female point of view

He is her Adonis, and she has waited so long to fully worship his body. This was to be the day, she lived her fantasy.

Her fingers shook as she began to unbutton his shirt at the collar. Her head swimming, she could feel her heart pulsing wildly. How did kissing him leave her feeling so drunk and clumsy? She looked up into his beautiful eyes for reassurance, and he smiled at her in that way that always made her melt. Standing on her toes she pressed her lips to his hungrily, as she freed the last two buttons and pushed the shirt away from his massive shoulders. He tugged his arms free and wrapped them around her tightly.

He always made her feel so fragile and small in a way no man ever could. He gripped his strong hands into her hips and pulled her closer to him, she could feel he was just as aroused as her. The hard length of him pressed firmly into her only made her desire burn hotter, as she submitted her mouth to his plunderous kiss. She broke her lips away from his reluctantly, she could have kissed him forever, however it would make removing his clothing more difficult with their bodies intertwined.

She traced her fingertips over his white undershirt, slowly trailing her way to his waist, and slipped them underneath to find his soft warm body awaiting her touch. She slid eager hands over his flesh, beneath the cotton, and savored the sensation of her skin gliding over his. She rested her head on his shoulder and inhaled his scent as her hands slid around to his back and she embraced him again. She could hear the quickness of his pulse in his chest echoing into her ear as she held him.

She looked up at him again, and he gazed down at her with that heavy lidded look she loved. He always had that look when she was doing something right , and it encouraged her to proceed disrobing this beautiful man before her. She slid his shirt upward on his torso and over his lifted arms, drinking him in with her eyes. In her excitement, she abandoned removing his shirt and left the remaining removal to him, as she began to kiss and stroke his broad lean chest and stomach. The heat from his torso made her lips tingle and the scent of his bare skin make her mouth water.

When he had discarded his shirt to the floor and brought his hands to her waist again, a sense of nervousness washed over her, as she knew it was her turn to remove something. She turned her attention back to his soft reassuring kisses as he lifted her shirt away from her waist. His grazing touch sent electricity through her skin as he slid up her sides, exposing her to the chill of the room. She stepped back gingerly and raised her arms so he could lift the last of the shirt away. She quickly smoothed her hair back into place and looked at him shyly. He looked at her for only the briefest moment, with lust in his eyes, before pulling her to him and claiming her mouth once more.

The exquisite feeling of his naked flesh against hers sent a new sensation of flaming heat through her body and she felt her wetness growing between her thighs. She brushed her fingers over the soft hairs of his jaw as she kissed him again and again, small seeking pecks on both of his lips, her mouth opening eagerly as he kissed her more fervently, seeking her tongue with his.

She staggered slightly in his embrace as he began walking them to somewhere behind her. She felt him lean her backwards until they were resting together on a comfortable couch. She pulled the weight of him to lay on her with her legs on either side of his waist, and as they continued to touch and kiss she could feel his hardness pressing into the warmth of her wet panties. She felt herself shiver as he slid one hand down her chest, provoking her to bite her lip as he caressed the top of her breast gently around her bra. She felt her hips writhing beneath him as he continued moving down her waist, past the thick fabric of her bunched skirt, to the top of her thigh.

She arched into him relishing his cock pressed hard against her as he gripped her soft flesh, a sigh escaped her lips as she felt his fingers sliding back up the inside of her thigh, drawing slowy closer the her eagerly awaiting wetness. She gasped sharply as his fingers began massaging her clit gently through her panties, his touch felt amazing and she was sure he could feel how hot and wet he had made her.

He kissed her more roughly now, biting and sucking her lip into his mouth as his fingers began seeking their way behind the fabric of her underwear. She moaned into his mouth as his calloused fingers found her again and he began caressing her, just gliding his fingers over her slick lips and passing over her clit almost without thought. The sensation was bliss and torture swirling together through her body. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her bra and she felt her body burning with need. When he focused more heavily on her sensitive little bump, circling it in small forceful touches, she could feel her legs beginning to quiver as she fought the urge to close them tight, the way she would if it were her own fingers giving her this amazing sensation.

