Everyone in this story is over eighteen even though it is not stated in the story as such.

Morning comes quickly and my dad is already up with breakfast made by the time I crawl out of the tent. He is still as naked as I am and I can’t help but smile at the fact.

“Good morning kiddo,” he says with a smile.

I smile and sit down next to him. He hands me a plate and winks at me. It feels good to have not only gotten closer to my dad, but to finally have his cock in my mouth. I can’t wait for what happens next.

After breakfast my dad gets up and says, “Why don’t you join me in the lake.”

I follow him toward the lake, watching his ass the whole time. My cock is rock hard by the time I get in the water with him and we only go out until the water level is thigh high. After diving under the water to get ourselves wet, my dad grabs me and pulls me into him. His cock begins to grow and we are soon rubbing against each other. His body is slippery and our chests and stomachs are sliding against each other’s.

I grab him back and he kisses me. Our lips collide and I kiss him back firmly, letting our lips lock and out tongues slide against the inside of each other’s mouths. My cock is getting harder from kissing him and I am even hornier than before. My dad’s cock pokes into my stomach, so I stop kissing him and drop to my knees into the water. Without the use of my hands, I take his thick cock into my mouth and suck as I bob up and down on it. In and out, I slurp on his juicy cock. I put my hands on his legs and pull on them to try to make him fuck my mouth.

‘Fuck my mouth dad,” I say between slurps. I wanted his cum in my mouth again. “Fuck me now.”

My dad grabs my head and begins to really fuck my mouth.

“Fuck yes, son. Suck your dad’s cock!”

He slams his cock into my mouth, each time hitting the back of my throat then suddenly he pulls his cock out of my mouth and pulls me to my feet.

“My turn,” he says grinning.

He gets onto his knees and takes my raging cock straight into his mouth, sucking it and shoving it right down his throat. I grab the back of his head with both hands and start to face fuck him. His hands explore my ass cheeks, massaging them and pulling them apart as his fingers move closer to my asshole. His fingers find my asshole and begin massaging it.

I let out a gasp, because it feels fucking good. I take my cock out from his mouth and turn around, presenting my ass to him. “I want you cock Dad,” I tell him. I’ve wanted his cock for awhile and I wanted even more last night.

His hand begins to rub around my asshole. It feels so good. I hold my breath as my dad spreads my ass cheeks and puts his face to it. I feel his warm tongue flick quickly over my asshole. I let out all my breath with one gasp and begin panting as he begins to lick my asshole. His tongue swirls around it in circles, teasing me again. I almost cum with sheer pleasure. His tongue slowly runs over my asshole, making me shiver. It stops over my asshole and then my dad begins to push his tongue into my ass.

I moan loudly, feeling his tongue penetrate my ass. He pushes it in and out, making me moan louder and louder. It is so hot, but so dirty having my dad’s tongue squeeze up in my tight little ass and making me moan for more.

“Come on and fuck me,” I moan. “Fuck me now Dad!”

He pulls his tongue out of my ass and shoves his finger deep in my ass. I moan as he twists it and finger fucks my asshole. He pulls it out and stands up behind me. His slippery cock fits nicely into my ass crack as he leans close to whisper in my ear.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time son.”

I smile as he grabs me by the hips and directs his cockhead straight for my asshole. A moan escapes my lips as I feel his slippery cockhead push against my asshole. My ass stretches around his cock and slowly lets his thick cock slide into my tight little hole. I gasp as he squeezes in inch after inch of his massive cock into me. Eventually, he gets in all of it.

His crotch is pushed up hard against my ass cheeks. One of his hands slides around my waist while the other wraps itself around my cock and begins to pump it from behind. His hips move away, sucking his cock from out of my ass, sliding it out again, inch after orgasmic inch. Just before the tip comes out, he slides his thick cock back into me, making me gasp as she shoves it harder and faster this time.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” I groan.

He pumps my cock with his hand and starts moving his hips in and out, faster and faster, pumping his cock in and out of my tight little ass. It feels so good having something big stretching my ass, filling me like I had fantasized. My dad fucks me for several long minutes and we both are in complete ecstasy, moaning while our slippery bodies rub up against each other. His cock gives me a wave of pleasure with every thrust, going deeper and deeper inside me. His balls slap against mine as he fucks me from behind.

“Fuck me!” I shout. “Fill me with your cum, Dad!”

He thrusts his thick cock deep inside me, in and out, sliding his massive cock up my ass. Once again, his balls tighten and he lets out a loud moan as spurt after spurt of hot cum fills my ass. His thrusts begin to slow down as he cums, but he thrusts so hard into me I can’t help but let out a moan.

