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Note: This story is continued from “Naughty Pillow Talk.” It might be more meaningful to you if you read the first of the story. In any case, here is brief description of where we are in the story as Part 2 begins. Taking up where the other story left off… the previously unnamed husband (Clint) has been encouraging his wife (Kim) to tell him stories about her sexual fantasies with other men. Clint had just climaxed hard a few minutes earlier from Kim’s oral skills and her naughty revelations about getting frisky with a friend, Darren. Clint tried to invite Darren over to play with Kim, but he didn’t answer his phone. As Clint recovered, the couple continued talking. Clint had urged Kim to tell him more of her recent activities. She, in turn, had asked him to promise not to get mad at her if she did. The writing style of pure dialog (see intro to NPT) without any narrative continues for awhile.

To my faithful readers: Thank you for you continued interest and kind encouragement.

This story is lovingly dedicated to the narcissistic trolls who hang out on Lit and can’t stand the idea of a married woman finding any for of sexual pleasure beyond monogamous, marital sex, to the guys who think their personal notions of sexual pleasure are the only valid ones. I wrote this one especially for you, in response to you vain, rude comments and hate mail which attempted to dictate to me the type of content I choose to write. Kisses.


Chapter 2 – More Naughty Pillow Talk

“I’ll promise to not get mad, but, you have to tell me everything else you have done lately and in detail.”

“I will. Remember me telling you I was going by to visit Brandy a couple weeks ago? Well, I did and I walked in on her and Jason making love.”

“Really? That sounds hot! What was going on?”

“It was. The back door was open and nobody answered when I knocked, so I just walked on in. I called out for them and sis yelled out, ‘We’re in the bedroom. Come back here.’ She is so freaking uninhibited. She was on her hands and knees with her butt hanging off the bed and he was standing by the edge going at her like crazy.”

“That’s just wild! It didn’t bother them that you were there?”

“Honey, they never stopped even when I walked in the bedroom! She turned her head to me and said, ‘Get naked and join us.’ I told her, ‘No way,’ and she just turned her head back around, started moaning again and they kept going. He was sweating all over and working hard, spanking her and talking a blue streak while he was throwing his hips into her bottom.”

“What did you do?”

“I told them, ‘You-two are nuts,’ and I started to leave, but Jason told me to stay and watch. I think they did it on purpose. I mean she knew I was coming over that afternoon.”

“I take it you stayed.”

“Yeah. I don’t know why I did it, honey. I guess I was too curious to leave. I had never seen a couple making love, not in-person and right in front of me like that.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, I watched and they talked to each other and to me while they were screwing. Jason asked me, ‘Do you like watching your little sister getting a good, hard dicking?’ I told him, ‘It’s kind of hot, but sort of gross too.’ He said, ‘Sit over there on the bed, Kim, and watch us. You might learn something.’ So, I did. I sat on the other side of the bed and leaned back against the headboard. Brandy reached out and held my hand. Jason was talking dirty to her, calling her names and stuff and making her tell him how much she loved it. She came so hard that she was shaking all over.”

“Did it turn you on watching them?”

“Yeah. I could feel my face turning red and I got really hot and wet. The way he was talking to her was really nasty and aggressive, but she loved it. He made Brandy admit she was a dick-loving tramp and stuff like that. While he did her Jason made her tell me what a slut she was for his hard dick, even some of the places she had sucked him off in public. He totally dominates her during sex and she becomes completely submissive.”

“How did it feel to you watching your sister get dominated that way?”

“Truthfully, it was very arousing. His voice was so intense and forceful and they were both so into their passion.”

“What else happened?”

“He just kept talking to her and making her admit to naughty things until she came for him. After she climaxed, he pulled out of her and went to the restroom for a few minutes. Brandy stretched out on her stomach and asked me to rub her back and legs. She had stayed in one position too long and her muscles were hurting. So, I did. We talked and I gave her a massage. Her body was so hot she was sweating all over. I was still doing that when Jason came out of the bathroom.

“What did Jason say about you giving Brandy a naked massage?”

“He looked at me rubbing her body and said, ‘Hot,’ and walked away down the hall.

I don’t know what he did for so long, but while he was gone I gave Brandy a long, full massage. Then she asked me if I wanted one. I was turned on still and I wanted to be touched some too. I told her I would like that. Anyway, I got undressed and she was rubbing me down with lotion when Jason came back in. He handed me a joint and I took a puff and handed it to Brandy. We smoked the rest of it and that made her hands feel so freaking wonderful. Jason sat on the bed by us and played with his cock and talked to us while she rubbed me all over.”

