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Susan Jennings was a charismatic and charming talk show host, bestselling author, and the darling of the religious right for her perceived moral high ground. With her slim waistline and more than generous portion of breasts, added to the perfectly styled jet black hair and big deer like green eyes, it was hard not to like her.

The set of the talk show was brimming with activity as she strolled to her desk. She was building up her audience for the imminent release of her latest book, a no-holds-barred look into the adult entertainment industry. The book marked a departure from her usual “PG” rated fare. She had packed every chapter with graphic sexual content. Straight sex, gay and lesbian sex, sexual fantasies, and fetishes were all explored. There were even personal interviews with strippers, call girls, and porn stars.

The hype had resulted in record breaking advance orders, and was set to give Susan more of the two things she was hopelessly addicted to: money and fame. The seemingly perfect 32 year old seemed untouchable, and in full control of everything around her. That was until the phone call.

It came when the filming was done and everyone had left for the evening. She was reading through her fan mail and soaking up the accolades when the ringing of the phone diverted her attention. The caller was a male who refused to give his name. His voice was deep and she felt uneasy, even alarmed as he spoke. Something was not right about this call, and it took only two words from the caller to confirm it.

“Raven Fox.”

How could he know? She had worked so feverishly to bury it. The legal documents, the financial transaction, and the buyer’s signature were all designed to erase any trace of her brief work as a nude model in the porn industry. Where and how had this unknown caller dug up her past?

Panic filled her, and her heart raced wildly. If word got out, she would be ruined. Her career over, her reputation shattered, and her million dollar lifestyle gone with the wind. She had to think fast. Her first reaction was to play it cool, pretend she did not know what the caller was talking about.

“I’m sorry, but you seem to have me confused with someone else. I really must go now.”

“I know exactly who I’m talking to. If anyone is confused it is you Susan, or should I call you Raven?”

“As I said, I have no idea what you-”

“250 colour photographs. All nude and sexually explicit. The entire collection of your work, it would seem. The attorney was Martin Hilliard. The collection was sold to Sterling Miles for the sum of $2,500. A poultry sum if you ask me. The contract stated that Mr. Miles was to retain them for his private collection only. They were never to be sold or distributed.”

Her tone suddenly turned more sour as she spoke into the phone.

“And how is it you know all of this?”

“Sterling Miles was my brother. When he passed away last month, he left me his entire collection of erotica. Imagine my surprise when I was going through them and found you in all your naked, enticing, explicit glory. What would your devoted fans think if they discovered that their esteemed symbol of righteousness and virtue was nothing more than a cheap whore who liked to spread her legs for the camera?”

Susan was desperate for words, and even more desperate to protect her golden girl image. Raven Fox was her dirty alter ego and must stay buried. She would pay any price, do anything necessary to get those pictures back in her hands. Her thoughts again turned to the mysterious caller.

Was she dealing with an inept amateur trying to shake her down for money, or a sinister male using the photographs as leverage to lure her into sexual submission. The latter thought sent a decadent thrill through her that she was quick to dismiss. “As you have noted, the contract stated specifically that those images could not be released to the public, so I don’t believe we have anything further to discuss.”

“Yes, the contract stated that Sterling could not release them. But Sterling is dead. As his legal heir, I now own the rights to them and there is nothing in the contract that prohibits me from doing as I please with them. If you do not want them going public then I suggest we meet.”

Susan was shaking, her composure all gone. How could her attorney overlook a detail like that? “I can set up a meeting with an attorney. We can-”

“NO! We meet alone. I hold the upper hand now, so don’t try anything you will regret. I have many connections in the porn industry myself and will not hesitate to make these available to them. We must meet alone.”

The room seemed to spin and she felt near to fainting. Like a fly caught in a spider’s web, she was trapped with no way out. “Where?” she whispered, her voice shaky and nervous.

“I knew you would see things my way,” the nameless voice remarked as he gave Susan the instructions on where they were to meet. As he ended the conversation, she grabbed her smart phone and entered the address into the GPS App. It was the seedy side of town near the wharf. She was now even more apprehensive. A single female driving her Mercedes in that part of town would stand out like a sore thumb. She could be mugged, gang raped, or even murdered.