We stand here for a second, panting. His cock is still in my ass, my cock still in his hand as his cum slowly drips from my ass. He pulls his hips away, letting his big, soft cock slide out of my ass. I let a final gasp and turn around. He presses his body up against mine and presses out lips together. We kiss madly for a couple if minute before my still raging cock is just about ready to explode. I spin him around, pushing him over slightly and spread his legs apart.

I feel his smooth ass cheeks in my hands before I feel around his asshole. I press my finger into it and his body tenses as my finger slips into him. I smile and pull it out again then slide my raging cock down his ass, letting my cockhead slide across his skin. When it comes into level with his ass, I begin to push. We both moan softly as his asshole begins to give way. My cockhead disappears into him with a pop.

Oh, how I want to feel my dad’s ass so bad. I silently say fuck it and slam my cock straight up his ass, thrusting it deep into him in one strong movement. He lets out a yelp. I put both hands on his hips and begin to slide my cock in and out of his tight asshole, fucking him hard. I pump my cock into him furiously and then all of a sudden my balls tighten and I moan. I thrust hard into his ass one last time, shoving my thick cock deep inside him. I begin to cum and it spurts thickly from my cock. Spurt after spurt, it fills my dad’s tight ass. I cum so hard my balls start to ache.

We stand naked in the water for a few more minutes just breathing. Slowly, we make our way back to camp, sliding in our tent in each other’s arms.

“How about some fishing today?” my dad asks.

My cock brushes his ass and starts to come back to life. “Maybe in a little bit,” I say.

I never really knew why I had been singled out as a target for bullying, but this one guy in high school just seemed to pick on me all the time. I was a fairly typical eighteen year old, a little bit awkward and self conscious but no more so than anybody else in school. I was below average height and of a slight, skinny build but not remarkably so, with thin, pale blond hair. This guy, Danny, was built, with a huge muscular chest. He was black, about six foot five tall and easily able to intimidate anyone. For some reason, he picked on me particularly.

‘Hey faggot, sucked any cocks lately?’ he would say when he shoved past me in the hallway.

‘Bet you’d love to get a go on my big, black beast, you little queer’ he would whisper in my ear during class.

‘Your daddy’s a dirty gay cocklicker and I guess it runs in the family,’ he would sneer at me if he caught me looking at him.

I never understood why he picked on me, and why always the same stuff. He’d always accuse me of being gay, of wanting cock, his big, black cock. And then he’d start going on about my dad, how he was gay as well, how he loved to suck black dick, how we pussy little white guys are all the same and how I took after my gay dad in wanting Danny’s huge manhood.

I wasn’t gay. I’d never had those kind of thoughts about another guy and certainly never had any experience. My dad was completely straight, of course, and had been married to my mom for years before I was born. None of that seemed to put Danny off giving me the same old insults. I just couldn’t understand it.

At least, I couldn’t for a long time. One afternoon, when I arrived home early from school, however, it all became clear.

At first I thought that the house was empty, but then I heard voices coming from the living room. I went to investigate and was shocked to find the voice was Danny’s. I couldn’t believe my tormentor was here, in my own house!

‘Yeah, you love sucking cocks, don’t you fag?’ I could hear his familiar sneering talk, ‘You’re just a dirty little dicklicking sissy who can’t get enough of my big, black meat, aren’t you bitch?’

The only thing was, he didn’t know I was there. For once, it wasn’t me that was the object of this abuse. As I peered round the open living room door, I could hardly have been more surprised to see who Danny’s new target was.

No wonder he was always teasing and bullying me about my dad being queer. The sight I saw now showed why. There was my dad, on his knees, gazing up at Danny’s toned, glistening dark body, totally naked. Dad’s hands were both wrapped around Danny’s dick so he almost appeared to be in an act of worship. His mouth was wide open, sucking and slurping around the swollen purple head of the star high school athlete’s impressive love muscle.

‘Oh yes. Yes I am. I’m a cockcraving fag whore and I love nothing more than your beautiful big black beast,’ my dad was saying, as his tongue licked the glistening proud cock of a man half his age, ‘Give it to me, stick it in me, I want your hot, hard meat!’

All I could do was stand there staring as my dad humiliated himself in front of my school bully, begging and debasing himself for his yearning need for cock. He tugged and pulled at the shaft and wrapped his mouth right around it like a teenage porn slut, trying to pull as much of it inside him.

In spite of myself, I equally couldn’t take my eyes off the monster cock in question. I’d always imagined Danny referring to his huge beast was just brash arrogance to go with his demeaning mockery, so my eyes widened at the sight of it here in my house, fully proud and erect. I had never seen anything like this thick black snake, it was almost inhuman. It was a pole of dark meat at least a foot long and as wide as a tin can. Long, straight, throbbing and stuck in my dad’s face.

