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This is the twelfth of my 12 Days of Christmas Improv audios. They don’t have anything to do with Christmas but I set a goal of doing an audio a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Failed miserably but since many really good improvs came out of the attempt I am calling it a win :)

This is the last one of this endeavor and I am very happy to finish with this commitment. I will be doing more audios though and I will probably be doing more in the Feeling Bossy series (hell I might even do one without anal play for the faint of heart ;) It feels good and yet kind of sad to be finished with this series of twelve. It was a huge commitment (much larger then I ever realized when I decided to do it!) but I am proud of many of the bits that came out of it so that is a very good feeling.

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Hello all you sexy Literotica ladies. I want to thank everyone who left a public comment or sent me private feedback or gave five stars to my last story. I really do appreciate you taking the time to do that. I love getting your feedback and I love the high ratings you give my stories.

This audio features a very hot little slut I’m pleased to call mine. I’m hoping to get some better quality audio of her voice soon, but I think you’ll agree even on speaker phone she’s incredibly hot. I know she made me cum very hard as you can tell.

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I slowly awaken at some hour late at night and my eyelids flicker and blink gently as I try to figure out what just happened. We were in your office and oh, we were fucking so hard. It was just incredible. I was bent over your desk, clinging to the far edge of it, taking the length of your cock hard and fast as you thrust in and out of me. Your hands were holding my breasts, caressing and teasing my hard nipples as you moaned and groaned loudly into my ear from behind. I was so close to orgasm I could barely bear it…just on the brink of cumming. The feel of your cock- rock hard and throbbing inside my pussy, about to shoot a hot, creamy load deep inside me was bringing me closer still.

Then there was this sudden clatter of noise that stirred me. I don’t know- maybe something outside and now, here I am alone. It’s dark. It doesn’t take me long to figure out that I’m in bed and all of that was some incredible dream…but it felt so real! Mmm…I shudder slightly, still feeling as if all of that was actually just happening. It’s absolutely boiling hot. It’s a warm summer’s night anyway, but I can’t help but think a lot of it is due to the intensity of the incredible subconscious experience I’ve just been having. There is faint moonlight coming in through from between the curtains and a gentle breeze coming through the window.

Lying on my back, I throw the covers off my body and let the cool breeze brush over me in just my black lace bra and matching French knickers. There are beads of sweat on my neck and the top of my chest…my stomach. The valley between my breasts glistens and feels slightly sticky from the heat. I reach behind my head and softly pull my long hair from behind me to one side of the pillow to cool me down and then just lie still, feeling tingles all the way up and down and across my body from the contrast of the breeze playing across my hot skin. My dream was so hot that my breathing is maybe a little faster than it should be. Still in a sleepy state, I try my best to remember more details of what I was just imagining while I softly let my fingers stroke and dance across my tummy and up and down my sides. Oh, just wishing you were here to caress and touch me… You’re so good at arousing me.

In my dream, I was remembering the last time you had to work late. You asked me to swing by and drop off some paperwork that you’d left at home. So, I turned up there and it was only you in the office. You were pretty tired out and still hard at it so, draping my arms around your neck from behind, standing up as you sat in your desk chair, I hugged myself to you softly, kissed the side of your neck and said I wouldn’t stay long. You sort of sighed though and said you were well in need of a break. I smiled and began to massage your broad shoulders, gently kneading them. You sort of rolled your head back and closed your eyes, just enjoying the slight release of tension. I worked my thumbs into the nape of your neck and down into the collar of your shirt, then slid my hands down the front, caressing the top of your chest as far as I could reach. You let out this long sigh and I smiled.

“Is this what you had in mind baby?” I whispered against your ear, smiling. You gave this wide grin and swivelled your chair around to face me.

“Not quite.” You said- this wicked, flirtatious look in your eyes. You quickly reached your arms around my hips and pulled me down in one swift movement onto your lap so I was sitting on top of you, straddling and facing you. Your hand went to the back of my neck and pulled my head down to make my lips meet yours. You kissed me hard, passionately…letting me know exactly what you had in mind. I responded, letting a breathy moan escape my lips against your mouth. I could feel the heat from you as I let my tongue flick quickly over your lips. Mmmmm. Your mouth opened, your tongue found mine and playfully licked and swirled and the kiss deepened. Your lips tasted so…sweet. Your hands slid up my legs, over my tights.

I’m running my hands up my own legs now, remembering how warm they were, your fingers spreading apart, sliding up my thighs. They went under my skirt, stretching up…but didn’t go quite as far as I wanted them to. Ooh, baby, you’re such a tease but I just love it. My hands worked their way down your chest as we kept kissing, undoing the buttons one by one slowly and then throwing it open, letting my hands start to explore your chest. As I did this, you grabbed the bottom hem of my top and pulled it over my head as I lifted my arms to help you. I saw your eyes move straight to my breasts- right in your eye line there. With a lustful look, you pressed your face against them. Mmm, you kissed them and let your tongue explore between them. Oh, the feel of your hot breath against my tits was so fucking hot. You reached behind me and unclasped my bra and I do the same to my bra now. The thin straps slid off my shoulders and my breasts came free. Just the feel of you looking at them so lustfully made me quiver all over, my nipples hardening with anticipation as you tossed my bra aside. Oh my nipples were so hard, just like they are right now. Your hands came up and held them as you let your tongue explore. I let my hands trace my tits now; all over-touching everywhere except my nipples, just like you did then. Oh baby, I love how you tease me. You know I do. My hands were in your hair, my head tilted back as I breathed heavily, soft moans escaping my mouth. Now, I let one finger brush across each of my nipples, remembering how you did the same so gently with just the very tip of your tongue. It made me groan. You began to flick your tongue over them faster in turn, the intense pleasure making me bite my bottom lip gently. Ohhh it felt so good. I can feel my pussy getting so wet, the anticipation growing more as I caress and tease my breasts. I remember pushing my crotch down harder against your growing erection, desperate to feel the warmth and hardness of your cock against me. You stopped using your mouth on my chest and grinned, knowing what I was trying to do and wanting to tease me more.

