female slavery

Don and Jackie Phelps were overextended like a young couple should not be. They both had expensive tastes and liked to live beyond their means. Despite being married a little over three years they were mired deeply in debt. It looked like they would lose the house Jackie’s parents had put the down payment on for her as well as the cars. Bill collectors phoned regularly. Jackie’s father was very upset at how his daughter and son in law were wasting their money and refused to give them another cent. When Don pointed out to him that his daughter could end up homeless her old man said, “Good perhaps the two of you will learn the value of a dollar. It was a mistake to make the down payment on that house for you. Both of you should have learned to work for things like Jackie’s mother and me!”

Don’s father had the same attitude. “I’d love to help son but I am on a fixed income. Perhaps this is for the best. Both you and Jackie spend like there is no tomorrow. Perhaps this is a sign that you should rethink your priorities. Try getting by on one car for a while and why do you need TWO luxury models?”

With both sets of parents no help and the idea of his employer gracing him with a raise beyond the realm of fantasy, Don decided to launch a hail Mary pass. Scouring the internet he came upon the name of a local man who claimed to be able to retire debt and put people on the road to easy street if you entered his program.

Don thought it was just another internet come on but the phone number and mailing address were local so Don thought if it was a crap offer he would discover that fact immediately. With nothing to lose and everything to gain he punched the number into his i-phone. He followed the instructions of the disembodied male voice and left a detailed message. Then he promptly forgot about it.

Five days later his phone rang. “Don Phelps?”


“Nice to meet you my name is Peter Holgate of Hidden Financial Solutions, You called us a few days ago. I am happy to report that, after our investigations, this company thinks that you and your lovely wife would make excellent candidates for our program We would like a chance to get to meet you and explain how our program works.”

Don listened to the rest of the conversation. On the one hand it sounded too good to be true. On the other hand it did not sound like Holgate was blowing smoke. At the very least it could not hurt to talk about it. Holgate ended the conversation by informing Don that he had made reservations for three at the city’s finest restaurant for Thursday night at eight P.M.

“If you miss this dinner date you will miss the opportunity of a lifetime.” The voice said

Don had some difficulty explaining to Jackie how he had encountered Mr. Holgate. She was very skeptical but the lure of a free dinner at such a fine restaurant was to intriguing an offer to turn down.

Friday night they both made ready after work. Both figured that looking good could not hurt.

Jackie looked stunning as always. She was 26 the same age as her husband. She stood five six and had long black hair that was so shiny it practically shimmered. Her skin was clear and ivory toned. Her green eyes dazzled above her bowed lips. Below the neck she was incredible. Long lean legs, attractive tush and a flat tummy and tapered ribs surmounted by first class breasts. She looked smashing in her little black dress.

Don put on his finest suit. It did nothing to hide his mass. He could still be mistaken for the wrestler he was in college. He stood six two and had sandy blond hair. He was as handsome as his wife was beautiful. Despite his fierce exterior Don had a hard time saying no to people especially Jackie. One of the reasons they could never stay on a budget was the fact that when Jackie wanted something, anything, all she had to do was bat her eyes at her husband and he melted. He had the same problem at work. Co-workers would pile extra work on him, knowing that he would never object. The simple fact was that apart from a wrestling mat Don had no idea how to function in the world. Even he realized that he needed some sharp discipline.

When they arrived at the restaurant they were told that their host was waiting for them. They were led to seats in the Champaign room. Their host stood up as the neared the indicated table. He was quite handsome despite being at least fifty years old. He wore an Armani suit and had a way of carrying himself that practically shouted wealth, distinction, and class. He held Jackie’s chair for her, shook Don’s hand and then sat down across from them.

“I see that you have made it. My name is Peter Holgate, but I am sure that you both know that.”

He gazed at the two of them, his glance lingering a bit longer on Jackie than on Don. He spoke again.

“I do hope that this dinner leads to a working relationship. Shall we order/”

Don was astounded at the prices on the menu but had no problem spending Holgate’s money. Over the first course Holgate told them a tale that had the Phelps’ heads spinning with dollar signs.

