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In With Their Heads

For the last several months 18-year-old Steve had spied on his mother and father fucking using a one way mirror mounted in their bedroom and a hidden sliding panel in the hall closet that let him see everything going on in there. His mother with her large tits and tight firm ass had given Steve wet dreams like mad.

He had seen his parents sucking and fucking in all sorts of ways, going at it every couple of days.

Then his father went on an extended business trip. After he was gone for two weeks he called to say the trip was extended another two weeks. Steve’s mother was obviously horny as shit and Steve had used this opportunity to come on to her. Steve and his mother had fucked each other senseless that night and his mother had declared them lovers. For the next two weeks Steve and his mother had fucked liked newlyweds in every room of the house every day, sometime several times a day.

But now his father was home.

Somehow his father had detected something wrong right away. His mother had gone out on a sudden “shopping trip” leaving Steve to face his father alone.

His father now sat across from him at the dining room table fixing him with a quizzical stare.

“We need to talk son.” his father said.

“What about?” said Steve trying his best to feign innocence.

“About how you have been fucking your mother!” said his father.

“God dad, I’m sorry.” said Steve. And then the words just started to tumble out of him like a dam had broken or something.

“I had been watching you and mom do it for weeks! I started having these crazy dreams about fucking her. Then you were away and I could tell she was dying for it! I just couldn’t ..”

“Stop right there!” said Steve’s father stemming the flood of rapid fire words from Steve’s mouth. “I am just glad it was you!”

“What dad?” said Steve now thoroughly confused. He had fucked the shit out of his mom and his dad was happy about it?

“You see son I knew your mom was a bit of a nympho when I married her. I usually keep her fucked enough to keep her from looking somewhere else for what she needs. Then this trip was unexpectedly extended and I knew the longest your mom had gone without a good fucking was two weeks. It was at the worst time too because Dan and Bob were off on their yearly scheduled hunting trip.”

“Dan and Bob?” said Steve, “Grandpa Dan and Uncle Bob?”

“Yes, Grandpa Dan was your mom’s first, he got her cherry and your mother’s brother Bob was his first assistant.” said Steve’s father.

“Mom lost her cherry to her father and then fucked her own brother? How the fuck did that all happen?” asked Steve incredulously.

“That’s a story for another time.” said Steve’s father, “Right now what you need to know is three things. First, no one’s mad at you, you didn’t do anything wrong. Secondly, that I am glad you were able to satisfy your mother so she didn’t end up having to troll bars or something else as dangerous. And third, that you aren’t the only one your mother is going to fuck, not now or in the future.”

“Well am I going to every be able to fuck her again?” said Steve, “She’s the best piece of ass I ever had! And what an incredible cocksucker!”

“Well, to answer your questions in order, sure you can fuck her again!” said Steve’s father, “She’s just not going to fuck only you. You’re right she is a great hot cunt! And she’s such a great cocksucker because your mom had absolutely no gag reflex!”

“Wow!” said Steve, “I wondered how she could take me all the way in like that.”

Just then his mom came in the front door. She held a medium sized bag that had obviously come from the drug store.

“Back!” she said.

“Got just what we need right here.” she said while tapping the bag and giving his father a knowing look.

Steve’s father had stood up when she came in. Steve’s mom crossed the room still carrying the bag and wrapped her arm around Steve’s father’s waist.

“Ready for some exercise?” she said to Steve’s father.

“Sure babe, let’s go!” said Steve’s father.

The obviously happy couple started to walk out of the dining room and towards the hallway leading to their bedroom. Suddenly they stopped and in unison said to Steve, “Well, going to join us?”

Steve’s heart jumped into his throat with the sudden expectation of this dream coming true. He almost jumped out of the dining room chair and practically ran across the room to join them.

When the three of them reached his parents’ bedroom his mother placed the bag on the dresser.

“What’s that?” asked Steve.

“You’ll see later.” said Steve’s father.

“Right now let’s get naked!” said Steve’s mother in a happy voice.

The three family members took off their clothes and Steve once again admired his mom’s lush body.

“Well let’s see how well you fuck your mom!” said Steve’s father.

“I’ve got to warm up a little first!” said Steve painfully aware that his cock was still flaccid.

“Take your time, take your time!” said Steve’s father.

Steve started his usual way, by holding and kissing his mom. They french-ed enjoying the probing of each others tongues. Steve went to kneel to suck his mom’s cunt when his father said, “Why don’t you two 69 so we can get this party started?”

