fantasy adventure

Lost in Eros

Book II: The Forest

Seducing the Wizard’s Wife

Day One Tascha’s day with the satyrs

When Don awoke, he found himself lying on his back upon a large four-poster bed. There was sunlight pouring in from somewhere, and he had a woman on his left with her head on his chest and another curled up on his right. Trying not to disturb the sleeping women, he opened his eyes a bit further and raised his head to have a look around. The woman with her head on his chest was Shelonda, and the one on his right was Amy, who was spooning Nicole. They were all still clothed, and in what seemed to be a large bedroom. Don couldn’t help but remember waking up in the Manor next to Tascha what seemed like a very long time ago. That time the room had been dark and mysterious, and rather Spartan. This time, though, the room was brightly lit as two large windows let in a great deal of light. Although there was definitely the rather serious and looming question of how in the world they had been brought here, there was nothing even vaguely sinister about this room. Adding to the benign aspect of the room was, no doubt, the profusion of cut flowers that covered every available horizontal surface.

As Don lowered his head again, Shelonda shifted and then raised her head to look around. When she saw that Don was also awake, she gave him a confused smile. He smiled back as reassuringly as he could and caressed her back. He wasn’t terribly surprised to feel her hand moving up along the inside of his thigh. “If danger isn’t threatening it must be time for sex” seemed to be the default rule among Eros dwellers.

Don tried to think of a good reason to deny himself and Shelonda. He knew they were someplace strange, the guests of some new set of kidnappers, and that they had very likely completely lost track of Tascha, but all of those things had been true for hours, since they had apparently slept through the night, and if anyone meant them any harm, they surely would have carried through on that desire while they had been unconscious, rather than putting them on a comfortable bed. So, when the beautiful woman pushed his kilt up and began to stroke his cock, Don didn’t resist and instead pulled her up so he could kiss her warmly. After all the stress of the last couple of days, with the plants, the watchers, the human attackers, and the chase after Tascha – not to mention seeing her cavorting with actual satyrs – satyrs! – it felt very good indeed to lay back and feel Shelonda’s mouth on his, her tongue pushing past his lips, and her warm hand on his quickly thickening cock.

Moving slowly, so as to not wake Amy and Nicole, Don moved his right arm up so he could get his hand on Shelonda’s full breast, squeezing it gently through her tank top. This prompted her to squeeze and pull on his cock more strenuously. Don decided that two could play at that game, and, rolling onto his side a little, moved his right hand from her tit down to her strong left thigh. Slipping up under her skirt, Don’s hand slid along her smooth brown skin and around to squeeze her firm ass tightly. Shelonda moaned her approval very quietly. Don kissed her more deeply in a vague attempt to get her to be quieter.

Don worked his hand around in front of Shelonda. She parted her legs for him, raising her left one and wrapping it around Don’s legs. This left Don free to run his fingers over her very moist lips. He teased her a bit before parting those lips with his fingertips and spreading her juices over her inner lips and clit. Soon his fingers were inside her, slipping in and out of Shelonda’s pussy, as Don’s thumb pressed against and rubbed her clit. Shelonda liked this quite a bit, and showed her approval by rolling back on the bed, pulling Don with her. They continued kissing as he moved naturally into position over her. Her legs spread and her hand pulling him forward, Don slipped into Shelonda’s welcoming pussy. As he sank deep into her hot, wet sex, she reached down to clasp his butt in both of her hands, squeezing and pulling him into her.

Their bodies were pressed tightly together as they fucked and kissed, moving slowly against each other on the bed. It was a passionate, loving and intense encounter there in the strange bedroom. Don had become extremely fond of the beautiful young woman, and he knew she felt the same way. The connection between the two of them was stronger and deeper than the casual sex relationship either or both of them shared with the other two women. Amy was a great sexual athlete, Nicole was a playful little minx, but Shelonda had a seriousness about her that made sex with her more than just sex. If it wasn’t a romantic coupling, and it hardly seemed quite like that, it was a bit more than friends-with-benefits.

Don resisted the urge to fuck Shelonda more vigorously, partly because he didn’t want to disturb the others, and partly because the way they were screwing was building up its own intensity. Shelonda pulled him into her tightly with her legs and arms, kissing him intently. Then she threw her head back, gasping through clenched teeth. She let go of his ass to clench the sheets at her side, and then was burying her face into his shoulder. Don pushed himself deep into her clasping, clutching pussy riding out her quiet, intense orgasm by holding her in his arms.

When Shelonda slowly relaxed, and lay back on the bed, he smiled down at her happily. She actually blushed and turned her face away.

“Well, that looked like a good one,” Amy said. Don looked over to see that the curvy blonde had rolled over onto her back to watch him and Shelonda. Nicole was also watching, but was resting her head on Amy’s soft breast. Nicole’s hand had already found its way down between Amy’s thighs and was busy making mischief there.

“Got enough to share with the rest of the class, Professor?” Nicole asked with a smirk.

“I just might,” Don grinned over at the two women. Then he leaned down to kiss Shelonda again.

By the time he had withdrawn from Shelonda’s exquisite embrace, Nicole had gotten down between Amy’s legs and was giving some serious head, and Amy had pulled her tank top up over her head and thrown it aside. Don moved around behind Nicole and coaxed her up enough that he could get his cock down and into her waiting cunt. He admired Nicole’s narrow waist and tight, brown ass as he began to fuck in and out of her. Shelonda moved over to be close to the action, and soon reached around so she could get her fingers on Nicole’s clit. Nicole was only barely able to make Amy come, gasping and twisting on the bed, before she was coming herself.

Don still hadn’t come, and he was acutely aware of that fact. He pulled out of Nicole and urged her over toward Shelonda. Moving up between Amy’s legs, he smiled down at her happy face, and said, “Where do you want it?”

“Come on my tits, Professor,” she said immediately.

Don nodded, but took a moment to push his cock deep into Amy’s juicy twat. After fucking Shelonda and Nicole, he only needed a couple of thrusts into her tight pussy before he was ready to blow. He pulled out of her and quickly straddled her abdomen. He had planned to jerk himself off, but Amy’s hands beat him to it. She took him in a tight, enthusiastic grip and pumped his thick organ several times until a huge spout of white cum burst out of him and splattered over her chest, neck and chin. Several days of abstinence, coupled with the XYZ in his system and the sex leading up to this moment made Don’s orgasm both extremely intense and voluminous. A second stream of jizz splashed over Amy’s tits and then a flood of it spilled over her hands onto her belly. Don felt like he was coming for minutes. As he finally took a deep breath and opened his eyes, Shelonda and Nicole clapped and laughed. He managed to get off Amy while the other two girls closed in on her and began to play with and lick up the cum he had left there.

As soon as his head stopped reeling from the intense orgasm, Don decided it was time to have a better look around. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he noticed that there were not only two big windows, but also three sets of doors, all double and all closed. The room had a thick carpet. Don reached down and took off his sandals, and enjoyed the feeling of the carpet on his bare feet. There was a couch against the wall opposite the bed, as well as a large framed mirror. There was a low table in front of the couch and a pair of overstuffed chairs at either end of the table. One of the chairs had their satchels piled on it. Don and Shelonda’s staffs were standing in a corner. All of the furniture was in an overly ornate style that Don thought of as rococo, though he wasn’t confident that that was the right term. (Perhaps it was baroque, or regency; he could never tell.)

Don got off the bed and moved over to one of the windows. They were apparently on the second or third floor and overlooked a vast well-tended and colorful flower garden. There was no one to be seen among the flowers or paths of the garden.

He moved over to one of the sets of doors, and was surprised when they swung open of their own accord. Don stepped onto the tiled floor of a large and ornate bathroom, illuminated by an impressive skylight over a huge tub. Strewn about this room were more flowers and a liberal supply of towels and toiletries. As Don moved closer to the tub, water began to pour out of the four faucets set around it. The sound of the steaming, fragrant water quickly filling the bathtub drew the attention of the girls, who quickly crowded into the bathroom with Don.

Clothes were quickly stripped off and thrown aside. Although they had only been out of the Manor for a few days, and had hardly been living a hard life outdoors, the opportunity to bathe properly was most welcome. They took quite a while, scrubbing each other clean, which naturally enough led to more splashing about than was strictly necessary as well as more fondling and play.

Don was the first to get out of the tub, and so was the first to notice that their clothing had somehow been removed. He dried himself with a heavy, soft towel and then padded out into the bedroom naked. His sandals and Amy’s top had also been removed. He moved toward one of the other sets of doors. When they failed to open for him, Don tried the handles, but they wouldn’t budge. Frowning, he turned to the last set of doors, which did swing open as he approached. This time he found a large walk-in closet, full of clothing. On the right, taking up about a quarter of the available space was an assortment of strangely old-fashioned men’s clothing. On the floor was a good selection of footwear. Don chose a pair of light cotton slacks and a buttoned shirt, and tried them on. He was not at all surprised that the clothes fit him perfectly. As he came out of the closet, the girls were just coming out of the bathroom. Seeing his attire and catching on that there were new, fresh clothes to be had, they swarmed around him and into the closet.

They were each able to find at least a quarter of the closet that had clothing perfectly fitted to them, and spent some time selecting outfits. Don was amused to watch them trying various combinations. Ultimately they came out to model their selections, and he smiled to see their individual styles come through. Shelonda was wearing a light vest and a pair of loose silk pajama bottoms that were bloused at the ankles. Amy had on a low cut top and stockings and a garter belt, and a short pleated skirt that flared out from her waist. Nicole had on a form fitting sheath dress with slits running up the lengths of her legs. While Don was complimenting them on their outfits, the third set of doors swung open, revealing a long marble hallway.

Cautiously, the four of them moved out into the corridor. There was nowhere else to go, so they proceeded along, until a large pair of doors opened before them. On the other side of this portal, they found a vast dining room, lit by a dazzling number of candles. There were a dozen chairs around the large, long table in the center of the room. There were also bowls full of fruit and gleaming glasses of water. On each of the three walls without doors there were large mirrors. Don eyed those reflective surfaces suspiciously, his mind on the likelihood that they were being observed through those mirrors.

Like the trusting souls they were, Amy and Shelonda had made themselves comfortable at the table, drinking and eating freely. Don and Nicole shared a glance, but then joined the others in dining. Only when they had each eaten a small amount of fruit and drank a whole glass of water – in short, when they had their fill – did someone broach the subject that was on everyone’s mind.

Amy said, “Well, where are we anyway?”

“I have no idea,” Don admitted.

“You are in my home,” said a deep voice.

They turned sharply to see a tall man standing in the doorway. He had white hair and a beard, a prominent brow adorned by bristling eyebrows, a pronounced hawkish nose, and bright eyes glittering at them in the candlelight. He wore a deep blue robe, like one would expect to see worn by a magician in a fantasy movie. He was over six feet tall, and stood erect and easily. Though his deeply lined face indicated great age, he carried himself as if he were quite healthy.

“And you are?” Don asked.

“I am called the Wizard of the Wood,” declared the man in that voice that reminded Don of a not quite ancient John Carradine.

“Well, I am Don, and this is Amy, Nicole and Shelonda. We’re grateful for your hospitality. May we ask why you brought us here?”

“Of course you may,” the Wizard intoned. “I brought you here so that you might assist me with a particular task.”

“Um, well, we were trying to find a friend of ours…”

“The one who was, and has been copulating so vigorously with those three satyrs, I suspect.”

“Yes,” Don nodded, “that would be her.”

“She is in no danger. The satyrs mean her no harm. I believe they are enjoying her company far more than they expected to. She is quite spirited and has a great deal of stamina.”

“Well, you seem to be quite well-informed and have resources at your disposal.”

“You mean magic,” the Wizard said. “I have magical resources.”

“Um, sure,” Don said. “If you could bring our friend here like you did us, we’d be happy to help you with your task.”

“There are three problems with that proposal.” The Wizard gestured and a chair slid out from the table. As he took his seat, he said, “One, I have no reason to trust you. This is of small consequence, though, because you would still have your freedom to gain. Two, I believe the desire to be reunited with your friend will be a better motivator in any case. Three, as a matter of fact, I cannot at this time bring your friend here.”

“Why not?” Nicole asked.

“My power is largely focused upon this location. Within the bounds of this house and the grounds I have great power, but to exercise that power to bring people here is … difficult. I do however have the means to convey you to your friend, which means I will make available to you following the completion of your task. I assure you, the task is within your power, and I will compensate you well for your efforts. You will not regret helping me.”

Don frowned, “And what if something should happen to our friend while we’re here?”

“I am monitoring your friend’s situation and will find a way to intervene if she should actually be endangered. I am afraid I can only offer you my assurances as to this and my other promises. I hasten to point out that you do not seem to have any other viable options.”

“We could try to escape,” Don pointed out.

“Feel free,” the Wizard shrugged. “You will only waste time and energy, uselessly.”

“Can you give us some evidence that you can actually know how and where Tascha is?”

“Your friend? Yes, I think so,” the Wizard nodded toward the large mirror to his right.

Looking at that mirror, they could suddenly see Tascha. She was lying back against a satyr, while another satyr was in front of her. Her legs were around the front satyr’s haunches and her hands were on his shoulders. It seemed clear that both of the satyr’s were fucking her, and, moreover, that Tascha was enjoying herself quite a bit at the moment.

“Alright,” Don said after taking a moment to take in the expression on Tascha’s face as the satyr’s had their way with her, or she had her way with them. “What do you want us to do?”

“I want you to seduce my wife.”

Don looked at the Wizard of the Wood to see if he was joking. He looked to the girls and saw that they were as confused as he was.

“Well,” Don said, “first, you’re the first person I’ve met in Eros who’s even in a monogamous relationship, let alone married.”

“Yes,” the Wizard nodded, “we have always had an unconventional relationship.”

“OK,” Don shrugged. “Why do you want us to seduce your wife?”

“Well, it is not so much all of you, as you yourself, Don, though the others may of course help.”

“Alright, why do you want me to seduce your wife?”

The Wizard stood up and began to pace alongside the table as he spoke. “We live alone here. The house and my power see to it that we want for nothing. I love my wife very much. She is a wonderful woman and a good companion. However, I am aware of what goes on out there in the world. I see the fun people have in the woods. I can watch the witches of the glen working their orgiastic magic. I know what goes on in that Manor. I want to enjoy some of that fun, Don. I want to convince my wife to have an open marriage.”

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that,” Don admitted. He noticed that Nicole was having a very hard time keeping a straight face, while Amy and Shelonda simply seemed confused.

“Have you talked to her about this?” asked Don.

The Wizard shook his head, saying, “Oh, she would never agree to it. She is far too jealous and possessive. She would think I do not love her any more and that I just want to couple with other women.”

“But, you do want to ‘couple’ with other women,” Nicole pointed out.

“By all the gods, yes!” the Wizard shouted. “I want to so very badly. But it is only sex. Do you know how long we have been married?”

“No, of course…”

“A very long time, believe me! I love her madly, of course, but I need some variety now and then. I honestly believe it would do each of us and both of us as a couple a great deal of good to enjoy other people. Having sex with just the same person for many years is simply not healthy.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that,” Don smiled. “So, what are you thinking?”

“If you seduce her, make her want to sleep with you, it will give me the opportunity to broach the subject.”

“That’s extremely indirect,” Don mused.

“What if she doesn’t want to sleep with Don, or just wants to sneak around on you?” Nicole asked.

“My wife would never do such a thing,” the Wizard insisted.

“Perhaps,” Don said, “but, as much as I hate to ask this, what about that other option? What if I can’t seduce her?”

“If you give a good faith effort to seduce her but she does not succumb, I will grant you your freedom and help you find your friend.”

“Are you sure you don’t just want us to help you talk to her?” Don asked. It had just occurred to him that the Wizard’s wife was going to be as ancient as he was.

“No,” the Wizard said with finality. “I have given this a great deal of thought, and I am certain that would never work. It has to be done this way.”

“Alright, then,” Don said. He looked around to gauge the reactions of the women; Nicole shrugged, while Amy and Shelonda both nodded. “We’ll help. I take it you have a plan, then.”

Day Two Tascha is caught by the warrior women and is taken to their castle

The next day, the Don and the three women had a brief conference, during which they considered the merits of attempting to escape from their luxurious prison. It was Nicole who pointed out that even if they were able to get out of the house and the grounds, however far those might extend, they would have no idea where they were or how to find Tascha. It did seem that their best bet was to cooperate with the Wizard of the Wood and trust that he would honor his end of the bargain.

So, they passed the day exploring the immense house, going only where the doors would allow them to pass. There was no sign of anyone else in the building, though everything was dusted and the flowers and fruit were freshly laid out. They found a large library, an indoor pool, and a billiard room, among other less well-defined rooms. Following the spirit of the Wizard’s plan, they deliberately resisted the urge to fill the day with sexual play. Instead, they built up their frustration by engaging in playful banter and flirting. Things became particularly heated during their skinny-dip in the pool. Don had to herd the women into the showers, which did frankly very little to help, except that it introduced an all-too-ephemeral break in the action. Amy was particularly wound up by the time they returned to their room to change for dinner.

“I will tell my wife that we have guests,” the Wizard had explained. “I’ll say that you were travelers who I rescued from hooligans using my magic, and that I offered you hospitality for a few days.”

“Hooligans?” Amy had asked.

“That’s what I call the bands of ill-mannered men who roam about the forest attacking anyone they come across.”

“We met some of those,” Don had nodded.

“It didn’t end well for them,” Nicole said quietly, looking across the table at Don.

“They are thoroughly unpleasant,” the Wizard had scowled. “Anyway, I will tell my wife that you seem to be very interesting people, and I will arrange to have her looking in on you during your dinner. You use that time to, shall we say, put on a show for her.”

“A show?” asked Shelonda.

“Yes, well, a demonstration of unfettered sexuality,” the Wizard explained.

“You want us to have sex for your wife to watch,” Nicole said.

“Yes,” the Wizard nodded. “I know my wife enjoys reading books with erotic scenes in them, and I suspect seeing one played out in front of her eyes will titillate her. Moreover, the fact that there are more than just two of you will work to our advantage if we are to be successful in tempting her toward a more open attitude toward sex.”

“I think we can manage that,” Don smiled at the three women. He knew Amy in particular would rise to the occasion.

“Remember, though,” the Wizard had admonished before bidding them goodnight, “it must seem spontaneous. If my wife suspects chicanery she’ll never go along with the rest of the plan.”

