Chapter 33

Sigourney & Me

Sigourney and I finished cleaning the place after everyone had left. It was about ten and as we wrapped things up I realized we were peeking at one another.

“Are you as horny as I am?” I asked.

“Probably hornier after watching them go at it all afternoon.”

With that she clamped her lips to mine and moaned deep into my mouth. A moment later her pelvis was grinding against mine while she nipped at my mouth and lips. Her hands were roaming wildly from my butt, to my back, and up into my hair. My hands had clamped themselves to her magnificent ass and as my hand drifted between the cheeks of her ass I could feel her heat and even some wetness through the denim of her jeans. Urging my hand forward, I cupped the sponginess of her mound and smiled at her reaction, which was to shove her pudenda harder against my hand.

Sigourney moaned, and her fingers turned to claws as they gripped the muscles of my back. She was panting as her tongue roamed around my gums and teeth, finally tearing away from my mouth only to bury her face in the crook of my neck.

Her hips were working frantically against my searching fingers.

My God, she’s going to come! I thought an instant before she went rigid in my arms. Her hips bucked violently, once, twice, three times; and then the hand that had been cupping her moist crotch was flooded with her hot ejaculate. She had squirted with a vengeance.

“Oh … I … shit!” She managed then shuddered her way from the peak of her climax down to the glow of completion.

Finally she was still. She hung from my arms as if her bones had turned to jelly. Sweat dripped from her face and saturated my shirtfront, while her juices had soaked through her jeans and were lubricating my fingers. I had never met a woman who came so copiously and violently as Sigourney.

Her eyes met mine and as she gripped my cock she whispered, “Bree, I have to suck your cock!”

That said, she brought my cock into her hot velvet mouth; and as it traversed the depth of her throat I felt a constriction on the head of my cock, and saw Sigourney’s eyes well up from the effort to deep throat me.

I gasped then swore, “Fuck!”

Sigourney held it for a second of two before gagging while I reeled in a rapture I’d seldom felt before.

She released my dick, took it out of her mouth, it was coated with her saliva. Tears rolled down her face until she thought to wipe them away. A moment later she recaptured my erection and brought it back to her mouth. This time she allowed her tongue to play with it and didn’t take it anywhere near as deep.

“Lick the head!”

She took it from her mouth and inspected it. “You have a delectable taste to you,” she told me. I moaned then said, “Ooooh let me fuck that mouth!”

I was back inside in a flash. “Ooooh! Oh, yeah!”

“That feel good?”

“Oh, you’re nasty.”


“Yeah, real nasty! Put a finger in your hole.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah … maybe add another one.”

“Mmmm, like so?”


“Watch me suck your cock, Bree. Watch me make you cum.”

And so I focused on Sigourney, her mouth filled with my aching meat and moments later her hand was softly massaging my tight balls and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she began rubbing my perineum. Her fingers felt wet, it was clear to me that while she was sucking me off she was fingering her pussy.

“You like that, Bree?”

“God, yes!”

Sigourney took me deep again until she started to gag, but left me there until I edged back a little to give her breathing room.

Meanwhile she reciprocated by applying undulating pressure to his prostate with her finger. Eventually she pulled her head off my dick, and leaving it soaked in saliva, looked into my eyes. “Mmmm, you like fucking my mouth, don’t you?”

“Love it!”

“Are you ready to come for me?”

“Yes, yes, I don’t think I can hold back.”

“Then don’t, cum in my mouth.”

I groaned; she had a filthy mouth and a filthy mind. She was a wonderful lover and an incredible slut.

Sigourney returned to circling my cock head with her tongue, stroking it with her hand using a twisting motion while taking the top half into her mouth over and over again. I could feel it swelling with a familiar sensation; I was not going to able to hold back now as she lowered her mouth deep down onto his cock again.

I threw my head back and yelled, “Fuck! Fuck!”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned while my jerking cock filled her mouth with semen. Her finger kept stabbing into my ass, prolonging my ejaculation phase about twice its normal length.

Finally, she released my from between her lips and swallowed what remained in her mouth. “Mmmm, you taste so good. Do I taste as good to you?”

“We’ll have news on that at eleven,” I answered, and we both laughed at my inanity.

She hadn’t stopped jerking me off, and kept a close watch on the eye of my cock as the last vestiges of semen oozed forth, and only then did she scoop up what remained and bring her fingers to her mouth, making a meal of licking it off her fingers then my cock.

“Mmmm, Bree baby, you have no idea how good you taste.”

“I know you hogged it all. I don’t know if I’ll share any of your juices with you after I make you come three or four times.”

“We’ll see about that when we see about that,” she replied.

“You’ve been watching too much Howard Cosell, I responded, referring to the most controversial sports broadcaster of the time.

“So, Siggy baby, want me to pinch those nipples?”


“Want me to eat you out?”


Using both hands, I stroked then lifted her breasts at the same time, loving the weight of them, the shape of them and the heat coming from them. Using my index fingers and thumbs, I started rolling her nipples; gently squeezing them and extending them until the rubbery knobs protruded from her breasts at least half an inch. She was moaning and rubbing her ass against my semi-erect cock. Reaching back Sigourney began rubbing her palms up and down the backs of my thighs. I leaned forward and ran my lips and tongue up and down the back of her neck and shoulders while my eyes feasted on the twin mounds of perfection that were her breasts. Full, round, and slightly up tilted, they were capped by those hard, long, dark pink nipples. Her breasts had virtually no sag at all. They were a work of art.

I needed to taste them. As my mouth dropped to one of her heaving tits, her hand went for testicles, manipulating them so as to generate the greatest pleasure possible. I sucked and nibbled at her nipples, tasting her flesh and the faint saltiness of her sweat before switching to the underside of each breast, until she whimpered, “Fuck me! Suck me down there! I need to get off!”

Her pussy was swollen and red with her juices already drooling down the crack of her gorgeous ass. I drank in her aroma. It was sweet, heady and spicy.

“Give it to me, baby,” she purred.

I was hard enough to fuck and positioned myself at her ruddy entrance. With a wild moan, she grabbed me and inserted my dick into her hot tunnel, thrusting her hips up at me at the same time I thrust into her. Our pelvic bones met and locked as we strained against each other. After a few moments I slowly withdrew until just the head of my cock was inside her hot, silky cunt then I slowly slid back in until I bottomed out. I got a rhythm going then began thrusting harder.

Sigourney’s moans turned to screams. “FUCK ME! Oh you bastard … don’t play with me … FUCK ME! … harder baby … give it to me … FUCK ME BREE!”

Then she was coming. Her slick hot juices flooded from her pussy in a series of spasms which I felt rip through her as her nails ripped furrows in my back while my hands mashed her ass and tits.

It took a while for things to calm down as neither of us wanted to relinquish the feelings we were experiencing, but finally we collapsed back onto the sweat soaked sheets. We lay just holding each other and tenderly kissing whatever flesh came within range until our breathing and heart rates returned to normal.

Sigourney started talking then, non-stop. “Don’t hate me, Bree, but I can’t stop thinking about the session earlier.”

“Anything specific?” I asked looking for a possible means of further stimulating my lover.

“Fuschia’s tits … and how Dan fingered her.”

“I remember you telling me you were soaked from watching them.”

“Was I ever! I had to take my panties off and go commando and then my jeans were drenched with my juices.”

“I could smell you,” I told her.

Startled by my admission, she said, “Really? You could smell me?”

“Sure, and you could probably have smelled my arousal as well if you had tried.”

“You think?”

