard, across her arse. The blow was softened by the panties but it still stung a great deal, and Alice could not hold back her high-pitched exclamation at the shock and pain.

‘I told you that you were bad for enjoying this,’ said Campbell, firmly, ‘and you have just proved my point. All the more reason why you need to be taught a lesson. What do you say?’

Even in her distressed state, the answer was obvious to Alice. ‘I’m sorry,’ she replied, breathlessly.

She thought she had said the right thing, so the next stroke of the cane caught her unawares. The whistling as it passed through the air was her only warning of its arrival.

‘How do you address me?’ Campbell asked, his voice a little louder this time.

Immediately Alice spotted her mistake. Unsettled as she was, she had enough composure left to reflect with some amusement on the fact that her omission could be described as a schoolgirl error. Wisely, however, she did not share the thought with Campbell. ‘I’m sorry, sir,’ she said, to make amends.

‘Better,’ he replied, but you have a lot more to learn.

With that, he took hold of the waistband of her panties and began to pull at the elastic. Alice felt it stretch away from her skin and begin to slide down her arse cheeks as Campbell drew his hands slowly downwards, allowing his fingers to brush against the flesh he was revealing as he disrobed his victim. Bit by bit she could feel her butt being stripped of its only protection. Thin though the cotton was, Alice dreaded how much worse the strokes of the cane were going to feel once it was removed.

But she made no efforts to resist, knowing not only that they would be futile, but also being completely aware of the fact that she actually wanted to be punished. Against every instinct of her better judgement, she could not wait to feel the sting of that cane on her bare skin. So she kept her head down and her hands gripping her legs, allowing herself to be reduced to a slutty schoolgirl, presenting her naked arse to be spanked by her stern headmaster.

Campbell did not remove her panties altogether, but left them bunched at the top of her thighs, held in place by her legs, which she kept tight closed together, accentuating her bent posture and the round shape of her rear. He then stood to one side and laid the cane softly across her arse, holding it there as a constant reminder of the imminent torture. Alice was almost overwhelmed by the sheer, humiliating deliciousness of her predicament. She embraced her capitulation to the full.

‘Tell me what you are,’ Campbell instructed, still holding the cane ready to strike.

‘I’m a bad girl, sir,’ she replied immediately.

‘Why are you bad?’ he asked.

‘Because I wanted it too badly, sir,’ she replied.

‘What did you want?’

Alice hesitated at this point, before summoning up the ability to say it. ‘I wanted you to fuck me, sir.’

The questions continued inexorably. ‘What does that make you?’

Alice hesitated once more, scarcely able to bring herself to say the word she knew he wanted to hear. ‘It makes me a slut, sir,’ she finally managed to mumble.

‘I didn’t hear you.’

‘It makes me a slut, sir,’ she repeated, louder this time.

‘Speak up!’ he insisted. ‘What are you?’

This time Alice forced herself to shout the degrading words. ‘I’m a slut, sir!’

But still Campbell had not finished asking questions to taunt her. ‘And what happens to bad girls who are sluts?’

‘They get punished, sir.’

‘So what do you deserve?’

I deserve to be punished, sir?’

‘And how do you deserve to be punished?’

It crossed Alice’s mind that the fact that she was wearing a schoolgirl outfit, bending over in front of the man with the cane with her panties pulled down, really should have made the answer self-evident, but clearly he required her to spell it out. ‘I should be spanked, sir,’ she told him, in a strangely matter-of-fact way.

But his ability to demand a little more from her seemed to know no bounds. ‘Ask me nicely,’ he ordered her. This time she could hear the cruel enjoyment in his voice.

‘Please spank me, sir,’ she complied, through gritted teeth.

‘You’ve gone quiet again. You need to learn to speak up, girl. What did you say?’

Alice threw her few remaining inhibitions to the wind. If she was going to end up a screaming, quivering wreck of a woman anyway at his hands, she might as well go the whole hog and beg for it. ‘Please spank me, sir!’ she shouted.

‘That’s what I needed to hear,’ he replied, succinctly, shortly before bringing the cane down hard on her bare skin.

For all the humiliating build-up, the stroke still caught Alice unprepared. She shrieked out as she felt the harsh sting cutting into her soft flesh.

Campbell’s next attack followed hot on the heels of the first. This time, if anything, it was a little harder, but Alice was better prepared and managed to hold in her cry. The punishment continued, however, with repeated blows of the cane at regular intervals. Sometimes she felt Campbell targeting one butt cheek, sometimes the other, and sometimes he laid his strokes right across the middle. Before long her efforts at keeping silent had collapsed ignominiously and she was making no attempt to control her incomprehensible moans of futile protest.

Eventually he paused. Only then did Alice feel the tears standing out in her eyes at the stinging pain all across her rear. She could imagine the red lines standing up on her arse for Campbell to enjoy. She took the opportunity to regain her anguished breath, before realising, too late, that she had made another mistake.

‘Where are your manners, girl?’ Campbell asked, sternly. ‘You begged me to do this to you. What should you say now?’

As quickly as she could, Alice tried to redeem herself. ‘Thank you, sir!’ she called out, stumbling over the words in her haste. She was saying anything, no matter how humiliating, in her quest to avoid further pain. ‘Thank you for spanking me. I’ll be a better girl from…’

But Campbell interrupted her. ‘Girls who have no manners need to be taught a lesson as much as slutty ones do. This time you must say thank you after each stroke. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, sir,’ she replied, knowing that she had no choice in the matter.

Alice’s arse already felt as if it was on fire, but she steeled herself for more punishment. Sure enough, the cane landed again, catching her squarely across both cheeks. With a great effort, she managed to suppress everything but a muffled squeal, then collected her wits enough to speak. ‘Thank you, sir,’ she managed.

The next blow came immediately after her words, but she managed to repeat herself successfully, before tensing up for the next attack. This time Campbell’s strokes were more orderly, to allow time for her to express her gratitude for each one. She had no idea how many times he hit her, because all she could focus on was her determination to say the right words and avoid a further extension of the suffering. Somehow the intense effort of speaking made the punishment easier to endure. She supposed Campbell continued for around ten strokes, but to her it felt like hundreds.

Finally he stopped. After listening to her thanking him for the last blow, he spoke once more. ‘I hope you’ve learned your lesson, girl. What do you say now.’

‘Thank you for punishing me, sir,’ Alice answered, her eyes stinging with the tears.

‘You can stand up straight now.’

Alice did so, painfully, noticing that Campbell made no move to untuck her skirt from its waistband or to return her panties to their proper position. This left her reddened arse on display for him to see.

Only when she was standing up straight again did Alice notice that Sara had returned, quietly, to the room. Alice supposed her entry must have taken place during the final stages of her punishment, when the strain of her ordeal would probably have prevented her from noticing the arrival of a herd of stampeding elephants. Alice felt her face blushing as red as her arse at the thought that Sara had watched her humiliation.

Unlike the day before, Sara waited silently for Campbell’s instructions. Alice noticed that the woman kept her eyes lowered.

‘Get rid of her panties,’ Campbell told Sara, gesturing towards Alice.

Sara obeyed immediately, moving behind Alice, who submitted herself to the indignity of being undressed once more by Sara in front of Campbell. Sara gripped the garment at each side of Alice’s hips, where it had been resting since Campbell had pulled it off her butt, and drew it downwards. Alice opened her legs enough to allow the panties to fall to the floor, then stepped out of them. Sara left them lying on the floor. Still Alice’s skirt was not allowed to cover her arse.

Campbell sat down in the large master’s chair. ‘Make her use her slutty mouth on me,’ he said to Sara, ‘and make her do it well.’

Alice noticed the grin appearing on Sara’s face at this instruction, and very quickly she found herself being bundled forwards and pushed to her bare knees in front of the chair. Evidently no concern was to be shown for her comfort, because the floor was hard but no cushion was provided for her. She settled herself as well as she could and prepared for another oral assault.

‘Mouth only,’ she heard Campbell say above her head, and Sara immediately gathered up the victim’s wrists and held them behind her back with one of her own.

‘Get his cock out,’ Sara ordered Alice.

Alice understood that this required her using her mouth, and bent her head to comply. She had to push her face right into Campbell’s crotch to get her teeth around the zip of his flies. She could feel his hardness thrusting back at her from within as she did so, and unexpectedly found herself wanting to liberate his cock, to suck on it eagerly and to debase herself utterly for his pleasure, though she would not have been able to explain why.