As she drove to the rundown apartment he had described, she recalled the details in her mind. Ten years, how quickly they had gone. She had left home. Was living in a strange city and was hungry for fame and fortune. Blessed with a gorgeous face and hot body, she immediately found work as a model. That led to nude modelling, and that led to the sex industry. While the work kept her busy, she never made it to the mainstream magazines and films.

She recalled the raw excitement of fucking in front of others, and the high of seeing herself sucking cock and being fucked hard. She thought of her first lesbian shoot. Jade had the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen, and she still recalled her face being soaked in the girl’s cum. Her thoughts went to the catalogue of pictures themselves. Close ups of her tight pussy, her legs spread wide with cum dripping from her freshly fucked cunt. Her tongue buried in another woman’s pussy. The ones with two cocks stuffed in her mouth, and those with her face peeking out from between her own legs as she was fucked like a dog; these were the pictures that troubled her most. Some of the ass shots, and pussy close ups could be anyone, but the rest would expose her quite clearly. She had changed little in appearance since then.

She had made a clean break from all of that by what she thought was an iron clad deal. She went to college, got a degree in literature, wrote a bestselling book, and climbed the ladder of success with a completely new persona. Now it was all back, and threatening to destroy everything.

************************* A soaking rain had the wind shield wipers going full speed as Susan navigated the dark street in search of the small apartment. Finding the agreed on address, she nervously made her way up the wooden steps that led to the porch. The door was unlocked as he indicated and she cautiously stepped inside.

The room was spacious and moderately decorated; a surprise considering the crumbling and neglected exterior. A large throw rug covered the hard wood floor beneath. The walls were covered with pine wood panelling, and a large ceiling fan churned slowly overhead. She scanned the room to see a big screen TV mounted on the wall. A surround sound system was playing music softly in the background. Pictures of nude women in various stages of bondage were displayed on every wall.

As she slowly ventured into the middle of the room she saw something in the near corner that made her stop and gasp momentarily. Spread out on a wooden table were the very pictures that she had sold years before.

Her face blushed as she gazed at the images of herself naked, and her gaping pussy on full display. Even now, just looking at the pictures made her pussy dampen and her nipples harden under the light shirt she was wearing.

She subconsciously compared her body to then and now. There was little difference. She exercised, ate well, and did her Kegels daily to keep her PC muscles strong. She could easily pose again.

A sound behind her took her gaze off the photos. Whirling around she saw him standing there. A tall, slender man with dark, piercing eyes. His chiselled face, five o’clock shadow, and stringy shoulder length blonde hair reminded her of Patrick Swayze in “Point Break.”

She was quite surprised as she had expected a 300 pound, chain smoking and wheezing pervert peering at her through his oversized glasses.

“I finally get to see you in person, but I must say your conservative wardrobe is a disappointment considering how you liked to flaunt that body of yours in your pics.

The usual expert at social interaction, she now found herself fighting for something to say as he inched towards her. His masculine scent was already overpowering her senses.

“Allow me to introduce myself. Evan Miles,” he remarked with a slight grin as he stood face to face with her.

“What do you want for them? I will pay you twice what they are worth.” she managed to say, it sounded far bolder than she felt as she stared down at the images strung over the table.

“Money I have, and believe me I could make more off those pictures than you could ever imagine.” He remarked as he ran his right hand through her raven locks. “It is not your money I want. I want to see you grovel at my feet. I want to watch the prim and proper Susan Jennings become the nasty Raven Fox.”

She bit her lip nervously as she studied his words. “I don’t understand.” she spoke through quivering lips.

“You understand me perfectly. You can begin by taking off all of your clothes. I want to see you naked right now.”

“All those pictures and you have forgotten what I look like naked?” she remarked sarcastically, trying to throw him off balance.

