father daughter incest


As with all my stories, all characters are at least 18 years old and any forced compliance is pure role-play style fantasy.

This was written by request for a “fan” of my other stories and strays a little beyond my usual stuff, a bit more aggressive…a bit of “use & abuse”…as per her request.


I was returning home with a few buddies of mine, we’d foolishly gone out to a bar to watch a pay-per-view fight that ended about half a minute into the second round. We figured why stay and deal with an obnoxious crowd when we could go back to my place, drink the beer in the fridge and still catch most of the game on the 65-incher in my media room. We hopped a cab and a little while later were staggering into the house through the kitchen. I quickly hushed the boys when I heard something I didn’t expect to hear.

We quietly followed the sounds of fucking, obviously a porno…what sounded like an orgy from all the different voices and moans, down the hallway. I paused outside the closed door and held a finger to my lips as I reached for the knob. Slowly opening it, I peaked inside and was met with the sight of a lovely young girl up on the TV, smiling like a cheshire cat as two cocks spewed their goo all over her face. The room smelled faintly musky, it smelled faintly of sex and soft squishing sounds and moans could also be heard, clearly in the room and not from the tv. Right in front of me was the large couch planted directly in the room’s “sweet spot” for both and picture and sound, I could just barely make out the top of someone head.

I motioned for the boys to wait at the door and snuck up to the couch, peering over I saw a young girl slouched down with her shorts and underwear down around ankles and her feet on the table in front of her, knees spread wide. Her left hand was up under her light cotton T-shirt twisting and pulling on her nipple while her right was eagerly pumping two of the little fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She moaned more intensely, she was getting closer to cumming. The image on the screen changed, the wider angle showed the young girl with the face full of cum was not fucking just two men but was surrounded by six. The two who had just made a mess of her were stepping back and two more approached as the rest stood around stroking their eager cocks.

One of the new guys, a tall, chubby, balding middle-age man, grabbed her roughly. She giggled excitedly as he flipped her over on the floor to put her on her hands and knees. The girl on my couch, I could now tell that it was my daughter’s friend Karen, was frigging her little cunt faster and moaning a bit louder. The little slut on the screen was being approached by the other new guy, a semi-buff, silver-haired man at least in his mid-60′s, who was now down on his knees in front of her feeding her his cock. She eagerly attacked it, swallowing it all down her well-trained throat in one try. Karen’s moans started to turn to whines. The big chubby beast moved in behind her and rubbed his hand against her dripping pussy, applied her juices to his cock, then in one hard thrust drove it all the way into her. She screamed her pleasure as best she could with her mouth wrapped around “grampa’s” meat.

Chubby began to pound her hard from behind, slapping her ass and telling her she was a bad girl. Karen’s hand moved fast and hard, her other hand moved from her nipple to her clit and began feverishly rubbing. He told her she could be a good girl if she did everything he told her. Karen’s whines and moans evolved into dirty talk.

“Oh! Oh, fuck! Oh, GOD, yes!” she began. Her body was tensing, her back began to arch almost lifting her ass up off the couch. “Fuck me! Oh please fuck me, daddy! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck your little slut!”

“KAREN! What the hell are you doing,” I shouted in my loud, stern father voice.

“What?! I-who–?! Oh, JESUS!” She was surprised and in a daze having be interrupted only seconds before what was clearing going to be an orgasmic explosion.

“What are you doing here, young lady?!”

“I-I-I was–” she stammered. Her senses quickly started to return and she reached to pull her shorts and panties up to cover herself.

“STOP! Don’t you move, you just sit there like that for a minute.”

“Why are you in my house?” She stared right into my eyes in a panic. I held her gaze for a moment and then let her watch my eyes glide down over her young body, when they reached her soaking cunt I gave my lips a subtle lick.

I looked back to her eyes, she quickly averted them and tried again to speak, “I-I was going to spend the night with Janie, we have plans in the morning.” She squirmed a little more and her hand slowly moved to cover her pussy.

