family incest

Warning: This story is largely incest-orientated. If this genre is offensive to you, I strongly recommend that you do not continue any further. Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Caribbean Cruise before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!


Rick could hardly get his mind around any of this. It seemed too strange and bizarre to believe, too utterly surreal, and yet it was all happening right in front of him… Kim walked over to where he stood, with Ashley leaning up against him still, and kissed Rick softly and tenderly on the mouth. He felt Kimberley’s hands sliding up and down the front of his bare chest, and felt her pull her sister Ashley up against her. He watched as Kim leaned in towards her younger sibling, her mouth open, her lips parted…

When he saw the two sinful sisters locking lips for the very first time, and watched as their mouths opened up to each others tongues and they French-kissed with the passion of a couple of lustful lovers, Rick almost creamed his pants. He looked over at Andrew, still lying back on the bed, and saw that he had a glazed, disbelieving look on his face and was absentmindedly stroking his own cock back to its full length.

“What, are you surprised that I’m extremely aroused by all of this? Why? Can’t I be as wicked and depraved as my father, or my sister Ashley for that matter?” Kim asked. She broke away from Ash for the briefest of moments, but stood by the blonde’s side looking pointedly at Rick. Kim then moved in and kissed him again on the mouth, this time though much more softly, while at the same time leaning in close against him. He felt her right hand sliding up her right leg, along his inner thigh, and at last felt her cup his groin. He let out a low sigh as Kim’s hand gently squeezed his cock through his shorts. “Well then, it seems that somebody’s already ready for action!”

With that, Kim dropped down onto her knees in front of Rick Chaplain and tugged down his shorts, letting his semi-erect penis slip out after managing to pull his pants down around his ankles and wrapping her right hand around his shaft. Kim squeezed on Rick’s schlong slightly and he let out a low groan of pleasure, closing his eyes and arching his back just a bit where he stood. Then, he felt her exquisite mouth slowly engulfing the head of his cock, Rick let out a low groan and opened his eyes to look down at Kim… she was staring back up at him, with her eyes bulging wide open and her lips clamped right around his prick.

Ashley was suddenly right beside him, pressing her full, bare-naked breasts into his side, sliding her hands up and down his chest and raking her nails along his firm, toned six-pack abdomen. Rick turned to her, and kissed her firmly on the mouth, flickering his tongue in and out of her mouth as he swirled it around her own playfully. Ash moaned in the kiss, pressing herself more directly up against her stud-lover.

Rick kept on watching Andrew stroking his cock, and found the idea of watching him and Kim fucking like rabbits was a pretty strong, powerful turn-on… he didn’t find the notion of sharing the woman he loved with her father repulsive, the more he pondered it. Especially given the fact that she was going to lose him to a brain tumour anyway…

Kim kept on sucking at his cock while Rick and Ash kissed with growing intensity. After the longest while, Ashley slid slowly downwards, running her tongue lavishly across his flat, well-toned chest, and moving along to flicker it over first one of his goose-fleshy, super sensitive nipples and then the other. Rick gasped in pleasure, breaking into a wide smile as the sensations coursing through his body. He felt as though his entire body was tingling in continuous mini-climaxes.

Ash kept licking and sucking her way down to his navel, where she spent a little while lapping at his little ‘innie’ bellybutton, then moved yet further down til she was kneeling besides Kim in front of him, watching her older sister sucking back Rick’s prick down the back of her throat like a real cocksucking professional.

Kim let much of the big fat cock slide out of her mouth, so that her sister Ashley could get her tongue sliding up and down his firm, throbbing length. While she kept sucking softly at the helmeted head of his dong, flicking the tip of her tongue around the tiny little opening of Rick’s dick-rod, Ash quickly refocused her attention onto his hairy, cum-bloated balls, taking first one nut-sac fully into her mouth, and then hurriedly rushing onto the other.

There was a lot of spitting and slobbering going on as Ashley worked, so that Rick’s cum-heavy nuts were slick with her saliva. Kimberley was able to take more and more of him down the back of her throat now, with Ash properly satisfied licking at his wrinkled ball-sacs, and had managed to work his monster back into her mouth til her nose was firmly planted in Rick’s pubic hair. Kim also had his mushroom-shaped dick-tip pressing in hard against the back of her throat, leaking out a good deal of pre-cum which was sliding down her throat and straight into her gullet.

