female masturbation

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The air, heavy with fog, delivered a bone-cutting chill as I started the long drive to Wildwood at about five in the morning. My Chevy charged through this malaise like a beam of light through the darkness, while I grinned to myself, my long legs stretching out pressing the pedal to the metal.

‘She’s waiting for me,’ I thought. ‘Well she’s worth it, whatever the consequences’ and I visualized her naked body. There was a kind of skip flutter in my chest. I knew damn well we’d be found out and the scandal that followed would haunt me the rest of my life, but I didn’t care. I was sure I loved Megan and knew that with one minor exception, she loved me too.

Gripping the steering wheel tightly in my hands, I tried to formalize my desire for her. ‘If only, I told myself, we could spend more time together, maybe share a sunrise, a shower, a cup of coffee.’

“Shit!” I called out to an empty car; ‘these were things that were doable this week.’ I realized, ‘What about those things that were denied us?’

There were so many questions about this relationship. ‘Did she love me?’ I thought so. ‘Would her love for me be enough to wean her away from her commitment to God?’ I hoped so.

‘Did I really love her?’ I was sure I did. I’d never felt this committed to anyone before. ‘Did I love her enough to keep to a monogamous relationship if we were to marry?’ On that one I wasn’t sure, for right after we’d met again; there I was fucking those eighteen-year olds.

As the miles rolled by I realized I’d never had thoughts like these before. And the letter she’d sent me didn’t leave room for any speculation other than she’d be in Wildwood for a one-week vacation and the second week would be spent with her parents. ‘If only,’ I thought pulling away from a toll on the Parkway, and followed that incomplete thought by trying to formulize my desire for Megan.

‘Shit,’ I told myself, ‘ I want to spend more time with her. And not just because she’s unattainable living in the convent.’

I daydreamed as I drove, and laughed aloud in the car, conjuring up other goals, like waking up in bed together.

Damn it! I wanted a real relationship with Megan, but her vocation made that impossible. ‘Should I settle for less?’ I wondered, and realized how hard I was gripping the steering wheel.

I pulled into my motel around ten in the morning and placed a called to Megan after checking in. She’d been there for two days already, just in case another nun was keeping tabs on her.

Megan answered the phone on the first ring.

“Hello?” Her voice was tentative, as though she didn’t expect me to be on the other end.

“Yeah,” I said, “hi, it’s me.”

“Thank God. Where are you?”

“About a block away at the Reefside.”

“Do . . . do you want to come over?”

” . . . Yeah, I do,” my voice had gone dry on me.

“Please hurry then, Room 345.”

I sprinted over, bettering my best time by 3 or 4 seconds for the short distance. As a consequence I was sweating when I knocked on her hotel door. I told myself it wasn’t nerves.

The door opened so suddenly I almost fell into the room.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, James. I thought you’d never get here and was waiting by the door listening for your footsteps . . .”

“And never heard them . . .” We both smiled at that and I took her in my arms and kissed her. We took our time, getting reacquainted. I found myself memorizing the manner in which she played with my hair. When the kiss ended, Megan licked her lips and smiled. As we parted, stepping back to look at one another her eyes flashed with excitement.

“Something to drink?” She asked, gently rubbing her arm with her hand.


“I have white wine and two cans of beer.”

“White wine is fine,” I replied mentally kicking myself my making my words rhyme.

Megan licked her lips again and thrust out her breasts. As she walked over to the counter to pour our drinks I noted she was wearing a light weight white sweater and jeans.

Handing me a glass she indicated that I should sit on the couch. I did and she joined me, sitting thigh to thigh. Her shoe dangled loosely from her foot. I took a sip, at the same time trying to identify the song playing on the classic rock station. I couldn’t.

Months later, I learned it was Andrea True’s, mega hit from ’76, “More, More, More,” but it had a beat that could only mean one thing. I put my glass down and found myself kissing her lower lip. Then we were going at it heavily. Swirling our tongues, sucking them back and forth as Megan gradually crawled on top of me. Her hand dropped to my leg and felt for my zipper pulled it down, freeing my rigid cock. She was panting in excitement, I was beyond that as she tugged my pants to my ankles and then shucked her own clothes. Her thick black bush greeted me and my hand found her pussy lips swollen and inviting.

“Make me feel like I’m the first woman who’s ever been screwed!” She cried out, rolling over and opening her legs.

I mounted her and eased my straining cock into her. She was more than moist. I slid in easily, feeling her grip me as she wrapped her thighs around me, and began thrusting. Her arms came around my back and we kissed frantically as we fucked, my lips traveling from her mouth to her neck to her ears and back to her mouth again. Her pelvis slammed into me as though she was desperate to finish, causing me some pain.

My hands probed her bulging tits, caressing them, gently squeezing them. Her hands gripped my ass tightly, pulling me deeper within her. The remaining minutes of our lovemaking left the thick scent of woman in the air, and sheen to our skin.

No way was I pulling out of her now. I concentrated on keeping my dick at least in a semi-erect state, thrusting gently within her slimy pussy as we kissed softly. After a minute or three of this I moved to her tits and tenderly sucked on them taking turns, careful not to ignore one at the expense of the other.

“Oh, God,” she said deliciously, “you’re going to kill me if we keep this up.”

Then, “Are you timing this love?” Megan asking teasingly then moaned blissfully as I bite gently on her left nipple. God her pear-sized tits were so firm and pliable.

“No, but I do want to be fair.”

“You’re very considerate.”

“Thank you. Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

“No. How beautiful am I?” She said then giggled.

“You are without a doubt the most beautiful, most desirable woman to ever walk this planet.”

“Well . . . you say the nicest things. Flattery can get you everything . . .”


“Everything. I hold nothing back. I’m completely yours . . . for the rest of the week that is.”


“Language, watch the language. Remember who you’re in bed with.”

I laughed. “We’re not in bed. We’re on the couch.”

“You know what I mean.”

I didn’t answer; instead I enveloped one of her small strawberry tipped nipples and licked it round and round. Her areola, about the size of a quarter, pebbled over and I licked them too.

“Ewe! You are soooo nasty!” She groaned.

“I’ll show you nasty in a few minutes, Honey-Baby, Sugar Pie.”

Megan convulsed with laughter. “Honey-Baby, Sugar Pie, my Irish ass!”

“Another gorgeous part of you, my love,” I laughed in return. “Oh!”


“Can you feel it?”

“What? Ohhhh . . . YES! YES, I can!”

My cock was back in form again and I began to thrust in earnest and her moaning increased in intensity. As my balls slapped against her ass, her fingers were peeling my shirt off and tossing it aside. Megan’s hands roamed over my chest, caressing, pulling on the hairs, and teasing my nipples as we rutted in pure unadulterated lust.

Now I was on top, with her legs on my shoulders, kneading her tits with one hand while two fingers of the other were dipped into her hungrily sucking mouth. She exploded two more times, each one more violent than the last. Then I was pumping furiously as my own climax approached. Megan matched me thrust for thrust, painfully squeezing my ass as I poured my seed into her.

My limp dick flopped out and I backed away from Megan, getting on all fours and lowering my face to her drooling cunt. The smell was nirvana and I buried my face in her, lapping at her not unlike a greedy dog, reveling in the taste of our commingled juices. She shrieked unbelievably when I took her swollen clit between my lips and sucked on it. I kept at her, devouring her cunt. She must have come three more times before pushing me away, crying, “No more . . . please, no more!”

We cuddled up and rested for a while, each of us engrossed in our own thoughts. I knew she was thinking of me and of course, I was thinking about her, and our future, if there was to be one.

Eventually I called in an order for pizza and we sat on the couch, Megan in a robe and me . . . well I stayed naked.

As we were finishing our pizza, she confided that for the past week she’d been experiencing the strangest sensations in her loins. That’s the term she used, her loins.

I smiled as she described those feelings; tingling, itching feelings that evolved into a throbbing need until she was forced to use her hairbrush handle on herself. I was impressed that she could bring herself to tell me about her masturbation since she was so religious, then realized that she was being openly honest with me.

‘Duh!’ I made a mental note to be just as honest and candid with her.

Megan giggled.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“Would it surprise you to know I’d just finished doing it again moments before you called?”

“Really?” Was the best I could come up with at the time.

“That’s because of the goings on from that room over there,” and she pointed to the window opposite the foot of the bed.

“So, tell me.”

“Mmmmm, well at first I heard a kind of muffled squeal of laughter. So I went to the window too look and my heart almost stopped beating.”

“What was it?”

“A young girl, maybe eighteen or nineteen, was sitting back on a rumpled bed. Next to her was this angelic young man, perhaps twenty or so. But what got me so excited was the fact that he had his hand up the girl’s dress. In fact, he had it up under her dress to the elbow!”

“Jesus!” I formed a picture of this tableau.

“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain James.” Megan scolded then smiled.

“And all the while his hand was under there . . . well, it was moving! And I knew . . .”

“He was fingering her pussy,” I finished for her.



Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I got such a hot-itching sensation between my legs that I emptied my suitcase upside down looking for my … brush.”

“What happened with the couple?” I asked, knowing where this was leading.

“They . . . uh, were talking all the time. But I couldn’t understand them. I mean, he was doing most of the talking. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that he was trying to coax her into going further.”

“And the girl?” I asked.

“Well, her face was flushed and she was smiling at him all the while; even nodding her head in agreement. James, even now I’m having difficulty in breathing as I recall them.”

I lowered my hand and found the opening in her robe; my hand lay over her mons. Megan shivered.

“What did she look like?”

“Oh, she was a knockout little blonde. Really, really cute, with a turned up button nose, short hair and a great smile; she had like, really nice teeth.

“Suddenly, I could hear him. He was coaxing her.”

“What was he saying?”

“Ummm, he said . . . ‘Take it out baby. Come on, play with it.”


“She moaned at that and said, ‘I love the feel of your hands on me.’ “

“Did she reach for him then?”

“Yes, she was very careful taking his thing out. I have to say it looked awful big to me, but it wasn’t as big as yours.” Megan giggled. This was having a beneficial result on me.

“When it was out she leaned forward and kissed it, right on the tip. Then she took him in hand and slowly masturbated him. I recall he groaned and said, ‘Ahhh . . . your hand feels sooo . . . good!’ “

“You’re not making this up are you?” I asked.

“No! Oh, no! Then he said, ‘Ohhh, yeah! Play with it baby!’ “

“Look at what this stories done to me, Megan.”

Tittering, she reached for me and began to slowly jerk me off. “Just like this. She was doing it just like this. Like it?”


“Then she whispered something to him that I didn’t catch, but he reached up and unbuttoned her shirt. She shrugged her shoulders and it dropped off. She let go of his thing and unhooked her bra; he was having trouble with the catch. Then she wriggled out of her skirt and removed her panties.

While she was doing that, he removed the remainder of his clothing. When they were both naked, she grabbed his thing again and continued stoking it.”

“Oh, I forgot, she teased him, saying, ‘I bet you jerk off every day.’ and he sheepishly grinned and told her, ‘Yeah, but I’m thinking about you.’ Wasn’t that lovely, James?”

“It’s true. Men do think of women, or a particular woman when they . . .”

“Not all men.”

“Well, sure. The gays are thinking of other men, but it has the same significance. So what happened next?” I asked as my finger began to probe her hole.


“Is James making nice with you?”

“Yes! Did you . . . do you want to try the other side?”

The other side? It had to mean she wanted me to put it up her ass. “Okay,” I said quickly. “Got any oil?”

“There’s a small plastic bottle in the bathroom.”

I got up and retrieved it.

When I returned, she’d lost the robe and was on all fours, presenting her ass to me. As I applied the oil to her beautiful globes she murmured,

“Mmmm, oh yes, that’s soooo nice. Are you gonna wander around back there?”

“Kind of hard to tell where I am with this thick bush of yours.”

“Want me to shave it off?”

“I don’t know. Certainly not now.”


“Gee all this oil makes it kind of squishy …” My index finger entered her anus.


“Do you prefer small circles, or shall I go deep?”

“I’ll continue the story if you confine yourself to small circles.”

“It’s a deal.”

“Oooh, what’s that I feel against my leg?”

“My boner’s back.”


“Megan … please the story?”

“Mmmmm, yes. Ahhhh! You can go in further now. I think I’m ready.”

“Ugh! Ahhhhhh! You are quick to respond.”

“Your pleasure is my prime concern my lady.”

“Mmmmm, where was I?”

“The young couple.”

“Oh, yes. Well, they were moving around on the bed, he punched up the pillows, and lay back against the head of the bed, his knees spread, the girl lay across his chest, gripping him firmly in her hand, her legs open to him, letting him finger her. That’s about when I turned the suitcase over to find my hairbrush.”

“Did you start using it right away?”

“What kind of fool do you think I am? Of course I did. The handle was going to town before I got back to the window.”

“Do you think they saw you watching them?”

“I doubt it. They were so busy with each other and I was kinda still . . . except for . . .”


“Oh! Oh! Oh, James . . .that’s sooo good! YES! Right there! Oh, yes! Ahhhhhh!”

A few moments later I asked, “Did you just cum?”

“I’m not sure. I mean your finger was in my rectum, not my . . .”

“Pussy. Say the word, it’s allowed.”

“My . . . pussy.”

“Say it three times.”


“Go on.”

“Pussy, pussy, pussy. There, are you satisfied?”

“I think you did cum; but not big time, just a medium type, but it felt very good didn’t it?”

“That’s for sure. Anyway, she was breathing, little gasps, his hand was a blur as he moved in and out of her, using his fingers like you use your . . .”


“Right. Cock, cock, cock.”

“Very good,” I said and smiled at her and she leaned forward and licked my dickhead, causing me to groan.

“So . . . you really liked that didn’t you?”

“Yes I did baby. I loved it. Tell the story, but feel free to do that once in a while.”

Megan giggled and licked the underside of my mushroom, then giggled again. “This is really fun, not just pure sex. I never thought . . . oh, well. The little blonde was breathing heavily, and he must have found a good place because she moaned, ‘Ohhh God . . . right there’ followed quickly by, ‘Ohhh, baby! Yeah . . . Gonna cum! Don’t stop! Don’t …stop!’ she crooned, and got off.”

“I lost it too. In fact, I soaked the sheets with my juices. Can I tell you something?”

“You can tell me anything. It stays right here.”

“I put the handle in my mouth and pretended it was you.”


“I licked all the stuff off the handle too. Do you think me bad?” She said contritely.

“No, not at all, maybe a little naughty, but not bad. I love you for telling me this.” And I kissed her.

“Want to hear more, or shall I do this?” And she took the head of my cock between her lips, giving it light, gentle sucks.

“I’m greedy, can I have both?”

“Mmmmm,” and with a soft pop she released my shaft and continued the story.

“By this time, the bedding was off the mattress and she was on all fours, her hands holding loosely to the headboard, her glistening back heaving from her panting as she . . . help me James?”

“Was she taking him in her cunt?”

“No, her mouth.”

“Then she was blowing him, or sucking him.”

“She was sucking him off and I was hot again and began to use the handle on myself. It was so quiet I could hear the slick, slurping noises.”

“Jesus, you should be a writer.”

“Don’t say His name like that. And I am an English teacher, some of the time anyway.”

But she smiled at me and took a long taste of my cock.

“Ummm, I needed that,” she purred, “and the young man groaned and cried, ‘Stop it now. I’ll come if you keep that up’.

Megan gave me another prolonged suck, came up for air, and said, “This is kind of a reenactment of sorts,” and giggled.

“Sorry, I am having soooo much fun here. Oh, the girl says, ‘It’s okay.” But the fella sort of growled, well, not really like he was mad or anything, ya know? And said, ‘No, no! It’s my turn. I get to lick you, and then I wanna cum in you.’ “

“I kind of lost it there for a minute or so. My handle was doing its thing and well . . .”

“I understand, and sent a second finger up her backside. It met no resistance.

“Remember,” I said, “the first time we were together?”

“I was a virgin, James. I hardly knew anything about sex.”

“You were so concerned about losing your virginity you let me do you anally.”

“Well sure!”

“But you did want to do it.”

“I sure did. How many high school seniors get to fool around with guys in their mid-twenties?”

“Not that many, I guess, especially you girls being so religious and all.”

Megan playfully cuffed me.

“But you were agreeable to letting me put it in back there.”

“I had no idea how much it would hurt!”

“True. But I did warn you didn’t I?”

“Sure, but what did I know? I wanted you inside me and that way I kept my virginity.”

“It didn’t hurt for long did it?”

“It sure did. But after a while it was a sort of agreeable pain. I mean it hurt, but still it felt good. And I was making you happy. That counted for a lot.”

“As I recall, we did it every Wednesday when your Mom and Dad went to the movies.”

“Ummm, just like rabbits.”



“Want me to go in there right now?”

She burst out laughing. “I wondered how long it would take you. I’ve been squirming around on those fingers for twenty minutes now. Come on,” she hissed, “Make like a rabbit again.”

I turn to her, “Can you show me you’re ready?”

She smiles, as if she knows she will be hearing this question. Her eyes flick left and right, then beyond and over my head. She turns slightly to her left, towards the sidewall of our booth. Her right hand rises to the neckline of her purple, low-cut dress. Her fingers linger for a long moment, and then curve inside the edge.

She pulls out and down, exposing her right breast. I bite my lip as her beautiful flesh comes into view. She pulls further and her crinkly nipple is revealed. “More,” I whisper, a smile in my voice, and she shifts, raising her left hand to pull wide the other side of the neckline, giving me a wondrous view of both of her full and exciting breasts. She looks down at her display and licks her lips, much as I am doing. I reach out and, with my finger extended, gently massage one little nubbin.

Her pear-shape amethyst pendent nestles perfectly in the deep valley between her breasts. The gemstone’s color is an exact match for the purple of her dress, and looks lovely against her pale, slightly freckled skin. The thought flashes through my head that I want to push it out of the way with my tongue.

An intake of breath and her breasts rise as her lungs fill. She looks down at my finger and exhales slowly. I feel the warmth of her breath on my wrist; the hairs rising in the sensation. Then her eyes lift to look over and behind my head, and quickly she pulls everything back into place, just as our server returns with the check. Her breath is quickening as she realizes how close she is to being seen. Of course, as I am to discover, the server seeing her would only have served as a greater turn-on.

A voice interrupts my thoughts: “I’ll take that, and I’ll see y’all back at the house, ok?” Her husband kisses her on the cheek, stands and walks away, leaving his wife with me.


This is a story wherein I am invited to join a lovely wife and her husband for a Saturday night in their hometown. It involves Bondage, Exhibitionism, Threesomes, and a very erotic scene in which3+ she lets me indulge in a little fetish of mine.


I am standing in the smaller dungeon at our Club. An exquisitely shaped, very cute blonde faces the St Andrew’s cross, being prepared for her Scene; black leather cuffs encircle each wrist and ankle and a Lycra blindfold is wrapped around her head. Her Master has already clipped her ankles and is now stretching to attach her wrists to the upper arms of the cross. The blonde is, of course, naked and I spend a few moments admiring that luscious ass. I catch a flash of color between her legs and kneel a little to get a view. I smile: there are black clothespins attached to her nether lips, a couple on either side of her glistening pussy. No wonder her ass keeps twitching.

The Master, whom I did not know, starts to gently slap a flat embroidered piece of leather against her ass, lightly spanking her. She moans, as do I, but much quieter than she. After all, this is but my third night amongst these people. I had had a wonderful few years playing with my first wife, teaching her to accept my growing Domination and learning to be submissive, but she is no longer a part of my life. I wanted to learn more, so I found and joined the Lifestyle club in my city.

It was intimidating to walk in that first night. I did not know what to expect. My first sight as I opened the front door was a slightly overweight man on the sofa, wearing leather chaps and a matching vest. I smiled to myself, and sidled over to lean on the wall next to the kitchen. Later I would be introduced and he would become one of my best friends.

I was heartily welcomed and made to feel comfortable. Over the course of that first evening, I met and spoke with many people, singles and couples, Dominants and submissives; I witnessed many things, and my mind was, to use the old term, blown. I was in such sensory overload from that night, that after I got home, I made my self come three times. A personal record, of sorts.

I learned many things, had good teachers, and eventually became a respected Master and trusted Dungeon Master. But those are other stories.

So, on this night, I am watching the blonde loose herself in the ministrations of her Master, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn to face Jason. He motions me to step out in to the hall (there is no talking from spectators allowed in the dungeons, good manners and such). I look for Karin, his wife, but she is not there. The three of us had spent a while together in good conversation upstairs before the events of the night started. Jason and Karin are from Columbus, a city about two hours away from Atlanta, and they told me they journey here because there is essentially no Lifestyle activity there at all.

We had a good time talking and joking and getting to know each other. I reminded them that I had thoroughly enjoyed their Scene from last week, wherein Karin had been tied and had received a good spanking, which caused her to come, at least to my eyes, twice. (This was before we had introduced ourselves.) Jason looks a lot like me, a distance runner’s build and with glasses. Karin is mouth watering: full figured, large heavy breasts, luscious hips that lead to an ass that causes my fingertips to twitch, long brown hair, sweet face with a smile that she was born to share with everyone. She wears large glasses, which gives her the Librarian look, which I confess is a bit of a fetish for me.

“Karin and I have been talking,” he starts with assuredness in his voice. “We enjoyed talking to you and Karin likes you, and we’d like to know if you would like to come visit us one weekend soon.”

I am taken aback, not expecting this at all, a little confused, and I say, “That sounds good… uh.” My voice trails off.

Jason continues, “We’ve been looking to find someone to fulfill some of Karin’s fantasies and she wants me to ask if you’d like you to be part of a threesome with us.”

By now I am speechless, thinking I am not believing this. I stutter, try to catch up, get my head in gear and finally am able to say, “Uh, yeah, yes! I would love that, are you sure, I’d love to be part of your fantasy, that would be great…”

Jason smiles at my reaction to his request. He hands me a piece of paper. “Here’s our phone number. We’re taking off now, so call us the first of the week, OK? Cool.” We hug and he goes upstairs. I look back at the blonde, her ass by now a very pleasant pink, regain my composure and quickly climb the stairs myself. I feel I should at least say “Bye” to Karin.

But I don’t see them. They must have left directly as Jason got upstairs. I head for the front door to go outside but someone grabs me to show me some new cuffs they had just gotten and I cannot get out there in time. Oh, well.

Slightly stunned, I return downstairs. I am still holding the paper and I make sure to place it carefully in my wallet. This has suddenly become the most important slip of paper in the world. To be asked to be part of a threesome? This is every guy’s dream. My mind, already perverted, goes into overdrive and I start thinking of all the porn I have collected over the years and I have to admit that I stop on the way home, pull off the road, and bring myself to a big orgasm in the corner of a darkened Publix parking lot.

So, come Tuesday night (don’t want to seem too anxious) I call. At first they are both on the phone and Jason speaks most, going over what they want, and what they will and will not allow. He wants it to be clear that this will be a one-time event and am I ok with that? I make it clear that I understand that I am completing a fantasy for them and they will have to guide me and let me know exactly what they want all evening. I tell them, of course, there are things I would like and they understand that.

In a while Jason hangs up and Karin and I have a long talk about what she likes and wants and needs. I tell her of some of my fantasies and fetishes, and we end by planning on me traveling to meet them on the second Saturday from then. We speak a couple of more times in the days before, and then it is the day to make my trip.

We are to meet at an Applebee’s on the outskirts of Columbus in the early evening, so I leave Atlanta with plenty of time to spare. I do not want to be late for a rendezvous such as this and I arrive about 30 minutes early. Luckily, my car has cruise, otherwise I would have kept speeding up and gotten into trouble. I circle the restaurant, looking, and find just the right parking place. I walk to the entrance and go in. I had made a specific request for Karin to dress in a particular way, so I want a booth that is somewhat private. The hostess lets me look around because I tell her I am looking for my friends. “They’re not here yet, so can we sit in that booth?” I pull out my book, order a Coke and wait. I was already getting hard.

Right on time, Jason and Karin show up. He is dressed the same as me: shorts and polo shirt. Karin, on the other hand, is exquisite. Her hair is down past her shoulders. I had asked if Karin had a certain type of dress and this was it. A vivid purple, sleeveless, a double row of buttons, it hugs her waist, emphasizing her wonderful hips and ass. A deep “V” at the neck shows off an amazing amount of cleavage. She is obviously not wearing a bra, and her bobbing breasts are not held in place by her dress. I notice several people turning to watch her as the two of them walk across the restaurant and slide into my booth, across from me, Karin on the inside.

I have to subtly adjust my shorts, as there is a certain involuntary reaction to her.

We make small talk. They ask if I had any trouble finding the place. I tell them I have not been to Columbus in years, since a company based there and for which I worked went out of business. Then Jason starts talking about plans for the evening, giving me hints: how they want to do certain things for me, how I will do certain things for them, how Karin is expected to entertain him and me. I tell them how much of an honor this is and for them to guide me and let me make this a night for them to remember.

We order and have a nice dinner. “My treat,” Jason insists. We have been here for about an hour, and it is still light outside (summer, y’know) when Jason says it’s time to go. During our phone calls I had asked and received permission for Karin to ride with me back to their place; Jason has no issue with that as he says he needs to run and get some refreshments. Karin had told me that he wants the two of us to be alone at first, as it is a major thrill for Jason to leave his wife with me, knowing that she is out of his control and under my command.

It is then that I turn to Karin and have her expose her tits to me.

“Panties?” my eyebrows lift in the question.

“Of course not, silly,” she whispers, “you said not to, right?”

Jason enjoys Karin’s display and he says they had not realized how much this purple dress lent itself to her exhibitionism and that she will be wearing it often from now on.

Jason leaves. After Karin finishes her tea, I rise and hold out my hand for her. As she stands, I whisper, “I wonder how many people here will notice that you arrived with him and are leaving with me?” Her eyes widen a bit and she says, “We didn’t think about that. These people must think something about me.” I could tell that those thoughts are arousing her.

We walk out of the restaurant and I guide her to my car. I had parked to the back of the restaurant under some trees, in the most secluded spot I could see. My car is at an angle, such that no windows in the building are facing us. Thus, Karin, standing on the passenger side of the car, cannot be seen. I open the door for her but don’t let her sit down yet. I nod my head towards the seat and she smiles as she sees my handcuffs on the seat.

“May I?” She nods, with her smile getting bigger. I pick up the cuffs, open them and turn her to face away from me. She puts her hands behind her back without me so instructing her and I click the chrome bracelets around her wrists. I insert the key and press the latch so they will not ratchet tighter (they are police issue, after all). I turn her back to me and gently kiss her as I caress her breasts thru the purple material. She leans into me and moans, her tongue probing my mouth. Lifting her back she chuckles as I start to unbutton her dress. Not hurriedly, but not leisurely, as I do not want to attract attention, I undo all the buttons and open her dress completely, displaying her naked body to me.

It’s my turn to moan. I have seen her totally stripped but that was in a dimly lit dungeon. Standing in a parking lot, in full daylight, was something very different. Her breasts are heavy and settle on her chest wonderfully. She has a slight pooch to her belly, and it only adds to her voluptuousness. As I have said, her hips are full and her ass, oh, her ass causes my fingers to ache with the desire to squeeze and massage.

And I cannot help but be impressed by Karin’s demeanor: here she is, handcuffed, pretty much totally naked in an Applebee’s parking lot and she is not nervous, not looking around to see who might be watching her, just paying total attention to me and to what I want to do to her.

I help her into my car. I get in behind the wheel and gather her dress on either side of her, not allowing her to be covered at all. Since her hands are cuffed behind her, I reach across and clip the seatbelt around her.

I insert the key but do not start the engine. I lean over and place my hand between her thighs, pushing them apart. She complies and spreads her legs and I run my finger over her nether lips. She is not shaved but her hair is trimmed very short, and her lips are not hidden at all. The inner lips are standing out from the outer, evidence of her arousal.

Her belly is pulsing as I touch her and I can see her pussy lips glisten as her breath quickens. I gather some of her juice on my fingertips and raise them to my mouth, licking my fingers clean. She tastes exquisite, and I tell her that I look forward to tasting her more. She giggles and says, “I want your tongue in my pussy, too. I bet you are really good at eating pussy.” I smile and start the car, put it in gear and leave the parking lot.

The trip to their house is about fifteen minutes and my hand spends most of the drive between her legs. I repeatedly raise my hand to my mouth, tasting her pussy. I even share with her, wetting my fingers and placing them in her mouth, forcing her to taste her own pussy. She slowly, deeply sucks them clean of her moistness. Her inner lips extend further and I pull on them, lightly pinching, using her juices to let them slip through my fingers.

As we get closer to their neighborhood, Karin asks me to cover her, in case any neighbors are outside. Respectful of her wishes, I of course comply, but as soon as we are in their garage and out of the car, I stand her up and rearrange her dress. I pull the shoulders off and behind her, baring her breasts, and gather the skirts around to the small of her back and thread the cloth over her hands, exposing her hips and ass.

We have gotten home sooner than Jason. Dressed as she is, Karin still gives me a short tour; their house is very nice, two stories, an open floor plan. I had told them I would want to shower when we get to their house as I had spent the day traveling. Karin, still cuffed, shows me the hall bath where there are towels already out for me. I thank her and lead her back to their living room. In front of the fireplace I help her to her knees. I fish the handcuff key out of my pocket and hold it in front of her mouth.

“Open up.” Her lips open and I place the key between. “Hold it so Jason can find it, OK?” With the key in her mouth, I kiss her on the forehead and go back to the bathroom and have a nice shower, getting presentable. I slip on shorts and t-shirt, and stay barefoot.

I head back to the living room, to find Jason on one of their sofas, wearing just some shorts. My cuffs are on the table. “I like your cuffs, nice. I released Karin and sent her to change into something you might like.”

As we have a few moments while Karin is getting ready, I pull out the gift I had brought. Thru a friend in California I had obtained an unedited version of “Smoker,” which was the last of the great bondage adult films made in the early ’80s, starring John Leslie, Ron Jeremy and Sharon Mitchell. Seems the Feds had decreed that bondage was OK and hardcore sex was OK, but not the two together. “Smoker” was available on the video market but only in a heavily expurgated version, striking out all the neat stuff.

For example, there is a scene in which Troye Lane is tied, arms and legs spread, in a doorway. Ron Jeremy and Eric Edwards take turns with her, ultimately performing a DP on her. The camera is on the floor, looking up and it is quite easy to see the two cocks penetrating Troye, one in her ass, one in her pussy.

In the edited version all we see is Edwards from behind, pumping into her rear. Boring.

Even more infamous is Sharon Mitchell’s suspended spread-eagle. In the edited version, Ron walks into the basement and finds Sharon about waist high above the floor, supported only by rope, facing up, her head hanging down. And that’s it, all you see, cut to the credits. In the original, Ron spends time fucking her pussy, then her mouth, as she sways in the ropes. She is totally helpless and can do nothing as Ron shoots all over her face and then hurriedly leaves the room as the Hero (John Leslie) enters to save her from the dastardly villains. But, he’s too late, heh, heh. So, he helps himself to Sharon, much to her “dismay.”

I had seen a clip from “Smoker” on an episode of HBO’s Real Sex and that is what led me to find someone who had access to this great film. Of course, now in the late two thousand oughts, there is bondage and sex everywhere, no holds barred.

But I digress: while Jason and I are waiting for Karin, I put in the tape and let it run. He has never heard of the film and Jason is amazed at what is on the screen. I fast-forward to Sharon’s scene and he says, “We have got to try that. Gotta install some eyebolts in the ceiling of the basement, hmmm.” He looks thoughtful and I tell him when he’s ready, I’ll be available, of course.

So, we sit and talk. He tells me that every August they send their daughter to Karin’s parents for the month and take advantage of their time alone. They compress a year’s worth of adventure into the month and have a wonderful time with each other. They go to Atlanta each weekend and love the life in my hometown. While we talk, I look around their living room; I see, at one end of the room several bookcases. Spread out on two shelves are various toys: ropes, dildoes, plugs, vibrators, clamps, floggers and a few things made of leather that I do not recognize.

Then Karin enters the room. I have seen such outfits in magazines but I was thrilled to see her dressed in a classic French maid’s outfit: black frilly skirt with white lace underneath, a little cap on her head, her breasts supported by underwire cups, her nipples exposed over a tight corset. Black fish-net thigh-highs and black stiletto heels complete the outfit. Still wearing her glasses, she is beautiful. She asks if she might serve us, and what might we like? I ask for a Coke and Jason wants a beer. In just a minute she is back with a tray with two glasses. She graciously holds out the tray for me; I lift the glass and thank her. She smiles and turns to Jason. She leans over to present the tray to him and the back of the short frilly skirt lifts.

I choke a little as her ass comes into view under the white lace. She leans further and it becomes obvious there are no panties blocking my view. She keeps her legs straight, fully bending at the waist and her pussy shows itself to me, the thin silky cleft open to my gaze. She knows what she is doing: looking back over her shoulder, she spreads her legs slightly to allow me a better view. I am tempted to reach out and touch but I just sit and savor her display.

She stands, turns to me and gives a sly smile. Jason knows what I have seen, as he has gotten the same view when she served me. Karin sets the tray down on the table and walks to the middle of the room. She slowly sinks down, spreading her legs to settle on the carpet. She crosses her legs at the ankles and fluffs her skirt; she leans back with her arms behind, supporting her. This lifts the skirt and leaves her pussy open to our view.

Jason speaks with pride in his voice. “Karin knows she is to display herself for us, for our entertainment. She is to serve us and take care of us, while we watch her.” I ask if I could speak to her, and he nods.

“Karin, tell me how you like me watching you and staring at your pussy. I know you like showing yourself and I think you look wonderful.”

“Jason likes for others to see me. He likes it and I like it too. It turns me on to show myself, and have people watch me, just like you’re doing.” She smiles as she says this, and her hand creeps between her legs to caress her lips. Her thighs open and her fingers move up and down slowly, spreading her flesh. I can see her wetness.

Meanwhile, the video had stopped. Jason tells Karin that there is something she should see. He rewinds to the section with Ron and Sharon and as she watches Sharon getting fucked in mid-air Karin’s fingers move a bit faster and a bit deeper into her own cunt.

Jason and I talk about nothing as we watch Karin pleasuring herself. I lose the conversation as she stares at the screen and her fingers start to move quickly and she leans further back on the one arm.

“Karin,” Jason speaks to her. “We can tell you are enjoying yourself but why don’t you take care of your guest for a while?” She tears her eyes away from the screen and slowly focuses on me. Not standing, but on her hands and knees she crawls over to where I am sitting on the sofa. She leans over and kisses my knees; she spends a while rubbing my legs, almost giving me a massage. She kisses and licks the insides of my thighs.

Her hands are so warm and I am hard as could be, when she reaches up to my shorts and unbuttons and unzips and pulls and drags them off my hips. My erection catches in the cloth and is pulled down. She pauses, frees me, and finally pulls my shorts down and off my feet. She pulls on my hips, sliding me down, my ass on the edge of the cushion. She rises on her knees, reaches up and lifts my shirt up and over my head.

I am naked in front of these two people, but my attention is solely on Karin, as she settles back on her heels and lowers her head to my lap. She holds me pointed up and pulls me into her mouth and I gasp as the warmth and wetness of her mouth envelops me. I look down and watch my cock disappear into her mouth. I cannot believe what I am experiencing. This girl, whom I had only met days ago, is sucking me as her husband sits only feet away. I feel movement to my right and turn to see Jason getting off his sofa to come sit on the arm of mine, close to us, to get a better view of his wife going down on me.

She teases me, moving slowly, sinking down to bury me in her mouth, rising up till only my cockhead remains between her lips. She lifts up and her tongue extends to tickle my little cum-hole. She reaches out to grasp my hands to hold them at my sides. She tells me later she did not want me to hold her head; not that she didn’t want me pushing her, but that she wants to tease me, to allow her to take a long time.

But Karin’s plan to take her time does not work as I begin to lose control, my breath comes faster and my hips start to rise to meet her mouth. She never increases her tempo, only moves to take me deeper into her. She tightens her grip on my hands, holding me firm. Again I notice movement and I see Jason move behind her. He unzips the back of her maid’s outfit and draws it down to her waist, exposing her chest and belly, then moves back to the arm. She raises her head, letting me drop from her mouth. She looks at my wide eyes.

“I’m going to make you come now and I want to shoot your cum all over my tits. I love to have my tits covered in cum, and you are going to be so hot all over me.”

She lowers her head, taking only my cock-head between her lips and starts using her hands. She sucks tight, holding me with her lips, and her hands accelerate up and down, squeezing. I am so close, and I try to hold on just a few moments longer, she feels so wonderful. And then…

I open my mouth and a wordless, loud, “Aaaah,” pours from me. I feel my hips buck and I loose all awareness from the sensation of the powerful jets of cum erupting from my core. I can feel each spurt and then I cannot tell where I am for a long moment.

I come back, to feel her hands massaging my still hard cock. My jaw is hanging open and my breath is fast and I can feel my eyes still bulging. Looking down, I see her pressing me between her breasts, squeezing the white liquid out. Her beautiful breasts are covered in my juice and she takes one hand from my cock and starts to rub it over her breasts, smearing in my warm cum. She is moaning just as much as I am, and she is looking down to watch herself rubbing my liquid into her skin.

“Ok, that was pretty hot,” I hear Jason say, as he reaches to stroke his wife’s hair. “She’s pretty good at that, isn’t she?”

I look up at him and grin. “Fuck, yeah.”

“You just sit there, while I have her take care of me.”

I nod, and Karin stands up, leans over to kiss me and then hands me my Coke. The shininess of her chest, coated with my cum, is amazing. She continues to play with her tits, rubbing the wetness.

Jason walks over to the side of the room and picks up a tall stool. He places it front of the sofas, and then picks up some rope from the shelf. He orders Karin to stand and completely remove the French Maid’s outfit. She turns and presents herself to me as she slides the outfit and the stockings down and off, to stand totally naked in to front of me. She looks beautiful and her tits glisten from my moisture.

Jason takes her hand and leads her over to the stool. She stands next to it and places her hands on the seat, spreading her legs to the outside. Jason kneels and, wrapping the rope around her ankles, secures her legs to the legs of the stool. She leans over and places her belly on the seat, her hair falling down around her face.

“Oops, forgot,” says Jason. He reaches over to the shelf and picks up a hair elastic. Handing it to Karin, she pulls her hair back into a ponytail and then resumes her position over the stool. Jason has some more rope and he pulls her hands down and wraps them also, securing her completely to the stool, supported on her belly. Her head hangs down, her hair falling to the side. Her ass is fully exposed, the twin white globes calling my attention.

I stand and walk around behind her to enjoy the view. Being tied to the stool legs forces her thighs wide and her asshole is exposed for our admiration. Her pussy lips are clinging together but I can see a trickle of pale liquid as it seeps down towards her clit. I reach and run my finger upwards from the front of the luscious cleft up to her ass, resting for a moment on her little bud. She moans.

Her breasts hang down, dangling from her chest. Her nipples are very erect and I flick them and watch as the globes swing back and forth, side-to-side. I pinch her crinkled nubs and pull down, causing her to groan. I can feel the stickiness of my cum.

Speaking to me, Jason says, “This is one of her favorite positions. I can play with her pussy, her ass and especially her mouth. She pulls hard on the ropes but can never get anywhere.” He pats her ass and continues with a smile, “and it allows me to give her one of her likes. I’m not that much into spanking her but she really enjoys it. We’ve learned to share, which means that she lets me indulge in one of my favorite things, which is not one of hers.”

