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This is the start of a true continued story that creates a True Mistress. The beginning starts out tame and heats up quickly in the parts to come.

Stay with the story as it continues to see what kind of Mistress emerges. I encourage the feedback and Thank You.


They couldn’t remember what sparked the first conversation. Was it a glass of beer or wake-up call? They couldn’t remember now and they could never have imagined then what else would spark from that first conversation.

They both agree that the fantasy world ignited from that spark is an amazing place neither wants to leave. Through a few phone calls, many detailed emails, and a handful of meetings; an entire dream realm has been discovered. They both knew that their own real worlds would one day trump their fantasy world. Then they would both be left with only the vivid memories of the encounters they had shared.

She knocked on his door and was greeted by a sexy smile enhanced by Irish blue eyes and dark features. They shared a few drinks of what would become their usual cocktail, as they talked for a bit. They went downstairs for a walk and a smoke in the autumn evening.

He was a gentleman the entire time. When they reached his room, he opened the door and let her enter first as he did downstairs. She stood there taking off her shoes and felt his hands grab her from behind. She turned towards him and he kissed her. His kiss was perfect. Not too forceful but assertive. He slowly led her to the bed staggering, as they would not break. His lips left hers long enough to whisper to her softly, “I want to please you.”

He raised her shirt over her head and removed her bra, exposing her nice 34 C breasts to him. They stood at the end of the bed as his hands explored the upper part of her body. They were warm on her exposed flesh making her moan slightly. Her hands found the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off of him. Her nails scratching down his chest as she lowered her arms.

He eased her back onto the bed with the weight of his body against hers. They were still kissing and exploring each other. Then she heard him whisper again. This time he told her, “Just lay back, relax, and enjoy me serving you.” She closed her eyes and felt him start his slow decent.

He took his time removing the remaining articles.

He kissed his way down her chest. He enjoyed her breasts but continued. She expected him to stop when he reached the source of the aroma he had released between her legs. He paused briefly when he caught the sweet scent. He made a few circles with his tongue at the start of her slit. Her back arched and he heard her moan a little louder. Then he continued his voyage down her thighs lifting each leg and giving each one equal attention. The lower he went, the more excited he became.

If he missed any spot on her body with his tongue, he made sure his hands found it.

She felt his hand grab her ankle and lift it gently. The other hand ran down to the tips of her toes and across them. She could hear his excitement in his breathing. She could tell he liked her feet. He rubbed, he kissed, and he sucked on her toes and feet while she squirmed with pleasure for what seemed like hours. His pampering was bringing her obvious quivers. Seeing her reaction to his touch just fueled his desire to please her. Again spending equal time on each foot before reluctantly leaving them.

He had another destination in his sites. His hands lead the way for his mouth to follow. He once again caught a hint of her alluring fragrance. He was drawn to her scent. He wanted to taste her. He needed to feel her body shake and tremble with orgasm while he licked up every drop she could give him. His fingers were tracing the lips of her pussy. He ran his tongue along the top and all around her slit Her hips moved in sync with his tongue.

Then she felt his fingers spread open her pussy. She gasped and released a moan that even surprised her with its’ volume as she felt his tongue make first contact with her clit. He moaned and expressed his excitement at her response. The more she wriggled and vocalized her pleasure, the more his desire grew, along with his speed. He could tell he was bringing her to an untamed orgasm. His tongue dove deep inside her. Her hips and back rose off of the bed. She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pulled him closer, sending his tongue deeper. His face buried and held in place was more than she could handle. Her body lost control. Her hips bucked against his face. She looked down and saw his eyes watching her reaction to his service. Seeing the enthusiasm in his eyes sent her head back and her hips in the air. Her hands pressed harder against his head. Her body twitched and tightened in spasms. Her legs closed around him as they tensed.

Moans came from his throat as his tongue lapped rapidly to not miss a drop of her sweet juice. Her breathing got faster. Her moans reached a higher pitch as her sensitivity grew. She was past control and came hard all over his face.

She heard him say, “Mmmm. Thank you. I have an oral fetish. That was great.”

She exclaimed out of breath, “Fuck me!!” Her hands were reaching for him as he sat up. She needed to feel him. She wanted him to be at the same level of pleasure she had reached. Then she heard the question she did not want to hear.

“Do you have a condom? I don’t” Even though she did not want to hear it, she did not let the negative answer stop her.

She grabbed him and threw him down on the bed. One move and she was on top of him. Her hands ran all over his chest, scratching lightly and pinching nipples not so lightly. She soon added biting to his list of sensations. She moved up and down his body, her breasts against him. Pressed into his chest as she kissed his lips and down to his neck. Quickly moving lower, she felt when his hard cock was between her breasts. His gasping also gave it away. She paused and pushed herself into him. She rubbed him briefly. She could hear his breathing getting faster. Then she heard him moan as she reached for his stiff member. She wrapped her long fingers around it and gently squeezed. Then she started to stroke him, slowly at first but not for long. She increased her speed with one hand and held his balls with the other. His hips were moving in rhythm. She felt him jerk away a couple of times and knew he was trying to stop his eruption. So when she felt he was rock solid, her mouth followed her next stroke down his shaft. All the way to the base she took him. Her tongue traced the underside of his cock. Then slowly back to the tip.

Her mouth was warm and wet. He slid in and out of her throat. Her tongue massaged and flicked his rod. Circling and teasing his head just before sliding him down her throat again. She could tell by his sounds and flinching that he was close. So she slowed down her strokes with her hands and her mouth. It was too fast, too soon. She did not want to stop yet.

She played with him for a while. His breathing slowed and his flinching had almost ceased completely. He was back in a relaxed state enjoying the pleasure of her mouth and hands slowly working his cock and balls.

She did not let him stay there for long. Faster she started to work him. Her mouth soon devoured him again. Sliding up and down his staff’s full length. His moans were getting louder again. Faster she went still. Her tongue massaging as her lips slid all around his cock. His hips thrust to meet her as she sucked him. Every time she glanced up to see the reaction on his face, she got faster. She could see his pleasure and she moaned around her mouthful.

His moans were her encouragement. She wanted to taste him. She needed to make him cum. It was only moments at this vigor he could handle. She heard his moan turn into almost a growl. Then she saw him grab a pillow and clutch it to his face. She felt his stiffness throb and his body tense. His hands grasped the pillow even tighter against his face.

There it was! The pillow was a muffle to his screams as he released a river flow into the back of her throat. She drank it eagerly feeling the pulsating of his tool. His reaction inspired her to not stop until she was certain his every drop had been surrendered to her. When his cries had subsided. She reluctantly released him and kissed it as it lay against his skin.

Both were still while they caught their breath, a few comments and moans of lingering pleasure were all that was heard.

A little while of talking and laughing before they both dressed. He walked her downstairs for a smoke and to say goodnight but not goodbye.

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