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“Ugh, two hours until the next stop,” Ellen groaned as she checked the schedule. “We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“At least we have the row to ourselves,” Georgia pointed out. Stop-by-stop, more people had left the bus than got on. The two women sat near the front, behind the driver’s partition. The rest of the passengers were scattered behind them. As the bus had emptied, the few new passengers spaced themselves out, alternating rows and giving each other space.

“You want extra room? I can move across the aisle,” Ellen offered as the big bus released its air brakes and pulled back on the dark, two lane country highway. The straight, flat road cut through rows of crop fields creating a view that never changed.

“Not unless you want to. I like the company,” Georgia said. She twisted in her seat with the flexibility of a dancer and faced Ellen. “Ever been to Branson?”

“Only in my nightmares,” Ellen snorted. “Crazy isn’t it? If I count the tap classes I started when I was three years old, I’ve been dancing for twenty-two years and Branson is the best I can do? Maybe it’s time to try dancing with a pole.” She pulled up the arm rest between them, twisted in her seat and leaned against the window.

“Preach it, sister,” Georgia said looking past Ellen at the rows of whatever the hell they grew around there as they flickered by. When the light hit the bus window just right, it became a mirror and she was surprised again how much they looked alike. Lots of productions wanted dancers of the same height and build, but the two of them shared curly blonde hair, similar jaw lines and the same jaw lines. Ellen had fuller lips. Georgia like Ellen’s lips, mostly because she always thought her lips were too thin. Catching her reflection over Ellen’s shoulder made it look as if Ellen had two heads.

“You think it’s true what they say about strippers? Do you think they’re all men hating lesbians?”

“I dunno. It could be one of those myths like professional male dancers are gay.”

“Only the cute ones are,” Ellen corrected and they both laughed. “If the money’s right, I’d work with a bunch of naked lesbians.”

“Could be hot,” Georgia said before her eyes went wide and she tried to cover her slip-up. “Rubbing on all those strange guys during lap dances.”

“Uh-huh,” Ellen smirked. She wasn’t buying it. “The first time I ever kissed a girl was on a bus.”

Georgia’s eyes moved from the window to Ellen. Why did Ellen say that and what was she supposed to say back? “A bus like this?”

“Sort of. It was in college. I was on a dance team and we were coming back from a show.” A big grin grew on her face as she stared into the empty row behind Georgia. She shook off her memory and refocused on her seatmate. “Crazy things would happen in the back of that bus.”

“Like what?” Georgia asked. She was just making conversation, at least she thought that was all she was doing. Ellen didn’t need to know how the constantly vibrating bus seat was reminding her of toys she owned that buzzed, too. She had one of those toys in her purse beneath the seat in front of her. It was a tiny, pocket rocket she had tossed into her purse before leaving. It was disguised as a lipstick. She had other toys in her carry-on bag. She couldn’t leave them behind for her roommate to find. Besides, she needed her toys. Working with hot guys who leaned gay more often than not was frustrating for her. What else was she supposed to use after rehearsal or a show when the guys were more interested in each other?

“Just stuff,” Ellen said. She glanced away as if it was too embarrassing to go on. “Raunchy stuff. We were a horny group. But it was college, you know?” Ellen patted Georgia’s knee. She did that a lot. Ellen was a toucher. Georgia didn’t mind. “I bet you have stories, too.”

“Not really. I was the good girl who always sat in the front of the bus. But I heard stories about the back.” Georgia looked past Ellen. It was getting dark outside. She turned on her reading light and twisted it so it wasn’t in her eyes. The light made a spotlight circle on the back of the seats in front of them. “I always wanted to sit in the back, but I was chicken.”

“I know! Tell me something that you heard happened and I’ll tell you if ever did,” Ellen said. Both her hands were on Georgia’s knees.

“Well, I heard the guys did a lot of things to each other…” Georgia suggested.

“Yeah they did. It’s too bad so many of them are gay. Some of them are really hung.”

“And you saw?”

“Hell yeah!” she said before frowning. “It would have been hotter if they wanted one of us.”

“You and girlfriends, right?”

“Yeah, but we did stuff, too.”

“Like what?” Georgia asked before thinking it could be a rude question. She glanced at the circle of light shining against the seats. She could see her purse. Why did that make her think about her lipstick shaped vibrator?

“We’d kiss and stuff,” Ellen said.

“You like that word, stuff.”

Ellen laughed. “Yeah, I guess I say it a lot.”

“So what kind of stuff would you do to each other?”