I raise my eyebrows at that, and tilt my head, but he just says they’ll show me later, with a little chuckle.

Jason stands on Karin’s left side and slowly caresses her cheeks. Then raising his right hand, he brings it down with a faint slap. Her head comes up, and there is a sudden intake of breath. He strikes her other cheek, with the same reaction. For the next few minutes he alternates from one cheek to the other, turning them into a sweet but intense pink, his strikes getting harder and louder. This is not the first time I have seen a spanking but I find the sounds of the slaps to be very erotic.

Her gasps have turned into moans and she is wiggling side-to-side but not with the intent of escaping his hand. All this time I have been tweaking and pinching her nipples, which only adds to her distraction. Finally Jason slows and puffs on his hand, smiling as he shows how pink his palm is also.

With that he takes position behind her and, using both hands, spreads her cheeks. Moving around, I can see that her lips are now spread and Jason moves in with his cock to hit her opening dead center.

Because of her wetness, he has no difficulty entering, and with one thrust sinks deep inside her. I am fascinated, because even with all the porn I have seen in my life, this is the first time that I had ever actually witnessed someone else actually fucking. Still standing to her side, I look down at Karin and she is tilting her head, looking up at me, lust in her eyes and her head bobbing back and forth from Jason’s movements.

“You like? You like seeing him in my cunt, fucking me?” She is slightly breathless, and grunts each time Jason thrusts into her. I put my hand on the top of her head and stroke her hair, pulling it to her back. She moans at my touch and raises her head to press against my hand. Jason holds on tighter to her hips and pushes harder into her.

Karin turns her head to me again and says, “Come around into front of me, I want you in my mouth again.” Holy cow, I say to myself. It has been about twenty minutes since I had squirted on her chest, but the sight of the two of them fucking in front of me has me erect again. I move to stand in front of her face and lift her head by pulling on her ponytail.

Her face rises, her jaw drops, she stretches her neck and I insert my cock into her mouth for the second time. “That’s great,” comes from Jason, as he and I start to time our thrusts into his wife, entering and withdrawing together, filling her cunt and mouth simultaneously. Her wet warm mouth surrounds me and I meet Jason’s eyes and we smile at each other, standing on either end of his spit-roasted wife.

Time slows for me and we spend a while fucking her. He holds her hips and thrusts into her, his hips slapping her ass with a smacking sound. I support her head in both hands, so as to relieve her neck muscles and hold her so her throat is in line with my cock as I try to get deeper into her.

As exquisite as her mouth feels, I am not going to come again this soon, but that is not the case with Jason. Watching his wife make me come has evidently brought him close to his edge and his orgasm is not long in arriving. His thrusts into her are becoming faster and I can see his hands tightening and gripping her harder. He is pulling so hard that the stool itself is starting to rock. I can smell her pussy and can distinctly hear the squishing sounds as his cock slides in and out of her. I can tell he is affecting her, as her mouth is not as tight around my cock as a few moments before. Her breath is coming faster, as is his. I can see his eyes rolling up and he is groaning louder, and then with a loud “Fuck” he slams his hips into hers such that my cock is amazingly pressed further into her mouth.

I back out of her mouth slightly to let her breath and then I fall out of her mouth as she receives his cum in her pussy, and she is quite vocal. “Oh, god, oh god, I can feel you in me, oh that’s wonderful, fill me with your cum, Oooh!” His only sounds are a guttural string of grunts and he pulls back and slams into her harder, so that her head presses against my belly, as his cock empties itself. Her scent becomes stronger and I catch the odor of his cum mixed with her juices and again I marvel how fantastic this is to be sharing this moment of sex with others.

He slows and her head falls and she relaxes. He bends over her back to catch his breath and I step back. He kisses her between her shoulder blades. She hums at the gentle contact. I continue to stroke her hair and as before, she presses her head into my hands, just as a kitten does, enjoying the touch.

Jason finally rises and pulls back and I watch as dollops of cum drip from his softening cock. I think to myself that I would love to see her cunt covered in his cum, as his juices flow out of her, but I think it not too seemly to step behind her to take in the view my imagination provides.

After a moment Jason steps back and says, still catching his breath, “She always makes me cum so hard, her pussy just grips so tight, you’ll find out in a while, I promise.” He smiles at that, and I could hear Karin moan at those words.

“I know she wants to cum now,” Jason says, “but she doesn’t orgasm easily from her pussy being fucked. You need to watch this.” She twists her head around to speak to him. “Can I now, you’re going to let me come now?” with a bit of a whine in her voice.

“Yes, sweetheart, we want to watch you take care of yourself.”

“Hmmm, yes.”

Jason kneels beside her and starts to untie her wrists. She has been draped over the stool for about thirty minutes now and is probably a bit stiff. I move behind her and kneel to untie her ankles. This puts me in the position I want and I have a close-up view of my first creampie. Her freshly fucked pussy is beautiful: her lips are swollen and puffy and there is a trickle of white liquid slowly seeping out from between. The scent is powerful and I inhale, enjoying the sight of her used sex.

As Karin stands she stretches and flexes her back. Jason hugs her and she snuggles into him, with a satisfied hum escaping her lips. I stand back to allow them this moment. Again I marvel that I am involved in their fantasy. In my mind, I have the biggest grin that just will not quit

“On your knees, sweetheart,” he says to her. She sinks down to the soft carpet and sits on her heels as he reaches over to the cabinet again. He hands her first a slim blue vibrator and then a dildo that is about six inches long; it is realistic, flesh colored, with a set of large balls at the base. She takes the two items as he picks up a strip of cloth. Karin holds her hair up and I see that the cloth becomes a blindfold as Jason ties it around her head. He pushes her to twist a bit to her right so that her back is to the sofa. He catches my eye and we sit down.

In a low voice, he tells me, “Karin loves to come from my tongue, but her biggest orgasms are when she plays with herself. Her ass is real sensitive so she uses the dildo there and the vibe on her clit. She can come several times like this, it is so cool to watch her.”

It is evident that Karin soon forgets we are there. She turns the vibrator on high and runs it between her legs and holds it there. She moans and gasps as the sensations catch her and she rocks back on her heels and pinches her nipples with her free hand. Her head rises and her face faces the ceiling. Soon comes the sight that amazes me.

She feels on the floor for the dildo and, as she presses the vibrator into her pussy, she starts to lick and suck on the fleshy object, getting it wet. I see her spit covering it and she reaches around behind her. She leans forward and places it between her cheeks. As Jason has her facing away from us, we have a good view as she presses the head against her little rosebud. She presses and twists and again brings it to her mouth to get it wet again.

She pushes it against her backside harder and then somehow braces the base against the floor and at the same time pushes back and I can see her smaller hole open to accept the silicone cock. Her ass slowly opens and the dildo seems to take forever to enter and her groans become louder and higher pitched. About half the length disappears and she starts a rocking motion, pushing back on the cock, letting the floor support the end as she presses it deeper into her anal canal. At the same time, she presses the vibrator into her pussy and her head raises and falls back and she starts to make sounds that are not words but make it plain to Jason and me how she feels.

I see how she uses the floor to press the dildo into her ass as her hips rock back and forth, and since she does not have to hold the cock, her other hand is free to pinch and pull her nipples. She raises and lowers her hips and the dildo slips in and out of her ass hole, and I am without words watching it. She sits back further and eventually the full length enters and the large fake balls press against her cheeks.

I am amazed that the entire six inches are buried in her rear. She stays in the leaning back position and just grinds her ass against the fake cock while pressing the vibe deeper in her cunt. Her voice gets louder and less coherent, becoming just babbling sounds.

And then her torso tenses and stiffens as her orgasm strikes, but she does not stop moving, her hips continuing to rock. Her moans and groans climb in pitch and become a constant keening as she comes a second time a few seconds after.

Her cheeks press down to the floor, with the rubber cock entering her ass completely, her ring of muscle gripping the base next to the fake balls. Her gyrations become more pronounced and her sounds increase and I count at least three times that she brings herself to orgasm. Finally, at long last, she seems to have enough and she slows and her hips stop rocking. Her hand falls away from her breasts and the vibrator falls to the floor beneath her pussy. She leans forward to rest her head on the floor, which leaves her hips and ass raised. It is fascinating to watch the dildo ease itself out of her. Her rosebud relaxes and the dildo shows its length, and thumps to the floor.

Karin leans over, knees bent and rests on her chest, her head to one side and her breathing slowly returning to normal. After a minute or two her hand comes up and she pulls off the blindfold and grins, as she looks at the two of us, sitting on the sofa, a totally entranced audience, my jaw on the floor. There is nothing I can say, and I just shake my head at the total and complete eroticism of what I have just witnessed. Jason kneels next to her, offering her a sip of his drink as she finally catches her breath. She slowly falls to recline on her side and I also kneel beside her, caressing her back and telling her how amazing it is to see her like that.

After a while Jason helps her to sit on the sofa between us and, since all three of us have had our orgasm, we rest for a while. I notice it is getting dark outside. Jason re-starts “Smoker” and we enjoy John Leslie; I opine that he could have been a mainstream actor, he was that good. Karin gets some snacks and refreshes our drinks and we relax and talk, centering on how much I enjoyed watching Karin do herself. In a while, Jason says we should all head towards their bedroom.

“Hey, first I want to take a shower and get fresh for y’all,” Karin says. “I wanna get a bit clean so you two can make me all dirty and messy again, is that all right?” I eagerly nod my head rapidly and she giggles. Jason suggests that we all grab a quick shower. I agree that is a good idea.

She leans over and kisses first Jason, then me. She walks out, down the hall and I watch her ass sway as she leaves us.

Jason turns to me.

“We’re going to need your knot tying skills for this,” Jason says, “she wants to be tied to the bed so you and I can fuck her some more.”

“Sounds totally great to me. Just spread-eagled, tied down, what?”

September 2009

I should have known how things were going to end the moment Adam took his wallet out. We’d been dating for over a year and had gotten comfy with one another’s mannerisms and foibles to the extent we were very couply so anything out of the ordinary meant trouble. In a good way. It was our scheduled regular night in: food and wine in front of a DVD. Except it appeared he had other ideas.

We’d been drinking a little during dinner and I was what one of my colleagues often referred to as ‘socially relaxed’. Adam stood up in front of me in his typically nerdy attire — as if to quell any doubt, his T-shirt sported the large phonetic spelling of ‘geek’. With boyish charm wrapped in a lanky frame, balanced by an off-the-wall sense of humour, I adored my geek.

He counted twenty out of his wallet and handed it down to me. I looked up at him, puzzled. “Since when do I get housekeeping? What’s the catch?”

A sly grin broke out on his face. “Go upstairs and change. You can wear anything you choose, but twenty says I have some say in your outfit.”


He counted the rules on his fingers. “One: short skirt or dress; Two: hold-ups; Three: heels.”

“Is that it?”

“Yep. Everything else — your choice of top and underwear — is entirely up to you. Show me your sexy side.”

“Which side would that be?”

“All of them.”

“What are we going to do? So I can dress appropriately.”

“You’ll find out.”

“Not even a clue?”

He shook his head and proffered the cash. I had to trust him. The glint in his eye said it would be worth it.

“Deal,” I said, snatching the notes from his hand. I stood and kissed him quickly then ran upstairs.

He called up after me, “Bring the money back down.”

On the way up I was smiling to myself at how easy it was going to be, but by the time I reached the bedroom I’d altered my outlook. The trouble is that when someone says you can wear anything at all, suddenly it becomes difficult to make a decision.

Standing in front of the wardrobe, I pondered. Heels and hold-ups went well with my very short black skirt because the band at the top of the hosiery would just be visible beneath the hem. It was an attractive proposition that was sure to make his blood boil, but it wasn’t very subtle. That could be a last resort in case nothing else presented itself. I had a couple of evening gowns from various functions and balls I had attended over the years, but what if they were too theatrical or too fussy for whatever he had planned?

I thumbed the hangers. There were plenty of regular dresses for different seasons but there was always something wrong with each one: too long, too elaborate, too flimsy, too everything. Decisions, decisions. Eventually I whittled it down to a handful of choices but it took a few attempts at holding each garment against me to decide that my black floral print dress with the integral belt would be the one. It made me feel glamorous and less like a trophy date than the alternatives.

Stripping to my underwear I admired myself in the full-length mirror. The gym sessions had started to pay off at last, and as I flexed my tummy muscles felt satisfaction at the results. Trim but not thin; lithe yet curvy in the places men paid most attention, and now — thanks to my regular encounters with the rowing machine — with stamina to match my burgeoning sexual appetite. Adam had really started to bring out the animal in me recently and the extra energy meant I found it easier to keep up with his physical demands.

I unhooked and discarded my bra in a corner of the room and cupped my ample boobs with petite hands. The pale pink nipples pointed straight out and topped large, toffee-coloured areolas perched on my soft, fleshy mounds. Was there a hint of sag about them now, or was it my imagination? I wasn’t getting any younger, but hoped the latter held true.

Sifting through my bra collection I contemplated the options. Underwired: definitely. Balcony: why not accentuate? Lace: without a doubt. That left me Hobson’s choice, which suited me just fine. At least one decision was easy.

Fastening the clasp, the burgundy bra felt snug against my breasts, taking up their weight as it performed the lift and separate task. I studied the effect in the mirror and made some adjustments to let the alabaster upper surface spill a little. Perfect, I smiled. Up and out, just as men like them. Now for the panties.

I rummaged the drawer looking for some that would deliver the right message: if I was going to dress up I was determined to do it properly. I adored dressing up, even just for a dinner date at a cheap local restaurant with Adam, so to be paid for doing something I loved was my kind of heaven. The unsettling feeling that there had to be a catch somewhere along the line tugged at my subconscious, but I trusted Adam so did my best to push such thoughts aside and concentrate on making the most of my assets for him.

My underwear choices were my dark grey boy-shorts with a blackberry trim, the damson cotton panties with a cutesy bow at the front, a deep purple piece of fabric that tied at the sides and left little to the imagination, a burgundy thong, or something completely wacky like Spongebob Squarepants knickers.

Eeny meeny miny moe. Although the colour wasn’t quite the same match as the bra, I was drawn to the piece of flimsy material and nodded to myself. I’d been wearing a thong all day so something a little out of the ordinary would be a welcome change. And these were sexy as hell and didn’t often leave the drawer.

Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my thong I watched myself slide the garment slowly down, feeling it snap out from between my tight buttocks, rolling it onto my thighs then down the remainder of my long legs to pool at my feet. I stood there momentarily, observing the way the burgundy bra enhanced the rise and fall of my breasts with my breathing. Passing a critical eye over my stomach and curvaceous hips I turned left then right, pouting a little, sucking in my belly. I still had some work to do, but Adam didn’t seem to notice. He’d notice even less once those tiny panties were on. Or off.

My gaze fell lower. Nestled between my legs was the object of Adam’s desire: my virtually hairless pussy. A small two-inch-wide tuft of fur covered the area above my clit which Adam enjoyed nuzzling against as he went down on me. I’d begun shaving at his request on my 30th birthday, not long after we’d met. The act made us both so hot that we spent the afternoon in bed and, to make it fair, I shaved him too, enjoying the feel of his hair-free balls resting in my mouth as I swirled my tongue over their wrinkled surface. I shuddered in warm remembrance and stepped fully out of my thong.

After I had positioned the purple scrap of material over my smooth nether lips and gingerly tied the straps I stepped back to admire myself, front and back. I liked what I saw and was sure Adam would too: the panties barely covered the important bits. I sat on the edge of the bed and chose some opaque hold-ups, then guided them over my small feet and shapely calves to their resting place, snapping each of the cool black bands against my slender thighs. They made my legs look sleek and lean and I felt powerful, making a mental note to wear them more often.

Time for the shoes. There was no contest here: my most recent acquisition was a pair of Louboutin heels that added around four inches to my height. After slipping them on, I stood. That made quite a difference to the overall effect. My bottom jutted out provocatively and the angle of the instep ensured my breasts were thrust even further forward and skyward. Was he in for a surprise!

Eager now to show off I quickly pulled the dress over my head and zipped it, tying the belt behind me. Twirling to let the dress spin and float back to caress my sheer thighs I decided I needed some final touches. Lipstick: red of course. A delicate Tiffany chain around my neck to direct his gaze if the bra and low-cut dress were too subtle. A pair of silver stud earrings and some dabs of perfume behind my knees and between my breasts. I squirted a little for my neck too, then combed my dark hair so it half covered my face and danced over my shoulders, finishing midway down my back.

I grabbed the cash from the bed and a final check in the mirror confirmed what I already knew: Adam wouldn’t stand a chance to get through whatever he had planned. I was far too irresistible.

That was where I had underestimated him.

As I descended the stairs carefully in my black heels and entered the living room I found him sat on one of our straight-backed kitchen chairs in the centre of the room. The air smelled faintly of struck matches, the only light now the soft glow from the lamp on the sideboard, and the mantelpiece lined with flickering candles. It was still warm for September so there was no need for the heating or the fire.

From the state of things it looked as if the evening had been a while in the planning. His T-shirt and jeans were gone and he’d changed his entire apparel. He was now wearing a black dinner jacket, crisp white shirt and a chequered tie. I stopped in my tracks and he looked up at me in the doorway. A hungry smile spread across his lips and he uttered one word:


I grinned and approached. “Not too shabby yourself. Are we going out?”

As I stepped into his space ready for some heavy petting he commanded me to stop. “Where’s the money?”

I handed the rolled up currency over to him, which he unfurled, smoothed a little and folded in two. He then reached for me, slid the hem of my dress ever so slowly up my thigh at one side until the top of the hold-up was visible against the backdrop of my creamy thigh and slid the money behind the band. It felt cold next to my leg.

“That’s yours to keep. You’ve earned it already,” he breathed. “You look stunning.”

I shivered at the compliment and beamed, glad to have pleased him. Part of my psyche yearned approval and it was deeply satisfying to receive it, even if he was biased. There was no time for further reflection, though. Adam reached into his trouser pocket, retrieved his wallet and counted out another twenty. He folded it just like the other one, pushed the hem of my dress up the other leg and tucked the cash behind the band of the opposite hold-up.

“Twenty says you’re to go to the stereo and choose some pieces of music; two minimum. Turn it up then come back here.” He paused and looked up at me. “I want a lap dance.”

My eyes widened and I started to protest. “What?! I don’t even know what a lap dance is! How can I do something I’ve nev…”

Adam held up his hand to silence me. “I don’t want to hear it. I’ve never had a lap dance before either so I have no idea what to expect. You have carte blanche to create your own version and tease me with it. I told you I wanted to see your sexy side and I meant it. I’ve paid and expect a good return on my investment.”

I stood there open-mouthed. So this was his game. To treat me like a paid-for service. The idea caught in my mind as I imagined him using me later for his pleasure, hot bodies sliding against one another, him panting heavily in my ear, biting the lobe gently as we prepared to make love. Before I had time to take the scene further in my head, Adam continued.

“If you really are stuck, I’ve printed some tips I found on a web site. They’re in front of the stereo.”

I exhaled heavily despite not realising I’d been holding my breath. I stared at him for a few seconds longer hoping he was going to break into a grin and say he was kidding.

No such luck. His hazel eyes were unwavering, watching me consider the proposal. He knew I could call it off and he’d simply back down; that was the nature of our relationship: open and honest, nothing forced. But his expectation would be for me to accept the challenge and see it through. Part of me was surprised he’d asked. I knew it was a fantasy of his but for some reason never thought he’d deem me the type of girl to deliver it. I didn’t dance as a rule, and hadn’t enough alcohol in me to even consider it a dare. But I felt inexplicably flushed; I guessed partly from the anticipation of what Adam had requested and partly excitement from dressing up for him.

I looked across at my wine glass on the mantelpiece, the crystal sparkling in the candlelight, wondering if Dutch courage was the missing ingredient. For a moment I considered the situation he had created; him resembling a well-dressed movie star and me his date, with money stuffed into my hold-ups like some cheap hooker. Was I ready for this; to be his harlot for the night? A voice inside me — probably fuelled by the earlier wine — said yes and made me strut decisively across the room to the fireplace, directly past his field of vision. The candlelight cast soft distorted shadows of me on the far wall and his gaze took in the sight as I reached out to lift the wine glass he had refilled, bringing it to my deep ruby lips. I sipped and felt the tartness of the tannin in my cheeks and long warmth of the red as it slid down my throat. It was difficult to beat the Australian Shiraz.

Over the rim of the glass I looked at him sat in the chair, waiting patiently for me. Would I live up to his expectations or make a fool of myself? There was only one way to find out. With steely determination to do it right I replaced the glass and heel-toe, heel-toed my way past him to the stereo with as much grace as I could muster in the shoes; the thin spikes echoing off the laminate floor in the room. Normally so familiar, tonight the shoes felt borrowed.

In front of the stereo, as Adam had claimed, was a piece of paper which I skim-read. It listed seven lap dancing tips that didn’t sound as difficult as I’d feared, truth be told. I went through each in my head, imagining trying them out, picturing the positions I’d have to put myself in to make them happen. Perhaps this wasn’t so daunting after all.

I put the paper to one side and browsed our music collection by track, clicking and scrolling, discarding songs as I went: too fast, too slow, wrong mood, wrong lyrics. I hadn’t even reached the ‘C’ section when two records stood out, both close to one another. The titles both began with ‘B’ and the artists both an ‘A’. Belle and Adam. Was it a sign? I envisioned them playing; me dancing in time to the beats as he sat there desperate to touch me but unable to do so. A slow smile grew across my lips. Yes. They were the ones. I cued both tracks up and rotated the volume dial. The neighbours were going to have to just deal with it.

My heart fluttered as I thought of what I was about to do for the next ten minutes. If a lap dance was what he wanted, a lap dance was what he’d get. With a coolness I didn’t know existed in me I slowly paraded back to the centre of the room and stood a couple of feet away from Adam, facing him. Our eyes locked. Tip number one had said I should always maintain eye contact as much as possible. Tip two I was about to try for the first time in my life.

I lifted my arm and pointed it straight over his head at the stereo. I fingered the play button on the remote control for a few seconds letting him wonder what was going through my mind, then pressed and threw the remote behind me into the armchair. I caught the rhythm of the 8 count-in by gently nodding my head and then began to fling my hair from side to side as AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ spewed from the speakers. I raised my arm and pointed at him, dropping my chin to give my best “I want you” face, and started to gyrate my hips in time to the music. Slightly awkward and self-conscious at first, after a few bars and seeing the look of amazement and adulation on Adam’s face I loosened up. By the time the lyrics kicked in I was well and truly into the swing of things.

My confidence grew and my gyrations became more overt; it seemed no action was too sensational. I slowly rotated to show him my backside, watching him watch me the whole time. It was such a rush to see his eyes widen as I momentarily stopped wiggling and leaned forward, sliding my hands down my lithe legs. The hem of my dress rode above the band of the hold-ups just revealing enough thigh to tease. I broke eye contact and straightened one leg while bending the other then switched, rocking from side to side in time to Brian Johnson’s raspy vocals. I knew the sight of the very tops of my hold-ups and maybe the tiniest hint of velvety flesh above as my short dress billowed would make Adam hot.

As the chorus began I stopped moving, held onto my left leg with both hands and gradually stood, sliding my hands and smoothing my hold-up with delicate fingers. With my back arched I looked over my shoulder at Adam who was grinning widely. Time for tip number 3. Twisting my upper body in his direction I raised my arm again to point at him and then swatted my backside. He arched his brows, eyes sparkling at his once shy girlfriend. Was there a visible bulge forming in his trousers? I liked to imagine so. Perhaps I should make sure.

I picked up the beat again and completed my full circle of gyrations to end up standing and facing Adam. I strutted forward right to him so our knees were almost touching and bent forward, showing him my ample cleavage. The Tiffany chain hung between us and I placed one hand on each of his knees, spreading them wide. Using his legs to support my weight I leaned forward further, sliding my breasts up his neatly buttoned shirt and into his face. My nipples were straining through the fabric of both my bra and dress as they grazed his face and I backed off, keeping my hands resting on his knees. He had the scent and I’d teased him as tip number four had suggested. It seemed to have the desired effect: he looked up from deep within my cleavage and we gazed into each other’s eyes.

The passion was welling up inside me and I had to fight the urge to kiss him. To take the heat off — at least off me — I released his knees and began to do the gyrating and slow turn combo right there between his legs, just inches from hands that I knew were aching to grab me. I wiggled my curvy bottom towards him and replaced my hands on his knees to take my weight. Looking over my shoulder down at him I caught him gazing at my rear and began to swish my way lower in time to the relentless beat, the lyrics of which were no longer registering in my mind. It was just me, the beat, and Adam.

Dropping to within an inch of his lap I ground further; left, right, left, right until I was brushing the top of his trousers with my dress. A little further pressure confirmed he was indeed sporting a hard on: I felt it pushing up towards me, desperate for freedom, desperate for my soft, warm, velvety home, but being denied by the clothes we both wore. His obvious arousal drove me onwards as I made slow, rhythmic circles in his lap.

I began to rise until I could support my weight fully on my feet, continuing to sway to the music. Over my shoulder I made sure he was looking up at me and gave him another smouldering gaze then ran my hands down my sides, tracing the shape of my body from hips to thighs. I caught the hem of my dress and raised it over my gyrating backside causing him to tear his eyes from mine and cast his roving gaze southward. The expression on his face confirmed he’d noticed the tiny scrap of material that barely covered my tight buttocks. I saw his hands flinch but, to his credit, he kept them by his side as I let the dress slip back down to cover me. It was exhilarating to hold this much command over him, and the butterflies fluttered their wings in approval.

Adam looked up with imploring eyes. He wanted more. My eyes promised more; just not yet. I was becoming horny on this power trip and felt my pussy moistening. I’d never imagined it could be so alluring to make somebody want me so badly. I spent all day in the office subtly using my womanly charms to get what I wanted in the male-dominated IT world, but never had it occurred to me that the things I did naturally in the workplace could be transferred, magnified and used as a tool to drive my man wild. Yet here was the proof.

Gradually, using small sexy circles, I turned to face him, stepped back a little and closed his knees. I slid my hands very slowly up his thighs, feeling the muscles clenching beneath the thin material. As my hands neared his hips I stepped forward and straddled him, grinding myself into his lap as the final chorus played out. I swished my hair in his face, letting him breathe my strategically placed scent, then drew my fingers gingerly up his sides, over his shoulders and cupped his face.

Rocking in his lap to the beat I could see in his eyes that he longed to touch me; to run his hands up my body, grab my breasts and knead the soft flesh. I felt so powerful; so damn womanly. There was no stopping me now: I wanted to make him squirm. To tease him further I guided his face to my cleavage and eased myself forward so I could feel his hot breath on my skin then arched my back and stood, pushing away from him and stepping out of his personal space.

Adam’s disappointment was plain but short-lived. I did one further sensual 360, keeping my eyes locked on his as long as possible. I tugged at the belt of the dress and it came free. As the outro began to fade I dropped my hands to my sides, grabbed the hem of my dress again and slowly lifted.

Inch by inch I raised my dress, uncovering first the tops of my hold-ups, then my impossibly small panties tied in neat bows at my sides. My belly was next, gyrating sexily to the dying music, then I revealed my encased 36Cs to his waiting stare. By the time the track had ended I had my arms above my head and was dressed only in lingerie. I threw the dress at him and it landed in his lap. He felt its warmth for a second then tossed it aside, not knowing what to expect next. I of course knew what was coming: one of my favourite songs of all time. Slower than AC/DC, more sensual somehow. And sung by a woman.

The unmistakable chugging of ‘Black Velvet’ by Alannah Myles filled the room and I quickly found the rhythm, beginning the gyrations that were already becoming second nature. As I swayed I turned, circling my bottom alluringly in his direction, maintaining as much eye contact as I could. Without the dress it was easier to move and I’m sure looked a hell of a sight sexier judging by the tent effect in Adam’s crotch. I moistened some more and was sure I’d soon be leaving a damp spot on the material between my shapely legs. I hoped he would notice.

Once I was facing Adam again I heel-toed my way over and bent in front of him, the top half of my breasts spilling out of the bra into his face. Spreading his knees with my hands I moved in closer and brought my arms up and beyond him to rest on the back of the chair. With my back arched I leant forward and again pressed my breasts to his face. He breathed in deeply, devouring my scent and I rocked from side to side, swinging my soft flesh against his nose. He moaned in appreciation. Tip number five was a hit!

Raising one leg and rubbing the sheer material against his thigh I brought my knee forward and pressed it into his groin. I felt him twitch beneath me and he shifted in the seat to try and increase the pressure against his raging manhood. Before he had time to get comfortable I removed my knee and slowly began to descend, dragging my breasts over his shirt and tie. All the while I trailed my fingernails down his body, he was staring into my eyes with a fire I’d never seen. Maintaining this intense eye contact I came to rest kneeling on the floor facing his straining prick. As I demurely shot him another fiery come-on I thought he was going to rip his clothes off, fling me to the ground and sink his cock into me, taking me with abandon there on the rug. Part of me wished he would.

Getting hold of my thoughts before they ran away with me, I put my hands on his knees, brought my bottom up and ever so slowly stood, making sure he caught an eyeful of cleavage. As Alannah brought the first chorus to a close I flicked my hair up into his face and stood back.

If I hadn’t been so turned on I might have laughed at the expression on his face. His mouth was agape and he was staring doe-eyed at my show, not quite knowing what to look at next. I decided to direct his attention for the second verse.

I purposefully strode to the mantelpiece where my glass of red wine rested and took a swig without swallowing. Swaying and gyrating back towards him I faced away and took delight in bending low, running my hands up and down my silky legs before repeating the bottom spank move from earlier. This time my hand made a reassuring crack that fuelled his imagination. While he was thinking about that I slowly righted myself and turned to face him, trying as best I could to keep to the rhythm. I felt the wet spot form for definite.

As verse two began to ramp towards the chorus I swished my hair about in time to the riff and stepped towards him. I came to stand once again between his parted thighs, right up against the chair, bent and lifted his chin with my index finger. I brought my mouth to his and crushed our lips together in a sensual kiss. His mouth opened but he wasn’t expecting the wine. It spilled between us, dribbling down our chins. He caught some of it in his mouth as I forced my tongue against his. Wine flowed between us, running down his smoothly shaven features and dripping red onto the surface of my creamy breasts, trickling between them to soak into the bra.

Against every fibre of will in my body I abruptly broke the kiss and took a half step back. I trailed my finger up to his mouth and let him suck the wine from it as I picked up the gyrations, culminating in me rotating so my bottom was towards him. I moved it in slow circles under his mesmerised stare. Lowering myself once again fully into his lap and using his knees for support I ground my backside into his groin. He was so hard and I was wet; a perfect combination. I longed to abandon the dance, unbuckle his trousers, guide his prick past my tiny panties and ride him to within an inch of coming, then take him in my mouth, feeling his steely length against the back of my throat as I swirled my tongue around him, sucking until he bucked his hips into my face and his hot load fired into me.

Keeping his stare for any length of time was impossible as he kept looking down to watch the way my tiny panties alternately covered then revealed the valley between my firm cheeks. He was only male after all. To counter this I sprawled back against him, rubbing myself against his shirt and draping my arm up to stroke the back of his head. I rested my head on his shoulder and brought my mouth to his ear, whispering hoarsely, “I want you inside me.”

I felt his cock twitch beneath me and decided to push further with my words. “Take me, Adam. Here. Now. Fill me with your hot come.”

I trailed my other arm up around his neck as I continued to grind. “Thrust your hard cock into my pussy, over and over. I’m so wet for you.” It wasn’t a lie. My arousal was steadily increasing and I could feel myself becoming wetter by the minute. “Look what you’ve created: I’m your plaything tonight. You can do anything you want to me. Anything at all.”

Slithering down from him, I sat on the floor, turned and used his knees to haul myself up. I placed my mouth a few millimetres above the fabric of his trousers and poked my tongue out, pressing against the tip of his hidden manhood. I swirled my tongue a little then stood fully and backed away from him as the song faded.

Adam just grinned and applauded. “Oh wow, B. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He seemed to be gathering his thoughts. Or stopping himself from ejaculating in his underwear. “Come closer.”

I shuffled towards him coyly, expecting him to grab me and make love to me where he sat, bouncing me up and down on his rock hard cock as we wrapped our arms around each other. Yet again I was proved wrong. He fished into his pocket and withdrew his wallet retrieving yet another twenty. Folding it meticulously he slid it behind the band of my left hold-up along with the other note.

“Twenty says you are to sit in the armchair and masturbate for me. I want to watch you come. Keep your clothes on.”

I didn’t have a reason to argue: this was his show. Truthfully I was already pretty well aroused from the lap dance and could do with the release. Turning on my heels I stepped purposefully towards the armchair opposite him. Instead of sitting straight down as he probably expected, I climbed on it, kneeling on the large cushion, legs together, resting my arms on the upright back. I wiggled my backside at him from across the room and looked over my shoulder to see him smiling, pleased with my newfound performance traits. I never imagined it would be so arousing to act this way; although reasonably comfortable with my body — save for the odd place where I could lose a few pounds — I wasn’t used to flaunting it so overtly. The biggest turn-on was that Adam didn’t seem to notice any of the flaws I felt in myself. He was focused solely on me and my display; and it made me feel like a Goddess.

Reaching behind me I ran my fingers from my thighs up over the flesh of my rear. The panties didn’t conceal much, making it easy to spank my bottom and watch him move his hands to his lap, rubbing his prick through his trousers as the echoes of my slaps bounced around the room. The light from the candles transmitted my actions partly to the far wall and partly onto the surface of the long bay window curtains. Anyone walking by would be treated to quite a shadow dance.

I parted my knees and moved my hand between my legs to cover my minuscule underwear. I felt wetness against my palm and gently slapped my pussy for his pleasure before sliding my hand beneath the flimsy material. I jumped a little at the touch. Lips slick with my juices I slithered my palm against the bare skin and sighed as my hand pressed my sensitive clitoris.

Losing myself in the moment I ground my palm hard beneath the underwear, panting a little, still watching Adam over my shoulder through half-closed eyes. The power I had over my man was incredibly arousing, especially given that he hadn’t seen anything of me yet. What would he do when he saw how wet I was? Most days the answer would be obvious — he would lick me to a shattering orgasm then pound his rock hard cock inside me until he came. Tonight, however, all bets were off.

That didn’t stop me imagining him stepping up behind me, pulling my underwear aside and sliding his hard prick into my wet box. I could almost feel his hands on my hips as he pistoned in and out, slowly at first and becoming faster with each stroke. As I moved my palm in circles over my clit I allowed a finger to slide inside myself at every opportunity. Despite yearning to insert more I restricted myself to only pushing in as far as the first knuckle to keep the show going for longer. Being so out of character — essentially a tease — felt amazing; restraining myself, knowing what it would do to Adam.

The heat was building inside me as I brought myself closer to orgasm for him. I wasn’t an exhibitionist — or at least didn’t think so until tonight. Perhaps it had always been in me and I’d been repressing it, needing the right atmosphere and a nudge to launch the real me: Belle 2.0! I became aware of my heavy breathing and decided to step it up a gear for Adam.

I pulled my slick hand from my panties and turned over, perching myself on the edge of the armchair cushion, spreading my legs wide apart as far as I could stretch them. My heels and sheer, nylon-encased legs sparkled in the light from the dim lamp. I stretched out my hand towards Adam, palm facing him so the flickering candlelight could catch the wetness, offering a glimpse of what he was currently missing — or would soon have. I then brought my hand back towards my face, took a theatrical sniff, closed my eyes and ran my tongue very slowly up my palm. The taste of my arousal was intoxicating; the familiar mixture of sweet and musk on my hands reminding me of nights alone, nights with Adam, and nights without him; often spent listening intently to other couples making love in adjacent hotel bedrooms. As I opened my eyes I noticed my brazen act had been received loud and clear by my watcher. He was openly rubbing his crotch through his trousers and I probably couldn’t even imagine what was going through his mind at that moment.

Returning my hand to my panties I massaged the whole area slowly, sensuously and then slid my fingers beneath the sheer material that separated me from his fantasy. Once again I slid a finger inside myself; deeper this time. I gasped as it probed my depths and then vacated, allowing my lips momentary respite until my digit once again sought sanctuary inside. Over and over I probed and withdrew; each time eliciting a breathy gasp from my mouth; ruby red lips apart and eyes almost shut.

I could hear the material of Adam’s trousers shuffling as he stroked his entire cock. The thought of his self-imposed restraint, dying to unzip his trousers and fill me as I sat spread-eagled for his pleasure, drove me onwards. I fell back against the rear cushion of the armchair so I had better access to my pussy and sawed my finger in and out of my glistening tunnel.

With my other hand I reached up for my chest and began to massage one of my ample breasts. It would be impossible for Adam to ignore the upturned nipple beneath the lace fabric, jutting from me as I grabbed handfuls of my flesh and tweaked my tip. A semi-circle of areola protruded above the C cup as my ministrations became more extreme but I kept my end of the bargain and remained clothed throughout. I switched to the other breast and it responded like its twin sister; pink nub hardening and poking out of the confines of the bra.

All the while, I continued to rub my mound and thrust my finger into my body. Soon one wasn’t enough and I added a second digit, bucking hard against my hand. Every so often I would yank my fingers from my core and trail them up my belly to leave a wet line of juice, then walk them up my chin to my mouth and lewdly suck my secretions from them. I tasted so good and knew Adam longed to sample me too. My hand would then slide down over my breast, glide over my soft, curvaceous hips and delve beneath my panties to resume dipping inside my hairless snatch.

Across the room I could hear Adam enjoying my show, which spurred me on. He’d turned me into such a hussy! Dressing like a whore, lap dancing, showing myself off like this purely for his sexual entertainment. I should be disgusted with my behaviour but I was so turned on, any rational thoughts were sidelined as my mind raced and the twisted fantasies of what he would do to me later took over. My breathing was becoming ragged and in the distance I was aware of someone moaning in pleasure in time to my actions — perhaps it was me; I didn’t care any more. All that existed were the glimpses of Adam I caught on the occasion I opened my eyes, and my hands roaming and probing my erogenous zones. As I shut my eyes tightly I imagined the hands groping me belonged to other people and the rhythmic filling and emptying of my pussy was a man’s hard cock driving into me. The faces of the men around me were indiscernible as they used my body as their private theme park; sucking, twisting, licking, biting and thrusting with tongues, fingers and cocks. They were stuffing money into my hold-ups, paying for the privilege of my youthful body and I was their willing slut.

Slut. The word whirled in my mind. I was such a slut — a slattern as they’d have called me in Victorian times — for having these thoughts and behaving this way. What would my parents think of their little girl dreaming of being ravaged by a group of men, used and abused for their pleasure? A tangle of bodies, hot, horny, and panting, with me the centrepiece. I was convinced normal people didn’t think about such things. Only sluts did. So tonight I was a dirty slut.

And I loved it.

I imagined the men building up towards release, slamming inside me, fucking my mouth and aching pussy hard, biting and squeezing my fleshy tits, making me cry out for more. Then as the sensations of using my taut body for their sexual indulgence overpowered the men, they started to come all over and inside me, shooting their sticky loads and groaning with lurid satisfaction. And I felt the fire in my belly begin to spread. My fingers ploughed into my soaking pussy and my other hand yanked my tits and pulled on each distended nipple through the fabric of my bra as I felt my orgasm crash through me. I bucked off the armchair and stayed rigid in that position, gasping loudly and repeatedly until the first wave of spasms began to die down. My skin was alight with the familiar yet distant glow of sexual release. My toes curled and uncurled inside my black shoes, the muscles in my calves and thighs tightening and releasing in sympathy. I was powerless in the grip of the orgasmic current flooding my limbs.