You lifted me off you and then stood up off the chair, walking and pushing me backwards until I reached the edge of your desk. You began kissing me again, your hands sliding into the waistband at the back of my skirt and tights, down over the back of my lace panties, squeezing my ass gently. I bring my finger to my lips now and suck it softly before following the same trail your lips took, leaving a trail of kisses from my lips to my cheek…slowly down my jaw line, across my ear and down my neck. Oh it’s so amazingly hot. I bring both of my middle and index fingers to my mouth again now and make them slick with my tongue before letting them tease and pinch my swollen nipples some more. Your hands, still on my bum, lifted me a little and I hopped up so I was sitting on the edge of the desk. I helped you slide my skirt down and off completely so that I was just dressed in my sheer, silky black tights with my black lace underwear-similar to what I’m wearing now, just visible underneath. You took a minute to look me up and down and I almost felt your eyes on each part of me. Whilst this was happening I reached up and around your shoulders, pulling your open shirt off and away from your hot skin, onto the floor. Then, I pulled you forward again by the waistband of your trousers and undid the fly before letting them fall to the ground, along with your boxers. Oh your cock was so big and hard now and it sprang free in front of me. You looked so fucking sexy there, naked in front of me. Just as I was about to reach around and take your dick in my hand, you did so yourself. You grinned at me with that naughty glint in your eye again and slowly pressed the length of the shaft up against my pussy, still obscured under those two very thin layers of material. Supporting yourself with your hands on the desk, you pressed up against me, standing between my legs. Your mouth slid to my ear and you began to whisper in this low, growly tone:

“Oh baby, I’m so so hard for you. I can feel how wet you are against my cock. I can’t wait to be inside you…mmm.”

“Oh yes baby I want your big cock inside me.” I moaned back, against your neck.

I reach next to me now and pick up my toy off the bed. I start rhythmically sliding the length of my dildo over my slit through my knickers, just imagining it’s your hot cock. Ohhhh yeah. The head just softly grinds my clit every so often, making my whole body shudder. Oh baby, I can barely take the suspense. I was desperate to feel your cock against my cunt properly and as much as you were enjoying teasing me, I knew you were too. You reached down…your hands sliding into my tights and you slowly, seductively peeled them down my legs, letting your lips dance down my thighs, calves and my feet as they went. Then you slid your hands back up the whole length of my legs and separated them again. The feel of your fingers on my inner thighs…oh it was just incredible. You began kissing me passionately again and let your fingers tease over the lace covering the entrance to my pussy gently, then pressing in a little bit. Oh I was so wet by now; I could feel that my juices were soaking my panties as you pressed them against my lips. You let out a deep groan too as you felt just how wet I was, knowing how much I wanted to feel your fingers inside me. I run my fingers over the material in the same way now, before letting one finger gently edge into front of the waistband, down my thin strip of pubic hair above my clit while the other hand stays on my thigh. Your hand went to one side of the gusset of my panties and you hooked your fingers around it and pulled it aside. Finally I felt two of your fingers extend back and you made the length of them make contact with my slit. “Ohhhhh” I let out a big sigh as you bent your fingers up, stroking my inner lips. “Oh yeah, mmmm.” I do the same now, feeling my juices run all over my fingers and making them slick and so slippery. You slowly delved deeper, sliding them inside me to the knuckle and then just holding them there, still kissing me. Ohhh wow. I let my fingers slowly start to slide in and out of my hole.

Oh baby, I just wish you were here now…why didn’t I think to swing by again tonight? Then…as if on cue, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, which distracts me slightly. The footsteps continue to the landing and then I hear the bedroom door handle slowly pushing down and it gently opens. You’re home- and just in time. You creep in at first, thinking I’m asleep, but the light from the landing fills the room with enough light for you to see me there soon enough. I’m lying in the centre of the double bed, on my back in just my panties- pulled to one side…my legs spread, running my fingers up and down my hot, wet slit. You look at me and raise an eyebrow flirtatiously in surprise, a smirk playing across your lips as you lick your bottom one unconsciously and I smile back at you before closing my eyes again, not stopping what I’m doing. “Wow” you say in a low whisper “what’s going on here then?” I don’t respond except with a dreamy smile and carrying on playing, knowing you’re watching everything I’m doing. Mmm…I can feel your eyes over every inch of me.

You shut the door again and fully undress, then come and lie down on your side next to me. Your arm drapes around to the other side of my face and you caress my cheek as you kiss me deeply. I look at you in the dark and let out a moan at the feeling of your lips on mine.

“You wanna join in?” I groan against your hot mouth.

“Mmm maybe after I’ve watched for a while!” you laugh and I smile at you. Not needing to be asked twice, I let my fingers slowly delve inside my pussy again and I start to masturbate for you, feeling your eyes still fixed on me as I do. I sigh and moan and start moving my hips gently and after a while you climb over me. Your mouth explores my tits and my nipples, ohh it’s just like I imagined before. And you slowly kiss down my body, climbing down as you go. All of a sudden you’re down between my legs, kissing my thighs, watching what I’m doing up close. Your face is inches from my pussy and fingers. You can feel the heat from it. I look down at you and you suddenly take my wrist, stopping me from what I’m doing. I slide my fingers out of my dripping pussy and still holding my wrist, you bring my fingers up to your mouth and you erotically lick them, tasting my juices off them. Then, keeping eye contact with me, you suck them hard. We smile at each other naughtily and mmm I know what’s coming. I can barely wait!

