female dominance

I left you a note posted at the door stating: “Strip down naked and meet me in our back room.” From the back room, I could hear you laugh as you read it, but I smiled and hoped you would comply. I heard you, first removing your shoes and letting them drop loudly on the floor. The ensuing silence made me think that you might be taunting me, but I let out a sigh as I heard you mumble something about your pants. I heard your foot steps coming closer to the door. As I watched the doorknob turn, the door opened slowly and soundlessly. I looked toward the door while staying in the shadows of the dark room. As you entered, I flipped a switch lighting the fire in the room.

Seeing you standing there with the glow of the fire gleaming off your skin, I let out a small sigh of pleasure at your nearness. I stepped out from the shadows letting you see me fully. I wore my collar and a cup-less nightie, pasties covering my nipples from your view. My nightie extended only to my waist, leaving my black panties in full view. I returned your smile as your eyes ran over my outfit. I had my hair pulled up in a french twist with only a couple of loose curls flowing around my face. I moved to you and said:

“Honey, you have dominated me and I have liked it. I will not be the same to you as you were to me. This experience will be different.”

I ran my fingers along your body, from your waist upward and slowly around your chest. My eyes took in your stature as you allowed me to study your body closely. My fingers reached your shoulders, and I came face to face with you:

“I shall begin now.”

I took your hand in mine and led you to the far end of the room, letting you see my excitement to pleasure you differently. The walls of our back room were cinder blocks, unpainted and cold. I moved you to stand against one of them. I lowered the rope from above your head and tied your hands in firmly. I gave each of your hands a light kiss before I pulled on the other end of the rope and watched your arms slowly being raised above your head. I kept my eyes locked on your face as I made myself inaccessible to your masculine, normally tender hands.

I bit my bottom lip nervously and tied off the rope slowly, making sure it would hold you as you struggled against my taunting. You shivered and struggled as your back touched the cold, hard wall. I smiled, concealing the pleasure I derived from your slight displeasure. I moved close to you again, looking into your eyes, letting you read my gaze to see how much I loved you. I kept my features soft, so you would know I was only going to pleasure you. Your manly scent was so arousing as I stood close to you.

I kept within inches of you as I reached up and checked the bonds on your hands, making sure that they were secure. My breasts rubbed teasingly across your chest as I extended, and I smiled at you as I whispered,

“Did you like the feel of my breasts?”

You groaned an incoherent response before I went on.

“Oh, that’s right. You can’t see my nipples and how delicious they look. You will have to earn that.”

I knelt down and clasped your ankles slightly apart, further restricting your motion. I stood up and looked at you:

“I think I’ll let you get used to this before moving forward.”

I left you alone for a couple minutes to let you grow used to the restraints. I sat and watched in full view of your eyes, assuring you that you would go through nothing without me. When you had adjusted to being restrained, I came over to you with my hands behind my back and looked at you with a wry smile:

“I wish to pleasure you and drive you wild until you want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything. I do not wish to be a dominatrix but just a pleasure partner.”

I showed you the hand that held a silk feather from earlier. I smiled as you felt a tickle begin at your ankle, revealing that I have brought another one. I glided both feathers over your legs slowly, letting you feel their silky softness. I raised them over your thighs and hips, enjoying your efforts to hold still despite the slight tickles and growing pleasure. I dragged them over your chest slowly, skipping your manhood on purpose. I let them glide over your neck lightly, then over your face. I smiled and stepped back to look over your body once again.

As I returned the feather to your inner thighs, I let it graze over your balls lightly, watching them tense with pleasure. I bit my bottom lip as I grew aroused from watching your reactions. I withdrew again, letting you relish the sensations I have given you.

When I stepped back toward you, I held a mirror in front of you. You smiled in confusion, not quite understanding what I was going to use it for. I open my other hand, revealing a bright red stick of lipstick in it. I held the mirror and let you watch as I applied the lipstick to my plump soft lips.

“I wish to mark your body with proof that I have caressed you all over,” I said with a soft expression.