There was something magical about bringing myself over the edge like this. While it was equally wonderful to have Adam treat me to a tongue bath, it tended to be on his timetable and his terms. This way I had control of my thoughts and the result usually went beyond physical stimulation, entering the metaphysical plane where my mind and body united, resonating with one another towards the common goal of heightened arousal and all-consuming release. If there was a greater feeling anywhere in the universe I had yet to find it.

As I gradually lowered myself to the chair again, the fluttering sensations of the aftercome rippled through me. I could feel my pussy lips gently gripping and releasing my fingers, the frequency slowing as the fantasy abated and the silence of the room returned.

I wasn’t sure how long I stayed like that, fingers still buried inside me, feeling the warmth ebbing and the glow fading. When I opened my eyes, the first thing that came into focus was Adam smiling down at me. He looked angelic. And contented. I judged I had done well and smiled weakly, unable to speak.

“That was incredible, B,” he confirmed. “You like that?”

I found my voice. “Probably better than you,” I breathed. “Look what you’ve turned me into!”

“I’m not finished yet,” he said impishly.

He bent to his knees between my parted thighs and gradually lowered his head to my groin. I instinctively pulled my fingers from inside me and he grabbed my wrist, directing the sticky digits to his mouth. He paused and smelled them deeply before running his tongue over their length and gently suckling them, cleaning the juices. Then he bent further and placed a wet kiss on my sodden excuse for panties and sat back, satisfied.

Reaching into his pocket he retrieved his wallet once more. I waited patiently for the next instruction, accustomed to my role in his world. For now I was spent, so I would let him have his fun with me. He unfurled yet another twenty and meticulously folded it, sliding it next to the others in the band of my hold-ups, snapping it against my thigh.

“Twenty says you will now sit on my face. You can do anything you want to me; use my face, mouth, tongue, other objects, anything for your own pleasure. The only rule is you are not to dismount until you have come on my face at least once. I want to taste you directly.”

I thought about this latest mission for a few seconds. It sounded so dirty, yet somehow deeply alluring. But I had doubts I could do it.

“How can I possibly come again after that?”

“You’ll find a way. You always do.”

It was true to an extent. Although once was enough, he knew I could come again in a relatively short space of time if he pushed the right buttons. Clearly he was playing to my strengths to fulfil his own desires. I considered the proposal a little longer. “Can I take my clothes off?”

“If you wish, yes. But the hold-ups and heels stay on.”

“OK. I’ll do my best.”

He smiled warmly. “I know.”

I beamed back at him and watched as he prepared. The chair was shifted out of the way and the sheepskin rug moved to the centre of the room. Adam then lay flat on his back and I assumed it was my turn to perform once more.

Hauling myself from the armchair with as much grace as I could muster, I took a shaky step towards him then straddled his legs and continued walking slowly until he was staring straight up my long legs. Towering in lingerie above my boyfriend with him ogling my panties from a few feet below was more erotic than I had initially thought. I figured it might be something that only he’d get pleasure from, but there was something about being the dominatrix and him the submissive that caused the breath to catch in my throat. Did Adam know me better than I knew myself or was I merely becoming caught up in the fantasy? It was hard to tell. I swayed gently from side to side, rocking from one leg to the other, and looked down at him, prone below me, waiting eagerly for his now slutty girlfriend to ride his face. Perhaps he’d enjoy a little role reversal while he was down there.

“You want this?” I asked as nastily as I could, sliding my hand over my glistening panties.

He nodded, fast.

“You want this pussy in your face? Want me to smother you with my panties? Force you to lick me until I come all over you?”

Adam nodded again, the excitement obvious. I milked the situation by swooping my hips low — as if dancing The Twist — within inches of his face and then stood again.

“You sure you want me? I could find some other slave to eat my pussy if you’re not up to the job. You think you’re man enough to make me come on your tongue? Think you have what it takes to please me? To bring me off?”

He nodded enthusiastically a third time.

“Are you mute? Address me properly!”

“Sorry Mistress Belle,” he blurted. “I am up to the job of licking you. I shall assure your orgasm if you give me the opportunity.”

I smiled. Mistress Belle had a nice ring to it.

“That’s better. Then I shall give you a chance to prove your worth. Let’s see what you’re made of.”

I sank to my knees and hovered above him, teasing him by swishing my wet mound close and then backing away. To be fair it wasn’t just him I was teasing. The anticipation was sending shivers down my spine as I thought about the dirty act upon which we were about to embark. I stopped moving, poised motionless; waiting. Then, without warning, dropped onto his face and ground my pussy against his mouth. His nose pressed against my clit and I rotated my hips to ensure the contact I desired, shoving forward, rocking back and forth on his mouth and nose, feeling his hot breath on my wet sex through the thin material. My lower legs pinned his arms to the floor so he had no choice but to please me with his face.

It seemed so wicked to be using someone in this degrading manner for my own gratification. Initially I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t just me I was pleasing. But once the tingling and warmth began to take hold in my body I really started revelling in the role and didn’t give it any further analysis; just enjoyed the ride.

Adam was masterful at using his tongue, and seemed to enjoy it most when I completely smothered his face to the point he could hardly breathe. With my panty-covered lips pressed tightly against his mouth and my clit buried into his nose, if I rocked forward it cut off his air supply momentarily and he fought hard against me. At that instant his tongue would work magic; the combination of that and the stimulation to my yearning clitoris sent shockwaves between my thighs. And then I’d back off to give him a few seconds to recover before attacking again.

With the heat welling up in me I craved more contact and that meant losing my underwear. I slid from his face and straddled his chest so he could see me. I considered just sliding the material to one side, then thought better of it. Perhaps my boyfriend slave would prefer a personal touch; after all he was paying for me.

I slid my hands down the side of my body and brought them to rest on my full hips. Tantalisingly slowly I pulled the left drawstring and let the cords dangle from my thigh, resting on his shirt. I repeated the action with the right string. The flap of fabric fell to his chest at the front revealing my shaved slit to his hungry gaze. The tiny runway of hair above my clit was damp from perspiration and a little of my come, guiding the way to my slick lips. I grabbed the panty cords and pulled forward, sliding the material from between us, then folded the garment neatly into a square with the crotch facing out. I pressed them to his nose and he inhaled deeply, eyes fluttering in ecstasy. When I deemed he’d had enough, I took the panties away sharply and tucked them into the band of my hold-ups.

“You can keep these later. Now I want you to make me come.”

With that I slid forward again and smothered him with my shaved pussy. The touch of his tongue and nose against my naked cunt was electric. I bucked against him as he slid his tongue deep inside my wanton snatch for the first time of the evening. If I tasted even half as good as my juicy slit looked in the soft light I knew that Adam would be having the time of his life underneath me. Who was I kidding; I knew how I tasted. Creamy, tangy, with a hint of musk wrapped up in a sweet nectar. A heady mixture of lust, desire and promise. And I was having the time of my life too.

I squeezed my thighs together, trapping his tongue in my folds and crushed myself forward into his nose. My clitoris sent sparks back and forth along the length of my slit. I had to be touched more.

“Squeeze my tits,” I commanded, releasing his arms from beneath my shins.

Adam did as he was told while I rode his face. His big hands caressed and rolled the pale flesh of my breasts through the bra as I struggled behind me with the clasp. Eventually the harness fell from my shoulders and dropped to the floor behind Adam’s head as he momentarily let go and then returned to my bare chest. He pinched and rolled my nipples exactly as he knew I adored, alternating his grip on each breast and listening to my wails of pleasure. My flesh spilled from his hands and he kneaded it in time to my rocking on his face, his tongue thrusting insistently up into my soaking pussy.

I leaned forward and curled my fingers around the edges of the fluffy rug beneath us. My breasts hung above Adam’s head and his hands followed my lead, continuing to squeeze, pinch and tweak my erect nipples and exposed flesh. The combination of tonguing and breast stroke was taking its toll on my insides. That familiar feeling of an impending orgasm started to rumble in my groin, warning the rest of my body to baton down the hatches and prepare for the waves to hit shore. God he was good.

To maximise my pleasure I wanted Adam’s tongue on my clit. Needed it. I bucked south, feeling momentarily empty as his tongue slithered from my sopping channel. Rolling my hips forward, his long, talented tongue struck home and I groaned loudly. He flicked circles around my sensitive nub, and ran his tongue up and down the wet flesh either side of the hood, which was pulled back exposing the pink treasure beneath.

His expert lapping at and around my centre built the tension to an almost unbearable height. I craved release and begged him to lick harder, and to pull my nipples. If his mouth hadn’t been occupied I’d have asked him to bite my nipples too; it drives me wild to have teeth grazing the tips of my jutting mounds. I usually plead him to do that while I ride his lap, his cock driving wildly up inside my spasming cunt.

The pressure on my clit increased as Adam worked his tongue feverishly against me. Stroke after deliciously lewd stroke set fireworks off between my thighs and I crushed myself into his face, stopping suddenly amid a wail of satisfaction. The heat coursed my body and I could only shake as it spread. Every nerve ending tingled and I batted his hands away from my breasts. Sitting upright on his face I bounced slowly yet forcefully against him as I tipped my head back, moaning and panting heavily into the room, breasts heaving, neck flushed.

My pussy walls fluttered rhythmically to the beat of my body’s release, leaking juice onto Adam’s chin. And then it became too much to have him there so I rose sharply from him, leaving my sex dangling an inch from his mouth, saliva and thin strings of my sap still joining us.

From my very centre I could feel wetness surging into my pussy and drizzling down the inside of my pulsing tunnel, out onto my bare lips. It was impossible to trace the source. That was one of the mysteries of my womanhood; come just seemed to appear from somewhere deep inside me during orgasm. Time and again I had sought its origin so I might capture the precise mechanism and understand what drove me. But, as always, no sooner had the thought formed, the analytical part of my brain that tried to focus on the source was swamped by the emotional side of my being, as chemistry, physics, biology and spirituality fused. The alliance took me on a whirlwind journey into myself and out the other side; synapses forming connections that rocketed me past myriad images. Shapes, colours and sounds that should have been impossible to comprehend were rendered with vivid clarity in each split second before giving way to the next. And everything made sense, filling me with a profound fervour and sense of connectedness.

It was then I realised I was smiling, breaking into soft, panting laughter as the waves began to lessen while the intense high continued. I was so fortunate to have such a man willing to service me. So far he had taken nothing and given everything. Maybe he saw it as taking everything. I was sure the balance had to shift at some point, but I really didn’t know what to expect next, if anything. The continual surprises of the evening had blown the doors off any preconceptions I may have had. For all I knew he might have already come in his underwear; I’d witnessed how excited he became when licking me out on other nights.

If I was being truthful I was tired and more than content to curl up in bed with him right then; I doubt I could manage another orgasm like the ones I’d experienced so far. Having said that, in the past Adam had demonstrated a knack for what I considered the sexually impossible, revving me up time after time when I thought there could be no more energy inside me, let alone an orgasm.

While my thoughts freewheeled to times gone by and my nerve endings began to return to normal I became aware of Adam wriggling beneath me. I rose off him further and he brought his wallet out once more. Trepidation was mixed with amazement as I wondered what he could possibly have planned next. It had to be sex. If he hadn’t already come, he would need to shoot his load inside me. And despite my tiredness I had to admit the idea of a lazy screw to round things off appealed; he couldn’t last long after all the stimulation of the evening anyway.

He deliberately counted out another twenty, folded it and placed it with the other notes and my panties in the top of my hold-up.

“I need to fuck you,” he said simply.

My mind cart wheeled. At last!

Then another note slid into the band on the other leg.

“In your arse.”

I looked down at him, shocked. “No way!”

He put another twenty in my hold-ups.

“Yes way.”

“No. Wait. You’re kidding, right?”

He put another twenty in. “Twenty says not. The money’s yours to keep.”

I stared at him. He was serious. While I enjoyed anal play during sex and adored having my bottom licked and stroked, we’d never tried anal sex. We’d talked about it but frankly the idea scared me a little. For every account I’d read about or heard from friends of it being amazing I’d heard two or three that said it was painful. I was into pleasure not pain.

“I… I don’t know. I’ve heard it hurts and I think…”

Adam held up his hand to silence me again. He took out the remaining notes from his wallet and folded them into my hold-ups, slowly and with purpose. “I’m not paying you 200 to think. I’m paying 200 to fuck you in the arse. I’ve given you all you wanted and you’ve shown me how much of a whore you are all evening, so continue to prove it. Get on all fours. Now.”

I still couldn’t believe it. But he had a point. If he’d said at the start of the evening that I’d have turned from my usual self into a lap-dancing, domineering exhibitionist I’d have laughed and told him to dream on. Now he was proposing to add one final accolade to that list: anal bitch. What could I do? How could I say I wouldn’t enjoy it without trying it? I had to give him what he wanted or I’d be nothing more than a hypocrite.

Fixing him with a hard stare, I sighed slowly. “OK, but promise you’ll go easy.”

“I promise.”

I swung my leg over him and stood a little unsteadily. Figuring a little wine would help with what was to come, I chugged the remainder of the red as Adam climbed up from the rug, still dressed in his slightly crumpled dinner jacket, his chin shiny with my tasty secretions.

Replacing the wine glass on the mantelpiece I stared at him, imploring him to call off this final act. He just pointed to the floor and I knew negotiation was useless. I was bought and paid for.

With trepidation I made my way to the rug, faced away from him, dropped to my knees and bent at the waist, resting my head on my forearms. My naked upturned bottom nestled atop sheer hold-ups stuffed with money must have looked a perfect target to Adam’s ravenous stare. I was so nervous crouched there waiting for the inevitable cock in my rear. I tried to recall what my NLP tutor had said about fear and nerves being chemically the same release of adrenaline as excitement; it was merely the mental attachment associated with the act that determined whether we feared or revelled in it. I tried to suppress any negative thoughts I had about sodomy and focus on the prior times we’d enjoyed fooling around with my rear.

A touch to the ring of muscle jolted me from my reverie. I looked back. Adam had his face there: he was such a filthy animal. He licked again and the fear melted a little. It did feel so good to be licked between my cheeks. Over and over he swabbed his tongue across the entrance to my puckered passage, teasing the nerve endings and sending shivers up my spine. I moaned appreciatively.

Adam spoke and I could tell by the cracks in his voice that he was in heaven. “You have such a beautiful bottom.”

“I know.” The wine was helping, and it wouldn’t be long before the slug I had just consumed helped further.

The unrelenting attack of his tongue on and around my anus and upturned cheeks served to relax me further. Occasionally he’d let his tongue slip south and drive inside my wet pussy, slathering my juices over the entire area, then return to licking my derriere. This back and forth between my pussy and arse was incredibly arousing as he prepared my virgin backside for his cock. Although I didn’t believe it possible I began to feel the stirrings of excitement once more inside me. I truly was a slut; an anal slut at that.

When he pushed his tongue inside my rear and began to repeatedly probe my back passage I experienced further wetness forming in my pussy. It felt so dirty to be used; to be licked in such a taboo part of my body. But equally it felt right and aroused me. Perhaps part of the thrill was the fact it was forbidden, naughty, and nasty. Or maybe I was wired wrong inside; nothing like the other girls, my driving force being base instinct and raw desire which I’d masked for so long. Either way I could feel my anal passage opening up as I relaxed further. Adam knew exactly what he was doing back there, spreading my hot cheeks with his palms and driving his tongue inside me. It was making me so fucking horny. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

He stopped for a second. “Wow, B. the taste of your come and your arse is such a delicious mixture.”

I just moaned in appreciation as his huge tongue returned to probing me, widening and priming my rear. I wondered if we’d need any additional lubrication or if his saliva, my pussy juice and raw passion alone would be enough. I pushed the thought from my mind: since Adam had planned the whole evening in meticulous detail, there was every chance he’d have some lube nearby if he thought it necessary.

His tongue slithered expertly in, out and around my nether hole, occasionally seeking refuge in the familiar wetness of my smooth pussy while his nose pressed firmly against my shaved rosebud. He always inhaled deeply at this point: it was so depraved for him to be aroused by the smell of my bottom but it didn’t bother me like it did at the beginning of our relationship. When I accepted it I actually found it to be an incredible turn on and our bond had grown stronger and our sex more diverse with this shared pleasure. I suspected our sex life was about to take another turn tonight.

Abruptly, the probing ceased. The emptiness in my rear passage felt suddenly unnatural. Perhaps that was Adam’s point; to make me want something back there so badly that I practically craved it. In which case he’d succeeded. Despite every misgiving I had about the act, at that moment I desperately wanted him to fill my backside with his fat cock. I suddenly yearned to know what it would feel like; to continue where his tongue had left off; to have my bottom ripped apart as he sank his length into me; and to be used for his dirty gratification.

Behind me I heard him unzip his trousers and I prepared for my anal virginity to be taken, tensing yet trying to relax to ease the inevitable pain. Instead he slammed into my sopping pussy in one stroke. I gasped loudly and wailed in unexpected pleasure. He grabbed my hips and sawed his rock hard dick savagely, completely exiting my distended lips on every stroke and driving his six inches fully home again and again. He had never fucked me this hard all the time we’d been together. It was as if he’d been coiled up in a box with someone gradually winding the key, and they’d just flipped the release catch.

I screamed over and over in pleasure as thrust after thrust threatened to split me in two. My sodden pussy was a more than willing conduit to the hormones he was triggering inside me as his unrelenting cock scorched my soaked tunnel. Between shrieks I managed to squeeze some words out: “I thought… you… wanted my… arse?”

“Surprise! That’s what I wanted you to think.”

Part of me was relieved to be off the hook, but another part — the bit that was disappointed when he withdrew his tongue — had actually geared up for sodomy and was now crying out for the act. Was I really that disgusting that I was prepared to beg for anal, when less than ten minutes earlier I’d dismissed it? As if to answer my unvoiced question, I heard some deep, dark corner of my consciousness ask out loud:

“Actually, I… quite want you to… uuhhhh.. fuck me… back there.”

He gradually slowed to a stop, his cock buried to the hilt in my wet slit. “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously.” I looked back at him, meeting his gaze. “Fuck me, Adam. Take my anal virginity. Slide your cock in my tight arse and fuck me until I can’t take any more. I promised you could do anything to me and you’ve paid for it, so take what’s yours.”

He looked stunned but wasn’t about to question my request: raw lust had taken over. He withdrew his hard tool from my sopping cunt and pressed the head of his blunt instrument to my backside. I felt the pressure building at the entrance to my anus. The rest of the world fell away as he gradually applied more force and my ring began to widen to accommodate his girth. I focused intently on the sensations his cock produced. Ingress felt so much stranger than egress. The muscle that was so used to being opened from the inside was being widened from the other direction and the signals in my brain told me it was all wrong. But the fire spreading in my bottom told me it was right. Matter over mind.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your encouragement and deserved criticism for my problem of maintaining tense.

I wanted to write you one last long chapter but it’s taking longer than I expected so, here is the penultimate chapter.

I won’t leave you hanging, although this, my first, submission, has developed a life of its own. I have an ending in mind I hope you’ll appreciate.



The grey wolf ran. The protruding cock slowly pulled back into its sheath.

Finally, calming again, he completes his circuit.

As he approaches the cabin, he hears noises. He shifts to his intermediate form, glances in the window, then stops and stares.

His flaccid cock fills again as he watches her pleasure herself.

Her movements are hidden by the clothing but he imagines what she is doing and grabs his hard cock to chase his own relief.

He’s only a couple of strokes in when she climaxes and a couple more when she turns her head and screams.

He throws open the door and jumps inside as she tries to get up quickly, to get the gun.

Hands tangled in clothes, she stumbles, and he catches her before she hits the ground.

She turns bright crimson and struggles, pulling her hands out of her clothes. She puts them on his arms, to steady herself.

Time stops.

He’s got her close, she can feel his swollen cock against her belly.

He turns his face towards her hand, the one that had been in intimate contact with her pussy, and inhales. He puts her slightly away from him, takes that hand, and licks off her fingers, one by one, savoring the taste.

She doesn’t think she’s ever seen anything quite so erotic.

He finishes cleaning off her fingers and shifts back to human form.

Looking to her for any sign of denial, he drops to his knees. He sits back on his heels and pulls her back to him, sticking his nose in her crotch and inhaling deeply of her essence.

He then looks up at her, his brown eyes an invitation, hands grasping her thighs.

She closes her eyes, so she could think without her looking at her.

He’d taken her to the pack.

He’d taken her away from the pack.

He hadn’t initiated their sexual encounter, she had.

But he’d brought her to a place where one of his pack had attempted to rape her and made her his.

And, still, he hadn’t pushed.

They were on the run, everyone she knew thought she was dead, he could have done anything to her.

But she trusted him.

‘I’ll die protecting you.’

All this ran through her mind in 30 seconds. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. And smiled. She had felt wonderful after their encounter in her shower. Why not enjoy what they could, before they died?

He waited, while she decided.

Her smile lit up his world. All the dark places in his life, in his past, revealed and resolved.

He rose slowly and kissed her. She accepted the kiss and opened her mouth to his probing tongue. He groaned and pulled her more tightly to him.

It was the longest, deepest kiss she could ever remember having.

Damn. It was cold. She shivered.

In response, he broke the kiss and picked her up.

Hearing no protest, he kicked the door shut and carried her to the bed. He laid her down on it with another kiss then pulled off the moccasins and the sweatshirt.

He hesitates slightly, and pulls her t-shirt off. Her hands go to the waistband of the sweatpants as he picks up an increase in her womanly fragrance. He places his hands over hers and she raises her hips as he slides the sweatpants and socks off.

Then he stands, gazing at her, and she squirms slightly.

She clenched her toes, and the movement attracted his attention. So, he started there, crouching at her feet.

He grasps the left foot, and presses his thumbs into the bottom and rubs. She’s confused by his actions, then tips her head back and moans at the feeling. He works on that foot a couple of minutes, then kisses the sole of her foot and moves to the other.

Next he kneads her calves, then caresses her thighs. She reaches out, to pull him closer. He resists her. “I have time to explore your body this time, and wish to do so. Be patient.”

She huffs, lays back, and closes her eyes.

He runs his hands up the outside of her legs, over her hips. He traces her arms to her shoulders, caressing, rubbing lightly. As he runs his fingers into her hair, her hands come up to touch his chest, the firm muscles there.

Emmett concentrated fully on his hands, the softness of the flesh underneath them. He inhaled, nostrils filled with her scent. He then swept her with his eyes. Oh, god, how he wanted her. He brought his face closer and inhaled at her neck.

She tensed slightly. He kissed along her jawline, her throat, until he came to her mouth again as she relaxed.

Her body was humming and all he’d done was touch her, in no way that was sexual.

He inhaled, close to her neck, was he going to bite her?

No. Kisses. She shivered as he slid off her a bit and traced his tongue across her collarbone, then shifted down to circle a nipple with his wet tongue. His hand stroked her face lightly, then traced over her shoulder.

She felt it cover the opposite breast as he bit the other nipple lightly. She couldn’t help but gasp.

He was so warm. The hand kneading her breast, his mouth on the other. She moaned and took his head in her hands.

She could feel her wetness running down the crack of her ass.

She turned her head, to smell him. Distinctly male, maybe a little wild.

She wanted more than he was giving her, but it galled her to ask when he’d pretty much told her he was going to take his time.

She twisted a little and, when his hand started to slide southwards, couldn’t stop the moan, “Please..”

Something wild in him rejoiced. A female, soft, wonderfully scented, and begging for the pleasure she knew he could give her.

Emmett’s hand wandered across her belly, then cupped her womanhood. He released her breast, and kissed and tasted across her ribcage.

He felt the wetness seeping from her and she tried to push her pelvis upward. He dragged his fingers past her opening, through the damp, slick hair that had regrown, sliding over her engorged and sensitive clitoris. A moan of pleasure, music to his ears. Needy. Wanting. Him.

“Emmett. Please?”

“Soon, sweetheart.”

She was writhing as he kissed his way to her navel, then down to the hollow beside her hipbone. As he laved and sucked that area lovingly, he slid two fingers into her.

She sighed.

He slid those fingers in and out, meeting little resistance, as his face approached the seat of her womanhood.

Ah! The scent. Wonderful! He inhaled deeply, wanting to burn the scent of her into his memory. So that, even when they were dead, he would remember it.

He stopped briefly at that. No. Focus on the moment. On her. On the moments they could have together.

His fingers continued to pump in and out of her. Then his mouth found that bud of delight, encased in soft petals of womanflesh. His tongue swept over and round her clitoris. She moaned, and twisted.

He placed his free hand on her thigh, to hold her steady. Her fingers were clenched in his hair.

Faster, and the muscles in her legs began to tremble; she was close.

A bit longer and she tensed, clawing his scalp. “OOooh! God!” A small gush of fluid. The feeling of the spasms around his fingers.

He inhaled deeply again, the smell purely Lyssa, and slowly withdrew from her.

But, what he really wanted was to plunge his ready cock into her wet pussy. He knew, however, that if he did that, he’d be unable to prevent himself from marking and mating her. That was an irrevocable step, and he would not take it without her consent. So, he had to be satisfied with this.

He crawled up beside her as she panted in the aftermath of her orgasm and pulled her close.

She murmurs a question, “Emmett?”

“Shh. Sleep.”

Happily, Erich happened to be driving through a rural area when he passed a tractor pulling a dark car down the road.

It wasn’t difficult to find where it had been dragged from, the trail of mud was easy to follow.

He parked in a wide spot along the narrow road and walked back. He followed the muddy trail back along the hedgerow until he found the place where the car had been stuck.

Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply. Human. Raccoon. Nothing else.

Now, he looked around. Remnants of a snowfall. Footprints from the human, a hand print. There! A large print, resembling a human foot, but a bit misshapen, pressed firmly into the mud.

From there, another, less deep. A third light trace marked the direction of travel. Only one set of tracks, he must have carried the human female. Not unexpected, as she would otherwise slow him down.

Should he explore now? Look for them? No. He needed to report back first and see what the Alpha wanted done.

She woke later, to the smell of a meal in the making.

She stretched and looked over at the half-naked man at the fire. She noticed he was standing shock still, as if awaiting something painful.

Did he regret what they’d done? Is that why he stood so stiffly now?

He’d gotten out of the bed, hadn’t waited for her to wake.

She sat up, throwing back the blanket he’d apparently covered her with, and looked for her clothes, such as they were.

He glanced at her as she sat up, eyes drawn to her full breasts. Breasts that he had held, touched, one marred by a wolf’s bite.

His stomach lurched and he turned back to the pot.

He listened to her dressing and waited for the inevitable questions.

She came over and gathered plates and cutlery, setting the table for their meal.

“Smells good, Emmett. You’re a good cook.”

“I’ve had some practice.”

“Oh? You go camping a lot?”

“Young males often go off into the woods for a time. There are a few outlying cabins we use.”


“To run. To hunt. To spar. Even to talk. We sometimes have the urge to commune more fully with our wolves.”

“You can’t do that at the house?”

He laughs, and she starts. She’d never heard him laugh before. She found she liked the sound of his laughter.

They ate and talked.

He went out on patrol.

They slept curled up together at night. She swore she heard him murmur her name in the night as his arm tightened around her.

The next couple of days fell into a comfortable pattern.

Eating. Emmett patrolling. Regular bouts of, well, it wasn’t exactly lovemaking. He would pleasure her and she would do the same for him, learning all the textures and tastes of his cock. But they didn’t have intercourse.

She wasn’t sure why. Was it Thomas? Or something else?

They would talk, about pack life, mostly, but other things as well. Likes. Dislikes. The past. What had been their hopes for the future. Even the weather.

More snow fell. He began to grow withdrawn, almost depressed.

One day, as they curled up together after they had again pleasured one another, she ventured the question, “Why do you think they haven’t found us, yet?”

Randall is overjoyed that Emmett and Lyssa had been tracked down.

Computer map applications allowed them to pursue an initial scout of the area. It had been Samuel, using an unfamiliar tool, binoculars, who had first spotted Emmett on patrol.

The four young males, Roland, Erich, Samuel, and Gordon, had been tasked with watching the pair. They were frustrated at being unable to get closer, to engage, but had followed their Alpha’s orders without question.

They had also been provided with a device they were uncomfortable with.

On the seventh day following their escape, Randall drives out to give the watchers another order. Joanna has been allowed to accompany him.

Gordon and Roland look up as the black Escalade pulls up.

“What’s going on, Dad?”

“It’s time to bring them back to the den, son.”

Joanna is bouncing and rubbing her hands together in anticipation. Both Emmett and her newfound friend and human, Lyssa, would be coming home soon.

The two young men look at each other, then their Alpha. “When do Erich and Samuel return?”

“Another hour.”

“Alright, he’s been here too long and he knows it. He’s likely to be considering another move soon. We’ll plan for two contingencies and hope for the simplest.”

“In the first case, we will take him while he is on patrol, outside of the cabin, and then go in and collect her.”

“What if he doesn’t come out?”

“He will, Joanna, we will see to it.”

“What do you consider the second scenario to be, Dad?”

“That would be if he decides to run again tonight.” Roland and Gordon nod. “In that case, we will need to separate them, to keep her from injury.”

“Can I help, Dad?”

“This is why I allowed you to come along, Jo. So that you might help us with her.”

“Lyssa. Her name is Lyssa.”

He closes his eyes, chastised now by both his mate and his daughter for failure to address his soon-to-be pack member by her name.

“If Emmett decides it is time to move, he will wish to move quickly. It is likely he will be carrying Lyssa. We will have to make a move to attack him, so that he will put her down to defend himself.”

“I don’t wish him to be harmed, but we all know that Emmett is a canny fighter and any of us may be injured.”

“Joanna, if you have any opportunity to get Lyssa away from him, please, take it. Then, talk to her, try to calm her.”

Samuel and Erich return and the plan is repeated.

The Wyeth wolves then fan out and surround the cabin where Emmett and Lyssa have taken refuge.

Emmett sat up against the headboard and pulled her into his lap. “I don’t know. Our trail may have been difficult to follow but not impossible. Erich’s one of our best trackers. Unless he’s not doing his best, he will find us.” He wraps his arms around her, rests his chin on her head. “We should move again.”


“I know you’ve grown comfortable here but we shouldn’t stay in any place too long.”

She sighed. “Tonight?”

“We’ll leave before dawn.”

She nods, feeling warm and safe in his arms. “Emmett?”


“Why haven’t you had sex with me?”

A big inhale as he nuzzles her neck. “Because if I started, I didn’t think I’d be able to stop. The urge to mate with you is very strong but I wanted you to have the choice. If I’d marked you then, you’d have had no choice at all.”

“So, that’s what a mating is?”

“For wolves, yes. But for you, it would have been different and much more profound. The bite given during the mating would change you into a wolf.”

She tenses in his arms. “Oh.”

“I refuse to change you against your will. It is, I know, a lot to ask.”

He turns her sideways and tilts her chin up to look into her eyes. “I wanted us to get to know about each other. To explain to you what was involved. My plans were interrupted when the Alphas arrived at your house. And, I fear I have done nothing since then to earn your favor.”

“You took me to them and dropped me there with a group of people I didn’t know. You wouldn’t come near me. Why?”

Another big breath. She sways in his arms against the rise and fall of his chest. “You were so mad, so cold. I thought I had lost my chance with you.”

“But you still knocked Thomas flat when he came over to talk to me.”

He couldn’t look her in the eye. “I guess I wasn’t ready to let you go. And I couldn’t stand seeing you go to him.”

She puts her palm on his chest and her ear against it, listening to the strong, steady beat of his heart. “Does it hurt?”

“What? The bite?”

She shakes her head against his chest. “Changing.”

“Ah. That. I did speak to Anna about it, to learn what she remembered.”

“So, Anna was changed?”

“Yes. Jeremy brought her into the pack 22 years ago. She was reminded of the flu, or so she said. Tired. Achy. Feverish. It lasted a few days.”

“Which one was she?”

“A light brown wolf, a little larger than most. I’m not sure you would have noticed her, though.”

“Does she like it?”

He grumbles under his breath, “Ariel should have taken you to talk to her. Oh, wait, that’s right, she’s in estrus.”

“Estrus. Stephanie said something about that. We kept running into a couple having sex all over the house. She said the woman was in estrus and that they were making pups.”

“Estrus basically means a bitch in heat. Her sex drive goes through the roof and he won’t leave her for the entire time. It’s when she’s fertile. That was Anna and Jeremy.”

“Oh. Wow. Every month?”

“No. Our females are only fertile once or twice a year. Are you saying you’re fertile every month?”

She gulps and nods. “Hmm. Interesting. But Anna doesn’t. Perhaps that would be different when you are changed.”

“So, Anna likes being a wolf?”

“Yes, she does. I wish you could have spoken with her.”

“Is that another reason you won’t have sex with me? Cuz I could get pregnant?”

“No, sweetheart. It wouldn’t happen unless you’re changed.”

He looks up. “It’s getting late. I should patrol, a wide sweep tonight. Then we should make some preparations and get some rest before we leave in the morning.”

“What about all the food we ate?”

“I’ll leave some money.”

He moves her off to one side and stands.

She gets up, too, shivering slightly. “I don’t know why but I think I’d feel better with the gun while you’re gone.”

She walks over to the duffle bag and pulls out the gun, knocking open one of the small boxes inside.

She gasps, scooping up a familiar and highly sentimental object.

Emmett, noticing the change, turns to her.

Lyssa stands, gun in one hand, something else clasped in the other. She opens that hand, staring in wonder at the two objects strung on a silver chain.

A cheap blue-glass heart-shaped pendant that her father had given her mother.

And her mother’s engagement band.

Her view gets blurry as unbidden tears come to her eyes. “How?”

“Joanna told me to go to your house and find the things you’d really miss if you lost them.”

“Did you save them from the fire?”

“No. I was there well before that.”

“Oh.” A pause. “How did you know to get this?”

“I also got your high school yearbook and a couple of photo albums. I saw a picture of your mother wearing this. So, I thought..”

She gulps, sniffles, and wraps her hand tightly around her only remaining treasure.

“The books are in my room. I’m sorry but they were too big to bring with us.”

Another sniff. “Um. What’s in the other box?”

His eyes, those chocolate brown eyes, go sad and she thinks maybe she shouldn’t have asked. His voice sounds a bit strangled when he says, “Open it.”

With shaky hands, she clasps the necklace around her neck and crouches. She takes the thin box out and lays it flat on her palm. “Carefully.”

Lyssa slowly pulls the lid off and looks inside.

there is a photo, of a grey wolf, a tuft of fur, and a couple of teeth, sharp and small. She looks up at him for an explanation.

“Those are a couple of my milk teeth. The picture is my mother.”

“She was grey, too, huh?” He nods. “She’s beautiful.”

He smiles at her use of the word beautiful to describe a wolf. “And the fur? I can smell a little.. , oh.”

She carefully, almost reverently, slides the lid back on.

“My father’s, I’ve been told. A patch that the fire didn’t get, where he was leaning against one of my brothers.”

She puts the box down, walks over, and puts her arms around his waist and hugs him. “I’m sorry.”

He puts his arms around her and holds her close, nose in her hair. “Sorry for what, dear heart?” He feels the dampness of her tears against his chest.

“That you’ve lost your family, twice. And, thank you, for saving this.” Her hand goes to the pendant.

“Joanna was right. And, Lyssa, I must ask your forgiveness,” she looks up at him, confusion on her face. “For not being attentive to you in the den. For allowing Thomas to hurt you. For putting your life in jeopardy. If I could take it all back, I would.”

I sit at my desk with my panties soaking wet. I’ve been thinking of Sandy all morning, as usual.

There is something about that woman that just drives me nuts. The way she smells, the way she tastes so sweet. I just can’t get enough. I ache to hear her moan. My pussy throbs thinking about her sexy body and oh so beautiful face. Man, I got it bad for her.

Maybe its the way she moves. Its those beautiful eyes that tell me she loves me every time she looks at me. Maybe its her years of experience before she met me, the cliche’, the older woman. No, that can’t be it. She’s only 5 years my senior. Although, the fact that she has been with others, yet chooses inexperienced me, is extraordinary. I still don’t understand. She’s the whole package. Beauty, brains, humor and flamin’ hot sexy all in a tight neat little package and she loves…me. She is my first, my last and my only.

I woke up that morning and rolled over to snuggle up with Sandy. She felt so fuckin good, like home. I breathed in her smell and swallowed hard. Time was short as usual. Sure enough, as expected, the alarm goes off. Ugh. I would be in heaven if I could stay here all day. However, duty calls…

I got up and headed for the bathroom. I took off my pajama pants and top, looking in the mirror. Granted, I’m not as hot as I was when I was 30 but 35 wasn’t too shabby. Time is a wastin’. Got to hit the shower.

I let the hot water cascade over my body. I love the heat of it. I close my eyes and imagine Sandy letting me have her again. She is so sweet. I grab the loofa to soap up still imagining kissing those beautiful lips of hers. I start with my neck and arms slowly moving to my breasts. I pay extra attention to them. As I wash, my nipples become erect. I pinch them and let out a tiny moan. Fuck I wish it were Sandy.

I slowly move the loofa down to wash myself. I touch myself and get turned on by how wet I am. I can’t help myself. I play with my clit, rubbing it slowly. I’m dying for her and it only fuels my desire. I drop the loofa and pinch my nipple, hard. It makes me shiver. That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I lie down in the bottom of the shower with my legs up on the side of the tub. The water is hitting just right and I rub my clit furiously. I feel the pressure building. I close my eyes and picture her sliding her fingers in my wet pussy and playing with my g-spot. She feels so good inside me. At this point I’m feeling really nasty and desperate for that release. I stuff two fingers in my dripping wet pussy and continue to rub my clit. I’m so close. I continue rubbing my clit as I slam my fingers in and out. Here it comes…ooohhhh. I remind myself to be quiet as my pussy twitches with its final spasm from my orgasm.

I towel off. The pressure is relieved, for now but it doesn’t ever quench my desire for her. Nothing does. Its like a fire that can’t be put out.

Off to work I go to be spend my day dreaming of her.


I walk in the door and pour us a shot to try and relax. I cannot lie with her another night and not have her. Its just too much.

After dinner and chores are done, I snuggle up to her in our bed. I purr in her ear as I nibble her ear lobes. She moans. This gets me every time.

Sandy asks if I’m ready to turn off the lights. I agree and gladly bounce out of bed. I crawl back in to make spoons. She’s lying on her side with her butt pressed up against me. This is always a huge turn on for me as I love her ass.

I start by rubbing on her beautiful ass. The feel of her flesh lights a fire in me. I reach in the waistband of her pajama pants and touch that spot on her hip bone that I so love. While continuing to rub on her I whisper in her ear, “I’m gonna fuck you so good, baby girl”. She let’s out a soft moan. I growl.

I grab her by her shoulder and roll her onto her back. I kiss her roughly, sucking on her tongue. As I kiss her, I tug off her pajama bottoms. She moans with delight. Oh I’ve got her now.

I sit her up and lift her shirt up over her head and immediately take to sucking on those beautiful nipples of hers. I bite, she gasps. I feel the flood of wetness in my thong. She is so sexy. I can’t wait any longer. I have to taste her.