“Oh shit, oh fuck oh Jesus Christ yeah…” Rick sighed softly, enjoying the oral stimulations of the two sexy women at the same time… he looked over at Andrew, who was furiously beating his meat with a hungering look in his eyes, and gave him a broad grin. “Hey Andrew, you might as well come on over and put that cock of yours to use, don’t you think?”

The older man smiled back, looking quite eager to join in on the action and get a chance to ream his two dirty, slutty daughters. He got up out of the bed and walked slowly over to where Kim and Ash were going to town on Rick’s cock and balls, watching on in apt fascination as his two darling little girls lustily went to town on Rick’s private parts. His eyes quickly locked onto Kim’s round, meaty ass, and her exposed pussy and anus as she leaned in to take Rick’s cock in her mouth, then leaned back to let it slide most of the way out…

As Rick looked on with an expectant smile on his face, Andy moved in behind his eldest and slipped both hands down to cup her firm, meaty ass-cheeks. He saw the older man pull his daughter’s buttocks apart, exposing the tiny little hole that was Kim’s anus, as well as her dripping wet pussy-slit. Andrew let out a low groan of pleasure as he moved in behind Kimberley’s back, his throbbing penis sticking straight out towards her dripping wet honey pot, and his eyes watering up as he was overcome with the emotion of the moment…

“OOOHH SHIT!!!” Andy Collins cried out as the head of his cock touched his eldest daughter Kimberley’s outer pussy-lips for the very first time, then he let out a long, protracted moan as his prick sunk deep inside her vaginal cleft, all the way in to the hilt. His balls slammed in against her pelvis and Andrew groaned again as he ground his hips in against Kim’s firm, luscious body from the back. Andy took her from behind on the carpeted floor of the cabin like the bitch she was, giving it to her hard just the way Kim was moaning for it…

She moaned around the full length of Rick’s cock down her throat, then gurgled and gagged on his prick as her eyes bulged open, struggling to breathe with so much schlong blocking her airwaves. Kim at last was forced to let the other man’s dick slide out of her mouth, and she was free to grunt and groan as much as she wanted, thrusting back against her father’s driving, spearing motions as Ashley continued to pleasure Rick with her own mouth…

“Ah yes, fuck me just like that Daddy, take me hard! I love the feel of your big, fat cock…” Kim moaned as she turned her body as much as she possibly could to her right, to look back at her father as he fucked her from behind. She reached out with her right hand and rested it on his chest. Andrew reached over with both of his large, strong hands to squeeze and cup his eldest daughter’s firm, hanging breasts, fondling the pointy, puckered nipples as he rammed her snatch with each and every inch of his firm cock.

Rick turned his attention back to Ashley – she had stopped sucking back on his balls for a moment, and had leaned back in front of him for just a moment, giving him a long look of that gorgeous, well-toned, naked body of hers that he knew so well. She began to squeeze her breasts as Rick watched on, and pull on her hardened nipples. Rick smiled and nodded his encouragement. Ashley’s right hand slid lower while her left kept on squeezing her tit and pulling on the rock-hard tip, sliding into her moist, wet crevice. He watched on in rapt fascination as first one finger slid into her tight wet pussy, and then a second.

He groaned softly and started to stroke his own rigid, throbbing cock, imagining that it was his fingers stretching apart her outer labia and probing her tight hugging depths… or, better yet, his prick! Rick moved slowly forward, and leaned down to kiss Ash deeply on the mouth, working his tongue in and flickering it up against her own as he reached out to squeeze her shoulder and thrust his cock up in between her tits.

Ashley got the idea and moaned with salacious hunger, pressing her boobs together and sticking out her tongue so that, when the head of Rick’s dong was thrust between her tits and was close enough to her face, she could flick its tip across his pee-slit. He was moaning and groaning softly within moments, enjoying the tit-fuck to no end as, right by his side, Rick’s new friend Andrew was ploughing his own daughter Kimberley’s cunt from behind.