You lie down on your stomach, your legs outstretched off the bed and with your thumbs you softly part my pussy lips gently. Ohhhh the anticipation is just too much baby. You lean in and lick up the slit of my pussy with just the very tip of your tongue gently. Ohh wow. The feel of your warm tongue is just…to die for. Oh wow, darling there’s nothing better than that first long lick. My fingers curl around the sheets and I cling to them with both hands as the amazing sensation sends shivers up my spine. You take another long lap up my pussy, this time with a bit more of the flat of your tongue and as you get to the top you gently flick it across my clit. My whole body tenses this time and feeling the reaction, you let your tongue slide back over it again…and again. My hands go back on my breasts and I start to caress myself, my mouth a little open just letting out moans as you lick my clit back and forth…ohh yeah. Then, you reach and pick up my toy off the bed and you lay it just underneath me. The tip of the head is just barely touching the opening of my cunt. As you keep licking around my clit, I feel you slowly press it harder against it and then….ohhh, you slide it in. Ohhh YES baby. Slowly, you work it in and out as you give me head. I feel like I’m going to cum so fast but I don’t want to just yet. Somewhat regretfully, I reach and stop you after a minute or so. You understand why and grin then climb back up my body. I kiss you hard and let my tongue explore your mouth, tasting my own sweet juices.

“Oh baby,” I moan, “Fuck me…I need you!” I sigh against your mouth. “I want you to give it to me from behind just like you did over your desk that time…and then, I want to ride you and cum all over your cock.” With the realisation of what I’ve been fantasising about you smile to yourself because late at work tonight you were thinking about the exact same occasion. You kneel up to let me turn over and position yourself behind me. I rest down on my forearms and on my knees with my ass raised high in the air. You’ve got a really good view now of my ass and wet pussy as you press up against me and you gradually press just the head of your dick up against my pussy lips. Ohhh God I need it, you have no idea. You reach round and hold the front of my thighs with both hands to steady yourself and then with one long drawn out moan, thrust deep into me. Ooooohhhhh. You stay there for a second and then start to slide in and out, just like you did that night in your office. It feels so deep from behind-I can feel every inch of your cock in my tight pussy. I moan loudly from the amazing sensations of you moving in and out slowly as your hands stretch forward and cup my tits which are hanging down and bouncing with every thrust. I turn my head to the side and you lean forward. We kiss and speak sweet nothings as you thrust into me. Ohhhhh jeez baby, you’re hitting my G spot. You’re going so deep! You start going faster, your balls slapping against me as you enter me. We both start panting and moaning harder. Oh baby, I want to cum on your cock, I want to ride it.

Knowing we’re getting near orgasm, we change position and you lie on your back, your head propped up on some pillows and I straddle you. I lie down on top of you with the underside of your cock pressed flat against my pussy and let myself slide up and down a few times as we keep eye contact, our faces just a few inches apart-watching each other’s lustful expressions. My clit slides up the length of your shaft….uhhhhhh yeah. Then I stop and sit up, raising myself above you momentarily and take your cock in my hand. It’s covered in my juices just from being pressed against me and I let my hand slide up and down a few times, jerking you off to make it all wet before placing it by my pussy again. I pause just for a second and then, in one movement, slide right down onto it. Ohhhhhh my God. You’re all the way inside me now. I begin moving myself up and down on it rhythmically. You lie and thrust up to meet me, making it deeper and harder and it doesn’t take long before we’re quickly getting excited again. Oh God you look so hot and so sexy. I let my hands explore your chest and your hands grab and squeeze my ass. I see your eyes fixate on my full, bouncing tits as I move faster and faster on your cock…uhhhhhhh oh baby, yes! Mmmm, my whole body starts shaking as I get closer to cumming. You feel my pussy tighten even more around your cock as I get closer. I’m squeezing it. I lie forward again, on top of you so my clit is getting stimulated against your pubic bone and my tits are right against your face. You lick my nipples erotically and ohhhh I’m going to cum. You’re getting harder still inside me and screwing your face up a little with the pleasure as you moan as we rock faster and faster together. Ohhh yes, oh yes. Do you want to feel me cum all over your cock baby? Oh I’m gonna cum any, any second….I know you’re close too.

“Oh yes, oh fuck, cum with me baby…oh I’m cumming. I’m gonna cum.. .” My orgasm makes my pussy pulsate and squeeze you as you cum. ” Ohhhh baby…oh baby. Ohhh fuck. Mmmmmm…”

I collapse down on the bed. You’re still inside me. Oh wow. Oh baby, we’re so hot and sweaty and we just lie there, recovering for a while. Oh baby that was so amazing- every time with you is. I almost felt like I was back in your office again, imagining someone could catch us at any moment if they were to stop by. Oh you turn me on so much…

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As I stir and wake up, my eyes are immediately flooded with bright sunlight. I blink a few times as they adjust and slowly move my head to look around me from my position lying on my tummy. I’ve no idea how long I’ve been asleep here but what I notice first is how quiet it is.

Having come away on holiday with quite a large group of friends I haven’t actually heard quiet like this in at least a week. It’s the middle of summer and we’ve all decided to go away. We’ve rented a beautiful big villa in the south of France that’s big enough to sleep us all. It’s completely secluded and cut off from the world around us, with beautiful big gardens around it. There’s nobody to be seen in the surrounding area at all, even from outside-which would mean that it would always be this quiet, but due to the sheer number of us staying here, it hasn’t been for the most part because we’ve been having a good time.

As I look around I wonder where everyone has got to. Last thing I knew everyone was sunbathing, chilling out, having drinks, relaxing in the pool and so on…now there seems to be the odd towel or empty glass lying around but everyone seems to have gone. I look at my watch and I see it’s about 2pm and it’s still scorching hot.

