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Story so far:

As told in Chapter One (‘Setting the Scene’), Sam is a personal trainer to a married couple named Laura and Chris. Her training of them quickly develops from athletic to sexual instruction and soon she moves into their home and begins taking over their lives. In Chapter Two (‘Assembling the Cast’), Sam assumes full time control, emptying their bank account, and keeping Chris in strict chastity, whilst starting Laura out in a lucrative career.

In Chapter Three (‘Following the Script’), a list of FAQs introduce Laura’s new life under Sam’s supervision. One day, Steve, an ex-school buddy of Chris, stumbles across Slut-2-Fuck’s online profile, giving Sam another opportunity to ratchet up the humiliation levels for her married servants.

Sam is only 23, 5’6″ of trim muscle, with new enhanced boobs, citron-yellow hair and an elfin-face. Laura is a pretty 27 yr old green eyed brunette with a 34D chest and great legs. Chris is also 27 with caramel hair, brown eyes, spectacles and he now lives in a steel chastity tube. Steve is 28, with brown eyes and handsome, faintly villainous good looks.

“Chris, get some wine, and Laura, see what’s on TV. A horror movie or something?”

Steve whistled. “Hey, nice place, Chris. You’re obviously doing okay.”

Laura cringed. This was all going wrong. Sam even seemed to be enjoying their embarrassment. How the hell could they explain the bedrooms to Steve if he went upstairs.

She switched on the TV and selected the movie channels. Behind her, Sam had sunk into the sofa and Steve was perusing the bookshelves, snooping through their possessions. Chris came in with glasses and a bottle of wine.

“How about some porn?” Sam giggled. “Have you got any porn?”

“No.” Laura replied, settling on a movie channel. “How about this?” It was some old black and white film with a werewolf in it.

“No porn?” Steve frowned. “That’s not like you Chris. You never had your dick out of your hand when we were younger.”

Everybody laughed, but it was a barbed comment. Laura blushed.

“What about home-made? Surely you and the missus have filmed yourselves?”

Chris smiled weakly and passed Steve a full glass. “Nope. Not us.”

Laura caught Sam’s eye and her heart filled with dread. She knew what Sam was going to say before she said it.

“Check inside that book there, Steve. I’ve saw some discs hidden there once.”

There was stunned silence.

“This one? Here we are.” Steve held up three silver discs triumphantly. “Secret stash.”

*** *** ***

Q11. Can Slut-2-Fuck be used bareback?

A11. Sadly, the risks involved in lower hole use without condoms are too great. Much as it would be preferable to allow every stranger to use her as a cum dump, protection is necessary for everybody’s health, except for oral.

*** *** ***

Chris sat helplessly in a dining chair and waited. It was the same chair he had humped his dick against the most recent time he’d been allowed to cum.

He didn’t know which of Laura’s escapades he was about to witness on screen, but whatever, he knew it would be excruciatingly embarrassing. And once Steve knew, then pretty soon everybody else would know. The idea of being ‘outed’ terrified him. And yet he could feel his cock tightening inside its steel cage.

“You have a nice young visitor today.”

He recognised Sam’s voice coming out of the TV speakers. The image was grainy, soft focus. A title appeared on screen in large red letters:

‘Slut-2-Fuck Number IV’

The title dissolved and was replaced by a second line:

‘The slut entertains her husband’s Friend’.

“He’ll start with one of your best blowjobs.”

It was Sam’s voice again. The picture slowly sharpened into focus. Laura was hooded but he knew immediately it was her. She was kneeling on the rug in just a quarter cup bra that was too small for her, and a thong.

He looked over at the sofa. Sam and Steve were grinning back at him. Laura was sitting on the floor between them, hiding her face in her hands.

“Mmm.” A deep voice murmured. “Lick my balls, Laura.”

Chris realised it was Steve a second before he saw him on screen. Laura’s hands reached out blindly on screen. It was obvious she’d done this kind of thing before. She unbuckled his belt and tugged down his zip.

“Come here.” Steve called over to Chris, curling a finger.

His legs felt shaky. He slowly got up out of his chair. It all made sense now. The accidental meeting. Steve joining them. Coming back here. It had all been pre-planned. His fate had been sealed. Sam was such a wicked bastard.

“Kneel down there and make a footrest for me.”

There had already been moments when Chris resisted inside. The turmoil of battle between his heart and his head. This was another one. He didn’t have to obey Steve. He could tell him to fuck off. Right here. Right now. This was his house.

But he got down on all fours like a dog, in front of the sofa, right next to his wife, facing the TV.