I kiss my way down her amazing body and finally bury my face in her pussy shoving my tounge as far inside her as I can. She loves this, it drives her wild. At this point my pussy is throbbing and I’m shaking with anticipation. I’m sucking her clit and slamming my fingers in and out of her. She says “oh yeah baby, oh yeah, right there, fuck me, fuck me!”. She cums like a flood and I lap it right up. She tastes so good. My sweet girl.

I’m not done with her yet. This is just the beginning. I play with her, licking her softly, enjoying the taste of her, her heat. She moans again. She’s ready to go again. She lifts her ass up to shove herself into my face. I slip one, then two fingers inside her. She feels like silk and so tight. I slowly fuck her with my fingers as I lick her. She is loving it. She arches her back which makes me go after her with a gusto. I ache to please this woman. I want to send her over the edge. I want her to want me to fuck her. I want to make her scream.

I need to push her thrill farther. I grab the backs of her legs, shove them up in the air and force my tounge inside her. She is panting now and so wet. I stick one of my fingers in her mouth and she sucks on it. Its nice and wet. I touch that beautiful ass of hers ever so slightly. She quivers. I lick her ass. She moans with excitement. Oh Lord she tastes good. I continue licking her ass as I rub her clit.

I slowly slip a finger in her ass. She grunts louder. Not just any grunt, oh no. Its animalistic. I know how good this feels as she has done it to me. I slowly fuck her ass and flick her clit with my tounge. I want her to cum. I speed up until she’s out of control with desire. I can feel it building within her. Just knowing the pleasure she’s feeling, combined with her movements is almost enough to make me cum. I’m in a frenzy to bring her in, to make her scream. Then, just as I’m cuming she howls and cries out my name. Oh my sweet…what you do to me!

I crawl back up to put my head on her chest. My safe place, my head on her heart. Lost without her I would surely be.

Alicia dragged her feet up the stairs, carrying a load of books in both arms while repeatedly blowing a stray strand of blonde hair out of her eyes and trying to remember what life had been like a week ago. “Go to Harvard,” she muttered. “Meet interesting people! Form valuable social connections! Discuss exciting ideas with other brilliant minds!” Eleven o’clock on a Friday night, and what was she doing? Getting back from the library.

Of course, even at Harvard, most students weren’t trying for a double major in philosophy and PoliSci. She’d known it wouldn’t be easy when she signed up for it, but the first week of classes had been kicking her ass all up and down campus. Classes all day, study all night–she barely had time to do more than dump her books in her dorm room between sessions at the library or the computer labs. Still, at least she had it better than her dorm-mate Holly.

Holly’s class load wasn’t quite as bad as Alicia’s–she was “just” a med student, working to become a psychiatrist–but Holly’s parents couldn’t help her out the way Alicia’s parents could. Which meant that every spare moment Holly wasn’t in class, she was also working a part-time night job to make a little cash. The two of them had barely even bumped into each other this week, and what little conversation they did have centered on just how hard it was to find any time to have a conversation. “When do you even sleep?” Alicia had asked.

“Between classes,” Holly had replied. “And hopefully not during them.”

But tonight was Friday, and that would give Alicia the full weekend to catch up on her classwork and get ready for next week’s fresh hell. She opened the door carefully, unsure of whether–yep, Holly was home. In bed and out like a light, poor thing. Alicia closed the door even more carefully and tip-toed over to her own bed. She didn’t want to get on Holly’s bad side by disrupting the first peaceful night’s sleep the girl had probably gotten all week long. After all, they were going to be rooming together for quite a while, and they’d need to be able to get along, even if they didn’t spend much time in the same room. Alicia wasn’t too worried, though. Holly seemed like a nice girl, very sweet and–

“hnnnyessmistreffff,” Holly said, rolling over in her sleep. Her dark hair spilled across the pillows as her mumbles subsided.

Alicia froze. What the hell was that? Did she just wake Holly up? She looked over at the other girl, trying to tell in the near-total darkness whether she was awake or not. She didn’t look awake.

The words came out almost as a cross between a snore and a recitation. “snmmmusssobeaaah…”

Oh, God. That was just perfect. Alicia finished pulling her clothes off and wriggled under the covers. Holly talked in her sleep. Her first night of uninterrupted, no-alarm-in-the-morning sleep in six grueling days, and Holly was going to wreck it. She got ready to throw a pillow at her room-mate in hopes of snapping her out of it, but Holly’s next utterance drove the thought out of her mind as shock replaced irritation.

“I must sink deeper for you, Mistress,” Holly said in distinct, but still sleepy tones.

Alicia looked over at Holly. There wasn’t much light in the room, but a streetlamp outside the dorm shone in just enough that she could see Holly’s face. Holly wasn’t awake, there was no question of that. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her face had the placid innocence that always seemed to come over adults when they slept. But those words…

“The deeper I sink, the better it feels, Mistress,” Holly said. Her eyes didn’t open. “The pleasure overcomes my resistance. Every time I find resistance, I feel pleasure when I overcome it.”

Alicia’s shock was melting into severe embarrassment. The tone in Holly’s voice, it wasn’t just drowsy and muzzy, it was…Alicia felt the heat on her cheeks as she blushed in the dim light. She hadn’t even known Holly a week, and it wasn’t exactly what you’d call quality time. She didn’t want to pass judgment on the other girl, but–

“Every word sends me deeper, makes me more obedient,” Holly said, slowly and dreamily. Well, it would be dreamy. She was dreaming, wasn’t she? “I feel good sinking deeper, so I must…” She shifted slightly in her sleep. Alicia suddenly felt like she should leave the room, but Holly didn’t wake. Instead, she sighed out, “So I must feel good obeying you, Mistress.”

Okay. This had gone far enough. Alicia got to her feet, and crept over to Holly’s bed. She reached out a hand, but uncertainty kept her from shaking Holly awake just yet. What would she say to her? ‘You were having some weird kinky lesbian S&M dream’? This was a total recipe for social awkwardness, and Alicia had never even thought of having to deal with anything like it.

“Obedience feels so good, Mistress,” Holly husked out sleepily. This close, Alicia could see that her skin was slightly damp with sweat, as though she was exerting herself. Or as if…Alicia tried to ignore the musky smell coming up from the other girl’s bed, but just then Holly twisted around again in her sleep, pulling the sheets tightly enough around herself so that Alicia could see the outline of Holly’s nipples under the sheets.

“I sink deeper and deeper with every word and every breath, now,” Holly half-moaned out, and Alicia could tell that her hands were moving under the bedclothes. Alicia was practically paralyzed with embarrassment now. If she woke Holly, she’d be waking her right in the middle of masturbating, and there’s no way that they could avoid that conversation, and she didn’t know how to…

Holly arched her back just a little. “Sinking deeper feels so good, obedience feels so good, must listen to Mistress’ words, must obey Mistress…ohh…can’t stop, can’t fight, must sink into the pleasure and obey…” Alicia felt curiously detached from the situation now, as if she was an observer in her own body. It was so strange; Holly sounded almost awake, but no waking person would just lie there and frig herself off like that with another person in the room, not unless…did Holly want Alicia to see her like this?

Holly sounded like she was definitely enjoying it, though. Even though she still had the slow, deep breathing of a sleeper, every exhalation was a moan, every inhalation a gasp. “And the pleasure is a gift from Mistress, a reward for obedience, and I want to earn more pleasure so I must obey…resistance is a path away from pleasure, so I must take the path away from resistance.”

Alicia’s breaths started to match Holly’s rhythms, and her pussy tingled as Holly’s motions caused the sheet to slide away further, exposing her left breast to the night air. With a start, Alicia realized that somewhere along the line, her body had started taking a voyeuristic pleasure in all this despite her mind’s stunned surprise. She shook her head a little, clearing her thoughts, and decided to end this before it got even weirder.

Alicia put her hand on Holly’s shoulder and shook it lightly. “And I…I musss… mussobeahuh?” Holly’s eyes fluttered open, glazed with sleep. “Huawhat?” Alicia pretended she didn’t notice Holly’s hand slipping quickly up from around her waist to rest nearer to her side. “…Lisha?” She raised her head from the pillow a little. “Whazzit?”

“Sorry, but…” Alicia hoped that the backlighting concealed her blush. “You were having a bad dream, um…talking in your sleep. I…just…” She trailed off, uncertain how to end the sentence.

Holly’s eyes opened fully, and Alicia could see just how exhausted the other girl really was. She thought she’d had it bad all week, but Holly’s bloodshot eyes, complete with dark shadows under them, made it clear that she’d been getting by on almost no sleep at all. “I was fine,” she groaned out in misery. “I wasn’t having a bad dream, I wasn’t dreaming at all.” She flopped back down onto the pillow. “I was having the first good night’s sleep I’d had all week.”

Alicia almost wanted to leave it at that. If Holly didn’t want to admit she was having a hot dream anymore than Alicia wanted to admit that she’d watched Holly have a hot dream, why not just let it lie? But she couldn’t quite stop herself from establishing a bit of an alibi. “Sorry, it’s just that I came in and you were…muttering something, I couldn’t make it out.” She tried not to make the last few words sound forced.

Holly just glared at her, obviously furious. “I do not talk in my sleep,” she growled out.

Alicia stiffened slightly in irritation. It was one thing to pretend you weren’t masturbating in front of your roommate, that was a polite social fiction, but to try to pretend the whole thing didn’t happen? “Yes, you do,” she said. “I heard you.”

“I do not!” Holly rolled over in a huff. “Next time, just…just let me sleep, alright?” She sounded simultaneously plaintive and pissed off.

“What, do you think I just woke you for fun?” Alicia replied sarcastically. Holly didn’t respond. After a moment or two, Alicia shrugged irritably and got back into her own bed. Despite her mood, the exhaustion of a full day of classes and study quickly overtook her, and she nodded off.

Even as she felt herself sink into sleep, she thought she could hear Holly begin again. “I must sink…” she heard, shortly before her brain finally switched off for the night.


Whatever Holly said after that, it didn’t seem to affect Alicia’s ability to sleep too badly…which was as much a testament to her exhaustion as anything else. By the time Alicia finally opened her eyes, it was almost noon.

She rolled over to see Holly just stirring out of sleep as well. Before Alicia could say anything, Holly said, “I’m sorry about last night.”

Alicia squinched her eyes together, the temporary blankness of sleep still crowding out a few of the details. “Last…” Then it all came back to her. “Oh. Right. Forget it.”

“No, really!” Holly said, hopping out of bed. “I was really, really rude, and I’m very sorry. It’s just…oh, this first week has been just terrible. I don’t think I’ve strung together more than four hours of sleep a day, and it’s all just been catnaps, and most of my teachers have just been, ‘Suck it up, honey, this is Harvard, not daycare’, and I’ve been studying at work and last night was the first night off I’ve had since I got here and…” She frowned contritely. “When you woke me up, I just went off on you because you were there, and I’m really sorry.”

Alicia rolled out of bed as well. “No, really, it’s all right. I’ve been pretty fried myself, double major, and when I got in and you were mumbling, I just let it get to me when I shouldn’t have.”

Holly said again, “I do not talk in my sleep!” But this time, Alicia could hear the humor in her voice that had been absent last night.

“You totally do,” she said, suddenly grinning. “I mean, what makes you so sure you don’t? It’s not like you’d know, you’re asleep when it happens.”

Holly was grinning too, now. “Oh, come on!” she said. “Someone would have mentioned it to me. My parents, or…” She blushed a little. “Someone.”

Alicia snorted in mock derision. “Maybe ‘someone’ is just a very sound sleeper.” Alicia thought about asking who ‘someone’ was, but she didn’t want to make it sound like it was a big deal that Holly was a lesbian. Because it totally wasn’t. Alicia had gone to a big school, and there were enough gay girls there that she’d gotten over any homophobia well before hitting campus. She was secure enough in her sexuality not to worry about her new roomie hitting on her.

Holly’s eyes widened just a little in recognition, and her shoulders slumped in dejection. “Oh, god, I do talk in my sleep, don’t I?” Alicia nodded. “Oh, I’m a terrible roomie. You’re going to need earplugs just to sleep in the same room with me.”

“It’s not a problem during the week,” Alicia pointed out. “You’re never there when I’m sleeping. You’d be amazed at how little noise you make when you’re not in the room.”

Holly giggled. “Alright,” she said. “But I need to buy you lunch to make up for it. Come on, last one to the bathroom has to wait for the other one to finish showering!”

A half-hour or so later, and they were both cleaned up, dressed, and heading out to a little Chinese place where Holly had been grabbing meals on the way to work to compare notes on the first week’s brutality.

“And so Doland walks in on the first day of class and hands out a sheet of paper, says to get ready for a test!” Alicia said. “Seriously, before even telling us his name! And it wasn’t a general knowledge thing, either. He’s all, ‘I posted the first week’s reading on the class website, and I expect that most of you have kept up with the technology of the 21st century well enough to know how to surf the web.’ You could practically hear half the class shitting bricks.”

“Yikes,” Holly said. “How did you do?”

“Nine out of ten,” Alicia said, trying not to sound smug, or at least trying to sound like she wasn’t trying to sound smug. “I missed a question on Plato’s influences.”

Holly gave her a high-five. “Hooray for Well Prepared Girl!”

“What about you?” Alicia asked. “You mentioned that most of your teachers were filled with tough love…”

“All except Ms Lassiter,” Holly said. “She’s my Psych 101 teacher, and if I didn’t have her class daily, I think I’d have gone nuts by now. You should really take Psych, Alicia. I know it’s not in your major, but everyone should know a little basic psychology, especially if they’re going into politics.”

Alicia grimaced. “I’ll add it to my schedule as soon as I can. How does 2025 sound?”

Holly laughed. “Alright, I see your point. But if you do take it? Lassiter over Cartland. I’ve heard fucking horror stories about his section. Seriously, I heard he literally reduced a girl to tears last year…”

From there, the conversation turned to horror stories about future professors, and then to general college plans, and they wound up spending almost two hours sitting and chatting before Alicia sheepishly admitted she needed to get back to the dorm and do some studying. Holly admitted to a chunk of unfinished reading as well, and as the two returned to campus, Alicia decided she’d gotten very lucky in her choice of roommate.

Several hours of eye-straining reading later, and Alicia decided to crawl into bed a little early. “Crashing already?” Holly asked.

“Yeah,” Alicia said. “I figured if I was asleep before you started your nightly conversation, it might not bother me.”

Holly cast her eyes downward in apparent shame. “At least you won’t have to put up with it tomorrow, I work a double on Sundays.” She giggled. “Hey, maybe I should wear a gag to sleep,” she said jokingly.

Suddenly, Alicia found herself thinking back to the exact substance of Holly’s sleep-talk, something she’d been very careful not to bring up at all during their conversations back at the restaurant. She hoped she didn’t sound too nervous as she said, “Nah, I should be fine.” She forced a smile. “Way I feel right now, I could probably sleep through a brass band in the hallway.”

She meant it, too. But obviously, her ears disagreed, because sometime in the middle of the night, Alicia surfaced just the tiniest bit out of sleep to hear, “Yes, Mistress. I will picture the spiral in my mind’s eye…”

Alicia winced a little, even though she was nowhere near awake enough to open her eyes. It really, really, really wasn’t that Holly being gay bothered her. It was just…’Mistress’?

“I draw the spiral in my mind, and the spiral draws me into its depths. The spiral turns, and I sink into it.”

Alicia knew she’d lived kind of a sheltered life. Trying to be a straight-A student on top of keeping up with swim team and choir and debate club and everything else that looked good on a Harvard application didn’t leave much time for dating. But even so, she hadn’t lived a life so sheltered that she didn’t have at least a vague idea of the kinds of things Holly must be into to have a dream like that every night.

“The spiral is so beautiful, perfect and total. It is inside my mind’s eye. Wherever I look, the spiral will be there. I cannot look away. I must sink deeper and obey, Mistress.”

Alicia tried not to be judgmental about it all. It wasn’t like she was saving herself for marriage, or anything. But all that…whips and chains, and ‘Yes Mistress’, and spankings and…Alicia’s limited knowledge of S&M ran out about there, but as she drowsily listened to Holly’s sleepy voice, she felt like she was finding out more than she really wanted to know.

“And the deeper I sink, the better I feel, and the better I feel, the deeper I sink. Mistress holds my sleepy mind, and I cannot resist. I do not want to resist. Resistance is a path away from pleasure, so I must take the path away from resistance.”

But Holly did sound like she enjoyed it, Alicia thought muzzily. She could hear it, in the stillness of the dorm when Holly went silent. The squishing, slapping sound of fingers pumping into Holly’s cunny. Between that and the tone of sleepy pleasure in Holly’s voice, it sounded like whoever ‘Mistress’ was, she made Holly very happy.

“Going deeper opens my mind, opening my mind gives me more pleasure still. Being open and receptive to commands feels so good, so hot, so sexy, and it just makes me want to open my mind even more and allow Mistress to program my sleepy, obedient mind…”

Alicia thought briefly about trying to wake Holly up again, but that just seemed like too much effort. She really wasn’t very awake at all, she realized. Just sort of skating on the edges of sleep. She half-remembered a high school science course, something about how the first stage of sleep felt like being awake, how you’d even think you were awake, but you were still asleep. And you’d be lying there, thinking you were just really really relaxed, right up until you dozed off completely.

“And I f-feel so good now, pleasure locking in the commands…pleasure takes me deeper…more I obey more pleasure I feel, ohhhh…perfect obedience is p-p-perfect pleasurrre…must cum, must cum and lock in the pleasure and the obedience and the commands and oh, oh oh…”

Alicia shivered a little as she fell asleep again.


When she woke up, Holly was just getting ready to go to work. They had little time for anything more than a wave and a nod, and then Holly was gone, leaving Alicia alone with her thoughts.

Which started off with Plato’s ‘Republic’, but quickly diverged into Holly’s…unusual habits. Two nights in a row, she’d been fingering herself like crazy with her roommate right there in the room, for God knew how long. Even now, Alicia could still smell the scent of sex all over the place. She tried to tell herself she was just worried about the effect it might have on her studies, but she knew better than to lie to herself. She was a little weirded out.

And that wasn’t wrong, she decided. It wasn’t Holly’s fault she sleep-masturbated, but it also wasn’t Alicia’s fault for wanting to hit the Too Much Information button when the list of things you found out about your roomie during the first week included ‘Into Kinky Sex’ along with ‘Loves Smooth Jazz’ and ‘Hates the Color Pink’. Alicia frowned, turning her attention back to her reading and pushing the idea to the back of her head. It wasn’t as if she’d have to worry about it for a few days, at least.

But between studying, classes, and an even more punishing schedule of homework, that second week passed quicker than Alicia could have imagined, and despite trying to wrap up her studies early to beat Holly to the dorm, she found herself once again trudging up the stairs late Friday night after another heavy study session to get into their room well after Holly had gone to bed.

“The spiral takes away my will, Mistress,” Holly was saying in her sleep. “It makes me sleepy, and heavy, and dizzy, and I love feeling sleepy…and heavy…and dizzy…”

Alicia groaned, but Holly didn’t stir for even an instant from her weird dreams. God, couldn’t this chick she was dating do something to satisfy Holly’s urges before she turned in for the night? Probably a long-distance relationship or something, because Alicia couldn’t imagine where Holly made the time to see a girlfriend given her schedule. They probably texted each other with kinky messages during class or something.

“My limbs are going limp, my eyes are getting heavy, my body is relaxing, and that feels soooo good…”

Alicia stripped down, trying to decide whether to wake Holly or not. On the one hand, she had no idea how she was going to sleep through Holly’s…Holly’s whatever-the-fuck-it-was. On the other hand…she thought back to last week, and the exhausted, frazzled look in Holly’s eyes when she woke her up. She liked Holly. Despite the weird fetishes and the sleep-talking and all of it, the girl was sweet. She wasn’t doing it on purpose or anything.

“And the path to relaxation leads to Mistress, and that path is obedience. The more I relax, the more I obey. The more I relax, the more I obey. The more I relax, the more I obey.”

Alicia sighed, sitting down on the edge of her bed and trying very hard not to look at Holly’s body as she writhed ever so slightly under her covers. Unbidden, the memory of last week continued in her head, the way that she watched Holly’s fingers pumping under the sheets, the way Holly’s voice had sounded as she chanted, the way that Alicia had almost felt like she couldn’t look away…

“The path of obedience is the perfect path. The path of obedience leads to pleasure. The path of obedience leads to Mistress. Mistress is pleasure. Everything about Mistress makes me feel so good, opening myself to Mistress opens me to pleasure.”

Alicia tore her gaze away from Holly and leaned back against her pillows. She stared at the wall, trying to decide how to handle this. There was no way in hell she’d be able to sleep with all this going on, but she couldn’t just wake Holly up every Friday night, not if they were going to be able to live with each other…

“And the pleasure makes me so sleepy, and the spiral makes me so sleepy, and everything makes me sleepy and weak and ready to be programmed by Mistress, all my resistance melting away as I sink down, deeper into sleep, so relaxed and open, a vessel to be filled by Mistress’ will…”


“Did you really go to sleep like that?”

Alicia blinked. She hadn’t remembered going to sleep at all. One moment she was lying there, trying to figure out how to deal with Holly, and the next… “Oh, my neck,” she moaned. She sat up a little, stretching out the kinks. “I think I need Tylenol.”

“You weren’t even under the covers,” Holly said, hanging up her towel and starting to get dressed. “You must have been bushed.”

“I…” Alicia swung her legs off the bed, feeling her body protest. “I really didn’t think I was going to get to sleep at all,” she said. “You were talking in your sleep again last night.”

Holly grimaced. “Sorry,” she said. “Honestly, I don’t remember having any nightmares or anything last night!”

“They weren’t…” Alicia realized she was blushing, and that Holly was looking at her funny, and she decided to clear the air a bit. “Look, Holly,” she said, trying not to sound too patronizing. “I know you’re gay, and I don’t mind, really. But–”

Holly gave her a look. It wasn’t an angry look, thankfully; it was really more of a, ‘Yeahbuhwha?’ type of look. “I’m not gay,” she said.

Alicia rolled her eyes. “Holly, you don’t need to pretend. I’m not freaked out, I’m not going to ask for a different roomie, but–”

Holly was actually laughing now. “I’m not pretending!” she said. “I’ve got a boyfriend, back home in Kansas! See?” She reached over to her bedside table and pulled her wallet out of her purse. Flipping it open, she pointed to a picture of a studious-looking young man with glasses. “Well, he’s not in Kansas now. I just can’t think of home without thinking of Steve.” She looked at the photo with a dreamy expression on her face. “We’ve been dating practically since puberty. He’s in California right now, though, went to CalTech–I wish we could have gotten closer schools, but CalTech and Harvard? Too good to pass up. We’ll cope, though. We email, we call, we’re planning a visit for Thanksgiving, and we text each other all the time. In fact…”

She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and tapped furiously away at it. “He’s online now.” After a moment, her phone beeped, and she tossed it to Alicia.

The screen read, ‘Roomie thinks im gay’. Below that, her boyfriend had responded with, ‘If U R, UR vry bad at it.’

Alicia felt like her whole body had turned beet red in embarrassment. She just looked at the phone for a long moment, not because she was having trouble figuring out what the message meant, but because looking down at the phone meant she didn’t have to look up at Holly.

“Shower first,” Holly said, clearly pleased by being the one to wrong-foot Alicia this time, “then Chinese, and you can explain to me why you thought I was a lesbian.”

Alicia tried to drag the shower out as long as she possibly could, but she knew she had to face the music. And at least when she explained herself, she wouldn’t be the only one blushing.

Holly seemed more amused than embarrassed, though. “So I’m saying something about this ‘Mistress’,” she said, “and…some sort of S&M thing?”

Alicia nodded. “Really weird-sounding, too. Very…intense. I don’t quite know how to describe it.”

“And you’re sure you didn’t dream any of it?”

“Three nights,” Alicia said. “One night, I could pass off as a weird dream, but every night we’ve slept in the same room, I’ve heard you talking. Really distinctly, too. You break off into muttering sometimes, but for the most part, you’re pretty clear.”

Holly’s eyes actually gleamed. “God, this is so fascinating, I wonder what I’m saying!” She caught sight of the look in Alicia’s eye. “Sorry, psychiatrist in training. I just keep wanting to take this to Ms Lassiter, see what she’d make of it all.”

“Your Psych 101 teacher?” Alicia asked.

“And savior,” Holly said. “She’s been helping me out with some techniques for maximizing sleep, some tricks for studying and concentration that have saved my life on a few of these tests…God, I wonder what she’d think about this.”

Alicia shrugged. “Too bad there’s no way to ask her. Unless you want to invite her to spend a night in our dorm room, listening to you mas…um, listening to you. In your sleep.” She was uncomfortably aware of Holly’s eyes on her.

Suddenly, Holly snapped her fingers, and Alicia breathed an internal sigh of relief. “Got it!” she said. “I’ve got a voice-activated microphone on my computer, for chat. There’s a program that can record, and I can just leave it running overnight, and see what I said in the morning!” She sighed. “Well, not tomorrow morning…another double shift. But I should have some time Monday after classes.”

“Alright,” Alicia said. “Just don’t blame me if you find yourself suspecting that you might be a lesbian.”

That night, Alicia found herself actually worrying as she got ready for bed. What if Holly picked tonight to stop doing it? Alicia would look pretty silly if all the voice-activated microphone picked up was snores. She crawled under the covers, picturing Holly mocking her, picturing herself trying to stammer out explanations…she lay there for what felt like hours worrying, and it was almost a relief when she heard Holly’s sleepy voice begin to drone, “Yes, Mistress…”

Relieved, she drifted off to sleep with the words, “I will picture the spiral in my mind’s eye, and let it take me deeper,” echoing in her ears.


But when she woke up, Holly had already left for work. She went over their class schedule in her mind. Holly said she’d be listening to it Monday after classes, but Alicia would be in class Monday until after Holly left for work. Tuesday, they always seemed to miss each other, Wednesday, she’d probably stop by the room between Civics 101 and Intro to Political Theory, but Holly might be asleep…it’d probably be Thursday before they could have even a brief conversation about it. Alicia sighed. Was it being nosy to want to hear a pysch student psychoanalyze her own sex dreams?

That night, Alicia found herself unable to sleep. Somehow, the room seemed a little too quiet without anyone else in it. She shook her head in disbelief. Had she actually started missing Holly’s weird little monologues?

If she had, Alicia suddenly realized, there was an easy way to fix that. She got up and crossed the room to Holly’s computer, grabbing her own mp3 player along the way. It was the work of moments to transfer the sound file Holly had created to her player, and the work of seconds to slip her headphones on before turning the light back out and resting her head against the pillows. She felt a little weird, but sure enough, the soothing sounds of Holly’s relaxed, quiet voice saying, “I will picture the spiral in my mind’s eye…” helped her fall asleep quickly and easily.

Even the Monday morning alarm, something she normally dreaded, didn’t seem so bad when she could still hear Holly underneath it, whispering how nice it was to be relaxed and open. Alicia practically leapt out of bed, and went to classes with a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye.

Which was kind of scary, really. Not that she was a prude, or anything, but once she got to thinking about it, it did seem kind of creepy that her new favorite way to get to sleep was to listen to a recording of her roommate’s subconscious sex fantasies. They seemed so…she thought back to the restaurant. ‘Intense’, she’d said at the time. But that didn’t even really describe it. ‘All-consuming’, perhaps. Holly seemed to just want to give herself completely to this Mistress, whoever she represented. Like she didn’t care about anything but the pleasure she got from sex with this fantasy woman. Alicia shuddered at the thought, resolving to delete the recording from her mp3 player when she got home.

But that was before a full day of classes followed by a full night of studying eroded both the spring and the sparkle. By the time Alicia got back to the dorm room, she just wanted to conk out hard and stay asleep all night, and somehow the idea of deleting the file didn’t seem nearly as attractive as listening to it. She slipped on her headphones and was asleep in moments.

Tuesday passed much the same way, except that Alicia’s Tuesday classes were easy enough that she could devote most of her attention to worrying about Holly. The more she thought about that recording, the more worried she got. Holly’s voice and that tone of mindless devotion in it just sent shivers up Alicia’s spine. Maybe it was her imagination, but she was starting to think that maybe it wasn’t Holly’s imagination. What if Holly really was hiding something? From her boyfriend, from Alicia…she frowned, doodling a spiral into her notebook. Nobody masturbated that much over ‘just a fantasy’.

That night, she listened to the file again, a bit more carefully, trying to find some sort of clue as to who the Mistress might be. But study and school had once again taken their toll on her energy levels, and Alicia nodded off before even ten minutes had passed.

By Wednesday, Alicia was aching to talk to Holly about the situation. She raced back to the dorm after Civics, hoping to just catch her for a brief moment, but when she burst into the room, Holly was laid out on the bed, sound asleep.

“…my mind is empty, a vessel into which Mistress pours her devotion. My body is empty, a vessel waiting to be filled with pleasure. My soul was empty, but then Mistress filled it with the joy of obedience…”

Alicia sighed and sat on the bed, not wanting to wake her friend. She just looked so helpless, though. Her dreams, monologues, whatever they were, they seemed to be getting more and more intense, more and more…complete? Consuming? Alicia didn’t know. It was like Holly was being…not altered, she was still the same person when she was awake, but…programmed, perhaps. Changes under the surface, behind the scenes, making her…

“…ready for Mistress’ will to fill me completely, and that will feel so good, because Mistress’ love is pure bliss, Mistress’ devotion is holy. Mistress completes me, and my submission completes Mistress. And so I must obey. I can do nothing but obey. I cannot resist. Resistance is a path away from pleasure, so I must take the path away from resistance…”

Alicia watched her friend writhe on the bed, wishing there was something she could do to help. After a while, she looked down at her watch and let out a tiny yelp. She’d managed to spend twenty-five minutes worrying about Holly, and that left a scant five minutes to get to class. Running like hell, she just managed to make it on time.

By the time Thursday finally rolled around, Alicia was almost ready to skip classes just to get a chance to talk to Holly. She shot out of her last class and sprinted across campus to get back to the dorm before Holly left for work. “Well?” she asked, without preamble.

“Well what?” Holly said, her face a picture of confusion. “Oh, and hi.”

“Hi,” Alicia said impatiently, giving a little wave. “Well, the recording! Did you listen to it, what did you think of it, what’s going on in your head?”

Holly blinked once or twice, each blink seeming to take forever. “Oh, that,” she said. “Ms Lassiter thinks it’s nothing to worry about. Just some silly dreams. I already deleted it from my hard drive.”

Alicia shivered. Holly had seemed perfectly normal when she’d said it, and probably a casual observer wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong. Maybe even a close friend wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong. But Alicia had been listening to that recording for four straight days now, and had been hearing Holly sleeptalk on three nights before that. And something in her voice just now had sounded exactly like the way she sounded when she was talking in her sleep.

“Oh!” Holly said. “Gotta run, work!” And with that, she was out the door.

Alicia waved, but her mind wasn’t on goodbyes. She was wondering exactly what kind of psychology Ms Lassiter specialized in.

And on Friday night, when Alicia got back to the dorm, the worries only increased. Not because Holly was asleep again, muttering, “I crave the feel of women’s bodies, I crave the taste of women’s pussy, sex with women is blissful, the soft curves of a woman’s flesh feels so hot, so good, so sexy…” Although that didn’t help.

No, what worried Alicia was that even in the shadows of the dorm, she could see that Holly was wearing a choker around her neck. She stripped down and got into bed, wondering exactly where Holly got the choker. Did Ms Lassiter give it to her? Did she tell her to wear it to bed every night, as she slept and dreamed of…

“…sex with Mistress, must give myself to her sexually in every way, feels so good, mindless and open and sexy and dreamy, Mistress’ good slutpet, Mistress’ sextoy, want to fuck Mistress, want to be fucked by Mistress, oh fuck yes…” Holly rolled over on the bed, and Alicia shivered as she saw the design on the choker’s clasp. A spiral…

And Holly just kept talking, kept gasping out, “Pleasure is Mistress’ gift for obedience, sex with Mistress is pure pleasure, sex with Mistress is pure obedience, I obey and pleasure Mistress and my obedience becomes pleasure in my own mind, must obey, must become a mindless fucktoy for Mistress…” And she was pumping away, fingers in her cunt and Alicia could hear it and smell it but all she seemed to be able to see was that spiral design, and there was just something so sexy about it all that Alicia had to slide her fingers down to her own pussy and play with it just a little…

“The collar is my chain, it binds me to obedience, I wear the collar and it locks my mind to Mistress’ will, locks my body to Mistress’ control. Even when I am not wearing the collar, I am wearing the collar, but I always want to wear it because it feels so good around my throat…” And then a little became a lot, and Alicia tried to tell herself that she wasn’t into girls, that she wasn’t into anything kinky, but something about the way Holly lay there, eyes closed and expression empty and mindless and blissed out and vacant, finger-fucking herself as she dreamed about her Mistress, it was getting Alicia so turned on that she couldn’t stop herself from diddling her clit and reaching her other hand up to pinch her nipples so hard it almost hurt, but the edge of pain was just the most intense pleasure of all…

“…need to cum for Mistress, need to cum because cumming is perfect pleasure and perfect pleasure is perfect obedience and cumming locks in all my programming and i, i, ohhhhh…” Holly shuddered, and Alicia shuddered right along with her. Time just seemed to slow down as her orgasm hit, as the sweet, dreamy pleasure overwhelmed her and Alicia didn’t even remember when her eyes closed down and she fell asleep.


Alicia woke up with her hand still snuggled in the warm nest between her thighs, and for a long, dreamy moment all she wanted to do was start sliding it in and out of her pussy again and let that pleasure take her over once more…but then she remembered Holly, her eyes opened all the way, and she looked to see if her friend was awake yet.

She was, but only barely. Holly’s eyes seemed to be just about as open as Alicia’s had been a moment ago. “Hi,” she said sleepily. “Chinese food?”

“In a moment,” Alicia said, getting out of bed. “First, I wanted to talk to you. About Ms Lassiter.”

Holly smiled blissfully. “Oh, she’s wonderful,” she said, a sigh in her voice. “Honestly, Alicia, I don’t know what I’d do without her. Every day, she seems to have some sort of good advice for me, or good ideas…”

Alicia’s voice was wary. “Like what?” she asked.

Holly’s eyes fluttered just a tiny bit as her smile widened. “Oh, you know,” she said. “Just stuff about school and life.” Alicia caught it again, that hint of dream-talk in her voice. “She’s just really nice. She’s really good at talking to you, you know?”

Alicia took a deep breath. “Holly…I’m worried that Ms Lassiter might be…doing something to you.”

Holly frowned. “Like what?”

“Well…you said she was a psych teacher, right?” Alicia saw the look on Holly’s face and decided to tread very carefully.

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, I was thinking…she gave you that choker, right? With the spiral design?”

“Yeah, so what?” Holly crossed her arms defensively. “It was just a present, she’s been happy with my schoolwork. It’s not anything important.”

“Okay,” Alicia said. “Then take it off.”

Holly’s hand started to move up to the choker, but even as it did, her eyes seemed to unfocus, just a little, and her mouth moved silently. “I don’t feel like it right now,” she said. “Besides, you were saying something about Ms Lassiter doing something to me, not about what I’m wearing.”

Alicia gestured impatiently. “Spiral design, psych teacher, strange behavior…come on, Holly, you’ve got to see it.” Seeing that Holly most emphatically did no such thing, she sighed. “I think she’s hypnotized you.”

Holly rolled her eyes. “No way,” she said. “Absolutely not. She’d never do anything like that. I trust Ms. Lassiter implicitly. She has only my best interests at heart.”

“There you go again!” Alicia said, sitting down next to Holly. “Don’t you hear what your own voice sounds like when you say things like that?”

“No,” Holly said angrily, “I don’t! And I don’t like these accusations you’re making against my favorite teacher! She’s just been helpful, that’s all. She hasn’t done anything to my mind.”

“What the Hell? What is going on with this electricity bill?” I yelled. My wife Sophie just got in the door and handed me the mail and went into the kitchen to start dinner. Jake my eighteen year old son was playing video games in the living room. They were both ignoring me. A couple of years ago an electric bill wouldn’t even register as a topic worth discussing, you paid it and that was that. Of course back then I was a vice president of a firm with over a hundred employees, and we were well off. But then with the melt down in the economy we had to downsize. We weathered pretty well, we didn’t have that much debt – my background in finance allowed kept us from that trap. We owned a couple of rental properties, one is still generating a little income the other was abandoned so we moved into it. Our real estate agent told us we had a better chance selling our house since it was custom built on an estate lot in a great neighbourhood rather than this three bedroom bungalow in the city. Sophie is a nurse at the local hospital and from here she can take the bus to work, which allowed us to downsize to one car.

Our big problem was when I lost my job, the whole company went under. I was out of work for almost a year carrying the taxes and bills for two houses and sending my daughter Kate to college, and saving up for Jake who starts college in September. For the last year I have been working with this company helping them with their investments and currently restructuring to save costs, which was a polite way of saying looking to layoff staff. It was only supposed to last three to six months, but I have been finding ways to make myself useful. One nice thing about the job is that I get to work from home. Every Tuesday I go in for meetings, but usually I am left on my own, it works out cheaper for them not to have me in the office and I don’t have to pay for gas and parking downtown. Of course, I don’t get paid anywhere near what I was making before, and now all I seem to do is complain about how much things cost.

“I can’t believe how much the bill has gone up, where are the old bills?” I asked myself angrily. I stormed off into my den and went through the files. I grabbed the folder and stomped back into the dining room. “See, look, we are paying almost double what we paid last month.”

I didn’t think anyone was paying attention to me, I rarely was acknowledged in my own home anymore especially when I was angry. So when Sophie answered back I was a little surprised.

“The price of electricity, like the price of everything is going up.” She didn’t raise her voice, but spoke in an almost condescending manner, not even bothering to look up but continued with her dinner preparations. “Of course if you are looking to blame someone for the electric bill, there is no point in yelling at us. Kate moved out, Jake spends the days with his friends and works nights so he is only here to eat and sleep, and I am working double shifts at the hospital trying to help pay these bills. If you want to blame someone for the electric bill, perhaps you should be yelling at the person who is here all the time. Not that you ever leave the house, but you may have heard that it is damn hot out there. I shower at work before my shifts because no matter what time of day I leave, I am usually sweating by the time I get there.” She was right, we were in the midst of an unusually hot summer, every day was either breaking a record or damn close.

“If you want to cut down on electricity, maybe you should use less, turn off some of the gadgets. Of course if you are really serious you could turn down the air conditioner, maybe turn if off completely and walk around naked. That would do the trick” she smirked.
Having just put in my place, the only thing I could think to answer was “Maybe I will.” It was the matter-of-fact way she spoke to me now, completely devoid of emotion. Sometimes I wish she’d yell, at least I would know she felt something towards me. Sophie slid two plates of equal sized portions cold chicken and pasta on the table and went to the bathroom. She told Jake his dinner was on the table as she passed him.
We ate wordlessly as she showered. I stared at Jake’s expressionless face as he wolfed down his food. Nothing seemed to phase him. I always thought he would be happier as a cartoon character, all he thought about was hanging out with his friends and playing sports. His grades weren’t bad, but he tended to skate by on his good looks and charm whenever he could. His trademark smile only disappeared momentarily when he sat down to the only thing he took seriously, eating. He was accepted to the same university his sister goes to, but he would have to move out and get his own place. Sure we could help with tuition and expenses, but when we sat him down and showed him that he would have to quit his current job and get something that allowed him to work a full 40 hour week in order to save up enough, and even then he would have to get a part-time job, like Katey did, he simply said no. He said he would rather go to community college and stay here with us, then he flashed a big grin stood up and walked away. That was that.

