Frank sat watching his beautiful wife being used by the men. He watched them rip her dress and manipulate her tits. He watched their hands and their lips on her body. And he saw her respond to their attentions, her defiance gradually fading as she grew hungry with lust.

He had fantasized about this kind of thing, about watching her being handled by multiple men. But those fantasies involved some situation he was a part of arranging, and he had not helped to arrange this. These men had come out of the dark and grabbed them against their will. Yet this fact did not diminish the affect it had on him. He still grew aroused by what he saw.

When he watched her suck the first cock, he felt his hunger stirring. Then as she knelt sucking the two cocks simultaneously, his own member throbbed within his pants. He tried to stop it, tried pushing his growing lust down. He knew he should be feeling other emotions instead. He should be angry at the men. He should feel sympathy for his wife. He should definitely be concerned for her and Cindy. And most of these he did experience, but they were all overrode by the ache in his balls. Looking at his beautiful wife alternating between sliding two hard cocks into her mouth, her torn dress exposing her heaving breasts, how could he not be aroused. Never had he seen Julie looking sexier, so enthralled in lustful rapture, and he groaned out his appreciation. Moments later he watched mesmerized as she crawled across the floor to him and devoured his own raging hard-on.

That was when he happened to glance over toward Cindy. For the last several minutes he had been so involved in watching Julie and the men that he had nearly forgotten his daughter was even present. But as Julie’s lips crawled along his shaft he glanced her way and he was shocked by what he saw. The girl’s eyes were locked on her kneeling mother as she pumped her mouth up and down on his hard cock. Frank had no idea what he had expected. Maybe he thought she would be looking away, or maybe have her face buried in the love seat while she cried. But she was not doing either of these things. Instead she was avidly watching.

Adding to his shock he believed that the things she was watching were affecting her as well. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs a little and he could see her slowly shifting her legs, scissoring them open and closed slightly. Plus her blouse was tight enough to show the outline of her semi-swollen nipples.

Like his wife, Frank knew his daughter was not a virgin. But seeing her getting aroused by watching her mother being used like this, that did surprise him.

The combination of this thought and Julie’s talented mouth sent his climax racing into existence. With another groan he exploded in Julie’s mouth and felt her gulp his cum down.

Suddenly he became concerned that the men would notice Cindy too, so he forced himself to avert his eyes. That was when they took Julie to the couch and turned their attentions to her pussy. Like them, he was amazed at how wet she was. He marveled at her beauty and the crazed passion she exhibited. Watching them fuck her and listening to her moan out her hunger over the following time had the effect of re-igniting his own desire. His cock slowly grew stiff once more and, with his trousers down around his ankles, it was obvious for anyone to see that might care to notice.

During this he occasionally shot glances toward Cindy and what he saw made his cock jump in his lap. His daughter’s eyes remained riveted on the action before her. Her legs had continued their scissoring and the skirt had rode up her thighs more, exposing even more of her flesh.

When he noticed her turning away from the couch and toward him he jerked his attention back to the couch. In his peripheral vision he watched her stare at his exposed, erect cock jerking and throbbing in his lap. Keeping his face turned so it appeared he was watching the group on the couch he peeked out the corners of his eyes several times during the remaining time. Several times he caught her glancing his way, her eyes locking onto his rigid cock.

When the third man sank his hard cock into Julie’s ass he heard a moan come from the loveseat’s direction. Turning that way he saw Cindy watching intently as her mother was anally fucked. For the next few minutes, until the guy shot his load, Frank’s eyes jumped between the couch and the loveseat.

Once it was over the three men left through the back door without giving Cindy or him a second look. He listened to Julie whimpering into the cushion. He saw her lack of motion. He feared she would pass out before helping her family escape their bonds. But Cindy joined him in yelling through their gags and Julie soon showed signs of awareness.

“I’m going to soak in a hot bath,” she told him after cutting his hands free. “You take care of our daughter for now.”

He nodded his understanding then watched her stagger toward their master bath with its large garden tub.

When he went to cut his legs loose he realized just how stiff his limbs were from being tied in one position for so long. He began working to get the blood flowing in his arms and legs as he struggled to remove the gag in his mouth.

“Don’t worry, Baby,” he whispered hoarsely once he got the gag off. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

She nodded in response to his words, letting him know she understood what he was dealing with.

Once he felt that his legs were semi-sturdy and he had loosely fastened his pants back up around his waist he hobbled his way over to her.

Soon they were sitting on the loveseat holding each other and making small movements with their extremities to increase the circulation. When he pulled her tightly to his chest she began to shake slightly with small whimperings. He continued to hold her and listen to her quiet crying, his hand caressing her hair and back. Slowly he became aware of how good her body felt pressed against his. He also noticed that somehow one of his legs had gotten between her two and her crotch seemed to be rubbing against his thigh as she worked the circulation in her legs. During the time since watching his wife being fucked his cock had grown limp, but now he felt it pulse with renewed stirrings. On the pretense of removing his shoes and socks he dislodged his body from Cindy’s so that she would not feel his stiffening member pressing against her.

“I need to go pee,” she whispered at that moment.

“Yea,” he agreed, realizing his own need in that department. “Why don’t I get us something to drink too, we both sound a little hoarse.”

“Okay,” she nodded. “Why don’t you bring it to my room, that way I can lie down.”

He agreed that this sounded like a good idea and sent her off down the hall leading to her end of the house. He hit the spare bath off the living room then grabbed a couple bottles of water from the kitchen. Walking toward Cindy’s room he removed his shirt and undershirt, just his slacks being his normal household attire. When he stepped into her room Cindy was lying flat on her back in her bed staring up at the ceiling. He thought he saw her hand jerk out from under her skirt as he entered.

“You okay, Honey?” He asked, handing her a water.

“Yea, I guess,” she shrugged.

At the other end of the house he knew his wife would be soaking in their tub, leaving him to console and help their daughter through things.

Climbing onto the bed he pulled Cindy to him. She readily rolled onto her side so that she could cuddle up to him, her face being buried in the crook of his neck. As they lay there holding each other he could not help smelling her hair and noticing the soft warmth of her body. While one hand rested at the small of her back, holding her tight to him, his other gently caressed her hair and he kissed her head. Feeling her body nestled into his he felt the blood pump into his cock again and cursed himself silently. He knew she would see the growing bulge if she were to look down along their bodies. He hoped that she would not do this as he tried to think of something that would make it go away.

It was then that he noticed how firmly her body was pressed against his, her breasts nearly flattened against his side. He also realized his leg had somehow managed to get between hers again. This time though he felt certain the feel of her crotch softly rubbing against his thigh was not from any attempts at improving circulation. This thought sent more blood pulsing into his cock.

“Daddy?” Cindy whispered into his chest.

“Yes Baby?” He tried pushing away the thoughts suddenly bombarding him.

“I- I can’t st- stop thinking about… about–.”

“It’s okay, Honey. It’s okay,” he tried to reassure her, cursing his thoughts.

“No… um… It’s… It’s not–,” she shook a little against him.

“It will be.”

“Y- You don’t under… You don’t understand,” she pulled her head back just a little and looked up at him.

Meeting her gaze he saw something there that he did not immediately recognize.

“I- I–,” she stopped herself.

“Shh, it’s alright Honey,” he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Daddy, am I bad girl?” she asked.

She leaned back a little more. His eyes were drawn downward and he realized that she had undone most of her blouse’s buttons before he got in the room. He had failed to notice it before, but now, as he saw its open flaps, he noticed. Not only could he see the mounds of flesh that were her young breasts, but he could also see her nipples. He was shocked at how red and swollen they were. He then felt the force of her crotch’s rubbing against him steadily increase until it was nearly grinding into his thigh bone.

That was when he knew what he was seeing in her eyes as she stared up at him. Lust. Plain and simple lust. Lust and hunger.

“Am I a bad girl, Daddy?” She whispered with a hint of mischief.

Looking down at his daughter, Frank’s eyes traveled up from her breasts and those hard, red nipples, to her face. He gazed into her eyes filled with desire, felt her grind herself against his leg, and he understood her question.

Like him, Cindy had spent the evening watching her mother being fucked by three strange men. Watched her being used by them, being their sexual toy. And, like him, it had affected her, had sexually excited her, had her burning with tension. She was so filled by this that it had taken a sledgehammer to society’s taboos and she wanted him, her father, to relieve the tension. Peering into her lustful expression, her pert young breasts at the edge of his vision, he quickly realized he wanted her too. He wanted to touch her body and taste her nectar. He wanted to feel her wrapped around his pounding cock. Not only did he want to . . . he was going to.

The hand at the small of her back applied pressure and the other slid down to cup her chin.

“Daa… Ummm,” she started, but then moaned as he planted his lips against hers.

Instantly he felt her respond. Her mouth pressed into his. Her tongue met his as their lips parted. She shifted to press her body even harder into his, mashing her tits into his chest. Her crotch humped at his thigh now.

Ignoring the thoughts of how it was wrong he reveled in the feel and the taste of her.

The first passionate kiss led to a second. Then a third. Their lips locked, their tongues met. They released, only to return right back. He stroked her hair, caressed her face. His fingers tingled at the feel of her soft flesh. He heard her moaning softly into his mouth, felt their bodies pressing harder against one another.

His hand slid down her cheek, across her neck and down to the flesh exposed by her open blouse. He traced small lines up and down along the opening, lightly tickling her skin. She moaned into him. Her kisses grew firmer, her tongue more insistent. Each time his hand drew close to her breasts he felt her lifting herself toward it. Reaching the bottom of the opening he undid the last couple buttons. Bringing his hand back up he slipped it under the blouse and filled it with her tit. As he closed on the mound and gently squeezed she shoved her chest into his hand.

“Uuuuummmm,” she groaned louder into his mouth.

Her young breast was firm in his grasp, her nipple hard beneath his palm. After massaging the tit for a minute he shifted his hand to rub at her swollen nub with his finger and thumb. As he played with it he felt it grow firmer. Moving his mouth from her lips he started to kiss her cheek, her temple, her forehead.

“Ohhh,” she mewed as he spread light kisses on her face.

He worked his way back to her hungry lips. Once there he paused long enough to gaze down at her. She stared back at him, her eyelids heavy, her bottom lip drooping slightly. Her crotch rubbed against his thigh with steadily increasing pressure. He took in her lustful expression, reveled in her beauty.

“Daddy,” she breathed at him.

He clamped his lips back down on hers, feeling her jump at his as well. His hand massaged her tit, twirled the nipple. His other hand rubbed her back, pressing small circles into the small of it. She responded by molding herself against him as much as possible without hindering his hand on her breast. Her crotch was hard against his thigh, jerking up and down in small strokes. He released her tit to tug the bottom of her blouse from her skirt. She weakened her pressure against him slightly to allow him better access.

Inside Frank boiled with desire. Hungry with impatience he tried to maintain some composure but knew that he was jerking at the blouse roughly. Still, he managed to contain himself enough to get it un-tucked and undo the last button.

Kissing his way across her cheek to her ear he pushed the blouse flap aside and laid his fingers on the hot skin of her side. He heard her take in a sharp breath as he made contact. Slowly he traced his way up across her flesh to her heaving tit and its hard, red nub. Just as he gripped the fleshy mound his teeth nibbled on her earlobe.

“Ohhh Daddy,” she mewed, cramming her tit into his hand. “Ohhh yes.”

He breathed into her ear and twisted her nipple between his digits. She whimpered in pleasure. He massaged her tit as he ran his lips and tongue all over her neck and ear.

“Ohhh yes,” she mewed and whimpered while he rubbed her tit. “Ohhh yes, Daddy.”

Suddenly the thought struck him that this might very well be his one and only chance to have his beautiful daughter. Summoning as much self-discipline as he could he swore that he was going to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity.

They shifted into more comfortable and practical positions. Cindy leaned back, presenting her breasts to him. She brought her hands up and tangled her fingers into his hair. Frank kept a hand covering one of her pert mounds, his fingers manipulating the nipple. His other slid around to make small circles on her abdomen.

Slowly he started to kiss his way down her flesh, fighting his growing state of desire he tried covering as much flesh with his lips as he could. Working downward he reached her chest just above her breasts where he planted a dozen light kisses before reversing direction. Moving his way back up across her flesh he left a trail of slow, light kisses to her ear. Repeating the process a couple more times he felt her start to squirm slightly beneath him.

“Ohhh yes,” she kept mewing. “Ohhh yes Daddy. Ohhh Daddy.”

Eventually he moved to her lips. As he passionately kissed her, their tongues dueling, he twisted her nipple a little harder. Cindy responded by moaning into his mouth and cramming her tit into his hand.

Breaking their lip-lock he once again kissed his way down across her neck to her chest. This time he did not stop though. He was soon running his lips over the breast he held. As he slowly kissed the outer reaches of her mound she panted heavily. He sensed her body arguing between squirming with desire and freezing with anticipation. Her hard nipple filled his peripheral vision and he gradually worked his kisses closer to it. Her young, pert tit felt firm and inviting in his hand. As his lips drew closer to the rigidly swollen nub her fingers grew more urgent within his hair, tugging gently. When he reached her nipple his tongue darted out to lick it before he lowered his lips around it, encasing it and suckling upon it as his tongue swirled over it.

“Ohhh yes Daddy,” she moaned out. “Ohhh yes. Suck my titty, Daddy, suck my titty.”

Her hands clamped his head to her. Her body arched upward, shoving her tit at his mouth. Her hips rolled upon the bed, her lower body squirming excitedly.

“Ohhh God yes,” she nearly cried. “Ohhh God yes. Suck my titty Daddy. Suck it good. Ohhh Daddy.”

He brought his other hand up to massage her other tit, rolling that nipple between his finger and thumb. He managed to pull his mouth from the one breast and move it to the other where he suckled and licked that nipple as well. After a couple moments he returned to the first nipple. Then back to the other. Then back still again. Meanwhile he continued massaging both her breasts and Cindy continued to whimper and moan. Each time his lips locked down around an aching nub she held his head tightly to her fleshy mound.

Their shifting bodies had not removed his thigh from between her legs and as he suckled on her firm breasts her crotch began ratcheting against him. Using her feet as leverage against the mattress she shoved her hips at him while grinding herself against him with small, spastic jerks. Her skirt’s hem rode up, the material bunching near her waist.

“Suck my titty Daddy. Suck my titty,” a tear appeared at the corner of her one eye. “Ohhh God yes. Suck my titty Daddy.”

Frank was hesitant to leave the wonderful ranges of his daughter’s tits and so he spent a long time moving from one to the other. During that time her crotch’s ratcheting actions progressed to near jack hammering force. Her desire filled moans grew more and more desperate. Then she dropped one hand from his hair and grabbed at one of his wrist, tugging at it, pulling it away from her breast.

“Oh God Daddy,” a couple more tears leaked from her eyes. “I’m so wet. My pussy’s so wet. Ohhh God Daddy. It’s sooo wet for you Daddy.”

Frank had no desire to fight her lead. Inside his pants his cock was throbbing impatiently, the ache in his balls powerful. But he was still determined to enjoy the experience and so he forced his hand to crawl down across her abdomen. Once it started moving downward Cindy released his wrist, allowing him to move at his own pace, but she still kept her fingers in light contact with it. He shifted again, this time slipping his leg out from between hers, but he continued to suckle one of her tits.

Beneath his fingers he felt her abdomen muscles quiver. Then his hand slid down past her skirt’s top edge and the bundled material to her bare thigh, inches below her sex. Cindy inhaled sharply as his finger touched her there. He started to trace small, delicate circles on her thigh, gently caressing her flesh. Slowly his fingers worked their way up toward her waiting pussy. He felt the heat emanating from her. Felt his fingers brush across slight traces of wetness.

Cindy still held his head against her breast, her body arching slightly to feed him her fleshy mound. In hungry anticipation her hips remained nearly frozen now, but she was unable to completely stop their small, instinctive rolling motions.

His fingers came within centimeters of her pussy. Her body shoved herself toward them. Her hand grabbed at his wrist once again and she tried to pull his hand forward.

“Oh Daddy. Ohhh please.”

Hearing the need in her voice he could not have stopped his fingers from covering that last, miniscule distance to her pussy if he had wanted to. When he touched her there his cock jumped in his slacks and he pulled his head up away from her tit. These things were in reaction to finding out Cindy was not wearing any panties, and that she was indeed quite wet. Additionally she was already open slightly, allowing his two fingers to begin slipping inside her. He somehow managed to stop them with just the tips entering her.

