Cathy’s Introduction

Cathy was a 19-years-old prime cunt. All over America, younger girls were having sex, visiting clubs, and dancing on stage or in live sex acts. Everywhere the new sexual revolution was taking hold.

She had sucked off two football players at age 18. She liked the thrill of sex and the taste of cum. She derived pleasure from giving pleasure.

It was exhilarating to her to feel a cock grow in her hand or her mouth. She loved the tingling feeling she got when her bare tits pressed against a man’s bare chest. She let them feel of her natural 32C tits and play with her swollen, larger-than-usual clitoris. It could grow to two inches when she got really hot.

Cathy’s submissiveness, very white skin, and blonde hair made the black men try harder to fuck her. Word got around to D’Andre about the hot 19-year-old blonde who loved to suck and fuck.

D’Andre caught her at a teen club. He walked right up to her and asked her to dance. She loved to dance.

Cindy was wearing a black micro-miniskirt with a black taffeta petticoat that caused it flare out. Her legs were clad in blue hose. The strappy black sandals with six-inch heels made her legs look very long and slender.

They started dancing. D’Andre put his hands on her hips taught her few moves and sexy movements with her hips. Then they danced close. She let him pull her body close to him, and she pressed her C-cup tits against his chest. She loved it. She loved his scent and all of the sensuality he exuded.

He took her hand and led her outside to his car. It was dark. He got in the back and motioned for her to go around and sit down. Once inside he put his arm around her and drew her close. She had never had a man take her and manhandle her in such a way. She moaned as his thick lips touched her lips.

She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to snake inside. She sucked on his upper lip. His mouth was so wet. She moaned. She loved the taste of his mouth.

The kissing got very frantic as Cathy became very aroused. He pulled out her tits and started sucking her nipples.

Cathy pulled down his zipper. His 10-inch cock popped out and stood up. He broke his kissing.

“Suck me, baby!” he said.

Her mouth had to stretch to close around. It was only the beginning of Cathy’s body being stretched to accommodate her lovers. Her head started bobbing up and down.

She will need some training at sucking cock, D’Andre thought.

“Oh! D’Andre! I have never seen a cock as big as yours,” she moaned.

“Let’s do something,” D’Andre said.

“Do what?” Cathy asked.

“Here, lay back.”


D’Andre pushed her skirt up and pulled her hose and thong off. She spread her legs as he lay down between her warm smooth thighs. He took his cock and slowly moved the head up and down over her hungry, wet cunt slit. Cathy kept her cunt shaved. Her cunt lips were swollen and her pleasure tunnel was dripping wet.

He pointed his cock at her love hole and pushed. Cathy’s wet cunt released and then squeezed down hard as D’Andre’s cock pushed inside.

“Oh Shit! Baby! Fuck my cunt. Make me cum baby,” Cathy cooed.

“You going to get the full load, baby,” D’Andre hissed.

“That’s right baby. Send those swimmers inside my cunt. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me! Make me your momma,” she said.

He fucked her for 30 minutes before he released a huge load.

“Oh shit! Baby! That was so hot,” he said. He pulled out and watched his cum gush out of Cathy’s tight cunt when she sat up. She looked at her first ever creampie and looked back up at D’Andre and smiled.

“I know a club that you would like better,” he said.

“Ok!” she agreed. Cathy was hot for D’Andre. She went down to fellate as he drove.

D’Andre wanted to get her worked up before he made another play for her hot white cunt.

They drove to the club which as all black. About a third of the girls were white. They were all dancing with black men. D’Andre bought her a drink and encouraged her to down it quicker than she would have.

She felt hot and sexy. She felt sexually aroused. She stagger backed, but D’Andre caught her. She started dancing with D’Andre and then another man broke in, and she started dancing with him. Hands started groping her. Her tits were pulled out of her loose top and manhandled. Fingers rolled her nipples between their fingers causing her to swoon.

Someone pushed her over and dry-humped her ass. She could feel his hard cock on her tiny ass crack. He lifted her skirt. She felt his cock play with her clit before pushing inside her sopping web love tunnel. Cathy came. He pushed in and out for a while. Soon she felt the thick hot cum splash against her silky cunt walls. He stood her up and kissed her deeply. They broke up.

D’Andre took her hand and led her to the back. He opened a room which was small and had a bed in the middle. D’Andre directed her to use a bidet in the room. They kissed as D’Andre undressed her. He laid her back and took off his clothes. She started sucking on his cock. D’Andre lay back and enjoyed the hot sucking. He encouraged her to go deeper and deeper.

“Suck it harder, baby! Oh! I love it. Let it go deeper. I love to feel your throat, baby. Suck it, baby. That’s it!” he coached her on.

He pulled her mouth off of his cock and kissed her for about 10 minutes. His kissing went down to her neck, leaving large red whelps. The whelps were a precursor to the body art she would soon get. He kissed her tits, sucking her nipples hard and squeezing her breasts hard, too. He kissed and sucked her breasts, leaving more large red whelps.

Cathy moaned.

His body crossed over hers until he was on top. He was careful not to put his weight on the tiny girl.

Cathy looked down. She could see a space between their bodies. His cock was pointing directly to her face. His balls were dangling down, just touching her pubic mound. They looked heavy with cum. A clear drop of pre-cum dropped down onto her clitoris. They started kissing. His tongue pushed deep into her mouth and over her tongue. She tasted his juices.

She felt something touching her cunt. It has warm. It made her body tingle. D’Andre sensed her arousal and reached down and rubbed his cock head over her cunt and clit. She was super wet. Cathy came hard.

“Oh! Shit!, D’Andre that feels so fucking good. Baby! Keep it up!” she moaned. D’Andre kept rubbing his cock on her clit. He could feel her clit growing and growing. She had an unusually large and long clitoris. He concentrated on her pussy lips. Her cunt was dripping with womanly wetness.

“Hold my cock,” he whispered. Cathy Ann reached down and held his fuck tool.

“I’m going to push. Guide it in, baby!” She did as she was told. It was just like guiding her vibrator into her cunt. She knew how to do that all right! Their kissing continued as D’Andre pushed. She felt her cunt open and a wonderful feeling overcame her as her love tunnel opened up for his fuck tool. Her heightened senses focused in on his cock head sliding up her baby passage. She squeezed down with her cunt muscles. It only heightened her pleasure.

Cathy came again. Her orgasm was harder this time. D’Andre started the in and out rhythm of raw animal fuck love. Cathy’s cunt was pouring wetness coating his cock head and leaving a slick sheen up his shaft.

She looked up. The ceiling was mirrored. She saw his black body with her tiny, white arms and legs attempting to encircle him. It’s looked so forbidden … so taboo, she thought. Cathy had no regrets. That thought only enhanced her approaching orgasm.

His fucking got deeper, but stayed at the same speed. Soon he hit bottom. His cock was pushing against her cervix. Cathy could feel his nut sack slapping just below her cunt and ass. She had no idea anything could go that deeply into her tiny body.

Her senses were overloaded with the feeling, sight, sound, and smell of love.

He increased his speed. Cathy instinctively starting thrusting her hips up to meet D’Andre’s hunches. Her cunt had a natural squeeze. D’Andre could feel his cock being squeezed tightly. He felt his pressure building. He had to strain hard to keep from depositing his nut in her cum bank. He slowed his pace to prolong the pleasure. He wanted to keep near a release without actually climaxing.

“Oh! Baby. Fuck me. I love it. Fuck me baby. I want you, baby I’ve never felt anything so good. Fuck me harder, baby. Oh Shit! I’m Cuming,” Cathy moaned.

Her cunt squeezed D’Andre’s cock harder. She started trembling. A wave of emotions, centered on her clitoris spread out over her body. She felt that she was caught up in a vortex of emotion. It was the deepest orgasm she had ever experienced!

D’Andre could not hold it. His cock exploded. Hot sticky jizz flooded Cathy’s hungry cunt. Cathy came once again, sending her to new heights. Her orgasm started in her clit and spread out all over her body. It was the most wonderful sensation she had ever felt. Her skin tingled. Her back bowed up. Her hips tighten causing her cunt to squeeze tightly around the pleasure tool in her body. She felt the semen splash against her sensitive, wet cunt walls. He kept squirting hot cum in her. Some oozed past her cervix and got inside her womb.

He collapsed on top of her. He wanted to let his weight pin her down. It was his way of asserting his dominance over her. They lay there for a while savoring their afterglows.

He pulled out. Cathy looked down. His cock was coated and dripping with his white cum. She could feel the hot jizz pouring out of her cunt onto her asshole. A small amount stayed in her womb. The swimmers began spreading out looking for her egg to fertilize. It was the first time she feel the sensual feeling of cum in her cunt. She loved it.

“Hey, baby! Your cunt is full of my love jizz. Do you know that?”

“Yes, baby!” Cathy said. She was thinking about how good it felt. It was her introduction to hot black sexing. She was hooked!

“Come here and suck-clean my cock,” D’Andre ordered her. She got up and went to her knees and sucked his cock clean while her eyes looked up at his face. Cathy enjoyed D’Andre’s cock with the taste of cum mixed with her cunt juices.

Cathy cleaned her cunt in the bidet in the room. He pulled out an enema apparatus. He filled it with warm water. He bent her over his lap and plugged it into her ass. He never asked her if she wanted it. Cathy was submissive and did not resist. He filled her until she could no longer stand the tightness in her tiny tummy.

“Now take a shit,” D’Andre said. He repeated the procedure twice.

“Get dressed!” he ordered. She quickly dressed.

“Don’t wear colored hose. I want to see your white legs. I’ll keep the panties, too. If you do wear underwear, only wear a thong. I love to see your hot ass,” he told her.

Cathy started to fix her hair. Her hair was a mess, but he stopped her. D’Andre wanted her hair to show that she had been fucked.

D’Andre took her hand and led her back to the open club. This time D’Andre walked away and left her alone. But she wasn’t alone for long. A man started dancing with her. He kissed her and pressed his cock against her wet cunt.

Cathy responded by reached down into his pants and grasping his cock with her little hand. She started stroking it.

They began kissing passionately. His hands grasped her orbs and squeezed. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

They began dancing again. He turned her around and pushed his cock against her bare ass.

Another man broke in and started sucking down her neck. His mouth went to her breasts. He sucked each nipple until they were hard and wet.

He turned her around and bent her over. She felt his cock enter her cunt. He withdrew and the first black man pushed his cock in her gaping wide cunt.

“Oh!” Cathy swooned. He fucked her a while and stood her back up. He turned her around and kissed her. Then he led her down the hallway to the same bedroom. When the door closed he held her and kissed her deep. Their mouth exchanged the hot wetness of oral love. He undressed her and placed her in the doggie position.

The black man, who was a complete stranger, put his cock on her cunt and pushed. Her cunt released and allowed him to shove all the way in.

“Oh! Fuck me, baby!” Cathy cooed. She loved the feeling of a cock in her cunt. He started a rhythm of in and out strokes. Cathy came. Her cunt squeezed down on the man’s love tool. He came in her cunt. He pulled out, leaving her cunt gaping open and dripping white hot jizz. He fell back on the bed exhausted.

Cathy basked in her warm afterglow. It was not as warm as the afterglow she had with D’Andre. She cleaned up in the bidet and went back to the club.

She danced and kissed the men. Four times she walked to the back room. Four men fucked her one at a time, and they came in her each time. Cathy came each time.

When she got home around 5 a.m., she could still feel the warm glow of cum oozing out of her womb. She thought about the possibility of a pregnancy, but the thought of being pregnant caused her body to tremble. She was a natural-born breeder.

Cathy’s 18-year-old sister, Marci, came into her bedroom. She crawled into bed with Cathy, who told her about being fucked eight times.

“Did they cum in you, Cathy?” Marci asked.

“Yes! Here look,” Cathy said showing Marci her cunt.

“Let me taste it,” Marci said.

Cathy spread her cunt and let Marci taste the black jizz seeping out.

Marci rolled over so Cathy could reciprocate. Cathy and Marci sucked and stroked their clits until they fell asleep.

Cathy’s Mom, Norma

Cathy’s mom, Norma, was divorced and quickly learned she had no means to pay the taxes on her mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans.

She started dating and soon the hot mom was going out with black men. They introduced her to black sex. Then she met Roy. He became her pimp. She was good at whoring and quickly made enough money to buy a Mercedes Convertible and sexy clothes, pay her taxes, and fix up the mansion in that order. To Norma black whoring was more than sex. She loved and craved the black love stick.

Norma would often come home with two or more black studs and fuck them until dawn. She made no effort to hide her lifestyle from her daughters, Cathy, then 19, and Marci, then 18.


Cathy knew that it was OK to come home at 5 a.m. after a date. Since her first date at age 14, she always stayed out until early morning.

Norma spent time with her daughters talking to them about their sexuality.

“Sex is the most wonderful experience you will ever have,” Norma said. “The size of the penis matters. When you feel a black man’s penis enter your pussy, you will know it is much, much better,” she said.

“A woman is made to fuck and give pleasure,” Norma said. “A man’s hormones in his semen will be taken into your body and make you into a woman.” Norma smiled and lit a cigarette. She crossed her legs letting her bare cunt show.

Norma didn’t mind showing her cunt which kept hairless with a Brazilian.

“Don’t be afraid to let your man put his semen in your cunts. That’s the best way to go — bareback without condoms,” she said.

Cathy and her sister, Marci, often were awake all night listening to Norma moaning, laughing, and taking black cum. The girls often saw their mom fucking one or more black studs on the patio or around the pool. Cathy even walked in on Norma on her knees sucking an enormous black stud in the kitchen.

Fucking black was normal to Cathy and her sister.

Her mom’s studs hit on Cathy and Marci often.

“I love to see them hit on you girls. You will be fucking black soon,” Norma said. She was right.


Cathy and D’Andre met again and again. She often spent the night with him. He continued to fuck her and cum in her hot cunt. She never asked him to use a condom and D’Andre never offered to. He introduced her to his friends. She started dating every black man she met. She preferred the older men in their 30′s. She went out on dates four nights a week.

She got pregnant. She wasn’t sure who the father was. She didn’t care. She was slightly apprehensive at first, but then she never expected the reaction she would get. Her mom was happy and proud of her.

“Oh! My baby! You are pregnant! I am so happy for you. This is a wonderful time for a woman. Your body will be changing, and you will feel so sexy,” Norma said.

Marci was curious and wanted to talk about it.

“How did it feel when he came in you?

“It felt wonderful!” Cathy swooned.

“Did you know the moment you conceived?” Marci asked.

“It’s all about the risk when you believe you will get pregnant,” Cathy said. Cathy explained all about pregnancy risk sex and how wonderful and sensual it was.

Cathy Ann’s boyfriends congratulated her. Her girlfriends, who had been fucking black men, hugged her. They told her how much they envied her. Cathy loved the attention and respect she got. She had reached a new level of being a black cock slut.

She loved the feeling and sexuality of being pregnant every day of her pregnancy. She was craving cum and getting more cum than ever. The male hormones lingered in her body. She was absorbing them; and in turn, the male hormones were changing her in other ways, too. She became addicted to male hormones. Her momma hormones made her feel great. She loved the changes coming over her body. When word got around she was pregnant, the men flocked around to fuck hot the pregnant mom, Cathy.

Cathy started walking around the mansion nude. Her belly was beginning to develop a nice momma pooch. One of Norma’s boyfriends caught her in the kitchen late one night.

“Hey baby! I heard about you been black bred,” he said. He put his hand behind her head and drew her face close to his face. He kissed her passionately and deep. Cathy started trembling and moaning. He turned her around, bent her over and shoved his cock in her cunt.

As he fucked her, he rubbed her pregnant belly.

“Hey baby. That young cunt is so fucking tight. That’s right! Squeeze my cock with that tight cunt, now! Fuck my fuck stick, you little bitch whore!” he said while pounding her cunt.

He dumped a large load in her cunt.

She loved the attention. She was hornier than ever. In her fourth month, she went to a clinic and did what she had to do and got a checkup for STD’s. She was clean.

After that, Cathy never had the slightest fear of pregnancy risk sex. The pleasure of bareback unprotected sex was overwhelming to her. That feeling of knowing that her womb was fertile and the sperm she was taking would make her momma egg grow was exhilarating to Cathy. Pregnancy risk was the greatest sexual rush of all.

She quit school and took a job in a liquor store in the black section of town. She wanted to be closer to her favorite club. She drank, smoked, and bought skimpy, revealing, sexy clothes. She met some of the dancers in the nearby sex clubs. They gave her pointers on sexy clothes and moves and turning tricks. Cathy wanted to be a dancer, too.

She started getting sexy tattoos on her pretty white skin. She paid for some of them and fucked for more sexy skin illustrations. She got some sexy piercing, too. She soon found out those black men loved women with hot illustrated and pierced white skin. She wore clothes to show off her skin illustrations, too.

Cathy meets Tyrone

Tyrone looked at Cathy walking into the club. She was looking back at him. She walked up and stood at the bar. The bartender waited on her immediately. She turned to play a game machine on the bar. She wiggled her ass as she played the machine.

Tyrone doubled back to hit on the hot blonde.

“You like to play games?” It was Tyrone. Everyone called him Ty.

Chapter 07: A Surprising Party


Over the next few months, Kati and I got together at least once a week, usually more. That girl was insatiable; it was also rewarding because she was developing into a terrific lover. If I had to say, she was getting close to the standard Eva had originally set for me — and that’s saying a lot.

We would usually meet in my dorm room, but we’d fucked and played in the park on campus, at the bus stop outside the dorms and quite a few times, we had met at Eva and Ray’s home where Kati was living.

It was a good arrangement, especially since we were able to meet and fuck at her grandparents’ home; they were completely okay with our relationship which was now fully ‘friends with benefits’ with neither of us being exclusive. At the same time, we were certainly available when the other needed some satisfaction.

Having Kati available did not mean I had lost interest in Eva. Indeed, the older woman was a hot as ever and always ready to go. Eva was simply the best lover I had ever had and we’d been getting together for over a year, ever since my aunt Suzanne and I had been picked up by her and her husband Ray.

Even as I was fucking his wife, Ray was encouraging. We would occasionally ‘do’ Eva together and even if he did have a monster cock that was a bit longer, but a lot thicker than mine, it was never intimidating for me; it was never a competition. Eva always had a hole ready for us both.

More than just sharing Eva, Ray and I had also developed a friendship that was rather close. This let to him inviting me to share one of his lovers, but more on that another day. It also meant that we’d sometimes go a bit wild on the ‘curious’ side. I had been known to masturbate that huge cock for him (always with Eva around, mind you) and once I even tasted his cum.

Ray was also open to experimentation, but rather more adventuresome. He had once given me a blowjob to completion. To be honest, it was far more erotic than I had expected. Of course, Eva had a lot to do with that little incident. She had been sucking me off as I lay back in an easy chair and while I had my eyes closed, she’d enticed Ray to take over. I did notice the change and when I opened my eyes, it was Ray working on my cock with Eva standing beside me. Before I could say a word, she’d taken my hand and pushed it up against her thick pussy lips and said, “Let’s all have some fun, Paul.”

I didn’t take long to come and as I did I tried to warn Ray… who only committed more energy to finishing me. I ended up coming all over my stomach; Eva then took over, eating my cum off my body while jacking off her husband.

That was quite a night. I would have like to include Kati, but we had long ago agreed that Kati could know about our activities, but was no ready to take part with her grandparents.

A few months after the ‘blowjob’ incident, I got a call from Eva telling me that I was about to be invited to a party. The invitation would be coming from a friend of hers and I was not to turn it down. “Trust me on this one, Paul. You know I always look after you, right?”

I waited almost a week for the little card to arrive. It was addressed to my name, followed by ‘gentleman.’ The card itself was a subtle thing with minimal graphics and a very rich, dark black. Inside were the details were in gold metallic ink:

“Please join us for an intimate gathering of friends that will entice and excite. Dress is formal.” Then it offered the date and time and an address across town in The Uplands, a very posh neighbourhood. The event was coming up in less than a week, and on a Thursday evening, odd for a party, I thought.

I was exceedingly curious and would never have bothered but for the fact that Eva had ‘told’ me to attend. I called Eva right after getting the card and tried to dig out more details, but she remained tight-lipped and would give me no more than, “you’d better be there, for me.”

Things were curious indeed.

When Thursday finally arrived, I spent almost two hours getting ready. I showered, shaved and had even gotten a haircut earlier. I had no idea what was coming, but I would look good whatever it was, and I trusted Eva.

I had the cab drop me off in front of the house. It was big and opulent and I guessed there were at least seven or eight bedrooms. I saw the driveway wrap around the back and since we had been asked to enter from the parking area, I walked back there. The space could have fit at least a dozen cars, it was that big; there were only two there now.

I walked up to the ornate door (and it was the back door!) with its giant brass knocker. I had barely dropped it on the strike plate when the door opened for me. There stood a very attractive blonde woman dressed very elegantly in a gown, heels and elbow-length gloves. She had to be six feet tall with the heels and was a slim as a model. Of course I scoped out her body including her small, pert breasts.

“I’m Paul and I was invited…” was all I could come up with.

“I am Anna and I am so happy you could join us. Eva recommended you very highly.”

She turned and walked away; obviously, I was to follow. I closed the door and caught up to Anna who barely paused as she led the way to a small room (in comparison) just off the rear entrance. Going in I saw that Eva was already there, but so was Ray. Curiouser and curiouser, I thought.

There was also another man, a little older than me, probably in his mid-thirties. We were all introduced to each other: the other man was Jackson and it turned out he was a good friend of Anna’s.

I really had no idea what was going on, and I got the same idea from Jackson’s look as he shook my hand. It was as if he was saying, “Who are you and why are we here?”

Before we could do more than pour some wine, the doorknocker announced another arrival. Eva went this time — she brought back two men, both looking like they’d fit right in.

When you looked at the four of us, you could see some common characteristics. We were all in pretty good, or better, shape, and all four men I have to say were quite good looking. Not runway-model, but definitely on the right end of the scale. And we were all dressed in formal bowtie, French-cuff attire. We did look good!

Apparently we were all here now as Anna invited us to sit around the room. She started by toasting us as her guests for a very special evening. We heard that each one of us had been personally selected by her and Eva and that we were to expect a rewarding evening.

The four of us sipped out wine cautiously, waiting to learn more.

Eva stood next and asked if any of us had ever heard of a CFNM party.

I sure hadn’t and only Ray motioned that he had. Eva glanced at him with a smile. It seemed as if even Ray did not know what was up.

Eva then explained, “That stands for Clothed Female, Nude Male and we are hoping you will agree to join us for the event. That’s why you were each selected.”

We were already getting the idea of what might be coming up.

Anna stepped up and explained that each of the four men was known to be very sexual, well-endowed and a considerate lover. “That’s how you were chosen: we thought you would take part, and if you did, you would be perfect for our other guests.”

She went on to ask each of us in turn: “Do you wish to participate and follow all the rules we set?”

To a man the answer was a firm ‘yes.’

“The rules, gentlemen, are simple. First, everything that happens in this house tonight, including this little meeting will remain forever confidential. We don’t need to threaten you in any way because Eva and I completely trust you. Are we all okay with that?”

“Second, you will dress and act as we request.”

“But don’t worry,” chimed in Eva, “We’re very flexible on what that means.”

Anna continued: “Any questions so far?”

The last man in, William, piped up with “what’s the dress code, then? Aren’t we already dressed fancy enough?”

“Did you hear what CFNM stood for?” replied Anna.

“Oh… right.” Things were getting clearer quickly.

Eva stepped in to describe the clothing arrangements. “Initially, you will each be dressed as you are now, but for your shirts and ties. We need you all bare-chested, nude to the waist for now.”

We looked around at each other, judging a bit I think. Ray was very solid and well-muscled, but he did have a tiny paunch. The three of us already looked pretty good, certainly fit enough.

Anna then directed us to remove our clothing from the waist up. “And if you are going to back out, this is your last chance, gentlemen.”

Nobody even glanced at her as we removed our shirts and ties.

Jackson and William could have been brothers from looking at their physique. The only difference was that William was very tall, I guessed well over six feet. Jackson was about five-foot ten. Both had great abs, better than mine but not that much different. Ray really stood out because of his well-developed shoulders and chest and arm muscles. We’re a hot bunch of guys, I thought.

“You are a very hot group of men,” said Anna.

Eva more or less mumbled agreement as she examined each of us, especially William who was the only man much taller than she was, even in her stilettos.

Anna went on. “Thank you, gentlemen. I can see why you were each recommended.”

“The party will be starting in about an hour when our first guests will arrive. There will be about 15 women, and only women. They were each invited to this party as you were. The only difference is that they knew it was CFNM.”

“Who will they be?” I had to ask.

“I’m so glad someone asked that. These women are all very successful in the city either running their own businesses, or they’re attached to some very powerful men. All of them are wealthy and each expects complete anonymity, as you might imagine.”

Jackson asked, “What if we know some of them, or their husbands? What do we do?”

Eva took that one: “It’s not likely you will because each of them will be wearing a mask. But if you do identify someone, the confidentiality rule applies. No one must ever know who was here this evening, or even that this took place.”

We all nodded our understanding. This was getting more mysterious: masks? Cool!

By now we could hear some moving around in the room next door. People were arriving. We were told that as the guest arrived, she would be given a silk mask that covered only her eyes. Still, there was little chance of identifying anyone unless we had more clues.

Eva gave us instructions: “We would like you to all start by circulating wine and some canapés. Ray, you and Jackson take the wine; William and Paul, you’re on food.”

I was very nervous about what was coming next. How would I do as a waiter? I had never done table service before and did not feel too comfortable with the tray in hand. Anna saw this I think and she came over to me. “You look amazing, Paul, and that little tray of hors d’oeuvres… the women will love you.”

I headed out the connecting door and stepped into a huge ballroom. The hardwood dance floor was surrounded by six banquet tables, each suitable for half a dozen guests. Fans circled high up in the ceiling and music was playing just loud enough to allow conversation.

As I walked around with my tray, women leaned in to me, smiling broadly and reaching for little sandwiches or whatever I was carrying. Soon, all of them had wine and were chatting amongst themselves. It was clear that they mostly knew each other from before tonight.

Within the next hour the remaining guests had arrived — there were 22 women in total.

“I thought it was to be only 15,” I said to Ray.