“OHHH FUCK DADDY, DO ME JUST LIKE THAT! MAKE YOUR NASTY, SLUTTY DAUGHTER CCCUUUMMMMMM!!!” Kim grunted out with animalistic lust, her gorgeous face twisted into a somewhat grotesque mask of exquisite pleasure. She let out a mighty holler at the top of her lungs, and Rick watched as she shuddered in intense climax with her father’s tree-log sized dong shoved up her pussy. She was covered in sweat, and her eyes were bulging out of their sockets.

“Oh Christ that was hot….” Rick breathed, and Ash, so aroused by her sister’s show of fucking their father to climax that she was making a valiant effort to shove her entire fist up her own tight twat, could manage nothing else under the present circumstances but nod her head in agreement. He watched as she thrust her fourth finger into her cunt, then grunted and groaned in pleasure as she pumped her hand in and out of her stretched pussy.

Rick moved down to position his cock at the entrance to Ash’s dripping wet snatch, and waited til she pulled her fingers out before sliding his own dick into her well-lubed pussy. He quickly drew his dong back out again, and rubbed the throbbing, mushroom-shaped head around the outer lips of her cunt before sliding it back into her again. Ashley moaned as his cock filled her insides up, and reached down with one hand to rub at her firm, swollen clit with her fingers. Soon enough, she was bucking and thrashing about on the somewhat rough carpet floor, moaning softly as she was driven deeper and deeper into the throes of an intense climax. Rick leaned forward and kissed her hard on the mouth as he continued to fuck her, and Ashley sucked back on his tongue with a ravenous passion.

As Rick and Ashley continued to fuck each other face-to-face, Andrew was sliding his still-hard prick out of Kimberley’s twat and walked around her til he was looking down on her face, with his cock swaying backwards and forwards in front of her eyes. Rick looked on as Andy reached down to grab a thick handful of her long hair in one hand, and urge her forward to take the full length of his cock down her throat. Watching Kimberley sucking her very own father off right beside him was pretty hot, at least in Rick’s own eyes, and his dick twitched in arousal deep inside Ash’s cunt.

Andrew groaned loudly, and his body began to tremble in intense arousal. Rick believed, and was sure he was right in thinking, that Andy was close to climaxing, and before his eyes the older man shuddered and gasped as he blasted load after ropey load of dick-sauce out of the tip of his cock, straight down Kimberley’s throat. He pulled his throbbing cock out of Kim’s mouth after a few long moments, sending the rest of his jism squirting all over her face, through her hair, and across her neck and breasts.

Rick pulled his own penis out of Ashley’s vagina and stumbled over to the bed, leaving Andrew to sag on down to the floor beside Kim in sheer exhaustion. Rick’s own prick was still rock-solid, so Ashley quickly scrambled over to the bed and climbed up on top of her lover, then slid herself slowly down onto his tool, impaling herself fully on his throbbing penis. Ash let out a low moan of pleasure when she bottomed out, the very head of his cock resting up against her cervix, right near the opening that led into her fertile womb…

With his prick buried to the hilt inside Ashley’s warm, hugging snatch, Rick let out a satisfied moan as she began to rock herself around on top of him, grinding and gyrating her pelvis down on his dick before lifting herself up off him for a brief moment, then slamming herself back down again. She fucked herself up and down on Rick Chaplain’s cock as he reached up with both hands to squeeze her breasts, using his fingers and palms to tease out her nipples and make Ash groan in pleasure.

She could feel her pussy-juices running out of her cunt and down onto Rick’s cock and balls, and so could he – it fuelled him on to further passions, driving his prick up harder into her til the squishing sound coming out of their fucking antics was clearly discernible.

Suddenly Ashley let out a mighty cry, and arched back as far as she could, cumming hard down around Rick’s driving dick-staff. Rick looked back around behind Ash to see what was happening, and saw that her father Andrew now had his face buried in between the cheeks of his daughter’s ass. He was quite clearly giving her quite a lavish rim-job as Rick in turn fucked her pussy – a very sexually stimulating position for Ashley to be in if ever there was one!

Kim seemed to be happy enough doing the same to her Dad as he was doing to Ashley – licking and slurping at his anus. Rick grunted as Ash’s cunt bit down hard around his cock, and felt it milking him spasmodically. He couldn’t hold out against the pleasure, and didn’t really want to anymore… with a sudden gasp of orgasmic ecstasy, Rick shot load after hot, sticky load straight up into Ashley’s gripping snatch.

