Rise and fall, rise and fall, the water rolled over his body. Mahir’s eyes opened, lashes crusty with salt and fur uncomfortably matted. Sand beneath him sank with each passing wave, his legs half buried. He rose to consciousness, body aching. Others lay scattered; friends, families, sailors. His feline ears rose, swiveling for any sounds.

Isadora? Where was Isadora? He moved to his feet, dug his claws into the sand. His tail undulated slightly behind him as he turned to stare at the hull of the ship. Beyond it, a great expanse of beach curled around in a crescent. Turquoise water glimmered in the sun. “Isadora?”

He stumbled forward and nearly tripped over another, but caught himself as a soft moan came from beneath him. Mahir took a step back, he blinked down at the limp body of Ashlyn. He crouched to get a better look at her. Still breathing, clothing was in tatters, lost, her breasts exposed. He ignored the instinctive tingle between his legs and stroked the healer”cheek to wake her. “Ashy?”

Slowly her eyes fluttered open, the sound of her name having drawn her back from the state of shock. “Keru?” But Keru didn’t call her ‘Ashy’. “Where… what happened?” Her brain didn’t seem to want to process the beach scattered with broken beams and bodies.

“Mahir,” he told her, “We’ve crashed.” His eyes turned back toward the many unconscious. “I’m the first awake.” He looked back to her, “Are you…” He touched her head then drew back to show her the blood. “You might have a concussion. How many Mahirs am I?”

“Just one,” she smiled wryly at him. “I’ll heal myself and then help.” She sat up.

They parted to gather the survivors. Keru was still inside the ship, waterlogged but breathing. Ashlyn clung to him, pressing kisses against his face and throat. He was limping but could walk, and the pair moved to help a small girl pinned to the sand with a large piece of wood.

A soldier babbled nearby, “Oh god, where’s the Captain? Oh god, the ship! It’s, it’s–” Mahir let out a loud snarl, so loud that all the survivors nearby looked to him and fell still. Even the babbling sailor.

“Shut up. Wherever he is, it doesn’t matter. We need to survive. Now go with him,” he pointed to Keru, “And start gathering wood. We need to make a fire, or we’ll all die tonight from the cold.”

Keru moved immediately to begin gathering wood, and left the newly freed child to his wife to comfort. “Come on,” he gestured to the frightened sailor, and another one nearby. “Now.”

As the night came, the survivors gathered around a fire together. No one sat on the sand, as Mahir knew what a hassle that’d be, and now they had a bed of leaves that spanned enough room for them all. Stones and logs were gathered as seats. The smell of cooking seafood filled the air as the netted crabs and fish cooked on flat stones. Everyone was distracted with each other. Speaking. Finding meaning. Mahir, though, sat alone and gazed into the fire.

Ashlyn moved away from her husband, who cradled the sleeping Yayshah they’d found earlier, and to Mahir. She sat in the leaves beside him and nuzzled into his shoulder. “Isadora is strong, Mahir. She’s probably leading another group towards us right now.”

He didn’t look away from the fire. “Maybe so. Or…” He started to say the obvious, but shook his head. “I’m glad you’re here, at least. And Keru. Yayshah, poor Yayshah.”

“She’ll be all right, I’ve taken the worst of her wounds,” Ashlyn tried to reassure her brother in law about his daughter.. despite the fact that the girl’s worst wounds weren’t to her physical form.

Mahir’s moved his eyes to Ashlyn, “She needs her mother. Until then, though. Would you…?”

“Of course, of course.” The healer brushed her hand over his chest, “I’ll take care of her.”

The alpha smiled and his arms moved around her, and he drew Ashlyn into a close embrace, her breasts against his chest. He pressed his nose into her neck and drew in a breath, “Thank you, Ashy.” Still, he didn’t draw away. After a moment, he said, “You got big boobies.” She could feel the silly grin in his voice.

It made her giggle, and she nuzzled his mane. “We’ll be all right.” Her arms circled his waist and she rested her head on his collarbone.

Mahir just held her for a time and listened to the sound of her breath, the waves, his heart beating in his ears. Out the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Keru. He realized, “Keru’s watching us. He looks sort of jealous.” The man’s arms tightened around her to draw her a bit closer. One of his hands lowered, maybe for better leverage, to press at the side of her thigh.

“You’re awful,” she laughed softly, but played along since she knew Keru would be that much more attentive to her when she returned. Sometimes, she felt he hadn’t paid much attention to her since the loss of their infant son.

“Said the Princess of Darkness,” he teased, and then surprising them both, pressed a kiss to her neck. Mahir’s tail flicked, then came to rest on Ashlyn’s, gently brushing her fur. He realized, “You want to make him jealous, though, don’t you?”

“A husband needs a reminder to be attentive every once in a while,” she grinned at him.

Mahir’s hand lowered more to brush at her ass, as his teeth closed against her throat. The man squeezed her flesh, felt her in his hand.

“Mmmm.” Her hand brushed along his chest, lowered to his stomach, where she rubbed the soft, thin fur there. As her hand lowered, it brushed against something warm and hard. She lowered it a little further, and confirmed what she first suspected. Mahir’s cock slipped from his sheath.