“And you’re unhappy?” he asked, incredulously.

“Oh, yea. Right.”

By now we had been ‘working’ for over an hour and to be honest, it was starting to feel just like a job, one I didn’t really want. That was until I passed in front of a statuesque redhead. She had her hair cut quite short which emphasized how pretty she was, focussing attention on her face. That was, until I noticed her great legs. She wore a short black skirt trimmed with a narrow fur band for a hem. She had perfect legs, I thought, and she wore very high heels. They were a solid, bold fuchsia colour that contrasted perfectly with the black leather of her skirt.

As I walked by I heard her say, “You must be Paul — you’re beautiful.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, “Thank you.”

Unsure of what I should do, I turned away towards the kitchen and I felt a hand grasp my buttock. Snapping back I saw the redhead smile and whisper to me, “I’m Rebecca.”

As we each returned to the kitchen area, Anna kept us there, not allowing us to return to the ballroom. “You might like to watch what’s next,” she said. With that, she turned on a huge monitor in the corner. It showed the ballroom and all the women milling about. Eva was making her way to the front of to the room.

Then she took a microphone off the table and asked for everyone’s attention.

“I would like to welcome you all to this, the tenth annual CFNM fundraiser. Most of you have been here before, but for those who haven’t, you should know we use this time to raise money for orphaned children in Africa through UNICEF. That is worthy enough, but we also try to make the night memorable for you all.”

Eva looked around the room, seeing nods of agreement — lots of women knew what was coming, even if we didn’t.

Eva continued, “Our first fun event tonight is going to be the auction. Are you interested?”

Many of the women applauded and whooped their agreement; others stood mute, not knowing enough about the proceedings yet.”

“What are we auctioning?” asked a petite blonde up front.

“That’s where the fun is — I hope you have you have all met our men tonight. If not, we’ll be introducing them soon. The auction will be for the right to prepare a man for the remainder of the evening. And in case you wondered, you will get to take some of his clothing.”

The whoops and cheers almost shattered the crystal on the tables. These women were only slightly inebriated and already they were going wild.

The four of us turned to Anna simultaneously, “we’re going to get stripped?!” we asked.

“Anyone want out?” came the reply quickly.

“Of course not,” we chanted almost simultaneously, though William seemed a bit shy.

“We are going to start with Ray, then Jackson, Paul and finally William. Are you okay with that line-up?”

William seemed pleased to go last, but somehow I don’t think he understood what that meant. By that time women would be getting drunk and much more demanding. I was looking forward to it, but didn’t think William would be ready. Who was I to say?

In the hall Eva was wrapping up her opening. She finished with, “please help me welcome our hostess for tonight, Anna.”

Right on cue, Anna walked into the room, looking as glamorous as she had when she’d met me at the door. This woman had real poise and class. She walked through the crowd of masked and mysterious (to us) women, touching a hand here, pecking a cheek there, and even patting one woman on the butt. Really.

“Thank you everyone for joining us on this tenth anniversary of our parties. A few of you are new to this group and we welcome you most. I hope you will come to enjoy this event as much as the rest of us have over these years.”

More hooting and hollering.

“Are we ready for the first auction?” she asked, rhetorically.

“Our first gentleman is Ray. He is six-foot four inches tall, weighs 226 pounds and is 61 years old. Ray is a former professional football player with the CFL. Please cheer him in.”

Full of confidence, Ray almost strutted past the tables until he stood at the front of the room. Not satisfied with showing up, Ray then took Anna’s face into his hands and planted a big wet kiss right on her lips. Eva, now standing at my elbow, whispered, “He told me he would do that, and I know she was just waiting for it.”

Breaking from the kiss, Ray stood to one side and climbed up on a platform that had been placed next to the head table.

He certainly knew how to work a room. Ray moved about the platform, taking muscle show poses. He raised his arms in a heroic stance and bulged his huge arms. The women were already going wild and nothing had even happened yet.

“As you know, our bids tonight are to be in thousand-dollar increments. Who will open with $5000 for this amazing specimen of a man?”

A hand shot up at the back with a whoop of enthusiasm.

“Thank you young lady with the white mask. Who will go $6,000?”

“Six thousand,” called another woman.

She had barely finished making her bid when someone else called out “$10,000!”

A pause, a little encouragement from Anna, and the next bid came in at $12,000.

“Girls, this man is amazing, and wait until you see what’s beneath those fine slacks. I have seen it and trust me, you won’t go wrong.”




The room went quiet. Even in this crowd the amount was getting a bit steep. I stood slack-jawed watching on the monitor. I whispered to the others, “someone is willing to pay $20,000 to take off Ray’s pants?!” I was incredulous.

“Going once. Twice. Any other bids? Sold! It’s yours pink floral mask. Come on up.”

I didn’t know what to expect, but the heavyset brunette who’d won the auction took Ray by the hand and led to step up to the main table at the centre of the hall. It was going to happen right away?

Anna was still helping feed the crowd’s appetites, “Let’s give them some support. Ray’s the first one and he might be nervous. And I do know this lady has not won before so it really is her first time. Cheer them on.”

The women, every one of them, was cheering and calling out a variety of ideas. Some were pretty dirty, “Show us his cock,” and “We want big balls!”

The woman had now joined Ray on the table. She yelled out “I’m Janet and I want this one.”

With Ray standing still, Janet knelt at his feet. The room was quiet as they watched Janet unbuckle Ray’s belt. She took her time pulling it out of the loops and only then did she unsnap the waist. Her paced picked up after she reached against Ray’s thigh to feel the growing monster under the light fabric of his pants.

Janet had him unzipped in about three seconds and the pants hit the floor two seconds later.

Ray was not wearing any underwear so when Janet pulled off his pants, his thick black cock just popped out in front of her and waived to the women crowded around the table. The cheers were at their maximum right then. Janet stood up and asked for quiet. “What should I do now?” she asked the crowd.

With Ray’s cock at its hardest and horizontal best, Janet took the first idea that came out. She took the cock and pulled it towards her chest. Her dress was showing a lot of cleavage. She pulled Ray in until he was ensconced between her substantial breasts. Sure, only the head and a few inches were buried there, but the sheer joy in Janet’s face said it all. She was loving this.

Before much more could happen, Anna was back on the microphone asking for Ray to be released for now so that we could move to the next man at auction. Now that everyone had a taste of what was happening, the bidding on Jackson. Please join us, Jackson.

The process went much the same as with Ray, but the bids topped out at only $9,000 this time. I could see some disappointment on Jackson’s face, but that went away quickly when the winner turned out to be a very young and posh lady. She was also cheered on as she stripped Jackson down to his underwear. I would have been embarrassed to show up in leopard print, but no one else seemed to care, least of all the woman who’d denuded him.

To finish her part, the lady reached into his briefs to pull out his very hard and very nice cock. Cheers and wildness again. But this time, they were for the woman as she, in one easy move, took all of Jackson’s seven erect inches into her throat. Jackson almost collapsed when that happened.

But that was it. She let him slip from her mouth and left him hanging, cock dangling, as she slipped off the table and disappeared into the crowd. One clear voice called out to Jackson, “I can finish you off if you want!”

As Anna was inviting me into the room, I saw Jackson disappear into a far corner. He was being pulled along by a new woman, probably the one who’d offered to finish him off. I said to myself, ‘you’ve got to love that kind of dedication.’

It was my turn. I knew to head to the front podium, but just like Ray, I could work a room. I dallied a bit as I walked, dancing a bit and showing as much as I could. I tried to lead with my half-hard meat, but it was way too difficult to do so with rhythm and style.

“Here we have Paul,” opened Anna. “He is a university student and athlete. Paul is almost six feet tall and weighs 192 pounds. He loves to fuck and is particularly proud of his oral skills. Who will give me $10,000?”

Wow! That was a steep starting price. But would anyone bite?

“Here! $10,000″ I heard.

This was followed promptly by $12,000, then $15,000 and $16,000.

Then one voice from the back called out “$25,000.”

You could hear a pin drop, the room was so silent. But just for a minute. The crowd erupted in near-ecstasy. “We have a new record,” announced Anna. “Please come to the front, whoever you are.”

The throng of women crowding the front of the room parted a bit at a time as one woman made her way through. I could tell she was tall because I could see the top of her head coming to me. It was my redhead from earlier, the one who’d already discovered my tight butt. I was overcome by lust as I realized this.

Rebecca was at the front of the room now. She stopped to give me a closer look as I stood on the platform. The room was noisy, but everyone was locked onto us in expectation. Of what, I had no idea, but I knew it would have to be good.

Rebecca climbed up to the dais I was on and took a little walk all around me as if she was inspecting her newest toy — I knew that was what I was to her tonight. She ran her hands over my chest, the moved in close so she could reach around me to grab my ass with both hands. I felt her squeezing, hard, and I reacted as expected. I got hard up front, too. Actually, harder is more accurate as I had been sporting a boner since the bidding had started.

Rebecca pressed up against me so that I could feel her silk-encased breasts. They were very firm and felt amazing. The fabric was light, but opaque and I could feel she was not wearing a brassiere. She worked her way around to stand behind me. In her heels she stood a few inches taller so could easily see around me.

She had now wrapped her arms around me from behind, always squeezed up against me, but this time it was more interesting. Rebecca slid both hands all the way down my chest, stopping only long enough to give my nipples a flick and a rub. Her hands then slid slowly down to my belt. Instead of just unbuckling me, she slipped both hands under the fabric and reached into the space on either side of my meat. The way it was standing, pointing straight up gave her a good idea of what she’d been looking for. She purred into my ear, “Your cock is as gorgeous, Paul. Want me to take it out now?”

I just nodded my head, but she wasn’t finished. Rebecca pulled her hands out and from behind me, unbuckled the belt, undid the button and pulled down my zipper with little hesitation — this woman knew what she wanted.

Though I was pretty much lost in my own space, I could still hear the women around us chanting and cheering: “Show us his cock!” “Is it big enough?” “Drop those trousers!” and the best of all, I thought, “Can I use it when you’re done?”

Rebecca was lapping up all the attention and clearly loving it. With me standing in just my boxer, she slid both hands beneath the elastic and worked my cock around a bit. She somehow made it even more visible by pressing me up against the soft fabric. “Wanna see more, girls?” she cried out. This excited the crowd even more.

With no more delay, Rebecca grasped the elastic and in one smooth move, pulled down my boxers right to the floor. You cannot believe the pride I felt, and even the power. I had never felt this sexually admired and I was loving it. Rebecca seemed to be just as proud of it somehow, already possessive of my meat.

Instead of just showing me off, she did something that should not have surprised me: she took my cock in one of her soft hands and started to stroke me gently. She moved her fist up and down the full length of my hard-on. It was incredible and because I had been ‘ready’ for so long, I turned to her and whispered, “Careful, I am almost ready to cum.”

That seemed to do something… that I didn’t want. She stopped her stroking and called Anna over. Where was this going?

Rebecca said something to Anna who nodded and turned back to the microphone. “Ladies,” she said, “We have a special treat for one of you. Our friend here,” nodding towards Rebecca, “has volunteered to share Paul with you. The first woman to contribute $1,000 to the fund will get to receive Paul’s cum shot. Who’s interested?”

Right away five or six women raced forward so Anna took advantage. “That’s too many. Shall we do another auction?”

She ended up accepting a $2,200 big for the ‘treat’ on offer. The winner was the same woman who’d bought Ray earlier. I saw that while she did look heavy, and I have no qualms about appreciating a big woman, I realized that most of her ‘bulk’ was in her tits. They were gigantic — no wonder Ray’s hard-on had looked small in there.

Anna invited her up, “Come on up Janet. You get to prize.”

All the while this was going on, Rebecca had been holding on to my erection, occasionally giving it a pull but never enough to get me closer. She was sitting beside where I stood and had one hand on my ass as the other held on to my handle. She had also loosened off the buttons on her tight dress and was showing me most of her tits, but only me as I had the only full view. They were lovely, perky and so soft looking. I complimented her, “I love the view you’re giving me, Rebecca. Very sexy.”

She replied by undoing the last button and shrugging her shoulders together to enhance the cleavage under my examination.

Janet was up at the front now, standing only a few feet in from of me. Rebecca leaned towards her asking clearly, “How would you like to receive this young man’s cum?”

The assembled women, no longer remotely subtle, offered up their ideas: “On your tits; suck him dry; onto your face; into your hands….” There were more ideas than I can recall, including some odd ones like “shoot it into the crowd!”

Much as I had a preference, Rebecca said to Janet, “Into your mouth, then? Maybe let some dribble when he’s finished — they will love that.”

Janet now looked a bit nervous. I don’t think she’d thought through what this would work out like and maybe had doubts. I kicked in my two cents, “I am looking forward to shooting my cum between your lips… but it would also have been awesome to dump the load on your massive boobs.”

Janet looked up at me with a look of gratitude mixed with one of sexual hunger. She was ready.

Rebecca was ready, too. With Janet kneeling in front of us, she started playing with my boner again. She played it softly, one hand, then both, and each time I seemed ready she sensed it and grasped the base tightly to stop me coming.

Rebecca said to Janet, “Would you like a little preview? Give it a kiss.”

Janet was really tentative, until she heard the prompting from behind her. She raised herself up until her mouth was directly in front of my glans. Rebecca held my cock firmly at the base and directed the head towards the open mouth in front of us.

Janet took the whole of my glans and about two inches into her mouth. I felt her tongue swirling around the knob, then a second hand joining Rebecca’s on the shaft. Rebecca responded by protesting that it was still hers! Janet played right along, “Fine, but I still get the cumshot!”

Janet was right up to me sitting just below my cock where she got the perfect view of Rebecca’s hands on my body. Her right hand increased its speed and her grip became more firm building me up to the climax that I had been waiting for.

“Are you getting close?” she called out for everyone to head. “Do you want to come now?”

“Yes. Oh, please. I need to come now.”

Janet opened her mouth wide and grasped my legs, fingers digging into my thighs. As Rebecca continued stroking me, now at full speed, Janet cradled my balls and squeezed expertly. I was starting to shudder; my knees were weak and I doubted I could stay vertical.

Then Rebecca surprised me totally. As she took long strokes of my cock, and while Janet juggled my testicles, Rebecca jammed a wet finger right up my ass. That was all it took.

The first shot of my sperm flew well over Janet’s head, far from her gaping mouth and landing on a woman at the front of the crowd. Rebecca had control over the remaining ejaculation. She pointed me right into Janet’s mouth, rewarding her with a couple of teaspoons of my cum. As I continued to ejaculate, Janet took hold of my cock alongside Rebecca and together they pumped the last few drops out of me. And Janet was taking it all, no drops leaking.

This might be the single most erotic moment of my life, then it got better.

Mouth full of my semen, Janet stood up and pulled Rebecca in close, pushing her into a seated position. As Rebecca looked up, Janet let her mouthful of my sperm slip between her lips and into Rebecca’s wide open, waiting mouth. They were snowballing! I had never seen it, only heard about it.

I made my feelings known very publicly, “Holy Fuck! That’s over the top.”

By then another woman had made it onto the stage and she was asking for the next snowball. She got it. I think one more woman shared but by then I had fallen back onto a chair, exhausted. And for the first time in about two hours, my cock was actually at rest, sitting on my naked thigh. Even though it felt over to me, another woman approached and told me to make sure I brought her a drink when I was back at work.

Unbelievable. There was no satisfying these women.

I was helped back to the kitchen area by one of the women. She had a hot body and good tits, but I didn’t really care any more. I needed cock-recuperation, and a drink.

I had forgotten, but I had been only the third of four. William was still to be auctioned. He came over to me and asked, “How was that? You looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

“It was fucking amazing, William. You’re going to love it.”

“I’m pretty nervous — they all look like man-eaters to me.”

“Go with your gut,” I told him, “or rather, let your cock make the decisions.”


As I was saying those words, Anna was introducing him to the audience and he was walking out. Watching on the monitor, I could tell he was more ready than he thought.

“Ladies, our final offer this evening, and if you waited or held off, you will not be disappointed. This is William. He’s 19 years old and recently graduated from high school. He is a commercial diver and always in demand from the ladies around him.”

Whoops and cheers. By now these women were all quite drunk and no longer seemed to have any inhibitions.

“You should also know that William has a very fine cock between his legs, or should I say ‘third leg’? I know this because I fucked him just last week to make sure he’d be right for all of you. Are any of you size queens? You’ll want to jump in now. Who’ll start the bidding at $10,000?”

The offers grew quickly but by smaller amounts of $500 to $1,000 at a time. Still, William drew only a bit less than I had (yes, I was pretty cocky about that fact).

“Sold, to the lady in the purple dress. Congratulations — you’ve made a great investment with your $22,500.”

William had lost all of his doubts and was now flashing abs and muscles to the room. The woman in the purple dress made her way to the front. She had great legs, as good as Anna’s I thought. We could see how great because of the slit cut high along one leg all the way to the top of her hip. I could tell that she wore no underwear because nothing stopped the curve of her thigh at the top of the slit.

Reaching the podium, purple gown turned to the crowd and said, “My name is Andrea and I am here to be fucked. Are you with me?”

This was a surprise because we had understood that undressing was the whole of the auction offer. Anna noticed, too. “That will cost you extra, Andrea. Don’t you think?”

Right on cue, Andrea replied, “Only if he’s worth it — I need to see this cock you like so much. If I agree, I’ll give you an extra five grand.”

With no one to deny her, Andrea took matters instantly into her control. She stood in front of William and ran her hands over his thighs, stopping when she reached his erection. “Wow. Niiiiicccceeeee,” she said. This was going to get better.

Andrea wasted no time pulling off William’s pants. Like Ray, he wore nothing beneath and all at once, he was exposed to everyone. I heard gasps and some nervous giggles. It seems that William was last because his man-meat was pretty special. He was no thicker than I was, likely a bit narrower, actually, but long? His cock, completely hard of course, was sticking out of a clean-shaving crotch which served only to make him look even bigger.

Anna had known this was going to happen. With the audience rather quiet and still, they were all focussed on William naturally, she stepped up to the couple on stage. Dangling from her hand was a tape measure. “Anyone curious about his length?” she asked. “It’ll cost you $1,000 to measure it — who’s up for that?”

There were enough hands shooting up that Anna simply picked the nearest one and handed her the tape measure with these instructions: “measure along the top from the pubes to the tip of his big knob.”

“You can call me Lauren and you can trust me — it’s not the first one of these I have measured.”

The crowd was now back into it with screams of delight and encouragement. “Show us that meat, William! How big is it really?”

Lauren, the measuring gal, held the tape measure out and loudly asked Andrea to “hold his cock level for me so I can get a good measure.”

Andrea knew what to do. She moved both hands up to William’s hard-on, one above the other like on a baseball bat and showed the women how much as still sticking out beyond her two fists. She grasped him more firmly and held him level and pointed directly at the women surrounding the stage. That was not good enough for the measuring tape girl who turned him sideways so most of the women got a side view of the young man.

William was quite slight and pretty tall so when he stood there, his cock was almost disgustingly long… okay, very impressive is a better descriptor.

As Andrea held William steady, Lauren extended the tape measure along the top of his cock, holding it tightly in place, for accuracy no doubt. She showed the result to Andrea who acknowledged the results. ‘These two are treating this as some sort of scientific task,’ I said to myself.

Lauren turned to the gathering and holding up the tape measure, announced the results. “The measurement committee has checked, and verified, that this young man’s cock is 11 and a quarter inches long. What do you say?”

“What are you going to do with it?” came from the crowd.

Andrea moved in front of William and made the crowd settle down. “Like I said before, I am going to fuck him. Right here. Right now.”

There were screams of pleasure without break, and a lot of ‘go girl’ or the like. They wanted to see this tool in action. That was obvious.

Two women put a chair up on the central table so that everyone could have a good view. Leading William by his meat, Andrea pulled him along to the main table and made him sit in the chair. He was naked but for his socks and lost even those to the ‘fans’ surrounding the table.

For her part, Andrea was just as ready. She smoothly unzipped her gown and let if fall from her shoulders. As I had expected, she wore no underwear and as it turned out, no bra either. This was one fit woman without an ounce of flab. Her tummy was tight like a drum, breasts also firm and capped with tiny but very hard nipples. Her pubic area was carefully trimmed with only a small heart-shaped patch of hair at the top of her pubic bone.

Andrea seemed to know what we would all want: she kept her heels on and left everything else completely open to everyone’s eyes. I got the sense she was quite the exhibitionist and said as much to Ray who was watching with me. He poked fun at me with “Really? What gave her way?”

The action was about to begin in the hall. Andrea sat William on the hard chair and had him stretch out until his hips were at the edge of the chair. In this position, his erection looked even longer. Andrea stood with her back to him with the back of her knees lined up against his knees. She backed into him, spreading her legs to get into position. It was almost funny to see that she had to bend him out of the way so as to be able to get to his hips where she gently sat down astride him.

The room was quiet as everyone anticipated the next step. Andrea held William in both her hands and while bending him forward, she slipped her hips over his erection. Not ready to put it inside, she simply rubbed against the shaft, letting her wet pussy glide back and forth a few times. I watched William as he concentrated so as not to lose a load too fast.

Andrea then lifted up one of her perfect legs so she could ease his glans into the opening of her pussy. She let herself back to standing position with both feet flat on the floor: we could see that about four inches of his shaft was inside her, plus his cockhead.

After a few minutes in that position, and to the instructions of the crowd, Andrea slowly lowered herself onto William’s lap. She took a while but was eventually able to bury all of him inside her. Again, she held that position for a while, and she explained what was going on with her.

“I can’t believe how full of cock my pussy is right now. I can feel him so deep, deeper than I have ever felt a man. It feels so amazing, girls.”

“Tell us more,” suggested Anna with the microphone.

“You sure were right, Anna, this was worth every penny I donated.”

She turned to look at William and asked him, “Are you okay? Does it feel alright?”

William laughed and replied, “Are you kidding? This is the best and most welcoming cunt I have ever been buried in.”

“That’s so sweet. I’m liking it a lot.”

“Most of the women I have been with can’t take all of me, much less sit hard on it as you are doing now.”

“I have never been a size queen, but I may change my habits after you,” said Andrea. Then she started to actually fuck him. She lifted herself off his cock until only the glans was still inside her. Then she just let go and dropped hard to take the full 11 inches again (okay, and a quarter). She leaned forward a bit until her hips were free to work him over. She gyrated, slipped up and down against his giant cock and even grasped it in her hands but still kept fucking.

“You’re too much, William! I hold you in my hands and still fuck myself with the leftover.”

William had always been an attentive lover. He took Andrea’s fine little tits into his big hands and massaged them, pinching her nipples. When Andrea responded by bucking even harder against him, he pinched her nipples even harder, too hard he thought. But this woman loved having her rock-hard nipples abused in this way.

“How’s my fucking?” asked Andrea.

“You’re a great fuck!” replied William.

“Thanks, that’s a great compliment, but I was asking the girls.”

More than one woman yelled back their compliments, commenting on Andrea’s body, legs and definitely her tits. One even yelled, “Take off the mask.”

Anna stepped in and said, “Can’t do that — we all agreed.”

Andrea was not bothered in the least as she kept bouncing around on her new lover’s lap. She threw her arms up in the air as she swivelled her hips with William’s long shaft filling her up. What no one but William realized was that Andrea was working her cunt muscles to grasp his shaft as it travelled almost a foot up, then down again. Fortunately, William had learned to hold his orgasm off rather well. Good thing, too, as Andrea was giving him the fuck of his life.

William said to Andrea quietly, “I think I am going to come. Is that okay?”

“You are so considerate. Of course you can come. I’ve already had two orgasms honey.”

She sped up her movements now concentrating on a full up and down motion, keeping up the internal massage of her cunt. It was only a few more minutes before William made the grunts and groans of a great orgasm.

Sensing the moment perfectly, Andrea jumped off his cock just as he came. He was sticking out far beyond her thighs; Andrea looked like she was wearing a dildo, but it was all real cock. Holding on to him with both hands, Andrea stroked him hard, her ample juices had lubricated him well, and was rewarded by what could have been a rope of cum shooting straight up in front of her. The sperm landed on her body, all the way up to her face. The next two or three spurts were more restrained, eventually just flowing over her fists.

Bringing one of her hands to her mouth, Andrea lapped up the cum that had landed on her. As the women watched, she just stood there gathering up whatever ejaculate that had landed on her. She squeeze William’s cock a couple of times to get the last few drops, and she ate all of it. If I had to guess, I would have said there were several ounces, nigh on impossible, but there it was.

Andrea finished off the performance by turning to William and pulling his face into her narrow cleavage and kissing the top of his head while holding him there. Then she stood back and licked the head of his cock clean, took a bow, and stepped off the stage.

Anna came over and took William by the arm, directing him back into our prep room. “You were so good out there, William,” she told him. “I could almost feel you inside me as she was fucking you. Was she as good as she seemed?”

“Better. She gave me a cock massage if you can believe it.”

We were all in the back, waiting for William to return, and when he did, I can tell you that all three of the guys were patting him on the back in congratulations. “You taught us all a couple of things, buddy.”

William sat and rested after wiping himself off. We were all three ready to go back but Eva held us back for a minute. Apparently there was one more official bit: new outfits.

“We don’t want to get dressed again, Eva,” I said.

“Don’t be so quick to judgement young fella. We haven’t steered you wrong yet have we?”

Anna returned for a store room and handed us each an elegant black box, each with our names in gold metallic ink. “Open them. These are you new outfits.”

We must have looked confused because she added, “that’s right, jockstraps.”

We each had a customized pair of string underwear. They were basically those you’d buy in the store, but each had been altered to let our cocks dangle out a hole in the front. They fit tight and were clearly made to fit each of our own dimensions. Ray’s had a huge opening, Williams rather small in comparison. Then again, girth was what mattered now, not length.

We quickly stepped into the tiny garments and found ourselves with help dressing as Eva and Anna each helped us. Not really needed, but it was great to have Anna take my penis and fit it through the hole in the shorts. I didn’t get instantly hard as I usually might, but I did fatten up a bit.

Once we four were all set, Eva had us stand shoulder to shoulder for inspection. It was almost funny, if you didn’t remember the reason for the outfits, but here were four good looking men basically naked but for their half-hard cocks drooping out of their underwear.

“You’re good to go, boys. Make ‘em happy.”