On screen, Laura was licking Steve’s balls while he was winking lasciviously at the camera.

“Your mistress tells me you’re married, Laura?”


Somehow Chris couldn’t tear his eyes from the screen. Then he felt Steve’s heavy feet on his back. He was a fucking footstool for a guy he’d known all his life!

“His name is Chris?” Steve asked onscreen.


“This is a good bit coming up.” Sam said. “Laura, get in the same position alongside Chris and make a footstool for me too.”

Like a fucking automaton, his wife got out of her sitting position and squatted on all fours next to him. Her body touched his. They were both dressed but he felt himself shy away from her. They were like a pair of horses pulling a carriage. He wanted to shut his eyes but he was mesmerised.

“Lick my asshole, Laura.”

Omigod. He dry-swallowed with shame. His wife’s face was in his friend’s ass.

“Do you lick Chris’s asshole?”

Sam and Steve both laughed hysterically behind him. Sam’s feet were stretched out over Laura’s back. They were drinking wine.

Laura mumbled a negative reply from the depths of Steve’s anus.

“Liar. She used to.” Sam answered Steve’s onscreen question, poking the back of Laura’s head. “Didn’t you? Briefly. When I began both your training.”

“Y … yes.”

His wife’s voice was barely a whisper. She nodded her head once.

“But she prefers other guys’shitters now, don’t you?”

There was a short silence. Everybody waited for Laura’s hushed response.

“Yes….. I do.”

*** *** ***

Q12. Is my age a barrier? Are my looks a barrier?

A12. Not at all. Strictly no minors, but there is absolutely no upper age limit and there are special rates for pensioners over 65. Your own looks should be of no concern at all. Slut-2-Fuck is an equal opportunities service provider! Whatever your age (over 18), gender, weight, physical appearance or ethnic origin, the slut is there to serve all without hesitation. Whites, Blacks, Arabs and Asians are all welcome. Overweight, lonely or inexperienced men are especially encouraged to pay a visit. Married men looking for some nasty activity their wives won’t tolerate can always rely on Slut-2-Fuck to provide it. The location has wheelchair access and Slut-2-Fuck will happily cater to disabled persons.

*** *** ***

Laura could hardly bear to watch.

She remembered the first time she’d met him. It was at a party Chris took her to. She met lots of his mates that night. But Steve had looked at her with those eyes of his. She’d felt them appraising her, checking her mouth, her cleavage, her body out.

She was much younger then but any woman instinctively knows. There are men for whom their friendship with a mate is more important than anything. And there are men who will fuck that mate’s woman without a thought for the friendship. Steve fell into the latter category.

So she had always kept him at arm’s length.

Until … he was fucking her like a dog.

The film had been edited by somebody. At least two cameras, two angles. One obscenely displayed his muscled buttocks as he slammed into her. She could remember how good it felt.

She squirmed with shame, sensing Chris’s body adjacent to hers. Seeing her. It was blatantly obvious how much she was into it.

She certainly hadn’t been faking it for once as she shrieked in a disgusting, disgraceful, wonderful, toe-curling orgasm.

She watched Steve onscreen wink arrogantly directly at the camera lens. He’d obviously known then she’d be watching him now.

“Oh Laura.”

The picture blurred as a tear of self knowledge rolled down her cheek.

She still wanted this. However, terribly things may turn out. She felt like a junkie must, in the days when they still have some kind of choice: the peaks and troughs of a life with drugs versus the monotony of a life without highs.

She watched Steve ram his length into her and throw his head back.

“And Chris.” He hollered.

She felt as if a syringe of submission had just been injected into her vein.

*** *** ***

Q13. I am a female bisexual / lesbian / domme, etc, can I book Slut-2-Fuck?

A13. Of course, lesbian use is encouraged. Prices are discounted by 50% from comparable male charges. Slut-2-Fuck is not physically attracted to normal females but all services are provided regardless, including strap-on (all holes), oral and analingus, watersports, foot worship and other F/f fun.

*** *** ***

Sam slept with Steve in her double bed.

She no longer thought of the bed, or the room, as Chris and Laura’s. She wasn’t borrowing them any more. They were hers now. It was her double bed.

She had enjoyed normal, vanilla, almost romantic sex with Steve. After the alcohol and excitement, they undressed feverishly, kissing each other hungrily. But Sam managed to control their pace. She stopped to light candles, to explore each other’s fit bodies, before he thrust into her urgently from underneath.

They didn’t discuss Chris and Laura until afterwards.

“You’re mine.” She said, her head resting on his shoulder in the dark, twiddling his chest hairs gently in her fingers.

