family tradition

(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

This is a story of incest and bdsm among consenting adults. If it grosses you out, don’t read it.

I know there are many characters in this story so to keep down the confusion, here are the main characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Handsome actor looks like Henry Cavill

Daniel Worth

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley


Frederick – Butler

Daniela – His daughter and now submissive to Hayley

Max – Chauffeur

Everyone in this story is well over the age of consent. All women are shaved. All agree to follow completely the ritual and to the use of the secret drugs in the story. Jake knows what he’s getting into. This was all my dream.



Jake licked his father-in-law. He felt Brandon sucking his nipples. He saw Jonah at his father’s chest sucking on Matthew’s nipples, Matthew holding his son’s head as he fucked in and out of Jake’s mouth.

Jake couldn’t take all of Matthew’s cock. Matthew reassured him, “In time you will learn as have all my children to take me deep in your throat. Right now my boy, you are doing very well. I will be cumming soon and I want you to swallow it all.” He stroked Jake’s face.

“Damn you are one hungry boy.” Jonah said as he touched Jake’s face. “I can’t wait to have a go at you.”

“Later son, right now my new son is taking care of me. You go back to what you were doing.” Matthew ordered grabbing Jonah’s head and bringing him to his chest. Jonah obeyed.

Brandon was now sucking on Jake’s cock. He was taking Jake all the way down and past his throat. Jake had never felt anything so good and was ready to explode. Matthew saw this and said quietly, “If you come before I do, I will punish you. So hold it boy, I’m almost there.”

Matthew removed his cock and brought his balls up for Jake to lick. Jake moaned in frustration. He wanted that cock back in his mouth but he licked Matthew’s balls. He sucked on them. Matthew moaned then thrust his cock back into Jake’s mouth.

Matthew started moving faster and faster. “You are one good boy. Suck that fucking cock. Take it. You’ll be doing this a great deal son. You are becoming my favorite cocksucker. Oh, yes, take that dick.”

Matthew slammed his cock into Jake’s mouth. His father-in-law fucked Jake’s mouth, grabbing and holding Jake’s head. Matthew pushed as much of his dick into Jake’s mouth as he could and Jake tried to take more. Matthew threw his head back and exploded. “Damn Jake swallow it all down.” His cream went down Jake’s throat and Jake swallowed as fast as he could otherwise he knew he would drown.

Matthew had never cum so hard. His cum spurted and Jake kept swallowing. As soon as Matthew caught his breath, he said to Jake, “You can cum now my son, Let it all out. You needed this just as much as I did.”

At these words, Jake’s dick started to cream into Brandon’s receptive mouth. Daniel joined Brandon and together they ate Jake’s seed. The two of them kissing and savoring the taste of Jake; sharing his semen.

Matthew motioned to Brandon. Brandon came close and Matthew pulled Brandon to him and kissed his lips. Matthew thrust his tongue in Brandon’s mouth tasting Jake. Matthew lifted his mouth from Brandon and ordered Daniel over to Brandon. Daniel took Brandon’s cock in his mouth. Daniel sucked Brandon’s dick as Matthew kept kissing Brandon. Jonah bent down and kissed Jake who responded. Jonah tasted his father’s semen in Jake’s mouth.

Jake grabbed Jonah’s cock and began stroking it. Jonah left out a howl as he came all over Jake’s hand. Bending down on his knees now, Jonah licked Jake’s finger cleaning his own sperm from Jake’s hand.

Jake lay back on the chair exhausted. Matthew untied his hands. Brandon came loudly in Daniel’s mouth. The only one who hadn’t come was Daniel. Matthew looked at him. “You will get your turn later understand.”

Daniel nodded. He understood.


Hayley lay back on the bed exhausted. Daniela left and returned with a cart laden with food. Helen and Samantha untied Hayley and brought her to the table.

She was hungry and ate with gusto. Helen laughed, “Slow down baby the food isn’t going anywhere.”

Hayley stopped eating. She had questions. “Mother this was incest. What happened? Why do I feel so…horny?”

“Did you enjoy it?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, but now…”Hayley looked down at her plate.

“You feel guilty.” Samantha answered for her.

Helen took her daughter’s hand, “Don’t feel guilty. I can now explain to you about the ritual and the contract Jake signed. He is with your father, your brother, Daniel and Brandon. He is one of us now.”

For the next hour, Helen explained the ritual to her. She answered every question that Hayley asked. Hayley’s primary concern was Jake, but she was reassured that he would understand. Her mother told her that it would all work out.