Ashley came hard yet again when Rick climaxed, twitching and thrashing about on top of his cock as it spurted its juices deep inside her, filling her twat up with his potent spunk. She gasped in exhaustion, falling down onto his chest, her sweat-covered body pressed in tightly against his own. Ash sighed, then closed her eyes and let sleep take her.

Andrew Collins stopped tonguing his daughter’s puckered brown asshole and scrambled around on the floor a little bit. His cock was sticking back up straight into the air again, and Kim, ever-astute and not needing to be told or beckoned in the least, dropped her head down to take the full length of his cock down the back of her throat.

He moaned and groaned in abject pleasure as Kimberley worked her father’s cock all the way down into the depths of her throat, slurping and sucking back on his dong with a good amount of spit and slobber. Rick watched on for a little while as Andrew got a real nice, deep cocksucking, then felt the drowsiness sweep over him, and before the young man quite realised it, he was drifting off to sleep…


Andrew and Kim retreated to their respective cabins to spend the night in their own beds, while Ashley and Rick stayed in their cabin together, more at ease now in each others arms than they had been for a very long time now that they had no lies between them.

Rick wondered where things were heading next the next morning, when he awoke just as the sun was rising up over the eastern horizon. He was out on the deck of the boat before long, looking out across the beautiful, calm expanse of the Caribbean Sea with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

Keith Stevens had weathered the severe storm well enough, though he was cursing and hollering like a crazed lunatic and straining to break free of his binds. They were sailing the catamaran into harbour soon enough, and Andrew still planned to drop him off then, leaving the other man to get back to more secure ground under his own initiative.

Day 3 looked to be just as pristine as the first day of their holiday voyage, and the second morning. Though there was definitely a certain level of tension hanging over the group, because of what had happened between Kim and Keith, Andrew’s eldest set the tone of the day by insisting that we all have a fun, relaxed day.

Before long, we were all swimming through the waters on the other side of the boat, having a good fun laugh and playing around as a group. Keith, alone up on the deck and tied to a metal railing, was completely ignored…

Rick was swimming out near Billie and a little away from the rest of the group; she was much more flirty and playful this morning than usual, and he didn’t really mind all that much. He smiled when she swam up to him and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in close against her firm, toned body and giving him a quick yet deep kiss on the mouth.

He looked across at where Andrew was swimming, with Kim and Ashley, and wondered if he had seen the kiss they had just shared. He didn’t think the ex-SEAL had – and what if he had, really? Rick sincerely doubted that he would mind all that much at all… after all, they had already shared Billie between them, and had both been a part of a foursome with Kim and Ash. The group was growing closer and closer together, even in the ways of sex…

“You know, I think my daughter Connie has a crush on you…” Billie said to Rick as she swam near to him, reaching out under the surface of the warm Caribbean waters to grasp hold of his swelling cock through the front of his bathing shorts. “She’s the only one of us women you haven’t fucked yet, isn’t she?”

Broad-sided by the directness of the question, not to mention the fact that it was quite unexpected, Rick stammered to reply, but his hopelessly ineffectual, stuttering responses only brought a wide, knowing smile to Billie’s lips. “Darling, its okay, I really don’t have a problem with it…” she replied. She swam back to Rick’s side, closed in on him, and leaned over to run her tongue up into his ear. “In fact, it’s a pretty big turn-on to me, knowing that you’ve gotten nearly all of my girls’ tight, wet pussies!”

He let out a groan of pleasure when Billie fished out his dong under the water and started to wank him off, right there and then not twenty yards away from the rest of the group. Rick started to gasp slightly in climax, trying to keep himself above the water beside Billie as she stroked off his prick with a vengeance.

He closed his eyes tightly, reflecting over all the tight pussy and ass action he had been getting since the start of this incredible Caribbean vacation, only a few days before. He realised that Billie was right – Connie Collins was the last pussy-mound to conquer, and he really didn’t think she would be all that much of a challenge…

Rick Chaplain came hard under the waterline from Billie’s vigorous hand-job, picturing Connie’s tight young teen body in her sexy, barely-there bathing suit as he climaxed. He blasted loads of hot, gooey cum into the Caribbean Sea, shuddering in pleasure as the last of his ball-sauce squirted out of the end of his cock to mingle into the warm ocean waters.