She pressed her hips upward into his fingertips grinding at them seeking more. As if reading her mind, he began to slide his fingers towards the place she so desperately desired. She was panting uncontrollably as he slid his long thick fingers inside her wet pussy, first one and then the second. Her hungry muscles tightened greedily, trying to feel him everywhere at once. He knows how to touch her though, and his fingertips immediately find her spot and start stroking in deep pressing circles, she moaned loudly, so close to erupting with pleasure, she felt her climax building rapidly. He pressed the heel of his hand hard against her clit slipping his fingers into her rhythmically, perfectly strumming her like an instrument mastered years ago.

She felt the euphoria wash over her, tumbling her like a wave, as her orgasm took hold. She gripped his neck and kissed him hard as her muscles spasmed around his fingers. She lay there for a moment panting heavily as her body slowly recovered. He planted sweet kisses on her forehead, cheeks,and lips knowing he has just given her an amazing orgasm, and she could see the sly smile playing on his lips. She felt a smile form on her own lips and giggled lightly.

She exhaled shakily, kissing him again. He kissed her more deeply and pressed himself against her now extremely sensitive body. She wanted so badly to feel him deep inside her, burying himself into her warm folds, but there was something else she wanted of him first, so she pressed the palm of her hand gently into his chest to get him to rise away from her.

She could see the look of apprehension is his eyes as he stood to let her up, but surely the wicked grin she gave him, as she sat up and reached for his waist, reassured him. She pulled him closer to her so that his hips were now eye level, as she pried his belt from it’s clasp and began unfastening his pants.

As she slid his zipper down with one hand, she eagerly reached inside and began caressing his hard member with her other, through his boxers. She felt him move closer as she gripped the firm heat of his cock. She relished the feel of him as she traced her fingernails over the fabric to where it opened, and ran her fingertips inside to gently tease them over his bare flesh.

She could hear his deep breathing as she slipped his erection through the opening of his boxers and began to stroke him. She loved the feel of him in her hand as she circled her fingers around him and slid her hand up and down the shaft, gliding her fingers gently over it’s tantalizing thick head. She watched his skin respond to her touch, and licked her lips hungrily at the sight of his delicious flesh. His cock was beautiful to look upon, so flush with excitement. She looked up at him with a wicked smile as she leaned forward. She slowly exhaled her breath onto him as she let her tongue glide over the warm smooth skin of his cock, swirling it slowly at the tip.

She loved his salty flavor on her tastebuds, it made her mouth water like a favorite dish. She saw him close his eyes and his head tilt back with a sigh, this was the moment she could withstand no more and wrapped her lips around him. She slid her mouth over the length of him, savoring his flavor and scent, as his fingers wrapped into her hair. She loved how dirty yet empowered she felt at that moment.

She could feel his pulse reverberating into her lips as she caressed him, and she couldn’t help but moan against his cock in her mouth. She wanted so badly to taste him erupt from her manipulations, to feel his grip tighten on her hair as she massaged him with her tongue. She fought with herself knowing there was an even greater pleasure she sought, because she longed to see his face as he came for her this time.

She slid him slowly from her mouth, licking her lips, and began kissing her way up his chest, gently stroking her fingers over his twitching member. She had to pause for a moment to lick and gently nibble his nipples, having always wondered how those sensitive buds would feel between her teeth, before continuing up to kiss and bite at his neck. She pushed his pants down away from his hips, where they nimbly hung as she pleasured him, and coaxed him to sit.

As he sat back on the couch, she kneeled before him and pulled a square foil package from her bra, she knew he wouldn’t have it, and she didn’t want things to stop this time. She looked at him questioning her next move. He reached out and brushed her cheek with his thumb, it was all the assurance she needed.