“Did you get turned on watching him play with his cock? What does his cock look like?”

“It’s looked really nice, a lot like yours. I was pretty aroused.”

“Did you fuck him?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Sometime later on Jason told Brandy to play with my pussy. Actually, he said, ‘Be sure and rub Kim’s cunt good too.’ So, Brandy started touching me and then she put her fingers inside me. She just does whatever he tells her to do. Jason was telling us how hot we both looked and how turned on he was watching us play. We had only done stuff like that a couple of times ever and never with anybody watching us. It was exciting having him sitting there so close and him telling us how it made him feel. Of course he was playing with himself the whole time which was fun to watch. He was really hard by then too. His face was so red it looked like he was about to go up in flames.”

“Keep going. I want you to rub your pussy again for me while you tell me the rest.”

“Sure… Well, he started talking about how much he would like to fuck me too, and he made Brandy tell him she was okay with watching us do it. But, I cut that off quickly. I told Jason there was no way I was going to do that with him. He got kinda pissy when I turned him down and he told Brandy to leave me hanging and to come suck his dick. So, she did.”

“What did you do?”

“I was so hot, honey, I started playing with myself. I was about to come from rubbing my clit and watching her suck his cock. When I got really into it and was pushing hard for my orgasm to peak Jason reached over and grabbed me by my hair. He pulled my head down and told me to suck his cock while I climaxed. Oh honey, I was so turned on I just did what he said. I sucked his cock and kissed Brandy while I rubbed myself… I came so hard it made me dizzy. When I started shaking all over and squirting, Jason pushed us both off his cock and got up. He grabbed me by my ankles, pulled me out to the edge of the bed and got down between my legs. He ate my pussy while I squirted all over his face. He even drank some of my juice.”

“No shit? You let your brother-in-law eat your pussy?”

“Yes, but only for a minute or two while I was coming. I couldn’t stop him then. It felt too good.”

“What else?”

“I guess Jason figured I was willing to fuck him by then. He tried to put his cock in me and almost did, but I yelled at him and made him stop. He let me up, but he didn’t like it one bit. So, I quickly got dressed and got the hell out of there before I gave in to them and got fucked.”

“Where did you go after you left there?”

“I came straight back here.”

“Did you play with yourself more?”

“Oh yeah. I did…”

[Ring] [Ring] [Ring]

“Who the fuck could that be? Oh shit, it’s Darren! Do you want to fuck him?”

“I don’t know. You decide. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Hello, Darren… Yeah, I did call earlier… I called to see if you wanted to come over for a drink and to talk a bit… Yes, I know what time it is. It’s not that freaking late and I have something I really need to share with you… Fuck a bunch of sleep. Have a little trust, buddy, and get your ass over here, okay? …good… bye.”

“Is he really coming over?”

“He is.”

“Oh god!”

“Think you can you fuck him while I watch?”

“I guess… I don’t know… If you really want me to do it I’ll try. I think I can. Are you sure you want me to do that?”

“Yes. I do. I have always wanted to watch you fuck somebody else. I did long before I ever mentioned it to you. We might as well do it once and see how we like it, don’t you think?”

“Okay, if you say so. What should I wear?”

“As little as possible. Why don’t you freshen up and put on just a see-though lingerie top with no panties. Will you do that for me?”

“Oh my god, you want me to leave no doubt about it, huh?”

“Yeah, just go for the gold.”

“Okay then, I will if you’re sure it’s what you want.”

“It is.”


“Wow, you look great all dolled up. That top looks smokin’ on you.”

“Thank you, love.”

“Got any other stories for me while we wait for him to get here?”

“Just one more thing. I sunbathed nude and let Mr. Carson watch.”

“How’d do you know he was watching you?”

“I could see him in his upstairs window. I had on sunglasses so he had no idea I knew he was watching me. He jacked off looking at me.

“How long did your little nudie-show go on?”

“I don’t know exactly, but for over an hour for sure. I saw him when I was taking my robe off so I turned my lounger where I could see him without it being obvious.”

“Did you play with yourself for Mr. Carson to see?”

“No, but I did put on a bit of a show for him putting on lotion.”