He turned to look at her for a long moment, Andy’s sexy wife who was one of the most attractive, sensuous women he had ever come across in his entire life, and leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the lips. Then Rick swam over to where the others were lazily working their way across the water – he headed straight for Connie, and grabbed her from below, tugging her straight down underwater.

She struggled fiercely against him, hitting his chest lightly with her fists and trying to swim away from him, but Rick held her down and kept her underwater, struggling to rise up to the surface.

She leapt against him and pressed her body in hard against his own, as Rick knew she would – he could feel her groin sliding up against his own, and despite the fact that he had only just cum from her mother’s wank-job moments before, he felt himself growing another wood pressed so tightly up against her cunt, even though it was covered by her tight little bathing-suit number.

Rick rose up to the surface again with Connie in his arms, gasping for breath. She swore and pushed him in the right shoulder, but Rick knew she was breathless just as much from the fact that his rock-hard, large prick had been pressing up against her twat than from the lack of oxygen. She might profess at an indignant attitude, and an aloft air of disinterest towards him, but Rick knew that Connie was gagging for his cock, and that gave him a sense of confidence that he had not really possessed with the other two Collins women.

The game truly was afoot, to coin a Sherlock Holmes phrase… Rick smiled at his own cocky, smug self-confidence. Oh well, the worst thing that could happen was that Connie would reject him… but if yesterday’s actions before he had retired below-deck for the day was anything to go by, when she had openly reached down and grasped hold of his cock through the front of his swimmers, then that was hardly going to happen!


No one came out to see Keith Stevens off, or to bid him farewell in any way. To the women, Keith was nothing; he was gone, out of their lives forever. To the men, he was just dead cargo, and now it was time to ditch him.

They sailed into harbour in the early afternoon, and before the women came out on deck to climb down onto the jetty and start to wander around the port-town that lay stretched out before them, Rick and Andrew had to get rid of Keith. They untied the cowed, humbled young man and lifted him up between them. The two men had to literally carry him down onto the jetty, and from there they quickly searched for the nearest seat to plonk their hefty ‘baggage’ down onto.

When they had found a seat near enough to them for their purposes, and had dumped Keith unceremoniously down upon it, Rick and Andrew stepped back, looking down at the worse-for-wear American now about to be left to his own devices in a foreign land, hundreds of miles away from home…

Neither Rick Chaplain nor Andrew Collins had any problems with that in the least.

“Okay, Keith, remember our deal…” Andy told the barely-conscious man he had until recently considered his son-in-law, but now considered to be a piece of crap, a man whose actions spoke volumes to his inner character. He was worth nothing, was less than dirt. “You stay out of our lives, and we don’t make things difficult for you with lawyers and investigations. The likelihood of you coming out of all that unscathed is very slim indeed, and you know as well as I do the powers I can bring to bear down upon you if I so choose… just make things easier for us all, okay? Cut your losses here and just go. Leave us all alone forever, and you will have no problems with any of us, I swear…”

“Okay… you’ve got a deal, Andrew…” Keith Stevens croaked. He knew when he was beaten, and there was no way he wanted any more to do with anybody from the Collins family, or Rick Chaplain for that matter, ever again.

Andy Collins nodded his head slightly, gave Rick a brief sideways glance, then turned on his heels and headed back towards the jetty, and the yacht. Rick looked down at Keith with nothing but pity and disgust in his heart, and then turned to follow his friend. Keith was gone, nothing more than a footnote now in all their lives… Rick had Kimberley now, and Keith had lost her.

It was as simple as that…


Connie Collins was dressed in a very sexy, sleek almost see-thru summer dress – underneath, Rick could see quite clearly that she wore neither bra nor panties, and that caused his cock to swell and grow within his board shorts. He had decided to tag along with her on a shopping expedition into the town they had pulled in at, and the only redeeming part of his decision so far was the time he was able to spend alone with the youngest Collins daughter. The dress she was wearing left little to the imagination with the sun’s rays shining through it, and Rick had seen more than a few appreciative gazes, from both men and women, taking in Connie’s beauty as they went by.