“It’s the testosterone we give off when sufficiently stimulated. I’m pretty sure we smell it, but our other senses over-ride our noses. I mean, all we’re thinking about is fucking someone and that wipes out the olfactory senses. Well, it doesn’t wipe them out, but we’re distracted by wanting to get it on.”

She pulled away from me and peered up at me. “I think you’re right about that.”

Then she felt my erection pressing against her thigh and lowered her head until her extended tongue was slowly licking the tip of my cock. “Want me to jerk you off?”

“If you want to,” I replied.

She held my cock up to my belly, so she could lick the underside of my cock and get to my balls as well. The tongue bath she was giving my cock and balls was sensational. They were dripping with her saliva. Then she started to suck on my cock. All the while, her left hand was slowly jacking me off. I was really beginning to feel tightening that my orgasm was slowly approaching. She seemed to sense it and backed off to let my impending orgasm recede. It was as if she were counting to thirty. (Later she confessed she was counting, but not that high.)

Siggy took me back in her mouth while slowly bobbing her head up and down then paused to wet a finger on her right hand and began to probe my asshole. She went back to slowly bobbing her head up and down my cock. I began to encourage her by guiding her motions with my hand on her head and with my moans of pleasure. Her finger was completely inserted into my ass, stimulating my prostate. I was getting close when she took me down her throat.

“No, no!” I barked causing her to expel me from her mouth and pull the finger from my ass.

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, I want to fuck you. I won’t be able to if you suck all the juice from my dick.”

“I’m all for that,” she giggled.

“I have something else planned.”

“What, tell me, what is it?”

“You’ll see … then again, maybe you won’t.”

“Are you being silly, Bree? I don’t follow you…”

“Shhh!” I said and left the room in search of the package I had brought over two nights earlier with some toys I wanted to try on her.

When I returned the first thing Sigourney said was predictably enough, “What’s in the box?”

“Some presents,” I said striving for vagueness I wasn’t going to achieve.

“Toys, I bet you brought some toys over!” Her voice was filled with heady expectations and for the first time I began to doubt what I was about to do.

Putting the box down beside the bed, I joined her on the bed and lay on top of her. We kissed for a while then I gently bit and sucked on her neck and earlobes while lightly caressing her body. I teased her inner thighs with my mouth and tongue while my hands worked her breasts. I had her moaning continuously and felt the heat emanating off her smooth pussy. A quick lick from the bottom of her slit to her clit brought forth a groan of frustration from her. I smiled at her as I stood up and took the blindfold from the box.

“You’ve seen enough for the time being,” I said calmly and slowly placed it over her eyes.

“Can you see anything?”

“No, but…”

“Shhh. I’ll do the talking. You’ll have to wait for the rest,” I said, putting as much warmth into my voice as possible. Reaching back into the box I found the velvet ropes and started tying her wrists to the posts.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said, the excitement evident in her tone as I secured her ankles to the remaining bedposts.

“I’ll be back in a minute and let you know the rules,” I said as I finished tying the ropes to her cuffs. I took a minute to bring a kitchen chair into the room and found her writhing on the bed one hand jammed in her mouth, trying unsuccessfully to keep quiet; the other hand was frantically rubbing her twat.

I clapped my hands together. Sigourney leapt up against her bindings, tearing her hand away from her sex at the same time.

“Leave it to you to break the rules before learning them,” I said.

“I can’t break the rules if I don’t know them,” she shot back, confidently, turning her head from side to side as if trying to discern my position from behind the blindfold.

“The law maintains that ignorance is no excuse, Siggy.”

“Don’t call me that, I hate it.”

I reached into my toy box and took out a feather. We had not played with the toys as yet having so many other things to do, but we had discussed it, but not how or when each implement would be used. I drew the feather across her left nipple and she shuddered with delight.

“Nice … very nice, Bree. I won’t mind this at all,” she cooed.

But after several minutes of careful touches with the feather, Sigourney was trembling in desperation, and begging me to end the teasing. It seemed that she was ticklish in the most sensitive portions of her anatomy; and that the feather caused her to pull away from its light caresses, but that brought a certain discomfort that gradually turned to excruciating pain in her wrists and ankles which were bound securely to the bedposts and were already obviously chaffed to the point of burns.

“Want me to stop with the feather?”


I let the feather fall and drift slowly into the box from which it had come. I hovered over her breasts, waiting for the right moment and when it came took her right nipple between my teeth and bit it. I alternated between her nipples for the next ten minutes or so, and had her quivering with anticipation.

“Shove your cock in me, you bastard!” she screamed.

“Soon enough, soon enough,” I chuckled, knowing I couldn’t hold off much longer or I’d risk coming without having entered her. Still I fought the impulse to end the teasing and just fuck her and slowly kissed my way up her legs. Starting where the leather cuff ended, spending a good bit of time on the back of her legs where she is very sensitive. She moaned from the first touch of my lips, never stopping until I took her labia in my mouth and sucked.

That got her off.

I pried her labia apart and looked at the inside of her pussy. It was oozing juice. I stuck my tongue in and slurped up all I could. She screamed, “Yes, Yes!” as her first full orgasm overcame her body.

I moved away from her pussy and spent several minutes covering her ass cheeks with wet smoochy kisses. As she came down from her high I moved my way up to her asshole, stuck my tongue in it then sucked on her pucker. I moistened my index finger and gently sank it into her ass.

“That’s it baby,” she muttered.

I kept teasing her, listening for those tell-tale sighs and moans indicating that she was nearing another climax. This time it was when she suddenly started flexing against her bonds. I wiggled the finger in her ass and sucked on her rubbery clit almost simultaneously.

Sigourney began muttering unintelligibly to herself. I counted to six then bit down on her clit. Two heartbeats later she screamed out, “Oh, God, yes!” and came again.

I pulled my finger out of her ass, picked up the tube of lubrication and squirted it in and around the opening that gaped at me. She probably didn’t even notice as she was still rolling in aftershocks. As I went back to sucking her pussy, I slowly shoved two fingers into her ass. She grunted when I did that. I slowly tongued her clit while shoving the fingers in and out of her ass.

She started to moan with pleasure. “Bree,” she gasped after a few minutes of that, “You put that cock in my ass … I think … I think I’m gonna come really, really hard.”

“Let’s go for it, baby,” I whispered.” I got to my feet. Looking at her in that position caused my dick to throb, and I couldn’t resist swiping it up and down her slit. She flinched as I did so. I slowly pushed into her; it was the most delicious feeling. I could feel her ass contract as I eased out then slid back into her.

Breathlessly, Sigourney said, “Feels so damn good.”

I pumped slowly, not wanting to get too excited. It was a wondrous feeling having her ass clutching me so tightly.

“Keep it slow,” she croaked. “Take it real slow.”

“I will,” I said and sank in to the hilt and remained stationary for a time.

She told me when she was ready by simply saying, “What are you waiting for? Fuck that ass!”

I started slowly and built up speed. Before I knew it I was slamming into her like Johnny B. Good.

“Rub my clit, lover! Rub it good!”

I reached down with my non-lubed hand and started to rub furiously. We were both quickly approaching release.

“Here I come!” I grunted. That’s all it took to push her over the edge. She screamed, “Oh, my God, what’s happening?”

As she screamed, something sprayed all over my legs just as my load rocketed from my gonads and splattered deep into her anus. It felt as if I had been hit with a water gun. I didn’t worry about it, but after my orgasm ended I untied her hands and legs from their bindings.

I stuck a finger into the liquid she had spewed out and tasted it. There was a certain pussy juice flavor but it wasn’t as slick, it was more watery and I realized that she had squirted for me.

I caressed her body as she made little sounds of contentment. I asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“You know damn well I did. Did you?”

“Of course I did.”

