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There have been more than a handful of times in my marriage when my wife Tara has squirted. Each time that has happened she has sprayed the bottom part of my chin and soaked the sheets (this gives meaning to the words, the wet spot). It’s really more of a severe gushing as opposed to a full on squirting. When it has happened, I was never fortunate enough for her to ejaculate directly in my mouth. Well…this is the story of how she came (gushed) directly into my mouth for the first time. If you like this story please read “Tara’s First Squirt” as well.


It was a tough night as Tara was desperately trying to get our son to sleep. It was just one of those times he was being extremely difficult. It felt like it took her hours to get him to calm down and finally fall asleep. While she was downstairs with him, I relaxed in bed and watched the Yankees game. I felt so bad for her.

She was very tense when she came upstairs to our bedroom. I could see her nerves were completely shot. She stopped at the foot of the bed, looked at me, and let out a sigh. She gave me a gaze that said I’ve been defeated by a four year old. After a few seconds she walked to the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the water running and the sound of her electric toothbrush as she got herself washed up and ready for bed.

When the bathroom door opened, Tara walked over to her side of the bed and pulled her pajamas out from behind her pillow. She normally slept in a pair of black yoga pants and a red tee shirt.

Tara slowly started to undress. First her socks came off, exposing her cute, tiny, red painted toes. By the way, I love her painted toes (they are adorable). Next her jeans dropped to the floor revealing her sexy, solid black Victoria’s Secret string bikini panties. The ones with the same color elastic waistband that have Victoria’s Secret printed all around. After that she pulled her shirt over her head. Now she stood at the side of the bed in a black sports bra and panties. I know I’m bias, but my wife looks fucking amazing in just her underwear. Who needs lingerie when she looks this good in plain everyday panties and sports bra?

Tara does not have big breasts. They are “A” cups. She is a 32A to be exact and mainly wears the tight fitting sports bras I just mentioned. They are more comfortable.

Her tits maybe small, but they are perfect, especially in my eyes. Tara is barely five-three, and maybe one hundred pounds soaking wet. So, when you think about it, she is really in proportion considering her petit frame.

My wife has milky white skin and the smallest pink nipples. I love playing with them…biting, squeezing, kissing, licking, rubbing, and last but not least cumming all over them.

After she put on her sleepwear, Tara slid into bed. We normally watch a little TV before falling asleep. Tara is not a baseball fan, so I changed the channel and found re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond on cable. We both love that show.

Since Tara was so tense I offered to give her a massage. She replied to my question in a low voice that had a hint of relief, “I would love that babe.”

I sat up against our head board, spread my legs wide open, had her sit in the middle of them and lean back against my chest. I worked on her shoulders, neck, and back all while watching TV with her. It was a nice quiet time we were sharing.

The show just started. It was a couple of minutes after ten. I rubbed her body for the next half hour. There wasn’t a place I missed above her waist including her arms, hands, and head.

As the program ended my massage turned to a sexual groping. My hands often wandered between her legs and rubbed the top of her pubic region before they fell directly between her legs. I worked on her pussy over the thin material of her pants petting it gently. I also slide my hands up and down her arms and her side, tracing the curves of her amazing body.

As I moved my hands upward from her hips I’d reach under her shirt, then around to her stomach, sliding them over her breasts, and cupping each one firmly. They covered her small milky white “A” cups. I’d squeeze them every few seconds before clasping her light pink nipples with my ring and middle finger, gently stretching them outward.

By this point Tara was making all sorts of low audible moaning sounds. I knew she had to be wet and ready for me.

Her head whipped around as she planted her lips on mine. Her tongue plunged into my mouth meeting mine abruptly. We began to twirl them around each other as we kissed for several minutes. The two of us enjoyed the connection we had that moment. We made out like a couple of high school kids in this slightly awkward position. Her back was still to me so my hands still roamed all over the front of her body, while she rubbed both my thighs and knees.

Finally Tara turned her entire body around to face me. We continued to kiss passionately in an Indian style sitting position that intertwined our legs around our bodies. Our embrace was tight while our hands now wandered all over the others back.

The amazing thing is neither one of us started to take off the others clothes. I came very close to pulling off her shirt several times when my hands reached around for her tits, but refrained for the time being. I don’t know why.

We were lost in the moment for awhile, but I’m sure you can imagine that was about to change. After several more minutes I eventually lifted my wife’s shirt over her head and threw the garment on the floor exposing her breasts to the air. Her nipples were nice and hard. They looked like they could cut glass. I know it’s an overused expression, but I’m not sure how else to describe them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this erect. Tara reached for the bottom of my shirt next and pulled it up and off me quickly.

Next I slid my hands in the waistband of her pants and panties on her hips. Once inserted, they slowly moved to her lower back. After that journey, they made their way down to her rear end. I squeezed her tiny little ass cheeks several times (she has an amazing ass as well). Her pants were being stretched and pulled down exposing three quarters of her behind which I could see in the mirror on the wall behind her.

Eventually I decided to push my weight forward into my wife until she fell backwards on the mattress. Once she was flat on her backside I pulled her pants and panties off at the same time. Her panties were still inside her pants even when I tossed them to the floor.

It was time! After a long massage and intense foreplay I wanted to go down on her. But I had something a little different in mind. I asked Tara to straddle my face so I could feel her wet pussy all over my mouth, lips, and nose. I really wanted her vagina to engulf my face and get the full feeling of her as well as her sweet aroma. She gladly obliged.