“This is a beautiful place, isn’t it, Rick?” Connie asked her chaperone with a saucy little smile, spinning around on the spot and letting her arms swing round wildly. She leaned her head back and slimed up at the sky… it was clear to Rick that she was quickly becoming infatuated with the small port-town, with the people, the vibrant colours, the marketplace-lifestyle. He had to smile at her… she seemed so happy, so alive.

He wondered if she had always been like this, or if being out here in the splendour of the Caribbean had awakened a new part of Connie’s personality – he was ashamed to admit it, but he was not sure how her personality differed before from this free-spirited, fun-loving girl he had come to know during their Caribbean holiday together.

Well, it hardly really mattered now… as the shops and terraced houses began to recede behind them and the long, beautiful sandy beaches started to stretch out into the distance, Connie swept into Rick’s arms suddenly and pressed her lips in hard to his.

He felt her tongue pressing in against his mouth, and in surprise but no less enjoyment opened his lips to kiss her back just as passionately. Connie reached down as she French-kissed him and started to rub at Rick’s straining hard-on through the front of his pants, making him moan in pleasure against her mouth.

At last, she pulled away from him and smiled at Rick’s confused expression. “I suppose you’re wondering what that was all about, aren’t you? Well, I’ll explain, if you want to know… I saw what happened between you, my two older sisters and my Dad… how you both got it on with the two women, how my father fucked his very own two daughters. It was one of the most incredible things I’d ever seen!”

Rick’s grin broadened. He leaned in and wrapped his arms around Connie’s waist, and he leaned in to kiss her again fleetingly on the lips. He felt her mons pressing in against his throbbing, rock-hard cock, and he moaned in pleasure, loving the feel of her firm, well-toned body against his own. “It was hot, wasn’t it? Did it make your pussy all wet, babe? Did you have to finger-fuck yourself to orgasm once you’d snuck back to the safety to your own cabin? Maybe you tasted your own cum-cream… do you like to do that, darlin’? Taste your own pussy-juices?”

Connie groaned, and stuck her tongue out for Rick to suck on, which he did with vigorous intensity. She then took his hand and coaxed him to run with her along the beach, laughing and carrying on together like a couple of teenage lovers as they kicked up a frothing spray in the surf.

She waved him to follow her further on out into the waters that were coming into the beach’s shoreline, with a broad smile on her face. One wave came in a little higher than the others, and stuck her across the back, almost knocking Connie down onto her face in the salty ocean waters.

With her dress soaked completely through by the rogue wave, Rick could see Connie as though she was completely naked, and he was EXTREMELY impressed by what he saw. Heedless of the waves that were still coming in (though they weren’t as high as that one rogue wave that had soaked Connie through, the waves were still high enough), Rick went out til he was standing just in front of her, and swept her up into his strong, muscular arms. He pressed his cock in against her cunt through the wet, sopping dress, and ran his tongue down along the side of her neck, savouring the salty taste of the seawater covered her soft, smooth skin on his tastebuds.

Connie’s hands hurriedly struggled to unclip his belt-buckle and tug down his pants, and then she started to fish through his underwear to let his fingers glide over the full length of his erect, sensitive cock. Rick groaned softly, then watched on with a big, leery grin twisting his face as she knelt down in front of him in the surf, and hurriedly scooped his rigid prick out of his underpants to hold it grasped tightly in her hands.

She looked up at Rick’s face and gave him a seductive smile, then leaned forward to run the tip of her tongue along the large, swollen cock-knob that was right in front of her mouth. Connie let out a sexy, throaty laugh as her man let out a sudden moan at the pleasurable sensations that coursed through him, and opened up her mouth as wide as she possibly could.

Moving in to take the full length of his cock into her mouth, one inch at a time, Connie finally started to moan and groan with her lips clamped firmly around a big mouthful of dick. She deep-throated Rick’s schlong with everything she had, with an intensity and dedication that few others would have managed, and before he knew it, Rick was taken to another level of pleasure… he could feel himself about to cum, his balls aching and throbbing slightly with the urge to climax.

He did not want to bust his nut quite yet, to flood Connie’s mouth with baby-batter and watch her drink back his jizz… no, not quite yet.

“Connie, babe, come on up here…” Rick said in a husky voice, grabbing hold of her shoulders and coaxing the young woman to stand up in front of him. He kissed her hard on the mouth and spun her around so she was standing behind him, and then flicked the shoulder straps of her dress off each shoulder and slid the dress down to the waters around her feet.