Eventually she managed to get the grip she was seeking. She pulled determinedly, dragging the zip a little lower each time like a dog pulling at a stick in its master’s hand. Even when she had Campbell’s flies completely open, her work was not done. His cock was still confined in his underwear, though she could feel its tell-tale bulge easily enough. His erection made her task more difficult, because she had to manoeuvre it through the small opening in his fitted boxer shorts, using only her mouth and without hurting him.

She could certainly have pulled her hands free of Sara’s grip, but that would have defeated the object. Perversely, she wanted to submit to the humiliating test of her abilities, so she left her arms compliantly in her captor’s grip and burrowed away with her head, seeking for her target.

Finally she succeeded in using her tongue to penetrate the gap in Campbell’s underwear and getting her teeth around the edge of the fabric. She heard him gasp with excitement as her busy tongue made its first direct contact with his cock and felt a surge of triumph at the thought that she could arouse him so much. Then it was only a matter of time before she succeeded. She pulled back with her head, stretching his boxers away from his body until she could position the hole over the tip of his erection. Then she let go. Campbell’s cock did all the rest of the work, taking advantage of the opening to push its way out and stand up proudly before Alice’s face.

She was given no time to admire her handiwork, however. She felt Sara’s free hand take hold of one of her bunches and use it to push her head directly onto the cock she had released. She could sense Sara’s presence, crouching behind her and holding her firmly in her subservient position. Once Alice’s mouth was impaled on Campbell’s firm cock, Sara used her grip on Alice’s hair to move her head up and down, building the pace gradually and increasing the depth of his penetration little by little.

Alice could see little other than the parts of Campbell’s clothing in close proximity to her face. She shut her eyes and concentrated on using her mouth to its best effect, keeping the shaft of his cock wet, running her lips over it as she was pulled to and fro and sliding her tongue along his length with each stroke. She wondered if Campbell and Sara were looking at each other over her head and she asked herself if they would have grins of enjoyment on their faces. She thought that they would have every reason to do so, given that their prisoner seemed to be turning beautifully into the willing, cock-sucking little slave girl she was destined to become.

As soon as she got her lips around his shaft, Alice sensed Campbell stiffening further inside her mouth. As she continued, the evidence of his increasing arousal grew. She could hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier with each sweeping movement of her head and she was moved to do an even better job on him. So at the end of each backward motion, when her mouth was least penetrated by his cock, Alice started to swirl her tongue around his smooth tip. Evidently he appreciated the treatment, because his gasps soon turned to deep moans of pleasure.

Alice felt Sara release her hands. Before she could make use of them to assist her efforts she heard Campbell’s voice. ‘Keep them behind your back!’ he ordered abruptly, between his increasingly audible groans of arousal.

The reason why Sara let go of her arms soon became clear to Alice. She sensed the woman rising from her crouching position to stand over her and she felt the second of her bunches being seized by Sara’s other hand. Alice gripped her hands together tightly, forcing herself to keep her arms behind her back. At this point she wished she had been bound, because it would have made the task easier. She knelt uncomfortably on the hard floor, feeling more degraded than ever before. Not only was she sacrificing her own comfort to pleasure the man who had recently been inflicting almost unbearable pain on her arse, but she was doing so dressed as a schoolgirl, in the controlling grip of the woman who was keeping her a captive. Yet still Alice felt her loins crying out for attention as her treacherous body responded to her maltreatment with inexplicable feelings of desire.

With two hands free to manipulate Alice’s head, Sara increased the pace and depth of the blowjob once more. Alice found her face being forced right into Campbell’s crotch and his cock pushing its way further and further into her abused mouth. She knew that it could only be a matter of time before she was deep-throating Campbell fully, so she relaxed her muscles as well as she could. Even so, the first time his cock hit the back of her throat, she could not help gagging, but Sara was remorseless in forcing her to keep taking his length fully with each thrust.

Soon Alice was accommodating Campbell’s entire cock more successfully, and she tried once more to use her tongue to maximise his pleasure. The volume of his groans grew and Alice started to wonder if she would be forced to take his load in her mouth. She had done so before, and was in no way hostile to swallowing his seed, but she was reluctant to do so when she was being allowed so little control, knowing that she would struggle to keep it all in her mouth. She feared another punishment if she lost some of it on his clothing.

But this time her fears were unfounded. As she sensed that Campbell was reaching the point of no return, she felt him take hold of Sara’s wrists and use them to pull her head back off his cock completely, holding it away from him while he recovered his breath. Then he stood, tucking himself back inside his trousers as well as he could, before beckoning Sara to follow him and leaving Alice kneeling on the floor, turning her head to find out what would happen next.

Being the main protagonist in Alice’s harsh face-fucking had evidently awakened Sara’s dominant persona from the day before, because the woman strutted to the table of supplies in her heels, selected a condom and returned, holding it up to remind Campbell of the rules he had to follow when fucking Alice.

But the compliant Campbell of yesterday was nowhere to be seen. Swiftly he tore the offending item from Sara’s hand, threw it onto the fire, and forced Sara up against the wall with his hand beneath her chin.

Astonished at the sudden turn of events, Alice watched the rubber of the condom flare up quickly in the flames, before dying away to nothing in the embers. Then she returned her gaze to Sara. She saw Campbell holding her in place with little effort.

‘Wait there until I tell you what to do!’ he snapped at the woman, before fetching something from the table and turning to Alice.

He seized the captive roughly by the shoulders, pulling her up from her knees and spinning her to face him. He revealed the item he had collected. It was a shiny bullet vibrator. Campbell switched it on, reached down under Alice’s skirt and held it against her clit. She bucked at the sudden stimulation and had to grip Campbell’s arm to steady herself. He remained a solid presence, continuing to use the toy to build her arousal for a minute or so, before slipping it inside her pussy, still buzzing powerfully.

Then he withdrew his arm from between her legs and manhandled Alice into the smaller of the two chairs. It was the one clearly designed to accommodate a slave. Her skirt was still tucked up, so as she sat down sharply, she felt the sore, naked skin of her arse making painful contact with the bare wood of the chair. But before she could make herself more comfortable, Campbell had grabbed her wrists and secured first one, then the other, in the leather cuffs attached to the arms of the chair. Then he did the same to her ankles, leaving her imprisoned in her seat, able only to spectate and to feel the buzzing in her pussy as events unfolded around her.

She watched him turn back to Sara, who had remained obediently still against the wall while he secured Alice. The transformation in her gaoler could not have been more evident to Alice’s eyes. Yesterday Sara had taken control of proceedings and given orders, even doing so to Campbell. Today she simply melted in the heat of his dominant display.

As Alice watched, tightly held by her restraints, Campbell took Sara by the hair, pulling it out of its strict confinements and allowing it to fall free around her shoulders. Then he took her jacket by the collar and pushed it from her body. Her shirt did not last much longer. Campbell did not bother to unbutton it, but simply tugged with force until the buttons flew off and scattered across the floor. He then ordered Sara to take off the remnants and to remove the black, lacy bra which the removal of the shirt had revealed. She hurried to obey, reaching behind her to undo the clasp and slipping off the garment, leaving her substantial breasts on display.

Alice could not help admiring the woman’s rack, just as she had when she first saw it the other day. Her breasts thrust out, round and firm, with their large nipples standing up proudly. But Campbell lost no time in gazing at them. ‘Take off the skirt,’ he ordered, waiting impatiently for Sara to comply.

She did as he asked without delay, unzipping the garment at the side and working it over her hips. Beneath it she wore a sexy pair of black briefs and it became clear that the nylons on her legs were stockings rather than tights. They were held up by a black garter belt, which matched the rest of her ensemble perfectly. To Alice her gaoler looked utterly stunning as she stood, topless, in her skimpy underwear, and finally Campbell stopped momentarily to appreciate the view too. Sara’s persona as strict schoolmistress was gone. In its place was a hot, submissive woman, clearly yearning to be put in her place every bit as much as Alice.

Campbell took hold of Sara’s hair once more and used his grip to march her across the room towards the pillory. Sara staggered on her heels, but managed to maintain her balance with some difficulty. When they reached the device, Campbell lifted the bar at the top and pushed Sara down until her neck slotted into the leather-lined space designed to accommodate it. He did not need to put her hands in the right place. Sara placed them instinctively into the holes for him, and all that was left for Campbell was to return the upper bar to its position and bolt it into place, leaving Sara bent low and helplessly confined by the neck and wrists.

As Alice sat, unable to leave her chair, her enforced excitement on account of the vibrator was growing by the second. She was facing directly across the room at Sara. At one point the two women locked eyes, looking at each other in a shared moment of aroused submission. But both were distracted by Campbell’s next move. He went to the table and returned to Sara with a black ball gag. Alice wondered if it was the same one which she had worn the previous day. Without ceremony, he stuffed it into Sara’s mouth and buckled the strap tightly, before moving behind his victim.

