It was an exciting day. Lady was coming to visit and I knew I was in for a weekend of extreme pleasure mixed with extreme pain. It had only been ten months since we had met at a play party but it felt like she had known me my entire life. The minutes passed like hours and I could feel the desire growing inside of me like a wildfire.

Lady was beautiful. Her red hair flowed like flames that engulfed her shoulders and my eyes. Her ample breasts stretched against her shirt, pushing it to its limit. Her green eyes had the ability to look deep into my soul and draw out all of my deepest fears. Her stature was that of a goddess and, although she wasn’t very tall, her presence towered over me, turning me into the little sissy bitch that I had waited for so long to have drawn out of me.

The time was finally approaching and I walked into the living room to get ready for her. She demanded that I be naked in her presence and I was more than happy to comply. I stripped my clothes off and began setting up her tools for her. A knock at the door caused my body to tense instantly. She had arrived.

I rushed to the door, dropped to my hands and knees and reached up to twist the knob. As the door opened, Lady’s shadow loomed over me. She wore a red corset, black leather pants, and boots that reached up to her knees, also black.

“What took you so long, boy?” she roared.

“Sorry, my Lady.”

“I should beat you for making me wait out here in the hot sun. Better yet, I should make you watch as I beat another sub. You would hate that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry.”

“No.” Lady replied. “You are not sorry, yet. But you will be.”

These words filled me with excitement. I had, no doubt, earned a more severe beating and I could hardly wait. Lady grabbed my hair and led me into the living room. She sat on the couch and I sat at her feet.

“What would you have me do for Mistress?” I asked.

“First of all you can shut your sissy mouth and speak only when spoken to. I have had a long hard day and I just want to put my feet up and watch a little bit of television before I fix your dinner and beat the fuck out of you.”

At those words, I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. Out of habit, I knelt before Lady and allowed her to rest her feet on my back like a footstool. I was, among many other things, her personal foot rest when she needed me to be.

For at least an hour I knelt in silence as Lady flipped though channel after channel of the mind-numbing drivel that passed for entertainment. I heard her scoff at Hollywood heiresses that spent more money on their hair and nails than most people spent on car payments every month.

Finally, Lady took her feet off of my back. “What’s for dinner, boy?” she asked.

“I made my Mistress her favorite meal and it is waiting her in the dining room for you.”

“That is so far and I really don’t feel like walking. Give me a ride, boy.” Lady barked at me.

She climbed on my back and I could feel the warmth of her pussy through her leather. Lady never wore underwear, one of the many little things she did for me as a little reward for my service. I crawled forward and into the kitchen, carrying Lady on my back.

When we reached the kitchen, Lady dismounted me and walked over to the cabinet. She opened it and pulled out my special dish. It was a black dog bowl with the words Lady’s Sissy Bitch written in red letters. She’d had it made for my birthday, only a month ago and I hadn’t had the chance to use it, yet. Today, Lady was going to allow me that chance.

She placed the bowl at her feet and spooned beef stew into it. I waited patiently as she sat down to her own bowl. I knew the consequences of eating before Lady and I still had some of the scars from the whip as reminders. I watched as she took her first bite and waited to see if she approved. She smiled at me, a sure sign that she was pleased, and nodded that I could begin my dinner as well.

After dinner, Lady had me stand in the middle of the living room as she circled me repeatedly. My hands had been tied in front of me with rope. My legs were spread shoulder length apart, allowing her full access to my body.

“What are you?” She asked, finally.

“I am a sissy bitch, Mistress.” I replied.

“And who’s sissy bitch are you?”

“Yours, Mistress.”

“Do you trust your Mistress, boy?”

“With my life.”

“Good.” Lady walked over to the table I had set up for her and I watched as her fingers nimbly walked from toy to toy, stroking them as her mind contemplated which one to start with. I gasped as her hand fell on the rubber flogger that she loved to use so much. It stung incredibly and it was one of my favorites.

Lady heard the breath escape from my lips and her eyes locked mine. She walked over and slapped each side of my face. “What the fuck do you think you are doing? Look at the fucking ground, bitch.”

I dropped my head, my cheeks burning, and my eyes stared at the floor.

“You will know what toys I pick when you feel them, not before.” She screamed at me.

“Sorry, Mistress.”

I looked at the floor. Both sides of my face felt as though they were on fire. I heard Lady walk back to the table. She finally decided which toy she wanted to use first and I could feel her presence engulf me as she walked around behind me. She had such a demanding presence.

“I feel that you are still having trouble with some of our rules, so I am going to help you remember them, how does that sound?” Her breath against my ear sent chills down my spine.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I replied quietly.

She circled me and her hand began to gently rub my back, preparing me for the first of many blows I would no doubt endure over the next hour or so. I prepared myself mentally as I felt her hand leave my back.

I could hear the sound of something cutting the air behind me but I had no idea what it was until I felt it hit me. It was a soft but powerful blow that almost sent me to the floor. It was the rope flogger we had bought together the first time I had gone to visit Lady. I loved it because it was thuddy. Lady loved it because it left me black and blue.

Every blow was powerful and sent waves of pleasure through my back and into my chest. I felt like I was being punched. This, however, was only my warm up. Lady would go through the process of striking my back a few times, then rubbing the marks with the tips of her fingernails, an act that would soon become almost unbearable as my skin became more and more sensitive to her touch.

After a few minutes of this, Lady walked back over to her table and started going through her toys again. I didn’t dare look back at her. I had had enough of her hand across my face. I waited patiently for her next decision.

Anxiety filled me again as I heard her walking towards me, once again. This time, she stood in front of me and gently ran her fingers across my chest. I winced as she grabbed the thin hair and tugged on it. Her fingers then made their way down to my stomach and she raked them across, sending more pain up through my chest.

“You ready, bitch? Close your eyes, lift your head, and then open them to look into mine.”

I did as she was told, taking special care not to see what she held in her hand. Lady reached down and grabbed my cock. Her warm hand wrapped around it and tugged it easily. I felt the blood rushing into it and it began to get hard.

“It looks so tasty, sissy bitch. Should I give it a little kiss?”

“It belongs to you, my Lady. You can do with it as you see fit.”

“Good boy. Don’t you ever forget that. This is my cock.”

Lady knelt down and put the head of my cock into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth as she sucked it gently and stroked my shaft with her free hand. I felt it getting harder and I breathed in deeply.

Lady withdrew my cock from her mouth and stood up again. “Now that you are semi-hard for me, I am going to play with my toy. How does that sound?”

“It sounds great, Mistress”

Lady placed her hand under my cock and began to massage it. She then bought her other hand up and revealed the riding crop that she planned to use on it. Before I had time to think, Lady gave me a hard whack on the top of my cock. It felt amazing. The pain mixed with pleasure in a perfect cocktail that instantly sent my head reeling.