More and more my eyes drank it in and I began to find myself thinking I could see how my dad, who I had thought so straight, could become so fascinated with it. Power like that demanded attention. Danny’s massive black cock commanded the room. I stared with my eyes wide and my mouth agape as my dad took it into his mouth.

‘My God,’ I gasped out loud and with that gave my position away.

‘Oh look, it’s the other little fag,’ Danny smirked noticing me, ‘Why don’t you join us?’

‘Oh God,’ my dad flushed red with embarrassment at seeing me step into the room, ‘Son, no, this is not normal, this is not what it looks like. I can explain.’

‘I can explain that your dad’s a queer for black dick,’ Danny laughed, ‘He’s been taking this beast for months now. Don’t pretend you don’t know you little sissy. The apple didn’t fall far from the fag tree with you now, did it? Standing there in the shadows watching daddy suck dick, wishing it was you getting a piece of dirty black meat. Well, now’s your chance.’

‘I can’t help it, son,’ Dad added, ‘There’s just something about him. About it. That hot, hard cock. It draws you in until you don’t want anything else. Don’t let him get to you too.’

He said this last as I walked over. I hadn’t even realised I was doing it, but it seemed I was drawn in too. Curiosity, disgust, or maybe just the fascinating allure of that huge of rod of black power had brought me to the point my dad had, no doubt, already been through.

‘But, I don’t understand,’ I asked, ‘Danny, you’re always queer bashing, why do you want one of the fags you hate so much blowing your dick? Why my dad?’

‘Look how eager you pathetic cockhounds are,’ he laughed, ‘You love giving yourselves up for cock, begging for it, taking it all inside you. You love the humiliation of being a slut for cock. No girl is as much of a desperate cock lover as you guys. A pathetic middle aged queer and his wannabe fag son. Just look how hard you’re getting just looking at my fuckstick and being called out for the queer you are!’

I hadn’t even realised I was beginning to show a small stiff erection of my own. I flushed as red and embarrassed as my dad. Instinctively, I dropped to my knees beside him. Perhaps to hide my growing arousal, more likely to get a closer look at the thing I hadn’t been able to take my eyes off since I entered the room, Danny’s shiny black love pole.

My dad was still holding Danny’s dick in one hand and I found myself following suit. It was even more intimidating and exciting this close up. It took up almost all of my vision. Only my dad’s face was visible otherwise, like an older version of mine, slightly more lined and pudgy, sweat on his brow and an eager excitement dancing in his eyes. He had seemed even more humiliated by my presence than Danny’s demeaning words, but I couldn’t tell whether this was making the whole experience even more exciting for him or not.

Danny’s meaty flesh felt warm and alive in my hand as I jerked his cock. It was so thick I couldn’t even reach my hand all around it, but my dad’s hand stroked it the same. Then, Dad leaned in and started licking the head of the superb cock from his side. I found myself mirroring him and got my first taste of dick.

The musky, masculine odour was almost overpowering. But it was intoxicating too. I felt like I was on some kind of a drug, I could hardly explain my behaviour, how willing and eager I was to turn gay, to pleasure the monster cock of a guy who spent most of his time bullying and humiliating me, and to share that debasement with my own father. I felt light headed but excited, I wanted more. Every lick of my tongue along the quivering dark flesh of Danny’s big black cock made me more of a convert.

My tongue licked around the shaft and over my dad’s tongue as he did the same thing, mingling our saliva together. My dad took the dark shaft in his hand and pushed the head right over my lips. Suddenly, there was a cock right in my mouth, warm and wet and so good. I could taste the sweet clear pre-cum as my tongue touched the head and slid it across.

The dick was so long and thick that only the head could fit between my inexperienced lips, but the feel of it was amazing. I licked and slurped around that head and looked right along the shaft that seemed to go forever along until the pole joined back onto Danny’s hard, firm body. As I gasped and drooled over the incredible feeling of a dick inside me, my dad continued to work his mouth around the shaft and balls.

‘Oh yeah,’ Danny moaned, ‘The only thing better than one dirty fag desperate to please is two dirty fags. I was right about you, boy, you’ve got your dad’s cocksucking genes. You two make quite a pair, submitting yourselves together to the power of my huge manhood.’

‘Mmm, yes, there’s plenty to go around,’ my dad whimpered, ‘such a lot of long, hard, beautiful dick. I wish I had more queer sons to teach how to love black cock. I just know that this one will be begging for it, gagging for black meat just like his submissive daddy.’

‘Yes, good idea, you old faggot,’ Danny smirked as Dad wrapped his lips around his black balls, ‘I want you to tell me how much you love dick, how much you want it, do like daddy says.’

I couldn’t help myself. I knew I wanted it now it was in my mouth, now my hands were all over it. It was something I wanted more than anything else I’d ever seen. It just felt so powerfully in need of being desired, of being tasted. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to speak, so thrilled was I with the feel of slurping on a thick black beast.

