feathers and ice

Mona was a beautiful woman in her early forty’s. Born of Latino heritage with an exotic mix of Oriental features gave her a sexy an erotic look. Her body was just on the edge of plump with an ass wiggle that would turn the heads in a crowd and breasts that heaved of lust with ample cleavage that spilled out of every outfit she wore. Large nipples lit the eyes of smitten men as she paraded across the room with perfect posture and the confidence that every man and woman in the room enjoyed her as she walked by.

Everyone that knew Mona had no illusion to what drove this beautiful creature of the night. It was sex. She moved with it, talked of it, smelled of erotic incense, and looked into your eyes with a fiery passion that made most men insecure.

An evening in the city introduced her to her new friend. Tequila shots broke all barriers between them and they found one very special commonality, they were both unnaturally driven by sex. Mona really liked her new young friend. She refused to let him say his name because she loved to play games and he was just delighted to find someone as twisted as himself. He was not particularly handsome, even slight of build, but he had glint of lust and need that Mona had never seen before.

As he tipped his head downing another shot, Mona reached beneath the small table and caressed his cock. He didn’t flinch, just thrust his hips toward her. She laughed and smiled with large white teeth that lit her face with fun. Her hand traced his shaft through his levis’ making her salivate and involuntarily squeezed her pussy with her thighs. He inhaled softly has she tapped and massaged the swollen head of his cock. She laughed telling him he was so “easy” because he already had a hard-on. He laughed back telling her it had been hard since she sat at his table. Mona whistled softly between fleshy lips for appreciation of his thick 9 inch rod. His balls were big too and she knew he very likely had huge creamy orgasms.

They continued to talk at their table and found an honesty and comfort level not shared before. He could easily share his darkest sensual secrets and not only she understood but in many instances related on a common understanding that they were different. They both confessed their lives were completely controlled by intense sexual needs that most of their partners did not fully comprehend.

They both vowed to explore each other’s desires in ways that no one had even cared to try. They need not worry about inhibition or limits as both ached to be tested to the depths of their passions.

Mona stood and held out her hand and he clasped it like a school boy with his first girlfriend. Both their palms were moist from the desires fueled by the certainly they would be locked together in spirit and body until both were drained from exhaustion.

They entered her home and he smiled with appreciation to whatever forces brought them together. He had room mates and little money while she was established and lived in a small cottage off the main road. The living room was a perfect analysis of her sexual nature. Bright colors and large dark comfy furniture. Nudes hanging in expensive picture frames gave a feel of class but not sophistication. He peeked into her bedroom and grinned when he saw the rings mounted on the head board and footboard of her bed. He expected a closet full of ropes and toys and he was not disappointed.

Mona put a sensual Latin CD in the player and began to sway to the music. He sat in a large cushioned chair and watched as she joined sexually with the music. She danced in front of a lit fireplace and candle lit room. Her arms lifted high in the air made eerie snake like shadows dance with her. They agreed the game tonight would be at her whims and she was not shy dictating the rules. Her skirt floated to the floor and she pointed to him and he too slid off his pants. Her blouse opened and revealed a bra that was delicate and small allowing most of her DD sized bosom to be exposed. Only her nipples were covered but she was so hot that they pushed through the material exposing so much that she might as well not been wearing anything. Soon she was not and his shirt flew across the room. Mona’s ass was buxom and she was proud to swing it. The tiny thong panties painted her shaven pussy lips and the string down the back covered very little. She continued to sway with the Samba beat and her breasts danced a sexy dance. Her boy (as Mona called him, as he had no name) was only wearing his shorts but they too were tossed when Mona slipped her thong off. She turned when she pulled them down so he could watch her ass become naked. Once nude, Mona leaned forward and spread her legs so he could have an erotic view of her shaved pussy and ass. He watched from between her legs as her large breasts swung with the rhythm of the music.

Mona smiled with appreciation as her young trainee exposed a full, thick, 9 inch, man stick. He started to touch himself but she slapped his hand and told him it wasn’t time. He obeyed. Mona teased his cock with her tits, ass, and pussy. He was lost in a world sensation and lust. Her mouth closed over the massive head of his meat but she did not move. Instead she placed his hands in her hair and instructed him to pull her head up and down deciding how deep it was to go into her mouth. He loved this game and began to masturbate himself with her mouth. He pumped slow and fast, deep and shallow. He pulled her mouth off his dick with a wet pop as her full lips tried not to release. He pulled her head back down and her mouth opened and allowed his cock to dip to the back of her throat. She long ago had mastered the technique of deep dick sucking without gagging. She could taste his pre cum and longed for the full load to spurt endlessly filling her mouth and belly with fuck juice. He could easily have three full orgasms before running out of cum but decided to hold off as the first cum was always the biggest. He had a fantasy of his own that would be a first for him.

