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This is a description/story about the 1st time my wife ever squirted. At the time I wrote the original posted version we were together for 12 years, married for 9. Today we are still married and stronger than ever.

I decided to make some adjustments to the original version after re-reading it online. I feel the story is tighter and I corrected some of the language. The original version was the first story I ever wrote and felt the need for the new edited version (at least for myself).


My wife Tara was approximately five months pregnant. There was definitely a lack of sex in our relationship since she told me she was expecting our first child.

Early on, there was the nausea, and a lot of it. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness because Tara really had all day sickness in the beginning months of her pregnancy. So…while I was usually up for sex, she was ready to pass out from not feeling well and being tired.

After the first trimester her sickness subsided. As that did, the bulge in her belly grew. It seemed the bigger she became, the more sex she actually wanted.

Unfortunately, I lost all interest in sex as her stomach expanded outward. I know…I’m a terrible husband.

All the normal positions we enjoyed became difficult and uncomfortable for her. When the rare occasions for sex arose I bent her over the bed and took her from behind. That was the most comfortable for her and the one position I didn’t see her stomach.

Unfortunately, there was no enjoyment for me when my wife wanted to make love. It was no longer fun but an obligation. Sex wasn’t something I wanted anymore. If you would have told me there would be a day when my wife was after me every night and the sheer thought of getting naked and making love would disgust me, I would have called you and myself crazy. Imagine, sex with my hot loving wife being more of a chore than fun. It’s really unthinkable. I would bang Tara every chance I could get and love every second before the bump in her belly appeared.

Eventually, Tara came to the realization I didn’t want to have sex with her. This was the horniest period of her life and because she had a pregnant belly, I tried to avoid any sexual encounters.

Finally, one night before bed, she confronted me while we were undressing. Her hormones were raging. She was extremely horny and tried to seduce me minutes before by kissing me on lips with soft pecks. I basically ignored the advance and walked away to the other side of the bedroom.

She didn’t pull any punches, she came right out and asked me why I didn’t want to have sex with her. The question shocked me at first. I was stunned she was so abrupt. Like any man, I denied that claim and made any measly excuse that came to mind. I came up with a rough week at work, I was tired, and even said I didn’t want to hurt the baby or her. I probably came up with a few other winners as well.

At this point, I felt terrible. I could see the disappointment in my wife’s eyes. Tara appeared to be holding back her tears with all her might. She was carrying our child and I was denying her advances for months.

Right then and there I knew what had to be done. I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips deeply and passionately. It was the type of kiss that said “I want to fuck you right here, right now.” I whispered in her ear how much I love her and how much I always want her. After this I walked away, shut the bedroom door, and turned off the bedroom lights. I lit the two candles on the dresser which glowed in the dark and cast a silhouette of her shadow against the walls.

I grabbed the back of Tara’s head and deeply kissed her. Our tongues crashed into each other. Tara quickly moved her hand to my crotch and grabbed hold of my penis through my pants. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and rapidly lowered the zipper on my fly. Within a second you heard a loud “zip!”

She put her hands on my hips and hooked her thumbs inside both my pants and boxers, and pushed them down to the floor. Both garments fell simultaneously leaving me bottomless. My dick was already hard. It resembled a cannon pointing straight at its target.

I lifted up Tara’s shirt, pulled it over her head and threw it against the wall across the room. Once she was free of her shirt, I instantly un-hooked the back of her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders and watched the cups fall off her milky white breasts. After the bra hit the carpet, I gazed at her enlarged breasts and darkened nipples. Her tits were normally an “A” cup with the lightest pink nipples. Now they were pushing a mid-sized “B” with a deeper color to her areolas. For my next move, I pushed her panties off her hips and helped her step out of them once they reached her ankles.

Tara stood in the middle of our bedroom completely nude. Her nipples were hard, erect, and pointing straight at me like two torpedos. For a pregnant woman she sure looked hot and sexy at that moment. Remember I was the husband who didn’t want anything to do with his pregnant wife just minutes prior. I don’t know what happened in the time that elapsed but let’s just say it was a good thing.