She continued to slap the top of my cock with her crop and, at the same time, rub the underside of her with her other hand. My brain was confused. The mixture of the two extreme sensations left me unable to decide which I liked better. The combination was outstanding. I felt my balls beginning to stir and I knew that, if Lady kept this up for much longer, I was going to spoil the fun before we had really gotten a chance to start having it.

Lady had always been really great at sensing things like that so it was a relief when she let go of my cock and allowed it to rest. She started to rub the crop against my thighs, tickling them and I knew what she wanted next. I took a deep breath.

A sudden strike to my right thigh was followed by an equally painful one to my left. Lady then began to circle me, striking my legs and back with her crop. She seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as I was.

When all of the sudden it stopped, I was slightly confused. I hadn’t made a sound. She stood behind me breathing heavily but I dared not to look back at her. I knew this was part of the mind fuck that she loved to play sometimes but it still got under my skin. The longer she stood behind me, the more uncomfortable I became. I started to shake with anticipation.

Just when I thought I could take her silence no more, I felt her hand fist the hair on the back of my head. She pulled me over to the couch and bend my forward with a force that made me realized that the scene was about to change. I heard her walk back to the table and lay the crop down. I didn’t have to guess what the next toy would be. Her footsteps behind me made me tense up and the feel of the paddle rubbing against my ass made it even worse.

“Today I waited outside for at least three minutes, in the heat. You will get a single lick for each minute. I also had to correct you for speaking out of turn. That is another one. I caught you looking at me when I was picking out my toys. You know you are supposed to look at the ground when you are in a scene. So I am going to give you a total of five licks. Do you think that is a fair punishment, bitch?”

“If you think it is fair, then it is fair, Mistress.” I replied.

Each lick was more painful than the last and, when Mistress was done, my ass burned fiercely. Tears were starting to well up in my eyes and I knew we were close to the end of our scene. I heard her walk back to the table and place to paddle back in its place. Then: more footsteps.

“Boy.” Lady’s voice was still commanding. “I have one more thing to teach you. With this, I am going to reaffirm all of our rules and show you that you need to follow them to a ‘T’, no matter what.”

I waited for something I had no idea of. The sound of the cane whipping through the air was broken swiftly by that of it connecting with my ass. The sting was almost unbearable and I almost stood up. Another strike sent sharp pain cutting into me like a knife. Each welt brought me closer and closer to the release I so desperately needed.

“You gonna cry for me, you little bitch?” Every word was enunciated with the sharp pain from the cane. “Yeah, you are. I’m going to train you to be a good little sissy bitch. Pour your tears into that couch. Don’t you fucking disappoint me.”

I drew closer and closer to my breaking point as the striking became harder and faster. Suddenly, Lady stopped, drew back with all of her reach, and delivered a final blow that sent me crashing over the edge. I mustered every ounce of strength I had to grab the cane and throw it across the room.

Then I broke.

Mistress didn’t get mad at me for taking away her toy. She didn’t get mad at me for throwing it away. She knelt down beside me and comforted me. She pulled me into her embrace, kissed my forehead, and wiped away my tears. She sat with me for several minutes. She gave me water to drink. She held me and told me what a good boy I was. She did all of this because that is what a great Dominant does. I have, arguably, the best Lady in the world.

This story involves bdsm and gay play. Not your thing, move on.


I can’t stop thinking about what happened last Saturday. It was so much more than I expected, and frankly, I did things I never thought I would do. I had fantasized about forced fem but still was surprised how different I felt when in panties. It’s just hard to feel very masculine when in a pair of panties. The public stuff was so scary, really didn’t think I would do that, but can’t stop thinking about how that guy looked at me in the parking lot. It was so embarrassing but that doesn’t help me stop thinking about it and fantasizing about what might have happened. And the discipline. It was very painful at times and I so wanted them to stop but when I remember how I felt when they stopped, I understood it was their right to do as they did. It’s not like I didn’t come looking to be treated like that but it was so intense.

Will she call me again? What will I do if she does? I know that this might be more than I really want but can I say no? It sends chills up my spine every time I visualize her standing over me, legs spread, lecturing me on what was going to happen. That isn’t the only place I get chills and I can’t stop getting hard every time I remember her making me look at her as she glares at me expressing her feeling of me. I really think she thinks I’m gay. She emphasized it often enough, talking about me lacking masculinity and how easy it was so see. I wondered if she was right. Do strangers think I’m a faggot when they look at me? I have to admit, sometimes I see a look on a guy’s face that makes me think they do. I can’t keep eye contact when I see them look at me like that.

Her friend, Mistress Anne, was a very intimidating lady. Really wouldn’t make to make that woman mad. I’m glad Mistress Sherrie is not like her, I don’t think I could handle that. Mistress Sherrie is intense, and knows what she wants, but I don’t think she is nearly as sadistic as Mistress Anne. I wonder if women like them become more sadistic as time goes by. Do they want to push more and more?

I ordered some panties online. I hope they get here before she calls me again. There were so many styles of panties it was hard to decide what to get. I finally settled on a variety with a couple thongs, a pair of sissy panties, baby blue with white ruffles, and several pair of bikini panties in various colors and styles. I have to admit, I did get hard while looking at all the pretty panties.

A few more days went by and sometimes I was relieved she didn’t call so that I wasn’t made to decide what to do. Then there was the rest of the time when I wanted her to call so badly. At those times, I knew what I would do if she called. I would do as told. It scares me where this could lead but I know that I can’t say no to her. I need this.

Finally, the call came. It was Saturday, later in the evening when the phone rang. I answered and recognized her voice right away.

‘How’s my little boy?’

‘I’m fine Mistress, thank you for calling.’

‘I wanted to give you time to think about our night together. How are you feeling about what happened?’

‘It was very intense Mistress. The spankings and paddling really hurt but, I have to admit, at the time it seemed like what needed to be done. I hope I wasn’t too much of a wimp, I had just never been punished that harshly before.’

‘It’s suppose to hurt boy, how else will you learn to behave and do as told. I have to tell you I was somewhat disappointed in your behavior. I can’t stand people that say they want something and when they get a chance for it to happen they just hesitate instead of just doing as told. Sometimes that can get so irritating.’ Listening to her and already feel like I’m being lectured again. ‘You realize that often the reason for the discipline is your fault and you make it necessary for me to make sure you understand.’

‘I guess but I was trying hard to do as told and sometimes it didn’t seem like anything I did was good enough to please you,’ hoping it didn’t sound like whining.

‘Yes, exactly, you couldn’t do anything right and whose fault it that?’ the edge in her voice very evident.

Know I’m fighting a losing battle here, ‘I guess it was my fault Mistress Sherrie.’

‘You guess?’ she questions.

‘It was my fault Mistress.’

‘Better,’ she says.

I can imagine the look of satisfaction on your face. She is so different from other ladies I have met. It’s all about her and she doesn’t leave that in doubt and has no problem putting me in my place.