“DON’T MOVE, Karen.” Her hand returned to it’s previous position leaving her hot young womanhood open to my view.

“The theater called, they needed Janie to work tonight. She said I should just stay here and she’d be home early if she could. And I–”

“Whose movie is this, Karen? I know it’s not one of mine or my wife’s.” She looked a little shocked that I admitted my wife and I watch porn. “Did you bring this with you? Where did you get it?”

“I-I don’t…”


She looked terrified and humiliated. “It’s…it’s Janie’s! She gave it to me when she left and said everyone would be out all night and that she thought I’d…like it.” I guess I wasn’t too stunned Janie had something like gonzo gangbang porn. She got a double dose of kinky genes from her mom and me. “Please! Please just don’t tell my mom! She would completely freak out and–”

“Oh, I just bet your parents would. Especially…DADDY, I imagine.” I emphasized the word ‘daddy’ and she almost cringed when it sunk in that I had heard her begging for daddy’s dick.

“I…” she looked up at me, a little flash of anger in her eyes, “I don’t have a dad.”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot.” I stepped closer, straddling her legs, unzipped by jeans and pulled my half hard cock out just feet in front of her. “Maybe it’s time you had a daddy, Karen.”

Still slouched back on the couch she looked up at me, a dash of fear and confusion on her face. “What are you doing,” she almost whimpered. “You can’t…I ummm…you’re married. You’re Janie’s dad!”

“Now I’m your daddy too,” I said kindly as I bent and placed a hand behind her neck, pulling her face toward my cock. “Show daddy what a good girl you can be.”

“NO!” She tried to pull back, I held tight to the back of her neck as she put her little hands on my thighs and tried to push herself away.

My hand shifted from her neck to grab a handful of her soft brown hair, she winced as I pulled her by the hair closer to my now fully erect cock. She tried to pull away, to turn her head from coming closer to me. I pulled a little harder, now with both my large hands clutching her hair. I could tell it was starting to hurt her.

“Karen.” She continued to struggle even as I eased up a bit. “KAREN!” She looked up at me, her struggling lessened. “Karen, you are either going to be a good girl and do what daddy tells you to, or I would like you to leave this house right now.”

She was clearly confused as she stared up at me in silence for as brief moment. “But…does that mean I can’t be Janie’s friend anymore?”

I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. “Of course not, silly girl. Nothing else changes, you’re still my daughter’s best friend and you’ll always be welcome here…but this is your only opportunity to learn what it means to be daddy’s little girl.” I released her hair and stood upright, looking down at her she seemed so small and helpless.

A long moment passed in silence as she thought, clearly confused and being pulled in many emotional directions at once. Then she looked up directly into my eyes and managed a nervous smile as she spoke timidly, “Show me how to be a good girl….daddy.”

I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips, she whimpered. I looked down at her smiling and nodded, answering her unspoken question. He soft little hand slowly reached out and wrapped itself around my eager dick. As she lightly stroked it, she examined it with a sense of wonderment then stuck her soft pink tongue out and licked the pre-cum drooling from its tip.

“Daddy,” she said, now smiling and with a hint of little girl in her voice, “can I suck on it?”

“Do you know how? Have you done it before?”

“Yes, daddy, but never with a dick this big.”

“Show daddy what you can do, little girl.”

Wasting no time she opened her small mouth as wide as she could and engulfed my dick, immediately shoving it as far into her hungry little louth as possible. She furiously bobbed her head up and down, occasionally gagging when she went a bit too far. I pulled off my shirt, looked over at the boys and nodded as they too began to quietly undress. Karen sat forward and slowly pressed her mouth down farther down on my cock, gradually easing it into her tight throat.

“Good girl,” I said as I once again grabbed her hair in both fists and shoved my cock deeper.