“Wow. You have been doing…”

[Buzz] [Buzz]

“That’s Darren. I’ll get it. Tell me the rest later. Would you wait back here while I go talk to him?”

“Okay. Sure.”

“I’ll call you and when I do I want you to come in. Walk in wearing just that see-through top and nothing else. Okay?”

“Oh god! Okay. I’m just going to do what you tell me to do. This is all on you, honey.”

[Buzz] [Buzz] [Buzz]

“I know it is. I better go let him in.”


“Hey, bro, come on in.”

“What’s up?”

“Want a drink?”

“Sure, if you are having one. What the heck is going on?”

“Let me ask you something first. Do you think Kim is hot?”

“Fuck yeah! She is just about the hottest woman I know. Why are you asking me that? Is she here?”

“Bourbon on ice with a splash of water is what you like, isn’t it?”


“Yes, she’s here. She’s in the bedroom. Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. The reason I asked that is because I have had this certain sexual fantasy for a long time. I want to watch Kim get it on with someone. She told me about what the two of you have done in the kitchen during the poker games…”

“Hey, I can explain…”

“Shut up for a minute and just listen to me. I know you are a sneaky bastard of a friend and you would fuck her in a second behind my back if you got the chance, but I don’t care about that right now. Look, Darren, this is real simple. I’m going to let her play with somebody and watch her do it. Do you want it to be you or not?”

“Holy fuck! Are you serious?”

“Serious as a heart attack.”

“Are you talking about right now?”


“I’m in. Hell yes, I want to be the lucky bastard that gets to share her. Just don’t freak out on me and get crazy when I’m fucking her.”

“Not likely. I’m going to get naked and go get her. It might ease things along if you were too.”

“Okay. Sure. Anything I should avoid or any hot buttons I should zero in on with her?”

“I can’t think of anything in particular to avoid. But, just a while ago she mentioned getting turned on to watching a woman being dominated a bit by her lover. The guy made this gal admit, confess to some of her naughty sexual desires and deeds while he was fucking her. That might be something to explore, a little light dominance. We’ve never had a threesome, so I don’t really know what to expect from her. Just read her reactions to whatever is going on; adjust to the situation and make her feel special.”

“Got it, brother. Hey, man, thanks for including me.”

“You bet. Make me glad I did. I’ll be back in a minute.”


“Hey, sweetheart, are you ready?”

“Ready as I’m going to be.”

“Come on then.”

“I’m going to need either you or him to tell me what to do. I’m so nervous!”

“No problem. Okay, first I want you to walk up to Darren and give him a hug and kiss. He is already naked. I want to watch you make out some with him and then I’d like to see you suck his dick for awhile. Think you can do that?”

“Okay, I’ll do my best.”

“Want a hug?”

“Yes! Hold me tight and promise me you will still love me after I do this for you.”

“Mummmm. I love you with all my heart and I promise I will love you even more after you play with Darren. I will because I know you are doing this mostly for me.”

Chapter 3 — Beyond Only Pillow Talk

After they hugged and kissed twice, Clint told Kim, “Give me just a minute to get down the hall and settle in and then come on in. I love you, babe.”

Clint hugged and kissed his nervous wife one more time and walked down the hall into the great room. He turned off the reading lamp sitting near the back corner of his recliner and took a seat there in the darkened area.

“She’ll be right out,” he told Darren, then asked, “Are you ready for this?”

“I’m way beyond ready! I don’t know when I’ve been so excited about getting laid!” Darren told him.

Kim walked into the room a few moments later and Darren stood up to greet her. “Oh my god! This is really going to happen, isn’t it?” he exclaimed when her saw her wearing only the short, white, see-through baby-doll top. “You are so beautiful, so damn hot looking, Kim! How the hell did he talk you into doing this?”

“I’m not sure how he talked me into this, but I need a hug. I’m as nervous as I can be,” she told him and pressed her chest into his.

They hugged for a few long moments before his hands began to move over her back and down onto her ass. Darren’s cock bounced upward when his fingers sank into the naked flesh of her firm, round butt cheeks. His dick-head oozed pre-cum as it brushed against the exposed skin of her hip and belly under the edge of her top as he hardened, leaving little spider-web trails of his arousal along the way.

Kim felt the heated swelling of Darren’s hardening cock and the wetness of his pre-cum against her skin. She hugged him and let the feeling of his growing erection on her belly arouse and excite her. The feeling of his hard, oozing cock filled her brain with sex hormones and caused her body to excrete lubing juices of its own. She held him close and enjoyed the thrilling pleasure of his heated cock on her skin for a few moments before she looked up at Darren and pulled his head down into a kiss. Their lips met and mouths locked together immediately.

