Lucia and I had met through adultfriendfinder a few years ago. The self professed oral addict had some very enticing photos and loved to talk dirty on chat and swap photos and videos so it was not surprising I became addicted to the fantasy the was Lucia! We had an off and on cyber relationship where I desperately tried to entice more photos and videos from her with shots of me cumming on her photos and sending her stories. All along I yearned to make a real life encounter a reality.

She was always evasive when we were chatting about me meeting her someday, and she would always laugh it off so I started giving the possibility less and less serious thought.

About 3 years after first corresponding with Lucia a conference in her home town came up that my workplace wanted to send me. I briefly had a flash of hope that maybe I would get to finally meet her. I quickly quashed that hope telling myself that it was very unlikely.

I arrived in town and checked into my hotel early in the afternoon and having some time to kill that evening before my conference began the next day I decided to go for a bite to eat. I went to the front desk and got some advice on where to go for a good burger and beer in a local pub and headed down the street on foot to find the place. When I got there it turned out to be a typical pub style restaurant with a mix of clientele. I ordered a burger and a draft beer and enjoyed my meal at the bar, dividing my attention between the TV behind the bar showing a hockey game and people watching.

I had just finished up and was enjoying a second glass of beer when near the other end of the bar a girl voice asked for a drink. I turned and felt a sudden surge of butterflies in my stomach. Here was Lucia! I hadn’t sent her any face shots so she wouldn’t have recognized me but I immediately recognized her beautiful face and body. What was I to do? She appeared to be alone and sat at the bar checking her cell phone and looking around. Obviously she was waiting for someone or someones.

I felt in a bit of a quandary, when would I ever get the chance to meet her in person again? How would I react if I did approach her? Would she freak out and think I was stalking her? My gaze kept shifting over to her and after a few minutes she caught me staring. She blushed a little and smiled at me then and I blurted out a lame “Hi, how are you?”

“Good.” she replied “Except I think my girlfriend has stood me up tonight…” She sighed and turned to her drink.

“That’s too bad.” I said. “My name is Andy.”

“I’m Lucia.” She said with a smile.

Here was the moment of truth, should I reveal myself or not? Thoughts and plans and versions of what to say raced through my mind in a matter of moments before I said with a sheepish smile “I know.”

She appeared startled and looked quickly at me. “You know?” she asked. “How do you know my name?”

“Um, well, we’ve met online.” I said quietly.

A look of understanding and caution came over her face. “Oh, I see.” she said slowly, keeping her eyes on her drink. A moment passed in silence before she turned and said “what did we talk about online?”

“Well, we shared some stories and dreams I guess you could say and some photos and videos.” I replied in a low voice when the bartenders attention was elsewhere.

“Ah, OK, Andy, right…. Well, nice to meet you I guess.” She looked nervous as if she maybe wanted to leave the situation.

“I am in town for a conference, I wasn’t actually planning on this or anything.” I said. “Sorry if this is awkward maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.”

“No, that’s OK…” she said. “How long are you here for?”

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon after the conference. I am staying at a hotel down the street and was just about to finish my beer and head back to kick back for the evening, if I hadn’t ordered a second beer we would have missed each other!” I joked.

“Well, if my girlfriend were here you may have never said hello eh? I guess we were meant to meet.” she said with a nervous smile.

We talked at the bar for another half hour, sharing inconsequential details of our lives and the tension seemed to disappear a little. She even moved down the bar to sit next to me. Being in a public place together allowed us to pretend we were just meeting for the first time by coincidence.

The conversation started to slow as we ran out of mundane things to talk about and before the conversation drifted into the dreaded talk of the weather between strangers I built up the nerve and asked, “Lucia, would you like go someplace quieter?”

She was quiet for a minute, then looked sideways at me. “Well, maybe.” She said.

“Well my hotel is a couple blocks away and I picked up a couple beer for the evening if you’d like to join me.” I said.

“Well….” she hummed. “OK, just let me try my girlfriend again.” And she walked away a little and dialed a number on her phone. She walked towards the washroom and went in talking as the person on the other line picked up.

Shit I thought. Maybe she’s finding an excuse to leave. Why did I spring that on her so quickly?! We’ve only known each other half an hour! After a few minutes though she returned and smiled and said “OK, I am meeting my friend later tonight at another bar, we can hang out for a couple hours.”