She whimpered with fear as I forced myself further into her young mouth. She slapped at my thigh and whined, trying to pull away. I shushed her and she looked up at me with tears forming in her eyes, trying to relax. Holding her head tightly I slowly began to pump my hips, fucking her fresh young face. The choking went away as she began to figure out how to take it down her throat and eventually I was all the way down her throat, her nose buried in my pubic hair. I felt her soft little tongue wriggling against my balls as she smashed her face into me. I held her there until she needed air then pulled myself from her mouth completely. She gasped for air, a long trail of saliva trail from her bright pink lips to my rigid dick.

“Am I,” she gasped for air, “am I good girl, daddy?”

“So far, little girl.” I dropped my pants and flopped onto the couch next to her. “Now, stand up and take off all your clothes. Stay facing that way, daddy wants to watch that round little ass.”

She stripped quickly, obviously eager to continue, and I pulled her back down onto the couch beside me before she could turn and see the others by accident. She leaned over immediately and once again consumed my aching cock, there was no doubt I was going to come much sooner than I’d like. At least the first time. I rested a hand on the back of her head and it bounced up and down in my lap, her plump little ass in the air. She began to moan and it became obvious she was playing with her pussy again. SLAP!!! My big, rough hand came down across the pale, fleshy cheek of her ass. She flinched and stopped sucking but my cock never left her mouth. Good girl, I thought to myself.

“You’re not allowed to touch yourself unless daddy tells you okay.” SLAP!! I spanked her ass a second time to reinforce my point. She winced again but I could tell by the sounds escaping from around my cock she liked it. “Now you get back to work and let daddy tend to that hot little pussy.”

Her mouth went right back to work, scarcely missing a beat as I reached over, grabbed her hips and lifted that wet young pussy up to my face. Her sucking became more fierce as I dove in, burying my tongue in that juicy little twat. Her abundant juices spread all over my mouth and nose, the smell of her was enticing. I smashed my face against her, wriggling my tongue even deeper inside her, clutching roughly at her ass with both hands, I spreading her cheeks. She moaned in ecstasy and drove her mouth harder on my cock. I rocked my hips, fucking up between her soft lips. She ground her pussy against me, smashing it into my face. Reaching up, I inserted one finger into her cunt and removed it dripping with her wetness. We were both so close to cumming it was almost unbearable for us both. Without warning I buried the pussy-slicked finger into her little virgin asshole and she exploded.

“OH JESUS! FUCK, DADDY!! FUCK!!” She bucked against me throwing her head back, her entire body writhed and shuddered, she grunted like an animal. As the sensations wracking her body finally began to subside enough for her to regain some control she growled, “Give it to me, daddy! Give your little girl a mouthful of hot cum! I want your fucking cum, daddy!

And with that she enveloped me again, fucking my cock with her wanton mouth feverishly. I could feel myself getting closer. Little Karen never slowed, she wanted that cum and she wanted it now. I held until I just couldn’t bear it any longer then flooded her mouth with the first blast of a warm, salty spunk. She coughed as it hit the back of her throat but never slowed. She worked my cock in her mouth relentlessly and I launched shot after shot of thick, white seed into her. There was so much it began to leak from her lips and run down to my balls. She continued sucking even after my final weak spurt of cum, desperate to draw every last bit from me.

“Oh, thank you, daddy,” she cried as her tongue and lips hunted down the cum that had escaped her before, massaging my balls with her mouth as she collected it. “Thank you for all this yummy cum, daddy.” All the spunk collected, she lowered her head and nuzzled her cheek affectionately against my deflating cock. “I can’t believe this happened.”

“You did a very good job, little girl,” I gave her a few light spanks on her juicy ass, “but you sound like you think you’re done.”

When she quickly climbed off me and sat up to her knees to look at me her cum smeared mouth dropped open. Her hands quickly moved to try to cover her private bits as she looked around her to see the three other men standing around us, each naked and stroking rock hard cocks ready for her attentions. She gulped nervously as the situation cleared itself in her mind and she realized she knew these men. Chuck Jackson, my neighbor who she’d known since before we moved here, Kyle Ortez, her high school guidance counselor, and Tom Avery, the father of her on-again-off-again boyfriend. All of them had just watched her eagerly take my cum and all of them were ready for their turn.

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