My attention turns as just then, I hear a noise as someone steps out of the doorway from the villa building itself, opposite me and I look around behind me and see it’s you, struggling out with a big cooler box freshly full of ice and some drinks. You smile at me as you walk over and say “Hey you’re awake!” And I smile and say “Yeah where is everyone?” You explain you only just woke up too and after you put the drinks down in a spot nearby that is still shady, you hand me a note you’ve found on the kitchen table inside from our friends which basically says that they’ve headed off out into one of the nearby towns to do some exploring but they didn’t want to wake us. We have a car here and they’ve left us details of where they’ll be in case we want to join them later.

So I look up at you and I smile and say “So, is it just us?” and you grin back and say “Yep, seems that way.” and I swear this fleeting little look of something suggestive is passed between us as our eyes lock momentarily. While a lot of the people here are mutual friends of ours, we haven’t really met many times before coming on this trip, but since we got here we’ve been spending quite a lot of time getting to know each other kind of this last week. Nothing has happened between us so far but there’s definitely been somewhat of a spark there and some of my girlfriends have commented to me at least that they’ve noticed a flirtatious vibe between us…and I can’t help but wonder a little if they really did only leave us alone because they didn’t want to wake us up. The thought does cross my mind.

You straighten out your towel next to me on the grass and lie down and we just chat for a while. I realise that what was previously a nice shady spot that we were lying in, since we’ve been asleep is now is now fully in the sun. I’m only wearing a halter neck string bikini top and bottoms and can feel the intense heat on my back as I lie on my belly. It’s a few hours since I applied any sunblock so I sit up cross legged, pick up the bottle next to me and I start to re-apply the lotion to my skin. As I do so, I swear I notice you’re, possibly even absent-mindedly, following my hands with your eyes. They’re sliding up across my arms, around my neck, down my chest, my tummy, and then each leg as we chat away. Then, once I’ve applied the sunscreen pretty much everywhere I can, I hold the bottle towards you and before I say anything you say that it’s ok, you’re set-you’ve got plenty on and slightly embarrassed I smile and say “Actually I was going to ask if you’d mind doing my back for me.” And you laugh and blush a little and say “Oh sure. Sorry.” It’s quite alright so I lie back down on my tummy and you move over so that you’re sat sort of on the backs of my thighs, just below my arse and you apply some lotion to your hands then slowly start to rub it into the small of my back.

Your hands feel nice and cool with the lotion on them and I have to stop myself from sighing as you rub it into my warm skin. Your hands glide upwards and spread sunscreen all over my back- up towards my shoulder blades. We’re still chatting about events of the week and so on, but I find myself almost a little distracted from what we’re talking about. Your hands feel really good and I can’t help but notice the care and skill you’re doing this with. It’s more like you’re giving me a massage than applying sun block. You’re letting your fingers kneed my sides and slide sensually over my skin-paying attention to areas that I could really reach myself and it’s definitely taking a lot longer than it needs to. I don’t know if you’re even doing it purposefully but as your hands slide back down and you start to apply the lotion to my lower back, our conversation has almost trailed off.

I feel your fingers nearing the waistband of my bikini bottoms and the top of my arse and then as you slide them back up towards the back of my neck, you’re forced to kind of lean forward over my body a little more…and I feel that unmistakable hardness of your cock against my arse just for a moment. You must know I can feel it. Mmm. It’s so sexy but I just let you carry on touching me-enjoying the feel of your strong hands on my body, just knowing you’re turned on from touching me is really turning me on too- or perhaps it’s just from looking at me from behind in that position. It’s definitely not just the sun making me hot anymore.

All of a sudden you stop and say “How’s that?” but in my dreamy, turned on state I respond with “Mmmmm, really good.” And it’s your turn to grin this time and you say “Oh I meant is that enough sunscreen?” and I blush again and I look over my shoulder at you but I can see that glint in your eye so I come back with “Well I don’t know, what do you think?” You know the question I’m really asking so you pause…and as I say this, I rock my arse back the tiniest amount to press it a tiny bit against your groin, just to let you know I’ve noticed how hard you are. So, as a response you don’t say anything but you just look at me with a slight smile and then squeeze more lotion onto your hands. This time, you start at the backs of my thighs. You squeeze and massage them firmly, caressing right down to the sensitive backs of my knees and then back up the outside with just your thumbs pressing up the insides. Your touch is becoming more erotic by the second as you get more daring and as I feel you reach the top of my inner thighs, I can feel the juices starting to drip from my pussy lips inside my bikini bottoms. I let out a little moan as you let your fingers slide down my inner thighs now, spread out-touching every sensitive nerve there on the way back down. Then you say softly “Turn over.” You raise yourself up off my arse to let me move and slowly I turn over as you tell me and then settle back down on my back. Applying yet more sunscreen to your hands, you start to rub my tummy and my sides. My eyes flicker between looking up into yours now and fluttering closed with anticipation and then pleasure. You can see my chest rising and falling faster as my breath has quickened a little.