** All characters are over 18 **

“Daddy?” My daughter, Sasha, said from my bedroom doorway. I opened my eyes to see her standing there, naked except for a pair of black cotton panties. Her generous breasts were defying gravity, as usual. Her tummy was flat perfection, her hips cocked to one side in a way only teenaged girls can manage.

“Hi baby girl.” I answered sleepily.

“Can I climb in bed with you?”

“Not with those panties on.”

Sasha grinned and slid her underwear down her smooth legs, revealing her shaved, perfectly shaped little pussy mound. I pulled the bedcovers aside and her baby brown eyes went to my thickening cock before she climbed in next to me.

My daughter and I had become lovers a few days before, in a hotel room on the way home from a family visit. We’d started out with a simple rule: we’d only use mouths and fingers, and I wouldn’t fuck her for fear of getting her pregnant.

All that had gone out the window after Sasha had made friends with a southern girl named Jessica, whom we had shared between us. Jessica had talked Sasha into letting me put my cock in her pussy, and I fucked my little girl for several glorious minutes before the whole thing became too much for me and I’d pulled out to cover both girl’s faces in cum.

We were home now though, our last morning alone together before my wife Anna got home from visiting Sasha’s grandmother in Russia.

Last night had been well spent, Sasha sucking me off on the couch after I’d licked her to three climaxes. I’d carried her spent body back to her bed. I’d wanted to take her to mine, but in truth I’d needed a night to clear my head and get mentally prepared for Anna coming home. We had to leave at nine in the morning to go pick her up at the airport.

I looked at the clock. It was already seven thirty.

Sasha snuggled her naked body up against mine, her hand going immediately to my cock.

“Sasha, baby, we don’t have much time. We have to go get ready to pick up your mom.”

“I know, Daddy. I wanted to come lay with you a bit first.”


“Daddy… after Mom gets back… how long do you think it will be before you and me can… you know, play together?”

“I don’t know, angel. We can’t get caught. We have to be really careful.”

“Don’t you even think about stopping on me. I need your cum in my mouth. A lot. Don’t make me wait.”

“We just have to be careful.”

Sasha laid her head down on my chest and stayed quiet for a couple of minutes.


“Yes, baby?”

“Will you fuck me again? I know we said we wouldn’t but it might be a long time till we get another chance.”

A red flag went up in my head immediately. Getting Sasha pregnant was something I definitely didn’t want to risk. I immediately decided to tell her no.

“Put me in your mouth for a minute first.” I heard myself say. Damn. My willpower was less than nothing now. I was a slave to my lust for my beautiful, blonde baby girl.

Sasha kissed me on the mouth, and then kissed her way down my chest, until she finally reached my cock. She licked up and down the enraged monster before she finally sucked me gently into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my dick as she did so.

I held my daughter by the hair as she fellated me, looking into her eyes as she bobbed her head up and down on my shaft. Her mouth was so very wet and warm, her lips soft and pliant. She cooed and moaned as my cock slid in and out of her mouth, the vibrations moving from my dick all through my body.

“That feels so fucking good, angel.”

Sasha took her mouth off of me and grinned.

“Was I a good girl, Daddy?”

“Oh yes, baby, you were the best girl.”

“Will you fuck my pussy now?”

“Lay on your tummy, baby. Daddy’s going to fuck you so hard.”

“Mmmmm, oh yeah, Daddy. Take me from behind like a bitch.”

“That’s quite a mouth you have there, young lady.”

“I’m sorry Daddy, I’m only a slut for you, I promise.”

I slid a pillow under my daughter and crawled up behind her with my dick aimed at her pretty little pussy. I slid the head up and down her wet slit, making her body twist and writhe in anticipation.

“Oh God, Daddy. Put it in me, please. I’ll be so good, I promise.”

I shoved my cock into my daughter in one thrust, and she screamed like a cat in heat as I started pumping my hard organ into her depths over and over again, my pubic hairs slamming into her shaved snatch with every thrust.

“Oh fuck, Daddy! Daddy! God, keep fucking me!”

My cock was being gripped like it was in a silken vise. I made a fist in my little girls hair as I pounded her into the mattress, the bed bouncing and creaking every time I shoved my meat into her.

“Harder, Daddy!”

“You… you like it hard, baby?”

“Oh yeah! Oh God Daddy, that feels so… fucking…good! Call me a whore Daddy.”

“You want to be a whore for me? You want me to fuck you like a whore?”

“Oh God, yes. Now tell me I’m a good girl.”

“You’re being such a good girl for Daddy, baby. Daddy’s sorry he has to… ah! That I have to fuck you so hard. Fuck, baby, your pussy feels so good!”

“Fuck… fuck…. tell me… oh God… tell me you love me, Daddy.”

“I do love you, angel, more than anything.”


“Cum for me, baby girl. Cum for Daddy!”

With that Sasha lost all rhythm and just started slamming her hips back into mine, burying her face in the pillow and screaming for all she was worth. For my part, I gritted my teeth and kept thrusting into her, trying to hold back the tidal wave of cum wanting to shoot out of my cock. Around a billion sperm were screaming at me to just impregnate the young girl wrapped around my shaft, daughter or no.

“Fuck, Daddy! Oh God that felt so fucking good…”

“Daddy’s going to cum baby. You need to swallow for me.”

“No, I want it in me. Cum… cum in my ass Daddy. Just do it.”

“Oh God, baby, are you sure?”

“Yeah, just… be careful I’ve never done it before.”

I slowed my pace and caught my breath, but never stopped my thrusts. Sasha moaned long and low into the pillow.

I reached over my daughter and opened a small drawer in my wife’s nightstand, taking out the small bottle of lube we kept there. Gently, trying to keep under control, I squirted some of the lube into my baby’s tight asshole, and then smeared more of the stuff onto my cock.

“Are you ready baby?” I asked.

“Yeah. Tell me I’ve been bad, Daddy. This is what happens to bad girls.”

“This IS what happens to bad girls, baby. Bad girls who won’t take their Daddy’s cum their pussy.”

“Oh God, I want your cum in me so bad. I wish you could cum in my pussy.”

“No, baby. You’ve been bad. Now I’m going to cum in your ass.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to be bad, I promise.”

Slowly, I pulled my steel hard cock out of my daughter’s pussy and started prodding her well lubed ass with it. Her body tensed at first and she bit her lower lip.

“Oh God, Daddy. Don’t fuck my ass, I’ll be good, I promise.”

“I know you will next time, angel. This is for your own good.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy this is so hot. Teach me my lesson.”

I pushed, and the head of my dick slipped into Sasha’s tight brown hole.

“Ow! Oh be careful, Daddy! You’re taking my cherry there.”

“I’m taking all of you baby. You’re all mine now.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy. Ow! Ow! Oh no, don’t stop, keep going! Ow! Oh I’m so sorry, Daddy! I promise I’ll be good!”

I pushed in a little harder, and my cock finally slid all the way into my little girl’s ass, just like she wanted. I lay still, except for the occasional insistent twitch of my cock, and let her get used to me being in her.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy.”

“Are you ready for your lesson, angel?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

With that I started fucking my daughter’s tight asshole. If I thought her pussy had been tight, I was being introduced to a whole new definition of the word. Sasha’s backside was chewing my cock, even past the lube, and I had been so close before I entered her that there was no way I was going to last long.

“Rub your clit for me, baby.” I said. “Cum like a whore while your Daddy fucks you in the ass.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy!” Sasha said as her hand went underneath her and she started rubbing her pussy with a fury. “OH FUCK DADDY!”

“God, baby, I’m going to cum so hard!”

“Do it Daddy! Cum in my ass! I’ll be a good girl… I’ll be a good girl… so…fucking…good!”

“You’re so tight baby!”


My daughter went wild under me again, and I shoved into her with everything I had as my cock jumped and shook and spewed huge ropes of cum into her. A flood of sperm that would have choked her if she’d tried to take it down her throat. My dick jerked again and again as it kept shooting, and through it all I kept pounding away at my baby girl, shoving all that cum as far into her as I could. The moan that came out of my mouth was ripped from my soul. I gave everything I had to my little girl.


“Mom!” Sasha yelled as my wife, Anna, walked into the baggage area. She ran to her mother and the two of them hugged each other tight. I followed at a more dignified pace and kissed Anna on the cheek, taking her carry on bag from her when I did so. Anna was all smiles; a vision of slender, Eastern European beauty. Her hair was as blond as Sasha’s, her eyes a deep blue. She stood a good three inches taller than our daughter and at thirty five she was every bit as attractive as she’d been on the day I married her.

“Hello there.” She purred to me, her Russian accent a little more pronounced than usual, just as it always was when she came back from visiting her family overseas. Normally, Anna’s accent was just a hint. Most people could talk to her for several minutes before catching on that she wasn’t born here in the states.

“Hello yourself.” I answered.

“Did the two of you get along alright while I was gone?”

“Oh yeah,” Sasha answered, “we took good care of each other, didn’t we Daddy?”


With Anna home life largely went back to normal. With my vacation time over, I resumed my job at the office. Anna mostly worked from home doing grant writing. It didn’t leave a lot of time for me to pursue my sexual relationship with my daughter. I thought about it a lot, but I hadn’t had the guts to try to sneak into her room at night yet. I was too afraid of being caught. Anna was a very sexual woman, and the two of us had done some pretty kinky stuff over the years, but me fucking and getting sucked off by our little girl was beyond the pale.

So I kept myself busy tending to my wife’s needs. I was sure Sasha could hear us making love most nights.

During the day, Sasha would make sure I hadn’t forgotten about her by finding a lot of excuses to hug me, or rub up against me during the day. During these “innocent” contacts she’d sneak in a quick grab of my cock or ass or whisper in my ear. Let me tell you, it’s pretty hard to hold your train of thought when your daughter comes up and whispers to you how bad she wants to feel you cumming in her mouth.

The next time I really had a chance to be close to Sasha for an extended period of time was a Thursday afternoon, about a week after we’d picked her mother up from the airport. I’d gotten home early that day and Sasha came home to find me reclining on the couch, watching a little ESPN. I’d already changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt as the summer was still very warm.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said. She was wearing a knee length sun dress that showed her body off wonderfully. She looked absolutely built for sex.

“Hi baby.”

“Where’s mom?”

“At the gym,” I answered, clicking the TV off.

Sasha slid in next to me on the couch and kissed me passionately on the mouth, her tongue tangling with my own.

“God, Daddy. I need you so bad. I’ve been wanting to die I’ve been needing you so bad.”

“Me too, angel. We have to be quick though, your mom is almost home.”

No sooner had I said that then Anna pulled up in the driveway.

“Oh no!” Sasha said, her hands rubbing my hard cock through my pants. “I wanted to suck you off so bad!”

I clicked the TV back on and Anna readjusted her position so that we were spooning when her mom opened the door.

“Hi, Mommy!” She said.

“Hello. Oh, don’t you two look very cute.” Anna came over, still in her gym clothes, and gave both Sasha and I each a light kiss on the lips. “I’m going to go climb in the shower, then I’ll start dinner.”

“Okay, honey.” I said.

“Okay, Mommy.” Sasha echoed.

As soon as we heard the water turn on upstairs, Sasha reached down and undid my zipper, working my shorts down my legs quickly. My cock was in her warm mouth within seconds.

“Oh yeah, angel. Daddy’s missed your sweet little mouth so bad.”

“Mmmmm. Mmm-hmmm.” Sasha moaned, her fingers reaching down to her own pussy to rub her clit while she bobbed her head up and down. She was keeping a fast pace. Both she and I knew my wife wouldn’t be in the shower long.

But after only a couple of minutes Sasha broke her contact with my cock.

“Fuck me Daddy, please.”

“Baby we can’t keep doing that, it’s too risky. We have to get you on the pill or something.”

“Okay, we can, but right now I need you to fuck me so bad.”

Sasha stood and removed her panties, clutching them tightly in her hand as she spooned with me again, this time lifting the back of her dress up to give me access to her tight little snatch. I got my rock hard cock into her and pushed, sinking every inch of my shaft into her slick little tunnel.

“Oooooh. Oh yes, Daddy. I’ve been… ah… I’ve been dreaming about this for a week.”

I brought my hands under the front of her dress to rub at her clit as I fucked her.

“Your little pussy feels so good, baby, but we have to be so careful.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy. Rub my clit. Oh, fuck me. I want you to teach me everything, just like Jessica said.”

“I will baby. God, you feel so incredible.”

I started thrusting harder into my little girl, the sweet sounds of my cock sliding in and out of her some of the sexiest noises I’d ever heard.

“Daddy… Daddy… I’m going to cum, don’t stop.”

“Daddy’s close, too, baby.”

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

“God, baby, I’m so close!”

“Oh yeah… don’t stop, Daddy! Faster! Oh fuuuuuuck, I’m going to cum so hard!”

“Hurry baby, Daddy’s going to cum!”

“Oh God! Oh God I’m cumming Daddy! Cum in me!”

“I can’t baby!” My guts were churning though as I kept pounding my cock into my daughter. My balls tightened as my orgasm quickly reached the point of no return.

My daughter’s pussy was clenched down tight on my cock as she bucked her hips back into mine. There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t pull out of her and shoot cum all over the place while her mother was right upstairs, and not cumming simply wasn’t an option.

“Daddy! I’m cummmmming! Oh God, cum in me! Cum in my pussy, Daddy!”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming too baby!”

“Oh yeah! Fucking give it to me! Cum in me!”

With that I shoved my dick into my baby girl as hard as I could and just let go, my shaft jerking inside her spasming cunt as burst after burst of my cum shot into her, overfilling her teenaged pussy with sperm. My arms went around her and I clutched her to me and the torrent of cum went on and on, both of us shaking from the intensity of our orgasms.

“Oh, I feel it,” Sasha moaned, “I feel you shooting in me.”

“God, baby girl, what have I done?”

“It feels so good, Daddy. Oh God, I love your cum.”

My daughter’s pussy clutched at me over and over again, drawing every last drop of semen out of my cock just as we heard the water turn off upstairs. Slowly, Sasha pulled away from me, my cock sliding out of her. She clutched her panties between her legs to catch the cum leaking from her.

Sasha knelt down by the couch and put her tongue in my mouth again.

“That felt so good, Daddy. Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.”

“I hope so, angel.”

“You’d better cover up before Mom comes back down. I’m going to go clean up”


Sasha quickly showed me one of her fingers covered in our cum and then popped it into her mouth to suck it clean.

“Yummy.” She said with a grin, and retreated towards the stairs.

“Love you, Daddy!” She whispered to me, and blew me a kiss. I made a catching motion with my hand as I pulled my shorts up, my cock still sticky with our juices.

In a few minutes I heard Sasha’s shower turn on just as I heard the master bedroom door open. I’d turned the ceiling fan on and opened a window. I hoped the living room didn’t smell too much like sex. Anna was a smart woman. I knew if I kept fucking my daughter in the house, she was going to catch on. I wasn’t sure what she’d do at that point.

We had to stop. If we kept going either we’d get caught or I’d end up getting my own daughter pregnant.

Even as I thought it, I knew I didn’t have the strength to end what was happening. Only time would tell where this was all going to lead.

… to be continued.

Hello, first off this story is sad but true!

I am an attractive guy. I stand 5’6, 140 lbs., brown hair and blue eyes.

I was eighteen, when I told my father I was bisexual, which his instant reaction turned out to be more than what I expected, for he became violent, after a scuffle he seemed to calm down.

After a few months things appeared to go back to normal.

Then one night, after drinking heavily as he regularly did, he asked me out of the blue if I ever sucked a dick before. I was so shocked by him asking such a bold question that I was speechless. Then admitting yes I had.

Why I asked?

At first, he said he just wanted to understand that side of me. But then came another question,

“How big?”

I told him that I have sucked cocks 6 inches and up. He asked me if I ever considered sucking bigger ones. I told him of course, and the conversation seemed to end there.

Later that night though, after consuming more beer and other various alcohols, I heard a knock on my door. It was my father, saying he wanted to talk further. He then walked in, closed the door, and boldly stated:

“Since you love sucking cock so much, suck mine!”

Stunned, I didn’t quite no how to respond, like many I had always been curious, and perhaps even fantasized about what it would be like to suck his dick, but to actually do so.

“But you’re my father,” I said.

“So what, you say you love sucking cock, so start sucking bitch!”

Moving to leave, he grabbed me by the hair pulling me to my knees. Pulled his cock out and stuffed it in my mouth. “That’s right you little bitch, suck my cock” he stated.