I knelt before you as I began to kiss both your feet, leaving my lips’ marking on both. I moved up your legs, kissing at sensitive areas where I wished to leave a mark of my affection. I traced up your inner thighs, stopping as I neared your manhood. Looking up at you with a playful smile, I kissed your tightening balls lightly, placing a bright smear of lipstick on them. I moved around your groin, feeling your body tense from the sensation of my lips caressing your skin. I shifted up your abs and over your chest, leaving little marks all along the way. I kissed your neck softly, letting my lips enjoy the sensitive spots on both its sides. I let out a small moan of pleasure as I felt you shudder from my tender caresses. I planted a kiss on both your cheeks before stepping back and admiring my handiwork — your body covered with the residue of my soft lips. I paused again, allowing you to savor the pleasure you felt and to let it drive you wild.

I smiled as I watched you and took pleasure in the face that you had not yet stopped me from teasing you. My hands behind my back, I took a step toward you again. I told you to close your eyes and tied a blindfold around them.

“I will remove this in one moment.”

I let you hear me as I shuffled with some objects near you. You suddenly felt my warm hands around the tip of your aroused manhood, pushing something over the tip, causing pleasure as you felt its tightness. As it went down your shaft to rest at the base, it squeezed slightly around your thick shaft. My hands worked diligently around the bottom of your shaft. I stroked you while you became aware of another movement between the base of your shaft and your tightening balls. All of a sudden you heard a small humming sound and felt intense vibrations at that sensitive point. I let out a sigh, finally getting to see your body tense and release. I watched your massively hard manhood throb with pleasure from the sensation. Licking your nipples lightly, I left a trail of moisture on them with my little wet textured tongue.

“I hope you like this taunting my love.”

I stepped back and admired you as you stood there, feeling the intense vibrations from the cock ring with vibrating bullet.

“I will let you feel more intensity now,” I said, and with that I turned up the remote to the maximum setting. I wanted you to feel the full intensity, and I wanted to touch you so badly now, to pleasure you even more.

Somehow, I held back. I withdrew again, watching your body as I alternated between high and low settings on the vibrating cock ring. My own pleasure grew as I stood close to you and said:

“You are not allowed to cum until later, my love.”

I turned down the vibrations to a low setting and moved around you again. I once again brought the feathers over your body, letting you feel them caressing your skin, as the cock ring pleasured your manhood. I looked down at your swollen shaft, your cock tip almost purple with intense arousal. I licked my lips as I bent over, tasting a drop of your precum.

“I love your enjoyment juice very much, my love.”

With those words, I prepared to taunt you one final time. Still blindfolded, you felt something around your thick, throbbing mushroom tip, something utterly unfamiliar to you. It was warm and moist as it slid down your shaft, almost like my tenacious pussy. As you felt it sliding up and down your massively aroused member, I leaned into you and kissed your neck lightly. I sucked on your skin and moaned softly into your ear as I pleasured you even more. When I felt you swelling with pleasure, I took off your blindfold and let you view everything I was doing to you. You saw the silicone pussy I was using to taunt your swollen manhood and the vibrating cock ring. I smirked at you as I took away the silicone pussy:

“I think if I do anymore, it might push you over the edge, my love.”

Stepping away once again, I turned the vibrating cock ring on high. I reached to the rope and let your hands down slowly, then freed them from the bindings while you gave in to the intense vibration around your thick cock base and balls. As I knelt to remove your ankle clasps, I looked up at your throbbing member for a moment. I stood up before you as your equal again.

“My love, how badly do you wish to ravish me?”

I stared at you waiting for your reaction, my heart racing, not quite knowing what your response would be to my seductive, taunting ways. My body was still flush with arousal from observing your body undergoing all my taunting. My posture gradually took on the appearance of your sweet innocent lover once again. Looking into your eyes that flashed with fires of passion, I whispered:

“I am yours.”

I rubbed my finger over the pasties that covered my nipples, and swayed slightly from my intense feelings as I awaited your response.

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