For the rest of the dinner I had trouble keeping my eyes off the delicious Laura Maddison. Every time I looked at her I could imagine streams of sperm streaking her face. I could see her breasts with rivers of cum running over them. I saw her mouth open wide to take in a huge cock. What I’d seen in the photos just wouldn’t get out of my mind.

I tried hard to keep my attention on the attractive lady opposite me. Her breasts were clearly unfettered by a bra and I knew her dress left her back completely bare, all the way down to the start of her ass crack. I wondered if her ass cleavage showed when she was sitting down.

We talked of university and I learned her name was Sophie Anderson and she was a physiotherapist. I thought she could manipulate my muscles any time.

Stop! I gotta get this sex thinking under control.

Mark and Andy joined in the conversation and the talk shifted to some of the crazy things they got up to at uni – pranks in the lectures, booz parties, nude runs through colleges, crazy traditions. I was really looking forward to university now.

“Then of course there is the sex,” said Sophie.

I was a bit shocked by this statement from someone only slightly younger than my parents. It must have registered on my face because she laughed.

“Oh please Jim, I didn’t mean to shock you. But look, it’s a big part of life and an even bigger part of uni life. It’s the time to experiment. You’ll meet so many new people. I met my husband Tony at a party at uni. It was a very special party some friends had thrown for his birthday.’

“Was there sex at the party?” asked Mark, who didn’t seem to care what he said.

Sophie laughed. She had a delightful tinkling laugh, and her unfettered breasts jiggled as she laughed.

“Let’s just say it was uninhibited,” she smiled. “And I won the contest, which really impressed Tony. We’ve been together ever since and we have three kids now.”

“Oh, and what sort of contest was it?” I asked innocently.

The twins looked at each other grinning.

“I think we can guess what the contest was, Sophie,” said Andy with a laugh.

“Yes, well, best keep that to yourself for the time being,” Sophie replied, giving them a playful frown.

Obviously it was something they weren’t willing to let me in on.

After dinner we all got up and moved back into the living room. Sophie was walking arm in arm with her husband Tony in front of me and I was fascinated by the butt cleavage revealed by the totally backless dress. There’s no way she could be wearing any underwear. When she leaned back to kiss her husband the dress opened up and I could see all the way down her ass cheeks and there was nothing except smooth coffee coloured skin.

Tony turned around and saw where I was looking. I was terrified this big black guy was going to take offence and call me out.

“Hey man, didn’t get a chance to say hi before dinner,” he said cheerfully, holding out his massive hand for me to shake.

I shook his hand as Sophie introduced us.

“I see you like Sophie’s dress. Or what there is of it from behind,” he grinned.

“Er, yes, she’s, uh, stunning,” I stammered.

“Don’t worry Jim, this is one of her more conservative outfits. I’m proud of her when people stare at her. She’s a very beautiful lady with incredible skills.”

Sophie kissed him on the cheek. They were clearly very much in love.

“Yes, and I knew I had to dress in something special when we were invited to the Maddison’s for dinner. Laura will always try to be the centre of attention and she’s achieved that with her black almost frontless dress. So I had to go backless, didn’t I Tony?”

“Yes you did honey, and I love you for it.”

Just then Mr Maddison came over.

“Hello Tony, Sophie. Jim, I hear you will start studying architecture next year at uni.”

“Yes, Mr Maddison.”

“Oh please call me Charles. Schools over. Look if you are doing architecture you are going to have to know something about photography. You’ll have to study buildings and urban planning and you’ll have to do a fair bit of photography. Have you done any black and white photography?”

“No, just happy snaps – you know, family and friends.”

“Well come over here and I’ll show you what I mean. Please excuse us Sophie, Tony.”

With that he led me over to the picture of his wife lying nude over a log that hung over the fireplace. He pointed out to me the importance of using light to get shadows that highlight the form and shapes.

“I was trying to get the contrast between the smooth softness of her skin on the rough bark of the log. Then the shadow cast by her breast on her chest, and even using the light to bring up the outline of her ribs as she stretches her arms up over her head………”

I wasn’t really listening to the details of what he was saying. I was more struck by the weirdness of Mr Maddison explaining in great technical detail what he’d done to bring up the nakedness of his wife and the beauty of her amazing body in this blow up photo displayed to anyone who entered the living room.

“…..And then if you look closely you can see I used a bit of oil on her bare pubic mound to make it shine, almost like a beacon. That’s the good thing about Laura being completely shaved, it makes for so much better pictures…..”

“Oh Charles isn’t going on and on about his photographic technique to you is he Jimmy?”

I looked up and there was Mrs Maddison – Laura – standing behind me. Again I must have looked a bit embarrassed at being caught looking so closely at the photo of her naked body.

She smiled and moved around to stand beside her husband, and we all looked at the photograph.

“How long ago did we do this one Charles? Must be three, four years…

“Yes, but you haven’t changed a bit love, if anything you are better than ever,” he said and kissed her softly on the lips. As he kissed her, his right hand reached out and hefted her right breast, lifting it and lowering it several times. I was stunned he was doing this right in front of me.

Mrs Maddison’s eyes moved from the photograph to mine, looking me straight in the eye as her husband continued to caress her breast through her deeply cut black dress. She didn’t move. She made no attempt to stop her husband caressing her right in front of me. My eyes moved to his hand lifting and caressing her breast, his fingers brushing her nipple bringing it to its own erection pressing against the thin material. I felt I couldn’t let her see I was watching so intently, and I looked back to her eyes. She was looking right into me, not caring that I could see her husband massaging her breasts in front of me.

She kept eye contact with me for a good 30 seconds as the caress went on and on. Then she smiled and said softly to her husband: “Charles, I think this is unfair to Jimmy. He’s getting uncomfortable. I don’t know if he’s quite ready for this yet.”

She looked down at my groin and could clearly see my dick making a pyramid of my pants.

“Oh dear, yes I think he is ready, but I think not here, not right now.”

Charles dutifully gave a last affectionate squeeze of her right breast, quickly hefted the other breast and kissed her on the cheek before withdrawing his hand.

“Sorry Jim, we are pretty uninhibited in this house and sometimes I forget that others might not be ready for our way of life,” he said.

I shook my head. “No, it’s er fine. I was just a bit surprised.”

“Jimmy, I’ve always admired you,” said Laura Maddison. “You were the smallest person on that rugby team, a year younger than the others too. Yet you went in with all you had and you tackled hard and right around the ankles bringing down lads that were almost twice as big as you. I admire that sort of courage, that sort of determination to do your best. You are a real fighter and competitor.”

She reached out a hand and stroked my cheek. Her dress shifted when she moved her arm and a sizeable portion of her left breast left the covering. I could see a large part of her dark pink areola, but the nipple seemed to be held under the thin material by the seam. She could see my eyes had travelled to the sight of her almost exposed nipple, but she made no attempt to cover it up.

“I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of you in our house Jimmy,” she said. “You are always welcome here.”

“Well actually dear I was going to ask Jim if he’d like to come around for photography lessons. It could be useful to him in his architecture studies.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. I look forward to seeing you again soon then Jimmy,” she smiled, and leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. As she did so the seam on her dress slipped over her nipple and there it was in all its glory – erect, pink and perfect.

She leaned back after kissing me, glanced down and saw her nipple was exposed to my gaze.

“Whoops, naughty girl!” she said with a laugh, but made no move to cover up. She stood still for a few long seconds, winked at me and slowly pulled her dress back over her nipple. She slowly turned to go back to her other guests.

Charles chuckled at the expression on my face.

“She looks even better in the flesh than in the photographs doesn’t she,” he laughed.

“Yes, she certainly does,” I replied. Christ, what an amazing family.

“So, how about you come over next weekend and I’ll go through some basic photography with you. Alison will be back from medical school then. I’m sure you’ll like her.”

“Sure, Charles. Thanks, I’d like that.”

Truth was I couldn’t wait to see more of the amazing Maddisons, especially Laura. I wonder what Alison is like. She’d posed nude too, and although I’d only seen her pictured from behind, I couldn’t wait to meet the front.

“So, lunchtime Saturday then,” he said.

Mark and Andy joined us.

“Jim’s coming over next Saturday to learn something about photography,” Charles told the boys.

“Oh great, is that nude photography?” said Andy.

“No. We’ll be looking at urban photography, buildings and streetscapes, things like that to help in his architecture studies. Light and shadow play a very important role in architectural photography.”

“Bad luck Jim,” said Andy. “Still, maybe you’ll get to see some of the family’s photo album.”

Andy winked and I had a pretty good idea what sort of photos he was talking about.

Mum came over, her breasts wobbling as she walked. I felt proud that she wasn’t going to let Laura outshine her. Charles told her I’d been invited to come over to learn something about photography.

Mum looked at the giant blow up photo of naked Mrs Maddison draped over the log.

“Oh, what sort of photography?” she asked suspiciously, her eyes examining the nude portrait in front of her.

Charles told her it was all for my architecture studies, and she seemed assured by that.

But in the car on the way home mum seemed to have second thoughts.

“I don’t know about you going to the Maddisons all alone for photography lessons,” she said.

“Oh come on dear,” said dad. “Charles is a renowned photographer and it would be great for Jim to learn how to use a camera properly. He’ll get a head start on the other architecture students.”

“But those pictures of Laura he had on the walls……..I’m just a bit concerned about what Jim might be getting dragging into.”

I thought ‘dragged? Who’s being dragged?’ I must admit I felt a bit nervous about the overt sexual displays I’d secretly found in that house – the photos of Laura Maddison’s face dripping with sperm, the silhouette photo of her sucking dick, and of course the shock of her husband openly caressing her breasts in front of me and her nipple finally falling out of her plunging dress. Still I couldn’t tell my parents about that, and I was really keen on finding out more about the amazing Maddisons and how far things could go.

“I’d really appreciate the chance to learn photography properly,” I said from the back seat.

Mum turned around from the front passenger seat. The movement opened up her substantial cleavage and I struggled to keep my eyes from drifting down to her substantial breasts that were now quite exposed to the nipple. I’d never seen so much cleavage in one night.

“Well dear, if you feel comfortable going there by yourself,” she said.

“Yeah Jim, I hope you didn’t feel intimidated by Mrs Maddison. She can be quite overpowering,” said Dad.

“No we had a talk – she said she really admired me from the football team. She said I was the bravest as I was the smallest one in the team.”

“Well that’s great. I know she’s got a huge competitive spirit. After she had to pull out of athletic competition because she was pregnant she tried synchronized swimming. But I hear she was virtually blackballed by the coach and team members because she stood out too much being so tall and strong and curvaceous. No one was looking at the rest of the team, only her.”

“And I noticed you doing the same tonight George. You couldn’t take your eyes off her in that dress.”

“Oh come on honey, she was almost popping out. In fact I think she did once or twice. And then I had that giant photo of her topless on the wall in front of me all dinner.”

“Yes, you didn’t know where to look did you? And what about that backless dress of Sophie’s – it was almost bottomless as well.”

“Honey, you weren’t doing so bad yourself – I noticed Charles and Tony and the twins for that matter taking long looks at your cleavage. You were quite a bit on display tonight as well.”

I couldn’t let this descend into an argument over whose eyes were where as I feared it could lead to mum covering up her own cleavage and not letting me go to the Maddisons.

“Mum I thought you looked absolutely beautiful tonight,” I said. “I know the twins were full of admiration for you. They said you were really hot.”

Mum swiveled in her seat, turning to me with a huge smile. Once again her deep cleavage opened up. From my back seat I could seen an entire half of her breast almost to the nipple, the rest of her tits pressing against the material of her dress. I tried to keep eye contact with her.

“Why thank you dear, that’s a nice compliment. I thought nobody would get any attention beside Laura.”

Dad piped up: “Well they’ve seen photos of their mother nude hanging over the fireplace and that massive topless photo in the dining room so they’ve probably got used to seeing her being so uninhibited and hanging out like that.”

Mum was still side on to me in her seat, her cleavage on full display as she turned her head to the front. Could she have known I could see a profile of her entire breast and was allowing me to get a good look?

“I don’t think so dad,” I said. “They’re very proud of her. They just admire beautiful women.”

Mum turned her head back to me and caught me peering at her half exposed breasts. She didn’t move, just smiled at me.

“You are quite a charmer young James,” she said. “I love you very much.” She shifted a bit and even more of her breast toppled out. She saw my eyes quickly flick to her breast and back to her eyes. She smiled and gave a tiny nod indicating it was fine for me to look. I looked back at her bulging breasts pressing out of her dress and smiled back at mum. She blew me a kiss, kept her position for another 15 seconds allowing me to get a good long look, then slowly turned back in her seat to face the front.

“Don’t be afraid of Mrs Maddison, Jim,” mum said. “She’s obviously not worried about showing off her body. It’s her choice, so just appreciate it. Her family don’t seem to mind either, so I think you should just go with the flow.”

“Lucky boy,” said dad, and he winked at me in the rear vision mirror.


I couldn’t wait till Saturday rolled around. On one hand I was really excited about what might happen with the incredible Laura Maddison. On the other hand I was very nervous about what might happen. Dad was going near the Maddison home that day on his way to golf so gave me a lift.

“Good luck son, give me a call and I might be able to pick you up on the way home.”

“Sure dad,” I said and waved him goodbye. I walked up to the front door and pressed the bell, hoping Mrs Maddison would be the one opening the door.

The door opened, but it was Andy.

“Hi Jimbo, how they hanging?” he said in the old school greeting.

“Darn low, Andy, very low,” I replied.

“Come on in.”

He showed me into the living room where sitting on the lounge was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen – blue eyes, long straight blonde hair, her body sleek and svelte in her shorts and singlet. And she greeted me with the most wonderful smile as she jumped up and ran over to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“And this is my sister Alison,” said Andy.

“Oh, hi Alison,” I managed to get out, before she kissed me on the other cheek, her pert breasts thrusting into my chest.

“Jim, I’ve heard all about you. I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you since the boys told me you came for dinner. Sorry I was away but uni calls and I only get home on weekends.”

I realized this was the naked girl in the picture hanging in the dining room. It was taken from behind, so this was the first time I’d seen her face. She was bouncing with energy and enthusiasm. I instantly liked her.

We sat down and Alison told me about her medical studies and the three of us started talking about university.

“You’ll love it Jim, great parties, great people, and great sex….” Alison said

with a laugh.

Her father came into the room and gently chided Alison. “You’re leading him astray already……give him a chance to buy his text books before you corrupt him with your party stories,” he said.

“So Jim, want to get started?”

Just then Mrs Maddison came down the stairs. My eyes must have popped as Andy and Alison both grinned. She was wearing a gym outfit, but not like any I’d ever seen. Her skimpy sports bra top was tight and her nipples poked through the lycra, while her skin tight lycra shorts produced the clearest camel toe possible. The shorts stopped four inches below her navel and her bare flat stomach revealed a tight six pack. She strode over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Hello Jimmy, nice to see you. I’m just off to the gym and sauna we’ve got set up downstairs. Twice a day Jim, it’s the only way an old bag like me can hope to stay in shape.”

“But you’r certainly in shape Mrs Maddison – er Laura – you look like you could be competing in the Olympics.”

“It’s nice of you to say so Jimmy, but as they say ‘no pain, no gain’. You’re off to the studio with Charles. I hope to catch up with you later.”

She called out to Mark who came rushing down the stairs in an old school singlet and shorts.

“Hey Jimbo! Gotta help mum with her work out. Catch you later,” and he raced downstairs following his mother.

“One of us always has to go with her to help her with the weights and things, but she exhausts us so we take it in turns,” explained Andy. “I’ve got the evening shift today.”

“Come on Jim, let’s go up to the studio and get started on the lessons,” said Charles.

I said goodbye to Alison and Andy, and went upstairs with their father.

We walked past the bathroom and I wondered if the picture of Laura Maddison with a dick exploding in her mouth was still there. I’d have to sneak down to have a look later.

But at the foot of the winding stairs leading up to the attic where Mr Maddison had his studio was another photo of a nude Mrs Maddison. It was a dark silhouette of her taken from behind. The soft contours of her hip, back and shoulders were outlined in darkness, while offering a mere hint of the crease her bottom and the junction of her legs. It was almost demure by the standards of what I’d already seen. But as we went up the stairs there were more photos. The next one was in full light, again from behind. She was seated in a chair, her legs astride the back. She was leaning back and the muscles in her back showed tremendous definition.

Mr Maddison said nothing as he led me up the stairs past this little exhibition of nude portraits of his wife. But I noticed he was going slowly, giving me plenty of time to look at the pictures.

The next photo showed more. Laura was standing naked leaning up against a rough sandstone brick wall, her arms over her head lifting her heavy breasts. Her shaved mound stood out prominently. I leaned in for a closer look and realized I could just see the start of the gash of her cunt. Charles was stopping, waiting for me to move on.

In the next photo she was lying on her front on a rumpled bed. She looked as though she’d just been fucked, one leg spread wide, the other straight down, her ass slightly raised. From the position the picture was taken I could see the lips of her shaved cunt glistening. I couldn’t quite see her asshole between her cheeks, but the look on her face as she looked back at the photographer was inviting.

Mr Maddison was climbing the stairs very slowly, knowing I was examining each of the photos carefully as we went up to the studio.

At last her asshole was revealed in all its glory in the next photo. She’d moved up on her knees, her chest down on the bed and her face looking back over her shoulder with a huge smile. Her skin shimmered with oil, and I could clearly see her rosebud asshole smiling at me. The lips of her cunt were slightly open and I could see a small black hole where her vagina was partially open. It was incredible that her husband had these pictures on the wall where he knew I must see them – and the rest of the family could see them for that matter. At that point he turned around and saw which photo I was staring at.

“Jim, I hope you aren’t embarrassed at seeing these pictures. I thought maybe I should take them down knowing you were coming today, but Laura said to leave them up. She said you were grown up enough to see them, and she insists she has nothing to hide.”

“No Mr Madd… er Charles. I think she looks very beautiful. And I was admiring the use of shadow and light to bring up her curves. They are more art than …. well you know.”

“Porn – you can say it Jim. No, they’re not porn. I don’t take porn pictures of my family. They are articistic nudes, sometimes erotic nude studies. There’s a distinct line between porn and erotica and I don’t cross it. Here, have a look at this next one and you’ll see what I mean.”

I stepped up to stand in front of the photo he was pointing to. Laura Maddison was lying on her back, her legs spread wide with her fingers playing with her completely shaved cunt, two fingers buried deep inside her vagina. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

“Now this photo is all about capturing the moment of joy and passion of orgasm. It’s not about exposing her naked for the purpose of masturbation. That’s the difference.”

Well I thought I could whack off to that picture of the lovely Laura Maddison any time, but I wasn’t going to tell her husband that.

“Now these next photos include a few other people, so I hope you won’t feel shocked.”

“No, no problem Charles.”

I climbed a few more stairs and there was Laura naked, covered in sweat, lying on her side on an old fashioned chaise lounge, her breasts flopping across her chest and one leg raised, bent at the knee. A small stream of goo was leaking from between her legs. But the surprise was to see her two sons standing behind the lounge, both sweaty, smiling and laughing, completely naked, their semi-erect dicks hanging down just inches from their mother’s arm which lay across the back of the chair. The erotic element in the picture was the obvious question – had they just finished fucking her?

We moved on to the next photo. Charles was looking at me to gauge my reaction.

It was the photo I’d seen in the boys’ room – Laura smiling into the camera with cum on her face while the two wet large dicks of her sons hung beside her face.

“Holy Shit,” I said.

“You OK Jim? It isn’t too shocking for you?”

“No, I think it’s fantastic. She looks absolutely unbelievable, just amazingly beautiful.” I could swear my heart was about to burst through my chest.

“I hoped that would be your reaction. I could sense you had an eye for beauty. I think it captures a moment of absolute happiness in Laura. She gets a great sense of achievement from bringing joy and pleasure to others. You see the way the semen glistens in the light on her face. It makes the photo come alive, and the boys standing behind her like a trophy she’s been awarded. It’s one of the family favourites.”

“The whole family?” I asked.

“Yes, we have no inhibitions or limits in our family. You might like to see this next one.”

And there they were, all of the Maddisons naked, even Charles. This time Alison was the centre of attention. It was taken from behind and she was looking to her left. She was astride her father, his dick firmly planted in her cunt. Mark stood on her left, his dick deep in her mouth. Laura was between her spread legs, her hands spreading her ass cheeks and her tongue licking her asshole. Andy was squatting over his mother’s head, his dick poised to enter Alison’s ass as soon as his mother moved aside.

I almost fell backward in surprise. I hadn’t heard Alison come up the stairs behind me, and I jumped as she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Ah Jim, I see dad’s left up our family circus photo. What do you think?”

“Er…um… shit…fuck” I stammered. I felt the blood draining from my head and felt a bit faint.

Alison reached out a hand to catch me, and she and her dad helped me to the top of the stairs.

“I told you the circus pic was too much for him at this stage,” Alison said.

“But your mother thought he was ready,” her father said. “He’s seen the facial cum photos and seemed OK with it.”

“I’m alright, believe me,” I said as I stood on my own. “I was just a bit surprised. I’m really glad you trust me enough to let me share in seeing your family photos. I think it’s fantastic that you are all so open with each other.”

“We’ve not had any secrets in our family since the kids were old enough,” Charles said. “We believe sex is wonderful and we see no reason not to share the pleasure and joy our bodies can give us.”

“Sure, and it means sex is always available in a loving family with no hang-ups and break-ups and all the confusion that goes on with having boyfriends and girlfriends and secret lovers,” said Alison. “I love my dad and my brothers dearly, and having them make love to me and me making love to them is only natural.”

We’d moved to a couch to the side of the photographic studio. I looked around.

On one wall of the studio were more nude portraits of members of the Maddison family. I could see in one sequence of framed photos Laura Maddison taking a big nine inch cock deep in her mouth. The first photo had her on her knees in front of the man, sinewy muscles on his thighs straining as his erect dick thrust out in front of him. Her mouth was open wide, her tongue sticking out to lick the head of his prick. In the next photo she’d wrapped her mouth around the cock head, her fingers holding the man’s balls. But it was the next two photos that revealed what Laura Maddison was capable of. She’d obviously been sucking the cock for a while as it was extremely wet, her lips and chin dripping in saliva. A dollop was falling from the base of the cock which was buried about two thirds in her mouth. The head must be in her throat as there was no way it could all fit in her mouth. The last photo made me gulp. Her mouth was buried deep in the man’s groin. His entire nine inch cock was engulfed in her mouth and throat. Incredibly her tongue was protruding, licking the underside of his balls.

“Wow!” I said, as I got up to take a closer look at the photo sequence.

“Yes, that’s Laura’s famous deep throat,” Charles said proudly as he joined me in looking closely at the photo. “We’re all very proud of Laura’s deep throat abilities. She’s yet to meet a cock that she couldn’t get down all the way. Nine inches, ten…it doesn’t seem to matter. She meets everything as a challenge.”

“What about me, dad?” cried Alison in protest. “Why don’t you show Jim the photos of my speciality?”

Charles laughed and went over to a filing cabinet and drew out a file of blown up black and white photos.

“Come on dad, strip off. You too Jim. I want to see the effect my pictures have on you.”

Alison was already stripping off her singlet and shorts. She wore no underwear and was completely naked in a second. She was slim and gorgeous, completely shaved down below just like her mother. Her tits were perky and perfectly shaped. Charles laughed and stripped off his shirt and shorts revealing a sizeable dick. He was half erect and he too had shaved around his prick, making it look bigger. Strangely, I didn’t feel embarrassed at this display of a naked adult man. I’d seen plenty of naked men in sport changing rooms and it never bothered me. It was just part of who we are.

“Come on Jim, fair’s fair,” said Alison.

I thought I’d be crazy not to join in this family’s incestuous games with a naked Alison in front of me. I took off my shirt and dropped my pants. My dick was straining against the boxers, making a pronounced tent. Alison laughed, and motioned me to drop them too. I did, my dick catching the boxers as I lowered them and then slapping up to hit my stomach as it was released.

Alison giggled and gave a gasp of happy surprise as she gazed openly at my dick.

“Oh, it’s beautiful. Jim you are going to be a happy addition to this family’s games.”

She reached out one hand and hefted my balls, her other hand gently caressing my dick. She motioned me to sit beside her. She let go of me as she turned her attention to the photo file on the coffee table in front of us. Charles was sitting in an armchair to our side.

“OK Jim, let me show you the pictures dad took of me and you tell me what you think.”

She opened the file and the first photo was of her face down on a bed and her ass high in the air, her asshole open to the camera. Two pairs of hands were on each cheek, pulling them wide apart revealing the rosebud of her asshole.

The next photo showed one hand on each side gently inserting the tip of a finger into her asshole.

“This is how we warm up. It gets better,” said Alison with a giggle.

The next photo showed each hand inserting an entire finger into her asshole, pulling it apart. You could see a black hole about the size of a nickel as they stretched her sphincter.

Andy’s face was leaning into the next picture, licking her asshole. Alison’s face could be seen slightly out of focus, but the expression of joy on her face was unmistakable.

The preliminaries over, the next photos got into some serious ass fucking. Alison was up on her knees, her ass pointing to the sky as first Andy and then Mark ripped into some solid anal sex.

“This is my speciality. I just love anal sex, all types of anal sex,” said Alison, smiling at me as she explained what she was doing in each photo.

She help up one photo where one of the twin’s big pricks had just been removed from her asshole leaving it gaping wide. It had to be gaping at least an inch across.

“I know I can get it to gape even wider than that,” Alison said examining the photo closely. “What do you think dad?” she asked, and looked up at her father who was still sitting in the armchair watching her show me the photos. It must be turning him on because, like me, he had a full erection.

“Sure dear, it’s just a matter of practice.”

“Ah, bless you dad. You too Jim. Good to see you appreciate an artiste at work.”

She reached over and started caressing my dick. She put a hand on my chest to push me to back on the couch and lowered her head to my dick. I was taken aback as she took me into her mouth, her father watching only a few feet away.

She purred as she started giving me a wonderful blow job. I wasn’t going to protest at her dad being there. In fact I was a bit worried that he’d want to join in. I heard him get up, and looked to see him standing with his stiff prick standing out in front of him.

“Show Jim what you can do Ali. I’ll get the camera.”

As Alison continued to suck me deep into her mouth her dad walked to the other side of the room and came back with a camera. He returned to his chair and took a few photos of his daughter sucking me off.

“Come on Alison, really get stuck in. You know what’ll turn him on.”

“Sure dad,” Alison said and motioned to me to lie on my back, side-on to the couch. She was between my legs licking the length of my dick. She then dropped down to my balls, sucking them into her mouth one by one. I could hear the click of the camera as Charles captured the moment.

Then Alison surprised me by putting her hands under my legs and raising them high in the air, giving her easy access to my asshole. Bit by bit her tongue licked lower and lower from my balls until I suddenly felt this warm wet sensation on my asshole. She was licking my sphincter! I’d never had that done to me before and I must have jumped a bit as Alison giggled.

“I think we have an anal virgin here dad,” she laughed and looked up at her father as he moved in for a close-up.

“Show him dear, you know you are the best at this.”

Alison lowered her head and resumed licking my ass. It was incredible, feeling her warm wet tongue go up and down and around and around my asshole. Her hands pulled my cheeks apart giving her even more access. I felt what must be her tongue go firm and straight as it darted in and out of the very opening of my asshole. Then suddenly she was inside my ass, gyrating her tongue around the rim before darting in and out, seemingly seeking out how deep she could probe her way into my ass. It felt wonderful.

Charles was over the top of me trying to get a clear shot of Alison rimming me. But he must have felt he wasn’t getting what he wanted as he stood back and asked me to raise my backside right over my head so that my feet were over the arms of the chair.

Alison must have known this new position because she helped me roll up so that my ass was pointing straight up in the air. She lowered her face to my ass and her tongue lathered my asshole. Charles seemed much happier with this position because he could clearly see Alison’s face, my asshole and her hand reaching round to caress my dick. His camera went into overdrive as Alison looked up at him smiling as her tongue protruded through my sphincter, her hand tugging on my cock.

The only problem for me was that my dick was now pointing straight down at my face, and I didn’t want to cum on my own face. I laughed to myself. This was incredibly kinky, breaking just about all the taboos possible, and I was worried about cuming on my own face.

“I see Jim’s enjoying this, Ali,” said Charles.

Alison lifted her head and smiled to her father.

“So he should. I love anal sex – giving and taking. I’ll have to become a proctologist.”

Both Charles and I laughed at that. Alison moved on to all fours on the floor, her head on a pillow. Charles brought over a tube of lube and spread it all around her asshole.

“Thanks dad,” Alison said breathlessly. “You can never have too much lube. Lube is the secret to successful ass fucking. Put some on your cock Jim so it slides in more easily.”

I spread some of the lube along my cock and squatted behind her like I’d seen Andy and Mike do in the photos. I slowly lowered my dick until it just touched her asshole.

Charles crawled on the floor underneath me, his camera clicking as I slowly pressed my dick head into her asshole. It seemed so small it was amazing it could take my dick into her. There was only the slightest resistance and then her sphincter relaxed and seemed to open like a flower. The head of my dick just slid in. The tightness around the head was amazing and the warmth of her anal tract was welcoming. I left it there for a few seconds to let Alison relax even further. But that seemed unnecessary as she pushed back, indicating she wanted more of me inside her. I pressed forward and my dick – a good eight inches – slid inside her anal tunnel. Alison let out a groan and took a deep breath. She was in ecstasy. She was moving the muscles inside her anus like a wave, caressing my dick that was buried inside her. I don’t know how she could have that much control. But it was a plea to go ahead and really let loose and fuck her deeply in the ass. I started slow, going in and out almost the entire length of my dick leaving only the head inside her stretched sphincter. I steadily sped up until I was really driving into her forcefully, trying to get as far as I could inside her. I guessed Charles was getting good close ups as he clicked away because occasionally my balls slapped the lens of his camera as I pounded into his daughter’s ass.

At last I felt I couldn’t hold back any longer and I gave one huge lunge deep into her, forcing her head hard into the cushion. My sperm blasted deep into her ass over and over. Both of us were dripping with sweat as we got our breath back. I stayed in her until I felt my dick start to deflate. I slowly pulled out, looking down as my cock emerged from her asshole. I was amazed as her sphincter was staying wide open as my cock rested just outside her asshole. The diameter of the stretched asshole had to be more than an inch wide, maybe an inch and a half.

“Holy shit, Alison,” said her dad as he clicked away furiously. “That has to be the biggest gape yet. Fantastic. You’ll get to two inches easy if you keep this up. Well done Jim.”

Alison collapsed on the floor, a big satisfied smile on her face. I collapsed back on to the couch.

I must have fallen asleep for a minute or two because when I became aware of my surroundings again Alison had gone and Charles was working on his computer. I felt a bit embarrassed at what had happened, but when Charles saw I was awake he beckoned me over. He was editing the photos he’d taken of me with Alison.

“There’s some great stuff here Jim. Alison really demonstrated the joy she feels from anal sex and I think I’ve captured it. Here, look at these.”

I looked over his shoulder and must admit I felt very strange looking at close-up photos of Alison licking my ass and my cock pounding into her asshole. I’d never seen my own asshole, let along seen it captured on film with a beautiful woman sticking her tongue into it.

“You might have to get to work with the razor Jim. As you can see, soaked pubic hair doesn’t look nice on film. It’s hard to reach those spots so you’ll probably need some help.”

‘Sure Charles, no problem.”

“Lets go downstairs. Time for lunch and you’d probably like a shower.”

I got dressed and we went downstairs to the kitchen. Andy was there making himself a sandwich.

“Hey Jimbo, I hear Alison just broke your anal cherry,” he laughed.

“Word travels fast,” I replied, still feeling a bit nervous facing my schoolboy football hero after just fucking his sister in the ass.

“She was down here all pleased with herself before she went back upstairs to take a shower. She said you opened her up to gape an inch and a half.”

“Yes, Ali was quite proud of herself,” said Charles. “Got some good pics to prove it. I’ll make lunch. Jim needs a shower. Andy, could you take him down to the gym shower. He needs to do some work with a razor.”

“Ah, you’ve come across Dad’s obsession with clean pictures,” Andy said as we headed for the stairs. “He hates pubic hair getting in the way of a good shot. Come on then. Mum and Mark should have finished their workout by now. Plenty of space in the gym shower room.”

We went downstairs to the cellar where I was amazed at the sophisticated gym the Maddisons had set up – weights, workout machines, running machines, the works. Laura Maddison smiled and waved when she saw us entering the gym. She was on her back, Mark holding her feet as she did sit-ups.