As you work your way up, around the outer sides of my breasts and up to my shoulders your face gets closer to mine. I keep looking at your lips-longing to feel them kiss mine, to taste them… but you just keep me waiting in this incredible sexual tension that is making me nearly explode. So, softly and with a flirty smile I say “Are you sure you have enough sunblock on?” You smile at me and say “Not anymore.” Picking up the bottle, I take some onto my hands and start to snake them up your back and sides. To finally put my hands on you too feels so good. I kneed it in hard and then stroke my hands around to your chest, down your stomach and your abs. You groan a little at my touch, letting your hands start to slide just under the material of the cups of my bikini top now, letting the tips of your fingers dance across the bottom of my breasts. I’m sure you can see that my nipples are hard as bullets underneath. Beads of sweat are collecting on our skin. It’s almost too hot to be touching each other like this but I can’t resist the feel of your hands and I really don’t want you to stop. Then I get an idea. “Are you hot?” I ask softly. You raise one eyebrow a little to suggest that it’s kind of a silly question and the answer’s an obvious one and you nod. I smile and taking my hands from you for a moment, I stretch across and lean towards the cooler box beside us, seemingly taking something from it before lying back down again. You momentarily wonder what I’m doing but all becomes clear when suddenly, you feel the sensation of my hot hand rubbing a small, rapidly melting ice cube down your spine. I feel your whole body tense at the initial feeling and then the relief as you moan softly feeling the drops of water drip down your back. It’s such a contrast to the intense heat and I let it glide across your back and down your arms before it melts entirely. This goes on for a while and as I bring the last of it around your shoulders and down the front of your chest, droplets of cold water fall onto me and I moan at the sensation. You look into my eyes again and all of a sudden it’s too much. You lean down and kiss me, needingly, intensely. Mmm, I’ve wanted to feel this for so long. As your tongue gently parts my warm lips, you feel the contrast of how cool the inside of my mouth is-and as your tongue finds and starts to caress mine you realise that there is a half melted ice cube inside my mouth which I took out of the cooler at the same time as the other one. Mmmm it adds so much to the sensation of the kiss-almost making it even hotter somehow as we make out passionately, swapping the ice cube between us until it’s gone. All of the sexual tension of the whole week is in that kiss, perhaps going back even further than that. Once it’s completely melted, I start kissing down your cheek to your neck, my mouth still cold from the ice cube.

You can’t help but give into the passion again and you kiss me again as your hands find the string of my bikini top this time and undo it as I help you pull it off. You lie down on top of me now, feeling my rock hard nipples against your chest as we kiss. Mmm. You reach and pull the cooler box closer to us so it’s easily within reach and you reach inside it. You break our kiss again and putting another ice cube between your lips, you slowly move your mouth down from my chin down the centre of my neck as I stretch my head back. Mmmm God. I feel it travel down the centre of my breasts, drops of water running down my tummy into my belly button. Uhhh wow. Every drip feels like magic on my hot skin. It’s just amazing. You look up at me as you let your mouth travel to one of my breasts and I let out a long sigh as I feel you extend your cold tongue and let it flick up against my nipple. Mmm oh wow. You take it into your mouth, closing your lips around it, letting it get accustomed to the cold before letting the ice cube, still in your mouth, come into contact with it. I wince at the cold but God it feels good and my nipple instantly goes rock hard in your mouth-even more than before…and then you suck on it hard. Mmmm, oh fuck. You repeat the whole thing with the other one. My pussy is so hot, just longing to be touched now. I’m sure your cock is too. I can still feel it in your swimming shorts, against my leg now. As the ice cube completely melts you take another and pick up where you left off. You let it travel down the centre of my body, down my tummy until you have to move down my body a little to reach any further. You get to the top of my bikini bottoms. It feels so good and your attention turns to my thighs, running your cold lips and tongue right into the crease of each thigh-the coldness around my crotch just seems to make my pussy feel all the more hot somehow. Then you look up at me and letting the ice cube protrude from your lips you run your mouth right over the material just covering my slit to tease me. I just barely feel the cold through the material uhhhh. You can smell my arousal with your face that close to my pussy. Your fingers slide up into either side of the waistband and slowly but surely, you start to pull them down. I’m completely naked underneath you now. You sigh as you can see the juices around my slit, on my shaved pussy lips. I’m so wet and horny for you. I kick my bottoms of, wriggling my feet out of them as you part my legs, bending one knee out to the side of me and I start to caress my breasts as you gently suck your middle finger into your mouth, making it cold from the ice and then you position it at the entrance to my pussy, before slowly inserting it into me. I’m so so wet. Mmmm. Having made your finger cold you can feel just how hot, wet and tight my pussy is. It feels so good. You slowly bring it back out and then thrust it inside me again, this time along with your index finger. Mmmm and you start to finger me rhythmically, reaching up to find my G spot. Then, I see you lower your head and I sigh with anticipation as your cold tongue finds my hard clit. Uhhhhh wow. The ice cube has got to be only around the same size as my clit now and you teasingly let it just momentarily touch it before returning your comparatively warm tongue to take its place before it goes numb from the sensation. Oh God I feel like I could cum almost straight away…but you don’t let me. Somehow you know exactly how to keep me on the edge and you keep me there until yet another ice cube has disappeared. When it’s completely melted, you gently kiss my clit one more time and then take your fingers out of my pussy. Some of the icy water has dripped right down my legs and you follow it with your mouth and kiss down them towards my feet. You let a couple of tiny drops of water drip into your mouth off my toes. Mmmmm. Then you take yet another fresh ice cube and I can only wonder what’s coming next.

This time, I feel you bring it straight to the entrance of my pussy and with the same two fingers as before; you push it straight into me, deep. I let out a big gasp this time as you push it in as far as it will go then just leave it there. Oh wow. Then quickly, you roll beside me and pull me on top of you. You kiss me hard and then erotically whisper against my lips “Baby, now I want to feel that ice cube dripping onto my mouth.” Mmmm this turns me on so much and rather than pulling myself up, I turn around so that I’m sat right on your mouth, facing the length of your body. I need your cock in my mouth now…and I know you must be aching to have it stroked and sucked too.