The passion between them was instant and obvious to Clint as he sat in the darkened corner and stroked the shaft of his excited cock. He was bone hard with a flushed red face, burning with lust as he watched his wife hug and kiss his friend.

“Oh damn, baby, that is so fucking hot!” Clint encouraged her as he openly stroked his dick.

Kim kept kissing Darren, but hearing the encouragement from her husband, she began feeling his naked body as she did. When she broke from their third, long, heated kiss, she began kissing down his neck and body until it became obvious what she had in mind. He took a seat on the sofa near Clint’s recliner and Kim put a pillow on the floor for her knees. She knelt and began rubbing and kissing her way up Darren’s thighs. She didn’t look over at Clint until she was about to press her lips onto Darren’s blue-veined, throbbing-hard cock the first time.

Clint saw the fevered look on Kim’s face, the hungry, lustful, lost-in-the-heat-of-things expression there. Her eyes sparkled though the glaze of her sexual fever. He noticed the dreamy, sensual, and very sexual way she moved. He saw for the first time the pure animalistic lust she could and did have for another lover radiating from his beautiful wife. Clint felt his own wave of sexual fever take over his mind and body. He pushed his hips up off his recliner and stroked his hard dick to show his loving wife how turned on he was watching her play with another man. After his display of heated lust to Kim, Clint simply nodded “yes” for her to continue.

Kim maintained her eye contact with Clint when she pulled Darren’s cock to her lips. She stared at her husband and began kissing the head and sliding her lips down the shaft of her lover’s dick. Without warning cum spewed out of Clint’s dick and shot over the arm of his recliner. Fresh, hot cum splashed onto the lampshade there and began dripping off. The sight of Kim kissing his friend’s cock with such committed passion made the muscles in Clint’s body contract instantly and forced his climax. It was as if the beam of a magical ray gun had gripped his body and taken control of him. Seeing Kim’s lips on Darren’s cock made Clint’s body convulse immediately with orgasmic pleasure and cum spewed from his dick with a force like he couldn’t remember.

“Oh fuck, baby, that’s the hottest thing I have ever seen! You are so beautiful… so beautiful doing that!” he told her as he pounded out more spurts.

Kim watched Clint climax while she continued kissing the side of Darren’s bone-hard cock. She sensually smeared her lips onto his dick and pushed her mouth up and down the outside of the bulging shaft until she saw her husband relax.

By the end of his powerful climax, all signs of the strain of his previously-intense sexual-hunger had drained from Clint’s face. In the midst of his heavily labored breathing he blew out a relieved, “Whew… Oooh damn!” and threw Kim a loving lip-kiss.

Kim returned just the hint of a pleased smile to her husband before she turned her face to the prize in her hand. She pressed the head of Darren’s cock between her lips and into her mouth. The soft skin of the head felt wonderful sliding between her lips. Her tongue explored the slit and the rim of the head for a moment. She tasted the distinct mild flavor of his pre-cum and savored the moment briefly. Then, Kim pushed her mouth fully down his hard dick until the head was lodged in her throat.

“Oh yeah, baby-doll. That feels beyond wonderful! …That’s it. Fuck yeah! Oh god that feels so good!” Darren exclaimed to her as she looked him in the eye and pushed slowly down his shaft, letting the fat head of his cock fill her mouth and then push into her throat.

Kim only stopped each push forward when her nose pressed against his pubic bone and she couldn’t take him deeper into her throat.

“Oh fuck… yeah, girl! Damn, that’s incredible, Kim! You’re sucking my cock so perfectly,” Darren told her as she continued the delightful attention.

“Suck his cock till he comes in your mouth, baby. Suck him good… Fuck yeah, go for it! Suck the cum out of his dick and swallow it for me. You’re so damn beautiful doing that!” Clint urged. He began stroking the shaft of his dick again at the sight of Kim willingly obeying his directive.

Darren ran his fingers through Kim’s hair and talked to her as she pushed her mouth onto his hard shaft again and again, but slowly with deliberate, arousal-building purpose. Kim knew how to make a man come, how to tease his desire before she let go and finished him with dramatically increased movement.

