“How long has it been since your last confession?” Father Tony asks from the other side of the confession booth.

“A whole year, I’m afraid to say,” Kim replies, folding her hands across her lap. “I guess I have a lot to cover. Maybe I should start with my brother…”

Jeremy is a good Catholic boy, but our interactions are somewhat improper. He only let’s go as far as playing with his cock. Just the other day I had my breasts fully exposed to him. He almost dove at my chest, taking first one nipple, then the other between his lips, sucking and nibbling at them until they were hard and almost a half inch long. He softly, but urgently ran his tongue around each areola until his quest found my nipple, then sucked it hard as I groaned my delight.

His finger had exited my clit until it was as hard as his cock. Keeping pressure on my clit as his finger moved down my slit, Jeremy lubricated my outer lips with the copious amounts of juice my pussy had excreted. Sliding up and down my slit, he made sure that every part of my pussy was as wet as the tip of his cock that leaked his precum.

I swirled my fingers around his cockhead, spreading his cock juices over his entire head and throbbing cock. As my hand slid down his cock, he prepared to assault my pussy and thrust the full length of his finger up inside me as my hand reached the base of his cock. My reaction was a combination of a sharp gasp and a thrust of my hips against his hand, begging for more.

I leaned my head into him, whispering, ‘Oh god, Jeremy! You feel so good inside me like that!’

Jeremy curled his finger inside my pussy and found my G-Spot, lightly teasing it with the tip of his finger. As the rhythm increased, so did mine. I was going to jack him off.

My breathing got faster, shallower and more ragged. His own balls were tightening as they pushed a full delivery of his sticky cum to the base of his cock, preparing it for launch. By the feel of my pussy wall fluttering and grasping at his finger, I knew I was close too. As his cock moved up his shaft, Jeremy bit down on my nipple, pushing me over the edge as my climax caused every muscle in my body to tense and my entire body to shake and tremble. I began to moan, letting it grow into a scream of ecstasy as I explored through the peak of my pleasure.

That is all it took to take Jeremy to the point of no return and the first rope of his hot, sticky cum erupted from his cock and launched itself at his chest. I felt the throb of his orgasm and milked every drop of his creamy cum out of his hard cock.

“It is preferable to anything worse, my child,” Father Tony says when she finishes the story. “If temptations become too much to bear, a certain level of petting can be done as a release, accompanied by confession.”

“I’m glad for that, father,” she says with a smile.

“God forgives you. You shouldn’t be ashamed of these impulses if you don’t let them dominate your actions.”

“Well, there’s more, father,” she says hesitantly.

I taken further than my brother would when my uncle visited a almost a year ago. He was incredibly hot. His body was like a Greek god and his voice was simply sexy. He showed me a new way to have an orgasm.

One day, he stopped by my place, breaking away from my parent’s house long enough to. I was a bit surprised to him and even more surprised when the first thing he did was unfasten the button of my jeans, tugging the zipper its full length in the process. I gave in instantly and pulled back just far enough to grant him access to my waist and he slipped them down my legs until my jeans were wrapped around my ankles. As I stepped out of them, he ran his hands up and down my ass.

With my pussy only inches away from his face, he pulled me back to his hungry mouth and planted his lips firmly over my pussy, running his tongue down my slit until he found my clit. I moaned in response to his search.

‘God, yes! Lick me Uncle Billy!’ I growled lustfully. As he pulled my even closer with his growing need to taste me, I almost fell on top of him. The more Uncle Billy explored my pussy, the further apart I spread my legs, making my pussy available to him. I recognized that my need was as great as his.

Without another word, Uncle Billy acknowledged my want. In no time flat, we are completely naked and in my living room. I fell onto the couch, landing on my back with my legs open as an invitation to my Uncle Billy to take me any way he wanted. He fell between my thighs, landing on my stomach with his mouth once again clamped over my wet pussy. His tongue searched for my clit. He licked and sucked it until it stood proud and firm. Taking it into his mouth, he clamped his lips around my clit while reaching up with his hand to squeeze and tease my breast and nipple and using his other hand to begin fingering my pussy.

His finger slid right into my wet pussy with almost no resistance and it was joined by another finger. I responded by lifting my legs up and over his shoulders, effectively pinning him to my hungey crotch. I raised my hips in an effort to pull his tongue deeper into my pussy. The second he licked my entrance, I convulsed upward until our only contact with the couch was my shoulder blades and his knees.

Soon my breathing became faster and shallower and pussy grasped at his fingers as my first orgasm began to radiate all through my body. He curled his fingers to tickle the ridges of my pussy, searching for my G-Spot. Seconds later, I tense my whole body and began to tremble as the orgasm washed over me. I screamed as I went over the top and a warm gush of my juices flowed into his palm which he immediately lapped up with his tongue.

“Afterward, I knew I wanted more,” she says. “I didn’t feel shame until he was gone.”

“I-I see,” Father Tony says tugging at his collar. “Have you, um, learned to manage these urges?”

“No father. It only got worse and I grew hungrier for it. I found my father was interested in me and willing to take my virginity.”

I had just gotten out of the shower when I felt my father press himself tight to my body and taking the opportunity to lightly run his tongue around the edge of my ear. I softly moaned my delight and then pushed my ass hard against his groin.

The thought of his cock in me set my juices flowing. With a slow rhythm, I began rocking against his cock, feeling it harden just a little more with each stroke of my slit along its length. Within moments it was coated with my juices and hard as a rock. I could feel it searching for my entrance and I lifted my leg to grant him access.

Daddy probed my crotch until his cockhead slipped inside my hot, wet pussy and then slowly began to bury his cock deeper and deeper. I swung my legs up and away from his, allowing him to penetrate me to the full depth of my pussy and then groaned in delight of my pussy being speared fully.

As he continued to slowly pump himself in and out, Daddy squeezed and fondled my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples whenever I least expected it. I met his rhythm with a rocking of my hips, fucking him back as hard as he was driving himself in and out of me. With each successive slap of his balls against my firm ass, I got closer and closer to orgasm. I could feel my pussy flutter and grasp his cock. He moved a hand from my breast to caress my clit, tickling and teasing it until its entire mass exposed itself. Flicking his finger back and forth across my clit, I gasped with pleasure.

Soon he was pumping himself into me faster and faster, resulting in his balls lifting as they began to fill the base of his cock to fill m pussy. His breathing became ragged as the pressure built. Within seconds, we were both groaning and gasping louder and louder and I began to tremble and shake as my climax took over.

‘Fuck me harder!’ I yelled.

Daddy pumped me harder and a second later he shot a massive stream of hot cum deep inside me, slashing against my cervix, hard enough to push me over the top and into a second climax. I gasped desperately and then screamed loudly as my orgasm shot through me.

‘Fill me with your cum!’ I screamed at my father.

Daddy’s cum sprayed me again and again, blasting several hard ropes into me. My pussy walls gripped and grabbed his cock, milking the cum out of his balls. He drove his cock as far up my pussy as possible and held it there until every drop of cum had been expelled into me.

“I’ve been giving it to him steady for the better half of a year now.”

“Gracious child,” Father Tony gasps.

“I know father, but I can’t help but savor the thrill. All I can do is ask for forgiveness now.”

“Well, uh, you needn’t be so graphic with your confessions child.”

“I’m sorry father, I will try to be less detailed,” she says with a smile. “I’ve been having sex with the father whose son I babysit on the weekends.”

“I see.”

“When Father Dinarus come to visit—”

“My god child!” Father Tony gasps.

“I did pleasure him, father while I was seeking counsel.”

“Oh, sweet heavens!”

“Then there were the boys from summer camp. Their strange fetishes started to rub off on me. One of them even would pee on me to get his fulfillment. I wouldn’t feel so bad now if I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, father.”

“That’s enough, child. I’m having trouble hearing all of this.”

“But I’m nowhere near finished, father,” Kim protests.

Suddenly the door to her side of the confession booth opens with Father Tony standing in the doorway, his cock hard as a rock and sticking straight into the air. “Forgive me,” he says. “If I could…”

“Father! Oh, my god.”

Kim sheds her clothes and bent over the seat, groaning lustfully. Father Tony slides a finger down her slit and over her clit, lightly rubbing it until it hardens to his touch. Her pussy is being flooded with her pussy juices, which he dips and smears onto her pussy lips. His finger alternates between her entrance and clit, diving inside her a little deeper every time. Kim shifts her legs apart to grant his finger full access.

“I want your hard cock up my ass,” she tells him with a lusty growl.

Father Tony slides his hand up to the base of her ass crack and then runs a finger up her until he finds her asshole. Coating his finger heavily with her pussy juice as he slips from one hole to the other, he begins to press against her until, eventually, her muscles relax enough to accept him to the first knuckle.

Kim moans heavily as she anticipates the pending violation of her ass. She impales herself further onto his finger, pushing herself down on it as he continues to stretch her. When he is as deep as he can be, the pressure of his palm on her ass is pure heaven to her.