“In a little while…” she said and stopped to take a deep breath. “Want to go clubbing?”

“Why not, the night is young.”


We were at Lena’s new lounge, down on the River Front. Just the two of us, Sigourney sipping at her Mai Tai while I sucked down my beer. I reached out to stroke Sigourney’s knee. “We can go after I finish this,” I said.

“Sure,” she replied, as a young woman walked past us on her way out. “She’s cute,” Sigourney said, as if she were commenting on the decor.

I sighed. It’s a people-watching game we’ve played from time to time. One of us points out a woman and the other gives her the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down.

“What? You don’t think she’s cute?”

“I guess so.”

“You guess so? What are you into, then? I don’t mean the bimbos we’ve been auditioning. I mean, say real life types. What kind of woman would you be attracted to if you weren’t with me?”

“If I were to look — that is, if I didn’t leave everything up to chance the way I usually do — I’d probably look for a brunette, like a tall, leggy, raven-haired beauty with, y’know, a proper ass.” I gazed off into the distance, and then noticed a woman who had just moved next to Sigourney at the bar. “Like her, actually.”


“Right behind you, Siggy.”

Sigourney snuck a glance over her shoulder.

“Yeah, she’s hot.”

A moment later she excused herself to go find the restroom. In the meantime I practiced leaning back in my barstool and appearing nonchalant. The raven-haired beauty turned around and smiled at me across the expanse of Sigourney’s vacant seat. I immediately recognized her as the same woman who’d smiled at me shortly after we’d arrived at the bar. I returned the favor, nodding slightly as if to say: “Your move, sweetheart.”

She inched closer, leaning over the stool between us. “So is she your girlfriend or what?”

Now a typical guy would nervously decline the invitation while quietly cursing themselves over never having been approached by a beautiful woman when not encumbered by a date. But having known a few women fairly well, I knew that if I answered her simple question with a “yes” without any additional qualification, she would assume the door is closed. If, on the other hand, I launched into a discussion concerning the particulars of my dating history, I risked coming across as a threesome-obsessed sleazebag. So I said, “Well yes, but we also see other people.”

She didn’t turn away from me, but leaned closer and asked “Like an open relationship?”

“Sort of,” I told her, “except we usually date other people together. The problem is—and this may sound strange coming from a guy … most women are just looking for a quick romp. It’s like ‘Oh I’ve never done a threesome before; gotta cross that off my lifetime to-do list.’”

She chuckled. “No, I can see how that would be annoying.” She took a closer look at me. “How old are you, by the way?”

“Twenty-one,” I lied. “And, if you don’t mind me asking ….”

She licked her pouty lips and said, “I just turned thirty.” That said, she quickly turned away and spoke with her blonde friend who apparently had had one too many drinks.

I was about ready to write the whole thing off as a mildly pleasant conversation, but then she turned back to me. Out of the corner of my eye I spied Sigourney approaching us.

“And you’re not seeing anyone?” I asked.

“No. I just broke up with a married guy who said he was in an open relationship—evidently his wife didn’t agree.”

I laughed, slipped my arm around Sigourney, and made the necessary introductions. “Elaine, Sigourney…”

Elaine continued. “Yeah, I was stupid to fall for that. I was in a relationship through most of my twenties and just moved to Cincinnati a year ago, so I feel like I have some catching up to do.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” I said. “Now if you ladies will excuse me.”

I left for the bathroom as the women started their own conversation. When I returned Sigourney was already holding Elaine’s phone number in her hand. Our new companion had to take care of her drunk friend and so, after giving us each a kiss on the cheek, she left the bar.

“Funny how that worked out,” I told Sigourney.

“Would you like to go home and fuck?” she said with a lewd smile.

“I thought you’d never ask,” and hopped off the bar stool and escorted her out of the club.


Except that at twenty past one Sigourney’s phone rang. I was spending some time between her lovely legs when she answered, and loudly squealed it was Elaine wanting to come over.

Sigourney gave her directions and we stopped what we were doing, put some clothes on, and waited for her to arrive.

While Sigourney made us all drinks, I took Elaine on a tour of the apartment. When we reached the walk-in closet, I grabbed her by the loops on the waist of her jeans and pressed her ass against the aching monstrosity in my pants.

Her voice was high and sweet: “Oh!” she squealed, sounding very much like Sigourney had when hearing her voice on the phone. I liked the sound of it and kissed her; found she had had the good taste to rinse her mouth with a strawberry flavored mouthwash, and removed her top.

I was admiring the slope of her breasts when Sigourney caught up with us. I took Elaine’s large right nipple into my mouth and Sigourney took the left.

Elaine began to purr.

I helped both of them undress and looked on as they melted into one another, I took a moment to admire Siggy’s deep tanned skin pressed against Elaine’s pale white. To my surprise, Elaine with Siggy’s mouth at her genitals, reached out and took hold of my cock, sucked it for a few precious seconds then let it go as she started to come from Sigourney’s magical tongue. I glanced at my dick and saw it was coated with a glistening sheen of her saliva.

I started stroking my dick, not enough to make me come, but enough to keep it hard and at the ready. Meanwhile, Elaine, on all fours, nestled her face between Sigourney’s thighs.

The scene took on an almost spiritual significance as the ritual, and it was a ritual, played out.

Sigourney called out, bringing me out of my reverie, “Sorry, what did you say?” I said. Sigourney moaned breathlessly, “I want you to fuck her while she’s eating me.”

I dropped to the floor, Elaine arched her back, reached between her legs and spread her plump labia for me, enabling me to slide into her tight little oven.

I had one of those hardons that last forever because of all the fucking I’ve done earlier. But it still feels great—ain’t nothing like a fuck and there ain’t no such thing as a bad fuck—even though my knees are killing me as I pump away while Elaine munches her way to Sigourney’s soul.

The women changed positions, and I got behind Sigourney, but as soon as I slipped into her, her cunt started making fart-like noises. She is mortified and says so. But Elaine laughs and tells us, “It happens a lot. It just means your pussy’s happy.”

That sets Sigourney and me to laughing and I can’t fuck for the time being. The girls segue into a rousing sixty-nine while I recover my sensibilities.

Twenty minutes later Elaine’s lithe body was riding my leg, reverse cowgirl, mashing her lips against Sigourney’s, moaning as my fingers slipped into her shorn but not completely shaven twat while Sigourney cupped a heavy breast in her palm and whispered something into Elaine’s ear.

A little later we learned that Elaine enjoyed a good spanking. It started with a tentative slap across her backside as she leaned over the coffee table. Encouraged by her little yelp of delight, I cupped my palm and delivered another blow, and then another, each strike harder than the last.

Sigourney joined me, each of us working a side. Elaine’s cheeks turned crimson; my hand felt like it had fallen asleep. She refused to cry “uncle,” our code word, and gasped when I bit down on the pale, lovely flesh above the crease between buttock and thigh. She purred when Sigourney clamped her teeth around her nipple.

When we stopped spanking her, Elaine begged to suck my cock. Happily, I pummeled the back of Elaine’s throat as she made a series of “Gok, gok, gok” sounds while deep-throating me. Sigourney caught me off-guard when she slipped a finger up my ass. Tensing for a moment, I cradled Elaine’s head in both hands and flattened the tip of her nose against my abdomen. I held her like this, marveling at her ability to open her throat, and thought about what this might look like in one of our films. Her eyes were watery by the time she uncoupled from me. “Was I good or what?” she said, blinking rapidly. Then Sigourney shut her up by plunging her finger—yes, that finger into her mouth.

