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Mallory gingerly turned the key in the lock, glancing over her shoulder as she heard her neighbor call out, “Welcome back, Mal!” She waved hello to him without saying anything, usually happy to chat, but today she was too exhausted having just returned from a 7-day Mexican cruise. The sun, fun, and booze, not to mention all of the men, was more than she could take; after her recent separation, she was mentally and physically exhausted.

She dragged the two huge suitcases into her apartment slamming the door harder than she intended to on the world behind her. Normally thrilled to be alone, suddenly it occurred to her she was lonelier than she had been in a very long time. She sat down on the couch, looked around the living room, letting the past year of her life just wash over. She was buried with an avalanche of emotions as she realized just how much she had been through in the last year.

As she sat there reliving what her life had been like, it played through her mind like a miniature cartoon flip book running through in slow motion, the kind she used to love as a child. She could remember one she had that had Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner with Acme Dynamite, exploding cactus, and teetering rocks; her life the past year was much the same, starring her soon to be ex-husband as the coyote, her as the roadrunner, with love being the dynamite, work the exploding cactus, and their relationship as the teetering rocks.

They had separated six months ago when she finally left him citing irreconcilable differences and she had taken her own apartment. What she should have said, if she were being completely honest, was he was one hundred percent so unlike she was and they never should have married in the first place, but she was young, dumb, vulnerable, and lonely. Now, she was too polite to say so. So it was easier to say they had simply grown apart and work had changed her and she was merely growing in a way he had not, so she was moving on in a different way. More like it was time for her to move on without him.

The rest of her year was as uninspiring as her personal relationship with her husband; her parents had been killed in an accident and, as an only child, she had nowhere to turn for comfort. Her husband had done little for her in terms of being there for her when they were killed, his response was simply, “It did not seem like you were ever very close anyway. It should not be hard for you to get over them.” She thought about his comments for a moment as she got up to make a cup of tea. He wouldn’t even know if she had been attached to them or not, he was not very intimate with her, so he how could he have known with whom she had a connection.

Oh well, she thought to herself, I am on my own now so I am not interested in what he thinks anymore. Besides, she thought to herself, I have all my boys here… Fanch LeDan, Peter Max, Thomas Rutt, Romero, Britto, and last but not least, Fabien Perez. It is kind of a lonely existence, thinking of paintings as “my boys”, but they were gorgeous, paintings she had only dreamed of when she was with her ex, but now they were beautifully decorating her tiny apartment. She felt like she lived in the world’s smallest private art gallery, as she walked around looking at the stunning pieces she had accumulated over the past several months.

Mallory sat down on the couch with her tea, exhausted as she thought about the task ahead of her, unpacking her luggage from her weeklong Mexican vacation. She had packed far too many clothes, as she always did, and had exceeded her vacation budget by three times what she had expected by going to the art auction and buying another nude by Thomas Rutt to hang on the already over-crowded walls of her bedroom.

However, she rationalized; she had to go to the auction if for no other reason but to get the chance to meet the sexy auctioneer. Of course, her plan worked, by the second day of the cruise, she was in his cabin, dress in a heap on the floor; she found out very quickly exactly what was up for bid for the rest of the cruise. But, as is typical for Mallory, she lost interest after one interlude and she had to avoid him for the rest of the cruise.

She kept herself busy with the rest of the passengers and crew, though; after being in an almost sexless marriage for the past three years, Mallory was not about to let one opportunity slip by her while she was on the first vacation she had ever taken alone, especially when there was no chance she would ever see any of these men again… and even that one woman.

Mallory looked over at the suitcases and thought about unpacking them, it would be a daunting task, hanging up every dress she did not wear, laundering the ones she did, refolding the clothing she tried on and opted not to wear… she sighed, she simply did not have the energy or desire to unpack right now; besides she had other things on her mind currently, mainly memories of her trysts from the cruise. She arose from the couch and went to her bedroom, thinking a nap might refresh her and give her the needed strength to finish her chores for the afternoon.

She undressed completely and got between the sheets of her bed. It felt good to be home in her own bed. She relaxed her head on the pillow and instinctively put her hand between her legs and slowly began to rub as she thought about her days on the cruise and each one of her lovers… how they felt, how they tasted, how they smelled. Her eyes closed as she slowly caressed the soft folds between her legs feeling herself grow wetter as she thought first of the night with the auctioneer, how she knelt on the floor of his cabin and sucked his cock mindlessly but could not stop thinking about what a deal she could get on a painting, and how she almost let out a giggle.

Then she slipped a finger inside herself as she thought about the next day as she spent the day flirting with the young man she met from Canada, she could not even remember his name, but she had such an incredible day with him; they went snorkeling in Mazatlan, he told her all about his family, his life, he acted like he was falling in love; but they drank all day, had wild and crazy sex in his cabin all night. She slipped in another finger, two fingers, slowly moving in and out, in and out, she could feel her juices flowing freely as she remembered him, how strong and virile he was when he took her, fucking her so roughly, so passionately. Then, she remembered him looking for her the next day, other passengers telling her, but she avoided him, as she had already moved on.