“Come on mum, just a few more to reach 200.”

We left them to finish their work-out and Andy showed me the shower room. It was huge, big enough for several people with a bench along one side to sit on. There were three shower nozzles to blast from every direction.

“Why not shower and then join me in the sauna over there,” Andy said pointing to a wooden door with a glass window. “Mum likes to relax in the sauna after her work out.”

I showered, washing myself thoroughly. The blast of hot water made me feel relaxed and without drying myself I went to the sauna door, opened it and went in. Andy was lying naked on one of the upper benches. I placed my towel on the upper bench opposite him and sat down. The hot dry air made it hard to do anything in the sauna except sit still. Within a few minutes the door opened and a naked Mark came in, his towel draped over his shoulder. Behind him was his mother, her towel wrapped around her. Mark grabbed an upper bench as lay down. Laura looked around and saw I was sitting on the only available upper bench.

“Move over Jimmy, those selfish lads have taken the other benches up top. I’ll take this lower one beside you.”

With that she unwrapped the towel revealing herself completely naked. Saunas aren’t an unusual place to see naked people. I’d been in one before in Sweden when I was a young boy and all sorts of people spread themselves out naked and nobody cared. But when I saw the beautiful naked body of Laura Maddison unveiled just a couple of feet in front of me as she spread her towel on the hot wooden bench I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was stunning. Her large full breasts stood firm and proud on her chest. She was super fit and I could see the outline of the ribs on her chest despite the fullness of her breasts. No fakery in these tits, I realized. They moved when she did. She bent over as she straightened her towel and her breasts fell forward. She stood up straight, looked at me, hands on her hips, and smiled. Her firm stomach was dead flat, with an indication of a ladylike six pack. Her long legs looked strong and muscly, but not overly so. She was built like an Amazon, but there was nothing masculine about her.

Her pubic mound stood proud and bare, completely shaved as I’d seen in the photographs. I was sitting pretty well level with her breasts which were within an easy arms reach. I didn’t bother hiding the fact I was staring at her body in wonder, examining it closely just a few feet away. I could see the start of her cunt crack, and she made no move to stop me looking.

“Like what you see Jimmy?” she asked, an amused smile on her lips.

“Oh, sorry Mrs Maddison – er Laura. I didn’t mean to stare but you are an incredible beautiful lady,” I stammered.

“Mum, he’s seen your photos and he made love to Alison’s ass this morning so he knows all about our crazy family adventures,” said Andy.

“Oh he has, has he?” Laura smiled, gazing down at my semi-erect dick that was hanging between my legs as I sat on the bench.

“Yeah, and dad said he needs to get busy with a razor in places he’s never shaved before,” laughed Andy.

“Yes, I can see that,” she said cocking her head slightly to one side to get a better look at my cock.

She laughed and tousled my hair as she lay down on her back on her towel. Her head was next to my feet and her sweaty naked body was spread before me. Her arms were lying beside her, making no attempt to cover up. Her large breasts lolled to the side of her rib cage and her hard belly dipped into a hollow as she relaxed, rising to her hips where her bare pubic mound was coated in a thin film of sweat from the effect of the heat in the sauna.

My dick started to rise as my eyes wandered over the perfect naked body laid out before me. Mark looked over and chuckled as he saw the effect his mother’s body was having on me.

“Don’t move mum or Jim’ll shoot,” he said.

She tilted her head back to look up at me and from her position below she had to see my balls hanging below the bench and my dick sticking in the air. She laughed.

“Good to see you’re enjoying yourself there, Jimmy.”

The heat was having an effect on us and for several minutes we all stayed silent. Sweat was dripping off me and I was worried about dripping sweat on Mrs Maddison’s face lying just a few inches below me at my feet. Her body was glistening in sweat, a small pool collecting in her hollow belly and I could see small rivulets running from her breasts on to the towel below her. I decided to move and got up to rest my back against the sauna wall. I laid my towel behind me so I wouldn’t burn from the heated wood. I could see Laura Maddison and her two sons clearly now as they lay on their backs, their nakedness displayed unashamedly. Mark’s cock lay on his belly. Andy’s cock was lying sideways on his hip. Both had to be seven inches even when flaccid.

I wondered what sort of family this was that freely had sex with each other, and didn’t care that I knew all about it. Hell I’d just fucked the daughter in the ass in front of her father while he took pictures. And they were proud of it! They hung photos of themselves naked in their dining and living rooms where anyone visiting the house could see them. In the rest of the house they proudly displayed pictures of themselves fucking each other. Why were they letting me in on all this? Were they worried I would tell others?

I looked down at the sweaty naked body of Laura Maddison and thought I’d give anything to fuck her, have her suck me off like I knew she’d sucked off her own sons. Yeah, I wasn’t going to do anything that would stop that happening. Maybe that was their trick. Maybe they knew it was the prospect of me joining the Maddison family in their sex games that would keep me silent. Yes, they’re right there. I hoped something was going to happen with the amazing Mrs Maddison and I couldn’t wait to run my hands over her incredible body, to hold those large tits and stick my fingers in her shaved cunt.

We were in the sauna about twenty minutes when the door opened and in came Charles and Alison, both naked with towels over their shoulders.

“Hi folks, bit cramped in here,” said Charles.

“I’ve had enough anyway,” said Mark, as he got up, gathered his towel and patted his sister on the butt as he left the sauna.

“Me too,” said Andy.

I got up and joined them leaving the sauna.

“I’ll be out in a second, just get that shower going,” said Laura.

The twins and I went to the shower and there was enough room for all of us as the three showerheads thundered out the hot water.

“So Jim, what’d you think of Alison?” asked Andy.

“Yeah Jim, she’s pretty amazing isn’t she,” said Mark.

I looked at them, nervous that they might be upset with me. But to the contrary, they seemed genuinely pleased I’d fucked their sister.

“She’s really amazing,” I said. “I couldn’t believe it when your dad started taking pictures of us.”

“Dad is a bit obsessed about capturing the moment, ” said Andy. “But you get used to it, and I reckon its great to look at the pictures later and relive the fantastic moments.”

“What did you think of the pictures of mum with us?” asked Mark.

“I thought my heart would burst when I saw the pics of her with you guys. I couldn’t believe it.”

“Yeah, mum is sensational. She seems intent on being the best cocksucker in the world. Did you see the deep throat photos?” said Mark.

I nodded.

“Yes, well she’s going to try for the record. The deepest throat in the land. There’s a Sex Olympics coming up in a few months and she’s in training. You just wait.”

I wanted to ask what a Sex Olympics was but stopped when Laura Maddison came into the shower room.

“Talking about me boys?” she said laughing. She saw me looking a bit stunned as she lathered up her naked body. “Well, as they say the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Now Jimmy, come over here. Charles says you need a bit of hair removal.”

She reached for a ladies razor and waved it at me, moving to the bench.

“Oh, ho, you’re for it now Jimbo.” said Mark. “Hang on to your dick.”

“Don’t listen to them Jimmy, it’s painless and I promise to be gentle.”

I moved over to where Laura was sitting on the bench that was on one side of the large shower room and stood in front of her.

“Will it grow back?” I asked. “I don’t know how I’ll explain it to my mum and dad if they see me.”

“Oh don’t worry, everybody is going Brazilian these days,” she said. “It’s the height of fashion. It also feels fantastic, so you’ll probably want to keep it going. Alison gets waxed, but I couldn’t do that. I don’t like pain. Besides it adds to the fun to get someone to help you reach the awkward bits. Now Jimmy turn around. I’ll start with the back.”

I turned around and she put a hand on my back to have me to lean forward. She ran her soapy hands over my back and down to my buttocks, then her soapy hands ran right inside the crease of my ass. It felt really good as her fingers slipped over my asshole. She soaped me up, and then I felt her drag the razor over my ass cheeks.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks for me Jimmy. I want to get right inside there.”

I did as she said and I felt a bit nervous as she dragged the razor over the inside of my ass cheeks, getting right in beside by asshole. She ran her fingers up and down, making sure it was smooth and she hadn’t missed anything. She was being quite businesslike about the very intimate thing she was doing to me, and I relaxed a bit. Then she reached between my legs and softly caressed my balls, lifting them one by one and running them between her fingers.

“Is that alright with you Jimmy? I love it when a man’s balls hang down real loose and relaxed.”

“No, that’s nice Mrs Maddison.”

“That’s Laura dear, specially when I’m holding your balls in my hand.”

“Oh yes, Laura, sorry.”

She laughed and had me turn around so I was facing her. I had a full-on erection and it was pointing right at her face just inches away. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Wow Jimmy, quite an impressive organ you have there.”

I stammered my thanks. The twins were watching us intently from the other side of the shower room. Them watching didn’t worry their mother as she reached up to lather up my pubic hair. She got busy with the razor, clearing away the pubic hair above my protruding dick. It took a while as she was being very careful not to nick me anywhere. She used one hand to move my dick out of the way as she shaved me close to the base of my dick.

“Now don’t worry Jimmy, I know what I’m doing. I’ve done my sons and husband many, many times and never drawn any blood. Well not much.”

The twins laughed at the expression on my face.

“Don’t worry Jimbo, Mark’s had his dick sewn back on three times and it works fine,” said Andy.

“Hush now boys,” Laura said. “Don’t listen to them Jimmy. Now I’ll have to move you around a bit to get to the hair around the base.”

She moved my erect dick to the left and scraped the blade down the right side of the base of my cock. She did the same to the left side and then held it straight up against my belly and shaved underneath. She let it go and ran her fingers all over the base of my cock making sure I was completely smooth.

“Now this is the difficult part so stand very still. Spread your legs apart. You might like to steady yourself by putting your hands on the wall behind me.”

I did as she said, and I gasped as she held my balls in one hand while gently dragging the razor over the ball sack with the other. It took some time as she shifted my balls around, diligently working the blade, shaving every last bit of hair off my scrotum. She lifted my balls up against my belly with my cock and shaved beneath right between my legs. Her head was very close to my cock and when she let me go it banged her on her head. She looked up and laughed. She pursed her lips and kissed my dick.

“Kiss it better for you Jimmy?”

I heard Mark and Andy give a small cheer.

She kissed it again, then ran her tongue and lips all along the length of it, before looking up at me smiling.

“Let’s finish this first,” she purred. “Put one leg up on the bench so I can get to that hard to reach spot.”

I put my leg up beside her and she ducked underneath. She soaped me up between my legs in the gap between my balls and my asshole. She ran her finger along the little ridge that I’d always thought was the spot where my body was sewn together.

“This is your perineum, a very sensitive spot and terrible if you cut it shaving. It’s a spot I rather like and it’s important to get all that ugly hair off it. Now hold still.”

Softly, she ran her finger along the little ridge right to my asshole. I shivered from the thrill of the feeling.

“Hold still I said, Jimmy. I don’t want to cause you any damage.”

She reached up with the razor and ran it gently along either side of the perineum. She went up and down, sweeping it from the ridge to the inside of my leg. I looked down at her and underneath my stiff dick I saw her concentrating on this magic spot underneath my balls that I had never seen. She seemed to find it fascinating and I let her keep on shaving and stroking me down there. She could inspect me anyplace she wanted, but my leg started to shake from the strain of holding it up so long..

Finally she was satisfied and leaned back.

“OK Jimmy, you’re officially bald down here. You can put your leg down now.”

I did so with a little relief, but my dick was now pointing once again straight at her face, and the head was just inches from her mouth. The twins had come over and were standing beside me, so she had three young dicks right in front of her. I was fully erect, while both Mark and Andy were about three quarters erect.

Laura Maddison looked up at me and stared into my eyes. Without another word, she opened her mouth and keeping eye contact slowly, ever so slowly, moved forward and took the head of my dick into her mouth. I groaned. She looked absolutely beautiful, her long blonde hair draped over her shoulders, her magnificent full breasts in full view. I reached down with both hands and caressed them. She didn’t break eye contact as she moved her mouth further down my dick until it was half way in. I felt the head hit a slight barrier at the back of her mouth, but she didn’t hesitate, just kept on going down. It was now three quarters of the way in her mouth and she still hadn’t broken eye contact. I was having trouble keeping my balance and had to let go of her breasts to hold myself up against the wall behind her. Still she wouldn’t take her eyes off mine as she moved even deeper down my dick. There was a slight shake of her head as she went for the last inch, and then she was down all the way, right to the freshly shaved root of my dick. She stayed there as I reveled in the tightness of her throat around the first half of my dick. It was an incredible feeling. She reached her hand up and held my balls, then I felt her slip her tongue out and lick my balls. Was there nothing this incredible woman couldn’t do?

She eased back inch by inch until my cock emerged from her throat and then her mouth. Finally she let me flop out from between her lips, a string of saliva linking her mouth to my cock.

“Oh my God,” I cried out, desperate to be back in that incredible warm wet mouth and throat.

“Come on mum, show him what you can do,” urged Andy.

“Yeah mum, get it down deep,” added Mark as both their cocks reached full stiffness.

Laura Maddison couldn’t resist a challenge and loved being cheered on by her supporters. With her left hand she felt my balls, rolling them like a pair of eggs. Her right hand went around to firmly hold my ass cheek, pulling me in towards her waiting mouth.

Her lips opened and in one uninterrupted lunge, moved forward and took me down deep into her throat. She was picking up speed as she dived in and out the length of my cock. There was no perceptible barrier now as she took me straight into her throat each time. It was like her mouth just went on forever. Everything she was doing was to give me the ultimate pleasure. Her hand on my ass pulled me in harder to her, her fingers reached further to caress my asshole. I gave a slight start as one of her fingers slipped past my sphincter. It seemed to hover at the entrance for a while before plunging deeper, past the first and second knuckle.

Her mouth was really pistoning on my cock now. It was like a powerful machine had been turned on and geared into full strength. Her eyes alternated between looking into my eyes and then at my dick as it emerged from her mouth, dripping in saliva. My balls were coated in the goo.

“That’s it mum, you’re really powering now,” said Andy. “Come on, bring it home.”

I couldn’t take this for much longer. I had to cum. She must have felt I was close because she leaned back and, as a stream of saliva dripped from my cock on to her breasts, looked up at me uttered the four greatest words in the English language:

“Cum on my face.”

She took me down her throat once again and my first spurt went straight into her gullet. She felt the familiar swell of my cock ejaculating and brought me out and pointed my cock at her forehead. My next spurt hit her above her right eye, the next across her nose. It was like she was directing a fire hose. Her mouth was wide open and my next two spurts went into her mouth, dribbling out on her bottom lip and down her chin. I gave two more bursts of sperm on her cheeks before my balls were drained. She kissed the head of my dick as it started to subside, looked up at me and smiled. Her cum covered face was a vision I will never forget.

Andy tapped me on the shoulder.

“Move aside Jimbo, she isn’t finished yet.” Andy moved in to take my place in front of his mother, his cock pointing straight at her mouth.

She got to work again, taking Andy’s nine inch cock right down to the roots in one motion.

I heard talking behind me and turned to see Charles and Alison had come into the shower. Charles had his camera ready and motioned me to move aside so he could do his thing and capture the beauty of his wonderful cum-soaked wife giving sexual pleasure to her son.

Laura kept up the pace of slamming her mouth and throat down on Andy’s cock, each time hitting the root of his cock and pressing her face into his shaved groin. With her face already covered in my cum it was an amazing sight. Charles camera was in over drive, clicking rapidly like this was a great sports event.

When Andy was ready to come his mother gripped his ass fiercely, forcing him deeper into her throat.

“Ah mum, I’m cooommiing,” he cried. She didn’t pull off this time, but took all of his cum spurts deep into her throat. I could see her throat swallowing vigorously, taking it all in. When he was finished he backed off and she took a deep breath. A small stream of cum followed his dick out of her mouth and tumbled from her lip over her chin. Charles focused on the cum trail as it gathered on the point of her chin before dripping in a long stream on to her chest and breasts. She was covered in sperm.

But the deep throat blow job session wasn’t over. Mark now moved in. He had his mother lie down on the bench and tilt her head back over the edge. He was going to fuck her mouth. She opened her mouth wide, the sperm from me and his brother leaking out over her top lip. Mark positioned himself so he could drive his cock straight into her mouth and down her throat in a straight line.

Laura gave a small nod to indicate she was ready and Mark reached forward to hold her under her armpits to keep her steady. Her hands were now on his ass cheeks so she could let her son know when to push in and when to pull out to let her breathe.

Slowly Mark thrust forward, moving past her lips and into her mouth. He kept moving right into her mouth and down her throat. He didn’t stop until his balls were resting on his mother’s nose and her bottom lip was firmly pressed into the the base at the top of his cock. Laura seemed to be in another place, her chest rising and falling despite her throat being completely blocked by her son’s dick.

The new security cameras were considered a welcome improvement. While there really were no new cases of violent attacks on the girls, all of them felt safer, knowing that Greg was checking on them and could help if necessary. And Greg of course had a great time, too. Watching those sexy girls satisfying their customers turned him on big time.

While most of the girls had strict rules about what they were willing to provide, some of them helped their customers to act out their wildest fantasies. Akira, a new girl that started at the Cooper’s whore house only three months ago, was the most daring of them. She seemed to have no limits whatsoever. In her brief time at the family brothel, she had done anal, threesomes with either two men or a man and a woman, double penetration, bondage, rimming and even took golden showers with a smile in her face.

Most of the girls weren’t that naughty, but still fucked like real bitches. Greg got off many times, watching his employees through the lens of the camera while rubbing his hard cock. Even some of the girls were turned on by the fact of him watching them and provided a hot show for him to enjoy. When the guests turned away, they smiled at the camera, fresh cum dripping from their faces, winking at him. How often had he imagined that it was his cum all over their faces. And sometimes it was. Only didn’t he continue to fuck his mom and sister, but even some of the girls enjoyed to be fucked by the young stud now and then.

It wasn’t long before a customer noticed one of the cameras. To their surprise, he wasn’t mad at all. He just smiled and continued fucking young Mary from behind. He seemed to be really into the thought of getting caught on film while banging this petite blonde 18 year old girl from Nebraska. It really got him going, making him thrusting even harder and faster before ultimately shooting his load in the condom. Greg still felt the need to explain why there were hidden security cameras and to apologize to the guy for filming him in a compromising position.

“Hey, don’t be sorry, dude. I really enjoyed the fact that someone was watching us,” the visitor explained.

“I still feel like I have to make it up to you. How about a full refund of your money?”

“Oh I don’t care about the money. But if you really want to make me happy, why don’t you give me a copy of the tape? Fucking the girl was great, so it must have looked good too. I’d love to see myself banging the shit out of that little tramp.”

Greg hadn’t thought of it. Could he really give this stranger the tape? Would Mary be ok with it?”

Look, you’re right, it really looked incredible. I understand why you would want a tape of that. Still, I can’t just give it to you. I’ll need Mary’s permission and I’m not sure whether she’ll agree. If you have a minute, I’ll check if she gives me a go. Would that be ok?”

The guy just nodded yes, hoping to jack off to his own little private porn video soon. Mary was sceptical at first, but when Greg offered to double her pay for the job, she reluctantly accepted. The customer had to agree not to publish the video on the internet.

“I’m a bank executive. Having everybody see me fucking a barely legal prostitute wouldn’t exactly help my reputation, if you know what I mean. The video is safe with me.”

That evening, when Greg sat down with Jenna and his mom, they discussed the topic. “We definitely need to keep the cameras for safety reasons. Maybe we could hide them better?” Greg proposed.

“I agree. But there’s another thing. The guy seemed really eager to get a video of his visit. If you think about it, there are probably a lot of guys who would have taken the tape rather then their money back. So if they are willing to pay for it, why not provide a recording service at an additional fee? Of course we would have the to ask the girls, but I certainly wouldn’t mind. The whole town knows about my job at our business anyways,” Julie told her kids.

“I’m not sure if I would be up for it. Having sex with strange men for money is one thing, but having videos of me doing it all over the internet is another thing. Even if they’re not supposed to publish them, who guarantees me that they really don’t? The videos of the three of us banging gets me turned on though. I’m not sure if I would feel safe with customers possessing those videos. I’ll have to think about it for a while. The business idea is great though. If some of the girls are up for it, we should definitely offer a service like that. Not all of us need to be in on it. Akira surely wouldn’t mind,” Jenna laughed.

A few days later, the family of three had discussed the topic with the girls. As Jenna had predicted, Akira was in on it immediately. So were most of the other girls. Some however weren’t so keen on it. Julie, Jenna and Greg decided not to pressure them and accept every answer they got without argument. Over the next week, they bought new cameras to shoot videos in HD, rather then the crappy surveillance camera quality.

The visitors of the brothel nearly freaked out when the heard of the new service. Julie was the first one to be booked for ’3X3S’, the new ‘XXX Special Souvenir Service’ by three guys, all around 30 years old. They sat naked on the bed while she was giving them a nice strip show, slowly getting rid of her sexy hooker outfit until she was only wearing her black leather boots. When the guys approached her, she dropped to her knees in front of the first guy.

“Oh my god, this is incredible,” guy #1 said when she took his hard cock down her throat entirely without a word. Julie bobbed her head a few times before releasing the hard member from her throat. Turning to the next guy, she started licking the other cock. For a few minutes she took turns on all of them. Greg had switched to the ceiling cam to get a better view and zoomed in on her beautiful face that got fucked by one cock while she was stroking the other two. He was rock hard seeing his mom getting used by these three stranger like she had been a porn star all her life.

Julie got on her feet, walked to the night stand and gave each guy a condom. “Who’s first?” guy #2 asked no one in particular.

“You want to make a raunchy porn video, right?” she asked.

“Of course! So what do you propose?”

“Why don’t you fuck me all at once? I will suck a cock while you fuck my ass and pussy.”

Greg had to laugh when he saw their faces first turn to a state of shock, then to a state of pure lust. His mom pushed the first guy on the bed and quickly straddled his body. She took the condom covered cock and guided it in her wet pussy. She moved her hips up and down a few times to get used to the big dick inside of her.

“Get some lube from over there and grease up my asshole,” she ordered guy #2 while leaning forward on guy #1, pushing her large, firm tits in his face. She reached back, opening up her buttocks and showing her puckered hole to the stranger.

When he had lubed her up, he kneeled behind her, looking at her full round ass. This is gonna be good, he thought to himself. He aimed the tip of his cock at her tight hole and slowly pushed it in. He held her hips and kept pushing. He could feel the cock of his friend through the thin wall in her body.

“Go slowly, you’re so big. If feel really full, but I love it. Ok, you can push a little bit more in now. Yes, that’s it, more!” she yelled. It was hurting a little bit, but she liked getting fucked by the two guys at the same time. The thought of her son turned her on even more. He hast got to be stroking his cock by now, she thought.

Meanwhile, guy #3 had moved to her face and held his throbbing erection right in front of her mouth. She gladly took it in her mouth and started sucking. After a few bobs, the guy put his hands on her had and started to face fuck her like the hooker she was. All of her holes were stuffed with meat now and she really liked it.

“Yeah, take our cocks you fucking bitch. Let’s give it to her really hard, guys! Derek, play with her hard nipples!” guy #3 told guy #1, who lay under Julie. He did as he was told, while guy #3 slapped her ass a few times. His cock felt great inside her pussy and she would have liked to rock her hips on him, but couldn’t move on her own. The guys kept pumping their dicks in and out of her for a couple of minutes, then switched places and went on for a few more minutes. She knew they would cum soon.

“Wanna cum on my face and tits?” she asked them, releasing the guy’s cock from her mouth. “It will look sexy on tape.”

The guys nodded eagerly, got up and stood around her in a circle, while she sat on her knees between them. They had gotten rid of the condoms and were now stroking their cocks furiously. The room was full of ahhhs and ooohs. The movement of their hands got quicker and quicker, almost becoming a blur. It didn’t take long before the first one shot his load. It hit her above the eye, the second spurt hit her cheek and another one her tits. She moved her full boobs up for them with her hands. The next guy came really hard, shooting at least six loads of cum all over her face and tits. There was a small sea of cum between her tits and even more was dripping down on them from her chin. She was so drenched in cum that she nearly didn’t notice the last guy to shoot his load on her. When he was finished, she took some of their cum with her finger, moved it to her mouth and swallowed it.

“Thank you, that was yummy,” she said with a smile and gave a little peck to the tip of each cock.

“No, lady, thank YOU! That was absolutely awesome. You should be a real porn star. You have the looks, the style and you certainly know how to fuck,” one guy said.

“I second that,” another guy told her. The third one just nodded in agreement.

When they were dressed, Greg gave them three DVD copies of the video he had taken. He didn’t tell them, that he had kept another one for his very own private use.


Later that night, Julie and Greg watched the video with Jenna.

“Didn’t that hurt really bad, mom?” Jenna asked, watching her mom getting double penetrated on film.

“A little. You certainly need a few minutes to get used to being this full of cock, but after a while, it feels really intense” her mom explained “do you think you’d like to try it, honey?”

Jenna hesitated for a brief moment. “Yeah, I guess I’d like to give it a try. But only with the two of you.”

Greg didn’t understand. With me and two girls in the room, there’s only one cock, he wondered.

His mom was quicker, though, “Ok, wait here, I’ll be right back,” Julie told her children. A few seconds later she was back, bringing a long, thick strap on dildo. “That’ll do.”

Watching the video of his mom, Greg was already hard, when his sister pushed him backwards on the bed and straddled him. She leaned forward, giving him a deep kiss, feeling his tongue with hers. The kissed wildly for a minute or so, while their mom – unknown to the two of them – strapped her dildo on her hips.

“Let me help you two,” she said, kneeling on the bed and giving her sons cock a few licks. She took it in her mouth entirely for a few times before aiming it to her daughters pussy. Jenna sat down, moaning when her brother’s cock slowly slid into her moist pussy. She always liked having a cock in her, but this one she loved dearly. It was now in her to the hilt. She moaned, when her mom prepared her asshole with lube, sliding first one, then two fingers in the tight hole and making circling motions.

“Please mom, fuck my ass now. Shove that big thing up my shitter, I want to feel the two of you inside me together. I wanna have a sandwich with the two people I love most in the world. Give it to me!” she demanded.

Julie didn’t hesitate and aimed the strap on to her daughters puckered hole. “Here you go” she said when the rubber cock slipped in “nice and slow”.

Jenna was surprise how easily the two giant rods fit inside her ass and pussy at the same time. Her mom was right, it hurt a little, but not to much. In fact, she began to like it. Greg had started to thrust his cock in and out of his sister’s cunt. He enjoyed the feeling of his mom being in her at the same time. Julie also began to bang her daughter. She grabbed Jenna’s shoulders and fucked her really hard.

They loved each other, but this wasn’t making love, this was rough dp fucking. And the all loved it. Julie wished she could feel some more of her Jenna’s pussy, but she liked the control she had over her daughter and the way she could adjust her thrusts.

Jenna didn’t take long. The feeling of the two of them fucking her in both her holes was awesome. Not just the physical one, but also the thought that it were her mom and brother giving her the fuck of her young life. “Give it to me harder, don’t stop, I’m nearly there,” she cried and went over the edge even faster than she had though.

“Aaaaaaaeyeeee,” she screamed, her body stiffened for a moment, before collapsing on her brothers chest. She breathed heavily and shattered from a very intense orgasm. “Thank you you two, that was sooooo good.”

She was so exhausted that after a few seconds, she fell asleep. Her mom and brother hadn’t cum yet, so Greg started to fuck his mom’s ass now. They were both aroused from fucking Jenna together and it didn’t take long for them either. About ten deep thrusts in her ass later, Greg shot a big load of hot cum deep inside his mother’s bowels.

The horny family lay down in their king size bed, snuggling and slowly falling asleep. Their new life was great, Greg though before finally drifting off.

I blinked awake with my head still resting on my father-in-law’s chest. Stirring I lifted myself up and wiped my drool off his torso with my fingers. My voice was low and hoarse, “Sorry, Max.”

He chuckled, “Think nothing of it Kido. You’re beautiful when you sleep. You have the cutest snore.

Playfully I smacked his chest, “I don’t snore. But I did sleep well. I think it was because I was so satisfied. How did you sleep?”

“I didn’t sleep much.”

Sitting up the sheet fell from my body revealing my perky breasts. My nipples hardened in the cool Catalina morning air. I pushed errant and frizzy locks from my face and asked, “Why didn’t you sleep? You don’t feel guilty do you? It was your son that suggested I make love to you.”

“No, I don’t feel guilty, maybe I should, but I don’t. I didn’t sleep because I was watching you sleep. It’s been a while since I’ve been in bed with a woman. I was just enjoying being next to you, having you in my arms. I can always sleep later I won’t always have you in my arms.”

Despite my morning breath I kissed Max, he didn’t seem to mind as his tongue charged into my mouth. Our tongues frolicked momentarily then I broke the kiss and lay back on my father-in-law’s chest. The contrast in our skin tones was remarkable, his light and my biracial mocha, added further excitement to our already taboo tryst. Caressing his chest I trailed my hand down his torso to find his hard cock near his navel. It was seeping lust onto his belly.

Max closed his eyes enjoying the attention as I slowly stroked his massive manhood. He tenderly caressed my breasts and ever so gently twisted the barbell jewelry that pierced my nipples. He moaned as I quicken my stroking pace. He reached under my arms and pulled me up when my 34B breasts were level with his mouth he sucked a dusky nipple into his mouth.

I arched my back as an electric current of ecstasy surged from my breasts to my core. I rubbed my hand over his hairless head encouraging him to suckle. My pussy was weeping excitement and yearned to be filled by his huge hard cock. I swung my leg over him and straddled him. I looked into his blue eyes which glimmered happily with anticipation. I gasped as he squeezed both breasts and gently pinched my nipples. Leaning down I kissed him deeply then rose and took his hard horse-sized cock in my hand and lowered my bald pussy, still dripping from last night’s loving, onto it.

Max groaned his gratification as I lovingly impaled myself on his cock. As the moist heat of my cunt enveloped him, he said, “Aw, Cassie your pussy feels so good.”

I slowly rose up on him until just the helmet of his cock was inside me before gliding back down his shaft. I would pause, sitting with his cock fully embedded in my pussy. I could feel his balls resting against my butthole. I squeezed his cock with my cunt muscles like it was velvety vice.

Max groused, “You’re torturing me.”

Taking the hint I quicken my pace while my father-in-law squeezed my breasts. I diddled my clit in correlation to my cock riding. I felt Max’s cock expand he was getting close. I frigged myself harder. I whimpered, “Cock so…so big. Feels so… so good.”

Max grabbed my hips and pulled me down on top of him burying his cock completely inside me and bottoming out at my cervix. Amazingly his cock actually grew bigger as his cum shot into the depths of my womb bathing my cunt with his love.

The look of climatic bliss on my father-in-law’s face was enough to propel me over the edge. I arched my back and tilted my head and howled. I joined him in orgasmic release. A psychedelic haze of white and red flashed before my eyes.

I fell off Max limply and lay beside him. We spooned and dozed in sated harmony. Our hunger finally razed us from our languor. We decided to clean up and go out down stairs for brunch.

Max wanted to jump into the shower but I preferred a warm soapy bath in the huge claw-foot tub. I convinced him that a bath would be more enjoyable by leading him into the bathroom by his hard cock. We soaked for a short while in the warm water.

I giggled as Max’s large cock emerged from beneath the water like a periscope. I teased him by stroking it. I kissed him. My tongue sought out his and wrestled with it. I broke our kiss and rested my forehead against his. I momentarily watched the big vein on top of his cock throb with surging blood. I squeezed his cock firmly in my hand sensing its power.

He chuckled then kneaded my breasts gently. He gave each of my dusky nipples a playful twist. With other hand he began a submerged attack on my pussy. He slid a finger into me while he pressed his palm against my agitated clit. He wiggled his finger inside my pussy and said, “Cassie, I love your pussy, I wish it were mine.”

A surge of pleasure shot to my core. I tugged on his cock a couple of times returning the teasing. “It is yours…Tatay…Ned…is…willing… share….”

Max pushed hard against my clit sending waves of pulsating pleasure through my body. My thoughts became jumbled as an euphoric rush overcame me. I stuttered, “Ah…oh…ah… Max… wait…let…me…fin…”

“Wait for what, Kido? Don’t you want to cum?” he teased. He twisted his knuckle inside my pussy while increasing his palm’s pressure on my clit. He pinched my nipple hard.

The pinch produced a pleasurable pain that morphed my groan into a growl. My body shook with spasms of ecstasy. My whole pelvis region contracted and my cunt clutched his finger like it was a lifeline. Water splashed on the floor from the frenzied wave surge created by my contortions.