This seems the place to say I’ve found that many women love to suck and lick and kiss and nibble and even chew their partner’s fingers and hands while getting it on. Elaine never commented on the flavor the finger might have left in her mouth, but sucked it until Sigourney took it away from her.

I immediately offered her my cock, which she readily accepted with an impish smile. Then her mouth gingerly kissed the head and shaft. I was leaking so much precum that strands of fluid were connecting to her lips as she moved back from each kiss. My dick was throbbing and I made it jump, startling her. (This little trick never failed to amuse my female partners. I never understood why more guys didn’t do it.)

She took me on like a sex-starved bitch in heat. Once she had bathed the entire surface of my dick with her lips, she started at the base and ran her wet tongue in long strokes to the tip. She only licked upward. As she pulled away from the tip to move back to the base, strands of the mixture of her saliva and my precum remained connected for a moment before breaking away. Only when she had completed licking all around me did she return to the tip.

Planting an open-mouthed kiss on the head, her mouth opened as if in a French kiss. Her mouth descended, taking my dick into her. The feeling of warm wetness was all encompassing. I knew I was going to cum in her mouth. There was no avoiding it. She watched me as her mouth moved down over me. Her cheeks pulled in as she sucked on the upstroke.

I felt powerless to break the eye contact. I watched as I was helplessly drawn to my impending climax. Then, just as my dick started to throb announcing my impending ejaculation— Sigourney attacked Elaine’s pussy with her tongue and Elaine lost control of the situation and let me fall from her mouth, which had opened involuntarily from the shock of Sigourney’s pleasuring assault.

Of course I maneuvered myself so that I was able to have at Sigourney’s magnificent twat while she gnawed away at Elaine.

Siggy was already sopping wet from the licking she taken from Elaine earlier. The sheet where my left hand rested was already wet, and I could smell her familiar odor of arousal before I could see the gloss on the bottom of her lips. Pushing my nose against her asshole, I extended my tongue, ran it along her slit then settled into a comfortable position and had at her.

I extended my tongue and touched her clit. Siggy jumped, trying to pull away from the sudden touch. I laughed and renewed the contact, sliding my tongue across the sensitive nub of flesh. She pushed her hips against my mouth this time. I tried to see what she was doing to Elaine, thinking I’d copy it. But I couldn’t get an adequate visual from where I was. I could hear Elaine’s rasping breath as she gasped for air; heard her scream, “God Almighty! I love that!”

I laughed into Siggy’s cunt. The smell and taste were overpowering. I breathed into her pussy and she let a moan escape her lips. I began licking her pussy in earnest. The middle finger of my right hand entered her fully. When it pulled out and reentered, it was joined by my index finger. On the next trip, my ring finger joined in. Each time, her moan was louder as I stretched her and rubbed against the sensitive ridges of her entrance.

It took me a minute to realize that she was emulating me and trying to fist Elaine as I was her.

She tore her face away from Elaine’s cunt and snarled, “You’ll never get that hand in me, Bree. Leave it at four fingers; maybe watch me fist her!”

Then her legs closed against my face and I concentrated on her clit, but continued fingering her as well. I felt her hips lift off the bed and she gave a moan that became a scream. I pushed all three fingers inside her as far as they would go and held them there, feeling her pussy contract around them as she came.

I realized there was more than one scream that I was hearing, and leaving my fingers deep inside Sigourney, I moved enough to get a clear look at what Elaine and Siggy were doing and saw Sigourney’s fist in Elaine’s twat to the wrist. Elaine was having the orgasm of a lifetime and Siggy was just slightly behind her. Returning to my previous position, I rested my chin on her mound and tongued gently around her outer labia, helping her come down from Mount Olympia or wherever the fuck she’d gone.

“Oh, wow. That was so incredible,” Elaine said after swallowing hard and licking her lips.

“Yeah, fucking incredible!” Sigourney said a heartbeat later.

“Did he do you like you did me?” Elaine inquired.

“Almost,” Siggy replied. “Only he couldn’t get his fist in me. But he sure as hell tried.”

Sigourney pulled my face to hers. She kissed me, tasted herself in my mouth. Then, she held my face in her hands as she licked her juices from my cheeks. When she had finished, she kissed me again. Elaine was waiting to kiss me when Siggy finished with me. I let them both have their way with me, and then loudly announced, “I’m hard again.”

Both girls laughed at me. “Is that a threat?” Elaine asked.

“Have you taken a good look at my manhood?” I shot back.

They laughed again then Elaine said, “You’re so smug when you say that. Do you really think you can make me scream?”

“I didn’t do so badly a moment ago—and that was with only a few fingers and a tongue. I saved the most devastating weapon for last.”

“Devastate me,” Elaine giggled and spread her legs apart.

“I want your ass, Elaine. Are you game?”

“I don’t know,” she demurred after I’d made my intentions known. “You might be too big for me.”

I smiled because I knew this game. Most of the sluts, um, I mean girls, auditioning for our fuck films play the same game. “It’s too big”, or “It will tear me apart,” or “It hurts … take it out!” Then they’re lubed up and one of the guys is deep inside them and they’re begging to be pounded into oblivion.

Elaine was no different. She uttered a breathy moan when her asshole gave way to the probing of my index finger. Rising from the couch, I let her gobble me up so that she was now impaled at either end. Not satisfied that Elaine was receiving enough attention, Sigourney crouched behind her and lapped at her cunt beneath my pumping digits.

I still laugh when I think of what Sigourney said after I’d convinced her to give assfucking a try. “That’s not bad at all! It’s like taking a shit over and over again.”

Still, Elaine had her doubts, and I was not about to rape her. Sigourney came to the rescue by volunteering to take it up the ass first. “It’s really easy,” she cooed while Elaine frowned in disbelief.

I bent Siggy over an easy chair, (no pun intended) she was relaxed, (a big part of easy entry) and she knew just how to angle herself. I watched her round buttocks jiggle as I penetrated her ass.

There is something subtle in the way a woman’s smooth anal muscle wraps around one’s glans that makes assfucking so fucking good.

Evidently an ardent voyeur, Elaine sat some distance away and studied us as if she expected a quiz on our technique. When her turn came she made me wait, kneeling over her purse and fiddling around with something in there. It turned out to her personal lubricant. Cherry flavored and scented. Not that I was about to taste it.

“Let her get on top, Bree,” Sigourney suggested. I nodded and lay down on my back and Elaine straddled me. Siggy grasped my cock and slowly, delicately pushed me into Elaine’s well lubed asshole. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She lowered herself onto my lap, hesitatingly, the way one might step into a very hot bath. I rose inside her.

“Go slow,” I suggested, and she did.

I felt myself being slowly absorbed into her anus. I shuddered when she capitulated and then tensed around me.

“Oh yeah!” she exalted on realizing that she could, in fact, take my bazooka, and probably then some.

We established a working rhythm, with her slowly rocking back and forth while Sigourney whispered slutty things to us.

I slipped out of Elaine when she rose a little too high.

“Oh! Put it back!”

I did, and it felt wonderful going back in.

“Oh, yeah!”

“So, you like it up the ass, eh?”

“Yeah! You wanna cum in there?”

“Okay, I’m almost there, baby.”

“Come in me!”

I was at the brink.

“Here it comes!”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Feel it?”

“Yeah, oh, yeah, I feel all that cum in me!”

I kept on pounding into her.


“Something wrong, Elaine?”

“Oh … oh, my god!


“I … I didn’t think I would…”

“What?” Sigourney was asking the questions now. “What is it?”

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Sure I do all the time,” Siggy assured her.

“Don’t stop! Oh, shit, don’t stop!”

I pumped harder.

“Sweet Jesus, I can’t believe this … it’s so fucking good!”