So there I am with my father’s cock, moving in and out of my mouth steadily, and growing harder by the second. My brain telling me I shouldn’t be doing such a thing, but gradually it seemed my body started to like it. I continued sucking his cock at a steady pace, then progressively sucking faster and harder.

I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying sucking my father’s big hard cock. I began feeling like I wanted every inch of that cock down my throat, so I started deepthroating his big dick. Noticing my eagerness he proceeded to face-fuck me, until in a strong voice demanded

“Daddy’s going to buttfuck that tight little ass now!”

Without any further notice, he bent me over and spreaded both my ass-cheeks, as to enter me more easily. He then began moving back-and-forth inside me. Oh My God! Why did it feel so good?

The feeling of his big throbbing cock pumping into me over and over again was unbelieveable. I started feeling like I wanted more. I suddenly found myself begging him,

“Please fuck me deeper daddy, harder, slam your balls against my ass, spank me while you’re buttfucking me.

Hearing my plea, he did just that, pounding my ass like never before. With every thrust of his cock, smack came the sound as he spanked me. Then while his cock was still inside me, repositioned me to where I began riding him while he was laying down. I loved riding my daddy’s cock, feeling it deep inside. After awhile, he rolled me to the side, with his cock still hard inside me, and continued pounding my ass deep and hard.

“Oh yeah, you love daddy’s cock inside you, don’t you my little slut?” he asked.

Then said, “Daddy’s cum is going inside you!”

“Oh Yes! Daddy please cum in my ass. Fill me up with all your hot juicy seed” I stated.

When he came inside me, I couldn’t believe how great it felt. It was so warm and soothing. After he pulled out and got up, “you took all of daddy’s cum like a good little bitch!” he said as he went to his room to take a shower. Later passing out.

The next day, he never mentioned what happened the night before, though I did ask him if last night was a good night. He simply and strongly stated he didn’t remember. Yet it seems another event he will never recall, but now I find myself wanting so very much to suck him again. I want to feel his throbbing cock inside me again, to have his cum all in my ass. But he is so “allegedly” agaist “gay shit”

By the Gods……what to do?

Why did I feel the way I did during such a bad thing?

Do I remind him of what happened?

Or do I just let it go?

Why was I longing for my Daddy to be the only man I want inside me?

Help me….

I was a couple of years out of college, working a job that I had little enthusiasm for, when my dad called me up and asked me if I wanted to go with him on a business trip. It was no ordinary business trip, it was a week in Rome and, if I could come, he would book us in Rome for the weekends on both ends giving us extra time there.

Well, I did have vacation time and jumped at the chance to go.

My parents were divorced when I was in college, I knew a few of the details, it’s hard to keep family stuff fully secret and it seemed that my mother had an affair with her tennis instructor at their club, rather trite, I suppose, but that’s what it was.

I always got along with both my parents though my dad, as happens with girls, I suppose, has always had a special place in my heart.

I gleefully accepted his offer, of course, and immediately went out and bought some new clothes to take, it would be summer and I treated myself to several light dresses and some new underwear.

I didn’t think much about it at the time but I also bought two new nighties, two very sexy, brief new nighties.

I know you’re way ahead of me in this story but I need to tell you a bit about my dad.

He’s forty-seven and quite trim and solid. Both my parents are attractive, my dad especially. I’ve never figured out quite why there weren’t all kinds of women chasing him around but he never seemed to date or anything. He could have had his pick, I’m sure.

He’s a broker for small machine parts and has a number of companies in Italy who custom-produce for his American clients. He was meeting with three of them separately when in Rome and that left us lots of time for sightseeing.

We got there and took a cab to the hotel and checked in. Our room was a suite with two bedrooms and we each settled in putting out things away, then got back together in the living room to admire the expansive view of Rome and to decide how we would spend the rest of our Saturday.

“I know just the place for lunch, then we can take a walk around and come back here for a rest, then supper later, Italian-style,” he said with a wink.

I told him that sounded good and we went down and walked to the trattoria that he’d eaten at before. He had the artichokes and I had a pizza that was somewhat different from what I was used to stateside, rather better, I thought.

Then a walk around and back to the hotel as the time change and long flight over began taking it’s toll.

We got to our rooms and he closed the shades in each and went into his room for a nap. I put on one of my new nighties and looked in the mirror.

“Let’s show Dad,” I thought and knocked on the frame of the connecting door which was open and went in.

“Like what I bought for our trip?” I asked saucily and twirled around for him.

Now don’t get the idea that I’d never teased my dad and that he’d never teased me. Ever since I began knowing there was a difference between boys and girls and men and women, I’ve felt a sexual pull and, sometimes, tension, between us.

“Oh, that’s beautiful, sweetie.You’ve become quite a woman, you’re just beautiful.”

“Beautiful enough to have a nap with my daddy?” I asked girlishly.

“Sure, sweetie, hop in,” he said as he lifted the sheet. I could see he had on his boxers as I snuggled up against him. Our arms wrapped around each other as he gave me a soft kiss which I held and pressed back against pushing his head against the pillow.

After we broke, he said, “I think Rome has gotten to you, Robin,” and his hand patted my butt.

“I think maybe it has. Do daddies and daughters do naughty things when in Rome?”

“I suppose that’s up to the daddy and the daughter.”

I slipped my hand down until it reached his cock.

“Oh, I think this daddy has naughty things on his mind.”

“Just like his daughter, I suspect.”

I pulled it out of his boxers and gripped it in my hand. I knew it was larger than any of my boyfriend’s.

“Mmm, what’s this, Daddy? It’s all nice and big and hard. I like holding it. Can I play with it? Let me see it,” I asked and he swept the sheet away.

Over the years, I’d caught a few glimpses of my father’s penis but this was the first time I’d seen it hard and fully-erect.

“Oh, I like it. I’ll bet it would like a nice kiss,” I teased as I got up on my hands and knees, wet my lips and kissed the tip end, then gave it a nice lick around.

I raised up and looked at him, asking, “Was that nice, Daddy? Like some more?” and I slid my lips back down his long, thick shaft to suck up and down.

This was the first time I couldn’t get a guy’s cock completely in my mouth, he was that large. I didn’t know at the time but he was seven and a third inches, something I determined the first week we were back home. I took a picture of it that I carry in a little secret place in my wallet and I’ve shown a few girlfriends without ever telling them it was my dad. They’ve always been impressed and every single one had told my how much they’d love to have that cock inside them. Oh, Daddy.

“Oh, Robin, that is so good, let’s do more,” he said and I lifted up and asked him, “Do you want to fuck your little Robin, Daddy? With this nice, big, hard cock?”

“You amaze me, Robin. All those fancy private schools I sent you to, did they teach you how to talk like that?”

I laughed and told him, “They sure did, Daddy, you better fucking believe it,” and I swung a leg over him, reached back and guided his cock to my slit and pushed and pushed.

I’ve had a lot of cocks inside me but my daddy’s was the thickest and it took a while, even as juicy as I was, to work myself down onto him. I wiggled and twisted, strained and pushed, and finally was able to sit directly on him.

I always loved using my muscles to massage a cock deep inside me and this one filled me like no other.

“How’s that feel, Daddy? My pussy making you happy?” I teased as his hands enjoyed my boobs. I leaned forward, dropping a nipple onto his lips and he took it in to suck.

“You look so cute sucking my boob, Daddy. I like this, we’re gonna have lots of fun in Rome,” I told him as I raised and lowered my hips over him.

I slowly fucked him until we both had wonderful, lovely orgasms…my daddy and me. It was so good to lay there after in his arms just enjoying the afterglow of such exquisite sex.

We slept for a while, then when I woke him up by playing with his cock, he pushed me on my back and got down between my legs and gave my pussy a licking that I’ll never forget. Then we got dressed and went out to a wonderful late supper.

We walked the streets of Rome as lovers, holding hands, stopping to kiss and embrace one another. His hand was often on my butt softly rubbing as we enjoyed our new life together, our new life as lovers.

That began my affair with my father. We live together now, happily and playfully, both of us eager for all the sex we can manage.

We still travel together, I’m his personal assistant, mostly taking care of any needs or desires he has or that I can arouse. Oh, the fun we have.

I emptied my glass, allowing the velvety smooth liquid to envelope my tongue. The rich aroma filled my nostrils, before that all too familiar burn comfortably gripped my throat.

I sighed as I leaned forward to place the glass on the coffee table, the milky ice cubes tinkling in hopeful punctuation. There was another half a glass or so in the bottle, I knew. And it called to me. It wasn’t the numbness of the alcohol, I lied to myself. Baileys was her favourite. And every bottle I drank brought her back to me that little bit more.

My eyes fell on the photo frame next to the bottle, and I reached for that instead. I pushed back into the couch, snorting a laugh. She looked dreadful. She always did. But there was something about her that drove me absolutely wild.

The first time I saw her, she was manning the cash register at Subway. I’d left her fellow Sandwich Artist with an instruction to pile on all the salads, and moved along the counter to pay. She was tall and gangly in that ill-fitting purple uniform. Her eyes were self-consciously cast down, and untidy swathes of chestnut hair fell across her gaunt, horsey face. As I watched her avoid my gaze while she shuffled around in the register, I found myself captivated by her. To this day, I don’t know what it was, but somehow, she got to me. For the first time since puberty, I was stricken with a spontaneous erection, right there in the queue of a sandwich shop.

Her cold, clammy hand brushed mine when she handed me my change. Her touch was electric. And in that moment, I knew I had to have her. I held her hand lightly as she placed the coins in my palm, causing her to look up. I smiled at her, and she blushed and looked down again, unfamiliar with the attention.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” I smiled gently.

Her blue eyes locked on mine, shocked, confused, suspicious. I persisted, as best I could with a growing audience of Subway Sandwich Art Lovers bottlenecking beside me, and the minimum-wage sauce squeezer on the other side of the counter equally surprised. But finally, still blushing, she agreed to go out with me that night.

Even though I had arrived ten minutes early, she was already there waiting for me outside the restaurant. Far from stylish, she wore a beige, thick weave cardigan, done up over a pair of faded blue jeans that were a good three sizes too big for her. Her hair was the same uncontrolled mess, covering her face as she slouched against the wall, wringing her hands nervously.

She was a gorgeous, frumpy vision.

I strode straight up to her, snatched her into my arms and kissed her deeply. She was caught off guard, squealing her surprise into my mouth. I held her tightly around her back, enjoying the subtle taper of her torso. My hands overlapped as I caressed her, then slowly let them rub up into her hair as she sank into the kiss.

Her mouth was so soft and warm, and wet. Our lips pressed firmly together, sucking gently at each other, as our tongues swirled around and around. She was delicious.

“Sorry,” I whispered, eventually pulling away. “I — um — just had to kiss you.”

She leaned back in my embrace, her head tilted to the side, and her face lit up in the most beautiful, confident smile I’ve ever seen on anyone, ever.

The change in her was instantaneous: her body language; the blaze in her eyes; even the tone of her voice. She was radiant.

The rest, as they say, is history. She felt pregnant later that night. And six months later, we were married.

The seashell picture frame in my hand held one of our wedding photos. It was the two of us standing outside the church. Her hair was still badly cut. Her cheap, self-applied makeup was smeared from tears during the ceremony. And that second hand dress, horrifically altered to accommodate her pregnant belly, hung off her like it had been thrown over a hatstand.

She was so beautiful.

My eyes brimmed at the memory, and I replaced the photo on the table. I reached for the bottle, and drained the last of the Irish Cream into my glass.

“Fuck!” I gasped, wringing my eyes shut and throwing my head back.

I missed her so much.

Phoebe fumbling loudly at the door ripped me from my thoughts. It sounded like she was laughing as she fumbled to get her key in the lock. She obviously had one of her friends with her, or at least on the other end of her mobile phone.

It was a bit early, I thought, only eleven o’clock. But at least she was home safe. I quickly drank down the last of the Baileys and took the bottle to the recycling bin under the sink. A quick rinse of the glass before I slammed it in the dishwasher disposed of the last of the evidence.

When Phoebe finally burst through the door, it was clear that she was crying, rather than laughing. She was wailing in loud, hysterical sobs. She slammed the front door behind her and stormed off to her bedroom in noisy stiletto clicks across the tiled floor.

“Phoebe, Sweetheart?” I called after her.

Her bedroom door slammed shut in reply, the sound of her crying on the other side barely muffled.

I knocked on her door, but got no response. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I called through the door. Still no answer.

Pressing down on the lever, I inched her door open just enough to poke my head through. She was lying face down on her bed, howling into her pillow. Her whole body shook with every sob.

“Phoebe?” I called gently. “Sweetheart, talk to me. What’s going on?”

“Go away!” she screamed into her pillow, then turned onto her side so that she was facing away from me.

She tucked her knees up into the foetal position. The little black dress she’d gone out in pulled up as she did, exposing almost all of her long, shapely thighs. She hadn’t even taken her shoes off, the long black stiletto heels threatening to puncture her pale blue bedspread.

I responded as all fathers do when they’re ordered to go away by their hysterical daughters, I went in to comfort her.

Phoebe was racked with violent sobs, whining desperately as she cried. I sat on the bed, placing my hand gently on her bare shoulder. My touch had no effect, so I lay down, spooning up against her and wrapping my arms tightly around her. I buried my face into her mane of dark brown hair, breathing in that coconut and honey scent, while she continued to cry.

I held my baby girl, just letting her express all the painful emotions that had overcome her.

It was several minutes before the sobs eventually subsided, giving way to long, deep breaths and the occasional sniffle. I kissed the crown of her head, after a moment, and Phoebe slowly turned over. She wrapped herself around me, nuzzling into my chest. I stroked her long, thick hair, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Are you okay?” I whispered.

Phoebe screwed up her face and began to cry again. She shook her head as she buried her face into my chest.

“Hey,” I soothed, stroking her soft hair. “Shhh, it’s okay…”

“It’s not okay!” Her voice was strained and high-pitched into my chest. “I’m a freak!”

I was shocked by the statement, frozen and unable to find the words to respond. “I don’t under…”

“I’m a freak, Daddy!” She lifted her head up to face me. Her eyes were red and swollen, and her mascara was smeared in blurry panda smudges. “No one’s ever going to want me!”

“Hey, slow down,” I breathed. “Tell me what happened.”

“I can’t,” she said, hiding her face in my chest again.

We’d been here before: a daughter in desperate need of a mother, and nothing but me to carry the load. And it cut to the bone every single time.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m sorry,” Phoebe half gasped, half whined. Obviously the wave of grief that washed across me was evident. “It’s just…I don’t know how to talk to you about this.”

“Sweetheart, you can talk to me about anything. You know that.”

“I know, Daddy.” She paused, then swallowed. “It’s just…it’s…about sex.”

I swallowed myself.

I hunkered down with a deep sigh, then coaxed Phoebe into talking to me about what had happened, and what was troubling her. These conversations had always been awkward, but it was so important to me that she felt comfortable about sex.

She explained that she had gone home with a guy who was part of her group of friends. She had been interested in him for quite some time. And after months of flirting, he had finally taken the hint, and made his move.

“He wouldn’t turn off the lights, Daddy,” she sobbed. “He said he wanted to look at me. I told him I wanted to turn them off, but he just wouldn’t.

“I should have just left,” she went on.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I really liked him, Daddy.” Her tears overtook her again, and it took another minute for Phoebe to calm down.

I lay there silently, waiting for her to continue, stroking her hair with my left hand, and her upper arm with my right.

“He started kissing me. And then he unzipped my dress, and I was just standing there in my underwear.” She paused. “And then he undid my bra.

“Oh, Daddy, it was awful,” she wept. “I tried to hold it on, but he pulled it away. Oh, his face! He was so grossed out. He said my nipples looked like pen lids. He actually stepped away from me, like this.” She leaned back from me, holding her hands up in front of her, as if surrendering.

“Oh, Sweetheart,” I consoled as best I could, squeezing her back against me. I had no idea her nipples were so long. Regardless, I tried to reassure her. “Don’t worry what a jerk like that thinks of you. You’re so beaut…”

“That’s not all,” she said. “Oh God, I was so stupid!”

“What happened?” I whispered.

“I said, ‘I can leave my bra on if you want.’”

I couldn’t help but sigh.

“I know, Daddy,” she whined. “It was so stupid. I should have just left. But I just liked him so much.

