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All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.


After tracking Patty across worlds, finding Gabriela took hardly any effort.

Picking up on a signal was the easy part. Blocking out all the noise was more of a challenge. It was like there was an endless supply of information out there that he’d never realized was open to him, but most of it was useless. Not unlike the experience he’d had when he’d first logged onto the internet. But once he learned a few tricks for filtering out what he didn’t need, it was surprisingly easy to find exactly what he was looking for.

They found Gabriela and Eric on House Moody’s private island, outside what used to be the beach house but was now a modern villa. They sat on a terrace above the pool, drinking cocktails and looking awfully damned relaxed for people who were on the king’s hit list.

Upon seeing them, Gabriela stood up so quickly that she knocked her chair on its back. Without bothering to pick it back up, she rushed over to them and pulled Patty into a hug.

A few minutes later, they all sat at the table, drinking their preferred beverages.

It all felt too good to be true. Too quiet. Things had been so crazy ever since they’d officially joined the First Court of Summer a few days ago. Or a few hours ago, depending upon whose perspective you took. Either way, Nick’s experience with the Homelands made it hard to believe that they could just sit there and relax, without a care in the world.

Of course, things had changed a lot since they’d first arrived in Summer. Even since they’d left to go get Patty. There was a new king, for one thing.

But, in a way, that only added to Nick’s sense that this was all a bit too much like a fairy tale. The evil king was slain, and the good king, their very own father, now sat the throne. The sun was shining, birds were in the sky, their home was rebuilt, and the damsel was no longer in distress. A perfect storybook ending.

Except that it wasn’t.

Step-mothers were supposed to be wicked, not beautiful and brave and caring. The hero was supposed to slay the dragon, not be a dragon. And guys like Wes weren’t supposed to die. Especially not while trying to rescue a son who wasn’t even in any danger.

The inevitable conclusion was that their father had flat-out lied to them.

Yes, Gabriela insisted that Hank might simply have been mistaken. And Eric seemed almost convinced of his mother’s interpretation of events. But he was probably just unwilling to disagree with her publicly. And she saw what she wanted to see in the man she still carried something of a torch for. As far as Nick was concerned, things had worked out a bit too conveniently for a man who, according to Eric, ascended the throne ever so reluctantly.

Eric had apparently considered claiming the throne for himself. But he’d ultimate concluded that commanding the respect of the other houses would take someone older, stronger, and with a larger family at his back. If he hadn’t done as much growing up in the last few days as it sounded like he had, though, would their father really have stepped aside?

Nick doubted it. And if he had, he’d probably immediately have set to work on a plan to depose his son. All while claiming to be his most fervent supporter.

Nobody seemed to want to hear his reservations about how happy their happy ending was though. Perhaps Veronica would have been open to hearing what he had to say, if the two of them were alone. But the Moodys were not, and when that became clear, even his sister encouraged him to back off. So Nick held his tongue.

Instead, he marveled at the sword that had been returned to House Moody by the aunt none of them had realized they had, and made the obligatory jokes about how large and impressive it was. Everyone found that nice and amusing. Then he listened politely as Patty described the Eternal Garden of the Sun for Eric and her mother. Finally, Nick told Eric and Patty about the grandmother and grandfather they barely remembered and wouldn’t recognize, insisting that they let him and Veronica take them to their grandparents’ cabin and reintroduce everyone to one another.

Patty was quick enough to agree to that, but, upon noticing the utter lack of enthusiasm Gabriela expressed for spending quality time with her ex-wife and her parents, Eric mumbled something noncommittal. And no one seemed to pick up on the fact that Nick hadn’t been proposing that they do so at some unspecified time in the future.

Perhaps that was just as well though.

They all needed time to decompress. And Patty probably wasn’t in any hurry to meet anyone’s grandparents again anytime soon. Nick and Veronica could try to assure her that Flori and Randy were as nice as accepting as could be, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. Not so soon after her experience with Kurt’s grandfather.

In the meantime, Nick called his grandmother to fill her in on what had happened. If you could actually say that what he did was “call” her. Though he had held his phone up to his ear, doing so was as much a means of focusing his effort as anything. Whatever it was that allowed him to speak to his grandmother, it wasn’t a cellular network. And there was undoubtedly a reason that he “got better reception” than Veronica, who didn’t seem to be able to use her cell phone here for much besides keeping time.

Turned out that his grandparents already knew about Hank, seeing as he’d paid them a visit. And when he had, apparently, Annie had left with him. Nick wasn’t sure how he felt about that. And neither was his grandmother. Especially after he explained that Patty and Kurt had never been in any danger. That Hank had almost certainly lied to them. For a moment there, his grandmother considered paying Hank a visit, but she thought better of it in the end. The threat wasn’t that Hank was going to hurt her so much as that he’d try to turn her into a pawn. He’d only be more likely to succeed in that endeavor if they allowed him to turn Annie’s family into the bad guys. Which they would be, if they treated her like a child who couldn’t decide for herself whom to trust and whom not to. So, for the time being, there was nothing for them to do but hope that Annie saw through his charm.

By the time Nick got off the phone with his grandmother, the others had finished their mostly full drinks and started on another round. They were pouring pretty generously too.

As a result, their conversation started to take a racier turn.

Part of Nick wanted to push back against the trend. Wanted to insist that they had a lot of serious shit on their plates that they ought to be focusing on.

But there wasn’t anything they could do about any of it anyway. Not Annie, not Kurt, and most definitely not poor Uncle Wes.

Besides, he had the same urges as the rest of them. He was tired of worrying. Tired of pushing himself to the breaking point, trying to learn how to use his talents in new ways. And he was dying to show Patty how glad he was to have her back.

So Nick gulped down the rest of his drink, put his arm around Veronica, and allowed himself to relax. Gradually, he felt his concerns fading into the background and his sex drive slipping into high gear.

All three of the women looked amazing. He’d almost forgotten that it was possible for women other than Veronica to turn him on. That he’d once thought, and probably still did, that Gabriela had the best body he’d ever seen.

Now that he took the time to notice her again, he remembered how huge and perfect her breasts were. How absurdly small her waist was relative to her broad hips. And how much fun it had been when he and Eric had sucked milk from those divine beauties. He’d even forgotten how pretty she was. Nick preferred brunettes to blondes, and brown eyes to blue, but any man who denied that Gabriela was beautiful needed to have his eyes checked.

Patty had the same blonde hair and blue eyes, but she was even less his type than her mother was, given that her breasts were a bit too small to be paired with that glorious ass of hers. Even so, she was more than a little enticing. Her lower body was about as attractive as any Nick had ever seen. And though her breasts might not have been proportional to her figure, they certainly weren’t small. The skimpy bikini she wore was doing a helluva job making it impossible for anyone to overlook them too. And though she wasn’t as pretty as either her mother or Veronica, she was definitely cute. She had round cheeks, a pointy little chin, and a button nose.

The last time he’d been with Patty had been in a threesome, as was true of her mother. But Nick had shared her with Veronica, not Erica. His two sisters had impressive chemistry together, even though Vee wasn’t all that into women.

Nick smiled at the thought that he might get to recreate both of those memories.


Gabriela was of two minds about the looks her sons were giving her daughter.

On the one hand, the raw lust she found there was positively contagious. Everyone had sex on their minds, and that would have made it impossible for Gabriela to think about anything else herself if she hadn’t been already. As it was, it was taking her from aroused to desperately in need of a good dick.

Yet she also found herself jealous of Patty.

She knew that she shouldn’t have been. That it was only natural, after fearing that they might never see her again, that Nick and Eric would be a bit more fixated on Patty than anyone else. Besides, Patty had, for all intents and purposes, just broken up with Kurt. Gabriela had Eric and Veronica had Nick, but Patty had no one. Though they all had each other, in a sense, they all knew that their kind tended to form strong bonds, very much akin to traditional relationships. A good mother would be comfortable sharing with her daughter given those particular circumstances.

And she was.

For the most part.

If Eric decided to split himself in two so that Gabriela didn’t actually have to share in order for Patty to get a piece of her brother, well, that would be just fine with Gabriela. She didn’t want to suggest it though. He should just know that the situation called for that.

And, much to her satisfaction, he did. Took him a little longer than it perhaps should have, but he got there in the end.

“I just keep going back to how strange it is that it’s only been a few hours for you,” Eric had said to Patty. “Shit, it’s only been a few days for us, but that still feels like forever.”

“That definitely is strange,” Patty had replied. “Sometimes I still don’t quite believe this is all real. Summer, the Eternal Garden, the whole damn Homelands. It’s crazy.”

“Sure is,” Veronica had agreed.

“I mean, it really feels like I haven’t seen you in the longest time,” Eric then said, placing a hand on his sister’s thigh. “Or felt your sweet lips against mine.”

As he said that, a second Eric stood up from his chair and came around behind Gabriela to give her a back rub. She sighed as his strong hands doggedly chased the tension away.

Her son was really getting to be good with his hands. And everything else. Under her watchful eye, he was blossoming into as fine a man as Gabriela had ever dreamed of.

She closed her eyes and pictured him trading blows with Phil. Busy as she’d been fending off the king herself, she’d hardly caught a glimpse of their duel. But her mind’s eye filled in the details. She watched her son’s muscles ripple and bulge as he guided that massive sword through graceful arcs, casually deflecting Phil’s clumsy blows. When Gabriela pictured Eric running the king through, she shuddered.

It was Hank who slew Phil. But in her mind, Eric was the kingslayer.

He’d been right to refuse the throne. For now. But she was more certain than ever that one day he’d wear the crown. Immortals would come from every isle to kneel before him and kiss his feet. How many women could say they’d given birth to royalty?

Eric bent down and kissed her back and shoulders a few times. His lips barely brushed her skin, but still they sent shivers down her spine. The feel of his warm breath against her neck made other parts of her tingle as well. The anticipation was almost more than she could bear, and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

There’d been a time when he’d had only one setting. She still treasured his passion, but Gabriela was also pleased to see her son learning the art of seduction.

Of course, just as she started to think such things, he jerked her chair back sharply. Thus did her son remind her of the explosive power that forever lurked just beneath his surface.

She started to ask what he was doing, but forced herself to wait and see.

Now that her legs were no longer safely tucked under the table, there was room for her son to get down on his knees and worship her properly. With a soft sigh, Gabriela spread her legs for him. Eric flicked a nail lightly against her bathing suit and the one-piece went up in smoke, leaving her completely naked. Sitting on his haunches, still as a statue, her son stared between her legs.

With a nervous laugh, Gabriela ran her hands through his beautiful blonde hair. “Well?” she asked. “Everything in order, doc?”

“Sorry,” he said. “You’re just so beautiful,” he said.

She blushed, fighting the temptation to close her legs. What did he even mean by that? What went through a man’s mind as he stared at a vagina? What exactly differentiated a beautiful one from an ugly one? Was there such a thing?

Glancing down to her son’s groin, though, she found such concerns sliding away. The glorious sight she found there made her forget all about the inscrutable male mind. Whatever it was that he’d meant when he’d said her pussy was beautiful, he clearly did mean it. He was already as hard as a rock.

The sight of his huge penis fighting to break free from the confines of his shorts had Gabriela’s pussy juices flowing freely and her nipples hard. It pleased her to know that she was the one responsible for her son’s erection. Made her feel like she was the most beautiful woman in all the Homelands. The knowing smile her son gave her made her condition even worse. She needed his attention desperately. If he didn’t stop staring at her and start pleasuring her soon, she just might have a heart attack.

The moment his lips met her thighs, waves of ecstasy crashed into her. By the time he got to his destination, which took him quite a while, she was almost ready to cum. The way he looked up at her, blue eyes wide and full of unspoken promises, she knew that there was nothing her son wouldn’t do for her. Just as there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. They belonged together, as surely as any couple ever had.

And that was what they were. A couple.

Damn the stupid rules. She couldn’t bear the thought of having to pair up with another man for an entire year. Nor would she have to do so. Her former husband, who’d given her the greatest gift of her life in the form of their beautiful son, could change all that for her. Could change the court customs, or let those who were most loyal to him ignore them. It was in his power to allow her to fully enjoy the gift he’d given her.

First thing tomorrow, she would go to him.

Hank hadn’t always done right by her, but he wasn’t a monster. And he’d have to be to deny her the right to be with her son. Eric was simply too perfect.

She smiled to herself as she ran her hands through her son’s thick, shiny hair.

Gabriela hardly lasted two minutes before she exploded. The warm tongue and nimble fingers knew exactly where to touch her.

As ever, her son allowed her energy to pass into him, but refrained from truly exploiting her moment of vulnerability.

He then guided her through a second, slow-burning orgasm. She felt the beginnings of it in her labia, her nipples, her fingers and her toes. The tension increased ever so slowly, and her whole body began to tingle. There wasn’t air enough in all the world. The pleasure was almost — almost — more than she could take. At last, that sweet release came, and it hit her like a ton of bricks. Her whole body started spasming, and she sprayed ejaculate from between her legs. Then, as the aftershocks slowly faded away, she found herself adrift in a sea of bliss, weightless and free of all negative thoughts and feelings.

“Mmm, that was nice,” she said.

Her voice sounded breezy to her ears. Like she was stoned out of her mind.

Eric kissed her inner thigh once, twice, thrice, then stood up and offered her a hand. She waited a few moments before taking it, for fear that her legs would betray her if she tried to stand up too soon. The world was still spinning, but it was doing so less frantically. She reached out and took hold of her son’s strong hand.

He pulled hard, yanking her up suddenly.

So suddenly, in fact, that she kept right on going, heading straight for the table. Which, apparently, was the point. Moving faster than any man could move, Eric slipped up behind her, put one hand on her hip and one on her shoulder, and guided her into position. Bent over the table, ready to be taken from behind.

Gabriela trembled in anticipation.

Her wet pussy was still throbbing from the wonderful orgasms her son’s talented mouth had allowed her to experience. It was almost overwhelming. Her poor little girl could only handle so much of her son’s loving.

All the same, Gabriela was more than glad to put herself in her son’s hands. To let herself go completely and trust that exquisite pleasures awaited her.

As soon as her son put his huge cock against her opening, she whimpered. But, for some reason, Eric didn’t continue.

Why would he do that? To torture her?

“You’re so goddamn sexy, Mom,” he said. His powerful hands played with her ass, massaging and squeezing her cheeks. Each time his grip tightened, he let out a little whimper. “It’s almost hard to believe that any woman could look this good.”

Hearing her son compliment her was never an unwelcome turn of events, but just then, Gabriela didn’t want to hear his sweet words echoing softly inside her mind. She wanted to feel his hard cock thrusting firmly inside her hot cunt. She could almost feel the heat emanating from her son’s cock. Why wasn’t it inside her yet? Didn’t he realize what he was doing to her by making her wait like this?

“Please,” she moaned.

Eric surprised her once again. The glorious slab of meat that had been poised at her entrance went away, and, a moment later, she felt her son’s warm breath on her pussy lips. The pleasurable sensation made her squirm.

Was he really going to go down on her again?

She felt her son’s mouth press against her moist lips as he gave her a loud kiss. But then his mouth too abandoned her poor neglected womanhood. Gabriela was about ready to her scream at the top of her lungs.

“Had to do it, Mom,” Eric said. “I just can’t get enough of your pussy.”

Breathing heavy, Gabriela replied, “She loves you too, you know. But if you don’t quit torturing your mother, you’re going to be grounded until the end of time.”

Eric chuckled at the idle threat before finally showing her some mercy.

Her walls instinctively resisted him at first, but it was futile. He was too big, too strong, too insistent. And too perfect. She opened up for him, taking his throbbing cock all the way inside its rightful home.

As her son ravaged her the way a man should, Gabriela watched the other Eric and one of the two Nicks team up on Patty while the other Nick knelt between Veronica’s legs. It was a beautiful sight. Her whole family, what remained of it anyway, pleasuring one another.

Gabriela reached down and played with her swollen clitoris. Meanwhile, her son anchored himself with one hand on her shoulder and used the other to fondle one of her heavy breasts. She loved when he played with them. They were her best assets. They symbolized her ability to provide sustenance, to nourish a new life. Marked her as a woman, and a mother. The more attention they received, the more she felt validated.

“Keep going, baby,” she panted. “Fuck Mommy good.”