“You are so beautiful when you cum.” Max smiled at me as he sat in the half-empty-tub.

I pursed my lips blowing air in and out my lungs. Finally, with my breathing under control and somewhat recovered from my orgasm I smiled weakly at Max and said “What I was going to say, before I was so pleasantly interrupted, was that your son is willing to share me with you.”

Max sat back with a troubled look on his face. He sulked, “I don’t see how that will work.”

“Family first,” I said pointing to my tattooed bicep. “When I married Ned, you became part of my family. Max, we had a love relationship a long time before we had sex. We’ve just deepen that love relationship with sex. You’re my Tatay, now, my Intimate-Daddy.”

“I see your point but I don’t see how this can be more than a one nightstand. How’s it going to work? You’re my son’s wife and now my… my what… my mistress?”

Shrugging I admitted, “I don’t have all the answers. To be honest I never thought past this weekend. I don’t think Ned did either. We’ll work it out, I’m sure.”

Max held up his hand ending the discussion. “Why don’t we just enjoy our time together?”

“I know what you’ll enjoy, Tatay,” I taunted as I rolled from the sitting position onto my knees. Water and soapy bubbles cascaded off my body and splashed back into the tub. I grabbed the sides of the tub and presented my still excited sex to Max. I gave him my ‘come and get it’ look over my shoulder.

His face flushed with lust as he studied my puffy pussy. His finger lovingly traced the folds of my labia. He sank a finger into my cunt and kissed a butt cheek then bit it. He rose to his knees his cock jutted from him between his legs thick and hard.

I squealed when Max bit my butt. I squealed again when he penetrated my pussy with his huge cock and hammered it with ravenous abandon. Twisting a nipple I hissed my delight.

Max held my hips firmly as he gunned his cock in and out of me. Wet flesh on flesh smacks reverberated off the bathroom wall as the water in the tub was stirred in a tempest.

My facial expression reflected the thrill I felt as my cunt’s velvety wet walls were caressed by Max’s monster cock. I could tell by the way he was pounding my pussy that he was close to climax. I reached between my thighs and began to diddle my clit with voracious relish.

Without warning Max slapped my ass harshly. The sting of the smack sent me sailing over the precipice of climax. My pussy contracted around his cock with a fierce grip of gratification and contorted with climatic compressions. My body shuttered with satisfaction and I stuttered, “Cum…pussy…cum.”

Max buried his cock completely inside the depths of my cunt with a final thrust. Bottoming out against my cervix he shot spurt after spurt of his seed against it. He thundered his relief.

After he was spent his soft dick slid out of me. He plopped back down in the tub. Once again water cascaded over the side. He panted, “I… love… you… Kido.”

“I love you too, Max, with all my heart.”

We hurriedly dressed and went downstairs for Sunday brunch. There were still a few guests lingering over their meals as we found an empty table on the veranda. Max pulled a chair out for me and I paused before sitting down so the sun could penetrate my white cotton skirt. My white thong and bare butt cheeks were clearly visible to Max beneath the flimsy material. I looked at him with a flirtatious grin knowing I had gotten his cock hard by the way he hobbled around the table.

“Cassie have I ever told you what a great ass you have,” he said as he adjusted his cock beneath the table.

I giggled, “No, I don’t think you ever have but I’m glad you like it.”

A waiter came and took our order. Sipping my orange juice I feasted upon the beauty of the view. The veranda overlooked Avalon and its marina was full of small boats. Sea gulls danced gracefully on the wind above the boats which lazily drifted at anchor. I gripped Max’s hand and observed, “It’s beautiful here.”

His smile was as radiant as the California sun. “Yes it is and so are you. I just wish it were different.”

I raised an eyebrow and asked, “Different how?”

Max smiled at me weakly, “I think what we shared last night and this morning was pretty special. You’ve awoken feelings in me that I thought I buried with Raquel. I just don’t see how we can continue to have a physical relationship after today.”

I reached across the table and took his hand. I gazed into his deep blue eyes. “You’re part my family Max, you have been since I married Ned. It just seems so natural to have our relationship grow more intimate. There’s no way I can go back to a platonic relationship with you now.”

He squeezed my hand, “Cassie, I love you like I didn’t think I’d be able to love again. I wish you could stay with me forever.”

My emotions suddenly crashed down on me and I looked out at the ocean to gain control.

“Our time here together will always be special to me.” Max said patting my hand.

The waiter brought our breakfast and we ate in silence just enjoying the food, the view and each other’s company. After eating we grabbed our bags and checked out. The van from Wrigley’s Inn took us down Mt. Ada to the dock to catch the ferry going back to the mainland.

We settled into the lounge of the ferry for the seventy-five minute trip to San Pedro. It was overcast and damp so the trip wasn’t as scenic as our outbound voyage had been. Neither of us dared speak, simply holding hands across the table like forlorn lovers.

Half way through the trip I excused myself to go to the restroom. I glanced over my shoulder to catch Max watching my ass wiggle beneath the flimsy material of my skirt. I smiled as he crossed his legs to hide his hard-on.

Coming out of the ladies room I found an unlocked closet. Smiling, I instantly knew how I might put my discovery to good use. I whispered to myself, “Naughty girl, you’re becoming insatiable.”

I went back to the lounge and took Max by the hand and said, “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

“Sure, Kido,” said Max as he took my hand.

Silently I quick-marched towards the closet with Max in tow. Looking over my shoulder I was pleased to find Max studying the globes of my butt with schoolboy-like intensity as they wiggled beneath my flimsy skirt. I opened the door to the closet and flipped on the light revealing a closet full of cleaning supplies, brooms and mops.

“What has gotten into you, Cassie?” He asked as I slung him through the closet door.

Panting with need I said, “I want your big cock to get into me.”

He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me fully on the mouth. His tongue hungrily wrestled with mine. His erection strained against my pubic bone. It felt like a steel rod prodding against my mound. He wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I closed and locked the door. I turned and draped my arms around Max’s neck. Then I hooked my fingers under the elastic hem of my crop top and brought it up over my perky breasts baring them to my father-in-law. My dusky nipples hardened and ached for his tender touch.

Max took my cue and immediately took a breast in each hand squeezing them. Then he passionately pinched my nipples. “You know we shouldn’t be in here. We might get caught.”

“I know. Isn’t it exhilarating,” I said standing on my tip-toes and kissing him with lust.

While Max continued to tease and tantalize my tits I unbutton his shirt. I ran my fingers through his pelt of chest hair down to his belly. I felt his tummy tremble with excitement as I trace a fingernail down his torso. I unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his trousers.

His cock bolted out. It was as hard as stone and its tip was dripping with delicious pre-cum. He moaned, “Cassie, you’re so beautiful. I need you. I need you now.”

I pull up the hem of my skirt. It slowly traversed up my naturally dark thighs. Smiling, I watched Max’s eyes as he followed the journey of my high riding hem. I pulled it higher, past my puffy pussy lips glistening with seductive stimulus. It passed my navel before I stop. My skirt had been reduced to a wide white band around my waist.

Max’s fingers pulled aside the saturated material of my thong exposing my simmering snatch. His palm pushed against my protruding clit causing me to gasp for air. “You’re so wet Kido. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Tatay, fuck me. Fuck me good.” I whimpered as his ripped his fingers from my cunt.

He clutched my buttocks squeezing a cheek in each hand. He lifted me up by my ass. I hugged his neck to help him. His huge hard cock naturally split the lips of my soggy slit. I slid down his solid shaft until I was completely impaled on the monster. He pushed me back against the door.

“Oof,” I exhaled as he shoved two fingers up my butthole. I wrapped my legs around his waist locking them together with my ankles. I kissed him heartily. My tongue plunged into his mouth as deeply as his cock penetrated me. I broke our kiss and whispered in his ear, “Your cock… feels so good… Tatay…so big…fuck me…hard…fast.”

He bucked his hips propelling his cock in and out of my wet velvety cunt like a rocket. His breath came in gasps timed with his thrusts, “uh…uh, uh…uh.”

My G-spot was tapped with each pussy pulverizing plunge of Max’s angled cock. My snatch clutched at his cock with wet silky spasms. My twitching twat motivated him to increase his momentum. My breath became more labored as the pressure of pleasure in my pussy intensified.

I threw my head back moaning, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,”

My head thumped against the hardwood of the door. My eyes blinked rapid fire. I fought off the black. My brain reeled between the ache in my head and the glee in my gash. My eyes rolled back white. My brow contorted into climatic creases as my body exploded with euphoric release. I hooted, “Uh…Pussy…Cum.”

Max stabbed his cock into my climaxing cunt as far he could. He bottomed out against my cervix and blew his load against it with gusto. He roared, “Cumming, Kido cumming!”

I held him in a tight embrace cooing in his ear as he emptied his balls into me shooting his spunk into my pleasantly pounded pussy. I whispered, “I love you so much Tatay.”

Finally spent Max’s cock softened and slipped from my well-serviced snatch. He lowered me back down to the floor. He buttoned his shirt and redid his trousers while I pulled my dress hem back down my thighs. He kissed me and gave my bare breasts another loving squeeze before I pulled my top back down over my boobs.

He patted my bottom as he opened the door. “I love you, Kido.”

The ferry docked soon after we found our seats in the lounge. We quickly disembarked the ferry and found Max’s BMW in the parking lot. Somewhat subdued we headed north in the busy afternoon traffic. I scooted next to him in the car and rested my head on his shoulder. I was tired and bit sore from so much passionate sex with my well hung father-in-law. I relaxed and, soon I was soundly dozing, before I knew it Max had pulled up in front of my house.

He parked in the drive way and scooted out on his side. He grabbed my luggage and followed me into the house. Ever mindful of what the neighbors might think he kept his distance and his eyes off my ass. Once in the foyer Max put my luggage down near the table under the hall mirror. His blue eyes held a glint of sadness as he looked at me with longing. He croaked, “I should go.”

Shaking my head I closed the door and approached Max like a wolf advancing on a sheep. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into an embrace for a kiss. My mouth hungrily explored his.

He raised my top up and pulled it over my head. Letting it fall down on my luggage. His hands fondled my exposed breasts then he suckled them passionately. He forcefully sucked each nipple in turn until they ached with passion. He playfully bit, tantalized them with his flickering tongue.

I ran my fingers over handsome hairless head and purred, “Oh, Tatay, that feels so good.”

Max leaned me back against the hall table. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his huge hard cock. He raised my skirt and ran his finger across the damp material of my thong. Slipping his finger into the leg hole of my thong he pulled it aside. Having cleared the way he thrust his cock into the core of my wetness.

My butt was barely on the edge of the table as he splayed my pussy wide by pushing my knees up against my tits. I was afraid I would fall off of the table. I clung to Max in desperation as he fucked me like a man possessed.

I knew Max wouldn’t last long the way he was throttling my pussy despite his earlier ejaculations. I declared, “Fuck my pussy. It’s yours to fuck, Tatay. Fuck it good.”

He groaned and then surprised me by pulling his shooting cock out of my pussy. He spewed his seed all over my pussy and thong as he fisted himself to completion. His gleamed with animal like intensity as he marked his territory. Soon my cunt and my panty were covered with his cum. When he had finished he whispered “I love you so much, Kido. I wish your pussy was mine.”

Before I could answer Max shot out the door. By the time I had gotten off the table and arranged my clothing he was gone. He refused to answer his cell phone so I left several angry messages.

Having spent so much energy in amorous activity I was hungry. I ate a salad for supper then soaked for a long while in tub. I wasn’t used to Max’s large size so my pussy was a bit a tender and I had experienced so many orgasms that my lower tummy was actually sore. I pondered Max’s hasty exit empathizing with the mixed emotions he was feeling.

After drying off I put on a nightie and placed a call to my husband. “Hello, Mahal (Beloved).”

“Hey, Babe, so are you home now?”

“Yeah,” I replied not trying to mask my weariness. “How are things in Canada?”

“Good but you sound tired. Did my father wear you out?” Ned giggled.

“Fuck you, Ned Barnett,” I snapped. “You’re father and I spent an erotic and romantic weekend together I won’t allow you to sully it with your dirty locker-room attitude.”

Before he could respond I clicked my cell phone shut and turned it off. I went to bed confused and angry with both men. I tossed and turned before drifting to sleep and into troubled dreams.

Out of the recesses of my mind my dead mother-in-law, Raquel, appeared. She stood above me for a moment. Running her hand through my dark hair she asked, “How are you doing, Kido?”

“Not so hot.” I confessed. “Max won’t talk to me and I won’t speak to Ned.”

“You poor thing,” cooed Raquel as she stroked my forehead. “What can I do to help?”

“I just need a little consoling.” I whispered weakly.

Raquel quickly crawled under the covers with me. She rubbed my cheek before bringing my face to hers. She kissed me open mouthed. Her tongued searched out mine then wrestled with it. Gently she massaged my breast as my dream continued. She took my right nipple into her mouth and sucked on it like a straw. It felt like she was trying to suck my entire body into her mouth.

“That feels so good.” I whimpered.

Raquel kissed her way down my belly and lightly blew puffs of hot breath on my clit. Her talented tongue tunneled into my wetness. She licked towards the clef wetness as my body squirmed beneath her. As she darted her tongue across my clitoris I clutched the sheets. Soon she had two fingers speedily stabbing in and out of my slit until I cried out in pleasure. She looked up from my crotch and smiled.

I yammered incoherently as Raquel drove me delirious with her manipulations. I whimpered as I neared my peak, “My pussy, my pussy”

Raquel smiled at me. She withdrew her fingers from my pussy and jabbed them up my ass then bit lightly on my exposed clitoris.

I howled in blissful release as waves of ecstasy crashed down on my body.

“Feel better now, Kido?” she asked.

I panted, “Yes, yes I do.”

Raquel giggled and then lay down beside me. She pulled me towards her until my head rested on her large breasts. She lightly ran her fingers through my hair and softly said, “Don’t worry about my boys they’ll come around. All of you are trying to come to terms with the new relationship. It will work out. I love you all.”

Suddenly she rose from my bed. I grabbed her hand and begged, “Don’t go.”

She gently stroked my cheek and said, “I must go so you can be Max’s new wife.”

“But I’m your son’s wife.”

Raquel winked. “I know and in some parts of the world my exotic half-Filipina, half-African American daughter-in-law, women have more than one husband.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will. I’m trusting you to take care of my boys, Casie.” She drifted out of my bedroom and back into the mists of my memory. The next morning I awoke refreshed and reinvigorate. As I went through my morning routine I reflected upon my dream and its meaning. I wondered if my dead mother-in-law was trying to give me guidance from beyond the grave.

An unusual summer rain was falling so traffic was snarled as I made my way to LAX to pick-up Ned. I found a parking spot at the very back of the short-term parking lot. It wasn’t hard to find in the inclement weather most people wanted a parking spot closer to the terminal. I pulled the collar of my raincoat tight around my neck. Hunched beneath my umbrella I hustled to the terminal.

I stood by the baggage claim tapping my toe impatiently. Lightning tore through the sky and I nervously fretted with my hair which was pulled into a ponytail. Finally, I caught sight of Ned and squealed with delight. I waved at him and he waved back.

Ned retrieved his bags from the circulating conveyor then approached me with a sheepish grin. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and asked, “Are you still mad at me?”

I smiled widely and opened my raincoat. “What do you think, Mahal?”

My husband’s eyes bugged out and his mouth fell open at the sight of my outfit. It was just the response I had hoped. My small but perky boobs were encased in a black transparent halter top. Around my hips I wore a black leather micro-mini skirt that barely covered my buttocks. Under the skirt but still visible were the tops of black fishnet stockings that encased my legs. Completing my slut-wear was a pair of black stilettos with a five-inch heels that not only pushed my butt out my breasts as well.

“Wow,” croaked Ned.

I clutched his arm and headed for the terminal exit. I whispered huskily into Ned’s ear, “I want you to know two things. I love you and I’m not wearing any panties.”

“You’re such a naughty girl, Cassie. I love you.” Ned’s laugh reverberated with his sexual excitement.

Hitting the wet weather outside the terminal I held the umbrella over our heads and guided Ned to our SUV. We were thoroughly soaked by the time we got to it.

“Why did park out here?” whined Ned above the pit-patter of the rain hitting the umbrella.

“You’ll see, you big baby, just get in the backseat.”

As soon as Ned slammed the door shut I kissed him. My tongue probed his mouth and wrestled with his. I slipped my arms out of my raincoat and eased out of it. I reached behind my neck and undid my halter top and pulled it down giving my husband access to my breasts.

He wasted no time and lovingly mauled my perky boobs gently pinching and twisting my nipples until I squealed. He sucked on one and then the other. He whispered in my ear, “I missed you so much, Babe. I can’t wait to get you home and fuck you.”

“Why wait, Mahal? Fuck me right here, right now.”

“Here in the parking lot?”

I didn’t answer. I simply unzipped Ned’s trousers allowing his hard dick to leap out. I jerked it a couple of times smearing his pre-cum up and down his shaft. I lay back on the seat pulling my micro-mini skirt up revealing my wet cunt.

Ned’s dick penetrated my pussy fully in a single thrust. He was excited and his dick jack-hammered in and out of my snatch nailing it to the car seat. His warm agitated breath raised goose bumps on my neck.

“Your pussy feels so good, Babe.” He huffed, “I missed you so much.”

I slapped Ned’s ass in response urging him to continue to pummel my pussy. I diddled my clit and stuttered, “Fuck…me…fuck… me.”

Soon Ned buried his dick into me balls deep and spewed his seed into the wet depths of my cunt. He howled with his release and I barked as my cunt contracted and convulsed around his dick in mutual orgasm.

After we recovered from our orgasms we jumped into the front and drove home. It was still raining so traffic remained. We drove in awkward silence both of us knowing that my weekend with Max had changed everything but neither of was sure how to proceed. Finally Ned said, “I’m assuming things went well with Dad?”

“Yes and no,” I responded.

His face filled with apprehension as he glanced at me then back at traffic. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I successfully seduced your father. He admitted that he had been suppressing his sexual feelings…”

“That’s a good thing right?” Ned interrupted.

“Maybe, but it might have made things worse.”

Ned was flustered and his voice carried a harsh ring, “How?”

“I think he’s more frustrated than before we made love him.”


“When he dropped me off, after we made love, he said, ‘I wish you were mine’ then he just left. He hasn’t returned any of my phone calls so I checked with his secretary. She said he showed up to work on time this morning and in very good mood.”

Ned chuckled, “He should be in a good mood after making love to you. It always puts me in a good mood.”

“I’m glad you’re not jealous.”

Again Ned chuckled, “I’m a joyous not jealous.”


“My wife meets me at the airport in a skimpy outfit then fucks me silly in the parking lot and my dad has a better disposition so I know he’s no longer contemplating suicide. Yeah, I’m joyous.”

“I don’t know how long Max’s good mood is going to last.”

Ned frowned and steered into the next lane. “What do you mean?”

“You were right about your father, sex for him is truly a physical expression of love. And that’s what we did, you father and I, we made passionate love. The problem is we didn’t think out the next step.”

Ned furrowed his brow. “Next step?”

“Yeah, we, that is, me and you, just planned and prepared for the weekend. What happens now that the weekend is over? Was this supposed to be just a one-time thing or am I supposed to be Max’s mistress?”

“I don’t know,” Ned admitted with scowl, “I guess I didn’t think it all the way through.”

Patting Ned’s knee I reassured him, “I didn’t either. I love you Ned and I love Max too. You’re my family I don’t want to lose either of you. We are all going to have to adjust to our new relationship.”

“New relationship?”

“Yeah, our relationship has changed. We no longer have a monogamous relationship, we have polyamorous one now.”


“Yeah, polyamorous as in polyamory, it is the practice of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Look it up.”

Ned chuckled, “That does sound like us. So what’s the problem?”

“Your father is having trouble with idea of you sharing me with him. Your consent got him past the taboo nature of fucking his son’s wife but he can’t get his mind around it being more than a one-time experience.”

He nodded his understanding and asked, “So why does Dad see it to be a one-time thing?”

“I’m just guessing because he refuses to talk to me,” I seethed with indignation then calmed, “but I would say he isn’t sure where he fits in our ménage à trois. You’re my husband so your position is set but what is his position in our relationship? Just my lover?”

Ned nodded, “Dad doesn’t like being ‘just’ anything. So he probably does see himself as being less important.”

“But it’s really not like that, we all love each other. I love you, I love Max. You love Max and you love me. Max loves us. There’s just so much love in our relationship.” I pointed to the tattoo on bicep, “We’re family, Pamilya muna, family first.”

We pulled into the garage of our home. As the overhead door came down Ned pulled me into a kiss. He whispered, “I love you Cassie with all my heart. I have an idea that might help.”

I opened my door and teased, “It was your helpful ideas that got us here.”

Ned stopped and dropped his suitcase onto the garage floor. He folded his arms and grumbled, “Do you have regrets about what’s happen?”

I reached up and stroked my husband’s face, “No, Mahal, no, not all. Do you have regrets?”

Ned shook his head. “None. I love you and I love my father.”

I leaned my butt against the hood of the car and asked, “Okay, Mahal what’s your idea?”

“You were virgin when we married, right?”

“Yes, you know I was. Among my mother’s people virginity is precious and a gift that a woman can only give once. I gave it to you Mahal four years ago.”

Ned kissed my forehead, “It was an extraordinary experience. You were right to make me wait for our wedding night. It cemented our relationship like nothing else could have.”

I knew Ned had more to say so I waited silently. I looked into his deep blue eyes as they locked with mine.

“You were right about that it would cement our relationship but you’re wrong that it’s a gift you can only give once.”

Suddenly I knew where my husband was going and interrupted him. “Are you suggesting anal? You tried that and it hurt me too much to continue. And Ned, you father is a whole lot larger than you. He’ll rip me in half.”

Ned grimaced but he continued, “I know I hurt you that’s why I stopped before it even it really got started, so your anal cherry is still intact so to speak. You said Dad’s a gentle and considerate lover so he won’t hurt you. Dad has always been an ass man.”

“How will fucking my ass change how Max feels?”

“Your anal virginity will mean as much to him as your pussy virginity meant to me.”

A smile spread across my face as I accepted Ned’s logic. He was right, our wedding night had been special, to me and to him. I kissed Ned deeply, our tongues delightfully danced together. “Fuck me, Mahal, fuck me now.”

He picked me up by my waist and sat me gently on the hood of the car. Without breaking our embrace he pushed me down until my back rested on the still warm hood. He pulled my halter away from my breasts. Immediately he sucked a hard nipple into his hot wet mouth.

It took my breath away and I arched my back and hissed, “Uh, uh, that feels so good, Mahal.”

He pushed my mini-skirt up my quivering frame revealing my ready cunt. He grabbed my ankle and kissed the dragon tattoo just above it. In his other hand he took my other ankle and pushed my both ankles as far apart as possible. Then he stood between my spread legs.

Enthusiastically I slid my forefinger up and down the folds of my cunt. I was incredibly wet. My current arousal added to Ned’s earlier ejaculate creating a frothy mixture of excitement. I looked at Ned’s face through glazed-eyes.

“You’re so beautiful Cassie. I love you so much.” His voice betrayed a husky heat. His blue eyes studied my splayed pussy like he was seeing it for the first time. Suddenly he stabbed a finger into my sizzling snatch. Moisture and spent cum escaped from my cunt and streamed down the crack of my ass. Ned jammed his thumb into my butthole without warning.

As he pinched his thumb and finger together like I was some sort of a six-pack I arched my back, squeezed my thighs together and hooted. My body shuddered with orgasm. Bright colors of white and red fluttered behind my eyelids. I blinked back the black.

Ned stood above me smiling at my pleasure. He unzipped his fly. His cock sprung out engorged and ready. He grabbed it and roughly slid it up and down my still sensitive slit.

“Oh, Mahal.” I huffed.

Satisfied his staff was sufficiently lubricated he stabbed it into my snatch full force. In one thrust he packed himself completely into my cunt. He groaned, “Cassie, your pussy feels so good.”

I stuttered, “Dick…so…hard…so…good.”

He clutched my hips and pulled me towards him stuffing even more of his cock into my cunt. He smiled down at me as I lay on my back arms outstretched. He reached down and tweaked my nipples until squeals of delight darted from my lips.

“Fuck me, Mahal. Fuck me good.”

With that encouragement he began to hammer his dick in and out of me. I whimpered as he pulverized my pussy to a pleasurable pulp. My breasts bounced in time to Ned’s thrusting dick. I felt it grow thicker and twitch I knew he was near climax.

“Fill my pussy,” I puffed, “fill my pussy with your cum.”

My naughty recommendation was all Ned needed to hear. He buried himself inside me clear to his balls. They contracted and he shot a stream of glorious cum onto the velveteen walls of my pussy. He arched his back bellowed in release.

I felt Ned’s spunk swimming in my simmering snatch and it sent me over the brink of my own orgasm. My entire pussy contorted and contracted around Ned’s rock-solid dick and I heard him moan as my cunt convulsed around him. My own moans and groans melded with his.

Spent Ned practically fell on top of me. He kissed my still exposed breasts covered in a sweaty sheen. He hissed, “I love you Babe. I love you so much.”

He pulled himself off of me and helped me slip off the hood of the car. He slapped my bare ass. Then he led me into the house laughing as I vigorously rubbed the rising welt on my rear.

The nest morning after Ned left for work I lay soaking in the tub after a night of vigorous sex performed in a variety of positions. The hot water felt good on my lower belly. My husband and his father had given me some many orgasms in the past couple of days my tummy was a bit tender. Despite all the passionate attention I had received I found myself craving more. I washed and prepared myself for my next encounter with my father-in-law.

After bathing I pulled my dark hair into ponytail again. My skin was the color of a brown mocha latte and needed very little make-up, a genetic gift from my African-American father. I used a carmel eyeshadow to complement my eyes and a deep warm pink blush to give my cheeks an enticing glow. I puckered my lips and applied a pink lipstick to them. Finally, I sprayed a mist of perfume on my frame.

Done in the bathroom I headed into my bedroom and dressed in the outfit I had previously laid out. I slipped on a sheer white lace peasant chemise. Its white embroidered roses hid my nipples which hardened after the frilly material caressed them. Pulling the shoulders down to my biceps I created a sultry off-the-shoulder look. I was pleased with how the white material not only contrasted with my brown skin but highlighted it. Next I slipped on a pair of tight white lace French-cut bikini panties. I loved how the high leg holes forced the ornate material into the crevice of my cunt creating a captivating cameltoe. I ran my finger up and down my slit and smiled when it dampened with excitement. My voice had a bit of tremor to it as I said to my reflection, “That’s where I want Max to put his huge horse cock.”

Giggling at my naughty antics I slung a pink wrap-around skirt around my waist. It brought out the pink shade of my lips and stressed their lusciousness. Finally, I slipped into a pair of pink high heeled pumps that pushed both my boobs and butt out in an enticing way. I winked at my reflection and left the house.

I pulled out of my driveway and headed for Parker Manufacturing in Santa Monica. My husband had suggested that since Max usually brown-bagged his noon meal it would be best if I took my father-in-law lunch. Ned reasoned that Max would not make a scene at his office in front of his employees. Ned had even called Max’s secretary to ensure his availability over the lunch hour.

I stopped at a Chinese restaurant and picked-up lunch. Several patrons welcomed me with wolf whistles and cat calls as I sauntered through the establishment shaking my ass in my sexy outfit. I had always attracted men’s attention. I had been a cheerleader in high school and college after all. And, I had always enjoyed their consideration but I wondered if Max would find my attire sexy or slutty. My deceased mother-in-law had always dressed modestly in public but I knew she had been a wildcat in the bedroom.

Back in the car I headed for Santa Monica. Biting my lip I puzzled over my anxiety, I had never so wantonly craved one man’s attention nor had I so bluntly sought it. Remembering Raquel’s words of encouragement from my recent dream I knew she would approve of what I was doing. The thought gave me comfort and settled my nerves.

I lightly drummed my manicured and pink painted fingernails on the steering wheel and hummed to the music softly playing on the radio. I grinned wickedly as my thoughts churned with excitement. A traffic light turned red, I stopped the car and moved my hand under my skirt and between my legs. I lightly drew my index finger up and down my panty encased slit. My arousal increased. I pulled my panties up between my damp pussy lips. The soft material stretched tight across my clit. A moan escaped me. I slipped my hand down the front of my panties pushing the damp material out of my labia. I thrust my middle finger into my simmering snatch. The light turned green but I was lost in lust.

The car behind me impatiently honked. I hit the accelerator just as the light went from yellow to red. An oncoming car had to veer wide in the intersection to avoid side-swiping me. I quickly pulled my hand out of panties and stomped on the gas. Once I was clear of the intersection I pulled to the curb. I was panting with fear and excitement. I put the car in park and rested my head on the steering wheel. The smell of sex and fear permeated the car.

I sighed heavily then shoved my hand back down between my thighs determined to finish what I had started. I reached for breasts barely hidden by the frilly top and gently twisted my nipple through the shear material. Closing my eyes I imagined Max sitting on the passenger’s side watching me play with myself and madly stoking his own huge cock. I frantically pushed my palm against my clit while my fingers sawed in out of pussy. I pinched down on my nipple a little harder. My breathing came in spats. Finally I dove over the edge into orgasm and howled, “Ohhhh, Maxxxx!”

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

I know there are many characters in this story, here are the main characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Handsome actor

Daniel Worth – Handsome Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley


Frederick – Butler

Daniela – His daughter and now submissive to Hayley

Max – Chauffeur

Everyone in this story is well over the age of consent. All women are shaved. All agree to follow completely the ritual and to the use of the secret drugs in the story. Jake knows what he’s getting into. This was all my dream.



When Jake awoke, he was still naked but alone in his bed. He stretched and looked at the clock. It was 10 in the morning. He supposed everyone was still asleep. Jake decided to lie in bed until 10:30, then get up, have breakfast and see what Brandon, Daniel and Jonah would teach him today.

Turning over he thought about Hayley. He wondered how she was. Jake was still angry with her. Jake knew it was irrational. She had been drugged, he was sure of that. The Hayley he knew would never even talk the way this vixen had last night.

Jake thought about how excited he had been watching Hayley. Tonight, it would be his turn to tap that pussy and he would… good and hard. Jake would let Hayley know that he, not Matthew was her true Master.

As for Matthew, Jake wanted to whip him to shreds. He would take care of his soon to be father-in-law.


Matthew got up early. He and Helen went into town where they went to a spa for a morning of massages. Matthew knew that Jake would take out his revenge. In a very big way, Matthew was looking forward to this punishment. Jake was a good match for him. He would force Matthew to submit.

Matthew was also looking forward to taking Jake’s big prick in his ass. He wanted to suck on Jake’s black dick. Matthew’s mouth watered at the thought.


Jake ordered his breakfast and went into the shower. He washed and came out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around his waist. After brushing and shaving, he came out of the room to find a pair of blue sweat pants and a tee that read Master of the Universe on his bed. He chuckled and wondered whose idea of a joke this was.

Jake dressed as the knock came at the door of his room. Jake was surprised when he opened the door to find Daniel, Brandon and Jonah with the cart. “Hey guys, come on in.”

There was breakfast for the four of them. Jonah and Daniel pulled up chairs as Jake and Brandon sat down at the table. They ate in silence for a few minutes then Jonah leaned back in his seat and said, “I want to apologize to you Jake.”

Jake raised an eyebrow as he took a sip of his orange juice. “Why is that?”

Jonah looked at Daniel who nodded. “I want to apologize for my behavior.”

Jonah looked down at his hands, “I was punished yesterday for being jealous of you and father.”

Jake looked at Brandon who wore a smirk on his lips.

“Who punished you?” Jake asked.

Jonah turned crimson, “Father and…Quinn.”

‘So your wife and your father. What did they do to you?”

Jonah turned even redder, “They flogged me. Quinn fucked me with the strap-on and I was made to wear a cock cage.”

“Do you still have on the cage?” Jake asked.

Jonah nodded.

“Show me.” Jake ordered.

Jonah stood up and pulled down his sweat pants. Brandon pulled a chain from around his neck. There was a small silver key. “Matthew gave it to me this morning. It is up to you to release Jonah.”

“So I get to decide when you are to be free?” Jake asked and grinned.

“Yes you do.” Jonah said. He looked up through his lashes at Jake.

“On your knees Jonah.” Jake ordered.

Brandon and Daniel looked at each other and they both grinned. Matthew had better watch out. His soon to be in-law was definitely on his way to be the top dog in this house.