We each took a couple bottles of wine and made our way out. As soon as the first woman noticed us, there was a whoop and we were each surrounded. Over the next two hours, past midnight, we all got to feel some fine females and be played with right back. I know it was the same for the others so my experience is a good measure.

The wine was gone in ten minutes, but these women were not here for wine any more. They had all been sufficiently lubricated to the point that few inhibitions remained. I saw women kissing and fondling each other. I saw each of the guys fucking one or another woman and then move on to another, and another. I chose not to build to orgasm with every fuck, it would have killed me I think. Instead I gave each of my lovers a dozen hard strokes. Some I played with their clits, others I held on to their tits and played with their nipples.

Not every woman that approached me wanted to fuck. I had quite a few who just wanted to masturbate me. That was okay, too, as I have good control under that kind of stimulation. More than one did a lot more for me. I got at least half a dozen blowjobs, with two to completion. Both of them were excellent cocksuckers. And both had no problem taking me completely down their throats. I may not be a William on length, but I am still pretty big, but no problems for either. They were really fun.

Probably the best moment for me was when Rebecca cornered me at the back of the room. She wanted to tell me something it seemed.

“I would like to see you again if you are open to it,” she said, very ladylike.

“I would be VERY happy to see you again, Rebecca,” I countered.

“I think we have a lot to offer each other, Paul, and I would like to explore with you. Can you take variety and some kink?”

“I have never turned down a hot woman and I could never turn you down. What did you have in mind?”

“Here is my card,” she said handing me a slip of paper. It was too dark to read so I just tucked it into my jockstrap. “Call me in a week or so,” she said. “But for now, can I have a little of your manhood?”

I swear I blushed, but that didn’t matter as she was already stroking my engorged meat. Once satisfied I was hard enough, Rebecca simple leaned over a table and pulled up her leather skirt to invite me in.

I stood back to appreciate the view; she seemed to know what I was doing. With her skirt bunched up at the waist, I could see she wore no panties. She did have on a pair of hot fuchsia garters holding up her stockings. They perfectly matched her very high heels.

As I stared, Rebecca wiggled her hips a bit. Then she opened her legs wider to provide me access to her love holes. “Will you fuck me now, Paul?”

Ever so polite but the language spoke the truth: she was ready.

“What would you like filled, ma’am?”

“Give it to me deep into my cunt, please. Then maybe finish in my ass?”

Without another word, I moved into position. Putting one hand on her back, I used the other to guide myself into her pussy. As expected, she was entirely ready for penetration. As I pushed forward to enter her, Rebecca leaned her but back a bit more so as to give me better access.

I stood between her amazing legs holding on to an equally great ass. I pulled her back and forth against me as I shoved myself into her again and again. There was no holding back any more; I was going to give her fuck we both deserved.

Rebecca was no slouch in the sex department either. She kept up with every thrust and rocked her hips to make my penetration deeper and better for both of us. As I was getting close, I leaned in to tell her that it was time… “Can I fuck you in the ass now?” I could be polite, too.

“Yes please. Shove that thick cock into my ass. Fuck me where the sun don’t shine.”

Unlike her pussy, she wasn’t exactly wet and ready. Instead, she turned to me and put a hand at my mouth, “spit.”

Surprised, I did as she asked. Rebecca then ran her hand along her ass crack and lubricated her glory hole with my spit. I saw that she even shoved a digit in to make sure it was ready. Of course, I chose to add some extra lube, too, repeating the process myself.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Fuck me again, stud.”

I placed my knob at her tiny asshole and pushed slightly. She spread her legs wider and with her hands, spread out her ass cheeks to clear the path. With the saliva plus the lubrication from her pussy, I was able to slide most of my length into her. That wasn’t enough.

“Is that it?” she asked, worried.

“Can you take some more? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Ever a gentleman, but I told you to fuck me, not worry about my ass. Now pound it in mister!”

Sure enough, I was able to bury my full eight thick inches right up to my balls. I had rarely been able to go all the way, except for Eva actually.

I fucked Rebecca’s ass much as I had her cunt. Long, steady strokes with occasional full withdrawal followed by a full thrust to the hilt. By now Rebecca’s ass was wide open and she was taking everything I could give her. It was time to come.

“I’m going to cum, Rebecca. How do you want it?” I didn’t even stop fucking her as I asked.

“Let me finish you in my mouth, okay?”

I pulled out and turned her forcefully to face me. She dropped to her knees while holding on to me, never letting go of my hard-on.

“Gimme,” she commanded.

I just leaned my hips towards her face and she absolutely gobbled my knob. She only took about half of my full size, but what got in was very well treated. Sensing I had some willpower left, Rebecca popped my cock out of her mouth and pulled me between her tits, letting me tit-fuck her a bit. We were so wet with sweat and juices that it was a slick experience.

I started to thrust more aggressively into her boobs and she knew it was time. She took me back into her mouth and started singing! That was new, but what a feeling. The throb from her throat, combined with tongue action brought me to orgasm in under a minute.

I mumbled something about ‘coming now,’ but she knew my needs better than I did. She stroked me hard while holding a few inches of my cock in her mouth. Just as I was about to come, she pinched me off at the base of my cock, but it was much too little to make a difference.

I had been erect for about four hours since the start of the party and had only come about four times. This one was going to be as good as the one she’d got from me on the stage. And it was.

Rebecca had no problem catching all of my juice in her mouth. The few drops that leaked out she pushed back in with a finger. “I don’t plan to lose a drop of you,” I think she said, but her mouth was full.

I watched her swallow, then pulled her up to me. We stood like that for several minutes, kissing. She was a great kisser, too, even if I was tasting my own cum in doing so. We ignored the fact that my boner was coming back as we both felt it nudge between her thighs.

She pecked my cheek sweetly and said two words: “call me,” and disappeared back into the crowd.

By now there were only about half the guests still wandering about the room. I could see Jackson holding his cock on a silver tray as two women decorated it like a banana split, right down to the cherry and with lots of whipped cream. They were feeding on their desert when I passed by, giving Jackson a thumbs up. He just smiled and pulled the two women’s heads closer to his cock.

I was done for the night so was heading back to the prep room. That’s when I saw that Ray was still hard at it (pun intended of course). He was laying back comfortably on a thickly upholstered divan. He lay back with his hands behind his head, naked but for the jockstrap from which his very erect cock was straining.

As I walked towards him I saw one woman straddle my friend and promptly push him into her cunt. No trouble for Ray as all he needed to do was stay hard. The woman rode him hard for about five minutes before making all the noises of a growing orgasm. She shook hard and pressed herself down on his big black cock until she screamed out an orgasm. A minute of rest and recovery and she popped off Ray’s hard-on.

That was when I realized there were more women waiting to service themselves on his big meat. I looked down at him and he smiled back at me, “cool gig, eh?”

As he said this, another woman, this one no more than 25 years old with very perky tits topped by huge puffy areolas, did the same as the one before her. She straddled his hips, positioner herself, then was impaled astride Ray.

“What are you, a human Sybian machine?” I asked him.

“I hadn’t thought of it that way, but sure, I’m the real live Sybian.” He was proud, but then again, I was pretty impressed with him too.

“How many women have you fucked, or have fucked you I suppose?”

“I lost track at about a dozen so maybe 20 now.”

Not missing a beat because of me, Ray was doing a little extra with this one. Apparently her tits were to his liking because he was working them with his big hands. He even pulled her forward so he could suck at her giant nipples. She just moaned in appreciation and fucked herself harder on his cock. She was done in just a few more minutes, hopped off, gave him a kiss on the lips and left for a place to recover.

I asked Ray the big question: “How can you possibly stay hard all this time. These are great looking women, and based on my experience, some are fantastic fuckers, too. How do you do it?”

“Simple, I have a desensitizing cream that Eva rubbed on me before I came out the second time. The auction round I had nothing to hold me back, as you could see, but now I decided I should let as many women enjoy this thick cock as possible.”

“Just providing good service, then,” I smiled down at my naked friend as yet another woman came up to him. This one wanted a bit more. Instead of just mounting Ray and fucking herself, she first leaned over him and took most of his cock into her mouth. She held on to him with both hands and bobbed her head up and down in what would be a futile effort to make him cum. She didn’t know that but was sure giving it all she had.

I watched as Ray laid back, his crotch covered by the woman’s long black hair. I could see that something was different this time. He was really enjoying this one.

“She’s good,” he told me as I stood above him. By now we were obviously comfortable being naked in front of other men because there I was watching his meat being devoured by an unknown woman, all the while my own semi-hard cock just bobbed a few feet from them both.

Ray was making noises now; I realized his cream was wearing off, probably from all the activity, and that she might actually be able to make him come.

“How many times have you come, Ray?”

“This will be number five, and I am really looking forward to it.”

Hearing those words, the woman who’d been working him over looked to me and said, “It’s about time, too. This is my third time trying to get him to give me his cum, and I’m getting frustrated.”

“I love your dedication,” said Ray. “I think this might be the one… what was your name?”

“Edie. And thank you. I would love to receive your sperm.”

Edie went back to Ray with her mouth and hands. No longer was he reclined with his hands behind his head. They were now helping by keeping Edie’s hair out of her face, and also keeping the view clear for both of us to enjoy.

I looked at Edie closely and realized that she was not a young woman. She had to be at least twice my age, but what a body. I decided to join in with a question, “How do you keep such a great shape, Edie?”

“Yoga for the past 25 years. I teach it now. Works wonders for me, wouldn’t you say?”

All I could offer was an open-mouthed, “no kidding.” She had as good a body as any woman I had seen tonight, and there were a lot of nubile and fit goddesses.

“Do you mind if I ask your age, Edie? I know it’s rude, but you’re body’s just too fantastic for me to even guess.”

“I’ll be fifty-one next week.”

I was surprised as I would have bet on her being late 30s at most. I had not even been trying to impress her nor to curry favour, she was that hot. It was enough for me to ask another question, this time to both of them: “Can I join you Edie? You okay with that Ray?”

Without barely a pause in her blowjob, Edie reached out a hand to me; I placed myself into her hand. I had recovered most of my boner but not quite yet. Her hand was the perfect incentive. Soon enough I had grown to full size — nothing was going to bend now. Edie noticed my new state and decided it was time for a little more action. She seemed to know instinctively that Ray was getting close. As for me, I had no doubt that I would be coming again.

She stepped over Ray and straddled his thick erection just as the others had done, but she was after something different. She whispered something into Ray’s ear and he nodded yes. I didn’t know what to expect, but it would be something special if I knew my friend at all.

Still holding on to my cock, Edie sat on her haunches with Ray’s purple cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. She was as stable as a rock, perfectly balanced, as she rubbed her juicy pussy against his rock-solid meat. She was jilling off against him while using my cock as a handhold.

When I realized that I was probably about to fuck this woman, I reached into my briefs to save Rebecca’s card lest it should be destroyed in the action. I tucked it under the cushion of the divan. ‘I had better remember to get it before leaving,’ I said to myself.

I looked Edie over as she pleasured herself. It was a very erotic sight. The woman had incomparable muscle control and was making the most of it. Her breasts were of average size, but very full with only a bit of sag. That only made them more perfect and real to me. Her nipples were dark and tight, the nubs just demanding attention. I reached out to take one in my hand. Without letting go of my cock, she lifted her boob to my hovering mouth. She felt as good as she looked. I was loving every bit of this moment. From her great tits with their hard and wrinkly ‘ultimate-in-my-eyes’ nipples, to her perfect hips and overall great body. This would supply me with material for many a solo night….

Edie was appreciating how things were developing it seemed, moaning as I squished her boob and munched on her nipple and tit flesh. All the while she continued to rock against Ray’s erection. That’s when I realized she’d gone Brazilian as well; she was completely bare down there. “All the better for munching,” I mumbled.

She heard me because she replied, “If you’re good, maybe I will let you have a taste later.” I must have responded because she gave my hard-on a pull in reward.

Then it was time to move things along. From her still squatting position, Edie rose up just enough to place Ray’s cock into position; then she pressed herself down onto his erection. She was barely moving so I decided to see what was going on down there. I reached a hand towards her pussy and felt my way down until I could feel where Ray’s cock entered her. She lifted up slightly, giving me better access. I paid her back by rubbing her clit then sliding a thick middle finger into her as well, along Ray’s cock. I could feel how full she was, and how slick.

That’s when Edie let me in on what she’d asked Ray. “I want you to both fuck me at the same time, Paul.”

“What do you mean? Do you want DP with me in your ass?”

“That would be great, but what I need is both your cocks in my cunt. Can you do it?”

“Sure,” I replied, but hesitatingly.

“Don’t worry, it’s easy and I will help,” she offered.

“Won’t it be too much?” Stupid question, but fortunately, she ignored it.

“Let’s get you all lubricated, Paul.”

“Thanks to Jenna for the inspiration and input in writing this story.”

Jenna and Kelly were having a blast. It was the third morning of their four day girls getaway to Las Vegas, and they had done so much already. As she showered in the huge shower in their room at the Trump, Jenna played back the last two days in her mind.

There had been shopping at the Fashion Mall and the Fourm Shops at Ceasar’s; dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill; a Cirque du Soleil show; and then dancing until 3:00 am at Tao last night. They had almost hooked up with a couple of cute guys, but that had fizzled when the guys got too drunk. She had even won $300.00 on the slots. She wondered what new adventures today would bring. She thought about their friend Laura who had to cancel out at the last minute and knew she would be jealous.

As she let the soothing spray splash over her body, she saw Kelly come barging in through the door into the bathroom. Typical Kelly, Jenna thought, as she watched her cross the room to the sink, naked as a jaybird, her big tits swaying. Kelly was the wild one of the two friends, always outgoing and looking for fun.

“Too bad about those guys,” she said as she fumbled for her toothbrush, “I was hoping we could fuck their brains out!”

Jenna laughed at the comment, thinking that she wasn’t so sure about fooling around on her husband, although she had to admit, she had been tempted last night. She knew Kelly wasn’t concerned about having a one night stand with her hubby hundreds of miles away. Kelly had reminded her several times, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Kelly was bound and determined to make the most of these four days.

“I saw you kissing that Todd guy while you were slow dancing,” Kelly said laughing, “His hands were all over that tight little ass of yours!”

Jenna laughed again, remembering, thinking of how horny she had gotten and how disappointed she was when too many tequila shooters took their toll on the guys.

“We’ll just have to find more mature men tonight,” she replied, “those two were probably 10 years younger than us.”

Kelly laughed again and went back to brushing her teeth. Jenna closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot spray, fantasizing about what could have been.

As she finished her shower and stepped out to towel herself off, she saw the reflection of her and Kelly in the mirror and said, “We are a couple of hot ladies, aren’t we?”

They both had great tits, although Kelly’s natural 36 DD’s made Jenna’s 34 D seem small. Kelly was taller and a bit curvier. Jenna’s long dark hair contrasted Kelly’s shorter and curlier blond locks.

Kelly turned and put her hands under her big breasts, pushing them upward as she blurted, “We’ve got the equipment, we just need a couple of hard cocks!”

Jenna blushed at the words and tied a towel around herself as she headed into the bedroom.

As they ate some yogurt and fruit, the two friends talked about the day and decided to spend the afternoon at the hotel pool. They needed some kick back time before tackling another night in sin city.

It was almost noon by the time they headed to the elevator to go down to the pool. Jenna had put on the new blue bikini from Brazil that she had bought yesterday at Molly Brown’s. Kelly had on a bright tropical print that looked hot on her curvy body.

The sun was warm as they settled into the lounges that the cute young pool attendent had directed them to. Jenna looked around as she applied some sunscreen and noticed that there weren’t too many people enjoying the pool on this beautiful day. Just as she was about to lay back she saw a tall good looking man entering the pool area and pointed him out to Kelly. He was probably 40 with a lean swimmers body and dark hair with a touch of grey at the temples.

“Where was he last night,” Kelly said as he walked past them to a lounge nearby.

Jenna glanced at him again and saw that he was checking her and Kelly out as he settled into his lounge.

The waitress came by and Kelly and Jenna ordered Margarita’s. When she came back with the drinks, the waitress said, “Compliments of the gentleman” and nodded to the man who they had noticed earlier.

That was all Kelly needed and being her outgoing self walked over and started talking to the fellow. In no time, she had invited him to come over and sit with them.

As he sat down, Jenna noticed his beautiful dark eyes which seemed to twinkle as he spoke. They found out he owned a small high tech company and had been in town for a trade show that had finished yesterday and now was taking a couple of days to unwind before heading home.

Kelly, as usual, was the chatty one of the two women, flirting openly with Aaron as they talked.

By the time they finished their second round of drinks, the desert wind had sprung up as it often did in the afternoon and the pool attendants were having trouble keeping the umbrellas upright.

Aaron suggested that they head up to his suite and have another drink and of course Kelly was quick to say yes. Still in their swimwear they headed to the elevator to ride up to his one bedroom penthouse suite.

Jenna and Kelly were impressed as they entered Aaron’s suite, it had a living room with big sofas, a dining room, bar, a huge bedroom and the view was spectacular. Aaron went to the fridge and took out a chilled bottle of wine. As he poured them all a glass, he told them that he didn’t usually book a suite, but had done so this time so that he could entertain clients from the trade show.

He handed them each a glass and they sat down on the sofas, Kelly making sure to sit beside Aaron leaving Jenna with the other sofa all to herself. They sipped the wine and chatted, Kelly again flirting, however a bit more aggressive than she had down at the pool. Her one hand kept brushing Aaron’s leg and you could tell by the bulge in his swimsuit that he was getting aroused.

It didn’t take long before Kelly leaned over and gave him a kiss, and he didn’t pull back. As the kiss deepened, Jenna saw Kelly’s fingertips brush over the bulge. Aaron’s hand moved to cup one of Kelly’s full breasts.

Jenna stood up, and took a step toward the door, saying, “I guess I should leave you two alone.”

Aaron, looked over at her, smiled, reached out his hand and replied, “No stay, it will be fun.”

Jenna was torn, her brain told her she should leave, but something inside made her stop and move toward the couple on the sofa. She and Kelly had often talked about a threesome, but she never believed it would ever happen, and yet here they were.

As she slowly moved closer, her eyes widened as she watched Kelly take off her top, her big breast swaying as she slid down, kissing Aaron’s chest as her hands slid into the waist of his swimsuit and she slipped it off letting his rock hard cock spring free. Kelly quickly slipped down to her knees and her lips engulfed him.

Jenn’s head was spinning as her fingertips met Aaron’s and he pulled her closer, leaning forward and nuzzling his face between her own breasts. She couldn’t believe what was happening, glancing down and seeing her best friend sucking cock as Aaron undid her own bikini top and his lips found her tingling flesh.

She closed her eyes as she felt Aaron’s tongue swirl around each taut nipple, seeming to linger at each little bump on her areola. She was trembling with excitement as she felt Aaron’s hand slip into the back of her bikini bottom and begin to caress her ass. Her own fingers ran through his hair as a soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Then she heard Kelly’s voice, “Jenn, come share this beautiful cock with me!”

Jenna’s eyes opened as she heard her friend, she was still torn, still unsure and now it was decision time. She could leave, or she could participate, there was no other choice. She saw Aaron’s face, his eyes twinkling, his smile, and his nod of encouragement. She smiled back, she had passed the point of no return, and she kissed his lips and then began kissing down his body.

As Jenna joined her friend, she smiled at her and gave her a kiss and then swirled her tongue around the fat head of Aaron’s cock, which Kelly offered her. “It is like a porn movie,” Jenna thought, “two hot women pleasuring a stud with their lips and tongues.”

She suckled the head as Kelly’s fingertips moved slowly up and down the length of the shaft. “This was so hot,” she thought as her lips followed Kelly’s fingertips down the shaft and her mouth was filled with hard hot man meat.

They took turns, alternately sucking and licking his beautiful thick cock, sometimes both flicking their tongues along the shaft simultaneously. As they did, they could hear Aaron’s soft moans of pleasure.

Kelly, moved in, wrapping her big soft tits around the shaft and letting it slide up and down in her deep cleavage. Then it was Jenna’s turn and she titty fucked him for a bit, leaning forward to lick the head of his cock each time it slid up.

The women could tell from the quickening of his breathing and the louder moans of pleasure that Aaron was quickly passing the point of no return. They quickened their efforts, Kelly sucking him while Jenna stroked his shaft and massaged his heavy sac.

“I’m going to cum,” Aaron cried out.

As he did, Kelly pulled her lips from him and spurt of thick creamy cum shot from the tip of his cock and splashed on her breasts. Jenna kept stroking him and directed his spurts onto both her and Kelly’s chests. Then Kelly took him in her mouth again and started sucking and swallowing the last of his cum as she massaged the globs of cum into her breasts.

Jenna moved back and watched as Kelly expertly cleaned Aaron’s cock with her hot mouth. She looked at Aaron and saw him looking into her green eyes and then he was moving, guiding her back onto the carpet and bringing his lips again to her breasts, licking the globs of cum from them. She moaned with pleasure at this new experience, and felt his hands slipping her bikini bottom from her.

Jenna’s head was spinning as Aaron’s lips began moving over her body. First her breasts, kissing, licking, sucking… then her belly, his tongue swirling around her navel… moving lower, his hot breath making her quiver as his tongue found her bare wet slit. She moaned and her body quivered as he licked slowly around the lips of her pussy, lingering here and there, as he explored her.

And then as Aaron ministered to her, she felt Kelly’s lips on her breast, suckling a very taut nipple as her fingertips rolled the other. The sensations were overwhelming and Jenna closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. Aaron’s fingertips spread her and his tongue began teasing the sensitive swollen button of flesh. Jenna’s hips bucked as his tongue flicked against her. She cried out, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Kelly had moved up so that her big breasts swayed above Jenna’s face. Jenna instinctively took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard, making Kelly moan with pleasure.

And then, as Aaron’s lips suckled her pulsing clit, she felt two of his fingers slip into her, hooking up, seeking and finding her ‘G’. She thrashed wildly as the wave of sheer pleasure washed over her. She hadn’t cum like this for a long, long time.

Aaron’s lips and tongue continued to pleasure her, until she could take no more and she pushed his head away. As she opened her eyes, she saw Kelly above her, grinning like a Cheshire cat and giving her a wink.

The two women looked over at Aaron and smiled as they saw that his cock was hard again. Kelly got on all fours, looked back at Aaron and said, “Fuck me hard!”

Aaron moved quickly behind Kelly, gave her round ass a slap and slid his thick hard cock into her dripping pussy from behind. Kelly squealed with delight as he entered her, pushing back against his thrust.

Jenna lay beside them, eyes wide as she watched them fuck. Aaron was pumping Kelly with a slow steady rhythm, his hands sliding around to cup and squeeze her swaying dangling tits. Kelly, was vocal, saying, “Fuck me!”, “Fuck me hard!”, “Push that big cock deep!”

Jenna moved closer, in behind Aaron and ran her hand over his buttocks as he fucked her friend. She saw him smile at her and slipped her hand down between his legs to lightly massage his balls. She heard him moan at her touch and raked her nails across the ridges of his sac.

Jenna’s eyes caught their reflection in a mirror on the wall of the room. “We look like a porn movie.” she thought as she pressed her naked body into Aaron’s side and the sounds and scents of sex filled her senses.

Aaron guided her down, so her head was near his thigh, then he pulled his cock from Kelly’s hot pussy and brought it to Jenna’s lips. Eagerly she took him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his thick shaft, tasting the taste of Kelly’s sex on his flesh. “This is so hot!” she thought.

Then he was fucking Kelly again and Jenna slid her hand beneath them and found Kelly’s clit, massaging it as Aaron’s cock pounded into her. Kelly was crying out in pleasure and Jenna could sense she was about to cum. Aaron kept pumping her hard as Kelly’s body spasmed and she cried out in pleasure.

Then Aaron pulled out of Kelly’s dripping pussy said, “Lie on your back, I want to fuck those big tithes of yours!”

Kelly smiled and quickly was on her back. Aaron straddled her and his cock slipped between her huge breasts. Kelly pushed them together around his shaft and he began fucking her deep cleavage.

Jenna moved in close behind Aaron, pressing her breasts into his back as she watched him fuck her friend’s tits. Her hand cupped his ass as it moved in a steady rhythm. Every so often, Aaron would push farther forward and Kelly would hungrily take the head of his thick cock into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it.

As Jenna felt Aaron’s rhythm increasing and heard soft moans of pleasure escaping his lips, she slid her hand down the crease of his bottom and pushed a fingertip into his asshole. She heard him call out and then she smiled as she saw his cock explode and a huge load of cum shot over Kelly’s face and then onto her big tits.

Aaron kept moving, and coated Kelly’s face, neck and chest with his hot seed. Kelly was obviously loving it as she was smiling and trying to pull globs of cum into her mouth with her tongue. “She loves being a slut.” Jenna thought.

Finally, Aaron was spent and moved off of Kelly and lay on his back beside her. Jenna, moved to lay on his other side, facing him as he pulled her close.

When they had caught their breath, Aaron suggested they all share a shower and get revived for maybe another round. Kelly, with her usual brashness said, “Fucking right we will have another round, I need more!”

Aaron led them to the huge marble shower in his suite and they had a playful time, soaping and exploring each other’s bodies. Aaron loved it when the two women rubbed their soapy breasts together. Jenna and Kelly took turns stroking Aaron’s cock first with their soapy hands and then with their tits. Kelly made a point of wiggling her round ass against Aaron’s semi hardness.

After they towelled off, Aaron opened a fresh bottle of wine and poured them each a glass as the three of them settled onto the huge bed. As she sipped her wine, Jenna looked out the window and saw that the afternoon had slipped away and that the sun was beginning to set.

Kelly put down her wine glass and moved closer to Aaron, bringing her lips to his and running her fingertips over his chest. As they kissed, Jenna moved closer and pressed her naked body against them both. She was surprised when Kelly moved her lips from Aaron’s to hers, and then said, “I think we should give Aaron a little show, just to heat him up again.”

The two friends held each other, breasts pressed together as they shared a long deep kiss. Kelly took control, her hands gliding over Jenna’s body, her lips moving over naked flesh. She slid her hand under Jenna’s breasts, pushing them upward as she brought her lips to one nipple. Her tongue swirled and her teeth playfully nipped as she teased her friend.