Eric grunted something like a response and picked up the pace. His balls slapped furiously against her crotch. She almost wondered how that wasn’t painful for him, but she wasn’t about to complain. The sweet friction he generated as his fat tool slid in and out of her love canal was quickly wearing her down. She was melting, her bones losing their ability to hold her upright and her juices pouring onto her son’s shaft. Any moment now, she would pop.

They should cum together, she decided.

As lost as she was in ecstasy, it wasn’t easy to do so, but she managed to exert enough control to make her insides spasm around his cock at just the right pace. Her rhythm formed the perfect complement to his. Just as he slid home, she’d grip him tight, release, then grip him again and hold for a second or two. Then Eric would pull back out, and she’d relax until he penetrated her again.

Meanwhile, she poured energy into his Libido, stoking the flames of his desire for her. Every little sensation he felt would be just a little more intense.

“Oh, fuck,” he grunted.

His thrusts slowed down as he presumably sought to delay his orgasm.

That was her cue to push even harder. It wasn’t going to take but a few more solid thrusts for her to finish herself. No sense holding back.

“Yes, yes, yes, YES!” Gabriela shouted.

Just as her climax hit, her son’s warm cum sprayed the insides of her womb. The feel of his potent spunk heightened her orgasm, as she allowed herself to imagine what it might be like to accept his gift. To conceive her son’s son.

The two of them would make such beautiful children together. Strong and tall. Taller than the children Hank had given her. Their skin would be bronze and their hair platinum blonde and their eyes breathtaking blue. She had but to open herself up, allow the energy in her Libido to combine with the life force contained in her son’s sperm.

With a sigh, she collapsed atop the glass table.

It was such a nice fantasy. But a fantasy it must remain.

“You’re a goddess,” her son whispered as he slipped out. Then Eric bent down and left a trail of kisses down her back. He gave her ass a playful tap before he stood back up.

If only she truly were a goddess. Then Gabriela could do as she pleased. Even if that meant giving birth to her son’s child, the way she was meant to do.

For a moment, she considered adding that to the list of requests she’d make of Hank. But she thought better of it. She might still have something of a collegial relationship with her former husband, but no king could grant such a request, be he a dear friend or a brutal tyrant. That was simply a line that they were not allowed to cross. Her parents had drilled that into her ever since they’d first initiated her.

Gabriela wiped a lock of sweat-dampened hair form her face then turned to face her son. She pressed a hand against his strong, hard abs. “When I’m with you, I feel like I am.” With a smile, she added, “And you’re my god.”

Eric smiled at her and planted a soft kiss on her lips.


When one Eric became two Erics, Patty’s jaw went slack. Her initial reaction wasn’t even dirty. She was just impressed, perhaps even a bit stunned, by the revelation that her brother had the power to do that.

She’d seen it done before, of course. But not by anyone as young and inexperienced as Eric. In fact, the only guy she could remember ever seeing do that was Uncle Wes.

That realization made her sad. She pushed it away as quickly as she could.

Though her uncle certainly deserved to be mourned, in due time, she deserved this first.

The naughtier implications of her brother’s talent soon became quite apparent. Especially after Nick followed Eric’s lead and split himself in two as well. That had Patty feeling flushed and dizzy and short of breath.

Suddenly, the problem of there being too few men in the family didn’t seem so bad. Veronica could have Nick all to herself, her mother could have Eric, and there’d still be not one but two gorgeous hunks for Patty to play with.

If only they’d learned how to do that a year or so ago.

Patty laughed nervously as Eric pulled her up from her chair and Nick pressed up against her back, gently fondling her ass with one hand while cupping a breast with the other. Meanwhile, Eric took hold of her other breast and freed it from her bikini top.

There were just so many hands!

How had she never had two guys at once before? If Patty were empress of the universe, every girl would experience that particular delight at least once before she died.

That both of her young studs happened to be brothers of hers only made it that much better. These were not guys who saw her as a fuck toy, an object to be used and discarded. They loved her. At least, in some sense. One had effectively waged war on the throne in a misguided attempt to rescue her, and the other had sought to kidnap the king’s sons, sacrificing his legs in the process, before traveling to the ends of the universe to find her.

There was certainly a enough lust directed towards just then to get her plenty wet. But if she was just some random piece of meat to them, it would have been completely different. Horny as she was, and as desperate to get off the emotional roller-coaster she’d been riding since they’d arrived in Summer, Patty probably still have gone along with it. But the fact that she wasn’t, that there was genuine affection backing up that lust, made her feel safe and warm and beautiful.

As Eric tweaked an increasingly stiff nipple, Nick dropped to his haunches and pulled Patty’s bikini bottom off with his teeth. Then he set about gently biting, kissing, and fondling her ass before spreading her cheeks wide apart and tongue-fucking her brown bud.

Analingus had once struck Patty as weird and gross and perverted. Something that people only did in porn. But there were a lot of nerve endings back there, and, if she was in the right mood, it was almost as good as having her pussy eaten. Maybe even better, if her partner really knew what he was doing.

Which Nick did.

For the most part, Patty had found that women were better at oral sex than men. To most guys, sex and penetration were synonymous. Most of them understood that their fingers and tongues had their uses too, but they generally saw such uses as lesser in importance. Good for “mere” foreplay and nothing else.

In that, as in so many other things, Nick was not like other guys. Mom-Jay had trained him well. That boy could work wonders with his tongue. She suspected he could get a statue to cum, and do it inside of three minutes flat. Heck, it wouldn’t even surprise Patty if her brother could use his tongue to cure cancer.

The expert service Nick was providing alone might have been enough to overwhelm her. That she was supposed to withstand that at the same time that Eric worshiped her modest little breasts was almost cruel. That was more pleasure than one woman could take.

Or so she’d thought at the time. Her understanding of how much pleasure she could endure was to be put to the test again and again that afternoon. But, just at the moment, she shuddered through as much oral onslaught as she could before pleading with her magnificent brothers to have mercy on her.

After Nick conjured up a cushion for her, Patty got down on all fours. Her one brother continued tossing her salad while the other knelt before her and offered her his gorgeous cock. She took it in both hands and set to work, doing her best to prove that was no less talented at pleasuring men than Nick was at pleasing women.

She doubted very much that she succeeded in that regard, of course. But Eric still seemed to appreciate her efforts.

He moaned louder than he usually did, gasped for air a few times, and his knees buckled periodically. The hand cupping the back of her head helped her figure out when he wanted her to take him deep in her throat and when he wanted her to focus all her effort on his sensitive head. She was surprised by how readily she opened her mouth wide enough to fit his python inside, how comfortable she was deep-throating his monster. Her brother wasn’t too terribly long, thankfully, but few men had such girth. A mortal woman, one who couldn’t unhinge her jaw like a snake, one whose muscles were prone to cramping up, couldn’t have done what she did.

By the time Eric busted his nut, Nick had already gotten her off twice. Without yet touching her pussy. Her whole body was warm and tingly. She hard even noticed that her brother’s seed had filled her mouth to overflowing. When he pulled out and jerked a few more sticky ropes onto her face and into her hair, she giggled. Part of her found it demeaning, and having her one eye plastered shut by his spunk was a bit awkward, but the euphoric state Nick had put her in left her willing to just go with the flow.

Besides, some part of her, a part she didn’t want to admit existed, thought it kind of hot. She imagined what her face must look like covered in her brother’s cum, and the dirty feeling excited her. It was a testament to her talent with fellatio and her overall desirability that she could make Eric ejaculate so much. All her life, she’d thought of herself as the type of girl guys liked to tease, but not the kind they fantasized about. The other girls had certainly done nothing to disabuse her of that notion. If they could see her now, with one guy licking her browneye and another painting her face white, they’d die of shock.

Patty scooped up a few globs of Eric’s jizz and licked them off her finger before willing the rest of his gunk away. Then she instructed Eric and Nick to trade places.

Eric was far more talented than she remembered. And surprisingly delicate. He didn’t quit make Patty melt faster than an ice cube in a volcano, the way Nick did, but he had learned more a few tricks. And his repertoire of tricks had rounded out nicely. He was no longer all intensity, all the time.

Meanwhile, she’d found Nick’s sweet spot and was exploiting it ruthlessly. He was a little longer than Eric, but not quite as thick. Except, of course, for his bulbous head. Getting that thing inside her mouth took some effort, and it felt funny sliding down her throat. But Patty had never wanted to please a man as badly as she did Nick at that moment. After things had crashed and burned with Kurt, and after seeing how happy he and Veronica made each other, Patty was determined to prove to her brother, and to herself, that she could make him hers if she so chose. She wouldn’t do that to Veronica, of course, but she need to know that she could. And every drop of cum that he poured down her throat or shot onto her face or tits suggested that she did indeed have what it would take to get her brother to crave her every bit as intensely as he did Veronica.

From there, she took turns with them. She had every intention of working her way up to having both of them fuck her at the same time, but she wanted to take her time to get reacquainted with each of them individually first.

Eric was still incredibly intense. He’d mastered a more diverse range of techniques than she recalled, but it was the powerful, passionate, confident, and aggressive man she remembered that she wanted most of all, and he was happy to provide it. At times, Patty wasn’t sure her poor little kitten could handle the punishment her brother was dishing out. It was like she was a slab of concrete being pulverized by his jackhammer of a cock. Or a tree trunk being sawed through by a lumberjack. Her lower body was on fire, both from that and the harsh slaps he was raining on her butt cheeks.

But it felt too damn good for her to ask him to stop.

A guy who could fill her up like that, could make her feel so desired, would have been a great lay even if he was bald, fat and ugly. And, of course, Eric was none of those things. He was shamefully, painfully, egregiously gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous that made her stop talking to girls she’d once been friends with, after they started turning every single conversation into another attempt to get Patty to promise to put in a good word for them with her brother. He had the perfect body to go with that perfect face too. A slender waist, if not so narrow as to make him seem effeminate, a barrel chest, broad, meaty shoulders, and biceps like bowling balls. His legs were long and powerful, his abdominals like a miniature mountain range. His ass was every woman’s idea of perfect and his calves were like baseballs. His skin was smooth and bronzed and his muscles perfectly toned.

Best of all, he’d either become a better lover or really had missed Patty. Whatever the reason, he looked her in the eye as he never had before. The hunger she found there made her heart flutter. Especially because she knew that Eric didn’t know what it meant to humor a girl. He’d never once in a life made a girl he didn’t care for feel special. Her brother was not known for flattery. When he used women for playthings, he made it clear that he was doing just that. There’d never been a shortage of women willing to debase themselves for him, after all. When he stared at her like that, ran his hands through her hair and whispered sweet nothings in her ear, she knew it was genuine.

In the end, Eric made Patty cum so hard she thought she might bite her tongue off.

Then Nick set about seducing her, and it was like being treated to the most decadent desert after savoring a perfectly spiced entree. Her brother made love, slowly and tenderly, to every part of her body. He used his mouth and his fingers as well as his eyes.

Patty had never realized how much she liked brown eyes.

In a sense, they were dreadfully common. But everyone in her family had blue eyes. And so did just about everyone in the Eternal Garden. When her brothers dark orbs met hers, his gaze unwavering, she felt weak and powerless. In all the right ways.

Those eyes were inscrutable.

Yes, inscrutable.

For the first time, Patty realized exactly why she’d never quite fallen for Nick as hard as Veronica had, and it wasn’t that he was too nerdy or that he made her feel insecure about her own intellectual capacity. Though he was amazing in a lot of ways, and she definitely did have strong feelings for him, he lacked the one thing she’d found so appealing about Kurt. Something that even Eric possessed in greater abundance.


Nick lavished praise on her, the same way he did most every woman. He wasn’t a serial flirt any more than Eric was. In fact, he’d always been pretty shy around girls. But since they’d been initiated into the ways of their people, Nick had, at one time or another, made Patty and Veronica and Jennifer and even Gabriela feel like the only woman alive. It was intoxicating, but some part of Patty had always known that she couldn’t take it too seriously.

He was an incredibly talented lover, though. Even once she realized that everything she felt with him was at least partly an illusion, Patty couldn’t keep herself from cumming buckets for her brother. Whether the emotions his face conveyed were real or not, her brother knew exactly how to please her. It was like her body was a book written in an obscure dialect. Most men could figure out the basics, but only Nick could unlock every little secret.

Though Nick was not as gorgeous as Eric, he was cute. She wished there was a better word for her to use, but it fit. He had dimples you could open bottles with. And Patty had a new appreciation for his caramel skin, brown eyes, and black hair, now that she’d been to the land of golden-skinned obnoxiously self-important angelic fuckwads. His body was nowhere near as divine as Eric’s either, but his muscles were every bit as well defined. Size wasn’t everything anyway. His biceps and chest and shoulders were all modest, compared to Eric’s, but he too had an exquisite eight pack with deep grooves between the rounded heads. Patty just loved pressing her hands against those hard mounds while her brother was on top of her, or while she was on top of him. And though Nick’s ass might have been smaller than Eric’s, it was just as tight and round.

Nick looked her in the eye more often too. Eric was better about that than he used to be, but compared to Nick, he was downright reluctant to make eye contact. Nick was so talented at making his partner feel like she was the only woman alive that Patty fell for it all over again, even though she’d just a few moments ago realized that he did that with every woman he was with. Not to mention that he was, at that very moment, making love to another woman while wearing a second body.

Fuck, but a girl could get lost in those deep brown pools.

“You have no idea how badly I’ve missed you, Patty,” he whispered at one point.


But the sheer intensity with which he said it made her skin tingle. Nevermind that it hadn’t even been a day since he’d last been inside her, or that he was probably telling Veronica something even more flattering at that very instant. She wanted it to be true so bad that she couldn’t help but believe it.

“I never should have left,” she said.

Finally, after Nick guided her through three small but very enjoyable orgasms, Patty declared that she needed a break. Not to mention a glass of water.

The sheer amount of fluids that her brothers had coaxed out of her was stunning. Patty had never cum so hard and so often. Nor had she realized that she was one of those girls who could ejaculate. She probably ought to have assumed that all the women of their kind could, in the right hands. But it took Nick to show her that.

While the three of them rehydrated, her brothers’ other bodies kept right on going. How they managed that, she couldn’t have said. Sure, she and the other women were feeding them a lot of energy. But still. It took all she had to stop herself from announcing that she was all sexed out for the day, and she was just wearing the one body.

Maybe if she didn’t find herself slipping into orgasm again every few minutes, she wouldn’t be feeling so drained.

Not that she was complaining.

When they started back up again, Patty was ready to take both of her brothers at once. Initially, that meant sucking one off while the other fucked her. She rode Eric cowgirl while Nick stood in front of her, holding her hair back from her face and feeding her his cock. Then she laid flat on her stomach and Nick took her ass while Eric sat in front of her, holding his dick in one hand and guiding her down to it with his other.

Her two brothers tasted wonderful. Nick’s cum had a hint of almonds. Eric’s was fruitier, but equally pleasant. She wished she could swallow more, but it was time to move on.

It had taken her a while, but she’d worked her way up to proposing that they DP her.

Butterflies filled her stomach as she said it. She’d never tried that before. The thought of it was simultaneously terrifying and titillating. Though Patty was pretty comfortable with anal sex, since every guy she’d ever been with had been fixated on her ass, even when it was done right, it was an intense experience. And that was without another guy in her pussy.

At the same time, it was hard to imagine any greater intimacy, or any stronger indication that men found her desirable. If they allowed her to direct things, didn’t try to dominate her, perhaps it would even be empowering.

It took a long time to coordinate everything. Just getting Nick inside her ass again, now that Eric was stretching her snatch good and wide, posed a challenge. Finding a way to make their movements work together, rather than at cross purposes, wasn’t any easier. A few times, she came very close to calling it a failed experiment.

In the end, though, everything started to gel. The sheer amount of physical stimulation was just this side of unbearable. And it was, as she’d hoped, a total power trip. She was the center of the universe. Her two brothers were slaves to her needs. Their hands went where she directed them. They went no slower and no faster than she commanded. And all the while, they showered her with compliments.

It wasn’t long after she rode her brothers to a series of intense climaxes that Patty fell asleep, right there on the cum-stained cushion.


The time with Patty was more than welcome. Eric hadn’t realized quite how much he’d missed her. While she’d been gone, it had never quite hit him that he might never see his sister again. He’d been too preoccupied with other thoughts, not least of which were figuring out how to get her back and arguing with the others about precisely that.

But, as fun as it was to fool around with her again, that wasn’t the release he’d been craving. After the whole ordeal with Phil and Nina and Hank, from their brief period of imprisonment to his uncle’s death to his father’s ascension, what Eric needed was his mother.