The young man told Mona that he had a fantasy but said he would only tell her later. That just turned Mona on more in anticipation. She had explained to him that her first fantasy was for him to tie her up as she was so often the aggressor that she wanted to be the submissive one for the first part of the evening. She also wanted to test to see if she had chosen a real sex alcoholic as she herself was one. She wanted a young man with stamina, imagination, complete inhibitionism, and with a twisted appreciation of what two people (or more) can enjoy.

He began his rein of control by lifting her head off his cock and kissing her hard on the lips. He lead her to her bedroom and pushed her on the bed as if she were unimportant. Mona loved ropes and bondage and her headboard was already equipped with thick soft velvet ropes. He wordlessly positioned her at the foot of the bed and placed a thick cushion for her to sit on, then pushed her on her back. The ropes went around her wrists and looped around the backs of her knees. This left Mona helpless with her arms spread over her head and her legs lifted and spread with the rope behind her knee. She cooed at this knew twist in her sex life. He then grabbed the bed remote and lifted the foot of the bed and slid a chair in front of her spread eagle position. With her hips higher then her head, her pussy and ass hole were spread as wide as was possible. He pulled his chair in front of her and just enjoyed the erotic view. He could look at her pussy for hours but there was work to do and cum to lick.

Mona just loved this. She enjoyed flaunting her body and often had been to nude beaches. But this was more. This was intensity in exhibitionism. Her legs spread eagled, her ass uplifted by cushions, her legs pulled back for the ultimate view. She new not only her ass and pussy were on display but they were spread open to the max…or so she thought.

Her younger friend had compiled several tools for the evenings event. Feathers to tickle, vibrators to insert, ice to titillate, and ten fingers and a hungry tongue to play. First he gave her a warm sponge bath, tenderly and lovingly wiping her face neck, breasts, tummy, legs and feet, and finally he took great care and delight in her pussy and ass. He already adored this woman for all the wonderful sensations she had gifted to him. He so enjoyed spreading her pussy lips and love opening just to gaze on the erotica they exuded. He was more then delighted to see creamy white cum bubbles slowly dripping from inside her. He could not resist and dipped his tongue in to coat it with her cum for a taste. Mona gasped and quietly moaned with gratefulness.

The young man with no name had always been a sex hound, insatiable and always in need of sex. No partner had ever completely satisfied all his fantasies and whims but he saw in Mona a chance to achieve his dreams. He had also been obsessed with orgasmic cum. He loved to lick pussy of every drop and was most satisfied when his partner “squirted” when she had an orgasm. The “wetter the better” was always his motto. He wasn’t the least bit gay but enjoyed porn to the fullest and always enjoyed seeing an erect cock shoot a load of sex juice into a woman’s open mouth. He always thought if he was a woman he would enjoy that at well. He always thought it was too bad that cocks were hooked to men and therefore revolting. He thought it would be nice if they were hooked to something else. Cum was cum and therefore the “wetter the better”.

Mona was a great “cummer”. She drooled both clear wet squirt cum and thick white creamy cum. He loved watching it flow from her pussy even without his touch. It wouldn’t be long before he was compelled to lick every drop as it dripped down the crack of her ass. Nothing felt more erotic to him them pushing his face deep between her fleshy pussy lips. His nose pressing on her clit while his tongue was two inches inside her was a feeling like none other on earth. When she creamed hard with a scream he would run his face up and down her crotch until all of his face and hair with wet with her juices. He would not stop until she could no longer cum for him.

Because of the remote area of Mona’s cottage they were unbound by noise of any kind. Mona and he could scream and laugh and act tough or loving with no thought they could be heard. He encouraged Mona to scream with ecstasy and she had no problem with the request. They also talked during sex between pants of passion to egg the other on. He made her repeatedly beg him to torture her, to look at her, and to use her body to satisfy any need. She had no problem with that request. He switched from loving to rough and back again. He screamed she was just a bitch in heat and she loved everything he did and everything he shoved in her pussy, from toys to cucumbers. Mona was a good girl and screamed how much she loved it and she begged for more. She begged he enjoy himself in any way he saw fit…..and he did.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. He told her a fantasy that he had never experienced and only she was the sex goddess he could trust. She laughed and called him such a naughty boy and nothing could stop her from her task. She praised him for this evening with promises for more.