The sweat was pouring off the two of us but we kept at it, me pumping, she meeting my thrusts with her jack-hammering pelvis.

“Don’t stop!” Elaine moaned, she seemed exhausted, but continued fucking.

Finally I couldn’t go any more and stopped.

She began to whimper, “No … No!”

I flopped out of her ass and heard a soft fart emerge from her anus. I laughed and then both of them were deluging me with wet, sloppy kisses.

I came about ten minutes later with both of them sucking and licking my cock and balls. I was finished and that was that. We toppled onto the bed and fell asleep in a heap of tangled arms and legs.


Around 5:30 that morning I got up to take a leak and grab a glass of water. Elaine joined me in the bathroom, seemingly fascinated with how I unerringly hit the toilet without sprinkling the sides.

“My husband, I mean my ex-husband, always pissed all over the place. I could never go to the bathroom without cleaning the bowel.”

“My mother took pains to teach me properly,” I said with a grin.

“You’re lying, but I love it,” Elaine laughed quietly. Sigourney could be heard snoring lightly in the bedroom behind us. Elaine bent over, showing me her ass. “Look you can see your semen trickling out of me.”

I could.

I palmed her ass. “You’ve the loveliest ass,” I said.

“I’m wet. Are you hard?”

“See for yourself.”

“Oh! You are so hard!”

I sat down on the toilet and pulled Elaine onto my lap.

“Put it in and ride me. But keep it quiet.”

Elaine was very wet and I slid into her pussy with ease. After a minute or so of slow fucking she began to moan softly.

“You like this, Elaine?”

“Yes!” she hissed. “I love it. I never dreamed that when I saw the two of you in the club that we’d wind up like this.”

“You never thought it would be anything like this did you?”

“No … I thought…”



“C’mon, you were going to say something.”

“No, no I wasn’t.”

I kissed her, turning her face to mine. Her tongue surged into my mouth. We kissed a long time, and all the while I ground my cock into her while she moaned into my mouth.

We broke apart and I exhaled against her shoulder.

“You are one delicious piece of ass,” I whispered into her ear.

“You have the nicest cock,” she replied.

I kissed her again then slowly eased her off of me and we made our way into the kitchen. I lifted her up onto the counter, ate her pussy for several minutes until she came quietly, and then as the dawn crept in through the kitchen windows, I half carried her to the table, had her lean over it and took her ass the second time.

Entry was considerably easier this time. All she said during the entire fuck was, “I don’t believe this!’ I think she said it three times. She came quickly, but her moans went up several octaves and woke Sigourney, who wandered into the kitchen clutching a towel to her body in case someone new had come into the house.

“Up early, I see,” she said and sat down next to us and watched as I fucked Elaine harder and harder until I came emptying my balls in her ass.

“Jesus Christ!” Elaine gasped.

“How many times did you come?” Sigourney inquired innocently.

“I … I think, maybe seven.”

“Seven! Jesus … did you save anything for me, Aubrey?”

“I think she’s including those when I was eating her.”

“Oh, thank God, then you’ve saved me some.”

“You betcha, baby,” I laughed and waved my limp dick in her direction.

“Elaine, you’ll have to get him hard for me. Be a dear and suck him for a while will you?”

“Sure, Sigourney, I’d be happy to. Bree, why don’t you sit down here?” she indicated the kitchen chair next to Sigourney. I sat down and she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth and started sucking.

I kept looking at the clock on the wall as Elaine worked on me. It took her seven minutes to get me hard. She removed me from her mouth with a satisfied grunt, said, “There, you’re a big boy again. Sigourney?”

“I’ll take it from here,” Siggy laughed, and dropped the towel to the floor, took me by the cock and led me to the bedroom. Elaine followed and sat down cross-legged at the foot of the bed.

“Take me, Tarzan” Sigourney laughed and spread her legs in as erotic an invitation as one could wish for.

I knelt at the juncture of her thighs, and slowly embedded my cock in her. She sighed. It was a gratified sound and I lifted her legs, placed them over my shoulders and leaned forward until my chest was against hers, separated only by her thighs. I pushed harder and my dick penetrated her as far as was possible.

“Ooof,” she grunted. I heard Elaine snicker, then laugh out loud. “He can get in there, can’t he?” she giggled.

Sigourney caught her breath then said, “I think I can feel you pressing against my cervix.”

I tried to press harder, but I couldn’t go any further. Instead, I pulled out fast and pushed in just as fast. My flank thumped against her pussy. She let out a small yelp.

“Am I hurting you?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” she assured me.

I did it again.

“No, that doesn’t hurt. But don’t stop. I’ll tell you when to stop if I need too.”

I nodded and resumed my fucking. With each thrust, her yelps became a little louder. Before they became full-fledged screams, I needed to stretch my cramping leg muscles. I moved up again and let her legs slide off my shoulders. She took a deep breath and focused her eyes on me.

“Need a break?” she asked. “I can get on top.”

“Sure,” I said, sliding around to the pillow next to hers. She deftly mounted me, sinking her wonderful snatch onto my glistening shaft. Now it was my turn to gasp as she impaled herself on me with a force that had me gasping for breath. She was truly a vision of loveliness, the bouncing of her breasts delicately illuminated by early morning sun as it began its daily rise up in the sky outside the bedroom.

I watched her face as she concentrated, now fully in control. I intended to lie there and rest, but my body reacted to the stimulation of her pussy and began thrusting up to meet her downward thrusts. The bed began issuing forth rhythmic squeaks as our pounding intensified. Tiny beads of perspiration were forming on her chest.

I could feel that I was sweating as well, making the sheet beneath my ass damp. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Elaine fingering herself and wincing each time Sigourney slammed her cunt down upon my manhood. She was imagining it was herself getting fucked. She was that obvious about things., not knowing that I could see her actions.

Sigourney was the athletic type as well as I, so it was a race to see who gave in first. We both made modifications to the position as time passed. She adjusted the angle of her hips so that she could rub her clit against the base of my dick, and later she sat upright and rubbed her clit with two fingers. As for me, I had my cock in a state where it would take a long time before ejaculating, so I contented myself with capturing a nipple between my lips and suckling her like a baby, switching nips when she began to protest it was getting sore.

I heard Elaine come when Sigourney got up and turned around so she was facing her. I didn’t bother turning to look, but contented myself with fondling the globes of Siggy’s lovely ass, and when I tired of that, I let my fingers explore the top of her slit to search for her clit. A minute or so later she turned back around and I could see sweat on her temples. Her hair was getting damp. I looked at the clock. We had been in this position for twenty minutes.

“You must need a break by now. How about a change?” I suggested.

It was apparent she wanted to continue, but she was getting tired. She managed to pant, “Okay … doggy?”

I nodded. She lifted off me. The hair around the base of my dick was saturated with her juices. She leaned over and moved onto all fours. I got up on my knees and thrust my erection through her slippery lips, seating myself in one stroke. She leaned forward on her elbows as I started thrusting. I reached around to encircle her waist, then slid my hands up her body until I gripped a breast in each hand as a handle. I squeezed the nipples to put extra pressure there as our thrusting caused me to tug at her sensitive cones.

She was beyond moaning now. She was screaming. In this position, her entrance was putting pressure on the bottom of my dick and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I was ready to cum. I was getting tired. I was also worried that she was getting sore. I thrust harder to push her over the edge. She lost her balance on her elbows and fell forward, now fully face down on the mattress. I moved a little further over her.

I put both hands on her ass cheeks to rest my weight there. Now my dick felt as if it was going straight down into her body. I knew the head was rubbing against her G spot. She couldn’t speak intelligibly now. Her words were muffled moans verging on screams.