Her mouth felt so good on his cock, Darren couldn’t help but talk to her. “Yea Kim, suck my dick, baby. You suck cock better than some gals I’ve paid to do it. Fuck yeah you do! Look at you… you are so pretty sucking my dick. Mummmmm… That feels so fucking good! Oh god, you’re good.”

His crude compliments excited Kim and added to her confidence. She tightened her lips around the hot, blood-engorged shaft as she pressed forward and then rocked back and forth a few times, forcing the head in and out of her throat before she let her clinging lips ride back up his dick. When she pulled her lips over the head and off him completely, Kim smiled happily up at Darren and took a few deep breaths.

“You like the way I’m doing it?” she asked, fishing for more compliments.

“You can be my blow-job-bitch anytime you want, Kim. You’re as good as any woman who ever wrapped her lips around my cock. I promise you that, girl,” he told her.

“I like it when you talk to me that way,” she said and pressed her lips over the bouncing head of his hard dick again.

Both men marveled at the beauty of her face taking in Darren’s cock. Clint’s was so aroused seeing his wife sucking cock his recovery to hardness was almost instantaneous. He used his fresh cum as lube to stroke his dick back to a firm, throbbing-hard erection. He openly masturbated for Kim to see and burned with fevered lust as he watched the thing he had dreamed of seeing for years.

Kim sucked Darren’s dick for a couple of minutes while he moaned appreciation and talked to her. “Mummmm, that feels so fucking good. You love sucking cock, don’t you, girl? You love having my hot, hard dick filling your mouth. I know you do. My dick can feel how much you love what you are doing.”

She smiled up at Darren and began sucking his balls. She softly sucked one then the other into her mouth. Kim swirled one testicle then the other gently around on her tongue. She stroked up and down his saliva-slick cock with her twisting hand a few times before pushing his dick fully into her mouth and throat again.

“Oh fuck you’re good, Kim. Who would have ever thought an innocent-looking angel like you could suck dick this way? You suck cock like a fucking pro, girl,” he told her.

Darren’s passion-filled words made Kim want to taste his cum. She suddenly craved the taste and feeling of a hard dick squirting cum in her mouth. She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the hot, bulging shaft and stroked his dick as she feverishly rode up and down him with her lips. It only took a minute of the increased feeling in his cock for Darren to stiffen his body like a board and announce, “Oh fuck, Kim. That feels wonderful. I’m going to come in your beautiful mouth, lover!”

Clint was mesmerized by what his wife was doing and he watched and waited intently for Darren to come in her mouth. He knew when Darren first shot off in Kim’s mouth. Kim jerked noticeably when that first hot blast spurted out of Darren’s dick and flooded into her. Her lips and tongue felt the delightful sensations of her lover’s cock contracting and pumping the hot cum she craved. Clint lusted and burned with sexual fever watching his beautiful, loving wife gulping and swallowing frantically to keep from choking as Darren dumped his massive load of cum into her sucking, twisting mouth.

“You look like you really enjoy sucking his cock for me to watch. Do you, sweetheart?” Clint asked as Kim tried desperately to keep the spurts of cum exploding into her mouth contained.

“Um huh,” is all she could mumble as she swallowed as fast and hard as she could. Finally, she gained control over the massive flow invading her enough to hold her mouth open. She let the last few squirts feel the fresh air between her open lips for a split-second before Darren’s hot cum splashed inside her mouth. When the spurts quit sailing through the air and only boiled out of the end of his dick, Kim leaned in and smeared the fresh cum escaping his throbbing, spurting cock on her soft lips and then rubbed his still-quivering cock on the cheeks of her flushed, passion-reddened face.

“Mummmm!” Kim moaned as she took his dying cock back into her mouth to suck out the last of his offering. She massaged the shaft gently with her tongue and lips until she was sure he had given her all he could.

“Holy fucking shit! That was unbelievable… that was incredible!” Darren exclaimed to the ceiling with his head plopped back over the edge of the sofa. His chest heaved and heaved with desperate attempts to replenish the oxygen that had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from his blood. “Oh my god! I’ve never had a blow job like that one, Kim,” he told her.

Kim wore a proud smile of accomplishment on her flushed, cum-soaked face when she turned to Clint and asked, “What now?”

“How about I make a pallet on the floor while you get us some drinks and a joint. Give Darren a minute to recover and then I’d like to see him make you come from oral sex too,” Clint told them.

“Okay, sure,” Kim willingly agreed.