‘Now enough whining about a little spanking. You know you loved it. You loved having a woman take control of you and treat you like you need to be treated. You want more don’t you boy?’

I knew what I would say all the time. ‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Yes Mistress, what?’ her voice cold.

‘I want more. I want to submit to you and I want you to be my Mistress, please.’

‘Will you do as told, no excuses. Public play will not happen without your approval. Other than that, you do what I say, when I say, with who I say. Understand.’

‘Yes Mistress, I understand.’

‘I will test you boy, you sure you are up for this?’

‘I think so Mistress, I will try hard to please you and do as you say,’ I tell her trying to sound submissive.

‘I don’t want to hear any of your bullshit, you up for this or not bitchboy?’ her voice domineering and loud.

‘Yes Mistress, I am.’

‘Good, then we will not have a need for anyone to see the videos from last week.’

‘Videos? You have videos of the other night?’ I ask, a little panic in my voice.

‘Of course, bad boys must be kept in line. Don’t worry, you behave and no one will ever see them. I will send you a copy, I’m sure you will enjoy watching it with your little friend. Now, I need you to go over to Mistress Anne’s place at 10 tonight, she needs us to help her out.’

‘Please Mistress, can’t I come see you. I have to tell you I’m kind of scared of Mistress Anne.’

‘Jesus fuck, you just told me you will do as told and the first thing I tell you to do, I have to hear this shit. Do you think I care if you are such a wimp you are afraid of her. Fuck, try to act a little like a man will you. Damn, I don’t think you are worth the trouble.’

‘I’m sorry Mistress, I’m sorry. You are right, I just wasn’t thinking right. I will be at her place at 10 tonight. I will not disappoint you Mistress.’

‘When she releases you, you come straight to my place. I want you to stop and pick up a dozen condoms at the 7-11 just before you get to my place. Now, I have more important things to do then talk to you, you do what Mistress Anne tells you to do or else. We already have a little work to do to make sure you start thinking right. You don’t want to make that worse.’

‘I will come to your place Mistress. Can you tell me what Mistress Anne wants with me?’

‘I don’t know what she needs you for, she just said she did. That is all you need to know boy.’ Then she hangs up.

I’m panicking thinking about going to see that woman. I look at the clock and realize it’s after 9 so I take a quick shower and put on some dockers, golf shirt and some slip-ons. It’s already time to leave so I grab a joint and head out the door. Smoke half the joint on the way to her place. It helps me relax and always makes me feel more submissive. I get to her place and knock on the door. It opens and Mistress Anne is standing there.

‘It’s about time, get in here.’

I come into her fancy house and realize this lady must have some serious cash. I follow her into the living room. She turns and looks me over.

‘That won’t do, follow me,’ she says heading up some steps.

I follow behind her, admiring the black leather dress she has on. Her black hair is pulled tightly into a bun on the back of her head. I can see the garters attached to her seamed nylons and the black leather shoes have such tall spiked heels. Her legs and ass look so hot. She leads me into an extra bedroom and opens a closet full of clothes.

‘Undress and hurry it up,’ she says, her attitude mindful of the way she was the other night, bitchy.

She throws a pink nylon thong on the bed as I finish undressing telling me to put it on. I do as she says. It’s tight and holds my cock snugly. The string up my ass feels so strange.

‘Try these on,’ she says handing me what I guess were a pair of pants. They were a real stretchy material and looked way too small.

‘These are way too small. I will never get these on,’ I say to her.

She snaps her head around. ‘I said to put those on, now get your faggot ass in those and stop bothering me.’

I start trying to get them on and realize they do stretch enough that I can get them on but when I get done adjusting everything, I realize how low they ride on my hips and they come to just below my knees. They fit skin tight and you can see the little bump my cock makes in them clearly. They pull into my ass crack highlighting my small ass cheeks. She just turns and checks them out and I can see her smile as her turns back to the closet.

She holds a burgundy colored blouse up in front of me. ‘Perfect, put this on.’

I put it on, it is a really silky feeling material, has long puffy sleeves but when I go to button it, I find no buttons.

‘Like this boy,’ she says as she grabs the long ends of the shirt and ties them together. It is short enough that my bare midriff shows and it falls open in the front down below my pecs, hiding my nipples but not by much.

She places a pair of black pumps with two inch heels on the floor. ‘These should fit you, get them on.’

I put them on and she leads me over to a full length mirror. I can’t believe how I look. She walks around me looking them comes back with some hair spray and sprays my hair and combs it all back behind my ears. I’m sure you have seen pictures of really feminine looking gay guys. That is what I was seeing in the mirror. Mistress Anne came up behind me and put several gold chains around my neck. They are long enough to hand down between my pecs emphasizing my bare chest. Then some pink lipstick, nothing too obvious, but anyone looking carefully could see the shine on my lips. i can’t stop looking in the mirror. I can’t believe I look like this.

She leads me into the living room. ‘I overbooked tonight Billie. Chrissy is busy and I need you to help me out. His name is Mike and here is his address. It’s a house so no one will notice you. He will be expecting you and I will discuss what he wants before you arrive and he will pay you as soon as you get there.’ She hands me a small black leather hand purse. ‘Your lipstick, along with some condoms, are in the purse. Keep the money he gives you in there.’

‘Mistress Anne, I’m not gay. I have never been with a man before, I don’t know what to do or if I could do it.’

‘I know, that is why he is paying so much. He is older and will not expect too much of you. He might spank you and I’m sure you will suck his cock. I don’t know if he will want to fuck you or not. I expect you to act like a flaming fagboy for him. Your walk, your voice, your mannerisms are expected to reflect a total sissy fag, understand?’

‘Mistress, I don’t know if I can do this. Please don’t make me go out looking like this.’

‘Looking like what? A flaming fag? You bitch, I hope you fuck this up and Mistress Sherrie lets me loose on you. Mistress Sherrie may not know it yet but I know what a fucking sissy wimp you are. Give me a couple nights alone with you and I’m sure you would have no doubt either. So bitchboy, you decide, become a flaming fag for this man or not, but it will get back to me, and I will get together with Mistress Sherrie and we will see where your ass is then. I know where I want it to be bitchboy.’

I know what I must do. If this man isn’t pleased with me, things could get much worse. ‘I will do it Mistress Anne. I will do what he wishes.’

‘Good girl, now here is his address. When he finishes with you, you are released and I think you are supposed to report to Mistress Sherrie.’

‘Yes, those were her instructions.’

‘OK, go there when you leave Mike’s. I will get your other clothes back to you later. Now go.’

I start to walk to my car and am so glad no one is around seeing how I’m dressed. Feeling relieved that I didn’t get disciplined by Mistress Anne but still panicking thinking about meeting a man like this.

Suddenly, I hear her cry out loudly to me, ‘Get your sissy ass right back here, NOW!!’