When we finished his smile returned, as he stood up he slipped on his baseball cap. “Do you want me to pitch in and help with the electric bill, I could maybe pay half or something.” He picked up our plates and cutlery and took them to the sink.

“No thanks Jake, it was kind of you to offer.”

“Anything to help out, Pop. You just tell me what you need.” He knew that I wouldn’t accept, but I knew he was sincere. He rinsed off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. As Sophie walked he thanked her for dinner, kissed her on the cheek then went into the fridge grabbed two pieces of cold pizza, folded them into a sandwich and took a bite. He grabbed a soft drink and headed to his room. Sophie laughed as he walked away then stopped as she turned an saw me. She went into the fridge and grabbed a pre-packaged salad. I took that as my cue to leave.

“I have some more work to do.” I got up and went to the den.

“I am working 7 to 7 tomorrow, so you’ll have to make your own dinner.”

“OK” I answered. I actually did have work to do. I went into my office. It wasn’t a real office exactly, it was like a small family room or a parlor. It was a good size, I was able to put in two desks, one for my PC, and the other was full of papers where I kept my work laptop. I also had a couple of book cases and a large filing cabinet. The biggest problem was that it had no doors, it had an oversized archway maybe 48 inches across nicely framed with wood. The other problem is that it was centrally located, it was just to the right of the kitchen. On the other side was the laundry room / side door foyer that led to the garage. If you came in through the front door, walking past the powder room, unless you were going into the garage or laundry room you had to walk past it. Also, part of the doorway looked down the hallway that led to the three bedrooms and the second bathroom. So unless people were in the bedrooms, I could hear everything that was going on.

My assistant Gwen liked to clear off her desk on Fridays so she didn’t have to worry about work over the weekend leaving me with a few hours of emails and various reports to read. It is one of the reasons we work well together, neither of us like to leave things undone. She is also very detailed in her tasks, which is very important when we are doing a deep dive into the numbers. When I started with the company I inherited her since no one else wanted anything to do with her. Gwen was the niece of one of the executives at head office, she was in her mid 20s, bright, recently finished her undergrad degree in England, and was currently doing her MBA part time. She didn’t have any specific job description, just put on various projects when they needed help. She was very bright and capable but also very straightforward, to a fault. She was universally despised by the rest of the staff. Some hated her because she got to work on choice projects well above her pay grade, others because she done something to specifically piss them off by overshadowing them, or calling them out when the screwed up. It didn’t help that Gwen also the backup for the receptionist when she was sick, or like now, on vacation. The idea that the 20-something assistant receptionist was working on their multi-million dollar projects raised the ire of some project managers. I checked my inbox and, sure enough, there were a few reports she completed that I had go over.

I barely got through my first couple of emails when I heard Sophie head off to the bedroom. That was her ritual, come home, make dinner, shower, eat and then off to bed. She would surf the Internet wile she watched TV from bed, then after a couple of hours, she would turn everything off and go to sleep. A few minutes later I heard Jake leave for work. I had the house to myself again, as usual.

I got an IM from Gwen. We chatted quite a bit over instant message. I told her I was going over the reports, she said she would be online off an on all weekend since she was working on a paper. She bounced a few ideas off me and asked what I had planned for the weekend. I told her I was probably going to work, I had to do some grocery shopping tomorrow, but no other plans.

She responded back with “All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy!”

“You are one to talk, aren’t you working on a paper all weekend?”

I got three more texts in quick succession. “If u only knew what other things I have planned… what about the wife, no plans? what about tonight?”

“She’s gone to bed already, working all day tomorrow, she’ll be home late. Sunday we have house stuff, laundry…”

“make a romantic dinner when she gets home.”

“For us a romantic romance is leaving each other be. After 22 years, that is good enough.”

The reply was a sad face smiley.

“Not really, it works for us” I lied.

“Everyone needs romance.” The response ended with a heart.

“If you really believed that you wouldn’t be working so late on a Friday night.”

“I have a friend patiently waiting for me.”

“Friend, or romantic prospect?”

“That is a little personal.”

“You are the one that brought up romance.”

“it’s a perfunctory romance”


“Fuck buddy.”

“Oh, I should let you go then.”

“If you insist.”

“That was a little inappropriate” I said out-loud. I was glad there was no one around, I could feel my face flush with embarrassment. I had to walk away from my office for a few minutes. I went outside for a breath of fresh air. I could hear my neighbors splashing around in their pool. I thought about taking a dip myself, but I would have to go into the bedroom to get my suit. I could swim naked, but that would be really weird especially with my neighbors fifty feet away veiled by a wooden fence. I decided to go back inside and finish up my work.

I worked for a couple of hours then I closed the office laptop and fired up my PC. With my old job used to email my work to myself and work on it at home. My new job gave me a laptop, so my old PC is only used for porn these days. Both Sophie and Jake have their own laptops so I am the only one that uses it, but I still make sure to clear the browser history and make sure there aren’t any traces left on it. While it started up I slipped down my pants and unbuttoned my shirt. Usually I would keep it like that until I was done, in case I had to get dressed quickly, but today I noticed that I was a bit cold. I got completely naked and walked over to the thermostat. It was a bit of a thrill to walk around the house naked. I never did this before. I increased the temperature to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. I’d see how that went, sure it was warm but still cooler than outside, which meant the AC would pull out some of the humidity. I could always change if it got too hot. I went into the kitchen to get a drink. I brazenly turned on the ceiling light wondering if a neighbor could see me. I plunked a few ice cubes into a glass and poured in a generous amount of scotch and wandered back to my office.

I sipped my drink and surfed the net for porn. I read a few online stories and watched a couple of videos. Of course I wasn’t thinking about the porn, I was imagining Gwen lying in bed naked typing away on her laptop while a naked guy sits patiently on a couch in another room. I wondered what kinds of things Gwen liked in bed. I knew if I asked her she would probably tell me. She was like that. My scotch addled brain wandered over to Sophie. Sometimes Sophie wore a sheer nightdress to bed, but usually she liked to sleep in just a pair of panties. I used to like waking her up for sex by pulling the sheet off slowly and sucking on her sensitive nipples. She would instinctively spread her legs as she started getting wet down there. Then I would listen for a change in her breath, that would be my cue to slowly work my hand into her panties and finger her. It was a bit of a game to see how long I could go before she woke up. A couple of times she awoke to an orgasm.

Sophie was in great shape for a woman in her mid 40s, all of her friend marveled at how thin she still was. Her B-cup breasts were perfect for her frame, but her cut abs and toned legs that still turned heads. Even with the 60 hour work week she puts in from time to time, she still made it to the gym almost every day to work off the stress of her job. I thought about how we used to make love when we were younger. But that was long ago. She hasn’t touched me in close to eight months. The last two times were complete disasters. We hadn’t had sex in several months so when she offered to have sex with me on my birthday it had been so long that I came after the second stroke. Two months later on our anniversary I was still so worried and embarrassed I couldn’t get an erection. Those thoughts were anti-productive, I focused on some lesbian videos and got back to the task at hand, so to speak. After a few minutes I shot my load into a tissue then cleaned up in the powder room by the front door. I cleaned up the office and made sure I cleared my browser history before turning off my computer then got dressed so that if I woke up Sophie when I got into the bedroom she would see me getting undressed. The house was already warm so I decided to sleep nude instead of in my tee shirt and briefs like I normally do.

I woke up the next morning to Sophie asking me why it was so hot, was the AC broken? I explained that I had turned the AC temperature up to save electricity like she suggested. She didn’t seem pleased with that answer. She got up and went to the bathroom. Since I was up I slipped on my underwear, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and went down to make a pot of coffee. When she came down I offered to make some breakfast, she said she just wanted cereal. She poured it herself at it and left without saying a word more to me. I made myself some eggs and toast and then cleaned up the kitchen.

I was doing some clean up around the house when Jake got up, he too complained about the heat, but was OK when I explained everything. I took a shower, changed and went to run a few errands a do some grocery shopping. The heat wave had not ended, it was a scorcher, by the time I got home I was covered in sweat. I put the cold stuff away and left the rest while I took a quick shower. I put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt again and then went back to put away the rest of the groceries. By the time I was done I was starting to sweat again. I went to my office to do some work, but I was distracted by the heat. It was so hot in the house, I honestly thought about caving in and turning up the AC. It was so warm I was feeling lazy. I hated that feeling.

Instead I decided to go for a swim. I stripped off my clothes and went looking for my bathing suit. It was a bit of a turn on walking around naked, I thought I might go for a naked swim. I hadn’t gone skinny dipping in years. The only times I went was with Sophie at our old house. When we first moved in we were hot and sweaty, everything was still packed and Sophie suggested we go for a swim. I said there was no way we could find our suits. She said we didn’t need them. She pulled off her top and ran to the pool pulled off her shorts and panties and jumped in. I was hesitant that someone would see us, but they would have had to come in pretty far onto our property to do that. I watched her for a minute swimming naked in the pool. She was the sexiest woman I ever saw. She still is.
I took off my clothes and jumped in. She swam over to me and we started kissing once I was good and hard she swam away and I had to chase her. When I caught her I kissed her. We fondled each other for a while and she got out of the pool. I followed her. She took one of the cushions from the long lounge chairs and laid it flat like a small bed and she laid me down on it and sucked my cock. After a few moments she moved into a 69 position and I licked her pussy. I could taste her juices mixing with the chlorine in the pool. I dove right in rubbing my tongue in little circles around her clit. She had a small orgasm and broke off, turned around to face me and climbed on top of me. She bounced on my cock for a while but her knees were hitting the concrete so she moved into a squatting position, crouching over my cock. I was amazed that she could hold up that workout. She was rubbing her clit as she fucked me. We came within seconds of each other. The force of my orgasm triggered hers. I don’t think I ever came that much in my life. Afterwards she slumped down on top of me and we kissed some more. I could feel the juices slowly flowing down my cock and balls. We left the cushion out all night and the next day the sun bleached the wet spot into it. We kept those ugly cushions for years afterwards. We turned over so you couldn’t see the stain. But it was a continual reminder a reminder of the night we made the new house our home. I realized I hadn’t gone skinny dipping since the kids were still really young.

I wrapped myself in the towel and made sure that Jake was gone. I snuck out into the backyard making sure no one could see me. The backyard is pretty private. We have an eight foot fence bordering all sides. Our neighbor to the right has a deck which they could see over, but they would have to be right by the fence standing on their deck. I walked around the yard to see where I could be seen from various windows. By the pool area which was close to the house I was pretty safe, if I got further back towards the garden I could be seen.

When I was sure it was safe I threw my towel onto a chair and jumped in. The water was warm but it still cooled me down. The feel of the water on my cock and balls was stimulating, I could feel myself getting hard. I thought about jacking off, of course I would have to get out of the pool since I didn’t want to make a mess. Just as I was pondering my options I heard the back door open.

“Hey Pop, what are you doing?”

I looked up and there was Jake and his friend Brian. Jake and Brian had been best friends since grade school.

“Uh, sorry. I was just going for a swim.”


Thinking quickly I said “Yeah, you know we are trying to cut back on electricity, you know for the environment.” I added that last part for Brian’s benefit. “So I thought I would swim nude. You swim every day, right Jake? How many loads of laundry do you do for just your towels and suits?”

“At least one or two. I need a fresh suit every day since it doesn’t dry out in time, I don’t like wearing a wet one, and I don’t want to throw a dirty pair in the dryer.”

“Exactly, so if you swim nude, then it would save at least a load a week.”

“Why didn’t say something yesterday? I already went for a swim this morning.”

“Oh well… I didn’t want to ask you to do it until I tried it out myself, you know, that wouldn’t be fair to ask you do do something that I hadn’t.” I wasn’t sure if that would work.

“Makes sense I guess. So Brian, you want to go for a swim?”

“Sure. If you don’t mind sir.”

I was backed into a corner, what else could I say but “Of course, come on in.”

Jake and Brian returned in a few minutes completely naked carrying towels. I was a little taken aback. The boys were in really good shape. I guess it isn’t all that surprising, they play several sports, football, baseball, basketball, and they were both on the high school track team. However Brian had really been hitting the gym, his arms were huge. I felt like the high school nerd again. I realized that since Jake and Brian are on a few of the same teams, so they have probably showered together before. So I guess it wasn’t all that weird for them. I was unbelievably awkward for me though.

On the plus side, the situation solved my erection problem. We splashed around the pool for a bit, and chatted about what they were up to, Jake and Brian were playing baseball earlier and they had come home for a swim before heading off to work. Jake and Brian work at the same diner. Brian had a car so I guess he offered to drive Jake. The least I could do was offer them dinner. I fired up the BBQ and grilled some chicken. I stayed naked while the splashed around in the pool. I mixed up some vegetables inside and brought them out. We ate dinner nude on the patio. After dinner Jake and Brian had to get ready for work. Jake helped me clean up while Brian took a shower. It was somewhat fun hanging out naked. I asked about Brian.

“So it looks like Brian has really been working out, he has put on quite a bit of muscle, is he looking to play college football or is he just trying to impress a girl?”

“Neither actually. You know he is gay right?”

“No I didn’t.” I paused for a minute in awkward silence, but finally I had to ask. “Is it strange for you? You two have been friends for most of your life.”

“Not really. It isn’t like he has ever asked me out or anything, he knows I wouldn’t be interested, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“No, it is just that you have been friends for so long, I figured, you know, when he realized it might be weird for you.”

“I think he always knew. I started to suspect because he seemed liked it when we made out way more than I did.”

I stopped for a second and we burst out laughing.

“Seriously though,” Jake continued “one day we were in school and I told him that Christine liked him, and that he should probably ask her out. He said, ‘No, I think I prefer guys.’ and I said ‘Cool, I’ll ask her out then.’ and I did.”

“Its got to be difficult though, there couldn’t have been that many gay guys in school.”

“No there weren’t, but I guess there are a few at his gym” Jake smiled.

After they left I went to work in the den. I wasn’t working long when I got an in IM from Gwen, my assistant. She had a question regarding her paper for school, I gave her a couple of pointers and I realized that I was naked. My cock got instantly hard. I was chatting with my assistant completely nude, with my cock throbbing in front of me. I felt a little awkward, like she knew somehow. I realized that it was after 7 and Sophie would be home soon. I didn’t know how she would react to me chatting with Gwen on IM while nude, and it didn’t help I had a hard on. I was almost in a panic. I typed something to Gwen and ran to the bedroom and grabbed the pair of shorts I was wearing. The tee shirt was still a bit damp so I just carried it back with me and quickly replied to Gwen’s last message while I pulled up my shorts. It did little to hid my erection, but as long as Sophie didn’t see the front I was safe. It was just in time too. I heard the front door. I still was a little embarrassed not wearing a tee shirt, so I slipped it on before she walked by. I IMed Gwen that Sophie was home and I would be back.

I went turned to greet Sophie trying to hide my fading erection. When she saw me she stopped mid stride. “You are aware your tee shirt is on inside out.”

“Oh sorry. I turned up the heat and I had taken it off. I just put it back on when I heard you at the door.”

She smiled. “I have seen you topless before. But it is still hot in here.”

“The AC cuts out the humidity, so it is better than nothing.”

“Not much better, how long can we keep this up?”

“If you dress light, it isn’t all that bad.”

She shook her head and gave out an exasperated sigh. “Is Jake home?”

“No, he and Brian left for work a while ago. Did you eat dinner yet? I grilled some chicken breast for you.”

“Oh, thanks.” She went into the kitchen then I heard her go to the bathroom. I removed the uncomfortable damp tee shirt. When I heard her in the kitchen again I went in to help. When I turned the corner I was startled to see she was topless. She was wearing only a pair of panties. I must have let out a gasp, because she turned around. She looked down to watch my cock getting hard. She pretended she didn’t see it, but I could tell she was trying to hide her smile.

“Sorry, it was a bit warm I thought since Jake was out I would get comfortable.”

“Sure, no problem. I just came to show you where the chicken was, but I see you found it. I did some grocery shopping.” I could hear the chime from my computer, I just received another message.

“I saw that, did you get everything on the list? Because I can go tomorrow if you forgot anything.” Another chime.

“Yeah I got everything and a few extras.” I smiled. I told here where I went while a few more messages popped in.

“I think Gwen needs you” Sophie said coldly.

“Sorry, she has a paper due on Monday and I was helping her out.”

“So not even work related?”

“No we were working as well.” I said not realized I just lied. Another chime.

“You’d better go.”

I turned and went back to the den. I looked at the messages, there was nothing urgent, just a couple of reminders and a note saying that a friend just dropped by so she was signing off.

I heard Sophie head into the bedroom. I thought about going in to apologize, but she might think I was going in to stare at her tits and I didn’t want to piss her off more. I really wanted to go in. When did things get so fucked up between us? Everything was so awkward, like we didn’t even know what to say to each other. I knew I still loved her, I knew I still found her sexy. I thought about stomping in there climb into bed and just taking her. Would she push me away? How would I even start, should I just climb into bed and start kissing her. I imagined walking into the bedroom and jacking off right in front of her, shooting my load all over those beautiful tits and those gorgeous abs. Would she freak out, or would she just watch. Maybe she would start playing with herself while she watched me. I could feel the cum bubbling up I shot load after load into a tissue. It was the first time I had gotten myself off without porn in months. I went into the powder room and cleaned up.

Now what? That threw me off my schedule which was: work, porn and then bed. For a more exotic evening the schedule was: work, scotch, porn and then bed. Should I get dressed and go watch TV? I don’t even know what shows are on anymore. It was still early, Sophie just went to bed, she would still be up for another couple of hours. I picked up my shorts and thought about going for another swim. I went outside, it was still quite warm. I had left my towel in the sun, it was now completely dry. I jumped in the pool and splashed around for a bit and decided to hop into the hot tub. I jumped back and forth between them for an hour or so before going back inside. I stayed naked making myself a snack then poured a scotch on the rocks and went back into the office and fired up my porn delivery system. Between Gwen and Sophie I was still pretty horny. It didn’t take long to get hard but it did take me a while to get off again, when I came the orgasm was powerful but I only was able to shoot a few dribbles. I shut down the computer making sure to clear everything off, got cleaned up and headed straight to bed.

When I got up the next morning Sophie was already up. I had a nagging feeling I forgot something. I was a little drunk when I got to bed. Then it hit me. I left my clothes in the den. Did she see them, what would she think? I stood up to go take a shower, but I was immobilized by indecision. Should I sneak in and grab them before Sophie saw them, should I get showered and dressed first. Should I come up with a story?

Just then the door opened up there was Sophie holding my clothes. Fear gripped me. It is amazing to me that I could negotiate multi-million dollar contracts, but my wife catches me wandering around my own house naked and I feel helpless.

“I guess you went for a swim last night?”

“Actually I did go for a swim, and I sat in the hot tub for a bit as well.”

“Jake says you, he and his friend Brian went swimming naked yesterday. He said that you want to save money on laundry.”

“Yeah, that’s right. No swim suits and we dry our towels in the sun. It saves us a few loads.”

“Sorry I missed the show.” She giggled.

I loved it when she smiled. I felt the desire to grab her and kiss her. I am sure she would have loved to see Brian naked. I realized I was standing in front of her naked so instead I said “Well, I was thinking of going for a swim before breakfast.”

“Your breakfast is ready. I came to wake you.”

“Oh, OK. Thanks.” Not sure what to do I just walked past her naked.

I was surprised to see Jake in the kitchen, usually he works late and doesn’t get up until noon. I have been up for five minutes and I have been caught naked twice. I remembered that Sophie said she spoke with him, I should have planned this out better.

“Hey Pop, going for a swim.”

“Maybe after breakfast.”

“Cool. I am meeting some friends so I am heading out now. I won’t be back until after work. See you later.” He patted me on my bare ass as he passed.

“Um. Bye.”

I sat down to my breakfast when Sophie came in. “So what now, you are just going to walk around naked?”

“It was your idea.” Sophie seemed a little more on edge than usual. Changing the subject I asked “So what are your plans today?”

“I’ve put in a long week, I was planning to stay home today, maybe clean up a bit.”

“The house is in pretty good shape. Jake keeps it pretty clean. Only the bathroom needs cleaning but I can do that.”

“My own naked housecleaning service” she joked. “Maybe I’ll call Peggy and we can go to the mall.”

“Sure, take the car if you like.”

“OK” she smiled.

I dodged a bullet there. I was worried I would be spending the day naked alone with her trying desperately not to get an erection. After breakfast I sorted the dirty laundry and put in a load then cleaned the bathroom. While I was doing that she left. I went back to work intermittently throwing the washed clothes into the dryer and adding a new load. Occasionally I sorted though the clean clothes and putting them away. I left several of my shirts in the laundry room for ironing. I would get to them later. At lunch time I decided to grill a couple of burgers. I fired up the BBQ, and while it was heating I threw another load in the washer. I found the pair of panties Sophie was wearing yesterday, I gave them a sniff and I got instantly hard. I wrapped them around my dick and stroked myself a few times before throwing them in the wash. I went back outside and looked around to see if anyone could see me. It was still very hot, people were staying indoors. I realized that a part of me wanted to get caught naked. It was a bit of a thrill.

I waited for my cock to soften and then I wandered down to the garden at the far end of the yard. If my neighbors on either side happened to be looking out their back window the would likely see me. I examined the garden, or rather what was left. Sophie and I have been pretty busy, so we didn’t do anything with it. The flowers we planted hand come up again, but there were several weeds and the extreme heat had really dried everything out. I probably should have watered it but it had been so dry there was a watering ban in the area. I bent down and pulled out a few weeds. As I weeded I imagined one of my neighbors looking out her window and wonder “What is Tom doing, why is he naked? Wow look at that cock of his, I would love to suck on that.” I felt the blood rushing back to my cock. I decided to head back to the private area of the yard before I got a full erection.

I cooked my burgers grabbed a beer and had lunch outside. I ate one handed, stroking myself the whole time with the other hand. After lunch I rinsed off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and turned on my PC. I found a video of a voluptuous girl fucking as sucking two guys outside by the pool. I sat back and started jacking off slowly. I took my time letting my orgasm build. When I finally came I felt a shiver go right up from my balls up to the top of my head. I cleaned up and went back to work/laundry duty. Gwen popped on and we chatted for a while. She said she went into work to finish her paper, too many distractions in her apartment, but she finally got it done. I felt a little naughty sitting naked chatting with her, but I was able to fight back the urge to tell her I was naked. That would be very inappropriate. We had a presentation on Tuesday, so I sent her a list of things I needed her to do on Monday, and sent her what I had been working on all weekend. I told her we had a busy day tomorrow.

After I finished up I started on the ironing. I got through most of my shirts when I heard the front door open and Sophie call out she was home. This wasn’t something she normally did so I made a quick dash into the bedroom and put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. When I got out I could see she wasn’t alone Peggy was with her. Peggy smiled at me suspiciously.

“Hi, how was shopping?” I asked innocently.

“Fine, picked up a few things.” Sophie replied. “Did you keep busy?”

“Yeah, I cleaned up the bathroom and did a few loads of laundry. I was just ironing.”

“In the bedroom?” Peggy asked.

“No, in the laundry room. I should go turn off the iron.” While I was gone I heard some whispering and giggling. When I returned Sophie was opening a bottle of white wine we had in the fridge. She asked if I wanted some, I said sure. She poured three glasses. Peggy asked for half a glass, she had to drive home.

“Did you get anything special today?” I asked.

“A few small things here and there.” Peggy answered. She and Sophie smiled, avoiding looking at each other. I assumed they were sharing an inside joke, likely at my expense. Trying to change the subject I asked how things were with Peggy, since I hadn’t seen her in a while. She was going through a messy divorce. Her husband Rick had left her for a woman barely in her thirties, and Peggy was doing everything she could to punish him for it. What was especially infuriating for her was the fact that he doesn’t seem to think he did anything wrong, he blames the failed marriage on her completely. Now he is now living with this girl and she is taking care of the two boys. Peggy owns a bakery, with three locations in the city, so she is doing well. The latest thing was that Rick lost his job and now is trying to sue her for a portion of the business. Peggy anticipated this and took precautions to protect her and her business, she must have know this was coming for years. I suspected this wasn’t Rick’s first affair.

Peggy got up and said she had to leave to get supper for the boys. We walked her to the door. As she put on her shoes she said “It is pretty hot in here. I will leave you two to get comfortable. Bye.”

“Bye.” we both answered. We headed back to the living room and Sophie poured a second glass of wine, she offered me some, I shook my head.

“You told her I walk around naked didn’t you?”

“I kinda think the only reason she came in was to get a peek. It’s OK, I told her that when Jake wasn’t home I get comfortable too.”

“And she was OK with that?”

“Actually she liked the idea. She said she wouldn’t mind walking around naked in her house once in a while, but with two teenage boys with no social lives, she spends too much time getting them to do something other than masturbate as it is.”

I laughed out loud.

“Apparently she caught one of them trying to steal a peek at her in the shower. Did you ever do that with your mom?”

“No, definitely not.” Sex was a taboo topic when I was growing up. Sex and masturbation were sins and there is no telling what would happen if I was caught peeping on my mother. I don’t even think they knew I masturbated, I am pretty sure that my older sisters never did, the are just as uptight as my mom. My father was pretty high strung as well, which is probably why he died of a heart attack in his fifties. “What about you, ever steal a look at your father or brothers?”

“We were five kids with in a three bedroom house with one bathroom and no lock on the door. Everyone pretty much saw everyone naked at some point. I think my three brothers used to masturbate together though. I could hear them through the walls at night.” It made sense, five kids six years apart. I did the math in my head, at one point the boys would have been seventeen, fifteen and fourteen. I knew I was jerking off every chance I had at those ages, of course I had my own room. I wanted to ask about her and her sister, they shared a room, ‘did they every masturbate together’ I wondered. I stopped myself. All this talk about masturbating was getting me aroused.
Sophie sensed something and stood up and stripped down to her panties. “That’s better.” She picked up her glass of wine and finished it. “Aren’t you going to get comfortable?”

“Well. um.”

“If that erection in your pants is what is keeping you dressed, don’t worry, I won’t try and jump you” she laughed. I just stood there.

“Might I remind you this was all your idea. Oh well, if you want to turn the AC back on, we can do that. You have about 10 seconds to make your decision.” I could tell that the wine was driving this conversation. She never spoke to me like this.

I pulled my shirt over my head and then dropped my shorts down around my ankles. My cock was standing straight up. She just stood there for a minute staring at me and smiling. She emptied the bottle of wine into her glass and took a sip, her eyes never left me. I stood there flushed with embarrassment.

“Looks like there will be some masturbation going on in this house too” she laughed. She packed up her things and headed to the bedroom. I didn’t move. She called out, “Peggy and I had a bite to eat when we were out. Can you make yourself something for dinner?” She didn’t wait for a response and shut the door.

I finished my ironing. I made a light dinner, after which I poured a scotch into a glass of ice as sat in the hot tub. By the time I finished my drink I was feeling a bit of a buzz so I got out of the tub and dried off and went into the kitchen to pour another scotch – I didn’t bother with the ice this time. I went into my office and fired up the computer clicking through various videos. I had finished my third drink and was pondering a fourth when I finally shot my load. I was exhausted and couldn’t walk a straight line if my life depended on it. I cleaned up, turned off my computer and went to bed. I passed Jake’s door and noticed it was closed. I didn’t hear him come home, I hope he got in while I was in the hot tub, otherwise he might have seen me as he walked past my office. When I got to bed Sophie was fast asleep. I turned on the light in the closet and I could see she was lying on her back. I slowly pulled the sheets off of her. She was completely naked. I got a closer look at her pussy. Even though I had just cum, and there was little chance of getting an erection, I wanted nothing more than to fuck her right at that moment. I covered her back up and turned off the light. I was passed out almost immediately after getting into bed.

When Sophie’s alarm went off Sophie was pressed up beside me. I had my arm wrapped around her holding her head to my chest, our legs were intertwined and my hard cock was pressed up against her belly. We were covered in each other’s sweat. She pushed herself off of me, but in doing so put her hand on my cock. It lingered there for a moment.

“You go back to sleep” she said barely over a whisper.

Like there was any chance of that. She turned off the alarm and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was a little hung-over so I decided to take some aspirin. The hangover wasn’t so bad, not enough to fade my erection. My cock bobbed as I walked into the kitchen, I took a couple of aspirins and drank down a large glass of water and went back to bed. I laid there pretending to sleep, enjoying the scent of her body on me as she got ready for work. When I heard the front door close I got out of bed. I turned on my computer and made a cup of coffee while it booted. I figured I would get rid of this erection before I started work. I found a few videos of women masturbating which I watched while sipping my coffee. After my coffee was done I really had to take a piss, after which my erection started to fade. I realized I had been masturbating for forty-five minutes, but hadn’t cum yet. Since I had a busy day ahead, I decided I would ‘finish’ this up later.

I opened my work laptop and jumped into the shower. I took a quick shower and got back to my desk still holding my towel. Gwen was online and had IMed me. I apologized for being late even though it was only eight-fifteen in the morning. I called her to go over a few things. Unfortunately she kept having to put me on hold while she answered the phones and transferred calls. Between messages I ran and got some cereal for breakfast and made another cup of coffee. I was on the phone with Gwen most of the morning, but it was difficult because she kept having to put me on hold whenever she got another call or someone walked in the front door. I found myself casually stroking my cock while I talked with Gwen, it felt a little naughty. By eleven o’clock I was having difficulty thinking about work. I had been masturbating off and on for over three hours while trying to get work done. Jake would be getting up soon so I figured if I wanted to get off I would have to do it soon.

I gave Gwen some things to look up and hung up the phone. I went online with my desktop and found some more masturbation videos. I was getting close when the phone rang. I was Gwen, she said she was sending me the files, but it was 12 and she needed to go for lunch because she arranged with someone to fill in for her while she was gone. She said she would be back in half an hour. The combination of my build up, the fact that Jake could open his door and walk out and catch me at any moment, the girl masturbating with a vibrator while Gwen was talking to me casually about work took me over the edge. I shot a huge load of cum into a tissue. I didn’t hear all of what Gwen said, but I told her she did a good job and I would talk to her later. I turned off my computer and cleaned up. I was in the kitchen making a salad for lunch when Jake work up. He came into the kitchen. He was naked too.
“You’re tired this morning, did you get in late last night?”

“Not too late, around 1 AM. you were still.. uh… working, when I got home.”

I was mortified, but I didn’t want to turn this into a big deal. Sophie was big on honesty, we had ‘the talk’ with Jake about sex and masturbation, he knew we both did have sex and we both masturbated, there was no point in lying to him. “If you saw me at 1 AM, you probably knew I wasn’t working.” I said sheepishly.

“If you were, I want your job” Jake joked. “its good to know that married people still do that. I know you told me you did, but it is another thing to see it for yourself. I know it is one of my favorite past times.” He was grinning.

“I’ll bet”

“So how often do you do it?”

“What?” I asked, almost spitting out my food. Amazing. two days walking around naked and this was my second conversation about masturbation.

“You know, jerk off. Do you do it once a week, once a month?”

“A couple times a week” I lied, quite embarrassed. The truth is I was masturbating daily, more often than not, twice a day.

“I do it way more than that, usually everyday, sometimes more maybe. Its a little more difficult these days, you know, now that you are home all the time. You know…” he trailed off.

“Oh, well sorry about that. But there is no need to be embarrassed. Everyone does it. You should do it whenever you feel like it. There is no reason to feel embarrassed.”

“And Grandma didn’t mind?”

“Oh, if she knew there would be hell to pay, but biology trumps everything. I was a horny little teenager and I needed to get off regularly or I would get very agitated. And when I say regularly, I mean several times a day, I think my record was six or seven in a single day.”

“I think my dick would be rubbed raw if I did it seven times in one day.”

“You need a lube of some type.” I said matter-of-factly. I figured if I stayed clinical I could get through this embarrassment. I felt like I was the teenager that got caught jacking off in his room, but Jake seemed cool talking about it. “I can pick you up a jar of something if you like.”


“Also, if you need anything else, you know, like condoms. If you are too embarrassed to buy them I can pick those up for you too.”

“Actually, I would like to try some of those nice brands, like the thin ones or the ones that heat up. Right now I get them from the dispensing machine in the washroom at work.”

“Oh so you are buying condoms, is there a special girl you need them for?” It was Jake’s turn to be embarrassed.

“a boy then?” I said with an evil grin.

He laughed, “no, its a girl. Her parents don’t know she is even dating.”

“I know the feeling.”

“Its just that she could get into a lot of trouble, you know, so I don’t say anything. Even Brian doesn’t know.”

I was a little concerned. Why would it be such a secret? Was she married, under-aged? He seemed reluctant and I wasn’t going to push him now, but I certainly wasn’t going to let this go.

“OK, you are entitled to your secrets, I will get the condoms for you.”

“Thanks” was all he said. His signature smile was gone, he was worried about something.

I went back into my office and Gwen was already back. She said she had figured out a way of getting around the problem of putting me on hold when she got another call. She told me to go onto the server’s software repository and install a chat client that allowed us to talk over the Internet rather than type. I heard Jake go into his room and close the door.

I installed it and a little green light appeared on the laptop above the screen, it hooked into our chat client and I could hear Gwen ask “is it working?”

“Looks like.”

She seemed to want to chat about the weather. “Yeah, it was still hot today” I said.
We worked for most of the afternoon. The voice client worked better than the phone because when Jake came into the living room to play video games (although at a low volume) it didn’t bother me as much as when I was using the phone. Around 2 PM Jake was fully dressed and asked if he could use the car, I told him no problem, I wasn’t planning to go out. I got him the keys from the night table in the bedroom. When I got back I assumed Gwen was talking with someone at reception because I heard her laughing.

“I am back, sorry I had to get my son the car keys.”

“Oh, no problem” Gwen replied giggling.

“Are you with someone?” I asked.

“It’s nothing” she said. We discussed the presentation tomorrow. We had everything covered. After a bit she said “I am so stressed over this presentation. I hope it goes well. I think I might have my friend over again to help me relieve some tension.”

“Oh yeah?” I said, unable to think of an appropriate response.

“I find that a good night of lovemaking can really get rid of those worries. I centers me. You know?”

“I suppose, whatever works for you” I said. “I think the presentation will go well, nothing to worry about.”

“I know, but i need something to take the edge off, and there is nothing like a good orgasm to do that.”

“I don’t think we should be discussing this” I said uncomfortably.

“I know you are married, I am not asking you for sex, silly. We are friends aren’t we? Don’t you have friends that you talk about your sex life with?”

The only people I discussed my sex with was Sophie, and the talk I had with Jake earlier today. “I think that may be more of a girl thing.”

“Well pretend you are my girlfriend for a minute.” She started to whisper “you know what I like, I like oral sex. Getting licked on my clit with a couple of fingers up inside me rubbing my G-spot, I cum so hard.” I could feel the blood flowing to my cock as it started getting harder. I started rubbing it instinctively.

“It is so hot out, I get really sweaty and that makes me so horny. I get so wet down there. I am wet right now. How about you, does the heat affect you too?”

“I suppose…”

“Maybe, but I thing you should give it to your wife tonight so you are nice and relaxed for the presentation tomorrow. You should go down on her, get her nice and wet and shove that huge cock of yours in her.”

That went too far, it snapped me back “I do no think this is appropriate, I am going to hang up now.”

“You know why I am telling you this Tom? Because I can see you. I can see you stroking your cock right now.”

“What? No!”

“Yeah, click the chat window, open up the video section.” I did and there she was, a smaller window showed me, you could only see me from the waist up. “Hi” she said waving to me. “I can’t see you dick right now, but I could tell what you were doing with your other hand you naughty boy. I knew you were shirtless, but it wasn’t until you got up to get your keys that I saw you were NAKED!” The last word she whispered exaggeratedly. I slammed the laptop shut and sat there dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do. I had to quit that job. Where would I go? What would I do?

I received some text messages on my phone. I didn’t look at them, there was only one person who texted me, Gwen. I was so upset I was shaking. I was mad a Gwen, I was mad at myself, I was humiliated, I was scared. Then the phone rang. I looked at the call display it was Gwen, she was calling me from her cell phone. I picked up.

“I don’t want to talk right now” I snapped.

“Calm down, Tommy. There is no reason to get upset.”

“You don’t understand.”

“I completely understand. You don’t think I have worked at home naked? You don’t think I have taken a break between emails to rub out an orgasm or two? This is s stressful job, you got to get relief when you can.”

“It’s just that…”

“What Tommy? You were a hot-shot vice president once so you don’t eat, sleep and shit like everyone else, you don’t get horny and diddle yourself from time to time? Get over it. I need you on your game tomorrow for the presentation.”

“I don’t know if I could…”

“I don’t want to hear it Tom. I don’t. I am sorry I was playing around with you. I saw you were naked and the mischievous side of me popped out for a few seconds. I am sorry about that and I promise I will make it up to you. But you have to promise to get your head back into the work at hand. You don’t want to throw away everything we worked for over something stupid do you? Tomorrow isn’t just about you, my ass is on the line as well.”

“No you are right. We can’t throw away several months work over a personal issue. That isn’t professional. I have been doing some stupid things lately. I need to get back on track. From now on work gets one hundred percent.”

“Fuck Tom, you really don’t understand balance do you? You already give more that a hundred percent, you have work seven days a week for the last seven months straight. When was the last time you did anything other than work? Work hard, play hard, enjoy what you have while you can. I was starting to think you were a robot. I need to fix you.”

“I am not a robot, I do not need fixing. Let’s put this behind us and get back to the way things were.”

“Fuck no. I like human Tommy. He has feelings but his value system seems to be all fucked up. Like I said, I am going to fix that. Still friends?”

“Yeah, still friends.”

“Cool. Besides, it isn’t entirely you fault. If I had a cock like that I would play with it all the time too.” She laughed out loud at that and she hung up.

I still had some last minute things to take care of, but I was a little too upset about the situation. On the one hand, having Gwen see me naked changed the professional nature of our relationship, but on the other I realized that I had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me. I liked having her see me naked. I turned on my desktop computer and surfed for porn. I masturbated for half an hour before cumming but I was still a little excited. I cleaned up and went for a swim. I was only in the water for a few minutes when Sophie can in to the backyard. She was still in her work scrubs, I guess she decided to skip the gym today.

“You are home early” I waved.

“It is too hot to go to the gym. I called Jake and he picked me up and dropped me home, we stopped to pick up dinner. I go Thai food.”

“OK I am just cooling off. I’ll be in soon.”

“Actually, I am pretty hot do you mind if I join you?”

“No, not at all.”

“The neighbor’s can’t see us can they?”

“Not from here, we would have to move further back in the yard to be seen from the windows so we are safe, unless they were using a step ladder or something.”

Sophie peeled off her clothes and slowly stepped into the pool. She looked amazing. I was glad I just finished jacking off, because if I hadn’t just cum I would be very hard right now. Sophie swam a few laps and I went in to get the food. I suggested we eat outside and air dry. Sophie opened a bottle of white wine we had in the fridge and poured two glasses. We didn’t chat that much but I could tell she was annoyed with something. She tried to pour me a second glass but I told her I had work to do. She said nothing more to me, she just took her glass and the bottle and went into the bedroom. I sat down at my desk to finish off the presentation. After a few hours I emailed it to Gwen.

Gwen pinged me on IM immediately. I opened the video chat window to make sure I wasn’t showing anything inappropriate. I told her she had to set up the presentation in on her laptop. Of course she knew that.