Alice knew what it felt like to wear a ball gag, but she had never seen one on another woman in the flesh. She was fascinated by the way it forced Sara’s jaws wide and rested in the tender embrace of her lips. Alice found herself wondering if she looked equally abased, and yet simultaneously hot, when she was the one wearing the gag.

Standing behind Sara, Campbell took hold of her panties and pulled them down her legs, bending to make her lift first one foot, then the other, so he could remove them. Sara’s arse was directed away from Alice and her lower body was concealed from Alice’s view by the pillory, but she could picture just how sexy Sara’s butt must look to Campbell, presented to him to do with as he saw fit, with its usual owner helplessly confined in the stocks.

Campbell reached into his trousers and pulled out his cock. Alice noticed that it was still erect from her recent oral attentions and felt a tingle of pride at how well she had prepared him. She assumed he was about to push it straight inside Sara, but without warning he raised his right hand and gave Sara a hard slap on the butt. Alice’s vantage point allowed her to see the blow coming, but to Sara it came as a complete surprise. The woman screamed loudly, but her noise was substantially muffled by the ball in her mouth.

This was evidently some sort of test designed by Campbell to test the effectiveness of the gag. ‘Good enough to stop you pissing me off with your whining,’ he said, and wasted no further time in plunging his hard cock into Sara’s depths, without bothering to remove his own clothing.

Alice had been fucked in a similar position the day before, although her own predicament had been intensified by the pull of a strappado, the bite of nipple clamps and the intrusion of a butt plug. The only aspects of Sara’s plight which were more stringent than Alice’s were the leather grip of the pillory around her neck and the presence of uncomfortably high heels on her feet, which made her balance precarious. Still, Alice could empathise easily enough with what Sara was experiencing as Campbell began to thrust in and out of her. Yet strangely Alice found herself imagining herself much more in Campbell’s position, driving his rock-hard cock manfully into the woman he had subdued so easily and bent to his will. The combination of the vibrations inside Alice’s pussy and the erotic scene she was participating in meant that she was extremely turned on, but the toy would not allow her to reach climax. She was intensely irritated at being bound and unable to give herself any satisfaction.

The whole situation seemed entirely unfair to Alice. She had demeaned herself in a schoolgirl outfit, she had endured the pain of Campbell’s caning and she had sucked his cock with love and devotion, so it was maddening that Sara should be the one to reap the benefits of being impaled so fulfillingly on his erection.

Alice knew that Campbell was only doing as she had suggested the day before. He was fucking Sara because her unhappy background meant that she had a reliance on men who forced her to submit and because turning Sara into an ally might be their only hope of accomplishing their mission. Yet Alice could not help being jealous. Rationally, she knew that Campbell was doing exactly the right thing, but beneath all that she felt cheated on. Insane though she knew it was, she wanted to be the one locked in that pillory, taking the full force of Campbell’s onslaught. Yet instead she was locked in a chair, teased to the point of insanity by a vibrator and able to do nothing but watch.

It did not help that Sara was responding to the whole thing like a bitch on heat. She had closed her eyes in ecstasy and was moaning loudly through the gag. At one point Alice could have sworn the woman actually came, but she could hardly believe that she would reach climax just by being penetrated. Alice thought that it would give her even more reason to resent Sara if she had such an enviable talent. Either way, it was abundantly clear that Sara was enjoying herself intensely.

But Campbell was having a good time too. He was also making noises as evidence of his own pleasure and the pace of his thrusts was increasing. Alice could scarcely believe how hard he was hammering away at Sara as he approached his orgasm. She wondered how the woman’s body could stand such an assault and asked herself if her own appearance had the same uncanny similarity to a rag doll when she was the one being fucked so brutally.

But Campbell’s climax distracted her from her thoughts. He gasped repeatedly as he forced his cock deep inside Sara for the final time. Alice remembered how annoyed he had been about having to sheath himself before entering her the previous day, so she knew how much more satisfying it must be for him to expel his seed directly into Sara’s receptive pussy. He thrust his whole body forward as he spurted into her, then held himself there for quite some time after coming, allowing his breathing to slow. Eventually he pulled out of Sara, put away his softening cock, released the bolts on the bar of the pillory and strode out of the room.

But as he passed her, Alice noticed that he gave her a knowing look and she could have sworn that she saw a suggestion of a smile in his previously hard eyes. It was enough to remind her that the Campbell she knew had not disappeared. Of course, his head was turned away from Sara at the time and she would have seen absolutely nothing of what passed between Campbell and Alice. Then he was gone.

Alice was left, still confined in her seat and still being stimulated by the vibrator. She was beginning to think that she might be able to come from its activity, because she could feel that she was not far off. On the other side of the room Sara was extricating herself from the bondage of the pillory and Alice knew that she could expect no help from that quarter. She would have to get to the finishing line before Sara was free.

Alice abandoned all pretence at dignity, grinding her crotch into the seat of her chair in an attempt to get the toy exactly where she wanted it and to make the most of its energy. She tried not to think about how she must look, dressed as a schoolgirl, cuffed to a chair and humping the seat, but she was so desperate that it was worth it. By this time Sara was standing up straight and removing the ball gag. She started to walk across the room. Alice was so close to climax. Her breaths came rapidly and she was uttering her excitement wordlessly without any attempt to stay quiet. Just a second or two more would do it.

But Sara crouched in front of her, thrust her fingers unceremoniously into her pussy and plucked the vibrator, still buzzing furiously, out into the open air. She held it up in triumph in front of Alice’s face. Alice groaned in dismay as the stimulation was cruelly removed. She could see her juices coating the toy, even dripping off it as Sara switched off the power. An earth-moving orgasm had been at her fingertips, but she had been denied at the last hurdle. The frustration was almost more than she could bear.

‘Did you enjoy watching him fuck me?’ Sara hissed.

Alice was reduced to begging. ‘Please, please put it back,’ she whined.

But Sara did nothing of the sort. ‘And why should I do that, little one?’ she asked, with a smile on her face.

‘I’ll do anything for you,’ Alice pleaded. ‘I’ll lick your pussy, do whatever you want. Just please let me come!’

‘You’re hot when you beg,’ Sara answered. ‘But I can make you do whatever I want anyway. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. It’s more fun keeping you on the edge.’

Alice saw that her situation was hopeless, and said no more. Sara reached down beneath the captive’s skirt and sought out her clit with her index finger. Unsurprisingly, it was soaking wet. Alice was so sensitive from her excitement that she jerked as Sara’s finger came into contact with her tender flesh.

Sara stroked Alice gently and slowly, grinning at the groans which this brought from her captive’s mouth. ‘My, my, you are turned on,’ she commented, as if this came as a surprise to her. ‘Maybe I’ll give you a way to get what you’re looking for after all.’

Alice simply groaned some more. She was on the precipice and the tiniest increase of tempo or pressure on Sara’s part would have tipped her over the edge, but the woman kept her just at simmering point.

‘I’ll need to take you back to your room,’ Sara continued. ‘You’ll need to promise me that you’ll be a good girl so I can let you out of that chair without you trying anything silly.’

Alice assumed that Sara was offering to return her to her room so that she could see to her own needs once again, perhaps with the aid of the pirate book. The poor girl in that story was surely due to be string up from the yardarm for a good whipping.

‘I promise,’ she said, earnestly.

Sara unlocked the cuffs on Alice’s wrists and then the ones on her ankles, then she went to the table as Alice stood up gingerly, still feeling the soreness of the skin on her butt. Alice untucked her skirt from its waistband at her back, where it had been held since Campbell had caned her earlier. It dropped to its correct position just as Sara returned with a length of rope.

‘Turn around,’ she told Alice.

Alice had not expected to be tied up. ‘Why?’ she queried.

But Sara was in no mood for an argument. ‘Are you going to do as I say or not?’ she snapped.

Alice allowed her need to come to override her unwillingness to comply. She turned away from Sara and placed her hands behind her back in obedient anticipation. Sara bound Alice efficiently, wrapping the rope around her wrists a few times, tying it off with a knot, then cinching it to make the restraint secure. Alice tested the bond but found that it was snug. She would not be escaping any time soon.

But just to make sure, Sara collected another length of rope and looped it around her arms just above the elbows, pulling them towards each other. Alice drew in her breath sharply at the sudden discomfort, and was grateful that Sara did not try to make her elbows touch each other. Her captor was content with binding them unnaturally close.