First I propped my head up by inserting a pillow behind it. It made it easier to lick Tara’s clit and push my tongue inside her.

Tara kneeled on the bed facing me and carefully lifted her leg to mount my face. I started with slow long licks around the edges of her vaginal lips before making a flat tongued lick straight up the center. I would also insert my tongue into her pussy, penetrating her entrance as deep as possible.

Tara was moaning already. Evidently I was doing a good job as I focused my tongue on the top of her clit paying homage to the little man in the boat.

All of a sudden I heard a low popping sound followed by a quiet hiss. I’ve heard this before and I know what follows. Instantly, I felt a warm sensation hit my chin. The body temperature liquid hit me in the center and then flowed evenly down both the right and left sides of my chin, neck, and shoulders, dripping on the bed behind my head. I could feel the wet spot behind my shoulders.

Inside I was like an excited teenager. It was the greatest sensation in the world. Tara just gave me the female version of money shot and ejaculated on my face. Sure it’s happened a few times before but feeling her pussy juice run all over my body was a feeling I’ve never had. So this must be what it feels like when I cum on her.

My cock was harder than ever. I began to quicken the pace of my licks. I moved away from her clit for a little bit licking her lips and rubbing my face all over her extremely wet pussy. My mouth was wide open as I licked my wife’s vagina from front to back repeatedly. In the process of doing this my mouth passed her pussy entrance. As this happened I felt a tremendous amount of liquid fall into my open mouth. It was enough to almost choke me for a second. I felt like I gargled my wife’s ejaculation, savoring the tangy taste of her juice before finally holding her liquid in my mouth for several seconds and swallowing every ounce.

I composed myself and took in what just happened. Damn… Tara just came in my mouth. I swallowed my wife’s ejaculate. This is the greatest night of my life. I could not get rid of my excitement.

All this time, Tara was moaning and mumbling my name. There were several calls to God as well until she finally went through what seemed like an earth shattering body convulsion on my face.

When her body stopped shaking her legs collapsed and her drenched pussy came to rest on my face. It was like dead weight. Tara was so sensitive and needed me to stop all pleasurable activities on her soaking wet vagina. Her pussy lips were parted by my mouth and nose so I could take in her sweet aroma. I enjoyed how wet my face felt as she rested on it.

When Tara dismounted my face, she looked spent. She could barely move. My cock was harder than it’s ever been. I couldn’t wait to tell her what happened moments ago. I had a gut feeling she had no idea what truly happened.

I began by questioning my wife as we now lay side by side facing each other in bed.

“So how was that tonight?”

Tara had a look of exhilaration on her face. It was a cross between a wry smile and the look of total exhaustion.

Tara replied, “You are so good at that. What do you think?”

In all honesty, she always tells me that.

I asked, “Was that better than usual?”

Tara looked at me and said, “It’s always good, it didn’t feel much different that usual.”

I continued to probe. “Really, nothing felt different tonight.”

Tara told me, “I feel wetter than I normally do, but the orgasm was great, like always.”

Finally I came clean. I told her how much she ejaculated.

“Tara, look at the sheets!”

There was a wet spot that outlined my shoulders.

“That was all you babe, you gushed out of your pussy, down my both sides of my chin and neck onto the sheets.”

She was in disbelief. Then I told her about the second gush that fell straight down into my mouth and almost choked me.

“Babe, seriously, you didn’t hear me gargle on your pussy juice. It took my breath away and I almost choked. Then I was able to swallow the mouthful you dropped. It was awesome. I finally got to swallow and taste you like you do to me.”

She was in total amazement. I felt like this was the greatest night of sex and pleasure I gave my wife in the ten plus years we’ve been married. Although I have to say, it looks like I enjoyed her squirting more than she actually did.

Tara repeated, “Ant, you really don’t know how good you are all the time. Every time you go down on me it takes me forever to clean myself up. Just because I don’t squirt or gush all the time doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. When I get out of bed to get dressed and go to the bathroom it’s like a slow leak out of my vagina trickling down my inner thighs and legs. You are amazing babe…EVERY FUCKING TIME…TRUST ME!”

I continued to tell her every detail about her taste. I also expressed the feelings she’s shared with me in the past about when I cum in her mouth. She always enjoys swallowing my semen as well and now I can finally say the same thing on the other end of the spectrum. This was the happiest I’ve ever been after any kind of sex.

Tara didn’t waste much time after our talk. I was still hard and the head of my dick was leaking a lot of pre-cum. As usual, my wife moved down to my penis and licked the top clean.

Tara commented, “I wonder if I tasted that good!”

After her statement she pressed her tongue back against my shaft and licked it like an ice cream cone several times. She made her way down to my balls and gave them some special attention. She knows I love that. The more she licked them, the more I oozed. When enough pooled up on the purple swollen head my wife would engulf my cock with her mouth. This time she would not let it escape. Tara did everything in her power to make me cum… and cum quickly.

It wasn’t long before I told her it was time. She stopped only long enough to tell me, “Cum in my mouth, I want to taste you the same way you tasted me tonight!”

Ten seconds later I fired a salvo of semen into my wife’s mouth. It must have been five to six streams that coated her insides. As usual, Tara sucked and milked every last drop out. She continuously swallowed my seed. If I’ve never mentioned this before, my wife gives amazing blow jobs. It’s my favorite way to cum.

When we both finished and got ready to fall asleep I was actually glad to feel the wet spot. It was amazing laying in Tara’s wetness. I would even roll over on my side so I could breathe her scent.

I love this woman and I am the luckiest man alive!

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