The three women all wore outfits that were at once frilly and feminine and were also simple enough that it would be quite easy to have sex in them. Nicole wore a form-fitting, backless dress with a very short skirt and puffy sleeves, all in black with large bright red flowers. Shelonda wore a frilly little sundress in light pastels. Amy wore a silk negligee and a long, sheer robe. All of the girls surprised Don by wearing high heels. For himself, Don wore dress slacks, a white shirt and a dark blue jacket. As an afterthought, he added socks and perfectly shined, black dress shoes.

Arm in arm en masse the foursome left the bedroom and headed to the dining room. Along the way, Don reminded them to act as if no one was watching.

“But, also make sure we put on a good show,” Amy pointed out.

“How are we supposed to do that?” Shelonda wanted to know.

“Well, make sure that anyone looking can tell what you’re doing; don’t cover up anything,” Amy suggested.

“And make noise,” added Nicole. “Let everyone hear that you’re having a good time.”

“Wow,” Don said, “that’s really good advice. You’re making me horny already.”

“You have to wait a bit, Professor,” Nicole winked.

With that they came to the dining room and gathered around the middle of the table, Don and Shelonda on one side and Amy and Nicole on the other.

“Who do you think puts out this fruit and water?” Amy asked, as she picked up and examined a red apple.

“I have no idea,” Don shrugged. “Perhaps the same person who washed our clothes and put them back when we weren’t looking yesterday.”

“Our host, maybe?” wondered Nicole.

“The Wizard?” Amy laughed. “I doubt that.”

“He doesn’t exactly seem the sort to do housework,” Don admitted.

With a mischievous gleam in her eye, Amy sank her teeth into her apple and leaned over toward Nicole, who, catching on immediately, bent in to take a bite out of the opposite side of the fruit.

While they were doing this, Shelonda said, “Well, whoever’s doing the cleaning and other stuff, it sure is nice of the Wizard to let us stay here.”

“We should try to find a way to thank him,” Amy said around a mouthful of apple.

“Oh? What did you have in mind?” Don asked with a laugh.

“There are lots of ways a girl can thank a man,” Amy smiled, taking another bite of the apple.

“She can say, ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Wizard, sir,’” Nicole smiled coyly while she toyed with a strawberry.

“Exactly,” Amy laughed, “but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“Whatever could you mean?” Nicole asked. She had now turned toward Amy and was running her hand up and down her arm. “Oh, you mean…”

“Exactly!” Amy grinned and grabbed a nearby banana. She proceeded to peel it slowly.

“But isn’t he rather old?” Nicole persisted mischievously.

“He seemed healthy enough to me,” Amy said as she pulled the last peel down. “Anyway, I think I like older men. Plus, he’s quite tall, and that usually means…”

“You think so?” Shelonda joined in.

“I do,” Amy said. “Anyway, I’d be happy to show my appreciation.” To demonstrate her capabilities, she slid the length of the banana into her mouth and down her throat.

Don and the girls laughed, and Don said, “Well, fruit’s one thing. Are you quite sure you’re up to the real thing?”

“Quite sure, sir,” Amy said after swallowing the last of the banana down.

“I’m unconvinced,” Don said with a frown.

“Well, how in the world can I convince you?”

“You could show him on his cock,” Shelonda said with exasperation. Don thought she was the best actress of the bunch.

“Alright, Professor, hop up here on the table and let’s see what you’ve got,” Amy grinned.

Don stood up and took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes, while the women pushed the bowls and glasses out of the way. Then, he climbed up on the table and knelt in front of Amy. Getting into her act, Amy ran her hands up along Don’s thighs and made a show of unfastening his pants. She slipped her hand into his slacks and took hold of his quickening cock. Pulling it out, she held it up for Nicole to see.

“Very nice,” Amy said, “but it needs more work, I think.” She lowered her head to Don’s lap and took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. Pulling on it with both her lips and hand, she quickly had him fully hard.

While Amy was doing this, Shelonda climbed up on the table next to Don so she could see too.

Amy pulled back to show the girls that Don was now erect. “That’s more like it, Professor!” Amy said. “Now, what was it I was going to do with this?”

“Oh, I can show you,” Shelonda offered quickly.

“By all means,” Amy laughed.

Shelonda leaned in over Don’s lap and immediately lowered her mouth all the way down his cock, letting his fat head slip into her throat. She accompanied this with a loud, very satisfied, “Mmmm!”

When she came up for air, Shelonda smiled at Amy and Nicole and said, “That’s what you were saying you could do.”

“Oh, yes, I remember now. Let me see if I’ve got this right,” Amy laughed. Straight away, she took hold of Don’s cock and lowered her mouth and throat on him. Don took advantage of the situation by gently grabbing Amy’s head and holding her there on him so that he could flex himself in and out of her throat a bit. Following Shelonda’s lead, Amy gurgled and moaned her approval of this maneuver loudly enough for everyone to hear. Always happy to oblige, Don fucked her throat a bit longer before letting her go.

As soon as Amy was up again, Nicole jumped in with, “Let me give that a try!”

Crowding in front of Amy, Nicole inhaled Don’s shaft in one eager motion. Once he was in all the way, she bobbed her head up and down on him, murmuring her pleasure while he moved in and out of her throat. When she backed up off him, she gave the slippery head of his cock a kiss and flashed a grin around the room.

“Is that all you’d do to thank the Wizard?” Shelonda asked.

“Don’t you think that’s enough?” Amy asked.

“Not nearly,” Don said with a smile.

“Oh, well, I might be able to come up with something else,” Amy said thoughtfully.

“Like what?” Shelonda asked as she reached over to stroke Don’s wet cock, which was twitching in anticipation.

Amy shrugged out of her sheer robe, said, “Well, I could do this,” and, using her chair as a step up, climbed up on the table with Don and Shelonda. Amy planted her feet on either side of Don’s thighs, and pulled up her silk negligee to expose her bare pussy and ass to view.

“Now that looks delicious!” Don grinned. He leaned forward to kiss Amy’s nether lips, reaching up between her legs to get his hands on her ass. Holding her in place, Don reached out with his tongue to lightly lick over the soft curve of her lips. Pushing up between them, he tasted her juices and slipped his long tongue up inside her. Amy moaned and pushed forward a bit, encouraging him to do more. He proceeded to fuck his tongue in and out of her, and then began to lick at her clit.

Shelonda was still stroking Don’s cock, or was until Nicole took Amy’s chair and got into position in front of Don and began to suck on his cock with great enthusiasm. Shelonda leaned back for a moment, admiring the sight of Amy standing on the table while Don buried his face between her legs. Then she decided to get back into the fun. Pulling her sundress up over her head and casting it aside, but leaving her heels on, she got up to stand behind Don. She reached forward and took Amy’s head in her hands and pulled her forward into a long, slow passionate kiss.

Amy, who had been holding on to Don’s head, both for a little support and to keep him there where he was giving her so much pleasure, reached up to get her hands on Shelonda’s full tits. She moaned into Shelonda’s mouth while squeezing and caressing those beautiful breasts. She moaned again when she felt Don pushing several fingers up inside her grasping pussy. When she felt Shelonda tugging at her negligee, Amy took a few seconds to quickly pull that garment up and over her head. She wasn’t sure where it fell; it was out of her mind as Shelonda began to kiss and suckle on her tits. Then Don’s tongue was making her come. Amy remembered Nicole’s advice and cried out enthusiastically as the explosion of delight erupted in her clit and pussy and then spread through her body, making her shake and sob.

“Oh fuck yes!” Amy gasped loudly. “That’s so good! Don, you’ve got the best tongue. Damn!”

Shelonda embraced Amy, whose legs were suddenly unsteady, and helped her to lie down with her on the table behind Don.

Don took advantage of the momentary break to push Nicole back enough so that he could get off his knees. Instead, he sat on the edge of the table with his feet dangling. Nicole wasted no time, though, and climbed up on the table with the others. Pushing Don back so that he was leaning on his arms, she pulled up her short black dress and straddled Don’s lap. She rose up as high as she could, to give anyone watching a clear view, and lifted Don’s cock straight up. Pushing the head into her, Nicole slowly slid down its length, moaning happily as it filled her. Don grinned up at her and took her narrow waist in his hands. As soon as she was all the way down on him, Nicole pushed herself back up, almost all the way off, and paused there so anyone could see his thick pole disappearing into her tight pink sleeve as well as the shiny wetness she left on him. Then, finally she let herself down on him again, until his head was pressed against her cervix. Up again and pause, then down, harder this time. Don’s strong hands and arms helped to raise and lower her, sparing her thighs some work. With each descent on his shaft, Nicole let out a happy, lustful moan. Soon she was grunting and crying out as she rode up and down on him with almost violent abandon. She began to throw herself into the performance aspect of the evening.

“Fuck yes! God yes! That feels so good! Fuck me, Professor! Fuck me!” Nicole cried out.

Don was pushing up into Nicole each time she came down on him. He was quietly amazed at how hard a fucking the tiny girl was taking and enjoying. As she bounced on his cock, he watched as she clawed at her dress to pull it aside and get her hands on her little breasts and hard nipples. Then she was coming on top of him, still bouncing as she screamed and shook.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” she called. Then abruptly, she stopped and slumped forward on Don, gasping for air. “Damn!” she whispered, “I guess I like having an audience.”

“Well, it suits you,” Don whispered back, kissing her ear.

When Nicole pushed herself up a bit, they noticed that Shelonda and Amy had worked themselves into a 69. They lay on their sides, with Amy’s feet and back toward Don and Nicole’s side of the table. They could see the top of Shelonda’s head as she worked her tongue over Amy’s slick lips and sensitive clit. Both girls were moaning enthusiastically while they kept their mouths busy.

Nicole pushed herself the rest of the way up, and struggled to get out of her dress. Don finally got around to unbuttoning his shirt, and when Nicole climbed off him to walk down the table, naked but for her heels, Don took the opportunity to get out of his clothes. By the time he got back on the table, Nicole was down by Amy’s head, reaching around to get her fingers on and probably in Shelonda. Don decided he would make himself useful at this end of things.

Lying down behind Amy, he scooted in and guided his cock between her legs. He felt Shelonda’s breath and then tongue on the head of his cock just as he felt the wetness of Amy’s waiting pussy. He didn’t pause, but just went ahead and pushed himself in. Amy let out a particularly loud moan as he filled her in one sure motion. Steadily he began to fuck her, enjoying the sensation of her slippery cunt squeezing and pulling at him as well as Shelonda’s tongue brushing against him.

What Amy and Nicole were doing to Shelonda had the desired effect, because she was the next one to come, crying out loudly in ecstasy. This precipitated some rearrangement on the table, as Shelonda disentangled herself. Amy turned her head and said over her shoulder, “Get on your back, Don.”

Don quickly rolled back, reluctantly pulling out of Amy in the process. She wasn’t done with him yet, though. Without turning around to face him, she got up over him. She took his cock and lifted it up and pushed the broad head of it up into her ass. Don said, “Oh, god that feels so good – so hot and tight!”

“That’s right, baby,” Amy grinned back at him. Then she pushed herself down on him, taking his thick cock deep into her bowels. She leaned back then, and Nicole came around and knelt in front of her, pushing several fingers up into her pussy and attacking Amy’s clit with her tongue. Meanwhile, Shelonda straddled Don’s face, so that she could have her pussy licked while she reached around to play with Amy’s tits.

Don reached up to adjust Shelonda’s position a little and began to lap at her very wet pussy and clit. His nose slipped into her vagina and then teased her ass as he moved back and forth over her. All the while, he could feel Amy moving up and down on him and Nicole’s fingers inside her pussy. He couldn’t see what was going on, but he could definitely tell when Amy began to come again. Not only did her ass clench and relax on him as she came, but she cried out in a dramatic and heartfelt wail.

As the girls climbed off him, Don realized that he still had not come. He also knew that there was one woman he had not yet fucked that evening. He caught hold of Shelonda’s narrow waist and quickly coaxed her into position on her hands and knees. As the other two girls focused their attention on Shelonda’s pretty face and swinging breasts, Don drove his cock into her waiting vagina. Once he was good and slick again, though, he pulled back and then pushed himself firmly into Shelonda’s tight ass. He remembered the night in the disco when he had first been welcomed into that sweet embrace. He smiled down at her dark, muscular back and fucked her with passionate abandon. She pushed back at him eagerly.

“Come inside my ass, Don!” Shelonda called out. “Fill me with your cum!”

He felt Amy’s fingertips moving on Shelonda’s pussy lips and clit, and tried to hold off until Shelonda was coming, but it was too late for that. Everything up until that moment had brought him to the brink and he was too far gone to hold back. He threw his head back and groaned, shoving himself deep into Shelonda as his cock spasmed and filled her ass with hot cum. This helped carried Shelonda over the edge too, and she cried out as her own orgasm swept through her leaving her and Don lying collapsed on the table in a quivering, laughing pile.

The other two girls lay down with them, caressing and kissing their hair and sweaty skin.

Day Three Tascha is tied to the X-cross

The next day Don was allowed to find his way out into the garden. Since the Wizard had let him know beforehand that this would happen, he was wearing clothing that would allow him to practice his kung fu in the open center of the garden – loose pants, shoes that were almost moccasins, and a light vest. After taking the time to stretch thoroughly, Don began to put himself through a full routine. He was very happy to notice that he was not only maintaining his conditioning but seemed to be in quite a bit better shape than he had been when had arrived in Eros. He was able to hold his stances longer and lower, had more stamina and endurance, and was able to kick and jump higher and more nimbly.

He was enjoying the workout so much that he had almost forgotten that he was supposed to have an ulterior motive. Upon finishing a particularly long and demanding open-hand form, he was a little surprised to hear a woman’s voice saying, “That was very graceful, sir.”

Don smiled, turned and bowed, “Thank you…” He was about to add, “milady,” because it sounded like the appropriate way to address the Wizard’s wife, but he was suddenly caught off guard. He had expected a woman who more or less resembled the Wizard. Not necessarily so tall, or quite so old, perhaps, but certainly older and not particularly attractive. Instead he beheld a beautiful young woman with long auburn hair falling over her bare shoulders in loose curls. She wore a white gown with flowing skirts and a cinched bodice that accentuated her very thin waist and full, medium-sized breasts. Her smiling lips were red, and her emerald green eyes were framed by long lashes. Don thought she bore a striking resemblance to Rita Hayworth, and found himself wondering if she had gorgeous dancer’s legs.

Still smiling, Don said, “My name is Don, are you the lady of the house?”

She inclined her head and said, “I am. My name is Madeleine.”

“It is an honor to meet you, milady. My friends and I are your very grateful guests.”

“Ah, yes,” she murmured. “And where are your three enthusiastic friends?”

“I believe they are swimming in the pool. Would you like me to go fetch them?”

She laughed a little. “No, that’s quite alright. I am only taking my daily walk through the garden. Would you care to accompany me?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Don bowed again. He approached her and offered her his arm. Without hesitation, she slipped her arm through his and laid her warm hand on his sweaty wrist. “Do you have a customary path, milady?”

“I do,” she nodded, “but perhaps it is a good day to try something new.”

This certainly seems to be going well, Don thought.

“My husband tells me that you seek a friend of yours who is lost in the forest.”

“Yes, he has graciously offered to help us find her.”

“How generous of him,” she smiled.

“He strikes me as a particularly generous man,” Don nodded, thinking of things quite different than the offer of assistance.

“Yes, I’m sure. And you are determined to find this friend of yours?”


“She is perhaps more than just a friend?”

“Much more, milady.”

“And yet you have three other friends, with whom you are apparently on rather intimate terms.”

Don decided to play coy, “Milady?”

She paused a moment, then said, “So my husband has informed me.”

“Yes, well, my three companions are my friend’s friends as well.”

“Interesting,” Madeleine smiled, “and does this include intimacy as well.”

“It certainly does, milady,” Don chuckled, “and quite a bit of it at that.”

“And neither you nor your friends are jealous of each other?”

“No. We want each other to be happy, and to experience as much joy as possible.”

“How open minded and generous of you, Don. Let us sit there by that fountain.”

He led her to the indicated fountain and sat next to her on a stone bench.

“Now we can speak directly,” she said with a smile that was almost a grin. “My husband can’t hear us here, though he is no doubt still watching.”


“I know what my husband is up to,” she laughed. “I’ve known all along. The horny bugger wants you to seduce me so that I’ll let him sleep around, or so we can both sleep around.”

“Um, the latter,” Don nodded.

“And I’ll bet he’s holding out the promise of helping you find your friend to get you to play along.”

“Yes,” Don smiled, “but that was before I met you. If he had just let me meet you first I would have been quite happy to help him in this regard.”

She smiled and patted his knee, “You’re sweet. However, things aren’t quite as he would have you believe.”


“He wants to believe I’m terribly jealous, but the real problem is that he’s quite insecure. I know my husband, and if I agree to an open marriage too easily he’ll be plagued with doubts and utterly baseless worries. I know the difference between love and sex, Don. Moreover, I know the difference between sex and fucking amazing sex – and what you four showed off last night was fucking amazing sex!”

Don was a bit taken aback to hear her saying “fucking” so freely.

“I love my husband more than any other man or woman, and I knew plenty of both before I met him, let me tell you! And, I know my husband loves me. It doesn’t bother me that he wants to screw the occasional hottie, or three. I certainly want to let you fuck me till I can’t walk straight.”

Don smiled broadly, and said, “I’m glad to hear that, because…”

“Hold on there, stud,” she laughed. “We’ve got to play this just right. It’s important that my husband thinks it was his plan that did the trick. That way he won’t think I just let the first guy with a nice dick and a talented tongue fuck me.”

“I don’t suppose the two of you would consider just talking to each other,” Don offered, hoping she would reject the idea. He was quite taken with the idea of seeming to seduce this gorgeous woman.

“Oh, certainly,” Madeleine smiled. “We’ve talked. He knows that I found the show you put on last night very titillating. I practically attacked him as soon as you were done. He’s mentioned the open attitude of most of the people in Eros frequently enough that I know what’s on his mind. But, as I said, I know my husband, and I know what it will take to make this work.”

“OK then,” Don nodded, “what’s next then?”

“I will play hard to get, but intrigued, until tomorrow,” she said. “I suspect he’ll want you to put on another show this evening. Would you mind going down on the other two girls?”

“No, not at all!”