Jenna looked over at Aaron who was watching intently and smiling, obviously enjoying the sight of two hot women playing. She moaned softly as Kelly drew her nipple deep into her mouth, sucking it hard. Then Kelly was pushing her back, and her lips began moving downward, over Jenna’s belly and down to the bare mound of flesh between her legs.

Jenna spread her legs and ran her fingers through Kelly’s blonde hair as Kelly’s hot tongue began to play. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensations. When she looked again, Aaron had moved over to her and his revived cock was bobbing close to her lips. She took him in her mouth and began teasing his hot flesh with her tongue. Slowly she moved her lips down his thick shaft, feeling the head of his cock against the back of her throat.

She kept sucking him as Kelly’s talented tongue was sending sweet sensations through her body. Then she felt Aaron slowly pull his cock from her mouth and saw him move behind Kelly whose round ass was up in the air as she ministered to her friend.

Aaron ran his over Kelly’s ass and slid his fingertip up and down the crease. He moved quickly to a nightstand and took a tube of KY jelly from the drawer. “That asshole looks so inviting!” he exclaimed.

“Then fuck it!” Kelly responded.

He moved behind her again and lubed up his cock with the slick KY, then took more on his fingertip and slid it into Kelly’s tight asshole. She grinned as she felt his finger enter that most intimate of places. She had lifted up from Jenna’s pussy and now was totally focused on getting fucked by Aaron.

Jenna moved around beside them and watched as the fat head of Aaron’s cock pressed against Kelly’s dark star. She heard Kelly grunt and then moan as he pushed the head of his cock past her sphincter. Jenna moved close to Aaron, pressing against him and stroking his back as he slowly pushed his cock deep into Kelly’s bowels. Kelly was pushing back against him, crying out, “Yes, fuck me, fuck my ass!”.

Aaron obliged and began slowly fucking her, his cock pumping her ass. Jenna had slid her hand down between Aaron’s legs and was massaging his balls as he ass fucked her friend. She saw that Kelly had reached back and was playing with her clit as Aaron fucked her.

As Kelly’s body spasmed Aaron began to shiver and Jenna knew he was close to cumming. “Cum on me!” Jenna moaned. She lay down on the bed beside them and watched as Aaron pumped Kelly’s ass a bit more and then pulled his engorged cock from her and straddled Jenna. He only had to pump his cock a couple times with his hand before it erupted and showered her with glob after glob of hot cum.

Aaron slipped other his hand behind and found Jenna’s clit and began massaging it as he drained his seed onto her body. Being highly aroused, Jenna came almost immediately crying out as she did. Kelly had snuggled against them and was holding Jenna as she spasmed.

All three collapsed on the bed, happily spent and satisfied. They lay there for awhile, not saying anything, just savouring the moment and processing in their minds what had occurred.

Kelly was the first to move, heading to the shower. Jenna quickly followed and the two friends washed their bodies and enjoyed the hot spray as their bodies came down from the high of the past few hours.

When they came out from the shower, Aaron was still lying on the bed, smiling at them as they put their bathing suits back on and prepared to leave. He gave them his business card and told them to keep in touch, but they all knew this would never happen.

As the two friends left the suite and walked to the elevator to head back to their own room, Kelly exclaimed. “Well, that’s another check off the old bucket list, eh girlfriend!” They laughed together and wondered what their last night in sin city had in store.

(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the main characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Lance:Elder brother to Matthew

Miriam: Lance’s wife.

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Actor

Daniel Worth –Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

* Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, being considered as possible husband for Daniela

Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley

*Isabel Cassidy Smythe – Daughter of Matthew’s sister Maxine, suitor to Daniela

*Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, Matthew’s brother suitor to Daniela


*Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley

*Brian West – Assistant to Jake

Daniela –Frederick’s daughter and now submissive to Hayley

* Marvina – Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

* New main character’s

Everyone in this story is well over the age of consent.


Brandon and Samantha were snuggling up against each other. They were both naked lying on the lounger near the pool of their house, sweat glistening off their skin. They had spent one of Brandon’s rare days off at home, having mind-blowing sex all day long. The movie would wrap just before Christmas and they were looking forward to visiting the family and seeing Jake and Hayley.

Samantha’s run in with Monica fortunately did not spill over onto the screen. Brandon and Monica both gave it their all and there was Oscar buzz for both of them and their movie. The tabloids were predicting the end to Brandon’s marriage to Samantha and saying that Monica was the next Angelina Jolie.

Samantha just laughed at all the stories. “I heard that Uncle Lance is to be severely punished at the next board meeting in January.”

“He should be. He tore Hayley’s vaginal wall. He could have inflicted serious harm on her causing her not to be able to get pregnant.” Brandon said shivering as he remembered the size of Lance’s dick.

“I don’t have any pity on him. He has been warned, not once but twice. I wonder what she will choose as his punishment.” Samantha pondered.

“You will learn in December. I don’t pity Lance. He’s an evil son of a bitch.” Brandon said.

“I hope that Hayley will pick a punishment that we all can participate in.” Samantha said as she lazily played with her husband’s cock.

“Feeling like you want to punish me for your pleasure?” Brandon asked raising an eyebrow.

Samantha laughed, “No, but I think I’ll fuck you for my pleasure.” She said standing up and taking his hand. “Into the bedroom with you Mr. Movie Star my strap-on hasn’t had a work out in weeks.”

Brandon grinned. God I love my wife. He thought as they walked naked hand in hand into their mansion.


Denise and Daniel met Hayley and Jake at the Palm for dinner. They had a house-warming gift for them. Daniel kissed Hayley and Denise hugged Jake then kissed her sister.

Daniel grinned at Hayley. “You look so good. Being with Jake is definitely agreeing with you.”

They sat at the table and talked about the upcoming wedding. Helen and Hayley were speaking with Collin daily. The wedding would be white tie, formal and elegant. The reception would be fun and decadent. After that…it would be the family that would share their wedding night. Jake’s tried very hard not to think about that night. He would be very happy when it was over. His one big consolation was that this would be the final time that Matthew would get to fuck his daughter, then she would truly belong to Jake.

Dinner was steak. At the end of the meal as dessert was served, Denise took out a card from her purse and handed it to Hayley.

Hayley opened the card, “We wanted to give you something special for your new home, but we had a very hard time deciding so we are giving you two gifts. The first one is for pleasure; we are giving you VIP season tickets to the team of your choice in any sport of your choice. The second gift will be waiting back at your house after dinner; it’s for your senses. We hope you enjoy. Love Denise and Daniel.”

Hayley handed the card to Jake who laughed. “We will let you know what team, but I believe Miss Hayley here is a Yankee fan, I’m a Knicks fan and a Mets fan, so I will acquiesce to my bride to be and we will graciously accept Yankee’s tickets.”

“Yeah!” Exclaimed Hayley clapping.

“When you want to go to your first game, let me know and you’ll get to meet the team.” Daniel said.

In the cool November air, the two couples decided to go to a jazz club and listen to music. They drank beer and talked about life in New York. Jake told them that he would take them up to Harlem to have chicken and waffles at Amy Ruth’s. The evening ended after one and they took a cab back home.

When Hayley and Jake walked through their front door, they found the house full of plants and flowers. There was a note on the flowers, “Hayley, you are known to kill all the plants in your house. So once a week for a year a handsome young man named William will come and water the plants and make sure they stay as green and lovely as they are today. We decided that we wanted your home to be full of things nearly as beautiful as you are. We added one more thing, which will be delivered tomorrow, a beautiful chandelier to grace your dining room. D&D”

With the Christmas tree lit in the background, everything was perfect.

Marvina had left them some antipasti salad and a bottle of wine.

Hayley and Jake made love that night and fell asleep. Jake held Hayley, her back to his front all night long and they spooned together.


Quinn and Jonah were realizing how very much they loved their reversal of roles. Jonah was much happier and didn’t feel as if he had to please Matthew. The only person he wanted to please was Quinn. He worked in the family’s law firm and spent much of his time on family business. Jonah was responsible for ensuring that any disputes amongst family members were handled discretely.

Jonah also was in charge of making sure the press stayed out of anything that remotely looked suspicious. The Cassidy’s would sue at the drop of a hat, so most news sources knew to check their facts and get with the Cassidy’s publicity department to check what they could and could not print.

Hayley’s wedding was a big event and had to be handled properly. Jonah didn’t want his sister barraged with reporters and paparazzi. Hayley tried to live her life as normal as possible so the press was given only a few pieces of information about her. What Hayley didn’t know but would soon learn was that Matthew had arranged for security to follow Hayley and Jake whenever they left the house. The men were very discreet and neither Hayley nor Jake noticed them.

Any paparazzi caught were immediately sued so they learned to stay away and not invade Hayley’s privacy. In addition, the Cassidy’s owned several newspapers around the world, as well as television stations and magazines. They decided what information would be leaked about the family and what would stay private.

No Cassidy had ever been brought out in a scandal. Only two Cassidy’s had ever been arrested, the arrests were quickly dismissed, and the records expunged. No one wanted to disgrace the family; punishment was discussed and had gone from banishment for ten years to one person being disowned by the entire family for molesting a child; that person was later found dead with his cock stuffed in his mouth. The child received a settlement worth millions for the next three generations and was helped by the family in her bid for congress.


Helen wanted the wedding to be the highlight of the summer season. Hayley had chosen lilac and silver as her wedding colors. She had also asked Mary, Denise, a friend from college, Jessica, and Quinn as her bridesmaids. She asked Samantha to be her Matron of Honor and Daniela to be her maid of honor. Samantha was delighted and Daniela just hoped that she wouldn’t give birth the day of the wedding.


Quinn worked as legal counsel for the White House. She had worked under two Presidents and was now working for President Grant Adams.

Kate Adams, the President’s former mistress and now his wife was one of her best friends.

The Cassidy’s had invested heavily in the President’ campaign and had helped him win the election and his reelection. They would be invited to Hayley’s wedding.

When Hayley started dating Jake, it was Quinn who had done the background check on him. She knew more about Jake than he knew about himself and she liked him even before she met him.

Quinn hoped to get closer to Jake. He would be a great ally for the future.


Jake and Hayley were both busy at work, but at night, they ate dinner together. They were too tired to do anything after dinner but sleep. Marvina arrived early in the morning. She had breakfast prepared before Jake came out of the bedroom at seven. He never heard her enter the house, but his coffee was on the table waiting and his breakfast was served hot the moment he sat down.


Marvina began getting things ready for the arrival of Matthew and Helen who would be coming to meet Jake’s parents and siblings for dinner on Saturday. Daniel and Denise would be joining them. She hired servers to serve and a bartender but would prepare the entire dinner herself. She knew what Matthew Cassidy liked to eat and Marvina learned what the Harrison’s liked. Marvin, who had graduated top of her class at the French Culinary Institute and had studied under Cook knew exactly what to fix to impress both the Cassidy’s and the Harrisons. Marvina picked out the linens, silverware and dishes with instructions from Margaret. Marvina noticed Hayley’s taste in things around the house and thought that Hayley would approve of her choices.


Matthew and Helen flew into New York. They were staying at their apartment in New York that was five blocks from Hayley and Jake. They wouldn’t stay with Jake and Hayley anymore now that Jake had moved in. Jake had come very far in such a short time. There were only a few more things that Matthew needed to teach him and that would happen after Christmas. This was strictly a visit to meet his in-laws, but inside all Matthew could think of was finding some time to fuck Hayley.


Mason called Daniela. He told her that he was looking forward to seeing her. He asked her how she was feeling. Daniela told him she was nauseous but nothing she couldn’t handle. Mason sent her a Kindle with all of the “What To Expect” books already on it.

Daniela thanked him.

Daniela was beginning to like Mason Chadwell.


On Friday, Hayley and Jake spent the evening alone. Marvina took the day off to prepare for Saturday. She left them Cornish hens with rice stuffing, spinach and wild rice. For dessert Marvina made a soufflé and left instructions for Hayley on the temperature and how long to cook it.

Hayley was proud of herself when she managed to not burn the soufflé. She presented it to Jake and they sat at the table digging in to the chocolate goodness and enjoying it. They laughed and listened to music. They went to bed early and made love. Jake held her in his arms afterwards and told her how he couldn’t wait to make her his wife.


Saturday morning they had brunch together because Marvina was busy in the kitchen preparing food for the dinner. She offered to make them breakfast but they didn’t want to intrude with her flow. They would be back in time to change and prepare for the nights events. After brunch, Jake dropped Hayley off at home and went to get his haircut and face shaved.

Hayley walked in the door just as the makeup person and hair stylist that Margaret arranged arrived. As she took a soak in the tub, she felt calm and not worried about this night.

Jake was driving uptown to retrieve his parents and bring them to his new home. He was a bit nervous about the meet. He phoned Mary who told him that she was curious to meet Hayley’s family. She was also looking forward to seeing Hayley. Work had been hectic and they had, had not much time to talk.


Jake changed into one of his new suits from England. Brian had gotten them delivered sooner than expected. When Hayley saw him she said, “You look sexy as hell. Please promise me that I can undress you later tonight?” She begged.

Jake laughed and turned around to see Hayley with her hair swept up wearing a long black and gold gown with gold slippers. She looked stunning. Jake grinned from ear to ear.

“Baby, you take my breath away.” He said as he stared at her.

“I’m hoping your parents will like.” She said.

“I’m sure they will.” He said and kissed her cheek lightly, “I don’t want to smudge that makeup…yet.” He said grinning.

Marvina was dressed smartly in a black shirt and skirt. The servers had arrived and the bartender was making drinks. Marvina was in her element; ordering everyone about. She smiled at Hayley and Jake as they came out of the bedroom. “Everything is arranged. We are just waiting for you to pick up your parents Jake and then we’ll be ready by the time the Cassidy’s get here and you return.”

Jake looked at his watch, kissed Hayley again and left to pick up his parents.

He was gone about 15 minutes when Mary arrived. She and Hayley embraced. “Wow, Hayley you look so great. I saw that in the spring collection.” Mary said.

“I bought it from the designer. It’s beautiful. You look great too.” Hayley said as she admired the blue jeweled cocktail dress Mary wore.

Mary whispered, “Giovanni allowed me to buy it. I have never owned such an expensive dress before.”

Hayley laughed, “You’re going to be my sister-in-law. Whatever you want just ask.”

“Jake’s taken care of me so no worries.” Mary said smiling.

Hayley took both her hands and said, “If you need anything, anything at all please don’t hesitate to ask.”

One of the servers handed them a glass of white wine as Marvina whispered. “Just one to calm your nerves before they all descend on you.” She winked as she left them.

Hayley said thank you and sipped her wine as she and Mary talked. Denise and Daniel arrived next. Their coats were taken and Hayley admired how fetching Denise looked in a red sparkly cocktail dress. They were introduced to Mary by Hayley and sat down on the sofa to talk. Daniel walked around the apartment. It was beautiful and spacious. He knew that Matthew had purchased this place. He and Denise were in the market for something new now that Denise had received her trust. Too bad this was taken because it was some place very special.

Daniel went out to the balcony in the cold air and looked out to see New Jersey across the water. The server came outside and brought him a glass of white wine. He was thinking about his life before he met Samantha. He was so damn naive and so was she. He thought the world was black or white, good or bad. He had never known such grays until he met the Cassidy’s.

He had also never known such power or such joy as when he tied Denise up and suspended her. She loved everything they did together and he loved teasing and playing with her body; bringing her nearly to orgasm then denying her. Denise would crawl to him begging him for release and he would take her as she thanked him for being her love and her master.

When they first met, he didn’t know what a Dom or submissive was. But he soon learned that he was indeed a Dom and his beautiful wife, his lovely and pliable submissive.

Daniel had seen the photo of Hayley with the cane marks on her body. He admired Jake. He too had learned from the Madame, but his torture device was the whip. He had all different kinds and carried a small one in his briefcase so that he could whip Denise anytime or any place.

Daniel heard the door open and his reverie stopped as he turned around and saw his in-laws enter the apartment. He came back inside closing the balcony door behind him and took a long pull of his wine.

Matthew and Helen arrived. Their coats were taken and they greeted Hayley and Denise. They were introduced to Mary. Matthew gave Mary an appraising look up and down. If he could cheat, he would love to be with someone as lovely as the sister of his new son-in-law. C’est domage he thought.


Henry and Susan were very impressed when they got into Jake’s car. They had never ridden in a Bentley before and felt like royals. Susan asked her son, “Do I look all right? I know you said to dress up.”

“Mother you look beautiful.” Said Jake and she did. His mother always looked good. Her white and black hair was swept off her face in an up do and held together by a silver comb that matched her silver and black long dress. His father was in a new suit and looked very uncomfortable. Jake had taken Henry shopping at Saks and bought him two new suits; this dark blue one was one of them.

Jake parked the car and opened the door for his mother who got out and took his hand. “Son, I’m so nervous. I feel as if I’m meeting royalty.” Susan said.

Henry grunted, “They’re just white folks. He puts on his pants same as me. I’m not worried about them. They just better be good to my son; that’s all I care about.”

Nathanial arrived and was on the elevator when it opened to the garage. He hugged his mother and shook hands with his father and brother as they rode up to the penthouse.


Hayley greeted them at the door as they entered. Mary hugged her parents and Hayley introduced Susan and Henry to Matthew and Helen. Denise and Daniel were also introduced, as were Mary and Nathanial.

The men shook hands, the ladies remarked on each other’s clothes. The servers passed hors d’oeuvres.

Marvina announced that dinner was ready and everyone went into the dining room. Hayley was very impressed with the table setting. She smiled at Marvina. Marvina did a little bow as a thank you to Hayley for appreciating her work.

Glasses of champagne were passed out and before the meal began, everyone made a toast to Hayley and Jake.

Dinner was a triumph for Marvina. Even Henry who was very picky about his food was impressed with how Marvina had prepared a meal that was soul food with a twist. Her biscuits were lighter than air and Helen remarked that she might steal her away. Marvina replied, “I learned this from Cook, Mrs. Cassidy.”

Helen looked surprised that she knew Cook.

After dinner and dessert, everyone went back into the living room. Henry and Matthew went over to have a man-to-man talk. “They make a beautiful couple.” Matthew said.

“Yes, your daughter is a very nice girl.” Henry said.

Matthew smiled, but his smile did not meet his eyes, “I think we should get right down to it. Mr. Harrison are you upset because my daughter is white?”

Henry turned red, “No I’ve gotten over that. I’m just worried about the money issue.”

“Ah.” Matthew said his smile broad “Yes we are very wealthy, I make no excuse for that. Jake is a wonderful young man. He has the qualities that I want for a man who would marry my Hayley. She’s my youngest and I have a hard time letting her go as I’m sure you are about your daughter Mary. What I can tell you is that the kids will want for nothing. They will have a rich life.”

Henry thought about this for a moment, “I just don’t want my son to feel as if he has to compete.”

Matthew shook his head, “There is no competition. Hayley and Jake will live their lives. We cannot change the fact that we are very wealthy and Jake will benefit from that wealth as have my other sons and daughter-in laws.”

Daniel came over at that moment and sat down, “I understand how you feel Mr. Harrison. My parents felt the same way, but Denise and I have worked it out and we make financial decisions together.”


Sitting himself at the side of Paula at the dinner table, Alan admired her dress. ‘Suits you,’ he said. It was dark blue, with a side opening down the thigh, which revealed a long leg as it swished open, and an open neckline, showing a generous amount of cleavage. ‘I’m surprised John lets you wear it.’ John was Paula’s husband, and well-known jealous one at that. So it had come as a surprise to Alan, when, a few months earlier John had propositioned him for a wife swap. One Alan had not taken seriously, though it had been seriously meant. He knew that John was really smitten by June and would love to fuck her. It also meant that Paula was wanting to go to bed with Alan. She had often teased him, but he hadn’t realized that she was serious. She herself was attractive enough, though not would you would call beautiful. A brunette with large breasts and wide hips. Alan had often speculated on what might be hiding between them. But then, he always speculated what was hidden between any lady’s thighs.

‘Maybe he wants to show me off,’ she smiled. She was already a little tipsy with the sherry and wine.

‘Well, he’s succeeded,’ Alan laughed, laying a hand on her exposed upper thigh. Paula didn’t make any move to push it off, allowing it to gently stroke the skin. In fact, she was enjoying the sensation of Alan’s hand stroking her. No hand other than hers and her husband’s had ever strayed between her rather hairy thighs. Her vulva remained a closely guarded secret between them, but she had often wondered how it would feel to have strange fingers exploring it. Would he be disgusted by all that hair? As a gesture of encouragement, she surprised herself by patting the front of Alan’s trousers, under the screen of the table cloth. What on earth had come over her? She had sex on the brain. Which was usual for Paula. A compulsive masturbator, she hardly ever stopped thinking about it. A problem was that her husband couldn’t satisfy her. During intercourse, she could pretend he had got her to climax to make him feel happy, but her fingers always finished the job on her clitoris.

‘Mm,’ she cooed, ‘that’s feels good!’ She felt a semi-stiff penis luting there.

‘Eat your food!’ Alan laughed. No-one was taking any notice of them. The other guests of Allan and Jill were Rod and Diana, sitting on Alan’s left, with Pru and Harry making up the party of eight. Harry was the only one not involved in the theatrical scene, whilst Diana helped out in the wardrobe department. They had just recently finished a production of ‘The Merry Widow’ with June singing the lead of Hanna, and Rod as the Count. So there was plenty for them to chat and laugh about as the wine bottles emptied.

After toasting in the New Year at the dining table, the couples retired with their drinks to the sitting area, where two settees and an arm chair were grouped round a long coffee table. After kicking off her shoes, Paula made sure that she was with Alan, sitting on his lap after he had lowered himself into the corner of one of the settees. Alan had stimulated her sex drive during dinner, so she was feeling very horny. Her knickers were in a wet state. She put her arm around his neck, kissing his cheek. The smell of his aftershave added to her excitement.

‘This is cosy,’ she murmured. Alan smiled at her, then gave her a light kiss on the lips. ‘Mm, that’s nice,’ she whispered. Glancing at the others, she saw that no-one was taking any notice. Jill was across the room on the other settee, sitting on John’s knees, laughing at something. John was staining hard to look down her top, trying to glimpse her breasts, whilst pretending not to. Paula smiled to herself. John had always been fascinated by Jill’s tits ever since they first met. Beside them, Rod had Pru sitting with him. It was clear that Rod already had his hand in Pru’s top, feeling her tits. He hadn’t wasted any time, she thought. Whilst Diana was with Harry in the arm chair, behaving. Well, Harry wasn’t one to be amorously attentive, she mused. Music was playing quietly on the radio, and the only lighting in the room was a standard lamp in the corner by the heavily-curtained window. A television was in the opposite corner of the window. Ceiling to floor bookshelves filled the alcove beside what had once been a fireplace chimney.

Paula came back to earth, as Alan gave her another light kiss, whispering in her ear. ‘You’re a very sexy lady. You get me all worked up. John must have a very satisfying sex life.’

If only you knew, she thought. Then said, with a smile, ‘It doesn’t take much to get you sexed up,’ wriggling deeper against his chest, putting her hand inside his shirt. It was then she felt Alan’s hand sliding along her inner thigh. She held her breath. Although having often fantasized about Alan making love to her, she was very nervous about having him touch her body, when it came to reality. ‘Do you think you should?’ she whispered, putting her hand on his wrist to deter him, even though she desperately wanted him to explore her whole tingling body.

‘Why not? Of course I want to, and I think you want me to. And you are very warm in there. So?’

But what decided her was glancing over at her husband, wondering if he’d noticed Alan trying to feel her. She saw that he had other things on his mind. Or rather on his penis. Jill had unfastened his flies was in the act of taking out his stiff cock, studying it with interest and lust. To say that Paula was astonished would be an understatement. She knew, of course, that John fancied Jill like mad. They had often imagined having sex with them during their love-making. Indeed, it was the only thing that excited Paula during the act, helping her, with her fingers, to induce an orgasm. It was at college that Paula had first met John. He was her very first and only lover, so she had nothing to compare him with. Paula had two children, but after all these years, sex with her husband had become a habit. It was Paula who had first suggested a wife-swap as though in jest, but, to her surprise, John had gone ahead to propose it. She was disappointed to learn that Alan hadn’t taken it seriously.

Whilst Paula was taking in what Jill was doing to her husband, she hadn’t really noticed Alan unbuttoning her top to expose the large breasts. That is until his lips latched onto her right nipple. The effect was startling. Her belly lurched. The nipple swelled hard. Paula having removed her restraining hand on his wrist, Alan had resumed stroking her inner thighs, to which she reacted without conscious thought, by slightly parting them for him. Her mind was in turmoil, unable to fully grasp what was going on between them. All she knew was she seriously wanted Alan’s fingers to grope her. And he obviously wanted to do the same. But a lifetime of restraint was not easy to ignore.

Paula’s reaction wasn’t lost on Alan. He slowly pushed his fingers the last couple of inches to reach the gusset of her knickers. Very warm, wet and twitching. Interesting! Alan felt Paula gasp and hold her breath, pressing herself closer to his chest, as his fingers eased their way through the side of the knickers to search for her secret place. Slowly, his two middle fingers sought their way between the labia into her private valley of delight. This was always an delightful moment for Alan, exploring the vulva of a new woman. He regarded it as a supreme privilege to grope her most precious place. He was interested to note the differences. This one was already dripping with her precious juices. Paula was trembling and gasping, moaning in his ear ‘Oh God!’ Alan wasn’t to know that his were the first strange fingers to reach that special treasure chest, giving the lady the thrill of her life. His finger tips searched the vestibule of her vulva, the pads feeling the contours of the soft petals of flesh surrounding the opening to her private passage, until a finger finally penetrated the holiest of holy openings. So slippery and warm. Fuck-ready, he thought. He was enchanted by her hairy genitals. Superb! Yes, she wanted cock.

That did it! The touch of Alan’s fingers removed all her misgivings. It was a life-changing moment for Paula, the sensation of other fingers searching the most secret and treasured part of her body. Feeling fingers searching her vulva and vagina was like a release from bondage, making her want to cry out that she was free. After all these years of single occupancy with a man who she really felt was boring. In a flash of self discovery, throwing caution to the winds, Paula unhooked the waistband of Alan’s trousers, unzipping the flies. She delved her hand eagerly into the opening of the boxer shorts. And there it was! Oh my God, she thought. What a fantastic dick! She pulled it out. Hard and big – well, bigger than John’s – and thicker. She handled it with what could only be described as admiration and worship. It was beautiful. Smooth and hard. Looking down, she watched the head emerge as she slowly eased the foreskin down over the shaft. Astonishing! Absolutely beautiful, was her conclusion. She began to realize what she’d been missing in twenty-two years of marriage.

