female domination

Chapter 2

“Family Portraits”

Martin had now been married for just over two weeks. He and his husband, the Baron, had consummated their marriage together with the traditional “Three Nights of Consummation” ceremony, at the end of which time Martin was introduced to the public as Lady Vargos, the Baron’s deflowered and newly seeded wife, during a formal coming out ceremony.

After the Consummation Ceremony banquet, the Baron had left town with a beautiful female concubine named Tiffany on a business trip and he was just now getting back into town. He had actually arrived the previous evening, rather late, so Martin was put in a guest bedroom for the night while the Baron and Tiffany shared the Master suite together for one last evening.

Martin would have had no problems with this arrangement normally. It would have been like a stay of execution in a way for him. He didn’t want to sleep with his husband. He knew how the Baron would use him as if he were a real woman, and the thought of that disgusted Martin.

His husband had selected two concubines to take care of Martin’s sexual needs while he was away. After all it was only right since the Baron had taken a pretty young concubine named Tiffany with him. The concubines were to keep Martin company and comfort him in his lonely nights as lovers while the Baron was away. There had apparently been some misunderstanding with Lisa in the Baron’s instructions for the concubines. She did not realize that the concubines were to alternate nights taking care of Martin, and she had instructed them both to stay with him nightly till the Baron returned home.

Martin longed for the day that the Baron would come home now. Anything would be better than these two men taking turns with him, holding him down for each other all night only to have some grand finally early in the mornings, where they both used him at once. It was all done with the loving approval of the Baron of course.

There were to be two paintings of Martin done. One for the grand foyer that would hang on the wall with the three existing paintings of The Baron, the Baron’s mother Constance, and her husband. The bedroom painting would be done by a different painter and hung privately in their bedroom, away from curious eyes. It was to be a personal and intimate painting for the Baron and Martin to share.

The paintings would take some time to complete, and the Baron would be there, at least in the beginning. Photos would be made for references and the Baron would sit for the first session of the painting, mainly for perspectives. Martin would have to sit for as many sessions, as requested by the painter. Leanne would be very busy as to make sure his look was consistent on a daily basis. Martin hated the thought of this day coming and it was finally here. The only thing he felt would be worse than being a model for his painting would be the huge gala planned at the estate to unveil the painting in the grand foyer for the stuck up socialites to admire.

The bedroom piece would not be revealed publicly and only those staff members that had access to the Master Suite as part of their daily routines would be able to view it.

Martin was already awake when Leanne entered the bedroom. His eyes filled with tears as the concubines had just finished with him and left minute earlier. He was wearing a short pink satin nightie. His hair was set in brush curlers. It was difficult to sleep in the curlers, but he wasn’t sleeping much anyway. Leanne had no problems with putting him in curlers during the afternoons and having him wear them all the way through the night, especially since the Baron was out of town and Martin’s hair didn’t need to be primped and sprayed for his husband every evening.

Martin gave little physical resistance since the Baron had left, though he still didn’t accept the fact that he was being forced to be a man’s pseudo woman. He did his morning routine, a walk on the treadmill, his bathroom duties and an assisted bubble bath, then he stood in a white terry cloth robe staring at the styling chair he had to sit in daily. The straps hanging waiting for him to have a seat, were a daily reminder that he had no choice in this matter. The straps still intimidated Martin and he slowly had a seat amongst them so they could be snugly tightened all about him. As Leanne finished strapping him in she turned the chair to face the mirror.

“There now,” she said patting his curlers as she adjusted his head to face straight ahead. “Let’s get these curlers out of your hair. Can’t have you looking like some 60′s housewife when you’re getting your portrait done for the family gallery,” she said as she removed curlers from the back of his head. “I’m sure you are very excited!”

“Does it really matter?” he said staring at her with total distain in the mirror.

“Oh Mrs. Vargos! Not really,” she said pulling the pins form the curlers.

Martin didn’t give a lot of physical resistance the last couple of weeks. The public humiliation he had experienced of going to the courthouse dressed completely as a woman so he could be registered as a crossdresser, and get a “Public Crossdressing Permit” had crushed much of his resistance.

His husband was out of town, so at least Martin thought he would be spared the humiliation and physical aspects of being married to a man. Then he was introduced to his concubines.

The humiliation he felt when being paraded around in public dressed as a woman, was still a very prevalent part of his life, even more so it seemed with the Baron gone. Seems there were many more public appointments that had to be attended to than usual. Maybe it was part of his development to get him comfortable in the public arena as Lady Vargos. Lisa seemed very energetic about his public outings. He didn’t know, but he knew one thing, it was just as embarrassing each time as it was the time before. It didn’t get better. It seemed he was hearing more and more of the snickering from the public as he went out more and more.

He was still intimidated though by what these people would do to him if he acted in a way they deemed improper for a socialite wife. His testicles had been massaged and his penis knob polished with a firm bristled hair brush as deterrents to improper behavior, and he didn’t want to experience either one of those again. He did however continue to voice his disagreement with his attendants as they worked with him, on what was being done to him. Nobody seemed to have any real problems with him whining and complaining, especially Leanne who seemed to be very methodical and even professional in her duties to feminize him. Lisa however seemed to find his complaining somewhat amusing and even taunted him when she had the chance. They all seemed to have an understanding of his reluctance to be a bride, at least they did for right now.

Martin still couldn’t believe that any of this charade was legit. It just couldn’t be. He was a captive, an innocent prisoner who has been condemned as far as he was concerned. Some kind of a legalized sex slave, being forced to serve as a woman, even though he was male and he had no idea how to fight it.

Leanne removed Martin’s curlers form his flaming red hair and tossed them one by one into the plastic box. His flaming red hair had always made Martin have a sinking feeling inside. It was such a bold color especially when the light hit his hair just right making it glow with orange highlights. Leanne had dyed his hair red after his little scuffle with her before his wedding day. To him it was her way of retaliating. That and the knob brushing she gave him, but she claimed it was nothing more than a fashion statement and she adored him as a redhead.

Leanne took her time today as she teased his hair into a huge frizzed mass of hair, and then sprayed it. She smiled at the wild look of his hair standing wildly teased on his head. She lifted Martin’s chin as she was smiling.

“Look at yourself in the mirror ma’am.” Martin raised his eyes to see the huge mass of teased hair then lowered them again. Leanne giggled to herself, picking up a comb and placing box of bobbi pins next to the chair.

“You think this is all funny don’t you?” Martin said in a authoritative tone, but his eyes tearing up. “I don’t think it’s funny at all Leanne. I’m a person not a joke.”

After all he was the so called male/mistress of the house now and he did have a lot of new found authority, even the ability to fire staff members, which he had done earlier in the week just to prove to himself and others he could do it. He also found that he had little authority when it came to Leanne or Lisa. Their orders came straight from the Baron himself, and they were given a lot of freedom to use best judgement when it came to Martin.

“Oh no. It’s not funny at all ma’am. It’s all very exciting though. Don’t you think?” she said as she now tucked and pinned his hair. “I’m creating a masterpiece with your appearance today so that a well known painter can paint a portrait of you that will hang in the family foyer for all to see. Your image will be immortalized there.”

Martin’s hands gripped the ends of the arms of the chair. The thought of this feminized image of himself hanging boldly in the front entry was now sapping the last bit of male dignity he had left. After two weeks of this aggressive treatment he had a hard time even remembering how he used to look as a man, after only seeing himself in full makeup day after day. This also had the ring of long term intentions for him on their part.

Leanne continued her work on Martin’s hair, remembering each detail so it could be reproduced daily. There was a knock at the door and then Lisa stuck here head in.

“Well good morning Lady Vargos. And how are you this morning?” she said in her youthful but cheery voice.

Lisa was dressed in jeans and a white blouse. She wore a pair of platform slides with three inch heels. Her hair hung over her shoulders, parted in the middle with swept bangs across her forehead.

Martin didn’t like Lisa. He liked her even less that he did Leanne. She was so young and this seemed to be more of a game to her. He didn’t understand that even if all this was true, why they would allow such a young girl to be in charge of his training in social skills. After all to Leanne it was all a process of feminizing this man so he would fit into his role as a male wife and be placed into society according to the plans that were already in place for him.

Lisa though, wanted Martin to actually be a girl it seemed. She wanted him to think and act like a girl. She always referred to him as a girl, and even pushed the limits of the plans for Martin when she had the opportunity. She didn’t seem at all embarrassed being seen with him in public places, or making a scene with him in public that drew attention. She always accompanied him when he went out. Leanne often had to restrain Lisa’s enthusiasm, or calm her down and reminder her what she was suppose to be doing when she got too zealous in her endeavors.

“Are you ready to bring the dress in?” Leanne asked looking up from the styling.

“I have it right here on the dress stand,” she giggled pulling it in the room behind her. “Isn’t it beautiful?” Martin lowered his eyes after seeing the dress. His image was going to be immortalized and placed in a portrait, then hung in a place of prominence for the entire public to see and admire. A portrait of him wearing that very same designer dress.

Invitations that would go out for future galas, parties, charities and social events, holiday greeting cards, and any other correspondence would all have the image of him in that dress on them. Martin took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment knowing full well he could nothing about it. He was just a pawn in this game.

“An original design just for you by Felix.” Lisa clapped her hands in excitement. “How very special. Felix will be by to make sure the dress is fitted properly,” Lisa said, then she approached Martin who was strapped securely in the chair.

“How nice,” Leanne said looking up from her task. “Felix has done a beautiful job on that dress,” Leanne commented as she returned to her work on his hair. “Felix is the top designer for women’s dresses and gowns in your social group Lady Vargos.” Leanne said.

“Felix is a wonderful designer, but I think he’s such a fag,” Lisa said with dismissive gesture. “And how is our girl doing today? Anything new? Hmmmm?” Lisa said as she reached and pulled back Martin’s robe to reveal his penis laying limp between his spread legs. Martin jumped in his restraints as she reached and picked up his penis giving it a quick shake.

“Nope, it’s still here I see,” she said grinning as she released her grip and then she covered him back up with the robe. “How have those concubines been treating you this week Lady Vargos? I just saw one of them this morning as he was leaving. I must say he appeared to have a very satisfied look on his face.”

“How would you like it if two men had their way with you every night fucking your brains out under the pretense of comforting you as concubines?” Martin said through gritted teeth in anger.

“Well Lady Vargos, I think that would be just so exciting,” Lisa said pretending to swoon at the thought.

“That will be enough of that Lisa. Lady Vargos needs to have his toes redone this morning. Do you know when Brittney will get here?”

“Just talked with her on the phone. She’s on her way now,” Lisa said. “Getting your toenails painted by Brittney today. I bet your very excited about that. She’s such a cute girl.”

“Yeah. I can’t wait.” Martin didn’t even look at her.

“Well. We seem a little cranky this morning Lady Vargos. What’s wrong? Is it that time of month for you? Hmmm? Do we need a tampon today?” she said grinning ear to ear. “You have tampons in the vanity you know.”

“Leave me alone,” he hissed.

“Oh that’s right. You don’t have those monthly issues do you. I almost forgot, with you looking so pretty day in and day out, and you wearing sanitary pads. Oh, but that’s for other reasons isn’t it Lady Vargos.” Her finger touched his cheek.

Martin snapped his head away from her only to have it firmly put back in place by Leanne.

“Hmmm. Then it must be because your husband has been gone for so long and you’ve missed him so much,” she taunted him now. “Well don’t you worry. He’s back in town you know. He and his concubine Tiffany spent the night in the master suite. I’m sure he’s anxious to catch up where the two of you left off.”

“Lisa, please go and get the rest of his attire,” Leanne said giving Lisa a firm look.

Lisa gave Martin a satisfied smile as she left the room to get the rest of Martin’s clothes for the painting.

“I hate that cunt. Why can’t I fire her. She’s a useless bitch,” Martin said after she had left the room.

“Now, now Mrs. Vargos. Lisa just get’s a little too excited sometimes, but she does have a job to do.”

“I’d like to see how she reacts to getting violated by two guys all night, every night and then forced to sit strapped in this chair being degraded by other people. Bet she wouldn’t like it. I’m not sitting here strapped in this chair because I like it.”

“She does say things at the wrong time I grant you, but everything she said is true. She just needs to learn when to say things and when not to say things. She’s young and you are the first male bride she’s worked with. We all have to start somewhere you know.”

“So I have to be the guinea pig for her learning process on how to demoralize and humiliate men into being good little girls for their men? Is that it?” he said in a sarcastic falsetto voice at the end of his statement.

Leanne laughed.

“Well yes. Since you put it that way. She doesn’t realize how gradually this has to be done sometimes.”

“She’s still a cunt,” Martin spat out.

“She’s learning.”

Leanne then took the curly hairpiece that matched Martin’s hair color perfectly and place it on top of the curls she had already pinned in place on top of his head. She then blended the hair in creating a high fashion updo, with his hair pulled up tight on the back and sides of his head, to be topped with a high mound of luxurious curls sprayed very firmly into place. Two tendril curls hung in front of each ear. Leanne looked at the finished do. She held Martin’s chin up again.

“Well, what do you think Mrs. Vargos? Do you like it?” she asked.

“About what I would have expected you to do to me,” Martin said looking at the extravagant hairdo his hair was now styled into. He wasn’t sure if it was glamorous, elegant, or just plain over the top extreme 70′s. But then again Martin, even though he was male, was the reluctant fashion trend setter for the women in his community.

He looked up again at the flaming red hair, as Leanne sprayed it again. Leanne took a very ornate tierra and placed in the front of Martin’s hairdo right where the curls started, and pinned in place. Martin’s eyes lowered once again after seeing the final humiliating results. It was going to be so embarrassing wearing such an extravagant hairdo. Nobody would wear this styling that Leanne had given him, at least not publicly and he knew it.

Leanne put a small cape around his neck.

“It’s time for your make up. Any request?” she asked holding the foundation in her hand waiting for his reply.

“How about you let me go and have Lisa take my place,” he said in a mono tone voice.

“Sure. Just as soon as we get your make up done,” she said cheerfully and then began applying his makeup. Leanne took her time applying the face that would be forever hanging in the foyer with the other family members. She shadowed his eyelids and applied false eyelashes, tweezed his eyebrows some more, lined his eyes, and blushed out his cheeks. She looked at the finished product.

“We will put your lipstick on just before you are escorted out for your sitting.” she said seeming satisfied with the results.

Brittney showed up just as Martin’s makeup was being finished.

“Hi,” she said. Brittney looked like she was still in high school, but she was actually 21 and had received her cosmetology license right after she left high school. She had very long straight black hair that hung to the middle of her back. She wore little makeup but had a beautiful glow about her. She wore white capris that covered her knees and a pair of jeweled flat sandals that displayed her pink toenails beautifully.

Martin was tilted back slightly in the chair so his toes were offered to her more easily for his pedicure. Leanne braced his neck so his hair didn’t touch anything, and made moving his head difficult.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Leanne said as she left the room.

“How are you today sir?” Brittney asked as she began removing the nailpolish from Martin’s toenails.

“Doesn’t it bother you at all knowing that you are doing this to a man against his wishes?” he asked watching her remove the nailpolish.

“No sir, not at all,” she looked up at him and smiled, putting toe spreaders between his toes. “A man’s toes polish and look just as pretty as a girls toes.”

Martin said nothing after that as Brittney began the procedure on his toenails that was special for today.

Leanne came in later after Brittney had finished and left the house. Lisa was right behind her. Looking at his toes as they entered the room Leanne had to stop for a second.

“Oh my goodness,” she said looking down at Brittney’s finished work. Lisa was less impressed though.

“She needs toe rings on those toes,” Lisa giggled. “Don’t worry Lady Vargos, I’ll make sure we Jezzebel those toes real nice for you, though Brittney did get you started very nicely.”

Martin felt the straps being loosened, and finally the waist strap was removed and he was helped to his feet.