“But he said, ‘Okay.” And I did my bra back up. We started kissing again, but I could tell he was still really freaked out.” Phoebe took a second, fortifying herself for the next part of the account. “he wasn’t really into it.” She swallowed. “So then I started blowing him.”

I felt my body stiffen at the admission. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear from my eighteen year old daughter, especially with such an ungrateful little prick. She deserved so much better.

“He was into it again,” she went on.

“I bet,” I scoffed.

Phoebe managed to snort a small laugh herself, then continued with her story. “Eventually, he ended up on top of me on his bed. I asked him to turn off the light again, but he just ignored me. And then I tried to get on my hands and knees, but he wouldn’t let me turn over.”

What was coming next, I suspected. My heart began breaking in anticipation.

“He said, I really want to see this.’ And he started pulling down my panties. I really didn’t want him to see me,” she cried.

“I tried covering myself, but he kept moving my hands. And then he pulled my legs apart.” Phoebe groaned, clenching her jaw tightly.

“He was like, ‘What the fuck! That’s so gross! You’ve got a dick!’

“I tried to tell him that it was just my clit. But he was jumping around the room, freaking out all over the place. He was calling me a hermaphrodite, and a fag. And he said he should beat the shit out of me.”

My blood boiled at the thought of my little girl being attacked. I was numb with rage.

“And then he started saying something about a crying game, or something. I don’t know. I just started crying, and got dressed, and ran out. He was like, Get the fuck out!’ and all that. I had to call a taxi from outside.

“He was so mean, Daddy,” Phoebe sobbed. “I really liked him.”

“Oh, Honey,” I sighed. “I know.”

We lay there holding each other until Phoebe fell silent, breathing deeply into my chest. I didn’t know what to say, so I just focussed on the tactile sensation of her hair and her skin. She was so soft.

“What’s a crying game?” she sniffled a few minutes later.

“It’s a movie,” I explained, giving her the twenty-five word synopsis. “But that’s got nothing to do with you, Sweety. You’re a girl. I snorted slightly, “You’re a woman. One hundred per cent.”

“Nobody’s ever going to want me,” she whined, which then quickly became heartbreaking wails.

When the intensity of her sorrow subsided, I sat her up on her bed, sitting up next to her. She slipped off her shoes, and dropped them off the side of the bed. I held her head in my hands, her face only an inch from mine. Behind the puffy red and streaked grey, her hazel eyes were so beautiful — light brown, almost grey, with tiny flecks of green and gold.

“Phoebe, Sweetheart, you are so beautiful.”

“Oh, Daddy,” she dismissed immediately, rolling her eyes so hard, her head flew back.

“Don’t get me wrong,” I shot back. “You look like a fuckin’ train wreck right now. You’ve been crying for an hour, and you’re covered in snot.”

“Oh God!” she panicked, reaching for a tissue on her bedside table, desperate to clean herself up.

“You are beautiful,” I said forcefully. Then with a smile, and the best fake British accent I could summon, “Love, you’re just gorgeous!”

Phoebe wrinkled her nose at me, her brow furrowed. “Michael Caine?”

“No! Gok Wan. You know, How to Look Good Naked.” I was indignant. “You made me watch it.”

She knew where I was going, and sat back defensively. “Daddy, no!”

I gave her a playful grin.

Phoebe squealed, then darted off her bed for the door. I leapt up after her, snatching her up around the waist and spinning her back into the room in a flurry of dark hair and cocktail dress. With her back to me, she was hugging my arms and laughing.

“come on,” I said seriously. “Let’s do this.

She turned her head to face me, meeting my gaze. I could tell she recognised the sincerity in my eyes, and her body relaxed in my arms.

“Okay,” she whispered.

I loosened my grip around her waist and stomach, letting my hands slide around until they were resting on her narrow hips. As we stepped across the room to the mirrored wardrobe doors, I could feel the waistband of her panties beneath her dress, and the flex and roll of her muscles in my hands.

The reflection of Phoebe standing there in a sexy little black dress, bare feet and dishevelled makeup was surprisingly alluring. She was tall, like her mother, with only my eyes and forehead poking up above the top of her head. Thankfully, she took more after me, with none of the gangly awkwardness of her mother. The rest of my body framed her lithe form, with my shoulders extending out past hers.

“Hmm,” she breathed.

“Yeah, you probably need to clean yourself up a bit,” I smiled into the back of her head.

She laughed, and skipped off to the bathroom. The sound of running water, sliding drawers and banging cupboards filtered into her room from the bathroom across the hall. I waited patiently, watching the doorway for her return. And when I saw the bathroom light click off, I couldn’t help but smile.

Phoebe padded back into her bedroom. Her shoulders were slumped slightly, but she looked straight into my eyes as she settled back into position in between me and the mirror. Her face was still a little raw, but otherwise clean and natural.

“Wow. That’s much better,” I smiled, tilting my head around to the side so that she could fully see my face in the mirror. Then again with the accent, “You’re gorgeous, Love. Goctastic!”

She silently laughed at me, shaking her head. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I kissed her on the cheek.

“So, how do you feel?”

“Fine,” she said. “But this isn’t the problem.”

“Okay then,” I said indifferently. And with one, smooth motion, I unzipped the back of her dress down to the base of her spine.

Phoebe gasped. And before she had a chance to react, I hooked my thumbs into the thin shoulder straps and peeled them down over her arms. The material caught briefly on the front of her bra, and I had to slide my hands around her full breasts to free it. The dress fell to her waist, bunching at her hips.

We stared into each other’s eyes through the mirror, and I ran my fingers down her flat stomach, burrowing in between her panties and the folds of her dress. Sliding my hands around to the gentle flare of her hips, I pushed the dress past her curves, and it splashed to the floor, pooling at her feet.

She took a deep breath, her chest and shoulders rising as she took in the sight of herself in nothing but a frilly black lace bra and matching panties. Then she sighed suddenly, with a drop of her shoulders.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked, surprised at her reaction. “You’re stunning.”

“Yeah,” she breathed impassively. “Until these come off.”

I met her eyes in the mirror and sighed. Phoebe lifted her chin fractionally, entrenching her insecurity. Her hair fell about her shoulders, and I combed it back with my fingers so that all the soft, dark strands hung down past her shoulder blades. The cleavage exposed from the top of her bra was impressive.

Flicking the tag out from her bra strap, I looked at the size. “Ten-C? What’s that? I thought it was supposed to be thirty-six or something?”

“Oh God, Daddy.” Phoebe nearly clocked me in the face as she threw her head back in another epic eye roll. “Ten is my dress size, and C is the cup size. Thirty-six and all that is American sizing. I think it’s inches around the chest.” With that, her fingertips traced around the bottom of her bra to her sides.

“Hmm.” I looked up from the tag again. “So you’re rocking a pair of C cups? Dude!” My smile and bobbing head punctuating my impressed tone.

Phoebe groaned with another roll of her eyes, but she couldn’t keep the corners of her mouth from curling up. When our eyes met again, a full smile broke out across her face.

“So talk to me,” I smiled back. “What is it about these perfect breasts you don’t like?”

“It’s my nipples.” Her smile faded away, but her tone was still light. “They’re really big. I mean, they poke out really badly.” She started to cringe.

“Well, let’s get a look at them then.” I kept my tone light, trying to downplay the significance of her insecurity. Then I whispered, “Take off your bra when you’re ready.”

Time stood still, with Phoebe and I staring into the mirror. She wasn’t moving. Her arms hung by her sides, her thumbs twitching back and forth across her thighs.

“Oh come on, Love,” I flamboyantly called in my best British accent. “Get your bangers out and give us a look, yeah?”

Phoebe’s stomach tightened with a single bout of silent laughter. And then when we locked eyes, she laughed again.

“Go on, Love!”

“Okay, okay,” she giggled, reaching behind her back and finding the clasp.

Her bra popped open, and her hands quickly flapped around the front to catch the cups. Her eyes were serious as she looked at me, her head tilted to the right. I gave her a little smile, then peeled the shoulder straps down until they fell into the crooks of her elbows. Then, with one last sigh, Phoebe lowered her hands, letting the bra fall away with them.

“Whoa,” I gasped involuntarily.

Those spectacular , full globes stood proudly on her chest, without the slightest hint of succumbing to gravity. Her deep pink areolas contrasted beautifully with her creamy porcelain skin. And whatever issues she had with her nipples, were a nonsense. They were large, protruding out about an inch, but they were so deliciously puffy and suckable.

In that moment, just for a second, I honestly forgot she was my daughter.

“Sweetheart,” I beamed. “I don’t…what are you…what the fuck? Your nipples are gorgeous.”

She shifted awkwardly, tilting her head and lifting one shoulder. “It’s when they get hard. They’re a lot longer.”

“Okay, so make them go hard and let’s have a look,” I suggested.

Phoebe wrinkled her nose at me, bemused. “I can’t just make them go hard.”

“What about if you pinch them a little?”

She laughed, holding her hands over her breasts. “Dad, I’m not pinching my nipples in front of you.”

“Okay, I’ve got an idea. Wait there.”

I ran out to the kitchen, and returned a minute later with a clean short glass I usually used for Baileys, with a couple of ice cubes swirling in the bottom.

“Oh no you don’t,” she laughed, catching sight of the glass and shaking her head.

“Pinch or chill, Love: what’s your pleasure?” My nineteenth century Cockney was first class.

Phoebe’s smile was resigned. The flush in her cheeks was growing, and I could tell she was getting excited by the prospect of either. Her nipples were already noticeably longer. She pressed her lips together, lifted her chin, and looked directly into my eyes with as much dignity as she could muster. Then she crossed her arms under her breasts and exhaled audibly, filling the air with the scent of sweet, pre-mixed vodka.

“Okay,” I breathed, taking a slippery ice cube from the glass.

Phoebe’s breath hitched as the frozen cube touched the end of her left nipple, and I could see it lengthen before my eyes. My own breath wavered, and I looked up to see her blush deepen as she looked down at herself.

I looped the cube around her hardening nipple, leaving a glistening trail on her engorged flesh. The backs of my numb fingers occasionally grazed her nipple as I spun the ice around and around, and I was losing myself. It only got worse when I reached her dark pink, almost purple areola. I must have completed at least half a dozen laps.

I was in awe of Phoebe’s nipple, now standing out nearly two inches from her ripe breast. It was unusual, to be sure. I’d certainly never seen anything like it before. And there was something aesthetically jarring about the unfamiliar sight.

But at the same time, it was the most sexy thing I had ever seen. I just wanted to suck it, more than anything in the world.

I broke away, taking the dripping ice cube across to her right breast. Her other nipple was almost fully erect anyway, but I still repeated the process, until it was nice and shiny., and we were both breathing heavily.

“Oh, Phoebe, you have the sexiest nipples,” I gasped. I was actually getting really hard. what

“Yeah,” she scoffed. “You’re my dad. You’re supposed to say that.”

“Phoebe, the last thing I’m supposed to be commenting on, is how sexy your nipples are.”

She looked up at me and smiled, her eyes brimming and her cheeks still flushed. Then she bit the side of her bottom lip. “You know, you can stop rubbing them with the ice if you like.”

“Oops,” I laughed. “See what I mean? Sweety, your nipples are gorgeous. I can’t help myself.”

“So are you going to stop rubbing ice on them?” she chirped.

Her giggle turned mischievous, then she snatched the glass containing the other two ice cubes, pulled out the waistband of my tracksuit pants and poured in the icy contents.

I recoiled back in shock, desperately fishing the freezing cubes from my undies. We were both howling with laughter.

“Seems ice has the opposite effect on boners,” she teased, with her hands on her hips.

“So it does.” I cleared my throat. “Your still not convinced you’ve got great nipples?”

She wasn’t having it. And with the reaction of the dumb shit she’d been with earlier that night, I honestly couldn’t blame her. So I thought back to what the Fairy Gokmother would do.

“Okay, I’ve got an idea,” I started. “Remember the show? He puts a photo of the woman’s bangers up on the side of a building…”

“We’re not doing that!” she squealed.

“Yes, because I know just how to arrange that,” I said sarcastically. “All that outdoor projection experience I have. And don’t forget my billboard contacts…”

“All right!” She tilted her head with a pout. “What are you thinking?”

“We take a photo, and instantaneously put it out there on the line, and share it with other people.” I was quoting The Internship we’d watched together the week before, but she didn’t laugh. “I’m sure there’s sites out there where you can put up nude photos and get comments.”

“Are you serious?” She was frowning.

“We won’t show your face or anything. Just a shot of your breasts. Completely anonymous. Just so you can see the comments.”

“I don’t know.” Her face softened.

“Look,” I reassured. “We’ll just start with the photos, and see how you feel after that. Okay?”

She reluctantly agreed, and I went and got the camera from the study. She stood stiffly in the centre of her bedroom as I snapped away at her from various angles, gritting her teeth and blushing.

“That’s it, Love.” Gok was back. “Give me another sigh. Perfect! Now give me another one, but this time, roll your eyes too. Really throw them back, yeah?”

Phoebe started giggling, and the tension evaporated. I was bouncing around the room, clicking away like a madman and tearing the ass out of the cockney photographer routine. She played along, striking poses and blowing kisses, and generally getting caught up in the horseplay. But the wheels eventually fell off when my Gok Wan impersonation somehow morphed into Richard Simmons screaming, “Like a pony! Like a pony!”

Phoebe doubled over with laughter, her beautiful breasts jiggling hypnotically. I stood from my crouch on her floor and cleared my throat, trying in vain to recapture some of my respectability.

We hurried into the study to hook the camera up to the computer. Phoebe pulled a spare chair up next to mine, and it was then that I noticed that she was still topless, wearing nothing but those skimpy little panties.

“Hey, I’m up here, perv,” she grinned.

I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment at being caught looking. “You know what? I think we should make a new house rule: you’re not allowed to wear a bra at home anymore. Your nipples are just too beautiful to be hidden away.”

“Yeah, right.” She snorted. But this time, her smile didn’t fade.

We shared a brief look, then turned our attention to the screen. I’d taken a hundred and twenty-seven photos of her, which made us both laugh out loud. We scrolled through them quickly, shortlisting possibles into a separate folder. The first thirty or so captured all the awkwardness and discomfort of the moment, but as she loosened up, the photos came to life. Another fifty or so showed her face.

“Hey!” Phoebe slapped my arm as we scrolled through half a dozen shots tightly framing her perfect ass stuck out at the camera. One of which showed her pulling the waistband down over her hip, and another with her spanking herself.

“I’m an artist.” I shrugged my shoulders, and blushed again.

In the end, we ended up with three photos. One was a full body shot, with her hands on her hips and her turned face hidden by her hair. The second was a upper body shot of Phoebe lifting her hair above her head, with one breast in profile and the other directly facing the lens. And the final tightly cropped shot showed her lifting and squeezing her breasts together, giving the best view of her nipples.

It didn’t take long to find a nude version of instagram, with a Google search for “naked selfies” spitting out over a million results. We quickly registered and uploaded the photos, adding the tag line, “What do you think of my nipples?”

“Now we wait.” I sat back in the chair, letting my eyes fall once again to Phoebe’s lovely chest.

She cocked her head at me and smiled, the faintest hue returning to her cheeks. “I should put something on.” She stood and strode from the room.

“Just remember the new house rule,” I called over my shoulder.

Phoebe turned on her heel in the doorway and blew me a kiss, then disappeared with a giggle. I took the opportunity to get something to drink.

I called out, “Phoebe, Sweetheart? I’m making some hot chocolate. Do you want one?”

“Yes please, Daddy. Thanks.”

When I returned to the study with the two steaming mugs, Phoebe was still in her room. I crossed the hall and found her standing in front of the mirror with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a tight white Hello Kitty t-shirt that didn’t quite come all the way down to the waistband of her panties. She turned and pouted at me. Her nipples were stretching her top out in a taut circus tent across her chest.

“You’re going to ruin that shirt,” I chuckled.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I don’t think your new rule is going to work out.

I stepped over to her, and took the hem of her t-shirt, whispering, “Revision to the rule:” I lifted the thin fabric up her body. “You have to be topless at home.”

“Okay,” she smiled at me in the mirror. “But so do you.” With that, she spun around and lifted my own t-shirt up. “One in, all in,” she grinned.

We started giggling, like a couple of schoolgirls. Then Phoebe quickly reached up and playfully tweaked my nipples. I jumped at the electric shock, then launched my own counter attack. When she covered her breasts, I started tickling her around the ribs, which soon degenerated into a squealing wrestling match.