The next day, she met a couple, she spent all day with them, playing cards on deck and drinking margaritas. It seemed almost innocuous at first, until the afternoon when they invited her back to their cabin and she accepted. The second they closed the cabin door there was no question what the afternoon held in store for them, and Mallory did not question it. She surprised even herself as she shed her clothes as quickly as they did and accepted kisses and touches from the woman, she was even more surprised when she reciprocated. She touched the woman, kissed her, licked her, all while her husband watched, and joined in when he felt it was appropriate.

Mallory was touching herself in a frenzy now as she thought about that day, the memories almost overwhelming her as she thought about the woman’s fingers between her legs instead of her own. She had never been with a woman before, and the soft touch of her fingers brought her to a climax so quickly, so beautifully, Mallory was almost near tears. It was such an emotional experience and when the afternoon was over, she was drained.

She continued to finger herself, thinking of the woman and her husband; she brought her wet fingers to her mouth, tasting them, licking them, thinking of the other woman, wondering when she might taste another woman again, pondering whether or not it was something she would ever do again anyway, or if it was just “vacation Mallory”.

Close to climaxing, she thought of the bartender she met the night his shift was just about to end, and how she brazenly fucked him on top of the bar one night. She remembered how she sat on the bar and any other passenger or crew member could have come in at any time and seen them. She furiously slid her fingers in and out of her swollen pussy, over her hardened clit, so close to climaxing, with her free hand, she pinched and twisted her nipples remembering the way the bartender had reached down at one point and had sucked hard on one of them; finally, she came.

The release was not near as good as it had been when she was on the cruise and with somebody else. She felt a little empty and alone as she looked around the room and realized she was alone. But then again, she thought, the release she felt on vacation was over very quickly as well. The second it was over she needed it again immediately, and from somebody else, as if she was never fulfilled. Something was missing in her life; she just did not know what.

Hello all my sexy Literotica listeners. I have something a bit different this week that I think the straight gentlemen and the ladies who like ladies will enjoy. A hot little British slut has given me permission to post this audio she made for me. I think you’ll agree she’s quite hot; the perfect combination of properness and sluttiness.

Oh, one thing. She says if anyone says she sounds like Minnie Driver or Emma Watson she will hunt them down and shoot them. All I can say is that I know her well enough to know she’s not bullshitting. So be nice!

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My hot little British slut tells me one of her fantasies, and in the process cums for me, multiple times. Enjoy!

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When Clyde bought his drink he was the only person at the bar and the guy serving him looked miserable.

“What’s up Mark?”

“Oh, trade’s really bad Clyde. Since the economy went tits up I get hardly anybody in here. I am behind with the rent and the management company are threatening to terminate my lease.”

“Well yeah, things are tough, but not every business is in trouble. You have got to have something special to pull people in.”

“You’re right, but I just haven’t got any ideas left. I had to stop the live entertainment because I can’t afford it any more.”

“You’ve never eaten at my place have you Mark?”

“Jeez Clyde. You are so expensive and yet you always seem to be busy. I just wish I could afford come to Glorious and find out how you do it.”

Look, I like to come in here for a drink and a bit of quiet company. The meal’s on me. Come on round next time you are not working. You’ll be well fed, but it could just do a little more for you than that.”

Mark was intrigued, but he couldn’t get anything more out of Clyde. After a couple more drinks Clyde left and there was a trickle of customers until closing time. A poor night, but Mark felt a bit happier and it wasn’t only that he was going to get a free meal. Clyde oozed money and success. There had to be something in this mysterious offer. The restaurant was only in the next street and Mark walked past it on his way home instead of taking his usual route.

It was midnight and the last few diners were leaving. They were all smiling happily, giving cheery goodbyes to the staff and chatting enthusiastically as they went to their cars. It was a scene you could see at any restaurant except that there were more men than women among the clients and they seemed so much more animated than most people after a good meal.

It was five days before Mark could get away from work at the right time for an evening meal. He rang Clyde and said that he would like to take up his offer. Clyde said that he was fully booked, but as Mark was a single diner and he knew he didn’t get too many chances to get away from the bar he would bring out an extra small table.

Mark expressed his gratitude and dressed his smartest. When he arrived he was greeted at the door by a beautiful teen-aged waitress who showed him to a tiny table in the corner of the throbbing restaurant.

“You are an honoured guest Sir. I have instructions to tell the owner as soon as you arrive. Mr Watkins will be with you shortly.”

Handing Mark the menu she said ” my name is Carole and I will be your waitress for this evening. I will be pleased to meet your every wish.”

This last comment was delivered with Carole looking straight into his eyes and her lovely cleavage prominent as she leaned towards him.

Mark settled into his seat and started looking at the menu. He tried to ignore the distracting movement in his groin. Before he had looked at many of the tempting dishes on offer Clyde was beside him.

“Delighted that you could join us Mark. I won’t disturb you now. Just make your selection from our menu and when you have finished your starter tell Carole to show you through to my office. We will have a little chat before your main course. Until then I would like to suggest that you look around you carefully and watch what is happening. Bon appetit!”

With that Clyde was gone. Mark found it hard to concentrate on the menu. All this was so mysterious. He looked around him and couldn’t see anything special except the large number of male diners as he had observed previously. There were two tables of six men each and that was unusual. If it had been any normal restaurant Mark would have taken them to be business men, but there was something about the atmosphere in here that told him their purpose was pleasure rather than work.