“As you are probably aware Bill Gates intends to liquidate all of his assets to charity before he dies. He believes that inherited wealth causes all kinds of social inequities. My father was an industrialist of some note. Oh he never became famous like Andrew Carnegie or Henry Ford and his field had more to do with metallurgy than banks and rail roads but my father was a great admirer of Carnegie. Like Gates is doing today Carnegie liquidated his assets. That explains the thousands of libraries and post offices and train depots he built. When he died all of it was gone except for just enough to keep his widow and daughter in the style they were accustomed to until their subsequent deaths. His foundation continues to this day doing good works.

My father decided to follow in the steps of his hero Andrew Carnegie. He passed away two years ago. The wealth he built is going to places like senior living homes, hospitals, and medical research. Some goes to support artistic endeavours and so forth. As for me. My father made his plans clear to me when I was very young. I knew that I would receive no inheritance so I made my own way in the world. I entered banking and finance, two fields that my father viewed as necessary evils. We agreed to disagree about my work. Anyway to make a long story short. I did so well in my chosen fields that I never had a need for my father’s money and I have been retired for a number of years. I have no dependants. In my youth I married twice rashly. Neither of my wives produced an heir and the divorces nearly left me penniless. I had to rebuild from square one. I DO enjoy the companionship of women but I have learned the folly of offering one a wedding ring. Which brings us to the two of you.

Most of my father’s wealth has been distributed but there is still a rather large nest egg which I can spend at my own discretion. To my way of thinking that money should be going to help the common man. A university will just invest it. The money will not go to the hard working employees of said university. I have taken the liberty of looking into the situation the two of you are in. I think ‘overextended’ would be the charitable way of describing your situation. Am I right?”

Jackie, rapt in the dollar signs spinning in her mind said, “Yes you could describe us that way. Don and I have good jobs we just need some help in getting our footing again.”

Holgate looked intently at Jackie,”My charity is not just a hand out organization. We are also a hand up organization. Would the two of you be willing to work to get yourselves out of your dire straits?”

“We already have jobs, Mr. Holgate,” Don said. “My employers run me ragged as it is.”

“You misconstrue my meaning dear boy. I mean are you willing to do ANYTHING to not only get back on your feet but to learn how to live within your means? If you can’t learn anything or are unwilling to change I may as well just flush my money down the sewer.”

Jackie was quick to answer. “As a matter of fact Mr. Holgate, we do need a firm hand on our finances. They have spun out of control and neither Don or I can seem to get our heads around the numbers. We SHOULD be living much better than we are. We know that and our neighbors, and our parents know that. It is quite embarrassing actually.”

“I see Mrs. Phelps. May I call you Jackie? So you are willing to cater to my whims to get out of the hole you two have built for yourselves?”

“You may call me Jackie, and what sort of ‘whims’ would we have to ‘cater to’?”

“Ah leave it to the wife to get to the pith of the matter. If you don’t mind my saying so Jackie, you are quite beautiful. Your husband is quite handsome. I enjoy mingling with attractive people more then that

I enjoy exploring them in every way imaginable.”

Jackie’s reverie was broken. “I am not a prostitute MR. Holgate.!” She made ready to grab her purse when Peter Holgate said, “I’d hoped I would not have to do this.” He took out some forms from a folder next to him.

“Before you leave in a huff, Jackie, take a look at these.”

Jackie reached for the forms and realized that they were mortgage and deed documents.

“I took the liberty of purchasing from the bank the mortgage and thus gaining title to your house and that of your parents and Don’s parents. I also took title to your automobiles. Not much of an outlay for me. Both of your sets of parents almost have their houses paid off. It would be too bad if I chose to foreclose on them anyway. As for your house. You have the potential to live mortgage free in a house fully paid off decades before you normally would have. According to the bank documents Jackie your parents put up the down payment. How would you like to pay them back with interest? You choice is very simple. Play ball with me or I render you and your parents homeless. In addition to paying off all these mortgages there are all kinds of fun ways for the two of you to earn considerable amounts of cash. I’m a very entertaining and giving gentleman.”

“This is blackmail Mr. Holgate!” Said Jackie.