“So are you still naked?” she asked.

“Actually I am.”

“Me too,” she said stepping back from the laptop “see?” I could see she was naked. She was very curvy, nice round breasts and shapely hips. I was surprised to see the tattoos and her pussy was completely shaved. She had several tattoos, many were small, but there was a large vine that seemed go grow out her pussy, across her belly curving around her navel and looping around her left breast. “So is my friend Clive.” She moved back over to the laptop which have me a beautiful view of her tits. As she got close I saw some piercings, loop rings around the nipples, navel and I could see two on her labia as well. She turned the laptop around and there was a slightly embarrassed man standing by the bed naked with his cock in his hand. He waved with his other hand, I waved back.

“Clive is going to help me relax, aren’t you Clive?” He mumbled something I could not make out. “You should get Sophie to help you out as well.”

“Sophie went to bed hours ago, she has to get up early.”

“That’s too bad, you are welcome to watch us if you like.”

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. “OK.”

She put the laptop aside and pulled out a small round object on a wire I could see her plugging it into the laptop, the view changed, apparently it was a remote camera. “As you can probably tell, I have done this before. OK Clive, we are ready.”

Clive moved down and started licking her pussy. Gwen moved the camera down to give me a good view of what he was doing. He had two fingers inserted and was licking her clit. I sat down making sure that they couldn’t see me. I kept stroking. After about five minutes Gwen moved the camera up to her face and said “I am about to cum.” She kept the small camera trained on her face and I could see the orgasm washing over her. When she was done she sat up and had Clive move up so she could suck his cock. She took his cock in her mouth, just the head at first and licked it over with her tongue before letting it slide in further. She moved the camera around to provide various angles as she sucked him. After a couple of minutes she had him lay down and climbed on top, sliding his seven inches into her. She handed Clive the camera which he amusingly stuck in with on hand onto the top of his head. I still had a great view of Gwen’s tits bouncing as she fucked him. She moved her hips in a circle as she fucked him. I could see her orgasm building again, but this time she yelled out as she came. “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Yeah…. AAAAH!”

She rolled onto her back and had Clive climb on top of her. She took the camera again and held it beside her right at hip level showing me how Clive was pounding into her. He only lasted a few more minutes before he pulled out and shot his load onto her pussy and belly. I started stroking faster, I could feel my own orgasm building. She pulled Clive’s cock up to her mouth and she sucked it clean. Then had Clive lick up his cum from her pussy. She showed a close up of Clive licking his juice from Gwen’s belly. That had me over the edge. I had a huge orgasm as I shot a huge load over my desk. I was a little weak in the knees so I sat down and watch Clive go down on her pussy again. I watched him lick her to another orgasm and I went to clean up. When I got back I was surprised to see Clive was hard again, and Gwen was sucking his balls. I kept watching as I cleaned off my desk, in a few minutes he was fucking her again and I saw that I was starting to feel my cock getting hard. Usually after such a strong orgasm I can’t get hard again for hours, and it had only been fifteen or twenty minutes.

“Well goodnight to you both.” I said and shut the laptop, but I doubt they heard me.

Gwen promised to make it up to me, she saw me naked and caught me playing with myself, I saw her fucking her boyfriend. I guess we are even. I set my office back to normal and went to bed. As usual, by the time I go there Sophie was fast asleep and completely naked. She had polished off the bottle of wine and I knew that it would take quite a bit to wake her so I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. I ran my hand lightly over her body starting from her cheek down her neck across her nipple down her belly to her pussy. I ran my fingers through her pussy hair caressing it. I could not resist a second kiss before lying down to sleep. My last thought before drifting off was how Sophie deserved a real man, one that could give her what she needed in bed, not a stupid loser who can only keep it up in front of a computer screen. Kate moved out to go to school Jake will be leaving soon as well. The kids were the only reason she stayed this long, it is only a matter of time before Sophie left too. If I had my old job, I could at least give her the things she wanted, but now, what good am I to her?

When the alarm went off we were spooning, my cock was hard pressed up against the crack of her ass. I hand was cupping her left tit. She gently pushed me aside and got out of bed, and I fell back asleep. An hour and a half my alarm went off and she had already left for work. Before jumping into the shower I logged into work to see if Gwen needed anything before out meeting. My inbox was empty, but it was still early. I got ready for work and sent Gwen a text saying I was driving in and I should be less than half an hour.
When I got in the office I was greeted by a new receptionist. I introduced myself and asked for Gwen. Before buzzing me in, she explained she was a temp they hired for the day because Gwen needed to help me with the presentation. I walked over to Gwen’s cubicle. I needed to keep my head in the game so I had to keep the conversation completely professional. As always, Gwen knew exactly what was on my mind, we got right down to the details that we were going to cover, what to emphasize, and in what order. There were a lot of people’s jobs on the line.

At 10:00am we had the board room set and the executive staff filed in together. There was one new face that the vice-president Matt Heffernan introduced as the owner of the company Barry O’Neil. I was a little surprised that he had travelled all this way. There was a corporate retreat scheduled for Friday so I assumed he came for the week. As it turns out, they had planned mass layoffs for this Friday to coincide with the retreat, to soften the blow for the employees that were to remain.

Matt had been the biggest critic of my changes. He had worked up from sales, to managing the sales team to recently taking over the VP position when the company started struggling due to the problems with the economy. But managing a sales team is very different from managing a division. His first thought was to cut away the ‘dead wood’ as he called it. Before the company I had spent the better part of my life building had gone bankrupt, I was inclined to agree with him. Seeing so many people lose their jobs, including myself, I was determined not to let that happen here.

My gamble paid off. Many of the initiatives I had put into place meant that the layoffs were not necessary, in fact, my entire presentation was not necessary since the unexpected increase in revenue in this branch had already been a topic of conversation for the last several weeks. Needless to say the meeting went very well. We were asked to provide our research and the data we collected over to corporate for review. Barry asked us to provide some recommendations for the other offices for Monday. I told him we could, even though it was going to be a tremendous amount of work for two people.
Everything wrapped up by 11:30 at which time we were told that Barry had a lunch meeting with a client so they had to go. Gwen and I were left to get to work. Gwen offered to buy me lunch. Gwen dropped off her grey suit jacket at her desk and grabbed her purse. She was wearing and navy blue patterned dress, which I would have considered inappropriate for work, without the jacket. The moment we stepped outside a wave of heat and humidity hit us. I hadn’t been out at noon in weeks I realized. We walked a couple of blocks and turned down an alleyway. The streets weren’t crowded, lots of people were staying inside.

“I hope where we are going is close, I need to get back into the air conditioning.”

“It’s that wool suit of yours, even sheep shed their wool in the summer. Look at me.” She lifted the straps of her dress and pulled them up over her shoulder and down well below her waist. She was completely naked underneath. I got a closer look of the tattoos and the piercings. There were hoop rings on her nipples, navel and labia. “See, nice and cool for the heat, no undergarments to trap in the heat and the fabric is sheer so it is like wearing nothing at all.”

“Cover yourself up before someone sees you” I said sternly.

She looked at me amused. “I will if you answer me a couple of questions.”

“Sure, whatever, quickly.” I said looking around.

“Did you enjoy the show last night, you were gone when we were done.”

“Yes.” I answered nervously.

“Did you masturbate?”

“What? No, of course not.”

She laughed and slowly lifted her dress back into place. “You know what I like best about you Tommy? You are not a very good liar.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I didn’t like the way this conversation was going.

“You don’t? OK, let me illustrate. Did I turn you on when I took off my dress? Did you like my piercings, what about my tattoos, did that get the blood flowing? Were you thinking about me and Clive last night?”

“Stop this, no. I am just concerned for you if anyone saw you, you could get into a lot of trouble.”

She got in cluster to me and cupped my cock and balls. She felt that I was hard. “See Tommy, you say one thing, but your body language tells a different story. I know a better place for lunch follow me.”

We backtracked a little and walked through a few more side streets to an older area. We got to a place and Gwen opened the door. I stopped her.

“This is a strip club.”

“Yeah, but they make a great Reuben.”

We got inside and there were a few patrons, but clearly this place couldn’t survive on the day crowd. I suspected it filled up after five. A tall brunette came up to us, she was topless wearing metallic silver panties. She was thin but her breasts were huge, obviously fake. “Hi Gwen, who’s your friend?”

“This is Tommy, we work together. We came in for lunch.”

“Cool, there is a booth over in the corner.” She walked us over and we sat down. “Do you know what you want?”

“Two double bourbons and two Reubens.”

“I don’t drink bourbon, and certainly not during the day.”

“Relax Tommy. Order your drink then.”

“Ok, a scotch and ice I guess.”

As the waitress walked away Gwen called out “Make his a double.” She nodded.

“Listen Gwen, I don’t think that…”

“Stop Tommy, we did good today, the meeting went well, jobs were saved, you make the company money, it is time to celebrate. Don’t worry, this is not a seduction thing. I am not going to force you in an uncompromising position. I think you need to relax and blow off some steam once in a while.”

That eased my mind, but I also felt a little disappointed. Then a little embarrassed by my foolishness. Obviously a young, beautiful, carefree spirit like Gwen wouldn’t be interested in a guy like me. “Sure.”

The drinks arrived and I swallowed down half of it in a single gulp. By the time the sandwiches arrived I was feeling a little better. I had been years since I had been to a place like this. I was enjoying seeing real live women. There was one dark skinned woman, possibly of mixed race, and very shapely that caught my eye. Gwen asked me about my life, friends, and so on. She ordered another round of drinks.

“I moved here with Sophie. She grew up here. We met in college and when school was over she wanted to move back so I got a job here and asked her to marry me. I lost track of most of my high school and college friends, worked hard and moved up quickly in the company, which was hard with two kids. Sophie pretty much raised them. Next thing you know it is twenty years later and the company goes bankrupt. It is weird, you spend all those years working with people and suddenly they are gone and you realize that you didn’t really know them all that well. You know what I mean?”

Gwen just shrugged. I don’t know if it was the booze, the fact that I was completely out of my element or that I simply hadn’t had anyone to talk to for such a long time, I just laid it all out to Gwen. I told her how when I lost my job I felt worthless. I told her that I blamed myself for the company going under, I should have known what was coming and prepared better. So many people’s lives were hurt by that. I told her how the eight months I was off work was the worst time in my life. I knew that Sophie was cheating on me, had been for years, and now that I couldn’t provide for her like I did she would probably be leaving me. I didn’t blame her since I never spent any time with the family. I told her I was grateful for this job, not for the pay but because I was in a position to help other people save their jobs, and in a small way redeem myself. Letting all that pour out of me was a huge release, I actually felt lighter.

I paused and Gwen looked at me and smiled. “You know Tommy, you put too much pressure on yourself, and too much importance to your work. It isn’t your fault the economy tanked, and it isn’t your fault that those people lost their jobs. I think that because you have put everything else aside in your life, family, friends, everything, you don’t have anything else to look to for guidance. Without work Tommy, you don’t feel like you exist. You really have to fix that.”

I couldn’t argue, she was right. I was worse off than before because now I was working from home I could go an entire week without leaving the house. The only people I saw were Sophie and Jake, and I barely had any interaction with them. Gwen was the only other person I every spoke with.

“I am really sorry to hear about you and your wife. I realize that is tough, but there are two options, one you could possibly fix the relationship, or two, you could move on. Either of those are going to be difficult for you. You have to stop living like a hermit, and start living. When was the last time you and Sophie had sex?”

“Several months.”

“Are you getting anything on the side?”

“Of course not.”

“So you haven’t gotten a good orgasm in months?”

The last few times Sophie and I had sex were an unmitigated disaster. She could read my humiliation on my face.

“For fuck sakes Tommy, you can’t spend your whole life whacking off by yourself.”

“I don’t…”

“Save it. I have an idea.” She got up and spoke to a waitress and pointed to the dark skinned woman I had been eyeing. Gwen came back and the waitress walked over to the other stripper.

“What did you do?” I asked. Gwen didn’t answer.

Both ladies showed up at the table with some portable dividers which hid the booth from view. The dark skinned stripper came in and pulled the table back. She took my hand had me stand up.

“Your wife tells me that it is your birthday and she got me for your present.”

Before I could answer a new song started and she began dancing seductively around me, clawing at my clothes. She slipped off my jacket and removed my tie. She then pulled my shirt loose from my pants and unbuttoned it then slid it off. I stood there bare chested as she ran her tits over my chest, belly and back. She undid my belt, I tried to stop her but Gwen shook her head, and stood up. Gwen pulled her dress over her shoulder again and let it drop to the floor. The stripper smiled, unfastened my pants and let them drop, then she pulled my boxers down to my ankles. I stood there in nothing but socks and shoes. She had me sit down again. When the next song started Gwen pulled a condom from her purse and handed it to the stripper. She opened the package and started to roll the condom onto me.

“I can’t, I am married.” I said.

“I know sweetie, you wife is right there.” She laughed.

“The condom is so your cum doesn’t go everywhere when you jack off, darling. We want to see you pleasure yourself.”

The stripper continued to roll the condom on then stood up and pulled off her panties. The two of them began to caress each other, kissing lightly, and slowly began to paw at each other more intimately. Gwen whispered something to her and the stripper began to suck Gwen’s nipples. Both women began fingering themselves, spreading their legs wide to give me a good view. I felt my cock twitch at the sight, that was when I realized I was playing with myself. At the start of the third song both women moved towards me. Gwen sat at my feet with her legs spread wide as she fingered her clit. The stripper stood on the bench seat with one leg on either side of me, her pussy inches from my face and two fingers were deep inside her cunt. I could smell her, it was intoxicating. I started stroking faster she turned around and bent down low and held her balance by putting her hands on my knees. Then she pushed her pussy into my face. I wanted to lick her, but I didn’t know what she would have done. I was getting very close.

She pulled away from me. She straddled one of my legs while Gwen straddled the other, their wet pussies rubbing against my thighs. They both pressed their breasts against me, kissing me, begging me to cum.

“Oh Tommy, please cum. I just need to see you cum Tommy.”

“Oh yeah shoot your load I want to see your cock pumping your cream.”

I couldn’t hold it any more I came. I shot a huge load of cum into that condom. I felt instantly drained. I sat their panting as the girls got up. Gwen reached into her purse and handed her some cash.

“Thank you” she said “take your time cleaning up.” She pushed the divider aside and left. We quickly dressed, I didn’t know what to say to Gwen.

“You are pretty quiet.”

“Sorry, I am just feeling a little guilty, I think I have just cheated on my wife.”

“You told me she was having an affair, but you have never fooled around on her?”

“No, this is the first.”

“Well, I don’t think that jerking off in a strip club counts as cheating, but I will have to check my rule book when I get home.”

We got back to the office and went into the boardroom we used for the presentation, it wasn’t booked for the rest of the day. We started gathering information on the other offices to sort through. It would certainly be faster to download them here than to do it from home. We spent most of the afternoon working, barely talking. I noticed it was after five and I mentioned that I should get home. I told Gwen I would be online again after supper, likely around seven.

“You know, you work too hard. I have something for you, hang on.” She went to her cubicle, the office was deserted. She took picked up a clock from her desk. “I want you to have this.” It was a digital clock made to look like an antique that had LCD numbers as hands. There were several buttons that where hidden as icons as part of the design. When you pushed the middle one it showed the weather. It also had a buttons that could be used as a timer: start, stop and reset. Gwen said that I could use it to track how long I worked every day.

“No I couldn’t”

“I insist, do you have a clock in your office?”

“Actually, no.”

“Well you need one. Let me set it up for you, it connects to the Internet to get the weather, what is your wifi address?”

I have her the password and she entered it.

“There, all you have to do is plug it in and it is ready to go. Hit this button to start your timer when you sit down at your desk, hit the other one to stop it. I thanked her and left. On the way home I remembered I promised to pick up some condoms for Jake, I thought about going to the drug store, but I thought I would drop in the sex shop instead. I always got a strange thrill wandering through the sex shop, seeing the seemingly normal people browsing through strange sex toys. If I see someone looking over at me, I like to do something to catch their attention like look the bondage equipment. I imagine them thinking he is a normal looking guy, but he likes to get tied up and spanked. I went over to the condom aisle and picked up a variety pack for Jake. I found a hundred pack on sale, it contained lubricated, ribbed, scented, colored, flavored, and even glow in the dark. I find it hard to pass up a bargain. I remembered my conversation with Jake earlier about lube, I thought it would be awkward to buy it for him but I might check some out for myself. I found there were a few in tubes and jars. I found one that was specifically designed for jacking off, I made sure it was unscented, I didn’t want my office to be smelling of some exotic massage oil. I was wandering over to the DVDs when I saw a woman shopping for strap-ons. I wanted to get a closer look, was she a lesbian, or does she want to fuck her husband or boyfriend up the ass? She was comparing several models and I snuck up behind her pretending to look at the masturbators. From behind she was attractive, late thirties, early forties maybe, petite frame, short. She seemed familiar.

“Oh shit.” I thought to myself and I put the sex toy back on the shelf and fumbled it. She turned around, it was Sophie’s friend Peggy. We both turned beet red.

“Hi Peggy.”

“Hi Tom.”

I hung the masturbator on the hook and she hid the strap-on behind her back.

“I guess we are both busted browsing for sex toys.”

“Not just toys it seems.” she said looking at me icily.

“Oh, the condoms, no, they are not for me. They are for Jake. I told him I would pick some up for him, I didn’t know what he wanted so I got a variety pack. You know, it would be awkward to ask, so what size are you, or do you prefer thins or lubricated? You know…” I realized I was rambling. “The jack off lube is for me.” I showed her the jar.

She bust out laughing, and I followed.

“No seriously” I said calming down. “I don’t want you to get the wrong impression about me. You caught me, I jerk off I admit that, but the condoms really are for Jake. I’ll prove it.” I pulled out my phone and showed her I was calling Jake’s cell. I put the volume up so she could hear.

“Hi Pop, what’s up?”

“Hi Jake, remember when I said I would pick up those condoms for you?”


“I wasn’t sure what to get, so I thought I would pick up a variety pack, is that OK or were you looking for something specific?”

“No, that sounds good Pop, I appreciate it, thanks.”

“OK, see you later.”


“There see, they are for Jake.”

“OK, I believe you” she said smiling, “Do you care to explain about the masturbation cream?”

“I don’t, do you want to explain about the strap-on in your hand?”

“Not really, no.”

“OK then.” I said, knowing I had her.

“Actually, do you know anything about these?” she asked a little embarrassed.

“Not really. Do you want me to help you out?”


I lifted up my hand and flagged over a clerk. “Excuse me miss, could you please give us a hand?”

“Yes, is there anything in particular you need?”

“Actually yes, this is a little embarrassing, but my wife and I are looking for a strap-on, and we don’t know which one to get. Can you help us out with that?”

“Sure, will she be using it on you, or on a lady friend?” she asked. I was impressed at the professional nature in which she asked the question, pleasant and completely judgment free. I looked over at Peggy and she was very uncomfortable.

I smiled at the clerk and said “Both.”

The clerk took it completely in stride. She walked us through the basics and showed ones that allowed us to change the dildo for different uses. She asked Peggy to pick out the dildo attachments. Peggy started to get into the role play and asked me what size I would like her to fuck me with, I played along and picked out a few for her to choose from. She said she would like to get one the size of my cock, and asked me which I thought was the closest. Again, I picked out a few for her to choose from. Peggy picked one that allowed for two attachments, one for her and one for the person she was going to use it on. Hers had a vibrator in it. She picked out two dildos for the front, one for anal use, so I was still unsure on whom she intended to use it. We walked up to the cash and paid for out items separately and left.

As we left Peggy said “Thanks Tom, I appreciate your help. You really are a sweet guy.”

“Anytime Peggy” I said as I got in the car.

I got in and no one was home. I was a little charged from my encounter with Peggy, and I was still a little horny thinking about my afternoon with Gwen. I put my stuff in the office and put the box of condoms on Jake’s nightstand. I went into the bedroom and got undressed. The house was still very warm. By the time I got back to my desk I was hard again. I didn’t have much time before Sophie got home, so I thought I would rub one out quickly. I booted up my desktop and while it was starting I plugged in Gwen’s clock. I searched for some videos with strap-ons I found two, one with a girl fucking a guy up the ass, and one with two lesbians. I couldn’t decide so I opened both in separate windows and started them. I opened up my new jar of jack off lube and took out a dab, not sure how much to use. It didn’t need much. I started jacking off to the two videos.

I tried to imagine that Peggy was in the videos, I was intrigued trying to figure out whether she was using it on a girl or a guy. She didn’t mention that she was seeing anyone last time I saw her. I thought about asking Sophie, but that would be a difficult subject to bring up. I wondered what it would be like to have a woman fuck me up the ass. I imagined Peggy bending me over and sliding that dildo into my ass. I decided that it wasn’t for me so I closed that video and concentrated on the two lesbians. I imagined Peggy fucking Sophie with that strap-on, and even though I had cum earlier this afternoon, within seconds felt my orgasm starting, I stood up quickly and I blew another load into a tissue. I could smell the cream a bit, but it wasn’t overwhelming, the room smelt mostly of cum and pizza? I turned around and there was Sophie holding a pizza.
“So this is what you do when I am not home, huh?”

I just stood there with my shrinking dick in my hand no knowing what to say.

“I spoke with Peggy, she told me you bought some masturbation cream? I guess you were eager to try it out. Can I take a look?” She put the pizza down on my desk and picked up the jar and read the label. She knew that I was embarrassed and wanted to draw it out. “Is that lesbian porn? You like to watch two girls go at it, interesting. I brought dinner, go wash your hands.” She picked up the pizza and walked into the kitchen. I washed up and went into the bedroom and put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. When I came out Sophie was naked, she had a bottle of wine open and had take out some plates.

“You better take those clothes off now or I am going to turn on the AC again” she said sternly. I stripped off my clothes and sat down. I noticed the porno was still playing on my computer, she had turned up the volume. We sat there eating our pizza, saying nothing all the while two women panting and screaming and various other sex noises were emanating from my computer.

When we finished eating she poured herself a second glass of wine and asked “So how did your meeting go?”

“It went really well, actually” I paused while the girl in the video screamed for her partner to fuck her harder. “My recommendations have been implemented, there won’t be any layoffs and the president has asked us to make recommendations for the other two offices.”

“By ‘us’, you mean you and Gwen?”


“How is Gwen?”

“She’s fine I guess.”

“How old is she, do you know?”

“Uh, I don’t know exactly, twenty-five or so. She finished her degree a few years ago, she is doing her MBA right now, so she would be at least twenty-four I am guessing.”

“Is she seeing anyone?”

“I don’t know, I think she mentioned a guy named Clive. Why?” I didn’t like where this was going.

“Just curious. You seem to spend a lot of time with her, but you don’t seem to know much about her.”

“I guess not, we mostly talk about work.”

“Would you prefer to talk about something else?”

“I would actually.”

“So how was the masturbation cream? Is it just a lubricant or does it provide any interesting sensations?”

I got up went into my office and turned off the video. I shut down the computer and started my work. I felt a little uncomfortable and noticed that my cock was rock hard again. I heard the bedroom door close. After a few hours I got up went for a swim. After the swim I poured a scotch and sat in the hot tub. I couldn’t help but wonder about Sophie, how long was she watching me jerk off? She didn’t seem too upset by it, more amused than anything. I realized that I was turned on by being caught. I started stroking myself in the hot tub. I repositioned myself so a jet was shooting directly on my cock. I didn’t want to cum in the tub and my scotch was finished so I got out of the tub and dried off. I went into the kitchen to pour a second one and went back into my office to jack off again. It took a little longer, but after I came for the third time that day, I was exhausted and a little drunk. I can’t remember the last time I jacked off three times in one day. I went to bed and noticed that Jake wasn’t home yet.

The next morning I woke up and Sophie had already left for work. I got up and checked my email. Gwen had sent me a couple of things early this morning. She told me to call her. I made coffee and fixed breakfast and ate it in front of the computer. When I was done I called Gwen.

“Hi Tommy.”

“Hi, you wanted to talk to me?”

“Yes, actually I need a favor. You know there is a corporate retreat on Friday, all the staff is going?”


“Well, I have been asked to work reception, do you mind coming in on Friday to the office, I don’t want to be here alone all day.”

“You are not planning anything weird are you?”

“No, why? Are you scared of me?”

“No, I am scared of the things I do when I am around you.”

“I don’t know Tommy, you probably do all kinds of weird things when you are home.” she laughed.

“OK.” I said “I will be in on Friday.”

For the next couple of days I was sexually supercharged. Gwen and Sophie had seen me jerk off, Peggy saw me buying lube. I was masturbating three times a day, and I wasn’t even bothering to turn off my porn computer during the day. Luckily Jake wasn’t home much. I had only seen him once when he thanked me for the condoms. By Friday I was still very horny. When I woke up Sophie was still asleep, she had today and Saturday off. I was hoping Gwen might take be back to the strip club for lunch. I really wanted to jerk off before I left for work, but I didn’t want to get caught again and Sophie could wake up at any minute. I got into the shower, and sure enough, within a few minutes she came in. The shower doesn’t have a curtain, just a glass door. She peed in the toilet and closed the lid, she didn’t flush because I was in the shower. She then did something completely unexpected, she got into the shower with me.

“Can you move over a bit?”

I stepped aside so she could get under the shower. She arched her back and wet her hair giving me a wonderful view of her tits and torso. I got hard instantly.

Without opening her eyes as the water cascaded down her face she asked me to pass the shampoo. I placed it in her hand. Her eyes were still closed as she moved forward out of the spray and her hip touched against my cock. She poured out a little and lathered up. I watched her intently as I washed myself. She moved me aside to rinse out her hair this time she placed her hands on my waist as she pressed up against me, I could feel her tits rubbing against my back and her pubic hair caressing my leg as she slipped in front of me. She was toying with me. She put conditioner in her hair and asked me for the soap. I handed it to her since I was done.

“You aren’t going to work like that are you?” she said pointing to my cock. I didn’t know what to do. “Why don’t you take care of that? Do you need your computer?”


“Then show me.”

I started stroking my cock slowly, she watched me casually at first, but I think she liked watching me. I started pumping faster, she pulled in closer and started soaping my chest. She took some of the soap into her other hand and reached down and caressed my ass. She worked her hand into my crack and I realized that she was trying to find my asshole. When she located it I bent over slightly and she smiled. She circled my butt hole with the pad of her finger, then applied a little pressure and it popped in, she then slid a second finger inside. Her fingers penetrated deeper. I couldn’t take it any more I came hard shooting my load in one large spurt onto the shower floor, I felt several more spasms but little more came.

“Good news, you prostate is healthy. You are getting to the age where you should have it checked regularly.” She smiled.

“I don’t know if I want my doctor doing that, I think I enjoyed it too much.”

“I could tell, I could feel your anal sphincter spasming with your orgasm.”

“Maybe you could check it for me from now on, you seem to do a thorough job.”

“If you like, I would be happy to. You know, to make sure you stay healthy.” She smiled at me, she was so beautiful I couldn’t help myself I grabbed her and kissed her, she kissed me back. I can’t remember the last time we kissed. There was the occasional peck on the cheek, but usually when we were saying goodbye in front of people. It had probably been years since we kissed like this. I missed her.

“You had better get going, you are running late.”

I checked the clock, I should have been out the door by now. I got dressed quickly and sent Gwen an IM telling her I was running behind, I would be in soon. I got an answer back right away.

“No worries, I am the only one here.”

I got into the office on time, by speeding though traffic. When I got there I saw Gwen sitting at the reception desk. Her laptop and a flurry of papers were scattered about, some on the desk some on the floor. She had a small pile on one of the seats in the lobby.

“Hi Tommy, bad news.”

“What’s up, is there a problem with the recommendations I sent you?”

“No, its not that. Since the office is closed today and it is Friday, they put the office into weekend mode, you know like after hours.”

“So what does that mean?”

“Two things, first there aren’t many lights, there are individual light switches in the offices and some emergency lights in the corridors, but that is it. More importantly, there is no air conditioning.”

The reception area seemed OK, but I realized that there was a separate AC that was installed for the lobby. Sophie buzzed the door and a wave of heat poured over me. I closed it.

“So what do we do?”

“You can use the guest office in the corner, there are no windows so you won’t get as much light, but it should be cooler than the other offices which are probably like a sauna. But I think it may be best of you worked naked, like you do at home.”

“Oh, I don’t think I could do that.”

“Sure you can Tommy. Please?” she gave me a devilish grin. “I will show you something interesting if you do.”

“What are you going to show me?”

“If you find it interesting, you agree to work naked?”

“OK, deal.”

She locked the front door and put up the “Back in 5 minutes” sign. She buzzed us in and we went into the office. We walked into the kitchen area and she started a pot of coffee.

“Coffee isn’t that interesting.” I said sarcastically.

“Do you like my necklace?” She asked. She was wearing a gold choker necklace that had a second loop that fell below her dress. It was a plain gold colored necklace, the links were large, but clearly it wasn’t anything of value, probably brass or colored steel.
“Its nice I guess.”

“That isn’t the interesting part.” She stepped back and took unzipped her dress in the back, and let it fall to the ground. She was not wearing a bra or panties. Also, the links of the second chain were not looped, but instead ran down to her nipple piercings where they ended. A second set of chains ran from each nipple to her navel piercing, and two more chains ran from the navel to her two labia piercings. At various points in the chains there were little charms attached.

“Oh my.”

“I like the feel and the sound of them when I am getting fucked doggie style.” She bent over the counter to demonstrate. You could hear the chains jingling as she thrust back and forth. “Sometimes when there are a bunch of us having sex, if there is another girl there with a piercing I will tether us together. Guys especially like to see women attached to each other by their pussies.” She stepped back into her dress and pulled it up, then zipped it.

“I take it you found that was interesting, didn’t you?”

“I can’t lie, I did.”

By this time the coffee had brewed and she poured us each a cup. She walked me to the guest office and when I sat down she closed the door behind her. It was exceptionally warm in the office. The sun was glaring in through the large windows in the open area, even though this window had a small window that was partially blocked by a support column, it was still very warm. Air was flowing through the building, but it was just pumping in fresh warm air from outside. If Gwen hadn’t suggested I work naked, I certainly would have thought about it anyway. I got undressed and folded my clothes on the other chair and went to work. It certainly was easier to work in the office. There was a desktop computer here which allowed me to call up information on one and write on the other. I went out to get the occasional cup of coffee and take a bathroom break from time to time. I always peeked through the door first to make sure no one hand come in. I am sure Gwen would have said something to me if they did, but I wanted to be careful. By 11 am I was wandering through the office carefree and naked. I even used the photocopier.

At twelve Gwen called me and asked if I wanted to go for lunch, I said sure. I got dressed at met her at reception. She seemed distracted by something, we didn’t talk much on the way. We got to a restaurant, it was a bit busy, but we had no problems finding a seat. We ordered lunch, sandwiches and salad, and some iced tea.

“Remember Tommy when you were freaking out the other day, and I promised that I would help you.”

“Sure, I am fine now. Thanks for your help.”

“No Tommy, I didn’t do anything really. Not yet anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

She looked around the restaurant and lowered her voice. “You know that clock I gave you?”

“Yeah.” I could sense she was nervous, I started getting uncomfortable.

“Well, it isn’t exactly a clock, it is actually a security camera.”

“What?” I yelled.

“Keep your voice down Tommy. I got the camera when I noticed that people were doing things to my desk, taking stuff, breaking stuff. You know I am not very popular around here. Anyway, I have been recording you.” She pulled out her phone, and she loaded up a video. She looked around to make sure no one could see before handing it to me. There I was watching porn on my computer and jerking off. That was Tuesday night, I could tell because of the video I was watching. My head was weaving about, I was clearly drunk.

“Tommy, I knew you were a workaholic, but I think that you are porn addict as well, and you are well on your way to developing a drinking problem on top of it.”

“No, it isn’t that. You are wrong.”

“Look Tommy, I have you watching porn three and four times a day, you spend like three or more hours a day watching it. Every night you drink yourself to the point where you can barely walk.”

“This is a huge violation of my privacy, Gwen, I thought we were friends.” I slammed the phone face down on the table.

“Listen Tommy, usually when people start these kinds of behavioral addictions it is because they are trying to escape other problems that they don’t want to deal with.”

“I think we are done here.” I stood up.

“I am not the only one who is worried. Your wife is too.”


“Look here.” She picked up the phone and opened another video, she fast forwarded to me drunkenly masturbating last night. “Look, did you see that?” She paused it, I could see that there was a light down the corridor. When I got up to clean off I saw a naked Sophie walk quickly to my computer she sat down and started going through the computer looking for something. She didn’t seem to find what she was looking for and then checked my work computer, when she opened it she saw it was password protected I guess because she closed it quickly. She scanned the room and I guess she heard me coming back because she quickly ran back into the bedroom. I staggered into the office and shut down the computer after deleting the history. I went back to the kitchen to drop off my glass. As I left the room the video ended.

I completely disregarded the fact that Gwen had just seen my wife naked. “What do you think she was looking for?”

“I am not sure, but there is more, from this morning.”

“What do you mean this morning?” I tried to think how the camera could have gotten into the bathroom. Gwen pulled up another video.

There was Sophie working on my computer again. She stopped and turned towards the front door. When she came in there was a man with her. She was talking, but there was no sound. He started working on the computer. Gwen fast forwarded the video, they worked on it for close to an hour before he left. Sophie seemed quite frustrated.

“OK, that is weird” I said. “What do you think it means.”

“I think she is concerned about your porn addiction, and she is trying to find something she can use to try and help you.”

“That doesn’t seem right.” I said.

“We can find out more, if you don’t mind. It could get a little more embarrassing for you, but I think it may help.”

“What is it.”

“I have a friend that is deaf, he can read lips. We can take this second video and show him, perhaps he can tell us something.”

“I don’t want to tell a guy that I am spying on my wife.”

“I’ll think of something.”

She sent a text message and we ate quickly. We took Gwen’s car over to an apartment. Gwen drove a two-seater BMW Z3 roadster. I suspected she couldn’t afford it on her salary, but since she was educated in England I assume her family has money. From what I knew about her, it seemed inconsistent with her personality, it was probably a gift. When we got there a young guy with curly hair and a straggly beard greeted us.

“Hey Anthony.”

“Hi Gwen, who’s your friend?” he signed his words as he spoke them.

“This is Mr. Richards I work with him, we have a problem and we hope you can help. Someone was breaking into a computer and we need to know what they were looking for. Mr. Richards is the IT manager, we need to know if they took anything.”

He watched the video and he seemed quite amused by it. After about five minutes he handed the phone back to Gwen.

“No need to worry Mr. Richards, no big corporate espionage going on here.”

“Really?” Gwen asked looking uncomfortable.

“No, Gwen, that is some guy’s wife. You see Gwen, she had asked a co-worker from the hospital she works at to help her look for some incriminating evidence against her husband, Gwen.” He kept accenting her name, as if he did not know how to pronounce it correctly. “However, they couldn’t find anything Gwen. She thinks that here husband is fooling around with a woman half his age. A woman named ‘Gwen’. He laughed. “You really like to stir the pot don’t you sweetie? That’s what we love about you Gwennie.”

Gwen was mortified, and I burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. Anthony took the phone from Gwen’s hand and searched back a few seconds. He held up the phone so all three of us could see. As Sophie’s mouth moved Anthony voiced her words.

“He is fucking that little twenty-year-old slut Gwen, I know it. She is almost the same age as our daughter for fuck sakes. He wouldn’t use his work computer, he is too smart for that. There has to be a chat log, an email, something.”

“Thank you very much for your time Anthony. I think we need to get going.”

“OK then. You owe me one Gwen. Two if you want me to keep quiet about this” he laughed.

“Thanks Anthony, I do owe you.” She kissed him, in a more than friendly way, and we were off to the office.

My mind was reeling as Gwen drove us back to the office. She didn’t say anything. I couldn’t believe that Sophie that I was the one having an affair and she was actually jealous. I knew that Sophie was really pissed off, which didn’t made this morning even more suspicious, why screw around with me if she thought I was fooling around? Unless she thought that if I came in the shower I would be less likely to do anything at lunch. I remembered the other day when we went swimming, how she was showing off in the pool and it she started to get pissed off. I realized she was trying to get me interested, but since had just jacked off, it wasn’t working. Gwen and Sophie were right. I was having an affair, but it was with my computer, and I was neglecting my wife. I was elated and sad at the same time. I was fighting back tears of joy when I turned to Gwen and said “Thanks Gwen, you really did help me. You are a real friend.”

“We aren’t done yet. We have to fix this thing with your wife.”

We got back to the office after an hour and a half lunch and there was Sophie waiting outside the door. She looked mad.

“Hi Sophie, what brings you downtown?”

“I thought I would surprise you and take you to lunch, but you were gone. I waited over an hour. You must be Gwen” she said coldly.

“Hi Mrs. Richards, pleased to meet you.” Gwen held out her hand to shake it but Sophie ignored her.

“Sorry, we had lunch, I guess we were gone a while. I am really sorry, why don’t we…” I tried to offer, but Sophie cut me off.

“Just forget it. Its late now I have to go.” She didn’t wait for a response she stormed off.

“She is more convinced than ever.” Gwen said.

“It seems so.”

I went back into the furnace that was the office and finished up what I was working on. I still worked naked since it would have been intolerable otherwise. I took several breaks to splash water on myself in the men’s room. At four o’clock I decided to call it a day and said goodbye to Gwen.

As I was leaving she said to me. “We can fix the Sophie thing Tommy. But first you have to stop drinking and quit watching videos, you know.”

“I know Gwen, thanks.”

I drove home and called Sophie, I tried calling home and I tried her cell, there was no answer.

The first thing I did when I got home was unplug that damned clock.

I made dinner for both of us, but she didn’t come home until after 11pm. By then Jake had left for work. I went to talk to her, and I asked her if she would like to join me in the hot tub, she said she was tired and had to go to bed. I wasn’t sure what to do, should I follow her? I decided against it. I sat in the living room and watched regular television for the first time in a long time. It is true what they say, the more channels you have the less there is to watch. It was getting later in the evening, usually about the time I would pour myself a drink. I poured a glass of lemonade instead. I went and sat in the hot tub for a while. I was only there for a few minutes when I heard my neighbors Rob and Amy. I guess they decided to take a dip in their hot tub as well. It is clear they had been drinking because they were being louder than usual.

“Are you sure no one can see us?”

“I am sure.”

“I don’t know about this Rob, what would our neighbors say if they found us like this?”

I don’t know what came over me, but I had to interject. “I for one wouldn’t say anything.”
Amy screamed. I heard a small crash as something was knocked over. I saw two head pop up over the fence.

“Hi Rob, hi Amy” I said cheerfully.

“Uh, hi Tom. Sorry if we were bothering you.”

“No bother at all, really. It is just so hot out it is nice to come home and relax by the pool. I was going to take a swim, do you mind?”

“Why would we mind?”

“Because, like you, I am naked.”

“What? Quit joking around Tom. Ok, you caught us, we were fooling around, we’re sorry.”

“Seriously, no need to be sorry.” I stood up and showed them that I wasn’t joking. “It is too damn hot out for bathing suits, I stopped wearing them this week. I hope that doesn’t bother you. I didn’t think you would care since you can’t see me unless you are looking over the fence. But when I heard that you were worried what I would think, I thought I would let you know that I was OK with it.”