After Carole had returned twice Mark finally put in his order. As he took his first sip of wine and picked up an olive there was a sudden murmur about the room. The diners were looking restless and one man made his way rather quickly towards the rest room. Not long afterwards Mark’s garlic prawns were served and he tucked into his delicious starter.

The moment the man returned from the gents there was a scraping of chairs. Two or three men moved as if to get up, but just one man left. The pattern continued. Each time one man came back into the restaurant another apparently needed to relieve himself immediately and there always seemed to be only one person going at a time.

Almost as soon as he had put down his cutlery from finishing the starter Carole was back at the table side. Smiling beautifully she said.

“Will you please be kind enough to accompany me to Mr Watkins’ office Sir?”

Mark took another sip of wine before standing up and following Carole’s pretty ass and very long legs to the back of the restaurant. As they passed the WC’s a smiling man emerged. He went to hold the door open for Mark before realising that he and Carole were going somewhere else. Mark thanked him and the guy very obviously winked and broadened his smile.

Carole tapped on the door and showed Mark into her boss’s office before turning away to return to waiting on table.

“Well Mark. What do you think so far?”

“Your food is excellent. My compliments to the chef and your staff are really top quality. I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome. And it certainly works. You’re chock full.”

“Yes we do well. Most of may staff are working their way through college. Learning some valuable life lessons at the same time as they study their books. Clyde grinned. So you haven’t noticed anything special about my place? Apart from the food and waitresses of course.”

Well I don’t know what it is, but there is something going on. There is a strange feeling of anticipation in the room and guys are following each other into the john all the time. It’s as if you only have one urinal or something and they have to grab their turn.”

Clyde laughed. “You’re close man. They are certainly trying to get their turn.” He swivelled on his chair and pointed a remote control at the screen on the wall. When it flashed into life there was a naked girl on her knees sucking a dick at a glory hole.

“Hmm. Very nice.” Said Mark, “but you didn’t call me in to show me some porn did you?”

“It’s live footage mate. Straight from the cubicle across the corridor and the lady there is one of my waitresses.”

Mark looked more closely.

“No kidding.” At that moment there were some drawn out grunts from the screen. The girl was swallowing as a cum load filled her mouth. She carefully sucked and licked the prick clean and thanked its owner effusively. He left and within a few seconds the door clanged again and she was asking the new occupier if she could suck him off. Sure enough another cock came through the hole and she had it in her mouth right away.

“That’s seven loads she swallowed in half an hour and it will be eight in a minute. There could be fifteen men’s cum in her belly by the time her hour is up. She’s got good technique. Brings them off quick leaving plenty of happy clients. That’s the way I like it.”

Mark was glued to the screen. Speechless.

After a few moments of silence Clyde went on.

“Now you know why this is such a successful business. Play it right and your bar could do just as well as us. Now I will let you get back to your meal, but before you go. Take a look at the WC’s sign when you get back to your table. When the apostrophe is lit up there is a girl at the glory hole in cubicle three. Carole is due to do an hour in there later this evening.”

“Fucking hell.” Was all that Mark could say. Clyde showed him out of the office.

Once Mark was comfortably seated again he looked up at the sign and registered the small apostrophe illuminated with a red light. Carole was at his side very soon.

“Are you ready for your main course Sir! And may I get you anything else?

“I’d like to wait for a few minutes and may I have a jug of water please?”

“Of course Sir. Right away”

Not only was he surprisingly thirsty, Mark did not want to hurry this evening. He slowly sipped at his water and wine, all the time observing the succession of men visiting the lavatory. Carole visited three times to see if he was ready for his meal. Each time he declined. Although she was entirely compliant and polite it was obvious that she was getting concerned about the delay. The last thing on Mark’s mind was whether his food might spoil. Carole finally came and said.

“I must leave in a few minutes Sir. I am required for other duties.”

“Oh. OK. Yes I will have my main course now if you have time.”

“Of course Sir.”

Carole hurried away and as she did so the apostrophe light went out. She returned in seconds and after serving him she gave a curtsey.

“Please excuse me Sir. Your replacement waitress will introduce herself shortly.”

Mark started to eat. The food was excellent, but he was really paying it very little attention. The restaurant was quieter now and there was no movement to and from the lavatories. A few minutes later he looked up to the figure approaching his table. The lovely young woman in neat waitress uniform was the same naked girl he had seen on her knees swallowing cum only a short while ago.

“Good evening Sir. I am Susan and I am replacing Carole. Is everything satisfactory with your meal?”

Mark snapped out of his recollections.

“Oh yes. Yes, the food is excellent.”

She smiled sweetly. “I am here to provide anything you need Sir. Would you like anything else to drink?”

Mark could not get what she had been drinking out of his mind and then the apostrophe lit up again. Not a second passed before he was on his feet and heading for the door. No time to say a word.

The moment those soft warm lips closed around his dick Mark visualised Carole’s lovely eyes looking up at him and that delicious cleavage. She worked her tongue expertly and sucked so that he knew he could not last long in this paradise. He longed to be able to grab her head and thrust deep into her throat. As if she had read his mind Carole pressed her face firmly against the thin partition where Mark was tight against the other side. Just as his cockhead fully entered her throat he groaned and let go a huge jet of jism straight down inside her. Carole eased back a little and sucked the softening prick while the rest of his load discharged into her mouth.