Now completely naked and more than pliable to Rick’s pleasurable desires, Connie looked back over her left shoulder and smiled saucily at her new lover. Rick grinned right back at her, as he moved forward just a little behind her and guided the head of his thick, throbbing cock to the warm, dripping entrance of the young babe’s pussy.

As the very tip of his schlong made contact with the final Collins woman’s cunt, Rick Chaplain smiled broadly, thinking at that very moment that this was the last female Collins he had yet to fuck as he slid the full length of his hardness up into Connie’s hugging slit.

She sighed softly when the last couple of inches of Rick’s thick, swollen dick-stick slipped up into her tight wet cunt, then began to grunt and groan with pleasure as she shoved herself back and forwards on his cock, driving herself slowly up and down on his manhood until she started to feel the beginnings of an intense orgasm building up inside her…

Connie reached down quickly between her thighs as the feelings washing over her continued to build, and began to rub at her cunt with a flourish, scrubbing vigorously at her firm, budding clit-hood as the feelings of climactic ecstasy increased. Cum started to squirt right out of Connie’s throbbing cunt and run freely down both of her legs, and Rick let out a hearty laugh when he saw this. He quickly pulled his prick out of her cunt for a moment, to scoop up a big load of the young woman’s cum-cream and stick both fingers straight into his own mouth.

The taste of Connie’s sweet, slightly tangy-tasting twat on his tongue sent Rick’s lust for her skyrocketing, and he quickly dropped back into the sandy-bottomed surf on his back, pulling her down with him so that her pussy landed right on his face. Rick immediately started tonguing away at Connie’s hot, dripping quim, driving her own lusts up to a point where she hardly knew or cared where she was, or what was happening to her.

Both Connie and Rick were feeling the full effects of their mutual desires building up within their own bodies, and their minds quickly turned to mush… the only thing that mattered to them both was getting off, and in the process, they helped each other get off.

After a little bit of trouble, as she tried with some difficulty to work herself into a comfortable position with the surf wafting around them both, Connie managed to get herself down into a 69er position on top of Rick, taking his large, straining cock into her mouth and sucking back on the head as hard as she could.

The salty taste of his pre-cum on the tip of her tongue was very enjoyable for Connie, who had a real knack for both cocksucking and cum-swallowing… she was able to get much of his dong down the back of her throat, after a little while and a slight bit of difficulty, trying as she did for a minute or two to get her mouth stretched open enough to take all of his meat into her mouth.

She was a real trouper though, and before long, had managed to work herself up to a real good, steady rhythm, letting much of Rick’s cock get slobbered in her saliva as she deep-throated his dong to the point of orgasmic release. Rick was going to have no more of that, however. He wanted to cum inside her, and wouldn’t tolerate any possibility of early climax. It was so much better that way, so much more intense…

“Oh Jesus, I need you inside me again…” Connie moaned out huskily, rising up on top of Rick til her pussy was shoved right in his face again and he could hardly breathe, then quickly sliding herself down off his head so she could kiss him hard and long on the mouth.

He felt her pussy sliding around his midsection, then felt Connie’s small, teasingly fleeting right hand sliding up and down his thigh. She slowly wrapped her fingers around Rick’s burning hot man-meat, and guided it steadily up so it was pointed straight at the opening of her tight, dripping young vadge.

Connie lowered herself back down onto her lover’s full, straining cock, feeling his swollen hardness fill her as he penetrated her to the hilt. She let out a low, strained groan of pleasure when at last every last inch of Rick’s prick had slid into her tight wet cunt. She was so constrictive, so soft, dripping with arousal… Rick felt as though he was lying with a goddess, so perfect in every conceivable manner.

She started to rock herself slowly backwards and forwards on top of him, in the standard cowgirl-style, her head swung back and her eyes clenched tightly shut. Connie started to sigh as Rick began to work his own hips, thrusting up into her when she dropped down fully onto his aching dick. What Rick was sure he needed to do was cum – and what Connie seemed to want above everything else was to coax a climax out of him. So they were both out for the same thing; at least, that was how it seemed to Rick Chaplain.