‘That should hold you,’ Sara commented on her handiwork, as Alice felt her chest being forced forward by the strain on her arms. She was convinced that her breasts would force her tight shirt to burst open, but the buttons did not release their grip.

This time Sara heeded Alice’s point about the route along the passageway being obvious and did not bother to blindfold her prisoner. Even in her aroused state, Alice thought that this represented progress. Sara led her prisoner out of the room and down the corridor. Alice noticed that there were other doors on either side. They stopped outside one which Alice assumed must be her own, although she had never seen this side of the door before.

Sara turned the handle and pushed Alice inside. ‘Have fun, little one,’ she said, before slamming the door.

Alice turned to face the entrance, but had no time to respond before she heard Sara locking it on the other side. She was bewildered about why she was still tied up. She wondered if this was some sort of game to prevent her from getting herself off and frustrate her more. She tugged at the rope around her wrists, but it held fast.

Only then did she spin around and look properly into the room. The room was familiar, but with a shock, Alice discovered that it was already occupied. On the bed a naked girl was lying spread-eagle, her wrists and ankles confined in cuffs which had been attached to the four corners of the bed.

With her head spinning in confusion, Alice wondered how the girl had got there. Then she remembered Sara’s absence while Campbell had punished her earlier. Sara had clearly used the time to fetch her a roommate.

She crept across the room to have a better look at the girl. She lay still in her restraints, her long, black hair splayed out around her head on the pillow. She looked a few years younger than Alice and had a gorgeous body, with long, tanned legs and a smooth stomach, stretched tight from the strict constraints on her arms and legs. Her breasts were shapely and her nipples pointed directly upwards as she lay back. From the dusky tone of her skin, Alice would have guessed that the girl must have had some Indian or other Asian blood in her.

At first Alice had thought that the girl was asleep, because she lay motionless on the bed. But as she came closer, she could see that her dark brown, almond-shaped eyes were wide open. They looked directly at Alice briefly, then the girl cast them down, giving Alice a view of beautiful, thick eyelashes. They were only one aspect of an exceedingly pretty, exotic looking face. The girl had symmetrical features, a small nose and full, bee-stung lips.

As she looked at those lips, Alice’s stomach turned as she suddenly realised that she recognised the girl. The last time she had seen her was in a poor quality photograph taken by Campbell. The image had shown the girl immediately after her capture, when her face had shown terror as she was forced to her knees so that her lips could perform their first service of her new life. It appeared that by now her training was complete and that Alice was looking at a fully-fledged slave girl.

With shame, Alice remembered how she had sought out that image and used it as a stimulus to bring herself to orgasm, taking pleasure at the poor girl’s misfortune. Yet she could not help being turned on once again at the memory, still aroused as she was from the recent action of the vibrator.

Alice realised Sara’s plan quickly. This beautiful victim was bound to her bed to tempt Alice to relieve her pangs of frustration on her helpless body. Sara had tied Alice’s hands to prevent her from reaching between her own legs and to stop her from releasing the girl’s cuffs. But Alice was determined that the plan would not work. She would not lower herself to Sara’s level. Although she could not free the girl, she would simply retreat to another corner of the room and allow her visitor to keep as much of her dignity as possible.

But as Alice turned away, the girl spoke. ‘Have I displeased you, mistress?’ she asked.

Alice span around sharply, her bound arms almost causing her to fall over. ‘Displeased me?’ she asked, incredulously. ‘Of course not! You’re beautiful, but I’m not your mistress. If anything I’m a slave like you. But the point is that neither of us is a slave. They can’t turn us into something we don’t want to be.’

‘Pardon me for disagreeing, mistress,’ the girl replied, ‘but I am a slave. I want to please you. If you like what you see, please make use of me. If not, I will be as quiet as possible and avoid disturbing you.’

‘But we should try to get free,’ Alice insisted. ‘Maybe I could get your cuffs undone if I turn around. Then you could untie me.’

‘Why? This is our life now. Accept it.’ The girl’s voice was calm and dispassionate. ‘I am here to give you pleasure. Take advantage of me. There are very few chances to have your way as a slave. Maybe one day I will find myself in your position. Trust me, I will not hesitate to do the same to you.’

Alice could feel her body begging her to give in to the girl’s invitation as she looked at those luscious lips. She had already read Campbell’s description in his report of what joy they could bring to a hard cock, so her mind boggled at the thought of what they could do to her wet pussy. ‘At least tell me your name,’ she said.

‘My name is not important,’ the girl replied. ‘But I am called Nadira, if it pleases you.’

The idea that it might do anything other than please her was strange to Alice, but she did not argue. As soon as she had allowed the idea of inflicting herself on the girl to enter her mind, she knew that the end result was an inevitability. There was no way her yearning clit was going to let her forego this gilt-edged opportunity.

Her face reddened at the thought, but she was drawn, like a moth to the flame. ‘Are you sure?’ she whispered to Nadira, as if people were listening and would judge her if they could hear.

‘It would be my pleasure,’ came the concise reply.

Alice wasted no more time. She slipped off her black school shoes and climbed onto the bed beside Nadira. Since her panties had been stripped from her and abandoned in the other room, it was simply a matter of getting her sex into close enough proximity to Nadira’s mouth. So she straddled the girl’s head. It was no easy feat with Alice’s hands and elbows tied behind her back and Nadira’s arms spread to either side of the bed, but eventually Alice got to where she so badly wanted to be. She had to kneel with her lower legs, still encased in their long white socks, over Nadira’s arms, squashing her further into the covers. Alice knew that it could not be comfortable for the girl, but Nadira made no complaint.

Looking down, Alice noticed that her little skirt had spread itself over Nadira’s head. She did not want to smother the girl, but with her hands bound there was no way she could achieve her aim without leaving it there, so she resolved to see to her needs as quickly as she could.

In the event she need not have worried. Nadira evidently knew exactly what to do with her tongue. As soon as it caressed her clit for the first time, Alice cried out involuntarily with pleasure. Before long Nadira had worked up a rhythm, working her soft tongue and lips over Alice’s sopping wet sex with a special focus on her aroused bud.

Alice soon lost the ability to think clearly. She did not even need to move backwards and forwards. The slave girl was doing all the work beneath her. The girl’s talent was utterly exquisite and she could do nothing but gasp her approval as she rode the crest of a wave towards an overwhelming climax. Nadira swirled, stroked and lapped with her tongue with seemingly endless energy until Alice’s muscles were contracting and she was squeezing Nadira’s head between her thighs in a vicelike grip without even realising that she was doing so. All the time Alice was squealing with erotic delight. The orgasm crashed over her so intensely that she thought she was going to pass out, but she just managed to retain her consciousness and slumped down breathlessly on the bed, somehow managing to avoid crushing the poor girl in the process.

Alice struggled to look Nadira in the face once she had recovered her composure. She was ashamed of what she had allowed herself to be drawn into, and unreasonably she blamed the girl for enticing her. She shuffled off the bed and placed herself in the chair, sitting awkwardly because of the ropes which held her arms behind her back. She knew that she should be thanking Nadira profusely, but she didn’t know what to say.

It was Nadira who broke the silence. ‘Thank you, mistress,’ she said.

Alice forced herself to look directly at the girl. She noticed that Nadira’s beautiful lips were glistening with her own juices and that the incriminating substance was also decorating her nose and cheeks. ‘You shouldn’t be thanking me!’ she blurted out, embarrassed. ‘I should be grateful to you. You were amazing.’

‘You are too kind, mistress,’ Nadira replied.

Alice was wondering what to do next, when she hit on the idea that it would be polite to return the favour. Nadira’s legs were spread wide by her restraints and it should be possible to get her head down between them, even with her arms bound so tightly behind her back. But she hesitated because she knew that she could never succeed in delivering a gift of the same quality as the one Nadira had just given to her, and she did not want to feel inadequate in front of her more talented partner.

Sara solved the dilemma by returning to the room while Alice was still pondering her next move. Alice noticed that she was wearing her smart suit once more. Evidently she had retrieved it from the floor, where Campbell had dropped it after stripping it from her. The shirt was missing, however, and Alice could see the lacy cups of Sara’s black bra peeping out from beneath her jacket. Alice remembered the explosion of buttons when Campbell had removed the shirt and concluded that it must have been irretrievably damaged.

Simone finished her last slip of wine, looked the black dress in her hands, and with a sigh put it back in the closet before walking to her lingerie drawer. She felt absurd as she finished laying out dinner in her lingerie. ‘I hope this works. If he laughs when he sees me, I might kill him.’ she thought as she lit the candles on the table.