Whilst lost in admiration for the most wonderful thing nature had ever made, she was hardly aware of Alan’s fingers drawing her knickers over her thighs. Without thinking, she eased her bottom a little so that the well-stained underwear could be slid over her thighs, knees and ankles. Lifting her dress waist high, he could now gaze at the mass of hair on her groin. There was no further obstacle to Alan’s hand, now busily exploring it, fingering the wetness of her vulva and stimulating the clitoris. He looked down full of curiosity. The labia were swollen and very large. The outer labia were unable to keep then inner ones tucked away. They hung low from the vulva. Ravishing! Paula felt rather ashamed of their size, but right now was trembling with uncontrollable lust. She dragged Alan’s trousers over his hips, exposing the full glory of his erect penis, throbbing with desire, rising from a patch of pale brown hair. Heaving her body over Alan’s lap, Paula eagerly sought the stiff cock with her right hand. He slid down to the edge of the settee to allow Paula better access to his manhood, to present the head of his cock to her dripping, anxious vagina.

There was no holding back now. It was with a feeling of utter bliss and release that Paula felt the cock slowly penetrate her passage to paradise. God! Unimaginable! A feeling Alan shared. Taking a deep breath, she held on to it until the cock had reached the fullest extent of its length. A huge sigh of relief, released the breath as she felt Alan begin to slide his cock in and out. Long slow strokes filled her clutching vagina. She had never known such bliss. Eyes closed, breathing deeply, she wallowed in the delight of being fucked by a man other than her husband. Feeling her vaginal muscles gripping the shaft as it delighted the walls. Time stood still for her. She was aware of a series of fluttering spasms in her belly. Alan increased the pace of the fucking, picking up the rhythm. Paula began to heave up and down to meet his strokes, until they began to falter. Please don’t let this end, she prayed. But, alas, she knew it was coming. Oh my god, she thought, he’s going to cum inside me. Oh joy!

Alan was thrilled and proud, in having his penis penetrate yet another vagina. With utter pleasure, he met the thrusts of Paula on it, matching her rhythm. The silky texture of the vagina stimulated the erogenous tissue, whilst the head engaged with the cervix. It was not easy to avoid a quick ejaculation, but Alan was good at holding back as long as possible, trying to time it to coincide with his partner’s orgasm. As soon as he felt Paula’s gasping getting more irregular, he guessed she was coming to the climax. He renewed his efforts.

And as Alan’s cock exploded into Paula’s vagina, with eight powerful spasms, Paula experienced the most thrilling and intense orgasms of her entire life. The contractions just kept coming and coming, one on top of the other for what seemed an eternity. She was in agonizing ecstasy. She wasn’t aware of her gasping ‘Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh bloody hell!’ This, she thought, is what sex should always be like.

But, alas, it never would again. Just a memory to masturbate to.


Jill always had an insatiable fascination for cocks. Having a brother two years her senior, she had been familiar with the essential part of the male anatomy for as long as she could remember. She had watched him play with it, not thinking it anything special at the time, but fascinated by the way it swelled and grew stiff and hard.

She often thought of the time she had joined the local Gilbert and Sullivan Society. That was her first experience with playing with a cock herself. One of the older members offered to give her a lift in his car to rehearsals. Having got to know him better, he said he would get her a solo part in the next show if she was kind to him. Being kind, she discovered, had meant playing with his erect penis, rubbing it up and down until it ejaculated in her hand. She had been nervous at first, since this was the very first cock she had felt. Her first experience of sperm, which she found strangely arousing. She began to enjoy playing with it, tossing it off. To her surprise, he never tried to feel her, or even kiss her. She was glad, because he was quite ugly.

They rehearsed twice a week and Sunday afternoons. So Jill soon got to know every wrinkle of this guy’s cock. It was about five inches, fairly thick, and heavily veined. Whilst enjoying studying the cock at close quarters, playing with it, the occasion came when she felt her head being pressed down towards the head of the cock. To her surprise, Jill found herself opening her mouth to take it in. That was an astonishing moment, that would change her sex life forever! The sensation of a cock in her mouth was an unexpected thrill. She explored the shaft with her tongue and lips. Enthralling! And when he came, filling her mouth with several spurts of warm sperm, it was a most erotic sensation. She found the taste of sperm exciting and amazing! She became a slave of the cock! Any new boyfriend would always enjoy having his penis sucked by this beautiful lady. Of course, she didn’t get the part in the show he had promised, but Jill did get an appetite for cock. She was rather surprised at eighteen, that she had waited so long to sample one.

There had been many cocks since those days. With some surprise, and absolute delight, Jill discovered that no two cocks were quite the same. Ever since her first fuck in the back of a car with her first leading man, each encounter with a cock was a new thrilling discovery for Jill. And not only leading men. Managers and bosses all had their sexual encounters with the beautiful, elegant lady. She loved it. They loved it as well! Meeting Alan had put a stop to all that. Well, not quite, but mostly. She remembered him first feeling her vulva. It was on their second lunch date in his car on the moors. She had played with his cock and sucked it until it exploded. She herself had a very intense orgasm. After that, they fell in love!

When Alan’s business moved him to the area some three or four years earlier, a friend had introduced them to the local drama club. They were soon deeply involved in drama and musicals, meeting many new friend in the process. Pru was to become a close friend of Jill’s, whilst Rod had made it clear from the start that he fancied her! John was an official of the club. He was something of a pompous guy, being well known among the ladies for his voyeur tendencies.

All the men fancied Jill. Well, she was a very attractive 5’5″ beautiful brunette with a wonderful figure, and soft full lips always ready to give a sparkling smile. Jill enjoyed going out without wearing her bra, watching the men ogle her nipples. She had excellent, firm 34B breasts, with slightly upturned nipples, shapely thighs and a well rounded bottom. In all, Jill was a lovely, elegant, sophisticated lady. But she was a tease as well, giving the impression that she might be available to the right offer at the right moment. She only succumbed once, with Rod, one warm summer’s night in the club car park, after a party. Alan was away on business, but at the time, Jill had no intention of sharing sex with Rod. However, one thing led to another. An exciting escapade, during which she enjoyed paying hostess to his seven inches of hard cock. With a bend in it. Very nice! Jill just couldn’t refuse to allow it to penetrate her soaking wet pussy.

For the dinner, Jill wore a cotton three-quarter plain purple gown, with shoulder straps and rear zip fastening, without a bra of course. Sitting beside John, he would lean over to say something funny in her left ear, but Jill knew what John was up to. She dutifully laughed, twisting her head round to look at him, knowing that her dress would fall open sufficiently for her right nipple to be visible to John, peering down her cleavage. The thought of him getting a thrill from looking at her nipple gave her a bit of a kick. His erection would be pressing against his flies. She couldn’t resist looking down for a quick look. Yes! She looked at him and smiled. Yes! She decided she would tease him tonight.

True to form, John stood after the meal, calling the others to attention. He was going to propose a toast. Giving speeches was something he enjoyed. It gave him a sense of importance. In spite of Rods pleas to keep it short, he spoke for some four or five minutes before raising his glass and proposing a toast to ‘Friends and the New Year.’ the others dutifully repeated the toast.

Afterwards, they moved into the sitting area, where Paula and Alan had already bagged the corner of one of the settees. Jill lead John to the other settee for him to sit, with her on his lap. Putting their port glasses on the table, she undid his tie. ‘Aren’t you too hot in this?’ she murmured.

‘Yes, I am.’ He was similarly murmuring against her ear. ‘But it’s not only the heat making me hot.’ She gave him a brief kiss on the cheek.

‘Don’t be naughty! Anyway, John, I think you’re more of a tit man, aren’t you? Alan is a bum man. Loves to fondle ladies bottoms. The shapelier the better. You’re ogling my tits now!’

‘Why not? Your tits are really superb. In good shape.

‘But Paula has lovely big tits for you, darling. More than mine.’

‘Yes, but not as firm and shapely. You are a bit of a tease, you know, Jill, showing them off like that. What red-blooded man can keep his eyes off you in that dress?’

‘I know. That’s the idea. I enjoy turning men on. I saw you trying to undress me with your eyes all through dinner.’ She smiled at him again. ‘I wonder what you would say if I kept looking at your crotch, trying to judge the size and shape of it’s contents?’

‘I’d be flattered,’ he laughed. Jill gazed at the front of his trousers for a few moments before curiosity overcame her, placing her palm over the front. ‘But I didn’t realize you meant it!’

‘Hey, man! You’ve a got a real stiffy there.’ There was a distinct bulge in his trousers. She gave his cock a quick squeeze through the fabric. John looked at her in some surprise and embarrassment. Had he been drinking at that moment, he would have spluttered into it.

‘Well, I have a surprise for you John. A very special surprise. To make your day for you.’ As she spoke, she reached behind her back to unzip the fastening of her dress. She pushed the strap from right shoulder over her upper arm, to reveal her breast. John’s eyes almost popped out of his head as the nipple became visible, attractively lit by the standard lamp. ‘There,’ she said.

‘Bloody hell,’ was all John could think of saying at that moment, his eyes almost popping out of his head. Then, whispering to her ‘They’re gorgeous!’ He was enjoying what most male friends were dying to see. Jill’s perfect tits. He had only ever seen those of Paula before, other than in nude pictures.

Whist he was feasting his eyes on her breasts, Jill reached down to unzip his flies. Another huge surprise for John. Jill’s hand was pushing its way inside his trousers, searching for the hard cock. And she found it without difficulty. Hard and stiff. She tugged it out to look at it. Jill’s interest in the penis was unquenchable, ever since her first contact with one, all those years ago. As John stroked and squeezed her breasts with obvious delight, Jill looked at his thick cock. She guessed about five inches, but with a heavily veined surface, and a long foreskin. She explored the contours lightly with the pads of her fingers, before wrapping her hand round the shaft to pull the skin down to expose the head. Then push it back.

If John had managed to get his hand between Jill’s thighs, he would have found some very wet, and very sticky labia protecting her vulva. But she had no intention of allowing him to. She would give him the thrill of a blow job instead. One of her specialities, though she would allow him to fondle her tits in the meantime. Then, she and Alan would exchange activities in bed, and shag hard at the memories. When she felt his hand trying to find its way into her skirt, whilst bending over his cock to take it fully into her mouth, she quietly slid to the floor beside him, sitting on her legs. He was still able to reach her tits, squeezing and fondling them, but he was taken aback by Jill taking his cock into her mouth. No-one had ever done that before. And the feeling was such a stimulating thrill, he almost came straight away, but managed to hold back.

Giving head gave Jill much pleasure. She would use her tongue to stimulate the area round the frenulum, probably the most sensitive part of the penis, then slide her mouth fully over the cock down the base, tongue pressing against the rear shaft, feeling the head against the back of her warm throat. Flexing the muscles in her mouth excited the penis even more. Rolling her tongue round the shaft whilst gently sucking, was all part of her technique for enjoying fellatio. Meantime, Jill released his testicles from the boxer shorts, weighing them in the palm of her right hand. A good size, she thought, fingering the balls. The right testicle was rather bigger than the other one, but both weighed heavily in her hand. The wrinkled scrotum was hanging rather low from the shaft, in the warmth of the room. His pubic hair was prolific, both on his testicles and his groin. Jill preferred men with less hair, but what the hell. She would always remember John for his hairy genitals. Every time she looked at him in the future.

For John, this new sensation was a mixture of disgust and delight. He had always been rather put off by oral sex, believing it to be un-natural and unclean, but now he had an expert introducing him to the sheer joy of fellatio, he was changing his views. It was a delicious feeling, having a woman’s tongue and lips enjoying sucking his most private possession, with hands playing with his balls. With his eyes closed, he didn’t notice what Paula was up to with Alan. Nor did he care.

Jill knew instinctively when to stop the stimulation to avoid ejaculation, reverting to playing with his testicles and caressing his hairy belly, with light puckered-up kisses to the end of the cock and frenulum. The slightest tensing of his buttocks gave it away. John was sighing and moaning with lust. Jill was superb, keeping him from the final jerk of his loin for what seemed ages. When she judged he’d had sufficient excitement, she gripped the shaft tight, and slid her mouth hard up and down. It was actually, exactly twenty-four minutes from her first taking his cock into her mouth, that he finally came. With a series of stifled grunts, his cock exploded in her mouth, filling her cheeks with several heaving spasms of sperm. Perhaps he had been saving it all up, or maybe he was just so turned on that he found the extra amount just to show off for Jill. She was impressed by his capacity. She rolled it round her mouth tongue, before allowing it to trickle down her throat, whilst still holding the cock between her lips.

After savoring the delicious taste of John’s sperm, Jill slithered up to his head, whispering in his ear. ‘Thanks for the cocktail, darling. Scrumptious!’ She gave him a quick kiss, followed by another on the end of his wilting cock, then stood up, re-fastening her dress to make herself respectable again. ‘Putting the coffee pot on for those who are ready.’

Just as John was grunting and ejaculating, his wife Paula was reaching her own orgasm. John hadn’t heard her, being submerged in his own unbelievable orgasm.


Pru couldn’t compete with Jill in the breast department, with her fairly flat ones, though her nipples were outstanding. She was, however, equally sexy in her quiet way. She quite fancied Rod herself, having recently enjoyed a mutual encounter with him – though it was confined to hands only. Having allowed him to fondle her bottom and press her breasts, whilst kissing, Pru had fingered the shape of Rods erect cock in his trousers, feeling it twitch. She was impressed; curious to have a closer inspection sometime. Cocks had fascinated her ever since she had seen her father’s hanging from his hairy groin. Then later, she had seen it stiff and upright. Of course, her father was unaware that Pru was watching him undressing in the bedroom. Pru couldn’t believe it was the same one. She was bewildered by the difference. The memory, and the awesome curiosity, would always stay with her.

When Pru was diagnosed with mild TB, her husband Harry went on his annual trip to their cottage, leaving her to rest and recover with Alan and June, with Pru’s new baby.

Alan had sprained his ankle and was also recovering, sitting beside Pru on the bed, helping her with a crossword puzzle, while Jill was out shopping. For some reason, Alan felt a slight tension in Pru, and realized that she was rather quieter than usual. She was looking at him with a certain yearning, he thought. It struck him that Pru might be feeling a bit horny.

Well, he was right. Pru didn’t get much sexual pleasure these days, and even when Harry was at his most amorous, he wasn’t much of a lover, leaving Pru to finish herself off. But now, she had only her own fingers to help her on the few occasions she got too worked up to refuse her body it’s desires. And here she was with her best friend’s husband in his dressing gown, feeling very horny. Pru knew that Alan fancied her from previous cuddles and squeezes they had enjoyed, pressing his erection against her belly. She looked up to see Alan smiling at her.

‘Are you ok?’ he asked. Pru just smiled. Should she admit to her feelings. She didn’t think June would mind sharing Alan with her best friend, in her condition. But he was ahead of her. ‘Are you feeling a bit horny?’ he asked.

Pru colored up, and just smiled rather embarrassed. Then she gave a slight nod. ‘Oh dear,’ Alan said. ‘Do you want me to go and let you get on with it, or would you like me to stay and help out?’

‘Yes,’ was all she said. Pru realized that Alan already had the palm of his hand resting on the duvet over her groin. He pressed and rubbed slightly, sending ripples of pleasure through her loins. Slipping his other hand under the cover, Pru felt it circle her breasts, before moving slowly over her belly and hairy groin until the pads of his middle two fingers parted the clitoral hood, making her gasp, and her hips jerk. When the fingers explored a little further into the vulva, Pru groaned and felt her belly tremble with delightful sensations. This was marvelous. With closed eyes, Pru concentrated on the sheer bliss of feeling a man’s fingers playing with her vagina, which was now dribbling with excitement. It wasn’t long before the climax built up deep inside her belly. She was panting with the arousal building up inside her. The world stood still. Nothing mattered except this wonderful blissful feeling. She was heaving with lust, until she could no longer delay the outcome. A huge orgasm shattered her whole body. The most fantastic orgasm she could ever remember having before.

Alan was smiling at her when her eyes opened. ‘Good one?’ she nodded. He was licking his fingers. ‘Mm, you taste good,’ making her blush. No-one had lasted her juices before. Ever! ‘Look what you’ve made me do.’ he laughed, exposing his erect cock for her to examine. Her eyes widened with surprise and astonishment. But she had no time to study it carefully, because just then, Jill returned with the shopping, putting a stop to further discussion. Pru would cherish the memory of Alan’s smooth hard penis.

For the dinner party, Pru wore a flowered peach dress, just below the knee with front fancy button fastenings. With small breasts, she didn’t really need a bra, so she hadn’t bothered with one, but unlike Jill, more for comfort than exhibiting her charms. During the dinner, Rod was his usual cocky self. Full of himself, reliving some of the better moments during the musical ‘The Merry Widow’. Actually, Pru hadn’t thought him all that good. His high notes were strained, for a start, though Jill had been her usual excellent self. However, Pru laughed dutifully with the rest of the guests, whilst speculating on Rod’s penis. She was feeling rather horny, and Jill had already told her best friend all about Rod’s cock. She noticed that Alan was paying more attention to Paula than to Rod, wondering if Alan fancied her.

Rod’s mind was rather over active. Partly because he was re-living his latest triumph on stage – at least, that was his view, and head to talk about it. And it was partly due to the fact that he had had no sex with his wife, Diana, for two months now. In fact he had had no sex with any-one. His secretary was usually able to give him a quick wank, but Audrey was committed to her boyfriend and nothing would persuade her to be unfaithful to him. Certainly not a few weeks before their wedding. But Audrey was a sexy young lady with an unquenchable interest in the penis. After weeks of teasing and banter, Rod had persuaded her – or maybe allowed her – to take an interest in his. And Audrey was duly impressed by it. Probably not much bigger than her fiancee’s, but the bend seemed to give it a special attraction. One thing had led to another, until Audrey finally managed to get to see it ejaculate. This was something she repeated from time to time, whilst remaining untouched in all departments herself. So, although Rod had not had any sex, he had enjoyed a couple of hand jobs from Audrey. Still, that was no real substitute for the real thing.

So, sitting at a table with four attractive ladies, all dressed in provocative gowns, got his imagination working overtime. He had, of course, already fucked Jill in the car park, following the after-show party. But it was a one-off, unfortunately. In fact, that had been the last fuck he’d had. Over two months ago! He would try to rectify that this evening, one way or another, in spite of Diana being there. Or perhaps because she was there, to see he was still attractive to other women. Pru seemed a suitable subject for his attention. She seemed drawn to him, he thought. Little did he know that she was speculating on his cock, glancing down at his crotch from time to time, hoping to see some movement.

After the meal, Rod accompanied Pru to the settee they would share with Jill and John, who were already embracing, sprawled in the corner by the standard lamp. Rod arranged Pru on his lap and, without any preliminaries, slid his hand into the top of her dress, fondling her nipples, kissing her ear and neck. Pru squirmed with pleasure at the unusual attention being paid to her face. She closed her eyes as Rod’s other hand unbuttoned the lower half of her dress, listening to him murmuring in her ear, lying about what wonderful breasts she had and how he would like to make love to her. How Harry didn’t deserve her. Without really thinking, Pru eased her thighs apart as Rod’s hand had slipped under the top of her knickers, gently rubbing her belly. Mm! that was so nice. It was a long time since Alan had done just that, when she was staying with them for a few days, recovering from an illness. The memory was one of her most precious. And now, Rod’s fingers were sneaking down, through her sparse pubic hair, to reach the clitoral hood. Pru gave a little involuntary twitch as fingers touched her clit.

Not to be outdone, Pru casually unhooked Rod’s waist band before unzipping the flies to the very end. Now she would find out if Jill had been truthful. Her hand closed over the erect shaft. Pru caught her breath in some awe. Jill had not lied! Rod’s cock was a good seven inches, with a sharp bend towards the top, and thick in the middle. Pru was no expert in cocks, but this one seemed bigger than what she thought was normal. Certainly putting Harry’s into the shade. As she played with the new toy, Rod had found her vulva, now wet with excitement. Eager fingers explored the clit and labia with curiosity ands skill. Eventually, guessing Pru was ready to move to the next step, he gripped the waist of the knickers, easing them over her thighs and legs, reaching down to release them from the ankles and feet. Her vulva was open to his every whim. Sliding to his knees between Pru’s legs, he studied the wrinkled labia. They were average in every respect, as he studied the contours of the vestibule together with the petals of flesh surrounding the opening to her passage of sexual pleasure. Having satisfied himself with the visual stimulation, he put his face between the legs to press the tip of his nose to the clit, inhaling deeply to smell Pru’s personal scent. His tongue scooped the wet vagina, tasting its magical delights. He was addicted to vaginal juices. Loved them! Then, Rod dropped his trousers to his knees, then placed his cock at the mouth of the delightful vagina, now dilated and pulsating with eagerness, oozing with her secret juices.

By this time, neither Rod nor Pru had any thought of the others in the room. Indeed, they were all engaged in their own little sexual encounters. Rod’s hard cock slid slowly into Pru’s tight vagina. Oh my God! Pru moaned in unbelievable bliss. Oh my God! Yes! This is incredible, she thought. Never had her vagina felt so full and so stretched. Wonderful! When the intruder had reached to end of the journey, it was slowly retracted, then pushed hard deep inside again. Rod now picked up the rhythm, beginning to fuck her properly, whilst Pru lay back, eyes screwed tight, relishing the supreme sensation of total penetration. Time stood still for her. The sound of his testicles slapping against her perineum was music to her ears. Her whole body was responding to the thrill. Her vaginal muscles were clenching the gorgeous shaft filling it, encouraging it to fill it with hot sperm, fulfilling it’s prime role. Pru couldn’t remember a time when she had been so full of cock, and so thoroughly fucked.

Rod was eagerly suckling both her outstanding nipples, one after the other, marveling at their size. But when Pru felt his fingers reach between their humping groins, rubbing her clit, there was no way she could avoid reaching a climax. Her thighs tensed, her bottom pushed against Rod’s crushed hairy groin. She started to moan loud. Oh God! Then holding her breath, she threw her arms round his heaving buttocks, holding tight, feeling the climax reaching its peak. Oh my God! Agonizing bliss! With a sudden jolt of hips, she exploded into the most intense orgasm she could ever remember. Her whole body was responding to the insistent stimulation of vagina, clitoris and nipples. To heighten the incredible sensation, she felt Rod suddenly explode inside her. His jerking spasms clashing with her own. How long this lasted Pru had no idea. She wasn’t counting. She was just luxuriating in the wonderful feeling of release and physical happiness.

The feeling of ejaculating inside a woman always filled Rod with great relief. It had been a long-awaited good fuck for him. Glancing at Diana, he was rather disappointed to see that she was taking no notice of his sexual success with Pru. In fact, he was actually taken aback when he saw his wife masturbating the cock of the husband of the woman he had just fucked. His pride took a knock, but a quick feel of Pru’s satisfied vulva, wet and dripping helped to restore his ego a little. He wondered if her should fuck her again. Her tight pussy was a fantastic fuck.

‘Wow, Rod,’ she muttered breathlessly in his ear. ‘That was truly terrific. The best fuck ever darling. I can’t thank you enough. But I think I need to recover before they all come round again.’


Diana was a dress designer. She had a considerable talent, and had built up a good clientele among the more wealthy of her friends and Rod’s business associates. Although it was insufficent to keep her independent, it did provide her with a good wardrobe of clothes and a wide range of friends. She had two children. A boy and a girl. Derek was away in the army, whilst Bella was at university.

She and Rod were childhood sweethearts, in the old-fashioned sense. They lived next door to each other, but didn’t become lovers until one vacation when they were both home from college. It was at college that Diana had her first sexual experience. A one-off, during a college dance, behind piles of coats in the cloakroom. She had been drinking, and dancing with this guy who was fondling her bottom and pressing his stiff penis against her belly. Diana was enjoying the sensation, with her vagina starting to ooze. The slight ache in her belly was evidence of her need for sex. Rather too drunk to object to the guy lifting her dress with one hand, she felt him begin to grope her vulva, whilst unzipping his flies with the other. Diana parted her thighs to allow the guy to slide his dick inside her. Her first time! It was gorgeous, even though her senses were a bit fuddled. It didn’t last long though. Just as she was really walking in the clouds, her vagina was flooded with sperm. The guy withdrew, tucked his penis away, and walked out of the room, leaving Diana frustrated, in a state of unfulfilled satisfaction. She never saw him again. It was with relief that her period started two days later.

Then came Rod. When they first had sex, it was more of a deliberate experiment. Rod had admitted to being a virgin, so Diana showed him her genitals and encouraged him to fondle them and explore her sexuality, whilst she did the same with his. They were on the sofa in her parents’ house, who were away for that week-end. Diana ended up taking Rod to bed. They fucked most of the night. She remained faithful to him through the rest of her college days.

Rod was often out rehearsing or playing quite a lot. Diana helped out in the wardrobe department, and often went with him to the club for a drink afterwards, but not after every rehearsal. They had just finished a short run of ‘The Merry Widow’, so there would be an after show party in the club. However, on that evening, Diana’s ailing mom hadn’t been well, so she was unable to join Rod. She had got home fairly late. Too late to join the party, anyway, so she undressed, and prepared for bed, changing into her night clothes. Diana was feeling rather tense, so whilst preparing for bed, she downed two large glasses of red wine, which helped to relax her, watching the television at the same time. But for some reason, she was feeling a bit horny. Her vagina had that special ache. She wanted dick. Maybe that’s why she was a bit tense. She was wishing Rod would come home to satisfy her yearning.

Eventually, she climbed into bed at about midnight. Checking her vulva, yes, she found it was wet. Aching! Just then, she heard the front door. Diana snapped off the bed-side lamp, pretending to be asleep when Rod eventually came into the bedroom. She was in no mood for a long chat. Just his dick. So, when Rod eventually slid beneath the clothes beside her, Diana cuddled up to him, putting her arm across his chest. She could smell he’d been drinking beer. It was a warming sort of scent. Her hand rubbed his belly, playing with his pubic hair for a while, until she felt his penis begin to stir. Wanting to give it some encouragement, she slipped her head under the sheet, going down on him.