I felt Elaine’s hands on my back urging me on and I crossed the point of no return slamming into Siggy particularly hard. My hands tensed, the fingertips digging into her ass. Elaine was clawing at my back. The welts she put there would last for several weeks, but I felt almost nothing at the time for I was erupting inside Sigourney, adding to the already ample slickness. I shot five or six spurts really hard, then the tension eased and I leaned even more over her.

My ejaculate was down to a dribble as I moved to rest on her back, and my rapidly softening dick slid out of her channel only to have Elaine pounce on it and clean any vestiges of sperm away with her tongue.

Sigourney let out a slow groan as I rested my face against the back of her neck. I could feel that her hair was wet with sweat. I could also feel a flood of warm fluid bathing my dick.

That’s when I realized what Elaine was up to. I didn’t give a rat’s ass what she did at this point. I was finished for a while. A good while.

Neither Sigourney nor I moved. Whether because we were basking in the glow of what we had just done, or out of sheer exhaustion. The only sound in the room was our heavy panting as we each caught our breath and the slurping sound Elaine made sucking my dick clean.

After a few minutes of this, I rolled off her. I didn’t want to move away from her warm flesh, but I knew she must be uncomfortable with my weight against her. I slid to the side, one leg still between hers, an arm around her waist, and my side against hers. I turned my head to her and kissed her cheek, right in front of her ear. She shivered.

“Ooh, you know I love that. I’m so sensitive there,” she said in a voice that told me she still wasn’t fully there.

“I’m sure you’re sensitive in a lot of places right now,” I responded. She gave a happy grunt of agreement.

I held her like that for a time. Her heart was still beating so hard that I could feel it with my arm on her back. At last, she turned over. The hair around her pussy was matted with our juices. I could see that she had been lying in a wet spot. It must have been a puddle at first, until the bedding soaked it up. She looked at Elaine and laughed. “I almost forgot about you.”

“I can understand why,” Elaine said smiling at her.



“Want me to go down on you?”

“That would be very nice, but first I think I’ve gotta pee.”

“I’ll help you,” Elaine offered.

“Ordinarily, I’d be too embarrassed to accept, but I don’t think I can make it there without help, so thanks.”

She helped Siggy into a sitting position on the side of the bed, then helped her stand, supporting her with one arm around her waist and Siggy’s arm around her shoulder. Together, they shuffled to the bathroom. Elaine eased her onto the toilet seat then turned to leave.

“Stay,” she said. “You’ve come this far with me. I don’t have any more secrets.”

They both smiled. I watched them from the bed. Sigourney stared at Elaine as she peed. When she was done, Elaine helped her back to bed.

Sigourney said, “I am going to be so sore today. Do you want to stay here with us?”

“I can’t,” Elaine replied. “I have an important meeting this afternoon that I can’t miss.” Sigourney pouted.

Elaine laughed. “I really can’t miss it. Sorry.”

“Okay,” Siggy said as her pout softened. “Then come back tonight, or tomorrow night.”

“You show him no mercy, do you?”

Siggy laughed and said, “He … we make fuck films. That’s what we do all day long.”

Elaine was intrigued by the concept. “Really? You two kids are into porn?”

“We’re not kids,” Siggy protested.

“Maybe not, but you’re really young,” Elaine said with a grin.

“Aubrey, you told me you were twenty-one. Are you really?”

I grinned back at her and said, “Twenty … just turned it actually.”

“And you’re making these films?”

“Since high school.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m serious. Let me ask you something. Would you be interested in participating in one?”

“Me? In a porn flick?”

“Yes, Elaine, you, staring in your own film.”

“I … I don’t know what to say.”

Sigourney jumped in, saying, “Say yes, Elaine. You’d be perfect.”

“Perfect … in porn. Sounds like a title.,” Elaine laughed.

“Tell you what,” I said, “Are you free tomorrow afternoon around three?”

“I could be,” Elaine answered with a horny glint in her eye. “Why?”

“I’ll give you the address, drop in and see how it works. You can see for yourself. And I’ll see to it that you get a proper fuck for your trouble.”

“Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse. Where’s that address?”


The following afternoon we were scheduled to rehearse a walkthrough of Demetri’s material involving a chance meeting between a man and a woman exiting the restrooms at a posh hotel while a wedding was in progress.

There were two separate scenes undergoing the walkthrough – just outside the restroom and the walk down the corridor, trying doors until finding one open – then in the unoccupied room itself and having sex before the woman returned to the wedding and the man going his separate way.

To my surprise, Elaine entered the house along with Sigourney, and something told me it wasn’t accidental.

Also present were Dan Deleon, Wilbur and Vinnie handling the camerawork, Demetri, who had written the script, and Molly Trammel, a woman in her early forties who would be reading the female part and also auditioning for the role. Also present was a male actor who had answered one of our ads; Tucker Treeman, who we soon learned had a monstrous sized cock that had every woman present drooling.

I was impressed with the manner in which Molly and Tucker read their lines. They really were in sync with one another and seemed to realize it as they played off one another.

Now it should be remembered the dialogue being read involved two people hitting it off and being sexually attracted to the other. I called a break and they sat down and had a cup of coffee while I pointed out where they might improve their respective lines (I always made a point of doing this in hopes of getting an even better performance when the cameras were rolling.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.) It was during this point that I saw the heat building in Molly’s eyes and decided to go for the sex scene while she was in the mood.

Demetri objected and Dan agreed with him. Sigourney supported me, but it was Molly’s nodding her head in approval that decided things. Sigourney helped Molly into the gown her character would have worn to the wedding, and Tucker put on the dress suit he had brought with him right from the dry cleaners.

Dan wanted to know if we should start with Molly entering the ladies room, but I insisted that we start with them entering the empty hotel room simply because we didn’t Have a restroom or a hotel lobby at hand, so we adjourned to the larger of the two guest rooms, made sure the bed was made and nothing unusual was strewn about.

No one bothered to comment on the fact that Tucker and Molly had not rehearsed their lines (the few there were) prior to beginning to film the scene. In retrospect I say we were all a bunch of horny toads, me included.

The script called for them to use mostly body language as they proceeded down the hall to the room, trying room after room until finding one that opened. When an unlocked door was found, Molly was to glance over her shoulder as she entered the room with Tucker quickly following her.

I told them we would shoot that part when we found a suitable hotel and that we would start the shoot inside the “hotel” room. There were two cameramen working from opposite sides of the room. I made sure the actors had sufficient room to move about without bumping into the equipment and told Molly we would begin with her closing the door behind Tucker and then kissing him.

“Roll ‘em!” I yelled and Molly entered the room with Tucker right on her heels. They closed the door and she was in his arms kissing him hungrily.

I scanned the room to see the reaction of the onlookers. They were stunned by the actions of the two actors, but apparently not as much as Molly and Tucker were with one another.

Molly had Tucker was naked from the waist up before the kiss ended. Still fully clothed herself, she began licking his neck with broad swaths of her tongue until she began moving down his chest, nibbling slightly at his nipples, and unzipping his fly.

I heard Don hoarsely whisper, “Jesus Christ!” and realized I had been mouthing the exact same words myself.

Molly freed Tuckers cock after a brief struggle with his clothing. There was a collective gasp from those in the room that would have to be deleted at a later time for his sexual apparatus was enormous! Not only longer than most appendages, it was also thicker than any I had ever laid eyes on, and that included my black buddy Marco Abernathy.

He moaned as she stroked him using both hands to do so. Molly sank to her knees and still using both hands lifted him to her wide-open mouth.

I began praying that one or more cameras were getting this in close-up.

