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All people in this story are 100% fictional, they all over 18. I won’t be giving full descriptions of them because I think it’s up to the reader to fill in the blank with what kind of person they would like to see in this kind of story. Hope you enjoy, this is my first entry, so be critical.


The couch makes a light noise as Will, my son, sits down with a groan. His hands reach up to cover his face for a second, then I see his blue eyes open under them, looking at me. He said that he needed to get out of his apartment, so I invited him over to watch the Bulls game.

“Okay, what happened?”

Since he moved in with his partner John, Will had been over about once a month with some problems they’d been having.

“He…he cheated on me!” He announces, raising his head from his hands to look at me, “And he wouldn’t even admit it when I confronted him. He’s been smelling like this terrible perfume when he gets home from work, and then when I was vacuuming the front hall, his briefcase fell off the table, and these slutty black PANTIES fell out! So it’s not bad enough that he’s being unfaithful, but with a girl! Some random office slut!” Will says, all in a rush, and by the time he finishes, tears are in those beautiful blue eyes.

“Well, maybe they were meant for you, and he hadn’t gotten up the courage to ask you to wear them yet.”

“Umm,” he mumbles, going a little red, “I kind of already do that for him, if he bought me new ones, he would have just given them to me. And these had a dried crotch, like she was already turned on when he took them off her.”

I smile a little bit at his awkwardness, for some reason he thinks I’m all disgusted that he’s gay, even though I’ve always accepted him.

“Then you don’t need him. Just find some other guy and sleep with him, then leave his underwear in plain sight.”

“I had thought of doing something like that, but it took me years to get John, he’s the first guy who ever showed any interest in me. How would I even find a guy to cheat on him with? No one is interested,” He puts his head back in his hands.

I’ve always known he felt this way about himself, but I never understood why. He is completely beautiful. I stand up quietly, and pull my pants and underwear down to the floor. This time when he looks at me through his hands, my 6 inch cock is right in front of him. He drops his hands to look up at my face. I can see him thinking for a moment, about how this is wrong and that we shouldn’t, but it’s a very fleeting moment. He wraps his large lips around my dick, and starts giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had. His tongue licks along the bottom side, while his throat continues to take more, until his nose is nuzzled in my little bush of pubes.

“Fuck, why would he ever cheat on you?” I moan, and he smiles around my cock. He starts pumping faster, with the help of my hands on the back of his head. His right hand is playing with my balls, while his left reaches around to rub my butt cheek.

I pull on his hair a little bit to let him know that I’m gonna cum. He slips most of my dick out, but he leaves the head in his mouth, while he continues to play with my balls. I start cumming harder than I have in a long time, and he just takes it, rope after rope, without spilling a drop.

I take his nipple into my mouth as I slowly lay him back on the couch. Our dicks rub together between our stomachs as we kiss.

“So,” I whisper in his ear, “Are you a top or a bottom?”

“I think today, I am defiantly a top,” He says smiling.

He gets out from under me and stands, presenting his dick to me. I stare for just a second, how did he get this monstrosity? I have trouble getting my mouth around his head, he’s so thick, but I try my best to get as much spit on it as possible.

After my sad attempt at a blow job, Will pulls me off the couch and bends me over the arm, so my elbows are resting on the cushion and my feet are firmly on the floor. He spits into his hand, and runs it all over the length of his dick. He spits again and rubs it into my little virgin asshole. I shake just a little, knowing how much this is going to hurt, but wanting it so much at the same time. He presses his head against the hole, and pushes. Pop! It’s in, and it only hurt a little, but we’re just getting started.

My hands are squeezed into fists as he pushes the rest of his monster into me. He gets it all in, and waits, reaching around to stroke my cock as I get use to the sensation of having his thing in my butt. He eventually starts pumping slow, but it’s getting faster. Our balls smack together as he somehow goes even deeper inside me. I cum all over the side of the couch after only a few good strokes, the anticipation alone too much for me, but Will keeps going.

Will goes faster and faster still, as my face and elbows get pushed down into the couch, and my feet are covered in my own cum. He pushes all the way into me, and groans. He cums hard, and I can feel it filling me. He leans forward, his chest resting on my back, his cheek on my shoulder.

He turns his head and puts his lips to my ears, “Would you mind if I did something I’ve been wanting to try for a while? I told John about it, but he wouldn’t let me.”

“Whatever you want kid,” knowing whatever was on his mind would feel amazing.

He stands back up, and pulls his penis out so that just the head is still inside. It takes a second for him to get started but then…he’s peeing in my ass! More warm liquids fill me up, mixing with the cum that was already inside. He finishes, and then starts pumping again, while little squirts of piss and cum run down our legs.

He reaches around and takes a firm grip on my cock. “You’re cumming with me old man.” He starts pumping me to the rhythm of his thrusts into my ass. We grunt together as he cums in my butt again, and I once again cum on the side of the now well stained couch. We lay beside the couch in our mess for a minute, recovering from that amazing fuck.

Will reaches his hands under my armpits, and pulls me up as he stands up. I laugh as we start to wobble toward the bathroom for a shower, with his cock still in my butt. He pulls out once the shower is on, and all of his stuff starts to leak out of my butt. I get down on my knees and start to lick myself off of his cock, and the kneeling position I’m in is making more leak out. I finish licking him clean, and then we take turns washing each others naughty bits and kissing.

We walk out of the bathroom holding hands, with towels around our waists, heading for the living room. Crouching on the floor, cleaning up our mess, is my wife and Will’s mother.

“So, How was your guy’s day?” She asks with a devilish smile.

To be continued…

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