Look around, hoping no one heard her but see one house light come on so I hurry back towards her house, fighting the heels but trying to get back unseen. She grabs my arm and pulls me into the house slamming the door.

‘You fucking think you can just ignore what I tell you bitch?’

Confused, not knowing what I did wrong. ‘I’m sorry Mistress Anne, what did I do wrong?’

‘Didn’t I tell you to act like a flaming fag?’

‘Yes, I told you I would Mistress.’

‘It sure didn’t sound like it when you told me good bye and it certainly didn’t look like it walking to your car.’

‘I didn’t know you wanted me to start doing it now Mistress, I’m sorry.’

SLAP, her hand striking my cheek hard. ‘Don’t give me fucking excuses. You do what I tell you when I tell you. UNDERSTAND???

Wanting to rub my cheek, her slap really stung. ‘I understand Mistress,’ I tell her trying to sound as gay as I can when I answer her.

She points to a soft chair in the room. ‘Lean over the back of the chair, hands flat in the seat and don’t you dare move them.’

The fear settling in but don’t know what I can do except obey and I do as she says. She comes up behind me and starts pulling the stretch pants down until she has them down to the bottom of my ass cheeks.

‘I don’t think you understand but you will boy,’ she opens up a drawer and takes out a wooden paddle similar to what you see in fraternities. ‘You will count boy.’

The first blow strikes my ass and I can’t believe how much it hurt. It stings so bad as I try to handle the pain the next blow strikes my ass. I cry out loudly wanting to reach back and protect my ass but know that will only make it worse.

‘Stick your ass out and take it, you fucking fagboy. You will learn to obey. Now fucking count bitch.’

I count out the blows as she punishes my ass. By the time I get to five, tears are already flowing and I’m crying hard as she stops at ten. I know my ass has to be so red. That paddle really hurt.

‘Maybe know you will start paying attention. I am not like Mistress Sherrie, I won’t put up with any of your bullshit. Now, your walk. Obviously, you need help as you showed walking to your car. I think I can help you with that.’

She gets something out of the drawer and then comes around in front of me showing me the black buttplug she is holding. She takes some lotion of a table and starts lubing the buttplug.

‘You ignore instructions, there are consequences. Now, let’s fill up that little pussy of yours.’

She moves behind me and presses the buttplug against my ass. ‘Push back boy, I’m going to hold this and you are going to move your pussy onto the plug. You have one minute or we stop and I get the paddle and we start over. Your time starts now.’

Scared, I push back and feel the buttplug slide in a little and I can feel it start stretching me open. It hurts some but nothing like the paddle as I force myself back further and feel it slide deeper. Oh god, it feels so big.

‘Take your time sweetie, I don’t mind another session with the paddle, do you?’

I press my ass back hard and cry out as I feel it open me wide and then I feel it slide in far enough that I can feel my ass clamping down on the narrower end of the plug. It feels so big up my ass and hurts a lot. She grabs my forearms and pulls me upright and it makes the plug seem even bigger and makes me cry out.

‘Maybe next time, you do as you are told faggot.’ She opens her front door and pushes me out. ‘Go, you are late.’ She slams the door.

I try walking and the plug moves in me and makes it hard for me to walk without it hurting. I go out her front door, still so uncomfortable, taking small steps and can feel my ass swishing as I try to ease the pressure of the plug. I’m almost to the car when I see a neighbor a couple doors down watching. It’s an older man. He doesn’t say another just staring at me. It’s so humiliating, I know what he has to be thinking.

I get in and drive off lighting up the rest of the joint. Damn I need it. What if I would get stopped looking like this? I can’t keep doing these things with these ladies. It really is too much. I finally get to his house. Feel so embarrassed walking up to his house holding my little purse in my hand. He answers the door after I ring. He’s older, maybe 50, in a suit. He looks like a executive or some professional and he invites me in, introducing himself and letting me know he is a doctor.

‘You are a very pretty sissy,’ he says taking my hand and leading me into his office. ‘First, we take care of business. Here is your money,’ and he hands me $400. He then hands me a bottle of pills. ‘Take two of these every morning, two more at night. I will be able to tell if you are taking them.’ Unknown to me, they are a female hormone pills with an addictive additive that makes stopping very hard. He handed me some water and I took two of the pills. He then handed me a prescription. ‘This is for some crème that will help keep your hair from growing back. Use it before taking a shower. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.’

‘Yes Sir,’ I answer trying to sound fem. I force myself to try and act as faggy as I can with the way I stand and smile at him. He surprises me by pulling me close and kissing me. At first, I try to resist but remember what Mistress Anne said about the doctor reporting back on my behavior so when I feel his tongue on my lips, I part my lips and let him slide his tongue into my mouth. It’s so strange but I start sucking lightly on his tongue. I feel him respond and before I realize it I’m kissing him like I’m loving it. He breaks the kiss and I feel like I’m short of breathe.

‘You really haven’t ever been with a man before?’ he asks.

‘No, really, I haven’t. When I met Mistress Sherrie I explained to her that I wasn’t gay but she didn’t seem to care and somehow I ended up over here. I’m very nervous.’

‘You kiss like a girl, do you know that?’

‘No Sir,’ not sure how to take that.

‘You might not have realized it or accepted it but it’s not hard to see that you are bisexual if not totally gay. Turn around. I want to see your ass.’

I turn around and feel his hands moving lightly over my ass cheeks. I have to admit it felt good but was so crazy being felt up by this man.

‘Such a cute little ass. I hope Mistress Sherrie realizes what she has here and doesn’t waste your cherry. I want you to tell her not to give you to anyone else to fuck without calling me first.’

I can’t believe how this conversation is going. It sounds like he thinks Mistress Sherrie owns me. I know I told her I wanted her to be my Mistress but there has to be limits. I really wish she hadn’t videotaped our time together. What if she were to show that video to others? How could I face someone knowing they had seen me like that?

‘Let’s go sit down sweetie,’ he says taking me hand and leading him behind him. He approaches a black leather chair, takes his suit coat off, and sits down. ‘Please stand, I want to look at you.’

‘OK,’ I answer standing in front of him feeling very uncomfortable.

‘Are you alright sweetie?’ he inquires.

‘I guess, it’s just…I’m dressed like this…and I’m here with a man I don’t know. I’m sorry but it’s all a bit overwhelming.’

‘You haven’t dressed fem before sweetie?’

‘Please don’t call me that, I feel ridiculous enough already but no never.’

‘Do you think you should be telling me what to say and not say?’ he asks his demeanor changing. ‘Is that what you think?’

‘No, I’m sorry.’

‘No Sir, I’m sorry.’

‘No Sir, I’m sorry,’ I answer this not making me feel any more comfortable.

‘Are you having trouble accepting the fact that you are a sissy and are gay?’

‘That’s just it Sir, I’m not gay and I’m only dressing like this because I have to,’ I answer no longer trying to act like a flamer.

