fem domination

Martin left the dining room on with his husband and was taken back to see Leanne. Once again Martin found it most difficult to keep up wearing such high heels, occasionally having to run a couple of steps to keep pace. He couldn’t get out of his head what his mother-in-law had said. Was she serious? She seemed very angry with him, blaming him for this entire situation and trying to make him pay a price for his conquering of her son’s affections. An unintended cost to him, at least in her mind. Martin was glad to get out of there.

“My mother loved you. She is so happy to have you in the family,” the Baron said as they walked. Martin looked at him through the Bliss Mask. “This guy is crazy. Didn’t he see the same thing he had just witnessed?” he thought as his calves began to ache again from the running on his toes in his high heels to keep up.

“I must go for now. Enjoy your afternoon my sweet? You are so beautiful today my bride. I will count the minutes till we are together again tonight my love,” the Baron said kissing Martin on the cheek of the mask as he caressed Martin’s butt with his other hand. The white sequined dress Martin wore was so tight that little was left to the imagination. From his padded bustline that pushed out from his chest in cones that demanded attention, to the skirt that was so short it didn’t even cover his stocking tops and garters. Martin felt like a such a fool, but his husband loved it, and found it hard to resist his own desires. Martin squirmed and twisted in the Baron’s embrace as Leanne had just come out to take charge of Martin. She smiled as she approached them.

“I love you my sweet,” the Baron said softly as he released Martin.

“Mmmmffff,” Martin grunted holding his arms extended to the Baron. He hated any terms of endearment from this man. As he backed away only to have Leanne take his arm.

“How was your time with the parents Mrs. Vargos?” she asked taking his arm and escorting him back in the room.

“Mmmmm…….” he moaned and followed her in. Anything to get away from that pervert they called his husband.

“Well, let’s get your mask off and then remove that tape. That sound good?” she said offering the styling chair for him to sit down in. As Martin sat down in the chair, Leanne once again secured him in the chair using all the straps before she continued. She pinned his hair out of the way so she could get to the straps of the mask and unbuckle them. As she worked she talked to him trying to feel out his emotional state.

“I hope your visit with the Baron’s parents was a pleasant one,” she said hunting another strap on the back of his head.

“MMMMM!!” Martin snorted, jerking his head away from her and staring at her in the mirror.

“It’s alright Mrs. Vargos. Let me get this mask off you and then you can talk.” It was as Leanne had thought. She knew when she had been instructed to tape his mouth closed it was going to be a touchy situation in that room. Martin did not resist as his head was turned back and Leanne continued her removal of the Bliss Mask. When the final strap was released, Leanne took the mask and slowly moved it away from Martin’s face. Martin’s eyes were red and teary. He was also a little red faced and the tape was still wrapped tightly around his mouth.

“There……Isn’t that much better,” Leanne said looking at him in the mirror with a smile.

“MMMM….” Martin glared back.

“OK, OK.” she laughed, “Let’s get that tape off now.”

Leanne’s laughter only angered Martin more. This was not funny. Being dressed and undressed by a woman was humiliating enough. Being dressed as a woman for the pleasures of the man that was his husband was just too degrading.

Holding Martin’s head firmly with one hand, Leanne pulled the tape off a strand at a time. When the last strand was pulled Martin reacted.

“OUCH!” In frustration, he jerked at the chair restraints as the last piece of tape was pulled off.

“There now, much better,” Leanne said as she turned to get a few things.

“Leanne this has got to stop. You can’t do this to me anymore.” He sounded almost exhausted. She turned and looked at him as he spoke.

“Yes I can,” she said looking at him as if to say “Who do you think is in charge here?”

“His mother is a crazy bitch,” he shook his head. “She thinks I seduced her son into this marriage for his money or to manipulate her for money in some kind of conspiracy with her son. I don’t know. She is irate.” He looked up at Leanne, “I’m the victim here damn it.” Martin looked around gathering his thoughts for a moment, “She kept calling me a slut and said I was dressed like a whore, like I was trying to impress her or something.”

“Oh my!” Leanne responded surprised, “She didn’t like your appearance?” Leanne seemed genuinely concerned now. “Did she say anything about me?”

“NO!!! She didn’t say anything about you,” Martin said in a mocking tone. What nerve Leanne had. Worried that her little “dress the guy up like a girl” game might have been criticized, not hearing a word of the real dilemma.

