Meagan the driver parks the car in the garage, Derrick is in the passenger’s seat, she stops the engine and they both get out and head towards the door leading into the house. They enter through the door and land up in the kitchen. Meagan starts making a cup of coffee and Derrick is standing a few feet away from her and begins a conversation, “I’m glad I got that promotion at work today, that means those people who have been telling me shit can no longer do that, because now I am way above them, life’s good hey Meagan?” Derrick asks with enthusiasm.

Meagan replies with a smile, “Yeah tell me about it, but I like your boss for one thing honey, he waited until your birthday which was around the corner to give it to you, isn’t he a sweetheart?”

Derrick responds, “I also did admire that, I thought he never cared about me at all but after this now I think otherwise.” Meagan resumes making coffee.

Derrick then says, “But babe I’m still waiting for a birthday present from you though.”

Meagan turns around to face Derrick, “Hush now Derrick be patient, I have the perfect surprise for you.”

Derrick then laughs and takes a seat on the sofa.

Meagan is now done making coffee for the both of them and joins Derrick on the sofa and they both sip on their coffee in silence.

Meagan finishes her coffee she goes back to the kitchen, she returns with a small packet in her hand and sits down again next to Derrick.

“Derrick,” Meagan calls out. Catching his attention Derrick is now looking at her, “Haaapppyyyyyy Biiiiirthdayyyyy,” She says in a singing voice to him as she pulls out a pair of handcuffs from the packet.

Derrick is wordless all he could do was just smile. Meagan takes the coffee out of his hand and puts it on the table beside her. She then takes Derrick by the hand and then guides him into the main bedroom, there is a chair set up in the middle. Meagan grabs the back of Derrick’s neck with her left hand, pulls him towards her and the two engage in a wild romantic kiss. Derrick grips Meagan by the hips and Meagan puts her arms around his neck. Derrick then puts his hands on Meagan’s ass and starts to gently squeeze it rhythmically, this causes Meagan’s breathing to become deeper and deeper, she tightens her grip around Derrick’s neck, her breasts are fully pressed up against Derrick’s chest and she can feel his hard on against her pussy, she begins moaning slowly. Still kissing with Derrick she removes her arms from his neck and starts to unbutton his shirt. Derrick’s hands undo her jet black skirt and pull it down. The couple are still kissing as Meagan removes the shirt Derrick is wearing first from the right arm and then the left; her hands then begin exploring Derrick’s muscular body.

Derrick then proceeds to remove Meagan’s bum shorts as she undoes his belt and loosens his pants. Derrick manages to remove her bum shorts while kissing still with her and she manages to drop his pants to his feet, Derrick caresses her butt, in his hands her butt is soft, smooth and warm, he gently squeezes it causing her to let out small gentle moans. Derrick then unbuttons her shirt and removes it; he also undoes her bra as well and throws it on the floor. Derrick then fondles Meagan’s boobs as he gently brushes his tongue along her neck, her skin is soft and delicate against his skin, Meagan feels the warmth of Derrick’s tongue on her soft skin, she feels the wet and ticklish feeling of his tongue sliding slowly up and down her neck. Derrick stops licking and kissing her neck and then Meagan orders Derrick to sit on the chair that is in the middle of the room. Derrick goes to the chair and sits down.

Meagan then walks up behind him takes both his hands behind the chair, intertwines the hand cuffs between the wooden bars of the chairs so that she handcuffs Derrick with no chances of escape. Derrick has now got his arms handcuffed behind him.

Meagan then whispers in Derrick’s ear in a deep voice, “Happy birthday my baby…This will be the best birthday treat, you have no idea what I will do to you, you are all mine and I am going to FUCK YOU LIKE NO TOMORROW!!”

Derrick is wordless with a grin on his face, Meagan then moves to the front of Derrick, she spreads his legs apart and kneels down in between them in front of him; Derrick is at his full 7 inches. Meagan takes Derrick’s cock in her left hand and begins massaging it gently and slowly, she strokes from the head to the base with little grip, this has Derrick breathing deeply now and closing his eyes, Meagan holds it in her hand and brings it closer to her mouth, she lets out a sigh of breath that gives the head of Derrick’s cock a warm sensation. She presses the head against her smooth and wet lips and begins taking the head in slowly, the lips of Meagan’s mouth brush the head as it enters her mouth, it is a ticklish sensation and warming the head of his penis. Derrick’s eyes have now rolled to the back of his head.

Meagan licks the head of Derrick’s penis while it is in her mouth, she pushes her head further down taking in more and more of Derrick’s cock, Derrick’s breathing is now deep, he mutters to himself, “Yeah baby just like that, oh fuck that feels so good.” Meagan then lets out a soft moan that vibrates his cock for a few seconds. Meagan is only able to take in half of Derrick’s cock, while it is in her mouth she brushes it with her tongue, Derrick’s cock fills her mouth completely, she can taste a bit of saltiness, she feels the masculinity of his cock and enjoys the sensations of sucking on his rock hard cock, it is a warm lollipop in her mouth. Meagan now begins to rhythmically suck on Derrick’s cock, taking it in and out of her mouth in slow and gentle strokes, Derrick’s breathing is deep, his head is tilted back and he enjoys the warm and wet sensation of Meagan’s mouth on his cock.