‘You aren’t man enough to tell these woman no?’

Still standing there in front of him as he interrogates me. ‘I just wanted to see what being with a dominant woman was like and it has led to much more than I wanted.

‘I asked you if you were man enough to tell these women no. Now answer me,’ his mannerism becoming more dominant.

‘I guess not Sir.’ I feel him staring at me but I keep my eyes down.

‘I’m a little disappointed. I really was expecting a pretty boy, a sissy, tonight. A sissy that wanted to show a man just how much they liked acting fem in front of another man. A sissy who wanted to give herself to another man and have him use her like his bitch, his whore. I will probably have to have a long talk with Mistress Anne.’

‘Please give me another chance,’ I ask knowing what might happen if he were to do this.

‘Billie, you have already told me you aren’t gay and don’t want to have to act like a sissy faggot.’

‘I know, I was just trying to explain things. Please can we start over? I want to please you and I do want to be a sissy for you. Please.’

‘Then fucking start acting like it right now. Go over to the bar and fix me a scotch and water.’

‘Yes Sir, anything you want.’ I start moving towards the bar, one foot in front of the other, swishing my ass. I look back over my shoulder and smile. ‘Anything Sir.’ I know my ass is on the line and I better make sure I make this man happy. I fix his drink and put it on a silver tray and bring it over to you. ‘Anything else Sir?’

‘Yes, I want you to walk for me. I’m sure you have seen enough videos of whores and how they walk. After all, I did pay you quite well for this evening. Now I want you to show me what a sissy bitch you really are. Do not disappoint me.’

I walk around the room, exaggerating my walk, trying to please him. He watches for a short time then tells me to sit down in the soft chair across from him. I sit down and then he instructs me to cross my legs and I cross them in the manner I have seen women cross their legs.

‘Now sweetie, I want you to tell me how much you love dressing like a girl and can’t wait for your first dress. Tell me all you think about is dressing up for men and want to be treated like a whore.’

This is so humiliating but I know what I must do. I try to sound as fem as I can as I answer him. ‘Sir, I just love dressing like a girl. It helps me accept the fact that I’m not very manly and that I prefer being feminine. I can’t wait to get more clothes and have men see me in them. I want to wear sexy dresses for men and to be so sexy for them. I want them to treat me however they like and make me do anything for them just like they would a whore.’

‘That wasn’t so hard was it, surely you already knew you don’t measure up as a man and it’s time that you start accepting it. You are lucky you met Mistress Sherrie and she thinks you are worth her time. I’m sure most women wouldn’t. Most sissies like you end up under some man’s thumb. Stand up.’

I stand up and he tells me to pull my pants down. It’s so embarrassing but I don’t hesitate and pull them down exposing the pink thong. He makes me pull it down and my little cock flops out when I do. He tells me to put my hands down to my sides and I do as he says. He doesn’t say anything just looks at me and down at my cock.

‘Turn around.’

I turn around, my small ass exposed to him now.

‘It is a little red sweetie, were you a bad girl before you came over?’

‘Yes Sir, Mistress Anne used a wooden paddle on my ass. It really hurt.’

‘Why did she do this?’

‘I wasn’t acting feminine enough Sir.’

‘I see and yet you came over here bitching about how you hate being dressed like you are and how you aren’t gay. I guess her spanking didn’t do much good. Turn around look at me. Pull your panties up.’

I turn around and pull the panties up and start pulling the pants up when he stops me and makes me take the pants all the way off. Once I have them off, he tells me to take the blouse off and I do. It leaves me standing there in just the panties and heels. He stares at me and I feel so intimidated.

‘It’s obvious you could never satisfy a woman with your little cock sweetie. You are so lucky you found Mistress Sherrie. She will help you find your place in life and, if you are smart, you will do as she says. She is new at this but is learning quickly and I was pleased with her when she was forced to out a couple of her previous sissies that didn’t do as she said. It was hard for her but she knew she couldn’t let their behavior go unpunished and both have now found a man to care for them. Come sit by me.’

I go sit down by him. Thinking about what he said about Mistress Sherrie and it doesn’t make me feel comfortable at all. It feels so weird to be in just panties while he is sitting there in dress shirt and pants. He puts his arm around me and pulls me close. I tense up as I feel his touch but allow him to pull me against him.

‘Are you feeling better now sissyboy?’

Feel totally out of control but know how this has to play out if I’m not to get into further trouble. ‘Yes Sir, thank you for helping me understand.’

‘Do you like me calling you sweetie now?’

‘Oh yes, it makes me feel so special.’ He pulls me closer and kisses me again. His tongue explores my mouth and I love sucking on it. He kisses my neck, his breathe hot in my ear.

‘Are you a girl?’

‘Yesssssss,’ I moan as he sucks on my neck, not realizing he is marking me. His hand moves down spreading my legs apart and he moves his hand to my panties rubbing up and down. I can feel my small cock getting hard and he starts rubbing faster. I can’t stop moaning and soon I’m pressing my panties against his hand not wanting him to stop.

‘Are you gay? Are you a faggot?’

He continues rubbing my panties till I feel like I’m about to cum. ‘Yesssss, I’m a faggot.’

‘You want my cock sweetie.’

‘Yessss, I want it.’ Pressing my hips up humping his hand knowing I’m going to cum soon. Then suddenly he stops. Oh god, oh god, that felt so good. He maneuvers me till I’m sliding down between his legs.

‘Unfasten my slacks and take it out sissy.’

I unfasten his slack and pull them and his underwear down. His cock is big and already hard. It has to be at least 9″ and as thick as a Red Bull can. Just stare at it, it’s so big. I had seen cocks this big before watching porn but to actually have one right in front of my face was totally different.

‘Take your hand and stroke it sissyboy,’ he tells me.

I do as he says and when I stroke his cock a big drop of precum collects at his piss slit. I can’t stop thinking about how big his cock is and then how small mine would look compared to him.

‘Lick sissyboy, it’s for you.’

I lean over and lick the drop of precum off his cockhead. His cock felt so smooth and velvety when my tongue slide over it. I can taste the precum in my mouth and realize it doesn’t taste bad at all.

‘Kiss it sissyboy, show me what a faggot you really are.’

I kiss it and can’t keep from running my tongue over his cockhead. It feels so strange. I feel his hand on the back of my head and feel him press down and feel the cock slide into my mouth. I can’t help myself, I start sucking him.

‘There’s no going back sissyboy. Once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker. No real man would ever suck cock. Real men might use a faggot, someone like you, to get off but that’s their right and it’s what you faggots need anyway. Come on faggot, show me how much you love a cock in your mouth.’

I know I should feel humiliated and regretting what’s happening but I’m not. All I can think about is the cock in my mouth and how it feels. I find myself wanting to get more and more of it into my mouth and making it feel good for you. I start moving up and down, sucking you, submitting to you. I feel his hands on my head as he slowly pulls me almost off his cock and then pushes me back on.