Jake stood and took his cock out of his pants. “See this. Today this is your Master. Show me what a good boy you are. If I let you out, you will do what I ask and maybe you can get back at your father.”

Jonah grinned. “I know you love your father’s cock, but I think you’ll enjoy mine much better.” Jake said stroking his cock.

Jonah was mesmerized. Jake’s cock was just a little smaller than his father’s, but it was black and beautiful. It was so smooth and looked like the cock Quinn often fucked him with.

Jake stroked his cock enticingly and sat back down. Jonah got on his knees and crawled forward. Jake grabbed the back of Jonah’s neck and pulled him onto his cock. Jonah went to work as Daniel and Brandon watched.

Jonah sucked Jake deep into his mouth. Jake proceeded to eat his breakfast with one hand while keeping his other on Jonah’s head. He fucked into Jonah’s hot mouth. Jonah sputtered and choked, but kept on licking. Jake finishing his meal, put both hands on the back of Jonah’s head and pounded his fiancée’s brother’s mouth. “Yes Jonah, you are my bitch now. Tonight I’m going to fuck your ass and show you whose boss. You’ll be my little puppy.”

Daniel was rubbing his dick inside his pants. Brandon stopped him. “They need to finish this up. We have work to do.”

Jake groaned, “I’m almost there. Jonah’s doing a real good job.”

Jake leaned back in his chair as Jonah continued sucking. Jake felt his semen rising to the top and held Jonah all the way down on his dick. Jonah took the whole thing down his throat as Jake exploded.

Jonah let a few drops drip on the floor. Jake gave him a look and Jonah bent down to the floor and licked up the drop.

Jake gave him another look and Jonah made sure that Jake’s dick was clean.

Jake sat for a moment. He took a drink of his juice and told Jonah. “Finish eating, then join us in the punishment room where I will take the cage off your cock.”

Jake stood, pulled up his pants and left with Brandon and Daniel.

Jonah took his time eating. He savored Jake’s sperm in his mouth. He wanted more of Jake’s cock. He couldn’t wait to tell Quinn.


Jake spent the afternoon learning what everything was in the punishment room. Brandon informed Jake that when he returned home there would be suitable toys in Hayley’s apartment. Matthew arranged for a small playroom to be built in the second bedroom closet.

Jake looked at Brandon and Daniel, “Does this guy think of everything? Does he make all the decisions? How does he know I want all this crap?”

“He will be with you all year until your wedding training both of you. You will need it I assure you.” Brandon said. “Matthew is very good and very thorough. By the time of your wedding, you will be the Master of your house and Hayley will be your submissive wife.

“Are you the dominant one in your family?” Jake asked.

Brandon shook his head. “Samantha is my Mistress. She will beat my ass every day if I don’t do as she asks. Samantha is a very strong woman. I love being between her legs. I love it when she uses the flogger on me. I do my best to obey her, but she punishes me when she feels like it.”

Daniel interrupted before Jake could ask, “I’m the dominant in my house. Denise likes to be in bondage. I tie her up nice and tight and have my way with her. Matthew taught me all types of very neat rope tricks and sent me to Japan to learn other methods. I’m quit good. If you want I’ll teach you a few things.”

“What about Jonah?” Jake asked.

“Both him and Quinn take turns. The term is switch. Sometimes she’s in control, sometimes he is.” Daniel whispered, and then said conspiratorially, “but personally, I believe that Quinn is a domme. I know for a fact that she spanks him every day.”

“Do you visit each other?” Jake asked as he picked up a paddle and started swinging it. “I plan to use this tonight.”

Brandon raised an eyebrow and answered Jake’s question.” I live in LA and Daniel lives in NY, we get together now and again. Quinn and Jonah live in Washington, D.C. Work permitting we get together about every three months.”

“Do you plan to get together with Hayley and me?” Jake asked as he swung the paddle.

“That’s up to you. We’ll call and let you know when we’re coming. It’s up to you and Hayley, but for the next year we can’t be with you except here in Denver and at family functions. Matthew will be training you until you two are married.” Brandon informed him.

Jake just nodded.

They spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon teaching Jake how to use the toys that were in the punishment room. Jonah joined them. He let Jake in on a little secret; Matthew hated the paddle more than anything else. He had a soft spot on his right buttock and the paddle when used correctly hurt him there more than any other place.


Hayley spent the day out of the house with Samantha, Denise and Quinn. They took her shopping for something to wear for the party and something sexy to wear for tonight.

Denise noticed that Hayley seemed a bit off somehow. “Hayley are you all right?”

Hayley looked down at her hands. She gazed up at Denise through her lashes. “I slept with daddy.”

“We know that. We saw that. We’ve all slept with father.” Denise said and put her arm around Hayley.

“No Denise. I meant after. I seduced him. All of you had left to go to bed and I locked the ritual door.” Hayley said.

“I bet dad told you to keep it a secret.” Denise said.

“How did you know?” Hayley asked her eyes wide staring into Denise’s eyes.

Denise smiled at her. “We’ve all done it. I did it after my time. I couldn’t get enough of that big dick.” Denise squeezed Hayley’s arm.

Hayley relaxed. Quinn and Samantha who had heard the conversation came to Hayley and hugged her. “We’ve all done it and father used it to his advantage.” Samantha said, “Tonight, show Jake that he’s the man. Show Jake that he has your complete loyalty. Show father that you know what he is trying to do. Stand up to him!”

Hayley thought about all this over lunch. She thought about it when she went to the spa with her sisters. She thought about Jake and about her father. Tonight she would make Jake proud. The girls were right; it was time that Matthew learned his lesson.


Matthew felt the prick of the needle as Helen gave him the shot. The shot would help him during the ritual. Matthew fell asleep and slept for a few hours. When he awoke, Helen had lunch brought up.

She kissed her husband. “You really like to push things don’t you.”

“I need to see if the boy is good enough. I need to know that he can take charge of this family.” Matthew said.

“No, you need to beat him. You want Hayley all to yourself.” Helen said stroking her husband’s face.

Matthew didn’t answer her. He knew that was partially the truth. No man was good enough for Hayley.


Everyone met for dinner. Brandon and Daniel led Jake to the head of the table. Matthew was on his right while Helen was on his left. Hayley sat at the other end of the table.

Dinner was very formal. Frederick and Max helped serve the food. Matthew did very little talking while Helen asked Jake if he thought about getting married in Denver. Everyone was dressed in black tie. Hayley looked beautiful in a long red gown. Daniela was very sexy in a black and white cocktail dress.

Jake gazed at her and said, “Hayley and I will be getting married in New York.”

Matthew’s head snapped up. He started to speak, but held his tongue.

Jake watched Matthew. He knew he had pissed his father-in-law off and Jake was glad.

After dinner, Matthew was taken away by Daniel and Jonah. Brandon took Jake to his room so Jake could change his clothes. Jake chose a pair of tight fitting black leather pants with a button down crotch. He wore a black leather vest.

Matthew had changed into a pair of black leather chaps with the back open. In front were ties to free his dick.

Jonah came into the bedroom dressed in a pair of black leather shorts. Jake unbuttoned Jonah’s pants. Jake took the key from the chain around his neck and unlocked the cock cage. “Wash it and replace it.” He ordered. Jonah nodded.

Brandon and Jake went downstairs. When they arrived in the punishment room, everyone knelt before Jake. Jonah arrived a few moments later and put the cock cage back with the rest of them in the drawer of the cabinet in the room.

Jake walked over to Daniela. She was wearing a black lace bra and panties. He unbuttoned his crotch and pulled out his dick. Daniela was looking down at the floor. “Daniela, you belong to me and Hayley. Take your Master’s dick in your mouth. Show me how much you want it.”

Daniela looked up at him. Hayley’s head snapped up. Jake looked at her. “Since you enjoyed your father’s dick so much last night, you get to watch Daniela.”

Hayley narrowed her eyes. Jake stared at her and she lowered her gaze. Daniela opened her mouth. “Use your hands. Caress my cock. It will be in your pussy soon enough.” Jake said.

Daniela wrapped her small hands around his large dick. It wasn’t as large as Matthews but it was pretty large. Daniela licked Jake’s cock from the tip to the base. She sucked his balls as everyone watched.

Making her mouth into an O, Daniela teased the head sucking on it. Matthew watched as Daniela sucked on the dick.

Jake looked at his family to be. “I want everyone naked in five minutes. Everyone except Matthew, Hayley and Daniela.” Jake said.

They all got undressed. Daniela sucked Jake’s penis. He patted her head. Hayley watched Daniela. She licked her lips. Hayley wanted to suck Jake.

“Brandon.” Jake said and then moaned. “Good girl Daniela. You will be doing this a great deal.” He pinched her breasts. She moaned.

“Brandon.” Jake began again, “Take Hayley to the cross and cuff her face to the wall.” Jake moved his hips fucking in and out of Daniela’s mouth.

Brandon did as Jake ordered. Hayley looked back at Daniela and groaned. She wanted Jake’s cock in her mouth badly. She wanted to taste it. She had waited a long time.

Jake looked over at Frederick. “Frederick, come and undress your daughter.” Frederick hesitated for a moment but then came forward and undid the bra Daniela was wearing.

Daniela still sucking Jake’s cock lifted her leg up to allow her father to take down her underwear.

Jake stroked Daniela’s hair. “Open your legs Daniela. Frederick feel your daughter’s cunt. Get it nice and wet.” Frederick did as he was ordered, sticking his fingers inside Daniela’s very wet pussy while Daniela kept licking Jake’s dick.

Jake looked over at Quinn. He looked at Daniel. “Daniel, take Quinn into the ritual room. I want you to spank her. I want you to turn her ass red with your hand and then I want you to fuck her very hard in her pussy and her ass. Remember to use a condom.”

Quinn got up and took Daniel’s hand. She grinned at Jake as she walked past him.

Daniela was fucking back on Frederick’s fingers. He slid a third finger inside her and she was moaning. “Daddy, that’s so good. More please”, she said as she lifted her face from Jake’s cock.

Jake pulled out of her mouth. Daniela still had her hand on his cock and was stroking Jake. “Frederick, take your daughter into the ritual room and eat her pussy. Get her ready for me.”

Frederick helped Daniela up. His dick was standing straight out. Jake took Daniela’s hand and put it on her father’s dick. “On second thought, 69 it, but don’t cum.” Jake warned.

“Everyone else…” Jake announced. “Watch while I show my fiancée how I felt about last night.”

Jake looked at Matthew. “You’ll get yours soon, but watch how I master your daughter.

Matthew smirked, “you’ll never be man enough for her.”

Jake’s mouth turned up into a half smile, “But I will be man enough for you my father-in-law. Before the night is over you and Hayley will know that I am the better man.”

Jake walked up to Hayley standing up on the cross. “Samantha hand me the ball gag.”

Matthew and Helen both gasped. Jake heard them and grinned. Samantha ran over and opened the drawer. She took out a white ball gag and brought it to Jake. Jake caressed Samantha’s cheek. “I want you to watch every moment of this night.” Samantha nodded.

“Hayley, open your mouth.” Jake ordered.

Hayley obeyed. Her body was trembling from fear or anticipation, Jake didn’t know. He just knew that she would call him Master from now on.

Jake stepped back. He gave a looked to Brandon who went to the wall and took down the black bullwhip. Helen started to go to him, but Jake turned to Helen. “Move mother-in-law and I will whip you until you bleed.”

Helen stopped. Matthew cringed. Jake spoke to Jonah, “Jonah, take out your father’s cock and Brandon get the ruler on the table.” Jake turned to Denise, “Go get Daniel and Quinn, tell them to stop what they are doing and return, leave Frederick and Daniela to their play.” Denise hurried from the room.

Daniel was just about to stick his dick into Quinn’s ass. He immediately stopped and brought Quinn whose ass was very red from the spanking he had given her, back into the punishment room.

Jake noticed them. “Fuck Quinn’s ass while I continue.” He ordered.

Daniel went behind Quinn who was on her knees. “Open that pretty brown ass for me.”

Quinn who had been crying from the spanking she received did what Daniel asked. Daniel forced his cock into her ass. He started fucking her. Her eyes were glued to Hayley and Jake.

Jake walked up behind Hayley. He kissed her neck and undid her bra. “Jonah, every hit that Hayley gets, you hit Matthew’s cock with the ruler. I think 21 will do and one for good behavior.”

Helen cried, “No. You cannot whip my daughter 21 times. You’ll kill her.”

“Who said I planned to just use the whip.” Jake said and turned to Helen, “One more word out of you and I’ll make it fifty.

Helen shut her mouth.

Jake looked at Jonah. Raising the whip, he let it fly. WHISH! The whip sliced through the air and landed on Hayley’s back. She let out a scream which was partially muffled by the ball gag.

Jonah hit his father’s cock with the ruler. Matthew flinched, but managed not to cry out.

Twice more Jake used the whip on Hayley. He managed not to cut the skin, but leave a red angry Mark. In the short time, Brandon’s teaching had paid off.

Jonah didn’t look in his father’s face as he administered his blows. Helen watched Matthew’s face. She knew the pain he was feeling as well as the humiliation that it was Jonah hitting his cock must be excruciating.

Jake handed the whip to Samantha who placed it back on the wall. She handed Jake a belt.

Jake pulled down Hayley’s panties. She trembled as he knelt down and kissed her behind. Jake kissed back up her spine. He licked her neck and whispered in her ear, “Only 18 more to go my dearest. You belong to me and I am your only Master.”

He reached his hands to her front and pinched Hayley’s nipples hard. Hayley squeezed her eyes closed. Jake reached down to her pussy. It was soaking. He would do this a great deal when they returned home.

Jake raised he belt and let it fly on Hayley’s right butt cheek. He then hit her left butt cheek. He alternated between the two for ten blows. Hayley’s ass was red. Jake pressed his hand on her butt. Hayley’s ass was hot to the touch. She moaned through the gag.

Denise came to Jake. She had a bowl of ice. Jake pressed the cold ice to Hayley’s butt and she screamed. Denise dried her. Quinn who managed to cum from the fucking she received from Daniel, brought over some ointment. Jake instructed Helen to put the ointment on her daughter’s ass.

Matthew’s cock was red. He was nearly doubled over. Tears were streaming down his eyes but he refused to cry out.


This is the second time I’m posting because I haven’t found someone who is SERIOUS about this position. Now I’m pressed for time and need a sitter ASAP.

I am leaving on a business trip to Europe THIS WEEK and I need a man to watch over my 19 year old daughter. My daughter is happy, healthy, sane and pretty, submissive, Jewish, and a virgin. Backdoor entry ONLY.

This is a house call position. Well-endowed men preferred, older a must. Please be D&D free, can supply proper documentation at request. Must be able to administer regular enemas, as she has been struggling with a bout of constipation recently. SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY!

•Location: Fire Island

•it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


“Looks like we better get comfy, Abi,” Evander said as he eased his foot on the gas pedal. “Wall-to-wall traffic up ahead.”

As usual, he was unfathomably calm. If that man ever harbored any road rage, he kept it extremely well-hidden. The pressures of time just didn’t seem to bother him they way they did me.

Meanwhile, I was frazzled. There was a psychic toll that this agreement was beginning to take on me that clearly didn’t affect him.

As much as I’d unexpectedly enjoyed last year’s romp, I felt an emotional rawness in its wake that seemed to linger indefinitely. Now here I was, doing it to myself all over again in an even less-convenient scenario, miles from home.

I felt the car grind to a halt. My stomach gurgled. I couldn’t seem to rationalize my feelings away. Part of me just wanted to get this trip over with, though I hated to admit it.

Today was supposed to be a day of sexual fulfillment for him. My annual gift. To color it with my anxiety would be to ruin it, so I forced a smile and said, “That’s fine. I think they’ll understand if we’re a little late, considering we don’t exactly live close”.

Evander nodded his head in a way that made me wonder if he could read my worried thoughts. He pressed his large ebony hand on my leg and squeezed playfully. My strained smile eased into something close to a real one, if only for a moment. He was always so soothing to be around.

Of course, this was more than just a normal gift. It was also my compromise, a subtextual apology for being unable to satisfy his desires.

And it’s not that he hadn’t shared in the effort of making this day happen. He handled most of the logistics, even more so than last time. But Evander had nothing to lose. Today was his day. His B-Day.

What’s a B-Day? Well, it’s what you think it is, plus a little more. Today marked his turning 43 years old, yes—but that “B” also stood for something else: Booty. Bottom. Backside. Butt. Bum. Badonkadonk. Buns. Behind.

You get the picture. But let me be clear. You can add “buggery” to that list. See, Evander wasn’t an ass man. He was an ass-conqueror. A true connoisseur, with deeper aspirations. Much deeper.

What he wanted most from his women are those sweet puckered stars, elusive winking treasures hiding between the cheeks. Everything else for him was just part of the chase.

So that’s where I fall flat—his penis was still way too big to fit in my ass. Normal sex with him was hard enough, and I have decent pain tolerance.

Especially considering that last year felt a bit like a bust, the prospect of a second annual B-Day seemed now a crucial measure to keep our relationship together.

It was the least I could do. He was paying my way through grad school, and letting me stay for free in his Harlem apartment. And all of this on a lifeguard’s budget.

As the car idled, I checked my watch and gritted my teeth. 2:30 pm! It seemed likely we were going to be late. “Should I call and tell them we’ll be there closer to five?” I asked, crushing my toes together.

Evander stared out the window and shook his head. “Don’t bother, girl. We left plenty early, so we did our part. The rest is in God’s hands, haha,” he said in his low voice, patting my lap again.

As usual, he was right. We’d done what we could. There was relief in letting go, of learning to accept. I think that was why it ended up being maddeningly hot to see him dominate Michiko last year.

I couldn’t lie. Twisted as it seemed, I did get a kick out of seeing that woman’s face contort into a portrait of utter masochistic euphoria for those two minutes she endured.

I wouldn’t have been able to derive enjoyment from that sordid scene unless I first looked my fear in the eye. It was liberating to do so, even if the situation wasn’t ideal.

But nothing is ideal. Even a perfectionist like my lover Evander knew that. And so we waited.

Finally there was movement. I closed my eyes and felt the car rock slowly as it inched forward in spurts. Eventually our pace increased to a reasonable cruise, and my stomach calmed as I realized the traffic was beginning to let up.

“See it?” Evander said, gently wresting me from my troubled inner world. I opened my eyes and saw the shimmering blue expanse of the bay open up around the highway.

“I do!” I said, finally smiling as I sat up in my seat. “Looks like we’re close.”

“Mm hmm. See, just have to be patient, girl,” Evander said with a smile, his full dark lips ajar to reveal his pearly teeth. “Fire Island. I’ve never been here before, have you?”

I shook my head. “No, me neither.” I checked my watch again. “Looks like we’ll be right on time,” I said surprisedly, realizing that the traffic hadn’t signified a death knell for punctuality after all.


We caught the 3:30 ferry to Fire Island, giving us just enough leeway to arrive casually. The weather was superb, with brisk winds and warm, unobstructed sunlight.

I wore a white sunhat and shades, my striped dress flapping in the wind as I stood in the shade. Evander looked lovely as usual, standing by the handrail as the hot sun beat down on his dark brown skin.

His white button-down and khaki pants covered his lithe swimmer’s physique perfectly, offset by the folksy cob hat on his head—he’s the only man I know who can rock a cob hat and make it look sexy. Then again, there aren’t many men like him in general.

I pulled out my cell phone and cycled through the pictures of the girl Evander had selected. Her name was Jessi. Beyond my normal apprehension, I was a little wary.

This girl looked nothing like me. This was a major component of my insecurity. I’d hoped I could cling to the notion that Evander merely wanted reasonable facsimile of me, one whom differed only in her anal abilities.

Granted, me and Michiko didn’t look too much alike—Burmese and Japanese women rarely do—but at least she was Asian, and had a similar skin tone and build. On a purely functional level, I could at least blur my eyes and envision Michiko as a “surrogate”. But this new girl—she just looked different.

Very different. She clearly wasn’t there to remind him of me. With her long blonde hair and lily-fair skin, she was an entirely new conquest. And irrationally, that got under my skin a little bit.

I knew it was silly to feel this way. But it wasn’t about race. It was about a desire to feel reassured.

I knew that couldn’t come, not yet. That big smile on my lover’s face as we pulled into the dock shamed me into silence again.

I bottled up my feelings again and put my phone away, knowing it would be only a few moments before that blue-eyed little teen bitch in those photos was all over my beautiful man.

Fire Island, with its sprawling oceanside and crisp fresh air, was a far cry from the stuffy streets of Harlem. We followed the MapQuest directions to the house, which lead us away from the throngs of red-faced yuppies and up a particularly steep and slightly overgrown pathway.

“Looks like we just follow Porterdale Rd. all the way to the end,” Evander said as he tucked his phone back into his pocket and dug his heels into the sand.

“Abi, did you see all those burnt-up folks back there? I bet you we’re the only two people on this island that don’t need sunscreen right now, haha,” he said. I laughed knowingly.

After a good 10 minute walk, we turned a large knoll at the summit and found ourselves standing at the front gate. I cautiously scanned the area.

The house looked old, lightweight, and quaint, its bamboo walls nearly camouflaged by the foliage around it. Two tall trees provided a natural canopy, blocking the intense rays of the sun and casting the house in a dark green shadow.

This place felt altogether slightly secluded, with an ocean view that was loftier than most of the other houses in the remote area. The exterior was quite beautiful, with an immaculate lawn that curved around to a side patio.

Suddenly I heard bit of a commotion coming from the interior.

I tensed as the door swung open. Standing in the doorway was a thin middle-aged woman in a powder blue dress. She waved her arm, her pale face expressionless and stony. Her other hand clutched a glass of what looked like red wine.

“Evander R. Greene?” She said in a thick Long Island-y accent, the cadence of her voice immediately abrasive to my ears.

My lover took my hand in his and nodded. “Hello. Yes, I am. And this is my girlfriend Abi.”

The woman stood there just squinting at us rudely for a moment. I could hear the sound of a TV blaring loudly behind her. I could tell she was sizing us up.

Evander was as cool as ever, staring right back at her with a casual grin on his face. Finally she eased her posture.

“Okay,” she said, slowly nodding at him, then shooting me an ambiguous look. “Well, I’ll go get Jessi. She’ll be so happy to meet her new father.”

“…New father?” I whispered to Evander, confused.

“Uh. Just roll with it baby, haha,” he said, cupping my tiny hands in his. I felt safe next to him, but this woman bugged me out a bit. I tried to flash her a shy smile, but she simply glared at me and abruptly disappeared into her house, shouting “Jessi! Jessi! Your father’s here!” with her piercing, sour voice.

“Really?…Father?!” I repeated to Evander incredulously. He merely raised his eyebrows and breathed deeply. “Like I said, Abi…just roll with it,” he remarked.

I knew from the slight edge in his tone that he wouldn’t tolerate me whining about this. I shut up and stared at the pebbles on the ground.

I heard quick footsteps at a gallop’s pace, and I lifted my head. And then our eyes met.

Only for a second, though. Jessi, the girl we’d come here for, only looked at me for a split second before her eyes were pulled upwards to meet those of my towering lover. Once they met his, they stayed locked.

The girl suddenly beamed, then ran to him, nearly knocking me out of the way as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Dad! Oh my god, I’m so glad you came!” she said with startlingly unaffected enthusiasm, drawing herself close to him. I felt jealousy rise inside of me just looking at her needy little fingers gripping my man, standing on her bare tip-toes to gaze into his eyes.

I saw her mother quickly march up behind her, observing us. He looked at both of them with a twinkle in his dark eyes, then laughed.

“Oh, I’m your dad?” he said, looking perversely amused.

“Uh huh! Mom says you’re gonna be my dad for this weekend.”

“Oh…” Evander said, furrowing his brow. The girl looked up at him cluelessly, seeming already smitten with him. Sensitive to her fragile energy, he softened his voice a bit and patted her head.

“I suppose I am your dad, then. So you’re Jessi, hm?”

“Uh huh!” Jessi said. I looked at her again, my critical nature kicking in big time as I scrutinized every inch of her.

Sure, she was cute in a way. But there was a gawkiness to her that made me question Evander’s tastes. She was acned about her cheeks, and her complexion was beyond pasty—I wondered if she ever stepped out of that house, or if she were some kind of vampire.

She had rings around her eyes suggestive of someone who didn’t sleep often. She was fairly tall, but her posture was swaybacked and awkward. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into a set of pigtails that looked silly on a girl her age.

Oh, and her age. I felt the strong urge to double-check about that; she looked squarely 19, but I wanted to be sure.

“Um. Can I see her birth certificate?” I asked her mother calmly.

“Who are you?” the woman snapped at me quickly. I narrowed my eyes.

“Abigail Khaing. I’m Evander’s girlfriend,” I said, trying my best to refrain from mentioning that I’d already been introduced. “And you are?”

The woman sniffled, then sipped from her glass, a trickle of red wine narrowly missing her lips and dripping down onto her dress.

“Oh, god damn it!” she exclaimed haggardly, a grimace forming on her face. “Just come in, come in. Damn it, now I have to change my god damned dress,” she said, storming back to the house and shoving the door wide open angrily.

I looked at Jessi and Evander, who were already kissing just inches away from me on the lawn. I paused, my nerves rattled by the sight. It seemed so dissonant to me. I wanted to yell at her, to rip her off of him…but I was paralyzed.

My heart started to race. This little blonde waif didn’t deserve his embrace, but it wasn’t my place to tell him that.

“We should go in,” I said, informing them of the prompt this girl’s mother had given in their lustful oblivion. I marched ahead, kicking up sand as I entered the house.

Looking around, I did have to admit—this place was rather gorgeous on the inside as well. It was spacious “bungaloft”-style house, with a high ceiling, folksy decor, and a perfect view of the ocean through the large windows.

The only thing that ruined it was the flatscreen TV mounted to the living room wall, which was loudly broadcasting the Shopping Channel.

I looked around, noticing that dozens of photos lined the walls in rows. What first struck me about them was that they were all solo portraits of Jessi. Beyond this, something about them unsettled me immediately. They seemed lonely and unnatural.

In one picture, she stood alone in the backyard in a frilly pink dress, posed and smiling in a forced-looking way.

In another, she stood alone in front of a supermarket holding an umbrella, with that same unconvincing arch of her lips. The picture of her I’d been eyeing on my cell phone earlier, I realized, had a similar air. She didn’t look unhappy so much as vacant and wooden.

The most recent-looking picture was one of her standing alone on the front porch. In this image, she wore the signature mortarboard and blue gown of a graduating student. And yet again, that same doll-like smile—her bow-shaped lips bending upward as the rest of her face remained weirdly expressionless. It creeped me out.

But the ear-to-ear grin on this brat’s face as she came through the front door, hand-in-hand with my lover, was a far cry from the plastic expressions on those photos.

Finally my lover and his new girl-toy came through the front door, hand-in-hand. I still felt his warmth on my own palm and suddenly missed it greatly. He seemed to have such an uncanny ability to captivate women that it almost seemed unfair.

The mother came back into the room with an alternate dress on of the same essential fit and color, looking to have regained her composure.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m just frazzled, is all. The day’s been hectic, what with my getting ready to leave, and Jessi’s graduation…”

“Graduation?” I asked.

The woman looked over at me, her face finally displaying a modicum of softness. “Oh, I’m sorry—Abkung, was it? Abugang?”

What the hell? I thought to myself. This ignorant bitch can’t even get my name right?

“Abigail. Abigail Khaing,” I repeated with a sharpness to my voice that made her visibly tense. I took off my sunglasses for effect.

“Oh…” she said, pouring herself another glass of wine at the kitchen and then returning to us slowly. “Well I’m Michele. Michele Rorschenberg. And of course you’ve met my daughter, Jessi…”

“Oh. Actually I haven’t really met her, I’ve just seen her dash up to my boyfriend to play lip hockey,” I said, finding it impossible to completely contain myself. “Maybe you’d like to formally introduce us?”

Ms. Rorschenberg grunted, downing half her glass in one gulp, and then walked over to her daughter and tugged her away from Evander for a moment.

“Okay. This is my daughter Jessi. And yes, the big news is that she’s graduating on Monday,” she said with a smidgen of pride in her voice, patting the girl on the shoulders. “Jessi, say hi to Abigail.”

“Hi big sister!” Jessi said, stuffing her hands in the back pockets of her shorts and bouncing on the balls of her feet goofily.

I paused. “Um. I’m not your sister, Jessi,” I said, looking at her hard as I gripped the sides of my dress unconsciously.

“Aww, you don’t want to be my big sis, Abigail? You can be my Chinese sister, and he can be my black dad, hehe,” she said. I bristled.

“I’m not Chinese,” I said, ready to punch both her and her mom in the face. “And I’m NOT your sister.”

Jessi looked sufficiently intimidated and took a few steps back, almost hiding behind her mother.

“Oh…okay Abigail. I’m sorry…” she said with a real innocence in her voice that strangely made me feel a bit guilty. I backed off, taking a seat on a nearby wicker chair with my back to everyone else.

“Well congratulations on graduating, Jessi,” I said as tonelessly as possible, crossing my legs and taking a wearily deep breath.

“Oh…thank you, Abigail…” I heard her mumble in the distance. I stared out the big window, trying to immerse myself in the beauty of the shoreline view. Evander came over and ran his fingers through my hair consolingly.

“Hm. Here are her papers,” Ms. Rorschenberg said, throwing Jessi’s birth certificate and passport on the glass coffee table next to me.

I looked at them out of the corner of my eye, mentally verifying their validity. Jessie Rorschenberg, daughter of David and Michele Rorschenberg. Date of birth was 19 years ago as of last month.

Her washed-out photo ID was definitely her, too. I almost didn’t want to believe it; I was looking for a way out. But I couldn’t argue with the evidence. I nodded silently.

“Well miss, in the spirit of safety, I have my blood test on hand, if you need it,” Evander said.

“No need for that. I figure if Jessi catches an STD, maybe that’ll teach her to stop being such a whore,” Ms. Rorschenberg said loudly. I could hear Jessi shudder behind me.

“She’s been getting into a bit of trouble lately in that department. Thankfully, I have a disciplinary measure that works wonders. Which reminds me, I should share it with you two, just in case she starts to act out.”

“NO!” Jessi shouted, suddenly whipping her body out of her mother’s grasp and running back to Evander. She fell to her scrawny knees and clutched his calves tightly, whimpering.

I felt vaguely nauseated. What the hell are getting ourselves into? I’m all for being openminded, but this was getting out of hand.

“Yes, yes, dearie. You remember what happens if you misbehave while I’m gone, right? The same thing that happened to you last week when I caught you looking at pornography on my computer.”

“NO! I told you I’m sorry, mom! I told you, it was an accident!” Jessi yelled, her voice cracking into a squeal.

“Nonsense, Jessi. Now you’re lying on top of that? You never learn, do you. Tell your new father what happens when you misbehave,” Ms. Rorschenberg said, reaching for the TV remote and mercifully muting the volume.

Jessi looked up at both of us, her big blue eyes turning moist and reddening around the edges. “I don’t wanna…” she murmured, holding Evander’s leg so desperately now that I could see even he was becoming slightly uncomfortable.

[ This is a work of fiction, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This should be read only as a work of fantasy]


Charles’ wife Kathy died five years ago, in an automobile accident. He was married to her for twenty years. When he lost he never thought he would love anyone again. Charles found himself after five years of mourning, feeling lonely, and felt he needed to start looking for the next love of his life. Charles soon met Becky, she was wonderful, she reminded him of Kathy, but not in a way that made her a replacement. Becky was different, first of all she was white. Charles never felt he would be attracted to a white woman, but soon fell in love, and married soon after.

Becky had a 19 year old son, by the name of Chris. Charles knew that Chris didn’t like him that much. He knew it was because, it was now final that his mother and father were not getting back together. Charles understood how Chris felt, it felt familiar to the way his life changed when his wife died. His life had changed and it would not ever go back.

The first thing that Charles got to know about Chris, is how lazy he was. He was 19, he didn’t have a job. He dropped out of college. He lived off his mother’s enormous income. Chris pretty much laid around the house in his underwear, and if he did go out it was to his friend Reggie’s house to get drunk all day. Charles’ though would always wonder what the hell was the kid’s interests. Charles wanted to connect with Chris, but every time he tried, he got the cold shoulder.

Charles worked at the lumber yard, of course he didn’t really have to work, because of his wife’s income. He felt he needed to contribute, though, and plus the work kept him strong, and fit. he knew Becky loved his physique, and being held in his arms when he made love to her. His job kept he and his wife happy.