While she made drinks and rolled a joint, Clint laid out a quilt on the floor and put down some pillows to support her hips and head.

The three of them chatted for a few minutes as they had drinks and got high, mostly the guys just complimented Kim and told her how hot and beautiful she looked. Darren went on and on about how lucky he felt to be able to share her and how wonderful her blow job had been. Kim blushed repeatedly at all the overt attention.

“Would you like to take your top off and lie down on the blanket now?” Clint asked in a moment pregnant with silence as their individual highs took over the mood of the room and they waited for what was to follow.

“I will do whatever you want me to do, honey,” she told him as she pulled the skimpy, little top off her body.

“Why don’t you two kiss some more? I’d like to see you make-out some more before he eats your pussy,” Clint suggested.

“I love that idea,” Darren said. He joined Kim on the floor and began making out with her and massaging her completely naked body.

Clint touched his face with the side of his iced drink glass and realized he was burning up, cooking with sexual fever from the inside out. He never dreamed watching Kim play naked with another man would inflame his lust with such mind-blowing intensity. He knew very well the fantasy idea turned him on, but he hadn’t had any future notion of the depth of lusty passion that consumed his mind and body at that moment. He walked past them as they made out with unabashed enthusiasm on the floor. In the kitchen he took a hand towel from the drawer and wet it with chilled water to cool his burning face.

He watched over the breakfast island and sensed the degree of pleasure Kim felt in that moment as she played naked with her lover. Her sexual heat looked to be almost as feverishly all-consuming as his. Her body was alive with sexual excitement. She writhed slowly under Darren, pressing and rubbing her naked body against his as her hands drank in the feeling of his fit body. Her kisses conveyed the depth of his wife’s commitment to the moment and her equally-impassioned lover. Clint stroked his wonderful-feeling, hard cock with one hand, watched, and cooled his burning face and neck with the wet cloth in the other hand. His gripping hand moved up and down his cock, massaging the heated flesh deeply to heighten the rich feeling as he watched his wife making out with her lover. He intently listened to the low moans and groans of two lovers emotionally locked together by their lusty pleasure as they kissed and touched each other. It seemed to Clint almost as if the lusty sounds of Kim’s and Darren’s pleasure radiated out from their heated passion and filled his cock with the wonderful sensations he felt there.

Kim lay on her back and Darren lay alongside her and covered one side of her body with half of his as they kissed. His hard cock pressed over one hip onto her flat tummy and he slowly ground the swollen, hot, blood-engorged rod between them. As they kissed, his right hand massaged her left breast fully before sliding down her soft, luxurious skin, past her sex. He lifted her left knee up and pushed her leg out to the side, opening her for what was to follow. He slid his hand up the inside of her thigh and Kim instinctively tried to lift her hip up in anticipation of Darren’s hand finding her urgent need. She broke from their kiss to share her hunger out loud.

“Yes. Do it, lover. Rub me down there and put your fingers in me,” Kim begged as she again struggled to push her hips upward more to meet his hand, urging him to touch her pussy. She opened herself to him as fully as she could with him pinning down one leg. Darren rolled off her enough to free her leg. Kim immediately moved her just-freed leg to the side and lustfully offered her fully-flowered-open sex to his hand.

Darren teased her by asking the obvious, “Do you really want me to play with your pussy?”

“Yes. Please, Darren, do that for me!” she begged him.

“Like this?” he told her and moved the tip of his middle finger in a tight, lightly-touching circle around her clit.

“Oh fuck! Oh god that feels good. Oh yes… Oh god yes… just like that… keep doing that.”

“Baby-doll, you are so wet and hot. I’m beginning to think you are getting really turned on by me. Are you?” he teased her more.

“Yes! Yes, I am very turned on by you.”

“Do you like having Clint watch us being so intimate?”

“Oh god yes! It makes me so hot knowing he wants me to do this with you, that he is watching me. Where is he?”

“He is standing over past the island watching us. He’s stroking his hard dick and cooking in sexual heat. You got him so hot he had to get a wet towel to cool off. Do you want to come on my fingers for him to see?”

“Yes. Make me come for you that way.”

“Will you fuck me later if I make you come on my fingers now?”

“Yes, I will, as long as Clint is okay with it.”

“I want to know if you want to fuck me, Kim, if ‘you’ want it.” Darren told her as he slid his middle and ring fingers into her hot, slick pussy and began raking across her G-spot.