‘Worship it sissy, you know how bad you want it.

I hated to admit it to myself but I did want it. I wanted him to slide it in and out. I wanted to be his cocksucker, his cocksucking whore. I tried getting more in my mouth.

‘Not too much sissyboy, you will learn to take it all but just suck now. Get your mouth wet and hot for man cock.’

I did as he said and he slowly fucked my mouth. I was surprised when he pulled me off his cock.

‘Look up at me and open your mouth wide sissyboy.’

I look up and watch as he reaches down and start stroking his cock. It’s not long till he leans over, his cock just at my mouth and then I feel his cum hit my tongue and then spurt and spurt into my mouth. It is hot and there is so much, I feel a little run from the corners of my mouth down my chin.

‘Do not swallow, keep your mouth open, look up and show me your first mouthful of cum sissyboy. Taste the cum, use your tongue, show me what a cumslut you are.’

I look up and do as he says and it makes me feel so nasty but I wanted to do it for him. I wanted to please him. Then I see him take pictures of me with his phone. Was he taking pictures the whole time?

‘I’m sure you will want these for your scrapbook sissyboy and I know Mistress Anne will appreciate them. I will also send them to Mistress Sherrie. You may swallow now.’

I swallow all his cum and now it really hits me what I did. Fuck, now I really am a cocksucker. Thinking about how much I enjoyed doing it but now it all feels so wrong and now he has pictures of me sucking his cock and pictures of me with a mouthful of cum.

‘Don’t feel bad sissyboy. It’s what you are. Now slide up here and sit on my lap. You earned a reward. He pulls me up till I’m sitting on his lap one arm around my shoulders, his other hand pulling me to him and he kisses me again. I kiss him back wanting his kisses so much. I feel his hand rubbing my panties again. ‘You love being with a man don’t you?’

Oh god, his hand feels so good and I put my arm around his neck and bury my face into his shoulder as I moan loudly. His hand rubbing my panties fast now and I can’t stop. I cry out, my voice soft and fem, as I cum hard in the panties. Feel myself shaking as he holds me. Can feel the wetness soaking my panties.

‘Good girl. You are going to be such a good sissyboy. But now it’s time for you to go. I have to go out and meet some friends. Get dressed.’

I get my clothes back on and can feel my sticky panties. The realization of what I did is hitting me fully. I have never thought of myself as anything but straight but now how can I feel that way. Fuck, I just sucked a stranger and swallowed his cum. He comes over and pulls me to him and kisses me passionately.

‘Are you gay?’ he asks making me look at him.

‘Yes Sir,’ I answer and I see him smile at me.

‘I will tell Mistress Anne you were a good sissyboy, now scoot,’ he says slapping my ass hard as I go out the door.

Fuck, fuck. I can’t believe what I did. I drive off and know that I must go over to Mistress Sherrie house now. I already feel overwhelmed about what just happened and it makes me wonder what she might have in mind for me. I’m almost to her place when I remember that she told me to pick up condoms at the 7-11. I can’t go in there dressed like this. But, what if I don’t. If I show up without them, it could go badly for me. I pull into the 7-11 and unfortunately several cars are there. I panic looking down quickly but relieved that the pants don’t look wet from my wet panties.

I finally get out and walk in and see everyone turn and look at me. I can hear some whispering but can’t hear what is being said. I go over looking for condoms but don’t see any then I spot them behind the counter and realize that I have to ask the clerk for them. I force myself to go over and ask. ‘I need a dozen condoms please.’

The Mexican clerk looks at me then down at my crotch and I know what he is looking at. ‘Do you want the small size?’ he asks and I hear a man that came up behind me snicker.

‘No, just regular ones, they aren’t for me,’ I answer then realize how that how to sound.

‘That doesn’t surprise me,’ he says looking me over again.

I feel the man behind me rub his hand lightly on my ass. I turn, ‘Please don’t do that.’

‘Sorry, I thought you would like it. Why else would you go out dressed like a fag slut,’ the man says and I hear the clerk laugh.

The clerk finishes giving me my change. ‘Don’t give it all away tonight,’ he says and they both laugh as I hurry out of the store.

Fuck, this is getting out of control. I drive off and get to Mistress Sherrie’s house and go up and knock. She opens the door standing there in a skin tight pair of black pants, a pair of knee high black boots, a shiny white blouse that buttons up the front. Her breasts press against the material and her large nipples stand out prominently.

‘Well, look at you. Don’t you look like a horny little slut. Come on in before the neighbors start thinking I’m running gay whores from my house.’

I go into her house. ‘Mistress Anne made me wear this and that’s not all she made me do. This is getting to be too much.’

She sets down in a chair. ‘Come here sweetie, kneel down in front of me and tell me all about it.’

I kneel down in front of her and start to tell her what happens when she shushes me and point down to the floor and I see her boot on the floor in front of me. I know what she wants and I just do it. I bend over and kiss her boot and when it remain there I start licking it till the top is all shiny then she switches feet and I find myself licking her other boot. Finally, I feel her hand in my hair and she lifts me head up.

‘You should always show me proper respect before you start whining Billie. You have to realize this isn’t all about you.’

Hearing what she says but it seems to me to be very little of this seem concerned about what I want but know better than to say anything. ‘I’m sorry Mistress, tonight was just so…so different.’

‘Tell me what happened sweetie.’

‘Mistress Anne pimped me out to some guy for money. I told you I wasn’t gay but you let her put me into this situation.’

‘Do you have the money sweetie?’ she asks ignoring my discomfort with what happened.

‘Yes, it’s in my purse,’ then feel embarrassed when I say that. She picks up the purse.

‘Such a pretty purse sweetie,’ she says as she takes the money from the purse.

‘Here, a hundred for you, a hundred for me and the rest for Mistress Anne. I’m so proud of you sweetie. I hope you were a good girl for Mike. He is such a nice man and has such a big cock. Did he say anything about me?’

Not really wanting to say it but figure I better so I tell her what he said. ‘He told me to tell you to call him before you let anyone fuck me.’ I can feel my face getting so red. It makes it even seem crazier when she gave me the money like I really was a whore.

Laughing, ‘That doesn’t surprise me and I will definitely call him. I know he will pay big money for virgin boypussy.’

I catch myself thinking about his big cock and how it would feel before I realize it. She is talking like I’m a gay whore for her and doesn’t seem concerned about what I think about it all.

‘Come over, I want to show you something,’ she says and she lead me over to her computer. On the screen is a picture of me, mouth open with just a cock head in my mouth. My face is clearly visible. ‘Look at you and you try to tell me you aren’t gay.’

I want to explain how I did it to please her and Mistress Anne but know I will be wasting my breath so I just stand there and the screen changes. This picture shows my with his cock filling my mouth. My lips stretched over his cock and there is a contended look on my face. She takes my hand as the picture changes again. This picture shows my mouth open wide and shows cum squirting into my mouth. The next picture shows my mouth full of cum looking up at the man but doesn’t show the other man’s face.