She tore the package open, took him into her mouth wetting him with her tongue and lips, her heart quickening, before gently rolling the thin material down over his shaft. Her heart was beating a thousand times a minute now, because she knew the time had finally come. All those times alone in her bed imagining how he would feel, finally becoming a reality. She stood again, slid her underwear down her legs, stepping carefully out of them, and lifted the hem of her skirt around her thighs. She climbed slowly onto the couch, straddling his hips.

Now, hovering above him, she could feel the heat radiating from his hard cock, nestled against her slick wet lips. She lifted ever so slightly and kissed him hard, as she reached between them to guide him. The feeling of his thick head sliding against the folds of her pussy made her shiver uncontrollably and her body twitched, seeking to pull him deep within her.

She broke their kiss and stared into his eyes as she gently began to lower herself onto him. Just as she felt the glorious pressure of his body trying to spread its way into hers, she felt his strong hands grip the flesh under her buttocks holding her effectively still. He had stopped her!

It took everything she had not to scream out at him in frustration, her body was aching for him, and he stopped her!

It was his turn for the wicked smile now, she saw the corners of his mouth begin to turn upward lecherously and at the same moment she felt the agonizingly sweet force of his tip sliding slightly further into her wanting pussy. She exhaled heavily, and her eyes grew wide at the feel of him pressing into her.

Just at the moment she thought his head would finally slide completely into her, she felt him pull back again, and before she could even properly argue, he was back pressing forward again. He continued to tease her like this for what felt like an eternity. She was so wound up she was clenching her fingers deep into his shoulders panting wildly half forcing herself against his strong arms to try and overpower his control on her.

Lightning fired behind her eyes at the moment he let her win, she was so wet from his torturous play, her body gave over to his easily and she felt the instant fullness of him buried deep inside her. A half moan, half yelp escaped her lips, and she pressed herself harder into him.

He felt so amazing, she had wanted this for so long, and nothing had ever felt so perfect. That was until he grabbed her hips and began slowly rocking her toward his body then easing her back onto his hard cock again, spreading her with each gentle thrust. He felt like ecstasy, she could barely remember to breathe.

She kissed him again and again, as she rocked her pelvis over his hips, grinding his cock deep inside her, feeling him touch everywhere at once. She reached back unfastening her bra and felt the shock of cold air against her already straining nipples. She felt the flesh of her breasts prickling at the exposure and pulled him desperately forward to her, praying he would take her flesh into his mouth.

As his tongue grazed the soft skin under her breast she felt her body contract around him and another flood of wetness rush around him as he was grinding inside her. She arched her back upward to him beckoning him to suck and bite her erect nipples. He willingly obliged, the feel of his teeth grazing her nipples drove her wild.

His passionate strokes were taking her on a roller coaster of sensations and she began to work her body harder and faster over his hard cock, she was moaning deeply as she started lifting herself almost completely free of him and forcefully taking all of him back in deep, demanding hard strokes. He began meeting her midway as she came down, she felt herself shaking all over and her breathing was coming in ragged gasps.

He was everything she dreamed. She felt the moment she had been obsessing over since their first touch approaching, as he amazingly swelled thicker inside her, his strokes becoming shorter, deeper more urgent.

She was lost in the pleasure now, breathlessly whispering to him over and over to fuck her; harder, deeper, just please, please, please. She felt his cock twitching violently, as he looked intently into her eyes, and exploded deep inside her. She continued rocking her hips on him more gently now as his orgasm reseeded.

She kissed him softly all over his face and lips pulling him closer to her, and wrapping her arms to cradle his head to her chest, as her breathing slowly subsided.

She whispered lovingly to him and drank in the moment she would never forget.

He is her Adonis, and she would worship him devoutly, always.

I have been working at the same warehouse for over two years. All the other associates are the same; fat or old, young or skinny, they all run together. Every day is exactly the same, just like that Nine Inch Nails song I can never get out of my head.