It was at this point that Tucker took control of matters, gently holding her head while guiding her mouth back and forth on his shimmering saliva covered cockhead.

I realized that Molly would be unable to fellate him with any sense of success, at least from a photographic viewpoint and broke the silence on the set by yelling, “Tucker, just fuck her!”

Thus bestowing on him the nickname that would follow him for years: Tucker the Fucker.

Proving himself a pro in the porno genre, Tucker took control, easing Molly to an all fours position then hiking her dress up and pulling her thong to one side before wetting his fingers and applying them to her pussy opening.

“Are you wet enough?” he inquired gently.

“I … yes, I guess so,” Molly answered.

He mounted her doggy-style and apparently entered her with an ease no one watching expected.

Glancing over at Elaine, I saw her unabashedly masturbating, uncaring that others were alternating their view from her to Molly and Tucker and back again.

It was at this juncture that Tucker took over. With a loud grunt he drove his monstrous cock into Molly’s deepest recesses– withdrew it until only the tip remained lodged inside her — then rammed it back. Molly shuddered, moaned and obviously came.

But he was only preparing her for what was to come. He repeated the slow in and out twice more. Later he confided to me that he was, “Loosening her up.” But then he resorted to a faster pummeling of her loins, with Molly quivering and quaking with each hammering thrust. No one knew just how many orgasms Molly had during this fantastic fuck. No one actually cared, but everyone knew that she was coming almost constantly before he ended things by pulling out while she slid slowly to the floor in a dead faint, shaking convulsively as her orgasm continued.

I had the cameras on Molly until she struggled to her knees and Tucker helped her to her feet. Only then did I risk halting the filming. What we had was hot … so hot I couldn’t wait to see how it came out on film. Molly needed five minutes before her legs stopped shaking. With her approval, we resumed shooting and had the couple repair their clothing and kiss one another farewell, with Molly returning to the wedding reception and Tucker going off in another direction.

“Wow, that worked for me,” Sigourney said.

I agreed, but added that Demetri might want to add more detail to their coupling behind the open door. To my surprise, everyone, including Demetri disagreed with me.

“You know,” he said, “I was thinking of ending it with her apologizing to her husband or boyfriend for being gone so long, and when he accepted her apology, she would suggest it might be time for them to think about getting married. But after seeing them together that would ruin the great fuck for the viewers. I’d leave it just where it is, going their separate ways.”

We discussed his suggestion and eventually agreed with him, and that’s how the scene wound up. I had a cup of coffee, hoping my erection might subside before addressing the crew concerning the remainder of the shoot the following day when I noticed Elaine was missing.

“She’s probably fucking Tucker,” Sigourney whispered. “I saw her take his arm and steer him into the other bedroom.”

She was. One of them had made a pit stop in the kitchen first because they had a bowl filled, or almost filled, with ice cubes. Elaine hadn’t bothered removing her clothing, her pantyhose dangled from her left leg and she was trying to shake it off but was paying more attention to Tucker’s dick, which she had planted firmly in her mouth.

I had to give her credit, she was able to take much more than Molly had, and that was a fact readily evident to both Sigourney and me.

And with my eyes glued to the couple on the bed I vaguely heard Sigourney whisper, “I love watching other people having sex. I’m such a huge voyeur I think I’d rather watch than actually do it—almost.”

My hand involuntarily squeezed her gluteus maximus causing her to moan softly in the dimly lit bedroom. Neither of the two on the bed appeared to have heard her, for Tucker was asking Elaine if she could take one more.

One more what? I wondered. Only to have Sigourney hiss in my ear: “He’s sticking ice up her pussy! My God, why didn’t I ever think of it?”

“Ohhh, shit … I … I … oh, fuck, yeah baby!”

Tucker noticed us standing there and smirked, then winked at Sigourney just before running his tongue the length of Elaine’s cunt lapping up her juices and remnants of ice water.

Elaine’s hips bucked as he added another fresh cube to her twat and closed his mouth over her genitals while alternating between sucking the ice cube and using his index finger on her rectum.

“Yeah, baby, do me good!” she hissed before taking him back into her mouth and sucking voraciously.

Tucker abandoned her cunt and let a long string of saliva trickle down on her asshole.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Elaine moaned. The m

oan segued into a loud bellow the moment Tucker sent his finger into her ass and almost immediately added a second.

“Please don’t!”

“Please don’t what?”

“Please don’t put that tool in me back there!”

“You’d be surprised at what your backside can take,” Tucker said.

“I … I want you … but not back there. Feed it to my snatch. I can take it there. I know I can.”

“It’s up to you Sweetheart.”

“Oh, thank God. For a while there I thought…”

“Want to try something a little different?”

Tucker asked.

“Like what?” Elaine replied cautiously.

“Like this,” he said inserting one or two ice cubes into her pussy and followed that by putting his huge cock at her entrance and forcing the ice deep inside her as he entered her and began fucking.

“Oh, FUCK! That’s … that’s crazy!” Elaine howled as she arched her back and began to buck her hips in response to his thrusts.

Sigourney and I watched frozen in place as Tucker slammed his chilled cock into Elaine’s cold, yet fiery hot cunt.

“Oh, yeah,” he bellowed, “You feel so fucking good!”

Elaine’s head was thrown back as she welcomed him. It was apparent the ice had already melted when she wrapped her long legs around Tucker and together they intensified their fucking.

“YES!” she whimpered as her climax reached its peak. Her fingers flew over his hips, ass, back, until leaving his body completely only to settle in the hair on his head.

“YES!” she crowed again, only to moan with despair as Tucker pulled out and erupted over her breasts, giving her the pearl necklace that Aubrey had been thinking about including in one of his future scenes. Now he knew he would do so, and at the earliest opportunity.

I am working hard on computer, answering emails and working on a new story, so I don’t hear Jamie come into room until he is right behind me and lays his hands on my shoulder. I jump about a foot and then melt as he massages my shoulders.

“Too tense,” he tells me. “You need to relax for awhile.”

I lean back in the chair, enjoying the feel of his strong, warm hands on me. I barely finish the email was I working on and shut down the computer — time to enjoy being with him.

Turning, I stand and move into his waiting arms; where he gives me a long hug, then take my hand and leads me to the bedroom, where I take in the scene: silken ropes laid at each corner of the bed. Since I know he doesn’t care to be tied up, this must be a treat for me.

I turn and put my arms around his neck and turn my face up to his. We kiss long and deep, with passion and love. I feel his hands gently caressing up and down my body, pulling my shirt up as he breaks the kiss and pulls it all the way off. Then he slowly undresses me, savoring each bit of newly exposed flesh until I am lost in the passion he brings to me. Once I am completely exposed to his eye’s caress and trembling with anticipation, he takes my hand and leads me to the bed, where I lie down in the center and we play with pillows so I will be comfortable lying there.

He takes my right hand and kisses the palm, then pulls it up towards that corner of the bed. I watch as he wraps the cord several times around my wrist and ties it off, before tying the other end to the headboard — not stretched too tightly, but secure. He moves around the bed and repeat the procedure on the left hand. I can feel my pussy getting wet in anticipation — and just a tiny bit of nervousness at being helpless. He then move to foot of bed and secure first my left, then right foot — again — tied securely but not stretched uncomfortably. I’m left wide open to his loving perusal.

Just feeling his eyes on me turns me on — knowing he desires me. He smiles and moves back to where my head is and bends over to kiss me deeply. Then he turns and pulls something out of drawer …

A scarf? But I am already tied hand and foot …..

He folds it over, and then brings it to my head as I understand what he intends to do with it. The look he gives me is a question, and I smile and nod my head. I lift head so he can wrap scarf around my head and render me sightless …..