Still tied at the end of the bed with her legs gapping open he rose from his chair and rammed his rock solid cock into her belly. Mona rose to the occasion and bucked the best she could. She had excellent control of her pussy muscles and she squeezed on his cock with every deep thrust. The young man had formidable control and didn’t release his load until he had enjoyed her for 20 minutes. This would only be the first of three or four orgasms he could enjoy in a night but the first was always the biggest. He let go and screamed words of lust and fulfillment as the first cum squirt filled her cunt. With every thrust he pumped in another huge load of creamy cock juice until she was full and it dripped off his shaft and down her ass.

He quickly untied her and fell to her side on the huge king sized bed. Mona stretched her legs and moved to action. She knew just what to do and could hardly contain herself to start. She got to her knees and positioned herself above his face. Holding on the headboard she could easily balance and control her movements. She was laughing and cooing, just delighted with his kinky request. She talked with him and told him how much she would enjoy this. He was already horny and ready. She started sliding over his face with her sopping, dripping, creamy pussy. From chin to top of his head she began bringing herself to another orgasm. Letting his nose tickle her clit left her gaping pussy hole over his mouth. She demanded he open wide for his just rewards. Reaching down to her clit she tickled herself for yet another orgasm. Her own cum pushed out the load and drooled into his mouth. The “wetter the better” gave a new definition as his mouth filled to capacity with a mixture of both Mona’s and his fruits of this incredible evening of sex. She began to slide up and down his face again and by the time she rolled to the bed his face, mouth, and hair looked like it had been covered in hair conditioner.

Their relationship flourished in a sexual whorl of imagination. Both had no other interest outside of their lustful desires and carried on separate lives when they weren’t having sex. Mona sat down with her young man and told him of a new an exciting adventure. He of course was all ears and couldn’t wait for the details. Mona explained that on rare occasions she would have four couples over for an orgy and asked if he would like to play. This was a very exciting proposition for him and was eager to hear the details. She explained that this group of people were very select and did not expand beyond these couples. This insured trust and the secure feelings that whatever happened during the parties, everything was agreed by all the couples. It was also agreed that there would be no barriers. Everyone was permitted to do anything to anyone they wished. It was also agreed that “Whatever happened at Mona’s parties, stayed private”.

He was definitely ready for this party and was nearly getting hard just thinking of the possibilities. He assumed that he and Mona would be the fifth couple…but that was not the case. Mona explained to him that this group was “exclusive” and therefore not anyone was just invited. He would not be a participating couple. He didn’t understand but remained intrigued. She explained that she had discussed the situation with the other couples and encouraged your participation because you were the greatest and most imaginative lover she had known. She also explained how he was game for anything and had no inhibitions to try new things. The couples had accepted her offer of sexual intrigue.

He asked how this was going to work. He asked what were the boundaries and the rules. She explained that there were no rules for them….but….his role would be quite unique. He was to be Mona’s “Party Favor.” A “Boy Toy” to entertain her friends. He would wear a leash, be lead by anyone who had a sexual desire. They would play with him and be serviced by him. He would always be wearing a blindfold so as not to reveal anyone’s identity.

He said he thought it would be one exciting evening and he was already looking forward to it. He asked what he might expect.

She told him to expect anything and everything. Any of the nine of us can use your cock or ass at our whim. You will be expected to service any of us until they are satisfied. That means both the men and the woman may choose for you to make them climax. They may spank you, fuck your ass, your mouth, and for sure they will want to play with that big cock of yours. You won’t know who or when they will demand your pleasures and you won’t be allowed to leave until they are done. And let me tell you…you will be in for a long night of suck and lust. She asked if he thought he was up for such sex fest.

She led him down to a room he had not known existed. It was the basement below her kitchen. It had a TV for porn movies, a stereo for ambient music, adjustable lights in different colors, even a strobe light. The furniture was oversized with washable covers. One of the walls had velvet ropes installed to tie someone in the standing position. There was a mechanical fucking machine that stroked in an out with a dildo on the end. A chair with foot stirrups and a double King Sized bed pushed together for an orgy of people.

He gasped and look wild eyed at her. To a man with insatiable need for sex, this was Heaven on Earth. Even so she was sure of the answer she asked again if he was positive he wanted to make this commitment.

He pulled down his pants to show her his cock was as hard as rock. “Not only am I ready…but I’ll be the best Party Favor they ever had!” He said.

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