It made him feel like a horrible person, but when Patty passed out and Nick carried her inside to sleep in a clean bed, Eric was relieved. Not that she didn’t deserve a little something special. She did, and he was glad to give it to her. But so did his mother. And he was eager to focus all his attention on her.

Whereas Eric had collapsed back down to a single body after Patty tapped out, Nick’s double remained. The two of them shared Gabby while the other Nick continued to enjoy some alone time with Veronica.

To start out, Eric and Nick played with Gabby’s breasts, suckling at her pink nipples the way they had as infants. There they stood, side by side, worshiping her natural wonders.

Next, they took turns eating her pussy. Gabby tasted so good that Eric was beginning to see cunnilingus as a treat for him as much as for her. His sister’s juices were pleasant enough, but when he went down on Patty, he was aware that he was doing her a favor. With his mother, though, he’d have been glad to bury his face between her thighs for hours.

Well, maybe not hours. The need to be inside her couldn’t be ignored for that long. But it still came as a surprise to him that he enjoyed giving her head as much as he did.

After they pleasured her, Gabby sucked the two of them off at the same time. She would take one of them in her mouth for a few moments while jerking the other off, holding him by her face, switch cocks, then switch again. The whole time, Eric had been on edge, nervously wondering if she might make them joust for her amusement.

If she had, he’d have done it, simply to see the smile on her face.

There wasn’t much Eric wouldn’t do to put a smile on his mother’s face. But he was definitely glad that she hadn’t asked him to do that.

After he and his brother coated Gabby from forehead to navel in their cum, she cleaned herself up and said she was ready to have their stiff dicks inside her.

To think, he’d once preferred Olivia and even Zoey. How fucking crazy was that?

His cousin was pretty enough, but she lacked curves. And his aunt was a downright bitch. He hadn’t quite realized that before. She’d always been uptight, but he’d somehow convinced himself that the woman he’d known growing up wasn’t the real Zoey. That she’d only been wearing a mask, like his mothers. Only now was he realizing that however much their appearances had changed, the people inside never had. The woman he’d fallen in love with was the very same one who’d cut the crusts off his sandwiches and tied his shoes and criticized all his girlfriends. And, by the same token, Zoey was a lot nicer to look at now than she had been when he was a kid, but she was the same overprotective, controlling, judgmental cunt she’d always been.

And she wasn’t anywhere near as hot as he’d once thought either.

Maybe his resentment for the way she’d treated his mother was coloring his perception, but he honestly couldn’t remember why he’d once thought she was so attracted. Her long legs were almost like flower stems, her ass was a joke, and her breasts were only big by the standards of a world obsessed with anorexic waifs.

If they never saw Aunt Zoey again, that would be just fine with Eric.

Olivia, he’d done wrong by. Thinking about the way he’d been obsessed with her in the past gave him the same sense of shame that he got when he thought back to when he’d let Patty talk him into taking tap dance lessons with her. But however his thoughts about female body image had changed, his cousin deserved more from him. They’d been so close for so long. Granted, his cousin hadn’t stopped wearing masks after they’d been initiated into the ways of their family, so he’d never really known her as well as he’d thought he had. But, in the end, she’d proved herself to be her father’s daughter more so than her mother’s.

Not even a week ago, he’d have thought it an insult to Olivia to say that she took after Uncle Wes more than she did Aunt Zoey. But a lot had changed since then. He’d failed to look past the surface with Uncle Wes. And with Olivia too.

One day, he’d have to make things right with his cousin.

One day.

“You know, I was afraid it might be a long time before we got to do this again,” Nick told Gabby while they all took a break to catch their breath, his words breaking Eric out of his reverie. “This may sound weird, but it was always with you that I really felt like I was satisfying my Oedipal complex.”

Eric snickered.

He was glad that his brother was helping him give Gabby her proper due, but who was Nick kidding? Yes, Gabby was his mother. In a sense. But not in the same way that Jennifer was, and certainly not the sense that she was Eric’s mother. Sure, any guy who shared the age old obsession with mother-son sex would immediately recognize that Gabby was the very embodiment of motherly beauty. She had such broad hips, so perfectly suited to bearing children, and incredibly large breasts that were ideal for nurturing those children.

But all three of them knew full well that Nick had been thoroughly obsessed with Jennifer before he’d fallen head over heels for his sister.

Perhaps, like Eric, he’d seen the light. That wasn’t what he’d said though. Here he was, claiming that Gabby had always made him feel like he was acting out the primal drama that haunted all men’s fantasies more than his birth mother ever had.

And that was a fucking load of bullshit.

His mother seemed to be buying it though. “That’s not weird at all,” she told Nick, brushing his cheek with the backs of her fingers. “Your mother’s a beautiful woman. But she couldn’t, wouldn’t, give you what you needed.”

“Exactly,” Nick said.

And how would Jennifer like to hear him say that? How would Veronica?

Eric cleared his throat as he stepped up behind Gabby and wrapped his arms around her. “There’s no one else like her. Not in Summer, or anywhere else.”

His mother purred and leaned back against his chest.

Nick’s lips tightened. On the surface, Eric had been agreeing with him. But he’d also subtly signaled to his brother that Gabby was his. And that wasn’t lost on Nick.

He’d always been the perceptive one.

“So. Who’s for double penetration?” his mother asked, apparently oblivious to the little duel her sons were having over her. Or perhaps amused by it.

That made Eric’s heart beat faster. This wasn’t something she was open too. It was something she wanted. Craved, even. Because his mother’s sexuality knew no bounds. Nothing intimidated her, and nothing was quite enough for her.

He was not worthy of such a goddess.

But, then, no man was. Whomever she settled for, she’d be doing worse than she deserved. It was only through pure luck that Eric had turned out to be the winner of that lottery.

It didn’t take them nearly as long to get things going properly as it had with Patty. This was only the third time he’d done this with his mother, but each time, she grew more comfortable with it. The eagerness with which she requested it this time, the utter lack of nervousness or discomfort she showed as they got into position, so unlike the reluctance Patty had shown, made Eric’s dick throb.

The three of them become one, their movements perfectly harmonized as they marched in lockstep towards climax. Nick’s hands busied themselves with Gabby’s breasts while Eric fondled and lightly slapped his mother’s ass. Then Nick’s attention drifted downward and Eric played with his mother’s huge fun bags. All the while, Gabby worked her hips, riding her two stallions like the world depended on it.

When they reached their orgasms, they did so in unison. Afterwards, they collapsed together in a sweaty, sticky heap.


After all they’d been through, Veronica couldn’t blame Nick for wanting to spend some time with Patty. She even convinced herself that there was nothing wrong with the fact that he’d shared Gabriela with Eric even though Eric hadn’t felt the need to get reacquainted with Veronica. In fact, she was so relieved to see everyone again that she’d have been glad to hook up with some of the blonde-haired beauties herself.

But when she and her brother finally retired to one of the many luxurious bedrooms in the newly renovated Moody Summer home, Veronica felt a weight lift from her shoulders.

They weren’t a couple, however much she wanted to believe that they were. Their kind didn’t work that way. He could, and should, avail himself of the other women in the family. Just as she was free to take other men into her bed. Veronica understood that. And she was okay with it. More than okay, even. She looked forward to getting back to the cabin and discovering what it was like to make love to her grandfather without having to share him with Annie. So long as it was clear that Nick considered her special, that she could trust that whatever they did during the day, it was her bed he’d lie in at night, Veronica didn’t care how much recreational sex they had with other people.

It would be nice if he made it easier for her to believe that it was strictly recreational with the others though. The way he looked at Patty, the breathless tone with which he spoke both to and about her, awakened something ugly in Veronica. When he’d carried her into the house, he’d looked like a loving father putting his daughter to bed, or a groom crossing the threshold with his bride on the night of their wedding. She loved her sister to death, and it pained her to feel this way towards her. But she was having a harder time convincing herself that the attention Nick showed her meant nothing than she did with Gabriela.

Veronica had been tempted to ask Nick to carry her into the bedroom, but she knew how silly that would sound. In fact, she’d have been lucky if all her brother thought was that it was silly. Knowing him, he’d have guessed exactly what was going through her mind.

Of course, her Libido had undoubtedly betrayed her already. But so long as she did her best to keep it to herself, he couldn’t hold it against her, could he?

He closed the bedroom door behind them then took her in his arms. Her heart raced and her pussy ached. When Nick bent down, she closed her eyes and puckered up. But he only planted a peck on her cheek, cruelly leaving her lips unkissed.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” he said.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

Did that sound as desperate and pathetic to his ears as it did hers? Why hadn’t she kept her fool mouth shut? If he’d wanted to shower together, he’d have asked her to join him.

“I’ll just be a minute,” he said, kissing her forehead.

“Okay,” she said as she ran her fingers down his chest and between his chiseled abs. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

“Never,” he said with a faint grin.

Just as he started to pull away, she slipped the tips of two fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled back gently. “Is something wrong?”

Her brother tilted her head back with a single finger. Their eyes met and her brother’s unyielding gaze melted Veronica’s spine. “You tell me,” he said.

She looked away.


“It’s stupid,” she said.

He kissed the top of her head. “No it’s not.” His fingers ran through her hair. She loved when he did that. It didn’t feel like much, but every little touch from her brother took her breath away. The littlest ones most of all. “What would be stupid would be for me to ignore the fact that something’s bothering my baby.”

“Say it again,” she said.

“That you’re my baby?” he asked with a wan smile.

Veronica tapped her fist against her brother’s stony midsection so softly that it couldn’t really be called a punch. “You know what I mean.”

“I love you, Veronica.”

She sighed.

If she lived another hundred years, she’d never tire of hearing him say it. But never again would it carry the same weight as when he’d said it for the first time.

“You, and only you,” he added.

“Go take your shower.”

“I mean it. No one else-”

“No, I know,” she said as her hands made their way up to his hard chest and over to his exquisite deltoids. Each head was prominent and cleanly separated from the others. “I’m just being a stupid girl. You don’t need to say any more.”

“I’m glad she’s back,” he said. “I was worried about her. Same as you were.” Those eyes of his were so dark. So unlike their father’s. Yet every bit as arresting. Had she noticed that before? Once he locked gazes with her, she was completely powerless. Couldn’t move, couldn’t tell him that she’d already said he didn’t need to explain himself, couldn’t do anything but stare back at them. “But I’m not in love with her.”

Veronica responded by kissing his chest.

“Say the word and I’ll promise never to touch her again.”

Her throat went tight. Did he think her so petty? How could she demand that of him, when she herself wouldn’t agree to avoid all other men?

“Seriously, Nick. Go take your shower,” she said. “You stink.”

He chuckled, kissed the top of her head, gave her butt a soft smack, then left.

With a snap of her fingers, Veronica cleaned herself up. Then she changed out of her bathing suit and into something a bit naughtier. Nick hadn’t said anything, but she’d noticed the way he reacted the one time she’d worn stockings and heels for him. The sheer black baby doll and lacy panties made her feel sexy, but the red patent leather stilettos and fishnet thigh-highs were ridiculous. Not skanky, exactly, but like she was trying to be something she was not. She knew that Nick would like them though.

No, it was too much.

With a thought, her shoes turned into black pumps and her stockings went from fishnet to opaques. That was still a bit out of character for her, but she could see herself gradually becoming the kind of woman who felt at home in them. They were almost tasteful.

The pumps didn’t make nearly as much noise as the stilettos would have as she walked over to the mirrored dresser. Veronica studied her face for a few moments before setting to work on her makeup. Her cheeks were puffy and her eyebrows never looked right, no matter how much she shaped them or plucked them or willed them to fill out. But she had nice eyes. Twin to her brother’s eyes, really. And her lips had always made other girls jealous. Even Annie, who never missed an opportunity to tear her down. Veronica had always been proud of her hair too. Would Nick prefer it blonde though? Was that it?

“Of course not,” she told herself with a sigh. “And there’s no ‘it’ anyway.”

She’d just finished fixing her makeup when the bedroom door squeaked open.

“Oh, hey Vee,” Patty said. “Was looking for you guys. Sounded so quiet in here, though, I figured the room had to be empty.”

“Nick’s taking a shower,” she said.

“Ah.” Reluctantly, her sister came into the room, closing the door behind her.

Patty did look good. There’d have to be something wrong with Nick to ignore here.

She wore a flimsy white top that you could see right through and a matching pair of panties. With the sun shining right on her through the open window behind Veronica, Patty’s skin looked paler than it was. Veronica would hate to see what she’d look like if her tan faded, but her sister could probably pull off the fair-skinned look.

The girl had a slamming little body too.

She was of even shorter than Veronica’s mother and had a waist the size of Olivia’s, despite having a woman’s hips. Only Gabriela had a more extreme waist-to-hip ratio. Ever modest and self-deprecating, Patty had often referred to her thick thighs as haunches. But as she stared at her sister, Veronica found herself more than a little jealous of the girl’s legs. The message they’d received all their lives from the mortal world was that thin was beautiful. But Veronica had always thought real women had curves. And Nick thought so too. Patty’s breasts might not have been as big as Veronica’s, but her sister had a lower body that had to be seen to be believed. If she chose to wear stockings and heels, Veronica herself might have to pounce on her. She could only imagine how Nick would react.

“Sorry if I hogged all the attention earlier,” Patty said, fretting at her lower lip. “Just felt so good to be home again.”


Maybe that’s what Summer was, after all. Or maybe it didn’t matter where you were, so long as you were with your family. One way or another, her sister’s choice of words struck Veronica as oddly appropriate.

“Nice to have you home,” Veronica said.

Patty smiled. “You’re not mad at me?”

“Why would you think that?”

“You look like you’re ready to snap someone’s head off. And I don’t have any of my stuffed animals here with me.”

Oh, god. Did Patty still remember that? They’d been thirteen at the time. With all those hormones pumping through their bodies, it was a wonder that they’d never done anything worse to each other.

“Discovered you’ve got a knack for reading Libidos too?”

“So you are mad at me?” Patty said, folding her arms across her stomach.

“No,” Veronica said, walking over to her sister. “No,” she said again, taking Patty in her arms. Her sister smelled like peaches. The way she tasted. Suddenly, Veronica felt flushed. “I’m just a bit of a mess. These past few days have been crazy.”

Patty pushed a lock of hair back from Veronica’s face. Not with the familiarity that Nick would have. Hesitantly, like she didn’t want to presume too much. That innocent, vulnerable little gesture drained still more of the poison from Veronica’s blood.

“I’m so sorry I put you all through that,” her sister said.

“You didn’t,” Veronica said. “From the sound of it, Kurt did.”

“I guess. But he didn’t mean to either.”

“It’s okay. No one’s mad at him,” Veronica said. Her hands drifted from the small of Patty’s back to her ass. “Just meant that you certainly have nothing to apologize for.”

Damn. It hurt to admit, but she could see why Nick wasn’t too impressed with her ass, why he was so impressed with Patty’s. It was big, but not overly soft. Soft enough to be all kinds of squeezable, but there were mounds of steel beneath that layer of padding.

“I’m not sure I’d say no one’s mad at him,” Patty said. “Just not for that reason.”

Veronica gave her sister a bemused grin. “Want to talk about it?”

“Not really,” Patty said. “Mostly I want you to throw me down on the bed, rip my clothes off, and have your way with me.”

So Veronica did just that.

And she took her time doing it.

Trying to imagine what Nick would do in her shoes, and trying not to let that upset her, Veronica slowly made love to every part of her sister’s body. Every moan and sigh from her sister made her own pussy quiver. When she finally made her way between her sister’s luscious thighs, Veronica savored the sweet yet salty nectar of Patty’s juices.

Just as it got to be time to switch places, Nick emerged from the shower. The sight of those hard muscles, dripping wet and glistening in the afternoon sun, made her ache even more fiercely than she already was.

Over the next few hours, the jealousy Veronica had felt earlier stayed mercifully at bay. It wasn’t that Nick and Patty didn’t give her any reason to feel justified for being concerned. In fact, it was clear to her that when it was all over and her blood cooled off and she had a chance to overthink things again, she’d be even more anxious than ever.

But the pleasures they visited upon each other in that bed made it impossible for her to think about anything else.


The bedroom was exactly what Annie expected. Large, but not nearly as lavish as it could have been if her father had really wanted to go all out. All hardwood floors and dark, earthy tones with luxurious but comfortable furnishings. The bedposts and the legs of the furniture were gilded dragonclaws. But other than that, there was no sign of the mythical beast that her father deemed an expression of his true inner self.