A second later, however, I gasped and let the cock slip momentarily from my mouth and, in that moment, my place had been taken by my dad, eager to get that glistening purple head back in his keen mouth.

I felt a little pang of jealousy that my dad had taken my place. I wanted that cock in my face, in my mouth, invading my throat. I wanted it so bad that I knew I had to give in and beg.

‘Oh yes, you’re so right, Danny, I do want cock,’ I moaned, ‘not just any cock, I want your big, beautiful black cock right up inside me. I’m just like my dad, filled with his same cocklust. Give it to me, Danny, give it to me, Daddy, I want that big black co – ahhh.’

That gasp came as I felt another hand on me. My little dick now stood up proud and erect and it was now naked and exposed, somehow my pants had been slid off and now there was a hand gently stroking my little manhood, so embarrassingly small opposite Danny’s monster black beast. It could only be my own dad who had started to play with his son’s cock and this was what had made me gasp.

As my mouth opened, Danny had shoved his dick back in my face. It was now all I could do to concentrate on wrapping my lips around that enormous thick black pole, inhaling it, tasting it, tonguing it. I could barely concentrate on the fact that my own father was tugging at my dick with one hand even as he stroked at Danny’s with the other, licking around that black veiny shaft. I certainly didn’t have the ability to ask about anything with my mouth stuffed full of black dick.

‘Oh yeah, look at how my cock’s so big, it takes a whole family of faggots to handle it,’ Danny laughed, ‘Perhaps queer Daddy’s starting to take an interest in another dick, a little easier to handle.’

My dad was still stroking my cock at this time even as he enjoyed licking Danny’s twice as big beast.

‘Having my son become such a cockloving queer like his old man makes me want to see what his little dick is like too,’ my dad gasped, to my surprise.

‘God, you fag family are more fucked up than I thought,’ Danny laughed, ‘If your queer little sonny boy can handle my black hardness on his own, maybe he can get Daddy to blow him. You’d like that wouldn’t you, faggot?’

‘Oh yes,’ I sighed, more because I wanted that black monster all to myself than because I wanted my dad to go down on me, ‘Let my cocksucker dad suck my cock, let me have your beautiful manhood all in my face.’

My dad got right down on the floor and, in a second, I was receiving my first real blowjob and from my dad of all people. He was obviously used to a much bigger dick and had no problem taking all of me right into his mouth. Even though I was focused on pleasing the throbbing dark rod in my face, I still began to enjoy almost as much the way my dad went down on me.

‘Oh Dad, you’re such a natural cocksucker, I only hope I can blow dick like Dad,’ I mumbled as I licked and worshipped Danny’s massive hardness, ‘I want cock just like Dad.’

‘This cockcraving faggot of a father of yours doesn’t just love a big black cock in his mouth,’ Danny said, ‘I bet you want your queer ass fucked just like him, don’t you?’

I was a little worried about this, the dick in my face was an absolute monster, so hard to even wrap my hand around, I could hardly imagine it fitting up my ass. At the same time, the idea thrilled me. Ever since I had knelt down before it and become so utterly fascinated and filled with desire for that black beast I wanted it inside me, not just inside my mouth but stuck right up inside me.

‘Yes, Danny, fuck me, fuck my faggot ass with that big black cock,’ I agreed, ‘You’ve known that’s what I wanted always, just like my dad, you see that I’m as much of a cock hungry queer as he is.’

‘Yeah, you little fag, I always knew just what you are,’ he replied, ‘Always knew your hole family for a bunch of queers. How about you both beg for it, beg for sonny boy’s gay little ass to get its first cock.’

‘Yes, Danny, come and fuck my fag son,’ my dad sighed, licking my dick between each word, ‘Show him just how good it feels to be impaled on a black dick.’

‘Show me,’ I agreed, ‘Show me why my once so straight dad now begs for cock, show me how he became such a fag that even his son loves dick. And let me show you how much I take after him in my need for black cock.’

‘Good,’ Danny agreed, ‘Two dirty faggots for the price of one, even keener for cock with each other than ever before. I’m gonna fuck gay old dad’s ass just to show what his faggot queer son has waiting for him, then I’m gonna tear up the queer little guy as well.’

He made us both strip naked and my dad lie on his back and spread his legs wide and up in the air. Then he got onto his knees and in a few moments that huge incredible monster of a dick was been shoved right inside my dad’s little white ass. I was amazed at how smoothly that thickness slid into my dad’s hole, he must have taken a lot of fat dick, I thought, and, where once that might have disturbed me, now I felt jealous.

Danny began to plough his huge dick in and out of my dad’s ass as I watched in open mouthed fascination. Meanwhile, Dad was still licking and sucking at my own much smaller manhood, keeping me firm and aroused and very confused.