The rest of the day, she would spend in this room with the women of her family. She would learn how to eat pussy; she would fuck Daniela and take her virginity. Tomorrow she would spend with her father and the men, then the next day with everyone.

She would be spanked and flogged and possibly whipped. She would participate with Jake in whatever her father wished. When the ritual was over, she would be given access to her trust fund, all the other family secrets and possessions. She was being groomed to be the matriarch after her father’s death. She was also being groomed to be her father and Jake’s submissive.

Hayley understood it all and being the obedient daughter she agreed to do whatever was asked of her without complaint.

Helen unbuttoned Hayley’s nightgown all the way and took it off her body. Hayley was made to stand in the center of the room as the women felt her body, touching every part of her. She was still in heat.

Daniela was ordered by Helen to undress and she and Hayley began kissing as the other women felt their bodies. Soon everyone was naked their nightgowns in a puddle on the floor.

Samantha went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Hayley and Daniela went into the shower along with the rest and they washed the two of them. Hayley watched as her mother took Denise into her arms and kissed her while Quinn took Samantha and suckled her breast.

Daniela smiled at Hayley, “I am yours. You are my Mistress now and you are the one I give my virginity to. Tomorrow Master will fuck me with his large cock but for now you will be the first to eat my pussy.”

Hayley felt down Daniela’s body, “I always wanted to taste you.” She said and shoved a finger into Daniela. Daniela moaned. Hayley withdrew her finger and stuck it into her mouth tasting Daniela’s juice. Hayley did it again and held up the finger for Daniela to suck. Daniela made love to that finger. She sucked it into her mouth.

“Mother told me you used to suck her all the time. I will make sure that you suck me whenever I wish.” Hayley said, kissing Daniela’s shoulder.

“Yes Mistress.” Daniela said and kissed Hayley’s lips.

“I want to spank you. I’ve dreamt of spanking you. I’ve dreamt of spanking you while you eat my pussy.” Hayley said staring into Daniela’s eyes.

Daniela began to wash and lick Hayley’s breasts as Hayley watched Samantha sink to her knees in the shower and wash Quinn’s pussy with her tongue. Helen and Denise had gotten out of the shower. Denise was drying her mother.

“Mistress, you may do whatever you wish. I am yours.” Daniela said and asked if she could kiss Hayley again. Hayley grabbed her head and held her. She licked her tongue around Daniela’s lips. “Yes you will belong to Jake and I. I will do whatever I want with you.” Daniela smiled and Hayley kissed her taking control.

When they came out of the shower, Quinn and Denise had towels ready. They dried the two women and took them back to the bed. Daniela lay down on the bed. Quinn and Helen cuffed Daniela’s wrists to the bed.

Helen talked to Hayley. “Think about what we did to you, what I did to you. We will instruct you how to lick her.”

Hayley climbed on the bed. She lay her body on top of Daniela. Hayley ground her mound into Daniela. Daniela moaned. Hayley kissed her face, her neck and down to her breasts.

Quinn showed Hayley by example how to lick the nipple, how to nip it and how hard to bite it. Hayley followed her example. Daniela was panting. She was moaning, “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

Hayley felt movement on the bed behind her as she bit and licked down Daniela’s body. It was Samantha kissing her buttocks. Helen was watching and observing. She was also waiting for the next step, the taking of Daniela’s virginity.


Jake laid on the bed in his other room. He fell into a deep sleep. When he awoke he laid there hoping that everything he had done was just a dream. Jake was stupefied by his own behavior. Never in his life would he believe that he had not only sucked another man’s cock, but he enjoyed it. What had this messed up family done to him? What would they do now? He also remembered watching Hayley with her mother eating her pussy and the other women in the family joining in.

What the fuck? This was all so wrong.

Brandon came into the room with a tray of food. “I’m sure you’re hungry. Actually I’m sure you’re starving, come and eat and we will talk.”

Jake noticed that he was now wearing silk pajama pants and no shirt. Brandon was wearing sweat pants and no shirt. Jake wanted to suck on his nipples. He shook his head to dismiss the thought. He wasn’t gay. He sat at the table trying not to stare. Brandon was right, he was starving.

As if he had read Jake’s mind, Brandon said, “No you’re not gay, so don’t worry. You will participate because of the drug you were given and you will enjoy it every time.”

Brandon chuckled, “I really freaked out the first time. It took, some time to calm me down.”