I whimper as you start to let your tongue slide across my pussy lips, just tasting my juices from earlier before the ice cube starts to slowly drip cold water one droplet after another down onto your face. I hold an ice cube in one hand, making it all cold, before swapping it to the other one and letting my cold wet hand slide down your stomach and into your swimming trunks. Mmm I immediately find your hot, hard cock and wrap my cool fingers around it as I feel you moan into my pussy. You’re so hard. I stroke it a couple of times, gripping it tight before freeing it from your trunks and sliding them down your legs. “Does it feel good to have your cock free in the warm open air baby?” It’s not like there’s anyone around but it feels so naughty, so risky-so hot. Having had the ice cube in my other hand, I swap now to let my cold hand surround your cock again and start to slide it up over the head and back down. Mmmmm. The relief of that coldness on your shaft- you’re starting to ache for release now. I start to stroke quickly, jerking you off… and then putting the ice cube back inside my mouth, I wrap another cold hand around it, this time letting both hands start to masturbate you and I keep going until the ice cube completely melts in my mouth and then start to lick the head playfully as I wank you hard. You feel so good in my hands. I remove one hand again to reach for yet another piece of ice and then, wanting to feel your whole cock tense, I move my whole mouth down around it as I bring the new ice cube up slowly to your balls. Mmmm oh wow you gasp really hard and buck right into my cool mouth which I make start to slide up and down, up and down, just letting the ice cube follow with my hand. Mmm the mixture between cold and hot is so intense and all the while I can feel you licking my pussy faster and faster, just occasionally thrusting your tongue up inside me to keep the ice cube in place. It’s melting so fast and keeps nearly falling out and I just rock gently against your mouth. Eventually I put my ice cube into my mouth and I stroke and suck you. I just let it start to swirl around the head and then the shaft-just barely touching you, but giving you little chills quite literally all over, until I can feel you throbbing harder and harder and I know we both need to cum.

I stop jerking you off and I climb off you before turning around and kissing you hard on your cold, juicy lips. It’s kind of cold but warm at the same time from my pussy. “Oh fuck, I need you so bad baby.” I tell you. “I need you inside me.” I can still feel the ice cube inside me, nearly slipping out and you know just how to keep it there.

“Mmm. Stay there baby.” You say, as I’m still kneeling either side of your head. I move one leg up temporarily to let you move and you get up and come up behind me. You take hold of my thighs, pulling my arse back towards you a little and say “Ok, now lie forwards.” I lie my front down on the grass so that my ass is raised in the air, gravity helping keep the rapidly melting ice cube inside me and kneeling up behind me, you take your cock and you press the head up towards my pussy …before thrusting inside. Oh wow. You start to fuck me from behind, rocking me back and forth back onto your cock, making my tits bounce up and down and the long blades of grass tease my nipples mmmm. You push what’s left of the ice cube further and further into me with every thrust, feeling the cold water and my juices running down your shaft- out of my pussy, down my thighs and onto the ground below us. Mmm you rub another ice cube everywhere you can reach to cool us both down as you fuck me-across the back of your neck, up my back, down over my breasts just stroking across my nipples as you go… and then, getting one more idea as you watch my ass jiggling before you, as you slam hard against me you spread my arsecheeks so you can see my asshole. And, holding the ice cube just above the crack of my arse, you let the cold water run down over my asshole onto your cock as it thrusts into my soaking wet little pussy. Mmm. It turns you on so much and it feels so good for me-so sensitive. I’m moaning loud now and I say “Oh fuck baby I’m going to cum any second.” You spank my arse hard and you say “Oh yeah baby, fuck that’s it I’m going to cum too. Cum with me. Cum with me.” You move a finger of one hand to my clit and one from the other one to my asshole and then as you feel your orgasm starting to build, you stimulate them both fast to bring me off….ohhhh. I’m feeling so many amazing things at once, it just brings me over the edge. You feel my pussy clench and you start to cum… and I cum all over your cock. My pussy’s pulsating down on you, squeezing every last bit of cum from you-my juices squirting out of me with the last of the water from the ice cube, until we both collapse down. Oh God baby…oh baby, wow.

We slowly recover together until you slide out of me and lie beside me. Uhhhh wow. You kiss me and we both start giggling a little in the afterglow as we come down. Wow, that was just so good. We both know we still have a week left here and we’ll be having all sorts of fun for that time and long beyond as well. We each grab for one more ice cube, both absolutely dripping with sweat now. It’s boiling boiling hot and feeling too hot to cuddle in the sunshine. We just lie next to each other, caressing each other’s bodies with the ice cubes all over to stay as cool as we can. In some sort of twist of fate as to how all this started, we’ve probably got rid of a lot of the sunblock we applied with the water but it doesn’t matter. We’ll go and get in the shower and make love all over again there before our friends get back.

Done by request: The target is towards a male audience but anyone can listen I hope you enjoy it

A few things to note most noticeable in this post. There’s that humming noise in the background everyone hates so much I may be a bit low.(I’m working on fixing that my apologies)

This was done in the middle of the night and my voice was huskier than usual (not like a man but some sections made me go hmmm) again my apologies.

It’s unedited & was done without a script that was intentional, I prefer my audience listen to me as I am and not a copy and paste version so to speak… so there’s pauses while I’m thinking what to say next etc etc. Enjoy.

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***This is the “she said” version of a story originally written by Lost_0ne_1 in the male perspective. Many thanks to him for letting me use his scenario as my base and for being my muse.***

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I am in the shower when I hear you enter the cabin. My hands are softly sliding over my body, rinsing the soap from my skin and I can feel my senses waking up in anticipation of having you in my arms soon. I begin to wash my hair slowly and just as slowly allow the suds to rinse from my hair as I stand under the hot spray of the shower. I can see you standing at the door for a moment watching me as my hands sift through my hair to make sure all the soap is gone.

I want you to come into the shower with me and kiss me long and passionate but instead after a few moments of watching me silently you back away and I can hear you preparing the fire. I like the idea of sitting with you in front of a fire. Love the idea of making love with you on the soft rug that lies in front of the fire. My pussy warms and moistens at the thought of you taking me into your arms. The thought of your cock pushing into my body and claiming me as your own makes me ache.

I hear a knock on the door and look over to see you lay fresh towels on the vanity with a beautiful new black silk robe. You take such good care of me babe and as usual around you I feel the flush of wonder that you can make me feel so beautiful and cherished. I poke my head out of the shower to give you a smile but you just wink at me and leave again. I hear you pouring what sounds like ice and then I hear the faint pop of a champagne bottle and it spurs me to quickly turn off the water and dry myself. As I slip the Kimono style silk robe over my bare skin I can barely repress a shiver.