She picks up speed now and begins taking his cock in and out of her mouth at a rapid speed, Meagan holds the base with her left hand while she takes half of Derrick’s cock into her mouth and then takes it out leaving only the head in, she did this motion repeatedly rapidly but rhythmically, she licks the head and tastes pre-cum on the tip of it. Meagan now stops sucking; she gets up from both her knees and looks Derrick in the eyes. Derrick stares back her signalling in his stare that now he wants her badly, he wants the 26 year old to fuck the living shit out of him.

Meagan stands over Derrick with her legs on both sides of him, she comes up so close to him so that now her boobs are directly in his face, derrick’s legs are still apart, Meagan now takes Derrick’s cock and aligns it with her pussy, she begins bending her legs, the tip of Derrick’s cock touches her pussy, she rubs his cock on her pussy up and down in a very rapid motion to get herself wet and tease him. She aligns his cock properly again with her pussy and begins descending onto it, the head pushes through and enters, she lets out a soft moan, she bends her knees so that she takes more and more of Derrick into her, eventually she is sitting on Derrick’s lap and his cock is fully in her. She relaxes while Derrick is fully in her to get used to it completely, she then put her arms around Derrick’s upper body, hugging him she rests her chin on his right shoulder and begins humping Derrick, she moves her hips back slowly taking Derrick’s cock out of her pussy and then pushes in again taking it all the way in again.

She starts off slowly, Derrick’s cock is big in her and fills her totally, it is a tight fit but she is able to move rhythmically, Meagan’s pussy is tight around Derrick’s cock, he feels the warm and wet sensation of Meagan’s humping on his cock. The sensation becomes hot on Derrick’s cock now; Meagan is gripping Derrick’s black muscular body tightly in her arms, she now picks up the speed, Derrick’s cock is in heaven because the sensation is now hot and Meagan’s pussy is also tight causing a lot of friction, Meagan is breathing deeply into Derrick’s right ear, she whispers into it, “Oh god Derrick, oh my gosh Derrick fuck yeah this is so good, fuck yeah this is fucking good, yessssss baby, yessss.”

Derrick’s monster is hitting her G-spot as she humps on him; her nails begin digging into his thick skin. Once again she picks up speed causing both of them to now moan while breathing. Derrick smells the shampoo sensation in Meagan’s long and black hair, her lips are touching his right ear so her breathing is very loud, her C cup sized breasts are firmly pressed against his masculine chest, his warm body is a pleasing sensation as it is tightly up against her as she humps him. An aroma begins to fill up the room, Derrick is in a light headed state because of all the humping, Meagan feels Derrick’s cock going in and out of her pussy, she feels Derrick’s body become hotter and hotter, she bites and licks Derrick’s ear as she breaths heavily into it.

She enjoys fucking the shit of her handsome 23 year old boyfriend, yes Meagan has a thing for black guys younger than her, Derrick is not completely bold but his head is shaven in a stylish way, in a way that turns her on, his dark piercing eyes drive her crazy whenever she looks into them. Meagan now stops humping and rests her head on Derrick’s shoulder.

Meagan, breathing deeply heavily, whispers into Derrick’s ear, “Baby I want your cock; I want your cock now in me.”

Derrick asks with curiosity, “Where, where do you want my fucking black cock Meagan? Tell me now!!”

Meagan, “I want it in my asshole baby; you know what I’m saying? I want it in my fart hole, my shit hole baby, I want you to come in me hard baby.”

Derrick responds, “And I am all yours baby, fuck me hard and make me come in you, rape me as I am handcuffed to this chair and take me to wonderland.” Derrick then turns his head and licks Meagan’s ear and neck. Meagan lets out a sigh, she turns her head and the two engage in a slow and passionate kiss for a few moments. Meagan then gets up from Derrick’s lap, his cock pops out her pussy, and she goes to the drawer, opens it and takes out the KY Gel lubricant. She walks back to Derrick, pours KY Gel onto her hand and massages Derrick’s cock with it, the gel is cold and makes Derrick have minor shivers, she massages the KY gel onto Derrick’s cock with both her hands, and then she stands.

She looks Derrick in the eye and a grin takes over her lips, she turns around, bends her upper body down while keeping her legs straight so that her ass is pointing straight up at Derrick. She applies KY Gel to her left index then spreads her right bum cheek with her right hand, she inserts her left index finger into the anus, stuffing the KY Gel into it, she massages everything into her anus using her left hand, and she pours some more KY Gel on her left index finger and repeats the process this is a beautiful show for Derrick and causes his cock to twitch, he imagined that her finger were his cock sliding in and out of her bubble butt, Meagan’s ass is big and Derrick loves it when she wears tights to go gym, they grip her ass and it sticks out a lot, Meagan also loves grinding on Derrick when she is in tights and she always manages to make him come in his boxes. She walks in a cat fashion to Derrick, she stands over him with her legs on both sides of the chair he is sitting on, she puts her arms around his neck and she starts to sit slowly, she takes Derrick’s cock in her left and aligns it with her anus and then carries on descending until the tip of the head touches her anus, she stops for a while and gives Derrick a desperate look of wanting to be fucked, she inserts the tip of the head and it pops through her anus causing her to let out a moan of breath.