He pulled her to him. “You were much better than her.”

Sam snorted. “Don’t think flattery is going to get me to lick your asshole.”

He laughed, before a moment’s silence.

“Thank you for the most brilliant evening.”

Sam felt warm inside. “The first of many, I hope.”

He kissed the top of her head. “You think Chris will stomach it?”

“Chris!” she giggled. “Of course he will. But it will still be fun trying to push him too far.”

She felt him hardening against her thigh.

“That idea excites you, huh? Pushing Chris to his absolute limit?”

He gasped as her hand encircled his erection, until he was ready for round two.

“What about Laura?” he asked, climbing on top.

“You can do whatever you like to her.” Sam sighed, as he slid between her legs.

“Well, except this.”

*** *** ***

Q14. Is Slut-2-Fuck available for parties?

A14. Absolutely. Group use is encouraged and is the most cost effective way to enjoy Slut-2-Fuck (on a per person basis). She is available for all male, female, and both-gender groups, for striptease, lap dancing, bukkake, gangbangs, stag and hen parties, etc. all at discounted rates.

*** *** ***

Over the weekend, Steve moved in.

He brought a couple of suitcases of clothes, a few books, car magazines, a few gadgets, his wash bag. Chris carried everything up to Sam’s bedroom and unpacked the clothes and toiletries and put them away for him.

“Thanks mate.” Steve said, as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

“That’s okay.”

“Hey.” Steve said, standing at the bathroom toilet to piss. “Show me your chastity thing. Go on. Pull your pants down.”

Chris hesitantly undid his belt.

Steve shook his own dick dry and tucked himself back in. He left Chris standing there with his pants round his knees while he washed his hands and dried them. Then he bent down and peered closely at Chris’s hairless groin.

“Shit, that looks tight, mate. Does it hurt?”

Chris blushed crimson. “Not really. Only when … you know …”

Steve reached out and flicked the steel tube gently.

“I hear Sam keeps you on a pretty tight leash?”

“Yeah. Most of the time.”

“You’ve fucked her.”

Chris nodded, with a hint of manly pride. “Yeah, several times.”

Steve stood up and looked directly into Chris’s eyes, like two boxers head to head at a weigh-in.

“Well …” He reached into his pocket and showed Chris the key in his palm. “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Chris blinked, and lowered his gaze.

Steve chuckled. “And your leash has just been tightened.”

*** *** ***

Q15. Is there a maximum number for a gangbang?

A15. The only limits on numbers are physical space and time. Generally ‘the more, the merrier’. However, gangbang slots can get booked up well in advance so, if you are planning a special event, get in touch early to avoid disappointment. A minimum of 5 minutes per banger applies to all bookings.

*** *** ***

“Please, Ma’am. May I go to the toilet?”

Sam looked up from her I-pad. She had just purchased it. Those greedy Apple people hadn’t even given her a discount for cash.

“I’m busy. Ask Steve.”

She smiled inwardly as Laura shuffled over to Steve who was reading some car mag. Sam had warned him about the strict toilet regime she kept both slaves on during weekends.

“Please, Sir. May I go to the toilet?”

Sam pretended to look intently at her screen but secretly listened to their conversation.

“Why?” he asked impatiently.

“B … because I need to go, Sir.”

There was a long pause, during which Steve flipped over pages of his mag.

“What? Piss or shit?”

“Both, Sir.”

“Both!” He mocked in a hoity-toity voice. “And when did you last take a shit, Lady Muck?”

Sam smiled to herself. Laura paused. “Er … yesterday morning.”

“Twice in two days.” He looked across at Sam. “Is that okay?”

Sam replied without looking up. “It’s a sign she’s eating too much.”

Steve laughed. “Okay. Go upstairs and wait there for me.”

Sam pressed ‘buy’ to download a new track from I-tunes. She watched Laura trudge off upstairs. She had already sent Chris off on a 15-mile run. After all, she was still their personal trainer!

Steve got up, came over and bent down to kiss her.

“Mmm.” He said, appreciatively. “How shall I play this?”

“However you like. She hates the indignity. Of performing in public.”

“I might get her to earn it. Suck me off first? Unless …”

Sam patted the front of his jeans. He was hard. She smiled at him indulgently. “Sure. Make her blow you. Then you’ll last longer later with me, horny boy!”

*** *** ***

Q16. Can Slut-2-Fuck dress as I require for a session?

A16. Of course. Please send full details at the time of booking of how you want her prepared and dressed. She has a wide and growing range of outfits and items for all fetishes; leather, PVC, wife, whore, slave girl, schoolgirl, secretary, etc.