Her heartbeat quickened when she heard the garage door open. She held the edge of the table to steady herself as he entered, and was pleased to see the look on his face as he scanned her body, clad in a sleek white teddy. ‘I guess it worked.’ she thought as she walked over to him. She kissed him lightly on the cheek as she said, “Welcome home, dinner is ready.”

They chatted pleasantly through dinner. Every time she caught his eyes scanning her neckline or breasts, Simone felt a bit of warmth that she hadn’t felt in years. When dinner was done, she told him to go relax on the couch while she cleaned up. Henry opened his mouth as if to protest, then simply walked off with a simple, “Yes Dear”. Simone assumed he was thinking that he would like to move to the bedroom, but she had other plans.

She moved quickly to cleanup the table and then poured a double of Henry’s favorite scotch. Closing her eyes she thought ‘Be strong, there is nothing slutty or dirty about this. A real woman would have done this a hundred times before for her husband.’

As she approached him, she threw her hips in what she hoped was a sexy way. He was sitting in his favorite chair, watching ESPN, pretending in his arrogant way that he was not watching her out of the corner of his eye. As she handed him the drink, she thought ‘I am half naked. Would it kill him to leave the TV off?’

She almost lost her footing, as voice seemed to echo in her head. ‘Worry about how you make him happy, not how he makes you happy.’ She shook her head and then stared into her husband’s eyes as she dropped to her knees and without a word undid his belt and pants.

Looking up she saw the shock on his face. Focusing on the task at hand, she leaned in, kissed the head of his cock, and in a sultry voice asked “I know you are trying to relax in front of the TV, and that you must be tired after your long day at work, but would you mind if I suck your cock?”

He smiled a mix of confusion and anticipation on his face. When she was thinking about it earlier the question had sounded sexy in her head, but now it sounded stupid. ‘Of course he wants you to suck his cock, he’s a man.’ He took a long sip and said “Sure, I don’t mind.”

She flicked her tongue over the head of his cock, keeping her eyes fixed on his face. Slowly she took his cock in her mouth and began to bob her head. She stopped abruptly when she heard the TV turn off. “Why did you turn off your show?”

“Um, because your giving me a blow job?”

“That’s OK. You worked hard today and you deserve to relax with a drink in front of the TV. I just want to help you relax.” She began to take his cock back into her mouth, and then paused. Looking up at him she said, “I know that I have neglected doing this for you for far too long. If I am doing anything wrong, please stop me and correct me. I want to learn to please you.” She noted the shocked look on his face as he stammered, “OK”. She almost stopped what she was doing, wondering how such a whorish statement could come out of her mouth, but something in the back of her mind brushed away the thought and she go on with the task.

With that she went back to sucking her husbands cock. He watched her for a bit longer, then turned the TV back on and with a long slip of his drink went back to watching the basketball recaps. She continued to look at his face, trying to understand how what she was doing was affecting him. She could tell that it was taking some effort for him not to look down at her as she worked his cock.

It wasn’t long till he started to squirm in his chair a bit. The taste was as revolting as she remembered, but she masked any negative expression as she drank every drop of his cum. She didn’t know much about oral sex, but she knew that men liked the idea of a woman swallowing, as repulsive as it was. He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the forehead. “That was great, honey.”

“Thanks for saying that, but I know that I don’t know how to do this right, even though I really should. I guess I need practice to do better. And I would really like it if you gave me some advice on how to make it better for you.”

With that self-important smile that Simone hated so much on his face, he said, “Sure, if you want. In fact why don’t you fix me another drink and I will let you get some more practice.” As she walked off with his empty glass he called out “One thing, though I like your outfit, why don’t you lose it for the rest of the evening.”

Once in the kitchen, she poured his drink and took some time to brace herself again. She was upset at his arrogance in telling her to strip, as if dressing in lingerie was not enough, but once again a little voice inside her told her to ignore that and get on with it. Stripping the little she had on, she noticed how wet she was getting. Considering he hadn’t even touched her, she blushed in embarrassment.

She entered the room, making sure not to block the TV, which now had CNBC on, as she handed him his second drink. “Thanks” he said as he took the drink. He sipped it, then wiping a finger on the bottom, wetting it with the condensation. He ran the finger along the inside of her leg, still watching the TV. Suddenly, he looked up at her. “I figured you must have trimmed in order to wear that teddy. Nice.” He ran his fingers around the outline of her bush. “Maybe tomorrow you should remove the rest.”

She managed to stammer out an “Of course” through her heavy breathing. She couldn’t understand why she felt so hot from his little touches, but she didn’t care. If giving him oral sex could lead to such feelings, she really did want to learn to do it the way he wanted.

After a moment, he said “OK, why don’t you start by licking my balls until I am hard again.” She felt disgusted by the thought, but the increased throbbing in her groin told her to follow along. She dropped to her knees again, and crawled to position herself between his legs once again. She slowly licked his testicles, gently holding his cock, feeling it grow harder as she worked her tongue.

Once he was hard again, he looked down at her and said, “Go ahead, start sucking my cock.” She hated his vulgar language, but somehow his commanding tone, rather than irritating her like it normally did, made her even more excited. For the second time that evening, she performed oral sex on her husband. This time, he was providing her verbal instructions every so often, telling her how deep and how fast to go. She listened to his every word, and when he came, she once again was careful to again swallow it all.

“Was that better?”

“Much,” he said leaning forward to pick her up so she was sitting on her lap. He finished his drink, still watching his program while he idly played with her breasts. After a few minutes, he reached between her legs and started to rub her clit. After a few minutes of furious motion, he started to jam two fingers into her moist slit faster than she thought possible. “Cum” he whispered in her ear. Her eyes closed as she approached the strongest orgasm she could ever remember. “Cum” he whispered in her ear again, this time nibbling his ear. She erupted in orgasm, bucking in his lap. She went limp, sitting there on top of him, rousing only when she heard him say, “Open your mouth and clean”. Without a thought or word, she sucked her juices of his fingers.

“It’s just that I feel so dirty and degraded. I don’t know if I want this.” Simone started crying for the third time since she had come to Dr. Ryan’s office. She had detailed how her husband had ‘fucked her face’, as Dr. Ryan referred to the incident and how she had masturbated after he walked off. She tried in vain to make Dr. Ryan understand how degraded and used she felt by her husband’s treatment of her.

“I understand how you feel Simone. I am asking you to think about the total experience. When you described last night, you spent almost as much time describing your orgasm as you did describing getting your face fucked. What I am saying is that you need to get past the standard feeling and conceptions about sex and think about what you are obviously finding stimulating.” Simone was staring at Dr. Ryan’s shoes. They were impractical five inch heels, but beautiful nonetheless. Trying to calm her sobbing, her counselor’s voice drifted in and out of her mind. She snapped out of her haze, hearing “Simone, look at me when I am speaking to you!”

Simone wanted to protest that she was a client, and it was not right for her to raise her voice. Instead she looked up and said, “Yes Dr. Ryan, I am sorry.”

“I want you to follow this logic with me, so pay attention. You had a powerful orgasm last night, correct?”

“Yes, I did.”

“And powerful orgasms come from enjoyable sexual stimulation, correct?”


“And you felt that the sexual stimulation you received yesterday was degrading, correct?”

“Yes, but…”

“Don’t interrupt!”

Again, Simone wanted to jump up and protest, to tell this woman that she worked for her and she could not scold her like a child. Looking into those cold gray eyes, she could only say “I am sorry Dr. Ryan. Yes, I felt degraded last night.”

“In addition, you freely admit that not only was the sex afterwards was the best you ever remember having, but you felt desire at the thought of having his cock in your mouth. Given all these facts, the only conclusion that can be reached is that you enjoy being sexually degraded, isn’t it?” Simone hesitated, trying to look away. Finally, she looked up at her marriage counselor, a woman she had only known for a few days and sheepishly said, “Yes, I enjoy being sexually degraded.”

Simone noticed a look of almost satisfaction on Dr. Ryan’s face as she hopped off her desk. Clapping her hands together she declared, “Well then, I guess we are making break-through faster than I expected.” She turned quickly, and Simone found herself once again struck by the woman’s elegant form, much thinner and delicate than her own, as the doctor’s hips swayed back and forth as she walked back around her desk. She preferred her own more curvy form, in particular her full breasts, which she also knew were Henry’s favorite part of her body.

“Now I want you to understand, there is nothing wrong with these feelings you have. On the contrary, many women find that they are turned on when a lover dominates or degrades them sexually. You are in fact quite lucky to be a sexual match to your husband.”