“Wonderful! That looked divine,” she sighed. “Then, after he drops a few more hints, I’ll suggest something like… Oh, I know. I’ll tell him that if someone like you were to slip into my bedroom without warning I wouldn’t mind being ravished, or something to that effect.”

“That does sound a little awkward,” Don admitted.

She waved that off, “I’ll work it out. Maybe I’ll just wait until he’s got his cock in me. He’ll get the gist then without paying attention to the way I phrase it.”

“Um, yes, I can see that.”

“Then, all you have to do is follow through,” she smiled. “Think you can do that?”

Don chuckled, “Yes, I’m quite sure.”

“Wonderful.” Then she lowered her voice, though she had said they couldn’t be overheard, “I really am looking forward to letting you have your way with me.”

“The feeling is quite mutual, milady!”

“It’s a date, then,” she laughed. “Now, would you be so kind as to escort me back to the house?”

Just as Madeleine had said, the Wizard came to them before dinner time and said that, although she found Don charming, she still wasn’t quite sold on the idea of doing anything intimate with anyone. He suggested that they put on yet another show with dinner, and our four heroes were quite happy to oblige. This time, Don made a point of making each of the three women come with his lips, tongue and – here and there – his teeth.

Day Four Tascha is given to the men

Don repeated his kung fu routine in the garden. Again, the Wizard’s wife met him, and again they walked back to the fountain. She confirmed that she had dropped the appropriate hint to her husband, and then said, “Now, grab me and kiss me.”

Don had been thinking how much he wanted to kiss those ruby red lips since the day before, so he didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly slipped his arm around her slim waist, and pulled her to him. Holding the side of her face gently in his hand so she couldn’t turn away, he pressed his ardent lips against hers. He thrilled to feel her arms slip around him and hold him for a moment. She began to return his kiss, but then pushed him away. She slapped him then, but not too hard, and he was able to catch her wrist. Holding her hand to his face, he turned and kissed her palm.

Yanking her hand away and scowling angrily, Madeleine said, “That was perfect, I can’t wait to do more of that!” Then she made a show of storming off to the house.

Don shook his head, and then made his way back inside.

He was relaxing with the girls in the shallow end of the pool when the Wizard came to see them. Though he was obviously a bit distracted by the naked women, he was intent on his plans in regard to his wife. The Wizard paced back and forth by the pool as he enthused, “Everything is going perfectly!”

“Are you sure?” Don asked, though he was pretty confident on that particular score.

“Yes, she insists that she is angry with you for kissing her, and perhaps she is, but she is much more excited than angry.”

“How can you tell?” Shelonda wanted to know.

“The ardor she displayed during our lovemaking just after her walk in the garden was exceptional!” the Wizard explained. “I know just how to proceed tonight. She said she was afraid you might steal into her bedroom and ravish her. I could tell this thought excited her very much, though.”

“Well, alright,” Don said, “but how will this help convince her to try an open relationship?” This was a point of the plan that remained sincerely murky to him, and the wife’s complicity hadn’t helped clarify matters.

“Ah,” the Wizard smiled, “that will depend upon me getting her to admit that she had a good time.”

“Assuming she has a good time, eh, Professor?” Amy winked at Don.

“Well, I’ll do my best,” Don grinned.

That evening, while the girls were as frisky in the dining room as before, Don remained aloof. He had no doubt that he could perform more than adequately later even if he did play with the girls, but he frankly wanted to concentrate his attention on the Wizard’s lovely wife at least for tonight. For himself, the Wizard had said that, though he would be sure she was again watching the dining room, he would find some reason to be unable to satisfy any resulting “urges” his wife might develop that evening.

Later, after the girls had given a good warm-up show and after the door out of the bedroom opened of its own accord, Don left his three companions and followed the opening doors into a part of the house he had not yet seen. He was wearing only a soft, dark dressing robe he had found in the closet. He eventually found himself climbing a staircase up to at least the fourth floor of the large building. As the stairs stopped at this level, Don supposed this was the top floor of the house. There were only two doors available to him in the short corridor, and he had been told to go to the left one, which he now did. The door did not swing open as he approached, so he put his hand on the lever and slowly pushed it down. Madeleine was expecting him, but he was sure the Wizard would be watching and he wanted to make things look convincing. In the back of his mind, Don was worried that if the Wizard caught on to his wife’s subterfuge he might withhold his assistance in finding Tascha.

Don opened the door just enough to slip through into the candlelit bedroom. This chamber was even larger than the rather large bedroom Don had been sharing with his companions. Across the room, near the large, canopied bed, Madeleine sat in front of a gilded table and mirror brushing her long auburn hair. She was wearing a sheer robe of pink.

She was turned three-quarters away from him, and the mirror was facing the wrong way to reflect Don as he crept into the room. Apparently sensing his entrance anyway, she said, “Ah, couldn’t carry on with me after all, eh?”

Don waited until he was almost to her before he said, “What man could?”

Madeleine twisted and rose in a single lightning motion, raising her hairbrush as a weapon against him. “You!” she gasped. “What are you doing here?”

Don paused a moment to admire the feminine form only barely obscured by her see-through robe. He had been right to imagine that she had long, dancer’s legs. Her waist was narrow, her belly flat, and her breasts full, but not too big. She was glaring at him with a good semblance of shock, fear and anger.

“I have followed where my desire led,” Don said taking a step forward. “It brought me here.”

“Well, it had better lead you back the way you came.”

He slowly reached up and took hold of the hand holding the brush, saying, “I don’t believe you want me to leave.”

“But I tell you that I do,” Madeleine insisted.

“Your eyes tell me that you lie,” Don smiled. He moved a bit closer, and took the brush from her hand.

“My eyes?”

“They dwell too long on my bare flesh, and on my lips, and when you look me in the eye I see that you want more of what I started in the garden.” He slipped up close enough to her that he could set the brush on the table behind her.

Madeleine leaned back away from him, and said, “I look at your bare flesh because I’m shocked that you would come into the bedroom of another man’s wife wearing only that robe. I look at your lips because I remember the liberty you so rudely took. As for what you think you see in my eyes, well, you see what you want to see.”

Don moved his hand – the one that had put the brush down – to her lower back, lightly touching her. Very slowly he raised his right hand up to brush his fingers along her jaw. “I do see what I want,” he smiled.

She kept her hands at her sides, hands now grasping the edge of her dressing table, “I will scream for my husband.”

“Scream then,” Don leaned in closer, so that his nose was next to hers. They were both whispering now. “Do you think I could be here now if he didn’t permit it?”

“How dare you!” she hissed.

He held her soft cheek in the palm of his hand and said, “If you tell me to leave, I will leave.”

“I have said it,” she murmured.

“But you don’t say it,” Don smiled. His lips brushed against hers. “If I do anything that displeases you, say so and I’ll go.”

“And if what you don’t do…”

Don kissed her then, not quickly like in the garden but slowly and sensuously. She returned the kiss, tentatively at first but with increasing passion. He felt her hands on his sides, holding him in place.

As their lips parted, and he looked into her emerald eyes, Madeleine said, “I really shouldn’t…”

“You really should,” Don smiled and then kissed her again. With his left hand, he untied the silk belt that held her robe tight around her waist. Letting the robe fall open as they kissed, his hand slipped in and ran along her warm skin, moving around her waist to her back again. As she parted her lips and his tongue slipped into her mouth, Don lowered his right hand from her cheek to gently caress her throat before moving to her shoulder, where it eased her robe off her shoulder.

When his palm glided over and then cupped her bare breast, she shuddered. Her nipple was hard against his palm. Kissing her more deeply and intently, Don moved his hand slowly over the curve of her breast, enjoying its full weight. A low moan blossomed in her throat, and Don’s hand slipped lower, gliding over her belly until he felt the short hairs of her lower abdomen against his fingertips. He moved a little lower and Madeleine parted her legs a bit for him.

When he brushed his fingertips against her lower lips, already a bit dewy, Don felt her hands on his robe’s belt, untying the knot that held it in place. By the time his fingers had gently parted her and were probing into her warm wetness, his robe was open and her hands were on his straining manhood. He slowly pushed two fingers up into her; she pulled and squeezed him.

Don broke their kiss to look into her eyes. She looked back at him with flushed lust. Any play acting was gone. Still Don remembered that he was charged with making this look like a convincing seduction. He withdrew his slippery fingers, which elicited a low whimper and a frown from Madeleine, and then bent down to slip his arm under her legs. Pushing up with his strong legs, Don lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her down gently, he took a moment to admire her long, pale, perfect body as she looked back up and him with her breasts rising and falling with anticipation. Don reached out to run his fingers over her face, lightly caressing her with tantalizingly tentative touch, and then down over her neck, along her collarbone, over the swelling curve of her breast, around and over her nipple, then slowly down her belly.

Don rose and moved around to stand where her knees extended off the edge of the bed. He reached out to run his hands over her long muscular thighs. Remembering that she was playing the part of resistance, Madeleine resisted when he urged her thighs apart. Don smiled down at her, and bent over. He continued to caress her legs as he lightly kissed her thighs, moving up and down them. Finally, he made his way to her neatly trimmed bush, kissing it firmly, lingeringly. When he pressed his hands against her thighs, she very slowly parted them.

Don did not dive right into the dish she “reluctantly” served him, though, but slowly settled in between her legs, lightly kissing his way along the sensitive inner surface of her upper thighs. He lightly kissed her pink pussy, and then retraced his path along her thighs, this time kissing more firmly and longer. He also began to lightly pinch her flesh between his teeth. By the time his mouth returned to her pussy, Madeleine was squirming on the bed, and her hands were moving over her upper body.

He ran his tongue over her, savoring the sweat nectar already seeping from between her lips. He did it again, pressing a bit harder. The next time, his tongue pushed between those lips, delving along the inner folds just outside her vagina. On this pass, Don’s tongue glided over her clit and Madeleine let out a low moan. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth, pulling on it, as two fingers held her open, spread for him. Don released her clit and lowered himself to probe again with his long, strong tongue. Madeleine writhed on the bed as he pushed his tongue into her delicious, wet pussy. Then, Don returned his attention to her clit, licking it slowly and firmly. As soon as Madeleine was relaxed and enjoying this, Don pushed two fingers slowly up inside her ready pussy.

“Oh yes!” Madeleine sighed.

Don gradually increased the tempo and pressure of his licking, while steadily pumping his fingers in and out of her now dripping pussy. After only a few minutes, Madeleine threw her arm down and held Don’s head to her as she cried out. Her back arched and her pussy squeezed and pulled at his fingers. Don kept licking her as she came, slowly and steadily maintaining the intensity of the sensations that had driven her into this ecstasy. She started to come down, only to explode again and again. By the third orgasm she was thrashing on the bed, and it took some effort for Don to keep his mouth on her. When she was done, though, she pushed him away from her, and said, “Fuck me, Don!”

His lower face slippery and shiny with Madeleine’s passion, Don wiped his grinning mouth off on the back of his hand and stood up. He shrugged his robe off and let it fall to the floor. Taking hold of Madeleine’s thighs, he pulled her toward him so that her butt was on the edge of the mattress. She was squeezing her breasts and watching him as Don smiled at her and took the hard shaft of his cock and pushed it down until the fat head was slipping between her dripping lips.

He paused, and said with a mocking smile, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes! Give it to me!” she exclaimed.

With one firm motion he penetrated her, sinking fully into her livid embrace. She moaned and rolled her head back in its pillow of red-brown hair. Don held still for fear that he might abruptly come, so intense was his arousal; Madeleine was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever been with and the “courtship” and foreplay up till now had been the longest of any he’d known since coming to Eros. When he was sure he wouldn’t come precipitously, he bent down and lifted her thighs up in his hands, then lifted her exquisite long legs until they were up on his shoulders. With his hands holding her firm thighs, Don began to pull his cock back out of Madeleine. As soon as he was almost all the way out of her, he drove in again – forcefully, making her gasp. Again and again he pulled out and then shoved in, and with each thrust he pushed up against her clit.

“Yes, Don, fuck me!” Madeleine cried out. She was now squeezing her own breasts fervently, subjecting her nipples to enthusiastic punishment.

Any thought of putting on a show of seduction was now completely gone from Don’s mind. Now all he could think of was fucking Madeleine’s wonderful pussy with utter abandon. His body made itself into a screwing machine, muscles, sinews, bones and cock all ravishing the glorious creature on the bed in front of him. She let out a long, low moan in staccato rhythm in time with the pounding Don was giving her pussy and clit. Don felt his balls tightening and his cock swelling inside her. Then, abruptly, she threw her arms out straight at her sides and caught the silken cover of her bed in tight clenching fists. Her whole body arched, so that from her butt to the top of her head her back was up off the bed. Madeleine screamed as her orgasm blew through her, a sexual inferno. Don shoved hard into her, filling her up with his cock just as his thick jet of cum shot into her. His world became nothing but the exquisite feeling of coming inside this woman. Again and again he pumped his seed into her, until he reeled, light-headed and slumped forward, doubling her over on herself on the bed.

Day Five Tascha is tied up again and frustrated

The raid on Sashjant’s lair had been a far shorter venture than any of their great expeditions into the wilderness, plundering ancient tombs or forgotten labyrinths. Yet it felt just as satisfying, producing the same thrill that escaping from near-death in an underground catacomb did. Or so Almandar felt, and he got the impression that the others did, too. Admittedly, in his case, the manner of his escape had been somewhat unorthodox, if far from unpleasant.

Presumably, for the others, the experience had been rather more conventional, but what really mattered was that they had saved five women from a terrible fate at the hands of a wicked demon. It was clear, now that they were free of his mental influence, how they regretted what they had done in his name, and, for some, at least, he suspected it would take a long time for their emotional scars to heal. Which meant that he currently felt as if he was walking on egg-shells when he was around them.

The former members of the harem were currently gathered in the main room of the adventurers’ villa. Calleslyn had left to give Ornejirhs the good news, and Dolrim had left them alone, unaccountably bashful – perhaps he was overwhelmed by the emotion of the event, since dwarves were known for their taciturnity. That left Almandar with Tarissa and Vardala, talking to the rescued women.

Gut’rul was standing at the back of the room, looking stoic, although he could tell that even she had been deeply affected by the rescue, and perhaps ashamed by the way the demon had taken her over. The other four women were in a huddle around a sofa, clearly overjoyed to be free and together – Mei-Xing had received a rapturous greeting when the others found her safe and well.

“Thank you again,” said Rupinder, “I can hardly begin to… well, I am still coming to grips with how this day has turned out. It is as if my world is upside down…” she paused, eyes flicking to the floor, “in more ways than one…” she rallied herself, leaving Almandar to wonder what her sudden reticence had been about, “but in a good way. In every respect… a good way. You have not just saved us, you have opened our eyes.”

“What will you do now?” asked Vardala.

“I don’t know… we will find something. Perhaps stay together… at least our experience has given us a common understanding. But in the longer term, I don’t know; we shall just have to see what the world has waiting for us. We have seen a lot of the bad side of this world, perhaps now we shall have the opportunity to see some of the good.”

“We do have a question, if you don’t mind,” said Tarissa, business-like as ever, “something that you might have learned while with your captor.”

“Please ask, anything!” The others nodded in agreement.

“There is something terrible in this city,” said the paladin, “we thought Sashjant might have had something to do with it. But if he did not, well, perhaps he knew of it. Did you hear anything about another demon in Haredil, perhaps?”

Kara nodded, “in a way, but we cannot tell you much. Our captor came here for a reason. He said there was something powerful here, something that he could be a part of. At the time, it did not make much sense to us, because we all believed that he was… well, you know what he thought about him… but, yes, he came here looking for something.”

“Did he have a plan to meet it? Do you know anything more about it?”

The red-haired woman shook her head, “no, he never did meet it, or its slaves, if it had any. If he had a plan he did not share it with us. Perhaps he was just hopeful?”

“Wait,” said Almandar, “how did he even know about it? Did he just sense something?”

“I’m not sure…”

Rupinder interrupted, “he said there was a legend. That is what he told me, once when we were alone together. A legend about how something had come to this city, and how it would rise again. He seemed to think it might happen soon, although I don’t know why.”

“What was the legend,” asked Tarissa, “do you remember?”

“No, I am afraid he didn’t tell me that much. I am not even sure where he heard it. But there was something… a name he used, something or someone connected with the story.” She frowned, struggling to remember, and then her eyes lit up. “Throndar,” she said, “that was the name: the Legend of Throndar. Do you know what that means?”

Tarissa looked around, but both Almandar and Vardala shook their heads. “No, I have never heard that name before,” she said reluctantly, “and you don’t even know whether that is a person or a place?”

“No, I am sorry. I wish I could help you.”

“Probably a person,” said Vardala, “or an entity of some kind. The place would have to be here, wouldn’t it? I mean, if the legend is about something that came to the city.”

“Maybe,” agreed Tarissa, “but at least it is some sort of clue. Although I am afraid that we have little time in which to pursue it. We at least know where we have to go, because we have been there once already.”

Almandar nodded; with the aid of the druid’s potion, they should be able to get past the deadly plants, although who knew what lay beyond? This particular adventure was far from over yet.

“Could you and Calleslyn look in the College library again?” the paladin suggested.

“We didn’t find anything like that last time,” he said, reluctantly, “I don’t think we are going to find more, at least not with a quick search. Possibly we could… no, wait, I have a better idea,” he said, suddenly, “this is a legend, right, something oral?”

“He first mentioned it when we were in the eastern wilds,” agreed Rupinder, “so it would have to been an oral tradition of some kind, I suppose.”

“Right, well I know a bard, a woman called Yarai, and she knows lots of legends about Haredil and the lands all about. If anyone would know, she might. It’s not as if it would take long to ask her, and there’s no reason Calleslyn can’t check out the College at the same time. I think it’s worth a try, at least.”

“A good idea,” said Tarissa, “it is getting late now, but tomorrow, you can find this Yarai, and see if she knows what the word or name ‘Throndar’ means. If she doesn’t know, or it doesn’t help, then come back here. Quickly, for preference,” she added, with a knowing look.

“Yes, of course.”


It had been a long day, and Almandar was glad when he had the chance to finally slip between the sheets and try to catch some sleep. Hardly had his head touched the pillow, however, than there came a knock at the door to his room.

“Wait a moment,” he mumbled, grabbing a silk robe and wrapping it about himself before answering the door. Peering through it, he saw Kara standing outside in the corridor. “What is it?” he asked, stifling a yawn.

“Can I come in?”

“Yes… sure,” he said, pulling the robe tighter, and wondering what this was about.