“Yes. Oh god that feels so good.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Tell me again what you want and say my name, dammit!” he aggressively pushed, testing her willingness to submit to him further.

“I want you to fuck me, Darren. This is making me so hot.”

“I like hearing you tell me you want me to fuck you. Talk to me. Tell me you want to feel my hot, hard dick inside you… feel it riding the walls of your sweet, tight, little pussy?

“Yes! I do want that.”

“What you really want is for me to take complete control of you and fuck your brains out, don’t you?”

“Yes. I want you to take control.”

“Tell me, Kim.”

“I want to take over completely and make me enjoy having your hard penis inside my pussy.”

“You have wanted to have my cock inside your pussy for a long time, haven’t you, Kim? Tell Clint the truth.”

“I’ve fantasized about it some.”

“Fantasized about what?”

“About doing this with you.”

“Did you play with your pussy and come thinking about me, about us fucking like minks all over the place?”

“Yes… I did… Oh god, keep doing that… I’m going to come soon!”

Clint quickly walked over by them and sat on the edge of the couch to watch his wife in the full throes of her orgasm. He sat with his knees spread apart and pulled down on his cock as if milking a cow’s teat as he watched Kim come.

Darren sat up beside Kim to get a better angle. He pressed his fingers deeper into Kim and continued raking the top wall of her gripping insides. “Yeah, baby, come on my hand for Clint to see. He wants to see you give yourself to me, to see you surrender completely. He wants you to come hard with me. So, do it! Come for me, Kim…”

“Ooooooooh god! This is a really big one! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

“Fuck yes! Oh yeah, baby… Squirt that hot juice. Let it go, girl… Fuck yeah! Damn, I didn’t know you were a squirter! That is so freaking hot!”

Clint couldn’t stop his own orgasm from taking over his body and his sexual will. He suddenly felt the need to come on Kim, to mark her with his sperm. He crawled across the floor and straddled her, almost sitting on her chest before he leaned over and offered his dick to her mouth. Even as Kim took hold of his burning hot, twitching shaft cum exploded from his dick. The first stream hit the side of her nose and Kim instinctively jerked from the shock of it, deflecting the stream of cum across her cheek and into her hair. She quickly captured his cock in her hand and directed the spurting head between her lips. Kim expertly milked the rest of his ejaculate into her sucking mouth as she stroked his shaft with a twisting motion of her clinging fingers, even as she continued her own squirting orgasm. She never stopped rubbing her pussy and bouncing her butt off the floor as she sucked her husband empty.

“Oh fuck, baby. This is so perfect what you are doing tonight. You are incredibly beautiful. I love you,” he told her as Kim bobbed her mouth on his dick and swallowed his cum.

Clint briefly tried to fuck her mouth and throat, but the head of his dick was far too sensitive by then. He pulled out of her mouth and scooted down over her body until he could push her legs apart and kiss her pussy. Kim took his head in her hands and held him steady in the place she wanted his tongue’s attention.

“Do my clit with your tongue like only you can do, baby. Please!” she begged.

It only took a minute of his practiced attention to her clit for Kim to come again. Clint kissed her spraying pussy, rubbed his face in her orgasm and drank the hot, sweet offering from her bouncing, convulsing body.

“Your turn,” he told Darren as he stood when it was over. “She will come again and again if you kiss and suck her clit and finger her G-spot. Drink some when she comes for you. It’s so sweet and good.”

“I’ll give it a try,” Darren agreed. “Maybe I should fuck her some first, just to prime her pump again.”

“Would you like that, Kim? Are you ready to fuck Darren?” Clint asked.

“I am if you want me to.”

“I want to know what you want, Kim. Don’t ask me again what I want. Do you want to feel another man’s cock inside your pussy… Darren’s cock… right now?” Clint asked.

“Yes, honey, I do.”

“Tell him what you want,” Clint demanded as if to encourage her submission.

“I’m ready for you to fuck me, Darren.”

“Tell him again what you want him to do to you and what you want to do to him,” Clint demanded before Darren could speak.

“I want you to fuck me now, Darren, and I want to fuck you too.”

Clint revealed, “That is what I wanted to hear you say. I wanted to hear you say you’re there now, that you truly want to fuck Darren. It’s not just for me now, is it, Kim?”

“No, it isn’t just for you anymore. I want to fuck him now for me too, honey.”