Having reached his groin, she stopped abruptly. Diana smelt the unmistakable scent of a woman’s vaginal juices in his pubic hair. She sniffed again carefully. There was no doubt. The pubic hair at the base of his penis was saturated by dried pussy juice. She put his rising dick in her mouth. There was no doubt about that taste. After a moment of disbelief and indecision, Diana realized that her husband had just come home from fucking another women. Pru! That woman! Butter wouldn’t melt in that woman’s mouth. But dicks would! She sat up.

‘Who have you been fucking? Who was it? Pru? Was it Pru?’

‘What’re you talking about?’ Rod whined.

‘You stink of cunt juice. Your hair is full of it.’

‘What… er …?’

She snapped on the lamp, throwing the duvet back, exposing Rod’s naked body. He thought sleeping naked was manly. His tousled pubic hair was, indeed, matted. Diana pointed to it. ‘Look!’

‘What?’ he stuttered.

‘Fuck off Rod,’ she shouted, climbing out of the bed. All feeling of horniness had left her. Gone in a flash! Diana grabbed her dressing gown from behind the door before storming from the room into the spare. There, she threw herself on the single bed. She wouldn’t weep. She was too angry. She just lay there, seething. She had been so wanting her husband to make love to her, and what did she find? That he’d already just fucked another woman. The evidence was indisputable. It must be Pru, she thought. Rod had a thing for her, she knew. And she had deep suspicions that Pru wasn’t the only one he was fucking. He was quite often late getting home from work, with lame excuses. When she once found a pair of knickers under the seat of his car, she knew. Her mind was in turmoil, until eventually she fell asleep through sheer exhaustion.

When her daughter, Bella, asked her the next morning, why she was in the spare bed, Diana told her. Bella was upset.

‘What are you going to do, mom?’

‘What can I do? I can’t land myself on my parents. Besides, the shock would probably kill mother. Just co-exist, I guess. Accept the inevtable. Besides, I think it’ s been going on for a long time. Oh, not just with Pru. There are others, I’m sure.’

When Bella told her brother Derek on the phone, he was livid. He threatened all kinds of revenge on his father. But Bella told him to keep calm. But when he came home on leave, his father at work, he took his mother in his arms, giving her a close sympathetic embrace. His hands held her bottom tight, pulling her to him. She was very cuddly! Denis had always found his mother very attractive and sexy. Chubby, yes. But very sexy. Unfortunately, his cock found the close embrace rather stimulating, provoking the stirrings of an erection. Diana felt it, and in a motherly moment she couldn’t explain to herself, pressed herself to it, rubbing her groin against it. Oh God! It was a long time since she’d felt a hard dick against her. Her vagina was responding.

The next few minutes were a blur. They were in the kitchen. Derek pressed his mom against the table, lifting her hem as he unzipped his flies. Knickers dragged to one side, Derek dragged out his now erect cock, guiding it against her vagina. One push and he was deep inside. They fucked hard for a good twenty minutes.

But that’s another story. After all, Derek was married to Pru’s daughter, of all people.

From now on, Diana slept in the spare bed. Conversation with Rod was terse and economical. They would learn to live with the new relationship. Of course, it wasn’t Pru who Rod had fucked that evening. It was Jill, in the car park of the club. Still, the result was the same. Diana’s sex life became non existent until, unexpectedly, one of her wealthy clients managed to seduce her, giving Diana an experience with another woman. It was one to change Diana’s sex life for good. She became to adore lesbian sex. It gave her untold bliss during the build up to an orgasm. Orgasms which she had never experienced before. She was happy to let Rod try to prove his prowess with other women. She had her own new group of friends for sexual pleasure. However, that was to come later.

It was another two months before the friends all met again at Alan and Jill’s dinner party. Diana was sitting between Alan and Harry. She was wearing a stunning dark grey silk dress of her own creation. It hugged her hips and accentuated her breasts. The skirt was split down the side, with a generous overlap, whilst the top was fairly high, with short arms. She noticed that Rod was between Pru and Paula. With Alan giving most of his attention to Paula on his other side, Rod would waste no time chatting up Pru, putting on the charm. With Alan giving most of his attention to Paula, Diana made herself available to Harry. She chatted him up, flattering him. It was her plan to seduce him in front of Rod.

However, it didn’t quite work out that way. Harry was a shy guy, who tried to overcome the problem by being over effusive. After the dinner and toast, Diana took Harry to the arm chair, where she took his drink from him, putting it on the book case ledge beside the chair. Sitting on his lap, Diana put an arm round Harry’s neck, giving his a kiss, whilst opening his shirt, slipping her hand inside, to caress his chest, teasing his nipples. She was well and truly tipsy from the cocktails and the wine.

‘Hm, that’s nice,’ he blustered, feeling rather embarrassed.

‘There’s more to come,’ she whispered to him. ‘Come being the operative word,’ she giggled. ‘How would you like to come with me?’

‘Bloody hell! What? Here and now?’

‘Why not? Pru is already in the hands of Rod. Literally, look!’ Harry glanced across. Although the room was dimly lit from the standard lamp in the corner, he was sure he could see Rod’s hand inside Pru’s top. ‘So, here,’ she added, taking his hand to guide it inside her dress and bra. Harry was unsure what to do. So he just pressed his hand against the nipple. It wasn’t a large breast, though it was firm and podgy. Satisfied that Harry wouldn’t remove his hand, Diana kissed him again, long and lingering whilst her hand sought his trouser fastening. Once inside, she tugged the stiffening dick out. Oh dear! Now she knew why Harry was embarrassed. His dick was smaller than average. About four inches she guessed, though reasonable thick. ‘Mmm. That’s a nice one Harry,’ she reassured him. ‘I’d bet that dick has fucked a lot of cunts in its time, and given lots of women lots of pleasure. It’s a sweet dick. So cute. Mm, I love it Harry.’ She muttered praises for his penis as she played with it, studying every contour, exploring his tight testicles and the underside of his shaft with her delicate fingers, feeling it jerk as it strained for more.

This was a new experience for Harry. No-one had praised his cock as much as this before. His girl friend, where they had their holiday cottage, enjoyed it because she had an unusually small vagina. It was a perfect fit for her. Of course, Pru was unaware of this relationship. But now, with his cock getting so much attention from the sophisticated Diana, Harry became more adventurous with her breasts, peeling her top from off the shoulders, before reaching round her back to unclip the bra. Her smallish, full breasts came into view. The nipples were small and pale, the areolae almost the color of the surrounding breast, though the smaller pimply glands, arranged round the outside, were prominent. Harry studied them before attaching his mouth to one of them. The fingers playing with his cock were making him feel more and more horny. He wondered if he dared to feel her pussy. It was at that very moment that Diana whispered. ‘Why don’t you want to feel me, Harry? I’m wet, ready and willing. It’s all yours darling. I need it!’

Wanting no further encouragement, Harry slid his hand between the side opening of the skirt to find the warm silky touch of her upper thigh. Her flimsy Ann Summers briefs were flimsy and small, offering no resistance to his stubby fingers as they searched eagerly for what it was desperate to touch. There was no obstacle to his intention, until his fingers finally discovered the fleshy labia, sticky with her juices. Harry swallowed hard. He was so overwhelmed by the knowledge that he was feeling another vulva that he couldn’t prevent his cock suddenly exploding in Diana’s hand, projecting his jets of sperm over his chest. Diana was delighted at the sight of the discharge, moving her free hand to catch the late spurts.

As Harry’s cock dwindled in her hand, Diana rubbed the sperm in the other hand over her breasts and nipples. ‘Sorry,’ he muttered, taking his hand from her groin and from her breasts. ‘Couldn’t hold it back any more,’ Harry apologized as he started to rearrange his clothes, making himself respectable again.

‘That’s alright darling,’ Diana murmured. ‘I loved watching every drop. I feel so favored to have done it for you. I’m only sorry it wasn’t inside me. Another time, perhaps. I think, maybe, you’d rather have another drink now, to regain your strength.’


Shortly after one am, John’s daughter called to collect her parents with Pru and Harry to share the journey. Every one had tidied themselves up and were sitting at the dining table, sipping coffee or, in John’s case, a large brandy. The evening had been a real eye-opener for him. He was still trying to get his head round the fact that Jill had fellated him, encouraging his cock to explode in her mouth. He was even more astonished by her swallowing the sperm. He had never been sucked-off before, never mind have a lady swallow his cum. Added to that was the sight of Allan fucking Paula, an experience they had often fantasized about, but one which, when it actually happened, was mind-blowing. He only wished there had been a bit more light for him to see better! John didn’t know whether to be jealous or stimulated by the sight of Alan’s cock penetrating his wife’s vagina. Perhaps a mixture of both. In any event, a large brandy was called for him to ponder his reactions.

Paula was very quiet. The experience had been wonderful. A dream come true. Alan was only the second guy to feel her down there, let alone fuck her. And her initial nervousness soon gave way to great stimulating delight. She had never known such ecstatic bliss in her life, and the main orgasm, when it finally shattered her, was out-of-this-world fantastic. She never realized they could be so intense. Whatever John might think, she knew it was worth the experience. She pondered the memory whilst sipping her coffee. Paula wondered how John had taken it. She would soon find out when they got into bed.

It was Pru who broke the silence. ‘Well,’ she said in an understatement, ‘that’s another New Year over.’ As though it was an event to endure. She had certainly endured Rod’s fucking, enjoying every thrust, though she was, perhaps, a bit too drunk to appreciate the finer points of the event, not reaching a truly satisfactory orgasm. Ah well, back to the fingers, she thought.

Meantime, Harry was quietly smirking into his drink, gloating over his experience. Diana, the posh wife of Rod, had tossed him off and let him feel her plump vulva, and lick her nipples. He could hardly believe his luck. It had been a very satisfactory ejaculation. One of his best.

The front-door bell rang.

After much hugging and thank-yous, the two couples shrugged into their topcoats, then left.

‘Another for the road, Diana?’ Alan enquired as they returned to the sitting area. He turned to see her response, only to be faced, looking over her shoulder, with his wife kissing Rod in the hallway. He was rubbing his hands greedily over her buttocks. Before he could react, Diana moved in close, putting her arms round him to kiss him on the lips. A long lingering kiss. Alan responded by putting his arms round her and letting his hands roam all over her back and bottom. She broke from the kiss, putting her cheek against him whispering in his ear, ‘I’d rather have another on the settee.’

After the earlier sexual exploit, Diana was feeling ravenously sexy. After having masturbated Harry, her own unfulfilled sexual needs were working overtime. Harry had shown no inclination to penetrate her, being content with having Diana jerk his cock until he splattered his juices all over his chest and the front of his shirt. The sight of the sperm spewing from the end of the cock inflamed her, but something about Harry held back her urge to take the spitting cock in her mouth, or straddle it with her vulva. She had spent the rest of the evening in a great state of frustration. Desperate to have Alan fuck her, she had to be content with biding her time until the moment arose. And here it was.

In spite of her desperation, Diana took it steadily, gently pushing Alan back towards the settee by the window, where Jill had given John his blow-job, unfastening the waist band of his trousers on the way. By the time they reached the edge of the settee, Diana had unzipped Alan, dragging out his half-filled cock. Sinking to a crouch in front of him, she drew his trousers down to his ankles, lifting one foot after the other out of the trouser legs, before taking the new dick in her mouth, feeling it filling and expanding, as it responded to the stimulation. To have such power over a man was wonderful. Lets face it, she thought, his dick is his main center of his manhood. His self esteem. Control that, and you control the man. And she had Alan in her control right now. Diana no longer had any qualms about Rod and Jill seeing her blatantly molesting Alan. In fact, she relished in it.

Alan stood, legs slightly apart, hands on hips, groin thrust forward, with his cock stiff and hard. He was enjoying having the elegant, if plump, Diana eating his cock. He had never really seem her as a sex object. Yet here she was, giving him head. After two or three minutes of sheer delight, sucking Alan’s cock, Diana stood, unbuttoning her dress as she did, then pulling it from her shoulders to stand in her underwear. Reaching across to Alan, she took his hands to pull him onto the settee beside her. His hand reached between her thighs, pushing the briefs to one side, cupping the palm of his hand over the vulva, squeezing the fleshy labia. Alan felt the delicious nectar of her vagina against his hand. Using his two middle fingers, he penetrated her secret tunnel, feeling the muscles trembling. Diana had reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Once released, there was no sagging of the breasts. They were firm and round, if somewhat on the small side.

Alan studied the globes of pale creamy flesh, before latching his mouth onto the left one. Diana was trembling with excitement. He had a sudden desire to penetrate her. He knew she was ready and willing. Alan dragged the briefs from her plump thighs, over her legs and ankles. Diana shook them off her feet before opening her legs. Alan slipped to his knees between them, giving a quick look at her vulva, with its petite inner labia, before placing the head of his cock against the dilated vagina, heavily coated in the juices. He eased the head of his cock inside before pausing to relish the moment of entering the secret place of a new woman. Feeling Diana gasp, he slowly slid the full length inside the welcoming vagina. He heard a big sigh from her, as she wrapped her chubby legs round his waist. He loved the feel of the vaginal muscles squeeze his shaft.

Still in a deep embrace with Rod in the hallway, Jill was frantic. Her sex drive was in overdrive. She wanted more of this cock. More of any cock really. Just to be screwed hard with a stiff ramrod of flesh. Her hand rapidly unzipped his flies, eagerly pushing into the trousers, searching for the thing she wanted more than anything at this moment. Cock! Yes, there it was, half filled. She dropped to her knees, taking it in her mouth. She adored the awareness of a soft cock, filling out in her mouth. Rod’s grew to its fullest size, almost choking her, before she slipped it out. Her hand grasped the thick shaft, jerking it up and down, desperate to feel it’s full glorious stiffness. Rod was reciprocating by pulling her top over her shoulders to reveal her wonderful breasts.

With tongues lashing, still grasping his cock, Jill dragged Rod into the room, where she leaned her bottom against the arm of the vacant settee, pulling up the hem of her dress. To avoid unnecessary obstacles, Jill had not put her knickers back on. Her vulva was hard and swollen with lust. The episode with John’s cock had aroused her lust to boiling point. Jill’s hands grabbed Rod’s trousers, quickly unclasping the waist, pushing them over his thighs. His underpants were dragged down his hips to expose his magnificent cock. Jill got hold of it, pulling it towards her vagina. Rod obliged by thrusting it straight to the hilt, deep inside the vagina. She gasped out loud at the intrusion.

Jill was on a high. In a strangled voice, she croaked, ‘Fuck me. Oh my God! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh shit! I want more. More! Give it to me. Give it to me! Fuck me. Fuck me!’ Rod’s cock was driving hard in and out of Jill’s vagina. Literally shagging her, hard and fast and cruelly. Jill loved it! That wonderful cock was stimulating the g-spot. She was going to cum , she could help it. She’d been waiting all evening for this. Her orgasm swept into her mind and body with a great woosh!

‘Wow! My God, I needed that. Now for a more leisurely one.’ It was then she realized that Rod was in no position to fuck her again. His cock had lost its erection and slipped out from her vagina. Unbelievable! He couldn’t do this to her! She wanted more! But it was no use.

It was whilst Jill was in spasm, hips lurching, that Rod saw Diana. His wife was being fucked in front of his eyes. Diana, who had denied him sex for the past three months or more, was being fucked by their friend. Not only that, she was clearly lost in ecstacy, moaning and talking dirty. ‘Give it to me darling. Oo yes! I love it. Fuck me fast. Fast! Oh shit shit shit!’ He heard her muttering urgently. The fact that he had just fucked Alan’s wife didn’t seem to enter Rod’s mind. He felt cheated. Let down. His mighty cock deflated, slipping out of Jill’s vagina. He pulled his trousers up and excused himself. ‘Need a pee,’ he explained, leaving the room. When he got into the small loo, he locked the door and wept tears of anger. How could she do this to me? he raged to himself.

Diana had taken no notice of her husband’s activities. She was enjoying her own too much to care about him, and was fast reaching another glorious orgasm. The fluttering in her loins, the shaking of her thighs and hips, got more intense as the orgasm started fluttering deep inside her. Starting as a small lurch in her belly, the spasms burst out. Several convulsions racked her body as she cried out. ‘Oh jeeez! Shit! Arrrrggghhhh! Yes yes yes!’

But Alan wasn’t finished. As he embraced her nakedness, he asked ‘How about a bit of anal?’ He had wanted to try anal sex for a long time, but Jill was unwilling to try it.

‘Oh, will it hurt?’ Diana gasped.

Without replying, Alan squatted between her thighs, thrust his head against her soaking vagina, then stuck his tongue inside it to suck out all the juices. There was plenty there, after her orgasms. He then hauled her to her feet, draped her face down over the arm of the settee. Pushing her legs apart, the whole expanse of her plump vulva and bottom was revealed to him. He looked at the small puckered button of her bum. It was pink and dripping with her juices. Diana flexed the anal muscle. Tantalizing! Beckoning! Kneeling between her splayed open legs, Alan used his thumbs to pry open the rectum, before putting his mouth against the open rose bud, dribbling the contents of his mouth into it. Satisfied that there was plenty of lubrication there, he guided the head of his cock to the little puckered entrance. Slowly, slowly he eased the end inside. Diana stiffened, clenching her muscles at first, but then relaxed to allow the hard cock to enter her anal passage.

By this point Byron and I were pretty much inseparable.

I’d race home or to where ever he would be, as soon as class was out, and, if he didn’t have to work we’d spend the evening together. I didn’t want him spending money on me, so we’d eat on my card at the cafeteria most days, and then usually end up back at my room. Occasionally Lisa was actually home, so we’d go for a drive, or just hold hands and go for a walk. I know it sounds cheesy now, but it was the happiest I’d ever been.

Of course I never studied anything but Byron, and when he had to work, I just laid around, pining for him rather than doing anything productive, but I was a schoolgirl in love.

If we ended up alone in my room for more than about a half hour, we always seemed to make love. Since I was back on the pill I told Byron that he didn’t need to use a condom, and after a while he finally agreed. That first time that he took me bareback was amazing! Of course, every time with Byron was amazing.

He was always so kind and considerate, even as a lover. Always doing everything to please me. Plus, his cock was literally perfect. When it was erect it was at just the right angle. Besides which, it was the perfect size. Thick, but not so thick I couldn’t comfortably deep throat him. And long, if I got him really excited he was just a fraction of an inch too long, which was just right.

Anyway by December he was staying over almost every night. He’d just come by after work, drop his pants, and climb into bed with me.

Half the time Lisa was gone, and we’d make love for hours. The other half the time when she was there, we’d just cuddle and sleep.

If Lisa was gone in the morning I’d wake him with a blow job. (And a couple times I joined him in the shower for my morning protein, when Lisa WAS home) I wished we lived together. I wished we could spend every second together, and he did too.

Then came Christmas break. Byron had to work except of the day before and the day after, and couldn’t go home. I told my mom I was staying at school until Christmas eve, and would only be able to come home for a couple days, as I was working on a project for school. I also asked if I could bring my new boyfriend home. She was disappointed about the short stay, but excited to meet Byron.

It took some convincing, but I was finally able to talk Byron into joining my family for Christmas.

The week between school and Christmas was magical.

Lisa went home and Byron basically moved in with me.

The week went basically like this: Wake up and give Byron head. Then make love (either in bed, or the shower – or both) before getting dresses. Walk to the McDonald’s with Byron for breakfast (no cafeteria during break) and then kiss him goodbye as he left for work. Walk home or wherever, until noon when Byron would come see me for 20 minutes on his lunch break. The first couple times we tried a quickie, but after making him late both times, he told me I’d have to wait until after work. I’d lay around and read romance novels or watch TV or something until he came home, and then the fun would begin.

I’d meet him at the door in something sexy (or nothing at all) and as soon as the door closed I’d kneel before him, and remove his pants. He’d take off his shirt as I’d begin giving him head. At some point we’d move over and he’d sit on the edge of the bed, at the bottom, and I’d continue my blow job. If I was lucky I’d get him to cum for me right there. (Whether he did or not, I usually did.) Otherwise, he’d eventually pull me up, kiss me deeply, and then lay me across the bottom of bed, with my legs hanging off, and he’d get between my legs. Then he’d fuck me slowly but firmly. Sometimes he’d move my legs into various positions as he pounded my pussy, and other times he’d let me wrap them around him. He’d keep this up until I’d cum again, at least once, before rolling me over on my hands and knees and taking me from behind. I’d cum a time or two like this and if HE still hadn’t cum I’d maneuver around so he was sitting at the bottom corner of the bed at an angle, and I was riding him, reverse cowgirl, my arms being supported by the built in desk in front of me. That was always a good position cause I could grind on him HARD, and not only did it feel amazing, but it also kept him from cumming. Sometimes I’d eventually turn around, and grind on him facing forward, as he’d pinch and twist my nipples, as he kissed my mouth and neck. Other times he’s lay me down, and fuck me properly. After the third day of this routine, he asked if he could fuck my tits when he laid me on my back. I’d have let him even if I hated it, but it actually was kinda sexy as he straddled me and we both crushed my creamy white cleavage around his big black thrusting cock. It looked sexy as hell, and felt as good as it looked for me. I’m pretty sure it felt even better for him.

By this point in our relationship I’d finally convinced Byron that I honestly LOVED HIS CUM, so if he was in my cleavage, he’d move up to my mouth before he came. And if he was in my pussy he’d do the same.

Then if I could keep him hard with my mouth, and either of us had any strength left, we’d just have our way with the other until we were exhausted, or the other one got a second wind and took over.

With the weekend, it was 8 glorious days we got to do the above, before Byron drove me home for Christmas.

I could tell my parents weren’t thrilled when they saw Byron. I’d totally forgot to mention he was black I guess, and apparently they weren’t as OK with it as I thought they’d be. But ever the gentleman, Byron won them over the next couple days with his kindness and general good nature. Of course, they put him in the guest room down stairs, and me in my old bedroom upstairs.

We “went for a drive to show Byron the town” that first night, and ended up parked in roughly the same place I gave my first blow job, where I sucked and fucked Byron’s brains out.

The next day was Christmas, and Byron gave me a pretty silk scarf. I gave him a key ring that looked like a B, but also like a heart. I put an old key on it, and told him it was the key to my heart. (So shoot me, I’m corny like that.)

Later that night when my parent went out to get plastered at the last Christmas party of the year, and my little sister was finally asleep, I snuck into Byron’s room, and gave him his real present. My ass.

I was in a red baby-doll with no panties, and I walked in, shut the door, said “Merry Christmas, lover.” and kissed him. Then I handed him a tube of astro-glide, and, got on all fours on the bed, pulling my nighty up to fully expose my big white butt.

“I wanted to give you something that no one’s ever had, so your real Christmas present is my ass.” I said, mater-of-factly.

“Uhh . . Suz . . . Are you sure . . . ” he muttered.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” I said, trying to convince him with my beaming smile.

He finally came over and slowly and deliberately began to lube up my ass. Actually, I’d given myself an enema in preparation, and then showered. After my shower I’d worked my own well lubed fingers, first 1, then 2 and finally 3, into my butt. I didn’t get them real deep, but I got them all past the sphincter, so I figured I was as ready as I could be. But I almost had second thoughts as Byron’s finger was quite a bit bigger than mine, and he seemed to be having trouble getting it in. He re-lubed a couple times before he got it in me, but then he got a second finger in me much easier. He squirted some lube right into me, between his rectum encased fingers, and then worked them in and out, and soon the mild discomfort was gone, and I could feel my whole butt relaxing.

Then Byron moved, and his fingers withdrew. I tensed, as he pressed his super hard cock against my butt hole and began to slowly and methodically inch his way in.

I gasped at first, not with pain exactly, but it wasn’t comfortable for sure. Byron tried moving around a little, but finally I just had him stand still, and I moved myself. I found a good angle and proceeded to fuck his big black cock with my lily white, previously untapped, ass. Before you knew it my uncomfortable grunts turned to moans of pleasure as Byron took over and pumped away in my tight, virgin white asshole with his rock hard, bare, dark cock. After awhile I started to actually enjoy the massiveness of his dick fucking my asshole. I was extremely turned on and I felt so dirty. I loved it.

Eventually I needed to get off, and began to rub my clit as Byron continued his anal assault, holding my hips as he plunged deep into me. After I’d cum a couple times Byron finally asked me if he could cum inside my ass.

I told him, “It’s your present, cum wherever you want.”

Seconds later he shot his load right up my butt. Then he just held me tight until his cock slowly deflated and he finally pulled out to watch his jizz enema pour back out of my still gaping butt hole.

I could tell that Byron really enjoyed his Christmas present. (So did I for that matter, because I let him back in my ass a few more times after that.)

Anyway, we went home the next day, and I was so horny that I pulled down my pants as we left town, and played with myself until I just knew Byron was hard as a rock. Then I proceeded to give him a hand job until I thought he was going to wreck. He ended up pulling over 3 times so I could suck him off before we got back to school, and once there he made love to me for almost 2 hours before he was finally able to cum again.


Suzumebachi woke up inside Osamu’s black torture room. She was alone as Osamu seemed to like to leave her lately. Suddenly a pocket opened in the shadowy wall and Osamu came through. “Good morning,” Osamu grinned at her, “The client was very pleased with you last night. He said he had quite the feast. You know I must say I had a blast myself with these two. Two more pockets opened up; Suzume could see Leiko and Sumiko surrounded by Oni. The two of them begged and screamed as the massive monsters dominated the kunoichi.

“No!” Suzume charged out to help them.

“Sit,” Osamu commanded and Suzume dropped, “It’s really too bad, these two didn’t put up much of a fight. But luckily we have jutsu to erase their memories so we can break them all over again.”

“You’re a bastard, Osamu!” Suzume shot a burning glare at him.

“Heh, it’s not my fault they turned out this way. They’re the ones who tried to rescue you and ended up failing. They knew the risks; but I have to say. For kunoichi they’re not very strong; I mean if we wanted information from them they’d be singin’ like birds. But instead; you get to watch them as they break over, and over, and over, and over again. Until you finally break; it’s only a matter of time. And seeing as the first rescue attempt went sour it seems like we have all the time in the world. Now let’s start this from the beginning.” Four ninja entered the room and walked over to Leiko and Sumiko. The horde of Oni pulled out of the kunoichi as the ninja approached. The ninja made a few hand seals and Leiko and Sumiko collapsed. Then they both shot up with a great gasp.