He leaned up in the surf and opened his mouth up wide, clamping his lips down around the tip of Connie’s right boob and, more specifically, sucking down ravenously at her hardened nipple. The water continued to crash in all around them, but Connie and Rick were oblivious to everything else but their passion for each other.

Rick reached down with both of his hands and slid them around her full, luscious backside, and helped to raise her up and down on top of him. Her cunt felt so good as it squeezed round his dick, and he let out a long, deep groan of pleasure, feeling her private channel throbbing with orgasmic tremors as Connie reached down with one hand to rub vigorously at her swelling clitoris.

Shuddering with pleasure as an intense climax ripped through her, Connie bit down hard on her lower lip so as to stop herself from crying out loud, and reached down with both hands to slide her fingernails teasingly over Rick’s flat, muscular chest.

Rick grunted with his own pre-orgasmic delight, and decided to push Connie even further over the edge of ecstasy by pushing the forefinger of his right hand slowly up into her tight, puckered asshole. When he did this, she groaned loudly, then shrieked, moaned and grunted with insatiable lust, as he simultaneously pounded his cock up into her cunt and vigorously finger-fucked her butt-pipe. Rick could feel his large, hairy gonads tighten up as his orgasm built up within.

“AAHHHH CHRIST, THIS FEELS SO GOOD!” Rick gasped out loud as Connie rode him. She opened her eyes, let her head swing back down so she was looking down into his face again, and smiled.

She thoroughly enjoyed the finger being worked in and out of her asshole, and the cock sliding deep into her pussy felt as well felt positively incredible. And she could feel Rick’s cock throbbing… as the climax ripped through his body, which caused her own clit and cunt-walls tremor and shudder in their turn.

“Oh yeah, cum for me baby… just let it go; shoot that jizz deep inside me. I’m so turned on, I need you to cum in my cunt!” Connie beckoned. Rick smiled, groaned, and felt himself beginning to lose it. Ropey blasts of white-hot cum shot straight out of the end of his dick and right up into the depths of Connie’s tight, hugging love-tunnel, filling her pussy quickly to excess with his potent seed.

As Rick came hard inside his latest conquest’s clenching twat, Connie too had yet another intense orgasm, her body trembling and shaking about in wild abandonment as she climaxed due for the most part to her partner’s long-awaited release.

When they had both finally come to terms with their mutual pleasures, and Connie at last sagged down to rest with a contented sigh on top of Rick, he pulled his forefinger out of her gaping ass and offered it to the woman’s slightly-parted lips. Connie looked at it for one brief moment, hesitated just a little, but quickly decided to take the plunge and opened her mouth up to swallow the digit down her throat.

She moaned in ecstasy, as she tasted the decadent flavours of her own bunghole on her tongue, and felt Rick’s cum oozing slowly out of her pussy and quickly be washed away by the surf crashing in around them.

Rick slowly stroked Connie’s hair back, feeling the waters of the Caribbean bursting in around them and not caring in the least, since he was sharing this experience with a beautiful woman who lusted for him. He could feel all of her firm, supple young body pressing down on his own, and felt her right hand slowly stroking the side of his left leg, felt her working her fingernails slowly, lavishly along his leg in a teasing fashion… Rick was contented at that moment, and knew that Connie was as well.

They lay like that together out just a little in the surf for the longest time, but then, as the sun was beginning to slowly drop down into the western horizon, Rick roused Connie from her slumber and said with a smile that they both probably should be getting back to the ship.

Explanations really didn’t seem necessary to Rick, or to Connie too for that matter. They were all well beyond that point. Things had finally progressed to a stage where taboos seemed to be norm, and sex, lust and love were all bound inexorably together in this wild, crazed and decadently sensual Caribbean cruise.

The youthful football prodigy had to wonder where things were going next, and how this wondrous, incredible holiday could get any more unique, or more bizarre. Rick had hardly a clue, but there was one thing though that he knew for a fact… he could always rely on his good friend Andrew Collins for support, guidance and, above all, friendship, and could trust in Kimberley to be there for him always, with the love and understanding that she had provided for him during the short time they had come to truly know one another.

Above all the wild sex and the passionate lusts that had occurred between various parties during the cruise so far, there was one thing that Rick could take out of this whole mess that was honest, that was pure-intentioned and true… his love for Kimberley Collins, and her love in return for him.

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