I sigh deeply and lie back against the pillows — heart beating fast and trembling with excitement as I wait. My hearing seems more acute and I can hear a drawer opening and feel him sitting on bed beside me. Something soft touches my hard nipples … a light feathery touch. One of my big ostrich feathers was, no doubt, too tempting to him to use as a “torture” tool. Shivering, I moan and squirm as I feel the gentle stroke all around my breasts — then tickling my nose….

“Hey,” I protest, “that’s not fair, I can’t scratch my nose.” I feel him bend over me and kiss my lips, then the tip of my nose, before he goes away again.

“Mmmmmm, oh that feels wonderful,” as I feel the feather stroking my inner thighs; and it feels oh, so very erotic brushing over my pussy lips.

He plays for a little longer, teasing and torturing and turning me on, until I am all but begging for more. I feel him get up and then I hear his steps as he leaves the room, closing the door behind him so I can hear nothing more.

Soon, I hear footsteps and the door opening, and more steps… It almost sounds like more than one person’s footsteps, but I can’t be sure. I hear something being set down on table by bed, and then I feel the bed move — not sitting down but leaning over me. Then — brrrrr! — His mouth against my erect nipple is FREEZING!

“O-o-o-oh, that feels good!” I can feel the ice cube moving around his mouth as his tongue circles my nipple. He move away and I stir restlessly — anticipating cold on the other nipple. But he moves to my mouth and let me suck some of the water from the cube until it is gone. His mouth gradually warms as we kiss and then he pulls away.

This time I can hear the ice cubes clanking against the glass when he picks it up and can only lie there wondering what will be his next target…. I don’t have to wonder for long as I feel his head between my legs, then a shock of cold as he licks and sucks on my clit. I moan and arch to open wider as he move his freezing tongue down and begins licking the length of my slit. The ice melts quickly and I can feel the water join my juices trickling between my legs.

As he continue to lick my clit his tongue warms and I am softly moaning and writhing beneath him, pulling at the cords as I try to get closer to him. He slides one, then another finger into my soaking cunt and begins to move them in and out in rhythm to match my frantic movements as he continues to lick and suck my clit until I begin to come — my inner muscles clenching tightly on his fingers as he hold them deep inside me. One spasm after another — slowly diminishing in intensity and gradually further apart until I lie still – breathing hard.

He moves to lie beside me and I can feel his warmth as he has stripped when I couldn’t see. He tweaks one nipple, and then other — both still very hard and very sensitive from the orgasm — then gently sucks on one then the other. Then, as he kisses me, I can taste my juices on his tongue. As we continue to kiss deeply I can feel his arm move down towards my pussy again … Until I feel something probe my lips.

He has one of my vibrators and he turns it on as he slides it into me — deep as it will go and I squirm and hump against his hand as he hold it there. I can feel the vibration against the bone inside — the same one that is behind my clit and I tremble as I feel the vibration from there stimulating my clit.

He continues to slide the vibrator in and out as our tongues dance together, leaving me totally wrapped in the sensation, moving hard up and down and circling my hips, as I mindlessly reach for another wrenching orgasm. Soon it comes — wave after wave of spasms as I cry out loudly. Now totally spent and limp I collapse as he withdraws the vibrator. He kisses me gently and I feel him lying close to me as my breathing and my pounding heart gradually return to normal.

I feel him move away and get off bed. But then, I hear movement on other side of bed, and I automatically turn my head that way as though I will suddenly see where sound came from.

I start to ask who is there, but from the side of bed where he was I feel he (or someone?) placing a finger over my mouth as though to silence me. And yet, I still feel movement on other side of bed — there IS someone else in room who has been watching him bring me off.

‘We have talked about bring another guy to our bed,’ I think to myself; and as I am lying there wondering if it was finally going to happen, I feel bed sink down on that side of bed and sense movement towards me.

I feel a hand on my breasts, which feels very soft and smaller than his, touching and playing with my nipples, rolling them between their fingers, then pulling on them and pinching lightly. Then I feel the hand moving lower; it slips between my legs and into my slit as I moan and stir restlessly. And then I feel fingers circling and gently rubbing on my clit.

The hands move away, then I feel the bed shift again as someone moves closer until I can feel something … maybe a leg, up against side of my head. Then the bed shifts again as I more sense than feel that one leg is going up over my head and someone is over my face — straddling it.

I can feel someone take my hand — feels like Jamie’s hand — and squeezing as though re-assuring me. I can smell a musky smell — like my own, not like a man, over my face and lift my head to kiss what is there.

This is definitely a woman — and I eagerly stick out my tongue to taste. Blind aim is off a little as my tongue reaches only hair, but I feel her shift a little closer so her slit is within reach. I strain to get closer as I begin to lick her slit which is already dripping.

‘She must have liked watching he play with me,’ I think to myself as I strain against the ropes. This is my first time with a woman; and I really want, need, to touch her too; but knots are not slipping at all and I can only lick with my tongue.

I can feel her move little closer and I dive in with my tongue again. ‘Oh, there it is!’ I think to myself as I find her swollen clit. I lick hard against the throbbing button and I can hear her moaning — but still have no clue who is here.

I lick and suck — up and down length of her slit, then circle and lick on clit as she begins to hump against my face; moaning louder and getting close to coming. Suddenly she pushes down against my face, almost suffocating me as she shudders in orgasm.

Then she moves away and lies down beside me. I can feel her soft, warm body beside me, and it’s so frustrating not being able to touch with fingers or to see who is there.

When her breathing levels off — she leans over and kisses me full on lips and gets up from bed. Soon, I feel the bed move below me again as someone slides up between my thighs. Once again, I feel fingers begin to gently explore my soaking slit before being replaced with a tongue. I moan and squirm as the tongue circles around my swollen clit, bringing me to another shuddering orgasm.

The hands on my thighs pause for a few minutes while I recover, then I feel the unseen lips as they kiss their way up to my nipples. First, the mouth sucks and licks my hard nubs, then it moves up to my own mouth; our tongues intertwining passionately as I feel a hard cock slide deep inside of me.

He pounds me long and hard until his breathing tells me he is about to come. He pulls out of me and I feel him moving to the head of the bed. As the mattress moves near my head, I turn to find a cock pressing to my lips. Opening my mouth, I suck it in and he begins fucking my mouth. When I feel his cock start to swell in my mouth, he pulls out and I hear a deep groan as I feel several long ropes of his warm come land on my breasts and belly.

The mattress moves once again on the other side of the bed, and I feel soft breasts brush against my ribs as a tongue moves over my torso licking up the come on my body, taking extra time to tease my nipples while they’re in the area. She moves off the bed, and I hear door open and close

After several long minutes, I hear door open and I can feel someone beginning to untie the hand he have been holding. I reach to remove blindfold and he lets me — but, as I expected, there’s no one but Jamie in room now, as he moves around bed removing one rope at a time until I am free.

When he lies down beside me I push him onto his back and lean over he to kiss him, sharing the taste of the woman he brought to me. We kiss, long and passionately, and then I begin to kiss and lick down his body — licking and sucking each nipple, planting a row of kisses down his chest and around belly button, and then moving down to his hard cock.

I begin licking the hard length of him before slipping the tip into my mouth. Holding the base in my hand, I open my mouth wider and begin to fuck him with my mouth — moving my head up and down — sucking and licking him over and over until I can feel the tensing of his orgasm beginning. I then withdraw slightly so not to choke as I feel his spurting cum in my mouth, only losing a little out the sides of my mouth. I then move back up to snuggle close against his warm body; laying my arm over his chest and throwing a leg over one of his I drift off to sleep.

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