She burst laughing as she was straitening her skirt. She loved pushing her stools in his mouth, the feeling of relief; his lips were so tender on his asshole and the cleaning with his tongue so sensual. It was an unexpected bonus of this human toilet.

He would have liked to kiss those long bared legs, he refrain to ask her not wanting to displease her. He started a load of washing, while he was cleaning the house with the vacuum.

“Slave, come here.”

He went to the living room.

“Lie down on the sofa, I want to sit on you.”

She sat her full weight on his stomach that was still full of his earlier meal; he knew that he would need the toilet soon.

She was reading his e-mail again:

“I am not into pain for your punishment, and it is not in your story that you sent to me last week. Am I right that it is not your wish either?”

“Yes, Mistress Diane.”

“Then I will use, restraints for long periods of time, persuasion and humiliation to drive my point home. So far you have been very good.”

“Also, I am informing you that when I will entertain my friends you will be available to them. I know that you had written that it would be a private relationship that our activities would be kept between us. That is your fantasy. Remember; you are my Slave! Not the other way around, so get use to the idea of serving others too.”

I will invite Bridget over; she just had a bad break up she thought.

She called her friend;

“Bridget, how are you?”

“Not to good, I thought the jerk loved me.”

“Don’t let that bum get to you.”

“I know, but I miss him.”

“Why don’t you come over for dinner? We will have veal parmesan, pasta, salad and wine. You could sleep over.”

“Why not, I need to get out of here before going bonkers; I will bring a bottle of white wine. See you soon.”

She got up, and peed in his mouth.

“I want a chicken salad sandwich and iced tea”

He ran to the toilet that shit was getting through him faster. He prepared her lunch and assumed his position in front of her chair, once she was seated on his face;

“Next week, you will for my amusement, eat your meal from a bowl with a spoon. That way, you will be able to chew every bit and get the full flavor. I will provide you with a bottle of my piss to wash it down.”

“Maybe I should offer to Bridget to move in with me temporarily, changing her scenery would help her get over that jerk. Of course you agree Slave?”

He nodded his head sideways, making her laugh.

He finished the washing and drying, put away the clean clothes and went to the kitchen.

Diane walked in saying;

“On your knees, I need to pee.”

He was looking up at her breast, his nose in her pubic hair.

“When Bridget will get here you are to go and greet her at the door.”

He tried to move his head sideways to say no, and spill a little bit of her pee.

“Lick my tight clean, and then lick the floor. I did not ask you for your opinion I gave you an order. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Diane.”

When the floor was cleaned he went back to his diner preparation. The doorbell rang, he went to answered it. He opened the door to a stunning red head, green eyes, beauty; she was tall at 5 feet 10 inches. He had been instructed to kneel down, ask permission to kiss her feet, and wait to act upon her answer.

“You may kiss my feet” Bridget said.

He was so embarrassed to be naked in front of another woman, he had lost his erection, and his circumcised penis was shriveling.

“What a surprise, I nearly drop my bottle of wine, Diane you found a foot kisser”

“Better than that, Bridget, you will see.”

“Slave put this bottle away, and serve us wine.”

He got them a glass of white wine and brought the bottle back to the living room in a wine cooler.

“Lie down on the couch.”

They both sat on him, Diane on his stomach and Bridget on his chest being too shy to sit on his face.

He was crush under these two beauties.

“You can sit on his face Bridget.”

“Diane I have not taken a shower, I am not that clean.”

“Bridget do not care about him.”

“How did you find him?”

“He called to have a therapy and sent me this e-mail by mistake. Here read it. It should calm your inhibitions.”

She gave her a copy of his e-mail, his complexion was turning a nice fire engine red again, feeling embarrassed that another woman, gorgeous mind you, would know about his desires, after the first page Bridget move side way on his face, she smell dirtier than Diane Friday night.

After a couple more pages she lifted her dress and took off her panties and wiggled her ass on his face to Diane’s laughter. He had his nose stuck in her asshole and he breathed with difficulties.

“Have you started his toilet training yet?”

“Yes, since Friday night he his drinking my urine and I started feeding him Saturday morning. He is very eager to please me. He kept everything down. He is not use to the smell yet and he told me he did not like the taste of it.”

“He has a talented tongue that still needs to be educated in cunnilingus.”

“Are you hungry? Bridget”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then we will have to let him go finish his preparations.”

They stood up and he went to prepare their dinner. He came back to tell them it was served and picked up the wine.

“Slave, you will be face sat by Bridget at diner, be good with her.”

She said, laughing at is shy “Yes Mistress.”

Bridget was seated on his face with her asshole on his mouth; all he could see were the globes of her ass cheeks and the fabric of her summer dress.

He tried to push his tongue in her asshole; but she was so nervous that it was closed tight; he wished he could tell her to relax. As if reading his mind Diane said;

“Bridget relax, let him put his tongue in your ass, it is so good to feel it in, back there.”

“Yeah, I am trying, I had gas today and I am trying to hold back at the same time.”

Diane laughed;

“I fart in his mouth when I want to, do not hold back let him have it, remember page 5?”

“Oh yes that is true, he ask for it”

“Bridget the only difference is that there are two of us instead of one, but he is getting the same abuse he wished for. He begged to be my slave. He promised to do anything.”

“You are right” as she relax her sphincter and a fart went out in his mouth.

He pushed his tongue in her.

“This is a good mocha cake, you started cooking?”

“No he is the cook around here; I do not have to lift a finger.”

“Slave we will have coffee in the living room.”

They got up he fixed their coffee and started cleaning the kitchen when Diane called him.

“On your knees I need to pee.”

To Bridget astonishment, he got in position; lifted Diane’s mini skirt put his lips on hers, and audibly drank Diane.

She told Bridget that she wanted her help in training him, so she was welcome to use him.

Bridget asked :

“Do you think I could feed him?”

“Yes you can, if he makes a mess he will clean it up anyway. You only have to sit on his face and let go. Take your time it is quite a good feeling, enjoy the moment.”

Diane ordered;

“Slave lay your head on the couch, your stomach should not growl tonight.”

Bridget sat on his face and slowly pushed a small stool in his mouth and kept gently pushing until he had swallowed it. Then she pushed another one, after three small ones, she told him to lick her clean.

Diane was right; she liked the feeling of his lips on her asshole and the cleaning with his tongue felt great.

She got up, he was looking at another super ass topping long shapely legs and he had an erection, even if he was feeling bloated and queasy again, Diane said;

“Look Bridget he liked it.”

She said looking at his erection. They both laugh as he exited to the kitchen.

He cleaned up the place and used the bathroom. Bridget was also gorgeous, but her shit had left an aftertaste worse than Diane’s. He had managed to keep it down with great efforts. He still felt stuffed up as he brushed his teeth.

“Slave, come here.” He heard Bridget calling.

“On your back, I need to pee.” Bridget ordered.

“It is part of your training, slave, it will be my turn after.” Diane said.

He was looking up the long, beautiful legs of Bridget as she was straddling his head, sitting down on his chest before moving her cunt to his mouth to pee. Her flow was strong, but he was getting better at this, and kept up with her.

“Lick me clean.”

Then instead of getting up she move down on his body. Once seated on his thighs she put a cock ring on him.

Now, he was looking at Diane’s ass, topping her shapely legs, it was coming closer to his face. She made sure that her cunt was on his mouth, lifted her ass a little, and started peeing.

“Diane can I ride him? I am so horny.”

“Bridget, stop asking my permission to do whatever you want to him. He is our slave, for us to use. I have to go out for about an hour. Do not kill him or hurt him too badly”

“Diane you are a good friend, I will take care of him.”

Diane went in her bedroom to put on panties. She grabbed her keys, she would go to the coffee shop, and one hour should suffice.

She liked sitting on his face and feel a stool enter his mouth, knowing he was swallowing. She loved the power.

He had a talented tongue his rimming abilities were above par. She had enjoyed her week end. The best of all was is gourmet cooking.

Bridget took off her dress and sat back on his chest moving her sex to his mouth.

“Show me how talented you are at cunnilingus.”

After a few orgasms on his face she move back on his penis, when he was in her, she rode him to a few more. He could not come with that ring. He wished he could take it off.

“Slave! Do not touch that ring. I will buy you a chastity belt. Now lick my ass.”

Bridget said as she was engulfing his face in her ass. He could see her hair coming down to the middle of her back, between her nice round cheeks.

He was excited to the point of bursting, he felt so lucky, and they were more beautiful than he had ever dreamed of. He hoped that he would satisfy them enough that they would keep him.

She got up, put her dress back on and sent him to a cold shower. She sat on the couch and picked up the copy of his e-mail. Bridget decided to accept Diane’s offer to live here for a while. She would enjoy using him; he was good at cunnilingus, a favorite of hers, and of his also, according to what she was reading. She had ridden him tonight, because she needed to be fuck once in a while.

Part 1 — The challenge

It was that time of the evening again; late, just after ten, the time Laura would finally climb out of the pool and call it a day. Whenever she left the pool she appeared to glide rather than walk, like she was parading before an audience on a clothes show catwalk. But except for me there was no audience, and there were never any clothes; just two thin gold bands on her right wrist and a Rolex on her left. But that was how she was; five foot eight without any shoes; one hundred and thirty five pounds without any clothes, she had a body as tight, taut and toned as the strings of the finest guitar. Looking at her now it was difficult to believe her age; thirty seven in two day’s time

She stretched right out, made herself comfortable on a low reclining chair, took a sip of wine from the glass by her seat. It was all part of the same ritual she went through every evening before bed; the swim, the glass of wine and finally the late night trim. She favored a landing strip no more than a centimeter wide, and last thing at night, as regular as clockwork, out would come the scissors, the small razor with the foam and bowl, and finally the trimmer with the grade one blade; she preferred something you saw rather than felt, something that would look little more than an overnight shadow.

The evening was like most others; quiet, relaxed, reflective. That is, it was until that question.

“Do you ever have fantasies Steven?” she asked

The question came right out of the blue. There had been no prior warning, no hints, and no background; just suddenly there it was, out in the open and up for discussion.

“Sometimes I guess; everybody must do occasionally.” I replied

Laura had put the trimmer down and was now looking neat and cute, showing nothing more than the lightest growth of stubble. And that’s when she started to tell me about a fantasy that had been playing around in her head for a while, about a game she dreamed of playing; a game of chance and consequence.

I was intrigued by what had brought it on, but she did not say. Maybe it was something she had seen in a film, read in a book; if it was, she was not letting on.

“There you are, it could not be simpler” she purred after she finished. “We give each other three fantasy challenges. We write them down, we read them, and then give each other five minutes to decide; if you don’t like one of my challenges then you can rule it out, but if you do, then I get the right to rule out one of yours. If you want to rule out more than one, fine, but of course again I get to match you; with it so far?”

I nodded

“To pick a winner we simply each take a playing a card, highest number wins – - – then it’s just a matter of the winner making one more decision; picking which challenge is to be carried out; simple huh”

It all seemed so simple, so easy, and so impossible to argue with

Laura sat up and turned to face me, smiled as she watched me take in the splendor of her body; the full firm breasts standing out unaided from her chest, the toned arms and legs; the firm and deliciously round butt.

“I know it’s a little presumptuous,” she simpered, knowing that now she had my fullest attention, “but I began thinking about how it might work. The wording of each challenge can’t be too detailed” she said. “Otherwise, with six challenges, even if it was practicable, which I doubt, it would take an eternity to prepare. But if instead we go with just a reasonably detailed outline, then that should work out, after all, if the wording of the challenge is too vague it will simply get ruled out – - – what do you think?”


“What do you mean maybe, I’m only putting a hypothesis to you?”

“Well okay, maybe it would work.”

“You don’t seem that keen”

“I’m open minded”

“So would you at least think about it?”

Again I nodded; she seemed to have it all worked out, like she had been thinking about it for quite a long time.

But I was intrigued, and detecting a slight twitch in my crotch, thought over what she had said

“Just one question” I said, “as each challenge will only be an outline, presumably the person who has to perform the challenge will have to wait a day or two before they are provided with full details?”

“Right, a day or two is probably a minimum; could be a week if a location is distant and the itinerary intricate.”

For a moment we just relaxed in our own space; then she slowly lowered herself down into her reclining chair again and turned her head toward me.

“So are you up for it?”

I looked her in the eye

“Why not,” I said raising my glass

She returned my salute and our glasses briefly touched; “So when shall we play?”

“I’ll let you decide.”

She smiled

“Let’s play tomorrow evening; bring your three challenges with you and I will have my own neatly typed out.

With that Laura emptied her glass of its few remaining drops and wished me good night.

I guess you would say we are a couple of our time; independent, focused, disciplined, driven, insular and largely disconnected socially from those around us. We live well; a house set in ten acres with five bedrooms and three bathrooms and, as our very own personal indulgencies, a games room (me); a pool (both) and a gym and sauna (mostly her). We live an hour’s drive from Edinburgh, where she works as a senior commodities broker. I’m an ideas man, working mainly from home designing computer games. As you can probably guess, we both have trophy vehicles; no indulgence is too great for either of us as we search for the new “must have.”

The next day, Laura had an early start; she needed to be in Edinburgh by eight for one of those fashionable breakfast business meetings. After ninety minutes in the gym, she had showered, dressed and had her usual breakfast of a slice of whole meal bread, a kiwi fruit and a glass of water, before my feet had even hit the bedroom floor

I showered, dressed and started to think about the previous evening, but nothing new came to mind; I had absolutely no clue what had brought it all on. I remained confused, intrigued but mostly strangely excited as to how her game would play out in the cold light of day

Three challenges, three levels of difficulty, that’s how it would work I decided. Strange thing was, one of the challenges was already forming in my mind, brought about by a one off incident that had occurred the previous week.

That morning Laura had used my car to take her to work and I had taken her car in for a small routine replacement of a light bulb. Collecting it later, I got into conversation with Alan, one of the mechanics. After discussing the car, football and the weather, he went off at a tangent to talk about his niece. Apparently she was organising a party for her boyfriend’s eighteenth birthday party and wanted to surprise him and their friends with a stripper. I think he told me all this, a relative stranger, simply because his niece had just been on the phone to him and it was on his mind. Anyway, the point of the story was that try as she might, she just could not get hold of a stripper for that particular evening.

Apparently she had taken him into her confidence because on one occasion she had seen him coming out of a strip club. When she brought it up, he quickly assured her it was a one off visit and he too would have no idea where to find a stripper at short notice.

The memory had me thinking though, and it wasn’t long before I picked up the phone and called the garage.

“Wilson’s Garage, George speaking, how can I help?”

“Hi George, Steve Harding, is Alan about?”

“Hang on, I’ll get him”

The phone went dead for a few moments, and then I heard Alan’s voice

“Alan here, nothing wrong with your wife’s car I hope?”

“No it’s fine. I’m phoning about that conversation we had the other day about your niece.”

For a moment there was silence

“My niece huh – - – give me a clue, at the moment it’s not registering?”

“She was looking for a stripper.”

“Ah right, now I remember.”

Did she find one?”

“No I think she gave up, tried everywhere; you would think in these tough times there would be plenty about, but apparently not; at least she couldn’t find one.”

“That’s why I was phoning, I may be able to help”

“Really, shall I give her a ring, let her know; her name is Lisa by the way?”

“Yes by all means, if she is still interested get her to phone me, you have my number somewhere.”

It was less than thirty minutes later that the phone rang and I heard a female voice on the other end

“Hallo Mr. Harding its Lisa, Alan passed on your message. I believe he has told you the story; it was just something to surprise Grant, my boyfriend, on his eighteenth. I keep looking but just can’t find anybody, bit disappointing really, but Alan says you may be able to help.”

“First of all call me Steve. Next, tell me what sort of person you looking for and what you expect from them – - – don’t be shy, I’m an adult and I’ve seen my fair share of strippers; the good, the bad and the ugly.”

I heard her giggle as only teenagers do.