Jake ate a piece of his turkey sandwich and drank the fresh lemonade. “How long have you been a part of this madhouse?”

Brandon thought, “I’ve been married for four years, so five and a half. It took a lot to get used to it. I watched my bride-to-be get eaten out by her mother and fucked by her father. I cried. I also cried when Matthew fucked me, but then I began to enjoy it as you will too.”

“I doubt that.” Jake said taking another bite.

“You won’t be able to resist.” Brandon said eating his food. “We are all here because we fell in love and now are a part of this family. I love my wife and we are working on getting pregnant. We had to wait until Hayley came of age. Now we can begin our own family.”

“Why is that?” Jake asked beginning to eat his soup.

“Once we have a child, this all stops and we break off that part with our family. We live our lives until our children get of age. Didn’t you read the contract?” Brandon asked.

“Yes, but it’s seven pages and I don’t remember all of it. I was in shock.”

Brandon chuckled, “I remember that feeling. So once we have a child we’ll come together for family gatherings, but are not allowed to participate in all the other family events. We will live a normal life until our children become of age and then it will begin again.”

“This has been going on for a very long time.” Jake said.

“For centuries and will continue. As long as we follow the ritual, we will prosper. From the moment I became part of this family my career shot off. I am offered more parts than I could ever do. There are so many benefits you are not even aware of. If you want something, you can have it. If you want to go somewhere there will be an opportunity to go. If you want to meet anyone, you can meet them. There is nothing you can’t do, except cheat on your spouse and reveal the secret.” Brandon stated.

“What if I were to cheat?” Jake asked.

“You wouldn’t be able to.” Brandon wiped his mouth with a napkin and said conspiratorially, “I was tempted once two years ago with my co-star. The moment I thought about doing it, my wife showed up. She reminded me of the contract. I’ve never tried that again. Our family would be ostracized. I would lose everything. It’s just not worth it. Also I get all the pussy I want here.” Brandon said and patted Jake’s hand.

“It’s all going to be all right buddy. You and Hayley will be as happy as I am with Samantha. I love my wife.”

“What happens now?” Jake asked hesitantly.

Brandon smiled, “You know. You know that you want him to take you. Tonight will be a night you won’t forget. Hayley will see you as you will see her. I’m sure by now that Helen and the girls have explained everything to Hayley and she has accepted it. One more thing, your wife will be taught to be submissive to you and her father. You can never come between that. Hayley will learn to please you in ways that will blow your mind…”


Helen went over to the wall and pressed a button. Hayley turned her head and saw that she could see another room. She stopped kissing Daniela and stared into the other room.

Her mother joined her on the bed, “You will soon see Jake and your father along with your brother, Daniel and Brandon in the other room. They have watched us in here. They cannot hear us nor we them, but you will be able to see everything that happens. Jake won’t know that you are watching him unless you let him. You will see him watching you. I want you to watch your love as your father takes him. I want Jake to watch you as you take Daniela.”

Hayley grabbed her mother by her hair and brought her to her mouth. “After I’m finished with Daniela you will eat my pussy again and eat hers.” She kissed Helen snaking her tongue deep into her mouth.

“Yes Hayley, anything you wish.” Hayley released her mother and ran her hands to her mother’s breasts she pinched the nipples and Helen squirmed.

Haley thought about this. She decided that she would put on a show so that he would get all excited. She was excited because she would finally get to see his big black cock.


The reclining chair had been removed. The King sized bed had been moved forward. Jake and Brandon talked some more in the other room.

“Are you ready?” asked Jonah who entered also wearing sweat pants.

“Ready for what?” Jake asked

“The next part of the ritual.” Jonah said and eyed Jake. He could see Jake’s cock start to rise.

“No. I’m not ready. I’ll never be ready.” Jake said standing.

Brandon and Jonah laughed, “Your dick says otherwise.”

“Let’s go. I can’t wait until you see Hayley.” Jonah said.

Jake resisted. Part of him didn’t want to do what came next, yet the biggest part of him wanted Matthew to take him. He wanted to see Hayley; see her naked body. He wanted to see her lick Daniela.

Jake followed the men out of the room. They walked down the steps and went into another room. The King size bed was up against the wall and he could see Hayley kissing and grinding herself against Daniela. He didn’t know that she could see him. He felt as if he was in the room with them.

This was the first time Jake had seen Hayley completely naked and Jake’s dick was hard as steel. Brandon nudged Jonah who looked at the tent in Jake’s pants as Jake watched his bride to be.