Darren chimed in. “I want you on top first, straddling me. I want to watch you guide my cock to your dripping-wet pussy. Okay?”


Darren leaned back against an overstuffed chair and Kim straddled his hips. She had just guided the swollen head of his hard cock to her pussy and began to lower her body when she felt Clint turn her head for him to kiss her. He wanted to feel his wife’s passion as she took another man’s cock into her pussy that first time. She began riding up and down Darren’s cock as she kissed her husband. She moaned her pleasure into his mouth and kissed him with loving passion until a half a minute later the overwhelming urge to fuck Darren’s cock with wild, animalistic abandon took over.

Kim pulled her mouth away from Clint’s lips and told him, “Oh god, honey, let me fuck him now. I need to let go and let him have all of me for a little while. That’s what you wanted, right?”

“Okay. Sure,” Clint told her.

He felt a mild sting of jealousy and hurt from her sudden withdrawal from him, but he understood. After all, he had invaded her space when he felt the urgent need to kiss her and share her pleasure from another man’s cock that first time. He didn’t go far. Clint just scooted down near Darren’s feet where he could watch Kim’s pussy repeatedly engulf Darren’s hard dick, watch her pink tissue stretch and cling to the shaft of the stiff rod of flesh driving her wild with pleasure.

Kim closed her eyes and worked her body up and down Darren’s cock. She dropped her body onto her lover’s dick and rolled her hips forward and all around near the bottom of her down strokes, smearing the pleasure of his erection all over her insides, drinking in every bit of the glorious, heated feeling. Her firm tits bounced and jiggled in front of Darren’s face until he just had to take them into his hands and suck a nipple into his mouth. Kim moaned “Mummm, baby, that feels good too,” and wiggled her bottom on is dick while he sucked her tit briefly. She upped the pace of fucking Darren and gave herself over completely to the joy of having his hard dick inside her.

Clint jacked off continuously while he watched his wife’s passion steadily increase. She fucked Darren with unmistakable, lust-filled passion and sexual abandon. Clint’s mind could barely comprehend the beautiful sight of his wife fucking another man with such joyous enthusiasm. Kim moaned with pleasure and rode Darren’s cock with increasing speed and determination to make him come inside her as Clint’s very soul drank in the vision of Kim’s sexual hunger for her lover in that moment in time. He loved what he saw her doing. He sensed and almost felt her inner passion. Odd as it seemed to him, Clint sensed he was almost one with Kim in a surrealistic bubble of delightfully-altered reality.

“I want you to come in me, Darren. I want to feel you passion for me filling my pussy,” Kim announced in the midst of their fevered intercourse.

“Not so fast, girl,” Darren cautioned. “We are just warming up here. This is only a heat-intensifier fuck. I was just warming you up so you could come more easily from oral sex, remember? It’s not time for the main show yet.”

He rolled Kim onto her back and pulled out of her. A second later Darren held her legs apart with his face buried in her crotch, licking and sucking her clit as Kim went wild, bucking and writhing beneath him.

“Oh fuck, that feels good! Nothing ever felt so good!” she announced when Darren spread her open with both hands and began running his tongue in circles around her clit and flicking her there.

“Having fun yet?” Clint asked when his mind returned from la-la land.

“Oh baby, I never imagined doing this could be so hot. It’s like I’m making a porno movie for you… That feels so good, Darren, when you kiss my clit and suck on it then go back to teasing me with your tongue. I don’t think I ever been this turned on!”

When Kim mentioned the words “porno film” Clint’s mind grasped onto the idea immediately. He reached over, took his camcorder out of the storage space beneath the end table and turned it on.

“This is not my first time, lover. I specialize in eating pussy,” Darren bragged.

“I believe you… oh fuck that is incredible feeling… you are going to make me come again if you… Oh fuck! I’m going to come… Oh god! Yessssssssss!”

“Yea, baby, come in my mouth… Uh huh! Good girl,” Darren encouraged just as Clint got the focus adjusted and began recording.

Kim took hold of Darren’s head and smeared his mouth all over her pussy as she climaxed. Clint set the camcorder on the end table with the back of the camera propped up on a couple of coasters to point down at them. He stroked his cock rapidly as he watched, alternating his glances between the display screen on the camera and them live. He only barely stopped jacking off in time to keep from coming again. The sight of Kim writhing under her lover’s mouth and humping his face with wild lusty passion almost made him come, even after he stopped stroking himself.

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