“Fuck father, that’s feels good!”

Father Tony starts finger fucking her as his other hand pumps her pussy, making her hornier and hornier. Father Tony stops and grabs his shaft and begins rubbing it up and down her slit, smearing her pussy juices over his shaft. Then he eases his cockhead against her asshole, Pressing just enough to open her asshole, the head pops inside her ass and her hole closes over him, trapping him so he can neither go forward nor backward.

“Fill me with that big fucking cock,” Kim grunts.

Her moans get louder and louder as his invading cock begins to slide further up her ass. He strokes her pussy, paying attention to the movements on her clit. A few minutes later, he is balls deep in her ass and he feels her juices begin to flow faster from her pussy. Father Tony begins to pump his cock in and out of her ass while massaging the inner walls of her pussy and soon he can feel her pussy walls start to flutter and quiver. As her asshole loosens up more and more, he pumps himself into her faster, until the rhythm of his finger and his cock are almost identical. His finger dances in her pussy and tickles and teases the underside of his cock, exciting his balls.

Kim can feel a sensation start in her pussy, spreading to her stomach and then to her ass. She was going to cum as Father Tony filled her ass up. Kim’s ass grabs his cock as her pussy walls grasp and clutch his finger. He feels her juices spray him as she splashes his legs, drenching them both. Father Tony climaxes at that moment as cum explodes from his cock to coat her insides. Spurt after spurt gushes out of him. He has shoved himself as far up her ass as he could and holds his cock deep inside her, but the power of his cum is making his legs quiver and shake. He holds himself to her to keep from falling.

Slowly, they come back from the sensual explosion of their joining. She can feel Father Tony’s semi-erect cock still in her. Squeezing her ass cheeks around it, she captures it there, not wanting him to leave her. His cum seeps out of her to his balls and dribbles onto the floor. She smiles and says, “I’ll not have to wait a whole year for my next confession.”

As he entered me with his hard cock, my mind raised with thoughts of this man what had I done. His body was heavy and his hands were so big that he wrapped them around my bare ass. He pushed deep and hard as he filled my tight little ass. His swollen cock filled me.

I knew what I was doing was wrong but all I wanted was to make him hurt the way I did. He abandoned me, his own daughter. Now he would pay, it was late on Saturday I was getting ready to meet him my father. He had no idea who I was, but I knew he was my daddy my own flesh and blood. I was part of him and he was part of me, soon we would be one. I could hardly wait to see his look on his face when he realized he had just fucked his little girl.

The strange thing is that I was excited by the thought of him touching me fondling me. His love and touch was what I wanted needed. My whole life has been spent dreaming of him what he was like, every girl dreams of her daddy being her hero. Never knowing mine, I guess my dreaming went a bit too far.

About a year ago, I was almost 19, I remember touching myself for the first time. My legs began to spread and I ran my fingers down my stomach and caressed my navel. I could feel the moistness in my pussy as my thoughts began to wonder off to him. Why did I get this tingling inside when I think of him this faceless man called daddy! A slide my finger into my panties and felt the prickly beginning of my pubic hair still soft and sparse. I began to lick my lips thinking of my dad; what would he say if he was there in my life, would he notice me becoming a women, or would he like what he saw. Would he have approved of me, opened my legs a little more and wished he was there now tucking me in bed kissing me goodnight. I stuck my finger into my pussy it was wet and sticky I could feel it wrap around my finger as I began to ach inside, oh yes what is this feeling “Daddy” I started to cry out wishing it was him inside me….After that night I was bewildered by what had happened and how I felt about him.

That’s what brought me here to this night! Several months ago, I found out my biological fathers name and where he lived. I googled him and found that he lived only a few towns away from me, that he was not married and had a son from a previous marriage.

After thinking of meeting him, what he would think of me his daughter. Did he even know I existed that he had a daughter. At the time, I was 27, young, beautiful and full of life. I was tall and leggy (the gym work paid off) with long blonde hair big blue eyes. European features that I knew I did not get from my mother. I always wondered if I looked like him. I could not take it anymore; I needed to meet this man, my father, how I longed to have him hold me and kiss me. I wanted to know him and him to know me.

The phone rang, I waited patiently for him to answer, my stomach tingled in excitement. My heart was beating fast, I waited as it rang again and again. Then suddenly, a voice on the other end, an accent heavy and strong, it was him my dad!

I couldn’t find my voice, I tried to speak but nothing came out!

He said “Hello” in an angry tone. I didn’t want to anger him.

“Hello” I replied, “This is Natalie”.

I don’t know how to say this but I stumbled over my words. “It’s Natalie Cross. You knew my mother, Marie Cross”.

“Oh yes, I think u remember her”. He sounded puzzled as to why I was calling him.

Ok here goes, I knew what I had to say next. “I know this is crazy; but I’m your daughter!”

Silence at the other end. “Hello, are you there?” Still nothing, please I thought answer me please!

“Hello” he said. Then he said: “My daughter, is this some kind of joke?”

“No, you are my father. Romeo, you were with my mother 28 years ago, and you have a daughter; me!”

I knew this to be true because my mother was a virgin and he was the only man my mother had been with. I waited to hear his response, what I had waited to hear my whole life happiness, joy to hear him say I want to meet you. Nothing like that was what I heard next.

“He said that I was a liar and a gold digger” and that I should “Go back under whatever rock I came out of”.

He denied me everything all he thought I wanted was money. My heart shattered under the anger directed my way.

“No” I said. “That’s not true, I am your daughter! All I want is to meet you and be part of your life”.

What he said next shocked me: “If you want to meet me, call my lawyer!”

Before I could speak another word, the line went dead. All these years I had dreamed of him, meeting him and knowing him. It was the worst kind of rejection; my own father had rejected me. All of the fantasies I had over the years seemed dirty now, and I felt ashamed of myself.

Time went on and I found myself thinking more and more of him again. I could not stop touching myself thinking of him. I laid in bed and stroked my pussy over and over thinking of meeting him and seducing him until he gave into me and my pussy. I thought of finding out where he hung out places I could meet him an accidental encounter. Maybe a bar, or store somewhere I could lure him in.

One day I decided to go to his house, I could park across the street and watch him find out where he went and follow him. I showered and shaved my pussy extra soft, I wore a soft flowing sundress to show off my long tanned legs. As I was getting dressed my pussy was throbbing with excitement, I was going to seduce my father, have my daddy’s cock inside me. The thought was amazing the thrill was driving me crazy I couldn’t wait to have him. I couldn’t stop touching myself as I looked in the mirror my smile was insatiable.

I parked across the street from his house and waited, it seemed like hours. Finally, a truck pulled up it was a work truck construction I think it was marked Romeo Fabrizy Construction. It was him, my heart leapt out of my chest, my knees got weak. It was him, my father, I had heard his voice but this was the first time I would see him. A tall slender built man stepped out of the truck. He must have been in his early 50′s, he was gorgeous, strikingly handsome, blonde hair like me, with a chiselled jaw, nice tab he had on jeans and work boots and a white tee. Even from where I was parked, I could see through his tight jeans. He had a sizable cock for sure. His arms were massive and he carried himself in a way that was familiar. I scooted down as he turned to walk into his house.

I laughed to myself, but still could feel my pussy tingle with excitement. As I waited, I spread my legs as the music blared out some Aerosmith. I closed my eyes and traced my fingers between my legs, gently sliding my panties aside I slide my finger in my warm cunt. I slipped my finger in my mouth to taste my juices, gliding my tongue across the wetness.

Then he came out, dressed in casual but rough and edgy, “Sexy, wow!” I said to myself.

If he wasn’t my dad, I would fuck him crazy. Oh wait, that’s what I was going to do. My plan was to follow him, hopefully he was going out for a drink somewhere, I was going to seduce him. He clicked open the garage door and then disappeared for a moment. A shiny red Mercedes Benz convertible came out and he drove off quickly.

I started right behind him. It wasn’t long before he pulled into some dive bar.

He parked in the rear carefully not to have any cars beside him. Before long I was watching him from across the bar, he was drinking a Guinness. I ordered a Martini.

I began watching every move he made, the little chit chat he had with the bartender. I watched patiently for my moment to join him. I made eye contact with him; I twirled my cherry around my tongue.

With a little smile, I noticed him watching me. It wasn’t long before I finished my drink and the bartender was bringing me a new one. This is from the gentleman across the bar. I nodded and said “Thank you!”

It was time I got up from my stool and made my way towards my father, my palms were sweating my mind racing. Oh my god I thought it was no or never, I could run. I walked right up to him and smiled he asked me to sit down.

“Hello, my name is…, my name is Nicole” That was too close, I almost said Natalie.

“My name is Romeo” he said. I wanted to say, I know asshole, I’m your daughter, but that would have ruined everything.