They were both giggling at the sight of me naked. “You want to come over for a dip?” I asked. They were both just drunk enough to accept. They brought their cocktails with them along with some towels. They were a few years younger then me, probably in their late thirties. They had one teen-aged son who was out camping this weekend so they had the place to themselves for the first time in a while and decided to make the best of it. They were both in pretty good shape, Amy as plump, but in a sexy way. Rob worked construction so he was in good shape, quite tanned.

We all jumped in the pool and chatted. We talked about current events, and frankly I was surprised at how little I knew. We chatted about changes in the neighborhood, even though Sophie, Jake and I only moved in less than a year ago. I asked them about the previous renters. They didn’t know much, except that it was a young couple with small kids. They tended to make a lot of noise and were happy when we moved in. They asked me about swimming naked, especially with Jake home. I told them that Jake worked nights, but I also told them about how Jake, his friend Brian and I all had a swim earlier this week. They were a little take aback by that, but seemed cool with it.
We chatted for about an hour when they said they were heading back. I told them they should get back in the hot tub, I wouldn’t disturb them since I was going in. I gave them a nod so they knew what I was thinking. Amy started to blush. We said our good nights and when I turned I glanced up and for a second I thought I could see Sophie watching from the window. I dried off and went back inside and made a sandwich. I really did not know what to do with myself, I thought about going back to work, but I decided against it. I tried out a couple of Jake’s video games. I used to play when I was a teenager but they seemed to have gotten too complicated. I flipped through the channels again, but started to feel sleepy out of boredom. I snuck into bed and was falling asleep when I heard Sophie get up, she went out into the hallway. I rolled over and realized she took her pillow.

“Fuck” I said out loud.

I was now awake and annoyed with myself. How could I confront Sophie without revealing that I was spying on her? I remembered us in the shower this morning and it got me going again. I tried jacking off hoping it would make me sleepy, but after using porn for so long I was having difficulty getting off. I could get aroused but it just wasn’t working for me. I really fucked myself up. After an hour of trying to jack off my arms were tired and I started to lose my erection. I rolled over and went to sleep.

When I woke up I saw that Kate’s door was closed, I guess Sophie slept in her room last night. I put on a pot of coffee and took a shower. I was surprisingly well rested I guess going to sleep is very different from passing out drunk. I made breakfast for Sophie and brought it to her on a tray, and woke her up. She was still to groggy to remember she was mad at me, so that worked to my advantage. I sat there and chatted with her while she ate. I thought that was odd as we were sitting in Kate’s room that she didn’t come home much this summer. I asked Sophie about it, she didn’t think it was all that weird, we spoke with her all the time. Sophie figures she met a guy and it was serious. As we chatted she started to get mad again, I don’t know if it was from last night or my attempts to placate her were too obvious.

“So when are we giving up this running round naked thing and turn back the air conditioner.”

“I would prefer not to, I like walking around naked. But if you are really upset about it, then we can go back to using the AC again.” That just made her madder.

“So what now, are you a nudist now? You going to walk around naked whenever people come over?” Ah, she did see Rob and Amy last night.

I knew I was in damage control mode. “I don’t know. I thought we could save some money, and I kind of like it. You don’t seem to mind, and neither does Jake.”

“I don’t know who you are any more. Do you know? Do you know what you are becoming?”

Sadly I knew all to well what I pathetic loser I was. I didn’t answer and she stormed off.
I packed up the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. When I was done Sophie was showered dressed and out the door. I still had work to do, but I decided that I was only going to put in six hours, and that was it. I find that when I set a hard deadline for myself I can get a surprising amount done. By four o’clock I realized I had spent the last half hour looking for stuff to do. I forwarded everything to Gwen and shut down the computer. After I closed the laptop I just sat there for a minute. Now that I cut down the number of hours I worked and gave up my porn, I literally had nothing to do. I thought about working outside but there was nothing to do, there was no lawn, we had rock gardens front and back, and the patio and the pool meant there was not grass to cut. Sure there was a half dead garden in the back, but we couldn’t water and the plants were hardy enough that when the heat wave broke they would return. The house was clean, I did some vacuuming just to be sure. That annoyed Jake when he was playing his video games. I thought I would go for a bike ride, but it was so hot out. I checked my bike it had been years since it had been used. The brakes were rusty, the chain needed oil. I asked if I could borrow Jake’s he said that he could get a lift to work from Brian. That is when I clued in that Jake worked seven days a week. Five to midnight every night. The diner closed eleven but it took an hour to clean up. I put on a pair of shorts and a golf shirt, a baseball cap and I brought an empty backpack just in case. I didn’t know what to do so I went to the mall. I drank a couple slushies and wandered around for a couple of hours and rode home. Jake had already left.

I started wondering what Sophie did at night. Every night she came home went to bed, watched TV surfed the Internet for hours. I thought I would try something devious. She was spying on me, maybe I could spy on her. I took Gwen’s clock and I hid it in a closet. I went on the Internet and found the user’s manual for it. Gwen had configured it to broadcast the video. The clock had a network address that I could view from a web browser. I tested it and sure enough I was looking at a view of my bedroom. I played around with it until I got a good view of the bed. The closet wasn’t a good angle. I could try putting it on the dresser, but she would notice it and ask, then I would have to tell her it was a present from Gwen. By the dresser there was a chair. Sometimes I put laundry in a basket on that chair if I didn’t have time to put it away. The clock was small enough, I could try to hide it. I did a few loads of laundry and folded them into the basket. I was able to hide the clock inside the basket wrapped by socks and other clothes, and I put some shirts on top. I checked the site and it gave a good view of Sophie’s side of the bed. I went into the bedroom and tried to see if I could see the camera. I could but I knew it was there. If she picked up the basket she would see that the clock was plugged in, then I would be screwed. Luckily the clock did work on batteries as well, but I would have to be careful about how long I used it.

I waited until Sophie got home, and she mumbled something to me and went into the bedroom. When I heard the shower I went in and turned on the camera. I checked the angle, everything was good. I pretended to work but instead I found some solitaire games on the computer, there were several of them, spider solitaire, free cell, hearts. Who knew?

Sophie got out of the shower she was naked and got into bed. She turned on the TV, she flipped a couple of channels and settled on something. I went over to the door and listened. Then I went to the TV in the living room and found the show she was watching, some crime drama movie. Wow, this was such a success I thought sarcastically. I turned off the TV and headed back to my solitaire game. I had the windows set up so I could see the video while I played. The phone rang and I picked it up, it was Brian. He said that he was supposed to pick up Jake after work, but he couldn’t he had a last minute thing. I assumed it was a date, but I wasn’t going to ask. I told him it was OK, I would go. It was looking like a boring evening anyway.

I saw Sophie get out of bed and walk towards the door. I minimized my window and opened a spreadsheet.

“Who was on the phone?”

“That was Brian, he said he was supposed to pick up Jake after work, but he can’t I said I would go.”


She went back to the bedroom. I was staring to get the hang of this Freecell game. After the movie was over she made a phone all on her cell. She was talking casually with someone and her other hand was stroking her belly, she ran her finger up to her nipples and then down to her pubic hair, she started playing with the curls. She was very sexy. She hung up the phone and got on her computer, she continued to caress herself as she read. Then she got up and walked over to the door and peeked out. I would not normally have heard her, but seeing her get up I was listening intently. I pretended to type away on the computer. She closed the door quietly and got back into bed. She sat in bed with her knees up and started playing with her pussy. I was watching her intently. I tried to see if there was a zoom feature, but I couldn’t find it.

I got an IM from Gwen.

“Not now” I cursed.

The message read “Why am I watching Sophie play with herself on the camera I gave you?”

“Oh shit!” I called her cell phone.

Before she could finish ‘hello’ I asked “How do I shut this off?”

“Unplug it.”

“It is using batteries.”

“Then go in and turn it off.”

“I can’t go in there, she will know I was videoing her.”

“Stop watching.” I demanded.


“Why not?”

“The camera is broadcasting to my website, I am the one paying the monthly fee to see the videos. Besides, your wife is hot. You should go in there and fuck her.”

“I can’t”

“Why not?” “She is still mad at me, she thinks we are having an affair, remember?”

“So, she is horny. If you went in there she would probably forgive you long enough to give her a good fuck. If you fucked her more, she would be less inclined to think you were having an affair. When was the last time you fucked her?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do, when was the last time, you told me several months, how long, three, four?”

“Eight months ago, I guess.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? If I had a woman like that running around naked in my house there is no way I would let eight months go by without getting some of that sweet pussy.” I didn’t answer. “You are jacking off right now aren’t you? I said no porn.”

“Technically this isn’t porn, she is my wife, it is like phone sex but with video.”

“Except she doesn’t know, and you are jacking it to a video stream, and that is porn. However, you are technically correct.”

“How so?”

“This is phone sex, because we are talking on the phone and I am playing with myself too. Look at those abs, she must work out, and those tits. She is really into it too, you can see it on her face.”

I started stroking even harder. I saw Sophie get up. I sat down and minimized the screens. I put the phone down and started typing. I heard the door open again and then close. I heard her rummage around in the closet. I picked up the phone.

“Are you still there?” Sophie asked.


“Can you see what’s on her computer? She is jilling it to girl-on-girl porn. I think I am in love.”

Actually it was a three-way, there was a guy in the back giving it to the girl on top. When she got back she had a vibrator in her hands and she was lubing it up.

“Oh yeah this is where it gets interesting.”

Sophie started working the vibrator into her pussy only a little bit in then she would pull it out and circle it around her clit. Sometimes she would rub it back and forth while she watched the video. I was stroking it listening to Gwen rave about how beautiful she was. Sophie pushed the laptop aside and rolled over onto her knees and shoved the vibrator into her pussy. She jammed her face into her pillow and screamed. I could only make out a muffled noise.

“What is she doing?”

“She just came” I explained, “and I am next.”

“Me too. Ah, Ah, Ah……”

I spurted into my hand, this whole thing happened so fast I forget to get a tissue.

“Did you cum Tommy?”


“Me too, that was awesome, I owe you one you perv.”

I heard Gwen gasp. I looked at the screen Sophie was licking her vibrator clean.

I looked at the time, it was after 11, I had to get going to pick up Jake. I cleaned up and checked the video, it looked like Sophie was getting ready for a second go. I packed up my stuff loudly and watched her. She slipped the vibrator into her drawer and got under the sheets. I went into the bedroom.

“I have to go pick up Jake, we should be back in an hour.” I picked up some shorts and a shirt and left. I checked my laptop before headed out he door, she had her vibrator out again. Enjoy the show Gwen, I thought.

I drove over to the diner, I was a bit early 11:40 the front door was locked and the lights were out. I wandered around the back to see if there was another door and I heard a squeal. I could see a window open but it was high up, and there was the unmistakable sounds of sex.

“Oh Jake, fuck me. Fuck me faster.”

“Suzie, I am getting close.”

“Not yet… Lick me. Suck my pussy. Oh yeah that’s it. Oh it feels so good, Mmmm. Yeah. Oh God! Faster. Yeah like that. OH! AHHHHH! OK. Fuck me now.”

Jake started really giving it to her I could hear their bodies slapping together, Suzie squeaked with each thrust until she screamed loudly. I heard Jake let out a gasp seconds later.

“Mmmm. That was great. You have to thank your Dad for those condoms, this one was so much better. How was it for you?”

“It’s always perfect with you Suzie.”

“You are so sweet. I love you Jake.”

“I love you too Suzie.”

I quietly made it back to the car and drove it out of the parking lot with the lights off. I drove around the block and then drove in with the radio blaring. It was midnight, I honked the horn and Jake came out. There was a small Asian girl with him, I assumed that was Suzie.

“Hi Pop. Where’s Brian?”

“He said something came up, he asked me to pick you up.”

“Oh, Ok. Well can we drive Suzie home?”

“Sure no problem.” The both got into the car, they smelt of sex: sweat, cum and latex.

“Where to?”

Jake directed me as we drive. “So Suzie, you work at the diner with Jake?” An obvious question but an ice breaker.

“Yes Mr. Richards. Jake and I went to school together and my family owns the diner.”

“So any plans for college?”

“Yes sir. I am taking Business Admin. at the local college.”

“Interesting, Jake you are going there in September too, aren’t you?” Now things were clicking into place. Jake wanted to stay here to go to school to be with his girlfriend. He didn’t want to quit the diner job for the same reason. It is also why he didn’t mind working every evening, when most other kids his age would be loathe to work both a Friday and Saturday night in a row, much less seven days a week.

“Yeah. I guess we will see each other around campus.”

“You know Suzie, I have an MBA, and I work helping to restructure companies to increase profitability. If you ever need help with your school work, I would be happy to help out.”

“I really appreciate that Mr. Richards, I will definitely take you up on that offer.”

We got to Suzie’s house the lights were off.

“Thank you Mr. Richards, it was a pleasure meeting you.”

“Anytime Suzie. It was a pleasure meeting you as well.”

I waited in the driveway until she got inside. When the front door closed I said to Jake. “I like your girlfriend, she seems really nice.”

“Pop, her parents…If they found out we were seeing each other, I would probably get fired. You know.”

“Don’t worry Jake, your secret is safe. There is no reason why you couldn’t bring her around the house once in a while though. I promise to wear pants.” We laughed. We got home and said goodnight. I quietly got undressed and climbed into bed. Sophie was still awake, I could tell by the way she was breathing.

“You awake?”


“I just met Jake’s girlfriend Suzie.”

“Really? Suzie from the diner?”

“That’s her.”

“Aw, that is so sweet. She is so cute.”

“Guess what else, she is going to college here in the fall.”

“Which is why Jake didn’t want to go away to school with Kate. That make sense. Sounds serious for a couple of eighteen-year-olds.”

“They are young and in love. When you find the perfect person for you, it can make you do crazy things.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.” I pulled her close and kissed her on the shoulder. We soon fell asleep.

When I got up on Sunday Sophie had already left for work. I showered, made breakfast and checked my email. Gwen had finished everything off, I just had to read it over. By 10:30 my day was complete. I went outside and splashed around in the pool. I rained early this morning, which was nice, but it made it all the more humid now. Jake woke up around 11 he came into to the kitchen to have breakfast, I noticed that he was starting to spend is time at home nude as well. Brian came over, neither of us bothered getting dressed, and after a short dip in the pool, neither did he. I spent the day doing some odd jobs around the house. When I was done I realized I liked spending time in the nude. I went online and checked out nudism. There were a couple of resorts near by. Maybe I would check them out.

At around Jake and Brian got dressed and left. I took a nap. I got up made supper and waited for Sophie. When she came home she was covered in sweat. She said that she didn’t bother showering at the gym because it was too hot, and besides on Sundays the buses weren’t as crowded. She peeled off her clothes and took a shower before dinner. She came out and we ate naked. She didn’t seem to want to talk, after dinner she went into the bedroom. I tried of things to do to keep me busy. I went out into the back yard. I could see the light on in the bedroom, I know that Sophie would be playing with her self. I sat on the patio lounge and jacked off imagining Sophie in there with her vibrator. After I cleaned up I watched TV and after Sophie had fallen asleep I went to bed.

On Monday I woke up and Sophie was just finishing breakfast. I put on a pot of coffee when the doorbell rang. Sophie answered it, it was Gwen. I jogged into the bedroom and put on some clothes.

Gwen and Sophie were chatting when I got out. “I came to drop off some a hard copy of the reports we were sending out for you to look over. I also have this CD with the data sets. It would take you a long time to download all this from your home Internet connection.”

I thought that the CD was odd, I had downloaded all the information I needed onto my laptop when I was in the office last week.


“I was just telling Sophie that when we met the other day she seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place it.”

Sophie grabbed her bag and her keys when Gwen asked “Are you heading to work?”

“Yes, actually. I am running a bit late, and I don’t want to miss my bus.”

“I can give you a ride if you like, it is no trouble.”

“Actually it is pretty hot out there, I wouldn’t mind a drive in.”

“Great. Bye Tom.”

Sophie kissed my awkwardly on the cheek and said “Bye.”

I said my goodbyes and as they were walking out Gwen said “that is a lot of stuff you are carrying.”

“I have my gym stuff with me.”

“What gym do you go to?”

Sophie told her it was the one near the hospital.

As they walked through the door I heard Gwen say “That’s where I have seen you, I joined that gym recently.”

“Oh fuck” I said as the door slammed shut.

I read through the reports, there was nothing new in them. I was getting suspicious. I popped the CD into my computer and saw that it contained strange files, it looked like a movie DVD. “Oh shit I thought to myself.”

I took the CD out of my computer and put it into my other computer. It was as I suspected, all of the videos that Gwen had collected of my masturbating in my office. She had created a DVD movie onto a CD with the videos. The wallpaper image was of me walking into my office naked. It even had a menu so I could select any one of them. I clicked though a couple of them, it looks like she edited them to show only the “good parts”. I checked the last one, and sure enough it was the one of Sophie, but strangely this one had sound. I realized what Gwen had done, she had recorded our phone conversation and superimposed it onto the video.

I waited patiently for Gwen go get online and as soon as I saw her I called reception. The receptionist was back so she forwarded me to Gwen’s cubicle.

“What is this CD you gave me?”

“Oh hi. Nice to hear from you, but I can’t really talk now I am at work. Can I call you later?”

“No! I need to discuss this now.” knew that there were other people sitting around her and that she probably couldn’t talk. She paused.

“OK, great, I ‘ll call you then. Bye.” She hung up.

I answered a few emails asking for clarifications based on the reports that were sent. But I was distracted. At noon Gwen called back, but this time Jake was up. I went into the bedroom and picked up the extension.

“What the hell is this?”

“I thought you might want a copy.”

“What about the last video?”

“Tom, we are friends and I promised to fix this between you and Sophie, but you aren’t going to like what I am going to do, so that is what some people may call an insurance policy.”

“You are blackmailing me?”

“No Tom, I don’t want anything from you so I am not blackmailing you. I will delete my copies when I am done, until then, you will have to trust me.”

“Obviously you want something from me.”

“I only want you to not interfere. Now I have to go, I have to drive across town and sign up for a gym membership.” She hung up.

I didn’t like the sound of that.

Sophie got home later than expected. She was in a surprisingly good mood. She had brought home dinner, since it was her turn to cook. She put the dinner on the counter and took out some plates.

“You are home late.”

“Sorry, I stayed late at the gym today, then I had to pick up dinner. Gwen just dropped me off.”

“Oh, you were with Gwen?”

“Yeah, you know she is really great. I can see why you too are such good friends, you have so much in common. You are both workaholics, you both love your jobs, you both like women… Why didn’t you tell me that Gwen was a lesbian?”

“What? Gwen isn’t a lesbian.”

“You didn’t know? She is. She broke up with her girlfriend after a two year relationship. She isn’t seeing anyone seriously right now though.”

“I think she has a boyfriend, his name is Clive.”

“No, she is into women, I am sure about that.”

We ate dinner and Sophie was her old self. We chatted for a bit, but I need to talk to Gwen so I said that I had some work to do.

“No problem” she kissed me on the cheek and went into the bedroom.

I went online, and waited all night, but there was no sign of Gwen, I was getting angrier.

The next morning I had to go in, since it was Tuesday, so I dropped Sophie at work. When I stopped the car she asked “Well, aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye?”

“Oh, sorry.” I leaned over and she kissed me softly and smiled at me.

I drove into work and as soon as I could I pulled Gwen into a board room.

“Here is your camera back.” I handed her a bag with the clock. “Why did you tell Sophie that you were a lesbian?”

“I am a lesbian.”

“No you are not.”

“I am pretty sure I am. Ask anyone. Trust me, it didn’t add to my popularity here.”

“Does Clive know?” I asked sarcastically.

“Yup, he sure does. I told Sophie that I have only dated women, which is true. I just left out the fact that my girlfriend and I broke up because I like to have sex with guys from time to time.”

“If you like having sex with guys, you are not a lesbian.”

“I’ll have to check my rule book, but I think I am gay, I couldn’t imagine being in a long term relationship with a guy. You have to admit, cocks are fun to play with, you certainly like playing with yours.”

So it was back to blackmail. I knew she had me. “What’s your plan, you are going to try and fuck my wife?”

“Somebody has to, and you aren’t doing it.”

“Good luck with that. I know Sophie and she is straight.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about. Don’t worry Tom, I am not stealing her away from you, I promised to help you, and I have kept my word so far, haven’t I?”

I had to admit, she had.

“By the way, Matt wanted to talk to you about something important.”

I went to his office and knocked on his open door. He asked me to come in and close the door.

“How are you feeling Tom?”

“Fine. I guess.”

“Under a lot of stress lately.”

“No more than usual, work, family, bills.” I lied.

“The reason I ask is because I was checking the security videos, and it seems on Friday when you were working in the office, there was something unusual.”

I went pale and started shaking. “I can explain…”

“No need Tom. I asked Gwen if she noticed anything unusual – I didn’t tell her about the security videos, so your secret is safe. She mentioned that it was unusually warm in the office. I checked the logs and it was ninety degrees in the main room. I think if I were wearing a suit working away in that heat I would likely pass out. I checked the logs, you weren’t doing anything inappropriate, you even checked to make sure no one was there when you came out of your office.”

“Well, I didn’t want to surprise anyone.” I added uncomfortably.

“Why don’t I erase these and we can forget about it, OK with you?”

A wave of relief came over me. “That would be great, I really appreciate that. I can assure you I will not do that again.”

“You have been doing some really great work, Barry was impressed. The presentation went well last week, we have an enthusiastic response on the recommendations you sent yesterday. Barry wanted to know if you would be interested in a full time position. You would be overseeing parts of the operation for all three offices, would you be interested?”


“You would have to come in to the office a lot more.”

“That is no problem.”

“You work at home naked too, don’t you?”

I was uncomfortable with the question, but I had been in enough negotiations to know that knocking someone off their game was a good way to find their weaknesses. I answered it honestly and as openly as I could. “It has been hot lately, and since I am home I don’t want to run the air conditioning all day. Everyone has to do their part.”

“No need to explain. I am part owner of a naturist resort close to town. We pretty much live there this time of year, when the kids are out of school.”

“Which one, Sunshine or East Haven?”

“East Haven. You have heard of it. Every been?”

“No, but I was thinking about it.”

“You have to down some time, and bring the family. There are lots of things to do, and some really great people there.”

“I will” I said as I got up to leave.

I went over to see Gwen. “You knew there were security cameras, that is why you asked me to come in on Friday didn’t you. You knew that the air conditioning was off and that Matt would see the security video of me.”

“Actually, I am the one that turned off the AC.”

“How did you know that Matt was a nudist?”

“His laptop has a security tracking GPS in it, and know how to read a map. I was curious where he went, because he lives close by but in the summer he complains about the drive in.”

We worked for most of the day, but at 3:30 Gwen said she had to leave. When I asked where she was going she told me she was meeting Sophie at the gym at 4 o’clock. When I got home Jake had already left and there was a message from Sophie, she said she was meeting a friend for dinner. I got undressed and make something simple for dinner. I sat in the hot tub and imagined Gwen trying to seduce Sophie. I started masturbating in the hot tub. I heard my neighbor’s door open and heard them sit down on a patio chair or something. I got up for another lemonade and when I got back I heard Amy.

“Is that you Tom?”

“Yes, I was just getting back in the hot tub.” I got in quickly because I was still hard.

“Mind if I come over?”

“Not at all, I wouldn’t mind the company Sophie is out with a friend tonight.”

Amy walked over, she was wrapped in a towel and had a glass and a small pitcher with her.

“I brought some Daiquiris, would you like some?”

“I am good” I held up my drink. For all she knew it could be mixed in with something.

“Is that your first?”


“Well I’d better drink up” she said. I could tell that the drink she was currently enjoying wasn’t her first, she seemed slightly tipsy already. She dropped the towel and she was naked. She took her time stepping into the hot tub, first placing the pitcher in an accessible place and putting her glass into the cup holder. She folder her towel and arranged her sandals. She wanted me to look at her, and I was happy to oblige. I tried not to look too much in front of her husband the other day, but now it was just the two of us. This went from boring evening to one of the most notable evenings ever in a matter of moments. She sat on the side of the tub for a few seconds, spreading her legs to give me a good view of her pussy. She was what I would characterize as voluptuous, she had a nice large pair of tits and round curvy hips. She had nice round ass that begged to be grabbed. Her pussy was shaved around the lips but she kept a trimmed triangle above it. We chatted about the weather. She kept drinking and was starting to slur her words.

After a while I began to worry about the situation, my horniness combined with her drunkenness may be a recipe for disaster. “So, where’s Rob tonight?”

“Its Tuesday, on Tuesdays he goes out for a few drinks with his friends.”

“That’s nice…” she cut me off.

“It is nice. Between you and me I think they go to a strip club, because when Rob gets home he is very horny. Tonight he is the designated driver, so it won’t be the same, less playing around but the fucking will be much better.”

“Oh my.” I didn’t know what else to say. I think there was a mix of jealousy and disappointment mixed in to my response. “Is that why you are drinking now?” It was only seven o’clock but she couldn’t walk a straight line if her life depended on it.

“Yeah, Rob likes it when I drink, I am more willing to do stuff.”

“Really? like what?”

“I shouldn’t say. It is a little rude.” She was blushing. “The problem is, that after all these years, my body has kinda gotten used to it, and by Tuesday afternoons I get very horny. I peeked over the fence when you got out of the hot tub and saw that you were in the same state that I was.” She laughed.

“You saw that?”

“Actually, since we came over I have been keeping an eye out. I saw you, Jake and that other guy swimming the other day. You know that since we came over we spend all our time at home naked? I don’t know what I am going to do when Bobby comes back from camp.” Bobby was their son, Robert Jr.

“No reason you have to stop” I said.

“But what if it freaks him out, or worse, what if he likes looking at me naked?”

“Then I guess you have a healthy kid.” We both laughed.

“No more doing it in the kitchen though” she said sadly.

“I guess not.” Feeling a little bold with the frankness of the conversation I asked “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“You mean had sex with another woman? No, but I have thought about it” she giggled. “Why?”
“Oh its nothing. It is just that Sophie is out with a friend who I understand is into girls. I don’t think that Sophie would do anything, it is just that… You know.”

“Yes, every man’s fantasy, two women. That’s what got you going, isn’t it?”

Now I was blushing, I just smiled.

“Here you are sitting in the hot tub stroking your penis, thinking about Sophie with another woman, kissing her, sucking on her breasts, maybe licking her slit. Mmmm. Can I see?”

“See what?”

“Your penis silly. When we were over the other day I took a few peeks, but it was soft, I want to see what it looks like when it is hard. Actually I did see it already, but I would like to see it close up this time.”

I was feeling a bit naughty, “On one condition.”

“What is it?” She said with a sly grin as she poured the last few drops of the pitcher into her glass.

“You have to tell me what ‘rude things’ Rob makes you do on Tuesdays.”

“Alright. On Tuesdays I usually send Bobby to bed early, like eight. We usually sign him up for some sports class or something so he is nice and tired when he gets home. Rob usually comes home between nine and ten. I have a few drinks to warm up and then I put on something slinky, a teddy or a see though nightie. If he isn’t the driver he has his friend come in for a drink. Depending on who it is, the game changes. “

“The ‘Game’?”

“If it is Mason or Jack, I play the dumb housewife, I fetch them drinks and offer them snacks, letting them get a good look. Rob likes feel me up and give me little slaps on the ass to get me nice and wet. He has me tease the guys by standing close to them so they can see and smell my wetness. This will go on for half an hour or so until they leave. Before they get out the door I am usually giving Rob oral sex. Once in a while we can see them peeking in, Mason usually makes an excuse to come back, because he ‘forgot’ something.

“Mason is the ‘spill guy’ when he comes over Rob winks at him and will spill a drink usually on me and make me strip naked before cleaning up the floor or couch. Once he spilled on himself by accident, and it spilled on his pants. I stripped off his pants and underwear right in front of Mason and made a big deal over Rob’s, well you know. I started stroking him and kissing it, then I told Mason I needed Rob for a few minutes. I pulled Rob into the bedroom by the penis and we fucked. We left the door open and I called out everything that we did ‘Oh Rob, lick me, ‘let me suck you’ ‘I want it from behind.’ We fucked for like an hour and it wasn’t until we were done that we heard the front door close.” She stood up and sat on the side of the tub again, and started fingering herself. She looked over at me. “Should I continue?”

I stood up and my cock bobbed up and down for a few seconds, she laughed at the sight of it. “Mmmm, it is so long, but not as thick as Rob’s penis. Its probably because you are so thin and he is so stocky.” She was staring at my cock as she continued fingering herself and telling her story. “Mason is the ‘spill guy’ and Jack is the ‘handsy one’. When Rob isn’t looking he will cop a feel. I was startled the first time and stayed away from him that night, but when Rob told me it was OK, I started playing along. At first it was a grab here and there, then a slight peck on the ass or tits. Soon I was making out with him and stroking his cock though his pants. We always stopped and played innocent when Rob came back in the room. Jack really likes to get a long whiff of my sex, so at some point Rob leaves to go to the bathroom or something and I will let him smell me. I would straddle his face and he would press his nose up against me cup my ass and take in a deep breath. He told me once that he wanted to put his finger in me so that he could smell it when he masturbated later, so I let him. For Christmas last year I slipped him one of my wet panties, every time he comes over now he returns it and I give him a fresh pair. Rob picked out a special set just for Jack.”

I was stroking my cock while she spoke. I don’t know how much of it was true and how much was the daiquiri, but I was enjoying it.

“Can I touch your penis?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Please? I won’t do anything, I just would like to feel it.”

“OK, I guess.” She reached over and ran her nails from the base of my balls up to the head and grabbed onto it gently. She moved in for a closer look, stroking it slowly for about a minute I was worried that she was going to make me cum. Then she put her lips around my cock. I pulled away quickly.


She smiled at me “Sophie is a lucky woman, her husband lets her go off and fuck other women while he, all prim and proper, won’t accept a neighborly blowjob.”

“I think she would be very upset, and so would Rob!”

“Actually Rob wouldn’t be upset at all. In fact, he would love it if I fucked you.”


“Yeah, I told you that if some friends come over I am the happy housewife. Well when his friend Jerry comes over I am the whore. We play the same teasing game but the conversations are very different. At first I was just a slut who wanted it all the time and I would blow and fuck him while Jerry watched. After a while Jerry was jacking off watching us, directing us, telling us what to do. The first time Rob fucked me in the ass it was because Jerry told him to. Pretty soon I was blowing Jerry as a ‘thank you’ for bringing Rob home. Rob has me make up stories about guys I fucked. Usually it is stuff like, how I fucked a delivery guy or like the time I got into a car accident that wasn’t my fault, I told them it was, and that I blew the guy in his car to tell the police he did it. I told them that I was paying for Bobby’s swim lessons by fucking the head coach in his office while Bobby was getting his lesson. My favorite is when I told them how my friend lost he wallet with the cash she was going to use for his birthday present, and didn’t want to tell him, so instead she told him she bought me as his present. She had me dress like a hooker, put on a wig and tons of make up and even shave my pubes so he wouldn’t recognize me even by my hair color. Then I explained in detail how I fuck him while she watched. After that story Jerry grabbed me and fucked me right in the living room in front of Rob. Then I gave Rob what Jerry called ‘sloppy seconds’ while he watched.

“Wow.” I was really turned on at this point, I had no idea that sweet Amy was so sexual.

“The problem is nights like tonight, when he is driving everyone else home. There is no ‘game’ so Rob suggested I start ‘acting out’ some of the stories I have been telling.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tonight for instance, I am going to tell him how I blew you in your hot tub.”

“But you didn’t”

“Technically, your penis was in my mouth, wasn’t it?”

“I guess.”

“And so now I need a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”

“Since you won’t fuck me, or let me actually blow you, and since you seem to be OK with jacking off in front of me, I wanted to know if you would be willing to cum on me? I think it would really sell the story if Rob could see your cum caked all over my face and hair.”

At this point I really needed to finish, so I agreed. Amy was very happy and said she wanted to do it at her place so it wouldn’t wash off. She got out of the hot tub and dried off. I helped her carry her pitcher and glass back to her house. She had me sit on the living room chair, right on the edge with my legs spread wide.

“Take your time, I want a nice big load.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem.”

She turned on the TV and popped in a DVD. It was a porno, but I quickly realized that it was a home movie of her and Rob. There was another guy holding the camera, I assumed it was Jerry because at one point Amy stopped fucking Rob and went over and started sucking his cock. It was starting to look like Amy’s stories were true.

“I am getting close.”

“Then stop for a second.” Amy knelt down between my legs, put my hands aside and started sucking my balls. I was too far along to care if this was crossing the line I just leaned back and enjoyed it. Despite how much I was enjoying it my cock began to soften a little, precum was dribbling from the tip. She took my cock and wiped the clear sticky liquid all over her face. As she rubbed my cock over he cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead I started to get hard again, I could feel the cum starting to move up the shaft. She sensed it too and let go.

I started jacking off quickly. “Stop, hold off as long as you can.” I started stroking more slowly, but I was very close. She moved into a sitting position with her head inches from my cock. I felt the cum enter the shaft, I clenched holding back the cum with all my strength. “I am going to talk to Sophie, I want arrange it so that you cum inside me so Rob can lick your juice from my cunt.”

I couldn’t take it any more, load after load came shooting out of my cock onto her face and into her hair. Some of it fell onto her tits, she was careful not to touch it. When I finished she saw some cum had dribbled onto my finger, she sat up and wiped it onto a clean area of her chest. She took my cock in hand and wiped what few drops remained onto her nipple. She then sucked me clean. I sat back in the chair for a minute to catch my breath. I thanked her for a fun time.

“The fun isn’t over.” she said. “When you go back move a chair up close to the fence so Rob can’t see you.”

I did as she said, after making a cup of herbal tea. She was sitting on her deck, and we started chatting. She said that she had told me about her sex life, she wanted to hear about mine. I hugely embellished a story about a time Sophie and I went camping and how we made love by the camp fire. When we were done Sophie had thought she heard something, like someone had seen us. In the version I told Amy we had spotted a guy watching us and how it made it hotter for us. I told her that we moved into positions to give him a better view, and how amazing it was. I then elaborated telling her how Sophie saw the guy the next day and casually made an excuse to talk to him. I told her that I saw them talking and introduced myself, when Sophie left I told him that I had seen him the other night. He tried to deny it, but I told him it was OK, I would try to do it again tonight and if he wanted he could get closer and I even told him a good spot to hide and I would signal him when it was safe. I told her that I explained the plan to Sophie and that night she pretended to drink too much. I was enjoying telling the story so much my cock started to get hard again.

“She pretended to be drunk. When she went to pee I called the guy over. When she got back I told her to that I wanted a strip show. Sophie said it wasn’t safe because there maybe someone around. But I told her not to worry, and I nodded to the guy in the woods. I put on some music and Sophie gave me a strip show, peeling off layers of clothes one by one. At one point before she got completely naked she bent over to show me her ass, I made a looked over and gave the guy a big smile. Sophie was having difficulty trying not to peek too much, in case he got suspicious. When she got completely naked, for the next song she gave me a lap dance, rubbing her tits over me, stroking me, rubbing her ass and pussy in my face. After that she undressed me and started sucking my cock, I looked over and saw the guy was jacking off. He stopped when I looked up but I waved to him to let him know it was OK. I stood Sophie up and moved her to face the guy then I got between her legs, slightly under her, and started licking her pussy. Sophie came really hard onto my face. I stood up and she started kissing me, she told me, loud enough for the guy to hear, how much she loves the taste of her pussy on me. She laid me down got on top of me and fucked me giving the guy a great view of her ass and pussy as she bounced on top of my cock. Then she got up and turned around and squatted down on me so he could see her tits bouncing and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She came a second time, still trying not to look directly at our friend. I was just about to cum when she pulled off me and jacked me to orgasm, like in a porno. I shot my load into the air and just as my orgasm subsided she looked up at the guy and screamed. ‘Tom look! there is a man watching us!’ They guy took off into the woods, Sophie and I went over to where he was hiding and found a pair of shorts and underwear and a load of cum on the ground. I told Amy when we left a couple of days later Sophie walked around the campsite to make sure she saw the guy, or more specifically, that he saw her. She didn’t let on that she knew it was him but she was wearing his shorts.”

When I was done Amy said “So, Sophie does like the taste of a woman.”

“No,” I said, “she only said that for the guy’s benefit.” I remembered how Sophie licked her vibrator after playing with herself Saturday night. I started to get a sinking feeling.

“Maybe.” We heard Rob’s truck pull up. “He’s home” she whispered, “keep quiet.”

Rob called out “Amy, where are you?”

“I am in the back yard.”

The door opened. “What happened to you?”

“I blew the neighbor like you asked, but he wouldn’t fuck me.”

“Why not.”

“You know those up tight executive types, he said he didn’t want to cheat on his wife.” It got quiet for a minute. “Did you taste his cum on me when you kissed me?”

“I did, you really sucked his cock, didn’t you, you little slut.”

“I really did suck his cock, and I tasted his cum, he tastes so sweet. Here have a taste from my nipple.” I could hear him sucking her tits. “Did you find a new playmate yet?”


“You know sweetie, the guy that you promised. You said you were going to bring a guy home and you were going to suck him off for me. You know how much I want to see you do that.”

“You know I’d do anything for you, even suck a cock. Lets go inside, I am going to fuck you so hard. In fact I am going to fuck you twice. I am going to do it once for our sweet tasting neighbor who didn’t realize he passed up the best fuck of his life.”

“You want to fuck me, you can fuck me right here. Pull out your cock.” I heard the rustle of clothes and then I heard Amy slurping Rob’s cock. “Now lick my pussy, make sure it is nice and wet.” After a few minutes Amy started cumming. When she stopped squealing said “now lick my butt hole. Oh yeah, that feels so good you nasty-nasty man.” A couple more minutes pass and Amy said “Now fuck me right here on this table.” Rob started fucking her but the table was banging, I guess the legs were not even. In a few minutes Rob let out a gasp.

“That was quick” Amy said.

“The thought of you sucking off Tom really got me going.”

“Its OK, we’ll go inside, you can lick your cum out of me and we can start again.”

After the door closed I finished jacking off, then cleaned everything up and went to bed. I was just after ten and Sophie wasn’t home. I was starting to get worried.

The next morning Sophie apologized for getting home so late, she lost track of time talking with Gwen. I was still concerned and checked with Gwen, she confirmed all they did was talk. The next two days went uneventfully. I tried to avoid Gwen and my neighbors as much as possible. I worked took time off to surf the Internet and do some reading. Sophie and Gwen worked out every night after work, but Sophie came home at her usual time.

On Friday I got a call from Matt, he told me that he wanted to meet with me. I assume it was about the job offer. I asked if I should drive in, he said that he was booked today, I suggested he drop by here after work, he said that he had to leave early today for a personal engagement, but suggested we meet on Saturday morning, he and his wife were in town for a lunch and they could drop by before that. I suggested 10:30, and he said that would be fine. I really couldn’t concentrate I was too excited by the prospect. It was a good thing I didn’t have anything pressing. Around 4 pm I got a text from Gwen, it was a website address. Knowing Gwen I turned on my PC, instead of using my work computer. When I entered the address a video started, it was Gwen staring at off to the side holding her phone. She was in what appeared to be a nicer hotel room. She was sitting on the bed. I had a good view of half the room including the bed. I texted her back

“Hi, I can see you, what did you want?’

I could see here typing on her phone, this was a live feed. “Turn on your speakers” I realized that the sound was off. I turned it on.