Steve and his mom hadn’t 69′ed very often so they were just as happy to start that way. Steve lay down on the bed and his mom got above him on all fours her head facing his feet. She lowered her head down toward Steve’s crotch. She used one hand to grab Steve’s prick and hold it vertical so she could get her hot sucking mouth on the monster member. Steve for his part had grabbed her firm ass cheeks with his hands and had guided her brown furred cunt down to his face where his tongue could get at it. Mother and son gleefully licked and sucked each other getting hotter by the minute.

Steve’s mom started to swallow a full half of Steve’s now rock hard prick into her face. Steve knew what she needed now. He put two fingers at the opening of her vagina and pushed them in to the second knuckle. Her wet cunt enveloped his fingers and her mouth slide father down Steve’s ten inches of manhood. Steve’s mother’s mouth slide up and down his spittle lubricated cock taking the huge head deep into her throat while Steve licked and teased her rigid clit.

Steve’s father said, “Now I will show you how to get your mom to take your entire prick down her magic throat when 69′ing”.

Steve’s father crossed to the dresser and took out a tube out of the bag. He squirted some of the gel it contained into his right hand. He rubbed it about coating the fingers of his right hand. Then he crossed back to the bed where mother and son were still going at it.

Steve could now see his hand clearly as it came into view right over his head. Without any preliminaries at all his father plunged three of his lubricated fingers right into his mothers asshole! Steve was instantly surprised. First because his mother’s anus simply yielded so Steve’s fathers three fingers disappeared up her ass in a flash, and secondly because the sudden intrusion caused his mother to suck Steve’s entire ten inch fuck stick down her throat!

“I guessed you two hadn’t had enough time to try ass fucking!” said Steve’s father, “Having something up her ass while sucking really turns her on!”

Steve’s mother now went ballistic on his cock. She would raise up until only the massive cock-head remained in her mouth and then plunge back down swallowing the entire prick down her throat. Faster and faster her head bobbed driven the Steve’s father’s fingers plunging in and out of her ass faster and faster as well. Steve tried to keep up with her licking her hot clit and plunging his fingers in and out of her now red hot cunt.

Steve’s mother’s twat started to leak cunt juice from the incredible passion now controlling her body. Steve’s father cupped his fingers and then shoved his whole hand up to the beginning of his palm up Steve’s mothers ass. She shoved Steve’s prick all the way down her throat and Steve felt her throat grabbing at his cock the way her cunt usually did. Overcome with lust Steve shot his load right down his mom’s throat!

Steve and his mom came down slowly from their orgasmic high. Steve’s huge and hard cock slipped from his mother’s mouth with a soft pop.

“Why don’t you fuck her missionary here on the bed?” said Steve’s father.

Steve’s mother immediately rolled over onto her back spreading her legs wide and showing that wet ready twat.

“Give me what I need Stevie!” said his mother.

“I remember the first rule!” chuckled Steve.

His gigantic hard-on sticking out from his crotch bounced from side to side as Steve rolled over and up to his knees. He approached his mom’s waiting snatch and placed the bulbous cock-head at the entrance to her vagina. With a little push it slid inside her and then Steve drove his hips forward quickly burying his whole shaft in his mother’s hot slippery cunt.

“Oh baby!” said Steve’s mother, “I love that big cock!”

Steve started to stroke in and out of his mother’s pussy enjoying the silky caresses her love channel gave his throbbing dick. Out of the corner of his eye Steve saw his father cross to the other side of the bed right behind his mother’s head. Steve’s father grabbed his mother’s ankles and pulled them forward towards him where they ended up on his shoulders. Steve’s father’s cock was also at full attention and as he moved forward Steve’s mother’s mouth opened up like a little bird waiting for a most delicious meal. Steve’s father’s prick slid between her lips and right down her throat!

Steve now was one his knees with his hands on either side of his mom’s body looking down on her writhing in pleasure with two cocks in her.

“Oh suck that cock Helen!” said his father, “Suck it good!”

The two men filling her from both ends increased their tempo while Steve’s mom hummed with joy between them. The plunging cocks got faster and faster until suddenly Steve’s mom bridged her back bending so hard Steve thought her head might touch her ass. Her cunt grabbed and pulled at Steve’s cock incredibly hard, almost as hard as the first time they had fucked. Steve’s balls emptied themselves into her suctioning twat. Steve could see his father’s cock shooting a load down her throat as is it too grabbed at his prick. The three lovers came and came finally collapsing in a twisted heap on the bed where they all lay for quite a while.

“I need a hot shower now!” said Steve’s mom, “Who wants to come with?”

Steve and his father both followed Steve’s mom’s bouncing tits and swinging ass into the bathroom. She started the hot water and enjoyed the attention as both men rubber her luscious body with soapy rags. The guys had to do themselves as Steve’s mother didn’t want to pick a “favorite”. The two men toweled her body so much she had to tell them to stop or her skin was going to be rubbed off but she clearly loved being the center of the whole scene.