“Nice to meet you Romeo” And I sat down.

It was magical right from the start. Our conversation flowed; we had so many things in common. He liked hiking and so did I, we swapped stories for a bit.

I couldn’t help looking down at his cock, it look marvellous through his jeans. It was so big, I kept starring at it.

“Would you like to see it it’s just as big as it looks”.

“You caught me I said”

I spread my legs to give him a peak, it only seemed fair I had been starring at his cock. I slide my hand up my leg and raised my dress so he could see my panties. My clit was so hard and swollen you could see it thru my pink cotton panties. I caught him licking his lips with delight.

“You like what you see I asked?” He replied by smiling and licking his fingers, he moved his hand up my dress and entered my cunt before I even knew what he was doing. Oh my god, I could feel his rough skin, his big fingers pushing inside my pussy. I let out a sigh, I thought “Oh Daddy”

I wanted him to take me, and own me, make me his little girl, but it wasn’t the right time yet. He pulled his finger out of my tight little hole, and rubbed it against my lips.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear “Is your pussy sweet baby girl?”

My knees began to shake, I thought I would cum right there on the bar stool.

“Yes” I said. “Hopefully you can taste it, and answer for yourself”

“Let’s get out of here.” he said. “I don’t live far away; we can have some more fun if you’re up to it?”

“Yes, sound like a great idea, I’m parked outside and can follow you” I said.

We walked outside and got in our cars. I followed him knowing where I was going and giggling inside with excitement. We arrived at his house I parked across the street where I had parked earlier. I looked my mirror and applied my lip gloss and smacked my lips together. I gave my pussy a quick rub and opened the door.

He was standing on his porch waiting for me. I walked passed him and he grabbed my ass. “Nice and tight, just the way I like!” he said.

“Oh, you like them young” I said.

“Who doesn’t like a sweet young pussy” he replied.

I don’t know what happened next; he had me pinned up against the wall. He put his hands up my dress and he ripped my panties down.

“Slow down, we have all night, I’m not going anywhere” I said.

He spun me around so I was facing the wall. He buried is face in my ass, licking my asshole up and down. I could feel his rough face against my cheeks as he slid his tongue inside. He took my cheeks and spread them open and lapped away at my ass like it was his last meal.

“Your asshole is so tight and pink. Would you let me fuck it?” I knew I was going to fuck him anyway, but my ass, I didn’t even think of it that way.

“Yes, if you want it you can have it!” I wanted him to fuck me, all of me, I needed his cock inside every hole of I had. I could feel him pulling his pants down. By this time, my ass was dripping wet.

“Ok baby, this might sting a little but it’s gonna feel real good”.

Oh my god, he was inside me, my daddy is inside my ass. He has me pinned against the wall of his house fucking his little girl’s ass and he doesn’t even know it. With every pump he went deeper and deeper, I could feel my cunt throbbing with blood, he reached around and grabbed my cunt and fucked me harder.

“Yes!” I screamed. “Fuck me hard!”

He thrusted his hips and cock deep and stroked my clit with every push.

“Yes!” I screamed again.

“That’s a good girl, take it all!” he replied.

I could feel the blood rushing to my clit and he moaned and fucked me with everything he had.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard, yes daddy fuck your little slut’s ass!”

I felt his cock burst inside me as his cum filled my pussy. My legs buckled as I came with him.

“Yes! Yes!” I shouted.

I dropped down on my knees and turned to face his cock, now soft I took it in my mouth and cleaned him off!

I looked up at him and said “Thank you Dad, it’s nice to meet you; I’m your little girl Natalie!”

Author’s Note: For a story that I never intended to write a sequel for, this one got a lot of requests over the years for “more!” I’m happy that I did it, but this time I really am done… I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a little peek into Kara and her Daddy’s life, in my head they move on from this to… well, wherever you’d like them to go ;)

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!


Kara had a wonderful time going out to see a movie and have dinner with her Daddy, almost good enough to forget what was coming up later that evening. It wasn’t until they returned home that she started to become anxious again, knowing that very soon her Daddy was going to put his big fat cock in her tiny virgin asshole.

The last time he’d tried to it had hurt so bad that she hadn’t been able to keep from making too much noise and her Mommy had almost caught them. Now that Mommy was away there was no reason that Kara couldn’t make as much noise as she needed to – which she also knew meant that Daddy wasn’t going to stop no matter how much noise she made. She tried to tell herself that it would be okay this time – after all, Daddy spent time every night putting his fingers up her little butthole and stretching out the muscle. It hurt every time but she eventually got used to it and sometimes it almost felt good.

Besides, this was something Daddy wanted and Kara wanted to give it to him.

As soon as they got to the house Daddy sent her upstairs. “I want you to go put on your nightie and get into your bed.”

A little thrill of excitement went through her. Although she loved sleeping in Daddy’s bed with him, she liked the idea of him taking her anal virginity in her bed, while she was wearing her nightie, the same way he’d first come to her bedroom touched her, put his cock in her mouth, and eventually taken her virginity. A continuity to their erotic encounters.

She went upstairs and washed her face and brushed her teeth, put on the filmy, almost see-through nightgown that she knew he liked the best, and got into bed. The lacy little panties that she put on barely covered anything, her butt cheeks hanging out of the bottom and she knew that her Daddy would like him. In her dark bedroom she could hear Daddy moving around downstairs, and then eventually his footsteps coming up the stairs. Her heart pounded, but instead of her door opening she could hear him going into his bedroom and moving around in there.

After her long day she was feeling rather tired and she couldn’t stop herself from yawning as she waited, the rush of adrenaline slowly leaving her. She was half asleep by the time her door creaked open, the large shape of a man blocking out most of the light from the hallway.

“Daddy?” she asked sleepily, blinking herself back to awareness.

“Yes it’s me, baby-girl.”

The door shut and felt her heart begin to pound again, waking her up from her dreamy state as her anxiety shot through the roof. Daddy came over to the bed and pulled down her covers; her nightgown had worked its way up practically to her waist, leaving her lower body uncovered except for her lacy white panties. They practically glowed in the dim lighting of the room, highlighting her hips and pussy.

“Very pretty baby-girl,” Daddy murmured as he trailed his fingers up the inside of one thigh, making her moan and spread her legs as the touch sent electricity arching through her. “You know what Daddy likes. But this isn’t what I’m here for tonight.” His finger rubbed against her pussy through the lacy fabric.

“Please Daddy, I want you to fuck me,” she begged, looking up at him as she cupped her breasts in her hands through her nightie, looking like the most erotic kind of cross between innocent and slut.

“Oh I’m going to fuck you baby,” he said, pushing her panties aside so that he could stroke her slit directly, finding it already gushing wet. Daddy leaned over and kissed her on the mouth hard as he rubbed his fingers up and down her slit, getting them sloppy wet as he thrust his tongue roughly into her mouth. Kara moaned, pinching her nipples as Daddy invaded her mouth and pussy, trying to suck his tongue like she had his cock.

Even though she knew that having his cock up her tiny asshole was going to hurt, she couldn’t stop her natural horny reaction to having her Daddy’s hands on her breast and between her thighs, his mouth ravaging hers. She was moaning and writhing like a whore, her thighs closing and opening as she squeezed his hand between them, rocking her hips upwards as she worked herself up.

It didn’t matter that she and Daddy had fucked last night or that he’d given her several orgasms earlier that day, she was just as horny for him now as ever. The squishy sound of his fingers leaving the sucking, wet heat of her pussy made her whimper in disappointment, especially as he finished pulling away.

“On your stomach baby-girl,” he said.

OOoooo if he would just let her cum, Kara didn’t even care anymore if it hurt when he put his cock up her butt as long as she got to cum! She felt like her pussy might explode if she didn’t get some relief soon, the sensitive lips were practically aching and her clit was so swollen she was sure that if she could just rub on something for a minute or two then she would cream herself.

Daddy piled up several of her pillows into a mound, putting her on her stomach over it which left her bottom high in the air while her head and knees were down on the bed. The height was just enough that her breasts swung free, hard little nipples brushing against her sheets.

“Beautiful baby-girl… you have such a pretty ass…”

Big hands grasped her cheeks, squeezing them hard and Kara moaned into the sheets beneath her face, squirming as she felt the bed behind her dip. Daddy settled himself on his knees between her legs, making it impossible for her to close them even if she wanted to, and his hot mouth landed directly on the crinkled bud of her asshole, his tongue flicking out to lick it. The sensitive bundle of nerves around that virginal orifice flared with pleasure, as did her pussy when his thumb dragged down the center of her slit.

Kara moaned and squirmed as Daddy started probing her asshole with his tongue; it felt so strange and foreign but kind of good too. It sent tingles up her spine and down into her pussy, which was already buzzing with needy pleasure as he kept her on edge with his questing thumb. She could feel him licking over the outside of her asshole and then his tongue stiffened and pressed against the tight orifice. As her body spasmed she actually felt his tongue slide into the tiny hole and she gasped, squeezing and forcing it back out.