Phoebe tried to escape across her bed, crawling frantically away from me. I caught her ankle and dragged her back towards me. She tried to roll off to the side, but I pounced on top of her, pinning her busy hands above her head. Her body heaved with fits of laughter, her excited nipples at full mast inches in front of my face.

I couldn’t help myself. I lowered my face and sucked her right nipple into my mouth.

With my lips at the base, kissing her areola, I sucked hard on the full length of her oversized nipple. My tongue licked and sucked at her engorged flesh, bending the shaft as it swirled around.

I pulled back in shock at what I had just done. She was my daughter!

I gaped at Phoebe, her own face frozen, her eyes wide. We stared at each other for an eternity. The silence was deafening. Excruciating.

“What about the other one?” Her rasp was barely audible above the heartbeat thundering away in my ears.

My entire body flushed with an incredible warmth, with the heat at its most intense in my nose and gaping lips. Phoebe twisted her upper body slightly to the right, offering up her left breast. Her eyes were glazed over in a hopeful, forbidden lust.

I involuntarily sank back down onto her, cupping her tender breast in my hand. I lapped at her soft flesh, licking around the base of her nipple, then slowly up its incredible length. Swirling my tongue around as I went, I sucked it into my mouth like my life depended on it.

Phoebe moaned, arching her back to press more of her breast into my mouth. It was obvious from her reaction, and her insecurities, that she’d never experienced this sensation before.

In my own lust and confusion, I wanted to give my baby girl that experience, that pleasure. But it was ironically that thought that snapped me back to reality, again forcing me to throw myself back off her.

I cleared my throat after a few seconds trying to catch my breath. “Our hot chocolate’s going cold.”

“Uh-ha,” she breathed, sitting up. “We should check on those comments anyway.”

We sheepishly padded back into the study to check the comments on the photos, and hide behind our hot chocolates. When our eyes met, we both blushed and looked anywhere else. But very quickly, that cheeky little smile overtook us, causing to steal a glimpse of each other again.

“Holy shit!” I half coughed up my drink. “You’ve already had one thousand two hundred and twenty-nine views! And most people are scoring you five out of five. Look.” I pointed at the voting results on the screen.

“How many comments are there?” Her tone was so timid.

The profile page indicated forty-eight comments, displayed across separate pages of twenty. We started reading the first page, which although fairly crass, was entirely positive.

“Oh my God!” Phoebe held her hand across her mouth to cover an astonished laugh, her eyes bulging.

I caught up to where she was. “‘Your tits are so fucking hot. The only thing that would make them look better, is if they were covered in my cum.’” I couldn’t help but laugh. “What a wordsmith.”

“Real charmer,” she giggled.

We continued reading, clicking onto the next page. As we did, the number of views refreshed itself to over fifteen hundred, and the comments spilled over onto a fourth page.

“Oh, that one’s really sweet,” I smiled, pointing at the screen.

“‘Your breasts are so lovely. I have nipples like that too. I only wish I could be as confident as you showing them off. You make them look sexy. You’ve really made me feel better about mine. Thank you.’ Oh, Daddy.” Phoebe’s hand went back across her mouth, but this time her eyes welled.

The comments kept coming, When I clicked on the fifth page, a hyperlinked “Next” appeared at the bottom of the page, indicating more than a hundred. Most of them were simple sentence fragments about how hot Phoebe’s nipples were. There were plenty of incredibly graphic statements of intent, which were, in their own way, positive. And most powerful of all, were about half a dozen or so really touching messages. Phoebe was overwhelmed by the feedback, and she struggled to swallow down the lump in her throat.

I stroked Phoebe’s silky smooth thigh. “Now do you believe me?” I whispered.

She nodded, pressing her lips together to try and stop herself from crying. She slowly closed her big, dewy eyes and kissed me softly on the lips. “Thank you.”

I put my arm around her naked shoulders, squeezing her into me for an awkward, seated hug, and kissed the top of her head. We sat there together like that for a few minutes, silently enjoying the moment and finishing the last of our hot chocolate.

“So shall we keep going?” Phoebe sat upright, her expression hopeful.

“Sure,” I smiled.

We sidled back into Phoebe’s room, with my hands on her hips the entire way. As we stood in front of the mirror, I marvelled at the last thread of clothing she wore in the reflection: those tiny, black lace panties.

Her shoulders slouched slightly as she sighed. But she held my gaze in the mirror. I placed my hands lightly on her bare shoulders, conscious that I didn’t have a shirt on either.

I kissed her ear and whispered, “It’s okay.”

Phoebe hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She hesitated a second, then slowly pulled them down over her subtle hips. A dark thatch of pubic hair came into view as her panties collapsed into a thin line across her sex, before continuing down. She bent over in front of me to guide her underwear down her gorgeous thighs, her naked ass pressing back into the hardness in my tracksuit pants. At her knees, she let her panties drop the rest of the way to the floor, then straightened again.

Completely naked, my daughter was a vision. An absolute vision.

I could see her throat tensing as she searched my reflection for reassurance. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, and her fingers ended up lightly tracing the gentle ridge of her hip bones.

“Sweetheart, you’re stunning.”

“You can’t see my clit?” she squeaked nervously.

“Not from this angle, Sweety.” I slid my hand around her hip and ran my fingers through the thick pubes on her mound. “Then again, with this Don’t Mess with the Zohan bush of yours, it’s a little hard to see anything.”

She half turned and slapped my arm in retaliation. But she was still smiling.

“Here.” I pointed. “Come over and sit on the bed.”

I guided her over to her bed by her hips. She spun out of my grip and sat on the edge of her bed, her long legs pressed tightly together. I could still see that dark tuft at the apex of her thighs as she sat there looking up at me, her hands resting on her knees.

I pulled the stool from her dressing table over and sat in front of her, our knees touching. Then gently laying my hands on hers, I breathed, “Are you able to show me?”

Phoebe gave me the sweetest smile, almost pleading with me not to hurt her. I returned the most reassuring look I could, and with that, I felt her knees part beneath our hands.

Honestly, I was shocked. It took everything I had not to flinch at the sight. It looked like a little finger, about two inches long, surrounded by a dark forest of pubic hair.

“What do you think?” Her tone was painfully insecure.

“I can see what you’re trying to do. But I think you might be making it worse trying to cover it up.” I reached out slowly towards her. “Here, let me…”

I gently brushed back her pubes, bringing her labia into view. Her lips were long, soft pink petals, hugging the sides of her clit, the creases between them forming an elongated “V”. Her inner labia protruded slightly at the bottom, a darker shade of pink, and shining slightly from her earlier arousal. And there was that sticky, earthy smell.

I don’t know how long I looked at my daughter’s vulva, but the strain in my back from leaning forward so long finally forced me to stop. When I sat up, Phoebe stared into my eyes expectantly, her cheeks still flushed.

I smiled, my own eyes welling with tears. “Sweety, you are so pretty down there.”

Phoebe’s chin trembled. A few tears started leaking from the inside corners of her eyes. She wanted to believe me so much.

“I think if we trim back your pubes, it’ll look a lot nicer,” I reassured softly. Then I went Goktastic again, “At the moment, Love, you’re all bush and clit. Let’s hack that back and let everyone see how gorgeous it is underneath, yeah?”

Phoebe started laughing, her whole body rocking in bouncing fits. “Okay. I trust you.”

I took her hand and led her into my ensuite. Sitting her on a folded towel on the edge of the bath, I got my beard trimmer and reset the length of the comb to about a centimetre and a half. My George Michael designer stubble look wasn’t quite what she needed.

“When did you and Mum know I had an enlarged clit?” Phoebe broke in.

“I suppose we found out when you were born. Before then, we actually thought you were a boy from the ultrasound.”

“That’s why my room was blue for so long?” she smiled.

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “We didn’t have a lot of money back then, and we couldn’t afford to re-paint.”

With a low, high-speed hum that made us both giggle, I mowed the pubic hair on her mound in long, slow strokes. Then repeated the process, going back the other way. Little dark curls fell to the floor between her feet, contrasting heavily with the white tiles.

“So you guys were expecting a boy?”

“Yeah,” I snorted a laugh. “We had a name picked out and everything. We were going to call you Edmond, after your mum’s grandfather.”

Her bush was already beautifully shaped to fit nicely into those skimpy little panties she wore. And now the length made her muff look much neater. Much sexier.

“that must have been a shock?”

“Not at all. We both secretly wanted a girl. And when we found out, we both started crying.” My eyes brimmed at the memory. “You were perfect.”

I dialled the comb down to its shortest setting, only about a millimetre, then slowly ran it through the long, uncontrolled pubes running down either side of her labia. The clippers crackled through her hair as I very carefully traced the contours of her vulva. More and more, her pretty pussy came into view, framed only by short stubble.

“Careful there,” she giggled. “That’s not the buzzing down there I’m used to.”

“I bet,” I laughed.

We shared a knowing grin as I tapped the last of her pubic hair from my trimmer. I told her to stay put, and quickly retrieved a bowl from the kitchen, and a dustpan and brush from the hall cupboard. She was still sitting spreadeagle on the edge of the bath when I returned, and after tidying up the mess on the floor, I filled the bowl with warm water. Then I sat down on the tiles between her legs with my shaving supplies.

“So you knew I wasn’t normal when I was born?” she continued.

“Oh, Sweety,” I sighed. “You’re normal. You just have a bigger clit than most girls. I think it’s called something like clitomania, or clitoromegaly, or something. We got you checked out, and you were perfectly healthy.”

There were times when Eric found life to be such a glorious thing.

Taking a long sip from his brandy glass, the seasoned drink swirling hypnotically within, Eric couldn’t restrain himself and snorted with laughter as he watched an image of his younger self hurl the equally burly opponent easily over his shoulder. The cameraman had jumped when the fighter hit the tiles, causing the footage to leap upwards for an instant before coming back down to show his youthful doppelganger wrestling the bloodied lump across the WWE ring, all the while showboating to the enthusiastically roaring crowd.

The champ spent much of his days watching these recordings, though it was hardly necessary, he could recall every detail of that day. He’d had to fight in five matches almost back to back, each one a vicious battle against foes of similar skill and size. Yet he was Eric Shaw, and he had crushed them all one by one until there had been none but him to stand on that podium. A voluptuous redhead in a skimpy, low cut uniform had dressed him with the Champ’s belt, a great hulking skin of supple brown leather decorated with a dozen gold medallions, and then he had got down on one knee and asked his love to marry him.

Touched by the memory, Eric’s head twisted and, against his better judgment, he cast his eyes over the photo frame on his bookcase. It was a beautiful thing of sterling silver inlaid with vines of gold filigree along the edges. Beneath its solid crystal screen was an overly creased photo of him and his bride on their wedding day. She had looked so lovely that day, encased in his arms. Her dress was made from pure white silk and had hugged her body close with every movement. Beneath the veil, her long raven hair had been spun into gentle ringlets and her eyes seemed to twinkle like two great sapphires.

They had first met in playschool; she had been little more than a squirrel back then, with a face of freckles and her hair tied into two long pigtails. She had followed him around like a lost puppy from then until they entered secondary school, when his little squirrel suddenly evolved into a long legged goddess. She had been beautiful, gorgeous, and so wonderful he had found himself besotted with her. For five years they had danced around one another, she the head cheerleader and him the captain of the rugby team. Twice he had asked her to the prom and twice she turned him down. Yet unwilling to take no for an answer, he had snuck into the headmaster’s office and asked her again over the intercom, but only after singeing ‘I think I love you!’

There had been much laughing, and an overly excessive detention period, but in the end she accepted and since then she had always been his girl. She had supported him even when the rugby leagues kicked him out. They had been so close; he had thought they would be together for ever. And then…

His good mood suddenly evaporating, Eric set his half empty glass down and rose up out of his chair. He was only wearing a robe, but made no effort to fasten his loosening tie as he moved towards the bookcase. Reaching out, he tried to take the frame from its shelf but realised one of the maids must have moved it as no matter how far he stretched, he couldn’t reach. It was probably for the best; that was the photo’s third frame this year.

Grumbling to himself, he was about to return to his recordings when he heard a gentle creak overhead. Cloudy eyes widening, he glanced to the ornate gold clock on his desk and saw to his surprise that it was already 8:30pm. Forgetting his videos, he drunkenly stumbled out of his den and into the houses foyer to find his daughter coming to the bottom of the winding stare. She was trying to be stealthy, even going so far as to carry the glamorous pair of high heels she intended to wear in her hand as came down the steps, but even the lightest movements would make the stairs above his den creek and Eric didn’t need to be sober to realise his baby girl was planning on sneaking out.

“Katharine!” He bellowed, causing the teen to suddenly go as still as the foyer’s white marble walls. “And just where do you think you’re going young lady?”

“Hi Dad,” She said, her sweet voice filled with a false confidence as she turned to face him. “I was just going round to my friend Amy’s, she needs some help with her chemistry essay and I said I-”

“You’re going round to your friends, dressed like that?” He asked, his eyes slowly giving his daughter an expert onceover. She’d taken her hair down from its usual ponytail to fall down past her shoulders. There was no sign of her usual baggy tops and skinny jeans. Instead she had donned a resplendent sleeveless dress of crimson silk that clung to her eighteen-year old body like a second skin until it reached her lower abdomen where it fluttered lightly as a skirt all the way down to just past her knees. Its V-shaped neckline was low, too low, and spilled half way down the valley of her well rounded breasts, offering a tantalising display of flawless milky flesh. The sight stirred the beast within him. “Are you sure it’s not a boy you’re sneaking out to see?”

For a moment, Katharine looked as if she was about to protest, but she cowered under the weight of his gaze and all her lies escaped her. “Daddy…I swear Amy just wants me to go to a club with her…I wouldn’t…I couldn’t…”

Erics’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “That’s right, you won’t.” He growled, his voice taking on a low and dangerous tone as he approached the stair. “You know you can’t see any boy unless he can beat me, and that is never going to happen, I am the champ! And no one with ever beat me! I won’t let some snot nosed little punk steal my baby girl from me! Now come down here.”

Unable to meet his gaze, Katharine kept her head lowered as she silently obeyed. He was pleased she knew better than to annoy him further. Coming off the last step, she dropped her shoes and continued to stare at her feet. “Take it off.”

Surprised, Katharine looked up; her doe eyes suddenly staring up at him questioningly with a stray lock of her raven coloured hair hang between them to tickle her nose. She had her mother’s hair, her mother’s big sapphire eyes, even the same pointed nose and gently rounded chin. “Dad?”

“Take the dress off, now.” There was no bartering in his tone and his daughter had no choice but to obey. Visibly shaking, she reached up and pushed the straps off her shoulders. Unsupported the garment effortlessly slid to the floor, exposing the unblemished perfection of her sylphlike form as it pooled around her bare feet. In an instant, Eric felt himself become completely sober. It had been well over a decade since he had last seen this much of his little girl and it was a shocking reminder of how much she had grown up since the days he carried her on his shoulders and played in the park. Utterly naked for all but a pair of lacy black panties, she had a shapely hourglass figure that was well toned from her hockey practise and complimented to no end by her long shapely legs and full rounded breasts. ‘An easy C-cup, maybe even a small D.’ He observed as his eyes greedily devoured the feast of young flesh, only half noticing the growing hardness in his loins as he said “Good girl, now go down on your knees and take it out.”

Unable to hide her fear, Katharine took a frightened step back toward the stairs. “N-no…Dad please not again.”

Suddenly angry, Eric resisted the urge to slap her and instead placed a firm hand on her shoulder and forced her down while his other reached within his loose robe. He would not be refused by her, her bitch of a mother had denied him but she would not. Already hard as steel, his rigid arousal sprung into his grip as he took himself in hand and presented her with his cock.

Looking up at him with her big blue eyes, glassy with unshed tears, the teen meekly nodded before leaning forward, her full lips parting slightly as her small tongue darted out to lick the bulbous crown.

Uttering a low groan from the back of his throat, the champ unknowingly loosened his hold on his daughter’s shoulder as she lightly licked his tip before sensuously swirling her talented tongue around his cock’s sensitised head. Katharine knew what he wanted; she concentrated on that for a moment, working him into a wild frenzy as she twirled her tongue around the pulsating ridges and glands, only to suck the tip into her mouth.