Mark knew that Carole was naked on the other side of that wall. He really wanted to hug her and relish the gorgeous body he saw in his mind. He was going to do things a little differently in his bar, but Clyde was a genius. This was going to be his salvation. He arrived back at his table to find that Susan had removed his plate to keep the food warm. By the time he had got into his seat and raised his glass to his lips she returned it.

“Thank You Susan. That was thoughtful.”

“My pleasure Sir. Please be sure to let me know if there is anything at all that I can do for you.”

In this establishment that offer meant so much more than it would anywhere else. The pretty girl standing beside him had a belly full of cum and she knew that he had just fucked her colleague’s mouth. This was a place like no other. Unable to resist, and without really thinking about it at all, Mark put his hand under her short skirt and felt her cunt. That there were no knickers was unsurprising. Instead of a bush of curly hair he found perfectly smooth, damp flesh and soft, plump lips. Rather than leaping back, screaming or showing any sign of shock Susan spread her legs to allow easier access.

Mark eased three fingers into the sweet, young cunt. Susan moved towards him a little and spread her legs wider allowing further entry. Juices trickled into his palm and Mark took his hand away. He sucked his fingers.

“Thank you Susan.”

“No, it is for me to thank YOU Sir. Thank you for allowing me to assist you in enjoying the Glorious experience.”

“You have certainly done that Susan and I hope you will help me a lot more in the future.”

“I look forward to it Sir.”

Mark finished his meal with his head full of thoughts. From Susan’s juicy cunt to Carole’s expert mouth and then back to the future of his bar. Clyde really knew how to do business. He had barely been aware of his food. When Susan came to clear his plate and ask for his dessert order Mark could only think of leaving to get on with his plans.

“No Susan. Thank you, but I need to leave now.”

“If you must Sir. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Mr Watkins has instructed me to ensure that you have everything you want this evening. Please don’t leave if there is anything more I can do for you. Mr Watkins would not like you t ogo without being fully satisfied.”

“I don’t think I have felt so satisfied in years Susan, but you could come back to my place if you like.”

“Of course Sir. I will just get permission to leave.”

“No, no. It was a joke. I’m sorry.”

“Really Sir. Mr Watkins would want me to please you. You are welcome to have me.”

“Oh boy Susan. You really are amazing. I am going to have to take up that offer sometime, ,but it just can’t be today.”

Mark reached for his wallet. Susan put her hand on his.

“No Sir, please. I have orders. I must not take any money from you.”

Mark looked at her. There was no arguing. He kissed her gently on the cheek, bade her goodnight and left.

Anastasia had always wondered what it would be like to be completely owned by a man. To give herself to a man who understood that she was an anal slut by nature and who would enjoy training her as his own personal “butt slut” to be used for his pleasure. But Anastasia also always questioned whether or not she would be able to give herself over to someone else so completely. To be owned and always be obedient of someone else’s commands was NOT in her nature. Still, Anastasia wondered what it would be like. Anastasia had been talking for a long time to a man on line named Hank. They talked often about her curiosity about being a man’s sex slave. Hank had been in the lifestyle for years and Anastasia respected his thoughts and opinions. When they had exchanged photographs, she was also very attracted to him physically. Then one day, as they were talking, again about her curiosity, the conversation became much more serious than in the past. Hank was pointing out that there was really only one way for Anastasia to find out if this was something that she might really want. Anastasia would have to actually live it for a period of time. Hank suggested a very set period of time where Anastasia would agree to relinquish all control to a man. A period of time for which Anastasia couldn’t change her mind in the middle, so Anastasia could get a full understanding of what it would mean to be owned.

Certainly doing something like that would certainly help Anastasia to learn what it was like. However, Hank was quite surprised when Anastasia asked him if he would be willing to carry out the “experiment” with her. While the two of them had been speaking for quite a while on line and on the phone, they had never actually met in person. Hank’s surprise didn’t last long, and he quickly agreed. Anastasia suggested a long weekend, but Hank convinced her that in order for Anastasia to really get a “feel” for being owned, it would take much longer than a weekend. “After all,” Hank said, “very little REAL progress can be accomplished in three short days.” Hank wanted Anastasia to come and train with him for a month, Anastasia couldn’t possibly get away for that long. Finally they settled on ten days.

Once they agreed on the time frame, they began to discuss all of the other details. This was not going to be one of those “no limits” types of things, but rather something much more controlled. Hank told Anastasia to provide him with a list of things Anastasia absolutely saw as a hard limit, a list of things Anastasia was very curious about, and a list of things that Anastasia really wanted to experience during their time together. Already taking charge, Hank told Anastasia she had a mere twenty-four hours to provide him with the three lists. Once he received them and read them over, Hank told Anastasia that he would of course abide by all of her hard limits, but that during their time together he would have complete control over everything else. They discussed more details and then set a date for Anastasia to fly down to meet Hank. Hank intentionally set the date several weeks away to make sure that all of the plans could be carried out smoothly.

During those weeks before Anastasia’s flight, Hank and Anastasia talk regularly, but not very much about their upcoming time together. Once when Anastasia asked him about it, he tells her that since all of the details that needed discussing have been worked out, he sees no reason to discuss it further. Hank reminds Anastasia that if she has any questions or concerns, she should certainly bring them to his attention and he will address them, but other than that, he sees no need to discuss it. Hank tells Anastasia ominously that when there are things he wants her to know or prepare for, he will let her know, just as he has done since they began.