‘Oh yeah, take it fag, take my big black dick you queer,’ Danny moaned, ‘Aren’t you just such a cock loving faggot getting fucked in front of your son?’

‘Yes, I’m a gay whore for black dick and I want my son to know it!’ Dad moaned around my dick.

‘Me too,’ I said, unprompted, ‘I want to whore my little white ass for huge black cock, want to be a cock hungry fag like Dad.’

‘How about you get your son’s queer ass ready for my dick to tear it apart?’ Danny told my dad.

He had me then sit astride my dad’s face, facing his hard, toned black body, my eyes constantly on the way his thick, strong shaft thrust its way in and out of my dad’s body, making my dad swoon with the pleasure of submitting to it.

In a moment, I felt my dad’s wet tongue on my ass, it explored around my crack and, moment’s later, buried itself into my dark wet asshole. I had never felt anything back there before and my arousal only increased the moment my dad began to explore with his tongue. It felt so good having something back there. The dirty humiliation of having my dad eat my ass in front of my high school bully was doing nothing to abate my arousal.

And then it was my turn. My dad’s tongue had made my ass nice and wet, had opened me up, but still I was so tight as I waited for Danny’s incredible manhood to violate my virginity.

He bent me over onto my hands and knees and positioned himself behind me doggy style, rubbing the swollen dark head of his dick, glistening with precum, along my awaiting asshole. Then he began to push that hard shaft right up inside me, impaling me on that black pole so I could hardly move.

The sensation was a little painful but my head was swimming with the pleasure of giving my hole body up to that glorious thick hardness just like I had seen my dad do.

As Danny began slowly to push his dick in and out of my tight virgin hole, my dad lay back on the floor and slid beneath me. With Danny fucking my ass, my dad opened his mouth and began to lick and suck once more on his son’s dick, taking me in every time Danny pushed up into me.

Now I was getting stimulation from guys at both ends, my queer dad on my dick and my gaybashing high school bully up my ass. I was in heaven, I never realised I could have an experience this arousing and yet this humiliating all at once.

I could see my dad’s body stretched out beneath me and knew the cock in my ass was no longer enough for me, it’s intoxicating allure had made me a cock lover from now on and now I wanted any and every cock I could get. I couldn’t resist the tantalising sight of my dad’s dick in front of my eyes.

Just as he was doing to me, I opened my mouth and began to suck him off, enjoying the feel of another cock in my mouth, smaller and easier to handle than the impressive giant that was, at that moment, ripping my asshole apart, making me love every minute of my conversion to utter faggot slut.

‘Mmm, that’s my boy,’ my dad moaned as I started to blow him, ‘Cocks at either end, a real cock whore just like dad.’

Danny was fucking my ass harder and harder now, not worried about what it might be doing to me, filling me with his giant black snake, shaking every inch of my body, pushing my dick into my dad’s mouth and my mouth onto my dad’s dick. We were united together, father and son, in our gay love for black dick.

‘Oh, son, get ready for a mouthful of Daddy’s spunk,’ my dad sighed.

Moments later, I got my first taste of cum, my own dad’s cum, shooting warm and sticky right from his dick into my mouth.

‘Yeah you little queer, eat your daddy’s spunk,’ Danny moaned, ‘Get used to having cum in your mouth, there’ll be plenty more now you’ve become a true cock hungry faggot.’

Cum ran down my chin as I savoured the taste of my dad’s orgasm, that black dick jackhammered in and out of my ass and I felt my own orgasm rock through my body. Soon I was giving my gay dad a mouthful of the same sticky love juices he had given me.

With father and son’s faces both sticky with each other’s spunk there was no denying that we were both the same. Both cock hungry queers and both even more eager for the monster black cock of the muscular 18 year old bully up my ass than for each others.

He pulled out having made my first ass fucking something really special and made us kneel side by side. Both of us tugged and jerked at his dick until drips of pure white cum appeared on its dark black head. Between us, my dad and me milked that black cock for every drop of spunk we could as it shot load after load over our chests and faces, soaking us in sperm.

‘So, son,’ my dad grinned, ‘Have you been converted?’

‘Yes, dad,’ I agreed, ‘I’m definitely gay for black dick and hungry for cum, just like my old man.’

‘So,’ Danny interjected, ‘Next time you see me in school and I tell people what a cock hungry fag you are, you’re going to agree.’

‘I will,’ I agreed, ‘if it will mean more of your monster black meat in my mouth!’