“Mmm…good Girl” He moaned, his eyes squeezing shut as he felt the head of his cock being slowly engulfed by her warm orifice, her plush lips squeezing him tightly. As her mouth settled over his engorged organ, her tongue slithered underneath to message his sensitive underside while she began to earnestly suckle. She was obviously determined to finish him quickly, yet she was going so slowly, hesitating, reluctant to continue even though she knew the penalties that would surly follow if she dared refuse him now. It was a game they always played, every time since that first night he’d called her into his den and told her she was going to learn her place.

She’d been scared then, but she had learnt quickly when given the correct motivation. She was so like her mother, determined, stubborn, and never willing to back down from a challenge. It had been so easy to train her as to what he liked, yet no matter what there was always that little part of her that would resist him. No matter, he would put an end to all that tonight. Katharine was his; no one would ever take her from him.

Seized by a moment’s primal desire, Eric uttered a low animal growl as he placed both his hands on his daughter’s head. Her inky raven hair was soft and silky to the touch and he gloried in the feel of it coursing between his fingers as he roughly yanked her down, embedding his cock deep into her throat. With a muffled scream, Katharine’s hands flew up to brace against his hips as she instinctively tried to pull away, only he was stronger and his grip had an iron will that forced her to remain there. It was only fortunate she had lost her gag reflex, or she might have chocked.

The feeling was so delicious his hips bucked automatically when his cock entered her throat, forcing more of his length into her molten orifice. Katharine struggled for a moment, the muscles of her throat writhing around him as she tried to adjust, to swallow the long phallus, then just as quickly, she began to relax. Sighing as he felt her breath wafting over his flesh, Eric fought against the pleasure building within him to look down on his daughter but the sight that greeted him was so erotic he almost spilled himself down her throat.

It was, without a doubt, one of the most carnal scenes he had ever beheld. Katharine was poised on her knees before him, her full lips stretched impossibly wide around his hard flesh as a single drop of saliva rolled down her perfect chin. And all the while her eyes stared back up at him, a furious fire suddenly blazing in her cool sapphire depths. Hatred burned inside her, giving her new strength. Without warning, her lithe fingers seized the base of his cock and began to roughly jerk and squeeze.

Losing himself in the sudden rush of sensations, Eric could only gasp and pant as she moved back up his length until just the bulbous head remained in her warm cavern, when she plunged back down. She repeated the process again, and again, taking him deeper into her throat with each downward stroke until his hips began to move of their own accord.

“Oh Fuck! Yea that’s it Katharine…Swallow it…worship your daddy’s cock” He growled; shifting his feet to move a little closer as his hips bucked up to match her delicious tempo, pushing his cock in and out of her greedy mouth. His fingers were still in her hair, preventing her from pulling all the way off his cock, yet Katharine was resolute and worked her orifice in perfect sync with the rhythmic pumping of her hand. Her heavy breasts were jiggling, her torso twisting this way and that as she worked, using her jaw muscles to hold and suck him while her tongue swirled around his shaft’s underside.

Eric was losing his mind, she was too good. He was close, so very close, God how could she be this good, had she been practising away from home? Maybe with some little punk who thought he was the shit by banging the champ’s daughter, like her mother had. Well, he’d show her, if she wanted to be a whore, then he’d treat her like one.

It took all of his strength of will to break free of her spell and with a low growl; he all but threw his daughter off his cock. Reeling back, Katharine landed hard on her buttocks and broke into a coughing fit as she tried to catch her breath. Eric felt no pity for her. “Get up stairs, you little whore.”

Stilled by the coldness of his tone, her big doe eyes could only look up at him with confusion before she once again gave him a tiny nod. Rising up, she reached for her dress but under his gaze seemed to think better of it as instead she turned and began to slowly ascend the spiralling staircase. Ignoring his erection’s painful throbs as it jumped with his every step, Eric followed close behind, rarely letting his eyes stray far from the seductive sway of her round buttocks. On the first floor, Katharine tried to head down the corridor to her own room, but she was gravely mistaken about their destination and Eric quickly set her right by giving her an unceremonious push up the next three steps. Katharine went on quietly, though her feet began to notably drag.

On the floor above, there were no corridors to navigate, only a wide gallery with a high glass dome ceiling beyond which stood a set of thick oaken double doors. Stepping forward, Eric threw both doors open before motioning for her to enter. Sleeplessly, she did as he commanded. Inside, Erics’s master bedroom was dimly lit and decorated with all the extravagance as that of a sultan. The walls were painted red and the floors covered by thick black carpeting that felt like genuine fur underfoot. His furniture was oaken and each wall boasted an immense portrait depicting ancient scenes of carnal abandon. And in its centre, his great king-size awaited. When Katharine saw it, her big doe eyes grew even wider. “Dad…”

“Get on the bed.” Though visibly chewing her lip, she might yet of hopped it was all a bluff and went meekly to the bed. “No; on the bed.” He growled warningly as she tried to sit on its edge. Again she obeyed, avoiding his gave as she climbed upon the immense four-poster’s black satin sheets. “That’s it, on your hands and knees like a little bitch in heat.” It was a miracle she did not bark at that, but she knew what that would bring her so she held her tongue.

Confident of her submission, Eric shut the doors and crossed his bedchamber, with only a long admiring stare at the way her pale shapely form appeared to glow in the low light, before coming to one of the two cabinets which stood alongside the bed. From within its draw he withdrew a small unmarked jaw that when opened appeared to be half filled with a thick translucent jell. Grinning, he scooped a glob of it into his fingers before applying it to his still glistening erection, moaning lowly at the warm sensation it sent rushing along his nerves.

“Now, turn around and face the door.” He instructed, upon noticing the way Katharine’s eyes watched his every move. Swallowing nervously, she shuffled about until the full checks of her buttocks faced him as he climbed onto the bed and manoeuvred behind her. Hooking a finger under the hem of her lacy black panties, he quickly tugged the garment down her thighs.

“No Daddy…please anything but that…”Katharine gasped, her voice hitching slightly as he reached out and touched her folds with one thick finger. He could feel her wet warmth radiating out and was seized by the overwhelming urge to fuck her, to claim her and make her scream and beg like a whore. But that wasn’t what he had planned.

“Are you talking back to me? Such a naughty little whore” he growled before seizing her heart shaped rump, his large hands roughly kneading her round cheeks to expose her trembling anus. “Very well, you leave me no choice…” Sneering, he guided the purple head of his cock to her rear entrance.

“What! No!” She gasped and attempted to turn around as she realized his intentions but it was far too late. “No! not there…Aaagghhhh!” The cry left her lips in a ragged scream as he jabbed his hips forward with such force that her tight sphincter opened up and swallowed his shaft’s pulsating head.

Eric couldn’t help but moan as he felt the intense heat of his daughter’s butt enveloping his cock. Though her body had gone still, every one of her rectal muscles was convulsing around him, working in the common goal of trying to force the invader from their depths but serving only to heighten his delight. “Oh Yea! Struggle all you want little whore, I’m going to stick all of my dick inside your tight asshole.” In answer, Katharine could only utter a strangled gasp as she clawed the sheets and lent forward in what must have been a last desperate attempt to pull herself clear of his invading flesh. Not willing to let her get away however, he dragged her back and then pushed the rest of himself inside of her, filling her tight bowels completely. “Ohhh fuck…so tight!”

Surprised by the complete violation, Katharine’s back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream, her big doe eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. Too drunk on his own pleasure, Eric didn’t give her time to adjust. Keeping a firm hold on her slender toned waist, he pulled back until all but the head remained inside her trembling anus before driving back into her with such fervent vigour that a sob was torn from his daughter. Alas, she was much too tight to allow him the speed he would have preferred, but aided by the glistening lubricant, his motions lost none of their savagery as he began driving his cock back and forth in a fierce rhythm.

“S-S-Stop! No daddy…you’re hurting me…” Katharine pleaded; her once strong voice now nothing but a mix of pained gaps and sobs with none of its former fire. A mere shadow of her usual self, she seemed to have lost all the strength of her arms and had half collapsed, her angelic face pressing against the dark silk sheets while her rump was held up by her trembling legs. Sparkling crystal tears were rolling down her cheeks as she clawed uselessly at the bedding. Utterly powerless beneath him, her every attempt to escape him was thwarted when his large hands wrenched her roughly back onto his invading phallus. “Ahhh …I-I can’t stand it…too deep…your tearing me apart!”

“What are you saying? I can tell your ripe little arse is just craving for my big cock. I bet you love taking it up the arse, don’t you?” The bed was rocking with his rhythm, its heavy oaken beams creaking loudly every time he plunged back into her intense warmth. With each of his devastating thrusts, a bit more of her depths opened up and he could feel himself probing a bit deeper. Again and again, he bucked into her until one particularly deep thrust caused the girl to moan. He grinned wickedly at the sound. It wouldn’t be long now; anal sex was a queer thing and had a unique feel for every woman, but her mother had always loved it rough. Despite her protests, Katharine’s body had betrayed her. The lubricant he’d employed was in fact an extremely potent herbal aphrodisiac engineered to stimulate the pleasure spots of the anus. She could fight it all she liked, but her surrender to the feelings stirring within her was inevitable…

“No…please…stoohhh God…so…so hot…I…I can’t take anymore…” she suddenly moaned as the flood of sensations sent her into a sexual frenzy. Pushing back with her hands, she began to wantonly grind her buttocks against his thrusting hips. “Oohhh God…So good…Yes daddy…take my arse…take it…take it…”

We fell asleep spooning, with her back against my chest and my dick pushed up against her cute little behind. My right arm was draped over her and my right hand was cupping one of her perky little boobs. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and a deep feeling of satisfaction in my heart.

I woke up around 3:30 am to empty my bladder. As I got back into bed, she rolled over and said, “Daddy, I wondered where you were when I woke up a minute ago.”

“I just got up to pee, honey.”

“I was worried that maybe you couldn’t sleep, you know, like maybe you were worried about what happened,” she explained.

“Should I be worried, sweetie? I hope you aren’t upset about what we did. I couldn’t stand to hurt you and, I probably shouldn’t have done what we did, but . . . it’s too late for that now.”

“Daddy, it felt wonderful, and it’s what I wanted. I’ve wanted you for so long . . . but I never thought the time was right until now. When you said you wanted to start dating, I just couldn’t stand the thought of you being with anyone else, so I had to do what I did. I hope you understand.”

“Honey, I’ll always love you like you’re my own child, but . . . we’ve gone beyond that and we can’t ever undo what we’ve done. I don’t ever want you to have any reason to not want me in your life.”

“Daddy, don’t get too sappy on me. You’ve got me in your life, now and forever. The only difference is that we shouldn’t be sleeping apart. I want to live with you and share your life like any other man and woman live together . . . and love together. Daddy, I love you, and you can have me for the rest of your life, if that’s what you want.”

“Honey, it’s what I want, but I’m not too sure that it’s what you’ll always want. I’m much older than you and I’m not interested in dancing at clubs and staying out all night and acting like a kid. You shouldn’t give up your youth to settle down with some old guy like me! I’m afraid you’ll get bored with me.”

“Daddy, you’re not old. And you make me feel special like nobody else ever has before.”

“Well, I know that some girls are more comfortable with older guys, so . . . if that’s what you want, you’ve got me for as long as you want.”

“I love you, Daddy,” she said in an angelic whisper.

“Elizabeth, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone or anything before. You’ve made me very, very happy.”

She turned over and scooted back so that her naked body was pressed against mine. “Daddy, can we do it again tomorrow?”

“Do what, honey?” I asked teasingly, as I obviously knew the answer to my question.

“You know, have sex,” she replied, as if having sex with your daddy was an ordinary topic of conversation.

“Oh, you wanna have sex again, huh?” I said teasingly.

“It felt amazing, Daddy, and I’m sure you have lots of stuff to show me. I don’t have any experience like a lot of girls so I wanna learn everything to be the best for my Daddy.”

“Sweetie, you are the best. That felt amazing to me, too, and . . . yes, we can have sex again tomorrow. But it’s not really having sex. When you say ‘having sex’ it sounds like you’re talking about ‘fucking;’ that’s just something you do ’cause it feels good to you. ‘Making love’ is what you do when you care about the other person and you really wanna feel close and trusted and needed.”

“Okay, Daddy. I wanna make love with you tomorrow,” she said. “And I’m glad you called it making love, Daddy, because I really want you to love me.”

“Oh, I do love you, sweetie, and we’ll make love tomorrow, for sure.”

We both drifted back to sleep. I think I kept my arm around Elizabeth all night long.

* * *

When I awoke the next morning, Elizabeth was not in bed and I could smell bacon frying in the kitchen. A minute later, she walked into the bedroom with a cup of coffee for me. She was wearing a pair of thong panties, a short tee shirt, and a smile. I didn’t hesitate to look at her panty-covered pussy and she was showing a little cameltoe that gave just a hint of the treasure that lay just below the flimsy material of her thong. She was a heavenly sight to behold.

“Wow, I didn’t think you be up before me,” I said with genuine surprise.

“I wanted to have breakfast ready for you,” she explained.

“Well, now you’re making me feel very special,” I said with a grin.

“Well, I hope breakfast isn’t the only thing that makes you feel special today,” she responded with an even bigger grin on her face. She turned to return to the kitchen and the sight of her cute little buns got me hard in less than a second.

I got out of bed, pulled on a pair of boxers, brushed my teeth, and went to the kitchen. Elizabeth was putting our plates on the kitchen table and it looked wonderful. For some reason, as we ate, there was no mention of what had happened last night. We talked about school, my job, and some current events in the news. Despite the fact that we weren’t talking about our sexual relationship, I know we were both thinking about it, because breakfast was concluded rather quickly.

“Well, sweetie,” I announced, “I think I need to take a shower. For some reason, I think I smell like sex.”

“Me, too,” she said, followed by a giggle. “I mean . . . I need to take a shower and . . . I guess I smell like sex, too.”

“Do you wanna . . .” I began.

“Take a shower together? Sure!” she interjected.

“Well, don’t worry about cleaning up the kitchen. That can wait . . . and we’ll do it together,” I offered.

“So, let’s go get a shower,” she said with eagerness in her voice.

We went to the bathroom and I started the shower so it would be warm when we got in. She started to remove her tee shirt and I interrupted her. “Here, let me get that for you. Turn around.”

We were standing in front of the mirror and she turned to face the mirror. I was standing behind her. I grabbed the bottom of her tee and lifted it in the front so that her little tits were exposed. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known,” I said, and I meant what I was saying. “I wanna suck on those nipples every day for the rest of my life.”

As those words left my lips, I placed my hands over her boobs and began to massage both nipples. She began to quietly moan as her nipples hardened and stood erect.

I watched her in the mirror as I played with her boobs. “You make me so hard. This feels like I’m doing something very naughty but I can’t stop.”

“Good. I don’t want you to stop,” she answered.

I began lifting her tee and she raised her arms. With her tee shirt removed, she was wearing just her thong. The sight of this nubile teen in the midst of sexual arousal was bringing out the animal urges in me.

“I’m gonna put my hand in your panties now,” I said. I lowered my right hand and slid it under the elastic of her thong. The feel of her shaved pussy was so erotic, my dick was throbbing. I began to rub tiny circles around her clit. Her moaning became louder. She quickly became more aroused.

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum,” she said in a voice barely louder than a whisper. Her breathing quickened and became shallow and she began thrusting her pelvis back into my crotch.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy. I want you inside me!” Her voice was louder and she had a tone of urgency.

“Baby, I’m gonna get inside you and cum. But not now. Just let yourself go. Cum for me, baby! Cum for Daddy.”

“Oh, fuck, Daddy!” she screamed as her body began to writhe. I could feel her pussy pulsating with contractions. Her pussy was wet and her cum juices were flowing freely. Suddenly, she placed her right hand on mine and held it firmly, silently but effectively telling me to stop my ministrations on her cute little girl pussy.

“Daddy, I can’t take anymore right now. It’s SO intense!”

I held her body against mine. “You’ll always be my little girl,” I said, “but you’ll always be my sexy goddess, too. I love you, Elizabeth. I love you like a man loves a woman and I want you forever.”

“Daddy, you’ve got me,” she replied.

When she regained her composure, we got in the shower.

“I’ll wash your back if you wash mine,” I offered.

“Deal!” she instantly replied.

I stood with my back to the showerhead and she stood in front of me facing away from me. I grabbed the soap and worked it until my hands were lathered. I began at her shoulders, gently washing and massaging her muscles.

“Put your hands against the wall and I can massage you better,” I said. Like a good pupil, she immediately complied with my request.