“Well it’s like this Mr – - – ”

“Call me Steve”

“Sorry, well Steve as I was saying, it’s like this. It’s Grants eighteenth birthday on Saturday and I wanted to give him a real good surprise, you know something he would remember for a long time.” She started to giggle again, “and maybe embarrass him just a tiny bit too.”

She paused for a moment to collect her thoughts and focus her mind

“Since you asked, I guess I’m looking for someone that’s young, good looking, and has a real fit body.”

She sounded a little diffident, like she was finding it a bit embarrassing going through her mental checklist

“And I suppose, if it’s possible, we would really like someone that will go all the way, you know, be naked at some point”

“That all sounds very reasonable,” I replied, “and the person I’m thinking about ticks all those boxes, except possibly one; how young is young to a teenager Lisa”

“Never really thought about it – - – teens, early twenties I suppose.”

“Lisa, this woman is thirty seven, but don’t be put off. She looks great and has a body to die for – - – I know, I’ve seen it, and maybe, because she has a little bit of experience, she might even show you teenagers a new trick or two as well.”

Again Lisa giggled, went silent for a few moments, then, in almost a whisper replied

“Do you think she would do it for us Steve?”

“I know she would Lisa; now give me the address and the time you want her there and leave everything else to me – - – oh and don’t worry about payment, call it my treat.”

“Wow thanks Mr. Smith – - – sorry, Steve,”

After she had given me details of the address and the time, I put down the phone, slumped into a chair and allowed a wide smirk to pass across my face. One down two to go. Thirty minutes later and I had the outline for the other two.

First challenge

Go to the main shopping mall in the centre of Perth. Wear a loose, sleeveless, low cut top, with no bra underneath; together with a cotton skirt to reach midway down your thigh and underneath a pair of silk panties. Order all these items from the Teenagers Party Gear website and show me the voucher. Proceed to the menswear department of one of the department stores — I will decide which later. Take off your panties, roll them into a ball, and carry them in one hand back to the main concourse. There you will deposit them in the first trash bin you see. Return to the department store, go down to the basement and take the up escalator, right up to the top floor, so that, unless you are very careful, anyone who is interested can see the top of your legs. Then return to the menswear department and select a half a dozen pairs of men’s briefs .Go to the men’s changing room and ask the male assistant which one he likes best. When he has chosen, you will insist that before paying for them, he sees you in them to confirm that they suit you — you can justify this bizarre behavior as you wish; I will be in the department to watch

Second challenge

You will go to Murphy’s Bar by the docks in Edinburgh. Wear a sleeveless cotton top that will stop at your midriff, a mid thigh length leather skirt, and stilettos with three inch heels. There are several open nights coming up when they will be recruiting pole dancers and lap dancers — I want you to go to one looking the part. I vaguely know the man recruiting and he will recognize you by what you are wearing and will make sure, that not only do you get to be a contestant, but he will also arrange the scores so that you get through to the evening’s final — I will be in the audience in support!

During the day my mind alternated between the three challenges, but I kept coming back to Lisa and the stripper; I knew this was the challenge I would choose. But I needed to find the right dress for Laura to wear. Finally I found what I was looking for; a website called Naughty Teenagers Party Wear. I slowly worked my way through the scanty clothes on offer, and then suddenly it was there in front of me; on a page of its own under the banner — WOULD YOU DARE WHERE THIS DRESS.

Below, its special attractions were featured.

This halter neck dress, in fine silver silk thread, is for the girl with the courage of her convictions. It is made up of hundreds of small loops, each one produced from three strands of fine silk thread twisted around itself and knotted to the adjoining loop; each loop is a centimeter across. A small cotton pad in matching color is sewn into the bust of the dress to provide some support underneath the breasts and extends to around the nipples.

The dress is fixed from just below the shoulder blades to the bottom of the spine, by two sets of four eyelets and a row of hooks attached to the tapes on either side of the open back of the dress, the rows of eyelets being set two millimeters apart

The halter straps can be adjusted to arrive at the right height/amount of cleavage desired

The dress weighs only two ounces and can be folded and carried to and from a party in a small evening bag

The dress comes with a silk G String in matching silver color.

I had a partial erection simply looking at the model shown on the website, so incredibly bare was the dress, with the wearers nakedness barely concealed by the minimal G String and small under breast support which left most of her albeit small breasts fully on display.

There would be no argument; this was the dress Laura would wear.

I phoned the contact number shown and a young woman answered

“Lorraine, can I help?”

I told her about the garment that interested me.

“First of all” she said, “this dress is a limited edition and only made in a very limited size range. As you can see from the picture, I think it is fair to say that it leaves very little to the imagination, and for that reason, and at a price of £250, this dress is for a very discerning market. The demand for it comes from people who have money and are usually people who rely on their appearance for their livelihood,” she did not specify who she had in mind, before adding, “and whose figures are nigh perfect. You can imagine that any surplus flesh will be readily apparent and that the tolerance in fitting is that between the two rows of eyes and hooks; two millimeters. I am telling you all this because we like our customers to fully understand the nature of our products. Who would you be purchasing the dress for Mr. Harding?” “A Friend.”

“Is your friend an entertainer?”


“But you feel, to use the phrase on our website, that she will be able to “wear it with conviction.” she paused for a moment. “She must have a wonderful figure Mr. Harding”

“She does.”

“So you would like to proceed with the order?”


“Good. Now as I said at the beginning, we have a limited size range for this particular dress and the fitting measurements are more extensive and more precise than for, shall I say a normal day dress.”

I provided all the details from memory; it was helpful that Laura had an obsession about her personal statistics and would often ask me to help measure her waist, hips, chest, ass, thighs and calves.

There was silence for a few moments while she checked my numbers against the specifications retained on her computer.

Then she was back to me. “Yes Mr. Harding, whilst those measurements are at the edge of our range, we can help you. The details you have provided indicate a slightly curvier figure than the typical teenager has; fuller breasts, more rounded ass, if you understand, frankly a figure more like that of a fully developed woman, yet obviously in great condition to be able to fit into the dress.

“Quite, so I can place an order?”

“Of course Mr. Harding, would you like delivery today by courier, I sense some urgency in your voice and the charge, bearing in mind the cost of the dress, is very modest?”

“You read my mind like a book Loraine.”

And with that I completed my order.

The courier delivered the small package just after six in the evening and immediately I put it away at the bottom of my sock drawer.

It was just over an hour later, a little after seven, when I heard the crunch of Porsche tyres on gravel, then the echo of stilettos on stone slabs. The front door opened and I heard Laura call up that she was home.

We kissed briefly on the cheek, and while I finished preparing the evening meal, she changed into a short robe ready for the pool later.

Little was said over dinner. We spoke briefly about a business trip to South America she had coming up and that was about it. When she had finished eating, she slipped off her robe and made her way to the pool; no talk about any game to be played.

I decided to read while I waited to try and block out the images that kept entering my head; sexual images of Laura naked with teenagers their hands all over her body, her hands round their cocks. Thirty minutes passed, then forty five and still she was in the pool and still the images were filling my head. Just over an hour had passed when I heard the soft sound of her feet. As on the previous evening, she stretched out in the reclining chair, and filled her wine glass from the bottle in the chiller I had left by her chair. Then she picked up the razor and sprayed on some foam, before slowly shaving it away into a small bowl. Finally she took hold of the trimmer and started to neaten her strip. Then it was over, the job complete. She looked up, her face completely relaxed, not a care in the world. She smiled as she went to the robe lying over the back of her chair and fished a small piece of paper out of the right hand pocket.

“Do you have your list?” she asked

She moved to sit on the rug that lay in front of the hearth and as she lowered her body and sat with her legs pulled back underneath her, I joined her; we were no more than two feet apart

I took my list out from the pages of the book where it had been kept as a bookmark, and exchanged it for the list she was offering. Instead of immediately reading it, I watched her eyes skim over my list of challenges, then saw a small smile playing around the corners of her mouth when she let it fall on the rug.

The outline of her challenges was much briefer than mine, and because of that much vaguer. I skimmed the text and then also let her list fall to the carpet. Now I knew her challenges, now I had to decide whether to rule any out. Her eyes looked straight into mine, they held no clue, and her face gave nothing away.

Four minutes passed before the silence was broken

“One more minute then we have to decide” she said

Then she announced that time was up; that decision time had arrived, and that she wasn’t ruling out any of my challenges. A small smiled played around the corners of her mouth as she spoke, she knew she was testing me; did I have the balls not to rule out any of her challenges. I knew the answer and she knew the answer; she had backed me into a corner, knew however apprehensive I might be about her challenges, that I would not want to appear a wimp.

“No same for me” I said, trying to inject a hint of bravado into my voice.

The small smile still continued to play around the corners of her mouth and her eyes still bore into me, but now they seemed to be brighter and dancing with light.

“So shall I get the cards?”

I nodded, my heart was racing.

I watched as she took the cards out of the packet

“Here they are” she said, “a new pack”. She cut them in two and fanned them out in front of me. For a moment she just held them there, didn’t say anything; just looked right at me.

“Sure you still want to go through with this?”

“Why not,” I replied. I was trying with some difficulty to sound confident, offhand, but in the event only succeeded in sounding confrontational.

Her eyes widened as if in surprise

“Because this is it; if you take a card, then there is no going back. So are you sure?”

This time I simply nodded.

She extended the cards towards me and I selected a card from somewhere near the middle of the fan. At the same moment as she withdrew the cards and manipulated them back into a pack, I took a quick look at the card and put it face down in front of me.

She watched me closely

“How confident do you feel” she asked.

she folded up her right leg and bent her head forward so her chin was now rested on her knee.

The distance between us had halved; she had moved into my space. Her eyes were looking up at me, big, round, seemingly opaque. Consciously or unconsciously, and I was in no fit state to judge which, her thighs had parted slightly as she moved her body, and for some strange and perverse reason this focused my attention solely on her eyes and on what she had asked.

“Pretty confident” I replied

“How’s that” she purred, “is it the card or something else?”

“Ah, that would be telling, except that a one in a million encounter happened last week which gave me an idea for one of the challenges.”

“Really, so you are thinking that fate might be on your side.”

This time it was my turn to smile

“Let’s wait and see how the cards fall.”

She too smiled and passed the cards over. I shuffled, cut and fanned them out in front of her.

“Widen the fan a little” she asked, her eyes moving over the cards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forward. Then she made her choice; a card from almost at the right end of the fan of cards as she looked at them. She looked at it, and then laid it face down in front of her.

“All done” she said

“Shall we turn over the cards?” I asked. My mouth felt dry and I could hardly hear the words I was saying.

She nodded and without further word we each turned over our card; slowly, synchronizing the movement, so that we would each know our fate at the exact same time.

Then it was over and I watched as the grin slowly crossed her face; watched as she picked up my list and slowly shredded it into a dozen pieces; watched as she rose to her feet, her nipples hard and erect from her moment of victory. She looked down at me, hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, head tilted back.

“What a pity there can only be one winner” she said, “but there it is, that’s life” before adding as she turned away, “now I must get some sleep.”

And then she was gone.

I looked at the two cards on the rug; at my eight of spades and her Queen of Hearts, then at her list of challenges. I tried to guess at what was behind the ambiguities, and which one she would choose, but everything seemed too vague, too many possible outcomes. I left them for a while and tried to get back into my book, but it didn’t work, so I read the three challenges again.

You will go to a wood of my choosing and when you are there you will find your real self

You will join an arts group and assist them in developing their skills; including helping them discover new forms of modern art

You will make arrangements for me and a friend to spend a weekend away.

They all seemed innocent pursuits, but I sensed that the words I had read were merely the tips of three icebergs; a shiver ran through my body, a mixture of excitement on the one hand and apprehension, the fear of the unknown, on the other.

Then my cock went hard.

I heard her voice repeat my name several times, each time with an increasing irritation, which suggested, while in the shower, I had been oblivious to her calling.

“Coming” I shouted down the stairs

She sat at the kitchen table sipping a glass of water. In front of her were a half eaten kiwi fruit and half a slice of bread.

She looked up as I approached

“Steven, do you know a woman called Lisa?”

“Yes, vaguely” I mumbled.

“Well she has just been on the phone, talking about changing some time you had agreed with her. I told her you were in the shower; she said she would phone back. “

“Excellent” I said trying to sound cheerful

She looked at me as if she were weighing me up

“She also said something about you taking a woman to her house.”

“Really, I wonder what she meant”

“I would think exactly what she said, that she wanted to change the time you were taking some woman to her house – - – Steven, you wouldn’t be hiding anything from me would you?”

“Well – - – “

“Well what Steven.”

“Well I think I had better explain”

She smiled

“Your best answer so far.”

She waited while I collected my thoughts. The difficulty was that whilst Lisa hadn’t mentioned anything about a party, and so there was no reason why Laura should connect it to the challenge, she had said sufficient to make Laura curious, and when Laura was curious she was like a dog with a bone. I decided to come clean and tell her the connection between the phone call and the challenge.

She listened impassively as I recounted the details

“Is that everything?”she asked

“Everything but a dress I bought, which I’m sure I can send back”

“Let me get this right, and do stop me if I’m getting anything wrong. You arrange with this lady that I will perform as a stripper at her friends’ teenage party, for which purpose you have bought me a dress to wear. And you organize all this in the confident belief, now found to be misplaced, that you would win the game. Have I got it basically right?”

I nodded

“So when are you going to tell her it’s not on?”

“As soon as you leave”

She was silent for a moment as she finished off the last piece of Kiwi fruit and drank the remainder of the water.

“Do you have the dress?”

I nodded

“Let me see it, I’m intrigued”

I fetched the dress, still in its packaging and placed it on the table in front of her. She picked it up and started to remove the outer packaging.

“Goodness Steven, it seems so small and light, what have you purchased?”

She removed all the packaging and held it up in front of her.

“Well, well Steven, I don’t know whether to be horrified that you would even consider asking me to wear this in public, or flattered that it would occur to you, that at my age I could still get into a dress for teenagers”

“And look great.” I added

She smiled. “Don’t push your luck Steven; you’re still in very hot water.

She paused to think

“So what do we do?” she said absentmindedly talking to herself. “Maybe we should go through with it after all; otherwise you will be letting Lisa down. What do you think?”

“Well Lisa will be very happy that’s for sure.”

She smiled

“And no doubt you also will be very happy and also relieved that you don’t have to phone her and explain what you have been up to”

I nodded, trying to look suitably chastened.

“However,” she went on, “my helping you out of a hole will come at a cost. Instead of doing just one of my challenges, you will now do two. I assume you have no problem with that?”

In my position you take what you can get

“No problem at all” I replied stoically

Laura got to her feet and announced she was leaving for work

As she closed the door she shouted back at me; “don’t forget to speak to Lisa about the time,”

Then she was gone

It was evening and she had just slipped out of her robe ready for the pool

“Steven, be a dear” she called out; “can you organize a couple of full length mirrors. Time’s running out; with the party on Saturday, I really need to check out the dress tonight.”

Moments later she was in the water

By the time she returned I had wheeled two full length mirrors into place.

She slipped on the G String, then pulled the dress down over her head

“Can you help” she asked

I moved behind her and started fixing the hooks through the second row of eyelets.

“Stop” she ordered, “The dress is too tight. Can’t you see it is puckering up?

I squinted, if there were any puckering it was hardly visible

“Try the first row”

I now threaded the hooks through the first row of eyelets and moved around to the front to lift the halter neck tapes into place. The tapes could be adjusted on three settings, and after some trial and error she decided that she was content with the second setting

Now she was dressed. If I was excited by the picture of the model in the internet advert of the dress, then the vision in front of me of Laura in the dress was on a completely different level.

“So what do you think; does your cock say it all?” she said, smiling at the bulge in my trousers.

“Quite amazing, how does it feel?”