My Grandad walked in to the bathroom, he was wearing just his towel around his waist. He didn’t know I was hiding in the cupboard, thankfully. He turned on the shower and dropped his towel, and hanging under his round belly was a massive cock. I should have turned away but, I didn’t want to. He stepped into the shower and let the water run over his body. He wasn’t at all athletic, tubby, but not extremely. He grabbed his black monster and started to rub it in his hand, slowly it got harder and harder, growing to full length, he had to be about 7 inches, not as big as my 11, but it was still pretty big. He worked the shaft, occasionally rubbing the head. His strokes got faster and faster. And then he sent a spurt of cum all over the shower glass. The weirdest thing was, he cried my name as he cummed. He definitely said “Callum”.


“Callum,” My Dad yelled from his room, my mother had left us when I was 15. “I’m going out to the shop, do you need anything?”

“No, I’m good,” I replied, perfect! When ever my Dad went out it was my ideal time to jerk off to some porn, I didn’t want to risk him catching me, so I did it when he was out, my grandad lived with us, but I usually heard him beating off in his room, so I wasn’t too concerned. He came down stairs and walked out the front door, I ran up to my room. I had a fairly big TV in my room, HD. Dad hadn’t bothered putting a blocker on it, but even then, I’m 18, so I don’t need one. I deiced on the video, put it on, pulled down my boxers and trousers and started to play with my monster. I don’t know if it’s true or if I’m an exception, but apparently black guys have big dicks. I was stiff within seconds. As I was beating off, I looked in the mirror on my desk. I had an extremely muscular body and I was 6ft. 4″. I went to the gym 5 or 6 times a week to keep up this Schwarzenegger look. But one thing caught my eye in the mirror, my Dad was standing in my door way filming me wank. I was thinking about turning around and yelling at him, but I kinda liked it. I decided to go on and pretend I didn’t notice. just as the guy on the porno cummed all over the chicks face, I blew my load all over my chest.

The next day I was in the shower, it was Saturday and the start of the summer break, after which I would be attending Leeds University to study athletics. All through the shower I couldn’t help but think about what happened yesterday. I was turned on so much by the though of my skinny ass Dad wanking over me on film. I slid my body lotion covered hand and started to jack off my own cock, maybe I should confront him about it. I jizzed on the shower glass within minutes. I got dressed quickly, and ran down stairs. My dad was in the living room wearing just his boxers, while grandad was out at a lecture on archeology, it was a major interest of his. I walked past the door to the living room and told him I was going out with friends. and then walked out of the front door. I went around the house to look through the window to the living room, my Dad was fast today. He was already jacking off his cock to the video of me from yesterday. I watched him beat his, what appeared to be, 9 inch cock. I decided to run back to the front door. I quiet opened and closed it. I stripped completely naked and walked into the living room, on the tape I was still jacking off. My dad cummed at that moment.

“Ugh, Callum!” He cried.

“Yes?” He jumped up in shock, his juice still oozing from his big black meat.

“Shit, this… um, I didn’t… you weren’t..” He stuttered.

“So you like my massive cock, don’t you?” I had him, he was staring at my cock.

“Yes, I do,” H replied after a long pause.

“Well, maybe I should show you what it can do,” walked over to him slowly and when I reached him I forced him to his knees, I then my cock in his mouth. “You like that cock now?” I was pushing it in and out, down his throat. He was trying to fight me but he had no muscle build so his attempts were worthless. Not only was my cock long, but thick too, I needed both hand to jack it off, so guess how easy it was for my Dad. As I rammed my meat into his face he slowly started to comply. After a few minutes he was stroking it as rolling his tongue over it. He loved my massive cock. I pulled his head away and he stood up, he was 6ft. tall, I felt powerful next to him, my measly, skinny dad with his 9 inch cock, compared to my better than Taylor Lautner body and my 11 inches of destruction. I grabbed his thighs and slid him on too my manhood, he screamed with pleasure. I slowly worked him up and down my massive weapon. His tight asshole told me that this was his first time with a cock, maybe fingers have explored this hole before, though. I was only giving him a few inches, and it looked like it hurt him like I shoved a baseball bat up his ass. I gave inch by inch, moaning and grunting with every one, until my whole dick was up his arse. He started to move him self now, faster and fast, shit! I ha to sit down. I’m no virgin, with my body and cock, how could I be? Once one girl had gone for me, everyone heard about not so little Callum, but never before had any girl worked me like this. I was going to cum in his arse at any second.

“Ah, FUCK!” I screamed as I jizzed in his tight arse. He then shot his load at my chest. I dropped him on the wooden flooring and went upstairs. I landed in my bed and I was out before my head hit the pillow.

I woke up around midday, my cock still ached from the events of that morning. I walked through the hall after slipping on a pair of boxers and headed for the stairs.Something caught my eye as I walked past my granddad’s room. I looked thought the door to see my dad wanking on his dad’s briefs. Life in this house as getting weirder by the minute. Something tells me incest was a regular thing for my elders. Granddad always told me stories of abuse from his father, but what kind? I had never thought of that. I went down stairs.