“There you go with vile words again, I prefer the term ‘incentive’. Besides Mr. and Mrs. Phelps what ELSE do you have to offer someone like me? I have no interest in your property other than to use as an incentive. I have no interest and no need to hire you. The two of you are stretched so thin you will be out on the street soon anyway. No your enticing bodies have the potential to earn you untold riches. I have millions to give away. It can go in large amounts to one or two, or a few couples or it can be dribbled out in small parcels but it WILL be distributed. If it does not go to you, there are other deserving couples, couples that will be more grateful.”

Don at last realizing what was going on said, “See here Mr. Holgate, we can find our own way out of our troubles.”

Holgate laughed and said, “Then why the desperate call to me? Your problems WILL sort themselves out. In a week you and your parents and Jackie’s parents will be homeless and you two won’t even be able to visit them at the flea bag hotel they end up at because neither of you will have a car to drive as those will be repossessed. I can also be a cruel bastard if I want to be. It might be fun to hold an old time auction where everything you own is sold to the highest bidder. Just like something out of the Nineteenth Century. I can reduce you two to just the clothes on your backs.”

Jackie, who was always ahead of her husband in comprehension and detail, said, “Don he’s totally serious. You really fucked up by contacting this guy. Our lives were bad before but he can ruin not just us but our parents as well.”

After giving Don the death stare she turned to Peter Holgate and said. “My lummox of a husband has gotten us into a real mess hasn’t he? I should know better than to go for the strong and dumb ones but I can’t help myself. When this is over I might find myself a smart one. I don’t want kids who are morons anyway. We will play ball with you Mr. Holgate provided that there is a contract giving us and all of our parents clear title to their homes and property.”

“Done. I already have the contract drawn up. Here is a copy for you. We will need to schedule a time in my office where we can have it witnessed and notarized. You will find it all in order. While the specifics of your duties are vague the term of service is spelled out to be a year beginning from eight P.M. tonight, as well as it clearly stating that if you honor the terms of the contract You will own, at bare minimum, all of the houses and cars mentioned in the contract in one year’s time. Have any lawyer look it over. Now for the best part How would you like to walk away from this meal with 20,000 dollars in your purse? That will help make contemplating the terms of the contract easier and will help you two out right away. As folks are wont to say, there is plenty more where that came from.”

“Twenty thou?” Said Jackie and Don nearly together. That amount would help them immediately it was half of Don’s salary in one lump sum.

“What do we have to do?” Asked Don.

“You don’t have to do anything. It is something I would like to do to Mrs. Phelps. I have some surgical scissors with me, I would like to cut off every article of Jackie’s clothing here in the restaurant in front of all these people. She can wear your suit jacket home.”

“Mr. Holgate that’s insane!”

“On the contrary Don it is the very sort of thing I will expect from both of you. I do love beautiful women and I have uses for handsome men. I will be seeing the two of you in the all together quite often if you sign the contract. This is just a small taste of what is in store for you. I will be intimate with both of you especially your lovely wife. I will often put the both of you on display. It will all be in good fun and quite exciting if you have the proper mindset. What’s the matter? You’re not religious fanatics are you?”

“I’ll get the twenty though right away?” asked Jackie.

Holgate reached into a briefcase next to him and placed an impressive stack of hundred dollar bills on the table.

“Two hundred Benjamin Franklins. They will no doubt feel wonderful in your purse won’t they Jackie?”

Jackie looked at the pile of money, cast her eyes about the restaurant, and at last looked contemptuously at her husband.

“If you can wait until after desert Peter, you have a deal.”

Holgate responded with a nod and a smile.

“Honey!” said Don

“Don’t honey me you loser. You have gotten us into a fine mess but I will get us out of it even if I have to give Peter here ten blow jobs a day for a year. I won’t have my parents end up homeless. I care for your parents as well even if they did produce an idiot for a son.”

“Honey, don’t be that way.” chided Don

“What way is that darling? Honest? I love you you big lug but we have always known that I am the brains of the outfit. You have lucked into a way to solve our problems but if I am reading Peter correctly my pussy and asshole and mouth will be the main items solving our problems. You are my husband but far too often I have to be your mother. I even have to wake you in the morning so that you make it to work on time; just like a mother getting their teenager off to high school. Face it darling the only reason you made it through college was your wrestling scholarship. I like big dumb men and you fit both categories rather nicely. Now if you want to appear smart, you will stay out of the way and do everything that Peter and I ask of you.”