It was summertime, and working in the lumber yard was hot and tough work. The lumber yard bosses decided to shut down early one day, due to the day reaching record temperatures of triple digits. Charles clocked out said goodbye to Jerry, and King, his co-workers and best friends.

Charles knew when he got home, he would have to deal with Chris laying around in his underwear. Playing video games; probably already drunk off his ass. He really felt bad that he couldn’t connect, but I guess he would need to give it time.

Charles drove in to the driveway, and got out of his car. Charles instead of going through the front, and went to the back gate, to check out the pool to see if it had been cleaned by the pool man. It was so hot out, a dip would make him feel a lot better. Charles saw the pool was clean and then went into the house through the back door. Charles went into the kitchen to grab some water, and he thought he heard some noise in the living room.

The sounds coming from the living room sounded like someone was having loud sex. The sound actually sounded like two men having sex. Charles walked quietly into the living room, and peeked around the corner. Charles was taken aback at what he was seeing in the living room.

Charles saw in the living room, a gay porn playing on TV. The scene was of a large black man, fucking a small white guy from behind. He did not notice Chris at first, but when he looked at he saw him right there watching the action going down on the TV.

Chris was on all fours on the couch, fucking his as with a huge dildo. Sliding it in and out of his ass, as he jerked his cock. He was moaning loudly. That was not the most shocking thing he was seeing. Chris was dressed up like a girl

Chris wasn’t just dressed up, he was dressed up in a schoolgirl uniform. He was wearing white thigh high stockings, black shoes, a plaid skirt, and a white blouse. Chris was wearing panties which were pulled to the side so that his ass and cock were fully exposed. Chris’ long hair was tied up into pig tails, and he could tell he was wearing full on make-up. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing happening.

Charles also couldn’t believe that the scene was making him aroused. Charles felt guilty.

“This is my step-son for god’s sake, get a hold of yourself,” he thought.

His hand though kept going back to his hardening cock, in his pants. Charles decided he needed to do something about this.

Charles walked into the room quietly, and stood there watching Chris pleasuring himself. He was so into it he didn’t notice him standing over him. Charles could tell Chris was getting close to cumming. Charles began rubbing his cock more, and more.

Suddenly, Chris let out a girly sounding moan, and began shooting his load onto the floor.

Charles thought, “Thank god, this is tile floor”.

Chris laid there panting hard, and slowly removing the dildo from his ass. He laid there for a few minutes. Charles knew it was time to reveal he was not alone.

Charles cleared his throat, and said “I hope you are going to clean that mess up you made”.

Chris jumped up, and pulled his panties up quicker than Charles had ever seen someone do it before. He was red faced, and shocked.

“What the hell are you doing home so early,” Chris stammered. it was all he could think of to say.

“I got off work early, due to the heat. Now do you mind me what the hell you are doing dressed like that, and watching porn in the living room. I don’t think your mother would be very happy with this situation,” Charles stated firmly.

Chris looked down and felt ashamed. “Please Charles, don’t tell anyone, please. This is something I have just gotten into recently. I promise I won’t do it again. I actually don’t really even like it,” Chris explained.

“That’s not what it looked like from here, it looks like you were enjoying it plenty.” Charles chuckled. Charles lifted up Chris’ skirt, and could tell that some felt over cum was pooling in Chris’ pink panties. “Where did you get the idea to get dressed up like this, and who’s clothes are these,” Charles asked.

Chris answered shyly, “Well, I don’t know I saw some porn on the internet, and started going to crossdressing forums, and then went from there. I bought the clothes at Goodwill, during Halloween. I thought it was a sexy outfit.”

Charles ogled Chris some more, and said, “Well I guess it couldn’t have been too hard to find an outfit in your size you are a pretty small guy” Charles thought, he can’t be much taller than 5’3″, and weigh more than 120lbs. “I must say though you are right about one thing, you do look sexy in that outfit,” Charles stated coyly.

Chris was shocked in what Charles had said. His own step-father was calling him sexy. He should have felt aversion, he hated the man for replacing his father. What happened though was arousal and interest.

Chris’ cock jumped and tingled in response. Chris looked at Charles’s crotch and could see his hardness growing, and growing. Chris’ saw that his step-father’s cock was as big or bigger than the guy in the porno, that was still playing in the background. Chris was hard and aroused once again, making his skirt tent up.

Charles smiled and saw Chris look at his bulge, and see his skirt tent up. “Well, it looks like you are ready for more, I remember being 19 like you, I was always fucking horny. If I wasn’t fucking some hot pussy, I was stroking my cock,” Charles stated.

“Yeah, I just can’t help myself, I guess, I am always looking for something more arousing than the last, and I guess that is why I am dressed like this. I think I have the best orgasms dressed like this, while watching some hot guys go at each other,” Chris admitted.

“So, your mother, knows nothing about this, and you don’t want her to know, so how about we come up with a deal,” Charles said.

Chris replies, “Yes Please! I do not want mom to know about this, I think she would worry too much about me, and I think she might even kick me out of the house.”

“Yeah I don’t think she would be very happy with you dressed up like this, and making a mess on her floor, so I intend on keeping this a secret but you are going to have to do something for me,” Charles replied.

Chris says, “Okay, what do you want me to do, I will do it, I vow it.”

Charles laughs, and says, “You vow it, now that is what I am talking about. Okay I want you to first start respecting me, I am your step-father, I love your mother. I am not going anywhere, and second I want to spend more time with, get to know you, and connect with you. Are you willing to do that for me?”

Chris has look of relief on his face and says, “Yes I can definitely do that. I am sorry about disrespecting you , I won’t do it anymore. I will definitely make more of an effort to get to know you.”

Charles looked at Chris and says, ” You look relieved, about this?”

Chris replies, “Yeah, I thought you were going to make me do something else, like make me have sex with you or something.”

Charles smiles slyly and says, “Well, that is kinda what I meant by quality time, Chris.” Charles unzips his pants, and pulls his large 10″ cock out, stroking it to hardness, again.

Chris is shocked at the sight, he hasn’t seen one this size even in a porno. It actually makes him kind of afraid. “I don’t know Charles, that thing is much too big, plus I am your Step-Son, don’t you think that is a little bit gross.”

Charles responds strongly, “Now look Chris, you just made a vow to do as I say, this is how I want to get to know you, I don’t think this is a gross thing to do. Chris I want you to start calling me father, dad, or daddy, no more of that Charles , shit.”

Chris felt ashamed and looked down at the floor and replies, “Yes Dad.”

“Good, now how about you give me a little twirl and show me your outfit,” Charles says as he goes to sit on the couch.

Chris spins slowly around, with his hands behind his head. Chris decides to have fun with it, and arches his back, giving a slutty pose. Chris then bends over and shows off his pink panties.

Charles gets up and closes the blinds in the room, dims the lights lows, so the only light is some sun shining through the curtains, and the glow of the porn showing a small white guy now taking it from two large black studs. Charles turns up the porn louder, the porn music is thumping in the speakers, and the men’s moans vibrate through the walls. Charles goes to the a/c and shuts it off. Charles goes back to the couch and starts stroking his cock again.

“MMMMM, this is so awesome, Dad, I just love hearing these guys moans fill the house, and the room is now nice and dim. it makes me feel sexier,” Chris says in a girlish voice.

“You bet, sweetheart. Now come over here and sit with your daddy. Let’s watch these guys fuck for a little bit,” Charles replies.

Chris walks slowly over to the couch, sits prettily down next to Charles. Chris begins watching the porn, all the while his cock his getting harder and harder. Chris is not sure if its the idea of what is going on in the porn, or if it is having his step-dads watching it with him. Chris looks over at Charles, and can see his dad’s cock is now rock hard. Charles looks back over at him and smiles. Chris goes to reach for his own cock, in his pink panties. Charles suddenly slaps his hand away.

Charles puts his finger in Chris’s face, and says,”No way, you already came today, its my turn. Plus girls like you are whores, and are here to be used. I never heard of a whore deserving of getting off. So, how about you don’t touch that tiny white thing you got in your panties, until I say so.”

Chris is shocked, and takes his hand away.

Charles pets Chris’s head, “its okay, I am didn’t mean to get angry, I just think this is the way it should be, if you are going to be dressed up like that. Oh and one other thing, since you are a dressed up like such sissy slut schoolgirl, we will now call that thing of yours a clitty, and that ass of yours a pussy. God knows, that thing is probably small enough to be considered one,” Charles says laughingly.

Chris nods, and says, “okay, but if you are going to do this, you have to treat me nice, like you would your own daughter.”

Charles says, ” Okay, I can see that is fair.” I kisses Chris on the cheek, and smiles. Now since we had that talk, let’s get back to our quality movie time.”

Chris and Charles put there attention back on the porn. The scene has evolved into a huge five man gangbang. Four black guys are taking turns on the white boy, and moans are getting louder and louder. Charles is hard again, and then takes Chris’s hand, and wraps it around his cock.

Chris looks down at his hand holding the huge cock. His boyish hand looks quite small when wrapped it. Chris then takes his other hand and massages his step-father’s balls. Charles lets out a moan. Chris then begins slowly massaging Charles’ cock. The cock is so silky and smooth in his hand.

Chris begins pumping his step-father’s cock, at first he starts out slow, and then speeds up. Charles is in total ecstasy. Chris hands are so soft and smooth, just like a girls hands. Charles isn’t sure how much more he can take.

Charles removes Chris’ hand, and then shoves Chris’ head down into his crotch. Chris smells the sweaty must coming from his daddy’s balls, and it smells so good.

” It’s time now, you learned how to suck big cock. I assure you it will help you in the future.” Charles said with a wink and a smile.

Chris nods his head, and begins licking the huge shaft up and down, flicking his tongue across the head. Chris then goes down to Charles’ balls and begins sucking them as hard as he can. Chris had never done anything like this before, but he sure as hell learned a lot from watching porn.

Chris then stares up at Charles, and then sticks the head of his step-father’s cock in his mouth. Charles lets out a grown, and puts his hands on the back of Chris’ head. Chris takes a big breath and inserts more than half of Charles’s cock in his mouth, and begins moving his mouth up and down, sucking on the huge black cock. Chris moans, and hums as he moves his mouth. Chris can taste the salty pre-cum, oozing from the cock. The taste of his step-dad’s cock is making him hot, along with the smell of sweaty sex in the room makes Chris feel like he is going to cum without being touched at all.

The living room is now warming up. The hot summer day and the a/c being turned off has turned the room into a sauna. Chris and Charles are sweating profusely. The sound of the porn playing is overtaken by the moans and groans of Charles.

Charles takes his cock out of Chris’s mouth. Charles can see that Chris’ makeup is ruined. His mascara is running down his face from sweating, and the lipstick he was wearing has been smeared around his mouth.

“Okay Chris, its time my pretty little girl, its time for you to lose your virginity. Don’t worry my sweetheart, I will be gentle.” Charles says to Chris.

Chris replies, “okay daddy, please be nice, I have never had the real thing, and I have never had anything that big inside of me.”

Charles takes the lube Chris was using for his dildo, and squirts a liberal amount and rubs it all over his massive cock. “Okay Chris, I need for you to get on all fours, it will be easier on that cute pussy of yours” Charles says.

Chris pulls his panties all the way off, and then gets on all fours on the floor. Chris hikes up his plaid schoolgirl skirt, showing his ass off to Charles.

“My god, Chris, I must say you really take after your mother. I could possibly say your ass might look even more girly than hers. It is so nice and smooth, and I can tell you are still nice and tight.” Charles says, while rubbing Chris’ ass, and fondling his asshole.

Charles crouches down low, rubs some lube on Chris’ asshole. Charles rubs his cock head on Chris’ entry, teasing it. Then, Suddenly, Charles pushes his cock into Chris, Slowly fro the first few inches. Charles lets Chris’s ass get used to his girth, and then plunges the rest of the way in quickly.

Chris gasps, as he feels the large member enter his ass. “Oh god, daddy! I can’t take that much! I though you were going to take it easy for my first time.” Chris stutters in anguish.

Charles replies, “I did take it easy, but I saw that you were taking it well, so I jumped on in. Anyways, I am your fucking father, and I basically get to do whatever I want, in my own house.”

Chris resigns himself and doesn’t reply. He just relaxes his ass, and begins feeling the pleasure of fullness.

Charles begins pumping his cock in and out, at a standard pace. Moving his body up and down like a pile-driver into his sissy son’s tight ass pussy. Charles can’t believe how tight it is, and how good it feels to have something like this to fuck.

Chris is shuddering now from pleasure, and small amounts of cum is leaking out of his tiny 4″ cock. He has never cum before like this, and he is sure it is not the last time he will cum like this. he moves his hand to his cock, in order to increase his pleasure, when Charles grabs his hands, and pulls them behind his back. Charles says, “Oh hell, no, you don’t get to cum like a man no more, you will cum like a sissy only. That means no more stroking your cock. The only time I want cum to come out of that tiny thing of yours, is if you are being fucked in the ass. You got that or do I have to pull this arm back harder.”

Chris’ arm feels like it is going to break it is being bent back so hard. Tears roll down his cheeks, and Chris says, “Yes, Sir.”

Charles smiles, gives back Chris his arm, and says, “Good Girl, Now let’s finish this up.”

Charles begins pumping faster and faster. Chris moans uncontrollably. Charles grunts loudly, as he drives his cock into Chris’ ass, his balls slapping against Chris’s ass cheeks. Chris can feel Charles’ cock twitch, and can tell he is about to cum.

Charles yells, “here it comes baby, daddy’s going to fill up this ass…”

Before Charles can finish his sentence, he shoots his load. Chris can feel the warm cum filling up his ass, and filling it up rather quickly. Chris can feel the massive load, leaking from his ass, and dripping down to his balls. Charles pumps his cock in and out, making sure he deposits the whole load into Chris’ sissy ass.

Chris can’t believe how much cum that is being shot into his ass. Charles finally finishes, and removes his cock.

Chris turns around and takes Charles’ cock and begins cleaning it off with his tongues. He has never tasted cum before, and immediately he is addicted. He loves the salty, warm taste. Chris wishes more was there on the cock, but he has cleaned Charles’ cock entirely. Chris can feel cum dripping from his ass, puts his hand to catch some, and puts it in his mouth, swallowing the dirty cum. Chris licks his hands clean, and looks up at Charles smiling.

“mmmmmm, so yummy, I never thought it would taste so good.” Chris says in a cute girly voice.

Charles says, “Wow darling, you are such a hot dirty slut. I am so glad you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

“Daddy, now remember since I did that for you, you can’t tell Mommy,” Chris says.

“Well Chris, here is the thing about that, I won’t tell your Mother, but from here on out, you gotta do your part around the house. You gotta clean up around here, do all the duties of a woman in a household. I don’t want you going out late with your buddies drinking anymore. If you go out, you need to be dressed up like a sissy, and have a man who can protect you. I don’t expect you to dress up when your Mom is around, but whenever she is not, you must be dressed as a sissy. Those are the rules, do you think you can follow them” Charles replies

Chris doesn’t know what to say, but he feels in his heart, that he has stepped into being a part-time sissy. “Yes, Sir. I will do whatever you want me to.”

Charles replies, “good, now clean up this mess you made in the living room, before your Mother gets home.”

Friday January 1.

This is my new year’s resolution: I will lose my virginity. I read on the interwebs that the average age that males in the US lose their virginity is 16.4 years old. I’m almost three years late!!

I went running this morning in the Greenbelt. It was cold and clear and the ground was frozen hard. Felt good to hit the wall again today. I’m following a very rigorous schedule for the Shamrock Marathon this Spring. April 25th. Five days running and two days of rest with more miles run each week over 16 weeks. And I’ve still got to shave a minute off my time to get in the top 100 for the men’s VHSL three-mile cross-country stats. I will do it. I will. Mike is still beating me, the bastard. He can’t match my stamina in the marathon, though.

Trying to think of an anniversary gift for Mom and Dad. Janie suggested a subscription to Family Lifestyle Magazine but I think that’s too cheap. Besides they could write articles for that — there’s nothing they can learn about the Lifestyle from a magazine. It should really be something big since it’s their 20th and we three will finally all be eighteen. It kind of means their parenting job is done. Ha, ha. Their actual anniversary is March 28th so there’s plenty of time.

Friday January 8:

Not off to a good start with this journal. Running five days a week before school except it rained hard on Tuesday. Tried lifting some of Mike’s weights. Harder than I thought. I should have run anyway.

I should mention that I made my application to Tech for next year. It’s the only school I applied to. Won’t find out till sometime between March 1st and May 1st. I can’t not think about it.

Also, Janie’s eighteenth birthday is coming up March 20th. So we are going to have a busy Spring.

Sunday January 10.

Mike is a pain in the ass. Typical twin — he knows how to push my buttons. Gave me a head start at weekend track practice at school today and still lapped me. We look so alike, but don’t act alike. Extroverts like him just don’t understand an introvert like me. He rolls right over any obstacle. He’s not a virgin. I seem to stumble too often. Then there’s my goddam stuttering.

Tuesday January 12.

I’ve thought about it a lot. I don’t mind being a virgin. I mean, Mom and Dad have made it easy to lose my virginity but I don’t think I’m ready. They keep inviting me into the bedroom. I’m ambivalent (had to spell check that). Even Janie seems about ready for her eighteenth and making that transition. “Making that transition” What a stupid way to put it. I don’t know how to talk about sex. I should know — maybe it’s just my shyness.

Ran a quarter marathon today with Mike even though it’s supposed to be a resting day on my schedule. He flagged toward the end. That stupid goatee is an affectation. Thinks he’s so grown up. So why is he planning only to go to community college, then, huh?

Friday January 15.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. Except I don’t have anyone to talk to. NOBODY at school has a family like mine. Nude at home all the time, practically. “Clothing Optional” Mom calls it. We’re a sex-positive family according to Dad. He claims to have coined that phrase. But I Googled it and I think he picked it up at that commune where he and Mom met. Anyhow, we’re different and I don’t think anyone would understand.

No point in trying to talk to Dad. I know what he’d say, anyway, “It’s nobody’s fucking business.” He likes to pontificate. Not a good listener. Especially to contrary opinions.

So I’m writing this to myself, I guess. Not sure I’d want anyone to read it anyway.

I’m 34 seconds from breaking the top 100 high school runners in the state at three miles. I think I picked running because it’s one of few sports where you don’t wear much. I can train in shorts and shoes. Add a tanktop for competitions and that’s it. Besides I don’t like to swim. It feels claustrophobic to me.

Also found a cool book in the library — Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Monday January 18.

Snowed last night. Tried running on the street this morning but it was slow going. Reading Zen, etc. So good I forgot to masturbate. I want to get a motorcycle.

Tuesday January 19.

I’m really quiet at school because of the stuttering. Most teachers understand that it’s not that I’m stupid, just silent. A lot of kids don’t, though. I remember when we moved up to high school and some 11th grader thought it was cool to call me Simple Sam. I jumped up to punch his lights out yelling, “Mmmother fuh-fuh-fuh!” That kid laughed and Mike and I both beat the crap out of him. We called him Mother fuh-fuh-fuh until he graduated. He never lived it down. That’s something you count on a brother for, but I wish I didn’t need it. Although it’s getting better with the speech therapist’s help. I wish I could talk right, right now. Wish I was normal. Mike wears that fucking goatee so no one will think he’s the simple one, I know it.

Friday January 22.

Ran in the melting snow. I run to get high, to burn out the fire inside. I love it when it’s cold and the air sears my lungs. I want to come home exhausted. When I don’t run I get nervous, jumpy. The only subject that can keep me focused is Architecture. Comics and Sci-Fi novels don’t much interest me anymore, though my old favorites fill my shelves.

I get my interest in Architecture from my Dad. He’s a college dropout but he’s been really successful in his building business. He’s a true craftsman. He’s teaching me and Mike carpentry, too. And he built this house slowly over a bunch of years. It has a lot of creative elements that I didn’t really appreciate until I started reading about Corbusier and Wright and those guys.

It’s basically three blocks joined by an entry and large screened area. One block has the kitchen and living room with a workshop under it. Another block has the bedrooms and a big, shared bath with a garage underneath. The third block, which is only one story, has the playroom. It’s not completely finished yet. There are private courtyards for parking and little gardens. Mom’s into growing her own organic herbs. And sunbathing nude.

The unusual thing about the bedrooms is that they are in what is basically one big space that can be divided up by rolling partitions around as we see fit. It’s all very much in line with our parent’s philosophy. We create our own spaces, our own “boundaries”. I made myself a little cell in one corner with my bunk bed over my desk and a lot of shelves. I hung a curtain over the place where a door would go and kept it away from any windows. It is my sanctum — a good place for an introvert.

After our eighteenth Mike decided to open his area up to connect with our parent’s bed space. Janie still has a space to herself with a couple of nice windows. It’s pretty typical for a girl—posters and stuffed animals all over.

The bathroom is what they call a Jack and Jill bath. At its center is a shower (open to the bedroom area) and sinks, but there are two toilets on each side in little rooms of their own. It makes sense to keep the clean and dirty functions separate like they did in the old days. These two are the only rooms in the house with doors other than the playroom.

I’m reading a strange book from Dad’s collection on building design called A Pattern Language. I see where he got some of his ideas.

Monday January 26.

I’m shaving about seven seconds a week off my time in the three-mile. I need to vary my route. I’ll be up to 8 miles this week on the training schedule for the marathon. The Shamrock is getting closer. So far, so good.

I had a strange dream last night. Another wet dream, actually. I read somewhere you should tell a dream in the present tense, so here it is: I’m running in the Greenbelt in the early morning like I usually do. I recognize the part of the trail I am on. There’s the stream with litter in it, the backyards, old swing sets. I can hear the traffic and other city noises. Dogs barking. I’m breathing well and just loping along. Gradually I notice that the woods look different—the trees are taller and it’s become very quiet. To the sides the forest goes on ’til all I can see is gray tree trunks rising up hillsides on both sides. I’m running in a kind of tunnel of trees. It’s like a cathedral. There’s a gray ground mist and the light is slanting very low from the left in a pale golden color. I’m barefoot and the path is hard-packed red clay but at each side is a bright green mossy swath with some small wildflowers blooming vibrant yellow. I’d like to run on the moss but am afraid I’ll hurt it.

In the distance ahead I see a brightness. There’s a clearing. As I run into the clearing the path now passes through knee-high grass. I see a pavilion of some sort. It has a yellow cloth roof that is gently rippling in the breeze. As I get closer I see that it is raised up on a stone platform and held up by rows of naked people. There’s something about it that feels worshipful, like it’s a temple. It looks kind of like a party tent but there are no walls, just the figures arranged along each side like poles. They are about an arm’s length apart and hold the metal rail of the edge of the roof up in their hands. When I look at their faces their heads are turned away. (I read in one of Dad’s Architectural history books that carved figures holding up the roof of a temple on the Acropolis in Athens are called Caryatids. They are all women and they are robed. The part of the building they are on is called the Erechtheion…The erection?)

The golden light slants through the mist and makes the pavilion glow like from within. The figures are youthful and strong, both the men and women are beautiful in the classic sense. Better than an Abercrombie and Fitch ad. I slow up and climb the stairs to the platform. Now I’m naked, too. All around me the figures are facing outward, their arms upraised holding the roof. I notice that some are touching hands and are very occasionally shifting their weight from one foot to the other. None speak. I still can’t see any faces.

I’m moving very slowly, drawn toward the nearest woman. Her behind is so round and firm looking. I reach out and cup each cheek in a hand. She doesn’t move. Her blonde hair is thick and wavy and hangs down to the middle of her back. I run my hands slowly up her sides, feeling her ribs, just brushing the swell of her full breasts. She has no reaction when I slide my hands along her arms, then reach around to touch her face. I feel her lashes flutter under my fingers, her breath on my palms, the moistness of her lips. As I cup her breasts I pull myself against her. My erection lies in the crease of her spine, tickled by the fall of her hair. I feel a desire to “be one with her.” (That phrase actually ran through my head in the dream.)

I move from one figure to the next and get the same result when I touch them; I’m excited—they just stand there. The next, a male, comes to full erection as I reach around and take him in my hand. My boner is between his ass cheeks and slides as if oiled when I begin to stroke him. I think, “Wow, this is just like jacking myself.” Then, both of us panting with excitement, his deltoids spread like wings, he comes, shooting his sperm in an arc out into the waving, golden grass. He wilts but I am still hard.

Beside him is a short woman, already on tiptoes, reaching up to the roof rail. She’s the kind of woman who’s got a nice triangular keyhole of light showing between her thighs where they meet her behind. Those silky thighs glisten. She’s wet. I ease down, slide my oiled cock in there and reach around to palm her small breasts. Lifting her up off of the ground so she is straddling my prick I reach down and touch myself where I am poking out in front of her. My fat, spongy, purple cockhead drips.

Smearing my juice on her erect right nipple, I thrum my fingers across her breast, letting the nipple spring between them. Bbbbrrrp, Bbbbrrrp, Bbbbrrrp. The bright sun picks out the soft, blonde hairs on her arms. She has goosebumps.

I wrap one arm around her body, crushing her breasts, and the other around her waist. She begins to squirm, sliding the pulpy, oozing lips of her pussy along me and breathing deep. Her head falls back on my shoulder, her hair covering her face. I begin thrusting and she squeezes her legs tight, crossing her ankles. I press forward, she pushes back, arms still tight to the railing, hanging in my bear hug and moaning as we slide together. She looks like the crucified Jesus.

Just a few plunges between her quivering thighs and I, too, finally explode in thick, white jets of semen, spraying my seed out into the grass. On rigid legs I thrust and squeeze, thrust and squeeze as she shudders helpless in my grasp. I bite her neck like a lion does a lioness, sinking my teeth into her yielding flesh, tasting salt and iron.

At last I’m spent and I ease her back down to her feet. She hangs limp, head lolling on her chest. The breeze chills my sweaty chest as I back away from her.

I move to the far side of the pavilion and see a gap in the row of naked people. I step into it and grasp the roof edge in my hands, taking my share of the weight. But I realize that we are not carrying the weight of the roof, we are holding it down so it won’t fly away. I have a feeling of anticipation and of resolve. I’m gazing out over an endless vista of wind-whipped, tawny grass. I imagine how the tent could carry us all up into the blue sky like a kite. Looking to my side I finally can see a face. The beautiful woman beside me is smiling at me. She says, “Welcome home.”

I woke up curled into a shuddering orgasm, not even touching myself.

I had to clean my sheets that morning before running. My time was off, too. Funny that in the dream I’m (technically at least) still a virgin.

Wednesday January 27.

People I think are hot: Halle Berry, Rachel McAdams, Jamie Bell, Megan Fox, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel Radcliffe.

I’ve decided that if I’m going to take Mom and Dad up on their offer to educate me about sex I have to start thinking of Mom as a sexual creature. Naked or not, she’s just been Mom to me for so long. She’s been a comfort and a cheerleader and a scold and a teacher, but not someone I’ve wanted to have sex with. Even though I know my Dad and Mom think they should be the ones to teach us about lovemaking (you know, because you should love someone before you have sex), I’ve just kept that in the back of my mind. Somehow the idea became an assumption like the idea that we were all expected to go to college. I didn’t really think about the details. Now the time has come and I realize I need to work on it. Like I had to write an essay for the college application. I’m nervous, but I think I can do this.

Saturday January 30.

I’ve decided to indulge myself with a genuine Senior Slump. I’ve had good grades and my SATs are decent. Fuck it, let school slide at long last while I train for the Shamrock. And get my virginity taken care of.

Mike knows a lot about how I feel. His grades were always only average and he never worried so much about them. Somehow Dad seems more sympathetic to his mediocre schoolwork. Maybe because he dropped out. Anyway, Mike gets where I’m coming from this semester and I think he enjoys my being a little more relaxed about school. Even though we compete athletically, he pretty much understands my moods. He hasn’t hassled me about losing my virginity and I’m thankful for that. My guess is that he doesn’t mind only sharing Mom with Dad for now.

Friday February 5.

Thinking about what to study in school. I really like Architecture but when I look at my family I wonder if Psychology or Philosophy wouldn’t be more interesting. Something starting with a “P”. Physics? No, not smart enough for that. I could probably bullshit my way through Psychology, though.

Monday February 8.

Earlier tonight I sat down with the family to watch Family Fortune (less Janie—she’s not allowed to watch ’til she’s 18). We stream the game show from its website directly through our HD TV. I’ve been watching with them for a few months and it doesn’t really get me as fired up as it does the rest of them, especially Mike. Still, watching group sex on the big screen is better than on my laptop in my room. Mom really likes this one family that’s been a big success on the program and she gets all excited watching them compete.

Tonight the contestants, the Collins’, who are an American Dad and a Korean Mom and daughter, were defending their title against some black family and Dad was taking notes. Mom was sitting between Dad and Mike on the couch in the playroom and I was on the loveseat since I still don’t have the courage to jump right in. But I thought it would help to practice thinking of Mom as a sexual being and to pay more attention to how they enjoyed the show.

So I asked Mom what the setup was for the game tonight.

“Oh, the Collins got a good one when they spun the wheel in the first round,” she said, pointing to the screen. “See how the women are arranged in a 69, with Sun on the bottom and June on top? Paul can turn the platform they are on and stick himself in a pussy, mouth or ass on each end. They have a real athletic, gymnastic flair, don’t you think?”

“I g-g-guess ssso.” She wants me to consider sex to be kind of like sports. As recreation. She thinks it will help me loosen up. Mom was sitting there between the two of them with a hard dick in each hand. Now, they wouldn’t have sex right there in front of me without asking, but a little foreplay wasn’t out of the question. I was getting an erection myself. That was real progress.

“What’s special about this round is that the audience can make bets on which hole he comes in. He can’t see the board where they’ve posted the votes. It looks like June’s mouth is the top choice with her pussy a close second. They’ll get extra points if Paul comes in either one of those. Of course the more orgasms the more points, but there is that time limit.” She was breathing hard and pulling on the cocks in her hands. Mike’s hand was on his own dick, too, and his attention was totally on the TV. Dad was still taking notes. I guess he was interested in the platform they were using, making a working drawing. He’s always looking for good ideas for improvements to make around the house.

I watched the action on the screen with one eye and my family with the other. The TV showed the Mom and daughter eating each other’s pussies in split screen. The one on the bottom, the Mom, I think, had her legs pulled way back and wrapped behind her daughter’s arms so her pussy was wide open to the licking (and the camera). I admit it took some strength and flexibility to keep that up. The Dad moved up from the other end and rubbed his cock along the daughter’s slit, getting it wet. From below the older woman ran her tongue along his shaft and took his cockhead in her mouth, gently suckling it. She let it spring up, he slowly leaned in and we watched his cock spread the girl’s pussy lips. In close up his cock looked almost too big for the little girl.

The time clock was counting down from five minutes and no one had had an orgasm yet.

Mom, on the couch, was beginning to squirm. Talking to the TV, “Come on, Paul, you can do it,” she panted. “Which one do you think he’ll come in, guys?”

“The Mom’s ass, for sure. I would,” volunteered Mike.

“No, he can’t take the time to even go there,” offered Dad. “Best to concentrate on the vaginal orgasms, then he can let go before the clock runs out. I’m betting on the Mother’s mouth. I think that she can get him off in the last seconds if needed. She’s a closer.”

Mom looked at me bright-eyed and flushed. “Sammy?”

Mike and Dad’s answers were clearly colored by their own preferences. I guessed mine would, too. And Mom was testing me.

“Oh, the MmMom’s va-va-va-g-g-ina, I g-g-guess,” I said, avoiding her eyes.

“Well, the winner gets a prize from me!” she said saucily, “Except you, Sam, unless you’ve changed your mind…?” Man she could put on the pressure. But no, I was still not quite there. Though she did give me permission to fantasize. And I was thinking of her and Janie on a spinning platform some future day with my cock poised to pierce them. I was beginning to see what they saw in this show. In fact, it was getting painful to sit there with a boner and watch them all, those on TV and my family. I was shaking and there was a loud buzzing in my head. I had to leave the room.

“Wwwell, I’ve g-g-got hhhomework t-to d-d-do…” I said as I left, hard-on waving in front of me.

“Bye, sweety, sorry to see you go,” said Mom, playfully.

“Yeah, hit the books, brother. Do that ‘homework’,” Mike sniggered.

Dad was silent, but did give a little wave before clapping his hand on Mom’s breast. I’m guessing they were ready for some private time. I walked quickly to my cubby space and fell right on my bed to get myself off.

I imagined how we could duplicate that spectacle after we were all old enough.