I began working my hands down both sides of her spine, being sure that I actually did wash her back thoroughly as I slowly proceeded lower. When I reached the small of her back, I began using a very light touch, rubbing in circles with my fingertips.

“Yum, Daddy, that feels good,” she said on a sultry voice.

I worked my hands lower, massaging her butt cheeks very lightly. When I reached the bottom of her buns, I traced my fingers along the bottom of her cheeks towards her pussy. When I reached the middle, I extended my right middle finger and traced up her cute little crevice, pressing inward so that my fingertip grazed her little pucker.

“Daddy, you’re being naughty,” she teased me, “but . . . don’t stop.”

“You said you’d so anything I asked, so I want you to play with yourself,” I told her.

“Now?” she asked.

Instead of answering, I placed my right hand over her right hand and guided it down to her clit. She understood and started rubbing up and down at the top of her womanly crevice.

As soon as she started getting aroused by her own actions, I placed the tip of my middle right finger at the top of her spine and slowly moved it lower. As it reached her ass, I pressed with my fingers to spread her cheeks and proceeded until I had again reached her little pucker.

She immediately gasped and I could tell that she was more than aroused by the anal stimulation. I increased the pressure just slightly so that my finger pushed her naughty hole slightly apart without entering her.

“Daddy, I don’t know why but that feels so good!”

I placed my left hand on her left breast and gently squeezed. Her nipple was very hard and the slightest movement made her gasp again. She began to push her ass back against my finger and I sensed that perhaps she wanted more.

“Do you want my finger in you, sweetie?”

She pushed back hard against my finger and I had the answer to my question. I began to push slightly harder against her anus and I felt my fingertip enter her most forbidden orifice. It penetrated only to the first knuckle before she was overcome by another orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy! Fuck me!” she cried out. Her body convulsed and heaved in paroxysms as her orgasm consumed her. “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” she moaned. I began to very slightly move my fingertip in circles, stimulating the inner sanctum of her most forbidden orifice. The tremors in her body were visible.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she moaned. As her orgasm began to decline, she stopped rubbing her clit.

I stopped moving my finger and slowly withdrew it from her. I placed both of my hands on her little girl boobs and pulled her body back against mine.

“I am so in love with you,” I said, “and so turned on. I need to be inside you.”

“Let’s get back in bed,” she said, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

This is a work of fiction and contains male on male sexual contents between characters which may come across as taboo. All characters are 18 and older.


A loud shatter woke a shocked but still sleepy Lucas from his sleep. The bright light of the morning blinded his eyes, he knew sleep wouldn’t come back no matter how tired he was. He felt a bit annoyed for being rudely awoken during his precious summer holidays, the only opportunity he gets to sleep in.

Lucas, lazily got out of bed and made his way outside to find his father cleaning up a huge mess of what seemed to be eggs, cereal, coffee, bread and a lot of broken china. His dad, Ian, soon became aware of his presence and swiftly made his way to his son and embraced him.

“Happy birthday son! Sorry about the mess, I wanted to surprise you with some breakfast in bed,” his father blurted out.

Any tiredness or laziness that was present on Lucas’ face vanished as it kicked in to him. It was his birthday. He was eighteen, finally. His father cautiously guided him around the mess and toward the dinning room where he started to make Lucas an omelette.

“Son, you’re finally legal, I’m sure you may wanna spend the day with your friends but if you don’t mind, I would like to make up to you.”

Lucas gave his father a puzzled look, not knowing what he meant.

“What I meant was, I want to treat you to something special this evening, since I’ve ruined breakfast. I also happen to have a surprise in store for you, when the time is right, you will know.”

Lucas was already in anxiety, “Dad, please, you have to tell me, you know I’m gonna keep on asking you. Please, as an extra birthday present?”

His dad laughed and gave in, “Okay, fine. But only cause it’s your birthday. I am taking you camping tomorrow, to a spot I’m sure you will love.”

Lucas watched his father turn around and start making another omelette, he couldn’t help but admire his father who was now in his 40s, still healthy and fit. His dad didn’t have full out muscles on his body, but you could tell he was in great shape for a man his age. Lucas eyes were mesmerized by the beauty of his father’s body especially his father’s beautiful ass. No, Lucas thought to himself, I can’t check out my own dad, as he felt his penis erecting under his boxers.

Just then, his father turned around and served him his breakfast, Lucas prayed his father would not see his erect penis which became obvious with every passing second. Lucas felt his forehead slowly start to sweat. Trying to keep from panicking or doing something stupid, he quickly sat at the end of the dining table.

Lucas quickly ate his meal and rushed to his room without another word.

He lay on his bed as emotions rushed through him, confusion and fear escalated above all. In a feeble attempt to regain his posture and let go of his insecurities he tightly hugged a framed picture of his deceased mother at his chest as began to realize two things. One, he was certain that he was gay despite years of question and doubt, and two, as much as he wanted to deny it, he got turned on by his father.

Lucas spent the rest of the day at the local park, contemplating on his life. He was 5’9″, with short wavy brown hair. He was on school football team so he was really fit with muscles but not bulky. Although he was surprised by his earlier erection, it wasn’t his first one towards his dad. Normally he would only semi erect, this was only when he was in question, but he had never gotten a full on erection like that before.

His dad was like him but didn’t have wavy hair like Lucas did instead had short hair that was spiked in a very sexy way. Lucas had previously had fantasies of his father but he never felt this much of a desire for his father.

His father never had a girlfriend, neither did he ever bring a girl home. He even saw his father get an erection after seeing a men’s magazine at a store. Maybe his dad was gay. Hell no, Lucas thought, his desire must be escalating so high that he wanted to picture the idea of his dad being homosexual.

Lucas, on the other hand, had experimented before. Like any other teen, all his one night stands started off at someone’s party. When one drink escalated to total drunkenness, things were bound to happen. These things, included activities with girls and on very rare occasions, guys too.

A sudden vibration in his pocket awakened Lucas from his deep thought. It was nearly 6PM which meant that it was nearly time for his fathers treat. The calm breeze of the late afternoon blew through Lucas’ hair as he slowly made his way back home. Contemplating on how the rest of the day would turn out, he sighed and hoped for the best.

* * * * *

The roaring engine stopped as the car reached ‘The Bistro’ a top end, pricey restaurant with great reviews (price wouldn’t be a problem for the duo as Ian Terrance was the founder and CEO of the third largest software manufacture of the state).

Although his dad had money pouring into his bank account, he made it his priority to make sure Lucas understood how blessed he was and how the value of money is something not everyone can truly appreciate with generosity

Dinner was great for them, Ian ordered a very high quality wine for his son in celebration of his eighteenth birthday.

“Son, I know that there has been something bothering you, now may not be the right time,” Ian sighed “But please be open with me, you know I love you. I just don’t want to see you anything but happy all the time, especially on your birthday. Can you promise me that?”

Ian spoke to his son as they waited for the bill. Lucas looked into his dads eyes. “Um, yeah Dad. Sure,” he replied nervously, as his heart began to pound. Thankfully he was saved from further awkwardness by the waiter who interrupted the conversation when he brought the bill.

The night was cool and welcoming, the moon shone brightly as they were on their home. Mid-journey, Lucas nervously looked as his father and then went back to looking on the road ahead.


“Yes, Luca.” ‘Luca’ was his fathers special nickname for him.

“You know how you want me to be more open .. Does it work the same way for you .. I mean .. Will you be open with me as well? On everything?”

His dad took in a deep breath. Venturing into a slightly deep thought for a few seconds before replying with certainty, “On everything Luca .. I promise.”

Lucas looked out the window and decided to clear his mind, not telling anything about what he felt was excruciating on the inside.

“Back at the bistro, when you said you knew something is up … well you were right .. it’s hard to explain and I want you to know that I will. But first, can you answer something for me?”

Lucas turned his head to look at his father, who nodded reluctantly as turned to face Lucas.

“Yes, go ahead. Ask away.”

Lucas faced toward the road and bit his lip nervously, “Why did you never marry my mum?”

His father sighed, almost as if he was expecting this question for years now, “Luca, your mother was an amazing woman. I did love her, but that was not true love. I am not saying that I don’t want you, I love you and you know how much I do. But your mother and I, it was just a .. a summer fling .. I was young, immature and to tell you the truth, heavily drunk. But that does not mean for one second that I don’t want you. I love you Luca, so much. Always know that.”

Lucas slowly inhaled, taking in what his dad said. He had more questions but he knew he had to be honest with his father. Although he hoped his father would have forgotten about his side of the promise, his hopes came crashing down as he heard his father,

“Its now your turn Luca, tell me what’s bothering you.”

Lucas’ legs started to shake slightly but nonetheless uncontrollably as he felt a pain in his insides. Everything started to move at a faster pace, his mind felt dizzy and his body felt as though it would soon become sick.

“Dad I need to you stop the car while I tell you this. Please?’”

His father immediately pulled over into the empty car park of the local park, he stopped the engine and turned to face his son. Lucas’ legs were still shaking in small but fast movements. He jumped a little when he felt his fathers palm on his thigh, trying to calm him down a notch. He could feel tears starting to form in his eyes. He kept on looking forward, he didn’t have the courage to look directly into his fathers hazel eyes. He fought back the tears and managed to pull himself together.

“I’ve been feeling things for a while now .. I just feel too insecure.. too scared .. to do anything about it .. I just,” Lucas took a breath and continued “I really want to tell you this and I know that I am going to .. I .. I just didn’t think I could because of .. of .. of what you might think of me. But regardless of what you think, I know that if I don’t say this, I will be in more pain.” Lucas felt as though his entire life was leading up to this moment, he felt blood rush through his veins as he said “….. I .. I’m gay.”

Liberation. In the mere matter of seconds after his revelation, a sense of freedom was cast over him. A tear sudden ran down his cheek. A tear not of sorrow but of prosper, in a way.

With that being said Lucas felt a huge weight being lifted off his shoulders, all the pressure just vanished away instantly. Lucas knew he had to justify his statement, hopefully to get his father to understand, even if it’s just a little bit.

“Dad, I’m gay … I’ve been in question for a while now. But now I am certain. I am fine with being gay. But the thing that bothers me the most is that .. that I .. I love .. you, Dad .. I love you in ways I know is wrong … I can’t help it. I am so sorr-”

His father interrupted him before he could finish, “No, Luca, don’t. Don’t apologize. Thank you Luca for trusting me so much, I want to you to know I really appreciate that. It means a lot to me, it really does. Now I need to tell you something. I am sure you have had your suspicions. There is a reason why I have never had a girlfriend since you were born, even before that I didn’t. I never felt a huge connection to women at all.”

Lucas’ eyes started to stop forming tears and now started to widen.

“Yes, Luca. I’m gay too. I have been for a long time now. Only tonight have I found the courage to admit it, you gave me the strength.”

Lucas felt relief, hope and acceptance by his fathers words. His father looked directly in his eyes.

His father continued, “Luca, I want you to know. I love you too. The same way. I have loved you this way for so long .. I love you .. son.”

Lucas was speechless, his mind was blank, he couldn’t even say a word. He felt his heart do cartwheels as he was pulled back to the reality of this world. He reached for his fathers hand and held it. His dad looked at him with such love, he pulled Lucas onto him and pressed his lips against Lucas’. They slowly kissed and smiled at each other longingly when they broke apart.

As soon as his dad locked the door of the house when they arrived home, Lucas jumped onto his father and wrapped his legs around his dads back while they passionately kissed. He felt his dads tongue enter his mouth and he responded by kissing back with lust and hunger.

As his feet reached the floor, Lucas held his fathers hand and took him to the master bedroom, his fathers room. His dad pushed him against the room wall and French kissed him to verge of utter pleasure. He felt like he was in heaven as his father kissed his cheek, made his way to his neck where he kissed and started to suck the skin on his neck. Lucas waisted no time in removing his fathers tie and unbuttoning his fathers shirt, exposing his exquisite manly body which made Lucas drool in excitement.

His father pulled Lucas’ shirt off and then carried Lucas onto the bed where they had a very hot make out session. Lucas made sure to return his dads favor by placing a hickey on his dads neck before kissing his dads abs and making his way to his dads bulging manhood. He unfasten the belt and pulled his dads pants and briefs off in one go. Finally he was face to face with the organ that helped create him.

After gazing at his dads goods in awe he finally gave a kiss to his dads beautiful erect penis which was a massive 10″. Lucas never gave anyone a blow job before, so he wanted to make sure he did a reasonably good job. He started off at the head and sucked and licked it especially behind the sensitive spot, he could hear his dad occasionally moan in delight. He then deep throated the penis, fighting off his gag reflex for a while before coming up for a breath.

“Luca, that was amazing .. I am going to cum soon, you sure you want it in your mouth?”

Lucas grinned and seductively replied, “I want every last drop down my throat.”

He eagerly went back to sucking his fathers penis. Lucas knew his dad was seconds away from cuming when the moans began to get louder and much more intense, as he predicted streams of fluid were squirted down his throat as his father thrusted his penis into Lucas’ mouth.

His father pulled him onto the bed without warning, “You can’t have all the fun, my beautiful Luca.”

Lucas closed his eyes in complete pleasure as his dad gave him a blow job to die for, it was obvious that his father was not new to this. They way he work Lucas’ 9″ penis in his mouth was pure perfection. Lucas felt his orgasm coming and his father did too as he started to increase the speed of his sucks, as Lucas came he couldn’t resist moaning as if tomorrow would never come.

His father crawled on top of him and kissed him gently, Lucas wrapped his hands around his fathers neck and the kiss started to change rhythm. Gentle started to turn into lust and raunch. It was no longer a kiss, it was a steamy make out session with a lot of tongue. Lucas found it irresistible when he felt his dads tongue in his mouth and he enjoyed it himself when his tongue was down his dads throat.

In between the kisses Lucas managed to speak, “Lets .. Let’s do it, Dad .. I wanna do it.”

His father broke the kiss and looked into his sons young and driven eyes, “Are you sure Luca? I don’t want to rush anything with you.”

Lucas nodded and kissed his dad lightly.

“Alright Luca, but if it hurts you too badly, I wont continue. This is not to be rushed,” with that being said, he got out some lube and a condom.

“Now son, you must always use condoms while having sex…,” he then threw away the condom “…. except when it’s between us. We go full out bareback. Okay?”

Lucas eagerly nodded and laid down on his back on the bed. His father winked at him and then began to devour into Lucas’ tight virgin asshole. Lucas was riding a wave of ecstasy as he felt his dads tongue inside his body. His father felt the sphincter muscle loosen and wasted no time shoving a lube coated finger up his sons ass. He took the process slowly. Making sure his son was well adjusted before adding another finger and then in turn a third one whilst will one hand, covering his own massive dick with lube.

Lucas was instructed to turn over on all fours, for which he excitedly complied. Slowly and carefully, his dad positioned his penis to the entrance of his sons anal passage.

“Now Luca, remember to relax. Take deep breaths and relax. Tell me of it hurts.”

Then he tried to push through, but Lucas’ virgin ass tighten too much and he had to apply more lube to it. He then again attempted to do take away his sons virginity, slowly he felt the sphincter giving way. Lucas cringed in pain and let out a small yelp but encouraged his cautious father on. Slowly and steadily he felt the penis enter his body but the pain was excruciating for him. He felt as though his body were to be ripped in half mercilessly. The pain was too much, Lucas couldn’t take it any longer and had to stop. He looked at his dad thinking he would see disappointment, only to see seduction in his fathers eyes.

“Don’t worry son, it takes a few times to adjust. You’ll get the hang of it soon. For now, let’s not let your erection go to waste.”

Lucas’ reflexes were tested as he was tossed the lube. He clumsily spread excess lube all over his penis, being the amateur he was. His dad was already laying on his back while coating his own asshole with lube. Lucas quickly held his dads leg with one hand and with the other pushed his penis inside his dads sexy ass. His dad let out a slight groan as Lucas’ penis entered his anus. Inch by inch his penis went deeper into his fathers body until his balls were touching his dads ass.

“Alright son, that’s my boy. I want you to pound me. Ram my ass. I need to feel your sperm inside my body, Luca. I want it so bad.”

He didn’t have to be asked a second time, Lucas at first took things slowly and got used to having his penis inside his own fathers delicious ass. He was feeling the moment, being lucky enough to have raw, hot sex with his own father.

These thoughts only greatened his sex drive and in turn he began to increase his thrusts, penetrating his father harder and harder. His dad moaned as Lucas’ thrusts became harder and went deeper. Lucas teased his fathers erect dick by lightly touching around the head before grabbing it and furiously shaking it while violently slamming into his father who showed no signs of pain but kept on moaning in pleasure.