“Thank heavens.” Leanne said in obvious relief. “I think you look very sexy and cute in those white stockings. I know your husband was….” Martin interrupted her.

“She is threatening to cut my dick off Leanne!” he yelled to get her attention. She’s insisting I have sex change,” he spat out. “Said she is going to pay to have it done herself, like it is to be some kind of punishment for me.” Martin yelled at her again. “She said she can only allow REAL women in this family.” He looked at Leanne, his hair all a mess from the mask being removed. “That’s fine with me I’ll leave right now. I don’t want to be in this sick family in the first place.”

“Oh Mrs. Vargos. That’s great news! Right?” Leanne said with a smile.

“What???” he lashed out No” it’s not. I didn’t ask for this crap Leanne. Get me out of here before these crazies get their hands on me.”

“Now Mrs. Vargos, you told me last night, before you went into the bedroom to join your husband that you wanted to be a woman. Have a sex change even. Remember? You wanted to have breast and a pussy like areal woman.” She studied him as she recalled the conversation. “This would be good news for you then. Right?” she said considering things. “She pays for your sex change and then you can get the annulment you want from the Baron, and she will even help you get there. What’s wrong with that? Sounds like a good deal for you,” she smiled.

Martin was so frustrated and horrified at the same time. He knew Missy’s plan wouldn’t work. Now it was only adding to his problem. Both women were pushing the sex change angle, both with the intent of getting him out of this marriage. “But it’s not suppose to go this way,” he thought. Martin stared at his feet. The high heels he was wearing with all the rings on his toes, each one of his toenails painted a bright red. “I’ve got to get the hell out of here,” he thought as he sat waiting on Leanne. An escape was the only solution now.

“Mrs. Vargos, would you like to spend your free time today walking in the garden……..alone?” Leanne asked. “I can arrange that if you wish. I do have a lot of prep work to do today before your last night of your consummation.”

“Yes. I would like that,” Martin said politely but with no emotion. “Do I get to have a large pole stuck up my ass again?” he remarked with attitude recalling the day before when he stood on the veranda. “You know how much I enjoyed that.”

“Your language Mrs. Vargos. We will need to work on your social graces for sure,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “but to answer your question, no not today ma’am.

Leanne patted him on the shoulder and gave him a smile as she held up the red satin drawstring bag. “We need to put this over your head for now Mrs. Vargos, so Lisa can enter the room and assist in dressing you today.” Martin looked away and gave a slight disapproving shake of his head, but kept his chin high so Leanne could easily slip the bag over and pull the strings closed around his neck. He felt Leanne tying the drawstring then undoing the straps on the chair. All the straps accept his wrist were removed. Then Leanne softly said, “There. Can’t have anyone looking at that pretty face while you are consummating your marriage with your husband. I’m going to bring Lisa in now,” she said as she cupped his cheeks in her palms gently.

Martin heard the sound of high heels coming down the hallway. They got louder as Lisa entered the room. Lisa walked in and very enthusiastically and said, “There she is.”

“We’re ready to get him dressed for a little quiet time in the garden Lisa,” Leanne said. “He wants to walk alone today. I think that would be good for him..”

“That’s great Leanne!” Lisa said excited. “That means he’ll be wearing the collar then I assume?”

“Oh yes. He has to wear the collar,” Leanne said in a more serious tone now.

“What the hell is the collar and why do I have to wear it.?” the voice from the hooded head said.

“The collar is designed so you can be alone but keeps you from wondering off.” Lisa said with a giggle.

“Like some kind of dog collar?” his voiced sounded dumbfounded. I’m not wearing a damn dog collar.” Martin hissed.

“Oh well, yes it’s similar to a dog collar, but it looks much nicer ma’am. It’s actually very pretty to look at. You will be able to roam a designated area without a problem. The collar has strobe lights that will flash and a loud piercing alarm will sound if you stray from the designated area. It is locked around your neck of course so we can find you, but that shouldn’t be a problem should it Mrs. Vargos? You’re just going for a nice refreshing walk in the garden today, right?” Lisa said daring him to say otherwise.

“I’ll walk wherever I please. It’s my estate.” Martin insisted.

“Oh did I mention the collar delivers a nice little electric jolt every 30 seconds once it’s activated? It will only stop when the batteries run down or you are found and it is manually shut off.” Lisa smiled. Though Martin couldn’t see her, he sensed it her smirk.