She takes Derrick’s cock all the way into her until she is fully seated on his lap, until her anus is just a few centimetres away from Derrick’s balls. With his cock fully in her asshole she begins rocking gently back and forth, grinding on his lap fucking him slowly she begins to breathe deeply, his cock is very big in her anus, she can feel it close by to her stomach, as for Derrick Meagan’s asshole is very tight but heavenly, as she rocks backs and forth she gives it gentle squeezes sending thrills across his entire body, he closes his eyes and lays his head back, Meagan then begins biting and sucking on his neck as she gradually fucks him, she breaths deeply into his ear and the warmth of her breath adds more to Derrick’s pleasure. “Oh God, oh Derrick, oh fuck yeah I love that cock in my ass!!”

Meagan yells out as she picks up speed.

Various aromas begin to fill up the room as Meagan fucks Derrick with her Anus, there is the smell of sweating as both of them are getting pretty hot and beginning to form drops on the surface of their skin, Meagan is wet down there and the damp smell fills up the air, the natural and raw smell of her anus is also filling up the room and this is a turn on for Derrick as well. All these smells combined form a unique and thick smell that stuffs the room completely; it makes them light headed and puts them both in a state of ecstasy. Meagan now picks up speed, now she is jack hammering the hell out of the birthday man, now she is trully fucking her man, her ass makes a clapping sound as it slaps against Derrick’s Thighs because of the speed, Derrick is grunting and moaning and she is screaming. Her nails begin to dig into Derrick’s back once again as she grips his body in her arms, they pierce the thickness of his skin but because he is in such a blissful state he does not feel the pain.

“Yessssss baby just like that, ohhh fuck yeah baby just like fucking that.” Derrick moans out to Meagan.

Meagan presses her upper body even more firmly against Derrick’s chest; she tightens the grip even more. She stops all of a sudden and freezes while Derrick’s cock is totally in her. She starts to shake violently and bites into Derrick’s right shoulder, her anus grips Derrick’s cock like a strong rubber band, it hurts for Derrick but is paradise for him at the same time. She is having a major orgasm; she squirts on Derrick’s stomach a couple of times and lets out a loud squeaky scream. After shaking in this orgasm violently for what seemed like 25 seconds, she lets loose and her head just falls on Derrick’s shoulder. Meagan with a tired voice while panting heavily says, “Fuck me Derrick baby, oh my goodness that was fucking good!”

Derrick responds, “Tell me about it Meagan, you are one hell of a crazy girlfriend, the way you humped the shit out of me was like nothing you had done before.”

Meagan laughingly says, “Oh well baby there is more where that came from, your birthday treat isn’t over yet.” With that said she stands up still holding Derrick’s neck in her arms Derrick looks into her eyes as she looks into his, she straightens her legs and Derrick’s cock pops out of her ass causing a farting sound. Meagan steps to one side of Derrick, she steps over him again but this time facing her back to him, she sits down back on Derrick with his cock going into her anus once again, she grinds herself deeper and deeper into Derrick’s lap taking more of his cock into her until she has taken in the full length, the full 7 inches.

After taking in the whole length Meagan bends her upper body down all the way down until her boobs are touching Derrick’s knees. Yes she is very flexible as she does exercise daily to keep fit. She stretches her arms out and places her hands fully on the floor for the sake of balance; she then begins moving her ass up and down Derrick’s shaft, she humps him as fast as she can and once again there are loud clapping sounds.

She starts to emit small farts that fill up the room, Derrick’s cock is giving her gas, the farts smell like the inside of her anus, a musky and naturally raw aroma fills up the room, the farts vibrate his cock as she humps on him. Derrick grunts and moans, “Fuck yeah baby I’m gonna come!!” Meagan then rhythmically gently begins to squeeze his cock with her butthole. She slows down the speed of her fucking, Meagan then feels Derrick’s cock begin to twitch, and she then squeezes his cock a bit harder. His cock carried on twitching and she lets out one more fart that lasted 5 seconds and she feels hot thick liquid hit the walls of her anus, she feels another stream of hot liquid hit her anus, Derrick sprayed in her anus a few times, this feels good for Meagan, the liquid is hot on the sensitive walls of her anus and it is slimy so it gives a ticklish arousing sensation.

After Derrick is finished coming Meagan stands up and once again his cock just pops out of her bottom. Derrick’s cock is covered in KY Gel lubricant that is mixed with brown streaks, and there are a few spots of his white cum as well, Meagan looks at his cock, then looks up at his face and says with a cheeky grin, “Happy Birthday Derrick.”

Derrick responds, “Thank you baby, I loved the birthday treat.” With that said Meagan kneels down and sucks Derrick completely clean, and then he began to soften and shrink. Meagan unlocked the handcuffs and the two went to go and take a shower together.

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