Leiko looked around and saw Suzumebachi, “Suzume!” she yelled out in excitement and run over to her. Sumiko also joined the two.

“Such a happy reunion,” Osamu mocked, “But we have more pressing matters to attend to. It’s breakfast time. Now, the client told me all about how you were pigging out at his home the entire night. Now I feel insulted. So since you don’t like this,” an Oni brought in a bowl of the tasteless brown food he’d been feeding Suzume. To her it just seemed like dog food. “I’m going to serve you a hardy meal,” a squad of ninja came into the room. “These ninja know a very special jutsu; it allows them to turn their cum into energy that sustains hunger and thirst. They’ll make sure you get a feast.” Osamu walked out through a pocket and left them alone.

The ninja surround the three kunoichi and shoved their cocks right down the women’s throats. The cocks pounded down the kunoichis’ throats fast and hard. One of the ninja pulled Sumiko’s hair to drive her face farther down his dick. Leiko was drooling and breathing through her nose. She huffed and puffed making the most noised out of the three girls. Leiko was also giving the sloppiest blowjob; drool pouring down her chin. Suzume maintain as much resistance as possible but the ninja seemed to like a little fight. Not to mention the seal on her breast; which prevented her from fighting too much. Suzume noticed Leiko had the same seal on her right ass cheek and Sumiko below her breasts and above her belly button.

One by one the ninja started to cum right down the kunoichis’ throats. Leiko had an almost relieved look on her face when she swallowed down the hot sour liquid. Sumiko coughed as semen shot in her mouth making her spit up half of it. The ninja that came in her mouth slapped Sumiko and yelled, “Don’t be wasteful.” Sumiko cried as another ninja pulled her by the hair and made her swallow down his cock.

Suzume glared up at the ninja that started to squirt out his seed; swallowing the huge load slowly; you could hear her gulp it down. The ninja plugged their cocks into the three women’s wet mouths. They’d quickly ram their dick in for a bit a then pass off to the next one. Suzume felt sick as the ninja continued to fuck her face and cum straight down her throat. She also hated the jutsu they were using; she could feel herself getting fuller with every shot. Just like if she’d been eating an actual meal. Leiko was greedily sucking away at the cocks closest to her. Suzume couldn’t tell if Leiko was desperately hungry or just broken already by this cruel and unusual torture. Sumiko was sucking the ninja’s cocks like a timid girl not wanting to upset her abusive boyfriend. But the ninja still slapped her despite how well she was actually sucking their cocks.

Suzume wanted so much to cry but didn’t want these ninja to see her tears. She tried her best to suck it down but couldn’t suppress it completely. The situation was starting to look hopeless. Leiko and Sumiko; the top two aside from Suzume and Aki; had been captured along with her. They were also being viciously raped by Osamu’s men. And Suzume had to watch. Watch Leiko suck down on ninja cock like a cock hungry whore. Watch; as Sumiko was beaten and humiliated by ninja that stabbed their dicks down her throat. Watch these smiling laughing ninja cum down Suzume’s and her two best friends’ throats. Watch as Osamu used her own strength against Suzume. Watch Osamu slowly work toward his goal of world domination.

The ninja didn’t let up on the three kunoichi. They kept serving them fresh hot jizz without taking a break. Sumiko had finally snapped like Leiko and was scarfing down cock and cum. Suzume could barely keep her eyes open to the sight of her friends. She’d never seen this side of them. They had no regards for shame as they guzzled down the seed like desperate drunk chicks needing more. They slurped down the cocks messily and making all kinds of sloppy noises. Leiko looked high on cock from Suzume’s point of view. Leiko’s eyes had a glow but were barely opened. She smiled as she vacuumed ninja cocks with intense suction. She held her tongue out as cum blasted from the tips of ninja cocks. Leiko caught it all and swallowed down the thick white liquid. Leiko had had quite the feast already but her face showed she was hungry for more. She continued to suck any ninja’s cock that was ready to give her another helping.

Sumiko’s face was red from the slapping she’d received from the ninja. They continued to hit her face; but she let out little yelps of pleasure every time. Whenever a ninja hit her she’d look at them with deep passion in her eyes. She wanted more, she wanted to be abused, and she wanted to be raped. Yasushi could never take control of her like this. Maybe that’s what turned her on so much about all of it. Having a real man force her to do what he wanted. Or maybe she was turned on by the fact she was cheating on her husband. Or maybe both. Either way, Sumiko was going to have fun with the many cocks in front of her.

The kunoichi feasted for at least one of the days in this room until the ninja finally left. Leiko and Sumiko desperately lick the cum from the floor. Then they turned to each other and started to lick each other clean. Suzumebachi was curled up in a ball watching Leiko and Sumiko lick and kiss one another. The two kunoichi snowballed a wad of cum with their tongues. The two of them couldn’t get enough of the taste of cum.

Osamu returned later with a horde of purple skinned and muscular Oni; and the ninja to reset Leiko and Sumiko’s memories. While the two kunoichi were being wiped Suzume was examining the bodies of the Oni. They were all at least seven feet tall or taller. Their muscles were defined far beyond that of any human capability. And their cocks. Suzume had to say compared to the rest of the Oni’s body; their cocks didn’t seem overly massive. But they were covered in little warts.

“I hope you three enjoyed the feast,” Osamu said, “I’ve brought you desert. It’s a special treat just for you, Suzume. I’m going to let them fuck your pussy. You’ve only been here with us for about a week. But with how much time you spent in this room; it’s been more like a month. Though I’m sure if feels longer than that for you; that’s the wonderful thing about this room.” Suzume had to admit that was true; she’d totally lost track of time. She could hardly believe she’d only been here for a week. “Since it’s been awhile I’m sure you’ll be very sensitive down there. Plus when we add in that, you’ll be done for.”

That?” Suzume questioned. More purple Oni entered the room carrying buckets and bottles of oil. Suzume looked at them in terror as she knew what that oil was; remembered its terrible, wonderful effect.

“You ladies should have a lot of fun now,” Osamu said as he left with the other ninja.

Leiko and Sumiko came to and looked around in shock. “Suzumebachi!” Leiko yelled out; as if it was the first time she’d seen Suzume since being captured. The Oni stalked in and grabbed the three kunoichi. They held the women’s nude bodies against the cold floor. Then, they let out the oil from the bottles and buckets. Leiko and Sumiko screamed out from the fiery sting of the oil. Luckily Suzume was a bit used to the oil and didn’t yell out. The Oni started to rub their cocks into the oil covering the kunoichi’s bodies. Leiko convulsed as she started to squirt from the burning of the Oni’s cocks. An Oni stabbed his cock right into Sumiko’s oily cunt and pounded into her. Sumiko had never felt anything quite like this before. The bumps were scraping her insides furiously; while the cock itself didn’t feel like a cock. Rather like pure solid heat ramming into her.

One of the Oni rubbing his cock into Suzumebachi hoisted her to her feet. He restrained her from behind as he grabbed hold of his cock. He lathered it in a thick layer of the oil and pressed it to Suzume. Her head started to get hazy as the Oni took hold of both her arms. He pulled Suzume back; the tip of his dick slipping in easy thanks to the oil. Suzume let out a passionate sigh; one you’d hear from a woman being deeply loved. Suzume just let it out on instinct; it felt like years since a cock had been in her pussy. The Oni continued to ease in; Suzume could feel every little wart pop into her and carve against her pussy. She could feel a hot energy radiating from down below. It moved up her entire body as the Oni wormed his cock in little by little. Until finally, the Oni was all the way in her. Suzume could feel that hot energy reach the top of her head once the tip of the Oni’s cock kissed her cervix.

Suzume was light headed as the Oni slid his cock back; making her wince as the warts scraped her cunt and the heat withdrew. The Oni quickly built up speed; Suzume could feel the heat moving through her body with the rhythm of the Oni’s beating. His hips slapped into her ass with a loud snap. An Oni grabbed her by the hair and bent her forward. The Oni stabbed his cock into her mouth and brutally face fucked her. Suzumebachi could taste blueberries on his cock; the flavor was strong and addicting.

“Apples!” Leiko shouted in excitement as she got the taste of an oily Oni cock. She happily started to deep throat the Oni’s bumpy cock. The warts felt strange as they rubbed awkwardly against Leiko’s throat. Sumiko was making out with the Oni pounding her pussy; the Oni’s lips strong with the oil. She desperately slathered her tongue around to suck and lick away any of the oil; which tasted like watermelon. Sumiko was just crazy about anything watermelon flavored. She could even eat a whole one to herself; which she did quite frequently. In fact she always made her husband get watermelon flavored condoms. But the condoms were nothing compared to this oil. It wasn’t like some artificial candy flavoring; Sumiko felt like she was biting into a fresh watermelon. The Oni poured a bottle right into Sumiko’s mouth. She gulped down as much as she could but it was draining out to fast and running out of Sumiko’s mouth. Her cheeks were on fire as an Oni shoved his cock down her mouth; still full of oil. The Oni humped her tightly locked lips with the oil still in Sumiko’s mouth. She gurgled the oil and sloshed it around while the Oni moved his hips.

Leiko was on top of an Oni rocking her hips up and down. She had a cock in each hand and was swapping back and forth on sucking them. She licked the head as she stared up at the Oni with a smile. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked on the head causing her cheeks to sink in. She bobbed her head hard as she maintained an intense suction. The Oni shuttered as he came right in Leiko’s mouth. She laughed as she played with the cum in her mouth. Leiko could only taste a strong mixture of bleachy cum and sour green apples. She turned to the next cock and sucked on it. She moaned with the cock in her mouth as the Oni fucking her finally came. The Oni started to breathe heavy; but Leiko wouldn’t let him stop. Leiko rolled her hips to make sure the Oni stayed hard.

Suzumebachi whined as an Oni was fucking her splitting bamboo style. The Oni was sitting on one of her legs with the other was hooked over the Oni’s shoulder. The Oni pounded his hot cock into Suzume’s raw and cum leaking cunt. She was the only one still maintaining a fight. Even though she was fighting; she couldn’t fight how good it felt. The Oni’s intensely burning cock with its warts carving out Suzume’s pussy; which hadn’t had a cock in Suzume couldn’t tell how long. And seeing how her friends gave in so easily to the pleasure. How Leiko sucked down the Oni like a porn star in a gangbang scene. How Sumiko practically made love with the Oni as they stuffed her. They looked like they were just having fun. Suzume wanted to have fun too; but she knew where she was. She knew why these Oni were doing this to them. They weren’t here for the women’s enjoyment. They were here for their own.

Suzume could see this as the Oni blasted their seed inside of Leiko and Sumiko. That’s all the Oni wanted. A live fleshlight that screamed and howled and begged. Something that could be broken not with force; but by twisted pleasures. The Oni only saw these women as something to dump their cum in. And Leiko and Sumiko seemed to make such good cum dumpsters. Suzume finally wept as another Oni came inside her only to be replaced by another. She needed to come up with a plan fast; not just for her own sake. But for Leiko and Sumiko; before they were totally corrupted by this place. Or worse.

After being fucked for a good three days in the shadow room the three kunoichi were brought down to the arena together. Leiko and Sumiko once again had their minds wiped by Osamu’s ninja. “This is going to be a fun match!” Osamu laughed, “A three on three. Should be interesting though, seeing as you’ve fought them before.”

“What?” Suzumebachi looked to him.

“Go on, look who you’ll be fighting,” Osamu pointed.

Suzume looked passed the iron bars of the gate to the center of the ring. Standing at the middle were the three Oni Suzume had already fought. “How the hell?!” Suzume exclaimed; she was sure she’d killed them.

“All the Oni that fight in the arena are stamped with a magic seal; any damage taken in the arena is reversed as soon as they are dragged out. It’s not like they’re going to cause the death of their own kind. But I hear they remember dying and it builds up a rage. Those three are particularly upset with you, Suzume. That’s why they teamed up to take you on. I was going to have you fight them alone originally; but since these two came along. Now just remember you three don’t have the same seals as the Oni; so you really can die out there! So go on girls!” Osamu shouted as the chains rattled hoisting up the iron gate.

Suzumebachi led the trio of kunoichi out to the ring. She walked with confidence as the horde of men and Oni chanted her name. The three stopped on the opposite side of the Oni. “Watch the ninja,” Suzume said to the other two, “He can make clones at will. You’ll need to kill him just as the clone is popping out.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sumiko responded.

“Well, let’s give ‘em hell,” Leiko smiled.

Suzume summoned three knives in each hand with her enchanted bracers. Leiko and Sumiko had similar enchanted objects that allowed them to spawn their weapons. Leiko wielded a straight single edged katana with a gray blade and purple handle. Sumiko had a golden and red naginata with a wide curved blade.

“Sumiko, you take the giant Oni,” Suzume instructed, “Leiko, you’ve got the six armed Oni. I’ll take care of the ninja.”

“Right!” Sumiko and Leiko said in unison.

As the three kunoichi charged the ninja split into three. Suzumebachi slid to a stop throwing two daggers at the three doppelgangers. Before the daggers even punctured their targets three more clones leapt out from each ninja. Sumiko dodged a power punch from the giant Oni; pieces of tile blasted from the ring where its fist landed. The naginata cut into the thing’s arm but didn’t sever it completely. The Oni whaled out in pain and flailed its arms about in frustration. Leiko dipped to the side as the six armed Oni thrust forward with two fists. Her sword swept down cutting through both of the attacking arms. However the Oni had high regenerative abilities as the two missing arms grew back almost instantly.

Suzume was surrounded by five ninja all of them attacking her from different angles. She was barely able to keep their attacks at bay with her daggers. She leapt up and out from the ninjas’ star configuration and threw her daggers into two of them. “Leiko! Sword!” Suzume called out. Leiko spawned an identical sword and tossed it to Suzumebachi. Now she would have an easier time deflecting the ninjas’ attacks. Sumiko was dodging and rolling gracefully away from all of the giant’s clumsy assaults. The three kunoichi had this match in the bag.

Osamu snickered with his customary smirk as he started to focus on a command to the three women’s seals. The giant Oni set out a powerful straight right for Sumiko. Her entire body froze and the attack smashed right into her. Leiko was also completely still as Sumiko raced through the air and crashed right into Leiko. “No!” Suzume motioned to assist her friends; but her body also stopped. The ninja surrounded Suzumebachi and restrained her. She tried to fight free but her whole body was locked up. The six armed Oni laughed as he hoist Leiko up. The giant Oni grabbed Sumiko by the ankle and started to drag her across the floor.

The ninja began to strip Suzume as the hovering cameras spiraled around the three kunoichi. The two Oni began to do the same to Sumiko and Leiko until all three were completely nude. The crowd cheered at the three women’s perfect bodies. Two ninja brutally poked their cocks right into Suzume’s cunt and asshole. They ravaged her as the ninja began to make more and more clones to have fun with the defenseless kunoichi. The six armed Oni held Leiko up by her thighs with his lowest arms and eased her down onto his erect cock. With his middle arms he choked Leiko and played with her clit. His last two arms groped her perky breasts. Leiko came in an instant from all the stimulation she was receiving. She gasped for air as the Oni pounded into her.

Sumiko screamed in protest as the giant Oni pinned her to the ground with a single hand; that covered her whole back. The Oni used his free had to pull out his gargantuan cock. Sumiko’s eyes widened as she saw how massive the Oni was. There was no way that thing could fit inside her. But that didn’t prevent the thing from trying. The head of its cock pressed against Sumiko’s cunt; even that could barely fit. But the Oni still pressed it in. Sumiko could feel the tip leaking into her but she felt like it was getting smaller. It seemed the Oni could control the size of its cock. Despite that the Oni’s cock was still too much for poor Sumiko to take. She felt like the Oni’s cock was going to tear her in two as it grunted while plowing into her.

Suzume was on top of a ninja lying on his back with his dick in her wet pussy. She was already coated in cum like some bukkake star. Another ninja was blasting his cock into her ass while one forced his cock down Suzume’s throat. Her delicate hands were wrapped around two cocks as they forced Suzume to stroke them off. The ninja came quickly staining Suzumebachi inside and out. Suzume puked as the ninja repositioned her and slammed her full of more cocks. Her eyes had a dead look in them as the ninja vigorously passed her around to an endless amount of cock and cum. Suzume was certain she wouldn’t last much longer under this torture. Osamu would surely win in the end.

Answering the ad was my idea. I lost my job and I really did not have the heart to tell my husband. He has a good job but we really can not survive on just his income. I didn’t want us to go on welfare and tip my hand that I had lost my job. Don’t get me wrong, Chet is a great guy. I don’t fear his wrath, He really is a giant pussy cat. I do miss him right now because he is working double time on the night shift. That will only last for a couple of months and even with his extra work we need my income. The real problem was I didn’t want to confess that it was my own stupidity that got me fired. I improperly read a series of invoices and cost the company over 10,000 dollars. The fact that I had to pay my employers back was the REAL reason I didn’t want to tell my husband. The circumstances of my mistake could be easily interpreted as me giving an off the books sweetheart deal to the invoiced companies. It really wasn’t the case but I could easily understand how people could view it that way. In exchange for leaving quietly and repaying the shortfall, my employers promised not to seek legal action and to give decent referrals to potential future employers. In the meantime there was the mortgage, the car payments, cable bill, and tuition for the kid’s school and day care. You know the drill. In short, I needed a lot of money in a hurry.

I called the number and set up an appointment. It was in an office in the Devon building. Stenciled on the door was the name of the firm “Employment Solutions, Inc.” I knocked on the door and was told to enter. Behind the desk sat an attractive man who was about 45, he had salt and pepper hair and looked a bit like a famous movie actor.

“You must be Amber West.” he said.

“Yes.” I had brought my resume, even though I had been told that it was not necessary. I proffered my work history.

“That won’t be necessary Ms. West, may I call you Amber? I am Henry Fremont”

“Of course.”

“I know from our conversation the nature of your problem. Like all of my clients you need a lot of money in a hurry. I can get it for you but we are not a traditional employment agency as you understand the term.”

“What do you mean Mr. Fremont?”

“For women such as yourself, and may I say Amber, you are quite lovely, certain industries pay top dollar.”

I was beginning to have a queasy feeling in my stomach, but I had come all the way across town, so I decided to hear him out.

“First of all I am NOT a pimp nor do I run a strip joint. I am an agent for gentlemen and ladies who want a “total immersion” experience. You will earn 1,500 dollars a night, triple that for an entire weekend. I do not get a cut of your money, as I said I am not a pimp. I get a finder’s fee and gratuities for a job well done.

My head reeled at that kind of money. Earning that it would not take me long to pay back what I owed. But I had questions

“Total immersion?”

“This is where most women go running screaming from the room. “Total immersion” is our company’s phrase for complete submission and control. In other words a hired slave who will do whatever our customers request for the evening. They decide what you wear or what you do not wear. They will be permitted to collar you and tie you up. Obviously their sexual expectations will be met as well. Our clients are all first class and carefully vetted. We run a clean, honest business “

He stopped talking and carefully eyed me up and down.

I made a move to grab my purse and go but something stopped me. Maybe it was the fact that I like it when Chet ties me to the bed. I knew we were not the only couple with a set of leather lined handcuffs but I doubt those other couples made a frequent use of ours as did Chet and I. It WAS an awful lot of money …

Another woman WOULD have run screaming from the office. The fact that I was still sitting there meant that SOMETHING about the arrangement appealed to me. I love Chet, I really do but I often fantasize about other men. He has a UPS man outfit, a Domino’s Pizza guy outfit, Mechanics overalls and false mustaches. He indulges me as I play the wayward wife, the Catholic schoolgirl, the horny co-ed. We try our best to keep each other happy. I KNOW Chet is happy with me but when the acting stops, it is still Chet under all those outfits. More than once, I wished it WAS the pool boy or the postman or anybody else. I decided to remain seated.

After a pause Henry Fremont spoke. “You are not running Ms. West.”

“No I’m not am I?”

“Do I take it that this employment opportunity appeals to you?”

“You could say that. I get the money right away?”

“Cash on the barrelhead as soon as your night is over.”

“Mr. Fremont.” I answered “I think I could do this job. To be honest I have fantasized about other men. I had a bi girlfriend for a short while in college. I had my tubes tied when my twins were born.”

“I get the idea.” Said Henry Fremont cutting me off. “There are some preliminaries that must be attended to. Follow me to the back room.”

I trailed Fremont into the next room. It was full of camera equipment.

“We need to put a portfolio together of you Ms West. Would you be nice enough to remove your clothes, ALL of them behind that screen over there. When I am ready for you I will call. What alias would you like to use? You are a redhead but we already have a Ginger.”

“I thought for a moment and said is Cinnamon taken?”

“No, no its not. That will work.”

I knew that Fremont would like what he was about to see. I am five foot five and weigh a shade under 110 pounds. My deep ginger colored hair falls to the middle of my back. I have alabaster skin and blue eyes. I wear the largest C cup and my legs arms and fingers are very long and shapely. I worked out like a champ to drop my baby weight. Women at the gym have a hard time believing I gave birth to three kids. I have only the tiniest of scars from my cesareans. I feel great that at twenty nine I still turn heads like I did when I was eighteen.

Truth be told I always wanted a total stranger to photograph me in the all together. I’ve posed for Chet but that’s just not the same. There is no mystery, he is not swept off his feet with lust and desire. In our eight years of marriage he has seen me every way imaginable. I wanted to know, needed to know what other men thought of me. I get looks at the gym but, to be honest, I dress fairly demurely there. I appreciate it but its not like they’re seeing my milky white breasts and my sweet orange kitty.

In a short while Henry Fremont announced that he was ready for me. I stepped out from behind the screen.

“Oh MY!” Said my new boss. It was all the encouragement I needed. For the next forty five minutes he put me through a series of poses. In some I was clad in nylons and lingerie. In others totally starkers. The final shots were of me naked save for a leather collar around my neck. I could not help but notice the bulge in Henry’s pants. As for me, lets just say that when I got home, in the hour I had before my oldest got home from school, and I had to pick up the twins from day care, I gave my vibrating mechanical pal quite the workout.

Once Henry was finished taking pictures I got dressed and filled out all the boring details of employment, address, Social Security number, my schedule and availability, the usual paperwork. In addition there were some unique questions like what day of the month did my monthly cycle usually begin and wether I had any problems with a client shaving me. Henry gave me an inexpensive cell phone. And said, “I don’t think it will take me more than a couple of days to line up a job for you. Use this cell phone; only I or your clients will be able to call or text you on it. Only I will know your true identity. To them you are just slave Cinnamon. Believe me you don’t want them calling you on your personal cell phone. It should be obvious but I will remind you to keep your personal life and your professional life with our agency on separate plains.”

After a further talk that detailing my duties and responsibilities, I went home, gave myself that needed relief and stepped back into my role of wife and mother. Chet usually got home at about nine in the morning and crashed until dinner. He had to leave for work by 8:00 P.M. To keep from being bothered by the children he had taken to sleeping in the spare bed room. I was so still keyed up from having been naked in front of Henry that around 5:00, instead of starting dinner, I set the kids in front of the tube, slapped in “The Little Mermaid” and crawled under the covers with Chet. He was delighted when I sucked him off and mounted him without any of my usual play acting. What Chet could not know of course that the whole time we were together, I was imagining that it was, Henry, or some other handsome man I wasn’t married to, ordering me around. I could not wait until that new cell phone rang!

The next few days seemed to be the dullest days to ever dawn on this planet. I felt like the walls were closing in upon me. The kids and Chet were regular angels but I felt so stifled as “Mommy” and “Honey.” With no job to go to I went to the library on the other side of town and surfed the web and read. I did also fill out job applications for openings in my regular line of work. There was simply less chance here, of any one I knew coming across me and asking me embarrassing questions. Finally Henry’s cell phone rang!

“Cinnamon. There is an event tonight at 345 Greenwood Avenue. Dress like you are going to a PTA meeting with your sexiest underwear and black thigh high stockings under that. You will report at 8:45 P.M. to Iola Jones. It is a fundraising auction. After your clothes are sold you will be auctioned off as well. The high bidder gets to collar you and you’re their property until five A.M. They promise that they will have something for you to wear home and they will make sure that you get home no later than seven A.M. Wear costume jewelry and for God’s sake leave your wedding and engagement rings at home!”

I knew instinctively what I would wear. The preppy mom look was sure to be a turn on. I grabbed my tweed knee length skirt and a pale blue cotton blouse. I had a couple of strings of fake pearls for the June Cleaver look and sensible but slightly sexy shoes. The shoes would be the hardest to replace. I doubt that Chet would ever notice these clothes had disappeared from my wardrobe. As to the underthings. I really didn’t want to appear on stage, or in front of a room, or what ever the situation turned out to be in anything less than fresh and spanking new. I stopped at “Victoria’s Secret” and left with an adolescent male’s wet dream fantasy.

I had not allowed myself to be totally unprepared. After signing up with Henry one of the first things I did was have a talk with Mandy from next door. She is sixteen and a super babysitter. I had no problem convincing Mandy’s mother to let her be an occasional all night babysitter. After all she was right next door.

I stayed too focused to let the euphoria I was feeling overwhelm me. I focused on getting to school and the day care center on time. I got dinner ready at 5;00 P.M. and made sure that Mandy would not come over until after Chet had left for work. I really must have applied myself for Chet praised my dinner and the kids actually cleaned their plates. After dinner it was bath time and bedtime for the kids. Chet kissed them all goodnight at 7:30 and made his final preparations to go to work. Like clockwork his car was out of the driveway by 7:40 P.M. I quickly dressed for my “job” and Mandy arrived promptly at 8:00. I had a leisurely, no more than thirty minute, drive to my destination. I knew I would be cutting it close. I knew the area well and the route required so I also knew that I would make it.

I allowed myself some time to relax as I drove. It felt funny to not be wearing my rings. Even during the raunchiest role play with Chet I had kept them on. I felt positively naked without them. It seemed like every nerve and every fiber was on fire. It was like getting high but better, there was no ash or residue, and nothing to clean up. 345 Greenwood was a large house surrounded by an equally large sward of lawn. I pulled into the driveway and discovered a valet. My purse was already locked in the trunk. I handed the cute young valet my car keys. He eyed me in a way that I appreciated as I exited my car. The only things I took with me was a small makeup bag and Henry’s cell phone. At the front door I asked for Iola Jones and was led to a side room Where I met a charming brunette woman in her mid-fifties. I introduced myself as Cinnamon.