Looking in shame that the floor, Simone said, “I don’t feel lucky, I feel like a dirty slut”.

“Simone, I believe I told you to look at me when we speak.” Simone looked up at this, the shame now making her face red. “The problem you have is based in your prudish behavior, the same behavior that has put your marriage at risk. You are lucky because you are a dirty slut, not despite it. Specifically, you are lucky because you have a husband who wants exactly what you have to offer. The sooner you embrace this fact, the sooner you will find the happiness you deserve. Now I want you to pay attention to me. Look into my eyes as I tell you this.”

Reluctantly, Simone whispered in reply, “OK.”

“No! Look at me while I am speaking to you.”

Looking into her counselors cold eyes, Simone repeated. “OK.”

“I think we have gotten very far in this session. Now, I believe you said Henry would be out tonight with a client. I suggest that you call him and ask permission to wait up for him. If he accepts, spend the afternoon thinking of a simple way to make sure that when he arrives in his home, it is clear that you are available to help him relax, available to serve him.”

“Yes, I understand. I think that is a good idea.”

“When you make this offer, Mr. Rand will likely see an opportunity open up in front of him. Smart, powerful men like him always see the options in front of them. He will take advantage of whatever he thinks he can get away with. I want you to repeat after me now. I will let my husband do whatever he wishes tonight without complaint. I will spend the night serving him without regard to my own pleasure or pain.”

Pausing for only a moment, Simone repeated “I will let my husband do whatever he wishes tonight without complaint. I will spend the night serving him without regard to my own pleasure or pain.”

“Well then, I think our session is over. Run along now.” With that, Dr. Ryan picked up the phone and began dialing. Simone stood and walked off, dismissed like a child.

Once in her car, Simone quickly dialed her husband at the office. She heard him close the door to his office as he greeted her, and then in a lowered tone he said “Listen, Honey, I want to apologize for last night. I got carried away, I should never have gotten so rough with you and I shouldn’t have called you a slut.”

“Henry, do you think I am calling you to get an apology? You don’t have anything to be sorry about. I had a good time last night. I was just calling because I knew you would be having dinner with a client tonight, and I wanted to know if you minded if I waited up for you.”

There was a long pause, before Henry replied in a slow voice, “Sure, you can wait up for me.” There was another pause, then “you’re really not upset?”

“Of course not, I asked you to help me learn to suck your wonderful cock and a little rough stuff is fun sometimes.” After hearing no response, she said “Listen I know how busy you are, I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to be a pest tonight. I will be waiting by the door when you get home.”

“OK, see you tonight Honey, I love you.”

Tearing out the parking lot, she headed straight downtown to a shop she had seen before, but never would have walked into prior to today.

Hearing her husband’s car finally pull up to the house, Simone rushed to the front door as fast as she could on her new black five-inch heels. They weren’t like the ones she had bee admiring on Dr. Ryan earlier in the day, but those were part of the inspiration in getting them. She wanted to learn to walk in much more feminine shoes, especially with that sexy sway Dr. Ryan had. These were cheaper in look. Not trashy, but cheaper in a way that went with the rest of her outfit.

When the door opened, she crossed her feet and performed a short curtsy, lifting the scandalously short hem of the French maid fantasy outfit she had purchased that afternoon at the local sex shop. Simone knew the outfit was the worse kind of cliché but it just felt right when she was in the shop. It might not be super creative, but she really wanted her outfit to make it clear that she was their to serve.

“Good evening, honey. Thank you for allowing me stay up late so I could greet you and attend to your needs. Please sit down on the couch, and I will bring you a drink once I hang your coat.” She had chosen her words careful, practicing them along with the curtsey in the mirror several times. She wanted to make it clear that he was doing her a favor letting her disturb him late at night in order to give her the privilege of serving his needs.

Henry smirked as he handed over his coat and walked confidently over to the couch. Simone moved quickly, coming around front of him and handing him a stiff double scotch. He took a long sip and then looked up and down her body. “This is a very nice outfit you picked out.” Running his hand over her cheek, he asked, “So are you my little maid tonight?”

Smiling, she said “I guess so.”

“Now, now is that anyway for a maid to address her employer?”

Licking her lips, “Yes, I am your little maid tonight.”

“I expect a more formal form of address from my low level staff.”

It took her a moment to understand, but once she did she cast her eyes down. “My apologies. Yes, I am your little maid tonight, sir.” As soon as she said the last word, she felt herself getting wet.

“Well then, why don’t we start with a nice foot massage?”

“Of course, sir” Simone dropped slowly to her knees. Handing him the remote for the TV, she removed his shoes and socks, and slowly and lovingly massaged each for ten minutes. She was careful to keep her eyes on his face at all times, even as he mostly ignored her as we watched the sports recaps. When she finished, she leaned forward, asking, “How was that?”

“Very nice, very relaxing”, he said, holding his glass forward while still watching the TV, “Get me a single on the rocks.”

Taking the glass, she rose, careful to shift to the side so she didn’t block his view. Returning with his drink, she assumed her position on her knees in front of him, this time closer than before. He looked down at her after a moment, “I think maybe my little maid can help me relax a bit more.” He stood, removing his belt and lowering his zipper and sat back down. Without being told, Simone reached forward, and began to worship her husband.

She worked lovingly, concentrating on his cock, pushing all other thoughts to the side. Whenever her mind drifted, she repeated to herself, ‘Tonight I am here to service my husband.’ and focus returned. When she heard her husband say “Slow and deep, slut, make it last”, she thought, ‘I will spend the night serving him without regard to my own pleasure or pain’ and his words became a loving request instead of an insult.

He grabbed a hand full of her hair and used it like a handle, angling her head as he stood. Without warning her started to pump forward and back, holding her head in place. As he punished her throat and brought tears to her eyes, she repeated I will let my husband do whatever he wishes tonight without complaint.’ and found the strength she needed not to pull away from him.

As he came forcefully down her throat, she felt her body buck as she experienced an explosive orgasm. Using her right hand to brace herself as her left hand went between her legs, she was almost grateful for the firm pressure her husband used to hold her head in place as he fucked her face.

He finally released her and fell back into his chair. She leaned forward, still playing with her clit as she lapped his crotch clean. When he was finish she moved to rise, but fell back hard on her knees in shock and pain as his hand came down firmly on the top of her right breast. “Where the fuck do you think you are going? Lap at my balls bitch, get me hard again!”

She obeyed immediately, ignoring the slap as she kissed and licked at his balls while he dragged a freshly lit cigarette, his eyes closed and a look of contentment on his face. Once he had gotten hard again, he grabbed her hair firmly once again and dragged her around the room, forcing her on her hands and knees facing away from him. “Ass in the air, mash those fat tits into the floor!”

Once again she obeyed without a word of complaint. She said nothing as he slapped her ass hard on the right check and then the left. She said nothing when he trust into her, leaned forward and then grabbed her hair and used it as a lever to rock her back and forth with incredible force. She said nothing as he started to spank her ass repeatedly with his other hand as he fucked her. She said nothing as he pulled her around with a jerk of her hair to blow his load in her mouth.

She said nothing as he pointed at his cock, and ordered, “Clean it”. Tears were rolling down her face in humiliation, as she served he husband like the whore he wanted her to be. When he saw her face, he grabbed both of her nipples hard and twisted, lifting both breasts. Shaking them hard he said in a cool measured voice, “I may as well give you something to cry about.” She said nothing as he tortured her, gritting her teeth and trying to stop the flow of tears. She said nothing as he released her and then delivered a sharp slap to each breast and barked out, “Head off to bed, I will be right along.”

After washing up and removing her costume, she slipped into bed nude and waited for her husband. He was silent as he climbed into bed and pulled her close to him. She clenched her teeth so as not to make a sound as he slowly pitched and twisted her left nipple, toying with it casually without indicating the slightest care about the pain he caused her, until he finally released it as he drifted off to sleep. When he was snoring, she finally spoke.

“I love you Henry.”

I lounged back in my chair and looked at her. She certainly cut a striking figure…..

Deep brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a curvy figure.

She’d obviously put a lot of effort into her clothing, her dress was simple, yet elegant. A sheath dress, covering her generous bust, while clinging, and falling down to just above the knee, the colour shifting from a deep blue at shoulder height, to a light green at the knee.

She stood on the rug in front of my armchair, one leg crossed over the other, and her eyes downcast in shame, darting up to look at me, and then dropping down again.

“Now”, I said, “what did you want again?”