That is… until you came along. You were different than all the others. You were good looking, with your short spiky sandy blond hair and blue eyes, the glasses you weren’t afraid to wear around others for fear that it might make you look geeky. But what really got me was your height. You had to be at least 6 foot 4, and when you introduced yourself to me for the first time with a firm handshake and a half-smile, half-smirk, I felt my panties become moist just having to tilt my head up to look into your eyes. I don’t know what it is with tall men, but height gets me every time. Perhaps its because I am indeed a little taller than most of my female coworkers at 5 foot 6. Hell, I’m taller than some of the men, too, which another reason why no one ever cause such a reaction as you did the first day I met you. I knew from then on, I’d look forward to going to work at such a mundane place.

For the first few months, every time I saw your broad shoulders in front of me as your muscles stretched taut when you pulled the pallet jack behind you through the warehouse, or if you looked up and made eye contact, I got a tingly feeling inside. I thought it was just a crush. Something silly that would pass over time. But the only thing that changed over time was my erotic thoughts.

Every time we shared a break together, there were more sly innuendos inserted into the conversation. More very light almost accidental touches. More excuses to see each other or ‘run into’ each other. I found myself day dreaming about taking advantage of the handicapped bathroom with you. It was a one-stall deal with a lock on the door. I wanted so bad for you to just push me in there one day and fuck me against the wall, whispering to me what I dirty little slut I was, and how I felt wrapped around your hard cock as you thrust into me from behind. And every time I had a fantasy, and then bumped into you later on, it just made it worse… my face always burned in shame and embarrassment. You wouldn’t want little old me, when you had countless other women to choose from. Women who were skinnier, who didn’t wear glasses, who weren’t so pale. It didn’t matter how often we shamelessly flirted, it would never happen.

Or so I thought.

Today is just like any other day. 9 hour shift, dealing with bull-shit customers and doing far too much work for measly minimum wage. Since I can’t afford a car, I’m all bundled up to prepare for the long cold walk home in the snow…. in the middle of the night, no less. I live alone in a bad neighborhood, something my mother always warned me against doing, but I am determined to be an independent woman.

I step outside into the flurries, shivering in my thin coat. Its so cold that I can feel my nipples poke through my bra, my t-shirt, and my coat. I begin the walk home. But as I get to the edge of the parking lot, I hear a car pull up behind me. Its a classic BMW, something from the 70′s, it looks like. Its small. To my surprise, the guy behind the wheel leans over and opens the door on my side. Its you. You’re almost unrecognizable in the dark, in your beanie and scarf and gloves and thick coat, the lights from the dashboard glinting on your glasses. You tell me to get in, and without a second’s hesitation, I do. The car hasn’t warmed up yet, and I shiver so hard my teeth chatter. I struggle with getting the door closed all the way, so you lean over and do it for me, slamming it soundly. As you do, your hand brushes against my my hard nipples on accident. I hear myself gasp and feel my crotch grow just a little warmer. You hastily apologize. I say its okay…

The next few moments are spent in awkward silence at the stop sign as we wait for a long line of cars to move. Its busy for a cold night. You gently ask me directions to my house, and I direct you through the neighborhood. Our work is only a couple blocks away, and before I know it, we’re at my tiny apartment. I unbuckle my seatbelt and thank you for the ride, blushing in embarrasment now that I’ve realized that you’ve seen my shitty neighborhood. I go to get out the car, but before I know it, you’re already outside and opening the door for me. I scramble out, aware that the neighbor’s car is crowding us close together. My heart is beating fast. My nipples are hard for another reason entirely now, and my panties are just a bit damper. You’re at my apartment….