Behind her she could hear her Daddy groan and she realized that he liked what she had just done. His tongue attacked the tiny hole again, pushing into it and Kara squirmed. It just felt WRONG. Dirty. Nasty. And oh so hot.

Just when she thought she might actually cum while Daddy rubbed her pussy and tongued her asshole, he pulled away and Kara moaned with disappointment, banging her fist on the mattress in frustration. She needed to cum so bad!

“Daddy pleeeeeeeease…” she begged, wagging her hips up and down. Her pussy was sopping wet with her juices and now her asshole was wet and shiny too, from his saliva.

His big frame leaned over her and she froze, feeling the length of his cock sliding up her asscrack. Was he going to fuck her there now? Her brain screamed a warning even as her pussy throbbed with needy excitement.

But he was just reaching for her bedside table. Sliding open the drawer he picked up a tube of lube as Kara watched in amazement. He must have put it there earlier today, she knew that it hadn’t been there yesterday! A quiver of anxiety ran through her; there was no stopping Daddy now, not until he had his fat cock crammed up her tiny asshole.

The lube squirted and then she could feel something thick and hard prodding at her tiny hole. She almost panicked when she realized that Daddy wasn’t going to loosen her up with his fingers, she hadn’t been expecting to have to take his cock immediately! But he wanted her to be tight, and he figured that he’d given her virgin asshole enough of a workout today that she should be ready; besides which he’d used his fingers in that hole for days now, working her up to take something much thicker and longer.

“Daddy wait! Pleaaaaaaaaaase… Oh god!” Her voice dragged out as Daddy pushed inwards, the head of his cock popping past the tight ring of her sphincter. It felt HUGE. She could barely breathe as she grasped, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets, trying to find purchase… trying to do something.

Her bottom automatically clenched, trying to force him back out, but the way her legs were spread hindered her attempt and she couldn’t close them because Daddy’s legs were in the way.

“Oh baby-girl… you’re so tight… just relax it’ll get better…” Her hot little asshole was squeezing his cock like there was no tomorrow. “Bear down on my cock baby-girl, it’ll help.”

Kara did what her Daddy said and moaned as he slid deeper rather than pulling out of her! She thought that since she was squeezing that it would push him out, but instead he just managed to slide more of his cock into her burning tunnel. His dick was so much thicker than his fingers, she could feel the channel straining to hold him, her ring clenching down as her body tried to force itself back into the size it had been a few minutes again.

“It hurts… Daddy please take it out!”

“Shhh…” It was sheer torture but he stopped his forward progress, holding himself immobile in the tight vise of her virgin asshole. Kara mewled as Daddy rubbed his hands over her cheeks, biting back a little sob. Her anus burned with the straining effort of being stretched so wide, she could feel a kind of deep throbbing cramp in her gut that even Daddy’s soothing hands couldn’t rub away. Despite that, she was still so turned on that she could feel her pussy dripping.

The log in her backdoor shifted and she groaned as she felt Daddy pull out a little; it was so strange, igniting another kind of ache as he receded, and then he gently pushed back in and she shuddered. The amount of cock that was sliding back and forth in her deflowered asshole was only a few inches but it felt like a battering ram, breaking through inferior defenses.

“Good girl… fuck you’ve got such a tight little asshole… that’s it… squeeze my cock with your virgin ass baby-girl…”

She moaned. After all, she wasn’t actually trying to squeeze his cock in a pleasurable way, she just couldn’t stop her body from clenching down and trying to force the uncomfortable object out of her body! The lube kept his length slick, her gripping muscles couldn’t get a firm enough hold to stop him from sliding deeper, but instead her protesting anus just massaged the portion of his cock that he’d worked into her.

Groaning, Daddy thrust in deeper, spearing her with a little more than half his cock and Kara cried out, trying to fall forward and get away from the fiery log that was forcing its way up her asshole, but the pillows piled beneath her and Daddy’s hands on her hips held her in place. Her fingers dug into the mattress as she gasped for air, feeling as though her lungs were being tightened in a vise, the erotic pain blossoming inside her lower body.

Leaning forward, Daddy’s cock slid even farther inside of her. Bucking in response, Kara yelped as she accidentally forced her asshole further back onto his cock and he groaned, reaching around with his fingers and placing them over her mound, holding her lower body in place as he searched out her clit. When he found it, pressing his fingers against the slick little nub, Kara bucked again and the rest of his cock slid easily into her asshole.

Whimpering, Kara rested her head on the mattress, her hole spasming around the base of her Daddy’s cock. She knew that he was finally all the way inside of her because she could feel the rough, wiry hairs of his groin rubbing against her splayed cheeks.

Her body felt overwhelmed and confused by the conflicting sensations rushing through her. Daddy’s fingers rubbing against her clitoris made her want to hump her hips up and down so that she could cum, but the fat cock in her asshole made her wonder if she would even be able to orgasm while it burned and throbbed inside of her. Then Daddy began to pull out again and Kara writhed, whimpering, at the strangeness of his removal. The skin around her anus burned despite the slickness of the lube as his cock rubbed roughly by…

About halfway out he stopped and began to plunge back in, making both of them groan for different reasons. When Kara tried to jerk forward, to get away, she ended up rubbing her pussy against his hand and that just made her clench and squirm beneath him. The sharp pain of her anal defloration was slowly subsiding into a more generalized, duller ache as her body began to become accustomed to her new dimensions.

She lay quiescent and submissive as Daddy began to thrust in and out of her asshole a little harder, feeling the burn but no longer fighting it. Closing her eyes she tried to focus on the pleasure of his fingers rubbing her little clit, feeling the eroticism of the slick cock moving in and out of her body even if it was the wrong hole. Her nipples rubbed against the mattress beneath her with every thrust of Daddy’s cock and that felt good too.

When Kara started to moan a little with mixed pleasure and pain, her body instinctively moving up to meet her Daddy’s cock as her tingling need to cum increased. The anal fucking she was receiving still hurt, but it was starting to hurt in a good way, the way her bottom burned after Daddy gave her a spanking. It mingled with her arousal and the pleasure in her pussy, making it bearable.

“Oh fuck… that’s it baby girl… give up that ass to me…”

Now she was moving with him, humping her hips backwards and rubbing her pussy all over his fingers. The strangest sensation was building up in her core as her Daddy started fucking her ass with abandon, taking it as roughly as he would her pussy and Kara squealed and squirmed beneath him. It hurt so good and she could feel his cock rubbing over some place deep inside her that was building a tension she’d never felt before. Her asshole still burned, but in the way her pussy did before she came…

Pain and pleasure clashed together inside of her as he ravaged her virgin ass, his fingers on her clit ensuring that she could never completely fall into a place that was too painful for her to take. The friction of his pistoning cock flared as he savagely fucked her ass, mewling cries forced out of her with every thrust even as her own pleasure climbed higher.

The orgasm slammed into her with all the finesse of a freight train, shocking in the intensity of the sensations that ripped through her. Kara howled as her Daddy pillaged her ass, feeling her body convulsing around his cock, her hips bucking wildly as she squeezed and arched, lost in the wild spasms of her climax. Dimly she was aware that that the cock in her ass was becoming thicker, the thrusts harder and rougher. She sobbed with the overwhelming sensations as her orgasm grew and multiplied, despite the fact that Daddy’s hands were now on her hips, holding her in place as he ravaged her asshole. There was no need for pressure on her clit to keep her orgasm going, it was spurred on by every drag of Daddy’s cock over the sweet spot deep inside of her.

His cock pumped and burrowed into her dark cavity as she finally went limp beneath him, unable to move her watery muscles after the orgasm which had just wracked her body. Only the inner muscles of her rectum were still moving, massaging his lengthening cock as the cum boiled up in his balls. Kara could feel him moving, pummeling her from behind, and her little whimpers were finally drowned out by his shout of triumph as he surged forward particularly hard, burying himself in her ass and hot cum jetted into the dark space.

The pulsing of his cock made her moan, she could actually feel each spurt forcing its way past her tight sphincter and into her body. The liquid bathed her insides, filling her up even more with Daddy’s cock blocking the way for its escape. Kara moaned, her asshole clamping down and milking every last drop of cum from him.

His heavy weight collapsed on top of her, covering her large frame with his own. Hands ran underneath to cup her breasts as he tenderly kissed her shoulder, both of them panting as their breath returned and they came down from the sensual high. Kara turned her head to meet her Daddy’s lip for a kiss; it was a very soft and gentle one, belying the savage fucking he’d just pounded her virgin asshole with.

Not virgin any longer, she thought. Now Daddy had taken all of her cherries and she didn’t have any left. And she knew that he wasn’t going to stop just because he’d taken all of her cherries and she didn’t want him to. She really was Daddy’s little slut.