She’d almost expected to find statues of them everywhere. Or a fireplace made to look like a dragon’s maw. Perhaps a painting of a dragon above the bed. But that would be too blatant, too ostentatious, for her father.

If any of those things had been there, though, Annie would probably just have found them endearing. There was something delightfully over-the-top about her father’s little obsession. She liked the idea that she’d tamed a dragon. Sat atop him and flew up into the sky, her head filled with clouds. Drank his fire.

The possibility for terrible metaphors was endless.

Shaking her head, she turned her attention back to the bedroom.

Though it was thoroughly impressive, it wasn’t the type of room that would make her feel she was spoiling if she so much as opened a drawer or sat on a couch.

“These are your quarters,” her father said, sweeping his hand out like a game show host.

A slap in Annie’s face.

“My quarters?” she asked. “I…I thought I’d stay with you.”

He turned around and cocked an eyebrow at her. “Well, you need somewhere to keep your stuff, don’t you? A place where you can have some privacy when you need it?”

Her heart raced. Was he suggesting what she thought he was suggesting?

“Of course you’re welcome to share my bed whenever you want,” her father said. “And I do hope that’s where you’ll be tonight. But I’ve learned the hard way that too much of a good thing can really kill all the intimacy.”

“You want me to move in?”

Annie felt like an idiot the moment the words left her lips.

Of course that’s what he was saying. Did she need it spelled out for her?

“There’s no pressure here,” he said, stepping closer to her and placing a hand on her shoulder. “You can think of this as your second home. Spend as much, or as little, time here as you want.” A hint of a smile formed on his lips. “No one’s trying to steal you away from your mother and your grandparents.”

“Of course not,” Annie said. “I didn’t mean that.”

He kissed her forehead then turned back to the room. “There’s a TV behind that wall there,” he said, gesturing towards a panel of stained wood. “A minibar underneath, of course. But don’t tell your father,” he added with a wink. “The nightstand drawer has some toys you may or may not want to use. And there’s a bunch of fitness equipment in the closet.” Turning back to her, he said, “In time, of course, you’ll realize that you can do whatever you want with the place without so much a lifting a finger. But I know it’s all still new to you. So I tried to think of everything.”

“Th-thank you,” she said.

Why was she stammering? Could there be a worse time for her spine to turn to jelly and her tongue to bloat up lie a blowfish?

“Take some time. Settle in. Figure out where everything is, make yourself pretty, have a drink,” her father said. “When you’re ready, you can join us out on the veranda.”

“Us?” she asked.

“There’s someone I’d like you to meet,” he said. Without any further clarification for that little bombshell, he kissed her on the cheek and left her all alone in her quarters.

Annie sighed the kind of sigh that she’d previously thought could only come from kids who wore all black and tons of eyeliner.

She didn’t feel like watching TV or working out or drinking by herself, let alone experimenting with her new sex toys. That would only make her father’s absence more unbearable. All she wanted to do was be with him. Preferably just the two of them, at that. But if he wanted her to meet someone, she’d humor him.

Like a good daughter.

It would look weird if she went right down, so she walked around the room, opening drawers and running her hands along the edges of the hand-carved furnishings. That ate up all of three minutes. She hadn’t even looked in the nightstand. With a nod to herself, Annie decided to take a quick shower. It was still hard not to think about her dragon mounting her, but the cold water did help cool her jets a little.

Afterwards, she took her time getting dressed. Even if she hadn’t been looking to eat up time, that much would have taken forever, what with all the choices her father had left her.

The top part of the wardrobe was full of beautiful evening gowns, cocktail dresses, skirts, and sundresses, all in a variety of cuts, colors, and lengths. In the drawers, she found all manner of other garments, from bras and panties in her exact size to lingerie and casual wear. There were tank tops, gym shorts, pajamas, jeans, T-shirts, blouses, everything. Some of it wasn’t quite her style, but a personal shopper who’d known her for years could have done worse. In fact, the only things that she had trouble picturing herself wearing were the fancier things. Her father somehow knew the exact right shades of the right color. To judge by how well represented each was, she even thought he could tell the difference between colors she absolutely loved and those she wore only once in a while.

After much indecision, she settled on a little black dress. It didn’t show a lot of imagination, but she figured that you just couldn’t go wrong with a classic like that. And it made her feel all grown up to wear it. Girls her age only slipped into stuff like that for prom night.

The vast collection of shoes that greeted her when she opened the closet almost made her cum. Row after row of pumps, flats, heels, boots, sandals, and tennis shoes stared back at her. She knew right away that she’d be able to find the exact right pair for any outfit, on any occasion. And they were, of course, all in her size.

Ultimately, she settled on a pair of black stilettos. The pair of with the silver bows were tempting too, but she wasn’t feeling daring enough for anything quite so catching. Even though there were some beautiful necklaces that would have gone perfectly with them.

Annie didn’t feel comfortable dipping into the jewelry collection. Her father wouldn’t have put it there if he didn’t intend for her to wear some, but it still felt like she’d be breaking some kind of rule. That stuff belonged to some other woman. An older woman. With enough class and elegance to know that real jewelry was the kind you wore around your neck, on your fingers, or in your ears, not dangling from your belly button or sticking out the side of your nose. What had ever made her think that looked good on her?

After going through the wardrobe and seeing the wonders awaiting her inside the close, it didn’t surprise Annie in the least to find the makeup kit of her dreams in the bathroom. She knew that their kind didn’t need to use cosmetics, and not just because they were naturally beautiful. Supernaturally so, she reminded herself. Point being, if she felt the need to augment her appearances at all, she could do so with a mere thought. Or should have been able to. As her father had said, this was all still new to her.

So Annie did her best to accentuate her eyes with some mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. Then she applied some brick red lipstick. Her skin had become so flawless ever since she’d come of age and instinctively dropped her mortal guise that she didn’t need anything else. It felt like she was cutting her routine in half though.

How had her mothers and sisters kept it all a secret from her for so long?

She’d known that she was different from other girls. Had spent hours online reading about women who didn’t get their periods until they were in their late teens. But aside from the whole lack of menstruation thing, she’d had no idea that her body was any different from that of her girlfriends. That the awkward bouts of acne she’d suffered through, and mastered the art of disguising, had only been a manifestation of some mask she’d subconsciously worn. It seemed so crazy to go to the effort of forcing herself to have imperfections that she then went to great pains to hide just so that she could fit in.

But that was all behind her now.

Here, in Summer, she could embrace her inner goddess. Flaunt her true appearance, without any shame or fear.

That thought sent shivers down her spine. Though there were still things she’d like to change about herself, she was one sexy bitch. And it was getting easier to tell herself that without wanting to either laugh or cry.

Convinced that her father would have no hope of resisting her, Annie left the room. She had to force herself not to walk too fast as she made her way through her father’s palace. In four inch heels, allowing her excitement to get the best of her was a recipe for a sprained ankle. Not to mention graceless as fuck.

The rest of the place belonged in a damned romance novel. Or maybe those silly fantasies that Veronica liked to read. The ones Annie had secretly borrowed a few times back in middle school, but had lost all interest in by the time she got to ninth grade.

There wasn’t enough room in her mind to take it in though. She was too focused on how pretty her feet looked in her heels and the wonders her low-cut dress was doing for her girls. Her father would flip his shit when he saw her. He’d also do a good job of containing his reaction, because he never really let anything show. But she’d know.

At least, that was the hope.

Before reality smacked her in the face.

Her father’s companion noticed Annie first, giving her a friendly wave. Even after the unjustly beautiful woman acknowledged Annie’s presence, her father still didn’t turn to face her. His eyes lingered on the impressive cleavage laid out before him. When he did greet Annie, he gave her a warm but brief smile then turned immediately back to the other woman.

As much as it hurt her to say so, though, she could see why she hadn’t gotten the reaction she’d hoped for from her father. This other woman was gorgeous. She had a prettier face than any Annie had ever seen. Even Olivia would have been jealous. The woman’s hair fell about her shoulders in a gentle waterfall, curling slightly at the tips. Near the root, it was dark brown, but the parts that had been exposed to the sun longer were closer to blonde. Her lightly tanned skin was shockingly pale by Summer’s standards, but that only served to accentuate her big, dark eyes and her ruby red lips.

Why had Annie gone with brick red? Ruby was so much more striking.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the baby blue dress she wore was so flimsy that you could see everything she had to hide. And she was hiding the kind of body Annie wished she had. Her breasts were about the same size as Annie’s, perhaps a touch smaller, but she was so much thinner that it seemed like she had a much bigger rack than she did. Her body was trim, toned, and athletic, but her muscles were far from bulky. Her waist was impossibly narrow. There were toddlers with thicker waists. Her legs were longer than made any sense, given that she was a few inches shorter than Annie. They were also enviably lean, with subtle hints of feminine curves but not an ounce of unwanted fat or excessive muscle.

Hell, Annie wanted to fuck the hell out of her right then and there, and she was trying her best to think that she was looking at a hideous beast.

Why did this woman have to exist? And if she was going to be so rude as to do that, couldn’t she at least exist elsewhere?

“Annie, I’d like you to meet my sister, Nina,” her father said.

For a moment, Annie’s heart soared. That meant she wasn’t competition for Annie after all. But then she remembered that all anyone did in this world was fuck their relatives. That the man she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to hold on to was her father. It only made things worse that Nina was his sister.

Annie tried to see the family resemblance, but failed. The only thing the two of them had in common was medium-brown hair and fairer skin than the rest of Summer’s children.

For starters, there was the eyes. The first thing everyone noticed about Annie’s father was his gorgeous green eyes. But Nina’s were brown, like Annie’s.

Why didn’t hers seem boring and ordinary then?

The differences didn’t stop there, though. There wasn’t even a hint of gray in Nina’s hair, nevermind deep lines etched in her skin. No, the damn woman’s skin was flawless. Truly flawless. She didn’t have that sorta-young-sorta-not look that all the older women of this world, from her two mothers to her grandmother, seemed to have.

Nina looked young enough to be his daughter rather than his sister. Which would have made her Annie’s sister instead of her aunt.

Her aunt. This woman that she was busy both hating and eye-fucking was her damn aunt. How much crueler could life be?

Nina leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Annie.” As she stepped back, she brushed a lock of Annie’s hair back from her face, proclaiming, “You didn’t tell me your daughter was so incredibly gorgeous.” Turning to her brother, Nina asked, “Am I going to have to beg for the littlest bit of your attention now?” Then, back to Annie, “I will if I have to, but it’s really embarrassing when I do. I really have no shame.”

Annie giggled.

“She is gorgeous, isn’t she?” her father said, giving Annie a grin.

As his eyes traveled up and down her body, his thick brows climbed higher and higher. Annie felt something very much like heat radiating out from somewhere deep inside him. She’d picked up enough from everyone else to know that meant she was reading his Libido, and to know what it was telling her, but it was the first time she’d ever experienced it.

Now that was what she’d been hoping for.

“Well, I hope you’re more gracious in victory than I am in defeat,” Nina said.

“Oh, stop,” Annie said, blushing. “Look at you!” With a jerk of her thumb towards her father, she added, “He just might end up sitting on the sidelines, lonely and neglected.”

That got a grin out of her aunt, and a chuckle out of her father. Then he planted a lingering kiss on the top of Annie’s head.

“Lucky for me then, your aunt won’t be around too often,” he said, letting his hand settle on the small of Annie’s back. “At least not for a few more months.”

“Why is that?” Annie asked.

“Our children aren’t yet of age,” Nina said. “I spend most of my time in Orange County, playing single mom.” Turning to her brother, who she offered a playful smile, she said, “Seems someone is more interested in making babies than he is in raising them. Hmm?”

The world began to spin.

Her aunt’s use of the word “our” had given it away, but it had still taken that last bit to really drive it home for Annie. The two of them had children together. Brother and sister. Against what everyone kept telling her was the only stricture their people had.

Silly as it was, Annie felt wronged. If not by the act itself, which had to have taken place when Annie was still a toddler, then by his decision to keep it from her. But of course he had. Was he to broadcast to the whole world that he’d committed the one act that was forbidden to their kind? Besides, he was telling her now, more or less. How much sooner could she have realistically expected him to reveal it?

On some level, she felt disgusted too. But that was no less ridiculous. If it was okay for her to sleep with her father, for all of them to sleep with their closest relatives, why the hell couldn’t they have each other’s children? It hadn’t made any sense to her when Nick had informed her that it was the one thing they couldn’t do.

It also got her blood flowing. Why Nina and not her?

Well, there were plenty of good reasons why. They’d known each other their whole lives. Grown up together. Annie was practically still a stranger to him.

But what if?

That was when she noticed that the silver dragon’s head sitting atop her father’s cane was no longer missing an eye. Another emerald had appeared. Of course, that could have meant a lot of things, not least of which being his ascension to the throne. But Annie told herself that it was for her. He’d found a second someone to show him the world.

“That’s not fair,” her father said, in response to the charge Annie had almost forgotten that Nina had made against him. “I’ve spent a lot of time with them. And would have been glad to be there more, if I could have been.”

“I know, I know, your duties as Shadow kept you very busy,” Nina said, rolling her eyes. Then, to Annie, she said, “I only agreed to help him orchestrate all of this so we won’t have to lie about, or to, our children when they’re ready to join the court.”

“Orchestrate what?” Annie asked.

Her father gave her an expressionless look. “Your brother and sister weren’t kidnapped.”

Annie managed not to gasp, but it was a close call.

But, then, of course they weren’t. Why else would he have responded so casually earlier when she’d asked about them? If they were still in danger, still missing, that would have been utterly callous. If only subconsciously, she’d known then that her father had lied from the outset. She just hadn’t allowed herself to admit it, because then she’d have to consider the possibility that her father wasn’t trustworthy.

“They ran away,” he continued. “I just said what I said so that all of this could happen.”

“So we could be together?” Annie said, heart pounding.

He offered her a wan smile.

No. Of course not. They could have been anyway.

This wasn’t about her. It was about putting him on the throne. Like Nina said, the point was to let their children enter the court as their children. For that to happen, he had to be in a position where there was no one above him to punish him for breaking the rules. Everything else was just incidental.

“I don’t get it,” Annie said. “Couldn’t you have taken the throne at any time anyway?”

Nina shot her brother a flat look. No, not flat. There was the tiniest hint of amusement at the corner of her aunt’s mouth.

“Some people take risks,” he replied, more to his sister than his daughter. “Others prefer to have a sense of how things will turn out before they push any chips in.”

“So, what, you lied to us because you wanted someone to distract the king before you took your shot at him?” Annie asked.

Her aunt laid a finger on the side of her nose.

“Look, I know you must be upset,” her father said. “And I’m very sorry about what happened to your uncle. But the two of you are making it sound like I had a really good chance before and I held out for a really really good chance. That’s not what happened.”

This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to fully appreciate this tale.

Tuesday, November 6

I kinda woke up and felt my cock head being stroked. I was on my side with my face in blond hair. Veronica was stroking the head of my cock while holding it against her slightly spread and moist labia. She was slowly moving her hips. I glided my hand from her waist up to her breasts and grasped one of them. Hmmm, I thought, it feels fuller with her on her side. I loved being nestled against and holding the love of my life. As I felt my cock slide along her wet channel I started to gently move my hips forward to gain entry. Just then I heard her voice from a slight distance crying out, “Don’t fuck your Dad.”

Oops what the hell was going on. I labored to get my eyes open and raised my head a bit just to hear Ashley say, “I won’t, I’m just playing with him. God Mom, he feels good. I know why you can’t keep him out of your pussy.” Holding my arm in place she moaned, “Mmmm, keep squeezing Dad, your hand feels nice.”

I tried to roll away from Ashley but the body pressed against my back kept me in place. “Just enjoy us Dad, Ashley needs you to make her come,” Katrina softly spoke in my ear.

“Turn and face me sweetheart, I’ll try to satisfy you,” I said into her delightfully fragrant hair. After she turned over we kissed, one of these less than delightful morning breath kisses, but I didn’t mind and she didn’t pull away. Her lips were soft and moist. As my tongue explored her open mouth I moved my hand down her body to begin touching her clit and running my finger in her wetted slit. She spread her legs a bit to welcome my hand and fingers. I began to stroke in and out of her with one finger then another while keeping my thumb on her clit.