“The weight is extraordinary; it’s as if you are wearing nothing”. She giggled for a moment at the thought of what she had said. “And the fit, well the fit is perfect”

As I had anticipated her breasts, both from the front, with its low cut, and the side, with the exception of the small areas around her nipples, were totally exposed. Again as I had anticipated, the bottom edge of the dress extended to maybe two or three inches below her butt.

“You just wouldn’t believe it” she said, observing herself in the mirrors. “It’s like wearing a second skin”

I could see what she meant, not only were there no gaps between her skin and the dress, but the dress sat perfectly; no bulges, no puckering or stretching of the material. It was indeed the perfect fit

For the next twenty minutes she moved slowly between the mirrors; one in front of her one behind, all the while checking from every angle; the look when she was seated; when she was moving; walking, stretching, squatting. It seemed like every possible permutation of position had been explored, before finally she finished.

She climbed into bed; her heart racing, adrenaline flowing, she was as horny as a cat on a hot tin roof. Ten minutes later and she had masturbated herself to sleep.

“Are you ready” I called out, “it’s gone nine, if you want to arrive on time we should be leaving.”

“Coming” she called out

She descended the stairs wearing a knee length linen skirt and sleeveless cotton blouse, and carrying over her arm, a matching linen jacket. Everything was in matching neutral colors. Along with modest high heeled shoes, she was suitably dressed as a thirty seven year old; you could have described the outfit as classic, it was one of those outfits you could equally wear to work, she possibly had. Fact is you could wear it anywhere and feel comfortable, and that feeling of reassuring, simple, comfort was what she needed.

As we left she slipped on her jacket and picked up her hand bag. We were on our way; her night’s adventure had started.

She spoke little during the fifty minute journey, just the odd word in reply to conversations I had started on the weather, films on at the cinema, that sort of thing; just silence fillers really. Eventually as each topic quickly faded, the conversation would descend into ever longer periods of silence, and then permanent silence, as I finally gave up on my attempts. I sensed that her mind was somewhere else.

“Two or three minutes and we should be there” I said, half turning toward her as I spoke

She was looking straight ahead, her face expressionless, her hands clasped tightly together on her lap, her feet crossed. I imagined her heart would be beating ten to the dozen, that the adrenaline would be flowing, that her body would be sweating freely. In five minute I would be leaving her for two hours, two hours with strangers half her age.She was about to experience the fear of the unknown.

I kissed her briefly on the cheek, the parting had to be quick, no advantage in lingering. For a brief moment a flash of fear crossed her face and then it was gone. I watched her enter the small terraced house and then I drove slowly away. Ahead of me were two hours to quietly reflect and, aided by a disciplined amount of alcohol, to think more about my challenges still to come.

“I’m Lisa, come in, you must be Laura”

Laura nodded, smiled, and looked around. Ahead was a small hallway, and through the glass door at the end she could see into the Kitchen beyond. To her right, a half open door opened on to what must have been a lounge, from where she could hear the loud sound of young people talking

Lisa held out her arm; “Laura, come and meet those here so far.”

Laura followed Lisa into the room. Other than three or four bean bags dotted randomly around, the rest of the furniture had been stacked against an end wall. There were maybe a dozen young people in two small groups, engrossed in conversation. Laura guessed they would be around eighteen, nineteen, that sort of age. They mainly wore jeans and tee shirts, with the faces of pop stars on the front (boys) or suggestive words across the chest (girls)

“This is Laura” said Lisa pointing to her new acquaintance, “she’s come round to give us a hand.”

They looked up, raised a hand briefly in acknowledgement as she moved through, then went straight back to what they had been talking about a split second earlier. Fact is, a woman, who in that brief moment when they see her, is wearing a linen suit, and could potentially have been one of their parents, was never going to generate a second glance.

Lisa and Laura walked through a door at the end of the room into the kitchen, where a girl was making sandwiches.

Lisa picked up a sandwich and took a bite.

“Alex this is Laura; she’s come to give a hand”

After the briefest of chats, Alex needed little encouragement to give way on sandwich making to Lisa’s new friend.

Now Laura and Lisa were on their own for the first time.

They climbed onto high stools, one on each side of a breakfast bar so they were looking at each other. Their faces no more than a couple of feet apart.

For the first time since she had arrived, Laura got to take a real look at Lisa. She was dressed much like the others she had seen in the lounge; plain black tee shirt, black jeans, white trainers. She also had the same sort of look as the others, a teenager look I guess; short hair, no makeup, slim body, little butt, small perky breasts.

“So is this where you live?” asked Laura

Lisa nodded.”Yes, with my parents, they’ve gone away for the weekend, hence the party.”

“So have you promised to be a good girl while they are away?”

A small smile played around the corners of Lisa’s mouth, “Something like that – - – tell me Laura, are you sure you are still up for this?

Laura felt herself blush slightly

“I suppose I wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t admit to having a few butterflies. But I’m sure if I have a stiff drink just beforehand I’ll be fine.”

Lisa pushed her arms forward on the breakfast bar and held her heads in her hands, her face no more than a foot from Laura’s.

“Are you definitely sure you still want to go ahead Laura- – - look, we’re the only ones who know about this, if you want to pull out, I certainly won’t hold it against you”

For a moment Laura was silent. Then she leaned forward and looked right into Lisa’s eyes.

“No, you can’t just pull out because of a few butterflies, that’s being weak.”

Both of them then leaned back in their chairs, crossed their arms and at the same moment crossed their feet

A broad smile crossed Lisa’s face. “Good, I can’t wait – - – by the way, where is your outfit”

Laura tapped her handbag, “”In here”

“Really, it must be very- – - how can I put it – - shall I say, discreet?”

“Let’s say, very discreet and”, Laura smiled, “let’s leave it at that.”

While they worked on preparing the sandwiches, Lisa told Laura how she had just started at university and was looking to get into something to do with human biology.

Then she sighed. “But my parents’ finances are tight, so maybe it will be a struggle to make it to the end of the course.”

Laura said she hoped everything would work out.

She had immediately taken to the teenager; there was something about her that she could not put her finger on, something enigmatic, and something that made her seem older than her years.

From time to time the doorbell would ring and newcomers would arrive; time was moving on and increasingly Lisa was checking her watch.

Finally she looked across at Laura. “Now that virtually everyone has arrived, we ought to be thinking about getting started. How do you feel?”


“Fancy a shot of something first?”

Laura nodded and Lisa opened one of the kitchen cupboards, “help yourself” she said.

Laura poured herself a glass of brandy and swallowed it down in one long swallow. “Okay, where do I go to change?”

“Follow me.”

She followed Lisa up the stairs and to a small single bedroom. The room contained just a single mattress in the corner of the room, a small stool and a full length mirror

“Harry’s room for latter on” Lisa explained, “till then we can use it. Do you need anything?”

“Just a hand doing up the dress.”

“No problem, you get started and I’ll be back in five minutes.”

As soon as she heard Lisa’s feet descending the chairs, she closed the bedroom door and pulled the curtains. Then she started to undress, folding the clothes as she took them off and piling them unto the stool.

Now she was ready to redress; she opened her handbag, took out the package and extracted the dress and G String; the last thing she wanted now was Lisa returning and finding her stark naked. She swiftly slipped on the G-string and pulled the dress on over her head. She had done as much as she could; now she had to wait for Lisa.

It was barely a couple of minutes later when she heard a quiet knock on the door, followed by Lisa’s smiling face then whole body sliding around the half open door.

As soon as she saw the dress, Lisa let out a low, muted whistle, followed by” wow”, “crikey” and “amazing” in that order.

Before finally adding; “that’s some dress Laura”

For the second time that evening Laura blushed, this time deeply

“How can I help?”

“It’s the hooks at the back, can you see, they do up on the first row”

“Yes, gotcha”

Lisa quickly secured the hooks and stepped back to admire

“Laura, though I can only see a partial reflection in the mirror, and with my own eyes only from behind, I can see more than enough to say you look absolutely amazing – - – but can I try something?”

Laura turned half towards her, a look of slight suspicion on her face

“Is something wrong?”

“Of course not, you look great, but there’s something I would like to try.”

Lisa moved the stool directly in front of the mirror

“If you can kneel on the stool I will show you what I mean”

Laura moved over and knelt on the stool. Lisa took hold of the halter straps and adjusted the length to the third setting. Next she changed the hooks from those in the first to those in the second row.

She stood back and admired the alteration. The effect had been to minimally lower the dress and lift her breasts slightly, so that now from the front, Laura’s breasts appeared fuller and virtually fully exposed.

Lisa smiled, what had been hot had now become hotter.

“That’s better isn’t it?” said Lisa

Laura looked long and hard, and then nodded acknowledging what Lisa had achieved

“But the dress feels slightly tighter than it did before; it’s not puckering is it?”

Lisa stood back for a second time and carefully examined the way the dress hung. “No, looks fine Laura; I think changing to the third setting made all the difference.” She smiled and gently squeezed the older woman’s shoulders, “I think maybe it’s now time to go and meet the people” She took hold of Laura’s hand, squeezed it gently, then said quietly in her ear, “follow me”

They walked slowly out of the room, slowly across the landing, and then slowly down the stairs; the teenager and the thirty seven year old woman. They crossed the empty hallway and stopped by the closed lounge door.

Lisa turned and looked into Laura’s eyes; she held her gaze for a while, then, in a whisper asked, “Laura, are you ready?”

For a moment there was no response, as if Laura were in some kind of self induced trance, and then, slowly, very slowly, she nodded her head, and, in that same moment, Lisa’s hand started to slowly turn the door knob, to ease the door open.

Ahead of them as they entered the room, were groups of young, exuberant, teenagers. The room reverberated with sound; raised voices competing on unequal terms with the relentless beat of the music. They stood side by side, the teenager and the older woman. Lisa held tightly onto Laura’s hand, and she squeezed it hard when, as if a switch had been thrown, the sound of voices suddenly abated and the groups nearer to them seemed to dissolve and reassemble elsewhere.

It never ceases to surprise how quickly a message can get conveyed; the furtive glance, the hushed whisper, where each glance and whisper is instantly doubled and then quadrupled. In no time everyone knows the source of that glance that whisper. One pair of eyes follows another, hunts down the prey, makes some judgment.

Laura lowered her head and looked around at the jeans and the trainers, then down at her own bare feet and bare legs. She sensed that she blushed, but that the blush had in some way extended beyond her face, had passed through her body and found its way into the deepest part of her cunt. Hardly had that sensation lifted then a cold shiver went through her, a shiver derived from a fear of the unknown and with it the possible effect of rejection, loss of ego and pride

Lisa squeezed her hand, a trigger that had its effect; they were moving, still hand in hand, towards the centre of the room. The loud music that had filled the room suddenly stopped and was replaced, moments later by music that was quieter, smoother, more sensuous, somehow of a different time. The lights were dimmed and the bean bags moved

They moved easily together, had some sort of similar inbuilt rhythm; instinct I guess. They danced around the room; sometimes together, sometimes apart. Sometimes the music was fast sometimes it was slow. As they reached the door by the kitchen, Lisa slipped inside for a moment. She picked up two drinks she had poured out earlier; an orange juice for her and another brandy for Laura. They stopped dancing for a while, just kept their butts moving slowly to the sound of the music

This time the brandy was a double shot; Lisa said she deserved it, Laura said she needed it, either way it went down in one long swallow. They talked for a while about nothing too much, and then started to dance again. Now they were close; breast against breast; thigh against thigh, cheek against cheek, the mood and the alcohol were setting the tone.

“Can you see the clock on the wall Laura?”

“You mean the one on the far wall?”

Lisa nodded, “yes that one. What time does it show?”

“Just before eleven – - – five minutes to”

“That late huh, time really is moving on. I guess we need to be thinking about it getting it done”

Lisa must have seen the puzzled look on Laura’s face and read her thoughts; what does she mean getting it done, because then Lisa said, “Getting you stripped off of course, you hadn’t forgotten had you?”

In all Laura’s concern about the dress and its bareness, the ultimate indignity of being naked with the teenagers had been right at the back of her mind, suddenly it had arrived right at the front.

They talked as they moved together in close and perfect unison, at times their bodies seemingly almost one

“Do you want me to strip you?” whispered Lisa

“How do you mean”

“Well you can hardly manage it yourself, but if you would like someone else to undress you then I’m sure any of the lads would be very willing but —-.”

“Would you do it please Lisa?”

“Of course I will” purred a smiling Lisa

They danced close together, Laura’s hands on Lisa’s shoulder and arm; Lisa’s hands now both just under Laura’s dress, gently caressing her butt.

For a while they danced in silence, then Lisa whispered, “I’m going to start,” and she slipped quietly and effortlessly around to behind Laura. She wrapped her arms around the older woman, nuzzling her neck with her lips, just holding her quietly, sensing her deep breathing, the slight trembling of her body. “Don’t be nervous, soon it will be over,” she whispered, “and then you will feel a great release of tension and a wonderful sense of freedom, I know because I once stripped at a party.”

Laura felt one of the arms previously wrapped around her being removed, then moments later sensed her shoulder straps falling away, then fingers manipulating the tiny hooks at the back of her dress. As each hook was undone, she felt the front of the dress fall, then fall further with the release of each further hook, until eventually it was only held up by the one arm still wrapped low around her waist. Her breasts were now fully exposed and she could already feel her nipples hardening. She closed her eyes, she didn’t need to see to know that all talk had virtually dried up, and where it continued, was hushed and muted. She also knew beyond a single shadow of doubt, that every eye was focused on her, and on her body.

Then she heard Lisa tell her to raise her arms, and as she did so, felt the dress being lifted up and over her head. Then it had gone and both arms were wrapped tightly around her once more. Lisa hands trailed over her bare stomach and the denim of her jeans rubbed gently against the bare skin of her butt. She thrilled at the warmth of Lisa’s tongue on the nape of her neck as their bodies swayed gently from side to side.

They barely moved from the spot in the middle of the room, did little more than shuffle around in a tight circle. There was no great lateral movement of their bodies either; the movement there was nothing much greater than mere evidence of movement.

Laura felt she was moving into another zone, another place, another world, where everything was filled and controlled by the senses. She felt Lisa unwrap her arms from around her then shivered as she felt the teenager’s hands slip down the side of her hips, sensed her fingers playing with the sides of her G String, then felt her mouth by her ear.

“How do you feel, very nervous or just a little nervous?”She whispered

Without being able to see Lisa, she could still see the teenager in her mind’s eye, could see the small, enigmatic smile playing around her lips

“Very, very nervous” whispered Laura

“Goodness, that is nervous, and I notice you’re breathing is heavy too.”

Then, at that exact moment, and just for a split second in time, Lisa froze; she felt the G String moving down each side of her hip, slowly, very slowly, almost to the point of no return, only for it to then stop and return just as slowly to its original position. She heard the quietest of laughter tinkling in her ear, felt the gentlest of kisses on her neck, then another, long and more intense kiss, higher on her neck, one which would, as intended, mark her for the next four days.

“Do you feel horny?

“Just nervous” she lied

“Really, that’s not what your tits are saying”

Immediately Laura felt a finger on each nipple; no more than the lightest of touches, nothing more than a graze. Then they were gone, returned to the G String from where they had come. But because they had been laid there long enough, and with such sureness of touch, and with the awareness only another woman would know, it was inevitable that Laura’s nipples would be rock hard and that she would let out a moan, which would cause small titters of mirth.

“That will teach you not to be a fibber next time” said the voice right by her ear. “I will freely admit I’m horny – - – do you know why?”


“Because,” she whispered, “you are a beautiful woman, with the most gorgeous breasts, that I can’t stop touching. And because you’re the only female I know that’s got a six pack that I can see and feel, with the best butt I’ve seen and felt , but – - -” she giggled, “what makes me really horny, is the control I have over you, the ability to be able to decide when I want to strip off your G String, when I want to feel you , where I want to feel you, how long I want to feel you, kiss you and mark you, talk to you, then finally strip you and display you. Display you in front of my friends in your full nudity, your brazen nakedness. But that will only happen when I judge you are ready and willing to be taken on another journey – - – and until then I will tease you and toy you, relentlessly, without pity or sympathy, compassion or mercy.”