‘You are going to be a good little boy for me, aren’t you Billie? You are going to please your Mistress, aren’t you? Just look at you, your first mouthful of cum. But it isn’t going to be the last, is it Billie?’

‘No Mistress.’

‘Tell me why Billie?

‘Because I want to please you Mistress.’

‘Good boy.’ She shuts the computer off and leads me back to her chair, sitting down, leaving me standing there in front of her chair.


I just look down not saying anything.

‘Faggot. Cumslut. Sissybitch. Whore.’

She pauses after each word, making me stand there and take it.

‘Look at you. You couldn’t look any more like a sissy fag if you tried. Did you get the condoms?’

‘Yes Mistress, they are in that bag.’

‘You went into the store looking like that?’

‘Yes, I didn’t have a choice. You said you wouldn’t make me do any public things and then I had to do this.’

‘It’s my fault you go around town dressed like a fag slut? Are you fucking trying to blame me for this,’ she says standing up in front of me, her face in mine. ‘Is that what you are saying?’

Intimidated and not wanting to get her upset worse I know I must back down. ‘No Mistress, I’m sorry, I’m not blaming you.’

‘It sure fucking sounds like it. I told you that there would be no sexual service in public. I can’t do anything if you want to dress up like a sissy fag and go out in public. NOW CAN I???’ her voice firm and loud.

‘No Mistress.’

‘I don’t know why you feel you have to behave like you do. I try to be nice to you and help you and all I get in return in backtalk and bullshit. Pull your pants down. NOW!’

I pull them down and she immediately see the white stains all over the pink panties.

‘Damn, you really are a sissy fag. Fuck did you cum when you went into the store. Did it make you cum showing all the men what a faggot you are? Maybe you wanted to suck them all off too now that you have shown what a cocksucker you are.’

‘No Mistress,’ feel like I’m about to cry but know that will make things worse.

‘Then when did you cum sissy?’

‘Mike rubbed my panties till I came in them Mistress.’

‘And where were you when you came?’

Embarrassed I answer, ‘I was sitting on his lap.’

She starts laughing, walking away. ‘What a wimp, undress now. Take everything off.’

I undress and when she looks she see the buttplug.


I drop down to my knees, spreading them wide, back straight, hands behind my back, head down. She walks slowly around me.

‘I really didn’t think you would be this much of a wimp. I really hoped there was a little masculinity in there somewhere. But no, look at you. You told me you were straight but submissive and wanted to serve a Mistress. Now, one week later, I find out you are a total fairy, sitting in a man’s lap as he makes you cum in your panties. Fuck, what a pussy you are.’

I don’t move as she circles me.

‘Am I right, are you a flaming little queer? ARE YOU????

Sobbing, ‘I just wanted to serve you Mistress. I never asked to be with another man. I just want you Mistress.’


I cry out as the leather strap strikes my ass cheeks. It really hurt.

‘Bend over, forehead on the floor, ass high boy.’

I do as she says dreading what I know is coming.


I cry out but force myself to stay in position.

‘Is this what you wanted boy?’ she asks as she brings the strap down hard again.

She strikes me three more time, I’m already crying.

‘IS IT BOY? Is this what you want?’

Crying hard I blubber out, ‘yesssssss’

Mistress Sherrie whips me ass so hard. It starts hurting so badly and shortly I can’t take it anymore and roll over on my side curling up begging her to stop. Crying so hard.

It was almost time for my Mistress to come home from work. She had left me a note to have dinner ready for her when she got home because she had plans for Us/us tonight. I heard Her car pull up, dinner was on the table everything was ready as She had instructed. I was kneeling by the front door as She likes me to be naked with my knees apart, my hands behind my back, and my face down looking at the floor as I am not worthy to look at Her.

She walks in and past me, throwing Her coat over me for me to put it away when She tells me I can get up, until then I kneel and wait in darkness.

“Come my angel.”

I get up and put Her coat away in the closet and kneel next to Her chair in the dining room.

“You are My good girl angel for following My every command.”

I get wet with excitement at having pleased my Mistress.

“You are going to be very excited with My plans for you tonight.”

I squirm at the thought. I never know what Mistress has planned but it is always exciting.

She is eating the dinner I made for her slowly and savoring every flavor, Ihave prepared Her favorite meal: filet mignon made rare, twice baked potato, and fresh green beans with dill.

“You have out done yourself with dinner yet again, angel.”

“Thank you Mistress. I am here to serve you.”

When Mistress is done eating She drains Her glass of wine and leans over and kisses me on my mouth and I can taste the dry wine with the berries notes in it, I can also taste the blood from the rare filet. It is a slow deep kiss that makes me weak in the knees.

“Come angel I have to change and want your help.” Mistress commands.

I follow Her into the bedroom, She stands in the middle of the room with Her arms out, waiting for me to undress Her. I do so with speed and precision.

“Corset and garter, hose, thigh high boots.”

“Yes Mistress,” I reply.

I find all the items she has requested and begin to dress Her. Next I begin to brush Her hair up the way She likes when W/we are having company.

“That feels so good, I enjoy you brushing My hair, angel.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

The doorbell rings, my pussy gets wetter, anticipating what is to come.

“Answer the door, angel. On your hands and knees, do not look up at who is coming in.”

I crawl to the door and open it.I am looking at the floor and hear several pairs of high heels entering the house. I hear them walking into the living room. Earlier You had me set out several bottles of wine and glasses with snacks to go with it.

“Angel, come.” She commands.

I crawl into the living room and You instruct me to come to the center of the room.

“You may place your glasses on her back if you desire and if she spills any on the floor she will be punished.”

I know I am in for a long night but want to please You so I do my best at being still.I feel one glass then two glasses on my back. My arms are already starting to ache but I know if I move I will spill wine on Your carpet and that will displease You. I hear You and Your friends talking about daily events like it is normal to have a naked woman holding their glasses.

“Angel, come to Me.”

Everyone thankfully takes their glasses from my back before I crawl to you.

“Yes Mistress.”

“I want you to perform for Us.”

“Yes Mistress, what would You like me to do for You?”

“Masturbate for all to see”

I get on the floor in front for all to see my cunt and you bring out a dildo and a butt plug for me to use.

“Firs,t put the plug in your ass and do not cum unless I give you permission.”

“Yes Mistress.”

You know how much it excites me to perform in front of others. Everyone watches as I put the butt plug in my asshole.

“How does that feel my pet?”

“It feels good Mistress”

It is bigger than the last one You bought for me but I know what your plan is with my ass.

“Open your legs up for all of Us to see your cunt.”

I spread my legs wide and you tie my legs to the couch where I am wide open for all to see what I am about to do, You see how wet I am and You smile lovingly at me.