“Suck my tits, Dad,” she said breathlessly after breaking our kiss. She scooted up a bit and I did what a good dad is supposed to do. If a child asks for something reasonable, do it. As I was enjoying her luscious tits, moving from one nipple to another I moved my fingers to apply pressure to her asshole. I was thwarted by bumping into the wide base of a butt plug. As I more fully inserted my finger in her pussy I could feel the ridges on the plug with the back of my finger as I found her G-spot. Her breathing increased and she came with a loud, “God damn, that’s what I wanted! I love you Dad, don’t stop.” I masturbated her for a few more minutes before she put her hand over mine to still my movement and told me she was now too sensitive. As she rolled onto her back I released her nipple from my mouth and sucked my finger after pulling it out of her pussy.

After opening the drapes, Veronica stepped over to the side of the bed. She bent over and lovingly kissed Ashley deeply, “Good morning my love. Feel better?”

“Ohh, what do you think?” she groaned.

From my back Katrina said, “Get on your back and I’ll blow you. It’ll cost you though.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet. Get on top of me and I’ll say good morning by eating your delicious pussy. What made both of you so wanton this morning,” I asked as Katrina straddled my face and leaned down taking my erection into her mouth.

“We woke up this morning wanting you, simply that,” said Ashley as I put my hands on Katrina’s ass and pulled her glistening pussy to my mouth. I was licking her vagina and noticed that she too had a butt plug in.

“Lover, lube my thumb and pull her plug out,” I asked stretching my hand out to feel Veronica squeezing some cool KY on my thumb and spreading it. She then reached over Ashley and gently pulled Katrina’s plug out and generously squeezed some into her relaxed and slightly open asshole. As I continued to tongue fuck her vagina I pushed my thumb into her ass and began stroking it in and out. I could feel her pleasured humming as she took my cock deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head. A minute later her pace increased and shortly I groaned, “Now, honey, now.” I felt my balls tightening and began to pump into her mouth.

She swallowed all that I gave her. Then as I softened she let me fall out of her month and laid her tits on my cock and upper thighs. She momentarily gyrated her hips and in short order came as well with her juices liberally coating my face. I stroked her asshole a few more times and slowly pulled my thumb out and felt someone wipe my thumb with a tissue.

While she moved her hips from over my face she kept her chest over my cock. Then she took my soft cock, raised up a little and then moved my cockhead over one nipple than then the other, wiping the last of my release around her nipples.

“And what nasty thought’s on your mind,” laughed Ashley.

Before she replied we heard Carol’s melodic voice, “Well girls, you certainly know how to start a day.”

“Carol and I already showered. Why don’t the three of you use it now,” said Veronica, smiling. As the three of us mutually washed I asked Ashley, “Did you sleep with that plug in?”

“No, I put it in this morning. We both did when Mom and Carol got up. We wear them for fifteen to thirty minutes twice a day. Mary Claire we give you the surprise wake up. Did you enjoy it?”

“Very much, what happened to her?” I asked.

“After eating Mom she went downstairs to fix breakfast. Said she’d he’d like to fuck you, but you’re always available so… .” laughed Katrina.

Over breakfast, Carol remarked, “Given the way our daughters reacted this morning, you’ve got six or eight horny women in the house panting after you. No wonder Katrina calls you super stud.”

“So many pussies, so little time,” I replied with a grin, “Max was right.”

Carol was dressed for work, less her jacket. Veronica was in a knee length pencil skirt and fitted silk blouse, tan stockings and light beige pumps. “Going somewhere special?” I asked.

“Yes, with you and Lauren to the closing,” she smiled.

“Wonderful, every minute away from you is one that I can’t ever replace,” I said as I stood, put my arms around her kissing the back of her neck.

“And a hopeless romantic, besides,” sighed Carol.

I made a mental note to myself to give Lauren a note instructing her to send Carol and Veronica a dozen roses this afternoon in my name.

Mary Claire was in a short robe, low heeled slides, mussed hair, yet she still looked radiant. I told her that and she replied smiling, “It’s love Dad. I love you like all these women. And I love Veronica and Carol too. I’m a woman in love.”

Katrina and Ashley were wearing spaghetti strapped tank tops, obviously without bras. When they stood to get dressed they were both wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose and three inch heeled slides. Both pair of pantyhose were sheer to the waist clearly showing their pussies. Noticing my look, Ashley put a hand on her hip, cocked it slightly spreading her legs, “We thought you might like this. It’s not stockings, but close, huh?”

“Close enough,” I said.

“Go ahead ask him,” stage whispered Katrina to Ashley. After a few exchanges of “no, you” they both giggled and finally Ashley asked, “Would you do something for us, all the females?”

“Sure whatever you want,” I smiled.

“Well, see the pantyhose we have on, you like them don’t you?” asked Katrina.

“Yes, of course,” I smiled wondering where this was going.

“You like them because you can see through them and because you like the way they feel to your touch. Right?” she continued.

“Yes, to both. What’s up?” I replied getting a bit impatient to get to a conclusion.

Katrina looked at Ashley then cleared her throat and said, “Well, we’d like for you to wear pantyhose sometimes for us to enjoy your package and slide our hands up your legs as you do us. Also, we want to fondle your amazing cock through the nylon.”

“You want me to cross-dress?” I evenly asked.

“No, not at all. Just wear pantyhose, preferably with no other underwear. With tee shirts or polo shirts. Will you do it?” Katrina asked rubbing her hand across my firm cock.

“Sure, for you. All of you, anything you ask.” I replied much to the surprise of Katrina and Ashley.

Veronica spoke up, “I don’t have any to fit you stud, or should I call you Joe Namath, but we can stop at Macy’s on our way home from the closing. Any particular color or style?” she asked looking at Carol.

“No, I don’t know what’s available get whatever you think is best,” I honestly replied.

“Wow, you’re easy,” smiled my daughter. “Will you wear some tonight?”

“Whenever or wherever you, any of you wish,” I replied.

Lauren walked in the door shed her dark grey coat laying it over the back of a dining room chair and walking toward us in a light blue skirt suit with matching pumps and hose, she said, “I like the look Katrina, Ashley. You both look good enough to eat.”

“Anytime you’ve got the time, we’re ready,” smiled Katrina.

“Looks like you just got up, she remarked to Mary Claire. It’s a sexy look for you,” she said smiling.

As she took the offered cup of coffee, Lauren asked Veronica, “Are you going to the closing with us? It’s at ten and we should probably leave at nine-thirty.”

“Yes, I am, I need to talk to Cheryl for a few minutes after she gets here, but nine-thirty sounds good,” replied a smiling Veronica before she wrote ‘agreed’ beside Alyssa’s recommendations for the kitchen’s countertops, flooring and blinds.

“I love that this is such a close family. You do everything together. Again thanks for making me feel a welcome part of it,” she smiled at both of us.

“We are close, but it’s our bank account that affords us the luxury of taking time to be with one another and ample time to express our love and support for each other. Many other families are close and love each other but they’re not able to take as much time as we because they’re working so hard making ends meet,” Veronica said.

She’s right, I thought. No doubt there are others who are in loving families but they don’t have the opportunity to enjoy each other and life as much as us. At that moment I felt truly blessed to have such a family.

“I never thought about it like that,” Lauren said.

Lauren stepped toward Ashley and tentatively put her arms around her. As Ashley moved into the embrace, Lauren slid her hands down Ashley’s back and firmly caressed her ass cheeks. “Sorry, I just had to do that. Your ass is so fucking sexy,” smiled Lauren.

Unabashedly Ashley returned the kiss while returning the ass caress, saying as she broke the kiss, “Thanks, feel free anytime. You’ve got a nice ass too.”

As they stepped apart, Katrina teasingly interjected, “And mine is chopped liver?”

Lauren turned and stepped to Katrina embraced her and grasped Katrina’s ass saying, “Sorry, so many nice asses and titties, and only two hands.”

Katrina lightly kissed her and said, “This is a down payment for longer term mutual appreciation. Will you spend a night with my sister and me? Soon?”

“I’ve got to ref tonight, but I’ll be done by eight or eight thirty so if you want I can come back,” Lauren replied.

“It’s a date, if we’re not down here when you get here, come to our room,” replied Ashley broadly grinning.

Cheryl arrived just as the conversation between Katrina and Lauren ended. After hanging her long maroon coat on a hook in the closet she lightly kissed both me and Veronica. She was wearing a mid-thigh length skirt, a cotton button blouse with the top four buttons undone completely revealing a semi-sheer tan bra, obviously stockings and three inch pumps that matched her skirt.

Noticing my admiring glance at her legs, she said, “I’ve got a longer skirt in the car if we have visitors, but there aren’t any scheduled today.” Looking at Lauren she said, “You’ve got a game scheduled for today, so you won’t be here for dinner. And you’re going to a closing at ten,” she said looking at me.

“Yes, Lauren and Veronica are going with me. Mary Claire you’re welcome to come as well,” I added.

“I’d love to go. I hope I can get my hair dry in time.”

“You’ve got almost an hour, and since you’ll shower alone, you can probably do it,” laughed Carol.

Almost an hour later we piled into my car and drove to the title company for the closing. Lauren had one of her ubiquitous red wallets with the tie-string around it. All three women were dressed in knee length skirts, stockings, heels, tailored blouses and wearing light knee length coats for the cool morning air. Amy Anne was walking up to the door as we pulled into the parking lot. She saw us, waved and stood waiting for us. We all lightly hugged her and cheek-touched, then we went in to find the closing agent. We were shown into a room with a round table. Shortly, Gretchen, our closer, came in with a very small sheaf of papers. After I introduced all of us to Gretchen she put the pile of paper in front of me, sat next to me and after handing me a blue ballpoint pen proceeded to explain each document before getting my signature. The process went rather quickly because there were no loan documents. When she presented the final closing statement, Lauren got the appropriate cashier’s check out of her red folder and handed it to Gretchen.

Gretchen examined the check and compared the amount of the check to the amount on the closing statement, then from a separate folder handed Amy Anne a check for $48,000 made payable to the real estate company and one to Veronica for $24,000 after asking to be sure that she was the buyer’s agent. After asking for Veronica’s driver’s license and broker ID she excused herself to make copies and returned momentarily and put the copy in her file and returned the IDs to Veronica. The last thing she did was to hand me two sets of keys to #19,two garage openers, a book on the alarm system along with a paper-clipped sheet containing the current code. She then stood, shook each hand, gathered her papers and folders, then wished us a good day as she left the room. I handed all these to Lauren who put them in her red wallet.

“That wasn’t very complicated,” remarked Mary Claire.

“No, it wasn’t. Cash deals usually aren’t, but they’re a rarity,” explained Veronica.

“Thanks for the business Scott. Have you made plans yet for Saturday?” asked Amy Anne.

“No, just plan on starting after five and…,” I said leaving the rest unspoken.

On the way back to the car I noticed that the clear blue sky had been replaced by the some clouds and that the wind had become rather gusty. No sooner had I made that observation when a strong gust raised the skirts of the women. With cars passing nearby, instinctively all more or less fought to hold down their skirts. I still enjoyed the brief show with Mary Claire being the slowest to corral her flaired skirt. As we climbed into the car Veronica, who’d noticed Mary Claire’s action smiled at me, “Did you enjoy the unexpected flash?”

“Didn’t you too?” I replied. She merely laughed.

Mary Claire got out of the car with Veronica saying , “You can wait, we’ll only be a few minutes, or you both can come in if you want to.”

“What are they shopping for?” Lauren asked me.

“Pantyhose,” I said.

“I thought they always wore stockings,” replied Lauren.

“They’re for your boss” I replied.

“Veronica?” asked Lauren.

“No, for me. Katrina and Ashley want me to wear them from time to time and of course I said I would.”

“Cool, I’ll go with them. God you’re a stud,” she remarked as she opened the door and hurried after them.

Thirty minutes later they returned with two large shopping bags and two smaller ones. “We kinda lost our heads, we got multiple pairs of every color they had. Even gave us a quantity discount. The smaller bags are jewelry for your gorgeous CPA,” laughed Lauren.

On the way home Veronica commented that she hadn’t heard from Tram, but assumed he’d call her later in the week.

“You guys are all going out Saturday night aren’t you?” asked Lauren.

“Yes, we kinda made plans with Amy Anne’s family last Sunday. Mary Claire’s going out with Gloria Graham. I’m taking Amy Anne and Sue somewhere. Tram’s taking Veronica out. Carol hasn’t said who she’s taking yet, either Katrina or Ashley, or both. Would you like to be included, all expenses paid, then come back to our house between eleven or twelve for a bit of debauchery?” I asked.

“Sure, sounds like a sexy evening, but I’ve got plans to be at Mom and Dad’s for dinner and debauchery as well as breakfast Sunday morning. I do wonder if Max would want to ‘date’ me if the opportunity comes again in the future. I’m twelve years or so older, he may not even be interested,” smiled Lauren.

“Hells bells, Tram’s more than twenty years younger than me and he’s already said he’d like to seduce me. Can’t hurt to ask,” laughed Veronica. “Cathleen’s my age and she wants to take Max to Hedonism over New Years. The kid’s got a nice package and he’s getting to be a better lover every time we fuck. Think about that age difference. It can’t hurt to ask him.”

“Don’t forget Lauren, usual Friday night routine at the country club. Be sure Cheryl gets a headcount and orders the limo, please,” I added. I also quietly passed her the note I’d written about the flowers. She read it, including what to put on each card, and grinned.

After walking in the door, Cheryl greeted us and pointed to a bouquet of flowers on the dining room table. “Those came for you Veronica.”

As she handed Lauren and me two sheets of paper she said, “This is a summary of what I was able to learn about the farm house next door. The owner was in process of putting it on the market but she died before finalizing everything. The youngest daughter who lives in Joplin wants to sell it on the open market but the son who’s the executor and lives in Louisville wants it and the contents liquidated immediately in an auction. Another daughter who lives in San Diego supports the liquidation.”

“How in the world did you learn all that?” Veronica asked as she moved towards the flowers.

Cheryl smiled, “A friend of a friend was able to connect me with the youngest daughter who was very willing to be less than discrete about family matters. I can see why her mother didn’t trust her with handling her business. She was also in favor of the liquidation via an auction. The County property tax records appraise it at fifty thousand for the structure and at four hundred thousand for the land.”

Veronica finished walking over to the vase and after taking off her coat opened the small envelope addressed to her and read aloud from the card, “Pretty flowers for a gorgeous woman, looking forward to Saturday ‘Tram’.”

“Ahh, the seduction begins. I guess I’d better get crackin’ and order some for my dates,” I laughed. As I headed to my office I motioned for Lauren to follow me and then told her to arrange for the flowers for Veronica and Carol to be sent tomorrow mid-morning rather than this afternoon. I explained I didn’t want to make it look like I was competing with Tram by mine arriving on the same day. I asked her to make a note to talk to Carol and Veronica after our honeymoon to have fresh flowers delivered several times a week, and to stagger arrival times so some would arrive first thing in the morning and others mid-day and others late afternoon.

“For each, order Amy Anne and Susan a box of chocolate dipped strawberries for tomorrow. Then something from Godiva for Friday. Saturday have a pair of gold hoop earrings delivered for each woman in the morning,” I concluded.

Mary Claire prepared a cold lunch tray and while eating our sandwiches and drinking hot beverages, I heard Lauren ask Cheryl if she minded if she asked Max out sometime.

“I certainly don’t mind, have at it,” was her reply. “In fact after you move in you could just invite him to your suite. Hmm, I need to think about that, could I invite him to your suite as well?” grinned Cheryl.

“As long as you put clean sheets on the bed when you’re done doing whatever horizontal activity you have in mind,” replied Lauren, which made all of us laugh.

After eating, Lauren and Cheryl went into the den while I went to the living room couch to read an investment analysis report. Meanwhile Veronica helped Mary Claire clean up the kitchen. It took a long time what with all the touch-feely between those two. During this Veronica got a phone call. “Oh, Hi Janet … really …. Finally made up their minds, huh. When’d I start that? … April … it’d gone off my radar. Sure, when? … The nineteenth, great, I’ll be on our honeymoon. Thanks, you too.”

She walked over to the couch and sat next to me. “That was the office, an office building I worked on last spring and summer finally sold. Seven mil, and I get three percent. As if we really need two hundred K, but I’ll cash the check, and buy you something special,” smiled Veronica kissing me.

“Thanks sweetheart, you do good work. Congratulations, we’ll properly celebrate Friday at dinner,” I replied and kissed her.