Yeah, it was easy to picture Mom on her back, toned legs stretched back and wrapped around Janie’s slim shoulders. I imagined her pussy hair plastered down by saliva as Janie ran her tongue around the swollen lips. Mom’s clit sticking up from its hood in arousal, wet and pink in the folds. I took my cock and eased it down toward the hot, moist target and let Janie grab it in her mouth for one good suck before I pressed the fat, purple head into Mom. Janie kept on with slurping at Mom’s clit. They both were moaning and Mom ground her hips as I very slowly sank deep into her.

In fact it was almost too exciting. I hardly needed to rub myself at all—the throbbing of my cock was bringing pulses of thin fluid into my hand. In my fantasy I needed to pull my dick out of Mom and hurry around to the other end where Janie’s cunt was waiting, wet and ready. I caught Mom’s eye where she lay between Janie’s spread legs and she smiled a shiny-lipped smile. The lust I read there was unmistakable and just made me hotter.

“Let me suck you first, Sammie,” she begged and I pushed my dick down for her. She opened her mouth and I pressed in. Her imagined tongue, sliding across the corona of my cockhead, nearly made me cum right there.

Lying in my bed I had to hold very still to prolong it. My hand was slippery with pre-cum. Only Moments from shooting…

I imagined just one dip into Mom’s tight throat that made her squirm, then I pulled out and speared up into Janie’s cunt. It was tighter, hotter and I was too close for subtlety. I thrust up once, twice, grabbed her hips and stood on tiptoe as I burst inside her. I felt Mom’s hot tongue stabbing at Janie’s clit as they both went rigid in orgasm, licking each other frantically. I bucked, taut, buried deep and exploded again and again, then, spent, I pulled my softening cock from Janie’s cunt and my load followed, drooling fat and thick over Mom’s face. She opened her mouth and worked her tongue into Janie’s hole to get it all.

On the bed I arched up and shot a cascade of spunk up my chest, even getting one shot on my face I was so excited. Sticky streamers plastered me. I was going to need a towel. After a good, delirious minute I slowly relaxed and slid down onto the bed again, panting, dizzy, sweaty and with a stronger determination to lose my virginity than ever. It sure was a big step in the right direction to fantasize about fucking Mom.

Then Janie banged on the other side of my bookcase.

“Was it good for you, Sammie?” she laughed. Oh, God, I guess I made some noise.

“Uhhh,” was all I could say, still out of breath, shriveled dick cradled in my hand.

“Hey, I’ve got a good idea. What if we can get Mom and Dad tickets to Family Fortune? You know how much they love that show. I was looking at their website and I think there’s still time to get tickets for the show taping on the week of their anniversary. What do you think?”

“B-b-brilliant!” I said. She’s a smart girl. That’s what we’re going to do!

Wednesday February 10.

Mike and Janie and I made sure we could get tickets to Family Fortune and then talked with Mom and Dad before we booked them a flight to Toronto. They were so thrilled at the thoughtfulness and the (slightly early) surprise. It made us feel like very good little boys and girls. We used the account Dad set up for us and got them booked for a four-day vacation in the last week of March.

Thursday February 18.

I know they want me to watch them make love soon. I’m afraid it will freak me out. Extroverts like them are stimulated by crowds, apparently — the more the merrier. It tires me to be around people and I’m worried about that. I guess I’m too sensitive to their emotional states. I’m too empathetic.

The only analogy I can think of to describe how I feel around other people is that I feel their emotions as music in my head. Like anger can be heavy metal and lovemaking can be Dvorak, for instance. Sometimes it’s just loud noises.

Friday February 19.

I’m afraid of sex with another human being. I mean, what if the intensity makes me run out of the room (again), or throw up, or something? I feel the waves of orgasmic energy push through the house whenever someone is making love in it. Ever since we were kids I knew when Mom and Dad were nearby making love. (Not allowed to call it something else—that would be to crude, too disrespectful of the sacredness of the act. Or so Mom says.) Screwing! Fucking! Hiding the Salami! Knocking Boots! Slap and Tickle! Shagging… So there, Mom.

It makes me skittish. I can’t concentrate. I have to go out running or play music really loud in my headphones to sort of drown out my own internal noise. Last Saturday (forgot to write this down) when they were all three in there fucking (again) I had to go run in the Greenbelt at night. But the symphonic intensity in my head was so great, the wavelength so piercing that I had to stop and jerk off under a tree. Not much good as a training run. But I was imagining Mom getting it from both ends…

Anyway, I’ve decided to watch. They kept the invitation open after I told them I wasn’t ready at our eighteenth birthday party to lose my virginity like Mike did. They were very kind about it, though I think they both were disappointed. We’re like a little social experiment that they are so invested in.

The idea is to let sexual expression around the house be transparent, not a secret. We’ve all been wandering around the house naked since I can remember (I went to boxers a couple of years into puberty—I’m a little more comfortable without my junk flopping around). The naked body doesn’t particularly excite me. I guess that was the plan. I mean, I can appreciate a good body when I see one and I see them all the time at home. So, counter-intuitively, I am not turned on. Lately, though, I’m wondering if I’m not just sublimating (Googled that, too). There’s a power deep down in me that sometimes wants to get out.

Mom’s good looking for 35. Short curly auburn hair, round happy face, heavy breasts on a short, firm frame. She keeps fit teaching Yoga. I’ve been noticing, now, that her ass is especially tight and high for someone her age. The cesarean scar on her tummy is hardly visible. She calls it her birthday smile. I feel bad they had to cut her open to get me and Mike out. We were big then and we are now, too. We’ve topped Dad by a couple of inches and he’s six feet four.

Dad’s been a carpenter forever so he’s lean and muscled. Tanned, too. Leathery and outdoorsy. Mike’s goatee is in imitation of Dad’s short trimmed Abraham Lincoln beard. I think Dad is trying to look Amish or some shit. He wears overalls at work, too.

Mike and I are really well muscled, if I say so myself. I run so I’m skinny up top and I’ve got stamina. Mike’s a wrestler, so he’s more buff and stronger than me. Much stronger than me. That’s why he runs short and I run long.

Janie, now, is a special case. She’s even shorter than Mom—really the runt. Blonde (even her pubes) for some reason, where we are dark haired. And she’s really skinny, all bones and sharp angles. But she’s very perky—an extrovert like the rest of them. Smart, too. She reads like me. She’s got some freckles and her boobs are hardly more than her big fat puffy nipples. I wonder if she’ll suddenly grow tits when she turns eighteen next month?

Saturday February 20.

Week seven of training. I ran 12 miles this morning. Gosh, this training makes me hungry.

At lunchtime Mom and I were in the kitchen talking about my college ambitions while she made some food. I was sitting across the island on a barstool eating a third sandwich while she padded around getting stuff from the fridge and washing veggies in the sink. I was noticing how her breasts have been only a little affected by gravity. They are full and heavy and the nipples still point upward. The areolas are large and dark red—the fat nipples knobby. She bent over to get something from the bottom of the fridge and her breasts swayed in a way that made my dick start to fill. It surprised me. I guess I’m beginning to break that barrier. It helps that she looks better than women fifteen years younger than her.

Her ass was turned a bit to me and I saw the auburn hair fringing her sex. I really looked at her like I hadn’t noticed her before and I got a genuine boner. When she cocked her hip as she thought about what to fix for later I felt myself begin to sweat. My pulse increased and I imagined taking her by the hips and banging her right there. Imagined her heavy breasts swaying back and forth under her as we fucked. It just came over me, this desire for her. Cool.

Mom took some cornhusks and turned toward me, laying them on the counter between us. She began shucking the ears, exposing the cornsilk. It looked like the hair that peeked between her thighs. She peeled slowly with the corn held firmly in one hand, tearing away the hard green skin to reveal the soft, sweet yellow kernels. I thought about her lips on the buttered corn later, the salty slipperiness, the mess it made eating corn on the cob. She took the stripped ears and broke them in half, her breasts, squeezed between her arms, jiggling with each snap. I had forgotten my sandwich as I watched. The sound in my head was like a firetruck approaching.

“Is that for me, Sammie?” she asked, smiling at the proud boner sticking up from my lap.

“Uhhh, g-g-geez, MmMom, I….” I was really sweating now.

She came around the island and stopped briefly. Sitting, I was as short as her. Looking inquiringly into my eyes, she just reached for my cock and wrapped her hand around it. I don’t think she’d touched me there since I was in diapers.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she whispered.

I couldn’t speak.

“I remember when you were just born you were no longer than my forearm. I could hold you and Mike on each side and nurse you both at the same time. Now your erection is nearly as long and thick as my arm is…,” she seemed awestruck.

“This is a fine tool you have, son,” she said, looking me straight in the eye and squeezing. A drop of clear liquid oozed from me and ran down over her little fingers. I felt embarrassed. I trembled.

I admit I am a coward. I slipped off the stool and backed away in fear of coming right in her hand. Imagine me, nearly a foot and a half taller than her, cowering at her advance. I had a four-alarm fire ringing in my head just then. I stammered something I don’t remember and fled the room. The last look I saw on her face was one of disappointment. And kindness, too, like when I lose a race. She really wants to help me grow. And what she said about the size of my erection was a generous exaggeration. She’s always seen the best in me.

I made some progress, though. I ran to the bathroom where I jerked off thinking about her pulling on my cock as I kissed her buttery, salty lips. I thought of her kneeling and licking my dick as she stroked. I know she knew I was masturbating, too. I half wished she’d followed me into the bathroom and got down on her knees to suck me, to stroke me off over her big tits. Instead I shot my spunk straight into the toilet where my little swimmers all went spiraling down in a race to oblivion. Seems like a waste.

Monday February 22.

Ever since last week Mom and I have been looking at each other differently. Nothing has been said but I think we both know something has changed. Something is happening.

Friday February 26.

Ninth week of training and I’ll do 16 miles tomorrow morning. I’m glad the sun is getting up earlier every day like I am. It’s good that I’m not trying for good grades this last semester — I’m too tired. I guess the teachers expect that senior slump, too.

But I’m dreaming of what I will “be” as a grownup. What my college career is supposed to lead to. Though it’s hard to say where I’ll end up when I’m not sure where I’m starting from. I read that we are at our best when we are running toward something rather than running from something. Completing a marathon is one thing, but life doesn’t seem to have a finish line. At least not one I can see.

Reminds me that I do have one goal—fuck my Mom. I realized that part of my problem was that I wanted to go from total virgin to mother-fucker in one big leap. But I should be breaking this down into achievable parts like my marathon training. OK, so I’ve started seeing Mom as a sexual creature. Now I need to actually “see” her being a sexual creature. I know they would let me watch them screwing if I asked.

I’m getting tired of trying to find new ways of masturbating. This last couple of weeks I’ve hit on a good method. I’ve got two memory foam pillows and I found that if I stack them and lie on them I can stick my erection between them and get off pretty good. But what really makes it work well is to put a pair of silk undersocks on my dick. They work great in the winter inside my regular socks and they are really slippery.

Last night I put myself to sleep up in my bunk by thinking of Mom’s round ass under me. I felt her warm flesh pressed up against my belly as I lay on top of her and slowly eased in and out. The pillows conformed to my hard cock got warm like I imagine her insides, the silk slipping like her juices. Or at least as close as I can fake it.

Anyway, I thought of her face-down in my bed chewing the sheets as I thrust. Mom’s panting and whimpers rose in volume as her pleasure increased and I wrapped my arms around her to squeeze her breasts pressed into the bed under us. I arched over her, pinioned, burying my face in her hair and grinding my hips. She was pinned beneath me and trying to push back but all she could do was spread her legs and take it. Her helplessness made her crazy with lust. My power made me drive like a jackhammer, carrying us both to orgasm. I shot, collapsed and fell asleep.

The beauty of this method is that I can rinse the cum out of the socks in the morning in the shower and no one is the wiser. If only actually fucking would be this easy.

Thursday March 4.

Mom and Dad and Mike let it be known they were going to “do it” last night after we watched ‘Lost’ on the Tivo in the playroom. I usually argue with Janie about what the plot twists and mysteries mean since she’s not even allowed to watch ‘lovemaking’ yet. But tonight I told them I was going to finally stay in with them and see what they did together. They seemed so pleased. Janie went to her room to work on her webpage. She blogs. About Korean boy bands of all things. She gave me a thumbs up, though. Like I said, she’s getting ready to try ‘doing it’.

I don’t want to be the last kid. So I took a deep breath and stared at the floor. As best I can remember this is what happened:

After Mom shooed Janie out she went to the bathroom. The playroom has several couches, a loveseat (where I was sitting), a little refrigerator and a full bath.

I had decided to watch but I didn’t want to be too close. It was a bit awkward for me but they all seemed OK with it. While Mom used the bathroom I stood, drifted inconspicuously into a corner and shuffled my feet. I kept my boxers on.

“Sam, you look nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs,” chuckled Dad.

“Easy, Dad, he’s working up to it. Give him time,” Mike offered in my defense. I couldn’t speak—I just shrugged.

Dad poured some water over ice and some Coke for Mike and me. It was good to have something in my hands. Mike, the horndog, already had his dick in his hand and he was getting hard when Mom came out of the bathroom.

They were all standing around like at some cocktail party drinking and making small talk. Weird. I mean, it was like any other conversation we might have about sports and homework except I was about to see my family fuck each other. I tried to imagine it was an episode of Family Fortune I was watching to put some distance between us. I sat again on the loveseat, nursing my drink.

Mike put down his Coke and leaned toward Mom, taking one large breast in the palm of his hand, hefting it, smiling into her eyes, glancing at me as if to say, “See what I can do!”

Dad’s cock began to rise up from the cloud of dark hair at his crotch. He clapped his hands and rubbed them together. “So, let’s get this show on the road, then, boys and girls!” Holy Crap. I can’t believe he said that.

My breath was already coming in short gasps. It must have been the nearness. I could feel the intensity of the passion rising steeply in the room. I guess my sensitivity to their libidos’ broadcast was like with radio waves — it increases exponentially with proximity. I’d never been in the same room as full-blown sex and maybe my sympatico with Mike just amped it all up. Anyway, I was trembling already, my own dick was swelling and they’d only just touched. It sounded like an orchestra warming up in my head, all jangly and discordant.

Dad stepped around behind Mom and took her other breast in his hand. She leaned back against him and wiggled her behind. He leaned down and bit her shoulder. Reminded me of my dream. Mike got her nipple in his teeth and licked it. Mom took in a sharp breath and looked at me fondly. Weakly, I smiled back. With her legs parted I could see in the fuzz at her crotch a faint outline of her engorging pussy lips.

I felt their embraces like a slow, deep symphony beginning. The base line was making my body resonate and the note of each nipple kiss or shoulder bite caused me to quiver in response. I pulled my knees up on the loveseat and tried not to hyperventilate.

Mom just kept her eyes on me while Dad and Mike’s hands roamed across her. She got Mike’s hard cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. She seemed to be saying, “This could be you.” My dick felt her stare. It pulsed. It itched for her touch, now. The purple head nosed its way under the waistband of my boxers. I was long and hard enough to be poking at my own bellybutton. But I was dizzy from the intensity of being in the same room. I was frozen.

Dad said, stepping around Mom, “Sammie, this is how you make love to a woman.” STFU, I was thinking. He cupped her chin in his hand and drew her face up for a deep kiss. Mom raked her nails down his chest, across his belly and took his cock in her grip. I heard her sharp intake of breath. She had a hard cock in each hand and two strong men about to pleasure her, but she kept her eyes on me. Like it was me she was making love to.

“Now we’ll show you some methods of foreplay.” Dad said. Jesus Christ. I really couldn’t listen, anyway.

“P-p-please d-d-don’t g-g-give me a llllecture. Just fuh-fuh-fucking d-d-do it, ermm, yeah, j-j-just mmmake lllove,” I choked out, heart racing. The last ice in my glass rattled. I put it down and wrapped my arms around myself.

“He’s right, Tom, just DO IT!,” breathed Mom. I don’t know if she was making a joke or not. It didn’t matter.

With that she turned and pushed Mike back on the couch and sank to lie beside him with her mouth poised above his tool. Mike just smiled at me. Smartass. She lifted her leg and Dad got down on his knees and buried his bearded face in her crotch.

His red pole swung below his crinkled, tight balls. My eyes were drawn by the way Mike’s cock split Mom’s lips as she took him in her mouth. He came out shiny, drool running down. They both watched me watching them. This went on for what seemed a long time as the noise in my head grew to a crescendo, like a couple of orchestras playing different Wagner operas at the same time.

I had to close my eyes to slits. I’d slipped down to where I was lying on my side in the fetal position as they kept on sucking each other. Dad’s face was wet from where he was eating Mom’s pussy. Her distended lips glistened and hung open. He finally rose up and grabbed his cock, pointing it at her ready opening.

She looked back at him briefly then reached down and guided him in. Dad slid in slowly as she pulled her legs apart, hooking one over his shoulder, the other foot still dragging on the floor. Dad was weathered, all tanned and gnarly from his years of working outdoors—a long stick of driftwood. His joints were knobby and rough, his sinews stretched taut, muscles flexing under his thin skin. Quite a contrast to Mom who was soft and supple, whose breasts swung loose and whose arms curved gracefully as she reached to caress her men. As Dad sawed into her, as she lay there spread wide, I had the compulsion to crawl over and put my mouth on her clit, to lick along her split-open cunt where Dad’s gristly pole was churning up a white froth.

I couldn’t move. Nothing on the Internet had prepared me for this. Something about being in the same space, not separated by a video screen, to be with three-dimensional, musk oozing, real people ramped up the pitch of sexual feeling ten times.

Mom popped Mike’s wet cock out of her mouth and began moaning. Her chest turned a deep brick red and she heaved as Dad thrust. She hissed through her teeth and rolled her head, hands grasping at Dad’s chest. Her one leg slipped from his shoulder and she hooked it around his ass and pulled, jamming him tight into her.

Mike slid off the couch and stood over her face, stroking. She looked up at him yearningly.

“Mikey knows what I like,” she gasped.

Dad suddenly grunted and slammed his prick deep, holding his ass clenched as he came. Mom made whimpering noises, looking straight at me. What was she thinking? She had two studs to service her and she wanted me in there, too? The noise in my head was ear splitting but there was no way to stop it.

Then, darkness.

I must have passed out. The next thing I remember is Mom kneeling over me as I lay on the couch and running a warm, wet washcloth over my chest. I was confused, my head fuzzy. I was hearing voices from far away.

“Poor baby, you came all over yourself,” she said, looking lovingly into my eyes. She must have done a quick cleanup of herself but she still had a drop of cum in her left eyebrow.

“That’s OK, Mom, I can do that,” I said as I tried to sit up. “I think I’ll go to my room now.”

“Oh, Honey, you just do that. But we should talk about this, you know.” She is ever the earnest parent.

I stumbled up, adjusted my shorts and passed Dad and Mike who were each popping open a beer. I didn’t feel like celebrating. I learned tonight that just watching them fuck nearly killed me. I’m not sure this is going to work after all.

Friday March 5.

Shit, now my stuttering is worse. I’d learned to hiss my esses and hum my emms, but now I’ve lost control of the even the soft consonants again. Goddam. They’re going to call me Simple Sam again, I know.

Saturday March 6.

I know Mom wants to talk about what happened on Tuesday. We’ve avoided the subject so far but I can tell it’s driving her crazy. I feel half crazy myself. I wonder if I just need to get out of here. Also, I know it’s too much to hope for but I have not received any word from Tech. I’m counting the days.

Most teenagers want to break away from their families, don’t they? I’m thinking my rebellion will consist of the opposite of sex, drugs and rock and roll–maybe celibacy, vegetarianism and church. Still, I do want to lose my virginity and I’ve got that resolution to stick to. But I don’t know how to get around this barrier of mine. What to call it? Sex Block? Sex Aversion? No, that’s not quite right. I want to, it’s just that I have this oversensitive empathic reaction.

Dad doesn’t seem perturbed about it. He doesn’t talk much about this stuff directly except when giving a lecture. And Janie is oblivious. She may not know I freaked out, but then she’s got her own coming-of-age on her mind, I guess. I wonder if I could talk to her. Mike understands and isn’t pushing it. Or maybe he knows that his extrovert’s perspective won’t help me any.

Mom’s been looking at me very sympathetically. A little hungrily, too. I’m sure she’s disappointed. Me, too! I don’t know what to do.

Sunday March 7.

Last night I humped my pillows again, thinking of Mom, imagining that I gave her great bliss, as usual. After, as I lay there sweaty, Janie knocked on the wall.

“Sammy, can I talk to you?” she sounded tentative. Obviously my nocturnal emission sessions weren’t so secret. But she didn’t tease me. “Sammy, I know you must be frustrated. I understand. I’m in the same boat.”

“What d-do you mean?” I asked, hoping she wasn’t going to come into my room. I realized she wasn’t as oblivious as I thought. She’d climbed up on her dresser and was whispering through the crack at the top of the partition.

“I know Mom and Dad want to be good parents and show us the right way to be superior lovers, but I’m not sure and, you know, my birthday…”

“You d-don’t have to d-do it on your b-birthday, Janie.”

“Yeah, but I see how painful it is for you since you waited. Isn’t it hard? No pun intended,” she giggled, nervous.

“Yes it is, b-but I’m g-getting there.” I explained my plan to realize my new year’s resolution, my change of perspective on Mom as a sexual creature and especially the brick wall I’d hit with what, I had to admit, was fear.

“I think my problem is different,” Janie went on. “I’ve educated myself about the mechanics of making love and I surely do feel love for our parents but I don’t really have much of an appetite for it. Is that weird?”

“Well, I’ve g-got the appetite b-but there’s something g-getting in the way of the feeling part for me.” I admitted as I’d just realized it.

“Do you think about me that way, Sammy?” She said very quietly.

I thought for a Moment. “Uhh, well, I imagine we c-can have a, have a, uh physical relationship when you’re ready, if you want t-to, I mean.”

“I meant do you love me?”

“You mean like a sister? I would b-beat up anyone who t-tried to hurt you.”

“That’s not exactly what I’m talking about. Can you love your sister and make love to her, too?” She sounded plaintive.

“Not b-before you’re eighteen, of c-course, but after that I can imagine it.” I really couldn’t imagine doing it right then. Hmmm.

“Is it weird for you to imagine doing it with Dad and Mom like Mike does?”

I suddenly realized that I imagined my first time would be with the three of them just like I’d watched the other night. But it didn’t have to be that way, did it?

“Whoa, Janie, you just g-gave me an idea.” I maybe could do it if it was just me and Mom in a private place, alone. If I could be myself… I realized that Dad was always in the back of my mind watching me, even outside the house, that his voice rang in my head when I felt guilty or even when I felt triumphant. It was Dad that was the problem. “I’ve changed my plan a little. I think I can do this!”

“What did I say?”

I told her that I realized that I had to do it on my own terms. It wasn’t a submission or an obligation, but a rite of passage that required me to take charge. That’s why Mom was so patient! She wanted me to take the lead and my clanging inner Dad-voice was yelling so loud I couldn’t even understand what it was saying. That’s why I could imagine doing it “to” my Mom under me in my masturbation fantasies and why I quailed at the thought of doing it in the Moment. That day Mom touched me in the kitchen she was trying to encourage me but I reacted like she was going to do it “to” me. I didn’t tell Janie about the kitchen part, though.

She was quiet for a minute then said, “I understand, Sammy. I got a lot to think about out of this. And I love you, too. Good night.”

She hopped down off the dresser and I rolled over in the dark and wrapped my newfound confidence in my arms, thinking of how to proceed. And truly I did love Janie as a sister. She’d helped me a lot. In fact, I noticed, my stutter was nearly gone while we talked.

Tuesday March 9.

Only seven weeks to the Shamrock on April 25—over halfway through the training. Winter is passing. Some mornings there is the faintest hint of Spring in the air. Waiting for the letter from Tech is something that I sometimes ache with and sometimes I can live with. Going to college is going to be like running off a cliff…

Last night after dinner, Janie, who’d been a little pensive during the meal, cleared her throat and squared her shoulders, pushing out her nubby little nipples, and made her announcement. We were getting ready to clear away the dishes after listening to Dad go on about one of his solutions to the problems of the world (reform of the educational system, I think) and Mom was giving me another lingering look, which, I have to say I’ve been returning with much more confidence since my talk with Janie, when sister looked around the table and said:

“I’ve decided that what I want for my birthday this month is to become a woman.”

Mom, yipped and clapped her hands and Dad got a quiet, smug, smoldering look in his eyes.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a good long time,” she continued, “and you guys have made it very clear that you think you ought to be the ones to usher each of your kids into adulthood. I understand what you’ve been trying to teach us all these years. I’m not sure this isn’t going to be just kind of icky. Still, I want to make this decision myself and I understand the responsibility I’m taking on. Like you say, it’s as important as getting a driver’s license or voting; a civic responsibility as well as a personal one. But there is one condition.”

Now Mom was quiet, too.

“The condition is that I say where I do it and with whom and how. OK, three conditions. I did some on-line research and I think I know how it should happen. So, as a gift to me, I’d like to be “deflowered”, for lack of a better word, after my party on the 20th, by Dad (looking him in the eye for the first time during her announcement and giving him a firm, but loving look) and with Mom there, too.”

“Oh, sweety,” said Mom, leaning over to stroke her shoulder, “Thank you, thank you.” Tears ran down her cheeks.

“Mike, sorry but I’m leaving you out for now and Sam—no watching this one.” Janie looked very lovingly at the two of us, though, which helped. Mike did look disappointed, but he was a grownup, he could take a little deferment of gratification. I knew my little sister was smart but I was impressed with how strong she was.

And I was surprised to hear that little sister had apparently come to the same conclusion I had about taking charge. Without, I guess, the angst I’d been going through all this time. We shared a little knowing smile over the dinner table as Mike stood and went over to give Janie a little hug from behind.

Mom jumped up and, heavy boobs jiggling, bounced on her toes with a huge smile on her face. For Dad’s part he stood too, but the joy was expressed in his thick, red boner. He looked proud and what? — validated, I suppose. We were each slowly proving his sex-positive theory. I think he might have been as happy about that as the prospect of making love to his daughter. He was a man of principle, after all, an idealist and iconoclast for whom action and ideology were part and parcel of the same thing.

As I watched him I realized that I would never be that passionate about ideas. Unless the idea was something simple like the Golden Rule. Maybe that’s what it all boiled down to anyway; do unto others as, etc. even in bed, even in the family bed.

When I stood Mom came around and wrapped me in her arms and kept bouncing happily on her toes, pressing her breasts into my stomach. With her rubbing my cock rose, too, and poked at the underside of her boobs. She smiled and eased down just enough to let me slide up between her breasts where her tears had made them slick.

This time I didn’t shy away or run to my room. I locked my gaze onto hers and imagined my own deflowering, imagined taking her alone in a candlelit room, pressing my hot flesh to hers in a hundred exciting ways.

Mom saw this change in my eyes. We said nothing, but I think she understood that I’d changed. Still, part of me was glad my loss of virginity was some way in the future—my resolve was not quite 100%. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her gently away.

“Go hug Janie. It’s her time, now.” Mom inferred, as I intended, that my time was coming, too, at last, and she smiled especially brightly as she turned away to take Janie into her arms.

Tuesday March 16.

A resting day on the training calendar so I didn’t have to get up so early. I was in my bed last night reading my archive of Elfquest when I heard the buzz of Mike trimming his goatee. It went on a long time.

He called me, “Brother, I need some help here!” When I went in his room he was sitting on the edge of his bed with his legs spread over a towel and his dick in his hand. What’s new, right? But he was shaving his pubes. “I can’t reach the hair on my balls, little brother. Will you finish this off?”

“Why are you shaving your p-pubic hair?” I asked, bemused. “You wanna look like a p-porn star?”

“I’m doing it for Janie’s party Saturday. Are you gonna help or what?”

“You’re not going to be part of the b-big present, anyway, OK? B-but if you ask me it looks stupid.”

“Didn’t ask,” and he handed me the trimmer. He pulled his cock back over the short trim he’d given himself on the topside. He’d cut it the same length as his goatee, but he’d shaved his chest hair off completely. I tried to reach under to get at the hair on his dangling balls. It wasn’t as simple as it sounds. I bent over and turned the razor this way and that but couldn’t quite get at it.

“Lay b-back,” I instructed him and as he did I pulled his dick up along his belly with my left hand. I knelt and started delicately gliding the buzzing shaver along the side of his scrotum with his legs spread wide. He hardened right away.

“Oh, Gawd, brother!” he gasped.

“You O K-kay?”

“Keep on, keep on…” he was looking at the ceiling as I leaned in to see what I was doing. His balls drew up tight into a big wrinkly walnut, making it a little easier to run the razor over them. The slotted plastic tip on the blades allowed me to press the razor firmly without nipping the skin. As I felt the vibrations of the trimmer transmitted through his stiff rod I began to harden, myself thinking about how it must feel. Obviously it felt pretty terrific to Mike. He was beginning to rock his hips forward involuntarily like he was fucking or something, like a dog humping a leg. I had a tight grip on his hard cock. The foreskin slid in my hand. Fine blue veins marbled his shaft.

I thought about what a marvelous structure the erect cock is. His red, fat pole reminded me of the columns on a Greek temple—thicker at the base, tapering then flaring to a wide crown. If they could hold up temples with statues of women why couldn’t they make a row of cocks? Maybe that’s what they’d done. Then I thought about the way the space between the columns is a void, like a slit, a vagina. Maybe you could do a kind of Rorschach test with the Greek Temple form. Look at the façade and what do you see, poles or holes? Or both, like I do.

I moved down below his balls along the hard ridge of flesh toward his dark, puckered asshole. I haven’t looked that close at an ass before, even mine. Surprisingly hairy.

Suddenly Mike grabbed my left hand in his and began stroking himself. Or making me stroke him. Before I could quite understand he yelled, “Jesus, Gawd, Brother!” and came all over his belly. He folded up like a jackknife, doing crunches, face contorted, as he bucked on the bed and I lost my grip on the razor. It fell buzzing to the floor and I felt the hot pulses of jism shoot up his dick and spray onto his shaved, sculpted chest. My hand got slippery. It was a lot like jerking myself off, actually, only different. Kinda like the way your reflection in the mirror is you but not you at the same time.

By the time he was done jerking I was up over top of him with my right hand on the bed and his wet, sagging dick in my left. My boxers were poking down at him. There was a gob of his cum in his stupid goatee. Our eyes met and he smiled wickedly, panting.

Mike reached in my shorts and grabbed my stiff cock before I could react and had it out in his hand.

“I owe you one, brother, ” he grinned. I couldn’t get back up with my dick in his grip. His hand was slick with jizz, though, and he began stroking with a really tight fist. With my arms spread on each side of him, legs between his, I began trembling. The smell of cum filled the narrow space between us. It was my turn to buck my hips and quickly I was close. My dick-eye winked in and out of my foreskin as he stroked. The inside of my head rang like a bell.

“This is what it’s like to fuck a woman, brother. Go ahead, fuck my hand. Fuck it hard.” The bastard had me going. He got me in both his hands, one under the other. I closed my eyes, pictured Mom below me like I’d so recently seen her pressed under Dad and I came in a hot rush of surprise and longing. I wanted to fuck her right now and I was pissed at Mike. I took control and I thrust and shot clotted white streams across Mike’s body as he huffed under me, pulling the jizz out of me like he was working a pump handle. The noise in my head suddenly stopped and was replaced with a silence so profound it was like standing on a mountaintop in clear, frigid air. I had a clarity, finally.

Before I could begin to soften he wrapped both arms around me and pulled me down into a fierce hug. Our slimy, hard cocks sparred between us as they slipped in our pooled semen. He rolled me on my side and held me in his arms. I realized I had braced for the wave of unbearable noise that I expected to come with the pleasure, the shattering of the mirror, but instead I felt myself rising into a void of unexpected serenity. Silence. I stopped fighting the noise, took charge… and the killer wave ran right through me. Resistance, it turned out, was futile.

“This is just a taste of what you’re missing, Sam. Mom and Dad really want to show you the ropes. It would make them very happy.” He looked sincerely in my eyes. I felt myself move more deeply into love with my family just then, all of them. I felt safe. I was safe. I think I found the final part to the puzzle. I guess I am still technically a virgin, but I’m one big step closer to accomplishing my new year’s resolution.

“Maybe, Mike, maybe soon,” I wheezed as I rolled away from his hot, slick, hard body, so like my own. I felt then that I could almost step through that mirror and be like him. Not afraid to make love to a woman, to make love to Mom.

Wednesday March 17.