I realize where my thoughts are trailing again and I blush. What was wrong with me tonight? I scramble for my keys and rush to the front door of my apartment, trying not to slip on the ice. I get the door, and you’re right behind me, blocking me between the screen door and the wooden door. I turn around and look up at you, our faces inches apart. I thank you again for the ride home. I realize that you tower over me, and its very domineering. Very sexy. What is it with tall men? I am essentially trapped between the two doors and your tall frame. I blush again. What I wouldn’t give for you to kiss me right now…

You smirk. “Are you alright..?” You ask in a slightly raspy voice that is very sexy and secretive. I feel stupid as I soon figure out that I’ve been standing in my doorway for a few minutes now waiting on something that might never happen.

”Y-y-yes.. sorry.” I stutter. I go to turn back to the doorknob, but as i do, my ass brushes against your crotch, and I feel the bulge that is growing there. Even through all the layers, you’re hard as a rock, and long. I feel a little intimidated and give a start when I hear a slight scoff then growl.

“Fuck it…”

Next thing I know, I’m whirled around and pressed hard against my cold wooden door, your lips attacking mine. You start sucking on my bottom lip, and my hands are both pushed over my head and pinned to the door in one of yours. Your other hand is freely roaming my body, your jean-clad hard cock pressing into the apex of my thighs, and I moan when you slide your tongue into my mouth. You take my keys from my hand, and keeping my hands pinned in your right hand, you use your left to open the door with the keys and drag me into the apartment. You shut the door behind us, and push me against the wall. Its warmer here, so you take off my hat, scarf, and gloves and discard your own. Your teeth are roughly pulling at my bottom lip. You hoist me easily up into the air, my thighs wrapped around your waist, and your hard cock pressed against my hot center. I moan again and clutch you tighter to me, raking my nails over your scalp.

You yank your mouth away and start sucking on my neck, growling. “You have any fucking idea how long I’ve been waiting for this? I’ve wanted you for so long. I need to be inside you, need to feel you clenching around me…”

I’m a little apprehensive, because my ex was small and it didn’t hurt when he had sex with me, but it didn’t feel good, either. It didn’t even hurt when he took my virginity. In my experience, the only thing that I knew really how to do with sex was oral, but then he was easy to fit into my mouth. But I can already tell that you are very much endowed, just from the hardness pressing between my thighs. I tell you to take me to the bedroom, and as small as my apartment is, it doesn’t take you long to find it. You put me down on the bed, and sitting down with you standing up, its easy to reach your pants. I quickly unbutton your fly and pull down your black pants and black boxer briefs that are tight over your hard cock, and I feel my mouth water. I lift the edge of your boxer briefs over your cock and pull them down your thighs, then take you completely into my mouth, my hands gripping your strong backside to pull you in further between my greedy lips. You taste so hot and hard… so silky and smooth. You taste like a man should… I moan in appreciation as you growl and grunt, grabbing the top of my four poster queen sized bed.

“Mmmm, yeah… that’s it… take it all. Oh, fuck, I love the way my hard cock slides between your greedy little lips….”

I start bobbing my head as your cock grows even harder in my mouth. I swirl my tongue under the cleft of the head, then on the left side, then on the right, getting your dick so fucking wet, as wet as my pussy is now in my panties. I take you in deeper until you reach the back of my throat, once, twice, three times.

“Fuck! Oh, god, you’re such a good little cum slut, aren’t you? I never thought you’d be so good at this… baby, don’t stop!” You groan, and it spurs me on. I take my right hand and spit on it, then start twisting it up and down your length, all the while keeping my tongue swirling under the head of your cock, moaning in appreciation. My panties are soaked in my pants, and my nipples are so hard they hurt. But I want this. I’m no longer embarrassed or ashamed. Having your cock in my mouth makes me bold… makes me feel alive. I want you to cum in my mouth. I start going faster with my hand, then let your cock pop out of my mouth and instead dive under to suck on your balls, pulling one into my mouth and swirling over it with my tongue.