The front door bell rang and Cheryl answered it. “Well hi, you two, what brings you along with him?” she asked closing the door behind them.

“My car wouldn’t start, so I sweet talked Beth into bringing me. She didn’t have any classes this afternoon. I hope you can give me a ride home after I’m done downstairs,” Max replied to his mother.

Beth spotted us both on the couch, took off her jacket and walked toward us, “Scott, Veronica, I haven’t had the pleasure for awhile. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Hi, Beth, it is a pleasure,” I replied.

Beth was wearing an above the knee skirt, a fairly tight sweater, hose and low heeled slides. She sat on the couch next to Veronica and as she turned a bit sideways she purposefully raised her skirt a bit to reveal her stocking tops. Seeing us both looking, she said, “Still like my legs? Both of you?”

“Yes,” we replied together.

“Max, after thoroughly fucking me last night, told me about your, his and your, weekend. You, him and three MILFs. From what Mom reports he apparently was quite good. Cathleen seems to be quite taken by him. She’s already called him, and they’re going to have dinner sometime in the next week or so. Too bad he’s working now or we could have a foursome, huh?” she grinned.

“Well, we could just as well have a threesome,” smiled Veronica.

“Do you want to go upstairs? We really can’t do anything down here with the workmen around,” I noted.

“Love too,” she replied with a broad grin.

As we were standing up, Max walked into the kitchen from the hallway. “Keith didn’t need me. He said he’d called this morning and left a voice message, but I haven’t looked at my phone since before school. I guess we can go back home,” explained Max. “Keith also asked me to remind you that the power’ll be off for an hour or so around ten tomorrow morning while the electrician connects a new drop to a second meter and circuit breaker box.”

Veronica took three steps toward him, stopped about a foot away and said, “Remember what you told me last evening? If I asked now would I get a different answer? Beth and Scott are about to go upstairs. Would you like to join us?”

“Yes. Of course,” he brightly smiled.

“Good, but first you need to take off those boots,” she said pointing at his construction boots. He nodded, quickly unlaced them and removed them.

Cheryl saw the four of us heading toward the stairs and said, “Play nice, and remember Max, you’re mine tonight.”

He’d apparently taken our admonition to heart. He didn’t touch Veronica’s swaying ass right in front of him on the way up. I similarly kept my hands off Beth.

Once we entered the bedroom and I closed the door. He held his arms out to Veronica and she promptly melted into him, her mouth open and her hands going for his tight ass. I turned on the camera and sat next to Beth on the edge of the bed. “Now what was it you had in mind?” I chuckled.

“Well, for starters kneel in front of me, spread my long supple legs, run your sensuous fingers up them from my ankles to my thighs and then use your own judgment about what to do next,” she smiled.

As I started my hands at her nylon clad ankles, I kissed the inside of each knee pushing them apart. I stayed kneeling. As my hands caught up with my mouth at her knees I lifted each leg onto my shoulders kissing my way up to her stocking tops. Garter hose again, I thought, my cock twitching. She is a very sexy young lady. As I began to kiss and lick the bare thighs I heard sighs and occasional moans from the other side of the bed. Remembering what Dave had said, I blocked raising my head out of curiosity and continued to please my current partner.

“Let me take some clothes off, if that’s alright Scott?” gasped Beth.

I stood, unbuckled my pants and unbuttoned my shirt as Beth unzipped, putting her heels on the edge of the bed before removing her skirt. She sat up and I helped her pull up her sweater. She took off her bra freeing her wonderfully pert tits. Looking at her I toed off my shoes and removed my socks as Beth lay back down on the bed. I looked across the bed to see a shirtless Max caressing my wife’s bare ass. Her skirt was gone somewhere. I grinned as they continued to deeply kiss. As I refocused on Beth Max moved his hips slightly away from Veronica to allow her to unbuckle his jeans.

Beth rolled to her stomach, slid to the edge of the bed put her feet on the floor and said, “Love my ass a bit, please,” spreading her legs quite a bit. I knelt and gently pulled her hips toward my extended tongue. After pulling her g-string aside I laved her slit and her asshole before gently probing it with the tip of my tongue. “Oh, my, I’m a bit tender there. Please concentrate on my pussy. Better yet, get up here with me. She stood and pushed down her g-string, wrapped her cool hand around my cock and melted into me for a kiss. Our tongues entangled for a while, then she softly said into my mouth, “Let’s fuck.” She was moving quicker than I’d desired because I wanted to savor her, but I wasn’t about to complain.

We lay on the bed side by side with Beth in my arms. She began squeezing my ass and then took my cock in her hand again. “I like this. I’ve missed it. Suck my nipples a bit then let me get on top.” Her breath was intoxicating, scented with her arousal and spiced with her lipstick taste.

“You know you can always come visit,” I said as I moved my torso away from her a bit to take her nipples into my mouth. She must have oiled them, they tasted like cinnamon. “I like the flavor,” I smiled moving from one nipple to the other.

“Good, it’s some flavored massage oil I bought. Mom likes it too. I was hoping I’d get lucky and catch you in the mood,” she said as she pulled my head back to a nipple. “Comes in spearmint, wintergreen and bubble gum too. “

“We’ll have to eventually try them all, but I can’t imagine anyone older than sixteen buying bubble gum flavor,” I said with my voice slightly muffled by her breast.

“I agree. The website said it was their most popular flavor. You only have to be thirteen to sign on, soo ….” She left the rest of the comment unspoken and she began to push my shoulder to get me to lie on my back.

As I flattened onto my back she swiftly straddled my thighs and began moving the head of my cock back and forth in her slit. Her very wet vagina was easily entered. She bounced three or four times before her ass was resting on my thighs, and with great energy began moving her hips in a circular motion. I’d been focused on my partner and didn’t realize that Veronica and Max were on the bed until Veronica started kissing me while I was touching Beth’s clit with one hand and squeezing a breast with the other.

Veronica was perpendicular to me with her ass in the air getting fucked doggy. As we kissed I moved the hand on Beth’s clit to my wife’s and her kisses intensified. I could feel Max stroking in and out of her as her lips moved back and forth on my mouth. As Veronica moved back on Max’s cock their rhythm became more pronounced and she was pushing her clit against my hand. I heard an “Oh, fuck,” breathed into my mouth as she came with a strong orgasm. I then heard Max’s “Aaah” just before he began filling her cunt. Those sounds were enough to tip me into filling Beth who after a minute of moving back and forth on my rod came herself.

For the next few minutes Veronica and I continued kissing. After Max slid out, Veronica lay down and Beth collapsed on my chest. “God damn, that was erotic as hell,” said Beth panting as she continued to regain her breath. “You’re still hard, or you’re hard again, stay in me will you?” asked Beth into my mouth while wiggling her hips. After a few more minutes Beth straightened her back and said, “Max, let me taste Veronica on you.”

“And I want to taste Beth on you handsome,” said Veronica. As we shifted around, both of us assumed a sixty nine position, Beth on Max and Veronica on me. After both Max and I enjoyed pussy and the women our cocks we were both hard again.

“Can we do a DP?” asked Beth. “It’s usually two pussies and one cock at home.”

“I guess you’ll get to be the fuckee sis. Veronica says her ass is off limits for now,” replied Max.

“Well it’ll be a tough job but I guess someone has to do it,” nodded Beth after pulling her mouth off Max’s cock. As we were untangling Cheryl walked in the door informing Veronica that she needed to return a call to a Charles Dupree as soon as possible.

After giving my cock a few tongue lashes, Veronica moved to the side of the bed, picked up my cell phone from the nightstand, took several steps away from the bed cupping her pussy with her free hand and called him while still watching the activities on the bed.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked anyone listening and was greeted by silence from both Max and his sister. “Well, let’s give it a try,” I smiled.

I lay back and extended my arms to Beth and said, “Straddle me and when I’m in you bend forward. Max move up between my legs so you can fuck her ass. Cheryl will you get the KY out of the drawer and help them out?” I asked. “And Max, go slowly. Remember there are two of us and it’ll take her longer to adjust. Let Beth set the pace.” I was no expert but I wasn’t exactly a neophyte either.

Beth straddled me and eased my cock into her and her chest descended to rest on my chest. She raised her hips and held still.

Meanwhile Cheryl got the KY as Veronica continued her conversation with Dupree. She put a glob in her hand and wrapped it around Max’s cock. When she was done he was fully erect. Then she began putting her finger into Beth’s asshole and as she began to relax and open up a bit squeezed more into her anal cavity. “Who’d ever thought that I’d be getting my daughter’s ass ready for my son to fuck?” she asked no one in particular.

“Try now Max,” said Beth as she exhaled and relaxed on my chest. Max prodded her asshole gently and after a few seconds Beth had relaxed enough for him to gently enter her with just his tip. He held steady until she pushed back signaling him to enter her further.

I encouraged him to take short slow strokes with each one going in a little deeper. As he gently stroked in and out I could feel him pass over my cock in Beth’s vagina. This is more of a rush than feeling an unmoving anal plug I thought.

“Beth began grunting as she began moving a bit. Eventually Max and I achieved a rhythm with Beth helping with her own little movements. Beth began gasping. “Ohh, God, I feel so fucking full.” After a few minutes of slow gentle stroking she cried, “Harder Max, harder, come in my ass. Are you close Scott, come in my pussy again.”

I happened to glance over to my left. Veronica was still cupping her pussy and Cheryl had pulled her skirt aside with at least two fingers in her own pussy.

“Oh fuck, Ooooh, Fuck, Ohh ooohhh gawd, soo good,” chanted Beth as we all came within seconds of each other. She relaxed hard on my chest perspiration dripping from her brow and upper lip. As her breathing returned to normal Max softened and popped out. I was still hard, the Cialis I guessed, but I also recognized that I wasn’t as hard as I had been a few minutes earlier.

“Max, go wash your cock, then can you do me again. Do you have anything left?” I heard Veronica ask.

“Probably in an hour or so, sure,” Max replied.

“Lover, I’m still kinda hard, wanna try me?” I asked.

Beth sat straight up and lifted herself off me saying, “That was incredible. My ass’s a bit tender from Max being in it three days straight, but I’m sure I’ll survive. We’ll do it again won’t we?” she asked as she kissed me and rolled on her side.

Veronica was still cupping her pussy as she climbed on the bed on the other side of me. “Jesus, that young fucker really filled me up. You’re on top, if you don’t mind,” she smiled kissing me.

She lay down, spread her legs and extended her arms. “In me, handsome.”

As I moved to enter her I saw a steady stream of come leaking down to her asshole, she was full. She was also quite slick and felt delightful as I began to steadily stroke into her. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me to her mouth while I felt her legs wrap around my back and her high heels lightly dig into my ass. Just that feeling brought me back to ‘full strength’ and we began to forcefully enjoy each other.

“I love you handsome,” Veronica cooed as I slowly moved my cock back and forth in her.

“I love you too my slut wife and lover,” I replied kissing her.

“I love feeling you in me after another man’s filled me. Just think your cock is being lubricated by the come of another man,” She smiled. She must have felt my response as she smiled, “Hmmm, you do like me fucking another man.”

When I nodded, she quietly asked as I continued to thrust in and out, “When you called me your slut wife, did you mean I’m hot, or you like the idea of your wife being a slut or a Hot Wife? Do you know what I mean?”

I did know what she meant. Looking into her glowing eyes I knew in my heart and what I desired for her. My hips moved more quickly and my cock seemed to harden more as I kissed her passionately and with love.

When the kiss ended she cooed, “Ohhh, you do know the difference! What do you want me to be!”

“A slut for now, a Hot Wife perhaps after we’re married,” I smiled.

“I can live with that, and you’re my slut husband, Okay?” she smiled back at me looking deeply into my eyes.

As I nodded my head I noticed tears of happiness welling up in her eyes. I kissed her again knowing that though it only took mere seconds, this was one of those major defining moments of our relationship.

In the meantime Beth and Max crossed paths at the bathroom door. They tenderly embraced and kissed just inside the door. Looking over my shoulder, with tears still in her eyes Veronica whispered, “Quite touching to see siblings kiss and touch each other. But then again they’d just fucked and are still feeling amorous.”

Veronica enjoyed three orgasms to my one and as we continued to coo and kiss. This had been a special moment for us and we didn’t want to let go of each other. Yet physics and biology still ruled. Within a minute her seemingly over-full vagina ‘ejected’ me. I rolled off her but continued to embrace her. Max and Cheryl, unaware of what our two hearts had shared, were standing next to the bed, she was stroking his semi-erect cock and eventually she turned loose and said, “We’ll try again after dinner, okay?”

“Handsome, after you’ve taken my anal virginity, I want to try that DP thing you guys did with Beth,” softly Veronica said.

“As would I,” I replied kissing her.

“Having that full feeling and being embraced by two men at the same time is a fantastic feeling,” Beth boasted. “I’m sore but I loved every second of it.”

Beth and Max were getting dressed while Cheryl was in the bathroom using a cloth to dry her pussy a bit. “What did Dupree want,” I asked caressing her still naked breasts.

“The rings will be ready Thursday. I’ll pick them up so they don’t get delivered when Carol’s here,” she whispered softly in my ear so it wouldn’t be on the recording. “That’s all, they’re done a week early. He must like our business.”

“No kidding, almost a quarter mil in the last month,” I laughed.

We got up and showered together and enjoyed having hot water in abundance since Keith finished installing the four new eighty-gallon water heaters that morning. As we finished but before stepping out Veronica put her arms around my neck and kissed me, “Thank you for allowing me to have other men. To be a slut. Does this apply to Carol as well.”

“Yes, it does. I think we’ve both wanted to tell her for a few days that she could still enjoy her friends within the same rules you and I have for each other. I’ll let you take the lead for how and when we’ll tell her the good news,” I grinned.

She again cooed, “I love you handsome with every fiber of my being, with every breath I take and more than my own life.” She then kissed me.

At Veronica’s suggestion and with her help in showing me how to put them on I was wearing pantyhose under my khakis and by the time we got downstairs, Max and Beth were waiting to say goodbye. After Beth kissed us both and Max very enthusiastically kissed Veronica they left with the admonition from Cheryl, “Take a nap, Max.”

I stepped into the den/office to find a flushed Lauren sitting at the desk the laptop open in front of her. “Porn?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied waving her hand in front of her face. “I’m watching a replay of you guys just this afternoon.”

“Do we need to have ‘fuck breaks’ for everyone in this house,” I asked laughing.

“Yeah, that’d be great. Can I start mine now?” Lauren laughed.

“I’d love to enjoy you sweetheart, but I’m tuckered now. Ask Mary Claire, or Carol, or my daughters, or Cheryl. Feel free with anyone anytime you wish, you’re not on a clock,” I smiled as I went behind the desk and cupped her ‘girls’ from behind her chair.

“Ohh, great, that’s helping how?” she tilted her head back against my flaccid cock and put her hands over mine. “You’ve got a very nice touch, handsome. Oh, I guess I’d better not call you that, Veronica might not like it.” She quickly replied.

“Might not like what?” asked Veronica as she walked into the room.

“I just called him ‘handsome’ as I complimented him on his hands on my boobs. After I said it I mentioned that you might not like me to call him that,” sparkled Lauren.

“Well, he is, so feel free to call him whatever you wish. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s going to be my husband,” lightly laughed Veronica. “Did you see us on the cam?”

“Ahh, … yes. Was that okay?” blushed Lauren.

“Of course its okay, if it weren’t Scott wouldn’t have turned it on. Remember, you’re family now. We’re not ashamed of anything we do in this house nor should you be ashamed either,” smiled Veronica.

“I know, I know, I’ll get used to it,” replied Lauren.

“I know just like his hands on your tits, or his cock in your pussy, or my lips on yours, or my tongue in your pussy. Enjoy our life with us,” said Veronica stepping over to Lauren and kissing her. “Just remember you too will be taped in our room for the present and future enjoyment of other family members.”

“I know that,” Lauren acknowledged. The she asked, “Will the cameras be left for the girls with new ones for your new suite?”

“That’s the plan,” grinned Veronica.

“Oh my, I’ve got to go,” suddenly said Lauren lifting her hands off mine. “Katrina and Ashley have invited me back to sleep with them after the game, so I’ll see you then. Can I use your bedroom to change?” she asked grabbing her equipment bag from behind the desk.

“Yes, of course,” replied Veronica.