*** *** ***

On Monday morning, Chris was leaving for work at 6.30 as usual.

Steve came downstairs yawning, rubbing his eyes. He was dressed in track pants and bare-chested.

“Thanks, mate.” He said, helping himself to the mug of coffee Chris had just brewed.

“Er …” Chris paused, hoping that Steve would realise. There wasn’t time to make another.

He watched Chris blow on the scalding liquid and take a sip.

“They make you start too early, mate.” Chris said. “You know me. I was never the office type. I couldn’t stick that routine, day in day out, like you do.”

Chris gave up on the coffee and poured himself a glass of tap water instead.

“I’ve got to go.” He said.

“Hold on.” Steve snapped. “Wish me a nice day.”

“Have a nice day … Sir”

Steve smirked at him, reaching into his track pants to scratch his balls, farting loudly.

“I will.” He winked. “And I’ve got some special plans for your missus.”

*** *** ***

Q17. Can I negotiate a discount?

A17. Sorry, discounts are never offered to individual males on their first visit, so please don’t ask. Mistress’s rates for Slut-2-Fuck’s services are already much cheaper than those set by anybody else offering comparable levels of ‘companionship’. However, Mistress offers (i) loyalty discounts for repeat customers (ii) group rates and discounts for married m/f couples (iii) Pensioner discounts for men over 65 and huge discounts for over 75s (iv) special rates for all females of whatever age or colour, usually half the male equivalent rate.

*** *** ***

Sam sprawled on the bed kissing Steve.

He was alongside her, his tongue coiled in hers.

Between Sam’s widespread thighs, Laura was hunkered down, slurping every drop of both Steve’s loads from her pussy; the stale deposit from the night before and the fresh batch he’d just deposited in her before breakfast. Phew, she needed a nice shower.

But there was no rush. They had the whole day before them. A manic Monday.

“Mmm.” Steve pulled his head back, grinning at her.

She let her head fall back on the pillow and looked up at the ceiling. She was going to cum again soon. Now she’d stopped kissing Chris she noticed the wet slurping sounds being made by Laura’s lips. She smiled dreamily.

Laura’s tongue was doing all the work. Sam arched her back and eased her thighs open as wide as they would go. She tightened her muscles to squeeze out any last gobs of Steve’s cum and turned to look into his eyes again.

“Cum.” He whispered in her ear, nibbling her lobe.

She forced her own eyes to stay open so she could share the exquisite moment with him as she climaxed noisily. This was the life she’d always wanted.

After a hot soapy shower, she towelled herself dry and put on a new silk gown she’d bought herself from an expensive department store. She looked in the mirror, admiring her new cleavage, and put on some blush and mascara.

By the time she got down to the kitchen, Laura was bustling about in her underwear. Her hair was wet and her skin had goose-bumps. The weather was chillier now but it was too early to waste money turning the central heating on.

Sam sat while Laura poured her a cup of peppermint tea and served half a grapefruit.

“If you’re cold, move faster.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Laura’s shower had been freezing and the threadbare towel didn’t dry her properly. Not that it mattered. She would warm up soon enough!

*** *** ***

Q18. Is Slut-2-Fuck available on her own?

A18. Never. Due to the nature of the sessions, her Mistress is always present, but be ensured she stays in the background and encourages full use of the slut.

*** *** ***

At 10.30 a.m., the first of Laura’s clients that day arrived. Sam greeted him, took the ‘tribute’ cash, and settled into the background as usual.

Steve had the screen upstairs on mute. He watched from Sam’s bedroom so the punters wouldn’t be aware of his presence. He was just extra security if the ladies needed any. Sam told him she thought that the volume of Laura’s business could safely increase now Steve was on the team too.

He was glad he’d already given Sam a good seeing to, otherwise he’d have been tempted to jerk himself off. It was shocking, but exciting, watching Laura get down on her knees to blow a complete stranger. The guy was young, late 20s, and not as bad looking as most he’d seen in the albums. Laura was unmasked and so she and the punter could see each other’s faces.

Steve’s view was controlled by Sam. She had a remote handset that controlled the hidden cam in the bookshelves. He studied Laura’s lips sliding up and down the guy’s shaft, feeling himself harden despite having cum earlier.

The blowjob overture lasted a few minutes but the lad had really come for an anal symphony. That’s what he was paying a premium price for. He rolled a condom onto his baton and Laura lay on her back on the sofa. Steve couldn’t hear him but gathered he wanted to bugger her nose-to-nose, so he pushed her knees up towards her ears.

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