The three rejuvenated lovers returned to Steve’s parents’ bedroom.

“Now the big test!” said Steve’s father.

“Its really going to be a big test!” said Steve’s mother, “Think I can pass?”

Steve was confused about what they were talking about and must have looked it too.

“Better get him hard!” said Steve’s father.

Steve’s mother dropped to her knees right away and started to lick Steve’s limp prick. She ran her tongue along its full length starting the process of making his cock swell. She rubbed the shaft and flared head on her cheek while kissing the shaft.

“Jesus this thing is huge!” she said, “I just can’t get it shoved in me enough!”

“Well we see about that soon!” said Steve’s dad as he lay under Steve’s squatting mom and licked her pussy while she sucked Steve’s cock.

Steve’s cock swelled to its immense fully erect size and Steve thought his mom was going to deep throat him again. Instead she stood up and once again faced the mirror bending at the waist. Steve thought she wanted it doggie again and moved towards her beckoning body.

“Not so fast partner!” said Steve’s father, “Better lube up or you will hurt her for sure!”

“I’ve been in her cunt before!” said Steve, “She stretches right around it.”

“Not her cunt!” said Steve’s father, “She wants that big fucker up her ass!”

Steve’s father handed him the tube from the bag and Steve realized that it was water based lube. He squeezed a fair amount out of the tube right onto his rigid cock. Then he took his hand and smeared all over the first half of his monster pecker making sure the head had a good covering. Then he moved forward and placed the head at his mother’s shitter. Slowly he pushed the massive member into his mother’s ass. The huge flared head slid past the ring of anal muscles and the head of his fuck stick was now firmly planted in his mother’s ass.

“Oh Christ!” groaned Steve’s mom, “Just take it slow with that giant!”

Steve grabbed her waist with both hands and slowly pushed until all of his cock was in his mother’s ass.

“God it feels like a telephone pole has been shoved up my ass Don!” said his mother.

Steve’s big prick was indeed embedded to the hilt in his mother’s ass which gripped his pecker as tightly as humanly possible. Steve could see his father in the mirror sitting on the bench at the bottom of his parents’ bed. His cock was fully erect now too.

“Slid it in and out a bit to get the feel for her ass!” said Steve’s father.

Obediently Steve started to piston his prick in and out of his mother’s ass. Her ass grabbed onto his cock even tighter than her hot cunt.

“Now come over and let’s party!” said Steve’s father.

Steve’s mother straightened up and started to turn. With his huge fucker stuck in her ass Steve could only follow. She moved slowly over to the bench where Steve’s father sat on the end. She grabbed Steve’s father’s shoulders and slowly lowered her juicy cunt over his prick sliding inch by inch into her hot quim until Steve’s father’s cock was totally enveloped by her wanton body!

“I really love two cocks in me!” said Steve’s mom, “The only thing better is..”

“Having three cocks in you!” chuckled Steve’s father finishing her sentence for her.

“You know how much I love cock!” said Steve’s mother as she started to piston her body up and down.

Her motions rubbed the two cocks with her body and Steve could also feel his big prick rub his father’s prick through the thin membrane separating them.

Steve’s mother started moving faster and faster making joyful cooing and mewing noises. She started to arch her back and Steve reached around to grab her nipples only to find his father had beat him to it. So Steve decided to do what had set her off that first night and dropped his hands down into her crotch. He slipped both forefingers into her dripping wet slot and used them to capture her hard clit between them. As Steve’s mother started to orgasm Steve pushed on her captured clit and used his one ring finger to rub the exposed sensitive end. Steve’s mother went totally rigid again all of her muscles clamping down as hard as them could. The three lovers were transported to sexual nirvana together for what seemed like hours. Finally Steve’s mother’s muscles could not stay taut any more and the three once more collapsed in a heap on the bed.

“Holy fuck!” said Steve’s father weakly, “What the hell was that?”

“That was my little boy!” said Steve’s mother, “Isn’t he wonderful?”

After the three rested for a while Steve’s mother finally said, “I need another shower. Want to come with?”

The two men followed her into the bathroom once again like little puppies.

The three way shower was repeated but this time on exiting Steve’s father put his arm in front of Steve to keep him from following his parents down the hall.

“Better go to sleep right now!” said Steve’s father, “We’ll be leaving early to go to Dan and Clare’s.”

“And if you come into the bed with us none of us will get any sleep.” said Steve’s mother, “At least I know I won’t!”

“Why are we going to Grandpa Dan’s and Grandma Clare’s?” said Steve.

“You’ll find out when we get there.” said his parents in unison.

Steve did find out a lot when he got to his Grandparents’ house and he learned a lot on the drive there.

But those are for another story.

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