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This is the story of my second day with my mature BBW lover. It was also when she gave me her chubby ass. If you haven’t read the previous two chapters, check them out for the whole story. This is the longest chapter but I hope you enjoy it.

After the events of the previous day we had slept soundly. I woke in the morning slipped a pair of boxer shorts on and headed downstairs. I could smell coffee and as I got down the stairs Joan was in the kitchen, a cup of coffee in her hand. She was naked, her big, round breasts hanging slightly, although it wasn’t cold her nipples were stood up erect. I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful BBW, from her tits down to her plump belly and my favourite hairy pussy. When she turned to make a second cup for me I looked at her perfect arse. She had promised me I would fuck her ass before the day was out and I was looking forward to it.

Checking her out had made my cock stiffen and she was looking at me longingly. She walked over to me and looked at my boxers.

“Get those off, neither of us is going anywhere today and we are definitely not going to be wearing any clothes.”

So I took my boxers off, Standing nude in front of her with a hard on. She smiled, put both coffees down and said it would be a shame to waste it. She was on her knees quickly about to suck my cock. I had a better idea though.

“Let me lie on the sofa and then get on me: we can both cum.”

She took my hand and we got on the sofa. She lay on top of me and took my cock in her mouth. She was an expert cock sucker. Her warm mouth swallowing my cock, she deep throated me with ease. I started to finger her pussy and squeeze her ass. She reacted immediately pushing her hips back to meet my fingers. I used my tongue and flicked her clit; she started to get wet and increased her blow job. Joan grabbed my balls and pulled them gently.

My balls hang down anyway and are very sensitive to touch. I loved it, I put another finger in her soaked cunt and she squirted, her female cum shooting out. I loved that she squirted; it was such a turn on that I began to cum. She took all my jism into her mouth then without waiting climbed off me and moved to my soaked face. Opening her mouth se showed me my thick spunk and then swallowed it all.

As she stood next to me I moved my hand between her legs, she spread them and gave me access to her wetness. I pushed two fingers into her, and she grabbed her breasts, squeezing hard on them. I put another finger inside her and she moaned and pushed down onto my hand.

“Put your other finger in.”

She wanted my fourth finger. I obeyed and soon had four fingers slipping in and out of her. I felt her pussy contract and push my fingers out as she began to cum. Juices dripped down onto my hand. I licked my hand and she smiled. She wasn’t finished though.

“Let me sit down and then I want your hand inside me.”

I had never fisted a girl before but what better way to start than with an experienced woman. She sat down on an armchair and reclined it. She was lay back, her legs spread like she was in stirrups. I leant over and slipped two fingers into her open cunt, she told me to put the other two in her. I did as she wanted

“Curve your hand and push your thumb in.”

My entire hand was sliding into her; she moved her hips slightly and then told me to make a fist. I obeyed her instruction and slowly I had an entire fist in her pussy.

“Now slowly pull back a little and fuck me slowly.”

I pulled back till I was at the entrance to her pussy then slowly pushed back in. I was fisting a woman for the first time, wrist deep. She was pulling on her nipples and I started to rub her clit. Within minutes she was crying out and Cumming, her pussy trying to push my fist out. I straightened my hand and pulled slowly out of her. Het pussy dripped, well lubed with her own cum.

She slowly pushed the chair down and stood up shakily. She hugged me and kissed mw tenderly. Our coffees had gone cold but we didn’t care.

“let`s go clean up.”

She took my hand and led me up to the shower. We washed each other, soaping our bodies and rubbing against each other. When we finished we got out, dried off and went to get some coffee.

We sat next to each other on the sofa, drinking and talking. I was amazed by how high her sex drive was and how honest she was. After lunch she went upstairs and told me to come up to the bedroom in ten minutes. I waited and then headed up to the bedroom. She was on the bed with a set of anal beads on her stomach. I walked over and lay next to her kissing her. I moved my mouth from hers to her breasts. I started licking and sucking her nipple, she put her hand between her legs and began to push her fingers inside her.

“Watch me.”

I left her breasts alone and watched as she rolled onto her side and rubbed her own wetness from her pussy, onto her arse. She lubed her ass and slid a fi.ger inside her ass. I watched as she put on a show, fingering her ass. I was turned on and excited.

Joan ended her show and got up on all fours. Taking the anal beads she pushed the first few in and then pulled them out.

“Go down on, suck my clit.”

I got on the bed on my back and pushed myself back underneath her. I looked up and saw her belly hang down a little and further up her big breasts hung down. I would’ve loved to have gotten behind her and fucked her there and then, making her tits swing as my cock ploughed her. I decided to play along with Joan instead, excited to see what would happen.

I lay underneath her; my cock was rock hard and waiting for her. I started sucking on her clit; she was pushing the anal beads in and out of her ass. I slipped a finger into her pussy and she moaned louder than ever. She pushed the anal beads fully into her ass and then told me I could pull them out when I wanted. Reaching round I felt between her arse cheeks to find the rubber ring on the end of the beads. She lowered herself further down onto me, smothering me while I sucked on her clit like a little cock.

“Do it now.”

I teased her by pulling gently so one of the beads popped out and then pushed it back in.

“You fucking tease, please I’m going to explode on your face.”

That was enough for me, I let go of her clit and she sat up slightly. I yanked the beads out of her in one swift motion and she started to cum, I felt her knees tremble and then she soaked my face with her juices. Her pussy was gushing cum like piss and she was screaming as her orgasm rocked her entire body.

She moved of my face and rolled over to lie next to me. Opening her legs, she rubbed her hand over her pussy, feeling her wetness and bringing her fingers to her mouth to suck. I grabbed my cock and started to rub it slowly.