Then Laura felt another kiss being delivered on the other side of her neck, even more intense and even longer than the previous occasion. Now her neck had been marked on both sides, symbols of lust that would be difficult to disguise.

It was no real surprise that, fueled by the alcohol in her body and the hands that caressed her skin, the words that Lisa’s whispered in her ears and the badges of honor displayed on her neck, that Laura had almost reached that point where Lisa longed her to be.

Their movements didn’t change much, they just kept moving round to the slow rhythm of the music, revolving in a small circle in the middle of the room. Lisa was still behind, but right up close, her fingers just resting on the sides of the G String. If she was in a hurry it certainly didn’t show. They swayed gently to each side as before, their bodies perfectly in tune.

It often seems to be the case that things happen when they are least expected, and so it was for Laura. For seven or eight minutes they had just danced, slowly, nothing really happening, or at least nothing that hadn’t happened before, and there was no more talking, no more kisses, no more markings. Everything seemed to have settled down to a sort of steady routine. Occasionally the G String would move a fraction, but nothing more than it had before. That was until suddenly, out of the blue, it happened. Lisa’s hands, flat inside the sides of the G String, worked the G String gently over Laura’s round butt, then slowly to the point of no return. Even then Laura was relaxed; after all she had been taken to this point before. But this time was different, she heard a small gasp from around her and felt the thin material slipping down her thighs, and then, as if as a reflex action, she herself completed the task; shook her legs, felt the silky material around her feet and flicked it to one side.

Now she was naked.

Maybe Lisa was right, Laura thought, about the sense of freedom you get when naked. She had this feeling, the feeling that she had moved to another zone, become personally unaware, totally unselfconscious. She had this feeling of peaceful, quiet serenity, as if anything were possible, as if she were floating on a cloud

“You said you wanted to display me a few moments ago – - – what did you mean?”

Lisa stuck her hands in her pockets, turned slightly away shyly, as if she wanted to avoid direct eye contact

“I just had this image in my head of you lap dancing, writhing around on a stage, people stuffing notes into your thong.”

Laura smiled, “how strange, my husband had a similar image. I obviously affect people in very erotic ways.”

She stood totally relaxed, apparently oblivious to her nakedness, one leg bent slightly at the knee, hands cocked lightly on her hips

“Standing here I already feel like a lap dancer Lisa, I’m so incredibly hot and horny, I’m just waiting for someone to encourage me onto the stage, to become the centre of their attention.”

Lisa smiled, moved forward and kissed Laura gently on each cheek, grazed her nipples with her trailing finger, ran her hand longingly round her butt. “Would you perform for me then – - – pose for me?” she whispered in Laura’s ear

Laura nodded

For a moment nothing, then Laura straightened up tall, brought her arms up and over her head and touched the floor with her fingers. Her legs were perfectly straight, perfectly parallel to her back

Lisa studied her for a moment.

“Obviously that was a loosener” she said rather dismissively, “Now do your pose, not with your feet flat on the floor, but with you right up on the balls of your feet”

She moved over beside Laura and trailed her fingers along the back of her thighs. “That’s better, now keep your legs straight and still- – - good, now hold that position for two minutes – - – can you imagine two minutes in your head?”

Laura nodded. Lisa noticed that her eyes seemed glazed and fixed in direction, as if subconsciously all her energy and emotions were being totally focused on providing the perfect performance.

When the two minutes had passed Laura slowly unwound from her position. She straightened up and went into a sort of wind down procedure, shaking out the muscles in her arms and legs and neck. Then finally she took three or four very deep breaths. The wind down was over and she stood in a position of repose; legs slightly apart, arms loose by her side, head tilted very slightly back. Her face was a picture of tranquility.

For several seconds, she stood perfectly still; then, suddenly from nowhere, a smile crossed her face and she turned towards Lisa and whispered, “Shall I perform for you again?”

“Of course” said Lisa, “but it is important that each performance should set out to surpass the last. Do you have that within you Laura?

“I hope so – - how many poses will you require of me?

“I think six would be a good round number; thirty seconds to get into position, two minutes to hold the pose and a further thirty seconds to wind down; three minutes for each performance, around twenty minutes in all”. She smiled, “I’m sure you can hold everyone’s attention for much longer than that. What do you think; can you complete six poses for me?”

Lisa could see a flicker of concern on Laura’s face; had she asked too much

“I’m just worried Lisa, that as the tasks become more difficult, my muscles might give out, and absolutely the very last thing I want to do is disappoint you”

“Laura, I deliberately made your tasks challenging, because unless they are there is no real performance. As for disappointing me, you will disappoint me more if you don’t at least try.”

Laura nodded, closed her eyes for a moment and then reopened them, and in that instant, the tranquility had returned to her features.

She cocked her hands on her hips and gradually raised her right leg as high as she could in front of her, then she raised herself onto the balls of her feet and very slowly swung her leg to the furthest extremity she could manage to the right, whilst at the same time maintaining the leg at its highest trajectory, her toes pointed toward the ceiling. She felt Lisa’s fingers feather the top of her thighs then her hand run across her abdomen, her fingers trace each set of muscles. Out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed the flashes of mobile phone photos being taken. She counted the two minutes in her head and then completed her wind down.

Aware that each new pose must be both more demanding for her, and more appealing for her audience, Laura prepared for her next performance. She balanced on the balls of her left foot, then touched the floor in front of her with the tips of her fingers. At the same time she raised her right arm and leg as high as she could; for the first time she felt Lisa trailing her fingers along her pussy lips and a cold shiver went through her body. The next performance was similar except that the tips of the fingers of both hands touched the floor in front of her. Again Lisa feathered her pussy lips with her fingers and again she shivered with excitement

Completion of each pose was accompanied by polite ripples of applause and camera flashes from mobile phones. A girl brought out a bottle of water to her. She took one long swallow, and then splashed the balance over her face, across her breasts and the top of her thighs. She was definitely warming up.

The next two poses were more intricate, her body more contorted; she was striving for the perfect pose, the perfect picture pose and it was getting very close.

Now there was just one performance left, one more pose to complete the target of six that Lisa had set. Her muscles ached from the effort and beads of perspiration stood out on her forehead, her breasts, the inside of her thighs. She knew she needed to focus one more time, channel everything she had into her final performance.

She got herself into position, both feet, both hands flat on the floor; head tilted backwards, body parallel to the floor — the easy bit. Then she raised herself onto the balls of her feet and onto the ends of her fingers and thumb. Then finally she raised her right leg, moved it sideways 45% so that everything was still parallel to the floor, her weight carried only by the ends of eight fingers, two thumbs and the balls of her left foot. What a picture the cameras captured at that moment, what applause from her audience. And it was that applause that carried and sustained her for the next two minutes in the perfect picture pose.

She wound down slowly then gently splashed a large bottle of water all over herself; all over from the neck down. Then with rivulets of water running down her body she began to strut languidly around the room. She shook hands, kissed cheeks and answered questions about diet and workouts

It seemed that the teenage boy had materialized from nowhere, one minute not there, the next tapping her shoulder. For a moment she didn’t comprehend what he was trying to say. Then it slowly sunk in, she was being asked if she would come over to his friends. They stood in a group in the corner, in a sort of huddle; five, six, maybe seven of them. Then as she approached they turned towards her and started to strip. For a moment she froze. She looked round but Lisa was nowhere. Suddenly they were all round her, naked, their teenage cocks bobbing as they moved. They forced her backwards until suddenly she lost her balance and fell against several of the bean bags. Then they were on her, their hands holding her arms and legs whilst others were starting to jerk themselves off. She was conscious of others joining them, of extra cocks of extra hands. Then one after the other they shed their loads; over her tits, her face, her hair, her thighs; everywhere and all the time as she looked up more and more cocks were being jerked off. The boys who had jerked off were totally in the zone, their hands moving their loads around her face, her tits, her thighs, as if their spunk was oil which they were massaging in. Then they started to improvise; to move their loads up her thighs and onto to her pussy.

Suddenly she heard the sound of Lisa’s voice, like the crack of a whip; “Get away, get back.”

Immediately they ceased, skulked for a moment and then backed away, their tails literally between their legs.

Lisa held out her hand. “Come with me.”

Her eyes almost closed, her body a mix of teenage spunk and perspiration, her mind shot with a mixture of emotions, she stumbled after Lisa. A few moments later and Laura was being pushed into the shower.

Jodi is a raven beauty, of 5 feet 9 inches, 24 years old, with an hourglass figure, at 160 pounds she was stunning. A firm believer in the supremacy of women she had started to train a slave that would catered to all her needs.

She had found his note this morning informing her that he had left her to go back to a normal life. She was so mad at him, that she had destroyed his life by telling all his contacts that he was a pedophile, and that she had kicked him out.

The previous night he had refused to move to the next level of his training as a toilet slave, he did not have problem drinking her piss but he had been sick when she fed him a small stool, during an intense ass worship session.

She had made him clean up his mess and when she sat back on his face to feed him some more. He had clenched his mouth close. She had made a mess on his face, ending up with her beating him up to teach him a lesson.

Brian was in his favorite bar, sipping a beer, late forties, balding with a small beer belly, without any relatives since the car crash that had taken away his parents ten years ago. He was wishing to meet a beautiful Amazon to practice cunnilingus with, he smiled to himself in dreams all was permitted, she would have a perfect figure, long legs, a round ass, firm breast, long dark hair attached in a pony tail. An authoritative face with black eyes and full lips painted a bright red.

He did a double take when he saw Jodi walk up to the bar and order a drink. She was all that and more. She looked at him and smiled. He looked down knowing she was out of his league, but he would remember that she was wearing 6 inches stiletto shoes, a black mini skirt showing her long beautiful legs and a white long sleeves blouse.

She ask the barkeep where the restroom were, as she turned her back on him, he stared at her ass, she drop her keys and bended down at the waist. She had seen him looking at her and she wanted to see how he would react to the sight of her ass, she almost laughed at his reaction, and went to the restroom to check on her perfect makeup.

He took a sip of his beer, he had never saw a most perfect ass in his life, and he was trying to calm down his erection so he could go home, when she whispered in his ear:

“Are you good at cunnilingus?”

He nodded his head and stuttered;

“Yes, very good.”

“Then walk with me to my car.” She said.

She asked him how he would do it, he described it to her and she invited him to follow her home in his car but she specified that it was for cunnilingus only, nothing else.

Brian was ashamed to tell her that he had no car. They got to her place and she showed him the guess bedroom saying he could get undressed there.

“Hurry up and join me in my bedroom at the end of the hall, I can hardly wait to test your abilities. Remember, it is cunnilingus only, O.K.?”

“Yes Jodi, crystal clear.”

He never got naked that fast, as he was getting to her bedroom, as she was turning to look in his direction.

“You were fast, good, you can help me undress.”

She said, as she was removing her blouse, he detach her bra and was rewarded with firm breasts that proudly stood out, she turn around and he unzip her skirt, removed it and her underwear. Once again he was rewarded by two firm round globes.

She was naked still wearing her stiletto heels; he was kneeling down in front of her and started kissing her calves, moving toward her knees then her thighs and finally her sex.

After her first few orgasms, she said:

“let’s move to the bed I want you to keep performing, will you be able to?”

“Oh yes, I have never been with such a beautiful woman before, who let me gave her an orgasm.”

She was recuperating; his head was on her belly, and her leg on his back. He was in heaven; he was having the night of his life. So he dared ask her:

“Would you sit on my chest and let me eat you, I would spill less of your delicious juices when you come”

She agreed to it , she preferred to sit on her partner when she climax, she had found a talented mouth, each orgasm were intense pushing her to a new level each time.

After her last orgasm she extended her legs on each side of his head and remained seated on in chest, he was panting; she stretched a leg to move her ass closer to his face.

He started to kiss the back of her thighs and the beginning of her ass cheeks. He felt her respond by moving her ass even closer to his face. He was kissing the beginning of her crack.

“Do you know where you are kissing me?”

He nodded yes, and grabbed her hips and pulled her on his face he was licking her crack going over her asshole, which he started kissing more intensely.

She pulled back from his mouth, sat back on his chest and looked in his eyes:

“You know that you were kissing my asshole, so there will be no more cunnilingus before you wash your mouth, but if you ask nicely, I will let you kiss my asshole and stick your tongue in it.”

“You would? Please sit back on my mouth?”

He asked not believing his luck.

“Please Jodi let me lick your ass.”

She obliged him, giving him pointers on how she liked it. When she could not help it anymore she ran to the toilet for a pee. When she got back to bed he was using the guest bathroom, so she went to sleep exhausted by all her orgasms, he was very good at the practice of cunnilingus.

She woke up thinking about last night, maybe he would be a good replacement, and maybe she had met her future slave? The aroma of fried eggs, bacon and coffee floated in her bedroom.

She put on her bathrobe with nothing underneath and went to the kitchen. He had set up the table for two and was serving the plates near the oven.

“This is a nice surprise, you can cook, why did you lick my ass last night?”

“I had the time of my life last night, I gave you orgasms, I drank your heavenly tasting juices, so I wanted to make the most of it.”

“The most pleasurable position for me was you seated on my chest and coming in my mouth, therefore I wanted more and I did not know what would please you, so I grabbed your gorgeous hips and pulled you on my face. I wanted to please you some more.” He said

“Jodi look at me, do you think I will be back in the bed of a gorgeous creature like you soon. I would do anything for another night like last night.”

“You would? How far are you willing to go?”

“Anything you ask me, your wishes will be my command Jodi.”

“Anything? Like what?”

“I would lick your feet clean, kiss your ass, even be your toilet, if that is what you want. I only wish that I would be given the privilege of licking you to orgasm and drink your juices once in a while.”

She was eating her eggs and he was on his knees begging her with watery eyes.

“Have you ever been a toilet before?” She asked.

“No, I have not but I am willing to learn, I would give it my best.” He said.

“let’s try it right now,”

She stood up, let her robe open, straddled his mouth and held his head steady.

“Keep your mouth open, make a seal with your lips on mine, and swallow to keep up with me.”

She started peeing, he was overjoyed at the feeling of being used for such a degrading act, the taste was potent, but he managed to spill only a few drops.

“Excellent for a first time, have you thought of being a slave, my slave? You would do all the housework and be my toilet.”

She did not specified that it would be a full service toilet.

He was thinking that drinking her pee was not so bad and got on his knees to accept.

“I thank you very much Mistress Jodi, I will do my best to satisfy all your needs, the way you want.”

“We will go to your place today to get your belonging; you will stored them in the basement. What is your job?”

“I am a hardware store clerk, Mistress Jodi.”

“You will quit that, I want you naked all the time in the house, that way you are available for anything I might want to do to you. You will do all the housework and cook my meals. “

As he was seating himself at the table to eat his eggs she stopped him.

“No, you are not to eat this morning; it will have to be after we are done at your place. It is part of your training.”

He did not have much; he gave his notice to his landlord who was looking at Jodi shaking his head. She was stunning in her tight summer dress without a bra.

They were back at his new home in time for lunch.

“Slave get naked, I want you to prepare me a grilled cheese”

She had him sit on the floor beside her and fed him the crust of her sandwich.

“I want to sit on your face like last night, I like crushing you under me.”

“Yes Mistress Jodi. I will be delighted.”

“From now on you are to speak only when spoken to, I do not want to hear your comments. You may ask for more precisions if you do not understand my order.”

“I will Face sit you in the living room.”

Here is the big test she thought, will he cope? He made me come so hard. It has been two days and I need to shit, I will try to go slowly.

“On your back, and bend your knees.”

When he was in position, she put a cushion on his tights, straddled his head and sat on his chest looking in his eyes she said:

“Slave, you are to lick my asshole and then insert your tongue in, as far as you can, I do not care if you like the taste or not. Last night your were smacking your lips after, so today should be as good.”