This story is short, meant to tease you while I consider other ways to display my depravity. All copyrights are retained by the author.

I knew what was coming, I knew the punishment would be intense, I quietly crossed the threshold. Standing at the bottom of the stairs of my split entry ranch was my daughter, strap in hand, looking stern and angry. How, when had the tables turned? I’m the father, she’s the daughter, and she is going to punish me. “I told you to be home 45 minutes ago. I had to change my appointment. I had to make a client wait. Now you’re making me wait. Get down here, dad. Remove your pants and grab the straps.”

Grab the straps. I hated hearing that. It meant a long session, a session including leather straps, canes, paddles, unable to move for hours. When did she become a dom and me a slave? My pants hit the floor around my ankles, my hands reached for the straps, my lovely young daughter made the straps tight so I couldn’t pull away. I was meat hung from a butchers hook.

I looked into my daughter’s eyes and she looked back, sparks flew. Her lithe body, barely five foot two inches was taught from many years practicing martial arts and yoga. Her long black hair hung to the small of her back. She has broad shoulders, firm breasts that match her stature, 34A. She tapers to tiny waist that flares into hips that hide a wonderfully tight butt, round and well pronounced. She has strong legs that are perfectly toned.

She circled around me a couple times as inspecting. She grabbed my under shorts and pulled them down to meet my pants at me ankles. She circled again and took my cock in her hand and jerked it a few times. I couldn’t but begin to rise to her although I knew it would mean more punishment for getting hard in her hand.

Now, seeing her standing to my side, I saw her arm extended knowing the first blow was seconds away. It landed squarely across my ass and I sucked in a breath hard and fast. She was giving me a series of strap blows that I couldn’t count. They were landing so fast that the sting of one didn’t register before the next blow landed.

When she stopped, she turned on the remote camera, the monitor was in front of me. My ass was flaming red and already turning blue in places. Now, monitor on, I could see the punishment being delivered. Her arm extended again as another series of fast hard blows rang out against my ass and upper legs. I continued watching each strike almost hypnotized by the view of leather strap striking skin, skin rippling as it takes each strike.

She was still strapping me aggressively, I could see the color of my ass turning a deeper blue. Eventually the strapping would have to end and she would cool me with some ointment leaving me to anticipate the next round. When the moment came that she stopped strapping, the cool ointment being applied hurt, cool against the hot damaged skin.

She applied the ointment with one hand, that was normal; however, she was using her other hand reaching between my legs to fondle my balls and dick, that was not normal. After she was satisfied that my ass was properly anointed, she came around my front and looked into my eyes; I looked back. Not sure what she saw in my eyes, I saw something different hers, not just the usual dom look, there was something else, sensual.

She grasped my cock again and stroked it, then dropped to her knees. “Don’t you dare cum. If you cum, I will wail on your ass until you bleed.” She sucked my cock into her mouth licking and tasting along my length. Every few seconds she reminded me not to cum. “Not on my mouth, not on my face, not on my clothes, no cum.” Then she would take me deep in her mouth and suck more.

As she sucked, I couldn’t help but sway my hips into her. “Are you going to cum? If you cum your ass will get ripped open by my cane.” Harder she sucked.

How do stop a fired bullet exiting a gun barrel? I exploded into her mouth as she sucked hard taking my load into her mouth and swallowing. “I told you not to cum. You are so weak, you can’t obey a simple command. Now I have to punish you more.” Taking my cock back into her mouth she sucked a pulled every taste of sperm from me, then stood, walked behind me, and tested my ass for redness and soreness.

Satisfied that I was still deep red and blue, she checked the camera and monitor, picked her favorite paddle, and displayed it to the camera lens. There was nothing for me to say, I did cum and she told me not to, she was going to make me suffer for my transgression. In the monitor I saw her taking a firm two hand grip, cock her arms back, and swing. The paddle landed squarely and firmly leaving a new large welt. She wasn’t swinging as often with the paddle as with the strap. Each swing of the paddle came after she adjusted her grip. Two, three, four, ten, 18, I lost count, the monitor showed nothing but a large blue bruise that was my entire ass. The pain began subsiding as my nerves started shutting down, I was becoming numb and knew that continued strikes would start doing severe damage. I wondered how much more I could take.

The blows were fierce, my ass vibrated against each blow. Two more, three, five more, I was straining against the straps trying to stay on my feet. I took ten more blows before calling out, “Jasmine!”

Hearing Jasmine, the blows stopped being delivered. “Are you okay? I can’t believe how much abuse you took.” I was released from the straps and all but collapsed to the floor and crawled away to my recovery area. My breathing was still labored and feeling was returning to my ass. The pain was putting me on the verge of blackout when I felt ice packs spread across my abused ass cheeks. The sudden cold against my recovering nerves was more than my senses could take; I did go unconscious.

I don’t know how long I was out, however, my dom was still with me soothing and comforting me. When she was in her dom role, she was 100 percent dom. But when she hears our duress word, she quickly comes out of role.

“Its going to be a couple months before you’re healthy again, there is a lot of damage. We better be careful for a long while.” I smiled as she continued to help me recover.

You may wonder how I became dominated by my daughter and how we could cross the line to incestuous acts like oral sex. That’s another story for another time. Right now all I cared about recovering.

For my eighteenth birthday my daddy takes me to visit a glory hole. Now, I have never been to one, but he has, though many years ago before he and my mom ever got married, but he knows of a few places to go. So on this night we hop in the car and after a short drive we arrive at a newly opened erotic store built with a new glory hole feature.

He takes me to a room in the back. It isn’t extremely large, but the door does lock for privacy and there is a single chair sitting between two small holes, large enough for a cock to slide through and then a little room. My daddy closes the door and locks it.

I turn to him and kiss him hard on his mouth and slide my tongue over his while grinding my body up against his. The fact that we are doing this is nothing new. We have been lover for many years now and now that he is treating me to something new makes me incredibly turned on. Reaching forward, I grab my daddy’s belt buckle and unfasten it. Then I unzip his pants while keeping my eyes fixed on the hole in the wall.

I pull his pants and boxers down with one tug and his cock bounces free, pointing straight at me. I drop to my knees in front of him and begin sliding my hand up and down his cock. Looking over, I lean in toward the wall and peek into the next booth. Through the hole, I see a man’s hand sliding up and down his own cock.

Within a few moments, the man slides his cock through the hole and I quickly take hold of the thick cock. My fingers hold tightly, grinding his shaft up and down, making the owner of it moan in delight. I look back up to my daddy, who has his eyes closed and head back, enjoying the hand job.

I look over at the hole in the other wall and see an eye peeking through. I smile and wink at the eye then let go of my daddy’s cock. I slide my lips over his cockhead and begin twirling my tongue over the soft skin. Then I bring my hand over to the hole just as a cock slides through.

I lick and suck the rock hard cock in my mouth and tease the cocks of the men on either side. The groaning of each man blends well with the groans coming from my daddy’s mouth. Suddenly, my daddy’s hand slides up beneath my shirt seeking out my breast. He finds my soft breast and caresses my tender nipple. I sigh onto his cock in response.

After a few moments of him playing with my nipples, I want more. I release my grip of everyone and quickly remove both my shirt and shorts, throwing them to the side, out of the way. I stand naked in the dim light of the room and for a moment not only is my daddy looking at me but so are the other two men through their respective holes as they enjoy the sight of my glistening skin.

I finally move my daddy so that he is up against the wall. From this position, I can still suck on his cock and play with the cock sticking out of the wall. Bending over slightly, I spread my legs and back her bare ass to the other hole. I instantly feel the man’s cock as it reaches through the hole and up between my legs. His cock rubs delicately between the tender folds of my pussy lips.

In response, I grind myself against the cock, beckoning him to fill my wet pussy. Finally, he does and it slips past my folds and into my entrance, going as deep as it can. The man’s cock stays stiff as I begin to fuck myself against this unknown man’s cock. Quickly, I know I am going to cum soon, with all the excitement, but I want to taste the other stranger and jack off My daddy first.

Doubling my efforts, I suck hard on the stranger’s cock, tickling his balls and eliciting a groan from the unseen man. I begin stroking my daddy’s cock with quick short jerks and very soon I start to feel his shaft throb just before his cum splashes jet after jet of sticky cum onto my cheek and hand.

The cock behind me is buried deep within my pussy and is seeking to make my climax. Suddenly, he hits just the right spot with his cockhead and I start to scream out around the unseen man’s cock as my orgasm takes hold. This is all it takes for the man and he begins to jerks forward, driving his cock deep within my mouth and shooting thick globs of cum down my throat.

I pull off the cock, swallowing every bit of his cum and focus my attention to the cock still in my pussy. I grind backward against him as I feel the man thrusting hard back into me. It doesn’t take long as soon he is pumping my pussy full of his warm cum.