Floored I smiled and said “Great let me just get our bills!” and flagged down the bartender to pay. He smiled at me as if to say ‘well done!’ and I blushed and gave him my credit card. After paying I grabbed the receipt and walked with Lucia out the door. It was just getting dark but it was still warm and early autumn and I got a good look at Lucia as we walked down the street. She was wearing a tight plaid skirt and black top and her hair was worn loose about her shoulders. She was radiant looking and in the full bloom of youth that young women wear without knowing it. My head swam with the excitement of possibilities.

Lucia turned around after we got to me hotel room and looked at me quite seriously all of a sudden. “This is not about you owning me or me being yours.” She said, a little defensively. “And this is only going to be oral!”

“I am okay with that.” I replied, shocked by the blunt announcement.

“I’ve heard that before.” She replied. “There is a reason I don’t accept real world dates very often.”

“Well if you like we can call the whole thing off..” I said. “But I am married and don’t want the baggage of an affair. I am looking for sex for the enjoyment of sex, and having a positive exchange of physical pleasure, I don’t want messiness.”

She seemed to ponder this a moment and then a look of acceptance and then hunger passed over her face.

“Well…” she said. “Let’s forget about that and have some fun!” She reached down and pulled off her tight black top revealing a lacy black bra straining to hold back her delicious tits. Her nipples were already pushing out through the lacy fabric and she had flush on her neck and chest as the prospect of cock being offered to her hungry mouth filled her mind.

She noticed me eyeing her bountiful display and asked “Hmmm, you like these? Would like like to touch them?” She ran her hands under her heaving tits and pinched teasingly at her now fully erect nipples.

“Oh god yes!” I replied as I stepped forward with one hand outstretched. She took my hand in hers and placed it over her left boob and smiled as I lightly groped. Her tits were young, firm but soft and yielding as only naturally large tits can be. I admit I spent quite a bit of time feeling the lacy tit and twiddling the hard nipple under the lace with my thumb.

After a few minutes of my grabbing her tits, she looked down and said “I think that looks uncomfortable!” pointing down the large bulge forming under my jeans. “I think you need to get comfortable. She reached down and started to unbuckle and un-zip me and I pulled of my shirt. I kicked off my socks and stood there as she pulled down my pants and boxers deftly, kneeling as she did so.

“Ooh, You shaved for me!” she murmured. “Let me have a good look at you.” She knelt in front of me and reached up slowly to take hold of my hard cock and gave me a good look over. “Yes, this will do fine.” she said with mock seriousness. She wet her lips and slowly leaned forward with her tongue poking out from her sexy lips a little.

The first moment the tip of her tongue touched the tip of my cock it throbbed and jerked in her hand. “You’re not going to come that fast are you?!” She teased, her eyes flashing mischievously.

“No way babe, I’ll save a big load up for you later!” I replied. She turned her attention back to my painfully erect penis and brought her tongue up against the underside of my head. She held her tongue out and slowly rubbed the base of my cock back and forth across it while sighing a little moan in her throat. I reached down and absently cupped and fondled one of her tits and smiled contentedly.

“That’s it Andy, just enjoy this. I’m very good!” She murmured up at me, her lips millimeters from my cock head so I could feel her hot breath on me as she spoke. She then took my cock head in her mouth and slowly started applying suction while tightening her grip on my shaft. Her other hand reached up to lightly cup my balls and she brought her hot heavy tits up and forward against my thighs.

“Mmmmmmm….” I moaned and struggled against closing my eyes not wanting to miss a moment of this display. “That’s just how it should be.”

“Mmmhmmm” Came her muffled reply around my cock. Her head started to bob up and down and her hands worked my shaft and balls a little more. Her tongue was swishing back and forth and up and down the underside of my cock as she sucked and she let out deep little moans which I could feel resonate through my manhood. She pulled back a moment and slid her hand to the back of my legs, looked up and slowly took me into her mouth, right into her throat and as her nose hit my belly her tongue snaked out and swiped at my shaved balls and she slightly rotated her mouth side to side. THAT almost did make me cum way too soon and my legs did shake a little.

She pulled back and said “Heehee, I think you better get off your feet before you fall down big boy!” I grinned sheepishly and moved to the bed and laid down with my legs spread and hanging off the end. Lucia grinned devilishly and removed her plaid skirt to reveal a matching lace pair of panties. She smiled and turned side to side posing with her wonderful ass pushed out and slowly undid the bra strap. Freed of their lacy prison her tits swung forward as she leaned towards my waiting cock.