Don was stunned into silence. He loved Jackie more than anything but what she had said was true. Jackie had a better job, she read lots of books, and liked intellectual television programs and movies. She also like fucking, a lot. She called Don her organic sex toy. Don had to look organic up in the dictionary.

The rest of the meal Don sat in stony silence as Peter and Jackie engaged in small talk at last dessert arrived. Don’s appetite deserted him as he realized that his wife was seriously going to let Holgate denude her here in front of all these people.

Jackie’s dessert was rather small portioned and Peter rushed through his. Soon both were finished.

“Now is time for your thrill Peter.” said Jackie

“Come here and stand on this chair.” Said Peter

“You don’t have to do this honey!” Said Don

“Of course I don’t but 20,000 dollars will buy me plenty of little black dresses. What’s a little embarrassment with that kind of money on the line?” Jackie stood on the chair.

Don scowled as Peter rose from his chair scissors in hand. He sliced the straps on Jackie’s open toed sandals and Jackie withdrew each foot in turn. Then Peter reached for the hem of Jackie’s dress and slowly and deliberately sliced up the left side of Jackie’s little black dress.

Silence fell among the crowd in the restaurant then there was an excited buzz. No one made any attempt to stop the proceedings but there were flashes from cameras and cell phones from all parts of the room. Peter’s scissors continued their upward journey. He reached her left armpit and them cut along both shoulders. The dress fell in tatters to the floor. Jackie was now clad only in black thigh high stockings and a lacy white bra and panties.

Peter sliced through each stocking and then sliced through the front of Jackie’s bra and snipped away each strap. It joined the ruined clothes on the floor. All the while Jackie stood with her arms at her sides. She made no move to cover herself as she was exposed. At last Jackie felt the cold metal upon her hips as her last garment was rent. The restaurant was not brightly lit but nothing could hide Jackie’s fabulous breasts and full bush from the eyes of the patrons hungrily drinking in her nudity.

Peter took a long look at Jackie’s nude form paced about her body a few times and said a single word, “Intoxicating!” A short while later he indicated that Jackie could step off the chair. The restaurant broke out in a light round of applause and Don held his jacket so that his wife could cover herself. Once she was in Don’s jacket she gathered up her purse and stuffed it with the hundred dollar bills. She took one of Peter’s business cards and nodded when he said. “I’ll be in touch.”

Her head held high she led a red faced Don through the eatery and out the front door, an angry Don hot on her heels. Once they reached the parking lot Don exploded.

“You actually looked like you enjoyed that Jackie!”

“Let’s just say that the money altered my mood. I’m not crazy about the fact that folks were taking videos. I’ll probably be all over the porn sites in a few hours. That I DON’T enjoy. I will also miss those shoes terribly. Peter and I understand each other, however

. I’m still very angry with you for getting us into this mess but at least Peter Holgate is a gentleman.”

“Gentleman!” roared Don, “He cut your clothing off!”

“You still don’t get it do you Don? He wants to make slaves out of the two of us. By taking that money I agreed for BOTH of us. A slave owner has the right to examine his property.”

“Property? You can’t be serious, Honey.”

Once they reached their car Jackie said, “Peter is going to put our lives on easy street. Not only will he give us money he will teach us how to better spend what we do have and what investments to make.

If I have to exchange some time on my back for those benefits I have no problem doing that. He’s probably going to want to fuck you as well. You WILL do EVERYTHING he asks.”

“Look Jackie, I’m not going to let him get all creepy with me. I’m not into dudes.”

“Well then let me put it this way husband.” said Jackie with a serious look upon her face, “We can either do this as a couple or I will divorce you and approach Peter on my own. I’m sure he’s more interested in me anyway. As a husband you have lots of liabilities. To be honest if you weren’t so good in the sack I would have lost interest in you long ago. I make more money than you do. I understand the world better than you do. I pursue intellectual hobbies. Aside from a few television programs what do we really have in common? I married beneath myself we both know that. I DO care about you but I could easily get over you and move on with my life. I was pursued by lawyers and doctors in college. I chose you however because you were the most talented with your tool. If you want to keep me as your wife you will do EVERYTHING Peter and I ask of you!”

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