By the time it is all over I pull off the man’s softening cock and settling down on the floor in pure ecstasy. I look up and say, “Thank you, daddy.”

He smiles at me and leans down, kissing my deeply.

Written for a friend from another site. I hope you enjoy it as much as she does.

The Mistress-of-the-Dark costume fit me almost perfectly. Sure, the skirt was too long and it was very tight across my ass but that’s how Elvira usually wears them. Being a bit long for my 5’4″ height just meant the side slits went higher—almost all the way to my hips. The v-necked dress was also too small to contain more than half my 34DDDs but, when coupled with a décolletage that extended almost to my waist, it really showed off my tits. Perfect! I knew I’d have all the guys at the party creaming their Levis.

The outfit came with a jet-black wig made from human hair instead of syntho-hair, like most rentals. I was having a tough time believing that such a deliciously slutty costume was still available on Halloween day, but I didn’t question my luck. I simply whipped out my plastic and rented it before some desperate shopper snatched it right off me.

“If you can spare two or three hours, our tailor can make on-site alterations to better accommodate your…um, ample bosom,” the sales clerk offered. “He’s very busy, what with it being Halloween and all, but I could ask him to rush.”

“I really can’t afford to wait,” I deadpanned. Inwardly, I was cracking up. You see, I had just assumed that a man who works in a costume shop would be gay but the way his eyes locked onto my triple-Ds and the way his cock was straining against his gabardine slacks disproved that theory. Or maybe he was changing religion, as it were, just for me. “I’m running a bit late already,” I fibbed, “so I think I’ll save time and just wear it instead of changing.”

In truth, I still had almost three hours before my friend’s Halloween party. I giggled when I thought how amazed she’d be that I could put together such a great look after only one day’s notice of her party. Although we’ve been best friends since grade school, there has always been an element of competition between us. I’m almost certain that she harbors a ton of jealousy because she’s much less generously endowed than I am and less attractive to men. I’ll even bet that she intentionally delayed telling me about her party in hope I’d show up in some lame, leftover costume that would make me look like a Disneyland reject. Well, nice try, Caroline, but I’m about to show you how hot the macabre can be with the right body.

Several times as I drove home, I saw a car behind me that looked familiar. It was the same make and color as my daddy’s car, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was tailing me. When I thought about it, however, I told myself I was being ridiculous. Daddy would still be at work, for one thing. And the world is full of silver Audis for another. Every time the car turned whenever I did, I reminded myself how many like it there must be in Seattle and that it was it was probably pure coincidence that its owner was going my way.

Suddenly it hit me what was causing my paranoia. I hadn’t seen my daddy in more than a week and I’d gotten so excited about Caroline’s exotic, erotic Halloween bash that I hadn’t even thought about him. That’s really unusual for me. Normally, I think about Daddy a lot. We were so close when I was a little girl. I practically lived on his lap, and he never refused to play games with me or read me fairy tales, no matter how tired he was. I was the dictionary definition of daddy’s girl.

All of that changed quickly when I was about 11 or 12. He became much more distant, and I didn’t know why. I do know that I was confused at first. Very confused and very hurt because I thought Daddy didn’t love me any more. I was miserable for weeks, but one day I caught him by surprise and jumped onto his lap. He pushed me away hard and fast, but not before I felt a huge cock stiffen beneath me and felt its heart pour through my thin cotton panties. At last, I had a why. His gruffness and his seemingly uncaring attitude still hurt me, but at least I knew I hadn’t done anything terrible to make him hate me. I had just started growing up and Daddy was fighting a hellish battle against his desire to fuck his own daughter.

His aloofness got even worse about the time I broke through the C-cup barrier in eighth grade. By the time D-cups were getting tight on me, he was working 16-hours days and barely speaking to me on his rare days off unless there were lots of other people in the room. Now and then I would catch him watching me, his eyes burning with intensity, but he would look away quickly when he realized I’d seen him.

Knowing that I was turning Daddy on and that he was resisting a desire to fuck my brains out helped me to deal with the huge difference in the way he treated me, but it simultaneously creeped me out, mainly because I wanted him every bit as me wanted me. I knew that every one would think it was very wrong for me to have such feelings about my father, although I couldn’t understand why it would be wrong. In my mind I was ashamed but between my legs, it felt so good.

And then the erotic dreams began.

I had hundreds of dreams over the years, starting just three or four nights after I first realized how much Daddy wanted me. The dream sex was very different on individual nights but the details were otherwise always the same. I would be snug in my own bed, sound asleep, and Daddy would sneak into my room He’d clamp his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming before I was fully awake. I’d be so happy that Daddy wanted to cuddle with me again, but I’d belatedly realize that he was naked and sporting a hard-on the size of a salami.

Sometimes Daddy would fuck me long and hard, and then pull out at the last moment to give me a facial or come on my tits. In my dreams, he’d be so excited that he would come by the pint, drenching me and my bed with his semen. Other times, he would roll me over and fuck my ass until he shot his load deep inside me. He always seemed to know when I was having my period, and then he would titty-fuck me until we came in unison. Sometimes, he would simply want me to suck his cock. Remembering those dreams, I began giving practice blowjobs to bananas, honing my skills just in case my dreams ever became a reality.

Regardless of what kind of sex Daddy and I had in my dreams, they always ended the same way. I would come so hard that my orgasm would jolt me out of my slumber and I’d find myself bathed in sweat …but all alone.

At first, my excitement was matched only by my guilt. I was convinced that wanting sex with my own father made me the biggest slut on earth. But I love my Daddy so much, and I wanted with all my heart to make him happy. More selfishly, I also knew that Daddycock would make me very happy.

Happily, I soon began to realize that sex occurring only in my sleeping mind hurt no one, since I alone knew about it. I began to crave those dreams and I reveled in the wonderful nights they visited me. On nights when no dreams came, I would settle for masturbation in the small hours of the morning, always fantasizing about Daddy but always knowing that real sex with Daddy would bring me joy far beyond anything my fingers could provide.

Waves of these old memories flooded over me as I drove home from the costume shop, and my left hand almost involuntarily slipped under the thigh-high slit of my skirt as I drove with my right hand. I was putting on quite a show for other drivers, a fact I realized when I realized that cars in adjacent lanes were narrowly escaping accidents because their drivers were fixated on me instead of the freeway. Exhibitionism wasn’t my goal, but neither did it deter me. All that mattered to me was release from the intense horniness my reminiscences had caused. But that release refused to come. My fingers merely got me hotter and hotter and hotter.

I turned onto my home street at last, left the car sitting in the street and ran—not walked—into my house. Taking a few seconds to strip off my Elvira costume would have been the wise thing to do, of course, but I was too far gone to be intelligent. I didn’t even take time to retrieve my vibe… I jumped onto my bed, hiked up my skirt, and began to finger-fuck myself as hard and as fast as I could.

For how long, I don’t know. I was lost inside my own passion so thoroughly that time ceased to exist. It could have been thirty seconds. It could have been five minutes. All I know for certain is that I suddenly heard Daddy’s voice, harsher and more furious than I’ve ever heard it before. My eyes flicked open and he stood before me. In my frenzy, I had forgotten to lock my front door and he must have walked in and followed my moans to the bedroom.

“Slut!” he roared. “You’re a filthy little slut! Driving all over Seattle in that cat suit, with a hundred men gawking at you! Don’t try to lie about it. I’ve been watching you all afternoon.”

“Oh, Daddy, don’t be such a fuddy-duddy. It’s just a Halloween costume for Caroline’s party. You remember Caroline,” I continued, trying to defuse his rage with some misdirection, “my best friend ever since third grade.”

“It’s a whore suit and you’re a whore!”

“Daddy, this dress shows less of me than the bikinis I wore when we used to go to the beach.”

“At least you weren’t masturbating in public back then!” he raged, “giving the whole world a birds-eye view while you frig yourself. Don’t deny it! When I came in, you were you were sprawled on that bed with your pussy wide open!”

“The whole world isn’t here,” I snapped. “It’s just you and me in my house. I didn’t invite you today and I didn’t even know you were here.”

“You weren’t in your own house when you were pounding your pussy clear across town, were you?”

I must admit, he had me there. “Well . . . uh . . . you . . . uh . . .” I stammered. “I’m not 12 anymore. I’m 22 and I’m married and I’m not your little girl any more. Well, I am still your little girl, but you know what I mean.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” he said in the iciest voice I’ve ever heard. You mean you want to be a slut. Well, fine, you’ll be my slut too then.”

His expression was one of anger, but also one of sheer lust. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode. I was immensely excited that my fantasies seemed on the brink of coming true, but I was also scared…scared of my own Daddy for the first time in my life.

Without another word and without even a tiny bit of foreplay, he flipped me over onto my stomach, lifted my hips to get me where he wanted me, and slammed his huge throbbing cock deep into my ass in one hard thrust. It was by far the biggest dick I’ve ever taken—the biggest I’ve ever even seen outside a porn movie—and it hurt like hell, but it simultaneously felt wonderful beyond description.