She cupped them and pushed them together and said “I think somebody would to feel these wrapped around their big cock don’t you think?” I nodded quickly and held my cock up towards her warm soft tits. She licked my cock wetly to get it slippery again and brought her luscious boobs down on top of my cock head slowly rubbed them up and down my shaft. This was getting hot and I was loving every minute of it, watching my cock actually slide between the tits I had fantasied about for so long! I reached down and fondled those boobs as the jerked my cock and ran my thumb along Lucia’s full lips. She smiled and sucked on my thumb all the time staring into my eyes with a smile.

“Lucia, I want your pussy up here…” I said after a few minutes.

“That sounds like fun!” she smiled and stood back up and slowly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She was wet, shaved and ready I could see even from the bed. I held out my hand and she took it in hers as I pulled her towards me. I pulled her close for a kiss first and reached down with my other hand to rub her bare wetness. We kissed lightly at first then more insistingly, her tongue dancing out to meet mine, her tits brushing my chest, the hard nipples tracing little circles on me. I broke the kiss and guided her hips up towards me and she moved up to a kneeling position straddling my shoulders.

I could smell her sex and ran my hands up and down her hips, stomach and ass and then pulled her ready twat to my mouth. It was very hot and wet and tasted like my dreams. I licked up and down her slit and around her tight little opening and then sucked a little on her clit while flicking gently with the tip of my tongue. I moaned a deep rumble in my throat that sent vibrations straight through her clit and she sighed excitedly. My hands were busy finding all the spots I could to touch her, her hips, thighs, tits, arms and back to tits. I slowly increased the amount of suction and the intensity of the tongue lashing I was giving her while pulling more of her weight down on top of my mouth.

I momentarily tore myself away from my obsession to say “ride my face Lucia! I want to feel you grind into my tongue and push yourself harder into my face!” She laughed nervously and said “OK…” and slowly got into it. She was losing herself to her own pleasure in a few minutes and started taking my invitation to heart.

“MMMMmmm! suck it! suck it!” she blurted with some urgency, putting more of her weight on me while pulling at her nipples and arching her back. Her hips started bucking a little and she started to really ride my face. “Yes. yes!” she panted. “Don’t stop, keep doing it!” She rode my face for another couple of minutes as more animalistic noises started escaping her throat and then she threw her head back steadied herself with her hands and rode her clit up and down my tongue urgently to climax. “Fuckkkk….” She groaned and grabbed the back of my head while she came onto my face. I moaned with pleasure and my hip rose off the bed in response my dick stabbing the air as her orgasm channeled through me.

She slumped off me to lay on the bed on her back beside me giggling, “Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm” she said repeatedly absently touching her tits while her other hand sneaked over to grab my very hard cock. “Oh, that was nice Andy. Oh, that was great!” She giggled once more and rolled over and took my hand in her face and kissed her own sweetness off my lips and tongue.

“Let me know when you are ready for another go Lucia, that was as much fun for me as you!” I said with a smile.

“Oh, I doubt it!” she teased. “I came her for a face full of cum too you know, seems like it’s my turn to get what I want! How would you like to get your reward?”

“Hmmm, there are so many possibilities!” I said. “I’ll tell you what, I am going to sit in that chair there, and you do what comes to mind!”

She grinned as I got up and moved to the chair. “Sitting in a chair while getting serviced from a hot you girls on her knees in front of you eh? You want a drink and cigar while you watch your sports on TV too?”

“No, no, no. I don’t want any distractions!:” I hurriedly assured her.

“OK” she said and sank to her knees on the carper in front of me.

She took hold of my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls gently with the other. She leaned in and ran her tongue quickly up the underside of my cock up to the tip and held it there, rubbing the underside of my head back and forth across her warm wet tongue. Her eyes came up to meet mine as she slowly took me into her mouth. She worked slowly at first, her hands moving slowly to caress my shaft and balls while her mouth moved slowly up and down.

“I’m going to cum!” I grunted and she pulled back and opened her mouth with her tongue out and held my cock head on it while pumping with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other. She made little moaning sounds as a I tensed up staring at me and smiling. As I released the first big stream of cum all my muscled clenched and I groaned watching that rope of cum fly out and land across her lips, tongue and face. Three more large spurts came out and coated her face while she kept pumping my shaft. She then brought her tits up to catch the last two smaller shots on her nipples and between her soft large breasts.

“Oh Andy, oh baby, you did so good!” she cooed and brought her hands up to touch the thick streams of cum on her face. I leaned forward and kissed full on her cummy lips and she kissed back letting her cum covered tongue slip into my mouth. Together we tasted my cum and let our cum slippery lips brush against each other.

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