As I walk out into the great room I see you have put the champagne in a bucket of ice and you are holding one long stemmed flute out for me. You are wearing black silk boxers which seem to match the silk robe I am wearing and looking at your beautiful body makes me catch my breath. There are candles all over the room bathing the whole area in a gentle orange glow. You have a huge grin on your face and I cannot help but respond in kind and then you pull me gently into your arms and our tongues tangle in a long and passionate kiss. I take a long drink of the champagne and the bubbles dance on my tongue and I again lean in to you to share the sweet, tart bubbles with you.

Your lips begin to move over my skin. You kiss my neck and lips and ears. Gentle, nibbling caresses that make me moan quietly as I feel my passion grow. I am always amazed that you can do this to me babe. Even after all this time together, each time our lips move over our bodies, it feels like we are discovering each other again for the first time. Your soft, wet, open-mouthed kisses move down my neck to my shoulder where you pause to give a sharp nip because you know how sensitive my collarbone is. I groan as I feel your teeth sharp and hot on my shoulder. Your hands are softly stroking up and down my body, drawing the silk over my soft skin and the gentle caress of the fabric with the heat of your hand behind it makes me moan again. I want you so badly.

I feel your hands wrap around my body and cup my ass as you lift me gently towards you. I pull your head down and we both of us lower to the rug and I pull you into me, cradling you with my legs. As I lay on my back the feel of your weight over me pressing me down into the softness of the rug beneath me makes my breath catch in my throat. “Love you babe.” The words come unbidden to my lips and I feel them with every fibre of my being. The smile that crosses your face as you bring your hand to your lips in a shushing motion tells me those feelings are returned. I wrap my arms around your chest and my legs around your waist and I cling to you. My legs rub up and down your own, caressing them and filling me with the wonder of your touch. The feel of the crisp hair on your legs against the soft skin on my own makes me weak with desire. I want you everywhere at once and the feel of you, the heady masculine scent of you fills my senses and I feel overwhelmed with lust and love and tenderness all at once.

You begin a soft trail of hot, wet kisses down my neck and over my upper chest. You nibble and suck and trail your tongue leaving hot paths of pure desire in your wake. I feel your hand reach down and undo the belt holding the robe closed and then I feel the calloused pads of your fingers rub over the already engorged skin on my nipples and my breath catches again. My head arches back as I try to push my breasts towards you as a silent plea for more. I feel your mouth catch my other nipple in a hot, wet clasp and then I feel the sharp nip of pain as you bite gently and then roll the nipple between your teeth. Your tongue follows soothing and easing where your teeth have inflamed. I feel the constant flick of your tongue and my head starts to toss. It is all too much sensation and I feel my desire for you building and turning into pure, hot, aching need.

I feel the weight of you ease as you sit up with a grin and I begin to protest your abandonment when I see your hand dip into a bowl of massage oil that you had warming over a small candle. The words of protest stop in my throat as I watch you coat your fingers with the heated oil and then return them to drizzle the oil onto my breasts and stomach. Your hand glides over my oil slicked flesh and I groan in appreciation as my eyes flutter closed. The combination of your rough calloused hands sliding sweetly over my oil slick soft skin is delicious and I am nearly paralysed with my desire for you. My body is arched towards you as you return to the bowl of oil again and again to gather more and rub it into my breasts and belly and thighs. You seem to take an eternity just gliding over my skin and I whimper my appreciation. My pussy is flooded with my juices and I can feel them beginning to escape and glide down my ass towards my crease and this causes another whimper to pass my lips.

After what seems an eternity of wanting I watch you lay your head between my thighs and begin to nibble at the lightly flavored oil covering them. Your lips travel upwards on a slow trajectory until you reach the apex and my pussy. I am holding my breath without even realizing it until my body takes over and I gasp for breath. I reach down to cup your head and pull you in and when I feel your tongue begin to lick softly at my labia. I bite back a curse because it feels so impossibly good. Your tongue begins a slow glide through the hot, wet valley between my thighs and the soft, tender, almost teasing caress makes me want to scream as it nudges me oh so gently nearer my release.

Your tongue finds my hole and you begin to fuck me, holding my thighs spread lewdly and pushing your tongue in as far as it can go. On each outward stroke your tongue reaches up to quickly flick across my clit and it is all too much. My mouth opens and incoherent rambling spills out as I feel the edge of my release rushing at me. “Oh god, babe, so good.” My legs clench around your head to hold you in place and my hands turn into claws and then fists as my panting breaths quicken and I feel my orgasm wash over me like a tsunami. Tearing down my barriers and leaving me open and completely vulnerable before you. Even as my orgasm subsides I can feel your tongue still busily licking and flicking at my still pulsing flesh. You seem to know just when the super-sensitivity of my clitoris subsides enough to again welcome your touch and I feel you enter my pussy with two of your fingers as you reach for my g-spot at the same time as your tongue begins a gentle flickering encore assault of my clit.

My eyes open as I gasp at the return of my passion in even greater amounts then before. Our eyes lock as I watch your tongue flicking my clit with speed and precision and I feel the accuracy of your nimble fingers as they begin to tap on my g-spot. My skin is slick with oil and reflects the golden glow of the candles and I feel another orgasm biting on the heels of the first and my head falls back, my back is arched up and my legs are clasped around you, my heels digging in to your back to hold you in place as my pussy arches up into the grinding, flicking caress of you tongue. My voice is thin and full of need as I gasp out, “Please. Oh god please babe.” I feel my reality fracture and my whole body pulses as I come again on your tongue.