Brandon winked at his wife who winked back and took off his sweat pants. He was naked underneath.

Samantha whispered to Quinn, “Look at our husbands and Jake. They look so hot.”

Quinn looked and saw Jonah wink at her. He took off his pants and waved his cock in her face. Brandon walked over to Jake and pulled down his silk pajamas while Jake just stood watching Hayley move down Daniela’s beautiful body.

Brandon took Jake’s cock in his mouth and started sucking him as Hayley put her tongue into Daniela for the first time. Daniela grabbed hold of the rope holding her wrists and sighed, “Oh my goodness. This is so, oh, it’s so damn good.”

Helen was kneeling on the bed by her daughter’s side instructing her. Quinn was sucking on Daniela’s breasts while Samantha was behind Quinn eating her pussy.

Jake grabbed Brandon’s head and fucked into his mouth. Jake moved his hips and rammed his dick in his future in-law’s mouth. Jake decided that if he were going to do this, he was going to enjoy it. He watched Hayley as he fucked Brandon’s mouth.

Hayley loved the size of Jake’s cock. She ate and looked and ate and looked. She couldn’t wait to take it into her mouth. Helen was thinking the same thing. Fucking Jake was right up her alley. Hayley loved watching Jake slam his dick in Brandon’s mouth. Jonah stroked his own cock. He moved next to Brandon and Brandon shared Jake’s dick, both of them licking.

Jonah looked up, “Don’t come, not yet.” Jonah warned.

Brandon licked Jake’s balls and Jake watched Hayley who was really getting into licking Daniela. He couldn’t hear what they were saying but he could see the look on Daniela’s face. She was close to coming.

Daniel and Matthew came into the room. Matthew was pulling Daniel by his dick which was rock hard. He pulled him into the room and pushed Daniel on the bed. Daniel got on his knees.

Matthew took down his pants and his big cock sprang out. Hayley stopped eating Daniela to look up and stare. Her father’s cock was huge, even bigger than Jakes. How would he ever get that monstrosity in her pussy she wondered and as she thought about it her pussy was getting moist at the thought.

Her father caught her eye and winked at her. He turned to the mirror, walked closer and stroked his cock in front of her. She blushed and went back to eating Daniela. Matthew grinned.

Jake watched as Daniela came. He could almost feel her orgasm as her entire body shook. He did not notice that Matthew was in the room. He was intent on Daniela and Hayley.

Daniel was sucking Matthew’s cock, getting it ready. Matthew put on a condom and lubed his dick. Jonah took two fingers and lubed Daniel’s ass.

Matthew walked behind Jake and whispered in his ear, “Don’t you dare cum son, not until I say. Understand me!”

Jake answered “Yes.”

“Yes what!” Matthew’s voice thundered.

“Yes Father.” Jake said. He refused to call Matthew master. Matthew chuckled, “Father it is or Sir. I will allow that.”

“Yes Sir.” Jake answered again.

Brandon and Jonah stopped sucking Jake and brought him over to the bed where Daniel was already on his knees. Jonah pushed Jake onto the bed. “Watch, because you are next.”

Jake looked at the window and saw Hayley holding Daniela in her arms. She was staring straight at him and he wondered if she could see him.

Matthew stared at Jake. “This is what I’m going to do to you.” Matthew said. Brandon grabbed his Master’s cock and placed the head at the entrance of Daniel’s asshole. Jonah placed both his hands on Daniel’s ass cheeks and held them open. Jake watched as Matthew began putting his cock inside Daniel’s tiny hole.

Daniel grunted and groaned. He gritted his teeth as Matthew held his hips and sank his cock deeper and deeper. Daniel was trying not to scream. Matthew allowed Daniel to adjust before moving in deeper.

In the other room everyone was watching and Jake knew that Hayley could see him. He was nervous What would she think of her father fucking him?

Matthew pulled back. He looked straight at Jake. “You watch son. Watch as I take what belongs to me. Watch how I will take you.” Matthew reared back and slammed his hard cock into Daniel’s ass. Daniel tensed and screamed as he felt the pain.

Brandon got underneath and began sucking Daniel’s cock as Matthew began to fuck his son-in-law. Matthew was in total charge of this fuck and he showed Jake who was boss. Matthew took Daniel’s ass hard. He jack hammered him. His dick pistoning in and out of Daniel’s ass. Daniel felt it throughout his body. He thought Matthew’s cock would come through his mouth.

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