Ellen’s eyes ran up and down Georgia’s body for a moment as if she was taking measure of the woman. Was she seeing another version of herself? Did she recognize the similarities of their build and how they favored each other closely enough to be related? Georgia smiled and raised her eyebrows to encourage the other woman. Ellen’s eyes took a second look at Georgia’s chest before she said, “We kissed a lot and…” She giggled. “I almost said stuff again.” She took a deep breath. “And fool around. Mostly with ourselves.”

“Like play with yourself?” Georgia encouraged.

Ellen nodded and snorted again. “Fuck, I can’t begin to count the number of times I frigged myself off to gay guys sucking dick.”

“Shit, that’s hot sounding,” Georgia said. She squirmed. Dammit, maybe she needed to carry her purse to the bathroom and enjoy herself?

“Which part?” Ellen asked. She squeezed Georgia’s knees. Did she mean to do that?

“Both,” Georgia admitted. She needed to sit different and try to ease the annoying vibrations against her ass. Why did bus seats have to translate every bump, pebble and vibration of the road? She put one foot on the floor and tried to tuck her legs beneath her ass when the bus took the on ramp for the interstate too fast. The sudden hard turn threw Georgia off balance and she fell against Ellen in a heap. She bumped her forehead against the glass over Ellen’s shoulder.

“Well hello there!” Ellen laughed as she caught her seatmate.

“Sorry,” Georgia mumbled. She was pressed against Ellen, her knee between the other woman’s legs. Her forehead hurt.

“You okay?” Ellen asked. She rubbed Georgia’s forehead. “Let me see.” She pushed back Georgia’s hair and inspected the spot that had hit the glass. “You’re fine.” She gave the spot a kiss. “Better?” Georgia nodded, smiled and realized how close they were. When Ellen licked her lips, Georgia couldn’t stop herself. She pressed her lips against Ellen’s fuller version. It started as just a peck until Ellen’s fingers slipped inside the curls of Georgia’s head and she kept kissing her. Georgia wasn’t sure who opened their lips first and once their tongues met, it didn’t matter. Breathless, Georgia pulled away and stared into Ellen’s eyes. “Want to pretend we’re sitting in the back of the bus?” Ellen asked. She ran her hand between their bodies and cupped one of Georgia’s breasts in her hand. Georgia leaned forward and kissed her again.

They kissed with the passion of desperate lovers unsure they’ll ever be allowed another kiss. Their lips never separated as their hands moved. Ellen was definitely the aggressor. She clutched at Georgia’s tits with one hand while her other hand slid down her back until she was grabbing Georgia’s ass. They took turns with their tongues, giving each other equal time to lick, suck, and explore the other’s tongue. Georgia grabbed one of Ellen’s breasts. Her body knew she wasn’t touching herself. Her body knew this was someone else’s breast and she liked it. She felt Ellen squirm against the knee she that had landed between her legs. Georgia stayed lost in the moment for a time before remembering they were on a bus.

Georgia grabbed the back of the seats on either side and poked her head up above them to see who else could see what was happening. Ellen didn’t stop. She tugged Georgia’s t-shirt free from her jeans and pushed a hand inside. She pushed Georgia’s bra up and out of the way and replaced the lacy cup with her hand. Her fingers found a stiff nipple and caressed it. With her other hand, Ellen clutched the seam of Georgia’s jeans, rubbing her through the thick fabric. “Come back here and kiss me,” Ellen said.

Georgia looked right and left. They sat four rows behind the driver. There was a partition behind him with a big sign warning, “Do not talk or distract the driver.” The closest passenger sat two rows back on the opposite side of the bus. Three rows back on their side was an old black woman. All Georgia could see was the woman’s hat. The rest of the bus was lost to her. The bathroom was in the back of the bus.

Ellen’s deft fingers undid Georgia’s bra. That got her attention. “Kiss me,” Ellen said again, trying to pull the woman closer. She leaned forward and kissed Georgia’s flat stomach. Pushing up her shirt, she followed with her mouth and licked a bare nipple.

“Stop it,” Georgia said without meaning. “Someone’s going to see.”

“I don’t care,” Ellen said. She pulled Georgia down to her. Georgia’s face was against the cool glass of the bus window as Ellen began licking her tits. She moved from one to the other and back again before her fingers found the front of Georgia’s jeans and she started undoing the button and zipper.

“What are you doing?” Georgia ask in a hushed tone that wasn’t needed. The drone of the bus stopped voices from travelling beyond a single row.

“Take these off.”

“I’m not taking off my pants!”

“No one will know. Just do it.”