I could hear someone talking in the background, it was a girl. Oh shit, it was Sophie, I couldn’t make out what she was saying. Gwen showed me Sophie’s phone and turned it off. She was watching Sophie, apparently she didn’t want her to see. She slipped it back somewhere I couldn’t see.


She got up, and then took out a CD from her purse, showed it to me, then put it back. It had the same label as the CD she gave me of my masturbation sessions, and the video of us talking while we watched Sophie play with herself. She put her phone down.
Sophie sat down next to her and handed her a drink. They both took a large sip before Gwen asked “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah, I really do.” Sophie leaned over and kissed her. Gwen kissed back. Their hands wandered to each other’s breasts. After a few minutes Gwen stood up, and lifted her dress over her shoulders and let them drop to the floor, she was naked. At first I was angry, but I began to get aroused.

Sophie kissed her chest and played with Gwen’s piercings with her tongue. Gwen stood her up and pulled the top sheet cover off the bed. She pulled Sophie’s top off. I was surprised to see that Sophie wasn’t wearing a bra. They kissed some more, fondling each other’s breasts. I saw Gwen turn Sophie to give me a better view as she unbuttoned Sophie’s pants and slipped her hand into her panties. Sophie let out a moan. Gwen played inside Sophie’s pants making her squirm. Gwen reached to the sides of Sophie’s waist and pulled her pants down and had her lie down on the bed. Gwen kissed down Sophie’s body, from her lips, down her neck across her breasts. She took several minutes licking and sucking each nipple, then worked her way down to Sophie’s navel. she licked her belly button and kissed her across the midsection. I could tell that Gwen really enjoyed Sophie’s tight abs. I did too. Then she moved down to her muff. She caressed the pubic hair at first then spread her Sophie’s lips apart and began licking her. Gwen really seemed to know what she was doing because Sophie was bucking and screaming. When she came her body shook. Gwen moved up and moved Sophie on the bed and kissed up her body back to her face. The she moved up further and placed her pussy over Sophie’s face. I saw Sophie reach up with her mouth and start sucking Gwen’s clit. Gwen was staring right at me as she did. I watched as Sophie licked and sucked Gwen to an amazing orgasm.

After Gwen calmed down she lay back on top of Sophie and they kissed tenderly for several minutes. Gwen got out of bed and reached into something from her purse, she took care not to move the camera. It was a vibrator. She moved into 69 position with Sophie and began teasing her with the vibrator, while Sophie kissed inside Gwen’s thighs. I could see Sophie bucking under her but Gwen pressed her pussy down into Sophie’s face. I couldn’t take it anymore I came hard and jets of semen shot out up into the air and back down all over my chest, legs and parts of the floor and chair. I grabbed some paper towels to clean up the mess, and when I finished I saw Gwen move up onto the bed and kiss Sophie. She caressed Sophie’s breasts gently, letting her hands roam down her abdomen and back up again.

“Was that strange for you?” Gwen asked quietly.

“Not as strange as you think I found it. You aren’t the first girl I have been with.”


“So you are into girls too?”

“No offence, this was wonderful, and I really needed it. But I prefer men.”

“So you experimented?”

“I guess you could say that. I have only been with one other woman, a good friend of mine. She was going through a bad marriage, her husband was cheating on her, he finally left. I was a work widow. So we started playing around just because we needed some physical comfort.”

“So you and Tom, never…?”

“I could count the number of timed Tom and I had sex each year on my fingers. And that was before he lost his job. After that he got really depressed and I think we have had sex twice in the last year. Both times were complete disasters. He hasn’t been even remotely interested, I practically throw myself at him and nothing, not even a twitch in his penis. It has been especially hard with the heat, he has been walking around naked. I am constantly wanting it. I figure Tom must have some young thing on the side like my friend Peggy’s husband, that is how it started with her. At first I thought it was you, because you and work are all he talks about, when he isn’t complaining about bills.”

“I don’t think there is another woman, when would he have the time? You say he got depressed?”

“Oh yeah. When he was working we lived pretty well, huge house three cars, everything you could want. But Tom was obsessed with saving for the future, he had big plans for retirement. Then when the financial crisis came, he lost his job and he became obsessed with saving every penny. We sold two cars, we moved out of the big house into a rental property because it was cheaper on utilities, and because the real estate agent told us the bigger one would be easier to sell. Jake and I started taking the bus, we no longer go out, he cancelled our club memberships.”

“Now he lives like a naked hermit, rarely venturing out.”

“Yeah, he seems to have given up on everything, and I am left masturbating myself crazy almost every night. “

“What about your friend?”

“Peggy? It is still pretty casual, she is very busy, we only do it once a week or so, but lately it has been very hectic for her. It has been three weeks since anyone has touched me.”

“Ever think about another guy, you know since you prefer them?”

“I couldn’t. This is just fooling around. Another guy would be really cheating, and God help me. I still love Tom. This is getting my all depressed talking about my life, how about I lick that shaved pussy of yours until you cum.”

“Have you ever thought about waxing yours?”

“Thought about it, but I don’t know. Does it hurt?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe, but it is worth it for all the oral attention you get.”

“I might try it, Peggy would be surprised.”

“What about Tom?”

“I doubt he’d notice. Now do you want to talk about your co-worker, or do you want me to lick your pussy?”

“Pussy please!”

I turned off the video, I couldn’t watch them again. I felt really bad, all this time I figured Sophie was getting ready to leave me, turns out she thought I was cheating on her. The weird thing is that because I figured the marriage was over, I as considering it, and I have driven her to having sex with other women. Half an hour later I got a call from Sophie, she was going out with Gwen and wouldn’t be home until late. I didn’t let on. I was pretty depressed and I went to bed early.

I got up the next morning when I heard Sophie in the shower. I got up to made us both breakfast but I saw that Sophie had eaten. While I ate Sophie ran out saying she had to go meet Peggy. I realized that I forgot to tell her that I was meeting Matt this morning. I would have liked to have her meet him. It was already after nine. I straightened up the house and cleaned up the kitchen and hopped into the shower. When I got out I went to pick out my clothes. I realized that Matt was a nudist, and he thought that I was one too. I didn’t know what to do, should I dress, or should I not? Jake was asleep, and typically he slept ’till noon, and Sophie went out. I decided to chance it and go nude. At the very least it would show Matt that I wasn’t just an office pervert, and it may ingratiate me, since we had this in common.

At 10:30 sharp I head the doorbell and I mustered up the nerve to answer the door. It was Matt and he brought his wife. I was instantly embarrassed, but neither batted an eye.

“Oh, sorry. If I knew your wife was coming I would have dressed.”

“Don’t be silly” she responded. You should be comfortable in your home.

“Tom, this is my wife Deborah. Deborah, this is Tom.”

“Pleased to meet you” I said, “please come in.”

“Very nice to meet you as well” she replied.

We walked into the living room and I asked if they would like to go to the back yard? I mentioned I had some drinks waiting for them outside. They agreed. We sat down and Matt handed me the envelope. It was the offer. It was very generous. It was certainly more than I was making now, almost as much as I was making in my previous job. I was pleased. As I read through the papers Amy popped he head over the fence.

“Hi Tom.”

“Opps, sorry, I see you have friends over.”

“Hi Amy. This is my boss. I’ll come over later to chat if you like.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Deborah asked “your neighbors don’t have a problem with you being nude?”

Amy stuck her head back up “Actually I am naked too. Tom is the one that got us started on it. I was going to ask Tom the same question about hanging out with his boss.”

“I won’t be your boss anymore if you accept that offer Tom.” Matt joked.

Deborah answered Amy. “We are nudists too,” turning to Matt she continued “but we have somewhere to go soon.”

“We don’t want to rush him.”

“Do you need me to sign it right away?”

“I suppose not, but I was hoping to get this done.”

“I’ll just be a few minutes, if that is Ok Mrs. Heffernan. “

“No rush really, we have time.”

I was skimming over the contract at this point, when I heard the doorbell ring. I ignored it, but Jake was up. Hopefully he wouldn’t come out. Everything looked in order, it was in fact better than I expected. We could go back to our old lifestyle, move back into the old house. Maybe Jake could stay here and rent out the other rooms. I signed the papers just as a naked Jake and a naked Brian came out carrying towels.

‘I bought you a present,’ he says and immediately I am suspicious, rattled at his presumptuousness. So I’m leaving for another city, so what? Girlfriends get farewell gifts and that’s not a title I ever want to claim for myself. I take the box from him and let him pour me a glass of wine. His reflection in the blood red liquid breaks up, becoming blistered in the bubbles like a photograph held over a flame. He watches me as I negotiate the inexpert wrapping and there is a glimmer in his eyes, a serpentine smirk sneaking onto his face that I just don’t trust.

I’m not shocked to find a vibrator nestling in the garish pink tissue paper. There’s a tedious inevitability about this: it seems so obvious, so crude. Like an unimaginative hen night gift, supposed to be met with scandalized screeching and gleeful cackles. Though I can never be accused of being uptight about my sexuality I’ve always viewed masturbation as an intimacy experienced in seclusion, a secret between my body and myself. And so I feel affronted by this presentation of something so synthetic and dispassionate. A violet coloured moulded plastic cock does not, to me, scream sensuality.

But I smile politely and thank him accordingly. I allow him to brush the hair back from my forehead — a trite gesture which has always irked me. I turn my face towards him and receive his kiss. I’m leaving in the morning and a decent fuck will guarantee a good night’s sleep.

I’ve always liked the way he fucks. He’s methodical, thorough. Some people might find the careful precision with which he executes his moves cold or lacking raw passion but it works for me. He always starts by kissing my neck, my cleavage, pinching my nipples through my clothes. He pulls me close and kisses my mouth, his tongue teasing mine as he unbuttons my shirt, unhooks my bra and exposes my breasts. I feel the fabric of his shirt against my erect nipples and I breathe in sharply, letting him know it’s time for him to move on to the next stage. He takes one nipple in his mouth, licking, sucking, grazing it with his teeth. He treats it as if it were my clit, his flickering tongue changing speed, his sensitive ear listening out for the soft mewl that evidences my pleasure. As soon as he hears his cue he slides his hand down between us, between my parting thighs, slipping it under the fabric of my knickers and easily sliding it into the well of nectar his actions have inspired from me. His finger, now wet with my juices, moves up to coat my nipples in the sticky fluid. He applies it with such care before licking it off, savouring the taste. I remember when he first told me how much the taste of me turned him on. It’s possibly the most erotic compliment I’ve ever had.

Now he’s licked me clean it’s time for me to stand in front of him and slowly remove the rest of my clothes, my gaze locked with his. I ask him the question I always ask:

‘What do you want to do to me?’

And he replies with the usual:

‘I want to lick you out.’

He’s lying on the bed and I climb over him, straddling his face. I look down to see the look of lustful expectation in his eyes. He’s breathing in the smell of me and it’s making him harder. He can see my glistening, plump cunt lips and my obscenely engorged clit and I know he’s hungry for it but I always make him wait, make his body go tense with longing, make a growl of desperation rumble from his throat. And then I grab him by the hair and bury his mouth in my mound. His tongue navigates my clit with practiced ease, teasing, flicking making me grind myself onto him and moan and squeal. I exclaim like a porn star, turning the air blue with my language and when he feels me getting close, when I’m writhing on his face like a woman possessed, he slips a finger inside me and pushes me over the edge. My contracting muscles squeeze around his finger and my scream can probably be heard in the next flat. Some people may like spontaneity but I think there’s definitely something to be said for following a proven formula.

Of course he ruins it all when he fucks me. Instead of taking me with his usual force, fucking me hard as I moan beneath him, he deviates from the routine. He moves slowly, frustratingly gently and keeps eye contact the whole time. I have a horrible feeling he’s trying to make love to me. In the last few moments an animal instinct thankfully overtakes him and he drives his cock into me but he finishes before me, rolls off then pulls me into a hug. He hasn’t even noticed I didn’t come.


I’ve been living in Brighton for 5 weeks now and though I’d, of course, expected the pace of life to be different, I hadn’t realised the sense of freedom I’d feel being in a seaside town rather than the labyrinthine oppression of London. Though autumn is fast approaching I go to the seafront every Sunday morning to breathe in the salt, the spreading distance of the sea and fill my ears with the screeches of the spiraling seagulls.

He’s been keeping in touch which I have appreciated but as I snuggle down more comfortably into my new life I greet his emails with less enthusiasm. He can tell and my withdrawal has made his writing more whiney, desperate. My newfound peace of mind must have made me more susceptible to emotional blackmail than before because this Sunday I must tear myself away from the crashing waves, brooding skies and wheeling birds to speak with him on Skype. I’ve let my guilt at my distance manipulate me and I grudgingly leave the beach to speak to a man I don’t really care about anymore.


‘Hello.’ The first few moments of this conversation are as stilted as the stop-motion image of him the dodgy internet connection gives me. We discuss work, family, new friends and old. We skirt the real issue, both of us knowing how this conversation is likely to end. We keep reaching sticking points where the real words try to tumble out but our ingrained English civility allows us to avoid it for now. Eventually, however, we run out of things to say and I take a deep breath, the fateful sentences stringing themselves in my mind but before I can even form a word he jumps in.

‘Do you remember that present I bought you? You know, before you left?’

My head is so full of platitudes and apologies and all the clichés of break up patter it takes me a while to work out what he’s talking about. And then I remember. I picture it, that immobile pink phallus lying benignly in its meretricious pink nest and a wave of irritation sweeps over me as I remember how affronted I felt at its presentation, at how little he knew me. And I remember that he didn’t notice that I didn’t come.

‘The vibrator? Yes, of course I remember.’ But he doesn’t notice the bile in my voice, his mind is somewhere else.

‘Go and get it for me.’

At first I’m angry at a demand he has no right to make but there’s a quiet authority in his voice that gets to me. A commanding tone always kicks my libido into gear and sets it on a track that my rational mind has few hopes of derailing it from.

I go to my new bedroom, dig through the one box still left unpacked and find the long, slender box. I check for batteries that he has thoughtfully inserted for me. Somehow I already knew he would have.

I sit myself back in front of the computer, attempting to maintain an aura of decorum but the filthy side of me has been charged by the thought of performing for him. The weight of the tawdry device in my hand is getting me wet.

‘I’ve got it,’ I state obviously.

‘Good girl,’ he says. ‘Now take off your knickers for me.’ I slide them down over the tops of my stockings, glad that the cold weather and a ladder in my only pair of tights forced me to wear them today. He watches me drop my under wear to the floor. ‘Hitch up your skirt, baby,’ I always hated him calling me that. ‘Spread your legs. I want to see that tight little cunt of yours.’ I’m amazed at the control his voice is having on my actions. He’s more than fifty miles away and manipulating me like a marionette.

I put my feet either side of the laptop screen giving him a direct view of my pixilated pussy. I don’t know if the picture will be good enough for him to see my swollen lips and tumescent clit but I know he has the perfect picture in his minds eye from all those times I made him stare into me and ache with appetence.

‘Are you wet for me, baby? Reach down and stroke yourself, tell me how it feels.’ The fingers that now apparently belong more to him than to me trail down my thighs and slip into the inevitable pool of desire. I’m wetter than I thought I would be and my sharp gasp tells him this. ‘Come on, baby, tell me how it feels.’ I really wish he’d stop calling me that.

‘I’m soaking,’ I tell him. ‘I didn’t think I would be.’

He laughs at that. ‘I knew you would be. You’re a filthy little bitch.’ His arrogant tone rankles me but, shamefully, turns me on even more.

‘Is this the first time you’re using the vibrator?’ I nod. ‘Well, I’m glad you saved it up for me.’ And I wonder why he makes this statement that we both know isn’t true.

‘Switch it on.’ The buzz of it is embarrassing in its volume and I suddenly feel uncharacteristically prudish. He must notice my hesitancy because he ups the assertive tone in his voice. ‘Run it over your tits, get your nipples nice and hard for me.’ How can I say no? ‘Now get them out.’ There’s a slightly awkward pause where I wrestle with the various autumnal layers and then I can feel the vibrating plastic irritating my already hard nipples. ‘That’s it. Tease them just like I used to do with my tongue, remember?’ How could I forget? I let out a mewl of pleasure and I know what should come next. Before he can tell me to my hand is moving down, between my spreading thighs to coat my fingers in my juices and apply them to my nipple. The wet finger could be his tongue as it circles and flickers. My hips are canting and I’m ready to move on to the next stage. I run the vibrator down my stomach, over the folding of my hitched skirt and it skids lightly over my clit before I plunge it inside me. It feels cold and alien but also glorious to be filled this way. I push myself onto it and fuck myself for while, hips moving, incoherent sounds escaping my lips. I’m aware that his eyes are on me, that he’s watching my face for the paroxysms of pleasure that distort it. I move the vibrator up to my clit and the sensation makes me scream softly. It’s such an intense feeling for a second I wonder if I can take it and then I realise I’m grinding against it, my body greedy for it. I slide my index finger inside myself and kick up the speed a notch. The pleasure increases with the tempo and I’m soon writhing and moaning, impaled on my own finger. Through the haze I’m still aware of him watching me but he isn’t making a sound, I don’t even think he’s touching himself. It’s like he’s storing this up for later, for the time when he is no longer able to see me like this. But I prefer him silent, a calm observer of my wild passion. I turn the vibrator up one more time and this is it, my orgasm engulfs me. My cunt contracts so tightly it’s hard to force my finger inside me and it’s painful in its crushing intensity. I scream his name but it’s bittersweet on my tongue.

I turn off the vibrator, hard silence descends into which I pant feverishly, trying to catch my breath.

‘Are you OK?’ he asks.

‘Yes,’ I say, ‘that was amazing.’

‘Thank you for doing it for me.’


We don’t discuss our relationship that day but I send him an email a few days later which I know he knows is coming. In a few weeks I start seeing someone else, less casually this time which is a novel experience for me and around the same time I find at that he is too, a nice girl that I used to work with. I haven’t used the vibrator since that day but, for some reason, I haven’t yet got around to throwing it away.

First Encounter

This is my first ever attempt to publish erotic literature. Although I’ve written quite a few pieces for my private enjoyment I never before got the nerve to actually post something. All criticism and constructive comments are welcome. Please bear in mind that English is not my mother tongue and I’m not a professional writer or student of English literature. The events and persons depicted here are totally fictitious and bear no resemblance to real life situations or people.


The day had been warm and humid without even the slightest breath of wind to cool you down. Now as the sun had already set, people where starting to leave the confines of their apartments seeking a bit of fresh air in their balconies. The balconies were always a source of fascination for him. The close proximity of the apartment blocks gave the impression that you where sitting in the box seats of a grand opera house, with the sea set in the background as the stage.

Josh was pretending to read a book when, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted her. She had just stepped out to her balcony, one hand pressing a cell phone to her ear, the other making figurative gestures in the air. She was plainly dressed; a black tank top and a white pair of half length track tights. Suddenly she turned her back giving him a fleeting image of her very firm and curvy behind. Her tights where hugging her figure nicely, clearly defining her thong shaped panties. Through the fading twilight he could make out her finely toned calves and her V shaped back, no doubt the product of some serious work – out.

He was woken from his reverie by a soft whisper in his ear:

-”Anything interesting in that book of yours?”

-”Well I was trying to make some sense out of it, until you came that is”

-”I would think that your difficulties with the book have something to do with the lass on the balcony across”

-”Now why would you say that? You of all people should know my utter dedication in the pursuit of knowledge”

-”Which no doubt involves trying figure out what kind of underwear she’s wearing”

With that Josh turned to look at his wife

-”You barge over here, interrupt my spiritual quest for knowledge, greet me with accusations, cause me great discomfort with your ear whispering and you expect this transgression to pass unpunished? I think not. I believe it’s time for me to check out what kind of underwear you’re wearing”

His arms wrapped around her waist with his palms firmly implanted upon her buttocks. He burrowed his face on her navel giving her a playful kiss just below her bellybutton. This sent obvious shivers across her body making her press her body closer to him in response. He began to rise from his chair when she pushed him back with both hands.

-”I think that we should give our young friend a preview before we head inside” she said, planting a wet tongue flicking kiss on his lips.

-”Naughty girl! Why would you torture her like that? She’s obviously without company” he said, biting her lips in return while his hands started exploring her behind.

-”Well I thought she’d make a suitable candidate for your dream – come – true”, she said purring in his ear once more.

Josh turned to face her:

-”Do you think we can seduce her? How? She’s obviously rather young! Do you know her?”

-”Well I’ve seen her before. Her name’s Laura. We sometimes share a lane during swimming practice. We’ve chatted a few times in the lockers, you know, small talk stuff”

-”I’ll leave it to your capable hands then. Let’s show her then the proper way to discover female undergarments, shall we?”


It had been a very warm day and Laura had been bothersome all day long. Having just graduated from high school she was counting the days when she would leave on a camping trip with her friends. Until then though, she had to endure this sweltering liquid heat which engulfed her whole body like a glove. She had tried going to the swimming pool to cool herself down. Although training sessions where out for the summer she did a few laps on her own to keep in shape. The water always made her feel great, but after the customary shower she felt her clothing clinging on her body and her forehead beading with sweat. Having to cycle back to her house sure didn’t help matters.

Back at home, she had barely changed into something more comfortable when her cell phone rang. It was her best friend Alice from school. “Oh no” she thought, “not now”. Lately, Alice had gotten into this habit of describing her newly found sex life with every possible detail. At first she had devoured every word of hers, wistfully thinking about when she would make a start. Not that she was innocent or anything. She had had her fair share of boyfriends at school with some of which she had proceeded a bit further than kissing or petting. It simply was that when it came to full intercourse she just didn’t feel completely at ease with any of them to finally give in. This had led to many broken relationships for which she had few remorse feelings but nevertheless this did leave her pent up sexual frustration unresolved. Oh, like any healthy teenager Laura did masturbate with a regular frequency, but Alice’s saucy descriptions always aroused a hunger for the real deal. As she was speaking to her friend she left the confines of her room for the balcony, hoping to catch a bit of the sea breeze which always blows this time of the day. Turning to shut the panel behind her, she noticed from the corner of her eye her neighbor from the opposite balcony gazing at her behind his book. Just a little later she noticed his wife come over and speak something in his ear. They seemed oblivious of her presence and continued playing around. She giggled from time to time while he was massaging her behind above her clothes. Suddenly, what Alice was saying over the phone seemed unimportant. Laura excused herself and quietly sat on the long chair to watch. The whole scene had made her feel flushed. She could feel her nipples hardening and her labia getting engorged. Resisting the temptation to touch herself, she continued to watch the ongoing show. Now, they had gone back inside but she could clearly see what was going on behind the drawn curtains. At first he had taken the woman’s shorts and panties and pushed her to lie on a desk. There he knelt down and started to lick between her legs. She had wrapped her legs around his torso and with her hands she was pushing his head harder against her.

Laura was totally enthralled by the spectacle presented to her. It was as if she had a hidden camera overlooking their bedroom. Her heartbeat had picked up and she had to gulp a couple of times to get more air. She could feel her clitoris, firmly erect now, pushing against her panties every time she twitched in her chair. She felt very wet from her arousal and when she looked she noticed an expanding wet spot in her crotch. She desperately wanted to masturbate then and there but she was utterly transfixed by what she was seeing. Meanwhile, the woman had arched her back, her chest heaving from her heavy breathing. Suddenly she stretched her legs violently forward, her hands trying to push his head away from her mound. It was obvious that she was in between the throws of a powerful orgasm.

Without really taking note, Laura slipped her hand under her tights, underneath her underwear and begun to stroke her now slick with her juices clitoris in earnest. As she continued to look, she could see that the man had forced the woman to bend over the desk. She could see his aroused cock getting ready to penetrate her from the rear. The woman had her hair all over her face but she could spot her hand moving in between her legs. He began thrusting in and out of her; slowly at first, faster later on. Then, all of a sudden, he pulled out and his cock started squirting sperm all over her back. That’s when Laura felt the familiar rhythmic contractions of her orgasm start. Like huge waves of pleasure they crashed over her body again and again in what seemed like eternity. A small whimper of pleasure escaped her lips as she gradually climbed down from the peak of her orgasm. When she finally returned to her senses she noticed that her hand was still inside her now soaked panties and worst of all, her neighbors were staring at her. Turning red from embarrassment she crept back inside her room.


-”Well that was a first. I’ve never done this with an audience before”

-”I humbly pay my respect to your female intuition. You really did hit pay dirt this time. Let me make a wild guess: I think that you’re planning a random visit to the swimming pool tomorrow”

-”Well I’ll do what I must then”

-”You make it sound like a chore. Knowing you, I’d say you have your plans well laid out”

-”Oh sure, I get to do all the hard work and you get to reap all the benefits. I wonder why I put up with you at all”

-”Perhaps, it’s because you really enjoy the thought of inviting our young spectator to our bed yourself”

-”I can’t say that I’m not intrigued. In any case we shall see what we shall see on the morrow”


As Laura lay on her bed that night her mind could still not fully register what had happened. She was ashamed of lusting to watch after her neighbors and then getting herself caught in the act. But the thought of that tremendously powerful orgasm she had experienced a few moments ago and the incredible wetness she had felt made her mood change. Just by replaying the images in her mind aroused her once more. Closing her eyes she could vividly picture the man ramming his cock in the woman’s rear, all the while she feverishly rubbed her clitoris. Once again she felt her labia swelling and her nipples harden. A warm flush crept up her spine, sending goose bumps allover her body. She could feel the fabric of her thong rub against her erect clitoris as she began to slowly writhe on her bed. Without opening her eyes she moved her underwear aside and dipped a finger inside her vagina. Slowly she began to lubricate her clitoris sending her finger in circles over the hood. Resisting all temptation to quickly finish off, she continued with a slow, almost sadistic tempo to torment herself with pleasure. Her mind was constantly playing images of what she had witnessed just a few moments ago with crystalline clarity. Her second orgasm of the day came to her, engulfing her whole body in tsunami like waves of mind shattering pleasure. The feeling was so intense that it felt as if her whole body was rhythmically pulsating along with her contractions. When she climbed down from her orgasmic haven she opened her eyes surveying the situation. “Well, now this really was awesome” she thought. Reaching for some Kleenex she noticed with amazement the small wet spot she had caused on her bed linen. Since she had discovered how to masturbate, she had never before expelled so much fluid. Changing once more into clean underwear she drifted off into a deep, fulfilling sleep.


Natalie parked her silver BMW in the swimming pool’s parking lot and prepared to make her way towards the locker room, when she spotted from afar Laura on her bike. She decided to linger a bit near the entrance waiting for her to arrive. Putting on her warmest smile, she introduced herself:

-”Oh, hi there Laura”

-”Good afternoon…I…Oh, hello! Aren’t you from the fin swimmers? I think we’ve practiced together a few times”

-”You know my name is Natalie, Laura, no need for formalities between us. Besides, we’re neighbors too”

Laura looked at her puzzled. “Where have I seen her before” she thought, as her mind went into overdrive trying to put the pieces together.

-”I think our balconies are facing each other. We live in the apartment block opposite yours” offered Natalie.

Laura froze over, as if cold water had been poured down her spine. She stammered trying to reply something.

-”Are you alright dear? Is something the matter?” asked Natalie, inwardly hiding a smile.

-”I…ah…no…everything is alright. Must be a stomach cramp” said Laura, feeling her cheeks turn a fine shade of crimson. “I’m fine…it’s nothing really”, she managed.

-”Well then, let’s go get ourselves changed! Can’t wait to hit the water today”

They made their way to the locker room and begun to change. Natalie began to undress taking off her t – shirt first and then she unclasped her bra. As she turned to pick up her bathing suit from her bags she caught Laura eyeing her out from the opposite bench.

-”I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to stare”

-”Hey, no problem! It’s a locker room! Besides, we both share the same bits don’t we?”

Laura managed a laugh at that. Natalie was being really cool with her she thought.

-”You have a very fit body for someone your age…I mean…ah…”

Laura realized what she had just said and felt her cheeks turn red hot with embarrassment. Natalie’s laugh rang through the corridor.

-”Well I’ll take that as a compliment Laura. Besides, this way I can reciprocate by telling you what a beautiful girl you are. Keep up the good work, I say”

-”No offense?”

-”Are you serious? Come on! Let’s get changed! The swimming pool closes in forty minutes! And I’ll tell you what. We should share a lane together! That way I can show you a few tricks someone my age knows”, Natalie said, with barely concealed mischief.

-”Now I think you’re pulling my leg” said Laura with a smile of her own. “But nevertheless I graciously accept your proposition, my lady” she said making a mock curtsy in front of her.

-”You are making fun of me! Ahh…in my days we had more respect for our elders” said Natalie with a theatrical tone. “But let’s not linger here any longer. I’ll give my answers in the pool” she added.

Laura and Natalie changed into their swimming suits, head caps and goggles and headed for the pool. There they spotted an empty lane and proceeded to pull lap after lap punctured by a few breaks in between. Soon though, the whistle blew and it was time for the professional teams to practice. They made their way back to their lockers only for Laura to discover that she had forgotten her shampoo.

-”I’m so clumsy today. I’ve forgotten my shampoo in my other bag. Could I use some of yours Natalie?”

-”Certainly. We can use adjacent shower heads and this way we’ll be able to share. If you need anything else feel free to ask”

Both girls stripped off their swimsuits and proceeded to the showers. The water was of the proper temperature for a change so after they finished washing they lingered on for some small talk.

-”You really are a natural blonde then”

-”Well the rag does match the curtain as they say. When I keep it on a shorter trim it gets lighter still. But yours matches as well. How come you don’t shave it off? I thought this was all the rage with you young’ uns”

-”My friend Alice actually shaves it all off. She says her boyfriend finds it very exciting that way. Me, I just trim it so that it doesn’t show outside my swimsuit. Can’t be bother with shaving for one, and I can’t stand the itching when they start to grow back.”

-”My husband actually enjoys a full bush. He says it has something to do with the pubes trapping my sexual scent which turns him on. He also says that he prefers a woman to a little girl. He’s very understanding when it comes to appearance matters and never pushes me around like, wear this, shave that and so on”

-”You’re really lucky. My previous boyfriends where really jerks sometimes. One actually said that he wouldn’t even touch me unless I removed that “forest” down there. He never heard of me again”

-”I admit that Josh takes very good care of all my needs. He was my first and so was I for him, would you imagine? We’ve been together for almost nine years now. When I first met him I was not much older than you are now”

Laura fell silent. It seemed to Natalie as if a troublesome thought had entered her mind. Only the water could be heard splashing on their bodies. Laura glanced away from her.

-”Laura, there’s something I’d like you to know. If it makes you feel better Josh and I knew that you could see us and we threw a show for you intentionally. I know, I feel like a bitch saying so, but it was really a great experience for us knowing that someone was watching. We also saw you masturbating on the long chair. I’m truly sorry if we caused you any discomfort. I would really feel bad if we did”

Laura turned to look at her. Natalie seemed genuinely sincere about what she was saying and looked concerned. Laura managed a nervous smile:

-”Well now that the cat’s out of the bag I might as well share a secret with you. I really blew my top last night watching you. Actually, it was two orgasms because of your show. I’d never thought that doing something so naughty could be so exhilarating”

-”You’re always welcome to watch”. Natalie hesitated. She took a big breath and bit her lip. In a hush she said: “…you can watch from a closer distance if you like…I’m sorry…I’m such a pervert…I never meant to say that”

-”No, no”, Laura blurted out.

An awkward silence fell between them.

-”I…I would like to watch…if that’s OK with you” said Laura turning as red as a beetroot.

-”Well, both Josh and I would be more than happy to have you over…Listen, I’ll tell you what. You can consider the invitation open on our side. Think it over at your leisure and you can let me know whenever you feel OK with it. I really don’t want to push you into something you may regret afterwards”

-”I guess…I guess I’ll just have to sleep on that and let you know”

-”Is it just sleeping or…” said Natalie with a wicked grin on her face.

Instead of an answer Laura turned her shower head towards Natalie and switched the water to cold. Both girls splashed around, their squeals resonating through the room. After a while both of them toweled off, dried their hair and dressed. Natalie went to the parking lot to her car, while Laura climbed her bike and pedaled off.

Jack moved in front of her and Kate jumped in the chair, eyes wide.

He dropped to his knees, settled down between her legs, and forced her thighs open all the way the restraints allowed.

The ties in her ankles already kept her legs open, but he pushed them even more, strong fingers digging in her flesh, surely leaving a mark, his hands sliding slowly and surely to her hips.

She yanked at the ties in her ankles, her black heels clashing against the chair loudly, all in vain.

Kate swallowed behind the gag, “This is not right,” she thought. Then again, nothing was right anymore.

She gasped when he buried his head between her legs with no warning, and started nuzzling his face against her panties, inhaling deeply, eyes still fixed on her. He yanked at the delicate strips of her lace garter belt, almost ripping off her stockings. Almost.

She struggled in the chair with no result, her red hair tangling over heavy breasts. Her hands were tied behind her back to the chair, same as her ankles, her hips being hold with unmerciful strength.

He was going to do whatever he pleased with her, and there was nothing she could do.

Her legs trembled when he started sucking over her panties, dampening a spot of fabric over her cunt with his tongue. He buried the flimsy fabric into her with his mouth, rubbing and pushing it inside roughly.

A rush of blood surged to her face, and she was painfully aware of her body responding to the hands and tongue, nipples hardening under her flimsy top, her tights trembling uncontrollably, and Jack’s head bobbing up and down, sucking and licking her over her panties.

When he bit lightly over the fabric, her mind raced wild with scenarios of what was going to happen. Tough it was difficult with her current posture, she didn’t rule out him untying her and fucking her in all fours to the ground.

She knew how eager he was, could almost smell it. And, although she couldn’t see it now, she knew he was hard, he had to be, cock showing dark and heavy between his thighs, same as before, when he had undressed in front of her, slowly and deliberate.

When he had tossed his shirt over his head, hair mussed, she thought he looked so young like that, almost innocent. Then he had dropped everything else and stood there, his body lean a pale.

Now he was kneeling in front of her, completely naked and she knew he was hard, just reeking with arousal, no doubt about that.

And even though she was technically fully dressed, Kate had never felt as exposed in her life. Her top was already soaked with sweat, and her hardened nipples were showing through blatantly, her heavy breasts rising with her halting breath. Pooling on the soft folds of her waist her tiny skirt was riled up, showing the fragile ties of her garter belt which barely hold her stockings, her black shoes still perfectly tied to her feet, the sharp heels digging into the floor.

Her legs were opened wide, available for him to do as he pleased, just a thin layer of fabric separating them.

As if reading her mind, he murmured against her skin, “This is getting in the way, isn’t it?” and yanked at the delicate panties, ripping the fabric as it was nothing, and tossing them across the room.

Kate startled with the yank and found herself completely exposed now, his mouth so close to her naked cunt that she could feel his warm breath against her. The entrance covered with hair was lazily opening between her spread thighs, the rosy folds peeking, shiny and wet, her clit kept under the delicate hood of reddened skin.

Jack observed fascinated for a few seconds and licked his lips.


His hands moved with dexterity, using the thumbs to keep the folds open and gaining better access. Kate whimpered in surprise when he pushed his mouth past her folds without warning, licking long wet stripes into her.

His tongue worked the top without ceremony, purpose clear into forcing her clit to come out from its sensitive folding. The tip responded immediately, and Kate couldn’t help a muffled cry when it hardened under his tongue.

She fumbled in the chair, her breasts bouncing with the effort, thick drops of sweat travelling between them, the fabric of her top rubbing against her swollen nipples. Her hips were already thrusting helplessly, losing control, the sensation too much, too intense.

He slurped noisily between her tights and the sound sent a shock of pure want through her. She felt the overwhelming need of grabbing his hair and fuck his face against her cunt, desire washing her through and making her yank at her ties with all of her strength.

Her clit grew red and swollen and his thick lips rested heavily around it, now out, defenseless. He looked at her, clearly pleased with himself, not losing a second in resuming to lick and suck with abandon.

She was so wet, so incredibly wet that she could almost feel her cunt dripping and melting into his mouth.

Then his lips left her body for a moment, leaving a trail of spit hanging between them, and Jack made sure of keeping his eyes on her while bringing a hand to his mouth and licking his fingers slowly, smothering them in saliva.

He pressed a wet thumb against her clit, now exposed and vulnerable, and rubbed hard. While the thumb was working steadily he leaned and spat directly on the clit to ease the friction, and then again, the sound pure filth.

The harsh rubbing of her clit was exquisite and unbearable, and when he spat loudly one more time against her, Kate knew she wasn’t going to last.

She was painfully aware of the flesh of her cunt pulsating and throbbing with the pressure and pictured vividly Jack’s cock hard and full of blood beating together with her.

He changed to mouth again, establishing a brutal pace with his tongue, sucking hard, circling his clit with his heavy lips, pulling and letting go, forcing moans from her and being every bit as rough as she had imagined.

She leaned forward and stared at his head bobbing against her, muscles of his back tensing with every thrust, arms clinging mercilessly to her hips, trapping her between his head and the hard surface of the chair.

Color had risen to his face and ears, giving him a false appearance of innocence. Sweat was forming in his temples and the dark hair stuck damp to his neck. The stubble on his cheeks was rubbing against the sensitive skin of her thighs with each thrust, hands grabbing forcefully and tearing the fragile material of her stockings apart.

Their eyes met.

He was staring at her, something animal and wild there, his head moving unfaltering over her sex. Kate felt completely transparent, incapable of not whimpering with every lick, with every expert darting of his tongue which was bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

She went back for a moment to the first time someone did this to her. He’d been strong enough to hold her down. Just like this.

He’d held her down and made her scream.

With that thought an unmistakable heat flowed to her center, the friction intolerable, the roughness making it even better. He was devouring her with everything he had, his tongue rubbing over and over, mouth leeched steely to her cunt, thick drops of saliva running from his jaw and neck to the floor.

Her whole body tensed, the pressure growing to inhuman levels.


Jack must knew she was close, he must knew because, at that moment, not stopping sucking for a second, he slid one hand swiftly to her entrance and with no warning, forced four fingers all the way inside of her at once, thrusting viciously.

And that was it. She came screaming, blind release washing her over, the pleasure dissolving her insides. She convulsed against his mouth, Jack’s hand still fucking her violently, her walls pulsating hard against his strong fingers.

Waves of pleasure overcame her and her hips arched violently, trying desperately to bury him even deeper inside. She wanted him to devour her, to bite her and break her apart. Had her hands being free, she would pulled at his hair hard enough to tear. The sensation blinded her, she wanted to bite him, hold him down, devour his cock, his face, his lips. Suck him and fuck him and kiss him, everything at once.

She yelled incoherently, and pleaded and sobbed, clenching hard around his strong fingers the aftershocks of her orgasm.


She collapsed on the chair, panting, her body drained.

Jack rose and looked at her intently. His eyes were full of lust and some emotion she couldn’t identify.

Reaching behind her, he gently untied her gag, now damp with saliva. She couldn’t help but to lean in, just had to, because she could smell everything on him. Sex and come and sweat. It was intoxicating.

His fingers rested lightly on her hair, and he stared into her eyes, searching for something. Waiting.

Kate stared back. He had taken everything. He had her screaming so hard that her throat was sore.

“Get off me.” she said.

He blinked.

“Kate I-, ” Jack started.

“I said,” she interrupted, “Get off me. Now.”

He looked uneasy for a second, even leaned back a little. And for an insane moment, Kate almost felt sorry for him.

But it was gone. He recovered immediately, grin on his face. He loomed over her again, hands cradling her face.

“When I’m done, honey.” he said.


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