She moved her ass on his mouth and felt his tongue starting to go in.

He was breathing hard in her cunt, seeing her clit and feeling her juices going in his mouth, and then his tongue felt a mass inside her ass.

She felt a stool moving and she pushed it in his mouth, it was giving her pleasure.

“Slave, you are my toilet swallow to keep up or your mouth will be full before I am finished.”

She was coming as she pushed more shit in his willing mouth.

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He had seen the rancher Sheila next door to him she had pointed breasts and a heart shaped ass. Sheila was haughty and did not seem to like him

One day Sheila came to his door she told him, ” Your cattle damaged some of my crops.’

Robert told, ” I am sorry and will pay for the damage.”

Sheila told him, “You will pay dearly or I will take you to court!”

Robert asked,” What are your terms?”

Sheila replied, ” You will bring 200,000 in an envelope and come to my shed. You will remove all your clothes and lie in the nude on the table.

Sheila also stated, ” I want water rights to the V in between our ranches “, there was a large water reservoir there. “Also I want grazing rights on the north of your ranch and I want to run both ranches and get 60 % of the profit.”

Robert was becoming excited he told her, “It sounds interesting but I will give you 53 %.”

Sheila told him, “I said 60 percent and I will have you on display naked at the Cattlewomen’s club plus you will do chores for me naked on your hands and knees.”

Robert told her,” Draw up the papers and I will sign.”

Sheila told him,” I will be in touch and I want two 5000 dollar CD’s.”

Sheila told him,” You need to round up your cattle and repair your fence as I am holding them” and then she slapped him on the bottom and told him, “Get moving now!”

Robert went to get this cattle and with his crew got them back home and got his crew to repair the fence.”

Sheila later came back, ” I got papers for you to sign and you owe me for the storage costs which are 18,000.”

Robert tried to argue with her,” I am willing to pay the storage costs though not 18,000 and I have questions about you having so munch of the ranch and so munch of a percent.”

Sheila yelled at him, “”Unzip your pants1″

Robert unzipped his pants.

Sheila told him,” Take it out.”

Robert took his penis out and Sheila took a picture of his penis.

Sheila told him,” Your bad boy exposing your self.”

Sheila pressured him, “Sign the papers or I will turn you in plus take you to court.”

Robert signed the papers plus made a check out for the storage of his cattle.

Robert went to put his prick away but Sheila stopped him,” I did not tell you to do that. Hand me the papers and the check.”

Robert went over feeling embarrassed being exposed and gave Sheila the papers and the check.

Sheila was wearing cowboy boots and he could see her green eyes as she was thinking she liked seeing him under her thumb.

Sheila told him, “Be over at the shed at two today I look forward to spanking you and running the ranches. I like being able to dominate you and you should put your penis back in your pants.”

Later in the day around two o’clock Robert drove over and parked by Sheila’s house and walked over to the shed. He went into the shed.

He walked over to the table and saw instructions. He removed all his clothes taking off his shirt and pants. Robert folded everything and put them on the side table. Robert had just his briefs on and then removed them feeling very exposed.

He folded them up and put them on the side table. He got upon the table on his stomach and it was raised in the middle pushing his bottom up in the air. Robert was lying with his legs spread. Robert was feeling nervous and excited as he waited for Sheila.

Then Sheila came in Robert felt her eyes on his nude body.

Sheila said, “Robert I have you at my mercy look forward to dominating you.

Sheila was playing with his penis and running her fingers over his balls

You will get the spanking of your life.”

Suddenly Sheila started spanking him on his bare bottom telling him, Robert you are a bad boy. You need this spanking.”

Sheila kept spanking telling him, “Your bottom is turning red. You like this?’

Robert said, “I Like being spanked and dominated.”

Sheila said, ” Robert are you a bad boy?”

Robert answered, “Yes I am a bad boy.”

Sheila started spanking, causing Robert to move around, “Robert you need to hold still or I will add more: I know it hurts.”

Sheila stopped and looked at Robert’s bottom it was nice and red.”

Sheila noticed that Robert’s prick had grown very hard, “You must like being spanked as your penis is very hard.” Sheila then took a picture of his bottom and his manhood.

Sheila then picked up a paddle with holes in it; Robert this really going to hurt as this paddle will cause blisters on your bare bottom. “

Robert knew better then to beg her not to spank him anymore, as his bottom was very red.

Sheila must to have read his mind, “Robert there is no use of begging me not to spank you this for your own good.”

Sheila started spanking his bare bottom with the paddle

Robert winced as the first one landed on his bare bottom it really hurt

Sheila was raining down blows with the paddle causing his bottom to get redder

Robert felt blisters forming on his bare bottom.

Sheila stopped spanking him.

Sheila taunted him, ” I like seeing you nude and spanking you.”

Sheila took a picture of his nude body.

Sheila then picked up a strap, “Robert I am going use on you, “You will learn who is boss.

Sheila started strapping him hitting one as cheek the another.

Robert winced as the first one landed then another on his bare bottom it really hurt.

Sheila was strapping him hard casing marks on his bottom.

Robert started crying.

Sheila said, “I know it hurts I will be done soon.”‘

Sheila kept spanking him soon his bare bottom was covered with marks.

Sheila then rubbed some lotion on his bottom and then started rubbing his nut sack. She then pushed her moist finger into his anus and started moving it back and forth and soon Robert’s penis very hard.

Sheila then took her finger out then told Him, “Follow me into the house.”

Robert followed her into the house completely naked as Sheila had all his clothes. Sheila then took him into the house down to her office

She then had him to talk to his bank. Robert called his bank, He told Alice he was naked and had been spanked and wanted to add Sheila to all his accounts.”

Sheila told him, “Turn around and show Alice you spanked bottom.”

Alice could see him naked on the web came and she laughed,” You are naked and I like seeing your spanked bottom! The other women can see your bottom as well.”

Robert felt embarrassed being nude.

Sheila told him, ” I like having you on display naked and plan to dominate you more as I have your money.”

To be continued…

Michael Scott walked into the Fealty and Firkin for the first time in twenty years. It had been a popular haunt for the younger generation in the old days. Now Michael looked around him disapprovingly – the old place had changed so much. The saloon bar, taproom and the snug had all been knocked together into one large room. Nice carpets, shiny chrome, plush seats, but not the old, friendly pub of his youth. Suddenly a hand clapped him on the shoulder as he watched the pint of Old Sheep-dip ale being pumped into the glass.

‘Well, well, if it isn’t Mike Scott – How the devil are you?’ Michael looked round, failing to recognize the figure who had greeted him. His puzzlement evidently showed on his face.

‘Come on Mike, wake-up, you must remember me.’

‘Well….. You do look familiar, but….’

‘Go back twenty years Mike. Tell you what, here’s a clue – You must remember The Monday Night Glee Club.’

‘Wow, oh yes, I’ve got you now – Adrian. Adrian Jackson. Sorry, it must have been your beard. We were all clean-shaven then.’ Of course they were. They were all at high school. The Monday Night Glee Club had started for several reasons. First Mondays were not generally good news – back to school after the weekend. Second, there was a good TV program that they all liked to follow and third (most importantly – Heather’s parents went out for the evening on Mondays.) Heather’s parents knew that she invited a number of her friends over for the evening. They even left snacks and soft drinks out. It was a way to ensure that their young daughter had company for the evening. It was all quite innocent. Well almost. A little game developed over time. It was a kind of consequences game. If a girl lost she had to be kissed by all the boys. If a boy lost he had his bottom whacked with a rolled newspaper by the girls. It was all good fun. It certainly made Mondays a lot brighter for us all.

‘ So Mike, what have you been up?’

‘Well,’ began Mike ‘as you know, I moved down to London for the job and I’ve been there ever since. Up to about a month ago, that is. I got the chance of a transfer up here and so here I am. We have bought a house up here and just settling in.’

‘We? Who is the unlucky lady?’ inquired Adrian.

‘Jane. Jane Holdsworth, that was. Do you remember her? She was a close friend of Heather’s. You would have met her at The Glee Club.’

‘Yes, of course,’ said Adrian. You’re a lucky man; she’s a pretty girl. We must have a get together. It would be good for us to meet up. Tell you what; you could both come over to the Glee Club.’

‘What,’ exclaimed Mike ‘don’t tell me it is still going.’

‘Well, yes and no. Of course it all changed after we left school. People moved on, but a few years ago some of us met up and thought it would be fun to start it up again. So there are some old members and quite a lot of new ones.’

‘So, what do you get up to?’ inquired Michael.

‘Its just an informal social gathering, although there is a bit of game playing, but only if you want to. Its not compulsory. You can just come along and have a drink and a chat.’

‘What sort of games?’ asked Michael. ‘You’ve got me intrigued now.’

‘Well. Its all very discreet, but some us were rather nostalgic about the old consequences game. You know, the spanking thing. Some of us took it to a rather more adult level. It is all in fun, but as I said, you don’t have to join in. All we ask is discretion. What happens at the Glee Club is not discussed outside. So what do you say? You will come, won’t you? It is held at Terry’s house, you must remember Terry. Here, I’ll give you the address’

‘ Yes it would be fun to meet up with the old crowd again,’ said Jane, after Michael told his wife about the chat he had had with Adrian, ‘but I’m not having my bum spanked, thank you very much. Unless Jason is there. Then I might,’ she giggled

‘Did you fancy him? I had no idea.’ Said Michael.

‘He did kiss nice and he had a cute bottom.’

‘You saucy madam, come here and get over my knee, you minx.’

‘Not now, wait ’til the Glee Club,’ laughed Jane as she wriggled out of Michael’s grasp.

So it was that Jane and Michael found themselves at the Glee Club. The evening was passing very pleasantly, meeting up with old friends, being introduced to new ones and generally having a good time. As the evening wore on Jane and Michael noticed that Adrian was gathering a group around him. Pieces of paper were being drawn from a box amidst jokes and laughter. After a little while Adrian came over to where Jane and Michael were chatting to a few old friends.

‘Can I have a word, Mike?’ inquired Adrian. They moved away from the group as Adrian said in a lowered tone: ‘Mike we are short of one male spankee for tonight. How about you volunteer?’

‘Oh, I don’t know about that.’

‘Oh come on, be a sport, Jane won’t mind.’

‘What’s that?’ asked Jane, hearing her name mentioned. Michael quietly explained Adrian’s to his wife. ‘Well, it’s up to you Mike, but don’t expect me to rub it better for you.’ By this time a couple of Jane’s old school friends had caught on to what was being discussed and offered encouragement. ‘Oh go on, it’ll be fun.’

‘You must have a go, don’t be a party pooper.’

Fifteen minutes later Michael found himself in the master bedroom, which had been designated the spanking room. He was surprised to see his opposite number. She was a smart lady in about the same age group as his mother. She reminded him of one of the ladies from ‘Calendar Girls’ — the one who need extra large muffins to cover her feminine charms. As she looked at him over her half-moon spectacles, he had a strange feeling he had met her before, but couldn’t quite think where.

‘Are you ok about this dear? I know you are new. If you want to back out, it’s quite all right. I won’t be offended.’

‘No of course it is ok. I’m happy to do it,’ replied Michael, not wishing to face the embarrassment of backing down.

‘Right then, my name is Kath Dodds. Shall we have those trousers off then?

As Mike unfastened his belt, he thought ‘Mmm “Dodds” that definitely rings a bell.’

Suddenly Kath voice snapped ‘Quickly now, get them off.’ Her brusqueness surprised Mike, Only a moment before she has been so softly spoken.

Michael quickly removed his trousers and placed them on the bed as Kath seated herself on a hard wooden chair. She tapped her lap. ‘Come on, over you go.’ Mike obeyed and placed himself over her knee.

‘I don’t think a big boy like you will need these,’ she said as she pulled down Mike’s boxers. ‘Oh I think we will have some fun with this.’ She said, as she expertly surveyed Mike’s pale buttocks.

Kath started a rhythmic spanking, going from one buttock to the other. Michael thought it was not as bad as he thought. In fact the slaps felt quite light. This was going to be too easy.

‘You don’t remember me, do you?’ enquired Kath.

‘I, I, I’m not sure,’ replied Mike (Were the slaps getting a bit harder, or was it his imagination?)

‘I’ll give you a clue — The library!’ That was it, of course — Miss Dodds, the librarian at the local library. Michael and his friends had always referred to her as ‘Miss Fairfront’ because of her ample charms.

‘Oh yes, sorry Kath, I remember now. Sorry I didn’t place you, but I wasn’t expecting…..’

‘I rather think “Miss Dodds” would be a more appropriate mode of address given the present situation, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Miss Dodds, Sorry!’ (The spanks definitely felt harder). Mike wriggled on Miss Dodd’s lap.

‘I seem to be getting through, now, don’t I?’

‘Oh yes, Miss Dodds.’

‘Of course you boys had a different name for me then, didn’t you. What was it now?’

‘I can’t remember.’

‘Oh dear we’ll have to try to jog that memory of yours.’ With that Miss Dodds changed the tempo — slower slaps but harder, much harder, raising her hand high and bringing it down with a resounding SLAP.’ Not just one, but continuous, steady, hard slaps.

‘Ooh ouch,’ exclaimed Mike despite his efforts to remain sanguine about his predicament.

‘Well, I’m waiting Michael. I don’t like having to wait.’ SLAP SLAP.’

Michael squealed in pain. ‘Ok, Ok. It was, it was Miss Fairfront.’

‘Well that was not a very nice thing to call a lady old enough to be your mother, now was it? SLAP, SLAP. ‘I think an apology would be in order, don’t you?’

‘Ouch all right. I’m sorry Miss Dodds.’

‘Really sorry?’ SLAP, SLAP.

‘YES, OUCH, Really sorry.’

The spanking stopped. ‘Let’s check the damage,’ said Miss Dodds, inspecting Mike’s bottom.

‘Oh yes, nicely reddened, even a bruise or two, but it’ll mend. Right up you get and pull your things up.’

‘Thank you, Miss Dodds.’

‘You can call me Kath now, we’re off duty. Here give me a kiss to show we are still friends.’

Mike pecked the proffered cheek.

‘Until the next time?’

‘Why not?’

7. The Handsmother Torture

Danya returned an hour later and released me of me bonds. After what seemed like an eternity I was allowed some freedom for the rest of the night.

The following day was uneventful. Danya and myself were preoccupied with the events that our school had planned and didn’t even see each other. I was relieved to get a break from her torments, but in another perverse way, I was almost disappointed.

The following day, I wasn’t so lucky. Similar to the other day, I got a call at 7:00 A.M. from Danya demanding her morning breakfast. Our M.U.N. group was scheduled to leave the next day, so the teachers decided to give us some free time today.

I knocked on Danya’s hotel room door with her hot breakfast tray in my hands. To my surprise Stephanie, her roommate, answered the door.

“Can I help you?” Steph asked, in manner that assumed we had never met.

“Umm… yea. Can you give this to Danya?” I asked, trying to peak over her shoulder to see if Danya was inside, half naked as well.

Glaring at me, she violently grabbed the tray from hands and walked inside, leaving me a front row view of her magnificent ass. ‘Why was she so pissed? She knew I was just following Danya’s orders.’ I thought to myself.

I started to shut the door and walk away when Danya’s voice stopped me. “Jeff, you gonna get your ass in here or what?”

I strolled in and saw Danya sitting at the small table next to the window enjoying her bacon and eggs. She looked up at me, then over to Steph who was rummaging through her suitcase to find some clothes for the day.

“Shouldn’t you be at the gym or something? It sure as hell looks like you could lose a few pounds.”

Steph looked up, evidently stung by Danya’s remark. In reality she was absolutely perfect the way she was, but being a self-conscious teenage girl a comment like that had a lasting impact.