“Oh good your are punctual to the dot I like that. You look marvelous, my dear our patrons are so going to cotton to you. Right now they are being served drinks and dining. The focus of events will be this room here.”

I followed her to a book lined room. Obviously a well apportioned private library. There was a small riser set up at one end of the room and a bright light forming a circle on the impromptu stage.

“The bidders tonight are patrons for a charity. I am sure that you have heard of us but for obvious reasons, we will remain anonymous. I will be conducting the auction. We start with your pearls and. sell you down to your bare skin. At that point a collar will be offered for sale. Whoever wins the bidding for the collar wins you for the evening. Once collard you will obey EVERY request and EVERY order from your purchaser. Through that door” Iola pointed off to the right,”is a bed room stocked with caviar and champaign. There is only on condition on your employment tonight, Cinnamon. The word “no” may not cross your lips at any point tonight. If it does you DO NOT get paid. Is that clear?”

I looked at her, smiled and said “Yes Ma’am!”

“Spectacular. At five A.M. I will break up the party you and the lucky winner will no doubt be in the midst of. I have some sweats and sneakers you can wear home. Ordinarily you would have been required to spend the night but we were only given this house until 10:00 in the morning. We have to clear everyone out long before that so the cleaners can get to work. We have to leave this house spotless. But I am sure that the housekeeping chores do not interest you. You can prepare yourself in that lavatory across the hall. I will come for you when all is ready.”

I entered the bathroom and applied some makeup. I chose a classy look. I ended up just like I intended to; looking like an extremely attractive housewife. I was the MILF that gave both the boys on the football team AND their fathers a stiffy. My look was supremely confident but inside butterflies filled my stomach. Finally Iola stuck her head in the door and said, “We are ready for you darling.”

The library was full of expensive suits and fancy dresses as Iola held my hand and led me through the crowd to the tiny stage. She planted me right under the spotlight. The crowd became a mass of gray figures. I heard light applause and some wolf whistles, I had expected a more genteel crowd but every one in the room save me had probably already had several drinks. I could just make out waiters carrying cocktails and beer on trays.

Iola moved behind a small lectern and began speaking into a wireless microphone. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, board members and guests. As most of you know I am Iola Jones and tonight you oh so naughty, yet oh so rich people will be bidding on this fair creature to my left. One of you lucky folks will get to collar her and command her until the wee small hours of the morning. We will begin bidding for her pearls. I believe that they are fake. That is the only thing fake about Cinnamon here. Underneath the ordinary exterior is a woman who is completely natural and VERY desirable. What am I bid for the pearls?

The pearls really were worthy of a Walmart discount sale but they went for fifty bucks. It was just a charitable contribution to the cause, what ever it was. Next they bid on my shoes and I got a sense of the kind of money in the room when they went for 250 dollars. Iola stated that my blouse would be next to go up for sale. The bidding for that was mind boggling. As last it sold for 700 dollars! I slowly unbuttoned the blue blouse at first giving a tantalizing glimpse if the lacy bra I wore under it before opening it with a flourish and handing the blouse to Iola. My bra was barely there. It was well constructed but exceptionally lacy. I loved the fact that it was just opaque at my areolas. I know it presented a very tantalizing image. The crowd burst into applause and I began to hear a steady stream of wolf whistles and cheers.

The bidding for my skirt had the room in a fever pitch. My skirt passed the thousand dollar threshold and peaked at 1200 dollars. I unzipped the back of the skirt and wriggled my rump until it slid off my hips and down my legs. I was really enjoying this! My long legs and the black stockings came into view as did my black lacy thong. To the folks closest to the stage it would be obvious that I was a natural redhead.

There was sustained applause at my nearly naked form. I performed several pirouettes upon the stage, highlighting my pert, pretty ass, and smiled my most fetching smile. My stockings went for an even 900 dollars. As tantalizingly as I could I unrolled them down my legs one at a time and then deftly took them off. I think my legs are one of my best features. Judging from the response in the room, I am not alone in that opinion.

My bra was offered next. A very generous older man purchased it for 1,400 dollars. He got to unclasp it and remove it himself. I’m NOT bragging. I have GREAT tits I felt so wanted and so desirable. Iola took a moment to feel me up and said. “Ladies and gentlemen those fantastic boobs are real! If you had money on the betting line that our prize tonight would have implants, you need to fork over your cash.”

My thong was a much desired prize. After a tense bidding war it went for a even 1,000 dollars the winner came up on stage and removed the prize himself. Up close I realized that I had seen this man on the news. He was a famous, (and famously rich) politician! This must be some important and powerful charity. I rewarded the man with a kiss and watched as he departed the stage sniffing my thong.

Iola’s next announcement made my every nerve flutter. The butterflies, which had departed when I began to strip, came back in abundance as I heard. “Now ladies and gentlemen it is time for you to really dig deep into your pockets.” She held aloft a black leather collar with a silver clasp. “We are bidding on the right to collar and possess our slave. We will START the bidding at 5,000 dollars!

I was order to assume several positions, kneeling, on all fours, arms and legs far apart, bent over ass forward, and a few more. The bidding continued to rise. At this point I was so horny and feeling so good that I lost track of the final figure but it was over 25,000 dollars.

“Sold to Mr. and Mrs S.” announced Iola. There was thunderous applause and I saw my “owners” for the first time. He was well over six feet tall and had close cropped sandy hair. Handsome would be an understatement. She was several inches taller than me and had long black hair and a stunning figure. I thought that she looked like Wonder Woman in her Diana Prince guise.

He took the collar from Iola and handed it to his wife. “You do the honors, Princess.” Mr. S said. I felt her cool efficient hands and the cold leather encircle my throat. From her enormous purse Mrs. S produced a leash and hooked it to my collar, As she tugged on the leash, I was led to the champaign stocked bedroom as the crowd dissipated.

Once we were behind the door and it was locked, Mrs. S. kissed me deeply. I had no problem kissing her back. After a few minuets of tongue wrestling, Mrs. S. pulled away.

“You’ve tried to call her five times today?” Gavin’s friend looked very concerned.

“Yes, I really don’t know whether I should go over there and see if she’s OK.”

“Man, oh man. This woman’s really got under your skin, hasn’t she? Let’s recap. You had a week together, you found her sneaking out of your apartment early in the morning, she refused to see you again, then she slept with two other guys and told you about it?” His friend now looked at him as if he were mad.

“Well, yes…. But what you don’t know is that I think I’m in love with her.”

Gavin looked miserable as he waited for the inevitable dose of tough love he knew he was about to be subjected to.

Suddenly his phone was snatched out of his hand.

“You are NOT going to call her again. You are NOT going to go over there. You are coming with me straight over to Octave Hotel. Then we’re going to get you very drunk while we do a pub crawl of the Manning Street strip clubs!”

“Oh come on… I really don’t think that’s the answer.” Gavin tried to convince himself.

“Well if you ever want your phone back you’d better follow me.”

Gavin sighed and followed. He was probably right… Ellie hardly even seemed like the same woman lately. Maybe he should give up.

Meanwhile, as Ellie woke up from a very deep sleep she glanced up to check her clock and was relieved to see it was only six. Plenty of time to have some breakfast and think about what to say before Gavin called.

Then the sun streaming through her west facing bedroom window made her do a double take.

Oh no! No, no, no. Six PM. Ellie went to check her phone to find it was off. She quickly plugged it in and became aware of the mess her flat was in. The last week of partying had been fun but she already knew it wasn’t the direction she wanted her life to take. It was time to get herself together.

No messages. Had he called and not left a message? Had he not called at all? She immediately tried Gavin’s mobile. His friend let the phone ring a few times and then hung up. She tried again with the same response.

Then she tried his work number and was told he was having an evening off. What? He never has an evening off. She grabbed her wallet and keys and rushed out the door.

When she slipped into his office in the night club she’d found that it was true. She had to resign herself to the fact that he was actually having the evening off. And if anyone there knew where he was, they weren’t saying.

Ellie wasn’t sure what to do next so she called her friend Jake.

“Hey, it’s good to hear from you, sweet cheeks. I wondered where you went all week. Did you have fun with your swingers?”

Ellie slumped down into a chair on the footpath at the front of the next venue. Jake’s question didn’t even bring a smile to her face. She was utterly miserable.

“Jake, I’m in love with him. I love Gavin so much and I can’t get in touch with him to tell him and I just don’t know what to do.” She sobbed into the phone.

Gavin’s friend could hear the weight of emotion in her voice from the next table and was immediately sorry that he’d hung up on her. He tapped her gently on the shoulder.

“You must be Ellie. Gavin’s just gone to the bar, he’ll be back shortly. Man he’ll be glad to see you.”

Ellie heard Jake say, “I heard that honey, you go get your man,” as she hung up the phone.

Gavin saw Ellie momentarily as he stepped through the door before she was on him. She clutched him to her in a full body embrace, and any thought he may have had of needing to hold back was immediately forgotten when she said, “I love you so much Gavin. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I’m a mess but I’ll get my act together I promise.”

Then she kissed him with one of those beautiful, all-consuming kisses of hers. Her soft mouth met his gently at first, before she suckled lightly on his tongue and turned her head so that he could deepen the kiss. She alternately sought out his tongue and gave hers to him as she reached further up onto her toes and flattened her body fully against his.

“I love you too Ellie. I’m so relieved. I’ve been so confused. Let’s go somewhere so we can talk.”

She briefly tried to explain the emotional rollercoaster she’d been on while they drove to his place, but struggled to find the words. As they crossed the threshold into his apartment she led him to his sofa and said, “I want to show you how I feel.”

As she undressed she glanced down briefly to see his erection fighting against his pants. When she met his gaze again the fire between her legs became a roaring blaze.

As her knickers swooshed lightly down her legs and she stepped towards him, he took in the sight of her standing before him with such a look of loving passion that her lips involuntarily parted. She kneeled at his feet and kissed him from his neck, just below the ear and down his front before quickly helping him out of his pants. She then delivered a kiss to the end of his cock using her tongue and lips to make him moan with pleasure.

She had intended to take him fully into her mouth, a gesture of loving generosity, but he gently pushed her head away and pulled her towards him. “I want to come inside you.”

She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anything. As she sank down on him, so hot and wet, her eyes never left his. Rocking on him while soaking in his blue eyes brought forth arousal and love that was almost overwhelming.

She whispered, “I love you Gavin,” just before her fluttering and pulsing orgasm sent him crashing over the edge with her.

He could hear and feel the truth in her words and her actions as he filled her mouth lovingly with his tongue and filled her inside with his semen.

As he pulsated inside her, Ellie wondered if anything had ever felt so good. Then when he held her close to him and whispered, “I love you Ellie,” into her ear, she knew for sure that nothing ever had.


My lover Nikki and I had talked for a while about having a threesome, and one day we decided to take it beyond talk and make it a reality. We got on the Internet and it took us about a week to find someone to play with. His name was Ben; he was in his early forties; tall, lanky, with brown hair and eyes – and bi-curious, as I also was.

Nikki insisted early on that everyone be prepared to have fun with everyone else, no holding back, or she wouldn’t play. Both Ben and I agreed, understanding what it meant: both of us would have to have sex with each other – with another man – before it was all over.

End of preface.

Beginning of story:

We met at the hotel, had introductions all round, and went up to the room. We’d rented the place for a long weekend – Friday morning through Sunday noon – so there would be no need to rush through things. Once inside the room, we locked the door, made sure the curtains were closed, and then Nikki told us to undress, setting the example by stripping naked in record time. Ben and I followed suit, not looking at each other, and went over to stand by Nikki.

Ben stood on one side of Nikki with me on the other. I think maybe this plan still made us both a bit nervous, and as long as we didn’t actually touch, it wasn’t real.

Nikki was having none of it. She kissed Ben first, then me, then with a hand on my ass moved me closer to Ben, while pushing him toward me.

We were almost touching when Nikki spoke up. “C’mon, guys, you agreed to do this. Don’t wimp out on me now.”

She took a step back and thrust her shoulders back, spread her legs and planted her feet, thrusting her pelvis forward. “Neither one of you is getting any of this until you follow through.”

She stepped back in and pushed us both the final step.

Our skin touched – and we didn’t die. We didn’t burst into flames, we didn’t go insane. In fact, while it felt strange, it also felt kinda – nice.

Nikki took my hand, wrapped my arm around Ben’s shoulder. She walked around to the other side, sighing, and took Ben’s hand and wrapped it around my waist.

“C’mon, guys… it’s not going to kill you. But I might,” she warned, her brown eyes flashing fire. “Just kiss, and we can get started.”

I looked at Nikki and I melted. My body, once taut with tension, molded itself to Ben’s.

It seemed like the signal he’d been waiting for. He leaned forward into me, and our lips met.

The kiss was tentative, still strange. As Nikki’s gentle whispers urged us on, we gave ourselves to it, lips clinging, exploring, tongues entangled.

I could barely hear Nikki now as the kiss enkindled a hunger in us both, and became fiercer, more demanding. Kissing became nibbling and finally biting, our hands now moving across the other’s hot flesh.

I curled my fingers in Ben’s hair and roughly pulled his head back. My teeth fastened in his throat and he gasped, his lower body tight against mine, his hands moving on my ass, up my back.

Now Nikki stepped in to kiss me, then Ben, taming the hunger with her wet mouth. We were feverish with passion. My skin felt taut, as though it would split unless I gave the passion full rein.

Ben’s mouth moved across my chest, licking, biting. Nikki’s tongue was in my mouth and our tongues dueled with a fire neither had ever known before.

Her voice was soft in my ear. “Touch him, Mark. It’s okay. You know you want to. He wants this, too. Just trust me, and let go.”

Nikki took my unresisting hand, guided it to Ben’s cock. As my fingers touched the smooth skin, he stiffened with a little gasp. My fingers traced the length of him, cupping him gently, stroking from the base to the head, lightly, over and over again. I squeezed gently and he shuddered. his eyes rolling back.

Nikki touched my arm and sank to her knees. She looked up at me with a mixture of passion and tenderness in her eyes; then she took me in her wet mouth.

I clutched tighter at Ben’s cock, wringing a gasp from him. Her mouth slid smoothly up and down my shaft, going deeper each time, till my cock was buried in her mouth, just inside her throat. She swallowed once, and I gasped.

She guided Ben’s hand to my cock now, relinquishing it with her mouth, and as he touched me, she took him in her mouth, letting me watch her pretty mouth engulf him. He gripped me hard, stroking fast, but Nikki’s hand on his wrist slowed him. She pushed us into each other and began to take turns with us, one in her mouth for three thrusts, then the other.

We clutched at each other, moaning, not knowing and not caring that it was a man we touched.

Nikki rose to her feet, still clutching us, and gave us both a deep kiss. “Come to the bed, lovers. I want to watch you with each other, and then I want you to make love with each other, and with me. C’mon.”

The bed wasn’t that far away – good for me; my knees were weak from both Ben and Nikki’s ministrations. She pushed Ben onto the bed, made him lie flat on his back, his legs spread. Then she turned to me.

“Mark, I want you to get up there and suck his cock. I want you to treat him the way I treat you – tease him till he can’t stand it, and then back off. Tease him some more, then back off – and when he can’t stand it any more, I want you to hold him in your mouth while he cums, and swallow it all. Will you do that for me?”

I looked into her eyes, and if there had been any rebellion left in me, it was gone in that instant. I merely nodded, and climbed up on the bed.

Before, I hadn’t had a chance to properly appreciate Ben’s cock. He was throbbing, the blood pounding in the big vein, and it must have been at least nine inches long, and correspondingly thick. How the hell was I going to do this?

I looked at Nikki, four inches shorter than me, and decided if she could do it, so could I. For Nikki, I’d find a way to make it happen.

But first I looked at Ben. I leaned up over him, my cock bumping against his, and I kissed him. This time there was no resistance in either of us; the kiss was as gentle and as genuine as any I’ve ever given, any I’ve ever had.

Moments later, I turned around and knelt above him. My tongue reached out, to lazily swirl around the head, not only touching but tasting. Ben moaned quietly and I experimentally licked again, longer this time. I was rewarded with a louder moan. My fingers reached underneath his balls, cupped them gently as I took the head into my mouth and sucked lightly.

Ben jerked, his hips thrusting upward, and I took another inch or two into my mouth. Behind me, Nikki stroked my cock, keeping me hard – as if there was any longer any doubt of that! - occasionally stopping to lick along my shaft. I moaned with three-quarters of Ben’s cock in my mouth, and Ben groaned deeply as the sound sent ripples down his shaft, all the way to his balls.

Nikki walked up to stand beside me, her fingers lightly caressing from my ass to my shoulders. My mouth was full, so kissing was out of the question; but she bent down and bit my ear gently. and then whispered, “Do you trust me?”

I let my eyes answer: Yes.

She put one hand on my neck, caressing, then abruptly shoved my head down with all her strength. The last of Ben’s cock popped into my mouth, down my throat, and Nikki said quickly, “It’s okay, Mark. You can breathe. Just take it easy – don’t fight it.”

I was pretty sure I was dying, but I trusted her, and after a few panicked moments I realized she was right- I could breathe. The realization made me relax a bit and my throat muscles ceased to spasm. I breathed deep, Ben’s entire cock still buried in my mouth, down my throat.

Nikki let go of my neck and I moved up, going all the way up his cock, leaving only the head in my mouth. I moved down, slower this time, meeting resistance at the back of my throat again, but I knew it could be done, and I did it. taking it all the way down my throat.

My short but sharp nails teased his balls as I worked his cock in my mouth, moving up and down, corkscrewing a bit on the downstroke, taking him into my throat again and again. I wasn’t doing this for Nikki now. I was doing it for Ben, and for me. Finally, with every inch of him in my throat, I slammed him into my mouth with a series of short jabs.

I felt him cumming before it happened, and I swallowed him down three times before it burst out of his cock and down my throat. I swallowed like a man dying of thirst, taking every hot drop, letting none escape.

I held him in my mouth until the last spasm, the last ripple worked down his spine, and then I gently moved my mouth up, sucking gently as I did, raking my teeth along his shaft as a final tease.

I moved off the bed and Nikki met me, her mouth meeting mine in a kiss that was half-crazed. I could scent her arousal, and a careful finger-probe settled the matter; she was drenched to the point of dripping from watching us. Her hand slipped down to encircle my rigid shaft as I tried to grind against her, my arms going around her to pull her tight against me. Our mouths met, our tongues circling each other like moths circling a porch light. She moaned when she realized I hadn’t swallowed all of Ben’s cum, but had reserved some for her. She went after it frantically, like this was the only chance she’d ever get to taste it. I leaned in and bit her neck and her hand tightened on my cock. I groaned; I was horny as hell, I wanted to cum and I didn’t care how or with whom. No matter how it happened, I was sure it would be mind-blowing.

Nikki fell to her knees on the carpeted floor and took just the head of my dick in her mouth. I almost came right then, but she turned her head so far as my cock would allow her and motioned to Ben. He came over to us, still somewhat wobbly from his orgasm, and knelt next to her. His hands went to her breasts, started to tease them and play with her nipples. She moaned and I felt it all the way down my shaft, but then she raised her head. “Come over here, Ben,” she said. “Your turn.”

If he’d felt reluctance earlier, it was clearly all but gone now. He took my cock loosely in his hand and looked up. His eyes met mine and a variety of emotions played across his face – chiefly, I think, wonder. Then he lowered his head and his tongue lapped at the head of my cock, slowly. In fact, he went a bit too slow for my taste and I hissed impatiently. He looked up at me again and gave me a twisted grin. “Relax,” he said. “I’ll get there. I can only give my first blow job once, and I want to do it right. Ease down and I’ll take care of you.”

I hitched in a ragged breath and tried to relax. Ben looked up at me a moment longer, then bent down again and began running his tongue from the head down the shaft. One hand cupped and gently squeezed my balls as he teased me with his tongue. I shivered, my cock hard as stone as he traced his tongue back up the shaft to the head, then took it in his mouth. He held it there for a second, as if getting used to the feel of it, then slowly ran his mouth down my shaft, licking as he went. He got about four inches into his mouth before he stopped and came back up… licking… licking. I was moaning loudly. My first experience with a man… so far it was so much better than I had expected. My eyes closed as he gently sucked the head a few times… then I felt his teeth close on the supersensitive skin just under the head.

I hardly dared breathe. His tongue continued to swirl about the head, and the pressure of his teeth made a mild adrenaline surge shoot through me. He took me completely out of his mouth, then he began to bite his way down my shaft. He maintained a very light pressure of his teeth against my skin, and the danger of it ran through my veins like lightning. Part of me wanted to pull away; the other part had no will to resist as he took me in his mouth again and glided his teeth down my cock, going farther than before. Then his teeth retracted from my skin and he began to suck. His mouth moved back up my shaft, licking and sucking, and on his next thrust, he buried my dick in his mouth, taking nearly all of it.

Nikki had been kissing us both anywhere she could reach, but now she lay on her back and leaned up to lick my balls, slow, wet swipes of her tongue that made the blood sing through my veins. One hand went behind me and she slipped a finger between my cheeks to probe gently at my asshole. She pushed a little, just the tip of her finger entering me; then she pushed in a little farther, Ben’s mouth gliding up and down my cock. Finally his lips were right up against my balls and the head nudged the back of his throat. He swallowed and Nikki pushed her finger all the way up inside me. I tensed, but that’s when Ben swallowed my cock.

I almost came.

Nikki was pushing her finger in and out of my ass and Ben began to move back, sucking hard, his mouth maintaining an almost-vacuum around my steel-hard dick. He kept his mouth moving – up and down, up and down, licking and sucking, nibbling now and again. Nikki added another finger and I gasped, but my cock jerked harder still. When she was sure I was relaxed, she reached for a tube of silicone lube I hadn’t seen before and began to work the cold stuff into my asshole.

I didn’t know how to feel, my mind was whirling. My lover was preparing my ass to be fucked by my other lover, who was giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life. She finger-fucked my ass slowly, licking and sucking my balls, her tongue fluttering slowly against my perineum. She knew exactly how much I could take without cumming outright, even with Ben added to the equation. She added more lube and her fingers now glided into me instead of pushing me aside. She smiled up at me. “There, that wasn’t that bad, was it?”

I couldn’t answer. Between Ben’s mouth and Nikki’s fingers, I was on the knife edge of orgasm . Sensing it, she told Ben to slow down gradually – “keep him hard, but don’t make him cum.” Ben pulled his mouth off my cock and smiled, then began to lick and suck my balls. That’s when Nikki added a third finger.

I yelped, caught between pleasure and pain. Ben pulled away long enough to squirt a little extra lube up my ass and Nikki’s fingers eased it in. It was still a little painful, but I continued to relax and soon she was back to gliding her fingers out of my tightly clutching ass – only now it was three fingers.

I hadn’t noticed until now, or maybe there hadn’t been anything to notice before, but Ben’s cock was standing straight out again. I reached out to give it a gentle stroke and Nikki said, “Perfect!”. She pushed us into a hot 69 and while we sucked each other, she started lubing Ben’s butt.

Ben and I were lying on our sides – much easier on the neck than the traditional 69 position – and I was in an ideal position to watch as Nikki fingered his ass, following the same procedure she’d used on me – first one finger, then lube – two fingers, more lube – and finally three fingers, as far and as deep as she could go, spreading him wide, and lots more lube. Ben had taken my cock down his throat several times so far – he learned faster than I did, though I could tell I was no slouch at it, either – if the look on his face was any indication, anyway.

Nikki finished her lubing chores and moved to sit where we could both watch. She spread her legs wide and pulled her folds apart; then she slowly and deliberately pushed two fingers into her soaking pussy. Ben and I broke apart to watch her, but our fingers curled around the other’s cock and stroked sensuously, keeping ourselves hard – though the show Nikki was putting on would have done that on its own! She watched us stroke each other and her fingers pumped into her pussy faster, harder. She moaned, a long, throaty sound that sent chills up my spine as I teased Ben’s rigid shaft. She twitched several times as she gave her clit some quick flicks with one juice-covered finger. “Get over here,” she commanded. “I need to be fucked – now!”

Happy to oblige, we moved forward as one. Nikki smiled wickedly as her fingers continued to tease her swollen clit. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned, “how, to choose…?” She shut her eyes tight for a second, then opened them again. “Ben – I want you in my pussy.” She lay on her back, legs spread wide, knees up and feet flat on the bed.

Ben didn’t hesitate. He took her hips in his hands and slid his hardened shaft deep into her. She groaned and pushed back into him to take all of him. “Mark, get behind Ben. Fuck his ass while he fucks my pussy. Hurry… I can’t wait… I’m too hot….”

I moved behind Ben and grasped his hips, lined up my cock with his ass. I hardly dared breathe as I felt the head of my cock push against him. I went slowly, but never moved backward… just pushing inexorably until the head of my cock popped into his tight ass. I paused to let him become accustomed to the feeling, then pushed forward again, slowly. I felt him push back against me, forcing my shaft deeper and I began to fuck his ass, gently at first, then as he showed no sign of discomfort, harder… deeper.

I filled him to the hilt as he filled Nikki to the hilt. God, how can I describe that feeling? He was tight and slick as any woman, but his body was hard and lean against mine. We found a rhythm then, pulling back and slamming forward as one, Ben fucking Nikki, me fucking Ben. Every time I surged into him, he slammed forward hard and buried his cock deep into Nikki’s wetness, as deep as it would go, bouncing off her cervix again and again. Our voices were entangled, too, moaning and groaning, and once again I found myself on the razor’s edge. I hadn’t cum yet and my cock felt enormous, hot and swollen as I slammed it in and out of Ben. I no longer worried about hurting him and I pounded him hard and deep, driving him into Nikki over and over and over… We fucked and fucked and fucked and suddenly I went completely over the edge, filling Ben’s ass with a torrent of hot sticky juices, cumming like a waterfall. That set him off, too, and he exploded deep in Nikki’s tight cunt and she wailed and screamed and came as we continued to fuck, drawing it out, making it last as long as we could. If I lived to be a thousand, I would never forget this night, this forbidden ecstasy. Never.


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