“This is not about refreshing my memory bitch, it is about me giving you a direct order and you learning to follow it.” His eyes were cold and angry and a cold shiver coursed through her body at the sound of his dominating voice. She suddenly remembered the reason she was here. The pictures. She would do whatever it took to get them back, even if it meant stripping naked for this stranger. She could surrender her dignity and pride, but she would not lose the life she had come to cherish so much.

The lack of hesitation in obeying his command surprised even her as she unzipped the jacket and laid it aside. Underneath, she was dressed in a light blue shirt and skin tight jeans that showed off her stunning figure perfectly.

Evan watched in eager anticipation as Susan began to undo the buttons of her shirt. It was more than just her clothes he wanted to strip her of. He wanted to possess her entirely, make her his own personal sex slave, and the pictures sprawled on the nearby table were the collateral he needed to make it happen. Susan peeled the shirt off, revealing a lacy pink low-cut bra that barely concealed her 36DD breasts. She let her hands slip down to her jeans and began removing the belt, conscious of the fact that Evan was following her every move with his eyes.

As the jeans slipped below her pink laced panties she could feel his breathing become heavier. The thick lips of her pussy pressed against the sheer panties vividly advertising the fact that she was fully shaved, and the aroma of her arousal filled the room.

Taking a deep breath, she reached behind her and undid the clasp of the bra, letting if fall gently into her hand. Her firm and full breasts jiggled seductively as they were freed from their confines.

She lowered her panties and kicked them aside. She now stood naked before him, and felt the familiar churning in her stomach as she did the first she stood before a camera butt naked. Evan took his time gazing on her naked beauty. He walked around her taking time to admire her shapely ass and long, sensual legs before speaking.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” he remarked as he returned to take a seat on a red leather winged back chair. Time seemed to stand still as she waited for what he would say next.

“Now get on your hands and knees and crawl over to me. I want you to convince me to keep your dirty little past our secret.”

Susan trembled at his words. She knew exactly what he wanted.

The stakes had been raised and he was in full control. Lowering herself to the floor was the hard part. Her will fought her the entire time, but no price was too high. She had to win. Slowly, she began crawling towards him, her head bowed shamefully, her breasts swaying, and her ass moving sensually with each move of her body. Somewhere in mid stride, a new-found confidence overtook her. She flicked her hair from the front of her face and gained the courage to look him straight in the eye. Now, like a lioness crouching towards her new master, she inched closer and closer.

As she came to his chair, he placed an arm on top of her head and lowered it towards his crotch.

“I want you to suck my cock like the whore I know you really are!”

She suppressed the urge to lash out at him in anger. Her fingers fumbled with the snap and gently unzipped his jeans. As he rose from the chair, she guided them to the floor and pulled them the remainder of the way off. His bulging cock tented the white briefs he was wearing, and she found it difficult not to stare. She had been such a good girl in her new life, but now her inner whore was waking up. The thought of having his throbbing cock inside her mouth was wrestling against her desire to get those pictures back.

“Take the underwear off with your teeth. No hands!” he whispered in a lusty voice.

His voice translated control and she found herself surprisingly eager to follow his commands. She grasped the top band of his briefs in her mouth and began tugging them downward like a playful puppy. Her eyes widened as she stared directly at his freed cock and thick balls. She pulled until the underwear until they were at his ankles, and then guided them from his feet.

Turning her attention back to the mouth-watering delight before her, she leaned in gently and began tracing the pulsating vein with her tongue, sensing the shaft hardening, she caressed it with her hands and began masturbating him slowly.

Grasping it in her hands, she placed it between her breasts and ran it along the silky skin as she kissed the bulbous head in homage. Flicking her tongue along the tiny slit, she listened to his guttural moans and delighted in the fact that she had not forgotten the tricks of pleasing a man, and in pleasing him, she may win back the pictures more easily.

Letting her left hand slip downward, she gently cupped his balls and began rubbing them as she slid her warm mouth over his cock head and began sucking it rigorously. The precum gathering at the tip of his cock let her know that he was fully enjoying the experience as well as she lapped up the sticky fluid. In moments, his ass was bucking from the chair as he slid his pulsating cock deeper into her mouth, fucking it in a steady rhythm. Just before he came, he forced his throbbing cock from her mouth.