“Thank you,” she said, slipping inside and closing the door behind her. “I wanted to ask you a question. About magic.”

“I’ll do what I can. It’s about… him, isn’t it?”

He had noticed that some of the women were reluctant to mention Sashjant’s name. She nodded, confirming his suspicions. Although, what else could it have been?

“Are there spells to make you forget?” she asked, looking directly into his face, green eyes wide.

“No,,” he replied, suddenly uncomfortable in her gaze, “I’m afraid not, at least not for the duration of memory you’re talking about… a few minutes, perhaps, but certainly not years. Even if there were such a spell, I would think it would be very damaging. Trying to wipe so much from your memory… even if it could be done, it would destroy who you are. It’s just too difficult. I’m sorry.”

The redhead slumped down on the bed, gazing at the floor, “I didn’t think it would be that easy,” she said, sounding dejected, “but I had to ask.”

He sat down beside her, noticing for the first time how she was dressed. She had, of course, had the opportunity to rescue her belongings from the magical dwelling, and it seemed that that had included a nightdress. They were, he understood, a southern thing, for the nights were much colder there; people in Haredil might wear a light shift at night, but many, like Almandar himself, slept naked.

Kara’s nightdress, however, was more substantial than anything local. It was made of white material, with long sleeves and a skirt that fell to her ankles, secured about the waist with a long belt similar to the one on the robe he was now wearing himself. In the light cast by the two moons – both of them full tonight – he could even see small flowers embroidered around the collar and in a double row down the front, and cuffs of fine lace at the end of her sleeves.

She looked dejected, red hair falling partially across her face, hands held listlessly in her lap. She was, of course, an attractive woman, as all of the harem had been, in their different ways, but the gloom on her face was not bringing out the best of that at the moment. Which was probably just as well, considering the situation. Given what she had experienced, the last thing he wanted to do was take advantage of her, and he resisted the temptation even to pat her shoulder, concerned that she might take it the wrong way.

She was the first to break the awkward silence. “He made us do such terrible things. Burying the bodies of those he had slain, setting traps, destroying…” she broke off, taking a deep breath to steady herself, her voice sounding increasingly miserable, “how did we do all that? How could he make us think that was right? Why didn’t we question it?”

“It’s an evil spell, the one he used on you. Most charm spells are not so potent, they can twist minds to make somebody think they are your friend, make them eager to help, but not to act against their natures. His was a stronger version. It’s illegal in most places, a forbidden spell, like necromancy, but, well, that would hardly have worried him.”

“It was an unquestioning awe of him,” she said, “that was what it felt like. I don’t think he changed our minds, our natures, except when it came to him. If he told us to do something, we would just do it, and be happy for it, knowing that, even if we would never do such a thing otherwise, we had to make an exception for him. It’s difficult to explain, but, looking back, none of it was pleasant, though that was not how it seemed at the time.”

“I’m sorry, Truly I am. At least it is over.” He dared to reach out, and squeeze her shoulder, just briefly, and she didn’t flinch, but he still moved his hand away afterward.

“The first time, when he captured me… I was frightened, I thought he would kill me. I knew what he was, even though he was in human form, so… yes, he disgusted me, too, and I thought he might eat me or something. But then… it was… it’s hard to describe, like somehow the world had changed, and I saw him as this magnificent figure. It was so sudden… an evil spell I realise now, of course, but, for some reason, it didn’t feel that way when he cast it.” She shuddered, “that’s one of the memories I wish I didn’t have.”

“Moments before,” she continued after a little while, “he had disgusted and terrified me, and then… I mean, I really didn’t have much experience. A little, but never that good, to be honest. And then, we were… while all the others watched… he was shouting, pulling my hair, slapping me, doing it so hard it hurt… and I liked it. Because it was him. Gods, I actually thanked him! And then… then he returned to his natural form, and made me… made me…” her voice broke.

“It’s all right, I know,” said Almandar softly, “Calleslyn told me.”

She leaned into him, nestling her head in his shoulder, tears starting to form in her eyes, “looking back, it was so horrible… and so… often…”

He did put his arm around her properly that time, stroking her long red hair as she cried, letting out some of the anguish. “It’s over,” he told her, “you’ll never have to do that again.”

“Hold me,” she whispered, “just hold me.”


Gut’rul was pressed against him in his dreams, naked and warm, body moving slowly against his, arousing him as she rained kisses over his neck and shoulders. Her voice was soft, murmuring, different to how it had been earlier in the day. But it was a dream, and he did not think about such things, just allowed her to stroke him as his clothes fell away.

“Are you awake yet?” asked the barbarian woman, her voice less harsh than it had been before.

It seemed an odd question to ask, but he considered it nonetheless. Experimenting, he opened his eyes, and realised the answer was ‘yes’. For it was not Gut’rul’s face before him, but Kara’s, long red hair falling down onto the pillow as she leaned over him, still clad in her nightdress. His own robe was open, however, his chest bare, and as he struggled to full consciousness, she smiled and moved down his body, stroking his chest hair, lips brushing over his nipples.

“Uhh…” he said, still addled by sleep. Was this real? He thought so.

“Hush,” said Kara, pressing a finger to her lips, “Mei-Xing told me what you did for her.”

But not Gut’rul, presumably, thought the magician. But then, she did seem the silent type, and he could hardly describe her as ‘touchy-feely’. At first, he followed Kara’s lead, enjoying the feel of her caresses, finding himself increasingly hard as she slipped more of his robe open. When she moved up to kiss him softly on the lips, however, he at last found his voice.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, glad that at least he hadn’t made the first move.

She nodded, leaning back, legs straddled either side of his, flipping back a long fringe over one shoulder. The moons were both still up, giving him a better view of her than he might otherwise have expected in the night time darkness. He obviously had not been asleep for long.

“I told you, I’ve never truly had the chance to enjoy it before. I want to discover what it’s really like, what it should be like. To remember that there’s something good in two people sharing each other, that it isn’t all just sordid and painful. You don’t mind… I mean, after Mei-Xing, I assumed…”

“No, I don’t mind. I just thought that you wouldn’t want…”

“If I don’t do this now, I might not build up the courage again,” she said, “I need to see that it can be good, like the others say. Do this for me?”

He reached out a hand to pat her hip through the nightdress, feeling the soft cotton as he slid it up over her flank, her warm body beneath it. He moved it slowly round to her front, stroking her belly through the fabric, and she smiled, properly, for the first time since he had met her.

Kara undid the tie at her waist, and then slowly slid her nightdress up and over her head, shaking her hair free as she dropped it to one side of the bed. The moonlight glinted on the mounds of her breasts, prominent and pale, large reddish nipples slightly pointed, and on her ginger tresses as they fell over her freckled shoulders.

Her skin was light and pinkish, quite untainted by the touch of Haredil’s burning sun, and she shivered slightly as he stroked it, trailing his finger tips up her body to cup her breasts. Her nipples were already hard, but seemed to swell even more beneath his touch, as she leaned over to kiss him on the lips.

He responded eagerly, hands moving up around her back as her soft mounds pressed into his chest, tongue and lips slowly mingling as they tasted each other’s mouths and she let out small sounds of encouragement. He rolled over onto his side, hands sliding down over her pale thighs, the pair of them still kissing as her own gentle fingers ran through his hair.

Almandar broke from the kiss, but only to press his lips against the angle of her jaw and then down over the skin of her throat as she arched her head back to accommodate him. Gradually, he moved lower, tongue gently flicking between pursed lips to taste every inch of her pink skin. He moved down over her upper chest, one hand caressing a breast, the other roving over a thigh, and she rolled onto her back to give him more freedom, silver light still outlining her body against the sheets.

He savoured her breasts, but not hungrily, taking his time, teasing each of her large nipples in turn with gentle brushes of his tongue before pressing them between his lips. She sighed, one hand still brushing his hair, the other resting on his shoulder.

“Mmm…” she whispered, “this is good…”

He abandoned the luscious mounds to move his kisses lower, across her belly, as his hands roamed across the rest of her body. He ran his tongue in circles round her navel, dipping it inside, pressing his nose into her rounded flesh before moving still lower, her body quivering in anticipation as he did so.

She still wore panties, he saw, slight affairs of a lacy material that went with the nightdress. He ignored them for a moment, pressing his lips into her thighs, running his hands over slender shins, tickling her toes before his kisses moved inward and upwards. She gasped, a quiet breathy sound, as he pressed his nose against the lace, and her hand fell from his head to grip the sheets as he began to slide the garment down.

He blew against the soft triangle of ginger hair, ruffling it before shifting her legs apart to view her pink lips. He blew against them, too, his breath cooling against the dampness there, and she whimpered as his lips pressed into her mound.

He ran his tongue along the length of her slit, at first with the slightest of touches, then pushing further inside, tasting her juices as her hips moved slightly, rounded buttocks rucking the sheets. Encouraged he went further, and she gripped his head again, other hand contracting against the sheets as she let out a low moan of pleasure.

He began to lick her with slow motions, probing between the swollen pussy lips, feeling every movement as her body responded to his touch, She gasped as he reached her clit, arching her back against the bed, thrusting her breasts into the air, moving her head against the pillow.

He bent expertly to her needs, moving her thighs to rest over his shoulders as he pulled her hips up towards his mouth. When he moved away for a moment, she begged him to continue, and he returned happily to the task.

Her gasps were becoming more frequent, although still quiet, little exclamations of pleasure as he sucked and licked every inch of her eager pussy. He could sense she was approaching fulfilment, and accelerated the pace of his own movements, teasing her throbbing clit for all he was worth.

She came suddenly, hips pressed against his face, body arching as she let out a long, low, moan of pure bliss, convulsing against him, until she subsided, panting, into the sheets once more.


Rupinder tossed and turned in her bunk as she struggled, yet again, to get some sleep. Geska did not seem to be having any difficulty she reflected as she looked across to the blonde woman. The villa had not had enough rooms for them all, and they were having to share, but it would only be temporary, and, in any case, there was something relieving in being close to somebody else who had been through the same experiences.

Although none of them for as long as she had.

There had even been others, who had died along the way. The life of a rakshasa was not without risk, and, while she had been Sashjant’s first conquest, Mei-Xing had not been the second. They were long gone now, victims who had not survived to see their slave master brought low, and it was sad to think that they had never known true freedom again.

Yet, at the time, of course, her emotions had been clouded, as had those of all the others. To be enslaved, and not even to know it… it would be hard to imagine, had she not experienced it.

Her distaste for Sashjant knew no bounds now that she was free of his evil magic. His appetite had known no limits, whether for gluttony, debauchery, or simple malice. Yet, for all the thoughts of the day rushing through her head, she was not sure that it was that final battle, that feeling of liberation on seeing the demon die, that most kept her from sleep. But rather, what had happened before, of how she had been freed.

Note: While I borrow certain elements from other worlds (DnD, WoW, Elder Scrolls, and others), I generally create everything else from scratch, as I’m quite imaginative. I’ll start going into more than just humans now, we’re quite boring when it comes to fantasy stuff, aren’t we? We’re always the ‘all around’ and ‘jack of all trades’ type. In any case, hope ya’ll like this shit.

Chapter 2 – Being Damned Sounds Fun

“You know, I never got your names. Mine’s Arvad Eversoul, in case you haven’t heard of me.” A proud voice rung out, though it didn’t travel beyond the room the man was staying at. Due to a muffle spell, the room was sound proof in case prying ears were around, though Arvad doubted anyone would want to listen in on his current conversation, lest they were perverts.

“I’m Deliah, milord.”

“And I’m Niela.”

Two feminine voices were added to the mix, both belonging to two women currently mouthing over a certain phallic object belonging to Arvad’s body. Both were captured by slavers the other day, they had lost all hope of ever having a sense of freedom. Yet their prayers were answered in the form of a handsome man that rescued them and a another girl whom he said he was the bodyguard of. The man had slain all three slavers and burnt down their hideout in vengeance of attempting to enslave another girl named Raisel. Though that wasn’t important at the moment. What was important was that both girls properly showed their gratitude to their benefactor.

Deliah had the body of a dancer, voluptuous breasts and curves, she was undoubtedly eye candy to any healthy man she passed. She had originally passed by the slaver’s inn in hopes for a safe night’s sleep. As she had no money that night, she offered to perform in the inn, garnering many whoops and hollers as she seductively shook her hips and squeezed her bust during the dance. In the end, she was offered a room for the night, but she was abducted shortly after and placed in the cage where another human girl, Niela lain, sobbing.

Niela was slender, while she did not have the seductive body Deliah owned, she did have the transcendent beauty of a fairy. Complete with moist eyes, silver hair, and pale skin. She was selected out of several women spending the night at the slaver’s inn for being the most beautiful and highest quality. The captain of the slaver’s figured she would garner a decent price. Being the first of the slaver’s haul this time, she did not feel honored in the slightest, fighting as much as possible in every chance she could get. She was not one to give up even the slightest chance of escape, nor was she one to forget a debt when Arvad freed her.

Arvad was surprised when both the girls showed up in his room that night. He promised to escort them safely to the capital city or anywhere in between, yet he did not expect them to offer their bodies for the night, not that he argued of course. Raisel was sleeping in another room, most likely unaware of Arvad’s current joyous situation. Thanks to the muffle spell, she most likely would never know in any case.

Both Deliah and Niela double teamed Arvad’s hard prick, licking around the shaft, head and balls. Niela used her tongue to stimulate the sensitive nerves around the head of the dick, licking around the slit and under the head. Deliah licked the length of the shaft down to the balls, sucking on the left one delicately while looking up at Arvad with her blue eyes. Niela, once noticing Deliah sucking on one of the balls, kissed down repeatedly until she kissed the right ball, then sucking it while also looking up at Arvad with her brown eyes.

Both Deliah and Niela saw that Arvad was about to burst, though he strained himself to calm down. Even though both girls assumed correctly that he could go on more than once, probably even twice or thrice, they wanted to save his seed for a more powerful orgasm.

“Niela, let me use these.” Deliah said as she lifted up her large breasts, they were much larger than the average human, even bigger than the average of many of the other races.

Niela, as Deliah held of her breasts, groped and squeezed them gently, tweaking and rolling the nipples around. Niela, sadly, did not have much of a bust, she never even bothered to measure it, though she loved playing with the large tits of other women when she had the chance. Deliah let out a slight moan as Niela squeezed the nipples, while also rubbing the voluptuous women’s pussy, paying special attention to the clitoris.

The hot lesbian action didn’t last too long, as Niela let go and moved over to Arvad’s head. Deliah rolled her large breasts around a little more, enticing Arvad greatly. Before long, Deliah stroked Arvad’s hard shaft before wrapping her large breasts around the member. Deliah listened as Arvad groaned, though it got muffled by Niela’s lips going in for a kiss.

Niela covered Arvad’s lips with her own, forcing any noises to go through her mouth. She entangled her tongue with his, as both sides exchanged saliva. Their lips began getting slippery and wet as their kiss became slightly animalistic. Arvad sucked on Niela’s lips while his tongue was still inside her mouth. Niela, in turn, sucked on Arvad’s tongue and lips, savoring the taste of his mouth. It was as if his mouth never had a dirty day in its life, always clean and well kept, practically unnatural for a human male.

Ignoring the matter, Arvad brought one of his hands to the back of Niela’s head, forcing her lips more on him. He place his other hand on the slender women’s chest, though the bust was small, she still had prominent nipples which needed tending too. Niela moaned as Arvad squeezed her nipples between two of his fingers, they were already hard from the beginning, so it was not too much trouble to solicit a reaction out of her. He licked the insides of her lips as he firmly pulled on the nipple, causing her to whimper.

It was Arvad’s turn to moan as Deliah pushed down on her breasts, the soft flesh enveloping his hard shaft. She smirked as she noticed a glimpse of ecstasy on Arvad’s face, even though it was currently occupied by Niela. Deliah could feel the throbbing cock in between her tits if she pressed hard enough. It wouldn’t be long until he couldn’t resist his climax. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm shaft between her breasts, she enjoyed even more the fact she was giving great pleasure to Arvad. The busty woman couldn’t resist slipping a hand down between her thighs as she rubbed around her wet folds. Deliah rubbed and squeezed her breasts up and down the shaft, they were big enough to completely envelop the hard cock if she extended the range of her flesh enough. Occasionally, the head and part of the shaft popped out from between the warm tit flesh. Deliah licked her lips at the sight of the head of Arvad’s prick, going down for a taste. She swiped her tongue at the precum, savoring the taste of Arvad’s semen. Whenever the head popped out from between her cleavage, Deliah licked the head, stimulating the pleasure points. When more than just the head appeared, Deliah couldn’t resist wrapping her lips around the shaft and suck on it while she also fucked the stick with her breasts.

Deliah brought a hand down to the member’s balls, fondling and tickling them gently. Arvad found the pleasure too great, his mind overloaded with lust as he came to climax. Between Deliah’s breasts, Deliah could feel the warm shaft pulsating and twitching, she looked down at the head only to receive a face full of Arvad’s sticky seed. She didn’t mind, but she recoiled and the rest of the white ropes of cum splattered around her large, soft breasts. Deliah licked around her lips, catching any of Arvad’s seed and consuming it, what she couldn’t reach with her tongue she collected with her fingers.

Niela’s lips left Arvad’s mouth as turned around towards Deliah. She climbed over the man’s face and positioned herself so that her dripping pussy was directly over Arvad’s mouth. From what she could gather over their prolonged kiss, Arvad’s tongue was quite skilled, she figured that Arvad was no amateur when it came to oral as well. Niela, when she felt she was comfortable, placed her knees on both sides of Arvad’s body with her ass hovering over his face, and Niela’s own face hovering near the cum-splattered tits. Deliah continued to pleasure Arvad’s shaft until it got completely hard again, she watched as Niela then licked her large breasts. Niela collected every drop of seed on and between Deliah’s bust, licking around the head of the shaft for any excess semen. Deliah moaned as she felt Niela’s warm tongue lick all around her bust, into her cleavage, and on the nipples. She sucked both of the hard pods firmly, pulling them out of her mouth with a pop as she switched in between.

Niela went down on Arvad’s shaft, bending over and swallowing as much of the hard dick as possible. Due to her position, Niela couldn’t bring the cock deep enough into her mouth. Despite that, Arvad moaned over Niela’s pussy, it felt incredibly good to have his cock in Niela’s mouth and between her pink lips. When Niela felt that Arvad’s dick was hard enough, she reluctantly relieved her mouth of the intruder. She wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft, holding it upright for Deliah.