The next morning, I was about to grab a shower, I didn’t have any clothes on because I assumed granddad was asleep and, it doesn’t really matter if dad saw me now. I passed my granddad’s door on my way to the bathroom, just as I passed it, it started to open, I broke out into a light jog and reached the bathroom before he got out of his room. I went to the walk-in cupboard to get my towel. I heard the door open and jumped in the cupboard, closing the door slightly, behind me.

My Grandad walked in to the bathroom, he was wearing just his towel around his waist. He didn’t know I was hiding in the cupboard, thankfully. He turned on the shower and dropped his towel, and hanging under his round belly was a massive cock. I should have turned away but, I didn’t want to. He stepped into the shower and let the water run over his body. He wasn’t at all athletic, tubby, but not extremely. He grabbed his black monster and started to rub it in his hand, slowly it got harder and harder, growing to full length, he had to be about 7 inches, not as big as my 11, but it was still pretty big. He worked the shaft, occasionally rubbing the head. His strokes got faster and faster. And then he sent a spurt of cum all over the shower glass. The weirdest thing was, he cried my name as he cummed. He definitely said “Callum”. I had to get out of the bathroom before he finished showering and came in here to get his towel he turned around in the shower. I decided this was my moment. I was almost at the door but then, he pulled out a dildo from his shower bag and covered it in body lotion before sticking it up his arse. I don’t know why, but at this moment I was really turned on, I felt my cock rise up to it’s maximum length. I uncontrollably started to rub it, my hand moved quickly up and down the shaft. I was minutes from jizzing. My granddad groaned and jizzed again, I blew my load all over the floor, and moaned loudly. My granddad turned around and saw me.

“Oh, god…how long have you been there?” He looked shocked. Not surprising.

“Long enough, so you like this,” I pointed at my body, mainly my crotch,”Do you want to touch it?” He walked over to me, kneeled down and grabbed my sensitive cock. He rubbed it, making it hard already. The feeling was overwhelming, he stopped playing with it and turned around. I stuck my cock up his ars and ramed it in and out over and over again. I jizzed up his arse. Holy shit this is gonna be a weird holiay.

A requested story by a reader. He wanted a father/son story after reading one of my mother/daughter ones. So here it is, enjoy.

And for those who insist on throwing bad comments my way, do us both a favor and don’t waste your time or mine. I will ignore them and delete them.

Everyone in this story is over eighteen even though it is not stated in the story as such.


He is prone over me trying to pin my arms down again, but failing. I am pretty tuff especially when wrestling my dad. Wrestling or play fighting with him is normal, no matter where we are. We are out in a large field near of camp which makes a perfect place for us because we have been known to break stuff.

I get to my knees on either side of his hips and try to push him off using my legs, but he would just push back harder. I give another big push, but when my dad pushes back, his hips slip past my knees and his crotch collides with mine, leaving his rock hard cock pressed against mine and his face just inches away from mine.

We slowly stop laughing and come to the realization of what is happening. My dad has a boner, there is no doubt about it and I’m pretty sure he knows I have one too. I have never been this turned on before and as I look into his eyes, he raises his eyebrow and I bite my lip. We have now stopped wrestling and are now just holding each other’s arms, not wanting to move. My cock takes control and I grind my hips forward slowly, I can’t help it. I mean fuck it, why not? It just feels so good and right.

My dad responds by grinding his hips into mine, rubbing his cock up and down my shaft, making me want more. I can hear him breathing a sigh whenever of cock finish a stroke. I begin to breathe more heavily as our hips begin to grind more purposefully, slowly gaining rhythm and speed as our hips go forward and backward. Then he stops moving his hips and gets up. I smile hardly believing what has just happened. Whatever it was I like it and I want more. I get up too and follow him back to our camp. It is getting late and we still needed to cook some dinner.

After dinner, we talked as we have every night of our trip, but nothing was said about our earlier encounter and I was kind of afraid to bring it up. Eventually, he says it’s time to hit the sleeping bags.

As he bends over to pull open his bag, exposing the shape of his ass at me I am driven by my instincts. I move forward, legs further apart than normal and allow my cock to press into his ass crack through our clothing. My dad stops what he is doing and I push forward, letting the fabric on my pants can curves of his ass tease my cockhead as I rub it up and down his ass crack.

My dad doesn’t move as he just stands there, bent over letting my cock explore his ass through his pants. I let out a short moan as a wave of pleasure ripples through my cock. As the need becomes stronger, so do my thrusts. I let my hands slide up and grasp his hips, holding them steady so I can grind into his ass deeper.