After my revelation with Mike I had to talk about it with Janie. It was my turn to knock on the partition late at night and whisper. I told her how I’d found the emotional circuit that I’d been missing, how I overcame the fear by getting angry and really wanting it. I told her how impressed I’d been by her strength the week before at dinner and that I was now sure she would be OK since she’d so clearly taken charge of the event coming this Saturday.

She promised she’d tell me all about it afterward.

I was getting excited myself now for my coming of age, my belated coming of age. I knew I could set the time, place and circumstances and that Mom and Dad actually wanted it that way. It was part of their plan!

I thought about all this while running this morning. I’m up to 36 miles for the week and feeling very strong. It’s getting to be a comfortable routine. I’m eating like a horse and my new confidence is giving the training runs a revived sense of purpose. As the day of the Marathon gets closer I feel less lost, less aimless. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I guess it’s all going to come to a head in April.

I’ve also come to some peace with my introverted, solitary nature. I realize that if the real me is more comfortable alone than in groups, then that’s fine. I don’t need to be like my family. I don’t need to be like my Dad. But I do need to make love to my Mom. It’s a clear goal and I’ll do it my way.

Friday March 19.

I’ll be running tomorrow while Janie is introduced to lovemaking since I can’t watch and I’d rather not stay in the house. She is braver than me, the little snot. After my final insight I know I will be able to stand it when my time comes. It certainly won’t kill me. But I can’t take the spotlight away from Janie on her birthday. I guess I will be the last kid to lose his cherry. I’m OK with that. Now that it’s my choice, I’m OK with that.

Still haven’t heard from Tech. Not sure if that is good or bad. Hell, if I don’t get in I’ll just go work construction. I’ve got skills.

Saturday March 20.

The day was filled with preparations and festiveness. We baked a big cake for Janie and threw a fine party at TGIF where Dad rented a party room. Of course, we were dressed, like regular people. Janie invited her best friend Margaret and a bunch of her friends from school and they giggled and gabbed like girls do. I mostly watched and compared those young airheaded kids with Mom. They came off badly. Frankly only one or two could be said to be any more attractive than her and none were as substantial.

I mean, they were silly and seemed more interested in clothes and gossip than anything else. At home we talk about important things. I am reminded of why Mom is so appealing. She’s got a body and a brain. And she loves me for exactly who I am.

We have a sense of each other’s physical location in space now that I’m focused on coupling with her. We keep an eye on each other as we move about the room. I feel that connection as something tangible. I feel her watching me and I’m mildly aroused.

Funny, but now when I see Mom with clothes on I mentally strip her and I get excited like I never did when we were naked at home all those years. Now she’s sexier dressed than naked and I want to undress her. Slowly. And with delicacy, revealing what I already know is there like seeing it for the first time.

She knows my motor is running. She was wearing a tan safari shirtdress at the party—crisp cotton with a belt and big pockets over her boobs. Sort of a Mom-in-uniform look that accentuated her hips without being slutty. The way it ended at her knees just made me think about the fuzzy, dark warm place between her legs that I’ve only now begun to appreciate.

I suppose they were both thinking about what Janie planned for after the party but they seemed to be having a good time and when we exchanged presents Janie got a bunch of nice things that she expressed genuine delight to receive. She hugged and kissed each of her friends and thanked them profusely. They were clueless about tonight’s special event.

Still, I think part of Janie’s ebullience and good cheer came from anticipation.

I came back to a quiet house after my late run. I hope the deflowering went well.

Sunday March 21

True to her word Janie reported on how it went last night. She knocked on the partition early this morning and whispered over the wall. But I asked her to come on in my room where we could be less awkward. She came around and climbed up beside me and we snuggled under the warm covers our foreheads and knees together. Conspirators. We hadn’t done that since she was about eight.

“So how’d it g-go?” I asked, her cold feet against my shins.

“Oh, Sammy, it was amazing! Nothing like I thought it would be,” she sighed as she reached for my hand. “Not gross at all, more like a dream or a hallucination.”

“What d-do you mean?”

“It was strange at first but Mom and Dad were so sweet and gentle and after a while something in me just, oh, I don’t know how to describe it. Something shifted, or opened up or exploded or something. Something inside me took over.”

Sounded like my problem. Only I was being stymied by that ‘something’. “Tell me more.” I reached out and touched her shoulder.

“Well, I got them both in the playroom and told them I wanted to go slow and easy and we lit some candles and I just stood there for a minute. They were so patient and they looked so happy and serious at the same time. Obviously, I was real nervous.” Janie was fingering the hair on my chest absently while she talked.

“Mom said I should tell them what I wanted so I asked for them to just hug me at first. I mean just standing there. Mom took me in her arms and I paid special attention to her breasts up against mine and how warm they were. Our nipples tickled each other and got hard. I tried kissing her neck, then her cheek and I bit her earlobe and she started doing the same to me.”

In our little cave in my bunk I was starting to get a boner. Janie’s voice got rougher as she continued.

“It was exciting me and I was feeling faint. Then Dad came up behind Mom and wrapped his long arms around us both. I felt Mom breathe deep and tremble. It made me tremble, too. That’s when that strange shift started in me.”

I was seeing this tableau in my mind all too well. And the noises in my head were beginning. I felt the peach fuzz on Janie’s arm under my fingertips.

“It was like my body knew what to do. I put my hand on Mom’s breast and pinched her nipple. I felt my own nipples tingle. Then we kissed. It was wet and soft and made me quiver. Then she bent and put her slippery lips on my nipple and sucked a little. I had to sit down on the couch!”

My dick was rock hard now and I was glad we were facing each other so it didn’t poke my sister. It seemed like she didn’t know the effect her story was having on me.

“I asked them to let me catch my breath a second. Dad was standing there with his arms around Mom and he’d got a breast in each hand. She lay her head back and he kissed her sweetly. When they broke apart I saw his erection and I was a little scared. I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I mean, looking at things on the Internet can only tell you so much, right? And it looked so big right there in front of me.”

“You saw his erection last week, though,” I said. She’d seen us all erect at one time or other even though we were quick to turn away.

“Yes, but this time it was going to be mine to use and I didn’t want to do it wrong. I said to Mom that I’d like to see how she got Dad ready for sex. So…she didn’t say anything she just sank to her knees and started kissing it. That was so much more exciting than watching strangers on the web. I was amazed and I started to feel my insides get all hot and quivery.”

While she told me this her hand was working its way down my body. And I got no objection as my hand trailed off her shoulder and down her back. The washboard of her ribcage fitted just right with my fingers. It was getting really warm under the covers. I could smell her arousal faintly, I thought.

“Mom was licking Dad’s dick from the bottom to the top and he had his hands in her hair. He watched me. Mom watched me too, and smiled. Then she opened her mouth wide and took his cock head between her lips. The same soft, wet lips I was just kissing. My own lips itched to watch her. She got him all shiny. Mom’s saliva was running down to his balls.”

I touched the sharp bone of Janie’s hip and she caught her breath. But she was into her story and didn’t seem to be paying attention to me. Her own little hand was absently stroking my abs. I let the noises in my head go on and concentrated on the feel of her soft skin.

“After Mom sucked Dad for a few minutes she turned to me and said that they usually took turns. She came over to sit beside me on the couch but instead of having Dad go down on her she asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted another hug and she wrapped me in her arms again. It felt like she was on fire she was so hot. She was whispering in my ear about how happy she was and how special it was going to be and in a minute there was a film of sweat between us and I was panting.”

I ran my hand along Janie’s hip and down her thigh and she took a deep breath, then went on.

“We were kind of spooning with Mom behind me and her arms around me and she was rubbing my nipples oh-so-gently. Dad was just standing there watching. I saw his pulse making his wet cock bob up and down. Mom asked if I was getting gooey between my legs. I said I was. In fact you could smell it by then. I found my courage I said I wanted Dad to taste me.

Mom rolled over with me in her arms so I was lying on my back on top of her on the couch. Suddenly I was spread open because my legs were draped over hers. When she spread her legs she also spread mine. I looked up at Dad and felt, oh, I felt everything–scared and excited and hungry and a little out of my body, all at the same time.

When Dad’s eyes slowly traced down my body I could feel each excruciating second. My breasts felt swollen and heavy and the nipples were pinched so tight it nearly hurt. As Mom spread me I felt my pussy lips part. Funny, the cool air on the wet folds was like a caress. I opened to Dad’s gaze and suddenly wasn’t afraid. I just wanted to be filled.”

Her breathing was faster now and Janie was rubbing my calf with her foot. I could smell her pussy very strong now under the hot covers. I let my fingernail trail up the inside of her thigh. Still no objection from her. Suddenly, she pulled my head down to her chest and pressed a nipple to my lips.

“Please, Sammy. Ahhh…”

Then she just grabbed my pulsing cock and squeezed. But she kept on with the story.

“Dad slowly got on his knees and put his face between my legs. When his tongue touched my thigh I jumped. Then he began licking me all around there, teasing me, moving closer and then moving away. All the while Mom was ever-so-gently pulling on my nipples. I put my head back on her shoulder and spread open like a flower. I’ve never felt so loved, Sammy.”

Janie punctuated this with another squeeze of my pecker. I groaned around her nipple where I had it in my teeth. I moved my hand up and felt the heat from her crotch, then the hair against my fingers, then the moist spongy flesh of her pussy lips. She spread her legs for me and I cupped her mound in my hand. My fingers got wet. I decided to get her off if I could.

“I never imagined it could feel so good, Sammy. Dad’s tongue was driving me crazy as he darted it between my pussylips. I felt him run it along the outer part, then he moved closer and ran up and down the inner folds and finally he just barely parted me and tasted my insides. I was grinding my hips by then and whimpering. I twisted my head and kissed Mom. Finally, Dad touched his tongue to my clit and the world exploded. I’m sure I screamed.

I felt Mom’s soft breasts and hard nipples against my back as I arched up into Dad’s face. It went on and on and on.”

My sister was rubbing her pussy against my hand as she said this and she started to pull on my thick cock with her slim, little hand. I was sucking her gumdrop nipple and gently moving my fingers against her pussy. I was trying to find her clit without being too clumsy. But she was right: my body seemed to know what to do. At least hers did. She was writhing under my touch. Janie was sucking in deep, ragged breaths and moving her fist fast on my dick. But her story wasn’t done.

“I don’t know how long my orgasm lasted but finally I relaxed and looked up at Dad. He rose up. His face was wet with my juice. His eyes were filled with tenderness and longing and a little bit of crazy. I reached for him and he scooted forward. I saw his big, red cock looking at me, dripping, pulsing. I got him in my hand and shoved him down against my pussy. He pushed slowly into me looking lovingly into my eyes and I had an orgasm a million times harder than the first. Oh, Sammy, I never knew, I never knew….”

And then Janie came under my fingers, clamping her legs tight against my soaked hand and twitching, humping against my palm as my finger slipped insider her. Her head craned back and a deep, trembling moan rose from her clenched jaws. Janie pulled hard on my cock and I came, too, shooting stream after thick stream against her belly and little tits in the dark under the covers. I turned and bit the sheets to keep from screaming out loud. I let the wave of head-noise run through me again unresisted. This is getting easier.

“My God, Sammy, I could do this every day…,” she sighed. I could hardly think. I’d just had my finger in a vagina and been brought to orgasm by a woman for the first time. Still a virgin, technically. But more determined than ever to make it with Mom.

Tenderly I pulled my hand away from Janie’s pussy and she whimpered. In the dim light filtering through the sheet I saw her bring her hand from my cock to her lips and lick the cum dripping from her fingers. Tentatively I put my fingers to my mouth and tasted her juices. Then, boldness having been rewarded so far, I reached down, stroked my finger through her wet slit and brought a taste up to Janie’s lips. She sucked my finger in and rolled her tongue around, savoring herself.

“MMMmm,” she breathed. Then she put her spunky fingers to my mouth and I opened for a taste of my cum. We looked into each other’s eyes and knew that this was just a start and a promise. There was love there, and peace.

I need to set a date to make love to Mom. Really badly. I want a piece of them all.

Saturday March 27.

I can’t believe it. Janie, who was so sure sex might just be ‘icky’ has been in Mom and Dad’s bed every night this week, sometimes with Mike, sometimes not. I can hear it, feel it and smell it. They are all ridiculously happy, walking around the house like they’re stoned when they are not making love. It’s a wonder either Janie or Mike can stay awake at school.

I’m only more determined to join the club now. Geez, everyone seems so delirious with lust. Janie keeps telling me how much more fantastic it is than she thought it would be. Man, the pressure is getting fierce.

“I guess I’m my mother’s daughter, after all!” she said last night as she wagged her skinny little tush at me.

Now they are both giving me the hungry eye. It’s just as well they all spend so much time in the bedroom together. I don’t feel left out, exactly. My excuses for dithering are nearly used up, though. I am determined to do it with Mom my first time and I don’t want to be tempted by Janie. Our episode in my bed has got me wanting her now, too. Especially since she’s morphed suddenly into a slinky seductress.

Finding the courage to set a date will be the thing that will allow me to get past the point of no return. The journey of a thousand smiles begins with a single fuck.

Sunday March 28.

We sent the folks off to Family Fortune this morning. They were so excited. It was really funny to see Mom try to decide what to pack to wear since its still cold in Toronto but she knew she’d be naked a lot of the time anyway. Dad told us all how proud he is of us for giving them such a special gift. He’s measuring us by our altruism and selflessness. We were spared the full lecture when we dropped them at the airport.

As I hugged Mom goodbye I whispered in her ear, “I’m ready to s-stop being a v-virgin. I want to do it when you get back.” I couldn’t look her in the eye as I said it, but when we broke our embrace the look of delight and pride on her face was enough of an answer. Then she hugged me ferociously one more time and actually pressed her hips into me, hard. Not a chaste motherly hug—an invitation.

They went off practically running to the gate, so high on expectation that they could have flown there without the plane.

Now we have the house to ourselves. This only happens for the occasional weekend when Mom and Dad go to Florida to visit their fuck-buddies. The difference this time is now Janie’s on fire and I’m looking forward to Mom’s return and a Momentous April.

She’s not the little sister I’m used to, sequestered in her room and blogging. She’s actually got a swing to her walk and a lubricated swivel in her hips that’s got me looking at her in a whole new way. She has blossomed overnight into a slippery, sensual little tart. A flirt. A hungry, lust-filled woman who’s found the appetite that lay dormant in her. It just took actual sex to flip her switch.

“Are you thinking of me, Sammy?” she whispered in my ear after we put the parents on the plane. “I’m thinking of you…”

“I’m saving myself for Mom, as you know,” I answered firmly. She understands but her newfound hunger makes her tease me unmercifully. Now I notice her nakedness like never before and she makes sure I do. I think of her lying on the other side of the partition and imagine her tweaking her nipples, rubbing her pussy, juicing her up for a cock, my cock.

Right now as I write this she’s over there moaning, breathing hard. Is this what she’d been listening to when I’d been masturbating these many months? I’m sitting here hard at my desk trying not to listen.

Fuck it. I’m going to rub one out now. Let her listen to me one more time. We’ll make a little solo night music from opposite sides of the wall. More later.

Monday March 29.

Less than a month to the Shamrock. I’m strong and my stamina just keeps getting better. No letter from Tech., dammit.

Today I’m another step closer to losing my virginity. The next to last step, I think. There was a kind of test today—a challenge, and end, I hope, to my passivity. I think I passed the test.

I was supposed to be a resting day in my marathon training but I’m so stoked with thinking about finally getting there with Mom and all the sex in the air around here that I ran home from school while Mike and Janie drove home with my books and stuff. So I got home a little later than they did and needed a shower.

As soon as I got in the door I started stripping. Left my shoes on the rack, as always. Stripped off my socks in the hallway, my t-shirt in the living room and was hopping out of my shorts as I entered the bedroom space. Stopped in my tracks when I got to the shower ’cause Janie was leaned over the sink with her little tits pressed down on the ceramic and Mike was kneeling behind her with his face in her butt crack. They didn’t see me.

Janie’s head was on her crossed arms and her hair fell over her face as Mike had her up on her tiptoes slowly rotating her ass as he licked her. His cock pointed up from his crotch and his big hands were splayed on her cheeks, pulling her open. The bumpy channel of her spine curved gracefully from the cleft of her ass to the wisps of blonde hair at her neck. It reminded me of a suspension bridge; elegant engineering.

She was singing a little tune of joy as she sighed under his tongue. Mike grunted and made wet sounds as he worked at driving her higher. Clearly they’d learned a lot this past week.

Standing there frozen in surprise and sudden lust, I watched, my own cock tightening.

“Don’t you wish Sammy was here, Mike?” breathed Janie. He only grunted. “When is he going to get over it and get his cherry popped?” Janie groaned and arched her pussy into Mike’s face.

I started to tiptoe away to my cubby but I couldn’t look away and I tripped over the laundry hamper. I fell right on my ass. Janie looked up, shook back her hair and saw me sitting there with an embarrassed smile and a ready boner. She laughed and raised up on her arms, little tits quivering, and said, “Speak of the devil!”

Mike gave me a glance and a smirk and went back to eating her. She giggled.

“You better stay away, Sammy,” she teased, “You’ll break your vow of celibacy.”

As I sat there battling my conflicting urges, caught between my lust and my fear I realized something. I was in control of what happened to me. And it didn’t have to be all or nothing with Janie, either. Obviously I’d let events take their own course in my bed the other night without losing my virginity. Still, it was kind of an accident. As I returned Janie’s wanton leer and watched Mike so happily eat her out I resolved to just fucking have a good goddamned orgasm on my own terms. Within my parameters, of course.

So I stood, boner waving and walked right over to them with a new determination. I said, “Janie, will you do anything I tell you to do?”

Only the briefest uncertainty flashed in her eyes, then with a smoldering grin she said, “Yes, Sammy, whatever you want.” She looked right at my cock as she said it.

Mike pulled his mouth off her pussy and looked at me, stupid with lust.

Janie complained, “Don’t stop, Mikey!”

“Yes, don’t stop,” I said. ‘Will you do what I say, too, Mike?”

“Well, what’s in it for me, brother?” He can be a jerk.

“Three-way sex is in it for you, dumbass.” I thought that was obvious and enough.

He smiled. “I’ve been having three-way sex for a while, if you haven’t noticed. Four-way even.”

“So you won’t do what I say?” I nearly lost my nerve just then.

“Not sure of the point in it, brother,” he said. Meanwhile Janie was looking frustrated.

But I had a card to play. I looked at the two of them, toned and fresh and steaming with horniness. “I need to be in control right now and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop being such a big brother. You’re only four minutes older than me anyway.”

He shrugged.

I continued, “Listen, I get that we’re better off having sex the first time with someone who loves us. That’s supposed to be you guys. Us. I feel it. I’m feeling it more every day. Tell me you don’t feel it, too.”

“Alright,” he said, “I admit it. I’m just giving you shit ’cause you take it so well. I love you little brother.” He wiped the pussy juice from his goatee with the back of his arm.

I took a deep breath. “If you do what I say I promise I’ll do something you’ll really like and I bet you haven’t done before. ‘Cause I love you, too, both of you.”

He looked at me skeptically, but with a wry grin. His affection was at the core of our brotherhood, his ragging me aside. “Alright, lead on, then.” And he waved his hand imperially over our sister as if deigning to give me permission. He’s such a horndog I knew he couldn’t turn down sex. Plus it was another chance to compete with me.

Janie brightened and looked expectantly at me. I picked up my t-shirt and offered it to her. “Put this on.”

She looked puzzled for a moment, then slipped it over her head. Janie threw her arms wide and did a little pivot to show it off. The t-shirt was way big for her and hung to her knees. The neck hole would have revealed a lot of cleavage if she had any. Her pointy little nipples stabbed out into the cotton, her tight little butt giving the back end an inviting curve. Otherwise the shirt draped like a slinky dress. And it smelled like my sweat and her pussy now.

“Janie,” I said, “ever since you told me about your first time with Mom and Dad I’ve been thinking non-stop about how Dad licked you. I’ve wanted to try that for a long time.”

She took a deep breath and stood taller, which made her nipples tent the shirt even more, and a smile spread slowly across her face.

“OK, Sammy. Where?” She was certainly ready.

Mike said, “What about me?”

“You’ll be OK.” I raised a hand to silence him. “Since I’m saving myself for Mom there won’t be any actual intercourse between you and me, Janie. But I need an education, if you are willing, both of you. Teach me something about oral sex.”

“Were you not watching me a moment ago?” said Mike.

“Yes, and I want Janie to tell me what feels good. So if you want to demonstrate I’m an eager student, Mike.” I said.

“Well, OK, then. Like she said, where?” We were both standing there hard and tense with Janie between us in my shirt and all about to bolt in our excitement.

“There’s one thing I want to start with.” I said and pointed to the shower. “Let’s get rinsed off. I’m pretty stinky.”

Like I noticed the other day, a woman clothed is sexier than a woman naked. I was turned on by the way the t-shirt swung on Janie, revealing her curves and bumps as she moved. It snagged on her nipples and hipbones and there was the slightest mound where her pubic hair sprouted. She seemed to like it, too, as she spun around and made it billow. She started to remove it.

“NO!” I stopped her. “Get in the shower with it on.” I started the water, got the temperature pretty hot and she slipped into the enclosure as Mike held the sliding glass door. I silently thanked Dad for planning ahead when he designed the shower. Now the need for the three showerheads and huge space became clear. There was room for us easily in there. He’d planned for room to play in the shower as well as bathe.

Steam was billowing around us as I closed the door behind me. I just watched for a moment as the warm water plastered my t-shirt to Janie’s body. It darkened where it clung to her, outlining the soft swell of her little breasts, molding to her flat belly, sagging into the crack between her legs. She raised her hands to sweep the water through her hair and Mike reached to stroke a nipple. I reached for the other.

Janie leaned back against the tile and took a cock in each hand, gently stroking as we rolled her nipples in our fingers. I’d seen marble statues carved so beautifully that the folds of the drapery seemed to grow organically out of the human form beneath. This was better.

I took the hem of the shirt in my hand and slowly began to raise it. I dragged my fingers up her inner thighs as I did, then played for a moment with her soaked pussy hair. I felt the water streaming down and over the warm flesh of her sex, her lower lips distending as she grew in arousal. Janie looked back and forth between us as we tweaked her, grinning. Mike took her face in his hand and kissed her, deep and long. Her belly sucked in and out.

I pulled the shirt higher and bent to run my tongue around her bellybutton. Then I pulled it quickly over her head and left it plastered to her face like a membrane. She couldn’t see. The cloth clung to her cheeks and chin. Her lips were outlined where she was drawing in air. She reached to remove it.

“NO!” I stopped her again. “Grab the rails. Spread your legs.” Now I saw why Dad included safety bars in the shower. I’d thought they were for when they got old. It was for when we got horny. Her head wrapped in wet cotton, Janie reached an arm wide to each side and moved her feet apart, exposing her pussy.

“Mike, here’s where you can show me how to do it. Let me watch you suck her nipple.” I said. He bent to take a little swollen nub between his lips. A quick kiss then he ran his tongue around the areola and sucked the nipple in again. Janie squealed.

“See, that’s pretty much it,” He said and got back to it. I bent to her other nipple and repeated his motions. Suck, lick, suck. The water sliding down her body made her taste clean. I diddled the nipple with my tongue while I gripped it gently between my lips. Then I tried to draw her whole breast into my mouth with a deep suck. She is small–it was easy. She began shaking.

With my other hand I rubbed her mons. “Go slow down there. Gently.” She mumbled through my wet shirt. So I just stroked lightly around the trim little bush and slid my fingers along the sides of her puffed vagina in the water sluicing down. I lay one finger gently against the slippery lips and stroked front and back, feather-light, letting my palm press firmly against where I thought her clit was.

“God, Sammy, you don’t need any education,” She panted. Apparently I was doing well enough. I slipped my finger just between her oily pussylips and continued slowly stroking. “That’s good…..just right. Do you feel that button at the front?”

“Yeah.” Her clit had gotten hard under my finger and I was drawing her juices out to lubricate it.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, gently, both of you,” She groaned.

I put my lips on hers through the wet t-shirt and we kissed. The cloth frustrated my tongue but I could feel her wet softness and she pressed back hungrily. We played with her for long minutes until she shook all over and her knees buckled as our fingers and tongues brought her to orgasm. Mike grabbed her around the waist and held her up until she caught her breath.

“That was a good one,” she said.

“It’s not over, so stay where you are if you can,” I said as I turned off the water. “Mike, can I watch you eat her?” He knelt down at her feet and buried his face in her pubic hair. Janie sucked in a deep lungful of air.

“Can you hold yourself up?” I asked. She just nodded. I sank to my knees beside Mike and watched. “What works for you, Janie? Tell Mike to do it.”

“Oh, God, just lick my clit lightly. Up and down. Yeah, that’s it.” She hung her head and pressed her hips forward onto his mouth. I watched him lapping at her for a long time. Eventually she raised up on her tiptoes and got very rigid.

“My turn,” I said and elbowed Mike aside. I used my tongue like I’d seen him do, flicking at her clit.

“Sammy, try to get your tongue in me!” She whined. I stabbed deep in her folds and tasted her thick, pasty juice. Mike stood and kissed her, grabbing both tits and pressing them flat against her chest. His dark red cockhead swung by my face.

“AAAuuurrrggghhhh. Ah. Ah. Ahooohhhh” She exhaled nonsense sounds as her second orgasm struck. I gripped her thighs tight and kept gently stroking deep into her pussy then back up to her clit as she shuddered through it. Finally, she could stand no more and sagged into Mike’s arms.

He lifted her up and I pointed him to Mom and Dad’s bed where he lay her on her back, limp, breathing deeply. I thought maybe she had had all she could stand but gradually she rallied. Janie looked at us with such satisfaction and a sweet affection as we sat on either side caressing her body.

She looked at me seriously for a moment and said, “Sammy I owe you. Can I suck you in return? You’ve never been sucked, right?” I nodded.

“Please? It won’t violate your oath will it?” She smiled.

“It’s not an ‘oath’, it’s a resolution.” I said. She was right and I desperately wanted her to do it.

I turned and dropped down beside her on my back with my head at the edge of the bed. “Sixty-nine, OK? Get on top.”

Mike looked on and said, “What about me?”

As Janie straddled my face I looked meaningfully at her pussy, then at this dick. He got the idea right away and aimed that heat-seeking cruise missile of his right at her parted, wet lips. Just inches from my face his corded flesh pressed into her, spreading her slowly, exposing her clit to my tongue. I tentatively flicked at her, tasted her fluids, felt her little hand gripping my cock tight.

Then I knew nothing but the hot, wet heaven of her mouth. She’d opened wide and closed her lips over my cockhead and began working her tongue around as she stroked me. Mike began slowly pressing in and out of her, dragging a frothy film of juices with him. I licked absently at Janie’s folds and ran my tongue up the hard underside of Mike’s slimy cock. His balls were drawn up tight.

She tried gamely to suck me deep but her mouth was so small and my dick was so big… Nothing prepared me for the all-over heat and dizzying sensation of a wet mouth. My attempts at making a pussy out of socks and pillows seemed stupid. I heard the head-symphony crank up loud as I tried to just stop and feel the wonderful sucking. I watched Mike slide her pussy apart, the shiny lips clinging to his shaft as he pulled slowly back. She was so pink! He was so dark. That’s what I would look like spearing into her some day soon.

He pulled her hips back onto his pole, burying it deep, and she moaned around me. I realized I was holding my breath at the edge of a great void, waiting for something to happen, trying to hold onto the moment. But I knew I had to make the moment my own. I grabbed her head, fingers in her loose blond hair, abandoned myself the to the biological imperative, jerked up into her and let it go.

A bolt of liquid fire shot out of me and her wet mouth got wetter. We both made wild incoherent sounds as I spurted again and again. Mike felt the orgasmic energy electrifying our bodies and he began thrusting faster. We were clumsy in our abandon, shaking, convulsed with release. I felt the trickle of semen running from her mouth down and around my testicles.

Mike and Janie jammed together above my face, a contorted grin of pleasure there, their bodies just the flash of pink and brown, smack and slurp of wet flesh, the smell of rut. My back arched, I pushed Janie upward. Mike slipped out and thrust back against her thigh. I caught his fat, dripping cockhead in my mouth and as my own rattling orgasm subsided sucked him to the back of my throat. He erupted, fell back and, spewing, sprang out. Cum sprayed against Janie’s soft pussy as he reached to guide himself back in and jammed deep into her again. She howled.

Mike pulled out and pressed down into my mouth again, squirting erratically. I tried to suck him like Janie’d sucked me as he pushed and pulsed against my tongue. He pulled out of my mouth and drove himself in little sister for one last, deep, long explosion, his legs shaking as he held her little bottom tight against his hips. I swallowed. Bittersweet.

Janie had my dick pressed against her cheek as I shrank and leaked my last emission. She cooed and sighed and relaxed down onto me as she subsided and Mike fell to her side, rolling onto his back, spent half-hard cock slapping his thigh. We each relaxed into post-coital reverie, curled like a clutch of kittens on the bed.

I slept for a little. Sometime later I woke as Janie slid off of me and Mike wrapped her in his arms. I turned around to face them and we just lay there in our bliss for a while.

“You know making love to Mom is going to be even better than that, don’t you?” asked Mike.

“I can’t see how.” That had been more glorious than five years of vivid masturbatory imagination and Internet porn had prepared me for.

“You’ll see,” he smiled as he gave Janie a tight squeeze, “Right, little sister?”

“Oh, yes, Sammy, like I said, I never dreamed it could be so good.” Janie stretched and grinned. “Then I’m going to get a turn, right?”

“That wasn’t good enough for you?” I asked, feigning insult. I wanted her so badly and I was getting hard again. But I had to hold out for Mom. Stick to the plan. “I should tell you I’m going to do it with Mom when they get back from Toronto.”

Janie squealed with delight and reached to squeeze my thickening cock. I found the strength to get up from the bed and into the shower, a cold shower. I proved I could take control even in the wild abandon of our fucking. The test was passed.

Thursday April 1

I resolved to abstain from sex until I sacrificed my virginity in my mother’s bed no matter how alluring Janie and Mike could be with their pants-on-fire, raging-hormone displays of unfettered lust around the house. I loved being sucked by my sister and I had to really work at it to keep from succumbing to the temptation to let her seduce me first. I liked sucking Mike. It seemed like in the heat of the moment, when deep in the act with someone I’d been close to all my life and really loved, it didn’t matter their gender. He didn’t seem to mind, either, although we didn’t talk about it. Twins know.

I think I’ll stick with oral, though. I don’t like the idea of anal with anyone. It just doesn’t turn me on. I particularly don’t like the idea of anything stuck up my ass.

Anyway, the folks got back late last night and went almost immediately to bed, clearly exhausted from their trip. This morning they told us a little about it, but Mom said she’d written an account of what she could remember and would rather we read that to find out just how great the audience participation part of the filming of Family Fortune was. She said they would send a tape of the show and we can all watch it together one night to see all that things that won’t be shown on’air. She really wants to go back with all three of us some time.

More importantly, she brought back the contact information for the couple and daughter they’d met at the taping and I checked out this girl, Blythe’s, Facebook page. I’d never me anyone whose family live the Lifestyle before and we got to an easy correspondence late on Wednesday night. It was like she’d been living my life — she didn’t have anyone to talk to either and we Skyped for hours.

Dad woke up all enthused about putting together some built-in furniture in the play room and he wants Mike and I to help him. Sounds like fun. He’d got the idea from the seating at the Family Fortune set and said it would give us more ‘scope’ for lovemaking in there. Dad loves building unique spaces. I don’t suppose there will be a great demand for ‘family fuck rooms’ but, who knows, maybe if he spreads the word in the Lifestyle community we can get some more work.

I ran this morning even though I hadn’t had much sleep and barely stayed awake in class. Mike, Janie and I have been just stumbling through for the last few weeks. Nobody seemed to notice or care. We’re known to be a little weird — if they only knew.

Once Mom recovers from her trip we’ll need to set a specific date. She gave me a warm, inviting hug when she got home but I could tell she was tired. She needed to be reassured that I hadn’t changed my mind.

I didn’t realize that my training for the Shamrock and my deflowering were going to take up so much of my time and cause schedule conflicts but that’s what’s happening. I run 20 miles this Saturday, the longest single day of training. I taper off for another couple of weeks until the race itself. Geez, it’s only 24 days away.