Deliah focused her eyes on the hard again member, biting her lower lip as Niela wiggled it enticingly. The busty dancer was trembling as she imagined Arvad’s hard shaft pumping in and out of her slick pussy. She climbed over Arvad’s waist, aiming her dripping nether lips for the head of Arvad’s dick. Niela held the quivering cock still as it slowly penetrated Deliah’s folds.

Bolts of ecstasy entered Deliah’s mind, she didn’t expect something as simple as Arvad’s cock entering her would feel so good. In any case, Deliah instantly came on Arvad’s cock. Her orgasm was slowly building up since the beginning, so it finally arrived with a resounding crescendo. Deliah enthusiastically began bouncing herself on Arvad’s shaft, savoring the feeling of it rubbing against her squeezing walls. She hilted herself on Arvad’s waist, she placed both of her hands on Niela’s shoulders for stability. She could feel the head entering her womb and prodding the back of her pussy. Soon, Deliah panted heavily, though not out of loss of energy, but out of intense desire.

Niela held up Deliah as best as she could, as she herself was in the throes of an amazing orgasm brought on by Arvad’s nimble tongue work on her slick folds. Arvad skillfully utilized his tongue to lick and prod against all of Niela’s pleasure points on the outside of her pussy. He penetrated the slick lips, savoring Niela’s juices intensely. He teased Niela’s clitoris, licking the sensitive points carefully, enough to drive Niela slightly crazy with pleasure.

Out of pure lustful instinct, Niela held up Deliah’s breasts, pinching the nipples and squeezing the soft flesh together. In a sex-driven frenzy, Niela nibbled and suckled on Deliah’s large breasts, leaving faint bite marks in the softness. Deliah moaned rather loudly as she received a hard thrust from Arvad’s hips which forced Niela to firmly bite down on her nipples. That particular moan would have been heard from outside the room if not for Arvad’s convenient muffle spell.

While Deliah rocked her hips back and forth, bouncing her luscious ass up and down on his shaft, Arvad welcomed her wetness down on his cock. Deliah could feel the head enter her womb and prod the back of her walls with each enthusiastic thrust. Soon, she felt practically double the pleasure once Arvad moved into action.

Both Niela and Deliah could feel Arvad’s renewed vigor, he thrusted his fingers inside Niela’s pussy while also licking around the slick folds, Deliah held on tightly as to not buckle from the pleasure as Arvad combined her rampant bouncing with his own pelvic thrusting. He had sat still before, though he decided to expend his energy on pumping his shaft in and out of Deliah’s nether lips.

Minutes of their wild threesome passed until more orgasms arrived. Deliah was closing her eyes shut tightly as Niela nibbled and licked her nipples and areolas. She also trembled from the wild pounding she received from Arvad, who showed no signs of slowing down. It wasn’t long until Deliah’s second climax entered the scene. Being the first to climax twice in the triage, Deliah wrapped her lips around Niela’s perky nipples. Her screams were muffled by her sucking on Niela’s small but pert breasts.

Niela, who had not normally had her nipples receive this much attention, also came on Arvad’s face. Her juices overflowed as Arvad lapped it down. Niela lifted Deliah’s moaning, listless face off of her breasts and latched her pink lips on Deliah’s luscious ones. Both girls moaned into each other’s mouths as they licked around lustfully. They exchanged saliva as their orgasm subsided slowly. A grunt came out from Arvad as he signaled his own impending orgasm.

Both girls had prepared themselves before entering Arvad’s room, making sure no pregnancy was possible. Deliah nodded towards Arvad’s eyes as she silently said that it was okay for him to pump her womb full of his seed. She made it verbal incase Arvad didn’t understand, “J-just fucking cum deep in me… I want it bad” Deliah sluggishly drew out her words.

Arvad grasped Deliah’s hips as he violently thrust his cock deep into the dancer’s pussy, the head entering hitting the back of the womb. Ropes of sticky, white semen entered Deliah’s womb, painting her insides white. Deliah groaned as if beset by a lethargic disease. She savored the feeling of Arvad’s warm seed living in her insides. She tightly pinched her nipples with her fingers in order to prolong the pleasurable feeling.

Arvad lifted Deliah off his shaft, the busty dancer moaned once again as she felt Arvad’s member leave her pussy. He pushed Niela off to the side, placing her on her side. Arvad moved behind Niela, spooning her butt.

To both girl’s surprise, Arvad was still quite hard, even though it wasn’t like that after his first orgasm. The man teased Niela’s pussy by sliding and prodding it with the head of his shaft. Niela then moaned out, “Ahnnn! Ah, n-no not there… My pussy’s so tender and sensitive.”

Arvad simply replied, as if he wasn’t affected by the wild copulation from before, “Well, I’ve yet to fuck one of your holes yet… If I can’t do your pussy, I’ve got either your mouth or ass.”

Niela didn’t think that she would be having anal sex this night when she entered Arvad’s room, though she definitely didn’t mind it. Niela delved into both genders when having sex, though preferring women over men. And along the ways, she found out she quite liked having a thick shaft or toy in her tight butt. Mulling it over didn’t take too long, “Your nice, big, dick up my ass would be great. Ahn!”

A squeal escape Niela’s mouth as Arvad prodded Niela’s puckered hole with the thick head of his member. Despite already being lubricated from Deliah’s juices, Deliah herself wrapped her lips around Arvad’s cock and sucked it a couple times, coating it with her saliva. She tasted her own juices mixed with Arvad’s semen on the thick shaft. Once Deliah was satisfied, she removed her mouth from the cock and nodded towards Arvad.

Arvad spat on Niela’s crack, the saliva seeping down, lubricating her puckered ring. He rubbed his shaft around her butt before placing the head at the tight entrance. Once Arvad couldn’t resist any more of his own teasing, he prodded the entrance with the head of his member, slowly pushing it inside. Niela arched her back, gasping with her tongue out. She balled her fists and toes while enjoying the weird feeling of the handsome man’s cock slowly filling her up in her ass. Arvad lifted Niela’s leg in the air, as to allow easier access for him to thrust inside Niela’s asshole.

Niela felt her walls slowly give away to the thick intruder, though still squeezing him for every bit of seed left in it. Niela clenched her teeth tightly as she felt Arvad hilting himself in her. She breathed slowly as the tight walls of her ass finally gave Arvad’s shaft the appropriate room to maneuver. Niela rolled her eyes back as Arvad pulled out, only to shove his dick back in when the head was the only thing left in the tight hole.

Arvad fit a paced tempo, not going too fast as to cause discomfort, but not too slow as to make the experience even slightly boring. He reached his arm over Niela’s side for her prominent nipples, pinching and squeezing them. He could feel his cock being milked for all its worth as he impaled Niela’s tight butt with his slick member.

Niela screamed the loudest she had this encounter when Arvad pulled out all the way and stabbed forward, hilting himself in one swift movement. From that point, he did the same thing irregularly, causing Niela to spasm from the pleasure. The feeling of having her tightness be stretched out many times over almost made Niela pass out from the combination of pleasure and slight pain. In any case, she was clearly enjoying the anal treatment from Arvad.

As Arvad thrusted his his shaft in deeply, he pulled firmly at at Niela’s nipples, he also kissed and sucked on the lobe of her ear. It was the combined sensations that Arvad was giving her that caused Niela to orgasm again. It was like a sudden tsunami (slight hyperbole, I hate squirting), Niela didn’t expect her to climax so suddenly, she moaned loudly into Deliah’s breasts. Along the way of the fierce pounding she received from Arvad, Niela also began suckling on Deliah’s nipples, nibbling them playfully. In any case, Niela widened and closed her eyes as waves of pleasurable sensations rippled throughout her body, originating from both of her main holes and traveling to her brain.

Arvad himself noticed his impending orgasm, but he slowed down as to prolong the experience just a little bit longer. He moved his hand up to Niela’s mouth, who then wrapped her lips and sucked on Arvad’s fingers lustfully. Man eligible thoughts passed through Arvad and Niela’s head, but pushed out by thoughts of pure lust. Arvad continued to pump his shaft into the slender girl’s body.

Despite her overall size, Niela was quite sturdy, and though she definitely didn’t put out like a working girl, she could easily accommodate Arvad’s size at the moment. Niela wasn’t sure how much longer she could last, she wasn’t exaggerating to herself when she felt that she was about to pass out from pleasure. The only way to endure this experience, she had to force Arvad to cum lest she would go unconscious, not that she minded passing out from pleasure. She forced the her muscles to contract and clutch down on Arvad’s shaft as hard as possible.

Arvad chuckled at Niela’s obvious effort, he figured he would play nice for once and go along with the flow. He continued to thrust hard into Niela’s stretched asshole, continuing to savor the intense sensation of her walls constricting down on his shaft.

Niela felt the shaft, which was wildly thrusting into her ass, beginning to pulse as his semen rushed to his shaft. Tens of seconds passed as Arvad fell into a lustful frenzy, pounding away at Niela’s butt for all its worth. Soon, Arvad hilted himself in Niela’s asshole, he felt his seed began to gush into her rectum. Niela was delighted at the feeling of Arvad’s sticky, warm seed filling her insides.

Once Arvad’s semen stopped coming out, plastering Niela’s tight, warm walls, Arvad removed his shaft from Niela’s ass. Both Arvad and Niela panted heavily, relishing the afterglow of the sex they both took part in just now.

Without so much of a word to each other, only sly looks with unintentional smirks, all three of the people present found a position comfortable and soon fell asleep.

Outside of the room, Raisel listened in on the activities. While she didn’t notice the muffle spell Arvad had placed on the room, despite sensing latent magics, apparently she could still listen in through a wall in a certain spot. If she placed her ear on the wall, which she did by accident, she could hear what was going on in Arvad’s room. She was tempted to interrupt the copulation, but decided against it many times over.

Just what the hell was that man doing? Sex obviously, but why? Sure he saved the lives of them and I, but that doesn’t mean they should be willingly thanking him with sex… And why not me? Sure he is quite handsome, and I admitted out loud that he isn’t bad to look at… First thing when we reach Alduin, we’re dropping those girls.

Several other thoughts swam around Raisel’s head among the ones just now. She also wondered if such encounters like Arvad’s encounter with the two ex-slave girls were common in the world. She wondered when such an encounter would happen to her. On a side note, Raisel completely blocked out the blowjob the other day from her mind, it did not count in the slightest.

The capital city of Alduin, center of the Human land of Dasinex. This was their next destination.


Forwarding through the days of travel, Arvad and Raisel’s party arrived at Alduin. Arvad dropped off Niela and Deliah at an Inn situated just outside of the walls, it was meant for passing travelers who didn’t want to be searched by the city guard. Neither of them had suitable references that would get them into the city quickly and easily. You either had to be a citizen of the country, an important individual like a noble or ambassador, you could bribe the guards, or you could enter the city without qualifying for any of the previous mentioned ways by enduring a tedious process of questions and searches given by the guards.

In any case, both girls were safe, they could scream should any trouble arise. And besides, it wasn’t like Arvad was obliged to do any more for them. He made this quite clear to Raisel as they neared the guard post at the gates. “You do realize that I’m a mercenary. I can spell that out for you if you don’t know what it means.”

“I do know you annoying man. That still doesn’t tell me a decent reason why we left them there with no help. Raisel walked side by side with Arvad, though she tried to walk slightly ahead. Arvad’s large stride forced Raisel to quicken her steps. “When women are rescued, people should escort them to a safe place, give them food, shelter, and money is possible. Why do you not do the same?”

“Ah, well, you mistake me for someone who does the work of a hero, a savior. I can play being those, but I am most assuredly not one.” Arvad smiled and shook his head, “You can see that I escorted them, though probably not enough as you wished. Perhaps to a convent inside the city? Alduin is not so accepting as to left every man inside with three pretty women in tow. I can do well enough with just the one, but not three. And besides, I’m a tad lazy.”


“Ahaha! You got that much right. I’m not trying to brag, but there a couple rumors circulating around me. Some people like me, and more than some hate and despise me for what I am, a despicable person.” Arvad threw his arms out in a grandeur movement. “Should those two women add to the rumors about me, as being friends or lovers or anything related… Well, they’re in possible danger. Tis better not to risk it.”

Raisel wasn’t entirely convinced. “You could still give them some money, they must have lost everything when they were captured by the slavers. You have the Eyes of Derhal after all. They are worth far more than any set of jewels. Can you not give them even a portion of that amount?”

“Well, you forget that these Eyes are still the Eyes of Derhal. I have yet to turn them into meros. So I can’t give them anything at all. I only have like… Around… two-hundred something meros.”

Raisel never had to carry around money before. And 200 meros would be pocket change to her, less than pocket change actually when she was still at the Tessiol estate. However, now that she was on her own, with Arvad, she had to understand the importance of even a single mero. “Can you not give them some of that? Surely you can part with some of that 200.”

She only received a frivolous answer. “Eh, I don’t want to.” Arvad widened his smile, clearly enjoying the conflict.

Raisel was fed up with Arvad. She told herself that she should never have accepted his proposal to protect her. She should have fought him, all the way. Mother had no right. She figured that it would be best to gather information on his abilities, should she choose to flee him after or during their stay in Alduin. Perhaps she could ‘acquire’ some of the money Arvad got from the Eyes of Derhal and hired her own group of bodyguards?

“‘Old up there. Show me the proper papers and you’ll be let in.” A simple request was heard from one of the city guard stationed at the gates. He wore a plain suit of mail armor, a cap helmet, and a simple sword and shield. Just one of the many guards of the city.

Raisel was surprised by Arvad’s diligence, as he pulled out two sets of papers, which must have been for him and Raisel herself. Did he get them from mother? Whatever, don’t question an easy ticket into the city. “Right, here is mine and hers. Everything’s in order, isn’t it?”

The guard widened his eyes, he performed a triple take on Arvad and Raisel. Both of them were somewhat famous, the beautiful daughter of the Tessiol family, Raisel Tessiol, and the mercenary of rumors, Arvad Eversoul. The guard only stuttered something to his fellow guardsmen, all of which were equally surprised, if not more. The pairing was quite odd as well, their speculations as to what led to the pairing could brought up strange circumstances, though one bet that Arvad was posing as a bodyguard, which was correct. The guards didn’t question the papers, though generally that was their prerogative, as any such papers may be forged.

Arvad and Raisel passed through the guards and entered the city which was full of interesting sights. Dasinex was considered the center of the world (at least to them), and a good amount of people from all sorts of races congregated in Alduin and other major cities. Of course humans outnumbered all those races by four to one, but it was still the place of the largest amalgamation of all races in the world.

Humans were quite open, at least compared to the other races. Though it varied among the different human nations. The Dominion of Sol, a theocracy, were quite unwilling to welcome anyone, even humans, though they would as long as if they were a fervent member of their church and religion.

In any case, Raisel admired the sights. Buildings of all shapes and sizes, some even with a completely different type cultural influence in their architecture. They passed a market stall which supposedly sold glorious Dwarven weaponry. Raisel saw several humans browsing the stall, each surveying a unique variation of swords, axes, and maces. There was even a strange weapon which was a sharpened chakram fixed on a hilt.

It wasn’t long until Raisel saw some of the non-human races. She saw a group of Orcs, tall, strong, and stereotypically green. They each wore set of leather straps which practically didn’t cover anything but their lower body, each also held on to a large two handed weapon. Perhaps they a part of a special group?

Raisel also saw a rather unique group which garnered the gazes of quite a few people in the crowds walking along the streets. It was one that even caused Arvad to turn his gaze. A group of five Elves, the first was a Drow, a Dark Elf and from the Elves of the Underground, he had dark blue skin which originated from their race living mainly underground with the Dwarves. The second was a tanned Elf with a contrasting set of white hair, he was a a Sand Elf, a part of the Elves of the Desert. The third was a female with pale skin and hair of sunlight, she was undoubtedly a High Elf, the Elves of the Mountains, also one of Raisel’s kin. The fourth had light blue skin and blue pale hair, this male Elf was from the Sea Elves, the Elves of the Islands. And finally, the fifth Elf was a female with yellow-brown skin and stark brown hair, this female belonged to the iconic Wood Elves, the Elves of the Forests.

This group was quite unique, it was considered never possible for the five Elven nations to cooperate or even flick a smile to each other. Some of the five nations may be allied to one another, but they would never cooperate with the other four, not even the other three. Whatever circumstances brought these five Elves of different backgrounds together, could not be fathomed by anyone not involved.

Raisel continued to sight see, she admired a cathedral, a military barracks, a magitorium, and a beautiful arboretum filled with plants not from around Dasinex. Eventually, she turned towards Arvad, as she was quite curious to her destination, “Mister Eversoul, where in gods name are we going? Not that I mind, but we have been walking for quite awhile. Are you not going to sell the Eyes somewhere?”

“Eh, well… I don’t plan on selling them.”

Raisel tilted her head quizzically, “Then what’s the point of you having the Eyes? The Eyes themselves are quite useless to those who can’t flaunt its status. Unless you sell it, you won’t get any profit out of it.”

“Now that’s where you’re wrong. I Don’t plan to sell the Eyes nor use it for its status, I plan to trade it.”

Raisel tilted her head even more this time. Trade it? Trade it for what? “Barter?”

“Yea, there’s an auction type place that specializes in bartering. I want to go there to trade the Eyes for something. They Eyes, as we all know, are the most valuable jewels in the world. There is no way I can’t get what I want unless no one has it.”

“And what do you want? What would an odd mercenary like you need?”

“Hey hey! If you say it like that, I’m just a purveyor of strange trinkets with no use. No, I want a new sword.” Arvad pulled his sword out of his scabbard. It was a different design than most, a silver pommel and guard along with a double tempered edge. “This guy here is a silver sword. It’s not very useful for prolonged or excessive conflicts, which I seem to get into quite often.”

“Silver swords… What is so special about those?”

“They are quite strong against certain beings. They burn and devastate the bodies of were-animals, apparitions, and the undead. They are not suited for clashes against anything but those, the sword will dent and dull when used against other weapons or armor.”

“I see, and what kind of sword do you need? Surely the Eyes are far worth more than any sword you will find at a bartering auction.”