He slowly moves his ass up and down with me, letting our bodies move in unison. He stands up and I feel his hands move to my legs. They work their way up on both sides, sliding from my inner thigh to the outer on their way closer to my crotch. I want him to grab my cock and take me. He wedges his hands between my hips and his ass, circling them around my cock without touching it. My breathing quickens as he circles closer to it, but he doesn’t touch it.

I arch my cock toward his hands for them to stroke it, but they slide down my legs, closer to my balls. Instead of passing them by, he slowly rubs up my balls. I moan as his hand slowly massages them while his other hand slides over my cock and begins rubbing it. My hands drift forward from his hips and slowly make their way down to his crotch. My hands slide over his hard cock and they move up and down, massaging over it.

After a few minutes he turns around, keeping his hand cupped over my cock and presses his body against mine. He begins massaging my cock again, walking around behind me. I stand still, feeling the pleasure in my cock and then he pushes me forward. My arms outstretched to catch me and then I feel his cock start rubbing into my ass crack. I want him to fuck me right now.

Over and over, my dad’s cock slides up and down, pressing against my ass. He begins with slow pushing with his hips before he gradually quickens his pace pressing harder and faster against my ass. I have never been this horny in my life. Then, all of a sudden it is over. He pulls away and slaps me on the ass.

“Goodnight son,” he says.

I blink, a bit confused and really turned on. My dad, however, just slides into his sleeping bag as if nothing ever happened.

I lay in my sleeping bag with my eyes closed, but I can’t sleep. My cock is harder than ever and the person I want to fuck most is lying just a few feet away. Right in the middle of thought I feel a hand brush over my leg toward my cock. It moves over my balls and up along my shaft and over my cockhead. I feel his hand pull at the waist of my pants and slip under. My heart starts to beat faster as I feel my dad’s hand go down into my pants, running down until he finds my cock. He wraps his fingers around my shaft and slowly begins pumping it up and down, making the sleeping bag go up and down with it. He increases the speed of his pumping, paralyzing me with pleasure.

I moan as I arch my back a bit and thrust my hips to the movement. I reach over past his arm and feel around for his cock. I can feel right away that he is just as hard as I am. I slide my hand down into his pants, letting my fingers slide down his shaft to his balls. I begin to play with them, enjoying to feeling of his hair on my hand. I wrap my fingers around his cock and begin to pump. As I do, my dad lets out a muffled moan and begins to pump my cock harder. I in return pump his faster until we are both moaning and pumping furiously at each other’s cocks.

My dad quickly rolls out of his sleeping bag, tosses mine open and climbs on top of me, pulling off his shirt and pants and presses his hard cock against mine. He sits upright, letting his ass rest on my cock and begins to pull off my shirt. I help him out and when my chest is exposed to him he rubs his hands over my nipples and stomach while my cock pokes through my pants as his ass.

He smiles as he leans down and puts my nipple in his mouth. It is a weird feeling as he sucks and licks on it, but it is pleasurable, making my cock throb. He lets his lips slide down as his body begins to move further down. I feel him pull at the waistband of my pants before pulling them down past my hips, ass and knees before coming completely off.

His hands begin to slide up my legs, teasing me until they rest on either side of my cock. His mouth slides right over my cock head and down my shaft, allowing his tongue to swirl around the tip as his lips massage their way back up. His hand grips the base of my cock and he pumps it into his mouth while his other hand massages my balls. He pumps and sucks, taking as much of my thick cock in his mouth as he can.

He takes my cock in his hand and begins to suck on my balls, letting them get all wet in his mouth as he massages them with his tongue. He then licks from the base of my cock along the bottom of my shaft and up to the tip. He swirls his tongue around my cockhead as I watch and then stuffs it all into his mouth.

“Oh that feels so good,” I moan.

He continues to suck for a few minutes before pulling my hard cock out of his mouth. I am to the point I cannot wait anymore. I want my dad’s cock in me and I want it in me now. I get up and jump on him, letting our naked bodies rub up against each other. I position myself so that my head is at his crotch and I begin to pump his cock. I lick my lips and let my lips run over his cockhead. It slides slowly into my mouth, connecting with my tongue. My lips continue down, feeling every bit of his hard cock.

I suck hard, running my tongue all over it and bobbing up and down. My dad moans loudly, his hand runs through my hair. I take it out of my mouth and like up and down his hick shaft before popping it back in and taking down as much as I can. He starts moaning louder as I bring his closer to orgasm. He pants and his back is arching as he tries to fuck my mouth.

He groans and I start to massage his balls as I suck. I want his cum running down my throat; I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it. He lets out one final moan, his balls tighten and I ram his cock down my throat as he lets out a massive load of cum into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum bursts into my mouth. I swallow as quickly as I can until every last drop comes out. I pull his cock from my mouth and lick up every bit of escaping cum that I can.

‘That was incredible son,” he says looking at me, mouth open.

I wipe my mouth and smile.

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