“Let’s look at something,” I said as I backed the recording up. “There, this part.” It showed Veronica and Max climbing on the bed, his hands on her breasts and hers holding onto his cock, as if either would try to escape from the other. Beth was straddling me and beginning to impale herself. Veronica knelt and bent over presenting her ass to Max and she said, “Doggy, Max”

He approached her exposed pussy, moved his cockhead in her slit, then slowly entered her. As he was doing that she lifted her head a bit, stretching a bit pulling Max along with her and began to kiss me. As Max was fucking her, her body was moving back and forth. “Why did you kiss me as he fucked you?” I asked with my hand under her skirt.

“I wondered if you’d like to feel him fucking me and I thought a kiss might be the way to have you do that. Did you mind?” she smiled.

“God no. It was erotic as hell. Let’s keep it in mind for another time, can we?” I asked touching her damp g-string as I scanned the recording forward to our special moment, and said, “I loved this part.”

“Me too,” she whispered as she kissed me lightly.

“I loved the whole thing, including the DP.”

“Glad you liked it. After our honeymoon, we’re going to DP me. Then you’ll really feel someone fucking me. I guess we’re really getting comfortable with the thought of multiple partners outside of our family,” she said kissing me.

“You know, perhaps you could blow me while someone fucks you. I’d be able to feel and see someone pounding into you.”

“Ohh, now that’s a thought,” Veronica smiled.

“I suspect who you’d like be that other guy.”

“I don’t know whether to be happy or scared that you’re getting to know me too well,” she teased me.

“Hi, honey, I’m home.” Carol greeted from the foyer.


Over nine hundred miles northwest of St. Louis it was a cold night on the northern prairies, not as cold as the sub zero temperatures that would be common in two months, but nonetheless, with a current air temperature of 24 F the warm water of their hot tub felt good. All three children were warmly tucked into bed and sound asleep inside their warm house. As they nestled nude against each other and watched the northern lights dance to the north, Jack’s wife asked, “Are you all packed.”

“Almost. I’ve two shirts still in the dryer,” he replied.

“Mom’ll pick you up at your office around eleven fifteen,” she reminded him.

“I hope the interview goes well,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed working and living here, but I also want to get back home.”

“You’ll do well,” his wife said with confidence. “I remember the summer we fell in love. It was a special summer that changed all our lives,” she said with a broad smile on her face. As she reached underwater to hold his cock she touched the hand of the woman on his other side who had beaten her to it.

“I still remember how I felt walking up the steps of your home.” Jack said, starting to recall that first day.


That Thursday morning before the 2001 Memorial Day weekend I’d apprehensively stood on the front porch, knocking on the door. A last minute internship opportunity had given me an opportunity to spend the summer with my parents. Instead, when I’d told them about the internship, they’d informed me they were going to be in England until September and our house would be undergoing major renovations. Though I’d stayed in my old room last night, I awoke that morning at six AM as the crews started to arrive. By eight they had the power turned off. Rather than leaving me to find my own accommodations my mother had arranged for me to stay with Virginia Adams who’d been her best friend for about nineteen years. My mother’d explained that Ed, Virginia’s husband, traveled extensively and that Virginia would be pleased to have a man around for the summer.

Part of my apprehension was that though the Adams’ home and my family’s home, which were around the corner from each other and connected along a 30 ft stretch along a back corner, I hadn’t seen Mrs. Adams in four, maybe even five, years. I was not only a little anxious about staying with a woman I hadn’t seen in years but her two daughters as well. Janet, Elise and I’d played together as children, but when I entered high school, with Janet a year behind me and Elise two grades behind her sister, we rarely hung out together. While we saw each other around our homes and family social events, those moments occurred only every few months. I saw Janet frequently in the school’s hallways, but we both moved around in different social circles. I knew the two girls as friends, but that was then, and I hadn’t seen either of them since I went away to college.

The door was answered by Mrs. Adams, an absolutely stunning redhead. I didn’t recall her being so beautiful but then again, college and maturity have a way of opening one’s eyes. Her gauzy print blouse revealed evidence of lacy dark colored bra, a short skirt with bare legs and high heeled sandals accentuated her beauty.

“Hi, Jack, come in. I guess it’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen you. How’s grad school?”

I replied that I’d finished my BA at Mizzou a couple of years ago and would finish my Master’s in Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning at Princeton in the fall. I’d addressed her as Mrs. Adams.

“Call me Virginia, please. Your mother’s been proudly telling me about your accomplishments at Princeton.” Her eyes swept my body as a smile crossed her face. “You’re not a kid anymore.” After I’d stepped in she led me through the house and out the kitchen patio door to their pool deck.

“Janet and Elise are just getting up and they’ll join us for breakfast.”

Virginia was in her early forties and was financially well off in her own right. Both daughters, eighteen months apart, had been born when she was in her very early twenties. Having money allowed her the time to keep fit, as well as to be well known for her work with various local and national charities. Before college I’d played tennis with her on both my parent’s court and at the golf club. I’d found her to be very competitive. Walking behind her I remembered watching her move in a short tennis skirt. Back then her long legs and nicely proportioned breasts under a tight top made for a very distracting game. They still looked good, I remembered thinking.

I recalled thanking her for letting me stay there for the summer. Since my parents were going to be in London on business for most of the summer and then traveling Europe for a month after they’d decided to have the old boiler ripped out and a new energy efficient system installed along with central air conditioning. The kitchen’s been redesigned as well. I didn’t know about these plans seven weeks ago when I took the internship with the County Executive’s office. Our court will still be usable, but not our pool. They’ve shut the electricity off and are going to replace most of the wiring. I’d told her that I could clean her pool to offset the ‘rent’ and make a contribution to meals.

“When Carla called and explained what was happening I was more than happy to say yes. Your parents have offered me some money to cover the extra food. Still, I appreciate the offer to keep the pool clean,” Virginia said. “No doubt you’ll be better than the surfer dude creep who has been doing both our pools. Maybe you’ll throw in a few tennis games with me as well? Ed left May sixth for Barcelona and Madrid and I don’t expect him to return until late November at the earliest. He said he’ll be gone for seven weeks but somehow they end up being two to three times what he tells me. You’ll get plenty to eat here and don’t worry about covering any costs,” Virginia had assured me.

I remember I’d always enjoyed our tennis games and told her that I’d look forward to getting another good match or two. I then told her that after breakfast I’d bring stuff in from my car, bring over whatever other clothes I needed and anything else I might need from the house. I’d then asked her “Where do you want to put me?”

“There’s a guest bedroom down the hall in our wing that has its own bath. None of the other three guest bedrooms have private baths.”

I’d asked her if she wanted me to leave my car at home, or park in her driveway.

“There’s plenty of room in the garage since Ed started to garage his two classic cars at a show place. So keep it here. It could be to be damaged by the workmen at your house. Oh, before I forget, the security code to the garage system is after your high school team except the ‘o’ is a zero, ‘e’ is a three and ‘s’ is five.”

I remember replying that that was a neat, simple and easy way to remember an alpha numeric sequence.

Janet and Elise walked into the room while Virginia and I talked about my internship that was to start the following week. Janet had turned twenty-two earlier in the year and the equally statuesque Elise was twenty, soon to be twenty-one. Except for the hair color, Janet was blonde and Elise was an auburn brunette they strongly resembled Virginia. Same body type, tall, slim, medium breasted, shapely hips and legs. This could be one of the best summers of my life, surrounded by these three beautiful women, I couldn’t have helped thinking.

My older sister, Claire, was no slouch in the looks department. But I hadn’t looked at her with the same thoughts as I looked at these two young women, she was, after all, my sister and we hadn’t seen each other since last June. Although during that encounter we were both nude for the better part of three day. She’d long, light brown hair, the same color as mine. Since finishing the law program at SLU she’d joined a single lawyer firm in San Francisco specializing in banking and trusts work. The latest word I’d received was in an email that the firm’s clientele’ had continued to grow and that with much more growth they’d have to hire another lawyer, possibly as early as this Fall. She’d been keeping in fine shape by exercising and playing tennis. In my private photo collection, she was the sexiest, most desirable woman I knew.

Janet, wearing loose shorts, an oversize tank top and thong sandals caught my attention. Elise was similarly dressed except her tank top hugged her more tightly which along with her beaming face immediately caught my attention.

“Jack, you haven’t changed much. Still play a lot of tennis? Why are you home this summer? “

I repeated what I’d told Virginia while continually looking more at Elise than her older sister. I’d known her as a pretty little girl, then as a cute teen, but in the four plus years since I’d seen her Elise had become a beautiful young woman, a very beautiful mature young woman.

I asked Janet what she’d been up to, being conscious not to forget her and stare only at Elise. I asked her if she’d graduated yet.

‘Yes, I’m looking for a job in fashion retailing and design and will probably be traveling to job interviews all summer,” she said with a smile.

Elise? I’d asked.

“I’m still working away at a dual liberal arts degree in math and engineering at Drury. I’ve a year to go. Like last year I’ll be here much of the summer working part-time for a general contractor to review specs and blue prints to make sure that measurements and stress calculations are correct. I’ll be gone for two weeks with my summer training with the Missouri Air National Guard,” she said looking into my eyes and smiling.

Their cook, Cindy, of obvious Latino descent, served an excellent breakfast and while we ate Janet asked me what he I’d been studying.

I explained that photojournalism was my undergraduate degree. I’m completing a Masters in Public Affairs this fall. I’m hoping to try to combine the two … use the Masters to earn money and the PJ degree to have some fun. I’ve an internship this summer with the County Executive.

“Are you a good photographer?” Janet had asked.

Yes, I consider myself above average, I’d smiled

“Could you take pictures of me modeling some of my designs so I could put together a portfolio for my rounds this summer?” Janet asked with a broad smile. “It’ll be a lot easier than making appointments with a photographer in Clayton and carting my dresses with me. I’ll rent any backdrops and lights you think are necessary.”

I told her of course I would and some of my equipment was still in the car. I needed to get it inside, along with my computer and printers. After I did that I’d be happy to take some. Don’t worry about any lights, I’ll get mine from home if we need them.

“I’m going out for awhile and won’t be back ’til after lunch,” said Virginia. “Janet, show Jack the guest bedroom in our hallway, the one across from yours. Jack, we dress for dinner, even though it’s summer. If you have a jacket or two and some nice slacks you might want to retrieve them from your house before the whole place gets full of dust. Open collars are OK. Cindy will do your laundry and take care of dry cleaning.”

I noticed that both girls had bras on under their tops and wondered how they’d look without them, or all three of them for that matter. I’d gotten hard just thinking about Virginia and from looking at both of the girls across the glass topped table from me.

Shortly after breakfast and after both girls had gone inside I’d gotten a pair of old Mizzou trunks from my car, changed and was and scrubbing a stubborn algae stain near the ladder when I’d sensed someone nearby. I’d turned and looked up at pale legs that ended at a modest bikini bottom, a flat stomach with a navel piercing, nice breasts, a B cup I imagined, red lipstick matching her toenail polish, shades and long auburn hair.

Elise, I’d said.

“Did you like the journey?” she asked.

I’d asked, the drive home from school?

“No, the long, slow one you took to get to my face,” she said.

I responded somewhat sheepishly yes, very much. Sorry to have been so obvious. I thought I’m not sorry, but she doesn’t need to know that.

“For what, you could have at least stopped a few places in between,” Elise had grinned.

You know you’ve grown up to be a beautiful young woman. I think it’s been at least four years, maybe five, since I last saw you. How tall are you? I’d inquired.

“In these heels, six one,” Elise smiled. “And you?”

I replied, “In these bare feet about six three. I then asked if she was coming out to catch some bennies.”

“Yes, Janet’ll be out shortly. I’ll just sit over here and watch you work for awhile.”

I’d asked how interesting could that be, ready to resume my scrubbing. There were several spots where the regular pool cleaner hadn’t given the stains the necessary attention. My father and mother instilled in me the importance of taking pride in every task and in the value of serving the community. Even though my parents had inherited wealth, manual work was not beneath them and they often were doing manual work around the house or helping a low income senior citizen repair and spruce up their home.

“Then I’ll just watch you and not the scrub brush,” replied Elise.

That comment caused a bit of a twitch in my cock. Not enough to tent the trunks I was wearing, but a signal that she might be interested in me.

Janet joined her sister about twenty minutes later, similarly dressed in high heeled sandals and a bright pink two piece suit that was a little more conservative than her younger sister’s bikini. A large sunhat covered her hair and shaded her face.

“Janet, sit over here. We’ll watch Jack together,” Elise urged her sister.

What the hell did that mean? I’d wondered.

I laughed and said, ladies, I hope you can hold the excitement level down. I didn’t realize that pool cleaning was a spectator event.

Leaning over to Janet, Elise whispered, “God, what a bod he’s got. Great tan, even better ass and good looking. Let’s try to fuck him.”

Janet tried to look shocked. “Elise!”

“Well, neither of us is involved. He’ll be living in our house all summer. We’ve known him since forever. He’s good looking and look at the size of his feet,” softy but excitedly said Elise.

“Feet?” Janet said.

“You know what they say about feet and cocks,” Elise said.

“What would Mother say?” admonished Janet.

“Given what’s been going on between her and Dad, probably ‘I want to share’,” Elise declared.


“You know Dad’s rarely home and Mom’s been going without while he’s been playing around on her. I’ve been telling Mom she needs to get over her self-denial of what’s happening and move on,” explained Elise in her soft voice.

“You haven’t,” gasped Janet. “Do you really think Mom would do that to Dad?”

“And why not?”

I overheard Elise ask with firmness in her voice. “A guy who fucks every skirt he can is called a stud but a girl who fucks a few guys is called a slut? Don’t you think that’s hypocritical? Why is the woman not viewed as being a studette or him a slut too? Mom could have and should have kicked him out years ago. Jack could just be what the doctor ordered. Besides that, when was the last time we were around anyone who was taller than we are in our highest heels.”

Their voices became quiet again and all I heard earlier were the raised voice ‘Elise’ exclamations from the other side of the pool. The sun was beginning its climb, it was getting warmer, and they both stretched out on the chaise lounges. They put suntan lotion on each other. I’d thought about asking if they needed help, but thought better of it for the moment.

After about thirty minutes they sat up, repeated the process on each other’s backs and legs and lay back down on their stomachs and unfastened their tops. The unfastening of the tops was promising. They both had lovely backs and asses. I noticed that neither had tan lines on their shoulders and back, and wondered if the lack of tan lines applied to their chests. In glancing at their asses I wasn’t able to determine if they had tan lines or not on their hips.

After another thirtyminutes, Janet sat up. Her back to me as she refastened her top and stood. “I’ve had enough for this morning. I’m going in.”

Janet put on her heels and walked toward the door. The heels gave a nice swing to her ass which I couldn’t help but watch.

Elise had her face turned toward me and saw me watching her sister. She twisted onto her side and rested her head on her hand asking, “Like that?”

I turned my head at the remark, looked at her bare tan-line free breasts. Smiling I confessed, that she was right. I should have paused a bit on that journey. You have luscious breasts. Looking back at Janet nearing the patio entrance I continued, and yes, she has a nice ass. They seem to run in this family.

She turned and sat up, still facing me. “That she does,” she grinned. She put on her heels, stood and walked toward the man who was her crush all through her teens.

“I’ll give you something else to watch,” she said. As she moved toward me her breasts jiggled with each step. “Nice aren’t they?”

What was she trying to do, have Virginia run me off on the first day? I’d thought. I became fully erect and slid into the pool to conceal it. Elise walked over to the edge, knelt and bent over. Her breasts were firm and the nipples were about a foot from my face.

“I’ll bet you’re hard. Or you better be. I’m going in. Watch my ass if you want. I’m every bit as appealing as Janet and Mom,” said Elise standing back up.

I told her that I’ll watch every step.

“Janet’s right it’s getting warm and I need to shower off this lotion. Want a beer and something to eat when I come back out?” Elise asked.

I said sure. How about a beer and you to eat, I’d thought.

“OK, maybe later.”

I guess I said that didn’t I? I’d asked with a puzzled look on my face.

“I was hoping you’d be interested.” She started to walk away, paused and then turned, “By the way, when I was fourteen I thought you were a hunk.” She winked then added, “I still do.”

A half hour later I’d finished scrubbing and was sitting under the umbrella finishing a bottle of water. It was warm and not very satisfying. I made a face just as Janet came out the door.

“I hope that look wasn’t intended for me,” Janet said with a scowl.

I’d replied, No, the water’s warm, sorry.