“Maybe so, but I’m willing to trade them for a sword of the highest caliber. Not just any magic or crafted weapon, I’m only willing to settle for a holy sword… Perhaps even a demonic one? I don’t really care which duality my sword will be from, as long as if it will serve its purpose.” Arvad let out another one of his trademark smiles of frivolity while saying this. He honestly didn’t care if he acquired a sword of the damned or exonerated. He was only loyal to the path that allowed him to continue an interesting existence. This man certainly didn’t compare to the characters of the books she read.

“I-I see… Though what if you don’t find such a sword in this suction house?”

“Then we will continue on to the mountains of the High Elves. If I cannot find a powerful sword here, there is no possible way I cannot find a quality weapon there. The High Elves are known for not having a monetary system, only a bartering system. And people as ancient and powerful as the High Elves will surely have such a sword that I desire.”

“And what if they do not wish to part with one? The Eyes of Derhal may not interest them.”

“Ha! Even if that’s the case, which it won’t, then their sword will sit in the cobwebs forever, collecting layer after layer of dust… How dull.” Arvad let out a mock sadness. “Don’t worry, I can assure you that a trade will be possible.

The two walked a distance longer, until they reached a building holding a silk seamstress. “But first! You need some new clothes. We can’t have the daughter of the Tessiol family walk into such an extravagant auction house without a decent set of attire. Don’t worry, your mother won’t mind if you your family’s account.”

As Raisel entered the store, she was presented with extravagant, elegant dresses of all sizes. Raisel, upon finding a set of silks she rather liked, contemplated the idea of running away from Arvad through the back of the store. However, it was only a fleeting thought which she tossed out of her mind after happening upon an outfit she liked. It was a blouse that allowed her to move comfortable around the city and be the center of attention at a party.

After deciding upon a small selection of outfits, for travel and showrooms, Raisel payed for them using a mark of her family. The Tessiol family was quite famous after all, these marks were used for large scale payments as carrying around sacks of meros were not convenient. Raisel used one such mark for convenience. She didn’t tell Arvad that she had the marks, but she bet on the fact that he knew about them anyway. The clothes were folded and placed in bag which was then carried out to Arvad.

“Eh? You want me to carry your belongings? AHAHAHAHA! Thas a good one.”

“You cannot seriously expect me, the daughter of the Tessiol family as you say, to carry around sacks of clothing.”

“Actually, no I don’t. You’re too damn lazy and up there to one with your adventurous spirit. Listen lass, if you want to be traveling to different places, without the amenities of your rich family, you’ve got to settle in on the lifestyle of wanderer. If you don’t want to carry your stuff around, that’s what packhorses are for. Those and slaves, but I’m not a fan of slavery as you already know.”

Raisel remembered the horses she, Arvad, and the freed girls came to Alduin on. two of them were taken from the slavers and used for convenience, and the other two belonged Arvad, one for riding and the other for carrying his belongings.

Arvad continued, “I’m going to get keep one of those horses we borrowed from the slavers, which you can ride on. My packhorse is quite sturdy and will be able to carry your clothing along with my belongings.”

Another hour passed as Arvad and Raisel found a suitable place to store their belongings and stay the night in the city. Both people changed into clothing suited for a fancy auction house. Arvad stored his silver sword and rifle in the lodge, keeping his pistol and knives. Raisel had the question about the sword answered, but what about the guns?

She asked this as they walked to the auction, “I am curious about your guns. The Tessiol guards only have the rudimentary firearms devised by the dwarves. Yet, yours are different… Are they magic guns? I’ve heard about those.”

“Ah, I was waiting for you to ask that. Been keeping my explanation in for too long. Well, to begin… Magic guns are used to bring out the magic power of those who have even the littlest amount of. Men and women who have latent magical power, but not enough to use larger spells, can use magic guns to utilize their magic power. Magic guns can be used to fire any kind of bolt, though once you use a fresh gun to fire… Let’s say a bolt of ice, then that gun is locked to an affinity of ice. My two guns are different.” Arvad took a deep breath, and continued on with his explanation which Raisel was quite interested in. “A certain very powerful Archmage created a set of magic guns that wasn’t locked to one affinity. They were called the elemental guns. Provided you knew how to use magic of each part of the elements, you could fire the guns using every elemental affinity, from lightning to wind, from fire to ice. As you guessed, those guns are quite rare, and expensive. I’ve only been able to get my hands on two. And besides, magic guns are looked down upon my many magicians of all types. Mages who use magic guns are considered weak and witless. This Archmage didn’t believe in that philosophy and created the elemental guns to prove that magic guns are useful tools to mages. In the end, he only created about a little more than a hundred and fifty of these guns. I’m lucky to even have two.”

“Then the bolt of ice and that massive air pressure I saw the other day when you rescued me, was a result of the guns?”

“You catch on quickly. Yup yup. I am obviously strong and skilled.” If Arvad was an embodiment of sin, then it would certainly be pride. “And I want to use weapons that can increase my potential ability. Hence the elemental guns and the holy or demonic sword I want. Also, these knives I own aren’t any normal knives, but I’ll leave that to another day. Ahah! We’re here.”

Raisel looked forward, and past the crowds she could see an grandiose and lavish building obviously meant for the rich. A place where they could exchange valuable artifacts of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

They entered the building to find many different people, mostly humans, but some of the other races as well. There was a group of dwarves perusing a several sets of armor. An Orc polishing a jeweled warhammer, a Wood Elf admiring a set of delicately carved chimes, and many more. However, none of these items compared to the Eyes of Derhal in Arvad’s possession. The pair walked to a man shouting to several employees, he must be one of the heads managing this auction place.

“Ah, excuse me, my good man. Where am I to be to sign up my object of interest.”

“HEY, those plates go over there for… Sakes. I’m terribly sorry Sir and Madam. You can sign up over there with that fellow holding the board. Tonight is quite busy, we have a special item today and its causing quite an uproar.”

“Ohoh? What might that special item be?”

The manager was quite flustered, it was indeed a busy night. “Well, a man from the Merchant’s Association brought in one of the fabled Eyes, the Eyes of Garrow.”

Arvad planted his palm in his face, “You have got to be kidding me.”

“Why is that? Having the eyes on sale or for barter is a momentous occasion!”

“Well, I just happen to also be bringing in one of the Eyes, the Eyes of Derhal.” The manager staggered back, Arvad then went on, “But if there is going to be the Eyes of Garrow, then I see no point in putting up my pair of Eyes for barter. Hrmm… I don’t suppose there are any unique swords for barter, is there?”

“Ah… Ah, let me check. If what you say is true, then our auction house will make more money than ever!”

“Eh, that’s if I decide to auction the Eyes of Derhal. I want a sword, and not just any sword, a legendary sword.”

“Let me check really quickly! Stay where you are, p-please!” The man rushed off somewhere to presumably check on the items listed for the barter tonight.

“This is definitely interesting. To think there will be two sets of Eyes possibly up for barter in the same auction house.”

“What will you do? It is not like the man or woman behind the Eyes of Garrow will be bartering them for the same thing you want.”

“No, that’s not the case, though what you say is more likely to be true. Anyone who does not wish to keep the Eyes in their possession and wishes to sell them would generally do just that, sell for a large quantity of meros. You would only ever barter the Eyes off should there be another item close to the Eyes worth that the seller wants. There is without a doubt that something extremely valuable, other than the Eyes, is up for barter tonight. Whether it is a sword that I want, or something completely different, we will find out soon enough.” Arvad nonchalantly stood around, as if he had nothing to hide. He was quite skilled at not standing out when he wanted. He even managed to smuggle in his weapons, which was no mean feat, he even refused to tell Raisel how he did it.

Chapter 3 — The Escape

Lexington awoke. He was still lying on the marble table. He was naked and cold. The torches had gone out, but he could see the faintest of light pouring in. He assumed that was the tunnel that led back.

He used what strength he had left and slid off the marble table. His sphincter was sore and it throbbed with every slow step he took towards the tunnel. More light bled in has he approached the entryway. Once he stepped out, he was nearly blinded by the light. His eyes were slow to adjust. Taking a misstep, he fell flat on his face in the dirt. The cool breeze coming from beyond the bridge was a welcome feeling. He peeked just a bit, forcing his eyes to adjust. He rolled to his back and set himself upright against the mound. Lexington could smell smoke.

Shantei, he thought. He knew it was destroyed. He hoped the people had fled in time. He wondered about Enama and her family. He wanted to get up and run towards the escape vessel on the River Luildel that Albeus had stored there, but he knew it was too late. If they had survived, they would have already left.

Shahemein. That was where they’re headed. It’s the only city near Shantei though it was almost a month’s journey away.

The sun was low in the east. It was morning. He could see the smoke rise from Shantei. He didn’t want to go back but he knew he had too. He had to know if anyone that stayed had survived. Lexington willed himself to his feet and headed back towards what was left of his beloved village.

As he approached the north gate of Shantei, he wondered if he would find Hangoot standing there as he was before Thraxa and her Shadowmen army attacked. He doubted it, of course. But still, how could a human have anything to do with a Shadowmen attack? All of this continued to make absolutely no sense to him. There were so many questions he needed answers to. The first being how could a Celestial fall and become human? He shook the thought off. He needed to find Enama and any survivors of Shantei.

Though he was still naked, the warmth of the noon sun was comforting. He found one of the guardsmen dead with most of his armor unusable though the garment under the armor was suitable. He sorrowfully thanked the dead guardsmen then made his way into Shantei.

The smell of cooked pork was a painful reminder that Lexington was starving. To his own dread he had realized that it was not pork that caught his scent, it was the smell of burnt humans. His hunger quickly turned to disgust. He wanted to vomit, but there was nothing to expel. He made his way towards the manor of Albeus. He kept his eyes and ears open hoping to hear someone.

Flashes of the children and families that once roamed this crowded village ran through Lexington’s mind. The whorehouse was one of the few buildings standing. He wondered why that was so.

Aside from Albeus’ manor, the whorehouse was the only other two-floored building in Shantei. Most of the top floor had collapsed to the first, but the main corridor remained intact. Lexington remembered that there was a basement Selia had used as storage. He wondered. Hope gripped him.

The entrance to the storage basement was blocked by light debris. Lexington merely had to kick most of it off. A cracked wooden beam wedged the door closed. He used what strength he had left to shove the beam aside and pried the door open. It was pitch black inside. He felt his hope fleeting. He wedged the basement door open and proceeded inside. The light from the outside was enough to peek in. Inside he found Selia and the girl who had been pleasuring Hangoot lying on the floor. Adrenaline coursed through his veins as he leaped towards them. He cupped Selia’s face in his hands gently.

“Selia” he whispered, but she was dead.

The girl next to him coughed. Lexington turned to her and lifted her head off the ground with care.

“Girl, are you hurt?”

The girl shook her head looking into Lexington’s eyes then closed them again. She fell unconscious. He scanned up and down her body. She was scantily clothed as were most of Selia’s girls, but she looked unharmed save for minor scratches and bruising on her arms and legs. He picked her up fortunate that she was light.

The sun was near setting and from the whorehouse entrance, he could see the Albeus’ manor. The entire top floor had fallen into the manor. The doorway itself was sealed with rubble. Lexington panned around and saw one home that was still standing more so than the rest. Again, hope had gripped him.

Inside, Lexington placed the girl on the bed and found a jug of water that was untouched. He drank as he had never drunk before. He filled a small cup with some and proceeded to serve it to the girl.

“Wake up” he said softly.

The girl opened her eyes. Lexington placed the edge of the cup to her full lips and she drank. She laid her head back down, but seemed renewed with energy.

“What is your name?” Lexington asked.

“Mara” she replied.

“Do you know if the other girls escaped?”

Mara shook her head. “I heard the roar of the bad men, but at that point Selia had only taken me to the basement. We felt the ground shake around us then the door slammed shut. Selia was hit by it and fell down the stairs. I don’t know if she…”

Lexington’s eyes began to cloud. Mara knew what she had feared. Selia had died. The two wept silently. Lexington leaned himself to the side of the bed where Mara was and closed his eyes. He had no idea what he was to do next.

Sunlight reached through the holes in the ceiling of the small house that Lexington and Mara had found refuge. The light that struck Lexington in the eyes was enough to wake him. It was morning. Fortunately, Mara was still sound asleep. Lexington felt reenergized with a sense of purpose. He knew that the only course of action was to follow Albeus’ escape trench and go from there.

Lexington searched the house for food and found only scraps of bread. He set aside most of it for Mara when she woke. As he began eating, his chewing had woken Mara.

She slowly sat up. Lexington turned to face her.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better. May I have some?”

Lexington handed the bread to Mara.

“What are we to do now?”

“We’re going to follow Albeus’ trench. I fear that’s only option.”

“What about the River Luildel bridge?”

“I want to avoid it.”

Mara nodded. She knew it was from that direction that the Shadowmen had come from. Mara began to cry quietly. “Why did this happen?”

Lexington sat next to her and placed an arm over her. “I don’t know.” But in truth, he knew that Thraxa was there for him, though he did not know why she allowed him to live. It was unlike Shadohinus, the lord of Avariceal, to attack mankind. Mankind was merely insects in the great war between the Omnipotent and Shadohinus.

“When do we leave?”

“When you’re strong enough.”

“Then we should go now.”

Lexington nodded. He admired her resolve. Lexington knew that the true character of man was always revealed when it was time to fight for survival.

Mara stood before Lexington did. She raised her arms and stretched. As she raised her arms, her short dress raised enough for Lexington to catch a glance of the under curves of her large round buttocks. He had remembered watching her use her ass with such skill. He was becoming aroused despite being ashamed at the realization, though he could not take his eyes off it.

Mara stepped towards the entrance and peeked out. “I think we should go.”

Lexington stood and followed her out. They exited the west gate and found the hidden trench nearby. He found himself hoping that this part of the journey would be easy for he now feared for the safety of Mara.

The distance from the entrance of the trench to the Luildel River dock was much longer than Lexington had anticipated. It was already past noon and still they could see nothing other than the stretch of the trench. Fortunately, the heat of the sun was favorable. There was also an accompanying cool breeze that made its way through the trench. It seemed to blow the two forward as if aiding them somehow.

Lexington walked a step behind Mara. He enjoyed the breeze. Every time it blew through, it lifted her dress just enough to catch a glimpse of that robust ass he so desperately wanted to fuck. If her dress didn’t lift up, the breeze pressed her dress against her waist and ass clearly displaying their wonderful form. He found himself surprised to find that though her ass was huge her hips weren’t strikingly wide. The disproportion aroused him even more.

Lexington paused for a moment. He was alarmed that every thought was apparently lustful. Was this a result of his encounter with Thraxa or was this simply the defining aspect of what it was to be human? Even so, the thought was a mere discomfort while remembering that he still had Mara to protect.

A little while later and the two were under the shadow of the trench. Night was coming soon and though they still had water, they had nothing to eat. Mara suddenly yelped and quickened her pace. The bouncing produced by her quick steps caused her dress to sway higher giving Lexington full view of her round ass. He felt his penis surge once again.

“What is it?” Lexington called out.

“I found food!”

Mara came back with a satchel filled with dried berries. Lexington could not have been more excited. He had decided that they stop for the night. The trench provided some shelter though the night breeze blew even harder through.

After their small meal, Lexington found that the night was unusually comfortable. Though they sat in the protection of the trench, the cooled air that occasionally blew through was enough to give Mara chills. Mara scooted herself against Lexington and wrapped her arms around herself, Lexington’s penis began to harden. He peeked down to see Mara’s left breast partially exposed. Even in the nighttime he could see her obvious tan. The auburn color of her skin was something he favored. As he watched her breathe, he could see her hardened nipples. He felt his penis strain for release.

Lexington focused his attention upward at the night sky. He took a deep breath and tried to think of other things. He closed his eyes to think of Enama. This, of course, didn’t help. He could only see Enama’s almond shaped eyes, the curvature of her lips, the way her hair fell over her perky breasts as she mounted him and rode him during sex.

Lexington’s penis remained rock hard though he desired otherwise. To his surprise, he felt Mara grasp his erection. He looked down to see the tent that his penis had caused with his garment. She slid his penis free of the garment, bent her head forward and placed his engorge head between her lips.

“Mara, we shouldn’t…” Lexington gasped as she skillfully took the entirety of his penis in her mouth. He felt his head push against the back of her throat as she slid her tongue against the underside of his shaft and part of his testicles. Mara then pulled back leaving only the head of Lexington’s penis squeezed between her lips. She used both her small hands to stroke his shaft. The slobber she left behind made her hands slick, but she tightened her grasp.

Lexington could no longer hold his load as he shot his seed into Mara’s willing mouth. She continued to stroke him until he was finished. She looked up at Lexington and smiled. She then rose to her knees and met his eye level.

“Your turn” Mara whispered with a smile. She stood and raised her dress enough to expose her already soaking vagina. She grasped tufts of Lexington’s hair and pressed his mouth to her clit. He began to tantalize her clit with his lips and tongue. Mara moaned in response. Lexington slid his arms up her side and reached for her breasts. He squeezed them gently. Mara took hold of one of his hands, bent forward and began to suck on three of his fingers. She ran her tongue up, down, and in between each of the three while Lexington continue to go at her clit.

Mara then motioned Lexington’s hand in between her legs. She reached behind her, grabbed his hand, and positioned the three fingers at her sphincter. She took hold of one finger and slowly guided it in. She gasped. She then took in the second and third finger to their knuckles. Her vaginal juices began to drip down her legs as Lexington continued to work her clit with his tongue and lips while sliding his fingers in and out of her asshole.

Lexington could sense Mara was close to orgasm and felt himself erect once again. An instant later, Mara brought her hands to her mouth and moaned into them as she orgasmed. She leaned against Lexington and went limp. He turned her then guided her onto his lap. Her back was pressed to his chest as her legs spread forward over his. She tilted her head back over her shoulder and turned to kiss him.

“Put that cock of yours in my ass,” Mara quietly demanded.

Smiling, Lexington lifted Mara enough so that she could guide his erection into her ass. He let her down slowly as she once again tilted her head back. She used her feet to prop herself up. Lexington aided her by place his hands under her cheeks. In tandem, they worked his penis in and out of her tight rectum. With renewed vigor, Mara seemed to no longer need Lexington’s aid. With her feet planted on the ground, she rocked her hips up and down. Lexington reached forward with one hand and used his fingers to toy with her clit while he used the other to play with her breast and nipple.