“That’s it, baby.. suck on my balls, suck ‘em…. oh fuck.. yeah. Run your tongue between them… such a good little girl. Such a dirty little slut…”

I almost cum right there. That phrase… oh, fuck how it turns me on so much. It was like you read my mind. I want so much to please you and I know you’re close, so I moan around your cock, eager for your release… but then you surprise the hell out of me and pull your cock out of my mouth while pushing me on my back. You nearly rip my jeans off with my tennish shoes while your hard cock bobs in the air. You eagerly pop open the buttons to my blouse as well as the front clasp to my bra, then straddle my chest, pushing my tits together and sliding your cock between them.

Mmmm… its incredibly hot, watching your muscles bulge as you fuck my tits, your head thrown back. You clench your teeth and groan as you cum all over my neck and tits, and I can’t help but moan as I watch you. My pussy is aching so hard… its dripping onto the bed. I look up at you and smile sweetly, tracing your hot cum all over my tits.

You get off of me and stare down at me appreciatively as I unconciously pull my knees up to my chest, exposing my ass and bare pink little pussy.

”Wow… you look so fucking gorgeous with my cum dripping off of you… Did you like that? Did you like me fucking your tits?” You flash me that half-smirk you reserve just for me and slap my ass.

I moan and nod, almost against my will. I whisper, “Mmm.. baby… harder..”

You spank me again, and this time, your hand connects just a little with my pussy, and I feel it clench so hard… It feels so good, this pain mixed with pleasure. I moan louder. You keep slapping my ass, turning it warm and pink, and soon you’re panting and hard again.

“I’m gonna slap your ass one more time… then I’m gonna fuck that tight little cunt of yours the way you’ve been begging me to with your eyes for months…” The last slap is hard and resounding… it stings as it connects wetly with my pussy and I clench to keep from cumming right there.

Once again, you surprise me by turning me over and pressing down on my shoulders until my tits are flat against the bed, and lifting my hips into the air, my legs spread. I am completely exposed, the air sliding sensually over my quivering pussy. You thread your fingers through my hair, and pull at the base of my head. Holy fuck, it feels so good. Mmm… I love my hair being pulled; the harder the better. I feel you trace the head of your cock against my exposed pink lips, sliding between them, but not inside them, and I moan again.

“Do you want this? Do you want me inside your tight little cunt?”

I whimper and nod my head, muffling my answer into the bed. I feel you finally plunge into me to the hilt, and its all I can do not to scream. You’re so big and so deep, so much larger than I expected. I whisper expletives into the comforter as I feel you slide into me over and over again, your balls slapping my ass. You’re moaning my name between curses, and I’m answering in kind. Its so much better than my fantasies… I feel you brush the roof my pussy with every thrust, and it feels fucking amazing.

“Oh, god, you’re so fucking tight… I’m gonna cum so hard! Your pussy was made for me, you dirty little slut… I want you to cum with me.. I want to feel your cum dripping down my balls as I ride you…” You pull back on my hair and I groan aloud, clenching the bedspread so hard my knuckles turn white. You suddenly yank one of my hands down between my legs and presses the palm against my swollen clit.

“Play with yourself… I want to feel your tiny hand sliding over your clit and my shaft at the same time. You’re gonna cum for me tonight, you beautiful, greedy slut…” I quickly start sliding my fingers over my clit and your hard cock fast and rough, bringing myself closer as you pick up speed. Its so deliciously wet and slick. All my nerve endings are on fire, and it feels so fucking much better than whenever I would touch myself in bed, alone. The bed is groaning in protest, and our skin is slapping together, but at this point, I don’t care about the neighbors hearing us. I just want you to cum inside me….

Suddenly, your hold tightens around my hair, and you pound into me even harder. The brutal thrusts take me over the edge and I scream into the comforter, quivering and clenching around your cock as you cum right after me, groaning and growling my name. Its euphoric and mind-boggling, how good you just made me feel. You collapse to the side of me and I smile serenely, finally sated. Mmmm… I needed that.

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