“Cindy said she’ll be out shortly with lunch and drinks. May I join you?” she asked.

Please do, I’d said.

I stood to pull out a chair and she sat in it. As she did, she leaned over a bit and with the top five buttons undone her blouse fell away from her chest to reveal a bare breast. Then she looked directly at the front of my trunks, and said, “Whenever you’re ready, I’ll help you with your equipment.”

Equipment? I’d asked.

She looked up, “Yes, your computer, cameras, printers. What’d you think I meant?”

I confessed, Sorry, your open blouse distracted me.

“The blouse, or my bare boobs?” grinned Janet


Besides the blouse, which was simple white cotton, she wore mid heeled slides and white shorts. Elise joined us shortly, wearing a form fitting yellow polo shirt, knit yellow short shorts and mid heeled slides as well. She took one look at Janet and said, “Excuse me.”

Swaying her hips as she walked over to the cabana, entered a side door and reappeared in a few minutes. As she walked toward us her breasts were jiggling. She’d obviously taken off her bra.

“More comfortable, Elise?” Janet asked.

“Given the present company, it appears that a bra is superfluous. Are you wearing a thong, Janet?”

“Same as you,” Janet shot back.

I was saved by the cook. I couldn’t have stood up to save my life fearing my cock would’ve caught on the edge of the table. More likely, my visible excitement would have contradicted my effort to look calm. But as luck would have it, the table top was clear glass. When the food and drinks were put on the table, the battle seemed lost already. I was aware that both ladies seemed very interested in looking at my plate, or at me through the table top, before looking at each other with a grin.

After lunch, a few beers apiece, and conversations about photojournalism, photography, engineering, fashion design, community growth and design issues, The Air National Guard, and life in general, much of the afternoon had passed when Virginia joined us. I noticed she was wearing two inch heel black strappy slides, a semi-sheer blouse, and a straight skirt that ended at the top of her knees. She appeared to be bare legged, and was wearing a slip, or something similar, under her blouse.

After talking for a few minutes rehashing her errands with Janet and Elise Virginia said, “Excuse me, I just need to get these hose off.”

Elise looked aggravated. “Mom, if you’d just wear stockings instead of pantyhose in the summer you’d probably be more comfortable. I know I am. What about you Janet?”

“I’ve never tried them,” Janet admitted. “We talked about them in our fashion history classes and I intended to give them a try, but never got around to it.”

“I’ll be back in minute,” Virginia said

That conversation aroused me once again. Damn, this is going to be ‘the summer of perpetual erection’. Some problems are nice to have, I thought before wondering if there was a shrine for that in Guadalupe’.

Virginia came back, obviously bare legged and she’d taken off the slip as well. The bra under her blouse seemed to be a little creamier than white, and the cups seemed to not fully cover her breasts. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed her deep brown areola were partly visible through the light material. I tried to take a casual surveying glance to enjoy the sights. But, as several times already today, I got caught.

“Mom, Jack is looking at your tits,” Elise said.

Just admiring I managed to choke out.

“Are you a breast man?” Virginia asked with a slight smile.

Legs and asses, too, I stammered. What kind of comment was that? I need to think before I open my mouth.

“Hmm. I’ll take that as a compliment. I’ll be right back.”

She returned from her brief foray inside, breasts jiggling as she walked back across the deck. Her nipples were erect and pushing against the fabric of the blouse. My eyes enlarged some when they noticed that her bra was missing.

“Can you see better now, Jack,” Virginia said with a playful lilt in her voice. With a slight smile she added. “Not too immodest, I hope?”

I could only take a deep breath because speech was beyond me. I kept wondering how I got so lucky to be around three sexy and teasing women.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” Virginia said.

“I told you so, Janet” Elise smugly remarked.

“Dinner is at six, underwear is not optional. Janet and Elise, go with Jack to empty out his car. I noticed nothing was in his bedroom and walk over with him to get some clothes. Take Cindy, too. Extra hands will help make the job easier,” Virginia suggested.

The three ladies and I made several trips from the car to the bedroom and put the computer and printers in the study. Taking a route through the adjoining backyards we walked to my house to get some more clothing. I took several blazers, slacks, several pairs of khakis, socks, and underwear. Each of us had an armload and I hoped that no one would pass by and see us. We could’ve been mistaken for a gang of thieves carrying off loot. No sooner had I had that thought, Mrs. Kurtz merely waved as she drove past.

We walked back up to my assigned bedroom. While they helped hang my things in the closet, I noticed Janet lingering over a pair of my red silk boxers before she put them in the dresser drawer.

I told them not to worry about the suitcases. I’d get them unpacked and put away before dinner. Before leaving, Cindy showed him me a basket in the bathroom where I was to put my dirty clothes.

After a necessary shower, I put on clean clothes, a collar shirt, khakis, and a blue seersucker jacket, then walked out the bedroom door into the hallway. As I did Virginia came out of what I assumed was her bedroom two doors down from mine and walked toward me. In four inch heels, hips swinging she came towards me in almost the same manner as I’d watched her daughters doing that morning.

“Did you wear underwear, Jack?” she asked.

I blushed, Yes.

Did you? I wondered. When she said “Yes” I realized I’d said it out loud.

Sorry, Virginia. I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve been among such beautiful women, especially three, I’d explained.

“I like that you feel that way,” Virginia assured me as she touched my arm. “Don’t apologize. I hope you’ll enjoy your summer with us.”

I felt my cock starting to harden as I said I certainly shall.

Virginia was wearing black sling back heels, a black silk blouse, demurely buttoned, and a white silk skirt. I couldn’t tell if she had on hose, the lighting in the hallway hindered that observation. She did smell fantastic, though. The light didn’t affect that. She casually slid her arm through mine as we walked the length of the hall and descended the stairs with her hip occasionally gently bumping mine.

Janet and Elise were standing in the living room when we entered. Both girls were wearing mid-heeled pastel colored strappy sandals, colorful sundresses with gathered tops and straight skirts. Elise’s skirt was about four inches shorter than Janet’s, which was a couple of inches above her knees. Given the firm appearance of the busts of both, I assumed they were wearing the required bras.

“Let’s enjoy a glass of wine, shall we?” Virginia suggested.

Before anyone replied she crossed to the bar and returned bringing an opened bottle and four glasses to the coffee table between the two couches, an arm chair at one end and the fireplace at the other. She sat them down and poured half a glass for each. Elise moved to stand next to me, took a glass from her mother and sat down crossing her legs. When she sat, I glanced down and saw a dark flash of stocking top at the hem of her skirt. Stockings, not pantyhose, I silently hoped.

When Virginia handed me a glass, her hand touched mine. I thought it lingered a little bit longer than necessary. “Enjoy, Jack,” she said with a smile.

I took a sip but remained standing until Janet sat down across from me, and Virginia sat in the arm chair. When I sat next to Elise she slipped her free hand into mine hand as smoothly and comfortably as if we held hands every day.

As we enjoyed the wine and made plans for the days ahead, I noticed that as Janet crossed her legs and scooted forward a bit her skirt began to ride up. No stocking top, must be pantyhose, I’d mused.

Virginia’s skirt was not as short as either Janet’s or Elise’s so I couldn’t see any hint of stockings or pantyhose, but when she made a casual move with her hand to smooth her skirt my educated eye noticed a telltale bump on the top of her thigh.

Kill me now. I’ve seen everything, I thought. No one questioned that remark so I must have safely made it to myself. Elise kept her hand in mine with her thumb gently caressing the back of my hand until we moved to the dining room for dinner.

One of the topics over dinner was my photographic expertise. I explained that with my new Nikon D1X and my old D1 I was going totally digital, no film, no developing, only bits and bytes on a card in the camera and computer drive. That I could then manipulate the results in my computer programs. I noted the cards in my cameras were removable and could be replaced mid-shoot if necessary when they filled up, just like a roll of film. I also explained that I typically shot in the highest resolution so the final result could be enlarged to sixteen by twenty inches if desired. I also explained that I could shoot rapid-fire in natural light but was often constrained by the recharging time of the flash in indoor or low light situations. Tomorrow I’ll hook up my computer and printers.

“Can you take some now?” Janet asked as we moved back into the living room.

No, I don’t think so, I’d explained. It’s been a couple of weeks since I used either of the cameras and the batteries probably needed to be charged, which I hadn’t done yet.

“Why not find out?” Her gorgeous smile was hard to refuse, my resistance fell so I went into the study, grabbed one of the cameras, the one least used from the last session. I turned it on, and there was a little bit of power left, probably enough for ten to twenty flash pictures. I took the battery out of the other camera and put it in the charger,plugged it in, and went back to the living room.

“How sensitive is digital?” Elise asked, “More than film?”

Yes, and can be more forgiving, too, I’d added. Over the next five to seven years the technology and the capabilities of digital cameras should be amazing.

Janet turned sideways, sat up straight, put one arm on the back of the couch, dropped the other to her side and smiled. I told her with that smile I didn’t know if I’d need the flash.

I took three with the flash and five or six without. Tomorrow I’ll show you how I can pull detail out of dark pictures, I’d told them.

“Will you take a few of me, too?” Elise turned to look at Virginia, put her hand against the back of the couch, and moved her hips and legs forward. Her skirt rode up in the process, exposing the garter clasp on her left leg. Elise stuck her chest out, and then pulled her skirt up just enough so that the garter clasp on her other leg showed as well. “Make sure that you have me from head to toe. I want to know how well the contrast of the stocking tops will show”

Oh, they’ll show because of the darker tan. I’d wondered if my cock was sticking so far out that it’d get in the picture.

Virginia was sitting in the arm chair with an amused grin. “I see taking pictures of my daughters is hard work.”

I turned a little red when I noticed she was looking directly at my erection. I didn’t know what to do about it except agree. Yes, and getting harder with you watching. I’d remarked.

I took ten shots of Elise, the flash taking longer and longer to recharge each time, signaling that I was about at the end of what I could do. The skirt rode higher on her thighs each time. I swore that on the last four I’d managed to squeeze off that I was getting flashed by her panties.

Virginia wryly remarked, “See why I said that underwear was not optional? Enough of this. Too bad you can’t print these tonight.”

Yes, it is, I haven’t set up the computer or a printer. It’ll take some time, I’d informed the women.

“Let’s go outside then, and enjoy the cool evening,” suggested Virginia, standing and extending her hand to me.

After an hour or so of conversation with more wine and coffee, the conversation turned to me twice trying out unsuccessfully to be a walk-on for the Mizzou tennis team.

“Jack, would you want to play some tennis in the morning?” Virginia asked after she’d finished another cup of coffee.

I’d replied, Sure, but early, while it’s still cool. Then afterwards I’ll set up the computer and you can see what I took.

After more conversation, Virginia stood, excused herself, touched my cheek with the back of her fingers, and said, “Looks like a nice summer ahead. See you about seven. I’ll tell Cindy we’ll want breakfast after tennis.”

Janet and Elise waited a few minutes before they too stood and said their goodnights. Elise mischievously pulled her skirt up to the top of her stockings.

“You enjoyed seeing my legs in stockings, didn’t you? I’ll see to it that you get to see a lot of mine before the summer is over. Mom was wearing stockings too, but I’ll bet you didn’t notice.”

I’d thought so, but didn’t say it. I reached out my hand and moved my fingers underneath the hem of her skirt and touched Elise’s thigh right on the bare skin above the stocking. She jumped a bit, smiled, and dropped the hem of her skirt before both girls walked back into the house.

“Janet, don’t be so stodgy. Wear stockings to dinner tomorrow, not those pantyhose,” Elise remarked as they walked in.

I sat alone enjoying the cool and quiet of the evening looking across the way towards my family’s pool and deck. Images of my sister began to flash across my mind. It had been an evening like this one, only in early June last year. Both Claire and I were briefly home at the same time. She was about to return to San Francisco and me to Princeton for some summer sessions. I’d wandered into the darkened kitchen looking for some liquid refreshment when I heard voices on the pool deck.

A few torches were burning on the edge of the deck as Claire and her boyfriend du jure were lounging alongside each other on one of the double chaises. Her top was off and he was enjoying caressing, sucking and licking her beautiful tits. I noticed my camera on the kitchen table. As I moved out of the kitchen into the shadow of the sun structure, I changed the ISO setting for ambient light pictures. Then I’d leaned back quietly drinking my beer and watched.

After five or ten minutes she pulled his polo shirt off and had her hand inside the waistband of his shorts. She began moving her arm as they kissed. Finally she said, “Take ‘em off.”

He stood, kicked off his Sperrys and dropped his shorts and boxers. To me he didn’t seem particularly well hung, her hand almost completely covered his erection. I’m bigger, but aren’t we always, I thought. I also knew he didn’t compare with some of the jocks I’d seen in the showers at the frat house.

“Pull mine off,” Claire said as she reclined and stuck her legs in the air. Her boyfriend obliged and tossed them across the deck along with her panties. I guessed the boyfriend didn’t want them running back to her. He began rather awkwardly caressing her thighs while kissing her. She was holding onto his cock and sliding her hand up and down it, not much though, it was pretty short.

She spread her legs and her boyfriend got on top of her. With her hand providing directional help he seemed to be entering her. As he began rocking his hips I recalled her asking, “Are you in?”

“Mmm, yes,” he murmured then exclaimed “Oh shit, oh shit, I came. Sorry. Sorry.”

As he rolled to the side she said, “Too bad you’re a better kisser than a fucker. I’m tired and have to get up early tomorrow. Call me.”

As he stood and began hurriedly pulling on his shorts and polo he said, “I don’t have your number.”

“I’ll say,” his sister snorted while laying there still unclothed. “See ya.”

Evidently he was a guy she’d just met. As the guy walked out the gate, he slammed it closed. She sat up and began looking around for her clothes. I put down the camera after taking another quick picture.

“Want a beer to go with those clothes?” I’d asked as I walked out from the shadow.

“Oh God, Jack you startled me,” Claire said clutching her chest with her hand. “How long have you been there? Were you spying on me?”

“Long enough to see you get naked and have an attempted fuck,” I said.

Claire turned and sat on the edge of the chaise, put her arms back and rested on her hands. Her breasts were as gorgeous as I’d ever seen them in the few peeks I’d enjoyed over the years. The glow of sexual arousal made her breasts and my sister appear to be more beautiful than ever. My eyes quickly scanned her. Her legs were slightly parted and her neatly trimmed bush was on display.

“If you get me a beer, we can talk,” Claire said smiling in the bright moonlight.

“If you stay as naked as you are now I’ll get a beer and maybe we can do more than talk,” I’d replied moving toward the kitchen.

“Bring a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and get a real treat,” chuckled Claire.

“Red or white?”

“White,” she’d responded.

Before walking back out to the deck I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my shirt, and pulled down my shorts and briefs. If she said anything I was planning on telling her that I felt obligated to take off mine since she was nude.

As I walked back across the deck I could feel my erection growing and when I got next to her I was fully erect, all seven inches of me.

“My God, Jack, you’ve been hiding this from me. Why haven’t you done this before?” she exclaimed reaching for my dick and wrapping her hand around it. “It’s so beautiful. My hand hardly goes around it.” I smiled as I recalled being very surprised when she leaned forward and licked the head before she tentatively took it into her mouth.

“Whoa,” I’d said but didn’t pull back. “I’m your brother.”

“Yeah, and I’m your sister. Who’d be safer to have sex with than you? That premature ejaculator who just left?” she nodded in the direction in which the guy’d left.

“You don’t have a problem fucking me?”

“Who said anything about fucking. Wanna eat me?” she asked with a two hundred watt smile.

She turned her body, laid on the chaise and patted the cushion at her side. I moved down next to her. We lightly kissed as my hand tentatively moved to cup one of her breasts. Her moan emboldened me. Our kisses intensified rapidly as our tongues tangled. Breathing heavily she broke the kiss, “Turn, I’m going to lay on top. I never dreamed you were such a good kisser.”

I turned and lay flat on my back as she laid the length of my chest and stomach but turned to face my legs. I found heaven as she took me into her warm wet mouth. I began to part her lips and probe her vagina with my tongue. Her scent of arousal was just perfect I recalled thinking as I began to spread her lips more and lick her from her clit to her asshole. As she was jacking and sucking me I found her clit and began suckling on it and playing with it with my tongue and lips.

I heard her groaning and her hips began to buck against me. She took her mouth off my dick. “That’s it, right there,” and then she began gasping as I felt her orgasm coursing up her stomach.

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