Mara moaned loudly as she reached her climax quickly. Lexington returned his hands to Mara’s hips and started to buck her back and forth forcing his dick deeper into her. He began to grunt. The tightness of her rectum was unlike anything he had ever experience. He focused only on the now. The pressure was building inside his crotch and he knew he was close. He continued to assault her ass remorselessly. She screamed in pleasure. He finally cried allowed digging his penis as deep as he could. He felt his cock unload spurt after spurt of semen into her. The two went limp almost in sync.

Lexington remained leaned against the wall of the trench as Mara remained sitting on top of him. With his cock still wedged in her ass, Lexington wrapped his arms around Mara. The two quickly fell asleep.

The ground around them began to rumble. Lexington quickly awoke to find Mara leaned against his side. The sun still had yet to rise, but Lexington hoped it would soon. The rumbling increased awaking Mara.

“Wh-what’s happening?” Mara asked, still half asleep.

“I don’t know,” Lexington quietly replied. He slowly rose to a crouch while the rumbling continued. He peered as far as he could down both ways of the trench, but he couldn’t see anything. It was too dark.

The rumbling seized abruptly. A sinking feeling took hold of Lexington’s gut. Somehow, he knew the worst had yet to come. Down the trench still a way off, he could hear the light stomping quickly making their way towards them. Lexington immediately knew what was coming — Felhounds.

Of the few beasts that lived in the shadowlands of Avariceal, Felhounds were the most ferocious. They were bred in darkness and raised with cruelty and rage.

Lexington turned to Mara and yelled, “Run!”

Mara didn’t hesitate, she leapt to her feet and headed the opposite direction, but he knew they couldn’t outrun the Felhounds. Lexington did not want to run. He was sick of running.

Lexington stood tall, listening as the Felhounds made their way. He closed his eyes and calmed his breathing. Death was on its way and he was ready. He clenched his fists, opened his eyes, and took a defensive stance. Death would not take him easily.

The radiant emerald eyes of the Felhounds were visible. He could hear as their thick drool slapped at the sides of their snouts. They seemed to quicken their pace as they caught the scent of their prey.

Once Lexington could clearly make out their forms, he could see that there were three of them. As they got close enough, Lexington lunged forward towards the middle Felhound. His hands were opened. He planned to grab at the first one he could and with all his might to tear its head off. He had no hesitation.

But something unexpected happened. In the instant just before he could take hold of the Felhound, he felt a familiar heat burn in his chest. It spread to his arms, legs, and face. The Felhounds could see the change. Vines bathed in pure white light outstretched itself over the skin and clothing of Lexington. As the white light faded, a silver metal was revealed. His Celestial armor had returned to him and with it his Celestial strength.

As Lexington’s hands met the snout of the Felhound, the Felhound bit down on his hands but its jagged teeth could not cut through the armor that had surrounded his combatant. Both the Felhound and the restored Celestial fell hard to the ground. With the beast’s head now in Lexington’s full grasp, Lexington tightened his grip and pulled the Felhound’s head clear off its body.

Drenched in the dark red blood of his victim, the Celestial stood. His eyes flared a bright blue as his long lost longsword Aequitas formed itself from hilt to blade in his right hand.

The two other Felhounds took pause, growled, and then charged. It was all they could do before Lexington slashed at them with his obsidian-shaded longsword. Two precise swipes were all it took as the Felhounds heads fell severed from their bodies.

As quickly as it started, it had finished and Lexington’s armor and weapon faded from existence. He found himself clean of the Felhounds blood, though their carcasses remained. Footsteps approached behind him. He turned quickly responding in his defensive stance where he saw Mara.

“We have to get going. There will be more,” Lexington said firmly.

He took hold of Mara’s hand and they made off towards the River Luildel where Lexington hoped they would find Enama and her family.

There was a smell created by the River Luildel water mixed with its surrounding land was very distinctive to Lexington though he couldn’t describe why. It was because of this smell that he knew he and Mara were close to the docks where Albeus, former lord of Shantei, had stashed his escape boats.

“We’re almost there,” Lexington said comfortingly.

Mara smiled in return.

The two quickened their pace as excitement built. The sun was nearing it’s peak in the sky and though the clear visibility gave Lexington some comfort, the sudden return of his Celestial powers was disconcerting. He wondered how his powers were restored. He worried that it may be a ploy of Thraxa’s though he knew that Valkyrie didn’t have such capability. Did they?

As they neared the end of the trench, they approached the docks. They were as Lexington expected them to be — abandoned. He let go of Mara’s hand and stepped towards the edge of the bank. He watched the water of River Luildel run its course towards the north. He knew that the water emptied into the Sapphire Sea. In hopes to find some trace of Enama, Lexington scoured the banks.

Finally, he found a footprint. The pattern of the sandal was similar to the pattern Lexington had noticed of Edalo’s sandals.

“Look here, Mara.” Once he caught her attention, Lexington nodded in the direction of the footsteps. It appears that Edalo and someone else had walked along the bank. The footprints were clear as day. He proceeded to grab Mara’s hand once again and the two took to the trail.

The scenery had not changed much. The rocks that lined the bank of the river were just as jagged as the rocks that were near the docks. The trail seemed to go on forever. Lexington started to worry that this may be a trap, but he shook it off. He knew that the trench was one of the best-kept secrets of Shantei. But then again, those that chased him weren’t mere humans. They were agents of Avariceal, the only worthy opponents of the Celestial Legion.

- Author Note -

Apologies to all for the delay, there are numerous reasons for it, not all of them good. Mostly I have been having trouble deciding where exactly I want this story to go, in large part because I found myself investing more time than I expected in research. This chapter should give you a good idea of the potential direction the story may take. But there is a lot more yet for Jacob to learn.


When Jacob awoke his first thoughts were of Brea, and the fact she was missing from the bed. He’d fallen asleep with the comforting weight of her draped across him like a thick blanket. Undoubtedly he would have been left numb and sore after a time with even her slender form on top of him, but it had been a good feeling all the same.

Along with Brea most of the candlelight was gone as well, leaving the room in shadow, with just the dim light of a single candle to see by. Jacob was relieved to see Brea curled up in a chair beside the shifting flame. And amused when he saw that she was wearing his discarded t-shirt.

Bill Murray would probably be happy to know that his face decorated such wonderful breasts.

One of the trays of food rested on a small table beside her, and she was happily devouring its contents, ignorant of Jacob’s eyes on her. He took advantage of her distraction, drinking in the sight of her, open and unguarded. There was nothing special about it, she merely ate, but in Jacob’s mind every movement, every expression was fascinating.

And she eats with her mouth closed!

Which is clearly more important than sharing a common language.

Jacob shook his head at his thoughts, the movement drawing Brea’s eyes. She smiled around the piece of bread she was eating. She tore another hunk off the bread still on the tray and threw it to him.

Jacob reached up to catch it and found his hand closing over empty air. The piece of bread darted around his hand, curving mid flight, coming to an abrupt halt directly in front of his face. He jerked back from it, surprised and stared at it hovering there.

And it was hovering there, floating in space unsupported. It started to spin, then began moving in random directions, causing his eyes to dart rapidly to follow its movements. Apparently it made an amusing sight because Brea began laughing at him.

“Are you?” Jacob asked her, tearing his eyes away from the bread, “You are! How?”

Brea fought back her laughter at his wide eyed expression and raised her hand to point at him.

“You now,” she said simply.

“Me?” Jacob uttered softly, face blank for a moment, forcing down his sudden burst of eagerness.

“Yes,” Brea replied, and the bread dropped from the air onto Jacob’s chest.

It sat there on his chest, rising and falling with his breath, his mind racing with the possibilities. He almost didn’t want to try, as he felt the sudden fear of failure, that the impossible that had become possible before his eye would suddenly be impossible once more.

“How?” he said softly, even as his mind bent to the task.

It can’t be as simple as willing it to move, there has to be more…

The bread lifted off his chest the moment he started consciously thinking of it doing so. And it was utterly effortless, he pictured it moving with his mind and it did so, as simple as if he’d used his hand. Easier even.

Another impossibility. This entire world is impossible.

Yeah, but you’ve got to admit this is beyond awesome.

Jacob made the bread dart around the room, marvelling at the fact he was moving something with his mind, marvelling at the fact there was so much he had yet to understand about this place he found himself in.

“Is there more? Can we do other things too?” he asked Brea, bringing the bread back to rest in his hand.

She shrugged at him, it was obvious that she didn’t quite understand, or did not know how to convey the message to him.

“Okay so I’m going to have to wait to find out. Unless,” Jacob said to himself, looking down at the bread, “Movement. Kinetic energy. Heat?”

Even as he spoke his mind was working, a very rough image forming of molecules moving within a small part of the bread. Heat was essentially movement, if he could make things move, surely he could make them hot.

He pictured them moving faster, hitting each other. It was more the concept of molecules rather than an exact form, but it was enough.

A flame appeared from the bread as the heat caused it to spontaneously combust. Jacob was suddenly glad he had only pictured that tiny part in his mind and not the whole piece, as he quickly blew it out before it could burn his hand.

“Jacob,” Brea breathed the name, her eyes wide and shocked, coming to stand beside him, taking the bread from his hand.

His shirt was too large for her slender frame, too long for her height. But that just made it hang down just far enough to hide what lay between her legs, but not far enough that it did not hint at it. Jacob was painfully aware of that fact, eyes locked on the fabric that threatened at any moment to reveal her to him.


Brea grabbed him by the head, bread crushing against his cheek forgotten. She pulled his gaze to hers, eyes pleading with him for something.

“You didn’t know,” Jacob said, as the realisation came to him, “You don’t understand.”

Brea nodded to him, understanding his tone if not his words.

“How Jacob? How?” she asked, voice soft but urgent.

He paused to ponder that himself. It wasn’t that he’d imagined heat, or fire, that wouldn’t have worked or Brea would have been able to do it.

It was that I understood it. That I understood what heat was.

And there is no way I can explain that to her. Not with mime.

“I’m sorry Brea, I can’t explain,” Jacob told her, holding her hand, “I want to, but.”

“English,” Brea said angrily, a frustrated sigh escaping her lips.

“Yes,” Jacob replied, “I’m sorry.”

She paced the room, muttering to herself in the strange patchwork language that separated them. It was one of the very few moments that Jacob had witness where she was not smiling. So he decided to change that.

Brea squeaked when she lifted into the air, but calmed immediately, shaking her head at him as he floated her into his arms.

“Jay-cob,” she said playfully, poking him in the chest with her finger. The poke became a caress as she traced his bare skin with that finger.

He kissed her, pulling her body to his chest and trapping the roving finger. Her mouth tasted of something sweet, and she moaned into him.

“Jay-cob,” Brea breathed when their kiss broke, “No.”

She patted his chest regretfully as she said it, she clearly did not want to stop.

Why…? Oh.

“How are you feeling?” Jacob asked, sitting down on the bed and simply holding her.

Brea snuggled into him, not answering his words. Jacob brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her forehead.

“Feel better,” Jacob whispered, lips brushing her skin.

They sat like that for a time, Brea comfortably snuggled against him as he rested against the headboard. It was still hours before dawn, but after their two naps neither was tired enough to sleep again. Brea floated the tray of food over to them and they shared the assortment of bread, fruit and cheese.

So that’s why she looked at them, to see if the food was hot.

So a hot meal would have been more important than sex? Girl likes her food.

Jacob grinned at her, laughing at the puzzled expression she gave in response.

In between being distracted by the remarkable woman in his arms, Jacob managed to spare a few moments to think about the latest revelation in his increasingly bizarre life. What exactly were the limits? Clearly he had done something Brea could not, did that mean there was more still?

He contemplated experimenting, but decided it might be more prudent to wait. When the difference between a piece of bread catching fire, and a ball of superheated plasma was a thought, care was definitely warranted. Still he did come up with an idea that he just could not put off.

The sun was just beginning to lighten the sky when Jacob gently shifted Brea so he could stand.

“Brea,” Jacob said, taking her hand, “Follow me, I want to give you something.”

He led her back into the other rooms, looking for something he’d spotted from the corner of his eye on his rushed trip to the bedroom. A small fireplace affixed one wall in what he expected was a room he did not know the proper name for. It had chairs and a window that was facing what could be considered east on this world. At least, that’s where the sun was rising.

The coals barely glowed, but Jacob was still careful when he picked up a small black hunk of burnt wood. It was warm but not uncomfortably so. Grinning he turned and placed it in Brea’s hand.

The look on her face was priceless. He could not put a name to the expression, and he doubted she would be quite able to either. She stood there holding it for a moment and looking at him, trying to figure it out.

“Jay-cob,” she said, tilting her head to the side and waving the piece of coal at him.

He took it back from her, then set it floating between them, she looked from him to the coal, face a mask of patience that her eyes did not quite match.

“Close your eyes,” Jacob said, doing just that to demonstrate.

Brea did so, but peeked out a moment later, closing them again when he shook a finger at her.

It was a simple thing. Just a mix of the two things he’d already done, with maybe a little half remembered highschool science thrown in. He crushed the coal with his mind, heating it and forming it into what he wanted it to be. It was fascinating to watch the end result coming into being before his eyes.

“Open them Brea,” Jacob said, less than a minute later.

She did. And gasped as she saw what he’d done. In between them, floating where the coal had been, and in a way still was, was a diamond. An utterly flawless diamond if Jacob had pulled off what he’d been imagining.

It tapered towards the top, forming a teardrop. It was not rough like a natural diamond, Jacob had forced it into the shape, imagined the perfect atomic structure, uniform in content. Everything that wasn’t pure carbon he’d burned away.

She half reached for it, hand frozen mid way, not quite believing what she was seeing.

Another new thing. Well I hope they like diamonds as much here. I’ll be set for life.

He’d made the stone with a hole through the top, a way for it to be attached to a necklace. There was a cord tying back the curtains beside the window that looked like it would work, if a little thick. Again using his mind he untied it, pausing for a moment to think how to cut it free.

Well, if the air becoming dense and solid, then…

The cord dropped free, dangling from the end he ‘held’ it with.

Okay I know that I don’t have a periodic table in my brain, so how exactly did I manage that. Maybe… I just used what was there, but didn’t have to know exactly what it was.

Jacob brought the cord closer, Brea was still staring at the diamond in amazement, the sunlight had caught it, making even Jacob stunned at the way the stone shined. It took barely a thought to unravel some of the cord to discard, leaving a braided length behind thin enough to attach the diamond to.

Brea watched in silence as he threaded the diamond onto the cord. He’d already made sure the diamond was roughly the same temperature as the room. He didn’t want to burn or freeze Brea’s skin by accident.

He held the necklace in his hands now, looking at Brea watching him with a small measure of awe. She was stunning, but the t-shirt did not do her justice. He pulled it off her slowly, and she raised her arms without protest. Nor did she move as he tied the necklace around her neck, draping the stone between her breasts.

It was Jacob’s turn to be awed. She was stunning. She’d been beautiful in the candlelight, but in the sunlight she robbed him of his breath, stilled his tongue and made his knees weak.

“Jay-cob,” Brea uttered softly, her hand touching the necklace against her skin, “Jay-cob I-”

“Brea,” Jacob cut her off, “It’s yours. No arguments. I know we barely know each other. I know we can barely understand each other. But you are special to me, and I want you to know that.”

Then he kissed her. It was full of passion, but without the lust that their previous kisses had held. It was not the promise of something more; it was simply what was, the moment, the feeling between them.

Whether she understood his words or not, Jacob was damn sure she understood that kiss.


After their kiss Jacob and Brea explored the rooms they’d been too busy the night before to truly appreciate. The rooms were open to each other, there were no doors separating each area from the rest. The room Jacob had decided to call a sun room led directly back into the living area, the bedroom a few short steps away. But it was the last room that was both a surprise and delight.

Brea had exclaimed happily when she’d walked in behind him, discovering the gleaming copper bathtub that dominated the room. As ornate as the other décor in the manor, the tub was large enough for two comfortably. The copper had been polished to the point that it worked reasonably well as a mirror, and the surface was flawless, not holding any bumps or imperfections.

The metalwork alone made Jacob pause and realise that it either had to be cast whole to be so perfect, or someone had used the telekinetic power to shape it. The fact that it had fully working plumbing was merely a mild surprise after that realisation. Brea took to it all with a familiarity that surprised him, after seeing the farm he didn’t think she would be used to running water.

And hot water at that. I half expected to be washing from a basin or something.

They might not have cars or electricity, at least from what he’d seen, but when Jacob sunk into the water he was pleased they’d managed to work out indoor plumbing. That feeling rose exponentially when Brea slipped her naked form in after him.

She lent back against his chest, idly toying with the diamond necklace.

“Thankyou Jacob,” Brea said, tilting her head back to look up at him.

He wrapped his arms around her, running his hands across her stomach, leaving wet trails behind as the water slowly rose around them.

“Your welcome Brea,” he said, eyes fixed on the water line that was slowly climbing up her beautiful skin towards her breasts.

The shifting water made the light reflected from the burnished copper split and shimmer. That alone would have drawn his gaze, but with Brea naked and submersed in that same water burned the sight into his mind. The lust he’d been fighting all morning came back, and promptly pressed itself into her lower back.

She shifted when she felt it, looking up at him with that mischievous smile he was beginning to know all too well.

“Jay-cob,” she said his name with that sultry softness that made him want to rip her clothes off every time. Except when she was already naked; when it just made him want to throw her onto a bed and keep her there for a few hours.

Her hand found him beneath the water, stroking him. His breath caught, as she bit her lip watching his reaction, feeling him jerk slightly at her touch.

Clearly I need to consider that this might be the afterlife. God she is beautiful.

Jacob turned the taps off, and returned his hands to her body. Her breasts were floating slightly in the water, thrust up by the way her hand was curled behind her back. They felt soft, warm and wet beneath his hands; her nipples jutted out from the water, hard from her arousal or the air, either way she shivered in pleasure when he rubbed them.

Her fingers fuelled his passion for her, his desire to see her moan and writhe. She did moan when he kissed her neck, rolling her nipples between his fingers as he pressed his mouth hungrily into her. She pulled away, turning quickly in the bath, water splashing carelessly over the side. Her lips found his as she turned to face him, her hand a blur beneath the water.

“Brea,” Jacob moaned into her mouth, “Oh god that’s good.”

His hands ran down her sides, her breasts momentarily forgotten as he twitched beneath her touch. Her tongue flicked between his lips, before she pulled back from him, green eyes staring into his own as she leaned back, still stroking him.

“Jay-cob,” she said again, her tongue licking her lips as she stopped stroking, instead pulling on him steadily.