I gasped, partly in fear but mostly in ecstasy. That seemed to inflame Daddy even more—both his anger and his passion. “Shut up,” he hissed. “And don’t you dare try to get away!”

Escape would have been impossible, even if I had tried. Daddy’s left hand gripped my hip, fingertips digging into my soft flesh, and his right arm pinned my head to my mattress.

He pounded me with thrust after thrust, never pulling back so much as recouping for a moment before shoving even deeper into my ass as his weight pressed me even further into the mattress. As I gasped for air, I was surprised to hear myself screaming, “Yes! Oh God!” as an orgasmic wave swept over me.

My words seemed to inflame both Daddy’s lust and his anger. “You like it, don’t you?” he rasped. “Tell me you like it!”

“I love it Daddy! It feels soooo good! Fuck me hard!” I gasped as a second orgasm sent my body into spasms.

“Let’s see how you like it when I come in your cunt,” Daddy growled. He flipped me onto my back and shoved his cock into my dripping wet pussy. Riding me fast and hard, penetrating me all the way to the hilt, he leaned forward and began to suck my nipples. The shaft of his cock rubbed against my clit as he fucked me and I could feel his pulse, feel the blood gushing through his cock veins as he fucked me. His weight lifted off me momentarily each time he pulled back, so I took advantage of the moment to grind my wet pussy against his cock.

“It feels so good!” he moaned, and began to pump more gently but even faster. Suddenly I heard his guttural groan merging with my own orgasmic shrink. Then everything went dark.

I don’t know whether I came so hard that I fainted or whether my head hit the headboard of my antique brass bed. I don’t know whether I was unconscious for seconds or minutes. When I came to, Daddy was standing over me with tears streaming down his face.

“Thank God you’re awake!” he said. “I couldn’t live with myself if I’d killed my little girl. I love you so much, and I’m so sorry I can’t begin to…”

“I’m fine, Daddy. I had a worse headache from the champagne at Cousin Sara’s wedding reception.”

“I don’t mean just that,” he said softly. He hung his head low for a long moment and seemed to be struggling for words. “I should never…There’s no excuse for what I did…It’s just that…”

“Just that what?” I prompted.

“Well . . . you . . . uh . . . you grew up so much faster than I expected and you became so beautiful and I found myself …uh…responding in ways I shouldn’t have.

And it got a million times worse when I realized that you were having sex with other guys, but not with me. I tried so hard to fight those thoughts. You’ve got to believe that.”

“I understand, Daddy, and I know how hard you resisted. I was doing the same thing.”

Daddy looked at me in amazement. “You mean… you mean that…” he stammered, trying to form a coherent sentence.

I had an entire flock of butterflies churning in my stomach, knowing that it was a now-or-never moment—it was time to offer myself to Daddy completely and hope for the best. It was a hopeful sign that Daddy was talking to me about things that would have been impossible for him to say to me just a few days ago, but there was no way to know how he’d react to what I was about to reveal

I took a deep breath, summoned every bit of courage I could muster, and said, “I’ve had sex with a few guys, and some of it was great. But there was always something missing, something they couldn’t give me. None of them made me feel the way my Daddy does. Nobody else was ever as kind and as loving and—to tell the complete truth—none of them ever made me as weak in the knees as Daddy does. I’ve wanted you every bit as much as you’ve wanted me but I didn’t know how to tell you. I was afraid you’d be disgusted or that you’d hate me.”

Suddenly, his arms were around me and he was holding me the way he did when I was a little girl. “I could never hate you, Britt,” he said. “I’d give anything to take back those terrible things I said to you. You see… I hated myself and somehow I took it out on you.”

“So you don’t really think I’m a slut?”

No, baby, not in a million years. You’re just a normal young woman with normal desires who has a filthy pervert for a father.” Tears streamed down his cheeks as he spoke.

One moment I didn’t know how to make Daddy understand that I forgave him for raping me. In the next instant I did.

I knelt in front of him, undid the button on the pants he’d pulled on while I was unconscious, and let them drop to the floor. Daddy gently grasped my hands and whispered, “No Brittany, no.”

“I want to, Daddy,” I said softly. “And I want you to show me how much you love your little girl.”

He slowly nodded and made no more effort to stop me, so I leaned forward and slid the tip of his dick into my mouth. For a moment I sucked like a shy little girl, unwilling to display my cock-sucking virtuosity for fear of spoiling the tenderness of the moment. Suddenly I realized that events had moved both of us beyond all that. I tipped my head and pulled Daddy to me until his cock slid all the way down my throat.

Daddy groaned as I deep-throated him. He grasped the back of my head gently and began face-fucking me. I broke free from his grip and began to alternate between licking and kissing his cock and taking it all the way down my throat. My right hand followed my mouth up and down his shaft while my left hand gently squeezed his balls.

“Ohhhhh . . . ” Daddy moaned. His entire body began to shake and I knew he was about to come. I was tempted to let Daddy come in my mouth and to swallow every drop, but my wicked mind had something much better in store for him.

I stopped sucking and led Daddy back to my bed. He eagerly pushed me down on my back and positioned himself between his legs with his dick in his hand. “No, no” I protested softly.

Daddy looked crushed, “Oh, honey, I thought you wanted me to.”

“I do,” I explained, but you’ve already given me so many fantastic orgasms. Now I want to give you an extra-special treat. Trust me and trade places.”

When Daddy was on his back, I straddled him reverse cowgirl fashion and I guided his cock into my warm, wet pussy. Daddy loved watching my big tits jiggle and bounce as I rode him, and I was entranced watching his cock slide in and out of me. Alternating between a quick rhythm and a slow, sensuous, grinding motion, I brought Daddy to the brink of ecstasy, stopped at the last moment before he came and then rode him to another peak.

When at last he begged me to let him come, I rolled onto my back and guided his cock between my DDDs. I tried to press my breasts together around Daddy’s cock but his strong hands pushed mine aside so he could gently squeeze my breasts and tweak my nipples as he titty-fucked me. Just from the way he looked at my boobs, I knew he would love fucking them, and I was right. To be completely honest, I knew that I would love it too. Within just two or three minutes, Daddy and I were both screaming in ecstasy as we approached volcanic orgasms.

“In my face, Daddy!” I shrieked as he began to tremble uncontrollably. “Give me a facial!”

The words were scarcely out of my mouth when Daddy erupted again and again, spasmodically shooting his load across my tits, my neck, and my face.

Daddy watched in amazement as I massaged his love cream into my breasts and my face, stopping occasionally to lick every remaining droplet from his cock.

“I love your come, Daddy,” I cooed.

“I only wish I had some more to give you,” he replied softly.

“You will have more soon,” I said. “Again and again and again.”

As we drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms, I suddenly remembered that I had completely missed Caroline’s Halloween party. I didn’t care in the slightest. Let her have all the studs she wanted. I had my Daddy back!

His beautiful daughter, Chloe, settled her tight little round ass right down onto his lap making him groan. “Baby girl, what are you doing? You know you shouldn’t be sitting in daddy’s lap.” Her full pink lower lip pouted at him. “But why, daddy? I like sitting in your lap.” She giggled sweetly as she wiggled her delicious ass against him making him groan again.

“ooo…baby…because it’s wrong. I’m your father and we shouldn’t do things like this.” His voice was rough with desire, his cock already hard and throbbing underneath her ass. The sight of her in her tiny little sleep shorts and tight tank top stretching across her big tits was incredibly hot, even if she was his daugher. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra and her plump nipples were hard sticking out against the fabric.

“mmmm but daddy…your thing is poking me already.” She wiggled again squirming against his hard shaft till it was lying between the firm cheeks of her ass. “ahh…and it feels so good….don’t you like that daddy?”

He grunted hands on her hips pushing his cock deeper between her firm cheeks “uhh…yeah baby…I do like that…” he moaned rocking under her, his fingers sliding up to pluck at those big ripe nipples. “but your mother should be home any minute. We might be caught.” They were on the couch in the living room and would be visible the moment anyone opened the front door.

“I’ll hear her car daddy and we’ll have time to stop before she comes in.” she turned in his lap so she was straddling him. “Don’t make us stop yet daddy please…” her big green eyes stared into his pleadingly. Her new position placed her hot pussy right over his throbbing cock and she began to slide up and down his shaft just the thin material of their shorts between them.

“Ohhh god…that feels amazing, baby. But it’s wrong…we shouldn’t…do this…” his hands were on her tight ass cheeks squeezing and molding them in his big hands as he thrust up against her. They dry humped on the couch panting and moaning while his little girl’s big tits bounced in his face. His cock throbbed; big heavy balls feeling like they are going to explode. He could feel how wet his daughter’s pussy had gotten and she had a big wet spot spreading on her shorts.