I led Tara over to the bed and laid her down. She maneuvered to the middle of the mattress on her back. I just starred at her for several seconds before I removed my own tee shirt.

I slid beside her and kissed her lips, neck, and ear lobes. At the same time, I ran my fingers over her breasts and nipples. My mouth eventually made its way down to those amazing enlarged tits. I licked and kissed her entire left breast before sucking on her big, dark, nipples for a few minutes. I then dove down to her vagina and started to lick her pussy lips slowly…up, down, and all around. She was so wet. I never felt her like this in all the years we were married or dating.

Going down on her was a normal ritual in our sex life. I love to taste her and she also loves to taste me. We both enjoy oral sex more than regular sex.

Previously, I figured, if I went down on her it was less time I would have to look at her pregnant belly and think of all the reasons why I didn’t want to have sex with her. But all that seemed to change now. I know, I’m still an ass hole but I was really into the moment. Tara looked amazing, pregnant stomach and all.

I was in heaven while I went down on her. I was not thinking of anything else. It was just me, her, and how much pleasure she was receiving. I licked her pussy like never before, I felt the moisture build up with every passing second. I sucked her clit, licked her vaginal lips, and pushed my tongue inside her. Eventually I buried my face in her pussy, pressing it between her labia while licking her clit. She smelled so good as well. The aroma drove me insane in a good way.

Tara’s breathing became more pronounced. It gradually grew harder and heavier. She was moaning in ecstasy. The louder she moaned, the faster I flicked my tongue on the top of her clit, up and down, side to side. The moaning gave way to a slew of “Oh my God’s!” There were roughly five to six in total. And with each one the volume increased immensely.

My chin was buried between her pussy lips as I continued to lick her clit feverously. After another cry of pleasure, I heard what sounded like a low volume pop and hiss for a split second, followed by a warm wet splash on my chin. I felt one burst, then a second, and finally a third. My chin, her pussy, and the bed sheets were all soaked. Tara screamed in ecstasy as she spasmed violently in my face. Her whole body convulsed with pleasure for what seemed like an endless period of time. As this went on, I tried to lap up and catch every drop of her squirted juice in my mouth. This never happened before. Tara’s squirted pussy ejaculate had the most amazing taste. Now I know what it’s like when I come in her mouth. At this point, she was so sensitive, she had no choice but to push my face and head away.

Her pussy juice was all over the place. I was so turned on by this episode my cock was harder than it ever. It felt like a solid tree trunk. Tara turned around on the bed and got on all fours. I slowly slid my penis inside her soaked pussy penetrating her fully.

My testicles felt tighter than ever. It would not be long. I was so revved up and this deep penetration position would cause me to blow my load very quickly. After two minutes I felt that tingly sensation in the depths of my loins. My shaft began to throb. I was screaming Tara’s name.

Simultaneously, Tara was yelling at me.

“Cum inside me!”

“Fill me up!”


“I want to feel your cum in my pussy!”

“Cum now!”

“Fuck me Anthony!”

That last comment put me over the edge. With one hard final thrust the head of my cock erupted like a volcano inside my wife’s pussy. I shot multiple warm ropes of my thick milky seed into the depths of her vagina. I could feel my cum splashing around and hitting the inside walls of her vagina. It was like a tidal wave of semen hitting shore.

After four huge eruptions I started to come down. My penis started to go limp. Tara’s pussy was so tight around my dick that you heard a squishing popping sound as I pulled out. Just as I did that, globs of my warm milky cum fell from her stretched pussy onto the bed. It immediately mixed and seeped in with her juices on the sheets. You remember, that was the mess she made when she squirted me in the face. I’m still thinking about that several minutes later.

As I collapsed next to my wife, I felt like the proud husband who just did the best job of his life. From that point on, I loved pregnant sex. I couldn’t get enough. Ironically, she eventually started pushing me away the further along she went in the pregnancy. There were a few more times that I was able to get Tara to squirt me in face while going down on her. This has happened five times in total. Four of the times Tara spewed were in this short one to two month window during her pregnancy. The fifth and last time, I wish I knew what I did differently. I can tell you honestly it’s my goal every time we make love.

God, I love pregnant sex now!!

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