She opened her mouth to spit back an insult at Danya, but all that came out was a pitiful fuck you. Looking over at Danya, it was understandable why Steph had nothing to say. There was nothing wrong with Danya, everything about her figure was absolutely perfect. Her luscious, yet firm tits, her well toned legs, her nose even had the perfect curvature.

As usual, Danya got what she wanted, and Steph stormed out of the room in a huff. I now understood what had generated so much hate in Steph towards her once best friend.

“I guess that just leaves you and me now, doesn’t it?” Danya stated in between bites.

“Yes ma’am.” I responded sarcastically. It had been only 48 hours since we last encountered each other, and I had already forgotten how dominant she was.

“You know, I like that. Ma’am. How about from now on, you always address me like that Mr. Wise Ass?”

“Oh come on. I was just kidding.” I now regretted acting in my comfort zone around this girl.

“You sure were, but I’m not. Anyhow, I think its time we took our ‘relationship’ to the next level.” She lingered on the word relationship emphasize its importance. “You see, in between all these conferences we have had during our M.U.N. trip, I don’t always get a chance to release my pent up stress.”

“And that’s where I come in….?”

“You got it. Fortunately for you, I got you transferred so we can be close to each other for the rest of the trip. You’re now my personal assistant.”

“WHAT?” I shouted. “You… You had me changed from Secretary to a personal assistant? That’s a huge demotion! It took me 2 years to become Secretary! Two god damn years!” I was absolutely furious. Despite its belittling name, being secretary was actually somewhat of a prestigious role as you had a variety of important responsibilities.

“Chill out Jeff. It’s only for the remainder of the trip. You’ll get your role back in a few days when we return back to school.”

I sat there in silence. I was still outraged. Now, I would pretty much have to follow her around for the rest of the trip, recording everything she says, and doing anything else she requires. Not only that, but I would have to forge some explanation for why I got demoted to this role to all my friends. No Junior had ever been a personal assistant before. Fortunately this would only last for another 48 hours.

“Now, as you can guess I’ll be expecting you to go further then any personal assistant has gone. You will do everything I ask, everything. Understood?”

I broke eye contact and looked down at my feet in compliance. “Yes ma’am.” I lamented at the fact that not even 48 hours ago I would have told this bitch to go fuck herself. Strangely, as much I was beginning to hate this girl, I still just couldn’t tell her no.

Danya pushed her breakfast tray away, and walked over to me stopping only inches in front of me. “As I was saying earlier… you’re going to help me relieve the stress. Now I’m going to teach you how.” With that, she pushed me down to my knees and turned around. “Take my shorts off, with my your mouth.”

I hesitated for only a moment, then leaned forward and clenched the waistband between my lips. I started pulling down but the shorts she was wearing were rather tight, and her ass held them firmly in place. My gentle tugging slowly turned into violent pulling.

“Having some trouble? Here, let me help you out. But make sure to take it slowly. I want you to enjoy it.” She then leaned forward, pushing her ass even closer up against my face.

This helped enormously, but as I pulled the shorts down I found she wasn’t wearing any panties. My nose slowly slid in between her ass cheeks, gently grazing her clean asshole and inhaling the sweet smell of her now moistening pussy. Despite its humiliating notions, this task was turning me on enormously.

After turning around she gave me further instructions. “Time for you to go the final mile John. Start off gentle, but when I push my hands against your head I want you to go all out. Understand?”

I nodded my head and started to go in but she caught my head in her hands.

“What? I didn’t hear you.”

“Sorry. Ma’am. Yes ma’am.” I submissively responded. I guess nodding doesn’t cut it.

She gave a nod of approval then I pushed my mouth, for the first time, onto her shiny pussy. The taste was altogether not too different from the one I tasted on her panties. It was the action itself that turned me on so much. Here I was eating some girl out for the sole purpose of satisfying her.

As the minutes slowly passed by and Danya began to grind her pussy with greater force into my face. In an effort to satisfy her as soon as possible, I began to enthusiastically bury my tongue in as deep as possible. While coming close to the end Danya found my nose with her clit, and to my humiliation, used it to finish herself off. At this point, I simply just sat there on my knees letting my face be abused by her sopping pussy.

After what seemed like an eternity, an unconstrained flow of cum poured onto my face and dripped down onto my shirt. I sat back in relief, and began to pull my arm up to wash some of her juices away from my face but was stopped by another one of her barking commands.

“You think you’re finished? You don’t get to clean yourself off until I dismiss you buddy. Now hurry up and clean the rest of my pussy off before I make you go for round 2.”

That was the last thing I wanted, so I eagerly pushed my tongue up against the now familiar pink outer lips of her pussy. Once she was ‘sterile’, I stood up and made my way to the bathroom, eager to splash my face with a refreshing wave of cool water.

“Unlike you, I got important things to do before our class meets for the conference this afternoon. Seeing as you are now my personal assistant, I expect you to meet me here before we embark.” She shouted before walking out the door. “And don’t forget to lock the door before you leave!”

In reality, this deal wasn’t so bad. As much of a cocky bitch Danya was, she was pretty lax and inconsistent in her demands. Not only that, but there was still a chance I would be able to fuck her before this trip came to an end. What an experience that would be. My only real problem now was this Steph chick.

Ironically enough, at that instant Steph came through the door with a flustered look on her face. “That bitch, oh man that bitch is going to pay.” She roared while throwing her handbag on top the bed.

Figuring it was probably best to let her cool off on her own, I attempted to sneak out the door while she was still fuming. Unfortunately, I didn’t even come close. After taking only a few steps out of the bathroom and towards the front door, I heard my name.

“John? John! You’re still here. Great. Now get your sorry ass over here before I end what little of a social life you already have.”

Not wanting to agitate her further, nor have her send those dreaded pictures to anyone I obediently made my way over to her.

“Holy shit. You reek of pussy. You eat her out for the first time?”

“Yes ma’am.” I answered instinctively.

“Hmmph. I like that. Ma’am. Use that all the time. Anyway, lets cut to the chase. I want that bitch under my control as soon as possible.”

While she began to explain her plan of enslaving Danya, she made her way over the to her suitcase and pulled out a small camera. Generally speaking, it was a rather simple arrangement. I was to hide the camera in my room somewhere, and film her being fucked by another guy, a guy besides her boyfriend. By doing this, we would be exploiting Danya’s only weakness: her addiction to sex.

Although it may not seem as if it was true, but Danya loved her boyfriend with all her heart, and would do nearly anything to ensure his happiness, (including fucking him and his best friend at the same time). That being said, she still craved sex and had hard time turning it down when especially horny. If we had a tape of her cheating on her boyfriend, Steph and I would be able to coerce Danya into doing anything we wanted.

“By the way, I decided that I will probably need some additional help in keeping Danya on a short leash, so I decided to bring in some extra help. Her names Nicole, and she’s a junior. In fact, she told me you two already met. In your room. Having sex.”

My mouth slowly opened and hung agape for a few seconds.

“After what Danya did to her the other day she came to me about getting revenge. It fits perfectly into my plan. Anyway, you better get going in case Danya comes back. The last thing we want is her becoming suspicious.”

After taking the small camera I quickly made my way back to my own hotel room and took a long awaited shower. With every passing day things were getting more and more interesting.

The phone rang and he knew instantly that it was Her. He had been expecting the call all morning with a mixture of excitement, fear and desire. He picked up the phone and before he could say anything a soft voice on the other end said, “Do not say anything except yes, ma’am or no, ma’am. Do you understand, boy?”

His mouth was suddenly dry and his heart began to pound. The fear threatened to take over and for one insane second he almost hung up on Her. Some how he managed to squeak out, “yes, Ma’am.” It was quiet on the other end and he was suddenly terrified that She had sensed his moment of doubt and had hung up Herself.

She let him suffer for a few more seconds before saying, “Good. That is good, boy.” He could hear the pleasure in Her voice and pictured the sly smile that would be playing across Her lips right now. He trembled, wondering what She might have in store for him today.

“Boy, you will meet me in exactly 2 hours. You will come to the hotel I told you about. Find my car in the parking lot, inside the latch for the gas tank you will find a room key and instructions. You will follow them exactly. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he answered clearly. He was sweating profusely now and his hands were shaking but he did not want Her to hear it in his voice…although he suspected She was VERY aware of the effect She was having upon him.

“Good. 2 hours. Do not be late.” She hung up immediately, leaving him feeling a trifle let down and unsatisfied. He smiled and knew that was exactly what She had wanted. He began to prepare for his afternoon. He showered for Her, knowing how She liked him clean. He trimmed his pubic hair. She did not want him shaved, She did not like how the hair became rough and prickly, but She did demand that he keep himself trimmed. He dressed in jeans and a t-shirt since She had not specified anything else. He performed his last minute duties and left to meet Her.

When he arrived at the motel he drove to where he saw Her car was parked. As She has stated there was an envelope in the gas tank. He took it back to his car, sat inside and opened the envelope with trembling hands. Inside was a plastic key card with the number 211 on it. There was also a single sheet of paper. Written in Her scrawling handwriting was this:


You are to enter room 211. Once inside you will go directly to the bathroom. You are to undress. You will find a bag in the room. Open it. You will know what to do with what it inside. When you have completed these tasks, you will come to Me…I will be awaiting you.


It was signed with just Her initial. He was shaking and sweating again. His heart was pounding and he could feel the stirrings of lust in his loins. His nipples were hard in anticipation of what laid ahead. He knew this was it. If he went inside, he was Hers for the night…She would do whatever it was that She desired. He would belong to Her mind, body and soul. Or, he could leave right now…drive away and never see Her again. He sat for a few moments pondering his options, then realized that there was no option. He had to go inside, had to see what it was that She wanted to do to him and see what it was that She wanted him to do to Her. He sighed, folded the paper, took the key card and walked to the hotel…leaving behind his doubts.

He entered the hotel and walked directly to room 211. He did not want to keep Her waiting. He stood in front of the door for a second, hesitating with the key card poised above the slot. He held his breath and once again thought about the possibility of leaving. He smiled and let his breath out slowly knowing there was only one possibility…walk through the door and face his fate at Her feet. He pushed the card into the slot, grasped the handle, turned it and pushed open the hotel room door. He walked inside and let the door shut behind him. The night began.

It was pitch black inside the room and he could see nothing. He stood just inside the door unsure of which direction the bathroom might be. He looked to his left and then to his right trying to see a doorway but his eyes had not yet adjusted to the darkness. That was when he heard a light chuckle. It had come from directly in front of him. He knew She was watching his fumbling entrance. He felt himself blush and silently cursed himself for being clumsy. As if She had sensed his unease, She spoke to him quietly, “It is to your left, boy.”

He felt along the wall to his left until he came to the door to the bathroom. He almost threw himself inside and shut the door behind him. He stood for a second with his back to the door listening to his heart pound. She was really here! Soon, he was going to be under Her control, completely. With his heart thudding inside his chest, he turned on the light and began to undress. Next to the tub/shower combo was a small black travel bag. When he had shed all of his clothes, he turned to the bag and bent to unzip it. He gasped when he saw what was inside. There were four leather bands with rings attached to them. He, of course, knew what they were…cuffs for his wrists and ankles. He sat on the toilet and put two of the bands on his ankles, buckling them snuggly. He stood and put the final two on his wrists.

He stood and looked at his reflection in the mirror over the sink. His face was flushed with color; his eyes were over bright with excitement. His penis was slightly erect in anticipation of might be ahead. He liked how the dark bands of leather contrasted with his pale skin. Sweat stood out on his forehead and upper lip. He knew if he didn’t move fast he would just stand here in front of this mirror until She came beating on the door. He did not want to disappoint Her already. No. He wanted to show Her how eagerly he wanted to submit to Her will. He squared his shoulders, turned off the bathroom light, stood for a moment to let his eyes adjust to darkness, opened the bathroom door and went out to Her.

As soon as he opened the door he heard music. She must have started it when he was in the bathroom. He recognized it immediately as Enigma and could not suppress a smile…very appropriate choice. The Voice of Enigma was just beginning. He could also smell incense and vanilla. Again he smiled, this time at the irony in Her choice of scent. He looked about the room but still could not see the Woman he had come here to serve. He knew She was there, Her presence filled the room. He sighed again and stood stock still where he was, She would tell him what to do next. He did not have to wait long.

“Boy, you please me very much. You followed my instructions well.”

He smiled at the compliment and stood even taller. He jumped in alarm when Her voice suddenly whispered in his right ear, “I am here, boy.” Soft fingers traced a trail from his chest down his stomach and lower. He felt his member jump at her light touch. She let out a giggle and whispered to him again, “I like how you react to My touch, boy. You will be reacting a lot tonight. Trust me on that.”

He could feel the heat of Her as She stood next to him, running Her fingers up and down his body. He could smell Her hair and suddenly longed to run his fingers through it, tangling them in Her long auburn tresses. He was trembling again. He wanted to move forward and he wanted to stay just like he was. He wanted Her fingers to stop and do more, yet he didn’t want this maddening sensation to end. Fortunately for him, the choice was not his. She was in control.

Her fingers stopped and he felt Her move away. He suddenly felt very alone where he stood. She spoke clearly this time saying, “Get on the bed. Lay on your back with your arms and legs spread.” He complied immediately, settling on the big bed just as She had commanded. She lit a candle on the other side of the room and it provided him with enough light to finally really see Her. As always, just the sight of Her made his heart pound and his breath come in ragged gasps. She lit two more candles and he could look at Her closely now.

She was not gorgeous, but to him She was beautiful. She stood at the end of the bed now, looking down at him with something like adoration in Her brown eyes. She was wearing a black and pink corset with black satin panties. He could also see black stockings on Her legs but could not see if She wore anything on Her feet. Many times She didn’t, not liking the feeling high heels gave Her. She liked feeling solid on Her feet during their play times. He wanted to say something to Her, wanted to tell Her how lovely She looked but She had commanded silence from him…he gave it to Her.

She stood there smiling down on him for what felt like an eternity, then with a sigh of Her own She turned away and went to a table across from the bed. For the first time he noticed that many objects lay on the table. He felt fear and excitement mingling again as his eyes moved over what objects he could see and recognize from his position. There was at least one flogger, one leather riding crop, coils of rope and a very small box. The rest of the items he could not see well enough to tell what they were, although his eye had caught the gleam of something metal there, too…what that was, he did not know.

Her hands hovered over the items there then settled on a coil of rope. She picked it up and moved to him. She let the rope uncoil slowly, wanting him to see what it was that She had. She picked up his left arm and tied one end of the rope to the ring on the leather cuff circling his wrist. She looped the other end to the head of the bed and pulled the rope taut, so that his arm was suspended above his head and he could not move it. She repeated the process three more times, for the other wrist and his ankles. Each time She would hold the rope so he could see it uncoiling before him. The pace was making him nervous and edgy. She never spoke the whole time.

When She had him secured to the bed, She stood back and admired Her handiwork. He could not move, except to turn his head left or right. He could raise his head slightly but could not get up off the bed. She smiled down at him and laughed saying, “Boy, you look so hot like that! It makes me want to take you right now…but no…we must both be patient. We have all night, don’t we, boy?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he squeaked out, his voice sounding strange and alien to his own ears.

“Shall we begin then, boy?” It was a question but one he knew She did not want him to answer. She moved back to the table of objects, picked something up and turned back to him. He could not see what was in Her hands. She moved close to his head and bent over him. Her perfume was all around him, driving him mad; She leaned down until Her face was directly above his. She looked at him for a few moments, smiled and claimed his mouth in a deep kiss. She stabbed her tongue inside, pillaging and possessing him. Abruptly the kiss stopped and She moved slightly back. Now he could see the object in Her hand…a blindfold. She placed it across his eyes and fastened it behind his head. He could see nothing but darkness once again.