A few days before her flight, a package arrives in the mail for Anastasia. It contains a very feminine skirt that reaches just below her knees, a blouse just as feminine, although the blouse is very low cut, and a pair of four-inch high heels to complete the outfit. Included with the outfit is a note from Hank. In his note, he tells Anastasia that this is what he would like her to wear on the flight down. Anastasia is to wear nothing that was not included in the box, and Anastasia is to bring no luggage with her at all. Hank will have everything Anastasia needs when she arrives.

Finally the day arrives for Anastasia to get on the plane. She follows Hank’s instruction to the letter, wearing only what was sent to her, and brings nothing but her handbag with her flight information and identification. The flight seems to take forever even though in reality it is a very short trip. As Anastasia disembarks from the plane, she quickly finds the newsstand where Hank told her to meet him. As he instructed, Anastasia stands looking at the adult magazines. Suddenly, Anastasia hears a voice behind her, “That outfit looks even better on you from behind than I had imagined.” Anastasia spins around to find herself face to face with Hank at last. “Did you enjoy your flight?” he asks, smiling down at her.

Now that Anastasia is standing here next to Hank, she finds herself momentarily unable to utter a sound, so she just looks at Hank and nods. “Come, let’s go get something to drink and talk for a bit.” Without waiting for an answer, Hank takes Anastasia by the arm and leads her out of the newsstand and guides her over to the cafe. Ordering coffee for both of them, he then lead her to a table in the corner pulls out her chair and tell her to sit down. Still not speaking, Anastasia sits.

Finally finding her voice again, Anastasia thanks Hank for the coffee, takes a sip and then waits for him to speak. Hank sits silently for a few moments, drinking his coffee and watching her. “So you are finally here. Anastasia am very pleased and happy to see you.”

“Did you think that I wouldn’t come? After all of the planning and discussing? After I told you that I wanted to come?”

“I thought that perhaps you might back out at the last moment, yes. After all, it is a very big commitment to give complete control to someone else, even if just for a short period of time.”

Anastasia looks down into her coffee cup. “Yes, it is a very big commitment. But I told you that I wanted to come here, and I don’t go back on my word.”

“I see. So you are here only because you gave me your word?” You ask incredulously.

“No, of course that isn’t the only reason! I came here because I want to be here. With you.”

“You have no second thoughts? No doubts? No worries?” Hank fires the questions at her rapidly. Anastasia continue staring into her coffee cup and doesn’t answer him immediately. Hank reaches out and touches her hand as he tell her, “It is completely normal and natural to be nervous about what is happening. But if you are having second thoughts, Anastasia, you need you to tell me. It’s ok, I won’t be angry with you. We will have a nice visit and enjoy our time together, but I will let you out of our agreement until another time when you think you are ready.”

Immediately, Anastasia’s head snaps up and she looks Hank straight in the eye as she says, “I am ready now. Of course I have had second thoughts, doubts and worries. But I have dealt with them and I am ready to do this. I WANT to do this. I NEED to do this.”

“Anastasia, I just want to make sure you understand. Once we step outside the door to this airport, you will not be permitted to change your mind. Our time together will proceed exactly as planned, and for the duration of your visit, Anastasia, I will own you completely. I will train, discipline and punish you in whatever manner I feel is best, and you will have no say in the matter at all. So if you are the least bit unsure, you must tell me.”

For a moment, Anastasia looks back down at her coffee cup. “I thought long and hard before I left my house this morning. But if I were not sure I wanted to follow through with this, I would not be sitting here with you right now. I understand that I will not be able to change my mind. I don’t want to change my mind. So as far as I am concerned, you own me completely right now. You began owning me the minute I put on this outfit and got on the plane.”

“Well, then…we had best get going, hadn’t we? My home is about an hour from here, and I have many things I want you to learn today.” Hank scoops up their coffee cups and taking her arm, leads Anastasia out the door of the airport to begin her new (even if it is temporary) life as his slut.

The next three minutes were the longest three minutes of my life. I sat naked and alone on the couch, my entire body trembling. Surely he wouldn’t really do this, I thought; nobody was going to knock on the door. The time would pass, and there would be no knock on the door, and he’d log back on to the chat server and tease me about how worked up he’d made me, right? And why did he tell me to shut down the cam server? If he were really to make me give my body to another man, he’d want to watch, right?

He was bluffing. That was it. That should have filled me with relief; he wasn’t going to go through with it, there was no mystery man; and yet…

And yet a part of me hoped there was. A part of me was desperate to hear that knock. I wanted to fling it open. I wanted to give myself to whoever came through, wanted to serve him, on my back and on my knees, wanted to feel that hard and demanding and uncaring cock. I wanted his hands on my body, roughly, pushing me down… I wanted to be his fuck toy, I wanted him to use every part of my body for his own pleasure, and the thought that it might actually happened horrified me and aroused me.

We’d talked about it, Robert and I, a long time ago. I’d confided in him, opened myself up o him, let him see the hidden places in me; I’d described my fantasies of anonymous sex, of giving myself to him so completely that he could give me to another. He’d been, I think, surprised, just as he had the first day I’d shown him the secret places in me that wanted to be dominated, craved the feeling of being owned and controlled…

But it wouldn’t happen.