She practically writhed on the spot, her fingers intertwining; her knee’s dropping then straightening, her eyes dropping further down, her voice barely audible as she said

“I’d like to play again”.

“I didn’t quite catch that”, I said, loudly.

“I’d like to play again…Sir”, she said, in a louder voice.

I looked her up and down, my lip curling in a slight sneer, as I said

“You know what you need, if you want my time and attention, Annette”.

She visibly crumpled, at the same time she let out a groan, half of pleasure, half of disbelief.

“Yes, sir, I have it here. Should I….”

She made a half motion towards the bag she’d put down at the side of the mat.

I stopped her with an upraised hand, and pointed to the corner.

“I’ll think about it”, was all I said.

Without another word, she dropped to her knees and crawled off the mat, onto the hardwood floor, and over to the corner.

Clearly remembering the last time, she pushed her shoulders back, and met her elbows behind her back, pushing her generous breasts into the wall.

She plucked her skirt up with her hands, revealing the lacy white G-string she was wearing, and the purple end of the plug poking out from her ass.

I left her there, as I turned on the TV and watched a programme.

Every time I moved, and the chair creaked, she let out a little gasp, or moan.

I smiled to myself. For many girls, the stint in the corner would have gotten boring after about 2 minutes.

She’d been there for 20, now, and I could strongly smell her arousal, filling the air with her scent.

When she moved, there’d be a small puddle under her.

Being ignored, especially as I hadn’t yet agreed to use her, triggered her need for degradation and humiliation.

With a loud, put-upon sigh, I finally beckoned her back to me.

She crawled over to me, and knelt at my feet, looking up at me through the curtain of her hair, her eyes expectant, yet begging.

I looked down at her and raised my eyebrows.

“Well, I’m waiting”, I said, coldly.

“I’m sorry, Sir, sorry”, she babbled as she grabbed her bag and counted out $250 in $50 notes, before kneeling, holding the money above her head, her eyes down.

“Please sir, here is the money you require, please, please play with me, I need it, please sir”.

I looked down at her. She did make a very pretty picture, and she did have the required money.

She didn’t know it, but any money she paid me was either spent on toys for her, or else put aside, to be returned when I ‘released’ her.

At the moment, taking her money was just humiliating her, as she had to pay to be abused.

I took her money, putting on the side table, and then spoke.

“Position one!”

Immediately, she smoothly stood, arms behind her head, breasts pushed out, legs shoulder width apart.

I stood up and walked around her.

“That’s a nice dress, toy”, I said.

“Thank you, sir”.

“Is it expensive?”

“S…seven hundred dollars, sir”.

“Hmm, that’s an expensive dress to come see me in. Did you dress up for me?”

“Y…yes sir, I didn’t want to disappoint you, like last time”

Her voice trembled, as she remember the scorn I’d heaped on her for the way she’d dressed last time.

I smiled, as I reached into an open drawer and removed a pair of scissors.

I walk around in front of her, and hand her the scissors, which she takes, bewildered.

“Cut that dress off, toy. I don’t like it”

The look on her face was priceless.

I’d ripped clothes of her in previous sessions, and she might have been expecting something similar, but to have to mutilate her own new and expensive clothing was something she’d never even considered.

She started at the V of the neck, cutting straight down, till I stopped her.

“I want that dress in strips, girl” I said, my voice hard, “So you’d better get creative with your cutting”

At my words, she started to cut on a diagonal, moving the scissors around, cutting different patterns, till the whole dress slithered off her into a heap at her feet, and leaving her clad in her white lingerie.

I made a spinning motion with my finger, telling her I wanted her to turn.

She slowly turned on the spot, her ass becoming visible in her skimpy G-string.

“Bend”, I said, coldly and she did, displaying that plump, ripe ass for me.

“Now, slap that fat ass, slut”, I said in the same voice.

I heard her groan as I called her ass fat, and her hand came around and smacked into her ass. “This fat assed slut thanks you, sir”, she said, as I’d trained her to.

Her hand came around again, impacting with a loud smack.

“This dirty whore thanks you, sir”

I let this continue for another 6 slaps, as she went through being an ‘ass fucking whore’, a ‘stupid dirty cunt’ and a ‘pathetic little bitch’.

“Crawl to me”, I said, lightly and she immediately fell to her knees, spun and then started towards me.

She looked up at me, while keeping her shoulders lower than her ass.

Her look was sultry, smouldering, and I could almost taste her desire to see that she pleased me, that she was having an effect.

I schooled my face to impassiveness, and watched her show.

She reached me and dropped her face to my shoes, carefully not touching them, but hovering above.

“Your slave girl asks to kiss your feet, Master”, she said in a breathy voice. “Please”

I sighed, as if it was a huge imposition, and said “Very well”.

She dropped the last inch and started showering kisses on shoes, til I lightly put my hand on the back of her head, stopping her.

“This bitch thanks you for touching her, Master”, she said, automatically.

“Kneel up, slut”, I said and she straightened, her ass resting on her heels, projecting her big breasts towards me, her hands going behind her head, her eyes staying locked on the floor.

I reached out slowly peeled the cup over her right breast down, popping her breast out, revealing the rock hard nipple.

I gently caressed it, then flicked it, bringing a gasp and a shudder from her.

“Hmm….this is a very pretty bra, slut. Did you wear this for me too?”

“Y..yes, Master..”, she stuttered, “I bought it for you..”, she finished in a whisper.

I gave her my ‘asshole’ smile, and reached out, ripping the left cup out completely, destroying her bra, and revealing her other pert, perky breast.

She gasped, eyes still down, and her body seemed to melt a little bit, there was nothing really different about her posture, it was just as if some of the steel went out of her, like she surrendered.

I picked up the marker I keep in the lounge table and uncapped it. I leaned over and wrote “SAGGY” over her left breast and “TITS” over her right.

“Master, may this pathetic cunt speak?”, she asked, suddenly.

“No”, I said, with finality.

I deftly wrote the word URINAL across the top of her chest, and then I said “Now, you may speak, cunt”.

“Master, this girl needs to pee. May she please use the bathroom?”.

I smiled at her and said, “No, but you may get the bucket”.

She moaned and started to crawl off, opening the door of my hall cupboard, and taking the handle of the waste bucket in her mouth. Holding it tightly, she slowly dragged it into the living room, and then sat back on her haunches and looked at me.

I picked up the bucket and moved it in front my wide open lounge window. Then, I turned and beckoned to her, and she crawled over to me.

I took a handful of her hair, and lifted her to a squatting position over the bucket.

“Now, you can piss, girl”, I said and she reached down to her panties and started to slide them off. “No”, I said, sharply. “They stay on.”

She shot me a horrified, humiliated look, and groaned, as her pee began to splash into the bucket.

I watched her face, as she looked out through the window, watched the humiliation and shame grow on her face as the yellow stain bloomed on her white panties. Finally, the splashing stopped and she tried hard to stifle a sob.

“Finished, slut?”, I asked, off hand.

“Y,,,y….yes, Master”, she sobbed, as her wet panties plastered themselves to her cunt, outlining her lips clearly.

“You pissed all through your nice panties tho, slut. What sort of disgusting, little slut does that?”, I asked.

“This cunt is just a disgusting little pisswhore, Master”, she answered, still sobbing.

I took a handful of her hair and lifted her to her feet again, then marched her over to my entry way, standing her so she was facing the front door. “Take them off”, I ordered her. She slowly slid her panties down her legs, then picked them up and offered them to me.

“Don’t offer me your disgusting, piss stained panties, slut”, I said, feigned anger in my voice.

“Put them over your head, so people don’t have to look at your ugly face”

She cast me a look of horror and disbelief, but even as she did, her hands were bringing the panties up to her head, pulling them down over her hair, with the crotch section facing the front.

“Uh uh uh, cunt”, I said, “Position the crotch over your nose, so you can smell just how disgusting you are”.

With another stifled sob, she spun the underwear on her head.

Once it was positioned to my satisfaction, I put my hand on her shoulder, and pushed her down, so she was kneeling. “Position 2″, I said, and she smoothly spread her legs, her back going ramrod straight, her elbows coming together behind her back, pushing those big breasts out and thrusting her cunt forward.

As I turned to head into the lounge again, the front door clicked open and Becky walked in.

She surveyed the scene before her, and then asked with a smile,

“Hmm, so what have we here?”.

Becky walked over to me, a sensual strut, knowing Annette’s eyes were glued to her, in shock and fear. She flicked her long blonde hair back over her shoulder as she greeted me a deep, open mouthed kiss, before falling to her knees and kissing each of my feet.