She froze, her eyes flicking up to his. “My goodness Mahir,” her voice a whisper.

“It’s not my fault,” he insisted, “You’re just, so. So…”

Keru slipped from Yayshah and moved toward the pair. “Um. Hey um. Ashlyn?”

Ashlyn bit her lip and pressed her face into Mahir’s chest, unwilling to reveal the hunter’s erection to her husband. Of course she meant to make him jealous, but not -that- jealous!

Mahir didn’t look to Keru, “I think you meant to speak to me. What do you need?”

Ashlyn’s mouth dropped open and she bit Mahir’s collarbone lightly in her outrage. What was he -doing-?

Keru blinked and his ears lowered, “I just thought, Ashlyn, maybe you might want to go look for shells?” A passive aggressive attempt to extricate her from Mahir’s grasp. A rather poor one, since it was night.

“No Keru, please make a place to sleep for Yayshah. Thank you.” She looked at her husband over her shoulder, her tone bland and her expression speculative.

Keru bowed his head a little, “But Ashlyn. Um. Well. I’ll be right back.”

Ashlyn’s fingers tightened, and she wondered just when her hand had come to rest on Mahir’s cock.

Mahir let out a little sound and shifted his hips and breathed deep of her scent, then said, “You’ve got me.” He leaned back a little to look down at her tits, “Keru didn’t try very hard. I don’t think he’s jealous enough yet, or else surely he’d have stopped you.”

“Truly?” Ashlyn wasn’t sure and cast a glance over her shoulder to see what her husband was doing. Then she felt it. His hand cupped one of her tits. “They’re bigger than Isadora’s,” he said, as if he were comparing gardens. “Heavier. I like it. You’re, really beautiful.” He rolled her nipple as he groped her chest, and watched as her eyes closed in bliss.

“Does he do everything you tell him?” Mahir was surprised, “Isadora and I are more of a, um, partnership.”

“He does, yes.” Ashlyn’s hand moved up and down Mahir’s cock in leisurely caresses. “He always has.”

Mahir glanced over to Keru, who was watching them as he spoke to Yayshah in soft tones. “He’s watching, but, hasn’t left her yet. Maybe he’s too afraid.” Mahir’s eyes flicked to Ashlyn’s, “The others are watching too. I think the men smell you. I do. It’s. It’s intoxicating.”

“I might be near my season of heat,” Ashlyn confessed. “We were going to have a vacation on the island and if I were to go back home with a swelling in my belly, well then all the better.”

Mahir let out a little growl of pleasure, then pressed his teeth to her neck. “Then we need to be careful. I’m worried, I might become overwhelmed by a desire to, to take you.” His admission was embarrassing– that he would lose control, but he had to be honest.

“Mahir, don’t,” Ashlyn shivered, and her hand stopped moving on his cock although she didn’t remove it altogether.

“I think I have an idea to prevent me from, from sating my desire on you.” Mahir looked into her eyes, and continued to grope her breast. Keru pressed a kiss to Yayshah’s forehead, bu-t still he watched the pair.

“You do? What is it?” Ashlyn wished her husband would come up, right then, and press his cock into her. She was so aroused, it was difficult not to simply shift a bit and sit on Mahir’s lap.

“You said Keru would do anything for you,” he said. He wasn’t sure why it seemed so natural to suggest, but he said, “You could tell them to sate me himself, you know, so that I’m not overtaken by my lust for you.”

Ashlyn watched Keru dubiously, not sure what to make of that suggestion. Without meaning to she drew Keru to them with her glances. Yayshah was safely asleep and within their sight, and Ashlyn moved so that Keru could clearly see Mahir’s cock for a second before she drew him to her and pressed his head against her bare breast. “Keru,” she whispered to him, “Keru I can’t stop him, I don’t want him to give me a baby… I want -your- baby. Please, if you make him cum then he won’t cum inside me. Please don’t let that happen.”

Keru stared at his wife, “Ashlyn,” but then his eyes fell to Mahir’s cock. Images of it penetrating his wife sent bursts of jealous rage into him. “You want me to stroke him? Can’t he do it himself?”

Mahir said, “If I do it myself, it’ll be inside her!”

Ashlyn looked helplessly between them, then at Keru. “He’s in charge,” she felt a bit bewildered as to why this was happening, and why it seemed so natural. Every time she breathed Mahir’s scent it sent her thoughts tumbling, and her desire flamed stronger.

Keru glanced around, “Where do you want to go?”

Mahir shook his head, “I can’t wait that long.” He took Keru’s hand, then pulled his brother to the ground beside them, and then the hand to his cock. “Go ahead.” Keru did as he was asked and started to stroke the hard dick. His eyes moved to Ashlyn, who was looking at Mahir rather than him.

“This isn’t enough,” Mahir said as he and Ashlyn gazed into each other’s eyes.

Ashlyn’s hand reached out to touch Keru’s cheek, then she reached behind his head and guided it lower. Keru lowered his mouth to the dick, self conscious and quite aware that others were watching.