The cameras silently recorded the room. I felt my heart hammer, felt the wetness drip from my abused pussy, felt the longing and shame inside me. I wanted it so badly, and hated that I wanted it, and I wanted him to use me anyway; I wanted him to see the shame and the humiliation, and not to care, and…

Three raps on the door, in quick succession. My heart leaped into my throat. I froze for a moment on the couch, looking around wildly, half expecting to see that Robert had logged back on and was reassuring me that everything was all right.

Three more knocks.

A jolt of adrenaline shocked me into motion. I rose on unsteady legs, fear making my heart threaten to explode from my chest. I fumbled at the lock on the door, my hands shaking so badly I could barely turn it.

Another three knocks, startling me. I yelped involuntarily, my hand frozen on the doorknob, then took a deep breath and closed my eyes, struggling to fight down the fear.

Maybe it was Robert! That might explain it. He’d come home three days early, and was surprising me! That’s what this was all about!

I took another deep breath, steadying myself against the door for a moment, then stepped back and flung the door wide, light streaming around me into the darkness outside. “Ro-”

I froze. The man standing on the doorstep looked me up and down, naked lust and avarice glittering in his eyes. Not Robert; slightly shorter, slightly older, slightly balding, a little bit pudgy,…

…and I recognized him.


I felt suddenly, overwhelmingly self-conscious. I became aware that I was standing, naked and glistening, in front of my wide-open door, became aware that my eyes had stopped at his crotch, at the obvious bulge in his jeans…

He was wearing a faded black T-shirt and a pair of worn blue jeans. He was a friend of Robert’s from some years back, the brother of his old college roommate or something like that. I’d met him briefly a couple of times; he’d been over for drinks a couple years ago, and at a cookout Robert had hosted some time before that. I’d barely even noticed him, scarcely remembering him once he’d left. And now I was standing in front of him, naked and vulnerable, after he’d seen me masturbating.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in, Jackie?”

“Um, uh, yes, that is…” I stammered, suddenly thrown off-balance. “Um, come, come in…”

He walked through the door and grabbed me roughly, one arm around me, pinning my body against his while his lips mashed against mine. I felt his tongue enter my mouth roughly as his other hand found my breast, groping and squeezing.

I squirmed for a moment, trying to pull away from him. The fantasy of giving myself to another man was one thing; now that he was here, groping me, shoving his tongue in my mouth, it seemed very different. For a moment I wanted to push him away, cover myself up…

He released me, so suddenly I almost fell, and turned, closing the door. I put my arm over my breasts, and tried to cover my crotch with my other hand. He faced me again, his eyes on my body so heavily I shrank back from him.

“You know,” he said casually, “you are a very beautiful woman, Jackie. I’ve been attracted to you for a long time. I’ve fantasized about you, in fact. But I had no idea you were so kinky!” He took half a step toward me, and I shrank back further.

“My understanding is that you have to do anything I tell you to,” he said, a tiny smile playing on his lips. “To be honest with you, this is all new to me. I’ve never done anything like this before.”He reached out and took me by the wrist, drawing my arm away from my breasts. “I’m almost not quite sure what I should do with you.”

“You…you don’t have…” I stammered, staring at the floor. “You don’t have to do this…”

He seemed thoughtful for a moment. “You’re right. I don’t have to do this.” He drew my arm farther away, His other hand found my chin, and he brought my head up, forcing me to look directly into his eyes. “I don’t have to do this. I want to do this. You, on the other hand, have to do this.” He stepped closer still, bringing his arm around me, pinning my wrist behind my back. “You have to do this,” he repeated, murmuring quietly in my ear.

He held me pinned against him, his lips barely grazing my ear, and stroked my hair lightly. I felt goosebumps rise on my arms as he stroked my neck gently, and I shuddered slightly, my eyes half closed. He released my wrist, and ran his fingertips lightly up my arm; I moaned very softly.

Without warning, he grabbed my hair and pulled, hard, forcing my head back. I screamed; the sound was cut off as his mouth closed over mine, his tongue thrusting insistently between my lips. Instantly, I was in another place. Reason vanished; I wanted to give myself completely to him, let him do anything to me, work his will on my body in any way he chose…

I felt myself grind my hips against him, and felt the sudden wetness dripping from between my legs, running down my thighs. The scream turned to a muffled moan as I closed my eyes and returned his kiss. My arms slid around him, my eyes closed as I pressed my body against his. I wanted him to use me, to push me down and take me roughly, to pleasure himself with my body, using me for his own masturbatory delight, hard and uncaring…

“No!” some small part of myself silently screamed. I’d never gone to that place with anyone but Robert. I wanted to stop him, to push him away, to scream “How dare you!” to him-this man who’d watched me without my knowledge, who’d come in through the front door believing I would give my body to him. That tiny, secret part of me withdrew from myself, and watched as if from outside my body in horror as I moaned against his tongue. He kept pulling my hair as his other hand slid between my legs; my knees buckled and I felt a wave of raw animal pleasure wash over my body as his blunt fingers forced their way roughly into me. I made a gutteral noise in the back of my throat; the small part of me that still knew reason raged in silent fury at myself as I spread my legs wider for him, allowing easier access.