“No!” Georgia said, shocked that Ellen would even suggest it.

“You’re a pussy,” Ellen said. She tugged Georgia’s pants down far enough so she could reach her hand inside. Her fingers rubbed Georgia’s pussy through her panties for only a moment before Ellen pushed her panties to the side and her fingers were between Georgia’s pussy lips. “And you’re wet.”

“And you’re going to get us kicked off this bus,” Georgia said as she sat down in her seat. She glanced backwards down the empty aisle. Ellen was trying to put her hand inside her jeans again. “Stop it,” Georgia giggled. She brushed Ellen’s hand away and pulled her jeans closed again. Her open bra hung loose beneath her t-shirt. She pulled her arm through one strap and pulled her bra out of her opposite sleeve. She didn’t care about going braless. Like Ellen, she didn’t have much for a bra to hold. She bent over and shoved the bra inside her hand bag. Ellen rubbed her chest through her t-shirt.

“You know no one can see us, right?” Ellen asked. She was on her knees. She peeked over the seats before leaning over to kiss Georgia again. She tried to work the front of her jeans a second time.

“But they might,” Georgia said. “Maybe we can just kiss and, you know, stuff.” She smiled because she had used Ellen’s favorite word.

“What kind of stuff?” Ellen asked. She worked off her bra, too. Georgia took that as an invitation and explored Ellen’s chest. Finding her hard nipples made Georgia’s nipples ache. She pinched Ellen’s nipples and felt an empathetic thrill.

“I have a vibrator.”


“Seriously. I have one in my purse and three in my carry-on bag.”

“Prove it,” Ellen said. She undid the front of her jeans. Was that an invitation for Georgia?

Georgia grabbed her purse, fished around inside and found the tiny pocket rocket. She popped the top and smiled as she worked the knob on the bottom that made it start vibrating. She passed it to her seatmate and laughed when Ellen’s eyes went wide. She pushed her jeans farther open and put the toy between her legs. “Feel good?”

“Here,” Ellen said. She pulled out the faux lipstick, put a hand on Georgia’s head and rubbed the fake lipstick part around Georgia’s lips before replacing the buzzing toy with her lips. They kissed again. “Do you have anything bigger than this?”

“The other ones are, but they’re in the overhead.”

“Get one. Hell, get two.”

“You can’t use a vibrator on the bus.”

“Says who?” Ellen asked with a mischievous grin.

The suitcase in the overhead compartment was as big as allowed. Georgia pulled it down, put it on the seat where she had been sitting and unzipped it. She pulled aside her clothes and laying across the bottom were the three dildo shaped toys in a neat row. One of them was skinny with a slight flare to it. That was the one Georgia sometimes used in her butt. The blue one was rigid plastic and vibrated the most. The red one didn’t vibrate at all. It was a fat, jelly style dildo that was filled with bumps that tugged and pulled on her pussy lips when she pushed it in and out. Ellen pulled out all three of them with a big smile. Georgia put her bag away. If she had to, she could hide the three toys in her big purse.

“Which one do you want to use?” Ellen asked, setting them on the seat between them.

Georgia tried to figure out how they could use any of them. She supposed she could put the hard, rigid one inside her pants far enough to buzz on her clit, but the lipstick one would work better. She wasn’t going to use the narrow one in front of Ellen and the biggest one, the jelly one, was much good either unless she took off her pants and she wasn’t going to do that on the bus. She gave Ellen a confused look. “I don’t think we can use any of them without getting naked.”

“So let’s get naked.”

“You can if you want, but I won’t.”

“You don’t think I will, do you?” Ellen asked. She stood with one foot on the floor and leaning against the window. Georgia didn’t know what she would do but she found out. Ellen shimmied her jeans off her hips and pushed until both her jeans and panties were down to her knees. Georgia stared and peeked up and down the aisle again. Someone was coming back from the bathroom but they turned and sat down before coming close. When she turned back, she saw Ellen sitting with her back against the window. Her jeans and panties were bunched around her ankles. She was holding the narrow, tapered vibrator. “How do you use this one?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

Georgia blushed. She wasn’t sure where to look. Was it okay for her to look between Ellen’s legs? She glanced. She couldn’t see much. Ellen seemed to guess the problem. Holding up the rigid, blue vibrator, she poked her reading light and it made a spotlight that shone directly on her pussy. Ellen’s pussy was shaved and she caressed herself before tasting her finger. She did it again and offered her finger to Georgia who didn’t hesitate to taste. Her finger tasted like pussy, but what drove her crazy was recognizing it didn’t taste like HER pussy. Georgia squirmed and wondered what she was going to do with herself.