“You want me to stand,” Jacob guessed from the way she was trying to drag him out of the water by his manhood.

She bit her lip at the sight of him standing above her, water flowing down his body and back into the tub. Her hand stayed wrapped around him, not letting him escape as she knelt in the water in front of him. She looked up at him with her green eyes, hand moving up and down his shaft, her small fingers looking so tiny wrapped around his straining erection.

Jacob closed his eyes, revelling in the sensations emanating from his groin, groans coming to his lips unheeded. So it came as a complete surprise when he felt her mouth on him, her lips and tongue trailing up and down.

“Brea,” Jacob uttered, stiffening his suddenly weak knees.

His hands found her head of their own accord, trailing lightly through her hair as he looked down at her. She stared back at him, watching the expressions he made, the desire for her that kept building.

His desire wasn’t the only thing that was building. She grew bolder with her actions, slipping his cock into her mouth, her hand stroking his shaft as her lips and tongue played across the head. Every time she looked up at him he felt himself jerk, something she noticed too. Her other hand had crept down between her own legs and she moaned with him in her mouth.

The sight of her playing with herself, enjoying herself licking and sucking on his cock quickly became too much for Jacob.

“Brea, I’m, going, to,” Jacob gasped out between laboured breaths.

She moaned in response before pulling back, her hands moving faster.

“Jay-cob,” she moaned, body shuddering as she looked up at him, eyes pleading.

He let loose with a groan, his orgasm taking all the strength in his legs with it. He shook and forced himself to stay upright as white fluid flew past Brea and well over the edge of the tub. The next spurts were closer, but only the last fell on Brea, dropping onto her chest as she leaned back to watch.

Jacob lowered himself back into the tub, legs wobbling. Brea was laughing at him.

“Hey, if I remember correctly you were even worse last night, so hush,” Jacob said to her when he got his bearings once more.

Brea merely grinned back at him, before looking down to where he’d sprayed her chest. There wasn’t much there, and Jacob wondered where exactly the rest had ended up. Clearly Brea had the same thought; she turned around to look behind her, pointing it out to him when she spotted it.

“That’s your fault you know,” Jacob said, following where she was pointing to find the furthest deposit a few metres away.

They managed to finish up their bath without making a bigger mess of the room, and Jacob managed to get enough strength back in his legs to stand again. Brea had a boundless energy that had her up and about while he was still shaking the post orgasm haze from his mind. Although seeing her naked form as she dried herself and bent over to clean up the floor helped.

When she saw him staring she darted out of the room quickly, before poking her head back in to smile at him while shaking her head.

“Okay fine, no more. But later on I’m going to make you scream you little minx,” Jacob said, only mildly regretful, his legs weren’t quite up to it just yet.

Wedding Night

Part 3 of 3 (All sex scene!)

He opened the door to the bedchamber which they had laid out as a bridal suite and went in to find her sitting on the bed.

Clearly she had become nervous sitting there waiting for him and she had got up onto the bed and tucked her legs under herself like a young girl sitting in her single bed and wondering if an handsome Knight will ever come for her honour. She wore some sort of heavy rose-pink silk thing which clung close to her. He was disappointed at this, he thought they knew that the old-fashioned look suited her better and would have dressed her for him like so. Her head was stooped and her loose long hair streamed all over her shoulders, the golden strands sparkling in the candlelight against the rose-pink silk of her robe. She looked terribly young and shy. She had been dressed up as an appealing dish for him, her sweet young pink body arrayed in the rose-pink silk and her own golden hair. He knew he was not getting her virgin favour but he reflected with a disappointed sigh that he would of course allow her some time to overcome any anxieties she might have about lying with him. Yet another one whose happiness he was to consider! that was how it was when you were the future sworn Lord, the happiness of all of them was under your eye to consider.

As she heard him come in she lifted her head suddenly, and her shoulders went up, her bosom lifted to him.

Holy Heaven! look at the thing. It had an open front down to her waist where it was only caught together by a knot of ribbons. He could just see the curve of her naked breasts hanging in the dimness in there waiting for his hand, pale yet dusky in the rosy shadows cast by the silk robe. The soft clinging silk outlined all her curves: her shoulders, her breasts, the curve in to her waist, her rounded hips, the soft muscular legs. Ooh, those legs he had been wondering and wondering about, would they be the legs that he thought they might be, because of all the riding she must be doing?

But he must be patient, he must consider her happiness. He latched the door behind him and started walking across the red patterned rugs on the floor, opening his mouth to say something reassuring.

She surged off the bed, the pink silk shimmering over her luscious curves like water, her hair flowing back over her shoulders, her hands going straight to the buttons of his breeches. She started dragging the buttons out of the holes in eager haste, pulling down his breeches, flinging herself to her knees at his feet. She lifted out his cock which was still soft and small and put it straight into her mouth.

Arkyll gasped, his exquisite slanted blue eyes flew wide open, he grunted in arousal. The blood was hammering down to his penis, which was growing under the caress of her lips at an incredible rate. She was doing something so exhilarating with the tip of her tongue to the head of his cock that his hips had already started bucking towards her, his hands going to shove her head at him and force her to take his cock deeper in her mouth.

With an effort he gripped his hands on her head and pushed it away.

Her head came up with the face lightly and prettily decorated: a golden line coiling around her lovely brown eye, her mouth from which he had just hauled his cock glinting golden. Her brown eye was soft with disappointment, her cherub’s bow of a mouth pouted sadly. The candlelight glistened off the sad golden pout, his eyes creased up with lust to see the gleam on those soft pouting lips which had just been wrapped around his cock.

“Do you not like a kiss to the cock?” she enquired mournfully, still kneeling in a pool of heavy rose-pink silk at his feet on the patterned red rug with that pretty face tilted up to him. “I like so much to give one and I thought it might please you. I will do whatever you prefer, of course, my Lord,” she added in a tremulous submission.

“Shut it, you silly bitch!” he grunted, sitting heavily back on the bed and gasping with the effort to calm the ecstatic impulses shooting round his sexual organs. “It is my wedding night! Gimme rein. I want it slow.”

She gave a sudden giggle, tipping her head sidelong with a titillated flash of her brown eyes, to hear the famously courteous Lord Arkyll el Maien address her like so! She turned her head side to side, watching him with those pretty brown eyes relieved and her golden pout of a mouth parted hopefully. Tillia had said to her that although the el Maiens were famous for their inappropriate politeness to servants and dependents, they spoke to each other in arrogant tones of command. Tillia said that if Arkyll were a bit sharp and rough-spoken to her it only meant he thought of her like family. This degree of rudeness seemed highly promising!

“C’mere,” Arkyll grunted, holding out an hand. His exquisite blue eyes flashed laughingly at her. When she put her hand in his, he pulled hard, easily dragging her body up to his. He began fingering her buttock through the heavy rose silk of her robe, slapping her fingers away when she attempted to play with the stiff erect cock which was half-exposed in his unbuttoned breeches. “Know a lot about kissing cocks, do you?” he grunted, more for something to say and keep her off his cock long enough for him to settle it down.

“Well it is not a proper favour, to kiss a man’s cock, is it?” she said blithely.

He raised a dark eyebrow over a blue eye. “Yes it is,” he said with great firmness. “And if you do it ever again to any other man I will kill him,” he added. His blue eye glinted up at her where she was standing above him.

“Oh no no,” she said earnestly. “Of course I would not even kiss another man than you. I mean on the mouth,” she blushed prettily. “But you will like me to kiss your cock, will you not?” She looked sidelong at him through her long strands of golden hair with a naughty gleam in her eye and the blush dying down in her cheeks. “You will not deny me the kiss to your cock. In the interests of securing the succession, of course.” Her hand was creeping up his leg again, he pressed his hand down on it to stop her.

Sweet Heaven! he had in his hands — literally in his hands, a slut on an heartstring. She was like him. She loved to give and take a favour — but only to one lover, and he was to be that fortunate man. He could barely contain himself with excitement but now he desperately wanted to get and give pleasure not shoot it all off in a two-three minutes uncontrollable release of the exquisite tension in his loins.

He started pressing his mouth to her neck, waiting to be less excited so he could put his fingers to her sex and find out what state of arousal she might be in without going over himself. Unhelpfully she was thrusting her hips at him in a manner suggesting she was more than ready for his favour. He gripped his fingers on firm round buttocks under the slippery silk which his fingers slid on — oh! the riding, her legs must be like young trees: pliant and strong. He gave a moan, pushing her excited exciting body away from him.

Sevie stood back from him in the warm golden light of the scented candles all around them. She gave a wriggling shrug and the heavy rose silk robe slid over her shoulders and poured down off her body like a waterfall. He sat panting on the bed staring greedily at the round breasts like sweet pale buns with a pink cherry on the top thrusting through the long strands of golden hair, the delicious curve in to her tight small waist, the rounded hips and those legs: oh yes, yes! look at that line down the hard muscles of her thigh.

He must tell her mother to make her keep up the riding.

He could tell her himself, she was his Lady wife and she was no high intelligence to argue it out with him. She was a biddable pussy-cat who was looking at him with eager adoration in her silly brown eyes. She would do whatever he said she should do and she would like it.

He would buy her two matched horses and take her out riding in the famous hunting territory of the Sietter Hills and he would generously allow her to fuck him senseless in the smaller of the two hunting lodges they owned. He gave a thrilled grin, holding out his hands. She came walking into them, her body quivering with anticipation of the caress of his big fingers. They gathered up her long hair, pushing it back over her shoulders out of his way, ran lightly over her pale skin, brushing her nipples so that she giggled and wriggled, poking teasingly into her belly-button, fingering the golden-brown coils of hair around her sex and then going to run slowly down the defining line of the muscles in her thigh.

Angels, she had a beautiful body. He had always realised it. From the moment he saw her first, an over-painted butterfly on the steps of her father’s castle, he had looked at her curving figure and realised there was a storming lovely under her gauche manners and the paint. He would not tell her so, of course, now that he had realised what he had in his hands. If she thought she was that beautiful she would imagine she could go off flirting and playing in the pink-fingered set. She thought they were like brigands and pirates, romantic and sexy. Arkyll spent his days working with thieves and prostitutes, they were not in the least romantic and he liked many of them as friends of a kind but he knew that the pink-fingered set his father had once moved in at court were a dishonourable collection of cold-hearted exploitative men and women whom his sister and mother kicked away like dogs if they came sniffing at their heels. Well, like they would if they were ever so mean as to kick a dog as if it were some dishonourable scum. He did not want his little Sevie to get caught in the traps of the pink-fingered set and to have to end by breaking his marriage to her and send her to live out her days on her marriage settlement lands, painting her face in the effort to lure in Knights and officers and think that was more exciting than being happy with a family of her own. Then he would have to have some dull Lady to wife, some elegant woman to go riding with his sister, talk philosophy with his brothers, be an intelligent companion supporting his mother in her political work, be a tactful helpmeet to his father about the castle; and not to be there for him to play with, the future sworn Lord who spent his days trying to secure their happiness and he wanted there to be someone whose job it was to secure his and here she was. Arrie would hate her, Hanya and Clair would be kind to her but they would despise her, his mother would grit her teeth and do her best and she would always be crossing blades with his father about matters of the household management. He would have to put her to the bit to control her silliness but her body in the bed would be his to enjoy and now he had realised that she would be an eager participating companion in his pleasures not just a nice set of curves to fuck while she pretended to moan because he felt bad at heart if she had no pleasure of it. He had told a little lie, letting people think he had taken her for the sake of her happiness when she was in a mess and to give his mother van Thiel’s counter and to secure the succession for the region. Actually her ripe little curves had always made his cock hard, he wanted her for his own purposes. When he asked his mother to let him have a ring for her, his mother had realised he wanted her and she reluctantly accepted it. His parents had expected to choose his bride but they had always been willing to take his wishes into consideration. He had had to tell his father in the end, he could not lie to van Sietter.

He gave an happy snigger, standing up to start undressing. She wanted to help him but she was too eager, it was too exciting to have her plump little fingers with the diamond and sapphires and the delicately patterned circle of his wedding ring flashing on them, tugging insistently at his buttons so that they were almost tearing them off — and trying surreptitiously to go and feel his rigid rod of a cock with the balls swinging behind it.

“Get down, silly goose,” he laughed, smacking her fingers away and pushing her lithe collection of plump muscular limbs at the bed.

“Call me a bitch,” she said with a naughty flash of her pretty brown eyes.

He sniggered in delight, one hand pushing gently at her, the other gripped on her leg to hold her to him in contradiction to his words. “You are a naughty Lady,” he said.

“Yes but you like it,” she giggled.

He laughed and pressed his hand round between her thighs, pushing one finger gently up for a little poke about in the wet warmth pulsing with desire for him. She started trying to sink down on his finger, holding onto his arm — she was that hungry for it!

“Lie down and let me have a look at you,” he suggested. His blue eyes were bright and sparkling with fun. “Bitch,” he added.

He had meant he just wanted to run his eyes over her body while he got the rest of his clothes off. His jacket and shirt had been tossed with unusual carelessness onto a nearby chair but he still had not only his unbuttoned blue silk breeches but his knee high boots and the belt of weapons on.

She laid herself back over the soft embroidered quilts and silken sheets, the plump softly muscular limbs, the sweet curving body sinking into the bedclothes and her own long golden hair, her mounds of round breasts like delicious cakes on display for his hungry mouth. She opened out her legs, her gorgeous muscular thighs. She put her plump little fingers to the lips of her sex in among the coils of pubic hair and parted them, opened them to reveal to his wide-eyed blue stare the little horn of her clitoris: erect with anticipation of pleasure, the rose-pink glistening muscles at the entrance to her cunt. She reached out and pulled a pillow under her hips, opened herself out again and tilted to make sure she displayed the dark hole of her arse, puckered as if for his kiss.

He gave a quivering moan and dug urgently in his pocket. Her eyes came up with a question when he produced the condom, he grinned desperately at her and said: “Forget the succession. Gimme a two-three years pleasure first.” When he spoke his voice was guttural with lust. He was rolling the condom on quickly, she would have to have him in boots and belt of weapons now, he was burning for her favour.

He knelt between her invitingly open legs, running his hot gaze all over her body. Her face had become so soft and sweet to realise he did not want her just for the sake of the region, her limbs were lying back passive in submission to his pleasure. All day every day and often in the nights he considered the happiness of others: his family, the servants, the people of his region. But she was his Lady wife and a biddable slut on his heartstring. Her happiness lay in securing his.

He pressed the head of his covered cock to her cunt and she gave a sigh, spreading her hips wider to him. He did his best to restrain his explosive lust and make it a gentle thrust up into her, shoving deep into her cunt, his big hips pressing up between her wide-spread hips, laying his heavy body over the sweet curves of her rounded body. The buckle of his belt pressed between them both, into their soft bellies, now that he was comfortably in he felt able to take the few seconds necessary to pull out the buckle, shoving his weaponry away so it clattered careless off the bed while he did her favours honour.

She was rising up to meet him, soft and slow, her arms coming around him. He looked into soft brown eyes that adored him, he pressed his mouth to her mouth, their lips curling gently and insistently in the kiss. She gripped her arms about his broad chest with the three scars on it, thrusting her hips up to his hard thick cock which came pushing down into her cunt at last giving sweet satisfaction to the yearning appetite within her. She started grunting into his kiss, he was aware of his own guttural cries as the feelings rippled out through him, through her, his cock sunk thrusting into her cunt, her hips thrusting her cunt up about his cock, the hips, the loins, his hand gripped on a buttock as round and sweet as a bun, his lips pressed in the kiss, he was cumming, cumming with a series of cries into her writhing thrusting body, she was gripping him so close and warm in the thrills of her own orgasm.

When he woke in the night, her naked limbs and her long hair entwined around his naked limbs, he lay a while staring contentedly round the room in the softly flickering low light of the fire and the guttering candles which had burned down low. After a moment, he drew her shoulder in closer to him and kissed the soft round of the bone at the top of her arm through the fine net of hair cast over it. As he had anticipated, her limbs moved and her cherub’s bow of a mouth pouted, her eyelids flickered and she woke up. He would never have been so selfish towards anyone else but he knew she would only give him a thrilled warm sweet smile to be woken in the night to service his wishes. He kissed her softly, allowing his lips to cling to hers, laying one big hand gently to the side of her silly pretty face.

“What’s your pleasure, my Lord,” she said with a sleepy snigger. He laughed. One day he would be ‘my Lord’ to the whole of Sietter but she was the first one who would call him so; because she was his Lady wife.

“My Lady,” he said, because he knew she would like to hear him say it: the only man who could with propriety call her his Lady until she became Lady van Sietter. Her hand came snuggling down his body searching out his cock but he blocked it off, kissing her cheek and her cherub’s bow of a mouth a bit more, enjoying the soft expectancy of his stirring cock.

He thought that the next day he would have a nice lie-in fucking with her and snoozing then if they sneaked into the bath-house mid-morning no one else would be there and they could share the big central pool and fuck in the warm waters with scented oils to add to their pleasure. Her hair would float out in the waters all around them while they did it, which would make a pleasing picture if he could be bothered to look.

Sevie cast a leg about his legs, her head snuggling back in the pillows to expose her neck and sweet round breasts to his kiss. He ran his finger avidly up the groove in her thigh.

He looked to the side of the bed but they had removed the basket of condoms, obviously in the hopes that he would immediately leap on her and impregnate her to secure the succession. Well, if the van Thiels and his mother were disappointed that he was not doing so, at the least of it his father would realise he was getting pleasure in his wedding bed and be glad of it.

He kissed Sevie once more and climbed out of her arms to go to the door and she said, “will you ask for some snacks?” which was an excellent idea when he came to consider it.

His father must have had the pleasure of a word and made them clear the corridor outside the room he and Sevie had been given. Arkyll sighed, wrapping Sevie’s silken robe scantily around his big hips to cover his already half roused penis and going along the torchlit corridor until he came upon a footman snoozing in a chair by the other guest rooms. Distantly he could hear music so they must still be dancing — and snacking.

The footman brought them a tray of some highly suitable dishes. Arkyll’s blue eyes lingered with interest on some creamy spreads for biscuits of which the footman had provided a large selection. He grinned when the footman winked at him and made a mental note to make sure and tip him a large sum before they left to go back to Sietter. While he and Sevie ate some tasty local cheese and fruit thing, he turned over in his mind the dinner with his chums in the peace corps to celebrate his wedding.

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