“Leanne,” Martin yelled, “This is absurd. I don’t need a collar. We talked. You know I’m not going to do anything like that. You promised me some free time. This is not free time.” Martin was furious at this development.

“Mrs. Vargos, I’m so sorry you’re upset. I have no choice but to put the collar on you if you wish to roam alone and not have to wear your restrictive jewelry or have an escort with you.” Leanne hesitated, “It will be alright Mrs. Vargos. I know you will do what you say, and the collar will be nothing more than a pretty decorative choker.”

Leanne undid the straps on Martin’s wrist and they stood him next to the chair. Lisa immediately went about undressing Martin.

“Please turn around Mrs. Vargos so I can unzip your dress,” Lisa said firmly. As she pulled down Martin’s sequined dress, she asked how things went with the new in-laws. She was curious after all.

“Did you enjoy your new in-laws? Did you make a good first impression ma’am? I’m sure you did.”

“Oh yeah. She loved me. She said I looked like a whore, and you know how she loves men who dress up like whores.” Martin was being sarcastic.

Lisa laughed, “Well, I guess you do look like a whore ma’am, in a way. But let me say, you look like a classy whore and not some two bit street hooker. Nothing at all wrong with looking like a whore I guess,” she said sliding Martin’s panties down to his ankles. Martin now stood naked in front of the two women. Trying to cover his penis in front of these two women, but what was the use, they did as they pleased anyway.

“Oh my Mrs. Vargos. You are going to be wearing a bikini bathing suit today for your walk.” Lisa giggled. “Going to get a little sun today,,” she said holding up the bottoms to take a good look.

“What? Martin looked about in the darkness of the hood..

“These are so cute Leanne,” she gushed. Lisa was enjoying dressing a man in women’s clothes. Especially the male brides, as she had no sympathy what so ever for their feelings on the matter. To her, they were to be nothing more than pseudo women and were to pretend they were women. She didn’t understand herself why two men would join together and do this, but she had seen it more than once. After all, his situation was not her fault, and he was going to be dressed as a woman anyway. She didn’t have a guilty conscious when it came to feminizing these men.

Lisa knelt down in front of the nude Martin so she could guide the bikini bottom up his legs. Leanne steadied Martin as he lifted his leg to step into the bikini bottom Lisa was holding for him. She slid it up his legs and once again Martin’s testicles were exposed, hanging out slightly of the edges of the bikini brief. Lisa handled Martin’s penis and placed it in the brief so it was upright, but bent as it was limp as could be, but he was so well endowed. it couldn’t adequately be covered with the bikini. The bulge from his limp penis was so obvious in the stretch bikini material.

“The Baron’s mother was not happy with our Marcia, Lisa,” Leanne said putting the bra over Martin’s arms. “She was very upset that he and the Baron had gotten married without her consent. Seems as though it would be ok if Martin didn’t have all that extra baggage between his legs,” Leanne said as they both laughed.

“She was pissed because you put her Bliss Mask on me.” Martin yelled in frustration.

“What?” Leanne sounded surprised. “I didn’t know the Baron’s mother had worn a Bliss Mask.” Leanne looked at Lisa.

“Me either. I know his sister did,” Lisa said as she turned Martin around. “I was the one that assisted her in her consummation period. I just assumed this was another mask that looked like it. She wore it so proudly when out in public too.”

“They both wore that same mask on their wedding nights, and now you are making me wear the damn thing. She was really pissed about that and told the Baron so,” Martin stressed his point by gesturing wildly with his hands in his darkness..

“Oh my,” Lisa laughed, “Well that does make it a very special moment, now that you are wearing it also, doesn’t it.”

“It’s not funny damn it. How do you think I feel being paraded around in that mask that says to everyone who see’s it I’m being fucked by her son every night, so they can all celebrate that this consummation is going just fine.” Martin was yelling now, “Give it back to her. I’m not going to let you put it on me again. I think that is what is pissing her off so much anyway.” he argued.

“You may be right ma’am,” Leanne said, “I didn’t know it was her mask. I’m sure she is upset and feels somewhat violated by you wearing such a personnel item of hers. Especially if she didn’t know about it before. I know I would be, but you are going to have to wear it in public through tomorrow Mrs. Vargos. I’m sorry ma’am, but you have absolutely no say in the matter,” Leanne said as she finished padding his bra.