“Here, use this on me,” Ellen said. She handed Georgia the red, bumpy dildo while she held the blue vibrator. She experimented with holding the blue vibrator against a nipple. She pulled up her t-shirt and showed her tit to Georgia. “Look how hard!”

Georgia fought the urge to lean over her friend and lick that hard nipple. Instead, she looked between Ellen’s legs and put the toy against her pussy. Ellen held the back of her hand and urged her to push. Georgia did and saw Ellen gasp. The sound of her gasp was lost to the drone of the bus. Reaching over Ellen’s bunched up panties and jeans, Georgia eased the toy slowly in and out of her seatmate’s pussy. Ellen nodded and moved the buzzing blue to her clitoris. She pressed it against her clit as her other hand clutched her chest. She nodded again. Georgia could smell her sex. The aroma shot through her. She moved the toy faster as Ellen mouthed the word “yes” over and over. The harder and faster Georgia moved the toy, the louder Ellen’s mouthed word became until she was saying it loud enough that Georgia was afraid everyone on the bus could hear. “Yes! Yes! YES!” Ellen rocked when her orgasm arrived and she gave Georgia a pleased and satisfied smile. Georgia crawled between the other woman’s parted knees and kissed her.

“Okay, trade places with me.”


“Because I want to do you.”

“But I’m not going to get naked,” Georgia said.

“Either you let me do you or I’m going to get all the way naked and stay that way.”

Georgia didn’t think she was playing. She moved to the aisle and stood. Ellen peeked in the aisle and joined her. Her pants where still around her ankles as she waved Georgia into their row. Ellen was laughing when she sat down in the aisle seat. “I can’t believe you just did that!” Georgia said as Ellen untangled her panties and pulled them back into place.

“I didn’t want you to think I was kidding about what I said I’d do.”

“Someone could have seen you!”

“But no one did,” Ellen said. She tugged at the front of Georgia’s pants. “Get naked. It’s my turn.”

Georgia considered her situation for a moment. She wanted to get naked. She needed an orgasm. Ellen had done it, so why couldn’t she?

“Do it or I’ll naked,” Ellen warned. She undid the front of her jeans a second time.

“No, don’t,” Georgia said with a hand on Ellen’s. “I’ll do it.” She worked her jeans, picked her butt off the chair and pushed her jeans and panties to her ankles. The illuminated overhead light shone on her bare flesh and she felt more than naked, she felt exposed. She bit her lip, considered chickening out and forced herself to pull her ankles to the seat.

“Turn around,” Ellen said. When Georgia gave her a confused look, Ellen did a better job explaining. “Get on all fours like you’re looking out the window.” Georgia understood. She carefully crawled on the seat until her knees were lost in the seam between the seats. There wasn’t a lot of room. She rested the top of her head against the window. She couldn’t see what Ellen was doing and her head against the window stopped her from pulling away when she felt Ellen’s tongue licking her.

Georgia felt trapped between the window and Ellen’s probing tongue. Without room to move, she submitted to it, even when Ellen’s tongue moved from her pussy to her butt. Georgia tried to look behind her but there wasn’t the room. With Georgia’s cheek pressed against the window, Ellen proved she had guess the purpose of the skinny, tapered toy. She pressed the narrow tip against Georgia’s ass and slipped it inside. Once it was in place, Ellen worked the knob on the back and Georgia felt the familiar, pleasant buzzing sensation inside her ass.

Georgia couldn’t see how Ellen twisted herself to do it, but Ellen found a way to press her tongue against Georgia’s pussy. As she licked and ate Georgia’s pussy, she slipped the buzzing toy in and out of her ass. Georgia was stuck with her face pressed against the window. She was mortified to imagine what someone might see if they decided to stretch their legs and walk up and down the aisle. The overhead light would illuminate her bare ass poking up in the air while Ellen worked her toy in and out. Nothing would be left to anyone’s imagination. There was no escape. Ellen might as well be naked, too. Georgia’s only remaining ability was to bite back her cry as she came. On the other side of the glass, she saw the big truck that was pacing them. The driver grinned and honked his horn before gaining speed and pulling away.

Georgia had to pull Ellen’s hand away to make the other woman stop her butt poking and pussy eating. She turned around and sat on the seat. Before doing anything else, she pull her pants and panties back into place. “Fuck that was hot,” Ellen said. She fished around inside the pocket on seat back and pulled out a napkin and her little bottle of hand sanitizer. She wiped off the toy.

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