Slowly you stop licking me and let me catch my breath with great deep pants. You sit up slightly and I lunge up to grab your lips in a ferocious kiss. I lick all of my juices off your lips and tangle my tongue with yours to grab more of my taste from you. Then with a grin, I push you gently onto your back and take a moment to appreciate your beautiful body clad only in black silk boxers before I straddle your waist and begin a slow descent as I cover your body with slow wet kisses. I pay special attention to your nipples and give them each a nip in turn before I continue on to your belly with its light scattering of brown hair. I kiss around your navel and fuck at your belly button with my tongue which makes you laugh and playfully push my head away and I laugh in return and continue lower. I don’t remove your boxers but instead I breath through the thin, soft fabric and let my moist, hot breath drift over your groin.

Your cock has risen to its full height and is pushing at the fabric demanding access to my mouth. I cover the head of your cock through the boxers and start to suck at the head of your cock through the fabric while my hand rubs your shaft and caresses your balls. I hear you moan and I rub my hair against your belly and flick at the head of your cock through the fabric. I feel your hand fall onto my head and the weight and heat of it makes me feel safe somehow. I nuzzle at the flap of your boxers and your cock slips from its prison and I hum with pleasure as it touches my lips at last. The skin on your cock is so soft. Almost like silk itself and it feels so good against my mouth. I lick at the precum that has spilled from the head of your cock and it tastes almost sweet and makes me hungry for more. I pull at the waist band of your boxers and pull them down and off of your ass. I pull them quickly down your thighs and throw them to the side because suddenly I am ravenous. I am so hungry for your cock I can’t think straight and with only a few preliminary flat tongued licks along the length of your shaft I reach for the head and pull it into the soft wet heat of my mouth. My eyes are closed as I concentrate on the sensation of your cock filling my mouth and pushing down on my tongue. I love the spongy feel of the head of your cock and I press my tongue into that sensitive divot at the back of your head and then press the full length of my tongue against your cock and glide it back and forth giving you pressure against the back of your cock and then adding suction as my cheeks hollow and I suck you deep.

My eyes fly up to meet yours as I begin a slow bobbing motion and I feel the hand on my head tighten its grip. I feel your other hand join it and you grab fistfuls of my hair and I feel your hips thrust gently up and I moan my pleasure as I feel you take control and begin fucking into my mouth. Your cock enters my mouth over and over and I concentrate on keeping my mouth relaxed and swirling my tongue on the skin that covers your shaft. I love the feel of you controlling my actions and using my mouth for your pleasure. You are the only person in my life that I trust enough to allow this control over me and the fact that you combine caring with your control makes me heady and ache for your pleasure almost more than my own. I want so much to feel your pleasure and when I hear you groan again accompanied by that almost imperceptible pulse of your cock I know that you are on the edge of your release and I suck harder and swirl my tongue faster.When I feel you pull away I cannot stop the whimper that escapes my mouth as my mouth is empty and bereft of your touch. “Please babe.” I reach for your cock with my mouth again but you have other plans.

You pull me up into a hot, wet kiss. “You drive me crazy babe.” You say with a gravelly voice and another fierce kiss. “I want to be inside you when I come.” You pull me on top of you and I straddle your hips. You slide your cock back and forth along my pussy in a teasing caress and I respond in kind. The feel of your cock sliding through my drenched slit makes my already sensitive tissues tingle anew and I want to feel you filling me up with every cell in my body. My mouth starts to form mewling pleading sounds and I want to push you inside of me but you are holding my hips and your grip is gentle but secure and I know that I have to wait until you are ready.

After what feels like forever I feel you adjust my hips and plunge your cock deep into my pussy in one solid thrust and I gasp and moan in a single breath. “Oh god.” My teeth nip at my bottom lip and my hands fall to support myself on your chest and I clutch at you. You encourage me to begin a rocking motion and respond in kind and we find an easy undulating rhythm as we rock our bodies together. My vision seems to focus down to a pin and all my concentration is on the motions of our body and the pleasure swirling through my body. It is like climbing a mountain and each rocking glide brings me closer to the summit. “God, babe…” the words are forced out of my mouth as panting gasps of sound. “So close…please!” my voice breaks on these words as your tempo and force increase and delicious dirty words pass your lips. ” Want you to come for me again babe. Want to feel your pussy grip my cock when you go over.” You begin a pounding rhythm which is just what I need and within moments my orgasm rolls through me and my pussy is clenching around your cock as I cry out my pleasure. Your rhythm returns to the easy undulating motion as you let me catch my breath.

I can still feel you full inside of me and I climb off and turn myself around and then straddle your body again knowing that this angle drives you crazy and wanting to share my pleasure with you. I feel you grip my hips again as your cock slides into my pussy. We grind our bodies together as I incredibly feel the pleasure fill my body again. You would think that my body would give up after so much pleasure but I am climbing with you again. I can hear you controlling your breathing as you keep yourself on the edge to give my body time to build towards another orgasm. “Want to come with you babe,” I gasp as my hand reaches for my drenched clit and begins to rub fast circles around it. I can feel you throbbing inside of me and I know you can’t hold on much longer but then neither can I. The combination of the rocking motion of our hips and the circling of my fingers around my clit makes my head swim and as I hear you cry out and feel your cock begin to pulse within me I feel my body answer in kind and my orgasm is sharp and powerful and drags a groaning cry from my lips as I collapse onto your legs.

Eventually we are cradled into each others arms with our limbs entwined as we catch our breath. I can feel sleep trying to drag me down but I want to savor this moment. Our skin is soft and scented from the oils you used and I get up to put out the candles and leave only the fire lighting our bodies. I grab a light blanket and crawl back to you on the rug and pull it over our bodies. We kiss softly. Our tongues tangling gently and our hands petting each other as exhaustion pulls at us and we are slowly dragged into sweet oblivion holding each other close. “Love you babe.” we both mutter in unison as our eyes drift closed and we sleep.

Hello Everybody ~

I’ve missed you all so much! I always feel like something is missing in my life when I’m not posting here. I hope you are all well. *hugs*


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