He could sense that She had moved away from him again and assumed She was at the table, picking some object to torment him with. His body quivered in anticipation for what lay ahead. He did not have to wait long as he suddenly felt something cold running up the inside of his right leg…ice! She had chosen to start with ice and he wondered if that was what the small box had held. His mind did not ponder that long as it was suddenly occupied with the sensations on his body. The ice was chilling his skin and causing him to shiver each time She ran it up or down his thigh. She moved from one leg to the other with patience until he thought it would make him scream. The cold was numbing and bringing gooseflesh out over the rest of his body. The ice went away and now there was something warm on his thigh…warm and wet…it was Her tongue. She was licking and sucking his skin where the ice had been, causing even more shivers. God, he could lay here for this forever, he thought to himself!

But She had many, many other ideas for him apparently because She stopped licking and sucking. He felt Her move away again. He barely had time to process this when there was a new feeling on his skin…light little slaps…first on his thighs, then on his arms, then on his legs again. It was the riding crop. The little slaps were from the flat leather piece at the end of the crop. She continued this way for awhile, some of the little smacks landed on his penis…not enough to really hurt…just enough to let him know She was there and in control. The sensation from the crop was slowly building…what was not painful at first began to get maddening as pain settled in. Still She kept on, not slowing or speeding up just maintaining the tempo…slap…slap…slap.

His breath was coming in harsh gasps now and he was close to yelling out, “yellow light!” to let Her know he was close to his limit. As if anticipating this, the slaps stopped. He sighed with relief and let his body relax slightly. SMACK! Down came the crop, this time very hard on his left inner thigh. The pain screamed through his leg and he wanted to scream as well but bit it back. A small gasp escaped his mouth and She was there, instantly soothing the sore spot with Her soft hands…She gently massaged the spot as She said, “Very good, boy. You have done very well for me.” Pleasure flooded his mind and body as he was transported to a new level. He had pleased Her!

“Now boy, we must turn you over for a little while. I think your backside needs some attention.” While She was saying this She was undoing the knot that held the rope to the cuff on his right hand. She repeated this with the left cuff and the two on his ankles. He lay perfectly still, not wanting to displease the Woman. When She was finished with that She commanded him, “turn over,” which he did immediately. She then re-tied his limbs to the ropes attached to the bed.

He was now face down on the bed, blindfolded still and at Her mercy. He felt Her hands moving over him as She spoke, “My lovely, lovely boy…do you know how much I desire to mark your ass?” He knew She wanted no answer from him this time but he could not suppress a low moan. He hoped She knew how much he wanted Her to mark him as Hers. He desired that as much as She did. Her hands left their exploration of his naked flesh and he felt a shiver, knowing She had only just begun and more torment was coming.

Without warning a hard slap struck his buttocks making him gasp. It was soon followed by another, then another. She rained blows down on him, beating his ass with Her bare hand. He lost count of the number of times She struck him. His mind was a whirl of sensation; pain from the blows, pleasure from the feel of Her hand hard on him, the joy he felt being under Her control and there was more…lust, desire and even love. He wanted to scream out to Her that he loved Her…wanted to scream for Her to stop and wanted to scream for Her to give him more…his mind was slipping from reality into another plane. He could no longer think for himself, could feel nothing but what She gave to him…he was Hers for the taking.

As abruptly as it started, the beating stopped. His breath was ragged; he was gasping and moaning into the pillows underneath his head. His heart was pounding in his ears and sweat flowed freely on his body. She was next to his head whispering to him, “Boy, boy, boy…you did so well. You continue to please and amaze me.” She granted him a light kiss on his right cheek, leaving a cool spot on his fevered face. She ran her hand over his head, down his back and to his aching butt. She massaged the bruised flesh for a moment and then he felt cold there…the ice again. It felt amazingly cool on his hot skin, like a delicious breeze on a summer day. She continued running the ice across his ass, he felt water running down his crack, to his balls. His cock throbbed and he longed for more from Her. God help him…he wanted more!

She alternated with the ice and soothing his sore skin with Her so-soft hands. His breathing slowed and his heart began to beat more normally. Her hands left him and he felt Her move away from the bed. He could hear Her humming softly to Herself. She sounded so happy and content. His heart swelled with love and he felt proud knowing that he had had a part in bringing Her this happiness. He wanted to tell Her that, wanted Her to know how much joy it gave him to please Her, but he kept his silence. He would show Her, he would prove his devotion by being still, by following Her commands and later…maybe She would allow him to prove himself in other ways…more intimate ways. It was now his turn to smile.

She must have seen it because She said, “I love that smile, boy. It means I have done well, too. I am glad…so glad that we give each other such pleasure. Now we are going to turn you over again. I want to see MY cock, for we both know it belongs to Me.”

She undid the knots as She had before, commanded him to turn over and re-tied him again. He was once again on his back and he was very glad. It was a relief to his aching cock. It throbbed and pulsed at the thought of what She might have in store for it. He did not have to wonder for very long. Her hand wrapped itself tightly around the base of his penis and began to very, very slowly move up and down. He could not suppress a loud moan as his cock jumped to amazing life…Lord, Her hand felt so damn good. He wanted to beg Her to never stop…to go on like that forever.

But that would have been much too easy and She was not one to take the easy route. She stopped pumping and took Her hand away. He moaned again but this time with disappointment. She giggled and said, “Don’t fret, my sweet boy…you will get your release…all in good time, though…all in good time. We have all night, don’t we?”

With those words She left the bed. He let out a long sigh and tried to calm himself. He could still feel his penis standing at attention and he longed for Her touch once again. He could imagine Her soft fingers tracing along the length of his shaft and his cock quivered…God, he had to stop that! “Relax,” he told himself over and over, “relax and let what is going to happen, happen.”

As he was just beginning to really relax, he felt a new sensation in between his legs. She was probing with Her fingers down there…teasing his cock and balls. He moaned again, unsure how much more of this he could take without exploding. Still She went on, cupping his testicles and lightly squeezing them. How long this went on, he did not know, he had no way to mark the passage of time. It could have been days for all he cared at this point. It was then he felt her finger probing at his anus, teasing, teasing, always teasing. He relaxed so She could slip a finger inside him…another low moan escaped him.

“You like this, don’t you My boy? You like me to possess you this way.” She whispered it hotly into his ear. His moans were the only answer She wanted. Her finger moved slowly in and out of his asshole. He could feel the pressure mounting again and knew if She kept this up much longer he would explode with a mind shattering orgasm. He wasn’t sure if that was what She wanted or not.

“Oh Ma’am…my lovely Ma’am…I am SO close.” He said to her with a whimper of need.

“Not yet, My lovely boy…not yet.” And with that she removed Her finger. A wave of disappointment washed over him leaving him feeling oddly deflated even though his cock was still rock hard. “We have more to experience this evening…much more.” Another low chuckle filled the room as he felt Her leave the bed once more. He let a quivering sigh leave his lips, glad that he had warned Her of his impending orgasm. He wanted to please Her with all of his soul. He would only get his release when She granted it, no sooner.

Mistress comes by after work, as usual. After a little nosh for energy, she points to the floor in front of her – I strip off my clothes, and put on her favorite panties, and then drop to my knees at her feet…she grasps my head in one hand, and pulls me to her crotch…I nuzzle it, sniff at the fabric of her pants…I can smell her excitement. I’m distracted momentarily, and suddenly the collar goes ‘click’ around my neck. her hands now grasp my head and pulls me in close.

“Worship, boy, “she says, and I begin to do just that…snuffling and sniffing at her crotch like a dog…finally she can stand no more, and she stands and drops her slacks to the floor, along with her panties.

She pulls my head back, and jams it in between her sopping thighs. She tilts my head back. she reaches over me to the table, to the clamps waiting there. They are beautiful and merciless, and their bite only turns me on more. Mistress holds the chain in her hand…and she pulls me closer.

“Open, baby…time to suck your Mistress.” And my mouth drops open instantly, and just as quickly, her hand guides it to her. And then my lust takes over…I suckle it like a baby at a full milky tit…and I am…and it is…full of milk. And I want it…need it…and want my Mistress to cover me with it, inside and out…fill me full and yet leave me wanting more.

I swirl my tongue around it as I slowly work it, pushing my tongue a little deeper with every move forward…my hands sliding up and down her legs, sliding over her ass…one hand wrapping softly around her ass cheek, the other teasing at her ass as I feel her get even wetter than she already was.

She groans, her strong hands now clutching at my head, and starting to hump it against me. “Take it, slut…that’s it, bitchboy cumsucker…show me you’re my bitch, baby – oh, god, yes – suck me…oh yeah…I’m gonna fill you up, slave….” she is grunting now, that sexy deep in the chest huff of pure lust that fills up my slave self just as surely as her cum will fill up the rest of me…any minute now…oh please I want it!

Her legs are trembling now, and she pulls my head off, and taking ahold of the leash, pulls me after her into the bedroom, where she perches on the edge of the bed…she gestures, and my mouth is instantly on her again…I have to force myself not to go so fast, but I so want her cum.

Her hands guide me, using my mouth as her toy. I am using my tongue to it’s fullest…my tongue sliding out under her clit to get to her tunnel. her hands fall away as she falls back – she needs to thrust, and can’t do it without leverage…

“Oh yeah….oh my good slut…my good little slave, ” she moans. I know she’s close, and I slurp her juices leaking out, coating my tongue with sharp slutty sliminess.

As I work her now, just the way she taught me, her hands suddenly jump down to my head as her pelvis leaps up…then as I feel her get sensitive, I pull off, and start slowly, oh so slowly, licking Mistress clean, from ass all the way to clit…swiping the last drops carefully out and off…and I still haven’t swallowed…I’m feeling her cum swirl around in my mouth…loving the taste…the texture. she pulls me up next to her…she tells me not to swallow yet. I don’t. her eyes bore into me…I want to kiss her…

The kiss, when it came, was amazing. Well worth it.

Later, as they say…we laid in each other’s arms talking and kissing for several hours. Mistress is an amazing kisser, and the more excited she gets, the sloppier the kiss. My favorite.

That wasn’t our first encounter, obviously. She doesn’t want to ‘play’ every night, although she will bury my face in her crotch at almost any opportunity, just to taunt me, and excite her, frequently to orgasm, sometimes quite casually. As in, “Slutboy! I’m frustrated with this article, get your ass in here and lick me while I think about it!”

She understands me in a way no one else does. She learned, early on in our relationship, that I am actually a pretty disciplined guy, when I want to be. The problem is that I don’t always want to be.

She found ways to enable me to be strong enough to do lots of things that are good for me, in the long run. She doesn’t wheedle. She doesn’t threaten, not usually. She dangles carrots. And I am definitely her ass, in more ways than one – I’ll follow her carrot forever.

An example: she likes/hates exercise.

I hate/hate exercise. She likes company when she works out. I love the way she smells after she does. I can’t tell you why. I have, in my life, just like anybody else, smelled my share of sweat and other frequently pungent bodily odors, including of course my own.

Hers – any of hers – does something peculiar to my brain and body. I won’t say that I can refuse her nothing, because I don’t know that that’s true. I do know that I haven’t refused her yet…

We have a pretty humdrum life, I suppose, in a way. Certainly it’s comfortable, sorta like hanging out with your best friend on a saturday afternoon, combined with an always simmering, frequently bubbling and boiling lust for each other.

She loves having me serve her; my mouth knows her body more intimately than my own. And I’m pretty sure I’ve licked every square millimeter of it, from the mouth on down. I love worshipping her. When she wants a more aggressive lover, nipple clamps with chains go on in order to get me aroused, and any one of a number of cock rings help keep me that way.

And if I can’t always perform to her satisfaction, well, let’s just say that she has been known to strap a cock on me if she wants to be truly pillaged.

When we talked at lunch today, she was sultry and teasing. When I called her on my way home, she let me know she was running late. That was good; so was I. About forty minutes later, I’m in the kitchen in the outfit Mistress called me and told me to wear; I’m in low slave heels, fishnets, a garter belt and Mistress’ silky panties, under which my cock is restrained in a heavy steel ring. My hair is freshly trimmed – all of it – and I’m freshly showered. It all takes time, and thank goodness she’s running late.

I’m preparing one of Mistress’s favorites, chicken cordon bleu; and while I’m concentrating on pounding out the breasts, I suddenly feel a presence behind me, and her strong hands reach around me to pinch my nipples. Hard.

My knees get weak, and I moan helplessly in passion, I feel her mouth on my neck, kissing me while she pinches…then she turns me around, pulling me into her. I didn’t hear her come in.

“Mmmmm, looks good, slut…if dinner is as good as usual, I’ll reward your sissy ass with a good fucking…would you like that?” I’m moaning louder now as she works my nipples, but I’m not so helpless that I can’t say “Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress…”

She turns me back around, and I suddenly feel her hands stroking my pantied ass. Now one hand slips under the silky salmon thong strap…and a finger gently but insistently prods at my tight little hole. I couldn’t stop her even if I wanted to; my hands are covered with chicken goo and flour. I hear her deep chuckle, and her hand withdraws.

“I’m sure I don’t want you to spoil dinner, so I’ll spare you for the moment.” Her eyes suddenly twinkle as she sits on one of the barstools on the other side of the island.

“Some wine, Mistress?” I say, not sure how I will take care of that; my hands look like a horror movie in poultry. But the breasts on the board look good – nicely rounded, stuffed with a bit of ham and the best bleu I could find. I guess I can rinse off, after all.

“That would be lovely. Don’t stop cooking.” She slides off the barstool, and grabs a glass. I’ve already opened the bottle, it’s sitting politely on the counter, breathing. She pours. She sips. She smiles. So do I.

While I cook, she does her best to distract me, pinching, pulling on my nips, devouring my neck with her lips and rubbing herself against me. She releases me from time to time so I can pull ingredients out of the fridge, or chop things.

Finally, the chicken is stuffed, (as I’m soon to be, I hope) and in the oven, the salad is made, and the veggies are waiting for their quick stir fry. The rosemary sourdough rolls I made a few days ago are ready for reheating. Whew.

“Good slut…you managed to work despite the distraction…I’m very pleased…” she husks into my oh so hot ear. She grabs my pantied cock and uses it as a leash to pull me into the bedroom and onto the bed.

We roll around on it, her strong arms wrapped around me, her lips devouring me over and over. Her hands are all over me – pulling and twisting my nipples, playing with my cock, then slapping it, all to her desire…pleasure and pain. That’s why I love her so and worship her so utterly. She kisses me, then peels off her top and bra to have me suckle at her breasts. I suck gently at her nipples while she abuses mine.

Just as our passion seems to be cresting, I hear the timer buzz in the kitchen. I groan in real frustation, and Mistress chuckles at it as she gets up. She quickly finishes removing her clothes, her brown skin softly glowing with excitement. She walks to her closet, and disappears inside. Ever the dutiful wife, I start to get up to help.

“Don’t get up, baby, I’ll be out in a minute,” she says from behind the half open door.

I’m hoping that the chicken isn’t going to dry out, that would be painful. Just then she reappears. She is wearing a pretty good sized pitch black dildo. The one with the attachment that goes inside her. Ummm. I’m starting to think this may be a good night.

She walks over to the bed, gesturing to me to hold out my hands, then she pulls me up by my hands, and as I rise to an upright sitting position on the edge of the bed, she releases my hands, and grasps my head tightly, pulling it to her cock. I know what to do from here. Boy, I hope the chicken doesn’t dry out. I must’ve hesitated.

“Just a little, slutwife, ” she whispers, “then you can finish dinner and serve me.”

I do love serving, whether it’s her dinner or her luscious body. I suck her dildo into my mouth, smelling that amazing scent that is my MIstress at her best. After a minute of gentle sucking, I start to slide off the bed onto my knees, but she stops me.

“Dinner first, you naughty slave, then you can have your dessert,” she says quietly. “Get my robe. You know the one.”

Fortunately, the chicken was not dried out, in fact I had to cook it a few more minutes. The salad was a hit, and the stir-fried veggies – sugar snap peas, baby corn, some bok choy – pretty standard stuff, turned out perfectly. The rolls were tasty, too.

And dessert was wonderful, too.

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