“You are My good girl aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress I hope I am.”

“Now begin, slut.”

“Yes Mistress. As You wish.”

I rub my tits with my fingers and pinch and pull them till I am moaning. Then I take one of my hands and rub my clit which is already hard.You take the dildo and turn it on low so it will take me to the edge but not over. You put it in my cunt and slide it in deep then You turn it up so the vibrator is on high.

“Do not cum until I tell you to. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I keep playing with my clit with one hand and a tit with the other and then You invite your friends to join me.

“You all may play with my slut but do not make her cum.”

The redhead comes over and takes my tit in her mouth and begins sucking and I start moaning loudly. Mistress then gets the ball gag She bought for me and puts it in my mouth and tightens it around my head. The brunette comes over and moves my hand and begins sucking on my clit, I lean my head back in ecstasy. The blonde comes over and sucks on my other tit I am leaning back on my arms and arch my back and try and lift my hips to the hands that are now all over my body.

I look at You begging for You to let me cum.You shake Your head no.I plead with my eyes andYou turn away from me. You walk out of the room and come back with Your crop.

You tell everyone to back away from me, You raise Your crop and bring it down on my left breast with a slap, it stings but it feels so good then You do the same with my right breast. You keep doing this until I have tears running from my eyes and beg You with them to let me cum. The vib is still in my pussy on high and the pain in my tits is exquisite.

You tell me thatI may not cum yet. I am not sure how much longer I can hold off. You take the riding crop and slowly run it over my clit and pussy and I quiver with excitement, knowing what is coming. You lift the crop behind your head and bring it down hard and loud on my clit and I scream. God it feels so good and hurts so much but I love every minute of it. You do it again over and over until your arm is tired.

You see the tears streaming down my cheeks and You smile at me so proud of me for not begging you to stop. You remove the vib from my cunt and lean down and begin licking my juices with such tenderness and care.You move Your tongue up to my clit and at first You lick it then You take it between Your teeth and bite it and I can’t hold back anymore. My juices flow all over Your face.

You come up to my face and tenderly kiss me and tell me, “Angel, you are My very good girl.”

I am so happy that I pleased You so well and can’t wait to see what happens next tonight.

As I recover from my last orgasm, Mistress asks her friends what they would like to do next.

The redhead says, “I need a table for my wine.”

“Angel, you know what to do.”

I get on all fours and put my back perfectly straight and feel one wine glass then two, then three. I hope I can keep still and not spill on the carpet. Mistress and Her friends begin talking about vacation plans and they discuss the beaches they have been to. Mistress is talking about the last time W/we went to Hawaii and how She had me on the lanai naked and kneeling at Her feet watching the sunset over the Pacific.

It makes me proud that She shares stories that include me and that She is proud of Her slut.

“My slut will like where we are going on vacation next,” She says to her friends. I wonder where this will be but she won’t tell me as she wants it to be a surprise.

The blonde reaches for her wine and she sends the glass flying, I know I will be punished for this because I let it spill.

“Oh no, what have I done,” she says with a smile. Knowing what will happen next.

“Angel, what happened?”

“Mistress, one of the glasses spilled and Ididn’t keep it from going on the carpet. I am very sorry Mistress.”

“You know what is going to happen now, don’t you slut?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Go to the playroom now and wait for Me.”

I begin crawling to the room with the toys, with wine still on my back where it spilled. I hope I don’t leave a trail to the playroom. I kneel with legs spread wide and head hung low.I hear you and your friends walking up the hall. I am wet with anticipation, knowing what is coming. I know better than to look up and see who is with you, I know they are all there, in anticipation of what is to come.

They all enjoy toying with me, when my Mistress gives them the chance.

“Slut, why are We here?”

“Because I let the wine spill, Mistress.”

“That’s right slut. What happens when you are a bad girl?”

“My Mistress punishes me as She sees fit.”

“Well tonightMy friends are going to enjoy punishing you for Me.”

“First, go to the spanking table.”

“Yes, Mistress”

As I begin crawling to the table they begin laughing and deciding what they will do with me tonight. AsI get to the table You have gotten out the ropes and instructed the redhead to tie my arms at the top of the table and the brunette to tie my feet spread wide open to the bottom of the table. You then hand the blonde your paddle.

“Since she spilt your wine you get to begin the punishment.”

“Thank you Kris. She is a little slob after all.”

“Lay down, butt in the air.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I crawl up onto the table face down. The redhead grabs my wrists and ties them tight while the brunette grabs each ankle and pulls them as wide apart as she can.

“Now you can have 10 swats and we will see how she is doing.”

“Slut you will count out loud and thank her for each one.”

“Yes Mistress.”


“One, thank you.”


“Two, thank you.”

This continues and she finally gets to 10. I am proud that I have not begun to cry yet.ButI know it is just beginning.

“Since My slut spilled all the wine, you each get a turn. My slut, you will count and thank them for i.t”

“Yes Mistress.”


“One, thank you.”


“Two, thank you.”

By the end of the third set, I have tears streaming down my face and my pussy is sopping wet. I so want my Mistress to sooth me but she just looks at me with disdain. I feel so ashamed at my mistake.

“Let’s turn her over and see how far we can take her to the edge and if she cums without permission we get to paddle her again,” someone suggests.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Mistress says.

They turn me over and tie me up again, arms high and legs tied spread wide. I see them discussing what to use on me.

I still have the butt plug from earlier still in my ass. The blonde comes over and pulls it out then pushes in a plug with a vib. She then puts an egg in my cunt. The brunette puts clamps my tits. The vibs are remote control, with the blonde holding the controller for them and turns the one in my ass on low at first, before she turns the one on in my pussy. She slowly turns them higher until I can’t take it I am about to cum.

The brunette is tightening the clamps on my tits as tight as she can get them and the pain feels so intense. I see from the corner of my eye that my Mistress is kissing the redhead and the redhead is playing with my Mistress’s cunt. My Mistress looks over to see me looking at her. She just smiles.

I am so on edge I am not sure how much more I can take. I look at her pleading for permission to cum, and She shakes her head no.

The vibs go faster and harder. The pain in my tits is becoming more than I can bear and the tears are coming again. The brunette begins using the crop and hitting my clit with it. I moan so loudly as she continues to hit my clit, the vibs are going faster. My Mistress comes over to me and looks at me with loving eyes and removes the clamps on my tits and begins massaging them. I arch my back as far as I can.

She says, “Now.”

I push the vib in my cunt out and squirt all over. I scream out with the biggest orgasm I have ever had. My eyes roll up in my head and I am overcome with sensations and tingle all over. As I slowly come down, I find my Mistress with me. She begins untying my arms and legs and begins caressing me and calling me Her good girl. I notice her friends are gone.

“It is just My angel and me now my sweet girl.”

“Thank you Mistress for everything tonight.”

“You are welcome My angel.”

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