“Take your hand off that, your cock is going in my ass.”

She moved my hand off my cock and onto one of her plump, round tits; I rolled on my side to suck the other one. I took as much of her breast in my mouth as possible while I squeezed her other, pinching her nipple between my fingers at the same time. She closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply, her breasts rising and falling. I moved my hand from her tit to rub her clit. She realised what I had in mind and grabbed my hand.

“Let me roll over and you can use that finger in a better place, maybe get me ready for a good fucking.”

I sat up and watched her roll over onto her stomach. Her round, big arse was mine for the taking; I moved to the bottom of the bed and grabbed her fleshy cheeks. Squeezing both her cheeks and then gently slapping them, I parted her ass to look at her hole.

Joan’s, tight puckered anus was so inviting, I gently blew on it and she moaned softly. I loved hearing that but having her scream wildly as she came would be better. I moved my face down and licked her hole once before pulling away. She pushed her ass up for me and I spanked her.

“Lick my ass; I want your tongue in my hole, then your dick.”

I had to oblige a demand like that, so I buried my face between her soft, white cheeks and started to lick her anus. I let my tongue dart over her hole, wetting it with my saliva and then pushing it inside her for the first time. She went wild, bucking her hips back to get as much of my tongue in her as possible. Reaching back she pulled the cheeks of her ass as wide as possible, she loved her ass being tongued. Joan had my tongue in her ass, darting in and out. I could see her body moving with laboured breaths. She let go of her ass and gripped the sheets.

“I’m Cumming; I’m Cumming, fuck me.”

She started to orgasm and scream, her pussy leaked cum over the bed. Her legs trembled and she bucked her hips more and forced her ass back on my face and tongue.

“Get your cock inside me now; I need to feel you deep in me.”

She passed me her new lube from the bedside drawer and I squirted it on her ass, rubbing it over her hole and slipping a finger in to ease a little more in her. I rubbed some lube on my cock and mounted her ass, pushing my cock against her tight hole. Joan pushed back so my cock popped into her tight hole, I slid in easily once I was inside and had no trouble going balls deep into her ass.

I pulled my cock back until just the tip was inside her and then a little further so the tip of my cock was opening her hole, stretching her sphincter. I pushed all the way into her, enjoying how tight her ass was and how it gripped my cock really nice. I began to fuck her softly to get her used to it, nice slow strokes in and out. Joan was gripping the sheets, swearing and panting. Then I felt her tighten and she began to orgasm again, she gushed cum from her pussy, it felt like she was pissing over my balls, her juices squirted back from her pussy as I went balls deep in her tight ass.

Before I could move she squirted again and her whole body trembled. She was biting her pillow trying not to scream again but I could hear her and knew how powerful her last orgasm was. I stayed still in her ass until she started to squeeze my cock and beg to be fucked. I needed to fuck her and I wanted to cum in her ass so badly. She squealed with pleasure as I screwed her ass, using it for my pleasure.

Joan loved her ass being screwed hard; she was pushing her fat arse up to meet my thrusts. She reached back and spread her cheeks to let me get a little deeper, her asshole felt so good wrapped tight around my cock. I was slamming my cock into her so hard that my balls were squashing against her, adding extra pleasure to the fuck. I was so surprised when she told me to pull out.

My BBW lover got up on her hands and knees and reached to her bedside cabinet. She pulled out a small, bullet vibrator and turned it on.

“Put your cock back in my arse.”

I did what she asked, pushing my cock into her ass. I started to fuck her ass again, quickly building the pace and shafting her hard and fast. She pushed the vibrator against her clit. I could feel the vibrations, she began to tremble. Joan started to cum, she dropped the vibrator and started to ejaculate, squirting woman cum. She was on her hands and knees and gushing her cum juice back in a stream, all over my balls. Her hands and knees gave way, she fell forward onto her stomach and I went with her. As soon as she was on her stomach, I pushed my cock back in, before I had bottomed out, she squirted a second time, it was like an aftershock. I think it even surprised her.

Fucking her ass hard and fast, my balls felt like they were tightening and I could feel my cum rising.

“I’m going to cum in you.”

My cock exploded inside her, pumping my cum into her rectum, flooding her ass with my spunk. She squeezed tight on my cock as I came which intensified the feeling. I stopped Cumming but carried on fucking her; I wanted her to cum again but didn’t think she had anything left. Grabbing my ass cheeks she pulled me into her, my cock fully inside her. It felt great, warm, wet and lubed with my cum.

“Stay there, just stay inside me.”

I lay on top if her, sweating, kissing her back. I began to rub her shoulders as my cock started softening.I rolled over from between her legs, lying next to her and trying to catch my breath from the most intense sexual experience I had ever had. Joan’s legs were still trembling slightly and she had her eyes closed as she came down from her orgasmic high.

We lay next to each other and eventually fell asleep. Waking up a few hours later, it had gone dark and we both needed to shower. We spent the night in front of the fire, naked watching movies, feeding each other popcorn and drinking wine.

The next day I had to leave Joan. I had only known her for a short, I was however becoming very fond of her, I knew she wasn’t looking for a relationship and a romantic, no strings weekend was just what she needed. That didn’t mean that I wasn’t falling for her though.

That was the last time I saw Joan. We spoke a few times and I knew that a few months later she met a guy her own age and married him. I would’ve loved to be her groom instead but it wasn’t meant to be. I met my wife and Joan became a memory wank, but I would love to have one night with her and my wife together. Two anal loving, big titted BBWs and my cock.

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