Martin pushed away from her and stood blindly in the middle of the room with the hood still over his head.. His fist clenched as was his jaw, but they couldn’t see that. Leanne was getting more concerned about Martin’s sense of hopelessness and the inevitable. Leanne took him by the arm and said softly, “C’mon Mrs. Vargos, why don’t we have a seat in the chair so I can finish getting you ready for your walk.” Lisa took his other arm firmly as they eased him to the chair and turned him around to be seated.

“I’m a man Leanne. I shouldn’t be treated like this.” Martin whined and sounded tearful as he was backed to the chair by the two women and seated again and the straps added.

“I know you are Mrs. Vargos,” Leanne said as she strapped his wrist to the chair arm.

“You’re such a pretty man too. Most men don’t get the opportunity to live and dress like women. You’re so lucky,” Lisa said. She was not sympathetic to his plight at all.

“SHUT UP!!” Martin lashed out from under the hood.

As they finished strapping him in, Lisa put a pair of 6″ white, high heel sandals on his feet. Martin’s long bare legs rose out of the heels and ended in an obviously male crotched bikini bottom.

“With those sexy long legs and sexy high heels I’ll bet you will turn some heads Mrs. Vargos.” Lisa teased as she was getting ready to go. “And those bright red toenails and all those toe rings……..oh my Mrs. Vargos, you are such a fashion Jezzebel,” she gushed.

“STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!……… I don’t want to be a woman like this,” came the soft sobbing reply from inside the bag. “You’re making me a mockery of a woman. This has to stop,” Martin’s voice faded.

Lisa looked at Martin’s crotch and firmly gripped his penis through the bikini and adjusted his penis so the head stuck out just over the waist band and gave it a little wiggle and laughed, “Believe me Mrs. Vargos, you’re not a woman.”

“Ummm……….Lisa I think it’s time.” Leanne said ready to move things along.

“Oh…….right. I’ll see you in a few minutes……….pretty lady.

Lisa left the room and Leanne locked the door. After removing the hood Leanne looked through some drawers looking for the collar. A she searched Martin couldn’t help but notice the butt plugs, dildos, ball gags, condoms, lubricants and other feminizing items that were being exposed as Leanne opened and closed the drawers. He was obviously not the first man to be put through this kind of experience.

“OK…. now, where is that box,” Leanne pondered a moment, “Ah here it is!” she said at last. Leanne opened the box and took out a white patent leather collar. Leanne held it up for Martin to see. His eyes were still teary.

“No Leanne. Please don’t humiliate me any further in front of these people.” He looked at the collar as she came back to the chair. It looked like it was covered with rhinestones of many colors. The rhinestones were actually the strobe lights that would indicate where he was if he left the area. The collar was 2″ wide and had a gold buckle. Two small alarm speakers were on each side and there were several metal contacts on the inside of the collar to persuade him with a jolt if he set the thing off. There was a square box on the back for the battery unit, and the GPS. Martin shook his head as Leanne walked behind the chair. She put her had under his chin and raised his head.

“Leanne…….please don’t put that on me.” he said softly slowly shaking his head.

“That’s it Mrs. Vargos. Hold still right there.” She put the collar around Martin’s neck and buckled it tightly in place. She pushed a button to activate the collar and two small LCD’s flashed slowly indicating it was activated. “How’s that Mrs. Vargos? It’s a pretty collar isn’t it.?” she smiled patting his shoulder as she turned away.

“It’s degrading to do this to someone Leanne.” he said turning his head to see what she was up to now.

“It has to be done Mrs. Vargos. Deal with it silently please.” Lisa was tired of his whining.

The frustration was now just too much as Martin began to sob as Leanne picked up the Bliss Mask.

“Oh god no. Leanne no!” were the last words he said as the mask that told the world what was happening in his bedroom each night was again fitted to his face.

Leanne strapped the Bliss Mask over Martin’s face, then set his hair in rollers for the afternoon as the near broken man cried the whole time. Leanne had set his hair in curlers. The straps from the mask were visible between the rows of curlers this time. She left Martin strapped in the chair alone for half an hour so he could regain his composure.

Once she let him out of the chair, Martin stood wearing a white bikini, with the head of his penis protruding from the waist band, and 6″ high heel sandals. His ears were adorned with long clip on earrings and his fingernails and toenails were gorgeous in the bright red nailpolish he was forced to wear. And of course a tight set in his hair with brush rollers. Martin looked at Leanne.

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