Both of these events have become critically important for me. My own goals, my own plan for getting there. I’ve got a rest day on Sunday, the 11th. Maybe that will be the day…

Thursday April 8th

Wow, it’s been a week since I wrote in this journal. I’ve been busy. Training, of course, and helping Dad and Mike build out the playroom. Plus, I’ve spent a lot of time on Skype with Blythe. She’s built like Janie, but chocolate brown. And she really gets me. There’s something so comfortable about talking with her. Is this what it’s like to have a girlfriend? I haven’t told anybody else.

The chemistry between Mom and me is still bubbling. She’s been patiently waiting for me to set a date but I can tell she’s getting really antsy. She hovers around when I’m in the house, making sure we have lemonade while we’re working on the playroom, almost seeming a little shy. She has a little extra swivel in her hip and she’s been touching me more than she used to. A lot more. There’s an electricity in the air between us, like our bodies are drawn to each other magnetically.

Dad hasn’t said anything but I see him watching from the corner of his eye. I suppose Mom told him the big day is near. I had asked her to meet me after dinner last night in her garden where she grows her herbs and sunbathes. It seemed right to have the talk in her private space.

We’d washed the dishes together, ‘accidentally’ bumping against each other, passing the slippery dishes and trailing soapy hands against wrists, elbows. She seemed to need to reach across me to the dish drain more than usual, rubbing her breast against my arm in the process. There were an inordinate number of giggles.

The sun was just dropping over the roof and it was sunny and warm against the brick wall in the corner where she’d already started some tomatoes. We sat on the bench, her naked, me in my boxers and I tried to explain how I’d come to the decision to lose my virginity. With her, as she had hoped for so long. I rambled a little and stumbled over the words, but I made it clear that I wanted to be alone with her and for her to show me what to do and to let me decide what would happen after that. It must have looked funny for a big athletic guy like me to be whispering with this little, voluptuous, fiery-haired woman, bent down and with our heads close, plotting in the golden evening sun an event that usually happens out in the world with a near stranger. Conspirators in our own camp.

But she was wonderful about it. She listened and gave me little hugs and basically told me how proud she was of me for making sure I was ready. For taking the initiative, for giving myself to her. She actually teared up at one point. And so did I. Mom looked so vulnerable there with her full breasts squeezed between her arms, touching me tentatively on the leg, glancing up at me with love in her eyes. Wanting me and wanting to give this precious gift to me, too.

So it will be Sunday, at 8PM. In her bed, in our house alone. My fate is sealed. My target acquired. My parents’ dream about to be fulfilled.

Sunday April 11.

Just a few hours to go and I’m excited and still just a little scared. I’ve been celibate since last week with Janie and Mike. I haven’t even humped my pillow-Mom. That artifice seems silly after Janie’s blowjob. And I want this experience to be as much the unique thing it should be as it can be. I almost regret making it with my brother and sister.

On the other hand I did learn something about pleasing a woman and I feel a lot more confident because of that. And it wasn’t like I had sex with someone outside the family. Although I did talk about it with Blythe. I swore her to strict confidentiality. It’s strange that someone I just met on the interwebs could be such a good friend so quickly. But she understands so well. And having been deflowered by her Dad she has some good advice. Who else could I talk to? Besides she’d had sex with my parents already in Toronto as I had finally read in Mom’s report. I guess it would be strange in the ‘normal’ world but in the Lifestyle we can pretty much expect we will be having sex unless one of us says no (as is a perfectly acceptable thing to do).

This morning I slept in since it was a resting day for training. I woke up slowly, thinking immediately what tonight would bring, trying to imagine how I’m going to take Mom in my arms and end this long childhood. I could pick her right up and plunk her down on my cock and I bet she’d like it. But it needs to be more romantic than that. Maybe I should get some flowers.

Funny thing — Mike’s been keeping his distance. Or at least he’s been keeping our talk all about school or work on the playroom. Nothing about our day with Janie or what’s going to happen tonight. Until this morning. I was showering and I heard him pissing in the little room, then he came in and joined me.

“Your big night tonight…” he said.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“You need any advice…or anything?” he seemed less arrogant, more concerned than usual as he let the hot water run over his head.

“Why should I need advice?

“Well, you don’t want to fuck it up, right?” He soaped up, not looking at me.

“No way I’m going to fuck it up.” Not that I’d admit any doubts, even to my twin. He’d been through this. Why was he concerned?

“It’s just that I bet Dad hasn’t said a word to you about it any more than he did to me and I could have used a little fatherly advice.” He turned to look me in the eye.

“You fucked it up?” Now I was just being mean.

“No, no, of course not. But remember I didn’t have the benefit of watching like you have and I know how, um, cautious you are.”

“You mean I’m a wuss.”

“No, you’re a perfectionist, you want to do things right the first time. And Dad’s idea of teaching us his philosophy is to give us his opinion, but let us make up our own mind. He thinks that if we are too directed or coerced to think like him it won’t be genuine.” I hadn’t heard this much reflection on Mike’s part in maybe ever.

“I don’t think I’m going to be in their bed every night like you are, if you’re worried about that.” I realized I hadn’t thought very far ahead. Actually, I was thinking more about the Shamrock in two weeks, then college (if any).

“I hope you will. Really. I’ve been looking forward to it, too, little brother,” he said, but with some relief, I thought. He visibly relaxed as he stood under the steaming shower. “Remember one thing. Mom likes it gentle and slow. That’s all I’m going to say.”

I realized his concern was for her as much as for me. I was touched. The self-centered jock seemed to have a soft spot after all. I turned and embraced him, my soapy muscles pressed against his own, mirrors of each other. Alike in looks, but different in temperament. Maybe not as different as I thought. My sudden feelings of tenderness toward him spilled through me and I held him for a long minute. He returned the embrace and the tenderness. Our twin cocks swelled and I just let the moment stretch.

“It’s going to be wonderful for you tonight, Sammy.” He said, holding me at arm’s length, looking serious.

“Thanks, Mike. Thanks.” I turned just as Janie came into the bathroom.

“Oops, I didn’t interrupt anything private, did I?” She looked with a smile at our aroused cocks, half-staff and red.

“No, we’re done here.” And without turning off the shower I stepped out. “You want a turn?”

“Can I have a turn with this?” she said, reaching for my dick.

I stepped back. “Wait, no, you know what’s happening tonight. Wait your turn.”

“You remember that scene in There’s Something About Mary where the guy has a date and he’s afraid he’s too horny and he jerks off beforehand and he loses the spunk and it ends up in what’s-her-name’s hair?” she said breathlessly. I nodded.

“Well, I thought I could help you out like that. So you will last for Mom. It’s been like a week since you got off, isn’t it?” She stood smugly with her hands on her slim, bony hips.

I cursed the lack of privacy in our bedrooms. And she sank to her knees and reached for me as Mike looked on, grinning. But I was strong. I backed away.

“Please, Janie. I’m OK. I’ll be OK tonight.”

She followed me on her knees, licking her lips. I was thinking, “Zombies want cock.” She was so hungry since she’d lost her own virginity.

“Seriously, Janie, NO!” I backed out of the bathroom and ducked into my little cubbie. “Thanks anyway!”

I heard her sigh. “Let’s go find Dad,” she said to Mike. “We’ve got to leave the house to these lovebirds tonight, so let’s see if he wants to play now. Then we can go to the movies or something.”

“Remember,” I shouted after them, “You guys need to get a motel room tonight!”

Mike went along happily of course and I dressed quickly and now I’m going on a long walk. They’ll be gone when I get back and Mom will be waiting for me.

Here’s a quote I found while reading about running. It’s by some WWII General named Patton. He was in the 1912 Olympics. “Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the

mind is not tired.”

Wednesday April, 14

I waited three days to write about it because I needed time to really absorb what happened on Sunday night. It was wonderful, as Mike predicted. Again, something nothing could prepare me for.

I did get flowers for Mom on the way home. She was in her garden sitting on her bench in the dusky evening light when I came into the courtyard and she turned and gave a little shriek of joy like a teenager. Clearly she was excited. We went in the kitchen to find a vase and put the flowers in water, not hurrying, but feeling the urgency between us.

I let her arrange the blooms then bent to kiss her shoulder as I stood behind her. I was dressed still in shorts and a t-shirt, but she was not. Her all-over tan glowed with a sheen of sweat. I tasted her salty, womanly skin and was aroused. We both needed a shower.

“Are you ready, Sammy?” She looked with earnest seriousness up into my eyes.

“Yes.” I felt shy.

“What do you want me to do?” Mom seemed a little self-conscious herself. Uncertain. I took the power that she was yielding. This shift in power was like the Earth’s tectonic plates slowly grinding against each other. At a certain moment the pressure must be released and an earthquake of change happens. This was our moment.

“Take a shower with me, then we’ll pick out something to wear,” I said, caressing with a finger her shoulder where I had just tasted her. She gave me a tight, quick hug and turned for the bathroom.

In the bathroom I started the water getting hot then turned to Mom who was waiting, shyly, for me to act. I said, “Help me out of these clothes.”

She peeled the t-shirt over my head. I leaned down so she could reach. She threw the shirt to the corner and smiled up at me, reaching tentatively for my shorts. I invited her with a smile and she pulled them down, jerking them over my ass and already thick member. As she knelt my cock flailed in the air in front of her face. She looked hungrily at him.

“Don’t touch me yet,” I said, reaching for her hands and pulling her up, directing her into the shower. “Let’s go slow.” I stepped out of my shorts and followed her.

As the warm water covered us I reached for the soap.

“I’ll wash you first, OK?” I asked. She nodded, serious. So I lathered my big hands and started with her shoulders, kneading her flesh, feeling the hard and the soft of where her bones and muscles fitted together, the slick, smooth, taught membrane of her skin. The suds ran down over her breasts, channeling between them, tickling where my tongue would soon play.

Mom grabbed the handrail and let me do what I would with my soapy hands. She turned her ass to me and I cupped her breasts, feeling the nipples sliding across my slippery palms. Pulling her close, my cock slipped between her tanned buttocks and slid in the soapy groove there. I was so near to bursting just from my week without that I had to hold very still. The symphony of noises in my head rose in pitch and volume. I let it flow through me. I sang along.

She squeezed me with her tight ass cheeks and leaned forward to trap my hands between her breasts and the warm tile.

Mom reached around and pushed my pecker down to slip between her legs into the heat and slickness there. And the coarse prickle of her soggy bush. She pressed back and gripped my cock with her thighs, sliding forward and back, making a low growl in her throat. I felt the hot water sluicing down her front and running around my straining knob, like a long tongue endlessly lapping.

“Sammy, I’ve waited so long. I’ve watched you grow into such a handsome and strong man.” Her red hair was soaked and hanging over her face as she turned her cheek to the wall. “You even seem more sensible than your Dad, …and you’re bigger.” She looked at me slyly from the corner of her eye.

Mom’s face twisted and she ground her ass back into me, gyrating her hips as she was overtaken by pleasure. She shook where I had her pinned to the wall, water cascading over her open mouth.

I could have been shooting fire as my own orgasm exploded through me. I thrust uncontrollably between her thighs and raised her off her feet to slide up the wet tiles. Over and over I threw myself against her as she grabbed for the rails and held on.

We both whimpered to a weak-kneed stop, letting the shower wash away our juices.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, “I didn’t mean to, mean to, do that…” I felt embarrassed for finishing so soon. And we hadn’t even been face-to-face. So much for being in charge.

She turned against me, slick and warm, and reached up to take my face in her hands. “Sweetheart, that was just a natural thing. Your body knows what to do.”

Her breasts pressed against my abs, her hair in a wet curtain, Mom leaned into me, eyes filled with love and kindness. “You and I are just getting started, Sammy. The night is long and so will you be, too, in a little bit. Then you can lose your virginity properly.”

I felt so thankful, so full of gratitude for this woman who’d been patient with me for so many years, who’s forgiven my every childish mistake and gently guided me to this day. I cried as I wrapped her in my arms under the steaming water, holding each other for many long minutes.

We lovingly dried each other with fresh, thick towels and I lead her to her bedroom where I asked her to pick something to wear. I’d dreamed of undressing her for weeks now.

“Do you even have any sexy negligees?” I asked as she bent over and pulled open a dresser drawer, her auburn bush bristling.

“Well, you aren’t the only one who likes to unwrap a present, Sammy.” And she pulled out a silky, red thing that she patiently explained, as she slipped it on in the bathroom where she’d retreated, is called a babydoll. “This one’s pleated, which I think works best with my figure.”

When she returned she was wrapped in a wine-red garment that covered her down to her mid-thighs. “Isn’t that a bathrobe?” I asked, expecting more skin.

“This, sir, is a kimono. And this,” she said flashing it open, “is the babydoll.” I saw her full breasts snug in their lace-trimmed cups and a filmy, red skirt-y thing and a shadow of panties underneath before Mom pulled the kimono shut.

“What will you be wearing, young man?” She cocked her head to the side, eyeing me head to toe.

It hadn’t occurred to me to be dressed, too, but I suddenly realized it made sense. I felt excited to hide myself from her. And to have her discover me.

“Oh, I have an idea,” I improvised. I went to the closet in my cubby where I kept my few clothes, the ones I usually only needed when I was trying to pass in the normal world. I chose my one suit. The one I kept for meetings where I was trying to impress someone, like in a job interview or a wedding or funeral. I even put on my tie.

As the late evening sun gilded the walls, I moved around the room lighting candles. Mom lay amongst the many plush pillows on the family bed. I can truly call it that now. I lit a group of candles around the vase of flowers I had bought. It was like a shrine. And we were about to worship.

In that golden light, that sacred light, she looked goddess-like. Her red hair reflected the silky crimson of the kimono and danced with the last rays of the sun. She smiled, so at ease that I, too, realized I had lost any fear I’d had of this moment. It seemed foolish to have been stymied for so long. Here I was, tall and strong, sharply dressed and with an eager and willing woman before me. That she was my mother only made it richer, deeper, more holy a moment.

There was only one thing we had not shared in this life. We’d loved one another since I was born and cared for each other with a depth of commitment that no one outside of my brother and sister could know. To consummate our love with the gift of this divinely given physical pleasure seemed the perfect and inevitable final gift.

I held out my hand to her and she rose from the bed. She stood demurely before me and I let one finger slide along the edge of the kimono’s opening, pressing my fingertip along her body. I traced down between her breasts and over her round tummy, then ended on the mound of her sex. I pulled gently at the sash and the robe fell open. Mom stood still.

The kimono shushed from her shoulders and pooled at her feet, the babydoll covering her in a teasing cloud of silk. Her breasts bulged down into the cups, a valley of warm flesh, tickled by lace. I ran a finger under that filmy edge. Mom’s chest rose and fell, pressing against the fabric, pinching my finger.

Reaching around her I fumbled for the catch. Of course, she had to undo it for me and when I stepped back she let the babydoll slowly slide down her arms and reveal her heavy, cherry-nipple tipped breasts. She shook them just a little and my cock stirred again in my pants. The babydoll joined the kimono at her feet.

Mom leaned back and put her hands on her hips. “Pull this knot loose, Sammy,” she said, indicating the tie at the side of her panties. I tugged it gently and one side fell free, giving a glimpse of auburn hair and the crease of her hip. She spread her feet a little and I pulled the other knot loose. The panties drifted down and she stood there proud and beautiful, breasts rising, smiling, the aroma of fresh arousal seeping into the air.

“There’s someone I’ve been waiting so long to get better acquainted with,” She said as she closed the gap between us and reached to press my now erect member through my dress pants. I let her do what she wanted.

Mom undid the button on my jacket and found my zipper. It ground slowly down as she sank to her knees. She reached in and her little fingers wormed their way into my boxers. Her hot skin wrapped around mine and I gasped, trembled, wanting her with every cell of my being. And not afraid.

She smiled up at me. “Come out and play, young man,” she breathed as she gently worked the fabric of my boxers off of my hard pole. With a tug and a twist of my pants she pulled me free, the zipper scraping at the tender flesh, as I stood red and erect in the candlelight. Pulling up on him, her other hand gently lifted my balls out of my fly, too. I waved, exposed and purple-veined in her small hand.

Watching her through slitted eyes I felt faint. The desire to drag her up and carry her to the bed and bury my throbbing, insistent cock in her was powerful. But I wanted to show her I was a good lover, too. I breathed deep and waited. Discipline had brought me this far in opposition to my fear, now it would have to support me against impetuousness.

Mom looked up at me, smiling and pulled my cock down to her lips. She kissed him, gently and lightly, then stopped and just looked, running her fingers up the length of him.

“This is a fine one, Sammy,” she said, “well proportioned, hard and silky. I can see you pleasing a lot of women with this tool.” Tears brimmed in her eyes as she said, “Son, I’m so grateful that you chose me to be your first.”

“Thanks for not pushing, Mom. I know I took a long time, but I’m glad I did ’cause I understand now that you wanted me to make the choice on my own. And I’m really, really ready.”

“I’m so relieved that you did,” she sighed. “It’s made your father very happy, too.”

Then she closed her eyes and ran her tongue up my cock, slowly, oh, so slowly. By the time she reached the end I was quivering, leaking. With the tip of her tongue she drew that drop of clear liquid love into her mouth and savored it, squeezing me with her hand. The candlelight glow smoothed her into an amber angel at my feet. I felt worshipped, then, as well.

“I want to give you something, too,” I groaned, and leaning down, I pulled her up into an embrace. “Let’s get in the bed.”

I lay beside her merely letting my eyes roam across her golden flesh for a while, then I followed with my fingertips, tracing the curves and hollows up and down her body, making her shape a clear memory, something I could call up anytime. To know someone by touch is a new knowing for me. How precious a knowledge it is to be able to caress someone from a distance, to bring that person to mind and feel her under my hands. Here was an unexpected gift of lovemaking.

I stumbled down the stairs, having just woken up, and walked into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

‘Morning sweetie, sleep well?’

‘Morning Mum, yeah, not too bad.’

I looked over and noticed Mum was wearing one of her shorter nighties.

‘Cereal?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, thanks.’

She opened the cupboard and reached up to the top shelf. I looked over again and noticed her nightie had ridden up and was showing off her ass cheeks. I felt a stirring in my crotch. I was getting a hard on.

‘Stop it,’ I told myself, ‘she’s your mum.’

I grabbed my cock, re-adjusting it in my pants to try to make my arousal less obvious. Unfortunately, mum turned around just as I was re-adjusting. She glanced down at my hand, then glanced at her partially exposed ass.

‘Sorry honey’ she said and turned away. I was sure I caught a glimpse of a little grin as she turned away.

She put some cereal in a bowl and put it and the milk on the table in front of me. She put a spoon on the table, then knocked it onto the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, her night shirt fell away from her chest, and I got a good look at her tits, driving my arousal even more. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat again. Mum grabbed my leg to lean on as she got up, possibly a little to close to my crotch for comfort. She stood and walked away as I remained uncomfortable in my seat.

The thing you need to understand here is that my mum is hot. A fact that had been confirmed by my friends on numerous occasions. The amount of times I had wanted to smack one of my mates for making innuendos about my mum was, well, huge. Mum was 42 now, and kept herself in great shape. She had a great figure, with great c-cup tits and an ass that could stop traffic. I could never understand why my dad had bailed on her. I mean, I’m her son, and I can’t get enough of her.

Mum sat down across the table from me in her night shirt. As she sat down it rode up her thighs a bit, exposing the crotch of her panties through the glass table top. I couldn’t help but look. She noticed.

‘Like what you see there?’

‘Oh shit. Sorry mum, it’s just…’

‘I know honey. I remember what boys were like. I appreciate the attention.’ She said, and reached over with her leg to brush my thigh. My cock leapt against my thin pyjama pants. Mum giggled.

We ate our breakfast in silence, then mum disappeared upstairs to, I assume, have a shower. I was thankful for a little time to let my arousal dissipate…but it didn’t, much.

About 15 minutes later, Mum called out.

‘Sweetie, could you come give me a hand?’

‘Yep — I’m coming.’ I replied as I made my way up the stairs.

I walked into her bedroom to find Mum in a towel, which she had let drop low in the back, exposing just a hint of ass crack.

‘Could you rub some moisturiser on my back?’

‘Sure’ I said, grabbing the lotion and squeezing some into my hand. I started to rub it on her back, taking the risk of rubbing a little lower than may have been appropriate.

‘That feels good, thanks sweetheart.’

Once I’d finished, mum readjusted her towel and turned around.

‘Honey, you know I saw you got, um, excited by me this morning?’

‘Yes, I know’ I replied, ‘but…’

‘No buts’ she said, ‘I need to tell you something’

‘I’m not actually your mother.’

With that statement my head started reeling. Not my mother? Who the hell was she then.

I sat catatonic on the bed and mum sat beside me in her towel.

‘Baby, I’m only telling you this because, well, over the last few months, I’ve been finding myself attracted to you, and your arousal this morning tells me that you feel the same, and that some part of you knew I wasn’t your mum.’

‘Yeah,’ I said in a moment of realisation, ‘I did know.’

I suddenly realised that this beautiful woman who had been the most important person in my life for so long, wanted me. How could I let this opportunity pass.

I leant in and went to kiss her — she pulled back.

‘Wait,’ she said, ‘there’s something else.’

‘Me and your father adopted you for two reasons — firstly because we both wanted kids, and secondly, because we needed to hide my secret.’

With that, she turned her back to me and gingerly let her towel slide slowly off her naked body. Her back was slowly exposed, before the towel continued falling, exposing her magnificent, rounded ass and perfect legs.

She turned, and as she did, I looked up to look straight into here eyes. I stared into her eyes for a moment and saw a look of nerveousness. I let my eyes start to make a slow path down her body, drinking in her slender neck, squarish swimmer’s shoulders, before stopping to linger over her breasts. They were round and firm, showing no sign of the gravity that usually started to effect women her age, and capped by small but prominent pink nipples. I reached out and gently brushed the side of her right breast, and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath.

I let my eyes continue down, past my mother’s stomach and came to rest on her crotch, and the secret she was hiding. My mother had a cock.

‘Wow’ I said, ‘It’s beautiful’. I looked up a my mum. She was staring down at me with a look of relief in her eyes and a smile on her beautiful lips.

I stood up and moved close to her, her breasts pushing against my chest. I stared into her eyes as I gently grasped her flaccid member and started massaging it.

‘Oh honey, that feels so good. I was so scared you would be freaked out by this’.

‘Mum, I’ve been bisexual for a while. You know Steve? Let’s just say we’re a little more than friends’ I said, smiling.

‘Steve’s cute. I thought he may be that way inclined — I must admit, I’ve jerked off to him once or twice. Does he have a nice package?’ She asked.

‘About 5 inches and thick. I always fuck him though, I’m not sure I want to be fucked, but I like doing guys. He tastes good though.’ I replied.

Throughout this, I was still jerking her big clitty, which was hardening and throbbing in my hand. By the time it reached full size, it must have been 9 inches long and a good three inches wide.

‘Wow — how do you hide this thing?’

‘Practice.’ She replied, grinning cheekily, ‘but now I want to see yours.’

She dropped to her knees, her cock bobbing between her legs, and ripped down my pyjamas. My cock, already hard, bobbed up in her face. I had a good 7 inches down there.

‘Wow, I see I should have been jerking off over you!’

She wrapped both her hands around the shaft of my cock and began stroking. I closed my eyes and enjoye the sensation. After no more than a few moments, I got a shock as mum wrapped her lips around my cock.

‘Oh god that feels good’ I said as she took my whole length into her mouth, the head of my cock buried deep in her throat. She deep throated me for a good 10 minutes before the sensations in my cock really started to accelerate.

‘I’m gonna cum!’ I said.

With that, mum clamped her lips on my cock and seemed to suck even harder, and after a few seconds my orgasm exploded out of me, shooting what felt like litres of cum into my mother’s mouth, every drop of which she drank like it was her lifeblood.

She kept the last few drops in her mouth, and stood up and kissed me, my cum swirling between our tongues. It tasted good.

‘Ok baby, now I’ve taken care of you, it’s your turn to take care of me.’

With that, mum lay back on the bed, her hard cock falling flat against her stomach, still twitching involuntarily with every pulse of blood.

I stood over her for a moment, my just worked cock starting to stir again at the beautiful site in front of me. I reached out with one hand and caressed the head of her cock. It felt hot and moist under my fingertips. With that touch I felt a sensation I hadn’t had with any guy or girl before — my arse tingled at the thought of having that enormous member inside me. I wanted my mother to fuck me, but there would be time for that later.

I lay on top of her, face to face, my semi-hard cock slipping between her legs, pressing against her balls. I looked her in the eyes and then we shared a long slow kiss. Once we broke apart, a started to slide down her body, the friction of my stomach and chest against her cock head and pulling back on her foreskin making her breathe in sharply.

When I came eye to eye with her breasts I stopped. I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked it, while massaging her right breast with my hand.

‘Bite it, you little motherfucker’ she said forcefully.

I bit down on her nipple, eliciting a moan of pleasure from this gorgeous woman who, until just this morning, I thought had pushed me out of her cunt — a cunt which I now knew didn’t exist, much to my pleasure.

After biting and squeezing her nipples and breasts a little while longer, I continued my journey down her torso. Kissing my way down her stomach, I very quickly came to the head of her cock. Staring at it, I wanted nothing more than to wrap my lips around it and suck on it until it exploded into my mouth. But I knew that there was so much more fun to come, so I gently kissed the base of the head and, working my way down her cock shaft, continued south.

I pushed her legs up and apart, exposing what I was looking for, her puckered little asscunt. Slightly more tan the rest of her skin, I licked my lips and lowered my face into it. I started by gently running my tongue around the edges of the puckering, slowly working around it in ever decreasing spirals until I reached it’s puckered center. Whispered moans continue to come from above me, assuring me I was doing things right. I paused after reaching her asshole and glanced up briefly. Mum just looked down at me between her smooth, bronzed thighs and smiled. With that I looked back down and drove my tongue into her asshole.

I tongue-fucked her arse for a good 10 minutes, and consistent moaning was all the reply I got. Not surprisingly after all of this, my cock was rock hard again, aching and leaking precum. I let go of one of her legs, and reached down and grasped my cock and began jerking it off.

‘Hey baby, don’t waste that’ she said, and rolled away from me.

She turned over and presented me with a sight I had imagined, but never dreamed I would see — my mother’s magnificent arse, presented proudly in front of me with her on all fours, waiting for me to fuck her. The only difference in this picture were the cock and balls hanging between her legs, which made it all the more exciting. ‘Put it in me, you little cock-whore’

I knelt between my mother’s legs and let my turgid cock rest between her ass cheeks. I spat into my hand and used it to lube up my cock head. With a nice slippery tool, I pulled apart my mother’s ass cheeks and guided my cock towards her puckered asscunt. I pressed the head of my cock against her hole, pushing against the reflexive resistance. My cockhead popped past her sphincter and she gave an almost gutteral moan of pleasure.

‘Oh god, mmmmmm, that feels so good. It’s so long since I’ve had a real cock in me. Dildo’s only do so much.’

I slid the rest of my cock into her tight hole, the constant variation in pressure from her ring threatening to make me blow my load straight away.

‘Easy sweetie — I can feel you swelling, but I don’t want you to cum just yet. I want you to give me a good hard fucking first, then we’ll see where things go…’ she whispered.

I took a deep breath. ‘OK mum, I’ll try to control it, but your arse feels so good — and it’s the last one I ever thought I’d be fucking, male or female.’

I stopped for a moment and tried to relax, to let the feeling in my balls settle back to a manageable state. Once I had calmed a little, I started to gently thrust back and forth in mum’s arse, and she pushed back at me with every stroke. As I relaxed more I started to build up speed until I was thrusting back and forth at an almost insane speed, our balls slapping together with every hard thrust.

‘Oh god, oh god. That’s it baby, fuck me, fuck your shemale mummy!’ she screamed.

I pulled my cock out of her tight ass cunt, and she moaned with dissappoinment. I grabbed her shoulder and flipped her onto her back and grabbed her ankles, pushing them up towards her head to expose her gaping asshole. Once I had her in position, I slammed my cock back into her asscunt and kept fucking her, hard. Her tit’s bounced in front of my eyes and her head was thrown back in a look of constant ecstasy. A bead of sweat formed on her tits and I watched it as it fell into the canyon between them.

I felt the familiar beginnings of an orgasm welling in my balls. As hard as it was, I stopped thrusting, but kept my cock inside mum’s arse.

She glanced up. ‘What is it baby?’

‘I want you to fuck me’ I responded.

A glimmer of excitement appeared in her eyes. ‘Really? I didn’t think you wanted to get fucked.’

‘I didn’t.’ I replied ‘but with you, it’s different. I can’t think of anything I want more than to feel your cock filling me.’

‘OK sweetheart. You know I’ll fuck you — and you know I want to, but it is going to hurt.’

‘I know — and I don’t care.’

With that, we both stood, and we turned so I had my back to the bed. She gently lay me on the bed, my arse just by the edge. She eased my knee’s back towards my chest, exposing my ass and gestured me to hold them there. She grabbed the lube from the bedside table and squeezed some into her hand. Her lubricated hand then rubbed over my asshole, causing me to tense up. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to relax.

After a few more moments of getle rubbing, I felt a fingertip pressing against my sphincter. With a bit of gentle pressure it popped in and mum started working it in and out of me, occasionally tickling my prostate, causing little shocks of pleasure to course through me, relaxing me more. Suddenly, a second finger pressed against my asshole, forcing it’s way in, then a moment later, another. Before I knew it, all four of my mum’s fingers were working their way in and out of my asshole.

She kept working my ass with her fingers for a few more minutes, thrusting them in and out, right up to the knuckles. It felt extraordinary — my cock was at full attention and leaking precum at her ministrations. She gently removed her fingers from my ass. The empty feeling was almost painful. I just wanted to be full again.

She stood over me, her thick, erect cock bobbing just above where mine lay, hard and aching against my stomach, her balls brushing my ass cheeks and exposed asshole.

She grabbed some more lube and worked it up and down the thick shaft of her cock.

‘Are you sure you’re ready for this?’

‘Yes — I want to feel that big fucking cock filling my asshole. Please mum, fuck me.’

With that, she directed her cock head towards my entrance. I felt her cock head pressing gently against my asshole, then I felt pressure, then an eye watering pain exploded from my asshole. It was excruciating, but amazingly good, all at the same time. Mum gently worked the head of her cock past my resistant sphincter. I had thought her fingers had felt big, but this was enourmous. After a bit of pressure, her cock head popped in, and the release in pressure was ecstasy.

She stood still for a moment, just her cock head inside me, my asshole pulsing with every heartbeat, squeezing against her thick shaft. The pain slowly subsided into a feeling of hot completeness, like something that had been missing from me had been replaced.

I guess she could read it on my face, because once the pain disappeared, she started slowly thrusting in and out of me, working a little more of her hard cock into me with each push, until finally she was thrusting her full nine inches inside of me with each stroke, her balls slapping against my skin with each entry. Once she was fully inside of me, she slowly increased her pace until she was fucking me so hard she had to hold tightly to my waste to keep me in position. It was all I could do to keep myself from screaming in pleasure — this gorgeous shemale, my mother, had taken my virginity, and was giving me the greatest sensations I could ever have imagined.

She continued to fuck me — hard — with a determined look on her face. I looked up at her as she pounded my ass, her beautiful tits bouncing in rhythm, her eyes staring down at her cock, thrusting in and out of me. She looked up, we locked eyes and she smiled.

‘Do you like mummy’s cock in you, sweetheart? Do you like having your virgin ass stretched by mummy??’

‘It’s phenomenal — I never knew it could feel so good.’ She increased her tempo, and I felt her cock starting to get larger, stetching me even more. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it rapidly. It only took about five strokes and I shot the biggest load I can ever remember — ropy shots lanced from my cock head, landing on my face and chest. I licked some of the cum off my lips. It was the first time I’d tasted my own cum, and I liked it.

Mum’s eyes started to flutter, and I knew she was getting really close. Suddenly she pulled her cock out of my asshole and crawled up the bed to straddle me at the waste. She wrapped one hand around her cock, and lifted my head with the other. After a few strokes of her cock, she shot a massive load of cum into my face and mouth.

As the flow slowed, I leant further into her cock to lick off the remainder of her load. She smiled, and ran her finger through the mixture of our cum that had landed on my chest. She took it to her lips and sucked it off before leaning down to give me a long, lingering kiss.

She lay down along side me on the bed, one leg over me, her breasts pressing against my side, and her slowly shrinking cock laying across my hip.

‘That was amazing,’ I said ‘I never would have believed it could have been that good.’

Mum smiled and looked at me. ‘There’s plenty more to come baby — and I haven’t even told you about your sister yet…’

She winked.

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