And then his fingers were thrusting inside me, and his tongue was thrusting in and out of my mouth in the same rhythm, and that small part of me that still knew to object went somewhere else. I felt my legs open further, inviting him in more deeply; I felt my arms slide around him, felt my body press against him, heard myself moan as his fingers tightened in my hair…

…and just like that, his mouth was gone, his fingers slipped out of me, and he had released me. I stared at him, panting, struggling to control myself as waves of conflicting emotions washed over me. I felt naked, exposed, vulnerable, ashamed…and beneath it all, frighteningly, desperately aroused. My need was obvious to him; it had to be. He could see how hard my nipples were, could see the creamy juices running down my legs; knowing that he knew made my arousal that much more desperate.

He brought his fingertips up to my lips, brushing them very lightly; without hesitation, I took them into my mouth, and closed my eyes as I drew them in. My hands found his; I closed my hands around his hand and held it still as I moved my head, swirling my tongue around his fingers.

His eyes flicked back for a moment, and a rush of euphoria rose in me. Seeing him respond made me feel intensely desired, and the thought of giving myself totally to him suddenly became almost intoxicating. I opened my mouth, smiling at him as I guided his hand deeper, until I could feel his fingertips at the back of my throat. I wrapped my lips tightly around his fingers, kissing his knuckles, and drew his fingers slowly from my mouth.

“Mmm,” he said, watching me through half-closed eyes. “Seriously, I wasn’t sure that I would know what to do with you. You know, there’s even a part of me that thought I might chicken out at the last minute.” He drew his hand away from me, then caressed my cheek gently. “But watching your show on the cameras gave me some ideas.” Without warning, his hand was curled in my hair again, pulling hard, forcing my head back, making me cry out. “Kneel,” he said, his voice harder.

I sank to my knees in front of him. His hand stayed with me, his fingers still curled in my hair. Without hesitation, my hands went to the bulge in his jeans, straining at the denim, and as I caressed and stroked him through the material, I felt a small spot of wetness seeping through the fabric.

Without thought or hesitation, my fingers found the button on the waist of his jeans, and I pulled it open, and yanked down the zipper eagerly. His erect cock sprang out, smacking me on the face, and I realized with surprise that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock, hard and very thick, rolled wetly off the side of my face, and a momentary flash of shame blazed over me. From somewhere far away, the reasoning part of me reasserted itself, and I leaned back on my heels, looking up at him.

He pulled my hair sharply, bringing my face closer to him, and turned his hips, slapping my cheek with his erect cock. A glistening drop of warm wetness fell from the head of his penis, splattering on my leg. He brought the head up to my lips. “Open,” he said, his voice still hard.

Another flash of humiliation. I froze, my heart hammering, and didn’t respond. No way, that small voice said, this isn’t a fantasy any more, this is too real, I don’t want to do this, I am not taking this man’s cock in my mouth! I barely know him! I felt hot; beads of sweat formed on my body and rolled down my oiled skin. What the hell is wrong with you, on your knees in front of this man…

His erection remained motionless, pressed lightly against my lips. His fingers curled tighter in my hair, and he began pulling harder, increasing the pressure very slowly until I cried out in pain. I looked up at him from beneath my bangs. He looked down at me with eyes filled with hunger and greed and pure sexual desire…

…and in that moment, I knew he’d won.

I knew that look, very well-that expression of pride and possession and raw carnality. Jason lacked Robert’s presence, Robert’s easy and natural authority, his commanding aura of control, but that look…that look of hungry, confident lust was the same. And I could not stop what it did to me.

My lips parted and I opened my mouth for him, sending that still small protesting voice somewhere far away. Moving with studied deliberation, he placed his hands on the sides of my head, holding me tightly; then, very slowly, he pushed my head down onto his erect cock, sliding it slowly into my mouth, deeper and deeper, until I felt it against the back of my throat and my nose pressed against his pubic hairs. “Suck,” he said.

His cock felt strange in my mouth, slightly shorter but significantly thicker than Robert’s. I began moving my head slowly, running my tongue along the soft underside of his shaft as I slid it almost completely out of my mouth. My tongue swirled in circles over the head of his cock, drawing a shuddering moan from him, before I took it deeply into my mouth again. His breathing became ragged as I worked his cock slowly, sliding it in and out of my mouth in long, lazy strokes as my tongue danced over it. Unconsciously, my hands slid between my legs, and I began rocking my hips against them as my fingers slid over my clit.

I felt wetness pour over my fingers, and I closed my eyes again, moaning around his cock as I slid my fingers slowly into my dripping sex. I took his rigid penis deeply into my mouth again, very slowly, letting my tongue play over the soft skin as it sank into my hungry mouth. I held him there for a long moment, his cock filling my mouth and my fingers deep inside myself; then, slowly at first, I began sucking him in earnest, sliding my fingers in and out of my dripping pussy in time with the bobbing of my head.

His breath sharpened as I increased my pace. I closed my eyes and began sucking in earnest, my head bobbing more and more quickly. I rocked my hips against my hands, my fingers dancing over my engorged clit, as I grew increasingly aroused by the feel of the strange penis in my mouth. I moaned around his cock again as I plunged my fingers over and over into my dripping pussy, and felt his cock stiffen in response. I drew it deeper, knowing his orgasm was close, longing to feel his warm thick come spurting against the back of my throat as I brought myself to orgasm…

“No!” he said, pulling my head away from him. His penis made a wet sucking sound as it slipped out of my mouth. He took a step away from me, and I froze again, my fingers buried inside myself, looking up at him. His face was flushed, and I could tell he had interrupted me as he was just on the edge of orgasm. Disappointment and shame battled in me, disappointment because I was so close to feeling the warm, delicious spurt in my mouth, shame because I wanted it so badly.