“Your slave greets you, Master”, she said, formally, before sliding a collar from her handbag, kissing it and lifting to me.

“Please collar your property, Master”, she asked then, her eyes downcast, the collar higher than her head.

I reached down, took the collar and buckled it around her slender neck, fastening the lock on tight. The key to it rested on a thin chain in my wallet.

She started to remove her wrist cuffs, but I put my hand out and stopped her.

“Not tonight, my slave girl. We have someone new to play with”

She looked up at me with her wicked grin and said, her voice pitched to carry, “Who is the urinal, anyway?”

I raised my own voice slightly. “cunt, tell Becky who you are”.

“This stupid cunt is Sir’s urinal, Miss”, Annette said, obediently.

I smirked a little, and said, my voice patronising this time, “Not WHAT you are, stupid cunt, WHO you are”.

Her eyes went wide, at that, and she stammered out, “T…this cunt i…is Annette Bowning, Miss. She is t…he Senior Vice P.p..p..president of the 1st National Bank”.

When she heard this, Becky’s eyes widened in pure delight, and she slithered from her knees, somehow snaking around my body, to end up with her luscious breasts pressed into my back, her arm draped across my chest, and her stance hipshot behind me.

“Senior vice president”, Becky said, her voice filled with scorn. “A pathetic little fuck rag like you?”.

I could see her face visibly wilt behind her piss stained panties as Becky spoke to her. “Tell Becky how you got your job, cunt”, I said, my voice emotionless, and my face still impassive.

She was almost sobbing now, as she said “T….this c..c…cunt is too stupid to d…do her j.j…job properly, Miss Becky. S…sh….she had to fuck her wa….way there”.

I decided that Annette had had enough direct humiliation for now, so I twisted,, took a handful of Becky’s long, blonde hair, to the accompaniment of her swiftly indrawn breath.

“You are overdressed, slave”, I said, evenly, as I pulled her down to her knees. “Strip”.

She hurriedly began to unbutton her deep blue shirt, almost ripping buttons off in her haste, revealing her pert, B cup breasts, unsupported by a bra, before attacking the zip of her skirt, and then, finally, her lacy black G-string.

I walked around her, and as I crossed the point directly behind her, she lifted her ass, pushing her face further down, as I’d trained her too. I could see the black base of her plug poking out of her ass. I stopped and pressed sharply on the plug, to her accompanying groan.

“How long has this been in, slave”, I asked, mildly.

“2 hours, Master”, she promptly replied. “I inserted it just before I left work as usual…..oh god. I’m so sorry Master. Please, forgive me”.

I smiled, and not a nice one, as she babbled. She had standing orders to plug herself for her ride home from work, but for the last week, she was supposed to wear the plug for an extra hour, as a punishment.

I looked down at my babbling slave, Annette ignored in the entryway, and said, quietly, “Silence, slave”.

The begging cut off instantly, and I said, still in that quiet, smooth voice,

“Kneel up”.

She pulled herself up, pushing her small chest out, and spreading her knees, her eyes downcast, her arms behind her back.

I picked up the marker and wrote “CUNTLAPPER” across her chest, where I knew her downcast eyes would read it.

I then pointed across the room at Annette and said,

“well, cuntlapper, there’s your first assignment. Off you go”.

Becky looked up at me, a hint of pleading in her eyes, but I kept my own eyes iron hard, and I gestured again at the kneeling Annette.

“Crawl over and ask to lick her cunt, cuntlapper”, I said, coldly.

With a whimper, she started toward Annette, on her hand and knees, stopping, still crouched on all fours, before the kneeling girl, and asking,

“Please, Miss…urinal, may I lick your cunt”.

Annette looked down at her, with wide eyes, and whispered, “Yes”.

Becky moved closer and slowly pushed her head to Annette’s crotch. Her nose wrinkled a little at the smell, Annette hadn’t been given the chance to wipe after her bucket display, and her cunt was coated in dried piss and smelled accordingly.

Slowly, at first, then with increasing speed, Becky’s pink tongue darted out and flicked against Annette’s clean shaven sex.

After the first 2 minutes, Becky had mostly cleaned Annette’s cunt, and was now starting to play with her clit, licking up and down her slit, and twirling her tongue around that sensitive little nub of flesh.

Predictably, since she had been kept in a state of high arousal for hours and denied any semblance of release, Annette was soon having a very hard time holding off her orgasm, moaning and gasping, especially when she looked over at me, and saw me watching, not her wanton display, but Becky’s cute little plugged ass.

Idly, I wondered to myself if Annette was going to remember that she was restricted from orgasms.

I guess not, I answered myself about thirty seconds later, as Annette had a shattering orgasm. As soon as Annette’s shudders receded, Becky turned and looked at me, a wicked light glowing in her eyes.

She knew, even if Annette hadn’t remembered, that they were restricted.

In my head I smiled at the cunning way Becky had tried to regain Alpha status even as my face stayed blank. This was going to be fun.

I sat and considered my two girls.

Becky was still looking at me, waiting for my reaction, and Annette was still coming down from her orgasm….it had been a big one, and no wonder, I’d been teasing her for several hours and getting her to the edge, and keeping her there, for just this reason.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I was at Becky for her power play.

That was the problem with bratty alpha subs….introduce another partner and they just had to ‘put them in their place’.

I’d have to punish them both, and make it very clear to both of them what their respective places were, to stop future repeats of this.

I stood and walked over to the two. Annette had finished coming down, and had clearly remembered her orgasm restriction, as she looked at me with heart meltingly desperate eyes, peeking through the leg holes of the panties still covering most of her face. Becky licked her lips, a smug little smile on her lips, as she slid herself out from underneath Annette.

“P..Please, Sir….” Annette stammered out “This c..cunt is so..oo very sorry for c…c…cumming without your permission. P…please punish her”.

As she finished the sentence, she dropped her eyes, pushing her chest out and spreading her legs. I reached down, and tore the panties of her head, ripping the fabric as I did so.

Coldly, I looked down at Becky, and said,


Surprise shot across her face, followed by anger, then, dismay. She hesitated for perhaps one tenth of a second, before her mouth dropped open, and her eyes found mine.

I kept my voice even as I intoned,

“Not your mouth, slave”.

Smoothly, Becky snapped her mouth shut, and spread her legs wide, then reached down with the fingers of one hand and spread her cunt lips, opening herself up to my, and Annette’s, inspection.

Without hesitation, I stuffed Annette’s piss stained panties into her wet hole, then snapped ‘release’ at her.

She let go of her lips, and looked up at me again, her face a lot more uncertain than it had been 2 minutes ago.

“Position 3″, I said, still keeping my face and voice impassive.

She rolled herself around in that uniquely boneless way she had, and put herself on her knees, legs spread to show her stuffed cunt. She then bent 90 degrees at the waist, her hands meeting on the back of her neck and her face hovering over the floor, her pert, erect nipples just brushing the floor.

I looked over at Annette.

“Were you given permission to orgasm, toy”, I asked, my voice not betraying one iota of emotion.

“No, S..sir”, she answered.

“Then why did you?” I asked, my tone light, conversational, as if I was merely curious about her answer.

“This cunt has no excuse, sir.”

Her answer gave me a moment’s pause. Most girls in her position would have at least mentioned Becky’s intervention, or tried to blame her for it.

Annette’s willingness to take the blame could be a way of finding common ground with Becky.

I decided to see how it played out.

“Very well then. Both of you crawl to the bedroom for punishment”.

At this, Becky spoke up.

“Master? what did I do?”

I whirled on her, while Annette took the chance to start crawling to the bedroom.

“Were you ordered to make her orgasm?” I asked, heat touching my voice slightly.

“N…no Master”, she answered, less sure of herself now.

“Did you stop to think that you might be ruining plans I had, by forcing her to one”, I asked.

“N…no, Master, this slave is sorry, Master, she didn’t think.”

Becky’s words tumbled out, as she realised just how badly she’d stuffed up.

“Shut up, slave and get into the bedroom for your punishment”, I said, my voice back to its emotionless, empty quality.

I watched Annette’s purple plugged ass disappear into the master bedroom and Becky’s black plugged one start up the hallway, as I considered a fair punishment for both of their transgressions.

I walked into the bedroom to find them both in position 3. I smiled to myself, careful to let none of it show.

I gathered up a handful of Annette’s long dark hair and pulled her upright on her knees, then pushing my fist forward, I ‘walked’ her over to the end of the bed, then lifted her to her feet, and bent her over the bed, burying her face in the thick duvet, as I kicked her legs open. She gasped, as I did that, but otherwise held completely still.

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