Mahir said, “You’re such a good friend, Keru.” As he spoke, his hand cupped Ashlyn’s tit, groped and stroked her breast, pulled at her nipple and teased it with the length of his index finger.

Ashlyn didn’t know why precisely she found it so satisfying to watch her husband’s mouth descend on his adopted brother’s cock, but she sat beside Mahir and felt her pussy tingling. Mahir seemed to sense it, and his hand moved between her legs to stroke at her slit. It was wet, and he raised his fingers in surprise.

“You’re so wet,” he remarked, then drew her wetness to his lips, and gave his fingers a little lick. “This is really turning you on, isn’t it?”

“I’m almost in season,” she half-apologized, embarrassed. “I can’t help it.” But she didn’t stop as Mahir’s hand reached between her legs again, only rest her head on Mahir’s shoulder and watched Keru’s head bob. The light squilch-squelch of her sex was loud enough that the Mairead nearby perked their ears their direction, even as they caught the scent of her on the wind. “Keru,” he said as he drew his fingers out, “You should taste this,” and then he rubbed her sex-honey onto his shaft, so that as Keru bobbed, he tasted his wife on this cock. As if it’d been inside her.

She gasped as Mahir’s fingers probed her pussy again, and widened her thighs. Directly in front of her, about two-dozen feet away, she gazed into the eyes of one of the men who watched, his hand in his own pants as he watched the three of them.

Mahir’s brow furrowed, “I’m so close,” he pressed his lips to Ashlyn’s and kissed her deeply. The slurp-slurp of Keru’s mouth on his cock mixed with the lick-lap of his brother and wife’s tongues dancing with each other. Then Mahir started to groan, and Keru pulled back. Mahir let out a sound of frustration, and nearly growled, but Ashlyn knew what to do. She moved to her knees before her husband’s brother and took his dick between her lips.

Keru leaned back, his mouth glistening with the saliva and precum, and stared at his wife whose eyes were on his brother’s eyes. Mahir let out a sound, and the second time he’d made this sound, “I’m cumming,” he told her, “Oh I’m cumming!” The dick pulsed in her mouth, and with the first spurt, the essence of Mahir’s scent, his completion, his satisfaction and desire filled her mouth.

As Mahir’s seed spilled into Ashlyn’s mouth, she swallowed, gulping enthusiastically and feeling her yearning to mate increase tenfold. As he slowed, she let the cum gather in her mouth as her eyes flicked to her husband, who watched with his mouth agape. With a small pool of Mahir’s cum in her mouth she drew her lips tightly along the shaft, slurping along the way, until her mouth came off with a gentle schlup. With a closed-mouth smile, she gazed down at her husband, and then bent to kiss Keru. His mouth still open, it was easy for her to thrust her tongue into his mouth and deliver Mahir’s seed, letting her husband taste the cum he’d worked so hard for.

Mahir stroked both her and Keru’s head, his breath deep and a relaxed smile on his face. “I think that’ll abide for awhile. Keru, you’re a natural.” He drew Ashlyn beside him again, and pressed his foot at her ankle to open her legs, to Keru and he said, “You should lick her now. Satisfy her, as you satisfied me.”

Keru looked up at his wife, Mahir’s cum smeared on his lips, even as she felt the cum in her own mouth; she knew what he was tasting at that moment. With a happy smile she reached for her husband, embraced him and nuzzled his cheek. “Thank you. I love you, Keru.” She pressed her hips up, and her hand on his shoulders lowered his head toward her cunt.

His tongue drew up along her slit, and teased at her clitty. He started long, steady laps as he looked up in Ashlyn’s eyes, her face framed by Mahir’s hands grasping and groping her breasts. “Just to help,” Mahir said with a smile.

Ashlyn’s lips parted on a low moan, her husband’s tongue tracing circles around her nub, in the way he knew she always found maddening.

“I’ll help a little more,” Mahir said as he ran his finger along Keru’s face to pick off a little of the cum that’d spilled onto his chin, and then pressed the finger into Ashlyn.

She gasped and stiffened, her pussy spasming in an orgasm that sent her, gasping and giving little whimpers, back onto the sand. Mahir was over her in an instant, his snarl at the other male savage enough that the other actually -fell- backward. His cock thrust into Ashlyn’s slick, squeezing tightness, and she moaned loudly beneath him at the fulfillment of her body’s most primal desire. Cock. The dominant male’s cock within her, giving him her seed. Thoughts, intentions, those fled and all that remained was that single desire.

Mahir bit at her throat and fucked his cock into his sister-in-law. Ashlyn’s heavy breasts bounced with each thrust, as she let out little sounds of surprise, of pleasure, of need and desire.

Helplessly Ashlyn looked at her husband, her ears lowered in apology. Keru said, “Ashlyn, but, Ashlyn. Our child!” She reached out to brush his hand with her cheek. “Keru,” she promised breathlessly, “she will be -our- child, no matter… who fathers… her.” Ashlyn fucked back against Mahir then, as the older, stronger male’s cock pushed against her cervix in a painful-pleasurable way that she sought eagerly.

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