“No, I’m not going to come in your mouth,” he said. “I have a better idea. Stand up.” He reached down, offering me his hand, then pulled me to my feet. “Lie down on the couch on your back.”

Without a word, I did as I was told, first setting the speculum and the dildo I’d used earlier on the coffee table, then lying on my back on the leather couch. I spread my legs widely, expecting him to mount me, to push his cock into me, but instead he kneeled over me. “I got this idea from watching your performance in the shower,” he said. “Your little show nearly made me come.” He straddled my body, pressing his erection between my breasts. “And since your body is all oiled up, that makes things that much easier.”

He began rocking his hips, sliding his cock between my oiled-up breasts. “Press your breasts together,” he said. I whimpered, arching my back and moving my hips in need, my pussy burning and ignored, as I pressed my breasts together. He moaned, his eyes rolling back, as he moved more quickly, his penis sliding in the cleavage between my breasts.

It didn’t take long. I felt his body tense as I pressed my breasts around his cock, and he threw back his head and screamed as it began gushing wildly. The first spurt arced up over my chin and left a streak of wetness across my face; the next spurts hit my chin, gushed between my breasts, and spattered over my shoulder. He sat upright and took his cock in his hand, still moaning and gasping as he stroked himself and continued to come. Gush after gush sprayed over my body, covering my breasts and belly in warm, thick goo.

Finally, it was over. His moans subsided as he stopped stroking his cock, and he stood up, dragging his limp, wet penis over my breast and across the side of my face. “Whew!” he said, breathing hard.

I lay on the couch, my arousal at a fever pitch, feeling the puddles of warm wetness between my breasts. The come that had splattered my chin began dripping down my neck and running over my shoulder, and I could feel more come trickling down the sides of my breasts. I felt my hips moving of their own accord, pressing into the leather, and felt my own wetness pooling beneath me. “You look like quite a mess,” he said. “You should see all the come all over you! I don’t think I’ve ever come that much in my life.” He smiled. “Does it feel good?”

I didn’t reply, lying still on the couch, my pussy still aching with need. He smiled wider. “Is this the computer you were using for those wonderful closeup shots?” he asked, turning the laptop toward me and moving the lid slightly so that the small round camera stared directly at me. “Is Rob watching right now? Do you think he likes what he sees?”

“No…no,” I responded, my voice sounding hoarse and distant in my ears. “He’s not watching right now. It’s…” I felt myself flush. “It’s recording right now.”

“So we’re making a movie, are we? Well, then, let’s have some fun!” he said. “Put your hands on those gooey, come-covered breasts. Touch yourself.”

I brought my hands reluctantly to my breasts, touching my nipples with my fingertips, spreading some of the come gingerly around my nipples.

“Not like that,” he said. “Grab your tits like you did before. Run your hands all over your body. Smear my come all over you.”

I folded my hands over my breasts, grimacing as the gooey come oozed between my fingers. I began caressing my body, running my hands over my breasts and belly, the warm come slippery on my oiled skin. Jason licked his lips as he watched me intently, with the hunger back in his eyes. “That’s it, touch yourself. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

And the truth was, it did feel good. The come made my skin very slippery, and my hands slid easily over my body, spreading the creamy warm goo. One wet hand slipped between my legs, and I ran my dripping, come-slicked fingers over my clit. I heard myself moan softly. From somewhere a very long way away, the voice in my head was screaming, What are you doing? You let him come all over you, and now you’re rubbing yourself like you’re a whore in heat…

“You like this, don’t you?” he asked as I spread myself open and slid one finger inside my dripping hole. “You like being drenched in my come, don’t you? Do you know how dirty you are?”

I felt myself respond to his words, felt the muscles in my vagina twitch and squeeze my finger. I moaned again, involuntarily, and began moving my fingers faster, thrusting my hips against my hand. My other hand squeezed my breast very tightly, and I felt the thick wet spunk under my fingers. “Oh, God, tell me!” I begged. “Tell me how dirty I am!”

The small part of my mind that could still think and reason reacted instantly with stunned horror A wave of shame and embarrassment swept over me, and I felt my nipple pressing into my hand and a sudden gush of wetness flow from my pussy. I closed my eyes and arched my back, driving three fingers into myself as deeply as I could. “Tell me, please!”

He laughed. “You already know how dirty you are,” he said. “Just look at you, soaked with come and fucking yourself. This gets you off, doesn’t it? You love sucking cock and smearing come all over your body. You’re a filthy, cocksucking whore, and you love it. You are the dirtiest comeslut I have ever seen, lying here with your legs open, begging for it.” My breath came in a series of moans as my fingers worked frantically. I felt the long-delayed orgasm rising swiftly and I arched my back; the room around me, the couch beneath me faded away, until all that was left was the feel of my hands on my body and the sound of his voice. “You’re going to come, aren’t you, you dirty little whore? Do it! Make yourself come! Show me how filthy you are!”

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