“Oooo, daddy, yes! Your thing is so big and hard!” she moaned loudly humping her hips against his cock.

Just then they both heard the unmistakable sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway. They both froze in panic. Then the sound of a car door slamming shut sent them into a flurry of action. Chloe hopped off his lap curling up on the couch just a little down from him pulling a thin throw over her. He yanked one of the pillows over his lap to hide his huge erection and started to pretend to flip through channels on tv just as his wife walked through the door.

Luckily the room wasn’t very bright just illumined by the tv screen and the entrance to the kitchen behind the couch where the light had been left on so it was difficult to see their faces. “Hi, honey.” He said. “We already put the leftovers away but if you are hungry you could stick it in the microwave.” His wife had been working late a lot recently and when she was home she barely spoke to him. He thought she was having an affair. Not that he really cared at this point the only reason he had stayed with her was for the sake of their daughter.

“Ok.” Was all she said as she walked to the kitchen. What a bitch, he thought, and then his attention was caught by his sexy 18 year old daughter as she sneakily pulled the throw covering up baring her smooth toned legs. His breath caught his cock jerking as she bared herself to the waist showing that her legs were spread wide and he could see one of her hands down in her shorts slowing moving.

‘Fuck’ he thought ‘she is rubbing her pussy with her mother just in the other room!’ His own hand slid under the pillow and his shorts wrapping around the thick hot length of his shaft slowly stroking as he watched his little girl. He almost came right then when she grinned naughtily and pulled the crotch of her shorts to one side showing her pink, glistening pussy to him. Her cunt lips were bare and swollen her pink lil slit already dripping with her juices.

He licked his lips throwing a quick glance towards the kitchen. He could hear the microwave running as his wife heated up her food. He groaned unable to resist that sexy pink slit. He whispered “Watch for your mother.” His little girl nodded her eyes wide looking over the back of the couch then back at him as he leaned down moving his face between her legs.

He lightly ran the tip of his tongue over her bald pussy lips quietly groaning at the sweet taste of his young daughter’s cunt juices. He looked up to see her panting as she stared down at him. He whispered again “Watch the door for your mother. We don’t want her to catch us doing this.” She nodded jerkily “y-yes daddy” and she looked back towards the kitchen.

He settled his face between her legs his tongue sliding up and down between her swollen pussy lips before pushing between them to explore her soaked folds. His tongue wiggled up till he found her sensitive lil clit he heard his daughters muffled moans as he started to lick it. He swirled his tongue around her swollen bud then sucked it between his lips nursing and lapping at it hungrily.

Chloe’s fingers sank into his hair pushing his face deeper into her pussy. His daughter rocked her hips, desperately pushing her hungry cunt against his mouth. He lapped eagerly at her pussy. His daughter’s cunt tasted so good he never wanted to stop. He licked his way down and then shoved his entire thick tongue into her tight lil pussy hole. She put a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream as she bucked her hips against his tongue.

He greedily tongue fucked his baby girls sweet little pink pussy fast and deep as he could drinking down her hot cunt juice. His cock was throbbing painfully hard in his hand as he gripped it. He was so fucking turned on he needed to cum so badly. His precum was soaking through his shorts as he eagerly continued tongue fucking his hot sexy daughter’s cunt.

“Oohhh daddy” Chloe whispered “I’m going to cum!”

His little girl’s hot cream flooded his mouth as she came and he hungrily sucked it down. He clamped down hard on the head of his cock with his hand to keep from emptying his balls from the taste of his daughter’s sweet cum.

Chloe pushed at his shoulder “Daddy!” she whispered urgently “Mom is putting her dishes up!” He quickly sat up yanking the throw back down over her legs and making sure the pillow was covering up his still raging hard-on.

His wife didn’t even look their way as she came out of the kitchen she just headed for the stairs. “I’m going to bed” she tossed over her shoulder as she went up.

He let out a relieved sigh his heart pounding. “Thought we were gonna get caught.” he said

Chloe giggled sitting up and scooting close she slid her slender arms around his neck “mmm…Mom didn’t notice a thing.” she started pressing soft kisses along his ear and neck “Daddy, that felt sooo good” she breathed against his ear.

“Baby, we really shouldn’t do this anymore. You’re my daughter and it’s wrong. Not to mention your mother would flip out if she caught us.” he protested even as he let his hot baby girl pull him down next to her on the couch. “it was hot though with mom just in the next room. Right, daddy? It was so hard not to scream as you ate my pussy.”

She had the throw blanket over the both of them stretched out face to face on the couch. She started squirming around and he looked down trying to figure out what she was doing. His cock gave a painful throb as he saw she was wiggling her way out of her shorts. He groaned loudly unable to help himself. They both froze as they heard a thump from upstairs. They stayed that way for a few minutes till it was obvious his wife wasn’t coming back down the stairs.

He looked back at this daughter her sexy green eyes were staring right into his. “Baby girl, yo-” he started only to be cut off as her pink lips locked onto his. Her sweet little tongue darted into his mouth making him moan he wrapped an arm around her slim waist pulling her against his big hard body. He grabbed her bare ass kneading it as he pushed his throbbing dick against her naked pussy, her hot wet cunt soaked right through his shorts.

She broke off the kiss leaning back some to pull up her tank top showing her big soft tits to him. She ran her hands over them “You like my titties daddy?” she whispered. “oh god baby yes daddy loves your big beautiful titties.” he moaned softly as he moved his head down sucking one fat swollen nipple into his mouth. “Ooo yes daddy! suck my titties!” his sexy daughter moaned pushing her tit into him.

His sweet little girl’s hands roamed over his hard chest and flat belly pushing one small hand down into his shorts. He shoved his face deeper into her titties to muffled his load groan as her little hand found his big swollen dick. “Oh daddy! Your cock is huge!” she couldn’t fit her hand all the way around the thick girth of his enormous swollen prick. “I want to see it daddy!” she whispered hotly.

He was lost in a lustful haze for his daughter. He offered no resistance as she pushed him onto his back the blanket that had been covering them was lost to the floor. His daughter crouched over him, naked but for the tank top pulled up above her tits, and he was unable to do anything but give her what she wanted as she started pulling his shorts down his hips freeing his red hot swollen dick.

It sprang free from his shorts pointing it’s big purple swollen head right at his daughter’s beautiful face. “Daddy! Oh my god! I’ve never seen a cock that big for real!” His dick was leaking precum like crazy a 10 inch pillar of flesh nearly 3 inches wide desperate for his daughter’s attention. Her hands looked even smaller as she wrapped one around his massive girth the other dipping down to cup his enormous, hairy, swollen nuts.

He threw his head back clenching his teeth against the loud groans trying to escape as his baby girl started pumping his aching cock with her little hand. Her other hand massaged his tight swollen balls making more and more precum leak from his big cockhead. He started pumping his hips fucking his daughter’s little soft hand.

His eyes flew back to his daughter as he felt the first touch of her tongue on his dick and he watched as she pushed her little pink tongue into his piss slit. She pulled her mass of red hair to one side her green eyes looking up into his as her tongue lapped at the head of his dick. She moaned and slowly fitted her little mouth over the massive purple cockhead. ‘oh god my daughter is sucking my cock!’ he thought dazedly. His mind was stunned and unable to think of anything but his hot, sexy daughter’s mouth on his fat dick.

He thrust his hips up forcing more of his dick into his little girl’s mouth deep grunts were escaping his tightly clenched teeth as he watched her soft pink lips stretch around his enormous monster cock. “Fuck yes baby girl suck on daddy’s big dick. You like the way daddy’s big cock tastes don’t you” he whispered through his teeth and she nodded eagerly sucking hard on the big meat filling her little mouth.

He tried to keep his grunts and moans low as his daughter sucked greedily at his swollen cock. Her head bobbed up and down, one small hand milking his fat shaft the other working his cum filled balls. He dug his hands into the cushion of the couch his hips jerking “uhhh…baby your mouth feels so good on daddy’s big dick you’re gonna make me cum, little girl.”

She lifted off his cock momentarily “Mmm yes daddy! I want you to cum in my mouth!” she dropped back onto his fat dick shoving her little mouth down as far it she could take it and he lost it, his hips shot up hard burying another inch down his little girl’s throat as his balls tightened. The cum boiling up his aching shaft he bit his lip hard his loud yell turning into a muffled grunt as huge jets of cum shot out the head of his dick down his daughter’s throat.

His thick cum filled his slutty daughter’s mouth spilling out the corners and running down her chin as she tried her best to swallow the big load of her daddy’s cum. He watched as his little girl sat back on her heels letting his softening cock slide from her hot mouth. She licked her lips wiping his cum from her chin and then licking her fingers clean her big tits jiggling.

He knew it was wrong but it was so fucking good. He knew he wouldn’t be able to resist giving his little girl what she wanted ever again.

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