“I want to cum on your tits!” he growled.

She grabbed both of her ample breasts in each hand and held them in front of his engorged member. In moments, thick globs of white cum shot from his cock and landed heavily on the ivory skin of her breasts. He watched in delight as the cum slithered over her nipples, and left her tits gleaming in a cum-drenched glaze. As she looked down at the sight of her drenched tits, she felt the stirrings of shameful pleasure.

“Clean it!” he demanded as he pulled her face towards his still dripping cock.

She groaned internally as she once again placed her mouth over his spent cock and began licking up the salty tasting remnant of his seed until she had cleaned it thoroughly. She relished the taste of his essence as the last drops slipped down her throat. Any thoughts that he was finished with her now, were soon proven wrong.

“Turn around now. I want to see your ass.” She felt a slight hesitation at the new demand, but knew resisting him would bring dire consequences. She returned to her hands and knees and presented her ass like an obedient slave.

“Reach behind you and pull your ass cheeks apart. I want to see that puckered little hole of yours.”

“Please don’t make me do that,” she pleaded. “I have done what you wanted. You saw me naked, I even sucked your cock, is that not enough?” she plead all the more.

“I will decide what enough is, and until that time I expect you to do whatever you are told swiftly and without complaint. Any hesitation on your part, and the whole world will be seeing what I am now looking at. Now spread that ass wide you nasty little whore!” He thundered.

His words reminded her that she was a hostage. Held ransom for a group of dirty pictures she had carelessly submitted to in the past. Hot tears flowed down her face as she surrendered the last of her will and lowered her head to the cold floor to steady herself. Reaching behind her with both hands, she spread her cheeks wide revealing her most private area to him.

“What a tight ass. I can’t wait to bury my cock in it, but first, I want to watch you play with your pussy!”


“Dammit! Do as you are told you ungrateful slut!” he shouted as his right hand landed a blistering hot slap to her bare ass.

She had known him for only an hour or so, but he was systematically taking control of her. She slipped her right hand between her leg and began moving her fingers along the outer lips and onto the labia. She could lube quick if really turned on, and this promised to be one of those times.

Her breathing became more laboured as she approached the top of her clitoral hood and began teasing the clit, much to Evan’s amusement. Susan was hopelessly lost in her own lust as she teased her clit until it hardened and her vagina longed to be filled.

“Slip your fingers in and fuck yourself. Don’t stop until you cum,” Evan commanded from his vantage point.

Slipping two digits into her gaping hole, she began fucking herself. Without even thinking about it, she let a finger of her free left hand slip down and rub the perineum until she was helplessly lost in lust.

She knew where her G-spot was and went for it with all she had. She could feel it getting more and more engorged as her orgasm formed. She pressed against the rigid insides of her cunt until she was spilling her juices rapidly and soaking her inner thighs. The orgasm erupted with incredible force from deep inside her belly as she literally screamed out in intense pleasure. Wave after delirious wave overtook her until she found herself gasping for breath, and her body trembling.

With her head resting on the floor, and her ass sticking straight up in the air, she was slowly recovering when she felt his hard cock pressing against her tight asshole. She had never let a man fuck her there before, and the thought of it was both terrifying and exciting.

“No!” She screamed out of pure instinct before his hand covered her mouth and muffled her screams. He would take her like the Dom he was, and regardless of her natural instinct to avoid it, she secretly welcomed it.

Pinning her hands to the small of her back, he took his 8 inch cock and guided it to her asshole. Because of her tightness back there, it took some pressure to force its way inside. Once in, he held it for a moment to let the anal muscles adjust and give her a chance to catch her breath.

His massive cock felt as if it would rip her ass apart, but he began thrusting harder into it. She focused all of her energy on trying to relax her asshole. In moments she felt another sensation.

He began spanking her ass while he fucked her. Her ass cheeks were stinging from his relentless assault, and her anus was being stretched to its limits. Eventually releasing his grip from her arms, he grabbed her hips and began hammering his cock up her ass, causing her tits to slap together and bounce with every thrust.

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