Both men moaned as Lucas ejected hot streams of cum deep in his fathers ass and then followed by his father ejecting cum on himself, Lucas and on the bed. An out of breath Lucas slowly lay down on his fathers chest and stared longingly into his fathers eyes, who gently placed a kiss on Lucas.

“That was amazing, son. I enjoyed that,” Ian said before planting another kiss on his son.

“Dad, I can’t wait for tomorrow. I know this camping trip’s gonna be awesome.”

His dad smiled in delight, managed a small laugh and said, “I love you, my Luca.”

“I love you too, Dad. I want to be with you. Forever. No matter how corny that sounded.”

Father and son couldn’t help but laugh a bit. Lucas lay down on his fathers bed and fell into a deep slumber. His father kissed his forehead and lay down next to him with his hands cupping his son from behind.

Ian Terrance knew what he was doing would be labelled as wrong and disgusting but in all honesty, he had no regrets. He had a sexual relationship with his son and it was the best thing that happen to him. The only thing he feared was that his son might find out about his past sexual life.

The things he had done for the rush, for the sake of it, he didn’t want to horrify his son with his sexual history. For now, he looked forward to tomorrow. He was sure he would have the time of his life with his son on their camping trip and he had no doubt that they would intimate with each other very soon.

He smiled as he looked down at his son sleeping next to him. He kissed Lucas’ forehead again before placing a second hickey on his sons neck. He laughed to himself before drifting off to sleep.


This is my first ever adult story, I wrote and edited it myself. Therefore, I would appreciate the reviews. I’m sure there are a lot of area for improvement so please send in feedback. Be assured that my next stories will be better once I get the hang of adult story writing. :)

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

By the way, expect the continuation around the last week of July!!

Author’s note: This is a story I posted on another site, but I think it would be a good addition to here. It’s a mix of truth and fiction. Enjoy!

Sean was a good friend of mine from high school. A year ahead of me, we generally hung out a lot, were in the same clubs and organizations. He was a good looking guy, solidly built, really intelligent, but had a self-image problem because his mother had bailed on him and his father a few years back. As a result, he seldom had a girlfriend. His self-esteem wasn’t helped by his father, a big gruff guy who usually had little to say, especially after his divorce. He always had a look on his face like he didn’t approve of much of anything.

I was staying over at his house one night, and we got into a “did you ever” kind of conversation in the wee hours of the morning. It finally got to sex, and he asked if I’d ever had sex before. I knew he meant with women, which I hadn’t, and I hesitated before saying “No.”

Like I said, Sean is really intelligent, and he caught the hesitation and called me on it. I didn’t know how he would feel about the guys I’d played with, so I hemmed and hawed, but he didn’t let up. Finally I admitted that I’d been sucking dick since I was 14.

He didn’t act shocked, which I expected, but started asking me about it. I finally got into graphic detail, telling him about the glory holes in the bathroom of the local mall, and how I’d hang out there and suck as many dicks as I could.

We were sitting on the floor of his bedroom, and I noticed that he was getting hard. I get weak-kneed every time I see a hard cock, and immediately I started thinking about how nice it would be if he put his dick into my mouth. He gave me the opening I needed when he admitted that it was turning him on.

It was one thing to suck anonymous dick thru a gloryhole, but another to offer a close friend a blowjob. I gathered up all the courage I could muster and reached over to stroke his cock thru his shorts.

He didn’t jump up and kick my ass, so I continued. Almost breathlessly, I told him that if he took his cock out of his shorts, I’d suck it. He sat on the edge of the bed, and quickly pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang out. Like I said, he was SOLIDLY built, and his cock was very nice…at least 7″, cut, and thick. I didn’t waste any time, and wrapped my lips around it.

I lose all composure when I’ve got a dick in my mouth. I tend to be a somewhat noisy cocksucker, and he wasn’t all that quiet, either. I was stroking his cock with my mouth, sucking noisily and he was moaning and groaning. Dimly, I heard his bedroom door click shut, but didn’t think anything of it…like I said, I don’t think of anything but the cock I’m sucking.

I’d only been sucking him for a few minutes when his hands grabbed the back of my head and he shoved his cock deep into my mouth. His cock started pumping cum…hot, sharp, tangy juice coated the back of my mouth and my throat. I sucked and swallowed for all I was worth.

Eventually, his orgasm subsided, and I reluctantly let it fall out of my mouth, giving his cockhead a few licks and kisses. He laid back on the bed, breathing heavily, and told me that that had been fantastic. I agreed with him, still wiping the cum that dribbled down my chin off.

Still laying back on the bed, he asked me if it made him queer that I had just sucked him off. I knew that another self-image attack was about to happen and I really didn’t want to have to deal with it, so I told him no, that he just liked blowjobs. He seemed to accept that, and in a few minutes was fast asleep.

Sean’s cum was really tangy, and I needed something to drink to wash it all down. I walked out of his bedroom, through the dark living room and into the kitchen. I got a soda from the fridge and was walking back to Sean’s bedroom when I heard his father say “So, are you….what do they call it…lovers?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. In the darkness, I hadn’t seen him sitting in his recliner in the living room when I’d gone to the kitchen and it startled me. I could tell he’d been drinking from the slight slurring of his words.

I stood there with a “deer in the headlights” look for about a half a minute, then asked him what he meant. He said that he had heard strange sounds coming from Sean’s bedroom and had looked in to see me sucking Sean’s dick. There was a pregnant pause while I desperately thought of something, ANYTHING to say, and coming up blank. I didn’t know what his dad thought of gays, and didn’t want him to start treating Sean badly because of something I did. I finally told him no, that it just happened somehow and it was the first time anything like that had occurred. I started to apologize to him, but he cut me off.

He assured me that it was ok. He said he was a normal guy with normal urges and wasn’t above getting a nut when the opportunity came up. Rambling on a bit, he said that since his wife had left him, he didn’t want to get into another relationship but still needed to get off occasionally. He said he couldn’t blame Sean for something that he’d do, too.

I relaxed a bit, but in my mind I was starting to wonder where the conversation was going. He didn’t seem upset about it, but wasn’t letting me go. He kept talking, repeating that as a man, he needed to get off every once in a while. I kept agreeing with him, until I realized that he wanted me to suck HIS dick, too.

I still had the blind cock-sucking courage from Sean, so I boldly walked up to him and set the soda on the table next to his drink. I asked him, “Do you need to get off now?” He didn’t say anything, just picked up his drink and took a sip. He didn’t say no, so I slowly sank to my knees in front of him, ready to jump up and run if I’d misjudged him.

He set his drink down, and unzipped his fly to pull his cock out. It was a carbon-copy of Sean’s, a bit bigger and more veiny. He was only half-hard, but still grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down onto his cock. My greedy lips went around his cockhead and I let loose with a happy sigh.

The alcohol in his system made me have to work to get him fully hard. His cock grew in my mouth, and in a couple of minutes I was sliding my mouth up and down his hard shaft. He didn’t say a word, just used his hand to guide me, to show me where and how he wanted my mouth.

I paid special attention to his cockhead…licking it, putting just the knob into my mouth and sucking it, then sliding his cock as deep into my mouth as it would go. I heard him say “Suck my balls”, and treated his sac to the best my mouth could offer, but I wanted his cock back where it belonged and quickly licked up his shaft and slid my mouth back over his cock, taking it until his cockhead nudged the back of my throat.

His cock was hot and hard, and I wanted his cum. I sucked him as hard, fast, and as forcefully as I could, never taking it out of my mouth. Again, the alcohol delayed things, but within a few minutes of really worshipping his cock, he started cumming in my mouth.

He must not get off very frequently, I thought, since he shot load after load of cum. I swallowed and swallowed, but still cum leaked out around his cock and out of my mouth, dripping down my chin and onto the recliner between his legs. His cock finally subsided, and quickly shrank. I kept sucking him until he pulled my head off his cock.

“Nice,” was all he said. I wiped up as much cum from my face as I couldas he tucked his cock back into his pants. I rose from my knees, and went back to Sean’s bedroom, drank the soda and laid down. I was still horribly horny for cock and it took a while for me to get to sleep.

After we woke up, Sean kind of fidgeted around about the blowjob. I could tell that he was embarrassed, and simply told him that I enjoyed sucking him. He seemed to accept that, but made no indication that he wanted more.

His dad wasn’t up when we got up, and I was trying to find a way to stick around until he did. Sean built remote-control airplanes as a hobby and wanted to go to a local hobby store to pick some things up. I told him that I wanted to take a shower and head home, and he left.

After I got out of the shower, his dad was up and in the kitchen. I walked out to join him, not know what to expect. I was half afraid that he’d be mad, that he’d let me suck his cock because of the alcohol. Luckily, I was wrong.

Without saying a word, he reached down and grabbed a handful of my ass. A rare grin was on his face, and he told me that I could come back and suck his cock any time. Caught up in the moment, I told him that I’d love to do more than just suck his cock, hoping that he’d like to try fucking my ass too. He didn’t take me up on the offer, then or in the future, but told me that he’d just be happy with my mouth.

I never played with Sean again…he found a steady girlfriend. He ended up getting over his self-esteem problem and married her. They had a shitload of kids and, as far as I know, lived happily ever after.

I DID play with Sean’s dad again…quite frequently. Once or twice a week, I’d find an excuse to go over to his house when Sean wasn’t around to suck his cock. I even skipped class a couple of times just to get his cock in my mouth, and, of course, snuck into his bedroom after Sean was asleep on the nights I stayed over at their house. I occasionally tried to get him to fuck me, but he never did. This went on for about a year and a half, then I joined the military and moved away. I lost touch with Sean, but got infrequent letters from his dad for a couple of years until he took a job in Vermont, moved there and remarried. I’m glad he did because he deserved a good relationship, but I doubt she’s as good a cocksucker as I am.

(Author Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18)

Dear Darling,

I loved your letter. It makes daddy so hard and excited to think about what you, an eighteen year old hot young girl, are doing and to hear about what you have done after you return. I know I am in for a great evening when you return home and your clothes don’t fit exactly as they did when you left, when your hair is mussed, when your face is flushed. I know I will get to hear all about your ‘adventure(s)’ and I will be able to revel in your femininity and our passionate lust for each other.

I had a dream about you last night…it was so vivid. You walked in, your hair mussed, your face flushed and your blouse open. You were wearing a white satin blouse, which hugged your bra-clad breasts. Your nipples were pronounced through the thin fabric and your short, black skirt barely covered your ass…. You bent at the waist to set your heels down, that you were carrying in your hand and I could see the white lace thong, pulled tightly across your sweet, shaved pussy. The cloth was obviously soaked. Your breasts almost tumbled out of the white, lace/sheer ¾ cup bra and your stockings, white, as well were so form fitting.

You turned to me, your lower lip, sticking out, the blouse’s top three buttons undone, your breasts heaving with each breath, and said, “Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl”. My cock immediately began to pulse as you walked over to where I was sitting and stood next to the chair. I placed my right hand upon your ass, and looked into your eyes and said, “tell daddy, baby.”

You looked down at my crotch and a wicked smile came over your sweet lips as you spoke…”Daddy, I was bad. Very bad.” My hand crept under your skirt and I slid my hand into the crack of your ass, sliding my fingers under the thin cloth that parted them. I could feel wetness and could tell by the consistency it was cum…a lot of cum. Wondering what I would find next, my hand slid further around and into the crotch where I found abundant wetness and thick, thick cream. You let out a long, guttural moan and you parted your legs as I began to probe. First, one finger then two played across your wet, swollen pussy lips and then parted them as thick congealed liquid began to ooze out.

You moaned again and thrust your hips forward. I leaned forward, lifting your skirt and pulling the crotch aside, looked at your sweet, swollen, puffy, pounded pussy. You flinched as my fingers crept over your asshole, telling me there was more to this story than I expected. I pulled your closer and begin to lick and suck your pussy, cum oozing as my tongue dug, ever deeper into your hot slit. You then began to speak.

“Ooooooh, daddy, yessss, and no one can suck my little pussy like you do… nobody. Jerrica and I went over to the barn for a dance, knowing there would be some meat there this evening.”

Hearing this I look up into your eyes, and take your clit between my teeth. You flinch, and then smile, winking at me. I continue to suck, cum, running over my fingers. You take a deep breath and say, “God, there were a lot of people there. Just like I like it, daddy, I didn’t know a soul! We danced together and after a few drinks we were really getting into it. Jerrica loves to play with my big tits and my ass while we dance and a couple of businessmen asked us if they could be our dates. If they were going to look out for us and buy us drinks we didn’t care, besides one of them was kinda cute, daddy, kinda like you, *giggling*. Ohhhhh yeah, daddy, right there. Clean baby’s pussy, yeahhh daddy, I love it when you clean my pussy. Mmmmmmmmm.”

You grab my head and press your pussy into my mouth, I open further so I can take the whole pussy in and suck and lick every inch of your hot hole.

“We danced with them for awhile, and the cute one really liked to press his cock against my tummy and my ass, daddy. Mmmmm, it felt sooo good. Not as good as yours feels but his cock was big daddy! We sat down for a while and he fingered your baby’s ass and pussy and got me all excited. I couldn’t find Jerrica anywhere and I told him I would be right back. I looked and looked and finally found her in the Men’s bathroom. She was bent over the sink and the other man was fucking the shit out of her. Her tank top was pulled down under her ripe tits and swaying and bouncing with every thrust he fed her. She was screaming for him to fuck her sweet hole and I was getting all excited again!

“Just then the man I had been with walked up and asked me if I liked the view. He put my hand on his cock and pushed me to my knees unzipping his pants as he did so. His cock was huge daddy! He made me lick and suck it and it got even bigger! I could hear Jerrica coming all over the guys cock and then he pulled out and walked over to me. The man I was with stood me up and stood behind me as the guy who has just fucked Jerrica, spread me and eased his cum covered cock up into me…God, daddy, soooo hot. Jerrica was spread over the lavatory, trying to catch her breath and trembling.

“The man behind me knelt and started tonguing my asshole like you do daddy. God, he did so well. All I could think about was how you love to suck your baby’s ass. He stood and started to push the head of his big cock against my tight, tight ass. He finally decided he was too big and traded places with his friend. I told them I could not share my ass with them, daddy, and they said they didn’t care! His friend started poking my ass with his cock, and then he forced my cheeks open and forced his cock in. The man with the big cock, grabbed me like a rag doll, and forced his big prick halfway in with one thrust. I about passed out! Jerrica got up and walked over and pulled my blouse open and started sucking my tits through my sexy bra you bought me. Mmmmm, my nipples are still ohhhhh so hard, see?”

I look up, my face covered with your juices. You have slipped your beautiful breasts from the bra and are fondling them as I suck you. “Daddy, fuck me, use me like the whore you want me to be.” You pull away from me and get on the floor on all fours…you reach behind you and pull your ass cheeks apart. Looking over your shoulder, you hiss, “There, fuck me there, take my ass and make me yours. Make me your cum slut daddy. Use my ass like no one else can. I am such a nasty girl and I want you to fuck my nasty hole.”

As I climb off the chair, exposing my raging, hard cock. I climb behind you. I lean down and tongue your ass, then dipping into some Vaseline; I grease your ass and my cock. I ease the head into your asshole as you beg me to fuck you, intermittently groaning as I ease it in, allowing you to get used to it. “Honey, you want daddy to bring some friends home for you to entertain?? That would keep you out of the bars and you could bring your friends over for daddy to play with too.”

“Ummmm, yes, daddy, fuck my ass! Yes, daddy, make me suck their big cocks and I’ll fuck them if you want. My friends would love to have your big cock up in them, daddy, ohhhhh yessss!”

I reach under you and rub your clit as I fuck your ass…”I want to get you wet and hot, then pull out and plunge it into your pussy and fill you full of cum. After we have made love and you clean up, we’ll dress you up and go out for something to eat, some more play and maybe meet a few of my friends. Maybe, you can have a few of your friends meet us as well and we can have a good time all evening…Ohhhh baby, daddy, loves fucking you sooo much.” As I get close to cumming, I pull out of your tight, hot ass, plunge my cock up your hot pussy, and as you scream, I fill you with my hot cum…..

Then I woke up baby, and after writing this, I look up to find you staring down at the paper, your hand down your panties, the scrap of them, fingering yourself, your eyes glazed over with lust. “Do me now daddy.”

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